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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Creation Date:
October 29, 1950


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Duke University Libraries
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Duke University Libraries
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 32441147
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lcc - Newspaper 2117
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S VOL. VIII Port-au-Prince, Haiti SUNDAY OCT0-




3ER 13th 1957 No. 3


T. 22

President-Elect Doctor Francois Duvalier will lie sworn in as Chief of
Tuesday October 22mid.
The (late of the cerentony at thie National Palace was put back a week
provided in the Electiral Lawen order to permit the attendance of foreign

....... I- -It is understood that President
SFrtz Ha Du'valier will use the anuiver
HFritzBrutus Has sar3 of the death, of Jean i ac
ques Dessalines, founder of th
Grave Accident Republic. on October 171h. tiI
make his first major pronouneT s
At Flour Mill I meant of policy. The address wilIt
-hed aner a lo re arbe delivered at the City of tEi
HAITI'S famous drums of the dance and Folklore ar e being readied Independence (Gonaivs whit
for the coming Winter tourist season as Tourist Bureau officials mid Twenty-sis-ear-ohi Fritz Br. her the President will travel fot1
hotel proprietors put final touches to their-attraction prnorams. tus, Chief Mider at the ((Mitole- post-inauguration ceremonie,.
............d t i t a o- of- rie was gra ely injured on The official count of C ongres.
ITuesday morning when he fell sional seats reveal that aol ph
S1,700.000 military City from the spiral staircase of the Senate seats were v on by
lai 1,70 .00 Miflour mill into one ot the wheat Du 'alier while the Dejoeist
conveyors at the establishment. won fiveal of thirty-evn seas iet
Handed Over to Army locate at Lafiit au. t e oihamber ofuDeputi ses.
What was once i nn arid bill i vern ment and the_ A cting Chic!His left foot wv.as caught in
Wbehadthendso trial id ioffteArnm y. dthfthe metal gearing of the conve- It is nof revealed Mr. Dr.loi
behind the industrial sector of [ of the Army.t and l mauwd did notlretainhis 5ena seat a
Chancerelles, has oecom. a Gar- (Continued' on page 2 or belt and badly maird. did not retain his Senate seat a
den City of two huidre neatly moMr Mf. Brutus hal the presence Aux Cayes.
laid bouits ciilian con___ ctr, %i, wide inspectionand c of mind to pull ht i leg tUp rapid- elanation says that
laid out homes, set ih wide iT.-L _._._
ireets with concrete sidewalks 11 'cou ,rt is ly buat the foot was caught fast iOfficial explanation says that
fy with thbe nmachie s in movement.in several polling bureaux the
and well landscaped serrour- Set up for e suffered a broken ankle Dejoieists refused to accept the
dings. Se r bone and severe leg damage. results of the balloting for offi-
The National Rushed to Canape Vert os. cials and instead installed offi
The new township is (fe Ri-pital, theyoung vctim was poe- cials of their own. Sever:il bal-
liaimre, which was tu-ned overAccounts, -ptrated on by D ictor Miao and lot boxes were also tampereu
t' the Army on Saturday mor The creation of a qi'a Court Bonomme, andoit is reported 1w itlh. These votes were there-
nmg by its civilian constrctors, -Tor the inspection and control that amputation of the left legltore held to have been spoilt.
the Caribbean Conm Iruc i.o of Haiti's Financial--InstitutionS which was at first feartd;-o*Hli" The. rulilig was nnde:",by the
Company. was decreed by Military Govern- not be necessary- Ci'il Tribunal of Aux Cayes and
ment Council Oecree this past Mr. Haas. new Direriar of the whupihe by the Censusi Court
It will hou~e 180 soldiers and -Teek. rfirm, offered blooe for a trans-"which is the official body for
9Tefi i in Ahr.q- Decre s d at e ui if1necessary,-as.well as-.'IU-- -rai receptionsI i an lnslptircirroti

[U ULI^. ILU'| U J LU ,L~lI ltjllr\ UI.
first lieutenant, together with
their families. Said to include
the finest sewerage system in
the country among its Tacilitie;.
the settlement took nearly two
years to build and cost 't,700.
Rentals of the bungalow type
homes range, from :; 3 to $ 30
A pleasing variety of rmsntric-
lion and design has been achie-
ved on the basic formula, -nd
few of the homes ar. a'ike. !hp
use of pastel colonur-. and thn
shady I fronds of banana tree% in
the backyards provide an atmos-
phere of functional charm 'that
is a tribute to the planners.
The settlement was accepted
on behalf of the Arniy and the
Government in an impressive
ceremony attended by members
of the Council of Military Go-

to the physicians, espe.tally.v to
the Obstetriecins ard Pediatri-
cians of the capit.d that it ;s
willing to ;;vc F REE SMA
POWDERED MILK to feed du-
ring three months all t.lins and
Triplets born between Oe.-.tber
15 and November 1 1957.
A.l parents interested in that
offer may contact F. G. Naudl,
Rue Pavye. P'ort-.an-'-:in-e.
Will be required.
I. The authoritition of a phy-
2. The babies' birth certificate

State, on
from t[irl

President Elect

The President of the Council of
Military Government, Gen. Anto-
nio Th. Kebreau was warmly re-
ic0ived by the populace when he
visited the'Cap and Jacmel during
the week.
The General met local nota-
bles, was guest-of-honour at sew-

The Decree stated that expe- funsion.if necessary, as. well as n ."...-.... uTe etrna. pral receptions an. nspected lOCal
rience having proved that it is special anti gangrene sprum. The veteran parliam-rilari.n, institutions.
necessary to strengthen the coi- which was flown in from Miami. AI Hugues Bourjoll.' was' cler-' ----
e tted President of tt? q Selate.1 HI61H COURT OF
trol over the expenses of tha Fritz Brutus3 met with Ihe ac-.t esen of r i a AS COUR O
Slate and to organizeT a disputed client whilw Tenty years ago he servnd as ACCOUNTS COUNSELLORS
Slate and to organize a disputed client while making ai inspcc- Pr-dn-fteCa i fD PONE
claims office of the public ad- tion tour of the machinery, fal. President of the Ch-aib,:" uf D- APPOINTED
mmistration, it is necessary to ling into the cone',yor. Unable duties and this is his second l Five Counsellors, for a seven-
creqte an organisation to assure to make his screams horardl by term as Senator, the previous i year term, were named this week.
I he control of expenses and I other personnel due to the noise being in 1946 under Pre'sident by Military Government Decree
watch over the good functioning of the mill machinDs he iaara- Dmarsais Estime. to the High Court that was re-
of the public administration. ged to extricatl his hemangled Severial ballots hat-. so far gently created for the inspection
of the public administration, ged to extricat his mangled faldto produce a Presiden.: ot and control of Haiti's financial
The Decree creates thle 0aOrga- foot and climb the stairs to the d to p a Preid 01 and control of Hai's financial
nisation de la Cour Superieure exit. There he collapse'!, losing I'e Chamber of Deputies. institutions.
The' Chief. Counsellor charge
des 'Cumptes.' (Organization nf consciousness. TOURIST DRIVI.: was given to Mr. Jules Blanunsor chere
'the High Court of Accounts) to Officials of the Minorerie have Meantime *every effort is being notwas gived to Mr Jules BlanEconohetist.
I be composed of five counsellors been giving ev-ry possible cornm- made to bring about an atmosph- Theother four members of the
appointed by Presdential De- fort to Mr. Rrntus wh.rm they ere of normalcy in time for the High Court are Mr. Herv6 Bayer.
cree for a term of Seven Years. regard as an exceedin41. worthy Winter tourist season. Hotel prop- Mr. Massillon Coicou, W. Nurses
(Continued on page 21 (Continued on page 16) (Continued on page 21 D. Day, and Mr. Marcel Daue.
....- __. D. Day, and Mr. Marcel Daumec._______________________


UBEEPa sBEEPN -Father Schumaih'r, wiro get-- Petit Seminaire College St. Mar-
ting any bIeps.l out of Sp!t- al.
Haiti is one of the few coun- nick
tries left on this earth that does To follow its moveniet, is a
not go berserk when the world The time it takes to climb the full-ti.me job, and then i' would
is shaken by some great event. stairs to the Observatory per- have to be at sunset, or sunrise.
It is one of the few nations ched on top of the Catholic Col- when the sun could reflect on it.
that has managed to keep rock lpge. Sputnik had the time to Although Haiti is not in that
and roll at bay. But Ahen a make another trip around the Satellit-building raoe. it is how.
Soviet-made moon went bleating earth.
oa-r-head this pa.it -u.-'k. at The Satellite up .s u hi:'-.,'nE i
least a seg-nient of the popula- around the earth at Is.1.09 mile-s
tion had to leave their political an hour at a height of approxi- Lavinia Williams
problems on the shelf and tune- mately 500 feet. I Beeo s, At El Ra-
in for a Moscow. or dirpctlv from little nik's beep-beepa which Father Three of the loudest cbeeps
i Sputnik as the tRussiain .ill their Bettembourg translated as tebt the Russian Sat-illite has omit-
Satellite. teeth, on 15 megacycles. Russian ted in its abeepingt around the
Thursday inornin ithcI Sun- relay stations. At 11:15 A.M. earth are believed to h *,! been
paid a visit to Haiti's sole Ob- Father Bettembourg actually recorded in HIal! '-.: -(cledcnc.
servatory 1 Ob;e- vatoire at succeeded in getting; several
the Petit Semnnail'. St Martial, beeps directly from the Satel. While recnrdin-, in intip-riew
at Port-au-Prin.,-. to findl ,ut lite on 20 Megacycles. with Mr Clement Stoit- .L th-
whether the three Holy Ghost The chances of seeing the Sa- El Ranchn motel at 93'). Wed
Fathers. Direcmor Father Bettem- tellite in Haiti are very dim, nesday night, or a tape recor-
bourg. Fatrir Schneilc:- and says the Observatory Staff at der. Lavinia Wiliams. unkno-

ever interested in the dawning
of the 'Space Age".
Alton L. Blak'-slee, Associated
Press Science reporter, in Vie
article reproduced on page 3, ex
plores the meaning o0 the man-
made moon spinning uoerhead.
(Conf'nued on pag' 3)

Registers Sputnik
ncho By Accident
wingly picked up the Satellite's
Mrs. Williams told the SnSa
that she was interviewing Mr
Stone as a visiting personality
for her Sunday program aGlimp-
ses of Haitin over Radio Corm.
merce. when little ,sSputnikl got
into the act.
(Continued on page 2)

I 'I


PageS 2_______________HAiTI SUN_________SUNDAY OCTOBER Uatl


We Want 7

C'. I


ew. Will Die In Hati


High Court Lavinia's Beeps -
Of Accounts (Continued from page 1)
iContinued from pag, tI ,
ofWe heard the beeps two long
and one short when we were,
The High Court of Accounts playing the tape back to check
is an autonomous organisation the interview*, the well kn)wn I
w h o s e jurisdiction embraces dance professor said.
operations of a financial charac- When I first heard thie noise
ter of the State, the move- I thought something was wrong
ments of funds of the Treasury, with the tape recorder and told
the management of State enter- my husband who was doing the
prises of a financial, commercial actual recording to remove the
or industrial nature, as well as interference which drowned out
those of private financial insti- that part of my' interview. she
tutions. added.
Mrs. Williams husband Shun.
The Court will, futlihr. obliga- non Yarbrougha. r'.irigerator
torily give its opinion on all engineer who professes to know
contracts, accord-i and agree- something about radio said he
ments of a financial or commer- recognized it as a queer sort of
cial nature to which the Haitian signal and refuse;i to erase it.
Government is a party. It was one or the1 rlolra guests
more hep to the activities in'

