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Haiti sun ( October 29, 1950 )


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Haiti sun
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R. Cheney, Jr. ( Port-au-Prince, Haiti )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )

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Republique d'Haiti

Telephone 2061

Sunday, September 16th 1956

Bull Fi.vht In Poiml This December

Torreador Raimundo Serrano and Antonio plaza propose to stage a
Bull fight here in December. If no local 'toros are available the Span-
ish torreadors propose to requisition a couple at fierce Dominican
Bulls. But Senor Serrano who was in Port this week and is shown ab-
ove with a bull, declared Port au Princiens will see a real corrido
before Christmas.


The news which is causing the
population, of Petion-Vilie to suf-
er untold mental and spiritual an-
guish, and the peasants of th(
mountains to join in the rush ot
delegations to the civil and eccle
siastic authorities_ asking that
something be done to keep their
Curt in the parish.
Reportedly, the Reverend Fa-
ther Alfred Monteil, Cure of the
Parish 'of Petion-Ville for the
past 'three years, but who has
" hd.wever, been a devoted servant
.of the Catholic religion in Haiti
for the past 29 years is aoout xo
be removed from his rost and
'transferred to Carrefomu as cAu-
monier. (Chaplain).
* The Parishoners and -sympathi
zers of the Catholic religion are
hoping that they will be permit-
ted to continue for a while long-
er under the guidance of the Fa-
ther who 'during his 28 years in
the, parish has built 10 chapels
in the plains and mountains, anu
raised $20,000 00 with the aid of
the parishioner. and U. S. donors
to bui!d a new St. Pierre's Cathe

dral the construction of which
was to have begun this Fall.
The Fither, a nme'niber nf the
(Continuied' on page 20)

Boy Meets Death
Playing Superman.

Fall From Sisal Heap
In Miragoane
Thjrteen-year-old Pieire Yvan
Biamby fell to his death Wed-
nesday, when he attenrnted to
imitate the prowess of Super-
man on the top of a hige pi!e
of sisal In Miragoane.
The boy who was vacationing
with his parents, the Comman-
dant of the Sous-Distri"-t. of Mi-
ragoane and Mrs. Biamby, had
reportedly told his mother two
days prior to his death that he
was going to achieve what Su-
perman couldn't do, on tne huge
pile of sisal.
Despite his mother's warnings,
the boy who was to go.tn the
':l-lnt Fathers Semirry at
Camp. Perrin next month, re-

CANDIDATE (Continued on page 20)

Senator Louis Dejoie. internal The Artist Chaton ioy op(.ied
tionally ,Known Haitian Agrono. his (Grande Exposition de Por-
mist-Industrialist (essential oils' traits d'Art> at the French M. sti-
was the first to announce that he tute at 6:30 P. M. last night. The
was throwing his hat into the ring exhibition which includes the pho
for the coming presidential cam- tographic studies of personalities
paign, in a communique to the ligraphuL studies of personalities
Press on February 9, 1956. in the social religious, political,
With the campaign for the commercial, industrial and cultu-
seat of Chief of State opened ral circles of Haiti will continue
the publishes below the for two weeks.
text of Senator Dejoie's Februa- This is the greatest exhibition
ry 9th communique, of the works of any Haitian ar-
(Continued on page 16) tist-photographer ever presented

Burglar Gang Behind Bars

Police Seekl8th Member

Pres. Magloire
At Temple Hosp.
In Philadelphia
President Paul Magrire left
by Pan American Airways for
the United States o., Mundlay af-
, rnoon where he entered Tern
pie Univerqitv Hospital dt Phi-
ladelphia, for a complete medic-
al check-up. He was accoinpani-
ed by Madame Magloir- and a
muite composed of 'Major Fran-
cis Etienne, Chief o'f the Presi-
dent's '.Maison Militaure, and
Mrs. Etienne, Dr. Antenor Miot,
personal physician of the Presn-
dent, Captain Guillaurn" Pean,
Chief of the Military Cabinet,
ind two members of the Pres'-
lential domestic staff.
Iii an exchange of correspon-
deuce to the Presidents of Lower
and Upper Houses of Parliament
(Continued on page 2)

'The U. S. Aircraft carrier -Fran
klin Delano Roosevelt,, dropped
anchor in Port at 6:00 P.' M., Fri-
day, with a crew of 180-officers
and 2.800 enlisted men. ,
This unit of the United States
%lavy, under Commanrder J. T.
Hayward, brought over its crew
from Guantanamo Bay on a cLi-
berty and Recreations trip, and
sails from our shores today..

Mrs. John Barringer, wife of the r
holding family poodle with twin dat
The girls will spend their vacations
Beverly is attending Ethel Walker
Daphne is at National Cathedral Sc
(See Story on Mr. Ba rr,

Organized For Business bver Republic
Police Nabbed Theives In Arcahaie
,- <

Seven enterprising members of an organized gang whose
speciality was burglarizing small, easily-accessible shops and
homes, are behind bars at the Penitentiary National awaiting
an audience with the Justice of Peace in the Tribunal of the,
East Section of the Capital. The gang, apprehended by the
headquarters at Carrefour Saintard Arcahaie. have been'
booked on Articles 224 to 226 to 328 of the Penal Code which
entitled them tQ a maximum of life in prison with haid laborfi
In Haiti where organized.
Dishwasher Puts crime is alnmos't unheard of,.th.e
Police have made,a thorough
Lye In W waiters Pie and detailed investigation of fbF-
A big, 'muscular Pearl-diver case and. piled up a thick' file-
(dish washer) of the HotelP Ri- of evidence with which to pro-.
viera kitchen is in the police secute the gang.
line-up tnis week, answering : The eight members of the
-Why he put lye in a pie?. gang, one of whom is still.: t
At breakfast, Thursday, waiter large -i are: Wilson J-.-Surin of'
Pierre Demesca returned with Cap-Haitien, Charles Brave of
a round prune pie to the kitchen Port-au-Prince, Marcel In LouiW.
when a guest shook his -mal ma- of Cap-Haitien, Pressoir Alexis'
caque and refused solid nou- of",Chp-Haitien Ar-nel Brutit.
rishment. Vergnqud Blot, Adame Petit-Hon
Demesca, a gourmand, at me, .and Louis Deceus of .ori:'
heart, was under no such influen- au-PHinc', (still not yet apprl
ce of loss of appetite, and se. h-nded);
c-pted the pie behind a pile of '.Leder Wilson Jn-Surin form-
dishes. ed 1h*. gang when he arrived :in
Returning for a leisurely mid- Port-a4-Prince from Cap-Haltieii
morning snack. Denlesca snatch- in.,early May. The association
:d up the pie to satisfy his wa- which envisaged, the whole "R6e
tering jowls. But alas! '3n,..ke public had everything but pubTiW
mushroomed out 6f his miutli cation in the official 4Le Motni-
like the Bikini experitnent. Sit teur.s .
ting 'pie and lye' fumes -like:the Charles B-ave was assigned, t'
(Continued oft': pag'"20) search forb'the best target .for
-'" .,the gang's' operations. After. iral
(Continued on page. 20;

"Dr- .'Franqois Duvallier this week
confirmed -his open' letter publish-
ed in aLe Jour. on September 7t1
as. he I a u'n c h e d his cana-
paign for the Presidency, in the
C coming elections His commumqte
carrying his curriculum vitae azid
his plank o1 12 essential points of
4h.r ahis program studied and planned
during thirteen years of methodic-
71 political preparation were dis"
tribute throughout the Capital and
"rovinces, carrying a picture of the
.. S o candidate. Doctor of Medicine, and
o graduate of the FaeultH de M6de-
n. on pqgine d'Haiti, Mr. Duvallier's long
4 career covers many posts in th',
-"-'.-" Campaign Against Yaws, a. Diri-'"
or Generalship in the Pub)i
Health Department, Unrder-Secrei
ary of Labor, Minister of Public
Health and Labor, and Medical'
new Counselor of the U.S. Embassy' Consultant of SCISP. He is a mem-:
ughters Beverly and Daphne Dunn ber of the American Public Health
in Haiti during the next two years Association of the USA and of the
,s, School in Simsbury, Conn., and Royal Society of Tropical Medicine
school in Washington D. C. and Itygiene of London. Hel' also
ringer on page 17) (Continued on page,20)



tygft KI




Big Game Hunter Wings Scandal I

Exclusive interview with Girl who .. .
sawv it All In Dominican Jungle

Reece Smith, former fighter pilot in the Royal New Zealand
Air Force in World War II, and presently city editor of The
Panama American and correspondent of Time Magazine, Un-
ited Press, and a number of London papers on the Isthmus,
called in Port au Prince Monday for a twenty four hour-visit
with Your Reporter, a fellow paisano.
Reece Smith whose ace ability at handling Spitfires has
been transferred to the em6tier d'6crivain*, rushed to this
corner of the Caribbean last week before the echo of the shot
that stood publisher Harrison of the scandal magazine eCon-
fidential on his ear had time to disintegrate in the hills of
the Dominican Republic.
Smith sent echoing off to London's Daily Express the Anou-
velle that Big Game Hunter Richard Weldy had accidentally
shot and wounded Harrison in the Jungles of the Dominican
Republic during an argument.
They had argued over a story in the current Confidential
issue cOncerning Weldy, his ex-wife Pilar Palette, and Miss
Palette's current husband, actor John Wayne.

(Exclusive To 'Sun')

Shapely Jean Courtney, from
her hospital bed where she was
recovering from exposure suffe-
red in the jungle episode, gave
-a bed-side interview In which
-she revealed her side of the story.
. eHe is the first man wvho took
me into the woodsy, said blon-
.de, busty Jean. Jean Courtney
grinned it me this afternoon
telling of her night in the jun-
gled highlands of the Dominican
Republic, with wounded Scan-
.dal Magazine Editor, Ro!)rt Har-
rison. I-
A, to what it Is li.e to .spend

sat sipping tea with lemon ii.
the brand-new El Embajador
Hotel, as she gave me a New
York show girl's impression of
life in the wilds.
eThose mosquitoes,h ciclain'-
ed the well-built singer, 'they bit
right through my sweater. They
bit me in places I've never been
bitten before.*
After the shooting incident
*Conifdential;s, Managing Edit-
or A.P. Govin who was leading
Jean and Harrison on their first
hunting expedition, set out for
help. Weldy had fled the scene
in dismay. So Harrison iand Jear,
spent all afternoon, plus all thOf
chilly night alone in the unfami-
I iiar jungle awaiting help.


The Telea
adopted ir
ge as aN
subject ni
Price, Pro
the Genei
of Covent
C. lunches
Price, intr
a soIng of Citt
The Little Singer who wsmessed the shooting an the Dominican eigman t,.
mountains and suffered from exp sure. rience in
field fromr
gave ainl
the night in the woods with Har- According to Jean. danger was Haiti's Te
prison Jean opines: It was a limited. Harrison had been bel- present an
real shot in the arm.' lowing so sulphoroasly that 'all
That's just right where Hax- the animals and snakes :iad l ft In their
prison had been shot by angry the area.y Says Hanrrison even action here
hunter. Richard Weldy, -vbo ac. al'ne in the f'Jngle at night is plain that
cording to Harrison's magazine .difficult to get along with. f not as a C
- cConfidential,v had wife 'Pilar ,he is unhappy.* pliers, Sui
Palette stolen from him by fri Harrison says since a boy he taits. In
-end, John Wayne. had read all the jungle books supplied
Weldy who has been held by lhe could lay hands on, but appa- wire Line
police since shooting-w&S freed rently he is no combination Tar- etc, and
today, .and fairly sprinted up the zan and Trader Horn. He had lion is ca
steps of a Miami-bound Pan certainly believed that the jun- Althoug
American DC-6 eClipper Free- gle would be all his boyhood ex- sered int(
dom.> If he never sees Harrison pectations had led him to be- project of
again that will be fine, according lieve until the shooting .pisode. Telephone
to Weldy. He was so upset by But according to Jean, during ed to takE
the incident that when his jailers the afternoon and night, the that whe:
tried to treat him well as an punct u red publisher 'couldn't be a syst
American, by giving him chieker. figure out why Cedars of Leba- equal to
dinners he was unable t'o eat noit or the Mayo Climenic did not America.
them. have branches., up there in the rector of
Jean who was release from mountains. restres w
the hospital this afterno'?n about Govoni also has reservations ternation.a
an hour after Weldy left town. concerning the bushlore of hunt- luTcheon.

Editor'Reece Smith was! disturbed' by fact Haiti has no brewery.

er Harrison. It .. was oossiblek'
there were wild pigs in the area
where the Harrison-Weldy shoot-
'ing took place but Govoni un-
took a rifle on the trip. If a
bunch of wild pigs had burst from
the brush Govini didn't know
whether he (Harrison) would
shoot or holler for the Manager,
Jean says of the adventure :
eI take plenty of low bows in
low cut dresses, bu: this time
I don't care for an encore.*
Regarding the actual moment
of the shooting, she agrees with
all other participants that there
was no attempt by Weldy to
threaten Harrison with a gu.n.
Jean thought Weldy wa. moving
forward to hit Harrison with his
fist when Weldy's gun fell' and
tI didn't know Harrison was
hit until I saw blood. All of a
sudden it was coming from eve-
ry place. I got hysterical.*
Her opinion on it all, now that
she has had tume to think it
over: I refuse to eat rare steak
ever again.

Jean, herself, would prefer a
week's rest. She also wants
more time to learn the meringue.
The Meringue is also Haiti's
National dance which currently
is becoming highly popular Sta-
While in the hospital in the
next room to that to Harrison,
she took Spanish lessons from
the nuns who are also nurses.
She regards it as all probabi-
lity that the nuns were taking
English lessons from HI.rrison
when the fiery tongued publish-
er was having the dressings
changed on his shotgun wound.

Diplomatic Circle
Mr. Gustave Borno, First Secre-
tary of the Haitian Embassy in Ha-
vania returned to Cuba last week.

Mrs. Lascaze Bernardin, wife of
the Haitian Ambassador in the Do
minivan Republic rejoined her hus
band in Ciudad Trujillo on the
week end.

Mr. Yves, Auguste, First Secrc-
larrison was also released tary at the Haitian Embassy in
from the hospital this afternoon. Washington returned home for a
Jean has provisional contract to few days visit on Sunday Sept. 9.
sing at tl Embajador Hotel arid
:o far as the Management i. con- Mr. Paul Verna, Consul of Haiti
cerned, the sooner she starts in the Dominican Republic flew to
the better, while all the publicity I New York on Sunday.
Is popping. xxx


phone, which has been
nto the Creole langua-
vulgar word, was the
f a talk by Charles
ject Administritor for
ral Electric Company
ry, Etgland at thle C.I.
on' Wednesday. MI.
produced to the gather-
y businessmen by Max
has 28 years of expe-
the communication
n which to dra-v on
ghly technical talk or.
lephone Systmrn past,
id future.

Second yeaS of oper-
a. Mr. Price made it
his Company wishere
contractorr but .3. Sup-
pervisors a'd Consul.
plain Engli-h, G. E
the exchange open
s, Radio equioment
-nake sure the installa-
rried out properly.
h Mr Price was Nas-
o answering that the
i giving Haiti a new
e System wa:- -chedul-
e 40 months, lie stated
n completed it would

em o& communication
any country in South
Mr. Max Tiphaiie. di-
the Telegraphes Ter-
'as present at the In-
i Club o! Com.merct

Minister Counsellor Leopold pin
chinat, inspector general of Haiti's
consulates and legations in Europe
arrived in Port au Prince last Sun-


(Continned from page 1)
author of numerous studies on Tro
pical Medipine and Director Ad Ho-
norem of the Haitian Bureau of
His platform lists (1) Fight ag-
ainst unemployment, misery and
hunger by a rational increase of
production through direct partici-
pation of the State and the aid of
private and foreign capital. (2).Im
provement of the economic and fi-
nancial status of the country by
better organization of technical
work in Public Administration. (3)
Rehabilitation of the Social Corps
of the backwoods by participation
of all the national elite in the dir-
ection of the affairs of State. (4)
Elimination of all forms of oppres-
sion or servitude of Thought and
the liberty of the citizens. (5) In-
tegration of a well articulated plan
on a national scale of the solution
of the problem of illiteracy and de
velopment of rural Public Hygiene.
(6) Inscription in the constitutio-
nal normes, in conformity with the
Universal Declaration of the Rights
of Man, of the equality of persons
of both sexes, under the triple
form -judicial, political and eco-
nomical. (7) To foster closer his-
torical ties uniting the United Sta-
tes with the Republic of Haiti, the
two oldest Democracies in the New
World, by creating a profitable cli-
mate of real economical develop-
ment of the Haitian masses and the
Americans in mutual dignity and
respect. (8) To fortify our relati-
ons with all the countries by a po-
licy of dignity, logic, common sen-
se, of reciprocal historical and psy
chological comprehension. (9) To
safeguard and maintain .the great
historic traditions which have al-
ways assured the prestige and gran
deur of the Haitian Army. (10 Cre-
ation of a legal status placing the
functionaries of the State under
shelter from the hazard of politics.
(11) Improvement of physical con-
ditions of life of the Haitian peq-
pie .by the construction of rural
and urban housing projects. (12)
To maintain and respect the agree-
ments and treaties which bind Hai-
ti and its Putissanees Amies'.
Dr. Duvallier's motto printed in
large letters said: -All for a New
Haiti in National Unity which as-
sures Strength, progress and Well

rrwr r -'I - --i-A-





Nothing Like Them For Restful

Sleep. Fully Cut And Expertly

Tailored For Maximum Comfort
And Brought To Xou At A Price

Whic Makes Them Todays

No I Buy At Only 4:50 & 5:00



S U N D A Y, SEPT. 16th 1956

|. A A Ab.. jlkA A A AA A Aim m





Mad im oi s ell
. ; .I .-
. ,. ; ..

