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Haiti sun ( March 10, 1957 )


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Haiti sun
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R. Cheney, Jr. ( Port-au-Prince, Haiti )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )

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oclc - 32441147
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.(Maman) Here Comes And Auto!

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ould:i linger longe, These two. c ite 'n atot ea spe latie welc. .
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U.; (3-00fetoo ,) is a drive.+. bi .,h ba ed e a, ormu Tre. thetrauc.lei. i

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F"~ A//J~~a~l^ flJJJIJEJJJ'-A grvdadlock "te-af ptke^jB Atienale .&'^
RIOT ^Y -UAT'iTS~tT^^l~ gavnuneded h ..meafc;Piv6alrsip de N
"AN.. h1-- The Phfesidenttj d newsmanthe .w edg. the loag oopa" 'PaP':-t

'* AS POI-TtERItK 'FTrEK i qit *sof aa investigation In yhich the qovernm~n~idhaw't
-O ura V~~v ^^^". theIt~lernatiohal MbnetayFnarqet f^h;tsgto
-A One. P6. SOR IT' kill*d -n er i a,,^ T mhila4 B tlE ad beenm de . ,- .'.t j -....'.. -,
-A i the Poik. e hidW tohfie on aetow .m' .t he,. Pi esidei t ad-als..ae a demand that ...- 1 -y-ou..,.
"c d. ish erf thbe 4Io."cThese a two"' cite n 0 a .u s give,` soaie et weo i ig teoz had reLe ALo r-e. .. sn

^ tthe an-va,/ otre of- Senator Joi^ 6oe, TC&Udldatt Th.e tw im e b oifg -a eue t ein and -testriksers %ai
f p .ie .., i l y . . **.'* .. .. + ,. '". ,... -. .. a,:... .- ^ - -* ,*' **' l : *'* ^

JorI Ptea-d u"y' k- '" -' ... 0; i:i
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. .... .. .. ,em d . .. .. ... . .... .... ...#
_, ,- .-.....- bad 1 tirS L M N IS I aSt lf 4
A T -, ' of" th grave 6k.. r e.31 Q i,. .i.i..
dei itdi #eeSsw pPaai .... aa .dea e

)iunitucpabc iiaaoe y' : Pi Z V )'4'ja
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. '. .been ested.. ,. ".. .:, ..he.-'.. a JFud^, a d h w et t hr e'..
A..a ..,t rq.- ..' .Bauded h n ....s... pa.re c-..i..p;:.:r i,.,...-blc
, austin"'w~.niirws~ iiz,.., ' "- .... adt bbenn m ade. Sol n .n .k. t . -
.0"en the Poliee-,ai+to, oben fre ont a gogd d A~mbi~tit, .. 0.tetm ~ d:.. ': -. >."',+,"..
: ;-~ .~a~~ee:fSe.a~ Ld ) e :xd . : w D. cora: hadi ref used to reszg an the A ers-l
h.. ePf.es~iden0.I; ,.:. ,. : .. ,, ; "
....4. q+o- o .-- - + ...... 1U+
. On, eI .. "I .. .. ... "; .. .i "
i~ j o e d e .i~t .' .,I t d is p e t e '. a _c r o w tT : of P t d im s s o '
e i'"i "4) ii . ..* L m e E F, h ",, '
i~i s~i X :P04 ,e'gP 'p ::a "P"'m -,,L S ~ :' L:-+'I

.7; . s. (nit['Pd~e:. t aft.-P0er, --J',U" wv"Kg e.. taw is. 4ia.t suoie: A+~b, "h .i.SoW.+ W%-
tc'r,- n i" "lp "W ..Md% -And ..h'', ;, .

PIK'-. --

^**fi^fa ,jr3?*mWy'e neiiziD Profeor Figno1e -wliidltf;(a iiM *waiHtshg'rrtt~bi4 7tS
4 : -.f1 t4 i ...ed by. the Poli.t mt. f r D r.*r .. L.iti" r.".
(aAg4p~mamfriag> t .y. ^ th adiat; poiitiiilf4^lfca:ts- 'eil if^^W
.4 o- Nu i F
vP i a o .r st re rd si t. ,. ****. **; ., ,. ; I,-^.$ .e.. ..'
,nia~rot, t ma ..o.dJe. :.rW~ t ..r:.^ ^ notinwed,. n ,. 7.en.r h i t toj.,paeB e; .to. .. . . .. .. -
;y^ ^p feth Act** hat; 0019.^-'^^

-' "tS ..":A '; .'"- Th":,4 AN S:.6 -LI REPER OR' Q o" back.f. .. o"
::-irg.;A;npsi~olr j',oy Tasco' its fifth visit. The jamous.Frbffht byo lpe~eha:f&dith ^A^i
?/ji&.ieift 'p1hti ,iQ $Mltir4ay- for with a' comedy of Andr&Roiussinrt-B6BSSE Mt tie Rex, l%'A:,
. ..nit e St4 tep..: ,,wi,... he ;tre Friday evening. # , : ?-; :,. T* "... %',,. . ... .
A ') pnd, his ,tireient '. Her is esc.edue of the pAMlay m b; Monlys .Aa., .. ..
S. te k.enal de', cra.:t. ,o he to be offered to the I.Port-an-Erie' "L.ECOLE D TE. MES.; .olio.

..... , a. er ce, an.d bi p.ahii.; Wednesd, y 'March -13: '4 .r... t*terp .... ...ed.e.. .
;. ?"1+.,wil'd *." -bad graced BARS-IER D" SEVILLE., a coTue ]W^i acb s2O: PLE'Pp iCEVJ'DF'-
^ '.. e y".S hee for the past dy of.Beathach.is; .Friday Ma- bOISELLE., 'tHe m.ost .smtrita
fte. ,sai'ed*t fro,-m, Co.uy 15: w DESIREs, co eyoa Guitty'E os an:the ftnestlay of t Roge r Fr-
- ..bdjUnjiteat 31 OSldcck .-ut 'h t rey y- ee-"- :-- di"n.;' '. Tdia -."., +. are 22; .LES
a fp*l. .genia c .,ttet be offered AJo e or rt ne I.L'FiEU D, ihe 'fa .oi Mlowco-
,, ia'. bei P a. h.nce ., F 2oatil, Cprp .1 o Racine, wt EEU .;
when 'tileS/6..sCristebab. calls ,Off\Casiho pier utrSS D* ADAME~by QGiowj^
.;': j 4 ., Ne., York.e at p 'hc .-desk Mae 1:.Tr, ,.mede ti;Mond'zeey, .:,aathe25:.AEh.
^^ ^ ~ V eth XTCati copMY.^^Sg

+; iin a .m'. e sa geo jus the d ea a short .* distance' fftfms F.E IT R. + .t.i
+'+...(lo, t ..' -, Davis told the Casij.o was towed, to-.shore +. I-- gou.str, ast i" nic -i.
o' +si.,r a't O oe by. a .patty of obliging spea.fi- rlm,,h i "ednesday o" f h7"&

'We *!. 6 bd, &OO^-y -o^at.shme mott Htorbot Sun- 'KNOCIC^ ot tbe Triumphofti
* ;_ .We .doi..We aao. . ... Medical Science, -j-l- Ronai;lsL
.:.p.. se An-- WBeisb The party was returning rom' masterpiece. .

IM &^pjm aivethe pl ane~good. diay of, spearinig off.Poll- -,.___ '. *** :_
4.;..& ime. to. _.`e can Island. Their. catoh .minclud- D- --. eo
...... popl..' 'y edo a tWelve pou nd ,mutton sna" " "', M.. '- -- '
'' e 'ove%.l e to tre s iape.Ty campe.,t. g he d '

..resent the- 'idba aMn istou- of LieuHtenrae t ii .vlfe.re of f.C. ', i.,
tote.of oee Onr ta v e Department w.o was tendeav ring ..St. *. i u, h .
r est.b.,. ... friendly. to. Identify with the naked eye Th .,, .fiasco fhttor', w, iCh
ans 'W, .iALL Hai tians. We rom shore an object suscted clsd on Wednesday as a re"
ry .i n. tinnyo. H to be'.. body. su. f the' r-se diE pufe wa

.seotroni; f*,X the Republica st- Roland Wien'er, Mac facka- stl strike-bound at week
l'.#ee eseived, graaouiy than. oman.overd' tha boat whi.a Sc T :
IREfd -Mo- A A

d. geneiro'iil;.'t- We shah at- Ie Don Overly and Joe G-iOS To e workers are claimiS a
ways remain pleasant .eories piassoed wljth a lakon. l ength of 50% increase in saly to.,et-
.- of he years we spent hero. rope the half submerged heatd. hefwith holidays witha.'
'ur hse in Wshington The bod y clad in bluoe den ,. 6 ''
an bless the people 'of Hbait,, but believed to be either a p.ssen ties t the dispute ir -been
You will tways b in e ur ger or sailor on a local fishing taking place undey the aegis:
earts.- w s. . of'the Dep tmen o L .
A.1...40 ,.9 : 6%.a: 'i;'. I e.dn:ti:e4 gd, 't
..'.m e in. aa m o'.'"~.1 S u. ." ,, %\. !J ..i i.
.4 notte years wer sen 6 her y.rop te me~ 'a s re ed.e1.h, .." h -Tcidn a"Q J 'eg, : '
~ ~ ~ ~ f wi, ''e .el l oTh Gd ud pants an hi as i meiin tiafrom Taks.,,ertlwee n w .pr
Wyja;e..the, g6co~v. o. "qerg~f. of'th:,U. ~ n." f.'~b .'
:; ~. 1 n =U ir- .a ... ... ,d..
P 40..0", .. .... + ''. .', ... j .. .: :, :: .. : .::. :' ".''' '. :.":.++" ." ;'::,'','

AI *

Mr. r.m'anueO R. 'Freedmnai ForetahfeIos- S
Yorks Timts- cud Mfrs. 'Freedmnan (Riigwittoth Qai
I capital Wednesday here on t SS-tdaidm

S-PAG, E8AZ .,. ,' HAm SUN
-,, .' .,.. I I | -

"... ', '.,,DEADLOCK AT .BN1RH' '. I
-.^'. . .: ^ < .| "'".'* "%
4 .. .(Contiaued from Page 1) ,.'
"" i1;;, ; . ., .. .. ,-., '" " .,' .. . .

': .. It seem s that the strikers are-]her .4, 1956 .session;' the itedit. P. '.t.assagnol," Vice P.si-
. -- o t satisfied .P re sid en t S yl v ain .4* 4 4 w as sign e d b y all ',t he ... . .
si,.-. IT am ready to wash A m ,berso.o .the comviittLee. .* forid. oghcard; Treasurer;. '
"V ids o$ the whoieka-ffir Tha S V ,,e 'drininstrti' :tonnD4 el, -Secretary;,
otZ.hae W -60 ;`'.af-f ir. ji t- bro& ,v ....

is W:, Ihave'ca11 d t Qedt 4689 was F A. tonse.or; '
~~ ~ ~ ~ .b 16 .,.,,.. fa- .., -.e-',;, ]
public the co nelic w 'na of ibJ igned .e :Bejte. 4eev lanwr; Counselor;
&,.,.2ona, .: ,, evept 1 M r. A Ai U. Ao, >!':a' es "iautiaud; Con -:or.
... ..e Pffi.- *5 u'ft --jW4-W ai; th: ff.xl- .'bor,.thq ,'comp~ tint-of ihe
k.- t, .contiMed . .. q. A qt i4, ,.. ,e or andL ,vf A bt_.., f theE IBNRr tank
t irre' on" th&pM df'tw6 $ ptty 'IU6 of :tbe.BN W.M. EVpRciY 4j g tht the maemn
:Or.*.2s"i. am . f lTJ-r"No 25 2nd queston :' ""r"'
o.*ra-,. cd aNAon Y S, o0 .E.'-,. .. ..... -4 ;ithr-the .ra
t tiVesat'd ,~ieitl this ep~tl,.tmo A rs. OF AIASO.em Mp!bAti.,.ioza

st-o. '.re ',presented' ,
observeere thaS m'ost- of
Oawings bear, the: joint, si
t -'of either Mr A;. M2,
*d, ,4[r. Ec;i Poiierd; 'or
'-ia', Po~1card and Yrl
7 =. ~ F u; .i']
' -' q : -. W "' u"' t' ''." ' ,b
ptcof .led us' to' establish
is ..,nj.t-,,,pW4 -' y .tbe
a~ Mwd i gH'ersfii -

^ ".' : ..' ^' at ;': .''. ; ,; '-? .

" /.,. ''' .. ..."-'...-' ..- ,"'*',* ,' ^ ;'i'"

Iranee ,Be

0tic .Perfume. ,. &


4i.t.: :l -,iit-e:..,. -

with this time, Mr. Rodotpheg E.
Tippenhaner and Mr. Ed. Poli-
card respectively -Vice-President
andi .TReasurert '(Rf:' Voqcher
No. 15) '
C.Gonsilted,' Mr. Herres made
known, A.0' Mr. Policard that
there das. no. .incomnatibiity il.
is reinimnmg' Treadurer. the'
'NA&.CQ, anid in this.connection
,ave...three 'reasons.w .Which., in
our.opinion a.e..disputahh.(RJf
Voucher No. 18). ..,-.
.- ..4
ARTmURi., M, -F--kRES.".. -.,
. %:S; '''.* . '.;.^ " ,' : .'** :'*." "
"- ., q ; ..
i.for, tb.t r,-t itic ilton .X:

D? .
tsked .re in
ioq to being
ity that... .
2i. ,"I ),dyl: no~t.
i,. .'i, ,bu t.
^through *Mr.'

" "" L-"', ',. .;""ra 0 '.' ,.,,:^ ....., *y : '/ '* :..:
tIOKN &.'fcATrRtL:' *'-;,
,1.; tr dieclre to 'u
that fhe hade ,bei.' ":soiicited by'
the r t flMd! ec, tr:.ebGe..i
neral .cr..C.-' t. Afr' in .!ul
1i5 'to p .repare -td!procs.-
!erbauxi. of Ithe, .rpeconptituhted
NASUGO' .AdmnIstatti&v'-teonni1
cil :d tblt h,'wasy ve'y -sur-pris.
'.ed then -a month-lat"r.'someone
tol'h.ti that...'.he had seeif h'is'
^, .,,.a~ t,. , .., ]IS'

