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Haiti sun ( October 29, 1950 )


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Haiti sun
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R. Cheney, Jr. ( Port-au-Prince, Haiti )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )

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oclc - 32441147
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VO0L.VI Port-au-Prince; REPbuhque. d'HtaIti Telqhpone 2061 Sunday, Declember and '1906 N i

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Th- ih A ans ane Wek wil.t be law..iohe-d eA. ,.i.: ..
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one o he mosthbaflng nand glire i tae plce aeter wiabanee ;u~cathniii.kocM'mMi
A I i~~ng. ateihursay v' i ng ai Csorc e e P kb y. u Pri spape~tit*.1V .
~.. .. *. their books.' AiTquesay will: be cgnenratedthe an CSi zt~dy 6ifirde4;6n.ek t ar
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W e c th i n l rs im" I-,nclud TdinCAttor heiy was e'sleeping pe between p e n eA u,-z.,Iu.ela

ThdeLaguemFmnnine'ss'President.constituti':themselvs,'.nto a -..cL Leo.Mi che....To"Statue,
., .th .etsuon group hadtm.de sensaionalua.-They rep-rtetbein a'akeeque
"'M iss Lydiar theanty toek hi;t Ca cas -- .-m.'

on Wednesel0y mhrnmrng, i corn- pearacegbeforewtelCourte..pfast ba gr.ndmaher, MadameFran Theagint size bronze .ta.t..a.
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....of. pr.~ecio- mne will gsrfo the' coming natio l Athoe e-. onthioed b 26) by A r-. :...
p". be OM? iT$-t.r`afli. ati 'chi ,le The as. ..2 00as0apr m the 00ild-t b ,_(o... o page 2' "'., of o,,his "3r,
..a,.,.i.d,,4,..i,. +d ..,dm~&~ ,e te12 '...o, I.. Rit.e* tshe enc twx ( on SAsj
e.,+,. Rt gi fdr'',.,. tire. so:ir~ib~it '. .. Ia o&e u at..b s 'pra.Poritce To n s CFrh e nciLh Ale t rbe s~nhs D en~ d' ise D -orm d' "here 'iO -. .. .
eforethe: l os.~e~ing.. ad (;.ate o De em-. e;Gibr as~t.Erc e ne'hoigltieweelacr-"h~gott~ city. : .:i ....u''v-'~d
c We.. ieback\ i 'the"osecut.n At- J o a uJpy.r odeninlsd. ... . .
"... p:ar, in our :' atin, st M d...n S l.... lj' l,.heie-_ ,.hersel",andaine d cCanoer.aw.will;:

',', :';... :.. ,. 192 Law. ,cAtle 79 an ...,~ L ut llono.iuooa4:' .
Mi ,eantymanid i agrupoLwo-the'M casee 'IaP heard by Judge Chat S Durue. t h
maul dur titueing stormyse eds ;129 e Min-" .to-"=
d a,..n- .i. ., twee the lawyers . . e.... "". .".of LV
nt'La !"i'. RMid n'-i" 10 ,
to 'qilha:.i.'rt....Wi:.'. .,' "iWd....0th, harwhen se Bertrdmo.4" Aleiaos P eg a s:

ractung- '"; :''.': """ ," : .'m. ie"and' oppsingcunsel ,~ i HU l b ,' ,'
bou' epmig awithoutC the Magist-rat- se's'-wasmarrtiedr.pnt onledr ncciAto eansetgpaeul bewe.. .- Na ....ne.':
ronpuncinghs raio nctbadelein .y ional ou-ita:herefa. a w-ebutenothappy-"i
] ntin t s o mbe 5b Ai ndou e-o Michel mrin as in ToUn ved Petli onSate"

'.dLirueatemn ies Girl-riends'de 'Re ont Beforte Jeudges;it V al.cy "rh~ ceeoywihi i4
-.:Ms Lda.atytoie. Meanwhileo~ thed wmdeasensafonlde ap. Thesrepetetedengwithe. h &n aracseSu 'e.. .>}
i' olke 'oiers. a t the C.mo i .Rn.... upthpeircaling oe Frida y orin a.s 'etc, wl
'ee haveeanewS.Fy thei'so wse ek. the T23d appNearingbefore Jhg-e 'hen"of en "i n"hio"bautif
o pgedai.lodg edcaCmigom att.tionalho teabtey inCa Port-ne-nr i-26) (Ct ontied'doo-pagon2aT a s

iPoller :c tationa ccusw.:a .' i)ing he nandingntonsbe uanllowe to~ ddattebbya a rergistter Po[,ic mreport', ,,,ln-t9...b,:a- *..2-

p-frind, Ban empoyee of empoare owhe the Rhgitrd-Ire'
a'.'toniesng,.r h aer wit gwat sh'. ex liwon e s bei ovemb er 24 A-I ot"th dwhilemrnin maoudn |vvent, Th1]i" De-l~hi'azppkT i '- | "
,,ibed as i.'l g htigbat~iW black 'ther ca i pnin~g. ,beougienhttCapl froma os o-Willyhir ",-Y'- ... .." ..b"....act7 '
'" ,. "*.'. ...L.i.u.e'..Vice-President Had To" making thee purchase hethem utaeautifl1', .o,.
We "o r ie' h lntswl.. e a~trin fo he omn atoal o eL' Choutone wihhrtson born'21 "ub l befor ,ta lm "e an counted. the hg' ,...... "'
,onfessed ... s nearly. die of. i,.' a-'th woen cin au d muc.r.edsa fo teBrodwa .pa t Cldy ~o v~ed rs he pla .,t .h..ore W ,,-a
Niiave.beeMN.10St: ;::e:'l: ,.,. .,wpi-.ell Jci~ng.They ak d $20},000.00' S..C4,0 r(o. -o e4.r).._ o, n his ..nc ~ii ,4,,

,,.. w.e .h'. .'.. pojnted' i at"',her. in to. flo "fl th ,loa' p "s "u ogial' nam d B ".l~~ Dai'e Th atrctv couleha' it bin c iscec t:d.Po ...
si .a o t:b ~ i : fy .~e ,damages. . :. ..... j.. .-.,.... ,

4~obc unamed theboy-rien wee, an the pubic.tasnegerl
ibisbeglifer'Ightblprackplastc d. to ys'O rente French Actress Detise DorH lere, "% a tei- a' sl.:la .
re.ae.the closing" dateVon Decem I ., L ;,
er64th.*. ''..Blobkedby a technicality of"pro". rgeo ,C 0 . .... .*..
.. cedure, Whij the.!Prosecuting- At-
'0 000 Damages Asked Itor ey invoke "d the9Marcht23,
f::.,: .. ... ]1928 Law ,(Articles 79.and 861,)i ". ut ,n
',Mis- Jeanty, and a group of wo-I the, case %as heard by Judge chai', ..W. .:
,.., :_ raat L A.n,'-stormy se-ssion !t -]RA
Between the lawyers of Ligue Fe-I "'-
-ist 1P ek ng ,ninJe and,-the opposing counsel, ".. a'. "m.ei. '' '
,- rln : ''' .. . "enadin~g.,without the',Magistrate's was.'mi ,ed.:. .. ~~
r en.
pronouncing his' reaction. J t o~apl.. ":)
'olic~" '0 fier- : Meanwhile the women followed ,.s'd.med.. ...'
ofcr 'at tille 'C.R. up Il~eir'a'l'tion,on Friday morningg etc, was mari d.. ,Wil~ m
ef(e have a new toy .this' week., the 23rd appearing before Judge fortsi to...-commuence - Add: `et,,
A'.ir] lodged a complaint Bit Gabriel Volley in a arr~ftr-e do.- 4olVent. The, day of is.-h
T.dii6i station accusing her handing to be allowed to rpigister d rc'.eport....- r oo-t
'end, a B~ank. employee.,-ofI (emporri y when the Registr. '146ud 'et6"ini D S i..i':,.i

r- r" .4M. "I'- Z. ., l,,, . : t .. .. . .. ...I SU N ,
'..**, ... P--#. .. .... .. '. .. r.i ,',.", .''....... ".. ' .. .--. ,,
PAGE.. .:k._-. n. .. i .EE..... .

120 .T0V ENEZUILA.T.il :; lIS is.CANCER'WEEKIG. 1 S. P
Continued from page 1) :I : (C.otu,- from page.l.: j ,The 'economic
'",."." Ltetures..IDr. Yvonne G. Sylain,.'Wednesday, Dr. Charles Cheva- tuation of the ci
.. squarei..the;-Plaza- Ption, in tie in an article appearing ift .Le Nou- liJer, noled cancer Specialist, tions of interest
city 'of :Caracas.. velliste.' pointed out the reZsons made dramatic appeal in favor' tion in the Yell
.The ceremony presided over by why there should be an unrelent- of protecting the public against Palais..: National,
:.the President of the United States ing battle waged against cancer.' the ravages of cancer. t" I. ,.. 'n.W h. n F
fi .' Venezuelic.Colonel Marcos Pe- Beginning by stating %Of one huin- He declared that the diseae,4.. receved deleg
"t iea'Jie"dz wil-.heattqndeby.a dred persons', gath gld today increrig ro, anu the num be s N ti..'
eels Ngaoilo:
.inmember:. Haitian .delegation twenty-three will bet iru.i nbr victims 'mn e'. No one is on.a three-daY v
.headed: by Foreii 'Minister Jb- 61, vir. Slv;"" '" `
cc.no 9. r.- Sylvanod:.phYSi .spared, ifidln marni.families are' SLx .peritet
s,.eph ID. Oharie aad including .Mi- and specialist, ,decl that c thse af".4ed 1j. the d:se. b.:askedtiy' the he,
'' ster:f Pubo Works, ... cer .isa'isease of' dul trthrea gthe hif of St,
.:A ien %o6ik anhd Colonel Stephan se o h he enT s t co
Co.a.nWey nu der the Milita- which strikes out .,.in .,. .e:e -,fying iforM'ati
... . ... who have spent yAAR i. -",. t .''
ry. ep^^ ^T.^'^ lu fluW
arun t ofthe Nati lPa- D e d the M fa r..
.et...' o N n. aitlectual, political or ma l Cancer League in Haiti on Oto:6 pErs. to\theF. t
':.'' success often' at the moment' when ber 28, 1952, together with Dr. vthgiS ey ,
Oter members of theele- they should be enjoYing the fruit vergnaud Pean and Dr. Leon Co- would be furtni
[ otiheowerre oL. Hudieourt of their struggles. ]. Ion. The specialist declared that their departure.
~ ar: PirreL.' Hudicourt. ei
[faiaan Ambassador in; Caracas, over 'the four years since' the When asked v
ej&ty'PhiIppe.Jocely,,Mr. AJ..She also spoke of.the anguish founding of the League he has .pin.i,, be the
toitte'.Noise, Seh.tay at-the Hai- bad 'revolt,of our doctors when been able to take care of only a countries in the
.. ... they Hai- tfao th 'patient, inited
L?'.taib'.fSbassy -in Caracas,.' Capt. they must face the 'patient, filled very small number of people, and 'Mag:oire replied
;. ..e'Ii I 6I4oon,: Uitoar.tbhe Mi with -hope and condidenee, .appa- that through., the cooperation 0of Small .count
r'ydey. ,...- ..ent.lyin the b pst of health,. as he Hospice St. Francdis de .Salep. themselves under
"':.'. .... 'quEries .C-d n'est pas grave, doe- He told the businessmen that the great power!
.A:gaudet Pfiton, the t under teu'?' -From the clinical tests, funds 'were needed to purchase, ed: States in or
S d..'1Prl.esidentof "'the .Repu- she 'ys,a ,ou know' that this per- land, build a center and purchase peace.'';We are J
.:A eof'Haii.and Hero of thIi'sonis 'already dead, he is only adequate instrumentation includ- because we are
_'1...dencew"r-is:,'revered .. a walking phantom. Your efforts, ing material of Radiography, Ra- milins spent i
g a.- 'theassistknce he yr ko.......
f Libertador vSimonyo"r books, : yoir" science can"do entgehtherapie, Cobalt and Ra-, material could,
nti.ibertad o g ,to save him becduted he dium. suppressing of
...Vnezuelan destro.yer .Nueva ,has .come 'too late., Perhaps: he 'is Dr. Chevalier stated that today rance..-
-miade a,. spdci a l te :too poor. to pay the expenses of the'belp of. each citizen is .needed Tie President
st,= m to -oy t rip od ad treatmdt by to. accomplish the goal Of the An- if he had, forine
.. ...e bac t the, lau'o,.blak. foreign specialists.' ti-Cancer League which is to have trading foreign
oCtid" .' .:Dr. Syhvai vehemently; lashed a adequate aili-c'ancen service .cpme toIHaiti.
:: outat,the seemining.indifference of at.the dispsl of everyone. affirmatiave, .he.
', ~v ry n t courage" invest
R A.LE : .. the general. public before the sub Generositv of Business Men courage nest
eru ' 'c haepo' -e of this death-dealing mala- In the nanie of- the League Dr. pial Haiti has,
debaker Champion dy. qThis man: could- have been Chevalier expressed thanks to Mr. advantageous Ie
T..' ' i ? avd, cou'd have escaped the Josevh Nadal who was the first du trialists The
bDor Sedan, Excellerit Condi- atrocious- sufferings to whTch he to donate $500. and stated that te'free port pr
:tx. 1 1% s...
,',' .. is doomed. 'He could remain, his example was followed by Mr. chise. ..'
&'' &75.:.e""7 Th*or ..Washing Ma- among us, alfve'- but he is con- Elie 'Joseph, fils, Mr. O).J. Brandt; H 4.0 'said.-1

Admiral TV-Radio-Pho- demnel because .we do iot have the SHASA, Maiso "Don Mohr, reduction on- du
.aphC.,.C atlon, Blond..Ma-' the mean, to cure bin... Boucard and Comniny, Pharma-. reign' enterprise
A .1
a .ce. $95'. originallyy Dr Charles Chevalier's cie Sejourne, l'Abeille and Dar- Haiti depend1:-ii.
m. Pr cqd fo q ick s a ',On Speech b uo ". the.investmenta.,
'. ,leav -co?.Vsto Befbre the .businessmen, assem- with the efforts made to I know that (
pi .Popefl'"Garte "- Tele' bled fpr the, weekly Club Interna- awaken and stimulate the public in the neighbors
l .3hp 7 ... ...3 ;0 27,- ... tonal de Commerce's lunhieOn an. conscience, at the end of Haiti's ofjthe journalism
-".'T .. ] " ' Anti-Cancer' Week, the Commit- ont. What-are
.... ......... tee hopes to be in' pQsition to go have taken ioI
A..forward in' their mov td" establish, tration of this
a" ab Anti-Cancer.' Center. Mrs. Ma- ti? ,
q del'ng Bo.uchereau is the Presi-
-tof the Committee, and Miss GERBER
Irv M rieTherese Duthpsiier"i Secre-
:7--.tur Mr Maurice Telemaque, Sub
.; Director of the Natiownal Bank of'
Haiti' i~"t'e Leag'ue's Treasurer.

V: ASIE A.s s ;: .1 ^ ^ ^' S
Senator Ren6 Roy
"":s.w L V '2> vL '._ -- Viit en Ry
k, 5;44its S. Duiing a visit to. the -Sun.
this wek, Senatqr Rent Eugene
Roy announcSed his candidature for
the Senate. Up for election in the
WI 4,Ucoining Janu, tl onl dgaoont eec-
S tiozs s, the distinguiihed Attorney
and industrial was sent to the
Legi lative Body first in 1946. and
,.: c s .. 'f fl, again inii 1950 .by the Department O
i t, 2 bgh ':p '-p der welcome'nd the -,bottle of of the West.
t.r t'Sct.. Whisky as a birthday gift from the Haiti Trading Co. ".Considered one of the most *
ss week. ~ihe busy publisher will no doubt find meicinal' e'I for prestigious member. of parliam-
the"'qxeUeit' S'"cth which is given-iaway thraokh a lottery of birth- ent, Senator Roy, is one of the
'WE s .. the u. 'fe ;sons of. the late President Eugene
'S:"- ^" . .;: . .- .^ Roy, Provisory-president of the The attention
Republic for six imofrthis in 1930 sevie stetiore h
*j S EATE .., .- ,. with' a specialN. niisin .o recons- ere which. 'is
5.2 FOR 1L4H I A C : ." tituting -te' Legislative Chain- food.
T ... To be 6ligibli
W N Ji I J CQ"J amont of bcrby
A~hD OVLY .Phrmai Castera Gerber's whtoz
'N': .-L OVELY. IVE -,N. a ofbo
T .. Is 22 Years Ol of baby food t,
Is 22 .Yeacrs 'Hazel is .r
JIOLIE The Pharmacle. Cast ers,.di-ect- Te C ane i
l ed by Mr. 3ustin C t ea,. observed the or pan C,
IA IS ON 0 T ts22nd oes On 46 eb
G ,Vesary on November
JN/1 AIBEAUTIFUL RES t ,nat~fions.inyred in Italian CQ
"'.'.R"N fr:-- --,OO RS ': ';i ;':' om .all.o,ec-The the -country. "
The recently remodelled drug Local Ialian
OF CO.W.URS. store situated on the G.andRue, form a new Ohs
,..: -. -.. .. -- "- s''' a a 'special night ser-vice. it also cc for the purt
.. .T . -"'-+ . has two departments: One for the commercial ei
...- filling of prescriptions, another Haiti and Italy,
4. for current pharmaceuticaj prod- here this week.
** 'ucts. There is also, service for which existed I
.' : .. ";'::' the sale of -sndcialit~s,. II had been di:
..: -- TM '.Pharmacie Castersas 'srecogniz, past several 'ye;

--'........ c" es that are thie lowest on th Io. The Italian C
:. '".*' .. ." .c..al'marketi.".. merce will be l,
-. /:-
.' ".', ."." ,'. n," ., .'.. L . i.z .. "
,."' .'i .., : : ,.4",,. :'" .. .' ' ^ "" ; '
;,,',. . ..,, ,, , ,- , ,:,: 3 , , 1

Sunday December and 1b95,,'!".

ess Women Interview President .
and political si- .We have no fear of Commu, "
country were ques- nism, the Chief of State 'declar- ?'S
t during a recep- ed. 'By the manner ir. which we "
ow Room of the won our independence, the ideo-.
on Monday af- logy of communism is in contra-.,:: !:
'resident Magloire diction to our principles we,.',
rates of the Wo. are impermeables. to E,uch dec-
Press kClub, ; Ihere trine. :
isit. *, ' '
questions were Due to the fact that much mil., :.
wswomen to which sery ezdsts, economically speak-.:
ate furnished edi- ing, which could facilitate the n.: ":1
in. The President leashing Of a communist move-..,
14temn that answ- ment, we are of the opinion that '!
k questionnaire the large ..States should help small.l !
admitted to him countries to thwart the nociye acq-.,
Ihed them before ion of communism ...L
,Frorn this point of view-, he ...
what should' in his continued, we have been .greatly ":
e role of .. smaJl: 'aided, by the Pbint IV Program;i -
world, Presidpnt. We would like this assistance, to..;
Sbe granted us continuously tojper-,
trie must place mit us to cope with the misery df..
er the shelter of our people, and not only during:!
Ssii6h.as theK.Unit' moments of emergencyy' / "
der to fight for One of the journalists stated
fighting' fbr peade that she, was astonished th' :.as- .
cnvinced that the I'aiti is a democratic country
1 purchasing war there are no political parties, ex-, '
contribute to the istent. -
misery and igno- The President said that we are
.. ". not responsible- for the breach in .
t was..'them. asked thb political life o* the countryy"
'd a plhn fo- at- and that if political, parties \do
i.. industrialists' t.; not exist regularly, there -are as
. Answering in the many parties as candidates ;Our-
stated that td' en- ing the election periods. -
ent oe) foreign ca- *Is iC through a lack of interest .
made particularly for politics that the Hailians re- .
gislatlon for in- train from forming poliktcil pa- "
!e laws deal with ties?.* pushed the President's '-
ides and tax Ifran- questioners. :
.-..iTis question belongs to histo- -'
Uhat the figure of ry,- .the Chief countered. ,It
ty. granted to fo icld require much time t. de- .
s established in vel6p it..' v. i
the .importance of Reassuring the visitors that
" their written questionnaire would" '
Comminunism exists be given his' most careful atten-
Ing islands, one tion, Pr.siderrl Magloire favored
ts told the Pregi- them wvith his famous sriale, ,
the'measures you showing no signs of wear 'ad '
prevent the ijnfil- tear from his 'ordeal'of answering .
doctrine into Hai- twenty-two briliant women jour-,'

of these two young
a.9 been attracted : by c
s being -given away fr
e for the free doll, t;
V food.
nade a natoble'contr
o. alleviate the suffer
represented in' Haiti
as organise"I the free
Capital to coincide w
amber of Co

businessmen will
amber of Commner-
pose of developing
changes between
it -was announced
The organization
before World War
ssolved over the

hamber"of Comn-
odged in the re-


ters' in ihe new Au Lincoln self-
a) cute little doll and plastic tab-
ree to customers of Gerbers baby ..
4'e customer must buy a specific
rib',tion of several hundred cases
rings of young, victim',-of hurrm-
by Joseph Nadal and Company. :-
doll bonus ij all better. grocery
ith Christmas.
mmerce revived here
nodelled Italian pavillion at the
it0 de I'Exposition, under the I
uspices 6f the Italian Ministry
f Commerce. "
The Pavillion will also house ,
he bureaux, the Secretariat and .-
he Library of the Italian Embas-
y. A Cafe-restaurant has been
stalled on the west side of the
building by Mr. Guilio Ceriana, .
nd is to he managed by Messrs.. .
araggi and Salimbene. :

.*.: . "

I Sunday December 2nd 1956



With two Lazard paintings, five-
bottles of five-star barbancourt, a
,stalk of sugar cane, a battered
brief-ca-se full of manuscript, per-
sonal effects ana a healthy" tan
Graham Greene climbed aboard
the Havana bound Delta Convair
With Catherine Wdlston Sunday
and ended his third visit to Haiti
in three years.

