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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Creation Date:
October 29, 1950


newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Duke University Libraries
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Duke University Libraries
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 32441147
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t. SUD Y 60OBER 26th. 1958 No. 6 PORT-AU- PRINCE
President Frangois Duvalier JetWr, sppplig will be available
declared well and truly laid for expQrt. /
coni e the cormearstone of Haiti's first 'Thp fact that President Dii-
wallboard factory at aPetit La- valier performed the ceremony
ngementter on the oad t Cabaret of laying the corner stone of
ai Messageln h from Port-au-Prince, in a cere- this industrial project on the
eial'TIssue-. -
ioiny on Wediesday attended fist aniver of his inaugu-
by members of the Gover nation was taken as' a happy UiyT Drb*W, o '4aiti s 38 faIghWi to the aiW 'Yok Wofli'
to a nd we Seek i o'bly of Jehovah's Witnsse gt.
wihers of the prMjectst thgenNeed
'The factory which- will~ r44 $h lIQffprs Tools For T he ~ob, OA,,tyel
Pjs ofA local. HIRg~ ~
ofa 1alto .iseapi 4Here, 's he told the '&in
was ttois w~k to find out what are
Riz.4}oreI, psynglarHaiti's m4 xirgent needi Cap-
france. nper Uiada diplomat and
Secretary Gbnr if the Orga
A: localA co'n gloxyl nisalon of American States, Dr
Haiti, S A., Was formed 'with Jose Antonio Bara, had a series
Capitaa I of $ 200,000.0( and Pf conferences with President
Plans for the construction of Dr. Frang'ois Duvalierdiri 4r '
the factory at Lafitteau put in three-day visit to Haiti.
train, A capable linguist who speaks
,]Rbert Czufinh Aso an excellent French, Dr. Mora
The first consiganent of i-- .1. Fre -h 1 Mr:9
irector Weern Hemi The firsto diseied the line of coopera-
Promotion of The New equipement arrived a monti tion wi the Government an
concluded thi ago and the work of clearing the OS
k a series of talks with the site proceedde. Th e factor Dr. Mora was here las in
itself will be over half mile
"aGovernment .officials ... ...,.... 1950 whe-n ,he was entrusted
-w11 reultin te pbh- long and -will employ approxi-,
result itH the publi- laisin-an*%oug a full page in The Oil Co. in Haiti, demonstrated his inuerestin the youth of Haitirecently man of the epeialcommittee of
qrk Times on Janary 7w At first, the total outpti o when he visited the J. B. Damier SChabl* the 0 AS t h at investigated.
factory will byas acmpaied by Mse threats against the general sec-
Sales Director, Mr Geraedts, 'and the conmpany's Public Relations Officer,
a.ufim accompanied by especially in view, of the Go- Mr William Th6ard. rity of Haiti by member power&
imes commercial repre- vernment's school building pro He Was so impressed by the fine efrt beingmade byte School, He came to Haiti on the in
Continued on page 12) gram l t it is expected that and the warm welcome tendered b e Director, ,r Lemoine, e citation of the Haitiany Govern-
teachers and the pupils, that he made a spontaneous offer, in the name ment from attending what he.
of Shell, to supply, the mechanical section with number of tools of termed a most important cong
arian ( t. Honours President, People the popular -Snap-On'. make' ference in San luan, Puerto Ri
MOn behalf' the Staff, the pupil ;and himself, Director Lemine returned
L6e Hation ks -ay thanks to Shell, through Mr (Crew, for fine gesture. co. The conference dealt with
tleinterchange of people in the
fou O IleAemrricas and was wenl attente
by Educatord and Deans from
lbstihguished Liberian de- President Duvalier became the br:
n, headed by Secretary seventh holder of this Order. theS. as we fndtii
representatives. The Puerto RiT
Iomolu Dukuly, "ended a The other holders are Rene
. an Government OAS and the
Visit to Haiti, yesterday. Coty of France, the late Pope
. International Institute of E
special purpose of the Pius XII, Theodore Huss of
cation in New York made this-7-
11 mission was to invest the Federal Republic of Ger- ep I I
it Doctor Frangois' Du- many, Queen Juliana of the Donfera pined
'with a Knighthood in Netherlands, Premier Nkrumah D
.1'le OAS, wais concerned not,,
ost Venerable Order of' of Ghana, and Leopold of Bel-
only viith, dltural exchange
oftearsn the highest Or gium.
among the 21 Republics bup
~the bestowal of the Pre- ~n h 2 eabiub,~
Thle citation signed by Pre- also their ecoirrc and social
Liberia and which is sident Tubman stated that the development.
only to Chiefs of State. award was made in recognition H ]'e explained that OAS 'has?
of' the great contribution Doc. several programs of technical,-
$Ernest Burkett tor Duvalier had made to the Assistance and he is interested,,
Returns7118 advancement of the Haitian in knpwing what Haiti's most.
people urgentneeds are.
f Ernest Burkett, Jamaican Accompanying Secretary of The Technical Assistance,
g Proprietor, returned to State Dukuly were Mrs Dukuly programs cover Agriculturp
E. Encouraged by the work of the students in mechanics at the Petits 1 11 ,r;;
k Sundy frm Jmai-andAmbasadoJaesEwinSalesians school, ,Mr Douglas Crew, Direftor' of the Shell Oil 'Co. in Education Housing, Statistica
Abre he had 'been on en- Morgan, Chief of Protocol. Hiti, has offered, in the name of Shell, a number of S tls and National Resources.
xd absence since an expul- In the course of their stay as a 'further help in their studies. The' QAS has a program of
decreee was issued against1 visited several points of historic The offer was made when Mr Crew (shown~ here ,with Airs Crew,1 scholarships and a number. of
Month ago. Thedce interest and natural beauity ir new 'tales It)lector Mr Gernedts, Public Relations Officer William Th~ard, IHaitian professors ,and students
)esekIaded a fortnight ago Ithe country, enjoyed a round an~d R~v. Fr. Certoixt, Superior, of the Sal4sian Ordeir), iribited the school~ are benifittingfo seilzd
e al red undu ffsiisandat theirofinal rhe Hfer went straight to teharsof the young mechanics-.to-be studies under their sponsorsf
airport ndahihoewho were quick to express their gratitude to Mr Crew, his Charming ship

Liberian Govt. Honours President People of Haiti... IHaiti's Camp d'Aviation at 10. answers to whidli furnished
15 A. M. portant information onJ
continuedd from page 1) They were, accompanied by.'rian policy. Mr. Tarie
recepion o theeve o thei' a~e disancewhichsepar-' pnied PublicouiHealthMisMinisterHeltandniquelan of'e Ad Libitumumanas
recptin o th ev ofther ~ hedisanc whch epaa-'paiedby rs oui Mas, rsMrs Denize. The plane circled Kitty Baer of Haiti
departure invested nine Haitian tes Haiti and Liberia an all the Marshall and Mrs Willis$, iivrteCtdelfloigtewreaogtejunl
personalities in varying degrees frontiers can do nothing against ig the various social work pro- pasner s te view he hoisgtori wentaog h ounl
of Liberian Ordrs as the Hono- the friendship of these two peo- jected by Madame Duvalier. *asnest iwtehsoi et
rable Mofnolu Dukuly, a ges- ples, brothers, closely joined by7 DINNER GUESTS OF Mn" Teln ihM u Ihe. journalists applaud
ture of goodwill and apprecia- the blood and by the spirit, cSe' PRE IDENT AND kulysoh t ripg were Ambss-. basaturdo spaehl aib
1;ion of the achiev mrents Haitian people. n duty is to work together to At the National Palace on MsMrhl,.M ils r Iei x n
FOREIGN OFFICE raeteaegto h l ~ dyeeib ad Denis Fenelon, Deputy M6nard, h il
CEREMONY sovereign Sae.T oti uuy n masdrM Senators Victor Nevers Cons- AeP io-le
-Arrivin. Monday afternoon we must help the other black gan were guests of honor of tant and Ulrick St-Louis Lieu- OAttorney Aind
ng ayeoples to obtain their indepen President Duvalier and the Mrs. Gerard R. Ra
4:5, .n te an merca ence and to have a flag of First Lady, at a adiner intimestnn Muie Mrtn ie Following -the Press C
c 1pe frm ew or luu.their own. Haiti in the Carib- During this dinner the Pre- .d-aptSerayDuu' rence at the Embassy, See'
eiustheemmAen repeenta bean, Liberia in Africa can ac- sidjerit and his ditinguished Br nd ,Laprter -Venr, and Mrs. Dukuly, and Anb
is prywere whisked to their complish gent things in favor visitors had an important ex- and Photographer Louis Doret. dor Morgan were entertain
payof their race.1a chage of views concerning the u a cocktail party- by, to
oAt 6:30 P. M. the Liberian situation of the black peoples e ro- and 1Mrs. Gerard Raoul
Secretary 9f State, was received of the African Continent, with aria7tte fedb ir at their vil Pire
any motarcyc1 squd t54 biythe Chief of State, President regard to their possibilities of group of notable rof the city Ville. The large n u m
P.M. they were received at the Duvalier in the Yellow Room evolution and the obtaining of of Cap-Haitien including the guests included peronu .j
Haita'nChadler igtheDu-of the. National Palace, with their independence. Peet ao emn e i rfsinl oi
marsais Estimb City, by ForeigniCbntmmes teAm XUSOS veille, 'Colonel Fritz Brierre, and industrial circles of tM
Minstr oiis ar sikthChief of Staff, the President of The distinguished delegation CohiinrKrnkhos iagvrmn ficil
iningh functionairies of the D e CifJsiq.ftq(aewa odcdo secri fort, Captain Max IDeetjens, ranking army :officers, sai
Partnrient~of Foreign Affairs.. mCotatedn;oKncfonW ns Mr Eric Etieime, .Mr Roger, and deputies, outstandinga ..