The High Court will exercise Outer Space than most Haitians, the curfew, ended, when the new
its control over Accounting offi- who first put it down as a clear chief of state takes his oath of
ces of all the Minikterial Depart- cut ccbeep-beep-beept from Sput- office
merits. will commuld ic di- nick.
rectly with thile Presid ,,o) thie Vearius radio experts who lis-, Meanwhile. Haiti is quiet. Ho-
Republic and make hi.m a report tened to the tape this week tells and transportation and other
oni all the questions submitted could not identify it as anv tourist facilities are operating nor-
to the Court or which coin2 be- known radio signal .ndl a'.e in- mall. There actually has been no
fore it.cl dined to accept it :s Li.- Satel- request or suggestion that depend-
lite signal. ents of Americans in the island
Each year the Couit will sub- Mr. Stone, President .f lie -
mit; to the Legislative Corps., at i((Combined Insurance Company
the beginning of each session, of America)) who hails from Chi. T rau 'aguration
an analysis of the general ac- caqo said that the Shure micro.-
counts of the Natiun. accompa- phone manufactured in lChicago
nied by its consideration: and was known to ie lhichly ensi- Oct 22
recommendations ou the admi- tive and one of the finest micro- t
nistration of those handling pu- phones made.
blic funds, and -n their respon- Mr Stone has asked fur a copY Continued from page :
sibility as orderers and !iqu;da. of the tape to tak! honne with
tors oi public expenses, him to the United Siates. RCA -rietors as well as Tourist Office
r a d i o communications office officials are preparing special
Thle Court will include t'e fol- here are sending a copy to their programs as part of a drive to rec-
lowing sections head office for testing, with re- over lost ground
aj Section of Insp: lion lf Fi- gistered (beeps) ) u ithe United
nances States An impressive delegation of Hai-
IMrs. Williams' interview with tian experts on tourism as well
bi Section of Control of Finan- Mr Stone and the v.beepis,) can as exhibits of Haitian Art are on
rcial Institutions be heard today from 5 to 5.30 their way to the ASTA Conven-
ci Section cf .rdministatiL pin over Radio Commerce on tion in Madrid while KLM -the
Disputed Claims I the 31 meter band arrp-nxima- famous Royal Dutch Airlines -
Iely 9.6 on the d al. have resumed their service to
T e Military (ve'nnt i Iely 9.6 onf this freak catdhin. of a Port-au-Prince, after a lapse of
Counc il's Decre ve whit! dd If this freak catching, of a nearly three years.
Council's Decree hv.!ickh de -iili (tbeep) is found ,to b.? the actual ear hree year
the functioning of this imrpoiL- emission of the Satellite signal
tant Court of Accounts,, contains then the Williams are expected Somc of the secunty measures
more than 30d articles to send'a copy to Moscow to the taken by the Junta in the first
I Spun ick builders. tense days after the elections we-
Spunick bild .___ re being relaxed this week althou-
gh the llp.m, curfew remained
It is expected however that with
INVITIES YOU TO VISIT THEIR the inauguration of the President
the security measure will be with-
PERFUME DEPARTMENT drawn altogether.
The first task of the new Con-
WHERE YOU'LL FIND THE WORLD'S gress will be to draft a new or
amended Constitution to that of
FAMOUS BRANDS FRENCH PERFUME1950 under which the President



According to the provisions of
the Electoral Law the Congress1
must report with two months.

leave the country. That report Actually.. he said, -there hba J
was mistaken. been pt no time any molestation
aIn fact, the primary objective of tourists.
of both Dr. Duvalier and Gen. Ke-
breau is to guarantee the safety in fact, with the last week or
of tourists visiting Haiti. It is two, we have welcomed two large
their purpose to establish a free visiting groups from the U.S. ia.
nation, amenable to the will of eluding 150 members of the Te.
the people.* amsters' Union following their
Jolicoeur said that in the move Miami Beach' convention, and 1i8.
to make tourism the No. 1 indus- representatives of the General
try of the Negro republic, one of Electric Supplies of Texas. They
the first steps will be for the new all reported a most pleasant and
president to name a tourist board interesting time.'
to encourage travel to the island. Jolicoeur stopped here en" route
The Port-au-Prince newspaper- to New-York and to Washington,
man, who is a member of the staff where he will attend the Inter.
of Le Nouvelliste, characterized American Press conference.
the recent death there of Shibly While in Miami. he conferrTel
'Talamas, a U.S. citizen, as ,an un- with Ian G i e a d i, information
fortunate accident" now under chief for Haiti in South Florida.
full investigation by the Haitian
government. MIAMI HERALD



tSociete Industrielle de Mat&-
riaux de Construction

' 0 Box 1273 Rue du Magasin
de I'Etat

Portail de Leogane Zone
i behind Union School
Balusters of varied designs
Locals materials
Ciment Blocks
30 x 20 x 4p
20 x 20 x 40
15 x 20 x 40
10 x 20 x 40

Soliditl Economy Guaranty


Advises Its Aimiable Clientele

That It Will Work

From 4:00 P.M. To Curfew

Every Beginning Evening

Saturday October 5th

Until Further Notice.

Port-au-Prince, October 3; 1957












VPPLY HAITI SUN Telephone 2061

3r Write: P. 0. Box 433


Haiti's curfew will be removed
with the impending inauguration
of Dr. Francois Duvalier as pre-
sident, Aubelin Jolicoeur, Port-au-
Prince journalist, reported, Thurs-
day in Miami.
Now press attache to Gen. An-
tonio Th. Kebreau, president of
the military government which is
administering affairs of the trou-
bled Caribbean island, Jolicoeur
said :
-Full civil liberties will be re-
stored and martial law, including



(Continued from page 11
A strange new moon stamp
ed ,Made in Russia' is racing
around the world over the beads
of started, puzzled people.
The Russians calmly say they'll
give this baby moon a brother
very soon. They hint of bigger
surprises to come. They even talk
of landing on the real moon in
fairly brief years to come.
Questions flood forth in a torrent
What does it all mean? How can
a moon be hung in the sky? Why?

affAlTl SUNm


Does it spell
For one thi
ind has enter
his destiny. S
human bands
ing mysteries
ce. It's the f
man travel in
Russians -
umphant -h
race to do it
viet scientist
test moon. It
simple. But t

I '. * "

S"y",-' .;' ,:

A. ,







* This story is part of the Inter-
I national Geophysical Year (IGY),
Sin which scientists of 64 nations

ly reported a II its developing
plans, for the benefit of all other
IGY nations.

0 PA AG are cooperating to learn and
0SP C AGE share new knowledge of sun,' Russia said very little offically.
S ACE A space, earth, weather, oceans, cos Until the stunning news last Fri-
g mic rays, earthquakes, all the ma- day that a moon weighing 184
goJ or evil? presents an enormous prestige jor physical forces and events af- pounds nine times the U.S. wI-
ing. it means mank an.i propoga.nda victory for the fecting human lives. pounds nine times te U. wei-
red the space age of Sboviet Union. ght- was right then speeding a-
omething created by Secretly, saving *very little, the round the earth at 560-mile height
has started explore Soviets slammed ahead, and some Exploring space is a prime goal. every hour and a half. It's a ball
and secrets of spa- reasons ior their win are become' And artifical moons, packed With 23 inches in diameter.
iirst step toward hu- ing .?!ear. instruments to act as man's eyes,
Space. To many Americans, at least, and hands and skin, can really How did they do'it? Why no ad-
- delighted and tri- the bo hbJtell news brings dis- I tell us what space is like, what vance noticed?
have won an official may. criticism, sonie chilling lies out there. "I
lirst. A leading So- doubts. We do not brag about plans
frankly calls it a For science and potential hu- About two years ago, Russia in advance. We wait until the et-
may be relatively man welfare, the news is just the and the U.S. each said she would periment is successful,. said So-
unquesaamably it re- beginning of an exciting story. tackle baby moon programs, viet IGY scientists.
SThere's nothing mysterious in
.....- -- how you do it. Until Russia discloses her story,
SYmou slingshot the rtoon up. there are only the guesses and
high enough. fast enough, in the viewpoints of U.S. and other ex-
S'9 right direction or angle, perts. Listing some.
Powerful rockets, firing and
then dropping off in stages to Russia undoubtedly has an ex-
,, : ."': : 4 boost the speed, are the sling. The cellent corps of scientists.
S ... .' .... .... t moon is cradled in the nose.
..: '. "P .i.^4. _. ' '" ^ .i 'The rocket first rises straight From the start, she wedded her
.g.. -''' i P" t' /* ,up. Then its flight is controlled so moon effort to her military roc.
--- ,.-- ,' .. .. ]. it curves, and flies-paralled to the ket program.
.~ .', J.':'Y^ .earth at a preselected altitude. ] I
t V ~ Now the final rocket fires, shov A big help was using the boob-
.. ing the moon forward, then lett-ter stage of her'recently-announ-
Al .ing it go. ced rocket which Russia says can
S7 deliver an H-bomb anywhere in
4 F The. tremendous speed keeps the world.
Sthe moon going, with no more
gas needed. The speed is criti- She concentrated whatever ta-
LiM I cal. I I lent and money was needed wit-
Shoot the moon forward'at only hout regard to cost.
KI U m10.000 miles an hour, and gravity The Western World underesi-
hauls it back to earth, as with a The Western World underesti-
baseball mated her capabilities, or Russia
to hurried tp get a test moon in the
Shoot it 18.000 mph, anm. the heavens first, one using heavy
nwon gets in balance with gravity. batteries and little or no initial
Gravity tries to pull it back, but equipment for space studies.
only succeed in making it curve
around thie earth. That's exactly Her success means she has ex-
why our real moon keeps swing cellent rocketry and guidance me-
ing around, the earth. If you could chanjsms.
suddenly shut off gravity, the
i real moon and baby moon would Some observers think she wai-
t-- -e shoot away in a straight line. ited until her moon was up before
anShoor ad I themo o t at 25h.00 m giving any inkling of the attempt,
the n I ote0miles A failure would be embarrassing,
*HV ^*IMWVWU | ~~an hour. anditthumbs its nose at.. . ,_,-,-

cnd to Central and South America

* *1'

I' Is gravity.
The altitude and angle of final
firing are also critical in determi-
ning the moon', flight pa;h,-
how near or howv tr out it %wings.
an I how long it stays up.
The fantastically thin amount
of air finally glows the moon do-
Iwn after,days, weeks, or years
and it snirals down into the
hick atmosphere to burn up ind
* dizi.pear- -'-k? a shooting star.
u-"4sfully handing a moon in
The skvn''is. of course, difficult.
Everythiuj must work just right
*. '-nw,'the -tiiet. the U.S. open-


cause of diffitIlt pioneering.
Ru.sia reports the very first at-
Impt, gucceed2d.
The moon is broj-lc.sting radio
q,- als. These are being used to
determinee the exact orbit. With
!h:t know. scientists can tell you
wh'-?re andt whln to look at dusk
cr dawn to see this fiTst space ex-
ninrer. You'll probably need bino-

O6e Soviet expert says it con-
tains only batterie s nd the radio
S*.-.,: r.,ihirm"nt to tack it.


With 4 flights weekly, KLM linksth O tbMa with Wafe.
South, and Central America. zxperivncw d evsa .dom
the airline which is first with JcompmnM Tuih oii .
tality and'service. 4
Also, via Curacao, KLM offs a ib S of fight pw wen ,
to Europe. All first dacam high to teop fe turm SlpAWr
acommodations and superb 7es6m d-P aim M.
~~ i|


A' y-r .oF Olivetti in T~aiti
Rite Par'e

Page 4 ____


The crowning fortune of a
man is to be born to some pur-
suit which finds him employ-
m.nn iand hanninoae nwhothar it

