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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Creation Date:
October 29, 1950


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

Record Information

Source Institution:
Duke University Libraries
Holding Location:
Duke University Libraries
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 32441147
lccn - sn 95058138
lcc - Newspaper 2117
System ID:

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Full Text


dft:," il NN-' /! 1. "'

N"; ., .. I.l..a"
,",- .. -I .

'ieu^TILE IATTIAN ECI LAN(e1 nT, t.*..

l^^'.^HNO?6- ^^ ne c~l-"a^*^^-^: '** 'Hi^ ht ar go e 98 laepbsu frompthe-Cupid S^ ^'lzasdg Y t^ :d
,', 1,, '*1ii

*look whet' the Cap-bauht time oti ho u, lit a A
b. di.ng tie; a, Craft. boat to pOS r the ;Su ca.. a.
.,*, Sun ageTe3ae, l. .one,. .t..sp a .
..... ... J .. .. M e.w..,

*1W 4-1k
:'. '- W alko t;. H in
Q, 'Of. a e e 'eoras posiibert ofthet nrnlraial. iAthe ccan
''dl^ ^ S 'h-t^ edv* tolei^1e .o;tohledae Arajeo~

di4'f y l^Wo rv1i^ ojctv fh Thouspands of emplyee ofi Nthe- latian p&'c~vetuC'Sug^r #
rll$ (IH' .o"i,1 n wht t raca .didate despite eff ts oft he Dep" rtuent of La. u to fd". ali ut y "

f^1 ^?^^^ !!"6n!^ tih q. hidnp^ ^^ ^'^
ch 2s gon "d~4A-rih6c! tyei eig4betv walkout occue a P. MX on Wednesday'-i 1* wrch0Th'-p
.. *.*_* ... .. .. .. .. ... ... 1 'I : :.o .'... a t ... .
0I so.,p t o e th c .$,m. \C.:. h *iiCe tu e.an l t.he i 'htshifte i failed to turn up l: ...% A'
." .,, .-e,. hit.*.,-"- are "s,'.o me .908" plant. ,"oce; 'utd .S'^^,'
. i7 -- .,' ,t t r a ..4 a .. .,, -7 ,'::i... '" ,'t "/. ',ts'" :, ', L % .

e a tedth I eh 1956 soLd 414000 tons of cane to UArSi 4Q
h a. os. tiwA Vo l 1n 6 V,
eie 1,70000 cash; payments. The compamy's own loss i
cands'dhte heiii:il ben 4cn w$. LAa $100,000. 1 44A
yoV wit i-;` -d L anis u 6n.
..... ecxe...i.f who oalkoutu i. od op e
." a I w bl#e1; 'a U otters, of the .rea.m' as possibe. In -ale..tA M.y
t e Ooxe'aq to $U.,0 .. eopl ... .' .. .e duringg the" six-month noteasonL. .,
'1~Housewi~es peed tear: ib' kIn~~nwltnrteso
he... ;..,. 'y ..wp ..t,::: 4...,., eewec :.w.ekl l"s. .thatph-0 .'we r.2 : ..^ ^^'W

kvt~ a& it O~t~ fcts GBwGmPan2IJcfi~is said thiis week that'.lei wwr
SeI l 1 ... "se sr ...ral .w.kp In their wake. houses: -
-SI ~F Wii the levonabl side, of a M- ib:nlit t-ib

W^Sa.2^C: awy Provi#ona Saw~eh.speedrUs
witlh ltpn dan 'tveniiWatheb ryi at.pc !Ief eatu oflthe ssuswt-tbSdO
..the oe ur ts Th hisi t k a-i
e tA l.. La o.