,Present at this ceremony RECEPTION BY m ornn, by Mr thni Ef Samson, Mr Bertrand Obs,-, lere'ct the Capbital's 4 .ocial
Mrs Louis Mars, were .19r.. Re- AMBASSADOR AND IPhotographer Michel jean Jo ta.
ne Charlemers, Secretary Gene. 1 MRS MARSHALL peinfice. The Amasdo en cr seph, and judge Morel Ber.1 During. this reception n"
ral of -Forign Affairs,. Mr Antoi-!A 8:30 P. M.'the same even nl b hytpe tt adin. They were accompanied tary SVukuly reiterated hisk
ne- R, Herard, -Mayor of Port- ing, Secretary Dukuly and his Mas1ll Thysopda h. to the City Hall where .Prefect pines~s at be .ing back amtong
au-Prince, Captain Claude Ray party were guests of honor at tq Salvant presented Secretary god people of Haliti sayingt
mond, Chief .of the -Palace a formal reception .at Cabane of Anierican flower cultivator Muuly, during a cordial recep.- he- and Mze8. Dukaly had
Guard, Liberian Anbassador and Choucoune, given by Liberian tion, 4at home,,. every minute
Mrs'.Tacob Willis, Embassy Pu- Ambassador Iand Mrs John iATheto wer acopne by Conducted 'by Tourism Direc they set foot on -Haitian a.
blic Relation& Consiltant,:Mrs,; Francia Marshall. They wrr ere r mmMtor Eric Etienne, of Cap-Hai- tory, andsaid they would
Crstian Laporte, Consul Ge- introduced by their hosts, to a MrJcbWli n r a sthe guests were taken 6n come visitors from Haiti to t
a neral of Liberia Mr Denis Fe- large anid distinguished gather- othEmasdCna tour of the cityr, and a visit own country.
nelon, IMesieuttin Jean-Bapiste, itig, including Cabinet members, a renotera Eniasy Fend on to the historic monuments of Mr. And Mrs. Dukulya
Leonard Piemre Louis, Lucien representatives of the Legislative Afe h vstt encf Vrti ered? w 1Ali e IMr Etienne, Farewell Reception Ei
Montas,- Musset ,Pirre Jerone, Corps,, of the Judi-ciary, mem- tedrvtoBuilrsa historian and disciple of the ata-ernaii
a thl fndsk efranc. eidn bets of the Diplomatic Corps viewed beauty of the city and ltLoiMrcegaehedaDecorated
wo te es o te reidntand prominent personalities of aatic story of Caliois,-la-Mort On Friday evening, durm"
of Haiti, Doctor Francois Duva Port-au-Prince's. social circle. baycfrom the balconies of aL~e and French General Rocham- brilliant' farewell reception
Iier, You will see the Fl ag of Ambassador Marshall, in his Perchoir beau. ven. at Cabane Choucoune
Liberi-a-, Dr Mars told his dis- speech of weksphio, stated that RECEPTION AT THE HOME The group returned to the Mr. and *Mrs. IDukuly,
kinuguished guests. ((But before Secretary Dukuly was no sti'ar- FOREIGN MINISTER AND Roi Chrietophe Hotel for sump- Haitiafi personalities red
the:Tflag was there he ahd car- ger here this being his third trip MRS LOUIS MARS tuous noon-day dinner, where decorations and honors
ried it in his heart. He had it to Haiti. He refer-red to the re. Foreign Minister and Mrs, thby were joined by Mrs. Rose- the Government Of Liberia
there before, he. still has it cent visit .of Haiti's delegation Louis Mars entertained at a fort, Mrs. Leveille, 'and Mrs.thprsneoanir
there and will, keep it eternally to Monrovia on he 111th Anni. cCing AL Septn on Wednesday Deetjenrs. gh resp of esnaliies,
inhsheart. You are not a versary celebrations of the in- eveining in honor of Secretary The visitors were flown backneme and phoog
stranger, You could never be. dependence of this nation, and and Mrs.Dukuly, at their home to Port-au-Prince at 4:00 P. M. were among the guests tore
Liberia and Haiti, at birth, born pointed out how the traditional in, Petion-Ville.. On this occa- the same day 'after an interest- the historic evnt
fthe same mother, the strenght 'friendly relations between thel sion, th Li era setsm ni gviieweenhtraii na.
of'Africa which surprises, which, two countries are gowing strong had the opportunity of meeting hqtspitality of tlie people, of Cap Iover ahesolemn moren
.bas surprised and which will ger and more profund through an important group of Ethnolo Haitien was in honor. Absao M rgn m
continue to, surprise the world,' this exchange of goodwill mis- gists of Uniti who are recogniz- At 8:30 the same evening Mfi-AmasdrMogn w
b cause it is an immense reser- ions becoming more and more ed for their interest and conti n te an M s.D kl w re :the v1oir of men and of things who freauent. He referred to the bution to -the evolution of thbe honored at formal reception at der of the Star Of Africav
have only one desire: to freeze- visit in 1954 of President Tub- peoples of Africa. 1Hotel Beau Rivage, in Port-au-cofreupnMjrGa
over th ocean which separates man to Haiti, and of his desire At 5:00 P. M. an Tuesday, pricgvnb-oeinMne x
them in Order to unite into one '-o cement the ties of brother-. Secretary Dukuly decorated ter and Mrs. Louis Mars.
land the Liberian-Haitian Fa- 00od wih their sister-nation of the Chier, of State with the Staff of the Armed Force'
therlands which I experienced the American Continent. Grand Cordon of the ,Most AT THE SY Haiti; the Honorable Hu;
during my recent trip to Mon- He then proposed a toast to Venerable Order of he Knight- LIBERIAN EMBASS Bourjolly, President of the
revi.* ditinoised isior nd te hod f te Ponerse duine On Friday morning, Secre- nate, the Honorable Ramn
JOINT MISSION nembers of his delegation, and a ceremony at the Palace, itrn, klasstdb ma-Etm, rsdn fteC
In responding to Dr Mars, "he guests rose and drank in the 'Presence of Members of sador. Morgan, answered ques- ber of Deputies.
the Liberian Statesman, extoll- homroagne to the health, wealth President Duvailer's Ministerial tions from newsmen during a The Honorable Jul B1
ed the Haitian-Leberian ties of and prosperity of the Presidents Cabinet, members of the Legis, Press Conference at the Libe- rhet, Minister without Portf
friendship. ((Officially delegated And oeonlos of the two inde- lative Chambers, and the Chief nian Embassy at Avenue John H is Excellency Lamartinc
by President William V. S. Tub tan dent States. ofSafo h re ocsBrown, during which he lear. H onor, at, Under-Secretary,
man to Haiti, I. feel an immense On Tuesday morning, Secre- -of Haiti. ned th'tat poet Millutsy had Writ- Stateo and His ExcellencyA
pleasure in being you. YOU *-rv T14,1uiv D1laced a wreath CAP-HAITIEN RECEIVES ten a poem on him several years Chealmers, Secretary General
have just magnificiently des. at the' Mqusoleum of Dpsqsalines! Mr Dukuly was the guest ago which the author presented the Office of Foreign Affairo
cribed the place where the flag Pnd Petion, and spent the rest' of honor on Tuesday of the to h1im- on this occasion. ceived the rank of frGrand Co
of Liberia isq cnserved. I as. of the monn v...... tT Prfc ofCpHate1 n h delegtatin fro +the adr ftesm re

UNAY, OCTOBER 26th 1958. Navy Tug Spending
Weekend In Cap
US S Paiute, a Navy Fleet
Pa -ging tugi spnding
thle week end in CapisHaitien.
The big T u g is spending
Thursday to Sunday in the Cap
.Haitiest roadstead. Sie is com-
mnanded by Lieutenant S. C. Ca-
,aache and has a compliment of
five oficers and 63 enlisted men.
IsEl Saieli returned this
dast week fromi New iork were
he spent a fortnight and recei.
id socialized medical atten-
fi fra finger injured in an
;o accident. -OPERATION LIBIERTY BLOOD. -Sailors from every ship, of the recently show: (Top).,Sister Auguste Deniz6, wifo of the Mriister of
oo S Navy visiting Port-an-Prince volanteer for *Oepration Liberty' Publie Health, checking the blood type of Navyman Walter J. Edwards
Blood.. They donate blood for needy Haitians and help maintain a of South lDayton, New, York, before relieving laim of a pint. (Bottom)
Jacques Bausean is backfrom reserve ins the unitian Red Cross Blood Bank. Wiliam R. Leei of Festoria, Ohio, anda Theodore G...Oats, of charlotte,
des i Canada.,. 1These pictures taken when the USS .Suribachi. visited Port-au-Prince N. Carolina, exchange pleasantries with a Haltlan doctor.
INCOMIE TAX LAW Director Of Morley carries back with her Prof. Lucien Roland ,one of
. additional, paintings. RE IVESTMENT, SnFaesoShe met with the artists of, lectuals, left for Paris durn
Museumn Of Art In the Centre d'Art at a cocktail the week to pursue further stu-
AN D RESERVE FOR LOSSES party given at the home of its dies in mathematics. at the Sor-
Town: assistante director Pierre MVa- bonne. The course was made
(Continued from lIast week) .Grac'e 1,. 1Vc. Cann IVorley nosie. posiblh by a Study scholarship
is here for two days. She is the .0o fromethe French Government.
AlinVestments of 25%, of the losses in an agrclua or in- director of the San Francisco
doral enterprise, constitute a deductible charge for the finan- MVuseum of Art which was
'ilyear following t~nt during which it has beenk affected, wi- founded by the San Francisco
flotthis 25%& exceeding $20.60006). For other commercial en- Art .Association incorporated in
tepies the rate of reinvestment shall be 5%, of the profit and' 1921 to foster the understand-
entexceed $5.000,00. The expenses of reinvestment in the ing of contemporary art by oexhi
t~ocases above mentioned must'never consist of simple replace- bitions of both present day and
ransbut the operation muat always have as its purpose a real past productions.A
inrase of the production of the enterprise.
. .The gallery which was, open-
Thsdednetion will be granted only if the reinvestment herF
-d in 1935 has many important
'b.npreceeded by Notice to the General Administratiozn of Con-)emntadlonclcins
trbtone (Tax Department) and if the work and acquisitionF Athong the paintings hangs the
Cosittn this reinvestment has been effected under the direct orsfouowBiadB-
e~tof of the said Administration assisted by the competent ser- 7ile and Poisson.ilSEVIC
of th tte. Furthermore, the operation, before being n- SY CAS PASENG
Fiaemust be accepted in any case by the .Department of This important contact with 1P I C
ancand if the case necessitates it, by tlose of Agriculture wetcatoAmranil
adPublie Works supported by detailed information. b-)ear further fruit when Miss T
ahe businessmen, industrialists, and commercial "associations
.ar autorized to constitute a reserve against losses by the annual gjE y o RK
tion^ of. .10%. on'. their net income, such dednetion shall A WESr 4, t RE
flicpt from inicomne 6x. However, if during a period of thir. X pasdirect )t crrub bipsor
months, from the closirig of .the baac sheetue the dedue OSQYC ~k ...gry Agap
has not been utilized, either for losses in all the cases en.- A N4CO0N*
diedatthebeginning of the present paragraph, either foro
' sioal reinvestment for the case, of an agricultural or indus. 'AI 4W03 our&"A
ilnerprise, the said deduction or its available balance shall
addd t te pofi o th fort yer. f;durngOheeridO "0 H A LOlo
addd t te pofi o th fort yer. f:durng hepeid20U.,c
6f36 months, the legal reserve is affected for otht'-r purposes
.bter than that for which it has been granted, it shall automa- ,ound-trip
eally become taxable, and its amount shall be added to thec ,awr infor not a
fmancnaial figure .of the year of ite utilization. Except for the ofaeO AU S LK
7ount, this reserve for reinvestment is submitdt h ae= P R ..po. on
conditions which are provided for in the preceeding paragrsaphme / 4S 8 s
(Continued on page 4)
Only one member of the family pays full fare. All others can save $200 (dollars)
each on around trip tourist fare, or $300 (dollars) each if they fly First Class.