KLM Service Returns To Haiti Alter 2 Years

me&aCfSAtno npp~a.'oawuue
be to make baskets or broad- Regular flights to Haiti and the Bouchereau who were active in-
swords or canals or statues or principal Caribbean centers and welcoming the guests. All American Cabl1s'
song.- Ralph Waldo Emerson. AMiami, are now scheduled for I A O n
Sunday, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Tony Burgers, and Lionel D'A- Are Open Again. .
Friday. d esky are Manager de Breed's im- The break in the All Americal
,J1 AlT1R o' mediate assistants in the local cables submarine cable out of'..
AS T UI ST S company office, seconded by Ca- Haiti was repaired on September"n
AS TOURISTS The Royal Netherlands Aviation mille Cameau and Maurice Ho- 130th, the local management ari.
Company returned its service to garth, Jr. nounced this week.
MAKE BEACHHEAD the Caribbean Circuit last Sunday, Among the guests who attended The cable ship 'Electra. of Cp.
A RIV RA after two years during which the the inaugural party were Mr. Jo- ble & Wireless, Ltd., did the re"
HERE AT l I KLM planes no longer touched seph Auguste, Co-Director of the pair job, .All America's. three
The ,Teledoib had a strange spirited off to the Hotel Riviera Haiti. The KLM DC 3 planes were National Tourist Office Mr. Ber- cable ships being busy elsewhere'
little rumor on it. circuit this via La Saline :'or yet another out of line with the PAA DC 6B tholant Edouard, Director of the and far from Haiti. '
past week. The rumos gave a welcome drink,) planes, at that time. Immigration and Emigration Ser- The cable break was 27.15 nau-.
,specific day as a o-ort of D Day As Dago Lawrence who drives vice, Mrs. Anne-Marie Armand, tical miles from Port-au-PrinceI
and the Triport vho, handed the -a tractor and thirty -- foot trai- The event was celebrated by in- Director of Magic Island Tours, The cable runs to Fishermana
rumor around stressed the mca ler around Chicago said -boy formal inauguration ceremonies Mr. Cornelis Van Esveld, Mr. and Point (Guantanamo Bay) about l
ring ofthis D-Day with a raising with that little slaughter house which included a cocktail party 'Mrs. Henry L.' Birmingham, Mr. 237 miles from Port-au-Prince.
of eye-brows and whistling of Iand mess, 0a Saline) reminds given at the airport by KLM local and Mrs. Celso Costa of the Cu- The break had occurred on'att.
the Camplells are coming, heoo- me'of old Chicago stock yards. Manager A. L. J. de Breed-, in ho- bana de Aviation, and members bend on the ocean floor fkom 3q',
ray, hooray, tune. The Gentlemen of the Road were noq of the crew and passengers of the Press. fathoms to 400 fathoms.
By Monday this rumor had quick to make themselves at home eq the inaugural flight of -Cura- iA
been decyphered by :; reader of and their happiness %as radiated in cao>. Friends of the company and '
the Miami Hera!.i as mneanina their eyes which ware somewhat directors of the local newspapers ---
the Marines were coming and fatigued by eleciioneerin. Said were among the guests who as- B
there was no LittlS' consternation *Little Mike- of Chicago who sembled at 2:30 P.M., at the aero- '-I, \
on Avenue.Marie Jearnne when has one of the 11iik..t muscu- drome. '-i\
the Geodetic Copter flewv over- Inr mid-drifts. in r, Lcal ,boy B '
head that afternoon. ff my wife courd Si,.' re now Souvenir gifts were presented e
By Tuesday noon they had eating this ice-cr-am ,'iith all ro the visitors by Miss Lucienne -" 6 '
landed those cabbage trc':; ,:i t';? b:ck- Thomas and Miss Andree Content, '
Big and Burly, b)rawiier and ground'. Coniad. Wal.er Soap- members of the National Folklo- 0
more brazen thau an Marine Di- chips, Albert and C'ina lhnckel ri Troup who dressed in the cos- '|
vision they made a corp of Sea- all at the same table laughed. *ume of the -Affranchie'. f It1
bees look, ik rim',' Tin'r:; Hotel Riviera went into ton pear r-i . -:..-, .,,. n, ...... .. rn In

They stompted ashoir.e lrom with the Teams.t-.-i and their
,Panam clippers an-I were treci- wives some of w'hun are drivers
ved with wetlcoue aims and a in their own right, went about
*welcome drink> to the tune of enjoying themselves The inck-
a new meringue dedicateil 10 pots, bar, gift-s'ihop and dining-
Local 705 of the Brqtherhood of room were aL! 'rouq'J back to
Teamsters. 'active duty as these -vonder'ul
The Tourist oil'ic. rol~e''l ouLI big people vwho look as if ,thlay
the red carpet and rhum pin-. i'iad just stepped out of a Daymon
ches for the 147 Teainsteis and !, Run'yon novel relaxe'J.
their wives who caru to .raiti i The NJvi owlt, ur oft i.e
for two days fun and relaxalion -oldAst in the Loal 709 siltinri at
atter electing th ir President in a table w,"t.h fellov.,
Miami. ,. [drivers J Nolan, Bernard *Fiiz-
SHaiti ,Vid the Taamstecr; had phtri.ck and- :,V'l: Lang. coj'ifes
0olrpething in c6mmnon they both' sed that thnr.' w(W'. aentlr
had just finished ,lrtectonc. Foth 16,000 like the'n. at ome in ',i
had their' problems. O0ur Nevw resi'ileat; is JinImhv
,Given a welcomee drink 'at Hoff'ai, said 'te Tandqniem,'. ho
the Airport, the Teamsters i' s ,yours.,.
5 u s, )-y e w il l c u
their name is deprived from fact 'Maybe we will elect Our
that their grandpipie.-; ii-ed to.1 next president in Haiti -said
drive tennis of horsrt -- 'very nothr.

Ilnj Gllidl Ul LU A.jULaaoU- i
was heralded by a group of ar I
lists furnishing gay music' with
the tambour, the flute and the
A second KLM. plane and its
crew and passengers were also
honored on its arrival, at Bowen
Field two hours later.
The .Curacao's,. stewardess,
Mi'ss Elle'n Scholten, was pronoun-
ced charming, and visitors were
captivated by the lIocal KLM of-
fice's pretty young Haitian staf-
fers, including Mrs; Raymond La-
tontant. Miss Liliarje Fabius, Miss
Nicole Rosemniond apnd Miss Elsie


.AU,.SU.IJ_. --

flt'5 +

I_ .JN- .

I'"A i'/'~i/)t

aabas 's ,^r.Sp, rr m'r''"" S.r^.' t.ai ";,'^. .
X [ .,n-..,t-..a-r-i,... .n.l,- .* ".:,'t:.ea .-,a a..-,a..- - -a




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Complete Selections of FRENCH PARFUMS



-HAITI SUN* Page 5

...... --QTvices, to iJe\.ite at least one or PREYNOLDS MINING
HAMITI SUN *KT- two years of rune t-) teaching' PERSONNEL HAS SIX
Community Weekly Published Sunday Morning the government of Haiti to a The technical personnel of the
EDITOR-PUBLISHER BERNARD DIEDERICH particular part of the enuntry. Reynoldr's Haitian Mines, Inc..
GERANT-RESPONSABLE PAUL E. NAJAC i The level of c:iucatioi of' gra- with headquarters at Mragoane.
dates of various schools should for the exporting of bauxite, pre-
be sufficient to p-ovide i piee0 sently consists of six specialists,
^W ^ K~r1 iTBir (K~n Il;;mentary sc-~iinstructlon of foreign nationality.
Solving Haiti I which is rerqiir-.d by the public Mr. Edwin John Ryan Carey is
Education Problem at large, the Manager of the Company. The
C L O S T H E My kindest personal regards, other foreign personnel inelides
D:)vr-Berair- : Sincerely yours, Messieurs Frederic Sheets, Co-Di-
I should lhk? t-, proNi'-e not- Dr. Sidney Marks rector John Paul Noach, Chief
R AK .. 0 her uggesti lin jr l[.-.i;is k- xrcutv ir.ctor Accountant, Patrick John Raleigh,
1 buildingg. Zionist Organization of America Geologist, Morris Cesar Poropat.
One of Hi'"i'u r'oil-m ; is'to .-' Jean Zuidhof and Francisco Rodri-,
Kc ~ 1't found ,n :h. lae- of eduea-_______ guez Perez. "i
tIinal facilltict. mncw,' part,4,ur-
WE are sure that most Haitians wl] agree with the con- 1'r in its inatbliy t pr-wide saf-
census of foreign opinion that thle nen President will be fa- tictint elemrntI'.: Acho,. is- LA SALINE
cing a tough job. It is a tough job not only for the President traction o:" the popuLtion.
but for the country as a whole and there is little the new It would seemr tj me that ex- MAYBE a lot of people who tablished there. Some. in ar
Chief Executive can do unless the country as a whole makes raIrdn m."ur ar do not live there hav come to hands have their town houses.
_. trordnavurn tiisiurL'sarcnqu-dto nolieteehvcoctohr.Admayaslrhs
a supreme effort to save itself. rd o uat a accept La Saline as the sort of there. And many a sailor has
Provide and educate2: public atthing that is uot discussed in thrown up a refuge of a sort
Ilargei which ci, participate .1 polite society. y lot along its shore
It is natural for people to expect much from their leaders. c." pote society l'ynalongts shore.
That is the reason in the first place that those leaders were country. .U ., others cannot get over the I L Saline is a blot on any rity
selected. But if the outstanding quality of leadership is to -sMy suo ui f, ,,"- th shock no matter how often they Pui"ortrng to attract tourists.
bring out all that is best in a community or nation, it is iM of t.he leroc-,.ilu- h-, -the:pass through that odiferois wo- The natural reaction of a visitor.
equally true that individuals do not save a people. A people are used "i t'l ai, in -' Iterfront area. where the rottinr *s tat y city authority thr
save themselves. S school. I unde-i I that ev garbage dumps grow hii.erandl would permit La Saline doesn't
.,.,O0pigsf. i 'd il at I \ orange for what olt pgi have a high opinion about pu-
graduate of the Me-licl. Srhophl 1 regrd a' tibits wre blic health. Any visiting busl.
TI the country is to be pulled out of the political and eco- of Haiti nmut devote two yea-rs the open market constitutes a nessman would also have a poor
nomic morass in which it has floundered during the past tenlof service .o tV (e nlnry. it menace to th health 01 th city opmIni o f ty businessmen who
months, and if having recovered some of the ground lost it' I. ,ou sere ,"a .t f 0i.1 ac. pro I and the little danc-lhuts nr.a buta perit so ecvi"s a potential or
mots and i ceur shout'! be f a I c -v eC : ante ruian of 0." m is lsssopn etrt
is to go on towards the goal of every nation of providing a among other granuat: another variant of ht same a rst class shopping center to
full a life as possible for all its people, then it is up to Hal- ao ot. the threat. 0 to go to waste and odour.
tians to act as a nation among atos. This leaves o room University o'r a iv radiateate What a chance La Saline of-
tians to t as a nation among nations. This leaves ro ehnol in Hati. Fhe approach Most of the dwellers of La Sa- fers to a Town Planner backed
for fatalism or denegration. would be to compel such gradua- line, for people live there. are by a civic mindect and longigh-
Thre is plenty of insiratop all.around. There is plenty tes other than the medical ser- squatters. They are hot long es- ted community 1gih
There is plenty of inspiration all, around. There is. plenty
of spiritual capital left in a nation-that has given reason to '.
many outside it$ borders to have a warm place in their hearts
for it. We are sure that there is plenty of the right kind of I
fighting spirit left among a people .who never have been dis-
-maved by odds. "

What Haltfans need more than ever today is a sense of des-
tiny. Patriotism is not enough. A country that has survived

.so many vicissitudes, so early triumphed over so many mena-
ces. that has always found the mnn and the capacity to meet
every national crisis, must have a destiny which though .not
even yet visible as through a glass darkly, is nevertheless
there and inevitable. If there is to be any fptallsm it should
be in the inevitableness of this destiny.,
iB't if there is a divinity that shapes our ends it is for us
to rough hew them and this is the task to which every Hai-
tian must bend himself at this hoiAr. Many there will be who
0, -'of af-nn with the Government. That is their nerogative
and. inm','d food i,-ovrim-nt h tit sum tothl of differences
rt,-n,. t!-an the ininosition of the will Of even a preponderant
maioriHy upon a minority.

1r tli." process "I behoves tl'nse who may disagree with a
government to be constructive in their criticisms thereby
'.qinuy ~q place for the fruit of those criticisms in the even-
-- - . . r -A.- Al1--__

k Ua.raaab.a a. -- a.na. .~.. -...... ~

Ptl nonIlcv which becomes a iruiv naniona.,one ramer' tXan a s. ..i f vv3^^j111H11111f`t
one for 'i particular party or group. ,- .,,.
fo,.. . .,t r, i
It j in 'or than possible. 1o) that nolilics in Haiti have HAYTI N AMERICAN SUGAR COMPANY
placed too grea4 an emphDbasis on Government tmrplnnpe nt. E
The Government mnav be the biggest single employer but the !. s A .
n.nmb"r of government emploVees Is still small eompired R- S. A.
with the totIl emnlovment firps f or the country. 'The-e rue L
f"-f'ioTi ef Government in relation to eniploymeat is not to 6 ( Authorized Capital $ 2,000,000
widen lits v-ii sRon, of emnloyimenl but so to prime the eco- 31 ).
nnm;e unin" that tho n-thin of private ",mnlivmepf is' in- I -
e-.-... and its effect spread through all levels of the em- ,-
munity. Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Vow tbp-i that another President i now,' int,,, to -i.1 E West Indies
ditiona] ,hot seat) there is no reason why hp should not be I, ,
iverq a chance to plan the reconstruction of the country, Pil
'rjri'nqs of Haiti abroad have been having a bard time trying Plan r and Manufoaitrera .
to explain the seeming confusion of the past ten months. Forl "AULal tlte -
oirsehple vpo on the ((Haiti Sun have kept a ctack to normal) )
fil' in wviich we have tried to keen before nq the attemnits i. s th l t ge
bpt', -en explosions of the people to get back to a normal way, ( ( JSINEJ PA.SCO
of life. E I
H .. ''
We are convinced that the country as a whole is tired oft REFN AR TT l -
alarums and excursions. We are equally certain that Haitians 1( EF U A T. .kO CRYSTALS
who believe that tbev can continue, even in their minds to .E SEM ;
prolong uncertaintv.and unrest are hurting only themselves. % MI REFINED S1GAIU POPULAIRE '
Certainly they will get no svmnathy from abroad. What is
worse, they will get no helm. Every country needs friendly |
assistance from outside its borders whether moral or mate- v SUGAR... 4NR ENER Y BUILDER.
'Tial. But it has to deserve that encouragement and assistan- 'j ... ,lj yJ lu
ce. No one is interested in helping persons or countries who (.
,refuse to first help themselves. .. ,. ;, ^^n .



