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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Creation Date:
October 29, 1950


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

Record Information

Source Institution:
Duke University Libraries
Holding Location:
Duke University Libraries
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 32441147
lccn - sn 95058138
lcc - Newspaper 2117
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Ani~ii S.O.. has been launched by R Por au Pn toias-
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downtown Pota -rne it is ol favoritesilii~ w by -b y: is. ra16 el it=f= ea ............ ii

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4~abra~i ~~t~ ~m Th~2e cil Angle -ufcet
meo the. Capital of bys~~la serve Lo'it tp1 tak care togofc.t
BOO~'I?1LT Thelii Judge!!!!!== =IIr it i also'= hel is,, yoig wif ky, saidii~ 31-year-iold.! touii t]i &Q!i andideiip-liqe
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PAGE 2. ". SUN

Electric Company's
New Crankshaft
(Continued from page 1)
que stated in an interview with
the cSunb on Thursday morning
The long expected new craiii
shaft for the 2,000 Kw capa
city Nordberg Generator which
,has been out of service for seve-
ral months, arrived here by Pa-
nama Line Steamer on October
1st. I
a When this engine goes back
into service after installation of
the crankshaft and general over-
hauling, it will be equal to a
new engine,* Mr. Shrewsbury
The Director-technician stated
that the operation is being made
at a cost of' approximately $100,
000 to the Company. The time
required by the manufacturer
to produce this precision.piece
of equipment was more than six
months, and the 22-ton crank-
shaft was made to order 6'or the
Company on 'an emergency ba-
Director Shrewsbury explain-
ed that the Company employs
the services of an American en-
gineer, Mr. Herold Harp, of
Sherman, Texas for the super-
vising and handling of the most
delicate phase of the work dur-
ind the overhauling and rebuild-
ing of this giant generating unit.
Captain Andre Renaud
is Obstetrician

(Continued from page 1)

Captain Andr6 G. Renaud has
been the Obstetrician at Ed-

Facurdo Ri'vero (-roup Ends Successful
Engagement At Riviera

Facundo rFi.ero and his Quar- Fa~unio whlIo may soOi, take
t 2, end a two-.xeek engagement his group back to. Europe has a!-
at the Hotel Riviera this week- ready appeared in Italy and a
end and retur,, to Havana, Cuba. number of other countries %,ith
Eveni thoua h the lamrous pia- Xavier Cugat. He has been in a
nis.t a,,dhis quartet of dancers number ol Rollywood movies and
and singers play-?d at a lime assisted in making numerous re-
when tourism \was at its lowest cords f tcha-tcha-tcha, Meringues
ebb, they packed the Bamboche and Mambo.
Room at the Riviera aid were
I publicly acclaimed, ,the top vi- His Excellency President anrd
siting artists of the year a Mine Magloire attended the troups
During their engagenient they farewell performance
I added three entirely n.3w num-
bers to their repertoire. The bar- Tlhe- public hopes that Facun-
nioay and rythm group put over, lo and his quartette: Carmen
without music, a nw ,iwnber Lastra and Siralda Gonzalez and
.. ...... entitled cYaam Barnbo,,, and a their partners Ausberto Rivero
qew.Yorker. Barbara Fieldinig lea Creole number ,Nangan:. with and \Villy Vandeiicdes, return
estoa a e lovely Siralda Gonzalez. doing a agaiu.to Haig during the winter
ves today after three Jehigh~tfu .
,come beck contralto solo. season.
we~ek~s here, ivnts to oec. ..
soon. She was the guest of Fred
and Alarie.Therese Tallender at Ar- BRITAIN'S EMBASSY SECRETARY
cachon. The charming dancer -
(O.d Dunhaml School XVorshop AND VICK-CONSUL'
Group) stnd'ied Haitian folklore
lancing with Leon Destine; anid The new Second Secretary and'Her Majesty's Foreign Service in
ballet -with Mine PLPc.tova. She Is H.M. Vice-Consul Glyn Davies came 1947, and has since served at Saig-
a concert artist and while here to Haiti last July as replacement' on, Malaga (Spain) Zurich 'and
studied dancing with la Lavinia. to Mr. Peter Carfana who is now' Kuwait.
posted in Port Said. The Vice-Consul is Haiti's onlS,
N.Y. Jury Hands Title known welshman. %.
He served with the Royal Air He speaks French, Arabic, Per-
Jfo Haitian Beauty Force from 1927 to 1932. Since I sian and Spanish along with the
Michelle, Fouchard' Chosen -Mi~ss that time, Mr. Davies has served in 'Queen's English. He has taken up
Stade Ga'ulois 1956' a temporary capacity under the residence with Mrs. Davies in Rue
The charm and distinct-ion of the Foreign Office Service at T- 3 at Pacot in the house formerly
Miss Michelle Fouchard won her hbran, Basra and Geneva. 'occupied by Captain Eriksen, of
the coveted title ,Miss Stade Gau- He was appointed a member of the Panama Line.
'lois 1956,' over twelve contestants
during the 'Bal des Sports,' of

the Stade Gaulois at the exclusive
French Chef, in Queens, New York,
on September 15th.

wards,-; Los Angeles Air Base .France-Amerique', leading
for several years, the article de-, French-language newspaper of the
dicated to American Aviation re- U.S.A. carried, in its Septembe'r
ported. Only tbe wives of milita 23rd edition, a picture of Miss
ry per .L r,I mav ".',e Z niator6- Fouchard being congratulated by
nity ward at the air base.
the Club's President, Robert Mout-
Oave- tet. Also shown in the photo are
Of the 1500 patients of al ars the runners-up for second and
rage age of 21) and a ,half years
of age, that comb under the Hal-- third place, Miss Marie-Lorraine
tian specialist's care, there is an de Vereaux, and Miss Janine Sa-
astonishing birthrate. The young vage.
women are. all in excellent health Michelle is the lovely daught-
and produced 314 children in 19- er of Judge and Mrs. Daniel Fou
53, 357 in 1954 and the figuive ro- chard, of Port-au-Prince, who is
se to 402 last year. This year attending classes in New York.
nearIy 600 babies are 'expected She was also a prize-winner for
to top the record at the Edwards elegance and beauty at Cerele
Maternity. Port-auPrincien's, contest last
I year.

The Glyn Daoies FamilY



Dr. Price Mars Honored
By France-Haiti
Dr Jean Price Nlars, Rector
of the University of Haiti, and
Mrs. Mars. it-ere guests of hron.
or at a Ilncheon giv?n by the
Association France-Haiti- il
Parit, on September 12thl .,.It.
tending trie hit c oho \ver2. t .
guste \iatte, August2 Ji. ,Jo-
.seph. Jean Louis Barrault, Max
de Vaucorbeil, and Raoui Fau-
bert, all members of the Admi.
nistrative Couilcil of the Asso-
Among the distinguished
guests at the table of honor were
Haitian Ambassador to Paris,
Dr. and Mrs. Reni Jeahty, Pro
tocol Chief of the French Fo-
ireign Ministry, Mr. de la Chau-
viniire, General Bouscat, Geor-
ges Duhamel of the French Aca-
demy, Professor De Seze, Am-
bassador Serge Leon Defly, Ray-
mond Ronze, Director of. the
Centre de Liaison of the French
University with the Universities
of Latin, America, Frederic Mar-
tin, French Institute at Port-au-
Prii'ce, Sarrailh, Rector of the
University of Paris, and Jacques
de kacretelle of the Academie

General Antoine Levelt Chief
of Staff of the Haitian Army ob-
served his birthday anniversary
on September 30th. A member
of the 1931 Class which -recent-
ly celebrated its 25th anniversa-
ry, the veteran Army man is
esteemed for 'his exemplary cor-
rection and sense of duty.
General Levelt was a member
of the Military E-ccutive Com-
mittee of 1946, and also one of
the Government Junta members'
of 1950.
He has been 'designated twice
as the Chief of the Haitian Chan-
cellery and Icompetently handled
this delicate post.
General Levelt visited the Unit-
ed States as a guest of he Amer-
ican Government last Spring
and was warmly received. He
was decorated after visiting the
Army bases in the U.S.


Hai.ti OF NE a La R STORE-A handsome volume or the
Dr. Renaud who honors Haiti O'NEIL... OF NEW IA CARAVELLE STORE work during the Second Haitian
at the U. S. base specialized in Seminar on Infancy held last
obstetrics at Provident Hospital (Continued from page 1) speciar on for classica,
in Kansas City. He is reported to with Carmen Felisma. She de- The threq-storey, beautifully A special section for classics, May by the Labor Department
have given a Gallic shrug when diared he Has speaking badly of compact new air-cooled Book novels, ehildrens books, ,flion jointly with the Inter-American
questioned about the sky-rocket- her. She claims she entered the Store which looks like a Fifth'catalogs and foreign literature Institute for th-' Protection of
ing birthrate at Edwards and re- room brusquely and found her Avenue Jewelry or an exclusive are also to'be found on the first Infancy, has just been publish.
plied: cOf course I do not know spouse lying down while Carmen Beauty Salon opened its doors to flor.' -ed.
exactly why this should be so, was seated on a small table. She -the public this week. Mr and Mrs The book, generously illustrat-
but they are all young, and what says -he brutally ordered her to Max Bouchereau received Press- Books on law, medicine, peda-eers t a
ls there tO do in this place?* leave the house. Mrs. O'Neil men Ligue Feminine and friends ogy, aelgion, chfemistry, phio- ed with pictures of labor offi-
is'ther tp plh j Ligue Femininephy will form the new section ed ue s of laboriofs
Captain Renaud himself has shld that she became indignant at a WVin d'Honneur' on Tuesday
three Children. with a fourth on and violently angry and the next afternoon on the occasion of the to be added at the end of this cOmmittes and several phases of
the way, Life Magazine rePorted, morning lodged her implant, inauguration of their 'La bara- month, espeqkally for the student the'Seminar was published by
way, of the University. the Labor Department.
velle, Book Shop, situated at of and Mrs B br e
Rue onneFoi nex to Sabo AT,. and Mrs. Bouchereau are
rWONDERFUL AND LASTINGRue Bonne Fao, next to Sabot seconded by a well-trained per- ACCIDENT TAKES THREE
d'Or, near the Grand'Rue. tonnel in the' opei-ating of the LIVES AT DESSALINES
GIFT ,Thei entirely renovated and .bo- hp r.Boeeeuwl
-book shop. Mrs. Bouchereau will
SW SHES decorated luxury book bazar ts [andle the Art Section. Wer hus- A emioleswe accident o., the

S the work of Architect Albert band will be in 'charge of the Dessalines road lest week caus-
IN GLAMOILOUS STYLES Mangones and Gerard Roy. University Section. ed the death of three victims, it
was rerportei here. Two girls,

THE BEAUTY AND FINE combined organization, beauty The newspaper and magazine Miss Violett" Cadet and Miss
omined co ortganiztionw befrty t actions have been conferred upon Immacula Fleurie were thrown
UA I Y A TRADITIONAL and comfort in,this new effort to-
please their large client6le of lo- Miss Adrienne Sicard, Miss Geor- from the vehicle when it cata.
T E RELIABLE. c-le residents and visitors to gette Sylvain and Miss Leda Syl- Pulted, landing with the four
THEIR A(CURACY IS "E Ae vain. They will be seconded by \vheeIs in Uhe air. Death was
S E T NlEV/ SM ARhMDE S in Miss Leonie Moise, Miss Carmen iiitantaiieous. 'The body of ail
The well-appointed shelves in Louis Jacques, and Miss Marie Ro- unid'eiitified person was also re-

AT MAISON OR1ENTALE. the ground floor are stocked with Jeaty.moe from the wreckage. The
newspapers and magazines of all ecamonnette was being driven by

languages Statuettes and objects
of art from the antique'shops of
Hamburg are artistically arranged
in the show cases.
The first floor houses a spew
citl department for books on
Negro Civilization, geographies on
Africa. Three miniature ,c'aravel-
les, brought 'over from Germany
by ex-Consul Bouchereau are an
attractive display.

To highest bidder, Multilith Du
phicator, Model 1250, electrically
operated. May be seen at the
American Embassy,. Champ de
Mars, 7:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M.,
Monday through Friday.. Bids clo-
se Friday, October 19, 1956. The
Embassy reserves the right to re-
ject any or all bids.

Louis Mitton.
To. highest bidder, Willys Jeep,
1951, Panel Truck. May be seen
at the American Embassy, Champ
de -Mars, 7:30 A.M. to 3.30 P.M.,
,MondjOy through Friday. Bils
closc Friday, October 19, 1956.
The Embassy reserves the right
iv reject any or all bids.

I .


