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Haiti sun ( October 29, 1950 )


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Haiti sun
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R. Cheney, Jr. ( Port-au-Prince, Haiti )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )

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RAmnntina ,i'Hafl

a wa t 1pa S saE, ara u aI..

Telephone 2061 SuntsM eiyemfer m.. ..


Former Fsnaiwe Minister Clem9U Jumelle surrounded.. grol atQ
,nend& aio, .N4...rPc'. aoine
e .ften' on, ater ir-,;-7 formally declaring he was
-..^ Candidt. to the Prsidency

,' .:,.=" .. I *fl ,,.' .S~ .p i T
interv w Wi 1"
-Lyor, 9mnTor editor' Jbet
.Reader's .Diist, as written and
.atu'red extesively on internai-
. *~ '*: 0. i -" % ^-
to ,. 9 '.

rort-au-Prijee, Haiti (Noverpb-
'er 10th 1955.-The President of
Haiti, 'Genberi Paul E. 'Magloire,
will not. seekre'-election when. ba,
e at
the- ent912156i boitbid'it~'wffiir'
m t.ito . ok'. ,, .
in he..oi ,, a>i '" t.
the -htifent :'a'ioa1 'Palace. .
.De^d Are .6iesw thai?
..direction, the institutionn of 'hi
: relatively, fr4 Negro .Repablic
' wilflut I e 1 eridlwftf to pet-
.mit him to .-suied himself. In res
panse to myiroet question on
this stibject, &`Pideat: empha'
tically asserted his inte.tion to Te-
Stire from !hi-s office '%i provided
by. the tnstitutioa, and iuthQwi-
ied. me.' to .."'publish his decision.
Twice' sihce the end of the 19-
year Amr ican Occupation of Haiti
in o193'4,,'AtteMipf. -to change the
Constitution to qontifue a' Presid-
erit in office led to political trou-
ble, General Magloire said: Speak-
ing with .unmistakable sincerity,
he added, Twhere will be no such
Third atme"pt w*i
Tlis'is the fist time, well in-
formed Haitians assured me, that
the President has made his -unam-
biguous -decision public. Some agi-
tation to keep this popular leader
'in office for an additional six
Mr. Paul Baringer
New I".S. Embassy
Consellor. Due Monday
SMr. J. Paul Barringer will. ar-
rive from the p. S: toWorrot to
-take up his duties as Deputy
Chief of Missions and Counsellor
at the American Embassy. Doro-
-thy, his wife, will follow next
,month, leaving their 15-year-old
twin daughters in a U. S. finish-
ing school.

.aemr"' "e"ve ted.nam"ohg lss politic"
al entourage 'last 'year, but he act-
ed to squelch 6the movement.'-By
now, General Magloire emphasiz-
ed, -the time for legal amendmnej.
has 'un out, 'and national el'
tion in which he will be barred I
from running will .take place next
October as prescribed.
,... ,, ..(Contined aon ieJ

Strange Fish In
'Maternity. Ward ''
St. Marc Hospital
For;two days Ihisiweek.there has
'been a aebntinuums 'flow of eurios'
St. Marcois' filing to 'the hospital
'..ere'uto'View-hfrLri'f.t corpse
which taxidermists are preparing
to send as-an" exhibit in te' Da;.
mien Museum.. .:.-.:..
* The strange corpse, h.iving id:tre-
semblane to 'that ,of 'i hi be-e
ing,' lay stretihed out on the' Gri-.
se 'Roche Beach at Mt. Mar4 when
a ,wod-cutter,o.on his way to 'the
n2artihis came 'to a sudden halt
At 4:09 a. 6-. Wednesday morning.
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,:' -,4 ." ."' ...
CandidateJumelle Declares

of Oftines Platform For Presife~~
President-E-Tect.of ^ tsP~t< ^ peft
P a m ". Friday Evenin Po r

1a0a' Prsdn e~lecAt" Ernesto n~e*" Finance onAugust 29th to~ca1 neetsitY? iii abjBlhpt~$g
Panama President Cie 4.. "..smIgei made '- '; wstc.' odgmgaW

do Laguardia, accompanied by his ucs c. m ia 1g ,reteModaini
wife, and a pa. 1incldlbgtheod tii 4d c lioy are.ino pte atlijMO.
Minister of Foeign Relatio i o h. Presiny t he.-o.ooi.. s "
P1 anaad riwe.t bffical Prs h reeed newsmen at e 'his e sa& a 'fi n ',9e f lh
Government will visit Haiti, it hhn. e rceivednwil e n at 50 Wi. ', ll1 o fiem bolie rtache ap
was revealed this week by ohffi- .pl i p9 aeton-tlle at 5:30'p.n3u' tie oler." h'
agelle saco aedby' q

siteo w pi t be ic d- mg th elle ftt as komaing rhee tatprgress 7t
silentt and M*ad *md"e ?aU. E.'a Ma7 vows- oiPrs4senc y ato the. to.a stpiip.ore int6' s16**aT
gMoire dnrin efi" tbreda& sti seat of the.ciie of thestood mem'r ofPresit

Stah, e.s" .. ... w"..k.". .a.V, r..... *hi evolution towa 'itt
Sof Panam i'. one of'g~od wiu to over the' pdit' 'tz 'y-ar it' fvor tfls becomii afr tul an a
,ii and1rW y o Mihtlt0C*.of thisHaidti *A. 4,'"!,

}which unite the 'people of.Panaia 'Thu action A ec at-ta~h b* Ate," a.infr in6ltn*
.. . . .epe yedew s en .otr _i ...

... ... b i all .ronVs f't.i
and the people ofiswe i. int "a i led at 53n" all 'dopains to itipf ,O .
s oi.U, a.4snss .of .lJ5kg
iSlANtD RESORT; Vi geo oIs"ot ,.
... of,. 'i.... .. ... ...... . -.A' d -.tiio is su1

*, : idn broken 'on one
.01 t. g jso" f smice'e
birth 'o Tourism in Haiti. TBe pr'o
l. it' i's- s .Ile a'.1 Vabrit a, t .i
acre islandd- fhe last pre-'Colo i-,
'bin 'site in fhe TCaribbezin', situ't-
. 'in The -Pmt au Prince Eay, ha4
;:nfe oHf 'the mainland a 30-
minute dfive from the Capital dii
'the Tort au lPiie-St. iarc high-
Away. ,. .,. .;'
Author .of -the ir6)oct, .,Architect
Etdbert EBansan, *owuer"f"the pros
peroaa 70-rom;Ibo m 'Leb Hdtel;
.-wb *as Haiti's first zJi'dor-Scre-
"taty .of 'rouism''told t'e kSn. injn
mn intervieww this week Thatht'has
.envisaed. .'just .ab6ut tB *'tout
want in th 1'.Tilaf-,i"';-
and resort. :. . :. .. .
I keeping wi' the-'likeraofjine-
'O lonflian "Inlian era. Mr. Baum.
-sap said:' hat the-"'t .atiacin in
ureiu. of'
:1,$1hboration wjfh .1t4aureau .o
AE"pl ogy and Coan i'" nsis to
iOiU% he island-P:'t. Indian
relics ande dig 4or pdsaie.'-buried
foia o ai o .s .*; _,:Y V':" : '
.... !Ebe relics wiB be ho e in a
ipxusp~in hichil, je.ybuil as a
replica ofqi, theon4ia. period .hou-
ses. The lifeT bf te. Indian from
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Modern .v
r C. .r e ... .
And H iti.; n j
V(Written for the 'Sunt b i .,
K er.TOit-K ,','-K-6 t ,, : r.,': ;. ',
Instructor, Dept' of Arch.. :;
Howard,. University, Wash. D.C!'
The mbve. toward bheiispfhei
-solidarity, which -became inmt.ns.fi-
ed as result of Worl %'War Uiiade
people in the U.S.A. increasingly
aware, of'. the 'ci.ture ::of lands'
south of our vwn. Since then
mbch of the .arts of Central and
-South Am.e 'ia'.,ae; l ecoine'.. fan?
liar toc-North Americans, studied
'by -students, -ideas exchanged,. qAc
'ievements envied` an'd *"oi"ed. .W'0.
know the faces of' te major cap-
itals of .the ,.A ria$., Haitg's...pi-
erkence i6 prormeno.:inm this' res-
pect came about primarily as re-;
sult of the.4xpositin.; Until thop
'it was t. .lid o&'.&e h.istbph4
legend -the Black Republic- un'
penetrated: by thde cmniera d-epti
for exotic, 'flklore; purposes; .in-
conceivable as a place for comfo40
loving tourists to visit in'.Ammeian;
required luxury. Even' now !'dth
the tourism ever increasing the
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?"~N?'W xd vern... -
Add were:ia: consolid aioii .'d
of '194;.. 4iidl the realizatibns'.''f.
Gbvernment.,ooftDeg.ber 'I'A

pliiorm, he..tld the',ihnh ,'w
ved tl,.e *'iggei
.objectives .envisaged- He,*;M
*flSndispeuisable .to coap.
h*ad n
:Rimprove.,;A'e road nfi k^ei
'country. Th, -land proble.rinl
.. ..-e .-S -,'
vea"'I ." *' : % *'.*..,." |'' |"
lMr.4i-imielle' projects i:he';ifl
sioi. of irrigation.to, the bid,,
..the. rationuIl' planting anda
tieefM' 4ltiab-e ...s,=4.4'f
"eleetii%6o I$e~s:. 4, .
.He1 believes .tlat the.if
should be' reor.ga d, and
ment shOu,.'be%:activated.. :.
.... '. iig'ic.ncernd'.
,.il .Hg, tj:. '." i- s, ,,:,. 'o )(i x33 6 "1
vor I: -W'
aHs In a1Plccl^hofr'i|d
raging pAlic "a ias ,i' ae
Haffl ':ma'sse g" i

tiatiye, ..mve'd,m ,e
'^e tight? against 'iinemniloi~tut1t'.
and generalise social secmurit* ,.,;..
'Schools, 'hospitals iand 'lo*-re.'n'a..
'homes will I' multiplee, u,: lfr"ir
'Jumelle's program. He plku.'.i
i',j"1. T _IV

establish' and 'maintaixi respe&^dt.""...;
the rights of the peasantsk ,.
.workers of all conditions, *I4e.jt
confezsz Lpyalty and Justfce1.M'c
the maintaining pfV.le' :"p
tige of th .Army,' guardik nofii-:,
ternal and external, security .
With regard to the Haitian '& '.,
tellectuality, .-Mr. JumelHe bLiiees;
the prestige inherent to -thought .
should be confernyd upon e,.," He'.:;
is anxious to perfect the 'oaaniza&;;
dion of the University; to prep .:
the' youth of Haiti for the. tasjks;-
which i be created, to satisfy .'
their legitimate expectations '..::.*:.
The role .of the Haitian woman .
in the community should be brode- *'
red Mr. Jumelle stated, and ssen-,
s (Continued on page. 20.
th yot -o Hait for

c c d. .: t a
..i-f^. ,
.. ... ". . . .. r.i .:.
. ..,. ..-.:,f h e..,iti.n ::
red Mr ::...u.' s ate ,..'nd. e/... i.. ,"';:''





* ., "'.! . *, ... , :. ^ 1

.*' .;-'.-i
k. .. :.. .. ;i

/ :: ." . .. =* :( . !i "*i

..k ,, . t .'oy
* *;; ; ',(; '. , : . .'.. -'.'
.. .. :.'.- :;. m
* * / '* * % 4 '. ,*-
R ; '*' 't- e. * .*'S "-
- - ~"..'-' '.:'* '" .'.,.. *l i^T ; . ..t';' "
6 \ . ;^ :,; .,.' ,*;- .. iS : :.

'NWs Iflt audi Mine Magioure
ide gl..o'+ ,. ..-. .

at Hospital Opening

v atMd it. ne Mailoire and Mrs'Miot at last S9ndy
$f the 24-bed.Private CdnapU Vert Hospiti, listen, to tkeI iW-
u4$ras delivered by, Dr. Antor Eiot. i '
"" - -r --:'--.-.-- :""--- .. -.-- .',J 5.-
y aremoiselte Magazie U a".

RuiOti fAs Travd Fashion Baetp
group from the famous Aea-' PreparutiAS for the so qoUrQ
n, fashion magazine Aiadeihoi- (the visits sw.ere made i enioit4
arrivedd heree Tuepday after with the' Direction r 'd;th:e, ;u
jin cbhneetion with twelve Bureau' '
S'in 'the revue on Caribban Includd 'in the grou are s
riis'.. Hiaiti alone wfl obe lea- Patricia .Pate4nsd, Edltor; MissATo
a in L0 our pages ip colr.,. lotes '. askinA s, m6del ;M .ig,,'e
4 Hubeirt Guinan,,Trave Edi- man Land$ ., Photoeiphtei .
hr&'- odemisale' who'visited Misp Na .6es, odel' ..
il14-t month ad made preoa-'. *The] T o ue :r't
ifo r the group to include yost.rdaftt ueee v ..
hq"tur. b" ",o''n,: ,

sail o.A..;. -,* t;.-\* ^,
AI S. A. .. S' A'. -..,1

" S"a" a i l n"ii"u'"V i" ^';" ..n f.. .' "
rda. *Pityie^Wi. d
& ,"! ;"'! tur : .;.* lr 'h^ .' a.'*".+ *' *. i'. Sej '
i .

n er ro aOf.S p'.nish Songs

.,:, ,ON SA.UnDAYS, ADMISSION: $1:00
y:)::, !{ ('..'.ON S DRAYS, ADMISSO:$













. "
w,; : ; ** .


- ----mo

"'-TheBrauidford Girls', a group the U.S. on a Caribbean tour. He strengthen the cultural relations
6 eight of the most beautiful- was especially pleased to present between the Haitians and the co-
'sepia.giil. models in the United them to-a Haitian audience bec- lored Americans. In his opinion,
Stuites, were-presented in a fashion ause of the links which united-the it will greatly contribute to the
show at Cabane Choucoune last; Haitian people to their American greater e c o om i c development
night. Tjis was the first time that congeners. Mr. Brandford said between the two countries in the
their Director, Mr. Ed. Brandford, that he is persuaded that' the vi- domain of fashion and beauty pro-
reputedly one of the most outst- sit of tb' 'Bran.dford Girls' will ducts.
ending personalities in the busi-
ness, has -presented .his show. out- 4-^"-k- ; I-,'-T- -- ..
side of the United'States. ..... .. .....

.. '-. ,
The young women modeled the
latest creations of the American
fashioned morning 'gowns,- bath
and beach suits, afternoon and ev-
'ening gowns.

