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Haiti sun ( January 20, 1957 )


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Haiti sun
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R. Cheney, Jr. ( Port-au-Prince, Haiti )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )

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oclc - 32441147
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LVI Port-au-Prince;

- - -e . ,..,,',.. ." "-,,,, *!. -. 0 ."; A
tepublique d'Haf. Teleph.,e 2061 Sunday, LANUARY

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. '. ". ... *... ": ." .2-^ % '.

'E :, -'' -*" '"

:20h. 15- ..7
PE'P ;"7::""'
2.t...1957 '--

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t AP ::: :,::,.,II ::'
Uhdur+iLw, ,Wimatr;
,: .* -*: ;, ** .' . 1. : a

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_" iilpiau; irno. "iid

St.t idtSwn, t b cta1 Aret$neqJs.4
l,.i : b" r'.e.. tt :.. .' .e. c;ftn g4,. .K
aniatt 18 r& w,, piass, a law Qg W ttie .right to. vote"A!:,
g.ia t '. A .awd a relativeto ,scatio of ,
;' 12,D~ UJ~tNa PeI; ty. b the; ex-Presidenrt Pau EueeMgor;add
Di~Ys foupd'tyey

.-,', t.-.:. ^ ,: l hi gi: p o fav atised alvesatibho-
d.; ErJ.-.a'ndt O B.E:9 ads, wheny tle..Chambers .coyvep, Tuesdq%;Jpr 4Iwpn
iigiforedae gf i'A.s~c:14^;fal. othe, prglu ;regimie.;^^^ *<
v .& a .rs mthp': Nationa i at t hambp e r ,ecnvd e.n
-' ~ ty, 'at 'f 00 A~as :t:i forrflK^trordi arz;.Se~i0n.^ -b It*h-epiibli.-A-ne4't4;,,
ar.: a. a 'Decreeof PrbyhIqtnai Ptesldfrt. ased:ihtote e, -
auiirsOsweid.and.0;q 1fiot4d Ph. Neijuours r"qtre-Igs7 oft% asi a
r ^i^*t w~ free M*Ow.(Ii-Welk
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V.57 ..'.,/I..
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trike last Month
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wiefie ^ 'rsht ,j ^ ^^ Aii n^ ab?^;Maglofrtb'^ ^^
fl---- 4I -hebi- MiW**t'rhe 4 r' whtt."?" T;2" ait Jq* --.ii...,r^e h; ...... -*"
r-.t .a. . , . ..... .. B n, o m .... i* . ,..th |**p t ea* *i td W-.. h o 4ar.. U itL 4 m z
St went .n -itaw 1. .. Dq.od 1.. t -ph, e.d
,i. 1' 1 I', e.X ... ,: rSr.
'AIT.. .. .. e stei. d ofU H:e:e. ,tf.he Chamberi 66V the|. f U 4 .
MN ..-a. 'JI&I-. t tL. -fl In Wl e iiinca naa.Jp atf,,.
'- -l -'s~o e, to m'vre t:,:h-epe# ~~
.wl~r~nL en Wr iite 'ditdr (Se Ro a, Mie eid~ tnon5V~Ut DJUCIL1VLY5b .~r~f~
inn.,.. ...... of..' Ja er fhe 198 -'61ectjl~n~s ,for-4'Deputy. 2I '4' "" b+ngitt
P. A ,' .......v af..T ;b : .: , ,: ,. .. .. : ae.e!.. .. ... .
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.dIa tii ik. i
Eld'Industria tyco tatus I p ttt naite retne& Ka
K' twn d^ In..Washit.l.. P "nr*t"e .d.. ..left p"" "i/o". his., mfl cnsidered i hald. 'e.-: SO a
i,~7 iact its citUation 'trert aftl -.4 e contaonal
e: xetcutw esp'!, l itmaken otr ie lo3btd t. several' of his .... gisnse bnbrham.es, or to ,shorten 111'* week 'f ei
Aies by'' atclosed. down-'tei4 th kii' of'. "z tqp tie ........ e 'ttt
the W4.a~ sjw': '' E st.laM ..nd "' : )),l .ause op'eratiols.'were g~xire.,.uatil.'I9 ," .ps i'
~~asbitgt:o 'the only morningewsate, :bick ., ..d:,.p'-.b,..absexice-. Th ,PIi.a.'4-. Goe]ar ..

4jLITttL^u "'"" anew ^ yd
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tality : df ; ted States and,; readat tile' brt.- of'Mrs.j. Oswald, !.pn-' Clifford' The a'rjous e5 date contrnu- ,n end .awi..g
P:os by.Presi4entElisenhiower, Its exdzicut^e .este1 Ffotp: '* ".:5 S
,9. ietf epm 0ents Sen Itstttp, Cosressen iae A Wagenn tv Burnt He continued. couit
..rpGoia, he, lowing5 letter' wase'!bl)ilttd? *lth' a ',r*-;^ *. ". 4.* O3 By
G;:, rie. eontisued.jj., eon,,
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? at,'i geat letter' waseC 'o'isov the Lei. .... woBy B y m

#; 'dviLons, on w itoal page of then ash gton Post Ten 'Travel Writers E .X..lin.t ..kyN".r **k 'eti g'.p.A'
,. p. Efplnaumofhis

i,4fy iSt,.d Was l-etd by/g large circle of.Wsuhpolly-- They Hi t OC he" Daniel., woiikl .. d
:ok..e:x,/, s:' o the 'e *dnesjay o',,s # ..' _--^ ,M^
THE 'EDTO a'e ca t. .6.. iihe'Haiti cond, deree.tbody' M BuraiaedDy. rid Dalfer
t WDITORA SN O PS A. Cuba to theRwest of 'IUiti enda .Uftourbuiday' -lprogram" bps at prn when 'a small cyJlndr gan 'Votez 1,9'.4 psyinyi*
.,W'ASHINGTON POST AND Puerto Rico to is "east. "ate 1 b. e nyreled for ten ton U.S. bej ie 'iaeqed in"1tbp.ac .t..d et. .. had~bd~n Tt,.a^ t
.,... _' "" .. ., . .. -

TS'T ERALD tively s rusperouP due to sind.al tr ;fwriter9 Who. are arriving o. thir ..t.. Avenue .B1o'sse hdlitated' 'a .icteturi.'-
..f. eein : o subsidgeai -ctroi th'eitenited Statsri h'eedHesday .iTreport on 'he homee exploded. S.ieator,..Loris, D.joie.,hfl sa.
feeling ol ,gratification i the form of large duy.fee tourist situation o theirrespect. i Irre and Erst Catin who'. .ltia rally L asii
poitca rl ...9een11.

.pUeaceoful pohicai revolution ar quotas; lr passing, the*e sub. ive p~ublieaUtns. 'to.. 'have been released from hospit- Plantation 'Jean.: *o ;
,ee, ,and seest, g U.S. diplomacy sides are probably I100 percent re-' T-'traveI writerso.ing al. td Police the pylinder teY, oixe

'a Haiti? from the United States'of cpton. Barnett Lashever, Herald Trlbu- An R.C. officer investigation' fojinan ii ressivei corted 7.'
:'". goods, rice,'"ttomobiles and ut'i. ie,' rMiss Vivian Sande'Uniled the-case said that a small brass' minient of 'rdck-slinglig aid sqf. <
Onl- 700 miles, 2 hours, [er products. Haiti ,' with, but a press, 'Stanley, Mors'an This cartridge is all that remains of defense was reported .- d'.ee".. '
,Y D Le eQpSxpve whnch could have
from .the fabulous wealth of Mia- s.nall sugar quota needs new in-' Week MagazimMe; Don Lipp Natio- '; .. Iversi on the rerIfn to 'the,.e '
itn and 1000 miles from similar dustries. \ nal Broadcasting Compdny" en- been dynam te. pital. : ..'^
wyatth in the New York area, i .' ,/ ro .o, American Broadcasting; Cross8 Stolen From vCetrox des bouquets shlooing. ...
0lose-neighbor Haiti. has large ar- In backward countries,.' in tCe. Claude.Barnett. Negro.Press; Wi 7 Cathedr al Cr o _/investigating the shBotuge.itisiP B
e(" of unbelievable poverty corn-. absence of private capital,' for liatn yateS; Chicago Tribune- Her- St. rinity cathedral leg of a 12-year-old farm" .:'^
if, .... . ,ii .1 abs."en,..c.e:..+,

:parable to the worst in India and such industries, [le use of eco- bert .Beck," Chicago American; Ir- e. Cr os.fro. the alter of late Sunday afternoon, near-thefl'"
S nomic-aid funds develops a"tre wi' Robinson Hditi's Public Re- the St Trinity Bpscopal Gathe- small PIaine du Cul-de-Sae t ..:

towards, socialisUc-govereimet, en- l"-btmos"D'Lector for the. U.S. ur-a on MnseitneT Guilloux .The Senator Dejloie Radiol-P%,
..H11iti is historically an ally of, terpses, the form of Govern'.. The tenttive ptfytigz arranged, f*"is 911a Moday- .o.. in 'u val righty ov Roa- .,
I~~~~~ ~j tsj *$a Mna mrig ai

'the United States with' active par- rent to which our peopoe-ate in f eii es .8-group fter',a-i.eet-. 1'opigq are iaw-est-gafng 'the continued bringing forward nvat-
pation i our own revolution general opposed. "t "t.U -.. ous orators and sup i n.ra

1776, substantially there- e.'e i, 1.LL '. :lsl wasodio species. '..' :. ,.
Jz-'- A .. coii' f***. ctwwd^f^ l p

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, -',- I
. PAGE 2


... (Continued from page 1)

.Senator Dejoie who *is ahead in nate, this week.
.logging campaign mileage journ- G. Laroche Warns of Cons-
'eyed 'down the coast on Friday to piracy Against the Govt.
Cir :arefour des Ruisseaux,' at the The Police Departmient publish-
en ..tr.n.ce.to 'Mirqgoane, going aft ed the text of the. interrogatory,
*if e vote in tfiat region, of Gilbert. Laroche, who gave an
a. T Yi.oday, Dr Franfgois Duvalier alarming denunciation o a .cons-
" 4vni-mke. an address at 'Per- piracy against the Provisional Go-
nit.,'( after Military Academy at vernment. He cited the names of
-?$'rp --following the mass at Clement Jumelle, Adelphin Telson
Ndtre Dame de Fatima. and Edmond Sylvain as those at
':.Dr Franvois Duvalier entered the head of the plot. during a ra-
" dtonday evening from a tour of dio festival in favor of the candi-
,..,North and the Plateau Cen- dature of Senator Dejoie.
ra-i where he vowed he had been,
'i&ived not as a 'candidate but' Mr Laroche was questioned' as
da.a Chief of State.,, ... to why he had not made thp de-
-'i. Golden-voiced" speaker 'Antoine nuneiation to the police, instead
".'t. .Hdrard, a Duvalier supporter of over-l4h radio. He replied that
..f0teld the micro nightly over Ra- he chose the radio in order to al-
'iao Port-au-Prince stating his p- -ert the nation as to the danger it
kISaa s to educate the'people in was facing so that it could not
-.' Hnci^ples'bf democracy. He be taken as the action of a spy'
,.1.i3 attacked Fignold afid his par- He admitted that he had no proof,
is'.tns. Mr Herard spoke of the but that this plot was known by
. oaseof a. Mr. Bennett, at Borgne many, and' wV.seven being discus-
4i6'itl'e.Noxih who was beaten up sed on the buses and in taxi-cabs.
- ',after ;& broadcast in Cap-Haitien He also cited the name of Dr. Lar
A-`where-he called Dr Duvalier's par rieux allegedly a 'fQrmer. Jumelle
.:.ia` atflock of buzzards. Ben- partisan who had decided to leave
e" nett'owner of the generators fur'- the Jumelle party. Mir Laroche
, ..nipshing electricity to the town, said Mr Judmelle is reported to
is, sald to have attempted to shut have replied: Ydu will regret it,
; offthe'pqwer to boycott Dr. Duva- ,for by January 27th the actual
',jier's' vist there. Provisional. Government will no
SCandidate Clement Jumelle is )onger exist, and I will be ting
scheduledled to tour the Artibonite over the power.' Laroche told the
-..'"today. Over Station MLB.C., the Police that for the moment he
I. Jumelle Radio Festival continued 'had nothing more to say, only he
Slightly with, partisans 'exposing would like to add that -Mr Ju-
.rivail candidate Senator Ddjoie. melle declared yesterday that'b I
S Lionel paquin, -businessman, am the mouthpiece of Mr Dejoie
; tool the micro to defend Mr. Ju- when I am not.,
m' anelle's position. No. Clement Ju-
Wi,.ll not lay down his arms,. A Passenger, A Chartered,
qmp :declared- td
h.. ohis Viteners, Plane And: A Candidate's' '
Vns' 'nemes are" going 'to lbe de- hoto
.. ... :. ". ..o- Photo
"I.ved..y will "inue'`?'fiJbt A. veritable Chinese puzzle con-
it...: ea he isa' afigure e oru, ,vrial.. on
-":bcease the isa srfiguede our fronted public opinion this week
.placed at the crossroads of our when following a statement
We as a people.. Under the head- by Mr. Leandre Daniel, advising
o:ing .Mon Temoignage sutr CIl- that he had remained at the Ca-
.we t t fmele, "Le.e Nouveste"., pital, had not flown over CalHai-
"lrublb.a..d.the.s pdh. the next tiwn dropping political propa'dgan-
.' evening; -: f:. ...'Y V, : .
',d ,. . ,' ,. da from the p e, .aind -that'-his
1^,.Ie.'Edmond (Eddy Sylvain, only activities are iin connection
-" Oif the (L9qy) Syc6lvan, a e~iis'r- .
S t f the Local Association with his movie house :Cine Mag-
.I.ghts of 'Man 'and form- le' which leaves him no time :to
dJei i.',6f" th;e La*. School who nix in'poltic. 'He demanded that
e -rt nd efltli ifrtm exile de- 'Haiti'Miror. retAct the article
i:V A4 is.tanAt ldatuire for the"'Se-' published.' .-


AiTE -E T A. .









". ' .- -
t' ." .
:'" s ":-"4,


Sunday, JANUARY 20th 1957

Soon afterwards the Police De-.and the Christmas vacation Tne
apartment published a statement j breach between students and liro-
clarifying the position of the Hai- fessors became wider when all

tian Aviation Corps and the pi-I
lot's report in connection with a
plane chartered by fRodolphe Ld-
andre Daniel, to fly over thq
Citadelle and Cap-Haitien to take
pictures. The report stated that
young Daniel said he was taking
along a supply of pictures and up-
on opening the cockpit to snap a
few pictures the stock was acci-
dentally fanned by the wind and
many flew out of the plane
which was going 160 mph
The pilot told Mr. Daniel to
close the cockpit, and landed the
plane immediately. It was only at
this time that the- pilot found
that Daniel was carrying a supply
of pictures of Dr Fr@ngois Duva-
lier, candidate for the Presidency.
The passenger explained that the
Mock of 3,000 pictures had been
given to him by Imprimerie Bon-
homme to be delivered o Duha-
lier partisans upon arrival at Cap-
Haitien but when he opened the
oqckpit they accidentally shower-
ed down over the city., When the
plane landed no one was present to
receive delivery of the stock.

The ,Commander of the Avia-
tion Corps upon being notified of
the incident by the pilot 'Advised
the Chief of Police, and a state-
ment was obtained from Rodol-
phe L6andre banie. clearing the
Army qf all responsibility for the
consequences -eventual- in. this
political manoeuver.

The Commandos

The Commandos descended ,up-
on the Bureau 6f Statisticts thjs
week, asking for the cddbarque-
ment' "of Dr. Lucien Hibbert.

Mr. Dantts'Colimon, Director
of the Labor Department handed
in his resignation to the Minister
of Labor gn Thursday when his
being maintained at his post qal-
led down the wrath of the Com-
mandos of the 'Justice popu-
laire' on his and thd Minister's,
head. '
Representatives of I the .Parti
du Peuple Haitien. over-. Radio
Caraibes virtually torpedoed.
the actual Cabinet of President
Pierre-Louis, demanding that tbh
'cabinet des viellards -et d'es r6-
.-aetionnaires, resign-., their posts,
with the exception of Ministers
Cassagnol, Robin and VavaJ. They
gave the Government a 48,h'bour

Trouble at the Faculty of,
the University *.

The controversy at the Law
School between students and pro-
fessors had hardly cooled" off
when trouble broke out at the Fa-
culty of Medicine. Thirty-seven
Professors resigned in a block,
and at press time no solution had
been reached.

The two-week-old controvertay at
the Law School between students
and professors was brought to an
end Monday when Minister of E-
Sdulcation Marcel Vaval reached a
compromise with the students at
a meeting with the delegates ol
the Student Association.

