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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Creation Date:
October 29, 1950
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

Record Information

Source Institution:
Duke University Libraries
Holding Location:
Duke University Libraries
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 32441147
lccn - sn 95058138
lcc - Newspaper 2117
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RPubllquie d-lalti *. T'epboe.1:.r vaa. -SUN Ys.ermaGa. 2t, 197. ', ...,
+ ,___' ._,_.._.<_.___._,.__..... ...

.31 *L.

.v.-.' .. i ,, tat

.^daynijht ^^ah4 a.i tfdft'mtnaisic 1ofat.a;di
,4&rJ4 s ..:l ...*07 itr e wassmet u
tJ4 e.w.a. f'. oj4utit. 1 .'' aeM~frn~h

*AnatlRQ1 o ** ymbaqs dw y- aw *fli~iit ws:de
S ` :.-E+'u"u._ .sa....

'tY' tkl^ most r ea 4 laih' ^
: ; +.+:te+hine r ^^+.^

^WuC-o csmrj residThe E-Si^Snff
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K ...A.nbssado ;
lii .C m ui, I tatc^ ii' cin n c tar- em;.:t ro' i ., t

mie i^ Bt .rpretations an cirt .s < t.4 '
ufi~caikmijous rout& (Contin__ed on
'" Atbaab 'Davis' had always.

w .epta, warm. sincere regard e .or *S..S.. SS" A
tllt'itaiftlin people, and kept a H ^ fl
readyj.dahake for ail. He went HMM
.to '.Dati"fort Haiti and travelled to ^ ^
)e farthest chrnero loft,l e Repu.
ile,' seeing. mob of -f, country
, perlhips, [u~an any tUfted States H ^
Announcement of Ifi. arnsignnt.

,Madame eonide Augustin and |

..her ,3-ygar ,old daughter were
_iUhed_ .last ;Sunday when the ca- s '*"
mion i$ Which they were n.ding. c a-o
overturneded, near ariantard ;t the' | 4|^
juntfon ofthe sCabaret-Arcaheie! aer '';.

,road r a e wen
Several injured passengers are. |o
recovering *at the General Hospi- Repu.
taL Braus6 Baugris, driver of e he 4#ountry
campon tis being held awaiting the s ^
findings bf'-an investigation of the ^~~^ ^
,accident ., which happened on a ."1 .t:# B^
straightt strteth of the Port-au- ^ l'if^l'*ln!
Prince St. Marc highway.
The funeral of htev.tims were Thr journal of C
sung in St. Anne Church Tuesday Week. Articles on t
afternoon. sio. of Haiti's Taril
0eea nue asne a~
t W

V smbaqiad" strcoh '0th"Prt
Prinwee Stahgway et 'e
ThO e funea. co ievit im wr h Jo rnal of
I. su. .t Ann .h r .usa W e .A -'.i.l.s. on
afternoon, ~ ~ rysonoHatsTri

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d' suit. d .: jd5
! .d.':. p'r~e
.page .3.)

*.is' 'n f i .."' uira 'iee'
jM~inist&y* A ~niTn 'Mstated
that he 'haA t. dii6edtlie matter.
wit 'the ,.h expert a P 1Prvi-
sional PrneAl il" i&'bSylvaii
'He also e"pfIed "hat; he- TJ.N
represeptatv6 .1 had '''-, pltiied
(Contirlued on apage" 3)

Commerce treated Haiti's ocofiomit SitkatlhM last
he Coffee Crop. Soil Conservation. and"'the revi-
Rf Structure ap pear on Page3 5, 6'8. '

rounds that" uthe 'itcls. -'".pkiIiks~jt~ byla^^^e,^l~^
acra" thev"oog t our ,". tto -. l
of..,.p wi not wnhiving l u^sacaIII .A. W
gbod.n ine fo tbt :to- .. .

*them ,,redenc wo. ld, w:;tt yo' ..+ + + ,' :,.- ,* .l.^ F....L..
terf4 ++ lhor "

Si the c*- kM lN rrb*g* ~ -'**: Tisps ej he taal
semb vo ted n'.3 ; At,4 | e.:. ,
tod: be caretakerk e r of the G d g engnt z ,he ew.
.merit euh ll t ign ti m'o ...
br t.haik ..,o.
roundsd. that the 'pata'tpii6i..* a te w
off "Sen tdrs-, aniU2, Dep pttes i a

',".ratiairly at: :tl, tii .ho, tbe re.j in. i lt.
will be atlot of''rhnors ad.n:asjY9PtfPl
-the. "orm"A, o d '.4'
.ur*ally tod tere,9wil1 be a:i.lot
of..,p eoP le w ho',!'.w ie 'not Wg vin g ,'D ". ....
.thIe n. credence woul*. u wg tA I .....
.... .- p t we thpsi' da.'. ji
-(ontinue- pge3 (Oaknwedo

Presidential Ca I e %
Meeting Covered by The USUP; :
The eSuns'u 1a non-political organ. At this time however o- .:
sides it a duty .to pre sqfntW b Sun, rdeh soine ..ipi'sgop ,o 'of
hitoric political events taking place around us. .; -'.i..,^
Each week &tdefco'e' the .Sun, wil. Visit a meeting' of one .3,'
candidates and. report objettiveky on the proce'edjig. This week3 the .;
'Suns visited a m.et,.ing held by P-ofessor. Daniel FignoA -:at MI#ata:
The report below is. th 'first of a se1es6)- ....
,. ,. .Fignol was holding his meeting
eROULER:..L.. L...LR-L .; TH'&Y at3-Mriani. .' '.'. ..
CHA NTti1.D'T.' T lve thpdand .Wht: d' h ferO? .bciWilL.-.:
throats. The ConductLor brought. tee...Editation.. Wor. :.:l .:..:"
his' hand across h'is body, palzm. Wfat.'did hel ast-' T '.1 "
dowuwhrds ih a.'eciive swveepM ration f al," sttata bf. sio'L. '
The chant ceases.1, 4f bV. magic.- for asl-had 'sonietl'ing topti 'pfr
Danbil Figniole onininUed tieix luae. t x -"
position of his policy in support '-Capitalists were ecbessary...' or,,;
o. is. cand qlture *fop the ?re.P ibe.epnsion 'E the ..etfe.io e ;'.s
-Aqs 3-epri
sdency. -, >'.' '.eople,.Ho.Iia prepared to '
,eople''engig to brnnches in 'th, xn0'st bs .N6 e ..,i hnI.s, ."
tees around the' dais people both. to foreign and ita .ca .':
standing almost. on eath-other's .ta6 1sts.. .. .,. : ''
toes. in- a 'hot,' gogdhmbured.l :, The elteb ,hhad.a art to '
press... jammed .in trucks.. cram est. of .island. '.TwO .CaI live':, ot...-.li
.m l,. i 'i'.rt s7',,^." corr'. Evien ,; utA- 4u&'t16 of t.' t ..worin ...
a tractor was ,tbere.. ,. -. (Conliiled:on pa' 8 i.
,.. .'- '. ,'' !- \ .:* 1.. : S, :,: ^ .
.... : .:. ." ., ; > : .. '" :.:C
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* ".' "*.. ',*^ *. +:..? S;"
..'.,-*-+..:ref+"ia^t+'<,++: .

EI., "' Req:

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PkI.;I ~

SPAGE 2 'HAITI SUN SUNDAY February 24th 1957

One- Man aMax Pinchinat show POLITICAL WEEK IN REVIEW
Opens at Palais des Beaux Arts (Continued from page 1) ties, President Sylvain's Govern- The arrest of Colonel Henri
.' :... I the Ecole de Medecine was consi- ment suspended the nine-menmber Clermont, and his two sons upon
I" : by Lisa BASTIEN 'be so apparently effortless? In dered normal after Public Health jConseil du Gouvernement, insti- their releases from the Canape
SIi e is loving, then Max Pin- Pinchinat's own words: by striving Minister Marc Augustin ironed out "tuted by Magloire as Government Vert Hospital this week, and -the
...cbit portrays LIFE. His. show for the next step above pei-fection. the wrinkles, bringing about an functionaries, early in his term as news that the retired army officer
.. .' JPalais dqs Beaux-Art which The output of this 33-yeat-old understanding between the stu- President of the Republic. The At would be tried before a, Military
[Oe. today for a month's.run is Haitian painter is overwhelming. dents and professors. The students torney General, Me. Esgmangart Court was subject-of general in
!. c statemient/of man's reco- One of his canvases may have and teachers returned to work. Alphonse was suspended from his t e r e st. C o 1 o n e l Clermont
''g on of man. One finds here, two or three layers. of paintings Slaps Seals on post at the Supreme Court. and his sons Marc and Hen-
I "'na style as fluent and forceful under-neath the one exposed. He Villa General Magloire Special Commissions to ri had been convalescing at the
las a waterfa, a painter's vision accepts' hard work as a natural The town residence and estate Investigate Road Building hospital since December 12th aft-
., of humanity. Even the still-life facet of his medium. There arn of ex-President Paul Magloire The' Ministry. of Public Works er being wounded in'a gun battle
r!series gives vent to.man's cons- no tricks, no evasion. Discipline, aVilla General Magloire. cover- formed two Special Commissions during which two young Army Of-
-.tat search for simplicity. The ma- he asserts, can never thwart spon- ing six acres, located in Turgeau, this week to investigate road con cers met their death in the line of
.o. t serc fo pil'' .u.s ata pitri ovewemndnsan rfsos h suet onyGneaM. nat or a uj of, eerii
Sgic lanbow which bridges -the taneity. His first Paris',exhibit at Was placed under Government traction under Magloire. A 3-Mem duty.
'gap tween Max, the poet and the Galerie Bassano in St Ger- seal early this week in conformity ber Commission is charged with Lieutenant-Colonel Paul Corving-
''th:e 'painter is inisible -- main des Pres was an artistic with the Presidential *Arrete se- examinfrng the accounts on the ton, Military Academy Director
i"-bt.i'tb:he contact undeniable, event in 1953. This, his first ex- questering property of the digni- Montrouis-Pont Limbe road bull- was transferred earlyS in theweek
Ho':':Hw s.'it that this painting,, hibition in Port-au-Prince since taries of the fallen regime, ding which was carried out under from his post at Port.au.Prince to
-ich ttauethroigh. so mnany .is .return six months. ago, will, Among6e the or Magloiro pro- contracts with the -Maritimas,. a Cap-Haitien as Military Inspeetor
r a es AN' ti.its. '.way Pundoubedly e ifurth trn then pe put lindbr, soal was the sum- Clarence B. Moody enterprise, and of the Department of the North.
t ough;,o t diffetet ood. aHaif's position in the world, oif mer residence t Iaboule. the French company known, as ThKe Electoral Law Voted
c never loses its honesty? It is be- painting. In Max's final declara- Attorney SeJour:Lautent, form- the cGrands Travaux de Marseil- by Chambers
',use4, here finally, mants dream tion on the-catalog:. ......here is er Director of Le National., tMa- les. The Electoral Law of 1030 with
A >ealitiv. a d, 'oe thesensation which gives eqli. gloire's .political organ, and At- The .second, Commission will amendments was passed, by the
'm.en, '"And,&&anh, -brium" to emoton m 'itle,' Byv torneyLVictr.Cauvn,,.fdertiker check on the construction of the I Chambers after the Corps had re-
oled of, ,, i a,, tisti,, c d of a W-to greaWtness.. vernmeant Coqfi member, were Boutevard de la Saline, the Del- ejected the 'adoption of the United
.:.' .. .., .retained y Magloire to defend his mS. P.tionville Roadi.and the' Natios Maohine" S .tm. Thee o-
,^r- J^;.. .. .... interests under the psequester or- Labotle .Butilier road built un-m elections, yiII be. conducted
i' i : ""'Ad r :,. '. '. 1- 'ld ;e~ie -iiervision-0 heM~ whiteh' the tpeo'5 go~t~onhejb "
jse are said to -have:.,sqt to w': .prlk'] MAux rA nves ivatwna" es Ito o ror sentW~r a .
;... ... .. .|^to defend. their; client on. the;I' .Twelvemployes. of the.. At- dent of'theTepu .. ic;- ,,- .
grdwnds that Magloire hat hot of- ceiis.4. Nationales,; the Govern-.New Sen6 Cad- t.
.: .'. ficially handled State Funds, ., and menit.Officitl Records .Divisio Dr. Joseph B)iuteau, ex-Minstr.,of
J ... .'*" !^^ therefore, his personal' -property were placed' in- disponibilify'i Public'Heltli. andLabdlr, _d'r-,
''./.; ,',. ",'='. .- 'does not fl 'under the seqiester. this week and replacements, are :er Slnator and -Haitian. Jed
'.* :/ ,Acti Publiquek and the .-" 'being recruited with acenit on Cro0s President,.mhde his declhr.-
: ,Deiinor Fatily"Kiles the term qualification i on as a Candidat" torthe Sens
"" ^^ ^^ ,he Minister ~of Justice "Me' Co- The Arinie d'HFaiti 1 'e for the D' artmentof the
bert'Bonhomme, put the wheels It was reported tdat the Milita- West, this weel.
6 "f H ^ ^i j justice into'action on Wednes- ry Investigation Commission char- Jeen-Marie Moise, owner of ex-
', day by ordering tie District At- ged wit investigating the origin tensive land holdings in. Carrfour
tote 's office to proceed -with and. prsos, responsible for the and Rivitre Froide, also declared
'.I '"H ^~ i^ ^^ B1legal action against all persons bombs and explosions in Port au his candidacy for the Senate from
'designated by public clamor as rne drlng l efep J the same Department this week.
J., "de _dr'see tesm Department this week.
.>;..being involved iiin the notorious nutY, b':-utting the irt he P n
'.'.'*". Crime .de. Martissanlp. The wife ches on .their official. repot of -Mrs Jacqueline. Wiener Silvera
'., ." ,,.K^.,I' iand five children of. Ludovic De- their fidings. President and Founder of (the Li-
'.. sinor, an Accounant'in the Pu- Several .suspects who hid been gue Pour la.Protection de FEn-
"'. :::'. : s w.. blic Woriks Department for. 20 a Irre ,.Us connection by the fance threw her hat into the Se-
.'^..:. ....., 'H years, were victims of a nocturnal Crimihal Research Bureau have natorial arena for the Departme't
": : ....*' '',. .B~ raid .at ther Martissaht home two been released, With no charges be- of the West. She was followed by
--* ,i' .years ago when assassins fell upon "i brought against them. (Continued on page 30)
."'". :.r .... :theid,' Mr. Dedihor badly wounded -
-' ,. ... .. .... .. -- ...... ... -'*- *... ... ped with his ife. but his "
"1 ':* -' '' .- 'x .~ "-~ .... ..
SMax chia t hom W as ured to'the Pu d;l "" .: .
w .ithhis family, insde. Public ca'
ThIAerca Apb saof pa16 e .Wr acuss certain., mnimbors o
A bassador tHome the Magloire: Government for the ,"
The erican e. 4
Th rgd A fro n pPetration f thecrime.'
..By order of.the Juge., d'Iptruic-
U.S. A.iibasador and Mrs. Roy Tasco Davis will hold open house tion, Engineer Antoine Hyppolite
$w 'piltheir friends in Haiti, at their Bourdon residence axt Thurs- and Messrs. Emniu&el Michaud '
d,.y, rebramry 28th, 'from 5:00 P-. to 7:00 P.M. 'and Ren6 Gornail were arrested :. ." "
'This week,'Ambassador Davis who has' enjoyed goeat popularity on Friday morning and sent to ." ,:: :
.-,among the Haitian people during, his three-year assignment here, the Penitencier National. *
_' 'oew to Port de Paix, Cap-Haitien, Jeremie and other points of the The Civil Court has also sent : ,"'''.
'Republic tW, tae leave ofris friends. word -to the General Headquarters *' '4
-:' Al the'-friends of the. distinguished diplomatic couple will have-of the Haitian. Army asking 'for "
,the' opportunity of greeting them Thursday afternoon, prior to their the arrest of former member. of. II'
conng departure from Haiti, on the occasion of the retirement of the PFtion. Ville City C muncil, Mr I
Amibasador Davis from diplomatic service. G 'deonV d ho.. nnot be! ... ''" 6:"'
ordn.:.l ?lrd who.'. nno t b .
~located by the autho'rities.1
.. .- Mr. G6ddon Veilbrd:aong with"'
JUST ARRIVED the arrested persons -mentioned
above Wvere designated by tie. pu-
blic clamour as' being involved in %
A ,N A rmen rm the Desinor case in which a Mar- .., ..
ew* m Fromi- ,Css9!Su LAtissant family were 'murdered and' "- '. .. "''! .."'"',' '
... their house bd. .. ._..
INI IA Benaras Lame. Sares "p,,,bi Aous p.i. as, .... .-.,. ......-.,. '.. ,
.:.,; r-ii r~t-Public Actioni was -also charg- *?*
Benaras Sil Sarrees ed with hunting "do" the personsV|klmmnaaa
SgBenarasS~ of decorating" Church'. "LUX helps me keep my
Benaras Lames Scarves of..- a'r^m"Wi^O W at its best"
,. *..' -*< zel. Statues, chalices,.altar cftths ... .com plexoi n at its best
and consecrated hosts, of the Ca- com pl xionb
FRANCE: Laime And Fancy Georget thouc Church there were stolen 'y MAU O HAA
Y b a i from the edifice. says MAUREEN O'HAJA.
Y.iou'll be amazed to see. this wonder'. Brennus Couba, an aged man of radia" rdnt Hollywood fil star
fiol t n of PFao c rau Tn Jeremle was -mysteriously killed -' Maureen O'Hara's lovely complexion
J.UI uunC l Ofl ai 'I-ttoy rOtfde an by nocturne assassins in his Jere- L SAis envied by countless women all
differants- colours and designs mihome, and his safe looted of -|, ,. o er the world. And to keep it
a large sum of cash some of which r R^ I^' q.. velvet soft and flawless, she
,* *- *" was gold several years ago. .4.p.,.4, relics on herdaily Lus beauty
8 "' 7 ', r T -'- l'- Public clamor is demanding an I -" -' treatment. This is the simple
IS ^,p J V^ ^^ JlC~ ^lF F netgto bring the crimi-' routine followed by 9 out of'
n nals to justice and the District At I1 film stars. Your complex-
M tourney' s office bas started work.' ion can bc 1us as lo]' with
q !'Governmnent Council : :,pure, mild L :s Tqilct ."'.'

'ir ,^S Supende ouw^ioflnm stars
S--A Closen o the hee -the Seques- Ise LUX T ,ilet Soap
... Itar of agloire regime proper-'
~. .' -

SSUNDAY February 24th 1957




A. 4, ,7 ".T ; "** '- '" "'"" ".* '* '*^ ^y: ?

j LJ i ... : ..2i4'
RENTn:'-.JIL ii"- "? .f
.., ., ..#.1. .... .
'" i iT;. = :.: t .. '

Free Delivery To / g N" k Rates Inclide -...-- ..,.,

I r.')01.1
-HOTELS ..... Gas-. .....,..
-: ,,o-.'ona o ,.l _.'rU 4... W ..- *c.)*. ..e.p s :. :I "" h.. .-, .si
a i. .A' o. :. .v :. -l .i .er eA d
'neAIRPORTS bsoswcr.z n .,waiasfle ... ,'"..hs. rt .,'
,g -..W1 W "" -.' v ..... .. .,
lr,....:.tf.l .. ... .. ,. .i lk e 3 .,up ig w as.
.rT nvzoIrSS *'. W'sIt ane '. fP ;l i mhimseglf,
.- "' t h e e s t u r e o f.. m .. ... .... o1 '
t ...fe!k-.t0 a .Wqg.dwind sighnahd
: l : :i; .. ', Aoj ;4.ie ae l h''.ibxt

SRENT NEW 1957 CA '' A v'te'IfrFigiwle was a.'ote
RE NTN.W 1957 -ARS for the edui&ti.onx of their chil-
Address :2 Offices ". The.vilin th e wom'ens
.", 'The vi1iixs 'of the i oien's
A voices' entered'-with a note of
Sinclair Gas Station Petionvite (Ti St. Pierre) yearnFint..Figolobe medpon
th'm, pIpcing .-the women out
n i Ru r. T 4 with llie w rm paternal smile of
Downtown Rue du Peupw, NO. 84 'a father of! many....
....^ '."" A vote for Pignole, I*e said
GEORGES DESL IDES with rising passion, meant not
_________________________ ________________ only work, ;but work under bet-
ter condltUons...e*- baton fi.gev
U. N. Teacher urban schools. re Music with the students. pointed to the'". b stabbing *t.
bud Std Tri Miss Lindo who is travMelng, on Miss I.inm said-that she was 'them in swift a.-atk...and then,
Ends Study Tri UN1.ESCO scholarship contacted impressed by the progress reali- te finger tj'rhea"tpwards... a
the "ing. .tre -uw rs. '.;
Miss Maria Luisa Lindo, tea- the UNESCO dhivsio' in Haiti, sed in thp field 'i educatloa in vote for igIol,..was a vote .for
,'.her of Home Economics t h11 the, S(1. and the Depart- Haiti. As. an observer she had ,clean govyrnlae't;,.the. finger
iidtitute of Education o 'lturiai- mint o''Edica tn. to study every aspect of rural ,0Vt rislg: slow, ly:. ap..-.VOTa-
ba, Costa-Rica, ended, a month The active Costa Rican tea- and adult education throughout PGNOLE......, .:
study.trip here Friday and flew chet paid a courtesy visit to the the' country .... .. Again the :ifwfully 4onfolled
to Jamaica. SUN Thursday. She recalls how During her spare-time in Hal- pentup emotion broke into a
The young teacher who speaks she participated in rural'student ti, Miss Lindo has specialized I rasphing drumnuoll -1;of.bl'avos and
Epglis fluently besides Spalnish recreational activities in the Hai- dancing the meringue. Haitian clashing cymbals of women's
her native tongue; has travel. tian countryside, mainly i'i La- art music and .th'" frrindnes of' shriks. ... ':.,:
led extensively in Cuba, Puerto- fond, near Jacmel, wilcre she the people, she said, will always i Fignole beamed;' dhptup lhii
'Rico and Haiti visiting rural -and sang and danced Haitian Folklo. 1'compell her to. tome bak.' eyebr6w,;,F then the shrug of
--al a, thingsDuvair.. .VYte "FICINO
.LEli they. shout c andas rigno-
-le shrugged again the roar sub.
Every Monday At 9:45 P.M.sed .. t he far, a .
CWry ,l~f y /sided intor the familiar cbant
THE HOTEL ,OL.Oo F F S 0 N o,.
TH i HOTEAQL F S N v Fignole went after thq women's
Presents The Mos..t STARTLING Dances Of Haiti ot ow he i at omh
LAST YEAR'S SHOW WAS PRAISED' AS -COMPELLING '. or. .a ems ot playtheir par din
'the" affairs .:'f eiidtry,, he said.
BY THE U.S PRESS He sPoke-of-his own. amly..
OUR NEW SHOW IS UNFORGETTABLE naed each one ol s :own si'
daughters and .drew 'a st ."
LIMITED CAPACITY MINIMUM $2.00 laughter as ihe'asked : 'Do you i
*.. .. : ... .' ,' .i; ". ".. '
.^ .,'., .. .,;,,:a.:j ,.,:l. .v l .,.. .: ..*.'... .,. -. a'..".,, .,... .,, *.:. ...: ..SB -.. ,.:;.".'.:. :.. '..-.., .. ..., '':.l.^.. ..,:.. : ** "*;. ," ,'^,...::, ... '*". '**:" ......* ''""' ........ :"" ....

