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Haiti sun ( March 3, 1957 )


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Haiti sun
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R. Cheney, Jr. ( Port-au-Prince, Haiti )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )

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oclc - 32441147
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Port-au-Prince; Republiquc d'Halt. Teephone 2061 SUNDAY MARCHro 1957

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je week K seegrned to be building up dangerously Thetie -is no Dei, ti. ,mcsufete.
doubt- '!now that. thoig it will be on a less sump- -ohW edutiliy *ffeendeM-1ie
tlus'sc~1e IKing parniiv4~i;'W Court 'will be'as gayIts bVjr-ahd'diiSocilaeblow SV
a, lot- of ene-igyrthat Wtilgbt' have -geae intd poiclbtteill attemp~is.to-suhvert Jdstiee:--.
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survey~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~a oflrlciHiiti oadbig.ie yteUi ot'd of rien egytats .imglit, hav .g one. ntha a olita pounds w i atelS.to '- u n erolt J aste-"' ;"
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strickeno,.. area of Nod-i W..o, nh wid cked here the r the new t.. Amb .
wedYding amrc hti 't6afeed..[.
nx, THct N T -L We d a b the f Un it S $ta-- coof -rice. equivei-. . -. 3,800.000 The 53-yea. old..C.....r oid a-
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view nou r next edv.flen far yea.11 arine at Por-au-Prinace bgn i~nrg:cn tn d A o n page 27) '-e xp ected her shrl y
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-of,.- Reotin' Coser' 'his wife, Lau,, Iareo' frto.Tes y., te rsAd sehs b terhur YefOw t -eee d ,. =.

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said twe wordsn w~rh~ ma' to help -.fee t-' ... ."d :Foi R-'i ...ftzh" 'Th Lykes Lin ship" i Augu'h' ....' ":
stic e -a e of No ~ 'N. 'S .,rq .. r..-, , ...... n L, ! m z~a
ng, ..docke there this speetkend
'"I'Te'K iG POLITICvAL PUTISE Itern Haiti .was' annoufe,. on t ; len. Airea,' -.t irno d oHii
wit A c % oa g it *f 744A m eatric ton s ono H it.,c "



' A 2h. 9

SUNDAY MARCH 3rd 1.57 |

~' POLIT IC'ATLTHE CLASH AT GONAIVES 'ARMY ORDER '", be ordered and in th- eveAt that
POLITICAL W EEK the charges brought about are
Reporting on the clash at Go- The following Order of the Day proved the Chief of Staff will
(continued from page 1) naives, an Army General Head- was issued on February 23rd take against the guilty en"ber
Quarters communique said: from General Headquarters of the appropriate measures, ranging
RIOTING north of Port-au-Prince, a man i On February 25th, at 9:00 A. [Haitian- Army. [from disciplinary sanctions to
N was shot in the jaw by an uniden M ., Mr. Daniel Fignole arrived in' I.- The Chief of Staff reminds jugmrnent by General Ciurt Martial
p' Army headquarters here reports tified person in a rock-sling- Gonaives in a car driven by the members of the Haitian Army By or.fer of Brigadier General
/at the battle between the parti- ing melee during a Fignol6 mee- Edouard-P trus, ,and followed by that they must observe a strict Cantave.
*sans of Senator Dejoie and Pro. ting. two camionnettes driven by Le- neutrality 0h1 the occasion of the Max F. Duthiers
fessor .Fignol6 resulted -in a num- ARMY COMMUNIQUE vius Michel'and Paul Clerges, res- coming -electoral competitions. Major, Executive Officer
Usher of gun-shots being fired by Meanwhile, the Ministry of Iiectivcly., 2.- The individual attitude of
the-Dhjoie group. the Interior issued a communique The danidipte made a broad- officers,, sub-officers, soldiers and
One Fignoleist was killed, and denying reports that widespread cast over.. cRadioIhdependance,, civil employees of the Haitian Ar- Dr. MARS SAYS HiS BOOK
Another, wounded. The Army re- arrests were likely. to 'the population of Gonaives. my must confirm the public en- MISINTERPRETED
ports that a Dejoie man, Gral.' The Ministry of the Interior However, the partisans of Can- gagement taken by the Chief of
:mend Mardi Pierre, was lynched ,also issued the following commu- didate Duvalier who were gather- Staff before national and inter- Dr. Price Mars, i an inter-
by a group of vengeful Fignoleists; unique: g At this hour when pas- ed nearby threw stones at the national public opinion, view reported by Le Jou in
Swho reportedly attacked and beat sions are high, such state of af- speaker as he left' the station. A 3.- The General Headquarters its March 1st issue, declared
' hi. `16-death. Lairs can only create an, atmosphe- companion, Dupremo Jean, was does not intend to control the that the radio orators who attack
.Senator Louis Doie was notre entirely prejudicial to the inte- 'injured. personal convictions of the mom- ed Foreign Minister Fvremont
.... Senator Louis D61iw as no uti ..
haned and at the start of trou- rest of the country. The police intervened and es- bers of the Army; however, it is Carrie had misinterpreted the
S harimeld- m .h _o'' The commnuniqu9 went on to tablisited order. Meanwhile, Mr. formally asked of them to avoid text of his book.a
b. le 'bWas rusb .zr0on thle scene'[ .. . :_. ___
lt -b a rse t say that the only measures taken Fignole went to thq Gonaives all partisan attitudes that could el voluntarily testify concer-
., gro p'so far *,ere"(1? Sequestration of Hospital to have the victim treat- be interpreted as dictated by the ning the accusation, hurled at
'A:. ,I MAATISAw NT: o propt f members of the 'ed. A crowd ldy, in .wait for' him Superior Authority by not well- Me. E,-renont Carrie, actual Mi,
... E iARTSaA fallen Government; (2) Decree on the road, and stoned the cor- informed, and ill-intentioned per-' nister o' Foreign Relations,, Dr.
:i. i,......... ,. ....i 'strengthening the Commission of tege which was' being escorted by sons. Mars stated, :/:.. A.,. i:; : In e tg to a d..u~ xl g is
?v % t ae be i iur fq. Investigation 'and.'outlining its the:t. AP ce. 4.-.Lastly they vili avoid pas- am saving is the historic verity
;. I., W n.ave. 4en -.e1 ,..Ior. powers. No' arrests wouldd be pos-i Mr; Fignole's car 'had'the d.win siopatei discussions about the Can- and a homage to truth .- I must
e. uait of..severaL personal e-, Co.ssion made dows broken. Ferdihand Raphael didtths to the Senate and to the add in a moat peremptory man-
leved corned in-the Mar- its Report The Communique en- aho. was on'the spot was struck by Pesidency. r, iat during my research in
Affair: .. -. .. @ I ner, Litat dutrin g y r se r h i
ssant. Affair, ded by appealing to the. people to ,a bullet which entered'his cheek 5,. If'a written and signed the Dominican RBpubii- and in-
S'.An" ano ne'.ment' by the; 'De- preserve a climate of calm which. 'and'was rushed'to the Hospital comililnt is. lodged against a I Haiti conaerniag thb horrible
apartment of 'Justire this "-week would permit the Govrnmept 'to A'.Fignole partisan, St. Jean Mi- member of the 'Army, accusing tragedy of 1937, 1 have never
saidi. -that: a carefl;i inveidgs'llon carry on )ts work .and also permit fie,l was pointed out by, the him 'of, putting !iiAs authority 'or once heard the nmae of Me.
r .-. car on ,t pemt .h~ wa po d "O- by thehi
i..h-ad-ueen -made by 'the PortaaIz it to tale all. measures for ensu- croWd as the man who had fired influence at 'the service of a Evremont Carrie. attributeJ to
i nee-Polee immediately. aftr' ring free elections. '"i the shot- candidate; an investigation will any participation there in.
i';.the irimne and that only .political ..' St. Jean-I Michel -was arrested, ,. -
,izfliuences bad' hindered the: pro- RADIO DRAMA. .although. no firearm was found -in ...': .-
.ce.edings. .: .. An official communique' from his'possession.. .
rT-The Attorney Geeral of Port- the Department of the Interior, on tA sOdieis"; Albert 'J'osph, is
4'.ai.ti-Prince Civil. Curt6'the .anio- Wednesday suspended the 'broad- known to, have fired a shot on
' eenient paid, is in possession -of casting of 'neWs -of a politial na- the spo... '
h-.theedocements,a mainly the.dpo- 'tie.a s m ', The Fignole cortege departed
tt."_sitions of Mr. Lldovic Dd'sibor Liitenbrs.'ov6r Sta4tiof MBC o.p -from Gonkives. a. 11:00' o'clock' for
%tkruile he.' as a. patient at'tlie his Tuesda night .sensed a .drama ,at Cap-Hai.en..
P1. the end of a broadan wtby a u- ,a
... ti d`Icu- .amellae orator, Mr. Bonaventutre."o ,
:.ments which were handed over by Nightly he 'had attackedoreign, INdDENTS. TO DA .TE
"the" Police that the Puble Mint-' Minister Evremont Carri' demand
""the" P olic that har l afor t.m ssmini,16^ S
.try has issued warrants of arrest ing that he step' dowb from the, The, Depirtment of the -Interior
I : aiginst certain perdns sever] of Cabinet. He flaredd that Mr. issued" a sbnmary 'of the serious i
.',. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o sa.idossvea~r .. .: ,- wai ...
.whom in id "Carr, who, h sad, was cous ineilents that have: been reported
S of R1pwhak'.TTrUjillo, had -'o right, Beside' the. twb incident s at -Car-
w e really tht e c.Ito .hold ..thd: foreign "Reiations refour Di nd at GoriaiVes,
";.Ismor home in MaLrtssant was at-" rer D prtnt fo h .nties f ui

1'.< ... ,, .-^^,, ..... .. the :riommuniuese pientions fo tne
tacked i July 1953 and r DIesi- "On. A, 'th ,same ,. -progranmm, ote rs:'
..... ~~ ~ h a i ,, .. . u . . . a , , .. ... oth ers : ; ':
-, kor and. hriour chi0di.n ha~ed "Lyonel fquin, & Jumel.e supp'or- FEBRUARY. Sth :',During a' stri-1

;.. ... r" .,.- ..mi~ ".f :^ fi poitca natre -.aatr or ', Spca V8.Y h Suie is 'ebe of Fods-e arrn
o"".. death. Although.. ., severely tr,', attact. e r"oreig.. "-Iiis- Ice _stage in .Cayes,. several houses I
Mr.Desinor qdc 4san
:..l Mr o eaged.t escapJer; reading 'a. passage, fro50 s s the were damaged ':and soldiers were
,e .' w! as b el'o 'the.- book: writt-en -
.. d with the vw t m ii t. h wteran tbyir: PErice, an- injur&I. 'with stones bY the strikers,
"ro. d t t i. ran .d..ipl.. .mat-histo.riat "FEBRVARY,.22nd- .Ahouse. in
,.,.....VfI'OLENCE. '' iee.b~ ofhh
MOIR,. VIOLENCe~ov cerintg-Ale.ed' bamnt of hgh La alinu ..was invaded by the par-
MrD.oi.ri0recoveteci .i~m histit.Haitiani dy f Ini&IS37 Go- tisans of candidate, and the Po-
w'". .. .as qi.b:sequeiitly..p t ,vernin by 9 iD- -"' lice 'id-Lto ,intervene to -resta-
!.'rtached to the Hailau Consault6. is officials.- ds ,-respbnsibl- for blsh'rdr
!.ev. Xork where lie was at the the masaere."'of 200.000'"::H'flitia& FEBRUARy 2th:" hi Cayes, a
t.6upe of thejfail of tIe Magloire. peasants. ", soldi4luf. the Army had. to- pen.
,.gu. e. "- V -Bonaventure :a etd d ke oni:,w. individuals from a
A. other,-ncledt of V nop, it was -ahin6tced .'that',thee' pto- i ii" w attempted
at .t waives, on Monday, wis re- gram. had been interrupted %by a ;to disarm him. -
d by the Army. At the Cite visit of the Police who seized the Ont.st p dat, lii. Ja''el,
:..do I ePdedence, 200 miles, tape-recording. thereee wie '6lashes in the Maidi-
G.ras'bninds. When A policeman in-
tdrvened to establish, order,; he
New as tomorrow wwaodetfel wa"d.
jas gifts or to buy fw! yourself'e : B "..

SL )A L S h ox~klu tfdite aL'Orientale Aux iseOaaun* by'Max Pluchinat.
that in consequence theD partt
Here have assrtment ment of Interior was justly j(see Story page 3)
we an alarmed by the exaggerated man-
Snor in-which appeals, by certain
of ra lly To.; Quoii tfa .torse had boqe launched ov qr
Sandals at:such reasonable r tWao es gone sE art' etvjo enr
hhse- e'es hormdn 'oq so"fa

-that eyou can hardly a ffor toermti of6heY Ite accustin se O pg3
hichcontitte&efpmations adg-
Come: and Select yours which could engender a situation ~' &~K~-'~
-htmyhv -deplorable conse- !"''"- '"
from our wide' range of ,-' alamel of its role of maintain- ,, ,
ing the public Peace, the Comnu
niquea went on, the 'Department
believed it to be its duty to in-.. 4
sirm .2 '1 "M6 4 W'.N. tervene; demanding that radio sta-
....... d.. o.onlpu!: aneuh 4 to thisstate of
FI thefi nterest. opeacpui c The longet l Fr onetb evr aeits19
::-uom = noorderur t i heh cud epartente of sthetion- Sun" line whcb is.. ben intoduedalog ith18thr"crn

S,. r m r "-."", .htemor reqesed .dpropribetr cofnpe. eynwFr oysye.TenwFrswl fe
..u N wride rardosaiostnobdutlfrgrodrrneofipoeenofpromnewt h o
ONYf AqTOEte oinces, al.bo'dat of., a power nlan being- the optional,._.. 24 hrsepwerh..drbi,

pol" itical na turoe, defamaitoraoin pe- a V8,..The. unier isa.meber.oFor's ne c arhie. .
subversN D T. i ve t oe public border. thO sres, wich ill ffe a band- .c ofgldclre.noie


A4%I~lnUrJ" I.

SUNDAY MARCH 3rd i57 ,HAITI SUN "Iiii- ". .-I "E' .' ." 4".'1.I.
,.[.;. i. . M
'E th ..... "+
'I. S. 'Envy On other Wiiams Spends A Day MAXPINC.NM,:.,.,
.,. . :., .;...: .
Goodbye Tour .-i'...... .:
A nation wide tour of Haiti to HMTIAN.PANTER'
meeL aga.-n with his many friends .The iRpaortant exhibit now ou At the.PalaisidestBeal4x Aw%!
before his eventual departure for .I. 18Sloburlelnfitdbnte to the Hitimn.qwene iMaxr._..u ,ati
retirement in the United States j1.a.t M 0:'.'is -.."tiug, tfor 'ail s, sophisticated ,-rtletlo ..
was begun this week by Ameni- bringstohere his own heritage, ascertain moents,.
can Ambassador Roy Tasco Davis strongly as a vodmi drum or a cr~ole lullaby.
st. .a o u.dr m o r l ulb :".. .. .2 :41...
withl'visiti to* Port-de-Paix and'1 .
.Cap-E, itien., "'
Cap-Haitien. By LisaBASTIEN -is reassurngly..preseht". _
This trip by plane into the "[g.i hetAo, be, iulticized,. then, jlovps not only -the ,lfr n'i, .At
north and northwest will be fol- : bbtiiae'he .refuies.to lean d x- the miracle of llvIng..an ;!
lowed soon, according to present, 1uaevl. ely-.on his o.wn traditions? tude Which *lendz ut1jdtRh"i*4160
plans, by 'another visit to the ..Why ittthat as soon as a i Hal radia&"eet:o h.its *ork... I, ,
f 'j . ... .' .'
principal cities of the Depat- D ai.nr, painter' denies.c"" ertaln 11. .SIMIt&de. &o"rs ilne;.' ....;'
* m en t, of th e South anli '. other, '1.. .l.o n. In a. a.h -o r .an e on.es a.ils 0h1.5
.... . ... .... I .. .- .:+ "'. ....i
meetiXngs with 'old acqainhitances "... 'fe,1...I e-ineatis.of prigm-al -.'rti.S. lntr 'strenthstint P-F MVn~
.. . e rWe d' ftn i: .'.
.. r-. '. ..';'. ', . .,v' . + n / "
*in and around Port-ati-Prnlice. t-e.ie usb.,o!!er otconastkn 'work; a trtffe -,be .1 .
.'".. J -t ' ."6~ i: hj-" d '.' ...-" .Io%'" '. 6 o 'si d o k A 7 .e l!''.-;
hosts from 5 to 7 .p.mI. at. their' ur en ""tli n 1w.whIh.gr. ...-1 I W
* esldenee at Bo;urdon .at an Lopen., *) t*. . .of" mo"en zjt".:. t".,..s2,.
* lou t-, 'f all their ac'iaintances hb~~ efltf ipr.V ..'i ,,v~,
,I- -;f ..1. ,n.,1Wb'a . hwi

in Port-ahu-Pr since a 28d ne arby No '1. 6 !.0rlgred, "'16.. s :bject mIjpta .d
.,.,. 1h ; .:.! ..., .. .,. :,W.,

ori'dnat, invitations .were isued tn. *...n' .. Wi.: e.t'wg{he" j? b~ --jS'
.. :&1 f lr, .i~. ,I.1i"lei; ra 1 frqedor. u .:s -.. *.tj.,..

-bash.sador Davis was" given 'an oyv- ts wer. ..l-..I l"' I-, a bitj .-dp
.. .. .1 6~. . ...A :k h ;,'--k! u g' _W

tion upon his arrival at 'the air- ~ Ii ..h .io Wfn3&xra.- ...
"pOtt by an estimated. 3.00- of :the :..- .... o,.&..-.P..,. ,.,.. . ,ft. .,.. ..
co fromuni 5t's off7clal.. an t .lilensi. n tiy'". ... is. e lti n '".6. "."...
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the pl1aMi.. of 't laitidn and' . ez".s"e t .fa ,ts. .ALifr *' '"..
A merian nation, anthms, ~h'. ai mnd bni'V i 4 '94 -
Ambassadtr was guest of-honor ato j itages-of. vtui.-:4.'L
".k I rs-.khI te- +'- 4 it-4io' f:a-. $k?! .p...J!, i0 -t "ut tO.. 'M ..tr..
keception at'-the charhing na-,1l i*>?*s~a4r,*.x "" so~in
tional ,chalet e. .*1* .". :& X .. ...". .:" '";1P ;hh'fl :j:...': :. ev al. lt.s!.+p~len.4
i iI d , ; ,- .- .q :, : i". ,. ..!. .- . ,." ""' " .e';' '
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tlthp',didese, tbe' Military caxman-"1 "%.l~ioous#%es s the&W I~i' d~'hub B e s w ? E 2,-
. ... ,-.j, .+,o "-!.N .

e's:.'ol. personal friendship and b I4YY*I ~f Ia'b, flf a .OW' hwti*
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noon' t! ..h ng.. Amb assador- nd hi s t. cT C'"g "thT, e re"" t'"' Jr .... .. : "

Party ,arrived-at ... Hitiea.' 1p SiCY Asiifl '(sy ""I;"4 graph' -..,.-..,hey
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..time .for' lunc at wAi.h. h -w ..jm.. '...,'...... -,e'u.4 X:
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host' to ,$iih civiland ... .l"iJtty: .. .'Th beau ..2.tifu d. ... t, .... ..... .. ..a "' k .l... dthz$I.e! off ih' .Ia. as o th ei n'.g',0nd .."at*'r11.eu lp o he e.';'r,. sh:.'. ....
.,swa fo o ed b pe hr hz ad ad."f lr'No I.,.H,..A. k,. ,"" "''": ,i"""'.I !""
son..Tvisitsato.oth eriiis..ssot hq ip *o L. *lay ...e6 .. :':. -- r* '4 "
of he., chus arr ivalnd e..ir.,-p... .nidby.; .Paul.-,..o ..4., P M,. .WIV
o-'o"tI',,r g n :."." .and 'vi ai '. .-----. -.-. .."e. t .t"... ..o.";' '
A,,.e...... d,' a,'s,, ..:.-.-,,_... ....a' :n.,.,..,',,
* ie b. n te r 000-ofwa Afoltlowe heirrd s ,." -:?: .... .. .--.. . .. . ..... ... .. r... ... -'" +"
......u...., ..,.b. :YJt,....-" M ,"w'... .......4... ..-..,...04 .... ,.
o M m e s a d' p2arty i ;..;I.- ....Z*. ........,A
.. 1.. 'l- .L...-.L Ith .', fl U

-.'.''. -. ., ,.. -'" . ..' ..._. ,, .' .
" "1 Fiesta'_'o r thi,. .s ea r is M ardi n n--t., the W hite. .. ". .. .........uD..... ......... ,j, -."
GM'Awill. ..be he dtod y....' 4." j-. ..":.r V . '...I ''
..- -P.'.Mon day March 4"-.* ., '." L Se1&o1. :. .",TN. ," .... .a.- "4 ..EW.
will be. ..c -..-q 1,!.
I".#aancHouse eginnin- "..' .,. ..
Jelm." + + ,,+ +, + + '" +++s "P~ i: ....... ..... " ... p"" + ..... .. ... ...." '._,". 1 -fi- --. -

After t"o"ghe' isguise is n".b, ""- '"ned".by.f V.i'.-- lettsr f.-
te .n d .e '., .. .... ..elen. .the.,.i,.... ,....,... .-
.. .d.....-"' ..,(" R-nn'k-dik.hrIT)o S-_

hwl be d c ? ,... . .. .. M .
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t he th e ngI. '. ''.... i... '.. .. '. "' "" . .... .... -' art,. Co su of H in E.-.a
: g of.14a.Haitian.- ad.'+...6r;,..... i&1ft~ ,:,.-,,- ,W ..o,.

o s le .' 1 ll- (Dominican Republi -cu;,S1-,

nig t- See ra prizem es wil ~ t + t1 I m le :o -. -': '...J:.. .' .. "'.. ..rjep Cp"s- "4 fait.'-" "
to %,ns~.s h aR ates.in c h 'k`:Io .ntI.....a)..;.d ....-" ....--."

ihP memesafr is eare i svte to ard Foutchardi .. . :''':J;:! Consu Gnrl++.'"+ xot.
oneI... may be ac opa y n d .m tI ; "
AmeriaTELtionl anbuinsb .e: I, pleas 6 rpl.. .

