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Haiti sun


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Haiti sun
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R. Cheney, Jr. ( Port-au-Prince, Haiti )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )

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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 32441147
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d A
UAGE P q.,
V0 Port, au Prince R. 'publiqu T'16 phe '266*.' _U MAY-AFRIV15
ed .0 th
...,queq. 4
..prng,. 91,tfie- X50
-Ti Of e
Q-w o' 1- ott;' trou-- Mr. Telson, CWe'f:: 4,
VW0A lfia,-bel-, 6f .: 1, 1 -' -,
h k with bi, _j?-
ree'.this wec ass
U0 oVtbb*Roy4 r ana- General Antoine Levelt and Com'
F, i, _nte, -whd sujb d-
.. ian.-,Navy ltnd;their, Kh 'ld',uni% mandant of- the Coak 49,4ard, Qol.,
F, h i s b iii hs. 6$ d a',,,'
ollink', Bayard.
f6ifti d- pett t'e
are Ck
as or 1hi' weeke'n- '.4t.olm" the" A t 2' -.3 0 in' the afterriopn, nieiA- _11je -,b -xnand-
to-ever bers of the lliaitiafi
...Cmiadian, flepi ress *isit*d.
'hai s', o
sail i'nto th the Magnificent. btjMs_
61ia .-oi se v"en', H& Friday murnin'ge a ation
Of form. ieF_ lieq n
M a end Cahadian 4ilqrs,
.11 5je y7s., ] ,,.di nwaT ps dre ' S44-e au M
recep ons. lvhfte, e
r4d d b thin4 A e ing
orr tb co lumbii
f. 'n' ti ns"'thril ow baridfr&h Xd eb Ys.
eua in j b
a I pd,,ji ad or Havi aethe, next P-p ian-
,Oo'A *'call ip al :wh6re'tl!b sfk nd sDan compa- ILL-fAITED' BERNINA _DT ASTER,46 apt.;iin, C hery,,11 Ifea
'Spring crtfise'.": ,The' 'CAnadians i] ljes of seamen plac a wr 6ath
contink]L'I On t j" S
the.even 9
'with! -)MMEMOIRATED:' b&n lng 0
7 iker
A. vi ww
NeW Yof K1ddks-..
d -9.-00 a
IL w 'Alti MAD, 8 Apparently, the Rodeo-and S6 7 oe.
PRO 1A ,'_,S D,
Gin- ffluin lolre -An juto cifffiew- ibolas -to Port-
4ieSt 'Tisdall Ues 9 hich caused ther t.
vWt, 0 RDER, N ,. AND; B '"arn"
Dsb! GP.,! Stnioi7,. I n of Ahe of-, the Wild W st 'kine-wh6w a wi
Atlj U Secret of 'Forei Relations the leeremony',4nd' ee 6i Wgre horted,,
AYbuftddf pfficial Nfe express our regrets to the Joseph D. Chair' -16 arsl -;to
les presento the !made by Dr. an; Set f ire 1&
U ad
ak,- TfiiI3 d&Y' nu&* *ho. inquired at. the eSun* order of ;Petion'ahd Bolivari de-1 rector: of the Haiii niversity
6pening dite contipiis to bant6s: hblleg xde, and.a-ener-al gasoline' a'
n, r t s week for the S cre 4 am )v
mql cl -Bellema- Exhile: Cauvin, d. tioAs. 4 .,
ge aire ,e4eclallythe kiddles. Pr. Price Mars R li
_an reign e A V1616t
;rb 'idccompanie e, th Juge Christian Laporte, during rice Clerknont,'-who oil U V 11
guished rhapin& 1,zkn fdudienci an
b, _,-1,1--, L''.. ; 't -1. n Day.: ce ebrations I mericanism. Tdrtugua
M_ Qlp :'H 1' Tan-A !,. ahd
Sydn6y U S. S. ere
Am asdddr k 4he Theaire tasefte's De;s ,aliw After t e ..,prese ta, L, 'i U -'T eeoast b
-SiTftin, d .j4e commo tr rrier 'U.S.S.
n decorations by bs
7 6s &turday :mornm re%
ID rli arrivedi .16e re,.S. 9'
116;m-wre, Lt. QLr Mr. Ca m e Larg e director of hjXol. C.R tain tbe
d Ife" edori L,
panie y,.., !sketch of P I I c
ry a
.Vi'.6tfi.-*Ater. R. 4 And Lt 4ac- within crew,-6f 2,000 pfficers and 'Chief AT'
Natiqnal Education, opened the two- 13lictures b Mr. a aV in:,
men h leavejoin 6-n-antanama
d will leave lai program with presentation of were interpreted'.by fhe'studenfs- nodin ,jum )cd ir m
0 _66M"' 11' 1.