'passed.?. .aroar thatde~f^
long'b ieith as the two. Faigsel
iant by .tIn' :.m
I- P n Ft- CAl

a iat. .86db *'-the1 ,bapc' -g i
jammedd' with chattering,-'.:t, z fi

W '!' ,sith htubg'..:

supporters of Fignole."': Hoo,;S4
we hlte refused a .id, sa': aW6
fully '.sught? .' '
But- it was not' withob.'t4ine.
dent As we eased though a'4ot
of people there was'a r..esodig
ciack n nthe roof .t t iM ,
flung stone had crashed b .t WU
For a tense momentthese.'.:
stillness in .tbe car. Then a wojen4:
in the back said casualty eThe0 _
must be Dej le-4,, ....e
SHaRd our 'bit' of E ne ts
usa..bit df bothet.ort1.w.'.n .
"re was.no 0 wyfly-'" o4-f -6 ow a n '"'-
I,. ~11k R.. .ok
was useless trying to find'.xuti
'We 'got home with a -souvenir a't
a most reveaingii'veamihng.. A dent '
in the roof of th ecar..; s.
We learn that Professtr 4'knilri
'who is logging an impxeshizif ,
number of miles bha'df4-'forths-
in his campaign 4efturnepid.b
week fomn Grand 'Anbe. bna'yidayf
he went to St Marc aiid.'ne
week he is' off to the Nortb".
' ~. "' ". "'*.* '.:' .*"

PA 9k '... .
The Bungalow .neni the'."T.. nta
court with two Eedrboosms' : ';r
;can't lpl. to t-e0inboiabt1 l
elrtbc-.d 'Collee S..-
I"M.itary Airport.Tel..4'N :..1.'.
> :. '.-i I .- '.' :.

b. .1 I 'Op i -,

Senate Passes Electoral Law
continued from pag, 1

that, in countries whera the List ra making opportune intervef-
of voters is suppressed, there are tons.
perpetual lists permitting the Senator Charles Fombrag, Pre
identification of voters, sident of the Senate to February
It was decided to abandon the 7 th. last, was heard to raise hisI
U.N. project of voting, aad to voice on several occaioi's during
pass the proposed electoral law the Tuesday morning session, to
presented by the Executive and prevent all contradiction between
modified by the Lower Chamber the Electoral Law and the Conis-
and the Senate in recent sessions titution.
of die Chambers. It was .further .learned that du-
Chlanges made In thbd E'eclorai ring the efforts of the Govern-
Law up to'Article 9 were of se- meant to obtain the U.N. system
condary importance. oSedator of voting, it was found that- ma.'
Louis Dejoie's proposition relati- chines were unavailable at the
ve to the new formation of the United Nations, for the' coming
Commission of Inscription -in elections In Haiti, also the Uni-
case one oc its members should ted States machines could not, be,
become a 'candidate, in Art. 9, obtained.
was nlodlfied. Article 9-'Art. 66 The Government's final resort
is modified, as follows : eThe wou'.d be tg ootain ., machined
President of the Central Bureau from a private foreign firm for
of the Census will proclaim th .'the coming elections.. This was
results of the Cenrus for the Pie- generally considered impratica.
sident of the Republic as *eUl as since such would. ,cost /the.&.atci
for' the Senators elected .' the staggering sum of 4006.001) do
The debates on tie 'uestion
The final stipulations of the of the Electoral Law. hac .been
said Article, proposed by Sena- lively on Monday morning, prre-
tok Desinor was adopted and ceding the final vote which took
reads as follows' : cThe. naMes pl .-e th e neikarn Thg1 ssi.ig
of the' de-leg s d.signzated In" 'on'-rtel" 8'of di .La..Telatb..
the drawing of lots (dor 'tAei va- -to, the in ."iptions ,' i .wa
riots inscription .bureaux) wifl tiig -nal 'ra of"r&. tonitC .
be written by.thq representatives Natl.ins was; i'd pstipjDned -
of the Candidates themselves*;. the Minister of the 6 Interior. '.
Articles 46 and, 47 'of tkf'j Lpw President Emile St. L ot poia-
were debated, with Senatbrs. S!t. ted out. that article '.89., of tle
Lot, Dejoie,. Prosper and. Perei- Constitutioni constitutes an ob W.
"..... A. ,- "&, : I%

tackle to the demand inade by the
Minister. Senators Dejoie and
Debinor (favorable to the last
letter of the Constitution) took
part in. the debates, and the Mi-
nister of the Interior Nithdrew
his proposition.
The subject rebounded again
however, requiring the presence
of the Minister of Justice.' He
reminded that Art. 09 of the
Constitution and the special cir-
cumstances that make him the
actual Minister of Justice had
worn out the Constitutional pat-
terns, President St. Lot 'was seen
to leave the tribune'at which he
was presiding to take his place
in the ranks of his colleagues
requesting Senator Pereira to re'
place him. Fiery' debating: follbo-
wed between Senator St. Lot and
Senatdr Dejoie each supportingg
his determined stand on the sub-
ject. 'Next day the Senate passed
the'Law. :,.

M onday : ,. > .. :,,,*.. *
6:00,P.M.: Bannie:du Foycer, .,

0-8:15 P.M. La.MaiE.qpifde Barn-
o, bu (Cne ,n :a.: ..... .
.an d ". ; ..: ..'- '*..^ ;.;. .:
5. 68:15 *P2M. Rio O:Gniie ''*'
Thu& ay.. .-
TAm rl i .a :':- -:. ..;. .-,' **'. ,; ,.
..f PuI .Mi.-La. "Mlsp de .Ban-
bo. .(Cnemms:cope. i : ,
,l5 h"l. o LapMaison Ae; a.-
bp (ChUeninemcope 1.,:, ^
Saturday / -**:^ *$'*y


continued from page 1 ) '
class. Every wielder of the ma-
chete had the right to expect an
opportunity to reach the Univer-
sity, Fignole declared.
Again. he.qonductor eaUed for
cresceepdofrom .his human or-
chdst:.. "Fist clenched, around I
a blue handkerchief with which
he paused now and then to mop
his face, Fignole projected fore
and middle finger forward. Then
shot thpe ar'v out and up in a
typical, gesture. 'The orchestra
responded with. verve. Against
the motif, of (,Lay...lay...lay..a
Larne the shriller trumpptings
of,;..Bravol Bravot, .
;Fo two and a:half hours i-
Ignole played. upon,, the. emotioi.s.
of.he, cow. N pia.isn
...chin sunl':onmchest' eyesha1f- "-
aplosed, .-.4and' rk1ing"'the.. gf .r- 4 T.M. '"RtSR.
'phone. 'sD joiea.. he .askd.. A : ",". A'
shrug ofp .hsboulders,.,DeJPieJs thinkI Iil fmi ke thmt:
. a '.Z14toerg.at, How..!..,ul.. -e,~ ..1 .
rderstA n4 the, le...M' .of. .the.
-People "7 .-'
,fIgnple tlhew..1back..h.;hp"ad,
eyes. wide,e .bro;w w-int .( pp.

.W.e ,crowd....e

:for 1%'
signal Pdfr ls
DualeW je nt Ad
a6"Of- habdraig f"Vihn't

'PAGE 4 1!


SUNDAY February 24th 1957

at the Depa
this lepartmei
on Dr. Marc A
M.. Franck Lefoj
;s.,;". an.Louis, Andr
M Ai. Berrouet I
*o.- views at the
%-Public Health la;
,".' :. .., ,*" x 3
W41a.veW a volu,
''ie'.tof tterron
,...-Port-u-:Prince .r
Ci.t..:h pgon arrest
.... ii ....ra. of th
.Is$t .eek but ot
q; if.ths6?oliee for
1iwe^ The. .Mlt
Ieation, in
E&HspiL, Li
o'f5 oarat m~and Jacq
Srime specialist C
IC.. -: -., .

5' 0WOPR*.;
$"* CfIBFT5M5I
^~T 50 FREGNeC0
lj. w', .

jMils' -;**.." .

is now beine stu-
Lrtment of Health
Lt. In this connec-
ugpstin met. with
)rt, Messm. Vales
d Labossiere and
for an exchange
Department of
st week.

tiJoseph report

x. ,
ION is preparing THE KING of the Chamber Pot Trade, was dethroned yesterday by
rinous .oepbt on the well known JeweLry King a It tracas papa.:.
risn recorded in -Baby, SIDNEY CAWLEY is packing his grip and leaving bibn-,
kcently; Among tot, for Cuba, United States Canada and Alaska to study the habits
ted-in tfiisiconnec 'and cmamnrs of their habitantss'.
em were released HERARD ROY is in New York representing Haiti at the United
hers were Aio4 'Nations. ,
quesLnntn i BENJ'AMIN BERKOWITZ prominent Miami Beach homee d'af-
ir, counssio& 'air, who !has 'known iti. Intimately over the past decade was in
neclud.: town last week at the. EL Rancho. Mr. Berkowitz has the Chinese Ha-
eteeuil'& o :waian restaurantin Mimei Beach,
lues Larqche- and THE CASE of tie Strange news correspondent with strange aflia.
3Tevelahd Wilson. ions i being investigated by the -Haiti Sun,. .
--' .MR ACHILLE" ARMSTIDE,- the well knownn Haitian' Soci0ologist, has
been invited' t? the VIth, Interamerican Congress oo'Municipal Histo-
ry sponsored; bj Interambrican Insttuteof Munmicipal and Institu-
tional Histoy to be held inMadrid (Sain)' soon. 'Mr. Aristide i-ecebt-
L pre.se..ted'laiti at the 'WOarld Congress of A nthropplogy., in'Phila
-" ..... .... ... "'" "HE .&""".d"ng a' $15,000 Saw." l ifd" Ma-.g-. w"
cJ h-l -. : ..-Uq n., e a .,cen e .,to ,. .t .,ber ,L i ..''.-Shadfofs-.,

B" ..M tItd t e^(^e b udhar%-f :dpi- id Porta-Pdnde presen 'lny wii ek
o-ifr -o 2: Pinc
w Ya.iFetwa':ae! n macereniony~in the Y0tVow itae'National

_a_ q'e'VompaniItd sttiah
:^lffi^aH1. v^

<-._:;,: ;4'H by~trammrtqw 7 Ato t^ bathe;'fi tintopl
M O ,,', .. ,::' !. .

,. ..nuation 4 ,yif g.."..ais .

I $^a~ at s nL' 0 oi 4amerU

^^$.A~....igt.s inMLSetatJ net Eighty
>sTo*ba ; r &:a naten by 4ea do -VIAW ght
-: :* < : d .. :-o '.',.+-
y otnhi ledf~an

( a ied ioa eia g rss wasrele as weeh
atre LC iem- made hetinjng debdtiut- a.BtiBr
Aizan d n' etipi'V:t6 lte. eIMajed l, aM Frkla:.. 91.-
I.R'z~eN brf eb i jr .I:;pr ,,L7.the newtr .s.r t the Ai.. Fno ,
M -. ftMr M-o" E .,awhy bei c tbh f ,rnceatc h Iakh e ,.{er
of piwiit,' ofa: :e Istitt an ei' M oe) ia'd
*:ipEC .P -entby soigoantie tea.siep Dau :theosiean-

.,i ~ ... 'or -ai rn: S, o fin s t; ) .is .:; ." ,w "om ".a::;p:,'. "
sr.ja .fc ,...+.': ,os... ilJ. .. .,.,.; .'They ..wt hold the ,.i .. ,ir .t e tig: t. he. ,. :
6" F '" ,.Fqn..Is ls"ielen,'oi aew "H RtianhWoMnen .Political
lJlf :6kw radisatid. Led ; Qti'. 'MaxAd6ip hei' e Faiseauvis
*' "-.., supp:ortin~g t e...cadgi.'d.*it,# r f5 Dr.. F9ic' 's Du:*aler. .. l
AWbs'.. instal4ed-Secetli.-Genedtal *of
..- ,t ,Loeriek-X:-d ,. tatait',Haie.ii-. b 'jtheD. c ,of thMt mins-
z,.-.. ~ titutiozf,.Major."pbfit--:qe, Tuesday motrlng. "
mtt.! c. "' -:' -:: :: ... I:" ":: :
RlM wey ,Uyo~denhefamous..ex''f tn Folk:- Dancos, wh o
[kfe S" .arrived he-eoio a,'sho. information t g ."danee' e'lt
.:at.-b eJiMtrium..of tie. *Iitian Ambr can.Inktitute Wednes-
" -r da'yevenm.ng.... .
Professo r, Roger S-"irO, Cultural Cou.nelqr at the. Ftench
W '. AN1 '-" ..Embassy .im?'.MJpco. pronouced a c6fetezice at the Sai..m"O-
KQulSIs "z-iuni: of,-the F,-enYcih4. Instituft .,Tue-sday eveniiig.; ProSe4&t "i-;
ILLEC,TIQO .o*rol who-holds a. dooforkte.-in Law. spk6 abdufi dthe:.Llfrtal
-. ideas in lFancq.. ,
Q iIt Port-au'pdnjek''Sloe Sb6NL, itxis.rumored,will forinLd'As-
.T.,UN. sdo'atiopt ot0 defedd.thetrinter-ests. and to fight against:. t, ex-
dessive oalst. tf"4e.Thdy: ii d their fitst meeting 'in: the
courtyard. o thti Lyceb1.?6ti.nlAlumnnl's .Librmary., (Le -No.vel-
late'OU- Foptge-Febi5f-
'. ., .. .. ,,,: .& .. 4 .. .' "

E REV. FATHER JULES PAQUIN, S.J. is the newest professor at
the Notre Dame Catholic Major Seminary in Turgeau heights. Fr.
Paquin who holds a doctorate in Theology from the Gregorian Univer-
sity of Rome was formerly professor of professional moral at the UlJni-
versity of Montreal School of Medicine. I
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*Club hIC.tmaderie Paquin & Gaetiens ,
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I lflur 0rlv 0
.'IlvHB tA. "i"v:/'*,. .
4: ^ 1. 1 I S$ l .i

1 44' 4 4 '_d,. dd_ .e

I (C

:- ,.,. ',, -" *"' a. d v. .. .1 *
..', ...

.Ml.'" ''- .TA::."
-K' H E FLG T ., ,,, ',



S Seqyour A '"
Travel 4vno

.*. 1- Rue Dantes Destouch'es-Port au Prince--Tel: 3451 .
j i .- f '- .- ,I

" ..w-. .

T~I kit. 4~.P1AiiJT~!S~Idt~htM&'5tA5>t :7! *'-~.-:. :.JQA'.-... %.-. -'7.& :t..Y. .:v ~;-:.--.-..24i.- ~-% ~;-~i*.. .t-/~


d 'J


I m. ..i



SUNDAY February 24th 1957


The Haitian government is the subject of widespread rumors.
moving to revise its antiquated both at home and abroad.
customs tariff. A newly appointed Spot surveys by the H3iian ir,-
commission wi'l rewrite the old stitule indicate some recent sharp
regulation through which lite increases in the price of basic
government has' traditionally re- foods, the Foreign Commerce
ceived a great part of its income. Weekly reports, but this tendency
The 'move is a significant one has apparently been modified by
in the light of Haiti's current eco- Government sales of rice at low
nomic woes. Floods in the South, and fixed prices.
droneht in the North. and noliti- 'Preliminary estimates of Haiti's





From Saturday 23rd
To Friday March 1st 1957

Every evening at Midnight:.

S The Casino Folklore Troupe
The TRIO SEPHIA : three charming Cu-
ban songstresses il. a repertory of boleros,
- guarachas and c ihachacha. :'
S On Saturdays, Admission : $2.00

Sunday February 24th: '

In the airconditionned night club
CANYON (Technicolor) with William Po
well, Julia Adams, Charles Drake and Hen-
ry Hull,

Ticket Price: $
'* .:.. .. ..

On February 20, 1957. the In-
*rnal Revenue Service Employes.
celebrated Brotherhood .'Month:
t a meeting held at the hotel Di-
lornat, New York City. Ail ian-
ertant part of ttiis.evpnt ..was
he presentation of ahn. award to
Ir. Joseph J. Yancey,' collections
rficer of the Upper Mah.iattan
district. Mr. Yancey who has de-
oted himself to the promotion
f interraclil understanding, uni-
y ann a dlembcratic way of life
s well known in Haiti for his ef-
ort to he'p organize local .Athle.
Cs. '



May 1947 .-- Esqujre Exclusiye. '.':
OClub Award In ecognitiu .':.
invaabl 0 qopntribittion to ipte4.; '
racial solidarity. "
March 1948 i-Lew YorkT 'Treck.
and Field Writer's Merjt A4rd.".
-For disUnguisie.d service, Jein;.'.,..
track "qnd'field. ". .':,
April -1951-'.- N3"vv Y'or,
Club, Distinguished 'S'ey .ic
Award .in.. r-tIp r.
selfish service, n tie: fei
port-and' budijng
tions4ip am' ng a all *' rat *ad r
cree s .... .",,:;^ ^
.. .., .. :.: :.
October 1952 .......r....~
"October 1952. '- V/ina-r. gefltea ;3
Catholic, Interr coai' io- -te I :.

:err ia 1 CoV. nl*
91.Wtv rar...'t."...
""- T xj ""c P "
:.lpsemba AD'- W e.... L....

q 9lL n=;
1 .0 0, .. .. ...... .. ....:. ':
.O ,'S." .
.. .. .. : ..* .... .. :..... ...

cal pressures from 'home and, balance of trade for the fiscal is
broad, battered the small country year ended Sept. 30 of 1956.show f(
throughout the last two months an approximate balance $44 mil- ti
of 1956. As a result, a shortage lion $45 million. During the first
of fo6d supplies, have : forced re- eight months of the' fiscal year,
quests to the United- States for Haiti showed a trade surplus of C
needed items under Public' Law $5.8 million, compared with a stir :a
480 the Agriculturaj .Trade .e- plus .o,, only $1 million for the 2
velopment and 'Assistance A-t.'. corresponding period in 1955. In I
Rice, in addition, was imported the last ;our months of. the fiscal a
for distribution in public, markets year,, however, the. voluire of im- f1
and retail stores at a fixed price ports almost doubled that of ex- B
of-14c per pQund, reports the For- ports. "- :':;.",,. 5 "
eign'. Commeee Weekly. This: unfavorable balance ,1 6
*,S .. ,,.. ,: r.:'" cobtinued- .,.to, the -fir$t,-w "
DOCt STRIKE 'FELT '. m'ohths of the urrentfiscalyear. ;.
The unfavorable coffee .crop
Haiti felt the impact of the from which Haitiis .sf1ihis
long shoremen's strike in the season is--another. t"isappap ent
United States even before it be- in a'ye hat has .b ore.
gan, the .report goes on A. ship, than 'pafew-:isap1_p een
hurrying to return to the U. S. registraoios ;fore,exp ;:e o.tfee
before the strike deadline, I was in NOve -lhjq..oftlJthyearwaend-
forced to cancel- a scheduled ed amounted t only "4 -sai s
Northbound stop at Port-au-Pxrin- a sizable reduetto>p.,$,cdn-
ce. pared..with the 8,fli total,
The effects of the strike itself registecrd-.duiring tb:*e;i oh
have been severe. With ocean in'1955. A -hs
imports from the U. S. at a stand- Re... .these-... e. s now.
still, serious shortages of import- one qof .t c.:.. gl-
ed. foodstuffs developed in Haiti's tian gowPtn, 0 tl.
retail stores, thus adding to the .erio.::;$i 9' st
serious shortages already suffered be faei..;:-A.t..lp 'h.
at home. Material 'for the new vast Uexpehp-s..tde,
flour mill wharf was also delayed Artibon 3iW jiv i dt
by the U. S. g ,c.Jhej. may ever-Winerf g. eAfe.i&
mean a delay in. te. opening 1of n wich ineiieu Sfd r
this important new facility. difficult' terrain have Ioted.
T'he ,r arna Ioc" Comme rd'q) "
*White material backlpgged by i .,Commer)..
tfe strike lain Cust after'' '
oqy. general strike, In'...
Dec. .10 tovDec 14 ended uflg y,
*aiffie in 'Haiftidwindlpdv o th0.1 -
ing as clerks and transprtf re* l
gained away from their jobp, At:
the same`time; retail stores qn4
gs stations. failed, tp ,opp. 'W...
government employees -etpecia1':ll ......i-
ly those in custotams and nigra-'
tion joined the walkout, the
siowvdown reached its peak. :
-To &dd to Haiti's. 'troubles, the
-Coiumjiian banl1 in, Haditi With
stood a run by transfr'of funds- '
frpm abroad. The stability of the T Ch:enue''
-National Bank -of Haiti and ,of. .. -
even the Government itself.were "'. ;:'.:: '...,".'-, ,':


'.." "PAGE 6 P E R
O:'E P-, .E

HAITI SUN SUNDAY February 24th 195?

ICA Aids Soil Erosion Plan

' Noew hopes are rising amid
;' Haiti's grave soil erosion, prob-
; bims with the announcement of a
cn.sevtion program sponsored
b.y the Haitian government and
di doielals of the International Co-
-" ojerition Administration..
":t.'he new efforts have been-
Sdeemed absolutely vital to Haiti's
, Zfautum. Some observers believe
:.-,t.at without a serious; fu.-scale
';,ol conservation program, there
i' i'no hope for economic progress
.... +... '.; :.. ...-
i zt, xlit move, .the Joit
^.Couitsdil foj Economic id Wil
r&41^itfte4eX~hed control project
of.he most denuded
drainagee .basins in Haiti. It is
Sthat )a.ter on and as ways
_. ias permit, the. aeo of
them ntZ'progras vil. he em

cn111 o cathe
alo. Ir. _.he



farm operators means to utilize To develop a more or less
or apply techniques demonstrated stable agriculture, it would have
satisfactorily in this project to been necessary that from the out-
their own lands at their own ex. set, Haiti. adapts cultural prac1
pense. n ties which' not only could give
Four units of work will be the highest yield for the present
started immediately: .() Water- crops but could leave the soil
shed protection of the Momance richer, and more productive .for
River, (2): Watershed 'protection future crops. Unfortunately, more
of thq .Riviere GtisM (Gray Ri- than, on 'hundred and fifty years
ver, (3) Watershed .protection of empirical exploitation have re-
of the Courjolles and Matheux stilted in soil depletion' and in a
Rivers, (4) Watershed protection decline in productivity. If the
of. the Northwesterni Department deterioration process were to, con
FOREST RESOVRCES LOW tinue while the population is de-
In. the .deiionstrqtion areas,'the creasing it. the present rate,
program ,Will be .earrid out by: Haiti might, in', a noboo-distant
buldinLg check damS,-.. .bulldinQg future, experience ,Serious diff-
contour .terraces and .ditches, qulties .in feeding itself.
planting, r seeding, 'vgetive For yea, Haitian agronomists
,cover? planting comment racial .tim- and economistss :have been adVo-
betr stck,: mahogany, 'taveMrneau, atting-.the execution. of,"a: national
lignum vitae, logwood,, cedar etc.. program of soil conserva'tion'and
Mahogany forests at'epo depleted e&Vion control in' order' to fore.
*kt-t^ocal^^ abinqlepk ^fllhflse 4it
... ..... ...-'...' .. bago":' r ...se.int
even, *',co.id.ring 'i..orting a-& Oi ti t aid! .d-ai.Hii aS.-agriclture
"-,e o il' di.m-+ '=. .": ,D.p;.Un ..g-"+ : ,," + ,
hpganqi. .,onHondii.. As.a re- -Whi-;alredy-S
suw .l..-od ...o. ',,a 'qoni- ,,.-. iiady eee of :t'
[initionihve-.- largeit,. miresed' +- ,on i
+". iUQv.tS #N 5 _, a~ o t S-M4L- s. Fielr .0Ri5'ts
p.,.,i. .? _,la
%-t- l .. V
T... :. 'e' S ,J...:the,.ALB`

rb424.. b .MnW -eP ta lor ,E .
a-:. biton.,hdhidhing4 ko4ini"
f-2T ]I.1qsa peste -co Th ~iier~ odtd~~tS
r ~o I :.pat-zes o e The iey c". AP" thi4,t='-

*rL YIIUi)A2.LCI '2 'St.%j.
* ,AIZ.P. ~iQ~"2


.. :" "
,, .,. .... :,
.,.. .+.a .tv ,% f,: e+t.
,,4, 3 +.. J '-{_+,.
, N ,,.. .::."E




thermorne, the execution of such
a program implies that the
farmer can take a long-term point
of view and in choosing the crops
be wants to grow, sacrifices pre-
sent cash income to increasing
his soil productivity and to his
future welfare.
Actually, the farmer is so poor
that he is 'compelled to concen-
trate all his efforts and resources
on making a bare living out of
the current crop without giving
any regard to soil conservation.
The following year the situation
is worse and thus soil -depletion
becomes a vicdous circle. The end
result is a bankrupt farmer with
a poor soil.
In addition o causing grave

...The only one road
to take
when in search.
of Good food ahd
in a romantic
; Setting

Native floor show
and buffet
every Wednsday.