.Ad. .'t. , .. ." .. .. ..:~c i:.Y..o,,b,.er, - or ah &- h d.-.....a sy.i.Mexico..i ...:- ......
- %!home'or it. ,fl k Mr rr Ji.l:"i ,
iiiiii 'l h,, ,Vi '6 ,- . ii I i g .-
.::, .r-' - . -_ -- .,--------.. ---. .. . : ,.g o . ... t.rl d ,. I 1. , . r ,
m an s ona y M as r c~t fh on o.r, .; ., .. ...a. ,....,- . 6 .: .. . .. . ,m--, .+ ., :.,, ,.,%. % A, iU I.I . ....
.... .... .. .. . .. : ,. ... 1 ... ..."... . I-.. .f -t. ...:... _e,,t
I t ,....o -,.+ ,, ..
:'J ' . ... . , .... .. '' .. ... ... ...1 .. '.. S M ITI. b.. ._. + ' rE W C ON.... L_..' .

i. . ion..ith Deh : :6,.rn s. R..C." .. .::,u, e . .. ..,.
-- -. . ......... . .. . .s E C AS.... .
'; ,,='-+ / %; .; .:""".. , . .... %' ..: ii . . .I .. I ".- g :":, .-,f " ""' ''"" "" '" "

M w.!%Inner of th e _--".r .ti na.. " ......... ........ 'N OT ....
C county Club- are kindly.ask.to%,- S flI El., 4

.. f-. :, .i. -I O -:-- -- ,-"*.." ,.' ".-7-',J.. ."- chi ,1. -...
. ," "" ..-..."." . ..-" '" " -"a' ... .+ -" .- E " : ". .1 '. "". ..T : is" ". . ....Iie.e a ".-n". 1 .

.: l d alle ot h r. ..... ..\du "' .' ;.... .h.- ,.- .. ...1 ..T h. '. .. . . Z b '
e, ,, Ii1"' .1'. ia

ring th e a diGa o se toeg.nn in e d .... . .. .. ... . ... ..... ..... "fto!- ..l- tu moder e
tibn a l ." is u se +s o. I"..,"- , '' _" "..! -.: -- ""W -' 1 C. .'. M, < .x." ". -;., -- ", . /' I : ." '. .- ..'.. .., i'" .. ., ./- -.

'ning..b8:00, P.h-I en m de v e .' -" "! '. A' ..... .. .. . |.. T eatr e d t li,. ., :O
)."T. ' .l . ,. ..mvI- Fit' '.' I" .. e. 'Big Ll." .v7,o,--, v.,ou..'..
VR*M N E W' CARS t -Three: :'-big. Bedoom th

-. "..'Presi.dent',.V,'."N.. 1 9 5 7 ..' ,:,"-- ". .:
.w r. ~d .nt d ... ,,Ie., ,m0,i. -V . r.,";.14 i 4 .'.." "t", .. ... ...) J s?.r

Offjla c l els I,-, _ e.' -r-Sh4-.r: ., 5 rers ."antrti -4`* '- kAjt W- 1 .

U.: B n .k I :..: .A d dress: 2O.ffi c..es..'. '- .... ,K .. ,. ,. zei'-.- -c:,se ,I.' .I
.. +... .. i... .'-_,I, ''I :, --.1;.. 'i ....?. ,

M sr. Vance.B rand, Fr.hk Kim-,..."% Two ;.- .". : .." '*n's *y:a, tEI,'SI"'. .
con g%'ei.lds, ... here on a special missinet.(Do mI. In Repubf it..
Way e E -xp r-t. Imp t.. N .'" 84 .... ... .. ,oNS u, LE, f ;.,, ; N,,,, .

Hnkg r officiaLprzs will have ):' impor..Do w nto w n R" d.' Pe p '"- R e D nts D s
t.ant tak.s'it aiianfi.cils'" c Ph n 3
t me m bers are n it li ... of 1 'I.... .. ,:".. . .' .,.---.. I .. ..... ;I I II :4t:I -.I I..4
,-I i ft .r .' q< ..'''-''' 4'I + + : ,n c , I ONe - .--E .:I i m". ..; Fv

a d w t MIii t r f F n cy.J1. I ..:..N O
.tici1,6dct e in the -eont.st6 -. -tf h. ., . .-.
onnuay e cc m ar c 'i .V 411' ,"' :..II!I I .,,.; .t.. ... t, .'.:, 5: it# Hahn b, ,\...Vh. ..

Francis.Safgado.:' " "." "" "
... ...., '. d .; ,.. ,. T'"LI
"... .1 11": "...... .. .:. 1-I I t i I I6VA1& (,!, Alm, :.i '-0 l 11 - ,I III : ..; I- I I i iI I I I

0 @9"1. ."k..... 'smgl ...L"d" .!",b I--,-a-
e,% 'fld M sl.A ..., Ckft ...' I
p or .m r R n I ii I i" I.. I.,.. . . .- .. II :i I
~ iemffi._. _o f rs t i ihe asfurnainall,'.., 4 ' .. ., 'i- l I- I '...'...."". ..'..
,ild 4 2 .. *Id )" I_ I I... VI .> i;I
.e ... ,L. ." ...1,10.._.
e ounry', ",ar kidl4-ske0".10M..'! .... -i "TI gI.. ......1 .. ,1 .
rfgt e M r LGri iAs tO:hi . :.,. a::i _i:i: M i.... -twa" `, i. 'O ....... .. .. V.. ... .. ? z 1
... "..... i" "I i "I iI "iII II.-,i iI ? '....;i- II .I1._i. IL i 6tI I % f Il '*'
. . .. . .... .... ,- . .. ...
g 8 .00 P M .undg r Itmn d n`0ht., i 1t c . . . ..tk " .. .. ........ .-: ... . .... ,." "..a O W. m m '.
. Prs~ei ..'" .' ..' ". .:. N T N W I A S .. ,., '... ..""n f r VomL '.. hS.
.- .""' ..1,. .:. o." ".
... . .... ...".1m I` "I n4 m n. Ad% dress. 2Iffi es nm &m ;b n ftmnh i ., "It.e;
. ar n as e e .. e M" :--1"' _-"'."." ,";, 4." '. ".1is. u s~ u xe '' ;:\
pesr s. Van h e, Bran d ,F aiik iA.th N-. "L. :Z :%:.... -", ;1. ;.. :".,. .., f?, "' ".. .. .. .V ..
... 1 4. . .1 ." .-ee......4 ." -.. i. --..': ', ", : .+; ...,
Wedneday. The xpor Imp r L ,,, t I :- e. :Pu.p.,...84..:I . .. .;i ....14 i
Ban-oficals wil hveimpr-. .... .i .0-7.1 ...,,RISA --- ue llt. peI: .:- .
a n d w i h M i n i t e r.o [.in a n c . .. ... : ..'- -. ......; .I I -1 . ... : 4 : ii ro-f .1. .. ) .i %: ;
F r n is S~ g d '.1, : .', . .."' .1..-''- :." " :'L.. 5 ..... "..': ':. +% "%.' - "' '? .: I .' *- '

..,. . r- w r' r s r t -r
W D" Sam Kiviat,
i~' Ken-Wood C4mps Ii+Oe~a
Ken-Wood Caipps t Joseph report

Director Drops m, " .
I. br. Sam W/ Kiviat, his tharm-
ma'.g wife, ..Florence, and lovely _--_'' '
",daughter Roberta (Bobby) arriv- '_ _ __ _
".'ed from New York. on Monday.
|P.h .ey>.were guests at the El Ran- ..
-c'o. s t i PLACE GEFFRARD, the little historic plaza i the .center nf down
Dr Kiviat is the Director-Foun- twn Port-au-PrOince was bought by etlieutenant Henry .Riqoet. Per-
;.410r of Ken-Mont-Camp for Boys
.. ad Ken-WoodCamp for G pignand, a .prite-nom, declared to the, Department..'of Co6miprce
-iThe tweo camp2 At Gtin THE CARIBBEAN TOURIST ASSOCI4TIiN. wili hold its Sixth'. An.
|K.,SL.wo.cam m nual Congress in Bermuda Srom Aprl.29th .to.May 4th. '
'~betq-Connecticut -high 4 y. .. : .
I-Jn: the heart -of the -Berkshire
"..eins are ite rrstion THE HAITIAN BOYS SCOUTS AND:'I:9EgS. served the 100th
rptoryoung people inrtheai, birthday anniversary of Baden Powel .list.;turay. In the afternoon
,d.B states. A roun d in rugged over. 500. members in smart uniforms of ttferent associations pa-.
,tas lc country .With raded min the. Exposition Grounds, led +by: e irCommittee heads.
lake'srien, ronas andedoiin~ons eu--jc~t
... . '% /:. ,i '
.lakes, riers, -mountains and JAPANESE COMMERCIAL DELEGATION left Tokio last,;
^h6' 'clientele of, the Camps is Sunday on an official niplson to Latifaraidt.Central America. Thle
tentative of families fro seven-member delegation is- scheduled, to. visit Haiti early in AprlLA
Spad of the Uaited Stes, MINISTER AND MRS. A. SAJOUS were tertainedbythe off t
4da d Lafin America. Each of the 1939-41 and 1941-42 promotions last Thursday evening at Hqtlt
Pc atsfor 150 ehildr.n frbdi Riviera. The Minister 6f the Presidency isa former officer of te.H Ja
15' r15 -ciFie 33& -, army.
Teao.l rs incusive. For' tO i Army.. .-' : os '":
eas th' hve-.been maing an ,. .
Impta contribution to the ,. THE AMERICAN, COLONY. in PEort0ii-i'ince observe; ,;George
cand educational giwtui Washington's birthday anniversary last'FYidqy.,-
I ..th .ung. ; ..., MR JULES MAR7 HAND, IBL (IntentiolBurauf 7ab'or ex-
.E..'&childre ...m"l .gW.: pe:n',o.d de' Uended a .three*-'te.ia#.i'lin .,tHati,:and flew
Eite6g$S\ a c;iji' cmds.- A b;ek .14o.-Prajice Monday. MAf Mehand:',.hsi2n nDSfered..,t..hos;
ll Itj ety bltKsrtsh$ studies- *TJI-S'AFF OF.4THE REYNOLDS ZfJJTEWS -hl entehained
,.anieedad'very,: cmpis inister, and- Mrs A. aJos at their C:%&iu in Pl .nMearM-
c^w@ f Ie'ut'In itself. The! ragoane last Saturday evening" Minister :Sajusr.wasr Iormy Chif
".dt -iiix*.?wi the .bdys _of tie Electreic and Electronic De part:it.of. Reynolds .i -.
eXi ...a icent.al meettag. pla- ...L7C EN. LEMOINE', Professor. at the b 'rt"p' ee-'.oniervaory
at^',;:, ":"i'".:'U "-.-..' fo raisttre ic Art pronounced a.cpnfrbnce at. th': auditorium ffbf. the
;Kiriat cami..here fr:t fist''h.-Institute, Tuesday eveijingl!-The confe&fnce was. .enfitd.`l "36,
A -Ba .etk 1930, a a .in 4 1936 and lB0ulzvard 'des Invalides." ,, '.,"". .. ': - .,;
: ,fti- he'.brought.his wif -and ;. . '': .
r-.a Bobbty;-Bobby I1 still At THEODORE' LANGUICHATDE, BEAUBRUIt-and. his Trupeo have
Voege' and has h yet: ma already .staged his latest play .Languichatte Presidett:'de9da'AR6ph-
-, -
hr.'M. d on what sosie. '.liquie in SB. Marconaes, Cayes ,and .JacmeL" .,". '4i? ': .
tlP~~ Ih, S.oc.An atIu ~ l~ Anthony, Hdei.ok THEA dV
hl'ptosu. u uShe was : d lighted' A.. !y ''EL '. (At '.i --k ,ltol 6cef. s divig
a 'sek &-co1odia4.0Me1e 'sports. -
at'aiaathe^Prpw...,beit:-- + .'-tI,^caiamnnta bakat 6le Rendez-ibus. Patrons are now
[ '[ d "at. the very nei urd.. '. .... ... : v ."' . ." ",
..... + 1"'19.. opi^ g thft;, Dm,;R remam;: open..Satur ay ighlts. '
t ", *: :.. ., -.. o::p:in '.UDE BAmRaEIito2re H Assoted Negro Press writes
; o,-;:.. .t ,t .. ,- i.i. .-6 [,t.!e ;ve:fh"g this week-:wi ,:Life.t. the.; Gold Coast' for
Ft*Jj ep~ndeiwce Da.K' *'
AMOUVr, NT. ;'.Npn,'v,.,..' :'. .
'.^t ~ t l l S\ "** .. r' ,*:* f "-^ ';'\ :* **". *.. *. .'\ "-" *" *' .. '* ." . *' "** "ir ", ".v

km A 4u 'Ljibrary .. .idy
MO $... ., "IHA..L' LI '"'':' ." ,H'',A'."ANCE1FRANCAISE nau Fr.dary
.:. :* .. :-" .... v .."evning>Th'newKib-aris sitated on'rue;du -Mbag'i M derld t. ':

-'flh;O'-'and '15 :P'M *MAM'ZEL-', SONGSTRESS LUA1NE CASIMIR js'back from the, Albe.t Schweit-
Y.IOU E '. .r. en spitl whed i*lpnf't.pee'.,monti The Hai '..,Ce-a Ci.:

l--,'!: .+ '." x' wuis'-Hvingin P' *.hie cieahetvt-Poei-Pl.ant-,.
q8:15 Po3Ast oef- $ P ecWc i o oP M
KA' -UN tetdaai t'd

elW ES ROIS 16th. The .yp "I" Iian.il T ".g n willn celebrate his. first ass' in
AY I ". Ae CL S
...AT .-.. 'THE *."bYXFo'ADj 4vkit^' n . kkoN was-,.shed but of
i'-fad 8l5- P-M. LA, 'ai- the sea 'behid-the:.Cam. o jntern : qBy n.a*riz; te ', th
i BAMBOU .legal forrnean tue had ben.-futlfied,- ,t"e,, byo.: t-.te-.or-
gue of the General Hospital ...*.... -
^nfi'"i**'-i *'*i' *-- ENGiNEER $DNR. PALYO was instal],d flirei~tor f the&Publlc.
.0-n 8:5 .. P.M. ,IMZE ,bQS R S .U N CA. $1.. M ...k .km A...',..ibe. ,. ,
%A'bdlytr:-d MMAML. Works Administtation -byMinister Rihpel 1Mondayqorfting. TCu pst.

... .. .. '.... was previously held engineered Hyppote, "' .- : .,-
*.,:.,-,.-'+- -,.- ." .... .: L'ECOLEDES OPOITICIENS$, "rafia l.dueh6's. ,atiriett ji was
.-' .- ".., . ,taged by the actors: of the .Societe Nati.nae 4'Art Dratiqde at the
B.:I-SS ,+- w '.-t .P.. 'Theatre de Verdare last.'Thursday evening. ': : -
a.:.0. ., P.M-.. ...P.. 8. -. P3. L.='j s P ,e. ..ac
''' / Messrs.- COONQ AUGUSTE elet rtA

C ,.. ,.N AND cJmS.- ACQUES lare ed t, ,.as.-
....... I "."- respectively the -new Prefects, of paritg a pic.al. stdy on Haiti's
;ra L'ILESAUVAGE the arrondissenients ,of.Porti economic d-evlopment"'6r- the
... 7:.0. and 9:00 P.M. LE de Paix and Gonaives. ';. -. State.,- Department. (,t F'iagner's
1 .... . X xx e *- : .''... mission'.will last three mo bths.
'L " O. k -of
-'.,, : 15,' &. UAL se .- ..-. C".. ....

tt 44Wimomm

___ _.... SUNDAY MARCH 3rd 1957
AN EXTRAORDINARY CREDIT of the salaries of the members of
of 71.000 gourdes was opened at the Commission of Administrati-
the Department of .Finance for ve Investigation, and the expen-
the payment during five months ses for the functioning of the
.-,...-begi.nnin.g January 19th, 1957 Commission.
. "" 0 .

'Yo^urct^Yumk rm
4 .. 4 L

4 T
SDoL't TWHesitate!
J Claim Your...

ou.ar. Wit eieOe Se& on

d'Or.ntex with every Ten (10) ets
4 Ptchaae.You11 make from:
YAu aLincon -e Harry Bar
%Alpar, (is The NylbTooth La eondaine
enclosed in. packge)- Librairie Select 4
4 AAux Livres Pour Tois La Boip d Meeique
Boucheried Champ ,Mars H. Stark
ChOUles DejeanS O. aison Claude JCoAger
mad Joseph Charles & Co. EN
tzi et P Trading Co. duLi.re
Cafit .du, Po QargaDeol Sehop
Club Camaraderie Paquin & Gaetjena r
4Berard O.,L. Roy Pierre Soda & Pls
HectdiMar JMauhad & Co. Raymond Flamber
HaitiMotors. Roxy Cingma 4
Denis & Co. Succession Paul Gauthier
Dufbrik Duntex d'Hatti Tropical Gas Co.
b Dc areit iFies The totwenir Shop ..2 stwes
Usine & Glace Nationalewi tl
rston redeam its Bottle Caps everl
J ''.. .', Friday. ,

"..A L IM .ElflU?


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.4 .. ."
. ,
." .w ,wrJ"w"w r

--4 r '< "-; .-- ... -.-. ""
. 4 -.". ..

M . . . . . .
Seyour f
Travel Age, I or f....If"iiZ L
.. .\ Rue Dantes Destouches-Port .au Prince-TaTel: 3451
'PA.fP-S7-HIA .. . "

St I"
:::' !*
g: "

-u -

- E*r.PAA.bI


HAITI IS LAND OF one of the luxury hotels. For fur-'' FANTASTIC LUXURY seventy warships and th<
Sther information consult yqur lo- In 1697 the Spaniards ceded the I of his picked troops, -lea
cal travel,agent or the Haiti Toa- part of rthe island that is now his brother-in-law,-' Gen6
Voodoo And Treasures rist Information Bureau, 30 Rock- called' Haiti to the French. The' clere;to stamp out the rk
feller Plaza, New York.: period tha 'followed- was' one of Louverture, whose efforts
CADfLLARS AND BURROS Cap Haitlin may be reached by cpulnce and fantastic luxury and been lauded in poems 'by:
BLEND IN HISTORIC, LIVELY i a 45 minute flight or a five hour THEDRAMA 0 HISTORY extravagance that' rivaled the worth and Whittier, fought
JSLA.':D 1 scenic automobile' trip. Here 'are Christmas.. day' 1499 was not A. great courts o Europe. but eventually was d
the rema' ins 'of the palace of-N happy one Columbus; for his :Wh1'en the IAevolution in 'ance captured by trickeryiwand p
By NAN GACI [theonremains'o.ther o e. .lghp Sat. karickery :and be
By NAN GARCIA poleon's sister, Pauline Bonaparte, agship Santa Maria, went down began,.t lit the torch of freedom in. prison. But t1f1 fiiiit "v
4in the N.Y Herald-Tribune), and the birthplace of the, wreat on*a ree;earCap.Hstien.' But in he.-heart-of'th6 African Ne- tinted by;-Dessalihes; Pati
SNegro liberator, Toaint er the magnicet. mnountains *and. lush grqeji'el'' hi. bondage. On Au- Christophe and everntualt
ego.hbritr, Tousalnt, .LouverAA
Haiti is the land.of hidden -trea- ture. Nedrby, at Mi.ot, N tropic al"fliag& of Yispaipi 'as gus.'79 silence .atid dth dom was won. '*
sure, voodoo and the 8th wonder ruins of the ..Palace 60. Sans: Stid, e eafled the island, wee &a. 'wel. stalS.e' I rtenh, .... liu66A-. 'Thus died Naoleof'-dr
of hte world, Christophe's Cita-. built by the' Emperor Hen' Ch.s come 'sight .o the tr.v;Wfry of 'eTs at t&hnd4g a- CaribAbean a.d O norti'
~ Ct -r'aUar H0rlb J.':i .a. Caen Im ...r' "
delle. tohe, to riVal..Versaille..Andj3o *Spanfard,-:. l,,: .: .,.tatio werh:t.he:torc EmpiRe.e ap..i
tol~~~~~hega t...". .i0 ,.. .."P tonsWere..- )thk :~r .Empirio,,3e 1a,,;plah d
.Today thp intriguing ghosts of, eet; high in the mountain junl The years .ust;. OoIpw the s Fe escaped. avixi, :bank' Haitytas a" ba .or';.i'
the past Columbus,. Spanish .stads 'Chriophe's-' fihntasti't I0- e.an4 1 2.ilo6iza.stld'. Vi.auIn &1efo3b i it dei.' thr&.,.b"'id,. Ail .'o.la -.
Conquistadores, bcc'aneis,' Negro,. banwus.Cltate ,... ': ^C. islnd...,e,,?fien
Negro. bdus a e" .tha.
slaves and opulent Prench. planta- 4.. 'sia'n"Wr Ie .......i"j' "lp:en ae; l but IoiP.b 't"24'lt". Louis...'! *(
don owners mingle M-ith the; hndd foui.ght vanMi Todts;V aq, ay'.
modern day actualities of comfort,' Orleans, dWei ci -'is e uwae haJL trepuzes'^pte -' ,ByiqixUpeS ^. ret i
interest and gaety for the trave- ing A9rthesr.:.r &. l'tbl.ttl&:.bvjd "ii1
ler .. .. b :idtfg"Iave.":e: I..rk . "':-.
for zf11oriesa `th'giesni 0 ti% ,, .ter pn vnht)~a
ic.'. .d; gm V ,.d" rL.s'Gfm'n.aT 'C...'
Port-au-Prince, the capitpLl, is a cannon tip uDi ,. a.row e m e '" I?
vivid, colorful 'blend of sleek Ca- thttr 'led, otqi, frinrj "?fio cageI
dlllqcs and itrudy'. burros, chic Maipp4 'j'9" 4onV
shops along the Grand Rue ..and ta1Mo o L -AAby8I A i
the teeming, Arabian-like...Iron i1 5 b. u gg l-dll .ottl. ,.l- ...:-Apl
Market; With an arched entrance, the efforti'n '. ""ar :..- I.r ....
flanked by twin minarets, this na ." T .i, ?;o'.. "4"
tive market in many ways is like A .,
ItZC_r. byaz :.'----
an Oriental bazaar. '-" O 'R 1... TH E 'f c .. .t.: -
While in' Port-au-JPrince '.you. .'Oie ehn't 'exle-^tit:Q ,
will enjoy seeing 'the Champ de Wriers toret.' .
Mars, a .handsome park around but-it is th6eduitot i'.j tHAJ"
which are situated the principal Tourist'Iiiitdr 7 b'to:f:b.t.S:aw
public buildings, including the and Lent ion majestic Presidential Palace. Near. petitor.. .... r '
the Revolution. The Episcopal' hi. this- 'tJe. hoI'mu J^HOl
Church is outstandug for its colo,- is .made: 0fi 1* t, ttonaqi
ful murals depicting' scenes froi I;Club.:;.whbi t .e' .... N
.the Bible.xecuted 'by native at- s bit' ri-.HIW.t '04,l';.Q ,-
tisti, they are world famous.' '. -TfheP$Ii b t sy"w re
Cathedral of Port-au-Prince is a nieer *ori, doi]rj5
pink and White mosquelike struc, Bill-.oo1
lure with lovely stained glass win- the:Idettei~ t
dows. ' of-ways 99
.'Muc ooo',k- to. ge~ [:
-Much information and misinfo ,." AKj ihf-,fps
matioif has been written aboutvoo- .Club is"s
doo and there are. various inter- cenisr . i'.fW .
'pretations of its meinini.g, pa' ne f.nts or ..
... .af i ~ e .. ..
.regard, it as ,' comiabination,-6 si-: Ridino !or..
petition with reRigiiu sy .e --d "t."'iw0:!
reigouisl~di~gs.- _Ed.- 4i Sqn JR-*
"any doo prie. t"n, "I '" ',
.value of ihative herbs and" conses, N" "... A'rt,4
' qquetbly :their "cures. often 'Reer' "*11 .Z.S.I.Ei...IEC .< ". t "'rq'"
-bordering on the supernatural. .'1 IJ
modifiedd voodoo ceremonies are otels"In 'Haiti: are've-go'&fgq
-r .-r a. Rwiai90tio.: t o
arranged regularly for tourists 'Hare -re'a. 'tWigdesbions, r':e'
who'wish to.attend. .....'' ',;' .auPriince vtq .a e.eue4ep.pu .. .B'ae..5".,fq'
If you are .sports. minded; ,Haiti' .Rivage: OloffiS i.e..'Ca"el- ..
lihas excellent swimmifig, golf, ten-. Hai" Spendide1 Maj'stic, Parc c.. L
'his or horseback riding and for Monr "v& .ndE...r..' ""' "I-
.the .more adventuresome, ,spear: 3PtionyVile': .Hot4t"..ooL ...... i *, d dks
fishing and hunting for'wld boar;. 'inebo, -Chodoce. |
anid' ocor'Aile. Soece"' matches, Majestic; Villa CUrqoie'ail:Caf; V ...... ... -
"'bsketball and cock fighting are Kenscoff : A.t" ?ls+^J.6i' "li0i- '...
speetator sports. The ripto Sand' phe, Mont ,oli.BedandSi,-- X.1 ..e se tc
day Coral Reef is an' interesting chele .. Rates v1fary -60crdig ib."pour e gad p
orlalee s.a' enh- (~~~id.ui 6crngO.
one' for -glab.bottom boat. enthu- .ii s *d..eai... t: X. fr'm*" A
;si.ats. A- 'shrt. distance' fromoi {t- "$ 5.00'a.dy sj .""... Am.ericapi "iB "
au-Prince irp .the Deautiful' 1toun- '.($8.00 doublele at! a .modest hei
itain resorts- of'- ietion-Vijle and or. pension to,6. 30.00 a da-s sjnl'.
'.fenscoff. Am-rida plafi $.5.' 0 double). at : .......