.tp,;. 'Refining *Co( C AA".
....t.to'ei.efphp,..ed t...,.hava
{;V'er','taiy.p.'a..tidu,.N,.paton. in
~~~~~~ hat -am.,..tdt 1hv
\th ety *.'.a -.hi, h av
receivedceid "any salary.:'My
onl.s' ,.. been to, .ssue
heck po IUI. sthe 'secion." of
th '-payr..rN id. the expense ho
tes eauthrisep by the President
and, the Vice President, accord,
ng to ,:the credit: grantedby, t1e
,*BNRT.. j (Ref. Voucher No. .20).
'.' The'Aigust 21., and 23 th
'Kemorandia (Ref. Vouchers. Nos.
16, '1,7 and 18 gives the. opinion
'of Mr. Herres on the particijpa-
tioh of the Officers of .the'.
Bank i'n co-mmercla and indus-
trial 'Societies. cIt is considered'
as .entirely .uiadfnisible-," he.
s-ad' that an Officer of the
Bank should hold. on 'executive
position' in'.jnandustrial and' corn
mereial Soo Ifr,'
t po i.ests y these' three
high functiona.ies provoked the.
designation Iof a new Adminis.
trative Council at-the NASTUCO
'on 14 -September !95S. That
nev ,Council Inclded:
Mr. Christian Aim, President
Mr. tend Eugene Roy, Secreta
Mr. Eric Tippenhauer, Mem-
ber . .
Mr. .Clarence B. Moody, Mem

'leidn' after
ah weplannt'
le annwured.

i~i~91yer'to tthe;i^as'behi,?';b~fdre' a
rotary, ..-dr'at' alst a";.lirh of
,tbe,..sbscrbe ,'Cdpitai, $2.000,
:0o,, .ht. i: then. '500;0000 ii 'le
ga."valu.e or :i species.
.t is, tre '.that with the help
of :,th& uncovered 'balance .q.
'$ 150,000, the 'President of the
'.,NASUCO amd .Mr. C. F. Aim6
hqe ,countersigned .a ]Jetter of
pegsnrai"guaran lmee.:'.Up o the
concurrence of ,this value
('Voucher No. ,3). What is' the
the 'value of sueS a gdArantee
to the eventual.total number of
slreholdier. while the position
f. the privileged- shareholders is
Aot defined in any official act?
"-Moreover,' the NASUCO has
contracted 6ther, obligations with
t#e BNRPI outside the' authori-
zbd uncovered balance.
$ 54:8501 of advance.-monrley
on letters f: criedt.'
$,17,'874.34 'of Bils 'of Exchan
ge subscLbed by the Factory and
negotiated by the BNRH :
$ 4, 768.88 of Bill of. Exchan
ge at the Embakmient,
ThMat is $77,500.23
plus 23,056.61 in uncovered ba
$ 307.556.84 (Ref. Vouchers No
19 'and 22) . ',
To this figure, must be added
a value of $2.222.34 unpaid' up
to this day and which represents

[,. :.'. .4 r: .or ,y) .......
7"*Sven^S.t^qe~oper~dns hav4
'h r pioval f t~e;Su) Tree.
tors this aproa his only,
*s ince Iwse Of.
fieerst di.i -no. ^patcipa''.m re-
,i'ii:o Zie oas .iu questions
,.(ypucher ,No.2.)..' ,",
,, '.The" 'imiortance .or:.te., loan .
'granted tp ,tlbe NASUCO, the
overdrafts ,sofc i ; .C:..jA -an
ces on'.t ,__C.rdit,, autho-
rse h alone, co1sti-
tute~the^*t'^gtlties objected',.'
'to .by.'.the ijus of the bi .,
rectps c E -of the. Asko-
'ciatlon of thi MI. -BBa'nk -Erm
plotees,- in their .letter of. 25':
January 1957,
Their grievances, In ths .Con-'
nectibm, are we fomdeu& -. .-
To explain. their comoplisant.'
attitude, the High Personnel of
the BNIHI declared that ex-Pre
sidedt'dMagloire and ..Mr. Aimed
posiessid substantial interests in.-
the NASUOo Society. In this-
case, aU open o1pO;Sitton to
their views.,on' th.-'..a," f the
high personnel coid hav.. had
'dangerous' consequences foij their.
person; the fiMture of .. .:Bank
and of the Coiun ,-.' ,..""
'On the basis of:; l1-tbese de-
clarations, .we h.v. addressed tor
Mr. Herres, a. memorandum.
(Voucher .NoK, 2*) ,in Which.
among other, qusons, we have
asked himin cWhat are the admi.
nistrative aiio s -' taken to
prevent in the future thie repeti
tion of lrreguliartes such as
those indicated' in the' 25 Janua-
ry 1957 memorandum (Voucher
No. .19). adessed o the. Secreta-

(Continued on: page 30)


SUNDAY MARCH 10th 195.

the amount of the purchases' man,
de 'on credit on October 14, 1956V^
by the Society at the, Maga..:
sins de 'Etat (State ComimissaL-,.
ry) to present a more exact eva'
Illation of the debts of the NA-.'i
SUG0O. to. the BLNRH, .
.,Al these observations, besi--.
des,. serve... to, confirm the re--;
marks contalid in taie,...enlos-":.
of Mr..:A..'jerres, dated- from 21'.;
,Auigustl -3. and 19 Jahauaryri,
1957, !!1' which be declared 'that,'
.The limit of credit is really.,:
'.able to. criticism. W,, .repro--.
dce here! thuder= part '"o a mE-'1$'.
Pt* -.M: C. F. Aim Presi-!
".% :,t . ... .. ,,
pe.;thv p 'IBNEIH d ,itaii.^
V oiel.'by Mr. A. ';: Her-.
"Vice].eslde ait Ibe Ad,.
'nfiiabatveCo'uicl r..and4t~ec-',
cb ,'o;-e"v Comniuriaear.;,Depart-.',
m e ," -- ", ..
,aa .ZI " "
(Voucher No. 26 -.ixth Pra- *
.,ph). '- :.- '

..'Dhs "i procedure. .. 4as. eve.'.
be'n "io.dified,. It is iahen 'illogi-,.
eal &Ad inadmissible, for the
Present .and Directot Gene-.
al to .be a 'membet .-of the rCom;.
inittee. .&ft .Credit, -sipe, .besides'
the 'Vice-President.. and Diirect-
,the.' BHagk has, funished hi mi
with' five Sub-Directors, and one
Atto rney. who by their" skills and'
their long experience are .well
versed'" in, affars of Credi',.
tiee mranrner in which the ope. '
ratfohs ,qEf cedit thate been car-
ried out from 1950 to this. date
has causedd an absolute' inhibi-
tio .of,.te. five Stif-eetors.
Tie authority. with.i.,' W h .they .
a& '. f .dis really inferior 't o''
that f..Ia!.t-irfctorj of t'he Bank's .
py nd ,"''branch. bIn 0ther-
',t.ot'X iiiC4 Y24Ttji. s 'e-
ploybee. : ",MUtatMtbi'eannot con.
*tiwa f &fte,.' mnvst progreF-'i,


lARCHt 10thl. 1957



The Davis' Bid Farewell To Their Second Home 'Capt. Jphn Fahy, New U. S.
.., '. t ,,tItntA$W U. S .

l ftwkA" borne. paratrooper and has beUi
both in the United State..a.
rHemhs iekpreuse4 i mrself
dee ly S t re" s' I"
magnificenIePof the .coWMry.:an
the frtiifeulness of thes ..jaq t.
i : ~~~~~people,. . ....-

N.Y Ti. .m"es .
K tEditdr Tardes+*

t cl'n: "of'... ie. .e 'The 'man wit' ke,,
4 nn.o.n.. '4 h.a.';the p .. t
"' +'~~ IWVjA &S& 41 1... *m I...:,' '3.+ .

:1rk RAW" r1snW~ts
h of *th6- of. ie t eme nf ig +tiey;.

y a r n -.r , >r ..-h u p 4.
,mdi bi {+.'-".idal5. bi .. ,.itt .a ....iat .

i . . . ....... .... .......... .; . ......... .....
..ne -ar -.-,.4 .5- :i .i _. .:
C.h ie ., J e . ..e.,.

who po acei6itat yit ; ii WT~k ~'
As meiea 'mbssaorRoy:'ak Dvi' id--fzbvDais resided'tb. lhv :~vii,; I j1Mjs, WY.
-' ~m"nThe newiewUnittarsaattaqhthlwi;l,- 15. rwaM-4&.' -"
-s h C..o6e!. h:nit.A1A,- v PRO".
.. r .-,'. ., .. ..,, ... .. ,,,-. I,'

As Ainerican 'Ambassador .Roy. Taco Davis' mid. i.,rs. Danes prped to. leave, aiti'-Satwnyir e Waltzm ,only W .eit "o a i 'iI8~
tirement in'tbe Unigted States, highlights of h~is qoa- iatlon" wit.:,the"naitiam peop ]e'sinee'1gKwa .. ':'n A t*pis:& D&
Called:- especially his love for .mall cMdren... In. Js pip .to eI h. o.. w"th.Petteuvilie u ehol it e'd fo t $.* '
dren during a presentation of Red Cross'i..ehoo1. su4llies- , ,. ..W,-. .
4 .. '.. ,.-,. : offleorWith meull., ..-
.... .."" < j .. . . .. . pnt ,.he .,,cfl64&ek uibiL ...... .
t:-. S:'thU... ,.I.o'dal. I
... . ..n . ,
," ,.. :, . .- K" .. .. s... , ... -' ". .. . , ". "V- :



I. /a


g I tt. .
P .'^W1

' Irn his final round of goodbyes to theiiany Htis with i wh ebm hhas ;become adqai '.lt.n;is nea
. ly four .years' here, American Ambassadobr RolTasc/D&vais did aot .orgetkimniplo", at t.e Bqin:Field
.airport. Here he is shown with somweothe.chaui eurs who.fwished' him apd .Mrs,,Davis bon Voyage*
on their return to the United States. ' ', .' :, :. .. .. "'
% " ". : ":. ** " ' +. '*' .- "L . .. .' '' : ..

Ev.eryMonday At 9:45 PM.K.


Prese-ts eMost STARTLING Dances Of Haiti
~ "* ." ;', ^ * " ... .; : ; : -^ '"'*' ', ,",. ",

" " 'n' '. Y " n n. '- 7' "''.
r '.! I' .': *" :1 '" , '" ' "." "- "',* *
.t .r t .-T .T . 7 t > **A *5' *. i ." ,- v ', i. .,

DI JlnL u.o. rnL-o .



** . ..' .' tl .. .* '

.9 +.+ + .+ :
* * ( l.. .+ ,.
. ''r '!".
I I.& .

i ,'.:"..,! :; .";.. ( :..:":.,
" -. h ..MY. ,TS"
t, CJ.t.flEAK

V; .'.-
": ';*' *

,e I .';

; gl ^ ." # "" .\*
.-. ,. .. ,.and ha d
4 sponge to p1
tilizer element
II' v:@t"wAater and

.: TJo 'Bar "- &Q-.- 'M..A.A 4.'-.7q ":9..4A1%' ,s ' r :"
p u.:Tool 'Bar, phIu'o9knlr,6''f
i ..:.' ,_,,sels....- Catievar'tos. :B1 aZ." ', ,
S. Ditcher. A, conipiete gou+Ad:"epar .-on;.pakg.. :".
' . fox .Traction of" hfla:cc. t.0 Wh6at* -*.pre.,-w t t'.:,.'K,.":.
C at track -type Trtctl t'yol'i1uo$at .i&wer...
S on wheels! Scsee ustp daY ' '' "d.m '. I".
.'" ". :, "<" :, -'.. .. ,- .,
- ,.- '..*. : o .... ,, .., t, ,
. .s. A-
+ .. .,. : ', : .,.': .+ .',. ,

-,; PAGE 4 .... ...... HAITISUN .. SUNDAY MARCH 10th 1S57

SD'HAITI, S. A. p' rw U. S. Information
MARCH 15,1957 Faster receipt here of
IT/EVERY EVENING Al'TMIDNIGyHT a worldwide background news
S. and information is planned by
T e sno F llo Tr the Services d'Information et
?y, .: The Csino FolklOe t, Tro d'Echanges Culturels .. des
'** PNBARBARA AND TOMMY BOYD oat Pelgre are currently eating- Eat-chnge C cultural and
Sand PINO IARAT th amo u p th. highways with a snazzy dazzy Spider.. Their red sport car E ratsis Sevies.
is*, tenorirs aFreat lt( .TVICOI:t apero -loca roads, Information Services).
llMna tenor -l y hailed by the t C o eo in furtherance of its excellent
... . M.oNIfEE.,, one of the Leading Cap Haitien newspapers ob- relations with Haitia' official
SHafitian public in a ew program. served the 8th p anniversary of Its foundation last March 4th. The and private organizations an in
: if aitian. public' -e ton at' o.'.e proog. a r th m
-' u a ew. proras nerally wel.1informed -La Mont6e. is edited by Mr. Nelson Bell who dividual national leaders over
zria uaasamsAd zn ':OriY is aisa6 ianistratorrants. .. a perWod of many years the .Ser
%"T".' r, :D. .POPE PJS,'XIi's: crowig'. anniversary,. wil l:bi observed today. in vices d'Information et d'Ebchan-
Z. ,,SUNDAY MARCH 10 movie ., the Metrootfatidra Port,-au-Prince. with a solemn hanks ges'lrels des Etats-Unis
F.- --O.RBIDDEN, an exotic film, with giving Higth MaamIv. Father.'F. Ducatud Bourget will deliver tie announced this week that it has
.rEN t .. sermonof'Iccason. 'Eeh.Vatican's Charge d'Affaires wilF.hold a obtained authorization from wa-
i Tony Curtis and Joanne ru reception atthe Ndature i.i-Avenue John Brown on Tuesday March shi ton for the installation of a
12, fr .. 11 ..l. .-' 'A P : radioteletype receiver in -Port
1 2 ,t -C a p '1 .A .Ie .o s p e e d r e c e p tio n.. .
TIekt' T fPrice -Or 100 j THE -STEl.A'POLAILB.dis scheduled to call .at Cap Haitien dur- au.Prince to speed' reception
T ick...e.t P r ic a...e ..
:7-^. a:. v ing theCrnit',.i.th, The'Au.. Cap Hotel men 'are preparing to re. here of worldwide background
"i, MON A I T ce tue wiewelcoaer,:Visitors. v .. . news and information formerly
...'EVERYA I. ,R YIRACING w'the football game by 2 to 0 over Extelsior at Pare receiVed intermittently by air,
S]Leconte last, Saturdqy.: It'-was the. first .match. played *snce: the .zold mail. -
;XHIIRSD.AY. NI.HT '" .... ".;. Vxft e "^ "The insbalation, already be-
.... ; ~~~~revolulltqdxmilist:Dtehmnber, .. . : -
Li RAND FOLKLORE SH(OW M JOHN,,^.MC. p.o Id a baourtesyvit to Pesdent rranck at the offices in the Aissai
' ': ... Building at the intersection -of
^ <: - ****:J' . .. * * IJ -I Sylvadn last Saturday. rT e Pesident of the Pfizer Co who was accoe- S a t _.t.........o
... .. ~~~~~~~ ~ ~ i in ,R.. ...:. "" '. '' ue du'1 Dr A~u, ry and R ue des
:. ...... .-- ...-.~gae'" by the. .Manager of'this Company m Puerto Rico, Mr. L. Platel, Frn^ wil ^cos proxi
Ipresentd the -Chief of State.With a symbolic. of $100,000 .worth .nte loO when cosm pl
:.',...:;.~~~ ph r n c n l a -. p ., .. m a rely $ 10 ,00 w he n com plete,
I._ B o pharmaceutical, prodcts.. I .. O .wo ws ..a . "according 'to Jean. A. Graffis,
P. R" yL-^ 1'.'/ BTZIU91. JCOLONEL -HENRI CLERMONT.-who was arrested with Dieco of th office; and U.S.
C ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ on er Marc. three weeks 'agowhile convalescn tteL fteOfcsadUS
Ssons Hen ad Marc. three weesgowhile convalescing at the. Ca-: Embassy 'attach,. for public rela-
... y..~ .. ,' .... '" ... nape Vert Hospital was sent back agaiin 'from jail in Fort' Dimanche tions.
; ." c "" o the hospital after his condition was' adjudged to be grave. RECIOuN ONLY
.. MR. ALBERTO MOLINA MENOCAL is the'new.Charg 'd'Affaires He emphasized that the is-
| ~, -. . ,';. ... .. a.i. bof Giatemala in Port-au-Prince. The former .counselor of the Gua- tallation is only for receptJou
S .. -" tenialan. Legatiban replaces Mr.. Alberto.Calvo-who .wa:s... transferred .to. 'an'WU ill.tr, permit any .messa-
.^.: B T ".. and ,. I6, .ENT .lN paid .a -a rt*:e tyoB iyga d ner e :ne mi.tte4-froni Poit au Prinice.
^ -"": *-.*: and -Mr.' ..Oantave at Uerr.Y.. 1^ae .esi1nc C9..ns tictiq f. the antennae
Th. ... .' .. . ..""" Pi viioa Prsien L... .. M bI-. 1 "At to" .. .
Swas nipniby I.onlPierre n'a O top 'of the building has
Si .- V.ertus, Commander 6o .tlie i L nat..ionai. Pa- -been completed under the direct
*n orMr. ArmiU4L
lace. W .. .. . -to .f:. r l," pllbran-
THLNEW. SY-TF, h b i7.bo 9q'H. ,has-..be.en0 Rappai '14 .."e..dwe.l E,kn Nws eons-
.... ..w-. ,: ... .... te wmt- : Wt ,f *the..ari val
.ed',bY night-olubbemts ,.k tr. On. .. ,. ..... atia
.,.. SENATOR CB..HO.WAXWand.'D.S. 'o e-MW' 0'-ew of, Ilecdtronic' experts
.1" were -into' thli-paswt ek ... ..-r Washington in May, ins-
r ? -. .I:L R % 4'. .- :%\n eiier a- .' taillaidn .of, equipment will- be
.0f.VAV T"hJMS.ATR.F A .1 .... o At: one timne, the Se.rvoe'd,
ST ate ......., ,"-' f"o t".io . .. .. ....... .'.i: : ormation received world 'b'adck-
-X i l "" .. "t W .^ ^ d e k
T... BE. UT ..e ,eLe.iq and. '6YT t1rs
_______________________________________gtopdnevs. ty M1ir~se code
SA3SCt# pigeD *
!........:. ; ','-. ..... 7 .= ,.", .... ; ..-I..dinner ist rntttied.brow a whi* ..pieop ahm "hd, .tts t*ofManagerf
CASTEL AT TE L ".Be ve .lt'sharnjOh
7i:-!" ;:... .' ., ,~ ~ w :. :.;.., .....
JAMES ... .-:,"... #,.-. "( : (.F0Ow,': ln.- ...{ "W) i ':.;w ife Gloria"n ., :St ,~''eu.tesrie a
R "I ""=-, ,Ag01,) ,,l ti

-"'{:"" "'AT. T'H-E, G.ASTL.E big.'.The'.lhio{ have- soe o'thsi =; g'.gr-ver een ih :Sn.'e' :." ,-. ..'"./, ..-
-,ese igts..Tom a *. servib, ne. the erus "
..The only one road has a nvel.Neve So Few.app th Government ofe nanf
-fH ^ 1 expected to 4be a .lest sell'.hq as '.been ,bought by Hollywood: the minister .s and the general
*;ii !. to i .'takei, and =has.:.Ave Gardner as.-]-ed !.! .':,:' 4j. ... public .througiout l. ile ..,2Ountrvr
whdin setch. LTL .DkANTEL.BEAUVqOIkc^nRaao, ,,"persmetni.rnoursdid not wml receive., as a' reut of the
X .. .
:i'^HH -- ''^^^&S^Man get his head-knocked,"off *.by~a.roc: mil. .t Tu sesdas-kirmi-sh. He re- news service, .,nym., important.
"f tjbHjod l d.. ce o'ed onjkury w-atsoevec:". .C.. h. .. .. c r . ". background are'es on wbr!d
;- ~ a a' e i yf ii s, i n'.' "fi't...... ... .. .W :' ... --" .....

-H~ATl .IT:WAS A..Sh,- AD. r Mar, .i' .,iout aban.elhu.CT e.d sw otheiw- wou!d
,-:s ..... 1 -.. -e
lIn^^^^^^ J. angroma, nif -' ,* e .Te,^ f a ^0^Merige" paltee..is~exp~erf.ct .o: ic ^ e^^oo;o h~e:~endlv, mn,.. as ,
p^^ H l ^ ^ L*'**1 o a *l < tres=;J0eiZl~t;: '. '. "** = <. .:.*^ *:." ;'"= : .: -2 "-;*-: *;. .. ; .. = WOild not have- bee' dissemu'at
N-' ." SebttIg . i ..THE'WATERS of the Peligre Dam, (ike)- have been lowei'ed to ee alal. ". : ..., P....

.* -' ,WednesdaVy cheek for petrified trees .and gold.. :' .T. e new servi.;e according to
BUFFET RE.... ALFRED THIELE is in Mexdcb looking over. farmn ianl. While the Ar .Graffis. I. p- ot -i new, sar-
Sprospective Garmer is away wife .Edith and-.he children are staying vine i tselfahrj h-not intended

: And Floor Sh'ow with the Eramily (Franz Seige]. in Pacot .. ,to compete w". 't ca.:i,&r~ial
IS At 9 :30 P. M. IN NEW YORK Thursday Mr and Mrs John.Vipee celebrated their pJres organia'o., s., -ather ..lI
S- secod wedding anersary. Mrs Vineese former Mita Naude of sad t is mted to supplemen t
-1 J. a rthur Mgr. Po4-au-Pri.ce. .'- these news saWviee i : ` ". '. .. ial ba which n hey cane u uc, u a!y

t... -I....
*ai DIpfp Stdxyotbr

A o&wakelhied.nar .ae verr 'vivid . r
; .. deoitt n. peoplti ,ev..ents. I. .' . ,. .
,. December, ht d.att of m
eAbov, al, comfort and friendly serve to
ce .thefr bac krond n p e ." .. e a
#.te_'....Hatih., ..people "for. .retrain. '' .A .J! U A.
from biTdned Since to
Is no-',efsp.c andW Y OR K

ARnd -L ipolitlAl Abitloni and NW o' R 6 f a se 'i-:
iationsii 'you will on joy read- : il .
e$nl'r ist~ unpejdle particle 'a-- ic i
ptospe~~~~iacean6.ig airlinetyig inslfaili

An:'odig with news items from m Phone: 3313 (?cket Office i Jo Nodol & Co. Bldg. ,o b c l
; Hfiugairy, Japan, New Zealand. Jo. Nadal & Co. General Agents or see your Travel Agent $JENNES
'INN."and .ot.er cont ries. Recelests can t "eir "*:*:*";* 'i Ra'trl '.M

i.,,be sent to Wettb Tower Society, kw ', ':::...r-.w." .v."
4,: Box 3M.K PoThr audaPrince. VX* Mrs. ...*.
93ng copy 5 c Year's subs- "i'te, ".

..i.fl : : .. .. ... ....' ' .. .. -. ..',' .* -.-.- 3. . .. %'.-..'....- *. .
I,. I ..... I .- r s .
,.. . . . . .. .........." .. .- c. .. . I .
--.. % j :, :", : :- ----- -- :;',,,. \ ... .. =:, ; ;''' " ' ., : . , .... .. .,.'--- -- --" ,,'..'..:' , .',,.; .=.= .'==.. :...=.; o" .,:. .-.. .,' '% : ,= ..'

:. ... : . ".% ,.'.: .. ." .. ,. ., :,2. ,:. .: ;. : ,. '.*..4 '. :l. i .,

Community Weekly Published Sunday Morning

Speed Speed and'Carelessness ,
The road accident death toll has climbed and the blame is
put on the Drivers.
The toll is highest on the fine new stretches of wide paved
highways on the Montrouis-St Marc and Delma roads which
brings-forth the simple non-statistical answer: speed, speed,
and carelessness. "
Many of the people killed this year died because they drove
off the road and hit trees ditbhes,"bridges 6tc. All of them
were travelling fast. ..
It takes speed to kill youtself-in a modern car with its tu-
-et top, safety-glass windows and steel frame. '" '"
Many drivers literally droe.; themselves to death.
Very few drivers NEVER exceed the speed limit, very few
of them never cut corners pass a stop sign. 'without cniing
to a complete stop halt or remain invariably on thd right side
of the road. Usually, nothing, iappeus., Yet statisticss show
that these are direct causes of accidents. 2-..


How Goes the Nor

Personality Luc Fouche Talks To The

Which.Caz..ddate 's the strong-
esft in .theeoth? What is the posi Seven tee y.
tion of. the North. in tChr6present left the Preslt
polite battleunder house
* What. is the.opinion of the, City notd oavse th
that was ounsidered tb P home led bylaveii
town "' 'of al E. Magloire, the ledbyaio for
ast Predident.? How, ave -they en o for
reacted -'twa&d the maa who ,ati' othes
bad cleaned ip ther.t ,aved vt-ve clothes a
their streets, given' them port e. He hasa eleai
,O .e. es that are 1
facilities, resen re=... .,.
,..Follpwng:,. the ..node'atter the t-. he populatii
December lath,"' *Codd Revolu- SENATE CANDIDATE. FOUCHE loot dwn Ira
tion". that'bui ," d,' Mglolre a .e a call!.and
group tore:ati'lke ot of ,Magloire present revexi" runners, most o led -yai :di
from a .p.deitalob:Dthe widea- whom call Port t Prince. to relax, ev.
hour qui vairfd, an,:dragged..it home. th qut
around town, Theppsta ow ... h "ee they
.b ,iiq black-paint .the sign 'YNAMIC ohr. ,
,.,blv4.. e.,. E',l: 2.. .PERSONNALITY .. : r-.Fqy
Since December., tile. Cap ".ha .In the Senatorial' 'aye -eth y's ,.To..e.
Stake n.attite.-f.wi t..ad Cap a, .dynamic .-p6rsondali;ty' e llW
see. They ; eeve wit a who, looks young for ;his years, i t .stii&
the visit of thr presidential .s an impressive -bakigrbounid.-.'f ,who-'is
n iadoaiAn e C- ain,, T, -_t f t... . __n .. _ -. .... ln' *a.. m', 'n

street i
iml be"o~ gor
rrest an4 '.6'ern
ie city. b.e 10 --
II- I 1 " I :,"

r 22 'hr..ti'