A.-. ... -. Manager

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SW- WAT E :,-P A P.ET et
: ;" .. ,- : :. "1.. : '"
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..;'On.- Ave -;.". .' Bdhn
On Totarist Avenue.Eue Bonne
-. r ?
.." i ,; *r ; ;iij ,"'
i ,

S Finest In

Swiss W'tehes

The Capital's Top Record Store
The Capital's Top Record Store

"" : ." : :. '. ." ,. .,' ," ," | ',. ,.'" .' 1 .-
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4.,, 1A'' .,.. ....
tZ.. I4. t<,
a-' v"
:, + :. :,+ ;, .Ei


damages to the mountain areas-
by depleting the soil cover erosion
is also creating silt problem in
the plains below. Over the years,
erosion has changed the charac-
ter of the water-supply. Many
streams do not have a -perma-
nent year-round supply and, says
an official study,'., The condition
now prevails wherein the run-off
is immediate, rapid and of great
volume in flash floods with
subsequent low or no flow. Cons-
truction of large impounding
dams before upstream., erosion
control becomes effective ip un-
economical to say the least'.
nent" year-round supply and, says
(The Journ.2 of Commerce) .

SUNDAY February 24th 1957

.-.'... : -
*' .W .-',. .. ..




nrv 24th 1957


-- I

Community Weekly Published Sunday Morning

Don't Kill The Goose!
Tourists may be a strange type of animal to many lands -
but in Haiti the Tourist is revered and respected and received
with the same amount of esteem that Is accorded a Sultan in

Few pillars of the flourishing tourist industry here thought
Haiti would survive its second Cold Revolution within two
months, especially when It featured screaming people in the
streets with the Pansy Division (armoured car' showing off
its rustic buck-boards to the amusement of all and caused hys-
terical reports to reach Tourism's raw liase camp the U.S.A.

Ope rogue in the pay of a neighboring republic went to
work here to destroy the tourist industry by sending .pre-paid
cables to the United States newspapers with fantastic and
exaggerated 'reports about what was happening here. Most
newspapers, not sure of their source, refused to pubUlish these
reports, but a confused picture of our simple, personal, non-
violent general strike was circulated throughout* the birth,
place of the tourist.

But to the gratification of Tourist interests, and thousands.
of pockets, tourism has survived -the. worst series of storms
since its birth six years ago.

Wednesday, February 20th, was a red-letter day'in local tou-
rism. More than two thousand Noith Americans blessed this
city like ccmanna* from heaven." Most came romping ashore
from three large cruise-ships-the S.S. dBrazils aRyjdama and
the 0Olympia. Others from the. Panama Liner and at least
one hundred an fifty arrived that day by Pan American World

Floating mahogany forests resounding frop the tortured
beat of rehearsing New York (Houngans) tambourists, the
cruise-ships sailed from Port-au-Prince with memories of a
visit to a tranquil-and happy town chock-fuhll of bargains in
handicrafts and other souvenirs.

Wednesday was an example of what the entire winter sea-
son might have been had the country not undergone political
exercise. Authorities in the United -States eonflirm that the
Caribbean, and particularly HaitL were in for a tourist rush
never known before. Publicity in the U.S. was geared for-the
rush that did (unfortunately) not hit. _

Due consideration should be given by 'the Candidates. as
they vie for the'Presidency, and the Senate, NOT to destroy
the second most important source of revenue in our econo-
my the tourist industry. -
The orthodox methods used in'this political arena- would
haye torn down the industry long ago had' it not been built
on, solid ground, but there is always the breaking point and
nobody can foretell how much more stress and strain the
industry can take. Don't kill the goose that lays-the Golden
Egg. % ,.__ __
,.. ......... i.-.....---.-...... .. .......... t. t. -- --I l

Dear Editor,



I wonder if it would not be
admissible that certain city resi-
dents give l6ddgement to Tourists
so that the dollars may not go.
only to one sector. According to
the statistics the Hotels get 55%
of the tourits spending.
There are many Haitian fami-
lies who could as it is done in
Canada, live by tourism this way.
So far tourists have benefited
from Haitian kindness and they
know nothing about Haitian hos-
pitaity. We have givan them the
light of a smile, let us give them
the warmth of our hearts.
I understand -that some people
would -object that such it'-idea
cannot be materialized because
of reasons peculiar to the Haitian
way of living. I say that it is
workable. Becamuse now hygiene,
one of the main requisites, Is
rigorously observed in the Hai-
tian homes. Some families may be
poor, but they try to have. a de-
cent living.
Again according to the statis-
tics only 1,500 families live ex-
qlusively by tourism when this
trade ranks as the country's se-
cond source of income. That per-
centage is very small if conside-
red with other, industrial activi-
ties of the country that furnishes'
work to the people.

.(S) Alcibiade

Mr. Editor, :
The number' 1 problem'in Haiti
howI iMbonsy.Where caf-'We find
in? l lie poniesinthe streets,
in show jlaces and even in front'

ANY- -

..^^.~s S&^

-,. ",?

1~ F
V. ?~2-

'St 'I.J~ -

,' *
tit*' ,'

Z..' w

,|. .
t -" .

..f ",1 '...


-. .. f *. -./ .
You'd don't have to be near huge power plaohts tb enjby the
benefits and comforts of electricity. Now any community, np
matter how remote, can ;secure permanent power .with one :or
more. Caterpillar Diesol 'Eectric Sets ,
*' Sin l ".' e; ti:4 i 'r4 avalble to produce 'from- 19 to 315 KW.
F.wrlar.wer': c.f.nities wo qr more-sits can be synchronized to
S proc c 'e"' ';.rtg ed kilo-watt output.
,.' -" 'noy thdo ihe fn|bces of city lling--regardless, of your
".,", Ib. ation, ". *. *.. '. .
.Wq be t.pleaied'. *6 ;end a Diesel electric power specialist taW
survey your needs, 'at no obligation, of course..



.... "_ "* "_ ^ *""-: 2

A '. -. ....
.. -, .... ,

. PAGE 7

of churches there is only one
talk : money. The banks say that
they are not a charity organisa-
tions. Businessmen add that com-
merce is practically dead so they
can't help. Money! Money! Plea-
se tell me where can I find it for
the legend says that Haiti is very
(S) Croesus.

Dear Editor,
*I want to bring to your atten-
tion the fact that practically all
the-hotels present the same folk-
lore, shows for, tourists and their
regular customers as well. This
is unthinkable when otne thinks
of the many talents that can be
found in a country of 4 millions,
inhabitants like Haiti.
Again what is the use of the
National Folklore Troupe when
the hotels are competing with
the Theatre de Verdure? Why
should the tourists pay taxi fare
to go to the Ecoosition Grounds
when they can find the same
show (without fees) in their ho-
tels? The only difference is that
at the Theatre de Verdlure they
may receive the cool breeze from
the sea while Ina the hotels ic co-
comes from mountatln.
Where is 'then the competitive
spirit that should exist between
dynamic enterprises? Many tou-
rists who get, all excited about
Haiti on their first visit are de-
ceived on their returR trip. And
if they don't have anything to
complain about the charm of the
country' and the -kindness of the
people they aire tred of seeing
the same atintin-nades in the
ollioie sho rs.
Haiti does not lack creative in-
telligence. And moreover it" is
paVr excelleneei the laid of fina
gination. Tfie talents"' need' nly
a little dncourageme.t a 1 little
understanding an some good
training. .

'Very Truly'

(S) : Shango.,


Joseph Nadal& Co.

Actors make the stage ot the
show floor not coconut leaves,
wild screaming and drums etam
tam-4. And it pays to stage 'a
good show. The female elenens .
should have a better role oi. the
stage than the 'classic, 'nimih-
king. Haitian girls should be gi-
ven the chance to melt the heart
of the representatives of the
strong sex with the charm and
the warmnith of their voice. (May
be women would be more. appre-
ciated in this couxitry). In the
Haitian folklore the Sires is al-
so called Simbie. I think that
the Haitian songstresses can com-
pete with the Simbies.
I'd better close this letter for
I fear that it will be to6b
long. Besides, from far away I
hear a vice, the voice bf a wo- -
man singing one oa these beauti-
ful Haitian songs, I'd better step
here and listen. /

PAGE 8 *X "_ &____

$ 9 Million Loss Feared

Poor Coffee Crop Forecatst

Haiti's coffee crop for 1950-57
is. provoking a great deal of mor-
bid speculation among business
and' government circles. Decrea-.
sed production in this all impor-
tant commodity will mean a se-
Srious blow to the country's alrea-
dy shaky economy.
Sources close to -the Officoe
SNational du Cafe hav3 disclosed
that the .1953-57 crop will not.
exceed 370 0,0 bags export.el in
;:' 'Many fa,o..s account for the

decline. In tha first place, --.fIee
Scuti Wation follows a biennal cy-
bumper crop, Haiti should year's
.. bumper crop, Haiti should ex-
Spect an average sized crop or
even a short one. There are also
. 'idh after-e.ects of ill-fated hurri
cane Hazel (October 1954) which
are being felt after a two-year
& *.1 ..k J ubut stran-

...-- .Ios M.

On b1a' lrt er ri1
ce,: e trerndsD itz' a I t-tfe.at

anort tq

.g: gly low. %i.e.:ffee mover
- pnt fr&oi 5J',iA qrrfr to the
pArts of -4 .p Ythr
:.slow and are being closely wat-

.. .irc e .
SPoo' weather conditions du-
I ring harvest time especially in
Phe North and in the South hav%
-further reduced the yJ"ld,..j
'., the determining reason
year short &oyrmust mlif Id
Ain cultivation methods a "'p.rIaq-
'tices which. are -luita primitive.
Output per hectare (500 Ibs.) is
o 9 one. the lowest in the Western
S Qualified observers believe
': that .iti could easily obtain
Sunder technical. conditions, 1,00,
1200 lIbs. per' hectare; experA-
ments made -by SHADA in the.
North seem to warrant that as-
sumption. Furthermore, approxi-
mtely 20,000 hectaies could bee
planted to coffee, bringing t(he
total estimated acreage: to 170,000
hectare. Farmers could even mo-
dfy the biennal cycle of pro-
Sduction and be less vulnerable
to weather conditions..

i \ ,.., ^ .-..
European Buildup
Traditionally, the new crop
.begins tq. moye around late Au-.
gAus, and; shipments abroad start
SaroMtd1-the middle of;" October.
SUntif 1935, France was the Ma-
jor market for Haitia- products
purchasing between 45 per cent
Sand. 55., per cent of all exports,.
."- pnd 60 per cent of t:le coffee
.nrop. In 1935 a trade agreement
was signed with the V.S;. as a
Result, France bought only 11 per
cent of the export total that sa-
me year.
World war i" practically cut
off Europe as a market, and all
S Haitian coffee was shipped to
Sthe U.S. under the Inter Ameri-
Scan Coffee Agreement. After the
War, and the reopening of the
:' European markets, shipments to
; Europe- were resumed. Ever sin-
. ce, Haiti has: X*gfr5te& on "the.
average 30 peerni j.of its coffee
S'to the U. S. and 60 per cent to
u :EroPa. A Haitian French trade
agreement signed in 1952 provi--

4.-'. 7 -I, : -,,, .. .j .. -

des for the sale to France of
a yearly contingent of 400,000
tons of coffee.
In 1954-55, coffee accounted for
about 66 per cent of the total
value of exports. But today that
percentage is not as significant'
as It was some forty years ago.
It should be noted that since the
postwar-high, the prices of aM
agricultural commodities have
come down, with the exception
of coffee prices -which are at a
near-record level Furthermore,
sisal ranks a fairly close second
although iqs prices are rather

The tourism industry is pro-
gressing by leaps sard bounds;
some' observers even believe
that in the future, and under cer
tain conditions, this industry
could even outrank coffee. .Haiti
has, therefore, definitely made
sme progress and is not as de-
pendent on coffee as in the past
'Yet, coffee remains" king because
it affects the lives of about five
hundrel thousand peasants.
Sisal makes an important con-
tribution 16 the national., income
and provides employment for
thousands of ..workers; but since
it. produceded, mostly on large
plantations it does pot have the
economic intportance of coffee
on. the life of peasant -population
The tourismi'industry is already
an importantt element, of Haiti'.s
ebondixp sinca it is the principal
souice of income of hotels, cu5io
shopts,- travel. agents; etc., but
ic dannoh.yet iichalIge the supre-
macy of 'offe" .

the !UNIVERSAL SALES CORPORATION, S.A., asks.yon to. drop in h
a. car. You are then 'invited to see the new 1957 DODGE end DE SOT
It is a 'revolution in the automobile industry. We cannot explain e
price a-wi' w1be asked for these cars (their"
- .1 .' .,+ J <.'. ,' +

.... a De'Sotqs. 1957 line represents complete change from end to
p -at, from tire- to top, inside and out. Some of the highlights are
seen In the above group. Upper left Is the high-style soaring and
canted rep fenders with the distinctive triad lights. Upper right
Is the massive new front grille and bumper. In the center Is an
overall shot of the Firedome four-door showing the new color

were divided up into individual
farms of various sizes and dis-
tributed to the. war veterans.
With the passing of years and
further subdivisions resulting
from Inheritance, the farms be-
came smaller and smaller untLI
today the average Haitian farm
is a tiny plot. The land legislation
accelerated the process of subdi-
vision since individuals were au-
thorized to acquire small plots
from the State which was and
still is a large landowner.
Although coffee is a mountain
crop, it was, at the beginning cul
tlvated both in the plains and
in the mountains. In the course

One Crop Economy
For quite a number of years,
the Haitian economy suffered
from all the evil of a one crop
economy. Back in 'fiscal 1918-19,
coffee accounted. in value for
78.19 per cent of total exports;
cotton, then the second largest
commodity exported represented
only 7.57 per cent. In 1925-26, the
relative Importance of coffee had
increased since coffee made up
in value 80.62 per cent of Haiti's
exports, which then amounted
to 74,390,742 gourdes.
The price collapse of the !930
prompted the Administration of
President Vincent (1930-41) to
make an all out effort to free the
country from the dependence
upon one commodity by encourage
ing the growing of other export
commodities; especially bananas
and sisal. Persistent ciforts in
that direction ftpaid ,off ii. a cer-
tain degree, for in 1948-49 cof
fee represented only 43,36 per
cent of the aggregate value of ex-
ports (155,099,254 gdes.) andi was
followed immediately by sisal
(30 per cent) and. bananas (5.45
per cent).
Coffee was first introduced in.
1715 from seeds imported from
France. 'During the French co-
lonial period, when the large
plantation system was predomi-
nant, sugar was thet leading ex-
port crop although coffee was
already important.
During-the Independance War,
most of the sugar plantations
;and, .mils were destroyed. After.
the declaration of Independance.
f(180,' the largest plantations

sweep and striking new body lines and expansive rear window
Below (left to right) are the capacious trunk, the new dash pae
with its accuribbon horizontal speedometer, and to the left of tlh
dash is the new triple-range push-button transmission mechanlas
the wider and higher windshield curving at top and sides for 1
percent more vsion,and last the optional dual horizontal headlight

newly established farmers could
not afford the somewhat heavy
capital expenditures required for
the cultivation arid processing
of sugar cane on a commercial
and industrial basis.
Later on, the pattern set by
the early farmers was followed
by their descendants who orga-
nized their farms onmarily for
subsistence and 1p3amted a few
coffee trees which could supply
the small cash needed for bu-
ying the few articles the peasant:
does not produce


SUNDAY Febrnary 24th 1957


of years and especially during In view of the lack of irans-
the last 40 years, the increasing portatipn facilities the logical
pressure of population on the place for the peasant farmer to
land and the necessity of provi- do his shopping was the nearest
ding an adequate food supply vi'age; there, a handful of en-
for a pstadlly rising population, terprising citizens opened a few
brought about a gradual shift of shops carrying i goods the coffee
coffee cultivation from the plains producers needed and could af-
to the mountains. Especially, the fp1rd. Gradually, the business of
low coffee prices of t e '30's in- those rural communities became
duced -farm operators, as their centered' around coffee, for the
soils were suitable to replace shopkeeper quite .ft!,n establis-
coffee by foodstuff enjoying hed himself also as a coffee mid-
then a better market. d.eman. He bought coffee from
the producers and soid it to the
Early Slavery exporters in the moa.tal towns.
During the colonial era. some Eventually, the middleman, ser-
slaves, harassed by the harsh ved a'so as a bank.'-, between.
treatment, fled the -plantations crops he sold goo-is on credit "
and went into 'hiding in far-9ff to the producers and even ad-
places in the mountains. Those vanced him funds payable during
who had-,a "rudimentary khowl- the families following season.
edge of-coffee cultivation :p-ac- Simila'.y, the village rhopke-
tices acquired. on 'large planta-.. eper bought goods from hig mer
tions grew coffee as well as sub chants located in larger towns
sistence crops, and depended oM corffe expor-
In the early'days of the Re- ters for financing his own cof-
public, veteransv'of- the War of fee and general business opera-
Independadee who established tions. Thus, cofftt- actually lin-
themselves :as farmers likewise ked through an cr-ninomi' chain
raised subsistence crops for their the coastal towns fo the interior.
families arid coffee'"fdr export to To this date, the picture is fun-
.won'd markets especially to' Fran damentally the same although
ce the former, motherfcountry. It changes have taken p',ace. -
is also 'Widel.-believdd tha't' c4f- Farom the -Journal of Commerce.
fee was, selected because the New York)
I -
GNERS LIVING IN- HAITI Mr. Franck W. Wilson, President of
is shop on Rue des Casernes, before making a decision about buying
X). cars. :.
vexy detail here to' you., Come and see for yourselves. The greatest
price have been increased at the factory.)


SUNDAY February 2.4th 1957 HAITI SUN PAGE -9'

ED w oeryRuta- ......

The Season .O1, Oranges
,Marchandes Zoranges Advertize For Au Cap
Zorange Au Cap!. ,tZorange Au Cap!v is the current sale's peal effusion) which is not to
call'that resounds in Port au Prince this time of the year, as be eQonfounrided, with the tenUilles
scores of marchandes walk up and down every rue. with large zorange (oraS.ge leaf -efusion) -'
baskets of juicy oranges set on their'lieads. for 'stomach ache).or. >v'th dthl-
I leurs zoraogei- (orange flowers
.Marchandes zosanges? are gene- range Au Caps or /zzo.-anne J3c- cffusion for inflauena) is said ,to j
rally .revendeuses. 'Le people who mel without asking cgout6> (at be vey effetive in the 2reat- t
:ill .retail. They .usually but their "enst' a slice to taste andJ see if mant of- children sufertng. from rti.m M" .- I K
stbek at the Croix des Bossales the orange is sweet) Some smart inttestinal worms. .. y..;- .? ,....
market or at rue des C6sars Whe- marchandes have a .special re- There are Nthl e tpes of. oran ..'*.
re large camions loaded with oran serve of sweet oranges'fof hard- ges. i Haiti. The' oraigd!o.. o PARIS .D.I..
ges from the. North are stationed headed buyers, just in -case. .the (sweet orangeX', acd .ed U *i s
Dj: ,' M .14 M
Oranges from the North are re- orange is not up to sweetnes& .- eshe. (owne',cot iIU are. e'a .." *Imna'uft^I, .F" : maa'sU",I^"'
puted for their qulialities th a s' o table' ebut 'the. torad ge* ,s.est FL .. ., .. ",j.... A..
arqe slakee and juicy, a td ld.sinee (sd W orange) re ui ': o .,En the tr tAu ata j '
.th..ar nie. gregtlSPqrighton ora.-gthe p hen for ,washing ,meat or- desi& Enf 7z -'4iy-lB ff Ugo' A
si, ( g C Mar. .L "
psn f ig hrt hfeoting dishes. '.It is'. .u..$ue

~ he atr theP^ ^;,,.;.^^^ ^ f*
Pq.r'tPrinee, market, the enter- *s to rub sor 'sportio ,e f op'. ''-' l-' ", y
*p;g S "n f g t. i / : b d.' *o^t h W hpn*r^ *..e0 .(zora .*e .boa-. N "

*d o to roU ore Trqiie u.nderr/on' .the- icr T ^ z ii a;bn: o*' o .:--.-' J -; :: .:'. ". .. .... "'*'.... .'- : ". / ,. .
g gr tJ e tonh ove .ahin u i. eg re et "To ..'. :"" ''4
have planted arnd cultivated It- a l, e- bodayit. W pnpre ile. (zrdsugaen- Stpoer,. i a eo jw
I o;t 1....-.... q.,, -m "
ap-et-te, ol' their brothers: In the The soaurV :as je o -*Js M. "osub ti tuteat f r vinegar ;- tbp-ic'u- .'4 ,-,..:. ;40 1 .; <* ,
South whose oranges areapt as .aa! Of iq pllie ,a i. a.,s..:y. "0 .. .