C.i orc tol'O


"4 ,
SUNDAY, OCTOBER 7th 1956 ________HAITI SUN ___*______ PAGE 3 ,^


25 VIP Travel AetArrive Here IIAS NE MOER COA'OAPLN

Thursday For 4-Day Visit
A ten-day ",school on the road, pa,'tment Store.
lor 25 travel agents set off from 8:30 P.M. Dinner at respective ho-
Mliami to a flying start October" 6th tels of guests.
when the group began a Pan Amer- 10:00 P.M. -- Night Life tour
icon World Airways tour of the Friday October 12
Caribbean resorts. 9:00 A.M -- Ken~scoff tour.
Haiti. is the fourth stop on the 12:30 P.M -- Lunch at respective
in itinerary which includes San hotels of guests.
Juan, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Is- 3:00 P.M --Visit of Petion Ville
lands, Dominican Republic and Hotels Time lor shopping it
Jamaica. desired.
Object of the island hopping trip 6:30 P.M. -- Cockstail party at El
'is to better acquaint the agents Raincho. Host Mr. Max Nargil, Me-
with areas they will be describing anger.
to prospective travelers in the 8:00 P.M Dinner at Choucoune
months to come. Known as the Hotel Host Dh'ector of National
"School on the Road,, the project Office of Tourism for Haiti.
is sponsored by the Mid-America Saturdcy October 13
Chapter of the American Society 8:00 A.M Transfer to airport.
of Travel Agents, Inc. for mere- 8:30 A.M. Special trip to Cap
bars from Ohio, Indiana, Michigan Haitien. COHATA courtesy. Ins-
'and Kentucky. section of hotel facilities in Cap
Thursday, (October 11) the par- Haitien. Citadelle tours, courtesy!
ty will fly here from Ciudad Tru- Office National of Tourism. Re-!
]ilia to visit the vacation resorts turn to Port-au-Prince' via COHA-'
in Parian Vilele Kenseoff and Cap TA.
Haitian. 4:00 P.M'. -- Transfer to Hotels.
Leaving Stnday (October 14) 10:00 PP.PM. -- Nightlife Ca-
for -"ingston, Jamaica, they will bane Choucoune, national folklore
see Tower Isle Hotel and other show
resorts in ,Oeho Rios. From there Sunday October 14.
they will drive to Montego Bay. ICatholic mass at discretion of
The ,School on the Road. pro-! guests at St Peter's church in Pc-
gram was arranged by agents C.A. tion Villa between" 4:00 A.M. and
Webb of Lexington, Kentucky; and 8:00 A.M.
Frederick H. BebnerJr. of Man- *9.'15 A.M. -- Transfer to airport,
roe, Michigan. along with John departure for Kingston on'P AA
A Reid Jr, .PAA district sales 4132 at 10:20,AM. "- ;""
manager in Cleveland, Ohio. Juan TRAVEL:LING '""''.*
Hoams, PAA 's Latin Amer~ican sales ", ,' ",*.
manager, arranged thie itinerary fromInstriptoc Nilew orn slk.
Reid and Ray C. Buckner special 'Rayond Dusielia fl ew; Yck-
sales representative of PAA's La- Ra.omovr th wuveek-nd '-^
tin g Amerian^ 0" Diiin. 'e accom. Mr's Jna~la Fragela..fficial of
Their tentative program is as town.1'.? RI: as is o "
f o l J o wT s : u'" . . i : : .
M \r .Timoleon Tassy, Chief of
..... the Accounting Serv-te at the Fi
ThiMrdalu October 11 at 9:50 A.M. n~dne-:Department 'tere.ir-ned last
Tran .er.to' Ibo Leie, El Rancho. w o ?V-. from a two m'oiith ,health
Choucoune,' Villa Creole, courtesy fi ote .S
of Agence Citadelle, Heraux'Tours, Dr Gerard Pierre flew to Pihi-(
iagic Jstand Tours, Southerland ladelphia last Friday to speciais'e(
Tours, National Office of Tourism .a\ the New Port Hospital. *Doe,
and PAA. Hotel accommodations on plans to spend 5 years abroad.

To guarantee the highest qu
ty product, -La Brasserie de
Couronne, which started as
ti's original ice plant back in I!
has built a' new bottling plant,
reorganized its Rue Magasin
I'Etat establishment,, said Cc
pany President James .Stuart,
a 3-day visit to port this past we

Mr. Stuart w\ho, li\'c-i here-
the '30"s an:l now resides in
States, in a tour of the plant w
Manager Richard Forgham.
Your Reporter that they have
sedl down the-ir Coco Cola bo
ing plant on Ihe G".iidf'Rne.
the Sales Depo; on the Rue Pa
to concentrate their efforts un
one roof
A new, modern plant is now
ning out Coca Cola where
viously the Company's .offi
stood on the ground floor.
Administration offices have b
moved to the third storey whi
from 1923 to 1933, the Compal

tla li-""
Mla SI..Su:tadroga hc h prto ftenwCc oa '.
Hat- iln n~n hc astk n o e he p e ie fth o p n '
918, fo m r a miitaiv eton ;
Thand__________________; ^ *:t
de ^*c r as suc ofspl Faigot Re aai d *.

thrdehepooin fWly ur y
Brsv eoethietdieinheal y rmCmayCotolr t
tohleadfth ae Dprmet
cl----------------------- ------ -

tn< ,,.tesrs ofu Hiti' Gnd ofrgham- chteks the opearti~[tenerswil goea Cola
ie s. workmer ad inistrtied se ouring. er ftrf potcinaant
een .... cr ,,ato s lasoureekoforuppeyoutsing. conptio n aue a quick de .
ere foainhng thelanrt of aat le'E .0000tat wistle of ne Rtaeir SesuiOen. H
n.'slu tmn ll an edld U.S Mari es aiearice mihlwillcgrding hoi. ogh-grd
_e ham qulyatemlli h is a a ii es whas at dr75- nstore. *;
,(h r~ngble esu of buding ar n tos fflour Re ai days Owiee, eas e-
,yy nership betweenicient s eOilpage- supply coe5,8 tn ati .'
~ ~ ~ ....ir bln ucio n a eeds (ipre d, iy e a nd speall
,~~~~~ reate waterl, cmb.aio
^~~~~~~~~~ thtpoie obosmit aeon Dirkepctgors idtrestw
Caribeanindutria eparetin ua attenti, b to M theo act tha
Seeds~ ~~~~thi nfti miewr ln ewy ware pu-inraeadtaloneqip
ted n 191, wen elly the a ent besie s sHaitia n g ve tures onea
Washigtonlawye, wet to e m-p andcls for thsM urified wtoesrp s
^ glan to hndle, h puchase of so he Cof a hi la T a s or t M dxicn
**iidirat?~~~ ~~~ lal*icleesM r and fat e efi h er f ''
'*h~~~~~on~I cn nte exsbgdat e ntraibbe gan d mare.Aod ern ''*i*g ."ll
Ie". fc-'' Ilsen. W .-!, the i oel po e ration s, nd r. Stuart say d th ''
wascnmlctd ad 3000bbl. o patheirusto ers ang fin e nds wiihdrl* A
,~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ awy be*' *da -fl igfomte lcr icnpow e d plan the ma gheust ':-." '
~d he aribeanmainy o quait prtowndus, ir andt echn ique in h :
lookout~~ ~~ foait a'ieyreiecl ri ontroVlle. Inthe pr godut of m
^ caionbut ith n ey ou for Brati stage ae two othner. Careb '.
^ l'nti e ot o alkng wit te sent uplanomtin e tosta icaeand tex =..
localleade wa- tol thatone wa rto Lao rathe r Veeuln oil Vet. '"4
**'impd'-'le ~ ~ nee tete and csad pr ons t rol, epd 17. Sy

negotiated ~ ~ ~ Th sem og aten]ig anaglemn add so noted wthe .: ; ;
oras before Cahbeanw drveinturetai I pi'dges thearmtio we'l Wae$5'i Iur- ."]
i, eyur fo uldnrpatl on in oested wit on tree lyears to ,

complimentary basis. Mrs .Marcel Antoine, wife of _"_......_"_
2:00 P.M. -- Visit of city and ho- the "Haitian .consul in. Santiago I
te s in Port-au-Prince. Inspecthan de Cuba, returned here/last Fr,- ilmai Mo eaet
of shopping facilities. day'.
6:30 P.M. Cocktail party at Le( Mr Marc .Verne, former Hat- Th ne Colombian Minis'
Perchoir. Host Mr. Elias Noustas, tian consul in Camaguey, Cuba, ^yg En ,o sur
President of La Belle .'Creole De-I is back in Port. _.,_ .-..... li h; e,.r n^ ti;

The ,Brasserie de la Couroni

His Excellency, President Paul
Magloire during a formal careino
in the Diplomatic. Room of the
tiona] Palace, on Thursday.
Ambassador and Mrs. Jorge Sp
torno of Spain returned to Port
Prince from San Juan, last wec
They will entertained at their I
bussy residence on October 12
on the anniversary of the discovc:
of America.=
Argentine Embassy Attache, !
nor Carlos Stegman is hack fr(
his annual leave in Argentina



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e ~to. disappoint his 'regular, subscribers for ,The New York Timesv whien
U.S. reolethe entire stock shipped to his address via Pan American Airways was
Songsress confiscatedd by the Dominican authorities last Saturday when the plane,
Atra To t stopped in~ Ciudad T ujillo enYou~te to Port au Prince. The Haitian pui-
A. riblic-Tos the emorarily deprived of reading the interesting articles relative
Casi Ito teGeneralissiine oni the ei43-Aoring island.
in dijan, h only Amer- 4 ANDIDATE CLEMENT JUMELLE"called at the iMorne Hercule re~
jean........of Creole song, I.sidence of his old friend, Morisseau-Leroy, last week. and met the
the1 13th. ~er poets, writers. artists and intellectuals ~who are -habitues, of the play-
On ariva-in aitiMisswright's Chalet. Morisscau-Leroy reports that they had a good oppor-
'Adran ws suprisd ad gra-~ The ALIX mATih-\ new.y r0_co 1aete htwm. in Laboule was on ltrnity of -squeezing,, the Techn icki~n-candi date, but most questions ak
tiida h aewhich'her re- '6te Saturday night. 9d dealt with agriculture and, education of the masses,
rbRA Mr PARE o e Pan ifiiliiiiliu a ictirin==C pny here is the ..LA VOIX DE SALTROU., a h.bdomadaire Politico-Social, ha.s ap-.
I ort Wth ates member th Clb Ite >~o l d 'Comere. peared 'and announces the candidacy of Professor Daniel FilgnolM for
the aitan ublic. In her hp A T.V. ACTRESS well-known inth States flew :n fromt Mexico WAed- i the Presidency and publishes his 4-Point platform.
ino ths apreciation is aret nesdy and is holiday-iug here incognito, with the aid of dark glasses. I A~ 1957 MODEL FORD, a pale' blue sedan that arrived here Monday
-er--nark 6fkstic success thah P.AQkIN &,,-AETJENS have op ede- their Npo. 2 store opposite La 0n the SS -Cristobal- is for agents Luciani-Behrman.
he very hgh sale of rreole, in the odpremis of Herard Roy & 'Co.
SRece TIPPENHAUE. Company are now distributors for' Stuoe
Pi Mr 95e he s 0pEL bakrs The aaecy was formerly in the hands of Guy hBarL'eyre.
citer.oftes imeu gvnt PLC EFF2RARD -s belug trans-orined7 Thie shady -sabliers. trees THREE WEEKLY FLIGHTS TO06
are omin dow, anl wh-t, is to go up i anybody's guess.
MiSS ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~F Araisi rcgof TERBR PTERS 'N$ are back in their' Martissant residency
arrngig atap reordd iter a~er omelevey in tir\native coming. The Chief of Party of Agri'
,,vew f D Prce arsforbrod- ultralResurcs.IfJS>OM and his wife who 'canme to. Haiti from
castng vertheN.BC. etitrkHonura; lst earwent to the Sttes last' May Jo attend the June
-ontheocc~son fhsjbI ilpee. wedin uoh their daughter,~ and get acquainted with the' 3-month-old ]I
MissAdran as ust'retrn-graddauhte ofone of their three sons.
*d to P rt-u ince's, Beau Ai EML AUL ANDR'E MONTAS (Milo) rettirned Thursday from'O
vgHote rma i anId> r Canada where hec had 'spe~It two years at Fernand A 'e Inistitut. He ANF~N
-trp aoun th isand brought'iwithl him his diploma in Commercial correspondance and Busi-
She was 11 A LIPPERS*
particularly imkse ihteness Accouniting. MJilo attended High School at Palmer Memorial Ins- SPR6
resu~s otaied y te' ev Fr, 'itute in Sedalia, North Carolina, prior to going>4to study in M~ontreal.
~th~ j~~1j -'AMBASSAD)OR MJ UCLAR 'ZEPHIRIN accompanied~ the Presiden-OCAG O ~A~
Scoos fPot-e-ax ndth.tial couple tlPotu riconMndy' mrig. Trvellin~g wth -his

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HAITI SUN ______________SUNE
PAGE 6 _______ -____ -- --_---- -_ ---
~ -- ,'Mr. Faublas had -this to say: *J'|

must tell you that he is man for
whom I have always 'had some
Sympathy, of cburse as a writer.
Those who write in Creole must
consider Emile Roumer in this
manner as a tdevanciern.