:;vti- mn -ear grae
it e *" .. ,. ; '. ." ..!

I .PPA:. :
insbefre Jtmire ,':,
am ncy ,,ourilfrwa,
i-rest and ;.iar-dler~ldj.
Le city. Pt .e = s W

w .ith a d -s - f..j
now wellnkno-n to
,o. tliNorthThey'.

.in ." .ti -t .-os.. eV@.

eppt;pie; NoiVAi
..!rP 'I:' .b s.. sa.'.
C. .: ,"'

c.anuxuaaoks -, JWwr4 juou's Wepublijc Seryme"-auda am'ie .UCP-9Vq.
ole, Dr Pranp4 Jli AlA$some say'. :evAn 'blodd) of thd thb surfacdI0t I..Y,Wb13h
Prf D ~ ~ Thb6 iled f~amilythat pxulueed'theia~mous Your.Re ortr fpi4
~ ~ ~ ~~t~n for their' votes,. left h.....htsp0a tJican of, Ne.-...' Moeo... .:'Hsel:'
Sad passing of Hotel Assodation "b ps phon.t of' the Na 'l eoA ert Hosteiqb e to ast.. "iwe&. e p-JPv
al., available, wail space --' and -perona non grata ot 'the losali rains.a cmpa"g=ou..of"Jil
With all the political ballVhoo few 'noted. the' passing into -bouIW. .to further. their ptiwulc aei.e. _-e1ly. s 1952. 4 "'tr' "
dust (disintegration) of the Hotel Association. . g in .the reign:; of :bMagl0orq. 'and'= LCN'0h"
:.. .' ",...Al.though ,th ,l4ind of Chris became -a'.xdntr'o =~;i ,..- figure Joini,." o
The Associatio4 of Hotel owners, for the protection and:.,the. topheu has foretandid- amf '--be a'resignersie. fi.uo .fra
advancenrent of the Hotel Industry quietly-breathed a I fa- tpphes'for S inister'totie
cunpCiinhig '.o o ,ea.Mnitenired:*'.O'-
tigued sigh at the Chambri" obf'Commere4 building''oneIday asek' it 4oVs. ,ot': p 3 w~ing 1195. '.-n -"- .... ".s.ae.:.iu. .as.t.e". W
recently and died. Few werelihealrd to mourn its end..Mlant -challenge for .he Presiden Iuiet"e:flectivtdnes.be iij,1,6 b
said the next association should be .stronger +.have'ja neu- at. 'est -no. 'one lain come for-I' told' the 'Stun.' the circa-A
tral nman at its head etc etc and stop-.flrgobd a.id al-:the pay,-j ",aL y~t and. thebi does .not_ .cesw hich .. I.
tig of commissions to taxi& for guests who:are sometimes seen.: to- ..be a i. dark orsefor book wn .. 1"..hi's ,Vio-.Q
kidnapped at the airport. by- umscrupulous d.ves.. t quirea t r -'whh .;hmsat- :Cap J o n rnto;..
.. .i. et s., . -...,j 4,r&so
-4n) jLoeroni-
Whatever the"plan (ifnew.) *ora. w anger s-ociation, ..
.G.rzgpes Heraux should beemembered., in. j.psig for..,te $ pg pir s
4147in b hSedd )whil.. .gt.t t.'Ie1 ..... La '.-'u"I=.." 1- .PIsA. i :'t j- ...t2 J th..n ernwi;

0 01W @....t.,V ..o, .: ,
ks ialaat'imnth $u&6 *ate
... ...- "C".......4 "' *

There wasg, .. .C sig....-A thePdc1W'that d p"-A,'it'e
must ot i .aeg.pte J-4m1 aa;-Metek. to thee. pn fli. Are these. d d ove tagloir
Ma* 1 "'d Grag et kAierk
. anlgood news. the1dHtian life.the t h ,6
rism. is :sa sqit .'!' '1"9"Masts fr e al:dcr,& to.ris *are, t: # 'rir
......i "sezt*f idk$ "' 6 e,. r," r Wnd ad .that they proved that thley eo.e here fora .gg 4j
tional eI. .:i_ .. eo

..e. y ... ,z4- _le oo quick to .judge a situa-' change, 'tp .,..es.t.-and-enjoy.th'em-' ti
..A.F:r"ue o l s e. 4.'t'-
-' -.._4. eto, e-
For' 'these. rea"-:fi". "l'." .... "tb ih""f "orc~r so ia .. .. t t~ di bu.W .4- at
oneay to bein.eCh Hiti *who' hs:widelyv tra- have done, unzentetioaly ar w
-M r in:R, ;& m;w T.e0

ea-. o.b ,., S ,..,.. .. o... &' ay ,sigh at'" hearing, an .gnat 'hm t b!ie.; .pt-id e-e ;l g.ditu ofte~ .t..." ':
"' ....rlean. say something .like ,repute o-f the., it i.s.- "
.7,o AV 1 1.s fitC s .ide --ht hi rvw hat ;n e yof -- o hehereeio qttic 7*a-:

Hat n=is u, eY.!,leulyr. tavethrs dr is
haty wnt t WkkPIP

This m" mor st""b.. .. lie wrote': e.w _
nit. ~p a. p t a'l-""' . .... '. ,W ha
T':ed Sn RI,'.% f. -,., e7: "f id
'misery fh a'h ste
onetW e| A6a4 X3 A a! wh. unde stanwde:lytat..h ve s d oesofhm...h y." k:... i it
"11;seF .onthe. s~igh polemythtcanceg~a ?'uha.",ethe, dhits'dof b.JN._ o

have a grat effes t on. some t visi- would be understandable.'for the was understodaSr., bni 4.
thex in. glei.

twH,0. Who..isnot aware of the pep- Indians of the'iNorth. '"bakota' -. of t"e
p i/ere ?,h' t Is not..wha t we, .... "Ou,,.
p -s he de l f?!ii 0

:we.'fryinugto.'sell..to .tourists. W6 '.\..i ,' e~h .* ,
e.hav.e-4'own wamor.s loeour :ra'I"y c
Mn, our cttture 'etc..4 AM
.. ..... .10

have a country. that has 'unzqui ,
V ~~s'ist"on the.f misery. of "the ,people p ''
,.3Besides,6 1tb e 'is misery. allt..*a.
o~verydhe. world." Bofore sdeingg thd
sotdes, in the ..eye. of. trs "oy askingChiefs,
:.fist 'remov.'.the-'be f '
mroni his 'oWn eyth es. The ftraHvitianiiifma"'thatchance?.RuhI'A
'itors have seen' in Hbti squhal&6:
edota siting sideathef bynside with out db 1
of het'%g tr

lenee but they faileiof to Idse& anseofyhe. Nirth- isd%:i
Harlem wit appulatib.n of about 'dt k "ibit '~a:,-~' ta
:4,000,000..negr~os 'living, p: m ,:squ~aj-i tp.9M4 '.:entmen ua
- eors under the great shadow -ep-tan ni
the sky. papers where 'the bean ;ffl "ges&"irete-..'suddenly., !Qs9'trm -'
G o t th w orld is beating a~ithe m Ri .- ":, .;:., '.. '.'
's nion of dollar ,1l& miflu-! i~'r:'4Wn ht". fhvti :. tors, tEt1Orn
te. Is not that striking? l b v y c' ... 4', t thei '"" 'V*,' ':t
Markets are filthy ,. But what wrting Ha itiLans are'.proud and .'A, s":a e~di~t'!tkrvrnt
ai'--.r Ug.tG-9U --.... its-

about the famous BraltimOre fish dignified but they will alway l .t.. mter.0 S i .4
4' .. market that stinks four blocs agree with someone who judgesi'l. fi'hur
-4 Xe' ioity hthtasl'uni' "'-- "' ~llntrj4 Cej

"ia.. around. What about ir atthe objective and .iparay. j ... .
..' north entrance of CGhicago? The I (,)' t mpari :"o.. "" '.. ..Is.....l
A. poj e k..
.h. ... .. .:.... ...... .-........ . .... ..7,



:. J.
t ,,

b_.'t Bril
-,ered; fz'on the
...,v re, jre
Ibearifl a eta
phGo4Cnt c

gjf^ ^^'' 1^aiA'
pr ont

an tI-c..*to.anahs
gla ag

"and' ceopi

s^ bftherto ^b~u


i' le ,-2t '. her_
^1tien ~st A
?loizrsbnd f
mfA-i~. Si^sl~e

-^^1^ '


umas F. BRADY. Attending the celebrations the
lana4 A rew Ne rebirth of Ghana .are reprsenta-
s born at midnight tives of the major nations,. In.
a March 6. eluding the .Soviet Union. The
Aish flag was low- United States le"1gation is head
L staff of the Legis ed by Vice Pr.d. t. Richard
bly .here and the Nixon, who is' i piipanied by
en .' and'gold' flag. his wife. 1." ''
r-rose in its place,. ..
tny kqown as .the INEPENDENCE .'GHT.'
eased to exist pnd ,: of m e
. State .of Ghana The lndfpeidance of modern
latest member 'of Ghana, which includes. the for.
health. mer'lBrlttsh' Togoland, has been..
Lilnth.. member with ahtev wtht any significant
Klmndom, Ceylan, violence sine- 148. Then, riots
.a"4d, ,ustria, Ca- in *Acra gre w but of shooting
& .andthae Union e6 by .he polieF. ot two Africans
', among a crowd of demnstra'
S ,' ,t .,o
... :, Shoottg .and subsequent d-i.
nBeys... i or4e'i, cost. twenty-nine lives
' -".aependence hy addt marked the beliinlng. ,bf
G.,ba, however, is constitiionalr reform and' self-
W hic bboud 'lie government in te then Britih
,tolqy wepbblsh 1 '"colpny. ..--
.The'New. YdAttk euhess of. t:Kent who; rep-:
The New cY:' 'r ".fiime Brtih;.Crown at e
***'f.'^ -"*l *'*iadiepextdhnce eqteorattons dec11-
\tM- wanie N-S1E~. eaelai -ttsuwha)~ chNi to^at
Itbe i! ssiof the pntqnhe roadwherte the
.jE-eIulfti As-; dponst"at,"-.ad.lbeen; shbt.',.
r;. iDde-'earlier '-.riot--
n ;m. es.-.p'epslieq' "!" .ce.. of the,:riot-
ins ;6mriali' ihug'k ;irhrjs-
n Ai#'..' .h' 'dbinw -p 'i. toutt .'_al'.. .wnder. t'e

Jalis.. h ',,-. .dba .re-' 'erpiiior; :'After.. his r.il: 'r heebi .or-
lcst.^freedonz g;''' anu~e4 'the: Couitentlion 'Reople's&
:as G :'ha or-,
i j ... e~ ~n oto :..,.p

e:: iofth '.a. part '.ohiA. -la'held ... arge.
: Me~i:.. :. 'J.e .arge
e'?mpre'that' majorty.- 'of the seats :'-,JX the
p':jif't 1As4.fl:11b17. ''*':'4 **;* -
.. ..ro-dd tie.
Vieg14f~l,4 of bue EBDOTED.'W JAI,'. '
h..sn..', aboutt 500. ~'i. ......'. .
i -" i '.aL^.ado -"tt.^OQe ,:,.' ;."':" "' '": ;

has rema Sae preached a; cai:aigri ,df
gro' poweran. ; pacefu&.positive, att.." :
Ste a tried, charges of

'fomenting an illegal strike, he
vws sentenced to thea years
Further constitutional reform
led to new .-election, and the
result wvas so decided, victor
for the Convention Peopies 'party
that the Governor pardoned Mr.
Nkrumah and' released him from
prison after he had served only
nine months. He became Leader
of Government Busines, a post
tha ha, since evolved, into that
of Prime.' Minister, Thereafter,
progress' toward independence
was unimpeded'. ;
The Gold Coast Assambly was
eded, by .royal order after Mr.
-Nkrumah I had ended his half-
.hour speeh. .The l.egla htive'
body 'thea reconvened as he
Parliament af'Ghana;. '.the: fist
Negro. nation 'In, the '-British
.~wr..'N-.kr mnah sai in flVjiis
speech 'that; !b, intei Led: to tsake
. !.- 1.
over' ..te portfolios 'of- defense
jinl'. '6kternal. '.affairs 'hiniself.
hese .de ,rtmts 'bave been
nder :Bi-itishi controlt.'and their
transfer to nri 'hands is -one
of' f-m.jor. '.". ig.-that in--
dependen. t "*: :.,,';:: .. b ".g
..-j"T L ':; ,,::' E'IG^' .* ; -? *' '-:
'' ,.( .' i :, *;": .. : '~ f i .'- .-. ." -' .. " .
-" a :"foreignmh 'pd i'steient;,
the ntew P* ne Miisto- said:.
'e The Governmnit" bf Ghana
feels thattA- this 'sage -th&,idoUn
try should "iot be .commitrdd"tin
ans ibtect-fits' foreign 'bpblck.
and;that it sihotWld iot be aligned
witb. any.'p.ticair.'... group'" of
powers.uor pqliticl ..blocC-." .'
Yesterd .' "i ..krumahb told
Mr. Nixon that Ghana ould 'nt
be neutral inthe c&Id war., '.-
l '*-r., NtWu .' .. j the 64 m&
session .of i.eA.bl& i
:a~ll. Afrieat lnqii fn-Ihfeir.0

. pursuit of freedom and social
progress.. He also emphasized
tiat foreign investment would
-e encouraged.
In an economic summary, he
said'that the 'material basis for
the independence of Ghana
exists. .
'We can stand on our own feet,,
he continued. 'The foreign policy
of Ghana will not, thefore, be
dictated by a need to seek
assistance from other countries.*

SHe said' the per capital income
here averagedd a little more
than' $140 a year fo ra popula-
tiuon of shgtly more thap

.IRV QTT'il-T. l Ri A I

4.000,000 in an area of 'nearly
91.700 square miles.
The figure is regarded as
high for an African .nation
whose non-African population Is
fewer than 10,000 most of them
civil servants and traders.'
The per capital income is two
and a half times that of Nigeria
and mere than three tim?s that
of Itanganyika. The Prime-
Minister said it excee'l the per.
capital inedmes of India, Pakis-
tan and, Ceylon.
He warned, however, that
much of the wealth was based
on the nation's position at pro-
ducer of-about half the world
.supply of cocoa. Mr. Nkrumnah
emphasized the need to to diversi-
fy the economy.

It '

p i.loUI m I V. 11JXI~JLU.


Haiti is an old word of the Carib Indian s which meanss
-iwooded m6untaiis- And Haiti was well named for is sur-
face area is 85 pe-r &nt iountainous. '
You have.h not seen Haiti until you have been in its mount-
ains; aid- what could be more pleasant than a 15-mile drive up
a picturesque roadlined with flaming Poinsettias, to ehprming
Chatelet des Fleurs in tall pines. in cool Kenscoff.
11s 5000 feet, almost a mile above sea level, Chatelet
A uMrS. icut.lBi@ers, CfrnatidnipCD0phh iwaa9~tC.
to .other' Caribbean countries anul the United States, and also
Operates t delightful smill restaurant and serves beverages.
Most; Frenchbmen get a kick from the operation bj an Amer-
lean of a restaurant with such, a Parisian name, but the guy
jstihappne.d .:to .-:study high-sehool-Fieheh.
Chatelet des :Meurs Also manufactures tropical perfuWmes
a hig tity HaltianAproduct of fine value.
WIt's bitf autumn leather -now in Kenscoff. One of your
most delightful experieices can be a fisurely visit to. u41e-
h gh- mit
gk C"hateletd" Fle""n's... "" li'" n Cui' ine
..A i ci. ., . ,,;" ,. i, ,a t a C u e m ". ,.
'Xanirpaea ai t Cbnmg

$..e.p" - ,.". i %,,,ts :.eht ;.k i ." Of-' '- . ..~.

SFRENGH PERFtIE$$ U^ELL & Ii0WELF .Cco^^|^ ^ H |
*,;;" .;.-.,.. ,. *.,.' P '. : ,O..,. './ .WT "l~ ib.' . .-. ,...**(, .*.*,' ".,,IU,';'" t- : e"" ,t C: .. .. .: *',^ t ^ f 'A i.* !. i i^.

C .0 .... . .....-
. -: .-.. :.. . ,'- ", . .. ." ... '.t.N

..- ......:. .;'..* .:.'* < 4 I. '...... ":''*'" *"' .....j
1114 ..Hat/.40- .
...~~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ,"..';-'.": p ., "i ".- .<.'

- .

SUNDAY MARCH 10th 1057


SUNDAY MARCH 10th 1957

...- PAGE' 7

An expert on packaged -received an order from another
buildings, one of Britain's most ]'area (Shahi, Iran) for what is re-
uccessful post-war exports, hall garded as the world's largest fa-
way through a trade tour which is bricated export a 300,000 sq ft.
taking him throughout the Carib- textile mill, first shipments 'of
bean, flies into Port tomorrow which begin-this month (March).
from Cindad Truji'llo, and onto Basically consisting of light-
'Kingston, Jamaica on March 14, weight steel framing and root
He is Mr. George E. Dyter, mann- members (with walls and elaplding.
going director of Taylor Woodrow according to' choice or of local
(Building Exports) Ltd., London, materials) the Arcon structures-
marketing members for the Atr. are made, by the following Bri-
con Group of manufacturers of tish firms of international, statu-
prefabricated buildings. I re, e.ah providing, the. compo-
For this Group's exports pro- npents ih 'which they specialise:
hiding a coverage approaching 25 I. C. I. Ltd;.the United Steel :Co,
million square feet in over 100 Ltd, Stewarts,,ard. Lloyds LTtd;
countries in the past nine years and the Crittall Manufacturing
the Caribbean has been one if Co., with ,Taylor .Wopdrow. .(Buid-
the busiest mfarkets with .imports ding Exports) Ltd.., responsiblee
amountikg to a'total coverage of for. ci-ordination. ,, ."
1 million square feet. In parti- .
cular demand in the area' have Mr.. Dyter wIll, be accompanied
been buildings kor factories and,. by Mr. .' BBayley, resident Ar-
commercial use, churches, hospi- con' representative-. for, the area,
tals and schools. Sinee his tour centered in Trinidad, where his
began, Mr. Dyter's company. has tour, began in January.

t I


Dear Mary Doogoode:
I am not' only. asking your
advice hut, 'am expoaing in my'
letter to nM country'"Wpincn the
risk takeii when 'your bc,v-y.tPieid;
or.oven husband tra-els tb '.:iiba
-for' a milLi'flo, reasons...
''My belaved-oflew of 'tOI, ocba
to havp his-eyes. looked a' lvy-'a,
'famous Cuban', spsciaiItL )eFOLe,
-leavIng he ..,told mne it. was.
pbnecessar- for .his ey.s .and .that
-,they' had the. best ..spciabsts" -


. .., r ... .. .,. ?. *^ ^ '^ >* .... "
'. . . .* .' .

Heraux T.... & i'
*'!'*T ....-.^ *. ^ '^
.' 5." ', ., .L ,
m-, -a I. '. w'l" . .4

SMy sincere boy-friend is c pO
'with -his eyes looking wor P.
Id. hyloofterrible with c 'ircles DRIVE Y-YU
I.. ^' ''and. a co blj~inationOf.bans under Car Year. ..". i .-'..- i
,==__ 31f==l_ tem "I" thought it was treats- FORD 1956 "5'-.
Ii.m.ntL 'e :But now I know just what SIMCA ,1956' 8. 0
_=__'" kiuid;..of treatnlat they: under-
S; 'went' and smoking a horrible Ha- 1)-A Gasoline and w' .-'ad.
\I ,". bani"ga.r: that bloWed. smoka .2)_-IngSur"ce of $10,000 .e.M
S^i .. ..a:ndayp gC1,d0f '1 ig6.,664";651V;phi
/ 1 ""iBj"~ .S a rnd-. j f made a slid adb Property Damage-.a.ah.f '" 65;p pu.Ds O
A' stated to'tbk about the wonder 3)- Delivery at airport, Port .
... I- .Jul night We Havana has ,' and Petibn-Vfle; '
,.-- ; .."" l '. a' slow moving city this d4)iMapsof Haiti Pt-
'"* ~ ...e ada.' ....t.. .:., ... ....,. :- ......- a battle. andt he' REQIJIRtD.VaiMdi e
The sligh(st.motionoPyour wristfw hdskhrToltonaiiiry. tr cm" ou ""b h.ad. AGE "IMIT OP DRIVER o'.
",red'h ".. ;" ",s eyes' a little form
-Iei 6/' ...pa ga a IlEe b" W
new mt:hanism of[ -these .ir t-PtrreqakuGylt t o.b rs, : .. ;..x WEATES. ;'-i '

*. .", ':. ''. ., ..-.-. :... .:. ..... anu rm se ,. m re i .'earcaa ,' *.i ; ,. ..;^ ,,: .,,.=
stone ng .:aw y or. tha4' 'h l-aiht4s runag,.tm hS sdse .r atherhi R at. sai
extr mely, p recipe mecha isms'arp'protected bYth' .ost, ], - Tef" t!"
eleftant of waterproof 'casesthat' ,,@ j j, "Z o, '.'thqtna'ib 2- aR:A-.. 3p
Ref 7030- A Jeai l t. ,Ufce'-:t who bu J' rwtr rIh
*o "-*I "r y' "Aar"er a . h o e- a,..'.hV ',io ffthe..ava
I ,, .ould rather dat.a .sailor ..c
,.. ."* -, .. : *** .,- ,~c ^g r ^ *; ..iHn^ .;., _______.,'.-.:O/ .i ,..' riefta... T ^^^^^^^. ^ Athe Habana., ; :^^ '** .^^ ^ H
p, ,cf an .old tripmnp .teanier ,thip
wi .my hoyfrien'd
Gui A.B0* E R lIEQU..->hinkP I'n Unreasonable I
N onounce G irard-Per'hb go,. like to kno w but .1 i
W i .' i -ri iiiiff iift l0ir' ^l^Q b ^ ^ ^ :^.hat r g.'.M? ; .
*,: '.:: W qte ches ... g d -,gff .
. ** '- 4r~,-Ak ~ty"' ~;'. ..Anti Haban& >" '
....-.-,,,... :. .,......... .................;2Anti: a

"'06 fl "t...";.,,


,.' s m.

'Shop and

Caapd I


3i*otxcr a6mewpat :^jfouifs batizrC'
I4*t d!..on. t r b r a gr"dgE
Igaint Ht-.avaia -g.Cubq ihe
'same mightt have :ha.pei,. :
hlie 'had clh'oosen the.','omilicani
republicc or 'had Port a.ii. ,Ptr1nce
th. 'safe, typbi'., of ni ght 1lif. as..
ot'er. famobus' Ports ..
S'.''..: S) M a.y Doogode. I
4 -'

,, ; .' .!a ," ,. ,', .:l( .i
f: ,fl/A,.duect! ". ". ,


f*tuZ h~
A-. ,tg.ja p ;
. . , k",'.

.j,:.:x :

aM, ,c


\ '


. ,i-,"

.1 1



New. Bar In Garden

Of Hotel Majestic at Petion-ViHe
'4 1
Every Friday Night

-Delicipus and a Succulent Haitian fo


G6 rard and Odette Wiener, Prop.




Saturday Nights

B. L OT0

(On Petion-Ville Park)
Nw a^ret IDanncing

SGreat Entertainment Exotic Dance
"*' '"\ * ". "" " r '. "

.r 'y Amfterican. Dancer
EMILY de MILLE, formely, with the
Kathetlit DPinh6ia Troupe
Also rsentfig ie adiing Haitian artist
'" .'*- -'* . '. ... "
. ,*-. s mr cikt.'| i"'o '
A.g e S C P0G art

BA C 0 U L 0 U

Sa m"a : g" Hotel Mkjestic
. . .
t '.3 4* -'l%


Come Along to Haiti



I for further long-range develop- 'of voodoo drum.

By Herbert H. BECK .
Travel Editor
Of the Chicago American
First of 2 Artieles

od IF, YOU ARE among the for-
tunate people who will 'visit
the Caribbean Islands this win-
ter, make sure you include Hal
t in your itinerary. We begin
the story of our recent trip to
this beautiful French-speaking re
public in this way,because the po
a= Utital unrest which.was improper
ly termed a crevolutionon may ha
.ye caused yon to remove Haiti
Ifrom .your ports of 'call.
Defilitety, ..there wvas no re.A
evolution, Actually, it was a ,peo
'ple's paissive resistance that put
ex-President 'Magloure out of
office after ',be bad tried to set
oi himself u n as a Haitian dicta-
When Magloire's objectives' be-
S came generally known, the Hai-
tian people quietly began a ge-
neral strike. and, .within a ...few
S 'days, Magloire fled into exile.
.Haitians went back to work and
I the chief justice bt"their supre-
me court ...took over as proViSion-
al Preident, all in conformance
with Haitian constitutional law.
S EVERY PHASE of devmocra-.
tic government has been respect
ted and is in effect during the
interim preceding the national
election set for April. Meanwhi-
le, good presidential candidates
are quietly campaigning, all of
Them understanding the people's
desire for a stable and progres-
sive administration. All candida-
\, tee.' latforlns- Dclude .Planks

I ,
~~~~~~~~~~~~...... '..".. . .. .. ".. . . . ...... . . ''" " .. ''.". .- .
:i.UNVEESAL SALvE tORPOATION' S.A., asks yoi to drop in his shop on Rue des Casernes, before .making a decisionn about buying
iaar.youeen invited to 06': Kenew.,1957 DODGE "nd,DE SOTO cas "' "'
:It s.a.i -me ati_,il.idustry. We cannot explain every detail hereto ou. Come and see or youselves. The greatest
oi Xqua Com atne seZe 1957 DODGElv and DE. SOTO car. qitu. om
IS:q.,r 'th' zirible'price 1atlwil be asked for these cars (their price have been increased at thefactory.)
" "" -. - ' i, . .