J'/ ?I-i ~ ~ f v j A r. -' .,. ,i :'. ". "* ,Iltr~BT *f"~ ^ ;**',. *. '*.' *'*.",:"
good;. -* *-* pren-*-iia raou;,-.yiTR..I^ TE. MTH ~iii '
A oo g ... CI.J... Th' pimented-- eombilntio'k that "rer 1fl- .'t -'

i:^;e*** ,tHEF V^,^ ^ ^ ^-^
shipped to Port b large added to r. dwivliw ,anf .d.7o K.'o:.T-
awhich a ya 5thr e t na o th- e 'Ha piti' al-ork o. .,h,. :. ..
ap p q ?.bdazr. i.(gro- Orageaasit13 a1 Ora..A
etery stores), and the arbte esi cOn sie r hat as .it.e terait f 'i
as. welL" hfl s. 'Oce reoaiasitne5ed sa yhs ad' so ry,
": m'hn"O d e1ui~o. au l, ok.as'

from the oen mts they draw from e i thornge id -
their sales, they aur0 prepay ed to' s P s amgmorange. todaWhe"a:e wo"- .2 ,*.. .,. ."
sh ped bt. Prt the" lv iieh .wd uId tn'' giveaESil:
invest in the sataon of manLgoes, 'ahere eiough f ood."Tat '.ol' w0'0
pineaples autud melons \e"m a nn wa. O'fdgon ".t' i'oraek .. The oa,
motdlgtu xeineOa ealiueyvstt u-swhr and6 hell in lovewth p ;,^ ~ o ^S !^^

They stride pr udly down t the marc -e A
streets withr. ibarqe of oran---- -s C s e.of .. oo may ilde itt g i a
A-ay ana4rQ 2',a a'orneW~a

ges and a sharp knife toTus ,e -.. i..sdh to eroftie-bit .* .**,".* ****h. '..**. gi- "rt: r l .
fromshrp pas uirtsy teat herm ren atP0u F
pe al out ar pes for t ohe b- The maredauxe"s3asa $ i7/ /6ieoynryog''l age t OO
them ythe fentigoes to 1i4ib'o tJh"ilqe 'ht htiein ['v'notg."" (r1 ive.iow -a
gi n a.i ne oran' p6wi made 'wtitWi ruipssnm by a: e sad little sog'tAo -te' "--..,
geyhey my orange pema is famous sinte t-er ask eitc-m .
?o5 06. id. .gaw
But a native Port~~~~~~~~an.Princien aft orangepelisuefomeci 'aliatbLadnbuhe

nerbso rolesb ., e go nLe. a .(ISTecn ,tkA .G'h me
"*s a.. *" ....3 v. swar. ilk.fshe toas o .in g
.M~$JjIAGO l *sp. 4 uavra 's I

(Nightf Clr bof Hotel Ib'a I "le> j. .' ". a( -( seed. After eating Toe O' ":. ._ _,,
m cmatlden. bried,.. e-. ,
.Presents exehislvely" I,. V. a s. 'tte conrtyaL d ...of. te.
J., ;a .. P, '. h'. tt loe g iii tlk e.T '" ":.:

S. hy TmSDAy AND SATURAY" ', t, p'the zr 'inh' e ioiiieT 1 "
}d 'laden wllh 'ko'evd '.in tta tha W' A

Folklore, Troute under the rlrein .ft IC was : ,h'i"xot 't~id o.i.J.4'r,...'' ;. -
." ) n -so ,The. t t
LINA.ILIAS, shen' er' in,'.A!
Shango. Qpe~n Nightly except, Fridai from: 9 P.,M.. t~~o .L !AMII sweet 'as.,< the2 :one" h oi A' *'P o S -. : .... ...*'-. ;'*anl $. .4'i
,$l:OO Cover chargeT d and Saturdays: only.. .:. .. nan" offeed .to h ?i er.tc-aj b-b, :. ..>.... "'" "::-- ":; '"
But a .fore., -She qt.'.rkl,...,u,,-.e .th ,..,..f e,
8blhe toe eMrzo suha e1c-~

BE SURE & A"'" .'." .. orange add:..inquiredth ab.ut Its "' ",
ebd~iik iind'i- FILTER

SPRNT. h:rTe mAide .o ne heM.e r IG kETT'E
-.: .,.. TH FINE ,o, t*cxd~r tree but when the P'VO:R.. -.l.. '' MU s -qi CHO REg:::"
...iItcb a goiitg !ot ficjn orT8- t*140E....8, NICOLNM
Halitl:s an' old word of the.Ctil, b Inid:ans whichl mfean. :ge, the tree.,rose 'ri high. in .-he......' .
u~woode d mjn1.alnsli.) Anrd Hait. was weU naimedl foi it skly.' 4qnd when :the ..iTWten "al- ,.as,..' .,.::; ... :.
face are .B5'~rceat'meuntablnt ou .. "'. ,;' ". tew,.P"ea..w t"btli~er me-.,...,....,. -' ,.. ..'-
You~lhaive inot seen haiti untl you h~ave ble'd n itm ou .m m, .ther' .'name,,it obeyed."tt : wit.eh ;.;":4' ".. c <' .,., "" -> .. ':r. '. :'.. '.: :."" "+..:.'
aidns, and Whait'.could be moe.plenantm than a 15-mll.i~~'U s ~ oi.hi::..:'ile diedWS5 IliS t* -*id it, 4 ::,,,..:. .:1 ...... ..:.': ..'! -.; ".". ''". ,-' --1..
a plet4~sque road',!lned with rflamln Polnsett.lad, to uing th spot, of,,eieera]kMs 'estfon' .., ,.. .. .,. ., : -. :....
Chatel.et des Uleur I tll.. pine., in. tool Kelaeoff The,., ; 'aden ...c ... al 't' ormn, I
.RN0 -it Jbilll .. F1

Mlmlit5000 fee:, almost ~mile above sea level, Cha~tela el 5Ar.4 sownld .. the lth.nig-- ,Jj,j:
des Pleu, u ,S~ports cuit-flo0wers, Carnations,.Oelpblnumetc. hor' i ton .'... ,.-'
to other Caribb~ean, countries and the United States, azad also Since..that time the orange '" "';:... .,
ope.rates'.a delightful. small: restaurant and llerve beverages-. 'tree Wi6ssoimad 'oveji nigh lt and S''.:'+ERN..t
(.-i-.ht' ..6 H ote 1d 1'.2....

Most' Frenchin et aki& kf~rom the operation by an-Amer In the morning she.'hadl only to "i.,";,." q
Ican of a restawanIt wilth sixeh,.a Parisian name, .but the guy pick the oranges. 'Lhe. maiden be- ?' *' : :.-.
just hallened to stid~y hlglrschool-French,. .. xne very rich and mh~re.bean.' "
Chatelet des Fleurs also manufactures. tropical perfumes, tiful. pnc who'.. -... ... ..o. ....... ..] ,. i
a high-quallity Haitiani product of fine value. Once', a -rnc who as p~as- 'it~t i li inte

most delightful experiences cap ,be -a leisurely visit to' mile- saw her and fell in love with' 130 ywg u) behnxc~od sthem :, :.
ha ma=ry childrenenc withd thi.m, sum
high Clatelet dks Fleurs. ."" her.: Sh~e married the prince qn&, ....
rerThus en the story of thle Mt .0..,NI.WALKER
.R P.. 0.9 ..1 ..,.:.,

U nasurpassedl Q uality at Charm ing don and the. Orange tree. cOi, .'lol'.I 182b' ,$ TILL GOlinG S$TROKG; .'" "'.. .'. :
~~~~~ti bourriqud passd I t.ham" deux ,Try it "today--you'll agree it's good ,4,, V..':i
J e "han

C A A ATELAIT D SFLEUIIS ti coups de pied.. (A small hur: row.that.a...a....by.gav ,ie DSTIBUOR fEE ANAGEROL ..<'i..":: ..,,. ,
S D -,'A T T A .... .. ... z. ....

ha C:ool Kenscoff. .two gentle kicks). i ../' .~.' ..~~~
..h J A .

It... ., ........................................................... ...-....'. .., '" .' "....N"'
~~~~~~~~~~~~. . .. .". .' '..:.. ....".... ".:: "" ,< -,,... ., ,. : ..
..: .... .... ..,:<,. ,.:.:. .. .i ". :' :.!......: .. i..:o .:<. ,. ,.. ,Al~ ,

,...4 .,, ,
A E-. 10 HAITI SUN SUNDAY February 24Lh 1957

"",.". *'.i.::,",';'i ". _'_ ", -- ,, y Thomas P. W.IEITNEY republic in the WVeste-n Henjis..
'. (Associated Press) phere,: Hlaiti is the second oldest
-o of the west's independent cohn-.
..... .: "EOrlTEL Port.au.Prince, Haiti Take a tries. C'eole, the language uf its
^' .' ^. ^ '., small piece of West Africa and ordinary people, is unique and '
1iki.now:..' drop It in, thie ,suany, blue Carib- colorful. French, the official Ian
Sbean. Subject it to prolonged guage, is spoken by the upper
French. 'cultural influence and class and English is coming into
SI endow it'with a delightful and wide usage, -. j
cosmopolitan Creole social Rris-
S' tocracy '"" The ancient rites of vodoo still LES PLUS BE4,ES M SAIUES
o" For good measure, throw. in a have a very real fascination for HAITlENi;ES
", solid dose of North American many of the natives, a h aunting
61 & ...-. .. polltcal and/, economic ties. reminder of their tribal post. o
en. cmv g'K-;" ,,..:,_-.-., _. ,
S- So ef. the cultists see n, scon. Pllk .F A
.... .The r.s .lsti theRhepublic, -Of tradicti0on .in attending both veo- PLACE GEFFRARD
..'.. ...'*. .... -^ .Hiti, a'vriadnt la.d, of. enchant doo rives and those of tiof e long' -
tii '.:m t II, '-Is dai mole g4Bgid" established Christian chi-ches, f.i
*... .i'. moz- U.S, tourists each year. like the Roman Catholic, which .
"'- igs ie Iirgest organized religion
uauT. hids wy r n r' I-The words .,colorfa1l aCid epic-'I the country.
V,7: -. t 'tur.sque ,. s.O abused in .tourist .. -.,
S ....." 'literature, .tppy- with ui strengt ,.Voodoo. takes many forms, in-
^ S NDAY U 1 AWDF bACING to. Haiti, whether one speaks at cludi;.g .witchcraft, but basl-ally & *
S" ..; ": "/' : .its natural, .man-made br human it a -'natlve blend Uf pagan,
's'eery"~.'. *- animistic. and .even sonle ::Chris-.
A- .-. ., tian, rituals: Tom-tornq, animaJ
...---- -.n. byna r kt theei s fices and tr ancesn figue pro-
,,, "': ....,,' ..... ,', ". .... Fo innai'e .b ne i-s./Ht f ,^<, ai :'^ r te^^ PECplEfU.',)M,

A: .Poaiau.prinihee, a ,t4rivis g' -ict it flinentlru .,..;,t: .
"*'- :,-'. o .':- .'^:a. ;',,- N* :. of 150.00 people, situated' j t the T'ii ^ s a.1mSe'.o
'enid of a -log -and boad, azure the vo646oa' oidcitbt1,,b--ivhcth
i.iay.1 To the no rth and so.utSi of the er : they Wi h p nd' eeti te ,,cceal .
byit anid 4ibeh..,$d.. the city, moumn thin g4TO ., hig 1e. qet. oable.
taih ,neW to t- elilt i "eiooo 1jt1 ime mdtip ate
"ktei, ff "4 i $ Aet, .lre a, atak goo,"lip .'P -'ariedl.-There
ae sel far orhome. hw telsm and ar-iit .1lti i bA 6uj-
.Iiid .. e, I .. .. .,.h A u lt
n,'est -aurati. Cn, Bf tb'a l ;d' :2 __ s, __e_ _. p' 77ht 7
i' -----A-. ,t .: ag
has W itram -. eroaln, Ttrde l,. ,m j.
'10f~e; Rr id-i W J ,c
V ". ; '; -. ^.. 1 t ic asitR l ieor es& .o'p a or' V41:t fnc fsro $32,
.4- A -" : 3,O* a, isoo ts'.le c6.ltif i cAi s a oofe O r S
foriedt.a6&I1tt W14 i 1 mbW .. 4ote,-whe-
.N W Haiti's Neamou ld AeinS.., IPlae and .s at ,
"" 7 -/ .tope I h o, n lao. -e.,notlhecrp ee of'r the si andab.li. e t
AF. .Z ., .'2- r. i, e.
..., 5..-., con).ti"nues .e pod icur an ratment of gthe feet.
scenery,. saeton nes, -iet s d ingL%..hdlently t d o L restau-
o1f ax paA 11pV 4 "aye 1st ter a e d t o its -er s -on n el fi'
:' -H rabf Co tseryne;ntv, har tng cuti and n's p p- TANqCpItiff rASOLU ,
.. I i t o d b. o .he a-t.n r .fr Rei .n ...&.fgb. e .

.- .. '.O u.tsde. e : a n Pitte.s r 'at u u .. o. ia
V mi n. ..cter.i.....e. .h a

*.,.:...,[.o1an4t.begrsmafl.ndpe-ti night clubs and' on scheduled.
"-"C "" "-' ":: ...tenva -fact ,.ih", e ads man ihis thehotes have, .- ., i: ~
~4 -...., I. tn ......M o.t-. .u.."':? ." :.d t." ,e @ .

sias fo.:. w dn tours. .. e~a.l~ur O ""
5,.. .. 1.r A nd.fin ally ,there..is. ,l #e -o p
-blac d but '.n its-t..iere.t- BemideVs l.is.'4 "g gan pbreg- .

nes h rom,"athe La 0tinAzern roomwith alles the stadar gae
.. ..... ; .. ".." .- .
c opntr iLets..' I.t-%.'s'' r mealenhth aior has a ov riehu

bau upidaray wihit lre ac float an a m oidnight
IpAs.r 'forhw mefeaturing r natie Hand
Besid tes being r -th e lonly N egr lmoresct..
." ', :, Ser. ty.n 1 s o ro g pre.en ri h re, UsE a v4riety
,i :.-.,.,ll.. 'the ,biite rpst i nancita,. per -4. a t.cl-db aind'o-" man atschdle
::.i"' ': .' ~hepar~i'ulr~ap'ad~o !at t. ii n ight' the :Cifty'q ight '1 f

;r. vii fo yor onyu
WAptors -to' loTh.y 'ta sdetwds.s
nVeo t Duncan, sth Direroess Wishalla thegraduae the 5OK H

.. faoI sE onte care of the casino an a. S, he als

free i:.i | b~h col, e~ l An wtone dePais an l satg yacefourdsos-ald for Ie. sghe.
-The .arv i uit conineth pedicr tr et' of the. @jors mwfeet.rnal,
nesw hirdress others haye juneernim ed o iats prs, fr oc&.me.sgo

,... ra ig:o prhiiiitvvig hi tn.n,.cttnadulil n hs' arce,',pHatanAaio [a
A counties, p resi carnd isa typ ebs of hai.s aouReA
CCeid es.: Aivnue des Dalles ed ..