The crisis generated from the
refusal of the students to take
the semi-quarterly exoams on the
basis that they were not prepared
because of the political turmoil

1' A

; I


*- dollars.
While the controversy cooleddollars.
noff at'i the Law School, trouble 'All of our sugar and' banana
broke out at the School -of Medi- companies and petroleum and oth-
.cine. Two weeks ago it was re- er mineral producers. in foreign
ported that the Dean Dr. pierre- countries do a similar effective.
*'Noel along with three teachers training jobl, plus operating ,icho-
had resigned and that both the ols and hospitals.
student Assdciation and'the Pro- .,
fessors Council had met separa- Private enterprise such as the
tely in emergency session to foregoing does not requiire large
study the atmo-sphere of 'cold annually recurring appropriations
war', existing at the FAculth de from the U.S. Treasury, to the -
M6decine between professors and contrary it contributes to the rea
students. Apparently the students sury. Encouragement of private
were angry iJecause they were pioneering is the normal logical
not (consulted 'tn the choice of a way to develop backward count-
new Dean and they submitted ries and extend our conception of
their 6wn list to the Department the American private-enterprise
of Educpeation for the nomination system as compared to socialistic-
of a new Dean and. teachers, government enterprise. -

On Monday 37 Profe3sb6rs resi- The conception of using tax ia-
gned butt the students continued ducements to encourage such un-
to go every morning to the Fa- dertakings by private investment
culty. There was no information is not new; however, the natural
on the real situation or on the aversion to any blanket tax con- \
,cause of,.he tension; but accord- cession is probably the deterrent
ing to soIPe sources, the resigna- to Congressional action.
tion of the 37 teachers was
brought about after the students Perhaps a more flexible instr'dr.
in some classes had typed letters mept to encourage production in.
of resignation of a number of pro- backward countries is possible;
lessors 'whose .incompetence, they tax inducements to American pio-.
said, was evident, and placed them neering 'ventures, in specified'
on their desks. .7 friendly countries, can be select-
The journal 'L'Etudiant. Tpub- ed to contribute to the welfare oi
lihsbed. by.:lie catholic sector of the American consumer., For ex-
the University in "a' long editorial ample, would ,not American con-
clarified its pooition- in the deb-.sumers welcome greater product- -
ates' last week. The editors con- iop-of coffee and cacap- ManMila".
fessed that the students have hemp is' a defense' material want-
committec" great' mistakes mainly ed by u"a- and is.in.seribus,,
in the 'manne. they' had written short world ,suplty; American
i their position to Piesident Pierre cordage. manufacturers 'want mole
Louis though their intentiozin of It. There is no world .over-pro-
was good, but those of the Prof- duction of bananas. Dr. Shaw, di-
essors who are placed to teach rector of research in the U.S. De-
and educate them are no less apartment of Agriculture' estimates
great. They pointed out that the that in 1975 American consumers
refdal of the teachers to co-ope- will require 25 percent more Eood
rate with them l's the proof that materials than at present; would
they haven't realized yet 'the production be possible pineapple
needs of the University. The Uni- production be possible 'without
varsity, they said, must be orga- without hurting anyone? All .6
nized because it represents the these crops are pre-eminently, ad-
Spdpinibrea of the men of tomor- aptqd to our long-time ally, Haiti.,
row. Thee country is gambling may It seems -a simple logical inexpen-,
be its last chance and as citizens, sive way to help our non-vocal
Sit is their right to see that thing neighbor and friend, while subst-
Sare done properly: that is in jus- antially helping ourselves.
tice and -in truth.
d The O.'J. Brandt enterprises; Could not such selective tax
Hundreds of workers were sus inducements become a useful di-
pended from their jobs, when tie plomatic and economic instrum-
Textile Mill and the Lard Facto ent' in American foreign policies?
ry, owned by 0.. ,I.. Brandt, were
closed down, following the incar- Our economists could find sim-
ceration of Mr'Brandt and4 his lar. ways to aid Bolivia, Chile and
son, Clifford after an explosid *other, friendly countries. Inciden-
which blew the steel door off the tally, with patience this economic
Usine A Manteque two weeks ago. lhstrumnut.-'d4 be guided into
A Police "Commission has been more 'newgipriit, at lower prices.
working on an investigation into
th 'actiLties of the 'Brandits. Atherton Lee
,The .Brandt's were released at
11 A.M. Saturday (See pcage 1) Chatelet des Pleurs.
SI -
-4,,. *

the teachers with {he exception oni
six resigned in block in prot-
est against the Government's
stand on the issue after President
Picrre-Lduis decided to cajicel
the exams. The professors regard-
ed this measure as a mere -com-
placency, and an attempt on their

At the meeting last week the
students backed their Dean, Dr.
YiLfort Beatnuvoir and voted a mo-
tion of confidence in favor of the
Professors who did not resign.
Minister Vaval who declared
that he was not capable of solving-
alone the question of exams sug
gested that semi-quarterly teams
take place, at the same time. The
solution of compromise was unan-
mously approved, and at last it
was :decided that the professors
who resigned would be replaced



(Con tinuecd from ., I

Few in the United ::seE a:;.rc-
ciate the great factor L.ntnbrihuted
by American private enterprise
in the development of backward

Take as a trenchenrt Example
pan American Airways: with no
fan [are and little subsidy from
government they have trained a
wide-spread corps of thousands of.
competent pilots and mechanics
-in Latin America, with its sub-
sidiaries bringing safe and cheap'
transportation, newspapers and
commerce to most-remote popula-
tions. Pan-Air itself doei, not ap-
preciate what a job it hias done..
Such a transport system as a pro-
ject of economic aid by our gov-
ernment have cost several billion

Sunday, JANUARY 20th 1957
Stundaky, JANUARY 20th-.:1957.

Miss Bell Greve helped begin REPS. OF 1959GAMES

Rehabilitation Haiti's Handicapped HERE TO TALK TO SPORTS
Dies in Cleveland Officials of the Ministry of Ed-

The sad news of the death of
EMiss Bell Grevc, universally reco-
gnized champion of the handicap-
ped, was received at Port-au-Prin-
ce this week. She passed away at
University Hospitals, in Cleveland,
Ohio, on the night of January
9th, at the age of 62. A' victim of
cancer, Miss Greve had submitted
to surgery for gall bladder and
had to'return, to the hospital ear-
ly in November, and it was then
that the doctors gave little hope.
Funeral services were held at the
Church of the Covenant, last Sa-
turday. Burial took place at Knoll
wood cemetery. She,.is survived
by two brothers.
Endowed with a true love of
humanity, Bell Greve devoted her
life tb a routine day-and-night la-
bor of efforts for the health and
happiness of her. fellow .men.
During her'40 years of service,
she was sought out by the doct-
ors, criminologists, students, mi;
nistens and teachersq from every
continent who came to her for ad-
vice and counsel on means of aid-
ing the crippled and- handicapped.
Bell Greve was in on the start of
whatever clinics no\%' are open to
alcoholics, and was an early cru-
sader ifi the movement of funds
to fight tuberculosis, heart disea-
se, cancer and other human'ills in
her native Cleveland.
SIn her decades of work- in 30-
odd countries, she became inter-
ested i? Haiti, and it was she who
sparked the program for the Re-
habilitation of the Handicapped
here in 1950. She visited Haiti
again in 19.53, returning to the
U.S. to found the association -of
the cCleveland Friends of Haiti.-
In 1955 she travelled with a lar-
ge group of the "members bring-
ing tons' of clothing and food for
the Hazel victims, and conducted
a seminar for the handicapped
movement here.
Orphanages, hospitals and other
charities around tIee world stand
like Imonuments to the memory
of Bell Greve who devoted her
life to relieve suffering and to
bring handicapped men, women
and children back to usefulness
and- happiness.
At the tune of death, Bell'Greve
who held a lawyer's degree, was
a member of the Maybr's Cabinet


__ -211

of Cleveland, and Director of the
City Welfare Service.
It was through the efforts and
devotion to Haiti shown by Bell
Greve that this Republic's. Reha-
bilitation Association voted a
member of the International So-
ciety for the Welfare of Cripples.
With the'rest of the world, Haiti
mourns the loss of its noble
champion and friend.

U.S. Television
Viewers-To See Haiti
On Ed Murrow's show
1 .1 -
Haiti and other Caribbeqpn res-
orts will be seen on television by
millions of viewers February 3rd
when Ed. Murrow's cSee It Now'
program goes on the CBS net-
work, all over the United States.
The.scenes of Jamaica Haiti
and Puerto Rico will be feat-
ured in -the -commercials% of the
program, co-sponsored by Pan
American World Airways, which
will provide d tremendous boost
to Caribbean tourism:.
Pan American sent a'. five-man
photographic crew to the Carib-
bean to film the scenes. Headed
by Granger Tripp, and Robert Eb-
cling of the J. Walter Thompobn
advertising firm of New York,
the team spent 2 days and a night
here shooting scenery from Kens-
coff to Carrefour and folk dances.
SThe TV. crew were lodged' at
Hotel Oloffson and were given
every possible assistance to faci-
I litate their work.

Part of the important shipment
cf cornmeal and flour, a gift from
the American- Catholics, which ar-
rived in Haiti recently was sent
to Gonaives on the M/B. "Alba-
tgos' last Thursday, for distribu-

ern A
ing t
. Th
of fl(



..* fl.

among the cities of the north- With the withdrawal.- of the
Artibonite region. S$ -PANAMA' from the New
Gonaives nine centers have York Haiti Panama run, the
set up and will receive three Panama Line has instituted a new
hs of the city's quota. The schedule witfi the SS 'CRISTO-
inder will' be given to the BAL, and SS 'ANCON..
tal, various charity organi- The vessels will stop at Port-
ns, and school canteens serv- au-Prince both North and South-
he poor families of the inte- bound as heretofore. Under the
old schedule, there were sailings
ie shipment which included on' every Thursday from, New
sacks of corn and 340 sacks York to Portau-prince. This gave
our was a timely gift which a total of 52 sailings per year ser-
greatly contribute towards ving this port. Under the new
eating the suffering of the schedule, this has been reduced
le of the region. slightly to 42 sailings per year.
S -- Thus the Haiti service of the Pa-
- nama Line has been reduced only
This small change in the Haiti
S service was accomplished by cut-
i ting down the time which the
.. ships will spend in New York and
fin Panama. A similar number of
WHISKY' sailings will be-offered from Port,
au-Prince to New York.
y ri The same rapid, direct, 3 day
/ service from and to New York
will continue to be q featiiro of
the Steamship Line.



ucation and its Bureau des Sports
will have the pleasure of a visit
this weekend with two represen-
tatives of the Cleveland Pan Am-
erican Games Foundation, Fred.
W. Dickens and Charles J. Ewald.
The purpose of their trip to
Port-au-Prince and 27 other maj-
or cities ip Central and South
America., and the Caribbean is to
develop interest in the Third Pan
American Games, which will be
held in C!evelahd, ,Qhio, in 1959.
This will ble the first time the
games will be held in the, United
States -and Cleveland is keenly
interested in seeing- that they arc
outstandingly successful and that
athletes -from all countries in the
Western Hemisphere participate.
Tlhe Congress* of the United
States has authorized $5,000,000
to be appropriated for these gim-
es, the funds to be expen'deld by
the Cleyeland. .Foundati6n (non
profit), together with funds to he
raised in "Cleveland .to provide the
necessary facilities... '
Mr Ewald-is Executive Director
of the Cleveland World, Trade -As-
sociation. Mk -.Dtikens,, .who has
for many years been active, in La-
tin American athletic.bircles, -has
made -many visitsjo t/this .area.
-They will arrive in Po-tau-Prin'
ce Saturday' at. 9:50 A.M.' from
Ciudad Trujillo and, will depart
Monday',at 10:20:.. A.M. for Kings-
ton, Jainaic'. Other cifi4 onp their
itinerary are Havana, Guatemala
City, San .Sovador, -Tegucigalpa,
Managua, San Jose,' Panama City,
Bogota, Quito, Lima,,'La ?az, San-
tiago de Chile, Buenos Ayren"Mon
tevideo, Asuncign, Rio .de JaP1i-
ro, 'Cayenne P aramarib6,'.George-
town, Port of Spain, Curacao, Ca-
racas Mexico City. -

Service is within2 n 9' of the
Old Scheduler -.

a. ;.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Furth cool off in the Oloffson Hotel pool rofmti.
a trip to King Christophe's Citadel. Mr. and Mrs. Furth who returned.'
to Westchester County, New York, Thursday, spent an active 10-day:'
visit in Haiti. L'" ;
Bisides -the highlights ot the Capital, the 'urths Vi-sited the PeWi=
gre Dam and met Presidential Candidate Frahqois Duvalier, 'cam--%'
paigning in the region. ',:
Mr. FURTH who is Editorial Assistant to Mr.. Henry R. Ldce, Editor"
in-Chief of Time, Life, Fortune, and Sports, Illustrated, said the
they would be annual visitors to their ideal -vacation spot .' ;

Ever Mondau At 9:45 P.M.

- i."

" ".'
i8 .O0^^ ::


.mom un 1. a mia m i-

Sr I.


Presents The Most STARTLING Dances Of Haiti


*. ,

N* -, a familiar sight in Port-au.Prince and Cap-Haxe. is t' 'n
,smart .looking cruise Ship Stella Polaris. Painted..,allwhite the.;m:..
rist Ship has the Lines of the Kaiser's former yacht. ''./tip;.

The'Mardis of the CABANE CHOUCOUNE !
... ... ,, .:...11" ';' H ;,

French Institute MardiGras revelers willba
c to- dance their heads off h: *.-
The second ccle of th French liar but imnpoved firepr'of, 'siu
Institute's Tuesday lectures, for ronndings 'net Marc] '3d ?.
the Academic Year 1956s57 will and 5th. Pr '. a. a is*',.:
open with. a conference in Epi- 'Cr abane' 'Choucoune, the'. &
lepsy, January 22 nd ats 8:00 P.M. guepalace of Haiti that '
Dr. Georges Boudin, Paris Faculty in ames the first ewN
bf Medicine Professor will deliv- tes 'of 1957 is being rapidly '
er the, lecture. built by architect Robertg ,bafif a
--The following schedule of Lect- in keeping, with its unique,'style':..
ures has- b en announced by the but with special, emphasis oh'fije.
Institute:s T e a l t s : 'preve'nt
o -~ wtacofrne n tpr ~ ae Cvuenonthe : ."ie .,

Thursday, January 24th '- Mrs Dominique Maripiai '-atiir-en
.The First Data of Catholic So- consultation with ,Fire Chief .apt-f
ecologyy, By"Canon Fernand Bou- 1in Georges Elie Fils 'has ordeTed'-
lard, ProMessor Catholic Inslitute frgj United States special fire'
of Pats preventative spray which will be'
Tuesday, January 29th applied every 3 months -qW se
uAr Few Peculiarities df the thatched roof top of the Cadibane.
French Language in Haiti, By Mr Choucoune. '* -
Pracst1 Pbmpilus, Director, Ecole Many other precautionary mp-vr
Noirmile Sup6rieure sures against fire are being tAken:,
Tuesday' February 5th by 'the builder. Ma -i .-
.*36, Boulevard des Invalides, .
By r, Lucien Lemoine, Professor, ** 9 -||-
Dramatic Art Conservatory of Slti S With rCh
Port-1u-Princes C l sU itd Sta s Al
Tuesday, February 12th -- a e r m h s
FEconomy and Humagiismi By Mr acon
Reverend Father Vieor Martin. sr aisfr r b t-ke'n
Bl e 'vr- ,ds.vades-. l
By Mr, Lucien Lemoine, Po fe.s
Pot-uP.nc.. ., .,. ,

?A0f 4 HAITI SUN Sunday. JANUARY 20th 1957

68 year-old .Haitian
Lady who served
In British A.T.S.
Honored in London

(Spial from London)

Mrs. Alice Gylla, born in 'far.
a:'way Haiti, married an English-
a who died at %the beginning
'. okT1the second World War. Mrs.
.: Qylla,'anxious to help, imnedia.
tty"Joined thd- A.T.S. In which
t~ attained the rank of Serge
ant, travelling hundreds of thou.
.apads of miles driving ambulan-
:ei.s during the blitz.
*' She received the King's Badge
"'~for Loyal Service, the Defense
=WfedaI and the British War Ser-
vice Medal.-
A -few days ago, 'at .a party
-given in Putney by M. Roger Sa-
wetin, the Wirst Secretary of the
I.THaitian Enjbasy, she had the
"p-leasvure of spending. an evening
amongst, her countrymen and
w9men, and for the first 'tne in
K 6 y~Urs; was able to enjoy the
dances of her mother country
0si Excellenck the Haitian Am-
bA"s.sdor M.-Joseph L. Dejean,
wh6.:attdnded the "party, warmly
congratulated ex-SgL Gylfla on
the fine service she had given to
-ritain in her hour of need.

La Nouvelle Haiti

'La Nouvelie Haiti-, formerly
.fduided and managed by Dr Fran
,gois Duvalier, now candidate to
the Presidency, is out again. The
fine lboking journal is edited by
.able journalist Lucien Daumnec.


Al"retl at


.0 A
F .. PU~ql FRUIT
~... ma m

."Ha~ TadngCo

_ .

N -~-

ti Joseph report

CAPTAIN ACE CORBEN took his reconditioned yacht to sea on
trials last week-end. Ace is preparing a big surprise for salt-water lov-
ing tourists and localites.
THE YACHT cNEDELL, put into the Casino Pier this week. Cap-
tain La Pountney, is on his way to California, from Miami.
OUR LADY OF ALTAGRACE traditional religious fiesta is be-
ing observed today as Special services at the'Delna Chapel. Also the
Feast of Our Lady of the Victories is being observed today, with high
mass at Ohe Petit Seminaire Chapel.
Mrs. Leseaze Bernadin, wife of the Hfaitian Ambassador to Ciudad
Trujillo, flew in from the-Dominican Republic on Tuesday.
GUY DUROSIER the Voice sang during his brief visit home
last week at his old stand in the Rivieras bamboche room. *Guy sang
better than he Sas done in years-cutting out the shamsticks' gave him
a more modest approach that the locals liked. Enroute from an epga-
gementa in Nassau to a T.V. and night-club tour of Colomqbia, Guy
took with him an eight piece Haitian orchestra and wife Madeleine.
THE GOOD SHIP SS LEILANES is making cruise-ship history on a
trip from New York 'to Los Angeles via Port-au-Prince. *The tourists
and crew who came ashore Thursday and Friday said it will b, histo-
ry if the ship arrives at her destination. The big twin funnel vessel
recently sold to a Pacific Pine apple Tsland is cutting costs by carry-
ing tourist on the ride. Everything is topsyturvy except the food-its
served up'fine and then its up to the voyager.
JACMEL will, be given a chance to benefit from the tourist trade
when the Cohata opens a daily return flight. Jan..-26th'it is reported.
Tourists will be able to spend the day iir the beautiful, quaint little.
coastal town and return to the capital in the afternoon. '
at its Saturday meeting in Parc Leconte. The ndw committee includ-
es: Mr Thybulle, President; Robert galnave, Treasuxer; Dadoulie,
secretary; Philippe Faubert and Carre, advisers.
HUMPHREY BOGART passed away while asleep at his Holenby
Hills residence last Monday.- Oscar winner (African Queen) Bogart
underwent a surgical operation for throat cancer t o weeks ago.
The 57-year-old actor is survived by his wife, actress Latireen Bacall
whom he married in 1945 and two children.
explained 'his recent champagne goblet-smashing stunt in London as
an old Dominicap toast. It's doubtful 'if 'he can convince PRINCE
CARACCIOLO as e~asily when he dropped a platter of'creme e mar-
rons on the living room carpet of 0,]is Paris palace, and followed 'it
with a king-sized chocolate' puddings. Rubi's friends insist he's not
given to such inhbbr sports in his own Rue oe Belichassee town
house furnished in impeccable Doris Duke Empire.
A 3-MEMBER COMMISSION including Mr. Justin Lamy, Mr. Jo-
seph price and Engineer\ Roger Haspil was installed at the Telegr-
aphes Terrestres Tuesday morning. After the installment of the new
commit ion, the technicians who went on strike in protest against
the presence of certain employees, have 'resumed work.
REV. HENRY ORMONDE McCONNELL author of You 'can Learn
Creole, was made member of the Order of the British Empire by
Her Majesty Queen. Elizabeth U on the occasion of the New Year.
Mr. DANTES BELLEGARDE, the new Haitian Ambassador in Wash
ington D.C. and' for whoni the government has received the 'agr&-
meat d'usage' from the State Department, will take off soon for his
post previously occupied by Mr Mauclair Z6phirin.
Dr. LOUIS ROY, Director of the Port-au-Prince Tuberculosis Sani-
torium, has resigned from this post, it was reported.