C'asf receive v a ;ISF-L Bay i this eve.- 9
of Jn-MarW Robert de 1?qatand w e
n 19z, school and t e -Centre 4 r 'Y' Soas.3- e
*tau 0 e A
m,% 1. 1 'L, '' J_
tudes S d
DROWN Iec aires 11,
d, and the e ;re
The PaIM nthem: an 16 fe&xeftia n _t'
We Hait them'open-
AS,.. SAILBOAT iah'N'ational Ai
ed, can phwe:
and closed the Pan Arneri
CANOE, SINK: Day 'ceremonies.
Three lives-Were lost this week
when the. passenger-cargo sail- N
boat iDiei-, 2.,000'PEASANTS
Protegev, and
g ing c4noe q;;n off the 'Haitign GETXORN SEED
coast, it was reported W6dnesday'
morning fh La Phalange. ANTIN' G
Pas engers.Ant6lnb Timouche Corn -and vegetable seed is be ing. -b" on ue or Al
distributed thi .2jooo -a e YTnP
AnJ Melianthe -'were & ed d-1 el_ ec
own s 0,
uProtege 's dult petisant of the mountain '_ ec e: s of: Ne*_,lorl
when the 4:DiL ank ou A.
area behind Port d tr,
An e-A- au Prince"part, appl ce last- d ylt-,
of s :Veau enroute from,
MI agoan6 to La Gonave Island. cNouvelle Tourraipei, hight S Y, 0 im Ore,
cularlY -in.
Cal5tain Alistor Roseniond and Pastor Wallace' Turnbull'islAistri- ,they'end6d, tj ejr e ronce
the other p s sengers and- crew buting seed 'at the Fe xnatlie. here','at -the -Rex, Theat e.',.
members, were saveo. headquartbn of' the Cons ervative' !p pning-With, *1
St. Je n Bresil -swam to shor -Baptist Mission. Jude to ict I-Yof Die Mejstersjn-N, i t,
wl)en his f Wiffig Eachadu t pleasant eiyes. one ger,.__JT "I'Ones o
canoe sank ...... f, tbe, Lnstrjf ,',-
while his companion, Henry Du Marmites.: a gallon caii-of corn. mon s N*ere, g ovang_
ble-au- seed) with two Marmitesper fami 1,, Adei 6v :ds i
rand was drowned 'at Ta TO p a
I'Diable off (3 ly. Ae. Red Cmss.fs di tributing :tions.ofthe.-orclitstra,
re_ larcr quantiti6s of
No bodi-s were 're 7egetabl seed. TOiik -s
po tedly_ qvskil
/covered. atthe sarne 6 i:t .off sijpcrbly,-by',.'
Pastor Turnbull informed fhe Ae nd'e'r-s"wbq..display
What's' a convention witho4t funny hats- and' a littl uslic. Pan
G am Sun- that the farmers are work,]',6,d','4 C* h os't r a I "< e uantan a 'Naval Doctor ib
force ,

1~J~ c~nceFt a 0 ~ pe~o aI1ti~, ~ en~Q
a~ Xe~ ~J ~o~4 Q~ a-
A >~
g* p~
y t~Q~b4 I p
1~s e a
a C

stated~~~~~~M NUD Dr.S Yo 1 o aeihth ot lgfrtei 1rn
i tcfl j i the Rond hu int~e er b he il.y of eg etttos t h h ie.dTurs wthddth
rnidn d Noon. eet,1tutyuwlgpit faith o Gd, thio ponr asa
mdio say6 tha iimngh aet lveastn am~r''e grea natinanier ason
up h< 'gkh pu of 20e CaibN e nds io na tflasr i r lns
entr 1 sad Sr ou Ameic the pces i the w ot'6I~ o1.5 ofn thi grahin isp ren.o
A ssado frd the pR o 'Cnsatybfr md nhy ,dv nul nationsere g the-
'Yfa eChsta ehistelsm ii th eoivercale p ha huedy gis mn b
pbio oreit h e ni ed Iod an f 1ietpwthre eIrti ecle a f. an oer ivd to e
FSa e,-jn re Is paet sh ena dte rinis-fe Nz p sr.e a Thr- ac 'hy e f i t u rses hdgy .