4. "ln e
S;^ *.DtaATI S A. 14. .....g
...,.. ,**. *.* ......^as s^^ :t .^

From' Saturdaj March '2 -..tL ...'tur". \me .t ,

Ev3yEvening AtI Midnight: M.:
.Folklore Show of the Casino Troupe' ...
-and PINO BARATTI, the famous Italian'tg-
nor who has already sang at the Scala 'of-`
Milan and in the principal artist v-center, of
France, Germnny, Canada, United States Pu uoi accepted oinsbat
.~~~7 "Pt,ur'.q:'o:.

-'.and Mexico. BT -he- Aaos trilli'n t .e-.
1 ~On Saturdays, admission S 2.00 ''^ K'' ^ *-- 'xeotpadvna .1 '
no wh ha aleay sn "t te. Scali|L ''I B^ ^ .'-' ..-f- ...,,..^-

SUNDAY MARCH 3 Movie t ; ^ ^|^,^
*:. THE GLASS WE'B" iP^ Hfl-
with Edward Robinson and Marcia Hendersonters'0f .:;"'=: ,,.: :-',:.l,.
,-TICKET PRICE ,$1 5|'up. .
..- ; '- "'.:.. iU^. ':: .. ';,. .. i ^,^:- .._.. ::, ^. ; .',

r. A I Economical
IMOE Ma- 6-21 6 grgUplift In Haiti


WMartch '2hd
4-yle P...k)

";,' -' ". .
." ,, ,.,,^


,- Eiatic -Dances
M aneer :
i44imeiy with the:
lham Troupe
pg tkiartists

i ,."l :0. p mcr: -H tl, Maes-
f~~ tfail'H'
-,!78 PieCIALneBQ .iesAMic
.;. .- *- ....... 'A : 5,

*s s "o "i ," .' : :'.' ': 'i ; -** / .'* *' .?f .t' -. : "
aI? W^Wi> -
r: Slts!* ',-; SImte M4WSP^ fl^ltaHptdMae sti

*4...v9 S i-.,., % ;, ..j a.. '? :" -, : "; ; ." ".* ., ';* ..: .
" .' 'w '

1) If Banaiias and Pineapple
cultivation are concentrated iu
certain areas for largo scale de
velopments, specifically in irri-
gated areas, with canning fac-
tories for Pineapple.; and other
fruits, and cultivated on a mo-
dern and highly scientific basis,
Haiti cold in a short time meet'
all foreign financial obligations,
and offer remunerative eir-
g1oyment to all able-bodied. a-
dults -
2) There would be no choma-
S3) In 5. yeArs, ii the regions
envisaged above, Haiti could
produce 10.000.000 stems of ba
nanas for export annually and
800,000 to 1,000,000 cases of"
canned pineapples ete. r
4)' This would pa -n circula-
tion per annum ovdr Odes
60,000,000 and give emplyoment
to over 100,000 per-ons daily.
. 5) Jamaica, next door neigh-
bour exports yearly about Gdes
230,000,000 in bananas and pi-
Santo Domingo exports annual
4y about-. Gdes 75,000.00& ycar-
ly -
6) The above, does no- refer
to all Haiti it rekers to er-
fain irrigated regions orly.
x x'x
lent condition. 1955. model, spe-
cially reasonable price, on quick
sale. Apply Jean-Clauae Armand,
c/o Rend & Roger Armand, Rue
du Centri Telephons 3251 and
SDesires furnished house, at
Kenseoff, with' all faeiiities,
.artiaT or Year-round basis.
Immediate occupancy, Write
P.O. BOX 1162, giving de-


turn nfl fiTL!fl

. ..-w %r . ..AN . : . .. .. . .:-.. ^ .

.,, .. ,, o


i 3Jys toNi bY.


'<' ..-,:, ': MI '-TOWN .

,,- ..* 1"



'z- ..ty LjLEL s.. .. ., -.. . . . ."

SPanama Steamship .Uilevey7,an 10o days and take 3 1/2 days
for the voyage direct to' .i"a.,iwtI Mdtanhalttrn.. AU r outside
*, with private bath and toi le.'::'W tiled imn4ig pool with plenty of outdbr
beach dxck spac... .... deck.. co ktaiflounge outdoor veran-
da ca.:.mamfe. m. ,. .
da afe. npkin ndue uge rooms... .... -. he au.tif. air condx 'qned dining
,robm... one -sitting.Fb ail passengers... descriptive folder available in hotels.

Inquire Aboumt Our Reduced Rate Sea Air Rond-Trip TickingArge
'.7 W$4BAID YA N3OLNN Telephone 3062
.... .". aai, 6 icy isive -tous to P namab di. return available.

P..lsf ,w ..nM. JwI NWqXW hwE s'rW ',u-""--. ... ... ...
.--.S: ,,'^A.?^;; ....,...:.:-!.:..^.;^-,^...;. .:."., '- ,., : :,*.. ,:,. i .."..:'..'.:i.. o,:? :^ *:..-=..., *..;..... .*.. ....

L4- '. :

....tA '' ...... :! A-1lu m ? A
".. .




4 .


:* 4






HAITI SUN ~ ~~~cal education .-k'the peoq ..(P "e''
HATISU-there is no more1 censor) aA aSsoA
THE HAITIAN ENGLISH LANGUAGE NEWSPAPER ito mpke money, botin vewe of the SIS W T
Community Weekly Published Sunday Morning Ipresent sittation when f pPspirns
S EDITOR-PUBLISHER BERNARD DIEDERICH are high and parties divided the .R*- V
GERANT-RESPONSABLE PAUL E. NAJAC_1I artists in a pat:lioic efIrt should d
GERA"TEONSABE PAU ENrather present someohNig that '' "
, 't"' ** r* could relax the people. :., ,..* ".1,1 ,.'
VOTE Dour Editor, aiDuring the perpLwe .onths the Andri CHALMEl.S'-
SWhat's on too of the Telega- i Dur. the P w months he CHALMES
.. r Bi Ps t people have lived a greatt history. * .
The people of the Republic have always been otltstanding phes Terrestres hvBuilding? .3 .hat T e hv also bee..n', the ichool.. :,
the new. Cri -dey navele inaso Louis blte coo .: LM A E m''
Sin their sensibility to the undercurrents of history, That is the new Croix des Bossales mar-of their lead". rhCose plays .- Lui ,LAMARR E
kit? For the' past few .weeks' 0- ,- ... ".A E "
one reason their own contribution to the history of the Carib- kt? the pastf don't sa all of er ae su er- LWYEIRS .:
k 4ean and of the World has been an epic in the struggle of all pre-fabncated structure why, u a....,,, 234 .. "
Peoples towards nationhood. not call It a hanghr? is rising' P .e are- starting to -L'tired Consultations: 3P.M. to 5:30 P.MA,^
steadily ohn .1hdrdof of the. Tale-1 s in .
Ste tol with 'politics dand that mtlpncre .5.1 -.2.;' ,.
SToday Haitians face, perhaps, as pregnant an hour as "has gaphes Building and. the teledil of ,ncertainty."We have .enough Adaess: 'int *larf .ftur-Ee E-
'ever struck for them. For the first tine a President isto 'be s s.ytng that t s. going bo; the. .... ... .. .ipanyF, t : r.
Selected on the basis -of universal suffrage in free elections u.trd-modern automatic center of o it .so t sa ti. .beya ...got. .,.
We do not, think we can over-emphasipe the implcaio the ew telephone netwo' .. l: ue Pave' '
of this. We are sure that no one realises these hijplicatlni I*ennier whom thb initiators o1` r" ..-,
more than Haitians themselves. But lest they be sihmerge$ tat poec want to an oI Pi. '... v, h-.t'
in the nevitabile heat of polit..al battle. let" .s stae, tlihne 't ar, Ia slap .i the ace of PL twte ,,..: Spr.ery.. :, .. .In .uch away.doest.hepr ';
in ~ ~ ~ ~ a of.u v a ie n ii0 political battle. let ilWs siae' Stpmji -. T" ..j ;.i, ... *.,i- .,;.* *- f ..-.. .. **- r f -v'* D ~ tfvm ,*''
.The fact that the Head of the State is to'be alected by.:t .,'iid a'.sanein he.." ... -..: : to rtA t lE"
~ V .Wp~ ..1w C,...,.vIihw,$,l. ... i~txatment.-"':...;-'-.
majority vote of his fellow citizens sets the Tmal .se.al. t o .... C0t ""1 "-...th ..u t ap .. .me -'
the acknoledgement of the constitutional: prinecfil.tlut$ a ,PortaPriar -lkO ky Sel .R...a. P.r.,.
power derives from the people and is.used. by.d4leghtinon. ... 'e ....,. d d rni'wt extract.f. .
dyby "blildin Nq- -~ cfUewh; placenta Anql -
their behalf. That is the first principle.7. ". 'Te "; t 4 a Ti-EXct
The second is that if the Head of the State is responsible by tenaluse ,fr: the conshetion or rbe u i
the delegation of the power inherent in the people to adminis- this hanir.wouIld-.iake -a: go. ..r-naaritsrPi
ter the-r affairs in accordance with their best .interests,. maket fbr.' the jOO 'inarbdde" ird skiz do -
then also his fellow citizens have a similar responsibility t .fion:Vilewh',i b o 4:tj,.. ,
chose such a one as they honestly believe would: exercise- the s" ay-lt ayloni pnder ,-t. o hot'..e,
authority so vested in the manner they have a right-to ex- .61.. ., -.": .*, &-.',.* '-
pect of him. This is the power and authority of-the vote. Ift 'BS S.: 'eetown:. --- .. -
underlines the fundamental principle of the equality 6fman: Mr. EditorT .-0 S .".-.I .CE'~
It is a power for good or for evil. It As more than power. It Herbe't Gdld tatie*a:u'eet ; fA d,--
is no less a sacred trust than Liberty, It is Libertytietf. ..bet.: t o iie', k -and0
....ont saj now".l,.rat thinkof
SLY"51 We... '"c: im redit:,
.oi .~":i6 ..oi ..i ...is ken,,.
It is to be expected that during election time th e. areslt ofl'observtjisi "' "":b"
likely to be clashes of persons as well as of personalitiei. But D(S) E itrf"le e ::., : -, ,. ..
there should be no reason why these should be permitted t.. .. E."t ."" .. .
inflict new wounds on.the body politic and th'e ,bodyecono-.' ......... ..A... .. "" ....
tlion factUa W~~sa-PA SETSE _______
m ic of the nation. ..-- ,.wu ..t ,kt. o.J.-.tofai:e ..1-.-
e)L. V rl
.~ ~~~ .I '. _f~ : t ~ ~ a t h t, -V W :! i ta ~g ,[T MME : : , .; .
When the elections are over we will all again H ed ..ab theDo ATheaiVr .d ret .W.heMe
not partisans united in our common love the ppIlic tae. .tiihe post rey :n. are )eiitl F" ,. . .."
.. ., . ." .M
,united in the ideals for which memorable Hai' .,.ave if du r cm diesl .. .'.- 'or- ou I,. n.,.. o"'...-...
..thi .t..ha,.e'- c,ao rals m t . ".,, .": .:: Beau- ty SalonEue ':C apo s;te, ':.'
fought and died in the past. d 4-' . ..e .-, . I Look Up .. c.... pkig n.,. i.. M.aT g
.. .. ..~~~~~~~~~-.. .' ,'A ... ,: ... ... ": ...: +. .. e h m : =. ...
After the elections will..come second thoughts. There`.will i w....d i.-is the best t. me ..-t.... t I. ..'* o ......... .'..... ap.Hii,.ea <
be happenings to regret especially if those happenings ae ,t9e alits to Oarks tib ltj beaaty does tot :JptrayqleT J ., Eie Gona ,..e ,
t s e i ly i lo e h p e i g :haVe' ,.., ... . : .,. ,,-. ,, ,.,:. ..... .
served to engender bitterness. Already some of these li~pien6- :-. '- -, ::- : -
Sings Hadve pas~sea into the records of the Police... ., .,* *. :*.' -* ***':*'s w W W i ;.^ I .'-/l;l. r.i... .......... :1-, ^ : .^ ...... .^* .. ... ...,. ....... . :. ....*'* ,;*1 .. . * ,f
ing s havep.sed int -athe r records of the Police. ,-' ,,a,.,",. ,T-...'-" l .,- ..- .- ..
Let us then have our second thoughts now instead of after Ai... . ,..
elections. Let us accept. our responsibilit.e.-w iMte P..ower
entrusted to us. : "' ""
The Army stands in a peculiar positi[h 'tiQ ti '. "
has played a role of political impartiaiitv in 'thre.eiext.clifft-
cult Cir u-mnstances which has earnest it gthe di'6;-' ,ie .
populace and, the respect .-of the many friendly iaw""'" "
Jaim' recognized the Provisional Government,: 'A ."F7"N

Having accepted this-role even graver' respmisibihities- des-.:
cend .tipdn the Army aS;,the election campaigns .beedbme mi :
vigorous. That role is fto insure free elections .' ...
The Army can do that by ensurirg:thatt-he cajipaigis.a'e
conducted in an atmosphere which would lead up to free ele.
tions. The one flows from the li: : ot* .. -
How can the Army best do this? The first role of tlie'Army
is to protect peace during this fluid period. The Army ..has:
sufficient strength to have detachments present with the en-':
tourage ofevery candidate in order to protect him' .and .his
partisans from physical attack by opposing partisan. It can
exercise that right, of protection in the name of public order.
The responsibility is not the Army's alone. The :candidates.
also bear,.a heavy responsibility and the' Arm) should reind'
them of this. Indeed the best reminder would be thai in're-i,
turn' for the protection of the Army -every,'political leader,- be.,
told that he is to be held personally.responsible for didsrd rM
which may occur as a result of incitement by him or his lckiinn
agedb. -' 'i -. : :i.
;'. , .' 4 ."
Eevry !candidate at present notifies the ,Army,6f. fhe poiiints
at which he will hold meetings and the route. his' entourage
will take. It should be comparatively easv therefore., for the
Army. to give him protection on all his jowtlyiugs., Every
candidate should be-required to appoint offlq reprehentati-
ves In' each campaign area and officially detite the name of
his agent in that area. A candidate will Je held'responsible
for the actions of his agent. .
These are some of the broad lines on' which thr Army can
act in the present critical situation. It should do go in the
exercise of the authority tested in it by the peof le of Haiti.

The Army has already demonstrated its recogriitiii of. lhe
part it has to play. It must continue actively to play tliat role.
If it does so effectively then in the calmer times ahead the
guardians of the Liberty of the nation shall have earned new
respect and gratitude both at home and abroad.
.4 .4 ,4 .

r-ILV ,-+ ',. r ,:.f
-" ." ,: .'.I:!S" " "'a


ta, OWenjoytk

!v .0-
* "**r, s^ i. '*.. ^ --,'^ ^ ^:*; '*.' ....^ i. .. .. : .*-( .,**.