'tea t4A
= _, _..t .--,.- -- -,:-

photo taken during snow storm

DODGER HILLMAN standing under the big Christmas tree given
by the Embassy of Haiti in Washington for the Christmas Pageant of
Peace displayed on the Ellipse near The White House.
Dodger is the son of well-known Time Magazine news correspondent
Serrell Hillman. Serrell and his so charmngik-wife Dubarky 'are fond
admirers of Haiti and with some friends are planning a three-weeks
vacation to Haiti. They will be staying at the Oloffson.

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Presto nhe
Tropical Gas Co.
Herard C. L. Roy The Souvenir ,7hop-2 stores
HAIDCO Usine d Glace Nationale will
Hector Marchand & Co. 'redeem its Bottle Caps every
'Haiti Motors Friday.









LF~t~R7 pines




A.I* 4


Sunday, JANUARY 20th 195.7

SEVERAL -MARDIGRAS BANDES. N iiidly paraded in certain
sectors of the Capital last Sunday. No incident was reported between
rival groups.
ri al g ou s....... o.... o.... ......... ............ .........
PAN AMERICAN WORLD AIRWAYS will inaugurate its daily dir-
ect flights New York Port-au-Prince February 1st.
PETION VILLE will have its own Fire Station soon. It was report-
ed that Fire Chief Captain Elie Fils had discussed the project with
Mr. Lamothe, the Mayor'of Petion Ville.
449 SACS OF FOOD (corn and flour) have disappeared from the
stock sent by the American Catholios to the Secours Catholique in
Port-au-Prince. They were carried away when a crowd of apillards.
invaded the Custom House Thursday an'd Friday last week.
MAX SELIGMAN is off to visit Venezuela.
It is rumored that the .go-ahead. district Sales Manager of Delta
Airlines Hank Perea is going off to a new post in Houston ebientbtr.
CARLO AND JACQUELINE PEREIRA (Westly Shipping) are pre
paring for a new house-guest.
LANA, -the New York born Russian cuban known to Smokie Joe
patrons as -the monument, left Friday with her dance partner Ho-
raclo after a week-long engagement at the Casino.
FRANCIS NILES the only woman Delta Sales Representative is at
El Rancho. Miss Niles has been plugging Haiti from her H.Q. in Dal-
ips, Texas.
JOSEPH NADAL is in Boston for a medical check-up.
ROBERT NADAL recently returned, from his annual business trip
to Europe, has brought back his 5-year old conservative beauty a

Sunday, JANUARY 20th 1957


,/ ,' ,' '.i .* k 4" 1 -S, U N
"" j ..i' j ';":"" H.AITI SUN

Community Weekly Published, Sunday, Morning


SWhat's Inside Of These
Fabulous Palaces t

, Mr. Editor,

Greater understanding is needed amongst people connect- There is good weapon that can
ed with the Tourist Trade if Haiti. is to benefit from the fight Corruption, and we can bor-
.1,500,000, visitors who are expected to leave their North Am- r' It fi m Egypt and Argenti.
erican homes for the sunny Caribbean this year. na I mean an exposition of Ma-
A survey this past week of Hotels and the Tourist Industry glos pricely objects like those
here in general pointedup this fact. held in Cairo after the downfall.
Taxi-drivers, Hptel employees, guides and nigtclubers of fatty ex-king Farouk and in
mast not forget that tourists are here to enjoy themselves 'Buenos Aires after strongman
and hot to be saddled with the political and economic woes i Juan Peron was sent ito exile.
of the country or be harrassed Into buying at a shop that is T;he dignitaries of the Canon
not of the customer's Choice. Fi. regme have built many pa-
.-The tourist is a little god (gold one)n our eyes and should i ces that can be .a g .od.source
for the benefit of the future economy of the Republic be 'of income to; the 'State- before
treated as One. I they' ar6, sold.. Tourists dnd
Don't strangle the goose that is about to lay the golden Haitians as well' will not object
egg. to pay a 20 cents admission-fee
'to visit Villa General Magloare in
EVENM TI ELECTIONS. Turgeau, Prosper's Palace on the
'mwTAfm ltr T tL nnt"AT . Bbourdon hill and Magloire's s.m-
S SITA ION NORMAL mer residence in La Boule. That
Jwould be the year's greatest tour-
The magic iWle of Haiti has lost none-of its luster now that rit. attatin. .. -
the Presidential elections are in full swing. The effect of such an exhibit
This half-island country, the second: Republic in the West- on the people will be.tof param-
ern Hemisphere whose 4 million inhabitants are known to ounft imnportauice. There is uo
average more smiles a day than any other people are not doubt that it will give them the
changing their facial expression because they are rallying chance to know the other side of
under the banner of'one of eight declared candidates for the the man who4) they once trusted.
Presidential seat which will be available' next April. And moreover, they will 'be more
The French and Creole speaking Haitians are talking their conscious of.. their role. in .the Go-
politics seriously but as in everything else they love to mix vernment-,affairs which, are al-
it in a touch of humor. so their own. So they, will be more
-. vigilant and will Ieep -a watchful
Seventy thousand (70,000) North :Americans who are'ex- eye on the' men they call to guide
rnnfarl tn "i thIO ni;c n rirntr th-is rnr can nhnane tn ha intbrJ their destinies.

ested in pvlitick-ing Haitians if they so desire. '. -{
The numerous luxury hotels in the cool mountains' of P&-
lion .Ville, and the nightL, club circuit are withdrawn from.
the political scene, and the only sign or news that this is
the big election year will be perhaps th. invitation of a wait-
er or taxi-driver to have yod personally meet his' candidate
for the Presidency. .'- .,. -:
A visiting journalist foynd himself confronted by this'situa-A
tion last week when a hotel barber paused while shaving him'
(razor in hand) and. extended a cordial invitation to call that
afternoon on the candidate of'the people.
-The passive, general strike whicn unseated Paul Eugene.
Magloire from the Nation's cWhite Houses. last December-
13th, won, the admiration of disciples of non-violence the
, world over and should'still be the order of the day up to the.
free general elections. 'of this coming April. '

YWurs very truly,..

(S) Curious.

\ V*

i .
r' ,-'

The most important period to the fun-loving 'Haitians who
won their, freedom from France by. beating Napoleon's Eu-
ropean veterans on the battlefield in Haiti in 1804, is the. '
carnival. '
CarmivaF1timeor mardi-gras is .already underway here. Ev- -
ery Sundar,, ghily masked and costumed bandes and gron- -
peq, led by ,aitr orchestra of trumpets, vaccines- '(bayiboo. "b -
redds) and,'drums dance in abandon through the streets and -.
.over the countryside. The'.bandes* become more plentiful -
'And the'dancers more exciting as.the three days proceeding /
Ash Wednestly approach tlls year March 3rd, 4th 'nd. (
.5th are the dates when the whole country.in the spirit ofthe t .w ,
traditional fiesta carnival dances in the streets to the me-
."ringue and other gay folk music. .
In an interview this week, Mr Guy Laraque, Director pf.
Tourism, stated that although political events during the
month of December caused a number of people ,to cancel whg
their visit, tourist figures showed there was a 14%c increase Wil
December 1956 over December 1955. He also advised that '
during the first fortnight in January over .1, 111 tourists en- .
joyed our attractions and hospitality, as compared with 1,112
in the first half of January 1956.
Haiti is enjoying the best Cruise Ship Season ever, Mr. La-
raque assured, and several ships not previously scheduled to
call at Port-au-Prince -- the SS o.Frarica, < Kungsholm.,> have placed Port-au-Prince on their itinerary., -
In order to reinstate the confidence of the American pub-
lic that all tourist services and facilities are operating as us-
ual, Mr. Laraque stated that twelve important U.S. travel
writers have been invited to Haiti at the end of this month to
see and report on the true situation here.
Tourism is the second dollar- earner, next to-coffee, of the
country where dollars are badly needed,) Mr Laraque furth-
er declared and added that he was confident that tourism
would be at an all-fimne height next month.
Concluding with the statement that no matter what the.
outcome of the coming April elections might be, the Direct- .
or of Tourism said that all candidates have unanimously in- "7 '
eluded in their planks a long-range and large-scale devlop- ij
menit plan that will make tourism, within three or five years.
thq greatest single asset in the Haitian economy. -

, IL" -
tX"'U *^

- ~ ,~-'- F"- --

Dear Editodr, "
As.the campaign is progressing,
the situation is more inextic'able'
.than -ever. But in the meantime,
the economy of the country is ago-
nising. NOj one knows what will
happen but anybody 'i with a little
common ssense can guess what
the future .'will be, ,if the 'Men
wjho tlink and said they are coem-
pedtent enough to direct-the des-,
tiny of 4,000,000 underfed Haiti-.
&ns, do nDt unite their forces 6j1
th* Nation's salvage.

" Y

_ .O ....AN

i '. :. .:.

* l* f *'". '.'j
."...: I,
Much of the risk is eliminated when you power your irrigation iumps,."
with Caterpillar Diesel Engines. '.."":.3
They are capable of 24-hour-a-day operation for extended'periods, .:.
What's more they run unattended, burn low-cost, non-premium Oiesels'. "'"
fuel and require only routine maintenance at orescriSied i-yol I::
Many engines of this make have recorded more than 100,000 working : ,i,
hours...convincing proof that they last a long time. "
Coall op us for additional information and specifications before yoi"
plant your next crop. ... '
. ,* .

"' L" I

-" A " '.* "' ,'.*

4*' k--- |r 1M" -tN ~V" ^ ^ '~ -nL''' ^ T :f
TO* a ". & '/<^ i ir ^ *i ~: ^
:. t / ,, '- *

ince with rr wr. --

., this.... sZ +'4'" > :/'.
-h --711 >
-,: ,. . ,- ., -' _, : t,-
"' :' "- -'-" -.
..'... w .- r -

+ ,,;- '- j-'-r-. - = .. 4 t '?./
, t '-/ "
,C""', "% -Z ....r

.,' iiZiCii-I Ti
..X.-,..1'.., .. .:.:

yo;-can be SURE o-'a crop with--
yn you -can, be SURE of a crop with

"^ ; :'"., ." '''^.S 1.,SE ':.,:

- m

Must Be Done
For The Petion Square
Dear editor,

The Petion Plaza on tihe Place
des Heros de l'Independance is a
disgrace in the center of the Ca-
pital. The mbnu-netit stands in a
desert of rocks and dust. I unders-
tand that the Army needs the
field f&i 'parade and 'military ma-
noeuvre; But I think that if this
place wis levelled and covered
with grass, not dnly it tould
change the physidnomy of the
whole sectbr, hut also the' poot
soldiers along with the students
during the Flag Day parade
would not htv' to bath in thebi
dust and spend money to cleanfi
unifotrms and' shoes after a par
ade. '
The 'Tribunes du Champ de
Mars* which represent a perman-
ent danger should be-removed and
new one. built on the site of the6
former Pare d'Enfahts "(Children
Pay 'Ground) which is now cover-
ed with wild grass.
(B): Valdzu.ela

A Greater Haitian '. -
Federal Congress. ;

.. .. .A c ..
It is good that competition ti.
es place in a democracy, ti4t. In,
view Sf the' present situation1e an-,..
didates should-feel the necessity..:-
to forget each others mistakes and.'.
cooperate together. ,. "

I suggest that they meet in, 'a'
Great Haitian Federal Congress:.
Where the prominent statnnh!
from the five Departments'of .b. -.:a
Country; Churches' digtari.::i
top tivsinessmeri, .woud,-4 b ia "soI
admitted to discuss .the' ao i
6otfttdSw of the cuitty a4,. open .,
i new era for ilait as poitibal. -
oc and 'economic jlife.;, .:
S'INi 1804 this was done;. Bu'n-4
ly the Geueials did it. NoWt.a.i
We hive sensibly-prgO"Ue.
that we have 'medical
elitthdmen, lawyers, .,tegQa f:l-
siziessmben- diplomats, ste.. 'C
a Congress, I hope, will 'bTe. -
on a higher scale and the.;rmIIt'
Miore' enduring .ands'noze-" 'itf'Ul ..l
(S): Idealist' .. .

.., At.:

I. J

':.' :., r.. '. .. "
; :PAGE 41 -- -

Sortra!it, Of A Capital

S (Continued from page 19)

'h Few tourists visited the exposi- the sparkling government build-
'tion. But a surprising thing .hap- ings on or around the Champ de
.4 pehed. Those who did come were Mars, the President's palace, the
conv.Bnted, as though by some voo- museum, the national archives,
.,::doo agie, into superalesmen. the national library...and the vast,
rihTetretunaed home to rave, .about noisy, aroma-rich Iron Market in
:,the ,cotftry and its people. More the heart of the city to which pea-
and Mtbe 'came in the y.easfol- spit women daily deliver, on their
,IS.iwth, it P57,T t ".acoro-oi to :heads, groaning baskets of fruits
n ther*l# i p ee d l vegetables o from gardens mi-
'tuumberi sb, spakied ble out of town. For the visitor
60,0O,OTlihs tourism, sparked by who can speak a bit of Creole,
-i:, E16 mi'd vigorousl promoted, shopping in this most colorful of
i".t h:. grown from b nothing all West Indies markets is a me-
1:t6 one':of the country's leading in- movable adventure.
4us.dies in sevpn years, an'd by .
I'-l60nay well bring Lore money EDGE OF SPACF. He travels
:intoi.Haiti than. coffee, sugar or to the pleasant residential suburb
:..sisal': +. . of Petioiiville, five miles up in
:", ..i'.' the cool hills over a winding high-
:'To.'k.the tourist, Port-auIPinwce is way lined.with flamboyants which
N .1"te.. of starling contrasts. He in summer are gloriouswith color.
:s6egrealthy Haitians in Cadillacs Just beyond Pftionville, with its.
ih'' the "crowded- streets with elegant elite homes, he, looks
'. iM.; '8Stf.4lOjdding diown on the city-Port-u-Prince,
Xezxt door to his *hnd- that. is from the dizzy heights
..so hotel-Is a thatch-roofed of Ioutilier."Tieh'n over another
.' s ,ting4f.Ihe.next breeze winding highway. bordered ...for
Sto. it i Obhes from. Paris, miles with flaming poinsettia, to
!-".4ew: 'I*i.d'J ,,( gsiibre the 'he picturesque mountain village
s..;i;de+ijtllt-.'.th, teM&tJ, dresses of Kenscb ff.
odt .t'om feedbags. behindd. the air- '
;c.'.coi'erestaurant serving homcrd Kenscolf is the healthy -Hai-
f:ldspne,.-a. go-at's-head stew' sim- tian's -summer playground. There,
Qt mer.lu. a'btteredotov'ea-a fire j5000. Qt aove the city, he *& beats
i"of eocpnut husks. .. .. the heat._ (if he, doesn't vacation
J' abroad) in a summer home only
.The. visitor is- -fascinated by slightly less elegant than his win-
,these incongruities, and some- ter home in P6tionyille or Port.
: time .disturbed by them. There But the dutiful tourist must go
... appears to be no compromise bet- higher still for the ultimate thrill:
Seen wealth and poverty no to Furcy where, standing on the
umicddile class. Actually there is a edge of spaced, he-looks out over
middlee class, ready quite large, range after range ofl %'ild, road-
id A :becowMng larger as the city less, tortured mountains reaching
:an, "the country shake off the old all the way to the Caribbean coast.
'-Jet'Wel-enough-alone attitude, iExperienced travellers whom the
,. As yet, 'Port-au-Prince, hasn't ordinary .mountain view leaves
i'enough of anything. Housing, wat- unmoved have been knovn to
fe..e electricity and transportation .stand at La Decouverte and gasp.
Sare :'all "iiadquate for 'the ppul-- .if 'heo is in. Port-au-Prince' at
tlion, which Increases yearly,,as-re-t Mardi Gra's .time, the tourist has
.sidents o' outlying towns, migrate a special treat in store for him.
*,14. the- capitals. -But i thAf e Duripg. the three days preceding
.U.-ire s c h o o I s' anid. trade Ash Wednesday, thp city dons a
schools s even a fine school for En- carnival mzsk and dedicates it-
"iglish-peaking students to which self to having a rip-roaring good
"any members of the foreign coa- time. Bands of marchers in fan-
S.1ony,(Fnd their children. There ciful costume fill the streets. Eye-
')is a (.university which includes ry living soul who owns a musical
schools of engineering, medicine, instrument joins in the fun. Gi-
X agriculture, law and education gantic parades fJihi e afternoons
.(i.e., a normal school). There are and evenings while -all of Port-au-
:'good hospitals. There are cities, Prince gathers to watch.
of low-cqat homes for former Businessmen, meanwhile, grum-
' S." the sun has so many holidays, and
L- .-'.he telephone system, dating plaintively ask how in heaven's
S'fr0om the Marine .occupation and name they can carry on when eve-
.j-at'present practically .useless ex- ry national hero and minor sqi.l
ii.cept as a source of never-ending must be honored with a cele ra-
'jokeess being rebuilt. Electric tion.
ower.,.can, be increased when gr- There is much' for the tourist
:-n.erators are installed at the new to do 'with his evenings. Cabafie
pe.igre Dam, constructed in the Choucoune, PNlionville's old and
miiniuntains near Mirebalais to con admired thatchroofed nightclub.
I-t:ott-and make useful the treachc- is famous for its atmosphere and
ti.xs' waters of Haiti's largest riv. Haitian music. It is worth the pri-
-: er,'"the.Artibonite. 2:e of admission just to watch the
-:.; .. lovely daughters ;df the Hitian
Symbolical of the gdt-thing;- elite dance the meringue. Leading
:d.:odne attitude is the new Cham, hotels feature supper dances,
d'[e ltars, recently transformed. folklore performances and con-
from second-rate drabness into cArts by the excellent Dej.iean
l`one of the most attractive parks Choir.
:in the Caribbean, with new roads, At the Th6atre de Verdure on
walks, a fountain, a gleaming the Exposition Grounds, Haiti's
b-::'andstand, and tropical flowers in leading dancers and drummers
a- 'blaze of color. perform folklore routines which.
S^; Armed with his guide book, the a few years ago, cpuld be "seen
.:..newly arrived visitor bravely sets only by the adventurous1 visitor
'd.ot to do the things one.should, who went exploring into the hills.
Hi:e visits'the interesting Catholic They perform under the stars in
Cathedral, with its striking twin the cool of the 'evening.
spires that dominate 'the city's And voodoo. Not the real thing,
.skyline. At the-Episcopal Cathe- perhaps, but authentic enough to
dral near-by, he examines the be. exciting. And the mahogany
now 'World-famous religious nour- factories, where native craftsmen
a',ls painted a few.yearA ago by -with the crtdest kind of tools turn
Haiti's primitive artists. Then to out exquisite .'. trays, and salad
.. . ." i .'


