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Haiti sun


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Haiti sun
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R. Cheney, Jr. ( Port-au-Prince, Haiti )
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oclc - 32441147
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toh sev hebi -nee

year t snwppr a tv i n a
part ofd wtth aatin community.
We haveu~ tath pride~e in our role ofe intskiro aftesii f
fleias fo tngis speakin peopfs of~t ofs.'dof~ cni
ee have en.01ra cthe evEteenn'cl of~ii ohe Engi e

and theth student ofth of. Hait ovrte atfVa
Thei -Hit Sun-n~n~ ist espeiall proud adai through its cbuail
-The~~~ Prsien DotrFa-/dih udywt wn o ro s es inedn
1, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1i T~agC r, _... epa bodJaebe mdeauc ni- wtth-oni
Duvaier oberve th fist t-an gu salte nd nd o chrcht~o l anjrcrato

emr-A h
e-he nsi uiatadohrelua ciiis

,jppi~~~~ yyfhs sxyarmnmrrweeingwt rai cne abitonteotkrse 'etrudrtn

.ye~r m ti e -tey avebee abl tost an

4._,',omorow ept.22nd Fests inthe opulus isrcs o P rta ineb th Sa-"'

-,_bo or valez-bec~ietheof te cty.of heeconmicl ad~scia prolem whob.beset-tis itte -R6C

ns~s thee hantra.n ft

commence~a -atutc tbie Hat'ee l 1sI
Firs Lad. hi aie, Prgien tWuyaded b
thel wayi~ thei~ca Oil ors fHitii toacht6aca
lay he ecrri4 rith e Wof thenwow
Laville,~milio hoses Shappin Cut ~e ntNerI~atte l
als to be.gr1arin etrie opn elzn httee ol en etrwyo r n,
cosrCto job.e~ dersufndis supeanj through, pesoalcotct te jipos &'4
The, Presideni is to ln2UgU-h voted much. of iortte Reergy o thew bui1d-ng'
itian~(oninc disla oag _14),~hil*7V m~a~
Th Baicoulou.
ofVpo o{ -n a RVT VoodooDancer

~hng Haitians Rough Up American Scholar
Mi.PiipRc a William~s Petion-i1e, while searhn 'Says H~e Was field'20 Hours O mbiiteniber 1
arie i ot-au-Pince this fo a hoice. Wililiais mio- naneole M ithe
wee o' he anmaLinr ro their i'excpected to join them Haitians Rough Up Americkn had me against a wall. They Executive Officer atth ea
totakeupb ha' nw here, as soon 'as they are settle Scholar Says H~e Was H21d roughed me and dragged mec quarters of H*aiti's Armed]o&,,
at ~ x20 Hours into the car at gunpoint, one Wr~te the following 1et
the nic-icanEmU1sy.Wih A JUAN, Puerto Rico gun against my neck.. Attorney Antoine Rigal:
Enia~s. ~" _______________Friday Sept. 19th. Then he was taken to a jail Dear Sir:.
It aehswfMinette and -Alfred. Mark Edelson, of where he was asked questions In the daily, cLa Phanp
thei sos Gerge11,ad Hr- ICK ROWAN HERE New Rochelle, N. Y., said about persons / h had cnthed ufl epteadqrers of -98 he(e
bert 8. Son, PhilipcDurelsWils TlI urgcday IHaitian police kid- before reaching Haiti, tep., ea eduresIo h r
liam remine at ollge n T DEPCT ASHONS naped3 him at gunpoint Sunday pose of his visit, whether het ed Forces of Haiti~ took
theUnibd Sates I CUI!CH ES AND'SCENERY and held him incommunicado knew ex-President Paul Magicoi of certain declarationsP&.
-for 20 hours. re and other Haitian politician! ed below, whichi You maepl.
Bariner hohel, he os of Dik Rowani, New York pro- A. U. S. Coisoorat heEmas un esoa hoorpe n jo-ur Monday that he had been ac- money from politicians. tCan the thougapds of
til lst Sping. alist is~ here on~ an assignment cused 'o~f plotting to kill liiti's At nloon Monday~ a U. S. con.-
A-.alirnanthe48yea- o p~ the HJatian scene on filin president b~ut would be releas- sul, came to seeEdIelson in jai tans massacred on the bre
ol dpomt a gradute 0f frseera American and Ell. ed if he left country within and told him he was being
Stndor Umivrsit wbiton had.ed Domninican what had causdt
ropan agzins. n or, Esond s4ai to. toredwt comng to Hassacre? He respondedt
obtind~is edidpot r.Rowan will do a~ photo- 1411i ad i apostokl Preident Francois Du tThe Chief of the urdo
atahi reportage on Bishop A.' roge i jvalier and? that he was lucky Hi~ti had ordered rein9d~ii
wtst~. e, tuie 'a cllgesE.Voet hadof the Episcopal Edelson, 30, said he is-a Co- to be alive. ,6talon- (stuorse) ta d
in ane ndBegimalo isio i Hiti an~d the Saint lumbia UnN7ersity graduate Edelson said the consul re- been placed by he Domnb:'
thE'iknea School iEnTrit.Cathedral and other student on a Caribbean tour, ported Duvalier h~ad agreed to eatmn A~ii
He arrived in .Haiti Sunday release him if he left within thepbrdmer. o iculur Ge
glnd chrce ofie~ thmifin the borer Puerto GicnPoiceescrte;'
He e te e io eigi ervice.1fin D ic i al o akin g pictures after visiting P et Ri oand anl hour, oi e e c r e i thue' cause of his debase me t
193 ad n ovmbe o te f hefasios f aiiinclud- went to the mountains outside to aplane and watched him Tis ifrmto
wasmade' Vice _'g the c Port-au-Prince, he said. cut of sigh~t, iEdelson sid. Thpisa inforton for g of
Consu at Cida Jarez. He on 'aitiaiii drsmkr and On his way back to teca- Edelson said \h ma reurndFre f atIa
went-to jio e Jaer8. ie deinr of t Caial n pitath stopped to ltook at~ to N7ew York in a few days ed to grant you a delyO
Conul n Jne 93. Te fl- l~l Ipicurequeandcoorfl sgnsona movie theater in and intends to file an officea one day top come~ and frn
loing ea h ws.gie. hegab f hecontyolor4 sugnsbon 'Petionille, and 'as protest. us precisions on this acto o
os hr ertr at te~ Th ahonable s hop s of he turned to leave a car with ED. NOTE: As long as cen the former Garde~ d'Hat h
Embasy~i Ri, -servnrtere rs.OlgaWieer ilvera, Jac- fve men in it stopped. On~e worship exists one-.side of the is 'supposed to have ledtth
ma ette carand asked story will find its way inito butchr oin~x co
In Ocobr 143 M. il-thirretios odledatVilaEdeso hs ame. print Ji foreign~ pubitiWI the Dominiani Republic.
Ram eevedas iceConul n Ceol, Htel Hoel ontna &Th~en four others spran4 Censorship harms only the
~ith gunsm he said, *They, country doing the censoringl Yours5 truly,

tohfsevie. e asapoined Ms.Siler, Ren Mri- LM CONTRIBUIJT ON Lieutenant-Colone, F. A. H
Conulat ueos irs i O- sau]Leoy Mr. dete ienr.To Promote ((Trave1 To Haiti)) Executive Officer, p. i