* The show, includes a singing and
dancing act of talented artists
from New York. A large cosmet-
ics' manufacturer accompanied tile
grobp,, bringing samples' of the
prbicfs' prepared especially for
the exotic beauty of colored wo-
.^ n: *. .
-The ukanufactqrers will take ad-
-yantagEof this visit to contact lo-
qal Vusiuiss-firms for the sales of
their cosmetics.
"'Aftertappearing before themam
h oth cjowd of Saturdajy night Ca-
,bahe Choucpune patrons, the show
will be presented tonight (Sun-
day) at Hotel Riviera.
Producer Ed. Brandford held a
presi conference at Hotel Riviera
Friday-'afternoon and presented
the'members of'his troup to news-
men. Mr. Brandford informed that
h)e is- taking his models, some of
the 'most beautiful colored girls in





. ...a BradforWd Girl



I V V 16 -1 %l


TO '

^ +w 'ii ,v *
1 .-.. k"u/, '-


$1: (!JJO00 ROUND TRIP '.
* ' m*w 'us) : '
I, o30 Day Excorsioh, Fare .
S " See yodr Travel Agent or

wjpt V~t WA I !A'ft
Rue Dantes Destouches-Portau Prince-Tel: 3451
IT. M. .It@. P". I





President Magloire In Chauvet
Interview Clarifies Election Position

In what may be considered the first interview grqn.ted a Hai-
ti.an jogunalist on the subject of his position with regard to the
conig elections, President Paul E. Magloire's interview with
Mr. rLnest Chauvet, Hlitian Ambassador to United Nations
was a front page scoop for Mr. Chaduvet's newspaper, aLe Non-
velmste,a on Monday, September 3rd.
M*. Chauvet had called at the Palace last Saturday morning
after requesting a special audience with the Chief of State in
order .,pay his rsqpets, and fpt 4 chatk1etween old friends of
lgongtainding. He found'theiPresideht in huisu'tl gflo 1 lumon
Mr. Chauyet stated, and4 they spke' of iy' hlngs, and of
course the matter of foreign and inqeinal poliies eae up for
dlsnain qrn-pgq aeu ~
d^' s i n "- ... .. *' ^.- .1 i,,. ,.'
WVffli the next few montoas,* president Magloie bEgan,
.the JiaW people wiM.l be.paled upon to 1fe al .s'e, i r
..,. ., 1. .. -.. ... 41. I
in he resident l electi,9ns. Fromthe very first dys ofmy
te- m in'I okce, 1 finely resolved not to seek a second ten.r
SAt no ti~p since his election, the President con tinued, has
he ever considered the possibility of accepting a second term,
plontg out that he had.used his pqrson4 influence with the
men appinte# to..Mw up.the-Consjtution ot 19' with re-
gard it attaining the clause forbidding a Presldent to s6-
._e4d h1nsel..
The electoral Decree of 1950 which was the\work of the Jun-
ta to which Colonel Magloire belonged, had made the same
restrftion. For this reason, in 1954; when the people and
mem44fof Parliament pressed General Magiplre, the Chief
of Strte ,age & o; revision o-th- Constitudgn and an
amen meni' ,lt 77 threot e President wai ndamant.
I will keep faitN4with the principles '"Have set up for my-
sp%1 said. the G en0", an' during ii interview wish Mr.
U lot .'hn.said.. a'iI keiqp4 y wor4t-.of a soldier given to
foreigfftft1ijf0s 'tLei. .dclarmd thaiI J o4uld respect the
Constitution o l forbids-successlve ie-eletfion of a Pres-
idfent. "";, .,-, -'", "..' ,, ":-.. -
S mm 'u i he2Ubtances that prow that he 'has 1kepj his
word tqj t er, Nsfdent Magloji ur ke of his promnie to
theH.H n H1 a l .1'. o rder an,. assl pie tranqu .ty
:," ': ,,: I ..0M
Xap today,) he stated, <(and
ap .h6 ..."en si~ m I = ..
a.the Genellssimi 4.t W hald agaip xenw it.
ThisW.'. o. bmportaxting tiblfty of the newPres-
Ident .'hat1 t i le next Apil without
this 1tabIiBe nf will e to maike'this couni-
try-pro* .-
Presi K1 w "..on to tiAprimord-
ial p .-mel-t&i"sel 'ah l -maccompllsh man
things for weheng o'his beloved Hat. Hesail tat to
day's u. qa f t fthvsv vtaMorrw;, old take this fact
into he,^li^l^ said,- foofbi "^is insisting
upon t" a ,:a.-reri byn
e My most ardent desire is that my successor will continue
and, f n wy, 'work. I .shal, help'him "with all m.. heart,
1andwei t A.Mrlie '6 Presidency o y y'15th (1957) it. will
b e wi7h th Wsi mfy tion-o1,t bhig dope '-my best in' the ac-
' omplis 2'ai qr;my duty. '
Abassasdor.(hmuvet in bis .,Le NouvellisteD, tried to ex-
press i own binqr feelings after listening to the incredibly'
soundand democratic reasoning oT this great Chief bf State
who firmly withstood the onslaught of the people 'from all
the VeetWrU of'filenmaiti :wto sincerely desired to make him
change IRis m d. Mr. Chauvet said that the President's gest-
ure is perhaps un"quie in Haiti's history, and will immortalize
Paui.E.,llaglo ...., .e -
sHe ,l o power .en beauty .(in l*auty) and "he will
leave it in beaity, :Mr. Chanvet declared. -and I felt- that I
was in tht prefsene 'f a truly great- iHaltian, great afriot,
great Statesman, and-a great Demoerat. -' .
Mr. Chauvet adlso sail that he know. that, the Pireident
spoke the truth 'ibncernmlng the clauses 'of the Constitution.
He had learned, it four years ago in New York when Dr. Dan-
ts Bellegarde who had beenithe Chairmanii of the 9500'C hs-
titutional Committee had confided to hin that during- the
time they were drawing ,up the Constitution, emissaries bad
twice been. dispatched to them 'by President' Magloire. On
each otasion -It was a message beseeching them to bar all
possibilities -to the immediate re-elecpon of an outgoing Pre-
sident. '

Haiti Leads Caribbean
In Tourism Increase
San Juan, Puerto 'Rico.-= Haiti
led the Caribbean area 'last year
(1955) with a 211% increase in
visitors; 55,000 more 'tourists hav-
ing stopped in Haiti'in 1955 than
in 1954.
Nassau had an ddditfonal 64,000
tourists during 1955, but %bowed
only a 93% increase.
Puerto'Rico was second to Nas-
sau 57,000 tourists, or 67%
more than the previous year.

area has risen from 670,000 in
1951 to a record level if 996,000
in 1955..
SThe report indicates that increa-
sed :economic prosperity of .cert,
ain nations, notably the United
States., and reduced air line fares
are responsible for the expansion
of tourist travel in. the Caribbean
The Puerto Rican Government's
Planning Board said that the near-
ly 1,000,000 tourists spent $140,
000,000 in the Caribbean area last
I'bar. while the 'Governments of I

These statistics are provided by the Caribbean Islands invested a
the Bureau of Economy and Sta- little more than S3 million in the
tistics of Puerto Rico's Planning promotion of tourism. In other
Board which revealed in a recent words, a $,09 investment per per-
study that the number of' vaca- son brought a dividend of $140
tioning visitors to the Caribbean I per tourist.

Maurice Fils-Aim6
One Of Haiti's
Oldest Bankers

Veteran banker Maurice Fils-Ai
m6 resumed his duties at Banque
*Nationale de la Republique d'Hai-
ti, on Septeumber 1st, after a well-
earned vacaqion .and rest of one
month from his heavy duties.
Although he entered the bank-
ig. lildQp theq staff the Ropyal
Bank o: Canada wherq he worked
for five years, be was wooed to
Bank Ngtipnal and has furnished
*q loy.j az4 Vftblq epllaj$1rltion
with. this institution for the past
.tJftyhiee. .years, and 4 is ampng
the, mps1 highp4 esteemed of thp
Bankr's. lfrsoilnel : '.
...m thjeq years, ago w iefi, Mr.
Fils-Aimn6 had recuperated from
a s.ripos, illness, tbalt.kept lim in
o. t (. 1 -1 ': .:-, .
ld pr "three p.onths, he notified
t.4 .Boaird ot' Diretors that he
would bAsking 1 'be retired.. Tbe
Ban -ogiials, however;
t hear. 'oit, and asked that he
remain'"on-'duty. a while longer'at
leadt' intil le could' train, a. repla-
cement they would hav ito select
as his possible successor. They
realized it' was n6t"'joing to b&,
easy to replace this quiet'spoken;
devoted and honest 'collaborator of
many long years' standing; '
Miurice is a, member one of the
capital's oldest and highly respec-
ted 'families. ITHis parents Mr. anad
Mrs. Camille Ffls-Aimi, now"de-
ceased, were considered' among
the pillars of the avieux Port A u
Princes.. With his wife, the'forinm-
er Yvonne Seneqal, he presides
over a family of four pretty debu-
tances di their Bois Verfia residen-
ce: Jacqueline, second'in age is a
Lycee Ant6nor' Firmin faculty
member. .Gisele who studied. En-
glish in. Jamaica is a stenographer
a well as a talented dressmaker.
MarieDeniie is employed at; Ou-
vroir National, and Colette, the
youngest girl is in., her last year
of high school. Two of their child-
ren are .married -Gerard, the el-
,dest-.(td Judge and Mrs. Christian
Laporte's daughter, Marcelle) and
Ginettp, eldest- of the daughters
(to Cap Haitien businessman Fred
dy Martin). Between them, five
small charming grandchildren
have begn, added to the family
clan. Jean-Robert, teen-ager and
youngest attends school at St.
Louis le Gonzague.
0r. Fils-Aimn is a member of
the exclusive cercles Bellevue and
Colonel Henri Fils-Aime, Franck,
Paul (deceased), Emmanuel and
Louis, and one sister, Mrs. Char-
les Fabius complete the immedia-
te family roster.

N 10G11T
Open N
With Best Bani
Reduced Di

Lyons' Interview With President

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The news will be reassuring to ie and cultuiial, made by .
Americans who have economic in- since 1950 will not .be, inter't.t4d.
terests in this. country. 'It will be by political upheaval i .-iaaL.
.even more welcome to the people gloire can help it and ol' -,
of Haiti, which hlas had more than here is about unanimous' that
Its share of turbulence in the 150 can. "... .
years since the only successful re-. Pre'smlabt t4e Presdentvj1
volt 'oh slaves in modern times es-' hav et#he deciding voice in e ,-
tablished this fabulous black rep- nomination of his suesso._0-.
uiblic in the Caribbean. his authority is :by nQ..iea
The regime of Presi4ent Ma- solute, and .many groups,'
Sgl&ire 'has -been, by local stand- 'dividuals .are. afreb
yards, remarkably free and. law-al- forahe pW4owfth i
iding. There have, ben,-n- overt lace. ' ',; *t
reasons-for suspecting him of. am- ,Are-, thre ,me:ot.. fit
bitions to perpetuate himself in stature to' take. your pl"ceas --
office. All lhe same, a country sident?' I aihed. ..
with an acute sense of history .Of course there are,. Genr..' .W
was uncomfortably aware that in gloire replied. Then he chued&l
this century only one Haitian Pre- aidi added, -To judge bz. t i
sident, Stknio Vincent, gave up 'nieavdring already upder-..-vpX
the. reins of office peacably.. there -are hundreds. who-,'* rdvI
An edge:of doubt as to whether themselves as P-residlntiAl.mter:
General Magloire would be the se- ial, o " ", ';-
tond therefore remained. I found "' General Maigoire is a big hald"
it vdiced, discreetly and worriedly, some man with 'a, r5ady g apjd,'
,in discussing politics with Haiti- soft-spoken and intelligent -'He.
ans. A recent American book on.'ems to be universally adi .ed ,,
this country hinted at the cloud respected. Although himself dark,
of. uncertainly in sumnriqg- up 'skinned, he has enjoyed the.cof-
aiti's" history, dence of' the many-hued ,ilig
%In 1-95 7v, Selden Rodlman, skinned'A-ite- minority.' Fr Au."
wrote in H-iti, the Black Replab- residents of long vintage toldi'.:
liq '-Paul Magloire -would reach that the color issue, often sensiti-.:
the expiration of his term. of of- 'e in the past, has rebeded itb
fle-e that peiod of decision so the far background. *.
fa$al to ;ambitious. p edecessors., 'It is almost certainb, that-.'r44
Thq inplication was that ambhit- denfit Magloire's successor 'il.eB
ion migit-again, lead to'the fam- like the overwhelming majorityit
iliar .pattern of violence- The Pre- the people, a -noir, a Nego.3.
sident has 'now removed the that,' -like the present iiUff
dqubts and fears on this score he will ignore color shad,
The. impressive progress, econom- ing thisroud .little, puba 'r '
.. ". : .'* ,* .~ : :^' '' ." "
. .. ~ ~- ..,. ...
v, R .rss....o 4 Ai

.. ,' ., -. ., . c,.* -A
This article was given tle.-Sun- on November 1955 byEugene.Lj
-after an interview with President' Magloire. Unpublished i t Hait'
is significant today as it was the President's flrst declaration to' ai
reign journalist that he did not intend to run for a second .term..n;. '
ran Journa]ist, Lyons was deeply 'impressed 'with. President Iglfr
Born ip Russia 58 years ago,. Lyons emigrated to 'the. U.S'Ifr'iOOT-;.
and was'naturalized an American in 1919.,1 Formerly ones .A6e4. .
top foreign correspondents as Associated Press correspondent ja 1a
cow from 1928 at 1934 and senior editor of the Reader's Digest, he .was "'1
top foreign correspondents wvo served in Moscdw from 1928. to 1I4'
Now a senior editor of the READER'S DIGEST: abe -s
at first sympathetic towards communist experiment but turned'f@rA 4
ly against it; and when he became a U.S. citizen, he wrote, sevoeaiia
tidcles and books which gave a rare insight on life behind the IrqgiCr
tamin. The Russian-6orn author'of .Asjgnmet lin.Utopian, cStal"p!z
q All the Russias;, The Red Decad',; cSix Soviet Playsv and' f'iAur!
Secret Allies, counts many friends in. Haiti. .' "
*. *, .. . "' . ':.:' .

"' " f *. "
..1 ,

During nus ten-day vatalion here'in NevembMr 19t5 i :
seen iWth his wife, U.S. Ambassador ad Mrs. Davis and "'iteii '"
,Lrg .. ........ ., ....
ques Large. -"'- ,. .............. :" "..;..-.. .... :..;l "

i /\ ^ GUY DUROSfitR and his talon- '
r O" ted wife, the former Madeleine
- C L U B Marcel are appearing in thetniglt
i t lubsi I n Cap Haitien. Port S't
qilghtlfcly Prnciens ti-tenedI to .The VoiceE;...'i
di In the Land over Radio Cbnignercs broadcast -:^'
*ink Priles ing from the Rumba Night Club. '
ink Princs The Durosiers'are accompanied, by
$2.00 MINIMUM, Felix and Edner 'Guignard. ;' .' :

. "



*-* ** .* i*** 1 *
; o ,4,:
: *. '".. T' *-e

SSoldier Francois BOUCARD -Who was stationed in Petit-Goavpe since a
few months as a clerc in the Military District, is now meditating on his
mischief inLa jail cell. The'mysterious 'chevalier de l'amour*. was
about to marry an innocent girl Marie Viergelie Pierre when the Cure
of Peti4Goave, Father Cassagnol recieved a -letter from the
Cure of Mirebalais and the father of the.'cbigamous compere?, The
Religious marriage set for last August 20th was cancelled sincb Fran-
vois'Bonchard' was previously married to agotlier girl. And every body
to sing in Petit-Goave : 'Mariage gate, toutes boissons cachetees, la nmbre
d6composde. ('Le Jourp, Pept, 6 th, 1956)
3._ -- 3

:'r./ ivweaut Helene Marsh
lHaiti to cosfttien lhe
'5I ,'OU&-4 ng9 lessons, c
fq-ec four of Cuba. As c
I? *~bn EA~inshe

A "fi r , 8,', ,, 'Au
ttI first :week j aroying the
..iu "'qna Television 2 as
K tipinedihe;r 4 -for a Decemt
K^a~ement, dnd she..will leave
^4iu lt.-A November to beg
7ihea ra0s for he? opening in
bar professional "ame

'C, *

-.. .: .

i -------o .

Mr. Jean GARDERE, will fly sobuon to Canada on a 4rie month business
trip. The active industrialist will make a wide publicity for Rhum, Bar-
'bauicourt in' several Canadian provinces. mainly in the Province of
Quebec. .
Ernst N. CIMEAS, Rend A. Benjamin and Miss M deleine Gardiner
who represented Haiti in Berlin at the Youth World Assembly are now
in NewYork on their way home.
Greek Ambassador HADJI VASSILLLIOU will arrive soon 'in Port-au-
.Prince on a special mission. .The Greek diplomat is delegated by his
government to discuss with the Latin American' Chancelleries the pre-
sent international situation. .