Sunday, JANUARY 20th 195

bowls. And the Centre d'Art and has at least a conversational in- -the heart. There are no words in
the Foyer des Arts Plastiques, forest in everything under theI Creole for abstractions, and no
where the best work of Haiti's sun. Talk is an art,' not to be ,niche in the peasant mind for
best artists, some of them now treated lightly. He is sensitive to'them.
world-famous, is on display and the effect his words have upon He lives in a city hovel or a
for sale. 'his audience. mountain hut, eats when and
So much to do and see! the' / what he can, and goes barefoot
visitor will want to visit the Bar- 1 His home is tastefully except when city ordinanceS force
bancourt distillery, where Haiti's furnished and staffed with him to wear shoes. Avowedly he
fine rum is made; the'waterfrqpt servants. He drives a good is.-a Christian, predominantly Ro-
for its busy fleet of fishing-boais car, lives well, dines well man Catholic; but.he sees nothing
- the -feedbag fleet, some call and entertains a lot. The chances I incongruous in attending church
it, because so many sails are in- are he is a professional man, an on Sunday after paying hommage
geniously fashioned of feed and officer in the army, or a hfgh-lev- to the loa at a voodoo ceremony
flour sacks. And the St. Vincent's el government employee. Few the night'before.
School on Rue des Casernes. elite Haitians have a fondness for
where ISister Joan Margaret, Its the world of commerce. He's clever and stupid, happy
founder, daily does the seemingly Listen to the bank clerk, the and frightened, shrewd and child-
impossible for Haiti's handicapp- customs house worker, the shop ish. The-, harsh, demanding -moun-
ed children. employee. He belongs to the grow tains that dominate his life are
S'ing middle class. He, too, drives all the world he knows. The state
Then there is the American Ciub a cari, though not, perhaps, so ex- of the nation? -That's for the po-
on the PMtionville road, with its pensive a car, He also entertains, liticians, m'sieu.. Yet, add a pen-
challenging .little golf course d- but not on so lavish a scale. He nv to" the tax he must nay for sel-

signed for mountain goats. And
the Parn Leconte,, with 'its
e.'citing soccer matches. And, of
course, the children's centers and
dispensaries established 'in- the
past'- few years.

singly, many 'tourists do many pf
These things, for.rtle: 'Visitor'- to
Haiti 'seens..to -.be.a .different,
sort of, tourist-curious, not ca-
sual. And along the way, soon-
er or later, he discovers that Port
au-Prince is different, too. He be-
comes aware of its unique perso-
Listen to the talk. Th'e elite
speaks Parisian French. and jhe
subject under discussion may,'hbe
world affairs, poetry, medicine.'or
art. The educated Haitian is well
educated often'in Paris- dand
N, -

1' 1

.. Three co
you intc
Sof the.P
S Only 90
to Sontia

is the new Haiti, a product of ling a basket of' pottes in the
Haiti, a product of Haiti's own marketplace, and his howl is a
educational system, alert and am- clari.on.
bitious, Big new schemes are fi- He is getting more attention
naricially, out of his reach-those than he used to, this barefoot pea-
are .for the leaders, who have or sant. He reptsents; after all, 90
can re omrethe l naers wo:sarve o a nt. Heke- nfs "te'al is9
can promote. the necessary' eiaif- percent of the population." He is
'al-but he is quick to seize oppor, being taught to read and write,
tunitles of a size he can handle, to fa'm hid bit of land properly
So'. mapyt needed. things carn. be to look after himself. But such
manufactured in Haiti, he will tell a program costs money, even with
you. Matches, .-soap, batteries, outside help, and Haiti is a pnnor
.paint...... country. It will take time.
Many things will take time.
Listen, finally, to the peasant. But onJy 150 years ago, rememb-
His ancestry is African with fever, "this. exciting little Caribbean
deviations. His talk is Creole. republic wore the chains of slave-
Most of tie words are corrupted. ry!.' Toussaint L'Ouverturre would
French, but a Frenchman would find much to be proaJd of were
be baffled by it. No matter The' he to return today.
chances are nine in ten that he'; (From Latin AmnenTin Report
-is discussing basic' things -hung-i zbith special permission ro eHai'ti
er, work, health, this affairs bf 'Sni' to Reprint.,l -

- e.. 7L.

,4j it.3"
.il......... ...

nven;ent weekly flights to take
Sthe gay, romantic atmosphere
edrl nf the Antilles!
Minutes from Port-au-Prince
ago de Cuba by CUBANA!

For information and Ireservations see your
S Travel Agent or call'Pan American World
Airways, Rue Danfes Destouches, Phone 3451

S Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays, at 1:25 p. m.

ONLY $25

9 1 ; I.wssa

Sundgy,-JANUARY 20th 1957'" HAITI SUN PAGE 7.

DowN onrRue


Now that people through the Press and the Radio are free commission, (half and half deal)
to ehtgage in acrimonious polemics now that Mr. Everybody others are paid monthly.
can present himself as a Hero or the Great Maker of the new- Many have already made a so-
ly born Haitian Democracy, it is just and right to pay homage journ in, the Rue du Centre
to those who, though silent and eamorphesv, have contribut- ..blockauss- (the jail). Some of
ed and still contribute in a very special manner to re-establish them aro reported to have disap-
ing here the principles which generations have strived to im- peered from the scene--most like-
plant in the Haitian political life, ly when they are caught twice.
l. d t h e s But despite the dangers and the
SPoorly dressed, hungry looking, more petulence to the general sad threats, the trade always finds
and, tired, they rub the sole of and suspicious mood of their old-inew recruits and sometimes too
their "asapattes. on the Capital's ers. many. No onie knows where these
streets from morning to dawn, In times of political upheaval, errand boys and men ue. How-
bringing the Word to men and they are the most exposed:; but ever, any body can. guesi where
women who, though conscious of someway -or another, they hwe and how they exist just by, look-
their subjugated condition, and ing at their emaciated fae ad
unable ;to brake their yoke, were J I I their, dirty clothes.
happy to know -the truth 'by The, corresponding word for
which men live, and which -ma- ( (J newspaprmen in Haiti is cae-
kes men free.. r'.,"- teur, or the delivery boy. Better
crBarchand'Journals. in Haiti,. / I fed than their brothers,--the .mar
contrarily to the cNewspaper- ti chand' 1Joumrnls*- beca use : hey
boys. 'who deliver papers in the have, steady pay and s6metimes,
American homes are men who Sf W6ld two jobs, the sfaeteurs, are
sell tracts and opposition papers modestly dressed but clean.
in front of stores, or in ,the streets Moreover, they can make the
at the risk of their lives. They are distinction between two editions,
recruited among the lapge crnwd they know how to read. since
of ,chomeurs, living in the Ca-, Portau-Prince streets and ;houses
pital City. are not marked, they must. have
Most of them are illiterate and I intelligence to discoer the dwel-
may have no political opinion or .ling of the new subscribe in the
attachment to the Editor who -. ,al- down town nla cour -ourmis' or
hires them. They have accepted' in the Jourished gardens of the
the deal, just to collectt a few Bourdon' hills as well.
-pourcentagess to keep them But their .debrouillard', spirit
from starving. It is not rare that which benefits his boss can also
a .marchand'Journal. sells news-'" do great harm. The facteuirs who
papers that are fighting each always succeeded in distributing are not content with their month-
other, at the same time. 'tracts and underground newspap, ly salaries, 'from time'. to time
For the past months, teenagers ers as well. The poor 'marchand' may skifb the house of one or two
have joined the ranks of the Journals, realise very little, money. subscribers and sell the papers to
marchand'Journals a, adding I frdm. their sales. Some sell by' their "iivate *. abonnes a. Of
_----------_----- -- _~ course, the ,dog or the wihd is al-
ways responsible for the loss of
BE SURE TO READ the newspaper.
Some facteurs are very careful
and it is not rare that they be.
THE FINE PRINT!come the'%imnds of the families
they serve. Besides monthly tips,
Haiti is an old word of the Carib Indi a n s which means they are given their yearly .&tren-
cwooded mountains)) And Haiti was well named for its sur- nes.. t k. s-,
face area is 85 per cent mountainous. InlwhIac they know wr o is good
You have not seen Haiti until you have been in its mount- and who is uot. Certain people,
gains, and what could ee more pleasant than a 15-mile drive up us. ually tough with their" -domes-
a picturesque road lined with flaming Poinsettias, to charming tiquesw and who cannot get alowg
"'Chatelet des Fleurs in tall pines in cool Kenscoff, well with anybody, always have
Almost 5000 feet, almost a mile above sea level. Chatelet to report' on such ,facteur' who
des Fleurs. exports cut-flowers, Carnations, Delphiniums etc. heals their dogs, throw the hews-
to other Caribbean countries and the United States, and also paper in their yard etc...
operates a delightful small restaurant and serves beverages. Collecting the monthly fee for
.Most Frenchmen get a kick from the operation by an Amer- the newspaper is the -facteur.
lean of a restaurant with such a Parisian name, but the guy hardest 'job. Even the richest, out
just happened to study high-school-French. of habit, tells him to come bac
-Chitelet des Fleurs also manufactures tropical perfumes, another day-and so the monthly
a'-high-quality Haitian product of fine value, bill mounts up and in a fit of
*.. It's hpeantifil autumn uwnathe- .nA,in ,, anannfr n f .r ....... good humor one dav the subscrib-

o AF-- l u-sinwaulvj ,w n %e;nsOcu Jii tFe i .yourL
most delightful experiences can be a leisurely visit to mile-er'' pays and the ,facteur. is in
high Chatelet des Flours. ithe boss' good graces again.
1 The truth is that newsboys are
Amcic.,n French. Cerm .-n, Haitian Cuisine of not always welcomed as they
> srp e Qiii s .n Ishould be in .many places. So far,
Uns,rpase into an association like they have
CH TEflT DES.FLEUR done in most advanced countries.
CL!ATJ l: ItiWFLEU SWhat will happen then if oire ta'
TnI C'oC! Kenscoff. tl n"' nvspaper boy Ngo on stri.
kn' Those who are rough with
---them should think twice about it.


(Night Club of Hotel Ibo Lele)
Presents exclusively
SFolklore Troupe under the direction of
Shango Open Nightly except Friday from 9 P.M. to 1:30 A.M
$1:00 Cover charge Tuesdays and Saturdays only.

Stop ovjr in cities ean oute, at no me jta -'
TUnrivalledwuice. aboard .. ohadb-ae Lue or
Tourist Rights.
For faullinforuallm, Kr
n yo w Trwel Amt.

4. .::



C1. E .
L -
M H :" SS

E KING.SIZE .. :.f

<^ .. Q ""
:" ^

.' ..-L4. RS.
g S

?, .l* '0"


_.. .^^ * 'j

It must:'
be good *.

Johnnie Walker musw be good, to remain in t i1,
lbrefiont of Scotch Whiskies for over 130 years. -
It must be good to pass the scrutiny of distillers
with over 130 years experience behind them.
Try it today-you'll agree it's good .

p." GRBROLM ". ... ':. .

r ,,'






,' '. .0 . n -
"*." *\ ^ ^ *" ." K^ '

onmoedent#*^^ .

S. and his magic mram


S. 0 17 .at I

",l- i. e .. .. ... .


fle WorId4iaFmouLBeaat3 Products Are
,:.: .: .:: ..+Ou,3l 'ea^ *' ..

I Canap a p d t/t r t

. o...' :
:T-, : ".. .,
++)..., .4 t -.i n uini.. .

, -,", ,





During 1931 1942, Weesner was in-Washington, D. C. in govern-
ment service, while at night he studied -law, graduating in 1938., with
law degree (LLB); and continued flying as sportsman pilot.and or-'
ganized flying clubs. Commissioned Lt. (JG) USNR, April 1942 and
promoted to Lt Commander, 1945, Weesner did a'three-year -stretch,
-for his Uncle Sam.
After/the war Paul Weesner organized" air transDort services, con-
ducted a general air charter business between Canada, the Ujnlted
States and Central and South America; and established a new,shrimp
industry in Mexico, and in 2 years carried over 8,000,000 pounds of
fresh shrimp between Mexico and the U.S.
Purchased, Hotels
Apparently Weesner then decided to keep his feet on ,the ground,
part of the time at least, as he purchased the Riviera Hotel in 1953
along with the Hotel Miranda, Acapulco, Mexico; and in 1954 acquir-
ed 'Kia Ora, apartment motel, Ormond Beach, Fla.
Although Paul has controlling interest in All American. Airways,
Inc. along with other airline activities, he, seems to be at his best
while serving as host to Visitors at-the Riviera.
While the hotel has nearly every facility for plteasing visitors, h'e is
always cooking some new ideas and adding to the staff. Recent addi-
tions were a beautician from Fort Lauderdale and a swimming pool
steward from Miami Beach. -Miami Dailey Newsy.
__ _____ \ 'I _____.

gle Pa Vle
V16 pas "Wi, mdsi6, se sa pou nou oue. Nou di ke krdol pa
_- 1. . _., ... I-- wl... .. ._ LI- ___

Sunday, JANUARY 20th 1957


Hotel Riviera's Paul Weesner
What is basic in. prolding you with comfort, facilities, se',ices c.iid
general satisfaction when vacationing away from home? It is the ex-
perience, operational kotoz-how and personality of the iman who ma-
rages an overseas hotel. Let's take a look.
Of all the popular Caribbean islands, Haiti provides for the
visitor a unique setting of some of the highest mountains in
the Western Hemisphere, snowy beaches, bright sparkling
seas, exotic foliage, and in some of the hotels A Yankee know-
how in operational services, thereby providing the convenien-
ce and comfort of home while abroad.
The Riviera Hotel d'Haiti at Port-au-
Prince, overlooking Haitian Bay, is
V owned and operated by Miamian Paul
Weesner. It can serve 220 guests in
manor-sized rooms, all with private
baths and many with picture windows
and private terraces or balconies. It is
represented in Miami by the William P.
Wolfe organization.

Active In Aviation
Apparently Paul Weesner injected
Into the ,operation of the Riviera Hotel
many of the lessons learned from the
aviation industry in which he has been
active from the-time he attended the
Wichita- School of- Aviation, Wichita,
Kan., 3 an.d completed ground school
work for''.solo fly'ing- in 1929. He then
barnstrrmed: and flew with Freddie-
Lund, famous stunt pilot for one sea-

.. I-



doue ekri gnou lot jan ke iranse. r o sa, se mag. KOte nou I
Saprann sa.
Nou voe pou grand mount la vil tankou gran moun .nan mon
aprann en franse. Tou sa s6 blag. Nou pase toua zan lekol
pou nou aprann ke (an, en, ant, ent,) f6 an. Tou sa sd pedu
tan. Nan krdol, tout voum se do. (an) s6 (a-n.) li Hkri, dpi s6
an P fib. Si s6 pa sa di-m, sa li fi,
Nou di kU, kreol pa doue ekri (louin), I.o.u i.n. s6 pou ekri
louin, jan sa-a: Loin. tankou si (marsouin) pa tW ekri m a r-
s o u i n; an franse tankou si Edouard pa t6 dkri Edouard.
Gad6 non, m&si6, asd betiz6. Konprann k6 nou, konprann bWin
sa nou vIe. Nou di, o! Ki jan ou vKd pou kreol ekri kafe ak
(k) pouki li pa 6kri-I ak (e). Tou sa sd blag. Kar. gnou 16 (c)
fQ (sN) gnou I I f1 (kW. Nou &kri (CUlie) ak (e) ki prononse
Celi 6 nou dkri Cllie ak (C) ki prononse KI6Ii. Si s6 tout ba-
gay sa-a yo kU nou old pou gnou adult ki pa gin tan pou li
pedu, alW chits lekol aprann, nou s6 gnou bann ransi. VI "
pa viW, jan ki pi fasil-la, s6 jan sa-a kreol la doue ekri. Bon, OR||II I
6pi tou, sd pa pou litdrate franse, kreol Ia ekri. Parole frans --'R UCK OWNERS
pa parole pip. Si devi dizuisankat nou te ekri pou pep-la nan -- '
gnou jan pi fasil, pep la ta konnin li. Bay moun la pi, mdtd IF you want the most
literatu frans6 sou kot6 jouk nou kapab fe gingnin souasant
kiq7 -M1! san monl nan nei-a konnin Ii. E, si nou A6e f6 sa rive for your money, us*
vit, vle pa vAd, s6 montrd pep-la li kraol nan jan ki pi fasil-la. -
V16 pa vIe s6 sa. Si s6 pa sa ekri di jan not vl6-l. Be Fe .GOOdricl
Di tou sa nou olA di. Min lIi ta bon to l Dou noel es&v6 f6
sa nou mande-a. Ekri franse nan journal, s6 rans. Pale frans r TRUCK TIRES
nan radio, s6 rans. Pv la bezonin li e li bezouin konvrann
sa V. li 6 sa li tand6. V1e pa v06 s6 bould rid nan kreol la. They're made with
Moun pa doue fe edukasion gnou pip nan gnou lang ki pa
ang li. V16 pa v06, kasd-m, revoke-m, voy6-m nan karousil, NYLON
voye-ni sou pavy pou nou sa montre pip la li an franse sde. SHOCK SHIELDfi
0f6 Pa nou. Min vei-a ava disparit, sa nou vie-a pap rive.
[onfinud tronpe pep-la; min sonj. k6 nou pa kapab pasd tout f" Heavy Sevi
an non ap bafou6 gnou pip, f6k gno jou l1 revoltd. I
Pa koue kU mouin kont pou pep-la rive H franse. Pepla WILLIAM NARR ,Port-au-Prin6e
ingnin pou '-11 apran li franse tankou nou aprann angld ak Bouccrd & Cie,.Jacmel Raymon
spagnol. D'ja, se sa ki k6manse fit. N-ap ekrl, n-ap pale Laroche, Cap Haetien MAso Jean
iou pa minm konnin sa kap fAt. Vi pa'vl6 s6 moun kap ekri Bourgeois, Aux Cayes Mithel Des-
Ian mouin ,kri la-a ki gin rezon. quiron, .T'dmie.