: :: ,,''" '; you wanle Mos
A- *" lor you''ony use
M ,. -- ,_,' ,
!!1 F?- :6 r ...
W::'' .,, ,I[ .:... ., id
4'' ti 0" x; "'J ". 'E"St
c':" ; q '
~~~~~hl .M o'ia ,,,.



p. 4 ~ ~4

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.4 a 4w'-~ ,isb A& 4q4.swr.4u
12 ~ %-.444- us-...

1 .... ,.'- P t'"

14.. A lT I LA.RC.E.S T F c..E4,), '",T ".,-
r^^mA~i~jiif4 4'~

.. 4 1 ; ;.2i :.. 4, .I 4 i. i ;.a a gpsm-' a q. ;. '"'y in.. .",
S biichih huas the best imports from all bhe conerse ot the world.'.-u c1;at' Save.U i, 6S MW :
from ,.$i'prices. wlth your dnty Jfree allowance of $200. .- over4 hours $5W.:yg- ". i ''p4:t '" :
. 12 days o'itsd4e U.S.A. Fisher's illt be a teafshotper's paradise; Not 'tuy. -'r po.;- ..- "4'". F.'-
gest msqets i ny ng at F qh ." "c "'.. ..'-" ."a, t'v;' ^ ." '" .). *.'..- *.. .. ".. 4 "; .' :. f
but modest mark-vIwe"ine; -.everythig iqeo centrated AN o!e.la, ebiil4l, :-
's t *0 .... 't .- .. ... ,- .4 ': .,',:',.. .: :".
r :e 0 1. .*;vA 1V .' ,.:" -.$- .,

1 : l : 1 ^ : '* -; : .;': : .; i :; ':, ,, :, : ,,, L .,*. : : ,* ^i i ^ i i i? "^ y :; ,,# 1;; .. ^ -
'*,......... .. .. .
",A I G.P.. -. .... ,h1.. .. .. .y'... .'-

P s .. .. .. .n "' .- .... ,; : e. ..%.w i,. .'.
$r .-f Ps .. : -* 'Y h 4. -' '1 .. .
Ai f
f-14V V-'

."aol o Go e .. ...."s Oe S lg at o,, ... ... ".::*..^ ; .: ... : ..* *" .,,..*."**: .: ..- ; .... : ^ -.*. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ,*'
..Ha qu'~ ."f~rt s i e A.,nx. D _K l r ,' .: -, ::. *' *, "- ; ... .... .,..:.,.'^ -^^..,^ :*' 1 : '::.
Liqueurs -~~~ .a o .."vi .ais Po-- ,.;.... .... "..- .. .., .' -/ *.-..*.. *. ,..,' .i i ^^ ^ ,.'" :...;
lai s and Sti er paldi g of Engl nd ^.' .i .. -. .. ., ,-... ,.. ,*. : ... ....: :^ "*.^ .... ",l~ | :'' '**-. *' ;>:^
.. S b r g o d s -;^ .*' *.,. *" : / ** .. .. ** ,'" :' .. ^. 1. !...... ... .. .. '.. ."." '**. "^.
COM PLETELY. "*A R C N I I N D .. .**- ..*;.. *_ .tr- .," ; *.'. .. .. ... -. ; .- r ;'. .. {.^.;;K^ y. .; .,^
THE..,S NAME..S. .f ,....IA- I.N ..

". .i" ^^ ^ ^ ^e '. "r ... t ;' .. .. L ..Y'^
*1.. ",^. .. .... .. i ; -.:;

A!,. ; .. i...... ,. .. ..i....
O mI. .,z, 0W,.
.', eus.elk..

-.. I '. ."'"" '. .-,r ,
IJISTRIHUTI)I"' F -' ... ArL ,

.2 larblsDc ontsqueu rma nac ---Ku per.: o e .. f ...>.... 'I", *.:...'.-a- .
U q c u s A a ~ r A u vi a is ~ P o c ,-: ... ... ..,.4. ,;.. .t: _-.. ..,. .. ...

lains and' Siver Spaldin ot E-gland .... ... r z",.i8 .-a f YtE.- ~..
.....-l Sportgoods. .:

4 .4
p '' P '.:". ,..I :, ..*'' ".; .
4, IN ... 4 -4
....."...."....., .. .4. ,

tGURTY ,-LONDtyOfLNdo are
,. A i P:i"mt d v

#ad C4-.' ... ...A" ,
.,. .. .. T 4 0 0-%...- ,it.", ,
Xipf.i.f. .- .oe ..... .,R*1% e
Louis." C", ."s v: x-
da.';"ls D e .."tt",uieu"Am agnac," "d;.K i'". :A" z,,, '., .
U.,u ar:s ,algot .,.,q.u. v ......ish.. .. J .. ... .
Sp. u: ., i n o:f. ',. ,,' gl,,.a o':% .
.. l, ,.,,, ,df. : .Silve-r; E
...tg o d. 4 ""- ."., .". : : "' Z I ':}: ', ." ;: ; ". ,, ..
'tl[ !I "" 'WOR.LD F"A31OUS" E"MBROID'.ERY' I'F, .".. 1'OO" k
.% e la n aii l fl ) do a .- ., : .. ., ..." .. .' ; ',.. ., :
; Bo l~o .a d P mn lov s awk '" '.; :: '2 : ; ':. : ,' ': :[L
"" i" ; !" 4 Z;,ND'; ':2: IV ,Ie e ,S, ,' 0 ,0 "R.-
S ~ nd Cahm re Sw aer L bi ... ... ., ,'. ..... .--"- O. -. ,,
.IE.. 'Of L0- 14C'O Na .' ; "'. .-' -:, .
L .. .. l Lrv r.. ...
B a l m e m W e l .,-- a iz e -- r ff p e u m s .. : .. .. ,. -,, .., ,: .. ,.. .,: ...r,'., .. ..,
... ., '8 .. -.0V,;. : ., .,; ,,,- /. ,... n AA-oAi eDU J .R,, A
Napocon Go et -- ~ tlS. D SaJ~p ,C ~ li ,, ;; ., .. .. ,: ;..... ,. ........ ,..- :.:,,, ., : .-:, : Q,

,, -
| '

~ .4

Haitian Embroidere.d Dresses Blouses skirts.
- mOn's shirts Cuban Guayubera Shirts. -
Iallan. Silk Scarves Swiss Handkerchiefs ..
Table Linens Beaded Bags Petit-point Bags
- Cashnire. Sweaters Perrin Gloves. Liber-
By Goods. -


"jteeag'.^ ^. -..^i

* *iC~-^ ^] ,*** *1.
...*"q'" i'.'"i:( ;,
., .? L ., ..
_* .. 4','.

Mahogany t4al4ty good..s tno eur ',W...i -h '."
Sisil asd ttAwgoods --VodoDnu, Del ""
leerdh-Books- Film w-- Ple Mllan '..,
*... .. ... .-.. ... .*.... ...".. .. : '. ..-"
r .. ." ,' ', .*<
-" ":":"' '"" ":,* '**.44, ; ''

:." P."." 'E. .'. .wa'.


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JL.. 4 :
r8,ALL: A14D

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H 1!:; OC)




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tre sdwX ov
si, LIKE IT.

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0 111 EEZ,', T W 6, N, 'G&I I" ",!V-
t) t4 F: lj
aW- H544ELPS'l-11

______ HAT SUN ___

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*" 1*:,*'; "'.
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*.J ^ ji~
.i '
U\^ .
44 -'-.
J 1\.1^ ;

, r;. IRD. -

t. -.

."F'U', R ALL'
^ ME, P.LASf/!

' 1


'4 : 9 ':
.'<,.,*,. : ____________"____^ ____i ___

t1: l'' / I vI ^ ^^ ^ 'A es
4i,'. :, .,

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4,." 4 \ ... "

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. : : .. .. -

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,.. ...:.... ,'. .. ..'

*..:/ .. : .. .. ,J .
; .';, .. .... .. ...^ ; ;,,,,. .... '4

'' 7?, '
S:.. .. *-. j' .; *- -. ... *' "**,-" ," ,". i ... -, *; .' ., : *" ^ .^ ''; ". : ': '- ,, ;+'"

', ". r .'. .. -:
""is ..;*. *, *' '' : '' .* *" '' *, *, **. '' '' -*. ;- i'*''i' .' "'*, .. ., *.;" "-'."
... .' *' ^ ^ \ .^ :; ; *' "^' x .; ; l .: ','''ilt. .^ "* *,. '' ".d ""- "' "* : "" "
p^ ..- ., S ^ : : ..... *,* ; ;:, .. .-^ ^ v-^ '--^ '- -* ., ,* .- ..
,: .' -, ",, -.. *..! ** : ,.' ** ,* ,* ,''?' *' .i:,- ** ^ i. ,., .. **' \ ^ ~ i ;;!- '" 1.
I:1 ,* ..., ",: ,. .. :. .*:' ..* '. ...* .;,, ,-,., .. :. ^ S,. '^. -, ,... ** .
'ffi',' "*: "' ."' i -.' : ." ..... **. ** i. .. a p i--' ..* .'".-* s .- i ;:: ." ;, '.-. -* , ^ ". *'f v ^ 1^^.. .. ': :* ^ ** *
i^ ". "' 1 ".^ ..:" *' '** ^ ^ ^^ *" .1 '-*.', .'''.-*
.":" ": .** ".'. .'"- "' ,.^;'. !. ... .. ^. ... ** ; .* : "* *'" '*/ ; ,,.l" l- *^ .,.* .

... : .. *' f A ; .. ... -,**
newe Frestikor ,e ruee a on neo o
-...4 -.
--.. ..

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,n*.;n .. -, 4"
'*+j F.... a .+ r, X.....r .a .sL.2tnF~r -- Por tnnces

... ... I" I''41 ,

.........: .:?,4, 1 ) au:,i '4 S t'
I '44.".' .. .. .+ t r
1? -?:-, .'.4 "

". .,, ". .- .,

U s'd~ m broid re d t ble elo lis fr nt I bd ei loa.re s s
4 ~ 1 ." \":'-". 'L f '.
% .'4 !..:' '., :( :[ A. .. .4'- ..a;... : .. ~ ;. ..... .
.... .. := .. 4.. 4," ': A: .. "'"4
.. "4'% ,".-4 4"""..""" '4. "
T W. le -:1

Al Ire.
.9I ,':" .. .. .. .':,-
S iz;.t ....4

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"4.4',4,4 .4..E." :,' .'i 4' 4
A-: T IM., :. ..

~ ~~~fm b" ,s .:'.as..:.ni...t .IIk

X 4 1'l
,-\. ,. .- ,.o.. .o ". ,,.... .
Z .; 4

? ,4 if a -t .I "

.- ..t.,IX.
'. ., "t. -dresses.. .
.1% d- rv ,,:.,,..,O. I, ca

.. Am ,47..
.. .: OL ."" "." ": .':"t


SUNDAY February 24th 1957' HAITI SUN h PAGE .1'
The flcke To Jamel Ove Mo ntins Fro Fucy Jacniel was the end of our foot- SUN-DA/Y SCHOOL
They Hicked To Jacmel Over Mountains From Furey adventure and a sort of reward: On day, Februaryi
a good bed' and a seat for the re- English speaking international'
School boys Jean-Pierre 'Hudicourt, Arthur and Jackie Auld write about their trip. turn trip to Port-au-Prince. We Sunday School was begun aid.
""were done it, but happy and will continue eaci week. T.hend'
Early in the. morning we left the rich: pine-trees, flowering bushes, dark. Night falls early in the proud. are classes for children .udi
cosy cabin of Fanfan where we all sprts'.of ferns, even giant ones. mountains. After supper we went adults.
had spent the night: Fanfan a Finally we reached the top, tO sleep. under an unfinished hut -r further information plesap
former soldier is a top personal]- more dead than alive. It was a that. .l4 4,'only the -roof.:. ..We write in care of The Lighbt efr
ty in the Furey area. We coua- little before eleven. Then .We un- borrowed a onatteo. (s$raw '11t) __LeP.O Bo_48, ort____'.__
geously drove into the deep moist derstood why this range, of to lay on anrd wrapped odirselveS W ce, Haiti. .
old ocf the sky-high mountains, mountains Is called 'The Saddle In! many blankef we'were still We, regret that there a
Our guide Filidpr, a smart Range'. Over jt you are astride high ind thE chid was still severe. mistake regarding the nMeeting
peasant who knows well the the peninsula, 'You can. aee,.on u'The only~thJng that,rtroubled place in last weeks' anxounba-
trails over this rugged areas led both side the sea : the bay of. igt wnas 'al..unh ofyqiuig p-. ,...lent. ,
the little caravan off through the Port-au-Prince on one, the Carilb pies which .w.ere yell~ig,. yhile' -". -
bean sea on. the. other. *We were.. waiting for -their mother who
slippery stoney path. lucky this day: the sky was empty went .hunting, for ?ood in the TO SEE. THE REAL HAITI:: r
The sun was still hidden but of clouds and the "weather was neighborhood..-, ., .' C M O .
through the pale gleam of the qool. Afterwbile we male a, fire. 'The ue-(t n j ng.we wtbre )aek IN.LEISUR A-
,dawn the outline of the formidi- iig ate .some hot dogs, cheese,.on our f0ete y 4:00 ool6c4i in:-. ,a-. .
ble wall of the Brouette moun- a comparaitre 9 and bonbons, a' pcnetratjng- ,'polar 'cold. .,Our to DISC Q "HM "
tain could be made out. rop, (molasses cakes)."Thcw we hnds alMost froze,'. t* we aTHE CHARM
... ha d l .ffy r z ,,r we bai-. ;,-. q, .. .
It was a long walk in a sad noticed a strange, thing: otr uti- jno gloves: Saying gbod 'bye to .mur AM BEAUTY T1 COUNTRY'..
countryside still asleep' under the de refused all our food, except.. guide, ,.hitt.aT e
dloak of mist all grey and brown. the' bonbon. .sipp..Why ? Supgrsti.o no More'h clibing,.jni'. let j ..
Our knapsacks became heavier tdon or organic troubles. yoursl. sd ':M lot'. .a"
with every stride fatigue was-, ;J peasanit.d -in.,' ,, : ':'-,.7
already our companion and our We started going- SoUth ar& Sd "We!h. -t L"sve w ereA
enthusian bad 'deja' abandoned 1:00 o'clock. .Sh r__y after, w rqa- it L ,,iad HIlL ;.. '...a.;
us. ched a" wide .Plateadui wh r.e.. still .gonug do Ywn',..Jut .:,.,", at Non .-
Suddenly we emerged onto ca=e upj, a wonderful pine fo-. ditions;t..'-. -
Wilcorne Hill-a knife blade moun- rest' The'pin'e. eees 'lade a-.hig Tbe'znuntaln.as i-t Tdonates the
tain which cuts across the valley. 'vault with their foliagep andt.the .va.14. oft-e: iver'of M8.rg4 fl
.i.here we were stru hin the face red ground was ..covered with..,suddenWl.r..;dr lu ids;' 'Rfeet, a
by the *arm. q.9loutfu rays 6* tez~'ru. P.~ an ~ .Tepbbiwp-Mgicenk I
the sunrise and the''otraora.iy flou .. b-venw' the. backk ond-was .. e,,,'.bl. -IT
beAQity- of nature awhikeflng -"h' ptdu A.44 th7alba Skwih'ot
mountainous coQn9trTjde. loke4 t
l'like the palt oft.'a P muil,' a a i -'--' plan, agli: biit-further nd;".."rri..;f
er. o ur -5th u i t /e "prne, ; 8tr ve i d 'W-, 4 @ :,c:"4"' A
we felt Ughtad gS.' ... e: w e "'h"a"d"ed *.... -...
'", ; ,,,-:. :.:; p& whlql we #! boPIckai pt F nh I:l kdrnalbn*i dih
". our "nt 'ra b' "ha...d" o~m .. e t :
w people'lnthe arieawhdltook 1. WW, *.,bl ow ; .. .. L. i ......A.
.pr,, th' "Vg dfX
like a--,r. .e.e f .: d ,'.." it' v pati".ce hn4 "I.x'-11 .. :' ... h.:,. .
,.hatched ,end mud homes. c .am ,luraT, ladn 1v6S t' ..MaMScute;ile.ti )
-Thi Welcome hill because Wit i- '.Qr.l -['Af b h. see shore. : "4",4
Ad 16;... .blow. td..WJ

liod.. uces you to the 'mount i' it :jej.- 'g s..':"' :2 :'n Bvd'r."iljt'*0" Out.' 'G ";b bti f?~ o.mt:,%4j
a sit (La Visite)o r E' #ad.:feta"] tru W im

,. a ndeone o f th .,k r an d V
i1 the Ls Selle e a the a sd:Vt:dt.
.;j- "... ... ........

i- c and La hmithe aemts e6 -kA 4.e e 4Wk o .

;,.Ate tkig re kfstptwjh.tweOt ,ret t .w ,-eg ":",.' %.,2',{..'.+ .. ': ...:+./.,+.,,;.:.:..'
-this el A.uitvstete4nvetvodr.bte -h Wyk

tar scale of rocks made slipperyithese apes wok sIsiN,'..A. ... r we -bga '".. 'i
we..began.the ascent....or.... ........d ......d.l..,-t.,e,4..a. was.mkl..,u.pp.u.tion..as to our" r!
ho r,.ecim e a pen iu .itr .,1. gins What mae .ldt.,tf...,-;..;.:,. .. '....o.. ...
by the dew, moss and likens, ter ar.-e t. hunrds ;4.f. blae, to.- w~l t.61:"'Jaclnel" .b .the.' .,sea-,..:".. -.,".,: .. :.:. ,' :,. CALL!,'.. :' : :
There are two parts in the vens'.attraetaed~bythe butued corn 5hr ~4Qt ~ l~flSf............... .. ........3.. ..' "''-
oneetBi Bois oeaad ttereme~tu adw .'a :ewils"'T~~,b. ad utht o h+ae sth,.int, e te:h~e..o ...% :, ,. :

hard but short one where you rest of the landscape with their; twenty..iloief~s,. from: ,.Margot..": ."' 4, "'" i,%" -: t .. ..'.
are obligd to craw closely to- roofs ofcorn :t,-", to Jame..for ouast egs '
the ground unless you -rant to. Tep We,-b ..p-fot-i.&low' We .ifgt'hive.fallen-ly'the side. .' ,;,,.
commit suicide. Between them lands. We stolppe :n .tld .'na-,' q.e,.ltroad if.,we'hadn't fTouhd.'a. S% 01 rR JJN CO PA 'I A
there is a short and. refreshing ge of Seguina qe.;ddi no: .haved..roulbe:w." o ,topWof.a':ceee:
slope. The vegetation is quite timeto viLit itZ.r +"=+tii t" c .....' ..'..rwsa.. 'Telewi-a',e 87 .'
...... : :k", 'r ad .. ..4
ew e .%,e."

r~~. .~4 Lc--1Ctmrcam EEwt

..... .i. : ...Y 5A.L.-''- :- .: .' "". # "4;z N -'.5 h. ';'.' .. -" ..:'F'::

..- .. .. ...,: .:4 ..Y


-v 'i: 1 ,V..... .a,-"..-

., ..

'" ":"' :' '"..;... "'

.. ,.. .':'. .' ..

AGE 22" HAITI SUN SUNDAY February 24th 1957

- by Ned AITCHISON the peak tourist traffic to 1-Hiti
- .. "(Herald Travel Editor) of 1956s. I S
iCadintions have returned Miss Diane Lewis, president, n
complete to normal in.-aiti, Vwas toastmaster at the dinner
.&'GilOeadl, director of the Hal- and at the, reception.., which ore Doogoode
"-=j government tourist bureau, ceded it.
tol members of South.by.Sou- Other officers of the.- roup.jnn- Dear Miss Doogoode, .
.ieast at their dinner or the AlbeB jestCei, Salzinan: iid.:Ra Foar the past couple of years, I t
!:ta~right roof of the Alcazar ho- sOlwet,,vicde ipesddints;: Audr.ey have been facing a very difficult
-' el Thursday evening. Greenwaid; Correg.pofiIft sere- problem which .I -finally think '
' ..; None of the recent unrest tary; Elizabeth Morrison,.,recpr- right to submit. to your wisdom.
.ait gfected7 tourism there in the ding secretary; Merle Foote, tren Two years ago, I had fallen i ,O
-slightesb.f he' said in a; brief- surer. love with a girl who is now six-
'.taddress during observance of Honor .guests at *ll? affair we- ear old. Puirt, I did myM i .
teen years old.'FirAt, 1, did my r
'Haiti 'Night,- by; te. womeD's re Haiti's new consul, Heuri Fils goingto her parents who, 1fI
travel and trans`G idrtiatfid -orkani- Aim, and VrA. Fils Abn., believe me, were proud of me as ,SS
-ation, h l During the evenitig. George pete member f their
and if -." Krone d a nqw', president of. a perspective member!f their
ii:shtes" :;are;.6 en.an:d t -: KrQwte on,-v.At' Ow president -family. As her first hatcho -I I
ng fidlseicean,'u4 tlwinp e e Bon.,hiva .o Greater' i-had all kinds of difficulties With
'.eason is in ful sink Mr. f mhl, extended the greetings. of at innocent child in the begin-
.1 ~ ~ ~ ~ 0, jt~ASd ~~~I~ ransiportation
-.TI -t 1r- -Ml .L-4iw S th by.,o ning but, helped by iher. anxious .. .
W ,..eb adsi parents,' I overcame all. these
...... -rp ,S' ........... r a,. J ir difficulties and made' of her 'an
N cn, '.. ., for ,a joi t.
*ynexq.d-o ..ttle e .itlr.*US' ......op ail different girl; thd. only thing' 'C S
*. .... .. ....-. .. '. IU never had the -privillege of h
..'. -,. cq.ng 4hrou" is gettingher t9
.. ...4.,.L- *". .. ", be n member oY Rmy church. Try R
asme.o, '.o s I would. she always Insisted /
q nd .becanie. more andnmre rude --

",irw .h tl ^ bul ,)n ;, .'-... $30..
got8 "I 200
~~upse~t t' r i 'u. Al "go .igts. .nd'. bad' -to ,'',
;admattonaturn. away froth iler as' e- 'alwa .ys

:t~~bo^^a.upet iiii'lrgo disgusted bad '2)[adra tofl;QO~e Terav u o el sn e
a. -' *" 'et si said that I would never" dare unit" -r i I T
,..: ,, .::: -....g dstW to thoe.fa U
Y,,, C .ho ....dt.W. nrave l S service
st. .elt repu. li ...s -bty a ti. is a uting f. roi- 'sa e cree m. l -' '. ... ,. ..
M rdSe s o 'q e" e "bim'hs 1tlbving er,. "' ..15;t, Rue. Dantes. Des totches
.O i 6r6l suh ear :ow stFod co ve. ost,, eerio eo omis crisis 1957 a* beaying, hr f, u B 8 1111.111- r. U) -
:.VS i~ii-yehrss bAeR Ftr dei a n i t hq o ia o A C i f b hort-4U- N ice, 11ait (W T el: 3871-
-a grow ,p'gdurist.!itiess. ", ii. treasury is, .Y."lades. who:.,ecame
:i~et elt ne r boystersnit Th n herd i oe S PR stT --, DRIVE YOURSELF RATES
madeersl f:fe lt inbatit'eo. norne the paste tw e
cono *f bhie t- di..on3trr.-, ho. p do -hhe'.o xot Eh -.. hasE Se e on

... .... n d~e<.;^ ,:o ,. .. -.. ., ..** .. t, eh*~ ,.*a*. r ... .Ye r... ....... *.,.S*t. .,.... pe .D...,. "Pe M il Re.. Deposit.
"'.ew hotelss 'w.built, p. thi t know md.,ke..- little' republic, othe servees.ield.,t my chu h 'FCORb Yea.'-, Per Day. Per .Mie Re. Deposit.
a, @ 5. ...$10.0 ~wa $30.00r
..'.rve.,- : .. : .. : .see CA' .i.'"4.... 8.00a 0.08 20.00
M Io 'C -o t.o f .u p ..t s o e .
tai id e, to 4 ,dM .,.o 4o.-.. ... -. 00 2
Yars who. ad come to, 61&iJoy"HAkif; -hit-.atsoreVs-nothin .-but 'lea w fends. e s. -- .-
iadwtr a S.ati, and. Last week t girl ani Oil...,
... 'i i ... '.ua .'g r1 ear,!e IM "a. .i tl c ."
-".2"-Inisurafr.e of ",$106 000per person up to.5 persons between
-,., ca, ..... ~. NO.. W.- .. ,..d .>. o:, ,' .. ,!. .!.:.V._ 1S .iye s.b i.ne.~ ~ i000 P llc iaiiya d 0
spot -.,. .,.,. U -, ,": a / .,. t .icid -..- .... '... :"rh d ,.'.4-,v P. ,. ,
a t....-. ........ "..... -> = as "L&... ... $1O.0.00'P.ublic Liability and $5.00a
.......... '"j' "m w. b IrY uB ....t.. ,,;r euvd ii. a bipot t or Hotel in Port au Prince and
........... .. .... lr .....to r i~ e:: -. '. .: .' .
0 hbda and Port-au"-Prince.
:o s ..,eY%%geOdC tin tg E 1 d rie,'s eeise"
IA. ho 'e ar 'ot1 mt .-...th ough .a- zii fr .iV R: fro .. 1 S. 61 y ears -Old.
a .2'.:....ot...4, Id .c. -rd t i S.s.-.., .. .,ql a. d r. r ," '.. A
.fluua 'still .deply in -kve.wth,.,-but- .
,,. .ti4.. eingK ie, :'I am" a-ai 7.
what ..u.calla 5kout met daitei.
-f *hthaayu'_t girlIT q OL TE
em :Ought to' do Am-:"
.. .. a cor in to yo. u i: .R.' H A IR- S A L O N.
"E I A 4 e.. :" ,"
(9) Cir'eful Christian. -
Dear..Careful 'Christian. '" "
o'only, kno 'UtegiW~
w 19 .',5 6
qu tson is,, w w a realuvJog :" .'..
% --tnt P~ r just, aS aaele t '-
931e 'arns.I fP t&V:

;.A 14n.1.-'eO.
...- to2 ,lp n ",q : :~ .. ,4' .',,

J- Y.
e ".m o ea.g erk a''

~~tiqurg'nb Lac Bondelaecs P01*4 '.elTe rvcs.Av
.,~~~~ay .: o '0o.po.d,.

: : ,'1-0U 'P "Nj
Y :. 0'- it}"al

TJihaj lojigest loes For conertbl everis madeo is thistd 195 Vige Ruihshlctdo
pletl new0' For body styes Thet new& Ford willl offer a AND SUPERB ANDaFAMOU
brode rang ofd "opfe engin Capiotale aalib reomne to cal at' S hisal. w
armo ;'show .,rlane .t sRA ND"RUE ,"o O thcLAilcsteesabishmet p Na qal
Ilona bo anodize d. Atr
.. od cmiio~k fuA
"~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~0 "EdL .r ,e--eiat'aei.
~L .., d ,


"n H

Plenty of rumn women, women, though precarious friendships
women and a new look at established with friends, neigh-
the world you live'in bors, even servants. Incidentally,
your servants will cost betWeen
By Herbert GOLD $ 6 and $20 a month. For $ 6
you have a casual watchman who
If you are a person of simple will also water the garden and
tastes who enjoys an occasional run errands. For $ 20 you will
drink of whrm Rhum in vodoun find a passionate retainer who
. ceremonies, then come along. If can do everything from cooking
buried treasure is your like, I gi'iots to discoursing on the futu-
know a man who will take you re 9f hardcover pubiiasiug.
up to Port-de-Paix for a share in Buit just as Haiti Is not easy on
doubloons, providing you promise the emotions, it is not the cheap-
to submit to the ghostly curses est of islands. Two can live quite
of the slaves buried to guard the well on, let's say, $ 200 a month.
treasure. If mass poverty and the This would include a comfortable
chic play of an exasperatingly house, several servants, plenty of
charming frenchifiei elite seems 'local meat hand produce and 60-
the answer to your suburb, then cent chickefis and 80-cent lobsters
consider that Haiti with its soft and rum. for the whistle. Ah au-
breezes and archaic feudalism, is tomobile is expensive to run; but
only. four hours by airplanq..om you can taxi any place in the city
0 ," ,.! :" a,
Miami .' o': ,a dime a' day. Fun is general-
Four hours and a world away. ly cheap The Carnival and Ra-ra,
Whe, I packed off with .my fa- .an African fertility festival, seem
mily for%,;year'in Haiti,to take to fill the streets for half the
time dout for writing. I lad little year.
more than a suspicion of the ,-''". T. eno
cri.arilies, of this odz. cornerof, f. To enjoy.vdoun, pelting, gos-
the world. An island natiban in sip, music, .'daneing,.'lL"8wumingl,
the Caribbean, triply isolated,: by strolling, ,aid .lie.''ierehanging
language (Creole within French I play -ofE.lie:'ri sky;'-sea,' moun-
laws and a Spanish or English- tains, and a"' busy "P" le .you
speaking world), by religion (Vo- need *nxly to' l'presurv.a.noramal
doun beneath a Catholic shell), streak of ventt.ares enipw'-from
and by color -(black or brownn, the meddlqng' o .ns acivi-
Haiti is enoguh to .crambie the lizatil. .' ,. :"- i i-
hardest boiled egg. The 'ony;tna -i Rent ant'.impbrted r aehine-
tion of .former' slaves. Ff.nadi ds, suc-,.. alit .sor'
throw off the master ant.here -cab. ar.e....ei.esir t "g .
its independence, this oively strict d'wn-and-out 'Bohemianis
land is a paradise for climate, favor a conpue of anetels. where
music, and rich colors of sea and you can-,get-.a fine view of the
mountain and a bewildering sea, a room with shower, and
knot-of .tensions for the rest,- three :eals, .a day, fre'2.;50. lf
S on .'..... e-B.tin e,. ips.Jbe eA' o
RUM FOR THE. WHISTE ". he" ltt 'i goes i -e sa-
'.ladwi eta,0k.th; 'oArt.
FQr the writer, oneof Hai'is i you)"ave'more ha std a
greatest appeals is the quick al- nnt&, two$.-,'lie i ..l4i X 'n
,~ W V a ^ ". -.-



Sunday afternoi

SGolf Tournamen




See your Hotel Desk for Informati

iesaaeswaassas iaia

S SUNDAY February 24th 1957


.' "'I.


.. -' '
r- tricky for dancing. Her pride is 'Drums,Clairin
brilliant, explosive, Haitian Na and Laugbter
iti^ I//poleon gnashed his teeth when uB r
Toussaint, the slave genius, made Now, in early afternoon, these
a fool of him. The Haitian n-ses were most likely not vodoun .
luxury and have their own vo- the word blanc or awhite drums. I had never seen a coum-
doun priest in attendance by the man ifor .all foreigners, includ- bite the cooperative work ri ,.
swdoun priest mm in attendance by the ing American negroes. Her Meo- imported straight from Africa
swimming pool. pie are warm, wise, and witty and so headed across the hills
but don't compare thenm with any on 'foot toward the sound of
Or You can Go Native people you know. For example: the drumming. It turned out to .
Sv4A friend had lent me his week- be a group of about twenty 'me 'i
You can also go native and live end house in' the lovely moun- pryingup ro from a steep '
for a few cents a day, as a young a, town of 'Kenscoff, high above hill. (Haiti i a crumpled land,
writer recently did. He paid a few Port-au-Prince, I was at a place said to be the only place in the
W'dollars for. a thatched mud caille In my novel whn I needled .to get world where a farmer can get
on squatters right land, aBe -rice away from the' distractions of the killed by falling out of' a corn-
and beans and lots of sweet man- capital. Approximately two-thirds
goes, and cut his clairin with ,. of th ield.)Approximately two-thirdpicks
grapefruit juice for. the Vitamin of t
C, H e al o e a tar i Kenscoff is a fine place2' for in rhythm, singing while special
C, He also wore an earring in the nitecessary lonelinqess"' f the "officers/wlth ribbond aid me- .
onp car, published a terrible no-I. .,....
vela, pad final w h e to writer's inner' questioning. with dais and such titles ast General-
vel,and finally went'home ,to get, no one whospeaks English and in Chef, and '.president of thed
spanked by mommy, IHardly anyone. who speaks Coumnbite led the singing, beat '
French in this cool- peasapt.-vil- the cfsson*, blew the whistle, or
Don't look to Haiti for simple large lyif qulet-axiid the nIatural slapped and stroked' fithe drum
Caribbean' ease 'and lounging in tact of the "itii.t butryt. filk. in. that supple'Haitian Way.
white linep with cheap rum and For a renminder'-of humanity in,. Grinning,' thek. iook notice of '
lovely Creol maiden, a..flower solitude, there is still,, the hoot the Blancc' 'toihlng up thie hill. '
in he)r hair and ayes in her eyes. 'of"yices across the fields work- They asked"aii for cigarettes-.
You can have the linen suit made, songs and lovesongs, an bcchyio- "
about $15, and also the ,Creole nal': long rise of women's laug I do notb smoke,
belie, but the father of the girl hter and .,4he s6Ay-moddltilhg, .' They. asked me' for' oney : -
who is your heart's desire ,is a ever busy drums. From dtie gal- eBam cinq cob1. I had st out '
crack shot. Of course, in order to lery on which I set up my table, without a :cent.-lbimy pocket
carry a gui, he' must have'a'per-I h'a amagntficent view of m0ma They shrugged and. offered me .
mit. The standard permit. pro- tains on, one* side, the Caribbean, a:-slug'of cldFir-ti4le..raw White .
mises ot use the weapon onlyy the long bay and .the skmokey Haitian rum, sold fbr a .fy 'pn- :
again thieves, murerers, wild 'bues and. glays of.Port.an.Prin- niles a -quart,' which'can4keep a "
beasts,' etcetera,.. Any writer ce far below & TiTmy back:. I had man going for a longjweekend at ; .
bornnd for Experience who .viola- b6th the Dominican .Renpublifc'and either work or. play,. take' ybur, '
tes 'the' strict code which cocoons an aholis, a liiatdwhicb'" nie; to. choice -and leave' som'e for the' .