r-.1.. ~*'

":&kK~cf~''' -

"* '.'. : --^^ ^H iiiiiH li~i~ii

De Soto's 1957i line represents complete change from end to
4 from tire to top, inside and out Some of the highlights are
en in the above group. Upper left is the high-style soaring and
S unted rear fenders with the' distinctive triad lights. Upper right
W the massive new front grille and bumper. In the center Is an
vrerad shot of the Firedome four-door showing the new color
'A ., .- . .

i^ ;- "- .:* .... ' .. ': . .'

sweep and striking new body lines and expansive rear window
Below (left to right) are the capacious trunk, the new dash panel
with its accuribbon horizontal speedometer, and to the left of t A
dash is the new triple-range push-button trannlmsslon mech
the wider and higher windshield curving at top and sides for
percent more vislon,,and last the optional dual horizontal headligh6



mcnt of tourism.
During our four days in Hai-
ti, we were among a happy peo
pie whose friendliness, courte-
sy, and interest in the tourist
was demonstrated' time and li-
me again.
WE FLEW to Haiti "ia Ameri
can Airbines to New York and
Pan American World Airwnuays, for
the ocean hop. Bad weather in
Chicago and New York delayed
our arrival in Port.au:Prince by
a few hours, but addqd to the
pleasure of deplaning in the
delightful 'Haitian climate Mid.
day temperature was about 75 de
grees, with libtf humidity.
"Our driver took. ,s' through
'Port-aumPrince and up the hills
to suburban Petion-vidle where
many of the resort hotels are
locate&l Hotel Dambal.. at 2.000
feet '. elevation with a grand
view of the tw.rrift6rv, was our
temporary home.
It. is a small hotel (15 rooms),
but is .nely A....,n .. Mn o.
dern manner, iTh 'a pleasant
pool surrounded by exiic trop-
ical plants and flowers. It w a
so peaceful and res~tftir that we
just sat and enjoyed, the view
with our-host. for an hour..
LATE AFTERNOpN,. 6'r' par
ty gathered. -for -codktails at HO,
tel El ancho,. alS'6in Petion=
ville ad perched' on h Mltop.
It is extremely mnoern in 'archi-
tecture 'pnd .decor, w'ir a lovely
pool, outdoor dining and dan-
cing areas, and beautiful plant-
ings. It was a- ronmanti2 spot for.
a party and here we heard our
Jirst Haiti



SUNDAY MARCH 10th 1957

In Port-u-Pri..ca, !ator; we\v'
dined at Beau Rivang'-, a hotel on
the waterfront., tropical parts
and flowers added atmosphere
end charm to a good. meal pre-
payed in the French manner by
Haitian cooks. Close by is the
National Casino where games
of chance awaited, but we let
them' wait for another time.
Next morning, our driver
took us on a tour of tVe city.
We looked at both tha Catholic
and Episcopal Cathedrals, the
Art Center, and the National
Palace. .
At the Palace, we 'met provi-
sional President Perni-Louis
whlo welcomed our .g'up and
told us of -his hopes for increa-
sing tourism by earning patron
ge through good service, fair
prices, and honesty in all trade
We lunched at Hotel CastelhaF
ti, high on a hillto. over-
looking the city.
It is the only Haitian. hotel
with "the skyscrap Tlook we
associate with Miami. Beach.
The 'dining room opens' onto
a breeze-swept: 'area, i both in
door dnd'. outdoor dining are
available. Her4, we had :our first
taste of Carrlbea:. lobster, plus
.capon cooked' in red wjine -- a
delightful repast, in -delightfuL
surroundings,.. accented with Hai
tian ,music.: :
Oi' afternoon. wis spent in
the center of Port au Prince
Where e interesting shops sell a
large variety of imported goods
at free port prices. We round a
sports shirt of fine English
'cofto.wnlth 'should make our
golfing, plds envious. and record
tings by Haitian ensentmbles to
rbmind.'us of mood .Haiti.'
We' walked through .'' the l'on
Market, a two-blork area where
the peasants, display-t eir weres
ranging :from,-fruit, vege-
tables, and meats to ttowa-e and
bobby puins. t. ts a veryv dblorful
mailketplace .and you '.deal in U.
S.'money without restriction.
WE DINED ,,.'at,' Villa'. .Oreo!c.
a mountain-top hotel in Petion
ville. Here, .- one eats alongside
an exbtically-decorated pool, in
ultimate' family fashion.
The hotiel has only 17 rooms
and every guest becomes very
quickly acquainted .wirh the
others. The Skn.idor..- choir, a
group of teenagers, sang a num-
jer of Haitian folk songs, ac-
companied& by their own drum-
mers. and bamboo wind jnstru-
nients, It was a thrilllipg zsieal
treat that brought iunderstanding
of the happiness inherent in
!each -Haitian's heart.
.1Netd'teek: A side to the Kens
coftf Mountain market near. Port
ai Prince: also the 'aextig
flight to Cap Hatil:e to see the
famed OCtadele o.f Kmin Cr6s.:



Whieh has the best .in.etS .ron all the .co mers of th4 wiat.ld.
from U.S. prices with your 4uty free allowance of 1 200. -,ver
12 days outside Lr.A. fisher's will be a real .sppers aparom e. 'N
but modest nlic-up. became. esftA.g lac-oncentrated In ojie
biggest- assets in buinng at Fisher'".

Liqueurs --

A" rt Porcelains
. -Royal. Copenhagen .
Bing & Groendahl .
: .Royal Vienna Augarten
limoges .
C~oalor:. '* .,.:' ;.... ,.* ...
,.aljirte .ar bohmin Cry .
talware .." ... -,. "
Ml Marcel Frank Atomize'rs
Swiss Watchais ,
French Pipes .

-* C-*

IlSTR5U1Si5 Igs .
Giwepla,- .L.1rty uwi Loadon Fabricep t
BloitoiI.And .Perrbi Cfawo. lfhiwlfr
teai.*Casttfre Sweaters Laoit
B ul.'n,- Wel akie Gr0 "r..nes .
apileo .n- Gode .Louis De Can Ba...n::.
IlarqWs-'De MattdegjslSAnnngaesbS
LfIueo,-.,Al dbor- Aqunt Dath Peb -
r- Spadin ,f Englaad


^ :. : .-:-...
; *; ^ :.'* V .." : t.....* '!-"' .'- '***'' '.** - I I '"r ; .:.'.... ; ,;*_.--^ ^:. ::

. ^\ i., *.r.: " ; ** 1 . . ." .. ., : ,/ ,

THREI*A MWW ... .-,, .. +, *; ; . ,* :,.-
A:, "; ,.: *:?
i :' ,, !, .i'.Y,. '-ri
. .. t$ 4 .*.. .. .LS .. 4 4.: .. .. ,. +
"" .... ,4~I..n. 4P; I .l . - ."- ' '" ::
l ... .j ..... ..q 4.,. .,
: ,T: ir 2 ,: ..... .. .. ,I

il. .. .:. ..
... --. : .9 .'': i .4,. ..- .
THE +" .AIGN AN NATI. ....NDICR.AF..RS FL',.. ta..r, i

,.- Itsa.a ,. '% ""
.. ..4.. ,i ,' . " : : : .

Haitian Embroidered Dresses Blouses --- skirts
. men's shirts Cuban Gnayabera Shirts -
Italian Silk Scarves Swiss Handkercidefs -
Table Linens Beaded Ragg Petit-point Bags
- Cashmire Sweaters Perrin G,,'-es Liber
ty Goods.

Mahogany quality goods i'*Omnoi w work-ksipi ^ i ;fI0:
sisal and straw goods --Vodoo U~rums DolLS .1 ,;:
*-t '.lecords BooDks Fill"t Place Mat ,I_
*...... ". ..: : '''
:!:" ":4
: -.

. ... .. :. .' .. ,f .,., .. ,. +

law' 46

__ ______ _PAGPE9 f
_ _ -- -_ _ _ _
, ,,

\ '

S* .4 ft I''\ *' "* '" '* .
.. "
":* $
.D '.'.Sj

""WiW Fisher's, the Annerilcan' favny slapg whew.'4
Si p rices are clearly arked oaw; ry m. ..
0eiyfo. W- l"*a;. u--." "po le:
l e d .rte 4* qb .1 forelg aak's f W l
/ year ~pute ~ cit~m

.. .......... : 4
s.,oI pu C ";

I i ** *: .';- ":** ^ t'


PERFUMES \ &zJdconte. f1 fc'
Brandies' '- .I
Pt.fl-" A,


.?1001 Temperatureid Piffe.
2 entes. Toues les detgres de
,'chaleur que vous puissiez

S..,Lesire.2 .
I *. *. s a

.- ., .. .. !.-

... ..
S 'Pilotes,. Minusc
n-chgfft~nt pa
ccono nlseiu Iefle

,," ^. ~ .
[i ..... .. ':

... ..- voy .Z


Cuissoa Unifornm Le brdr
leur Equaflo rdpand usa
chale.M uaio.Mj .



* ^

* 4.';
. .

Bureau: Stand 29
Ave. Marle-Jeanne
S- do l'Expouition

A I T i


Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Phone: 2"61
P. 0. Box: 43


. ................................. COUPON...... ........................ .. ..


FOM A MONTH ( 4 issues)...................................$0.50

FOR A YEAR (52 issues)........................................- (overseas $10)

Remittance enclose.

Please Bill me.

AN re..._......

-. ._ -_ . ....... .. .. J J, .

On this beautify

On this beautiful

day (the days are always beautiful in

Haiti) we wish to extend to you our heartiest welcome.
We, as well as everyone in Haiti, want you to have a very
pleasant and enjoyable stay in this lovely and hospitable
Haiti Sun (your newspaper) in collaboration with La
Belle Creole (your shopping center) have put out this
-section of the newspaper in order to give you information
that will help you to make your stay not only pleasant but
We are always at your Service, for any information you
may need.

t !.k I



Chgmp a Earsm
Oa deily ,'ept Sunday iam 1-
Ragla Loweritng of Fla, I a. rM.- p. .


champ d Naz
Opim &dlr 0uept 1unday1


An I rataw i -tto a
arne 4xity from 9 I


%axs pa5ulMls5 Uxpeiflm tromnd
Open dafy hem 9 5

FAn fj haw Inormstle
OpenB dalrmU -EL I~nK

uee your Travel Agent


A" j Pmistes, txpoaltion Grounds
Open daiy from 9 5
Permanent Art RzMblb'is


Rue do in

Phone: 2051

Open daily except Sunday from 9- 5
Current Art Shows


t~tTh, I a.


Oldest ChuMh
In Port au PrInce
S For vit hour man
jgYour Travel Aent

*etlon Plnz
)pen daily


'tue Pevr (Near PAA Offices)
Opn dally
famous for Its betifil Hailtla m


alx palnlstm, Ezpsition Oamundi
.pm Tuesdays and Thursdame
S'rening for folklore dskws


Rue Durand
Boxing and Track Field events.
football (Soccer) Matches
Thrlce a week at night
For further information Phkme IU


\ \ ''//

Aux Psnites, ExpOitlan Gr'uds
.1ght Saturdays afterooMl
and Sundays morning



La Belle Cr6ole

The Caribbean's Moet
Unique Shoappig Castes
Open daily from 8 5 Phone: 1171


Clit de 1'Exposltlon, Exposition Grounjs
Classical Coneerts
,'1 Wedresda anid Sundan nihtS
from I Dl -


Camp do em
Upon Auditfsm
Sunday Concerti from a.j-
For further Inforsmattim
see your Travel Agment


Ipen daily exeep Sundaj


Buffet Creole Musk
Sepelalltflms and
Barbecue Dancing

MondaystA urmdays

i Bols Verna

3Open 4 Hes


Lo Perchoir

-. World-rauewnd
Mountain-top Restsuraat, t
Dancing and Gift Bkhop
Phone: 2105


CMil de l'Expoaltio
Gambwhlng and Diunming
S Open every nfihi
Floozahow on Wednesdays Phone: -


'ChouiMG e

amoit Nightelub
open oan Salurday Nights Phone : 80


HOT ..
Pbs.. US

AIr-conditioned mar Dancnl
Excellent orchestra folklore floorshowl


Dinner dance .On Mondays, Thursdays
and Fridays
nume: -SB



Dinner danee on
Tuesday and Pridays Phone: 7886

S.9. *



NAL. BANK-0 TE =w.

GefNaod w nz inruat
Ope dal:
S.tordoy and: d" ;
K~AENtOPA n" -
AU .II I 7

Geifhard Sqazo'
Open daily except
Saturday aend Snda .
fsm-l9-!1e- P-UUIOB


31'--*~ ------'"

FAA- Phons: 49 "
KLM- Phone:t 3
DE.TA Phone 313.
CU1BANA- Phone 8M .
COHATS Phone: 21i"
Companima Deominicana deo Avladon...If1'


Pmumn -............... ......phne: 1
CoLmar .................................. ... .
Trans-Atlantle ....................-....... Il
W estley ......... ........ ..................... 3
Hambarf American..............2...... M
Alcoa S S....................................... s
Royal y Nethermds Navigatltemn....... M -
Lykes Broa. S. S. Co................. .
Ward .Line................................

Cathedral: 4, 1, 7:30 and Sl3 A&m.
Sacre-Ccur: 5:30, T. 8:30 ai
St. Anne: 4, 7 and 8 am.
St. Gerard: 4, 531 aBd 1:30 an.m.
8L Louis de France: 8 and a.m.
Sixtine Chapel (Cat6 de 1'Bxfadtiu
10 a.m.
SLt. Pierre (PtlonvBlle): 4, I,
and 9:30 a.m.
Ste. Therese (P4tonvllMI: I a&J.
Cathedral: French I and nlgUsbh t m
French 8 a.m.
Baptist Chur&: 9 and 10 a m.
*Presbyterian: 9 and 10 A
4-6 a. nM.-9-U11 a. m.
1I:6 12:30 Ibngi
7-9 p.m. Evening
Rue do laI Rstvlttin:
7:00 English-9;:00 French
Sf20 Evanrldistle service In creAlm

Jf i n l i i i M^ ^ y ...=- .... .- . .. . ._ . . _
--^* n- < -**?""* /^ 'BUREAU DU TOURLISME
B Avenue Marle-Jeanne.
Carrefour Road Resort Activities Cite de 1Xlpositio
.rind'Rue Port-au-Prince Bay CliI de l'Expositlon.. Swim coktnlls Phe: 18
'pen daily from 6 4 Glass button boat leaves Air-conditiloned Bar-dancing Tennis, Golf, Riding. Offlee hwM: 3-I pVa.
Special Market days on Saturdays Dally Casino Pier 9:30 am. Open from sunset to sunrising Phone: 246B
-t" -" "'C',. / .- '
ow IL


- ~... L.:&~M-Th-r- ~~-nr~r-.~ ~
-,.- jul...

' *** 1 ii. :.>
' 1 l.. .J . ..... li I. 1. . .. ., . ?, .U .






LI jruyvu LiU.
'i5 want to bee
S s. omne ecquain-
T "ted with l-ai-
y ti there are
-- ~nan9 intere-
f- Busting trips
which afford
"'"" a dclose-up of
0 / Haitian life
when you pamnot gain if you
confine youi sight-seeing to the
Most of these trips can be
made in conventional automo-
biles, others require the more
versatile jeep to navigate the
rough spots and river crossing.
A i of them can be made in sa-

There is a Hertz-Drive-it
Yourself Agency and Heraux
Tours in town where you
can rent a car or a jeep at
reasonable rate; or you can
rent cars, with or without
chauffers, elsewhere. The Hat.
tian Air Force" provides safe
and efficient air transport to
most important points in Haiti
at very reasonable rates. Ask
your hotel manager or your
travel agent for details.
Each of' these trips has its
special attraction. From the
longer trips you will -retuzn
with a grand thirst, a hearty
appetite, a delicious fatigue,
:4101.,ily banished by a ,hot bath


(for which you will have a new
respect). You will have a new
test for the attractions of the
city. You will fell a great pity
for the jaded characters who
have not strayed from the bar
since you left... And, of course,
you will kave a good reserve of
conversational ammunition to
last you for many months.
So, starting with the shortest
trips first, here are a few-boiled
down suggestions for travel in

(Ler Pershawh) The Perch)
The most spectacular view in
Haiti: 2,000 square miles of
Haiti spread out before you -
a miracle of "color, form, sun-
light and shadow! Port-au-Prin-
ce lies at your feet (3.000 feet
below) like a giant map. To get
bo this breath-taking, uribelie-
eable and unforgettable view
S)u ride 10 miles from Port-au-
Prince, through the pretty little

town of Petionville, then up a
winding mountain road, borde-
red by flaming giant pointsetta
.plants. You pass the. tratched

roof habitations of peasants and
arrive in rural Haiti, where life
goes on as it has for.centuries
as if the city below did not
exist. LE PERCHOIR, modern
oasis on the mountain, offers
the facilities of its restaurant
and night club, its Terrace Bar,
ar.d its branch of La Belle Cre-
ole Gift Shop to make the trip
eveni more enjoyable and profi-
table. After sundown light
v.'rnps advisable, and gentlemen
axe asked to wear coats in the
restaurant after 7 p. m. Allow
vtwo hours for this trip plus
time to eat.

This trip is an experience in
history and geography. It is an
adventure and a pilgrimage
which you must not miss.

$,c .,

If you have the time, we re-
conmmnend that you take three
days and go to Cap-Haitien by
car. Its abdut 170 miles and a
minimum of 5 or 6 hours, but
you should take about 8 hours
to enjoy it most. So to one 'of
'.ap Ha1'tien's comfortable ho-
tels. For the night, go to the
Cita-.:elle the next day, retur-
ning to Port-au-Prince the third
day. Eevry mile and every

hour of this trip will be full of
unfdorg.:table impressions.
If you are pressed for time
you can fly to the Cape in 45
minutes, and can make the en-
tire pilgrimage in a single day.

If you want another trip off-
the-beaten track go to Jacmel,
on Haiti's south coast. Jacmel,
once a flourishing town, still
hIas a considerable export bu-
siness, but is typical of many

Haitian provincial sea-coast
towns waiting for better days
to come. Jacmel has a flavor
of its own. To get there you
can take the easy way by air,
or the adventurous /way by
road, about 60 miles, practical-
ly every mile of which has a
river crossing. Near Jacmel is


one of Haiti's most beautiful
beaches, PRaymond las Bans
Two hotels there, hla e and
aonfortable. Plan te stay ovrw-
night at least.
(Pine Forest)
In so',th-eant Haiti, a drie of
some 60 miles from Post-au
Prince is a beautiful pine forest
at an elevation ofl about 7,000
feet. To arrive at this 150,000
acre forest, one drives through
the rich sugar eane land s of
the Cul de Sa plain, thTa
through and arid region of cao-
tus to the edge of Lake Bang
Sumanatre, famous salt lak, i;n.
tested with crocodiles, lyh| oCm
the frontier of the Dom ica
Republic. There the climb eooma-
mences to the cool Pine Fret.
This trip will take a! day,
retur~ng to your hotel fr
cocktails and dmner. Pasdng
through a number of small Hal.
tian towns and villages, tR af-
fords a variety of impreaiona,
of Haitian life and geography
Take a wrap for your visit -
its cool up there.


wce Sace- yaot

440 t&oE 6Qf










* . ": 1* .;. ,' .,;

GuestH ouse is at Petion-Ville ad thames from voodoo eeonials -t6.
features -the French-American and carnival capers, tbhey are mat.hlps .
Eatian .cuisines; and aftenmo6da entertainment, Stealing evq':7' ow.;',:
teas. Hotel Marabout at Petlon-VUlls is the dance of Banda, the d gwnIng
-serves American and Haitian foods, agent of Father Death, w'o:pkl4.
and .Auberge au Clou d'Or. has fun at life and sx with blatant:
a 'rench chef and rotisserie, at sexual movements that" somehow,
Bourdon,. skirt vulgarity.- ,... ... ..,
Saturday nigW in Port-au-Prince '..
is also the night to take advantage Aux Calebasses in Carraefour ji A..
of a trip into the nearby hills to' little off the beaten .triek but tier-,"
watch the peasant .bamboches or is a real atmosphere and pwoe i-" .1
noni-religious da6zes. under, open tian food there It'fs rchesta fil-:.-'
Stunneliu t tn *ha' luT-ulr nof thA nmamnl fn r manlr nnM' i lnth eit '"e .

