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Haiti sun


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Haiti sun
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R. Cheney, Jr. ( Port-au-Prince, Haiti )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )

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Lan _45 Haitian Athletes _THEBAUD HEADS

SWill Comlete In TEAM TO INDIA
S L:'f ) Olympics '
I Forty-five selected Haitiat MONETAr Y FUND
H"'. *': ________ athletes will-compete in the ... CONFAB ..
o vVOL. IX -- SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 28th, 1958 No. 2 PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI coming Central American and -
/___.___ 'Caribbean Olympics which are .Haiti is being represented at
to be. held in Venezuela net the coming Interationl o-
Noveber.netarji. Fund at New-Delhi.' by
"SAILORS OFF USSSURIBACHI GIVE Novemr.tbe. hl n e nn .e,.y
i O H Sixteen countries will part' .piosi' five-embS'le-
cipate in the s:obrts which in- gation. / '
elude high jump, football, te-I Headed by Finance Minster:,:
AISCRAFT CABRIIIES aROOSEVELTs. DUE HERE of contributing to the relief of nis, basket ball and volley ba. Frit St Fiin Theba '
.-'NEXT WEEK-ENDV WITH MORE BLOOD DONORS h u m a,.n suffering and in- The names ,of the atlielees' :delegates include. Mr.'Ernest .
A.:, -,.lo3 e mbasd i o- a
,1B. .crease the c an ce s 'of selected are to .be published hom'e, Ambassador to.Wa;
tpq When American sailors visit and nurseswho movie drouna saving'`lives in this Repiblic early this coming' week :its was hingtn, M, Atonio Andr6,.
'Anet at the Quai Christophe with needles and bottles, effi- where misery and' starvation announced.ommeral. .
*4.au-Prince on their wee- cintly relieving the visitingg are too often the bedfellows of, '-"----- Director of the'National, Bank .
W! liberty,, the first boat-lodI donors of a pint of blood a many of its four million inha- Fishermin Cleri's.' of Haiti,' Mr. William Kohler,,'.
'g.- -bomhe by a fleet of private piece. bitant. B: 'o Burh l s' 'Assistanit Comptroller at the,,
.lgtominobiles that whiskes them The doctors, nurses and sai- Thirty .young sailors 'inclu P .atiolBak, I Pere.
to the new wing of the lors present a congenial tableau ding an. officer off the U '. .The 33-f6ot motor-boat .be- auvinoSub-ahief ofn he DPerre
win y CaeU.uvin fu-hef of the De-
Initorium, inm the foothills of as they go about their mis',o ,Suribachis which sailed into longing to Guy.,Clerie,. retired. prtment..of. ',Statist&i`:at; the'
|ome Hopital in the Capital. '.. g port Saturday, each contribute Haitian Army Officer turn- :National.Bank.'.. ... .:.:
,In a specially prepared roo '. ed a int of blood t ed s rman, was almost.'com : -- .. ."
zncle Sam's boys bang up g BloodBank. o o pletely gutted byflames at 's .'ait eJg iMinister'
eir gobs and take-a bed, .ad .A visit to the Sanitorium, anchorage off. Maiiani' oxe gn iAnirm'
~wait aHBprs night lasti week. *'e i iMsWFBckFrm
i-a small group of' doott' rs Saturdaym" wornin rev eialed, a night :las teet -h c i-'... an. .Wg'i::
: "I W ... .. ..f ashington .. ..; .
... .... '1.. agreable, cooperative scene -of: C rc t 2. ve f..m. 'Theov nfeien'. .,
.; ,; ..i -- : A\.leriC- recently' moved&ftrim o- 0-6 Con=-'ference ,
the Haiti n-American humani- ,. 'Dr L. uis Mars,...n'ster of
ta.ian opevatiod ,,i-e'.t naive to Mariani,.,a sho disj.l[; drr i.x m.' a -"Min e o
S Blood,. The yiors, o.t. n tande from Pottgaw;Princet 'had:,.F.reign.:- R dtions,% rete:a i ,o .
their-earlyt-wenties. wer'- most of its syeepptructUre .con .PAA flight. 21 Saturday ..-
~~.:their earlyh t *went ies, were. e, .s.c .. .. C .ia --b "- .
sumed by th&4enie .....' tern n, r-, f enriiig the: 5
petfll sgiit y the e sd
ulitt, te were t. C ""a "essx -l'-ip' t-.'.ill .- aI
Prepared for tie,: hospital .erl" ., .,, ,.z,, -air. -Cn.fe. o. '. .-'m c
Mo* engge ., s.ma "._,sThe ciusef 'of the 'frf ra not' Secreaies,.o Stote. o r F oreig!;ne .
.Su ibaiclos engaged wfr p ... a .u. wo.,, un. nearl 0,. -'... P 1 -.11...
m. che erful b .e as t. .yet bmaeen', detemnindd. -, : Iffairs,..Was .g.Dn. ':, "
.l as.. ;ev ,E t-.. ,. .. ." -; c" '..:| a ..:
'" ". "" .h "' "aie **ero ."ic ; '. ^^ ^ 1 ^ 0 1? we k. ... *: % .. ..' ..' :" "": ". "":,ppifn '" 'f ,,,"th '.^
Th ..no.famou .ph.wotqitoaithted.,o Ote hers struggled bravely,. 'G"d S.occorTeanmsFrom..- .. :
.. ... .er. .,es..E, ux t.. _* o with a few word of their. high -. .".a- 1. A at'5O .Ol Ori',: .. .
The.. now fai.u ,t of -- F .....:. :..
.the .S.Mrines.rai p so i thi.A* eri- school French in 'an effort toi Tie Ji l .a ed.xcellent
ceaniflag oi-Mount Suribachi on.Iwo .' Not aher-.pgee -r.,,A.m ck. p lyed
%T~.uahi. 'Jimai Vie; a.American 't Na ': Sm i py enga ge2 the doctors in. friend ty p .. ... ,e 'sc"*.c '-'. .,". .- -
"*@ship now! in the hArbizor was .named. -convyersation. ,Many w.re rL-.. .u, ..."h..: o' ve ",ns Th Th"'..
"af ter the extinct vlcano_ __ rpi es i b... aian ina .t a5.ped .. yl 0 D .ntBr.o T. ..U i a.'..e.
iji_ _--i__-"_ _w_-a-- --:e e toward with/ :. --*~, relsaprecise sun. girls- jin t prci 'a,. .' "'their; ,
... .s do. i~~h0,6 an day giarlsh Wa mat
.. .. .da~cf ~ m ^, ^ 'C nii d..... .pa ,..... .* .had. -e ,* ep r rl .cse miea s -; g* ,.h ...gl ... .... ..... ,. ..,:,. :.........B o....,..:
..A -"- "- ',1 h .. ". .. ., -." ". .. ,' ". .. i'"
"from I tirs e t ...waso e ., ...ca fi w,.. ,e A at -:,.

HERE STURDA ^,s-Captain e Pince USN' lc pe t we c on iuug You fep swo reams oa in soccorpdysheno 'sar-
"..L'. ...... "* .'.. .... det i -ime exactly- who tt. ...r ... "- "? ... .i.. -t 'Sl,?,,

0m reeonm A .nds,.the S a. $ned theti: -ai- ..s 'o er f acrso sed l e s ,..t a' ou .utsm e eWas regw e ereh '.,uCs 'taillc,-- .A me a .. P,: ,
Ip-j .'rse fro ps on.. ..e me p o ra .oeereucou l d i nfr h .tis Ne ureMoode-.rits-- .t e wd Sr thzi as/ fra iiz,,d

.".-"Su ib cb2 airer'afte Dhich "so ." .es ,u.c H f umda Ts aiman, s ur a.O.O Q..Y an, p ,
Dei., oler: mencycr iPg .t- ay Pn e int ., fo ll" i. ......

visitin porat .mak .... ...a ., adeand;.ap t ofon ts,,present, yoa J' -eoe 2F7k5A enu Por.tsa' idssid
P .. ,:a. .. -.. Q. s A-. Z'--- '

F ri i ed .o g ,Yr I t.. .. ... .:e.
...'..... TJSS Suiah a..... US ....] -Th fu lcal tess thofis ee c r h..... s'.o bl.o. ..,. d. came.eek.' -_. Thn~yjfek noponent of..
,oeo madstle. -e ahe na es-of ersons ,rele ,s g. o .. ..'" .P ..". .. ., ,. ,. A e ca ,. .,
,ws.w Se'4 Jar"i r- priso >D .. .. page ... .... e 01 "..... 4 e.o....B'..
i."v-" i.- i.ii-'_.,._ .- 1: Ps,-' en- a .-- z Ieublic Health ful woffien, t"Ce rnearly,50.000, ,.

ij~alti. weked.' byacbe thokepe D SIiAFADSCAPEUJ1 Bacjn hqiMr~l
i 155 Suribaldhi. ,n .a ~ g i Miss. Ra u.. e.l. o. J -.. pnnri .tnii ., .t e-r ,r:,..P;.,":
r uttpi 'Sbajti -'i-`h '*ifa sitr ofh ecpr~aen toten '-' c dlegDrani' MW& cfef~i
go h 't. "e o n nMi ter. Aio este'n iDe'yze,. uccdu-e- Portaa-Pdnnwnse r ainto., rodt "all Costa ,

if' .9 'theira freedom..,-''ii
-the' 'of he Mdhiea ai- tZ~eZ~s~fl 41' iispn i~ sH4ER d SA'fl x iPot-n Wirth 'the teise emploes amiainof.heRdtdW
"'ry 1945 4SSSu econieh a.U.a- Au"Caye~s 't6uT he i ,pi ratvedeeL c,. .fo t.v ..

I::: : .. : Hantie" .... ::"" -: "' ""'""" "'"' nd's j "'dce The' SCHAeR 'n ofiesei a, -re]nd A nnou.:." .".. ced.. :,.'it6.C:.
[ f th :S uriba-. i Std'tua' th dailyr ,L,-~re':D Matins, in ISponord,:D !tg ., venupe.Jh Brwn .e ndna- a..Sn
.t is holdei"g are e 1 N

1011. lATHn] -v G,
a- r K .-
I ..:.cntine. onpage. ...M Folywing the cor

Sy aTURDAY8wee )er.exposin to(,bttl, i was found, hi- Feat1 i.....-' Ioneist
K-dbosELANDS a~;zr:> 'tie' p`c.'N -StrAm? X*turo eia
i o a i ;sc w ehic i b r a n ch-, Ah ow er:.Yes...' : T, s vial w s 'v h l ingr ,
'.dby A merican Stee e coun- ,,wer: Accord i b Y e Bj.-O N- P O I N T .,OO A.'
ss es t at h ma alo ganddin har d Mw iss t hte Jes, a..nd i ae de:.f...o at.of.h."-e.-,li y J t e W 275 A the. r 36.i. b p

:, ', .. .
U .1I1
.anh s e .a.-.. d to -the ; del.e-gat....-., n'..',
t"; ~~ ~ p egd n Ci .. .. u ile ,' "' ." ",-Li ""i !mi ,0f oL erqafons do n w u.sever nuale Ce r it ;.z.... :'.',.,
iolcaho 'on "." l a Slnd' of prinen y .olf'e Jum'te, ,...,...,. ....- ..... .C sa ca...t~o. c qF
i .. R ." a t a,,- '. .
The, hew.d J.& Pc, 'z~a hioilat,""-!" '"hbi0i-vil :Seaidsod lyeesbeps aooF "phlomyi~ :o.:,
~ tuire of ,the %ah .eS rai- ..Se~. e su p~o 'm 1" 4.--, d in. ,P.o...r.t;. 1 .- Wih 'o..ii .e ..' on 'o ..a .. ,.:.'' "."
: t ~ A h e ~r l e a n, g ',n' ; r o it; e re: ; ; ":'. F" .s' P i n 6 a n d i h l e r v n e s m a l l n u m b 6 er t h e q e e m p l oy e e s : L7 :i
u,., :... ... .., fa-S m ,"cov c w r. -duringg. oq Fe..-: i:....-c, .=. '.. fl ,"i 1w e -. .. reu.e -to "~i I .. .:....e. .:-"
,. ., freed;. five. qi.Go m e.dlir k, 7 77...-.- ,.. ... .- "...' -[ ..". i x. U tl .
,5,5 ha"b o e' a Aux"Cayes,'.a 'd 'three inii o .' ,he cbooperatives~ .ra .e ..ti v .o. .... :!.' i ,:i:::":
C.o._. )o s Sy bol.- A bronze' Haien "-',n al dc o.: nd ag -6uture.1 .The ::.SCHA_ R.' .offices aTr &. 'Ann U c a.,
.. .ftKheSmtahiSt u, .hediy Le atini,, in sponsored Lid.~h 6ata n lc t3. Avenue John' Brown,, 0 ..:.-, d ', -
113 -te jta',o -d onsin-a(' 16) ,adbe' -temporarilY1 -,closed miens.,. ...,, l
.e.....eb .the ay, O ommdon- Works,,.3K.I.'. dur..o
WgnIi 6hcsreator of tb;e statue-,, hoIl g cXb;.6"
.:. Vals.,!i u hied in. 195.4 is espe- .- :,. .rP li.. rng.A L ;
..,., "". './ "tnue an pag j6 'g. : '.il...e :th .
""o -newsme~it.' ".l1... 'be '-ta
are,' pu"i:"in" b," 'elow,.''-. 'f k h'nolq~r, ,ab andoned i t.-0-
}:::GOOSE LANDS te e4a of the testimony-of wit-: P L -i tream ? ... P, ,...:..,.,i,..,:,:.;
::.:ERE"SATURDAY ums Caltain Jo p, Lmmre. Answer: Yes, twas nt. copse-: .- ,.l
-0... time the expl.osion took- place. bottle, it was'.a- via] found bi- Meni;,/.- V,;-.."..':.
O:.A Grarnlmon Gopose landed Question: Was the accued usin:Have you interro- side a. small'" stream situ ated1 .:..- ;:. :. ":"":,... ,.
:; here late Saturday for gas. on -,a Fran~ck Leonard] a-t Maho~ieres gated the aoci-ed, Franck Leo- --.out 20 fet from the am"l The .Ambasaoq P I
pi ..~rom n e e .T ea .- at tl.' time of the explosion-? ,ard ? thatched ill" wlich was'" M "' n., ""... '"F ....:nc :!"'
.. .. ... .. "V"n.z.e'a.....a.-
': .hibous aicrat wich s on- Amwex:Yes !,ua~d This va] as' "cz~id hldin a prew: ~nfh N

-".~ ma ASSOC14AT10N.