cond Secretary at the0 EbsyLevequMceeeoun, Ian rinladuique ing movies will also be shown,.
until November 1946. oduLrqe Ncl' Du- wa IM Royal Duth Air- Fialy lectures wilb iven Cham~bers 'ote.
Hewent to. Nassau~ in 1947 plsiMche Fouc a a lines wit make her ci3ntribu-, by mnemblers of D~r Assad5
as kAeican -Consul. A year Jes 1 ad tio toar romnoting Haiti staffan literature about Hai. Cotne fo ae1
latex lhe was sent to the Em- as tourist center ti will be distributed. 3<4gesoflt
b ass atMnagua as Second I n operation with allnited 30rsn S~gop i1Z degrees all intpudel ano
Seretar and Consul 'holding CHMESCOE ToursMiami, one o h ot A rsn i ruso i-dn l npreso adec
tipotuntilMrc 2nd. 1949. SESSIONS TO RE OPEN impotat wolesalers of Ca- tenpaticipants each already -30 dere longitdicu
0,W5 p~tiotd 0:l~. e- C~fBE~> 5th~ ~oa to, h~kKU ~ are scheduled for Haiti, thie having a maximumn of,200
He wa prootedto It. ee- CTOBR 15h ribean turs, h KLM Ca- first arriving on Sunday, Sept., hec Itars, hydrocarbonate-sb
reayand made Cosu orgnted Sa 28 th. The others are scheduledstnewthpti
given The 3th Legislaure clo~edfor October 5th, 12th, 19th n hrol
te sne post at Tel Aviv in the work oftefirst Ordinaty- The purpose of the 4,KLM 26th. and Novemnber j2nd. res The life of thecotati
Ocoer 1953. On Sptember0 11, Sessin,at mingt Wedneg Caribbean Tmaval Schoo1'D is pectively. The groups Will fixe for perod of1 otg
155 Conul ilim was dy obvious, vis: to develop travel arrive on Sunduay, and depart rdm e eeeA
apitdat Foreign~ Affairs Sntr Hges. Burjolly, to ?the~ various >Caribbean lou- on the following T1uesday. mand for a new I period 1
Office~~~~ ~ ~ ~ Dprmnte thPrsdnofheNtiona As- 'st~ center of whc at s Undoubtedly t h end of month~s. The prospectoh wr
Ofic f neratoalRla'sembly in hspech einphagied one.-< the aschool season- every par- must !begiwithin 4$5 day tb
the spirit ofcollaboration This will be done by taking. ticipant will have a good 'work- the date of the peniit
FromtheIntenalReltion which exists between the Exe groups of agent% sales employ. ing knowledge of Haiti an~d its The contract provids, thatpe
ofic, Ne enee h nenacti e' anid the Jegative ees, of U. S. domestic airlines attractions' and will be. better rations may not be suspndd
tion.1- Econmy Dpartent n cops.(KLM4's inter-line, partners!) able to sell Haiti to his clients., in case of -fpt cemaue
1957. Pesent at the session were an EL sales efliployees on These included in te first duly verified by the Goen
The ew V S.Embasy Cu-Iterior Minister Frederic Du- familiarization and educational group are: mont. A tax of $200, is payal

pig tHoel Chuloue, i chet, Finance Minister Fritz On~ these trips the partici- An Becer o teraioa 000s
Thebud n Miistr ofLabr pats ig se ad~exerinceTraviel, Miss Barb~ara Gill more Un troupe 4'.-amisv e Je
000 jean A. M%-gloire. .the a~Royai, service of the of-sas &AC.eav a anin
The hambrs ae report Royal Dutch IAirline: I L. Joe Fink of Paul XKin Tr- party at the, Pejtonville lu

Atbo~~~~~~~ney~~~ Gerebasat eplnigt pna x In' Haiti an interesting pro- vel, Mr. Joe Bruckcner of Tra- l1ast W'odnesday. TwaS Tep~m
azi4 4heir twro traordirTary Sesio on Octbe ga has been prepared for vel-Rite gaidsce.
smll cilreu reunfroi 15th to study various ~prose tese groups I by" the Miise Interin Personnel: Miss ju. USM~ wM.h V.i Jieannig ev
ther tatsiesvacation onth aws arnd contracts with foreign of Tourism, Dr, Rhindal Assad:eswihisifanfvec
S. S c~con Tusda mot- ompaies gihtsein our to Port-au-I lie Chapes, Miss Betty Burdam, dfren, after three years her,
-A T2,, Miss C~hristman, 'Mrs. Gladys Co i',,,erat ihe- coffivesan ot

HiiTobac Goes roui ino at fie t~Ambassador Edmond Sylvaiii CONRES LC
iioGerman Cigar~ n ~hd fpouigabt Lieutenant Coloel Max L. will preside over the Haitia
ter grade of tobacco. Th~ese 27 Monte. lita s- beena designated Delegation to the 13th Session
%e Tobacco crop is< on the mostly sons of tobacco far Executive Officer at the Army. of the United Natins to o~pen will lev al n coe.fr
reun to the favor~ed merge will return to their res- General Ileadquiarvesi e etweki eYr.,
oiinit once enjoyed in Hai pective regions and stimulate placement of Jieutenant.Colo. Other mebr of fthe delega thecomin nentinl-on
tia h cn y. interest with better m Wihthe opening of the producing tobacco nl o w -- th~e post of Military Attach6 at Calmr, Scretay General held in Pr
.gatnew Regie dul Tabhac et sured of a market. Buienos Aires.'en ndMAdl$n
de.Auetsplant,~ a Di- et-n rAepi Telson, been scheue fo temot
Inte spotlight is now turn tdeie o he'hme.o etmbrhdbe oto
d.ontobacco cultivation in, of Deputies and4 former Miis- ed at th TequsofaArin
this ounty. C UNTP-SY LOOKS IN ON HAITI ter of th neio,-n Senator grop bc.as ftev-teO
A caion loaded with 13,000 Irrieux. tenwcnttto f h.
ofuntess Aaire-Ji~h orner, here, before. vaetfrining to u
da e~ant ob ife of Cobunt Maolis, Morner, rope. Sh~e wrote to the Count
!rrite commnuntyV of -BaiWa- of~ -$t~hhI ,Sw e d e n spent from he 11's h~ Ambassdor Sylvairi who re- Th eata, eeain Wl:
ne. n heSouthewast corrie oftret e okwt h ehae yM.Msi a
in~ ~ ~ ~~~he dahs heree~ thts week.T Sh Oloeffso warm~ily recommend trndoNeYrL'tthbe dy
f r i t w h i b o n c e i i t t o n a r r v e h e 2 .d t m d e l g t io n i s P e r an e t R e p r e r l a d w l i n u 6 E t m o
eA~4Qsf0jilutri to See.ier spnding -to visit Haiti. native folr Haiti at U.'N'. Ait a
P. 6om1e, sgnalled thn the-e eqpany. >She met Tourist B3oard Di-
ofs inr tobacoarow wbi'D is making reetor Kurt. A Fisher, and Me. PHYSICAL EDUCATION~ Spos epaie h:ip
.ata. tour of Ldtin -Amxerican cun.i M~aurice> A. Luin, and other SEMINAIR OPENS tac fte gaitonfPh
aigin Hatintie as D victor ofE the Library e s' ~ie ~ ie h r > h Th e anualSe minar f Ph3 si a Edcaton in H t.
andIntiuteoflbro-Aineri- found a com etern guide in Au.sialEducato opned Mon
fni g' an otet. The Regie caus i ckli, belin Joie3ur newsman andr ],dy t-he 4Stdiu Vincent
o riedly fair world COm.Mre is' gtheing Tourist Departuin atache6. underr the auspices bfthe Bil- montr fom th ~ne r
-at repmaterial on Ibero-American His
-nreIt prices from. every re %m rn fFRI4i ~ a reau of Sports. .).
goof~ the Repulic, for' the i e.Prr
I ard Co~mmercial Tobacco jthe Rockefeller Foundation BLANCHET Biaibi >Assistant Director ofp mer1t ote26h
y ~ ~ wicieh will take several mon16s