Iegance and culture'- pride and grace -- conversationtin French, more wonderful night club whose voodoo drums. It's an, ..u'nfor dame.
sh, German and English and the mystic mensage of tlie drums'spin reputation locally, 'and abroad,, was gettable, experience., .
e of enchantment for visitors and pleasure-seekers in. the 'Petit Parisa, manifested when -owners Mr. and The folklore d anee iwlich no one .
be Caribbean. Mrs. lomirilque Marini reselved could have seen- -few. years ago are iny
more thaA 3,000 personal'visits, and.., except in thf dark Hl and small,. not 10N
AA .villageS. now beguile, tourists -in elite w~eekb
ORth gaiety as the keynote of night life,.in Port-au-Prince where the numerous cpblegrams of' sym3paty "villages, now beguile tourists-in elite week i
ijosphere of a metropolis is fused with the artistic primitive, visitors are during; the first 24 houts. following "nigtW ub5 and hotels. Bpea on thisqi
fr a precious gem-to enter into their book of souvenirs. te fire. ':- . ...
;! " ,~~~~~~~~Temporarily. Iosed. for' recons-. ;".i. r ,.' 'VI/
whether nibbling at canapes and can attend the Wednesday and'Sun- prlto, abynqe ohruc o nisI '- ':;''''
nsr, or enjoying the best in day' shows put on by the talented. stroton, Cab u m e Ch.uci "i"l ,--of
ich cuisine by Swiss Cook NationaL Folklore .Trupe.\ ,. of.e'sme the itobbing-ou .., *.7. I
lIee; guests dine at a 3,000 feet Around the curve of the oat ing o iches thrbbing'out '... ^: ''.. "m
the. idence. i'l Hli r- :. -: ":. "'.
itideald admire the emerald bay he newly remodeled. Hotel'Rivier rigue"--or local society and visitor ..-..... .A..' ..
*'Le rerchoir,' Haiti's smartest with its air-conditioned .Bamboche f-om abroad, -and'leadi" foreign -
aurant, air-conditioned by na- tRoom, stage for Michel'DesgQttes' tertafes and' lIdcal. rtistsV .i h 4
. From comfortable places on tri-lingual crooning..and. a ightl Kv perfmnce, as in the .
;:breeszesweut terrace, the pano- floor show. sA. Fot late taer-Uperany .gh'.. i,
.. .. For, late- Styer-Uppr
naatakbs in the stopping of ,he Special dDM. .eo oftherweek, anA ll's ter ndp' '* i" t' -
,of the week,. DAln. s ede;_ !
s-at the Dominican border 20 twice a week ape featured b.. the i. vous across from Casino-intOerat1- -
l away, Whether it's a thick .leading hotels durihg the Sea". at' goesstrong until .a11h sA.,Wt:.
e-side steak or an flaiereal Rum Visitors should not miss an opPor- along about 1:00 am. the joint.is -'
efl, the superbly prepared and tuAity to hear Haiti's.internatibna wsually hoping-hough it is.a'.
,ntly served food at Le Perehoir known male Dejean Choir, predeted present, temporaily csed 'on -Sa- -
"s diners with a sense of being un .vriqay evenings by Hbtel.H, : pt dar-nht, o: se ;-
,.cared ft. Lele at Petioni-Ville. Bannio1 H- tu dy .ights. -'
" -tel features Ti .roj 'Haiti's: number For dinn'i. minus dancing;....th.e. .
rhe Casino Ihnternatioal, a swank one drummer, and a fine Folklore. Frnch-iin-m Pension '.Le'Plcardie'.
Jblislhmmnt run by a staff im- :Tr6upe ad other 'special dance iat Betion-Ville gives you the best Ai'
i.ed from Italy is one of the major nights on Friday evenings. Dxmbala.; food rarely seen ;or tasted off :the .
tctions of the Capital. I t's famed Motel has a Saturday night, babecueo Midi. Aux Cosa'ues is' famed .for6 its i1"
tht club .Smokie Joe's enlarged ::'-.beside Its marble patio. A flatin.: tasty' Flaming Lobster.' specialty
rdhis season will continue its po- Buffet is served 'by', Hotel- Vi'la" and other ,typically" 'Haititn fod. '
y 'of presenting famous foreign Creole on Thursday evenin. beside .Just ,'odff the Champ-de-Mars, the'
id local artists. Rhumbas, mambos the pool in a. ga. tropial'gdirdei 'Savoy .-eves both ."Haitian' 'and
d-rQmantic Haitian meridgues are "decbr with music ad dancing to the Atnerica&. dishes, and'there's whete
ied to the rythmic beat .of a top rithm of-, the entertaning i- Va yod'dll find your delicious southern
al orhestra, while excellentflta- Creole Band. -i. ",. . fried ciiken. Tucked away in Bts. ,
a food. is to be had. Tie. aming . Cabane Choueo.uneawdrld-.oaus Verma,'-a I .ck or so fr.om the Na- :
"1 at the Casino are run .under thatch-roofed night ,dlub, azit Petion- tional Palace'cs .AugChanteclalfi,,
tupervision"-of the Haitian Go- Vile is the me'cca :'ofthe CapitalW' with its Outdoor tables srid heavenly
jwent. The Beau Rivage Hotel elite and visitors'oun Saturday nights., food -awaiting you 24 hqurs-,a day.-
mtd. opposite is".run by the same 'Cabane Choucofbib was destroyed' 'At Bow.kda perched. On- the 'mota- ... .....:. ;" '; -.; '*'
magement and is famQus for its. by fire'on New, Year's' .Ee, shqrtly .'tain i Hotel MAtana, h.' 'new ': Horace Sutton, one'otihbe.sf'Travje Witd
i om oead eid wines. .after, midnight .: Iunediately .'the h .ow-plabde run by the crack Hotel r rter.'ke-e n ette',.ai',,
ear the Palmist Section of the manag ement .,bgn. its reqostruc- C. hoeuune staff where 'vPs a z. :- reore."--'ik-th cit ot.tel' lAdi' l. I
position Grounds is the Op.n Air ti. and 'soon: I wil again b "Ueta6-:ina!theatttaacinso. ..e .oods be ,tes b M -A.ove SI... .
rid ifuhew.i..ll .b..,atetle o ia
*at~e de Verdure where 'visitors oies Z to thetpubbc- a bigger, atlte. Choucoifi, b.: .1:. ornfthe terrtceof'Le6Percholr resnra4.-
-t de Verd'* *'a*-'r :.

- : ...
* ,,.1 ..

. M9--c- '.- -
Notei Hotels ans NWbt CLU
ited to send in theirdgrom&
ter tha Wednesday of ,a '
n 'order to. -be pubfishdz r
tion, endrely fern.of'.i. w

.'* , A.

-. $'$%tt1*. s'f^^^
; "'nt 1' t4.
? -k ,' '

Z! V. :' Ij.Q-,. Q"", ,. "..

r r rr .w W ." '
" '' """ -- :. .. '. ~ "" '' -." : ," "" -

." .^ ,:l , -..; ,-, ^ .,
'.. 4.," "/ .. .' ..1::':.,'. .
/ ' ': : '- ,, '.. .L~i . | .. -., .'
; : " " ' " "

. K i D""
A^|8 ..L..


-CHANEL N-5' 6
' / *- /




a J -a .
,^ yz.,'. -


"" "i;- . /*,- i :. ": ,.
*- 3 ..'. ^.. .....' -aH ';Th '.
.* ... --' "" 1 "* i.,'. ". A"-;- ",: .."^
.P." .".."i.'.
7-" .. .

I WE ~aE

-M $A

nobtn PL .71777


IDIGAI .3-i'., ....i.

-PLACE5Q.riNG ;'..'.i *)
.... .

1. ,. \ -., WIN
-TT' ,.
)""i:. '" :"" '""
adt-.'. 4a:,]"'4.

/ it ~

T :d
/ O I

." E..


/ '

^ ', .* r- I**
/ 9 I 'e,' ': e
,, WD,, Tmpf ^/ifiZS^I /^iL ?^^

^J.." -. +t^ -( ^ { /




'.. ..' .

\' +: ,: <,,,' PATE- O,.,tP. .MEGA-,, ,,,., TISSOT.





'.".; ^ ^^" "' ... .'* .....* -: ... "+ .......... ' "* . . .. . .... ^./ "^ .... .. ... .. ,*', .+.
.." ".'..-.."i-++.+" :.:''+':'-. .. 1 .. L ^^, : * ^^ ( .. .-^ ^^- l,, -- t ..- ". : ; : ,::
.:+: i ;::y ;.-. ,. D U -"IL.CALO RTv .. RINL. PETER SCOTT, '..'v" .- '-
: "? :. + /. / ,, .

" v: *' '' ,! '' MANTILLAS. CERAMICS. GLOVES,.

' :!y ":.'.,:', : :.' x .' .. .J r ^ .rt ., "; .; '' -. ,
.', .. .. li
..+, '1 I" ,.. I"


.. .. *- ..e, . ____




k.-.. .UN I


- -. h'~O-. .*

v' varfibbean...




'Ink.. gumil.
i.:-lu-im-i :.ii
R iiIm gmg om.

41 4%..





,,i -,.i..

.9 -


.. ) n SUN


5 ,::



:V ^

U f U. W W,


Rfue Bonne Foi

1. TamI Tar Tn
2. Camera Center
a La Bella cr-ie .C _o
Russo Frires &. .ag
0 6. Don Mohr Sales Corp.
'7 .. 7 La Caravelle
iV 8. The SounaIr Shop
9. Laham 10. Dadlarnfs
11. Anix 100.000 Artieles
12.Va Doo Shop 13,Ruy's 14. Ra 1l
1S. Jacqvellne 16. Carlos
f i" 19. Ouvroir National
A18- Abraham's j
ae1i9. La Perle des







rqIP NaK
[liii ~AK


r A. Tourist
C. Police DepL
D. National Museum
E. Art Center
SF. AmericanJ
|&L. -Embassy^-a






La CamavelleWYI

Milly. 11 11 lla



Haiti's ONE PRICE Store



4 i 0.r
S r'74 .


OKBM Aommuraat
loSS WJTCKB 9P'&pr AM Cmimoo

ueMi. ^ ^\ 0-\ s
U." IWerth
M'~A, l^cptlA'-^

U.-.1< afekV t. Aml &?fA-. Aper
rmu LjReaMer J JIotw .Ur




____ ._ AIlH
li .,.? .fll&

' ,4,

9W.O- :.

* *. ~ 4

* '


: .. ,

* .. ; ., .
--'I '

S '.
--.,A -: .,..

S ,, ; .

.. A. '

*I V



^ *ffn c r.n^
. ew6.iii Fa cif Sydcre n -^-

-. ' 7, / -.,


. .- .: -I

I -


PAGE 12 HAITI SUN _________________

11'. 4'w,

:" ...


.. . .. ; ....

SwssWatches a..

fNench Perfumes

Frn hanl d bags *

Madeird Table Lines

~ ~.Cashmere"
....war ranA, j ,,g

w p 61
.~..i. I.O ..,S > It'.,.
T44 ht.. ,lK -., .i a
,., ,-.y-..*.. .' .. ... . .*f. ;, ..,: : :, -

1at10, noU WtCAtlMfl& -J,
.. ,. . '... ,,r .. ,. ,

I u I";" . 4 , N

... re _.# .

,.,.J- 1.*.ji 4 ~ S.! P j. .:'.":'.
,,...4 .'. '' .','

: . .

aL ::L.:::"' ,"kU ..,
A. .'.4 *..
'.& .. :. ,..
:i-,.4' 4 . = . .
" ..,,. ., Op',
i : .. ." i Y ,:..
PR O !'.: .. . . . ... ,' ...,.
C r.. . .:.. ..: .: .. !" t, . . . ,. : .. : , .4
: .- = .. ,. ..=. .. ., .: .. =,: .. .. t ."-M"m

. ...4. .." . .


" .'. '+ ;-
*/-- --- --= -- -- __
WANTED FOR SALE U Q AJt fairL Ho it Works
Desires furnisheid house at FORD THUNDERBIRD, excej- to ------ l
Kenscoff, with all facilities, lent condition. 1955 model.e- W
partial or Year-round basis cially reasonable price on quick by Our Industrial Reporter
Immediate occupancy, sale. Apply Jean-Claude Armand,!-"i/
WrImmediate occupancy 1162, seo Apply & Roger Armand, Rue The New York Wall StreetI day periods the national treasu- Lebanese citrus farmers how t6 r.
Write P.O. BOX 1162, jco Ren & oger Arma, ue Jounal-. published, recelitly an ry faces increasing demands. reduce crop losses through mo- ,
giving details. du Centre Telephone 3251 interesting letter from Mr. Ather- Here is where U. S. technical dem ways of picking, gradoingh M
,, ,d^^^ ^^^ Iton Lee, a United States citizen assistance helps bridge the gap. and marketing crops.
4 president in Haiti pleasantly It also does more than that. Ba- v..,
D jHesitate! *retired in the mountains above sed largely on self-help through Health -Problems \
Dlont it elPort-au-Prince,, is the way he work projects the cumulative I .
SClim Y ur. puts it. effect is if not that of the eata- U. S. technicians have also at- ,'.
Claim Your... Obviously Mr. Lee likes Haiti 'lyst which Mr. Lee suggests is 'tacked health problems 'in many i'
4 or he would not ,have settled certainly to" prime the pump. parts of the world. .'A.
COUPONS here, and therefore his criticisms As in Haiti, so in many parts U '. S. health aid: to other n-
,",,LCOUPONSL of the manner in which the U.S. of the world' technical coopera- tiois spanned the ocean as early A
D'OR, Government aid to the Republic is tion or. Point IV as it is po- as 1944, -whn the U. S. Govern- .
D'R being utilized tust be taken as pularly known is achieving so- ment .ook part in launching a '.1
coming* from a, friendly who is ge- me remarkable results although prograni in Africa. At the re- ,'
^ X Youl are ^^^"nminely interested in seeing the the programn, is a. long rang. q"e"t d t.e ..esideit4 L'" era a 4
( ml f M resources of this country deve- undertaking. Much of these re- the t. S. Pti Health Serve.,;
S entitled loped so 'that the standard..of suits may be .local in. effect asent a oeamof health experts to'. h
entitled living of its people may be raised I present but since self-help is the doim ilt disease. During th4-:past -.i
Sto them H Having said this it is not amiss basis of this assistance the actual eight years, this program has'-.
.... e rs th-.."is rg an nas ;
Sh eartily' jto dja'gree with: Mr. Lee training of local people inAnew 'rovided medical services,' esta.
They ^^..^f that theU. S..aidl to Hait.is.pro- methods and- new techniques is 1- ...... z.-.
Thy' a teU o.at.U 'Iml~ds h e, first..nir.r.wcY::
he aytire voting ;'sooe alistie "tendencies. perhaps :-even more. important siigi school, taiped out'a.S":.''..
n,'i*tw^ r o w Y^ X teaiti like many underdeveloped than the immediate .'Apparent -or...:inaupa. ......,.and ,
G, ivo `o Y Anetrs
Slountries is faeed with the tpiely ietur.s. . brought matar a.nier'e' rol in: ..
TFREEa tl n-pW E qen:a ur- Point 4 programs of self-help Mie, areaaAStnd ; M .va.Ibe-v, A|
llill .. ', "" . *-*.-.- ing 'to raiselffe general Snard. are under way in nearly: 3r 5 'coun- ria's cpitas' : ..- !.
F E' 'E. ": r f living and at the same time tries. Financed by U. S. .Govern- :in'Latin. Amican countries 7
iYou Willn rcive.ea One iOu pn :1 s inersaing the national wealth in ment funds, more than 1,000 U. pint4feebhiqrs are winin
,. A -... ww ....... t!rd.top.pay,.4fore W ve- technicians a .are
a r ...".';. WM ,'" ".en.. (i ir/ ls mstmoe fard." ... .... 20,000 nationals tpr..aiewe,.i.i 'l
." The problem is;a.i.. free world's livinrgstandards',, .:
Pur chase Year, Imake ,kp47 ced one because inibt I .In India, for example,,a Point:.. j .r'" r
W e .a .... .".. ` ,o .,1: ..
.pressure for imp. I 4 agricultural mission. has .been.was'n .invi'i.it.
Au Lincoln -" carry Bar in reverse ra .lSt p, working with IndianS. farmers: to I We rn'.'-ensph ."
c *Alpha (The Nylo t o ,.aMmtm ..:. of increased produci6n'::.W w increase crop. yields. .::Like all tbecljiciaI4s ueS eeA ve '.
brush a NCoupovs.d' ,' ,'... ..v. counlties .tod.- evenwi great- technical cooperation-- gramsam, thehheao tcond.bonnoiUme
4enlesed in package) ':"' LibrairieSelect ... er 'titural'resources than Haiti's the Indian experiment i.. a joint a n n'-
Auan .Udves Pour Toss La Baote d Muigue" ".' J are able to pitt Iside enough sa- undertaking ninety, percent of ..The -j;Ih ,'4
St Boucjriedu d.Champ de Mm. 7*. H. Stark T vints 'from national production personnel and 73.. percent ,of .hie i'fedt thhr"'a iat
Boueffi "uChm de A m pro i rkWA
Charles Dejean.& Co. Mason Clzude Jeagaer lo Te-invetniment in ordet to ex- costs have been.-/supplied bs-'p the- '.tifeat u'o-
SClMdard Joseph- Charles& Co. pand' their economies. ,Whbn. the Indian. government,, .-. .'5.. e iono.i..
I Continental Tra4ug C Maisom du Livre sing cost of necessary: !16t in- Where Point ..4 techniques i'ae. .** J"'
W Cad du Port Oumga l Shop d: directly reproductive services are byen. used lid-India, food produici j. .,f'4L-,. ,-
SClhtb CaWderie Paguin &.et '--. taken into. =count the situation tion behas doubled and, in some- in`-' :..: .. -:;. : ':" '.
Pe er C. L. o rre S'- s'a &iils without foreign assistance as stances, quadrupled. ReS:. """.l
HAIDCO apart from such foreign .capital- Point 4 technician.l'--have *'iW;-
-',.- hrL ...]
Thutii Motors *'-8 th.1an-n
SDes & Co. Success Paul Ctainy there could, perhaps, facties.-, *Z.1, u. 5..0 ..Sl..Ee&. *
Cb.'-~gla~ inenties ty ftireiin45,-sm 5,
Dabrik Dt.tex d'cIfai .Tro.it-u l X be greater .incentives to foreign 80s s e:n .usep: ws .we n"
- Dacct FEree' :- : {. .. \S '" -investments :-'. eh0the eormof'ta the'plows are. 11 6 ,
DacSow0* Skrjp4'2 aye
.., .. .., '' ,t, .n,'6'. ic,. i holidays and .comparatively quick a tle'to work four .tims .te ..
.--. a.. .n... 'e .," '- L ", .t'C 'e,, capital gains, butit must be re- than they IoMld wih wodp.lows 0".
a'm -ts BitE "C O f'i enibered that during the c boll- P.nt I technicians have .shown ,rnr lousx .-.cent
ueFriday. that__ '________________________.Ati
"- ". ,, . .. . .... .. .. ..__ . .:- .--. .Pro jets in agri cu, ea t ,",,... : e .I..
.COUPONS D'OB .ABE JUST LIKE CASH. !. am .. -- .. ..uii ieathnd.aig.'nre
I 'd.n.. .a d -i., .
STHEY ENTITLE YOU TO WIN VALUABLE ., OTEL C bll ttl _n ,..e -tedt Stand's ... ..fi er-., .
SP..M EVERY 90 DAYS.- U -, m., nited StatVes ,,d
^ PIZ~ 1L-BA ULAS. .-"A ^ -T-rs-=--X---3- -- its' techln`ical knowledAgej k ipany
"CLAIM THEMI .i. I ,. 1 ;. ii r years. The name u Point.4,,td -d ,.
SC o T ffF \ I y', a1!sM^C <1', Z- y t -signate technic asid wasWot-,.
,-- ,,l, .., .... ,T". / / -' sed, however, intil 1949, when,:'
S7" "USE THEM!1 ,HURSWY nighr President HIarry S. .Trunma liute: .
+f ^ -' , : J ..technical aid" to other 'countries
._ -,--r--->' "R. *--- On iOOrFI-EN J as the fourth point of the Ut :S'.
-* l .I-- C foreign policy. He said: .'-We: .:
A i lf li S- must embark on a bold neW px- .'
.2 iS l ,,r ". '*' v IWW j feV -.gram for malkin the benefits/f;.;
,i A I' i "HOMiARD FiiA e pg$ Ciaifiy ^ ... 1i our "scientific advances and in- '.'.'
A.A .. L .b..". ,.. 41 l n'.l -n J < -. '..:?' ,-dlustrial' progress., availabhefor f .or-
i I S. " -P. d,4 .nOJ "W k the improvement and growth of.:.
CONTE5T YIjth& PItZES 9'4 P5P underdeveloped areas*'.
1". .' -' Because Point 4 has not ofsde- A
4 U i Ullf /l '1 e m: ed vague promises,, because it, bas'
^l ^^'*S .allK X /L. "fV^ Tx a B acted positvely and obtained re-
*X' !llil Cfflly *: "ii ^. a. OSsuits, 'it has been welcome' .".
".' 1 11 '"";'. '-#H S' If# ; t" ,w-Y /- -peoples eager to better their l:t.i'
,..q. ,Point .4 may well be the key :'..:
" .": MU-, as.. factor -iii establishing a stable. N -
I^ '^^ ^ W^^1 . .. .. *..*' :. j" ...-:--.' 1 "world and lasting peace.... '
,... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ n la.st,',-ing': ....'' . .. ,
I ..+ .. . .. .. . ....,; ., ..;, :.. .. . ., .,. ,.. ,. ...


-.*. -S.A.,


... .. .. ">"> "! . ".. :.:..

EUROPE on : .,.. o-
.! ": .. ." .' : '.' ': ;-;- -. *' " .; ., :" ;^" 5 " ... '*' " i';' q
Pan American offers direct"srvice from New York 17 cities in ,
.. . .. , .... .; * .,-" i :,: **: ** *;,.;;,v. ._
Europe. Stop oyer anywhere you like en outb too&.0.destination. ,.. ,
There's no extra charity. ]or reservations: e y6ur Travel Agent or ". '. ,,...