the Haitian middle clsa girl'ss sit, stick -out 'its tongue puff next man. I must have: seemed
likely to find .himself either ._tir- Mi throat, and ceo. c its sbteyed embarrassed at, hayg neither -:;
iiel. or an etcetera. '; ." head over my storyr, lookl*g jui'st tarettes"nr change, so .hey"ga- .
1 op -'r v". _k- e. dose -" o in61'
1. "like a book' reviewer ecept j ve mie another d ose o 'clairin to .
A ~Land Of Mysteries its clean paws.: : ", ; make mne feel'beterl Then_ back' .'.
Y.m. e..- e....".'.. cl.. a. -p ;_'." ..'..".. ': .-, .":- "". ., ..
.to work. -
.-fherefore gp with paence Oray 'But, tlat :deep privacy" : Loving the.-songs and rhflhm,.
Haiti is one of the world's ntys- of'. the -writr ie t work,' ehansts /Twwatched tail the sun began ,
teies and meant to be savored ilm't last, and one afternoon .to dip behind 'the 1iountains be- :
slowly. Her ru. and -q .... he-reng a new battery of dr Aims 'fore deciding 'to'imake it back ."
chapr d' smart g3'(- -ibut your sounding acro. the Ju.si I drop- t ..the village. .,. got .up, wayed
Uw iay be a dgiil scols ar:Her ped my fantasy vihere i had ta- ad.4tar.t dowt-e&steiep''sope.. ,
musc is $owerful in its '"harn, ken me i de i t.imore and wentI.''e,,.wert :jjsgig.-a -' :liu.s: ..
if Aican and feSh Bt own 'for yalfrta rejqmt 'thtwt:i ,.
zoith if~leeft fnid.the- meringue wIrd 'of l g eure: ; ':' "( ttd ge

..:".W 3-PAR COURSE NOW."., .,-:. .

,," .OPEN AT ,THE, ...,.


its ". ;" '*. '.



!;I:N'lA,--'-' -l'6


fc.- PAGE'.21

?-*.' -
'i-.i *:.
^ -
i .
r '
?, *

;:--. i


Writer in 1

Continued fro page 23)

r.,3 -..'Bat' tambou,
-;. Bat' tamboa I
SBeat the drum,
1 Beat the drum
'when I fell. Unhurt. J rolled
.back onto my feet 'o ljn:i the
song slyly changed iow,'chanting
in the same rhythm:
Blanc tomb'e,
Blanc tomb'e !
White man fall,
White man fall !

The' incident tells n\c i about
the attitude toward visitors of
this gifted and long-suffering
people. It speaks for their ease'
at work, their joyful wit, and
the lmique blending of friendli-
ness and malice which is tlhe na-
t'nralr l nrn unt oF a ;frietil. hi;qt.

giRative analysis was based on a
confusion between the word rma-
gazinc*, and the 'French e maga
sin, meaning cstorev) Or the
v6douist who hedges both Africa
and dhristiaxity by murmuring,
eDambaliah, I believe ia Gpd,-'n
as he worships 2at an altar de-
corated with various holy objects
including a coke butter and a
photograph of Frank Sinatra.
Or consider the folk imagina-
tion which punctures the pom-
pous and the pretentious by re-
marking :' The President speaks
so welL i Profound! Eloquently
He who spits in. thb air wll have
'saliva on his nose.

Passions Laid Bare



-- j'UC- 0U ULZcur fAI1J. eal
ry. When I laughed, they burst The streetsho0v and gossip are gl
into a roar of pleasure that I pleasant company. Haitian life is ey
shared the joke. rThey insisted nqt different in tue essentials go.
on a farewell round of laisrin from a, careerr on .arth anywhe- m
to help "me home. re-concerned wit0 love, getting f
somewhere 'in the world, defea-
The Cosmopolitan Offerings ting death-but the passions r,
seem to be laid hare under the f,
Most visiting Americans live in relentless sun 'of day and the
Port.au-Prince. Here, above the persuasive drums, the dancing ed
S fantastic poverty of mnild-walled of the meringue, an'l 'the lay e
or packing, crate houses, floats a :ovely evenings. ',a eu
thi layer of wealth-sophiytica- What happens to visitors is a u"
ted ladies with Paris g6wrns, Ca- national joke. At the Part.au. ra
S dilHaies and tennis clubs, dinner Prince airport, where thi tou-
pi.: parties and cafes for discussing wrists come down blinking and d
Art,. Literature Sex and,'Politics' Miffingn' tVie. asuim, thc 'and d- 'yo'
in reverse order of 'iniport'anc. mest officers. of thae Ainde d'llai fii
S' pSwimmng pool cultaiue, aance'.i are waiting to sue 'hat tv'.ery ny
', floor society, these aie worthy 'ady and ev- y hiusnand is .(xcr.- hu
of the Riviera. The primitive Hal 7ised'against so-me rf th, finest he
S tian painters, that remarkable lancers; ioftest whisperers, andi ef
S group of- artists'dismerec 'by "hopt.;Agile ratterers or earth.
gru (artists.' discoveredi by --is nothie.
S Dewitt Peters, have their boca- (The' Atrue Xitai.i. has nothing
S le in .an old mansion on the rue but contempt for.Porfir i Aubi-
; de la Rdvolution.-' the- Czntre rosa, the boniin ean (hainr.wr.ni
: d'Art is a popular meetingng plae cThat man is a bisi'Asq.iaii f
'e. A .uoeWof forei'e'espeia- We do it on.y for li y
.nibey fr especial- h- hp"'ineat'o
S,. .ly American artists .-and writers sport, and the epi en of
S. are always ii attendance, .ad TourismO)
S/ some ordinary beachcombers, The tireless roostezs that,' c:.-'aw
;.' too. all year andI the dogs that- Dark
S The foreign colony includes, all night help make Haiti seem
Besides the usual businessmen, another pa .a.t The stories of
S embassy people, bohemians' and werewolves and. zombies come
S retired loafers some special' at- from. anotn!le aga. The eIeaian
S tractions : escapees from Devil's peasant, barefooted but balan
: Island, coUllaboratiohiists fleeing 'lng sldes on his he.----th iawi
S the wrath of postwar France a ys l)e must.-eir. sh-es in rOn,
i.. few light-fingered types wanted but doesn't say on ths fect--i
and finding thAmer ica oi Eurpchasa- But is Haiti all th'' way out cf
Sable here. h a life which we can understand?
.. All in all, the1 writer will not No, no.
lJack for curious and cosmopoli. The gingerbroodd lou's of
tan companionship.'B- I the old made of spag''eti
tan companionshipBesides rumI and lace and su'ar t.c I-
F, for drink, water for swimming' and lace and 'arn"'n-
'.. or fishing, the soft Caribbean diug and flirting and slutivcrng
air for carrying the- music .o'i the jaws of tie termites, (ons-
|. 'drums and women, womer, wo- titute a defiande 'd enF i' like

men some .brilliant lying is part which made madmen blic-
., of the charm of Haiti. 've they could fly liCe birds or
S' send messages. withou'.,ir':.
S 'Haitian. Inventiveness I '
'Writer's Looking-Glass
The lying-of expatriates inven- It w m r
; :ting a past or future is one thing The wter may .Sl
The fantastical storytelling of more clearly when he,,heat;ib"
[ i Tefnatclsoyeln unabashed bra~vling o,....." *
I' .the.Haitian. is another. Truth bs iadbrAlg oah .e r Itgh-
this land of triumphant indivi bors in a .and r..e, ......
street, including.:. 'the'"%,l~ri'.0
-dualism is defined by the needs strpedder negotlatei'.et' en thu
of the s6iaer' .:-41 didn't lie band a .er, wneltfi&I.matW know,
when Isatirrl oud paY you a ... ...
Sthat ten olla...Ild ppvw mounted more abut- .teyee repair men
.r.that tel -i.e"."re' .lly. int when he deals .with an inspired
ot'o bei.eve.o .,. Haitian .automobile, nMechanic
ListinAt 'the cockfight in the who leiarted his trade from', a
S:Parc des Palmtea to hear ow. c0rrespo0ndence' school in Chicago
S.an abahed ownet explalnR liis and.. by pi1soal instructions. from
rooster's failure to be more hisfami loa, Ogoun Feraille; he
S than a sitting duck. : ,My cock may even understand better of
S lost because he was an honest what, sugar and spice his cool
politician in his earlier life., northern wife is made after he
S Or hear the newspaper, which. has burned under the go-away,
S reports the visit of a woman loser gaze of a Creole beauty.
: who, it .opthlmsticaily predicts, singing:
will revitaflze the economy in
Which the average family inco- Caroline A-cao, dr.nice until it
me is under 50 dol. a year: -Miss I hurts, .0 !
Phipps, representative of the Just dance until it hurts. 0
Great New York depaAtment sto- Haiti is a most special and
re, Harper's Bazaar.... (TIip; 'ma bittersweet place, special even

SUNDAY FebruLiary 24th 1957

Ito reveal itself even partially to African superstition even in this
S t Ithe visitor, clever man. But no, he was upset
.1 If you are a human critter first simply because the dissatisfied
and only afterwards a writer, customer who put the hex on him
then Haiti can bring a unique would spread the news and spoil
perspective to your view of his business. Is this so different
its ordinariness. Its bit of things. Leave your stereotypes at from the American salesmaii's
its ordinariness. Its a bit i home. Forget your prejudices and passion to smile, be happy, laugh
itary dictatorship, pressing preconceptions including the it tip. hide his troubles or his
*d but ineffectually on a peo- ones perpetrated in this report, customers won't buy?
whose history and manners Haiti (take it from an experien- Enjoy Haiti for what she is,
nonstrate their love of free- ced sock) is not like any3 other which will 'reflect what you are,
a. The censustaker askqd a pea shoes. It's not a Graham Greene of course. Take stock of your
t how many children he has. boot; it's not a Truman Capote own uniqueness, your own be-
mining his clay pipe, the old slipper. It's nothing that you longingness. This island, too, is a
n considered the bureaucrat know, and it's as true as onions, part of the main. You may dijco
1' down, then answered: Di- streetcars, and Scarsdale. ver your hometown in this night-
'se '. One of the wealthiest men in marc of a tropical island paradi-
f you are in a hurry to be the Republic, a brilliant and se, Saint Dominique, where Co-
nhahn Greene and write White ruthless businessman, threw a lumbus fooled himself that it was
n, s is used to being useds tantrum in. my presence because India but really discovered Ame-
d, Haiti's s used to being an unknown enemy had put a rica.
e genuine'Graham Greene's vi- ouanga on the seat of his Buick.I And if you see the fellow who
was a disappointment, how-oThe ouanga, a back magic curse doctored my Chevie for transmis-
er. He seemed bewildered by made of twigs and-berries, is a llsion trouble, tell .him it turned
iti, spending most of q's time kind of rejection slip issued by lout to be only a ouanga iii the
the pool -of the El Raneho, the gods. Aha, you might think[crankcase.
ting little sandwiches near tall
asses, wiping the ooze from his z-
aes and wishing be could have '
ne back to New-York with Tru--
an Capote, who came for'a few.
weeks to bone up on La Frontie6-
the Port-au-Prince bawdy
carter which he his stylized into t
-dticake for *-House of Flowers,
If you are a folklorist, be warrn-
i that the island sinks, three,
et into the sea at Carnival time
ider the weight of movie came-
s and tape recorders. '.iK
If you are bent on exposing vo-
oun for the Sunday supplements
ou will surely be disappointed to
Md that it is a religion like ma-
y others, an effort to cope with
Lman life under the inscrutable
avens, and required a sustained
[frt of sympathetic intelligence. .Author Gohd. spent two interesting years in HE.cU.

Three convenient weekly flights to take
you into the gay, romantic atmosphere
of the Pearl nf fhe Antilles!
Only 90 minutes from Port-au-Prince
to Santiago de Cuba by CUBANA!

for information and reservations see your
Travel Agent or call Pan American World
Airways, Rue Oantes Destouches, Phoem 3451

Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays, at 1:25 p. m.

D' j. $A A /


:t':. A' '. ." "

SUNDAY February 24th 1957




Luxurious new' fabric blends
with s Orlon acrylic fiber, we-
ven in France by Lesur, are now
being shown in the spring collec-
tions. of top American designers.
Long an acknowledged leader in
the creation of high-style fabrics,
Lesur has pioneered in the deve-
Slopment of unusual fiber blends
to interpret designs for the haute
couture. '
In creating fabrics with the
texture and drape appropriate
for new spring silhouettes, Lesur
has chosen a Oriodn because it
*contributes an exceptionally sup-
ple quality and a notable softness
of hand. His net group includes
',a flannel,, a crepe, and a twee4,
in which t Orlon s '.is blended
S.wool,0 and sonetinies .also
a '' rabbit hair and nimoair.. Le'-
'f:,'.: has" predicted' increasing
.utess for ,fibey blendsi not only.
..-..th.re.', fashion '. interest. but
'. because, with' blends,'-exi't-
tug, petW-looking weaves can ..be
created ,for every purpose .,
:'In America, a richly textured
Sbsket-weave tweed, fashionably
'bulky looking yet light in weight,
is used for a sophisticated town
suit.' The soft-spurfaced fabri, .
blend ,of Orlof ar m oi .WQ -v t
a. 't open lhobz't W.*

'Tiie uit& has a collarless, raglhn.
'.sleeved jacket fitted ie front,
with back' fullness "flaring a loW,
rounded yoke. I .... .
' bm, tailored daytime .dme.r
1 niada.:in a.. h isiti4iMbu hl-T*n.

IAN FSHIONMEWS ody motions wonadroaalyj
71AN FASHION MEWS re in residence, fanning flames -body motions'wondrod*slg
'AN FASHIO N M EWS' with their sensuous, athletic dan ful. Thd opening 'nupiner.
ces, sending pulses racing with ringue Carnavalesque .' -a
Y THE CLOTHES HORSE insidious rhythms. A capacity au- station in dance form, present
dience braved threatening wea- the company's talents, in Si
te subtle variations in shad. diale dans 1'Alabo'atifn de tis- their to view the matchless preci- rhythm and dance. ,Ca4lyp.
Featherweight, .superfine flan- sus composs' pour iU tiaute cou- slion, the artistic exuberance of lodyt offers'Herblee p14yi
nel.of 4 Orion ,; wool, and rabbit ture. Lesur ;ixa Eon, choix sir this extraordinary troupe. penny whistle, from wilit
hair is chosen for two alluringly T'cOrlon. en ral.on de lTa souples- Dual forces are impressed on rge sounds not at all uhidtk
feminine cocktail dresses. Both qe et de. la douceur que donne Haitian art-native primitive im.' se of the Baroque orgata. "
designs have a smooth,- willowy cette fibre 'et qu'exigent les bme- pulseg. French-. ciulure., ,Thus, Drummers Aphonse Ci'
sihouette with waistlines just a 4de actuelles. L'Qrlon, permeI the:, native d ices are mar.kd. and Liner Calvin make upi
fraction h above the natural Uwaist 5gaenent t: cotk flanelle -de by a particulart refinement, '44, ofthe fanciest rhythms y3u
to give a longer line. Soft mauve 'blai conserve sa for-me, qualilt the. French-style court dances,' by hrd all' played on a pa
is the shade of a sleek style with ltimportaqt pour, cette robe'.Ir an aboriginal 'freedom, : Oddly elongated Caribbean druns,
jewel'neckline and three-quarter svelte, jui porte .Un panfcaiu de eIR ot.i h, this does nqt 'make for handl only. ,
ant'd, purnIose The-'dance, ba'Jet and'a
sleeves., An artfully draped chiff- chiffon drap arant de 'enco-, confusion of cutio, purpose The dance, ballet and'
fon panel lows from the' natural use aurrondie, rafier6e aa'. des-: or .result, but for a natural armnal-' :wise, is often heavy with-,4
wilstline, just below the bow-tied' so0us du ersage ot relache... ,gamation .of the two epltures. lism. Yetln .,such burden '*
belt, and then is brought in at the Is cetntird, jpour fmber en pe- '.Thls might behaireason for'the upon .the'prog1ams ofi JeanI
Ae. fjttan.!'. Cete tra'pppuarity. bf :DdolW'Desti ik.Though dei~lve&d
hemline. A sea-mist green dress' tit.tabler flottant..'.Cette ctea immediate pp .ty o .Dsti- Destinold Though derivedd.
gre e 9 ..o.dan
has a panel' of chiffon 'draped: tlon 41 trs iance est '.appuye un mune Pwork 3o i-h1r, viewed utide ld. ms cl
from the scoop nkcklie In front Peu ps 1h1"t que li ta.fe`ngtU- of % natloncal otatiodi is dances *are freely tranisl
then bbund in. at'the'midriff indd &fel1.ce 'uLmlen a-Ilonge encore laJt u .laIm natur-.al' ,-today.4Ther:.-appeal is ,imMj
released, at the w#u.line .- Ina l.ne. : .' > est.ine. and .his troupe- ery te,'an Ideer.: Tbe"com-n
,eMd .tS. sgine 'In i. c-... ..
.o,,, ,,,,, ,+! ..;': : -A f~tth;rweitb.t,. ;super, iie ohie o~f them .-are llthle, 'sgper- give :3tb&2 ic$eft til
grace fu l "apron .effe ct. -'. 4, '". ue".g' ) ," ',a o" ;
. These and other styJe i ie ix i tnoeo .eloUb acrylc' ft;b, da'.:'T.l foi-' 'H,
""dOnl by' I a' ,& r e irwoaI it" 6 ceafed,: w?.:,in eidblcoml;their' (:Fi(4B;-on,.nl z i
to be shown also" i'the "Fieie .hi E'S1 'y -.e.eLnr, us- choian -,' : '";, *^:'.--:. ...
co ios, pe P.& Lfor this anurLTagl mluine-docl(
collections 9penik"n Paris i F. Fetor tls d uWorLldy..feminanea.cock -- .. ..... f-... ,, .*.. .... .,. =,
,r ar..; pe 1 ,asu- .., U -dr~dess., W ol-fyia med as -a-pio "- .*;* "^ ;. : .."iq '-, ':;:"" .: ,.-,: ;,.r.::: i' '.'!
bru.tr. -a.l ,.. i -.. in be.,ding, e fib n .high Ext s Veeta la.. -...
fihhidnW fabrics, IJsur .i9uul .1U112CD
cause Ait :.ontrfbutes*.. e .utipple "'"
Q rl no,,"..,", tc .. ,, tee,. i

-tio-, .Artin'. in ', h 01Ois'
t-'.S. yle',,' ...3t a ..,t' "t A

.lo'gf; ;6 *.-,. -. { -
4,s ..,,o 9 ...k .. .. V6.,1... 'pm ",.
SI -mik1' Bee.' B~*eadit, a

*~thls's.ldedrtdrdei is lust a.
*Ields~v&th~-d4al a04:-
to givp R'LJ lip.e~z~r

van' .Ra 0 1,1.

*... '.,e,

Is alL




be. .7.
some :, /
Ir: ot-X.

Lioni '
., for..,.
. : ; .;t,

4 ,:. ,t.-
. .. -

fit n.lrkn'r^ .,le e,.ab.

,p.d .-ah
t$4a 4 er

8vt;.V.; ..,v.,4

i. [: ':p: .A":

I' '

;' ,p;':"f.'.
,"' '""WTH ;'
: "'i" 1' t.

..y : ,,. .


4 .1

# '.N4.4 ,.'x

eri-canlI lag Pflfl.Daji:,o ...Y.

Dr 4.' x ..EW. ....OR.K"'.-
DS' "'

)f'lf'.l.l.. "' t. ..WQ '". 1
.,...' 0": ,.( .

,...L% J.;'SY. ,., ...E./-, .-.L. ,,..,,.#, ,. :', .

kpanama StasiCie taessil'vr ndo'1 as n ae31/ as-
prv teb tadtolt. outdoors t,~l ~ mn .j.,. wit let. qft.o..' utdot-". ,,. ...','2
[or"thvoyag.direc to,,West t.. i .idtow 'ahttn .Al q$t ue *'1

da cafe... Pana ma i n p l gr s .banry. b au laindt $ I
for" th. vya.-drettoWet24 .. ik, "t..,IM.u :btde'

beah .deck space... spacious promenadede cs cocltlunge odoi ,veran-

roo... one sitting'for'all passengers., descriptive foldder' avAable In hotes
.. ... ." ..

re About Our Reduced Rate Se" ir onTfl iligAr&ng.n.~

AC CURATE-----..-TION'AT-T-E"O '." i'
RU 'A R H M LNC L.iehn "30 '6 ,i'"2 "'. i
6.U day. all-nclsivetousto-Paama.and.re"rn" ""lbl

:... .... .. .*. .. .. *.. ... ,.." ,, ,. :.:.- *.: ." ,, :


... ,' ..''*
PAGE 25^

H4IT SUNSUNDAY February 24th 1957

, i :.: l ..:.-
,. .. i i


":.. pseh'.Via'ti flew to the Stites ved '2yb te r -i
,rda. and ,Mrs. :Fraci .TUo ". sis

","ilr "'". %' .......-P."- "
...... ................................................
t m-, "
'f.aoseph'.Viau 0ew to the States ved byl~y'afhien and .iiotha! M.
i g ~ S t d j.a ,1 l a nd M s Ea, ii l' Mex gZ s i a in "s-i i
1.x. tearss aind brothers' '""
APdk4Watkins,' Consul, f1 x x'.x
nRau.. ,flew. t,... /
o: ; :'. '1; Miss.'Solanges Berto6Ay' Tiew
w l exchange .'vows' withr-Mj..En
^^ ^^ ^ |g ndz D /.,.wiufsti. 4anutl e..A tolne"' ldJnod"'." A
theDomniean E- P itete Iih" in P4t1oivhie.nI I
t^ty rPtutnied h'oere f om. i'shot:rh M 2rc d ; ; ::, ^"
~ prV re,~-. f 4 "

gtl i2Ah9 7syt;,oneItqi I F Qe;iset 'Gbstr is aCk-tftati
.. i fftoi ifew Yoiklaa uA .tjy aShort hip to& Klavana:.wber
tt ~iss.s'I'daire 3 eJactiu s ieifu- 'a generic asae-abty Tu &Scy. uifdt
".'ndAbdxe from. &ew ftur .t ,'1u '.' urn The,. ? :,.,3Id..

06.Cb nae 'ties.wa 4 r'ste
,-. ,-Sun.day:: ,-- ; ,".o ver.. byS' .":. ,,se N opet. ila.
:.:. ,.'.' er., :,", :. '.... ,-*:r ';.'/.,'' .-

lP;dalfln a. asst gMo

.sorat e r -o ir t : Mrs diuard,eausiui. p.as

'r.Aaicbveruig at "the :Geheneal.;,bs- ^segi.^wata at neri.advut de t~ho^
"frp nurie' re iy e dece b I't.ei aUtr r. q n.

pcar accidenonastek-pr The.8y l patron is si
.neY$ 'rom V. -:'e L'./.' Mast C .Thrysostome'. pa uhrun. '
t .. ': the '* *" l 'iv ".:' f". "s "" "" '- : ua
"""- ,; v?' i ib "- f'** j- .:' t ^ j* : ** e' ",'* ": c' d e .. ,'

...j i -""e Bastg;n wrnaer o' a', .-ho .Mr ler. .Da va:'-. egn, oifi-.

^* ;fro tl'e' Agrtemn Go-v'c-ial oi the ^ ^ ta a Cs oW- rn-
'i ..,-h- :... ", ,- __r .

.Meaaign'n, .pasrsod awayI o
h N.w ,.Yorkas.,.y4
rmer~~aca emploi~h- ju ir m I
em! ,ie :,,t ; u:~o,' i ~

mpnt. nrrivoti I-).%re% mi q crm.,in

Jfl. aJ.Liv n oitiu iczIt: uu ;z -'.I-LiUL AJpnonse Bermi
mission fruiom HIavana Tu',sday. town.
The distinguished Canadian di- x X
plomnat was onc.-umnipmnied Lby his
wife. Mrs Alcide Na
x x X the States Wedne
JeremJan 'AIsLnessnma Herve x x
Large was in oWIn last wvek. John Shn'itz Pfe
: ) W x Ulysse McGuffi
..Mr. William Pluvijsa will' lastwmeek.
fly soon to Mexico to resume x x
o'asse.s at the University 6t Me-
Vco SchoT of Medicln. Madeleine Br
.,XX, :York bound Wed:
,Miss Floreice Lord, proprie- x x
.r tss-6d the N'.%Y. 4'Florence Lord
Advertizing is enjoying'a few Leslie Rosemon
'days.'vacation at .the Ibo Lele-.' a trip to New Yo
'. ..* .. X X .', ix x
SMr.. Gerard Airutus passed away '
:I 1 .:,.. ..,aw ay
'at the (%enerql Hospital 'Tuesday
afternoon.. The deceased is. survj- '
f % :. ''1.'r" ,; ."
V.ed by .his wxfe and,,four children "
:MillIe9.,y'ne1 Gislalne and Se 1
:''" x X X ; "" .
.'. 1. ..,;.9,1. ..' .' I.

=.A ..l
W' ,..._" :- "1 ,," '. "

,iA P .." t.,...,. ., ..'Ll" .', "
B--'*'1-^l" in, onda.y;.-.wt ,,-'*' .:, .*-'* ;

f e De ac~ae an4. her ".: .. '

irana,Ilew to New

M, "o."..'.orr n"'.'S' l" ."
City an ol d,00 :3.n ...id. ..
b Of. Co1o. ef' t ir"ain i- "..ba "-,.S:.
town. jii *zys~eeondavlifcln i &;:~ ~
-the ttre 7q
years BMr Dornois is 1oed^ it 't^ .tflMt
S oe.p ..... .e4o. n Petio..1' N.

:ye ,' .': I::-' *r o's;m..I^ r

[Pierrea MkkimerZ W4t.Nev y -t. K:
-YorkWednesa.idfl ^ :'^ ; *-*. ^.W : .*.
.. *.-.h :", ".: ", *.' *' **y ^ s
... i :" .:'.:.., :,. :.. r,

Miss.,. .. Claai, tte: ~~, 'e orave:ture. -, .:*,...
'eieOed nh i't 'k I 4k.W ,. t '-"
. :.... = : .*. *-' va ^ 1^ H


Former Air Force Boss Colo-
nel Edouard Roy clippered PAA
to Miami with Mrs Roy Tin'rsdaY


. Al-h-A

glham is back in Pretty Russian born Radia Li-
beration secretary Irinia Urban,
x a friend of Haiti and Ambssa.
dor Ernest G. Chauvet, is enjoy-
azon took off for ing a two week rest at the Ma-
sday. rabau Hotel in P6tionvile. Miss
x Urban is at the New-York office
w in on the 20tb of Radio Liberation which broad-
e returned home casts from Munich, Germany mn-
I ti communist propaganda in 16
Sx languages within Russian pro-
I per to the people beyond the
itus Was New Iron Curtain.

x x
d' returned from
rk Wednesday.
x x

'." r .,. ... :- 77%t- ., : .

SUNDAY February 24th 1957



tWe knew about the civilized
way the Haitians were trying to
solve their political crisis and w"
decided to come anyway%. said
Dr. Calderon in an interview
with the -Sun. after his 25-year
old top sail schooner dropped
-anchor at the Casino Pier Wed-
Dr. Calderon 'as. comment-
ing on the long trip that. took
him to Nassau, Georgetowi mIna.
gua and Haiti. .
SThe eTradition, a 40-ton, 3. x.80
foot long schooner', wvth b'nck,
hull and fine lines, left the Pa-
sino Pier yesterday morning- and
sailed eastward to the V1jrgiu. Is-
lands, its. next port of call..
Dr. and Mrs. Cafderron.ajqng
with daughter Francesca :bad a
busy week-end visiting friends
in Port.au.Prinee the Asbtdns,
Mr.' and Mrs Marcel Ma'aird, -tAe"'
.They travelled in the country

-'*:. : .l., .. 't,
4 -. .a

a*:. -.' ^ -
.*. ,


A FA TL Y DameMarie,'Anse du lerc,' J6r
AND rr Ll mie, Miragoqne, Fauchd, Arcahaie
-xlrr ,xi7T1-n st Marc, Gonaivs, Jean lRabel,
ON SCHOONERUi Fort de Paix,Borgne, Cap'Hai-
tien., '
and found Kyona Beach twon- It was in May 1954 that the. Go-
derful. veinnlnt'ientrusted the Agricultu
Dr. Calderon who is an old ral Bank .'the, monopolyyi. of the
friend of Haiti and Ambassador banana industry. After hurricane
Ernert Chauvet was Adviser ito Hazel, ememrehcy agricultural
the Haitian Governmeht at the work was :'unAiraken .i "'to save
United Nations (Program for the the commnferce' of this. product,
Eradication of Yaws).and today Money has' been .lqnt to.' thb,plan
represents the World Medical' ters. In Jankry 1955, this' move-
Assoclation. merit "was' $gaip encoirbggL..100,
.. "' 000 gourdes were"-'alowed. moit-
,W .' ly by 'the Agrlcultur1 Baik. .fo'
164,684 BANANA STALKS relevement ,.o tl 'ba,
EXPORTED industry -:. '.. .'
.. a T li ship .Sonma whiqh:trrv-
According to' the'statlstical .in ed" :her'e.oru 'J'an'uiTy:,, 25tlih'.:.*en
formations, the banana exports 'bark 5,000 sak Th. Sou -
have sensibly increased, .during ed-'.to .ithe $4 o iGonaives--"on-6
the period fromii Oct0bei 55' ito da, end visited a -pwir4%'thie
October 56,.. Indeed 1.4,6884 'tall' ports of: ;the4o ..rtbivWt a..l1
of banana ...have been. shipped. these boperatioj'wi.; have 'a: g.d'-
against 40,916 for the prcel g: tinfluence.on:the 'count y6 t.bi n
.. ..year .. -./ .. -. ". '' my and...heY w.iL 6 .t..the. monpy
he 1he 16 rt' that .received mar, and ..' t & : ib .'M
go;, cals.-- -were: Jaemept, :'Cans iis .P:0 tig 4ejpubl :. '-'
Roie-""Bateff*u, Anse' 'Haiauld .''a..-P "e"Juak" thp

i.i *......'.......
r ", 4 '" '" : : s" ": t -
L,, -1.. .;.::. ,. .

\v -''


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i.-. ;'. ;.i

,;',.-. -... *- ;.. %",
.. ;.^- :- J- .. ", .+ .
". ...' '+.. '.I;

... ... ..-...
* ..-,0..: ,, :. ."" '."' '' C"" :::": .! .... *rt .. :: fee s ls nne dhar
'. :- .' + -I. *. .-. + .
-- w ..t' '.... ..A .. .. ,. ', .
4~ ~ ~~~p Rh -Weie~l zp&pz~etervicMeA '
'Rg" -:eaW %]

/.. ..-.., ..*-.. e ,' .". *., .. ; -' ;.dom and ...f.ru..., ....<..
'.. + .:" ." R : 'c.rd .." ..*, .. .
'." l s: ":0 "<"* -# : "" z '! u t here "" : pat"t""r-" f-,h ""t.r. s..
... 4e it otie j.,,....., ,' ". f ... :. an. p~ittting .:tin .nemergbin cA -.ctliigos 't ib$i
seew h OUSl mhibt'
-.. ooer. so'.t~htVprbpept iomes .in:.br1its shae .o.ii$'
.... IV. L"M & .M.q +'..

*ssPm : :. ,- -."' nw s .1i.:. ','- 'f j
:; 'every scend of goxd :living. anid good*. ++,, + ;., ':."',o e: il.Bosm vmoices i:.-+ 'as
Last year throughout' the wor. peoPlnnedo' ,. ', ....,- .'. phone, oe sometlipgsitbv~e m tz sofhromapo
: .: more Schlit than many m t 'bier,i at ahpz~ld '- a 'klss seit...ovei.tephone :goes .tO. the eareof ot $
"tsn ofh f""th si "='i "" '% sWains'aQ+ :ure-a s'C! u~pid's da7rt'. .;.,: ''" ."" .,:.. .,"
Omaeenota eAnr fir
""~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ..Q...o : : .. ;'.-.", .. ,.
,-" ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ T ;h ..~e P ID ... -,-v..+' ..::. "...+ ..."'+

...... ; "'v -'Eve~n :d~vo~r.'Wt.:'ner I ourish, fo' thidugh a quick
~~~~~~ef ;p i ti .' M ." .'':-, P-5"" "'":.' .. :.'. ,