Th eyi" rele loae s;dl \o: T 4k'hca pb, to t"h.. tan'e t a...
I .? ,

e,,%e .lNw. .,, AeMt

~~~~~~~~~~.,-i Ansd onte"W*huii t' ;eI'A~M
.,,worn lCYI5IOd&I Prufdent a.hpt .'!.5tt'ittr .ofLKry..
i n .t I t-'e 4. .. ..'.:<... ... ... IOJ the. ))d uihe o i 'atibe l to.-.,'i, r a..;" :""v wb 4M,
J,,: d J t fo.,m t"'oth p: -i*el.
jntwa~ SIm4 Of Aftiwe no WA"deei -

ptgnn WO0~I Muthssh ecied w4opIl3tJ1RIfiaMS toe Ctip-Sthat*0R' -' V W
bit wit h stone ,-.. the--aose.,Ch"ro.an t 07

TlB (aletu be i..-as Ohsol n a is.alleged to bj Wqu.i Pf% .je ..t.' ha db-w .s,.of s M, 4
'b tn a ~~ T apretwowsdsruinfm ak ot rat!cn!no r 4
,, ".. ... ...

'Wb -sibd inz ALIqaC&qq-aS-cILI% o; A 1
6,f bat~l& Pop..t e ss ftecmai
all -'.s o n( rr.c, .- 99. ?i .t' : ,e d sd & ., ,

ta o .h ,.s, aaswh ee a y a ly~ .o.ell... .,etent i ..cl they
N'" nh.....tj-e" -- "" .L n At lin,.in h.bad on r .it4
W t' ... De ....n t 'be succeasot e .to
tld" h A ,-QhRoyTasco)Davis a s wm..-Op.e Ati.
R overnbent if qieMu.
Mviti .(call, a.this noatreh.i' 0.gei, one Jher t h"s .a0 ... :

e" ol Ph di h nclt t on wy -v atab.,i.. I a tM- I "* ..... ..M oist
i*.-pio dmtasthees,.g.....t.st Th. d. pt

ho,a4~te~ ga.s th p -ndhve soIfomeeran theR,.D : 1aent: f '' h if ":te
.iknta Mw.- sD ia 9:V~ t.wont Jwns'st~ie, g f ~tMs otaey rprs ~.ri a ipd o
:ru06'Chee4 ~ d mate to c- a4s o. eI i 4mnatalo horatV1tlih of U. de ~ m n ~
-me44' t ioe iA4u~ b lie-d 1 nhn4e biztfb a_'Ete' Pw-wyot -
.2 .....t., g .'4 '
be "" .. .: ...l~ q IF4.V "g" "i.t "ft'se dI- ':. 1,;.'Y1.. '...

oh Ci ..t e men prl. .
l ci n 1 4 a''ton

then oPoo~a~n lied ktg.cmn the
:.::t .;"'I ..I S ...AP Js P W. AIRER !..

.... v .... ":.. e

gSSMptol Tusd evening ., Wt l4 kit hue l 4C.':-edu ear gs the su t ,oort.,.
A o it il dovelopne.t -.,of the
T O ot.. .. A 15,4

Ch t t .. .."i "' t ro b ,.i., "e. : "" '".. .. ."
om s busy w fo th 1J. Se, Would e"6iti the"
.U- '.. i e. .': .

's '-" : '9" 0" W&ML
eus~. p. ,Stepi.e t "I i .... "
b~ !e, gt .,'9o"no t. srop, thism~i eee -end that "a _~t. r '! M. ,.
.' .. ganletoth at. pthvd ighm ro i. ,ielcee~mlx. fti. i

l~weelin. t. '4=t ::i=
Chi _p dh 1tFI~p~ blodk owdi- tornh116iinn ... ti.1ii, i

: .. .. ...K .. "... .. .. ,- .' .' ; ...q'i
a t tePoe edqmt .i Te ei wstle~i~i ,(the:e~Ghs ~ n..V.e l .... i TT .... .. .
,: i l ', l .,. .<:'. ;.... .' ; "' ; : .:,.. ,, :>. .:x ... : .?_r .,..Y: ;..:', .
Rhy wr je eeae.X 41-lic 'a 't~ ,.o e a~ ~dae o.. .lq.' ,-~., e ( < .;.sd ;i .. .";;.:!.i i
.. ...... .... .. .. ....... f,.A .. d'h,,.+ ", "k. ". .'" :" .z. .
..th .., .. .:. .. :.. :,, .,.. .:. ... ..: ,;,, .< ,,,... < ., ,: .+ ,,
h in ,',' i Z ". : .. ..-, ..t .. l: ..... '\ .,
~W t 'E e to D a r.. 41 da"y s r"- .... ,:, ... l ,-" ", ite ,r"""' su'""l "... ili~i~l ... ... .. .

Mlacaw is the

WK t~.

Boss 1'


.- ..

. -.. .... -. i

-', t
- j *** & 4 '
/.1'. ;.,
'o.,- ;!~,, ;,

; '. ... ,
i; ',

.% ,(,.. .' *" '.' '. -* *':* *"

.L GS, S ...... -4 L R ER..- I N T :

:, ..: i W i .; i '., / ;. ,*: .*: '* !. .' : .'' '* .. .. ,,
Amr:, Chrisian AhlE, ormermer Piresident of the Ban
expressed his view oni the NASUCO affair i. ani
ewThe NouvdIte thi week. the At of t e inter,
I. have, ..be "d ,ease
t' ,vlat since Y th qapi
A -...-'f, 'r,..-,,,
MiM~bii f the of hhad'bee i e ha
t~a~os~u'h on moretb


situation is i un
,y. : ., ; .: i
nore, the applications'
covering the granting
for purchase of equip-
;so been approved -byI
e of Credit. In the
unt of $17,877.24
count: of the NA
been purposely
moun t represents

pn ujs attaM !Rs icp.i
.-me I.stiL.wt.ato This"

...... .....
.., S .L :.' ..k .. by ,c',J

dfcto l |ia

,,easly ,. confirmed
te,'i ..Copapan.

perty of two paying onedb,,O'te
ions, 'e. the LHas ,there been .i!ahy),x
U1UTY'c ChPO- O'F embe6zienient "t a
,CuG ,COm. or I'a m to Zi i
BLO GcoKPA e .a,' -oitio,s~ : v ,'a'i
4.. ,nthe: Nasdao .before,'ny. court.'''
tivated lands To digress I would"
-e'sed;:-,othe ,some,-v.vry. goqd re-asc
^u :-1- .*'W-'*want 'to seti'forth; 'a
w *',h... f.!.,,... .,,avee "do e~any..pet' n
.... .K ... .. iw""h wigh -.tbe r&g.
JA',lo'.1.',f'. Jlec', .o -te'credit
***.*.*-,,*a.^*^-~ ;~i~m nt.'Whe e.

S 4.


DM U *'' P.. js s
r ,sniAto, hA'of ti i ,tecodtii of.te Na'tional OrdeLof Merit
-- rde Gfficer-The decoration Was awardeAi W r Uti rwkenfs '* "Fi'!
sterikg serving Lto the' Republic driog'hiM eleven43eafl "Haiti-'
W 'Kle Ws(1. to r.) lame dhd'Ariot' Fa Di, 'Rif B
t'*oKein rim Preidemt.Chancellor of Univeisity of Southern Oii
p fo Elr? Glen Luckei~n aMada.ie: Hfze1 ari,'Mr.Chari&.eseg
[1) Ja(i~dsBof4' Th ;l''x"ii Ford, PRzesiadnfc o thtWAigels (
('- jry'.eriQf Supervzs~ors, akid Mr 9te'6e 4h- girr, vci'4e arvto the Vt&i.
et s A eLis i m it .., ,
.nL ...rue.,can Society f Loa Aiageles.
:: ,'..:. :.., '. i=,:, :.!L = ,

*' '- *"
',. *SUNDAY :.MARCH 17tih 195

jCT1R t RA I
4 ) 4 ak ..'N,.D?

!,'N,' 'SUCO r~ h

La ching Chris Craft BOat building

Capt. Ae& Corbeh to Provide, Better I Bi : I. ItI.;:I -
Boats and Place to keep them
Looking at tropical ease in khaki shorts, 9pen-uecked shirt
and'a head f wavy grey hair that dispense with the 0ven- a eJ
tionai pith helmet, Captain Ace Cfbe In a'' fobretfbst bOf WOodeni
ly oceu l d .I ntitt' th a W il
ribs is today quietly oc cupied th a n industry that will,
forty, th'e Tsuriti Indiltry a' odd thb 'sea to the. sorts
lire of dith t.H9itdian -%d frqr!'0i rbis~t:
A~ie~4& &i~brry ,lgur bay N y alo1Z Db't 'tngs
in aviatfo, cO'. Ageo is. step- 'e tori theyal ue
.pin.g Int" b6t l na with. s idj' a t id a.t. spr. on a
muqh.entmsaisn asledd *-od ba "..v"i"ati"b" 'ist, I i
*ne bui .ding m ore than a t e t. qu a '- .l .L, .: e > li M" ii. l-.
Sete ,. a cen ..1t d ago bo .. .,. "

'4 it^ lf^ ^^ :16i t; -,tw
mtr~tr F- ba, Ace bu11 an, a,: P paye!r, P dt j ago Pq 1.hiat "Y 'd 4', + J : ;i< A)e.
A "i."r d.$W 1 iv l.

Like .i. Patliarch of P'Id c i ,, ?;i ge. t M Ris ,a + ::;- .-
P' s. airport .... ... .. ... ..-. .. .. ".
out t ..art, I. ., ; .
"rc ,+iji ;'i:,t ..e+t+ k&i+ v: aI ~m Wo, i-d war i'"&Ae!-b:d"'* ji .. .
'i'ea i buave and .. te. .w 'X... bo Ji underwater. nbt in w a..
"irs .' i r ." .?".B .Ac ....ttfih i ad ... e rai.s- rous spr-klin g....V.a
he "4 __ ", ... "j "; a! j .'. '.."
il A 4'p, .: a.'ja! Im .e ,.-,
pt W.-." it ii.jigd ;The-- nyi cw..a.. gL. ... f..,dtistan tm'Wiainii d. im is ti on.dle 1I6l fTiheh..
on aS.er dr it ,&ttW
on ,.t-t qi.- ,p a M tioB i bn'Aef .icau Air stodl bn a rp.e o.1:a-"...- -w'h
o... f Wh. Ing J, o.t ..r. ....,_ wh rre d6I, a :]p of .a -ship. .
Ace a ben.. p; ..diitnl.A:.the"i g., :it. priority1 war' ,o,. .Oeirtyig JIn. Acero-a-d
-Ace' e+ beien .1%o f ; .he+ tq!M up.i, .,' war.pl.o anes..., .ope_. t, u .famous night-c. clse.toie
agent. d ributol-ird-t Chr. &ce- recaBwpa-anst,-:p e.
..+++ ~ ~ ~ 'a ,&,,., .....~ ....,... .,,..,.. a ',.% Oogpie 'l.R9;"Q' te +.W ,Ifr~ring tew kmXpOSosilm+..: A m
Ciae ::- "t1.zij'eq "fj ",u6 +,,,'.uL-,..r..he
ut;.n'.steadp of.Jn- 'o Hbt:s": ou.o".'>.i before. the bombers over to Afra and Trai a-su.eeuss ws t&t
o M.gf I that he firstTpie"ie lus.tutf Today Dan 41, .
--9 1' '-, "bf HaIt's 1'-e fied aft rpbr d led .he pl*f:e fzm
thonnaZSice ^ ad with ~f-doai Which was just being bpfjIt. taurant the :Aq&pt1i
b cr.T he Mtt iEtbuaMs wo, Aces fir't meeti ng.*i w Hai- .memories otw'- ,e,.ul.a.
.pus t r .tgeth r cre'. b n A .r.l ''i i: .frt0ts t .. ..o A 4 wasbrf.fle re ted. b. e en. .ce. it. waszi:o'et ,
sce. ;: le t "ttd tahnou tO ..' route'hobme to the United Sta- He soAte c e
d .p ."". the fints "d pro:! Ac here 'e help' t.fo ..td hebig... o
duct as sleek-a seawoitby' ioat. Asi~,ed:'a' ies".b m l t Soo opped. Ace *tor yeht Batar ;hie
V j ~~Ufl4~~ flaJ L' Awst ha e a'M 06"tn Aftr, aal nurttsd madtr
a averkeruisedi nmei$]%6V geflnE dhwn Wih Chr&ir B .r"'.
an looer *te:is t~rudy-' ntU t^e A ^triilfiti& lemdvif ^1 Pi-A'a,-yef pif.* r: ^ea4J in Port;aUPtn^e
,j'*1 p ^ -.- P.: w A~**19 1b A '"Ph A 1 *&cr Ir~ ae7k
+A- -l .. :hz "if a. -. :r:u.al .nf.. ...' tb.
I*..+ a e 4.... ot.' ip osft ,4+ li+
S -..... l.......... -......~..~-.. i l t i th s. .opasseuger se..rvee dice> ,'. .A. .&. ._:1.+.
S.- ,. .,. ."tat uoe r as w n...-..,,. .e b y .e. .: *', ; o1 -- ,, :....-ed to;' "'"*^ & *'n o .,oout!ht.":a "ma" "'""T~s
+, ..-h=ep',. .i..'',+.d ,s *:.iH.-,+ ,,oesH .y *M, r^ ,o, a a..\ sa .. .to jjg h ek i :.+ p ''Vs n hd se tpe ''o *

.the- kit-and you can. -tt-youjir, ..e 1 gt .ig, ir-' sains .&f'the Bo a rnce' cfr a little'n nostalgia .-' .but -
.sel- if y :ou-. ave'e- ht 'the p s- planes: on. the e Kie 'aeS tht Ciudd- Tr lo 'nig.t tlhts. didn't g ,e w;.i5"
heae f Jo tenWe' laidvise] be' A91% J'&bat in.
... j ., '. .
you.t- let: Ace : do it 'es&IIehai u"t oI'yick. After, that, Ace',a UI'ed' iie the -coae4s h i I'
.-has 4ll- V hen.'-hecessary talent a.d. AtPe k$ Wtsigned' queAn tly 'in -Haiti ] up utll a9u years. -,
-- Aepaaed.hhi ". ..... MA !and.i^ .. i e t ran.tered .. 'Ac" went bak ito ,te dwI
Ibu. st iely "l .... m""'1 e f OSe
.lnee... .6 whic Ps a year If gt u i do3, ea- fo r-'
r~rve ,-nga Ac,:nem ;e J t.0 ''. ,+" i:ilO~i ef- iAf te idd .A erde .: i "'-m be

tat ui ~ bid A whh'nge l po ae ia O e r fChangedjbM u'd~ ipm -).Xrgs CAce r~nK~k4 pk
a e.nof '... teue li vig 'I"n Mafl-.+.^t "h'o w ed ...res..i-~ ths 'th ing

dwere -d ok ro n i .e bd 'P d ,iq is .Pe ti o dnv iise jijr e fth e t ct'indlbvsi h S I
.. p-aiene x ectelap ands, se ha'and ar. y ?app to be ion
n .si ,-ie .....z .4.0 'e :e S nick't aang :ba ces ^ m,
logt t ..... W W. .PI

:rT~flthsmat ym Te'.T:TV. e..hI ~ ~ a -T he hipoir. of :the '.vasi t.- then ,ee .o
"nM l .i in d t : : -i f ,- Z Ws / i e a* ;l <.*' ." r:,r w a s
,..f DL.. ', ".. :', which was" a"ea,- ji01,6 on:*..'
c .... .[ in. Haiti too, Ace"not' on c Ise to torfe rv 0,
Jenh idYof hhiged jobs- t he. m6Irid o eh i.

'$0'ivr d -living m'In i ,hci eag Ace
pac to ~. H e weoia tlath a ied'ls:tav
_____ i--eram ire b-poat,'~ n h
day ei d. i 4us uef, o "Ve .
1h.' U ihot 'on It's th se. e 'club o r'st t t
wer pier an Ace 1049 out andferre!Ol6 ot e terwadea ,her the HMUM&

pflraJ' ofde d q9~~e, uloeOtinWon h aitt. e'~ ts tad t od a y ha-dit.. a--n el" -
long .-n ~'.T~.tip V Ya": in& 40! ag the..
AM .._ M f t... ..
I : .... ... :.Haitians.'. w
.1 s 8tp::., ...
.toy 1.1.0 "' '.pr.
soon,:! in lof: B~inlLSvin.- =d Politics.:,. ani F"Su +

has 00R.- ,r 0 .."' ne e ;

L T. t ED.IPte fere'-s
,+, ie+ Ai.O. !,e,.. oF"h +..+ :
f or loweA 'W.Wapreal and ;hq ,8m "melm+m+s,-+
plc: .... at .las t, he + Wh....: iieathi
:" day ifidI,,? he withas ; =
ulrgeAC." ,oi -it's thne. The club loaft
wee'b>t'.e-bb A lde ,d-ut an~e ri `P'.Ot .d),Petionv.ile where the'H ....
wer : -d~ r .d e ] 0" ...". .
rtv '.' :8ii?" .'e .' W 6e e~es- m eun. ," !1tet~; stand today had an ,..% .,-, ,
.... 41. : +I III I .: I .... -
T V ,"". Y.' '5 ,,., .,I ': S OIL. .. '

.r s St -:: 9I ti.

First Lady Holtosss+ i
"'*' ""'^ ^.'- ." ,
Diplomats and I
Cabinet members
m '. ,.... i~ .... ..
Haiti's First Lady, Mape, -
*Ft~le $yai/n,; wasf .L".ov t
o. -riniridajv etv'nb% eto ^
;olesf ciit plomatle'.+:,
c. l t i t tiat. .a....
1-p GiQO .tob,9Si9o00!.1'
at the Palace ,i ; i 'et S
-ldgenV (.. iVqIz .. tetiB." .a f:"|
-:te~g4hered.Infte. 'YflWodsa j'
offjimd;qyrjade ant4~cmYIoclt4



C' omunity Week]

.::- I..TT S .7 ; tT 7( i

SThe Sun is i non-po]
S"litical. party .ior person.
np nO iterested in the poht
not to say, at .this crtical
C SLuns iis.jppared .to .cli
: self off from ,the world -a
S,;-The. tSun; is interested
t, hiiat whatever;'party, whio
.Govermenir of ;this coun
whichc; unless they are, ohb
:i oppression,if'not the total
._fibre f. the couitr". It is
:.:ble'undertyra :'y. t iti
;. beings that "u.t finally
1-~ns *o]Ash kA
.1.s.,d' s t ;...- .
Th" fdaimn'tta'desi
1 .,Equality. and Fratenity.
. i;:mcrtc gods;,fZrthet 'Tha
th it'r-'":L &V'iv::

.,y*ty anserq. themtu'estio.
.we can" iove'r neigbhlt.
"-" R..'i *';N'''' i,.; d. wha
.,bec~e brothere: -
A' d c...a. ,;.,,ua, .;p ..... whs
.in.anaege..wher slav ery a

S th ci no.tation. ,. ei.ai,
is" '... sci,., e -ha v ti

;t cofisdi&9fa Pt&Nheaiabn
..:Pugl u=mfae:.tl g
3 ,. ..* '; *.:.. -T ; :'* '" "* ".*'." [, '.. :'
I. *..1,:. ..- ,.: ..
Th$,v,, n A.1o1e,(J

a &Tht Vamb

bu r&I4'ti W'6tK:
U ,:,....'. .- :




1*,., : D:s '. ,

$ifiCAid:Glbe.-Wejicke bid!? .

ft~p yo'D tin t
r.nt i.s Deknc s.ound-pR ofi "
*k r'iIdt~i o'J>lnU riiiuarkabl'
ituig~ttonfadj'u~tablle de4 pKeigil.- I ,..
c.yo ra" ,rf ,lld .^t ; : 2 "; ,.' ,. *' : '
c5r:rwb"c" "eft& "l"":% .

IOU, G .,. L A ... ..

,64 8'o i 'A -
iWr i i ra blS^ ... "r '. '
..:.' .u:,*r '* 'i :,.. .... f... ; ',, "' '-* "
^ r ^ ;^ ^ 'th^ ,'1-" : .. "' "** ;. ",' :
* .

afwi sflwiund r %i! 1' : :: l '
.^ F .^ ii ., s- :". : "" :;:! :'::.^ ,- -^'" *':: o. ,' .. ,
-" ~te i< iMB:f "., .; *! S ..*. **.. :

, Z n,'

S..... ,,i ..1 '. ". ." ....
'. ,i I.. -I "E -"
$, p ~ 1. IM p r i nhwII I I -i rri'i-. I .r I I'
L..: t' haz:-, P "'.4 .

wit li g i t ""
Wi-th light c hp t^l

* br'J::.2r, .j
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est me of the

' ."**.*.'-*t-y----e. ",-F."-"-j.'U .U' :y~ ~ "K|. '" '! ^ .*' -'. 1
ula e s"zhIA s mu w'~ : "..e.
kewed with just the bis. of the hops f r 'r p ""-
W N.W 'ficit,, ".' ..-
~-- .... ,."' ::*'.'' ''. '* *

Jos. Schlitz Brewing ?. Milwaukee, Wis,,
'Brooklyn, N. Y. Los Angeles, Calif.


ITI -O 'SUN _bite* (cooperative work) and a..
JllSH LANGUAGE N WSP PER many others will find their way Inscription HlOurs
ISH LANGUAGE NEWSPAPER in the Am-erican dictionary '. .*
ly Published Sunday rMomning .:.. things to the eSun.. .dt i i .reaux
R IBERNARD DIEDERICH' I than.s (S) :'Crenli't. : -"-" fl...
0U : ..o ." ,.4:
SOUR -CREED., Water,Water. Every where JQ4BAI'S ," Mor Citizes 'ae
6" U tRED. 16r itienHave
But Not A Drop In The Tap Dear Editor,
jti6al Journal It.is a partisan .of ,. I. see that the Association of Chance To Vote6
That is not to .say "the;.",' Dh earn-., ... Haitian *Journalists are really
.ica.we.. 'T" 5 A P.CP starting, to work: they protest a-
Lttic.ai Weltso, -hat' Uteconfre- Amendments to the Inscip.ian
period id PiUC'5 history %the .*te galust the. arrest of their confre- Amenduent to the icrip
;.'i .4..-...'....
...pi a .....e. nd sk 'e O,9p res. ask traffic facilities t6 the procedure were, made at the Tues.
bout i. : 5 Police, attend parties, etc ... All day session qf the Council of Se-
w ct:"h t"*'' ey'ith that, is-fiie', but can't these gentle cretartes of, State.These. modify
t.* W* is h...is Kweter men undertake a survey of the Article 15 qf the March 1st 1957
Iein prin he ? I Press condition in Haiti since Decree,.
)ever thr journalisnm is taking an' important
strye ; ,t le place in our present day society. 'As is known, Article '15 of the.
served, Ss After all,the problem of inform above stated decree provides
d Collapse e tion for the Haitian newspapers that Inscriptions will be held at
s truethe soisof a of *h..- remains the sawe. The 'edgeation the City Hall of each Commune.,
the so people,,of hu re of the people, 'can be made each ,Quartier. with a Justice of
triumph and' u6i.l,it does, all.: r9 pj *le through information. Newspapers Peace and a Register of Inscrip-
:. ..... : ..*'.;. ....6 .:, .. ,have sprouted like mushrooms for tion for the electors'. The, $nscrip-
S* '... -,. ,, '.,. the past three months, but most tions which will last 30 days will.
re 'dxpressed in the',W" "eif toert be of .themwill have. ived the life be received from 7:00 A.M.. to
Was, prlaps,, ,the attempt to put so sfarce in thm period If noth- of mushrooms after, the elections. 2:00 P.M.. .
&aicy into simple language. But De- ing is done to give water regular-.. wh6n the political fever will ,
n'that.' In the lexicon of Democracy ly to the people who are ac- be gone, people ,*il expect mo-I The new Decree, provides for
l4lieTty for one's neighbour as well tually paying for that service, the re from the daily newspapers several bureaux of inscription on.
Ce ....I. time when there will be black 'thmn tripotages.' and, mere re- the basis of the', density of the
',one. .. .. j market on. water in Port-au-Prin- 'productions of propaganda" leaf- population and also the inscrip-
tni.ibrotherhowd for more often ,ce is not far from us. So far the lets issued by foreign Embassies tions will be received from 7:00
..ii ,.et.l-.ne's. brother. Fraterni- [oor marchandes are very good in Port-au-Prince. is'it niot .a iha- 1 o 12:00 A.M. and from 2:00 to.
St iS one'sneihb ur for when tos, they haven't asked yet .2 me that neighboring i.landsI ha- 5:00 P. M. Sunday and holidays
rs s oselves theneer neighbour pou 25 cobs.. vd better newspaper .than us inclusively. '
.s as. ouee ..theneve neighbour whoboast .of being more cultu- :. ".
' dj ', 'e,." f m'? .? y S) O Thirsty. red, than others. There had been. complaints by
:.;;.:c..:,... r.'l:" '': ... : "" "-'-of candidates ,that tbe' hornxs and
Ad~s:, its..deid&0~i&:!..neanjng? Tod~y CE"E NADE Of.-course there is, the .Iao ,'.f
CREOLE NV E- --.number of bureaux previously.
n darfdew .at e re- ENGLISH LANGUAGE a gpr of c. provided we enough .for a
trth'-term l.cEqutlitvy has developed .. paper and printing, material are r n,, eo u f aL
ttihf6reAihe 1 ;'!And if the Law Mr dr note cheap, MbusEininmn -edo not proper preparation osf thee Lists.
p,.,ay muchho)for'ade eme,
i^hg .quolId: 'be.otherwise and I must thank THaiti.Sun tor p much .) adyertizment, .
e`4..de-.e1ital1.1.W!.is, equalityo kgpc,.t"tote,. ~~i e tc..
isthe e aly f giving publicity to the Haitian.e c e *. ;i ,te, are, .-
aI.onscienci:idh,.the collective Creole the words of which are H 'ov, e 'd tie a
no excuse for stagn ation. If. the;
.2 -. .." :".". .:' ; ;, being now widely used by Ameri- Assov iationreal.ly.wants to workI
o~ans. The -Time Magazine era- ." :'
,-., ., 'o .. h, i t-h cans. The Tiime Magazie em seriously, they will always, find
h ip o-n ,W S0V h a nd .'for Wvhich the ployp now the verb zom mfy., and i s'w iss ,_ .A_ .. rH .
es now the verb zombi and the. cooperation of the Haitian i'
he: ptrinciples of bDemocracy.' e .h6Ire th e noun zombii' which are now .A "".people E Ssi'
,bhow'best. tb 'achieve or. ensure them English words. .. 'Yoursver y .i m !'43e
ver.. .. I hope that 't(l'diol, (word of
'e. : ..,. mouth), 'caiJle (house) coum',' ,.,.- ".:T61gueule. ';, e
I t ," "; 1 ,i i ,, : I .' : ., :
... .* ." -.' ,,. .'" .. : ,.. '"

,o .. V':.... ..
Ft r:.2
: K-.,f ,'

, ', |

SU~N A~Y M~ARH..h.97.....CAR il

Boning Up On

Bone Chin

Whrt is English bone china ? through a series of refining pro-,
Is it really made out of bones ? cesses until it is eventually ground
How many times have you heard to the desired fineness. The bone
these standard questions asked ash is then combined with two
and how seldom it is that anyone other essential ingredients of bone
knows the answer. Actually, the china china clay and china
answer is very simple. If you Lhave I stone. Large qutaitites of these
recently paid a visit to l.a Belle I materials are to bt funa in
-Creole's remarkable Chinn De- Cornwall and oilther par's of En-
partment, where dozens of exq'.i-I gland. Because of this fact and

.site patterns are displayed on the
street floor, you already know
that the -term 'bone chin:;. menn!
exactly what it would seem to
:mean. A large percentage of bone
.ash does go into the making of
English bone china.
'China, and 'porcel-ia, are
-used popularly as inicrchangea.
'ble terins, W being the namies
:given orginally 4o Oriental ware
later '*&i applied to Westeri?' pro-
dubetions Q similar appearance.
However, china as now made in
England, kInown more specifically
.as bone china. is of a very spe-
cial quality and composition. The
inclusion of bone ash results in
characteristics so well known to
lovers of fine ceramic:. tile su-
perior whiteness, toughness and
translucedicy, the riclinrs6; of the
glaze, the softness and brilliance
of color and decoration. .
Various types of bone can be

because the technical aspect of the
production of -fine bNino china i
so difficult, the center of tnday's
bone chinna Industry remains
still in England as it has for
Another question that is fre-
quently asked the china specialists
at ILa Belle Creole is whether
there are' advantages in purchas-
ing English bone china over other
types of non-bone chinas. Here
again, the inclusion of bone ash
tells 1he story. For instance, hold
a Royal Doulton plate or saucer
up to the light. You will see your
fingers plainly through the bone
china.. It is amazing that so deli-
cate a transhlucency combines with
such great strength and durabli-
ty to provide one of the toughest
ceai bodie ye know

cermintc bodies yet known
English bone china.

Use Your China, Says

used in the production of fine chi- La Belle Creole
na, but the most desirable is ox
'bone. The raw bone is passed Above all, this store

'Twelve Caterpillar Diesel Marine En-
gines with continuous horsepower ratings
up to. 4010, are available in single. or
multiple installations to serve every
marine power user.

Honestly rated, designed for the job,
these units are quality-built for steady

ta man,