soi o etiest ba seeme ) Ahan fre i the commton h u h wivnsfa'd ihil ne.Thswt h
be61iia~ i; illesd Nor.eens m n rt,ap th y wl.pri.f tHoeveald thist conty hs
yvanestre ei e t saep th atke oai~n wher esw e cn
He ise n ben erl med SotzAei a the it reol ng' thee W rd3 .,qntha D .eat hdlisph he
tni, Ie.Siit ed of- ( dr t iy before ie'1 m t so ebiln ntin.,tuty tyla
mhiv, ine:Chisia etc t e r is~t,- po sitv. p!ft srge asyt A~y.sth
Zecame~ oa a lhade fo h res
inad l'h~i : IestAn
e ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ a pop lat d67krg Asiae eem dpolei
t~~~d,, c lfif it sre meo 3adtht0
can e,. as OnMa
-hvebp e':',efre..wiwehe r i t i maC a bit o v ht sa h
6dr-'i 6iis thhRivierbfotecoaidnthe1 &, Ai stni
sh1 I36i ANaieAn d ri i tI t
ei.vao a-tn N w'or B nddih 1
eirnd inidaa la tliQ urir i- so s.i inx' liumentsak
Amr- he ts op~a.a soii a a a
own mb isa I'ait l;r a14m GIg on e, hThte
tail trait f de0 o .tr e sD inon ga yo.. W ed in p ot afo1 fh~ si l f a o
ourg an:e-russea ouo st lntn co mu, la!. lan reseti Ann the. forcese the i
lomats Inni en pot6i n tot yo cht for l'ost groar Ipenn
e gere o 16non ageou evntyod. bopuStiet Ahsiaxd
un~te sadertssa qufa chachif thvehoesrv pays-ry down ur 3on2us.,Thatiits
J~ z l m l r p et ll titsgali ei en h n nai a d'te p ios ie f i baby'sde 'i p'e' o pe s
zipo tie ctoenqu c~hf ur ace iixteese'h r y isnt thek hifati take 'x Wilnua-s-f
m~~at geste parogue, n
in~~~~~i am -a, m'p3 prdsett Camille Jen-atit pou, trviAncncuin"rnkn os
linire rstita 11 oten ln sctin aur a ou t th ii n eope, Drto. Yagt
haill mairess Lis Cave Ce gracence it~~ -ada, quein pois~ aoin sik des f ora an
4ounin cou blin bli p nsuae pepe a T m ts m tob yur et tth sotire to
11c Il thanka you frcm the bottom of &
cwq epte eut r potagere ora fexisteee Camillei JeanBap mn' heart for yo r m nykn ne-
i ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~o p- msnqu ball redret inpiato Wehvsge fo e
un ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 6 "aifcikpuoea en acncuRni u soit with ~i yo"9e
:~~~ mbni "rg n@ s n n iell irbuii tohrnf'gn
dtiparlement ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ f~s dear fcs r::,cen cm uate Ep om etid Yon0 l m
tnrair Yotl(it draid journal pas. 1j de'aatyit rdat f tA th-H
.m fat sc7inirssnt 1nhtat nm n-n As i i a ', Annom i nieh~ .tamnio mainc.1n lha,

JaaicI'R S 41coDao <,roup'
t ~~Enjoys, Haitian. Holiday 1 O a
The Jamaican chartered vessel11 1O 5 1) .
-left for Jamaica yester-
day with it~s distinguished group1PE F M
of British, Jamaican and Americ-.
'a"an personalities extremely pleas- *0
ed with their four day vacation
,.Passengers, lird and Lad Ro4
fi- 'Ry at'the .nald Gr'aham, Sir Bruce Tuck
rs-,bf-peir ~ ~ ~ ti't ourdes IayFvetos and 11ady Tuck, Lady Prescott,
by he epatmnt.of ubic letltt tocoe his ex- .Assistalit Superintendant of Ja-
"In10s Fi as. sse,.f LNtioal anouned tht plffcr pale maican Pollee Captain Steven-
ts agms te reen gvetifieii- er pssd ut tis weik and son,! Mr. Terry Marstell, Ameri-
lic: ad, he'Dea~mnt of th 'Iateiorarc ivesigaing..can who charted the boat, spQnt
their sojourn her buying re-
Rtke'elleficy'Gerardo ~ ~ ~ JieeCsaRcnMnse oHii, held 'cords of Haitian music, visiting
,?fWel -a'nq'et n is etirivll reldece Tusda atoon in local night spots and. at the Ca-
n~rof.Spnis'Amia's'd~ Fenano.'anha. .,ir lio has sino roulette tables. One ev6n-
n,'tansere :to'Mariding they supppered at the Per-
choir Retuatwith Dick and
A~il 10hwthlnmesmy flitelMai-2lclel ~a harles., Traidi Seaberg, from the tThun-ses
!!Wetd hid'' .niersry...:Sqol,.hd outs ve-6opened? deibirdso yacht.