%* PLACE (GEr-k*Abl # -

concrete Densifier give:.
resistance water-tightness

EFerybody FaVoUiHt;


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Port-au-Prince, Haill
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Open Asi .tia .,' . .
Sunday Cumsrti km 7-S p...
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Le Perchoir


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ounmtala-lnp eturat,
.Dancing aWd Gft Sep

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GasSUm md Daindg
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limes 311
Air-euditloned,- Ear Dani .. '
fleetest erehmtra, fetleza fe orflwui

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Dinner dancesl on Mondays, Thurldays
a.d 3.4dim -

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Satumdaymand Uueds!s ftmtj,,i1A
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471M. Broo i : Co. ;
Wpard .LBtai............,.....,.
' '-.-."...

p o : n .. : ''. ." :
CATHOLIC usBICn *4'.".'
.. ,-Cathedral: 4, Il:3 andU aT: t:
HOTELM IO L sre-Can: SmaI,. B.u ma; ;; o"
St. Anne: 4, ,a d 8 .., *;V' <.
St. Giraird: 4, S aid 3:3ba ALi
HOTEL St. Newts Be Fr ance:m 'm'.il> a
1IBO LEK L.e 1 m Tco.(it. ,
ie Iad.*.'.* a.I .0
O StL Perre(pWtiem e:t.a' ,
andlil aMAL
I uXPtemissA. cnusseft'..* 4 **^,
Pitenvflls. Cathedfad:Fresh aax-kulSI7
Dinner dance -s r 3 I wn. '. .
Tuesday ad n rida2" Phes TU*M ptia Chunk: 3 .d Is tam..
.: z:.. : I
SHANGO ROOM ', Preibytei s. Iad I 1'1L
--MTHODr .. ..,
_______ I4-6 ill m- 9--!ll I. m. m ***: i : I : i im :;
4-6 a. .
a. E0-4:1a
*I..IM Dieu& *;4.f

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S "" 7:B'00. .l. .ah-. O W 'ench
A6 .6:38 EvaatBresmvlme iI&
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C.rrefeur meed Cm i,,
i ';.~~~~ If, .ss:..."i'" ;, "M . ..-S
. a , . . . -4.. .
,,. ., : .''.'lx.'-f" ",
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.S t" '" ""; ;. : M ".. : '. '
..-Mane m a A..,:, I

^'.'-? .

On thah bauttul dsp (day byu ay e s lay. benS A
Haiti) we wish to extad toyou-w heartiest welara" 'o
We, an we m ryo. I Hai wUnt you to have S
piemant md Duio'abte a. 6 lovely ..d lhA
~ ai . . ' L, *- "..* -?

fHei Sm (yo mwapw) kmo eoflaba'atlcm N3M
BeRli treol, (ya- .hoppaw eia) have ;.
-.wectioo of the nwmapm In ardr to gin you j, o sl
that-wll halp yo to ash your tofmy met prott blo . .. .'. ,. ,,.* ,.. ,
Wi,,..e s* sh'al y y ur for any .. ,MUM ,
m ay m L a . :.. .

N----e..... .. -. ..--.-.. ---.------. .



soe yacquin
Vt, ed idA -
"i there are
nnIL y initer-
sting tr i'p s
' which" afford
",;:,A elose-up'of-
^',",'"' 'Iaitian life
)Wtu16t gain if you
OtrU sgteeing to the'

ohyventi.n'l auioxni&'
jp to niavigat-, the
cfts' and river crciamp^.
i. ca be 'adein a-
,- A .f, , .
-:; .. .. :, ./...-


(for which you will have a new roof habitations..of peasants and
respect). You will have a new ..p.rrivu in rural Haiti, .where life
test for' ILe -attracions of the rToes on as it has for centuries
.itykv. ..You.'All fe-l a great pity if the city below d rinot
.or 'he Jaded characterss who sLt. LE PERCHOIR, modern
Save' not strayed from the bgr ',as on the, mountain, offers
since you left... And, of course, the facilities of its restaurant
Syou will have a good reserve'of and night club, its Terrace Bar,
Sconversationalr ammunition to and its branch of La Belle Cre-
*last .you, fdr many months.' ole Gift Shop to make the trip
* 'So, starting .with.the shortest eveni more enjoyable and profi-'
pip, first, hire are a few boiled table,' .After' sundown light
down suggestions for travel in wraps advisable, and gentlemen
Haiti: ar ". e asked to wear' coats in the
M: i" 'restaurant eSfter-7 p..n. Allow
.BOUTILLERS MOUNTAIN. twb tours. fot this trip plus
AND LE PERCHOIR time to eat .,.
'(Lear Pershawh) The-rprch) .
The most spectacularsview in AND LA CITADELIA.
Hai:i 'i ,060 's'quareT' mile s' of .,' '
SHaiti adout.bfor you Thtp isan epei in
S.a .piirnacle 'of C' forP,, sun- history and gortphy. It kan
,light s'Ashs6wPo.,du-Pri-.. adveture ..an4*: pilgrimage
"."r: ""' .-(3.Q. feet ;hic.h you mnist not nss..
..Xe. Lies,.atj OV..: .("00 'I
/(elow) likea'#int i To.ge .. .
St~o ti6s tn~ath t&kh 'utbeie.,
le dr. a ur'o.gttabljio C .- .. v4:. ',..
ride 10 t ,le 'ia: a', "/ -u ,; .
: .rmc h,,t.I I ,r J Jy ie ..:.... ,., ,"t... -

-.:i -. 'a v e e l. -'r .e
I -.,, -comx end.: tht'.,.--..three

a.. sa,.;to'"Cao peby

?1 '.Ak]A f sru. .nu f5'G;ao,t hoin out
. ^ ,J .m o o r, e o
;*on,, v, ,:t u3a .t....c.nf..
;'t0V~ 6T 6Petiinvlei,:'ihen up; a..

hour of this trip will be' full of
tin fou'rgetteble impressions.
If you are pressed for time,
you can fly to the Cape'l-in 45
minutes, arid can make the en-
lire pilgrimage in a single day.

If you want another trip off-
'the-beaten track go to Jacmel,
o .Haiti's south coast. Jcmenl,
once a floy~rishbmg town, &Uill
has considerable export bu-
siness, but is typical of many

* '" ... ..ir ,' ,
' Haitian provincial sea-coast
towns waiting for better days
td come. ,acm4 ,has .a flavor
Sof lis owi. To get there lyou
, .can. take .the easy'way b.y air,,
or' the iadvienturous way by
road, about 60 miles, practical-
l"every .mile- of which- has a
ier crossing. .Near: Jacnel is

',S ,'"S .'

one of Haiti's most beautiful
beaches, Raymond le B om.
-Two hotels' there, .clmuw d
comfortable. Plan to stay ver-
night at least.
'(Pine Forest)
In auth-eaet Bait, f
sone 60 6mile from \Pe rew
Prince is a bouttuift P ew an
at an elevation of abdut 7,M
feet. To arrive et thi 156,90
acre forest, onfA duies &ms
the rikh ougar eaWne, 1of
the Gul do SBa pim, ta&
through a narid a regi def mw
tus to the edge of Lake tainf
Sumatre, fnamoua aI lie, A&
festbd with crocodiles, 4iyg em
the frontier 6.f the Dokcniac
Republic. There theli e mb o-
rpences to the.cool Pine Frt.F
This trip will e dF day,
returning tb your 'ho'tel
cocktail amnd dinner.. "Pes
throuAh t number of sE Nd-
tian towes end vMagM' 2.
fords a variety of hIpreois,
of Haitian u-1e and ,-g"gr.
take a' '*rap'fr your wt -
its&cool up, ti te. ;

i'i"*: . .. .
":. " ".. .. . ...... . .... .., .:.. . ., '... .., ,

\';' M wI;, w': ""ow"'"' "* l "y ...... ff w "; ....". "..:v
qlI . - ,- ...: "


... " . .-'': ..i...." .

'"'-' a'" "'4'"- '
i ,, ' i', ... : i '

M.':. r '
* v." ,.'.
*W3WC _'

nm ^

o L
,/y^" ^i~s-gJBWst






4: 4& i -"J"". j. ,--W

- .^ .: l'.' ./- ". ; '!, :, ., :. ...k *- '''r,-*.. ;.. ". :,. ,,"^ : ^",? l.'-. ". i ; *^^ '-' (^" -;': .... \ : \ ': ** '*- i. ** :* .
a.u n ,',,. r"., m SAL;.-S:.,UL
r '1alim
.~, 11:9JV



- 2
- -'C..



. Fa i




Elegance and culture pride and grace conversation m Frenclh Alternating
Spanish, German and English and the mystic message of the drums spin cadence. c
a web of enchantment for visitors and pleasure-seekers in the ,Petit Pariml a dance so
of the Caribbean. spend no ti
looking on,
With gaiety as the keynote of night life in Port-au-Prince where the dance .pist
atmosphere of a metropolis is fused with the artistic primitive, visitors are Though I
in for a precious gem-to enter into their book of souvenirs. Inn, hn n

Whether nibbling at canapes and
caviar, or enjoying the best in
French cuisine, by Swiss Cook
ZeUler, guests dine at a 3,000 feet
altitude and ac4nire the emerald bay
from Le Perchoir, Haiti's smartest
restaurant, air-conditioned by na-
ture. From comfortable places on
the breezeswept terrace, the pano-
rama takes in the stopping of the
cars at the Dominican border 20
miles away. Whether it's a thick
state-side steak or an ethereal Rum
Souffle, the superbly prepared and
elegantly served food at Le Perchoir
leaves diners with a sense of being
well cared far.
The Casino International, a swank
establishment run by a staff im-
ported from Italy is one of the major
Attractions of the Capital. It's famed
night club cSmokie Joe's* enlarged
for this season will continue its po-
licy of presenting famous foreign
and local artists. Rhumbas, mambos
and rQmantic Haitian meringues are
danced to the rythmic beat of a top
local orchestra, while excellent Ita-
lian food is to be had. The gaming
tables at the Casino are run under
the supervision of the Haitian Go-
vernmenLt. The Beau Rivage Hotel
located opposite is run by the same
marigement and is famous for its
Italian food and wines.

Near the Palmist Section of the
Exposition Grounds is the Open Air
Theatre de Verdure where visitors
can attend the Wednesday and Sun-
day shows put on by the talented
National Folklore Troupe.
Around the curve of the bay looms
the newly remodeled Hotel Riviera
with its air-conditioned .Bamboche
Room. stage for Michel Desgrottes'
tri-lngual crooning and a nightly
tloor show.
Special diner dansants once or
twice a week are featured by the
leading hotels during the Season
Visitors should not miss an oppor-
tumty to hear Haiti's internationally-
known male Dejean Choir, presented
on Friday evenings by Hotel Ibo
Lele at Petion-Ville. El Rancho Ho-
tel features Ti Roro, Haiti's number
one drummer, and a fine Folklore
Troupe and other special dance
nights on Friday evenings. Dambala
Hotel has a Saturday night barbecue
beside its marble patio. A Haitian
Buffet is served by Hotel Villa
Creole on Thursday evenings beside
the pool in a gala tropical garden
decor with music and dancing to the
rythm of the entertaining Villa
Creole Band.
Cabane Choucoune, world famous
thatch-roofed night club, at Petion-
Ville is thd mecca of the Capital's
elite and visitors on Saturday nights.

orchestras throb put the
of the Haitian Meringue,
simple that visitors need
me on the side lines just
but are drawn onto the
e. before they realize ft.
Cabane Choucoune has
the societv yatherinff

place of the Haitian Capital rum
and sodas are still served for 20c
(U.S.) a glass, and the entrance fees
vary with the type of entertainment
being offered. Leading foreign
entertainers as well as local artists
are Choucoune features. The roof
garden at Hotel Choucoune, famous
for its Thursday night Candle Light
Suppers, is an ace attraction, for
dining and dancing. For late Stayer-
Uppers any night of the week, Dan
Allen's Rendez-vous across from
Casino International goes strong
until alU hours. And along about
1:00 ajn. the joint is usually hopping
-though it is at present, temporarily
closed on Saturday nights.
For dinner, minus dancing, the
French-iun Pension Le Picardie.
at Petion-Ville gives you the best
food rarely seen or tasted off the
Midi. Aux Cosaques is famed for its
tasty .Flaming Lobster. specialty
and other typically Haitian food.
Just off the Champ-de-Mars, the
Savoy serves both Haitian and
American dishes, and there's where
you'll find your delicious southern
fried chicken. Tucked away in Bois
Verna, a block or so from the Na-
tional Palace is .Au Chanteelair.,
with its outdoor tables and heavenly
food awaiting you 24 hours a day.
At Bourdon perched on the moun-
tain is Hotel Montana, the new

show-place run by the crack Hotel
Choucoune staff where visitors par-
ipate in anll the attractions offered
the Choucoune. The Troplcana
Guest House is at Petion-Ville and
features the French-American and
Haitian .cuisines. and afternbO
teas. Hotel Marabout at Petion-Ville
serves American and Haitian foods,
and .Auberge au Clou d'Or. has
a French chef and rotisserie, at
Saturday night in Port-au-Prince
is also the night to take advantage
of a trip into the nearby hills to
watch the peasant 'bamboches. or
non-religious dances under open
tunnels to the pulse-throb of the
voodoo drums. It's an *unforT
gettable. experience.
The folklore dances which no one
could have seen a few years ago

.Mike. of Hotel Choucoune and Cabane Choucoune, the man with the
smile, was voted by the Tecon Corporation as the most efficient and affable
waiter in the Republique d'Haiti. Seen above with Flour Mill builders on
Choucoune Roof garden.

ZA it tkt FACTS:







5 pce.


S440 607
on. (wwto^ 4- g~j~i~fafo. pnei ^u.


except m thZ dark Hills and small
villages, now beguile tourists in elite
night-clubs and hotels. Based on
themes from voodoo ceremonials to
carnival capers, they are matchless
entertainment. Stealing every show
is the dance of Banda, the clowning
agent of Father Death, who pokes
fun at life and sex with blatant
sexual movements that somehow
skirt vulgarity.
Aux Cplebasses in Carrefour is a
little off the beaten track but there
is a real atmosphere and spicy Hai-
tian food there. It's orchestra is re-
nowned for making even the sick
(Ed. Note: Hotels and Night Clubs .
are invited to send in their programs
not later than Wednesday of each
week in order to be published in
this section, entirely bee of charge).


.i Ud&......... 4 M I I I I
VIA2 wmmwr w 9 9 ^ ^fS ^ ^ ^ ^ fl ^'

43 .



OTromol svitzerLm

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f^ifL4Ab &jre I7riih"






~Tr~rni H~~bC~


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. v ;



S ". " ,:- i t:. .. .. ..
^ .. '.*. ; . : ...,". '. '" '. .;'." :-.,..'; .'



0 i,

/ /


., ,7 . F.,

:' .. +i..'. t^^ .;- ^ ; i i* . .. '' ,..

,x, "....s-.

....-.. '4.... ..

4. .4 *,4 ..

'~ L~fl. L
4.. 4 ; : .
,. ; / ,i ,. 'r - 4 . . .. . . . . . .... ,... ...! . . . . ..

,*,. y *. .. .:Aj .:., ,. ".'" "" I.".:;Z."' ' .. !

.. .. ,. ..,
'- } 1 -' . . ": :LI ."I",

4'4' : . :'. : ,. l -,,


S, "',.

' ^ v 1,:** '.*' *
E., .. ,." I ,' ,..

I J' . .1 :.
' '. 1:- ': :*


* ~ ca q ..i

. I. .

: . .,., ." 4 .. i, '.. : ... .... .. ..*--: .. ,... .' .r .. .. .: . ... .. .,, .- ..., ,. ,' ,,,A
* * *- .. ../ .... ** .- .., ,'a **, ...;...: ,,. ,- ..^ ^ - ^ :- .,..





rW, ,







,, iI .',r


. I

. 1 ;

,,, ; ~~a f
, i, p^^
!i.': "


.,._ ________ HAITI SUN '______ ______AGE. 1,

-_ ta, $,ie wd ton y...
/^^ ^/ -, 's ^


c ', % bu f ...
. ic ...

] ^( UIK.DAGWOOD,) |^ BH
- .19 THE C1-4ILDPEN



/w J
T~l F 11 ,

* . ;, W EIG EIHB ORH O D "
... -" . T ., Pm ,E 3r
0 f ; r.

,, .,.


I AM ,

17-:7 ( tWlS K,'T 5TO)P1C4YIG" K PLEASE SAOAY,
-- r-l S. -. ,-, TERRIBLE A

-- I .'.Z M Y. U. ,. ,

'. ** -. a .



"--- Az ':"' ------'- [
.... L -'4 .. .... ...,,...._ .-: :
, .. ...............

.. .-. -.-' T HISM
- -- --'TIME?

... ... .- ,/ ... --- ,

v,.. i I

:t. ;4- \.AGAIN

(4 Ic. ordi~hr rw~v.

- *i-----0- f, - -.~. - --- --- -- -..-.- - -TLm




. - i-.:,

M IA M I.. ...........I..


>4<4 "n t store O venue
-. z4, )
. . l s. r Fr Po Pi
t) e e,- -

'Mdr 'Tbe ie
Lon Pipe

Mahogany ware!

4 4 {

44 44 :;. a s

4: ~ 4444 444 <4 4
4444444:. 444:
... .. .. J< "444<444 t: .
44 ~4 4 4 4 44 >44444



SPort-a u-Prince


By Hugh B. Cave Yet the vcery characteristics ce of spirit that finds the mar
(Author of 'Haiti: Highroad to that. tempt a use dtf the word of progress-if it be an import
Adventures) ugly- are those that give this'sort of progress-just a bit d
..noisy, colorful capital of Haiti its concerting.
Port-au-Prined is a city of a mu- charm-and charm it has in abun To understand this it is necc
lion voices. Roosters crow day and dance. Shopping is fun when one sary to look at history fdr a m
.night with maddening disregard I gets the hang of it; and free port ment. Haiti was discovered by C
for the clock. A dog barks and ao prices. make it attractive. If mod- lumbuA, exploited by Spain, col
hundred others respond in chorus, emn buildings are few, fascinating nized by France. The story of LI
Church bells belabor the dawn. old oes certainly are to be found bloody war for independence
Marchandes trudge-the tree-shad-. everywhere. The narrow streets too well known to be repeat<
Sed streets chanting the virtues of with their alpine sidewalks arc here. The important thing, to r
:ware. carried on their heads. full of interesting sights, sounds member is that the Haitians di
iHorns hoot at every intersection. and smells, and blessedly frec, of struggle bitterly for their freedom
It seems unbearable, and the streetcars, and today, only 150 years late
newcomer shudders in the be- are still keenly aware of the fac
lief that he will. never adjust to Port-au-Prince has no streetcars Toussaint L'Ouverture, Hen;
it. Then the noises mysteriously and only a single toy railroad, Christophe, Jean Jacques Dessal
blend into a background murmur whose amusing little trains', are nes and other leaders of the fig}
and the moments of hush emer- more photographed than usdid'.As for freedom are no mere name
ge: the hush at noon when the for buses, all but a handful are in neglected history books. The
city pavements are stove-lid hot; station wagons, called cmononettes. are as alive today in the heart

me nusn at.,eyvening wnen the sun
has dropped into the flaming sea
behind La Gonave ... and the vi-
sitor becomes aware of smaller,
subtler sounds: the soft laugh of
a peasant girl, a homemade 'guitar
on a high veranda, the flutter of
hummingbirds in hibiscus bushes,

f OWnS of (the lj7?u&46

The big gaudy buses that lumber of the Haitian people as the pre-
noer the mountains to outlvying:sent occupant of the National Pa-

the drumbeats from the darkening Il towns are used only by the poor- lace.
hills. . I er classes. \ That palace, a handsome Whete
In time the small voices become l NO IMITATIONS PLEASE! The structure oztthe Champ de Mars,
the important voices. The din is city is growing. In the past half has seen a lot of history, much of
forgotten. I dozen years. hotels have sprung it violent. In any account of Hai-
It takes a little time, perhaps, up on the mountain slopes and ti's early history, however. Poit-
lor the visitor to make his adjust- the bay road to accommodate the; au-Prince must take a back 'eat
ment. More time than might be ever increasing number of tuJ- to Cap Haitien; in the north. In
demanded of him in some other riqts. New homes are uider cons- Cblonial days ;Le Cap was Haiui;
Caribbean capitals. Port-au-Prince itruction. Piles'of building material ;Port-au-Prince was only an unitm.
is a paradox. As handsomely si-lin the downtown streets trstify 'portant outlet for the produce of
tuated as any city in' the world, to the expansion of business aad the Cul-de-sac Plain. It acquired
on a picturesque deepwater bay'trade. its name, according to some his-
with a theatrical backdrop of The customs house, long, refe torians, from a French ship, Le
5000-foot mountains, itJs never-.red to by harassed res'ddits' as Prince, which anchored in the na
theless not a beautiful city.- }-the -.mad-oibuse-,-ihas e-enInr- j while ightifig the English.
Its downtown streets are inade- ged. A Cement factory."thas risen; With the coming of independen-
quate and choked with traffic. Ex- out of smelly 'sulphur flats on'the 'ce the tide turned south. Le Cap
cept for a handful of up-to-date outskirts. Sutper-markets have 'faded, never to regain its glitter.
establishments, its shops are made their appearance. A multi- The village on Port-au-Prince Bay
small and cluttered, with too million dollar flour mill is in the became the seat of presidents
many old-fashioned signs that di- building stage. Before too long and, gradually, the center of the
vulge the proprietor's namne but there may be less charm and more country's commerce and culture.
not the nature of his business, efficiency. It was a city torn by violent po-
Sidewalks on assorted levels If so, not all of the city's 150,- litical strife when United States
make walking a form of violent 000 inhabitants will be overjoyed, Marines landed in 1915 to occupy
physical exercise, and except on for the Haitian by nature is not the country. Within three years
the main thoroughfares where it an imitator; he doesn't want to a president had been blown up
would be suicidal, people walk in be -just like everyone else.. He in the palace, another poisoned,
the streets. I cherishes a hard-won independen- three more deposed by revolution.