The Patriotic Educator

When Haiti was invited to send
Delegates to the UNESCO gener-
al conference in Montevideo in :e
November '54 the government ad-
Svisedly sent bespectacled, impas-
sioned educationist Lelio Faublas
Among them. Mr Faublas' years
of experience in the field bo pri-
mary education served him 'in
*good stead (as it had done in 1952
and 1953 at the Adult Education
Conferences at the U.C.W.I. in Ja
maica and in Ciudad Trujilao) be-
cause he served as Haiti's .porte-
parole' in six of the ten sessions$
Granted to the RepubliD. It was
at once a 'privilege and a reward c
efor all the effort he had put into
pmk-nwy education ii general and
especially in Adult Education.
SAfter receiving his primary edu-s
cation at time-honoured St. Louis -. -
de (aonzague, young aLeio went French for
p uprto tte theto grade at the ,-w
Sc PtIon. before proceeding to de de lecture. (His reading bo:
the-,B.tleNornaled'InstItuteurs pfor a higher grade has nev
(Tachers Training College). He been published). Then there a
gr'diated with his .fin d'tudes Fransais' Fren
ngvnenesw diploma it July 1B35 ke.

g .).,. .. pei.plerere aot con-ais,, i'ran
and-e wa plo dheadm aster offthor those who could read Crec
ad.." was- ..n1t9), headmaster o gOo ,u-AP APRANN LIe, 1

plae wereIfad tenPbh
^A of... ..e No-m.... book written in altered Laubai
toTpr : sae 3CH.In 184s tthe 0 ; system (soon to reach its four
yoQ.E teachet ie~nt on a sc-ola- 'edition) sDu. Creole au..Franqai
slp-t .AtIauta-JnivZ itY in at I rewritten ia new system in 19S
dent-.exchange to study education ,'.N KONTE, ANN KALKUUL
methods While .in the V. S.he at elementary arithmetic book Oc<
tepded the Hampton Summer ber'52)-o
SSchool (lr) and did a poestga-
dut course in Education at Co- When Mr. Faublas was a
limbia Utiversity. (He has not had pointed to his present post
the time to return to discus the ,prit 1950 he published a cr4o

-thesisfs for tuwM.. 1hwtspaper (with the Laub
..- degree .What a Haitian itralning orlgraphy) Today (inethe a
college could be.s) ,tered system) eKonnesansn

i .Fresh from his university stu-
dies Leiio Faublas was appointed
,Supervisor of Port-au-Prince's pri-
mary Schools in February 1942. In
?-"' September however he abandoned
' public teaching and took up pri-
vate secondary teaching at the
In October 1943 at the death of
-':bChristian Beaulieu, he.
*.became headmaster of
the 'College de Petion Villeu. In
revolutionary 1946 he was back in
the Government service as Chief
of supervisors of primary schools.
A year later in September '47 he
was named ,censeur des etudes,
at the *Ecole Normale Primaire;
*shortly after Director Mr. Faublas
became Director General of Adult
Education in April 1950 and after
Diambois' reform Assistant Direc-
tor Of National Education for Adult
Education. He occupies this post
at the moment under the general
directionn of Georges Marc.

Father of eight children (his
'wife is former France Gustave),
Mr. Faublas has been twice deco-
rated: on May 18th 1936 by Stenio
Vincent (bn the recommendation
of Minister of Education Estime),
: ,Chevalier de P'Ordre National
' Honneur et MArite. in 1952 he was
.;. among the first to be named to
- President Magloire's order ,Che-
valier de l'ordre de l'Education Na
S. ^ Mr. Faoblas, ontiring efforts in
- Adult Education are well appre-
-ci dated inside and outside of Haiti.
C' After some acquaintance with the
Laubach method used in Creole
instruction he advocated certain
changes which were adopted, to
,make the orthography closer to
C French. Laubach accents ( a 6 4' )
replaced by nasal an, on in (ii) Lau
's bach W discarded. His Creole pti-
blications have been heavy artille-
ry in the battle against illiterace:

arIn 1so8 appeared his 1st year prw-
,.: mary school reading book ,Metho-

eign to -most-...



4,000 copy bi-mbnthly publication -
in which teachers letters, letters
of appreciation from satisfied
pupils, world and local news and
an entire page of French are
presented to a wide circulation
of readers. This freenewspaper
is very helpful to the MASSE but
it is not quite adequate Mr Fau- 2i^
bias points out. The pupils let- Ri
ters at least are, however, very i -
encouraging. -
A propos recent polemics on [, ''
Creole '
-. '4'.
Mr Faublas would like to make
hist-position clear in the matter
of .Adult Education through
Creole. His department works
under, government orders. He is
a technicien du gouvernement
following a" state decision of the.
-29th of August 1947 (Estiind)
that obliges the department to
write-and teach in Phonetic Cre-
ole for the Adults and after-
wards in Etymological French.
This is not a-.,.personal dream,
it is his paid duty.

However; sinue he has been
executing the law he has been
able to appreciate the value of
phonetic Creole. An adult who
attends swhooj regularly (5 days
a week) reads in three months.
If he 'had to study with etymo-
logical writing he would take
more than three years.
From that time on he can
learn any foreign language like
French (which is a foreign Lan- 2
guage for the vast majority of
Haitians) English or "Spanish.
Therefore at the moment it is
a question of making the great- t -,
est number of people literate, be- .
cause cun homme quA salt lire
un patois n'est plus un illettrb
(a man who can read a patois
is no longer an illiterate).
As far as literature is concern-
ed he thinks there are too many
beautiful Creole stories that
would be lost if they-e ..4

It is possible that I do not m
agree with him on his way of ex-
pressing himself in Creole chief-
ly h is a b utse of injurious
words in his writings. But one
must not .withstanding all, reco.
gnise that 'he has some merit, r
above all for having made it ST
clear that a literature of Creole Vi
expression has its 'place under
the beautiful sky of Haiti. MI

were not actually written down.
Moiisseau Leroy's effort, accor-
ding to Lelio Fatublas is a great
one, a condition qu'll ne soit
trop fantaisiste dana la trans-"
cription de ses idees (as long as
he doesn't adopt any fantastic
way of writing down his ideas)
In other words he should write
in Phonetic Creole (the altered
Laubach system) if not he will
be waiting merely for the intel-
lectuals who do' not really need
Creole anyway.

Concerning Mr Emile Rogmer
who writes the weekly column
Chronique Creole in the cSunh

Three convenient weekly flights to take
you into the gay, romantic atmosphere
of the'Pearil of the Antilles!
Only 90 minutes from Port-au-Prince
to Santiago de Cuba by CUBANA!

For information and reservations sea your
Tryal Agenl or call Pan' American World
Airways, Rue Dantes Destouches. Phone 3451

lAY, OCTOBER 7th 1956

Opche5fe. and :5 oW
CUN-rF-5T )&PRI.7E5 945P,,-

"t-Aang Chouc'oune

N 1 Cy 4T

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Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays. at 1:25 p m.n







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new mechanism of diese Cillard-I'erregaux Gyromatics.
storing away MOIC Lhan 40 hoL:rs rurining thne. These
extremely precise mechanisms' are P'roteded by" the most
eleg.int of v6aLerproof Cas'eS Lh.At S"itzerland un rocluce.

L Flt! HICIL %% 11U LaLV 1-1 I~~
anybody else the microbes are
not the doctors or the nurses, who
aftler all find 'alcohol and all kinds
of detinfectants to clean their
hands; but the street sweepers who
are -bathing. In the dust and gar-
bagLi wbich are the most original
decoration of the 'Capital's streets.'
The -balayeurs de rues*, though
they have encountered more than
the huantfty bf microbes- that
would Ik necessary -to- make -a big j
cow, appear to be in good hea"h
for most of thern are of the athle.
tic type. This confirMs. anotberil
Creole proverb which says thatli
-the thing which doesn't kill, fat-
tens you*.
Workda -M

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tit sta;i 1. ss. s.-eel or with follit jold b0zef.

Pronounce 'Girard-Per'So"
Fine Watchei since 1791.
M .... G

C. 'T.



Direct Passenger and, Freight Service


ED&w Eei ,, R&UC 'j

Balayeurs de Rues

-Th mirobs t kil aHaiianpeolethey come in contact with marcliandes and thie girls 'passing~
has to be as big as a cow. Th~is daily in the quartiers assigned to by. The older ones play cards whle~
proverb is ~widely knownini~ Haiti them. But on~e can judge their cha- some pass in review. what they @di
as the. peoppe's malice help them~ racter bylsezgt hi ~ y the night b~efore.
in every circumnstance td find a conversations which is so deeply in the afternoon they res~ume, _
motive frlaughter which some- steeped in wit, 0oca .Q until 4 o'clock.
tinies,1 mixed ~wi~th bitterness. Diet The elite of the -cantonn~ier~s,
Temen ~who face more thn' For breakfast they may eat a fe~w works ini -th Exp~osition1 grounds
anybod else the ~microbes~ are mangoes or some -acassanv whichi where ~they havwe to keep meticu-
not the doctors orthe nuirses, wli Is Leasily purchased from the r louisly clean tihe Harry3 S. Trumianl
aff i id'loo n al kind cade ainbuntesi.. When they boulevard an te a~djoi~nin~g
of infectnst oot grassina~secialsect- streets 'ad trim see'aiace of 1 orwitwn, h eouinr
~hans but th6 street sweepers who or, tey all contrbtafe cents awnsand floers.IDuring th ai-
grart-u~ ith to make a good community lunch. nysaotewr 9i's muhhr-strn wyrnid 1
As. a and the sreetsaro leftcoerdeegn of waepi-o ae htSiztln a rdc'
with stilt sand gravel which floods e.75:Ahn~cfe IJ1,Wth viai

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thc mirb' C'ulefS Ae~e~srb t w r~~ bi The Wiit64. stretwepe r~s cler
coappe a t to wh -in d oodnt* h health> Ieanyeoish
for of he athl- alsothei gre st ade est if6m
porrsdnilqateriand~ 1-fl A R D `P

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thi gretes enm person bwho~

leave posruto matria en tthea~e
Workday street;-=; It becomes= maeialy !i

grve bein blownL 4n herwae
i c w of jthe stret an the
of t Ae crigilesi B 8, Aome p are no i ii ii i l
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wii ell~ ar o to Cu an m ov outi ....9] l; place .whereilil!iIi!!il l~!~~!i!Ii~~l!Ii'i !sfain1d 6! iiiiiiiiiiiiii theiiiiil ....... qbhe= = .......
the ~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ lii~i grs iteupvdsdewls elh otr Dfned ee
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and~i street des Imil ];III[Q IiIIil~i / lil~iii'~ ~ iii ii ~ iiii ii~iii![ii iii1iii~iiiiii~iiiii~iii i~=!iiiiiiii~ ii~ i~ l~~liii i l= = ==
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ii~lIIiI~iI~i~I ii~ii! i' i !liiii!i Some of the tak from i t im T =.i!'iiiliiiil~l
featda =s -on 'S eve dea an m l Thati~ ma e it a, ~ =.iiiiii .. ,= ili! i~
i!!!i ~ ~ a 9iii ilili iiii iiiiiii!ii]iii]iid nd liiiiiiiys~ ~ii th e i tIiIQ ii~!C~I!l th ie a'iiiliii zgorg iL~ilie, ii Of w i teCI]iliiiiiiIiii!~ ~ ii ru m ~ i i!lilill!]i~lii!iiiii ;i iii~iiiiii
....... re t r're s pt 9 th', -i gh beor or .k 1 e ;i.....i i : i~ da g r u task... .. th poo men L..... i
ii!i=:;L !IAi: =iii !i !i = ~Q !{ iiili =I= ;i iii !iFiiii ilii; ~ ii ii: L ii!i !ii i ii=ii[ii = ii~ oiliii i!! ii iii ni i=i b o ttlei i]~ !/ ii iiiiii] I L i=i iiii~ ii~ l
a ndii tii hi toii~ I! t a k -th e'!i~ i= ii ii~i i= il il l iiili ii i i!i ~ iiii!!iii i ; iiiiIliiii iiii =i ii =i i l i iiii ii~ii ii i; iii i i i=ii]iii ii ii=i i ii
ii i!i~ iililii .......... ...................'* d== = ...I ,.nto n n i e liiii iriiiis i !ii.... .................!i] iilI!i 3 1l i~ !~i~ lii l l~ i !ii~i~ i~ liiiiiilii li~ ii ............... h a v s o==f ................