I' c 4
"" ..' n '.,i '

Thank You

Thank You
. ,; i .-.*'. .? *

says l
r'b .. .'a >
" l;..1. ^ ', *^._
-7 ./ .. ..,;i,-e*. .. '- ', : "
s^~V a. y' s

q " ,r "

to your government officials pfor encouraging us to visit andi
: |
editorialize your picturesque island vtbn"c i'"
/ : -" ,J..* .-
'-&';'" ." :
to your hotel owners,*'opeators...and'flhanagers for their hospitality
-10 r,. -E.
and assistance,, ,., '. bE-w, ac-' i:.
$ : '
', si f^ ., -

.P~ J i V f M *- ' :' . ..- . .-* -',.-. ;. \. "^, .. : ._
ThUank YoU to al I your shop owners for their cooperation and .,enthusiasm
/ *. ,.... .- -, ... .
$ .. ..' '" '
Ip .1:,

ThanXk ou to all your citizens for'their unstinting courtesy and f1 1 :.
I "*
G .,.. ,. ", ," ''f** : *

"' ', ... ,
';~ T^ 't ; i .i-
'" t "* '' ' '
t,, . r
We at Mademoiselle hope that you will be pleased with the fashion and editorial.

coverage we will be devoting to Haiti in our December issue. We know that it
will encourage our more than 2',000,000 readers to visit your beautiful island.



Hubert E. Guinan
Travel Manager
Mademoiselle Magazine
575 Madison Avenue
New York City

*-l. .

1. .
.'.' .
.r l-. .

S, } "-

S U N D A Y, SEPT. 16th 1956

1.r o -

U N D A Y, SEPT. 16th .1956


Mademoiselle, Magazine Group Josep

Pioneer Travel Fashion In Haiti

Nq Red 'rape Encountered Here

i ,
^~. *'*

'1.*. "


A great team from a great Ma- mired as they posed about town
gazine; Above from I. to r. Pat in front of old style houses in'
Peterson, Travel-Fashion Editor. Bois Verna, at the L-on Market,
Herman 'Landshoff, Photograph-land the aohaumilres, of Carre-
er, Dolores Hawkins, Model, four. '
waiting for Nan Rees, another It is reported that they ran
model, all of eMademoiselle into difficulties Sunday when
Magazine. their office cabled from New
S.- .. York asking that the film .made
The group from Mademoisel- on Haiti be air-expressed Lmme-
le* Magazine who' spent days diately. As it was Sunday,. the
-here gathering data and pictu- Customs Service was closed,
res for four pages in color on and the expedition was a matter
Haiti to be Included in their of urgence.
Twelve pages on Caribbean coun- Photographer Landshoff's pro-
tries, flew to Jamaica Sunday bleni was solved when Assistant
morning. The preparations for Custom's Director Gardiner was
their sojourn had been made advised of the dilemna, at the
conjointly with the Dire(',ion of suggestion of PAA's Mr. John-
the Tourist Bureau here, and son. The courteous Haitian exE-
the visitors were lodged at Ho- cutive came to their aid by per-.,
tel Choucoune. sonally handling the red tape
The striking models Dolores and the film was rushed to New
Hawkins and Nan Rees were ad- York the same evening.

I-. -

F KLM ro "



Three flights daily from New York -
Five flights each week from Curacao "
or Paramaribo
Choice of De Luxe Service with complimentary
SleepAirs or economical Tourist Service,

L .' ,



S d' ^ '' t ""-' & / A a

v 7 -- *" -7 '~ - -
FENELON"J. 'ALPHONSE wbho stood in 1950 elections expected to
'be' heard from good. His big platform is reported to be a big bridge
a replica' of Frisco's Golden Gate that will, link La Gonave to the
mainland which isfor the development of La Gohave and not of the
m ainland............. ...... ..... ...... ...... ... ......
illeUes CLOTIDE TURNER and MARIE CHENET have been nomi-
nated respectively Attache at the Haitian Embassies in Washington and
Bu'enos Aires. .................. ........ ..... .. ...... ...
REV. FR. YVES LE MOING is the first chaplain appointed to the
Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Deschapelles.
PROFESSOR MONTAGUTELI has donated a 300-pound bell to the
Church of the little coastal town of Pestel located in the Grand'Anse.
.. SMOKY JOES,. Casino International d'Haiti, will present from Sat-
Surday. September 15th to Friday September 21st: ,CUADRITO' ,the
great comedian and singer in a programme of French, American and
Spanish songs;, and :TI-RORO with'his drums.
Ex-PRESIDEN2 ELI]h LESCOT is reported expected to arrive in
Port au Prince onu.20th of September after 10 years of exile abroad,
mainly in Canada 'and France. Mr. Elle .Lescot will spend a few days
in .e Capital before going to settle definitively in his native port
de P aix. '......... ......... ......... .........
EMILE DESDUNES the well-known Agent of the Loterie de 'Etat
Haitien, sold again the gross lot' ticket (No. 17510) at the September
12th draught. Desdtmes js reported to have said that it was a miracle,
the result of his recent pilgrimage to the miraculous shrines of Eu-
rope where he prayed for his agents and all those who count on the
Loterie for some happiness or relief.
GUY DUROSIER lately called the voice, is packing his grip, sax and
a'l. and heading Nassau Bahamas way this week. Guy quit his'job as
orchestra'leader at the Riviera in a walk-out reportedly over a sand-
wich. He was lately singing at .El Rancho, Cap Haitien and Choucoune.
NANCY AND RONY CHENET are the victims of a discerning Book
thief whose taste is Haitian historical works and contempory Haitian
Novels. The thief's preference doesn't include the works of Jean Brierre.
RICHARD LONG, American coi
lege professor who spent the pas.t

'two months here gathering materi- 1
al for his coming book on Hait,
Jey for the U.S. on Wednesday.
Tuesday evening Mr. Long gave ac
private reading of 'The Ides ol
March,, the famous imaginary let-
ters written by Thornton Wilder
at the home of Morisseau-Leroy.
Richard's interpretation of the sec-
tion dealing with Cleopatra's visit
,to Rome was warmly applauded ba
the large group attending the letc-

C capital. ... ..................................................
'Dr. JAMES DOUGLAS GALBRAITH, who was sent to Haiti in 1952
by' the U.S. %Gov'ernment to set up a Workmen's Compensation System
here for IDASH, passed away on September 8th, at the Private Pati-
ents' Pavilion in Toronto General Hospital. He was 71 years of age.I
News of the death of the former Tariff Commissioner with Ontario Me-
dical Association who was Vice-Chairman of the Compensation Board
for 15 years, Pova \received here Wednesday by %Mr. Francis. Latortue,
IDASH executive. Dr. Galbraith who kept in touch with Haiti through
friends made while on his mission here, was a suberiber to the 'Haiti
S um. He' is s survivedd by-his widow, the former Mae Camp-i
bell, his sons.Jean, James and Donald: six grandchildren, and a broth-
er, John Duncan Galbraith of Iona Station at Ontario. He -was laid

aernoon. '...........................................
PAN .AMERICAN WORLD. AIRWAYS is to begin its daily schedule
,on the direct line Port au Prince New York the first of October. Locals
say this is an Gexcellent, decision in favor of the travel movement
between Haiti 'and the United States. and suggest the itinerary be:
-New Yorkf- Port du Prince Ciudad Trujillo. which appears swift-
er and more practical. .
GEORGES. COLES, Super Grocery Man of the Capital is recovering
from surgery at the Canape Vert Hospital after an appendeetonomy
last Thursday.....................................
Dr. ATHEMAS B'ELLERIVE, Public Health Department's Director
General is in Guatemala as Haiti's delegate to the Eighth Region 'Meet-
ing of the World Health Assembly convening from September 16th
to 29th. ................. .....
President of the City Commission of Petion-Ville on Wednesday morn-
ing. Mayor Lamothe had previously served as Provisory President of the
C0t6 Administration for three months prior to the January 1955 Muni-
cipal elections. Mrs. Denise Etheart Massa and H. Villegrain are Mr
Lamothe's .Assesseurs.. Ex-Mayor Hibbert Jean-Jacques had resigned
his post the proceeding week. .
ARTIST MATHILDE BEAUVOIR leaves today for Chicago, Ill., to
further her technique of the dance. Mathilde's work at the Shango
Night Club with Lavinia William's troup has won great applause during
the present season.
PHILIPPE THOBY-MARCELIN. Co-Author of *Pencil of God. and
Pan American Union functionary arrived by plane two weeks ago to
attend his mother's funeral, Next week, the noted author of -Canape
Vert. will organize an Autography party on the ocebsion of the publi-
cation of his latest book on Haitian Art.


T. V. Coming

Closer To Haiti
eLe Nouvelliste3 of Septemblier
8th announced the expected ar-
rival on'Monday, the,-llth, of
Mr. Cal Pearly, TV expert, who
will sign the contracts with the
nbw Television Society recently
established in Haiti. Mr. Richard
McGuffie'is the President of
the Society's Administrative
Council. '
The TV studio here will be
built to house a large broadcast-
ing station which will cover the
entire Republic, allowing the
people in all the cities and towns
to channel in on public manifes
stations and ceremonies taking
place in Port-auPrince.
World events will be shown
here on Television from 24 to
48 hours afterwards as they
will be dispatched to Port-au-
Prince by plane.
The new Television Society of
Haiti will sell the sets at low
cost prices, as the Company will
import the detached parts and
have them mounted in Haiti ii
order to eliminate the high cest
of U.S. labor.
With this-new evolution in the
domaine of recreation, the Hai-
tian families may look forwardd
to the French and American
films, and our youth will a re-
gale* in the documentary films
in the ecinemaa at home which
is offered by Television.

Arrival of Colombian
His Excellency Senor Ernestn
Esguerra, EE. and Minister Pleni-
potentiary of the Republic of Co-
lombia arrived here Monday after-
noon He was greeted at the airport
by the Foreign Office's Introductor
aof Ambassadors,, Mr. Yvon Perrier,
and Embassy Attache H. Arango.
Minister Esguerra formerly occpi-
ed the post as head of the Colom-
bian Diplomatic Mission in Haiti,
and counts many friends in this
country.' .

The National Independence Day
of Guatemala, September 15th, was
marked by a-reception at the Leg-
ation here in Musseau iom 7:00
to 9:00 P.M..last night.. Guatemalan
Minister and Senora Robert H. Val-
le Calvo's large list bf. guests in-
cluded tl* Diplomatic Corps, Offi-
cials of. thefi Haitian Government
and the many friends of the Cen-
tral American Republic in celebra-
tion of its 135 years as a free State.
A reception from 11:00 A.M. to
1:00 P.M. yesterday took place at
the Costa Rican Embassiy in cele-
bration of that country's Indepen-
dence day September 15th.
The anniversary of the Indepen-
dence of Chili will be celebrated
at the Embassy in Turgeau at a
reception given by the Charge d'Af .
faires,'a.i. from 11:00 A.M. to 2:00
P.M., Tuesday, September 18th.

% Paul Gentil, Chief of Servict
at the National'Bank of Haiti, died
at his home on Wednesday morn-
ing at 4:30 A. NM.
Funeral services were held in
the Cathedral at Port au Prince in
the afternoon, amidst a large group
of mourning relatives and friends.
The deceased, 54, who was high-
ly esteemed here, is survived by
his sisters, Mrs Alfred MacGuffie.
Mrs. Carl Madsen, Mrs. Louis Fer-
dinand, Mrs. Gerard Vital, and his
brothers Marcel Gentil and Edou-
ard Gentil.
Haiti Sun presents its deepest
sympathy and condoleances to the
bereaved family.

- S U N D A Y, SEPT. 16th 1956

Community Weekly Published Sunday Morning
Ghant-Responsable. PAUL E. NAJAC
There has been a'rarity of tourists in Cap-Haitien since last
May. The hotels there are empty or quasi-empty, it was learned
and if they have not had to completely cease all operations or'
dismiss a large number of their personnel, it..is doubtless due
to the fact that occasionally they receive commission-agents
Sor commercial agents travelling to the North to offer merchan-
dise to the business houses or to recover the amount of their
Well-informed sources point o.ut that the general. consensus
of opinion is that only the opening of the Cap-Haitieff airport
to international traffic, will remedy this'lapse in the tourist
industry in the North. Their .opinions arevbased on declara-
tions made by several of thb ASTA delegates who attended
the Convention. in .aiti. In- talks with the tourist officials,
they stated that tbey. had missed out on. the opportunity to do
business with theN6ihiern'iMetropolis over the past two years;
fbr very defmite'reasons. The delegates said that customers
who .would ,have lk#S to visit the Citadelle and remain over
a couple .of day.at'- .least in this historical and touristic city
.were'discourage.s ,soon as they disembarked in Port, au
Prince. The 7 e^s were obliged to refund the excur-
sion fee to "CapW',.lap, they said, because the trip did not
tak pvlaea, and 1"fit hesitate'now to include a tour to
Cap- Halfien 'in. f tours 'since, they cannot be sure that the
tourists will n6rfinid .dobsacles preventing their making thq
trip .. ^. \. ., , .. ,-
This, is a probleri' confronting the hotels of the North who
are expending important sums to make Cap Haitien a tourist.
attraction, and preseiits a serious. aspect with -regard to the
future. of the North', ai, a touristic spot, It cpuld even affect
that of the entire. country" since'the Citadelle is the Number
1 attraction used inm tourist. propaganda on Haiti. '
Something should 'beirddne to eliminate the recurrence of
such incidents and to&restore the confidence of. the ASTA A-
gernts whose' refhi.ding of. money:to their- customers for such,
-reasons as given ab6ve1.Sf" itself harmful to tourism,'
SFirstofall, th ie.c0 anding,,bf foreign planes Mn the Cap
.Haitien aide report w 64'e&.-q, important contribution in the
solvingg of many lbleKs-iAnd of 1icqurse, 'cobpratifn by the
Port au Princieokvni-5iVOrsio. anibt0ourists desire to visit
,t0e Citadelle .isH O y,;a loyal thingg to do collaboration
.franche et. ldyhle #yrt the iit.ereSts bf individuals: and
cer.tainly ,,can, h :.ov-erall touristid e f f o r t s Qf. .the
.cou'ftry is a whole gAnit is.'a:dertainty that 'the airline Com-
;--pany. which js estpli:hqd .ii the' Cap is bound -to- operate at
. a i n e a R r o f f t 4; ". ..v) . .., . . . .. . .
i t .1 an gu ag q ".o thi .

t libr

Uvo.i a ''.. gthatr *1of
* -the,::': F r .,c.; n tiiit..,' *',' 'Th is'i
.' quite Ise': d/ to'ilake
AL. '.S6Uy,..Wrld t.ure, 'the-,hsti-
"f1de.a""; "' ." rieaht. do'es
ii ot con'ei itselff 'in any .sense
t. 'of tFhe"twoiofa rivai o the .rendh
,' Institute-..According to' 'the Rand
M: Nol- r World iade, the ,Insti-
,fr tFrancai was founded here
Sor'the ..purpose' of bringing
about clOser.. intellectual 'rela-
tions between Fra.nce eand Haiti,
Sfor the purpose of interpreting
French civilization to Haitians,
and to make available trained
and qualified French professors
to offer courses which are accre-
.dited on the university level in
the University of Haiti Since
the Haitian system of education
was originally modeled on the
French, this is perfectly logical
The French Institute receives
enough support so that it can
p,. purchase large numbers of
i; books and reviews regularly and
'so that it can maintain a staff
of seven fully trained French-
{-meii. Naturally this staffI of se-
ven, teaching a wide variety of
Courses on a university level, in

ed in, but our collection of 3500
books deals with a large variety
of subjects, including te scien-
ces which the reader seems to
be seeking. Orders for collection
of new books, carefully select-
ed from lists of books prepared
by library experts who know
Latin America, are submitted
about every two months.. Our
shelves are practically full, and
it is getting to be a problem to
know where to put them. -:
Our librarians keep a very ac-
curate check of the types' 0of
books and magazines whivh cir-
culate most widely. Books' "on
the sciences, -econo -tes piofiUcs,
religion and philosophy-are-' vey'
rarely .consultedt 'By, far' .the
most popular --books 4are :those.
on 'the older ehildrehn's level (bor,
rowed, almost entirely by adults)
and light hovels. We are. one of.
'two -institutions in -Hait that -al-
'low borrowers to take books
honie, and we feel that is a pay-
chological advantage..; ;Inevita-
bly, ,no, matter .what our, person-
al'tastes may be, we are foreeI
to order books which appeal to
the tastes of our' r-eaders.
As DirectorI spend. a, good
deal of time in our Library. 'I
regret to state' that only a tiny
handful, either of Haitians 'or
*Americans, read the! 'truly in-
tellectuali magazines which we
have, such as the. American His-
torica1l'Review, the Yale- Rview,'
the Boletin de Musica Y Artes
Visuales 'of the Pan American
Union, the Journal of Negro His-
tory, or even .something lighter
like Harper's or! the Atlantic
.Monthly. Only t.two' people "eer
consult The .Scientific: Americ-
an Popular Sdience aid Popular
Mechanics.. Ppthaps t wo"-,^A-
three 'pople're.ad Musical Aine-
rica. T..-ialtai"'".tha f'sinf.er6 i
person reaIs. a1' the egula
(and they' aie,.avalable.,At.'-.tne'
,'l' .. ,* ,,' .- ;** ." t '. *

1 14.