~ ".-^ ~e f ^**' .."'I!
i "s World's Most Experienced Airline
Rue Dantes Destouches-Port au Prince-Tel: 3451 -.. :
i i I ',.' ". ; ,. .. '


rIVV "m fl A LT T'n T1MT y A rw

'llb' VA IA U IN IHAITI ones to follow the development: been doing for the past 5 years.
of the Haitian artists. Soon the night clubs will be able
) iN THIS LETTER TO THE EDf-, Also 15 Haitian monitors havc ,plaLse and lofiers to tr\el 't16 P.. Next dn'.er vit-iois to show some of this talent.'
TR A READER DISCUSSES I bee i trizined to teach modern and! other countries to show their dan- will see hat as gown oui of the Grateful
,RECENT DEVELOPMENTS IN ballet dance, and they are now I ces. At Jie tinie Lhib icLeter is beihg -ncoargcment s:a ger:c.-ottsiy
STHE- DANCE JN HAITI stationed in the schools and also: writteip, it has been called to my given-
ED C AT trach privately. There is a very' aaentiondtbat by next month, two I During the summer months -
i' Dear Editor, well known Haitian music teach-' groups of Haitian dancers will May-June-July these young;E: -
'' Haiti is a small island that is er, who is not only developing* take their leave of Haiti to work people presented at the Haitian'
.just ,beginning to be visited regu" A~merican Institutte, th-., Rx.Tnea-
just beginning to be visited regu choirs, and cultivating the voices in a foreign.country. American institute, th' Tnea-
'larly'by tourists. For many years of the young Haitian, but she is Imn closing this .l.'L'.r, I would tre, the French ris'itijto etc "uch
'there was only one source of amu- also giving them an a.iprcc.'t;on like to say once again thanks to ballets as Cinderella, The Nut- FOR RENT
segment, the Theatre de Verdure, and a pride for their national art,! the wonderful people who pa6ro- cracker, French Court dances. New house in Canape Ver. fur-
ageth a rtists.TherFre n waCo r on ans nwi Ce Vesed, 3u
Ss where one could see the folk ROLE- OF:WOMEN nize and encouragee the artists. There was also on view aw e bedrooms, 1 :iving ruoin,
dances done in an artistic way, Up until, a few years ago, he Thanks t o all hee yung boys and kindergaten of 3 :ntcrs dining room, garden. Ad
in 'pnih "nntp 'Jazzs
'- and, of course the voudoun cere- Haitian woman'could not be seen girls who go through daily train- cing Spanish,. O. n;l, Jazz ..d 'drrss: Restauranti Au.x Cosiques
monies,.o the ..'l ...t.l teyougby ndknerae o n'trS ca-, iigrorace.-A
monies. .. on, the; stage, as a dancer. A an ing to. make themselv'esL 'better Haitian. folklore .as they r.haver Restaurant Le R-'d Poini
-NO for the past year and a actress., perhaps, but now many artists. Thanks tq the patience 'of .'. '..,."; :..-. ,. "-------
~ ~ ~~u no ..a artists. orst "."" i.
hotel managers have beautiful 'girls' (and handsome the' foreign visitors and tourists'A
'.. begun to present folk -dances .in boys) are hnot only dancing, but who come here, and we can assu- .PU. .L E DUNCAN
y' their hotels. Haitian folk janoes singing as -well. I know that by! re you that you -Will be the first ..: . -.' .
1A 'U-ave ctan.atgr. o ins- next yhar- there may even be A"" '"B **' B.' |i''B "
a... nce: there is the Congo, JAba, 1 c.aitif..n Bh.et Cox.. The talentthe- :." is "

ahmBkltC, Theadcl^ ^o~ t len t-^ ; --BI ,, u cl Antoln'e de. Pa...disa.yu dsoa o
Ibo, voudoun abd. carnival dances. hap- been: developed; but not as I
. No. matter. .whp. 'exeue.S these tet.. presented"' .. a"A threat at e .
'-.dances,. they would: be. th. same... Now'at- the Theatre do Verdure a, t d.. .s,.-
..fernt costumes, e, .,but new.-ehoreography is ddne almost teadime t it s,
-t fe'ttose sh, and_ drudx- evokr:taonth, but unless aipersox : n ..is pls.
,". b*^ em'eL. ]t : isi &' pesigadsvyent':0of oharethiid. anes
Ti' s i't..-he" .athat is.can .htidly 'notlfce the- .iodereni e a iim dlll --
-beidg d u iveld:d -Iaiti artistss, between a Congo' and abo Tho',
l:n... -few.,::. ;60w.hiore,;t ;ances .tihat a~i "'- : .,...
a aout It-`'is. ofly nbw;' this ydar, p t '1 PURE FU 11i
'tthAt. ywuntibiti b re' being'plan- .
-- - - -siet d (produetion numbers). These IJA
.heoL; ,etilt.willwpin9ittd
TI i Qwi1 dramatic- and
t. ist iwiac..poiitt there will be ;. .
.....oe.p deeoripeeiai music and -costa-
of ,d~ eipp'r*.AK., es -m -' ------- -
a 0 iA-' th jdat4oi.af.ConservAx I'is because 'o the kind and
ter i an~d enco Ms,'aga-Due'
-ri ad ecug- M.ss -"Paule -Duncan,"the Direetress, is, a graduate 'of the
14.q "Aa.,.6t eir tot ith&. visitors -ind tourists e famous-EcoleAntoine de. Parisaud 1s at yor disposal for
D, teourse...1,. ... Ma..00 "Hiti,. that. ihe Hai- It Iree eonsultations on the eare of the skin and hair. She -2s1
.. -.: wiad ..,;.' -. i=r, -. and.perform de-o..nfies the'pedicure -ibditrea t nt of the feet.
,. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ac k. ... ,,- .h,' Lelitive, ahd.. perform..
9:':-...ae. pe, ,hriad futue.' '. h Wis.d.. to ainnounketo its dMtOnguiihed 1'i1ieniele that two
U' 'i ...,, ...n'. -.- be -.aristw ',who are: now- per- new h wavt tlntng. cttn a nd t oise en, pusr
< ~d; iI~ 4t~&e ~ -~o~iiing,4Wil beeve irteff ~ -newhaidreser hav sti been added to its personnel, for
Ibft ii C~ ng, %;Wi- -b6 everk 'grategit to" 'piimanenit waig,.Iir. Ontring; atd. dgms e Is
-w v ng .. .t ig i' .t..... lilp
r. moe i-iadioein '-1bae- Iy
ern, .iaun eei thetr pai Haii T n Co all types of hair.
hoe1-for their p -.e
,I ... . .- -- -......

*. .

.I -. .



.... .. .... TIAN LIE? A'i.' lhTt f ll 1

1 .1

[;::.i 'PAGE .4



/1 iT~ml TTTT FOT O~fOT '*''\shoe ma take a healing{ ;on i.FOR teENT ':'. ^ -*'= ..'r.:
T no dearth 'of s-art and ,comfq,.-. AN 1.:. A kneteia hose:,al
aTbl toe foo "y -va.. -~-2 ... .. .. 00 i ,.e .
,.Iewls' /onat ""act 'i

FASHION NEWS 'BY THE CLOTHES HORSE Q: ae foot wear avaf1en, 2 d.o csbed.$E,
,city, so be t etc... al'
cnkev ones, pMwnar oodweesWlshe ttto
S Fashion news from the ground up couldn't start out on a painted, ones, plia woddei ones ladies ile it tom th..sttie to
',better-footing than a custom made :one. So '1e!' pamper our to be covered, .already' finished shops for awa be.-tfaobiin than acstm a 'fne. p e u
:. p L da, extreme cities and take in two of PorthauPrince custom Iw oden ones, and, the verye, lhest from the .. Nii.. "
shoe shops, where even the most demanding customer, should Cinderella heel of transluscent .t .. .-. .. "' '- "',. .-.
I find much to delight the eye, and corpfort the feet! w .0 6. n '..1 ", r,;. : . ,
delight. eye,, : co,'ioIL I ' .: '. "< .... V ".....'
On w ie Franckfort (just a hw i rhieatones. 4
On Rue Franckfort (just a half. dictates, and; your purse strings The cuatipar first chbooes, her ; "'
block up from the Iron .Market) I'ont squeak Qthey're $3.00 the shoe style, reree, and
is Owoline ,Acao's foot empo. pair) try the black and shell pink then has one,-of the craftmnen S :' "i
rium, Caroline spoializes and combination or go all out with ,i e,.in withh$s tlined*;
"b' .b aam k 666i- t eae he14::gyot.: ." ,. .,,...:",f
deals, in shoes (aind sandals so the saucy pink pries i.th' white .W..4ea :kt ,d t ac e h er : :"o, '.
barethey are hardly there at all accent. '. ::e. ,' r-.
-only, keeit g men, woiiten, and --'OAther sands, without the tIpn t ccc. the .a of choo . ih ,.- . ,:
chUildren's feet happy. Since boys' i plete for those whO can'tt q te t"i 0 -, fo huge utvtis, of, .:
weflh ang ta;'r
and men's foot-wear aren't the manaue,"that;an. _qualy fetchlisg fati?.e.'Th- re'ar "'ela -h, "- '' ;"
mot iexeting, suffice to say that .in the two' coTor two 'strap drape' 'yellows oes shocig p. .i ;-
their shoes are turdy (ankle; bhi style, .or ..the pair wit white1 W ,br wnh M e,,,- --. :".. .,
sttes.too), wP4 .made, anrld for sa staSdew *tBi lea tome q.t12 a* ...:1" -.. -, M :
oed t.last The 'ittlet l .ad o'x at sw rlte'to r' eto. ..a.N :.w.i.,ire t,- ,-h e.:, a c

.va te n% tl i9.e e-n ..e wo . .,,, a .e t e, i a.. ... %..
-.... .. ,., ,
t .e No a n 0 ssyoe i thei ri a aL mlpa e aidfrtea 'O 4 o r yu, a d ":', *...-J. ..-t ... ,. -
r ow '4, , ,

d}mUs 'te nl "r you. . ..r, r.. M" .
toas t.w ith fhcSo ..-'a- i t-outw orki .'a' w t, he . t p .a o n 5. ,./ h ... '. t. SOL ......V 1
onis tn v a or. o a vae a'" 't i ?- hve g--, sen'.. i cl de a; r '
,C A I i '" $r 3 Writ Par M

r* fSt.w \ i f ltr _:, .'b. d r e "'f r : e 1 mo p u in f Otg ht"f 1 'a ent-a .,s. . B b fl a t .a r i .. "B "
P.. .. .. e!ffar e.,

rwe ar, aid' ao. : r. ..te.t ltyy ...sew b. t .. '
'Wn .. -. ,.
7- MT, :. I., i ,.+ t]w+ ot

: akthe gl whoa(> ssoi ThTftte 4asoft: cleces -eir opr-pmthis plrhread *^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ K ^ ^ ^
. >atm* .: W... s t y . .
.. d 9Iibsu. i 4 ean xlo ; '.' .' "' m pfl4g. t -
Now as-tpo mo eac. osf t in dewandinthe %he .epa oe *' r a.
S oted r parec daty.e, i p i tlarg e snda Wrot loo.ovar. soe,. fo; s *i
*3 M^6^ ^1ht

a;. ..ns ,,tse p iaillt 'de Wa.abthese '_soe:.ca l t y s o mp th. .o,, e w. moi "'t, one.
n o wit,5Stho ,3 'sqndzL .'t lir 1. a w it. no .heeL i all, or '. i c% .,hne
i. s a s .'," '* -,.i .'. -i.int.. 1or. a m ho: iee l e ai.bole. in .a. o a .*.
-c qr teLiteelpltc1~ ;.'*adl c ir lusi -he ighrtpopular l a*ei 4l^ 5W: p'ben jki 4ae'-i kiee *5;:^-\*tt^^ ^',^-l5^ *
.BW ad. afo, co n t, ,p w r uru w *n-odauteWi'-
a'M-g, -"o oW.. h

No.' in a urich tor sty owDle atmost jof n d !eman&i -h froemtan eops aal~-tsKfl^ cs.:nay -, .*.*^ *^ ^^
warotkte lhoe sar 'f;t-oe.h; t ay, -"tray tan or:.a, lo 6v&, h- 4
nib thfn about ali "deA''j la, ths iio.:k 49nWcxa
6 eai n mAsmeo o rtDoA r..l. '. . . .... ..--
-k .- -e, I,. ar a e,,
o'r "'i S^
with .-. -,. at i ii r -il din n ': :.o. .sa .'o.. ;
tnice t wo a~n It ai.b' ,'--
'-ide.g had4th t ~ J ..iCe-r! uroad ote.eaue'a ..... shop. is. -.;*.
i'tpt-- w ]nf o A dr b .il,< n. ::"' b'at:, .+"::"
leather starips d.o7ii each, eid] ,egl work --L t' euLp~n ..
-. to th wereoi npcae stle6. logti Cumwihlag. a.,bu ar fr utm
.ite'4ltlidip'kttM.:peheeu-oak- n~er. ee s h, hPI.
- c ,i&h+...i46 6amh'ih .t.y."u.bW h. rlgl." d o'aanna.,. ri '
I.. .. .
IVP -withnii twoxt'h 1 b to-t.12t ~tfclrK~~a~~ ~ 1
ithep.streips dou-e pai '91 bW antlysho, sof t r.e $ae. sho i~h hiSoyr-hap is
-long strp ohnauil A O.i m toeL r .'.CB bt
: with + e. sq i4arear. laid A opd.t. iT. :ihave d ;ntP b+;'Cii' or.' "
:d}am ld hix 'dia;Sl ah4",: ;:tyle, available,, shue -va s o0l n, ll t -'!..-.
.ten- cxig .tht tertpbl- i hpa 'hoe& b nf'.rer et 'a ....t i'V: 7 "-
9ti."rnd tlt"..aAo .'S-;] : :i must sho df hiitb. ,ft.)-.::.

f.r.,mua L h r r dor patokled from- qnie to time- (he .an6' 8tnP.d When'.tlJerreo, 'm ,."- .-..
wih:dt~~b~~iahg otbfsl4tnm fro a Rges, avai .lAlaN af,'&1p,*bsrnan tti

ofWt+ *. +:~ : .Oro.-Boston-..bo'ok).v Y,'ou'll' notice .a .w.'.t ..m ..n.e 'n -.. '- 'A W i4M
,.. '-t ""'", ; Jd'L,. ..3fly j db' zen. -he" 6 fo-i'":" ; "'t"re "d maY e'" "f t l to '.':-.. ... ...
O r i.. .,f . ..h+ ... .. . .. . ... .. . ..e.~ai ~ l q .- .,t P o r-t-'p i i.; . -.... . . t t r... .. .
rt q toadi pant& Adie -fro 'C,, .w ......w tu+ w+m

n. T (Yen .Y P
brw "- T.r kn$IgiW.f It?010fff~ "4oston t1K.-)-A 4- .6 l*- ai

-1 -....'..
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .." ... .- .
- .. r "" n ". . . Ij

' ; "' ".i .. .* ). .' *


AuthorizedCapit*1$; *

P .rt a .u-P ri. .. .. .- ... .'..

p.Wst Ide
i ,] i . * * -, -i;.:.,y .* * :. \.'. l .i ; ** **
,'.- .... 4L- "- Y~-I-

'Planters and *Ma. ter+s/ "1
., : :": ,S : .; ... '" * *" -'A
. ;: ,, *, !*.




: :'* r ,;,. '-

I . .' '


f.'. . i .,fio. nd advanced styling t*otp diw th.z-' tiM t'"'' -"*
-* '.. aSrmonizedwcoltor whi(ch'bendw j .; ... ..
i. 7 d ..a'1how 6 today this'..ci'i.r ad .,.',.'.,,At
*:' M ".: *tci ,Deski bhdne for j-a emostrtaodo ."'

Jr~lll IAUU~w O. h, All .-^'
. .- *," '" .* * ....: ,.'. .. .. , .. .; *.,.+ *,A ^- ;*. ; ,: ;

'* :,'":, -;- ,* "' '' . .. : ,.*
P. 0. Box 306 : Ph
h ne :''"W121"
P. O. Box 306 __,P o : 2 S.0.. .t <,



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SUNDAY MARCH 10th 1952,

. A .'.

S -vL*rr"nsn i,.:: ,. M __,_-_ ,__JAlrl SUN ',, .SUNDAY MARCH 10th 1957
f- " 'Panama Steamship Line on Satur- Mr. Alan Paul Horswitz, Gene- most legendary. He received the
: J day morning 'were:' : ral Contractor, and wife, Joan, highest decorations. Greek-born.
:.. ,... x x x are resting for a. few days at To he showed on the battlefield, des-
I Dr. and Mrs. Michael-B urnham, Lele. pite his age, a courage worthy of
" "" g Mr and Mrs, Arthur Cane, Mrs. x x x his Greek ancestors. He has. just
AJ]ne Craft, Miss Georgette De- Miss Rosetta -and friend written his first book c Never So
': <'i "lille; Mrs. R. Weaver Dobson, Dr. Miss Sylvia Shlar, from New Few. the filth sights of which
:... and Mrs. A. B. Grosman, Mr and York, aye guests at the Ibo Lele. were Metro-Goldwin Mayer for
I. Mrs. Dick Harris, Mr. and Mrs. xxx $300.000.
F" .- Jim Harrison, Mr and Mrs Fred Mr. Stanton L. Triester and wife x x x
[,"" .. -frij^ ^ ^ ^ Eugene King, Mr and Mrs. Max Sonia are honemmooning-at the Mr., Raoul PNne Du Bois, Thea-
I Kraus, Mr and Mrs Stanley Lang, Oloffson. Mr. Triester'ls a lawyer trical Desigxwr, and his friend
., . .Mr. and Mrs David Langmuin, Mr and President of the Inventive Robert Lone, Television Dancer,
-, and Mrs. Vincent- Laless, Mr and Process Inc. adid of David E. are now at. the. Oloffson for.a 10-
. '' .. .:. : W. B. McKay, Mr and Mrs, Morton Triestef & Co. Realtors, of Phi- day visit. Raoul Pene Du Bois is
S At the International Country Trust Company o New York, Mack, Mr and Mrs Nicolas Martino ladelphia. Sonia who is a psychia considered. one of'the' greatest
0 Club's Annual Mardi -gras costu- making.. his sixth visit to the In- Mrs. Robert J. Meech, Mrs. Virgi trist is. a Social Worker at the theatrical .des riers in the U. S-
m Party last Sundy "night, Mr.' ternatidnal. Country Club, was nia Meany, Mr., Dick, Michaels, Philadelphia :Child Guidance. Cli- and has also worked for Broad-
and Mrs Isaac .Hamburger of Bal..'onlyable to stop over this yehr Mrs. Noel Rhys, Mr. and Mirs. nic. They.; we. married last Fe- way'thdaters and -for.:-Hollywood.
,' ..timore were far and. away the between .planes enroute to Cuba Royes, Dr and Mrs Leroy .Schiller bruary 22W.. in Philadelphia. This is his second visit t" Haiti.
winners for the c besteostumealt to join..his wife and spn in Hava- Mr and' Mrs Edwin HA Shannon, The charm.inggeouple has already x z z
:Couples prize. na. But he was here long enough Mr and sirs iuss Smith, Mr and mastered the xa r e. - N Mr. Thomas Hollyran, photo-
IHam was a Roman Senhtor and to crack the *.course record at s F. Sutherland and Mr. SX grapher o Holiday Magazin is
wBetty a 1928 Flapper in a Par i the Club with a snappy par 27,to andMrs N. Westhessen Waiter T6m ,T. Chatales atriv- in town gathering material 'on
a sian.straw hat. of-that era gien win the traditional .bottle o ch ,x x ed here., last March 2 to join Haiti for Holiday special winter
Sr y Ra nd Vit from the pagne." Dr.e Carick,-from Detroit, friend Writer Jame B. Jones at issue on the Caribbean Islandu.
.teVitl .. xxx "' ..c.,higan, and his- charming the 01offson. Tom.. fom .Chica- Mr. Hollyman is at the Oloffson
stock in~the.Vitq-4lrebduse.M$611xX X
ThaberaMrshahwgbig .inat. young wife Jo, deserve a medal go but is. actijily livii:gg: in Fidri- where -he expects stay week.
...l.owdp.dw4li 'A other. little campaign. of- for their` loylty to 'Haiti. For the da. Tom as a. veteran of.' the Se-. ..
sthis :-waer is bearing' fruit past four years, they hive spemit cond'World.Wah-, He wast.when
Lbtheis wi e-;1 the 'campaign .en-I days. here' every. winter. -Last he. commanded-thd.Ain-fn CoirnA .