C, e Ambassador LUIS ARROYO's residence water supply is'out. The Ve-.
Cubanezuelan representative and his family are obliged to ask their neigh-
S bors for the precious liquid.
Mr. Charles DALENCOUR.was installed as Substitute Judge at the
Court of Appel at a solenm ceremony in the Palais de Justice, Thursday
morning. -
Messrs Esmangart ALPHONSE, and' Vilfort POLLAS who were nomi-
nated Attdrney General and Substitute Judge respectively at the Court
.of Appeal 'and the Civil' Tribunal -of Port-auPrince by the President
of the Republid swore in last Thursday, after the investiture ceremony
S of.Judge Dalencodur. '
Dr. Athemas BELLERIVE, Director General of Public Health-' will
Represent Haiti at the VI 'Meeting of the Superior Council of the Pan
American Sanitary Organisation and at the Regionald Conference .of thi
World wealth' Organisation to be held in Guatemala next 'eekw.
Mr. Hogar NICOLAS, author of The American Occupation of Haiti
. The Revenge of History' returned hoine from his post iin the Haitian
e. Embassy in Washington for a few days vacation. The young .diplomat,
E -and historian accompanied by Mr Alred Guibert pild a courtesy visit
on to the' Sun. last Thursday. /
Ces Mr. and Mrs. YVON PERRIER -received a newt addition to their fa-
,,lan- mily last Monday, a girl, named Chantale.
mt '-M9

CHATON ROYis busily preparing what he expect will be the great-
est. portrait photp exposition ever held in the Republic ,'The exposi-
tion of leading 'political 'and Community figures and women will de-
monstrate the work that can be done here -when you have the
enuipement and the know-how. Mr. Roy recently returned jrom a stu-'
dy tripr to Canada. The show, opening date to be announced, later,
will be held in the French Institute. ,
LOULOU DEJOIE has the look of anxiety as he Waits word from
'sa femme- in New York whether -the 'new son or daughter 'has arri-
"ed.. ........ I ...... ...................:I.. ............
ELIE DANA is happy to throw off the cloak of'.bachelorhood with
the return of his wife from 2 .months iW the U.S. .

THE JULY ISSUE OF .HAITI-SCOUT, came off the press last
.week with a rich summary on, the Boy Scout movement in Haiti.
This second issue is,.as the first, luxuriously illustraterl. It's a prime
and spry little .paner, a credit to the Scout movement.,.
'ERNEST MARTIN is the newest American artist to arrive .in Haiti
on a year's study grant. The good looking young man -is -the son of a
famous American artist. ... ...........1..... ..1
CAPTAIN and Mrs. ERIKSEN received four oil paintings' by Centre
d'Art d'Haiti from a delegation of the-Club International de.Com-
mnerce (-Messieurs d'Adesky. Guy Martin and; Jean Desquiron) when
they ,called at Port enroute home to the farm and retirement in Penn-
sylvania last'.week. The paintings, all typical Haitian scenes, were the
Club's jnanner of saluting the departure of a highly esteemed member.
: WALTER HIISCH is home, from a month's tour of Europe. Wife
Mariene will return from Germany at the end of this month.
HAITI comes into the Nationalcar fold through the Executive Commit-
tee's aonroval of the application for membership of Georges Heraux.
Heraux Tours and Travel Service of Port-au-Prince. Nationalcar is 'one
of the largest Car Rental System in the world. Heraux Tours and Tra-
vel Service operates the biggest fleet of brand new Fords and Prefects
in town. The cars carry a large L, on their licence plates. And among
its many fie services, Heraux Tours offers 24-hour pickup and delivery
service to the airport, docks, and all'hotels in Port-au-Prince and Petion
Ville as-well as sightseeing tours, meeting service and transfer service.

A SEDREN WAREHOUSE, near Gonaives burned to the ground on
the afternoon of August 28th when a fire caused damages estimated
at $4,800.00. Three employees in the Sedren mines in Terre-Neuve were
burnt and treated at Providence Hospital in Gonaives.
EMMANUEL GARNIER, young piscicultitre technician is furthering
hig knowledge of the fish industry in British Guyana.
COMMANDER CHARLES of the U.S. Naval Mission received the
.hia Cable from home in the U.S. Friday announcing the arrival of his
baby girl. .............


. .. 7 ":... '.. .



SatWa6spe Iaf ataeCiie EIdleoik l 3

-. .- ,:,. ,,. -:,,
,, ,'__' _- i:'. '" "-" -"
''" '"i '. 7". ; -

el. W, specialize in the Citdel Excurslo,L Sghtsceeui ,Tours.,
Our Experienced Guides Speak E b.g ',.., . _-
P. O. Box 31'2 "' --' . .:
+ ..'- ." ,, .- , ,. .. ,y . . .., . .

*3.p.f / J.

Stops Perspjration! top S or!J
Kills Germs that causCodort zJ

SiRzeg. '.,





t i-i

DEPUTY GERALD CASH f-the -Nasaar Chamber of Depqties, amid
Haitian Vike-Consul in Nassau arrivedd on his first trip here on August
'30th for a week at Hotel Choucoune -His numerous activities includes:
a presidency of sport associations, and-la .practice.
SA HAITIAN NATIONAL PILGRIMAGE to the centenary celebrations
of the St. Vierge de Lourdes apprition to Sainte Bernadettp is being
prepared for July-August oa 1958," by Port au Prince's-Cenltrale Catho-'i
lique des Oeuvres. The',passage and expenses estimated at from $1200
Sfo $1300 may be arranged by',contacting. Father Philippe aA the Port
au Prince Archeveche.. '. : .... ......... ....... ...lh '
HOGAR NICOLAS, Secretr,. of the Haitian Permanent eegatio
at United Nations arrived here Sunda&j evening: last, for a few days
vacation. .
vaca on. AN E Pr" .. ............... .......... .................
Mr. DANIEL. THEARI3, Protocol Service Chief flew to Panama on
a special mission list week. ...-..... '....... ........... .
THE MILITARY ACADEMY of Haiti has announced the results'of
the contest organized for admission of new cadets last August, and 20.
were admitted to the Army's Transmission Service on *September 4th. :
"HIS EXCELLENCY Ti PAt. WJAN, IMnlier if China to Haiti pre-
sented his credentials to P6iMdent M1gIloire oi' bonda morning. '
THE HAITIAN DEEG= iDON to the Pan-Negro Congress i Paris,
Dr. Price Mars, Senatdr:Emile St. Lot, Engineer-Architect Albert Man-
gonis 'aid, Rene Piqulibr although dep hrting' fron' Haiti at different
dates mill meet in' Fraece for the Congiess'hig' month:
GENERAL ELECTRIC COUJVENTRY of .ondon f'..disembarked their'
purchase of pre-fab material for enlyrge len bo. thet elephoie build-.
-ng this week. "-.. .....a
..... .... ... :. ...&.'..... al."

au is
' dan-
zfter a

e 7ar
o went
ind '4
or en-
e Haiti


.. ( ,






Sunday, September 9th 19 5 6 BHAIT SUN ,,r PAG& $.
U my travels never have I seen a belong here, because I haw nto',
HAITI SUN more interesting spot> leave, becaiuse-'I have to coM-'::.
THE HAITIAN ENGLISH LANGUAGE NEWSPAPER Well I canht'do it I am angry back a long, long time.\ ,' '
Community Weekly Published Sunday Morning and ready to throw something t '.'. : ''
Editar-Publisher BERNARD DI U R|i someone. Why? "*iefly, ''m a (s) J. -M. \ *";
Gkant:Eesponsable PAUL E. NAJAC textile designer; I paint, Write, :: ""^
~~ ~ ~ ~ -II dance and Sti*. Wfilioit i ne: a .n-. ''':
A NS WR", T A NI M O A T A T IN U R Su -A going to sound like'a self cent&e ed, "'1 :
ANSWER TO AN IMPORTANT cWANT IN TOURISM eHaiti Sun> all star techiicolor movie, -let pear Editor, ... ,
Akhitect-Engineer Robert Baussan, one of the founding me add: thatI am not by any J."..:"-
fathers of Tourism in Haiti that today means so much to the Sir, heans expert at all these things Searchers are -disap'IN: ":.
economy of this country is answering one of the most import- but lets say I'm happy with the not findig enough oo.
ailt wants in the trade a complete beach resort. I would like to use the me- variet.y. h and'ns mae"atIth-'if?.&'
'. tBaiissan, the first Under-Secretary' of Tourism and own- dium of your very well prhsesht-a; .p. pein 'nittlt 'HaiU"o-tW '
er of the Ibo LIee who has been planning a complete Tourist ed paper to thank aUl those who .And what,has happened, in .Nich faiifrtq'de p.e.t' -"
-Town on a beautiful but inaccessble beach in the North of made my stay in Haiti such A the four weeks I've been here?.'Fe.if m ec tat"'r-'&
thenal shdue four oek'' e nhere.,e -if "-h i .. .'.
.aitL ihas decided that there is a much more' urgent need for pleasant one, (originally scheduled for one), French. Institute, The fact -
h Beah 'Re'sbirt near the Capital. The Chouchou Bay project am doing all of the afore-men- -"ains that Hfaiis who.. hays
is niotjeig slelved,.bt just held in abeyance for the moment. It is difficult to single out in- tioned things as I have never neaiver lived iithhie Unita d 'S&at', 1
The complete Island Resort at 4chb a'Cibritv is-coming into dividua faamiies but -I wish to doneThem before in' a certain whoare interested in AneJi
.being, ata -remarkable speed. BeachL frosh water, swimmsing thank 'partiteuarly Lt. Musset little metropolis too well known Wfte ar- feed up .witl ai
pobi',' stages, 'cabanas, RestahranfBar,' dance pister, aId Despei-gnesand family, Dr. HU- to needAto be mentioned. I can't An.ian' digests avalabl'otd-
unique Museum will tell the story ,of the Indians who had bert Montas -and family, MN.. take' it any. more. Last night it 'thd in. hai-ti, ndnetet. get'tlie.
their own resort on this Island before .Columbus got out of 'c amille Large and family, Mr. rained. y 'dciance to read.the best.'Amk.'
Navigation School. It Will be ready. forthe winter season in P an, Mr ." an literary, philosophical
47iatn. cHarry Tippenhauer and family, t like rain; But never as pas- scientific productions. In such .
Jane alarge.otel sp'ouonheisa.nxyr Mr Emile St Lot and family, the sioniately as' this..To run out and, 40joncture let us hope '-ha1
'.When age.ot, so nCoicou's, Mrs, Denyse Wilson get myself drenched in it 'for no" they don't become dis4l1usii
will be Haiti's ais* 'er.toresorf`such asTower Isle, of Jarai- and-Mr Morisspau. 'Leroy whose. reason at'all except a. spontane-, drsoon. "Those who h&ve.b.
ca. "c 'c"' 'Cabrit Litteraire 'was a novel 'ois urge. trained in te US. are
9. abrit Edtr- itimned in the v.S. are,"'r
Dear Mr- Diederich: a nd stimulating experience. I *. ith the ccot rants d'id"esi;
'I enclose the words in;Creole and. in English translation of would like, Sir, to congratu-' A few days ago I was a Vu!t', _iii now in America, or .:O
the song the schoolchildren sing abut CARE in the Artibonite lte you on the quality .a0 your to crush of an insect fro"' 'W ti4s.-e 6bligedto ake-grtI
isoicofulk ito table;h. owhe n. I-too.ec ar, -siy,. :tL aie6j .m.K
Valley. The 'words. were composed by Pre Mitton. : palrnd its policy of unbiased. vanity table;, when. 'too .' s cfic ,- to' ikep""upi 3.z4, "
reporngFor Sincerely, ose wh.1 "II, 'ond look.-I shrgged to: mypdl th"y have6id so hard .to1 -
S Sincerely, ... ddnt lave the time 'to tell'good.' Jnow'inglj. Of course is ie.vit- illafe ip the Americati..,. "
Leonard Mades ' J..e, hope they 'will forgive the able.: Iistead of crushing it off I .sies .
Chief of Mission. Haiti-,.. .. "
CHANT EN L'HONNEURDES BIENrAITEURS NCAREtr' ,'stWeea.ep .wi made aa ," ., '* "
my eau revoi pit . "' le t~ ., o e ,h :.h :.
Les Bienfaileirs'Caire; 'nous ou a ou potm* au rev. 1. print- '. 'td-.t:'was-.the most 4'til 1i don't see "Why 'the .'A ..1.f .
SNape pri6 Bon Die pou ba nous la sant6 (his) *.' h het r t ,.r .' t bu 'Whad ever s!en. '. :" ul not '.offer to its, taW .g.'
..Ouvriers joinne zoutis, c6 ouq voy6 'pou o ..(nous):': m"aneme would.,be hap bu be. .'. ; bthe' "'reviews aud t e
Paysansjoinneca ---' -S^ t Things, *ve 6e gdI -on- pubfisbed' by the-3nii
Paysa nslo.ec u ;cou q vo yey o. yo. to Jan i just 'that way ever sgice I fir st:'- U." univn sitiei and he'.
ELaite n, pudIeuts ,.., c 0uqtvoy6'n'nous ..'(S): C' Lloyd Stanford came here. `;..t"":' '"i o f e .
En v enite, al q eus0.,,:conten s e,":. . o.. -.- .. '' ''
En '..i.....te.. ..... o.. n e. n t..' .' .. What mnakes.. me.,aa ?,..:,u,; 'N .,r: y American; writers a j&....y A."..
-' .'-t^,A 9'ThJ'. Dear Bernad '.The mooLnains wh ddothty 'ts '
English Translaior"'.-- ..* s m to.. .t -i som
SONG TN HONOR OI' uCAREtB ACToRS .thing' o ask'd..me to rrite some-, ~have to look that'. way.. 7 .I 4st s.
E-4 ,. -A thng .f m,' im .-
ofNG my ic..Fp.,ressionOf Hait.' 'sia"briht gb .'-, ppochement
The. benefactors .CARk w see w t."it .ri wJhat, do pe usually, 'rite? t i 'g. thut m

*Peasants find tools, thanks to yonu try.. Or O M-y"My- to Haiti has ". That makes me angry '. i t.'" ., c....",
.e myd.te 10a.'.+.'I,
Weasnrtsin. ed tool than ks 4 to yo> .' been t rip t.o. Hait. ..ha ht makes .' .cry `4 0.(S) Dtapp.,
d ;", ,u.. .. . ,. -.' . : :' b e_._5 PQ *_ t . C _..; ; .. i -. : ., ......
1P. "L.~vc~i~ o~f t
T her. .i' ". e c :
&rdon I b( ofGd' these fthiA
.~~~~~~A ...,; . ; :
l~1'ood 30 9 at aifi*Itt
rQ9^1 I nail&^^.tCsti when y T ou're "shopping" f or b' ,.14
A:" "s"", " = .1 ''"" ".''""

Tl -e.... Thieres onlyeb-. rAte e mbe source h";
.Genuine Cocllar Spoe y uc r .y '
.4.. ..1$ ,:. --0+ .. .a'. . r a C a terp illar De"le r "

A~~~ v. 4';

...........................................................B................. .. .

C A S [,ADE "T'rsac,",,.,uat e' ," ,. ';. .. :.