.. i i' ', I -. ".

w/ka' v r !ishnnnnrs"-:fo

'rTy coparabIe,wlth- ,snalal un ;, ,1 .'-.'. ;.r-. r. ,----e
.. "j, m w- ,.,, .. .i,. '= .. : -.... :- 7 '
.veru .ty .libr r.. jnz F race. :-; e .... ..... *\. .. ... . . .. . . , .. .-, *
Yinnnu-. ea'nv
purchase boo L. . .. .. .' .. .. : -
"a ., w h .the: ' " .t .' l'. ,* 0..., . .',"
Ilag here "ithes Hitiin-,,.Ame, ...i .'
rdn tiue io je main- ~ _____________
Stain collection in two I : .-1.- -";'ahges 6" ' "'
.Thbe Hatia-Ameria' Institu- n '. aI Genne trpl
. .; .thei 'biat a .centers ; ... . 'I .1. .. t:
.te,. lke.,ot he2rVb--ation er sL" Cla. rp-lar Q. ii .,,

-in s f, fact" the most$ipor-
tarit'b the motsuccti pac-
tivity," t the'. Haitian-American
Institute is ..the teaching ,of .oral
Engllsh,.-fo:- which there, is a
tremend-ous and' i T'growing` 'e-
mend the world over. it also of-
fers courses in Frehch. to non-
French speakers. It has two full-
time trained American. staff
'members;, whose' salaries are
paid by the' Unfited States Infor-
mation Agency,. Many -of its oth-
er expenses must be met local-
ly either through'those who
are interested enough to see the
best in American culture made,
available locally to become mem
bers, or through the class fees
which 'are the most modest of
those charged in any binational
center in the Western Hemis-
phere. I
The Institute has spent con-
siderable money on a growing col
election of books in English and
SFrench about Haiti, a number of
them very rare, which only four
or five Americans and Haitians
have been curious enough to
consult during the past year.
I don't know just what sub-
ject eDisappointedi is interest-

. .. [ *. ".. "

-Np r ?^ ;- "A JA' *^ ^^ s
!'.' ...... : .,:3:'i "^,-I^ ^ J . 1 '.' **' *'" ''," ::'" ^^ A ^'s

. Caterpillar'.. h ae .:h thee,,xperi. ncet -.
''s'. .metalurgy'-manufacturingfech-
.niques and performance. ..' ,.

*' . . --.. . .. I...L "' 'W "' ''' '"
.'" . .L i '". ='' !' ," :.@ :'. i'd' ,. '.-.':,. '.. .S ....

-^ You can't Iookl 6hae trhebiadewRt'-"'N
l~i/U /^ ^u I sii'* ayoeA.".pa Two ports' hi h A "k-
Mike 69'k -nthe, facee mY:aYr vea ty s
;'differentin quaityaand fit. '.
s'-~~ .' :/, ^ ^j.

To be sure'of performance, don' t go "shopping" for. bargains in spores. r':
Buy only,Genuine Caterpillar Spares.. reasonably riced and ex-
pertly made...from your authorized Caterpillar Dealer. .. .

*' ' .': \. A

.............. .. '..
::,I L A ; ..o .. ,.:*' ,
. ,. .* "'* , ,' ... .. *u ." I', .. .'* .** ** 'B '
R,.TE E TR D ,t t] ''. '." .. ..' :'*, '. '.,* "' .'4 "'** '",*a *.' "


,. : /* .
.______ ,__ .. . *

Institute), he willlhave a pretty... pctu of a giant fisb. If '.
good idea of what is going on not in September, I would'.b '.,
currently in the United States, Ve it a poisson d'Avrilst But. si)n-.-
and. certainy no one will be sub- ce it is nothing like that, I wbj.ld'
jecting him to propaganda. Thus' like to know what kiad.'Of ..Ishbri
we feel that we should subscribe was that sea monster. Though &
to the more popular sort of ma- amn not a zoologist, I can't a'i'iA0jt
gaiines, also, because those, are it as a sword fish. '
the ones whiclA Haitians and .. By the way what did' the autopi
Amerjpans pull gut of the maga, sy reveal? :
Sine racks: Life, Look, -The Sa- Besides, I did, not ao' i .0 t
turday: Evening, Post, Vogue, Ver the Haitian waters. had fl. o. t
mont- Life, Arizona ,: Highways tis.:size.e.That .^i sja pto .f.'i
and so on. -: dpep seai-
an n.p --La., r .. . ,.... ..
;Last fall a, certpinl local orga- other' Carzbbqanu,:,.ristlc r'cen';
nizatiOn requested me to 6mei ters. .ay-etA&,'.%'.;
two .:sociologeal. reviews for ,o.. should', .lqite,,.Etf"es..',e..'.,-
thro 'ta n uonsult :In tile r-Library. inway" tb .... '.'
I ,did so,:at a 'tta1oostof-altut .. '" : '
fifteen .dollars.',Tp dae, not.one .-;-'.,(S) -,
member of this group has cbn- ......... .:* j
suited- one. of thesee reviews. 'B H B llY
Does eDisappointedi' recommend 4
that I go on spending moneythWis.
way? Already :the total cost per M.L
year, of peridical. subscriptions
o'the Institute is" over $270.00, .CE-
'not including local. newspapers
and reviews.
Like .John Stewart Mill, I am. H
honestly 'trying':tO achieve, the'
greatest good: for-the' greatest,
.number. If yor reader .incere- '
:y wants to do 'some serious e- rI
ding and'thinking, I shall be
happy to,. welcome him''into my
new course on American Litera
ture this fall. .'
Sincerely yours, '
Charles. N St. John, Jr.. "
)P.S. Our Head. Librarian, 'Mrs
'ayfnond. Chambers, 'has corn- e4.
'plete lists '"of books by .well-
&nown' American writers recent.')
:,y acquired_, such as"' Ernest p
Jiemingway and Theodore Drei-
jer. She also has complete' re- -
'brds '16f. circulation of books b '' '
,.y.pe. This information is ;avai. Editors not-.n Tojth'lote o0.
able to 'any interested person. m'y *marine :iknWld. the.d.e'W
F ar .Editor,. ; .. : .'. i.4net r'.0) :ish is' a i tii j
'I Was quite surlrisedt to 1ee in now '; d:ispla3 at' D" ily." '-
T.ihe, last-issue of-.4'Haiti, Sun',the c "' be sMeti, dal1y... ", .,.,;: .

AR6 RA___SUN SUNDAY, SEPT.-I 1 959iB .
it SUN _--_ S U N D A Y_ SEPT. ft 1

s.SjRoss-Fin~ds :rongo&'&AgaiasIAspirin Age
: : ** '" r --^ - .J." " ."^' :

A ..U V IE .
Sgppmy a: very enterprising ginal de Rambouillet model, fo. young' p"monp f-nblR lish a diction7My the pastoral setting under a the actress' duty to her art, wished that there were some passing along the pages as wep
:.4 d&ittona for viitors to delar Haitan sky put tue must" maintaining that to be an ac- way for us'to see his work on finished them, but we felt a
1i $ ,to-,i them realize that Paris drawing room to shame. *tresS means precisely not to be the stage during our stay here. shard excitement bubbling in
.1W ,* the rels t..Prsda fa ectmn. ubigi
7 ovofabulary of the Age of Under the flamboyant trees of fatigued by working with inte- How sa( that we should be in the midst of the. company and
*hIfB.l"Wholly inapplicable. Morne Hercule, surrounded by grity. In the midst of Andrde's Port-au-Prince for two weeks- holding mus together.. The birth
'^o. tbisflsland- Now, take the tropical blooms in a cosy clearing dissertation on the principles of afortnight in ighteenth centu- of a literature is a moving e-
.&W'di..tbttni fi"'inetnce. Frt gathered a band of Haitian writ- Stanislawsky, we heard behind ry France without having the perience, we discovered. and
.* 'l(t one 'ules it at all in Port ers, actors an musicians to give us the rich and haunting tones opportunity to see a live perfor-, here were the new infants, fai
'.iu fhe on .e-'never applieS' it some insight into Hflaiti's intel- of Mile St Lot, giving voice to aance of the work of Haiti's.Ra- ly breathing between oar fing-.
4 ii the-.,s "f'; i have no time lectual life to three fascinatedd a Creole sdng from.Anat0le.Mo- cine!Morisseau consoled us: he ers. Comparisons are said to
for'mucmb d4u4 or what th visitors: Public Relations Coon- risseau outlined' for us the plot would have some of' his young be offensive, but we couidi't.
e-fip ,ldee, Or ...tb.'B... jt i~e, or .." 'v, ca" Po'ery. Staring intense.ly into -man might have recognized the
*, "': : JUW.YMOSS -- UT ORI: ...
SteWWie aIPk? 01 * JUDY -ROSSe .AUirfO the vbrdure': around the theae, brother of his own youthful
'.th little 'taence, i ,h~o~, theBrooklynCollege It Pro who spent two weeks Gerard Daiumec softly dramatic, dehievement inone poem by
.ha l e tie ee that tHsi- eti nePe' b
' 5 Ut a e ,hdenetgchoucpune, on her second, viit. to Haiti, left last Saturday morn- ed his own work. His confreres Georges Castera;Jr. and perhaps
S h.inde lent ins- with he" party which'included her mother, Miim and a fiend of moes shyly handed around ty- too, Vache Lindsay might have
tlS.:.k 'ly, Marto Toro Dash. On their way.back to-New. York and rewritten copies. of their poems envied the cadence of this ta-
9 tq,.active life in the empire city, they will toleh ,Montego Bay and and, two short stories with the lented young poet's line. The
'. Cuba... ... ..,. whole company clamored to (Continued on pagq 15)
SJidy's.second week here was accented by a Sunday morning at The- .
A: at.. ..re'd'gaiti in Morne Hercule when the intellectuals and literary orbs . .
v of the. Capital honored her by dedicating the entire program of Mo- ..
I t 'risseaii-Leroy's Literary Cabrit, followed by a- day reception to the ...
..si petulant New iYorker, one of Haiti's most devoted friends' and admir- J r .? '
Four years ago Miss Ross wrote a vivid article for the 'Sun, des' .
f cribing her trip to King Christophe's Citadel. / i l SCOTCH. WHISKY '
Last'year !he attended the Rbun'd Table f' Contemporary Poets at ,
ff'&h p Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass., and covered Morisseau-Le- _
roy's pal for the -Sun,.
.h : .rNf'.' -arriva. : HW Judy and Miriam, her mother, hosted at Hotel Cboucoune last Tues- .
.. B[ jot i Wz..? ...1. day evening in celebration of her 23f birthday anniversary on Sept- ..
Well I/f.'tNew" York ember 4th. Among the large number of guests was Martin Toro Dash -
.i'ot'q or. three T Oys. ago' who -hew down for the occasion. V0 The .
'ep'Ayt. .i.e-J '. teeaH We ae. .The. party at Clhoucoune branched out with the 'guests piling into Celebration
.tN :4vai: How ':ong is. Your cars for a coast.down the hill to the Casino International in time for,
P.. t*QA 0.,Od 'Tamer: The boss. 'the floor show, dancing and champagne at aSmoky Joe's, with Aubelin 5 h\
lJs,td ,li it two. weeks with Jolicoeur hosting and excelling in the meringue. '
1c.*I'.q. Arrival:, Then when Then on Wednesday, the Rosses 'poured tea in the 'afternoon, at ,,
jt. o,-X live? Old Timer: Oh Choucoune and farewelled themselves with a 6:00 P.M. -Punch Bowls I .l "'
.1I'd,'t I'SnoW exptlyl yet. I'm sUp and an 8:00 P.M. dinner party attended by a large group of their friends. '
"*tS.id"; t Cate. the "morn- Both Judy and Miriam Boss left Haiti with their Usual regrets, but ,
'.lug plane, Put I'niT. chang- .annQinqed that on their next trip dad Ross, noted'painter. who ha
^':; -resrAvt ._ ions../t.. .t.dqk. let.;hfii...wqmenfoik talk hint into spending:'.several months, here. .Mr.
V .W v o ., Enka,i W -
.a.4t hard itdi -,Ross will put his. interpretation 'of the.Haitian scene -on .canvas. U-,M I ',,,m .
l'MtaiueO'^dO a lefi'5eNot iN l the "Judy's signedl guest article on her,.impressions of Haiti, exclusively .114, Xw ;=ow i -
ljiat. 1 t'bs s th tnir4 tine I've written for the *Haiti Sun. appears .6n this page; . .... . "
,I~ t o r yo ~ o n e i~ ----- -- ** ,.,, -- ----', . *' ; - .. *,
1 aW.It Wqn .t youl :6' rh'el n a s s p O .
.,l . .a. . I "h. w f t, i i0 ,
i81,6"A!e:,:', evid, enc e.i artist, i&`
'.tt t no tonlt y tOu. of tLandm an, your -eporter, al..
I.s .. orib.as. a vacaton par.- of Brqokayn flew. Y por, were,
'lse,,',e.d ik@ etely._0g( of V A .. S .'Ij the i wh.
,rth. the a o a- sitronhol e groups achievement thanks T .
"'g ;.itle *Aien t o t'e gracious reception of the.
lon i Cheny s ". phost, Morlsseau Leroy. Pwhilipe-, s
;:;,]~';, ..oob".' T 1 .Mar eilin ecnoea. r r' Le-.
vl~~t~r, viitr m Foy's'lcordial weko~e Jro 14
I o hr'el," but n a tfneat undei d shade t ae in,
R; eet tiet'he orner, I where hei w eas. bh u
'hp. tfln. c* ] lw'hohld ngoutw .three I : -' -
': -'a -' = a ,c e #tU[ akn .p o e t s : G e r a r I D ai m n Sd I /
ma 'rao. i e i srei Bauduy, and. Gerges,.' Ciiste
1, an'u fle bt, o=D ung Jr. A charmnilg sl~ige, PMAultte
4'6% i.e.*,W.n sal n an n St .Lot; and enth11lftic young
Yt~nuaxaat*. Thife'.o petres:, 4ndrhe ltoume~r; a bril-
*e -z '.IAid F; ..r, 1 4lant you tg Professor from the
I.", Ti '*nrwl 'uurnce 'hqems, baited States, ltiehard Long.;
to ed~q; h ur cnii-captivating Maag'4-Lbry.;- an
to. .... . .. .?. ....b it ,ofl ab u . '.
dent o6rc I about town Au'belin Johcoeur,
i--t simmers Jaettes in many and his,:delightful guest fromn
S'Quarters. eu-:" now and then the States,' artist Yoanna Marl-
- ,.-...n a j.ay like'_os;e. L y.rnded out ".te 'chatty
Ol n e pinig L -eroye.. i--pii:,der the flaimboyants
.On '9igaud at' the Centre d'Art Some' guests .were 'e.ted on
or, the send jnia 'a t Cthe chars:,we' preferred -the. color
?"Tlnit Church or the excitingf-ijI gra.s mats. on, the ground-.
younk dance. troupe of Lavinia even if we ,ha to share them
aWlliams Time in Port- au-Prince- with' lesltormisi. Would the ehbF . MI.MI
is never a saleable commodity that bitu6s.,of the French SalonE .
mt he close. have frowned on our informali.
:, 'ustbe eose.,budgeted. ins-
A gty? Perhaps. Yet the purpose. of
:"'.Adad #t Is regarded as" a most Pre- UAth, 0ois eo. dM
d o ns personal posessi on, but t M L . "
..e that is aiwbys expendable dame de Rambouill6t gatherin-. .
.ere basically alike: social gaib 5X
forthe, Cause nep~est one's heart yarve oftenw lesA; -4""-.t M
-at the moment and tie Cause trevin oe good mic
may be anything from writing a ture in process, good musiAn c .
play, to composing bnusic, to show- how S.f A' ... .
Sgay and talkative we were!
1'az .;$itor the grandeur of Kens- Of coarse we discussed they, ,
4 Sunday afternoon, to chat. Oat:Andre explal ed the .;.,.
theatre: AnreepaIeNCii .. "" ...
-ug 66'hours dver~a rum punch, Imethods f the new Dramatic......
E.#Her sa regime thit Must be- Conservatory, energetically in- I. 4" -
..wil.der ,a twentieth cent ry busi- sisting on the actress' duty to ".
"maainmu,: but in which Madame enter into the very skin of the .. ..
de .Ra~iboulfllet would'.,feei the- person she is portraying, at eve-' IEATIR O PR-U.EC
r.ougtE[hly at home'- that ry performance. We wondered ; Three convenient weekly flights to.take 'EATUEIRMPRTA-RK
"tL should :Madame' free herself If it, wasn't an exhausting task you into the gay, romantfic atmosphere Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays. at l:ZS p. mu.'
.envy. For Last, Sunday after- to work so earnestl or every of the'Peorl of the Antilles!
moon, ,Morisseaul Leroy's Tha-pfomnc f ln-rnply Only90 minutes from Port-au-Prince .2
~1edHliemltl SUndwe suggested that a few snecha- -- o Santiago de Cuba by CUBANA! U3mE V ONLY
& the aspect of a French Literary ideal tricks might be forgiven .-.S
'. Salon In the best eighteenth. cen- upon occasion. Almost with Inch-. For iafurnuutin mid me~~ ~ m
tr rdto fMdm egxatlon, and with an enthusiasmm TrvlAet.rm a AcnWd
itakmbo Ullet herself, but In a that seems to identl4 the Hal- ET Rue kits Ssbuhg, Phone 3W .
*wa.yi ,. e sene outshone the or1- tian izteuectuat and Artis the caue -. .'.. .'t.
.. " ...." "L " ."" "