Sunday, JANUARY 20th 1957

* A*'
,, .1

(..4 .

:. .!

and a fourth hacked to bits by. an era of comparative political
an outraged mob. Not all Haitians calm and slow but steady growth .-
Srecall the American intervention yet still remained more or less is- :
with pleasure-motives other than olated. The foreign colony of Port -.'r
that of restoring order are cited au-Prince was small, the tourists
to explain it but few will scarcely numerous enough to
deny that the unwanted visitors count. .
did put the country on its politic- A SUCCESSFUL FIASCO.. n
al and financial feet while vastly 1949 the picture changed. Presi- '
: improved sanitary conditions and dent Dumarsajs Estimh bid for' j
A building badly needed roads. The the tourist trade with a Bicenten- ''
. Marines, too, put a stop to the nial Exposition. Financially it was .
activities of the .notorious Cacos: a fiasco. Esthetically it was one. ;A
- mountain brigands who for years of the best things that had bap-..'."
. had hired themselves out to every opened to Port-au-Prince in years;:
. politician desirous of overturning for it transformed the city'sworat :-
the government. slum into a handsome baysi de '& -
With the departure of the Ma- park.
s rines in 1934,-Haiti entered into (Continued on page( 21) ... :i




'Bpisrkiing nowl
d" v o a aiinan o 03rn a" *1 -

The drive to Cap Haitian and a visit to the Citadel are neveri
to. be forgotten experiences. .7 5 AjS
BUT!.-. .;
B uil.,.....

For the highlight of your vacation you must make the.drive..
F .e M .."'i
viao :Cpanann and Santiagp ':"
Round'Tripor One Way No Return Charge
S.' .IC4'- OF HE.LOW COST ) .: .':
- ':"

And! The car is still yours for sightseeing and night clubbing :":.
acl i00 The next Morning of course you may keep it Longer. :::,-
For Road Maps Suggested Itineraries-Information.


Telephone 3742 263 '


.. -".
'Ad h a ssilyusforsgteigadngteub ,:' -,

aeti i:00Thenex Moringof couse ou my kep Loger ; -j / i,

For oadMaps-- uggsledItierares-nfomatin. "" .."'
SALL -" ,

77ITT 7, 7
77 MMM77`01 7:

'PAGE 0 Sunday, JANUARY 20th 1957

--kge 4 Fast Plane, Fast Talk and Fast Buck,,

'U I.S"
Tourist Seen Getting Raw Deal
k 4-
Tbk American tourist is getting the old fashioncd snow y
t Yi
-jo in
Ih a hard-hitting article in the Saturday Review, Ho Iwo
b many foreign countries, 4 travel expert charges. race A b

Sutton- said the American tourist abroad in,1956 < _2
being duped and taxed and played foi- an interna- I have a boy friend who is very
tional. patsy.
t el writ er Sutton,- pointed equip himself with so many pap- much in love with me. My pa-
rav rents agree that he is a gentle-
lx',,`, out that it's often more difficult ers and documents, forced to pay AGIE
man, in intelligent and effi6ent
Y," i'getting -in 4nd out of friendly so many fees and stand in so ma- yo ung mX But they say that I
W'6sittrn countries than the Soviet ny lines, it would. have proved X0
"-I, -, .1 I cannot marry hirn because lie has LANCdMe
1 "'YV 'Union easier in the long run if he were no money. Franlrly, they woifld
eaccuedhotels in some or7, merely required to have in hand
1. 1. 1 q rather welcome a rich boy in the
k.,eik4",.countxies of hargln oirk- one valid passport and one valid
I family even if this one didn't
S Q&e etis, such as an additio- visa.-
I have any personality. So far, I
%:.nal charge of anywhere -from 65 Cuba cliargcs$2.50 for a tour-
haven't 6a-d anything; I am'afraid
..cents to $3.25 for acake of oap ist card, he added, and France_
that Iii telling them the truth I
telries. England the Dominican Republic,
In uxe French hos might be disrespectful toward
-He also had some for Jamaica, Bermuda and IWti chav-
them. Please, h
es flyi urists to: and gge tourisths for 1he right. to leave. elp me to find a
n`9 't6
"'Ilrom f6reign countries and ref er- He. said 7 Frwices.. departure tax way to tell it to them.,
q. S): Marygrave.
-r6d'to N&r York's busy Interna- becomes imore expensive the
Dear Marygrave,
Adrport (Idiewild) as ca cc you travel.
farther from Fran Kec,) that in mjnd ,deux mal-
national disgi4ce.-: commenting o ts he
)erry nairpor gres pas fri.. But if-,you insist
S*16, saW f faciliti
00 mAnY, oreign' said the new. L A N
es now being on persuing your ideal I won't
mercha6ts and governments ::were, b ilt At IdIdwild are -five years advise you to depart'from it. *ho
wisely, Areatift t late, arrivin
1 g American- our- 11 1 long. aftor elesSer knows if you are not- right. How-
V, ists as soft green briyiledged m6tr6tQses as Mexi-
IeVer,,,continue to study your.boyl
bUMpkift Lb ting h -,,Co Cit 6fid San Jiah, tor noth-
country urs -wit y Say 'fi4end's real sentiments. If he is
Pf Ai'fflars; an gullibility. 1,111a Of, Gen4va, Zu6ch Chicago ksincbre, the biAter It *111 be, for
(011ROre Field e aux Tours & Travel Service
H was 4eifig-,,duriodd in hid- aha,'San Fiancis H r,
youj for. in our:,tlme it Is very
en taxe tUat-wpnt to'. ifil local c6 have opened :glistening lay- rare' to find a future husband
ji6raries, and lb-cal. tj Ab. outs.* ly upon. If he is. 156. Rue Danies Destouchps
roa 9 was double.dunned for. gutton, charged, that tourists us-
port really Intelligent- and not a P.O. v. 98,1,- port,
-tips At h6 'he often mg ai L1q ati-Prince, Haiti (W.I.) Tel: 3871
me was too:
sfr uently'niust Pay maltre' dameniyou have nothing
k charged fint-class rates fr'tfie' 'premium prices -for ordinarily to fearforybur riches. Keep in
to travel betweeD_ in e'nor, S n D R IV H YOURSELF RATES
rig t f good that o. counter in :a rail-
touch with mc. during your little
airports, oii aircraft offering see- road station-, would dare,- ass s
investig 6A on your boy friend's
n SS SerViCe.v 'ati
real mo atient Car Year Seats Per Day
X, ral values,,ndbe p Per Mile Ref. Deposit
31, Stitton explaiued that While the Aurn. to -ta t! FORD 1956- 5 $10.00 x $0.10 $30.00
with your. parents.
-American -tourist rarely needed a gointilit of prideful Servl'c-e and SIMCA 1956 4 8.00 x 0.08 20
(S)' BlEary Doogoode,' .00
to travel to the Caribb- S, tt"
cordial service,.. u, o-nsaid the, Dear' Mary,
ean and Central, Axneiica and ra- age of the fast lane, fast :talk,. : 1 1-All Gasoline and Oil.
wi have,
P heard that -womem 'll
i;I needed a visa to travel to and t& fast.buck. is' begi 2-InsUrance Of $10.000 per person up to 5 persons between
O the right to: vote in the coming
kdob% che was required to wear alittle thin.. ele6tlori. I havebeen:sttxdying po- age Of 16 and 65; Plus'$10.000 Public Liabilityand $5,000
Property Damage.
litics for i:thc past few ye rs and
3)-Delivery, at airport, Port r
I f el., mature enough 'to 'handle Petion-Vijle I o Hotel in PO rt au Prince anij
X 4 rp e
'tracts Ve Aable.- Julees -major r ffilllties I intend
to 4)-MaPq.tof Haiti and PortaU.Ptince.
-y tcan attirev, for the
Aeclare, m did
I REQUI49D. Valid DriVer's LicehAe
X sidency.as soon.
as th actual AGE V M4T
DRIV'EP-.. frOITU16 W 6-1. -years Old.:
political situation is-, 'clear.' -.:Do
WEEKLY, RATES: $50, xA0 and $3
yoW-think the.,Hitian men will 5 X .08.
aive me their votes?,
RV11 1, (FTeminist,
-Dear' Feminist,
Politics is, not, my business.
but since you are iiterested in
up my little ecornais-
a n c c s i t o find some good advices;
N for you. DoWt 1be shocked for
what I' am goingto -ask you. Are
you, pretty?,, Or in the place of
4-, comeliness- are. you sexy? You I
kiow' this count also in an elec.
toral campaign. If you -me,6t this
rbiquiremels, throw y6,ur hat
(the 5th Ave. stores in New York
av iuSt rele aseda new fashion-"
hailed -by. the US Congresswo.
A. men as the, hat designers, -greatest
contribution t_' world peace) in
ORE YOUR HEA the battle. I would everf -sugg
a few, po
fr4 _4- ints for your program
governments. Free port prices
lee Them Today At of
for, Co' etics, chabacoip' for pea
Sant women instead of the large
W', -epraco. Which :is not suitablefor
up and down
cIimbin, mountains, V
Men should do housewife'work
instead of waisting their time
The nowest -Salon de Beauld. is AViolettev which
and money in'Polities, no acon- is I c ted, 1109
Rue Capoisjheroc5' that leads to Hotel 01offson and to Hotel Casjt
traventionS'- for. women drivers,
k, h6iti. Ladies of the Capital are recommended to call qt th
etc... his, nm.
Hair Salon to see for the)Rselves the establishment and the
So, dear Feminist, good luck,
4. "A" of its services. Advert,
and do no& depart from. the rou-
Cm. deux.'bordS. 1i e:
Al (S) M. D.

Sunday. JANUARY O20th 1957

In An Interview with Le Nouvelliste

Chamber of Commerce To remain
Outside Politics
11.7s past week the new Board of Directors of the Chamber
,of Commerce, through its President Raymond Flambert, de-
clared that the organization would remain outside the realm
-of politics.
This new policy was outlined during an interview granted
by Mr. Flambert to the daily &Le Nouvellistev. The election of
nfPic-rs nf tha Chhamber' asdministrntve oniunoil onnsidrped


o' the Chamber of 'Commer'ce's Haitian Ev
program. Haitia v
To this, Mr. Flambert replied In Lond
that the ne*, Committee had not
as yet had time to work out and At their home in P
dratt a complete program of ac- don, England, Monsieu
tU6n, but offered to furnish two dame I. Saain gave a
or three of the objectives of the ant -party to enable. H
Chamber resulting from tne deba- cnts to meet together
tes and discussions during the last their own celebrations
two assemblies, of the anniversary q
1) -We must remain outside of cc Day. on January lIt

provoked by the events which overturned the Haitian politic- aUL political activity,, he declar-
al Scene. d. The purpose of our associa-
tion is to defend the interest of
Mr.,Flaqibert explained that the question of the Chamber of Corn- its members on the commercial
-elections in the Chamber of CoBn- merce Real -Estate Society which pand fiscal, plan, and4 not to inter-
-mercq haL taken place in the the inadequately informed news- fere in the political debates of
mo$,fdpmocratic manner, on De- paper reporter pointed, put; he the forum.,
cebtr 27th with numerous mem- has confused jt with the Ci'm- He further stated that the atti-
ber'vipresent :'and actively inter- ber of Commerce.. tude of the Chamber of Commer,
ve ':..with. ommendations apd. He explained that during...a., ce would henceforth be one of de-
suestions aslt otbe manner, thqt last six'years it is a fac 4iW erence towards the authorities,
the electoral operations should few memberss attended the%* n lnd of collaboration with them
be held. Although the..discussions sions -, especially those.,,,.-wi for social assistance .to the econo-
we#e. heated, MPr. Lambert said elections were to be held; ..':4'. eallv weak.
thit each respected the opliiq nvitates obtained, from. -cea+tp 'We are entirely rejectiAY any,
ofthe other, and. if- the present business firms' This practice-fi' [system of shameless flag2ery or
committee is holding ohice, it- is d4 6g.ated into one ata ystem'atio opposition towards the
because, the. ballots so decided it. ,.iici :somewhat'distorted 'te A established Government.' We will
STke journalist asked--the -new s.is t-;tei1 elections. At- the keep outside *of politics,. Mr.
SP ident if it would be indiscreet meeting preceedinrig the last Ge- Flambert repeated;. .
to inquire about the -mandates' neraLAssembly, the members by 2), The Statutes of the Associa-
that, were granted to several bu; virtue of the Statutes of the or- tion, the President further infor-
sines firms and if these mandates ganization, decided to abolish this med, would have to be modified
had been Vancelled. practice of mandates requiring and adjusted in conformity with
Replying that this affair of that these who. had delivered the economic and social structd-
mandates had been the object of such mandates should come in re changes of the country, and
an article published in Qne of person to vote for the candidate that a Committee had been ap-
our daily papers, Mr. Flambert of their choice. pointed to attack the job and sdb-
said )hat without doubt, it .wvas The elections were consequent- mit a. report to the General As.
the con-sequence of an indis- ly postponed for a -week, and in sembly as soon as possible.
cretiozi committed by a member of the neitt- meeting the elections 3) Mr. Flambert also -stated
the Chamber who was caught off took place, and the -thorny ques- that the organization which he
guard., tiqn. of mandates was finally set- heads will take measures to con-
'On the whole, it is nothing Led. tact numerous businessmen who
of very great importance, nor is "Lei Nouvelliste's reporter thad for onetinason ortanoth. r lost
it very grave,, he stated. iLet/us then requested President Flam- interest-n the Chamben and. aban-
say light away that it is not "".a bert to .give, a general summary doned it. Contrary to the general.
opinion ot the -public, tha 'Cham-1
her of Commerce does, not ,in:li'
PAULE DUNCAN INSTITUTE OF BEAUTY de hll the businessmen of Port-au-i
S-- .. ..K .Prince and the provincial towns,
.vhr' . e.'are diffee.L'sectors of the
national, commerce which.. have
very little or no .. presentation
at all, this is particularly 3? with
wavl--small businesses.. The task which
-^t i8 the' Association will -undertake,. is
to make an appeal to, all -to be-
come affiliated so that i erom day
to day the Chamber will'take on
importance in the field of nation-
a] qconomical activities. aIt will
S truly become a common interest
to all those connected with corn:
merce and trade in this I land
which is so- dear to each and eve-
ry one of us,' Mr. Flambei-t said.
-- '...Can you tell us what are -the
Wishes to announce to its distinguish clientele that to conditions required to become a
new hairdressers have just been added to its personnel, for member of the Chamber of Corn-
-permanent waving, hair tinting, euttiigi and umise en pums. merIe?s. the journalist fr6m I.e
Also for pressing and saving all types Of hair. Nouvellisle. asked the. President.;
Ilbss Paule Duncan, the Direetress, :i a gtadtte of the The answer was: promptly given;
+..fa os Eele Antoine de Paris and Is at your disposal for 'Any individu, connected with
friee. -faultations on the Care of the.skin .and hair. She also commerce, and proprietor of 'a
,Continues the pedicure and, treatment of the feet. commercial -establishment, may
Address:Avenue des Dalles submit his demand for admission
( (Petit Four--Opp. Aux Cosaques) 'Phone 5311. to the Administrative Council of
the Chamber of Commerkee which
RATTAN FURNITURE SET will be happy to consider the-ap-
RA A Fplication. We seize this occasion
to make it known to all business-
men that the Chamber of Coin-
meTce is ready to receive and wel-
come all those worthy of our or-
iii ganization..
At. Au
)" -- :-',+' Aur

- Visit Haiti Trading Co. Today
Chamber of Commerce Bldg. Tel 2069

eluded His xcelUecy.
or Dejean, and a*numb
ents, two of whom had
Manchester and Paris i
oasion. Friends of Haiti
bers of the Press of t
ries made up the party,
received by their host
ass and entertained to
ty with all-Haitian disl
were much appreciated
mired. The rest of t
was given over to Ha
ing. The spacious loun
.corated with a Chris
with lights in the nat
ours, and dyed grass
and red also. The Va
especially delighted at.

Qi T~

The slightest motion or your wrist winds the rcv',.',-& r .iA
ne n.echanim ol'r these Girnrd-Perregau': Gyrwrii,, '' ",
storing away more than 40 houis running ti.nc. 1he;3 '.
extremely precise mechanisms are protected by the most ..'
elegant or waterproof cases thnt Switzerland can proLc,, ...
t1e 7050: A h,.,,wile,, ..aon's ,i,.c/i, ava,/abe ,,iid ,,l ,ss .:'.
Ssieel) ,r" .olid'gold'- .
Ref. 7071 A la/ny ,/, rc/i 'orex.inordun-ri-vacctiory', available r
aIn sIloinles ,reel or tillh solid golt bezel.