Returning to England 'after
spending ten days of his six wEmks
vacation to the Sunny Caribbean
in Haiti, the famous author was
given the paintings by ar-
tist Luckner Lazard, the Rhutn
by maker Jean Gardere, and Ca-
therine Walston \\was taking the
cane from Croix des Bossales mar
ch6 back to a youngster in -tem-
perate. England. Author Greene
did not identify the manuscript
he can-rried in the brief-case, but it
is presumed after observing the
attention he diverted from a fare-
well rum-soda to the battered old
bag before plane time Sunday
morning, that this is his next book
in the raw. I

Mr. Greene who has been acclaim-
ed by many of his contemporaries
in England. as 'the finest English
novelist of his generation -
enjoys this country for a
number of 'good reasons.
His latest reason was the
discovery of the ten cent
taxis. Like a typical Englishman
of today, suffering from a short-
age of dollars this was a very im-
portant discovery.

During his ten days here the
writer who has gained repute for
probing the soul in the pages of
his numerous novels probed along
the 'Boulevard Of Broken
Dreams. visited the quiet 'serene
town of Cap Haitien,, observed the
art movement and played scram-

-The Man

It is not easy to fathom the per-
sonality and the particular quali-
ty of author Greene's power over
his readers. The key may be
found in autobiographical para-
graph scattered throughout his
work. When he was about 13, he
says, he suddenly saw the world
of good and evil plain before him
- the world of home, loving and
sheltering, the world of school -
at which his father was no longer
headmaster, repressive and some-
times sadistic.
Still earlier, he writes, he had
several times tried to kill himself,
in those various ways which thd
child's conscious mind is taught
to avoid as danger, and which
his unconscious mind files away
as escape.
He had run away from school,
and been psycho-analyzed, a pro-
-tess which,.he found most agrea-
ble. At seventeen, ending a re-
volver and ammunition, he re-
membered a story abojt some bor-
ed soldiers who had played a
game of putting one bullet in a
revolver,- twirling the chamber
and firing it against their own
i heads. Promptly he imitated them,
and pulled the trigger; he repeat-
ed this performance whenever
boredom became unendurable; for-
tunately, all the shots proved / to
be blanks..

In his account of his childhood,
he mentions no particular hideous
episode; it is possible that he
needed none: that for him the re-
.elntioA that cruelty and indiffe-
rence can exist that sparrows do
fall unheeded, was enough to
make a wound from which he
levey recovered.

Every one of his novels records
the battle for a private vision of
the truthfi which some individual,

uie in me sun wn mte aid of a min England, in Spain, in Mexico, .'9
dictionary. fights against organized society,
that enemy he himself first saw
On a visit to the new little ar- symbolized by school. Few people
tist hamlet 'Galerie Brochette* at grow up without acquiring protec-
Carrefour Catherine Walston was idye blindnesses and acceptance;
interested, to know whether bai- but Mr. "Greene retains the sensi-
tian art had ever'been exhibited bjlities of that extraordinary
in England. When informed- by child he once was. He sees far See Them At Gc rard C
the Dorcelys that it had not, she more than most, and sees it
suggested it would be a good straight* and direct; he feels far
,idea to contemplate a showing.Mr more, than most, and he will not Lloyd Hughes
Greene endorsed her idea. be tcornforted by cant, or silenced
Sby authority. Spends Three
Mr. Greene enjoyed most of his It is this child's eye, this child's Busy Days Here '
stay ap at El Rancho with Albert truth, this child's despair, this Mr. Lloyd Hughes, Assistant Di-
Silvera as the genial host but the child's anarchy, alive in the dex- rector of tile Regipnal Center of
last two days of his sejour he mo- terous and mature artist, that Adult Education for Latin Ameri-
ve-d to the Oloffson to be closer'penetrate the habitual armor of ca, ended a three-day visit during
to town. He expects to return the reader, and renew his capacia which he visited the various cen-
A ourth visit. ty to see and feel and fear. ters of Workmen's Education.
IDr. Hughes, accompanied by
former UNESCO scholarship win-
ners. inspected the ',Fabre Gef-
frard, Center, located at La Sa-
line on Tuesday. On Wednesday
morning he was received by Mr.
Albert Le Bel at the U.N. offices
in the Citd de l'Exposition. He
later paid courtesy calls upon Dr.
Elie Villard, Minister of Public
Health, and Dr. Nelaton Camille,
Minister of Education. He also
contacted Mr. Georges Marc, Di-
rector General of National Edu-
cation and Labor Bureau Director
Dant~s P. Colimon.

Calocrie' \l'alston adid. Graliam Greene are seen above with artists
Nicole and Roland Dorccly and Luckner Lazi.d during a vwit to their
Can-cfonr aGaleric Brochette..

The distinguished official"left
for Havana Thursday on the next
leg of his mission through the
Caribbean. Among the personali-
ties who accompanied him to the
airport were Mr. Lclio Faublas,
Mr. Rent Gauthier, Mr. Gprard
Fc0i and UNESCO export Jules


Monday and Fridays are Daniel
Fignol6 nights. Senator Louis D&-
joie has TuesdayL and Sunday
nights. The National Workers
Union speaks fo- Mr Clement Ju-
melle on Wednesday evenings. Dr
Francois Duvallier has no fixed
time to talk.
Speaker Gaston Deb0 of this
little two year old station on un-
paved Ruelle Chavannes off Rue
Capois said he thought other sta-
tions didn't broadcast the candida-
tes talks because their program
schedules were probably too
Although the little street and
front yard of the Station is al-
"ways jammed full of people on

Radio Caraibes and .a non-Political Speaker

the night a candidate speaks
there has been no trouble to date.
policemen are ever present to es-
cort the candidates from thefLr cars
to the little building which has
its studio on the second floor.
Although he would not disclose
the fee charged the candidates
for radio time he said it varied
with the length of their talk and

hancy Rue Pavee

not with the financial status of
each candidate.
As modest as his station Mr
Brown is a radio technician who
built his own Broadcast station
from a transmitter. He declared
to the aSun> he, is not a partisan
of any of his speakers. The pre-
mises are presently being enlarg-
ed. I

Juicex Dual Purpose Health Aid' Machine
Extracts Vegetable Juices

7"4" 7 .. :7' .



eP OW6UL.as4i

i& ^eou/ -^ i

1,------------------ -

Source of Saucy Radio Political Polemics 4 VPL

A Candidate Nightly Except, Saturday, Thursday
With the opening of the elec- ,
lion season a small radio station '" -- I.' '', 7
has popped out 6f obscurity and ",.. '''o :'':
is being sought by more radio lis- "-'- '" "' . "'"" : ''"
teners nightly (except Thursdays o .* ''l
and Saturdays) than any other ..' ; :
broadcast station in Haiti. "
Modest littLe Radio Caraibes, : "
4vPL has placed its 1,130 kilo- '
cycles at the disposal of the candi
dates to the Presidency on what
its director Antoine Brown terms
a completely unbiased basis.
The only Station broadcasting
the views of the Candidates has
arranged a convienent schedule .;
for the various candidates.

- -,.J

.G. 4 .
P fP A "_


Sunday December 2nd 1956


Thle Casino' -Smoky-Joes, is to
re-open next Saturday completely,
renovated and enlarged. New air
conditioners and exhausts will ex-
tract the smoke and their pro-
gram is enticing:
the date that will be announced
soon (December 1st or 6th) the
Casino will present: I
1) From 8 to 9:30 P.M. a pro-
gramme of English speaking movie
including the most recent .16mm
films that will be changed twice
or thrice 'a week.
2) At Midnight a Folklore Show
presented by- the Casino's troupe
3) At 12:30 A.M. a show presen-
ted by foreign artists.
The soireess will be animated
by the 'Ensemble JOE TROUIL-
LOT, and on Saturdays by the
A special welcome service will
be Qrganised for the tourists tra-
velling by cruise-ships; The apiste
de dance' will function for them
and the show will be given first
at .9:30 P.M. This will not inter-
rupt the Night Club service for
the regular customers.
The animator of the ,soirees,
will be the sympathetic Mr. RO-
The Casino will proceed at the
completionn of remodelation woik
in other sections lof the Establish-
.ment.- -

I f. --.


(Continued from page 6)

Etienne Robert Baussan, Byron
Coroneos and H. t-itsch. They
have worked tirelessly and de-
serve great "credit for the results
already, obtained. '
Mir. Ritzenberg also stated that
his goal is' to get marimum parti-
cipation and full enjoyment of
,he 'game. The competitive angle
is fine, but the majority play for
fun and exercise,, therefore be
does not intend to neglect this
group in favor of those only in-
terested in highly competitive

On sale at


ti Joseph report

tan a. . ....... ......... ...... .... ..... ..... ..... ........
SERGE LOCHARD. proficient water.-skier is recuperating from his
Tuesday operation. ..................... ..... ..
MADAME GANOT has advertised in the Miami papers that her
beautiful new Simbie Hotel is for sale. Apparently she has her hands
full with the perfume and essential oil business.
LES HURST, jovial robust Letourneau-Westinghouse Exec. from
Caracas checked with agents Sonaco on the delivery of earth-moving
equipment to Jean Vorbe and Raoul Mallebranche this week.
via Mexico Sunday. Her husband is with Unicef.
BLONDE Mine. ESTHER EASTMAN is enjoying her vacation at El
DAN ALLEN's RENDEZ-VOUS from this week forward is supposed
to jump with good did meringue music. But he's taking a Nasser stand
on no opening Saturday nights much to the grief of the night-clubbers.
BRIGADIER GENERAL Win. J. FOX of Colorado spent a week here
at the Castelhaiti.
at the Castelhaiti .......... ......... . .. .... ... ..... .........
REYNOLDS S. HERIOT. and his wife take the prize for the best
American meringuers seen in Cabane Choucoune in many a Saturday
night. The young" couple here for a three-year tour of duty with PAA
are mighty welcome. ............. ............
CONGRESSMAN and MLrs. H. PRESTON ended a three-day visit to
Port-au-Prince last Wednesday and flew home to Virginia. During their
short visit, Mr. end Mrs. Preston were shown the town by Mr and Mrs
Gerard Theard................................
Lt-Cclonel EDOUARD ROY, Commander of the Haitian Aviation
-Corps and COHATA's president is back from his trip to the U.S.
Mr. SIDNEY SIMMONDS, Ambassador of Her British Majesty's Gov-
ernment in Port-au-Prince, gave a diplomatic dinner at the Embassy's
residence in Debussy last week. ......... ......
Mr. STANLEY GRAYSON, -Atom-Bomb' and .Coupons d'Or. mag-
nate, was guest speaker at the Bahai Institute last Thursday. The
theme of his -causerie, was: 'Who takes pleasure in life and what
is the sense of life.' ............ ..... .. ............
CARDINAL LUQUE of Bogota. the Papal Nuncio and the Cardinal-
Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro attended the reception given by Am.
bassador and Mrs Yvan Desinor at the Haitian Embassy in Bogota,
Columbia, in honor of Mgr. Remy Augustin, auxiliary bishop of Port-
au-Prince................ ........ ............
GROCERY STORES report sales on toilet paper have dropped off
since opening of election season.
FOR THE RECORDS the first airconditioned Barber Shop in Port-
au-Prince is in Turgeau.
POLITICO PARTISANS of Mr Clement Jumelle are pasting illumi-
nated paint sign -Vo'tez Clement Jumelle for the presidency, on their
cars. Senator Dejoie's supporters areputting Jittle tin badges. ,Votez
Louis, Dejoie. on their lapels.
PAUL ANSON's beach resort was closed last Sunday. The propriet-
or had stomach trouble, the Guardian reports.
Mr. LEITZON Vice-president of the Schriny Corp, New Jersey, re-
presented here by Maison F. G. Naud% was shown the city and local
business field by Salesman Jean Claude Apollon de Paris.
Mr BAUM who was 'in Haiti during the War has been seen aboui
Port-au-Prince looking. very distinguished and businesslike.
MAD'O IbIDTMINIQUE and Edouard Guilbaud are reported married
in N ew Y ork. ................................. ,.....t
PETER HENRY WENZEL, Passenger Sales Superintendent at the
.PAA Latin American Division in Miami was here at the Beau Rivage
this week on business. ....................
Ste ROSE DE LIMA SCHOOL in Lalue is holding a kermess today.
THE SEMINAIRE COLLEGE ,ST MARTIAL are also having a ker-
m ess.... .......... ...... .... ... . ..
CAPTAIN GEORGES ELIE FILS Fire Chief of Haiti returned ;o
Port Friday from attending Fire Chiefs Conference in Miami and a
visit to New York. Fire Chief Elie was accompanied on his mission
by his pretty wife Yanidk.
MINISTER J. D. CHARLES exchanged telegram with Ambassador
Fernando Lobo who was recently elected President of the Orga-
nisation of the American States' Council.
THE REPUBLIC OF HAITI will be 150 years old on December 27.
It was in the old Cathedral of .Port-au-Prince that the Constitution
of December 27, 1806 which established the Republic was drafted and
THE BNRH is giving extensive training to the personnel that will
be in charge of operating its new branch recently built on Rue du
C entire. ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ......
ALFRED DUJOUR and CASIMIR LAURENT won respectively the
1st and 2nd prizes of the contest organised by the Young Chamber of
Commerce for the Tampa International Art Contest sponsored by. the
Tampa Junior Chamber.
Delhi, attending the month-long IXth UNESCO General Assembly
which opened on November 5. Haiti has been named to the Vice Pre-
sidency of the Commission of Programme. Fifty nine countries are
represented at this meeting.
arrived here last week. Mr. Williamson will replace Mr Ch. P. Blank;
as the Chief of'Field Party of the SCISP and Mr. Wendt- is the nev'
Business manager of the same service.
GUY LARAQUE didn't fly to New York last week as he'planned!
BILL PARKER in charge of Field accounting for Tecon Corp. on
the building of the Flour Mill is newly arrived at Choucoune.
SKIP ROZINSKI sailed his yacht Monsoon to another corner ol
the Caribbean last week after almost a year here at the Casino pier.

AMBASSADOR GUARDIA of Panama is stopping at the Hotel MAon-



Skip who built his cwn boat plans to leave this ocean by way of the
ditch and sail up to California to see his family.
MARIA VICTORIA the famous' Mexican singer is expected to ap-;
pear at the Casino on Dec. 15th. -
YOLANDA TOHIBLAKLAN (and no gremlins been at that good
old English nombre) is here at the Riviera Hotel uoing a ve-ry fine
meringue. Yolanda went to South Eastern ligh.Sciouni \%.Ith Sally
Chambers in Detroit. The 'girls arc enjoying, a reu,;ioil
Mr BEVERAGE of Shell Company i. rcportel tr.;nil r.e.i *" \s
Zealand. Friends -are bucking up the youn o.i main \.i%.h iL.e revs
that the country is without snakes

VISIT OF 3 GOD se at 'lieato, college, V'heaton,
FARING MEN Representing National Frontier
Evangelism, the group, with their
At the conclusion of a three consecrated talent, their amiable
weeks' evangelistic campaign in spirit, and their warm love to God
the'north, the Reverends Charles and Haiti, won a large place in-
Williams and George Wolfe, an hearts everywhere they went.
American Negro interdenomina-
tional team, returned to Port-au- The Rev. Edward E. Hayes,
Prince Sunday evening reporting Field Superintendent to Haiti In.
success in their venture for God. land Mission, conveyed them and
Bob Brewster, the soloist of the introduced them to various
team, accompanied them to Go- groups here in the city and at Go.
naives, but had to return from naives, Grande Rivire, and La
there to resume his musical cour- Victoire.

"Something New ,




'tQUPON D k."




A new system of cooperative discount stamps called
mCoupon d'0r is now in existence. .The little gold
stamp That saves you money! That wins you
I You will now receive absolutely free these valuable
&Coupons d'0r with every purchase you make at the4
rate of one &Coupon d'Or>) for every 10 cents purchase
Sfor cash on payment or not later than 5 days after due
date. 1
These 4Coupons d'Or can be redeemed as Cash for
merchandise at any of the business firms who are au-
thorized to distribute Coupons d'Or.
You will also receive free, a collection book to paste '
1200 tCoupons d'Or which is worth $2.00, plus a lot-
tery coupon attached, with which you may win as ma-
ny as 180.000 *Coupons d'O> and other prizes such
as an automobile, frigidaire, radio, and many nation-
ally advertised appliances.
The following merchants are now distributing eCou-
pons d'Or*. You are entitled to them. Claim them. Sa-
ving (Coupons d'Or is like Saving money in the

Heard C. L. Roy ed every Friday at the Plant) (
Firestone (The Only Tire Haiti Motors
Brand Giving Coupons d'Or Daccarett Preres
Au Lincoln La Mondaine
Boucherie du Champ de Mars Pharmacie Centrale
Successiont Paul Gauthier Pierre Soda & Fils
Dunbrik Duntex d'Haiti Librairie Select ,
Charles Dejean & Co. Maison Claude Jkager
SRaymond Flambert Continental Trading Co. /
Denis & Co. La Boite 6oMusique 4.
*The Souvenir Shop-2 stores Club Camaraderie
Usine & Glace Nationale gives Brand Giving 'Coupons d'Or,
I 'Coupon d'Or* for 3 caps of uAlpha* (The Nylon Tooth
4 Citadelle Kola and Canada brush that 'Coupons d'Or
h, Dry soft drinks. Caps redeem- enclosed in package)

) 30.000 -Coupons d'Or- worth $50.00 will be award-
4 ed for the best slogan on 'Coupons d'Or
SNot e~xceding 30 word&. Contest closes Dec. 25= '56 ^

Cie Publicitaire d'Haiti, S.A. will be the sole judge in select-
) ing the Winner.
4^^ ^^^^^^