..........ivel y kt thp e noe o -t ie :coneak, ; they ,:afde

9 tersataon
widely~ u db h esnsadyuc h'ngtsit an$0amnh' :

s i ne asaete

the! laboringQi~iii~I!i!l~ii!ililiiiiii ] class and hoi whoiiii doiii!iiQi theiii same work L~] i~,.ii~iiiii
Theif.irivate toii!i slee or o 't lk U su lly ii iii i != iiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiii=iii
lifelii== is'~iii~ yo duri liii i ng~ii da t~ i~ ii i me areili~liii entitledli toilliIi
aii~ seciiii foriii -D o J uan a m n ti theim~li=i !iiiIilliii= iilii i iIiii~ i!iiii !s ~!iI=Iiii1 i!liI! iil~ i iiiii1i#i ~iil~ii~
'they never talkii ii!ill" f ind iliiiiiiilii I~ aiiiil~ gourdesi=I 50ii .i Aa~iliiII!iiiilIiiliiliiIII i l_ F IL re R S
to.~~ ~ ~ theli~i!= pasants i=- even't the = wh spdidl his timetesigth'
or,== 'Pr== i;iili -=ii~i ~i pi: i;i
ii'iliiii!Ii~~Las weeki=iiiii asi=Ii esident~i~ Maglo= UGGET &~i myE=Z TO==i .... 9ACC Co.~ii=iii~~ T _iil ii
R)!~~~~~ ~~ reure from his U.S. health iiD= ,,=,i= ~
I~ii=iitrip t!heii istreet'i sw eepers w ereiiiiiiii lex-iii!iiii y !i~ Iii= i~


irom winasimea to grlme. near
fenders on many models will be
higher, with an upsweep to the
rear, and taillights in each fen-
der, for smartness as well as for
better vision....Wi.ndws,.awnerepor
td to. be stretched '6ut Tto provi-
de more glass'- are'andit"wrap-a-
Sround windshields hive been wi-
dened considerably.-In:i some ca-
ses- windshields-_4lwrap slight-
ly into the roof. More' vonserva-
tive color schemes are predicted,
with more solid colors to be offe-
red, and with two-tone color com-
binations running more to match-
ing. tones and less to contracting
ones. Transmissions have been
widely improved and push-button
automatics will appear in more
' makes, although they are not ex
pected to be adopted by G. M.
Brakes are improved, too, and

here who joined the old Panama
Company in 1906, before the Canal
was completed, is spending a
month in New York.
Mr. MacDonald who was an ob-
server at the Panama Line's Man- m .p ,
hattan Office for a week is now M Ry r
enjoying three weeks of guided
sightseeing around the ,world's lar- |gOdO e
gest city. He is reported confused
by the town's transportation sys- GOSSIP SICKNESS
tern, notably -the subway.
This is Mr. MacDonald's fist Dear Mary,
trip to New York. He,came to Hai-
ti back in 1919 from' the Ithmus: I must tell you there is a gossi-
The Panama Line which he has' PY trouble maker in my street.
served for half a century is the She tells 'you what I said, then
oldest shipping line in the United she tells me what you said.
States.. It started in 1850, carrying As a result the entire street is
gold diggers to Panama where they in a turmoil. This woman doesn't
crossed the narrow strip of land juts say things, she makes up
and sailed up to California. mean, nasty things. We of the
street are planning to gang up on
her and make her confess to her
malicious -malady..
All the neighbors are going to
invite her to a home and then

The WorId-Famtdu'BeaiLty Products Are
On. aFe a t

Canapde Vteit A

Canape. '/rt :&LwvezS5

A. A. A A.

A PEEP AT THE 1957 MODEL The Davis' Dine
A PRELMINARY REPORT will be much quicker acting. ar tga Brass
on the 1957 cars, which was car- Breaking down the expected Sa toga Brass
ried in a recent edition of -U. S. changes by maker, the most ex-
News & World Report, indicates tensive body changes planned b3 American Ambassador and Mrs
that all 1957 models will show G. M. will be in Cadillac, Buick Roy Tasco Davis entertained at A
marked changes from the cur- and Oldsmobile, with Pontiac dinner party for the Commanding
rent models. According to this and Chevrolet to receive major dinner party for th C commanding,
report, '57 cars will be even low- facelifting jobs. Ford is concen-
er and sleeker, with engine pow- treating its changes in the Ford Captain Stroll, on Saturday night,
er up 10 to 15 per cent more. and Mercury lines and plans to at their Bourdon official residence.
The low look will be aohiled introduce a new line of cars Attending the dinner were Corn-
in part by making wheels and some time in 1957. This car is mander Lovig, and Commander
tires smaller with 14 inch wheels expected to sell in the price ran- Mc Cracklin of the .Saratoga,o Mi-
to replace 15 inch wheels on ge between Mercury and Lincoln nister of Public Health and Educea-
most cars in the lower and me- and to compete with the Buick ion and Mrs. Elie Villard, Minister
dium price ranges. Another con- and the Chrysler. All Chrysler of the Interior and National De-
tributing factor to this'low look Coro, cars will embody major styl- fense and Mrs Alphonse 11acine.
will be increased use of bll-joint ing changes, with particular em- U.S. Naval Mission Chief and Mrs
suspension and it is understood phasis to be put on improved per Charles Henriques, USOM Direct
that Chrysler-built cars %*lfea- formance and riding qualities, re or John P. Hoover, Embassy Coun-
ture front-wheel suspension by suiting from changes in suspen- sellor John Paul Barringer, Em-
torsion bars, cushioned in rub- sion, brakes and transmission, bassy Public Affairs Director and
her. As a result, it is predicted, As might be expected, however, Mrs. Jean Grpffis, Panama Line Di
the average 57 car will be 1 to there is one unhappy note in this rector and Mrs J.J. Cusick,' and
-5 inches lower than its 56 coun- otherwise encouraging picture- Miss Edith Ingwersen, Secretary
terpart. Bodies are expected to It's almost a foregone conclusion to the Ambassador.
be longer looking and moderate- that price tags on '57 cars will be
ly wider, providing more room up an average of $50.00 to $60.00 The aSaratoga, spent the week-
inside the car, and more hard- over comparable 56 models. With end in Port it had brought Am-
tops, station wagons, and sport- dealers already operating on slim bassador Davis back from 10 days
type cars will appear in all lines, profit margins, it's a certainty in Guantanamo Bay Naval Hospi-
indications are also Iat a a&, that these price increases will' tal. The world's largest flat top is
tractable 'hardtopi will make its" be passed on to buyers. 7 ft. longer and 2,000 tons heavier
first appearance this year.in one than the Forrestal. which visited
or more lines. The first hardtop Haiti this year.
to be truly convertible, this mo- ranama Line's
del will feature a top, made of Oldest Employee Many Haitians recall the visit of
steel, or some other metal, that Ol s E plo the od 'Saratogan in 1936 in cor-
will recede into the trunk at the Seeing S pany ts the old-Saratoga. Lexin1936gton. It wascom-
push of a button. Hoods on allU In New York the same that went to the bottom
cars are reported to be ,Ibwer, Harold E. MacDonald, Chief as a guinea-pig in the Bikini bomb
and some will slope downward Clerk of the Panama Line's offices experiment.
....-- J-A- -1ki- .A f i e- -experimen.. .. ..








confront her and her lies. Do you VILLA CREOLE
think that is Christian of us.
(S): Teacher. O C ET A
S): Teacher. and hear Haitian n
I -

Dcar Teacher,
Yes, a knife wound heals but a
tongue wound festers. And oh my,
how it can fester!
If we would always keep in
mind that -who speaks evil to you
of others will speak evil ofyou to
others- we might be a little less
eager to listen to the words of
the Trouble mongers.

iS): Mary Doogoode.
r'I, .


DesigqRs Rush
+ QuatlI-j.odsm Sisal..
k ,, RUE iAM' td(ot cStBrmiMtak 1.8. PHONE: ;1684

Soyed & La Mode,
Enjoy the T.iste of Camels
The Cigarette of Smart Men
Distinguished Ladles
Emile Marimillen 77 Rue

-- f*^yli^-n ^f.. ..
Tuesday Night
nusic at its best!!

Filter Flavor SatlfaetN
Fit For A King
The Perfection of
Cigarette Luxury
des Miracles





\ br \

V. -V- .V- _V- JL. -. .V :.- .



I --

N 0.1


Save 'time money

ship through Miami 'Via' ONAUN

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Voici une huile qui peut r6ellement
doubler Io vie de votre moteur et vous
faire economiser jusqu6'15% d'essen-
faites aux Etats Unis, il a 6te constant a
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OIL ont parcouru 50,000 milles sans
det6rioration notable.
Du fait que le nouveau PREMIUM ESSO EXTRA MOTOR OIL
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/ more than 10 photographers and
TV cameraman, 2Periera on ly settle
d down when given an ice cream By EMILE ROUMER- -ERM
Hen gave the ice ~cream coneDiaceat'tn s tU
short shrift and even let Wever Va~oI souU SOswal O ~~Durn ot ainl' -
take another shot. onc on ota-rneasiI imnpseg npl
qui sans doute caI6nosae i n'n eu
Asked through his interpreter Fiur ios ienq C
how he got that old, the gum che- d~trt~r.T4i.eif c et
wigcentenariani and a half ini- Cxst tOotX zott-~Jisi Blt~A1i~
mated itmight. be because he Y~n~eW h~u
jots con gh. seul Th aiiis Iain,
drinks a lot of coffee& andi chows
down frequsz1tly on rice. retts~
He doesn't look his age. Wear- p~~Tjt rigr
ing a jaunty~ sport shirt inside\ a p.es nationale. Blanies pa~s maqu d omestqur Haiti.Crs
grey, suit, and shod in sneakers, hetin eulu a4e ur
talked. fre~uently-and meanin- groij, ~ glessly ish-Indian patois. ac oun1 Labach, ou <0aspo:rftrd o iuto

~Through his interpreter he said~
he b~ad nio particular secrets of
Correa said,*He drinks when1 pocsmsiusqippe ai a-aiecurqipp
=janme voler 1'e I' i=====; queue z :iiiilin.iiioiioii fil6

he-an get it, ~smokes when he can,
and has- ou ved wives.*
li ae en to fmeeli lan i Tt A'
Mw wiidIsI ei!!b arie 4t~~ ran I ripi r Iiii~~i! i afnomthi vilae n iiiet iulii Ci 7iUL..

a ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ medical cec ro, kqgatW andira hitnpsfg cii nlsun~o i erya~msIU a
prcssi manmari Marieiou'in carava Silbidees -i~i al-

Periera ~~ Is ~ Coard arudde~ ord toa Plvoere~ira re ~st
<' calls~ spitig o ve nts whiche

happened~ng in th iny poe goo' cofu n pi le men oiitin~inaiac '6rne u
Seimon Bo7 bouhPO a &c ier.t,-a-rn
tq. agQes ti~ :1j es;ap ti livar'ad effders toi fre Southd Arneen Lan~ point. oeaca' tn im i AI 1fiszt -good pressure

ap~-a tisn anyut in sou an9iIv1Qe tea6 yo- twpou iz1ie dir in, aviu
a1rir'i eeais mqui-$ 'onqu ate perritey l ,su ou agn
th~~fe wol si-e okhvngare sa es 2 and anho~o oiinbia monti vilO~laein the 'n / ;'
gagedby te spcialsts.be a lea IM around the world to disoe oididii-ii Orkmi -iii~iliii inblg ma ii

NroYork i a~nfr rr64S

iissot 18K iip1iid i iO
dEckaorr Jense c&1in 11~O 49.00 inm~ ea 6No

-pushin 16-i a protege o Doug....i...........on of Carlos ihe West
For atviad wer CisCo-tos had ree Cer4e cutingupnora an hs lodprssr

NwWrd BRANDeItS Or Nov AA.TJOpprS.T1AE from SWEqula- DISH N CRSAIATC.N ndustrie -Assn. met nMam

S l d te
iiiiiilii ificts.i inia iiiiii liht ca se byito 110.deriisc s ion when thei riiriraft 1 an mltr i ocs



Oiea 18K<<~ gol- Oense 10.0 750
T i so 18Kii---d 22 5.0 99.00| ..............<= ........
Ge rg enie 'I e tn ofiiiiil 6)41 726 49.06i ii! iili~lii~ii ii
= =. .. = i iii!iiii~~iii !ii ii iiiiA
H ansiii H ansen (settin ofiii~i 6) iiii~ii 29.95 iiiiliiiiiiillliiilii ~2.! iii

S ,=,iiii SW E D I SH ..................................................................................
B R N D E &ii~ii L T -U O S 11FA E i!iiiii!ii3A iGi1ii i ili ~ = ==........