1u1 se steel wool soda or abrasives j worth your while. Delicate plates,
Coffee or ti-a stains may 1c re- cups and saucers witn world-
E nf f moved from china w,,th borax i P. renowned names such as Royal
plied on a soft clhth. Worcester, Royal poultoa1, Royal
Cellulose sponges, cotton dish Crown Denby, Wedgwro,d, Spode,
mops and special brushes with Limoges, Rosenthal, Coalport and
. (f^ long handles are excellent for Minion will hold you exntbralled.
tLA/ washing all china, particularly in- The store's well-trained staff ol.
side pitchers, cups and around china experts will advise you and
don't be afraid to get the most handles or other ird-.to-get-at aid you in selecting a pattern that
out of your investment by using areas. A soft brush is especially will delight and serve your parfi.
your bone china every day. Be- useful for fluted cliana, vases or eulr needs well.: Prices are a
cause of kts sturdiness, it is meant figurines. Good insurance against pleasant surprise. Most patterns
to be used and enjoyed and will chipping is the use of n rubil-er are sold locally at the same price
lend an aura of olegalice to even mat in the bottom of your sick. you expect to pay in England.
a simple meal. Nothing is more Avoid heating dishbs in a hot Sme, in fact, through a special
pleasing than a well.appointed ta- oven as excessive h',at wi!l cause arrangement with La Belle Creole,
ble set with fine china and. gleam, cracking. If your kitchen is not are somewhat tower than English
ing silver. Add to thL candlelight provided with a warming oven, prices. _
and you have the stuff poets you can inmmerse plates in mode- Your inspection is invited, and
write of. rarely hot water and dry them while you are there, look also
just before serving, at the flawless lYdpch and Swed-
Hints on the Care and Store dishes on shelves that are ish crystal, Georg Jedesi silver.
Use of China firmly secured and can bear the and other delecidbles from all..
weight of your china. Arrange over the world. Home may be
La Belle Creole of-.r3 some plates, Saucers and dishes in their where the heart is, but' living, is
hints on how to care for and use correct sizes to avoid breakage tiuly what you ni.ae.it. :(Next
fine china in your borne. Save ac- and make separate piles or racks week: The Story of Wedgwood).
cidents when washing by avoiding of identical articles. Hang' cups : "
an overcrowded sink or dishwash- and pitchers on separate hooks.
er. Don't court accidents byv piling Priee is Pleasant Surprise '
dishes together in any old way If all this talk about fine tabl- .:
or in top-hemavy stocks. Stack them ware has put you in a shopping
neatly according to size and type mood, a visit to La Belle Crdoles ____ S 3 S__
of individual pieces, saucers on China Deparlment, 'located in
saucers, plates on plates. their downtown stora, will !.e .* e.1 '
To .wash, use plenty o waon, "
not hot, water with mild soap or
one of the new detergents. Many
detergents. contain water soften-
ers that insure clean, shining dis-
hes, especially where the water
is hard. However, a Wor'l of cau-
tion here. Water" softeners, 'soua e
of which are alkaline, should be
used only in morh..ratmn. Ncv.r

,----- r .
operation, Thiey're compact-require
little spa.e;nd are easily installed. They
require'ro operating adjustments.

ECOiaiMiAL-'they burn power-rich,
16w-cost No. 2 furnace oil through foul-
proof, single orifice injection valves. Full
oflw filters purify lube oils, air and fuel,
minimizing engine wear and parts re-

...' DIPENbABLE-adequate cooling systems
kbep them operating at safe tempera-
tures. Sensitive governors quickly re-
spond to-sudden loads. Choice of starting

Tractor Co. Maurice Bonnefil, Manager


Haiti Tradig Co. ;

"" Cham6er Comme mmg 3

SUNDAY MARCH 17th 1957





Long before'
well dressed il
out without her
haps she needed
tection against
just 'to keep ha
vely against hor
bu nonetheless
gloves. Today's
and tess about
gloves, she just
it, because thea
styles, colors,
choose from nc
'have to guard o
ie, cleaning an
them as someth
the modern mis
her favorite stc
vera pairs, In
and shades.
Twdy's etlqum
ALWAYS wears
what a pleamsre
be something s
as.those.. we hav
In iPoqt au. Priin
hav' a. variety.
c "or French
in'.disptlay, so .t
son you can't i
looking for. 0C
f o r French
Belle Creole
find .creations
find creation
ter Dior. This
talents know no
ges from .hem 1
vering most eyve
ween, in b oding
Dier. designs
Kislav, makes th
re's a cambinati
KislavW 21s ade

SNEWS By The Clothes Horse And, too some have motrner of ground and flowered trim in yel-
TeCohsHr _pearl trim on hand painted bone low, violet, light green and fla -
S work. ruing colors. Satin evening bags
~g VE F HM f AD Y These are truly works of art come in clutch, string, and gate
and would be precious addditions handle styles, all smart and inex
GLOVE FOR< MILAD'to any woman's handbag wardro pensive. One eye catching bag,
chivalry died the France and has long been fa the amount of work on the glo- be. Incidentally the beauvais was quite large and orange in co-
dy didn't venture mous for their fine soft leathers ve. work is sometimes done in beads, lor with a gold colored clasp.
Sgltoves on. Per- and exquiste craftsmanship. And Something a little less in price sometimes in thread but ai It comes with an all color dc-
.d them for pro- as if that weren't enough they (ranging from $3.75 to $5.7S) are ways exquisitely sign worked out on the lower
the elements, or advertise cNaturatly... forever the imported French portolano There are also small hand boa half oif the bag and is just the
mands soft and lo- wasa'ble. How's that for fas gloves. They're of washable doe ded bags, coin purses, and eye thing for the lady who demands
me made soaps, lhion with a practical note ? La skin and come in all sizes and glass cases to match. more bag even if it is for even-
, she DID wear Belle Crole also carries a line colors including ever popular They're embroidered all over ning.
lady worries less of handsome Italian gloves White, black, and pastels, in typical French floral patterns Bag and glove shopping in Hala
why she wears which should delight thbe6 heart Along wilt Milldy's glove, is that remind you of a Petti point ti can be exciting .fun, and well
does, and loves of many Who hasn't heard of the her purse which is a must for picture. Color is one of the sel regarding too.
re are so many fine Italian leathers and deft any occasion. Almost every wo ling points with these bags. becau 'Many shops carry excellent se
and fabrics to Italian touches in leather work? man has a -handbag for daytime se you're bound to find just elections of both, you've but to
)w. She doesn't While you're in the store, be su- wear that is more or less desi- what you want. Naturally the look around. The two shops men
ne pair with her re to see the delightful gloves gneh for practical use. Beauty all embroidered bags are done in tionned here specialize in these
ad working over that sport muti -colored polka is often up staged here, as ca a multitude of colors, all of which items and have some of the ahr-
lng precious, no, dots all over. They are just the pacity usually takes precedence blend into the loveliest of flower gest collections, proving that eve
ss trots out to touch needed to make a lovely over daintiness. Bulb when It co colors. rything is right at your finger
ire and buys se. white linen dress perky as can mes to choosing an evening bag tips it's your turn now tt>
different lengths be. then beauty and feminity come But there are white, gold, choose.
The Canap6 Vert is another ha bubbling to the fore an-d nothing black, yellow, and brown bead
ete says a lady yen for gloves, here they carry short of a price tag will stop bags that have a certain irides
i her gloves, and the famous Roger Fart ma- them. One of the largest collec- cent quality about them and seem a
e when they can ke that is featured in Saks Fifth tions of beautifMl handbags in all to change as they.are moved. One
a fashion wise Avenue, New York, These are Port au Prince is found in the gold and white bag couldn't be !
e to-choose from .beautiful creations worthy of the Canap6 Vert. It's difficult to find lovelier with it's mother of
ice Many shops finest'occasion They're beaded a style, color, or shape that thuy pearl top which catches the high
of either .Amen- with tiny dots of color in miniatu don't have in beaded bags. Pri- lights of the beads This bag is
imported 'glovesre floral designs r they boast ces are usually fairly high for a work of art and priced 'as
hore's little :'rea'6 fine ebeauvaiso work. this type of bag, but you'll find such $115.00. One especially .
Mid what you're One pair is palest blue in color some for $21.00, and with beau beautiful combination for a gla
)ne good spot with beauvais work on tWe cuff vais work from $30.00. mourous evening would' be a t
gloves is LA and up the line of the little-fin The beaded bags come in either floating black chiffon gown accen- -
where you'll ger. Another pair has a drape i the cavier or crystal bead and ted with the off brown bead f/, '
of that mas. effect at the cuff with a bow tie I each is equally enchanting, it's bag. This particular bag is. .al-
'."of I taht mas holding the drape lines in perma I just a matter of personal choice, most a caramel color'with a h0- 'hoUU.I
man's fashion neatly, and here again is the de- Several cavier beaded bags have ney tone and would be most ef--
bounds, .he ran licate handwork along the back. heavy rhinestone trim aung the festive with black: *
ines to bats, co- Youll notice that most of the Fa, top; while many of the crystal Incidentally, while you vwerc
Anything in bet ird goves have unusual and most bags come in a simpler style .- glove sho png in La Bella Crd,
gloves. interesting detail around the glistening all white beads which le you n-ait have looked at S.D..
the gloves ad cuffs", many of them with cuffs ac- need no accent for glamour. their bag collection which inchlu
heo _=.and the" tually cut in a different line. Pri The beauvais bags are char des crystal bead bags, satin sty-'-.
ion.;hard beat. ces for these creations range ming with a tiny cameo type les and gold metal ones. The crys
exclusively in from $8.50 to $9.50 depending on clasp. Itals are lovely with white back- Joseph Nadal & Co.
-' ,, m ata S fl fa a -, -------i---- -...............

Liq.uAtlqqt -~ ,w. -



on Tourist Ave

native Of


PIADET et.c etc.

On Tourist Avenue Rue Bonne Foi
*, ,.: i .. *. ..


Finest In Swiss Watches

The Capital's TopRecord Store




* 4


SUNDAY MARCH 17th 1957'



SU PA MA C 17t 1fl7- ..., H IU!SUS PAG .7...--_. Il..I ^ .I f:l

it's a Dog's Li
By Chevalier III should mention that we
Michigan only three ye
I'm a city fellow, b6rn and then we were off aga
bred well almost city since 1 travelled back East, stop
"uid first tumble about the flower time in a wonderfully g
beds in Long Island (which is a full o0 trees and bush
pretty good address if I do men- Wellesley. Wellesley isn'
tion it myself). But at a very ten- city itself but I made the
der age, somewhere around 2 Boston several times a
months I 'hoink they took me off I'm no country bumpkin
to the Motor City to live. Inci- you look at It. But this b
dentally, I've heard it, told over flying:" and being shoved
and pver again that. I mrnade the customs with everyone
trip remarkably well, never ma- ding my papers and tags
king, even one mistake if you thing to upset even hi.
know'what I mean. Just sovyou'il perien.cerd hobo. But I dj
.See I'm a regular traveler I to, get here and my )as


The longest, lowest Ford convertible: ever made-is '
Sunlinr which is being introduced& along with 186' ot
pletely, new Ford body styles. The new Fords will
broader range',of improved engine perfoimniance~wit]l
power plant bdMing the optional' 245' horsepower Thu
Special V8, The Sunliner is a member of Ford's new
500b series, which will offer a band of gold-colored

,- "'. It
"', ,'" :* ," .V"s The T2 a'.o'. "t'. ..o

;" ; *:'. '
.- .. "Best in Cap Ho fieoin1 Hsts

0 EA.i r is-. i,

.i q. -ien g J t 'like some of the people who come sn- that say 'Curb Your Dogs.
i it E .' li 11tti to our bouse and sometimes I Thatls a. ilhing they should have
Er i i I 1 1 iII don't, but I do notice the ones I here curbs. Makes a dog's life
Ut' UlI [l'don't like don't come back so of- much more pleasant you know. I
-ten gubssait's aI -in 'getting used to
stayed inI mistress found us a hotel where ..V", .... .... ?e'' j ..gt~ sdt
stayed in mistress fheround usice an Ihotel where It was a terrible thing for me the different ways people Hiave,
ars and .it a enjoy to find otit that people here didn't but I o:wilih they would'-be :nicer.
tin and I the pool too (having been pusheAd' dogs.the.way they did at ho- t a S h espe ly dogs.
.llc,.dogs -the +. :. wy te dd dh- tht e y. d:+ o6.,
ping this in several limes). Then we moved me. Why. I used to stroll down I've never bee the kind' of-dog.
reen spot into our present home and settled the street and bave all the kids in to" get on. a soap box-and -Sound
es, called down to regular living Up to now k off; ifl s tear'a
.. ".. ... he nofgnnornooa 'just clamiormngof" .6slkA
Really a life wasn't too bad, but then I got t js "a no r i len off u this ought -tobk bie tak rea
to pat me. Some-I never did lt. f~ew thingsought to:be.1taken' m-e
Srun into a good down to earth view of life ^t ^m a t^ din' apprecia- o 'W rv': should hear wat'
week,,so.in'Prt-ta....-...p-....ce.anditwasoW:u nupld'1aewar. g
week, so in Port-au-Prince, and it was t handle dogs. Wh en we happened.when I' lookedup adg
how.t..hokeaW 0 n g,,wg.
Anyway enough to stand a fellow's hack. e h o" h .a .e, -', .
.zmn~ of !es .iend. .. ha.aparty .at. pa, house' I. was do:.c,pne 4day.o INowt1e9r9its
uiness of es oh encl. always the center of attention. it.ohappene toaQfriendof.n.6e
it`"hap ,.ied. ..-
d though iirt rct:, I' nm :io '.) lly. Once I heard; y '7 lady ay, ,cle, .oi' o 'i.,ust. Tide' o!p-'endsee.
iioc courseI5 d o 1iini; Iv', -l,ojit .thinks everyone .comes to see' lhit;. get' the t 'vil6'&bte straight,
r is some. a bit on the uppity side, but him,. She meant me oi,corse, and -meet youi right ere on!:nday'
m1nost ex-
dl l h en iL's a matter of breeding and and I did! .iese .'iPeo-ile k-&m ibuld& aidk(l .'I.about4. .
d all that .iothing.to "el oxcite*l over. We're talk to other people all day long, ... ., ..." "
ter and proud 'of being poodles, but we but they couldn't see-me' all the' A "'-t .4
can be regular guys too. Take me time, so naturally I. fgured they i
for instance,. the name at the top :came to see how. I was a"n t 'ro,, Ei y u Ovation
of this page is really mine, regis. give me a few pats. I was always .At Airp t :' -
crcd and all, but so as not to put on my best behavior. although '" ..*- +'
ol airs, I go by Maurice, a nice once I got too close to someone's,- .'.r. 'nd Mrs. Philias .'.terhu-.
s "6 E fri-andly sort of name. That it co- dinner plate and he. pushed ZAyne-of. Battlemoro. Vereont sto-.:
mes out Maurice Chevalier is kin- nose in for me. Never-eToulwworkled,-dik nl:.les.pdjnpas--
da' funny since that singing, dan-' up a good like for that.man a~ai-.'sna .. on thbe,,-. MauretWeiia,,'a
cing fellow must have been look- So you can see What a" thung' i*t teunltd"iLS zi. ,ship. t'on..
ing for a French -sounding name was arri'-'ing' here .and. '-yinai7"etti4.'loo .n ei'is "
*; and happened on mine. But let' kids throw stones -r and -whet -cittadidue; the dplec'hM eed'.
ime tell you, being a tliurc'ug!i- I'm in my own back yrd too.l.a.'plane,.ad 'IlV.1'dth VCap'!re-;
bred in a city of hounds isn't the Then 'when sofne them!'came, tob o if -;
Easiest. I don't object to having the house they acted like I was .port tio land. at' the same-..time.-as
dogs'all over the place (but the going to bite thmin:. ,W,.W -ii B p iouiueej6ie :.
family will tell. you I'm more Me world ,would a thorou2h-I ,Pw4ie .tliav.i4,C chldate
a people dog than a dog's dog) bred dog li kek e t.a's "vi& "' ''as' :* J& ... 4 a
it's that I don't like the treat- feed, want to '.tf 4 qtf 4.!....tC.l. -e Terunes^
S ment they get. Me now, I'm used ingrawnmPn? Xnmt su. 'e.tt4e.( ronde w.s i"t' .-dtuI
this 1957 to the best. and it. hurts to see don't understanddogs so'..ve';se;ti' -p "v ",i.A n .ns
her corn- stones flying all over the place out to straighten a few of them:were .o-.."hand to" hdl- "h.r
Suffer a and fellows running with' tails out. I've never ckA % r lb ge yA1O--
I offer a'arid felows ru.,,.d Wr, A Radou:l.- -4 .ow...
i the top between their legs afraid of eve- at guests (o poole.wo.ldOad I4lidg 4he.y.tion, .ad 1an. lihg-
nderbird rything. I can't gay 1 like all some of tohemt:ire ming *rddi$.a,. jy': -e'a- .that"itr.'
cFairlane! people, I'm discriminating (we some are even speaking.... Some- 'a few inqts thy''Wy,6: "t
anodized i poddles all-are) and sometimes I mes I play I dqua erir jpistt o p64-ie. -. eig' g-i. .'
--- --- .they get closer, then I look .up- pe Haitia& we $ omg *... j
th" & solefuliy), w 1m, ..... Mr TeThune 'g.'o""of" the
Sa bit;:and side,.""'.sort g-, "e'-..S:
idshuffle off to Buffalo, step born, e ad-" d ml4ni'g;ionel id "i a
,.j. it's a catchy thing and. make them ,much too'brie ,or':a.-heno, i.' -
kind of laugh and relax. I don't attractions..offee'& 6^:o i-:rs.
K-sd'' rr go near-ttem though 'until: they're- h he ,"nin i,. : ,e......'
11 'I' Is used'to'ne being here mensomfe-'rturn for a real.vacation mcmi-
/K/ 0- times I 'do go to .the door and i. :':;'.i
Q7 wag good-bye.-' It's slow but the '"r r'. .- -.
coming around Ii' P FOR"R.N .. '.. :.- =
...../, I I notice too that.,dogs here .
**'i"m r[1don"'t 'vaL sedat. o lea hes'in, .TI..e .tconftr
KI'thle paik. 'Now tW at's a thing aV "beth'. eteuetS
'aa s awsaaw.p wa's liked.And do ,you knew, PnuivY&Appl yRt
"; agr "when I'm in NeIw York "(I'"ove b4ee. deIa.
n MngrseveralJtimes aagbe..7"41il. .'..the.n P& ,z.l..,et., ,.



A French Quarter in the Caribbean
.. s i :.:' *' : ':., '": *'** :.' '*''.1'' :* : ,:: ,' *". .' i.1;.' :^ *

The HosteIere wf 'Mcblhial archi .eo dstpbackgrund offers a mag-
Snificent holiday of sun iandentertainm ti.The ol.ibotel in, Cap Haitienwith swim-
4 niiAeoLfilffs, *jpical park, nf"t,.cli ... isx .fr* d: Fiech ouisine.
f Fascingtagexcursions to Sans Souc:d-7 Pdneandil4 t "dfibgChristophe.
-,, Easy to reach fr6m Port-au-Pincim4Q'Amn..b-Y" ..., .% ..._.
f s. p.by car. Write or cable for information neservat.io s. .
..... i ," .*'" ."' ', 'il _S W _S SB
I a' ~ I -' ."., "________'__"___._____.

.~~ ~ ~~ ~~ .-. ;*** : ... 1 '' i '
,,:: +:+'4,

tVi. f. .ro. n.. ..g.roo .....-... .....-.. C-hamber.ofC-ommre Slg. Miami, fa.,5. E.,WashmtnSI C ao i .

SUNDAY MARCH 17th 19,7

HAITH.U.SM ,..:!


',"_! +.'1 y; \ *
"'. t" K -' ~ r ,-".' ^ "f .. ^ ....^ :. .. "'i "' __ ...._ _.. _r___
W aif i
,. G .t .*

;.. : "' ;. .. ,.A ; ..

Of Hotel Majestic at Petion-Ville


tElOW FidayNgt
:d."1 : .;.^.< .. ... p O .. t ..t W.i.e. e, .,

A' S. I*
R W..Ptrd.ayN T- .G.ar

.. ., .'.V, .... TL. J' ; .T,

:..,i ..'. VO ': atk)
^s^^-*^^ ^^^*^ "'* .re*
.Of Hoe .:etca em-fl

'44W t44fl4W W ~4W>M 42kV ~t


StJNDAY MARCd .12th 1157

From R-.evolutiou To.. Evolution

Last week. I dealt with the prin-' lopment, the:successful candida-will depend .h6"strenu{h of that
ciples which operate in the :elec-,' te's first job after election will ptrty;
tion of the. people's delegates to be to organise in the; Ntional As-: That ,party will have, of course,
the, Gdvorziment -.the President, sembly a'.sufficiently large group' to.put forward, candidates not on-
the Senators and the Deputies. to assure success for 'measures ly' pressing the views of the var
SWe established tie principle which his- Cabinet'will initiate. y but also ableto'put those views
ihat since' these delegates are the. -Thereiis no'doubt also that tiho- over convincingly and. win gene-
free .choice of. the people express-'se opposed :to,'ithe Piresident's po.- ral .support for them. Then, a..Pr~e
,d through the' ballot box, 'the lidies will find.,themselves with, sident.put forward .by. a .party,
people 'alone have- the right to perhaps, sufficient 0 m m .o n will .fid himself, .,on election,
pass judgment on their regimes. ..ground to :form an. opposition backed in. the National Assembly
In other words, Presidents, Se- ibloc.. The measure' of. the Presi- .bY Senators and Deputies elected
nators or Deputies have the right,', dent's stccess..h gathering around on, similar. party policies and the-
at any time, to test the confiden-1 him a':sufficient number iof':meni- reform pledged to 'support him in
ce of the people in their policies, hers of the Assembly in 'support measures'which are introduced in
At the same time Ptesidentsi of his policies .will-be the 'measu- keepihgz with the policy' of the
should also. have the right, at th6' re of the success o'r .otherwise. of party.. ...
end of their.'terms of. office, to his regime. '"' ,K :.'. ':"' ..This policy would .be the policy