Y y ou 'dIdn't have to be-near huge power'tplants to enjoy the! '
. . .' beiiefits and comforts' of 'electricity.' Now any. community, o ,
Smatter, how remote, can secure pemanentpower with one or
,...,, .. :: .r r t r.illar Diesel. Electric. Sets. '. ..: : .
.. ,. Sigle units are availableto produce frm to 315 KW. ',
For:ioter communities two or more sets can be synchronized b
S. produce the required kilowatt Output.
E jy. the- conveniences `of city living-regardless of your'
lo. dtlo . '
W We'll beplea'sed to send a Diesel electric power specialist to
.survey your.needs, at no obligation, of course.
., 4. .

* ~~~~~RECIBTEWBO T*AQS MAW RK' .** ; ;
.. ;1 .; enloy**'h:- .:i- (";....- .


kll,.NDAY 1ARCH 3rd 1957


AIM 7/Wr *.--


could play in the buildin,r of and more contagious as the mee-
1$IUM )AY NO REST DAY the.. nation. tingDr=e"ed.
e on The Elffig in blue shirt with
11p. int the, COOL bills -of Kens- sleeves rolled up and white scarf
coff- we went to Mr. Dejoie's at the neck, and blue trousers
unday was no day of rest for the Presidential Candidates. Of cars at 0116 section. doubli-, had mapped out for himself in
mieting there. A. great cavalcade Air. Dejoie looked the part he

:Jnde.ed what better day for meeting and talking with or at the parked on the road lined the his campaign tactics the sue.
eliwtorate ? last half-mile to the miaeting pla- ceslful man who was proud to be
FT.oni. dawli till dark they were at it..Profo.ssur Daniel Fi- ce- a workerhimself. oCmpleting the
atmosphere was the coterie of
gnol6 Vas -at Areahale. Dr. Frahgois Duvaliei- trav Red west-
ar&:a'slar as Leogane and Senator The approach of Mardi Gras representative. compl6dons and
ountaim south through. Kefiscoff and return6d to p6teon naturally contributed to the ap- sbeial position who spoke on his
A. e pearance of costumed b=ds in behalf demonstrating the national
the' crowd at this 'meeting.. They aspect of his campaign.
iS'atuiday. had beem.-S6nator th A re- n the nearb cooffee-shed a
ol' e kind of campaign tactics played, sang and danced.
f`; birth it. was which'come inarkable tribute tothe atmos- hub-bub from a number of people,
n ot ay I I naturally t6 a man
only,'.axi occasion for.his of his mould_ phere in which this campaign is including some members of a
wet1l Wishero td demonstrate The -shy, soft 'spoken. candida- bein conducted was the fact. that band, who were being served with
their affet6tibn but also for,, Oe te. spefit-thei' mornin -.mee't1f)g one of the bands carried Vote meat and drmig, drowned, Mr. De-
andida e' to show them how. and talki' -th Duvalier. banners.:A's they play- joie's opening remarks but. as it
yeziits,iai upo
19 n him friends inJnitI:ha:te,. and informal Candidate Duva4eT
e..; ener- gest
Uiat h Was es 0,.:
full of ur f, AeenAl interdour-: -(The ((Sun)) is a nonpolitjeal iorgan.. Afthis time' however
a A Ypne whit, me im-
gy, redlicod in t considers it a duty,,tdpresentto ((Sum readers so
namisih Net, d th JiWori6al 4Vents: around -us. the satisfaction of had work. if
te had icf au-Prined, pyession,
it hard kee pj g. -shorfly'?.aft'er' -;an7d ;af te'r Each m I reek therefore 1. -the, ( th ., I a -, against me!- Me
him but be, 6ded,-the ,tqp j&, palm Dejoie challen-
Akehs 'went on? did t an .o jMivd 'im the'proceedings.
ay e a Is repo ged amidst prolonged applause
er to Leogane. Then,
sh, ap- paint -This W eek. the, ((Sufi* visited me tings of: Dr. Franois Du-
morwng punctuated by showers of leaflets
spento, e :on .to- Dufort alierand Senator Louis 616
A , 1- _.:1 .,
th6pla-m-s. a. which bore the photo 'aph of
ere,`In, _. lafort, D
..... ur, br. u 9r,
0in6it, be :b jr: .;,vas the candidate in a -,son of the
va :of e funded. down, the. road i died.his ad ress camethrough.
soil pose. The. photograph
Iea ? th A` there' were! It was
'and: supporters, gath after e :mee ing h'rt, bl6nt and deliver- %brought out those phot6genic qua-
TT h .... .. fght
vutside, -the ome, of ant of Fignal. ed.: in; the stra 'from the shoul-
hll s9me shouts of K..Vive'
2 s T er lities which may be not a little.
ma net'
T, I artis After payin h! froiWthe fringe of' the, band. .'Bilt- o 4his. candidate,,He
responsible for the large turnout
pec6 he: left again.. an Instead had elex ri hi must be
there:-was: no inci ent ce
pe. of members of the fair'sex qlralk-
a s mee ing: 11
Qnaed 'With er a, goo. .A a: Aecbss, uqlayraifD7
h e was d atu'red mban ... ......
ties not tobe ignorcd in this the
0.g Leogane';'in gO of- -,badinao which, e 0
necessary alifi6ation Jor the first presidential election i which
aps. i*d -in be
C ,;a man who, as --Presi ent, woul omen wilkexercide the franchi,
siastie recep ion,
;Oco, oiiifui pa 414-.... th 'Call to -bring, thd'nation se.
ThiS'WaS 3 _e U ULI
e, ca1v
by, a,6d
ra4e 'Vth xnany, plitusa sport out of its econom;ic troubles, N r. We left Petion Ville meeting
'swung downhi i1n. the early, ter-
jo ie sai
ing blue, p a pi th:the with-more fatigue than was app -
noon for: Pefign -Mille.. Here the He,
*IJ --fok- Duva el haO proven his:'Worth in -his rent in _W. Delbie who had not
mee ig in,.&_ front
.71ier'L7. or ofiost.Gbverftmenti, 0 field he did not need the yet staged his last meeting of the-
yard of! itibbert, h.4- `
An'cl: "i-ww. more,,,eye4cgteh, t f President and day.
i, tb, 7 -dryin9 fac ory.
4., -how, again
;izi- were, e W6te 'Duim 16 e
and, st- hat background Mr. Cl'ment Jumelle
'Worn M31hy of. his Aftersevra.speakier had pre: of successful effort in` his nrivate Tours Capital
pared e way,,fp -his ap i
r. pearance a airs.h
if d and ready
_-,- _-, - . 1., .1 "d e %wasequippe,
t his`-AIIJiess -at'Lebgan_--,1-Dr_, Mr.,.Dejbie. be gree e 10 placelis.abilities at the dispo- Ca'ndidate Clement junieffle vi-
Duvalier -pledged 'himself withmecIaini -an ,,singing of 'party sal- of the. natio n. sited various sections of the I Capi-
behalf song s :6i, the Wco
t service, on', e appeared
:only i i1e, too, lut suffered imprison- tal during Sunday. He was accom-
tit gove ny and too his'
41the pea'-pie of-,.HA`iti b ce AkAidst i xx,,;me 11' panied by a iiumber:of artisans-,
-recog nt. e, too, knew the -hard
ition of'.11th6." pazt sett,6
..-a pre e e. supo_
..... ships oi, 6co'nblilic, he and, using the same techni u as-.:.
he felt the '70 eni- if tlfaiti w psejoie ft start' ri
e me more did 'ch. He' too, knew. Mr. Duvalier, cohcentted, on
A F short informal shis with repre-
ALL FOREfG L'ly][Nq' "IN HtAl'nL ranic k W ids on 1pres ideut 11 of
sentAtive gmips in -he area.
00p in is s op on ue'dc`s-'-Ca' bd 'PcS L j -
e'rft n "a an about:buying 0
ind DE SQ- T-O',
dojje aild Se
eKplain ever ail-, ere'to YP'u-
_ydet h e for. yoursel.
_,. ; I ." -L vs. The greatest
(thOr '-pnce 1134bcm&,,k 4 6 fictory.).,
tyleat, Ott



16 "0

'Haiti Trading, Co.

SUNDAY MARCH 3st 1957 HAITX S!UNy- ". '

4:'.,"-. L --1 A-.

4.t. ;P %
i I
,I's. ral beauty s p
Picture Framing- A Gi6wing ladustr "istaral beau sa
-Ind str LMW- i "A'ALL glamoto .... d 6-g .

Picture-frami-ng is fakt be- Utnder the gl~eries. r Another.. category of ,mar-
coming an importantt minor People, iay. also bring their o'chinds.:P who don'ot advertis are
industry n Haiti. As a handi- own pietunes and images to be the aWibuint vendors of magaz'
-craft, too, it spreads its bene- framed. Tbhy iirq ma'je ready nes who go"from door tq -oor ..to
fits very widely. within a kW' '*I if ofer. llh, .relzcii an $pa
IV .,u ".. wzhna e nits..... fer .F jh eb. aqnd. )8p0;.
*. -..aitan.. ailo ve-.r ac..teTbilcalofls,. Teiratock
Plg tures of politicall leaders are the faqe of this massive invasion: ,usually ncldqs 9." Phi Mach
Wied not only to decorate homes .o4 foreign. pictures oqn the.market, .-
of.' p'tns, they are pasted, on Greeting cards. an4 :canvasses" inn. .Time. Magazine m,,., .,eni
lags and banners i ia-ra and ..... i "Coniie t.oolpznci.. md
mardigras bands- durig.,tbthej '., a-iYu-p[trs:js.moe.'.
season of Lent and at. carnival W ,,t 9..- FAC;O9 ,,tf.l C S'i,
time. a j oaiti ..o.n. ,nsi ..
'Most ofo# thJ~atsi au ,7.~p Ate'lw 0%~ mai4ed tor
'Ot of the pictures are. .sophis" . .
eated, with. b b a s frlu... .........
The colon are false and so. nre ,-thecofi.r ,. ".
the ascneries. But agoodlynuber -. -. .r
', ,, ,,, . .. .. .
are inspired &oM 17th amt. 'eef
century parintitaj. FiancO -adg aoktotq- ox run their.' ow. ul
i'uba are the main supplieft -of. p bisiites.ui; 'b--'.c air- '-a
these chef d'euvres 'i A id1i.'.l. ",5 dv
In the good old times ni-w Ys- avy i;lt I.. ", ':t "
s p w h ego f '. of,. M, 10. It: W.E[, .V:kt,
t.he-e nt "y b -.1; dl.: ..;0; .. _, ,et0.. ..A
.. 4" V .... ... .. ..
'Shops With the ,typical inage%.O tA CA ....,KP; .".=, '';.,,;. :; ,:'.' ..
man who, when he. staxted'`his. y
business as very thin and sold 'at Aq.wl dte tac . V i [
credit and then when he succeeds p-ol 4yhe.. are nthc...pi..
became fat and sold only for cash' *g4bustffes-or .to
The picture showed on one side des iif .2inle. and .:Voutqitdtes'
the thin worried man leaning On ortomake'bogs'o t' ""'-
his cpmptoir an& aup osedly ., -"--,- bgs:adtowrp articles or .o. L..L"oM&Sh"--
saying to his 1tqstomers S Se vednh.O tO6" -.. ....O"W..
credit, :On the other aiue a'de ....tiv p paiterp e'plda
happy. On the top of the shelves a ..re t;h"' u"e "'' .
ouud be read the oil p l e n6 I
cription: 'Je vends au CompIlt-the iiupi- su '". R. "'.I'' I
When and why that pictur i iw Ihe .work. 'These paitings .. .,. .,. C..
Introduced here, no one knows, present mo6stly vobdoo- .;'ee.'- ,. .. -e.. ,W.'....
tit i1but it did"have its infuepee on. carnival scnes.. :xp.oit:.. o% % % A' W.....
the Haitian. businessmen. For -omiaerc ila" "j. j
ny people: it was a symbol. ,! Pr The,'6ite offra7Jers". pr .. .. ,t..
others a totem. They have made mn' h h y or oa framqies. 1i 7i .a: ..:t :j.t-=
their re-appearance in town abd they: a -- ot ...st stu.ios tto--, '"''.
sotme franked ones are available eustoniers. V "'.

SHANGO ".7 "

(Night Club of .l.o h ..els)> .
"" .. . .. .. "> "" t **-.,*. .- *: .^Y v :"' ".:-
Presents exclusively 0. .'.,' ...,
T U SD. ... .'' ...... ...... .......'* "
Fo* Tr .^ . . ........
Fo"i ore Troupe under ihI4e i Aonh of ..
.. .. . ... ..i * .. ,,, .-.,., *, "* . "
Shango Open Nighlty except Friday from 9 P.I to -,,Wi
$1:00 Cover charge Tuesdays and Saturdays Ioply. ...-K:,,.. ,,'
'. ty "d. ,"


Alms 50 f, a THE FNE -

'iodes mlus xoun etaflnaAnd H aintiowa s well nameV
Haiti is an old word of the Carib Itlidians taik
0. wooded moadtains And Haiti was well n bmed[ es..'
face area is 85 per cent mountainous. 't ..i ", m. e
" You have not seen Haiti until you have been utBs- 4**L
gains, and what could be more pleasant than a lrie e
Sa picturesque road lined with flaming Polnsettias,_teo g
Chatelet des Fleurs in tall pines In cool Ketdoifc h 1-
hih.. Almost 5000 feet, almost a mile above sea le ei
. des Fleurs exports cut-flowers, Carnations, Delplitith%)t tt4
to' other Caribbean countries and theoUnited States, ofyluo
operates a delightful small restaurant and serves bterages
Most Frenchmen get a kick from the,.operatiqn by an Amer-
Jean of a restaurant with such a Parisian name, bu the guy
just happened to study high-schooi-FPench. ;.
Uhatelet des Fleurs also manufactures tropical pcflumes,
'a high-quality Haitian product of fine value. :..
It's beautiful autumn weather now in Kenscoff. 'One of your
most delightful experiences ean be a leisurely visit to mile-
high Chatelet des Fleurs;
Amcric.na Frenci, German, Haitian Cuisine, of
Unsiirpassed Qiuality at Charming

Mi 'ool Kenscoff. .

1*43 43


-:" f' ".- ""- "

* '-''*'ai^f;*"j

;.pAUULE DUNtAN, ..,



-'- r
vx~rsr ~
- .~- -.4'
,tTIUK- A.



.... .. : .. .. ... *-" :*? ^ *i.:'' :'
3% V '" : .. ,- "" -..
Ms-ss Patle Dunanl the ,Directresi, 7. raduate ,
famous Ebleo'Antoine de Farisi mat t at yodr dspoug
free c'nidfattoi on the .care o.f the aki aii'hair., She h
continues' tihe pedicure and treatment of t Oteef't
" .. .. . ' '" "'-*" '" ":" .. .. "" ". i '" = ".1
Wishes to announce to its distinguishled. -liteWe that .
new hairdressers have just been added to itUjis.onneli.
permanent waving, hair tinting, "cutting, and ise en l
Also for pressing-and saving all'. types of lr..' '
Addres's: Avenue dis Dallesd. "" *: -"
* '** .* ** -. .*, ;. :, ".* *- .** .. o- .* ,*f ,.,* .V ,^
." -." ." S', , : .;
. t. "' . '"A

|^l*AGa5R.W, r. .HAITI SUN SUNDAY IWARCH 3st 1957

S-1 Haitian Politics Peaceful to Casual Tourist

-I.Tropicaj Isle Very Poor It is jampacked, both in arran- mountains that rise to 6,000 feet, x x x the number of roosters and dogs
|But Ri-h tn Beauty gement of the huts 'and with peo- .giving home owners and hotel Of course, there's the casino, that fill the night air with a cons
fiby William W. YATES pie. Children and dogs are every- men breath-taking sites for their with all thl standard gambling tant din. Any respectable North
(..' (Travel Editor) where. Markets are filthy. People establishments. A view of inom- I games, dance floor, movie Jhouse, American roostkr waits until
go1 4 Sunday Tribune trudge up and down carrying all parable splendor 'is that from Le and a midnight floor show. And dawn to crow. These birdIs work
iti'Prnce," Haiti .- Haiti manner of )tings on their heads. Perchoir, a restaurant ..atop a there's voodoo, but unless you are it differently. They crow all night.
"b'b'io thutmidst of apolitical But you soon ;a out of the area mountain several thousand feet introduced, by someone whp really This makes the dogs bark. Or
[ fei"val but thb casual tourist and pass into the new town high. As you sip your cocktails knows the island, chances are you maybe it's vice versa. At any rate
":?w( .nd-.. ..no more aware of, it clean, neat, and pleasant. and eat youri lunch the whple val- may not see the real thing the night can be noisy.
I: ... :wwld i..hp e 'United Sta- This is,.a ..verdant, tropical lIy, city, and bay spread out merely a tourist version. x xx
.AortJ^ l&s. irboto Paesi- island of enchantment,, into which below you with distant mountains Catholicism is the leading reil- In the interests of Haitian tou-
5 !Bp. '; slave traders imany years ago serving as'gigantic backdrops.' gion in Haiti,, but most natives see rism I decided to' do something
tis opening dropped a sizable piece ofWest x x x.. nothing wrong in embracing about this. I started to eat chic-
R ent, Paul Africa. Subjected toQ a prolonged Thee are beautiful mountain Christianity hnd still. clinging to ken every meal, hoping thereby
3rI::oo in i blood French cultural., influence with a rides over roads that range from voodoo,' a haunting reminder of to deplete the fowl population.
it av t*lfuthBe simple dose of 'North,.American political fair to extremely poor. But you're thepast out of Aica. Voodoo But what one do in
R%"& I strike. .As and economic ie, it 'h develop- really not going anywhere' in this take 'the fosm of witchcraft a short visit ? I didn't even make
'' "^ ^ J aIy February, ed a coswrtan.Cele aristocra soft, balmy "liinate where a warm 6 it is'basiclly a blend of & a dent.
t -is .un. cy. Su.ri gthi seem, sun drills down' frbm above, and en iilcti, d Christian The dogs are still barking as
and, d#. o. .f.. talk yo- can wie slowly and enjoy, g ith bTm, anasa loud. as ever, the roosters are
.rl M uershere's .thepasingbeauty. .. *"."" ihd'frcs intermn crowing ,just as muqh 'as before,
r n Hotel accomodaions' are good .' x x x I and the tourists are arriving in
.on,. e *p'" ...." hee ,and varied. You can have aluxury in early Februa ever increasing numbers. Despe
S of place: like' the .Castelhaiti wiBere this, I'm. coming back some day,
Pay W mni4ter 't'4#n-ti snbele'~ aetvlI4ndet~Im oigbc oedy
|he .way the -.p ..mu.if m tres', 'ofhbake in.the sun beside'a'fne tu bands and a" g for this.a delightful Caribbean sun
|d..that tiot ladaart from the blacks' Swimming pool, dfie and danc- e ,.upever ere. pot; particularly when the winter
,iaoire without 'without "- -socially, politically; and econo -under the, stars, and enjoy exceL '. s'rn.'" thing.-thal.d winds are Chowling up 1Chicago
a,;or thepeop..,of Nhi ea$tego mically. The ..mulatres are tie lent food l'at prices rangingg from' mo g, .h. v... way. .
tpr lbfJ- .ant int"r.e.in. w"fare educated class while t.e '-lacks, $'32 'to $45 :a' day. per: couple. ,-y -
ao0more than 'd' the; cit.fizesof by and laire, are the easasan'and; .Smaller hotels with. less fancy ''" t5- *'Ii" '
i.ago.--.... '... .. l,..:;..... aborers. .Eeptions'.'hi -pre-. *accoigodation.aimayinrun. at-.arou jLd iLE THAT COUNTS
..They. 'want'ichicance to. develop, il,$ of course. At prent, hdw-$20 a: day per couple, American r a B S
i ,eir countryy. itifuly .por, eier, .oe political after plan.0 0E- Rancho;BEbT Lele,.Va T!
i4,.' in nat'rai resources.- T office are playing upth4 vision Creole, vier, Bau Rivag, I
ra l- ,,'"- ,. i," 4 .ea visi n, Rivier~i, .~ u R v g ,
:'attract etapi icularly i u.,i' th.ci ." and Simbi, Choidcoune, Dambala, and '",.:-
elop thse rouesad wat' effect' it' haven the the Montana are othrluxuy pla
;WSU t effect ii a* arth other~wluxuypa '"
lop th' aesures.wthand, 0h'o In ha*:' I
I eath'They ow 'r trying' oes whe e a wide variety js offer -' -
'porno iolka:h I k'-"Ltfort$
apiti.:'.woa't omeinto-the'euh- ": .. ..ed, ranging from those hotels- at
y:untl, a stabid goe.nimt'has "^r'^ x..., the seaside to those perched .A g-
., ---r . ... a:M"o...-.
(|jiroven-itself. And so, polities'is a '.-TmunRts'are floclfhg here in several hundred feet up a 'mount .
-.1 '- ., 13tA14.unpiet -r'r- 4' year tam," '."".'- "
-ve"ry living thxngg o".dv y4 *t. edihd .. T year t ain.
'entI 6,he. H.tikn4egislat bd bout 70,00 visited itz. 'A big. Restaurants abound,i: &ood S. -
!bd'e^fr~ia fb' 'yijai-cre t.hoped for this year. anging ro- good .p. ordinary. -
eVwW fat th vote" iie, eo for .tourism bulks large in:'thie Try. ti'-riz..djon-1on',(rice within: ..
+ei~on wi1b telle D..... ae e,. -' btrk '" E iti -.t T
wectionw be elled beyond "buntry's. ecohomy. Dollrs' are b.ckpim.sl-poms a ".. & atr E KING size '
*fthithisn.. t cpunty 'ed t and great efforts :key and guinea hen .repared in .. ,
ee"'are dlb*'Vract toui.ts, alltive "ways. Shopping .kfeA ma -_":.'
"ar",', ' "" '" I f.,., .M" g ;"
A Hati'1 is' unebe y poor.' rtiulaly Ae -ny di..ouniities, ipadi iair C -
Z blr. sits sidw S f~ tsont 4'tens m'ade'fo gajiiia.-TU
nce. -e 'a-d-..'.
th e yH;V-an
ed-than th, ice .into' ee w"lco A -' ;1 it is 'night hldqu ..an
'ii'cty from Por e's',ir hops to-hotelImanagers,,rch-. : r. The'.
;4ht.'Th .' 1irstc- sual 'a 1you d, on .
"!vq whichhear.' 00":""
2o oPell
?t~ety Lo inferasi hojieyou h144;; s' '~w~n '
thin top - o "finderfu U ea-:'.,chh .. 6- u ma'utS TMYEO
'tude Th'ites la in frae 'ei. .,he and ,h.t ,e R' .. CO.,
--"-.s. 0u .te p-"iatis ..refr qosetprei"siow'ik... .. -ha """'"