>!Bb I.lbt"n t'-'Mrs; G Shortt of rMuriel,:tthe gracious Mr<.' Deoise .bravery.in +the+ lathield .is'a- :CO.. : "T.-. _TS
SBw- ..," ." ..n; 'e j- visitors, the Ca riks . .. .w.. .. e
= 06 jig .%... 4 .< :.,: .. ....4 %o r o,- th : a wly b o itthers .. ... ...r

i''rf I' i" +-i':.aguyhb' : C rbo ved-n Ifrom Ca- showed .viSitors '.how foreigners "',- LT M'_ H i" AS THE BES)T1' rlQef'
"".|^ ^ | $ ;i. ..~. t ." . ': "' .' ''"" ..' .. ". *" ' e : ' ..
...... ...-.. aturde. Merib-mayenjoy' hen elves wen they; .
Rdy- to --g a um p. ,^ *eve

a^p ^ C uba ott.. a .. M. . o e t .- .^tm...,' *. .. .. . -H S ... .~ .. ..C A S ..*. ..- .
..iiN Y or a d ng aT y P2 Pa t .t, tiet nd shiSbeaTtiful. w e T .A Sto .T .,.' A m .. .. i . .ve, fr e
M o. ... .'. ," . " . "" ; ., . :' .
\-'kI$3ot12 PQD/lati iE*tdr, s.. bound or x x .' .
4.' "t-'' "1 1 'fk' & e rico. 'Ths .year.agaih"the- Carri.ks l
Q;-'it Sht'rpt9 e bs 'never[ ha'~e ere along wit the Wettlan '' -. +'-''".p
P. gvonr:rafttei int 4 ers despite the alarming rumors. R' "
0"4..... Connie'x "h -. the. circula n '. ", A. ..." "k "H
u~~nipi otrU .,ithpe Mbichigandon HaitFs poitiat ht- .. .
--' .du,. .'the Mist.Sea~ine.'Bundtfasanid Marcel C :' E'j. I '..L
"cnt >4:.ta' i JGIP..IIO 'other-. 6gar..h;. t ..j tomed-thife.night "..,.L .., S.
&'e ,of 'pie -. da:n Spurts-- clubs during, the C~arnival w.hich, ,- _,,_..'_- ,_,._ _. ... _.. .
t io s eaao unhappily, ,was n.fot', as' gay,, this -K, .~:: "' NQ SIZ'E'.' """ -'
-Je&:eMrd yyi'Sas aE IFprevious aecasiCOUNsS

r +e-ffrerert "gn er
Atn .... the .t. and--Mrs: --.--.mrtteh,,'a -4fromd T "- ....h
.........-. .v". w-e U"
t ,e ..is Ha a d h

-' i F u"idae'dI'," i a" 'met T'." r .I.
*W....:,q _'.,..oa-Ric.. s y ar'T,-.'e C .... ..
J:- -h ' t; + "h "t' l"u""4

j j rq. erote-1ah ar e cme longtw-1

ta 'inco vr liiit r t .w:+~ ina- a" "'T
n.pa.-0..,S ,neer C M M
o7 A&iCOR a f ththe. -..t>r.moar W.:G

E"' bvij4 'an
.. .. .. . . .. .. ... kp,.... olitic l, -_
i ''" , : . . .' a, .

'- '" "1 duri',. Um".
W, IF? Do t; wo pa G- a FI
-t W.+:P~.+++'...+ --rs tbre -r 7T%.GA E T +--M CH M R
(h ot: eca t 13 .- 1 ... 4"": ... .- : '. : :' '"i
,: . .- .: : h... .f
ihi lni& 4+
;+,:.~~~i: to Mr. Sti.z .<.:.,,.. ....r. .,+--. .;,
av xt V st... 1 0 P,,..E
to.< -.,. 0,60. -?T i ki... t-C ma.. !... ...
Z.p=,' i6:..Uij -w l . w t+,,.in., .at.M.
-for,' a..mo ." l. y erO Ou.'re V
Q f noo, v Ve n s n ,i s '.. ,% :, .. .. ,.,.
Vi-N:." "" CAPS..
Akn.g ..--CIA E T 1W H f
.t. X'.OR
.. .. ..artT11_"AV::"A:", CH' L SS 'IC" I
A' ." a. the.)'
.. .. .. . I.i
', .. ,ij ' .p ' /" il'k"
""!'" ~ ~ P -1.""1, 1 "'"1"., " ':
zz.i:.! : .. ; . . " ., 1
: ." -,. ." ,,';j ~'I s :. , .'""a

":i "~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~~7 1 K .:., '"h" ,:. "' .
""': : ++ ." "" '.d .,: ." . "

t l " ' ' .''. . .


SA.A MAN RESPONSIBLE FOR MANY VOTES the wp.ther.. and the only, man P
~ ~~who ,P~od '4 :36 &i6iltdrq it. 'I,t-
THE PROLIFIC FATHER OF FURCY gives, ..ountan.nighbqr t<
the pIporunitinflto l"ge' i4'
To many observers the most colourful people in the smallver.- Hazel alniost caused his their. oWn forecasting- namely ,Cw
Republic of Haiti are the peasants who fill the rust coloured rMin and this past year has been just when the one-ljn' poftla. Li
soil high in the mountains of Furcy. Their individuality is no, brighter tion campaign' of i Jo '.yfl pc
as marked as the ruggedness of their chilly climate. You'll -But he is still far. better off come to a stop 2- And ..who will
see them striding along a mountain path in blue denim trous- than the great majority of get vot .
ers that end just below the knee, a yoked denim smock and flaitian land owners whoi all too oR RaENT.' '"- .' de
the inevitable tasselled Macoute-bag swinging from their often have no livestock to loose. 'Hll-top house w'ffh view of es
shoulder. "e* .-.....ew "f "
sue a Arnd he is a Persouality to. be' 'i sea, cool breezes .- l rooni
so..ud e. reckoned with' n Furey. .le,'is 1b,.garage, Apply t0o".Halt r,
.,the only man who can forecast Sun. *
F-I Ma

,*.tgte,'n a***o -ru~ ~ ^ ^ ^ ^ ld-l.** .. .*.. .. ;^ .^ ^.. --.*.
.. * ...*.. ..
Free Delivery Top 77 : SR

lq th t.gh i. meret tuhe' ..heh .in ",urc .. .*p l -|~X

S, .hi se.s o hu or lade .an ecagd.. OW of mari ,.".... ;^ ^ ^- ^ ^
";"' .....fll w"t ea'h Cre,_; ,'n~xt~ %iss "affi ..... .. .,ti,=,'^^ :.-^ *^ "^r -*^ :;::: ^
.. .HOTELS "" N .....: a

LOCAL A ....s. *1J.; t,~

",-; .ubl o ,,* .h~ufce; oi i'-..-'-,oe -e.. otol'ee **. Vzf C l ^
t" '' th i'r se.s -o ," 'aa t m "e al h o n an p d l n h *" 'g^ m,, ,;, ''=' "- . ; *ji.-*, ':"; *a.:; n?.." ri
*' caffe n, lii'n"e .o~asu to .ins .h.. .eremon. .bt :. Sl S^ V ."-.'. ,"::I1S^^ ',S^ ,', fl

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S9iclai GaP S tat~

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acIng outrea tale ofameo ecn t them anewhsrdBa heFa.Se
owa lked.dow

St.Mie-el's Churchy ELM IRP
&ff.3 w3aith ,ae huy.farmgir l,. -. a ...i .
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alway Me.... .w

po Ave rbs, ise neade Adeler-'yu i eot e ws *d ;' 3 .

thein d r senseiofsly a a i. all theddg moEsp e
acaus n0n a tlnd ond for mascuto the''eremo

lne appreciatio n whioffinie l l al soy- arge S kllM of -
criuae 'he enof uC gowls e d w o wn tha e 9 a e mo 6tin
pride themselv on. theiss ot vllg thei. r dsi lm' b

stand59g viii J otey.i3 l J.r 11,W ,..eveption.hl fa.^ H: Ti 1o"* ^ ^ h| ^ ^ ii
b~ithereis'e one tamong them': inlthlseiridbhato t6Fanz riey-S ICr '^*^ iJSK l^ la
e v hen on irm t rh i in trh t t ur.,. r .eprte c a

..th e, iso n t he "wa 'also iin'pred.ec/t 'whenglear:-'o.
', /: ;' .'e F-," .n,
.. Ti .h agree "o ...triw oiia' Rpbi 'i~ ^ ^ '^y *^ "'^ :^

!e.nt og r, with ..;aria.- idnY,:.wlft -a'. . .. ..atB .. ..
:'.!rbi .. al ay "'.:'l:. ,\fip-.i ee."i.!(a,:'' 'we r:.8- : : d i
bub le-. . .. I... -+. .... :i,-:" t h'-

W e you r r epotsr f" a c epe d ed Itng t the. *:* *obr 's oE .4"
th aye toF.r cy theo n tihe Ti Jo'd cnind
as an"noelfr ~ctwtes "tei be-"ny '. bu:', '

c ....this.ph eom no.bck. it Su o ....p. re. ad 'e I9J4 4fng:
': rain ". t ; :'"i..,:. ."<*, su tha, hi
he po n'd p r Joi s L f "nin u asw i T ey a ste l W e'(inW fi t..f '. ...

fogda de r c'a- ledessities wi. oe klans 'n W" 4;
ofit t6 men o59 T J tda y stl foarys to :. nt sdu tdw'min
n a int..er i n. ta lki nge r e i e d g. ah -' "p. 6 "Thi r. 6 .. .JN o T A Vi
"" I t a ." J o ..'w .. is... expetem- an -his24 F ra z

Lthe rene o f 0-e w after is 'red aw omth. n ee agagI A
wthony p e n s a s n ,'" 'his ab lout hisDurt.i .iou ;A ng

fatllerhoo t TEl Fors andsLast, one caonds of 3can4 i*o 4i. anr has.
Tie-hen ag~reed, reoto b interview do~adinl r. -,Bipubria. 'Jepr was.
actingr .othe a taler ofu,$o eoe ent 'cc,. eot .dee .m-.i,...'.: ...''"s '., .<" .... .. .. .... y =.rn .. =. :.

ed7th n d, n pheg apied !.h e. alr s.;i with m ai- rc.h.. lt.e' :.. ...
ife yo u rieo r. "p ofmi saed tfor. enti. hti e.'
makt e requer s th thei idsough ow lkd "" 'hease.~ the. :" He = didn't. "-"... .....have.. .-.' the. ".:a..dv.b"'.'E, ', : ~s,

colims ofy to e u hltie S kusef of hootlsin bte Toms" R-
rain. sue.tha..hs youn.sers. a;.
tHes ephpl ed this at in 'm us i"they hv a ume. thr f.ir"

iome soneiv of hey owas tuoe arvst yeHo l Cor nnilnaion be "acd I ,
-henog vegeta provide p An d h e... is. s :awdlk
rooe and otaher necssi is ra i ngal' r ugge d of lat -.to edd" Fr-..' * I
hubble to e . 1 'v ch s on e o 'isg ..oys to b educt" ,e. ydo a
ba died' in e or a N oE
e alyn agre ou.t rken Man Th Go is et rue .6
Ti "h 'en. o i f ar cy e ie.wo ,:*; ke.t * ,- m t.

tion ne thent eleed in twalg outer -' 'agthei a r bo andht-ere ai
the g:Fur r*.e- for hTis.r ps w evd i ai r c Ti se y K
![f~t~e is':ohe aong'tem"md .aw,,'T ay fro th azSe-.

learned thas t bie prloingih s he. 6cloud of an asomle aet
a thaen r odb if dn a..anee dd n o.t deem hi s hotton. ,.o'. o s P o a

waith~o Thfe Frent landie each. sole concern of thaoetll;Fl l~rM~, Sjorfrvbek
of w grceJ)ed provide t hot the D lckd o wiater', ad. ep ter" 7at L
a3cthtle on& piee ofw a nd:i for,'' tha dogso ha nreat hen ., 18o"i lc '' f lL' arALN
if t nniC youetr. m pleom used o goatin the astw h

mk hol watiy tth qu ite a o '. yer i ll h ale: n a c Y ;,
et oi s cussio n in tn Tie Jo' s m eor. .l '
n ri aara vet w He d lo 95pga fte.
enough t 1 Joe p Xi. -a ''e~ ..e:ti
the~ ~~ ~rv~e proudlv.. And he is ciiayrgedrm s-t ill:.
foodm ad-- 6+cne of ht lipng.etrdton fj

b" ad dedt inian caie Pe- ien Ne. okhi.. .'.. .4..
A ~p o;ldro tsoe man TiJ .aW 'te.'so
.hearly a boe t 'The dprdigou Outid world Is. Ain
Jatl~~er~~oea -zai heoi Firaln Las onleioen .t~.
dissesea-so n
tion on jeore-pr~iet '& I entire time ' '",
make _W': neqesf.r., through the H didng'bot.. andhee aga+:: i n nor.arail- A"4

he: youno'ttS -at u n.reporte oe seoovied+ hist aeir.Ad-W Dtch.Airl
l eaer laned that 'iJ' .fsraingmst They caeloud of ane t'e0 i
are o e sjvoon u'e: ras tea hares lwaolylor comuio, 'h m
... Of .~n~s di not de hi .0k n lif

'en g h 'eeasle t provided withthe lack And wtradthe f. is'Fl still...iitalk i,. l .., A
hi xi6 a pir e c+ ,.., e of hr ln f or e tha ,dsogs, hde to en 18 uof t; hi 'OdVo, bA-:e-m Fltt7 lf
hea~ S ~l muliel hn. ::o use oft goan in the ork. we. The ... "oh~ :S:.l,'].j ::
'bold age. .' '"wa quit a sub. y e ear 195 w 'tiasde norlacks.: eP"]n '6 :.

j=leredtc t of iscss on in hemout-perinod in Ti.+ Jo'smemory.ee
reinadTaualy we .adhe clost95pls of the war e
a~toL,, : "of mI ,.fiiht it ftv


...,. ......

'4".U; 4/"'I r~..9. '~'~ ~ *4th

g:-a.. L .'.. .. .

,.- ~1~


SUNDAY MARCH lOth 4.1957

4 ;.'. 1,. ----" "' .2 ,---
*'Passin $)if F ther- ilkr Widely- "war years to fill the Program.1
SBher uc k Wid as felow-priests- wre mobilized.
S $elotv Ir Missionary Mourned Here,! It will be recalled that Father
&v~ ~ M *wy u sonary mourned ,tere H~ pnhsreturz to faiti inI
Hack upon his return to Haiti in
C -."-.""' '. .'. -*January, 1920, he learned of thle'
.... ... ... .. " : . doss of 20 fellow-prie.ts IT. the
'..The& news of the' death of the la Congrugation diU Saiin'-Esprt disaster- which belell tlie. tea.
SReveread Father FrfAef -- X3'-, et du Saint CoetrA de' ifrtie.. mier el'Afrique wblen she went
yier;P-?ukg on wednidiy afte-, The'.young scholar' took his dbwn in a storm. Father Iluck
%noon, as .received'"ith 'iqt, firut vows in SeptMvbedr: 301-IP03 -i ad, taken leave; ol them at Bor
";..q, ,. J o" s" .. S ".'- t "% en, "..or
.. s -s wiheIre e and as orajedi't.e prlest-' deaux,' sailing on the' Caravel.
v#;. 1hig ."h ely i - ri18, :'19'" 07. . ..'
igy eteL-iWebilirnghs'llboh d on Octber 28, :1907. Th le for 'aiti, at the same.time
'o;yea 6.4so..jibn ary work ,:I next yfar bhe received hi. aasitni-' .ihat the'.I'A.friqute.' sailed on
'-..jnitL.He-was,3' 5y e4i'b ae'd inient to Hati, 'nd 'arrived'here its last and fatal voyage.
Cs'eral'uie ,se f&s. werei'.'held, on .the day 'of the' :Natiity: of He resumne-. hi c ont- L the"
T, 'zarsday aftemnoo ithe h- ththe Blessed, VgVirgin. Mrie,,. .. Senrilialre-Saint Martial and for
d'rSscowdipg t in he Chapel ` The young priest entered Ll ieight ihe taught rhcoric -and phi
A 'P.t. ePi'S nafre .Colcge .SL- .s 6 the. yoIut of Haiti tbach losphy. During .' ,,this, 'tim he
U.; fiai .,; at4ther klast. res43 in .at the"- Seminare-Colege-- St. adininiatered.,'."to the spiritual
.461te'" ..yne?:,.b .0Xat1d. .,. A-ds of. paientS aL the General'
.1' -... .-. ... A e, : -;. -. '". -nospitil; also.' offerings his.er.
t .....z r ii) 'Alsace, :l was ,not until 191<-tha he.. cs. the. Sisters of cSaint Jo
'1"'aHl :k attaendad the 'Ecole I' to6. his first; vacaioni'to .Eo-. se'ph.de Cuniy and .to tpie'-.Fi-
Y"e''tt.'Oler'ti'e Sesinet, p-.tr.,-a.- *mu.3'6eh a'pidrest, *a iles de.iai s Predicator ahd
.t.e.trg h- oviciat d worked har,. .thirMu-g#e Q Cenfessor. ", '. ""'
.. / *.T.\'..*j. .>.i. ...
7 . .-. Pt P ,-.

I r

fl77. i.na
."?O,1.I9% CC .~ !.:... :.. "'
.." ". W h." :.' i &.; .-. : ~ ' ,' "U .
............................. .................:.:.;-: ..""........... .;.: ,

-r C C 1 ,
D]i:; :' ; ,-,
t i, sf f' nshe" r, n ."r th ''.o

.J, . .". .. .....
:i . :i ,, " " , 0." '

Leaving thb work at Scubai
re-College St. Martial in July
1928, Father Hack became the
Cure otk Petion Ville of whi;i Fa
theirr Alfred Monteil was the Vi-
car. He remained at this pobt
Lut 26 year, travelling the moun
tains, visiting chapels, preach-
lug, baptising, converting and
giving the last sacrements to the
dying. He spared himseLf .only
two -hort vacations': in all that
time, one in 1930 and One in
Unhappily, his last visit to
Francq in the interest of his
health, did' ,.not benefit him as
much 'as.-was..expected,- i .spite
of Is stiobng hysu.eal' .(.nontiii-;-
tion the heat ailment from
which he. suffered slowed un
somewhat, his: trips to. .e lnioun
tains. 'Thp he. 'wasi finally
obliged to give them iup.
In October 'A.53,'; h e.' ret'uraed
to'the Semnfikir -. -College, but
without ':givifig'.'ip enjfiLely 'his
interest ;'in Pptibn --. Vi.: Alter
his service: '.t Sint Ros ';e .Li-
ma and .CoAs 'jodr Fet her.TMuck,
would -go p!t Pto ilip and-
assist 'the ,priests .of th .i arish.
F inaly k*he; 'i wa"4I rce.d toy.g, e a
up rl 'aciwt i z4 affW short
sbay at the.kbpitkl 'rauWats, he
Was iallded.. .to 'Aie:i.lrmay
'of te, 'Sehnary, af. ci'. rney
alliefzit. cQ cated ihbe,'art
condition -. '... -
s is coi ltion .tecamie!wole:-oi& '
I ,..." .- 1 .-!".' .... ."!, i '
Febiary' th .. and he .was gen
Extreme uoUon ui-the presence
of tb;eCuiunity. .of- the Si-..
Tary& ; He,':: reseryed A" his;.- lucid3tye
.Mn '; wase' ~,, abl to.... meac the, ta-
*1u~af~Vfe C *tbj-.r4 S. ~Q.w
pOnses..-.K'.'d,,, --:4
od.. o,, li([rdiie -"s.ipped; ii.o. a
""m ,'"and passedt' 'away g"" nes2
,prdhr,. a, ..
a. y ,." ; ':- ', : . '. 4. : :. '..
aI';he' aS'uni offer, 'ju' cicdohpa!1
4:.tolthe. .Fathers dLi ",St. Mar-
ai! the' .Cue -of 1;ido-4 :N6io e
ahd. the Fithers .'of' the' I'-Illy
Ghost^ ,i&"'TH tohe ti e assiii-]

.:L1^LW flJK RENT **--

i' -qoomhand h o..bad ;:apart-
:nerit*ihS' pleaSant; .4iet' Ametw~an
#oh6M. Two r. p s al. Em bat large

:'eitconstan.t .l .water; all.
ni"en'.. .v completee
Itiens5 'menuts t*ram ipostc
'",. ..-' Z.Eent. residential rsee-"
ti lfhuire' $aitiSun . -. .
r ' : ..d ,*;' .'.; ; :.'. : .o" .:
1.{ ;:.. : ," i .
t " '.' C. i ,
3'V- ; """; /: .,4

How Goes the NortFb
How Goes The
North... ?
(Continuied 'from page 5) "

Mr. Fouche told tqe, Sauii.' cer-,
Jain persons att.'wl.d 'to .iriu"-
lat, a ,.ract in thi I )'rid o i lct-
teirsupposedly sign'.-.dl 'by 'the Do-
jainican Benefactor. According 1to
this tract Trujillo k 1ppo.,edly isk'
ed Mr. .:Foucbei why he' did not
bhck DWjbie because ie Trujillo)
was disposed to this candidate.
SThis. let -er anid oIhe-T,' cpnnec-
tions. with' the Dolnifiean. 'lepu-
blc Mr. 'pouchd strong reiilced..
Mr. Fouchd has minad' it. hn ,
that he is-not behind the candi-Ja-
ture of any of those seekirlg .the'.
Presidency. Likn many Northern-
era he is keeping- his 'opmiz'l oni
the six presidential Candidates 'o
himself., He eonirme.]," however, '
tiat Hoth Senator Louis !)joic
and br..cDuvalier have very'.LrhwgC
foUlowings In the tw'n' bihut. that
Duvalier-i& obviousl ih-: 'miibt, pa- "
pular out.'aid around 'the .Cap.
Both Mr-, Ju4iel6e and ProfeSoqor
Daflel. Figtoi4 hav- parta'lisans
there.." .. ', ... ..3
is Career' ,. ,".
;Perihips- *{e may reepitilate
the' higlitis of, Fouch's career.
He -was born at Oap. Hatiei,: (ini-
t1) onW"1 Fernery 6 19 4He free'-
ed his edicakUon' at t'b E'cole'des .
Fr6res' dd:: il'tnstrittiii'- Chr. tier- ,
na,. a-.:h do.nege .Nptre Naine in )
Cap Haitieff.He crbtaine. tb.e i..-"
pibomas .iBi l'elier ,and". ,Liceneife'i
-' Droit. ... I, 4 '-A
' A.tbng the,.past, .Mr. .Faumeie
has, held', are' Ii-,loss;r r-, tbh-
' Cap Taitiaen Law Sch-ol .,anN.&'
=tre .amp.,ColIege P-, ti930,.-:,
me-nb.-of tb'e 'Can .Haitian- .ePar-
quet- (Cour'.) 1930; Jujdg3'at"he th
'-ivil Ti-ribu'nal --. 19";- Deputy: at/
\thk "Legislatve 'Cormp -' iali'',..
sister of .Eduat.imi and.4g.'eltu
e..- 194,0; Deputy t theet-:..
eye -Corps.- t [9;-,Dlgate,:'i
S.. v@ -9q p .-.. . D., l. ga..
hie. of :.6fhe', Executive .P'ow'tW -.or 4 :o
the De artrr e 6 L the. Nor,.L -,-
1942:,' lWnis~ar-:of Pulbjic %wB,,ycs-
May 19^0, Ministet 2of I4erir-.
July 1950; ,Minister of Itie.r..si-"
.deney, iemb er .1,950i larch
1952; Chie f_ the .Haifin.Per-
mdnent Mission to -the Uitedr.Na
tions March .J952 tQ iar

\ -. "
!.: .*i a ig^ ': ; ':: **i

,^Li "-


-itostelleriedcia Qioi enostopAeA
,Cot oh .Cp Haith, Haiti CableChstophel RU'SOFRERES
of th.... rsi R'
.... v~s~olmckoi ...4 tr~opica gren, attra' a ataHii Cbe.Crsohl.. U~ F E~.