I. -. *~T~*~*. **~ ~d.

S U N D A Y, SEPT. 16th 1956

-__ HAITI SUN ____________


/ '.
f ly Franck'Bailei
Amrmng aua'utc animals, beside
the comnan fish which our fish-
erinen bring us from the .sea
'lambisi (conch) is c-ie of the
.most interesting modllusks. Both
the animal and its shell are of
use. When prepared by those *tbo
know how to prepae it, it is very
tasty and some -cc.ich rovers will
tell you that it hasr:1hewvirtue,df;
stegnghtening. up weakened peo-
ploe. .. ,: ., .
According to fishermen, far"
from. being. fastaand n4.agannt as
the comnmbn fish, conch is. the
most sottish animal ever seen. I&s
shell is a defc-nsc and at the same
time a' snare for .ijt. As the conch
sees the 'fisherm.iin: -coming, he
quickly',' retreats into his shll,
but, alas! this is just at way ofgiv
ing the. fisherman 'the dpportu,-i-
ty of getting him easier. After col
lecting a boat Ioad'of c6nchs,;.the
fisherman brings'thlem. on shore
where he a nd ..his ,companiions
-prepare 'them for the markd.'
To get these little, animals out
of' their shells, (as from the, mi.
nute they are" caught they d.ch't
budge'an'inch from their shell'.
retreat5,t he appointed /person,
-bur'sts a hole at the .back of the
shell anid, through that hole, by
the aid of, a piece.of wire, st.arls
digging the c&.6h. who inmnje'dia-
tey ,moves and wheli it appears
at' the .outside .it is rawnh. out iv
3 tirely.'.'-Thei .lambi is put *.n a re-"
pcici. t mand.rthe>slell is put .aide.
for' another. purpose. Thit `!
two kinds'-bf prepared "cchi '..
'be -fo~u-'nd, the 'market, Them

;f 0 H^t|3iStoimutep i l takep ou'itj

!wenix;fu^eao Jesula
Asgr"ly. called Ti-trnte is.
.-the~ ann i :amb to (ctAch tel-

J^-aAorb S uour report fttervie-
e M* ye oa

,{~ ear- yea olJ'uh
"n= t 9, .4'. ,, .'*
.y...oe,.: a o aesula
`W d Ii -ise& .j Ti-t b .0t e is.
A"'+h b.a il; (c,.-I.c'h sel-
_%.vhb our relorrer "-itervie-

y,, ..:ear.:. old husband,
,,:. ,.Z .. ,

... ,"..., .. ^ .

- ,, !. '" i< /:/ * '. ,
Wne'"elhk them for.twocents eaph-
lo-ac.>'M who' prepare' work for tou
tri. skos4opand bum boats. These
shells are transformed into beau-
tiful: objects' .after being varnish-
ed and gayly(ipalnted.' They make
good dborstops. '

There, are sbxoe sectors"of the
water frpnt, ,where, because of
conchs anaol'di.'jfish, people with
,delicate nostrils can' hadly go..
On appoinat@days, ione; can sep
crowds inoltiding fisherm'e), f sta
sellers and m'arcliands at a big.
.ppe .mWrkyt under :.he coconut



A 9.
.. ,.: -, ".. -
.. .' = '. .. ." ".'. ".'-
:si e ;<.' : ,,.. ,.. " y .^... ..... ,*.'-. .

I .. .'. I.

" ",.* I *

1 .'

"E '. '

l' I '.!
A, ,




I ~



M.- .

-' .
- -,-

:- .."'
... .... *. ... ,..,:.. ,* *^ *H -'** .-w ; .. + ..<. ,*'...+ *.\. ,+w^ ** sW '^~a- ,;:. a.ta^ -<;,,,A+ l.++ate t.' i,. ,,:,;+.p;.
., :.. ... . ".,., *,, .' ** :," '+ -:'++, '"'. . .. . ... .." "
..' .. .. ." . y ....
; "]. ..- ... :: .Q ', + .. .9", .. '.r;


'^- *

Camille was on. his sailing er and seller, this sometime hap- -_
joat fish'.ig on the sea. As Jesu- pens when, instead of just pay- *- -- 'S !\
Is told your reporter, her bus- Lng to the fish seller what sh i ''''
band startedA.tb practice that tra- charges, the buyer offers her '
de twenty years ago before she a lower but reasonable price. [-----
was bor.a. When Camille- bring p Jesula was so polite that your :
his day's catch/to his young wife, reporter could hardly believe '
she immediately takes care of that, during work hours, she is .
the common -fish, the ccich, as rude as the other fish-flng-
found alive ic their shells hours ers and according to soie of Ber : t -
after being taken from the sea turbulent young neighbors, she : _. ... ..
are-the last ones to b6 looked af- and her husband are cdeux pe- :_.1. __,, -_-- _"
teE-. Half of the, cc .hs are sold tits pdissons (two small fish), a "1.-- _. *_-_
to 4machann Iambii who taLe creble expression which is ,corn- :. .
them all -about and sell them. only used to degeribe two .^: *',.. t 4' -r
The other 'half is kept and clea- members of the community who T ;,4e'slihtsr t- t r Wit i" 'hnehtti
ned by'Tf-tante who sells them-it: live well together. i pewme ianmo io Girdd-Nrreix Gyromaticsi.'i,
front of her Ca Saline Station. 't'Y;; toii nmorea hu
Soxue six years ago, one could- OTHER INTERESTING TAC TS I g te jnerreciSie iisnis atrle beted by tth meRst: p
f.;d c'nch shells eveiWle4e 5U u.A 9 o thtt0.q.terland-dcanebyltr: .
now, wait:Tourist trd e, 'fisher',. The ,conch has played an. iM- 7 4i j 7A4 ig .,;.i' .i, t.b i swne
tereting pat in the histor t oL, 5 M C1,f;ti I^b.li
J23hS.lepub"e!.'e::aL. ... ,,
.. -Republ.. By '-blowing in thie-u-M.l tr i o IIdald
-" I .,: ',*sell" a 'deep soutidding note is R Id ii '.IdSSSIi ur. wlihsl9olMadiherl.1..:'
a. '' produced and, this was the bugle A' ._ ... .,. '..j I.,
orb marrow (escaped slaa |
vegrhb-,rallied together to raid imA 0 E r :" m

to L & MHAS. TiE
S"plantations. Of interest also, s P ic G I I .'
-the'-fac~thtat Turks Islkr$d expiort-
ed a million co,,chs td Haiti last a ine! Watcheissinc~e" I791
' / + :~- H A

A Fg

I ......... *" ". ... HAITISUN .. .. SUNDAY, SEPT. 16 h1h56
.'.. --: : *" '- : " : ". ; ' *. .. '-*
St FOIr Comiprehensive Articles on Tourism .. .

le of Tourism in Encouraging World Understanding : ,
4| j". thog-e of any other country oi "' PEENV
".. ph. T. Beed 'the world. We send abroad offi- -
;"i" ." ,I;resI esIt .el.i government delegations .
compa ny ..^ ^ ,trained in international diploma-
.At Expflss t1 Comrpany p We 'send business men to en-
!:, an.1. w to rejalze "
&WVie all cor2 courage the development of comr
bphraseS 3S! ntertO merce and industry.
wil? enta1 -. cts et We.sen ed teclhniianc .
-6n .l a6.mtB und er- g to. belp- eliminate malaria
V-.i n''" I z h like s ave, de-. and improve agriculture, we sena s a ,o
"ed .4 meaning dur- nissionaries dedicated 'o great- .
Athe Today0', these er life for the spirit. We send 10 ""--""
$je too in the cmis-. teachers, ,and doctors, and met ,
Wtir io a t6p e worlrsd 14 of. the -arts. Mo tst important of
cntrepf e t ie O, dall,, we ourselves go abroad.t as h mi d
hit OUU lD.YJn earch ordihaary Ameidcan ;.'. :. '

." '. J,~~aid n -., .oh r : hab'ts "i 'riii..e~ ,id co .as ".ort .f "m ri a to -. ",., ^ .. "..;.,.' '. ,." .. .I"'J l1 1^ ^ ^
k|u% rt.ng Bnt.reAhi. pa-, Today the average Pnite4 .:- exN Mr n r ...

7-g-z.An s. .m pa.c. 'e*ilainlug to our fields,. over- + ''" ". '. .-
.S+ C. ,, -
_y~ : .,.'r proba_..t Op s #+s e, re i facts abqutthe.,U4i( VI LA "ILE"" .. -""...
't,-B .ee..peopP l eV e e t ae .n c.e k ow,.. ws. Its people it puloi..r, .* ' VI L CREOLE .N...
bIj ... .. .. h'dhe 'rs6. .dyingmmc iu sridei .. Only too requently" ..' Fa i' "o t
_ can' o:be g*cohvi . ..yed tos,.or ,a thoseor ine ed i: ', 6 e " o
p cs ountrie t .The ml i .o.Authority Ra lph 'n a me on 'ure.iabler '*;hnd :'y "ee "
6 ' """ b"' dL"' "6 6'
amU l d-Pi ts.aho'te, *.:V V, .er-l 'o. a eig headlines. emp tiazlng f .n'" JL LA . Ieu'e .

AfflfeIB~ t AA eL,<4~cVL^ ,; trc-e!it^^t ^HlR A !
^'^!oj4aias'^f A~ ~ t'to-?As ac4 ori ~ Asuissand, usually, *.r CEOLE

.. ..'lb KA1C'! ;!b6d "* "'^ t~^ .... " '.,:gg
G :e li to i! r+Ay.a,, %hea.. tom a, %' ' .. ...B
". l ,r '. ..,."..ii ; E -er y here he' is. *.di. r t .i .' for 6. .a-t, :.
!tlng er l.qmn ~el d Wand ". its. q4 npeession. If.,. F m aike a .n f La r tom isa, f6r. t ra ..'h.' .'.'',
'&n ByWaell- eatmjg eod- .oneS 'effort to understand 'the mfar rom.'th n '
k 'p. .outsy, co.intry he is visiting and. i. ers are a good case. in pint. The; '
d gaAdntn '16V it other%' habits, his friend~ihiess and conkr- ..vast majority df Anxferica ol
"can" ..,do n .n o the. i' '.esy will add upyto p verfsn- ists today have no great meaps. ... .
g a ingitbi t ay havr e -siderable fund of god. will for 'cipaiativel, -nd, aTre not ex-, ,
elope4 tf brothers his & $"Lnt . travag .'.
A eiot teii natipa its intn- dAsan Ame ica.. "' -I wod lk 6
S' to.Makeia few camen;s On te Th*ey bxre' the. ind.' ot. totris ts
part o$un. .rstnding. iS know- United States ltr#vpler 4- t.' rva- who are, pnd .must be, ca "6.r ,.
.9"ge, A otl'terp:prt- is sympa- cationist, the student, the,' bastl of "their\p purchases,' "wh':'o Moday'Night Is.:
.Y g'' ehe'l gepl t... "mw. wha the.a :Ngh ls,. -"j
rby,;Beteen t'edple evety%'here, visitor. aid- his role in cemeit- kw what the proper r.. ',MODE-.NITE.
*nctIla' Un 4 n -e &s t'a n d i ng Mg (orld understanding. price Faslo Show Dinner
.wot-k n in Co au e uss small During theilast 50 yefrs, more who, 6are more itere~t_&' .ge... . . .....u .
l.'s,..irough -'Jh.,.undre4d .:.4 and-. ore U nited ..States citizen. nusnr e alu, than in '03iei -a-, on.
Stot 'muM tally :."contacts."Th~e have. gene.ab..road,. until :no' & ,Q--th' 'other :hp dnojey' ""
;lt's' hobl,.':th.e loes pe ,pe 'do more travelihg thai 'q, ick t6& aipreciateth- L,, 4a
.. a '4ge I i
41*. S' ..
,LBA XE A A.LAC4RAVELLE II tra, ske iotR F m %Q T.
> '8:J$ JAVA4JNTR'pD qRY .RATES ;,,., ,P...3~ r....o..t,..,: .*FAIIOUS TREOL: -
'tr' -.;+": 'J ..T1-.AE L5OKSHOP ....t.nt,.m..r,+
PL:an,' 'is'i O'R....R .... : ... ;,,,'.
FO +'N the,; n --t OfM i"ed Vo'ices
.e.. arks' 1.. : '':' :-
LaCmwe a 1tpenM-a n k" Sabscn o Departentiudaks t atsLod[ THE'' PIFEE
of.,our o "et" '" Ipear idjferoce 'a. ..
sirdn&man..0ier.. bplatlon. ,i W.. .. ..
*urdt* e Wt ,Q' d idim icxg~e ap&M~ :...V]zJLaT ,. a Enfl, ,Te..... ,s-gh
.atage n~osw of1our '' V ess-, ,. m 01.2AN $TY ..
t ) i 1bnly. rI ,,ssq"qd'caA4&:panden to icak andbest!!! :
N A e -e. '.. ... ... .
ashd "" boitus~s. Thisou my
riV *' cost.aTn '
"V .t 0J e:-TC

to."i. coming from any co ...
At tiWe same tUmC' rist. DAILY
btmself has ajeoy"ag
I..responsibility. SERVICe.
,azj4 through. 19t
4 .h ak .f:rie n" she ha"s r',
NEW f `r fraing nw,v Wo/.; +"+:t

P -try he .l vismiig43 the'b~s~
Of turar oD6e-vaqn s~ad 'vr" .
unpi~qbdipiis. -He' hod Pisten
9 ~h iA jdg litle.> g,

it ".Jt. e -hu never forge t .that I'
wqi~rmu.Bau~t e &hggregate the siinnl4 meet-"
*g~ mg~ltweeu I iniif TI7EiiJ
a.A ir. thihQsts; .wh~vr n
f/.O t.,er these tbapp, 'are"4
9.s, ,e /" :,.

txrorutatie oth tmnm eeis SP6 I
' ---' -'- ':':" SUPER 6 C IE RS ,
IQaul~ttr~ UCnoW, moretbc.ever, a vital' key
to world pa 'e.: .. :
C a:.' imp.rtsn"'" arid-" dersta' ON ,.



GRA.~ND RU~EPA N. I .- san-. ..

- ________ __ *HAITI SUN

Which 'haslthe best imports. from all t1je co rners f. the world. Yoil .can.
from U.S p*, es with your duty free allowance of $200. over 48 houi
12 days p.slde U.S.A. Fisher's will bp a real shopper's paradises. Not only
, but modest mark-up, because everything isconcentrated' in one large bu
biggest assets in buying at Fisher's.


cosmErmcs '
, Liqers -Banfies
Art Porcelans
Royal CoQelagn'
'-Royal Vieimna Auigart
Coipfl :,
Lalique and hohemi
...tL 'ware: . ....
SMarcel .Erank Atomt
Swiss Watches ,
Frechli Pipes

.DISTI4?UT..I, .,., t
Guerlain-- Lbecrty 6 London Fabrics
B6oulton md Perrin Glqjves Hawick
Scotland'Cafinore,oSweters2'- Lubin
Balmein Well -, Kzfze Gritfe 'Perfumes
Napoleon L-'Godej -- tLois DC Salignac CQgnacs
Warquns.,De Montesquiep Amnagnac De Kuyper
Liqueors5.- Aalbor Aqua.|t -- _Danish Porce-
Sandl Iiver paldg of England.
Sportg#oas. *
'" -


I ,

P S .A
---. I Fisher's, the American's favorite shop where.
all prices are clearly marked on every item.' '
.. ~Where, a wenll-trained, and courteous staff will.
help you to solve youi shopping problems. :.
Where checks and foreign banknotes are accep- ..
ted, and your purchases shipped. 'We wdil gladly
to 68%., give you free information; about U.S. customs Ft.b
save upo 60% .gulations and shipping costs... ,
rs an4 $500 :overO .
free port prices_ ,...
ilding. Are your ; ."
. ,-. , '.