SI eii.. p. .f tn..:._.H.W.he,.,'h b nal amoentii s ways .j'A.^.s"i '. *THIS IS IT! AMERICA'S
'""lS '"bily-i -..R :w r.d, \Vith.fe':"in ;"M. -of' the .singe ; :" . ."'"
E.JVo.n! ,," t., 'couldn't read a ote. of music, but FILTER 'IAR rEM J j M R
mtaee. director, a shoold,l..musicianI. .E ---..MUCH MORE
o ae hq whipped.. this groupnto. a,
0016 : uque, ithlented organization" '.. .,-LAYV TH.L S NICOTINE,

y,:,kn1 o .7, .C.t. ,".

z''ti' p,
... Ml -..

.. 1'to..,..y il'..;
... . ~ 4,' .'- 3" :i
?:. . ,j (. :
I ''1' :........ .. :
:' .. : : :.",. .. .. .
.- "-.. .,.t.
, ... i ....... .. ,....A .
-''",-N .. ,;,".,.. .. . .
,,,-, ,...,, ,.,;., ,.., .../ ".I I -i

AI n SUN *.. .,

r.uHrau. Stand 2
Ave. Mnrif-Jranr
0tii Jer I'ltittit




POn-au-I'rinco. Iliad
Fhonfr: 2Oril
P. 0. Boi: 4233|


............................. ....... .... ..COUPON .............. .. .........................


FOR A MONTH ( 4 issues) ...................................... ..$0.50

FOR A YEAR (52 issues).......................................... (overseas $10)
Remittance enclose.

Please Bill me.

Addrer s...... .... ........- ......-- ....... ....... .......


On s beautiful

On this beautiful

day (the days are always beautiful In

Haiti) we wish to extend to you our heartiest welcome.
We, as well as everyone in Haiti, want you to have a very
pleasant and enjoyable stay In this lovely and hospitable.
Haiti Sun (your newspaper) In collaboration with La
Belle Creole (your shopping center) have put out this
section of the newspaper In order to give you information
that will help you to make your stay not only pleasant but
We are always at your Service, for any Information you
may need.




t'rop de Mars
o daPt 'crepi Sunday from 8-2
ItaMLn Las rmAng of Flag, 8 a. m.-1 p. m.


Claun;Cft Ism
ope miafl encepl Sundays


-.it Paufalsmm-m. E dftin Grounds
Op'n da ily from 9 -


A Pslmlet4m, ECxpoltlon Gromdsi
100-n damiy fum S 3
% ,pifrT iter1i=atli110
Y woe Toamvrel Ag nt

.:ivlr. tlLi'n" A1'IS PIASTIQUEfl

ralnilei. Fzxpn-lion GrouJids
'iif jlnly from 9 5
i'.-irr'ent Art E XhIbltlo


Rue de oI
.Tt Rvolution

P Pliner: 2055

Open daily except Sunday from 9 5
Current Art Shows



Open dally from 6-4
Special Market days on Saturdays


de Notre-Damn

Petlon Plaza
Open idally from 4 6


SOldest Chrch
I. n Part au Prince
For vista l hours see
Your Travel Agan

Petlon Plan
Open daily


Rue Pavi (Near PAA Offce)
Open d Oy
Famous for Its boutd H aUl IMNd


A 'Ex Palmlstea, zpotln GrMUt
iiptn Tnz-day s and Thursday
Fvtulng for folkore shdm


Rue Ditand
Doing aid Track Field event.
;'oolball (Soccer) Matches
rhrice a week at night
For further Inlormation Phensl M30


\i, ,,

Auxm Palmltes, ExpoSIlon Grounds
Eight Saturdays afterMoon
,and Sundays morning


S Iroquois

Port-au-Prince Bay
Glass cotton boat leaves
Daily Casino Pier 9:30 a.m.

La Belle Cr6ole


.I l Rue.Rouz

The Caribbean's Most
Unique Shopping Center
Open daily tram 8 I -Pbme: 311i


CI.6 de l'Expoaltlon, Expomsition Grounds
CLi leal Coneerli
a'J Wednesday and S Bunda niht
rom T 1 p. m.



Champ de Mar (
Olxen Audltarimn
Sunday Concerts from 7- p.JL
For furlhor Information
se yaour T ravel A|ent


Open daly excpt Sunday


Buffet Creole Muoie
depclaUiles aad
Barbecue Dan-cn

Mondsya& unradays


CItE6 de l'Exposltion .
AIr-condltioned Bar-dancing
Open from sunset to sunrlsinff

Le Perchoir

Mountlaln-top aeslannatt,
Danefingl and Gift Shop
Phone :'2105


C0t dode Jlrzxedls
Gambling and Damehi
Open every nlht
Floonrhow on Wednesadays Plhoneat MS


Famous NlghtdiS
SOp on Saturday N ight Plhone : ISSM


r/I 3111
Air-conditioned Sam Danmdn
Excellent orchestra, folkUkore oorews


Dinner donee on Mondays, Tlhurdaya
and Fridays
PhoM: T8a

1 HOml o

Dinner danme em
Tuesday and Frtday _Phone 886


Carrefour Road
Swim coktalla
Tennis, Golf, Riding.

Resort Activities

Phone: 2665

7 (TW tSPI r Or.4m





Open di O '
Saturday and nday ftrem I 1
Phei --


Geffrard Squae
Ope dally
Saturday and Sunday
fromnl -1.--honoz 51

AM L.- -.

PAA- Phone: 31 4
ELM- Phonse: 233
DELTA- Phae: 9ta
CUBANA PIonsi 32
COHATS lPnwe: 2611
Compants Domlnlean do Aviaeclm...f5


Puanama -. ................... Tdflphone: ,3'-.
Colanm r ......................... ............. Ml ...:
frans-Atilntic ................... ey......... "1 ':W
Westley ......................................3867
Hamburg American.............:.... 38 M
Alcoa S a.............................-;..... S
Royal Netherlands Navigataion......... NO 1
Lykes Bra.. S. S. Co.......................Sil 2
Ward LUne......................

Cathedral: 4, 6, 7:30 and 8:3 as.
SacretCir: 15:30, T. 8:30 aJ.
St. Ane: 4, 7 and 8 a..
St Girard: 4, S:30 and 8930 an.
St. Lou l deo France: and 9 ais.
SbLxtla Chapel (Ctt6 de I'Exposltttw f -
1 a9n. *
St. Pierre (Ptlonvile): 4, I
and 9:M3 aJa.
Ste. Thrbes (Ptitomvile): I a .
Cathedral: French I and lS- t ea-m_
French 8 as..
Baptist Church: li1ndlt-i&.
Presbyterlean: 9 and 1 a.m.
* 4-6 a. m.-9-3l a. m.
11:38 :12,30 Enlalek
17-9 p.m. Evening
Rue do la Rivelnifon:
7:00 BngUsh-:-aO0 French
6:30 Evangelistic service in creole
Avenue Marie-Jeanne.
Clt de I'xpoaldtta
Phi-- *818
Otfif hours S-1 pa.

. : ; ..' L .M I.'".'.:.*-- ' :. -^- "*)''i


,--Arsvmmm - Ar




wsat to be*
-j N CUt acquain-
led with Hai-
ti flere are
"'; ji many inter*-
sting trips
V- which afford
-" a close-up of
S Haitian life
.which you cannot gain if you
*,Iconfine your sight-seeing to the

SMost of these trips can be
rmade in conventional automo-
|biles, others require the more
i versete& jeep to navigate the
: rough spots and river crainin.
rAI of dem can be made in Pa-
rfety. *

There is a Hertz-Drive-it
Yourself Agency ,and Heraux
Tours in town where you
can rent a car or a jeep at
reastonable rate; or you can
rest ears, with or without
.chauffers, elsewhere. The Hai.
tidan Air Force provides safe
a:s: efficieit air transport to
ot. important points in Haiti
.st very reasonable rates. Ask
Your hotel manager or your
travel agent for details.
Each of these trips has its
special attraction. From the
longer trips you will return
with a grand thirst, a hearty
apqti'tb. a delicious fatigue,
' quickly banished by a hot bath

J 9MF"


(for which you will have a new
respc,,t). You will have a new
test for the attractions of the
city.' You will fell a great pity
for the jaded characters who
have not strayed from the bar
since you left... And, of course,
you will have a good reserve of
conversational ammunition to
last you for many months.
So, starting with the shortest
trips first, here are a few boiled
down suggestions for travel in

(Ler Pershawb) The Perch)
SThe most spectacular view in
Haiti: 2,000 square miles of
Haiti spread out before you -
a miracle of color, form, sun-
light end shadow! Port-au-Prin-
ce lies at your feet (3.000 feet
below) like a giant map. To get
tb this breathtaking, ubelie-
eable and unforgettable view
3u ride 10 miles from Port-au4
Prince, through the pretty little

town of Petionville, then up a
.-winding mountain rOad, horde-
ted byt flaming gi.nrt pointsetta
plants. You pass the trstched

roof habitations of peasants and
arrive in rural Haiti, where life
goes on as it has for centuries
as if the city below did not
exist. LE PERCHOIR, modern
oasis on the mountain, offers
the facilities of its restaurant
end night club, its Terrace Bar,
and its branch of La Belle Cre-'
ole Gift Shop to make the trip
even more enjoyable and profi-
table. After sundown light
wraps advisable, and gentlemen
are asked to wear coats in the
restaurant after 7 p. m: Allow
two hours for this trip plus
time to eat.

This trip is an experience in
history and geography. It is an
adventure and a pilgrimage
which you must not miss.


If you have the time, we re-
commrend that you take three
days and gn to Gap-Healtien by
car. Its about 170 miles and a
minimum of 5 or 6 hours, but
you should take about 8 hours
to enjoy it most. So to one of
Cap Haltien's comfortable ho-
tels. For the night, go to the
Citadelle the next day, retur-
ning to,Pbrt-au-Prince the third
day. Eevry :irile "nd every

hour of this trip will be full of
unforgcA.table impressions.
If you are pressed for time.
you can fly to the Cape in 45
minutes, and can make the en-
tire pilgrimage in a single day

fA n --~~3 .--ff S&O

If you want another trip oil-
the-beaten track go to Jacmiel,
on Haiti's south coast. Jacmel,
once a flourishing town, still
has a considerable export bu-
siness, but is typical of many

Haitian provincial sea-coast
towns waiting for better days
to come. Jacmedl has a flavor
of its own. To get there you
can take the easy way by air,
or the adventurous way by
road, about 60 miles, practical-
ly every mile of which has a
river crossing. Near Jacmnel is


e ad Haiti's most beautiful
beaches, Raymond les BEa
Two hotels there; clean ad
comfortable. Plan to stay ove-
night at least.
(Pine Forest)
In soth-east Haiti, a drive of
some 60 miles from Portau
Prince Is a beautiful paine far
at an elevation of about 7,00
feet. To arrive at this 150,000
acre forest, one drives through
the rich sugar cane lands of
the Oul do Sac plain, then
through and arid region of ca-
tus to the edge of Lake Etang
Sumatre, famous salt lake, in
tested with crocodiles, lying on
the frontier of the Dominica,
Republic. There the climb cmi-
mences to the cool Pine Forest.
This trip will take ai day,
returning to your hotel for
cocktails and dinner. Passing
through a number of small Hai-
tian towns and villages, t af-
fords a variety of impresuloa,
of Haitian life and geography.
Take a wrap for your visit -
its cool up there.


wit Jscw 3/O.

i, *" *




' ,T=





Elegance and culture pride and grace conversation in Frenak.
Spanish, German and English and the mystic message of the drums spin
S a web of enchantment for visitors and pleasure-seekers in the gPetit Paris
of the Caribbean.
With gaiety as the keynote of night life in Port-au-Prince where tin
atmosphere of a metropolis is fused with the artistic primitive, visitors are
in for a precious gem-to enter into their book of souvenirs.

Whether nibbling at canapes and
caviar, or enjoying the best in
French cuisine, by Swiss Cook
SZeller guests dine at a 3,000 feet
altitude and admire the emerald bay
from La Perchoir, Haiti's smartest
restaurant, air-conditioned by na-
ture. From comfortable places on
the breezeswept terrace, the pano-
rama takes in the stopping of the
cars at the Dominican border 20
miles away. Whether it's a thick
state-side steak or an ethereal Rum
Souffle, the superbly prepared and
elegantly served food at Le Perchoir
leaves diners with a sense of being
well cared for.
The Casino International, a swank
establishment runi by a staff im-
ported from Italy is one of the major
attractions of the Capital It's famed
night club *Smokie Joe's enlarged
for this season v.-ill continue its po-
licy of presenting famous foreign
and local artists. Rhumbas, mamnbo
andr rQmantic Haitian meringues are
danced to the rythmric beat of a top
Jocal orchestra, while excellent Ita-
lian food is to be had. The gaming
tables at the Casino are run under
the supervision of the Haitian Go-
vernment. The Beau Rivage Hotel
located opposite is run by the same
management and ii famous for its
Italian food and wis.

Near the Palmist Section of the
Exposition Grounds is the Open Air
Theatre do Verdure where visitors
can attend the Wednesday and Sun-
day shows put on by the talented
National Folklore Troupe.
Around the curve of the bay looms
the newly remodeled Hotel Riviera
with its air-conditioned .Bamboehe
Room. stage for Michel Desgrottea'
tri-lingual crooning and a nightly
floor show.
Special dinner dansants once or
twice a week are featured by the
leading hotels during the Season
Visitors should not miss an oppor-
tunity to hear Haiti's internationally
known male Dejean Choir, presented
Dn Friday evenings by Hotel Ibo
Lele at Petion-Ville. El Rancho Ho-
tel features Ti Roro, Haiti's number
one drummer, and a fine Folklore
Troupe and other special dance
nights on Friday evenings. Dambala
Hotel has a Saturday night barbecue
beside its marble patio. A Haitian I
Buffet is served by Hotel Villa
Creole on Thursday evenings beside
the pool in a gala tropical garden
decor with music and dancing to the
rythm of the entertaining Villa
Creole Band.
Cabane Choacoune, world famous
thatch-roofed night club, at Petion-
Ville is the mecca of the Capital's
elite and visitors on Saturday nights.

Cabaw Choucoune was destroyed
by fire on New Year's Eve, shortly
after midnight Immediately the
management began its reconstruc-
tion, and soon it will again be
opened to the public a bigger,
more wonderful night club whose
reputation locally, and abroad, was
manifested when owners Mr. and
Mrs. Dominique Marini received
more than 3,000 personal visits, and
numerous cablegrams of sympathy
during the first 24 hours following
the fire.
Temporarily closed for recons-
truction, Cabane Choucoune will
soon resume its special features of
alternating orchestras throbbing out
the .cadence, of the Haitian me-
ringue for local society and visitors
from abroad, and leading foreign
entertainers and local artists will
give performance, as in the past.
For late Stayer-Uppers any night
of the week, Dan Allen's Rendez-
vous across from Casino Internatio-
nal goes strong until all hours. And
along about 1:00 a.m. the joint is
usually hopping-though it is at
present, temporarilyicosed on Sa-
turday nights.
For dinner, minus dancing, the
French-run Pension .Le Picardie.
at Petion-Ville gives you the best
.food rarely seen or tasted off the
Midi. Aux Cosaques is famed for its
tasty -Flaming LobsteP. specialty
and other typically Haitian food.
Just off the Champ-de-Mars, the
Savoy serves both Haitian and
American dishes, and there's where
you'll find your delicious southern
fried chicken. Tucked away in Bois
Verna, a block or so from the Na-

tional Palace is *Au Chanteclai,
with its outdoor tables and heavenly
food awaiting you 24 hours a day.
At Bourdon perched on the moun-
tain is Hotel Montana, the new
show-place run by the crack Hotel
Choucoune staff where visitors par-
ticipate in all the attractions offered
at the Choucouline. The Tropicana
Guest House is at Petion-Ville and
features the French-American and
Haitian cuisines. and afternoon
teas. Hotel Marabout at Petlon-Ville
serves American and Haitian foods,
and .Auberge au Clou d'Or. has
a French chef and rotisserie, at
Saturday night in Port-au-Prince
is also the night to take advantage
of a trip into the nearby hills to
watch the peasant 'bamboches, or
non-religious dances under open
tunnels to the pulse-throb of the
voodoo drums. It's an cunfoe-
gettable. experience.

The folklore dances which no one
could have seen a few years ago
except in thg dark hills and small
villages, now beguile tourists in elite..
night-clubs and hotels. Based on
themes from voodoo ceremonials to
carnival capers, they are matchless
entertainment. Stealing every show
ia the dance of Bands, the clowning
agent of Father Death, who pokes
fun at life and sex with blatant
sexual movements that somehow.'
skirt vulgarity.
Aux Calebasses in Carrefour Is a
little off the beaten tack but there
is a real atmosphere and spicy Hai-
tian food there. It's orchestra is re-
nowned for making even the sick.
dance. .
(Ed. Note: Hotels an# Night Clubs
are invited to send in their programs
not later than Wednesday of each
week in order to be published In,
this section, entirely free of chargee.

eMike. of Hotel Choucoune and Cabane Cboucoune, the man with-(the
smile, was voted by the Tason Corporation as the most efficient and affablo
wae in the Republique d'HaiftL. een above with Flour Mill builders m
Chboucoune Rod gardgm. .. ........









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La CaravellAY




q4&.. "

Haiti's ONE PRICE Store
vodoni So
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MOVIE [ iaTr a:orn} OPTICAL




U '---/s-. Cp-'
U..1' Was C.'"^*
Can. m nh.. f.S. N-~

vaB~aaa EMSAornzrnus, tea.,






Cay# gflOu gouflge .........mass meeting f41. -
I ,, r L selu coq qi chanted ... ... the only leader, the only voice that '
Sis heard in town, and understood by the people. ;
m6t6 canon ............... 'give strong arguments. ,
]Pi S*ION VILE colter .L........... fight bravely, courageously.' . '
U tin-tin-nades ....... ..... ... nonsense. .
: politique whoywhoy ........;... to discuss politics jout.-fbr the sake
of talking.
S" apatride ...... .... .. a traitor to one's country. .L..IE S E ESH0M I eS
-^' H nergimutes .i... ..... '...'fanatics.' K TK" "
"' A bas ...... '...... .... Downw i 'th' . .
'.ive ...... .... r liv
ta" .-' :" ", "i "", ,,, ..y d em crate advance ..:... .:... ;." .. 'a m nature d em o cr.. ; .:... ... a ".,
......,ii| : dmiocrate consdquent ..,.......... imbued with,de..eipf te principles 16 .., 4' 4C ~G F. I i 9 ;

nv ea/ prlcl GE, -FM ~f
'! ;," " s s'.a na ';. / v*d "' :'. on .. ..' ,n ... ..:.. ......- .; vagab...onds : '.
.. \ icom mandos 2 ,.. .... assault t groupss : .. :, ... ,..,
rouleau ompreisser' ... ,. shok J
Ipies bEton.......... laune c a u ta...... "
'r pas be' besoin salaise ..... ..... keep. your foa saiiie""... f.
B ^ '^ "^^^' " ; '^h"..need it. int elecionn e-i.,it ,
s A " "a"l .-t ,Xt i.. -' .fi. ". !..-o
:AcAa tta. souuS ou bloc gla .. aii'aid&.see
d b . :. : .' .a ... H es workien" t-.-.' .'oresti g *from ad s'..' ., i ".i*. -" ".
*~~ .,~~~~~ r^B y111 j forcess du maL......"....Foces ofh b" w- : o. e.%v;. .y .:
... aPtge- ""'- "A.-.--------------------- -----. I -e T Co.- S#.,i A.t Ie
: rrit Tr. .o.g CO. p v ;" b*bb ...gs 9..'" ..... .- ..... .i -
.g. ".. ". .. . . .. -."-. .... ... . ". ,i
sub va-n a-pieds.. .....'. barefoot beros of th*q .. 1.id re 4.
' " j ""0 ''.:. . ".. "
4b o;ur'geois rich 'and well-to-dopeo, .
people, proi~tare........... people, the lower&ei ""A.
!a masse ....... ,, the laky.est class.
fret 'lj t&. hemble ..".....mass demonstrationA, to:.b.acandi .
date's strength ' .C "t y"...... .9"
m iou.-.,m ,ou-.+.,t .h......... te cat's mews to desigrW a',thfk . ''
t..6,. A b :.noun ... do. what -you please .. .. :.. . -- ....IT- A .
't K. 4".'.:,, .,.:-' -:,. ..
patatiatd to ~fight. for a job, not -for;apidt t~1fikt~ '
Canq Gio uses ............. The Five -.Da,,, the.19W Revoltion 'l v"\ ""X'' 4
SAa,"a..ta, reactinares ..... ....... ...oru, ; .: -
.A.JJ .astocrate r. esowie -sts and -i A"..
ferent fomi tke rtieS fibr wh-bt ti ep
:The World-FFaotusBeaL ..... Are: .dhger social p...agr:. -
.-.Onj t"" '"en dumi "e i le' en.#M of the people "
~ ~ ~ i Wi l p e 1-...." .;' .. .. .:" ,( ..:..,.. .. :.,.
7 dieux -xtlmn4..,.hiletr gods 6
C~Z eZ9e tt ct <9,frdion ntin aeW,, :4< national traditions
l : .e . .. ', Z , . ,
oligne.... ....~r~
.~~"nm .'isuptilsts
ra.d~nJa~ ,np6 .~ rfin~ -0 AC EA NT% AB$OLU
.na.. ..... kbatIle.la gate.. ....' .:.C,, t e in.troqble,-,