On a round trip to Rome, for example, a family of five can save as much as
$1,200 (dollars)! For reservations9, see your Travel Agent or Pan Am.

NEW INCOME TAX LAW 1the wh~olesale exporters, importers and producers are obliged to Gerard De Catalogne rel
i keep: ed from attending the '
(continued from page 3) 1) A stock hook indicating on their respective dates, the re- american Press Associati-)1
ceipt of an selling of merchandise; Buenos Airs Tuesday. Saturd.
2) A hook of retail prices where the cost of 'articles mnanu. he was on hand to greeg
The reserve of 10%*o and that of doubtful collections are not factured or received by consular invoice is -calculated, being ,wife and mother-ifx-law (4
accumulative. careful to make mention of the names .and addresses of' the Vera Platon who arrived fr
in foreign contries shall not benefit from the reserve of 10%, the customer duty bill, as well as the name and date of the arri. They motor to Cap IHsitlen,
for losses. al of tl,,b -ship which brought -the cargo. day.
In th'p case of Insurance Companies, the general reserves can- 3) Wh71olesale importers and produce-rs must keep a stamped
not he deducted from the .Taxable profit except up to the amount bill book for all their sales of cash or credit. This bill book shall
which they shall have -effectively invested in financial operations indicate on a distinct page the name 6f eacl; purchaser, the
ini Haiti. amount of the sale and-the date. The businessmen who are not
-The reserve for reinvestment, and the legal reserve of 10%, imuporITs must 'also keep a stamped book of local purchases
for losses shall always he calculated on the net profit declared which will indicate on a distinct page the name of each sales-
by the taxpayer)>. man, the amount of purchases and their date.
Phs .ses rifjistered are always applicable To the current The books above mentioned which are required are to lbe sub.
year and cannot be amortized to th'e exploitation account of the mitted to the same formalities prescribed in Article 11 of the
following years. Code of Commerce.
Article 11. --No.- reserve for doubtf ul customers shall be Artacle 17. Any .account who shall have kept books recog-
11lowed in exc -ss of the accounts or parts df accounts effectively nized to be fraudulons shall be, subject to a fiscal fine of from
uncohlectable, in support of which shall be submitted a state- $20 to $1.000 fixed and collected by the Tax Office. In case of
ment carrying the name, first name and ddress of. each debitor, recidivity he, shall be brought, exceptionally, before the- Crimi-
anid the amount dure and the amount of the reserve. The date Inal Court and subjected to a prison term of from two months
of the last payment shall figure :also in the statement. to two years or the revoking o i aeto fbt eate
Article 12.'--All income tax 'bilk on tliefbalace sheet basis at one time.f
must be paid not later than its 'die date, under penalty, by the (To be continued in our next edition)
taxpaye r .to pay a sub tax of 107fe for each month or fraction of
a -moh for delay provided by the law of June 6, 1924, on the I E=C N IR S T E E U T
IGeneral Administration of Taxes modified by the Decree.'Law ((I E>C N I M H E U T
Of January 11, 1936. He wvill be given -a delay of at least 30 daysOF T E I ER EWF
anon francs- between the date of emission and the duie date.
Article .4--Under penalty of a fiscal fine from $50.00 toA CCH R E
to $2.00000 the companies or individuals obliged to make a de- M R -H R E
claration~~~~~ oganninoeresbitdtveiiainbth An eloquent article for the into minute details at Peligre
.lro of country o wacom p-blshe bymite and iniicto the plai11st'"'
Tax'Office, and are required to show any inspector of cocntri-conr wa pulse byndith azf
butions ,I*ipon his requets, at lis headquarters or main office as aTIME- this week in which It is to the interest of thief
well as at their branch offices or agencies, their books, registerstewirponsuttateAmicnbk, otnesh
check-books, policies and general accounting books Of all kinds, Expabt Import Bank on the re- article, to assure the profitable
commendation of the State operation of the Peligre and
as well as the minutes (procks-verhaux) and the reports and mi-
Department envisages according the Valley for the good reason
Rntes of the stockholders meetings, or of the Board of Directorsto aiialnfrdecmp-ththeembsmntfte
in order -to permit the said Administration to verify their de- tion of the irrigation work in $ 27,000,000 depends on this
claradiogs, and to assure the observance of the laws regulating the .Artibonite plain, according income. W~e are therefor very
inc+_ome tax by 1herinselves as well as by other taxpayers, without to -le Mafin., in a front page happy to relate th at thanks 'to
.these. vexificaitiline bei required .to go back more than five story Monday 20th. the new political reailism of the\
financial years already taxed. State Department Haiti and its L.ES PLUIS BELLES I OSAft
Article 14. -In case of tax evasion discovered, the income tax Making allusion to the re- cnmcrqieet ilb. ATH E
ashall be collected on -an amount varying from 10 to 25%, of the sults of the interviews of Mi- ni rmaltl oecm
amount of business of the taxpayer for the taxable period, such .nister Marc Chables of the De- nefitefrio an ittle more om-t S ~ ~ o~
a the Tax Office :shall have established it..ptmnof*Arcluewh d
There is Tax Evasion: the State Deparment and bank ga egbr LS 'FRR
I) When, withbnut any good reason, the taxpayer cannot fur- Ifunctionaries in Washington it
nish accounting books for veorificationf required by the Law; takNfacei o .0.0
2), When,,as a consequence of irregularities discovered in the about to be annonced for fi-1
5accountmng system of the taxpayer, it becomes impossible for nishing the rehabilitation work
the Tax Administration, following fraud or intention to fraud, o h aly
to determine the net profit taxable from the books kept by the It is not known if it is to
taxpayer in conformity with articles 9, 10 and 11 of the Code this financial operation that!
of Comnmerce; TIME is referring but there
3) Finally, when'in the declaration of profits or income to are two bank officials inquiring
-which he is obliged to make, the taxpayer has omitted tu have.
-a part o-fthe gross receipts earned during the financial year
figure a part of the gross receipts realized during the financial NEWS IN BRIEF
year o r have figured in the usual of fictive expenses or exceeding their real amount, all elements this weik placed any official en-
which, according to their importance, denote a spirit of fraudtrfothfrhcmnCera
in the opinion of the Administration. American and Caribbean Ga- lat
Article 15. -In order to facilitate the examination of the mes. The Sports Bureau, Foot- MDI
books of tihe taxpayers subject to the tax they must make men- ',all Federation Basket Ball,
Lion, separately, in -the inventory book Of the merchandise where Volley Ball, Tennis and Athle-
there is to .be found: ti raiain hv led OTAU-PRINCE
1) In the main store;
gone into preparatory action.
2) In the warehouses and branch stores with indication of the
streets and numbers of the buildings;000
3) In the Customhouse or elsewhere, when the bills relative Z
to merchandise has been paid or the treaties accepted; Bernier St. Jean, Haiti Sun's 4
4) In the wareh-ouses of a creditor on pawn or of a third per- delivery hoy, Observed his birth-
son in possession of pledge. dyo coe 2dwt
T in e t rdokah a p y r sh l a h a n i c m uy an d sco e B e th ny rus h

DAY, OCTOBER 26th, 1958. AHAI SUN)> PA
ports a series of cold shivers quietly -somewhere fromane
HAITIran up and down his spine al- hausting night work?
IIYHIlAN ENGLISH ISANGIAGE NEWSPAPER though the temperature wasal- Police and the justice
Community Weekly Published Sunday Morning ready rising in that down ton nothingjhad been. touch
PANT-RESPONSABLF PAUL E. NAJAC He was confronted. with the But telediolists pushini
Th Eitrdoor of the, number one store early morning teleshaw aron
TeaatSusopen about a foot at, the bottom., the city 'gving: Out the ts
IMPORTED FLOWERS eWell armed police, justice of -umols, mistook the crow
Ca od esi cneopeace adlwyers were c alled lice, for a strike, and theirzie
Hw's thise about the impor'Itation of cut flowers to Haiti from igthe atmosphere of service in Iand hundreds of citizens who burnt all the-wayt the
n countries without the payment of .customs duty? Noa were not cahed showed up and, the:antietrikesquad and
nydoes the government lose the revenue from the collection th'fieo h mir tinlood around speculating,.' they cae buzzing down
th officei of the Imigaio .,cm h
duty but; the. export of dollars for, such purposes deprives Service. Was there at.bugalar inside? Ru Bon0F.tofn
au~~tod~ ar ueBneFi, idi a
aan workers of employment. ,There is a similar -atmos. Had he completed, his job apid nothing but a bona fide- mytr
&IlUghly the weekly import of $100 work deprives Haiti of phere at the Central Telephone 'gorpe his way and slow, -sleeping of an open door..
man days of employment per week. In our mountain villages and Telegraph office.
there is little revenue and malntrition runs.rampant, not, Vore Power to such Govern-
stion absenel of nutrition, it seems -illocal to be sending ment people. It helps everyone.
y o f the country for each purposes. (S) Pio bono public.
October 18, 1958
Th laborer having no, money to spend, small stores. fold -up.
payroll we know of which used tombe Gdes. 12.000 per monthTh.Eio
Awr.zeduced to Gdes. 5,000 per meuth. This money- is Ialso' -Haiti Sun-
Irawn from circulation n in the commerce of the ahop kee-
Tortl-a -PrincecHaiti
pesof Port-au-Prince.
Dear Editor, .w
Some can ignport flowers;.without customs duties why can. The Kennedy, Travel: Agen- -ot
lieworer bu thirfoodstuffe, clptling, material, sop ywshesjto thank you for the
.ee;without paying for import dutie? cordial treatment, acdorded'M6
and Iir George. Jackson, who
st'Icnember Marie Antoinette, Queeni of Franrce before the re-vite'rerconry
b~~~ebil wayi inyur country.i~i~ ~ex1~
tion when, told that th proletariat, had no bread to eat.D
S: et tht bin cake, then, efo th et.~e
said: *Ltte egckte> oe people are like tatedith -country- of Kaiti and
from the reportvbrought back by
VNSIRING THE TOURIST EASON our representativ6,.Haititinth-
filly embraces all' of the pulbli- 70
Indication of what the' tourist *will- find. in, Haiti by waty
city sent out from the Ciri
laqton .is 'scheduled to appear shortly in a- -New Yor eanara
T ies' Winter, Season Preview of Tourism in the CaribbeAn.