L ,. .8. :
.. .. ,
.', ~ ~ I iI it.

I ,* 1-h' i: "

EX ." .. ,,' '. .,.ECLUSIVE,,CAft.V
i' R I -.
en 4.. : S.'" : ; :. ;

.Trtoe-She Jewel.y '..,
. -. ;1 *: -: * *' "* ; ", '
:.* ." *,:..t
a a '
a C 4 *r -

1 ** - * '4 *

I- f '* . ;.
.. ', 3 --- :'-c pi.'" .t,: '. ., .

-; I .. .. .+ : : a + : y .

Ib '. .." 'JI I '

.; - + ' .: + ..' .:',4

fHaltian Emibroidcrcd Dresses.-, Blouses skirts
- men's shIirts Cuban Guayabera Shirts -
Italian Silk Scarves Swiss Hafidkerchiefs -
Table linens Beaded Bags. Petit-point Ba'
- Cashmire Sweaters .l:'rr Gloves Liber-
ty Goods. .

Mahogany quality goods from our',own workshops .
Sisal and Straw goods Vodob Drums Dolls -- Heat
Records -.Books Films Place Mat .- ._. ,
.. - . t, . .; ,+. *
I . .
""~~~ .. ..." ,.:..'..;: .:";" :.....a

Paps 9

.-... '....
P P "%.p
. p eu r ,- "",.-"'





shpi through Miami Via
..........' .


' >" :!::,! */-.::.!.:
.*~i~~ Af^l


~~1f J~$

cwc \IOLII4

,. :, >, ,

,.:.\ .i o:.. "7
"I. .

*: ^ ; /.

*vl? l

'.;**: i -.' ""

ii: : ' : f


:. JUC .LU

_____ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ HAT S^___________ aj UN_ ___ __


t'7 ,

HAITIM SUN *-...' 1'e

cW te PUILBOREAU179 Ave. MagloireAmbroise

-r~"~. I'bone 2981 "


' ' :',* "'3 .

BOUQUET. *^OQC:,.. '

-*rRAOW i' g" ' '""

rii 'wM& 'jiffi" '

, . R -A R .. .E H T W.
. 0 -.... -.-. : . ,,' - ...*,

/ANCiU1D/N1 *yp -NT^EW- KIN6,^. M
'TAS / 4` AXE' 7 '
6VROM 15s...
G7",WEREP... l,


IW.*^ ^ ^ ^ s^ s

Al : W n-WOUT W HININ C-7 ,

:: .,,.*

wl *V ^i'TCOMEe RizHTroury
Tf M i ^^\ -WATCH.'i^^

071- a,.



*-c.~OU W3OA-A fBr DID

.f .. ..........
.',p ,.. "^v





-1 A.- .

JA--. .A

' '. ,! ..' .

t t'
.,'. I :.

::: .#
I *.. *.,
I* f' "" ',. 'i
* .',;

"'*' '. %
** , ;** .."'
.. -\ .. '. . .
S' .'
'i ;" .. -;.,.. .

. "o ,'. 31^
. .' .

.., '. :fc
i "" '
S' ;,*it* ': :7
,; ", ''; '.'
: 4, ).,
.' : :!
*: **
'* :



t =2mm&xo---. - --

Page: .... .. P ,.A T STJ_


OSEPH NADAL and Co. Distributors -

*' J" '" ss '* '^'''t^ ^^ ^ Cc^ S-^3\ '"-'i'ff" 5" ^^ -'^ tr y j *'" R "fiF 'A"*^9 ^
^". *: 11 ^fU.l1^ ^^L ^ r l

.*:! Aw'L E HMt-^. e- ^>TEFATHERS DUTY 7 ^ ^^~eg~f ?^'MNA GOOC
WrLL; :*: GET'. PRtHIM-.. To.y (WL^ y 'IOHCIOLI E^ -M IN A''O G000E1D1D ,.,. /"^ S ;'E

.y .

~i;%~~ ELL'I1-'YOH,COME EA OU R GO PIE- A143 E~V
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A a.5 SH,64T-'

*?.;, I.: ,,'' ., : ,- !___ ,*____
TH.I. ," G O I '
., .+ .,T11

q: k7 ,n' .-

S0 EN -twiGN H2EL
.'.'3.". THr I ON i)F r' SEW SS~N(DGO OD j IH P

:i '.A' Nf D HPET.TOHBES ' 'N 'T
'TOi.^ ..... -,. Js l& ^ fc i.. t,. e^ ._/ TO JO;'* '.- '>*:t* ^'LINE :* HU.; *i- -'-;O. 'T*::. ^-I H-1** *:


I""" 'I P It . " g-r :"



USDEAR.+ .. ...

1 ,.1 S -I-'

t XI

:!. : -i "+ .7 -- ,.. .. ..- ". '"

-.S.... --- '---
S U N. D A Y, SEPT. 16th 19.56 .--HAITI SUN .- FA-X -,W* *.
-1 CUBA CLAIM announced officially that it was fe, former president of ..tlhe
^T^^^K^B^^WdB ----- i ~~ RRT W TTA D taking the matter cunlder stUd-Y- -Leaswi of -Nat nt&*::* ^
BRITISH ISLANDS tig the matter "T t L . .or"zei....,
AFTER C. B. MOODY Only well-known Cukan to Britih eightt to d Cay Sa ^.'i.:.
... ...- '.. LEASED ISLE FROM come out publicly in Britain's be-' prolongation pof th .Bahi -
LA ROUTE 'DE LEON BRITIAN half is Don Cosine de la'Torrieni (Extrted from I.iamiLr.et
En Haiti c6 guip1es qui gain la parole, c6 oun pays sans sen- By RUTH C McCARTHY r ... .. .
tence cot& o.unimb#ile vant. tpte li pou codasses ac bobasses HAVANA, CUBA Cuba the *'
crou&l':."e- service en service, de faillite en faillite, de bime Pearl of the Antilles, is trying to ....,
en bime crapulei Ca yo gain ,oun exercise lan rein, hali pas piti. Add a str-ng of islands to its Ca- ... ..
Yo bete, yo'sotte min audace-zott tel que revoque lan oun pla- -ibbean necklace.
de, trois mois apres moune saisi oue salet6 yo en function. Ce -And iL prefers the pearls to-2
dK pouxrqui toujours joindd'oun 'tete pou y'adaptee. be British cultured variety.ii '
M' cbmprenqe, outi n'ho"dmine vanter Roget Cantave. Toute I a week of heated Tebate,
agrQonomg-quf te passed .J ek.e t'ap gratte tete sous prltexte during Which the BritLish thought .. "
qudoaverXnemen4.s.bdaillse'argent pour excuter projects they had a king-sized headache. '
atidl .-6.: Co a n ..::; .' := "
Cantave riW. PlanItsacocs, miangos etc que 1' te vine joinde with just the. Suez siftuatio '
lan p6piniUre li troqdi6.yo ac habitanits la Voldrdgue pour some Cubans laid claim to Bri- ':. ".. "' *'
plants. ca:fM. Maiitenant negs l'Anse d'Hainault -hffrtet ca- tami's Balihma. and 'Cayman: is- .. :' .
mions, exportateurs- payer gasoline, bref c pat millirs yo lands, and some .otpr ,isolated 'c26 "i ""_ "p land ,.-- : : --.. ;-_- -
ral6 plaptscaif6 yL pe pu-zott tabli plantations d. Que cy- isletsth the demand that En-.' Ajid. *"TI8 .-.T .- A f.
clone lz-el vine icraz6: otebagaille 'a pas.empech'que"Ro- kand e'nd chlodmlisndtin Ame8-l 4.-.. ES OTS. A L 'S. $.A. .:-"
ger Cantave t'. cuae ou n programqme s cis cinqcobs GQQ- ica.. ... .. .:,. ,-.., AGE.NTS. EIANUFA^.n S *
,ernp xien , "- .. '-' -;Ias wa o' *p=,, 4,L ,4
. Lvernpm 'ent. ...... . ..* ..Ouba's wa. f i i de ne ce.. ........ ,, ,. .,... ...,. .. ... '
SLorsounp b ri6 brayo' athas pot ended until the Cuban 4 1u "T'1"',^
o.Lors~oun. azt bmn~poupays mi foc 6n?. cqre bravo' ,p.t .t . ....: ... ,"v , ,. : 1 n ,i. I I.L
pou II. Seul t tq 'nerv6 oun citoyen c4 6iand Serv.ices .fla of Zhe solitary sta, flies ., i JV .JL... .I.T I 1t, ivA.,,-
1'Etat voye.eIi kcis qul en dehors de z'affai part'yo pas over the Bahamas k'hund Cay-. .. ; ., ..
janme T4. orte) S..oun. coimmunpaute. n....ansi' aecordiAg to *N|st6r Sua .. .
C Caq pi d'onfn.Wchang6 chemise pou. li.'Miii. un 'au- rez, columnist sor Prensa Libre. . , ..
;tre neeb nonfgete0,, genfig eur route FOA'_orele Jean, 'Be. Par- The colu.mn-ist claimed ,tie-BgB
f,/"iiaiitief gonfl foc-'l ne Lon pou. tish ownership of the tvwo island
iez-mt,.,route FoAfyorl6 JnEe. par- Th .... l th. Rd i p,"t.
.-ou& 'un travailT"e t -araf aaire, de moiesn sou d'.:.'dduze m(- .grs .t.e Baba"as alofi' coin. ,- .. (t4I
-ires coupe ,Mlh r f sans bftll dozer, sans machins hue blancs- 'rie 29. islands, 6f1. cays and. .- ,.,. -.. ..,_
,babitle employ.Apres contrIIe, .mgenieuramericAinlan oun.-2.387 ..- and'bans) .ethreatei I the. ,,:
". "- -' = ". securityv of .Cuba. All, of Cuba. -"'.W" "'c,; ,' "'"
rapport. declark6que ce pas: la .peinee voyer experts rangerss t of .Qb. A of '. "7' ,I T
;ote 5ean Elie Q,
... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ a .- '.."e.b.,:i '',, ", loq k-a'ded ai~lwell -aq iti!"ea .. .-.:
uvrages rst, devrs ubti trayail- sourceadeleine .a ..k ad w hel itsea i l:t
d^u^^iigens`eAmy ;***r "'I*idel
c6 o~se PulValnY~Los pn Kng on 4 ~te~.lanes to Canada, and the United
ee. po~sie Paul.'Val~rv-, Lors oun Kinig,JKong .ap..btiate f3ale di I S.ae, he pointed. out" l l .
pou.reier.'--.tM'c6' .chfe...'c -ce pas mem tTuleuvre taos ver who ow"ns &e ou' '- .' :i
.ontro ers over o. ow n h~ to i ... ..: C'."
'.iecole pou conduire, oun chanter ac autant ddogt.e, entre ;-.,..---hat island stared when a Mia- '-. -".. Z
gent, diplomatic. Valeutir oun n.'homme. qu'ap;re-alis, 6 ce lad -,'T contractor by the -,', ,,o I o..f...
Schoisi moune va ye. Trava l.mur sepyo seuLem6nt ce6 oun chef B.' Moody lead ae '.'. ;-- '
ea t I. B.s.. Cliraehce. e a
d'aeuvre,. ce ..in' miracle. pou.zott oue anvant yo croue. Basso- called Ca Sal fromBritain.. '
nore Pasquibrurt nd moune rougeat e sodi lan'-race tail- A Hvana city .coundlduan Jose ." :. "
ieurs- pierre ou4; 6drales. Science, cbnscienc 6 inl6.ait de a w"rr'.'im ea atelv an"iq- - W .
*n'honme, a..'o ouorier yo0pas ca.'tr'empla.er...; ., ,. tha ay S"al Io .atedon.'. CAMEL 'CIGARETTES '
'Ac tout la,,,Ieant:,E gain. droit pnn 'et.'Pargent pour A hern '- t an coastlie sb'a _"Soyed .. .. La .,M .',,e t ','% i
.. .. .. . ... ... ...,x ,,, , - 6 'Cuban. coast i en:"s .S ~ d. .L 'M ,. .
:Tealihser oun.'flbometrp route' enco4pou VtrM.Ailleur pas rete i les of.VaaderoBeac o e Tas tp ( .o ."'' W N'."
wil7,es off Vakadero-Bea, b& E P4*Je T1astt-of Caels' WINRTO6N. Stt~j
en: suspenou &-' .tn F 'Ore
,finttdd~nLtiajc Voyia eo'ti' a lueilyis 'Cuba. 2' The' Cigarette "Ofi Smirtfe,'i F -.r' '
ett opj.Jffi& V VA f"AU a~'ZbaO ei
iaj.i.'s Ian s due. m oig&,.6i#im'( sou"tete .oJlbin-. 'he 'ev yne l ana *..-. .it
'd; :. v .n.n ,oie. .;dd 'gea L' ... C--"..
A ecs -ausgr.'; i'ntnt- en il lor' jpind de gehihpmmes th'*ra Hitrias e 'd. 'Distingished. Lade. The ....D el.' A -.'' '
,dm- Jen......A M4
'd^m Jean e uh'i albboa irfr/un.old'4net ^, 1- i SqtNSATION:. BAZAR .L-4;e .
plu1i h.*baSjo1ei1'lpQhb i6d'ei thape deat wb'had r to MilMaxiL en'-7 ue
\ _pac ia h'tau, p hW',' Le Ilk- "' a '', th Cubsi ... ..... .. d "L R E' ....* "
....... ....... r, W .-.. , : ,:. : +: ,. +.. . .

-,^^ ^^^ B^^tsi 'V 'L s6 3-*-^^.^~ l l
W4.0 L .3,.
"tn",rr'.? '.,3." '. ,b'"'. "=, rV ,;., r .f:T X~'
.t, h a .. ..l 4W'
..... .-. 41JJ -... -o a Be I 6.5 : ., ,..,

at BB^ fE' LIJtWJQD Uffll pflLfU CrA6ED QA1J1T; S E ISH fYTT 1 1TC. 4.iC. TC**/
A '** ,'" '.'*+ "- .'" ." .' ., . _'** ,- . '. ." :' . , ', "= ; "" ..:.; ,,. ''V P
*t ''"*-" ;' .. : ..'1 -. .-' *,," .: : ,:... ..;- .. .' .-" ',, ". / .. .":"^
4 *- %t,+. ;,t'$
4 --'---1 " .1' ,. ...., i .- V .. .' ". '.- ., Iyewv Y or .khe",I tE 'C.m,;:L :. e. "y~ ~ r $ ; '

I' ',' Omega .18K go I'S S in aster ', .. 40.00 '."," 4' d
,' j """g-0 "s0a 2 5. f .... 9L01L "t 4
-' '' 1"e '" ld g a... tpwSv'i' "'+r"'" '
M V .': . '' .. .m, a' '"' e n.,( o f .-.'0 0 .''r 'e.
~ w, -. ,,.'.lns 4 t . 6) | .. ,aF. iI, a
a', '.'.. ,. ". .. ,42 ,

a ... G lo es-- .-. 0 (i. ,,r q L,

c',,,sh.,, ," ,f". d i.g-6:s, .. a-t ,9'5 :, .4, :.'.

9 a oo oo ... ..
. i 4, ..
t! 'I 4'
I AN T U_........... FOR---,: -YOU.5.Q"
H.AIT...OS P iE ST RE" rice

I L'J"
+ ,, ... en, ,sefing ..)
... a. M )-": ,,,. .....Eal 'A 00 0_0 "'t ''.,l.