peetcosme apponag -in r--gve.r
'IT ~ ti' 61U :P,.i r i were -.eOlectd6 DeusdsiJ:tr
F ..". .. .... p ...-I. W nien t '4w e
. .. :" L, '=- .. .. ;."..:..... ,:,.:T ...I J. "l4S Pl ~ -:,,-b.... I I bepres.~ LO:ic e nt a.v.n... nhc, ..."' '" "ugom .es...
I-. 18, 7, `' honetet6U..:.. rho sty) .' I-J... ". ".
"" -'.":;'." ;'" .'" ;e'"es-u ,'' "7'a .A ong :ig i a. t" "y..*. ..'.. "
t". ......... ,, .....co. to campaign underthe.ba .ner ,. ...... .... -',,. s .. .. ,,-
let it Y
a .,..:..:,,.f.. "ljfl ,.N ...
.... *494I olao ..g i-i" ,. .,.......a pa ta n c dit o ....... "-..
Ta d m . ...... i.. .... ,.. .tn l .' ,. .:. .
-'c jit, it.: ."v ,"'"....,... p't" .. ... .. b s u k i'x, . ..i-' '. :i .

r k~

1 1
You'll1 """' fid'tudies and gr "te sr gh.": '''':.'. 'e'lti:. "'".
~-0 A,; ., ., ,

fr om :e, i"-iqi.t ".gideaual coonsttuct$ :y"clt'ftn ."s.yy.-. wi4'; 5t. j '
and- z. ew Nylonm drwe '.gide;yo'l &fiarae z. mlhiswmma
Int this ne;, .I .'..e -',et' -t'e

workmaer comfodrt rfieseultnp'rme adj0abl dekMih.j tU K"U
Adyou'll find. iturainessad stlig? #gupewth, sutrikin
Desk. Or tN N
ntr .am ,.,er'ph one for p a N! de.s.'vb
quiet "peat n. "'sltbgft d........ d" "o,;him

Everybody'sds Favourit HAMBR DECO MEC
Hait y'I HA.. ITI. TRADING C. S. A. oc"e"

Trading Co. r. o. nOZ 306 -dded sPhoneg09 rws.'a ldi
Visi o.eo. AA Ct H e
". ... and se "".. . .-. .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . ................

' ---22._H. AITI SUN SUNDAY MARCH 3SAt' 1957

SWorld's Largest Newspaper Features '
The Honeymoon Of' Bobo, 2h0,
17, On island Paradise Of Haiti
Over four mllUion readers of The double page spread insi A-$
he. 'e-Londop r-Daily iAirrpr- the de has the couple sailing over MAR 9 \.
i!.1..wdri&ds largest news paper es- the bay of "Port aU Prince in
.p,"aced trgm winter's .grip .to Gaston Baussan's Baracuda II: a e I
'the siun-so.akced. island of. Hfliti' kissing under a mapou wit They Want To Sequester
l: last month whenhne pape tea. the. city in the background rq. My Boy Friend '
iw. tuj- Awith dxclsive .icures laxing by the pool and has such ...
Lti.he honeyoon "of Bobo 17. wonderful captions as (the lo. Dear Pher Mary Doogoode: '
th.'.a be-Arete t 'xland of ro' vers kiss -, against a. b.ack- .
:,".'.m ce hn.the. t page, of ground 'of beautiful .Hait. S. If you'. don't think life Is a :otI /' "n i ,
't:"."-tk" ?: i h'-" .daily appeared land of romance. %they go gai- bed .of sharp rocks then Listen .I [
'-ih ,,, f c ibed. h lngm s ay.Siunit.t o. sar. IA-tenLite
- pd.X.'k f oe vis'n in:'theAling most days. Swhimining, to. tmywoes. Mi boy friend. 'is or "t
SW, -i h sometimes they at least.r been one of. the'" .
"'.ress sdia-,nBawabo.)BSriisth .hough Haiti's street markets most thrifty persons on our lit- '
A"." Te's- ir:^ ol.Sig i, oh te ...lookout% for souvenirs. tl e island Republic for. the pa.t : V ...
PA. .Jly'4 er i i.sbA i. 34 year-- So far .they have brought huge fivetyears..We met five .Years a ''-:":
,'4,- ^. ^Jz.ateVM' W aw.k Zstraw Sun hats necklaces f go and fein love but fe' reu- "'-. . --
,'^"' fl... r". ...a r .. -. -" sea shells and playshirts made sed to.askkforme ,u.u'til had '|
,:,,~ 1 -. .& orat ,,, sp ...o AS-
*.'- A double .pg,;I s crad ou pic-" of colourfel flor bags. i enoogh-,money ;to 'build ai little :. ...
B& -h'.,_ _S .wthesep.ek... $- po ,.
I .... iS- "" '
'. s rres .wi julc .aerys y But ai ng after these ctu- home policy, t"t -would..-keep
l fptions of the-ldvers w..wto-were res. were t n .their love 9t- o. "1 e boat afloat 'and r .I .. ". .". .-" -... ....
'e ariled ek after -.1 elopig! try's haPpy 'en .Ang. was narre; I w..r".. ,t .:w'et e r s t a ..
"" ,' ^1 ^ ^ "^ : ,- ." ,: .-,r .... .,;
P., ..". A,,*. ,..: ,*, ,- Al;i-
^ Lr uN le Feede-eka :went tot Nass,1 ^onem b.eeets at' every'."ing ini
iayp hamss. to' 'o ask : y, t .... hryou k."n"g i es, e
.-oh. e'r's' ) o sor-tgit'e,'ea xeIss r' ,Hesaved.every pe nn ATEe' el e n t.
.pik Doctors, tu the- w r:. to. -de t. ..t ' ey e t
betea jL.e 'job worked.on little
'. "* .... ... ... Acc....t..Ii '. .iz y ace; y i^bba at A lght-: e.ve rV' -
dt t$'!ii she e her.t
e SoW e der,-,Al. '& ...e. te! 'up, is'weekeuds to making ry. .
S l o w l~y irk .:eti& ,: ..; T ek" e : " i:i i'"" .
:he little nest egg that 'Would. -..- T
e *',^ ." 'insuea" hr.-life o.t. debt.. "i .ia. -., ". -, .
.. ..... ym "1 W el:". the "' neighbors '..t e 'mpd k 'i ... L" MU S."ne i
witht-enhfl'ideoausb.most. of.lWln MeeX ruu a 'I
e. _1. ;live .a. o dy. frprn. d t t day s e: even
"" live .oni" redit. io '.l p. dp Port. .na.uu . ..
ap:. - .pi,eara.n..es.- They.se..-.ow t....... ;iW ... ..* T .e 71
P oe -& W ..2;F.... ........%L.

-..boy.. _end r .and n .,j ..: r ..
*1. -t guess 'YROUM-ELF, ATES
witted j ae.ple ,4e' &.il an C- Yea. '-.S. t e Ref, Do
tdse.'my boy.-is-as' X:hey O*0-.D,.9.. :;. ':- si O.oo [ $0.10'
i "~4w- -,... are..saying ~ 6'the'. otkx troniSICA:-"' so95&.4'. p.00 x 0.08 201"
tbe.gove .ment an d .,b-:e ''.....11.
'., r/s questei'ed. L': ,,, *' i:; ..-.fljI -: ': ," ..;.. '
, '-r .', '6a",3 you' '..- 1)- drance of $1.i0% person up to S persons laetWan
,, read,' to eav6,And u~try dnd, aekA6 a65; .lus' $10i000. Ptblic Lialilly and' S6.00
Av h' Ai~'4i je"ae Vl~rpr~D ~
qh,. ........)-Dg1i at h ir prP ort Hotel-in Port au.. Pn e nd.
1 0 4 1. x ,,f R .rd
I'" -F ,< 7. ";!',... -,," '; .. . .,. .. .. .. .:
....-.~.~- ~ ~ y-., '. ay- .... 'v .C ,fl ovef ,-Liu-hM e. : '!.]
-ta ~ ,j ~ ~' rQ~m-re.
."4 ,.. ',, -.,1, L Bsin
I- ..,. _4-e,, ,.pict-r.
Z7. ,e." afrt,'pz4:yto 61.year.v.xxld -
:.".*:' it. ...9t. .. .. :.. ..,o o ..,, ... .. ,.
ev,.e,- k pvie ncais saevrtcb .b.t y W b .*'., : -'.-'
-, .. Q,,4;;..,,'-C..L. ,:' ,"": L '""i H l ,,,
b';'it" of...sO.:t...S.t.t.Switz.ri(. *':.h,.,j,.1
Lj .. ,. ,j. ,rJi1., ,',.-- .. ,'., ' :-,., -".
"I 0
..... ... x;,& '' ., ia~ v : ,:"""
,: c'G~ar '-P~ e ': ; ........ " '. ..

.& -4,6 t, 1 1 -og "d t..; . .. ..li W-v h -.~ s :" a: :""d " :
*' L ''"""

tvtat Ll~afly'L
,se-f ,,reg tteri
com~e.iii^ uatio ,$ ti n
pose .non of:.
mi.wl0s likeI
med" p this

Dear" r.na
i'n.do tha
.;*; :S)
.li V.e... ,

f-,i M ki

sted.. in the" out-
l, fab' e similar 'Is,..
es Mare heiresnei tor i ,t "
"eSi touh.I-fa. Sp .
vital! 1 .... j ':

~ e .:',' 1 . ... ." .' ' '', ".! *'
[.fe.,Salon.de. Bea e is lete. whihh 1.oi,
r e "ta pb!t" .e roW th d 'o H o e o .. .. Oloffson ad U ', H hotel Caste -
iger d-", h. Ladtes oThe Capital are recommendd: to .call at this .new
Hit.S ,a.on to see, or themselves the.estbo shment'and the qulztg' .
Mar.y Doogoude. .-oid er.we, .db..t
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1- &utj.n A Mools JAM.
Ji/ &ot Xoa xLi~ Sre5siakke %IA.

PHONE : 684*

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* li *.* *;:, ;'



3rd 1957,

;or lonma
i sitioning
The SIAH (Haitian Industrial mond Mecklembourg. Upon its re prod uetio
and Agricultural Society) made port the SIAH protected the find- of soap.
more .than filthy per cent annual ings and a new investigation was when Mr
profit" on its monopoly production ordered. On this occasion Mr. ment for
of soap since the franchise was 1Oswald J. Brandt and Mr. Roger SIAH ref
granted in 1952, according to Blanchard agreed to submit the the price
Minister of Commerce Andre Man balance sheets and trading ac- Departmei
gones in an inter-view with news- Icounts to the investigation corn- usine I
men this week. ,:mission. It held a
Mr. Mangones was explaining In its report the Commission The Min
the circumstances which led to found the margin of profit to be gave noti
the seizure by his department of too great. The report placed the the Deparl
the stock of soap at the factory capital value of SEAR at $413,711, Minister o
of the Society. He told newsmen 71 while the gross profit was put say that h
at a conference at the Department at $484,458.02.'The nett profit of the matte
of Commerce when c Thebaud & I he SoeietW was placed at $ 222, therefore
-Co 'were granted the exclusive, 037.72. without d
right to mamnufacture pap in .aiti The salary of Mr. Brandt, prin-. passe. He
it wis agreed that% the S:ate; cipal *sharholder in SIAH Was que for
should be sole purchaser and stSId to be '$.36,000 a year. normal c
that the .price, which would I On request the Justice '.of Peaice requisitjo,
be' based .on the cost of pro- of the East Section went to. the the SIAH
duction would be arrived It by I.rot ofl offices.of the' Societe of $19.60
arbitration. The franchise wa' for Industieftle et Apicole d'Haiti to Before,
25 years. madke a process verbal,a (deposi- men Min
Despite repeated representa- .tlon) and to order the seizure of lined the
tions by the Department of Corn- steps by.
mere, the Minister said,' both ra og 'erce in
SThebaud & Co-a, and its succes- COCIuAS DE [AS Haitian c
sor, the gIAH, had declined to GAS -
submit its figures so that the cost |FL0 'REk
of production could be arrived at " '"
The Department therefore was --- 'Newly
never able to fix a controlled modern co
price for the smap. i bath etc..
As a result 4f impasse thus e Stio
created the Deartment requested -' 1 P.ionvfl i
a commission af inquiry and the W i "

request was granted,. me person-
nel of this commission included
Messrs Marcel Sansaricq, Marc
D. Series and Samuel Lajoie,
accounting experts, together with
Messrs. Raoul Victor and Ray-

HAITI SUN _________PAG .
of soap found in the fac- A i Sa t
., , ^ ; ^ i
After, the Department i n ai.T j [l
erce ordered the requi- .. .
of all the entire SIAH I ..
n representing 93% boxes Editlor, The Wall Street Jowrnab: .,
Difficulties, arose then Concerning the economic aid program of our Governmentj
Brandt claimed pay- do not U.S. funds available to foreign countries promotgi:::,d.
the merchandise and the trend towards socialistic government enterprises? In contraC...
used to sell the soap at has not extension of industries into foreign, countries by p. -
of $ 17.80 fixed by the vate enterprise, which is our normal American wa' of .e
mt of Commerce.. The and currently so successful, been seriously neglected?, -.
Mantique declared that, To' an American pleasantly retired in the mountains a.
mortgage on the stock. Port-au-Prince, the following are some of the business
nister of Commerce'then ties of the agencies .of the United States Government: : t
ice of this situation to plantations and.decorticators, lumbering and sawmills, 'rqM
rtment of Justice. The production and on a lesser scale rubber production. '.
Of Commnerbe, went .on to] Indirectly, the U.S. Government has judiciously fian U J
his departmient- regarded road construction and other public works, but the funls 9 i
r as one of urgency and released to the Haitian government are then employed te(:o
legal steps: will be taken nance the government ownership of sugar plantations and. a
lelay to dissolve the i- sugar factory, a banana export company, electric utilities a-lt
pointed out that a che- lessbr activities, !-
16,589 gourdes 60, the Disastrously, for a small, country such as Haiti, .none0o,6
ist oa the stock of soap these government ventures into the fields of: .private' &it
aed-. awaits claim by prise have resulted profitably; to the contrary, year afei.yrpai
which demands a price theseoperations' have drain'eil.the Haitian-treasury ofurge.t
Super box of 250 ilbs. ly needed funds: Haiti; which is a historic ally of tile.,Unit.
taking leave of the news States dating back to 1776, is .in dire poe'rty yet only .l.i'.
sister Mangones unde- miles off-shore fromn'Miami, the latter an impressive examl4t
e necessity for these of the. wealth iand.jwospe .-ity .of. our fre ....erptisi tt 'r
the Departmenit of Corn- These should be'no critics. fourr C.vernment. pe nie
order to protect: the [here, i of-the .H gtian overmnt fbrthe foregoing; be se'M
on er. r Qof tlie wide-spreai, unemplo.Aient 'aiid '.poyvertyhe .th go i -A
ns um'e r" ..n.. .. ": tSha'fried tb'create.employ.'me ..It an'i "n..ve since, ..
S' :" "" iso:privaOe;.p t cpit.to unertae hee eit"pn.ses
: Presunnablywti api engi: 're teumbg .
constructed house, aU degree in othierl countries receiving'finadial aid from the "U.
onveniences, 2 bedrooms Governmnent' ., ... .:,- .:. -,.,. ,. ,. -.. ......
situated' upper part of .In sho'rtt, our America financing' of..foreign, countries aea^0
e. Apply RLe Gregoira tes a trend to gbvernimeit:socialistic'dperati pn in activities
rTote de "rEan) which' a.e.tisud4ythebjeeldof:',o- ata t iens: 9'
e. Few h ie-si"de Amnric6ani pecitdate th stiibstanta'. Wijde-
spread econi aid, .accomplis.ed by private nterpse. MEv
sp-ead.,ehnpdd~aby4 # prvavte 61ite E."."
sgabanana1 ubber mIniin.g or. ptroleum -ehterpriset
SS W C Americ"ho&:'bdioirtstaation backwarat
A.iApft:.. s, : .poable P water ippCes,.saniation sy.ten
oftenn for tiatin aid,sqil conflrsai1n'aifd with ibajor," s.
to voqawih ajewr
Si!rt to the balance, oF trade 'f sfsue ountries. .'
_.. __':. *-." Here.in Haitif ony recently .the Rd'eylds Metal Co. has.in
.....".... tilted bauxite miningg: operations; and, alrady has b3tfit
"* ,. rme .ate
,class roads swt IsintaM in ater anda
systems, while paying taxes to 'both -th- .U.S. and H aitin o
ve rnments...Te R Oldss hospital -averages treatment oj
1,2000 patient'per;:noth, .nbt-rswicted to employes7' bit
'paF ^available free to.-;the. `omnujtyore ;public works of Reyit
.olds'etals Company would cot our U.S. International Coo.
ols\eal Co 'Ji Ite. naiq'r.o-Q66ty".
pration.:Adminstratoa iseveral..niihion dollars, all i" outgp t
mucheoroou fiu-
The obviouss ld eed 'isuindr m t. WColdh'otr snudlate'npeyerpi,
jment: capiitai for.thes u..dft-es, .. M airless3andhi hsm e-v
"eni committee, suduhngforeig.'ai ..-s.6b much for our-.:
H endsaand -'.ighbo.s ifthev a-ster dur U'S. -'Governmentdi
'' ments for American" Pnie: investment inforeign co
.aMuly studiedta_ advantages .f .pr, pioneering, v
Of "I. ,e such-a jn..: "ict met. oudjd .fikiAt .. .enpe o"i
sA;! Mi e.: ,.Cc fiitt .:t W. ar "l6 odr. horn
: ` ('`' -``' `:``.' '`":M :;` ". i ': ', "" ", .

Three convenient weekly flights to take
you, into the gay, romantic atmosphere
of the' Pedrl of. the Antillesi
Only 90 minutes from Port-au-Prince
to Santiago de Cuba by CUBANA!

S For information and reservations see your
Travel Agent or call Pan American World
Airways, Rue Dantes Destouihes, Phone 3451
. t *.

At -e : _. I ane, W vsteWan

Extracts'Vegetable Juice

...:. .. ... .. .,. .. .- ...; .

Mondas,.WdnesaysFridys,,t 1:5P.,

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ "EAD C .N YEATRE RM OTA.PTO: -- A :-- : i

.." ." ......".,..'.3,

... GEAR CH NC TOE,'1 u:"~ P iiKJ i
" . . : . : '": .: .. : : : . ., .: ; '.. : :il : : ..i i : .',:a'
..", ': ". . .. .., ". ". .. ..., ". ".... ;.'; .':"..,';, .' ....:k ..::." .:,..,;.:. ..:,..;.,. L ".',' ,,. : ';
. . . . .' : : '; .. , , " . . : : : o . : : .: T . .: ': : ` '1 ` t : } ; ` x: ` ` iI:: ;



--- ------- --- ---- ...... -- --. -------- --------
S:PAfOi '24"4 ... ... _........._ HAITI SUN "SUNDAY MARCH 3rd 1957
POL D ITIC AL U PTHEAVAL[ siderable' economic advancement. Pan American the people of the United States
'The ambitious irrigation and by- with the people of the other Ama
^ THREATENS HAITI 1 droelectric project in the Artibo- Week Decreed rican republics .
.ni te valley had been carried far President Eisenhower has pro- The proclamation said the 21
Y. :" .in., toward completion. Unfortunately claimed Sunday, April 14 as Pan republics of the Western Hemi-
4 "_1 dward Tomlinson (Washington corresponden)mTh...... ."._ .
B Edwar Tomlinson (Washington correspondent) eial finagling and labor in- American Day and the period sphere will celebrate on April 14
NSMaml--Heralda efficiency ran up the cost to from 8-14 as Pan American Week. the 67th anniversary of the ,Jound
-' almost twice the original estima- He urged all citizens and interest, ing of a Bureau for Inter-Ameri-
Poverty and politics are the twin Haiti ranks along with Boiv, ted organizations to join in obser- can Cooperation which now is
"Is ndfpHaiti, s and the auses ofEcadoirn aHondua and oneo,'t
v 0s of Haiti, and the cause of Ecuador, Honduras and one or Some new capital and invest- vances in testimony of the known as the Pan American
+ilhe4 present unrest and disorders two other Latin American coun- e e seafast friendship wich- unites Uuion.
.P Pis my island republic. But tries in the number of revolutions e -staftrinhpwchuieUi
'" " . .* fr uy; few more. years and the',
lics is the most deadly of the and violent changes of govern- bauxite (aluminum ind stry "
t' maladies. ment it has chalked up since its wuld have been a going ente- SEE THE REAL HAITI
. Ttis difficult enough to. main- independnce. ut few of e Coffee was selliAg at theT
tarin.orderly government and de- Haitian upsets have bben sparked prie history but e IN LEISURE AND COMFORT''.
ain -H Ihig$est prices in history, hut -the
k.wiocratic processes in a nation by the masses. 'disaster of hurricane Hazel bad TO DISCOVER THE CHARM
-!here: more than three and 'a I In fact the peasants and' small
rlaid, waste' to mny of' the plan'ta ANDTI
tost and[ adog A il'ATJ OFTHE COUNTRY
uarter million persons are crow- farmers in the rural and. m -i the south and a drought
t lded into less than 10,000 square tain districts, wd constitute90 had ravaged many hf the nor the -
i. ~les of territory and forced koper cent of the entire population, I
' a living out The sldoi display a ,r1terst in po- .arm
1 struggle fo r exitee is. itic.. Th-y., e '0ver-ment of The biggest boon- to the cities,.
.bony struggle for existence is and ip.i ave. *, the and to the national treasury, wasr '
a"n d to' breed irritations andl anda P 1i.ial eapaigning..t. the. the: mqunting 'tbui-st trade "Haiti '' *

B h. opiuiohs of tbe S.i\ .of, ;thosein the p p per-e ss y .ounta. ar -u'nd P .ort-au .. ,.,
[unni aa:ure expiesse n it 'dtr al d byterisie Dyl folittca gzopeslntfr < Pzinde *- )iany of the were b it ) ^t F T ?'"!!? n u c n r n
." hs. .nd uowh.,. e ... ,.. the ,. ., capitcty of .r .'-_' epennehad.- become one- e'*r 'mYpoa I-c a r. -
,'... .. . ': e ty avi~e rs.i6 'Ii ey bada prac cl #.vqY 'Y ankee -vacatido. i f' tg "" in". "

|," ". ..o t ~.. .. ... -,,, '. :. '.^ ^ ^ , c to .o .' the ,~v i .=. [1 S O i. t e "
nothing 46 do w. t the ir recent e na- bbe, an. a' l k:..... 6" ,. ."' -.'

-.!^ i ': :, ... " .o 'se _ar ..si ..s: ..;, ... .. ;;. ,*^ : .. ionetad oner-.: nigv it'n ^ent had ,^ .p r ^ A IP i r F T m ~ P~
'= en..feTHET :SA *Y a; es pre :hy ." -at n" ed --.. ..tge "

Ina.'k' n 1U iats*' po^icy' Paul'on .A: ptfms paeUlani 3ated, SttheCmris tolr;*.:aapu and aatig gode ..sakig
a. rc. . .... .. tuae runue i ite:,:nc;oftora ye ludbn.Chaes wa o u"

.p.t . ... - T s o i H ^^ ^. t^ ,; :.: :,., -, .. "n ..o lz u u n o

Slt zmpariaitys'^the Ie;,; hunsellen ;nc^ ifice TiDDTUIO(ihe so-urngh)