Page 6 uiLHAITI SUN,, S




Now that we have our new THE COUNCIL MEMBERSHIP
President, it is as if a new
breath of real hope sweeps I Initially, the Council would
through our country, and this consist of the following :
change of thought can be a real! 1. The Minister 4 votes
help to him. 2. The Deputy Minister 1 vote

service is one of the world-wide
aims of all Amateur organiza-
Further, the Minister's perso-
nal Bureau, under the direction
of the Deputy, maintains a corn
plete business- administration
work-in-progress set-up, insures
that all work deadlines are met
or the reasons reported to the
Minister, and handles financial
reports from plans thaZ tell the
Minister at what rate his money
.s flowing in and out, a very nc-
:cssarD operation.

the Executive Council, the arte-
rial system corresponds to the
Executive Chief and his Bu-
reaus, which are two in num-
ber :

is responsible for the prepara-
tion and execution of all Adver-
tising. Publicity and Promotion
plans and campaigns.

presents new thinking. It is the
Police Bureau of the Ministry in

If the Minister has obtained ',
Public Works approval on a job
of cleaning up the Grande Rue,~^'t
for example, the Liason Officer' ,
represents the interests of, the,
Minister in the progress being
made on the operating level and
feeds back to him such informa-
tion as would be useful to him
in further conversations with.:.-
the Minister of Public Works on..
the Ministerial level.


3. The Executive Chiet I vote He is not only the check-up :
To be realistic, however, he 4. The Chief of Planning I vote man with respect to policing allt .
may have not more than a few The Minister would appoint -- -- .- -.--.. -. ... infractions of the terms of Trade
months within which to make as Honorary members, indivi- .. Association agreements, but inr
use of it. In the United States, dualds from the followingI scr- F t.'. a.: | a positive sense can'be presen-
politicians describe every imme-evice industries :ed to our American visitors as.
diate post-Inaugural period as a 1. The Hotel Industry a.- ,:-. -" .. a Better Business Bureauts.
r'" ... --I '': "Almost, all American cities
honeymoon, and cynics among 2. The Tour Operators '" *'' ,. ... .... r_. '! Almost' all American cities
the political reporters keep a 3. The Shopping Industr'y --..-- have such Bureaux, to which
sharp eye out for the first signs 4. The FaiUities Industry customers can address themsel.
that <,the Honeymoon is over. 5. The Restaurant-Nir'lit Club I 1.- ; yes when for some reason they '
It always happens, and the best Industry y w. have, or believe they have, been
that one can hope for is that 6. The Banking InJ'ustry / cheated, duped ori misinformed.'
during the Honeymoon, the in- 7. The Legal Fraternity / c This operation we conceive d6f
coming President has organi-ted 8. The Air '- Stea'rhip In- -7-- ..--- - as having great importance. As I
his regime along sound line. so dustry r- -."..--..' matters now stand, w,! are al-.:
that it can withstand the inevi- 9. The Auto Transport Iius- -. .owing visitors to go away with
table shocks which follow, try. A a very bad impression of the
This would mak a toua! of 13 -- ._a ery bad impressioN of the
Ti--'-o1r ,^ \' --t ..._..^:... __, country due to some such non-
The events of the past ,veek Members. The I-1nsorir'. M'm -- ' ," ense. while never nearing of it.
have heightened, rather than di- bers would serve ;: -jI,.,er'. erF ~ "- ] on the Governmental or elferti-.
mlnished, the necessity Ifor only, and only until thev. Lould W - R :. --' A R ve, level. ':..
strong General Management for be replaced by elected represen-.- The proper operaiun ol a ai
tourism. It is comforting to tatives of the Industries m\inl- Better Business Bure-u is to cs-,
know that conditions for its es- ved, after those Indutries had I tablish standards of business
tablishment could hard" be fulfilled the requirements of the THE EXECUTIVE CHIEF is one sense, and in another sense conduct and by applying them
more favorable Provided the Ministry regarding such organi- I responsible for carrying out the it is the contact point betWeen. to such situations, send the cus- .
organization is soundly concei- nations. 'plans and projects originated Ithe Ministry and other branche-Ltomer away happy ani satisfied..
ved, the rest can safely be left i Thus. the orgaeiation is Ilexi- and approved by the E\ecutive' of the Government andl the va- that the guilty will be punished
to evolution. ble and able to evolve. When all Council. If the heart and lungs rious Trade Associations at the and that Justice is triumphant.
Industries have finally qualified, correspond to the Minister and operating level. (Continued on page 71
THE PYRAMID and all Honorary Meimhers re- .-
STHE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL. placed by Official ono;, the Exe-
as conceived in these plans, cutives Council \\4uld shuw nine
would equate to a Board of Di- votes under contr:'l of private
rectors, in business. Within tihe interests ani st,ven vowci unl r
framework of the Council, the control of tric Go%,erwntn'.
creative Trinity of Idea, Execu- $ o ..
tion and Reflection, would find This conforms to thr rzalities "'
i1 ollmin~tinn and fh t e nntrol o if oitnlnMlnn hut nt tho cnnn K.4 ,'

Idea would be c ntinuously evol.
ved. /
These 'are fancy words tfo a
process whereby an Idea for a
Beach Project would be created,
followed by its Execution, followed
by Reflection upon the manner
in which the inital Idea had
succeeded, how tie Beach fitted
the needs, how it could be im-
proved, enlarged, made more at-

time the Govuornml'n. relais's
vetlo powers ovc.- Execuliv.
Council actions, vierei Govern
ment money is 0ocei!ned, in
the form of budgetary controls
exercised annually, hus a good
system of checks and balances
is set up which can be enduring."
even in evolution.
T h e organization provides,
that action can be, commenced
immediately the organization is
set up, a very necessary require-

This premise insures that not ment. We do not have to wait
only the .entire thinking about for the Service Industries to or-
the Beach but the Beach itself, ganize, but a place is provided
is in evolution, rather than re- for them when they are quail-
mains 'tatic. fled, ready and able to make a
The entire truth about our positive contribution to the 4rn*m-
competition can be stated quite mon good.
simply: it represents Ideas in
evolution; for competition mo- In this connection, the Minis-
yes, it is a part of the definition. ter can with confidence call
We must insure movement, evo-' upon the Amateur Radio Club
lutlon, and we must build it so- of Haiti to set up and operate a
lidly into our organizational radio network to serve his needs
foundation. I in the emergency. mLnicrenc.e


Monday, Wednesdays,; Fridays, at 1:25 p ...

ONLY $25

A a / 1-fW-11

Three convenient weekly flights to lake
you into the gay, romantic atmosphere
of the Pearl of the Antilles!
Only 90 minutes from Port-au-Prince
to Santiago de Cuba by CUBANA!

For information and reservations see your
Travel Agent or call Pan American World
Airways, Roe Dantes Oestouches, Phone 3451

CA- 140


Tourism The Big Pictu'e

(Continued from page 6)
Thus we turn a bad situation
into a good one and increase the
power of our word-of-mouth ad-
M. Noustas, in his recent
speech, spoke of the large num

ber of experienced and loyal
older drivers, and of younger,
well-educated ones who .re ,vil.
ling to support tourism t) the
hill. He spoke also of the few
rascals who are setting tt:e etin-
dards in the business. It is orur

I-.........- ___________ -

HI.UTI SlUN. Page 7,

considered opinion unlat ;he so- tion, incorporating them into'speed with which it reacts to,
called grascalsv would disappear new Plans. the various rates of change of
if all complaints began to be He would be assisted by a rate, is F.nietinies a pretty good
Handled through one authority PLANS BUREAU, charged with indication of how goo.i the orga-
and it began to be apparent )ust the actual preparation of all Ytzvon r:..y be.
u which individuals were cuntr- plans, and a FINANC:E BU-
nJally in trouble. Moreover, if REAU charged with viewing the --,
thec police had the aut:liori'y not entire proceedings with t h e i '
only to suspend the chaufieur's jaundiced eye of a Generaj
license, but also to inmpound the Comptroller. -_.
car, we believe su?1i be'iaviur RESEARCH -"
wuIld di-appear in :iiort order. All research would b? circled
Likewise. consider thc. cas of out under the direction of the
le Navy having to put cout of Chief of Planning, and the re- ,
aundsa certain cabarets and suits weighed in nhe two Bu-1
,ars where there has been pre- reaus.- .-.. \S
ous trouble. PLANS would handle ab out- --'-.
This is certainly a 'aJ corn- -of-country research. Such as
rcntary upon our w'xi inal);ihty Market and Motivation research. '/,4Wt
lo set up and :nforce stan- FINANCE would handle all that
'.rls as to make it unriccess-iry inside the country, including .011
Sr an outside agency to do the Statistical Research and Custo- '
b'for us. The Liasri ()O'firer mner Acceptance anil tejecti.)n -
.ould have the power to'set and Attitude Rest'arch. l4 I_4_QrAI_.O I
d a-ds and to suspend licen- In this connection, it will be
*-.s for cause, and injn bad si- secn,'thal The Executive does-.
ration wuuld soon 'c.": itself not do research, as thi3 is s,)]ne- p
ap. vwhiat like asking a ollege stu- ---
LICENSING BOARD dent to assign his own marks to Joseph Nadal & Co.
As a matter of fact, eventually himself The results are likely j
ve shall have to establish a li- to be a little biassedl and some-
I 'ensiug B6ard withinn tihe Minis- what less than informative. ABACO
I :ry of Tourism itself. as the The Finance Bureau would, of
D ower to license carries with it course, be charged with day-to- B TT I
I 'he Dower to reeulate and to set -day aynounting f f fund, as I BA TTERIES

F- 11 . . ...... .. I. -.. .. L -.. I....- 5 .. ....... .
nd enforce standards; they can- well as for the preparation c0
lot be properly exercised by a budgets. Its figures, all atsm-
lepartment having rn responlsi- bled in one system, would be so SIRICA
dity for, nor understanding of, arranged as to give tihe Minister BUICK
he evolution of the Tourist pro- up-to-date information in n con-! HILLMA
;ram. However, until such time, tinuous stream. AUS'I
h'ie Liason Officer can 'ia the As far as over-all program re- M10
o1). 1 suits are changing, and at what 1'
THE CHIEF OF PLANS is rate they are changing, but also CHtEVR
Iso a new concept. He would at what rate, the rate o' change PLY5
ie responsible for weighing the is changing. ME
results acheived by the Exeeu- This sounds complicailod, but PONTI,
ion of the Ideas, presenting the it is extremely simple in princi- FOR1
.nalyses to the Minister and the pie, and the extent co which any
'ouneil and, under thnir direc- I.General Management s aInd the CaE

At Your Service
Services all makes of Cars and Trucks
Does all types of'repair work
Automatic Transmissions Specialists
On the Rue du Centre next to SHASA r
English, Spanish and French Spoken .

.Pa ,,



$ 30.00


sh-with o!d battery

ge Service d'Hygiene
in front of

Dr. Goldenbcrg,
Petion Vile
S. -- -.1

Best in Cap Haitien Hostellerie du

cxo eiCristop Ie

A French Quarter in the Caribbean

The Hostellerie with a colonial architecture and historic background offers a mag-
nificedt holiday of sun and entertainment. The only hotel in Cap Haitien with swim-
ming pool, tennis, tropical park, night club, souvenir shop and French cuisine.
Fascinating excursions to Sans Souci Palace and the Citadelle of Kind Christophe.
Easy to reach from Port-au-Prince,40'min. by air, 5
hrs. by car. Write or cable for information; reservations.


* :,'.. :e .:


," .' ... : _

....' .
, ~ ~ ~.3.... 1...."i ,'..

i for your small child
Vaccination of other children
Doesn't protect your child
Every member ofyour family
utip to 40 years old should be
vaccinated against paralytic
. Amnerican Mlediead Assocation
A.merican Academy Of Pediazrica

Tfostellerie du QiKoi

Views of the Roi Christophes' tropical garden, attrac-
tive French provincial dining room. and modern pool.