ask the electorate to pass judg- His statemanshp thrpghrp :bill: which, the, majority of voters in
meant on their policies through ty at times to conpromi lAen ', the', nation. "s given the Presi-
thd ballot, box. The election of a tain aspects of his policy wili.ialso deint" nd his party a mandate to
President' thus becomes a simple be. no less a measure, of his: sue- ca'ry out With 'the emergency of
contract with the people and ces For.'it is 'som'times.;bettr aPrY syslm and an all-elected,
they should.have the right and tq carry through an',ameededmea. Assembly based1. on universal'suf-
opportunity of renewing that con- siire than withdraw 'it.. .altethi frage with a: free and secret- balz
tract or not as, they feel disposed. The. Asemntbly-being, aell- ted 0'.t' Uayl -said. ,that aiti shall
Another .effect of the recent the iVews of the Senat rs';'and"d ."6 have *l tt!he. paths.ofRevbluitjidn
amendments'. to the .Constitution -puties are in prniiple he. views: :fr that. f Evolution. .. ,
will show itself-'in the mechanics of'the people .whd electedfthem.,- "
of Government. after these elec- '' ,".'..r:.. "" -. ,.,:. ... ... e s
.tions. In an all-elected .National Party Systemo' "'i. -.,:;." '' -c ee
Assembly a President will" ave to It "'.beome '2appoat0'.th ',',' U .' "- '*;*WOIDE
be 'sure- that he can cotmnt .on ,a that one important tF1., cp eia. IVslA4,' -
sufficient number of votes, to car- of c the '-co .qnIRelecbons .-i.,be.a ,"il X'-^ .,: a,,-.-i'
ry through his' policies. the-lmergen.eO' a partybse.' er". '. : '" ,' ,
F.. .. .. ..Oce that happens a`'new'era j of. .d
P. lo s .'' policies rate ;Ythan,. pesong..es 'e .' .; :, ,: ,.:. -':; .. .
S. "' ~.. shall have Iawnedn m :'i iY.Man, :.r Whelm. e-
i The present elections',are being suehan era thepers&a1ifelemet- 'sen ''.;'; .. ":.:,
foIught largely :. on an ;individual .still' cunts --. vry"- muc ne:ften::4Luder6e.:n:"...
:basis although -some of .the resi- but candidates 'will beelt'ao :6149w &te.uil. of'.r.eh-Bonel,
dentiaL candidates have been. wise the .basis of their adherenc' tAo rl-F.' .id.F .o hio-
enough ,16, sponsor' candidates for. policies .f ormulatedi. f ba'group:2 .'e;a dta"e Wit'ws 'to cxprcESF
the'Senati. thus antici.atin.: piro-',rather than themselves.. Upon the iI'.i-.. "< '
babe .post election events;. ability of that Vgroup Madv.et, g Hs' E..-.: t .h -. Ge ..deral-
By .and large however, at the' those., policies to Mwin _+ a ^..,r- '._-$.nS 4 .
Lpresent.stage of political. .deve-I.amo io;..';egnerat" on ce, .
, .. ".. .-'ft- =..'-*''im"..," "`-- 4i 't i A^' Jtvrim ix, tn r l ''f ]mp r. --

chug. from 'end to sweep and striinug new body line an- eijanulv. rear... ia
of .the hlblightl are Below (left to. right) are the capaciousImaunk the ned ,ash pi
Ighstyle soaring and with its aceuribbon horizontal speedometer, and 'to tihe leftof I
I Ughts. Upper right dab Is the new triplerangm e pplh-buttmn trsmisln eehau
.In the mentel san I the.w der and higher windshield curnig at top and sides'for
win the-e: w ol. percent mor svolmnand laMt te optmanldual d hodr.natlMadt l

5,. ,..'. '' .....:. '.1.. ... .

-- I


SDown EoerJ


,%We have a country of songs and dances, a country of dan-
ces and songs,. Runs a wellihnown bit of Haitian poetry The
poet's naive but frank expression springs forth from the
rhythm-rich Haitian way of life which leaves Uth too formal
atmosphere of night clubs and voodoo temples to manifest
itself openly in the streets or in the .path-ways of the country-
side during during Mardi Gras and the Ra-Ra seasons

u There is practically no disguise dinary orchestra. Now some Ra-
in the Ra-Ra, nevertheless the Ra bands, mainly in the Artibo-
members of the band tie a red nite Region, are using locally
? u eS handkerchief around their neck. made trumpets, guitars, cha-chas,
For the past few years Ra-Ra has and even soxaphones.
been becoming a popular attrac- The season of Ra-Ra brings an
tion for PorL-au-Princiens who appreciable increase in the texti-
- Af lock by cars and camionnettes to le trade. The peasants renew
Carrefour Dufort, some as shnimple their garde-robes in that period.
The most popular band of the spectators, others as -sympathi- Most of the marchandes seen in
whole country is the famous -La sers, or prospective members. As the Capital fold their tents and
Fleur de Rose that has its he a result of their presence in the go back to their pays, (region
quarter in Logase. Carrefour bands, a few other wind -instru- or village) to celebrate the Len-
Dufort is the center where all ments have been added to the or- ten Carnival.
the bands of the sugar rich Plaine J.
de'L'ogane converge on Vendre-MA NIGHT
di Saint. (Good Friday). Some EVER YM A YNIGHT

The last echos of the Mardi vely the meringues called bands from far away localities as
Gras trumpets had not yet faded ringues carnavalesquesD, or ca,'- Jacmel and Arcahliaic have made
away when the hills resounded nival meringues. iR a duty to go to the Capital of
with the hollow rumbling of -vac- The vaccines are of different Ra-a for a frat2renl accolade in
cines' (musical instrument made sizes. They are blown with two" lhis gerat day.
with bamboo pipes). It is Ra-Ra, counts for each breath while the. The Ra-Ra main attraction is
the traditional peasant Lenten player strikes, the pipe with a I the ,iRoi. tthe King) Usually this
Carnival, small stick to make another, role is performed by a slim and
From the first Sunday or lent sound. The flutes are ?it.lcr install young man. The -roi wears
to Easter Sunday the peasants or bamboo made. Ia colorful regalia and holds the
will observe the week-ends with While in Mardi Gras, the follow- jone. (a tinmade stick with both
merry Ra-Ra dances, all through ers of the band dance ajusqu'en ends containing small rocks and
the Haitian countryside corps li fait'l mal,. (till their bo- gin a small cap). The king's
i I ~~~~~~~graininasalcp.Tekg'
I dies are sore) (a congo son.) in most noble title is 'major jonc..
TRADITION the Ra-Ra bands they sing with In fact he his a talented jugglar
the choir while dancing. It is the whose skill is attributed to some
Back in the old colonial days, time that the wit and the imagi-. magic powers.
the slaves were granted a day off nation of the peasants are given I
to dance and enjoy themselves in full play. The songs are comio,- NO DISGUISE
their own way while their mas- i ed during the march andJ. inost
ters and -.commanders were at-; f the time criticise some one r Before the band goes out the
I 'I Before the band goes out, the
tending lenLen service. It is be- mock a rival group. Fpr example: members of the -band bow befo-
lieved that the anegres bossales' A girl was seen flirting with her Ire the King, who kiss them and
(new comers, those who were not & pass the jonc, thrice around
baptized) were not allowed to go / their shoulders in a religious man
to church. z -\/ \ ner. Spectators on an occasional
These -public, merry-makings d travellers found on the road re-
took place in the periphery of t "-" ceive the same honor but must
the plantation. There were seve- I leave a coin in the red silk purse
ral bandes or groups, each with l that is handed to him by aonther
their own banners and flagvi. he dignitary of the band.
musical instruments used are t-he 1 1______-------
same as today. The orchestra is
made of drums, -vaccines-, flu-
tes etc
On these special days the slaves
were allowed drinks, the -clairin.
(white rum) and more food. To- .
day, the e-clairin. 'remains the ..'Ai.0' '"&...
common beverage in Ra-Ri ban.- -
des and vendors of -mange cuite' ''.- ,
(food : rice and beans, corn and .- ', i..
bean's etc. ) follow the g-oups .l.'.L. ',^..
with large barques of rond r.,-t .v ...J .-
on their head.



In our days, the towns of Leo- iin-nage. sweetheart) near the
gane (Carrefour Dufort) and Ar- bank of the river or a .hounganD
cahaie are famous throughout the (voodoo priest) who did not offer
Republic for the way they cele- enough food and drink at the re-
brate Ra-Ra. Indeed, the Ra-Ra cent service in his ihounfort,.
tradition is strongly rooted in
these areas because of the pre- ARROWS' AND ROCKS
sence of an important number of In Creole such songs are called
*hounforts. (voodoo temples). pointse. (arrows) and if these
When, how and why Ra-Ra is now arrows happen to reach a rival
associated to hounforts are like group, or one of its members a
so many questions that have rot fight might result. Rock-Sligging
'yet found an answer, may leave several wounded on
The rhythm of Ra-Ra drums, the ground and many happy Ra-
though more staccato is not diffe- Rao enthusiasts may end. the len-
rent from that of the Mardi Gras ten period in jail.
drums. By the way, it must be It is the time and the place for
pointed out that the actual Mar- some people to fix up their -red-
di Gars rhythm is borrowed from edition de comptes' with either
the Ra-Ra, for in the past the apois .grattks' powdered poison
Carnival bands played exelusi- ivy) or fights with daggers.

- a

t ionst
6.e good

We dkex t be good, to remain in the
f .mt at of$ dtd Wj.kies for over z3o years.
I muwt be good to pa. the, scrutiny of distillers
wth ovwr 130 year experience behind them.

Try it today-you'll agree it's good



Three convenient weekly flights to take
you into the goy, romantic atmosphere
of the Pearl of the Antilles!
Only 90 minutes from Port-ou Prince
to Santiago de Cuba by CUBANA!

For information and reservations see your
Travel Agent or call Pan American World
Airways, Rue Oantes Oestouches, Phone 3451

Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays, at 1:25 p. m.
vua,~ONLY $25


SUNDAY MARCH 17to 1957



STOBAGO, B. W. I.- marine gardens of fern and co-
On a breeze-swept promontory ral lie a few feet beneath the
just a quarter of a mile from the translucent water.
airport in this tiny British West I Since more people are discover-
Indies island, concrete mixers I ing each year that Tobago is only

now clatter where formerly only
sea birds gossiped on the beach.
The center of activity is Toba-
go's newest hotel, the Crown
Point, -a quarter-million dollar
project started last March and
scheduled to ile ready for occu-
pan cy by the end of March
1957. It will add 27 more rooms
and four suites to the 138 hotel
rooms now available in this re-
sort island which is only twenty
minutes' flight Trinidad, key
crossroads on Pan American

World Airways'

network in the

Located on a 25-acre holding
which allows ample room for
future expansion including a cot-
tage colony development, the
new hotel will combine luxurious
accommodations with the out-of-
doors life which is the main
attraction of Tobago.
Overlooking beautiful Store.
Rav' whero white hn.fa i hil.-.

nine hours from the States by air,
the Crown Point Hotel will fill
a growing demand for accomoda-
Its facilities will include a
lounge-bar; sunbathing terrace;
wading pool for youngsters; and
a beach bar right on the sands.
The four suites and main bar
will be air-conditioned, and air
conditioning will be optional in
other bed-rooms, all which have
private baths.
A full schedule of activities is
planned around the clock. There

Small house, furnished, beauti-' Andr CHALMERS
recently spent $72,000 enlarging ful garden, in quiet neighborhood LAWYERS
its premises. in Petion Ville. Cons-ltations: 3P.M. to 5:30 P.M!
Alma House, set 600 feet up in I Telephones: 3591 2345
the central range of hills which Apply: Hotel Majestic, Petion- Address: First Floor ot the Eicc
forms the rocky back-bone of the Ville. trick Company
island, and only a 15-minute drive Rue t'avee
from the sea, is the only island b--------_---- .-- ---
guest house. But in Tobago, which SHANGO
is seven miles wide and 26 miles C Tl 1
long, one is never far from a (Night Club of Hotel Ibo Lele)
beach, and Alma House provides Presents exclusively
a station wagon and drive-your- TUESDAY AND SATURDAY
self cars a service which is in- Folklore Troupe under the direction of
eluded in their $11 to $15 rates. Troupe WILr IAMS
Surrounded by spacious gar- Sliango Open Nightly except Friday from 9 P.M. to 1-30 A.M
dens bright with tropical flowers, $1:00 Cover charge Tuesdays and Saturdays only.
its facilities include a fresh- r
water swimming pool, an al fres. te r c a a af
co dining terrace and bar, and h

will be deepsea fishing from the superb cuisine specializing
hotel's own boats; water skiing river crayfish, coconut cream,
and .-pear fishing, 'horseback rid- collaloo, an excellent soup.
ing, barbecues, picnics, movies,

bingo and bridge parties, and of
course, sightseeing.
It is expected that rates, in-
cluding all meals, will range
from $7.20 (U. S.) to $9 per
guest in the off season, and $9
to $12 between December 1 and
April 15. Suites will be about $18.

gently into a jade sea, it has two For the past few years, the
private beaches, one on either number of would-be visitors to
side of Crown Point. Visitors will Tobago has consistently exceeded
have a choice between sea bath- the accommodations available. 'Two
ing and a swimming pool, both years ago there were only seven
right at their doorstep. For those first-class hotels or guest houses
who choose the former there is listed. Then Alma House, with 9
the added attraction of sporkling double rooms wvs opened. In
off the Point where n'ignificent addition, the Blue Haven Hotel |
i(m Jm~lmi k JU lm mh~a,=mh .

Additions to the Blue Haven
Hotel, perched on a rocky bluff
just outside Tobago's main town
of Scarborough, include nine
double rooms and one single; a
wading pool for children, a ramp
to the beach and extensions to
the dining room.
Ringed by white beaches and
criss-crossed by shady roads
which wind through coconut
plantations or skirt the iridescent
sea, Tobago is one of the un-
spoiled places in the Caribbean.
The latest hotel expansion is
welcome news for those who
know the charm of Tobago and
those who plan to find out.





Sunday afternoon

i ?.':^ ,. ^?-; 7-All
S* ,% ,, -. -
.*.- .... "' v. -. v. J j,*j j

Golf Tournaments




See your Hotel Desk for Information






SUNDAY MARCH 17th 1957

... :. I ., .. I : .. r ,. :. N. .
P e .0 1 .. .I
S1 .
Sue.tn.3, o ta -P i t. o AOWONO A. M
IAf.r .rr, 't
.On thi ,eifiu -dYlh disae ""'ys b u i: i .:.

;THE- HAITIAN ENGLISH LANGUAGE NEWS'PAPEH -O th!in) beautiful day (xthedats ar alway beaut"' "
--i we, wish to exten to you ouur huearleit welcon -. : ,
.. ............ .................. COUPON... -..................[............. wea elli~s.eveyonelu'~infl~ l, Want you to-.haive pve .ry i
EiERY PLEASE SEN.D rdaSUN. '" J .leaant. an enoybl sta in. t lovel and a t.,dl
'W "n.s '" .,'""`-!""i

O.. I Haiti Sun (y u newip aper), i A Poxla2oratiop 0Wjh -La
.O.A.ON H...sses. -. /1 j 'Belie Creole01 .(your shoppkw center)..have "put:. oxit, bt1.'
OE'.. section o' .' n informti
Y EA R (52,iesues (oversee ,!' ., ts orde. to ... .. .. '. ... ...I
m .. :. L w. : .ai .~ 1. ... ;'-al.

'. R m tn i t I .- w.ill. el.y sta ,t only pleqi at;i, ,4.'
-?%op Bil .ae .>7

A d drae" 4.. .. .-.... -. .. .. .-'.. ." .-- -- --"' I : : ",;: S :( -; ..":.,.U W e are !+Y; : ; :. '-.. '.
h.# U........ ... .. .. .... ....... ..."...
.. N -.. .., -:. .. ., ., .,
,".1".. 4 :II EO 1. -..n.,.

.1 .1

de. ,e D .......
!It. | .. ..:( h d r A v a s .bei ,% 2-.,::.

'pt.. .. .. o C t t.eu. .. o na-. -...-;. A4 ,
o. .. .. ...
If a 0..... I. ., ..i.
TH ATA4EGIHLNUG ESAPERC ". .:X + + 1aii-,.Oe "" 4,,+

s ,I aOla Iun a 'am. Petwog Plaza e Tae C arlbb e C e .. M flV*E.
Ope, daiy- o -. ... i:,. -. .. ,,
'~~~~~' ...., ., .. "1+ : .. "" :" -" "

.... '. I I : .W e, a s ''+. ; "V ... up ], .. ,,..', .. a.i"..ti.,: ..i o ~ o- hi., Ar ;.,L

1 .. .F U A ....A -... .... .. .... -c
.... .. ... ... ..,.- -.C.. .. I. .. . "- ,':
4,~~~~~ .1--_ .. ... .. .. -:.'. .';,. .. .. .; '+ ,...- -`,..a-x" .
,' ,', ~ ~. ,.' q" .. I +, .. ely ..' a4 _bds .,. -,'I'-t.e:.: ..
P leasant, [ w -i ~ ,, -: .: .' <, .:.,. .. : i

01 .r~ 3 -n C .1 .i .i
E V R W E E P L A S S E N .." S N.. ,- .N .. t ,_, -. .. ... : ... .. .. ...,.,..:+l

.. ...a g and D .a_ .s d ei....- ".
.1__ i... .....:. I-.. ;.. .. ".-: .... ... .

r.oe .rI.Iep: s,.ay Tp" y I ,
f.,-,p .. t "___._ ._o____ ./ "-> -"
RE'A T ,,FS.P Se in" .,' -..L.::
I PA b az~
... .fecr .S.A--.b p ...j010t'-b, "I .... .... I .e
A M O N T H ( 4 is s e s ... .." ....."., -".., ., ,: ;", .i .. -.. "-, .. ,' .., '" "',..: ". .."" >.' I -.' .. ; ... '. +.''' :;;"' +" :i: ",.;,,- .. ..-:"' ;; "

.. .. --&P M
I" ~ ~... ..l'..., he .hm ... Ii d: -" .. ""' -"" h- W .. ..... "..> .. ....

Pu .", inSe eo eau Sun day oncer. o 14 ". ,, ... : cti'ia :,_
'".. ... "5. .: ( i er i -.'

,yr YEARa(5o isTr beu..; .. -avel A s $m10 ..".. ., -a .. iip -,.. .,.!_a-!;` N"htekh v b'n. .
.. .. I ,I .......... ...,, ,.n.d..f........: .
I -

-, ,a.. flxpo.o7 a.,, Gr.1 ..ant, -bu ". :.., -4 -
.. ". ", _'h"w OR. 10 la e "~ _" s ", "...;.. : ; ''- :.:W:
.. ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I .. ."". ... .Yl o u r.! ..... ? ". -. : i d :.; -, .-:: .. ".-;::' !.

q'or ftzleo'I .o....,d, ...d.a n :T.... ...- da .. .d i..- .p ... -. ., --.
..... ?P 7 ". I' c c. -- .: -,. : + + t I- ... .. ... .... ...,- .:-.!.... ;/ -

... a m. i.g ,I h ..
S. ". I; ,I:" .., .,- I U S
.. o.,. .rs <.- ..._" .. .... ... ," .-.' '..." ,. .. ... .... .. ,, .....

., OYE S AR.L -B.ill ,.-Q.... ,I.q; L C N... ...i
,1 .,.. .... ..' -16o:: ajY 4 n fo .- I :, "Z.I,:
:,...... ...... .. : ,', % .. /:' ... ,- ,,.,.-.a,...,o "o .;. ; .. ..!. ., ....Ln -,.,.,

.. .. ,. .... ,..._ ... -..- : .....,.,:...
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IL ..A ., 1 .. : ; ... .. ) ': .,:t
.".. 1 I .i ..- '. .: ,. : ,. .. A u iv, ,, : .. L
:/.,."-1' :- .. ... .. <:. .. ... ...'.... I, ::

6VILLA ., ..
1. I .. .. '. ". V'..; ".. ..,.,. = .. .. -" .. ..' :

e. Dl ... .,. .1 .... ,_ .
o.. a T a ; o 4":.. a _ooh....." ... .. I ""
.. .. ....,do a S .e) a..rc.ni D e c. y. ...Xu. ..,. .- :
A IjI .., ,r a & I it -; ..
i ... .." For f t .o "a : :'" :'OL"" '. -... w -
A T C E CO .CT A E .. ... a "... .". ,.-
HOTS.vml :.Cm :.UZ i.o-e .~ ~

-________________ ___"--_ "- -- "._-__ _,__."",". -St n .:.". '-,
..%lL r. S"Grr

.vol ..i- : ,. ; .' ,: ,, -'-.:". j- ,t.'i ..s': ..,"x z, -
50- tEPE SkI.. ....it .... Ch-n (Caap a ...
# .:. .. / ..-. ..- ..: ., .... -_ 7 m. o .-- ... O __ '. .o -. ."..S .. .. '> ;'.

,.o.. .. .. n :. I .. .. ...o.. V r. ..S..r, .. ... ... .. ..- ,. ;m _
... .- i I. .. ;,+ ... .. +.. ... -..... .... ,: .;::+

Ti. a I '". .. : I.a s. Phone .8_" .t Church: a ..:.!. ,
.. .-. .. .. : .. ... ., ...
..".."-. .. .. .. l.,-. i I; / '. '"'," ,

....7.... .. .. ..' ," ... ..: %. % .... ,
7----"ON M K. U S i ,. D'" :_ k .. I. m bx:..- ST. .iA.,A '.1
.y ; .. ... .'
.. .: I:: I.. -
"-. : .\ I ; ,' ?'. ,: 1 9 !'' + i.. ....i- I ." -1 ': .e .. .: -' .

.". "." k.. ..O (211mM:
-. I ,, : i, -, _L.- I .-:. .. 1
.. "U ,S : .. ,. i I i .-. ... ., : d l ., ...7 'g .'-'. ,+ ". _

Phone115... &b .. j
: -..i.:IU .' .. ..-
I_ '11 -L%- Carrefour- Roa Reot ciu
ra Rue Port-au-Pr Ba C. do I.'E o .. S .i "-a l .. .... o u -.
.1 .) ..
w `, O.. 7 !' .W I", : 1P -- --. `;-L,.+ !,,
I.t i ." : ,. ,, -; -:. ", -'.-: : < .'.. .. i.; t.. 1 ;-" -,--
x l l ll ll ~ l fl I ~ l l :" xp l ll" : .." .". ,. .. .. ."-"j_.- t,.," r. ; '" ... S" -"': : :,.

;. A A M.. t .t rn r r.... DAMP
. .i l -. '. -..I L ..l -' I L 0 ,' 1- i: L
.r- -- .- l .I 1. : .p l 'd ITl 4 l~ lll ', ,- ". ." "., -..--...0 .. ; -..1i5': -F .
.. .. .. .. ,' "' ". .. ... .'. .J -' "' "+,, '_ ,!'.-h, :
,1 ,, .... ,.. .. ,,. "-, ,, .k L : + ', ,,, ,,
L!- I r ..L .,-..
'NATINAL IALACE M = PO1Jei N -C0A ,i ':.D I ,. -. .,:, .;...L. P0 1 1k."f_,: -L:''.
", 1. At -B' i b .. .......,. .- A N
.... ... ..) .,..,L,. . ,. ,- .. ,. :, I.. .+..; ,.. -
.... .......... .%.,.,. .-.. ,., ....... .. ..'s j,. +=..o'A"- '~- ......:.,
... / ; : !. ". ..: j I "' .. .. ", -1 .<"[ 0 ; : --; .- Z: j .
.k. 1. ... .,. ,
.1" M :U Z ": '" ./ .... .... I : .. ....-t, I .. -..2
.:- A ;. r .?.
"-! z ," :, ,-,' ,: -:":" I .- -
... .. ., .,] : ; I ., :: ', ... ,.L I j 1 .-z W t
.- .' .. k .. ,: -. ,::..
-~~, -. A. -.L.-" ':< -.1...-' A~
... ... .. ., 1::.-/.,-_,
""~ ~~ ~ ,'' "ITnt,'..,-
"' u e D r d ,,'.. ., iii .s.i -- I -I- "_ -.. L ... -' "" "t "_ ""_:""
.. .e i li l e ,,: ...... % ; ., ; : .' + ,.:. ., ., ,, '
c.~ ~~~~~ ~ ~~ Op1n d1.3 .Not .. I.T.ie..ee.-.;l~ : ... ...
.. d a t e f n .. .: -, _: & -. .: :. ,- :, .: .. .-, 4 i J 1 "; :.... -. K
.;." e:, ...IL"OL I l linn.."4 -- -.;:"
,~~~~ .. ....: .~ ,i ..,- : ...
I I i
,-~~I .R ..Vz ". .OK- ..'. '. ,,",. '":," >",;....wbi -. i
-" "' '. ., .i ... V : ...'
k+ I<" "
..' _. (C"_ _' o -.. .. .. I : l ..-"' ". ._,_ ., :... .. ... ,!,: : ,- :...B- .
.--. -- -......,. .-_ .... :
-.~~~~~ ~ iii. -7 P :'.,.''. ...''l / t ii': i'i!m
It '." .. .. :. -,I ..-.' 2e.:'. -.- m., l.... +i .I- .`
60 '. .-..... o .- 'i .. :t "- : L : .` T -' ,
; .. :;~~~-. ..: "' ..+. ,l, ., -: : I...-',
.- $ I .,- !. -. '. .. :i i o a ; ." .. : :.. .-3:., 1 w': '.. .