to allow. the 4 c le e 9 e4 whicores.h nal :uxury-- oieIs iAi '!
.ise o" its" .--'"

den i niansdwhich .tiief mehasehis.+sucocesoLstike such as have p..,.:y, t- YOW An
. .. .. . .. . . .. . ...e a. '-t 'n d' . .. . e ft, w e r e

jite O ex prss te i r Ii 'rc et ts on H 6'ors t,!nhadly rea o to t ct ; ekegn e,? m anit easil ToIthe 'h o- b *lt y

I.v*ct ton th renriclos of b^ Pthei sionlpyiin Ahed;6/hapenQ~ed in.:Guatemala hin -95 Fu'BafM -Sgetd tnrre-nomto.t-
Itte a, *oi.dtse eyorl on o erteneCod'",nte men an S. antag

tPil lB ^ ^ ^H ^S, , 'pi: 'aOF ttuctivba 3tjld U":b'a fib an 5tre their^:anti-* T AEW
Mge.g' -C T9 IoD (vi the S

exti ,Ad.n wir'"n'~pe r edi State." W~i and i a''g 'd '" '. ON"A
t fffd .. sparkling nerw
.+," tray el-dreaM.ar's was. pou- H e tI eiw.

Ite e"" r z a
'dof tipamti n s e. ra t4hV. Ie c'r--oih.... .c

.r''e .,4wI +.s:ionale.Cplitididn.e As.- 1i ~o h -" .z' fre tohliono iw r i ..-"oa S gse Itiea'ksIfomto ,
..... .,-. !.~~~~~~~ing: in.:'.. ::+ :" ";...."- -. .
e1.'rd .,A ld .`h ,al "ee u .ti e ' ..,,..'. ;:. ". .'
As ,tte a (,to .ae 14..,ti i-a ft a r'f -916" :"-"'", i-: or 8v n.. -
by, 'ts .. -. '.0 'For'the'highl ght of y.irr vacation YOU must
P.' oF6 this reasTo t u r e gvntt ahe dseve- ta,-t/ eveAL $r.:"
-c.a ek o publis shes onp .bin'- a- diviianshd hiee hos'. 'strikes such ha.reascra LIC.N.SE
,.+ .- !P... .y. . .. .. traa d-.e c e d :,: a
of'....,k. '.- .," apbe, ni g

,,t 4'4on+.,&.' ".Tlse, o o rse,.ar : . .t .. -ist trade ovr h:i ':' u, ;at '1.46
Pen d' e in ?GL Guatemii i f19""

... . . ... e n b q. o:' o e t.0 W.- -"e. and 53 afternn .
in .. .... L.g.:all.'i sdsD1 i er.-n t a .'Ceitrcai Am eiiida hfR ";' R i' ound:,Trip: or One W ay, .N o Ret~rn.,Ch br~ge
teeptp+ ,'no., :res~o b !hi ;.f rCAL .... .-,t~t~d:h bc"nt,. S~tc.terb'~ i: ") P C,,F -.TJ-E LOW .0 oT..,
Sunda y : b and...
.4 pnin x 1 v. ...."' ... ":- "-:..' PORT iAU.,jBRrNCE-.TO CIIJ DAD T+RUJILLO (via the South)

r. Golf Tourugment
.: .,shoudi):as-be! kVpt -or-a .ra"b"e,'po~W. -HEW IV NATTE HO MANY R' rD '
). ".. ., ,. ..... . . . ..- . %

TEEOF TIMEd 2:00ea P.M.il'yu
peop .+h i VoV=, ; .._. . .... --."'I , ..
;Ane or I'e. oPinivisny'.0f; r iago~e) : : I.~' .b e:p', be. ... i .)!' :. ..> ,. 1: d -0thc 'Ms -sft .r of o s mghts ee ping Lond g er.u~
........ Mtg.e ir ... %k. a f =+: ?: : a .0-T i 0'm course you a ~ t gr

:, See you r Hotelte Desklefor In-Irfotiation.
Ke'Irs 'on" a afirs- OIL,'. ib~ :'dlti~% As -13elao. !d. q tr o.tol tf0hp t P k' 1) is *'R"i oat',' Maps io OWgese Ftn rre-norain

fib*~i t h3a
t a !'jig *.* e ..... ... ..N.':2
-aeW.'-wee~k, ubhishes 'nr, rhs at. ci'vihfans:.'a bee LICENS
,.,." :+ ,:. s;- e, tA.,,
,,,,.,-::t 4. ,. +,
id .'M I... .,e "e


..N W- A.. -.R.S ..
. .. ...., -..., ... . .
:0 "A"n./ " :'"
.< ,. .+, .. ... :. .. ... : .., .. :.. .:. ? .;6.:
i~,.,," '.> :. '. t .. .. .., .i'.,:. ...V

7.. '. j
e n.ii""+ /"':

THR E CL. ES.y:'i i,.:' ,


FASHION NEWS I some of'rh-m sport voodoo pat', DANIEL ROUMAIN
terned embrider wils [ Leaving Msher's we turn to t1k&,
are smartly so:)hh;to-!v,1.ed with, Champ de Mars and just off:,this,-.:'
aM I across from the Ansoni4._Rotel4s'....,.
PEEK 'INTO THREE HAV ENS lglidering hia(!5t0h( 1, Pri
I cQd just $6.75)'. hictfientally, It large red, And white. stiped co
WITH THE CLOTHES HORSE dotted with tiny gold stars thaVs look into Kurt Fishees Art and; seems only fait to 'nenflon that the brightly painted boutique of
Port-au-Prince's streets are I a loiia torse fashion coruplete Gurio 'shop which boasts the on- men's shirts are also fashioifed Mme Roumain. This is perhg
popping with Dame iash ion's With buckle to enipbasize the 1 pg and French-*pi-
el available in from wn and co "most charm
'Liberty lab -cool Liberty La
handwo.1c. In fact, it's diffictdtflattering line. There's. a browii. Port-au-Prince. Llb&ty Lawn, -as mej .411 siezes'and e6jor.q, pri- red shop. in all Haiti.I.Y(ni entbr
to traverse ahk stieet without ishrose print dress witl-i a any Liberty fan Will bell- YO,, is ced at $ 6.90. Then too if you're a room thai is smaii but 'dlqerly.
sign that tells you deeper rose print this Ji a, the que. o cotton fab ic;s,, it's a clever missi and wield a decorat4 with an antiqup_'. our-
kjust. inside is the answer 'to 1 puffy tunic style to see you soft as a kitten's. ear, needle and thread With e6se,' poste bed: whf6h, has been shorte, A
Your fashion dreams. Of' cour gradefully through ,qny cocktuil wonderfully to. colors, both, you'llwant-to take 4dvant,ge-0f, ne'd e.ver so much and has beim]Ai -4
se, you won't be abe to. pop, hour. Or try the navy and go!d bright and Tnuted, and, washes the r wn and r a, pack# (I -.draping spot
into all of these shops, for the I print 'iJL You're a cdie harcL Oil and irons so well you.,. might the yard e)., Lawn Mjiels beautiful go The large. -
womau who is 'seeking a new' the inavy for springk program, tjnk it ad a Miracle 'abrl" ii $1, center of the room table has a
dress is more interested in find- One partidularlk gay dress. Is -tag on -it $o milch or the finek linen Lz- S, 3. 10. a nd the printed CGV& caught, up at Various spots;
it, than a variety (qoniinue Dn page,.28):
of shoPs. charcoal gray and white diago- I points, all ol which -bave made '$!4.00,%
So come along with us while nal stripe. with a ljgter gray I-Liberty, a. world fam ous .
work our way through rose and bittersweet print. et's, look into' t e' as ton' part
we -ee fashion ha' I It's I h f hi
thl vens' today and bOuncing charm is pelled. out '6i things. MPSVof' tli6.,- dresses
peek over, our shoulder while in, g4th r iuffle at. the skirt you'll see are Asign6&'jn HOTEL
we try the latest 'in' styles, ai d- hem,ine. Price tag? .00. (glan4 4 here, alth6ugh
toy with tryi ere are several
materials, ng some- Th 'Iight.yellow seyeral: lopal seamstresses." are -WINEIh DANCE
thing new, or float thro h and whlte c6mbinatlons and all h IN
n now:dopying some Jg wp
ima4ginary ball In an, exqujsite styles from scoop to sqqtre -fashion work 'of New. Yorlt 6.
gown. neck owi'skirt to 1144n- signers :and' makiog .-those styles THE C.ASTL
ey There a: ve:- right on th land Aoo (at'..,
ry fine is,
SASSINE COUTURE co!ledtloh,of -hand, embioldeddil :a',. much more attractive. r". -ox
Let's start "orice', 'agaffi- -al for this iuji.
qu4rter-way up resses, an in a Qne. sty e.. ide
the P6tion-ville hill road 'and wi4e. vuriet Of !Styles. one of., R J&.
thelsoaked'-Is e, it 91! a square Oppjajl
stop first at the eyep&ching red loveliest' c6lor':: combinations W` as',: type, simba'A 'dress. w''ith"., m wnewlin h
m o
Sign of Sasshie y S f G
Couture. This, the% s ok orange, s -eatl with Ing 'bolero. omJL' o ',the, heck-
Sassine shop is run by Simone Perky whitbo .&is attern. For': li es feai )i
y n. ure, a. Wter, some.lare'
eveiing elegance-ther were se-, smooth ]Rkfhrft4
Denis, and her sister who have-, gently scoope oneg
a-.deft hand. with Hadtian fa- 'NTral equally hard 't h e that take so: w6tA6 idweily- a' f6mantw
sh!ions, as the large audience of #oM,: one a peau de. s6i J most harming with 1.
"blac cent. One is
with scalloped -sat
tourist Montana. The s scoop a. suspq6aer'.t.
hop is a sheath ick 'and ype
ight,. airy smond floor ondi"' n em_,kline and compk*1 land Iowef__than tbreati necklin
'h by a curving wrought- embroidered- in '61 There' are, stripes. (note too. the SPRCJA
iron-staircase. Your first impres = heer 'itcheTy in bla'k Q wopdpillil Aqua.. stripeA fobe)
sion on entering d flor Ph s avaHable,
ls a burst 'of WIth, 'the lovlleA -most "de 'an ftdr _:CARN -N C. E
as' 7: 7 j i 7
e girls both seem t Jand, -sl
color tb traming). tralling Without sleeVeg and,
-ess a&, leaf des ors'to-. your "0,0 PM
hav)ff a fin-ir for brlghtn [0 embrOiderdd dow col cli6osing'.
though (lanportant ifip, ent*
fAshloa note 0- length of *he shirt -linen,' which coffis
-they have many, smart Wjak, in izes begin with the b-
Wf andsome Haitian em roi
10 Y_-
diblin- priced mb dery. he linen, is
ave blen u ve and, aeen in white,
destly, ikt4_,$10.z0. IMAMERT1
very difficult to find,.in lialti.) 0-t- blue,',. aloige, 11
Here you'll SHIMiS
find a decided inte- Fl em lery c
rest in the long torse look as P g,- U.gh lawn Mow MPS ,010
in aft, Iouses'too
in the, pale
blue cotton frock th
to, e Rue du (4uai let's. take :a. I re e in. liiblertY 1aWn and


Y 6L,
h, Ir .


biftaWe., V

OW9L, L C- 6,'.
SWISS. WATCHES ;:,!.P vte Totit


.-. P.AGE 26 __ *



F M A !a'i t ice, vi.. e consul 6 of E. President'. t6nio Vincent
W +. %

WE -. :,.France in,. -PLrt.au-PYFc. arm, observed his birthday ',anniversa-
b'ye0 here I-apt Friday. The d mstn- ry last' riday --vert- fiends
4 *: 4gnshed diplomat.; was accorn- and admirars 4p *tlb 1ILustrIUs
++!<.- ....

, paniedi by his fe and their OldMan aed on i i Ais
t '> thrte 'children' .- ietxo -Vill i-e eiice to ,li pre-
i A-z -Z F sentu.theirgree g:' .
', MrS Josei Lej-former Lx. A
*. Haitiah'' masdr a the t-Wi^r' ean.: Pj^c'.taoz~hti
frb f' Lon: oa.. .Ficay .. .1 X i .." I'
:!4la .. .i .. .

..i .:e :;1...-'."+. .. ...': :'. :J N ie* C ." -oa.T ='.- ." '

" M. J\taymond"Fils, Ai ed Chef -,Iiugede n- th2n c
rt .ti. e- erne l aet.Fth eprida a.tn' t 1 trlda. '. 'e .i s
, f of'L, C hd omneioa ly tos New ....coe.... .....

l. ..ne ^^" ., e d r M e ,. oyXl t : i ,a.# ,
N! 'Yok aw ja3n 4jfe
de. '" rvi "e a ". ;-':";...De arft s ent : h L.ge s"",.;...

of .'." M of semder.', *f, 'At..l'o '...,' .m,,I-kI;".t rI -
t. $"' "1"4 h'e'...". '"
r4. u ed,iho' q ; qeu Lrned," bA, irw ibor a. nr wbs,. n.
,tn th e' s tl d m o.Ir ..n.,$, ,,' .. .
i2 y-' 1 XZXw ,rR A n Q
tionofMr ~ J16-tidRRa4Ota's4M155 us 4hre and o
4,on 4y '

4 "... ..... .. '-"" "" . "" e eafl dl' ,.T M, me ba
a' l, ... ..ed-
.,'+~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~L -oIrv... ~l.,.I+. e

... .r .Aib
flarfit exv

r 'y~~' ~'

1! **4



Mr. Alvaro Aldama, .World A k
Health Organisation ct'fiial arriv- I A 1Z A ..-
ed from Havana Mondny. .-
x x* -x
Josette Roy fleLo ,h L es New Bar In Garden
Iast Sunday. '
la ,st, ua. Of Hotel Majestic at Petion-Ville,:
Giigio Cesari qv Neo.' Y i- ..
botini Sunday lasr.' ( BUFFET CREOLE )) SPECIAL '..
., :.x xi k ., .., . *
Arnoand Ouelet iouk ofloi .he Friday
States'Monday." ., Every Friday Night ,:
'" + X" -." '*' -. '* '
Josephine. .Mehu PAA-t] to Ca- Delicious and & Succulent )).Haitian foo4',
nodi on tha26th.'
..Henriette.Bas'Jien clippered to '
ew Yo Moniay.: 'O Girard.and'Odetet Wiener, Prop.
.* ...* *. '. ... .' . .. i' '*..'.' " "" '. ,' '. = .. '* <.':;' "
"Christiabie Legagneux "flew ,to., '..... .. .. '
N e ^ t n a ;i ..; ^ ,^ ^ *. ,, .. .... .^ . * ./ :, .. o- .. .... ': .';,

Yvonn . gut e.* ..' . on t- he .5. ....
cfiarisi si Papailae,. .4
&X11 to tNe.York Monday; morin
....' ', x^*' ?kE:X' "X .. :." / .. .... ...' "- ': ' '' ft '- ... " :* *" ' "I

.. Itatan n-b. ...ssado, and.. i: .-. ''''. ; '" .. l.Y ' cl.. ' ,,..' "s o W 'K Y ", "
.Grg S..l ;,, r e 4- 'k"fro;t
^ 'Sl^ ^'^"^1* ..... :'. ..,'
'' ;:'r. on/

"p g er;q ^^ ^ -, "ri.:'.." : .i; .'' ---

sadb "e' '' '. "*+"+, ".

'.. Last wee,4 f.,.,r & ., M u. .. J . .' .L".r.. S.c41
sadoc here. I, i4lUa, ed~k ..-f 'vi ...* '": ':
sit th e:=. zd,,y .[ 'a.,.. fr. .-oo .tdii.nq, .. "4.. r.
S...US aH tom er .i +. o m e.j v, .. .t:r .. + '. =, b !:...' 4'" 9/ : ,, "

.sons .. .'herbsa, N'o. e ....' '.d: 4 '"' '.the.'' : '' ." t .
..f:armning friend -,." 1 .,'.' ;. -' ""t!
C'4 4 1flINU W

'' "They i"' gue .sts' o- t.' "e. "Mr 4'.. -. '.*' ' '
*4Cd0'W11 eutenuitiYfiidrier^ .4-'4.. *^ ^ *^'l 11 ^* 4^SSc2 ** **'*.'::
.. .. izan supervisionn, ...tB .e r :tr ".- "'' . .. .

vice'4 "ahore b " ." ",
..... h o, xe' t : .tu 4;'. .-_1.j.ppere L (B e .!j G rocker. S t'res "' '' . "
."4 4, -"4 0X;' 1" '
A441:-4, .-:

O:,j ".4 ..J ;,-L and. ., .4|
...' :.' ..^ ^ ,-:i: ....... : ." e e r t~ ... ....
.n."p.:ij .:a" ion.
& b 4 ,I ts ,- b-a.,,,. i..""'' .'+' h
I- ao Sit a .,om 'f'.{ei" '= ..
v 4; U .r..,. .. .... ...
h ~ g": ;! ., ;= +'" '. ...'S......
,.Lo. .."_.,:- '.
ery,' Vi'-d :" "':" '' :' :' i
;io:; "r"A 1 './... ,;

Thby., !Verdy~=.:.., .ue .. ., 7
n z tn : tl o .~l~ l :... .:,,'i ,'' :" a "," ,""e '. .
-. +., .. ..'.:. +" '': '.. .. .. : . ..,. ,. ;
.Ig e. ,-'. G;, .1 . ,. '-. '..
Wc +.:? ~ ir .+ d 4 .=.,, : :. ,,'. . ..;

"%c4s44\ ..t".'. .* ,.
r ,rj --,.ki ,4 -- ". -
A .. , .. .
...44..-i, =....',

r .,:r irJ t1 .<.:"" 4. .7-"
IrE t. ...1' I E, l F .
4 ., l .. ,
4 1., ;"
+ .,-," ".'..' i 1. .

,.4+ + .,. .
. : .'' ., i4.; .'. -' ''=..' '"4C.. +
l-' ESP.:, r i!+ - 7

A. ,' j *". -'49"


..ra. r
i. W ...,. il.- :

j'J." ~ :'. =.v%&' '4!"4Fi"t".
"'~" "", t= "J. 4

is ;.. .,o:r "
: '" L -,; U -," 7,

.. % ~4. .... . .. . : 42 ." . . ..... ...*~* -' . ., . ... :.. ," .'. '. ';
4 .4:4, , . -':, = ,; . .. : . . .,'- . r . , 3. .. .
,,"', : .'...' --.'.'.=& ;- +=~ a~ :w'L'< ,Z'" L'.'t:... L'' ..-' o~ :." '.' ,.:"".-@ &'," :...a,:'. :[.. : i ,:' :' .: :.":t .:-.": =',, ;;;: +[" ", ....;,-:'+-'., "+u'.:...', ,.',," ":4, *,4,:.'.


'" U.S. FOOD GIFT FOR La Belle .Creole ...
;i HAITI ARRIVES... Introduces New .' -... ,, .': 2; ..,.,.
(continued from page 1) ColTection.P,
gram, requested by the Haiian Condi.ions leading to Haiti's re- New star -in Port-au-Prince's ': 41
Government after the proluongod quest for food were ine result of topping firamer is the intro- .-
drought created abnormal distress I crop failures caused by lack of duction this week by *La Belle' 'S
particularly in the north ano nor.h rain, starting in the siring of Creole'of Omega's latest concept A$4
west of Haiti, is in addition to 1956 and continuing, o through.: In .htgh.-fashion. diamond watches, :^B
U.S. aid programs already in pro- the fall and into the. eary .nbnIis- ..The gift .a diai.obd" 'wateh
gress through voluntary agencies of 1957. The normal., rain ctd.lel'' has lodg bten an inmortat"mdi-
such as the Catholic Rvlief Ser.'i the north consists" ( v.iorndic cati on of the hich a
*ces and the Protestant Church thunder showers in late sprjngand j j6,, who'W e tcheiied, shares
World Service. These Serices continuous mUid rains fromn Octo- ih a man's'esucesr ibe shapes krb
have already distributed, in recent ber through January. '=at r :pieces^-::of.- arti :iand 'ie'.
months, or have scheduled in As. a result of 'the disturbed.,rain ostrinte' of- rt .aribbnh
cyceoLl lsstheir' f GR irs Cnbelan
distribution, more than 1,30J t.y'. cycle, thlre was not a.1y .1 loss nf showing at La BeUe. Creole'. dotd .
Sof surplus food provioH by rhe crops, but also a loss,of new Reed. o shopping cent.e'r'eaffirnih
American Government. a serious depletionof.. 0 food. rgeser O eas J," i'' "
areas where lack nf fe toI a I crops such as .coffee beans on athfel
cropscoffe, bens," -ii':a:e, the e veCho nti.ntenta].

ExetM o a very Ic .v la i ye ki a Fo re due d rCi e.S rnp oin cash nobige the n you 'Ca-'e aL 4. --*: ;*' -:*. -.6 **"- S1 *"
pshed a crisis stage, is plane coo, etc. stuone telsi Caeoynti n n .ta
Hoditrbt the n_____________ styjing and the high aecuracy 'of
to distribute the new suppzes ing ." hance the' ditincti6n oftic.h a gift.
connection with communit deve- e S at
opment work projects designed 14 CrUise Shuttand ron
ito make a lasting .o[itributiot. It&Cal .Outnd reios t
to makne a v. lasting ,tci: Ca e l In'CMarch La Belle Creole .are.,in.,. tiy f J ... '.' ...2 $ode4,'.7." "i .siSg:!
the areas involved. Fre e o listribu- on-es o t ...
tno will be restricted as..rr as. -'Fourteen {iCrise ,'Ships will all no bigger...thd n your fi..lngenai. "- .. : -

^and "aae ai t~ a ^^^^^' "' "^ ';:^ >...:v '^ ....
^r p t x e td o ac wit 60 -t. s"all .ige kd t c v .er .h "' ... .J "% 'J ". .A i ." "'": ." '::, i6-
ossible to children invalids and at Port-au-Prince during the Here eases of platinum: badthi.t .. I : .
others incapable of partipai g month of March he Olvmpia or yellow fe arat gold; rieged a.. .... ...
..-c ..r ,. . *1 : wh, .w .'..".,S
in w o rk projects ' 'n e". . . : .: :
in.Experienc in .si-He,- eo[nnw~xi- It expected here'tonigh with 05o9fwith, baguette and round-cutn'din- ..
Experience im earlier c- rm inni-gtourists.' nt' '-e ll de eei .f ''./: ... 4 ., ...
t, Vie vi.e,- - a
ty development wbrk proj, ss t 1t our 'st .. m\ - 'mo" ve'.t th.W.. .arx d&? if.. .
thirvauei difer cenAorng to te Moure Me ,Car- those:with floral or loeawmotif :" 4.
proved other value rn tie red--... r-" "' "e "O-ed a. E.
.-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~mc .Li. .n~c e -mhe -Argenuna, wicn worka'd.i~~ ph 'idbl'~~ ', ,,, : : ,'.:: '' ~;-"., '

'program.~~~~~~~ ... *j 'atoma aI-. *Aos "1111. ii .:, -. ,* ,.-'.".*, .*'.-;;^*^^*:'^r^ -8
i.parts of the coun',rv. Examples AA Ln th nn..wih.k in sap hisdbiliL"- 1,H, V* .D.."
cruising -the Caiibbein, will Spira14. of' Iamodljs interlaced .,2:1OTEL ii
Velude road construction hlnking 4- heo t pome"go lds nterae UIU ""F. ..#
~ ~~~~~~' rrve here. suortl'y;".The. ,B.orne. ith gold.J bahki' Take others nt- ,!,, ,fL -'.':: :7:
..Ja c m e l a n d M a rig.t A n. .e-A -P ilre a f7.'.
iamed Bana and i ert- a .nd the vanAeLiner 'ae'alsn worthy. Some styles inuporata a

lin and around Sgu1 it ihe Pine oaMt h.16d a.. s wwhi te i eathe. wrst -, 1'd,."I4URS. NV ..l
"Forest. Considerable drainage, Other cross.ships schelu~edio-'.bands for'cocktail and evening .. ..j
.::and clearin g and road work iO'call. at P-a-hi-ethis month1ea Watihes in this. eroup 'are ..: "' 1L1"i0, :. e.t I.. \flw 4:..""'
5the Department of ,rIc South ,.orn- are':- Poie'tetiarin ,Maure- offered- at Eropean .. '
-ii daw another physe of the .a.,e a nir. aand ..roa Sunar a *: .... .. ''r" "
"V w B"I"": "h:i: '"l" wrist'..--
ladThe Haitian Govenifmeni has I* Foi en ,on y, .itrodu- .. ;:-.- *
madn fte BzlCll O .r j:ces 1'he sturdy yet elegant self; ." .1.2-r e"i,- "AMES DO,- 8Iif.Y :i~:i: ?
.named Major Robert Garde, aso- FOtar. SAuwinding Seamaster .x createdhl Owe.e "d --oi '" .
he oondipant of te coaS pouc rn:.-ntepcllfrhate-ps-
!are: tothe new ,'nBedr;om, C`hilden'so,. Livi'ag: peey r.he. tves. ""
'Er-e Literi PU4an
'program. nia b
r.., Lcu o 0 ...... u:
TheHatian Gotleb mnhas be e op ligr a.Dvloeby omega i ~a~*C~r~ ~h 4P
....em.ra.t.......2,.S,,ee a OlyTlpid' Ai :;.l
to al: to 38 e~t a'stm mdsiY i'YtW6 ego eanalay,, f. hw a 7
iinte by"he- Alnited St~tes ,rgr -r .... .d I.e. -bGP-4.
Mwork th Maj or rBaile., .coth -F ORu h AatA lroi tee. d"" -
aHaitian woff4eipls.coperating m. e ,n.tip ..i y y ,h ... a-.. rboas s V ..i ,..
':meln' in the -'p Cojet incudMi. Fu w rnit ./ :t r.r':: L.3 tg sbed olympic,.
teer of Public. Wors Aptonlof m. .... ,'j." .:"- 1d ol the dsac'ti t''le ..
pe. Acting rofth G neral aq gld..B..asen.LC:e efl9'. Vuteg!:
D, eparttle t ..fA.. ... tl uf" .4'Watch, ,tle. Sea ter.' XVI, eg e ''- ":. .." ..".. ..... .., .. ."
... .1 a in ten ional kinez ..tp m ,,. .....%t-: .:. ... ... '.. .. '.. .':' "