0 dayaf '6,tVersary7 Captain Hehry Watson and
Thoiasj~f~roii vus. i)setve' Ar'R 1., ya Ro atiron Chief Engineer Roe, of the Te-
ed li3 Pofe's6 r'Irs.11irillukly~f he'eferonSchool -coma, a converted motor torpdo
En'Aish', ~ ~ ~ eekii D-etaeW-dboat, said that they wanted to
-ft pfn e 'Id~pndnc: i.Tues. visit-Santiago de Cub beor reMe
oarsturning 'to Jamaicai but that the
ation~~~~~~~~~~~ mxein ietkt teHiinglent,.. .ece'ht, spell of h)ad yeathei and
0, 1 e o~'tie ttrctinsot abo- Dy celbraiow o, will1 *1. be the Monday morning Work await-,
'libia~ry: ein, intle yt rDprment... inig Superinedn Stevenson.
M~~ttenfo thesnet4 and Lord Graham, ,teal estate
dealer, made the'tip possible.
F. Moissealt (cAntigone eniHal-
ti) Leroy is being landed In local
r- ~~Cultural circles for the new Sun-rE_"
da inm nat c~on that4s
tetilators'iand loves of
the classics to6 his 'Theatre d'H4i-
ti at Morne 1erbu14, since the
first session onApiil1st.,J
The con th ie>of the agnphite
atffm ceingL the ratu on Vie.4.
wokso'.as andL contempraryell
1.-tera orbits,. andfattilib
otilie. on the:oniip the ar-w
respnsiblity ons inteeMY
tpwards ~ ~ ~ 1h thsorrbl-,si. x
>hide by the grou ineW.f
h.d to air -a viwsoer4tl
well sokdifbari, of .th other
Tesesonsibl ofente0:0 -the
ho~~~~ wil clsnghu psse unoice.i
thedenchtigrsettin.e o
n ca ossre oibthen success
far er, ire Dr.ton Ja Piea s, ecit-
Cassiu s orew oftonver i- 'tf a M.p
n gie lain, TuneUdrScer
lands to foce, alir of T ee
ehsbea of the au chntor ofeCmpte ibrlSng naytetsasi
ass-'au~~ catphs, iihdeonferc- Gorar Ds uec Jaqus Leou i oe aU te sustess
Fauti Phiipp Stelin Emane Am ; colon an ustments,- .p~e~ e swee use 11.4 3
1J Jusic brose Guyi he,..e Lari aq S e@ nr 2*misrigt rcsicu
e' hft Fayk Goef roy 'JarLI..atrBb n tKUS R
25 pe)Pi, ody dnCarene. -f
Hi hlghfu .1 s cunday' prof-t U
giam wet' th e eadngcrom
%-~~~~ ~ ~ ~ Jaqus Al'p newj 6ljook,' soonL ;" L L f om
of htoanbe pulsed; tor' poems frost
Carloso SaintLouis an severn
.ro a Hen STen. ni UM:42"
the-Dor~~nicaTh publicly wille fin tghea ma-or Tusa
inoAtendin the' ses'sions of the~r
i-e- Sciterrry' Cont h Gl evenl Suo,
eaday at Thtr e HaitiPEITE
h L a Coisumi~ eha e se inm M61na.
'Aneric=.:~ern 1\Tgnte retrn to" Bry-t'1-7 nriiabtmi
roulhAHINE 1IN tvM D endr aftersatviti
I'Ji ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~mdl Eaat wit rebels ofnri mI reVtdyfr he aso crfr !miis i l
s cugt quezig he iian Rffflms irqe Se inhwt!TEP 6 <
un~87 70IR/! near KP7 IL072~L

'-HAITI fiUN,' gstwrb SNgos. ql, xedcn 9
'86inmunity Weekly Published Sunday, IApring vesmahAdwe u Ti.cudma re:
'The death of three men and the serious burning of ten oth* Dear Sir:10ce
ers, a week ago'Friday when the. motor vessel < its cargo of gasoline, exploded at the entrance of La Tortu, year last issue that you shoul en Tee
gua Canal was followed up this week by another tiragle sea vote ilorneeq Sutton 'one of th
drama when the sailboat <> sank 'off Ansedar world's foremost travel writers.I I "
Veau* and a 'fishbx2g canoe went down off' Tphle au-Diable' and pointed outt 4n an 1itervie'DGTA IL
(Grayde Satine) claiming three victims. .with Congrnessman Adam Powelj
Passengers Antoie Timouch,6 and M6lianthe were drown- Jr., the alarming situation in 1h Dai dtr
edwhn heeago-passenger sailboat (> sank states today over the segregation
enroute from IViragoane to La Gonave Island. Captain' Alism issue; whei only A few days b- GnrlEeti fEgadi
for Rosemiond and the other passengers were saved. St. Jean fore I. read in the < Bresil was able- to'sim to shore while his partner, Henry Du. view of Lite~rature his cable r-poi ytmi a ata n
rand. was drowned when their fishing, canoe sank off Grande port from Leningrad- on rPorgl oeti oer~ en hy
Saline. & Bass> in Russia. -to g-u.tesics 4A ea ML
th would l.ike to quote.4-part o rne eV
$2Politically, too, <(Porgy)) is apvd n ose hm l~r
silent secret: weapon. The sihtipaan ilbhatraig
Of Negro performers and tlir e' eta fte ota
white executive staff kn wPteesres tetkpoc
3 .,,adeatingselde by side has eas-cbewil'e.qukylad
ed Russiany_ to stop and askr,plc.adteuy ar.othi
Last. year's loss, of three, ships adtw~nty-one lives (These an explanation. Says Josep lnigbreavd
losses obtaiaed from the: Port Captain 'appear small if one Crawford, ,the shed's, choirdi
can believe the frequent' itoices of siknspbihdi~h rector, a(he idea that we.-arMrPW ines-
local press), aside from, general merchan es illustrates .the, here and acting reasonably inie.