-: ': '.r. ., ..
": : *' "* ~ . : l ;::. '7/ :* ... '*:* "",''*U '*.-!^
A' ", ". 1 J:

I '..
4'e-'L ~ .:dk nTheresu. l ace may ~bl' Vstlw: ~':,'
", 4 4 " ' ] ':4 "
IF "'A,'-, +'+ .7",:"',,"

Buy only ': .. Genudin-e.Calerpi[loar: Spaores ... reasoably"rked nd ex
pqertlymode fromyou r autho rizednCatrpillarD

'fl'.:'-..d.. ..:Ya a.'. 2;,. "I''4.':. "...a
re'ea..h m ..,.' : "" "h ,inlt."h.
----L- r- .-.n': . -q .e and ,-
-Y R .OIN "..""E'- ..',, TA.':' '

W T Y' . i r '.. .TW46 ...() """a.. +"
.,.,lc i oi h :surf& '+
'~~~~~ ma b,, ,',' "-

S-This is the second and final instalment of the article cover- the kind visitor who had comfort- hastily gqtten-
T ig an interview with Dr. Sabine Gova, of the United Nations ed her, through her difficult hour, was managed i
Speakers Research Committee, who returned to New York and thma the parents would be hon garments they
odfay "6aftei a inith on the island that sits like a turtle on ored if she would share the moth- from Switzbr]
I the 'ack of H.a$Wacross from Port de Paix. There, 14,000 isl- erhood by christening the child. dress couJd be
anders eke otaa, living on small farms and by fishing, and A godfather Lherisson Francois was just no b
%",are now going slowly through the stages of evolution in reli- Simpson, was chosen from Father Bluette cpme t
jious progress and adaptation to rules to insure, the health Riou's workers. embroidered ha
: ..Of their families; 1 When the baby was four days gested that it c
., Their children have yet to see an automobile, and the other old, the little christening party the baby's hen
20h century gadgets that are familiar to the people e la left the Dispensary and walked ov- new's felt her in
gande terre. The Hle de la Tortue has no roads large enough er to the Church. Little Henri Ber ,There is a
f.or a vehicle to pass, and the people use the narrow foot-paths nard Joseph who' was blessed by hanky to maki
Mounted on horses or mules. the Father, will one day learn a newborn, sA]
horss m ue s that his Christian name Henri ma- er her task w
The people eke out a living by 'RiK kes him the ugmesake aud grand thread.
farming and fishing. One of the son' of Miss Gova's father, and An hour an
Sibhiling sights in .the mornings, she declared that it would make hill'.and down
on the'Port.de-Pajx. waterfront her own mother happy for she too rin. in the n
Market, is the tableau. present- had had pnly four girls, brought the' I
.ed 6y the dozehs of little white
SaillBoats carrying, over the. pro -by sheer coincidence, Miss Go .
2 kdUce to the main line., va said, my grandfather's name '
.* .At 'Les ,Palistes, the excel- was Joseph also,'so that my god- ri
,.'lemt common sbnse of the people :hild represents two generations
.elminates any indelicate curiosity: 'f my on family. '
.pr, .remarks as might .e expected -When at the reception offered
elsewheree under such circumi tan- by godfather Lherisson in the Re-
ie..i'es an example of how Father factory of the sisters, the baby's
...iOu's Dispensary has .,;reached father made a touching speech in
-h thoughto the people.Menand wo- French, accepting the godmother J
mqn get their injeetiqs, and ii as a member of the Haitian family, I
Marthe's admonitions, in treo- .*Miss Gova rose, .and with her pre- -
.....'eas to how the. suppositories clous bundle held; proudly. in her
'&hsie. gives the women -are to be arms, she went around' tlie table ,
', applied are taken by the people and kissed each member of' the
I.1.their stride.' fam.ly .i
.a4uhe becomes a. godmother.
-:;' Perhaps the happiest mqipnt How was the baptismal layette
'.^:9f.Dr. G ova's visit in To&tuga Tanten Sabine. managed? Miss Gova wasiasked
;i. came,'. 'she explained "when she during the interview. She explain-
.'a hel&'. i -her arms a tiny bundle; ing, she could be heard to say: 'ed readily that a baby at La Tor-
i. efore e- baptismal font and Mes aimhisi -.. Mes ailleux!, tue doesn't need very much. Once
.1,.bcame 'the godmother of a little .iMes' amis! ..,mes' ailleux!, (oh, it has left the Dispensary it is put .
.Hitian boy s ,my .friends! ... of my forebears!). at home on a natte and the sun ..
..it was later th.t se.'avned Frdmi time to time she slid to, does' the warming, .the dressing
;..t9" wwat extent 'some of La\ Tor- the,. floor half kneeling.' She and the drying. '
.::",ga's families -ar'e--:-iUnted to was calling for strength, sear- For the christening, however, a
.. tlse of'the mainlanl5. Her god.-' rink far 'back' into her ances-
"..":. int : he .o ..
":.t ,son's fathrPer Pierre Joseph proud- .try .for tat mute enduran-
1", 41 112 ,'ut ... .
Sold her, during, the little e- ce with which they had meet their
optionon' 'Which followed the bap- ordeals. .
Stlsmn'about histwb brothers. Hib .,
::.,brother;rPhUippe foseph4is 'Con. "eTben came tle moment, caron
seller Muicipal, min the town of Liliued Miss Gova. As .she lay
St. L, .ouis. d6 -ord. At the Capital, .vrithing on the table she suddeli, *
other brother, Maitre Vulcin Jo ly threw her arms around me
-.6seph, 1 a lawyer 'and member 'of i s I waited half-standing, half-
'the eBai .Asociation'of Port au lneeling at her side. Her grip
Prince. becanie tighter and tighter so
M:.i'Mss Gova recounted 'the cir. that cheek to cheek we were suf-
e.unstances under which she was seeing together.,
,- h6ioen by the farmer's ,family
AS godmother for their child. -' As if from another planet the-
:; Bit of Godson / gentle voice of Sister Rose rea-
She said that. one Sunqay ched us: eMadame, she cried
: night, Sister Rose, the trained out; Wc'est uh fils at il est tou-
'. midwife -at the Dispensary 'call- ours Dimanche. Miss Gova
ed het in to hefp .comfort the says she felt as. one with Sister
S.nother. whope hour had. arrived. Rose 'and Madame Joseph in
"The woman,' wife of the Cater their joy. It was indeed just 11:
.ehist of the Parish exPecting her 53 'P.M., and what -a-4oy after
4'sth child.had .walkedthe long four daughters! A. boy born
distance fr6m her caiile the on Sunday is an, omen of good
proceeding eve:iin'k. Now she luck. This Uittle fellow weighed-
'was'walking back and forth iir in at eight pounds.
Sthe tiny room. reservyed fort birth-
:giving. Miss dova noted a'.kero- '.eWe started running then to
sane: lamp, the only' source of renew. the water because- a mid-
light,, one pail of' cold wafer wife at Notre Dame des Palmis-
stood next to tI'6 single wash ha- not only has. to wash mother
sin. Sister Rose used a small .pot- and child, but aso all the linens.
'" o'the- alcohol stove to prepare They may be needed in a hur- AER
.a .abit of hot water. A table just ry again., tomorrow,s said Miss
Long enough for" thel. mother Gova concluding her graphIc ac-
to lie down, a smaller table where count.
the newborn would be placed, ..
.:and two old wooden wardrobes The next day when she visit-
completed the furnishings. ed the mother and admired the
VWe had brought in two chairs, beautiful boy. Miss Gova found
Miss Gova continued, cas the 11C appeared enormous compared
night might be long, so that the o the child in the, arms of the
mother might sit down from -mother in the next bed. Already
time to time, and Sister Rose three weeks old, the infant still
and I could take turns with the weighed only four pounds.
remaining hairr, 'This little Monique, born pre- '
Coughing and sneezing from maturely, is Sister Rose's pet, and '
'the'neighboring. room, .where ev- thanks to the devoted and infati- Three convenient weekly flights to lake
,erry-word spoken by the patients gable care she has taken with the you into the gay, romantic atmosphere
Was quite audible and the only infant, the little girl is alive and of the Pearl of the Antilles!
sounds to be heard that night. ut of enormous eyes was begin- Only 90 minutes from Port-au-Prince
From the mother facing lHer or- uing to take an interest in her to Santiago de Cuba by CUBANA!
deal came no Sound except her surroundings.
'suppressed moaning when the Through Father Riou, Miss Go- For information and reservations see yow
pairs lanced through her body. va was informed that the grateful Trae Agent or call Pan Americma World
In a whisper from time to time, mother had been deeply touched Airways, Rue Doates Oestouches, Pmiiie 34SI
her face 'Contorted with suffer- snd comforted by the presence of c,.io

up baptismal dress
by the Sisters with
had brought over
Land, and a little
adapted. But there
onnet. WJien Sister
up with a-.,beautiful
uidkerchief and sug
wouldd betied. around
id, godmobther Sabi-
tough material'in a
e a nice bonnet for
he said bending ov-
ith her needle and

d a half's.walk up
dale to Zerbe Ma-
orth of the island
baptismal party to

the 'caille, of the Joseph family..
There the- grandmother and the.
great grandmother welcomed-.
4heir new calli6e,, and served'her
excellent coffee. Neighbors and
the older children of the clan ga
there to continue the reception,
and the celebration in .honor o
the new .male addition to the fa-
mily was dQone in true Haitian:
style. ., ....
In this part of Tortuga a white
foreigner hadn't been seen in a
very long time.
Mbliss Gova recalls that during
her first brief visit to the Wiland,
'the children of Les Palmistes got
into the habit of calling her. 'Tank,
(Contined on .pageoe 15)

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Sunday. September 9th 1956 HAITI SUN PAGE 7


By Ralph T. Reed
American Express Company
The tremendous effect that
travel has on a nation's economy
is a fact which I have repeated-
ly stressed. Iun any nation, this
enormous potential source of re-
venue is deeply affected by the
character of the country's ad-
ministrative regulations regard-
ing travel. If they are liberal and
far-sighted, tourism is noticea-
bly encouraged. If they are res-
trictive, many travelers go else-
Te fact is that the, govern-
ment policy of. most nations as
regards travel has int general
been more and more constrictive
with the passing of every de-
cade sihce the turn of -the cen-
tury. Many of these regulations.
are a logical trefleetin of the "
times in which we live. Never- wA01'c RuEED
theless, the sad fact remains
that such legislation is serious rMing and surely unnecessary.
ly hindering thie development of Considerable variation also ex-
travel worldwide. ists in lthe number and size .of
Un]esp progressive act Io passport photographs which a
individually' and jointly is traveler must carry wit4 .thim.
taken by all governments inter- for visa and police purposes
ested in further developing tou- when traveling.
rism in the very near future, it The ideal is, of course, corn-
can be predicted that the cur- plete abolition of visas. More
rent consistent annual increase immnediate!y,ia number df mo-
in numberin of tourists and their dest procedural adjustments can
annual expenditures for interns- be suggested. For example, visa
tional'travel'will in a matter of fees, like charges for passports,
five to 10 years begin to level off, should be kept .to a minimum,
thus tiirticiaily. etadiiig the -enor' and not, r regarded as a source
inous. poitentIA-l ..n'ribauton of revenue for the issuing coun-
which. toi;ism: still.pr.oms s to try. Some.:g.yernxments require
international, tra. de, above' and tourists vtshing to spend a few
beyondits preet..., level, A weeks' in the, country to con-
Whatvare t.e: peclf1i matters plete an imrnmigration-.ors -- aa
on' which' gov ten ecnt'aio of re ation which causes., natralI
w, Lrjeition. wo,, d
the: kind" I ha. just mentioned "irri ti n. w ...-.
i sr.o ust. xpdla .-eit .wi- .i custos feguations cd1 be
,.'.'u;, in6. boUlis f im- sir pler..'Recet years .thve" sen
ndtc'poisbt 'o -- a numb- brit pioneering.ccoun-
Fiit, passports; it is most ira- trie's adupt procedLures, which
portaf..th't ,attefiti6h 'should be simplify .enormously the clear-
give9 ,to, simplfying facilities' ance of arficfes.into aind out of a
for. obtaining passports..For ex- couutty. These procedbres could
ainple,, fees charged for pass- be adoptfid withe-great' -advant-,
pdrts, elioitd b&' kept to an abso- ag2 and eompaihalvq..'.e as e by'
A 14n. A Pasport lst most riqp.dly. adjacent countriess.
- 4be '.--tho ul -`of. as the., aetonia6ic :tist 'an.a most important among
prerogaivof a free, indivldtal, these is z ting up. j ointly oper-1
available at modest cost. ated internittional culms o ffi-
An.iniportant measure to- be ces at -principal' railroad, high-
conisider'. ii the decentrliza- way and seaway border. points.
tidioln i6passport-issuing' offices. Such joint check-points would
41iy nations' present practice avert the n.essit' for. two suc-
t .I o .- ( ,
requiringg application either in cessive rituals ,oJ unpacking and
jiersoh 'or 'in. writing to one cen- ,packing of goods at the frontier
f-al'pas*.frt.:'office is time-consu- -- an irritating process.
-. ". ,


The .preclearanceD system,
now in effect at certain points
between the U.S. and Canada
travelers are checked by a cus-
toms official of the destination
and on certain transatlantic ves-
sels, whereby the belongings of
country before arrival at desti-
nation, has proved of great va-
lue in making travel simpler. \
I leave it to others more com-
petent than I to go into the ex-
tremely complex and controver-
sial subject of free exchange of
currencies. For the purposes -of
tourism, however,! it is of' greit
importance that-i travel "allowan-
ces; in' countries having' suh. re-
gulations, be increased to the
maximum, consistent with thed.
needs of internal 'economic sol-'
vency: On a. more elementary
level, efforts could .bi ma4e to
simplify wherever possible, prb-
cedzres for making currency
checks at border points.
4In-transit) taxes, travel tax-
es, and all similar measures de-
signed with the frank object' of
securing a. maximum revenue
from the passing, traveler should
in the opinion of all concerned
rith tourism, be-completely abo-
A small but frequent irritant,..
of particular interest to ibusiness-.
men, is the red tape And restrict-
ions imposed on commercial trav-
elers, jouruieying from one coun-
try to..another. In some countries,
they are required to obtain a pol-
ice permit. In others, their samp-
les are subject to stringent, often
arbitrary regulations. Standard)-
zation of requirements between
nations should be" the objective
here, also..;
These, then, are. some of the
hninmediate practical -steps which
I suggest, in all humility, can
be undertaken to stimulate ton-
rism that so-called .invisible
export,;" which with ,such' com-
parative ea-se canproduce enor-.
mous revenues fo'. ady nation.