"," Merhhers.. of the. Association The Secrletary -Genera], Mr.
Haitian Jotirnaliste weke Jean, then hiiided theCert~fi-
guess'if. honor ol M ..I.'. Fritz Cate to Wu'ssow, a f aiftr
W'ssow, German CCharg6 ,d'Af an excfiange of acdolA'ade 't'hle
faire.,' Wednehday evening. at a Ctiaige J'Affarel' ivted his
B'. heldMontna. gues'tA to retired w'itbl hi'm to tIhe
:,.'a idh: S.a a aoc h~n -ns o0 e hotfe'l wl!ere th e
'After a "oice in which t "h '
..d.fr ed: Asiorted Fruit of the corriha aJ'nbsphere and fratcr-
n.Ntilles --i Lobst6r Filet Mi'- nd l"'keIchbaniges' .conhiniue.'d 'up -to
'Jru: idLegUme6-Ih~iJI
"K'acoff Sh!ml "id Orange
C',_ake. with ai issort ibet of ffire -xx
w' wines and 'lji4eur,' t$he guesta
t"isted'tlie Federal Republic of Nnumero.us reoeiptio&I were grv-
Geifa4 and the Retibiic' oif an in honor of Mar Wussow and
:".'ihin 'chim'gne.' his wife, darting the week, on tbe
1W"r'nister-Wuisowide ivered an occasion of their departure.
-, impressive alkdlreh t r ithe. .e4 Mr. Max Ba~uenhart, a.ia,
men speaking of the importance celor, of the erman Legation,
'% i .. I h. .
.of the" press an Germany where ,entertained at coectaiJ on
.u-aevening withalte
they couht 1.047 newspapers, +eJueslay e w ..
,!,7.654 miewmm, .983 .mnthly..p., members of die ernian'ipf-
I .licatio.' eight thonianad news- matic Mission and their wives
ruen .compose the fourh estate ttteniing th fareWoll
e -. V..edd] t e hjf rI;IIJ- of for Mr. and Mrs.Wassow. A "y=
.:'ein- h,".n,;, e", e O picaHy Hailtian- hand-wrought
-e ml, he .n 6: e -)[ .. A .,
,Yiy`r'lde their Jonihffst As66- mahogany table was offered the
-: [4itngSimilar tasa iia f[iiti. diplomatt -s ,oa souvenir.
+-.-';; s a e. Of --On WednWesday nmorninq Mr.
:. .:+.: ~ ~ l ..... Q .-. .' usb ware""-...t.
press W-ni ti, bTdM-and'.*s& Wussbw were receivedd.
in a'specihWdudience at Ia.ais
.+Ia' of, .mia ..y. N-tioL'alP,,yp-resdent Duvalier
H,.e Aketch i sito of-' a&t FirstUly.
sthe press In('Nqr~ay, Swbriuze ,T" "~he'anie ing the Diplo-
rance and e.-I --a fad;c. t ihr'+
Js..eto ,tfs' m'~t porun'\- 'a r m'- A. it,+honfr ar U]oftl
".f.j ar .103"r m 'M6&a 4..4,,e+d.... pMrsided.
A ,.' Ylol-rl;.te J EIl
p w l- oriti., I .. of' :sii plaadr 'witgh'
EW "Iiqnflonofim o-a wold.
*, StO..C e k.t.L~e. eac- ?bh iname' + f-lf+'.'inisdta Wnreso'w
"-a CW n"-.. .. .
G a.'Mr W. roKatid his wife
ofV'l"N .2 leave e'Rjti.at 10:15 A. M.
1jfereu0 41ifit ns:"'e
7. t ... .IhA'WI .5ini- .ue ay, S.ptember. 3ohThey
Wa~e opr o t~rman, y.J -W51y to b~ex~co gty, enroute
-''l +:: -- *lknp to4... s zgq'es were 4 ey w1A
3 eaon o. Ihe'. r .oar 4-irasto 'or 4IMlioue,
many. de -.:+_ Australia where 4he d-i~c moit
TIA a o ten s oe- wlk'
rriGr tiVtwx GrmaV taeup has new post as
hs tjter onul General.
iqiid'i" half le Pu0:15 A.is
A-lW' graiied, wo er-ieWU.ki4 Tuedny roadm' 31h.T
'.,\.3..,P, ,stewd r ep r e
.pqu were se. faiti ..6 tives to .the. 4nt entry
ZEi Wf -I".I I-I'V. -

epanye. h, feta. Aussociation" 6 o'A Touipmlittke
e5 chaneshin the somei6fwil take uas S e Sors

o caltii .i .... 'co .'>j -iCton th4Ahe- d aAr P-a m -
o. 1- a,,z

S.r Gemneralzeof the' Assci tat. actionn oheieatons leto b tplae]
-W.t~. *'r rlr4J '

&teiiag ~ retliet yeetdys'=ue o~uo
ng "ecane o in :the fromatipiSnt herhaasc~ see-td Seatr

:C. t"tin'.she ad--0--'
towafi telh

~-He wA. IecBn Mdsu t w
: --;v, ro' H'. ian yotbar inel. th'g the core) of "

-l-a i.. t of Gu4.
.,k his. domainoe. o':.Jea' Sr th Peirab. dnl lutae
--a a a tt is

jj'':" '.. 'Ja'te aunou.. pu' ia"o catt'siiifrmaioe
X' ,r a the Associati1 ha. jion th& Sele goDeLEGT ES.

n,,.,.., atda Mr. Wuanow'to: .reolyeilyeGutemala-y *andut apot" o of
Y"'t.e Cei5i m of llo guer.,f evs .aio Miue YdigorpasnFieg

i:d. twe wor cacio, was read' i y tie republ. ofuGuatelfor
expeMr Coma.a a .t theuperiod. 1ou8-1964.

et Association r Cof Gua-
'.-" j. -,,<,: ".no',soi cand ec dd'.al wihoues in tep lace i' 13 eat. ""
g-. this a omies n" "h iai'h ah~l'as~''-- -,efedSfgibs

t. ,'. ,.- ,... -Jea.. ; ,' illustrated.

Gene "ralJean'the. 'Ascatioun Th"delegation' lefties' inoratit
C. "-, '.'. ,.
re:-) k h[ rsow.o e erye hustmaaand. apooo
11F" .'" of' t& i

U16.... Bai tan 'oureass ss. 1aoktm ote. Thensttuonlrestdnm er t ofth
+,+: wor .a teidcabon "revu rea c te euthc W o a Gutmlaforna
i'; +is..Mr inpa. ,]te pnd15-94

a..., aig htrr' VfiaiCesa oslo

T../_: u lo to
1;; th'.. soito a.-ei- n td n'w G vin to
U:WSPW.o..re :,, nd hooo


Sept. 22 Honors MAHOTIERE
(continued I
A number of official perso-
nalfties were decorated by Pr& ed, mad it was Baj-eux, himself,
aifties wereadcorsDuvatedrbyonwho declared that the vial cob-
sident Francois Duvalier on tained sulpliharic acid and gas-
Mond-qy, Septemberj 2-2nd, at dine:
the NationalPalace, during the (At this phase of the, -del..
cereniohies marking '-the !"firist rates : Me. Simon" Syhe-e asled
* year of his term of. office. thce Court to 'have the witness
.i I .
Those receiving the decora- z~ead the d ad
rd... .d h e declaraiivla- ~ad 'e at
tions of the Order of Civil Me- fahotizres by the acued, An-
,.lhol're b the a.-.r "." ,.An-
'Jt m iou amt. Ldiierture, were: ,]Sfmuy Hlicdricks'onI.:
kfinihtes Flde'rdeic Duvignaud, I am opposed to this demand,
f edri MArc Chb'arles,' Rindfil declaredd Capta.n Kern DDilnce,
A'ss'a'd', Auguite Uesiizi, Ge0rg~i 'it ik, ooftrary to the pro'edouixe
r igafo,'ILaniartinigre Honorat, pri'oded 'for .the Code of Mili-
A .'Yosepl A'd tuc6in Chauvet .ary Justice., The Cburt, after
A l so :-Majory. Geeial 'Miiirice consultations, graktted Captain
.Jmbe-t, Doctor JacqueV'Four Delinoe's request, rejecting-that
canuT, iMessieuirls "EanidlfSterlihi, of Me. Simou Sylvitrie.
L..+Fidbei'i! Le6n' ''itd6s; Boi'- The iuinteogation "was com-
t !ad 'Mehb, Jn-Marib Mbise;'tin !n 0 gj ai"nd: Here .s ibe last
cien Mainville, Karl B'audny, qulEstio asked by Me. Sylve, str*
'CfAlmnedi' Barbot, Seymo6iir' Las- t6i d itchhCaptain Lamarre res-
segue, Luckner Cambinoe,' N. landedd -,'
Dffir", LJ'uius Mif.fe,' Rayniond Quest: 'Hare you yourself in
iA jl4-fln blit6 eidibgagea'ilt dd. D1 torrogated 'the accused, Antho-
ftJr6.h Diaid: -. ny Hef nd4ikson?
F" bitUi-iin Home-, -Xnswer: "i'ave asked sever-
tti.i. 1- p. Ho"m,
6k~1-7&6 ihf fy aft alq(iesti~fons of:Henrickson, but
e-, :i : 66- ,&b+df 'the iiviti
Pant Aiiican -clipper, Betsy, .6itY. .1L-
chbi, b. ,'u d d' iY gata s N, tducted by thre
.LV~l~aael '_ ,+' I. r -. at.++. ..,.., lF4 mut .. t I g e d &"' ,li fiieise .
al-us, -arrve F PM. summer n t
"ueNe .ib '. the orCthe

David, Issa and Marie Tam- 41. % if. kM i,
m fe mfromte ateson .. ..n
A4 "terr"t, 18TH DAY'S SESSION

Three ers of tie H 'Queation,: Are tbi r defense
gak'amiy 'ar bd~k %fon-"6 m c! el6membemahsemt?4+4ed
jseane Captain Delince atLthe open-
Elsie and Georgette weg' jM~d lIMg of the Court, Wesday
corned home ttd weefed, moTrn& ...-
-iWT y ZiRb'elr'vkdln8LownI Answer: Ye, responded tWe
r ~ ~ ~ A #TP 1 w'",.P ,- : r .T ,, ).T"
commuafer t eenf. amOfad defense. Me. Camin is not here.
4_6Paurin cd~ef f6Flv dai -'IWe-hare not seen- hini f6r. 48
Satu fiftem'o'on.- .. ... hemi added Me.- Rastman "And
r .\ .r 6: ., *: ..'.. ,

l k .:,. .-. .

mt. &cbss). w, t o


Mew411e 2 eden 1,1au/40An O*-PNF
NDI1I.&E-sAmE MMNA(oEmEWtA5 HoTkL Cwoocouj

II" :*: ":*** '' *

* *.: ; ** *" .- *, ,
*' ^ ^ .' *.. "
The new STUDEBAKER, 1958 model, coinbines the tenue of
tii.e road of the sports model, top cl&ss style and the adequate
Do.wer for your heeds at a moderate price, and at great
savings in gasoline consumption. '*

* *-! ** '*'**'ft, ''" >-**. '*; ^ *^* ,... *** -^ > < **. ', "' *:' .
*..:' -^.^.^**^..-^tt.E CA'R--^. *'*"^-*



S .AFF. '.