(^ .. ..T

(Dr ,>^* ^- *. j*
Ig:':2 .7.:.1

Cap Haitien, Haiti Cable: Christ.-,.c
Represented in U.S. by UTELILA Assoriates, Ess;x HcLsE, N.Y. "'
'\' Chamber of Commerce Bldg. Miami, Flo., 55 E. W: hir "- Si. : .
'-A -.

.'..'.:' tIcademniy
Of Gcnerrl Practice
The IS-l: Vacirie is safe
" i -" '.2" .. "S '. n .I Vo-k,
17, N. Y.


Page 8 HTI-SN

I%. A t'W'. ........-...--''06L WMp- -' -lb

A iiAe SFR QuTu

ffe InBUP1(B*SU'I1iUiI

Fisher's, the American's [avnrite shop wh
all prices are clearly marked on every item.
Where a well-trained and courteous staff
help you to solve your shopping problems.
Where checks and foreign banknotes are act
ted, and your purchases shipped. We will gla
give you free information about U.S. customs

Which has the best imports from all the corners of the world. You can save up to 6C76 gulations and shipping costs.
from U.S. prices with your duty free allowance of $200. over 48 hours and $500 over
12 days outside U.S.A. Fisher's will be a real dihopper's paradise. Not only free port prices
but modest mark-up, because everything i, ,ncentrated in one large building. Are your
biggest assets in buying at Fisher's.

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S' (Tel. 2631) Name-
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N ..'C.- 'e City .._ .State---.

'*":i.::^,' ,' -^
mm -- um-..- mm m ia-mu mmmu mm m.


'for extra mileaqe e.

JL dmr,%, JLF

silence in Canape Vert. Funeral services for Mrs. Jeanne.
Ambassador Marshall spoke of Perez. journalist and dynamic.
woman suffragist. were held at..:
New York Music st. Peer's Cathederal iti Petion-:i
Man In Leogane Ville, last Friday atc,'teoon, am<
dist a large gathering of relative. )E,
Howard Charles (Chick) Kar- dst a large en of relative
I and friends.
dale, Newv York music publish Jeanne Perez was the founder.
er and ex-song plugger who ar and publisher of the popular, re-I"
rived here last month willI view -La S6meuse- which occu;.1
spend the coining week in Leo-' pied a high place in the annal'.-
gane. Chick who is nursing a of the Haitiarf Press. She also;*
ge h n i wrote articles and collaborated
swollen thumb from a thorn-1 for several local newspapers.%, f
prick he got while setting out She was a former employee ati
rose-- bushes in Bourdon said the Department of Finances, and.'
that through friendship of Bi-l active in the Ligue Feminine.
.shop Voegel i he w d'Action Sociale and the League.T
hop Voege he would be a for the Protection of Children.
guest at the par-onage in Leo- Haiti Sun takes this occasion-'of';
gane. presenting its deepest sympathyy,
Chick had additional agree-1 and condolences to the bereavedf';f
able news and announced that family including Dr. and Mrs,:.
Robert Sampson, hed of the1 Jean Price-Mars, and Mrs. Simone
Robert Sampson, he-;d of' thep ^ rohri~ j
P rez, sisters and brotherin-taw
Jewish Charities in Chicago of the deceased, and Albert Perez;,
would fly down, skipping Mia- her brother. .|P

a a Ru
"M a. a S am0M

ft must
be good Q' I- ,- i .

Johnnie Walker musr be good, to remna.i ,L i.
forefront of Scorch. Whiskies for over 13'-' v. -
kmust bc'good to pass the scrutiny of dis:.i r;
with over 130'years experience behind til,cn. i- '
OyIN 1it2n-, IyLL GOING STRONG o '-
Try it toddy-you'll agree it's pooad r ,



sso first in progress! first in quality!


pout areftdcie47t d-4tetclieax ctles
la i' t a ac








Ambassador Marshall calls on the Sun. i
The new Ambassador of the Re- mi, arriving direct at Port a
blic of Liberia, Mr. John Fran- Prin.-e f r a two weeks' va!
sMarshall, called at the Suni h
a courtesy visit on' Thursday lion here.
)rning. He was accompanied by the ties that bind Haiti and i
r. Benjamin Freeman 111I, Char- beria, the world's first Negro re
d'Affaircs at the Embassy publics, and said he wouid conse-
re. crate himself to furthering culbi
The distinguished diplomat ral relations between the two iT
eaks French fluently, having Lions. i-I He also expressed his adm0
ent five years in Paris. He was ration of the great Haitian peoA
member of the Liberian diplo- pie.
atic mission at London, prior to Mr. MIarshall presented his Cr&
ing raised to the rank of Am dentials to the Military Govern..
ssador and coming to Haiti ment Council last week in a spe-J
rlier this month. cial ceremony at the National pg,.
The Ambassador spuke of his lace.
mily which accompanied him '"
lich includes his wife and 1.- Mrs. Jeanne Perez
da half months-old baby, and a p w y
y are lodged at the official re -pa a




NEWN N D NEDW irect Passenger and Freight Service

(by DEMOS)

THREE ILATIAN newspaper -has tended to place more empha- valier, in his first Press conferen-
9ublishers are to attend the In-!sis on its privileges than its res- ce after the elections indicated
1er.American Press Conference in ponsibilities. But then there has that, himself a journalist, he was
Washington. been ample reason for the Press interested in seeing journalism a-
At the same time one reads of Haiti to be eternally vigilant, achieve the position of the Gradua-
Swith interest that Columbia Utini- There seems to be a new spirit te Arts at the University of Port-
versity, which for many years abroad and I think the Association au-Prince.
now has regarded Journalism as could take advantage of it in en-
among the Arts, has decided to listing support from its members Such a development would in-
offer courses in Journalism to fo- as well as its wellwishers to assist deed be the accolade for Journa-
reign students. in providing opportunity for the lism in Haiti and it is one in
training of journalists. which Commerce in Haiti might
These two developments toge-. well envisage as a permanent con-
ther should provide ground for se It should be the target of the tribution to our evolving society.
nrious thought by-Haitian journa- Association to r a i se sufficient In other countries it is from
lists. In the first place, attendan-i funds to give a scholarship, say the merchant princes that tradi-
ce at conferences such as that every three years, to a promising tionally has come much of the aid
which is to be held in Washington young journalist who would ,atu- to the spread of learning through
benefits newspapermen only indi- rally have to undertake that he established institutions
rectledy in that many publishers are serve at least an equivalent period'
also working journalists. But this in his' homeland after the conclu- I have no reason to believe that
is perhaps an advantage in that sion of his scholarship. Commerce in Haiti does not re-
the Publil.her Journalists, a The question of exchange arran- cognise this tradition. There has
a result of their exchanges in Wash "gements out of the country, now indeed, been proof to the contrary
ington, will be better able to so popular elsewhere in the Carib- and it is probable that all that is
Saplreciate the necessity for put- bean should also be explored, needed is for a businesslike sche-
Sting journalism in Haiti on a President-elect Dr Francois Du- me to be put before then
healtheir footing. Especialy this - ---- -
so in regard to their responsibili-
is so.in regard to their response CAP GETS NEW VEEKLY
abilities as velCAP GETS NEW WEEKLYprivilege as
bilitieF as well as privileges as '

members of what is known in I A new political, literary,' and
Grdat Britain as the Fotirth philosophical weekly publication
Estate the ot-iri t i ro e ,.LE NOUVEAU MONDE will ma
of course being the Lords ke its initial bow to the reading
Spiritual t hie L o rd Terni public shortly, it was learned he-
poral, and the People. The special re this week. Its founder-publis-
iesponsibilities and privileges of hers are noted journalists Luc E.
the journalist in a civilized State Fouche and Gerard de Catalogne,
presupposes that he is fit to en- of Cap-Haitien.
joy .hem. This fitness, as in any
other sphere of human activity. The purpose of the -Nouveau
uan only be achieved by training Monde. is to defend the interests
- provided the original talent is of the Departement of the North
there and practice. Journalism. ant at the same time to give ef-
then is both an Art and a Craft fective collaboration to the great
and thj is what gives it its spe- cause of National Renaissance. It
cmal place in society, as distinct will carry locan and foreign news,
from the practice of the'Art of articles treating Economy, Corn-
writing in other fields. merce, Agriculture, Industry, S-
'If these premises are accepted ports. Cinemas and Travels.
by the journalists of Haiti then
it would,be seen what an oppor- The publicationwill appear eve-
tunity lies before them especial- ry Sunday on 16 pages, illustrated,
ly, and let it be acknowledged and will be printed by -Les Pres-
Association. of Haitian Journalists ses du Nord..
has functioned only spasmodical-
ly, and let it be acknowledged -Le Nouveau Monde announ-

ir \
- Destine Still
Working Hard As
SHaiti's Ambassador
Of The Dance.
S After their successful toar of
SJapan and the Orient. -the Jean
SLeon Destine group of folklore
I dancers are now on a coast-to-
coast tour of the United States
Sand Canada.
The Company of 20 artists has
been a-ranged in a new format


I *Pnam

250 Pounds Baggage
Famous Cuisine
American Flag
All rooms with bath,

Only 31.- Days to New York

Accurate information at office of Panama Line ONLY'

ces that its principal collaborators, SEA-AIR TICKE
as follows: Stephen Alexis, Car-
let Auguste, Salomon Bellerive, n ino
Antoine Bervin, Hubert Bright, I:Re Abraham Lincoln
Roussan' Camille, Hubert Carr6,
Raymond Carducci, Joseph D.
Charles, Richard Constant, Roger -
Dorsainville, Eric Etienne, J a c-
ques Franvois, Mesmin Gabriel, AV 'S..1
Pierre Gonzales, Daniel Heurte- t
lou, Gerard Jolibois. Leon Laleau,
.Maurice Laraque, Gerard Laurent,:M m eVI E
Maurice Liautaud, Charles Lecon- Wi...
te, Leslie Manigat, Dumas Michel, '
Emrmanuel C. Paul. Hebert Piqui-
on, Raoul Rouzier. and Marc Ve-

The publihers also announce
that the weekly will carry four
pages in English under the hea-
ding .Haiti Travel and Hotel
News.' and information of inte-
rest to tourists concerning hotel
i organizations, stores and travel

and are operating as the <,Carib Kraugland wrote., vouched for
'Creole Carnival,. the authenticity of the material
Typical of the notices they used. We can vouch for the en-
are receiving is thai of John tertainmnient value and the ge-
Kraglund who in writing in the neral excellence of the perfor-
Toronto cribed the show at thle Eaton
Auditorium as a c'Alorful show *Colorful costuming, lie con-
that ranged from tne calypso tinted, *and imaginative staging
ballads of 'The Duke of Iron to made the absence of ,scenery
a voodoo dance featuring Mr. quite appropriate,- particularly
Destined, in the dances which were lively
*Mr. Destine, a strong, agile, enough to demand undivided at-
expressive prformnner. AMr. tention,.



You're in the best of
hands when you...

;Phone: 3313 Ticket Office: Jos. Nodal & Co.
j1dg. Jos. Nodol & Co., General Agents
or see your Travel Agent

PO.BOX. 462

Page 11


Telephone 3062. /..

Frectd WOOLLEY's

^?% ^mzaqje

^.tllW esses, glCLW-
tb uses

Sec'rt Co,&
1r 3ea'c^ CGat^

V~~flacH ID ta (igq~aieLpc

COXtLe ';PwwI.



> 1.,, .


IV ;

--" "'tK ..........






SMr Stone

8OOi Reps

Mr. Clement Stone, President of
the nation-wide -Combined Insu-
rance Company of America*, aid
S'of the 'Success Unlimited' maga-
Szine was here with his wife at the
El Rancho from Tuesday to Thurs-
day, this past week.
Mr. Stone said his, representati-
ves hope to have their 1959 Con.
.vention in Haiti, which would
include about 860 delegates,
The interesting story of how Mr.
Stone came to .Haiti reveals that
it was through Templo T.uraua who
with his wife, in order to escape
Russian influence, a number 61
years ago sailed from Finland out
of 'Russian clutches. The' Tiurnas
sailed across the world to be wrec-
ked on the shores of Haiti. Temple
Turna is now an employee of Mr.