'-.TH fid its way around ~<'~W~k ih~u ~~oi,~f
o44sTheal tdistin~gusevistor stat- 'the'Foreign Office during tbe
,6sofWest Germny >where it k h ad alwaybe attract- absee o istei Louis Mirs:
4q sodo cigar~ manufacturers.' ed by Haiti adthat it wa a ona ficialission to Was-
The Standad Cmercial ratsatisfaction t tp, over -on.mm~

t t~Reie~~r ho SATLVAGE~ FUIND NEAR~ $ 50.000
4s iison, a veterans of~ 20-
.yarofgrowng, buying, prXo- As the deadline drew near The movement was epIbirace d
..dsg waeousing and. sh for t1he contbtn o eNa by the mnemb~ersfte rn
#ac anaWicoSal.vage Ftnd, this week~, Forces of H~aiti, and those 4l-C
tixiacr contributons continued to porthe Leisltive, J Ldiiary~ and is' CLASS-PASSENG)
isnwin operation behind Da-'n ~~ssezies~-E~euieCrs
MnAgiuturajCollege. dustry andi comm~ierce. The fund il
'-,t heReiefam atBasi as to b~e cloed, September PO0RT
aei a scool is noqw preparing~
7 Mg.men Mr Jseph Clenar Charle's l O I
~?T a~izr, es Ty16r ~ known* bumsinessman,2l1
4blished daiy in the. pressp the tiaed contributions by bu- Newd Oto~
names of contributors, and'kept snesen and indu~ialist oenAeia l
e NayVst deitf ige~lii tlhe>'ou d im Cit ... .h cI .CRI ci
IJS" ~ ~ ~ a on of the a. t~6~toeB lotm gnes Fow3 uit /1~

t-u-Princ Te nw
y t~nan foa depoits thelln aothe~ acont an sgestio ththscl -iigs
... E at~o l lilhc Natoda Ban of~y t9he. Re'-n~ league ol oway sut E 2 plrn gin-~ toIEWT
"The US e 6 WAof thes an. S.e EVERYt CAnBie SALeONte~7~,d~ oi
eiiie mn bar. h ofee fo H aiti. do icrease hi dtin asi~e soo 11_ODTINP &NO 0
," leet Ocean fro ism1 toi mot' aay otimiitJlr i~y ~rthid~j

sit -V -IbuSoIM

as, reevain comitee your named.' Agn orA6 ALLOWAAM
ande b LieutnantuJ folong Detohe ort inas Pince-t e en,452i yoos

I .i xj tl
Thurday ibtd$7.rteI nyfo

* **

1,.20 -- 1ti l going

yUE A~fIN GISH LNGUAGE NEWSPAPERi uhrgthsltl oetogqe--tyusvfr2wes
C Imity W~iekl Publishe Sunday Moruaing o.O einb3 4h ewHb.

4~~~~~~~'i fantastic tou whic we~t ofP a4'~W anfllr Thr laei T61& ~it~ G *e~3

have st~te morethnthre

Atlno 5eteba e10 195 moth ago,~twa bas~ take wtatlio Com-a
ban tdi ua er BG~e a d S a n an me o fa to M d i o-A 6

y~~~~~~~~~~s~~~e in Grec onetgheaxeketefv&t~hi h ~h )

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e{nener~in te. Inyre~a x rpt oe evoy h ene Mianec. We.lav e

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youio of ouro~ dearh friendstm of, ga n inBrssl. hi tm
t" 4 j o b i ie ee1 J t e l es a 1L J4unc LJrof ec n o p ist n o l ong er M i n n isri a d h e p
ses for ny regsn some esiil ~~4ew ':.e(Ja aica d h as en& waned oerli lat fif Jfvrin69 DESTINEt
!'j f i ePn so muh n era cro and sea s made~ aik Te Trpca telled Rodd maeatJrm. n
to1 9 Jway h'ai clt re Evm~

_gWu~gfo tisgupoe IAt Pthe Stmp grcl 4r e

jin ore-smenteo' cnopetitionebn a in dsr waHunoe1R Acmetrugit gres yw e
b iiitp~ to i ove tkesgr fin~alys th e ma i ll bepo

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s orl wr 723 -lascm ba-u-otauPick noa.Pie. thdfre
A s l o n a s u a w l

PAG 6 HAM MUI 1,+ i 'ii+i"+ i i ilIliii

(Co~ritiinued from Page 1)(CniudfotPg1)MDLIE AR Lad'
(teathorites. here~ had been. their findirip when theyescor- GEARD DQRSAIV4
alert~ed by~ Police of a~ friendly ted Mr. Eidelsoni to the San Juan cently receied his final initia All scenery, costumes and pro well as DRUTMMER
ntion, that this man looked bound clipper Monday after- tion into the Voodoo priesthood! parties haves been designed, LO,~ Julien Joseph woba
danerous and appeared to be noon. America~n Coinsul Thonnas after twenty year of prepara- Ipaineadexctdseca-eerbn oe
to eoinet~hiug~ David was at the airport to ob- tion which,' according to Mr.. ly for -this~ tour including the:mlsaa rm i l
SA mnacabre crime was not ru'. serve th~e departure of Edelson St. Aude, in the normal length seven foot druni, focal point of Morn l'Hopital inearPt-u
led. out, and local dailieps in not- who is an Aiierican citizen. of time for such an achieve. a ceremonial dance, and the Prince.
in the presence of tbo's stran- ment. Many candidates, he -smaller drums used to accom-
wr stated. A t says, require longer periods and pany the dancers which the The cast also includes rd:
The telediol) annoumeste 2 TaArelve some fail entirely to complete drummers will carry with them Me-&d~ Mille who has ben ~v
arrets of~ several pecop le of ~ riethe final requirements of pui- on the plane. -the Bacoulou Group sneig
which one is a -white man Awho September 28th. fication. Th rupwl as eaccom first season and who hs.o

sn~~p~sed~~'to hav epn totisty-eigt U. S. Travel The ,Word -BACOULOU,, panned by a native Hiaitian~ pardacdtth Wlor
conrywth macabre designs. explains Mmne Odette Wiener rot, known ast Dominica the Hotel Lexingtonant
It is said that he wa Agened aruxetepoariei e Sheraton Astor in New Yr
1~to ~oe Ciuo Pea ort-au-Prince o n September ritdHaitian Beauty, owner of White, a species rarely seen.%
~on~ e awtlior 28te l They -will spend~ tic the HOT'EL MAJESTIC in outside of Haiti, and in none d>dmmrCriI
Ie1bt Petion-Ville here, and Director of the New York Zoological' udiencoYork
Mro.r enteed daysd Mirester of the BACOUL6U DAN- -collections at present. It has Ifor his work in Stripped4 lp~
tecutly xreham sur le M.MntrCESmeni -11 hig)d~'A Action, Hlouse of F~lowes
co, ( It r ~it o his of Tourism made the anno unce- CES eanst, an Haitian cou- reeie the necessary health t in avna
~he e'~ils n~L tis wcl A wo-ay r y dallcth wise m~an who certificates .to Permit entry to
back). W6e -w.l Set ase thes persona pro- Thek ABtcouaypoo
No dals 'wer edtconn -rain in. honor of the visitors knows -alteangleg and how the of Spencte ersoa D prteope Tthe ta o rdu vif
inclde 7;0) t 9:0 p.to use' them.

de ha isluwhirty yer arivd in cktail party at' dhe Villa The dancers, who have been. fire who if bringing his pet to Hotel St-Geoiges, Brooklm
t, of die reerigvoodoo rites and serve as mascot of the group.r 2th
Veefo C ddTrujillo by Crele on Sunday, a tour Sehearsing group..
KL'NlFrdy on a tiktta ctyshopping and visits to die dances! every day, oblivious of
suggeet4t hesi~t varius hotels. political tensions anid rumors,. 1 4 i' ~f tI~,
Kinsto, Hvan an Mimi The travel agent wil vsit areas looking forward to Atheir
a ft e ota-rne evn otfesand Kenscoff on Tues~ New York engagements as a I
Bowen F~ield on foo -wit da morning deo epatingo it
sceruffy hear ivighi d-l the afternoon ofJ6 se ca itewest inaspectso Hai-
cided bohema ok Edlon day. ban culture, folkcte, dancing.
checked. int at leas three ho- musZcOandar
tea befor he-i~ fofn ai peso ltrX~ "We want Americans to
-t is uiking the owners of boardio houses know how nu(ch they will en-
His hecingin.andoutO known as -Pensions de Famie,, joy H~aiti)) says Mr Wiener, by~
Hotels added supico to hi nd theofficialIs ofteTourist~ bringing them this little sample A =.
pson. ArbirPayne, a mem-Dprmn took place on Fri-. of ouir country.)
'er of the Juy 29h invasioni day morning.
.d shuttled around die hlotes The orighueonr
Police did no elbrate o oc;vtd