from page 1)
Captain Delince, bpeakrng to
accu-sed, Yves Bajeux, as
cYou have (not seen your
yer?- (No, I have ,n.ut seen g
declared Mr. Bazjeux. I1-.do
even know where he l'ves.t
the Court to designate anot
lawyer for.'me).
This rt-quewt by Yves Bajce
was transfiLi'tted by mng'isagei
the au ,tIoity who had convok
the Military Comrt. Thea at i1
30 A.M., the Court 'adjo "r.f.
iih ssieig to be resennedd'ft
nbxt day, Th'irsday. .
The session yesterday mec
ing (Thursday) was of shoidb
nation. Shortly afte the"r6j
mg ofthe eosion 'at 11:00 A.-
the accused, Yves Bajeukni'
to' declaree' -I hare constitfitdK
AttomnejA'ub er Legjros. 'i
Georges Dumas HRigad as'M
JawyeqM. .
- -.MiI Legros is, defending
aso,, declared the accused Hol
Lberg Chho'h"ai't-1
!Liebnara. .... .. .-
Wearing hi's -robe, Attorney Hieh
be. .,Legrs' took his' .a T.,i
,mi s f th ` ..eb-.d..:d
session w6re raidi-by .'.Lieu
naht Jeqn Gatta'Iu. Kfle~r wii'"
th' PteaikIbi"it. the Court' r~lj:
Utd iWU9i mn Deliceto.
a- e sages. &ih'teT .on6JonEN
~~~ ~~ ~~ .. ... + .: .. .': ".'
Ytliorn1y &riinf r g him' Ii
~~&had cons2
dy "'" + hi niff.
.t. ..a di e '-;., ,the' j", .
of A~ttorn Hn-Ir'L eroi;'ia-Id
ih+ai "hQ ` 6
the arthrity is no lbnger nece4.,
sary. 4
TIs formmality fu.iled, th&
Milit ary 'oirusator" 'soliciferdl ani1
adjo denm ent of 24 hoe irs"8be
&i~qts e6 .tt ea.bsence of ai mom.
Cohel Of-thCourt;,. Lietenant,. -
Colonel 'Ebmatnmel Pierre-AnL
tione., -
O'b t a i n fn g permiasion'ut
sp.eas, l4tt .y Legros deman-.d
dadn aneeztrahordimarya aijuM.19
.nent of q.da to.p.e it.hi&
o prepare hiss came. The orator,"
justii&dIhis request and asked.t
the court to fix an ,oppo rtun-e
place and 'determined hnours-'mn.
order forf'im~ to have an'nervfl-`:
'ew witlhi clients.
SThe mdmeibets of the defense
have already"'produced a suffi-
oien-vly I.ng doneand, dbservedbc
Co~c'iz'l ultidr.We -VbeIe
that it i ,oot possible to ajoUM
the work of'the Court Ait1l,
Fpfonday. We cant, with th'd
accora of thPe auth6ri'tjl, 'rol]igI
this adjonnenmen aonl# il4

Attorney Simon. Syjveetre'
intervening, made the foWA'.
n pa o a'cclv'a, heardit said.
thaLt certain of'the abousod are.
political men, I seize this oOe-'.
sion to declare That my clI6%t4%
,nuth.ny Hendr-ickson, minor, is
iot a man of politics.
(Smiles int he audience).
'Thi:s' Eitd, tFi' P&e-die f.nt ofi
the Cour'-l7osed 't geAIon.
',' r '". '7" s .. d --h 'c .delk f l .4
'(Transe fr'om ,Ld Pbs.
ung"e;" &Iftfoan bf'Fr~ay, "Sept.
26, 1958). -" ..





' In The Mountains

S Every 'Sunday morning in
-Kenscoff some forty young
marchandsm and farmers put

aside their basket #nd hoe and
upon doffing a blue and white
Suniorn -raise their voices in
'They sing harmonious creole
S.:hymns --rnder thb pines and
.ucqgptist trees at .Plateau Cof-
.:fees, the sKenscoff Marche*
and, Duret 7,8, tnd 0 an"
San. t.emu move' down the hill
: to tha home church, the Pap-
Stist Eglise of Fermathe fqr a
'10 a service. ,
Thq parents pf these young
.peqple, aged from 18 to 25
* yeq*, were converted out of
voq.po. Many of. them as small
children vwere themselves invol-
ie4, b.' voodoo enduse tosipq

doof fepwsp ...i.
.ed i 0, 0-nd .-

1p Tnpt rjaig *^ te eWoly
mOv^ipg ^p jpayine te has-
.mo",. @p.' a w ,

S'Pot-e-rine, the young girls

:-4. .' ;

meet with the farm boys at
the Baptiste Church every
Tuesday morning at 5:30. For
an hour and a half farmer and
Baptiste. lay-worker- Somiues
St Juste schools the choir in
memorizing words of the bym-
ns. Mr St JuSte,' one of the
two literate 'members of the
choir ls- instructs them in
reading and writing ceole.
Members ho-, b?pn warned


On the placid waters of Kyo-
na last weekend Len Gumley
of CBS displayed how simple
and easy it is to water ski in
one simple lesson. The require-
ments to go zipping over the
sea wagging your costume being
you are: an expert profes-
sor such as Beach owners
Pierre and Future D'Adeskey
and highpowpred outboard ma-
cor, physical fitness, determnipa
tion, a public, life insurance

that those whp. do not pass qn d skis.
ihe reading and :writing exams Few sports can boast the
.. q Few sports can boast th~e
will be dropped from the choir. any pe res to be f.upd
_. zppmny pleasures 'to be found.
The uniform they. exchange. .. .
v week fo' r "t in. m water skiing -I the simple
every week fork ,thiei zn ada- 'r '... .
u qdg- tpch4nique of hiding atopu
Sa outfit is a blu shirt .
m Sua outfit s a.. r' .water (not under it) on a pair
and white blouse for t- e girlss ". ".
a white. bls.. fr .t ." .of wooden or plastic slats.
and a wiite shirt and black '
tie for thee boys. Formal gov.n In Haiti the sport is nolqn-
such as they are wepaing in ger reserved for those who 0p
the pictuit-e are reserved fpr or can bdrrpw po werfi, speed
special ocassiolz '.boa fast eequhgi tp drag the
M Wt Trnbull wife of Pastpj' siqr put *pf the~wter An4 pOAll
Wallace urnbJ fo.ifler of him. at pe#p zyecessary tp ma-
th E theehi e. Pthe-.r, :'.'- .pBep.'c y,. -ph
ga9n0.er bf. t. ehe t .. a omin.al tec. .ffefs bf.Pt
..;"-. |nmotor, siis, in"tructbr, .i1d pae.
New Yorker, Fred' T Nr, and psjpyablp .fer yit4 t
.we!l--nm.n in.'t entertain the upqrt.. : -
met kti is wre with '... .
.wif, 6 vnapa. g. at t Sio,... fg rafone ye.a .4 .
did 'Hott. imley ana .'d his pstriotlr
; wife Shirely of Life en. Espaz-
"" nol, and friends by not only
'succeeding to get up behind the
-. 2. motor boat but put. o an
I exhibition of criss'- crossing his 1
A) HOTEL_ 'own wake. An extraordinary
A ..e feat!

ad hi mgui cdrum


Creole Buffet and Dancing

and dancing.

' Sailing from Haiti' aboard
S.the S. S..' Cristobal for '.ew
'York the following day Mr Gum
Sley was reported to have made
a last minute dash tb purchase
a set. of wVater skis.
"' .. *
The devotee of -the wafer
sport 'voiced" his disappoint-
ment prior to sling of not
..nmanaging. tq. find ..hp. ,right ski.
This he stated would now rui-
ne d his plan, to enter Mpanhat-
taA island skiing .behnd 'the
Panama. liner weather permit-
., ting.. '.
The habits and techniques
you develop on your first wa-
ter ski lesson will be those
you retain the longest so
let's get started properly. Oddly
Enough, the best place to start

----. -
I V .:* .*Iy- .<~-

I. .S _... : ..' .... T O :, .* .. ..;' L i''; |

^2 4 t h-STREET

..:.*; V^ .'^,.'-,
S. A".. ," cCIN "..... '
aIN r a e Fridas'
250 LU.-3 AGGAGE vAto t

Ask about 'dTMrePoud. .., 0$, tkets.
Cormnp et e: ma ..cc ri ?a tu iy j.....
- 'his Abraha L 'i"-l b dtBpO UA .2
,. : 1

Take advantage of.
off-season prices at
' fabulous Lincoln
Road shops. -

* Your choice of President first class or Rainbow tourist service
on DC-7B or Super-6 Clippers*'.. with radar on every flight.
Fb6r reservations call your Travel Agent or PAN AM.

Rue Dantes Destouches-Port au Prince-Tel: 3451


(dt3AMi SUIN))

.. ....* .. .. :A ..... ,. ;y.



Ambassador From it is time to -art your '01=
The Bronx Pull in the water. In at l'eat;
Does It! two 'and one half feet of:tar ",
*l U c -l. I .. .' .a ."" .'":
iput on your skl and grab titb.,
.. ... 'B. skis above the'top of the water,.:
your first water ski ,lesson sis. t. h t: o t :.wae:
_ ,_ ', |- ..d sit in the same post io 'XI
on kyona beach sands. *d sit i the e p itlOD
00 that you did on the beac1('
PLAC.... y s n Tl~en. let-,the uill of the motR'7 ?
PLACE your skis on th p .
beach aboqt 6 to 9 inehrs raise you to the standingPo. ;
beach a t 0i to9- inches iin, 3tJust, a, you did on t
apart. Slip into the rubber ski '
b. .. ... '. i- -ch. It's a good idea to cradle ':!?$
bindings, pull up the heel-piece .t. g d cdi::
"" -.,. your knees between your ardma:,
aind then pit on the ba k eo '-ends, : .... ...: .'
and .. then i 't bk ..Io add steadiness to your bodyy`::
of the sis wit your. legs bnt. p,. ull e o o h:
_4 M y o... -- l ....whn being pulled out of the'S
tight against your chest. j -
'' '"* aten' **'* 'A
They have'Professor Pierre or o not try to pull your .sl
..... ....... ... ..Do not try ,o pW !ya -, 'V.
future hand you a tow rope and., s ..keep y "our m
pull you up to a standixgn psi- s.aight and let the boat pull9
tion without apy assistance from Then simply rpiembet
My'' .. .. -- h nw -.mply ---.-e..--:
you. Try this several .times, re- to keep your knees slightly 4:
me nbering tp' keep yopr 2,arms flexed ,and your arms and .bo6y
extended straight You should straight and -you'll be proudly
let yourself be pulled ,p ,i .I sk.ing along behind the boati"l
motion similar to that of gett- like Gumley didl : "
ing up eyply from a w chpir. '. .' ... .

of a -. ) e .

Wl..en You gt- the feel,.
of the drag "on the tow,-rope, .r....

.A 'A. .. A *A '. .

*n'Trhfnrmrn nn.ti'*

JAI& :LA : 4 .. I ,4' Ltfl V JL. 3L. J U-N v UL'IJAI, rT'Lr i "nv Inan hO I J1
*A[E-1 ._,_ __._ _


-.,: _' I UUrTA'lXJ A
!k.'.The4emporary tax levied on-.4overnment to the Natio
coffeee -by the Law of October Bank of the Republic of H
i.28-1954 has.been maintained ft will also be used for agri
ifoi 'in additional period' of five tural extesion of,the basic
r"years, it ,was sade known here 'lucts of Haiti's economy,
iths.week. The new period goes 'increase 'of the, capital of
,itom October .1, 1958 to Sep. !n-itlute.of. Agricultural and
` '4 kh... Iq fl 90min1trl ralraet".ni.tmir n

% r, ,1

.'.Th~e' decision on-.the coffee gragVA of economic .d'evelvpnm
ita X 'was m.ad)e by the' Govern- andl public utilities.
,nent. after it was verified that
'.'.-w;heecongtitution .of-the planta-
Y, -.iions destroyed by cyclone Ha- ._.r t-!
and 'the extension'of 'coffee' 1
civa-tion h'ad only been pair-
V'The amount produced by the N. ;i
.1 i. to be deposited in a spe-. 2. "
account at- the National
and at no time -is'it to'be '
n ed'-with the nrassive, re,-.
-h" '.G ^c *" ''" l
SS.Tfunds accumulated .in
special account will serve
of '-all.& pay, off the ite- lES PLUS 'BELLES MOSAIQUE
ai' capitiil"oiTrasge t T, HAITIENNES -
'h''". balance. '. il:; h S "T
.a.. of obligationss', f thpo f te Jg .5IRAL. i.
t '" *'' '
Bfe i-.i .'ce ".. ,** '-. ... ..

Ae AAgiF>te.~e-
I) .: 'i-i ..'8^ *",. v':-'' .- .** -.. "..'


.... *I '' :" ^ .- ,,.

4'.... I2" .. .

Serv.-.e .-d !: ? on^/^/ a t e .Ha it lelad.,
.' S

P ,

'12/ U I J i :-' *...-,.

:54 i'44'.vr'( f .
olI & E n the -label:

'4-h* ; 4?S& R 'S UAT &.a ONO$[

P-OI t,.t 4 uf u'11~PP



Sire6 xw tw at. H ~l' eading

I.' -

The Right Reverend C. Alfred Vol
froin attending the Lambeth Confer
'Francois Duvalier. Bishop Volgeli't
The building -is nearing completion



",' "..'" '- 'E I
: *... : '~

/' u- ..



gently returned
i with President'
its next month.

" ..* '' ; *l : ; .:


si at.:5'^1 i


-' t

he n'ew '-STUDE.AKER, 1958 m.del, combines the tenue of
road of the sports model, top class style and the adequate
ver for your needs at a mn6derate price, and at great
ings in gasoline consumption.

',. '- '**f *' : '*'* ? ',, .% t ; ** '" i,' '" :. .

'.1 .-v < T H E C ,A R
ae aArmoini aeeAs- at a deameu are, and-at a

nee in London, England
ens the new 'S t Pierre
this week. .

S. "

~~~~N ELE :!' r"""' ''

A. '. ....




Finance Minister b Mr.Jean Magloire, Minis
THEBAUD of Labor and Social Welfar
nl OFF ON MISSION Ot14ir Cabinet members p
iti. Minister of Finance St. Fir- sently on mission abroad
ul- mnm' Thebaud left. Tuesday on Agriculture Minister, M.
i special missi'oi 'to India; ICharles, MiJnister of Conime
the Dutring his absence, the Fi- Andre Theard and Foreign
the nance portfolio .will be held -ister Louis Mars.