4laroung condition of th# fleet of -10 motorboats abd 400 sail,- -ligent, fs propaganda to .begn
in- vessels that'ply Iladtiai co t Waters, 'every: month. ow with.AC'FE The sh, wefrta
Nt' I~stg Ais not; particatarlyi/,flattr
The fatalistic nzngfthsmlcosws arohising to colored People, butth
after ~ ~ ~ a Gyi--ts 4 GoSaeJs*: and < OUs Vig> --;&idi not e tlhiiti ty going dwn with all and oar 'Gprrmeit permits n iqtei tl
hands,.er froma4 tie.,cargo' itig rtihied b' salt water/dhU6 to, ought~to tein themesomiething,*rl.isej-udr h.hain
bad se~astn g~: tiftor, the foolish overload-col ke- ert:,ofe
ing of the bot.- -\ The flis* time the company.v.ithbg eiofadnw of*o
, sited the baHl the Rusian ball-cusL ayL
Periodic roatine inspection-of the boats des not aEpear rinas stad he. Ameha Ine-mel
to .be~enough..*A casual :siroll along the < penteras.Te ak
(Port-pit Prince waterfroiit)y;. il -Bdemnohgtrte to anyone, that, -I
there repenty of. sufibficaltorcto't be madO with-
out goigg deeplyintOx Dject .6f overloading, lack of. fire
fighting equipmient,.-h6,ots'or, life; satvinlg !devices, proper-
stowage., of ta~opetent. habln .:of eC shisb
crews who abshqled in.!elementary seamapship.
Moored' t CL~do ge>i,1aitweek were a group of boat
formin'g A haf.6 a cl4 nd a firestrap that. could have ea'si- 19Rrng, Ors ar s ,
lybo~nt toe rmty. The cargo' sailing vesel<0ie
Juster> of GInaires 'had its deck coverdd with empty Esso.
gasoline, dm salthbgh some held water,'. and- the, air. 1iter- t
ally reek es]vrynknwsn;tow
that an ei4 ~aoe.drum. is-more dagru"a ll
one. The'&W f the -4ziiu Jtiste-s Was.,4aturat~i b.
Directly'i hecenter .of the drums tbe 4 i
with- a t~iigfire, on which the crew, wesq Ooghg the even- Ctri~a e r
igme e stand was. very precariously' alanc'ed. One _
-Spark 611the deck and. poof .--.the <> would take
ihe surroutiding fleet along to eternity.
Haiti, unlike most, islands, is not a. maritime rtqtioW But, it
manages to build needed vessdls in old, Biblica fashion-
These ruggedly constructed vessels Carry, cargoes that would
make -most experienced -salts swallow the anchor- for. ever.
Cotton, 8tyhmer ags of cepidat Iage rond stokes for
constructiprt: work, firewood,- bags of crude salt, teakagle
pottery;,-nfrtieldy zine for roofing,; charcoal, dried fish,. latge
malangas"4d ififlamnmable gas drums, compete for deck.spare
with cofk"iabeer and. bags of sugar and leaverb 67l,a1
fe nhso re-board. Everit- moeaee cae 9pe Caterphillar alone has thexrinen
the ship with-~fons: of gretwtr rsachmtlugym
Walk along 'the dodks a takee a look'a Sntmniesndpfoace
which ap'ars to bea passnger-and cargo' r"t le'-Nt
ice the d ndition of the planking along 'te des. Alongside
the' ger ship in not- too good a -)tate of repair.
Taker a% gooddlook at the, of Cayes ano its dried
fish and malanga cargo, 'the, o of Gonaives and its.
heavy load of Schlitz beer, cane 'sugar and boxes of Sohia,.