~-, 5-x, YANTAL 13dS AVW



The ne STUDEBAKER 1958 mo~del, combine$ the tenueof

surs be3u axr 1t oa4o 4the~ sports odl top class style and h adqae
power for you needsV- at moderate priced tgrt
r savings in gasoline consumption.

iih i1iihiiiii 1 i i .11 l iliiiii ii!i i T HEi ii i!iii i!lii i= l1iii C A JIii~iiiiiiii !l =ii!i!1i!ii~i11iii'!~i~!iii iili!i ilii iiiii ,112i i ii~ ~ii
CO N I3SL R-Iiii i i iii ......1111[111111111111111i I Wii i CH........... ... ..........TS.... Y O UR...... B U D GE........ =~ ..................=ii!I

eognization of the rural night tours of it, the others if neighbors (cGp1onel Ti-Pirre, tim afer th eatrafteiedd i.H's-rsnl
ubjet that has been hie cultivates them, he is sur toman ofe ofe regionboe~p ~~ins
jmdagain and again by the not. be abl to harvest the'fruit American eifo. ot~c li sce~1r~ofhs labor, because due to the main~tained in hs ftinctl fty Ti Per.
hywere not wrong. in gi- distance, the thieves would be the 19 years that the Oc pa yeas ofrign~in.nte oai B l.thCifsfScin
ttton ch-s-ofines tr teym hih nih rawithout his knowintels reme"heci

become a truismto 'In> certain regions, howeer
.'tathe ish of Hditian eco~ the i(Chief de Sectionx;' whether j afztnfoig
6rl eposes heavily on th alone or almost alone -is in
asntIuliato of~ or'houn- charge of th6 surveillance >anid :. EUAINGN
s.apains. Its, cofee, sisal, protection of plaratinejysOESA! JE
suarcane contrbutes such prstge andis so fearedxSIOEbT fR

o~or tiorbao t

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h, ~ ~ V fear oftivs scnet ohs ntehat)o h onr yteQuidVsy rK
ik'the portions of land naweeacran-heofScinnz, rsAtch t.ie
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Watches' atN V r~ee P rt A~

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A u eiregau I
demds Nut GrardP lagerLecol -Patek-Philippe~~~ Ulse add1 etBrV


'4L 6'


Fisher's, the -Amiricau s favinrite slhop wlir
all prc are eiiiy mrkedon !every itei.
Where awel-tained and court~os staff N01

'Ia !,o wslh~potsfro al hecorer o te orld. You c~an sav tip tocuain an~d shipping cost,.
fron 1.S prceswif yur ut fre ffwane o,$00.- ver 48 hours and $500 over
12 asousie .SA. Fihrswl e el-~persprds.Ntol eprtd 4prces


otiand Casmr S-,vater -TLubin
Wf-il Knze Giffe Perf umes
4 t s,,i !)v Saligla cognacs
rqisDeMotequieu Araga De Ky
s -, A r Aquavitii ii-iiainiiiiihiPoreiiii
lain and Silver ipad wig ioif England
,S portgoods.i

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Champagnes Native Jewelry

Art Plipes 44>a hos- a
Ca~iue aisi (Iw e -UJeiiiiathe /x /4Q

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g 7 podinBtler avoat F la ades 'Ear Warn T-rb j~isdr:-f oo'

J.E Gcrb o~f Esso Standard Oilinw ~ Haana spent the wek I~f itb~ n a

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Vicc~ Pr s6n f R b n I t r ai n l I c n e s e rc T M A A I E

Gere'KnMaa fteMn, sroe'.L guets a hi~ ei, maaemn of&T A

yea t bcoe.a eain Hte.. W nerifage eW u ao iiives of Rameyer ththe'an

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To SttY! Deaten n

(U.S. irfrce Bae,) inP. wre ickd or eauy ad pr- orm 'u ofsom exitng e- anc as muc a~po sibe'.if he


Haiti will be represented ateven3 out the supply. As is ther
the world sugar conference in are periods when sugareithr
Geneva, $witzerlandSept. 22 -luts- the market or i rie,
Liberi's DipomaticMissio~at b Andre Theard, Minister of at time of cataclysm sucha
Cofimbrce and Dr. Herve war.
,E bass her annunce theBoyer and Narceg Day mem- Mr T1heard -emphasizedth,
,bersjof the Superior Court of this conference had no signf-
Accounts. cance1 as a block buxt -was
'Shewasinstlle duhg aMinister Tkheard participated vehicule for, an' exchange o
crmny hedat th Insylst month in a preliminary ideas.
ofLbra, a~t Laue, on Moux' conference of the Western he- 0 0 0
m'peeat H>avana, Cuba tak-
bassdorMr.JohnFracisMaring the iniitiative for this ex- III COUJRT O shall chrange of views.4mprters, and MOVES OFFCES
Mrs Laportewidow of eheorters of the Arierican he- Tb High. Court of Accont
C einspeteprs~tew~r ~a~lhas moved its offices f1ro th
CuaMeic,~Peru, Haiti, thie l'~ixa 4ac e. across the
knwni lcl ewppetir omninican Cepb~,th n-(hamp de MVars to the Chrycl
clesand s~th busiess-ana-ted States and Canada. ]3uilding, and is. occupyn h
ofte iThe agenda included' a dis ome,-u~u~~fte(1
cusiozn of the quota division
180G l. shf f sugar which is-of prime~ im- -
Lost, ortance to th~e producer coun-
InA cco Fietistryint to find an' out let "
for their crop. Some years ago
I1Brazil',Peu-andMexico with-
4-~ rt drew from the Suar Conven- F
_____________________________________ ~tion in / they were allotd but hav~e

ri S~of a problem to search ind'iiyj
dual ustomers,
VISITS,_CAPT Builers The~ MilitaryCit
Capti JonMfft,- o-The common market created
inEurope was considered inI
mery.wih INe.:Yok it's .,en Manager: Gerr THJEARD te light of the danger it pro '$E PLUS BLLES tMOSAMU

pricek. was explred thrug
holding sugari reserve toL rIC ETA '

..o e, namene '60e.~



7,And More Cruise Ship WEILPING WORKES M.E ohme
AI IThe chant of the cosnbite and MizniLre rhrBnom
HAITI, th~e clinking of machetes re- inan interinew this past week Mr retu nhm en
RT sounded over t~he seven, kilo- said~ the Govenn ad re- er of teGad'ehia
~ND ~cmo1,lViai Iradmetis Goft rohins cut wek atqse th the a irport uld- ouci
0O GET JET AIRPORT a qjesex hat of Natra u- a