I ..- : -

e. Hold Elections -
pre- A
are The Bar Association of Porl
arc au-Prince met Friday ev.eninri
rce at the Palace of Justice"'tA
TIi- renew its Council of DisciI
p u n s **

- S E 28 1
r*AJAYV SEPTEMBER 28th, 1958





Community Weekly Published Sunday Morning


SWhen' the Chief of State of a Nation makes a public address
Possible means to permit Nis declarations be given the
'jdest possible publicity are used by a Press Secretary, the
department of Information or Propaganda Service..
In most countries it is customary to release copies of a speech
ee.Ipl hours before it is scheduled to be delivered.
When a speech, is bianded toS newspaper correspondets, or
'the newspapers, the time; that the speech may be released is
specified. ,
SSince poor radio reception often makes it impossible for news-
to' take down important statements accurately from the
i a copy o9- the speech, is most desirable'.
-The -speech made by President Duvalier, Monday, September
2nd, was made available to a correspondent who-'specifically
quested it, 24 hiouris after ft was 'delivered over the Radio.
When a foreign correspondent visits a'country, he looks first
or the Government press outlet- the Information Service
for the Press, or the Secretary who can provide the official ver-
Sof evealts taking place in the country in the field of Govienr
ne policies, accomplishments as well as information and im-
op'ortant statistics..
"'Should tb.'-, correspondent or free-lamncer find',it impossible
-toobtain 'the.official Aide of a question, he certainly has little
$0o difficulty atb.eing cfilled-in, by the man in the street who
qay be unsympathe tic towarels the government and jumps at
Vtbe chance to give facts and figures with hiis 'own particular
wteista ...,
Censorship is a great liability. to the government that enforces
t..V hen censorship is enforced, as it is here today,.it often leads
.to a one-sided account being -published in .foreign; newspapers
and'magazines and' encourages sensationhalish.
In the world -in which we in Haiti; are living, today, censor-
Abiip is a truly impossible feat. A coirrespondbnt dr free lancer
who visits this -coun&try. is -unhampered in the writing of stories,
When he gets .back home.,
-Editors and: the general public normally interpret censor-
4: as. meaning that somebody'some howv has something to hide,
~an.-is striving'to keep it from the wo.ld. c...
i. Although. correspondents in Haiti are assured that censoihip
is purely d security measur-reand not meant to disrupt the flow
I.f news to the" outside '*orld, it has had' tie exact opposite'effect
Ito that for which the authorities said they intended it.-
[For exaniple, several complete .dablegrams, recently, have
disappeared along the line of censorship and have 'iiot been
isrd of aganm. '
ankthen Haiti works around to an efficient Government News
Rap:.au, and is able to lift 'censorship. entirely, then we can
.iepect to balance the scales, much to the\gratification of news-
,.. .. ... I.ro d
"'en,at home Land abroad.
hb: ',L.. .
l. 'IThen. we shall see hlow' public .opinion can be nourished by
.the news flowing outof the Repubdic' on wholesome and ob-
?Jectve media.

t our line with its long standing'editorial policy of aiding Hai-
..tian tourism and especially where it concerns visiting yachts-
im4ien, the ,Sun'- bias repeatedly aired ithe" problems encountered
here' by Sea-going tourists. .
Vne o these yachismen in a latter to the uSun, was quite
-frank in stating what he thought was wrong with'Haiti and
yaehtig: Bad publicity, amongst the yachting .fraternity, deal-
ing within excessive, evils in Haitian harbors. Foremost among
these aEvils were stealing mid armed Red tape.
t' ..Therb is bound to be a certain amount of stealing and red
,tape: in any port in the world. Port-au-Prinoe is no exception.
.'Bht, to claim that our harbors are worse in this respect than
others in the Caribbean. is, imn our opinion, umijus.
SHe suggested writing- & yachting clubs throughout .the United
States,'the Bahamas and tp yachting publications. This idea is
Ssomund. Invite the members of'"these clubs and readers of the
yachting magazines to visit Haiti. This is something that will
fl.ap a harvest of constantly increasing nummbers of yachting en-


2422 Branch Ave. S. E.
Washington 20, D. C.
August 19,-1958.
The aHaiti Suns
Haiti ,

Dear Sir:
I' woul1 .like to have. my ,
name' placed in' your newspa-
1 as .wishing to correspond
int English with those of like
interests in the West Indlies
My -interests are photogra-
phy, 'stamp collecting and
athletics and I'can send intte-,
rested persons postage stamps,
photographs, newspapers, maga
zine and post-cards of the
Urilted States.
Such a correspondence will
help to promote good will teach
each other something about
how the person in an other
country lives.
Sincerely yours,
Oliver T. Coffin. '
4 .

..that's why every 'IM
ROLLEI+ shot ^Kg

hits the mark ..,p

Of HRITI S. ."
t i '.



.* '. -
, ,. ., <

*-' + ", : ..
< ~ il .,+r + .". *
** *, ', "*. *: '
^ ,.",?,,;: '

; ..- ,,

:+,: "^ *

'* ;, *" .' : i

i -'- +. ',

,&4ob1 &4fl144M c i ijf' + .,


/,i i l^ -ri"-fc .o:)ft ,- '. :..*

Total fly f tm ID RonwTi Su* B _'
Convairs, Delta's get-up-and-go-liner ". .,'_ .. '
with t"ulit-In comfort and speed to spaue -_ L I "
Self contained landing step". .. "
Carry-on luggage convenience .... .--: "'
Air Conditioned, Pressurized cabh" '.'
I Weather-avoidance radwrj'r k l
smooth '"Velvet Rids-

Phone: 3313 Ticket Office,: Madal & Co. Bldg.,B B
l Jos. Nadal & Co., General Agents or see ywr Travel Agent : I .
L~. i : ^


. to

thusiasts coming to Haiti. Writing letters is an inexpensive and
informal form of advertising Haiti.
It is not fair that these boatsmen should be given preferenitial
treatment over airborne tourists, or those off of cruise vessels,
but there are certain things that sliould be done. These people
come in to see our country and are not traveling on a strict
time schedule they- have time to look around, if given ,the
opportunity and proper protection enabling. them to leave
their boats 'and return to find their valuable equippient'intact.
Why wouldn't it be possibhlekw for a Tourist .Office represen-
tative to meet them upon th'ir'arriival in port with a letter of
welcome aiddressod to tl'irship'.The visitoIr can show this letter
to other yatchasmen. This tourist representative could offer his
services in obtaining the necessary papers required'in our ports
and could'assist in the acquiring of 'supplies. Why not pass out
complimentary booklets on Haiti and its people..
These yachtsmen, or at least the majority of Mem, aie'4!oot
on too tight a budget and are willing to spend money..'A yacht
is an expensive proposition 6ad the buying of supplies would
add greatly to Haitian' 'coffers and bring an additional, source
Offer these adventurous' sea traveMldrs the couriequs hospita-
lity of the Republic aid'they will flock to Haiti bringing heir
frendship, gdodwill, trading opportunities and dollars to our
markets, stores, 'ship suppliers, night clubs and restaurants.
. Let's get more of'these. yachts .down to Haitian harbors.


Funeral services were held ,
for Mrs Edmond Etienne, on
Tuesday, a t the Sacred Heart
churchh in- Turgeai., :
The deceased; .the- former
Francisca Euzebe, .was highly
esteemed in social circles of .
the Capital, and leaye a'large '
family to mourn her loss, in-,
including Mr Edouard Euzebe,.
Misses Marguerite,.Cecile. and
Alice Etienne, Mr. and Mrs
Carlet Auguste;, Mr and Mrs
Fancis' Etienne, Mr .and Mrs
Jacques Etienne, Mr"and Mr'
Maurice Martin, MrW:aid Mrs
Raymond Etienne, Mr and Mrs "..
Henri 'Auguste and'Lieutenant
pnd Irs Joseph Etiee. ,
The' -Haiti Suns tdkes' this '
occasion' bf presenting its' sym- ,
pathy and. condolence tb the...'
be6teave4 .family. -
---- : ---- ,'!
., ,- ...
.I, e. -" .i -' '
... ., *


Oilhgfrp i ': g.e' wo -
"" ... .. .. -" --
.... t.a ll. .

77 -W .. : .

i$ h

e.N,, I 't :

*, '.V ',.

* '.e.:

4 4 '.-s1t

; .. / ,,. V'..
it '*, ." ,t.** ,-!*'i.

,? > *:*. *; : '- ..1'.

;i,,;*-.' . ,. ',,.
*:'?, ?;V .
: '- r h :'f*; i



[New note I No--&-grcadg1 kn- pp but &h9ii
I:, ... **' '. .. '. .. *.:. ... .' *-.- -
[really have to. New note in easy heusekeepingi. beautiful plastic floors that resist dirt;,

tip ^ h in dvi'iz. t 6,1 dcveoped an, importaitt chemical .which t

.(contributes to fe -r t.satilit.y 87 .AIe ft it'is... s hl othet way ig

Ot^_hS .jMStEARCH Afc' "

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I ---
.; ... A BIT -OF HISTORY A POEM native literary review (Revue tacks on racialism, and a feel-. "
HA"lITI DF STONE AN INDUSTRY AND de la Ligue de la Jeunesse Hali ing'of racial solidity with the '
SUCH THAT MAKE A NATION tienne) 'announced in 1916: Negros fr6m Chicago, and Ma-
::. .. ,--- "' .~The Haitiani, nation is at grips .dagascar ndthe' Belgian .Con .-
CULTURAL. RENAISSANCE I ,tian flavour, were not produced. with the most serious and dan- go, extending. into' a passionate
. ,-. ,. A satire like Justin Lherisso6n's 'gerous problems. It -has been sympathy for aIl. the' oppressed :.
., by G. R. COULTHARD. Famille. des Petite-Caille- .is struck in its dignity, and up to people of the' world.,.
K *. [la a ork any literature could now, is seeking, in, vain, the .' ,
of H.a h e be proud of, and nothing could m6ans of safeguarding.'even its The Aqovelists- 'tended to pro-
he Republic of Haiti has .The feature of Haitian writ-; be more Haitian, in its irony material interests. i duce sociological documentaries
j'bf the -most inter.esting-li- ing in 'the' XIXth. century, and'verve. However, the tenden on Haitia'n peasant life, and as''!.
Izres of any of the.coun- however, was a tendency to cy of excessive) reliance on i The reaction, the defence M. Pradel Pomnpilus points out
iof the Caribbean. -. But subservience to French literary French models was very much came in the fotm of h falling in his excellent 'Tableau de la '
,tiigh literature .Was being standards and models. This i-s in evidence. back o wat. wasmstypicallv Literure ,aitienne, this
back on,. what.was ."st:typicallL...eaitienneu,-athis
ced i. ".Haiti immediately not surprising,'as 'most of the In 1916, an event 'ot:curred and deeply Haitian, of, gong feature is ..even developed to
ithe struggle for indepen- intellectual elite were educated which shocked the Haitian na- back to ,the., remtest periods the detriment of art.x
the. aost, significant deve- in 'Paris. This, in spite of the tion 'to the roots of its being of 'Haitian. history, even "back.. ;
ets-hvetaken place appearance of some sensitive the American occupation, to Africa itself. Dr. rice Iars, The. history :of Haitian lite- ..,
L. ta e. ,.th m ria
hast 30 years or so. It iand, capable writers such as which was to last until 19'34. in his now famous '&Ainsi Parla ratzre. over fe. past 30 years'
d not; indeed, be 'out a! Oswald Durand 'and Massillon (Leon Laleau has since written L'OncleP.;((1928), offered"aphew presents a.-panorama which is...
ei to-talkrp( a 'real /. renais Coicou, did tend to put Haitian a novel, ,very aptly entiled aLe vision, a' complete `revalua'ion v:ridd 'arid" exciting. A. healthy' ';
off of litrfe of of. thingsters Haitianhig.ofco-ubck-'
i'of litatre (ad .pain letters in something of a' back- Choc, describing the' effect of f things Haitian. He,'rejected country neeS a literature in '
'taintndi in that periodic water". .his evet ,n the. minds of the Eutures- of .niral ',lif.-lik .order.t6.,i.'"o itself,, in. order
fact stands out in the his- At the beginning of this cen- young .Haitians at the" time), the cEgchanted Mountain airr to see 'into its own soul anid "
.Haitrantury to;, explore.. Oe '..ptterns. of its'i
.r f, independent Haiti and tury (in "l907'to ,be exact) we has-several times happened4,ir aMaster of the D w (ranslat to explore the patterns of its
Ais find'a writer like M. Etzer Vil- the history of:'nations, a natio- ed 'into -practically l l the la i- society.' -. :
m.-th. very 'earliest, laire writingn: alt is obvious "nal' disaster the effect of guagesoff ,Europe),'. and Mar- '.., ...
has been '.highly cultzre- that we are condemned to a shaking up and awakening. eelin's -Beast ',6f ,the ,Haitian. Haiti is"'very fortunate in
iious'Unlilthe colonial literature 'of imitation. The After a national-catastropL, H S," "Caa Vert-(a a possessing, such a literature, '
cintel- a pedle'ewill oftnado '-. plotofltvaiatabl
itoies the'-'Caribbean, same writer 'talks of our intel- a people 'will often do't lotof variable n English) -- drama- and a literature,, which p '
dependent epub's and, lectual meop an soulearching,'will look fo-th tic .ignant and expti put from flfillifg its local funti
I dedat 11 anlectual rxe'tro olis. (Paris). and soul searhn+ I okfl:h
L P,+ s, epues plaimsfromtfhelfialixig itstfocal funct"o'
,the whole'of the ex- claims what tie' cals that ma- causes of' the evil that has bef- Haiti for the first time on: the 'of self knowledge, through its,.'.r
C: .American .col.nis. expe ternal protection, of genius, alien th6m in their history and map of world literat.e, passion, its fundamental earthi-.
th.XIth. century which Paris' grants' to the writ- social set-p. And so -it was n .. ness and artistry, transcends.'
tcul-ral.-upsurge. Paral- ers of Belgium and -Fren&h-. Hati. The Haitian people, -In the'poet -- Roussan Ca- the frontiers f 'f ,Haiti,,ad '.
i.e _newly, won. pitial speaking Swterand, for exm proud of its hard-won indepen- mille, '.egxor,.C. Benard, 'Mo-. .i ."" ". ..
n wlywcn pohtic-all wier an, forrexdmof, 'rn'a' ind aket a valab~~ghtibutin
on. came a desire to have :,p dence, was profoundly humiliat- risseau !Leroy we find a to the iptegral' knowledge' of '-
eriature and-.an art of their -All'. this does nbt miiean to' ed'r.and motiried by-'the ,occu- urgent insistanrice ,dn the Negro Man,' 'c isthe true function"'
S' .at w:Frks -of genuine i-' ain. The somewhat coer-, thenie, violent a:nd'powerful'dat-.of.al: gr6at-.literate. r:, .
.' ."' ',""'

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~tbut;'inodpst mit.. up3 because avpryt'hl ,is ;, uatrated',in irne lrnrgA ,bu-lkbln'g A're touir.,: : ". .. .. .:; .'" !.i."
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'.'t, 't" a"'n" :.
11....BES N A M ES IN. .+ ', ': r "i ..:.:, ..,
I .,.. ,. < :.,NC P E W J E E .." _
!, L iqueurs ,' Dra ..i,.. ',- I'.qf.,-n.,.-.,
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'C.'." J~;*'g" qp -. 1..." -' .
,; fR I II "ae ~ i 4 'i. ai ~ it :: ,'.:'. :'. +." .. 'I" : '" /-" ;
a : sirts.Cu.anGu'ya.era'kh"rtu:-. 1 La"iueand Bohe.ian. "ry'., '''-" ." ,... ,
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,-t ,'.'. "r.* r p e r .1a ,' ... 1 .- i :I. ,

.....................................................,.... P. .