Community Weekly Published Sunday Morning

STHE SACRED VOTE Irishman Tell Where
On the 24thfi of November the IBureau d'Inscriptionv were Haitians Are From
officially opened throughout the Republic. All male cilti'ens Bc:r Edjni,
over 21 eypars of age can register up to and tncludifng Decemb- Ah .Irishmnan from Eire, corn-.
er 24th iti order to be eligible to vote 'n Haiti's. national elec- meeting on Life Magazine series
tio5nsoi-JaarIl .h4.&.1957, 'and send 21 Senators to /the Le- on Integration wrote to,-,the Edit-
gisl atlIe Corps. or of that magazine saying that
Ven the ctizens agau.igo to the polls next, April"to elect -modern Haitians are descended,
a Pres-dent, in the'seeqnd .general elections of'a'Chief of Sta-. from the Fulani, a_ warlike, pasto-
te in the history oftthe Re.jubli.d of Haiti (Prior to 1950 the ral race -who. are found in north-,
President was elected by tVihSenators) it Will be another mile- ern Nigeria and the neighboringS
stone in the democrats pra -!co f .the second oldest Repub- French. territories of the Niger.
lie in the Amerieas . '-.'-'. : ,. They conquered the Hausa anfd
. -'," J. I' ." still' fight',to the death, with
A DAY TO BEMEMBER ', spears against the equally mar-
'. ". "'. ",,,,"' "t 0 ".. 'bil Tuaregs' for the possession 61
This is in two .y y .to 4nimeimber:. it is a, day when al Turgsfor the posessio ,
; ;a:- ,z ,_.,A'., ;, ,. o Tep:Iy are beleived, to be.; [
we should have in nt ad", r They are beleived.. to be
ment and all the pa pt lcandcourag.h went into9 .Mtic oh H .n.tic origi, and',,
winning it; it is also ea'yofkni lg is S ai that sqme of thblir aaCq
and~~trag ro-,d..xv,++t e Tl afS., l~ :elephan'tW
hearts and memoriesbecaiuse; of ,gtet and gicnews: 'from, 4.flnba's elephant
'4 -~, ~ v~erthe 'Aijs.'a
overseas. h. 'I think that for -.,- "' -' .' ,' I , .r
If W'are, at all in ditoui alue the adoVotig," ,hink that benefit/ of
by which we govern. ourselves,.;le:us, rememberr in'what:,te?- readers, as you have aways
rible ways the pepl ii a. ave been voting '- n, o. u should open a column'
rible 'ay" the pe..l. "'e TedwihY... .oa : ..yoizr newspaper to the Hait Ian
have voted Withtir li tey e vqted with small- a s n'
i "I'--:.- ._ e n lgss i veriy this, state.I
and bare fists' against. takes, hey ham voted, fbrf-teedow? omgit. to .ii ths stte
against the evil and obscene mifghti'that crushed hem cym- u I *
r( 8rlhd'h~fl' + :i):.- Mqdern st
ally into the bloody dust.: S):Mqdern Hat4 .
We do not have to search aming tWe cobwebby arc&e f
history tb learn _wiAtt &.. bheocratic ballot 'ortb :-' VO E A 0 '
We can I .istqen totneh4db,'W. +ic.rad' fhe ftit- e': E ,': :
newvspap rdjwe can heblu-': :4f.Thf te hefoi t~~ec h ;.
.".4# e--f .r ,s.d...d. ....
newspaper,.we can -ea ...' ;-the oppressed andt1'11 Dear .ditr, ""
Sgroans of the martyrs. oil,. every wind blowng. from the east'. As the electdorafl campaignn is'
Our fore-fatherS wutId. 'have understood wbiat.thi, struggle vtual opened ben old
W ruallyope'ned' b emg'ie",'an' old
means for' they fought in' their time-in'the still unended war. .Tonto'n I have a. ord to say in
SLet us try'to' understand, too. / .. the coming.: elections, f[or, I have
For Aach of 'us it.matters greatly /who wins the electi.zl, seen many elections in our little
and by what majority:T`hiS.would b.a sad democracy, indeed Dhaiti-Toma 'sIt is tb? dulv of.
if therge.were but one party and one set of political bjeiefs!' eaqh and everyone to cast his vote.
But what matters most is that. we choose our party, our can- for the candidate of"'his c.hice.
didates and our progaumi' quietly, peaceably, hofiestly a n d No, one should abstain from vet-
Swith no violation of thd, individual conscience. Not for us the ing for thed Nation is going to
hideous blasphemy that thde Russians call a people's demo- ''*-
Scrdcys, not for us the. foul lie of the one-party,-,9.-per-cent .. ..
election return We. ote, as 'we prik-apd for that and othi- .
er reasons this is a,day, to r .nembdf,. ': ,.
', In no better, way can we .ex-press'.tr, determination' to be
free, our sympathy'withb ttiewho y ha'y, fought so valiantly t a
to' become free, our destinatioifn of he enemies' of freedom W f t t tk
,'and of mankind. This should:. b.e a d.ay for a: peaceable it-ass i
Sdemonstrtaion, throughout "tBhe'country, of jtiz'ens going" with l s aeaL
: their neighbors to. the polls,. .', -f :. .U-ft WHE
',When the-4ay is .over'.something less than" half of us will t i
be di.apppinted with that: one daV's ies~ults and something '.t
More 'than half, of us, wit-be satisfil,/ But, winners or losers,
we .sihall be gobo.-neighLboprs still, sharing a treasure more pr4-
Scidus than office' and outweigling-.power or'. wealth: the com.rn -
'' mon heritage of freedom,. .y -.- -- _.-_. x
'_ ,(From the New York"'tines). .... ~ _. -.
Ix .1

A. -Z,'~.(..

.' ... ....

when you a
a Qn&nS

P with C
3fuel a.
"I Many'e
kit 51~ue4*5 $S.rn$.- 'allc
,-"7, C. p a '1''T
'It ' '" 9*
''I". '+ l .
4.: t I. '.,

.. . -, . ..- .'*r ,''
make a democratic ,experiment REPORT WEATHER.. ':
which will decide of the destiny .. .. '. .
for which it was created. Absten- Dear Editor, ,;-..:': -.
tion is a crime, a sin that we Ift has been raining all Bth month"
must avoid at any cost if we wafit of November almost in every sec-
our names secure from curses by tor of the coun.try. This.'is',.a' very.:
ourchildren, unusual thing for'in t i4oid days'
(S):-Tonton Pierre.. we had rain only at th8pbegiiigi:".'
WHO IS BUILDING of this month. Is the."atmosph.e. 0.o:
THE AIRP RT perturbation due tot. H'-Bo b B3&b
THE AIRPORT tests or to some' naturaLphen'me-":;
Dear Editor, non? ":" '
I have learned from the news- Another thing I would ,lJke .'.to
papers three weeks ago that a Ve,. point out' to yot: is that ikhor +
nezuelan 'Company was going to a egrippeI epidemy tht is w "epI
build the now Port-au-Prince air- .ing now the countIy.. Iknow, k tnow .
port, now I-have been informed io dt' likely 'It, is caused, bI ':he'
that an American BiUlionnaire cold 'waves coming '.rm;:i, ..e,.4"
Consortium plans to do the .joj. North but I think that t. WpAtlim
But up. to now I .haven't seen any er'Blierau --i.one'exists44
earth 'moving operation. .At last publish weather ,nets iit'v,te..4 1
who Is going to ,biild it? :p'papers so that-the .pqptilatoihi*
S' 'nqw the 'precautions to t*tk;&'
(S):. Tractoi Operator. .. (S): Saturn,:..-. ." .'::
has the pleasure to informed you on the changes' that have takien'b:Qe",
in it. schedule which will be. enforced beginning, 'e-ciber..4 Q
I r ," .... t-1."'
as follow: ., .,
'-, WEDNESDAY 'AND FRIDAY ':. .;.. :;
S- Ciudad Trujfllo Port-au-Prince -. Miami .-.:.' .,7. 5
Departure Ciudad Trujillo' O. G..,0
Arrival Direct flight '. Port-au-Prince 9 ',-9.W M"
Departure Port-au-Piince ;. '.:.93 Xpe.i' r
Arrival Direct flight- Miami : ... i'"..i' .*i
,. , 1 / ... ..: -.:. : + ,!1.: "it- '*"iij
,Miami Port-au-Prince Ciudad Tj'lo .- '.-;
Departure directt flight --Miami-.0 '.."' . "OA.
'Arrival. .. Por-u-.rmce .. .2 3. i< >',
Departure. '' Port-anu-Prinde ;:":." :", O"PV1-"
Arrival C ,idad . ,, l ....jo.. a ? ".
The CDA offers, as always. 'the'lowest travel, ratese' as, it iis'dis0*
below: L ., ,- .' ..' ',..,'.'
'Port-au-Pritnce .- iami i/'- K $ 55.00 *$r.09,'^'1u&t
Port-au-Prince Miami '-New Yoirk 1'05 .lfSdr '1 :""-l0i5144
Port-au-Prince. Ciudad Trujillo :... ., ..1 ,'ihoa7 ou te
Port-au-Prince' gn Juan ."""^' 'N'i 2'8: '6"8'.4_ )
For further''informntion and' fd reservationo i1'm;' Ultk. aB,
Agent or. the CDA -'90, 'Rue Pavee 'Teleph'ntd t'25

'.4 1.. ..... ... .
S +-- ---P- ---- .' 'i" *-. '= (* *. *"*, '. ..'" t***** ., '- ,, '_, ^

.. ;* ., '"/*'^ i
".. V-" -:> T ..: -" ; ,..- .' -'" .*^.l""
,-- - -... -. .

'e'il',-/.)'Loe E-. - /'.- .
,r ---
. . : u n att e -n.e. "*b-+,.p e :.'.t e 1 ,

.... -oviicn ",f ....-tty 'as- ^r" ". m : ,, ". *^ .--- ' S1 ,:

ou next rop ': ^ --- ' .. 1.. **", "',- ,:; ^ y ..
"''-. : .. *'.,
*rl- - W I.

.-- ."'--" ... ',,t" . .. "

. . . .. .- *,'* :^ .?il'*
J, -, 1 14.: ; ,, . .. 7 .
"'' ' " 5 ; ':1 r

' . - * -' .* -" ,, il' ., :. r "-
b SU RE*--- ..; ** ..i- -' .. ., -'.' ..

Im1th n uaedd, bt .P.;o.t-- s,. o e D

1 '. "~ ...

ofhd requ ireniyd ote "ie. a.."
e od # r~ a in' -..,'_::-

that tht iastn4 Jo ig .. Y St *~.
.cnucIng nineproof t, 0 f ime -t . ;-
!ourn-e,, xt crop.. .- ... o .. ,. -
,..L .... _.Wf+ .:.rde or d,.

.4 d
CAe!Ehep!ELAR -at
,Id r qir n r utnp' t Q te b'" -a-, ,i "

.. r! p es.t.. '4', ;.. .
,engie s~l. of thisel n av!rglrdnes .. ie h .. W.0"0.' 0 4i-..
,,iv~ i 1... .. .., 6. 6,, f ., ..., ... ...,
onu I fri ",,W;i& Idf1,fi1iai I oi
eng~nes ofthsspeake ha,
your next 'rOp,; 'i.: ".' ...: "++::

1^,,A''E ....6... - *";.. '', ,

'- : ,;*- '
1.i:'tIfPort-au-Prince's first foreign Tennis Coach sows the
jtscdjs, he -hopes to during-his tour of duty here, then Haiti
"i can.,xpec c o one day harvest a crop of aspirants to the
S'.cD.i Cup, the top International TennjA Coxtest.
:;Th.e, rmoest Washingtnian who arrived asf ohnth utder
S.a;U ..State.Departnment Grant of Internatioial-Ei. hange of
Specialists, at the request of Port-au-Prince's three leading
.t..eni.s Clubs, is well prepared for his role. Albert Ritzenb rg
.s:pent. most of his .3 years on the" tennis -citls of the
-f id..He began playing competitive' tennis at. the tender
;a' t.. ,,'- ,
w y *..:.," .. "_ ,. --.

'' -.Bartipipation -. in .international
buids up prestige for a
bu&try,$ .Coach Ritzenberg stated
izdktifiterview'with the 'Sup" on
,T Eid't morning. lt may 'even-
Z lead to -other developments
fw claljy, economically 'and cii-
i'taI.And remember, it is not
ai*y'ltile"large country that
wi s. lia., prdsent) hIolder
ofdupa has a popula-
-onrdn y: 7,00o;OO-. ''
tafing:hat fr iom his obser-
at'j4i ce arrival'f're*I' feels
vW-Haii1i defiitely..has ..chainm-
*mial, .Mr. Ritzenberg .be"
V '-a'iit is a question- of: sti-
? maintaining constant.
^terest ithe game; He is coun-
U pO the media of our n'!r*s-
and radio stations 'for a
exr* promotion, movement in
a 4h..itexnis whic'lie terms ca
.SiNa-l -game whe;e"'AL
.er... a;re broken dow4.- He also
'.'t.tenuis is 'a scientific

ie .g.e.ple Rea.y. Want ".Tennis

.. i.-oach "said furtherI
4W5jjiportant question is
-jtjoj^linz3'the p wamj coD-
V"cm'tPg. pple and developing

ff~ih ixoryby t.e. -dI ^tomtnfr:ob
Pn wa w geeted, at
.- . ..e, 6- R. ..-

I here th p etrer- .
"Inth e. progauE,:'Z'lsisade,
fild' that. hehad come, and
es thatt his ..exper.ence in
^pt.i, wrk. puts ..him in fairly
b& "Stea';to unideiake the dif-
AI rt:iaiglesof the problem. He
d nitkon'working HAiti into ithe
':fterhntional. Federation. so that
tui :.c6LJntry may become known
^,a.&\vdrld team a ,.t
1T'dnnis4 Irogram For Haiti
i: With the principal tennis clubs
-..,Hjiiti now consolidating for a
$ "'.promotion program, Coach
Rtpe'k said a long range plan,
Vwa.zderway to get everybody in-
Ot ^-Already there 'is great
.... ii.': -" everybody wants
6 to play tennis, all; age
:OUp .i,:are.;ralling to the move-"

U.S. Embassy Cultural Attache
Mr. Jein Graffis, U.S. Embassy
Cultural Attache was approached
by' tennis enthusiast and Cercle
Bellevue President Friedrich 'Ltt-
'decke on the subject of obtaining
the services of tennis cdaoh. Mr.
Ludecke had been workingg for a
long time on the matter, -and
through Mr. Graffis the coopera-
tion :of the %Specialist Division of
the-State Department, Mr. Ritzen-
be.g'- .services were obtained.
'Emphasis On. Fundamentals of
GCdah / m i
Coach ..Rifeiderg emphasizes

that.good tennis is simple to' ob-
taihi.'if the baic fundamentals of
the game are properly taught and
understood'. The average tennis
enthusiast plays the game for
tun, and will get 6nore fun out- of
ait if his game is proficient.
.The Coach added that naturally
he" does not intend to try to make
a. champion of every player, but
.will attemptt to fit each into his
nwn little niche, depending'on abi-
lity, and physical capabilities
'TheMplayer can then, advance to
other stages if he so desires.
Hopes to .Have Davis Cup Team
,.- On the Promotion Program, Mr.
Ritzenberg,would like to establish
a Davis- Cup-Team; a Junior Davis
Cup Tpan, and-. possibly Wowuen's
Classes in'"Tournaments. He also
hopes tq- have Infter-Club and- In-
tet,-Islanid Teams. In adfdion, he
-plahs to. bring n Exhibiitiona for
competing with local teams
The enthusiastic, Coach says'
that he will mix.techLique with
the social side,,promoting Tennis
teas -.balls, dances and dinners.
He hopes to stimulate enough in-
terest to possibly charter planes
to send delegations to U.S. Natio-
nal Championships" in September
for observing the big games.
.Win Mpdestly Or Lose
Gracefully. ,
'We must be prepared to take
beatings in order, to get experien-
ce,' Coach Ritzen.berg declared.
aIt is interest in the game we are
trying to create, along with, an
increase in the number of play-
ers. There is an old wxom:. .Win;
ll' \ ,i-

_~ r'
S ,..... ~-
? "- **', : ... ..
:.-3* "":. ," ':
,' ,, ~ .. .- '

i,"- erftsbitton -m'tch? a-Po. ta.,-Pnae Ter.0 i"U Club given. by
,"(iott tef to nlzt)h t A.,Chan,; t.. "Joe Etienne, Coach Rztzrnibei;'
44 chandlerer .
...O r .
Of 5 ,
-. A.. ..l l... .. . ' :" " .
;.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ J&,%.... ..: ..: d. ..k ." .'" "' ".. .


____________ Sunday Dwvuber 2nd 49U

Welcoming Committee: Lt. A. Castan, Lt. Joseph Etienne. 'red4y Ludeeke. Raymond Craoon. Jan
Bellegarde, the coach Ritzenperg. Jeapn Graffts anid .Bill Dunn.

don't expect, of' oorse, to keep I trouIgh incompetent oompeti- ain afternoon, to groups each wi
modestly, or lose gracefully.. We :ion. Ikeep pla.ig against better for teaehipg complete irformat
oh losing We must wiin, too. I "layers all the-time- and' never let qn all the basis strokes in theI
like to see progress in my pupils, dow. iis game, and'. possibly will p
Yoa leara more through losing Avoid eWrng. A'nngfe' tennis if demanded. He ca
sometime than through winning., ..flr belvv taft nismi isr met this'a ..Clinic- where tle ga
Tennis Fgers Universally very dffaiultr wien played coT-ec can,. be scientilEcally treated. ,
Accepte d ly, tMe' Coac' opijed'. It only points out the popularity of
Stating that tennis' players tra- becoies- difficult when' attacked Tennis -Clinic he 'conducted
vel around the mr]d, Mr. Rtliv- .from iW wrong afigtb. WEir p- Howard University in Wasbin
berg said: 'They'mingle .with Ro- perly explained' andl untderstood, and the good rrsults-obtained.
yaty, and are imiversally accee- it can fe--come prfibient for any- pIans to go to Cap-Haitien 2
ed and admnred. In Monte Caft., one ff'Hle- wants- to,' work. Likreany other'cities in the provinces w
King Gutawe was a famous tennis field of endeavour, if you', ca ee- his Clinic activities :
player until he was 86 years ofW. vote time to it, you' can dor p fair Players Can Be Used By Hotel
Any good player could just wiu- job en tenmibi- With everybody 'playing ten]
up and play with'the King of He ,also said that it was-nott ne- and good teams available, the
Sweden. cessarily a questfbn' of having to tel industry will find addition
Just as President Eisenhower- is be specially gifted; thaef a person igceatio-. available. Guests at

a noted golf enthusiast, so is A'd-
lai Stevenson recognized as a

great tennis enthusiast,, he fur-
ther remarked. I
Formula For Good Tennis
When asked by the 'Sun. 'to'
give a formula for.the playing of
good tennis, Coach Ritzenberg
promptly ticked them off-- (1)
-You must have an interest' in the
game and the desire to be' a real:
tennis player; (2- You must be
flexible enough to rate as a fair
oupil capable of following simple
instructions, and (3)' After nms-
tering' these. simple instructions it'
is a simple matter of corredctly
nractising what you- have -learn-
ed. ,
T', become a Champion, a play-
, r, i 'nly has to be good, but
*,,, m-' a musician, work hour
'l(-r hour to perfect his techni-
I "u- nnd to study methods of
riunter-opposition he must con-
cnintrate on such .things as physic-
al condition, proper emotional at-
'itude towards competition, and
I-'!ee the spirit of fight and fair
Good nerves and reflexes are
essential to fit a person for play
under trying and heavy competi-
tion. In fact .the player must ob-
serve discipline of playing serious
ly, keeping in top physical condi-
tion, watch his sleep and diet,
and above all practice tennis, fun-
damentals for hours just as he
would his music scale.
In general, always strive.to play
in competitions that will elevate
Aour game. Nothing can be gained




can dO anything' he wants to by tels and resorts are always inter--
exercising his will' power. esfed in- a good game of tennis
'Practice does- not make per- right on the hotel proper, and
fert, tile- Coachi conrliued, .but tennis matches are excellent en-
practikiug correctly adds tp profi- tertainment to keep guests from.
ciency. If you pradti-e with the straying off the ground" at loose-
wrong strokes you just get deep- ends for something to intrigue-'
er into bad albits ffiat you can them. '
never break. You must know and Wife May Aid it Tennis-
use tlhe theory,, or you just go on Programi. .
digging your grave deeper.N Mr. Ritzenberg will be jint i)
Anab"gy shortly by hi wife ant fourchhil-'
As an analogy, Mr. Ritzenberg dren three boys: anda six-
indicated a graph showing a per- weeks-old daughter. Mrs: RStzen'-
son typing with two fingers and berg, Physical Education Instruc-
who has never learned the toiLh tor- tennis player is expected to
systm. Looking at him, you are play an active second to her coach
impressed that he is speeding husband in' the Program,here, and
along doing a perfect job. But he and is interested in thb sport as
just isn't doing it according to a school activity.
the rules of technique, and it will Mr. Ritzenberg has spent ten
suddenly show up somewhere in years as Coach at the Woodmont
his work. Playing tennis is like Country Club of Washington, D.C.
learning to type. If you strike and at Georgtown University, and
slowly but.,.correctly, you gain has taught at Sheraton Park Ho- ;
lasting preficieney .once and fr tel in Washington. .'
all. It is a sure example of seek, IHe was Athletic Director- in
and you shall find.. Icharge of the U.S.. Program of
Donation Of A Trophy Recreation for Air Force in Lvdi'.
The new Coach also hopes tp and coached the Junior Wight-
get some distinguished person in- man Cup Team in Washington for .:
terested in donating a special tro- the rct-irn match with between -
nhy carrying the donor's name women of the United Statls and' ::-L
and engraved with. a suitable Ie- Encland.
gend. It will be designated not Yr. Ritzenberg stated that he
to the best, player, but to the per- wished to stress the wonderftll'..1
son who has done the most ltow. coorPration obtained from the"
ards promoting andI developing local groio including Freddy Lu-.
of tennis in Haiti. Later there 'iecke, Victor Boucard, RAY.'
will be 'other trophies, but thi5 Craoon, Frnnt7 Sieqel, Edouard Ma .:
trophy, renewed each year. thon and Edouard Baker. Joe --I
Tennis Clipics, "
The Coach wijl give a day, or (ContinvelJ orip age 4) .
i ,- :

I : ,,, *~. /




PAGE 7. ,


Sunday December 3na a1956 -* - = --



The smell of Christmas is al-
ready in the air and the thirty
ones are scurrying around down
town P.brt-au-prinoe looking for
bargains as the feast days .ap-
Down every rue is a man whom
any one with a little observation
can detect. He is not the tradition-
al .marchand-; he cannot be
taken as such because he has
nothing trc sell. Indeed, he is, an
odd boss paint. (house-paintet)
who offers his services to those
who want to add a little more
color to their shops and homes
for the holidays.
The -boss paint, (this Creole
word is borrowed from two En-
glish words), is not always a pro-
fessional house-painter. No need
to say that he might have no skill
at all in the trade.
He does not have any specific
uniform but" as a sign of 'distinc-
tion, he will maculate his garn-
ments with various colors of
paints as to' display thah he has
previously worked somewhere
and that heis a true. boss. Fu-
thermore he wears an American
style cap, usually distributed by
the Paint and Construction Firms
as advertisement.

something -belore the .feLe de
Noel. and the New Year.
It is customary that he walks
along with a -secretaire., a *boss
macon (who doesn't know much
anyhow) in case there are a few
bojes to be patched in a wall or
on the cement floors,
BLut, these young amateur
arc not better at home with ai
broom (used as a giant brush) to
wash the walls with lime, than

Dressed as such and carrying a. J
emarmite. (large can of paint), with a small brush and oil paint
a few brushes and a rbalai- They had no training.
(broom made with palm leaves) Besides the 15 or 20 Gourdes
the &boss paint, goes from house he asks to do the job, he must be
to house to offer his services. He given a few other gourdes to buy
always has a -few suggestiorns lo hdi necessary material which in-.
make. For instance: -You, don't elude: dye, lime, sugar cane syrup
have,to' spend a lot of money to twvo or three oranges, an empty
re-paint all this.1 house, but it oil can (if none is available) etc...
will not cost: much. to give a fresh The large can is filled with
coat of paint to the -devanture haaf lime half water, then the dye
(front side). Or he may add: and the sugar cane syrup are ad-
Come and see something: You ded to them: They mix them to-
see that! The first boss you had gether. Afterwards they pour
'did not know how to prepare his into that mixture the juice of the

.peinture. Paintt, already it is oranges and very often they
pealing off. So, you have to do the orange peals into it.