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rooms, all modern go
furnished or unfurnis
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_____ ;_______________PAGB 7

PA 7

Sunday, September 9th 19 5 6



Haiti Introduced Into U. S. Country Club Set

___________ Sunday, September 9th 1 9 5 6

Monday And Thursdays

Several guests taking part in .the celebration of Haitian Night at the .Woodbridge Country Club Saturday
are shown as they gathered together during a lull in the evening's festivities. Left to right are Mr. Her.
mann L. Ddsir, director of the Haitian Government tourist bureau; Mr. Cinna Leconte, Haitian consul
gentierfal at New York; Mr. Ernest C aulv et, Haitian' ambassador to the United Nations; Mr. Mauclair
Zdphirin, Haitian ambassador to the United States; Mr. Sidney Magid, assistant chairman of the enter-
tWnment committee; and Mr. J. Yale Rubin, special chairman for the night's event. Dr. Nicolina Melch-
iomnna D'sir of the New York Health Department is seated at left, witH Mddame Leconte on right.
\ i

2 "n

D~~~esiqsis P-R h
Jt QuaIitq.-9i- aW imoosan AND Sisal]
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Edward Barbe, of GelabertP
VILLA TROP ANA Brothers Inc. was here on his
VILLA TROPICUJI ANA second trip this week.
MORNE CALVAIRE (Close to Place) PETION-VILLE He lunched with Director of the
Offers the solution for those who prefer the personalzec Regie du Tabac, Mr. Fernard Ma
comforts of a modern guest-house, kloire and his local agent Hu-

SvsN Mi,
M Ji ,M i MV:E RC
a j.Tuoi i

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aMi .. et Resewrvationsvoye vcdte
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I %

Sunday, September 9th 1

.956 56HAITI SUN________________

Restful Weekend

Haitia2 everyday life is full of -
material for a national popular
theater. Actually the importance
of creole in the development of a
national Literature is questioned
by those who have not paid eno-
ugh attention to what has been
going an for the last five or ten
years in our intellectual life.
Should t4e sources of inspiration
be popular, the characters of the
novels, plays, short stories are
bound to Apeak creole, therefore,
the yoLng writers are becoming
aware of the necessity of using
the vernacular. But playwrights
are especially interested in letting
-the characters. speak the language
'of life. There is a process of give
and take that cannot be absent
-from artistic' creation.
What is the future 61 our Cre-
ole Theatre? We have been told
.sometimes that is a pure, intellec-
tual pass-time, that our product-
ion will ever reach the masses
-that peasants do not go to the
Theatre de Verdure or tO Theatre
d'Haiti. But supposing that the
cast who performed cAnatole,
-wants to play in a cock fight are-
na. Suppose they arrange to play
in a yard for their own folks at
-Puits Blain or Freres. It is not
-difficult for them to'perform in
any space that looks like a popu-
lar meeting place. There is no
technical problem involved in the
presentation of'a play of this type.
The lighting is not more difficult
than the requirements of a voo-
dou ceremony, or 'the usual Satur-
day night bamboche. Even the bar
for intermission refreshments can
be as simple as any drinking corn-

- er we have seen in the peasant's
It takes time to get the popular
actor interested in artistic pro-
Stction, not fodr the tourists, nor
for the city audience, but for them
selves, their folks. But once this
becomes a part of the things they
w6uld like to do on the occasion
of their usual festivities, the me-
dium of play would become-a na-
tural pretext for educational and
recreational progress. In fact, the
rural schools have already given
examples of what can be done in
that direction.. Teachers like Sa-
vaille have successfully used par-
ents and students to produce plays
of special significance. What
wvas attempted at the end ofr-.the
school year should systematically
be included in the schopl curricu-
lum, or in the programs of Teach-
ers-Parents Associations, of Four
C Clubs, Cooperatives, etc.
From time to time, there have
been discussions about 'Haitian
youth. The youngsters of Port au
Prince and the major cities are
the only interesting ones.. A popu-
lar theatre movement can do a lot
toards getting the country's
youth interested in a series of
problems, the solution of which
rests on the evolution of the mas-
ses. Everything -that brings them
before the masses opens a way for
national unity.
Popular creole theatre is one of
the most powerful media, since
the affairs of a national nature,
discussed in French, printed in
French, publicized in French re-
main.- as -lettres mores. fot 90
percent of t1ie population of Haiti.

American Ambassador and Mrs.
Roy Tasco Davis spent a restful
weekend at La Plantation Dauph-
in as a guest of Mrs. Don Lun-
gwitz and returned to the Capital
late Monday.
The. Ambassador caught a little
sun as a great quantity of fish on
a Sunday morning ocean excursi-
on. Having successfully fished off
the Pacific Coast of Central 'Ame-
rica,'bhe had a word of praise for
the fishing up North. Some size-
able King-fish were in the catch.
Flying up to the Sisal Planta-
tion (world's largest) the Davis'
returned to the Capital by limou-
sine, stopping. enroute at Limb6
to visit ,vitl the sister of .Foreign
minister Joseph D. Charles.





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La Belle Creole ,' ; ..







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= '.',

PF -4v 14F 'W



~" w w w w w* -~ w w -e w w fl w U W W


__________ Sunday, September 9th 19 5 6

ADvicEY -
Here Is a beauty and charm test
for homemakers to take. There
.are ten questions 4Anjr them
honestly and,' on the basis of your
sco6e, y.u can determine whether
; you are still the dream. girl your
guy married.
1. Do you setu uafew minutes
Hearlir in t&de Sii so yOU have
Slittlei time'to pretty your face
S. before making his breakfast?
S2. Is your 'at-home' relixing coi-
t. me something .attractive you
"wouidn.'t object to wearing if un-
ecppcted company' arivd, on the
3g'! Do you .4ve practical but
:be6m6 g outfit wear for' house
%.v' work?, .
S"4. Do you avoid wearing dres-
sea. apd jewelry. of whic] your
husbaAd- dlsapproyes?,
&t; i. i5.' op ; are'; going out to-
A gether or meeting'him someplace,
., do'youu try to be. punctual? .
S;.;. .ou charming tois fi-
''~~~~ ~ ~~~ *r ? "-" cup

k:.eep'o ncuc. l music,
.'.art, new books, politics and other
Subjects so your conversation is
n:: 'ot confinei to housekeeiing and
!:'*^yiue n. (' '
',,9' 8.o you avoid criticizingg your
.uAiid to others even'though
'iyou, m"ay ,e, properly, provoked
.witb-U m? ^".. ..

",* '*( i "" "' .. '

6(T 1al tacnsmittar of time-aip

Z l' ,

II ",

9. Do you try to do beauty *
chores, such as eyebrow plucking
pedicW.," shaving legs, ieonspi-
cuostj 7'l'utead of making Pro-
duction out of them?
10. When your husband comes
home with a dull-tO-you conver- Quant A brainne, m' gain brainne!... Difference moin ac ces
satioH about the office, are you messieurs, c6 que volor pas lan 1'id6e m' ni ti combinaisons
a good lisUtener? beurre ac fromage. La vie, ce oun bande mardi gras qu'ap
A t i, i. us e ob pass6 et m'ri ac toute gorge moin lors m'ou6 ti cures ac toute
At this point, it muS be obvious soutane qui l'en montr6 la mayotte. Prophete J6remie tN met-
that the correct answer to all te diI' ceq pas ville Jeremie qu' pou payer Ca:
queries is yes. If you hve chalk- Je comblerai' de-graisse I'Sme des prftres (31.14)
'ed up at least 7 flrMatlyes, 3yo0 Jeune ti 6crivains yo Pen oun histoifie litterature engage
are still pretty much of- a dream zott copi6 tout chaud l'en jo u r n a I blanc. Min engagement
girl. qu' l'en trou nih yo, zott pas senti 1' du tout. Gain'oun colbin-
If your' score was under 7, bet- dec qui mgme 6cri que oun n'homme con mrin pas cab rinmin
ter mend ways people Ia. Que toute a16 au diable ac histoire peuple, ou 1'an-
ter mend your ways.OU_______ consist fourrer l'argent ]an. poche, tromper nbgs
sotte, pete ge yo. "
Gadez oun grand singe en liberty qu'ap frapp6 fale U1 en
forme King Kong. Li prate pou mouri, li prate pou disparaite
pdu people Ia. Outin -mois apres yo batte pongnete li sous oun
colt 1i tap fourr6'tout cru P'en la tiale. C'est alors Ii bli6 peu-
nMe l, rage, negrier, orgasme, esclavagiste fM I' perdu retenue,
:1'ancre i casse, bWte Ia paraite....
Cou nous'ye a, c6 trois citoyens qui gain droit parler JA-
r6mie: Rover Cantave. agronome Sam, Marfranc ac agronome
de Verteuil. Sources Chaudes. Yap executer oun plan' pou pays
a sauver, pou cyclone Hazel tounin oun mauv6 souvenir. M'pa'
recevoi cinccobs pou mn' vanter Dresident Magloire, rmin op-
ration: dacao. qui cqimmdnnce d6velopper, lan point oun h'hoig-
me serieux, oun .x'hdmme propre, oun n'homme honn6te pou-
pas outer- chapdau l.,, saluer bien bas, parce que gouverne-
ment, entrer Ian nannan vuestion a.
Ddja'.m'connin'ti ngsa Port-au-Prince qu'ap achetU terres
*B ,m Maie :-tellment'o gain confiance lan operation cacao.
goI'iahd gduveqmne ri.etenu toute colbindecs, routes sale-
t6s yo Port-au-Prince;c6 d6 z'honmes con Cantave, Sam ac
de 'Verteull nd6d 6esi:icite.


aul for

the' Swiss Broadcasting

Ser' ico)

Si.. FOR
* Ar-.---
=.=: .-' ,Sj '^JsJ^^ ^^^ ^

,7OO' <^^^^\^^ ^AJS



The latest flash from Paris that arrived here this .week by
way of Pantagonia states that Christian Dior electrified Pa-
rih .one& day tedttly iek itthfs new 'Magnet Lin; pu*mg out
the hips and enihasiming the bust. A mdtlerate French ver-
sion bf Haiti's tarlatane dtdte en bas which goes to show
tHit our? cfuturiers' "ar6' not lost in the woodsy and fashion'
spil .are'everyWh`ere.. -
The day recently when Dior bouleversa .Paris, he used
real surprised techniques, and threw a dozen nearly ankle-
length day dresses into the middle of an otherwise short-
skirted collection.I
Gasps and applause seemed to assure another cscandal-
ous success, as the French call it. Back row s p e c t a t o r s
sprang up and craned at the sight.,
Without risking his whoIe collection on the drastically dif-
ferenit length, which would outmode every wardrobe,- Dior
clearly launched a trial'balloon. Unless the critics puncture
'it, it may be another new look.
The.'magnet line, clearly. intended to draw male eyes, ro-
unds -'the shoulders, bust and hips, and often drops necklines
daringly low. Skirts are wider at the hip than -at the .hemn,
Being, set-in in soft folds at the natural waistline, Dior calls
theik dutch skirts, '

HOTEL Choucoune





TA a on TortRF |REN
o. .^^ ^

HOMARD Fii. spFcLalE t
OrchesfPe and ShoU i
CUNTE5T 1tK- PRIZES 9 '), ,S I,'
Cabn Choucoune "y
#l~ne /^&4aKt ^f44LCZ^ ^
-.-S C6 T '



Concrete' Densifier give: .
Resistance water-tightness
Hardness '

m a'IH--R~e

If you want the monst
for your money, use

B. F. Goodrick
They're made with
for Heavy 'Service
WILLIAM NARR ,Port-au-Printe
Boucard & Cie., Jacmel
Raymond Laroche, Cap-Haitier
Maison Jean Bourgeois, Aux Ca-
Michel Desquiron, Sucessors,







Sunday, September 9th 1956 HAfl SUN PAGE 15

(Continued from page 6)
te Sabine'. After a year's corres-
pondence with Father Riou she
.one day received the following
missive: 'My dear Tante Sabine,
,everybody up here calls you by
that name, and from now 'on I
shall be doing the same.
SWhen she arrived on her second
.visit everyone was speaking, about
.son' neveum, le P&re Riou., To
thig nephew. of Sabine's has
been added many others, the Mont.
Iortin Fathers, the Daughters of
Wisdom, and finally all the grown
anps at tiurtle Island.
In. concluding the interview,
Miss Gova summed up the things
that had brought her back and
their significance to her.
I had found friendship and
hospital from a young mother
who wa shocked when I attempt-
ed to pay her for the prized re-
.ics of Indian pottery that hzd
drawn me to Les -Palmistes. She
lbad. tola me: 'Weare happy to

be able to give. The more you ac-
cept the richer we feel.-
An Oriental prince in the Ara-
bian Nights could not have said
it more beautifully, was Miss Go-
va's -admiring response.
But she says, the words of the
young Haitian girl Marthe Philis-
tin are forever etched in her me-
mory. When Miss Gova expressed
her dismay at having the minoney
refused when she knew the little
family was suffering from misery
and said they had so little and had
given her so much, the young Hai-
tian girl who has consecrated'the
past eight years of her life to the
people of the Island had only one
-Haiti is a little. country;, stat-
ed Mademoiselle Marthe, 'poor ..in
money but rich in culture., And
as she spoke in her great pride,
she did not turn to Miss Gova.
She seemed to be making her
statement t;o nobody in particular
or perhaps'to the whole world,

Pere Riou has a plan for a large well-equipped hospital
vblwch will be the direct answer to the needs of the Island-
er -on Li Tortue .
The hospital which is to be built by stages on a four-year
plan, as funds are made available, through the generosity
of the charitable minded public, has already been designed
by Architect Albert Elie.
*. :
'. I I _


Rue des Miracle

HeIto Sto f Her e B,


s Emile Maximilien 77

Robert H6raux and his home made aut


I rdiateur de votre voiture s'i chauffe au moment le plus inattendu
",' s devz'd'urgcnce vous procurer. ae 1'eau.. .. ,4

SArretez-vous A ma Station de Service ESSO' '
n'importe quel moment et nous verifierons gratui-
tement le radiateur de votre voiture.et, le rempli-,.
rons d'eau si cela est n6cessaire, Lvitant ainsi de
vous trouver dans une situation 'desagr6able et
inattendud conime celle-la. q
-Sf J'atends vote visite aujourd'hui
I- jA .Z o I

I I -' I *j' I'S'I I .1 .'~:' 'Al

- '



.Enicouirage -initiative early;Js'
the motto'in the Georges Heran.

SThe fine looking, more stream-.'
Alind than an egg, contraption at.i
the left is the peda-prdpeulle.
auto &de dby young Robert .124
raux an honor pupil of StL.Ouis."
de Gonzafues, who celebratess
his eleventh birthday on, 1te,6th
of .thi m.ont'h.. -

RHbert, using Gosmo .oQPtI
boxes has ailed together
pely, sturdy body, secon sqy i*
machine wheels at tihe rear izi:
w wo o d en,. ancit Greek-t9pe",
wheels at the front the -A is"'.
controled by an old tr-paneo
type jolly stick steering systeft.-
.The vehicle has added luxury 1:
fixtures such as a canvas cacp:
-which puts it in....the-,clas t'
convertible soap boxes. & .-;.
With remarkable imOvAel;t
iobert can travel n' reveie-r0.:
th ,o. .. e :'woi L'
forward on- :sbnE o' he- ,
0. ~ terrain in the backyard of Ho--
Stel Sans Souci. .,

w...4 -It/s First Againm!

, By a co

he ly Rx ounge...
It's for bothlS % andcj

r I.


S.ONLY .orj. w% J -,. l.,'

S'.1. d S arl. '. ,
I .l ^ ^ ^
-. .,e I ___ m l," ,..
k ~~~.'ee om

Ir* Waa r,-Itailhiu Nxercs r L-.--- -j--
Eumbus s, ansethieRILoungeIsof- -
The peorfd balanced action -
N:..'' fi^^milts 1allovr.mcvensvet. and mild
sretching r ciisos'that r-v;ital ..
adi r your whole body without stroir. "* "
Th patented mechionical nation
^S^^ ^c~ P~n~it muscular toiwup qnd i-'^ f -^
.- l&,m' 'r atiln that relieve body ftn. .
U ~~ T^ ^slons and.constrctions, effortlessly r _
\. "*"L" and afely. You get continuous '
*... .. 1 vitaliing action, yet., you always ... .
^ feel m urely supportd. .. '. "...-'.

9^^y, ^ lighs oly; I pounds.> ^
. 0 is e<* and am It dwfed P&y, Wd *1 41 1-
*e Is a J Pi e dee

11. "t1,#u ,..tlf MIay
______I__Lm ..

:Suniy, September 9th 19 5 6.