.. ...- -s- : o .R O OM, .... -I ..'. g- ... -, Lp' %k: l ,, i .. ..
.- .. .. .. '. sr ',;.. .'<., ti. : :,"., -,0..>
I -o ..m .- '. '..; o_ ', : : i f 4W]" ..%.' :. ',, ,,,. 1 ... .;... !?" ,L;T .-.
I .. j I .I, ,I;.' -6 : .
.... ..'. .. ..-. : .. ,,;,--;,:'a ',+ -'...F,.': .' : u: .
L- t' -," -'. .au :R .:tIO I i Y t: ..i ,-L ,,, : t '. ',,,. .'.' .. ..
"~~ ~~~~~~~ ,,' ',- ,- :. ,..+.;'' "'.
-~~~~. I .o~ l. ~m ;: .... .V?..
'.,, ". .4 .,L -..- -r .. ..L".Q -ti', ..
.. .: .:. j ,,. 14&.& .- ..
._ ,, I I. ,., :';, .!4
;.~~~~~~ : -i i,- .. I- !I. & .." .
-,. ,'. 7 ;. E IZ ., ... -w ; ..,. ,.:.
!. arfu od eotA fvfe "ll. k.arI;600d 0"" "'i,.: ,' ..";

Gran 'Ru .ota -P ic B yit d I'x od n. "'L... t ',' '. .-I; ol dix. '.. :.,'` ".'. -.'... ....
z .. .1;:,' .. i ". .. ,- ,:- ..:.
i. l .... ." _y. ,; .ik ,: ;C.
i-- ". .. -. ... .. .. : : n .!`.: .. .. .,;:
C w d 19 M : ii? I- .- I

..' -, ,I. ". .1, -, .:
.. '. :. ., ,, ,: .,.'inf .. i 'l li ..r.- 'T.:"." .: ,4 v -,:ig2

.':.. "want to beo

S ,ted with I-
.-'" W"' 1 ti there are
rlnany imtere-
:* ^'v.S -K sting trips
**wh lich afford
,;.; '" ". a close-up of
: ..A. 'l Haitian life
;wc yot cannot gain if you
'onfine your sight-seeing to the

Most of these' trips canmi be
:.made in conventional automo-
b 6les; others require the more
"1 'iersatde jeep to. navigate the
*. rough spots ebd river crossingi.
SAl] of then cta" be made i sa-'.
,- ,7
'\ 1'"* ". ,, ,,

,' '.


(for which you *ill have a nqw
respect). You will have a new
test for the attractions of the
city. You will fell a great pity
for the jaded characters .who
have not strayed from the bar
since you left... And, of course,
you will have a good reserve of
conversational' ammunition to
last you for many months..:
, 'So, starting with the shortest
/trips first, here, area few boiled
,,dowp s iggestions'for travel in
Haiti: '
- / .
; (Ler Perihawh) The Perch):'
The most spectacular view in
Haiti: 2,000 square mils of
.Haiti-'spread ouit before you -
a'miracle f1, colors' form,, sun-
li.ht and shadow! Port-au-Prin-
.clies at your feet'(3.000 feet
bhelnw. lilck e-iaa+t man TTo 'ret'

roof habitations of peasants and
arrive in rural Haiti, where life
goes on as .it has for. centuries
as if'the 'qity below did not
exist. LE PERCHOIR, mbdem
oasis on the mountain,, offers
the .facilities of its restaurant
end night club, its Terrace Bar,
and its branch of La Belle Cre-
ole Gift. Shop to make the trip
even more enjoyable and profi-
table. After .sundown light.
'wraps advisable, and gentlemen
ard, asked to wear coats in the
restaurant after 7p. m. Allow
twvo hours for this trip plus
time to seat,

This trip is an experience in
history nd geography. It is an
adventure and a pilgrimage
which you must not iiss.

hour af this trip will be full of
unforge.table impressions.
If you are pressed for time
you can fly to the. Cape in 45
minutes, and can make the en-
tire pilgrimage in a single day

I you want another trip off-
the-beaten track 'go to Jacmel,
on Haiti's south coast. Jacmel,
dance a flourishing town, still
has a considerable exort.'bu-
siness, but is typical of many
Uf '

-' =~

is .a .1-Th&-a a.-.
breath-.takg, unbelie- .
4 .ll"Agency: and'-Herauxl Y.abe^ h..k idiioigttabie view
m' n""' tow : h' .'e. fr,
town:..wer8eA.l.deIiQ4 le m orto-au- Haitian provincial se
rent.a. ca.o.. ...thca.o"h3e hepre. li le towns waiting fotr betti
tta's.t. "..' te h'...-, o p t.' ; /,* .. ,.. _^, ," "' a .to cone. 'Jacmefl as
,c wa tE. ,.... ithpuf .*., ." of its own-' To get the
ifrfers '6lsewhere The'H i*-',*'\ 'it.lb*:>** *s *'r 11
Ar'Fsewtpro.'..dT. s .w 'f .. "' f y th can take. the easy way
2.,yr"F6ie' 'rov "idei ""- "* Ailt If you have the time, we,-re-
or the,%adventurous v
dffii.1ft"rapott' commend-'that .you take 'threeroad about 60 ipr
it '! days and gc to CapIeiienI b road abo miles pwi
1.car. Its kbout 170 l r e'mile of which
NNNAd *".... .car,. Its anbouto o'm.ales and. a river crossing. Near Je
,AtI i-."A;7 nimu of 5 o 6 hours, but ,
-,1.fti..^ .. you-should take about 8 hours
ch. ese trips:ha"t to enjoy it most.. So to one of
il tttction.iro te Cap. Haitieni's comfortable ho-
er '"faips' 'or f'' rekumn town of Pitiohville,;Jthen up'a ts. For the-night, go' to the ..' '
ia grand thirst,a *hearty, winding mountain roada, boede- 'Ciadelle the neat. day-retur-
etite, a: delicious .,fatigue, redby flairng giant pointsetta rning to Port-aiu-Prince'the, third .
yk'banpi b'hyalhot be&-$ plants. Youpass._the tratched day. Eevry rne and every,
z, ;',. ^.,:, p ".'.- : .. *. *.. .. ,, : :: .A" .' "
,.z -', ..... .. ... .., ,. ..- .. .. 4 -. ., ..
i '.@ ., -- I":. ;' "' "
M ?- ."t :. .." .. *. r. .; .* .' *i -, }.*." .*." .

I.3..c .. tntPORT SHot

IIII .. .. ,, ... .
." ':-'" ." "
.I 'c ." .
K ,:" ; y .: ; i : ': '

ome of Haiti's most beatii
beaches, Raymond mks Bs%
Two hotels ther, lemu,a nd1
eomfortable. Plan to dtay ovw-
night at least. ..... .
(Pine Forest) ..
In with-east Haiti, a dM41f.
*saome 6 miles frm PPeant-eu
Prince is a beautiful pinee a'.
at ma elevation of about 7,090
feet. To arrive at this 15,90.
acre forest, one drives tflrnuh
the rich sugar aeme lands of
the Cul de Sa plaint, then.
through and arid' regiima of eac
tus to the edge' of Lake tang
Sumatre, famous- ait lake, i
tested with crocodile, lying op
the frontier of the Douganiru
Republic. There the climb eOn.
mences to the cool Pine 7F7 t
This .trip will,take aW' day,
re4uming to your "ote far
cocktails adAner. FasaIg
through a number of malR Hai-
tian towns and villages, Itt ]4-
fords a variety of imnpresIons,
of Haitin life and geotq.
Take a wrap fr 'your vixit -
its cool up there:"

"^ jfc .._ *:*
-. .1


".... .....



Elegance and culture pride and grace conversation in French, more wonderful night club whose
Spanish, German and English and the mystic umeage of the drums spin reputation locally, and abroad, was
a web of enchantment for visitors and pleasure-seekers in the 'Petit Paris manifested when owners Mr. and
of the Caribbean. Mrs. Dominique Marini reae ived
more than 3,000 personal visits, and
With gaiety as the keynote of night life in Port-au-Prince where the numerous cablegrams of sympathy
atmosphere of a metropolis is fused with the artistic primitive, visitors an during the first 24 hours following
in lfor a precious gemto enter into their book of souvenirs. the fire.
.Temporarily closed for recons-
Whether nibbling at canapes and can attend the Wednesday and Sun- truction, Cabane Choueounec wills
caviar, or enjoying the best in day shows put on by the talented soon resume its special features Of
French cuisine, by Swiss Cook National Folklore Troupe. alternating orchestras throbbing out
Zeller, guests dine at a 3,000 feet Around the curve of the bay loomsi the rnadene of the Haiian me-
altitude and admire the emerald bay the newly remodeled Hotel Riviera ringue for local society and visitors
from Le Perchoir, Haiti's smartest with its air-conditioned .Bamboehe fr abroad an eadg fo
restaurant, air-conditioned by na- Room. stage for Michel Desgrott' entertainers and local artists wiU
ture. From comfortable places on hi-lingual crooning and a nightly gve performance, as in the past.
the breezeswept terrace, the pan- .ioor show. For late Stayer-Uppers any night
rama takes in the stopping of the Special dinner dansants once or of the week, Dan AlIen's Rendez-
cara at the Dominican border 20 kwice a week are featured by the vous across from Casino Internatio-
miles away. Whether it's a thick leading hotels during the Season goes strong until all hours. And
state-side steak or an ethereal Rum Visitors should not miss an oppor- Saong about 1:00 am. the joint is
Souffle the superbly prepared and .-iv to hear Haiti's internationally usually hopping-though it is at.
elegantly served food at Le Perchoir known male Dejean Choir, presented present temporarily closed on Sa-
leaves diners with a sense of being .. ui evenings by Hotel ebo pr t iniehto
well cared Jfar. Lele at Petion-Ville. El Rancho Ho- turday gt
Stel features Ti Roro, Haiti's number For dinner, minus dancing, the
The Casino International, a swank one drummer, and a fine Folklore French-i-wun Pension uMLe Picardie
establishment run by a staff ia- troupe and other special dance at Petion-ViUlle gives you the best
ported from Italy is one of the major nights on Friday evenings. Dambala food rarely seen or tasted off the
attractions of the Capital It's famed Hotel has a Saturday night barbecue Midi. Aux Cosaques is famed for Its
night club .Smokle Joe's. enlarged beside its marble patio. A Haitian tasty -Flaming Lobster. specialty
for this season will continue its po- Buffet is served by Hotel Villa and other typically Haitian food.
licy of presenting famous foreign Creole on Thursday evenings beside Just off the Champ-de-Mars, Se
and local artists. Rhumbas, mambos the pool in a gala tropical garden Savoy serves both Haitian and
and romantic Haitian meringues are decor with music and dancing to the American dishes, and there's where
danced to the rytlmice beat of a top rythm. of the entertaining Villa you'll find your delicious southern
local orchestra, while excellent Ita- Creole Band. fried chicken. Tucked away in Bois
liaa food is to be had. The gaming Cabanae Chonedune, world famous Verna, a block or so from the ta-
tables at the Casino are run under Lhatca-roofed night club, at Petion- tional Palace Is .Au Chantelairb,
the supervision of the Haitian Go- Ville Is the mecca of the Capital's with its outdoor tables and heavenly
vernment. The Beau Rivage Hotel elite and visitors on Saturday nights, food awaiting you 24 hours a day
located opposite is run by the same Cabane Choucoune was destroyed At Bourdon perched o- the moun-
miangement and is famous for its by fire on New Year's Eve, shortly tain is Hotel Montana, the new
Italian food and wines. after midnight Immediately the show-place run by the crack Hotel
N'- ear the Palmist Section of the management began its reconstruc- Choucoune staff where visitors par-
" Exposition Ground& is the Open Air tion, -and soon it will again be ticipate in-all the attractions offered
Theatre de Verdure where visitors. opened to the public a bigger, at the ChoucouSe. The Tropkana

Guest HoEm is at Petiam-VIlle a
eatunrm te French-Amim and
Haitian cuisines. and aflmao
teas. Hotel Marabout at Pettua-'Vil
serve American and Haitian food@,
and Auberge au Clou d'Or. hM
a French ch wand rodtsr at
Saturday nigWi in Port-am-PrIae
is also the night to take advatah
o a trip into th marby hills to
watch the pemant bainboohb or
non-relIious danme under opem
tunnels to the pulsM-throb o the
voodoo drum. It's am unmbv
gettable- paprsinmce.
The folklore danoe whisk no -
could have seen a few yuan Mgo
except 'in thl dark hills and mnal
villages, now beguite touristba In ete
night-clubs and hotels. Based n

thumn from voodoo ceumnala to
carnival capes, they arm matchim "
entertaintment. Stealing vwy .show -
Is the dance of Bands, the downing. .
agent of lather Death, who po ".
fun at Ife mad sxm with blatang
sexual anonmxa t '
skin vulgarity. -''*'*'*'**
Ax Calebee In Cambur I a'"
little off the beat tnek but th/fr.'
la a atmnophe and Moy Hal- R "
tian food thw It's orchtra fs- m- ;
owned for mnking eve to d,'

(M. Nt:N Hotels ad Nm st Cl abi:'
are invited to mmd In thmir romen -,"
anot later than Wednmday of each
week In. order to be nb .ih n
ja sed.4 entirely fMrd .har.e)'

'4 i",

Horace Sutton, one of the best Travel Writerin. the. Trade is no .desk.,.l
reporter. Like the camionnettes in Haiti.he goes'-par Tout- and examine. :
the goods he writes about. Above Sutton is seen surveying Pa$-au-Prinde
from the terrace of Le Perchoir reaurant .
I 2 -3 ..

q &n & FACTS-i



-~ T 'VOI I .. ....rs




t z 4 .
... t, c-,r^,^ip p, t- t crl-' j '
' "" "1" "": '~e ;'A -. II "4I



a .- '







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? ..'- I* .. ..

'4 ~




' -~




IL .

'1 I



.' "

1 1

.*. M,.,

'4,,, ,i
.- "* *" ,, ** .' : .,' o .. ..r;1' -^ ** /., i*
1:, ... *: '... 1, ,....r-' i .*' ..-: ...

S." '
;o*. ; ..' ..*

p I ."".;1 s.
o 1 : .', ""* i .. ". 3

.VI .. R'I ," .

SS. ... --
.- "*' "* ",' .'y "

, ," .\ :" [ : *^ *'** "' ,.,
, U u u u *. p "

S. ; .* : *.'"-,
l o p .,
mm m mmli .a.m. / .

fla 1huEiI u *, 'u.a m
*lf U a' mul fa' "h *- P.'
U RUUU E E,... U E u EU- .q ..m
*r 1 '.

*.lil 44. ."H II H I N Im
.. 0 mn ~ en .." n ," ,,,,,,'I.
I r Ully /1mm alia. a e, .Il
mimzwp agingaal~n~muanaini aa a)n ,


... ;**'**Xn

t, .~
I -

.4 I







. ,; ...: :-. *'". ." : ,

6d ^




0 ,,'. ... '-... ..; .".. I '
v .,l' '. .
dQ)TAm-TAN Ciw.
.ALL:,. KINDS ," '' .. B l -. i AND MOVIE 1 '
o: r: .: ,, .
o. .',, m ilIcROSCOPES

-...... K..,. ,ODAK ILMS BOOKS
I ,F. T .TS NEWStkAPERS ____

.,;i, .. ..
ma'-,m lit i.9ADE z
."*-. "' ,Pm 6H "eNF ; > BAbEO .Ao. -. ; ., T' B-- o,
. Loi.:..".,... ,:, :- a ;. ^ ^* .: *: '
: qJ" IcI i "i :ftIL1.


"' err.,,.^ '

S Haiti's ONE PRICE' Store PEcM
.. i '.. PERFUMES
Voodoo.lShop K
s m '

SUNDAY MARCti I it' 1957


In a number of speeches made;
during an extended voyage last.
summer President Paul Eugene
Magloire of Haiti, who visited the
United States last week, proclaim-
ed his country's adherence to de-
mocratic methods, free speech,
and an informed public opinion.
Back home, the' telejiol, or tole.-
mouith, the traditional Haitian
technique for transmitting politi-
cal news, buzzed maliciously.
Democratic methods, it was
said, were hardly exemplified by
the imprisonment of the intellec-
tuals who had dared express op-
position to the present regime.
This small group, which had only
lately been released, included two
deputies, arrested despite their
parliamentary immunity and a-
senator who later escaped to a
foreign legation. As to free
speech, the Constitutionel, the
last newspaper to breathe any
criticism to the regime's policies,
was closed down during the Pre- .
sident's tour abroad and the edi- b
tor threatened with bodily V
harm. by the chief of police. And 0
certainly public opinion could not m

In The Nation Feb., 5, 1955

HERBERT GOLD, novelist and short-story writer is a
member of the Department of English at Wayne Ulniversity.
He recently spent a year in Haiti.

dead weight of class prejudice -
between black and mulatto, bet-
veen the kinky-haired, the wbon
or straight-haired, between those
vho speak Creole and the mino-
*rtifvu whol nina "n -rAnnh ,arl;l

the worst depressions in history
has Haiti in its grasp.
Despite the line houses being
constructed on every hitltop for
the president and hi-: favorites,
desnitn sA nafin1ni rn.a:1i-a an,,


-- I I





vinced the people that they have
nothing to gain by working. Less
coffee is produced now than when
the country was a French colony.
Recently a private trust secretly
owned by members of the regime
was given the exclusive right to
buy sisal fiber, the other money
With little hope for the future
the Haitian takes what pleasure
he can today. He loves children.
songs, dancing, and jokes. But he
is often heard to say, calmly and
with full self-knowledge, Je suis
un miserable. A Creole poem by
F. Moriseau-Leroy runs:
Tourist, don't take my picture
Don't take my picture, tourist
I'm too ugly
I'm too dirty
I'm too skinny
My donkey is overloaded
My house is made of straw
Your camera isn't used to such
S The best way, the only way,
to insure your old age', proclaims
a poster buy a ticket in the na-
tional lottery!'
The radio and press blare forth
daily denunciations of the ene-
mies of the regime without ever
naming them. If you denounce a
ran now, he may be President
next month and looking for your
U___ T v. ..... .. ..3fA -.. ..

De U imu t ,,u when te program to 11 ,Y-11 0 jL-enea. .aur- L oii i iJLt J.ii.iai L. a ouu,,cs and neat. Newspaper edutrs areU
combat the approximately 85 per tions, between peasant and city- the great parties at which the tra- well-paid for their docility; in a
cent of illiteracy in Haiti was dweller, between the miserable ditional rum has given way to sea of illiterates the press could i K W N
being almost starved out of the and the well-to-do, between the imported scotch, students still do not survive without the govern- TR .um OW NE
budget. man in power and the men their lessons under street lamps ment subsidy. The largest news-
heiy displaced. A pumping ta because their huts have no ',ghts, 'paper prints but slightly more IF yOU Want the most
The extreme illiteracy of Haiti tio.i I1b11lt for irrigation puri: and peasants still farm out their than 3,000 copies a day. Of cour- for your monsy, use
cannot be bland on the people, ses was never used because the children as servants because- Ihr." se, a government-fed press does
who are alert and sharp-witted credit would go to ail earlier re- canno, feed them. not make lively reading. It plays I G r i.
and produce a piquant folk art. gime. The director of a ru,'.l school i on one dominant theme: Le .I ,. S r.nc.
The desire of learning is wide- With United Nations and Point' says that tie children are unable sourire de Son Excellence est la -- .._ -..-- ''--
spread: parents throng to enrol 4 aid some at.:empts are be'. [to study because they are hungry; meilleure garantie de nos liber- TRUCK TIRE
their children in school, but thou- maJe to stimulate the almost a cup of coffee for breakfast, a tes'. y m. a
sa ndL of pupils have to be turn- stagnantt economy. A large ir-iga- banana or a mango for lunch, is Yet Haitians are less suscepti- l y i dO Wl i
ed away every year because of tion project is being developed commo.i fare. One cf the mr,-.; len- ble than most people to one-man NY O -""
.the lack of facilities. The ruling for the Artibonite Valley. These!y populated a-e.is in the v.orld, rule. Throughout their national N ON
elite fi-ars to lose its favored po- sunny climate and Haiti's peculiar OHaiti has one of the lowest stan-I history they have jealously guar- UHOCK S IILD
sition if the educational base ;s elegance, that odd meeting of dards of living. The average per ded their individual freedom.
broadened. French and African traditions, capital income is less than S50 a Haitian humor suggests a prudent f H vyU Se S rvIe
An ideal of freedom and pro- have stimulated a growing tou- year. Without the simplest indus- submission but is derisory of
gress rooted in Haiti's origin as rist industry, tries Haiti must import all manu-: power: When the rotten tree
a nation of former slaves who But veiled by the luxury spend- facture. goods, and also fish, falls,we goats wili'eat its 1e.ves,. WILLIAM NARR ,Port-au-Prince
won their independence by their ing in the lovely, smoky-skied ca- flour, and other basic foodstuffs. ', Houccrd & Cie, Jacmel Raymond
own efforts is crushed by the pital of Port-au-Prince, one of Years of exploitation have con- (Ccntinued on page 221 Laroche, Cap Hattien MaisonJean

American-flag Ship 3 1/2 Days to N.-Y.







panama Steamship Line Steam
for the voyage direct to West 2
with private bath and toilet...
beach deck space... spacious F
da cafe... main and upper loun
room-... one sitting for all pass

Inquire About Our Reduced Rate
y 6 day all-inclusive






iers sail every 7 and or 10 days and take 3 1/2 days
24th. St. in midtown Manhattan... All rooms outside
outdoors tiled swimming pool with plenty of outdoor
promenade decks... cocktail lounge ... outdoor veran-
ige rooms... library... beautiful air conditioned dining
sengers... descriptive folder available in hotels.

Sea- Air Round-Trip Ticketing Arrangements
AM LINCOLN Telephone 3062
e tours to Panama and return available.




no wish to marry. From watching le e So d B.. -..
people for some time .I've come o .t
to the conclusion that most men .i ,
don't love the women they marry.
______^ ^ / / They inai'ry for convenience-
h money, position, women to bear
I children etc. Men really prefer
nc_ n____ ___to keep their love for the!r mis.
n a --_ 4 stresses. That is why you find
i .... s ecanis 'r i by that many wives are just as lone-
..... : ....rp.ooly as. if not more so than, spin- i
-sters, who at least have- their
_: freedom. Shall I always think ,
like this?
........ ls .....J--- (S) The Thinker L- .. ':- 6
:---- __._ _/ Dear Thinker
You may always think like The newest 'Salon de Beauti: is ,Violete. which is located on
I this, but one day probably your: Rue Capois, the rodi that leads to Hotel Oloffson and to Hotel Castel-
heart will rule your head and! haiti. Ladies of the Capital are recommended to call at this new
you'll walk into the tender trap. Hair Salon to see for themselves the establishment and the quality
(S) Mary Doogoode. of its services. Advert.

The slightest motion of your wrist winds the revolutionary
11c01 niechanism of these Girard-Perrcgi1ix Gyromatics,
,tortng away more than 40 hours running tme. These
ctrcnieely precise mechanisms are protected by the most ."NTAL 13id"
cle.'ant of waterp,'oof cases that Switielland can producc. PANTAL0..d.. .
Ref 7050: A hand.some mwit's uarch, ava,/nh,e' in ,wainh,.
tcil or vohid gild.

Designs -RCTED