SLN ,E A LMOST THE FIRST ISSUE of -ports Illustrated-, I hava
b~een a render of that excellent~ publcation,throug LacIh bounty of nly
riend MaioLazo, who ~provides me wiha annual subscription. I
read every line of it, but by a trick of fateI missed te4 issue of June I
25 in which Jimmy Jemail deal wjth a tenic of considerable interest
to me..
The question at issue was, Ads cockfighting czruel and sadistic?, and PERENNIITE DU BATIMENT
the inaures were& made among gtuestsa4 the Hotel Nacional inHavana.
4~When I say that 1 am interested in cockfightig I shoul qualify
th~at statement~ by~ saying that~ once I as curd of acie partcipato
as an owner by Jesse'Linam. brother of HnyLniwoi aae
?f operations of ~Trans Cuba Oil Co. The latr nietlyIste
same Henry Linam who wa.3 top ma~n of tndr Olsoprtnsi
Venezuela for man years, and to whom agetda ftesceso
the oil industry inthat countryis owed.

Ri Magdaena in -ColombJia, I had a srn f-ite ihigccs
en one -o them~ was killed in action, 1aiiyrpa~dhmad
always kept-up the strength of my team. EACEET M
........... Mabe you've heard this str before, b~ut I had> one cock weighing C~onrt DendfIi erIU~ give:
pounds 12 ounces whio was th cahmpion of the Provine of Satai- Reisane water-t4ghtness

I hae yet t se
~A hev wager- wa arrnebeweJesanmendilod_;

drove both pr nohs ed h c ws Sc snsyersa
he even loe ~goo wen dea, bu esr euedm'teuy

me, I was ready to cr yeysot

Oe oft ms itnguis~he guestsatheHelNiofwo

isi o rul that's anahe quston Copae -it bulfhi
its o nearl raseu ice te yonerng system of a cockt~ ise __________
:13,as ighy evle ~I'vney aarec fhorq cok* t' t heio$ i f ]w

HEa LSlkcanbto hm'osdrthese fights gra spectacles.
W. e miaon-gpresident ~phof a pgeo n a Cou.us Ohi eniern comany
haeydfnteiews on thea subjet. NIthink cokfgtin is a R
bsicsot, he~ tol Jimmy~ .ea~l I tecckwbdtlkte'dpo
wiiiiiisa ii~iim 0 aadi~Wiidifiii

bably saay przfighting is cruel an aisi..
Judg inneby her pithre, Angel whois3i l eettr ~ h ofPr f piTriidd
menI, i a* mont attactvei youge omatit arg~ Drety sweet intli I-U K OWt~NiaERS

I~~E@NVILL moret a hti the moreto~hi bloody~ p aQfTe t~cnio a'ocfigth thie morekectn i t gom ets. Whe you I~ if Ynd Want te, mosHt1
A J~for y ourgmoeys Ause

Theone' non-gu~egst whose oiinwassuh lpikwasth bat p of1~ Ton Vagn .
4 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Vc Prsien h and thMatualcnagitgiireto of the bu Hos.it-ael Qfacionbal.to'saidea ~ aS~
4o -Ca ckfightingi a padok ogeri Pet opl liket.x if el ehe r din', tcrld
wurivch Some Americtnwithink fotbaklg istac bual.h ftlerwim baealfn hy
sray itombaditi forasitcher O to< otherowa aan's the ad. no create
figli ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ os oganf us don't rre~wt da anean w
age.Som wh shotlond wez~g isga Wll that ckfgtnaticuealcnir. o h
maefeorint ex~cluiely tno theapetinyio notta of ToyVugn asten Asoe

aton the motion alnd ther full~x pubk it. Toy-mn h eol H C HED
g Buthosay Aeicane yooubl e s erua is etEdhandlter hUdngedy It rtemfghinds
me ccfk, eoneaotest inwich competlingr charem heIt on nto rahbricklwall, butov
~~the wine being~3A theT- NCN thatwh is to des fect anyfterftg hc m all tha e beespt on t~hem ILAW R Pr-uric

PETOhadL danp ~~t~~ oriz te oki obt fight s~ to tith thymon skinhe of

JiL)BY AUdeaAthe beliuef4w there is -theaprt tfhiis suoodc Yn ou cakn ct~h ofbrizet MlE$n Jean Boureos, '0AuxCa-
EVI~~cock' wingsE and on lege~~s and he thaibllssilpc wit lhigs b utk On ~ the other yes
havdte onaytoueeal cond'itionof thebl k snowtat prie ofcoksbatl.' aTwbls'ler lDsurnScsos
can ~ k liei apdovktgter, buptQ~il noj f4iJghn tbred
naes cocks evrter
wi could be p within striking distance4of each other without
'= ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ora i_,omba enuig Oniii the otheriiii~iii!ii hand theii bull, was not createdii!iiii~i iiiiii;iiiiiii!lili : = = ii~i i!S N A iO T B R 1t l
i ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ L fiy a gains a.i~i m an arid'ii dart lanc aniid sword.iiiliI iiii ,*ii llli~i ~~iilili!i!iiiil iliii iiiiiili i i iiiA iii ,~ !i~iii- ................ .... ......... ....... ...... i !iiii !
!iiiiiii lii iiii i!iiiiiii i ii~i l~ ~iii i li iliiii~ il i li1!i~ iiiii[i iiii Iii i li iiii lili!ii!lii iii]ii!!i i~i!]i~i]i i ii; i ii i ii iiii iiii~iiii ii i =i i ii ii~ !i~ii iiiiii i= iiii~ i i iii!ii!!i i ii ii !iiiiiii i! i]iii]iiiil ~i! iii iiii i~ ili_ 1ii i! ili 1 1111 I w o i! i ii~ i i i~ ii
ilililiiiiii i! iiilIiiiiiii S o m eo neilii~ilii~ iii ii e ni o nediiiil[iliiiii~ pi zei gh tin =!g. W eii~~l1ilii iiii~ li l, th e~iii n ai~ii l co ndi i ti!! i on ofi tllii i i!i~ii;~iiii ilei l~ iiiil~ ii! ii i !! ii!i!iiiiiiiiiii

whose,~ii pi me ii!( i ntr s sp tig tle j sl -ee r tc f i iiiiiil on i i~~l

d s t at th y ap bl ed th. s ckr.....m t


SUNbAY, OCTOBER 7th 1956

From SS "Crstoba!, To Palis Under Arcs Of Triurmiph '

Speeches Herald President Home From US.
president Paul E. Magloire and entire nation rejoice at the return gloire had reached Ihem from ev- ter publication, the people here less that I was somewhat reticent.
Haiti's First Lady were given an of their President in perfect health. ery corner of the country while were acquainted with his smallestI told them of my excellent relate -
unprecedentei -welcome home* on He also addressed words of horn- they were abroad. I deed and gesture by the SIPP: He ions with Louis Dkjoie, but that
their, arrival, Monday morning, age and gratitude to Madame Ma- -This had a particular significa- said that before leaving, he had in my opinion, considered from
from a 22-day health and rest trip gloire in the name of the nation. 'tion for us', he said, .all our fri- got tailed to express his gratitude'this angle, he is considered an in-
to the United States, on the S.S. for her aid in sharing the respon- ends of yesterday are still on oUr and that of the entire Haitian peo- dustrialist. Chieflyin a country
Cristobal ed States, on the sibilities of the President and for side, and, have the same coaside- pie for the courtesies which were such as ours, political ability ip of
The Chief of Nation and his her benevolence to the poor and ration for us.g So we are seizing intended less for his humble per- primordial importance for a stat-
wife walked of Natheirorg tson than for that of the Chief of 'esman.
wife walked with their cortege the the needy. this to say to all othem tn f tt of t C i To those in New York who ques-
length of the wharf to the chalet 'The President's Improvised a cordial ,Merci-. Nation.i' s en
o f the Bureau du Port and l were Response aPresident Magloil'e informed that tioned President Magloire on Can-
given military honors of a2-can President Magloire, ap p e a r e d Speaks of Courtesies Of Ame- while abroad he had had the opp6r didate Jumelle, he said that there
given military deeply moved from the manifesta- rican and Canadian People tunity of talking with politicians he is made to pass for a-racist, a
non salute- tions of sympathy and esteem The President said that despite and, businessmen, and even to men amangeur de mulatres, (mulatto-.
Acclaimed By The Crowd shown him upon his return by the the private nr4tre of his trip, he on the street. He considered this eater). 4I emphasized that JuweUle
AU sectors of the population hi population. In his speech, a brilli- had been the eject of constant at- as proof that each and every one had several times been Minister
thronged through downtown Port- ant improvisation in answer to Ma- tension from the local authorities is interested in the coming electo- during my presidential term that
au-prince for the 6-50 A.M. dock-I
ing 'of t he Panama Liner. The yor Edmond Celcis he stated that abroad, whether in Miami, Phila- ral campaign.I my personal contacts with him au-
stevedores and Custom House the welcome and ovations coming delphia, Buffalo vr iUn Niagara, I The President was questioned theorized me to have a sound opi-
dores nations from tHe SY- from th e sectors of 'the Capital (Both the Ameriran and Canadian concerning the declared candidates union on him,, the President said.
borers, delegations from the Syn- to Madame Magloire and himself cities bearing the same name) and to the Presidency, chiefly Louise t6I believe him to be a good techni-
dicates, delegations from La SA i had deeply impressed them, and finally in New Stok. joie 'who is well-known' by more cian; for at the head of the Depart-
ne, frm Cites Magloire NO! nd that the many messages they had He stated he would not point out than one in the U.S. He did not ment of Finances,. at a time when
2, and school delegations wavtg received, while in. the States and the part played by the American hesitate to speak in praise of Mr. i the country seemed to founder (I
their faniOn were a part of "the (Canada had gone straight to their and Canalmn authorities in the Dejoie as an industrialist-business-I am referring here to the period
ovationing nultiftude on hand'to 'hearts *ogn n 'his sojourn, since man who has 1ll the President's following Hurricane Hazel) Jumnel-
acclaim the President and Mada- The President stated that tele-o as much as i e eould learn from admiration. le gave his full measure. -
me Magloire. grams, letters, post cards and flow- the newspapers published here : 'Concerning politics, however, The President then spoke of.Dr.
Children from the Nurseries di- and ma es to Madame Ma- and which he eived 24 hours the President added, I must con- I (Continued on page-16)

teges of the Madame Magloire ..
Foundation, presented e Firf rt
Lady with numerous floral offer-
ings. i
The crowd pressed fo,,gd tO
surround the .ei dent, shag
hands and shoutingi ,Bienvenuel
Vive le Prtsident et Madamie Ma-
gloireb .
ACity OM.P
oAre de Tioliftphell"
Wearing a blue business suit of-
lustrous material, and black Fedo- I
ra hatb the "kijon's Chief was, in
fin% form, hir physique exuding
vigour and liV0ith. Madame Magloi-
re was elfghlt in a' chictraveliing
polka dot ensemble of navy blue
and white, with matching hat. The
couple strolled to the. magnificent
'Are de Triomphe. .a. short distan-
pe from the imposing structure'of
the new %Croix des Bpasales' Mark Enthidiastic Port au Princiens'acclaimingreturning Presidentiil Couple LU.S. Arnbc~sador Davis greets President Magoire on arrival

i et.
i Mayor Edmond Celeis made a
; formal welcoming speech empha-
Ssizing the attachment of the people
to the person of the President,
stating their pride in the multiple
i: attentions given him while in the
United States, in spite of the fact
: that his visit was not official. Mr.
SCelcis said that once again the
name and prestige of the nation
had been held high through the
person of the President. He also
stated that the policy of economic-
al and social progress which this
i -Government has launched thirough-
..; out the country has inscribed Pre-
Ssident Magloire's name in the noble
Gallery of Haiti's Chiefs of State
ii4 with a special -eclat*.
SMr. Celcis added that because of
i-all these considerations the popu-
ilation of Port au Prince and the