Pimnce's 'new Jet Airport got to) help put som~e moneyinotswek
LY[1 RYD urist facilities for Haiti -wpyi thUe hands of laborers.M.Bnomerpae m
e~ nu]i-ifi~~dllr iroi 'nd a ela~dW1Cl (ose to 150 catters w6Vking Bonds, he noted, are selling Foub6 bi
liadl cuie hip passengers -- have been aissu~red through th in ga-ff VIaeked 'off the small Very wel on the Ne or ar-hsbe pone nbsao
-scamefacini awarding cnrtsfor these ma jor pro-; trees and catu in madar
-ette chairman of th~e H~aitian Tourist Bo)ard said in Miamxii for the heavy earth mving Stcs
this week. ~~~~equipment that illJ be needed Tomrnow~ Preident ran~ois Absao ocerpae
.,Tocontracts for the jet-age~ airport, located on an old Frenchi to iron out4 t1?ye land into a run. Duvalier' will Jay the'cr'M SnaeZm tOA.i,
pttio in. te M'ais Gate (Spoiled Corn) regioni s~ebe tone for th new~ aipot.
':ypoed byr th P~arliament)>, said Kutrt A. Fisher~ of Port-au- evhipnsoof$0pr
prnc hairmn ofthe travel advisory group (The ste is se-.
s.v iles be~yond Bowen fid, the~ present airport, aind about7
5mles fom~the center of theciy)
oAs! a s~iila contract has ben aprve withi the sameMacA rl
Ne ork firm to ireconstruct th~ie downtown' wharf an'd enlarge44
it*wt a T-had, so-it will jbe capatle of handling eight,to 1 LOntn
e ~slsat~ a ime..5P seA
,ork on bothi projects is to start this mnthi. The airport
"od be readIy for preliininarg us with 8 months; the whi Fnrl evce oM.Mr

BanrSeason Predicted. -buiesawrhldTr-
WANWHTLE, Fisher said, the gvernmntI has acquired twodaafeno atheScd
ne oder tenders whichi wyill.b used in gn ron'cuis sh~ips of soe to' the secial whiarf wliere theyWedcadam br-o
--ildock ad go through customs and immigration. Thi s heFnsadFsttSrvcheBro Potau-rnea
"These ho~ r eded to delWththe remndo4usin- been~a il o-iee ek n
a in th ubrof cusshpvitng Portan-riicev, IN THE CARIBBEA ashsiaiea h an

pulihr fth atian Gud okan ul cltos0 LOK FOR THE W ItTE CROSha Prvosygn t-te

matly65 peia criss ouching at the por in addition to
AtPi tion-Vle -Mrs. Paulateno
reuar servce provided by the Panama Line wihoperates
21-asenge ship three or four times adm1nth to Port-au-Prince
Ie1na Zpca ~52 ir At Port-au-Prince: -Joe GaetjensRu aedrn.ahobr-rgaiad
S. Eaneln ro Miami adte Furness Lin ouit of Port

With the new tenders, 'the'- board charma sai Li tod~ui Garnt k
pasngers 'an hour can be landed from criesis yn#f
At'y~ St-ac ANettoyage A. sec> Ave. a.Aa3 ino-pentg.tsd6et
-Pat o the, present whr a been air-coditioned and
eupped4 with special facilities for the convenience of travelers thseeve aiy
.":rrvngo waitin~gto embhark on their &ruiie shipis- he said.

Z.- WIHPowtan-Prnc resuming no ual activities ('tbe curfew
adothrtae recin have -been lifted), Fisher said ,I > #
tikthe aproaclhing whn~er~ season will -e have much to offer the traveler; a splendid climate,
..,.batiful mou~nta~in to -s, historic. rmonu~ments to~ visit, fine Hnyonr aeadNn
heces, magnificent ho'tels and an excellent'free Port. yalhrtDABL ae
-eare building a new dowtown shopping center, for which
Salg t Cstruction Co of iami is te contractor; ped-
des are being> tken off the streets and cnetaed in the
iiulic- riarket 'area, admany other stePs afken tob flradfun foa
'-:.aethe city and sand even~ miore attractive. top visitors>). fin.O i rafs al
Uder Presidenxt Francois Duvalier, (unde glass)s anord unnw get
c~n sttn, with Dr. Rindall 4ssa~d as Minister, Serv- C tAMI
leig ih Fisr oqn the board 'are Pierre Cuet; George'JHeraux,0 MDOwihbikdisee n lp
JonBrerre andl D. Gerard Keniil. Apd-t ig iutr~osy
'o in I'ianii during Fisiher~s visit was ,Alber~t Silvera, owner- 05Ni~O
niaagero Port-a-Trine 'beautiful E1. Rancho Hotel. PR-UPIC uNnysi i n ia

Dr. D~o' AnMNrs.. Iouyon, 'the former
Bautician Wife Denise Zamor, who 'accompa- (i'
Returning nied her husband entered 'a
DrErest 4Douyon and his leading Beautician's school, re- 'c
are arriving on the Pna- cently obtaining ,her diplomna. ang
inrTuesday morning
-fomNe York. The young The young couples will begin
hsfor the past three work immediately wyith Dr Dou \
Yer een specializing~ inbbs- yon re-opening~ the Clinic left
_etid at r in thn ir f-n f hv wi f ope n n a qm modeyn B iP L E R .d o Riq~

~V~oadmocks(Under Americani Management)
Marel ombun entthrough
~co~ffe>> h eoidtm 5 Miutes to Downtown Port-au-Prince
three 1iou'rs this past week. His EXTREMELY FIRIENDLY ATMOSPHR
cel failed to notice tb31e -group
of AtiiaAh of on thehDelmas road REASONABLE RATES
~there fo earching cars, until
THE (>- lie wa wel past themi. Whien WHEN~ YOU COME~ TO HAITI ENJOY YOUQ TY
he> threw-onthe brakes, sudden- A

w~fit1!_ tbo~nagaxist flie wihield
the urfe, ten -es ~n~bes-hit hisfascinating but hard. ByJ the time the search
fabled ciy iiirlivens of ts cheerful inh~abitants came to betran, the father alarmed at AND LIVE.IN COMFORT '
t foeThey 6raed curfew and c&1O1)rcs* -prties. The curfew what -might have happened to
p rt --man yustayed al night and cbahihoched- your heaid dihe Child was i n no pleasant ENJOY TH CHIARMS OF HAT K
aw ildyitliftd-tie curfew. mo~od.
Tnbrs took~ on a more serious tone. The host or hostess After several miinu~tes of pa-ta-
poied an ironi rod wit the handle specially padded against tee an~d qpa-ta-tavi, Marcel em-.
vieain Inead of using the steel eetric light pole in the barkd on his journey to the col-
,,on the kaa*sttys of t>Teuoresi, in the electric .ge, with a full escort, but -I]
gt-pleilestreets of this city the host provided portbl mLge the oIsltr
prd acs iniature poss. ,ebres- parties svered <(liri) 000SCTHW4tY
tha fere aw-rm wic coss ffthe~ ses of hearng and
giesthatexravim nede to hang away a noises.e'prte hv ~e~ r~e 'Changes Hands
But he-curew nd tenbre patie hae ben liprceed he araige oni Rue Pav~e
by he-Serclig' party. The Searcing~ Party has no set Emuily 0osite Toia-afrel
Poist formula. The hot usually provides pre-search cock-tails and owdby Frit Braun, has been :VThe
iethe gi sple ito atos and takei ff Kin different direction to sold to a Company known as Ceebaion
be serlid Mac Calla-Taverne-. o
They, have> a set cours and limieddistance to travel. The Mr. Bevis Mc.(alla is~ the
one whio is searched th no r intemost original or enter- Cief Mechanic and partner> of~
taiinng manner is vote the K~ing or Queen of tihe Search, de- the f~n
pnigon the sex wl~en they -retutrn to the house. 000o
Thflose wh~o~ do' not retun from~ being serched are automa- STATE AUTOS
tically disqualied. FORPERSONTAL USE
Absolute silence and1 no bak-chatter is permitted duringth qTle vehicles of the Stae WTUM I "
searc r because the aviormay i ethe Serche co to detected
Arot.;3rsp ,ie o Sarh.Party consists, -o deoig h ntire stnigin front of> dancing
evnioto the airing of petona acconso bin eace place knight clubs and buses 4
durng he rpoedng eek Itisnot jzatthis type of party because of> the' fierce comipetition of sons we are abstann from pii
pary-g-Ito hold the floor. Normal cocktails 'ae su-gested 4lsin h lies plate nm'l
fourth inof arty because the mixing of drinks usalyfies bers of these -cr but guetstddemnsrae, esp~pcialy~ how they saw a Coast Guard- lic ha al en f netg
man searchayung farm girl... and soforth. d taking measures at th ?e
sam time,. (Translated fro
Bo~n_ ield Busy"WitIh BIuzzing~ Aircraft Le Matin, 17-18, 19581).
Tuesday Afterno~on00