It is my intention to highlight
*Ar Ca ribnean r ,1 1
Th edition p to be published on.Nov. 2, and will coincide Haiti .in. our Carribean.- %
o ngmd e infi'ormgivtoin thaor'etfyeIiti Wec seh tremyendu dm
of irour gvern men erl nrextan,
yapiod peacer goodwils wangurate wil suceu quee 3Iq
tion- she ou and the of tourist A enithe tost raty f I. er
.W ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ s bod ar-en1ogd ewe h otieto.Arc Straniger hapemnscronithe
eni New Worl. Theouy a bonds ofuspiritu a nd erstan Rue Bne i almostbrought
~~~ox~~~f -?2 -eors'.ot-uP~
t e ots an ati
ag fromgacommoy forebearsoandraacommonrstruggle..p1
ati evris of a wibrate deio to aitrrsntina urnl La- Belhrdl poee
i nt exchane baewes h'frs.frcg Rpbi n the st1p for wndotembrks ggs is '
of, ofu thernen abilit oft huma bengo alla cace tomaethi
tural pxcangeuc as thesl anarnte wola smethigsful
dnt lea Eventuaolly Ht' muta matial eneitshe re
.be~~~it wayses inkr whic trae, ortcnqeroudb xhne
exti the two countriesdths cemeninstll fourth the sin 7...-OS X U SI A E
.ties,~~s that bind.s, We hop th rfoet att e op ot niy i
utiize durin thisvisi toeazn terlton ewe
waont riegs inc t ligtas wein ll...toohrsadS'ue
Sicrel y First Cls in Deaeue
461dingwit built-'a comfortio amr speedre toptliy
Ea elfcotindladigstp
4 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ain AiSodtoePrssgt ba
Stranmoot "Vpeniveonthie
Stambods abn fother details hcnichn wffiab
Ph Bnn oin33'ice Oi lee es oeato8tg
0. Box 723 Port-au-Pot-au-Princ

O RTI maiiy years in given industries Ofice management is another Of particular interest
in the United States, for those field covered by the 'program. large number of the Latii
Partnd technical-caabies but 'who are just at x 4poi or- Trainees have been brought to rican republics is the cam
n o ~t giziug such industries i~n La- -the United States for stl in~ d i t9.
has undertaken to assist them gninsuhidsrsinL-teUtdSaesfrtdy infor the elimination, Of mdr,
whereve possible with regard tin Anerica or who feel the office methods and routines, Widespread.malria affee
versification of agricultural 'and to the'latte.r. .need for introducing the latest office forms, job analysis and nomic development adverse
sp~nIeral production, industriall-'- Alth rough, the program,bf in- niques in already existing un- administration, work simplifica- through insificietipy, high-
nz '--espeCially industrialist ter-Arerican cooperation in the dertak, tion and personnel Admiiistra- sentee ratesand'laziness ca
rationt based on: faw' materials fielId of :industry does not look tion. in human beings when'rih
as InutyCne; ii1 Transporta on.-T tr,~ ~~~
, each country is -eminent- back upon as long a history. as1dsr etrE ihtTasotto. The Inter- ;have their 'ergisspe
Room are maintained f or. th0
ly 'fit to produce has seemed ,ikh aiu iciture, many' construe- -Rom ar manandno h ational Cooperation :Adminis- disease of ,this type." Reoda
to many economic planners in tive efforts have been made bv.ueo oa~xiios mn tration has sponsored. projects the- Amer-ican-' republics ly
LtnAinerica an ideal answer th~b international Cooperation tepous ipadone may to assist- thee Latin American taken decided action to pd
to their. dilemma.* Administrationk and its prede- fidsc ieyd riidcountries in their transporta. conti-ol, bu teiinat
tr ~ ~id p tems' sas plastici sheets for roof
The Goverr'iment of the Uni-' cessor organizations to foster Vtm spascset o o( tion problenis. One of these.. is dread disease., lttakes
rt on ops~.O ~
ae af es the Regional Civil Aviation years of semni-ani gira
t Ai its best,:uat er 'in- t h. L atin. America. io screens; c ownb s,- buttons, n# uplm tsiaoalva. ndoryerofu ela e
rord~ae 4 i trillygin1 .'Oe o thseis=p p~fet a oth-brushes, cups, glasses; po-, ,io gape. mak sur .li tra s ;so
derveloped eg nib hatpi'te d ': which th e exchauges flelyen asfrpdcgg Lbo._mnr a6 held spalaria has not Occurred f
th a th Ihi :an' scientific and technical sperio- fosadlphpg; cg fo ivaouLtnAmrcnoun tree consecutive -years in a
dve cs transplanting young c iderhe poo 'of ven area. Since more Latin Am
fiel4, Q I 8 lraies of Latina America is pro. *, the International! Cooperation rlican couitiei by,,-themse)
XWhAY fareft,! seated. So far, this ai ivolved 4 gy4 Administrjyion, on worker's edu *cul ntven afford. anip
bf et r on Jo eiia-In
Rh he nli vpr 2!50 Libraries and 18,lQp.0gi im ~ ch. ae at ion, collctive bargainifig, Cbmtalsaon lnlnto
tries imay. iipage.Anoiher is the Technicp a e loml iinlta.ociiation, mediation and ar,- malari.this. must by.
legitimip 4,69i A br A pr inaa h ef!r
&~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1 -eit R4 Consultation vP rejct,'Ilp. .o t.fieraei-ht-t'qfmbyaeidwits 19 P* .
ata :sich 'provides expert assist inatRal rtinihd e n
SuSt Wnn Health Orgammation and
trawlte far-p ineb Tpl h aese u ap ge an pgd giptrepi
awrs CoME West HAIT C nNJO ..-I
whie Lrad.trni' g is ~ e give in La- V* *
atal lvbd t indutry arodi an14;r th9"Sniai, 114 0,O o
The riatraiizi a eialitsaeem Lab Am tyericiicou ts tor i alsoAm e pc ed thS
eb ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ d atgoye nscotatbai.Tey ass ad avisetmion pro- Del 4opmist p -dj Loa qud
on ob nsrucion igusriamton rlii ealthO Puersin 'RaC tafudsruliFro
ins. Iemnsatraining vistprofain adidsra yin. giutrlpout ne
vided ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~1 do forme an nutil'riig ntevrosfed f i:ah8 ilb e avn
trapel o sr s uiiedn ad from hrLiAerii greas choallnqto Amit
e f4 I4h el PLENDI
h oP eaqrn t e 91
NIM FUBEBAKER t ntr of .tini lpi
.ok h alth ub:1kj i cfo l abor e:t ra r ela
arestr spiso e ftnn each tSats e. Ine4ato a Coh
g ENmiYAtiaT cfIAributio@ .
md Traini
3 a al evh f idutr, ronz aer;hab an hsats.o
R11dOf0,00Miliward Cito,
]e n. aige:GrrdTER
Pher one: 395.I .O.B .28
he ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o rmaaaement thoaikadl to ln9. p h divuae
we- o ouNecoa Amdyt rker, .44 a4 widgvriet (Ude America Manaeet)pogas
ngs ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~n ipcilit aasra em.ipin 5Mntst Dwtw'P tMdic
Ceife~ bea 1'' EXaiTRE1IE.Y adRIENtDelpen AT oPHEREn
-'LatWHE YOUn COMEim TO Helheua Toid eO thOU Sa
HOTEL pulcha usin.sPLENfudDs.rsliDg

AY, OCTOBER "26th, .1958. / HAITI SUN, PAGE
FO UR JAltEWOLLEAGUES,... arid-,co:who cd ep he oH an f y
week ago. around 34' jour- the press. services of-the U. S. tit, director:,of aixdepyendencs authorities .t her Jack Lemaji of -La 1
liks representing dailies -and and France ang-with 'the chief solicited the floor to ;nake a others in te x in eir lange> as- ad trat
riodicals of the capital and' of mission of the Federal Re point. She said that contrary to ight of 'criticism.," ADJH, and the fo owing
provinces responded to thth public of' Germany in Haiti, a declarationm of the secretary, vi
cyocation of the intei-mediary post in Australja offered a banx no amelioration of epnditions
of the Assnbly who before. going to his ney has taken place' thei cond p osI
itian Journalists: presided by quetto the ADJH atthe Ho- soied jourhalistso. the .ed- .election of'the per c Ter
Antoine Jean. The debates tel Montana!" Conferences ar ae t on mitte. And Mr Anthon Bell IF
>k place upstairs at tie -Hap actually in egresss said Mr of Sept. 19 by the militarco n
6Journalu. Afteir the, roll call' -Jean' to the end 'that the, jour- mision their. state 'has 'been candidacy :for ."re-election. W*r -St. Juste.
Mr G.- B. Auguste, the" first .nalists be authorized to vit aggravated -' because n rahi~g.,f Lattrore St juste -,of the -Noui-
nt of orderiof th day has the iritories of France all received for the, th-fob t t -to Mr Af1
m devoted to'the reading of 'expenses paid and' pass som yers don't ee them any longer render hommage iththe-honest Edousic to thank th issea:
repor of the provisional months in Germany-where they and nobody (qble tb.kpo if -and dynamic administration of in the name of the permas
niitaiz yM r Jeati. He will have, the,p-,ppoitiniity to 'they ark6 in the nationialb pni- 'l 't dt o g tt at h ssem coT 'tt e f hain ph.
*jy~W1Lndit ouh ohth my toe*,, er haig
I then- investia e progress ofthe teni aryornt novice. 'by couldn't better comp at
2s of the committee, address riwfunaih ofte eo hEii~d' o p ,.'nopt him' for s muich devotion toewJstd sgi-by,.acc
to the responsible, authoritadsti Geram e to the cas s pres
.to joree tP-her -2Eothe' tin osed 6- ir
ministers of te interior and ,a Petit, director 31 de Patrialtep fhjari el ctig Ib \acclay
i oe f the He asked the merbers of the: nd I9ten worker of 'i new6- tio s ar. &fhl
vernment) in behalf of the itfcth',tepdrt'the secretary pro paper arrested. sorpe.months onfreres' applauded warmly.
leagues ipri.soned and con- association, to always reserv-, ago, whei they ubdicertake other -At, this morneft.:jean -who whad T4ge
oned commili~sionr for 1ihc- a friendly w*plcome to the dues stepsini for -the. journalists.= The Eeded the,.directiont of' debate nters Ut-byt Iani-, -G
litaiff commission for' minci-' collectors. After the adoption se~ttetary, general ret ponied t.Mr G. AB igidte: took it' 'he .-Nou allisten Gr -endLepk,
the e r Jood A a the prneessaryte o the c ito tee.nHe prthoe,, to 4.