Mr. Alphonse Racine, Minister of Interior delivering welcome

Sergent Robert Florisca ofjfer:ng a

bouquet of flowers lo the First Lady

i ttf B I^ NO Shortage Here of )A,


I-SENSATION BAZAR Emile Maximllen-77 Rue des

- U .ar bl

Stops Perspirationl Stops Odor! ,
Kills Germs that cause odorl

MUM Re Siz

*R~~r^&--| tcon. giza ^^^^
M ST Plust

Bue Pav6e


4 - - - .--

____ SUNDAY, OCTOBER 7th 1956

CF %onan%

A visit to Haiti is not complete without a trip to the Citad.
el. WP specialize in the Citadel Excursion. Sightseeing Tours.
Our Experienced Guides Speak English.
P. 0. Box 312

S Phone 7761
Organizer of Tours in Haiti
Cohata.tiekets on-Sale at
PNtion-Ville and Cap-Haitian

i s t (Continued from page 15) M t C-auld PIartci.ia
.Frangois Duvillier, saying that this A welcome speech.by Chamber of can brouiller les cares have on- Joe Yanll'ev IW 1 t'iftllcn(5s tHi
candidate is reputedly the candi- Commerce President Dumont Bel- ly to wail, as he declared: -We arc l t a
dite of the Americans working in iande characterized the sentiments sympathetic and we are strong the Olympic Ga es to be held i
this country, and apparently count- of his colleagues for the Chief of it Melbourne. Australia next
ing on their influence and that of State as, once more the Chamber Welcomed By Minister mo-th, but there is no reason
(rhe SCISP Staff4 to win in the corn is standing as a hnonolithic block Of Interior, National Defense why they should not be represcn- i
ing elections, around President Magloire. The crowds followed the Presid- ted at the Olympic Games inR Ho-
-Mr. Duvallier, without doubt, President Magloire thanked the cntial cortege all the way to the me, Italy in 1960,* said famous
Shas:. neyer collaborated withir my businessmen and industrials for Palais National, in a delirium of U. S. Athletic Coach, Joe Yan-
Government,, President Magloire their contribution and support in enthusiasm and joy, reaching an coy during a brief stop-over
stated, .but he has no enmity Mg- the Government's program of eco- unprecedented climax of popular here, Tuesday, enroute to Jamai-
ainst me. I believe him to be ?too nomic and social progress. acclamation. ca.
great a.patriot to connect him with Welcome Address By Haitian On the peristyle of the Palace, Coach Yancey has been invited
playing on. the American strings Army Chief of Staff Minister of the Interior and Nation- by1 the Jamniaican Olympics Asso-
in order to ascend to.the.,Presiden- al Defense, Mr. Alphonse Bacine citation to instruct their team to
tial seat., '" The Presidential cortege reached greeted the President and deliver- the Olympic Games in the last
'Of -the two remaining declared 'the Grand'Rue. Twenty mounted ci a fir e oration in welcome. Aft2r four week' if their training. Af-
candidates;, the President paid that Army officers had joined the colr-Ienmjmeration the moments of anxi ter saying ,helloo to old friends,
,.;.he last to come ibto'thi ring is ege where the Presidential couple ety that the people, experiencA MlL-JtL'J Roland Latailladle, Fe-
ciur.friend Daniel Fignold,* as En who had taken seats in a aCadillac dtriLirg the. first days after tie d'- fn.i'1. of.tlie Sports Depar't-
gineer F6nelon Alphbonse does hot decapotable. of the Prcsidenii. narture onE Vie Prsident before m..t, Gone Graffis of the USIS,
appeal ,to be well-known in the U. An Arc de Triomphe erected by the results of the medical consult- .rc. Joe Yancey told the eSun, :
S. Figol6E had not yet shown his, the .Army in front of thIe Fire De- atio'ns were made kiinown, Minister c'The most important thing abau-
hand .t,-the time of'the departure apartment was the scene of an imr- Racine said that he was happy to the Olympic, Games is to compe-
o-'-e mieis'teCifsta. etbatolt and take. parts-
oftePrsident, so the dhief sta- pressive welcome cee'mony by offi- see him return in excellent health te and takcey, Director-Coach of
ted e' had not been able to be cers of the Army. The Chief of and strength and infine form for the New York P ee Club,
-vey. pretise on the subject of Da. Staff, General Antoine Levelt ma- 'W bounds towa ds the conquest which celebrates its 20th An-lub
...: Fignol6's candidature. de e coming address deIlar- octc future.ate ts 2
p de g the welcoming the present eircumstar- of the future-a versary ti year, says that Hal
liang that in the Present cir-\cumstan- rExcellence, U the few daks that ti has good material and should
The arnl cle published in the ces the Army is"more faithful than we have passed, at the direction e'fbring it out into the field. His
journal oi raales .were rther ever to itsChief, the Captaip at thp the affairs of the Republic !have Club bas seven men on this
m sbyllin^S"nature t sqish an Helm, ? aql E. Magloire.
extent Ihit no dn* &nild foriee'the I permitted us to measure all tre year's American Olympic Team.
difficultiess of the presidential funI Tuesdayy 'nght, it'aVAo riotaci at
eoeadern otf the 'MOP would be- We know, Excellence,a, General tion,, Minister Racine declared. -
ntet to run for.a seat in the Levelt said to the President; ,tl ',We realzed'hoipmuch efforts, b- .
Sate, ,nor h, a l good, Hi- our roblqs d our diffi egultie ngation and calm and controled .
tia a*b theyrah their f&6.- have continued to haut yo farness you have had tk empfoj. .
ties, ad had a mor elevated ;oh- 'nights durmg ypurhojourn abroa. to give equilibrium to opposed i-,, ,
jective. we know that In the cain. of your terests and rival groups; and'tot di- ""
h.'. *' .-.. -"- roomI at ithe hospital, *far froi the rect them into channels predo'it" . .
SAevcrtcele .gv y, opinion l.ies'd ,d 4vtues, you have thoq- nantly of general interest for the '
O_,e hor t rsnally ght ce.r, and meditated at -length nation. We tried not to: deviate ..
E. ir., Funblihas are.ly. been- ovet,.l solutions for the well-be- ron the path you -have traced. -
ord with ^e on.1ioli40s; and igo s'all. You have come b44k Thus-we were able to maintain a
1. : h+i o di, intrall q s 11alh llrtt n
.0to a Arah tqste health climate of peace, scrity and -
his9 s hort aol and 's t oai 4 'colla-kwork in order1 and discipline which
t a h hs and ont.uee the 'struggle agdnit conditions the progress of alTlin .,rm
*i.d ,shaw-.ie the human be- misery, disease and unemploy-an alomerati.
nl. 'do&es ano;:.av6 them)'he merit. +" an ..
-." te-,te.. thand, many) i i The Minister of the Interior als6 -
*qt..ities, .he P-lesident declared. General Levelt continued, saying told President Magloire 'that he 'I -. "" .
:PMiident Magloire concluded on that the battle& which must finally would be pleased to know that the
t4 ..flI6wmg tote: 'And this Is liberate thetHaitian, serve as the council of Secretaries of State un-
4. sckananwho fled from POrt basis for, his dignity, and assure ited their efforts and good wil to
itedstheiraeffortsfand good ivrt
as : "Prince chiefly.,to avoid politics the future of himself and his child give the Honorabe President-Elect I
was-often condemned notwitstand- ren, is not yetfinished. i of Panama the welcome his rank
ilg to speak on this question in -Captain at the he'm; we have deserved on his recent visit to fai-
a fobig Quntry.-'Vts situation. confidence'in you.'Your colleagues ti. The ilustrious visitor had not
f~ hS^ ^ 'ailed to express' his satisfaction *ff
dogged the President's footsteps qf. the Army will always be at your failed to express, his satisfaction
-d.. *..!h... .; e "' help you carry the heavy with the grandiose manifestations.
* -+tuhe ~t Sh'eDh'a.Lpoiut u'Ven of your responsibilities,,'. of sympathy and hospitality shown
ft j.ttbef t9 te. :t-' bhe 'concluded his speech, 'Haiti is him, while in Haiti. ..
ed djothe fip ot he tiris-. actualy going through one of the 'We have done all we. could to
toihilat't iftetnoon, an most difficult moments of its his-jt.ify the confidence placed in fus pa
- Amqiean oewsman fired nalastttory facing the future. Your by leaving the power in the hands ),
qestioni,'Who pre you. going to:ourao9ae we know it -is great, of the Council of Secretaries of Sta
vote for in the coining presidential The President of the Republic te. You conferred it to us tempor- darn
elections?, responded in glowing terms expres- arily and we are herewith trans- ..
With a broad smile, President sing his thanks to the Chief of -St- mining it back to you, and this is
M4loiie said:''. utilized the little, aff and the Army and rendering pu for us a real satisfaction.'
i know of English to give this re& blice homage to the discipline and '
ply which is often used in inter- loyalty of the ofils de l'Armne- who
Views: No answer.. have never at any time been un-
Additional Welcomes $ worthy of the confidence placed-in
And Arc de Triomphe them.
After the ceremonies organized He .reaffirmed once again that o
by the City Council, the Presiden- he is not a candidate for reelection S IO
tial cortege moved to the ,Arc de 'to the. Presidency because' he is
Triomphe- erected by the Chamber'respectful of the Constitution and 4
o ommerece in front of the La his word as a soldier. He warned
Belle Creole Stores on Rue Roux I however, that thosd who think they

Popular Joe Yanmey
on a brief stop GerETunsag

I na

a isS


ddiciww tes4


mnd Save

/& ert&



Team For Australia
Ate In Rome (1960)
iti Get Cracking
the Hotel Riviera, that Joe is an
accomplished athlete on the dan.
ce pistee, with rhe cha-cha-cha
and meringue, executed under
complete rythmiic control.