.' .a. .f I.
..,+., ,+ ....,. savGloves :.-' 9.00@ 4.; '+ "'" '+:'"
, apes Ronal Bee rearn .1.5
. ... ,R i.-i:'# _",.' ; :; "

G ..+,, ,. .. OF 334 3 T. -A, ol --'O ... E ,C.I FR
D' A6.
..."S Di" ', ,':?. [ :' : .. .
I V ...
.- -. ,. .,. ,- .. t ; ".. ++ . ,..:- .,+ ...., , '..
i ~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ -- -f M'""...v,' FEC FM
.,A:T',A A A 0 .3 3:.O 0;ONBN HN ""...." ="

i$- /- rAE, ..... ______
m:' :.* /.J ""take the chancy chance of bad
.s -'plumbing in a cold strange house
There ire few with hot water-
S -arid many have no water at all.
'/I cannot discover how all this
y -started. For a long time the.sen-
Sb 'ile custom of the bridegroom
." "iinediately after the wedding.
v.i" Qe'ntii 'ih'bride (when she
..i.Dear M::.:..., wa. th welter weight f class.
;IB ""...i.e... .. ue o.. crse an Xrylg her, in
:.a t Is a. Ss~~~wi oar;w -his': arms across th threshold
*-.tflwheirefitta oftnleir newv hpme. This works
o; lyou ha yei:*;:th.....: :ot i y vee new home;
~sj44pminuvavurs~iyou te .erv r6 one, dm It's
V 'orr.. an old. ho;e, nd it's
j5. "v. X' *.." :':'. :. bv&iwsql a *Agod Way of e.aping
oianner relatives and friends, and clos-
Yoti-are kijg 'ev.what is a ho- ing the door against the outside
: -ey .Wel.t have uncove- world.
: : m2 W. !j 4 :n- ord
olwg after a week The idea of .the Honeymoon
research h in ,K#noasoff adl..r; .h..dd.e. examined by available
intellectuals who may be able
-kt, e, sometimes 4wo weeks to come 'up with some .study of
4 t, sent:bl.'W- In the 1 ool. {he subjectt that might be.more
aats surmzoidgi'g ?rt-au-' revealing. ;
5hneenjoyed by the privileg- Anyway, after the nerve,-rack-
e b:f* with ba-k' accotet 'ig ordeal of the ceremony, re-
4'$'ot a.4ditely iecessary, alnd' 'eptipn, etc., this,-two weeks res.
a waste "of moneye' for pite is tie most delicate period
b'o ,have. to rpnt a villa of a new relationship '- .and can
(O) : .k.frend' o:. relivess cause a marriage to eventually
|hu *irnhsh tlhe 4t- ho. a' [crumble.
ywiAQl .' ,(S).Mary Doogood6 ,'
^rrn :i: *nPO' .... .... .. *
,aT .;''" .....uiag.B.'-;, *.... MAlTPr N
j.=,i 6 t 'b:d.-: he, cus-
:.ne' to us 't'isthe Huns.and
w;a'lt whose: .rat* ., ircte
tWto takb.. month .i(' mro'no )
v, -ove. fro f b .Inking'or
tt;'>g..that. eh.arcteriz&'lthe mar-I
6:- b"f.eni.ny an ievstiv es,
...,v ev.i. d enc 'd c -th t the bri-
no.S~'i^afe Mthn. cermn -tta .MIK U Db- '-,;I *
wg,).ave "e'4
d ke....d y t time.. b e.R, tAue. .
40 !dbfl.aceQfth L1Ie.35:5
*h t"" tt mp" i4hBorur-i Jnad*,'frxot me-lii o h ws racsigSri

*i.^ 1. -; *.^ *.. "" - -'" ' '*
.ft;r t A t' .J *" MAGNIFICENT .,.
I.h r the ta oth-
t L etim l aver in STOCK O .
,this 6oder v das V..NICAN
M ::r.P #"UP te mountains b ... fi l i'r "W"- u..

XWS "a'ter the. ceremony td .Vt6-M IRRO-R
.... ... . ..." . . '
:'.. ,, ",, 4. .

41 "4'.Ai ," ".L ...
'"'"" i' ,fl tsflulttet .o tlme-aipa'1a,7 the Swiss Bnsdoastln, Sor, ').
II' ~I -' - ___


THa itian America:
Early Oc!ob
Registration for the fall se-
mester at the Haitian-American
Institute will begin on Monday
morning, October 1, at the Ins
titute. The public is invited tn
register between the hours of
8:30 a.m. and 12 noon, and again
between 4:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m,
during the first five days of Oc-
tober. from the first through
the fifth. Morning and late af.
ternoon classes will begin on
Monday, October 8. The Insti-
tute follows the American se-
mester system two tvrms t%'
an academic year instead of
the European trimester system.
Classes will meet for three class
hours., a week. Some classes
meet' on Mondays, We4necsdays
and Fridays for ope class hour,-
and others will meet on Tues-
days a:.d Thursdays for an hour
and a .half.
T;he usual variety of courses
in English will be offered, as
well as classes in French for
,non-French speakers. All persons

who have not
enrolled in the
asked *to have
Mr. Raymond

previously been
Institute will bb
an interview with
Chambers, .r.,

PAANaimes Bri
Of Latin Ame

'' IHAS SO FAR W(ON A TOTAL OF Oapt .rank M. -Brigs aete-
-,: " . .. r: : :-an of 19,000 hours in' the air who
6 &F ST PRZES has flown Pan America. World
FOR -Airways Clippers in L Anieri-
R''ai "i .F '.. ca d,' d" across the Atlantic and
', ': : '. ; ... .' .... w i the Pacific, 'has bqen appointed d
RI9 z Io Y ACCURACYmOF-YIT WcAT.E : hief pilot of the Latin American
.... . ...', ., . . LD ivisic "
S ........ "" '"' '. ;A 22-year pilot with PAA, Capt
""y'^ t ........ .. .. . .. I Griggp ,,Oas assigned to PAA's A-
"--I frica- Orient Division, during
A;i ..,,o Vorld War 11, 'airlifting'bigh-pric
k"' r '.. r'ty military supplies r id men to
) Africa and Middle East.
*~ '7' S

Ii 444
'V -M I

ht LOP

"l Zlift


B ,,,,... oT= E

S U ND A Y, SEPT. 16th 1956"

V 0 j n.m

I institute Plans .
er Opening-

the Directol- of Courses to de.
termine the class levels to fit K
their aptitu.-s and previous pre-
6aration. Holk-"s of the new ty-
pe of Institute Certificates will
automatically be promoted into
the next class.
Late. registration will be allow- .
ed'during the first week of clas-
ses, but please note that, begin- ..W
ning on October 15,' a late regis-
tration,fee of one gourde will
be charged. This rule will be
strictly adhered to. Enrollment
in each class will be autormanati- P- --
.caUv closed at 25 persons. The IN PETIONVILLE
administration feels that this is
necessaryv to.. gie each member .
of'the class'"an adequate opjpor- PERENNITE DUABATI.HT
tunitv fo, oral practice. .
Two new classes will be offer- '
"d this year for the first time- '
Beeihning Spanish Conversatiodn *.
and American Literature. If suf- '
ficient interest iq shown-, these '
courses will be continued
through the second semester. '
The course .in American Liters-
ture will be ooen only to those .-B
who speak and read i English 'E T 14" M -
with ease. Thq Dlrector, Charle I ETANCHEMENT ABSOLU
St. John, Jr., will teachb.-both of 2 g
these courses. Concrete DensifieW give
.i iResistance water-tightness..
..-. .. alrdness
iggs Chief Pilot -
rican Division ,

As chief pilot, Cdpt Briggs is;
in charge of. appro.xinirately 500
pilots and co-pilos in .the Latin
American Division. He, lso 'su-
perVisest. radio offers, 'dispat-
chers and tmeaeoroiegitS,' as.Nwell
as d 0rdi~ates flight nand groud
operilcos. .' ,'.
.Capt Briggs jqined'.Pasi Ameri-
can in 1P,34, a sd during his caree .
has served; asl 'assistant,chief pl-:.
lot 'of the Latiu Americ P. Din-,- :
Stoll, master: 'check pilot, sector-
chief check w ilot inagi, de ',Jaei- .
roa, ,'-dd.iVJ1Onsipasseiger serve .."
manager. ... ,
Born in Sumner, Wsiihintbn, W E "fl
-4910;.i o, t1rriggs *asitadua- IEHCi
'te& fm th e iversty of Wash- ____ __ _
"igton in 1931"-tIfev4Lleat' (7677. you want 4he clea
Wife ad Jeoun eldrn.r your moneo use
LThe, nw chief -tliot succeeds fo yu m o ne. b
Capt Lewis C. Lindsej. a 20-year i. aaja a1L
'veteran, with FPAA 'who has been U 5 -l,
division thief pilot for the past U S'I ES "l
L10 years. Capt Lindsey Is retrn-
lng to acPive flying at his own re- d Wkh
ouenst. 'iy .!41,
Among' his dther achiev.ements,.
S'Capt Lindsey was a co-pilot- on, .-LQI"
,the maiden, transatlantic .surey, HOCK Hi 1
flight of the famous Y ankee Clip- -.
phr, which inaugurated the. first Heavy S rl "
-scheduled transatlantic passenger I ,'
sWftLAM .NAfl or",u-Prim ,
eV ,' Boucard & Cie.. Jacket,
Raymond Larqcbho, .Cap-Haitet"
S- lMaison Jean Bourgebis, Aux Ca-
r. yesc--
Michet Desquiro.L. Sueessor,"
Choucoune ,

Son TnRoof

t HMARD FLAIV SSpeciality
S Opchestpe,- and 8howJ


SUS'U tNID AY, SEPT. 16th 1956 HAITI SUN .... PW....A.. -J
_______"_____________,._______ .J .,, .. --.. .... ...,.. -


S o:..ntinued& from -page 6)
'- boys .surrmuzfed. Moriseau, and
Stwt. leader whom they affpctiona-
tely. calU tPhli-Thop, trading cri-
ticisms and hearing the -opinions
,; of .their mentors. Morisseau in-
;.,termittantly clapped them on
Sthe: ,-shoulder, eternally. smiling
upon them. with. the- pride of a
father. He explained with: ob-
vious satisfaction that these, his
spiritual sons, are not imitative
of French models, but .are credt-
ing ;mr truly 'Haitian literature
u. ,uder: his and ePhi-Tho,'s diree-
' t ^. .., , -' .-; ;


At the Theatre d'Saiti. In this group is sedn around Morsseau Leroy:
.Yoana farinakis, Guy Bauduy, Frerot Castera. GerarcDa,-umec Judy
Ross. Mrs Ross:and friend Shlri Landman. r .

nsuovultwg -'Firs, Ag..i!
. . \ .,'; ',' / .. .. *
'. :: .. TtE NEW-T. .

Fri"s f or both ari -
ll's ,' '..,e rcise'
i .., L ..; .V-14,

u s .' '
No. 3724428

V .1 4 .
... ^' t **; *

":,.. > i V.' ,"-.:i

, in ,-,,' I ," I *O

V;. ,:
I ,.., ,,, ,
M.abn.M. aldus
,J -*efrcr
:. ..-,: : .' : ;' *...;
'f"f t' ,"l rt ."' 1
IT ., i '- .. '.i
o*rS ow chaise
6Qfr cnerCo

4&*.. wlithat strain. I; ,: !.
49s6Ad:0iancaI bict~

.. so'o qk6tctions. offdrtlesuly; -..
andesflY-Na.eoeqt cootinuous re-

v ta* i.-.g ",y. at Ia

** ;. .'-'.,:: : .', o'-. f w ld ff.U..
"- : '- "'"....... "m om, w_--

-.. "_,u. .a ... ,

& ju .~tk~ .-41


SEmil MazimOien 79

SCTwo.of them have failed their
baccalaureat exams he ax
nounced indulgently. cThat's be
oause we don't believe in th
baccalaureate here. The boy
grinned, only .a little self-cons
ciously. One could see clearly
that even independent youn,
avqnt-gardists are working Cto
ward, a symbol of success, bu
their coveted wreath is of flan
boyant rather than of laurel
their chosen goal is a place h
the Salon-Under-the-Sky of Me
risseau Leroy. By Judy Ross


M I:



g ho

qu '

, - . .

.-.-... ...
.t .0.
if ,..- ..

**: *W ^ '.' L ^ s

*.*'*' '" fi .:~ ,,". i'T.il- i as ^' L "

* li



~t fi

-Les centaines de rainures qui forment lay
bande de rolementtarge oeie, "qi;
| 4?, -ili off re, seulem e I ,, .
qqdherent fermement a la route siche ou '
'jhumide, agissent cornme de puissants
S,,,aitjd"rpnts qui garantissent des arrets
Ssirs et tnsfantan6s.. "
Quant vous pensez aux pneus, pensez :
aux neilleurs, pensez ATLAS, syilbole'j
de quality, de s6curit et do sfirt.. '

En vente woke Distribefur -S.

,~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~. . . . :.... .. .. :,y :: ':, ,. ,, ;
v, 1t.n .m. .asn n
'. : .'. : ,'. .'.-=' ...;; .'' 7.L. J'." :. ; "';.:"" ," b"%: ' lt
". :.',..?:". .. 4 LI' ,- : ':, .: ..,. ,,: "




Haiti 3Sun had the pleasure city in the North of Haiti that'
Sa thirty-minute courtesy visit is proud to'be called his .ngtve
i Tuesday morning from Mi- town.. The voters began bb'itg
sister Joseph D. Charles who re.- him as their Representat,' t1
ined his portfolios of Foreig Congress tenty-fte years agoI
relations and Cults when the butS Gabiiet and Ambassad~oril'
ew Ministerial Cabinet was for- posts" won the match.' He. aid
ed recently. He was ,accompani-. his'ife;' the former Solpnge" T l-
1 by Ihe Foreign Office's Secre- son are parents of five 'small
ry General, Ambassador Mau- children. '
ce ClermO6nt. .' '
, ,Limbe, near' Cap-Haitien- i.s'
The Chancellor was in excel- .kownn for its rich'soil,.making
mt form, and 'as usual, impec, it an important agricultural re-
ably attired in smart dark-bui- 'glon, and one which produces
ness suit and i boata bat Pre-. some of Haiti's cloicest' coffee.
nt during the visit was the Pa- 'When the Navassa Island si
ima American- Editor pees tuafioi b*as' menti6ned," flinister
nith Who was about to fly back Charles expressed optimism that
) his post after, a 'brief visit the United 'States. Congress
ere. Under the splell- of the mo- would recognize. Haliti's claims
1et'when Minister Charles ex- for this territory which 80 years
anged witticisms in hias al ago was exploited by 'n Aner-
nooth command of, Englih jeith can firm for its profitable
ie Sun's" Editors; i newsi guano deposits.
eesex-siRoyal': Ni. ,kaland Air "
force Fighter,,pilot almost for- Halti Sun tales this opportuni-
.qWe was'',iding'..the mail plant t of thanking the distinguished
ime.- /' Chancellor for-his timely visit,'
:"' and for the words of. encourage-
S'.. ." '" ;' .. ment with -regard tq the serviced'
'Mr- Charles answered. our, our English language newspaper
icstions concern Link Umbe, the. is rendering to Haiti.


C*CULU.WSj usn* zf~was aaJ AU*uA* ic'^f' -
u-Prie at 7:96 Am -. toy
:Thefo ing 'ib!
passengers who ;will dxieamh^
.in -the Capital A.'.. Xb:
.*k...i Virgime .B..lan .-
Adriei' .Blmbet A ,.k. N ,, :
. M rs S e lfli a e .B n. s te ir : ,' .
Sev. S ister, Paulne a

.Alfred, :, :: :': :,::,.;
Miss .Cleuel Dorhe,.-..
Miss. imaine Btlenae, .' .
Miss :J plseline Guern." Mf.l|
c is .. ,,,. '**... :* ,* *** .':
..'.. *','-'' I'.i'
formmander and Mrs. Clir|
B.,Henriques "
Lt. Pritz Hodgson. '^
Mrs. "Lydia 'Baron Jose.*1
M iss Gu rd gqseph,;. !::.' :
M: m 'adid M.. ah.3Laud
q .::and rack"'i
,Mr'.' Omni :]ha"I I

tR O Ski V q, : .._-,,.
Ms, CareLsard

.and i Mrs ra `rek 't ,i
res. Inez'.Ma.voisin : ...
R:.,ai Mrs.' ul'brjqI F
two eitdthui ', I F*. v"
Mr. and Mrs. 'Osmit i^SMon a
Mrst Gweidolyn *SbephenSi$
Rev. 'Slster1 .St." Fi41eW:'-
.-Mrs, Beatrjee;?pr ;
*Mrs./.paulon.eSy^ ,
,Reverpnd Sistep %^[ a4y,