Thre [band ow essna air- Pilots Jose Die Viegas and Jose
crft-eigferedt SoPal Albio Ralnho in a C~essna17

Brailapeaedovr-Por-a- nda esna178 cice vr ok a the "escoff road
Prnc'sIneratonl iror, ea -ntl he fnalygo tein t~he. best 'condition in no il usaafteurnoon oky to lad.Before they> land- ~ hew*~A
eiise anded the repair ang.is
ati 4h.a 30a-e hi r-arn dte'e ondb h e
la-e> noDedoff for 15 days for reasons N~> >


The Hfaitian Am~assador io de la an 4
so -peenenter mediate The Cesa7 cotne thei 0,1 '
Lib ria Mr....,, Raoul................ .....er wil != :1L" f,=,. .

ihals sere as Amblassdo to ~~*~~i
Acra Ghana,~~'' it- isreotd

otCuad rill oreul EUS 1ACHE TOLONDOGN tg
Off to Londo~n for year's stu.SasCafroW
N dH ngarian WilsnOff To Detroit dies iic*i Josesph Eusahe, Ce' 'is ai ..........................
Frankflrn W. ilon, industria-. mist whobu -orkcd at the Dc-
g~in iisi as tof hive ar ~ltmm~f~t of Agrilture in D~a-IkI
is eP~f~ ih aion~ ere ll iens for the past fou years,
auPrc i~ October. Mr1. Siit h nentonal. Conference Mr. Eustach >whio flew to i
wllgiv rcitlson ~a tou~~r of of ~ Crer-erentatives in New York-where he will sp~ &*ms h ~ qeef10
tdii meia and Cnd. HieDto, Tuesday, 'Mr. Wilson- 'a week sails on-. the ((Queen rvisn hbfees
is -it preset in Monte Video. wi~ll blater joined by his wife, Mary,; to England an~d will en-
Hi concert will be dedicated the former iliane~ Tovaa, an~d ter the'National College' of Foo~d
to the musical yot of the dughter Carole 9, and will va- Techniology, for oeyasse
cttis he 'visits. cation in New York before re. i~ alized atudjiees.,He holds a B. E
His oncert here wiltake turning9Lrt-s-Pmc .+ the Q> in -, i U. __ ama as '

(ontiued from page 1)
(continued from page 1) PRIO MEN LINKED TO are connected with Haitian re- patiyh ata eot a
fiet representations of Hai- HAITI PLOT volutinay elemets~ in M~iami. thewssad Mnyserl
art and handicraft are now Mr Mathews who it is believ-
eroute to Miss Francis Whee- ed. has been retained 'by the By George SOUTIHWO1RTH Pria, who wvas overthrown by
leCoordinator of Women's county herrifs office to inves. Miami Herald Latin Am~erica Batista in a bloodless coup nm recn trpt Hii
',evie for Delta. Fran will tigate the participation of two Editor March 10, 1952, was not at his Ileamed fo$h is iete
Sthe stage in major cities for Dade County deputy scherrif's Miami Bach penthouse in s
ts exclusive promotioni for in the abortive attempt to over Followers of former Ciuban exile Monday and could~not'b b hw ad Ica ie O
14it Cherie. The Air Line ser throw the Government of Pre- President- Carlos Prio Socarras reached for comment. hs ae nwbti/u
7vg65 cities. ident Dr Frangois Duvalier. Monday were said to be invol Mathews has just returned ifraincek u twl
Many( local shops have con- Major Jacques Laroche who is ved in the recent abortive Hai- from a' trip to P'ort-au-Prince, etre oe otepoe
riuted generously to getting investigating officer of the tian )evort Hati, where President Frn aiutho
ts show off to a successful. same affair is believed to have cois Duvalier permitted him to
t. Each fashion creation assisted Mr. Mathews with his Charles J. Mathews -for- see evidence taken from rls
ibe ssured of individuality work here. ner F B I agent nonduing glain in the July 29th revolu-
naing the designer, shop Mr Mathews isa me n iri'Dade County's probe in the tion. M said it I o a if
fom whence it cm, adthe of the Retired Speciail Agents matter '-said followers of ahr sacneto ewe
outstnding features of each- association. Pirio, seekiing the overthrow of Two M~etro deputies were Hata evouinr lmns
Th same will hold tr-ue for thie~ President Fulgencic' Batista,, killed and several others took i im n nohrcte
_report shops which have seigteovrhw-fte
.otributed. HataNoenet
Frnis very excited over its,
triic poten tiality and the en Mahw-si e wudh
t usiasm received in th e State s, a4r l m n r e o t f r t e
mfor the various departm e ntc u n g r a e h s w e
ations. Foiexamle' thisMe
pomotion is pesently booked WELCOM ES YOU To Haiti and Recome s
Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, Membes to present thi coupon book
Cinnati, D~allas and tHot1- fofl6owbig Memnber Establishmen~ts Who will be
to, either for department store glad -to serve them A ordTe
plays, fashion. shows or T V At Port-au-Princez- Pan ie
howings an~d speaking engage- oH t e I s: Bea Rivage, 'Castelhaiti, 1-nterqatioK>
tnsom to ciies al nal- Cqntry Club, Sans So c~tiestel, Simile Hotel, Hoptel Plaza, Hotel Splendid.
~tioed~avRestau..r ants Aux Cosaquaas, Nobbe & Bondel,
inpromoting the show and, asa r: A
-tme geson .indications are morning 30 isebaked'4
Gi~t Shops: Boite h Mtbsique '-(al Haitia re
a- i ain in momentum. cords), Fisher, Fritz eIws, Haitian Craft (Air-
ni tport), fMaiotn OrientaIe,, MarieJei nei Niiii Mrs. MaxSevere
Included in this aHaibian Co. (empbroideries) Ramirez Shop, Stre Club an rs loaTh1
"vacadeii are fasho c reations Tam-Tam. o. y eea
-fom Hati'or caround-the- Nightt Clubs: Casino International.i..1
-ock I drIess,; roughly 22 diffe- Flower =Shops: ao.Man r.Jls
enenembles, Haitian pan-Limpousine Service and Sigh~tseeing: -H e r a ux
insand fine wood carvings of Tours andIlagit IslIand Tor.nr
,altypes, sisal and straw pro Auto-R~entals Drive: Hertz, System. I A
-ut'such. as rugs, handbags, A Petion-Ville.- M.4dMr.Pili .-l
pcenxafs, shoes, etc., hand~ too Hotels: Htel Chlouaco ne,- Hotel Dam~bala, Ho-MisEleWkey
medrugs and drasN of local ~ tel hbo-L616,eHotl Montiana, Hoteli VillaCeliMs -ieBeot
jtewry I od~ ~e Returns Le Perchir, Le Picardie. Ms ageieCicu
At CaD-Haitien-
Sterling ..av.lle, Delta's local H o t e I s: )Iostlerie du Rol Ciristophe and
mager, and Francis Wheeler Monit-Joli H~otel U-Drive: Hertz System.Mr.ee
aid the groundwork fore this Rolaind VORBE, Local'RepresentativeA isFacn otie
pomotions. Phone 3830, P.O 0 -Box k364 ~ Mr Alre Jhno


PETION -VILLE 6 & ieMs ai-o Pae;_

PhOuW:743 6


IIi = = ;:; N= := = =i ii=!:iiiii~ i
ii iiiii~ i1 !!iii.iiiil~i iilli! i!]ii!!i iAiil! il!iliii~i=iiilli !ii~ii!i~i!Iii!ili iiiii0 0iiiiii iii ~ li
$ 3 .- e W eekiiiiii liii~iiiiii' I iiiii ii!i~ilil
ii~TAW 5 8, pep Mile