To Bring report

lere in 1959

El Rancho's Manager, Thomas M. __ __ __ __ __ __ __
Dell hosted a cocktail party hono-
ring r. abd Mrs. Stone on Wed- ,
nesday evening.
The distinguished insurance ex- ck from a business
cutive'scompany has a world-wide ENP. t E enold Mines Pilot is back from a businesum-
reputation as a builder and motiva- lsre ti) to New York... GERARD BAZILE is leaving for the
tor of silepsmen. cold north ibientot' because of his low blood pressure... The lovely
Prior to his coming to Haiti, Mr. Hotel Meo' l has now. its own Tennis court which enters the glo-
Stone gave a number of lectures in* ,rirus v'%v 1 rom t'e Dining room... La Belle Creole's ELAIS NOUSTAS
San Juan, Puerto-Rico, sponsored i! -t..:.c.v ':.. ro.i the States on the 16th... GERARD DE CATA-
by the Sales Executives' Club there. I LONr-:. c uJr of the new Cap Haitien newspaper *The New
-Our future American business Wo. d in Port this past week.. Becoming a tradition at thei
expansion must be in the Carib- Fo'c 3'. '. c cry Saturday night is the Hamburger party around
bean Islands, in Latin Amrica, Ha- -. -7. -n!c : ':c. r," Fine Mills BEER MR AND MRS MANCE who
waii, the Orient and South Pacific., :"''o '.T the Food Fair Play hosts to their many friends... The AIR-
Puerto Rico and the Virgin Is- MlnSIOt'i !.JYS a-e still lysterfied by the sinking at ner mooring
lands are the, Spring board for the a',:1 s'd tlhq C.sir. .er olf t icir deep-sea fishing boat "Liberty II..
initial step towards Latin Ameri- PASTO FI H. 0. MC'i.VN.'ELL of the Mehodist church a leading ex,
ca,, he stated. sales methods and salesmen will Creole. is c:ca,.at'nh !n La Saline. It appears a newv church will rise
be the motivating factors in the in this waterfront area .. CAPTAIN PELISSIER NICOLAS of the Air
great expansion that lies ahead., Force is one of the numerous baseball fans here.' 'He watches the
S orid series closely and hopes his country will re-adopted this game
T SADNA3X 3.1 xz a summer sport... GERARD ALLEN had 'his pretty mercury
mashed up against a tree on the highway in front of the Simbe Hotel
M I4y ibthis past week. The Chauffeur was driving. Gerard was in New York...
T I M11ISS CAROL MANCE celebrated her birthday on Wednesday... Eco-
AT 1..unist JULES BLANCHET returned from the Washington conferen-
AT bi -, ce last week. Jules who spent yea's working in Washington has been
named to head the new *High Court of 'Accounts- friends, agree

Funeral services were held. He funeral, and the numerous floral I that he is -the right man in the right place*... .
for Mr. Marcos Talamas, on Friday I pieces sent by friends of the Mar- La'-
afternoon at. the Basilique Notre- cos Talamas family. FOR THE RECORD : Last week's -Sun. reporting the death and Qc '
Dame. He was 61 years of age. funeral of Mrs. Theresa Meinberg, mentioned -that she was a -
The deceased, long-time resident' Haiti Sun presents its sympathies long time resident and member of the Austrian Colony in Port-au- Vtr
of Haiti and pillar of the Syrian and condoleances to the bereaved Price Actually, Mrs. Meinberg was a highly esteemed member of T
Colony of businessmen here, had family including the wilow, the te German Colony here... P rei
.been in ill health for the past year former Madeleine Dabdoub, Mr. THE DEATH OF.THE EMPEROR (Jean Jacques Dessalines) will /, .
or so, and his doctors were treat- Nakl6 T.alamas and their children, be observed on October 17th by'the Societ6 Nationale d'Art Nationale
'ing at his Bome in 'Bourdon. The Mr. and Mrs. Salomon Talamas andDraatqu in a special radio broadcast, from noon to 1:00 P.M. This
end came quietly on Thursday mor- family, Mr. and Mrs. 'Nicolas Tala- yra ilu i a speia rai ro fr no 1:0 PM STh is
ning at 10:00 o'clock. mas and family, Mr. Simon Izmly year will mark the 15[st anniversary of the Emperor's death...
He was the owner of the Bazar and family, Mr. and Mrsr Jalif Dab- JUNTA PRESIDENT ANTOINE KEBREAU has just bee honored
'National, one of the largest groce- doub and their children. Mr. and by 'he Dominican Republic who awarded him the Great Cross o0 the
ry stores in the Capital, and ope- ''Mrs. Biebara Izm6ry and family, Orc.er of Juan Pablo Duarte. The announcement was made by La Vot -
rated it as a family enterprise., Mrs. Maria Dabdoub, M:s. Jos2ph Dom:nicania on Thursday morning that General Hectdr Bienvenido
The high esteem in which the David and 'family, Mr. and Mrs. Trujillo had des-gnated General Kebreau for the decoration...
deceased wks held was manifest in Said Jaar and family and Mr. Mrs. CENERAL LEON CANTAVE. who returned recently from the U.S., IIEBEE. ..A .'*.oZ.;..'J a i.
the large'gathering attending the Jean Dabdoub and f(a1,il:', "1c a courtesy visit to his brothers-in-arms at Casernes Dessalines,
........ ---------- -- -- .. I. '~ Ftrlay morning. He is reported to have had an interview with the: 30S.- SCHLITZ BREWING 4
":, I'. m e m bers .
N" )i I ~.r TWj. UT5- 'ZS F. EBOURIOLLY was elected Preslder.t o the 'O.LWAUKEE WJS,
and off-the-roadr N.tional Assembly when the newly elected members of the upper F.3OQXjLN N. Y
arnr-tne-roac w house met this week...
y e Gh i THE BAPTIST MISSION OF CAP-HAITIEN wvill establish a large OS A"UG'-L CALIF.
C - ? a'afim aL ^'llcv'e for the moral and intellectual formatidu of the young women1
B Y. new fl-f U UL Ai of the North. A Military Government Decree recently conceded t
A lo l uT ie large piece of land at the Cape for the constructions of the Baptist
All-Purp0seTruck Tires -____
l', I 'Io erwearon the. t.. . .. ., , ,
Longer wsearon th pg weft"- .-. .. ~7 W ~ U

P ,. ~\


I -

thanks to a tread wat's up sto W
deeper! i

Greater ttacdtion on uoimprond
roadsor no roads at all-thenb
to curved cleats with "burOn
that defy slippage!
It' the great new B. E. Goodkh
AU-Purpose tire, designed to do
double job on your truck.
Built upside-downl
Most tires are built with break"
only above the plies, under thed
tread t1-BFG nylon shock
ih;pldl *IA.Pjir>n;e tire% have -
'ij6%/iK' breakers ?aeewtl e ho'3
om plie (2). Result: increased
braiuse 're1isanre. longer tire iiif
ff" I '-, i-. a


William NARR Port-au-Prince

A. AlTF\F Ar
Andre \',I.CAIN

Auxs Cayes
J ermie

Page 12



i" !



-- il,,l, If


c)TIfflAY OCTOBE 13h-- T SN ae1


Haiti Too Can Have A Tuna Indusltry

As the result of 18 months in- they were placed in a palm-that- pital investments. As another
,estigation and experimental fis- ched drying shelter so that they FAO contribution towards such
thing in the coastal waters of Hal- did not absorb moisture. The development the naval architects
fi by Mr. Martin Routh, an FAO' dried and cured fish were then of the Fisheries Division have
fisheries expert, a tuna fishing packed and despatchedd to Port- prepared a design, with prelimi-
industry may be established in I au-Prince and other markets. Ex- nary specifications, of a 45-ft.
paiti. I periments were also made in gut- tuna fishing vessel.
jting and icing the fish and selling Mr. Routh has returned to Haiti
Mr. Roulh went to Haiti in 1955 it fresh, with this design \to continue his
when the Haitian Government re- assignment. In addition to helping
,'quested FAO to s~nd an expert to -These experiments showed the Haitian Government develop
Investigate the republic's sea fis- there was a ready consumer ac- q tuna fishing industry, he will
heries and advise on the develop- ceptance of what was virtually a work among the small boat fis-
4went of them. new product in Haiti., stated Mr. hermen.
SCuba has developed a very It is hoped that the work bof VI shall help them to mechanize
profitable tuna industry and as it this FAO expert will eventually their boats', Mr. Routh concluded,
is, so to speak, next door to Haiti, lead to the development of a corn- nd teach them to use improved
I thought it likely there would be mercial tuna fishing industry with gear and equipment and, by these
(una around Haiti', explained Mr. a profitable -export trade, possi- means; demonstrate how they can
,Routh, who was in Rome prepa- bly with the help of foreign ca- catch more fish'.
ring a report to the Government -- -
of Haiti. 'This proved to be the a
case and we found tuna in corn- Haiti contributes 4-Car accident on
inercial quantities off both the $ 14,400 to U. N. Diquini road takes
South and north coasts.
The Government agreed with Special funds. no toll of life.
our proposal to charter a Cuban ,The Republic of Haiti's quota One car succeeded in severely
t tuna vessel, manned by a fewv to the special funds of United Na- damaging itself and three other
.Cuban fishermen so that we could tions has been fixed at $14,400. vehicles without serious injury to
r carry out experiment alfishing and, The amount is to be paid in any one last Sunday afternoon
at the same time. train some Hai- monthly installments, when it came into collision with
nan fisherman in, tuna fishing another at the entry of the Di-
techniques'. continued Mr. Roith. i The announcement was made quini road.
,-We caught good quantities of ex- by Mr. Georges Salomnon, member
*cedllent tuna, which showed that bf Haiti's permanent delegation to Alfred Jacques drove his car
Sit should be possible to establish the United Nations during, a mee- No. 3426 onto vehicle No. 7225,
a small tuna fishery in North whe- ting held at the UN headquarters driven by Drossaint (Golo) Nau
re the climate is suitable for sun- in New York. which was coming down' the road
drying the fish, where, because of Delegates of all the member at Bizoton, two cars to overturn
climatic conditions, it woyld be States fixed the quotas of their and crash into a public bus, li-
necessary to build a. cantihary for respective countries, when they cense No. 7351 and also a station
processing the fish at the height met qn October 8th. wagon No. 6628 which were par-
of the season'. Mr., and Mrs. Max (Pepe) Mal- ked on the highway.
WMr. Routh, found suitable bait lebranche, and son Jean-Robert,
fish in the inshore waters and are bAck from their 15-day Jaunt Fortunately no one was injured
demonstrated how theyishould Be to New York. .. in the spectacular crash-
captured and transported in the ,
tuwi vessel and used to ncltumn'
the tuna.
At M61e Si Nicolas, fhomr where
[he chartered Cuban vessel opera-
ted, he carried out experiments in
~.salting and drying tuna. The fish I I ~ S v
were gutted, split, salted and lire- *
Ipared for stti drying At night S a dle

:Flour mill gets new
. President.
The new flour mill, 'La Mino-
4lrie', announced 'that Mr. Ar-
.thur Haas has just, been made
SPresident with full powers to re-
present the company in Haiti.
SMr. Roy B. Kelly, who headed
the organization, resigned from
the Presidency of the flour mill
Son September 13th last.
The operations of the 'Minote-
Srie, which went into production
i of floui'with top-quality Ameri-
can wheat this past summer, sus-
pended operations temporarily
mor e than a month ago.

'I) /-^ ^ ^

'.,'. iC. ':- .

:1 '\~' ^ '"S
15 S4 W TC
^k *' *'-" ''C

Oi *'L'-^ '



f Celebration


On Sale at All Better Grocery Stores

The Biggest and Most Luxurious

Of Small Cars

d[as Kleine Wunder KY K

The DKW 3: 6 is the car for the motorist who looks for out
standing engineering, performance and design.
Frontwheel drive, floating axle, automatic freewheel, aerodynamic
body, tubeless tires and the famous valveless 3 cylinder high perfor-
mance DKW 3 : 6 engine: that's why driving a DKWV gives you/the
impression of driving a rqal sports car!
Drive the DKW 3-6 once and' you will experience a

thrill in motoring!

- if r m r' in o mai n al o a o t f n n if p si iii s

(riglht across the street-from Banque Colombo Rue Pav6)
Please contact Mr. W.P. Graesel
I for more information, also about finaucidg possibilities.
I Complete stock of' genuine DKW spare parts'and 'efficient
service by a German mechanic at your dpo'sal

$212.40 ROUND TRIP
E*A a t aVSH [IC aiSr

. . -. '.

Rue Dantes Destouches-Port au Prince-Tel: 3451
K .g p -



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SThe same 'points were covered
inm Ataja at Havana and .,El Uni
S'versal. of Mexico with/however
*-.. I further placed emphasis on .the
H"-" programme of social improvement
Being carried ouL in Haiti by the
Military Government C o u n c il,
for improving the. 'conditions of
lodgings, hotel transpor'taeien,s.i
:nitation and hygienicc, and recrea-
S 'tional and educational activities
S with the view of making the stay
of the foreign visitor more corn
Sfortable, agreable and fruitful.