5TPID,.AYJ S pT pER 28th 1958 cH A S... 14.0E9
A. ,Ti:s -= ,:; .4

... ,. I.I ....
..I',,I I.I .
;I''',t : I .,- ". .. ,, I0 ," .'''
My dear. FellovW-Citizensc optimism and an aunshakeble established probity and ho- of identical and equal citizens the 'tm st of 157,e

The 'worm-eaten~ edifice'"nf faith in the 'possibilities of a nety i a Amid-i Weryh Hd'iwY
t hea wwo- it" its humanized .iie s Ho es te "Public- dmins-in 'lland everywhere' nd thus. tia.. hkt-lst "bite. w edfotr
.our edai society, fure. traioi-; We have ipauguratel finish the torments which- yo.u. the. evoloutid :, and- rWelbe h
c.-1JvhiJ3s and vassals, up fo.the while oh 'the soda? plane this a vast. prograin of revp d~tin.. have endured ',sa. the...,birt ofh,. d
...UU.111 011th .3.4' ,..' ".'., M'
&rve of the social upheaval of immense work of rehabilitation the, urban' and peasant mqss s, of the fatherland. You have..'"floqto- ,ran kz,'Dfin %'
..,I '"- .*."' ".; 1, :"
i 1046 and in spite of the 'cons- was taking pldcp, an 'immoral a policy of economic decentra- given me the% power, in order Pa-detidf. d thReepulic..:
?i .tructive efforts. 'df Jn-Jscque, donsptracy' ,against: the -ne 'or-..lization, for, our forgotten 'and to 'liquidate in4 thii coi.try.he .' .e'.,
aractioee pffyine. Th pro inequalities agdins ..': .. T..a '. ""'h
the Great, AcaaL and 'Salouono, der was hatching, abando.eo provinces, The pro inequalities inud s'i '"'e'
d e' ,amentable spec- Ala-med. at the 'jut social ject of 'N0. .Col4 initiated' il I wish onnde agai. ..' ,.Pii L '
ptesentbd die'lmioa' th 'us aacin tb j ist -
.tacle 'of a Mosaic promotion; th'e forces of money,' the Departinent of tihe Nbxth, to remain worthy, of"'the'aff-'.
" Resting up6n,the most Scan- flatterintg fthe unleashed ambi- an experiment -"of dvel -eee 'yihhybu 'h.e. placed ""
douinequaity, and th& most tion of-some and corrupting intbgrtd on a.,-regional scale, in m,. ,.
s 4.,, ', 4' example. -.thi".,6s'
,rev lti ng justices% this ana others, .r"'.. .- r-, : carrl Is my .. .example.., di s d i6 t to ths /
ch ste an. retrogresive. r47- out the infammy. df May t10, The phy.c41 face of' la Sa- -great. caiised;. `tat. 1yih I am

'gime,, heeir of the colonial ioch19,5O l. ..'. fine ..s trnsfotrnd, .oQx, .urstig with I ior..,to urender-
;was able to resist the-force, of ,The -..1ev~l'tion which had those of .the 'Fosette. po Samt .lth.e;ntgion, equAl 'to its. n.
show nif resist 6 i"sis 'oqfa"" or. At' ,&
inu erable reQ to n ir y 'juist., proved to "All its power and -'Helenei,'.of -Vabot~d au 1,so an to' it Wst*.ib~ .ji* 84A
,blbus, f o 4Ouickiy crushed, and its vitplfy' was slain+ 'in the. a .snlit.enibelighed ensten 'Ones year's interval' ld th.is ,hs- I'
., ,; + ..ni d t v ." ., ', .." -p'l J
wa..-',perp.etuat d up',until 'thb .wordt6..f Madelin). by the ,Th .vigh a. serie.'. tooric.. daCte T..ch hdo. t 14
:tec~..d ha1.of the 29thi century, bye. they pretended, to ,stop we- have. _' eatM& els latmo- of .n ta'blity.. and .jeA .
-, F.aor a -long time, one had the 0 rrestible tide or Hi~sto ry, .ph treionuve .thAe.minvesa-L:each vpter-,t 1 *g1kse.freey,,
e d iriuprdsion that those .kid our couritry, -beqrayed'. ny ,bf.; oreiu cail4, an -i my pqjiy.. o .atI w-t; tt +o t
.ho at (the Ravine .& .Coulevres% sits un ..rthy spn, felli o ince .a .li,,s a ..b.e, '..ond it -bn .f.r it s stibl .t.rem 2.-+. e '1
Ve.t. iee s, n .the pii xns g f y The lata q ton a ge B t .d~velopm en t.L f our economy o qp a. ,..
aftt saialis;dag hoof ans W
,'th e q ou t M r .d'o f the N orth, n a o nia ; ,oligarch y d c ed. ., o w. tp h e .. T o '. .. ', p .n e.
-: ~d s valiaiflv fo~m, o .fr-. mpacaly upon. the Nation ... of.,t' .. t ..n,,s ,pr ,ouced itl the same:,Fathiiilaj~d d rs,]"' ..."
g-ie ,the. people..-n .kept Y.ti,\th.. fi, inousty0.sa6lemi. is -'a. solemn- I'-vt&l Thd Reverend Pm-ihind 1V.
-ed -only .sabrificed qn.ibt, ft- Wa, 'ebelved ,iet t 1beIlg .jamed Ahd pinmye em to rdly .Pround 'the' Flag. Putt6nX'.sto' of' tp t#A'
tthetdii vbs -,in order o" fu.iiish' apprdv ed. -But the4 on.alut.o new.. source of.'., enbinb; the .-of. Jean--Jcques Desaline; theiMethodis* Cflrch' .rJti,
t -.mnrty ibf ihdig"'oius. pti. of D eem1)er1956,. a re,' vo1utic i4fort 1'or, the' "-pibrtation bf' qreat,:'s6. thatimprtiai. History, .'",L 'to" o V
ones mea. of 7tr-' c-on g up. from te depths, 1 ananas-is sprea duig'to the Ir- ,n, ,. .-"
,, ,."- the ,.. .'. ... -.' .. "ay tom orrow"teach -:.'a after ,
,ng+' .-f...e l icy f',lht .yanquiu wds .i .away this --ga ire-' D epa .rt- -.ent of thai' to h and '' :.
mFi-66'sdcobn&df6 i AtIrfibonfte', t1r pdets g.
"b + ." ": 2' :" : -" n o u' .,r" .-" M. P r + I 1 + : # r : "" .'
j :& e~~~blI r .m y ear .. m e.. peopp e 'of' .n i i, t orn airpprt

'Iu nni-thb et ten yea ther J;to :
dencrr' ,- .2' 't6 of th ofR
3 ,,...7T 4,.. .,b,..e." ,'.'..,"', I "" ," ., .' .y "-,i, + ... .,. ,., ,, I' i. P D. ._ ,.4;, .-;."+,.': .. ..'*'/' ",.
t. t 9t .;f rug e k` o r -= ft~ d :t i Vt a m ;t -o a ,. ota c P0nd.0..ns T:.O-P, !--l i ;:,0.<. i .' --r ?+=-.+

*t and- our people,jridii--
i.r n lof ,jf '.-and'
4iit which ".. -had ',....



-nanpation of- o. fo tpec4- asii ell, e
r '+: e fp. ensio as,.. -a l~~
p4i4 passionio
t here fp" 't ", o f ,. 'h. h,' ,
"T "" "' "a ~ T'i A *a"'l'' ', s R4 d & 'L.
o1 lhe 'atibi~&'iarxhj civSl ii d."te elfto c i l3n
,o, ,"Sn. 4
e ~ t 9 ( .i 1 .. ...
,h inoace : M-1a;, .anr1vocative ik.h~e ,-id ag-.
s..fi..ttsources of the'b16ody eSsig-I' '.'.
.i iU .W4ih i r odr npite of, ,h' vicisitu'es,

&heroic. histof, the Revolution .+e lfucidtit, the. -,wsdd.
of' 19465 ;putV-anI'end-. A new era 'vigl.nce, 9f-our Mahebi cduld
,t'.pena1.d -p. It' ,:nn.ounced that kot.1 e s~ken. September.,
A&.lt .the. disinheri i, ihOe 9, M .ftI. 16 t eir,.arde.t
;"to&who. wL-&.re xejt-,,.' ,-tinftt .nAardstfk n
-, # a r'o r, e, 'they m ade
'fefa, 'last,, were. -going 49 t-hqU- ,Ipk ho.e;.an.d 1,* VOY. Cf.
come q4t -.,of their coidftion o?' or dcdS -ii.ea of th
I;g-oac n. ''.he: co.... "a- "allot, their J700,0009 yates ,.th-
9edi scoye ed its vocation, apd ".!rd upon us the dqhicste
t !) "" r 1'. ". I',; ', .. .,. J.. 1."
1the pele, its s4.Tl. p a- ms..ipn '9f.f,. .'4tpg WO tpAe co.n-i
1 .. -. 1 ". r -I .i I ] "
t-si a~d thgiwo'hser feltthat
'jthey hald' found a t. tS -1bs.\choth...i-d ziiL4orit,
.'nInrsitadd them -and to, defend. Freely eex. sed fevrese'nts -in
.eAh '" ou dy.s,' the a.lue .of p wbol.'
,. Financial liberation 'Vs.taa Tc sii th .a P;fl Pnd
I onphs.'ed.. BelI~a&re, ,AagaU.- irrevocable dedisioni..o our"peo-
gp`ent amA.'plendid, 'o-t 4,oe. '%le, of 'this neote .'who ae
,o.f- the ground, the Inteftpfl&cni ',-oo long suffered; to li,6 hekce-
",xpositiot. 'arose fascinatng 'orth accordini.to'. bher-max-
kbjand'. g.ndiose. These results ins. What does It,'matter the
Vhbowed: to the septic what 'lifficulties. of all sorts, what
obuld be accomplished and a matters the. anti-national 'ma-
ohwcal-.iower was bQn.o .d ,the rnoeuvers? We have the. certi-'
;'-yPeopie".nd working ;far tht ti.6Ie that the Pedple have not
.eople. been and shall i.ot e bd'e6ved46
.In the spirit of the '.q.le 4itai- 'lass than one year vf
.rnd the conscience of the administration, our police of
mA.asses', this recognitioh deve- austerity has brought uis to-
loped an 'invincible aorrini of, wards -inaneital 'health. We,;have

fau-nkltrit &: "hix lha fa.t-,he
caI~ni 'idh!s&hi i1ite'tai'y shnd
....-, er ,it~"~i .M al a in-
.'dic~t*ithout1 doubt' : :c i
dicabt Ior d, p.
-Mon. 'give a more .e6'6e4At st_-
Ao. Stg ., + ,, l
-ts o"' d' social -rafj[9fh
hitherttpigored i~irfal etqa.-
,P.e-': ,-~th -
q.IO:a ha'6v"6 chooseh ifl to" 'g'-vM
vo.U, pe e ajnd we ..-,being.. ,Ai
v&OW khrd the ttntii~'-ewitnelsse'sI
.qf ]ttanihe&atons ,df the
pint g' Vcodn6i aoiibzP~~b
KuitAP MY:jr' Yapql fo14%8'Y-;
4; a ..sacs &. ppqa S. t
-have hbt -ceaged tote multimJ
pi sini.ce. w' "" a l"eqicto
the .presidency'. The,' numerous
actsw-of ity -y$cich
nhnhf .'iy' manx~er"btf qie cistng'
Whi ,power... ,int. &pe the o-
mbrfai1, preoccupation' of mny.
'he nation with. l.
Phe dict tiapcI
-. ,; -, I- M
ha. ll puir-su this 'on"'of: re-
coqlai.im r ibdo axt. Abe :el-
tora4,Ppttle is terminated ;g,.nd
Onr~g ptie,'t!hbuht must domi I-
mate'.. now: that,'of rebuilfin'g
Naiti in,k.the, image of beauty
'nd .,dreatness which we.'are
-makinino!qf it. In ,this tratenel
tenodri'c ,which
,colnstpupt with the. cooperatjr.
-f all the' mend ,goM ,dl:l,
with the participation of aqli
'Oe *aLitians. who .'have a heir*
to 16m e, an ,int eti e gn' e I o 1 L-
,. + qn
derstand Bnd a will' to do good,
the true e.ouaity. is' the rule and.
social' justice 'the. 'doctrine of
insoit r ,
You have'chosen me to car-'
rV this .po0icv'y to "the point
where. sopiety Will be composed'





'I, l" :
,. 4 .

T "' .7.-'4,
: 2,


I;: ,,:"-'O,,N RISTJA

.[# 1: ,R i,/. :"
"-: We p9ffer: 'ou fif

r.' .. + :. L .. t.' ...

4 Y 1 1V41 '' t-QJA
=.i t "l ti N, i;'. -
.*,. tJ
.... .f.A::..fl.... ,- ..- I
," ;' .

.. ,,I ,
.. . . . . . .
4 4' ". "!++, '' .., .".' ,' "''



-. 1:c .-, ,"

AL,. A A ,,'AL i&. AL A A"L A '.. .'+,." ."
I..' U .. ".. .." ..

.:'(A.000 FeetAb'ofr49)'Ej :. 44
Enjoy. ItsIncomp e.E" ...e
Its Spado'us'Sg E L 4 4
A d Atmospherdeof...i i! ".. >.t..j4 L ":
''-At Reasonal "qtei A1
;s! Mp :.
16v M r.'... >. .

T 4 I

4 *I 4 .''