I***** im* ** 'um--^4* ***' (k *4 *** *** *a**** * a ** *f*a
6*** ******^ *{**,*xs *II-*** **********{** *

-! H TELCUiicUn
; itiI ,^ LJ./L -tr. dA'P

HOMARD FLAIBt spec iaif' "
Ophestre- andl :how,

Caban Choucoune p ,

;a"i MMU:N:U;MMt;:K;:U.u;f PIf~

e Shortap Here e.'"


. Sensation Bazar-Emile Maximilien-77 Rue des Miracle

1I, . ..

of the year, and start the New
Year fresh and clean:

3 Haitians Take
Part In Boston
(What The Free
World Seeks)
Maryse Polynice, Robert Tip-
penhauer, and Serge. Valmd who
are attending Boston University
were among the eight ,thousand
people who attended the Interna-
tional student Day celebration
held at Boston University last
e Living Around the World s
was the thbeme of the event in
"which over 150 students from
76- foreign countries participa-
In the ,face of world crises
these students, together with A-"
merican students displayed what
the entire free world seeks:
friendship and understanding.
All afternoon long, spectators
witnessed a continuous program
me of folk music, dancing, each
wearing the garb of his particu-
lar country.
Food and i drink were donated
by the different exhibited
booths. Displays of products ma
nufactured in tlHe different coun
tries were viewed with interes-
ted eyes.
Understanding was the keyno-
te of the event as the foreign stu
dents were flooded with ques-
tions and inquires all afternoon
about different aspects of their
respective countries.
As people of the United Sta
tes stood in the balcony of the
large auditorium, they saw a pa-
norama of the world unfold be-
fore their -eyes. They saw cul
tures, habit,s customs, some re-
sembling those of their own
couitrd, some entirely different..
They saw the whole world in
one great hall. They saw the
hole world talking together,
laughing together, understand-
ing together.

,- E '0*; K .*.
I j. L '1 1I;-- i-' :..;
g Bar -_...: )'^ -..-:^.,^

..T R .:.:, :, .;

u. ETT.AERS TOB ".. .'.T,

7i". f "

l^" aw IICLSS* B I ~ I,,\ II *- ::", :: V "^M

pt mus .- *|f:i~^ '.!

"Wake t be good, to remain in "i '" ". '
SfriefzCon of Scorch Whiskies for over 130 years. .Q ,. s. *:..I
lItmbat be good to pass the so-utinv of distillers j ^ '"''' ;^;S
Wih over 13o years eaqperience behind them. .tf :' ;^'^
.0 N s n ., G G ".. TRON. ,'
Try it today-you'll agree it's good ^ J''



Program is begin Prepared

Tr yi t. t'o;-.y"..'l g...' "r 3g

S -H A "GT0.'._ ;. w -A
is be't.,,Prepare
HOTEL ..,,... BO

*",,*, .',. .".. . ,. 4.A


Direct Passenger and Freight Service a

American ..

((BOSS PAINTS, :. All rooms with bath

Some people prefer to buy the Air-conditioned diIng-room
1 powdered paint w ich they ob- Ai e n
tain from the construction mate-
rial shops at 2 or 3 dollars. It can Famous cuisine
be desolved in water and some- 4 o
times gives a better result than EVERY MONDY AT 6:00 P.M.
the local made .peinture. EVERY MONDAY AT 6:00 P M.
But some of., these men THE DELUXE 200- PASSENGER
deal only with lime0 CRUISE-SHIPS OF PANAMA LNTE
and broom. They have a com- DIRECT TO MIDTOWN N. Y. CITV.
plete collection of brush-
es, oil, turpentine, small boxes of
Saint which they call Sapolin.
(one the most popular brand in
Haiti) in case they find some
chairs and tables to paint. In
most families this job is done by
the .gargons. who find it profita-
ble to make some money besides
their monthly salary.
However, if the 'young -boss
paints. work is not always satis- .
factory, their courage and their NEI
good-will is beyond. reproach.
gW illn iey haveueondract h 0Accuraterinformation at office of Panama Line ONLY.-*
Wen he hae acotrat tey0 Rue Abraham Lincoln0
Weoften work all day long, without Teleph.one .2 .
stopping for lunch at nooti. In -
some families they give them a 7
plate manger' (to eat ". They 'cJ
have to work fast. There may be IT'S THE FILTER THATCQUNY
other jobs waiting for them, fort .A. TT Je" ," .: :;1
according to an old tradition I..E .T .. .. -..
everybody, rich and poor re-paint I'
;the home and the shop at the end '., .. :':.



i^. : **

I; .'t *

. :,.

' .i .. "



S.B: Nexfort MOISE
In the Artibonite Valley1 on the French Equatorial Africa, the'
LESSONS BY LAVIN'ITA AND PRIZE Thighway, leading from Pont-Sondd Sc'hweitzers found practic?,'y no
to Verrettes there can be seen an provision and absolutely no build-
outstanding yellow sign bearing ings for a hospital and a clinic.
this inscription in black' fetters: Beginning with rude huts, which
HOPITAL ALBERT SCHWEIT- Schweitzer himself built with the
ZER. surmounted with a black ar- help of his trusted native helper,
ell, row pointed toward the interior. Joseph, the doctor made plans to
-If you are curious, you will turn build a hospital. Meanwhile he
"^ '^ 1PFI ONVLJL right on the rough path and after struggled to provide for his pati-
one mile you will be amazed at ents in a hen house converted in-
S P the sight of a greenish and noise- to a -surgery-.
i less place. Just in front are two From what I heard in Descha-
dozens cottages and dwellings, pelles, the Mellons had their own
mostly American style, scattered problems in connection with the
.over luxuriant tropical flowers, lies first settlement. The building of q
:, La large concrete building. It is the the hospital was surrounded with
Si Grant Foundation's Hospital built difficulties which could be over-
Y it. ..OB only and run by Dr. and Mrs. Mellon. come only by their willingness
i o On my first visit to this Hospi- and devotion. The people who as-
W ..tal. I wa's curious to know th6'rea- sisted them report that they were
',-.. son for calling it Albert Schweit- admirable o ,courage, working
zer. I started to search about it themselves like any workman on
... ^ "' ~ and was happy to find out from the building of their home and to
o,',i ': aia ir. M Ui a study of Joseph Collomb just the clearing of -the land, leaving
Y,' ,; who is Albert Schweitzer. Judging no time for rest until the >work
said hisu~aagic ruasa a tudy ofromh sb e phav Cor lm uswhicerngothelnhev
,'< MN;.A MO V & TDAA& Y UEFET-DANCING from his behavior with respect,to was achieved; defying the incon- :
.: ...:. -. ..- humanity and especially to poor veniences of the sun, rain and
:.: ... ^:.. .-, M,^n.... l "people, I might say that the Mel- mud, they carried, on their mis-
p.... -7 ., Ions are walking the path of the sion with the faith and the sete-
A.7..4 *____ _____* Schweitzers. nity of an ascetict
:";.:5-. ., .. "_- ... .- ... .- [A look over the world reveals 'MrSg,'Schweitzer was overwork--
.. .. that humanity is beset by materia- ed: as Dr.' Scbweitzer. Hlr house-
... Ulism. The dissolute l9ve for mate- work included. not only her .bhome
ri i nhhontc 2nd commodit;ies ,nh.-b h 'at 'son thewhoi n- hancit;l TheI


;jZ.;;:, : *' i. ~** I ~ ^*^ Ir

^"':~~ '*1. FAMILY TRAVEL PAN .. in effect November 1.
':^.';. i t hrug 'ac 1 ie, n hlrnbewe 2ad *

'** 25 ay at savings up to&$300 each under regular fare.
', .. aily of four saves up to $900. .
'L 2 SPECIAL KIM 15-DAY FARE. Saves 397 even on |
*,already low, low Tourist Fare tickets! I ^
...o a. .ll ye For full infor.lon,

i < HIse your Trawel Agent. '*,M W ^ ^ i
":' "KLM ofiefs

i : .,. :,:".: ON YOUR TRIP TO EUROPE!

... ' t., threuib March 31.'Wives, and children between 12. and
.. 25 gly at savings up to '$300 each under regular fare.
', rbmily of four saves upto $900. ,
"".,., "': LSPECIAL KIM 15-DAY FARE. Saves $97 even' on
~~already low, low Tourist Fare tickets I
- ~Good all year. d
1. For full Informalion,
K ~see your Travel Agent.
's ke, hAIRLINES

:.' : J 4 6

0 ';

as automobiles,' comfortable hou- ljiiWdry alone was a fulL-time job.
ses, radios television sets, electric- In addition', she was .. everything
al appliances and like convenience from nurse to cook, a surgical ai-
for an easygoing life, is what in sistant, for Josephbhad long been
these days give reason to the life promoted out of the-kitchen. With
for the majority of people living her husband away," ini adcdition to
on the earth. Choosing the other all other work, She, had to take
way of life, Dr. -Schweitzer gave on many of his tasks with the
up all comfort in order to serve sick as well as with the others,
humanity. The following passage from babies to the aged, with their
quoted from Schweitzer's own many disputes and other person-
writings reyeals his character: al problems.
'When I first went to Africa I
prepared to make three sacrifices. I don't know whether the Mel-
-To abandon the organ, to renoun- Ions have met a Joseph among
ce the academic teaching activit- the peasants of Desehapelles to
ies to which I have given my help them, but people say Mrs.
heart, and to loose my financial Mellon, despite her humble appear
independence, relying for the rest ing is clever and dynamic; like a
of life on the help of friends, bee in its beehive she takes care
Like Schweitzer, the Mellons of every details with the same re-
seem to have made a similar sa- verence for everyone; her kind-
crifice in giving up their comfort- ness with either .the sick or the
. able American life in exchange workman makes her famous among
'for life .anfd hardwork in Haiti. the peasants as well as Dr.
SThe location of a hospital in the Mellon who with his medical staff
little village of Desehapelles has a is busy alongside the day with the
meaning as a philanthropic mis- flow of patients trustful for a sure
sion. treafment at the T-TcntInl Albhrt

.Arriving at

Lambarene in I Schweitzer.

L'en num6ro Time Magazine 19 novembre yo fail paraite
portr6s que John Sadovy t6 prend pendant revolte en Hon-
grie, bataille citoyens contre oun soldatesque imbecile, aveu-
gle, criminel..
Photo qu'interess6 m'surtout c6 youne qui montre iter-
reur, lachet6, ]a tremblade deux policies hongrois devant
peloton d'execution. Ayer encore, yo t'ap batte moune come
U crapules pour oun maitre stranger. Ale, Judas Iscariote
douA content pou ou6 1'en monde entier coument 1' cal] piti-
te, coument ti Judas ap vende pays, fail assassinin freres,
sceurs,' papa, manman yo.
Theories c6 bel bagaille F'en livre min lors bete la mountrA
dents 1' c6 oun l'autre histoire. Dj&;- en Tch6coslovaquie nous
t6 ou6 genre oun minority prend pouvoir appuy6 par l'Ant&-
christ, moune t6 fr6mi lors ministry Benes, oun nom respec-
t6 t" oblige tuer tete li pou 1' pas t' subi r'honte ac d6shon-
SHaitiens qu'ap suive politique stranger admire courage Ei-
s.nhower 1'en affaire d6sagregation racial. Li senti que pou
l'Am6rique parler au nom dignity, liberty, moralit6 foe li net-
toy6 salet6s aui la caille li. Que Dalip Singh Saund oun indou
gain drotll devenu d6put6 l'en oun region pr6jugds corn Ca-
lifornie, ga montr6 que citoyens am6ricain pas b6tes sauvage
que peuples couleur crou6.
Min assassins Buda-Pesth, l'oncle1Sam t6 dou6 comprende
que ti fr6res yo ap lugubr6 l'Am6rique Tropicale. A part Br6-
sil, Uruguay, Mexique ac oun l'autre c6 oun bande charon-
g:nes qui quimb6 peuples ac nations en esclavage. Crime Bu-
da-Pesth, la sans nom, c6 oun plaie virulent min gain ti ma-
ladies :chronique qui mand6 pou yo passer oun ti main tou:
Maqcaque couleur ou blanc, toute macaque c6 macaque.





Concrete Densifier give:
Resistance water-tightness

t a fBi&S s


if you want the most'
for your money, use

B. F. Goodrich
They're made wik
far Heavy Servelm
WILLIAM NAIR ,Port-au-Prince
Boucjrd & Cie, Jac7nel Raymond
Laroche, Cap Haitien, MaiSOs Jean
Bourgeois, Aux Cayes Michel Des
quiron, Suicesseurs, Jr6nie .
4 .:..

.. '/ '

Sunday December 2'mid 1)53


S_______HAITI SUN. -

R~Iuek Qua;>-:

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I -.




^i *'-'- *- _=- =-



Borean: Stand 23
Ave. Marie-Jeanne
CitO de Itqpodtion



Port-au-Prince, Haid
Phone: 2061
P.O. Box: 433


............................. .......... .........COU PON .. ............................. ..............


FOR A MONTH ( 4 issues)..........................................$0.50

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Remittance enclose.

Please Bill me.

On this beautiful day (the days are always beautiful in
Haiti) we wish to extend to you our heartiest welcome.
We, as well as everyone in Haiti, want you to have a very
pleasant and enjoyable stay in this lovely and hospitable
Haiti Sun (your newspaper) in collaboration with La
Belle Creole (your shopping center) have put out thi
section of the newspaper in order to give you information
that will help you to make your stay not only pleasant but
We are always at your Service, for any information you
may need.




Chomp doas
Opea da except Sunday hmn 8-2
Mkas liAwring of Flag, 8 a. m-I p. a.


P 0
-M" dom


i a

AM rsmbta xpeitia emanum
Oper dadaf troS 9
Ast bngbtkm


Aux palnistee, Expolstia Groands
Open daly from 5
Fer further InfornmatiM
see your travel Agent


Aux Palmlstes, Exposition Grounds
Open daily from 9 S
PVermanent Art FzUlibltms


Rue de Ia

Phone: Z05E

Open daily except Sunday rom I
Currmet Art Shows


* ~tta


A. de Motre-Danme
AO (Catholic)

Potidon Plaza
Open daIly om 4- I

P Oldest Churmh
In Port an Prince
rer vibdt houri ooo
Your "Travel Agean

Patton Vim
Pniinn PI--
Open dally


Mue Paviee (Near PAA Offices)
opm dealy
Famous for Uts beautfa Hadl E I


Anux Palmistes, Exposition Greounds
Open Tuesdays and Thursdays
Evening for folklore seow


Rue Durand
Boxing and Track Field evest.
Football (Soccer) Matches
Thrice a week at night
For further information Phono: Ml


\ \ '. / /

Aux Palmlstes, Exposition Grouids
Eight Saturdays afternoon
and Sundays morning


La Belle Cr6ole

The Carlbbean's Most
Unique Shopping Center
bpe. dally from 8 5 Phbeno Sin


CIt do l'ExpoMldton, xpesfltoe Grounds
Cladssical Concerts
all Wednesday and Sumda r mighi
from 10 p. m.


champ do mam
Open 9adlitoum
Sunday Concerts frnm 14 pa.
For toier binformatiem
se your Travel Agent


O BSM C alyMEt Gogll

Open daily except Sunday


Le Perchoir

MountaIn-Lop Restaurmas,
Dancing and Gift Skop


Ci16 do Itxpedtomn
Gambling and Damming
Opeo eve y algU
Flroorshow on Wednesdays Phaen: MNI



Famous Nihtelab
Open on Saturday HNhts Ph-ne: 1M



Pbmai Uam
Air-conditioned Bar Daningf
Excellent orchestra, folklore floorshown


Dinner dances on Mondays, Thursdays
and Fridays
Phone: 7888



Dinner dances on
Tuesday and Fridays Phone: 78S

S4, -


op- daft Cept
Saturday. ad Sunday. (ron 1


Geffrard Squam
PeM daey, -e s ,
Saturday nd Sundayi

A froLn9-1-Peme:

Compania DoMinleana

Phnex: 5051
hmm M-
Phina: X312-
mPhone: A8
de Avladmen...32


Pamnam ................ Tp........T l p e:
Columar ........................................
Trans-Atlantic ............................... 2191
Wasiley .........................................a 88m
Hamburg American.....................228 3481
Alcya S S...................................... 2
Royal Netherlands Navigation......... 345S
Lykes Bress. S. f. Co.....................3721
Ward Line ...................................... IM

Cathedral: 4, 6, 7:30 and :C ajs.
Sacre-Ceur: 5:30, 7. 8:30 a-m.
St. Anne: 4, 7 and 8 mamn.
St Gerard: 4, 5:3 and 8:36 am.
St. Louis de Prance: 8 and S a.m.
iuxflne Chapel (Citi de PExpletieoj
10 a.m
SL Pierre (Pitlonville): 4, 6, 8
and 9:30 a.m.
Ste. Thirses (Pdtionville): 8 am.
Cathedral: French 8 and English 7 aj. '
French 8 a.m
Baptist Church: S and 18 a.m.
Presbyterian: 9 and 10 aim.
4,6 a. m.-9-11 a. m.
11:39 12:34 lEnash
7-9 p m. Evening
Rue de la Rrelntlous:
7:00 aglish--900 French
6:30 Evangelistie srviee i netli
Avenue Marie-Jeannme. |

tnuo I Port-au-Prince Bay Citi de l1ExpomltIon Carrefour Road ClInlW do mcmum
Ope daily frm 8 '- | Glass bottom boat leaves Alr-conditioned Bar-dandn S wim eocktals Office our: 8-1 p.M
fpWl| Market days m jaturhd Daily Casino Pier 9:30 a.mu. Open 'trom ussetl to Snrimag Tfs PhM e m our i pA

K ?-' ** -.-.. . ,.* . ..... ..: ... .., . ..... .:- ... . ..-* . ,. : , :*... ^^ C ^;'^ -^ :

N am e........ ......... ........ ... ---.......... -. .- .......--- .