:the open firewood boat Pte. Riv. de Nippes. Yes, a god look
and meditate abodut the faef that few vif Any of these cariry
insurance for the men or cargo.te.hi",wi_
The needs of the coastal flet are: These ships should be alk: n h-'raemy evtl-,
gen a careful annual survey, a school is needed, to train the
seamen, emphasis should be placed on safety at sea, all thea
ships szhould ca..rry the- necessary safety and lifesaving: equip-

CAN A0 e'uthor-als,, -rfersto te gloire of Le 1Watin, also approved ct, or, abogAt $.127,000,@00, pl the, the regime of Generalissimo Ila-
inatal entl deiliy o ths a report of its, Fivtedomn oft tge funds sought are earmarked for' fael Leonidas Trujillo in Domin
RS# TANS-rce, wos tepeamet s.so Press Committee headed by Jue .ai-American- countries, the can Republic. Dr. Galinglez called
'ss~ptbe.toth acic.of lDubois of the Chicago Tribune said. .* (teTujillo period twdaty-fiv
_ Nigb~,''TesAr Srane, rte ad raties w~dh Iud that among other- things' again years of ca daily drama which,-
-, ~f Creal Tet. nt b coceied f bt an4g strong#' denounced repression and Dis proportion Cited silences lips and oppresses
tex ,a~elen Tth mst~riitie eope ofthe censorship of the press in.Colum- ,hearts.)>
Abla. oAll of us can understand the
doubt and wonder caused Iby that' . veeS er. Oft te, thirty-five natioS, 'isl- .Shocking dislproportion,,> he said peigapro fdcaosi
nd ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~n aPd 1 erie fo dtra o- ds- and possessions of the: Weste stemn Hemisphere, froint Alaska ,to merits, in my seprecdntcmlt umsino epe
.,:Repblic it Argentina, it was noted in the want handouts, Put they don't li- the. destruction, of all civice apfritl
g n -p(!i nt report that freedom of -the press- ke to be told that all Latiri-Amer., and the ihost ironic parody of
- .yqfr- existed in thirty countries. The iaputoehrslesmo.-democratie 'institutions that canR
d-report said that there is, no free- tant to- the United States than be I agined.>o
r domk of th prs i .11, din Bolivia, the three or four countries. in te D.nlde Moka Alense,
EDominican ,Republic, Nicaragua, Middle East> ** Secretary of State withoutpot
tore~iirth eltinsipbe-Paraguay and Venezuel.' folio of the Dominican Republic,
s. -Vr ,e~*(le fo a I poliry a based'on a chemnispheric that the regime was in any way
a. bok pub1i j'a~e sidtht ewpp- economic system.)> Thiit would in- connected with the. dis appearan-1
gBerle Criticize' cuharesnbepiesbl-ceoD.de Galindez.
e~~ted~~ih say n ntiation, for such Latin-American
a. S. Latin Poic. products as cocoa, coffee and' .,(The above article appeared iht
4o ave een onsiered obei- coper Wit L tnP lc foreigdi affairs last'Sunday's New-YorkTm.
'PP'Declares Aid Too Little- stpiadily moving toward a great
cu 6e-ws -Eisenhower's Ifelp. Sought incrss>hsad rehllndte
Ifunt' for Gaidz minds of. all of -the 170,000,000
garilza-~ edtr h Ameiricans south of-the Rip Gran-
AdolhsA Bel Jr fomer As de and the talents the' United Sta-
esistant" Secretary of State, char-, tes: does -nothaehihfors
n- Wgedn today that the Eisenhowerthe
a 4fit H iI Administration was discriminat-
ouing against Latin-American na- AdesAtcsTuil
4errcItions ini1.its foreign aid rogram., Noin Thomas, chain o
Pres:A sn.Appalsthe Post-war' World Counc, ead
1\I, ere poe efrea nenotes of an address'that was to
Today institute of the Inter-Amer- lia e byeieedbfr l
utican Association for Democracy isiueb r eu~eGln
te nd reeom t te Grneil n-dez, Colombia University letturetO
ou- 3 "t 6_ Jn~r, -meicn, res Asn hn- national BuilIding, who disappeared from his homneX
,0 l~bjciloiaIV, arch: 12. TIhe Inter-American-
.dMr. 1, Leag* -for the Rights. of Man
p ner o eidn Ei e' ndNwrecently. advanced. boy represen- hvaf-6dl X. Ono ear
aYr'Go.Aeetiarmaintatives of Latin-Amleriean nationsfoinomifilangoter- P $ IE S US
thecae'.f ese d Glidez'Saiere,.-asserted that, ta current rest of those responsible for the Efli N ES
forigk idbill soed a market u~~~~~~~nbalance; ins the adsftance fI Spanish Scholar.31 gg''nviii ndjurait-w ilsmre ft
er f F ered %. to hemisphere gven
niets I~ t E 6 1 Itf per Te address sharply attacked, PAEGFR
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A nate ofmache (nteea Leo Whe he ticyne erswring isdpnbty father'sEAURD Y,
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-home~~~~STHVITR -Tr aTetu eawys-te aeeog
et in touck wit his familys -t dru stoeswo
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klept in tou-0i with his family -is decadetoces yoe ntenia-EFETV
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QUAIT tadel Torsan1
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flatly refused: to loo at a pro ed mo i, h mi I.o. o -1hi dl E s it ai n
gram It was an,',~, af or nothing, viio ow es a r s h c u t i aly gr w n e so s i
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>omq however .. .. Th Ani grou ha b hav all paid fo herse. th Prime Minister DaIdI
Ie-e take it plce So tha ther no bee shw siutneul o.' u ntr fime in th cou'i, i- ,I ,',,
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sp ec fi p g a s i n q o n ra t o ,a e p r gaIj h w I o n er a n i m euIo e p r
..~ Ilo brw. Iho doe not w ek urin March One wa a wit an to constan I ISU J Y, A R L 1tly im
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riin the usa emrolc tlidial insid the Kre li \valls .4 I bse
A-t fi s re!p i n w as no Ig od lo k n pea ant qu ue .p ,t FO R EN I P 1 I.