:. , Fr h prov.incial dining, rbom, and modern poieienle,, d in U.S. by UTELLA Associates. ,Essex House,. NI. .. .Y.
'Chlwmber of Commerce Bldg. Miami, Plo., 55 2..!ashihgton St.Chlcago, Ill. fl" Bbn. Foi -
O h ", M, zi, '""" I ,. ,,,
1. >: '7 .*r" -, .:. : '.vY s. .,.'.. ':.: Q:~s'~ < 4.' ,0. tzv~,a5X..;Y;tcs.;?. .......


.. .";. . m ; ,'+ .., .. ... :. I .". -
,.. SUNDAY MARCH 10th 1957 . ...... SU N . ". ,,'% '.." 23.. :
ad. .. ... 1.: i I i ..
,.'-..numerous 4-eetl'a i1 con-S- .. -. :. ..-; ..- .. .,
,".. gatulat ions 'ons 1. ocpao 1 .of,
.l- I L' .,. .. .. .
i,. . ,. ..... -(h, b ... h ... ,M ,r': 2.
P- -' ohr 6f the =wil-pw -n .,-I I--P

......- g t ay, and activelr qoitributcs lb
.' '- ',4 1 r g ... ., ." .4. .1 .. Z'l ... . .- . 2 ..... ...

..!.. .: y at PI.,Cta,.ibn.Vite. a w,,eo e !n"
-- . ; .. I '.- ,: V -7, .I ,, .:":% _~ .e i "r iU v 'a I b x, .I. t !' .. .
i* / . , . I ,. I/ . ,.-; .-(!.,V
I"" ..'
. _. ., I -' b ion o"w.. 'th:' :.a. ".'." ., ,f-A ff:4

i',2,.1 .. '.'. .% b f..,

':,... .,...,With "bou~eg4_stte ts-,rmtl..lu.ko :.
pai~en'""r*"W"o '"i""d the '.""""s ".'"
- .., I., ': ., .

. t at, a e a ex cd. I ,er ;,. N e h te..HN.....J.....".

RoeISenk I I -w 0 "
",:..,. .. 5 h" ,.ht' `" .. .. ,'..ev :.... o ~ ~ g h pa 8, ,pt'"

,., ; .) t. :1 j6 aI r. Mihai .in ti '- 'ul-eitO Ann -trel bi t::;;;z-t i-j;!.K: tJW tr ill)i r
.., : .=e : Ii-, : fer-

toirm the'.wb.e Moalet a r rhe BPOOa1':'f in; :Alat.ott
., : :Mrs. ...... ..oI wa wo a q _nt
.L il. . r -_J "".u..,n. Mart. WU o?[. .t
.IaVi Mrs~~tcon nnkxibir4.pun "X .q ~ '1P

Cl lf. -a e o .wj.... A e. $. o ,.,i
left t.t ye.a 1, t 4 i ~ r 4 ~ w o .au r p ~ L5 4 ~ ) N *

flay.... 2' . :' ., .," Mr.... .. ..i -R'r5;ol e deits o wo l .,"t..hesGty fi. ompany;, .Wg* ~l ia
e ",GsaHC.' #
. ,: .. J -,.. I.. .. .. ,h r o th e.; b,.'."e.. g dn'0b- ". ',,,!1.-'.
.. .., . ... % ,, e e r e 4coo.."tB -% _:,

.,: .. -. .n.. .- 1. D r" .a ... . ; e.t
" v 'I":II .... ..... a 'ais Ve -g .. 11F.0" 'g / ee

`. .4 W. Ms'uharqie - M4.is 'w 1,f:ery ,-.#tugrand Adu .et
chI apII M r, --i Lbt~ *J r~. ". Sal ,w..

e rf I- I... ". "s. a. aci.. ..;s 'b t s ...... m;. a..t LiI .-.. W h... o N '.
.. '..,". ,.!.- -;H w y .. ... .+ ..,. Io o . Imj, 0 ..e,,L'. ..I
.,~~~V,,' .1'Z r .L i. ... ..."".1 .. ..."C." .. .

..Ie 1r. ddt x in. eirtrogins. Se hif Ht [ f. r the iourth -,< ..
7 . a. Id' n. W.....,,v. 14pW I .e1 oiz ft. Mfri. t :ate1'. . .
,..I ,r.-. .. . .. .. '. .c. w.. I...
.- I. '. w.o I
: S a1 .a'a '*W ?t ", `' <- 'I
t:: r -- .I .. `.1t1* of'nin 4eteen VGanadi -1n-yis ftor i>t. .....c'r
. ,. . L1.c.h.,v. w... .I R ..." .....-....e.I
... a .. I . .t d," M r r; ee o
... ; o s . 7 I1

Sh LII... #I r',. .im berg Vo tel da whto r' on- -. .... ...

.ThM:" hre..r,-.-tnd t.dw i-.,anuti p wit.. 'th "j:':... n"" "k '&
ii .-:~ -. . .I ... .+.ra : . ~ i .. . ... )' d n e . -.. ', I. .. ..-

& I - I ... I , .. : .. .. .. ,. .
,.. .. I . I I_ "i .r 1: ea Iu.ek
... "... ", I .~ b ..,1 .. :C'-1.:e1
1._'= : 11 1 .1 ." %. .. '" .I . In. L 4 _ .

.. . .- .:.j ; .r -' k .. . . .. -P V rt. -" -
.- ..., ,_ ,. . I ... L. .Yw I t I T 'Bt," ..a.m.g, r e." :.,n d ,
,...,-.:.+,.. .S ,- o ..-,,r t 1 I-f "ie,'.ad ': e . h
r'; '.a..A '..t i ... :CttI Ie:SQp; Ettn, in -WithoBOeIeeGC.'a % '<.. ing'.
.....t. .. .. ....- .!.. .. ...- ,,, ., .... I I 1 ,. . , .... .,.

I .' : -.11 ; .' -.. :.l.erX .
-. : . -..
... ; .dadbr-itb.. t e ie ..4,. .h.
6.o.cei-,o,. ..... :e ge d.$fq. ". I I -.t-' r"

...'7-L ,w t .k...eF. md. .oft .- j -. -.. -..n ..n.,
I .h.I .I ., r & .. ., I.I.'
i. li.. ..:. ,= ..., ..

-. .. I ", .... .. ., .
N, aS .. :a'... iT '' Avet ' -Js
, "i .hdm.. '. -t,. 0.+ ,,:. li t .- :.=6 "'_ I .

liU,..M- ... r' r". w jd.. % e. He te.U

: Au'-..-he M reM kt be..., A L so, e..r .....dq of4tj '. V -a., = ~ "Iooe.m a"...""' "' .. reser
1%.~~~" .' ;.'.'.'.-- ,U U '.V 1 ,`6 e le -Y' ..' ","

-'g I -' G i i :le a -'' 'n. e .. 6& 4
l: t I. .. r i o. L wn t -c -ya .
I..!.h~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l --_ t I. f' .. ,""g" k .': :i= .........;,0" cs."i "'
x .... .. .- AA.o ls:,.. : ... LT .

$A-":rea 'tM r T", "" t, ',- -,,eL ua~ s~nt
I-,, .. .... o 'L a, 1t m r o

I'a ,".i .' ,' . .e .- .M..a '',i !
; ",... ., ., ... r: ah U Sa i"16tI A eo -0 -, ...... b Pet ''

tf .. -. .. .- % 4";df.r.'< L i as e wow", -y-- t
Dick) :'1-vi .:_ y:L m inija ia - I ei~nn -1 f~* 9I .1. ': .W ..
11. ---:I.. -, ,...'o I;:. e I~u+ .. ... .

.. - o L 7 ' x -eaao na :..,-
:w .-_ ... '- 'k : -hfi z._ji ,:1 1i=:. -a J., .... '.' .... .. .. ..., .. _, :

.. -- -_ '
U....,.-..-: L"-'! ",-,:--,.-" ,. L;.-,. .., ..... ...'! ,-:,-.;+"I.;"..
i . I L -bold W ..."-..,.... ,.. .. .e ,,o ., ...?-- j ..

.. % .'.1,:
, :" 'A- ... .e T 'biis i -0J,' ..
.. ..e A .. .. I" -ei t .-.

t: ppM ,i?.e ii ", lR4'pO 'I? I .'r-t1':" qi.a
:.. .6 4..%., F ,- 4'2, ten ,, .-. .... ..g and .
.. .,. :, : : .. -

4;,.Ia:L -. .1 ,
9 d..":. 3;O&' ha'. 'te .a-- ee.. 1-I; *ext+.et tt&5th
~i v :I wsa klc.. --i.;--I -~lsv~td AStLT.6'iIPEfC-T .L'--L! "t 11

PA.'r '.I rf -"' SA uare~e ;"
,. , V F .. .: BU M ,... ; -..

4. ..h..xs A. x', L & ,0` ,-- .,'d .L. ,',. ent1 ,. B I -1 ... .
N-IN* B, .' 'ont Ti'"" a" r '*' 'h.. 4oo tLpeir. A 'lAU Ac, '4 e ",_;... el I
'd Lo =i N. IT .),L~ Ta .i-

'6 .ii,-- ;onj ..i bi g thre. f :,W ,M P.. .t1 .. '.a IorTu.s em of V'uA'.riWh,. oM.boe 'o.o Aj._+ ,$
A.., "k ,. th., .of"&o id. P r the --

:. .'' . : 4w ; i-n
.,%, ..' -: ,. . ,. ,, ., . . ... %..-E ,

17 ~~o mec W:prs .s.__,.wps.yed 81.1.

,'t e"'. I ....'.-z," %I, .T lez -A ..
t'..__!j~~A .R L'.,.) -.. .. ... .. t ., OF, ,, I. L%. I .. mo p.+.,p ..J
VM ,- S- ... e v r` d i !,'I ..t* iii -f i.;+ ;, '`.... -. : ,

I a.e A4w11 Fra;k. to
..A-.-A...'-., ,I Ii. .... . ,.%.... ... .. 1Le. d Y m W: o

".:t -' ;;,g.ston,. ei I .y,' V-.o 1" te h ',."'." a ..e. ,".l """ o. W.,_"e l
-. . '. ..' a6 M t h '.... y ...... ..... ... e -,
nl, Y. :.,'I--`:-,.. of Mi ; n e mpaew. '". u I 04'.""
.., I I .. . .. ... .r. .'. .-r. w t i. -. . "n i. . . .-. L ,
-. , .. R... ;. ,.-... ."A
,,, ....... ., .1 ',.-...v1.. ,-o s m.r. .. ..'...
4:11u g st e -h i a, .3fg ] ,t ire .6 1 k '] :i'. L.'- '." g i s I 'rw d .O I':. . .. .: -y . "A -L.".i
f. ... I_,. ,.''. -%. ...... t q u a t,' .. : .. .."... ., p .
W ,kt, ... IeL.. 'Io. I. I, o ,. I: k .=,r". -+ k---11-I 111 S .;

,;r----I r-,~r,- tiltoue.hb ._.., P. -
,n';, +' .o .eI- . 1.. '" ;. .... . " ". "L ," Z. '" "..... .

om",n'ied 'by.W..4X.,..t ,t'... I ". rA... 7 4-1'
., t .;. : .:"+ ".' .. "'"
,-+... k i+ ,' ""
.......~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~.k .. .. LL S;!, .""' O is. p ~;,t.p~.M r .....J "

tin---a'ae..- "" -.. @ .h e+n*m.;."
41 '.&.-' 6" A i - '
$NY Fe.... '. .i , I, w.. ,'1
.,, -, .-
him hr thiswe,:ek, Afterles .- , -P..1L 'q..' F.o%_."
to:t "i th e ,.F eh N ,v on. ......3 P. M : ...". ..... ,tI: ,
S.- :6.Pn. O ."1 "' ,!:%
~r~~ N *abalagueoar- -A 1'- 'r -

M1 Thete e Mei beghas Y. .t . .... :..:... .' 1 .
',,-." ."'a`- le --et e .Y r o':,R '-'r Mi, i I... '., ... .

.. '-C 11.lQL 3
M.I$m .e .. .. R en s i"&riJAed ~

d Yor..bBh e. ....-- s -. Ca f'. ." ,d".,'. ", 81N "". 5.. x4 ." .
l. .. -;:! Fivego nWueff~ in -ente _:twi --~

RtG thRanion since I ;-'U"I,- ,' 'I -.14 "s.. ub -
Iz4iP Ria. ..A r.* I '

J.", 4 .j.. -.., ., '
t.: !!r3iW ._ ...,e~ iV-Ler ,e ei 5 s "; -.. ,.,1t ,,ti ,a. es .. ,, --..L e ,J ... ..-.',,,-s, "

., .A.. .... ..... ....... .. .

.. .. .. .. ........ ... .......- .. ... ."., ..1" 11 -' :%.
1 .. . .. .-. .Ab .. : .. .v ... -. ,..
1.7..' .. ''. ,...i 'N r i ,~f6 at. .-e :-
= ." _. - : I .0.112 d R ga d .1W ,... ".1 ,', ..'L:A ..,.+t .",.,
.. ".. ,,. 16 51.-'. b
_" I. ":i " ,l'g t' II W e 1 I c s d 6 i l6l '-"l" I % : 1+ l
%- i ""'.. . .. .. .. .. ....t .. .... q ,",..: ,,' I j., .,,,,:'. ,



(Continue& age 2)
fphi J, UR

ot riqzulju., P, go'-; Ik- strike'. welcome tit's;
V h ei
ii F Fr4n9ois. D
pWd. in' with cordiality, f "CAndidiff"
It Poke ere
er e PArf, and''resalve, to col 49r, S at, t is
his 16tto, < 1 N
1=Y thel , jj&Ini'
17 Ja--` ,-policy Mst.b
ii a. 'T' Z-
the erlisi -wi&lb6 decld.d--104,ulpdkstanding for the, PU;
-ao,4 bei i o bbx ff lectcdl Pre
al ffie" aktribute, "-sidn"
s I nbuttit on'. of Cre he-vere e, ."I V"_
powq, I te&.pbn- hinias at an6g'fieral Lconl' of' isi 4iaidfft dbdb neiess&
ur r-y x, e s'a
eh AdhGra' -Country: 'h Mt-, W fil
't I, i 1.":a I ; I Pow in G n Z
pve_ jie
D t. 41IF -jf0ih'Git.owAn,,re Pard to'Jfi, C,
111ao;,MKI 40orge AN, Alembe!.
Men 6ber 0 1 MIME 1.1d.t.
t it . NIH
e insi4m-on.visiting t e Fac Lik COUTARD, Meinm. Economics nave
oy e saw ther han. '-snade"oNo rhA er ,w,6i: W inivy
W,44 t1le. t le
94,17 16ntaimng,, t'h wo pq
on re gn-l5o,
Of iiikhini,3 kt6 ed Dorninj,..
T ... I i '. .1 .. '.. ; -, 1. .
01 W e`, uld- tari opub ic -,and. Ulie 'United
'D10:'-,HA.MS,- 4
-Ifie Ape Valibaopf t is ma e r t6
M-1 ISTER vis.tht": Easrt,_4e said,
C Wely. libked`,witj.,'ihe intd
'b f 11 _V 6 restsW tb6111,4iiie, V PO ICY-
rjqell o
ocia on, qf 'jthe 13,N.P J 'B k' a"i6aq -R,p
bJx Dr. Duz
ere are'so)na,.wng
jeektp drop,,every- 'then be--base1d'..Pj1'ih ptu
e, SCri iai
'Lve d" for, several years.
thi a, ieilor', ifani who'
in th,i j-,aa.iititjqn.,,!At :1s evident' nis6l 4:416ob e; to,, -a pjn -0i.
W 'J. e
that' the 0q. nq ignoze 'the 900
Repubde to
it" S at, a pir a kon uman, eingslt
e ilisiW',a 1e 'V
'FeT 0 WhO, lNe, ;Wi
Rank -4 7 1 b
ti t p ionte'ut u, 11rpsdbbt; As f6k Hait7s.greatp_ighlj6.
iiiaiii ixi -urs
Deint. Ma F,
rAlIPP A the United States -q(f`An1er1c6;,t
itselt,.,ori a "Ver." large
ay evening itit Ham reolied. in
bes.of 1. 1 : arc
Vianiutit drani;. itl I lvii4erg. d'interesi
the, kank's '91, 1, 1 , -
en a - -
d hne, buffet, a a o'w'. t&ih tha -w-,
of,'this t tha
pr6q, as eyqry,:. w HIVI -pr" i fi
qided a of: the s o ienastii
Mg -lbA, -
b,;54 'kn 1h tack
c6ii-1-1 mak'
inla f .. ._a
1, '4, 1 -., fcfn't!uJ& of rilker'ni y'., Temonqtrat.e tJo
.ndwn their Ws' I be, C Uesi, T-
Vie ol Y iji- '6'drk days hy, thc, 0,
mgnt t us
64k; 43
-AP ployp so : .1 I , 11
iA t'ah'd'the jiefple oitthe!
bister SixjoiLs -who, 1,ae`j, -Vernn en
*onderfW-1Y,'1.`qrga.i sed, rep)l
es. e 'paid-Ai
11 Am (IMS) or.nj'om'rhiiii-: 'a', ns
s, .1 Y, ris to the- contribd
-0 thit After eade v iej 'h tip already
accohlan , ''' i -,
eilby, t4ei UnW stte%. n
]i 6t aDtbe em Wife fwthe'seXen to, nine fete. A
1, W e- At VP: AV t
pioye% e--fA300ge Pas- allebranche,
'!a t t 0 Mo I dullE&I,
-the, fete by ,o. her,: Com-
1, 's. I even s,'. 91 provmighs to, tho, hdidhi t sanl
eti' of A. :nUttee,,'pwn-Pat'R6v-HH.2P,,R',-'"
S\, "12- 7% : - .. 1 ., fil Id fUft4ds,., i
_an-_,, _e eI? ee WAo t)unain.
1C, pr1V-.a:"..,
.6 VL:,

nue roni. Page-
ad be&i-banned
The ban Nvqs.'Uft6J-tM'n
pxLvf,, roin 1-the- pe;,
of the: In totior Which-' 4'
ed, di
.,campgn N rM
o5e nlA e'rution, InAheir. .5ucn ama elpg
Ipeeh th,
-C es an q1r Political e f er" to MI TthikV, -
'Dee ja S
'pga,' f 14 't Pem
Serd '.D."
P sz QnT,'r 1ie,.epiderh)js,',WMfL IT
vIvat'n -in, r-(Ya cp!IJo the%.Tfa- -A
eve n 1.11g, t .3?U 'CYNTU Elt,&n Sefol'on d
that he'desiredW'in,4111.6 the_Unit. RP.' o prig&q
Y 6 'tfn,be,:Sur a 1
0 V SPA a i,texn f ts till
L-d ,atiTQnki ;6 ,,'restAt,,., "PLAM TT'l
jueraber_-, to. Haiti
_%Yheti: Ad & th 0i
Voie f6i Lthe time -,Irec An e a YTM
im 'd n'Oe aiij t"oris,
neA IM 16- ppearar
ho' jaL.. eieotio idejolthe'ha
e pe(T e_." 6 01 side
,,by, th, Ydt a8l,'2 isveryeas a
Jed that th
_1'1.P1y..,quSt spr nd a tbin
n. nave -The1r.-re PLACENTUBIkX tfi
sjIbj oc Hq -ajsq Te onm6nde"(1,ibb-. _on pdd a
00S i6nan Tdsagesse,, in Vit eanv' e of PLAMN'
1UB YX cb'raes, d ed
Sy vain a 50., sta-C. ops, ne
h a p a u co!
Was'' t]M BFX is Sufficient for
ail, Iffi ai SeVera ij
UVersiV6 moving Lfnderw 96LE OR
bilt, that he; a t e Olad 01 zi FOlt HIA PERSEN-
vo u bM- gov enigii. had W Rue
MO. &I sf
T swornl givetheco untryfre6%and 11,0LACE TUBEXII, 'de 'Goungue)",'..
$iAq re..q&Wtio..'us;. Ine c lo.
ill-M -Thi atcw,;, Fft -SALI
a,. kPresl4ov. and AM
he. *64 I kebp-his wvL u 4e, I ondel; azu .'du
M iy0 '"lamp 4 ars, TWette
clared fitithe't' tlia bi. Goverp-.
zqay apon, Kne, apois;
F'6 U-
cllte w gu 61der_ aold V
Mg- Ch 1)4hatelfi&, Urged ii
ose., earn t6,
MIA" beauty:' `461ikj me edii E eizze dona ve
fi 01ai
eat T atre
tj ja' Pption-VE10;, Big living-;
,X: ge bebt6(rfis
1-th I is .', : I I I'- .. .. .,
.0 gair
ti A

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