Pronounce' "Girrd-Per'go-" 7.-:* "
Pine Watches si nce 1 ". 'i

N .' . i ;,.. .. ,-,.7. :1.u;
. i ..', ..)mm.

Po.rdx. 462


'"* PAE,21' '

cung the opportunity of seeing snow
llnlng for the first time on Christmas <
oBn Day. It was a haply, memorable ..
and completely Haitian evening ..
utney, Lon- which was greatly enjoyed by ev- .
ur and Mla- ery guest and which contributed
most pleas much to the goodwill and esteezi
aitian, stud- in which Haiti and her people are '
-and make held it the United Kingdom. :
4n honour Arthur H. Thrower ..
Independan : .-
.,ets-ln +.y "When In Haiti
e oj 'stt ,,(+" .. '.. : -"
come IrdaS ..
for the o--.

who were
and host- .n "
Shospjtai- i4
has, which
d and ad- and Its latest releages-:
be. evening of Haitian Meringues .
itian danc- Parti ary the
ge was dc- -Pari Warly the .. ,
stmas Tree, T B -
tional col- j...
es in blue .t ..
itians were the most popular rhythm .!
having had in the Haitian Meringue ;: '
-" .*- .* "* .: :.

me Fred WOOLLEY'S >



1eacyti)el ue:. .

1-e4-v C1Ya 1

.\ ., ~fc :. ^
rzuae ony la

woje 49aGdk.

,.\] *f" E*wVfM ^ yw w .." -. **"

.. ,.o-e : 7,' :


'-. .i'.:
* - --. --- V: '.;,,'

.....-....:. .

flVCi'.lA 9" '" ', ".. _. .
itf4s'". I I

I "S I w"

J..." UJ a' ,

h*-Jean 'Eno .I wgrking in the jU. Mary Helen Fisher and Mary
an Morgeot returned to the
Fi l*' academyy of Assumption. Miami.

6t e ea ipesm N. r oMary Helen entered her 16th
halo year in life on Januaty 10th. Mary,
:.in.t last week we have not yet Ann enjoyed very nmud the'last

l& co: ufiather, .bab d..h ".. *ball at Beeleovute.
ll^..;,'.'. 2 *- -' X~...?( "1 tXv .
|^T'im Larode and ihf Cqnchette Mr. Nicolas Ascanio Buros,
^haye 'another baby daughter. Mi. First Secretary of the Veneztelan
tele.'ardved I I.tl f tnM Genoa Embassy, took off on a short trip
w.'ly wher. John it It present, to -Caracas -Mbnday.
M.lian Consul. xxx
z : .. .,-:; ....; .. .- ...: .. ..' '
-::/':.-.. + . .. x
:., .. Madame Sbsette Roy and Mr.
IFtMuad Frpd T.. el...pre iac. Harry Ddlaquis announced their
1kjr.a grand motor tour of u. *tAprn, laB.w- .- '-
dren grandpa. Franz Seig- -
i,,i., he Phacot ne ,ter '" r am )., xx X,,
0e. villa ,' patpnohi -r.- Brigitte 'Franle, Cultur
t before retrnmgto. hoe Attache 'at the German *Embassy
.Craeu "Venezuela .' in Washington .is here':on ..a visit.
I,-" .... '. ,;z 'z * , . ,E." x x x .- -
..: . Miss- Maaeleine> 'gaan, daughter
n' after an agreable sojotirn at -f.lWand' MrL .Ovde Craan, *il
Til.a Creole, the families 'Sam e6khange'.matrimonial vows with
fag i and Milton Maidenberg, M...lS ert..Poitevin in St Joseph
iqirationaal China ,& Equip- 6"0 '; January 26th. .
A4nt' Co. flew: to Indiaa:, At .m rid x x xe "
s: Airport their' ch'arniing. !.t'Mrs1 YvHnrie .Hakime Rimpel
&ighter T~imnda and T*ibbi safd I redup.rating at her' Ruelle Ca-
4goby t6 Max and Mounity as mille,*U &oni home from a cr.acci-
l 4 tb. t1he Haitian Meringues. de 'which occurred two weeks ago.
1:" "x x, orn-the.Gonaives road.. "
as : . '. X : .,


John Eby is the new manager
of Hotel Simbie. Mr. Eby, a vete-
ran Hotel man came here from
the Fort'Montague'in Nassau. Mrs
Ganot owner of Hotel Simbie re-
cently fell and broke her leg-
she is recovering rapidly.
Grace Conley, of Ridgefield,
Connectic-ut is the house-guest of
the Vrooman's of the Internation-
al Club for the season. Her pa-
rents, Commander and Mrs. Con-
ley, U.S.N. retired old- time visit-
ors here, are expected to pilot
their own air craft down next
Chantal Sejourne who recently
returned Jrom studying abroad
gave a dinner party last Saturday
Evening for her collegiate friends.
Talented pianist Guy Scott, son
of Captain and Mrs Lucien Scott,
returned home last Saturday from
Paris where he has beeru studying
the piano.
Ex-Colonel Henri Fils Aim.6,
the new Haitian Consul in Miami,
flew to his post Friday.
~ ~ . .X'
Mr. and Mrs Christian. Dumou-
lin'received a new addition. to
their family last week. The little
lady was christened Florence.
,x x x
Bill Lenard who had- the fa-
mousr, V. show .This is New
York,'and was, recently stiiken by
heart attack i-expqected to arrive
from Porto Rico .this ;week :end
with, his Haim radio. Bll who will
spend a week at the Interzational.
Club has been helping Ed Morrow
with his remote TV. shdw from.
.. .. ,,

Sunday, JANUARY 20th 1957

San Juan. A Ham for 25 years,
Bill has been given the first tem-
porary ham licence ever issued to
a visiting tourist. His call letters
will be HH2SKE an4 he will con-
tact his buddies abroad and give
Haiti a little needed publicity.
The Petion Ville Football Club
has elected a new Committee at
a meeting'held in Parc Leconte
last' Saturday. The new Commit-
tee includes: Mr. Thybule as Pr'e-

Pistic Surgery In qch away does the press
retf'dr to PLA-ENTUBEX
Without ScalPel lt et"ol DRP permeates
h `*i with' exttad of
U gh'plaetG. Ahd.only PLA
CINbTlkx contains serel,:]
0. Y'6d t be s urprised at
'.I hP results. PLACENTUBEX
rejuvenates tired skin,' des
iway. with lies o' the *cin
Udd ilh.k, and restoies a
M al D Tee to the hands.T
-NT "EX is very easy to'sap
ply. Just spread a thin coat if
PLACENTUBEX. on the ,skin,
then add a coat of your usual
cream. Each tube of PLACEN-
TUBEX comes with detailed
instructions. One tube of PLA.
$ ,n CiENTUBEX is sufficient for
Several months.
Grand'Rue (opposite St Louds
PLACENTUBEX de Gonzague)'
Will Do The Same FOR' SALE.AT:
F r -Nobbe & Bondel, Bazar dh
or you .. Camp de Mars, Violette
Beauty Salon, Rue Capois;
Look at this charming and'in- mie. buchatellier, Turgeau
lelligent lady whose radiant .. Jean Elie, Cap-Haitien
beauty does not betray hex.Minpe Jean Etienne, Gonaives


.n 1,.r ~
~/, 14''

Igom 6, piles ------------

sident, Robert Salnave, Treasurer,
Dadulle, Secertary, Philippe Fau-
bert and .Carre as advisors.
Miss Lucienne Denizard .w'i
married to Mr Ulrick Delatourier.
in St Gerard Tuesday evening
The young couple& was led to thL
altar by Mrs Edouatd Felix. a.-;
marraine. an SMr Lewis C. Shi-
eld as parrain,. A reception fo,-
lowed at the residence of Dr and
Mrs Antoine V. Carr6.

' r

'-', . '

Sunday, JANUARY 20th 1957.

Haiti's Artistic Renaissance Gains

World Attention Due To Tourists

tourists to Haiti are being Christ, who is turning a gourd
credited with bringing to the at- water into wihe.
tention of the art world the great Baptism of Christ also is dep
artistic renaissance now develop- ed as taking place in a setting
ing in the tropic Caribbean island, milar to the I-HAitian small fa
The Gtories and pictures they er.
brought back of the murals in Touches of hu.nor only emr
the Episcopal. Cathedral, Port au size the deeply religious tone
Prince, sent artists and critics to the murals.
Haiti in large numbers. In the "Garden of Eden' see
There they saw spectacular ex- Eve presents Adam with a lar
amples of aprimitives art in the lemon-like fruit. Artist Touss:
government sponsored *Story of Auguste never had seen an app
the Bibl ", as painted by native Toussaint also had difficu
artists. 'imagining a camel. In his pict
The,artists found it natural to of the Holy Family fleeing i
picture thC: life of lesus against Egypt, a strange, humped anil
the tropicw)'backdrop of their own with the head of a donkey folli
everyday liNs, instilling emotion- Joseph, who is wearing. the .lhe-
al evilenee that religion is a vital selled knapsack of a Hail
and .living thing to the Haitian mountain dweller. -
peasant. Artist Prefet Defaut's, imp]
sive "Last Judgement, is detail
Painted in an off tenrra cntta, with meticulous, almost geomQi
the body of Christ hangs from a precision. It is a stark, strange
cross in the center of a street in moving scene of. groups of anc
a Haitian town. Shop doors are mous little figures, each hold
shuttered, and massed citizens a burning candle.
huddle in silent sorrow. The procession of the dead t
To the right is the O Wedding up a ziz-zag trail toward a mc
at Cana. as pictured by Wilson tain peak past'shuttered IN
Bigaud. It could be a marriage dings neatly marked -Guard
feast in any. Haitian village. Haiti," 'Post and Telegraph
The father of the bride sits at flee" and -Pharmacy.
ease in a rocking chair, enjoying Somehow the incongruous 1
a cigar, while a black pig, main chdies only add to the deep sine
dish of the feast, lies on a huge ty of the murals. The great f
leaf. Children and dogs, excited ing of reverence inspiring the
by thepreparation,;, surrounded tists can be felt plainly. The
an orchestra of drums, bamboo rals bring Christianity a new
pipes and a flute, tality, recasting it in the esthel
The guess, dressed in their co- cultural and racial 'symbolism

lorful best, are shown filing by




. \




a kindly and humble people.

Five can fly to EUR4

via New York for the

of three with PAA'

For details see your Travel Agent or

World's Most Experienced Airline

"Rue Dantes Destouches-Poartau I




HOMMAGE TO THE TRUTH- thosewho were going to prove
Their admiration for us after
Port-au-Prince January 16, tions of certain American jour- thi" .happy,, revolution.
1956. nalists, has just won the admira- It is just too bad that
Dear Bernie, tion of the U.S. State Depart- we have quickly joined. 1-
Following the talk that we had ment. of the Americas and per- the ranks of barbarians ,
last week on the outburst of pas- haps of the whole world with when we had just given such..
sions and hate that followed the its historic success in a pacific a wonderful lesson of elvism. to' .
pacific-' "revolution, the result revolution unique in world histo- the civilized world. Indeed, it is .
of which was the overthrowing ry. and which somewhat recalls a suspicious mixture. : .
of Dictator Paul E. Magloire, I ,Gandhism. I believe it is the right :'t'inie -"
am using this column to expound -Parodying the reproach that to tell you that the situation is "'
a few comments made by for- Maharbal addressed to AnnibalI painful in as much as it is ereat- I.
eign journalists and at the same after the battle pf Cannes other de by those who are enlightened..
time to refute the accusation of journalists cnifessed to us that but who unfortunately allow '
outr' confrere Sevaphin against Haiti knows ,)w to -make revo- tifhemrselves to be overcome .'by'. .
Lieutenant Georges Lauture. lutions but not how to profit bitterness and engage in slander-: .
Haiti, according to the declara- from tiem. We have deceived all ing others. '.:
______'___-"-- r- However- dangerous calumny '.*
may be, fortunately thqre aj l. '
ni people that it cannot attain. We
are justified by our acts .Al"-
.though injustice belongs to this !
world, tliwe who like Lieutenant
qrrg^-s Lauture, possess a sens 'iW
-.- o-f duty and hbonor, and have nev-:i::'
Rock-Slinging out of Vogue -r given in to over zealousnessI"',:
rthat cgivlsfor favrs, will alwousn-es
,One of the wonderful, delgk'htful asec's -of the Haitian peoe iskp stemof teriea-;
*heir sense of humor. Even in times of adversity, the Haitian can ma- chical iperiors and of their.=
nage a blague or two. And within seconc,- after some outstanding oc- friends . -.
curence the HAitians have thought up a humorist' or ironic.ail presen- Our confrere Seraphin .i.n !
stationn of the situation and in supersonic, seed the .,elediole. has taking Pition during a .broad-.
taken it from one end of the country to the other. cast, against certain Polit offi- '
How the ctelediole- can spread .ine histoire, in such a short cers who have fulfilled their ro-:.
space of time without the aid of telephones or other modern .means les as the people's% e tecufix
of communication is anybody's guess. ers, let's say with escient d
Since the opening of the presidential campaign the *telediole. has conscieecel under the former
been jammed with .mentis, (lies) and propaganda. An examnle th.t regime. has put in he..sme."t
illustrates the etelediolea. is -en panrie. is. the fact it has not yet an- isaci the name of. Lietean V
nounced the termination of the rock war (war ,of .rocks). Geerges Lautur Whose educa.-." "
Thi. war came to-an end this nast'week on.tbe return of Candi- n, intellectual ormaton and ."
date Dr. Fnancois Duvalier from an 8-day tour ,in the North and the the social group to whih he be-
logforbade him all. exceessive!:.:;
Plateau Central. Pacifist Duvalier riding in an open convertible led lons oade h nall.essive
a long cavalcade of autos through the "sovereign people's land and w o t o
rn liy other offi cers shi w .i ;=.
not even ,a pebble broke the dust. ce s e t if
SThe reason for no stones was said to be the fpct that the Wvell-dis. e te poie as in any otbtiu-.'i
ciplined followers of the .Doctor refused to be intimidated by the rgani.aton iund r the last -Go-.`V.
jeering "people souverain.d. " ..... verm ent. Lieutenant George a..
But even the previous week the intellectuals of'Cazeau and La eLauture is one of tbena bst .id'e
Saline hpd shown a marked distain .for rocks and had developed a end it officers .we know. 'His .i
new teclnmique against their adversaries.. When a long line of cars. of dependence is marked byprai-:,
partisans of the Senator were blocked i a traffic Jam on the Hasco e.worthv occupations Hoe's; e-
road the_ .sovereign people, using bigasse, and other remains from and upright, his .ambition is. to"..
the side of the road smoked and choked their opposition on their -ucceed by work and the work'
7.,Vi. ,:,tre.al:ent.a.lt it-sclabn, to:be-iL.. doesin-ahis spare tiite is .olS
the fihd n bvioleue,_V (reots) t fro "f.c.t e -ematrol" ;". '. *t .e--
should be brought to the attention f.the ity'Lutieil]- tbo shbiiid' that it cbuld'.-ssuire" 'Jim e0'.:...
.see thie.streets are cleanly swept so as ithesd fiiunny- people aiA fd n a, easy life. '
Y_ obh ah ..easy'life. : .: :
no ammunition on which to' choke their 6pppsitibn. '" Our-' -nfirere Ser&itnawns-'^
.. ...- :. ". petrtinenly tiht whita A. aid s ',
T 'about Lieutenant Gebnrgep u "u- 4'
Most Reliable ,VoltUre, on The re is'a -mrchancet <'.w.^ "
hness) and bhat it will not -fid -'ani
Road Today echo ,
~ The Adjudant of ihe Depiart-".'
r ,.- ""'' '"''" .-. : '"-t "hose role is to gather -in-.- .
"2k_-$tT"""$"'K "-. m, "*, .... wit formation on an affa a 'before",l
-A:. ? .2. -'" ". :':.*.. introducing it before 'the .toheeli '
New <:K' 'r' 1 '"' o Chief has aIlways a y been
"."..," ." -S ,oi-sln his duty. That is what' -i.
-" 1 t1i0 vnuhg officers who lad.ini ,
re in Lieutenant Georges tapu&-A.
perfect gentleman, will eon-. a!i.

y"r\ o-'. y": i^l' '*:.''".,=,
Yours cordially,
Aubelin .Tolicoe .u..
-. -- ---------- .

$24.00 Cash and you old. re .
buys you a new NABACO BA T:E-
~~RY X'::

New 1957 Chevvies on Display at witha 12-mnthwrittenguaranteeCO "
SIAS4 Show Rooms Rue Vav e vis--\vis Garage Serviced'Hygiene


)price "
"Family Plan'" ..
a a r ""
-a sL.a 2'.'.M .

. .. '= ^'." *. j

,... .. *" Y"
Prince--Teh 3451 i

.. '. ,'. .. = ..* -,3 .. \ ... .. .. .. .

m Ec-mC fHUU me


^B^^^^^ :171^

pe ioe siuti) oThe H~otels in tively en~tited: cPbe C~ommner-
Cap.Haitian,.x he declared, 440 cial Situation)> and worse9 our Economic thfe wilp beis Threate ied? by making a p~a-
niot an~ organized city.r It cannot triotic appeal to all citizens
Grealy T reaenedkee the tourists Dlr. 4ssad chiefly t~he candidates to th~
agat~o~in brouh th qusio f Presidency, so that 'everything
~ pi~i~ai e th sew~eage dains and pointed ou~t takes place in order. The econo. -
amero .Cmmrcprsntsaso fes th~at it is proper that~ the State 1ndc~ ~situation is serious. The po-
apply~ a rea policy of touirsmi litlepi events have a direct incj-
an~dnot incorporate politis in1to dence oni our 6Qfonomy and o
~ trurism. the commerical movement. ~Let >2
tion. th e electons eveytig wilgo I Kut ish~, Prsident of th~e is not bc orgotten. And we re-
Tourst SopsAssoc eiato an- ~peat: all this < CteleandPiesien ofth~o-evntsbrak ut th turit ea- nune tha over a dozn Ae- concern to the futurb President V
rcn joufat inj~vited by the of> th'eRepu1Jic~.:
4ir sj 1. p t us o mke n Toris Burau ill rrie hre (Trnsatd from ( _5,aso teya eeappa for,__ _
het ee. e ecard ha the 44is 1/17/57.

trous~~h~ andheade ha hetu

e niiew n

qe Csto Houe. c~nluso S

-Canidat Duvlie

Fisher. sa22
Mr tha, in is 2p

iiioi,.be.did ot thik 'tat he aitiJounalthiswee nul2 s
lost an asDr Asaded' not prcisng tat he a22

does not, controlof Directo I 5rervi
be'cme orp,-Wewillslv
0 'J~ eli 95' hayea, god inte seson nd S~nae. Te arangmentmad

m ak. y 4rwt-D rno uair ad-

Sunday, JANUARY 20tb 1957


In their new de Bussy residen-
ce-shades' .of Arabian Nights -
Jackson G. and Ruby Huff enter-
tained at a 7 et 9 Thursday even-
ing. Guest of honor was a dyna-
mic Washingtonian Roy 4B. Kelly.
And Jack and Ruby Won' their os-
car as top entertainers-serving
their distinguished::-giuests (Bank-
ers, Diplomats, Shipping. Magnat-
es and Flour Mill Builaers) the
most sumptuous and wholesome
buffet ..
,* x x x \ *
Aurora Stepher is back in" town
after ah absence of two years in
New York" where she .helps to
keep the United Natiops operat-
ing. Aurora is stopping wjth the
family in Lalue.
Two interesting "visitors at the
International C-Wb are Mr and Mrs
John C. Bowles of Pennsylvania.
Mr. Bowles a former Army engi-
neer 'plans to call on' the Geode-
tic Survey.
x x x
Down visiting her parents Direc-
tor of the Flour Mill and Mrs Gil
bert of Morne Hercules is Anne
of Rochester Minnesota. After a
month long vacation Ann plans to
Nurses' training in Minx.