[[[ I -- :I Z., ,_: i .. j I ritec hc a diff clti e w ere V f i m e L enins an St li '- o bs
giulito thiormws a colcie fam j cfbuontus ar Vle,3berom'it'
I.. god ttirons pattere wring on o oiecio in thei Ling a d ig 111i-. royomtpstirse larg e .
prv th ehia set f r hrvees a Rusin paio witin v pool spi '.
...lie Now i t has t al m yof' h mJst ten years ing an y f t e d hings Am ri h"hay b prv t pay;ed
when ~ siI Vrtbcm vial as dbta h sae*ie way Tl ppir 7484i or,2
. % fl~~~~~- a tl odcuringo l tugh ro wit omuistoittle tio n o' telia t h ofCm mere Bldg iuains ec-r
colta 'm c les q .en ..a pr1p- I
. gra m,it waan amprove 0 ntem ng- i -c o s h c u i f c l0
__E. ,b sl *, C R O L ..in o nr .f.go igt-esosi:, '
-1 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ I additin. Tohitgs impre enti g A a rbe itri
_A ~~~ro es telvio ha profited .- Iral I
the fuur of thi h er medm
t1 a. ee li l e b- he .: ast
sum of com .a suted.into v
, ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i u p>oi& M,' f I A d i t i.._ ' -s a d v e S i n e a m v e w i h i u r n r o I .
_11, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o ,t year I ; es l at:iaig o a I Iportapa clAd~l i
.., I I I 1 ,, I'l- I t h em r e dh t i e i n t n p r ou ham d q e i u n n n t e t r a s l e h s, 1 .
" o 'I- I i t i n t h ise r i n t h i sx e ~ c t ) a e c t a c til ah ti aIO D-
"'~~~o ood ,ail I ..,J n o r o m I -h w n s f ashg iol g n th SeShowie&_, ,L l ,i o n ii u l wit v r ei i e f tu e f T .m ve
to iifie )* on t~' visibit a FET
A.hlg I 1tis) eSn
1 I .g_-# erken V i a o t w I d ,At i
"' ~~~~~~ie mb e ston Ilrt ans(gt:no .F r ,.I .
- I I c~ ~ ~~~d e h t wa s e ba y h ave p e od ~ b c b e r n o r p o r m t a 4 h :
_ M ~~~~ ~~' a d p s o e -t s o n g'tha n m h a 0 n t e s o i g o f f t r ~ u r i e f H t e l d f l s ,
, ,a~de tealNod ittb i- a Ie sil$ -o 9
t i , a il e s n ll er o s s E v r C o f r U t m o s C o u r t e sys
~Sarln naiv dancesy andd shows'Inor
E ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ e Progr1im Every: Ni II I n T II .I ' Ita ul i ny mai g prp a
t_~~~~~~~~~~ ~ t ,t's a~ll th rill'. to e n o y oIs l a t- & e ~ e ai t li t e 0 i n a t f n. A f w i n th eeVO O D O O C L U B
- "., "., I ~~~~~~~~ ~ake al y -' e d n ,h usA h eg b rs d g e "f sp itiain a d 'h ottlitourT fIe s wigaIr 1 .teann wt l '. ; _".. .Isatrdinsa c st o u 'S to VOr is C lUB en f
",Z~~~~ T 7 11 I ,I v d n y t k n ', ,b i f l p a I 4 n rh e f i wh iT gv es r tu ~ rk .

OgPH NADAIL-and C Dishibutors
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EW No,-Nc), -:- NOT Yi Tl I'M BUT 1;= THF- ,RESCUE- 114ik
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T ,, ,.,,. ,, : : : ... 1, --- -- -- '. -, i rl ,' : ,; ii,
.. iiiil- i:.;.. ,, r- ., Z ., I .11 ,, < ._- ; '. ": .;.. I I I ..... , !111_ ...