'a The important 'MA.cJcin Jailyv
.Excelsior, further emphasized
that the Haitian Goiernment had
J. accomplished, in the' past, certain
I public work projects consisting
Sof asphalting of roads, creating
hospital- centers, maternity cen-
!I terms, primary secondary and vocal
I tional schools.

TOURIST DIRECTOR CHARLOT The development 'of the totris; tio
TEL S UBANS MCANS industry as it is eventually conceiv be
TELLS CUBANS9, MEXICANS ed from the angle of socio-eono
OF HAITI'S BIG DRIVE mic planification will engerder
OF J IA 11 BIG DR^IUVEj. other still more important realiza
Haiti's Director General of Na- article that from the start of the swings, and how long it stays up.
tional Tourism, Mr. Clovis Char- exploitation of tourism in Haiti in tions, for the new philosophy of
lot, abroad in the interests of the 1946, there were only three ho- the Government is to have the so
touristic movement here, granted tels, and statistics showed about cial groupings benefit from the
interviews to several of the lar- 400 visitors a year. advantages of having their respect
ge dailies in Havana, and in Ilexi After 10 years, the efforts have ie regions placed under tourist 1
co, it was reported this week. ; been considerable and the results exploitation. 1
Mr. Chariot who left early in appreciable, the number of ho-
September, was invited by tou- tels' increased to 30, counting in The newspaper said that Haiti
rist officials in Jamaica, Nassau the Capital only, with 16 new ho-, is the real paradise of tourism in
and' Puerto Rico to visit their tels whose, assistance from the ;he Caribbean. The diversity of
countries and confer with them State was not less than five mil- its geographic panoramas, of its
in mutual efforts to increase the lion dollars. The country now re valleys and its mountains, of its
number of visitors to the Car- ceives more than 66.000 visitors beaches on the Northern Coast as1
ribean for the approaching tourist per year.'. well as the Southern Coast which
season. I FUTURE PLANS rival it in beauty. Its agreable cli
Mr. Chariot was interviewed by. Plans for the future call for mate, the rich history of 'the coun
El Crisol, and Ataja of Hava- the construction of two Pig ho-' try, the Haitian culture, the fe-
na, and by Mexican newspapers tels of at least 250 rooms each, cit:-.j mixture of European and
SEl Universal' and iExcelsiorw one in Port-au-Prince, the otier African culture, the monuments
which generously gave several at Cap-Haitien. and the proverbial hospitality of
of their columns to tourist deve- The international airport to be its people make the pearl of the
lopment in Haiti and the future built in Cap-Haitien requires the Antilles *the most attrrrtivp of
perspectives of this industry. construction of an hotel .in order universal tourism.'
They reported the declarations to meet the eventual demand for ,
of Director Chariot, emphasizing reservations. "The publications of Havana and
that th6 Military Government It will thus facilitate the Jeve- M6xico eosily recognized in Mr.
Council in spite'of the short per lopment of tourism in the North Clovis Chariot, the qualities of a
iod which it assigned itself as the of Haiti, so rich in tourist sites, Haitiandiplomat. Amiability, eru-
Executive Power and of the natural beauty and historical ni. edition elegance.
numerous and pressing problems numents to which is added the
created by and exceptional politi- Eight Wonder of the World, the NEW HORIZONS
cal and financial situation, has famous Citadelle of King Henry
brought to the stuiy bf the ques- -'. Questioned on the political si-
tion of tourism an intelligent and tuation, the newspaper report
persuasive comprehension. Au thit the Tourist Director declar
C ^ke l ed that the events from Decem-
QUICK PUIPLICITY- h er 1956 to June 1957 have' had!
Measures have been taken to an unfavorable influence on tou I
organize quick and effective pu- E Romar- '
blicity at home and abroad with Vlarnb--
the view of -counteracting a dis- a TE L A
loyal and unjustly' harmful cam' K THE LEADER IN
paign undertaken against the Re-
public by competitor countries
and by Individuals of the foreign
press, in quest of sensational re-
ports, in an attempt to. ruin the
position of Haiti as a land of at-
traction par excellence of the Ca-
ribbean for the North, and South Cbea"/wi&oes.ZDal//es-
American tourists. __________llB
.El Crisol. pointed put in its


1 G

& A




,t.........,.... ...,.

The interior workmanship of the 1957 STUDEBAKER is
the talented work of Master-Craftsmen who have faithfully
adapted the automobile to the ideal of modern life.

STUDEBAKER has developed the conception of automobi-
lc comfort :n keeping with the criteria of real elegance.
Quite a number of factors will make you appreciate the
additional advantages offered you by STUDEBAKER. the car
The only American car combining elegance and sturd'ness
that is really different for 1957.
with the supreme economy of European motors.

Distributor in Haiti: Tipco (Place Geffrard)



* T

m, but we -remonterons le Thus the crisis was terminated
urant.. and now horizons for the future
At no time were foreign \isi- of Haiti and that of its tquristie..
rs really handicapped, or the industry are opening up.
ject of ill treatment as some Mr. Chariot continued his tour.
ean tongues would hav2 them 'going to the United States and
lieve. The Winter season herald Canada, the two countries- tfi;
happy perspectives. More than'which Haiti receives its geateat.I
cruises ships would visit Port-' number of tourists. '
*-Prince, Cap-Haitien and Mira- .
ane. -
Fortunately, "after four provi- *m ,
nal governments fell one' after
! other caused by the general -
citement of minds and the un- 'Fi ii'-
itrolleJ enthusiasm of political
oups in full electoral crisis, the
my considered it its-Juty to
ke over the power in order to
maintain order and peace" in the .--'--
untry. -, .
rhe Army succeeded in crcat '-
g a favorable climate for the .
ganization of the national elec- '
ons which Were held .on Septem' -|
r 22nd. -





,George Khawly and Rose Han-
dal say 4I doss next Saturday hni-
night. The couple have already
plans for a honeymoon in Miami.
Roger Rigaud went to New-Yoi'k
last week.
Web Francis of Hotel Damballa
is touring abroad.
The director of the Public
Health service Dr. Athemas Bel-
lerive flew to Guatemala Wednes-
day. Dr. Bellerive is said to ha-
ve gone to Guatemala to work for
the World Health Arganization

pected to take up specialized "stu-
dies. Reggie is the son of refor-
med Army officer, Captain Al-
fred Forbin.
Mr. Claude Pierre-Charles return-
ed from 4Europe on Friday after
attending the Congress on Coope-
ratives, held under the auspices
of the BIT, the FPAO and the Uni-
ted Nations in Denmark.
The distinguished young Haiti-
an delegate was among those of
22 countries who met and develop
ed important plans for the coope-
ratives of the world. The Con-

Mr. and irs. Joseph F. Cichows-
ki received the Polish colony at
their home in La Boule last night.


The Vauxhalls are coming on
October 24th- stand back.
Mrs. Lou Stokes wife of Major
Stokes of the Airmission return-
ed Saturday from holidaying in
Gitmo Bay with the Family.


Dick Amstrong of Time and
Life Magazine is expected to visit
Haiti next week.


Claude Gentil purchased an
emerald engagement spring this
past week.


Tato Phipps flew to Miami Fri-
day on a business-cum-pleasure

No Major Increases Forecast:
IF YOU'RE among the thousands of United States residents who
plan to travel in the Caribbean this Winter, you will find that, unlike
most everything else, costs will about parallel those of a year ago
instead of shooting to the moon.
And you will find, too, that the entire Caribbean area will be better
equipped with transportation and hotel facilities than ever be-
fore to handle the greatly increased number of visitors who plan
trips into the area.
That is the satisfying news received Saturday from Pan American
Airways, which in October celebrates its 30th anniversary as the first
U. S. flag airline to link the United States with lands south of the
border. Here are some of its findings :
An average of $35 (U.S.) per person per day will cover first-class
accommodations, meals and sightseeing in the cosmopolitan capitals
of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, where swank gam-
bling casinos and nightclubs and smart beach life supplement stirring
ancient landmarks of Spanish colonial times.
In the smaller, quieter islands, like Antigua, Barbados, and Tobago.
where the chief pastimes are swimming, fishing and soaking up sun,
Americans will spend about $ 25 a day.


for three years, gress lasted five weeks, trip. I SINCE REACHING the Caribbean islands is a matter of 60 minutes
xxxx Mr. Pierre-Charles participated xxxx to only half a day's flying from Miami most Americans prefer island
The two charming daughters actively in the Congress and visit- hopping, according to Pan American, and the majority will book one
of Colonel Edouard Roy Elith- ed numerous Cooperatives. At Thursday night Mile Josianne of the many package tours that wrTaps up the top attractions of several
beth and Rona left for New-York Stockholm he took part in the Vital observed her birthday with.-islands at prices difficult to beat by traveling on one's own.
last weekend Congress of the International Co- a party at home Leading travel agents report that last year one of the most popular
xxxx operatives Alliance. Wednesday Mr. Ricot Chauvet tours, for example, was an 11-day trip to the Dominican Republic,
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Carrie i He also visited Brusselis, and returned to town on a business- Haiti, Puerto Rico and Jamaica. This tour will be featured again this
flew back to New-York last Sun- Paris. and worked with Christian trip winter for $385.80 out of Miami.
day after a short visit home. The Movements of France and Belgi- xxxx These popular playgrounds, plus the Dutch island of Curacao,
Carries were seen off by Doctor urn. He then took part in the In- i British Trinidad, and booming Caracas, capital of Venezuela, are also
and Mrs Francois Duvalier ternational Federation of Social Gentil Tippenhauer, the famousfeatured in a 16-day tour priced at $653 from Miami, per person.
Th(eatued tain ar 16-aye tour wepricda $63tromMiaig peter pesn. nld
xxAx Tourism held in Brussels on Sep- Haitian astrologist could not be These tariffs are based on two people' traveling together and include
Roland Vorbe returned from timber 6th and 7th. reached this week for his corn-lair fare, first class hotel accommodations, some heals, transfers bet-
abroad on Monday. Mr Pierre-Charles who is Vice- ment on the Satallite. Mr. Tippen- .I e rs a hotel anebat si eei
xxxx President of the Youth Workers hauer who attended schod in Ger-. ween airports and hotels, and elaborate sightseeing
Rasl .rl'n rliroer.tnr ni Trnn,. P n n 1 I a r Cash Administration many with F.instpin will have so-

gas here is leaving today to visit! Council here, is expected to put me interesting things to say about
his company headquarters in Ha-' his newly acquired knowledge this Russian achievement.
vana Cuba grained during his European soj-
xxxx I ourn, at the disposal of his cunt- xxxx
Mr. Albert Hill of Hasco flew'ry. '
over 1t.. Miami last week. xxxx Mr. and Mrs. Andre St Lot ret-
xxxx i Merryl Brown, Cartography Spe- urned from New-York Saturday
Mr L.Juis Fareau. Haiti's Vice cialist is here from the Panama
Consul in New-York is returning Canal Zone for a stint with the xxxx
to his post today by the Panam Geodetic Survey Service.
direct 'light. ,xxxx i Antoine J. Saba young author

xxxx Aubelin Jolicoeur, well-known
Mrs Anne Tomar wife of the journalist, left for Washington on
shoe-marker flew to Miami with Wednesday. on a special mission.

of 'Mirage ended In Poitiers'
flew to be the States Saturday.