F^ ';-W

. I


i youu really
want to be-e
N >me acquain-

iany intere-
tmg trips
which h afford
S a close-up of
Haitian life
whiun you cannot gain if you
confine your sight-seeing to the
Most of these trips can be
made in conventional automo-
biles, others require the more
Sversatiqe jeep to navigate the
rough spots and Tiver crossihgs.
All of them can be made in sa-

SThere is a Hertz-Drive-it
Yourself Agency and Heraux
Tours in .town where you
can rent a car or a jeep at
Reasonable rate; or you can
Sent ears, with or without
chauffers, elsewhere. The HaL
tian Air Force provides safe
and efficient air transport to
most important points in Haiti
at very reasonable rates. Ask
your hotel manager or your
travel agent for details.
Ea, Ech of these trips has its
special attraction. From the
longer trips you will return
with a grand -.thirst, a hearty
'appetite, a delicious fatigue
Squicldy banished by a hot bath


(for which you will have a new
respect). You will have a new
test for the attractions of the
city. You will fell a great pity
r6r the jaded characters who
have not strayed from the bar
since you left... And, of course,
you will have a good reserve of
conversational ammunition to
last you for many months.
So, starting with the shorter
trips first, here are a few boiled
down suggestions for travel in

('Ler Pershawh) The Perch)
The most spectacular .view in
Haiti: 2,000 square miles of
Haiti spread out before you -
a miracle of color, form, sun-
light and shadow! Port-au-Prin-
ce lies at your feet (3.000 feet
below) like a giant map. To get
to this breath-taking, unbelie-
eable and unforgettable view
) u ride 10 miles from Port-au-
Prince, through the pretty little

town of Petionville, then up a
winding mountain road,'borde-
*red by flamining giant pointsetth
plants. You pass the tratched

rooflabitations of peasants and
arrive in rural Haiti, where life
goes on as it has for centuries
as if the city below did not
exist. LE PERCHOIR, modern
oasis on the mountain, offers
the facilities of its restaurant
and night club, its Terrace Bar,
and its branch of La Belle Cre-
ole Gift Shop to make the trip
even more enjoyable and profi-
table. After sundown light
wraps advisable, and gentlemen
are asked to wear coats in the
restaurant after 7 p. m. Allow
two hours for this trip plus
time to eat.

This trip is an experience in
history and geography. It is an
adventure and a pilgrimage
which you must not miss.

If you have the time, we re-
commend that you take three
days and go to Cap-Hai'tien by
car. 'Its about 170 miles and a
minimum of 5 odr 6 hours, but
you should take about 8 hours
to enjoy it most. So to one of
Cap Haitien's comfortable ho-
tels. For ,the night, go to the
Citadelle the next day, retur-
ning to Port-au-Prince the third
day. Eevry mile and every

hour of this trip will be full of'
unforgettable impressions.
If you are pressed for time,
you can fly to the Cape in 45
minutes, and can make the en-
tire pilgrimage in a single day.

If you want another trip off-
the-beaten track go to Jacmel,
on Haiti's south coast. Jacmel,
once a flourishing town, still
has a considerable export bu-
siness, but is typical of many

Haitian provincial sea-coast
towns waiting for better days
to come. Jacmedl has a flavor
of its own. To get there you
can take the easy way by air,
or the adventurous way by
road, about 60 miles, practical-
ly every mile of which. has a
river crossing. Near Jacinel is

one of Haiti's most beautiful
beaches, Raymond les Bains,
Two hotels there, clean aad
comfortable. Plan to stay over-
night at least.
(Pine Forest) '
In sc':th-east Haiti, a drive df
some 60 miles from Pert-au
Prince is a beautiful pine forest
at an elevation of about 7,000
feet. To arrive at this 150,000
acre forest, one drives through
the rich sugar cane lands of
the Cul de Sac plain, then
through and arid region of ca&
tus to the edge of Lake Etang
Sumatre, famous salt lake, i,
tested with crocodiles, lying on
the frontier of the Dominic.
Republic. There the climb com.
mences to the cool Pine Forest
This trip will take a-Il day,
returning to your hotel .for
cocktails and dinner. Passing
through a number of small Hal-
tian towns and villages, it af-
fords a variety of impressiozs,
of Haitian life and geography.
Take a wrap for your visit -
its cool up there.

,44 21 ,of!t



j,$4e 6o




( *
> Li

07 ta2/&' 4c&&

A (Jet& C'~e&n$


0 rp^






aT' ` ` jj : ` =i``F:= '' ".s ", ,'* ..


F t Ei& &6(3StEDSAIeM IFRNIS -


fg t2J& 4b& FR PORT SHOPS


A deh


Elegance and culture
Spanish, German and En
a web of enchantment for
of the Caribbean.
With gaiety as the key
atmosphere of a metropol
in for a precious gem-to e

Whether nibbling at canapes and
caviar, or enjoying the best in
French cuisine, by Swiss Cook
Zeller, guests dine at a 3,000 feet
altitude and admire the emerald bay
from Le Perchoir, Haiti's smartest
restaurant, air-conditioned by na-
ture. From comfortable places on
the breezeswept terrace, the pano-
rama takes in. the stopping of the
cars at the Dominican border 20
miles away.- Whether it's a thick
state-side steak or an ethereal Rum
Souffle, the superbly prepared and
elegantly served food at Le Perchuir
S leaves diners with a sense of being
well cared for.
I The Casino International, a swank
establishment run by a staff im-
ported from Italy is one of the major
attractions of the Capital. It's famed
night club uSmokie Joe's. enlarged
for this season will continue its po-
licy of presenting famous foreign
and local artists. Rhumbas, mambos
and rQmantic Haitian .meringues are
danced to the rythmic beat of a top
local orchestra, while excellent Ita-
lian food is to be had. The gaming
tables at the Casino are run under
the supervision of the Haitian Go-
vernrment. The Beau Rivage Hotel
located opposite is run by the same
management and is famous for its
Italian food and wines.

- pride and grace conversation in French, I
iglish and the mystic message of the drums spin
visitors and pleasure-seekers in the .Petit Paris.

'note of night life in Port-au-Prince where the
is is fused with the artistic primitive, visitors are
enter into their book of souvenirs.

Near the Palmist Section of .the
Exposition Grounds is the Open Air
Theatre de Verdure where visitors
can attend the Wednesday and Sun-
day shows put on by the talented
NItional Folklore Troupe.
Around the curve of the bay looms
the newly remodeled Hotel Riviera
with its air-conditioned Bamboche
Room. stage for Michel Desgrottes'
tri-lingual crooning and a nightly
floor show.
Special dinner dansants once or
twice a week are featured by the
leading hotels during the Season
Visitors should not miss an oppor-
tunity to hear Haiti's internationally
known male Dejean Choir, presented
on Friday evenrtings by Hotel Ibo
Lelie at Petion-Ville. El Rancho Ho-
tel features Ti Roro, Haiti's number
one drummer, and a fine Folklore
Troupe and other special dance
nights on Friday evenings. Dambala
Hotel has a Saturday night barbecue
beside its marble patio. A Haitian
Buffet is served by Hotel Villa
Creole on Thursday evenings beside
the pool in a gala tropical garden
decor with music and dancing to the
rythm of the entertaining Villa
Creole Band.
Cabane Choucoune, world famous
Athatch-roofed night club, at Petion-
Vill'e is the mecca of the Capital's
elite and visitors on Saturday nights.

Alternating orchestras throb out the
.cadence, of the Haitian Meringue,
a dance so simple that visitors need
spend no time on the side lines just
looking on, but are drawn onto the
dance -piste, before they realize ft.
Though Cabane Choucoune has
long been the society gathering
place of the Haitian Capital rum
and sodas are still served for 20c
(U.S.) a glass, and the entrance fees
vary with the type of entertainment
being offered. Leading foreign
entertainers as well as local artists
are Choucoune features. The roof
garden at Hotel Chodcoune, famous
for its Thursday night Candle Light
Suppers, is an ace attraction, for
dining and dancing. For late Stayer-
Uppers any night of the week, Dan
Allen's Rendez-vous across from
Casino International goes strong
,until all hours. And along about,
1:00 a.m. the joint is usually hopping
-though it is at present, temporarily
closed on Saturday nights
For dinner, minus dancing, the
French-run Pension .Le Picardie.
at Petion-Ville gives you the best
food rarely seen or tasted off the
Midi. Aux Cosaques is famed for its
tasty -Flaming Lobster, specialty
and other typically Haitian food.
Just off the Champ-de-Mars, the
Savoy serves both Haitian and
American dishes, and there's where
you'll find your delicious southern
Fried chicken. Tucked away in Bois
Verna, a block or so from the Na-
tional Palace is oAu Chanteclair.,
with its outdoor tables and heavenly
food awaiting you .24 hours a day.
At Bourdon perched on the moun-
tain is Hotel Montana, the new


Af mw~~nw wmm9

show-place runby the crack Hotel
Choucoune staff where visitors par-
ticipate in all'the attractions offered
at the Choucofe-. The Troplcana
Uuest House is at Petion-Ville and
features the French-American and
Haitian -cuisines, and afternoC-
teas. Hotel Marabout at Petion-Ville
serves American and Haitian foods,
and cAuberge au Clou d'Or. has
a French chef and rotisserie, at

Saturday night in Port-au-Prince
is also the night to take advantage
of a trip into the nearby hills to
watch the peasant -bamboches, or
non-religious dances under open
tunnels to the pulse-throb of the
voodoo drums. It's an .unfor-
gettable. experience.

The folklore dances which no one
could have seen a few years ago

Nirvana Restaurant at Thof is typically Haitian and specializes in ,Tassot.
and -Griot. at the most reasonable prices in town.

except in thg dark' Hills and small
villages, now beguile tourists in elite
night-clubs and hotels. Based on
themes from voodcb) ceremonials to
carnival capers, they are matchless
entertainment. Stealing every show
is the dance of Banda, the clowning
agent of Father Death, who pokes
fun at life and sex with blatant
sexuMa movements that' somehow
skirt vulgarity.

Anux Calebasses in Carrefour is a
little off the beaten track but there
is a real atmosphere and spicy Hai-
tian food there. It's orchestra is re-
nowned for making even the sick

(Ed. Note: Hotels and Night Clubs
are invited to send in their programs
not later than Wednesday of each
week in order to be published in
this section, entirely free of charge).



P'4L WW toffK a ^a^,Aff S S^ S
nrEmu Aff' *s~L^,- l



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Commnuflfl mmEiih
almlon o i mor Iom
m..mmTmnmmomp. u

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. -..'a -*.- **.:; .., .* :, i, i ;';'** -.....




!**-ii -


kot si





* AtH










La CaTavelle




@A e~~*' &^
o':c r.J',;< PHILIPPE- TISSOT.

0-0 gwww

Haiti's ONE PRICE Store

Voodoo SIlop


j jm- on .H Swisse .- W iS. ;.J. *...".. -- By .THE. BE
' M iC.W COT..TpN P.. ..C' .R CR5 '.Il .,.., IN ..... S CR5, IN ... . ..
am cj fP RS, MS

HI T. ...-


r^ U V "




AJ\ an'tIe ,ljL^^-^ly 15rT25.RC

L'V -1 GC..o,. I. c kn w
"- mmS~ ln -.q~~ g



* . ~ i i j L J

S- ..
'o tr ''n A "' .
. . * - I

________ '; , ** .. ,' _. -


The newest store on rue Bonne foi(ourist Avenue )
'i *' ; .**-
,' .y .. ...

Exclusive Articles At Free Port Prices
*i ... "
",* . * *' ^ * ^: 1 * -:
S., ,' .:. ,' ..,:.
Swiss Watches

French Perfumes

French Cvst a
French Hand' bags-'

Madeira Table Linen.

oon~ham4 .4"
Longehmps Pipes
"J ^ !C "~'l :.** 1
Mahogany,-,wart -
a- 1t .... ,.....
L on g in es . ,- ;,*-. ... '
", .. :-," :':o e :."~~t O ., '*- '.-;.- "__.. _i ____ ," '' "* :-. '*

g .4
Sthe fmous conquest and ther fI" A' a
:" . *, .. ,. ... ' -- -'' -^ *';':
.. . . "-, *. ; : '. ... '. \ :. .',-;* .*.,: '- / ..;.
,' . ., .. .. 1. ; ..- *-r ^. ^- ,'"" *'*" ". i'*:
: y ,* * , ,; .- . ,- ,* * *,- 1i ? , l _< * *'. ,- .. ; *.,
;* 4 ,. .. ,. ". "'- '. : .. ^^- -. ^

S' Crystal '- ware 'Daum ainU't. lI r .., *
", ' .* l.:--.:,. '' f,?, ., ,-' .. .. , ., ,.._,* ..', .';'" ''' ..* .* ** ..,
"" -'v "" '. .... * '-.. t- "*^ *L -- i- .' '"

* I" " .* " .,
\. .' ', .. . "**' '". t- ", .. r'*^ -* ; ^'" '"

T~~~nnJ. 9.U SAins '
.. . . .& .. .- .
mr y s t a l' a u n d .' ".* b f .... o' . . . "'s'*,
I T4
..4 '....- ,;. t .* A',,...,

.. w e. "-* -' '=:i .,*-,. .' ". 'a
V. -. ** .:

; ', .' 4 .

.... A4 .. 1 I .- . -- c .' .
. 4, ,'* .
... I. . .., ..'._ ..
.... ,/. r, ." 4 . ;.
M a d = rae ... -!':/ '": !.: : -;' .:,
H and emb oide ed fro gnd !o~l 'tres .sv :,..i:; ..*.1*
', . .. __ _., ,:.. $:. ': .. ..
:'ist hecol rtstc ntrir fthislewsorecnvnebi loae on Tod s, Avenl

,*' '4' -.. ., "W :. ":'''
,. 5 ; o .,, r. ', "'. -'*;, ..

3r "p j. "... t... I. uIIpime unIy rirestone ijives You ,
I '* 1 Unlihiteid Selection At Unbeatably Low Prices

aura navy awe& Reanuc uap littlee Darling A
lg CHRISTMAS TREE M A U.,nF:,, "2 I' nferf .,' L Zte Darlu ;... .

i..'^- ':' E O iS N;TSM TQ A *AS j .

V... ) DOLL'



:'': Best -in Cap Haitien Hostlerie du

A Fre ck Qr i uarte in -the' Caribbean
'The Hostellerie with a colonial architecture and historic background offers a mag- | |I r*}, ^ f'Z"'k
S'- ficent hoh;day ofsu ade etertafilmct. The only hotel in Cap Haitien with swim- Y R P HA '
|r / ming pool, tennis, tropical park, qight club, souvenir shop and French cuisine. *' .
. pFascinating excursions to Sans Souci.Palace and the CGiadelle of King Chrisrophe. .. ',. -fg- H
.A:b iEasy tosreach from Port-au-Prince,40 min. by ai,.....catl4~tV
V his. by chr. Write or cable for i nformat ion, reserve tions.4,X

Tl e;p

tive Frenc pr incl dining Trodpi and modern pool,. Represented in U. S. by UTELLA Associates, Essex House, N.Y. 19, N.Y.
-= ,,:. M L 'A N

"e . v hrove al den .t C haber, Hle Whito nh
1 ,:, %,' ; ', .
nt k' .v .. ..'
Reprente in U. S. by Asocats Ese Hose N. Y.1, .Y
ti e F r n c .. .vin-cie l dt i n roop a nHo d e rn p o o el.. eh amer+. '.o m e c Bld g M i mi 'l 5 E W a h ng o St C h ca o Ill j J

A': ,,

f :. ..
-_ ". HAITI SUN -


Shbci Earl v While SPlPetinnc A.ra..ic. n.-. I. s IX

Sunday December 2nd 1956:


By MARTIN H. KARP. an occasional dog, and y
CAP-HAITIEN Haiti AI- dren on their way to that
though there are planes that fly cd, mud-walled s.hoo:hoi
here from port-au-Prince in a condition of the road-
mere half hour we agreed that mosL part gravel and t
the 125 miles of beautiful scene- fairly good, except tor th
ry we heard about between the Iportions in a state of re
two places was worth the six Icause of the rains.
hours it would take to reach this About two hours aftlr
destination by car over the moun- we reached the town of
tains. Our objective was to view and stopped for gas. Th
the Citadel, that fortress built in talked with some reside
the early nineteenth century by offered us mangoes and
Haiti's King Henri Christophe on Ition to a forthcoming c
the heights not far from here.' We declined the latter an
We made arrangements with the Uruit to the lunchbo:
a chauffeur at a Port-au-Prince had been prepared by ou
hotel who spoke English, French in Port-au-Prince. From
and Creole, to bring us. Ogr plan we took off along one of
was to drive up one day, climb scenic .roads in the Wes
to the Citadel, spend the night The sky by then was cl
here and return to Port-au-Princq blue.
next day. .. At Gona'ives,'about
Having a driverwho 'could tIrans- later, the road became
late Creole, the language of fHai- narrow with just enough
fian country people, was of Ims for us to get around th
portance.. Otherwise. we could, not' bends skirting the huge
h.ve talked to the Haitians we cliffs. We were nowv alm
mnet min the small villages, on the quarters of the way :o
'av to the fortress. nation as the crow flies
Sy wile and I andaothe- .o er in terms,, of actual ti
My wife a fd nlaothe% .ou-I
pie decided to make the trip to- were less than that becau
"ether. Expenses, were thus re-- mountains we had to get
rluced considerably, because our aond before we reache
.. +.', .,. : "- orthern.- "oast.
driver was workiing-on- a flafrae n" oast.
basis for his services 'and the Use _gde Sights .

of his car.; .9 : .. .',
Early Morning Coffee:' .
We went to bed'eaky, the. ev$'
ning. -be tore' our departure. 5l4'
cause our start .was' .to'" be :"t 4"A.'-:
M. At that time after seveil cup S
of black coffee, we' were ready.
to leave. The'- car lights reve.aled'
farmers? bringing ,theik 'itrod4i..
down the mountains to.the P.#r '
au-Prince market. Soop the stlU-
ness- and darkness of the "early
morning were. replaced- by the
bright dawn. and the 'dunds of.
tiny villages awakeninpg.. The ..
coming 'up over tlie ranges chang-
ed what only' moments -earlier
seemed to !be' large shaii'el's
black masses into wonderfully,
green and .w&1Lddfiged midutlis
The narrow rdad'semed busi -It
*as populated''hby villagers, goats,

un .jne way we saw
.workings on the moun
''roves' oft mahogany trei
'plants along the road and
of jarious'.fruit trees. F
ground music we heard
singing their. sofigs wh.
worked the sparse soil of
.pe. Again, there was a gq
ifg-aqd.going: of local'
'ininly wornen, carrying
to- the nearest village m
We arrived herb at abo
M. and, checked into a I
was one of. several whi
.beeh established in recentn
to'- accommodate the.'risi
her of tourists now visi
part of "Haiti. Cap Haitie.
second largest city, with
dpn of approximately 2
very attractive with its qi
narrow streets. It is quie

. ,.

V -,, n

p 5
''.I |
I.-" ,.

V ..