.'k An in 13 onn''n. ........ Phna .. '"" cl ,talshl. heraitress-e de n i bat n
'. "x uu ".a "uu p'"= A toA.... m .... ""'tt bltng" rn d mp. ht' disclose' that: she goes out .af t 11*
~~- 1 "" : b" -' .< .. .. : .

A, .',. ... :-.,- .n~ ibx~ oi-nb i .te~r" ong ier teleaves for, the. offic6
:.?;;: .. ..... '" ,:., :. '.. : ';i'; : ;:: '" ;,,. s.w'i v. 4'i r t..rfir t bi tel e";bOzit, anony,.ous ,:f',d,"
.. O'ir ht lf'.she shd~ojid a'upear at KIqns. off Wjthm the:'nefl h
"jne t~git t.sdee.so~ethi.ng that, mighti be of "interest ito h".4
'~' "' 'I ire.. $&pJgngyal o, can.tl~ac~e.-peon~le in. a ba'. 1wa'y..ll=
... !hev+fn ..."th6'tiscretion over the telephone.." '.; A..
rA 'onf. "cteedbls.. :+,t'is a nart~of"our 3moeursu. -An
9 f 'the .scene, .and eijr th. efctwrig.ftep.n ~
othe b.,., he.r zit t,.] ,e' ,,e lhe pefetii
w obvin'oi.ie .. Ri

everyae .aore stofagalnned, modernbedn 9eThi3 "
L- Year throughout, beleh.s'g' ki,,ut, be I u.... 'wh1-
'A.. lines get Jammed. 'with't hne -tec hm'ue 4 the telf
0 w hJc eyer'seeS: .... .. ":I -"r
Above all, comfort and friendly service o' Ai. ..''f r are..ietehr" ,

The.'.Int rna ion l iE if4'er arhie d t h, ..... .yi b ea .... '
LlA A"i~nanent 'representative: in Htaiti, the 'IIterna~iobh1 Bank" fr.te.:.-oo" i
nMr. Fellkp -Bochenuky,p had his 'ihe also &tidy.several rom. '
-... 'tinrt lrter~iew~withzt~e;'Mihistet ta the toloc "de44lop~*hl
amWu o LA i ..f =F-n aucee, .Mr. Frandis. $Risad~o. f..t1~e...ountry.,..':-....:..,
nn aont ;.
,W f inUW 'a te Dzepat+merntng 'of. .t"i .a... ';PDe'Bm+ink-o fl de+on meflo
Phone: 3313 TIcktet Office' JoNadal & Co. Bldg. "f"oTr. moerning.l" ihve a,. 'Pie t radeef4p$.t- .
ros. Nadal & Co., Genera[Agents or se your Travel Agent -'' finance' ,te up-keep and: e.i Th 'Haiti after. thesvsi oq.iiet. -
........ .. o hS htl e -wh, so n t p
b.... peed ethat othe ktsw l (s ', trar t.,sh- ge 'ssta' n '-. e
~ :.*k1**%*.w...-.h...*.*........S .. -- wok' s w~i overnti.ob ,

; :;~~~..... ...' '/__........... ..............,............,...,.............' ....~.,. ..+..........
.1. .' akeiita' nilk1e f -etA. --

-' -+ '-...++..-''"" ''+.___.-. "..... '' .....A ..". 4+ ... .- ... .. '.. ys." ""'. e ta h woo'n. -. w s itart twR ~ rnou ,iw.a.".i ','e 't+"
-*-"..' ''"A" '
,. :. call- Mac**.. ..'. hr a" *. .'.. :,""
-' ,A _4d
~~h a : ": --..-..' ''' + "::+ .. ... ....., .,. V.t= "'':'
.............. ~~ ~ cieio ier th .....e..l....:.,..o. .. .e ........ +..,+

,.. ", .: '* ':

Sans Blaguec

Community Structure May Crumble- '..
; When Telephones Start Operating 7:.;.
'f'n fiti everyone. i:. vitally interested in what the' otiet:?,
fellow "'is. doing.. politically or. otherwise. Tolay's0 nws.
gossip'.,tripotpge, papottge, titinfades travels at a speep'jbt- .*:
er than.sud the length anid breadth of the Republich.y the':
.telediFi''systeu which operates without the assistance of, t'e[,
inventibnof'xMeseil0rBeU. ll (TheTelephone).' '
..But."Us.t Igine' what it will be like in our little communi
ty.whiewthe. iew4tlePhone system functions again. CititensE';
lreadi 'pdming f selves, for th fantastictdv .ihqi4J^
of coUhnmca"OtiQpver. the. wirbs '.will be" nothg m ?A
4.1 on.~.. .....em~z nothing motet #&
a rea'tole'ft ortteuchemtte o*:days longL past.s:.
WiiW.0,1- kjained as'.'peopie pib" h thetisele6Lto.f
.i74hpamg the' syMemof' lights and %bu#rg'.
W giii y;.n ionp le:_people dive ..f6f
pbon64a1 fa tt wxo V.. -- L
f,.. .."h ., q....: ... .
of: .r'b :"';: +:, .x "" g"1- ., 's! r r~.,..m..


'-"" 1 New Bills Not
(continued fron
check these rumours --n especial- ea
ly if they are about money. ha
0This week the tSunt hbas had go
numerous caflpers who asked ihe biL
truth of the matter. Many Ato- pr
res, they said, had the numbers bil
of new bilis which t~ey refused thi
to accept saying they wore no cee
As a result of these inquiries
"he eSuni obtained an interview be
with the management of the Na- tbc
tional Bank on Thur.day. an
.The cSuft represenatLive %as 10]
informed that the Bank ktiew of ex
no ceunterfeit money being in of
.*urculation. The o.y '-coanterf.eit bo
money bf which Bank -offietals Th
'knW.wwai a eruae and obviously )o
eo erei five jourde note I
which showed up i& the Batle's. ne
A=.x Cayes, qffice last week and. we
was sent.,to PorL.au.tPrince. r~ i
The only oFp.terfeit in .th.p;.ast. apa
.. .. .... :L. : '.. .'., ..... .. years eoraiink to. Police re6rd dl
.S,: SE. .. DAV .COUBSON,(,c'nter) this week became" te is the'case.'.i_ which, a .man np- B.i
to :.= k th d'.,,,, .. ,H.. :a..c.,. ,. u... i
u~t,,. n -m to glve ..his..hnodd to th aHitian led Cross Blbod "t.ne. .,.drov "Ie' Pul: Qf4 .It. C
"--B .. "'': "... .. Marc. wgis.;'sentenced Lb a ihori jet,
.Bak.-The Bank pro1dyslblo.d for.thb Albert Sehweitzer- Hospital at Mr seh
i.Desebd ntaeD.Lui'Ry( ert m 6T f imhprison-ment for -for Bar
: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~a -''7:"-"- '" rt.' .: .:. e n.~ .S.".pm.Couirson, are'.Dr. LouitS Roy (et.t e'C'ipiomet''or.o ~
h d .... ."lo. w ."t Se : ."C ,. "t ." .
% phe&,R Haitian e.Cressy i! Coimpo.der: U.S. jquez,.con
H,.m.i".u..." .. Chief o". e l il. rhd In .this'-forgery

n page 1)
me out in reverse sIncJ each
d been printed by transfering
od bill. Only one additional'
il cou'd be obtained by this
ocess and even so the original
il was badly sneared because
c transfer ink ran in the pTo-

There were, however, a nurf-
r of new Bills in circulation,
e Bank said,' especially 100
d 50 gourde bills. The. reason
r this plentifuT supply, it was
plaied,'was that at the time
the strike a number of Tellers
xes were locked in. the vault.
he .bills contained in these
xes checked;
In order. to facilitate the busi-
sr. of th.e .country new, bil;s
ire issued aind it is the appea-
nceb or.o these bi1l$ which -
art from ahy desire by ill-
sposed persons to discredit the
t- liakled to6 thi rumours.
h bills; ate .neg'eiable and
:hl teuder, an official of the
ank said. eThere is no need io"
ncern by.- ayonet.
,...*'. ,

.... I such a way doethe press. NW I -.
I"'. a. c ." -, re r.-toi PLAC6NT-UBEX LN .IEF

^: .. :4.''.. .. :. .- .: : ..T .. .,. ..... .
X.::. + ih u :c le :..,-. o~v.eo-,l em tS1..AJOR l iFLAlm oatur=. 6 .a~reh~as' beeqn de-
i ,.W ithout el ,On.,.ly-... s.h. jeta doat .Committie=ef. ohommc Atan'e .:., t the =... .

.CN.TUB X'oteo, n "l S ol -D tor of. the M4 jtm..- pr.. .
.!RI?. 'You,. l. b~ ~. irp.e to of the 'Kjp = .=y orth, T ,former. Xhretor
eof .the PJ "a"', 4 ,d'bh. Wajor. E. g Mercier. .
AGRNOEV'OQE4VI ;Lr:o 6-6-11
uvenats tir a Ba Di-
wi. e-1 visionfluew on fi & stdo t..ipt1'. Savad dotd, MeCo at Wep s ,
*. ...-wI,.'1aYhues on ':the: ,cln .AgronomisL Vil 'is: s.uzwg {he project 6fe. jaclishfng a. coffee .pla-,-
.......... .. ... ..h ta io .... 600 heeta-6.Li.: .', .
tlpj*Srflfcer.tod s the IW h- TH'E REYNOLIS .W I t 4fQS, wouldbave 'decide! .tI-supply
S. (gratis) to*n.f.ira ane th elet power, it -as 'e
IPW:Jrastopnk: an thi coat-nf porteed. I
n]n fDw h aO s PaI- d.hT-' e ,.*, r n rl-. .. A..
'AddXcmsN ,thBe i Bazr d .t MoP e... ros..... ad52 ..... .. 1
..r.,a'r t "eaNTTJBEX-i"i EaXidis *be 6 ugr ,3,8 .26 12ae,57e,,9 .,

:. IX 9 t ^ ui m .h4.. :M P.it -In t .",' .,-.... .. ..= ; .'.5...-.56 ,545 = '" *. ".. .,78 944
: e .: 'c*, ot.,S^ I ^- Ese ta- is; .:;. ..: '1 9 2 ,-..,.-,-1
:* ..t^ it ^r -J^ f r S -3 .. ... ... .,: .
a. t UB .om es ,

s e v e raim o n t h:"t : 2 1 1 T
SO0LE DISTRIJT~ -Thi Ad yl lfIof the -MItHFiskl ep.rneti
on20 :" ed c'.... ..y hpo i!
FORH~ft GE. -ANDERSI esd lhs M$lihc dto~l~6eg
|" t -." ': '*. '....', :"-Gr d'Rue '(oppdslt Loi,. fadet tecoe tt fid:exp b ,he .Statd tot=&L: b

|L fi'E TU... 'Je,.:n..,'i .at r .... :. a d.-e e'" ." "..".-

W. .Do' The Same. 'FOR SALE AT.. -' P r. i-r unpaExportGo6d-.e "-e" : o 1 e "
". *-.'." :"I, qj"t:.jjl-2 ...: "'~ s:.LNobb : &.tBorideLj Dazar du Raw. Sugarffee*..... (K o)......312,8 1 326 5 (.e 12,7,3'19,3

'. .: Dea- frhd, oe. &'6po ..... I 4-
.- Ch.n... de. R, S G AR s- Ho, .S TA L .| el, 35,982,477 ".,, 31,614,212
Lbk;,.Jr mg.and:bi ::f- e. T..uehaipl let,. Turj00, Petite-'Industtri.' :.......:.:....562,545 '."; 5,778,. g44'

'.'*. x S, .. .,, .. v.., .. l ... ,K e 7 ,050:, I' A la n n ie f
.".:*! ,not, ler' *'Pim 7'e ...,N., dieine,.G aie .':.. '" ." :'lhl 'I ;:.4:4 :..:(Le Matin) 4..20".4,-'

'" .. ,', uy."1 .f'"
-o r.GA .Ra. Ol E.ERGY IL R949.