/ I



NEW TY!"L TOURIST DOLLARS MLarie-Lniise Goiiart Weds Raymond Coles I Delegates Off To.
A new kind of tourist dollar is -involve 15 special Clipper flights
helping Latin America's econo from 14 U.S. cities.
The 5-member DxAegation t6
lay. The longest large-.Kale trip is
Nearly $1000 U.S. winners of. being made by 467 Vorhado Air the'Seminar on the Education of
sales incentive contests will' Conditioning and Fan Company
Working Men flew to Mexico Ci-
ty. last Saturday, for the *30-day,
spend about $1,400,(100 while en- centest winners. They are spend-
Congress which opened Oct!Dber
i joying all-expens'e-paid vacations ina a week's paid vacation in' Pa-
Caribbean resorts in -in October.
lst. The Seminar, sponsored by
at major Dania
ESCO and the Latin A
October and Nove0ber. Other firms taking advantage UN
Traveling by Pan American Labor Confederation is placed
o f Latin 'America's t8urist facili-
unde the high patronage of Pre-
V ld Airways on both scheduled tie, inclule General Electric, Na-
an Special flights, the contest tional Farm E sid.ent Reuz Cortines. The ewpen-
winners invasion is. Originating in ge Fes of the Haitian delegates for
wing Machine, Goodrich, Amer-
pasage and soj are being paid
Major Aties in the United States. ican Industrial Bariker'q John paid by UNESCO.
Pan American traffic : Officials Deere Plow and Hotpoint Electric.
The delegation includes Max
revealed., that by the end of 1956, Countries bene'fitirfg from P
inore than 15,000, sales contest win' American's developMent of" this Daniel,, Inspector General of the
Cooperation Counct-, Constant Da
ners. will have visited Latin Amer this new type tourist dollar ai`iso_ XV
ica in the last two years. The incTude Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico, quin f Cap-Haitier4 Edward Ca.
tes Aops, hotels and entire lixte of St. Marc, and West Na- -
re the Virgin Islands, Mexico and
-e -e 116gional
ec6nomy will hav benefited to Jamaica. zon, an employee of th
the"tdn of nearly $3,000,000. Labor Bureau of Cayes.
Smaller group
tT.$. air co s of 50 or less
riditioning. and elec- 'At the close of the Congress the
triM distxibutors- al,%o are taking trips around South stop in
and sallsmen,, detegates will Costa Rica
make up the bulk of this new America by Pan American. for training courses b4ore re
tovn- horde. Largest 'single cThe fall 'always kas been. al. turning to their respective coun--.
involved 1 th S*ov tourist season for.-Ltin Amer
grqup & e. nearly Back from tWo, weeks of ho- I tries.
4,50 -butors icaa a PAA official-said. -This rew neym()0niT1g in Kensco'ff are Mr. Mona Mitchell, French Consu
salesmen and distri.
cord mo*6ment tbis, year reflectsi Mr. S. Watkins. 'French Ambas- .-4,
of.;':: FieddeO,-Qudgan. Corpora on, and Mrs.: Raymond Coles, after sador Felix, Antoine Telson. and
wh-6, are sperrdft one-week va- Pan Americans efforts. to' bdister .....
their September 17th we
nations I in, Chidad Trujillo, Db "this slack pe -vAth a. new: type ddin' at, Louis Moise. French Ambassador
Sacre-Coeur. de Tuxgeau- Mrs., Those signing for the groom I
Minwan -Arimimm, of spender-The tremendous in CQjes, the former Manle-Louie Attending Confer-_
(j., Geckrqies, Coles,. Re CC&
wer ne $Ll
The York Corporation, of ork, creas'e dn topnotii tourist facilities
Go'dart, q made a iadiant bride Pierre Cassagnol, Louis Coles, ence in Caracas
Pennsylvania, selected Nassau for throughout the -area ag made it a creation of lace and tulle fas- Pierre' Co1w, Raymond Vitale,
for as 'to s the" Carib- hioned by Madame Elahree Zenni
its I'ZOD 6ontest winners. Their pDssi ell G&rard Coles, Serge Cbls and
-Red Carpet 'Trips- as they are bean, 0 1-41y, to leadin
. g sales Her coiffure and veil Of illusion Louis Fri5d6rie-
rigerating and organizations ffiroughbut the U.S. French Ambassador Luciert Fe-
called by the ref Vere the handiwork of Miss LeG- A sumptuous.'wpdding recep-_ lix left for Caraas last Sunday to
-air cunditioning F=, run from as the ideal roifteA winuees vaca- nie Moise.
tioafollowed the religicius rit-ft iftend the 8-day, nrint al -meet of
September'29'to October 25 and tiOn sPOL The young couple weie COP- at.,"the home of the Xiarents Of, tTe French Missions Chief& in Latin
-iupte4,to the altar by M r. 'de, ',Mr,. and Mrs. L6on Godart- America, which opened on Mon
Marc bri
'Prefe POIrt-217-Prin- The'groonri is the popular elder day, with French Minister of Fc
ce -ahd -Parrain de Naces., Miss
son of Mr. and Mrs, Georges Coles reign. Affairs ChriEltiap Pineau
Adelhie Moise wa's tlie elegently- -of"tke 'Coles: Self-Service Store at "ding.
govned Marraine_
all Lalue. and Manager of the Shell The political, economic and Rd
e wedding included the f4al- Gasbbne 4atioit. at RuHe Ahx. ftural, questions interesting France.
]oiling -Riles dhonnfti--: Miss
and Latin Amerlea were discussed
Denise Coles, 3Uiss Evelyzie mm- during th
e Congress.
iss Mireille Coles, Miss Ma-
PROMISES BY POLITICOS INCLUDE TW -MUCH say's Kofoed of sc Under-Secretary of Foreign Af-
ryse Garesch, Msses Betty -and PARAMOUNT
fairs Maurice Faure'was Chair~
Miami HerdW- Mazim- Ccdes, Ifiss. Eh;ie
Pouncuois ARk RYINa toL out ise ftch:other apjut buckdc man of the 4eeks sessions.
-aie ';:00 P.M. La Baie desFan-
Loul6u Taraqae Miss 3L _1&=;Voday,
load of X; 0k, tHeO b
Nancy and 3firlelW'
two te1ei;isiq`n-S-e fi e. ousej'W S mi: egeli. gar-age: High kricesr- Dnchatellier_ Mif, Elsie 4`30, 77,00 and 9:00 P.M. 'I:Egyp-.
for ihe farmer, low for, the consunier.
Telson Wm Marie EEna Bfis- tC" eLASSIFIM ADVT
These power-seeking gentlemen overlook an obvious point,:Govern- S614. Gessy Coles, Jocely. Zenny, Monday 6:010 and 8:15 P.M. Show
imentlelps hider..s 'prospekity. Bus'inesfi men, manufacturers, sd6at- ss at
?disg Marie: G==xL, 3FL Marie- no
Alice fMbbert and Miss... 'Yartick Tuesilay 6-8:15 P`-XL'Egypt1e'n At _Avnuu- Christophe
The ibli is, responsible.fdr/ndaier creative nor produclive. ef- Fombrum' I 11 I nl-
Weduesday 6-8:15 P.M_ Na Cons!- Beautiftilly furnished- rwfif.. and
in'sanipaigri, speecheo:,]-_,talz 6L
esaff: -,credit.
Wiitness& s4piift the RegWzr ne1tachel bath, in private home, with or
2w% the imist ek#M ,10te Wkerumist admit that. if the busi- for ghe bride weri- Mr- zmd ld=- 'Thursday 6.--8:15 LTghptien without meals, Attrwtive sl&-
DeS4 wer e ran . T-t ifie'wb&e.and exh a e of govern ment, we'd L,6on Godart, Miss Le'onie I r9undin private balcony-, ex-
doise: Ffiday 6-8:15 P.M.- UEgyptien 99,
ve a Which would fiudW W:W. ,Ilk Tiwlm ftej clusiv_- residential section, S6i-
a Ae0Q Amdt* Moise Geok- 'Szilturday !0-9:00 P.A. La B6e des
zm e91*2te rIM they put
XWEwims Isu# # 4Zeir. I -Anardas the ges Duch atnkr.: yve,-' 'P'*ft*M Rantomes
Bi "Ise iLn :'for 9tiple or single. TIe_
g to end.

Hkoste er

ftst in-Cap Hakim' 11 ie do

r. i's

kfienc Ouarteritt EXPOSITIOV9Z
66 Caribbe-an.

The HosteUerk with acolonial architecture and hist background offm a mag- UPV
to- sea
nificenth lidayofstmandenterta Theonlyhotclin Haitien with swim
n ungpool, tennis, tropical park, night club, souvenir shop and French cuisine.
Fascina.ting excursions to Sans Souci Palace and the CitadcH6 of King Christophe.
reach from Port-au-Prince,40 min. by air, 5 WORKoFHRITIRN
Easy to
hrs. byqar. Writeoicable for information, reservations. CRSFTSVIEN RN,")

5, ouanga ID(At
NEXT :33(11;TOHRITt S04
rREE Po;? r P-elecs

PAGE 18 ____________


oi'Ic'aIls of tlhe U.S Embassy in
SLa oitL Lo Cap -laitien news-
paper, reported that one Lo1.I
Guillauiile committed suicide by
.i:ingiii himself at the hook oi
hlie door ol his-hous2.
x x .x

Frank Fouclh's house was se-
r'iously damaged by the strong
wind %hlich accompanied the last
Saturday's rain.
x x x.,

Dr. Fr,."ck Leforl j.; back from

Gerard Gebara is back from Hubert Eth6art, Max Ewald, I 't'0dy trip to the U.S. where for
his trip to the, U.S and Mexico.' Harry Tippenhauer, Jacques Brun j one' year hlie specialised in school
His voyage was in connection with Seymour Godeiroy flew to Mexico *. >. e:c.
the installment of a shoe factory Saturday to attend the 4th Engi- x x x x,"
ia Port au Prince. neers and Architects Convention
x x x to be held next week in th2 Me:.- Oc',teIr 28th is l-,l dead line set
Journalist Mr. Antoine Jean, can Capital. tIr the Cap-Haitien-Gonaives match
flew to Havana Friday on the in- x x x to b)e played irhStadle Magloire, for
citation of a Cuban Cultural Ass- Normil Charles, (the famnious Hai the General Levelt Cup. This re-
ociation. tian Sculptor) death anniversary solution was drawn up at the Na-
x x x was commemorate by the Union lional Football Congress held last
Mrs. Mona Borday and child Culturelle Haitienne. Mr. Dieudon week in Stade Magloire.
flew to New York, Friday. n6 Lubin in a radio broadcast spo-
x x x ke on the life and work of the
Carl Behrman (Ford Dealer) great artist. x x x
took off for Miami on Friday to x x x i
attend the Mercury show. And-re Constant, Secretary Gener George S. McManus, Manager of
x x x al of the. Loterie and author of -A the Resort & Travel Department of
Gerard Roumaip clippered off Short View On the Hi-tory of the "The Boston Globe- was in town
to Caracas yesterday Discovery of America- celebrated Eq Rancho.
x x x his birthday anniversary on Oct 3. x x x
Germaine Zamor, Denise Alexis, x x x Jacqueline Dartiguenave return
Massillon Coicou, Edmond Poll- Mrs. Lascaze Bernardin wife of" cd from San Juan, Tuesday.
card arrived here from New York the Haitian Ambassador in Ciudad Simone es flew to San Juanx
*'Fniday on the direct flight clipper. Trujillo, arrived here from the Do lstmhn t
x x x minivan Republic last Monday. laxt Thra x x
Edouard Gentil flew to San X x Sheelagh Burns returned to Di
Juan on a special mission for the in, on he th
Agricultural Bank, Monday. Mr. Nathaniel Lancaster, U.S i, on the 4th.
i Consul General and Inspector of x x X
x x x the American Diplomatic Services
U.N. expert and Mrs. Georges in Central America arrived in Port Dr. Athemas Bellerive and Ray
.-Mautor. are back.in Port au Prin- au Prince Monday morning He monde returned from their trip
ce from their vacation abroad, was greete.1 at the airport by the Thursday.


r -


-aE /WVIACiwv CxA
4?irtc4 VLL. A- <9a4^-
akc ,.,,. YX. dz LY- ,44.

VEPs MiaMi...
JEuoi it T|tMRCR4CHF-

Pour tbutes I.nformutions
et Reservations,voye3 vdlhe
9o.Rue PAV9E
Phune.3725.2391 .


Lancome Laboratories,
will be at

Jean F. Lahams


From October 8 to 20
and will be pleased
to give you her advice

L A N C 0 i E






Mrs. G~rard Fils-Airn (SCISP Alerte, Miss Fernande Alerte, Roc
Disbursing Office Secretary) obs- Cadet, Mrs. Paul Gauthier, Mr.. and Mr. Tone-s organization is one
erved er birthday anniversary on Mrs. Raymond Dejean, Mrs. Helen of the largest U.S. Corporation
.October 5th. D. Coicou, M.-ss Cenice Sicard, Miss with interests through th world
nrd" x xx x, .Helen Van Sant and Ernst Damas. Jerome is a brother of the well
4.Gerard Montas received honors x x X known Hollywood actor,' anchort
during his recent visit to Kingston, Miss Caridad Apollon (Touris Ton6.
Sania Spotlight Magarine."s latest Bureau) returns from a sojourn
edition carried an illustrated and in the States oD the Panama Liner x x
elogious article on the visitor. Monday. ,~ ,: .x Mr. Mrs Jae n:i:pn

V Mrs. Renan Chandler, the form- Mr. Jose Perez, Cuban Specialist are stopping at Hotel Ch.ocoune
.r Rolande Cuvilly, returned last of the Frederick Snare Corp.- ar- for a five-day vacatin. Mr. -.
Thursday from a three-months rived here last Wednesday. erson,; Presidet of Henderson's
Q0. J. Brandt, the Industrial dy- Gaiety reigned at the Pype Mal- ;rip to the U.S. where she specialz ,. x x x Travel Service in Atlanta, a. who
4coj1is back from Europe. lebranche home on Rue Faubert at ed in home economics. Mario Sismondo, official of the arrived Thursday, wa joined by
> X X Petionville on Wednesday evening X x x Italian Embassy in Port au Prince his wife Fredde, the next day.
Mr. and Mrs. Max Ques l! are as 14 tiny cavaliers of the neigh- Mrs. Vilhardouin Smith, loft, for was back in town last week-end.
back froM their one month vaca- borhood decided to serenade beau- her home in New York last Satur- X x x Mrs. Henderson writes the ash.
tion.n. 1"w York. teous Marie-Th6r6se on her 7th day, after an extended vacation Jacques Testas de Folmont, offi- ion columns for Associated Negro
x x x birthday anniversary. Everything her with relatives. She was- accom c al of the French Embassy return- Press, and teaches Costume Art
'Jacques Baboun is- b4* from was informal, -bien entendcux but panied by sons Daniel, John and ed here last Wednesday, at Spellma C0e She bu
Miani. h: e songs ana games honoring po- Robert. X x news of Jean Lane Blackshear,
x x x pular little lady had all the char- x xxx Mr. Carl Joseph Lasgard, of the the beautiful congener who visited
Marie Jose Roy flew to Kings- ateristics of a premedjtated inva- Raymond Jolicceur is back after International Company of Teleph- Haiti several year ago with her
ton, Saturday. sion. .a trip to the States to, enter soa ones, arrived in Port au Prince last mother, Nell. ,
SX X x x X x Alix for studies at the Institute Tuesday on a special Mission. .
Fouad Attie is spending the Captain and Mrs. Georges Th.lof Technology in Massachussetts. X x
week-end in Ciudad Trujilo,. Bayard left Tuesay morning for x x x Mr. Yves Auguste, ist Secretary
Auguste and M ercedes uth- the Us. Tihe Haitian Coast Guard Ludwig Schwab and his charm- of the Haitian Embassy in Wa Ah-
ie clippers Chief is on special mission to Nor- ing wife, Mildred, arrived Thurs- ington is now in Haiti for his year-
day. folk to preside at th e ceremony of day for a 6-day visit. The Director ly vacation. 'ni ......
Nie Lh hand ig over to Haitian Govern of the Fugazy Travel Bureau, Inc. X X x of the Axmd x eel.. ....
Nicoe .Fils.-Air6's ,rty was or ment of a patrol vessel by the Un-.- was welcomed -at the airport by a Mrs. Virginia Hover, we of the5
ganised in .bo .e because of ited States Marine. Tourist Office rep -esentative. USOM Director and their daughter their 2t anniversary i the. ....
the passing away of the grand- ~ X x xxMArivdfrom Hlavana last Wens ie atFidy .aso hns
mother of fianc6,Eric Jerome. Mr. and Mrs. Jacques Adam iar.e Gerard Latortue flew to Paris. Jday- aens esins h on
t -. the proud parents of a new baby Wed-nesday morning, to specialize x x x ,.g.
G-.ra.d M6nos flipped over to boy, "H..ry.. in high Finances on a President Andy' Anderson of Southerland .
Ci ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ X d riloobsieshusX~ x E Mgloire Scholarship awarded him Tours has been Jamaica's guest 'The religious ceremony was-fol-
day. Mrs. Wilmot' David, ~wife of tJhe.at Ecole de Droit. this past week. lwdba rnlvsto f
x. X Liberian Ambassador returned this x x x x.X x Xeb f ora visrsiof the 93po tf-onto"Hi
M~nqu ad eoie~Bucr4week from, her month's trip to N. Jules Tomar is the newest ham Excellency, President Maigloire, and
fI/y to x:,nhatt n ts morning. Y., after leaving daughter Floren- Protocol Chief, Daniel Th ard, inPort au Prince. Jules a shoe ty to Chief of' Staff, the General An.