Luncheon For Latinsl OPEN REGS
Dulles, Others FORZ COk
Will Be on Hand
(Tisari~e-ws ritn pe W ORPHA4NS, FIRE, CiV- United States, Spain, Germany,- :Preident Eisenhower Nill be The Scecra-tarY's 0O'fficeofteL
cialyfo te nema oing LEBASE CRASEA and4 their L~atnerca, a ,d numerous host at a Washington luncheon Facuilty of Ethnology nn
opnn auday eeing~ at the fullbodied richness; they could Lie in Haii, from~ which lie Tubsday for the foreign min- h peig fthr
Foyerdes Ats Plses. Te easilyhav come fromu FifteI~nth draws his inspiration, R-en. e isters of 20 Latin American for students desirous of etrn'
Pulci crily -invit'ed to'entury Italy, Sixteenth Ccii- Exinte received his first solid nations. the institute which beginC'oi
the6:0 1 'clck-recepion of tr Belg~iiu or Rouault's, 20[bh base a~t the CentrQ d'Art. The In Wasington, the Pr~esident sc- early in October.
on o Hit' leading artists). Century, France. Tbhcy are alive Foyer des Art's Pastiques, of will be host to the foreign mi- Applicants may applyfoff
lITI three dimensions; they are whih ilie is a foqanin'g in xn1r sisters of the~ Organization of -3:00P- M. to 6:00 P, .dal
Inth' ao"C4o eldJon Rod teribly prud should tak deep pride in his Ameican States member na- from, September 16th to b i
man~s AITI -THE BACK ceations which, & eating in \tions at a. White House stag ber 3 rd. They are requi-ret
REPUBLIC, Re Exumisme u in his use of color. Bxi- that> international language of luncheon. Secretaryy of Stt file birth certificate, heat 1 j
prsetd ya hrca da-. me tpi&es far bey ond classi- beauty, uike. existence mnore John Foster Dlulles also will tifcom, ihigahfr
inof~ a> family gru ewhi s His choice, shading and rich, more profoultd'to those ofb hna wel as other colarofdetit witht(
dates from 1.9. Itwas day< boldness of color reveal a ge- uts who find Art dio most real, top administration officials -and photos if they are21 yeaso
da, fen years ago, ha ii nus inorn, not learned. In the mnost enduring of all human congressional leaders of both pover, and a. written auth oi
_yun ainter was on hsway MODL where the amateur activity. parties',io hro t~i. ga1 ersn-,
I~ ~ ~ ins oFt r ?.iiejl~gsi The forthcomiing vism- a massive libieration with a r i c.h phosphorescent Assistant Cultural Attache- foreign mninisters in the -capital are urcter 21. yearsfae
invention Il ora-nce.,red headpiece wisich in stems inp~ rmDle're- E
ojcsamoigito the world other handg--wo~id blind the Robiert R. KLI cent visit to Brazil. There heiJ~
of '] re--P"te c~ cimo- eye, but which servyes here better United' States Emb~1issy dIiscusse5d the idea of 'a Wes.t- Flies B~ack TIoU.
tins, designs, meani.". Ren6 to define the face, the body, ern Hemni~ph ere 'summit confe-
E~ii pr asifoii~no the formi. The reds and greens rence. There is expected~ to be FurMl(CAb
fa rmteoiia urnti CISE DPE POSSESSION- further talk on that at the Wa ~In.) iPre-sidenitArhrHdre
of primitivisu asaaayepasz h sroses V dueT nd shingtoni conference next week. turned to the States wi -
moving. itieral hl the ossed6, ss-noy ffi p~~ GUATEMALA'S week in~ town. Mrt. Haas i ex

Aiaip her iAnA-, n tisi integral eli- Anivuoyoftepoet DIPLOMATIC MISSION pcted bace arly October
InPAYSANNE LVRE, TROU gions. mcsiientCef her~ life And and installation of TheA tr de READ ARRIVES
-COHONandPAYAGE on inRUE-DES FRONTS$ FORTS, Verdure~ Massillon Coicou is Mr Julio Schorano Bgcera,
~ev~lphse of~hs liunsure w~old present a being conucted this week by th-~wMinister Plenipotentia MSJOSAPH*AT DIE'S-T 9
p sionistie> tecbiiuiquc. We darkened mass wiv eE~un the Tax Office. The~ Theater ig ry of Guatemaa rivdhr
:aeSenan ink sketch of PAY toce dc pnIak u a oteSeptember 10th, He ilprsn Funoral services w
SANIE ERE; !veknow thait gesting figures, dust, comnmotion Iitt of Social Welfare ad- his credentiafll to the President Wednesdayr afternoon forMs
a detale drawing. preceded wid?*out, comrplicating, wi Fiisrtinrti -min wea tea ..e-viifor 4ozph thefo'e
teoibq yet we feel the sub- thout oversimplifying< the eye o the pa vacrediutemal qfthea Bmrdat thCurd
Jotbitup ou of color layer is caried own the street 000 had not Miniter acrdie p~ fteSce eati uga.
upon laer of 011, untl, suddn- thro Port-a-Prince, although Haiti She ws9 er fae
of~ ~ ~ ~~~g ti1 IJ~e hUd~l ~ t ustlinig figures ~wsrpeetda *itm1 h eesdwst
ly spnausly-- the pa- shrouded in- it dusk~ Jji-l4)1~iS Retirns a en>n t utml h eese a h ohr.
Utte knfecreates a-se-ating and outiinto the dark esa-sky, To D. C.Ct b a MiniTster Plenipoten of, Milfort Josaphat, Jr, Pei-.
paatwmnpregnan.wt fWbrw~akTe Mr. Felix Jean-~Louis, ist a' r- Mi- Delinois Celinois. o> f the Port-au-Prince Cs
d~reanA- 0 0t-jy hoe- a is alive., literall' shaking with, Secretary -at the H~aitian Em- Up until the arrival af Minister o0--f F~csn Worl ers' Ui
reaity fll-odid efoe-us- mtionad the upsually somber bassy in Washington, D. C. flies Scherano Eaceta last~ week, the The i'Sunl Dresents its e-
W ie evlpedi her 6m blIa ck s, browns andf muted back to his post today after .Le -ton of Guatemiala at Pe pest sympathiy andcrdle~e,.
ha~ston te-bac-gey back- oranges only .s~rve to'stimilate. several days here on an official tion-Vilhe h a d. a Charg6,- -~ M~ifo and ffemeI
gr-md lep- wih swe cltc~h, ou taste, make us wonder -A iision. He will bt accponpa- 4faeV>of the bereaved family.
*h ~ Nottslhsetettii ls. nied by Ms.- Jean-Louis, the
thi pople. -former Jeanne. Senecal. 1
WsKvtt Aa hat o' love -inEx>O
mati is theability to bols? Each 2ma wllindhi

tied lthosimple waturuoior PAY- the soeesjoarkete onetheiversio-

4~dU~~5 i~fh bf% Sac Plain> which, is oe of the
otry's largest lvsock mr-

>TR(7e never ~ { a; &0 trees like more siniicn the hieher--
Th of hedsy'n layig os
or bAtheof are- ~so is mumh hre sym>- the myii of aeii's new Iner aiol Ar-
t rkn r th e vesselAi of ife, coilestn fro the i i igh-

ciusefot of~ dorm -h sals mahdajadth-eiss. h
peiean alie ll~j lo

theeyes~vep, rcedsmovs hpe a othr lee th b rn- in 'jt pi~ anev n T
"intothesk ina riajuatig ng oue ith chit n the eed Te'otr ac~ fo otheoipory
path.~~~~~~~~~ Theu~ geomtri fom are d~e futc Moetr .defetsa add hs Aont mote
intmat t th wrk tsefis-bunerrignaton Wel shal 'Intternm~ action l ing-Deelopm
suingfrm testucure o te endth un;thei cain4ss en Cororation pa t e Yorkuin
acni anld bet oxenlyi ilb)woeaan ti eego p ndn Lawences. C

evnymesrd the pe- hi nns wiuthn yheHtans ma D uff. 1 o hs I~1eou~iiiet~1 A
spo i lcmte. ope. to4h is paienatlin the ( fThe Stae dtowlappea monoolym hiwllp oim~-
nex e~iioii. 'Syvi Caor~ i Pot-i-Phw LOJD

T 4- I

jjASPEBR2t. 195 ((AT$U) A1:1

D~eschlamps, whose codiio sf
In reported 'citical 'in aU S.L-

~Shorty Telford of. Plantation
Dauphin is cruising across con-
tinentalUnited States by autcr
with 'his wife and daughter
~,Betyandson Johnny. The
elfords are heading from Calia
forznia where heyugtr
will center coll~ege.