>ui ha s y m y eq w he o e er atr theo elec on the acel o. cotgii en t
red ~~ 6 aeu delgaio ,,h ofld jouna the professor be electe asb cofere Dunhari ,#m liresqg aiorng
tcyiheato 1 l he has aa S i N ea e
alsoc ena enty. mCio bE aclmain thwTJ drs teftj-ph.wr'l ~ "adK op a he (irr
c a A teiain nar spd s as: the hat redptd=.oAf e eraodin s
qgteiy tspoe of ith excellnA thsioen prfeh e'TeLdgeo h ihso ~eqtevt r hrtrto f eeasent, oy
ort hic th comitee e e 19ada e ge oNola M Th e Inte. Amrcahs seaetiaond th able. Iatn jodr lipsta
waydli maintain with dagenrofu rwoe eG.Pe Prpe assuition thicine
Nop te in e son tae alctdantg2o u complree assoa Chinient
AudemarlPgaetio Gf ed-P r regan rne
Pae h iis en hiyse tur Nardiagu Nicad
.Axdagrandselecton o at isea orandsm inoelt w thehsto tp s
Brame a00 Cash ere SayA, 55lse off0
peca)l urchase rh e ch6,Beaded Bags A11 dHad ade -4Eaddt
~OM1.50 TOf .0
is,~~~ ~ ~ the tint thpa4$v -0aato 'To u t'a.
tce FreP rt rc
8AV .40 60 A

.a FlIbbI 8,th Amerleah's favorite shepy here
all prees are clearly marked on every 4M
Where a well-trained and coarteeas staff W
hel yeu to solve your shopping problem
HAIT LA GES FR E P RT HOP Where cheeks and foreign banks"te are asse)
ted, and yeatr purchases shipped. We wfR gladig
glie. YOU free formation about U.S. eastem n
Which hta best impoif tfes -all the ethers et t worhl Yenaen Wave up to 61% talstlMS and shipplag 8.e.
11.8 pres ithyp.da ftre allowho t ag evee 48 heers ad ese oer
says eassidt Ust.A. Fishers Ill be a rewaoppe paase.Not only tree, port prime
M6a oh ikthdap becasl eveYthing 110eeftiated 16 eme Iarge bull Are year
on~i .,s sbuyingtat a~sher's.
i~ritn Abry f, non, abisTHE MABOGANY.ANDNA EHNDOA' I)O
le(5Weid 9~th ti
aen Opdat 14dis h Salignae Cognacs,
ik De Slotesquieu, rA agat De Kuyper,
I1aningany quality goods from -our own workshops
'Sisal and Straw goods --Vedeo Drams --Dells Htat
treecrds Books Pills -,-Place Hats
*4o U loo m EOt* *vw
2PORYT C,0ooDps
- G:.. 1 Liqueurs Brandles A XLSVECRIG
Champagnes nmtg
- -Art Percelains Nativp Jewelry
::. Royal Copenhagen Sisal Shoes,- Bags
-41 B & ne -s l w
Royal Viena Augarte
~f44 4 Limages<
a E brldre T ame -Bluss skrt L liue an Boe in r
4tssit Gaa alybr -Sit -hwr
'-4rcks are FaAtomizert4 b, Q
Libems Wede Bags -Petit-<4n Bas4wasWtce
penae 8 & sh i-w uss FrnchPtw

DOOAY, OCTOBER 26th, 1958. apv# SUNP
Ship's mName. Steamship Company. Avali Po--Prinee. -
M. V. Bergenefjord Norwegialp-America. Line Oobr8h,8A.M.
S.S.NiewAmstrdamHolland-America ILine Nprd e 1th, 89J. M.
'S.S. Caron'ia Cuniard Linee, Noveer ieih. z9 A..1VL
S.S. Jerusalem Israeli Line Noeibe 30th. 1]-A. M.
M.V, Bergenefjoed Norwegian-Americas Line, ec emeD) S3a& 7TA. M,
.S.S. Jerusalem .: a qli Line -December 10~th,. 8 A. M.,
Vincent of the Protocol office fractured his foot this past
S.S. Olympia Greek LineDeebr1t.9A1
kand was unable to perform his duties as introducer of DeebrlfhIqAM
S.S. Jernealem Israeli Line Decber 19th. ,8 A. M.
sador... Sammy Ferber Suriname Shrimp Kig is in town
S.S OlmiDre6Ln D ebe .26tlL:.9 A. X
-raday was the birthday anniversary of cAdele) Mrs
,9,Davis, wife of the well-known American Consul... :CharlieDi~i,7t-8A .
M.V. Asto4joara Norwegi-an-America Line Deeinb 27th. 8 A..-M.
jfsand wife (former Elizabeth Firestone) returned to New
o~Saturday morning, on the Panama direct flight...SS.HmrcH eLieDcbiSIt90A.M
50fot waterfall at Chatel des Fleur .if iurning gan It has S.S. Statenedam' Holland-America Line :Deoeinber 3Iet.. -9'A. M,
dry for almost two years an indication of .the tremendbusl S.S., Jeruisalemi. Israeli Line, faii- 1 1 M
In dificient the country has suffered in recent years. RaitifallS..OenM achFrsWiy8ro.anay4t i .
d eptemnbed Ist has been satisfactory eve tofres..SS lypaGek ie4 ah 9
a enteares.
,ader. and Mrs Henriques of the United-, States Naval S.S.:-Italia Mone LnesI 6A M'.
esme competed favorably on, the rufusal2of President nnua .
a oiay o the rs na &h :0 .
,ier to declareaoldynth first\ anniversary of his a, HoeInsaury 6h 0A
ration Oct' 22 Writh a thred-day .holiday, the' prhu meLnsJiuaxy 1 8,
adi (1)essidines) grid the present three-day weekend due NorwegianAe a iejanuary' 2%nd. A.
S i'. J e usis
*I -8~ e
hite Nations Day there is a~f rndable. ptoppaget/in com- asal~n 2.61.
ercindustryran agriculture... Victor VWynn Haiti Seed A tejHome Lines. fan $t.
4.Is noW in the potato raising indsr ligenscoff 7. MrP 8 ra ~ 'ln-ieiiLn ~a s.9SA
oi Danies sailed home on'the Panamia liner 26th... S].iomnic 11d lnes 3en let.,10 A.
re teacher at .the Union School in the apple Ireceivin A .lkkaU Greek Line F~wr h1
gois *Marie- who inhabits Gros 1Wre... MaieJoi.SSJeuae Israeli Line .Fray ,7
6ei. underwent a miorfoot operation Tuesday ..:' TUM'eni S.S. Arkadia Greek tine s druairy th. 8.A.M
2S Itli 1. 132'1
ius had, a teenagers -party Saturday afternoon ... I Ed' Sheets 6 d Homne Lines .February17.
i eynolds Mines manager, partial to Banana -splib spent S.S F~nres of glan Canadia Pacific 'St. Co. Fe]>ak 14th! 8
weketnd in Port... Air-Force chief I Col Albert Maignan -.S Fnf urness, Withy & Co0 ~. Irrr 18th. 8 A.
c rm ix-week mission to Washington and Miami... S..Oen1OnrhIolland-Amierica Line ..Febxay 19t. 8 A. M.
Go6 afontant lias retired from Reynolds Off'c maaer1,S.S. Maas~am updLn ray2tl
ott e' has been replaced by Dominique... face-liftin.. O..S. Mauretania Home Lines,': F-bruary 121t. 8 A.
-rndt, the Coffee,' Textile,. Oil, Soaip tycoon' observed hi-s S.S. Hanseatic Home Lines 2b2nd 9:0,
ii y Monday siniply He 112nthed at Nobbe Bondel o -SS. Hoei sraeli Lines Fbu 3d
ude j our ..Bill Vroomaz, who has been in the States S.S. Jerualem Grek ILineFbray5h .
e> ast months will attend Asta in New York before return- S..Akda -'Furness' WIithy &r !C February 26T.. .M
Jatois International Club... Virgil Randolph, U. S. Embassy S..ItlaHolndAeic in mar 2 V.
alti and Labor officer clippered, to Miami ,Friday.., Miss S..OenMnrh. ,Canadia Pacific St.,Co. Msin M1,6
le Nicolas returned from three years in. Canada last Week 8.S. Nien-w Amtam Isel ieM Marchi 9n
A er diploma in apuerioulturen)... Joseph Saloinon returned'SS eeo nln Cnr ieMrh6 1
m ew York on the Cristobal Tuesday.S..J ae, HmLieMah9.
.S .Maure n tania Holland-America Line, 1M6 $
S.S. Homeric Israeli Line 'all rch 13t.- 30 A.
S.S. Nienw Aserdaih Cunard Line h 66 t&- Ak
S.S. Ita1ia Rome Lines, March5 A.W
S.S. Stella Polais Clipper 14pe etqch. 17th. 8 A
S.S. Jerusalem Israeli Line March, 2rd. 11 A. M
S.S. Italia Home Lines March 31t.8IA- 15
S.S. Mauretania Cunard Line Avril 2nd.. 8 A. -M.
04 S.S. Homeric: Home Lines rTil, 90t$ 9. & M.
S.S., Stella Polaris Clipper Lineri' M N
I ,4
M.V. Oslofjord, Norwegian-America Line, hrl 64
L S.S. Stella Polaris Clipper Line liay 1t.No
...Lunch Dine Have Cocktails
MO TN-A-oo
424< po< 't 4
anouve.E KYON EC
> And Sail In Safe Cos

as 1 .Itrrx tin synDAY,, OCTOBER 26
Studios role Book rust 9ATION
Buildio ~~u nd i New eeted here on t
ODVA, Mil o m-ans anid wife d
THt artists who have 'for the. Miss Edith Dartiguenave of Odeth are burning the mid- n e iteki
Agronomist" Garvely e the newspaper L'Ordre Noo- eight oil. at their Bois Mo- Yo
wi head the ODVA Adn-finis- concentrating their efforts to yeau 4,.In her leisure timpe Edith quette ,v,111a these day a each,
ion. Named to the post last establish and maintain their own is working'on a Creole version pepainig a study o eir
k, the well-known techni- small private art center at Carre of her book of yCortes 'Hdit rite atbject -Iatian voodd
a was installed.on Monday fCour, have justacquired a plot published several year ago. cudts, which go on the press of
theMinister of Agriculture, of. land for building a new stu- COrR MINE
are Charles. diog.