VA1 15.. -T


.... AArchi'tecture and Haiti ing strong colors for accentuation The Church which has sponsored they are not doing, but' rather to
Wri.ten For .The'HSunu By Kermit K Ketand for furtheiexpredsing an ar- so much JAllding in the past has indicate important agencieS which
Wrten F* The 9un. By ermit K. IKei ehitectonic form. BUt in Latin A- not called upon the architect re- normally inspire building and
(Continued from page I) merica color is used for its own cently'except for a few seminary shape the face of the city. The
,.flow of tourists into Haiti there of the world architecture indirec decorative sense, with many eolbrs buildings. Even the murals of the reasons for the lack of buildings 'Z
..not one picture bocik. showing dion. on one form. Called bad taste at Episcopal Cathedral here have not have no place in a discourse oni ;
. Haiti today as a modern metropo The preference of reinforced home, it joins with the exuber- been emulated. 2. There is no evi- plastic arts.
*Vis. Unknown, it is generally concrete construction here is at dance of the natural colors; the ex- dence that the schools are getting There are two more important :
S-thought of 'in airdieetural areas much & practical decision as an cited spirit of the people, and the new buildings; certainly the Uni- agencies not yet mentioned, andj..
"as i.iOettt, a4d `the build- aesthetic one because' of the avail- dramatic contrasts within the versity here has no buid fng pro- they are responsible for the rea-
ag' "of lt. .ptaion remWaln as ability of materials and the lack country itself to sing- the spirit of gram in progress. 3. Industry has son Haiti should be examifd by
'.ymlbol "%of 'tI h.tecture here of steeL Its use has not been the culture. not produced any structures of ar- architects, artists, photogirhlris ,
----f thery 'hlae We published imaginatively exploited as- it, Ihs There are other fetors which chitectural importance., 4. The and chroniclers. These agencies '
abutaA- there s WWttt hope 'of been tn Melico dr Brazil lot ex- have shaped, the atchitecturi of State itself, while it is producing are the Home Builders and tle
bectaius' 4 T with HaU, ample, with their tn shells and Hti utp to this point wlid shQould housing developments, is not pas- Hotels. In Haiti both are dimin-
Sbeausethey are eneratly unins curved form. There is nothing be listed for generaL' information sionately involved with monumen- guished for the same reason, bhile
Spread budMngs, unorty of here, for e iple, like .the p- and possible ftre ue. AThese tal buildings, like the Cubans for' onot eathlishaking in architectural
: p si'ithe u building else- ttacula TroTicaa night. dub in, factors area.e~slt of te primary example, for glorification of the importance. Their basic ctept
ere. '', ...... Havana..' lds-mst stun agencies of *ilding hiq'shape regime. This is not. to imply that grows out of the same 'fundional
otw yal'tler. a Jaealthys l moi n Tingh.e approach, lie as been and cause' a nation's! ahit"r, e am these agencies should do what requirement. That concept is luxui
.asAtraig#htt daa ssry lving. The new Servantlets U.S
frK31 u 6 s gh iayb ,employed : :T HE BEST has produced a distinctive "eof
beae 'of geiral ; traed. '" -- ,home ainied at simplicity .i tiain-
e. n hiew ar texture wbelon rken .on 't -
''ew *, ..hte "'..oberongs wkmen, non Plastic de ign. on- - tenance and -easy accessibility to
cepta, or'lakbf InforoatfLon on a c .T. eaeh pait, but here in Hat the
Vi~ltu .! i 'e gshon' "u presence -6f se-rvants -%alldws'for
4 e, and:. t op e since th e methods of using shel ons- presence servants allows for
Inie, ,d h a s8p incete truetio (It -is not used geii.eraUy" W .I more rcoxcentration on designing
Chool o .-f it&eal io', a ter L n the U.S.A. for a combination f or maximum develo pxnt of
..colo ue e ib the above considerations.) Howev-. each arei of the house cmpon nd,
er!jn.e que: describeb er the u einfored 'crete, abd more flexibility in the dispo-
SenT arhtecture of Hai stucco, native stone, te and mo sltio of these varios elements..
Aias not, developed any nationalis- stc, aiestThe oId h'Iberian, concept. of en-
id g~ ~asnf ~nr entesaies, a~lles,.-Hiti'.With th ,ei t]Fe e T .. T p..
';".tic Latin tAmerica in' its architectur- closed Pat 'd small wdow''.
rpiy.passg fortunately al tools. I openings has been. 0jiscard for
..B.eauM-Arts tradition mixed with .open viti patio living while
..l.eia InflUifid tAWhile Jt has Another factor 'links Haiti with. a n "eotherr I frbr . -riaee ivacy has beena nmain"ed by .
KAo - e b ..
Nt-Neen 'fi' y p'4 y. -modern Latin 'Amnierica its exuberant .the.'Ijiat!t.e.i bt J ti. e
'iter'dto a'Or, idevop !use. of-colr. I' theU> S. .unt-Sg TO ,B, -, hoes 1 atdiepr .e, tp .theds-
m-_'.etdk:r dep crJ N A B S. t. s h'O N'ans9i dpr j tedih dn ds-
phsrtaels ;ai .pembrzal practice is to use',it sparingly and a So andsce s the"Q
"techitie.ltSftoAibed-th re#tgenerally in muted-:tones reserv- .Rue des Miracles Buns huse. esig
I ~ ~ ~ te -*' : ..~ .. ".. 'B!rnd 's dintd by."Albert
P 4"^. ... M" '- ...' ... . :- ... / .i i _. '- langones, for. example, that it al-
0.0 .. .'
te"s'i:: US 5PV i iIwrr v c if l -"rn'Inti "A '" fl("f I &' BV.U...... ......h& ..p...;.so

n1 S I I 3 we c -pericd ao L QPnMisde-
W'.. 3.a '. "ed by Pierre Baussan."anid Asso-
.4..*.'.1.;' 1 ..i W ciatbs hat its inaccessiity om.,
S. .-ains its prlva6Y.&tn the
it~vistas and4 n
'bre so We)
,+ .'.1 1.*-F:

Y,,, ,_. b rt.

: .. .. :
,I ..., -. +

: I"':. I. '.. f .' .
*z ,

:,, ,;; +. 44-..

-:., n!." ,1 "+ ,y s +-
.c I1: ,,-., ,



*---j. .:-H-

'~. ^ :.,''.,, :'i =:,' ,"'. ": o.,:: ., ,',-^, ^ *''* :'': ',, *^ -:^ <.'' '. ^ <^ -( ^

^ *". -,'-: .** =," ..'..;1 :.. *h i .. ,rt" M a n ; ~. lfr lB~le ^ .ta*j ',n :..
| ..'.'.. .,.4,,, ,. T ^ ~e ,} r<~ t -. No .a gn b.... But ;. ,a gn .ek .ih r ..,
l^...' ' ..., +... _r *f .*T " .,,''f .. ..:. ,., T i a pj le xu ju t nog, whe . .. ha ... .e


,,fl,. "- .. ..O-A l. N:prigAir r- s n hac re

... ., .. '. .j ...M..: 5pn..teal.M. C a nerH lesn. C -r.,,
,. . -' *f*..jB S rn s f. n He" l
-* ',. ... .w. .e . -- ..
" f. -w..r hoe.S g.A.iraeisnewandfreh...mD very
S'. nob r ws M.. a .Spritg Ai MatM...M d f. rid. from .
r ..' ^ .. . 4 . . -, ' .. . . .

N e h w hot-,
IUi uus .atmos.,
njin .ma pivate v~-
i.:-scale are de ele- -
.'.. Perhaps., a* -
Sbetween tli,'Haiti-
Lotlierslon.the tout
ibsence' bfwflgr". -
cubicle'.;?an- kUnntvii

r The Sprin
IWf.., ,...* .*,1."
.- ."-- 'r ..*.'. "- i

.r -
no P6


S er '" lower income roup being
*-. able to travel this luxuri.differ'.'
-- tial mijht well be--able to.itrese."
i j Ithe tourist.;coqun-t;,*ce evewr e
wants the pleasure of enjoyig,
more luxury than. he can affqrb.
A threat to this approach.holever
is the'tendency to over* id ex-
jsting hotels and .tlit.4by' destro'-
ting the 'intimate cohcept.''Aiso 'the.
'consructio6n of the ne* portions.
'"... of -- the. Castlhaiti hotel, built in -
-' the 'Mti-sto cubicle fasdhioi of'
Americai hotels,. foeshadows a
diredtion'. away from --the estate-
type approach. Coupled "to.A re-
,, luctahcy to use Haitian curative
;motifs, paintings;,- 'other arts
and -crafts to the fu-lleit degree,
, a complete. impeOnafttoa me
prevent.the maturing of a Haitiab
'* architecture. bI
SBut the optimism concerning
S the future of Tourism is expandL
ing the panorama of Haiti every
f^ ,; ,day wtth.Enypents beag-aired, 'aid
construction begun on many new
buildings in. Port au Prince and
its kiairons.'Tle hew'Tourist Ci-
' "~,~~eh Vile, inDiqif. has all
the excitement of isce and
the project onrhe ..% is
i~l^ 'faf-SfS~gal posslIjitiM.^
S ;and other buildings in pr'e' s
will further beautify the' face of
Haiti. And it is most fortdnat to
be able to report thiat-mlnmatof
this new work is compatible '*th
and a progression of the tezina-
tional current of modern atchitec-
""""^ ~ture.- *

Kermit K. Keith, Instuctor
^. ~ Dept. of Arch. Howrazd
n w~ Utniversity, Wash, D.C.

pfr ...T"
Si', -,

t--' -


Chamber. Of Commerce Bldg.

,' I

it ,




,Overwehned by Haitian Kfind Le Nbuvelliste: f lew to New
l ness an& 'notliptay Oh esl- York to attend-the Seminar on
Sderit. of.. tn W^a&t M. g e Journalism. at Columbi .a Univer-
?' .Society of theiI~M tyCfe sity. Wr. Montas will spend two
ge -o!the' Wedrl'Indis iUC*fr) months; in the' U.' S
,..,; I es 6 pefi- a4 tion to a- x x x

d.ad--others) Mile. Florence Elie, daughter
r'ad Fire Che nd, Mrs. Georges
I A.

a*.. ... th. o.b.+ to .con- Elie, fils. threw the-'Jfa bud-
'.tact eitherijthe Seetr'Ms get. off bala"ce last' w"e we
-.: OvargaetStelwm Hatorffln K -Lat the Nouvelliste, vaca flew to Newg at

-';the', irnV'er~ft."r the IM.L'.S;' oriar Camp Poirin, near Aux Cayes,
i:ne and -aiietda.'iBIe peini- hadYork to att be flown toPorthe -Seminar on
+:dent of.th,'14dd La ae [Journalism at Columbia Univer-

i'ngsoe of lans tA v party ce in. Mr Montas will spchartered Atwony
bge "oflCh. b Wes cht ,A- plane, and doctrhe Ui ls are a-
i apl s. (B(?pec4ttd.zby w me" bout to roFl rence FEle, daughter
,i;7' wi rtt J"aalep oW ea of Fir Chi apndix, Mrs. (in orgesll.
affo? the 8th-1, #;d'be&' toceot- Elie, 'fi~ls thi~e* Te-'2m1 bud-

Stact eians their e aIy vi get off balce last week whens.
i ..MaTrgak t et' eor l~'lfselaat the you' girl, vacationh:g at

.e;.~v~-H4. UX T-.W.I Mona ..Ja- E~doqai-d Baker. And s~on .Jean
|,./<^a~a Bte <~htne 786)' niE doui~i,' Jr- 13 years- are off to
Sii.ns de plans t6 daylor Hall ce in a special cha'tered Auyecke.

Sea'i'me r ahress, The youngsters who had theia
^ : ,tranpbrtati6nipalid by, .the Port. au
s w: X It' wx e PrinceIw ome. bout to roll i-bmit Floence, lthe

*I'/... ,,i.'-' ,', son of th~e Puerto Mia e nS
,.eaLe'w tme a oavi nis Champ, Pasarendlx, iand sp ingweld.15

nacr greeted with triuni- days learn'1ing the finer- points. of
al uccss in*Euop, ietuedLennis& The Tennis Cluib is look-'
..'.;bealflyns t the in al Ites ativites. to the future tenis Haiti.
t T q S aIf t a r d d e 0g g
r:':.A~l, 'Ha,h U,...W.L Mon Is B do.uar.I Baker tud eon Jean

u~"~h fi'de 761)' i le -edopad,' Jr. 13 a. ae .off to x x

*S.d'.t 1TedeTylor Hall Sa Juan, wrhe Aleandt Ludecke. famy
l.'e.,m r dress a. in, 4 cThe youngsters whvo had Into the
tranpr former Leggett home iPort.au-
t:'' x. o Pri..",se, Ten s ixander will meet theah
..:,. Mr 7son of the' Puerton c tean Tennis
Jeap "Leon Destine and hM al. Champ, g asarell, and spend' 15
t titan .fanders, greeted with, triun- days learning the finer points, of
phz~lsmiccas in 'Europe, 4urned tennis. The Tennis Club is look-
%'babrlefly. to the tnited" Sta( es on. ing. to the future tennis of H~aiti.
t~ugizt 18th .b'eQ$ Id ltg: }9o.Me-'
-!,..a ba and. 'ctilfPteritral Amern- The'"Geoije Alexander. family
- tdul" ",, forner- Leggelt home in 'Hour-
..... x' cdo Mrs. Alkxander will teach
Ifat S'l:. i ndat_..+..,.,. afternoonl, Mr. m 7th. grade. .'and ScienCe" at tche U-

:..cLen mf".. s, Editor t". e.

nion School. '

The newest member of the A-
mei-ican Embassy is a d u r a b le
Kathleen Long, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. 3Jay H. Long who erri.'
vet last Sunday on the late (6:
30 P. M.) New York clipper to
take over from Steve Johnson
who is leaving Haiti in October.
Miss Lucienne Laforest and
Sub-Lieutenant Mood Philippe
were married on August i8th e,
strike lntimit&.
Senate President and Mrs. Char
les Fombrun flew to the U. S
Monday for a two week's vaca-
Hank Perea, Delta Manager is
back hi town' with a fresh rela-
xed look after a vacation that
took in California, Colorado and
Te.ias. Mrs. Perea and sbn Hen-
ry,. Jr., are still enjoying Houb-
i ,
Lee Engler, charming expert
on Rural Education who has
been' in Haiti for the past 18
months, with SCI'AER2, (retn-
ned recently from a Conference
in Rio) was :given the woiksv
by 4Birthday Surprise, Inc.,v
last Monday night, It wias .their
smoothest job smi'ee theyI'puled
off a colossal surprpse'fr'Mr
M4rcella Barnes Sunday ni.mght.
,.Birthday Surprises, Inc.., led
by -swashbuckling Joe Gross, the
Flaqagans, Velma .Proute, Susan
Shre*,sbury, EDiz.beth Folaer,
Harold Harp, Robert Gibbs, etc.,
etc. specializes in making at least
one birthday'in a life time unfor;
gettable. Monday at Saris Souci,
with the- Heraux clan. cooperat-.
ing closely, the gang ha4l cand
led cake, food and drinks in wait
ing for Lee-who is still 'hold-
ing her heart, ,

Hohse hunting this week is Herbert Jean-Jacci-e", former-
Gladys Eno of Cincinati. Miss E- ly of the Immigration S"rvice,
no, in her early twenties, is on now I i v i n g in New York was
he? first assignment here for back in town this weEk on lami-
the U. S. State Department. ly business.

What's a 'power, tankard Mr. D.? Two filet aux pommes for"you
.if you'll let us in on that secret.
$But beer, whether in a power. or in a 'pewter* tankr goes well
with our jumbo hamburgers. : '
If you've never eaten a hamberger at ,
Au Chantelair
You just haven't lied. Jumbo hmurgere at h c cents are the
town's best ana tastistt buy. If you like tem rW enS trttar. (yen our
.... ;+ .," +i -
butcher eats it that waVy here b&Tecause he lows it's made ft t .bst
top round.) Eat them grilled on a *ig bun. We'll serve them 'a wap
you like except with whipped cream.
2 Rue Rigaud Bois-Verna -
Marion Griswold.