., -... .-, t .b h a"..ibeen.d.., ....4 "ia.m ,W d.

Mae Fan iis Salgado 'and ci. *ff wili behon,.or. ,by he r ss.. '
i na Brig- Gent L uon Canta & 'in. e-3488 til.. l 4.' .. .
the 'Army df: HaltL .... ..... iIvitOS 01W "& A,? .. ; ... .. ...'4.." ..
.'. -. .-.. . "
I, i igle nor&.. -, . >,',
.ith ti J h e!l~ i ". -"a K c :..' ..7'.. .:: . .. ." i

... !' .. ,"


S. A.

*'F'"' 'j;
I -. 44

S. Authorized Capital $2,000,00
.' .. ... .' -

. , Port Au-Prince ... t

"" West Indies:
< W st '*' '.

S,- Planters and Manufacturers
:','.; " h' : '" '
"^^.^' : ,,USINE HASCO0
,* :;: ",- ; : .": "

.. *' *




A j

M F WOQL.tf .

e ct Coro: -:t :

dl; s ,'- ; '.-G


4 4 4 .

4-' I **




4 . :. .8 :

-~~~~ ~~~~ ;.r.. n.,. -!.-.. -^ -. : ;.r

* :' ." -. :' ,. .
'* .'..V' -'"" -F ..'B" " "i" ?. ..S ..
" ; k, .:.'
: ? .,:: 1'- ;



1 I I li i


,PFashion News
(continued from page 25)
with oversized hat pins of yore, costume. Both o the chiffon sty-
: and the rattan hourglass fprms'les are $50.00. Tlhen,, if you're
are draped and pinned to .an en- looking for something that's a
ViouS shape showing several more one time only dress that you?-
Sof 'Rohmaihii's 'high fashions.. You'll ve always dreaded of having
notice slioes -and'iostume jewerly don't miss, seeing, the delicate,
'a yodr.eye .makes its way .aroupd. pink brocade 'gown with scalloped
Sthe roon'. and -all in a1 4 you hiemline that discloses Chantlly-,
sa'jt ma a 'more 'enifihanting' type back- lace all around the
S6ot' t0.,.131a 'gowp. Ana S.ou',.ebottom.e '
-''AtW'iD -.' sumnt'hia2g;. :t5' 9n..tnlie more sophisticatedd side
jULt ,..a.t.'e'tl.er. it' a day-' iw haie'a smart FPrench'silk and.
.tue/.fro* u'e searchingn, fgor'or -rayon fabric ofamueud smokey
'W. "some'really/special for'one of the stripes that fairly'! oozes., a conti,
S'."its .extaavagpento"r"es. in the nental air. AMid' the's .-, the full
,' tiie linQ tth a iirt black skirted 'pompad oir' .' blue". and
b a*kqrdu.d cott 'r. t .".4.'.with .-tait.l ,.: r the gtepn silk' wUh
flowerbr sewn t6 nd ti, or & _qare top tihat has ,prnted ,t.es
. a' d.k:r~fsj~p ~~ f'l -:,'.l., ; r. t"" -"'or al',egitm.ug.just. Amndeliex.- hlu-tlib
SprinuSmutm d ipev.er. gie'uly and,
th-. telsc L fU -, ;': Le' in"the aL.j
c : Ori 'there's ,the., blue an -d".gold
.4. Id 'silK frock-withe t dellet4 fittea.
tWe wf' 'abtZ ve
s-e.IO o Sa tte
~ *atlo4.Q~fl fC S'
te th ASh' .. n nn t a .
.nh-:. it .|. .. ..:

N w ,
O R. ;'/ . SA L- : .-tI. .. : ,
"., ." '" .. : : '.l- ^ ;i ., *-'

.., ''4 . . :
GA4 'FOR SALE -:' ,'v: ?,:.'
:*^-4 : -4 ...t, .,t t"

; -ng ILIA -naPCApp t.. Sun .,

it~ T T ~ Kx 4-- t* i
g".o~ 1 *:,..4 .-.

'-., .^ pa ^

JA C , " i' ''4 ": '.
.... .. .. .. ,' .*-*^ :*.'l. i::'. ..* .... ,; .....' ^

.- . .. 4.. .t .p = 00.j.f..A..ej. b ,,,.
o .... ,-.. ., .. a ..... ,,; .fl*. .-.
, .. : . '

4 V' ""-".1 i
. .,1 . i " '
.." . ": .. --. "L:., .. ".a. lt -,

4....:.. / ; ; )!" r -, ." .. ' :

I. . ,: .] , . , : ,

I..; .; [ . 5. : .. . .. : : . ., .' -,, "
4 .. .. .;-.. ,, . . . ; .. .i;

S" .'4 :. ., . .4. " ' ; :

G. E. Has Installe
Unit In General HoE
A General Eleetric X-Ray Maet
a new wing 'at the General Hospi
CANEZ, distributors for the GE?
In Haiti. The lnstali.:ion was un
Canez, a G.E. trained engineer.'

liu'i VenrlTirette.radiolo gL
D "-.r Lf.lh ieCa'ez..:' whokji
hi1an Dieudonnh Simon.: -

assadbr and Mrs Roy 'J,'*"
6 a4-D'it eyeave aiti '
bas orand .. rs. RoyT asco
>^iay. 'E ts.'at a: recepUon
.Itends in their ,Bourdon "rest-.
el :Haiti.A'-iGdvernme$t" -.as
scented n y inister o pFor
1Rela'tipns Mr EremontCar.-
Slarge numberr, of guests im-
gg diplomats, newsmeenain-
ctuals and .members f tihe'
.ric.an Clony in Port-Pu-Plir-
ad answered to the ivitatidt
I x ., '. 8., : :'.,
ie distintnushed couipeWe.'re
marked, among th&. guests:, Co-
:.perre, : affda.i,.orfaul
ce goI6o Chie;. .M_. Jolin:.;
rer, r.oidt ;Fopr.DThtectorM-Mi
rCoimselor'dof'LU. S. -Emm
a, rq'Ms, Paul Bannger.:' :,
,- i ,. ...iw nn I n,;I V '

-. /C


I'.......- : .. .. : ,
..'. ? nate fun of today's light living Is .
.6, f. ht fods .and less-fdling beverages
-th. t -let you :keep pace. Schli&.tenters i n
so well. This.light rereier is brewed
'ecsely fo d tastes, frsmoothed
by just the is of the hops.

SBrasserie de la Couronne- Phone
.- ....... ..


. 0' 4 : ..,

- 4 .. ,


,nt w V V V Vt


d Second X Ray NEW G-. X-RAVy MACHINEh
spital In 18 Years INSTALLED AT THE ,
hine was recently installed in GENERAL HOSPITAL
Vital by the finn of VALERIO. :
VERAL ELECTRIC products '-
dcr the supervision of Leslie The 500 MA unit bringse to--
tal,: of G.E, X-RAY Units at this.::
Hospital to three: a)-a 200 MA'L
X-Ray unit ,installed in 1939 anud.
which is still working satisfaf tor'.-',,
li; b) A 30 MA Mobile Unit and:.
c) The new 500 M A Mfthxen'za
Two-tube Combitiation.

This unit was a real:nniq m. or"Z.,
the Adhplial where 100 to' 150are
'X-Hftyed 'in one morningg. . ,.

*A big hand for Dr. Edmior. Lou
beeu, ','e 'adfinis~rator ot. .ie

* / .:.. TOIN!teVA ITALY1
.... a . p p 'ra -.o.f Hospitx mo ands e r. Daniem Ben n 'le' !
wi 'at the General-. Y-'tie o Iradiologist in charge n Cthe'Xi'. y
tlP4114.etheuntrit'.and',?he6f Department. ... y ,

, . ".
.0. N AD)E ITAL.Y : /:


r "
V I: . I

-for motseggiebiItyHe'
.Y e,- ." "V"
t .'., 4,,- 1
....,...- i

z A,

1 '_9- ',:

S .. 11
,:.jt'..' .1:

I,.0 Al
A' I ..4Yl ...'("V
.. -.W.. .


:,:.'.:,..,: :..



......A...MARCH. 3r 1957HAiTISU

Many guys won their moi
when they bet that Esther
.lams was in ilalli. In fact,
world-konwn cDr.lthing Beil
star spent a few day: imco
toab behind large s.fn glasses
Riviera Hotel. Autograph a
tours, you are too lat., she
back to the States!
Among the 16 brazilians
board the S/S. Brazil,
John de Lacerda, brother
law of Dr. Cesar Glorgi, ;,oui
-tual consul in Spa Paulo, d
ashore with the members'
his family: John Jr. Willi
Maria Lucia, Maria Melia .(
ca). For. a sight seeing. tour.
-Le Perchoir friend. Meica
nostalgic for-. his famous CS?
Loafs in Rio.
Major and Mrs.. Edwig,'IV
cier celebrated the arrival a
newcomer this week, with 1
'Gilbert Alixs bringing
number of the Mercier :;.s
fryp up to five. :
X X X o. .... .
Miss Colette FiUs-Aim&n
Observe her birthday annivc
ry to-mbrrow, March 4th.. ;
'"X X X
The -Felix Jean-Louis of' N
ie Calvaire in Petiop-Viile
-busily decorating their lovee'
me, add landscaping their
den, th.se days.
'..X X .
A 'rannigbkb"'fr has
me- to 4,er;'r" f.-f. of'qro
.4and i.-,Phlpie .:,Qermin4a
Miami "'Beae. 'er 1 'mom is
former CarolE'lWAclgeu of Pat
,Princ6.' ; : -'. '.

General Jim,=y Steward V
was in transit here this we
"' X X It ;-
Miss C.ilsele" .Roche retw
frnt .' Kin il woth dipic
'from the 'Mpila ^Coliege last s

.Mr. -and Mrs. Blanquet.'.
arrived here recently, on a::l4
sure trip were enntertained
Dr:'an'Mrs. 11 : Charmant
4receptizn In their Petion V
Svilla ,w 'esday evniig. Ani
,the g90&' weri.: Mr. .Cartlo
tgeoni, chancellor pf 'the Ita
;Embassy, -Engineer ahd 1i,4,
Piu Duroeber.. .
Q heard Riehard1is the name
ithe few ion of Mr' and Mrs.
rard--, rei Momie is the for
Huiiette' Tlist AlmC, member
the: 'rflllarit Firestone :equli



s at

e. in


DR GLEN LUKENS, professor-
.. of ceramics at the Univerpity of'
'^-"t ^ Southern California, and a sterl-I
(ing friend of Haiti was recently
Awarded the Decoration of the Na'
ftional Order of Honor and' Merit,
Grade Officer.
The decoration was given in re-
cognition of the high regard' of
the Republic of' Haiti for the
work Dr. Lukens did over 11 years
y Oin the field of home lnlustrics.
SActor James Stewart was in
_. .._ town last Saturday afte nionn for
7c4iiat /ta few hours. He waq in ttansi. to
-Puerto Rico.
Miss Marguerite Prophiet ob- Here or an 'all too' short, 3-diay
served her birthday anniversary visl Mr. and Mrs. James Jemaill
wednesday. left'Haiti on Friday. Mr. rJenail is
The well kno*n Ifiqtluirmg. photc-
xxx' Xrapher for the New York' Daily
News and also "'rTltcs regai)r
Lieutenant Fraonc: Laraque> monti'y features' for Sports tills.
observed ills birthday qnniv ra' treated. The couple were hmeward
ry on February 27th. -bound front. a Carlbb3n 1Qur
xxx :were gues s at hl Rencho.
Miss Gerda Via'i became the x x x ..
bride of Jean-Claude tlie. in a Marle-Thdr6pe Desinor -finds
6:30 P.M. ceremony at Eglise 'de herself in a special, case this year!
Sacr-Coeur de Turgeau,. last 'about her' birthday anniversary.
night. A repo.rt of 'the wedding The charming UtUle dramatic art
with photos will appear in our student was born.,,,pn Februar.
next issue. 29th' her pitrents '.trfassor Journa
x x x list Dipllonat and Mrs Jacques De.
Freddy Martin flew in, from sinor were obliged fo start tile ce-.
the Cap this week with a. case lebrationson the 28th 'and carry
nf snre thrnat- Hn anspnt two .novr .n th --.2,1'.+J'-l* ...

On Tourist Avenue a group of guys and models pose gaily '
recent visit here. From left to right: 'Gene Broada, 20thl Centil
Newsreel Photogrppher, Miss Hope Ryden, Miss Brooke' Hobin
HeidiGover (William Schuller Agenc!-*&dels) Miss Vyvian I
Fashion Director of 20th Century-Fo"N"t'. "Nicky Brook
assistant and Mfrs. Helen. Brodh, wife bfA. .6.;hotogtapher. .
The visitors' arrived on the S . 110e"on.iAtd; eb:.r-ni
were welcomed by their old friend, A l"t ..Jo...
ONT Public Relations Officer. : -'' " r'

*mu iK.asnf-lud~fl. ririn,;.Aa' V'i

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wyte and sl
daughter Carolyn saw Haiti .by. 1
land sea-,d donkey last. week on'."
their vi.t6 le Caribbean..The i
'Fsh'.r's body designer and .hi't:
family may ,sta -*over for next
year's' -Mardi Gras. "' I

"f......" .. .. ...... 1% ;.... .- -" ".'-- t. ^ W .i n e U CA,, iay m areall. 1st, I: . ,- _'E..-'' i<..t ..'*' .... .,'", " ; : '* ,,'s* ;..
days receiving medical:attcntior,. in honor of their dauplteri'lth D rqd.x x x o Pil ie f airing
htebe (M4.=.h...i
then returned North to, get birthday. Doc,.AroldGoldberger of Phil '"3 (M ""'...r" .
back in the saddle at his Account! '4 ly is-back 1n Port ,visiting .er- ing post. Miss Thalia Jean-Jacques obser- the Henri Berningham family. ':Pec. w:-Omtbp opi--..'.o -
Sa xx ved her birthday. anniversary on xNxa x tMobeean;d lovblv Miei .. conkesedt....: ;
little March 3rd. Mr. Nurula Mobie and his that. she;: felt nostalgic ,as thie -
th The 'Reynd St .Cyr are back xx'x wife of Pougl keepie New York moinitha'' -recalled the' famous ':,il
th* The 'Reynold St.Cyrs are back .X CIK. -aa' lcl X' i i
iie ,H~t ard1ielclcate. gk-La f ,i i. ,%,.an Pu I.
mall home, enjoying a reunion with Captain Elie Fils (Ti Pouce) vis itedHaiti ain the localcharter. Sugar Loaf inRio .. .-
the family, with sister May St. now at the Canape Vert Hospital of tbe'Baba'is.A C .bean terri '-.-. x x .. -.
S Cyr playing fund hosiess 'a! ?her where he will undergo srg tory convention wirlbe held r .tfAtzent-Club of theSaurel'rg
wkll Canape Vert home. Th Commander of the t----' April 22 to 24th at Hotel' Plaza CGtjbt.'School opened the -',"I '
area- xxx Prince Fire Station is suffering n ort. .. da':i'mson.Witha.bal "".'..r !
0 Big 'Bill S'o.va, who adopt: frqm h.. ernia. ' xxx j i. t.h4receaton'roomn
: ed Haiti and its people some ten * h aHarold Bussenius celebratAl his Tgeau-' Srda; 'evefihig.;'h p.,resi "
Mor- years ago when he arrived from D Mri "d a w birthday 'anniversary Thdrsday idezitof'.th e Club ,,f..ar. ..Sa
Dr. Morris Kinkel and wife,/hight at Hotell Mont. Joli in cap--Iles, w the p rmc-p -ni tjor
:., Texas ion t.e-instiite of In- Rose, of- Chicago, were. guests at.Hi at Hoten. Al tal he Capoin Cap- les' wa t&.the princal: "animt .' -
r ho ter-American," -.affairs programm thIo Lel, for sTeven d a Haite. All the Cap .soety'was. th:.,.i. .; 'fo. -.'
gar- in Ha*' is .atpcted to leave his, re ^tt5: m ron there -for dinner and dancing. 1P'-: -'X X X -.- $.t
_ytol7. The charging x X.' k ~e p~o atdh-rit
.ee kpotearly in Ap'ril.- Hs:. ^ y ,^ ^11 L31 4 xx *. **^ ^ *. Haiti".", ^.-
reM'.k earl in .H V .; Who 0.ie,',...ther secon. Max Laroche is the new .s-0T'of QP' .i.eCehtde danse '
4 1 0" ., irw ....0.... .., d
g;uy- geugh re. e w :Cap-Haitien business.' tycoo.Ti- tour
l4;p-r' j lism vale- .ence: 'by log' 'r:n'M Mde"M lea: n $'a0-bt o a
:..t says 'caBg;ak thejob e. 'I -8 edk',..L i include:essrs

tiiie Wecnesd'ay. .,-; A... w: t: 6i.,',..;* Anu^,'2Man, Mademoisele Lydia rany^,.n & apire;CsatJaxy '

tSand hw I aiomed tncobWwasda- W tpto gi3sL. HaX- :er

woMlrs. t Ginette Fi-Aim M Crtin u oiaiikvis his RaymoS, JcqUene and Jb tbeniGemnai.n .",
rr.ed observed -her birthday, at her I .,... .'. '. *:.. '., *" ,hanna Baker, were. .- New York- ed~i.'.t..'."TO au-"l, nc.;,i.: a'speiaSI^ ;.
>m s home. in Cap Haitien, 0"o'u Varch "'. ,.....,,, t..ia ..' b und .Wd-fdai". . : } FM : .''-:'i ,'1 1' ':'
-ackon' 'aen:,A '... " &'."
Befhhitw~secllen dsonweek Mateuthity yars e

SAPe will..e.jbea a c[je hd i"'nd-ipd-.'.'.. oe :

AUc 61hgoodwil mission of 4.- to SO arrived ..sJfrom oarr,%. .. .7T'i dd'.il ,.... .. n ...et.. ": i Mo ...;

e prominent businessmen, from the oa. hA AS Tih. diplomat aSe| s? .1 ... .
it.rs.en\'rtan 'Gobe-Wernicake.""'.. -

h .(ansas City. Assoiakon for Inter- Lompanied by ii x .. Troupe, "arrived1i'e Satulao
l e national CommAnial Relaanos,. .is .,. .:, '..v .... : :.The :T new,''Bars-Restaurant, .-La its ffth: visit, to'Haitit 4
*'-by axpecte4 to arr-ive heas on a1iaith xt.^Vfde.?'Cen'?.'.'.IA' 'gle a, forrnrltry Souk'. La of MW4%naipagnie are: vs ^;
.t-e 27. ia l o6% was iure Sat co.. reaSmion. helnCae .-
T wsl hf i . 7. day evenjiag.: Comelas chelle _Gerard,'.Jei
ohk The delegation :,fiLic ,'.,i *.rj: oeaiiel ,To^ a -wi t ^" '-. ,' .. .. ., IY,. -' -.-
An. ,ude Hal Hendrikof" t n g 6, the Gontut Tabefra and Jacques.4 ....
Cld =ity Star will be headed' by the has bee vtllngbMr an Mrs w rcAt will c " Tbueau "and Jacques V
be haade b theahaskee visiting, Ma.dM.. .. .rsC. on the occasion of the holidays. Holy "inity' Cathedra(
,lyor ? Kansas CtY1.'-,.. e, S,:.iood' of Bourdon has ,x x- x '' pi a e t' t. :
e S artle. ...,,':'" ;; ,~..'. pdel d for his home, in Canada., mo=-'u-rd" B- ce 'Mou nty and ofa 11...0. A. It .......nad.ay:.']ervlo'
e The group will 's-tay at Hotel ibo C~olonel W'ardlaw was very highl Frt Geral Caj' us.te 'er Ars AS ._ n .ligsh for th see.ldgi
[elc..Principal -!obj'Qbfve of t~bl. in ,'lia praises' of the 'climate, IVeari-baund Saturday morning, beginigMarch 10 an g-i
^ Lie.^ ial S~i~o Se m In pS of Smat IFritz Gerald Cate .were Anse b in Engls ftor the Je5 ' .
mof" ssociatibn is to' build an nter- beauty of the country, and part county will take a look atmar- Easter Day. This will be a se
i ation4 House, in Kansa City i cularly of the hospitality of the An t a F i Pay e aSer
pex. people. djigras in the Nippes and Fritz of Morning Prayer and Sermon,. '
pepA. "wil spend the. holidays ':- )vith with.wgan and hynrs, and wiH l
x x x -' x. x x !fianie~e' Jsequeline FouchA. last. one'hour) .',:
S Mr. John, E. Me Keen, President x..x PAS'f.. CnRTIE ..
< and Director of the 'has. Pfizer Mrs. Jean Mc Gee and Mrs. L- 'MariTerese a n Marie- an- AU 'CHATER .-l
W-t.'.Teoe.' 1i7heee adMre -a- A.C.MT~. R..

S& Co. Administrative Council, a', dim., Danrough, of .' Qrangeville, j s t lovey n il erd
Snrived here by the Cobal for Ontarib departed for their home, retsnedrid. t elyn etlybut ari .r .
M rs. Giietty buts.Ail', 'xi" Ray-.o "l' '-a

a few days visit Saturday mor- greatly impresesd with their first returned Fridaxyw.e aren' t p a ..nu e hat
ning. Thp President of the orlA's vit to Hati. They were house- Claudette and and Paulette De- and.. nos markers
|.largeservedi-hrbiorthdlboary, at guests of te CB.Salwos C audertt e and-a 4, uettork- adniemkr

'largest anti-bioc lbqratory s guests of the C. W. SmaUwoods viox took ,6ff .fr the .States But we will be open for .dining .
a accompanied by his wife. of Bourdon. Wednesday. and dancing'

-xxx '24 hours a day during tb''he 1 -1'4
S 1 nFOR SALE Xd a laso -
4 cylinder Jeep Stioln Wagon We specially teim o 'tiV: 'iBS^ .
JM with pverdrive. Purchased new those eWlte 1our inteks "'. ' '
ill msio fby me in USA, July. *853. Good , Onion .Bup -r-at0n, .' J.:.
bmi SJu 13Gd OoItires. Motor reIently overhauled. -. i Garlic Bread .- o ,
T ou s c 4 2 eTerms: Cash. The Rev. T. H. Par-I hi Contalrne. C .'",ei;
i trick. P0 Box 802 Address: 6 ,AU CHANTS.A ph
___ o_ flueeRigaud PC tinl
______. _. Rue Rigaud PItionville, .2 Rue Rigaud Bo eVerina. .'..

": All _,_Xwagni are:
A". ..,;e4






(continued from page 1) Ex-Colonel Henri Clermont was
transported from his prison cell
carnivalj dance to the pipes of at Fort Drnanche on Thursday,
Port au Prince Politics' Bul. for care at the General Hospital,
then at Mardi Gras time -every following a serious indisposition.
prince is a beggar and every The condilijon of the former army
beggar a prince! Who though officer is reported to be critical.
he be, ever so wealthy tltat docs With his sons, Marc and Henri,
not seek somc hiddoAn joylhs Mr.ICermont whof igured in a
w wealth .aunot buy? Who dramatic shooting' during the po-
'poor he. ha" not sam 2 "oi helical upheaval when Magloire
would not see ; was overthrown, had been relea-
ffl________________ sed from Canape yert Hospital
f.'' ",: : ...*.. two weeks ago. They were ques-
Eiubjkrs J': S Author tined .by the District Attorney
J Iand then imprisoned at Fort Di-
I mdnche.
continuedd from page 1)
Fernand J. Matin, of New York
cthe people are son charming k
Sthere is so much' coaur in s here on a visit with his brother
evand thereything that a Fcoioure Franck J Martin; Piesident of
,everythin g that a W rit ,.' 11aontu-n,'.' ... .k og ui. p
.find a, lot to describe... C- ompagpie aitienne de Moturs.
Fernand who :spent six months in
SBut tDarling don't let us tqlk Haiti in X945 bringing along his
abc'ut-,work yct,s Giona: cut in Amnerican Wife. Trixie* will lea
and one had the feeling thbt he -ve Sturday' for a trip to Jamaicq
was very much de..trop. 'before returning' Stateside.
=4.-. .L ". ,

The Place To Eat



(Mardi Gras' Gala Festival






For the Bienefit of ,
(A Charity Organisation) I
In the wonderful scttiUng of :
Sunday March 3, Beginning 8:00
P. M. '

Mrs. Preetzmann-Aggerbolm

.Secretary : .
Mrs. E. Gaetjens

Canadian Visitors
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mac.
Leod, anl their son Kennetl, Ju-'
nior, are on their second trip to
Haiti. Mr. MacLeod is connected
with the Thetford, Mines, of Que-
.bec, Canada. The visitors are
guests of Mr. and Mrs C. W. Small]
wood, and are gaily, engaged in
touring the island Mrs. MacLeod,
attractive, end blond, declared
that she is instating aan annual
jilgrimage to the land of. beauty.
in the family calendar.

r. -; .



...,% '.... -.... ......

Rhythms Bring


, ..- ..,.; -,.. .. ", . . ..,,' "* _

SUNDAY MARCH3trd 1957":


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