Mr Laurent, as graduate of,
University of California, i They have oe pSe dr en' Engabre
specialist in Agricultural Eco vhich .will giv to, thIata ba ei e 8i
S C R6my'Lem~oine was it
nmy,,aInd for the past 9 years Iablic a chance todiwtewokekn rp
a ed with the Department of this group of talented and
e4 in es an atists b
of-Agricultitre., He has collabo- consecrated painer Nonratiss.
red in 'most of the planning in, a veritable -Palais de la Pein
an project where., U. S eh trs
nians N and Hai-
tp speciplists have ,been called The Galerie Brtichette has
onto- submit to6, the Hait ian madhe Iregular Satturday evening 1
woernmenit.'He hitsas reIe exh ibitiohs, this. year,,I attendedI
2eted -Haiti_ in international, by many tourists and'visitors
thnical. congres.esin the Capital. **
Ele6 and -his' wife "Clara, an Its foremost atprs inclus.
n,,erican cogener, aie expect ,de Spencer Dephs,'Neremi'Jean".
ed to move 'to ,the Atiiinite Dieudonn6oCddor, Denis: Emild,
oly with their, ,the small ,Adr6 Lafontant, -tuqcent:La-,
ildenlyhee/gronoinist a zaire, Paul Bautogsn Dy
aet wil diect .the imrtint Villard. -
Organism forjtle 'fiDrelopment
ofthq 4krfibopite. Valley. For the coming anniversary
.aof Galerie Brochette on Novema .2 ~;i
E..p be 2th,,.the a ists -wil presebt
Georges DesAdg thei project to the journalists
e ncair Station' and via- ofteCptli h oeta thsbeen drawn to our ateon :thiait tiname of Mr. -Kur lisher,
met, aC offices fad & they may obtain the necessary1 Vice-Prepident of the Tourrist Council at rear was inad'ivetently oinitted 4OSep 1 Naid,0
-tfrim the caution of last weeks' photo showing TV Jack Paar being wel-
e? Tiot- r .'i for~ carryin io
and" cco t-nd tT-t i o arigout the-r plans 1 comed at Colomnbus Pier. MNr. Paar' isibetweek- Council President
recneiPeinille. for the new bidg. -'' Dr. Rhindhal Assad and El RaCho's Albert Silvera.Dsrbt
in n an5 OU
Ji;_ ~ RFCfSRSHyE1?E SWE/fTERS, o T1E1VCH.1340C0-&,
We sincerely lope tIhat you "rill have. a nice time in Port-au-Prince ,and' we are looking for W-ard tolbei ntg
of -fice to you r itore; An factoryy, where- we can offer, yo ni es ra fiuines,
Oowls, trays, carvings :and sculptures.
David:3atd Wally TAILAMAS.
A -

),Y OC4E-% 2th, l95s <(HAIT1 SUN) AG 1
adaciens plumes' co- Mta e neo
.Haiti' 38 dlgttph e
dprofessears smi generis,
de rttr maYork World As'mly of
&publicains qui t6 ha- vah's-ingsees returnedoHa
EAmouse af1;hras ;gkgya t
xt gou a.Pir rdes pati i% olsiaeff the Watch Toe
hs, Y nms .ace maans, Bible School of Qilead. In a Pho-
mes acrobates qui -toir,. otkeo rup r rnl
conv moen ohr Sou aplpears with Mike I gytofm-
repattes, lan mangeoire sayi efudad ly
ouvrnmets nusmb6 Sull of St. Lucia, K. Ogawa gra- os
cpules, giad-crbole ,*.duating 'sti'dent oaf Japanan
airli'er coup igii poul tuer ...... MP Fost, a ,nissioitary in L11-
beria. -
bien sidcles _6c6l- avanit que Vaugelas,t3 vine rende About 1200- missaionaries fron
frn6sell6, bridba orea bouche? 1N'importe 'qui .eighty couharies esre '
conA.egrds pour cuite airop; oun piece en, feratenta- at a ege i iietimg with the7
'ci non4 tende- li to~eAar.adtn nt6 'ca4le t Soit's Eresident, N.IAKnr
iecmien 1'argent ac temps qu gaspille'.11an decouer.Te ek'tnac, n t ihe
Ian codaser bbtemeont, ni-aisement pubrilement. 6U egtdy-cfv~iin wsfrO
emps pour ,n qqitep Anenitalit6',96innandeurs, overseers, 'lmy akof the* Prbsident
or mmplace qu,'ap vifer~tt I t I 'sou ou0oo ji G)s(igdm ls+J
yydraster thitesvivres, to tsd ents, squtes, arhyp tiV04i-A S. dier 1Ele
feitnts eaans, codipter pi.ag fge-anes as provi- '2594 U pts~ pjaed l out tly6
cofteHazeL. Caliatoutes, pricou flanqu6 ac sboels .Yarnkee StAdhun and -the Polo
tter' iamamy To Pour leux gourds -'I rons'We Yoks';largs
'tpotit z' eigean fai Re li, ,trep prpas6 ;gas; fait jour stadimps.,New York nwppr
thie4'a A pail sp u p~iaiz qgre- lb lighted tle- -)ilian ee
te ou tu..lp iskationipeupl ary u ('C cAm uony,, were' 7,136 new ininip-
,,. : ,> 'terg W ere mdsed at .onig
tymypm' tavaille terre, unfoil .:*ged inbut-Aean in just two and a
Igoglacour pAoz4 ]Rop totrig, m'Ioh. oblf Aops
ni v1, in' ,toini6 son -oun I'6colenitaniques. Mainteriant., 1(r. Harme Drinkle -has been'
,a folkloristes 1oc1v666' Lneil oid drnief' jour in Haiti for tan years a.d is
aie, canti eurs yo signjn pep. Pi gros boute viande c6 -veyliknownj o meriphdists of the
Zott sans compter maaque cliiqiase, repass. Eh towniw.aeaof or--
jame has -es's yo, pay& Mad pour apprendre interminable Prinehmh iisrglr
I Pirerre ac Benjamin ori egntique: Catherine: de Sienne ly with, the Wardlif~w6r maiga-
rI igaAnolasetio a.uavtPhilibert, ap cass6 ziries.g.After itr6 convcliion "at
ri z'orcilles'Guiberte: New York, brnkl underwkpt
Voici P'h6rbse mqupfit anotherr tumor operate on, *m
Ma chblre Caihemin... '- / this'time' nion-cancerorfe.
tad isZokM fa fort ygain droat-ajouter lan can-' -FoHl-yn tis, he went to,
ybmal totyi 4 dals u penula cmmunaut6 Canada "to visit his brothers
.2Orilli6, Ontario or iwo weeks,
-Yo nuimb6 .Oi a ,, -theni returnd to the 1 eingrial-
~E ln bas (5af&,, 11 1 ':-* ,Ioital Mr ra chedk-up folow-
irous ye -a, c6 I'6cole Igerie qui 6talili lan phisieurs cailles ing *hiish he v isitedlhiipret
ec. Pour billqels yo 1:6bne 6crianom, ac chiffres fp '0is, in' livile, OrtiAft er via;
6devant trene pa~r ncis. -Mouvement alphabtisation qa siting his forniqr missionar
. v' jinn c mbi ccaoaheur pois,,- mais assignment in -.nd around Fred. hdis h
h'h Ia vie lan tbrite hauteure-.ikon YwBrndc,-M-
,tatdonid' oun situation gloql mame onmuegaeDike pdese by, Ne7w Yor c
-dirig6 mouveqit gy p'l ge6 lan oun .pose marcou-frsoli ac-,wEO OR f
Port-an-Prinqe. Icite,\i~ye nou pas manqu6 profes-prvd ooeatnsucs
avrti,. edicaths~epyr es tort yo e6 trayaille 'and-thben returned io IHalt to ,Y U U R
*ut-C a'i e^$4idestecec i quand stoute c0tia ,li h, s a''iii
p-t-ap prend tiq crfqser p moune caal~h tis"e4 tPtion-Vle. -
ois Cajo jp'wsii: pggetnent primaire'qui yould
smtne-ahan orlaneer movementt coopiratif, Time.] Ca At Port-au-P ipe: Joe J~ tpsRePv~
is Gajou dbrouillb d6$n aggdh lan troi ;nqoia lan lectqr ac t. Catering Boi Vern
e..Toute -ou pie pT t, Pout ,eneafbicer spouvemnt po- ,F -Qr C.u
masses vr eaition ei vie nucilleur. Gain moune icite Ezynchman. Claude Rame and1Lus aot
peejpaibetpetge, djtoye4gq qu'pa gain wife Ba ulette have. established'
aeggyA~ (e14gr pip g n9Aoe qme.a ,offcient catering. service as 'At SL.-Mare: etpgi'Av.Mg',mb
iclehabitants Grand'Ause-et Tiburon tpuajours cab part- of- their Tropicana ativi-
PANTAL 8Jdg A.., L

PGE 12 aAT ov
Better Selection Of MVarkets Sales nwnve rteAei.i
of special interest to thie kind
Prospects .In The U. S. Urged of adecM.cai ad THE, STEAK HOUSE
By New York Times Executive.. At will b>e read-, he explain-
(continued from page 1
ad, ahy business, industraan
nativee in Haiti, Mr Andy Mr. Czufin, is Associate Di- financial executives who rely on
Aersen, visited President Du rector of Western Hemisphere YorATmeOfr ts..
vler on Monday to review Proino h e orkomplete coverage of the news
teplans and ideas which bave Times. He is, conferring here abu busines and finance that.
bee prepared. in recent weeks with local trade, tourrist- and go. ,le ed h e York Ti-mes
othe. fortchcomning Edition. verznent oficials in connection Business Review of the Ameri- N$A
Flowing their discussion with with the New York Times W EDcNESlDAYmrethn~0000
tePresident, Mr Czufin .and, nual Business Review and Fore- distribUtion. T h'ie important
MrAndersen conferred, with cast of the Americas, scheduledadec nldsbadcar
Dotor Jules ,Blanchet, Mini. tob dpbished Wednes9day, Ja- mn r~iet n te e
te.withoutf Portfolio,, regarding, nuary 7, 1959. executives of leading corpora-.AT831
-teeconomic aspects of the, ..1Concentrate .your. effort on tions, and financial institutions.AT 8 0 -
peentaton and Doctor Rhin- Ithe peopewoaeyu best. The review will be read by
dalAssad, President of, the Na potential: customers, eliminating leading importers,, manufactu-
al Concilof Turilmgto al and ginprofitable pros! rers' agents, shipping execu-
ize-t:he Tourismfrton, of and markets*, The New theie and important retailers*. 1 R A O O F
messae. *Yorlk Times, execu~tir advised.
ti'~pae mssae,'be He explained -how this pTi.Eqal important, Mr. Cze.
onI since' E pctor',_ Duvalier ipecaithe aplied by Asbes fi, added, is the fact th at The
line thP48likiqiiHad government leaders here to New, Yfork Tiiles is read: by the
gart ~ ~ ~~ ,a Rvkicestiritraend Ito pole who influence public
:ar fl -the-rtcn Janua- R broe d toti o teostiprtn ovrmn
Mr. who. has .Mast inrehe tourst tre afcan'i Wsigo n
rn d ,@ t t po n e u e p e en t he gov rn en le de strM
r~nteiicaa a csc t .5 .a .n i eal i e i w Oae i to e ec t e, UelergA-
thsisuidcae the Ameri 'aacanourist tear m, educaortant professional
tho onWti.Lw et o x pk pe
P;'ehs eo e a ptnbhse .S ovrnmt orlf, e fg additin to he Busness
representati frn ot ST.Sotie a the Revie aa&fr*a' fh
he'pu l s ethitd out to eospet 0, A-.ieicas r. le de s Cztircle
the AmChai ai ad 0,0 o rv1a odi 97 astpution toeote, spcler..01thae
r ~i tthde rUiet aiia Sfi emhaizd how ortnte fo rechn thein
Was ?~b ten aveiang abrad cme inerH-rfrrd pciial
eh t et e p aihe t o o eser states and to n Th e w or k Timpro essiner,
a the ibli np, a imi whoilnepbihe nSn
co ehni orld k ie is ptnia eo a o hs etonwl
a ~ ~ ~ : :In cakices t utmr~gtebs 6ilb -d o etrel tohe Ca-nes
Aive~~~~~~~S govsedetiir admnt&,nust r dkeo- rCzfn avse uins
mi Tprnatio n rin At U. S., nee iti 't ienfl exuiee and toricst offiil th
atMr.Ro ertS E isinad-sh <1 ca ion s foicign 90 hed-tsi in the eCin a le d biad
tr isfiernaiv of 00000he e a e moodi 15,atnthsion advaneo ibia
a ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ otne York Timesin sadItehheNwYr insBs in
W, h evr, hat ustover~haf te A Thleil New'Yrk Times axec-
w~sisac in planin adverti-er sats nd
ofe nthea Amrca. eInforlma-tio, OES&RSARNS&B ONMER
and assieance cani be? obDne naunurrs o.
ica uni hioch anyl of tulihed Suf.
reig ffce of Thoimsno
la p th I t ;k -T be,1ucesfi~~tm ein s ricn s from TyMrh New York9. Itileso
ReOpens itsbifi; Seso of Show wit Haitian Art
10~~~~. onn October' 18thsveyones
andure Isansdgl drvrtsints
ecile wil perfor inr sevra ofa herion senatina
ano heday e inluig hccndedac
elc~le:ia~Csareole n B uff et n iD ncutig Music-- by thefi < a n, %, ,n il g ,d i so ........ 1.00ne

EAY, OCTOBER 20th, 1958. allAITI S U N* PAGE 13
NGFELOW HERE FOR THREE MONTH ,In the mystical black and white d6cor of the SCHOLA CAN.