./ -4 .. ..'.

/. .. Au : t" h "r Capituil $' 2,000 ,0 07"'. '*:
:. A e PPic HaitiLL...":..':.,
Wes IUds: Tb'am ORS_-9 A,-_ F mei
~b "i "- ". ..";"" "- "iza du "C fei.. ... 31",135,265

s.' ".. 1 j',05
.new;ch" '....m.o. "hLS'Gi
,". '" .. n ao't.t R.. elegant3o"1w..,,'ro-','."6:"ta t
.. .-. .SeM R FINED SUGAR Raw SOuLaIr .*Rf2'1-, 2,/73,a/1

Lbe ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ "nuc LAgr Per go--4~. a~li- pu 'eieIdsi

.. U.-.. -.)., ,:,...
.,i .A"b": '" i" :. '4.
U~~iN toSO

"uh rle ". storing.0 awaym mor tian 0 h

P ,Wt :P

PlSUanters and ENRG BaUfILDrER ,1 Pnus"irldPr

US "-," .AS Thlgtetmto or yirt watt
..h~maddhal,,,=.a,,.h.a,..,=,,-,., .............. of.. these G .. .. .

A treatat


'. *' ',. -:' *
t .

st win'. Vic reyei iti ',ky
ird-FirregiaLu .y, atc^..
u r s i --I. .- -
are protected" by-the mv"-t-
t Switzerfla"d L-an pr -..IL "C.-
i'y iina r/i, uviilui e: mi .iti.ii',:'y,
li'l" *r -. .>i'/i ioi,
;/ .o.

-tiP r-4" I.rc.i, .ij, ,-ilabli
stl or wiid th'e retoutlt ry,.
7d-Ferree.ItL Gr4.l Qmat ci;c.'

heurs since 1791h' tie e
zre p~oreuted :ti-i mn~t
Switzerland in pr0dL-L.
ii /c/, uw/uJc ," w '
*e/ r ,Iit( golt.
\',raordinaxy nrcia'tkj, t allab/c
&f /01el '/h'id 304/rll be~el

:Jhes since 1791 "

-^- ... .... -..-.,... *** ^^-,,,.,.,W.,, ,.,uu,,qlllI'llH'tM tlt ,ll--lp-l----il-illltl|l] |r. U i -l^

- I

-* 4 4.

HAIT SUNSUNDAY February 24th 1957

I- i.son) is a dynamic businessman. 1
Miss Eliane Phanor and Mr.
Sylvio Muller were married last
'5' February the 9 th.
x X.x
SOf the 143 passengers travel-
6 ^ 1n ling. abdard the Panama Liner
9SS eCristobal* 40 will disembark
99^^ 'J^BrH ^ fC (in Port-au-Prince Monday mor-
." .- '^P ning. They are : Mr. anal Mrs,
u, ", John Ackley, Dr. and Mrs Ken-
n. ,. neth Benfer, Mr-and MNrs Emil
.. "- .' 'Berman, Mrs John "B. ButtrJck,
t-ic In~ utsel L/ Mr. and Mrs: loracio' jQolony,
ae'.b d 'r Mr and Mrs E. Russel Davis, Mr
:""" : '::.. .'""" aaand Mrs Aibert J De Canip, Mr
SMis Ina Olimpia Sebastfte-and Marie Therese Rigal Marnap AbrJ .DeC -
'utce Norma Baily "weie mar- Tete) "came back from *Feremie ars Cheste Haeab' Mr an4-r
.od. list Sattda*.e. ..iu!i.j las't. Sunday. Mrs C ald Heanl, M. and Mr Waltir
'Im.ssiv ermonyie xxx ,. '- nard Jaffe.-Mr.'and Mrs WValter
ha'geptert on Rue dea 3ba*i. Herve I,'ambert clipprod O j, ..Mr and Mrs.GantLg-
d fi ',. f : 1 0.. -J e w e n M r a n a .M r i '. n .. _aLa -
STe fficiating pastor, weree Sain Juan this past week. don,',Mr and Mrs Alexnder La-
'Retrnd Philp Van Putten obite d vin Mr and Mra John MithaeIi,
GSt. A C a j erard Bonaparte Augusta, is M d e .
'6;:.Paul AM.E. Church and'Vf, a4ro- 1... an th Mr and MrsoAo. P. Mcnroe, Dr,
.k -" I .n back-from tbe U.S. and the U.,, ,,d..
es Nthet Bajeux .andb.. ho *p ento many._an Mrs Frank'in K, PaW de ,
44 "-,' -Steele :-.I in Europe returned brp fLy dui- '. '
-M^HuhertA. Steele was.a,. ^-'-'^ i pd ,. P ..1.,/a', .Mr:.
H or, an9d Cl fffof 'i a- ring 'rt .h ld P
Via- ~sr w,.tra3 'anid: rs-1
hams atedas Best Man... tes ... lo a e rsi Towse. .'
.se..wet: d.' bor Party news p e :. A. W' To. e '.
ses. wee :.. ]Dr.,.Maur .!, .. u x. x' .. :, ... '-,.- .:.. : x x x ... :,. .-'*
P : s. Ord th e -e .
a CH aymfnd. thqeuStae Sst. ,. .. ,. ....i ,0
Baey and Baiy. i ker took off f' the Staw Tuef' '..n,.:. .e ...t.be t ver.y
y. P.eb d ....... :' h el 1 w x h :: 4.. .- en t e "se "line

IC T. CAW--a, &tA xrhy' represt hterte~ Nw
Registeed-,N e. a touise J. Niles re turnedu,e Empressnuo, o t.,Ao-.
+,: ... .-Tuesday "i r4 e~ '6f "' I. ....
arrival In Halti wafafi^^bTesa ldQun o BenuiAoaI
the. Mount Sinai 'H+.Y xx ... *S 'et... calledA into- Port during
saf A fervent d4,a "-- --, 'a "-. *,' from" the'past twp. weeks... oBo'u
-. ..s-, ,. 4 ait trip to New York. t. : .tsme a e.l; ..r s.
6e~ h il ".cisoy M occadvsit-s itix 1
'ed the country i'on two ocpasios x : x xx ......, :;..
prir to her en-to webks ago John Cameron Swayze with Abd the. TxS.S. *HONMFBIC,
f* her we .' his wife Beulau and 'son John one could see the Membersoithei:
'' ~ -"' j, '.:. b~ f is 0;4 F1,, w :.V t at = :: -, -;, .: :, 4.
The gr..'..'.aa Jliaehfiis:wall- Junior spent two days. atnh- nhty Fl rwSho &*s: l,.,.en.Rol-.
known in -o.mmercal. 6drlee;.. d tele this past "week..Mr' SwavY .ns*,,,wellknown an dt.:eelebrafed
has 9 z reident of.i X3or is a famous radio cpmmenniatnr.' i0 Ha... fam.s
the p rtd.frty ears.-: xxx ': : 't Bar1ne" and, Mast.o(' Ceremo-.
A ;larinug receptloif|4 & ., ..Architect M..ro& A Lawian l; T orraIsynes, ;harya 'Of
the religus cermotnoz a, n. ce, member f ;the AmnerIcai.'M $enyo .'u.fese shIws :.are man-.

John Dobbs eide.nt. Se- x x x .. ;-.. "x
cretary of the London, Laias-. The team of PetionviUe as M&its Gerda .ViaJ md Jean-Clau-
hire Insurance Coinpany for the withdrawn .from the Football -Ee Blie are aset fi."that.t. p to
Wet Indies isr ovefr. fromnjhis Championship 'for- tle :radel the altar. Marh, is the dae, SacrA
Kinton headquate visiting .Cup... :. Tui .u'-,th1b.lace. The
.ages tofloy .C eor- *x .. ceremdy:; cwi%"t plae- at: 6:30
gawtjtens" p C&fp" Hotel HamboNitls''4Seie ">" ,' r". : i :" -'
d-OE ingaseualaJ4`Itel name "of fo f.er'tl .Tance.' .othr prii.
a of for o : a -+e : .. .o. ,,
a h .BoudM; 'Mr. ...b.bm&s co .in which wi4 'Jb reopen teieius "b' 1'atidnil 'Bdu.I.on
pai'ed On this "".bt t ter"remodelation Jiworkn'b &M Miktt lChristiaii tapte. .wh0
: oaellonk a" .^ efrMa-r building of Rue du Quail.. b-ns'red his :.birthday-"'anhh.l.sa-
i" UitrieU ri ..x. : .ry on Febrity' .. h
dArd Marine. iutdt xiza. Mr.'and Mrs Antoine..iwuha" -. Dc":ii.'." .,;,- 04"Z.
ny .,+ Lverpo;o,&i 4 Sn i tier took off for the 't.es Mon,- 1.ren n.l fs, "en' tBr
COMipail.isbAboated'w ltlroL6n- day. Mr. DUehantejaato'rt5 n art. etuhie4iso..eremie 'Ai5
do*.: *"' officer of the Aviation Cors ast week. ..
; ,! f~ .."* ,.' .'I.-J' W -. *. ,ff r;.*;1-1 P**> .;:*' ** t* t' *.
.:p ...* :; x'3x -: (which he 'i-l: o :1*_.^ Z:.r.. itf. z :
L rx -+ t x .' ., ...k ... :,
1. a4Atom m "a -. A
.(raysn flew tof. New Ybrk this Jc "" .
paft weekt. V-isIt his ,wife who
4,1: :411 health.
:"::;: ,x x.:k ,
: ,,..c..
Hte'R~osidnhotstio etim`eit
wend t6 'CUba" e rd'ftA'oifme to
'his Guatemala spring,-b6ai- 'Tbis
past week.'
-Gerard POPe wie M nose
and her motl.,r"M.Leon De.
jean Were give a, wat 'weco-
me home from Wa'hl n ast
Tursdny. Geratd has!b ein .at
1114 Washington Embassy fbrthe
p .,three .years and recently
releiveq a. transfer to Havana.
.... ':.x.4x
Denise Cuvilly ;nd Alice Durand
are' back from Cuba.

X .... fd I' The -Association for Settling Political Differend Through Cultural.
*| x4 10fJ11/_/, Community' Met at the House that Jack built this past week. Three



delegates from Los Angeles California Betty Kirlin, Joan Hosp and
Joan Flaherty and their dbg discussed economic sociolodgic questions
with committee men here. The pretty delegate's were lodged'at Hotel'
Villa Creole. They help keep Amfierican and 'TWA Airlines in the Air
as a post time..

Tamous since -862


of -4
of V
4 a"N
.' .. .A .. : ..... ....
NEW6 D.LTA .:. adfr
aStern':.Lpills J'- ,B-aton. S tou .e
Lodisian'a,' ,.th. niiew*." iagerA ig,

PiDert A i. .
,r and Iopv- hs en '.twbo ,
r to e..- S ,.., t : -r 1: 4 ;A)la' ,: ,'. e
.D I ...s a .,, ziW IM' Te.
.XaS -, /+..1... t :, b.ii. < .,.L ...
4 -na tive..d. e* .or.flalS,::, .'

fioJ.e;p eaieeatten.&
)3atpn l ge ,Hig s.w S ,o....- and
Loiajana State tniuveEstyd *. Iwhietime he.was ^ra1esd.'4
ti ,. .. ..*.s :- ': :'.. .-i.
*".Mr, Lavi has'been, employed,
'by Ddlta o for' Pye .'i.sering j
'as ,se' ior'agent l .4..ac$I maflag*.' |i y
er:.of.the tbtBtiget/fhae He
sent: o i.t: m or &ai

arcea of hii fotei'Ultw a m

;~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~- -.I ...x ,: .-.. ......
bavif* his o e all -9f peltt
rhfbeh: Of hllndfetn :'.,E.asr y ir:-
His'sine 441 rci--
cent yea^tt.He does ~n-ot n'pdak taic

-.,. '':x ,.',6i
ybmllg-LT seeks-,ps: n.rvt
Siebotle firm "wad'eetolearyntea ,
faitt. vS] nis.. =4" *' ". a:'.
Mr. 'Pierre .Can^, First Secre-' x4:
.tary of the Haiti.n' Embasy .n
.Citd d -t :T:rbo" s n i n, : tw

-A k' : A ..A
.WWclfl ied De Mi -.ki6odeling dan P01
eer l aifiMuriel "Lee;;. moderfoi"on.! tot
I' .1 "* '' *':':""/ l '.:' -

/ : ,'-: '...'
SYorkrfarrive, here 'last Sa-
ay tor 3-week Vacation at
oonville's Hotel Majestic. The
belles posed recently In San .
a for the, Spanish oahnter An-`
Botel'o. They were. rejoined :
e Tuesday by Mary Angela-...
secretary at Rutgera Univer': "
N.J.(- and Agnes falsamides
are staying at the Oloffson. -.
i x x x *' .;>,
alone! R. Prangley, Presidentt:-.j.;.
'polly Starr JewelersW (ome'..-
the Nationty kn'wu J .:/ A
idite) arrived here with .s 'b
''Mqnday. They have". z'
e'di, at the Maruboua Hoteimd
timllonnalre Inuntn Pfih`t'
'ew York Financieat..ni K.
mas: AkeL Public
bnel -Prangley who is.
irre of Haiti (Protocl-6 l ...
1l1 The4rd was the Bes
it".4dWing) said t hdhA 4
he', bq is been,

.. ?r. ~'t

S6ttyMs it.heo '-Baltjmo ite Bottle of Grant SC.A...
Whis this post wq.k ,rHotel ,W ..with the. .,.. ".,

S V CUAN:p-LAI ., .' ,.':" ..
Eveaoroe Yowu'thl tI.i etesonu iiher Pth 'at Pect:owant o :..
led PepperS'-^ewith "' I.i:: '. 4-^ *^
.Wre's (he ?eck of Pic.ed Peppers t,.
Piper Pickeds ".'t '"*' ;*" '.
After 'Peti6ds; -4- Pondering this Perplexing Problemd-., 4We-
Picked our bwn Eelifers and how Proudly resent
,%Perfect Pepper ?ick-upt.- ''
A Positively neui Product never Potted Previously in Port A
au-Pririce. You'U like it so-much here that you'll want to take
a jar"hdxpe with you' .. V '
*The caf6 that is oppn 25 houis a day .- 5. ., :
2 Rue,Rigaud. Bois Vernai,
i',. ._ ,." '. -A -' .

I G -

.'. R.'|.". ',

, t a4


;,..t'.,. :.; -..I ,, ,

f'il." .

f1 S POr-*u-PRIMCE .100
NE W. ,' .
[. ,4':.H4VA.I' ... 2

A. NEW ...LE :a..1,,,) 4,-S41
r: '" ~ ";' ".,

St '''(AmuI. Ari AMbInio liohtrdin se rvice)
B"R^ ^ -' HS '0 A ^ '" :. .. :':": "^ ''" '.:

..1 : ; ,C o -Bl d g. .
.Jop Nadt~t Co., G eniroI Agend-
liMM':'~ if'* SSS7@ **^'MyorTre^.gI m A*mt,

f E..:-ORL,
': -.^ ,. .\-;. :. ,? *A .. '
'' ;. ,* ,..' .. ., i';. .- .
i~~ ~ '" : .* ''*. .. *. '
!** :. ~' ,% i *-* ^. .. .
'" : '^. ".--u-y "".' :. "
-7 .,,'Fl .. A S"O" ..-'

:'..^" :..,

pm' *;
' P i. ,-
pm ,.1

j^^?^. ~ ~ !, ,.,.'^f ,.h T^ '..!'^v ..

Special Raund-3*
I: X, su i, ., .;

'* 1050
30 day'limnit, roundg rp ,
excursion fare good all year
*- L



,; '. m,

k 4.



U. S. AMBASADOR PRESIDENT 'revolutionqquickly, and in obtain-
-. ing quick recognitton-for his Pro-.
SRETIRES TOURS CITY visional de lacto Governmmot, isj
(Continued*from page 1.) keeping -his-fingers- on all thej
iago--. on ,November 9:',^956 7- careei-ducator and noted Eemi- buttons of the. .Maifson Nationa-
but announcement. was withheld nist Mrs. Leonie Coieou-Madi6u :le.'He tobk tidme out Mondayn. morj'
in accordance with custom,. until who announced she was .a,.andida- ning 'for ani inspection 6f 'he bu- .
acceptnce. by the President.%.' te for the Senate by. rAIo,. on reaux of the Departnent of the
In, submitting -his resignation Thursday evening, and' .dded that Presidency, the SIPP' aid the Se-S
Ambassador Davis. eXpresed his she was~sure to win./ cretariat Pri4v. H's *as acomnpa-.
desire to .retire to his home near Presidential eToWrndez nied by Me. Pierre 'AidI Sajous,
Washingtn- ..nd -njoy, the corn- PresiLent.Frmnck Sylvai 4wo Minister;&f the Presidency, and..
panyoq h.is ;chidrea -pand grand- has established a new record in Major Francis Eiene. Chief, of V
child .'kTro-i'- w 'ph.'and Mrs. satisfying thle ideslderata, of the his uMaison Miitaire.; .:
Davis'4iave beVnvsBIbroted fo ,, Th-16residett had toured th'-`
l'ong' d.* ur4 dor --.hi'.e4."nded a ";" A w la 5 "populous sections of the 'Capital
long'..pepoft d.,k.ded .ti...
I Adi .4',as in.trib.afs.. tatie:in..Lat( Amrc a, r th on Sunday.where he was ovation.-
a-?Al'l h ..'i. '-iijesa' ro 'Reeon'trti Finaice ib-pora- 'ed .bY the inhabitants of. Bel Air,
I ".S*;:S 9d' 'in ted tion',iA 1942-43;. direotr of the La .Saliie and St. Martin. He'.wa
Saft' f ;' ,4iie 'ynterAinPr n"a Scool69 Service aeco.panied by Minister .Sajb
tWGo- Y.ars o.ver".the, no"pial For.-' from; 4 3to 1953 statee Senator A nYi Chief. bf StaWfton Cantave,
qign Senrcet .irement h a' n'..ai ld,1946,. ad' 'chairman .. .Az ir yiuejoi'nt'Preect '1bie'6
.j AvArz6.r! Th sPl ct ssa-' of atonsi n pjio aka .ieduca- rt rince Chi
dor ays,'stated that'is.regrets tioal gtrvy ih Bo6ii'a-iin 3. 43. .. ,.....-Pierrie and .Police Chie:
F'I.'. J.i' ^.' ''I -.
hinn -4 -i...A. Ii.d' hI.AW.. h. `M,
..' P..'



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'2118613' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile36' 'sip-files00011.jp2'
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'2118591' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile37' 'sip-files00012.jp2'
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'2003996' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile38' 'sip-files00013.jp2'
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'2118179' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile39' 'sip-files00014.jp2'
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'48671730' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile4' 'sip-files00004.tif'
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'33521' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile40' 'sip-files00014a.jp2'
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'2074818' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile41' 'sip-files00015.jp2'
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'1980828' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile42' 'sip-files00016.jp2'
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'2118558' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile43' 'sip-files00017.jp2'
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'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile44' 'sip-files00018.jp2'
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'2074795' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile45' 'sip-files00019.jp2'
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'2045723' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile46' 'sip-files00020.jp2'
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'2046073' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile47' 'sip-files00021.jp2'
virus check
'2026444' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile48' 'sip-files00022.jp2'
virus check
'2057342' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile49' 'sip-files00023.jp2'
virus check
'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile5' 'sip-files00005.tif'
virus check
'2035730' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile50' 'sip-files00024.jp2'
virus check
'697298' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile51' 'sip-files00001.jpg'
virus check
'69218' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile52' 'sip-files00001.QC.jpg'
virus check
'780502' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile53' 'sip-files00002.jpg'
virus check
'76716' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile54' 'sip-files00002.QC.jpg'
virus check
'716129' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile55' 'sip-files00003.jpg'
virus check
'69226' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile56' 'sip-files00003.QC.jpg'
virus check
'761134' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile57' 'sip-files00004.jpg'
virus check
'77045' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile58' 'sip-files00004.QC.jpg'
virus check
'727102' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile59' 'sip-files00005.jpg'
virus check
'48794598' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile6' 'sip-files00006.tif'
virus check
'75375' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile60' 'sip-files00005.QC.jpg'
virus check
'736380' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile61' 'sip-files00006.jpg'
virus check
'71612' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile62' 'sip-files00006.QC.jpg'
virus check
'715779' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile63' 'sip-files00007.jpg'
virus check
'75443' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile64' 'sip-files00007.QC.jpg'
virus check
'784666' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile65' 'sip-files00008.jpg'
virus check
'73476' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile66' 'sip-files00008.QC.jpg'
virus check
'689145' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile67' 'sip-files00009.jpg'
virus check
'71331' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile68' 'sip-files00009.QC.jpg'
virus check
'724235' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile69' 'sip-files00010.jpg'
virus check
'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile7' 'sip-files00007.tif'
virus check
'74856' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile70' 'sip-files00010.QC.jpg'
virus check
'613417' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile71' 'sip-files00011.jpg'
virus check
'67785' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile72' 'sip-files00011.QC.jpg'
virus check
'697364' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile73' 'sip-files00012.jpg'
virus check
'72517' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile74' 'sip-files00012.QC.jpg'
virus check
'717329' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile75' 'sip-files00013.jpg'
virus check
'82206' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile76' 'sip-files00013.QC.jpg'
virus check
'503540' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile77' 'sip-files00014.jpg'
virus check
'52610' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile78' 'sip-files00014.QC.jpg'
virus check
'57949' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile79' 'sip-files00014a.jpg'
virus check
'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile8' 'sip-files00008.tif'
virus check
'24699' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile80' 'sip-files00014a.QC.jpg'
virus check
'691174' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile81' 'sip-files00015.jpg'
virus check
'68029' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile82' 'sip-files00015.QC.jpg'
virus check
'728024' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile83' 'sip-files00016.jpg'
virus check
'77324' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile84' 'sip-files00016.QC.jpg'
virus check
'695929' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile85' 'sip-files00017.jpg'
virus check
'68715' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile86' 'sip-files00017.QC.jpg'
virus check
'737531' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile87' 'sip-files00018.jpg'
virus check
'70546' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile88' 'sip-files00018.QC.jpg'
virus check
'727003' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile89' 'sip-files00019.jpg'
virus check
'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile9' 'sip-files00009.tif'
virus check
'68109' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile90' 'sip-files00019.QC.jpg'
virus check
'698481' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile91' 'sip-files00020.jpg'
virus check
'72604' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile92' 'sip-files00020.QC.jpg'
virus check
'761986' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile93' 'sip-files00021.jpg'
virus check
'76175' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile94' 'sip-files00021.QC.jpg'
virus check
'688767' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile95' 'sip-files00022.jpg'
virus check
'66310' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile96' 'sip-files00022.QC.jpg'
virus check
'741669' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile97' 'sip-files00023.jpg'
virus check
'74028' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile98' 'sip-files00023.QC.jpg'
virus check
'732856' 'info:fdaE7YHVL1K4_6IFMNSfile99' 'sip-files00024.jpg'
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