V :1 DA'Yy,SET. 16th 191

-il I' **. ,- -

56 HAIfl SUN

er E :YORK PSYCHIATRIST (Contmiued from page "1) ments so that work may bring Having had the advantage of
Adre eote talented found it easy to transform the gif- A vr lg prosperity. collaborating witg;ai great num-
si m d Dir. 'Saul ted Adri-ane into -a big attrac- tia A very large sdber of Haf. No nation can endure with- ber of the peOp iOn al regions
M ain n Newd i'i -a d ty.vTin aid n tans have manifested their fa- out these three elements upon of the Republic whq wider va-
........ .....vorable -sentiments since I an- which its social and political life rious titles are infhenital.in the
.... ng. -,v "g artist.ikunia-I h
P q.eq y. i.i'. Thr .atop international arht0t nounced my candidacy in the cnust be legally and constitution. general activitiesof the country,
~;~~t4~ewe~d -otl.( . a, top inteiniatia~nal tho- otcmn
s.twecI.graphewhoowns the o .1 have always used sense of
SIt f i-of 6 lr a ce n et several of t All of my friends, already Aly attempt' against these moderation that no one.can eon-
I..sifir Miss D" US. aagaze, know htw I intend to carry out principles-must positively bp re- test.-i my social nd poltleVal re-
W;P is. MW Deoet. S.haz5e
.'o dh "t sai 0o see ,my campaign, but it is useful jected because it is deu-imental lations With them. I wil onti-
.... el ad. a tifc of se that all my other compatriots to all human happiness: I nue. to conserve this sense of
oil ..44 Mt Adrienne's., e cr 1= mda tion ty elec-
9 't. d beauty aid be informed also. For this rea- I am exrorting my compatriots moderation throughout my eke-
r!.tr'd fn.4:-; beautyfeatured. in cHoliday' ma- son, I ani making the following. to have, like my partisans and toral campaign.
dulets gauoine .as a HaltiAa beauty, some duration. myself, this same respect for se- : I sincerely hoped that the cam-
S iso lsfrom three A'man's personality is the curity in the interior of our coun paign which Is opened by the
:- hr 'tbe S toal S blishra Ber 'and MWrs vt i d friit of his past, andco-sequent- try which is the :gauge of its se- firm, resolute and patriotic d
i.ah Ben Mr and Mrs oster his close the sign of his future. .From curity abroad. claration of His Excellency, the
ft S -h won highpraise in friends here for a vacation, he the days of my youth, my pri- It is.unnecessary to point out President of the -Repulic7-will
tile.'rofof .Aitigxne: en. Ha- met-his future wife, winning her vate and public life has been to all-that my- in4ustril. and agri ,be pursued undeiZ.the .hqnner of
-' W Bis auii,:.ys. eys Creole hand after a whlrlw.sad. courtship, directed .towards bhoneat ldbor ..l:'.int-.,- hae mait- continued peace and. ordet-.
let' dir -je nin.c
...::" ,. that terminated 'in the marriage in order, and in peace. Peace as ained ar-fortified'ttl' great I ascertain Ja o 'o "n
7, ... :.' :'he" ;of the young couple lastweek. well as order are necessary ele- love of peace." : partisans .wl; wih pride, .pro- '
Ak, h.,A1 u ed her T The bride's' distinguished ka- -. -- .- ced (in this cpmiaign)4u a
st.e'oran' aud.. rts ate -Mr and Mro Denner.j THE BEST manner enwth" ll "'the
,. M A THE BEST',' .Manner con., M ,.
theHtl Ooftse^ itrji Dej ale of Po e -, prt -o civic virtues whiich isU theP`n tor
6txqh ix. IVrzsflejoie is the former ofaar-ie'
,iA'i~emlted the *e, oUAen. { e/e
4ff'etter,' he s st w e mn STnecal. ' And I beseech all my other
Thposbli s wil Newi thea U,
,tow hepssbli- The newlyweds will tour the U. -'. compatriots to imitate 'them so
,ifer0 as ,discoverd S. f.a their honeymoon trip. and that duhrg, this electoral yam-
ik'- 0 -and ie engaged then settlb,:down in: New '-York;. ", :..." paign our country will prove its
...... pl"Etatitns beiag where Mr' Gureyitz will study ,, ih ril values to the whole
h hoteli:M-r. Cqster -dramatic art. world:
s) Louis Dejoie
1 -,rm . ..-r Port-au"Prince. February 9..

.' .... .I 1-1 i956
istp'.yBand a, Ln 2 ppUlar? b"-s.' EMPLOYMENT WANThDD
. VP t_7n. -
ttuced rbrink ?rides '1.-SESATTON ISAZAR '
-1a '-. Young gil, recently-graduated
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' " -, *: ,,.. . ",-, . ,. ,, . .. ..' .. -. ,.. xeprence in typpip ,. English '
6 shdrthand tnd bookkeeping de-
I.-- "..sires'position as. Se rtr .. 'Te-
%OUI' ES SL ilE EPI BE A n H'I T OR l*ephoiie 5472. 2

..iaU, modern house, 2:bed
Suns, furnished4_pie garden,
Zlvl '. *e. in-
:'- .* "; .* " ; .'* : : formation. :on e." .

'~ iHaiti'
W a -..' 4 . -. .. . y e .s -' .l r -".., .. -. J ,.. .
...... ":ku
"4.-....++',.+,.. '- .w ,.
..t..U.-:.;, It" 7A'---. ,, j fl ', d
a',,. I-'.....- i .e. e :
we' a mile",1i; [ ... .
'. h"f+b f ,-4,. ....""1., "... p... "

- *1. I-


y %tt SAT
.+ Q , ." : ,- ,, . ,, ,,- -'
W C,

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ICENT"R hrey ur w I ie, No sagging a. But n nagging neck, either. Or
I.. -* -" |' n-cks In your mormig legs. This mattress relaxes, just cough, where your head and feet
;g ,, : pd th t.nikhl Saith blissful supported tu'll sleep more restfully, and awaken more
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Sping atcihia Bx'Spriigo ure this ne
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.I. worth S_.A. Matn"a-. p;wed .
j;' .; ,.." ;."i : ,". .+ . -.A


Chamber Of Conrerte Bldg.
\ .,4. ''..:' ".. .' .
: t ;i: .t i^ : '*i| B : < ,. : *'" *. **:' '' - ,. . ,

,, ;.: .-. ..; .-' .- * .. : i llM W ^ -.-; + *.: : . t w ^ ;**:. .. .

S.- $.

"' Spipr "ii '
ki 3.

Tbu h4wlewtm-

The MIA Bi

HAISTU N DSAY, SEPT. 16th 1956

.:! a. -*
Contendqr'for the title of -Tail
Man In HMit* .and., cetalnly the
: tallest ma at the Amricn Em-
basesy is Pui 5Jogh% Barfinger, af-
t^ fable DepWr Chief of Mission
Ka Fd Embasy- Cbunsellor. The
kafwoot-twQ ither, replacement
b-6o Milton Barall who is now stu-
i4lng at the War College in
.iWashingtpn, D.. C., has a, ready
'&nile, and is a most 'congenial
l. Mr. Barringer is busily smooth
Ping-out his renoh;by the tape-
|recordag method, and preparing
the Barall's former home m Ca-
S.'nape Vert for the October 8th
arrival of Mrs. Barringer who-is
-biusy placing her 15-year-old
,twin daughters in'school m Con-
.ectl-ut, and Washington.
.' A Philadelphian, Mr. Barrmn-
tger holds a Bachelor of Science
degree from Princeton Univerdi-
rffty. Prior to the war which De
':spent overseas as a Colonel in the
:.i S. Airforce in Far East com-
I0aa 1for five years, he was i.
he banking business in Phhlp-
Ijelphia and New /York, with
irow" Brothers and Harri-
%man and Company, 'and later
wth the Guaranty Trust Com-
". In the ten years after the war
tiwith the Department of State,
,as Assistant Chief of the Avia-
1.ion Division, and then with the
40ffice of Transport & qommuni-
I'ation, Mr. Barringer 'travelled
'extensively in Europe.
He made 9ne trip to South Ame-
tiJca ito negotiate air .agreements
id. made a number of' trips to
,Mexico for the same purpose.
i Today, Mr. Barringer recalls
'wi.th' amusement how he. visited

i J L
J,~~ ~~ .' i, j -; .".

r1^..~ 'f'I [Wrn
l r l .I if

d B i~^-iha~ii^^^

a singer Argentinian Puts On Show For Sanitorium Patients

la m uger Raul Laporte has the looks ofa
Charles Boyer and the heart of
Joe E. Brown. Wherever he goes,
he always takes time qff to sing
Haiti in 191 for one day, as a for the poor, underprivileged and
cruise ship tourist, when he was sick. After singing twice at the Ca-
a bahikclerk. sino the Argentinian travelled to
Very fond of photography, head s n de r
admits his ooeupationat t Cap-Hitien and sang for the pri-
ameris gaisrdengt, a t h eresp to- soners, and they reportedly com-
py is gardening, but reto uses to mented that his singing made
d i s I ose plans for his gree, them feel free.
thumb activity in Haiti.
A Reserve ed Cavlary Officer
who considers his polo and fox lOn returning to Port au Prince, h

wriil ho con sides t's polo r, and fox\.
hunting days behind him. he was Raul sang at 'the Tuberculosis Sa- 4'
happy to hear that Haiti has a nitorium with Gerard Legros ac-
Cavalry School, and a struggling companying him on the guitar, and
Polo Team. Dr. Claude Stephen doing the in-'
troduetion. This was the first time
The new American embassy an artist, foreign or local, had lak-
Counsellor whose ancestors mov en time out to perform for the pa-
.ed from Alsace to the United Stu tients. And also it was the first RAUL LAPORTE dancing with Patient while Orchestra Chowboume
tes early in" the 18th century, time a performer utilized the new No. 2 provides the music.
has a family tree that branched theater in the wing of the Sanito- A visit to Haiti is not complete without a trip to the Citad-
into diplomacy during his grand- rium which has just been complet- el We spec
father's time. His grandfather ed. Singer Laporte gave an hour rE xp iae in the Citadel Excursion. Sightseeig Tours.
was a member of the House of long programme and even danced Experienced Guides Speak English.
Representatives, and in 1848 was with some of the patients. He said P.0. Box 312
American -Minister to Spain. that the Sanitorium Theater was
Mr. Barringer Laughiigly eva- very, very fine and had 'good ac-
de'd comment on the historical fact coustics, but what touched the 7 S
that his grand-father attempted heart of the Argentine singer most '
negotiations for the purchase was the Sanitorium Orchestra call-
of Cubatfrom Spainyfora75 mil- ed -Chouboume No. 2, which has
ion dollars for the U.S. the youngest player of any orches- "i"
His father, a lawyer andmnu tra' in Haiti, a 4-year-old boy who -
ing Engineer, 'has Six sons and plays on un empty bottle with'a
two daughters. One son was spoon producing a rythmid beat.
lost during the war.
Delighted to be in Haiti, this
warm, friendly silver-haired man Phone .7761
is looking forward to his twa- Organizer of Tours in Haiti
year assignment. It is reported Cohata-tickets on Sale at
that on his trio down on the Pa- Sal NPtion-Ville and Cap-Haitian
nama liner last week,T-Mr. Bar- Offices
ringer proved himself a fine! Tnpaaca
host entertained at cocktails .There is only one road to take when in Search of Good
Mrs. Alphonse Magloire Mon- Food in a romantic setting
treuil, the President's sister,. Mr.
and Mrs. Clermont Delia, and Anudd "
Mrs. Tribie of Port-au-Prince. uut.au.. ... -..



'The nil.e laxative
:Thiat it; YME
fkt $0
., "" .. .0

Agencies Otis Me Allister,
-. S.A. '
SAgents de 'MIanufactures


I .*

OA.iL&LW4CU)WL ch'&CoM&.c -' x' -

DEPRT cde PAU.P Pour routes Infopmations
Vts Miami... et Re5mvations,vuyq voe
M MERE M .C"e5AMEDi- flee oeNTfB @o. aI
vTER s CTJ. 5tSm-JumN... C D.A




S U N D A Y, SEPT. 16th 1956


Liese] Madsen and-Per Preetz-
man Aggerholmn were married
at 6:30 P.M. 'last 'Thursday, at
the home of the bride'. parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Madsen. The
Reverend Fathler Nar.tin. Cure
de Sacre Coeur performed the
The lovely I bride was given
in marriage by -her father. She
wore a magnificent creation of
taffeta crystal satinee with ap-
pliques of <'dentelle d'Alengon.,
from Miami's Jordan Marsh.

Miss Maaike H.citkonig, in a
lovely waltz-length white "dress,
was First Flower Girl, escorted
.y Ditrich Schmid who carried
the wedding ring. The flower
girls were Misses Linda, Nancy
Carole and Maele Friseb.
Madame C'ement Magloire
was the distinguished and ele.
gantly gowned trMarraiie de

A brilliant reception followed
the religious ceremony, and
even after the newlyweds hart
slipped away at 9:30 p.m. for
their honreymooni trip t" Kens-
coff, the darning and c2lebla-
tions lasted until midnight.


Dr. Gaston Jumelle is Mexico
-bound today.
Claude Breton is fly-'.:g to Mia-
mi today.
Vivacious Micheline .Mallebran
che will take off to Miami today.
Karine Burgers and Judith Va:i
der Kay will hop back to Ciudad
Trujillo today, retui.diing to their
class rooms.
Victor, Olga, Mona, Greta and
Claudette Assail are Miami-
bound today.

Ramon Martineau is flying to
Miami today.
Sx X X
Ti-Tosh Severe is on 8-days ya-
catII.-1 from the Rond Point.
Thomas Isabel], an air minded
Miamian was here at the Riviera
Hotel this past week with his
beautiful blonde wife. The Isa-
bells who live next door to the
Haitian Consulate in Miami visited
with Mrs. Vve Andre Faubert
and made many new friends dur-
.ig their stay.
Jack Hough, the active Super
of the new Flour Mill observed
his birthday Wednesday evening
with small at Hotel Choucoune.
Dorothy Dul of the American
Embassy gave a house-warming
last Saturday night. The well at-
t'.ided party in Dorothy's new
Rue Chereiz house warmed up at
8:00 P. M. and continued late into
the night.

xxxMaitre Albert Etheart is
M~aitre Albert Etheart is

ing an up-and-coming Van
Legrand Griswold is flying to (goatee type) beard.

San Jur.-i today.
Parnell Marc will fly to New
York Tuesday the 18th to attend
the Conference on Nuclear. Ener-
gy. ,
Josette, Alix r.id Therese Flarm
bert will fly to the United 'States
Monday the 17th.
x.x x x

Gerard Sajous is Miami-bound
Miss Simone Viau (Maiscni Gilg)
observes her birthday anniversa-
ry today.



Mr and Mrs Murry Knobel and
their furniture arrived from Mia-
mi this past week. The Knobels
will retur.a to their old home in
upper-Pacot after 12 months ab-
Sub-Lieutenants Gerard Gour-
gue. Roland Jn-Louis, professors
at the Military Academy flew
with Lt. Jer.i Hilaire of Casernes
Dessalines to 4-months training
in Fort Ber.-iings Georgia.
Dr. Mortimer Harris, noted der
matologist,-leaves with his family
Via Pan American Airways for
New York, today.

__TPAGfs V

Stops PerspirationI
Kills Germs that cause odorj


M IST 98c ,ij
M ie m ug ta'

nA- A- A & AL- ,

A ft



Nutrix treatment cream, I oz. $5.00
U.S. Price
Bien-Aise, cleansing cream, 1% oz. .4.00
Souplessc toundalion cream, 1 oz. 5.00
Eau azuree No. 16, skin freshener, 7 oz. 6.00
Lancome face powder, 2 oz. .00


r 'o

Our Price
3.00 |


S U N D A Y, SEPT. 16th 1956 HAITI SUN

s *
Aubtey Arnn and his lovely wife
were in. towhi,'fpr. a .week on a:busi-
oess-iompleasune: tfip from Wash-
ington, D.C. Mr. Arnn is Vice-pre-
sident of the Milling Company, So-
ciet6 Haitienne de Minoterie, S.A.
which is.presently in the construc-
Christian Simmons, 12-year-old
- sbn of British Ambassador and
Mrs.' Sydney Simmonds returned to
his studies in Jamaica, Tuesday.
dies in Jamaica, Tuesday.
Robert (Tourism) Baussan ac-
companied son Jack to school in
Riverdale, New York Tuesday. Jac-
ky was wearing an original Dyna-
mrte tie. and matching belt.
Mrs..Irene F. David, wife of the
Liberian Ambassador in Port au
Prince flew to New York last Sun-
day. She accompanied her daught-
er, Florence to enter school, and
is expected back within the next
two weeks.
Mrs. Rend Michel. Director of
the Ecole Normale d'Institutrices
returned, from summer school in
France last Sunday.
None Novela of Cap Haitien ret-
urns to school in New York today.
Mrs. Solages, of Bazar Royal, and
daughters Yolande, Monique and
Therese are New York-bound to-
Elias Noustas accompanied his
four teenagers Therese, Gloria, Eli-
zabeth and Joe back to school in
New York, Friday. ..
Jocelyne Bazelais flew back to
Kingston ald studies Tuesday.
S. Kahn (Photo Shop) returns
from a week in Miami today. Mr.
Kahn nude the trip with Engineer
Jean Vorbes in connection with
the new Tourist Avenue Store.
Sheilagh Burns is in New En-
gland putting son Johnny in school.
Hubby Vinton joins her this
week after visiting with the folks
in Jamaica.
Don Lungwitz returned from a
business trip to New York just in
time to bid au revoir to Bonnie
and Ti-Joe Lungwitz who embark-
ed for another school session in
Jamaica, September 11. Mr. Lung-
witz and petite wife, Mlme Lois
will embark from New York for
Europe September 26th for a well
earned vacation.