TORTJM on Wednesday Oct. 15, we had the pleasure of hearing
ORT-RE CRE ATION P RO JE CT some unusual nusic payed on an unusaa instrument byba fami-
PORTS lia~~~~~~~srvatire dfe us iee:M..rlT wo heCn
will work closely with the De- sraor eMsqe
partiient of National Educa- The instrument, the < tion, the Bureau des .Sport.;, French musician named Maurice Marteng~t, who was tNen in the
and the Haitian Olympic Com .srmjr commanding a telegraph post, noticed the extremely pure
inittee. vibrations wli~icix could he obtained from electronic lamps. He
started research and came down with 'the, instrument: the
1 +.M16 Longfellow who has CO- *<).
ached track, baseball, and bas-
ketbll eam fo may yars Presented to the Opera in 1928l, the Martenot was only ad-
wil asistin training Haitian mitted among the other classical instruments at tb Conserva.
athete copetng n te Pani toire National de Musique de Paris in 1948. You- can learn hw
American games at Caracas inoplyithr.
Becnibr; nd e wll lso What does it look .likeP Its a ltpao witl gitar shape
disctiss recreational questions thiiqgs, all equipped with strings, standing beside it However,
with Haitiani youth groups a nd on 'the key, board there is a ring which .you fix on yur left
orgniztinsdedcaed o fs.forefinger. The ring is mounted on a string wh lch or' pull,
thritig thb' growth of physical stretch and agitate while playing; this gives way to Tan-like
eduscation* activities. movements extremely elegant and comparable to h~pplaying.
The martenet .itself is 'delicate and graceful andMr )r-ow ex-
M6 Lbngfellow, vho, fa cepted, it was played- oily by R group of delicate adgaceful
Nbeeni a member of the National women.
R. Association of Intercolleit Whast does it sound like? Well! every sound g~n te drum.
Atleic snc 150 ad asto the violin going through piano. It his a baysisterp which i's
Preidet o, tis rgaizaioncalled eloorvox but while this one tries to imitae e erty n -instru-
in 1956, was a co-coach of the unents, that one,does not: it uses all the possible variations, not
U$. lymic asktbal Tnnionly those that sound .like piano or violin but all those that
which won the Pan American sound like something in between the two.'and in between any
games baskethal1 championship Ikind of instruments. Of course a special notation hase been created
in uens Ares Arent na for thEse new sounds. In a week when pople were trying to
195 In195 he as hmedreach the moon, it was the perfect thing to hear.
Ilndiana Coach of the Year-s.
From 1930-1948 Mr Longfellow What is the music written for snarter at like? extremely mo-
was Athletic Director and Su- dern. Of course to make full use of the .instrument a composer
,der the Cooperative spon-, teams, schools, and youthl pervisor of Health and Physical must leave the traditional scale. The scernic music of several mo-
mhi of the Haitian and groups. Education in the Indiana City Sern plays and movies inade use of it (for example Claudel <-le
erican Governments, U. S. School system. In 1948 he was soulier de satin)>). But the best use of such instrument is of
is pecalit Jhn Lng- Mr odgollw, ho s Ah-named President of the Indiana course in chamber music where its Nighly refined and tremen-
arrivedJ in Port-au-Prince letdr Diirector and .Associate IHigh School Coaches Associa- dously rich tonality may be given its best.
,ednesday, for three months Prof essor of Physical Educa to.Hsatviishvebe We heard the imaginative, picturesque music of Bondon which
tensive sports and recre- tioi at 1rIndiana State Teachers intepatc;f prsadI n the romantic tradition of Debussy and Ravel describes some-
aactiviies with Haitian! College, Terre Hauite, Indiana, fotaauii a thing, tells a story, whether it'Is thte ,phosphorescent grottoes
caton ortheyouh f Aeria.where crystaiine drops falls from somber stalagtit~ upon the
caton oTI te out ofAmric glowing moss or the <=Monsturs awakening wit4 plastic move-
Mr Longfellow is married ments and frightening ogrw.flttelvn hnb
and has two children. He will We heard also naturalistic music: Messian music is directly
, For all kinds of French perfumes be accompanied to Haiti by inspired by birds' songs and the possibility of the martenot of
visit- Haiti's Smar-test Indian store his wife M6s Dorothy L. Lon,-,.- speaking the same language. Others were purely musical (purely
felow abstract would be tle proper word) and some of them the most
fantastic experience in sound we ever had: Select your favourite perfIN Me Logelwateddteivet has some terrific inventions like the sounds you hear when
f rom ouT large collection University of Illinois and Notre There are some interferences in your radio and others for
University of Illinois and Not re which words have not yet been invented and 'the Massias music
JEAN PAT U Dae Uiverityrecevedhiswhere a single note.is used during a phrase, that note being
CHRISTIAN DIOR B. A. in Education and Physi- twisted, pumped, elongated, flattened, exploded in th2 same man-
cal Education from Manchester ner thita cigarette smokes, while hei g ordy cigarette smoke, can
We offer you the world's famous College in 1928, and an M. A. be fascinating for any one interested by forms in motion.
brads t feepor prcein hysca Edcatonfrom In.: Mr.'Karel Trow announced later chi that at the end of the
diana State Teachers college month, he would be resuighspe tteIata osr
'LE GALION in 1952. vatoire de Musique.
etc... etc...

...In constant activ0"e powerC '
Here is the only gasoline that is builto eliver,
all the power your car can use.,
Esso Gasoline also pays.you extra dividends in econagg(
Inileage aqnd first class _performance.<
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,See your nearby Esso Deater. Travel first
rs... It mea w- Extra Dividends for youl~. First, last and ,always..-
7. your Las! bDuy is at the Esso sin

StAY, OCTOBER 26th, 1958. HAIT SUN*n PAGE 15
-----the Cap Haitien Citadelle Tues t Co. in New York, Joan Eulers,
The jumpingest dance band day, and were quite enchanted.! also of the N. Y. Telephone
in the U. S. Navy is expected Another contingent of tou- Co., Joanne Doyle, secretary
here this weekend when the ristis arrived TIuesday which for the House of Representati-
aircraft cBoxer,, drops anchor. also descended at the El Ran- ves in Washington, and Mary
in Port-au-Prince Bay. The cho. They include the gracious Muldoon, secretary to the De-
carrier has a complement of a Mademoiselle Dorothy Boli n, partment of the Army, Washig
thousand officers and men. staff assistant of the Telephone ton, D. C.
Lioelan Giete 'Ads ---o....o k nde wa th week firollow-m
Mek~~~~~~~~~~~ ~a from vaatonn ind Ne rt e okb h aaalcwrsAthe Bonhome.
York0 and Miami. Iwne this past week.--o-
Mro~ and MrGiere (Coffee) ou byte Hata.Dvlp
ke ail xped home ts Dados Sndal isr bacturomd mnast ororainisrepresented
spent most ofcathirstay in Neuw froo proid empoyen for abou 1aa
YokanJiai nthil Rpcard anwMri-e.ko.-
Ralph~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~h cAonnoet ae lieAbaa xhngdvw rGrad Dabadyg Co-dirde
prenaiv frs teA eiaras ih.h tae benefee ot of radi statin MBCelhas
Airotie C o meato ofeMday do wasedat is Sacrm beennt e prtion representedit
bus tneistba trtwlehis pabuee.sriDnes atr63p. m. Aurt 7ito COePrs frtom Nvembedr-t
Monts alement Barbo ainr aaa n the unitn Arates i -o-- MOISTUREorkIThltl
da Ie t fest o Paersa via New Petinrille.e stmrol oninent fof tbout a V RS AL l
--o---- IClire Aan m Tue Aaam Modyvmnotewernhekrsi b ls IKIG4.DE
IRaise1A.Wioe toaNe Yrk- Mnd thGro ssnoM.adaeosted beafld chadrm ilge fyu'ejs
Mrsnaie fo h mrc rs. Joseh. R iad. ieng Mo oadme Mra rete Ruff scacigtesrfcaihodnrypwradtos
Airmotiooo Coerowhoiis employdcinotheaandeyou'tetdissatisfiedenwithiyourtyieldsewent1show
nai- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ yx howid CAT* TOQ BARn FARIN willchrc makelqe o tte et ssso fU
Waties nyhis s hieer and agenc deatmn of3 the Ame yo mor moey Yo'l harie porer andm r tratio toS11P W
legue Doent Ovrly and aifehDirectoHof the USOM (Pint Pen MilesUR HeeIrieNffrevrTamtlaejb o rcino~sAKotsE
Shau Teynghti Tr IV)w toPrsvaNwP in Hile ffouroR. Esso ngp ortCrptin, N. Y.,- See usE today .OWel rv veywr~esy
Yoeaueithay poosid bar-aicu co last Sundhty by PAA. H M arrHoldr sis otc Piante 1h e 2e ocumgenyeds o Mo SIe 4act oiEreqes
party. will~Mr atnd ars s femin aar oE o tndard Oilmo. ofe Ne Jrn --- -- -
onhe: S fl. ritoa TesdYrkay d hevl omt ionth neaMrb ponden o the Bookifu ofd he colaou aya Tractor Sjus.