4 Mona and Gladys Priezeau take ce in school there. -returned on Wednesday from a sPe coon believes that Ham: Radio is tomne Levelt.
of for New Y~rk' toda.y', , .... The x X x cial mission to Salvador. Mr. Th- the greatest of hobbies and has ra-.cpina Cbn, Choucon-
The wedding of Miss Ghislaine ard praised over the Haitian de- vested heavily. A -
Fils-AimF and Leon Sahiave took legation to the inaugural ceremon- x x x ne in the evening closed the celeb-
Alace at the Sacred Heart Church ies of President Jose Maria Lemus- George Triebble Sales Manager
York this moning.. in Turgeau, on Tuesday evening A of El Salvador. of Delta's Savannah m .legx' days.. The La.in. 'Wflham prim for-
,,,: .7 .' ,; ?j ,..:.? .:, .,' : c ption follow ed the religion us ceJ" J. x x x e'en;., :h .,' m ern ging u p fi ve d ays ":- ; "( o ,'
2~XXremony at the home of the bride's Embassy Secretary' to Ciudad Tru- of vacation here at the 'Riviera. the Tcha-tcha-tcha' and Haitian me-
The. Beabrun is off o Ne parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel jillo Paul Verna flew to his post Squired, around by local director
n n ringue went to New Yorr Mr.
toda. The groom is the son of Haftr a, s visit here., and Mrs. Robert Cohiene, of G great

x X X I familiarization and tourist develop Neck, and to M. andn Mrs. Edgar

Jouna Dircto and Mr.nare is I
Gear Yb srk 'is going. PA teourald Mze After three moniths in INew York mettrp A. Smi~th, Jr. of Houston, Texas.

Newee' York thi monig an pont eat Mrs Noch Dege- x X x? "' "
SThe newl-wds are honeymoon. T ie contest which took place
x x X ing at Kenscoff at Htel Flori'ille. ner who 'went home to maniy off Marie-Th~rese Duviver isMexi- Hotel El Rancho 'got 'bottles of 5-
MrsP~iz~nz fiesson i\Mketo a' Princess' ~daughter, co' bound-on>holidays 'next Sunday I~rReev Rhurn iarbancour

Mrs Perez .e flie to the x X Ii -a Sta Rewrv
Sta"es's.mis...r ; returned.m returning on the Pan .S n Liner A membr the U.S. mission to for the happy, winners.
S e h m g, D.. .. .. R idou c h a g a i n r t o m o r r o m o r rt o l e n uc a g a i n
x X X from Libra, accompani sy hisa btlel
wife thsw~eek for atomihstired of big city 'life and hien Ma- Thxursday night. The~ auto was ,'Mr. and 2Mrs. Claid Chales
Antoine Sofay is evn today dison Avnu tparment tnhsr-fonstterero h Ludra
NewYork.vacation here. The youngme dic o A nn n-odth exposition John CunIer of Fort
X X X ~~has occupied his post in the Health turniing to hier favorite isle for an- minus four tires. This is a very' Florida, arrived herelatSury
'e Cepartm beria for 'th ipastother extended sojourn and peace 'nu.h sual theft. The police are ho for as. vsih s
budtoa.three years. M~rs. Honorat is the within the- fishermen's families in on the trail. the Travel 'Editor of h*r La-
x frerrta oIti her ccail~le, at Greasier which she x xx"4' derdale News. She is gteigm
christened .cAjoupa NoucheF. iterial for a series of" artics t
SXissit Mr. Ulrick Nwtoel, Judge at the. travellinig through the Sari

retrne fromh: their Kingsto vxa- Miss::;\: -i~l C6orti thes tonymo ..... e ,. oma....
Mr.d D hy Bre n E aSringer will beSt. Marc Civil Tribunal, flew ....

cation~x Frdy rie tr. Ranon Vas. oOn Octobe to MrCumr i ,C utn fo a+' I.,<
S aea meldc > by her U r.S. Embassy Paris last week end to st..dy.ju- ge Printing business i
and c ~~' '4 and M xrt ed fr .. .. joining herel, tomorrodo, ariving scholarship. The visitorssojorneas.
from Mrs. William Wilson and Mr. and morrew.. xx. arranged b..the OTw
vieet how Mrs' Victor Castl this week an- X x x on their ,i by ... -
(157moel), ounced the comn e'rig o~Tit-year residents-Commere~- Jerome 'Tonle, Executive Vice-ur of the, National ors f
Their daugh ad t nuiece,Miss Jae ants, n- Mr. and Mrs. Williamn arr President of the Union Carbine an- fice. After visiting th i-
1Liliane Fabiu gav a. faew lyn Wisnt-M.J i eunt orrow from four month rived from Miami on 'Tuesday, ac- tractions and hotels thywett

klyareWiltunnngo Mr.HJean aHdeheir- return torn
vacation partyt, in her Bail.r h will take place at the Sacre on the Continent. The Narrs vaca- companied- by his lovely bride, fla- the Citadelle on Wedeay They
sidetic, last Satuda cv eart Church o tober 27th at tioned with relatives in their nat- na. The couple where married in -were dinner-guests of
s f ng t 530P.M. The grom-elect is the le Switzerland. Florida on Monday and chose Hoaiti Pierre C ...vet at Hotel Ela
o .Y e x x x for their honeymoon, on Thursday.

sonn thef paser.r arrvin Mrs YvnH n
x X x 2rndson of Mr. and Mrs. Alber c Senator Emile St. Lot is expect-
rept adMs Ande Jeanty Berthournieux. ed back from the sholes of Europe. Mr. and Mrs. JOHN CUSICK, Director of the 'Panam~a Line, are sett-
o last wX x x oand America by danama Liner 'to-
wee I Noveltieso will ing d ownrtoo 7res i 3ourdo, inathe ousrmcre y occupied
Willy Widm r.. the Fred Krolls.
x x x beautiful store of metal ~furniture x x x 4
and household comforts at Rue A- Dr. and Mrs. Linus Terrebone
2mricane observed its anniversary are returning to Haiti and their
on September 29th. The year-old Mont Joli- residence from home PLAY BALLy At Noon at
Novelies celebrated by receiving leave in the U.S. tomorrow.
visitors at' its recently enlarged xX x x HNELI
show-roo last Saturday and Sun- Aong the passengers arriving'

Yel y o-o 1-w- ant to, oveatr as sYany nhoarers a snds eatb

1I!, .TRADE MARK Tun ussice i8f 2-.... 40 vcHANTECL
-.______________'____-_._.-. Is t twen~ty- .our'hus a 4ay.:' -2 RueRgad-B-4

PAE2 HAITI SUN _________ SUNDAY, OCTOBER 7th 1956

Ja1il Cd To rs G1ene Wa n r. rom' which the goods were, re
tJU1U ~tIJ7I moved, aid' the guest against
(Continued froi W agger1) whom tie~ crime w~as prert
a~ mntinedtht h ha lot ad b~ vlet Osar ~ r&ed said that Wagiier had poinit-1
and0.0 M aentioned Hait on hadlst tand hsvlto Osa an le r-edly asked him whether he was
$80000 ash in ait, o histuricdthe6 States in search. of going out during the morning of
first trip in July, and reported the Knowto ns who lef t Hai~ti tetet
it to the police who verified his without hais knowledge he said.A
ctatep~eit, adding that ihe ~diopp- -On h~is second trip back, to
ed. the investigation when the the States~ Oscar disappeared .in aintn n pn
police asked1 to interrogate his DaytonzC Beach, /Florida. City Brancht
~friends hs valet Oscar Estes (Continued from page 1)
and ~Lonnie Ray and Elizabeth Arrested with at least $400 in at~ the service of the business t
~Knowton. The Police~ said at J travellers; checks on his person, men and the general public of
the time he wished to' claim~ in- Wagn~er received notification this zonie f~or all their banking
surance for the loss of the Mo. this week from the Royal~ Bank' operations.
I ney. of Canada that funds had been The R~ue du Centre branch is
tra~nsferrej to Ihis account here. provided 'with a large vault, hav-
fWagner who is ~not eating pri- Wagner has paid{ $50.00) retain- lug double-coi trol and watch
'aQso fare but is havin- sand~wi- ers fees to a, Lawyer whom he precision m vemuent, and is~ a
ekes and m~ilk brougnt in fromniasict~ srei for at least a week, product or theMosler Safe Com-
the outside, said he spent one, and' lie showed nio interest in pany. This is. similar to the
an a half years' in the hospital, communicating with the Amer- vault system in the beautiful
wit ai ule and cancer of the 'jcnn Ebassyatlthough the Vice main banik building located at
intestines.IHe produced a ~pres- Consul had visited.-him after his Rue~ des Miracles and Rue Am&-
crptonfrm of Dr. FrdP a4rres ~and ~sent a, doctor to give ricaine.
Moreyof exngtnKenucy, im-a ho t quiet his nerves. A mezzninelfloor, above the
fo medication. -He declared His, main interest, Fridlay, was Cashier Services section will
tha te pleof drugs and 'syrin- whether or~ not it, was possil~e house the various Acdo4lntg
ge oudi his luggag were to be released4 on bail. services of th~e branch bank Atfk
fo i per9sonal use. ThJe sto-' ,Brooks Tavel Sevice in Bis- Mr, Chrsianim6, Direefor j
Mc ilness c caused a nervouss caye Terae Miami, Fa, aro th~e National Bank o~f the ~Re-
raction tha>t 'required these rannged h1i4.tours. ulblic of Haiti ''A edbnkn
drugs for relief. Wagner'sicas is one of the m~ost~ institution in the UnifdStte
I~~~ Asedwh h ade' three comlicated i the annals, off the on several occasions and has
tris t Iaiti thin tIhree. local police department. been active' in creatn imrv
months Jly August and Mr". Wagner ~statd.tht e a ed working coniditionis 4for te
,3etem er Wagner replied that never run afoul of the'la other larcr ,colony of t~he bank per-'
tha. e amitedtht te irs fie police back in the States Wilth the fineaniw bi~dinq,
tli dwfrmKnuk was~ Other eviden o theft th~e pulcwill gr~eatly 'befi
wit teatentin (if findinga by the Kentu(ckian~ is based Iromh f~acilities and tinie-sa-
buinsse to goinito here, Hewas onth eport oftheu mad ho ligiltheir dealingswih to
S., "P, accompaniedy the K owd(ons\ say she sw him leae the room bak.

M L'





Fri' Speial Ron-Ti

Ar. HAVANA . . O.p. 2:04A0&A
Ar. W~W ORLEANS .- .{C'bii 4:27' pm
Dircct connectjaps at New Orleans for $10 500
TE. XAS, CALIFORNIA and CHICAGO 30 day limit, roun~d-tri
(vi Dei and Am a Airline intarchwgeg sevie excur~ion fare good all year

Ph' n 331
J'os. Nc~aI & o Bid.

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