Journey in Htaiti :.,FOR RENT

Furnished house in Petion-ViI- .*
,.. iy w I le, near Place Boyer, 3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms, available January '.-
15th until June or October. $140
young chil fers a beautiful vista of the nor- was constructed to accommodate (U. S. currency) per Month. Te-. ,
ched-roof themrn coast. Unlike Port-au-Prin- 10,000 soldiers and as a strong- Lephone 2353 during office u"
uies. The :(c, there is neither exciting night hold where the Haitian population hours. ;
--for the life nor shopping on a sophisticat- could seek refuge. ____._________'_
,at-- was ed scale. Hotel prices vary from Architectural Masterpiece I .
ios small '$18 a day per couple, including Although it was never quite fi- .
pair be :three meals, in summer, to around nished Chritophe committed .
$30 during the fashionable winter suicide before it's completion-it UiI.kfl uI
oJr start season. is a masterpiece of construction. SS I
St. Marc After placing our belongings in Arehitectp are often awestruck ||
here we a quaint old room of a once pri- at so large a building being erect ,
it's who I vale mansion, we went for a brief ed in such an inaccessible site and ,
an invita-!dip in the pool. Our driver then with such a capacity to withstand
ock-fight. ,took us to a small village about time and niany fierce hurricanes. 0K OT9E.
nd added ten miles away where he arrang- We toured the fortress, exam- XPOSITIOr ( .
S which ed for us to rent horses, the only ining what seemed like an infinite -
ir hotel me ons of getting up to the Cita- amount of stone rooms for various "v: Y (U
St. Marc dl. purposes-from billiard room to ,
the most The fortress is situated on a duigeon-and after two hours re-
st Indies. mountaintop 3,000 feet above sea alized that we had by no means oC vfectw F.,
er and level and is a four and one-half covered it all. 1 c) vx W'vj,,t
e mile climb by the path used in Soon it was time to be leaving 4K IT
an -, hour the original construction of the to avoid traveling in darkness on O K OF H I .RN
xremel vast edifice. If one is unaccustom- the way down. By now our horses CRRFT5MEN RND 'I
h room eed to riding, or tires' easily, the were fresh again. We mounted RfL.O RN E.XQU!51Ta
,gh room
.e sharp trpis difficult since it takes more and set out for our hotel and a FOREIGN COLLECTION'. .
mountain than two hours to go up, and al- wonderful Creole meal. We stayed A % ..:.
Mthre ost as much to 'come down. at Cap-Haitien that night and ear- rIUClt.1fl, ,vO ;:
)ur de Several boys joined us on foot ly 'the next day our 'driver pick- 'NEXT.D'JORTO HAITI 51% -
our desti- -
s Howev- while.our gaide, who fqr some ed us up: We returned to Port-au. fRE P R pn s
s two decades has made this trip, Prince in about six hours. t he -31f ,II 'f "
,me, we.
So te competently mounted his horse. trip cost us about $85 per couple. '
over andof the The boys carried some of our ca- @ 9 99 99.9 :
ovler and mea e up e t," bu ."r : '-i
S e uipment, but were prima- '1"*".
ad Haiti'smeaeup nt
n rily interested in prompting the U JUAT A t1VATLTVTTT '*'-
horses up the almost perpendicul- TV I. A JL .AUsjl l .a 1S I .,
ar mountain. ..,'
bau d te --i c ..... r .. "*',' .. -" ,
tainsides On the 'way up, the mountain- ln s, or "," h '
u. V e r up we Sm l'.'" .hic .s ',ei.g '.r..c. ao w. 18 "'jap;, +
ns, sisal sida, we photographed the ruins I 1, 4... Fd....e ...2 ... :

Haji 's s,- h ia e. "h ./o te s ra de a g of im ro e "e.g.'.,perfrm anc', 'i.i f efo, '* : ."' =
d a hostl of San Souci, C'hristophe's famed pll bein t.e opioa 245 V::;
For back- palice, against the backgroud of A,,ainst, in. X S .T u*", -.

.iin a.d ",o by Naoeo' fores ,...ich 50 -.e-ies ,, whic *w.l o,,fe. a ban. d o- f god..lre "ridie .; ,>j
aitians the small village beneath us. We l wp t :' ,

eople U Our, eadswle we'ee. ou, t.".
rotied in. tbe-,Dn. Our guide stopped a
tqe . arter. rof the wa# n for an n not-',. '.. -. ..
oat 10e A.'agooncol dinkagd tmb lunch. b It
hotel. 'It 'was a nmiuch needdd rest an'd after .".
ch have a historical lecture by our guide, t. ,.. .
at years we', we ready to go on. The longest, lowNst Ford converti.le ever.mape'-mrs-.57
ing 'nm- -About-. three-quarters 'up we S|unliner which is being introduced alobig. Wethirls td-.' '
ting this' saw a iarg gray, mass against the |nietely nlw Ford body .styles:I The new Fdodsr will ofle. a
m, HajiM.s sky-the -Citadel. The :, fortress, broader range bf inprdved engine-petforrnaine, with : r,, '...,
a popular. studded with old cannoryas built urower plant being the optional 245 horsepower Thunderbird.
oo,000, is for defense primt-ily *against in-|qnec]ialV8. The Sunilner is a meniber of Fo'r-ds'.newFarinir e+':.,
ut a d vision by Napoleon's forces, which |509b series, which will offer a band of gold9 colored anodied'
-t that time seemed imminent. it'aluminum side trim with two-tone paint selections. -
S' a" ";-I '" .. _

.. .... ..,

S't .0



% k,


.; ,.
.... : '-... +
.., . .,.

. ..... ..,.. ....,. .

, PAGE 20.

C roix-des-Bouquets Wils The Duviella Cup

;. .At the outset of the Croix-des liy. The team played oin mints
i"' -Bouquets Cap-Haitien match one.
I ..played last Sunday afternoon in Alt the 20th minute, Cpp-Hai-
A.. .Stade Magloire, the team of the tien missed to equalize. A pena-
Northern Metropolis 'held pu- lily was sanctioned against Croix'
;/;. : blic esteem for the trouncing -des-Bouquets, but the ball was
.4ast month of the ;Onze Gonai- not kicked far enough. The ex-
t,. "vien. ceUllent goal keeper of Croix-des
..., But.they were soon set right Bouquets sent it. into corner. It
'... With their short -passes.' and was their last chance. .
'.'. well ordered game, the 'boys of At the match end, the Presi-
the.'Cul-de-Sac -plain controlled dent of the Haitian Federation
.. the 'ball from the kick off. of Football 'handed over the Du-
:. .Au Cap's goal keeper was ta- viella Cup for the best team of
Sken off the field when he was in- the provinces, to .valiant goal
jU r. ied plunging on the feet of an keeper of Cro ix-das-Bouquets
a;. avantb Who threatened his net. who has so brilliantly contribu-
.,. He cao e back at the 20th minu- ted to the victory of histeam.
'i.' te of the game while 'Croix-des-
'.Bouquets was leading 1 to 0. At The coach of Crolx-des-Bou-
t-: bhe 30th minute the lads of the quets, Mr. Hubert Legros was
Cul-de-Sac plain increased their well congratulated for 'his work
advance and maintained it until and joining with the cheering'
half time. .members of his 46qUiipex. he said
Six. minutes, after the game re that they were going to .work in
'-.s:unied("the Cap-Haitien goal kee- order that Croix -des-Bouquets'
per was this time asked to leave! team becomes one of the 'coun-
i,,the field on the charge of bruta- try's best.

Haiti Among The First Countries To Vote
,-For The Cuban Resolution On Hungary
h"a.:. ;' Haiti has'been one of'the first ant communist ad6mentis'. (de-
!" counAries to support the Cuban nials) of the deportation of Hun-
S: ':resolution condemning the mass garian citizens, the Soviet Union's
Y...;;,,'deportation of Hungarian citizens Communist Party Chief, Mr. Niki-
"'to the o Soviet Union. ta Khrushchev had to declare last
." Wlfle.thle debates were going February that mass deportation
oil on atithe General Assembly, Hol-' was a political instrument of the
r :.d. ati,.New Zealand. Austra-, ussit.
-Ih lia; PhilipUines, and Israel ar.ioun The Cuban resolution and oth-
I :. L:ced thilr.i.iitention to:"a'upport. tbe er resolutions brought up by India
..lbt.Cia.'resolution.-,The. New-' Zeal Ceylan and Indonesia asking
lad.::i d.. istpr of Foreigi -A, 4alrs Hungary to let the U.N. observers
":T...TL.. psa1 ihad d repid.e. enter the Hungarian territory were
B fii :.I ... .. A'.: .
i ti.';depite. tq -q v te .: -
,:? .r. H .^ ^ . .,, :* : -^ W V' ? ..... '/.

V.. "l.'. .

:A ; '. *. ;" *.''" ." ,' '" ': '." : '* '' ; ' "
I* .. . -;;." ; ; .i .. -

V.-tV .V

V a
ff ** : .. ; ,. ..***... <'. ,..C --r : .-' .* ,-- -. r -: ,,**' *> ** '-, ".- ""

: ..... : ".'..14s' Rnt .Depotmnt .Stn
',.' "' *A _

fj i i" :.. .. "'
.: : i 1 S S ^

s^,:... :. dS- S "i- Xeei Pafmat te _
'* - :.' i

6' ,:: '- "..___ ______
|-' ---- "^


Dear Mary Doogoode,
I afi very unhappy. My boy
friend has left me because I have
accepted to dance with a boy who
for the past few weeks has been
very polite to me.
I have written many letters to
him -.nd he has not sen jnlly re-
ply yet. What should I d6 ?
tSi. Unhappy.,
Dcir Unhappy,
That is a true -cas de conscien(
ce.. In my opinion, you shoirld'
not disobey your boy friend. You,
could have explained to that other
boy that your situation was quite I
delicate and that you cannot give
him a dance. Now, I presume it is!
too late" for you to re-gain the con-
fidence of your boy friend. But,
wait patiently and see what he is
going to do. Meanwhile, do
some good reading. It will keep
your mind away from cehagrin. .
(S): -Mary Doogoode.

Dear. Mary,
Why are the girls overseas
so crazy about 'Roclj' em rolls-? p.
Do you think that this kind of mu
qic,.if introduced i4 a tropical
country, will make us goaas wild
as our sisters in the' Noutb?
'S): Tropical Flower. Cai
Dear T.P.,, SO
Although "I have qc edatll a few
new records including the.. .-kt 1)-
em rolls'r \-eaunot give, 'you' my 2)
opinion en this music. Apyhow, 1
don't thifnk'.that it is 4-angir:..to pr
girls whop vel the tropical .vigor 3)-
in their '.blobd. Don't you think
that some of the Haitian meriu- )
gues are very hot, and very sexy? RiE
(S): Mary DIoogdbn. AC
Dear Mary Doogoode,
My latest. capture, (catch is -
,a' childish 18qyear old boy who"'
'still believes in *Pere Noel.. TIhis -
;one. I won't let him go for he' is
always *d'accord- with me. Bbt,
I was told that he is a very roagh
guy and that he was just playing
sweet with me ao gain my confi-
dence Do you think that such. M3
a "swee.t. boy can have two lines'
of conduct? . ;
(S): Sharp Shooter.

Dear Sharp Shooter,
You have fired, may' be at the
wrone tareet. Remember that
old" proved: 'Craignez l'eau qui
drirt- I don't w,-nt to discourage
Syou, but I think you should clian-
Te v""- tactics.
IS': Mary Doogoodc

For Sale. Excellent French
ITP t'i" tablecloths 24 18'
and 12 'places, suitable for 'hotel
Su, r:'l:t"urnnt. Choice of several

d.-sign'. AppI
I I''to,,.''ille,
S 30.

y Mrs. Anderson,
Rue Louverture,
- ------- -----a--

Sunday Deeember 2nd 1956

'B _______PARIS___^

Heraux Tours & Travel Service

15;. iRue Danies Destouches,
). Uu.Ws Fort ;a-Vrince, Haiti (W.L)i- Te& 3811



Year .Seds
1956, 5
1956 4

lj .*]
Per Day
$ 8.00

Peir Mile

Ret BepoMs

-All Gasoline an dOl. -
-Insurance of $IO.00 per person up to 5 persons, btwelt
age of 16 and 8,; 'plu $tp.000 Public Liability and. $5&0
ipauty' Damage." -
-Dehlivery -ttafirpet, Port dr Hotel in Port au Pninae.andt',
Petion-Ville. '
-Maps of Haiti and Port-au-Prince.
;QUIRED. Valid Drver's License. ..
GE LIMIT OF DEIV]R: from 16 to 61 years OUlR.
EEKLY RATES:: $50 x .10 and $35 x .08.


The Chic Plaie To Dine & Dance.
Every Saturday Night
Spe-io& "Diner Dansant,

I'. ,., .,_g^^ <;S^ *
PANTAL Bidg .. "


I V Desiqns A R N Rush
-' Qual1 it4j.-?"M" tatatmn imAL Sisal.
S.RA". U E i tYtf.a'M v.'Cg2 e.sidt a. PR.ONE 2.654 :


Stops Perspiration! Stopsds Odor! e
Kills Germis that cause pdor!

M UM Reg. Sizeo

Pius tax
Rim S T ti ^^IB con- Size ^^^^~~

Plus tax
.51'. '


Sunday, December 2nd 1956 HAITI SUN PAGE 2

will bring the people into a per- and the r I esponse to. th gospel in
Gourgue's One Man Show Opens At,, Centre d'Art 41
sonal relationship -,yith Jesus vitation. For me, it has 4een A joy
The Artist Who Got Rid Of His Nightmares By Paintipg Them Christ through honest confession and honor to preach cfirist4to the
Engerrand Gourgue's one-man trying to nake MY pictures and forsaking of, sin.,For, the Bi- perishing multitudes, for we- feet 3
hteosness exEjteth. that Christ.is the wOrlo's grea est
show at'. the Centre d'Art was right.. ble spys, zRig t
to 4,
opened Nvith a wbH attended 5 He wis married at 19 to form. a nation, but sin is a reproach to need.
7 P.M. vernissage Friday evening. ny people., Naturally then, true We are especially grateful to-
er Carnival Queen Yolette Nico-
Self-taught painter Gourgue V,
las, but his conventional life, as spiritual revival or awakening is HAITI INLAND AUSSION for ex-
who is no lon'ger a primitive,, and most other things, did not suit. the only solution to the prob`1em, tending to us the invittition .166
has accidentally arrived at au- of the prevailing iUs among a visit this intriguing abla rep-
the fiercely independent
th6ntic young
sgrrealism in some of Wq Christ-rej6cting or devil-worshipp. bliep.-I Miss, Mildred E. 34orbi*.
paintin' has evolved to a v ry g, people., the Gene Super* tendent And-
915, e in ral in
off after a few months. Two years
higb,4degree, of,-e'x'cellehce through For three weeks it has been our the entire missionary stfFhave
ago he wed Gerniaine Galette,,oP. X
sh inupus conceritrated, privilege to minister n
eer"'. -c'ont*
Thomazeau and had two children, -the gospel bee most cordial to us.,
paintlit and last week this W riag -fol-, in, many Haitian churches, and As we leave Haiti toUy, (Nov...., 3.1
we were gr atifiedwith the -unity 27), we aredefihitety of the.opP.
lowed the, other. onto the rocks,
Goutgup, a man who, has,, gotten. and devotion of Christians every hion that, this nation is rapidly
Gourgue, whoAlves in Cite Ma-1
.Aightmares by the pro. where. We were moved* by the rising to take her te in e
gloire, No. 2 has four brothers p 711
ce 9 nting them, has on early morning prayer mqetings modren world -of achl
one tree-demon in this 'show. and three sisters, His dather, Mr.
aurice ourgue, -is a judge in CHRISTOPHE'S CITADEL TOURS & TRAVEL SERVICX,'..
There" is '"a wia& variety of sub-
The artist at work Lascaobas,., A i 0
ject ter, very direct, often con risit t Haiti is not complete without a trip to the M &I -A
a stick of acharbon. cliitched in his' Vequ date"ry Opened el. We specialize In the Citadel Excurst". SightseeWg 9peUM
taining a background of landscape
singer. Later he made pe-n- Friday evening the Centre d' I 1 ":.::
baby f Art Our Experienced Guides Speak
which he creates from his ifnagi- Enilish.
cil sk6tches but to this has no also inauguraied a new gallery A
formal instFuction, with an exhibit of a Olected 1
The artist whose scene of
Now,,, he told our reporter, I group & the best Haitian painters I
eerie Melancholy -feature midnight Y
graveyardg, the spectral figure of -1 wish'I had a Profcssbr, because and a sprinkling of foreign ar- I'
I have many'a gtete char6e, 'in 6sts.'
death in a gloomy.lobb haunted
forests an& mystic rulers of the
.4a gaurit
world of voodoo, is a I U
Young man quiet, spoke -4ikiid, is'
shy! aspne of the zom`bisz of his
own cr6atiop.
Gourgue in an interview with INA
the Sun, in 1953 explained: aBe-
-fore I started pealEnting 'seven years
ago, I was': going through an awful
cif TPqrs 1[zi.,140
crisis. I brily liked to keep com-
on Sale at.
pa0y in the eypning with people'
tiofiville Office.
who sqt.aroqnd and told -Loup,
Paroui stories. And when I went
to bed I Was Grmented by haHu
einating. drea S. But 4ow that I
rLoup Garousi on
put nko, can- I
Vass, 1 am a happy person., e
The young painter admits that'
he rceived much of his inspira-
tion through attending cefeMP7
bk-'6e H tian do* He
0t, ai cults;
gans say I have ap:Jn-:,
fluence: on the lo .. Color the
MW viiq'd hues of the tropicsi-1,,2
are. source (if delight, :11
love. Iising crinison alizarine and-
prussian: blue.,The'se shades-rifean
relaxation, t4 me. Flowers, are iny
friends..."1. would hke:to have, a
.n filled, W h. blooms to
.Igard it
wh1th I oc6dd give the colors of
in e.-
ften valries his output, of
a G6urgue
sombre paintings. with floral see-
nes,.'bursting- with b z
rilli-.%,lt sha-,
First Impression& Of Haiti'
Rev. Charles Wiliidms
As 'You '.may have. gathered,
As the Pan American Clip'per, Upon our arrival r'Was further im-
-dou"rgtie,- ds. ad- individualist
hi h brought us from Miami -pressed with the coui7tesy and the
tii,:i6rCw'p prefers ving in.his. w 'c
.,own:.&,eain i"'r'ld and' soared high- over the mountains of warm reception of. -the _,Haitian
Pi ea to the C Haiti' and entered Port-au-Prince people. Everywhere we have tri-
,4re XA, teri ye'zkrs ago at tie. over the waters 'of the harbor, _1 veled we have met with a friend
ly people who ve us
ten4W--je- of! 16.' He has b ha treated
een was deeply impressed- 'with the
with, great hospitality. Eveii the
* g" Ai6e,: he 'was' knee-high,- beauty and grandeur of the see-
.. qu ati th army officials -.and soldiers' that
ing on, e ground with nery.
we met, were5 al-
true gen emen in
every sense o UH
f the, word,: The Mi-,
r1,,O er of National Economy, Er- 'o
READ E wyb6d Et Vo
e, went otit"of
nest Bdnhorhm his'
way to sho Distributors Haiti Trading Co.
w us every kindfiess
1JIM''Is an did word of the 9rib I n di ken s Vhich means
Moreover, we were very happy
.ied--, t nd Haiti was well named for4ti, sur- to observe, the great irrigktion prp
ace Va is, 85 per cent mountainous. jects that have been fiiade po'sSIL
0.,You have -not seen Haiti until you. have 'been. ift its mount- ble by the United Sttes'govern-
kins- and what -could be more pleasautthah a 15-mmile drive UP ment and to khow/'of the strong
picturesque road lined with ffaming Poinsettias, to chaming ties that exis ur
Chatelef des F1 i rs in tall pines in cool Kenscoff, SC
government. Personally, I am of 0
'Aliiiost'5000 feet, almost a mile above sea level, Ch4telet the: opinion that the. Haitian peo-
'Jdps Fleurs exports eut-flowers, Carnations, Delphiniums etc
ple -and. the American negro es-
':to other Caribbean countries and the United States, and also pecially have much' in common.
operate a delightful small restaurant and serves beverages. Both have been the victims of sla-
,:-"Most Frefichyfien get akick from the operation by an Amer-
very and' both have fought for S C .
of. a restaurant with -such a Paiisian name, 6utthe guy their political freedom. Therefore, A.. The-%

?TAGE' --22
*... ,AE ^ L .. :. ...... :; ^ --. - .