rninga. .n island .Mchrd nth Clube Nagr uf ccigtew Yufc ihorkdadnaripoerBonnefls
agency deaytmend ofth me o how CA*TOAAMNG le
-Water ~ ~~ ene Kansas. Theer have lande mor Che.Yo'lhvepwran crelles
spaf7 hr en free'd o- GatdBe, theattoteria asatyCEltRain or hreodancho.os a'. o'l ae ol
Yes ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ n Mor taondticea visite I YOU CAEPILR DEALERte pro.MrIatrqet
partyrasprt droppe anchor in seia.n --
Peortu-Prince Habur et er WELCOM. E S ITS S ME ME R ONAS A
Justin~~~~da atd 8arid a.uen m.e The wiigh spendic .
on ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~h complemitoa usdydveorfra n-tenaryp ent of the twokof FOR YOURoo CONVENelyINTrcE: S A
qrmn island. Moshis n ubers 24 offers andM uie onfl
444ornen. Theon RicStoms isw AtPr-uMic. n entoa ndar
reAccommaned. bye Commanded.Ptovle Cocne ele
A ~ ~ ~ ~ a .he D. Robis hohl. iu.Cm oel:Ba iae atl- Foe hp:Tbu
Madaer .J Pante isufficn atItentoaeouty LMUINrEVC n
candi ang Rilei. ClbvaniociHtlRve.SGTSEN:eeaxdor
,#~~~~~~Bt Cat an ACa a oeiSmb oeHtel an itrd MicIrsladTus
U. S. 88.20 DoctorSSJ.tG.mHelmakes(Itr-sausNob &BndlSa HOE :HteCh cne
er zad S Medc ine Cadilgy) aped-HtlDmaHoeIbL1,
Cor-in icnasben tafr r ed to roe otlMjsic ePr
V~~flWORLDOVER~~Th complemer on roteth t iaeod)oCnp et
< ~ ~~ 4 ROYmeevc o L oylniqu dhe -Som tPort-au-Prin-- Fihr-rt Mews Ha tia n ao T CAP HAITIENe
Roya Duch irlnescem16,nRe du Dr. AudaindrC ( Pon t Crat(irport) MasnOin HOTuES otlered o
ADLNS.o6 Ruei Louvertre, ie tion- oes Ba e,Ca tel Ulowrie Shets: R tm.
ville, neiJr Plae, oye. e (eridneries)oRamie hoptr RI O AIND SEVRCEan
commanding ~ ~ tor Clubi,, Clb an d c oe Tam-Ta SIH EIN :eruTos
Conulati i fro 7lza tote 11eni AuocR al s U-Re rnive et
U.aS m.820 -a 4:30ine t dol'm IH L :Csogy Td- Hoe: uaa, Hoe l OX 364

PAGE 16 PDT. DUVALIER REVEALS APPALLING Labor Department Visiting Industrial. Technologist, See
FACED I HIM A YEAR AGO The Department of Labor Prof. and Mrs. John Chand- and technical resources such a
tooktim ou Thrsdy mrn-ler returned to Jamaica last Sun Jamnaica and Haiti, aDr. Ch
Agsterity Policy Paying Off, He tells Nation. took time out Thursday morn-
In- a Report to the Nation broadcast on the first anniversaryr ing to pay tribute to the Pnit-. day after a week in Hqiti. Dr. dler said-, is first of all to i
IChandler who is a CTin ical En- oq what industries based on fo .
qi hi4 inauguration. President Dr Frangois Duvalier on Wednes- ed Nations. All the employees giner h istghemical E t aiustie aedo
theer pressesps-rautca eorcs1a led
day gave details of the appalling financial conditions which and some members of theopressugneri te dus Sciedce onleaij res, aealadeet
faced him 6 year ago, and claimed that his policy of austerity gathered in the first floor lobby csesiIdta Science tt establih, the c e int
aspynof..,discourses arnd films. selected Scienice graduates 4t thyp ephiCmy of the country and thle
was paying off.dicussadfl.
Jen ag~ie mUniversity of [lhe West Thchie~s. po ibilitie6 of bringing about a .
The public debt as of September 30, 1957, had risen to 228, Minister Jean Maglpire eni of h
03426 gourdes 25 ($ 45,612,725,15) largely a heritage of phasized the important role the A talented pianist, Mrs. Chan* greater economic and social con.
to4e cprrupt administration of 10th. May to 13th. 'September UN plays in this troubled world Music. g diei
and recounted projects it has 1Vnsc..cy a4 suP or by the, gr
Dr. Chandler came to Haiti Wr utilisatioip of their 'by- p'c
Listing some of the outstgading commitments, Dr. Duvalier accomplished. ro-
Director Max Antoine, Ma- at the invitation of Jamaican ducts.
w dame Jeanine N o, Chief of writer-businessman Claude Ro- BEGIN190G POINT \
FACED BANKRUPTCY Service of Social -Orgiatigaq binson for a quick look-see at 'Thi is a good point at wjpli
.....,,..,.....................;.......... 17.122.500.00 and Aim6 Viala, Correspondent the possibilities in Haiti of ap- t9 boon sjnce the## indutry-
- t ( .)................120000.000-00 of the Technical Assistance of plying some of the 'results ob. ]ave o acni abpy raly y
l Oppootry Ltd..;............ 130.883.00 the UN in Haiti, elaborate4 e tained in research being car- mseet gisia In
Ce Sucrigg H iano Cubaine (Cayes)... 500.000.00 the work of the Unrited N1tiqu. tried out at the Jjniversity on ca9ss the, t iques 4,yp 4
--,: 'ral .. ig.........2010V0.00 The program was .I4p41 behalf of the London Develop. kept pace with expanding n94
tt.. ......................... ............... 20Q 0,00 with icWorkshops in Peace Mp't an4 4egeqra Corpra- through growingg population
Cit4 gre No1 Laprigtor Siegele.,,........ 1.940.425.04 Time- and one on tb fSpli4re tiP4r ''uq gl sagl)4 a
9 T vrqry Spods i% ~ 54........... 1(.O0Q0QQ.P0 troqp ig aiti. Tbip qQypqFytiqp, one of the 4ptrie 4 on g
i..I pit ii the world, specialises qffeg gpod Qp yggitetgag
Ii~ ~sI~5r~A1960 ............... 5.518,166,80
4). ri ( .............. .$4 a340 -0- ipmgtrial Tegetceh with par g rdgthe sodard 4014
qe 4 [Wdv1atrias Maritimas .................. 168.275.0Q tipplr reference to the needs of the task fapaiy8 'buA-
tret PlantationDauphin ..........' 6175.352.80 Editor Gerard M4rtpl pf Le, a g nprco of ude4velop- tally proving .wvapues for ca
I[stitut Haition de Cr4dit, Agncole Indupfriel., 2.8&219:00 Jour19has bee ppointed Press p, typipri. coaiqveapenthy.ppletht
roix d.2.34*:683.00 Relations Officr t9 thip Redj *The mpdern tendeiwyin ter- stony jp (Week ad tb*p
The polip Vhould know, the President said, that 60 million Ofos, Felicitptic s! i 4tpR with limitedd nata rlSuction and training ofate i
gurdes had been spept by the sterile administration of ODVA cians.
and'the loan of 135 million gourdes spent with only 3/5 of QAS SECTY-ENL. SEEK S LINE ON "a sa~ treat the de
the oric done on irrigation, drainage and dam at the Artibonite. HAITPS MOST URGENT FEDS lopment of agriculture aA5_ ii.
LThat;'Government had contrated' a debt of 35 million gourdes dustry in Jamaioa for instance
with the Grapds Travaux de Marseille and of this 19 million (continued from page 1) that the training of teohnici
gourdeq had been spent on the six kilometers of road from is'one'ofour uigent need. Thuj
DeImaa to Petion-Ville, or roughly 2 million gourdes per kilo- y' job of selectve trying
meter. th eiit and the rophisy
Bills outstanding and payable on loans to commercial interests of the Goivemient to build
amounted to almost 7 million gourdes while Treasury bonds Mio2 thd h l nen ltilt"t
~ ,,,,,~,. $2 and half mlinlei't
had been issued to the amount of nearly 40 million gourdes. ofTechnology for broader Ia
Actually, at Oct. 22, 6957. the country, faced bankruptcy. sed training of techniciansd
In the face of these heavy responsibilities, and evn took arms My wiit to Haiti was
against the 'State as evidenced in the infamous invasion of ceasaly slor but thanks id
July 28/29 last, the Goverinment having decided upon a policy co-operation we receive 4
ofgauserity as the only solution, defended itself thanks to the e le t cover wheao
co-operation of the people and the Army, and pressed the mea. of ground and till enjoy out
sures of social and economic rehabilitation upon which it had selves otfierwise. The little
eybrkd.have seen convinces me that aI
'Budget expenditure had been cut by 10%, new. laws regulat- greatdeal can be done at com
ing the functioning of, certain ministerial' departments had been pratiel c n deoom
au h~~ .prtiveylwcs in develop~
aigiupdwed and, finacial equilibrium inot oily achieved but t r
;; mintaned.HVt baseti en pie~niiful but ;at
With honesty of admigtiptration' established. work of re-
construction continued and th Presideat appeate to all to join
-in this task in a spirit of acrifice and love of matry. l res c ts
ala some respects Haiti b~
advantages over Jamaica and
7MLIber issio see no reason why'if the 6
sources were efficiently deve
(Cn~tp qpage loped the broad base of that
trune industrial expansion, basea
nant-Colonel Pierre Merceron; 1Rayhond, Cief of the Guard tie epansrb'
and the rank of Officer of the it the National. Palace., rather fone could not
Order of the Star of Africa was On Saturday morning at 8:30 tes ii uchries
presented to Captain, Claude k. M., Secretary Dukuly took N
cranleave of President I'ran- because it helps mobilize rurn
Profession NOtice opi uaier during a short ce- Dr. JOSE MORA manpower and production, has
important social as well as ma-,
Dr. A. F. Chevalier (Ortho- remony at the National Palace.
aQ Tiuesday morning Dr The new locale of the 'Pan terial effects which is the true
pedy Rbumatology) advice A laege gathering of friend t Mora was introduced to mem- American Union on Ave. Marie objective of economic develop''
his kind clientele that his Cli- %,ere at Bowen Field to wishJanCt DmrasEt. et
nic has been transferred to the *hrn Bon Voyage when they bers of the Press by the director m an Citerl uptodat e ndep
former clinic of Dr. J. G. Helm- boarder their plane enroute to of the Pan American Union tablishment with the numerous ar reference to the help recei
cke,, a1 68 Iue Capoiq. Resi- Liberia. Their Mission takes and OAS in, Haiti by Mr Paul publications of the Organization. ved f r o m the Governmen
dence: Canape Vert (behind them to England, France, Spain, Blanchet himself a journalist available under library classifi- through Minister Jules Wan
the Liberian Einbasey). Italy before arriving at their 'of note who has placed the cation for interested persons chet, and officials of the flSO)
t, onsultationi from 4;00 tQ home in Monrovia by Novem. local office an a new footing who will find reading desks qnd (Point IV) through DirtP
S arhere. chairs at their disposal. Harry Yoe.

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