.': -' .' .,
I. I 1, HA S SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 28th 19581..

nada Council" will be open .a.
:, LEAVES FO(R CANADA-TODAY gain next year. when liberal *M '1
'*ON C NiL SCOLARHIP arts such as music, painting, OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY ,\l
S, theatricals, etc., will be inclu- .
-. ded. This initiative is' part of Employees, of Commerce ard 'furnish lists of employeess and','
-? :The Canada Council gave, 'the increasing flow of' cultural Industry will benefit from pen- the amount of their wages tdi
last .spring, a certain number relations existing between Hai- sions to be granted after 20 the coihmerce Department and,'
"of fellowships: to young people ti and Capnada. years of service, in their respect I the International Revenue Bu-I
wishing to completee their., stu- .--- tive bp'siness establishments reau within .30 4ays. following:'
d'iea in Ceaadian universities DOUYON AND ,MONTAS through the newly voted cSo- the publishing of ;the decree.'
A'total of. three schlarshipsNAMED OFFICERS IN cial Security Fund. for'Employ All suspensions, of personnel"
.werOb allotted to theta West In- FRENCH LANGUAGE, ees of-Commerce and Industtyn and additions, the publishing 9|
daies'.al, adHaisi,' through. the' par PRESS ASSN. which was voted as a Law by of the Departments concened.y:
culaimerits of ^its? candidates, :. The President of the Asso- Haiti's Chambers. ,
fiued among -the successful N~' I ihnad'a ftowes
figbedi among .thees ciaion of the Press of the Th6 pensions to'be calculat- ,
C anaIding countries s French Language, .Dr Pierre ed on the basis of one-half the, Another provision of the:
:.TheCaadiai Embas Lignac, announced by. bulletin highest salary received by an Lw on Social Security provi-,.
,%;Portesinst b paid to ,l -
Piort au..Prince-. iniforms us th.at C" "" hyis week' that two Haitians an employee at any time during ced fo pensions t e paid
.jueo excellent. a-pifilcia
numerous. excellent. had been named as officers of..ad consecutive six-monthi period former business owners, of 60"*
..on.,S.were received. The. Cana the Association. 'will' be given, workers at thi6 years of age or over whb are -'
.ditoMricl awarded its-scholar-. r -.r. Gnuy Douyon was- a- age of 60 and over. The law urina de to. wdrk,'. provided thek
pto. Mr os,.lmarre,- pointed Honortry PrbsidentI makes them eligible' for pen- amountt of 25,000 gourdes ( :'
Mi.rbfidtex who -will., go to -the LAWYERLAA E
'1 0-11 0 to .the LAWYER LanAMARr L c Montas a, asinon, if' they have contributed 5,000) at least has been paid -5
tUni.versity -of Montreal. where n amed President of the Hitiian to the .Fund for .at least ten into the Fuid by. him. He must .
S",9 wiltl specialize "m cniommer- Mr :.Lamarre will leave for Commission of the Associatio ,i ynai.'' of dourse'establish that at ';.c -
t"51 ,andfinanricial- legislation. Montreal on" Sunday. -W4 coin- Haiti was represented at th', In te event of death the time of applying for the pen-,i
i..&s'.award. consists of-'a, sum gratulAte him for his success recentof, the ItrenohLanguage. widd* and children, minors, sion he a no 'means of income,,,'
r01.l; 0;.gus ras~ort" ndourbestwisrecemp n t I of the #rnl'Lag g wi, "ba
2.0.0; plu s transport and our .bet wiseaccompany Press, Association held- in Brus will receive one-half of his al'- -nor a bank account, and cannot'"
tIL '".. ;.:: .'. ... sells, Belgiim,.by Mr Gerard l6tted peision... .. obtain more. than $ 100 per':
"' .. '' ...<* ,-,>. .... ,-, De Catalogie, puiblisherof there A deduction of 7%,: from month as pension. In the event ..
7_ ." .- .. .. i .. weekly aNouveau Mrondey at -mopthly wages of employees, of; his death his widow and.
?:"", rlLL LI" flr,,i' f .A- 'Cap-Haftie 5% 'contibutiopn based on the minors will be eligible for re-,
a.f';'l'"eallo9sLu tIJL, tO '-.-t-- .3nnal" profit of business ceiving half the amount of hi .
!. Bii d-.'i*:.f'.Th Military-CitY ". Ownerss,, and a Stftie subsidy pension. ,. i
." ",',-**- v* l(.J*''l *l. rOF r TO CANADA will be the' sources' of th So-.
_/' fGen. M naiier::Gerard-THEARD Roland Magloire, photora- dal Security ]und: It will be Serge, Blanchard' who suffer-.
:.. -,, ., '.".. ,,'.. : .' i' her. at the Bureau of Tourism, administered by the" Govern- ed an., eye 'injury, Monday,'du.
,',-" Plhone:.,3955. P. o. BO. .- 284 left for .Quebbc, .'Canada, this mlit and collections are 'to be ring preparations .for the inau- -
courses in Jha teclpique,.o his ---/ Kevenue; .. Pqrk jeremie,siJwre-
.... COMER(CE" evne.Pr t lb~r

S<.q' ";: :: :' ." chosen-, field for ;three months. Businesses: ate requiredd to ported 'improving. ..- .*

,' .V.,,,. D'. -' '; -.. -" .
.' 4 > .''- -. "a -, ; ., "': '
"., : ; "^iS S i^ S si L' <'. *' & ," *,,'\'* ... .** ,-,l .j M .. "' *. *, '. ;'" J^ ^', ^ ^ I 'siP ..

V .. .. ,

!1 OR"I OI |F : : "7. :' F UMES:.:: C S M a', :. : :



|I F '*.... "REE PORT PRICES, S"."
Il I I ." .. .. .. ,

erelvhonE o ea d '.
We ,hirl hp-iha oiw1-'v:;L:m n

Weine that" ,.."you will have; nice ti a. we are Ihdking forward to ue.ng W.
..'i... ". a ... -,. ". `1 : '- .W r '. 1 .. ". a u P r. e. ki-, ,-'W r .o b e in g

t bf' r oyou in our store. I factoryjwhere we can offer you art inien'se array .f '.figurines,
bows. trays, carvings and sculptures. David and Wal' ly TALAMAS. .
.A-.': : ':~. S~l L! F N: .. '"
..: .: .. -- -. ... V s : OTH T, .! ... .t.;,:. ,.. ... .,"
I".2.:. ,' ". I .-'" "* .' ".. ,* .; *' '..* ,.i -"' .;.1 '* : ," D a i a n, "aly ,AM .

-.t '4 ;' '"' #'' .
G.RAN' RUE No 144

4". W '4 *. Mf.a"ERor! OF CRBERN TOuI/?/rT57 sIRTI'ON
': ... ,> ". -_ '. :-5 16" ," ..
I;.., ,.S"t,..in" -t, .


- 1~' -



j,* -Clitophdir Col6umbu wis ai wise fellow; who .p.lianned his
work well and carried it out with efficiency and dispatch, but
She mad one big mistake!
He F twaa tn the iob ton earlv for hi owni comfort hv almosnat

I five centuries!
. He wandered around what id
nolow the most attractive tropical
vacationland in the world, visit-
uing Haiti, most of the islands of
!]both the Greater Antilles and
"the Lesser Asntilies, South Amer
'.rica anid Central America.
SBut, lie found no gracious inn-
..keepers to grab hIis portxian-
, .esa, extend the red carpet of
i'wdelcome and provide well cook-
.4j meals, vintage wines and
ovu ale beds. Pan Ameri-
World Airways, which has
ppers hopping to every area
the Columnbu saga, reviewed
4 improvements since Colum-
us' day. Columbus, discovered
.emr, the great nations of En-
p developed them and today
t American connects them
"li the rest of the world.
:!Comfort is the watchword of
oe ndidern followers in the
..stops of the Admiral of the

LVI "L15-U'- --LFL---P l UJ &UM

Ocean Seas. He made his land-
fall at San Salvador in the Ba-
hamas on October 12, 1492.
There is still no hotel there,
but a lip, skip and jump across
the cerulean waters, at Nassau,
the Bahamas capital, today's
traveler f'inds folk ready to ca-
ter to his every whim.
Arriving by Pan Am Clippers
in an hour from Miami or four
from New York, they dwell in
luxury hotels and in scores of
Smaller guest houses and clubs
which are filled with fun-bHun-
gry vacationists during the win-
ter and summer seasons. If Go.
lumnbus could see it now! ,
Just -as today's travelers make
visits to 'Bah'amas' famed Out
Islands, so did .the Great Dis-
cover as he enjoyed the verdanM
beauty of Long Island, Crooked
Island, Fortu=e Island, the Rag-
ged. Cayes and Inagua, as well

IBalance Sheet Of President Duvalier's

S First Year As Chief Of State

i:. 1. Cit6 Simone Duvalier;
.2. Friniois Duvalier College at Arcahaie;
. 3. City Hall at Arcahaie;
. 4. City Ha'll at Cabaret;
, 5. Hydraulical System at Meyotte;
. 6. Electric Systkm at Meybtte;

. 8. mHi a -- Pction-Vill Duplaz;
PC 9. Poe-Cole P aim at Cap-Haitien;
1l10. Pd'tae water nd Electricity at Dupon-t-Diegue;
1 o. Rior4tionii o Bassij Boisrond Canal Freres;
148A2. I 6a1e in Pay for Soldiers;
:3. Ipv,mW' nt of Conditios of Teachers;
*.14. Sim'one DuvaliT Nurierv at St. Martin;
S15. Creation M Clildren's Recreation Park at Place Jeremie;
-:16. Transiornmatidn of Calvary Monument at Port-au-Prinee;
'i7. Campaign Against Illiteracy;
8. 6iSiaigii against, Malaria;
i19. Iinprbvement of Iron Market at Port-au-Prince;
A 20. creation Center for children of La Saline;
.'21 Construction of Edifice of the Regie du Tabac;
22 Police Post at St. Medard.

Pv 1. Internatibfial Airport 6f Mais Gate;
'.2.. New Whaff f PPrt-au-Prinde;
:. 3. Shopping Center at La Saline;
{"4. Modem Market at Croik-des-Bouquets;
S.5.. New City Hall at Petion.Ville;
;6. 500-Boom Hotel at Cap-Haitieni;
S7. Public Dormitory at Gare du Nord;
8. Sugar Factory in the Artibomite;
S9. New Fibre Mill in Haiti;-
10. New Courts f6r dastice bif Peace;
11. University City;
.!: 12. Sugar Fatdry nearh Poit-au-Prince;
13. Sugar Factory at Cap-Haitien;
14. Exploitation of Sub-eurface of Haiti;
15. Highway Port-au-Prince to Jaomel;
16. 0&6niruction of Vocational Centir;
&AS wiasti on of the Grand-Rub;
; Highway Port-au-Prince Cayes;
;I lNew m t *t P'dtit-Gdot;
S0. Electricity at Cabaret;
i.21. Electricity at Arcahaie.

as Rum Cay.
His itinerary on the four
great voyages, which were in-
'terspersed w i t disappoint-
meats, political backbiting, mu-
tinies and even a period of dis.
grace in jail, reads like the log-
book of a modern travel editor.
Columnbus qualified as an ex-
pert on Haiti, Dominican Re-
public, Cuba, Puerto Rico, most
of the fabulous jewels of the
Caribbean& islands in the Lee-
ser Antilles chain from Trini-
dad, up to the Virgins, the up-
per coast of South America and
the Caribbean shores of Central
Paradox of paradoxes he
rettedd and stewed for a year
md a week because he could
-aot get away from one of to-
!ay.'s most interesting and de-
sirable vacationlands Jama-
Imagine being marooned on
tle glamorous,north coast of
Jamaica in, the famed Ocho
Bios ,Ei-ght Rivers) area. Tor
day he could summoni luxury
and attention fit for a. king in
the many beautiful hotels and
guest houses along the. sparkling
beaches and up on the green
m6muntain slopes..
Twice he was declared per-
sona non grata and denied en-
trance to thtie city he founded,
Santo Domingo'. He would re-
sent it even more today, for the
city is now called Ciiudad Tru-"
jillo, and has some of' the..Ca-'
ribbea's- finest hotels, includ-
ing the El Emnba-idor and'the
Jaragua, owned by'Pan Ameri-
can's subsidiary, Intercontinenr,
tal Hotels Coinpo-ation.

,Columbus loved Haiti and
touched its shores several times.
He made friends with the na-
tive Arawaks, accepted presents
of flocks of parrots, which, the
aalors quickly taught a choice
tocabidary of Castillian nauti-
'eal profanity, wrecked his flag-
ship, the caravel Santa Maria
off the -Haitian Coast and here
spent his first Christmas in the
*New World ak encujanting Cap

Twice h-e took his fleets north
through the Windward a n d
Leeward Islands. Dominica was
his landfa"ll on the second
,oyag6. Marie Galaite he named
lotr his s corid voyage flaghip,
He went ashore at Guadelioupe.
buit passed by Mdnaerrate, wherk
ihe pr6eMvt N e g rn esidents
speak in a rich Irish bhogue
Nevi i was one 'of liis anhoragei
bd his dispatches defcribe'd thi
beaEities of St. Ktts and Saba
When he tried to explore St
.CToix from Cbiristianstad Har
rbor, he had a bitter fight wil
It was Columbus who gavi
the name to ihe Virgil Islands
which reminded him of Ursu1
and the THousand Virgins, ant


Federation of British West In-
dies islands, was his landfall on
the third voyage. He came in
under Trinity Hills, anchored
in St, Francisque Bay, crossed
the. Gulf of Paria .and anchored
again near the presentt city of'
Porta of Spain. On this voyage
he also made an inspection' of
VEnezuela, Margarita and other
points nearby.
It was on Ci.umnbus' fourth
and most tragic voyage thiat he
visited Central America, com-
ing iin first at Honduras. 'He
loved the country around cthe
Bay Islands, but ran into head
winds on the journey south.
When the interminable beat to
windward was over as he round-
ed a 'cape, he named it CAb6
Graoias a Dips, or Cape Thank
God, by' which it is Mtill known.
Hond.uras and Nicaragua ire
no w disputing possession 'of
much -of the area passed o6n that
tiring leg of the ,jo u ifey but

Costa Rica wa. equally ap-
pealin and for sevrci-; days hr.
stopped at Greytow'ir and Li-
moh. Today he could find com-
fprts ashore and welcomes fronik
beaming b6nifaces.i
It wdas. at Panama that he- con-
firmed earlier stories that th6
laid here was r arr6wI' and ano-
thr girea.t ocean was on the
other side. He considered build-.
ing a donkey trail across the
ihth'ziis. The point considered
was not far from the present
Panama Canal. He thought ..the
land was China aid he 'dollec-
ted here many pure gold meI-
td'ibbs made b, the 'naiv"yes.
Tourists 'm today tcla gfid .
ours to view this kI#6ifers of
past ivi'lizationi, niio W b& *hici
were not pat, but future, in the
days of Chri&topher tlnmB- Us,
the' greai explorer, Admiral *o'f,
thli Oesa Seas a"d AVicry'a
the Indies.