Sam aber~ the Suriname Rancho lioteli ompleting11 bu -Lu'n Sim Z~~
ShipKing is in town enroute sins inNe York t1li week La Planation~ Dauphin left on
to ew York from S. A-~ Samj- and eeted~ back Wensdy their annual vacation Mo~nday.
ryiloking over~ the advan-. The Wankiup are spending 45,
to te n toac< n- '~days away from the sisal mo-
dtsrwhile in Port toning from New Orleans t

Mr.Romeo Barrela, aC-sopping with her unle >Henri anulfrog.Buei orsodn o ie n p
Oiwo isdireto of te Ha-in amiburg, Gen writes~: tradn Cnrl mrc and makes hshm nPnm.G ah
*t Tors ffice inNew York -it's a wonderu ton- Anothe member of the exo
city -flew down Wednesday for active staff of the Planation oresAsitnDrcorM.avdBg wsel
a- visit. 000 whhas beenntown,ji CrianMs. Muibe Liu en. ciedhmWensa ff-
000' Hough ., who, g~~~~ot out of Canape etie a dre h i onfo asxwe tyi
Eniee Rou Nazon i ba& ?r. YolId a vler retun et usa. Mr Hough un cadei eonVlWd-NwYrCt
fromhisbusnes-trip to Nw edi 'Th~e.4 fromr a mcuhs 10- derwent an operations ebrevnn.Ainong h

000 A~erwent a medical ifk-u -ani jeani Claude Zenn flew to Jue BlairePto-il lyfo era hr ewl'
6pedial te ment. Mrs. Char., thetate st wekend 1.a, d
Mt.andMrs. arlet Augtse liri anmpoyeehof the Ban ____, oi d'Gnsge
..dJnor retured from thei quePopulake Coomb-ai- Barbara Cichowk relctat an r.RolBre-r n rdao'a copdb

000 ~~~~~~~hasse last weeend. Thedaug au.cntyswoexieml,
Mrs Kut Fs Vr s hme f- oseh utahe lft lastun teW of theFlour, MlVice- pe -10

coleg i Nw ork.. seialie stities.in Al- ofa onavea Chrstmas. ing nCnd.Isv aacStra'

Mas.MajoieBorolly flew sevain, Gane aescholrhp -0-~
A It~6n fi r .Sat eundt
ta6he wil ttend the Ntio 'Sunay, eI .- redsi'o
-aClud. s henw ddto'Cogeof oo Technolog in mi Saturay.

Mr and Mr Fei Bocheski uelatwkfrmthe,

Acoutat Andr6i Suplce an .ap Ur \*d ,a atene th te

e 00 spendingh ecne96-8
sered herirhdy antuvrmar World aotbl Cupi'Sed
&-eBoat herw sercs to UbnidSteso bu~sinss ger Genera Loi t e *i]me ia
inLn- s a d ome r 0effr tuio i te tae
- apending the B Aume hoidays Robertl Dealso lfeft byl Snay o" Brseso-hstaes

wi is sa~~~b pa198 Bog. air Mondayn aferoo o-tore~ rush 0~
000 ~ ~~~~~~~~~~ tone the oesd -oferm hisi tohr rad ls'JcusDrsCrsie o soe rm
mond. ine celbrain theui~ ari nJa oratowe ii
guiu~ I34 hya Che of Potco theva ofu teiris&hla ag ihteAuut adl
Adreess 14i/ herei deervdte ~uall> won h Sok'00
NOTtaPInCE~ deposite at Iqia Caap PixeMooiegasstnhi

hioas bim~da aniesay o
Formr Frnch eacer (956-8) n- a AmeicanColege e Vpaso -eptek. 12h M-rctro teCntedtgv
k~~~ ~ Aer Ga fhrstiet o rz nantoa Fec cain ewss tar-rel' i ertr tB h ',Cb-tboqae a i i
HatinEasyin ~ C~ariuddeo nhm,/usa vpn
contest,~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~e ofes e series alEglseadSans sekngndto orte esnnlat h
Trunillo-~f He < Lesnsa om rclsrom tlinPviin fre Car Ban t
way pesnlte Ane rn
'Havng btaneda B.A. n Eglih, se wll lsooffe Enlis 00

terstudy olie Tehiq
Phone 2341< his aratakflwoWah-hFrnhCptlonaFec ils.TeGndRso;
Ad(w1 hri e ale ntnls ekt acckee a en*fe-gfo
aman Goenetshlrhp
Pota-Pic, AT..hsoletdagtr ocllg.fanig pls
Busie an Chlo Bigo
<<~a~4 with hiieaddagtrsi


The death on1 Monday eveM
nnverar_ a inig of W Raymond1 Lambert,

casaf:7:0 P. fnigt'$unforWasingon.to ismany fiends her-e, The 9VEQU!A
it O'WC young insetor was inem of AND) BL SE EIFC C T T
on'he ccsio~i te 4nn ee ~~tary of Stt Foster Dul- a leaig -family of Cap-Hai- MAYTI'Op j(.F
les/ ~ is to haewt h iitr tien. He had been illo~ a THE ROYA L j4 c,~I t s Cf ji
Fr#1 1:61 Duairjo h.Pe fFrign. MAfr Ameica counltries, cocrnn of MVr. Pascal Lambet of the Hereare som~e of th yp ecy V '
qustos which are actually Hyraulic 'Service. toms oi approaching old ag FORMULA bu aifc"
Unde thebato of aesto agtatig th, wold.'which make men and women sut4 are (ABSOLT
PalMnrth a hsi in keepng with th over, 35 feel devitalized and, IANTEED w h-t

Americaonstoibe ionsy ited on Phiysic-lly, Me~ntally~ and E- SEE'HOW JfrNASO
the ipotan qesion o p~i Lonrd ndShrle Gv~eymotiornaly. o~umanDynamo)iC~~LE MY
Thrh song wi reunt jvYr ythe slow dwn. Dizziness. Weak h~

PdttT-- w.~f~ba -,,te Chir]o th ending feeln g. Vague achs a Aupans., Tody vje 't prud
G6r0esikr Ias l elq firs vaction to Hiti. L sk ri*.ips,>a-i
Palcci ra gting afi ntint tiit. 'r (don'tcar attitudes, -_bie to plc h swo-

.1j Mn6fi Ciae a nrn io ,an.de hs and ijy. easil'a isto ge rest 'B1 jm

day inaugunated.two. impeatan Z7

inc~i T eng sh'na e, plus ai JJful aneo
PM ~ard dr wil rceiv a, las of11 'wt h-aA eia1nonNrosesSeig
-, mlkeni n ail I)-ee i n~ e leav- Moh di~S (

-the:~~y Conts h I 1
4 tuesi 'to.te Emay IIe is-autigkS O M L
at-.the~~~aen w(ote e at)cnesIgt


emar.~~a'aeyxdn eRed Ce ro'ss wa- hntglle on m g carrie ywo

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om p ay~

Monday,:~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ b l, isd~ ftAtieLT B~:.
brtdMnayb at'ssnl oylJlyvesne me 'akout

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rxiiiqi vi marchicomp is. on_ gale,_ 'the_________________________yers _in' _a 'Io'ae sf

Secu~~~OR EVERY 0CCxc Selg Pin'thmam

'edby4iuenin A nr. '1 .'' % 1 9 e utors

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