Paul and Robert last week. Jules Mr. Joilcoeur will represent aLe xxxx
is praying for the Radio Ham ban Nouvelliste' and *Haiti Sun, at
to be lifted. the Inter-American Press Society Carl and Solanges Deeati
x x x Congress off to San Juan this week
On the New-York to Port di- x x x
rect clipper Monday were : Joe Mrs. Fifi Morrisset tnee Cel-! xxxx
Hage, Victoria Halloun, S a I i m cis) observed her birthday anniver-
E I i e Joseph, Suzanne Gaetjens, sary on October 5th. The family .A-s. Victor Boucard is fl:
Yolande Fouchard, and Antoine and close friends gathered at her New-York today to join he
Assali. home in Turgeaua t 6:00 P.M. to band.
Sxxxx celebrated the happy event around i xxxx
The % Lt'e of the Manager of Co- the heavily laden buffet tables -
Slombia Bank Mrs. Maria de Vial- of ,exquises bouchees. prepared in Young Herve .Telemaque
dir sion jacques and daughter 'Fifis. honor. to New-York today on'the
Beatviz returned from Colombia x x xi Panam flight.

rel are

ying to
er hus-

is off

I - - --- - I.
dn the 8th. Colonel Maurepas Alcindor, Of- xxx
xxx ficier in charge of the Depart- ,
Max Fombrun went to the Sta- ment of Finances who returned Al Stz of La Belle Creole is
tea on Wednesday. last week from the International flying to Jamaica on vacation this
xxxx HMonetary Funds Congress in Was- week.
-frs .Simone Hogarth and Hen- hington, left this week on a se- xXx
17ry retuLrned from New-York on cond mission for his Government.
9th. His trip will take in the United rs Bernadin Augustin wife of
xxxx I States and Europe and is repor- the Acting Chief of Staff of the
Senator-elect Victor Nev e rs ted to be in connection with se Army is flying to New-York today.
Constant and Jean Deeb returned veral large Governmental projects .N
from a brief visit to the States to be discussed with foreign finan- s Pe W
WiMr. and hus Pierre Wiener are
Wededay cicrs i off to North America today.
SMelle Vania Merovee Pierre Enule Roumour, Haiti Sun's.
Was married last night at 6:30 Creole Columnist visited port this C xxx
to Gerard Auguste at St Pierre's past week
ch0^ "e"^31 t P~rre5 P" wek ,.ad with his tennis racket Tues-
church in Petionville Poet Rumour, and Creole belie- ad with his tennis racket Tues-
x x x ver sailed up from Jeremie with day
Reginarl Forbin. flew to the his daughter who will undergo a XXXX
SU.S. thih week where he is ex- medical check-up in the Capital.
S EX-LIEUTENANT PAUL CORVINGTON is expected to leave M iss Grace Dade of the Riv era
shortly, for Spain... Where He will become an instructor min Franco's iShop is spending her annual vac-s.She
i.Army,. ation in Jacmel with relatives. She
Amy. writes that she is enjoying the
S MR. HENRI DELVA is reported to be leaving shortly for Guate- beach at Raymond-Lest Bains.
; mala..
CULATE VIRGIN MARIE 'by agreement with the Haitian State has ___________
Seen aiuzhorized to do all types of social service work among the
Haitian people, it was made known this week. They may build lios- W T H
Petals, dispensaries, schools, and other establishments of a social ssec i
character. The organization will enjoy the same privileges granted to
S-"Other religious institutions, and may acquire and own property in I
Haiti exempt of Government taxes...

NO MATTER which islands the visitor picks he'll find that no two
are alike. After they were settled during the 16th and 17th centuries.
the islands were fought over by European nations and some have
changed hands several times. As a result, some are sturdily Spanish.
some stolidly British and still others are an intriguing blend of se-
veral nationalities.
In Cuba, Nassau, Jamaica and Puerto Rico, for example, a sophisti-
cated resort atmosphere prevails; in Haiti, there's the unusual blend
of French refinements and African primitivism: in Antigua and Ba.
rabados you have no doubt that these are bits of the British Empire,
while Tr'inidad, home of Europeans, Asians, Africans and East Indians,
is in a class by itself.
Although the landscape of many islands embraces scenic mountains,
superb beaches and vast fields of. sugar cane, each has a marked in-
dividuality. Even the picture-book towns or glittering cities bear the
unmistakable stamp of Spain, France, Denmark. Iiolland and En-
Almost every island is doing something to entice tourists.
Three hotels are slated to open for the coming season in' Havana,
a longtime vacation goal of Americans upping the number of hotel
rooms in the Cuban capital by 1,400. Air-conditioned buses and new
-motels are making it possible for the visitor to explore Cuba's scenic
Intercontinental Hotels Corporation, which operates the famed Ho-
tel Nacional in Havana, has taken over El Oasis Motel in Varadero,
.best beach resort in Cuba. By November, completion of additions will
give this motel a total of 130- air-conditioned rooms.
- IHC has also acquired two ultra-modern hotels in Ciudad Trujillo,
capital of the Dominican Repoblic. They are the 312-room El Emba-
jador and the 250-room Jaragua.
Jamaica, which expects its tourist trade to reach 250,000 visitors by
the end of 1958, has half a dozen hotels projected, planned, or ready
to open. Three will make their debut this winter, increasing accommo-
dations by 700 beds.
Nine new hotels are going up in Puerto-Rico. One, the San Juan
Intercontinental is slated for a January opening. Restaurant and rec-
reational facilities are also being expanded A five million dollar race
track, El Comandante, is now open.

TINY CURACXO, which is only six and a hall hours from Miami, is
slated to become the.Caribbean's'newest sun and surf playground with
this faU's opening' of the 124-room El Curacao Intercontinental,t built
on the site of a historic fort, commanding a view of the sea and har-
bor of WUillemstad, the capital.
Up to now, Curacao was a pausing point only because it is the Carb-
bean's biggest bargain counter dealing in the world's luxury goods,
being a virtual free port
Very maior hotel in Port of Spain, Trinidad, site of the capital of
the capital of the new Federation of the British West Indies, has been
redecorating and expanding facilities.
In nearby Tobago, famed as the setting of Robinson Crusoe's ad-
ventures, a de luxe hotel the Crown Point is opening its doors
late this fall, with rates of $15 to $21 single, $33 double, with meals
This serene island.which boasts a plethora of South Pacific-type
beaches, has long been turning would-be visitors away due to lack of
hotel accommodations.
Although the larger Caribbes draw the lion's share of tourists, there
is a marked surgo to the south and many an island retreat is turning
into a resort.

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Traditional Ceremony at Palais de Justice

Marks opening of court year

By Fortuia Cuery

Ceremonies marking the f'or- the quality of Judg,'I Laporle'-. dcd a.T .,, "r:.,'.Ji\r fi ( .i-
mal opening of the new judlicia-1 contribution to th wior,- )f ithe lian specialn:tv in .h- I'" r"f i|
ry year took place last Monday, I Court. his eloquence !'ri !uci- ctudy.
at the Palais de Justice. There dit" of oreentation. A storm 4it ap:i'3u<- ri'otr'd
was a large gathering of nigis- Me. Mac Jean-Jacqtio -.pmke t'-e end of tCe enthy a,- e'o-i
trates, civic and military perso- on behalf of the Ptiblic Prose- quent exposed by L'aptdi;n Far-
nalities and membe,'i of the cutor. giving one of thno.r timely reau. It
press. Many ladies were also discourses for whien he i- so i At the close ot tlh:- e.ore.iiiuiy,
among the atdienee, well known, as at the opening, the n-embers
Brigadier-General Antoine Ke- of the High Court .r I f' the
breau. Junta President, accurm After this. Captain Andre Far- Military Go' ernnw.:nt CJuncl
panied by the officers of the Mi- reau, Officer in cniarge of the received the aiute ot t'i. Army.
litary Government Council also Department of Justic.?. address. guard ofhhonour dragon up ai
attended. Fed the audierfee. He gave a dis- the entrance c'.' Cie '.
Judge Lelio Vilgrain. Presi- sertation on the varii;ol; legal --
dent of the Cour de Cassation, steps taken by the Mhlitary Gi-
opened the session within a speech vernment Council He paid prr- Military City
worth of his long and brilliant ticular attention to ,he fEminiskt Handed Over
career in the Magistracy of the role. The Haitian w.%vman, hI- Continued from page 1)
Republic. said, had demonstrated during ALL HAITIAN EFFORT
The Chief Justice then called the elections and in h1w cam-
for the traditional minul 01of si- paign. th.t she wa; ready fnr
lence in tribute to ;nv memory the exercise, of her poliNcal A guaTd-of-honour batallion ca-
of those Magistratls whi had rights. It was now ,in?.!i t,, me to the salute as Council Pre-
passed away during ioe year. Iln think of her civil emancip.-or, -Ident Gen. Antonio Th. K6-
doing To he referred in app.,:. and her right to dispose at hl r bureau accompanied I.%- lis eolla-
priate 'terms to their respective rn -ertv. co:-,idera.tijn u{ \hi:li borafor and fellow members of
contributions and caree.-. Par- had begun with .1 L'. of1 the Council. Cols Valville and Za-
ticular reference wkas mi:de tc. 1949. m',-r arrived and took their seats.
the passing of the late Supreme Captain Fareau further stated Mr. Gerard Theard, Vi\ee-Pre.
Court. Justice, Christiin l.a- .that Juveile Delinql-if-n:.' had sident of the Caribbean Cons-
porte. not been forgotten and npithor truction Company. initti.n. the
The President paid tribune to had thle -reation anrl muuiilpli- handingg over ceremony, told
--- .___ .. .. caton of cducatioiial 'and rel:a- hiow most of the building mate-
bilitation centers rial had also been produced by
Brutus Haitian skill.
j unur" So many ideas .' turneId Engineer Caprain l-htipp.ilyte,
Injured over in this imnporta'it commiini Officier-in-charge o0 the Depart-
(Continued from page, I) cation, and no one ti,'ed of list.- ment of Public Work received
ning to this \rmy Otficer v.;i-i the key of the City f-romnn Mr.
employee, and to his family has -"o'vn. if such wec m-ce heard and in .urn handed it
which includes a wife anil two sary. that the unif-,.i an'J arm?- over to Colonel Gastin Georges
children., do not alhne make lhe prestige Officer-in-Charge rtf the Minis
' At Canape Vert Hospital. Mi. of tie officer. His illuininatin, try of Interior, *vho addressed
Brutus' condition is reported to c.pinions revealed in unrier'qin- the gathering of solidiet-s and af-
be satisfactory after surgery, it ;np cf ar'.;rn t .ift:l : n '. ..- ricers.-


Official results of the Septem-
ber 22nd polling for the election
of 21 Senators were established at
the Palace of Justice, on Thursday.
Supreme Court Chief Justice Lelio
Vilgrain presided over the meeting,
assisted by Attorney General, Me.
Simon Desvarieux, and citizen Jo-
seph Jkr6mie.
The new Senators proclaimed are
as follows :
Department of the West :
Senator Jean P. David T
Victors N. Constant
Arthur Bonhomme
Yvan Moreau
Thomas D6sulm6
Louis Raymond
Department of the Artibonite :
Pressoir Bayard
Henri Mare-Charles
Charity Louis
J6hu Gamier
Department of the North-West:
Candelon Lucas

Paul Pereira I
Dieudonn6 Legros ''
Department of the South 13)
Hugues F. Bourjolly '4i
Gesner Kersaint 16)
Jules Larrieux 17i
Callisthenes Joseph 18)
Department of the North 19)
Luc Stephen 20)
Ulric St. Louis 9.l
Jean Belizaire 2. i
Antoine Marthol 23)
I) Clement St. Cloud 28)
2) Henry Gatteau 29)
3) Andre Gamier 30)
4) Franklin Elie 31)
5) Enaillo Monez 32)
6) Reynold Metellus .33)
7) Andre, Moise 34)
8) Gabriel Augustin 35)
9) Weber Kersaint 36)
10) Luc F. Frangois 37)


Lucien Belizaire
Jean Baptiste Pierre-Louis
Saintinge Bontemps
Dabanor Etienne
Decius Jean
Hebert Francillon
Max M6nard
Hugo Paul
Dijon Jean Gilles
L-voikier Lamothe
Gerson Zamor
Alphonse Lahens
Rinameau Estim6
Jean lulu-
Dupera P*ralte
Marius Lafond
Pauleus Duverseau
.Toseph Amary
Belotte Blemur
Albert Garqon
Thermosirus St. Fleur
Pierre Armand
Frank S6raphin -
Laurent St. Louis
Marmontel Guillaurne
Amerlin Cond&


Desig nsRush
--. Qa it'l.- ,&esooxis .&uI Sisal.
rIQANQ RUE i m. t txcu b rest in zu.&. PHoNE:

I Col. Georges cmphasiiced that
I this was a long overduee .inj dcs
crved pro.iect and i'.'id tr:ijut,.

o thle mninner ill n hic'i I,? .\Ar-
ny lhad endured th? sa'iLco-.i,
ot tihe past ten monthL of tu,-
Acting Chiei olf the Arm/ Col.
3er'-adin Augustin re t'u r n e d
thanks on behalf of Arimyn dnt
asked the member .- o t-ie Coun
eil of Military Governiment t)
hand over the individual keys t'
the first tenants of the City. Fif-
ten soldiers and one t'irLt I:eu-
tenant received keys.
A short interval U.f refrc'-,
mnerts conclude:l t' e-'eilnnny.


Type Writer

Is A

(Royalb )

See Agent

R. Tippenhauer
Ave Marie Jeanne




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* COmlefely )Q/r.conditioned

*( J7^/fwl }Qmoy)Aet'e S2X
Ve,'son17aZ 2cX,,nA'0

.V AttCpw .-RArtetCOWAte




The M~ost &x$cLue focat
offadn ou nFow cmpa"ae VA

&)Zo6Aookt6 e Ray fie entloe CA9,

t6 Valle c; Canape; Veot andL -%e

i Afn Se^ye MInutes from Pwftoq7- 'MC~.

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