,- i: '"^ ". .: . "' '. :' : . : :. \

o'.''- t feel you have a just cause of action against someone or some-
i' ; o libel, defamation and holding up to public contempt, scorn
S-aid ridiculef we happen to mis-spell your name:
We can ms-spell our own just as easily for! it is not us but the
C Gremlini. who work oyer -the pages aIter the proofing (Nott goofing)
I-S p.'i e. .. .,. ., . . .... .. ,... .. .." .
S:,: Ther' is no newspaper in the-'world, including 'the Times pf Lon-
?. in and the N.Y.' Times; *hiclt is free from ty~pographic errors, some-
times of a destrdctive and 'cstly chaircter. I-'well, recall the one, in
l the Tihes soine years ago, which said that a protest was being lodged
A Against feeding old horses ,t 'the aiilmals in the- zoo. However, the
y ~reinline eliminated the first '. 'in the word horses, and wasn't that
.:.. .. .. ..... .
t :: "ctt recounti i. P;anama, some years ago, the US 'Apny put
~" ~fl/thpitat~cldti Qf:limits ,after.ta serious jiot.;occunred in the. red
S 1Ikrit- district, Panama's ancientg super-respectable -.Star and Herald"
"several days later ie'corded 'the fact that the off limits.-iestriction
2 'ibad Ibeen, removed and the second r'A':^eadNo More 2Ible Expected&.JHQwpeveBIte iPeminS' c6nteived
;_,*N .-,e .,., t
ae 4elarid'pt for-,. s`etan. :cl:ls -which' xfla
ia,:etr*:. aitemd qut bf h ationI i gaveeen e iroinuisne or.sme
k. ,f".i to $ral, 'headm ano their u' t9ipublic&conempt, soat
-' n-.' Eibsas esy. When ianii'pieg ine ndeiip- to be'ypritrnI:
kt.ni..i'.,inn', aswa s"e the case uit'a tatiay fr.it is set up in the
.r ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ '1.. of uoui-zdaIf hi 1t$a'jsse'nbled -1 to' mek'
"I: ,ni'trtnees m Thi e an^story W9 hl-bara there est bre liant recep-
~~~~~~~~~~~~d ergveSotofteRiGftI.idEfqd the fact that
R s`; 19.11Lt. T5e s th year ag.Wic s th t W, Ap ,roest e be a'ode
3.01" 0 C"ableeelid for- sevr ro'he .aii'd that' even the en
ILP acree".d sh f4iad up et s e nha n.a
," ". ed men who dcve of iitfler'.a seMo's teneras t the -big
-, were,, p -r-ovid.edwith a cocktail. "'.
.* ; a w s, elitesof=onred .ohe fl-actthatf wheofhm re 'sic'eu yrctou

k 4-t'-d iz'No Moe T iblea hExpe'*td' Hwhen~ :they apjare mins i~ncoriect

JA' Ate o.p' i e
........ . t,. . . .., ,: ,, ., ., :: : .. .
p:e.bwith; wf.When. dni,'cktls i-e: t~ ,. be', prted'ieivand
d"as was. q.thecaei nsyhenmbedininorec
n~ olmn d-aha... ......... ;,,- ... ...

Se Pjains -ous..yth
o :heOW." :'h 'fact thet

gsivei routrdident of the
r &wr said u .fr- eeIhud ii ;at'' eend' .. .. h n

46 Com ees db er'4HE.Pr
M. t,, ., .

.4 9ider td Ir,," i ngle
.. .. . . .. ... .. .. .

1 ibe~ttMs2 AU A6 'ke~ nl
q ids or vim eetmg "la nb. The
A'when-. spPeJninorrtunIy
.-:; -.. .
. .;, . : o . .. . .. .
tedLai> .s:y .., h

S HAITI SUN .1 __Sunday December 2Ud !956
.. . .. _

Dr. Dant~s Bellegarde To
Speak At Haitian-American

The public is cordially, invite
to a cultural treat at the Haitiai
A9erjican Institute, next Fridi
evening, ab eight o'clock, in 'th
auditorium. Dr. Dantes lellega
de, eminent Haitian educator an
statesman, will speak in Frenc
on the following topic: sThe Ide
of a Universal Language and th
Bilingual Movement (French-S
glish) inaugurated in France,. I
Pellegarde was Haitian Ambash
dor to Washington under two di
ferent administration. He has als
represented Haiti in the Leagi
of Nations'and in the United N
tions Orgayization. Author of ni
merous bodks oil Haiti, author
the 1950 Constitution, and inte
national a.lthoriWy on Pan Ame
lean relations, Dr. Bellegarde
Ldso a member of the Board
Directors of the Institute. He
well known for his impeccable
French and the ease and .bowe
of his delivery. As always, there
is no entrance fee.

- 'I ;


if ., : '. ". ".-r- ; .-'S .., < ".. -'-7 .,
r- Chevrolet's 1957 models went on. ,display at. SASA.'s .show.eoms lpk .
, ger, lower, more powerful and with 'more variety n style and color tan.
ever befot. ,.' ,'
o Among innovations offered, this year by the U.S.'s biggest-selling o-'
is tLor maker arc the first U.S- fuel.. injection system for a passenger-car.
le -optional at extra cost- and a new type torque converter automatic
er transmission said to eliminate any trace of gear jerk.. . ..'
re Overall length of the cars. is increased to.200 inches.,although .wheeP'
Sbasis remain'at 115. And the appearance of extra length is added by".
Slow lines and flared rear fenders. ..I
: A choice of five basic'enginea is offered in the 1957 models a
Ss'trailt.sit at 14Q-horsepower and four V8s ranging in power rating
from"162, horses tb a high iof 283 in the Corvette V-8. ,
SDisplament, f the4 six-cylinder engine and the lowest-cost. V-8a.
remains at' 235 and 265 cubic 'inbihes, respectively, but wider bore .oa
the bigger V-8s gives, an, obver-sqtlare, engine measured at 283 inches,
Exaust manifolds, distributors, ignition and clutches ate. among the'
engine and power train iteets. h which Chevrolet engineers claim..
':1957,intprovemejnjt ,.'; , I .. i .
);:,The .Tur'oglide .automatic raeasmision, featuring a .ingle' for*&
.' ,f : , ." A .' ,. .
dtrivmg position, ..onsists of'.hreedturbines and two .planetary kiarsets
combIzd with a-b viable,'pit.stator and the conventional torque coq-i
.ve ttor, prom p, '.'..'*.- ., A '.'.:. ".-' ',," *
W.,. t,.. %^orO,...' n o.-,ic'.i,. nationsyare offered -,a. ,, .'"or
N I k h-,t,;:oh;,a.- i.d and 15 t*o-tbne color., cboies..
" 'W "chiel-ds arn:b g..tiiments are coneetrated under a dash
q .'. ..c .-. ..": .. r., ". -. -

-i.,. Ow". ',',T.) .- .. .
...... ..... . .|
, ."J ;'.: J,^--', ,, ....w-H x ca,
*. 'i,^ . ^ Lj. -. ... s -, ,- ", ': - *
ie;drive td'Cap tin and a visit to the Citadel are neve.
R., forgtkte expieneceS.
A *To ', '.'^ ,*- ,- ,-
r te hihg1ght'.of your *vacation yod must make the drivc
" i ,: '. ,. *'.., .I;:-, ..:." ,
.,.,,"**: .


" ,,,I

ieraries-Infiatiain. Three convenient weekly flights to toke
.'i you into the gay, romantic atmTosphere
'I :'"i T' 'of the Pearl of the Antilles!
NG. COMPANY Only' 90 minutes from Port-au-Prince
,:''.". ." .i ; to Santiago ce Cuba by'CUBANA!

" CRN a For information and' reservations' see your
Travel Agent or. call Pan American World
... ,' .. Airways, Rue Dantes Destouches, Phone 3451
?: i -' .2 ; *' e;- .' *.*
U .pf ;.e .1 ...S ca a .
L Jq; "K ,' ; ; ''. "* "** ; *

S(.,. .....P :... A . ..
2 1.643.
I ::.,Q .V:. .:.

CANTIAO onA' 4 7 ,

Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays% at 1:25 p.m. ,.t

i .ONL.

k 'WI



Sunday De

ecenioer 2na 1uoJu ..,.9 a= ,.. ^ L-

PAGE 231

NEW VVERTIERESl JOINS ed over to Coast Guard Comman- Citadelle reported in danger To Study Border
Sder Colonel Bayard who travelled
COAST GUARD FLEET to the U.S. two weeks ago espe- King Christophe's Citad e I I e, A special commission presided
cially to receive it for the Haitian known as the Eighth Wonder of the by Engineer St Macary, of the Pu
The G. C. Q. Vertieres., new mended by Lt. Raymond Laton- Government. World, is reported to be in dan- blic Works Irrigation Service and
unit of the Haitian Coast Guard tant, assisted by Sub-Lieutenant ger. A-large break has been found including engineer Celestin and
arrived in Pbrt-au-Prince last Sat- Fouchard. running from the top to the hobet- Mr Day, has been formed to study
urday evening, after a 4-day cruise The ship which is soon to be Dr Prindle leaving lom of the main tower. This crack a project relative to the .reper-
from the American Naval Base in commissioned by the President of Dr Richard Prindle, Director a. iMg of the structure was first ob- age. of the landmarks on the
Norfolk, Va. The ship was com- the Republic, was officially hand- i. of SCISP was given a farewell served by Felix Viard and the south-west part of the Haitian-Do
party on Friday evening attended late Louis Mercier, in 1946 and it minican border. It has been re-
by the personnel. After almost two is stated htat the recent heavy ported that this project will in-
IN ORDER AND DIGNITY ;ears in Haiti, Dr. Prindle who rains hpave contributed to furtherr elude also the retracing of. the
!has been transferred to Peru is deterioration. Pedernales River wters. -
RAYSR JIA PH AIANTE,, expected to leave shortly for hisne pot

--. ., 'e, po---- ..-- -- T A B 0 U
In all democratically organized countries and where liberty reigns, O i AN GOT HER '
.the elections to any post whatsoever in the political life of a nation G R
are prepared by mass meetings during which each candidate makes COLORS MIXED will be glad to receive, your visit on Sunday December
known his program of action. A woman appeared in front of 9th from 10 A.M. on for a look at an interesting Exhibi-
Our role does nrot consist of intervening in the quarrel among the the Police Station at 11:30 am
parties. Nor further to canalize the votes towards such and such a Friday carrying a toy green plas- tion of
candidate. We haven't the right to choose in the 'place of,others, andj tic pistol and a collection of FLOWERS......
nothing we write should leave the impression that we are substitut- combs crying loudly: .Vive Presi- P ANJT.
ing ourselves for the conscience of each reader. We are refusing to dent Paul Eugene Mlagloire, Vive PLA VTS.....
allow ourselves to be drawn into vain controversies; charity and im- J6sus, Vive the Drapeau Haiticn GIFTS......
partiality have nothing to gain from this type of literature which flat- rouge et vert, vive la prison jau- .CERAMICS
ters the journalist'.; pen, but compromises on the truth. We desire ne et noir. The policeman on duty C R M ...
to render serNico to men of good will who do not cede to par~i'sans's quietly invited thie lady into the Do not buy anything before paying us a visit -
fury. ...... ................. ... .......... interior to look over the new Rue Pavee ......... Phone: 3878
We are then above political selections., it is our duty, in the name color scheme.el
of morality to demand and o insist that everything take place in a ember of Florist Telegraph Delivery (INTERFLOBA)
climate of order and dignity so that the peace of the country will T A B 0 U
not. be troubled: also so that each candidate will hive the possibility Letter From J6r6mie A B 0,
of freely maniiesLing hi. opinion. as well as his political program Dear Editor,
.This latter is of vast importance for him who firmly desires to open Thanks for the Haiti Sun:. CASINO INTT1 RN' ATTONAT
his eyes to reality, a policy conceived in conformity with the teach- which you have been sending us '
ings of the Pontifical Sovereigns with regard ;o matters of a social during the moi.th of November,
nature, conceived for the poor, ihe small wagearner, the unsheltered, and which we find interesting ID'IAJTI S
the young married couples, to say nothing of the essential domain trading. However we should be J
of public morality, and the preservation of our Country from certain more 'interested to subscribe to
subversive ideologies, a policy which will mean this: to have all it if there was a page for exam- PRESENTS
social categories cf the life of the country, and a more equitable plt of world news and another
sharing of its riches. -It is for peace, founded on justice, liberty and of Haitian politital news. Last Still On The Outdoor Dance Floor
charity, that we exhort all the people and all the classes of society,- week for example 'we were glad Frms toD cemr
recently cleared His Holiness Pus XII. Men and Christians d to read that artitle from the From Saturday Ist To Friday December 7th 1956
recently declared His Holiness Pius X11. Men and Christians do not -New York Times.%
fear the movement, nor the renovation, they know the obJect of the e r isi
earth is to pursue in unachicvemenL and inaccessible perfection. Time Ior Dec/sicn.
We listen to the B.B.C. every
Let us keep cool heads in order that there will newer be an aggres- evening but there is often a lot
sion against .human dignity and the respect for others by word or act. of jamming and so we miss a
An,'imnense task of formation of public opinion is to be undertak- good de]. We have not renewed o '
en; let, it be done (we,'poke of this in an article: -Politics and Edu- o"b p"tteT e
carton. which appeared in our October 21st, l 196 edition), at the subscription to the cnide rn n-g'
gained, and we were considering : 1 i
Saehtime that a no less immense effort of renovation of our politi- to an air-mail English weekly ,-
nal. ofstoms and social life, all things reclaim order and peace. newspaper. However if in ,Haiti. .
The happiness of a nation does not edify itself by an' era of utopias Sun. we could, find a weekly re-
It edifies itself first 'in ideas of justness, that is to say, according to sume of the world situation etc.,
the truth. Lacking that it will come to this: "tlt would suit us fine. Our time
=A purely' verbal 'and chimeric construction where you go glittering I for reading, as missionaries, is
pele.mele and in confusion leading astray the words of liberty, just- very limited.
lee, fraternity and life, of equality and human exaltation badly un Please let us know the cost of
derst0od. This will be a tumultuous, sterile agitation. for the purpose subscriptionl to the 'Haiti Sun. .-. ',.
proposed and which will favor the less utopian the stirring of the Hoping to hear from you soon. '.q"
m a es. ..................... : ............. ... -Yours faithfully, "+
.This warning from Pope X goes back half a century. It has lost Mr. and Mrs. M.R. Bernard. .
nonli-ing of todap's actuality. (This front page Editorial appeared in Jeremie, Haiti. ,
tlie4iCaholie Daily 'La Phalange. Nov. 25th. 11/29/56...--w -. .,
-.. .. am

DELTA IS, your




F '1~






.. ',' ft =..,...*.,, L&. ,.i.:.,tlaSi



1 1 -A_ l i i



oa ml.

-. .

Sunday December 2nd 1956

Dr. Gerard Verly observed his Italian Ambassador Giorgio Spt-
birthday anniversary o, Novem- lazzi sailed last 'week for his an-
ber 27th. nual vacation in Italy. Embassy
,x x x Secretary Carlo Augelini will be
Me. Louis Lamarre has' been in charge of the diplomatic miss-
star-gazing since the arrival, of ion during the Ambassador's abs-
theq new their presomptive. and encc.
ha's just got down to the cigar- Lt. Col. Eduardo Llavaneras,
passing stage although baby Venezuelan Military Attache at
cHans has -been on the scene Port-au-Prince flew to Caracas last
since October 28th. He was born week with members of the Haiti-
at Hopital Canape Vert, and his an Special Delegation to Caracas.
emrnamans is the former Anne-Ma The Colonel will spend the Christ-

l[yl rie Bertilony. mas holidays in his fatherland.
k The first seance of the West eye of Aunt Esther Jean-Louis, T x xx Argentina Embassy Secretai
I Side Mahing, Chowder and Du- long-time bras dioitex' of the The coming marriage of Miss Carlos Stegmanr was entertains
SieMayching, ChweIn u1 Denise Georges and Jeani Datle- -.--
pilcate Bridge Club was held on Fiscal Department. Dease weorges andnea Daie- -we
Tuesday, No. 27th, 1956. The win mand was anuced this week. Plastic Surgery
T6a No. et 1956.They are to be married at Sa-
S ning pairs were; East-West, Mine. Miss Evelyn Scott returned e r Church o Saturday, P s Sug
VilVere Pilie and Mr. Edmond! from studies ii Puerto-Rico -this mce.ing December 8th on at u0day Without
SPhipps. North-South,. Mrs.. J. W. week to the Petion-Ville home W'ih.ut Scalpel
Godin and Mrs. J.J. Cusick. of her parents, Captain and Mrs. o c cck. The bride elect, daugh-
S The Duplicate contest was held Lucien Scott. Her dad is Immi- Works ad Mrs Francois GePubic
ucie Works and Mts. Francois Geor-
at th 'residence of Mine. Ada Si-:j ation Service Chief. I I
~Iges, is office seerejar'y at the'.
ininez, organizer of the club. X x X ges, iso ice Creanya the
Universal Sales. Corporation Westly Shippin C pany.
: Mrs Henri Jones listened to' Presideht Franek W. Wilson
Architect Albert Mangones retur- .",' ..
.1,apply Birthday) ii French, I flew to Jamaica and the, U. S. ed home last week romPri. .......
Adhm latwe fro Paris
English, Spanish and Ge ian, last week-end' on a short busi- where he attended the Congress
onnin -Novmbe het whende th'-ogrs
on -November 25th when mnem' ess trip. Wife Lillian remained 'o
bers of the quadra-tanguagea fa- en the scene to chaperone small !f Negro Ihftellectuals and Artists.
. ily la, converged on her Ruel- daughter Carole who erds a s' Ghislaine Poitevien flies to
daughter Carole who herds a Turialba, Costa Rica, tb-morrow.
:l.e Nazon: home on the occasion group of the young'fry to Circo Miss Poitevien will work there as
.of -her anniversary. ra.il several times a week. ssian e nter A
X.. X Xx x [xx assistant-libr,.uian at the Inter A-:
,.'g i jan merican Institute of Agricultural
; Agronomist R e n a n Fontus, ^cience I
t, Labor Department Inspector eChef Bureaus' at ,the Depart-'
"Jacques Romain returned, last ':nt of Agriculture is represent M. Neker Dessables and Mis A ,
SFriday; from specialized studies lin Haiti at the Agricultural M. Neker Dessables and Mw r Iss
in the U. S., on Labor Legisla echaniztio, confab in Havana Emmanuela Edouard will repre-
Stion. Which opened on November 19th se, the Haitian Young Catholic
.He is expected to remain in Cu1 Workers at the J.O.C. Congress in at char ng p in-
I I-k'is Cu- 1'Costa Riba from Nov'ember 27 t o jLook.itLsdarngpdi
Attorney Georges (Ti-Jo) Baus 01 111ti mid-December. csa fo Noebr2to" .^S ^
Attorn, ey Geores (Ti-o Ban util m id-December. I December 3. Accompanied by telgent lady whose radiant
san, Jr., member f' Cabinet Le- I X I their chaplain Rev. Fr. Yves Pou- beauty does lad beth ay her
S'get, returned lusteek from his IiIs Ja iz,- Deni b.er their chaplain Rey. Fr. Yves Pou-
. returnedasu'veek -urn. his Miss Jain? Denizard obser- liquen, they flew to San-Jose last age.
."Trip to the U. i ved her birthday anniversary on Monday afternoon.
SWashigton Embassy Secreta- NoVember 29th The charming ;x A N TU E
0Washinrgton Lmas waset the! ou,, x- PLACENTUBEK
ta- young cpharmacienile was the C
ryAdre,T saint is Preently object of miles attentions dd- Colonel Durc Armand, Minist. DoTe Sa '
S.enjoying a visit with the family cates on the 'part, of relatives er of Haitin Nove mber 22nd. wrive ill