Through Its Postage Stamp :
Fbr complete inforifttit iffliti.t .
Stamps and other detailS w.ich will :i' "".
furnished you free of charge iwi.Atei, .
P.O. Box 723 Port-au-Port-au-PIR inee

*. ..:. ..-.*.. J-^ ^.:. .


he cruised around close to Ane- the Admiral wouldd tillingl, .
gada, Virgin Gorda; Tortola, the have eliinaed i it from hi' ti- ''
capital of the present British vel. ,
SVirgin Islands aud St. Thomas, Nicaragua intrigued 'C b.il m,
* capital of the American group. hds and he dallied along,:stop- .:
. He anchored at Puerto Rico for ping every night in a different
Water 'and supplies before cmn- harbor. It is kn6wn he stopped'
tinuing his explorations, at thie Tyra, Cays in the mouh '
Trinidad, site of the new ca- o. the Rio Graiide and at Bluie-.
pital of the recently formed fields.

.wAml KJn

Kollowing is a communiqu| that peace,' prosperity and se- should. convene as soon as poe-
issued Wednesday by the Fo. curity are in tbie end, .indivisi- sible a specialized committee
reign Ministers of the Amer.- hie. "of government representatives,
can republics meeting" in Wa- They furthermore consider as .recommended in resolution
shington.., that this is the proper time to XVIII of the Buenos Aires eco-
The Foreign Ministers of the review and streungthen inter- nomic conference. It is recoin-
'twenty-ont American republics' American cooperation in, the mended that this committee
iraet inform.ftly in Washington economic field, as has been sug- meet .in continuous session un-
on Sept. 23 and 24, at the invita gested by President Jucelino ill it completes draft articles
ton of the Secretary~of Statq of Kubivsohek of Brazil and in the of the agreement for the pro- -
the (United Sta'te, and dis- proposals of various American posed institnbion, which will be
*.. cussed 'inportant current quies- governments signed at a later date.
tionis of common interest. In The ministers recommend
three sessions; t&e Foreign Mi that, during the coming pt- 2'2. Intensification of efforts
sisters" exchanged views. regar- riod before the eleventh inter- o establish regional markets
ding inter-American relations Americam conference, special in Latin nAmerica. It would be
,1 and problems, particularly tuo attention be given to working well for the governments direc-
se of an* economic nature, and out additional measures of eco- fly concerned and'tbe interna-
also reviewed the international .nomic cooperation taking as tional organizations directly in-
s cene. the point of depature this six terested, chiefly tie Organiza-
The ministers recognize that topics proposed by the Govern- =Jon of American States, the Eeo
in the history of the world, .the ment of Brazil in its memoran- &bomic Cummissiot' for Latin
.. .solada1ty off the great impor- dumn of Aug. 9, 1958, concer- America and their Organization
.tance. They reaffirm that sob- ning the plan known as cOpe- of Central American States, to
darity, which is founded on tue ration Pan AAmericab any other expedite their studies and con-
principles of the charter of the specific topics that the other crete measures directed toward
o.ganlzastion. "governments of the republics of the establishments of regional
.The present period of evolu the hemisphere may wish to Markets in Central anid South
tionary-change in .the political, submit in connection with the America.
wkxmomic m.4 social structure general topic uLnder considera-
ot abaiety, calls r renewed tien,. namely, the p1-omotioh of The minister suggest that a
dedication- to the inter-Ameri- economic development; antd the retpot on this important pro-
-'can idea. of independence, po- following topic proposed -by jeer be submitted to the mem-
Slitical liberty and economic the Foreign Minister of Argen- Lhers of the 0: A. S. not later
and culkfrql progress, ,and for tina: .. tlhan theeleventh inter-Ameri-.'
.a reaffirmation 9f, the faith of -, cPreparation and immediate can conference. 'In this 'conec.*
the Aaenxican nations in. 'their execution of a broad hemis- riqon .the ministers note that the
capacity to proceed dynamical- 'pheric program to train experts United States Government has
ly toward' the. realization of for 'economic development, in made Icnowzuthat it is prepared
those'high ideals. ti~e fields of engineering, agro- to assist finmncially in' the estar
". The ministers are confident nomy, industrial engineering, blishnent of solvent industries,
i.' ,that *their exchange of 'views economics, piblibc administra- .thrug appropriate agencies,.
and informal 'conversations tion and, business administra- -unlder suit'aible conditions, with
will have fruitful results. They &ion. a view to promoting'enjoyment .
agree to recommend that their *,. of the benefits of regional mar-"
'governments instruct tbeir ,e-, '- FOR A SPECIAL kets through public and priva- .
preentatives on he CouncWl'of COMMISSION te investment' '
the Organizaition of AAmerican "~
r %States to-ponsider the d&sirabi- For this purpose and to fa-" The ministers ,gain express
lity of 7hofding mn'ore frequently tilitate oiler informal talks, the their constant concern about
einrflarmfoT'ra.- meeting. of ,iniuters are of the opinion he problems of markets for
foreignn" mini ter5 and other that the Council of the Or.ani-- basic product. "They are in'
hih-rmknii'gopverrnent repr6 zatmn of Americhii States agreement tl'fti the economic 94
S'" B~tatives, '* shoud set up a special commis- structure of the majority of the
sion of the council on which American .republics requires
INTENSFIED he governments of ,te twenty- tcatsolutiios to these problems
'- "* ACTION URGED one American republics would lbe sought 'urgently, for which
; be. represented. purpose consultations should
Tbe ministers are of the opi-" t.he conu. "sii "reaihe be carried out between the in-
a r n that, in eping with, the 4 h ter.sed ,m.bers of the Orga-
'aspirations and. needs of the conclusions regarding measu- nizat ion ofA
peoples of America expressed res ,that 'mitht be takler, I on bilateral and multilateral
..on .-numerops occasions, aeon, sld submit ts reported as as with the pro-:
: to .promote the' greatest.possible council of the organization. d a consumer countries
; economic development of the Then the necessaryy action may of other geographic areas.
.'" continent must be intensified; be taken to have those propo'
,They- are certain that a harmo- sals or ,measures carried out In concluding tfais communi-
nious and carefufly planned t..ough the organs of the or- q'ud, the ministers expressed
joint effort to that end wjl ganization, or, directly by the that there prevailed at* this
nmitrihute enormously to strong governments, as may 'be appro- meeting a atmosphere of fran-
l.n ,g th.. olidarit, f the private. knees, ,sincerity and understam-
hemispre and to the wellbe Also, the minsters are of d w contributed greatly
*_i o0^UAmericanB the opinion that pruqtcal mea- to t establishment of rat ee-
"+ Thie' mniasters.are dee sures may be taken now in con- inof confidenme that the im,
ply, gratified the.affirmation section with- certain specific, i f beie g stat t.
ma by Presi~dena Esenhoeer, proposals. These aresks s t rte a
mai by **. h'o-r, proposals. Thesear1 .1 r this time will be completed suic-.
that the Government of the. Uni, 1. The establishment of an
., tec[".Statesiis prepared 'olend Juter-American economic deve- su
t.dits-fut1 is"e-roe ii achiev. .opmeut institutin .in which
ing condirete resultistin the coin all the'. American countries
vwn. efforttp prouiote the eco would participate. For this pur- .
or ,, ep ci c i, the Anie- pose ,. iI ter-Americaln Eco-i ,,-
ria onfttie,'hi it c msiders. nono an .Social Couniil .,-

(Under American Management) .- :
5 Minutes to Downtown Port-an-Prince .:







{ *



.Y ataSm




.--- *,.-


e6cBrft6 s*py1Zmenfattt.ULi tmin n ietuK
^hspCsfhW dssou S^mdui* Ins ffi
wants bwtlsef dersapwi.b'Ies du piian. *|
'tati&3f rque I'a. eWII*UCfIioI Ieg,&M .ddf
^twpe~reGFisNn Sa:ns Chiam~rbnIt^
1 (ewi^^flserber Ins cakots 4. 67
asuta. tiM aiuarz maahu dte PawS 1 ;
.^ISI of mules b'd hh pare qwo SI *,
ibns~ibofJS &4i|-SI exclaiMw 6 -,
itewx~dbafaM~e poetiquemnout tee-
l~war.'ns'. ftor-atnles- I '

cur ab ---O~ia~>^





PAGE 12,


. Qo



* I




WIATIAN-AMERICAN month if 'students .wish to re- Chauffeur.Guides'' m et of the Police-of Portau-
SSTITUTE BEGINS main in classes. The privilege A-ssn Dhssoivea oy Prince was bringingk.to the no-
IsTrRATION SEPT. 29; of borrowing Library books i Police Chief vtice of the parties concerned
ASSES COMMENCE qranted only to those who pay The AAssociation des Chauf- that frmn .that date, the Asso-
WEEK LATER -the full fee of seven dollars. feurs.Guade- bad been disrsol- elation known as the Ckanf-
:in the past, the Haitian- The public in general. however, veer, it w a made known here feur-Cuides Associdtion .has
idan Institute desires to is welcome to use the Library on Tuesday, wheh a Notice was been dissolved. Conaequently,
late with the general pro- for reference purposes or as a published by. Lieutenant-Cob- the chauffeurs having belon-
[bf public and private reading room. nel Pierre Mercerom, Comman. gad .to the said Association are
iiion in Haiti. Therefore A' person must be at least der of tL4, Police Department., free to exercise their activities,
ration for classes willbe- seventeen years old to enrollU TAe Notice, dated September individual.
i Monday September 29, in adult classes at the Instituta 23rd, stated that, the Depart .-The Association was conpo-
00 a. m., and actual clas- A separate announcement will sed: of some 200-odd members
0ll begin on the following be 'made about the Saturday limited. Prompt registration is that catered to the tourist tra-
lay, October 6. morning classes in English for suggested, therefore, to avoid de. .
general the same program children. disappointment. 0 -.
be offered as yearr ago, Enrollment in each class' i', Beginning on Monday, Sep- Andr4 Perlat Homir of Paris
that there will be no as a rile, limited to 25 people. temiber .29,. registrqtldn hours is here .on_ a'three-week sejourn.
sn .Spanish' 8 in Ad- Classes fill up rapidly, and the will be 9:00 a: m. to 12. a.-in., Mr. Home is with t.I .United
id Pronunciation. A' four number of classes that can be 'and 4:00. to 6:15p. m. Monday Nations. He is lodged- at-. the
sequence will. be offered offered at popularr houtsa is through Friday. Splendid' -
ali i uri -'tbpast
ears. A person holding '" ,.
uttute Certificate' in-First
Ealsh will be admitted ..
Pass in, Second-Year En-. --!.. ..
1'person holding a Cer- ..
6'in Second-Year English
ib.,rdmitted o a-ass in !WELCOMES YOU To Haiti and Recommends.
I.-.Year.English,an soon.W
other person wishing to be Members to present their,. coupon books t the "
Son advance standing following Member 'Establishments Who will be .
ye to prove their ability" glad to: served them,, I
oral interviewe,' with the. At Port-au-Prince.-- .
Hotel.s: Beau Rivage, tastelh iti, "' nternatfo6'
addition to the course in nal Country Club, Sans Souci Hotbe, Riviera Ho-
e!ar French offd l1 ast"' teli, Simbie Hotel, Hotel' Plaza, Hotel Splendid,.
ered1.- -ks1tANq bbe & Bod ,
ca' cjse 'in Second-Ya 'Restauralnts: A X; ..osaque.,- N be&, Bnde!.
'ill'- be offered 'if j Savoy Restauraint.
tl people can agree on Gift Shops: Boite A Musique "(all Haitian,: re-,
when itI C rds, .Fisher,Fri.tz-Mews, Haitin, C(Arir-
*Prerequisiteto adnais. p ort-)., "Maison Orientale, .Manrie-Jeanne,. Na'notte'
e' c Fsbnc n(embroidbries) Rarnirez ,-Shop "Store Club and .
iatisfactory performan- Tam'?Tam.'.
first-year class or an Night -Clubs; Casino internationaL. .
iir!iew in French with Flower. Shops: Tatbou,. '
or. '~ '.'.. ._."' ".. .Limousine ,Service.and"Sighteeing: H er au. x.
for. each c e"w .in Tours- and Magic island Tours, .
iisame as last yer ieireni ," s Auxo-RentelIs U-.Drve: eriz systemm,
Sa. seinestir. hi i e'th ieYai.',eAt eto- le.--.. ...
J is classes, this fee will- HotelS:: Hotel'thoucoune, .Hotel Dambala, Ho-
I;1ithe cost of the text' 'tel bo-L~l Hotelotel Villa Creole .
*ezb'~s it -eciL .ouHotel -Majestic. ,~.-'.'~
be. b"aightIseparat ly, Restaurant::Le Perchoir, Le Pipardie. '
students Sine the, muW :. At Cap-Hpaitnin.-- 1
non-profit institutiono H @ t el. s: Hostelletie du Rol Christophe and
on. a -ey atil J 'Mont-Joli Hotel:, U-Driveci Hertz System..
l' fees ust be..pai,.. "Roland VORBE, Local' Reprdsentktive
by 'the .end of t ',.,. ":' '. Phone 0 P.O. Box 364-
..339. 10.B x 36%'

$35S,.Tpen W eek
P us in 4pePMile.