Wednesday morning, Mrs. Rol-
and Lataillade, the distinguished
and charming wife of the Under
Secretary of State of Interior flew
to the U.S. Mrs. Lataillade aqcom-
panied her daughter Edith who is
going to study English at St- Mich-
ael College. A large group of fri-
,ends gathered at the airport to bid
farewell to Mrs. Lataillade and her
daughter Edith. Young Jacques La
taillade and Edouard Perpignan,
the latter the last son of Lt. Henri
Perpignan travelled also with Mrs.
Lataillade. who will be back next
Lyonel Paquin is- back from
Parents are reminded to renew
the registration of their children
at Jacqueline Turian's Kindergar-
ten before October 1st and to ask
for the sheets for medical exami-
nation at the new building of the
school. For further information
please phone: 5401
The sumptuous Rue Faubert ho-
me of Mr. and Mrs. Everett M.
Shrewsbury, at P6tion -Ville, was
the scene of a gay garden party
last Saturday evening from 6:00 to
8:00 P.M.
The Electric Company's Director
General and his charming wife en-
tertained the large personnel of
the Company, assisted by their
daughter Suzanne.
A fastuous buffet and fine drinks
were enjoyed by the numerous
guests in an atmosphere of warm
Besides- the Company staff, the
party was attended by Mr. Ed-
mond Celcis, Mayor of Port au
Prince, Attorney Georges N. tI-
ger, Attorney Georges Baussan, Jr,
Mr. Valerio Canez, Mi-. Ren4 Mo-
ravia, Mr. Victor Castel and Mr.
Micher Gilbert. '

Victor Boucard has
from New York.



Miss Marie Th6r6se Larosiliere.
returned from Kingston, Jamaica
with three diploma Tadeduantilg
English stenograpl y' dactylogra-
phy) Aifter two years of stud.:


Allen Ivanohe of Kingston, Jam-
aica is here at Hotel du Champ de
Mars. The talented dancer who
heads his own troupe in Jamaica
has been featured at Montegd Bay,
Hotels in Bay Roc, Sunset Lodge,
Montego Beach, and at the Myrtle
Bank Hotel in Kingston.

Mr. Ivanohe specializes in West
Indian dances, and is learning Hai-
tian folklore dances. He will spend
several weeks here and' is expected
to appear at several of our big hot

Edouard Khawly is back from
the States.
Agronomist Carl E. Fergusor
arrived here this past week to
take up a two-year ass gnmer.t
at Damien. Mr. Ferguson was ac-
comnpanied by his wife and I1
year-old son, Carl, Jr He haa
had wide experience in the field
of agricLilture. The Missoarian,
for six years Professor at Texas
A. & M. was with ECA (Mars-
hall Plan) from 1949 to 1950, in
Paris, and from 1951 to 1954
with the Soil Conservation Ser-
vice in Beltsville, Maryland,
Agronome Ferguson's last, post
was Bagdad, Iraq, and he is at
home witr the language of Vol-
Mr. Berthony Mad6re, expert ac-
counter, flew to New York last
week end.
Agronomist Aurele Denizard of
the SACT flew last Wednesday to
Porto hico where he will specialise
in the culture of cocoa.
Ntireille Silvera was welcomed
back from New York Friday.
Lissa Leger, Michael and Jean-
Claude Roy fly to Kingston this
Miss Georgette Civil, nurse dt
the Hospital of J6r6mie, flew to
Mexico where she will attend a
Nursing, Seminar.
Graham Howard family are due
back to Plantation -Dauphin this
week-end. Mr. and Mrs. with ,Ti-
to- and Michael are, returning.
They put son "Kix' in school in
MAir. Gerard Nazon, Inspector-ac-
counter at the Finance Department
flew to Belgium Thursday. Mr. Na-
zon who won a one year U.N. scho-
larship will specialise in economic
at the University of Brussels.
Mr. Roger Baillergeau, the fam-
ous .Ti-Roro,, will fly to Chicago
this week. Ti-Roro will give sever-
al shows in one of the greatest
Chicago's night clubs, with four or
five tambourss. A la docteur pa-

Serge Turnier, younger brother
of Minister Alain Turnier flew to
New York Friday where he will
spend a few days with friends. Ser-
ge will visit Washington and Ha-
vana on his way back home from
his fifteen days tour.

Miss Adlyp Crepsac, will be mar-
ried to Dr. Carl Coutard on Satur-
day October'13fh li the Sa're
-x x X

Mrs. Yvonne. L. Mangonas is ex-
pected home from New York on
the Panama Liner 'SS An'con to-

Salomon and Yvonne Baboun
flew to te States Tuesday.
"-,,, x x

George Peters of Dejean & Com-
pany returns with his wife from a
vacation in the States tomorrow
via Panama Line

Jean Guignard flew to New York

Mr. and Mrs. Lou Wankum arc
due to leave for New York on their
annual vacation irom the cactus
Plantation on the week of Septem
her 22nd.
Mrs. Constant Poitevien, wife of
the Colonel, and daughter Monique
are expected home from a month
of vacation and medical check-up
in New York on the SS. Ancon.
arriving here tomorrow morning.
Maurice Liautaud, Haitian Con-
sul in Nassau, with daughters Jac-
queline and Maggie are Bahama-
bound today.
Max Tassy returns home from
the U.S. via Panama Line tomor-
row morning.
Mbliss Micheline Armand, daught-
er of Colonel and Mrs. Durc6 Ar-
mand, Haitian Ambassador to Gua-
temala, is soon to be married to
Edouard Laleau, son of former Am-
bassador and Mrs. L6on Laleau.
The wedding will take place on
Tuesday, September 18th at 6:30
P.M. at Eglise Saint-Pierre de -P-
tion-Ville. The young couple will
live in Panama where Edouard has
recently assigned by the Foreign
Miss Nicole Trouillot lelt Wed-
nesday for Mexico where she will
study Architecture and Decoration.
The pretty 20-year-old daughter of
Mr. and.. Mrs. Leopold Trouillot
will study at the University of Me-
xico for the next four years. She
is a graduate of Lyc6e P6tion, and
bent on invading the domaine of
advanced technique. Que les hom
mes prennent leurs precautions.
friends advised as the vivacious Ni
cole boarded her clipper, for she
intends to return with honors and
join the rising ranks of Haitian
University Women.
Claude Rigaud is leaving for
Kingston today.
l'an Rawson, fast-talking creole
receptionist at the Albert Schweit-
zer Hospital, and son of Mrs. La-
rimer Mellon, returned to his stu-
dies in Dearfield, Mass. Monday.
Brother Michael Riawson is off to
spend a month in Bogota, Colom-
Colette Auguste is Jf today to
her second year at Sklddmore Coll-
ege in Saratoga.
XX ,
Wilbert, Yolande and Robert
Neptune are flying to New York


Brierre, son of Captain
returned to school in
S x x

Jn-Claude Aimri is going back to
studies in New York today. One
Briesur, less in the Capital.

Mr. Emmanuel Orlando has been
called to replace Mr. Herve Alfred
as Subtitute to the Attorney Gene-
ral at Civil Tribunal of Port au


,bfi Hi>. -.-' ^*

.-Miss Madeleine gXieTrai
Reynold Fritz Roy exchaogBk.
vows last Saturday eveling".i'.
a double-ring ceremony at Xgli-'
se St. lierre de Petion-Villa at
6:30. The Reverend Father $1-..
fred Monteil, the Cur, f tlh..
Parish, performed the marriage.. ':
The bride. w-as lovely.
min a vaipordus gown of
tulle, with high necked bodice
and full, flaring, panelled skirt,
fashioned by Madame Hilda
Price. He yeil was of illusion
lace, and she tarried a bouquet
of white c ,rnalfons.
Mrs. Philippe Regnier and.'
Mr. L6bn Cassagnol were MA--
tron-of-Honor aid Best '*a"..j
Twelve efilles d'Honneor, the'.."
sisters and cousins of tie bride
and groom, completed tfe wedd-
ing cortege. 1

Witnesses for the bride were:
Ambassador Ernest G, Chauret,
Adrien Castera, Augtnste Vagl0ol-' 1
re, Paul Auguste Magloire, Philip.
pe R6gnier, Pierre Chauvet, Franc .
Magloire, Dr. Ls. Roy, Emm. Ra-
cine, Mrs. f.iemy Sejoutne, ,
Fritz Roy, Mrs. Rene MaiAn,
Mrs. Jan Sambour, Pierre Pis,
soir, Heiri Fabien. Mrs. .atldh.
I4ibbert, Miss Raymonde Bl~on,
Miss Janine Alfred, Miss dinette
Williams, Mrs. Noel de Laplace,
Mrs. Claude Nazon and Daniel

Those signing for the groom
were: Fritz Roy, Yvan Roy, Frantz
Brandt,- Fernand Roy, Raymond
Roy, Mrs. Cl. Magloire, Mrs. Mau-
rice Elie, Mrs. Emile Prtzeau, Mrs.
Friday Martin, Roger Denis, Du-
mont' Bellande, Henri Fouchard,
Philippe Cassagnol, Claude Fa-
bius, Michele RBuzler, Raymond
Bourgeois, Michel Dupu$,.FEama.
nuel Cassagnol and Claude- ta-.

The bride is the daughter of
Mr.and Mrs.. Stephen Archer of
Petion-Ville, and is Secretary to
the President of the Haitian ReEt
The groom is the popular,
young attache of. the O.J3 Br!z ..
ingdustrles a Usine a Man" .
T ' .-. ;n ." ," ( .
mooning mi enscof.. ; ,
i_ "" "___ *** |' n ^ __ ,'" -r

Y .... ** I- _'

Today 3SO6 P3' La Baje *1d
8-7-9:Qp Flt Des Jon,'

TAey I6:i5 P.W. De l 4j i

*o I -:5n ,.M. La 'Ve. ,
Thursday 6-8:15 P.M. A.-lam. est
Eve .
Friday 6-8:15 P.M. Les toyeuseu
come de Windsor
Saturday 5-7-0:00 P.M. La Bale
des Fantomes
Sunday 3:00 P.M La Bate des
5-7-9:00 P.M. Les Jardins du Div.

Prince. I ble.

No matter how long you've been in Haiti -' hours, das, weehq,
years'- the rhythm of those drums gets under your skin.
Have you wanted to get your hands on a drum yourself and beat
Out your own rythmn


Has a drum 'jamin sessions, led by two expert country drummers, ev-
ery Saturday night. No fancy costumes, no strings or winds, no spot
lights just drums, chachas and empty bottles with spoons. You
don't have to come equipped will give you something to beat doL
And if you're timid about performing in public you can always fId
c. secluded corner of the garden where your off-beats won't be heard
amid the general cacophony.
Luckily the cook and the bar tender turn a deaf ear to all of thU
and continue to serve up our usual good food and drinks. .

2 Rue Rigaud Bois Verna
Your own jam session can be arranged for any night providing you
give tus notice c. little in .advance.

ARK Tcmous since Sl
_ _ _ __ - - -.-. j>-


; 1.j ^ *- =

Burglar Gang
(Continued from page 1)
ve put his finger on an easily
l accessible store, he reported to
the leader and with Louis De-
ceus, Pressoir Alexis and Mar-
* eel Jn. Louis who used to drive
a cab in Cap-Haitien, would tho-
roughly case the job before clos-
ing time. The operation was
given pound table treatment pre-
ceeding the burglary.
SWith imaginative planningthat
closely resembled the theme of
a Lazy-B movie, leader Jn-Surin,
carrying a small crowbar with
1Louis Deceus carrying a larger
one, jimmied open the door.
Charlie Brave and Arned Bru-
tus acted as look-outs posted on
each corner of the street. The
get-away car, license No. 5835,
which circled the area before the
operation negan was parked a
short distance away, and Pres-
'soir Alexis made relay trips, car-
rying the booty to the car as it
was stolen.
The gang who pulled off three
known big jobs in the Capital,
one in Cap-Jiaitien and one in
Arcabaie, sold their stolen goods
at the rural markets in Leogane
land Petit Goave.
Senator Emmanuel Pauld of
Cap-Haitien, a victim of the
gang, reinherited some of his
*stolen goods when the Recher-
chdies Criminelles nabbed the
Igang at Arcahaie.

Petionville Astir...
S (Continued' from page 1)
Religious Order, &Les Pcres du
Saint Esprit- is held iii high ,'s-
teem because he has expended
himself beyond all measures to
have the Parish of Petion-Ville
triumph in the principles of mu
|tal love and fraternity which is
the basis of the ideals of christia
As the people group them-
selves to ask this satisfaction
j from the high dignitaries of the
)rder of the Fathers of the'Ho-
'ly Ghost, it should remembered
that Ilather Monteil lived close
to hls parishioners. Lamentations
land ,protests from the villas of the
bourgeois families down to the
i a chaumieres of the maids, but-
lers and merchants in the market
have known the' consolation ok
their cur6's spiritual counsel.

New Head Brother
Rev. Brother Constant, Director
of St. Louis de Gonzague's Instit-
ute, has been nominated Director
Principal of the Brothers of Christ-
ian Instruction in Haiti to replace

the President announced in his
letter of September 8th his in-
tention of leaving for the States,
on the advice of his personal phy
sician, to consult specialists. He
stated that he would be absent
for about 15 days, and requested
that as Congress was not a4ual-
ly in session, the members be
notified by circular letter. In
conformity with Artile. 80 of
the Constitution, President Ma-
gloire further advised that the
executive power would assumed
by the Council of the Secretaries
of State.
The President. and his suite
travelling incognito were greet-
ed at the Miami airport at 4:45
Monday afternoon by Consul Ge-
neral and Mrs. Philippe Chani,
and were driven to the Consul's
residence where a luncheon
awaited them. A eVin -d'hon-
neur was later offered by the'
Director of the Eastern Air Li.
President Magloire left Miami
at 6:50 P.M. on a DC-? the same
day, arriving at Philadelphia at
11:30 P.M., where he wi met
by an officer of the State Depart
meant Ambassador and Mrs. Mau
clair Zephirin, and Haitian Con-
sul at New York and Mis Cinua
He was admitted to Temple Univer
sity Hospital Annexe at I.OO A.M.

Dishwasher Puts...
(Continued from page 1)
exhaust of.a bogota, he was car.
ried to the hospital where the
doctors pronounced he had lye
in his pie.
'As kitchen lore goes, Moniset-
ti St. Jean was naturally in line
.for the pie. The pearl diver's
supply of left-over pies '.ad been
cut off by the cgourmandisea of
the waiter. This was his way of
putting and end to the hi-jacking
by giving him something to bite
on. St. Jean admitted he had
seen lye work on the toilets.

Playing Superman
(Contih.ued from page 1)
peated his exploit Wednesday.
This time, during his acrobatics,
he tripped on a rope and fell
to the ground, landing on his
Miragoane doctors, and Reynolds
Mining's Dr. Fritz Jeager at Pail-
lant, did everything possible to
save the child at the Miragoane
Dispensary, but he remained In
a coma, and on Thursday passed
Funeral services were held in

Brother Yves who Is going back to Port-auPrince, Friday afternoon,
the management of the Haitian Li- at Sacred Heart Church in Ttr-
brary of the Institute. geau, amidst a host of mourning
relatives and friends.

where two apartments had been
specially prepared for tne Presi-
dent and Madame Magloire, and
they have the distinction pf be-
ing the first patients of the new
Annex. They were received byl
Dr. Baker, the Administrator
and Dr. Levinsky.
The first telegram received by!
the President was from his
friend Presidnt Dwight WV. Et-
senhower who offered him assis-1
tance in case he should need
the care of other specialists.
Medical examinations and
consultations for tihe Presiden-
tial couple were begun on Wed-.
nesday morning.
Messages of sympathy were
received by til.e President from
Ambassadors Laraque, Liautaud,
Leger, Counsellors Douyon Dau-
phiin Consul Corvington and,
other personalities of Haiti's io-
reign service.
On Wednesday, Senator Char-
les Fombcun, President of the
Senate on a trip to the U.S. te-
lephoned from New Jersey to
ask news of the Pr-.sident's
health. Ambassador Cnauvet
also made'a long distance cal'
to Philadelphia upon his arrival
in New York from Haiti.
Other messages of sympathy
received by the President in-
cluded those of Cardinal Spell-
man, Senator St. Lot, NMr. Caleb
Elliot, Mr. and Mrs. Oswald
Brandt, Mr. Marcel Gentil, and
Mr. Rvan of Reynolds *Mining
President Magloire is expect-
ed to leave Temple Urn.versily
Hospital as soon as hi. 1nedic.'l
examinations are terminated.
His itinerary will be fi:;ed at
that time.
From' Haiti many messages of
sympathy and sollicitude follo%-
ed the Presidential couple to
the States.
10 Sept. 195b
His Excellency General Paul
E.. Magloire,
President of the Repubic of Haiti
Temple University Hospital,
I have been informed of your
private visit to the United-States,
Mrs. Eisenhower joins me in wel-
coming Your Excellency and Ma
dame Magloire to our Couqtwy
again, although we are naturally
concerned to learn that you are
here for medical reasons. I look
back with pleasure to our recent
meeting in Panama.' If I can be
of any assistance to You while
You are here, I trust you will
let me know.

fill da.t e. -.


President Magluire at Hospital in U.S.
(Continued from page 1) '

S U N D A Y, SEPT. 16th 1956

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