P- -'C.1"CQluarda t .-goas ,.o ,L 5 A Se Al sisal.
-Vie laatches since 1791 r. *NO .'r. PHONE'263 t


(Continuned from. page 21," '-3 *IuA t ".* -r /
Popular songs refer to the Presi. questioU- Ihe realistic analyses ;' '
dent. as Papa v, but they are which the educated Haitian can [ ., ,/-,
-played more often for dancing make of national problems. Few MARY c:^
than for the celebration of Pa- would dispute tle will of Hai- .foonoode -
pat, and the word is pronounced i ans to improve their lot. But I --_________
ponulatiun F ULTove>"the
with a smile. Traditionally, songs what can they do? A handful of' SINGL
in Haiti express hidden commen- determined men in uniform is IDEAL WIFE'S SINGLE
taries. able to keep an entire population FAULT :
The present regime has been, resenting its bitter fate in whis- I
busier than most in filling its pers. Dear Mary: A / 4"I f
pockets from the public treasury, In the days before the Amer- In More than 20 years of
as if it sensed the possibility of ican occupation of 1915 a crude marriage and mutual love, my l/ ff 2 I ,
an abrupt end to opportunity, system of checks and balances wife bhas been an ide3l mais A V L*F a I c6\
This has of course contributed to was provided by the weapons in Now she has told me that before
the country's economic strangula- the hands of the peasants.WliL'i a we were,married she had a love i /
tion. i government grew too grey, out affair with another man.
The treasury is so empty that it went. The marines disarmed; ,She met him at a friend's
at this writing it is'not certain the peasants, and the power pass- house in Kenscoff, they made
that funds will be found to pay led to their creation, the Haitian love. She never saw him again.
the distribution costs of free army. The machine-gun displaced The feeling that she has deceived
CARE milk. The working-class the machete. Now the peasants me all these years has upset me
quarters of the cities are crowded can do nothing against confiscato- dreadfully It's as if she's been
with diseonsolatd unemployed ry taxes but refuse to tend the !living a lie with me. How can I
men, playing checkers in the door coffee trees. Nor can the workers' recapture my love of her ? -
ways of their packing-crate %hou- make any effective protest, for (S) Deceived
ses or desperately'looking for an the present government has abo- i Ac
odd job that can supply another pushed all political parties and all Dear Deceived- I PR- A I
day's rice and beans. The pea- trade unions except a puppet taxi- By trying to understand what' s\,l
sants, after paying the coffee tax, drivers' union. In the past busi- drove her to deceit. She loved NIISN
get almost nothing for their pro- ness men caught by an economic you so much that nothing else
duet. squeeze have had recourse to a mattered to her. She thought that -----------I-----, ---
The President, an amiable, commercial strike. Such a strike if you knew all about her, you,
hard-drinking, pleasure-loving of- precipitated the fall of the Estime, might not marry her, She wanted H raux To s & Travel Service
ficer, is frequently seen in the government in' 1950. But the use .Ito marry you more than anything
night clubs of Port-au-Prince, his, of modern police-state methods else in the world. So she lied to Destouches
bodyguardls and the bearer of against uncooperative citizens dis you. 15 ue Da es Destoches
his private bottle standing at at- courage a business man from' Having told the initial lie, she !P.O. Bo 9&5 Port-au-'Prmice, Haiti (W.I.) Tel: 3871
tention behind him. closing his doors. i had to keep it up, year after year.1
Black-skinned,he is an example' The circle seems almost corn- ,The longershe put off tellingYO RSELF RATES
of the politics of dyublure, in 0 CaY-
ofwhich the generapoltcs of doublure, ly in plele. Without popular education I became I Car Year Seats Per Day Per Mile Ref. Deposit
which the generally light-skinned and a liberal exchange of opinion, Its up to you to show gratitude FORD 1956 5 $10.00 x $0.10 $30.00
ruling elite chooses a cooperative democracy cannot develop. A mi- for all her years of service and SIMCA 1956 4 8.00 x 0.08 20.00
black man to represent its inte- litary regime will never make a, kid es D on le a twenty-year-I
rests.kindness. Don't let a'twenty-year-,
rests, serious effort to banish illiteracy. old error of judgment ruin a l-A Gasoline and Oil.
After four years in office he Order maintained by those whohappy marriage. It doesn't mat- Zj-r-isurance of $10.000 per person up to 5 persons between
shows signs of taking his aunani- understand the situation is more ter any more.I age of 16 and 65; plus $10.000 Public Liability and $5.000
mous mandate* seriously, and his convenient for property-holders I Iay Dooode Property Damage.
political supporters are worried, than free elections. [ 3.)-Delivery at airport, Port or Hotel in Port au Prince and
It should be someone else'r, chan Sorrne desperate Haitians hope i O H Peti-Ville
ce soon There are uneasy refe- for intervention by the United IFAIR ENOUGH ps of Haiti and Port-au-Princelle
4)-Maps of H-aiti and Port-au-Prince.
rences to the time of troubles a Nations or the U. S. How. D- REQUIRED. Valid Driver's License.
'hundred years ago when a sleepy ever, the United Nations cannot Dear l s oo de AGE LIMIT OF DRIVER: from 16to 61 years Old.
old general named Soulouque, act when no aggression is exercis- y girl is a blonde, but not na- WEEKLY RATES $50 from 1 6 to 61 years Old.08
xcet aaint t e rlca uis- rly.Ti hosadWEEKLY RATES: $50 x .10 and $35 X .08.
pushed blinking into office, sud- cd except against the local popu- turally. This shows a deceitful --- n__ .__ x a__ 5 .. ___
dehly shook off the burden of his lation The United States has an nature. Should I give her up ?
years and had himself declared understandable -reluctance to in-, (S) Wondering. LADIES V IS T VIOIETTE
Emperor Faustin I. Empires are tervene in the affairs of a state! Dear Wondering;' I LADIES VISIT VIOLETTE)i
out of style now, but totalitarian where no known Communist are; Yes. That you consider it for HAIR SALON
government thrives, functioning. A people in misery is such a fragile reason shows you,
Haiti's inability lo set up a go'.'- natural prey to Communist propa- don't care deeply for her. I
-eminent capable of meeting its ganda, and it is said that some (S) Mary Doogoode I "
needs illustrates the twentieth- refugee Haitians are being train-
century problem of how to deve- ed in Moscowbut-at present con: IT'S THE RULE
lop democratic processes in a munism is a purely rhetorichi ,. .
backward nation. No one doubts threat in Haiti. Dear Mary Doogoode: I ,. yrW t
the ability of Haitians. No one (The Nation Feb .i5 1955) I am a girl of seventeen with ".


SUNDAY MARCA- 1l-i1 1957
t,. '" :-'- "* -' .. .
Drastic Reform Still Needed

More cocoa is coming out of Margot, Bayeux, and Valiere.
Haiti as -the 44vo. year effects of .
Htdricne Hazel begin to 'Lade, but Conservation Too .
production still remains far be- :.-. .' '
low that of a' century ago,-.when .JImprovements- in Haiti's cocoa
Haitian cocoa enjoyed its high're- crop. can olfernot. only a. wide
putation'. among markets through- foreign 'and- domestic market but
owitEurope. '"v a means. of soil conservation as
Cuitrent estimatess* plaqe Haiti's well. Extensive-planting on the
co6coa crop %or .1956-57 at about. vulnerable lowland slopes can do
3.5 million .pound, a substantial ,r muc .to.. lesen the serious soil
improvement over the 1955-56 fi- erosion. menace with which Haiti.
guw mof.Smi n .pounds and'.the I iS presently faced.
fatal 2.8- million pound level .of :These. .problems have been a
the preceig hurricanee .year,. subject:.or serious 'thought in
TNe.arly-ai .:of this crop is for e: x-'Gove-niientb circles; some steps'
.ate., .". "i" ,:' br.. ... ,,: .i p vement have been
S "; "" "" """ "'' ".'. made while many 'more are still
Welcomedin n'U:.S., *' j, n. 'he planning stage.
*. '.-; ..T %.i.-if:'^.. '. '' ...* '., 'T acao tree is typical among
XU. S.' importers :. consider Irai:'- tropical plants.. It thrips in'a hot,
cocoa (o the. San Dom nhgp h.t.u'id. .. Uate with evenly distri-
.ss) as...g.eelly'.high qua- '*ted .'rainfalL It cannot with-
lity,.-, bu 4.: 6iot, f ..they -44 eel, stiid, d.ught. or an elevation
ni,. :.the Batia' (BrHazim) .: ,.r"I qirt tha ..1,500' feet above. sea
African grades. They aitlan prdF: IeveL.'It;: is sensitive to wind: and
.' T e .. f.'.. ,-.+ :i i "-, "
duct is a very..m.ine j. uitbe shielded by windreaks.
eat irn- fr 1 .- hea:-bari.ety,.. : b iv.,the most hardy varieties suf-
tree w hi ij a get"ver t friomn laek.' of attention. De-
little catitioiii- ..: .. ::' 'c Wc.'ed production. will result
.Theie' is. a stedy .flo ,. Hai.- from neglect When newly plan-
ta'. cocoa .into !the pUnited-taetst. cacao trees must be well pro-
.averaging 20,0060 bags a year. T&' .ed by -shad tee;: Mango,
tal Imports. into the TUS. .in 1956 breadfruit, rubber, banian, "-and
Swere 18,5541'ba 'i,.. ., inga.'treeare.' widely used for
,bm 3 fxe .-Poo .. *M lftd. .. ,. ,
countr..y is' far, .. t^t~ANce. *:.[ ..oa wsv wellS i. any kind
was and stifl J.idte.. 'aitij co f .o:.on,,tztnt 'int heavy tclaysi
eoa decline par'allie the historyl 6r',vetry dId l-pdsV^ siti's '*oca
'i'hetriofree. Unstable' p fsin.. Iplantttions are old, lacked, over-
ing sharp ly during the'dep#res- croded, and uiruiied, and they
sion. years `o he 1930'% ,th.' .'.ris iftered.fron poor. naat4h 1 1A. -
ain. price Which followed,' inseu 'To .plntccoa..suucessfilly.,t:je
rity..as to teApre. of land :'"';and seed tzst be r ""-*elPod.,.
coefqutie 'oeet' f eagao md operly t bte 'bforsow
.. .. .... ......... .
and"shade frees, praedial Iarceny; Sast .41ngs Al .:Tj,1
and defecitsin the' purchasing. sys 3rus:mes and after a few.,iits'
.fem; have combined 'to" discoiura-,' trFispanted in.: tde open- fields.
ge 'peaants. fronr pursuing coco iTe: should. be'-ilanted tat-.'i:-
"growing-with any '.great zeal. '. 'tAhces 'arying frQm i;O t-,8. feet
Haiti ii .neT of the world's oldet part, accding to'il, 'topogr
cocoa prod-iP"ce 'Theori.ginal'Vva- phya''Md.;.ertility': "'- ":
riety was. tthe.:..Qd llo type '.re- :.'. -. .- -. '.- "." '
sjectOed for"ifs good. flavor. ..:But' 0Isease, Insectds,. ,."
areas with. pure.'.saids, of,CriolUo ::<.' -:
are now are'- whenf. Criollo' tree .',, Te cooa tree is subject to
Sdie,;athey "must be:. 'epl'aced 'by "dj"e .an.. insect attacks. Tho da-
Foresthro trees, The ':result is ieua.l.y. occurs on neglected
o mixed plantation ... .. plitationt-'"., can be easily, pro.
.. '.., '.: .. vented-tho4gh proper attention
Caribbean Strides ...t/.- ce. -P.lants, in fact, are
Sinte.. 16900ithe Caribbean-ear' h: iYan gous, and produce
hap made tremendous progress: in 'venunde' :l, bad management -
cocoa .production. It nwaceounts :th.ou.h to' a substandarild degree.
for 10,per, cent of! the world's sup- 'Since; Haitian plaintut s;. are,
+ -. ; far .. e ..- 0 ,: 0. ., .
ply. Haiti; however,: has had little [for. the. most:,part, shidy, over.
share in the growt'. ,' crowded, i d.ip,, .s,.., mos-.
'From 1916 to e1926. .ai. ex.' sS,:, .apd othe.ephYtes:,,gr' o
"potst averged'4-.4 4'.mifior'"tn4:ds tezins, branches, ,and,'frnit.'.:2 The
Wi -irased,' ,production ':l -Hatf peasant racely' t.hii-s` of
West Al ic' other parts of mingr-thse$ in3tripilS 'and
'ithe~opifrbcs'lpng ': "with ensuing sttxltznfg,0srOwtbsi.. .
dp-essio' troubles,. Haitau .c-. T fu.,nenntl ..yet
;aUickly, tuinbled as., A puowr around :iht usuail'two"' op
"if':. hthd',-t6d Taurket.:' gfadr :de," d yf ear' re.assure. ,.:,.fir
cfines ',cnt-iued 'until l Jm.9I~ -Pe th. ."mo
.gradual 'recovery sine then has h:iWa'd Deceibd*tbe:.b 'V i.
failed'; to regain a foothold 'abroad AT"Pl''tne. .'" ';.''.
for .Haiti's cocoa. .; ": Them6 avieige.,eii otie .an
., %. e tl iK
:':Observers- believe that Haiti' ..e.tly ':ry On.ricl& lndAi, ;
~' b-es icar[
position''as .a cocoa. exporter can per say, "tries can'
'be regained: it..sppefial efforts are to 9 poudsof ban.eahe'b nd'r
undertaken. :First of all, they feel, present: conditions inHl-2t
.1,they felan 'pe tree. .
that secure tenure ..of .the. land 3 pounds'per tree is: rarely', ever
must be guaraiteet' to holders .of exceeded. The peasant, as;.he har-
lowland.slopes used. id a manner vests, often damigek his, tiees,
which will protect 'the soil and moreover. Instead of cutting the.
produce a'high quality product. pods carefully, he usually pulls
Also recommended are. special- or twists them of. Consequently
ly trained:extension' agents who some. of the eyes which should
would be dispatched 'tv'ccoa-pro- 'produce .the next crop from .the
during areas to teach and demon base of the stalks are also torn
state .proper cultivation nieflods. away. ..
$imple devices for fermentation Crude Methods
and drying are other definite-,
needs,. When the 'pods are gathered,
Cocoa 'growing is especially sui- they are cut and broken and the
ted to the Jeremie, Dame-Marie, seeds removed. While the, use of
Anse d'Halnauit, Cayes, and .Tac- the shells and the mucilaginous
mel regions. These are low-altitu- materials as manure to replace
de areas where coffee is largely important p la n t nutrients is
cultivated. Other sections favor- strongly recommended, the Hai-
able for cocoa are Limbo, Port-1 tian peasant rarely complies. He |


' PAGE 23

I, yir~r

... .'- .- .... .. ..../ f :T- f ". -. *- t -" *y> .' .. n '- . taste in the cocoa bean. This type cas they,. are :.usuaUy.claed.:-
S. .' :. naturally brips the'lpwet rijesp "",';."..' -' v .:."'
1/0 ['D'17r ~i?_V"' 1 In orli i.s such,'.as' Ceylon.:Ve'Lbw.Gr:d.tee ."
VS RECOVERY' nezela and Ididad, .here :, ,':.. .
c oa production Us a.major enter- Thouh U.S., porters have a
prepares his product for market prise;' preparation .methods 'are reasonable'.Amoount ..if respept'.:-.
in a. very, rudimentary., way.: The simple 'and" ii-ex sivd tloughb ,.tle 'jcd6athbiey'roeive from iHai-
beans are simply placed in the more elaborate ".;:tl-. tbhe usuial4ti,,. the: criticims of .Haitian.o-
sun, to dry, either oi the beaten Haitian techques In' thbse- coun coa,",arelstai...di& '.: r
ground or on special "platforms, tries, the beans, are 'iferlpented'be"- i,, of'I.'i-rfprdictio..;';' .:
The drying process lasts fdr s.e.- fore being cure;dand" dried, hd "The fac.t remain .thath.agoo..4.
veral. days after which the pro-, the'drying system hisre-ully; *nd: 1y' b"eau,6:are:EuudQ1e d
duct is' ready for market .systenitical.y'.ca.le .outi Machi.- whlie,,', o,'y..ere:r: .d o,:, .
It is claimed that these elehtn-. !nes.:are.sometlies.. usea, t ..-t,. It : i.e' _to 6 ait's 'ec i; '
tary methods produce .a 'bitter the beais''and. -. chiefly a, Ca- ;.(Jow'. !:1.
." .. ." .... -. ". "" :- .: .. :,. ;;;,.. ... :, -. ** ...:?;- : .., : : .,;. .. : :;"

r A V '.'. 'r
'-' *.i 1.- ; ti r-'*Ag.,,-'
,. ........ A,; -, :,+/,:K:%:L ,;,', ." "," ':, ": ...
1 N h A ... ., ,.: .:':.', ..,:... ".v ;> L: ,' ',.
:RENT A "" vS '

'2 .' : ...* :*.**ae *n m .'. 2 '' ,"'.. ,'
F ree D delivery T o -..", ,' "-. : ... .-
................ 5'
.,- ,... ....,.-.,.. '.:, ., -,.1 .*." :::..

HOTELS .',,; tas ,
,l ^ ^ -*:;,. .** ".-- .'.br n ^ b .~. ;: : :.:^ .,,. ..

*For brplew aSUSt .
ho &abroad.whnvaw
AIR O.S..... ,7At "'- Reliablet '-..:.' ,' i .

,.*;. I..... a ne
a. .n '"bI l't'"''"-' r .
STEAM -SH .,. x.-

Smu Wopmawm flmN -
'MTAC A N'rl--" 'tj"4

R T RENT NEW 15-'-1.9 ARC -i At,
'''e 2v4 .. 4l- ':t', e:'s-, VO
'* ; ": *;. ""+ .' Ke = -* ; : +':"+.....
HOTE LSAil. "V""'""-""
^ ^ -. .. ...; .. .* ... \ '" "'" */ A d/.... .; ..... ......+ ':t

--. .... a n' n l"-"a- f l u .r S.X... i:S ^ ..j
:- .*;',t- .. .... = .. -- *. F o :. ::;" .** .:. :.*!. *.-.+:.i^ ^. +?* ^ .- ;.;,:--.?

^<;;*;* SinclairGas tation.-Petionvile (&Fit ..gif'""'$tzt
N ;',- s. ",.".::k" 1-stt .o"N ;"'8".:"i
.Do t Pepie, N '"..'...
:f':l\* '- *''' G fEORGES DESLi ANPES ^ y

I p.U' bl A
....'" -' <: .' : : '?
1,...'. ,' : 'P, .,I su act U+.....+.....

4;.. -- Si.:.", ':!+i,; ].:,.: ::.! .! + ..; -


PA4l I HAI- SU-U DA-A--khIt1

Prohibitive Prices Slow Haiti's Sardine Imports BE SURE TO READ

SHaiti's imports of canned sar-I offer this item in small quantities oil), and salmon (in sauce or oil) T.H INi
dijap are .small but well stab!- and at relatively low prices. Imports of this basknL ..aiegory
la ef s", "n "Retail prices for sardine, cans during the. period mentioned to-*
Sardine shipments into Haiti from 3.253: to 5 ounces packed in taled 7.100 pounds of which 2,500 Ilaiti is an old word of the Carib I n d i an s which means
are'estimated:'iat between 157,000 I vegetable '611 is estimated, at 12 pounds originated in the United 1 wooded nmolntains)) And Haiti was well named for its sur-
to 187,000 pounds, a year. cents. When packed in tomato (The Journal of Com r'vcr(e ;,face area is 85 per cent mountainous.
'Pikaged'foots, in general &n- sauce or. in brine, 'the price is! You have not seen Haiti until you have been in its mount-
joy-ii*tle traffic in Haiti due. to about i0 .cents, while sardines in I ahis; and what could be more pleasant than a 15-mile drive up
: th lo6w per- c 'apita income ol .ive oil- :retail for around 25 pi lctrcsque road lined' with flaming Poinsettias, to. charming
Sthroughfiout the .'lal,t the 'report ceits. Thbre is small amount: of f Chiatelet -des Fleurs in tall pines in cool Kenscoff.
adds. Sore believe that the ave- traffic in high quality sardines 1.0 Almost 5000 feet, almost a mile above sea level, Chatelet
.rage Haitian, eagns. little, more originating from Portugal and I, "'' des Fleurs exports cut-flowers Carnations, Delphinims etc.
than $60 ech. yea.. The low in- France. hese, however, entr I 'to other Caribbean countries and the Uniited Staites; and also
::. tan 60eichoyer:The low in- France. -Thes, -h~wvr ent6r
come, group, which includess at Haifi as 'luxury- items and retail perates a d""lit ..i1 s ;-all .estau.rat and serves. beverages .
least 80 per cent of Haiti's popu- fot 50 to 60. cents for the 4- to5 i" r-- ,M _, i|ost Frecc iengela kickfrobnm the operation by ahi Amer-
tation can hardly- afford, pack- ounce flats. j iean of a rstaurait with: such Parisian name, but the guy
aged items. ., Almost 80 per cent of: Haitis ..... o. just happened to study high-school-French. .
Sardine consu.mption is largely intake of canned sardines is a (.'ateltf des Ile;-fts also"manufactures tropical perfumes,
confined to. the high add' middle 3.;5 to 5 ounce flat cars. The ba- -. a high;qnalit a Hlaitian. product .of fine value.
income. groups. Consumer'prefer- lance are. in 1 pound or 8 ounce '. -. i
ente .'(probably influenced by tall arid' oval cans. Of thi sArdi2 I It's liedutiful autumn weather now in Kenscoff. One of your
prlces..is about equaUl divided nes soll, -80 per.-cent are in olive, ; ost' delightful experiences can be a leisurely visit to mile-
between ,.veg& table oil-an.d olive oil :40.,-per cent. in vegetable -"' i i iiH Ciiatelet des. Fleuirs. .
oil as :a.packing medium. 12.per cent in tomato sauce, and -, .' :.
'.. the .!alan'ce in. brine, natural, and 7i---* Tm MCri FrccI Ge'r;ii, Haitian Cuisine of '
Regular Chn S l. '.mustard. sauce.' LES PLUS BELLES MOSAIQUES ,
.. *- inlWrts oLssardines and similar HAITIENNES .Ushp.i.scd Qinailyv at Charming
All df Haiti's: sardine imports jfih (.wit.h or Without oil) during j g p.
S-are received :through regular corn the October, 1954-September, 1955 ; HOIi
merciral chnnels. Any increase of period totaled; 157,000 pounds va-' ye Bi S FLEW r
shipnents form the Umted Statea lued at $32:590. The leading sup- C FT.ACE.'1TEFFRDAEPD LE'JR$. '. -
will depend on the abjiitj. of. U.S.J .plier was' Cahada .with 108,770
suppliers fp meet the price corn- pounds at $ 2.483. Following Ca- i ""'n a^
petition. offered by dealers in oth- nada were landd with 24,215., 1 ...'""""4
er countries -., Canadim in .parti- 'pounds at ,:i,8i1.)'t.i.ce 12,9141 R
cular. .-.. ,.o. Unponlds a 5 i,,p!e ited p
h'e States with ,j9' s at $636.'
The Haitian market is more -in- The blqcq of 5,781 pounds va- IS a T "1 S "' A U B V i
fluenced by prire than by quality, I lued at"' 1,638 wvre provided in
packing or- any other factors and -small qiuaiif'stes fom s- x other AT53 ll U
for this T-eason. no sbift in te]i countries. .. ..
present trade trend ij. fnrccs ca r.s+ Other0 canned. fish products iM-
the: near future. Because of Hal- ported into Haiti are included in
Sti's -low per capital income, bulk a. basket category made up of
salt cod remains' the .principal] coqa her intg haddock. naccr. "
'59Yh import. lRetail., sellers can tuna (with or without sauce or !
.., r. ": "An t
O"- ..'"

L' ,,.. :,. ,cL houcoune
VH ________________ ^E
^~ ~~ a,-// -^ f ^y

*-'* -... .''-.O* -

. J; 5'.." ,"P.: 'e5 we ..,'- ,. ":" .*

4. .'. ., .. ".' "t "
C ONTES 4ktlCP.,
o,- .: --. -.-- -*.. *^;, ',U.-'-- 8-. 1^ .:

7oor^( rTDi

- *.~*.f


NJI*" :** w .T T-f 'P '.4*'

..... AD getable Juices I

I. ..fl nr" .
* '. ..;i : .. ..; *:. .-* .* *..

H Me



.* .. ..