P t Petion-VIle, uider. the (Od nd friends. he November 22nd. Will D The Same


by members of the Diplomatic
Corps on the occasion of his dep-
arture after three years in Haiti.
The diplomat flew to Buenos Ai-
res on Friday.
During the absence of Foreign
Minister Joseph D. Charles who
heads the Haitian Delegation to
Caracas for the inauguration of
the statue of Alexanre Pktion, the
Minister of Finance, Mr. Alain
Turnier will temporarily hold the
portfolio of Foreign Relations.
Captain and Mrs Gabriel Levelt
returned from their trip to the
U.S. on Wednesday morning.

In such a way does the press
Only Serol DRP permeates
the epidermis with extract of
Fresh placenta. And only PLA
G CENTUBEX contains Serol D
RP. You will be surprised at
i h e results. PLACENTUBEX
rejuvenates tired skin, does
;way with lines on the chin
ind neck, and restores a young
Appearance to the hands. PLA
.ENTUBEX is very easy to ap
ply. Just spread a thin coat of
PLACENTUBEX on the skin.
then add a coat f* yero usual
cream. Each tube of PLACEN-
TUBEX comes with detailed-
instru'ctions. One tube of PLA-
CENTUBEX is sufficient eOr
several months.
Grand'Rue (opposite St Louli
de Gonzague)
Nobbe & Bondel, Bazar du
Champ de Mars, Violette
Beauty Salon. Rue Capois;
Mine. DUchatellier, Turgeau,
Mme Jean Elie, Cap-Haitien
Mine Jean Etienne, Gonaives

S English author, Graham Green
and Chtherine -Wa4ton were e
tertained, at t ocktails Iast Sati
day nfightby Dewitt ,Petes, M
Ann Kennedy and Mr and Mrs V
cent Burns. The well known wril
er was reported delighted wi
their Diquini house and is said
have discussed publishers wii
Sheelagh Burns who is .present
.' finishing a book.
Mademoiselle Carold Stecher'i
lebrated, her' birthday Friday
S home in Turgeau with all hi
young .,girl-friendq .flomi' the 71
Grade at La.lue, .. ..
3t.. . .. .
Friday 'nigakht the. Haitian Amen
Scan.1 Institute gave their secor
monthly tea-dance. More than 3(
students danced qnd enjoyed col
es, .
-X 'X X X
SNancy Chenkt flew to New Yor
Sunday morning to visit with hi
mother. Her tvwo children ax
stopping, with their grand-mothei
'' in Petionville. '
,/. X.X ". X"
S Alix Sansaricq 'apd- Suzanrie Bx
Sthe announced their 'fianykifei
Sat a party in Petibn Vilte last Sa
., urday. Alix is Lederle Salesma
and Suzanne is secretary at Esso
:. Roiny" Wodminsee of. Austin
'. Txas,-"is the cement foremanA
St 'four, Mill.. ..
""'' "%' i,/ ": "'. " "v v I .
*;, ... . ....*!, ,.* X X X ; i
'," :Beautifidl blonde Meimei Weh,
t 4,dJaughter of the Chief Accoun
J ap f o:the Curaqao Trading C.
Sarrives.- o; the JMS Corona, of th
. .-.2 .. .
Hamhbout. Ameriqa -Line thi
-. wee, :L t.euinei has been Workin
:. for .. past-,.18 ionthas in Swith
'-. P a." _9;: ". ,
e.r:..land and-i Genmany:
i*! i !k : -' ' : x. ",*' ''

iSerge' Lochard .-is recovetin
:|:- fr'r,,' Tuesday operation
'. Aelle.e Bprno entertained fr
't iendSi;at .her bhone in Tete-de-l'Ea
*;,. a .; a' ..? 9 .' .h . .
'" '" X X X:
FL3g 1 rs Henrixtte'Jones, former si
i; etaryat TAMS and Mr EmilU
gi ltre, fornier: Prefect of" Sami
4jN M*!, ikturned .Tuesday from Jt
aica re-niarriedi
"..x N' :
I f .... '' ... .f''. ,)
1 6.[o HTealy. from Pleasui-
S s "Chicgo, ilL' (one 'of th
ajh! SAgencies) is'at Choi
une 5h leaires' Haiti on the S

. x x x
rand" Mrs -Willard Baldwii
I guests at the Sendrals ii
o nn f&r a mnnth: "Mir lalhllwi

ne who was formerly with the B
!- more Sun is stringing for N
ir- week during his visit tf the
[rs ribbean. An associateoof Edv
in L. Greenfield, Public Relnt
it- Firm of Boston, Mr Baldwin
Ab one of the men who endeavor
to to elect Adlai St9venson to
th Presidency. They. have rente
Lly car and hope to take in the w
republic during their month-
ce Author-Journalist Stephen A
at is celebrated another -printer
er oraNoyeAibr 22nd. A special s
th lntetnatiofnh -Broblems, Mr. B A
is' text book of Haitian His
vwon great- acclaim.
ri- xxx
id Venezuelan Ambassador Ro
0 lo Araujo presented '.:hbis cred
k- a ns to the Preside nt of the Re
1cbin the Yellow Room, ofnthe
Stioral Palace last Tuesday m
rk in g..
or- xxx x
e Cabane Cehoucoune was cs)
by Canadian cirieasts last Satur
Sevening. The-cameramen; 'dele
S ed to h aili by the Candiaai Ne
n al Office of Film are said to h
t- placed' the happy couples damnt
the Meringue on celluloid. T

w. Will, be included in.tb'e reel 's
ing night lfe in Haiti
n. -w
S Cadet- Jean Gaetjens vhl 0.
up -hi's scholarship after to y
-in Mt e kin Cubaen elitl.AKad.
I fo ll tinc the rOctberKtfH
ai Embassy in cideti. .in .
adis to leavtshortly J !Fra*hido..
is to
Young military student 'will' a
eve his training at-.'the No
School of Brest'. .
1ir; Pierre'Lambert, stockhol
Snt 'Ciment d'i[aitil arrived
last. -wek.
g Ernesto Lay. of the Cuban C
pany uBacardis is in 'town fo
short ivsit.
.Crbart EmbhssyAssistant 5e
'Pry Hugo Acebo .flew to Pa
Sdi-iano in the ..Province de 'Or
- te, his native city; last week.
t Caribbean 'Canadian Cheri
Company's Larb Technjcian Hi
ce B. Smniallwood. returned fr
his trip North Alst: Sunday.'
'Lionel 'tPa.squs.:of. thd "Es
family returned -from the I
e last-week. .,'' 1, .. -
e e Mrs Jean-Baptiste Perpignan
s turned to thb homeland from
road last week-eid.
Back from several weeks in
qnta, is Mr, Allfredo Pinto Lan
n rar,- Banque Populaire Colom'
a -aitienne official. '
n Mrs Mari a (Maman) Defy, F
ti's veteran women' lingerie s
cialiste, returns to her Rue,
pois ,shop tomorrow after a bi
'hess-ciha-pleasure trip to the? I
Mrs Antoine Talamas is exli
ced on the Panama Liner ton
row morning from New York.,
Miss E. Vitiello and Joseph
tiello, interesting members of
Italian Colony are expected b







)r a




,eit- t


James F. Bowling, arrived last
week-end to join up with the tech
nicians of SCTRH-' Public1 Work's
new Technical Division. Mr. Bowl-.
ing is connected with the -Interna-
tional Administration Cooperation.

Mr Ectheverip, ,First Secretary
of the Guatemalan'. Legation here
has ben ",tdan sfertd tRd-Mexicoe it
was announced this week. His re.
:placement,. Mr "Chucaho: is 'ched-
uled tob 'arrive, in. Port-au-Prince
about'mid-December. '
.o. .' . '1- '
Thle Liberiai Embdssy was clos-
ed on' November 29th, in observ-
anc'e of President William V. S.'
Tubman's birthday 'anniversary,
which-was celebrated by grandio-
se festivities in -the Republic ,of

The Foreign Office announced
'lie changee of address 'of tle Em-
bassy in Havana this week. It, is
n'oW situated atN. N ,105, Apt. I-
Calzida;'-VYedado, Havana.

-''edn Leon Destine, 'Haiti's Am-
bassadolr 'f 'the' Dance; returned
'st Thursday. after.'eight months
in Europe and three months in
WTexico whert he carried the ar-
tistic banner' gb.- .

Miss paula. Cas.r 'a'id 'Gerard
Gouggue are to be marred on
December 26th [i-a 6:30 P.M. ce-
remony at Eglisb -66 Sar4 Coeur.

Miss 'N.omie Augustin, daught-
er of.the. well known commergant
and- irs Mauri'ice Augustin tmuited
her destiny to that of Rend Mar-
telly 'last evening in the BasilHique
Notre 'Dame. '

Marie. .Jossline Roy gave a 7 to
9 bamboche in her Ruelle Vieux
home lIdst ight. '

REG.TRADEMARK 'Tcmros. since .4$6 ; .
;' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ .-. -, **! ^____________. _*, ^.t.-.
- '---v- -.,- -"
' .
' ..*- -. ..

Zurich .tres bieritota. Today ', I"
--~~:0 ,_ .36oP.M. La Femme Panfh`6re-:.'j
Dr Rent Piqulon, historian; a:o PM. L Fewme Pantert"'
no'.ogi and '? or 'L7et: 5-7-9:00 P.M. Les Inconnusdans .
nologist. and co-director-of .Le Na' .li VLe '
tionalt .has'been awarded a six% .. ..'.:
nonth scholarship by the .,UNES-,,', 'o.. ".'::. : ...
CO. to stidy contemporary Spano' aY ;;:. ,.: .
ish social'cult 1re .. ,, '. "4'
S 6-8,15 P.M Neron. T .-'.-,j'
Thd. rMdgie de.,Femine, .headed Rome .' f''""t,. 5.
by Mmies..Cauvin and Viard,'. aret p "-.'< -' .." ,.V;:.-V.-
orgaiiin'g a 3-day fashion exhihxt'"N..,:.' ".*':..

Miss Helence Harrington, ',rant '. 1P'68 .-M es. In
Foundation specialist arrived last" :"aV'ile-e' '-,- y-
week. to'take up her post at the ?', "')1I."4...- '
Albert Schweitzer Hospita.l in D's Wedn.day, ;'-Y'i.:...'rx
ch apell es. . .. .. :. :.. ... .., ,, ^
S ..'-' .... .-. 6-8:15 P.M." La PbhsidhihI
SUSOM Director John P Hoover '*": "" 'Z" ''':1 #tC\ e
flew to Washington, D.C. on a 6-'T-trsday .": "
day official mission: 8;. ...Nt :,'.
S 8;15.P .M. Neoi. -
Pfizer speciaiists Dr Gerard Van 'Rome !
iBaselma, Biochemist, 'and Messrs- .. -'' .
Warren Kiefet; and RobertBenja.'Fray : :
rin, Company officials in New ..
York and Mexico' City arrived 6-8:15, P.M. Les 1 A6"l&a0 4
here Thulsday. .' lavile [. 1 Ville..,
.Quelques 'Visages d'Hommes "- '"l. tk.
Dans La Nuitr,. is the subje'cl of Saturday '.;. .
the lecture-that will be delivered ... .. ".
by Ambassador Jean Brierre 'at 5-7-9:00 P.M. La Feme
the French Institute on Tueday there .- ;.
eevning. . ..'. .. .. .
Sunday .., ,. IT
Choeur Simidor's 48 ..ieembers -.. '
opened the season with a brilliant 3:00 P.M La remi, ..P"Ae lte.
concert at the" French' Institute. 5-7-9:00 P.M. J'avais.S'Seit rxtps.'
"" 4.' t"4'. .': :
There's one thing aboht .ambiance (dtmo'phere to. you netkc o". ;
ers.); it doesn't cost.' youanythig -g Ifs'there or it isn't. .):',':" ... "
L %, ... :> '" : ,* *. : *

.'. AU CHANTECLAIR[ .: ':.:,
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ . .* .. :'. .:' *;^
happens i6 be one of those places that has i tlhrouqh o. 'u i: "'
cors. Yeats ago someone, built a spacious ictoan ..ouse'.,trn u.t.i
middle, of a garden'. N.'ure placed the big wiiango tree,,hew- h .
dnd those scernted ldng-Iltng trees.. The cretuns o 'i oleandi rs
we'll admit go e help, from us but not mui .^You, ..'
hie .to be bInd not to enjoY sitting out in these IwrII:t.,
Jaihn us in cool, peaceul.. Bois Vern.. ;,..


-' ;, AU CHANTECLAIR : :' "
-:. : The Cafe That Never Closet .'.
- '.4 )


Sunday December 2nd 1956

HAITI SUN . ", ... '*. ..PAiE 25.'
. .
irom their trip via the SS "Cris- Relative to the candidacy of Mr.. U.S. Embassy Attache in Pana- '"
tobal. arriving tomorrow morning. Fortune Bogat, the latter had the ma, .Mr.. Marc,Qurtis Wolfe. riv- -
amability to inform the *Sun* ed.. on special Mission last Sunday.,'
S Mr amd Mrs Mario Vitale are re that his industrial and commercial banish Diplomats Joseph!Spber- .
turning from New York on the activities do not permit"' him to mer and Eva'Molle of'tha'6.onsu-
Panama Liner due here tomorrow, consider his participation in th'e late General in Amnsterdam. agriv-
electorhl campaign and that con- 'ed in Port-au-Prince last'week,.'.
Mrs. Barbara Vrooman, the oth- sequently he is not candidate. .. .... 5 ;" ....
er half of the Thorland Internatio- Mrs ,Paulette 'l urenta o ..
nal Club team, will be welcomed Paulelte,'the pretty red-headed left for New o last 4" ..
b.zck from her sojourn in New daughter of Mrs Emil Golden- -M.r RenM Dorsaint u.d' t:I ::.':.
England tomorrow, berg of Petion-Ville 'will wed Dr. iant Gbrard' Charles- Pie 'eii ''i
L6onard Tetenbaum oh the eighth' ned frqni Guatemala lastI baiiy1;
Of the fifty-three passengers of December at eight o'clock at after.. epresentiqga1 ate
coming from New York aboard Chapel of.Temple B'nai Jeshuru, OACI Rekional CongteB, ; A4 ti-,
the Panama Liner SS Cristobal 270 West 89St, in Mew York City; "gua. A' I. L ".
Monday morning are: Miss Clara A reception will follow the cere- "
Balti-. Brrau,. Miss Helene 'Bucheton, mony at the Riverside Drive home Th studentsnta 'of Mrs MIy3e -'
Mrs Clemence Cadet, Mrs Livie of Dr and Mrs Sidney Mrkjs. Mrs%. giving a -concert. at' tht$4'' tift
lews. r lmneCdt r ii
Ca- Cambry, Mrs Assunta Cappucio, Marks is the sister of the bride-. Frangais next Saturda 7.t in-
ward Mr and MWs percy Chaimson, Miss to-be. '" the evening. ., -" .3" :i"
ions rene Colbn, Mrs Maria Defly, Mr C R dadiW
w and Mrs Hon. James I. Dolliver, Franck, and Vilm, Chavez wel- Paulette Raymod
was theirtey:ond,.!d:u n
rd Mrs Lunie Eustache, Mr Joseph T. corned .their 7-pound nine-ounce i Mr and Mrs Louis .tay..
t Elvove, Mrs Clara Felix, Mr Vie- daughter Marie Lourde Chaiez..',unite her destiny to i
the 1
S tor Gilbert, Mrs Maria Jaar; Miss Tuesday. Vilma was so sure itwas:. che, son of Mr and fMrAdS, n u i
hole Victoria' Jaar, Mr and Mrs David" going to be a. boy thatIshe even,.Laroeh'in .,.the.Sact ..e :".iI.
long Jawitz, Rev. J. A. Landry, Miss bought boys diapers and her Geo-. 'Turgeau o0n 1December19th,
-Claude Larrieux, Miss Ruth Mof- detic Survey husband stocked up' PM;.-" .. ...'..:; '
ex-'S fat,- :Mrs Andr e NaudC Mrs Simo- .with cigars &whieh he has been,; ... .x'x ',:, .'.'
_'ne Olivier, 'Hon. Trajan9 Medei. handing out all week long :- The Flanjgans of te .USIS*reJ'
S ros do Paco, Mrs Yvonne Paillant, to. the Stateson -hbme..fave6-
st of
lex- Mrs Euzeline Pauld, Mr and Mrs Mr Charles Dantpon. 'of Miami', """.'..' .. *
to Charles -Pennock, Mrs FUlix Pier- Bench, Fla., of the weU known ,.- ... :*:,.. ..
re-Louis, Mr and Mrs Sidney Rei- Danton and Lazar lawyers firm O TAIHE W0F" E v ''
tei',\Mrs Tertulien 'R-my, Dr and has been vacationing at the Castel. .A..Y .,f O i P
Mrs"F. E. Robertsbn, Mrs Ldonie haiti . Fb.Sale:Glas Bot.
nmu- Rosenthal, Dr -AndrA Roy, Miss .o,., le CGlasson B61
en~f Condf-Ao. wL.Blig. d.!:A ,
SDulcie St-Vil, Mr and Mrs Marc Two cute Trans-World Airline. a y BI
bu-Hdward Pa., e ,of -. '"WW '
N Serres, Mrs Madeleine Sklar, Mrs employees from New York: HelenRo. Ca b s -ee a.t #U,
SMathurin St -Pierre, Mrs Antoine Pilinko and Joyce Martin -.have RK era PIe $50n00t0*
r- Talamas, Mrs Josephine Theodore, been vacationing at the Riviera. Kneer R i $ '
Mrs Angstasie Vallpn, Mr and iMris 'The girls hobbies are m ringuig,. -Also parctlqAlly New,..
Mario Vitale, Mr Joseph Vitiello,, basket-weaving and iastrology. rude 30 H.P. 'Electri .
hot. Miss E. Vitiello, 'Mrs Barbarab o.ard, Motor.' PR, tE $SO0...
:day Vroom'an, Dr and Mrs C. G. Wood Eugene Fischer, a Teleferic ex- ' -:, ?' .
agat- ing, Mrs Erna Schimmer. pert, is expected to arrive-from' PARAMOUNT: .''.

" -R O I --'. suuuu.j,., ,cii U.I lu


\% ~
bin. -

. .-. *

'5 hp
1111:1,"4 W '.paW-a,
*. 1 *,A-MaScUslhflas. "
* CaSh-Throtlle fuel
". .. .-
1* em m *

A i

\ hig
35 hp
t rend4-'ea beauty.
luxury fatunie, and-
doalling performance

: .d

- now on display

Evna lden

I S8hp/
12-volt eilectric arti',
- Ing. Flashing power for
skiing. Smooth, quiet
power for trolling.


See the motors that will steal the show in '57 ...
now on display! Blazing new power with three i
."35s" and two "ls." Bold new beauty. Whis.
Spring Power quiet. Years-ahead new features.
The most fun aflo4t in any power class. See and,
try the new Evinrudes.
Come.in -fr" ..



118hp -
Brawny power.... liai
tOiling a0 over 27 mph. 'i
', ..*"

Rue Pave,


I 3h
The fa ,d
ge. m'.

1.'...:.,:". '.,y O LQ
C-' : / h

*:. : "JAM nrQ. '" .
*~P.,' ""' M

S...... ....... .

'"T :f-WORLD. '


M ". O, .IN ,

sw>i h rO hp\
every big ma oo
,o,..t4. ,.',i SPORTWIr
Swielete of e. "tinsi".
I f family d fishing fhL

- CW

,C I (Continued from page 1) .. I
(Continuid -frond pdge 1) / .
The seven, persons living, in, the awaiting Judge Charmant's deci- nut the reading of tf case aCnd
"Ausi and neighborhood covered sion. Incidents in connection with all that followed subsequent to.
the entire district in,search of the controversial legal action en- the reading, and to send the plain-"
the little boy. At 7:45 am the in- ded "witb the resignation of, Mrs. Uiff back. to conform with the
tant. was discovered in a/latrine Maude Hudicourt-Desvarieux, Li- law.., .
'serviceing a half dozen houses in gue Feminine's Vice-President. : .
Lhe corridor. A red. foulard* ban- Her husband, Substitut du 'Cpm- Women Remain Optimistic 'As ....
Jana'wa's found'tied around the Inisaire 'du Gouvemrement in the The# 'Prepare. New Hearing
'zhild's neck but the'autopsey per- Supreme Court published a letter
orMed. by) Dr. Claude Lafdntant of disapproval in aLe National, With their case thrown 'out,'
disclosed that death was caused and, Le Nouvellistex addressed to through a technicality, the, w.-
by aspyxiation. Miss Jeanty, declaring that his men ofLigue Feminine d'Act'on
b apyito .wife could not, 1y law, undertake Sociale are taking it in their stride '
f The-mysterious death ,of the a orL'.proqess without 'autorisa- They are urging tfe entire femi-
baby. coincieded with/a -day on 'tioni.maritale. His letter also stat- nist population to b4 at the .Pa-
two previous month .when, the ed that being a Magistrate he did lais de Justice on Tuesday morn-'
family had been theatened, by not .consider it loyal to allow his ing when they will again present
* someone throwing roks on the ife to chicanier. the Govern- h'-ir case cnd this time having
*Troof and attempting to burn :In. *' taken all precaul'ins with regard
;down'a house f:they lived-in or to the contested procedure of the
another street: '* Judge Charnian't Rides Out clay in commurnicallit the. action
S t Action to the Frosecuting Attd-neAfs Of-
"7 *fice. .
,- \ On. Tuesday morning Judge '
S. jx Charmant's decisionwas pronoun- 3larie-Thr&si Cgoli.fnn''Replaces
t' rftV fL- ed: .* Mis. Desiiarieux as, 7if-Pre~idetU
*r 05atUtb C .Consideripg that there is oc. of e
mlmar-d casion to nbte that the demand 'Lydaa Jeabty atd'fir nrntwnt
J30 amI' read during the last session refer- Ligue Fem'inine:",declare tiffy air e
ring to an affair ]introduced: a not discouraged, and-hknit coirt-
.[ 'evxiraordibire. w as not commu- d'ictiat e y gando d.
S.., 'nicated to the Pubic Ministry and w ground'
i .'... their move towards. complete;
visaed by, him at least a half hour i e ta.r op
bd1fore the'session, that thus There and entire political redognitlbr..
is no occasion for taking, ito ac- Miss Marfe-Theres ';Cblimoni,
count the summons-served by the was elected Vice-Prebidenat of, Li-"
the 'plaintiff on the Public'Minis- gue Feminine in .a meetingI 'lst
,, .,:..: try on November.,24, 1956, that Friday-'evemnng after the 'meinm
S -C~f W evDfsJ there is rather the necessity' of bers, accepted the resignation, of
M't"__ _____ ,_ conforming to jurisprudence of Mrs. Simon "besvarieux (n6e:' Maud
S\ .this Court'and to the law, to an- Hudi.eourt.) .

v .''^
:- t ,.



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