41981 BEAUTS FRMC' : .. ,

Nutrix treatment cream, 1 oz. \$5.00 '
V.8.. Price Ow Price
,Bien-Aise, cleansing. cream, 1% oz. .... Z0- a '"
Souplesse foundation cream, 1 oz: 5.00. 2,50
Eau azute No. 16, skin freshener, 7 oz, 6.00 : S300"
Laneome face powder, 2 oz. 6.00 .' ,.00'.,

. *. ^ -. ;,. :. '

S VER 41

USIsa* *lS~ 'Itvft.*f -..f*'
B - ~k---



y *.. ..- .' .+ ....
*';'. **.' *,,' ,-.*

..**,' *"a : '..






i .:' '

Among, the distinguished visit-
ors to the offices of, the 4tun'
this week wa Mr. Stjour Lauredt,
new cabinet member who brings
added prestige to the Ministerial
portfolios of the Presidency and
Labor. The Minister was accompa-
nied by !Monsieur Denys. Bellande,
bfire&r of the Servike of Informa
.ti. afid Propagande and the
Press. (SfPP).

mission as the all important ele-
ment of.qhe Fourth Estate.
A proud Jr6mien, Minister Lau
rent answered readily our quest-
ions concerning the City of Poets,
and informed us that the- people
Sof Jeremie, in this the year o
the hi-centennial of the port on
the Southern Peninsular, nanifes-
ted-.such jdy and gaiety during the
Festivalof St. Louis Roi de..Fran--

Sudy epebr9t96HAITI SUN



Minister Laurent, former Direct, ce -last month, that they left', the
or of the'- daily, 'Le National, clubs -and party celebrations in.
chatted with us in his usual cool, the -swank residences and contid-
calm. manner. which belies the vi- ued dancing through the streets
gorous mental and physical inip- of the city, sparked by 'the Aux
act 'behind his 'journalist's pen.' Calebasses orchestra taken from
His recent direction 'on a press the Capital- to Jerdmie by Miiist-
carmp'aign on" local- political matt- er -Lataillade, also a .J4rmien.
ers won. for him the sobriquet -
-Tiger of ,th.,.ritten Verb'. -.We wish to express ,our. hearty
He stated that his.' journalist thanks to thie new Secretary of
colleagues'-would always find him the Presidency and to :te;nDiret-
eager and ,alert with aid.in, tleir or'.of SIPP .or their. inter:esting
problems in carrying out their and timely visit.. ;

I ---k -
. .. I- db" "

. ,2-t~ .4k
k. --

- AS




I' -


- I

- -

F 4 "AWl V iIVi
^y ^ FLYsia J^LAN ~~aTft CAM~fW
F L Y ."',K ': M :i'. ",'" '" ,.::

p'.,: '. : ,, : . .. : :.. -,.

, Fequeft, ConvenienT EceAduek i N*'24
** ^ W ^ .' *" .' ./ ,.. ;-. ..... "".'x- N R A L ** " "*' ";I'
4,,:'. C :I IC

; Between Caribbean and West Indies ppimts Z ad firm
" ,4. ?.

$ ^Central and South America expeViAeoi traelers choose
fky 4 the airline which is first with incompaahie't)titch Sespi- c
.tality and service ... K"M Roy 4 hA es. t
Ako KMoffers 1u a chacedof;'l".fli everyy week
'w, E"r'pe-including Royal Super Coitela.tionerv.ke.
S *a}.. 'Al Fheirst'Clam flights to Eur6pe feature S M pAie accomxeo-
tldatibns -n.ffsuperb 7-course ch"m.,
.-4. ( N- -- .y '
',/i'i .. '. . .-- .t e:. , ; .
,' '* *4 .:" < *. "', *~oILV ofe yo a coc ofm n g i ev-J, _w^week

..a ,.^. .... ..Aass e. o a...,.AIKLINES

Eight suspects are being held
while the authorities at MiJot,
near Cap Haitien, are investigat-
ing the circumstances under which
Mblarmothe Cadet, a farmer met-
with violent death. The decompo-
sed body of the victim was disco-
vered in a *chauminre- on the
Garde Cbarhmpte Plantation, si-
tuated in the rural section of Per-
ches-de-Bennet,. on August 30th.
Indications at the scene where the
body was found establish that a
'machette, was evidently the mur
tier weapon used for the grisly
crime with no less than eigt fper-
sons involvedd!. ,-

Arrested and beld .ot qusUti-
ing/during the investigation 'of
the crime are Elat Cadet, Victo-
rius Janvier,..Shgessse St. Fleur,
Datagnant .St.' Martin, l:o"is Desa-
mgiurs, Eas. Vincent, Ldon, Pierre
andlS"armontel Vincent
7"-: ..' .: \ *" "- "
,:(Taflaated^.fron 'La Poelenp-e'.
*: of 'ept. 5fth .)



. *- ., .- -

, '... ITEBNT1OQAL BOOQK'Slid '1
... ,* '~ '. ;.' .. '* .. . .. ',."* *1.. ,^ :

Ca Crivefe has justiopened 11new SUbJcp lttii DpR#
'I *Tale advantage now ofour 'Offur 0
ean or F magazine or pu1cati opf
0 11 C,,magazine -o" h oA.p., eNX
Pa. t' iea.sh ".tiif ,rdies, without *any extra .oIt ; t
?h.5.' ouV save.:-i' on postage and check.'cirge
, .'vTari'advtage. ow our." ; .
T iik n'g lnew stib'ehers "only 78 tsts of-i -d
T, i e I ie: O nnhl.d... s. \ ".
P.. O Bb ileg N.
TIni~h n t littl '.i,... e'tb.,n if :, .,

ii eatUty trrcttLetS Are^ ^
?. ," 'S . '.'

----.-- .: ;
., ** .,. -.: .,
'. ":'. ^ 'A .. ", : '. :'
.."., f"ra-t'.' ;,.- ,

Sunday, September 9th 19 5 6

___._____ _____"..- ,.. :. PAGE&U.'

The Commanding Voictat A Poet
Patriot' Stirgd, it!!` b C
P .- .- ;v .. .:,-- ,'....- ; :... i ,:,:. :;,: ..? ; .

Besides the orchestra,"'Ieu.n"- Th.I* e* tbidh'0obrs'.
beautiful women. an& fr suave Preside M O ehttbran .
partners crowdi.g. into. teheCasino will spia.d ..ofthe gre'' r i. and. t:
international tfor a gay, .evedn- epatrotie qualities hi "di&'araet&, 41
iog of fraternal pleasure. in t.re. & this-.mn; With TbUSSi*4
night club affectionately. called ouveture,. Dessalines, Christo.-:
"Smoky 3oe's) Wedhesday- evi" phei and Petk4oi, Paul Eugene Ma-..
ing, a touch of the dramatic W ,1,gloire is a part 'of our. glorious
to highlight the evening' of gay history. I am proud. to say it, and&.t
dancing. I. repeat, Paul E. Magloire .iu not"'J
With their usual sinplicity and only a great Preaednt '--he is:f
lack of fanfare, the Presidential indeed a Great Man. .-,
couple- had quietly entered and The fiery young poeet-statesmani
*aken places -at 'one of, the tables diplomat caught the fancy of. thAKi
near the entrance. The First La- entire crowd at the Cauio .We:--,
dy and .her. General were in con- nesday evening when/he shouted.' -
soryatfve' attire-. As the orchestra 'CrC but with me=. Lont 'Ue,
struck up. the popular meringue Paul E. Magle.ire- '.. .-.. ',
qAUL MAGLOIRKE COLE,, the Thunderous applause: broke ut"':,
'and g. cupples were brought up through the blding, and suddien-i-
short by-a strong voice raisedd in ly everybody was jumping, dane-'g
tones- of command, ing and shouting, ..'',.i
'Ladies, and : gentlemen., -the *Give us music Paul Matoi- :,
vo'ice.rang out, I .pm going to re Col6*, they required of-.r-..Io..
stop the music -. ir am joing to Trouillots hot meringue-guaraeh --^
stop the gaifety.' . ; as4wind .band. .,. ...:,',:
'In. the. pauke that followed the PANDEMONIUM RBEIGNp.fee
hearts of.t-. guests thuiiped lou- The visiting Casabevas kBthbrt
der than Tf oi magicedrums, act Wold-.hbave sometlngA"to!u
-But. that's Ambassador Jean when they. retuned to' .
Brierre. speaking-.1 somebody said. The unpredietae *ean em
'Yes! thei: .litiat '.i'pIomat who had set off -a,.new,.hgl! in:nigh
snaicheI64 eOperat Tweor from the1 club'drahatics aod 'OSkoky $,
Lionthedn . .' would' go lown in I.ptoty, .v J
Li'onur. e~n.-'..- u14
/; ": '. unprecedented, 'imp sN
H*iti's poet-laureate and golden ..i..;. i't -
tongued .rator,.had' every, ?one's. ,A_ ,.>.-4" ....,'."
attention, and' visil y moved .... :! ..:.''":'
and inspired, he mad 'what Dr. Du.)valli er, -" "'..-
may be called one of the first pa- Calls 0 crua b tt.":"
triotic orations. ever -to, be -heard Ia : .wS. .. ,
.. . I I ,rt. D. "u'l, .e. -. u i
in.a .igh erhi.,.it was. 'certainly 'haiti Sun had he.pleasi.u.r.tb
t h e m o s t d r a m a t i C c ' -"'. . ,1 0 .4
th .rio t dr.. .aek C ," l a od visit on WeCIe s..
/'/Ladi e, and Getlemedh e ',te from Dr.m' Dr.' ranois D.wr:i*.-'l
said, .riapologie for'iaving -to
spo o sg v teran physiciau and .-former j913
;sop o fomSnsig' v~s, tore of the! SCISP M al. bi 1"
for 'a moment. But this is,to..ask toro thec S P ea i,.
yqou.. to salde the .presenee,4here .o-D v e n.
night of. grqat President. a n.ag1ra3l wdik".w.gt. t

... Vr ve' r e "' 'f " .",,,.., ,out' o .,: 2 years,-, :. .tt ,
Rafitvew AbfllliU b .L .t 9owas c e
,.,The, Chief inAs vol- ie w oId lterano &
.... . ... .. ,, k... ,. .. .... ...........
uIteote .. leave the. ?Pouvoir, ton'of.trun iei --te r
0Lhe ,,e'd.:fre his term c '.I, V: "'
....'$ W h j I:"
*1-'"-' ?.T"-. "- K

:.'&t," I_ l..INTRO .DUCT6 kyflJi

i ':/ A

Sunday, ~eptemDer VEil 11)5 MAITI BUN

*... -i-.r

7i Roro'Crepsac, .uun grand
iBIag.eunrD returned to Technidal k
School in Cherbrooke, Canada,
last week.
S, The younger set celebrated
pretty Jacqueline Bessonis- birth- 4
Sday, Wednesday night, with a par
ty at her home that continued 4
on. to Casino's Smoky Joe's. :
Cabana Director Celko Coster
,:and Senbra returned from a Mia-
ini-Havara vacatinin., this week r
.;with' their beautiful daughters c
,Graciela and-', Ivette.
Etaoul Borne, Sisal ,and Goat
SSkin tycoon returned to the Ca-' t
.pital from .five months in .Fran- i
Ze this week. Hit family is spend f
'ing'twb years in-Paris E
; Mrs. Fritz Hogarth. CMosern
.Dry CleaningJ)',is in Canada; withi t
her siste., 4Mr, ,lka' Blabom-
'Dardi. Her daungter, Marlene Ho
a.arth, hau'lbw."tto school in-Bel- :
gium ',, '.V -. .
.Marie-Florence .Roy, daughter
of :D b'u pty':Rt y anlond,.'Roy,.re a
tn t.tp.'c.Uege' in Philadelphia I
.thi we.,d miss. RoIb'.is;e ta-
.lented p inter.'. .... .L.. ;
*.,' 'Mra Mabel Wright whio will re I
..paIe Margaret Krsoll t the UU
S,. Ebassy- is, "q*ected -.her f
'.bie.t s'b. S is p f 'on ho-A
=Li leave: in 'he- states. *4 /.
.' Don,' Uahsen,. icoin'..ed, d
'b Mrs. .ah, a:. id .., brae" '.
'i.cfiren .-reu..:,on,'t i.r .obil.,
:froa(- Ney' York tombrrew~'ajono~i-'1
i z ng. A' II f., C-:' .
: *Mr :;;yi "~ s... .: 0,ao ;;fii; 1,
... '4 ''"

r. ...... "1 b
nacbomp~lnie&4bt jiit) -ti'

Arriyir :tomo.tt.o.' j,, ezr ,a

rard -ibi q4aflekkr:4taei& M
,e~'.' t d-C V "
,.eW Sbk;....-^ Emb ;^i-"?^' ;*1

turns 4ftomW'.twote
'in jh~~i . ....

6L. *hS 4*1 g

M.:Ali .qhai ...e...

S. on the i:. '"it '
SPanama ti'e,. ., ,. "
gingeer,4j/c.4ailfluafe.a 4i
iw e M on".. f t.' .'. t ,,e:t te
tomorrow'o" take pont'
ments with' TAMS.; Jac-.'as ben
w, working wit.i 'AMS ohtVe PSli .
"gre Da.m aid ri-gatoj0'Pi"ojecp,)
whle MoniQue hiJ4 been seere-'
'tary. to Charlds Leggett, TAM's
Chief Engineer. No. sfrai4ers to
the '.U. S, they ho'th 'attended
"school inf New .York. '


L" W '


Patrick is newest and third
boy of Deputy and Mrs. Woolley
He is growing fast.
Marie-Helen Fisher who is mak
ing fine headway with her stu-
dies at the Academy of the As-
sumptioq in Miami returns to
classes today, accompanied by
her mother and brother Patrick
who will enjoy a short vacation
returning to relieve papa Kurt
of his 6achelorlood.
Gertrude Linhart,. a pretty *re
flames fo" Austria is down from
the Austrian Embassy in.Wash-
ington, D. C. having a wonder-
ful tinid. Gert" who was shown'
$he town by: Austrian Consul and
Mrs. Kurt. Fisher is stopping at
the Castelhaiti.
'Engineer Ernst Goldman and
Marcelle 'Gardire leave Monddy to
join the TAM's N.. Y. 'office af.
Cte- meritorious services h e r e
with the company d during the
construction and planning, of the
Peligre Project.

A.I ida Cassagnol La-
tortue. Wife of the Dean of Insti-
tate Polytechnique left last week
for.a. vacation in New York.
.Miss Ruth King,, New York mo
del, ends her month's vacation
it Hotel Choucoune, leaving to-
lay to .return stateside.: Ruthie
declared, thgt if.she were a wn-
ter 'she cduld .turn it. Volumes
on Haiti and its wdndeful peo-
pie, and 'piahs to' direct all her
vacatioziing friends towards this
Iouty. .
". '='' ' t "; *, "" ''
SEvelyn"' Cunningham. notV .0 .
;etWspaper W.oman and City Edit-
wr6df the Pittsburgh Cpurier" is
Expected heqie. tomorrow,., ith .a.
goqup from -New' York :Cify for a
brief sejouirioni their Caribbean
tourJ-.,bknsing g r e tin g f-rom
Cebrge' -S,' Schuyle'r, .l dirf.g'time
friendd of.'-Hlitr' and- Ne*4 York
Editor of. t.e .imnportaMt *eekly.
:'Ass Jacqtie.e;Godefroy is leave
for; lMP lung
ing, to r- .lew;.. this',orning
e olubia Uiiversity
yhb'r' she wil'd -follow special
uses. n,.Soca.. Srvicea, and.
.elf6re;'.. O Mjss Godefroy who
7 as 4 .'". exbebr of the Ameri
.Mf ^mosss staff for thei past
vqars "was aw'rdd a scholarship
.f4 tw&:yearsby the Reynolas Me
tals Co1mppy'trough the inter-
s ompa u
nmediary .of 't:6 Haitian Red, Cross
She is: one of the lovely daugh-
ters ,of -Mr.' and' Mrs. Antoine
Godefroy of Bellevue, and during
ier absence she will be greatly
missed f"n the social circles of
the'Capital. .
Mrs. Sindique and her two lo-
vely daughters .Irdne and Marie
Claude have returned from Oua-
naminthe where they spent the
past three weeks.