P;.AGE ....

dReport WFrnm''
Americai>, New Voa '
Program, tbegin.
First Octoberi.
The voice' of America (V') a. ..-
will idhugarate. Report Fvobi .t
Amea --- an 'exciting n.ew .
EngisbiLanguage..pr w. .. ;-of
nbws and feair -- on, Octo'.

Voa.of i jiaIs disclosed in
Washington...thi8 e
.w..program ,,ilbe Beamed
shindia3f n l''y to1"audienceb in
Laitin Ainerica'imd-the' fax :ist.
1; id ei~ii of melter-
bands and ldaioeycles will'.be
offered. -
The "ew bwudcane will be
.w ,m a 5.'
bHsndled by 'hie ward-wid.en-,
gish-languge~staf of btk roie ,
ofAmerima.-. Pograms 'will o-:
4ginate in -Wa ivfgtoi"!-iY mi po:
gain timing is"'lbased n eas-
term standard itire.
Club 'HaiitianD6-Arabe
.Elecfs 'New Officers',,
Mr. Nagib 'A. -HEindal,' well. .
kno~v'n busesnian,' wa' select-
led. President,'by-, menimer. .if
:the Crub Haitiako-Aabe'. at.
i6 genleral'isgembly held: 1inthe..
clubrooms -kat Petion-'Ville .laSt.
Sunday.' --,,
'The, clhib' building .which, 's '
located on-Shie' park at'Pbtioi;'.
Ville, is:,aa.twototrey st.uctuiL .
'which .tlie" 4nmeminbLship-. h ".
entirely- emodAlled,.' after ":tak-. '
ing over the building t v .oe ..
ago .. '. ....-'"
The1recent eledtions brought'...
Dr, Cr1s Boulqs.td the: Vi.e
IPresidency, Mr' .jad"Mx' A lSlin' .
a4 .Treasurer, Dr..F. Acroi ",. 1.
Assistant. ,Trpasurer,' Mr. J.. ;
aephLahiSertit : '14
Jean Borgos,4sitant S.,ecr,
tary, an'd hesse.r' ,SefoI=.I'. 1-It-
Richard, Tocbfirc -am'-"aid ,.
Jean jaar. as
DaKChancyb~ack' 7:
from two'yeprs,
in Germany... '
Dr. ,a .Ciamy reiurned L i,.'. :
MUoday, how. two' ,yeaa i:..',

a. "holanhip, at'the. Universyit : $",.'.
of MainW. He. was .aocinpathed'. ..
by Mrs. Chany and:.'their ebB
dren. '. ". .
The young hzetdic obiamied"
hi',Pbj,-D..states he is baD .to" -.",
place his 'd knowledge
at the sei.'ee of the yquth -
hi counmzry. ,

Ruessell Gosper -
New English"
Professor HER1E,,
-Russell Gosper, "arrved'.w.th

his .wife and family: bin Tueg -
lay, from W. 'Lafyette,.India-'`.
na. r "Gosper 'is ,th replace-'Y'
nent fo Harli e Smith, J&'ro-
essor at the-' Lyc~e' P::tiOn'" -,..-
iere. The Gospers .are present ,'
[y' lodged at 'Hotet .,Splendi, "
and a~re expected to remain .. ..
?alti' for at least one. year. \



e yi9 f e ~d~tbe 434~G

e~ ~ ~
as flt~~ Ja~i~x~ co~n~e p Je~




(For -those who attended the of composition so that design
opening of the exhibition last and composition vie with one
- ..artists, or who plan to take ad- ring. for the realization of a
I. vantage of the display some work of art; the c6bloration itiwplf
time this month at the Foyer is for him a myth to which his
Sides Arts Plastiques, the corn- soul remains attached Without
ments of one of his fellow ever being content. He has
S artists, Emmanuel, Jolicoear, himself said in one of his expo-
,-should be of interest.) sition, ,the' chair remains thiu
As most of 'the painters who -chair, the wood remains thli
at the Centre D'Art, Rene Exu- wood; which reemphasizes that
M. .e began to paint in the man- the color i3 identified with the
ner of the primitive artists. At m'jterial it represents.
S that -time, he made a study of (ls he right'or not, that de-
:color and'.design which he was pends on the point of view of
able to vary and., perfect. It. is f who jddge.him. It explains
'then also 'that he studied with also Exume's great concentra-
tIe painters Robel Ppris, Elzier tion of subjects with a very
SCoprtor, and the water colorist good composition in any scene
Mis3s Brady. He had acquired he wants to represent. Some-
an advanced sense of decoration. times he offends the sebse ot
through decoration of flower harmony because he is blinded
pots and jewelry boxes 'and a by the force of line in the de-
solid design through his assi- sign and' neglects the plastic
duous ork wiat Borno and Lu- value 6f the,'canvass.
S cienPrice. His ambition is coon- His watercolors always have a
centrated on only one point; structure of a. design which
that of .becoming a perfect pain- pierce under the, colors in spite
ter onh a well fouirdled -base of, of the Jack of transparency of
studies. the latter.
He is preqccupiedi with the Exume-is always in cont-act
S.supple lines in the designs ofi with the people from which he
ite m'iasters ana he attachess as, draws his subject matter. The
.great importance to the sen.e' design for, him translates not

On th i'saistarce q1 Eilpd Rowmer a fellow busaismssman wrote
this short article in. creole. It is hVs first attempt to write creole.
Lors you commeraintt6 imstall' 6 li so.us you place, lit6 com-
.nenc6 trayail arec yon piti capital. L6rs Ai t6 gagnin mille gour-
-,' ds, ce you gro bagaille. Li t6 raifig6 corps li poni li gain you
S recommandaton-pou you credit. Li te achekie pou .cmin cents
gourdes cash et yo t6 -ouvri li :you credit pouci Deux Mille Cinq
.Geunt gourdes. ...
Mais pas- oit& li t payi toute ragenit l ka afois; chaque Mois
.li :to6 fai you versement de mille gourdes, li ti command encore
'.- .pour Deux Mille. Mais comme. r..ulement ti faile r6gulikrement
-- i td rive potI credit li a Cinq nillp gourdes. Et Ili t& join moyen
.' level pitite It, pay6 1l'cole Port-au-Prince parfois meme a. I'E-
Itrainger, 1i t 'hati caifle, i t6 *ninin grand trin.
:, : 'Main Lagup 1914 vin riv6.'Toute bagaiHe change, main cer-
.'taii.soommergants .t6 oontimn6 toujou sou. mimn rith la.,
S: Mami irin qu'ap &erit l, mrin .t6 lan eas lA. Mirin t6 en rela-
tion av'c yon blan jusqu'en AngWeterre; toute bagaille mrin te
S beso.in, li t. voy li bian motn. Mrin t6 pay6e 1 jen miin te capab.
'-m. i toute molne pat-t6 gai ngain minim avaitage. .,
i. 'You jou, you zanmi moin mand6 m.rin conmand6 you se.le
a'l' i' n ise pou li;- you gros coinmergam mand6' mrin' commaide
'yo.une pou li ton; main, hi te coue li tap di mainn ca en jonette
S parbe'que lip't6baile 1'argent. t
S' Mriin commandd.6 deux .elles. i, :
You' ,-.Y bateau, you beau-matin riv6, sellers yo d6bariqu&
in .al anno=sc6 zanmi nouvlle l1 aven commergant l1 tou.
S Cpinmmergant la.saizi, Ii dim eon ga: Mondhi, comment ou fait
reevoi. sae,. Iaptou .min tmrin pas connix mrin t6 baille l'ar-

%'".""'4M.in dit li, mrin pas beSoin 1'argent pin comanand6 mar-
..handise blanc '.yo; mrn. gin credit yo gain confiance mrin.
-' VNomme 'l' sadzi plus encor; 3i. dim con .4a: comment. youg'voy .1o
: deux. selles ba iu r a- a rdigepit; mri,, eponn 'li o.. AJora li1
[ 6!". '"S4 "X L "' r ." "* ., 1
!;.:. *- ,'pon~sse ,yo .e'-A lam'tio L,. :.: :. *'..".'*' :. /;' V '.,-., .," i/.'"* ,';.
I. Ah! Cavee blanc loin, -i3, 'loin, ac o nqui p1' e a 'ap'u.
...t ... l l..a.. i
.. paseo la paye ci e .' : ...... .
,., Eh 'bimrnon'.h., mia.6 it 6f compliment; oun ci6 pitite pa
4xzc 9coqaali'y&. o te gain confiance a. -
,, .-. l JourmoTpaa, do'ain. calbase. 1

*- I FAMOUS 'r
t"".HE WORLD itAl

S' .. '" ... ', -, I



(continued from p

age 1)

cially equipped with large .dou.
ble elevators which permit her
to replenish, ships at sea' on
both .-side simultaneously.' She
has a length of 512 feet, with'
a beam of '2 feet.
' During Septemberi and Octo!
ber 1957 the USS Suribachi par-
ticipated in: the NATO fall- ex.-
* raises as flagship' for the Un-
derway. Replenished Group.
The Commandimng Officer of
.the USS, Suribachi Captain El.-.
Uis Pierce was born i'" Colon
Panama, and graduated from
the US Naval Aocademy in 1932.
He received the grpde of C ip-
taim in 1951, and assumed com-
manA] of the USS Su.iba h' in
October 195,7. Captain Piercei
is married and has three chil-
(continued from page 1)
a front page announcement
paid: vWe are very happy that
the-Chief of State has seen. fit
to tMrenghen, relation. We
would'also .'like. to have him
think :of. our fellow-members,
Creorges Petit, Albert Oocendd,
Daniel Arty;, and Hebert Ma-
g:oire, The Chief of State had,
promised the ,delegation from
the IHaitian Journalist Asiocia-
tion" to do .whatever was neces-
sary in this sense as soo, as cii-
cumstances permitted him.:
Newsmein Georges Petit, Al-
bert 'Oceen'ad and 'Daniel Arty
are serving out five yehr prison
Ltonnse after being cond6mned by
a Military GCommision where
they'siood ,ria1 for sedition and
incitenmnt n o'.revolt.. The name
f, .Editwr' Iebert J-agloiie, of,
th.t t 0rtot.ie Circuit, was
added to th 4.e:if the three im-
o" (' '. ,* q. *., .
prisonedS newsmen' ', .

"t" ; *.. ,.. i ,. .
,'. .,. .". ,:: 1 ..: ', ,

only the force, but also the sen-
timent as witnessed by the per-
sonnagea lie devotes himself to
wkh an arduous devotion. If lie
paints a dance or market you
can see the integration of the
movement ii 'the rvthm or
He has fertile and' abundant
imagination with a crayon that'
o'oks down on neither the m'an
in the street nor the dancer'.
iD-icr the arbrc who is carried
away by the crises of possession
Af tihe spirit.
The colors of Exume. speak as
a poetry on his canvas, as a
screen giving impressionistic
.mage by the fluid-' it releases.
He loves' 'the impressionists
with -their solid touch and a
style, which gives a sense of
action. Hi's style chants in pro-
foundiness and beyond that-in
clarity, a tonality -exteriorized
'in a technique of artistic beauty.


Royal Jelly gives new ener-
gy to those in a weakened


Today, we are proud to
able to place this wonder
oedntain 10 times the mina
daily 'requirement-of Vitm
B.-1 and more than 1-l/2.jj
the requirements of Vitai
plus a full range of other:i
pbrtant Vitamins. We femlgj
the finest SUPER, T.'
.ver .developed... It's so-'pbf
that one capsule taken in ,
murniming carries 'you thrai
the entire day. But .we d:
fsl- you to take our.4wotd'
it. Simply use these taj..
in single or double

Royal Jelly alleviates suffer- concentration, .
ing of men and wbmen in their ..
critical years in a sensational .
Royal Jelly acts on- weak-
.ned, tired eyes, giving instant-
.4'a sensation.of new light.
Feelings' of tiredness disap-'
pear. '
Royal Jelly gives, a feeling
o4 increased sexual drive and
energy, specially to men and
women over 40.
Glandular studies may lead.
to new hpie for men aid we-
men. .
Royal Jelly produces a plea-..
sing state of relaxed wiell-beint
and eases tension. .
..' .. ... ... ..,........ ..,..
.9 9""

SIf is no longer necessary to
take expensive injections or pay CAPSUILeS
ixhorbitant 'fees for, ROYAL ,
the much wanted ..reults, by :' ..
CAPSULES, daily according to NO DOCTOR'S
directions. The capsule dissol-
v *s, releasing the super, forces' PRESCRIPTION
of ,Royal Jelly which :go '.to IS NECESSARY.
work immediately, inside ',yohr f
own body,; and help improve ,Ask your Druggist
your own- naturalaf :.funcmtions-NASOL available in Ib
which 'may have become deft- 30,- 60 and 120 Capsula
dent '' or double' strength.






Introduces ROYAL JELLY ,

THE ROYALJELLY USER E ff e c ts can be felt.'i
Quickly with the double:
SHere are some of the Symp- tency S U P E R- STREN5
ton-is of 'approaching old" age FORMULA but satisfactory
which make men and women sulls arc ABSOLUTELY'(f
over 35 feel devitalized and RANTEED. with either-'I!
played out?) before their time: mula. -

Physically, Mental/y and E-
motionally. cHuman Dynamos)
slow down. Dizziness. Weak
feeling. Vague aches 6nd pains.
Listless, don't care attitudes,.
Lacks recuperating power. Fa-
tigues easily. Fails to get rest
from sleep. Sexual weakness.
'oss of mental efficiency and
ability. Unable to make simple
decisions.' C a n' t concentrate.
Nervousness. T e n s e feeling

I '




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