Les centaines de rairiures qui forrment Ial
band de roulemient lar.ge-et moderne, que
Svous offre seulement le:pnea A'rLAS,
adherent fermementa.la. route.siche ou
humide, agissent comme de.puissants
antiderapants qui garantissent des arrets
. sfrs et instantan6s.
Quant vous.pensez aux pneus, pensez

* '

aux meilleurs, penserzATLAS; sytnbole AM
de quality, de skcurit6 et de soretr-
.,. En vente chez votre Distributeur ESSO

^ llr^~ i^ ^tis &ouverer -qmlqu. thoin-di pius a t*i Statin di tervice Esse


SUNDAY MARC 1b76x 1957



IBeautiful house at Place Boyc
Pktion Ville wi!h 3 bedrooms, vE
randas, bathroom with hot an
cold water. Reasonanl-l priec. A.
ply at police of Haiti Sun or
'Maison Emile Sepe', Rue du M-
gasin de l'Etat.

Don't Hesitate:

Claim Your...


You are
to them

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You will rece
d'Orn with ec
Purchase Y
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.&Alphaa (The NylonX Tooth.
brmsh that Coupons d'Or-
eacZosed in -package)
Aax Livres Pour Tous
Boucherie du Champ de Ma.
Charles Dejean & Co.
Clmard Joseph Charles & C
Continental Trading Co.
o.fe d d Port
Club Camaraderie
Reward C. L. Roy
4 Hector Marchand & Co.
* Haiti Motors
Denis & Co.
Dunbrik Duntex d'Haiti
Daccarett FrAres

sC tPreStone







as a. .s. a. a. a. a. a. a. .~

;e One ,Coupon
ry Ten (10) cts
z make from:
Harry .Baj ,
La Mondaine .
Librairie Select
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M. H. Stark
Maison Claude Jeager
lMaison du Live
Quanga Doll Shop '4
Paquin & Gaetjens '
iterre Soda & Fils
Raymond Flambeit
Roxy Cinema
Succession Paul Gauthier
Tropical Gas Co. .
7The Souvenir Shop-2 stores
Usine d Glace Nationale will
redeam its Bottle Caps every


)ON Vflo i, ,.,

S".. ..:...

I'SP", < .'.S P."
0 : .: 4



PAGE 25:


FLA, ?R M CH,,,, LE SI,,;,,


M ,%vh -




See your W
Travel Agent or

Rue Dantes Destouches-Port au Prince-Tel: 3451


/, I- "-,

: :
'..' \g''

*- ^ ^ ^^ M^^ ^^^ ^^^^.^^^^ ^MM^^.-I^
.. **




; .- -* :

,. .. :.-.'-* ,. '
,. ...* .:..


I ; e.

U. S. SENATORS FIND said Congess next year sho0l
M s e 4be able to. keOazother ont. but.
. Point IV ,(Cheapest, Most EffectiveY,1 t act.ft ..to.
id Of F e Aid P am me cent in one year"'mwould inevita-
Of Foreign Aid Programmes bly have deleterious effects on
at (by Special Correspondent) the program., '
a- ny of them have been highly sue- They said this country'. nay.
WASHINGTON.- United States cessful, not only in the technical be able to save on the dollar con-
SPoint IV Technical Assistance sense of improving standards of tribution with *crippling the U.N..
Sto underdeveloped countries is living and promoting economic program* by using foreign cur-. ::
Sthe cheapest and most effective* development but also in the broa- rencies which have been accumu---
of all foreign aid programmes, der sense of encouraging United lating abroad from the sale" .of
S This is the finding of Senator States trade, increasing opportu- surplus agricultural commodities.
SMike H an s f i e I d Democratic, nities for private investment, and. .
> Chairman of a Senate foreign re- improving United States political Ambassador
lations sub-commhtee, who has relations., Ambassador .
Just completed a 30-month study Any substantial curtailment, it Bellegarde Presents :
of technical assistance., said 'would have unfavorable po-
Senator Mansfied together with lit'cal and economic repercussions Credentials
Senator Bourke B. Hickenlooper disproportionate to the amount of To Eisenhower
gave this opinion as the two corn- money involved and would reduce
pleted the draft on a final report the possibilities of productive WASHINGITON March 11 -
> on the efficacy or otherwise of work in the future. Mr. Dantes Bellegarde, new :
Point IV assistance. NO BIG INCREASE Ambassador of the Republic of
The Mansfield-Hicklooper re- The senators also recommended Haiti to Washington, presented.:i
port dealt, primarily with Latin against qny substantial increase his credentials to President Ei -
AAmerica and Africa. on the ground that the program senhower at the'White House. ':
@ On -the whole, the technical as- has already grown so rapidly as Mr. Bellegarde has reaffirmed .
distance program in Latin Ameri- virtually to outrun the resources in this occasion the determine -
> ca js worth continuing at appro- or personnel available to it.,' tion of his Government to .cope
ximately its present level,: they As for Africa, the senators re- rate closely with other countries '
Said. commended U.S. readiness to in- qf the Organisation of Ameri ,
'Latin American cultural atti- crease its programs there within can StatS .
tudes are gr:adally and slowly the limits of each country's capa- After declaring to Pdt Eisenbo-.. ..;
Changing under the impact of city to absorb them. wer that evens' that took ,
> technical ,assistance, but there THE REPORT RECOMMENDS :place in Haiti recednLy constit.-
Sare some projects that raise ques 1 Continuance of the tech- ted a new proof of. the devotion
tions as to whether (A) technical nical assistance, or Point 4 pro- of the Haitian people to the prm .
assistance is in fact going to peo. gram, at approximately its pre- ciples of the true democracy,
ple who need the help most, and sent level of around 30 million Mr. Bellegarde -h a s recall -.
(B) technical assistance is stimu- dollars a year. id that for the first te In
lating demands faster than they 2 Continuance of U. S. con- the history of Haiti the women
can be satisfied., tributions to the United" Nations wil lbe able to vote in the .
MONEY WELL SPENT and the Organization of American elections that will take place in'
SThe typical country program in States for similar work. a very near future to c-hoose the
LatmSenators and the -President'.of
Latin America costs from one to They also recommended Con- Senats ad te resident f .
two million dollars a year, the gress reconsider its action of last *e Repubice of Haiti. .
report said. And it said of the year cutting the U. S. eontribu- The Haitian. Ambassador added :
cost of Point 4: tion to thl U. N. technical assis- that the provisional Government
-This is, on the whole, money tance program from 47 per cent presided by Mr. Frank Sylvain
well spent Individual projects by to. 33 1-3 per cent effective next had taken all police and secu.i- .
and large seem to be technically year. ty measures necessary to -e
sound and well administered. Ma- Mansfield and Hickenlooper -re free and just elections friom .
"_ __ which' will emerge ii.,hmt. and ..i
~ competent Cos ni .o n...t
IT'S THE FILTER THAT COUNTS i nanswer,the, (hte tf j
l T n S T AC n~rr T mn. White House, after expres -g :
&-M HAS THE BEST! gratification on the of -Ir't
M .....HDantes& Bellegardle as Ambassa, i'*
M H ldor in Washingtn",ointed out' :
Sithat Haiti and th'United States :
".,I -" :.. have been the first countri-es ih : .
i > i-L G 'the New World tp attain Ind"pen'
A H rI want to assure you.Predi.-
IC S-iz E dent Eisenhower said, cof the de.
I C~ ^ JEl 're of the United AState to coh-.'. '
w Q tinue their cooperation wit t.he
EFLiT -. ILTRATI ^ SGovernment or Haiti in the ap -
E I T ''nlicativi of measures aimed at pro..
E ICN SI_... ET moving the well' being of all:ltiL..
] I Izens of your Republic..' I at ..:.
.. .... I ,., to express through you my ad- ..
S Ti mitratio of the greatHaitian peo.
":. .- ..=i. pie who have so often proved
A\ their devotion to the principles
"I I I. WI/ \-V.,.. *Tof democracy. .
L / **-'* 1'.? ." l /In conclusion The President '
:.. I -I L I L/i *sI I ; of the United' States offered..
I L n. .' -I": ,Le'-' : '.1".:: best wishes for the personal hap
T l : 'I: I` T pines of the. President of the
U a GG-, a MYERs TsAC w. : : RepublUc of Haiti.
UET &, t T A, 'A:l

F!FLT.ER CIGARETTE -- MU U.L.. MORE IT .Qro r-TVW....... ..... 'ri

m AM '.. .


Most of the 786 pasFerners
on. the S/S .lle de France. which
went aground off the coast of
Fort de France, Martinique, we-
re flown back to the Unitedl Sta
tes. The rest will continue the
cruise a other ships Six of
them: -Nancy Black, Conrad Dan
nis, Mlicent Ellms, Caro -
In Kelly, Thomas Riley and
t rgjr ley
kargaret Riley were transferred
on the Ai. V. cArosa Sun, which
,ale at Port-au-Prince last Mon-
day (Mareb 11) for a 24 hours
vis~t. -" .
xx x
The young Trinidadia Steel
Drummer, Count Desy, ended a
6. month sojourn in Haiti and
EAA -" ed to Miami where he
.has a. T. V. Show contract for 2
Mr. Porfirio Basaro de la Rqsa,
SDominican Ambassado." in Port au-
Prince, is back from a short trip
Sto Ciudad TruJ illo
Dr. Sarah ]i Bowditch, Inter-
national Cooperation A.dministra
.tion's official arrived here Mon-
day. morning on a seci.al. m.is'-
sion. ,
i .x x x
Mrs. Janet Salaamianca, wife of
the Bolivian Delegate at the Uni
ted Nations, arrived here for a
few days visit last SundI.'. "
,. x x.x X
M .r. John .;. Levenstdn, Depu-
ty of Saba, :(Dutoh Antilles) cal)
ied in Port au Prince last Sun-
"y afternoon.
.x XX '
"ir. Abert Le Bel, ,U, N., Per-
mdanent repregent*tive in Port au
iprine will- fly to1ay to New -
'York where he wiltiavie official
Stals with the U. N.Cpnil
: Mr. Le Bel ivill discuss with
the .U. N. 'Council the new Pro. -
e of Technical. Assistance
Sto ti for .5 ..
x X k" ....
..Andy & Gabe.'Khawly were ve-
r. busy during the' carnival en-
aaanmf~&ajifji fanjhfl'

tertaining the Carricks & the
Wettlaufers from Detroit actually
on their fourth visit in Haiti Mis-
ses 'Celida .Dedloff, Geneva Zain,
Mary Duff from Miami and Al
Alcosser from Manhattan. They
all promised to come. back for the
1958 carnivals.
Mr. Marsau vice-president of
the Rath Packing Co. of Waterloo,
en route. to Havana and was 'en-
tertained and shown around the
sights by Ed. Khawly local Ly-
kes Lines representative.
Jeanne & Yolande Khawly clip-
pered to Havana to visit friends
for one month.
Capt. Drake was seen on the
nite life circuit with Jack Khaw-
ly recuperating after his S/S
.Fred Morris' t'a aground on
a coral reef thus saving 14 teen
agers in a little boat off Santiago
de Cuba by a daring piece of sea-
"Pauline & Garcia Lalonde re-
turAed to Montreal after vacatio-
ning 2 .weeks; they were shown
ithe sights by'Max Fombrun & An-
dy Khawly.
STouring Europe by auto on a
business-cum-pleasure inp is Bob-
by Gaillard and his wife. Bobby
the wellknown business executive
of Trans World Trading Co and
Lison: expect to spend three
months travelling, through En-
gland, France and Switzerland.
Wearing the Blues of the Unit-
ed States Air Force and the. rank
of corporal Raymond Moraille is
back to bjs native Haiti on Mis-
sion. A very special mission. Ray-
mohd accomplished this mission
last night When he walked'up the
aisle of St 'Pierre's church- 'in Pe
tionville qnd exchanged the vows
of Holy Matrimony. with pretty
Irene de Matteis. Next week the

twra~rawuwwww -

Young couple will fly to tUe U S. x x :<
and early April Raymond, will.go Toussaint, Jean Vileme-
to a new assignment in France. ay rie To in, Ja Vfe -
nay, Fritz Bt. Cindas, Odette Du-
B.ig T x' Fe' Ca I verglas, and Marie C. Cameau
Big Tom .Never So Few. Cna-, to o ^r -o^Hvna Monday.
males flew to New York Tuesday.
The novelist says he is returning

Doctors Edith and Georges Hu-
dicourt have a boy. The sixth addi
tion to the family arrived on Ash
Wednesday and has a hundred na-
mes at his disposal.
Pierre Richard Villedrouin is
now in Mexico. Pierre Richard
will reportedly study Architec-
ture for tbe next five years.
X x x
*Mlle Nerlande Thomas. Labora
tory Technician and Graduate ol
the University of New York, re-
turned, to Manhattan after 2
months vacation in her home

Barbara is the name of the
new daughter of Engineer and
Mrs Hannibal.Pail. oMummy' is
the former Raymonde Cuvilly.
Barbara arrived at the New York
Medical Center last March 5. at
10 A.M
.~ ~ X ` X '

Mr. Do Paco, Brazilian Ambas-
sador in-Port eou Prince, played
host to the members of the Indus
trial' Association of Rio de Janeit-
ro who visited the Capital Idast
week, at a reception in the Bra.
zilian Embassy residence Mon-
day. The Brazilian busin6ssmen
also visited the Hasc'a and Rum
Barbancourt factories. .

x s x

Mliss Jacqueline Laurenceau
will exchange vows with Painter
Paul Beauvoir in the Notre Da-
me Cathedral next Tuesday even-

x .x

Mr. Boris Bunimov Parra, Ho-
norary Consul of '.Haiti in Cara-
cas, arrived here last Saturday.

Mr. Love 0. L4ger, e-.:.Ambas
sador of Haiti at the Organisa-
tion of American States, returned
home last Saturday.


Mirs. Serge ,Corvingtnr, \% ife of
Haitian 'Consult in New York,
flew to Manhattan last Saturday

Mr. Rafael Lantigua, oLficial of
the Dominican Chancelery flew
to C.T. on Saturday Mar 9.

been appointed Director of the
Labor Bureau. The installation
ceremony which took place at
the Department of Labor Monday
morning, was performed by Mi-
nister Augustin assisted by Miss
Lydia Jearnty, Under-Secretary of

Messrs. ROLAND JOLY, Jn-
Pierre Alompoint and Samuel Ro
ker have been named respectively
Prefect of Hinche, Cap.Hairien,
Fort Liberte by commission of
[the ProvIsional President of' the
X X x


d[iss Lucienne Telton was New ,' -
York bound on Friday March 9- S.

-M. C. Clark, .m'meber of thd Has
co Administrative Council, flew
to New York last week end.
x xf x C^I^^
Miss Germaine Cl6rie also' left H
by PAA clipper for New York
on Friday, MarchB 8.
x X, x
Mr. Pierre Liautau-1, Iormpr
Haitian Ambassador in Madrid,
returned home last Sunday...,
xxx H-
Issa' El Saieh is bak in own.
xxx 'iB^ E
Marthe Terlonge, Franvois St.
Pierre, Laura and Marcel P6tion
flew to Miami Monday. '

ranSSMUB I l I


. I


SUNDAY MARCH 17lh 1957


MISSION for Port au Prince was
formed by President Sylvain 'ear-
ly last week. The aciual City
Council includes: IMr. Marc Hen
ry Jeanty, President; Mr. Samuel
'Dvieux, Member and ,Mr. Ra -
phaeb Ho*1W, Member.

ed a festival over Radio Conmer
ce -last Sunday to commemorate
the anniversary of the elevation
Pope Pins XIfAmong the speak-
ers who adressed the Catholics
,pf HaiWI w6re ithe Vatican's Char.
g6 dAffalrE, a4- i Archibtshop
Fraio, ols Poirer, Wti.f.VMnIster of
Foreign Relations, Mr Evremont
Carrie and Father Ducault Bour.
get. The lhighligh-i of the Festival
was. a retransmission of the Po-
pe's election and his adrcess to
the French Catholics.
'.~ c x
** .- .. :

: +Geo.rge Lawibn, ICA's del6
gite a.ered b.here from .H'vaiiha
'i:+'+"+ .x : "' x '.I : ..
-' : ... 5. .. .. ,.. .
M onday;.''*****'** ***"
Mr. Henri Piqusnt was installed
as Prefect of Port-au-Prince at a
solenm ceremony at-tehb Civil 7-ri.
_liunal Monday mrnintig. The .new
Prefect succeeds '.Mr. Ana'-, Villle-
joitt.-at this po0t. '''
.XX X x '

Monseigneir Cr.ur.inec-.:i; Bishtp
of .'CA !'we2
of. Capl ;Haitien o' e,-' .ar Doce.2n

is r h;- .": :ite.-'' '.~r
Catlioli Action (.t..rreis in the
Northern :Meto6..,is ," "Sunltiy.
TdI A'8_h cese:"' v.*as fa. s".eir c eid
by7 $IdiiP'geur" f~eap .<* .11%! Ia
.Auiiliat9. BisloI I I Pi" I;IU I',ih-

to,.! i4x these'
,,:' : .- .. .
'Mr. rrtisj 4prte.' Tiniter

torsan Denrs :B Disciplie .A, of
the Dipartneut'oi Edncationa to:

to" the-'. functioning of, ttese
s A : 1.. .: "I '* .'

Tae,'ies yers .Bar Of Poitau-.
Prane tday wil obseri e t1.e Ji.-
bilee od fne feli-e gtgloire and.
that oenDo.yeh s.Jereone .on: (Eo
24th. .Th.he, i to'ipa'., be 'Tur-
qiday even ng.Av nrnpo Antoine
Rigalj. :,. ", / ./ :, n.i.
:'. **'* .** *'oX X *X .' '+ ....
Mr..Georges Dup]cssy, delivered
a lecture at .the Sixth -Mardi. of
the French Institute on 'rche Evo-
lution of the Orches.ras last Tu*s-
day evening. A documentary 'film
entitled: -Reveries de Debussy *
was shown to the audience 'after
the conference.
.X X X
Pan American .World Airways
will. inaugurate itsDC-I3 ; CIipper
Flights, to Haiti next April st
The DC-78 Chpoari will be', Inut"
at first on the lavana.Caracas
SAn Investigation Conmmisicrr'
which include rs Max
Vilemanay a
Mr. Emmanuejl nvi, cv l
SIPP, has bee t btbyn, ,..o-'
vemnent to ira
tigate the or!n t
destroyed th h
of this town .F'ebruary zrIn.
: ,. ^', w ir q" ..,-
La jeunes e WlY leasedsld
to hear that' Crg '\Vrodinan
will be arriving with a house-
guest for the Easter holidays:
he is Peter Jones of New Jersey.
Caigwill be anavlgating ,Cap.
tain m Icha Conley's: twin :Na.
vion, as the Cqutelys are also
arriving to sped EKater .with
Bobby. and Bill Vrooman and
Grace Coniey, their daughter,
at the International Country

FRANCOIS who were arrested at Tern Rouge on the charge ,of car-
rying fire arms illegally were set free on the week, end oin libertii
proviaowrea by the Juctice of Peace df Mirebalats.
MR. 'MAX BISSAINTHE, pronounced a conference on the qMace.
dolirs 4'4'H.to.red'I{ati; at the Haitian American InstiLtute last Fri.
day .evening.

DR. C. VALME was chosen by the Executive Committee of 1h.
Amerh.an Society for. the.Study of Veneral Diseases as its first Hai-
tian member at a recent Congress of that Scientific Association in
WshingtonlD.C.. .; ..
Mr. SYDNEY WATKINS, former Consul of ranc. ... ifor the
ast eight years, was feted by the French Ambas Mrs. Fe-
Uix at a farewell party last week-end. / V.'

.LA GALERIE BROCHETTE, the art temp % t m'vil-
lagenear Carrefour', was the.seat of a Gala ,ec fo the opening
o. ie painting exhibit organised by a groap of artists Saturday even-
i n g r

-LA., FREGA1TEi,t is the newest and,'chik nightclub of Pot-au-Prince
'(Exposition. Grounds)'. The' owner, M.s., Fontanenle played hostess to
.he President:and'miemnibers 'F the Haitijan: J ouraais; Association at
an 8 to 10 cocktail party Thursday evening. .

A SIGN HANGS from the bridge, built e.g Estim over
Grand'Anse RiVerfat'the entrance of J&a1id m bA.r;' Est'im6 and
wEstim 'and'DuiaaliIr ,Bridgd;- others must s tM "
'"FOR CREOLE' BUFFET_ and fihie folklore sh te? Castelhaiti
W edie'day eveing.'...'.. .,..-....
ROLAND DORdAY,.teale nted young paintarjpta one-man
show La Galerie 'Villa Creole 'Hotel Tuesday evEna' A'
STHE PROLIFIC JODRNAL DUI.) 1EUPLE (wall I oene. de walks
et.)'is causing a sboirtage of cheap paint and sapolint. ".:.,
?**'O0DAY NIGHIT'THE'POLICE throttled the .coo. bt of
'crowing over M.B C Five of the United:.. k., A 4ted
bqcaswe -their erowig Was said tio be'afaxia tryc5he r sqrng
*coq' chantem is one"of the best meringues d Od :' any' prograni
./ '. ..' **. ", .,' ; ." [ .. 'M ."^
bedti Riorporated at I501 Futtom Street, Brooklyn 16, N.Y. recently...
SU.S. 60RLD i ADE FAIR wil-beheld:at New York City ColUseum
eAeprl'I.. L sa Germain of PAA informed the Sun, this
weekkc""^ ^ -"^" '' ::" **t' i
S:taeieis Hat-A new Book.
.A .neww .B A i on 'Haiti Wa6s-,it this week, It 'is RRth Danen-
hower Wilson's: Hfere' is Haltiia presentation copy of which
the autiihb kidly :bf6ight'hersel to the c Sun., ,
the author"kiidly irought,.heriei to the ,Sunv. ,
Presented in bandn i b lue and hrownw dust jacked
thil book desolpite tbe hi4l6erI6lurb that Mrs. Wilson went,
tod areas whi readable, 'u to 'the m InU accot, of Haiti through the'eyes
.j, ,:. ,. .. ,. "te
of a close observer. ,,. .. .. '_*,
: '',', ,: g. "',, ." ...l.'.'$ 'r.,"i ,'f
There are.some,obiPsen ch.as s., being Hai-
t'.s mai j on e k bduAtntehd th reihonit n broect would irri-
ie sm'e 'd84,OQ.sis itq i uae try last) av be putelv a
lapse of the pkn since' later the ference is to acres, but all
this does not detract from .-th'ge opiereof good reporting
which takes us up to the Decei r re volution complete with
comment. .nwe Ws'i

s Haitians will probably. i -a lot t o disagree .wtithr
o isoni on but then, except rarent sdtnqes 'it h sb
o-ifS ibleafor forelgwea 0 get tho: mood anol atnids1
l Haiti into black r.and' e.

I t. isXS to dismiss Haiti as a l-ountry of contrast but the
givt sts seem kaleidoscopic tion e foreigner hence the dif-
iculLy. It is difficult 'a lso not tlf objective, and sociologist
tioughshe is Mrs. Wilson some"es fall intb thiqrror..
verth6less'. the picture is 'certainy'one of the hvisfltoll C hLs,
fallen' udder the spell of Haiti'sh a tchery and where- Mrs... Wi'.
son falls victim she appears a wilag captive. Her last chaptrI

,g.," ,a s ..-..
is of particular interest at this time and it is good f&Jlbltians
who may.tend to be subjective td know that a great many
non-Haitians feel' this way about this historic island. .
All in all this is a book fprthec.outlander and as, ch I.t.
gives much, useful information adid not, a little that' i'4ihelp
In understanding the problems df'the country and ifspeople.
It is good fireside reading.
cHere is Halti, published at. $3.50 bvythie Phulne$N l .Li-
brary, New York, is available at cLaCaravelle Boot *9re.
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SUNDAY MlACUH 1lth 1957


ABBE AYMONT CESAR wghs ordained to the Pricsthoodtl'y Arch-
bishop Franqois Poirier in Notre :Dnme Ca'lhedri o3 Emiiber .Satur-
lay, tMarch 16). ; ..


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"ia Americ Aris Society I- nc. (La- "iiba' *o p'-,g 1ye IL Wa Pitcs'ife M vilae DS Vnwut. -e'kby ehe. eg34 geUatWh9-#