; Arthur

x-X -x -
Borden clippered to an
in New York Wednes-

i -. "X X 'X
.-arjie and Jacqueline Bazile
flv to Maifhattan Wednesday.
x xx
-''Mrs Andr6 Jeanty flew to New
Y.-rkby PA. .9n Friday.....
-, . X ,- .4'
,. Vice-President of Reynoils Mi-
lung Corp. Mr R. H. Zegtinarri-
'ed in. town 'Thursday and tldw
Soupth66. fhsame-4ay to the corija-
Sdiggings. on/theA queen of. the
ailan it "
'. ..F ;, '*|*^ -,.. s i
i Tliere's,a 'real hot cat in town
by Jie.'npse-'qfk.-Zoc Sims. Tfis
"' i ,ns- ai.. t p Sd pl T,.iT,. th
:!.S. and he now has ids own quar
st MOO he is taking to the arr
ast.Zoot-.Ss veUlng witho*&-
*6n an q0. friena of Haiti 'wulIo
,as trouble in-being recognized
--W hist di- friendss 'her -bedause
of a new grown Van ".'ke. beard
; nd a S6hweitxer mnstaihet They
are lodged at Hd.te. Sift)$ ,-
.x x' x'-' ..*'9 'i
SMr G6rard CampfoE "'t e,.d
..his birthday anniversary? oi, the
loth. -
x xx
S.Mr Joger Lemaire was a year
ip.lder last Saturday' January 12th.



Edouard Fils is the name of a
new arrival at the Edouard Me.
niauds. Mom' is the former Marte
Maud Heraux.
Mr Joseph Sergile the well-
known .colnmercant,. of the Bord
de Mer passed away at his Belle-
vue residence last Tuesday morn-
ing. His funeral was sung in the
Sacrh Cweur of Turgeau Wednes-
day afternoon arhtdst a large- num
ber of relatives aind friends. Mr
Sergile is survived by' his wIUA
his sister Mrs. Emmanuel *:Flor
Sergile and by nine children.
i "X X X
26-year-old Lys Albertini, son
of Joseph Albertini (Joseph Na-
dal & Co.),*'passed-away at, the
Roy-Assad clinic last ."Thursday
January 10th.
GenevievW is the name of the
new daughter of Mr and Mrs Ro-
ger ,Coriolan who arrived at the
Dr Pierre-Noel Clinic' last Janua-
ry 7th.
,., X)- x
Emmanuel Paulceus, son of Mr
and Mrs Jo-eqh Paulceus, is now
in p California University -study-
ing Mathematics. Young Emma-
"noel -Paulceus -ieft here last Dec-
ember' 7th.
Jacque.; Large Is back from a
two-month tour of the States. The.
author of -Chosen et' Gens Vus'
returned home oi the 16th.
Keitel Lecorps 'daughter of tMr
afid Mrs Audrey Lecorps became
a year older Thursday, January
17th. ._
4 xIx'X
Mr and Mri Gerard Villedrouin
(gArage Ford), hve named their
niiw daughter 'Marie-Louise.'The
young Lady. arrived, at Clinique
Ptioa last week.
XZ'X '
IHeny.. Lousteatu is off "to San
Zuan this., weekend.
.: x-x x
Engineer Daniel Pamphile will
leav .for Europa on the 24th. The
young technician of the Public
Works who won a 2-year scholar:
ship will study in Muniph, GerMn-
ant, aSt the 'Oscar Von Muller Un-
iveibty, *
MrsW1 Jean Denirk, the former
Helene Georges, will leave on a
study trip to Central America
soorn under a Point IV scholarship,
At the training. Center of the IA
GS in Canal Zone, Mrs Denizd
will get acquainted with the mod-
ern technique of cartography and
Mr and Mrs Gesner B'alan ob-
served their silver wedding (25th
anniversary of their marriage) on
the 17th.
Mile Simone Pierre-Louis un]t-
ed her destiny to that of Mr Eddy
Lemaire last Thursday January
10th. The young couple was led

to the altar by Mrs Meresse Woo-
ley as -marraine. and Mr Guy
!Pierre-Louis as "parrain.
Mrs Eleonore Van Lee arrived
Shete by the Hambourg America
Liner *Cristallan, last week.

Six passengers of the SS Eila-
mi which called into Port Thurs-
day, have decided to stay here for
a few days. They are: Mr. and
Mrs Richard Appel, Mr and Mrs
Samuel W. Robinson, Bert S. Ha-
le, and Herman E..Goodman.

SThe December issue of *Ha:ti
Scout' the official organ of the
Bcys Scout Movement in Haiti
* has appeared last week.

SMr. L. E. Stephenson, Vice-Pre-
sident of Frederick Snare Corpor-
ation, arrived Wednesday. -for a
few days visit here.

*'Maryse Scutt and Didier Maison
neuve (Remington Wizard of
Gilg) will wed on the 26th at fhe
Sacie Coeur.
-' x-xx i.
%,. ..'

I Young and 91d, girl of- Ste Ro-
se de Lima Girl School in Laiue.
a.k sadden by the news that Sist-
er Mary Joseph O'Reilly has been
transferred to the U.S. The Irish
sister Mary 3o' has been at La-
lue fol- the past seventeen years

<' a
It is reported that Guy Boncard
is about to leave the bacheloer .cir-
cle- The reason is said to be love-
ly, Jacqweeine CarhoneL

Claude -Angelucci, graduate stu-,
dent of thbe. -Hbtel Training.-School-
of Haiti 'and recipient- 9f a spedi-
al triinee scholarship froth the
United Nations, just returned
home 'fth'is week- after six months
bholtel practice in the Ruhl Hotel
of Nice, France-. .,':
Mr. Angglucci 'was immediafitely
engaged at the-Hotel Riviera as
Front Office Manag&r, -where he
continues. his promismg career in
the 'hotel field. ,

Two students from the Univer-
sity College of the West Indies,
Messrs. Leroi Lorde and Rudolph
Hinkson ended a month pleasure-
cum-stuiidy 'trip in Haiti Saturday
and flew back'to Kingston. Anoth-
er -Monlte,, majoring in French
at the UCWI' will spend another
week-end here 'before sailing to
Jamaica Monday the 21st .to resu-
me studies at his -Alma Mater.
,- XX

Miss Marleine Merville exchan-
ged matrimonial vows with Mr.
Jean Morila in Basilique Notre
Dame Saturday evening.
X.X X"
Mr and Mrs Morris Wurman
are now in town on a few days
visit. Mr. Wurman is the presid-
ent of the "Bayuk Cigars Co." o1
x xx
Mr Fritz Henle, a noted Ameri-
can photographer, arrived here
Thursday. Mr. Henle is sent by
,1h Altoa Steamship Company to
take picture; of Haiti's scenic

U.S. Congressman Adam Clayt-
on powedl popped into town this
past week. Mr. Powell continued
to Montego Bay alter a brief 2-
day visit. N


Colonel Stephane Wooley flew
home from a health trip to tnc
States Wedne-day. He was accornm-
panied by his brother Deputy Heiln
ri Meresse Wooley.
Mr, Walter Skanpry, Economic
Adviser at the German Embas,:.
in Washington arrived here Wed-

Mr Roger Mellon, technicihn .4t
the Haitian Institute of Statistics,
flew to Santiago de Chile via Mia-
mi Thursday. Mr M:llon who-won
a U.N. scholarship will follove
specialization courses during a
year at .the U.N Center of Econo'-
mic Studies in Chile's capital ci-N
'*b x )d x

Mr Constakin -Philippeaux who
,passed. sti"ccesAfully his ,'ilj oso-
phies-ljast July left for Mexico on
a- study., 'tjp. Friday...
-' ,. X X X.. *. .
The .Chemin. des .Dalies home
of Maitr Camille Large, Assistant
Director of:, Eiucation,l was the
scene of i mammoth farewell par-
ty'organised, by sbn Gerald with'
Neby Kerby emceeing for two
Mexico-bound Jeremian compatri-
ots:, Messrs. -Pierre Lelong and C.
Sansdtcq last Monday evening.
The young 4bacheliers. who will
respectively .study architecture
and medicine at, the University of
Mexico took 'off for the land of
the Aztecs .friday.
;, ""' X X X '
SFrancic Hermanfin' 1(lkison P.
Aggerbohn) left folr the States by
the Ancon Monday evening.. Mr-
Hermanti% will .tudy business au-
ministrption of the University of
New York.A

Madamne Raymond Laroche re-- :;i
turned- TlitrsdaW- from 8 monttis, V 4!::;
in Europe. 41. .:j

,*;ir '..- .. : ,."

Mrs. Katherine Mc$aughip,
world.edlurer will speak ahdit
bie meeting tonight at 7:00,..,
at the Naziratu'l-Quids BabaY;M
Haiti,, t. a Rue. des Casernie.;iei
to Clinique Valme),- To,*t0 :
United World, will bb l; itjjg
of her taZ, to which" th .11 b
' is 1cordi'allY. invited. i .= =.l
Mrs. McLauaghli, a membe''q1
the Auxiliary Board of the Baa'i
Faith, in *he Western Henispbe,
arrived:in' Haiti ten .diago.:sft;
has visit& St. Marc, :iancorit,
and, Cap-Haitien- where br." ieb
of' the Faith have been estbli&sh-
e d " ' -
-Mrs. McLaughlin ,inforn-.ii .-t
theBah/i Faith is establish.': in
more than 230 countries ofitW
torld. The purpose of the Baha'i
is the universal 'unity, 'o manii
This meeting is in cq.mm r
tion of World Religion Da y..
is celebrated all ovet the.| -
the, thid. Sunday of January, eve
1 .- . .
ry year. .
^ _____ ... -.'.
.. *. -,. .. o ' x x . : ? !
'--" -- -,. M-. .. .;-.
.. ; .. ..-.*- .. *'
-Joe 'Ades1 left Frid ay" -1S
,xxx ^
'* : ..' .: :

x^^ ^ ^ "
x x x tarcel.: A.'broise w-ie,
Mrs Jacques Butterlin will re-:. or" on the 16t.a:.-V
join her. husband in .Mexico soo: te l... "d ,
X X X ,,' i '' *'
gs. 'X XX I. ".
Mr Liu Yu-Wan, and Mr Gedeo;- :- .g4 ttweilpa't-' t'o
Walrave Boissevain4' respectively fhuda^Y' it.the o

Mr ~~ ndMsJh M ii. Thr- sd 0 bt5 'aa the OX
Plenipotentiary Minister of Ch- The ,..harnin ost..
na and the Netherlands to -HaI writ B .GeidteSct-ei,.ia

r-A,. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ..9 e rq rh a t > ^:Jh n'BtyG
are scheduled'to arrive sdon't -. gttsts,' Albert Fuath,b Edit9
presefit their credentials to Pre--sisikt. to "Hnry I.Vue
sident Pierre-Louis. t. it rIaI hf H yu. LiE
-. tonial'.mn. Chief ot TrlE i~
I x.- xl blicatioise and wife Bett'
Mr and Mrs John Al. Gizzie or-
"ived at ,El Rancho yesterday fnti"I h40ng 'e cro were
S3-day isit. .. ordh, J1k Scott end ..his
xX x er, J;hn .-and. Betty G.old
GOirr,- Meeeron vwe'nt to. New Jean'B~ag, Dr".Samuel.Sieg
"ork this week. wife reiaijie, et.c

-...' ,. '<
x x x'

ANN.TOMAR holds husband Jule's birthday prpiz'6,0o.Grant-Sc
Whiskey while he takes a call o 'his Qha,.. radio from. Womi
:Australia. ''
* Jules who celebrated his birthday and won -the bottle .qf 1 Or
is now a real 'ham, addict "...
~~~. *> ..''* .. ,. ', ^ ** -, *

,.... .' .,; .- :::.'." :* .;.i ^ ^ ;:*^;. ^ ......

_____ AGE.-!

;'? *''(

T 7
11 ;jp
V:" A

'G4 6
il Sunday, JANUARY 20th 1957

Program of Ten
X-S Travel Writers.
''First New York
Nassau Clipper to
WEDNESDAY JANUARY 23 (Nig4t free Silggested:
Carry Special Airmail
5.7 cock-tail-party: tendered by the FRIDAY JANUARY 25,
Stamp, collectors will b ." abl6,
to ad, d arlother set of f I irst Min2ter of Commerte, Honorable 9:30,A*, Tour of the cit
-flight Tldarcel' Vaval at Hotel 131,11ancho ViS4,of Hotels and Shops
airmail c -vers
0 (envelopes td their 8:00 p M.=Diner au Beau Aivage or Marine garden Tour
albums whem, Pan A erican tendered,
World Aiwaysinaugurates non- jo4he V group by the 1:W'P.M. Lunch at' Castelliniti
managemnt a fpdered to the Press Group. by
stop Clipper service. February 21
(Night :free. Suggested: a :"Our the Management
i-between Nassau, and New York -
of he following night clubs' and 3:00 P.M. visit of' Ifotls "In'l
.,The new D.C-7B!s will leave New hotels: Casino Bamb9che Roam shops
York's I41ewild A irport daily at C
Rotel Riviera,, Rendez-Vous 5:30 7:30;z P.M. Cocktah-pLrty
10,30 a-m.:'and arrive in Nassau at
Shango Hotel Ibo-LZ-16 -) Qas. tendered' by the Shop As3ocia-
2 P.M. The return flight leaves,
'Naussau, at 4 p.m. telhaiti Choveoune El Ran- tion at the Rjviera
cho .01offson Thorland 8:00 P.M."-Dinner, at Hotel IO.L6-
Vill Creole..., 16
Collectors can -,get covers bear
ing New York poscmarxs and ta 17HURSDAY JANUARY 24 (Night free. Suggested-
ecs tor th 9:30 A.M:-His Excellen
southbound ftignt by' cy Presid.
senuijig envelopes eht., loseph Nemours! Pierre- SATURDAY, JANUARY 2(3
he Postrn Lodis vecoiOe: the press'- grdup 8 A.M' Departure by plane to
ents potage' toA, aster, :00
A eW ork'ui ty,. or trict Super- An a special audienq at the NL. -Cap-Haitien courtesy U01A.A1 A
nte N Praing tional I -visit of'RtAins oi 84ns-
.1 1 ncitin o" 5" postal Pa ace. boring
Serxiice'..'New, .Yojk Tbjese- -mooA.M. Mduntaim.Tour to K ems Souck Palace, and',Milot and (J
wi ll be backstainpqd at. Nassa u cofVD6couv4erte an& Bo'utilli.ei- the'dtadello
and ietur 12:QQ I --Coc r4ir Aftem of city -And h
ned. to the der. tails at Le Ve Vi"
J offered' bj the'- MianAgepefit.l 'tels'
prce ure bal- 4,:00 P' epartufe' 'am 'r'ap.
been set p fo', M1, 8 S sit. tendered to the, P"s Gr6up, Jjait,10n by"p, farfel.
ing cover-Tosjmarkee c che by the Manageftient' 151WW', at
ed, at Nassau 16; 3.;06.,P.M. Rural'Tour ee
lumn' .,Oeste,
r *the
flight, Th V;j 1 7
e:;enve opes,. acc Da. VISW4o, 4yoa. Beach, ANUARi,)*.
nied by'-15,-cents-jn :,eo jnfor.e' 7h '.Visit., to bariDalic-outv distiller), .'.DeV artqie.
jht- to otk s dfferad by the -Ma;
V, q
World Airways gment
P.6 ox 817': lhiiernati6n;`J' 9-00 Diner at'Vilia 69olJ'6-&pr.
or. lqmi' ed ress FOR, MORRI
1 11 1 i .
All,'envelopes Must e recei ed ManaVe' ht 34Ek. MLY
in. N.."V':. YvIi -of 'lat'e'r than, h'ii .3 -Folklg4ri6 S' w at* tlie Vh
6 d- 9 ho da
fote tre e_ 0 4( ssilld i: .. ...
gat,`jan'4ary,'2Tor Mia mi be d V. e r'd Ta' i' $24.oo. P:ash aqd,`yQur ld battery
you a nei,,- N46-BAT.T
140111 nu cou :T s/. E_
IR e
-T, -N T I vjs As!
AS :Gar
A 4 1

W H M ig. T-A : React.ably pjieC ui6d'
urq.,wbrited. i1sAntbreste;l in-
piqn& wtjte. P.0 253, P ort..
atut rdr, J

a, 25t
T0114 e-
MA 00A 9
"'Eux. SPO4TAI
and'8J,5 Rft .
th h soF.
Sf V f and 8.
Anao&, AVEUX
ie reen
ar Th S-- J t ,
-W.F. Ms - t:
LE A01 O, ,j
eVIS-10n; TIV MAY 0
g- er tat rs,, vEUX
Ifit i0hil
-A mEuTE s j",
"-GEA E.;
SUND,6,Y__,&.00 pft
A 7,
5:09, 7:00,'-
U 1:11
1't 6uls 111aiti,
new tay, jjid. 6LL'viSjt L t
DANCING SCHOOL th L, "'- i 0
e Iron-market b b It. L
ya. er.noqn.
At -the -Boulevard Harry -`fruman cite' de IEx-POStio near la168 rleiTe-Lo
8 Ster of #he
MauAivage Provis-ion
A -,President on her er
rand 'of
]1'00L Mercy, prpsene&gjfts of
All j t6
4 r in Dances particularly,: the real Haitian Merin- provisjons and 'cash
rs. GO-
maine Lahens
114d. les. Andremi-
guO t ane of n people. Imeus with a s
31pical: gocial. d e Itaitia se S*
ge pecial messa
sympathy and

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