Massillon Coicou of the Fiscal De-
partment is flying to Mexico and
the U.S. Tuesday on a business
trip. He will be accompanied by thp
wife. '

Dentist Paul Sdjourn6 ay
wife Nelly flew to France vi
York early this week. The S
nes brooked by Magic Island
will also visit Italy.
Rameau, Rene and Claude
m6 flew to Havana on the 5
Max Fouchard flew to the
this week.

Serge Corvington has regal
his post in New-York's Hait
Minister b Finance Alain
nier ,will-reportedly attend
International Bank of Recoqi
tion and _Develo e6nt'Cbn
in the States on the 20th.
S . -. .-*,, ..
Garthe, Nadine sand w rvi
dozo' flew to Kingstdn this
Elma sitoper, psychiatrist
worker for delinquent boys '
tliester; .N.Y. returned to M
tan Friday after .a rstfu l st
the Mon Rive. The young lad
sorry there were no delinq
here that required her profesi
-consel. : ,
Kenneth Britzius, bearded
singer continued on to Mexic
dhy ending a weekIhere a
Hotel, Park.
Architect Ren4 Vimejoint I
the States Friday.
Mrs. Lt. Gaston Mangon
turned, from Great Neck, L
l'sland, Friday to her dei

'Former Minister of Edu
Frank Devieux, LDuie and
line flew to Kingston Frida

Claudinette Elle Joseph
sister 'Mignie flew back to s
in Frontenec Minnesota Fri

Nicole Villedronin returned
her' studies at Skidmd ore C
Friday, accompanied by bri
Jean. '

Mr. Charles Fequiire act
fied daughter Jacjuelin
'school in NOW York, FridA
. Rona Roy, 'daughter of
-nf the Air.Force; .Colonel Ed
Roy flew back' .to school i
States Fridayi". ;

Mimnose Daccarrett flew t
States Frday.'

TWO cute'...Panamians" v
ning' altSAin-Soici this-'past
were: L. G. Thbmas 'and
Parades 'who Were looked
toOr from: the 'isthmus b
Tivoli Agency which is .try
promote- travel between-.
The .promotor of the .pa
tour is Senior Manuel Ca
Haitian, consui 'in, Colon.
x xx ,.*'

Mrs. NMeers .Brizard obs
her birthday anniversary
Thursday 6th, Her daughter
7f, Nicole and Adeline ar
ving a party at their Poste
chand home this .evening.
-Le Nouvelliste's, Gerar'
Uppeaux flew to Havana W
day for a health chece up.
*Miss acqueline Lavelanet
Adrien .Ascenciod are to be
ried at Sacred Hedrt Chwu
10:00 A. M. Thursday, Sept
Roland Wiener flew to 1
ton yesterday.
Sacha Thebaud is return
his studies at the Univers
Miami. today.
Consul Col. Philippe Chart
his vacation here this we
and clippers back to his
with wife Denise and son I

,rs Sii-
re gi -

d. Phi-

t and
rch at

Ling to
ity of

m ends

anctpn w on -ma senuora rpancisco I 5 'a.6
de ,ljio y Canedo of Mexico.. : .'Des.:J.
:.... :' :. '"-.- -' '." i"'""
* ' ***: ** %< i
." .. .. ; .: ." ,'" 'y -" .**, *


Mrs. Howard Weiss, who kindled a major-forest fire here with her..
sparking personality is seen'above New York- Times (promotion Daetflt
'at El Rancho the night they both celebrated their birthday. The Roses
are a birthday'gift of Jeweler Fosy Laham who provided the Iwham#ia
watch Mr. Weiss bought his wife as a birthday present..
'. | '" ";:
,'- * ', ......" '.* *":. .. , ,' .* ." -:.; N ,I.


yv L wnmr T TIT V'b A
7 7



________* .* 7 %! .. r ,-C K lg :; ..'
-,. ,,4% ,
qd his Roger Denis is off to Miami to- -9-CFifty-o -ef of thg Crie bal.
a New morrow. 199 passeger expected to .
>ejour- Back to school in Detroit tomor- sembark at Porta c.-- alo:,"
Tours row fly Mfreille and Solange Gen- m Nw York"et ,.7.;00 A.'IL.Ut.r
til and Gerda Tippenhauer. row m.. ng1, amongW m.-
SEsti- The Victor Assail 'family ae the folplwng :, :.' .
fth. off to the U.S. this week.' Mrs. Uicfle'ApolonhA,.,. ..
States Ed. and Gabriel Khawly are fly. Mr.. an4'Mrr. Ceneie.,,'.:MM
ing State-side this week. Paul 3. Birnger.'":. .. ,:
Jean Vorbes is going abroad next Mrs .A.elj Cadet v :.'
gained week. '. : Mr. douardL Otle' ..,.'.
i Con- Craig Vrooman is going back to ..n ..... .aniaptiAte C. ..-',.
school in Connecticut tomorrow. '". ,taw ;
STr. Martin Trodash, a New Jersey-, Mr.:lenud Cayo 4 ,:.
~~~~~Mr,. rs: cb.:.
the .ite, on ;holiday in Ciudad Trujillo Mr.,atd .MrtaL'qe oby. 4
itru. flew over Tuesday to dance attend, M -M and Mrs.Ci .;.." Delv ".'
resnce dance on friend Judy Ross while Mrs: "Therew .essourees.:'
she celebrated her. birthday on "Mrs. JleytHw .,*.':.
C :" tbat date..Martin was found to be ss enette -t
Mr n midMrs.Edward.~Ltoi
Cor- another potential friend Qf Haiti, Mr..and Mrs ward
week. with' Judy and mother Miriam Mrs." Gerniaine iagan' ..
steering timn into the right circles. f-ak h u i :.
social a,
Wis-He joined the Ross party leaving Mrs, Ferande Mabrce'.
for Puerto Rico, Ciudad Trujillo w nu .]v" ...
'ha"- W
ahat- and Montego Bay, from Hotel .ia, ...'.,
Choucoune, yesterday. l i'eAWde'M..Mo
ly was The new American Vice-Consul, 4 rm:.ro
luents Mr. Jay Long arrived last Sunday, ..: 4;: a,.,,-" ..
ional accompanied by his wife and ,r i'i T&. n ..'
daughter. )ld.n.",1 "
I folk Dumond Bellande (BellivillU. ,M'"rf,'ica
co Fri. Diquini) returned from. M rii s .: ,s' )."#'a d'
at the last Sunday. 4 4" bo
_* The Guy Vitiellos are celebrate' -t t.:..W.-"*,
ing the "arrival 'of a new 'addition a:. an d-a-bqlfI
to the fa.mily'.obe Nieola 4mo Ca'.l' '
NLos rJe-s~ Cua
s re-, little heavy-weiglt who was tbbf *.'.
Long L" Ss'!ns
nk al on September lst. Mrs Vitiello' is B ,,(wiie, f.,
S the Torme Juiile' Martio. .very. to Ms Plr
Young. Daniel Olivier and An.- ,ial wh e.tetp
ication dr Bonny, former students of the Caap'e,,Y .-'4 .'.p
AAAe- Cap I'tian -Minor-Seminary ruh t .ij .,
S by. the Holy Cross Fathers''flew ."MlVlrI
last'week to Montreal where they ce ot0k0ane o* e
and 'ill further their theological1'stu-. teq P1ot*4 nmu
sch0l dies at' the St. Laieit "Majo. Se- 'ri ck& a ie
ay. 'minary. Riv.,Fr. William Poulx bir '1d &vu
has travelledd especially.toPort all Sepj $ *r
'- to Prince to accompanyy the young *
aollegi" scholasties., .- ,.. :
other At the. Foreign Office ts past ro oi "i
week transfers and changes lIb"ad
-. personnel. tesilted in the follow- "e IB
oppa ing- Edouarl Laleau, ,an attacheB
e t the Pr6tocol Service was sentt.
.'. "to Panama'as' Attache qt the-,Hai': :4-'
Chici tian. Embassy. 'Yvan Simeon tbToOk
o'a.d up .his assignment with the Admi- a4 1A$A
n .the nistrative Service. Miss Clemence ':%
'Guerrier was named Sec0nd Atta- .
ch in the Protocol Servide.'Mrs.'
to .the James. Scott; Miss Marie-Th6rbse e ; 'C,
S. St. Victor and Miss Andr6e Zamor TYESj
ward, appointed toG the ,cle ic al
acatio- staff., ,FrancI Pail was appointed I srd
Week Counsellor at the EmbasSy .in-Bue. T t
C.L nos:Aire. /- .
on a A delegation"'of'diplomats t:arriv-. La
y the d'"from their pOists'in Ciudad Tr FR ts.a
ingto jillo for a visit-to Haiti last'Stii-" Ad
Haiti- fday, "The group included. Senor sinH: y.u
Lcrage and Senora Francisco Aned ..of La Baie '
istillo, Panama, ,Senor and Sen.ora Al- MSfI!r
phonso, Merryl;. del Val of Spain, Las'
nd n o ----.--- ---.1- ._.'

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tial liberties should be preserved. IN ST. -MARC
He also said that the understanding ote r ao e )
between spiritual authority and' ,it ho ae
'temporal authority should he for- A 50 te' frm tr s
About 500 f~tts.,_rom the nor -
tiffed, he -"btd~ each lay a 10-
tHheiS isua part of the.,h essentially footlSW i4_ Pi t "o had departed
tiaki,. h continued, their realisa--'WO
tion is necessary to thestrengthen- to join his nto i
ning of. our international prestige-:7
'where Haiti, faithful to its tradi-' The wo-cutterf amazement asg
tions and its historical vocation, he stood before the mammoth spe-
twll contfite to- align itself in the cimen changed to speculation asi
L. mp^ B at frep e world for the pre- it dawned on hini that this could
Sservaion, ofa the autonomy of econs- Pbring him much more money thao
I eai-ethe defense of the dignity s- many days of wood-chopping. By
deuse, thie 'al sfea of the ieniles, this time a crowd had formed, and
eof 'idids f a oand of the peoples, othe man raised his machettes. to
the. safg tiard of peace and the bi i sor f
triumph of soidanitys. begin his work of backing thenow
fish into sales-sized hunks.
Mi. Jqmeile also stated that'the 'Te ea e
Htn citizen, imflued with per- The ne*s spreadufaa'and came
spoal dignity by work and justice, :to the ers of Dr. Lewan of the wSt:.
conscious of hig responsibility, pro 'farc Hospital 'vho aivr~ed af he '
duct of an educationalsystem rea- Af'scene in 'tine to. stay, the wood-'
dated totinhe needs of the coam- iSna I, A M t, L man's axe and .negotiate a dealof
"" 'CoN~ ued fti n pag e 1) ", 'pur chasing the ur .. .a .
unity, respeetuous of the law, en- I"I e fo ae .) 'p the unfamiliar spect.;
nobled by the practice of a well- the cradle to the grave will be il- '
understood liberiy and democracy, lustrated in, the Island 'niuseum. A'cursory ,examination disclosed
:--wSlS accomplish great things for hALF mILE l EACH thatctse fish/was in ,itsoldaage.- o '
,'tlie embellishing of the fatherland. Workers 'are at present. clea ng lo nwod extend eda fewlength
This objective can be attained only a half -mle-long beach on the down the abdomen. Aftersettline
.... South SWdeof the island faeingl :
'agt'the price of a' dsclpline accep- t ssan ai th the bargaining dscdverer, and'
'ted by in all the anks of the com- Port' l a Prince, trimming Mang- measuring the .4 meier. 10" body
"1 m unity,,Xr. JIJumeHle--believes, and rove trees, and surveying land for l Cr. Ledan got taxidermists on t :hdI
he is asking all his fellow -citizens level curves 'work that proceeds iob and' the Sword F ntook on all .
to partpatein an effort.to depass he buildingof 25 cottages, 50 ca- the aspects of a living; creature un-
'theLimits for the adoption of trepa ,hbnap, .pier, tennis court. Fresh-i'der their'deft- fih ers. Photogri-
:'^ ',the limait was fotheadopton .of tge- aoon. ., Rse ..
e common denominators. indispen w, g pool Restaurant rher.Ocine clicked his camera
.abe totheouio' ao f om the 'aorand Bar with daiceT -piste, will to ilecord the find.
sble to the solution. of the 'majort
b polems,..andato the nantena nce be ready in January 1957.
of na .rional, unity. Engineet .Atussan declares-hat For two days a continuous flow
,,^^' Wednesday afternoon. he efor this firstvphased of.his.sland Res- .or two is a saninu f 'o
B' Fethis first, phase o f t Island t of curioushSt. Marcois filed to the
sIn this battle, formatchig for- ort ,ill be ready when the winter-ospit teos.t the sl and sea'
Shwarld in'the bhisod rof the Haitian season opens.in January '57. opa to ie tan e-
Hpeopf^l Mr. Jumelle concluded,' i The second phase to commence monster before it is sent t be x-
a beathe ca l a of inl next 'sqar will include, a Hotel hibited in thae museum tSDanien.s
am bear the roll call of national wihIam nim uELCOME o os 6amis, an
eeoiomic 'and moral forces, and .I with a minimum o rooms, and h en w h c aioyn n
m asking he to maintain the pace small 9-hole golf course. Mr. Jean Saieb, vacationing on
A Iii th esi ovmenti4tjus WATER AN D TLECTRICITY his '250-acre plantain and banana
fa b w PROBLEM ,plantation at. Bojs Neuf'.went over
.:6all, by aid~wl'h arl, tefs
_________________ W *. water and electricity are to be i to. v the fish and brought in
.found locally, Mr. .Baussan said two pictures of the find to P-au-
TR4GEDY AT QJAI water will be piped over from Pee that brought admirationMeven
,CHRISTOPHE COLOMB nearby Source Matelas,' and eee- from such famous 'pdcheursa as
tric power from the Cement Fac- the Anton Kneers.
1 The body of an unidentified tory, a sh~rt distance away on the
,..young man was fished ouzt df the mainland. The appearance of the fish o*r
..bay, not far. from the Christophe ANOTHPR ASSET' the beach is unexplained,, but Mr..
to0lomb Quhi at.Port an Prinice on Tourists miy have the choice of Saieh remembered thatamong the-,
t. Wednesday afternoon. The efforts traveling to and from the. Island old, fishermen there is: a saying 4-
)f (the. Fire Dbpartment's 6pprat- by ,auto along the maind ,roa' to When a fish, feels 'that.his life is
*ors were rewarded when they the Capital or by boat cross the spent, he leaves the sba ajid seeks
hauled the body around 4:00 P.M. Bay. The boat.service will be ma-. a place .on 1l4nd..to die so that he
Police are investigating the' cause naged by .Jean Coicou andil'Gaston may not be devoured by the'other -
of. deht, -and an autopsy will de-. Baussan.. " fish. ,In this case the Sword Fish.'
"'termine the -time the b6dy h*s LOCJl RE IDENTS WELCOME chose Grosse Roche, and. with 'a
,.'been in theaterr as a "lead to the The Beaqh and island facilities -determined final gesture lashed its
discovery of.- t&e identity of the will be opened to the general pu- huge body against a rock -so that:.)
victim. blic and local residents will find the end would qonxe'quickly;.accor_&
a havedl of comfort and service ding to the code of the sea. .
*. ,., ) -
.- "'.ng.. them


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