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St.a as eno ed byo er0 pe F o ws h e W i a'll morning,. ind time ttos watch 'u- I s lae or -e ar

p.,Toan ainanrn mrca. intrrte ile' W R i e 'is 3~eia .oe *'-*'..' -a'' hjt'her. motais, aiftl.ceq anp ezjhe4 by
1'.wei. Ha&ia Gf, ti a&Aeria -f.. F eio.a the 'beren0 oK :.eb ia dreods nofrwo er .some ithie their n psp wh .o o s an -

"B"urea J ot e w. o- "&'..(.- ;i2Te-n sears ao t; he, e e. Spe, Ge.. e. 9, 000... t,,
pa ti s w" ch w r -h,.. -'in'- *-.N : I T Ih Th' t ui aou'ic'i" 40- childce, carrying: .b kt .of: a N ,ew s .iri ,anst o ... :u
.,an.dV.'., .b,. ... pe.pl. b r.. a-, ss ..w g. The fortre ss ws, .b.. "
n t a e r. W ed1adome ein ,..' 4.. i. tcenl Q,.O'".t. --
rp .xi oureM s oe -,"ima, do wB M- a ra I es er ao .r e tAe th Kc n
Lountag 4s A Y t] The P 31 $as pl^ t-ke px ~e Here, :too, non, snth e h elarin g th e ptma
Alttle town oi ..N she I Pier .b. i 4.NoustaB who rh. cited "YorkS, among dean' ,D tI'aha" ,c. cash sales loyeb. H "
write'p-, we o ave venjojed car whom t io ia,. c .at'A.eier- Ths Theatre get) ny li-n s.: are, Vendors of--hot food that r e olnc whe trdte Bck
.... u .. o, s .t ', 31 ..e h s .td p~" ,e + + ,

nival spirit in the true Haheian Bo 'l U louled tb'l by' yearlt for o -' T.P'u 6dk"d t/i .= pihe spothe.ulneviwta e bmy the N eg. dheoas4,
Sione ..c'"wnd. -- 'M ,nbe"n., .o.e. -' 'e for the U.S. Stei Cotporation b l burtrs,, cthe oad crriers for tophe' Toussait, and,- e
On March. a -nd the Haitiaha Office.i.atlonal diruritncg Miss PHaelbrnt is e2y 1h) Wf aI in h. wealthier people; areralso pre -vho won. jdepelence f'or 'Hi3 t ,'..
*ArneriitSl' ArlmsTheS.ociety geie a The fivs0ome party s d t t att l S, u a seta in c nt quantityr ov Ch'i".,stop. lsd ^built.S:an Bo"d :'
c o lorf al Haie ie t i an a d with, the beautye of the h -ew guest at the Ibo Lele.. These o come gfr -so Pal ac to moit-a 'in-, an
oBerlooking' ,"" '" on
Aomorkful coi~stu~e .ary "~Ivnc (La 0 IS'" aae elw onam- -.-

foo 01(1-epctais -wer sevedfrom al~e' Pereoir',. It visited ie .
maskd an be dais i t e -.,deth stree e Mhese pe i o e f'o .te s o- roe izg cf 1.M-,j
be ni t 'anwd'eL n gbe'i0. t tet El Rancho' o ni relquest o I arovbd, up the. m oullntin r ad The man kneW w..e toDgv a ki nghpat sho.ul
Mau.nfbMly van b e Ms. te whos on R odrt Jr "j down. They arel a easian group me' pid her. be ,hel. levees g for--,
at n an3d by r. Hinr rs a e js as i. i n!te st .; m,-.u_ th i netifl, ren d o fs due.-s .
bert Pataund moimic wind.dancing. spent O days ti e three' years a ere jubac e'ed i the hia ew.a-e ree g 'ie.aIt."
All these things helped to create ago, went "into raptres over the tourists as tci sitorsae' in counts baro s andknights '..
t ste Seemingiy thea reis B no rc SansJ' Suci s easy-to reac" by. -.
a r y 'place. in c "" 't !w at.. "i re
a onethutyenjoye g gby o anpr e p arge H a senuent of the kicking camerass tcar from Cap Haiti: "aPronm. the-.

s4h e a itept 0 .R
plboh Haitin ndAmerican. Robc -som Daleyl J hh ami '

s .H ermal nn iDf~hW si itr of grotiI p of Estabr ook and Lc' ,oli -,Don't trji to break into aher.gworld .o i wa a .sig" o "' ;
hMr.Hermann DsrDe ,a loan to the National Bank. 4ent sip of the nat ve. Thehy seak BACtnK IN Cap. Ha w ie
r .o Haitian friend among Creole, not French a combinao ed the spot where-Columbus land "

k ,^ ^ 5..-.-r ~ ..T/ TT dkvits -r Gji~qJdu /id AP 'g eoal.eein. on vr viiir*t, H ii
'a n tin.of Fren. ych Sppansh, Germa. ed I "492, and -estabised b'the.
a m pe oe who Ahanl eu' t r o H and-African But it iti.' -.tolie : New Worlds firs t to '.'--'
d y p p h A and-' 'guess .whatothe arn.s sa ingb he ct3 istyo cal. oloniad -'.
been to Haiti expressed ne 's. Deley. was aLtk oClithny t s -' Orleanc i n its e and
fond interest for our blcui rit,p to fwd at the Fisher 9, ,he l,aer- "' for the f unyt-i rss a Eae u s wonder, wh we ft iht 'y
Country. I ty Tana Lawn, that exceiiciit tax' .i -' ." '.- i gs Abover the H citi y in. a. cut -ip.n"-
At 123 Ms D S t t fbi by Lbr o L n the hils and .thug permanently
t i s C.f tl a be b L e Loud a "ircooedy isloy e!, Hotel Beck.
Phiadlpia wa jfo whombar Fihe' 0rt c.di v-e

lirnttamed fT DRIVEdown the` iiotus- We lunched 'there wi'th the Beck
Queen of he Ball and ws appro- dealers.-a"t tan brings one spectacular .view famd ani.-s missed. our anees;

The Ha7 an Am ri a Arti*: liWsts In i s Th -~l *a. 1. ,i .. .J II' .. "' "'*' "* +' '"" ".?" "
TheHatia A ercan rtsts Th p:ri W5 P2'.' ci iie tb climb another peak overlooking ube cousins; even th.ough ao h.ne .',
o Cie e Ei e tee R',yk s.n t trst n .. ..,. .. ..; ,: .. ,
eori..y presided on ths Theatne g4 tooy s -Pr t- nsmost
Climbdes tw- al-' S G -I spot (3,00 feet) tands Le. Per-1 get around in this word, .-- :.
(10A is t io r:t 'lai- .... .-s, I .. ..\ .... .-,

ta-uta iteh yHai- choir, restaurant and gift ShOp Th .....r a
tia-puit intee tn N, or sen by the Comittee o6AheHoftype. The f and theo andc achk r trip P ut ye.-
and a better under.taniim: ,. tian Institute of Dance under the of es tp o and yo n ever wtih h s'f ie thou gh soi p -rts'
ween H~tians and Americans. direction to Mrs.' Lavinia Wil- i ,, ;drinl{ are ofe thdyo'l n~ er road ar.".h el .t. Ugh-s_ : ~The-

^ fasfiof.. --e e T
ny Americans visit "aiti Cfd l,{Iams. The profits of is our -. forge, the thrill-of eating on tol'o fil In g the n'PO
upon returning here ore eager to monthly parties and dances will I P a precipice. 'quanton..-utagi paisso e 4 andd al'le i.:e
retain Ihe Haitian ais nosphiert, go towards this scholarship As the evening. lghts came uP" beautfu., and. .-the .tow ad-"--
ettulare and contact with Haitian 'o~ to~ e were back in ',.-'Liwn-,ile l'dri 1lages_ ame. .intere~sting.. .Seve.ral_, .
Judyh Ross are thre 1fNE EC

p e.l. Joan Marinakis. Barbara -The Soci~e~b is planning now a t d inner at Hotel...16o-Lele.. This he& cock-fighL .,were In., -.progr'ess. ,. -.-a-,.."
sijeh .girls who are' .eso[ 'top of a hfll.. an mny onr.ue w e'a-,..
coofieldn aotund kmabrs o baigu Gal Danc o un Y TfheP,.andlanycoute:ue wr at

thfs Club among nany' ers,', .' Miss ,Marinakis said: ee The meal. was 'pure, French hi- trying people e" to '-these s.p'orts.-
... I xury', front' so&li to..blanc-mnange. :events ." :.i'' .L,;.-; ,''
food fl.that ia this way we can create. As the brandy ,wnas s served, the no- Just au't d o46f 1( t -auting ce,
'One of the things weel an'o jui large Haitian cultural Center RUSSO FSho e. Jean bean ias
Mdo, wote Miss Marmakis, is to here in New Yorok as well as -.nep sg..nPS .
offer a dance schoiarshlp 'o two teresting more' and more people eThis professional group has exce i holdingI lighted candles and'.ard
Htaitian students who will becho- into visiting Haiti., Rue Bone FoL lent voes, and in minutes" the the sound o drums' Ourguide
Vs-n'ft rp soe liteneris offs rinante r wior ld of indicatede ths'a-a ig ofoe

All folk g hgsdthat tut at th 'heart. doo dri- s. .It-, Was easy .tor gh
,. ., ) but leave one' in aga~y- mood,.it [enjoy-able and" fnsLruotw\e:' 'nfter .
a Saturday morning, we were uats should take p e t.ip. q
IAYT' :N.'any to ".catch our planefor-"the f. -- Wc returned tp(hica .
ta wasflight 'o .to Cap Haietien, Haiti's via 'Delta. Aor fr ,fie.,_--ri -.
ple, both Hat ianz and A n ,here .... interpreter to t.i'pp.enorthds'bore metropos. and po t. .ing by-way .of Hatah'a and' l New
S' A.Te .air. :trip takes only .40.m." Orieai. We ran into.' ad. 'e .
tHhetian mountain and made us wonder why.we -lefth a.'
Auh rie C tl 00 0 valleys .are, very beautiful, when I wondetfui,,Haitian ..climate -!';"_.
'. : .- 's.een-onCee a-planoe. Thenfligh, t ros -The'man wa- sad tItss"" w e 6mb
r rses, two.iountans .ranges. and: e hy ve-'been-riht in
.,' in P o rt a u.in c e H a iti t, 6 e ,e French,' 1492. m a o our -as... ,-_the
!te MI*. Arhu Hers.ld n
pamphlets whc were in e cu ,.-A ria.: But... .f ,, "W ': : V r s i t.J" C

:"-< ', '-:,W est Indies- r -. "' ... :,?:.,

aPlanters and. Manufacturers
anIepe h a aetr USINEues HA$Ch ~ 1--inl

,, SEMI' FrFNcD S-' ""LAIE ,'" nil
fond in s fr o 6C i- ,. -.r ,2 '
:i? : gs. "b y -he ct. 'r a:,-" : 'n_
11 tyTn awta xcletto) t
At1:0 R EFINE SUGAR --iLL. iASC tileAL fabri b" Librt of Lodn. : I- .:. .

-,, -1 Beek.
Philadelphia, '. "', ': ..r "ho I LE DRVE dow th 'h u _- We i e 'ter, -""," the Beek, -,
de le s "-i b in n p c a i r vi -'. f m ..n. -," ,"i:.;.. -,,: ..
Queen,: of the Bal an "i, ap ro ..: 1-: ) 1' e.. ... a .... our.... .

".af-I' b-t, ,'. r-
-'i E EG offIr. 7-The'ZoIh, .z z we t'
The Hatin Am ria Arit TilReY "al wa P ",! o "um ante 'e' : ..' ... ovrokn ;e.....'""....... ..
-=, eyprsie oe .., U Alb,-i Il .. ... .... shor visit,, ...n Po...r...,t..-.,,.. ..-Pri..n"c".-e+'. On thi E apmg tlae' n 6at : ;. ,: "
a', .... rem ve ... .S .0 ,-.B
:. n. .ta a ,ne e; i, New ..... ch ir, a re t a -.an gif s op .- Th .,if bac to .i
"'in are "u eb'n yo 'l never ",,t ,"~g ...e pat .,- .'-.
a r c pc. I ,I i.
upo reurin h,.r., or e,.e to monhl parie and dance will T iat pases ..... -%; .. ... ....
...:n .ai ak s Bar ar T.h: .o e is 'in now, ... ,,-'... .- ., .

K'.,'...it i:.. ":


'WuWf IHu& 5*' VJd.ML .WaIA~j
ban"se'%.s-fr Iarn ts: and
,lof ,Peotion Vile..;
^co,4 *:., iioaths ,-
e M .l ...iZd.:a smpanied:.
thr-~.. mte'r first tjrj .. '
first trl'
'to Y.et,
SutP. ert.^,
;enxcbing 'liiB ..(*vuab~l
Fre ,i' S o"^
a.... greolo: b~e'
..,, -.,ta4..

7 o "\ B'
epsii, O

^-- '--:' 7"^ 'Mr. and Mrs.M. .C'Jensefl lR an ;s '
T"71 --"...'. fly to a new post in. Perou on M and M E
W- .Marc' *26th. The..USOM official
?iU mI s wi fe will be greatly *"
ed from local circles here where
Ajtiey and 'their ybungdters were' :
"" 'an integral part of the local,.s .ene
J n .. : for the past two years and. eight
..:.O l# Wth their children .ls1n,. 8,*
"i '^ ^ 'Bryah" 5-1/2, .'andli B a.dy,,u.'.j2
,... n /"^ :. .. ,tmi.lionth:. t e-.Jensens gol..,e ^^.,---
.<'-:'"the. dir (etioh-ViUe reidence, golin.,
t rect to the n.w 'assgnent .
.. .. .. Lina. NAyes. othe:GrattingprIo a,,
of t~i .eLrosdktheir.
, nisteredof-Ha i.en: G n03aEa,.pti,, pi4 l ke
. edt a- short' visit hoe .uand.. flew .. lump h "er th rot ,." 9tbld .
,. ... .. ,. ... adored livin gin H aiti : '
{ t autte Jrerome'. will unite J enpen's successor at Point
Sher destiny to Mr. acel Flavien Iv,Mr. Wheeler, Business Ma-':
,in, St.',Pierre.Chrch-' in Petion nager is expected here shortly.,. -
Vlle next March 30th. '' xx x. :"
,. ... x Flying, down frporii Detroit-Ties-
i Looking radiantly happy and day to see her littler girl is jMrsi
juat .ldvin': Haitir. were; Gene and Marion. Pickens. .Mrs. Pic&ens Who
r Maim Lalop :who.'.. flew in fvmn. viUbe accompanie-,by:i e s ter
SNew yorEk lst week to honeymn, n, Elva Johnson willvacationfor .
Sat. t.,E].El.an..t. Ge.n.t,: .i1r._- three week'at Mai tsat with iher
Snian, .adife Marciw..Who hailed daughet Sallye. Cbabiers ',anad
frbom.O'Aego,.weregquired about ,hubby. ''::: ..
i o. .. Dqi'd :Talwmas. .: 1 4 x '
,I' I v.", i6. 'an
.!<:*;^ ^ ;l. ;:.x x~ ~ ~~~:'x ,\..t ^ ...* .* ....\.^.1,'...*.. -:;: \*,,.;* ;~a a j^ ^
; :,Hpig.h ; .Terry,;. President .and Jimi-Ur uranoiifor: tUeeryetars .ii Glaude,.1e:ii u i
Gerai :.anagerl A iddn Haiti ,with S.ipa asaLxper haor-'Eneyoohe' et
SiBr'.a.d&fng.:t. orprtion,', K"I, ticuml,"ist f 'f-iwofFriday to. bo.' keeop'g inbge, r coqdjkt4'
ncLT n' fCladb. me-in Colrad.and4; k apbflon a
spent' A ..,e.e. c. 4.,it ..o .. u ... .. ... .i ...ur a { Ve '
spen^^TO^;^H.ror ^r:xie;ass.ignn. t;:,TheiUrai.os vill ';8 *i ;.!:;,'.
I -,, ,., '" 'j.....
.ita*lo t4x' 4 ^l fn and .their i:two $lbet ypung .apna1 mj14hepglr & iUg~dnpxe
^lI ""I b^~ 'l *wil b~e mised ;&iom the (obal- see- Weiat"N~w'i&&sSfict&eeowii
.. .91rte.sv i'a&,a4d' iEeji 64
l%( fdo& ?geau In {t&tevhe:iW
'.,aw5t;. r *r,4.d with.fm .ln i;1B..
or .-er ~ e 9Q exo;

'ed -t

cliiti aM'made "fe.
anm~mern e.w i.?.. ..,' Lrara~qqe, S'd# 'ii .-' ee:,crf.lw~ jn.. tQ ef~e
_reW,2ti,,w.,Vat. h.,14.% tioP ..... dA. b sb,7.'.#;
is m, *1' -P .
r ..' .^Ci ".' m ade re-; ,'" ": ,"
hc 0 gK A 34 ..... ...
9..e l 'ibm g ea ,' S i,1 A

;1, ~~~~vR ti^3^^ ^ ^^ ^
04. Tura FL tee;0*
4f.'I ~4 Sheba* ehpd.e,,"utof-th:.,.otI ,'"". .'

j- dw aRnaeor'm ~sflr~ti-tnri& Me;tan*~fo ANew voforfratA 7:6 'Pf".-t ??P1 I
*i~aabngt'. r." ,- ,; .s.."-'' ,.. lt;'ft ^ M ^ ^ < ^
**-.-*.; ".1 ** t- .-'-,, yiw-'".. ,' ^:o-erh S ~ leswa*l~sili" -^ 16'^
b !Se:. 'i )if .,; ...i.i "
T,.a, ^ ...;. *. *,, =s" ,

.'. ,. c ,iiv ., d l s K .I :'n- r ': t. A'. .
"" "" "i"'.-"as" .,.e ,'
I'\YoukFt z e

* I aiti t wr. t Cnod b. a F" 4 4 ba po r.a di:,
hii ntw e~fq~pesA~ tejptt LAA pd A Iu

,,.nw ..,' ,eet,, vg, .e t0.ow. s d f A,',t d. Psuites t.. r '.'a 1 2 t1 su-.
a 'IIrr7 wohtce 7eve b'
o .M..,jj,'1 r *fro' S L*Bh.' :mi. ;B :.". brillnt.a ul.4 *j4' ^bih^

?jton tei reced vacation ~in ~c Eu: ^rL9m A;S 4vetrj. r;. 'i: f.*'' *ty"*'.:.~it
L b *;^:^ ri

4f .rs3.h : p:be N ovtak in~ *1dM ie% v ,,M:tobe -' ?52't **^ 4hfln
Dietor ibln : Hult bai jtoe d'ek Rogr. V ftR t and aM -tdste
'* Statesng' .afla y "Aa.vI a I A,.. u. a Mtinaz2 o. : 11 c t .jist uq "rsa t
b,.in:. j \ '.. P.. e tinq -," ." LEI'.,fil't.,.nina

.. ..... Et.e. "e wsa du 1*" a "t,.. 5W i .. en, ,*hon,, t. d ss.s. 'w;
'1tr lu.ili.te, .ln S d e Ia tio b 'L'"'o %RJ ,moWe' nd / ^ ,.. .
S. eeryiie duIs: '.vet' .t-.P: .. '~J P' fl i" $ nnd;. f ; ea gse!'~ C~nPd~
'A,., .... ,, ....e.,,"g', oi~nafl..:.:rV1A'4_ls" : t1~ ~'i f
Thoe W4.; Mi, o 1 ad as Sthe dan a. M A.
Y. 'pflj.%5.'.,:. w~ingZ NW "WIti, 'Gdr&l e! .....
th....#*fl* a,., .x n i '. .14 1A144
dfi the S-tattfoe wt MaorSl.ay.rn Idy :*,yi t a .... "1e .ifI "

dCK1e a n aitan 4 Airftire; -* py 1P TV.
an Mn wl a .. f~rom i t4. I .p"4 ," rs.~ L.::wm G ,,.,.fti .li..,; ai .* %, "
tor Tnse.otI. .

on hei reentvactin i El- ~~6i~ i~x Sfveares'Mr. Ii. "1 *l I' '!0 =F e;b

rope.a ow ;'.", -,Mr b or i th, itu. a ,,, ...

trl er veg~ fetables t oi !te rde r Van Roth,;,W MPr.d', and 'e 1~k'.'; .ll.aSfr
SWat e r ~ttbrouyghft.Ar' whyy-iI Rr t ei4br.,. l '; .." ... ."

wit ba,)t.ier RocyV t'6.Y R i .... ... !.% : iI .'.i ..~'.. ",: A
1td~ni& 'sOh 1 AM '

r oone l 5-:, Riddl r.Th:.rt'LW& n,'wer l .bf ShEb'i-' ".'4~t .... ... i It~f
.. T.,,l." v:! s,: V,

I ~ th. -Thee

She.tok in iftSlaF .. Mission t Hate Bw ins .o"th r d and Jraw Re' "':O rm d A ke
n the S-tate~s wi. s t h Majo t e i3 ,. t.igefrot,..im N ": Y ', i, oru ..o a "" on: I "". ii't"

Lthief of' Haitianv Armee. Iwa"td. "' r".i. 'tjK ch' ju;p
.k- 4- *k nc"' 'I 'ffshOtetg:ii

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41%s, q jj J i ,' .'" ,, .,
then"W020.1 Kr"'.an..Mr".. h'. in....'',"
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-b ie...F:. s' of
veralne .'vget lesthe ieck,, ..b.. r...'
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arr 'fo" kJl rs. W=7 :"'.

KRK Tctm.ous sir
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.ni .~? f./I.7
low. '. .' erIna.,. .





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o ent

]p -_ ,.. ,," -"* '^ ,, .' s u i A'.-t c ,i s
s-N' ... SUND4.V .. tAR i.id
.' -,. .-, .- .... ,-. ,..

New Day Dawns. For Haiti 5 i59C.u.s.-isi Snomen
T -- -. T-Arrive-ere-Soon.
.A-N-COX, Miami News Travel 1jditor f -.-."" ,.. ,
... -" .. ,'.An. event .,thusuix signifiCi.
a 't'.,M ."' -9 H aiti should not"be .Sold 'i nem ot er a .an cultu al
i* ... ""' i ltions betm~ee n I a 4tt. r h
-vial tr6-todiy. and will be enhanced I .,n teen Uaitt. ed th
Shere], "c `'- A ', '" a'" er,- a i 'e 'ia.n 2 J e

^^ *_n sEii5?^lpg ihsen a'd Unea ited Stte^ wl b^ ^the visit
Wof opinions by passen4 0e 604here, M ...and,. 286 o a.de-
....O f k, n i S Cl
"tS '$o:fl cked ashore on Feb.'21d' gtin of.el Iled bas
g ag-kh'..d 'a part of' the attractioes oC ess m q.:-ot. ans- rCity"Mssou.2
Me'F C tiiditos pei- ining"to hotel e l.. .
rmayor,;the.HPWJ ,is
i0a ifgl -cont:'htheea g Q rlcreatiosn i.aH Ro Bde
0yt n ..t. g,. g ". b at nd...., co Tbex group, a :r, tkhe wn .th .
sas%,CIIF'tjPM Ii~iton4ir. n~rfa
H aii.ans"''".are .aha... "ai pope.l" l" os t of c uhershed, a t io n i a relafs .ii.si and f ra.de' w
b"bon'g.-miJn dw. c., ..ob'se-ed'in'th6.nafves..even" t edave.
9 ,.w I- v F."'.':.-;l
efo"^^tte our' cruie.sinip d obsemtrt *ot :-pcii.c'sairo.jipurpo e.
^ ^ ^ --Qr-to*sell..'I. 'ti wa, es1:`- 14 ..' ... _. ,*La t yel ,-? f''gol!iiit d .10 ';
e a l c o n t A t h '. t h eb rap p y g o -tuc o-:. : l er J pa. i n
clo e. midwest, ( j j~r&nicn
yv tbbed b.out '-n tbe sm-a 1, ,'le Vboats bcverig't te affairs, ad "fdr,- r the .culiviath,
-h eof th, sp.-p eir.nman purpose," of course,' is-to of. cl6er.c p all' n&d",culttral.T
a6 tos moe ... 1the. sea for them to retneri,. ie .p-.tlkb.hemnychee.
r:,t0. .sei:0u r.- w res...'.."'. ".% '- a '' ', st a :. i pi#Sed.':iAO "
'p e~'.asn""6".'! ..h~l~."issngers ca t":'.sstt Latin' w !- $ieafi3?.d )tVIs".,i ,"
uWa r throw .your such eIele^t. esuis .that any
lip wusenIng.4awatlhin a d v-ng hoy ther tour was eeidedaon Siee
I t qr St;jI ttoss-fr..i potds,,'i se-,Ha its. 1 'observed, he ,fist trip 'thegro.up ae .'ir
16t. SM i:g,.with white t b:glqiq'g- i They s.e'em.ed ,to be pandeci from d 3to to'e than. 1 .0
jJc :ia.".iri.ch fu oift.qt- ..l his's passnger as the passen-' .m brest.s.. it.firs't /" ofra' te "
"gesteceived 'fro he '- ':. -, m"' ". Americ-an cti swasc dj
'.:,"" ,, '.;'.'' .., ';. :',/ .. a-, ,, '-.. i ," :. Tas far!''heJi Ambassadors- fromro
...&. ..h .... ., ..M ..n '17, countries f,.h] i, 'we re
e4D ., B eaC n Un a 'special guests-of thWe KasasCity '
( : .,.? ., .,:- : .. .. : :' -^ .* -: : ,:. .,*- ,-.. ... .- -'. :- ; m'n uni ipa~ily.: l : *'."; ^ ',1 ; il
"*Dih~r 1',hours si'~oe.. we leaned 'toeike the.popie, rob te
.. the-... a ..P ... .... ..n ntt'
l't&ough,.it was 'auite apparent that thfe'.don..t'yc too much bunis an4Wtessnt -
'OU hit~s 'tb l k
".Mlet.iaL..buddaince. We'liked theb"- uhntryside Once ca iw. ,you atnaY'1 ftiii
:: rtalc'tY aftdxcenter o'f .bu.ihsm s ^a'ctivahies, ,fdt '411e: mbttntaifr ikre rnet*J ansmiit' 1
"- i ""as, 'ou:in^6"fc'i ,ccibin atinh bf kcehidfheautt andl sin icit: :'4.t
-^pietely satisfies. *', .K;^ ,:,....,#: .'* :A -p^is
Ej ^Mi 4rn? fiwe liked .the tetnpo.'^T~iei -is' leisure, *her '- the ciglisa I 3s~ioeftioa*Tff et^
nd--, relar'f,, : '.'oe1,
pressuress backhliotA-'i a" seting.of flowernhg i .rees,"" and bus s
tb-tvi'e.670: ,- .' 'G .A A., ,,,.

o I -1,ng ra e windsl ."'yu 6f- a... 'nd' .. "e
.i..a ..iti. is small, pon'.ptiw .t. l.o. are w..der^A..t.,.-
41um' ts to' un.rand: hi .tor M.4. re""' p..W. e flts,... n W ith.
P. i- t 1wo N "'N t dpi i T.e. i i-w6f'. ,Tle, kt... ..ti i ldadp iB us d I&I
4ta^hfrteranci4g;^h? 'flit il9 a @;-- t"^ .'^. S &;:?

if today finds a, cliar
"eed.Af;<rct. j
ai l1akt'Cflmvnears' adf .a

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$d~tTh1e~uwr'hsbensedfast uda ote J.
tueQ 44#Y~r~aawb.n. ov~ercome.lr a 4de,.fi... ; ''A?,m 9wv.btA
L Jkl~o'.~z .fbat..x[.~ wa .e o? ffq5s,.I that.. sjqdg;
nou~l~r ~ [e",epeof Harit' ,passed'ThI, Sc ,recent pltc a ~~rr ''
Y .. S Al.
oePorC Ptideht's exane. ..
'I -,- : ,:.-.n.. .',.., ju.,._ o : .. ,. ,. AL &L ...
-y. 'l, n :6x rn-. :A
-rt-i g.. 4 ,, ', "..,. 'flImf 3.'J s.G
eht,. tagldire...,, .wbo,p ,t ,d. .ii "6i offic ee.4ecLdnho0'qd 8 JtWdina grxs t, n. ietfp~l6 a
C. ..."" ..:.....~ of :re!4 't*pw" nnaW #eftxen... A "
nce t.L',h.a *....$~- ,, ,, Art ,,.. .
.~i~& 0i& dostitiiti~on.,, .,HiSimne. ae.atinwa.t.re tal crw:I..at'o:', l.. ......t i-4
!an t4e ."he.op .p6R.gi '" ,,ihciudi g.Senatori. dLus. D 'at WoW -w .., ,t id .'.af'.
,,joijliecandidate,: f, :t14pr~sideficv. ...'-,' i b',)ifd
M '"en, 0;,": 'J t i I- i, .1.he.5a. ,o
h ,.. .,, 4... "%U:'. Met W t .. ,.. h:" ..ifLi
.A Re 1onsa then.-ftf 'l tli ': i .,
,tit H ''; `-ii"d... 'iW n 1'.--t6--,d:ek'A111 i,- ..

dT.. .Q..-, P" y 'nW .m....si Ib.h.F ,'"...
.~a'e.,.of ,indign action rapidly usieh" i 'o "er -th '"e.t.e..e." "'- .""., ,", :
i n nosaction a ge ra sie. we it d "':" ... '.t '
k: P .% .... .
-... 0 .... ... .... ... gen eral .-.st.M,*ke ,.w 'Wit..h t ,.- ,. .
,11~t ii ,,i"blaces., of busine zs.,clok.,. their dobrs-`4ia4 P.OU. .
4~d'edi~fd s 'days. The people ,amed the sr-e.6is. ., '4
k._-i. P6ort-au-Prlncihn perfect saf;tv.Ee f0p'. .
V, dltq'the pl.lce.Who were, looking fot tifoub1h _.P*. scA .Ucufr.
at 'rid a" y. The fa"'f ie fighting men -
,I81 -1 W ..o er*' 8:1.. P PA. LIO. .
aeul W eoul-Gen. Magloiredo?' : ""-- E CI
RA 4t &i'don nnttdl against him'he resigned4 aied -i..
le NO. ;re is said he will retire1tp E ,r n!e, .i ....t .lIB.S
grown Up. The people, are"tpropoA r :D-S
NFNJID1&A6. a t
go m i areneftnction ing ndrM ll..he new 0 PA LON-
i'*Iets*'oipded of men of inte bi
intg~r nIa ls,'fit_4.{ &:ne !,&g- s s0 90 .,.
phasiein the' desony of.Hait4*.has'bei.'ilw.d"ij une SAcoiIAn u..,.
Mw e.tdprship. The.slogan i 9tQ abide b.y the;Cnst-
ie honest, aid wai t oP tar" q.. ,. 4 '.: ,,. '.M

M ri 'Ywo1 W'
:, : -,. Y,,,,:.0.
FA:,OIS- x'?' ',)" .OC CASION'
"-''"- '": .."- -... -:"("OR IW HRY 4;i!;<'



0: .. : :...- : ... ^ .": : ... *f AITI
*< '*. "'" "" '" *"" "' .. ..* .' 1 i i^ -

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