, Y -,.,;- -. T- I
ii, I I I 1. I .. :" ,, ,,.,,,,, .,, -i ,.- ,. ,, '. ,,. ,- iq %'1_ -. : I : : I ;,. I 6% ., -1 % . -, ,;, ,, ; ii : t 1 11tiL !:V.,: ".-: , -% :
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iiit.i .14 % I ,, I .11. I~ ~
,: I I : I 14 I I ,. : I I -: I ,
,. _: I ii, : ; 1 ;z, ii
., .1 I I I 11% :. k : : , :.. '. ', I i I r,
: ;,' I I I I I i: I 1. I I I .11 I I .. ,. ., ,. :, I ,-,, ,I,
, 4 I I I I I : ': ": : ': I -1 I : i : _11'. I .%, ,, : ,, i" Z! : , : I I 4 ., I I i g 1,1,11 ,
,.; il StNDA-Y, APRIL .15th 1056-. i, ,_. _, ... I 1. I ,, HAITI: 8UN -1 ..,-. I I I I ..,. ,;, I .. iik. .e....,!_.,.1 1. 1 .1.1 71 VAGE
I ir :_ I I I I I I 1: I '. I...
I I I ,
" -- - - - - 77- - 7' I ,
, , [ I
. I I I I I 1 7 7 .. I ,- 1 -1 ".: :: .1 0 : .
r. 11 I .. I I : I %, I _: I ,. 'I' .. ,I,1", i : :i : I 'i
': .1 11 'i' ,,.i ,- I I I .. 4 I., I 11 )
. I J haV
D' 'r 'iti, _LosIll ,New Od eans, Syjiiphony G-6ne to Haiti: Naturally, ,the J. violating. the ii-.1ilef Cludi because,.. they ent,
I I 1) I t j 4 il
I I I I I 'e "'of, ,,, int;,- !b* 11
.. 1. -;. I I I 1 -1 I I 'the Fire epartinie e a, right.t onnectidns for, iddin"
.1 I I .1 I ment co ald. purchase dia nuiiib . 1) .._, jc& fhe I, ,, '. ..'- .-,,
,6, 0 s I 1. s, . caniivau se a ,,-/catastrop, e -iQ an"Invitation- th-_-A tt
of choice eats at "any perfo, an- I .1 'h':, w ith 4 11n_]: .
I .
- '' ,, ,
. I I IW IC ce to cover inv of- .c '.Tn a_ audience,. dives "tioi ., '6v _p ...
Muw Lovers 'illina / T46". Pay P 0 itationg fior, the w lh e nif;ked ;iicuif iai in em Vra '
I I I I 11, I ,, 1 7 1 1 ., ..., -- .., 111 -
ficial and' diplorhatic list of .,Pro- loir the exists in case,-Of, fire., ermay.in the U. imore,.great ar-,
. I I I I , iii ,:,
I .
.No" Need',,T or, ; Gi Ex nditure .1 .1 .1 1 I '. bi4oln g, for- top tists and orohestxas ,'
, ; 1, I I P C 1, tocole. I W ith Haiti I I I ..carf e .. e ,
-__ I I I I j % I I I I : I I I I I I i I 1 liii4l "' i I
!. I I -Mr. Saget, of the Depar -of' lilace, iii cludie Raiii -I th
. .:! I I I .1 I % tment C4Tjbi tGurisrn,,and pected to in f h" I I
Hundreds I I Pdncatioii: I- I I I '' ill., "
of frustrated music they really didn't have togo, K as Nationa who ,was ,one climbing ff -,,t ViAtorsi, 'ana Latin Ameriiie (-- 't-'
* are nur sing their, utter 'matter of fr)rm,>, I ;; 11 I i. , ". -J-' I",. L_
-10,y, .. a Were most con of the. Coq regient, in. the- Capital et19 giveJ
,. I imittei6,; members & to" its will ''toftrs, $ih '- , ie"L,
_i8isni4 ft losin" I atj ", I St Is .., down -of" i i' I I -, I ,,, t 'Ii.
the opportunity genial in Mrning over -their in7 charge 6f-- fnvij Ons ior. '. ai Wuli be allidw6d. to la 7111ii Ii 4 . . 7,
,i8f-- tending the first symphony. vitations tbhirn. 1. .. I" .,:. 1, 11 I c -- I .. 7_, I., 1 L __ .:. 1, Sunday's syrophony I conc&t1- in thRr'inoney Jor a tf 4et, to ; A time by gib ng. at4his'thlug in
11 ;., I I I r _' 'i'
qonf Tt ev ,t,6 be presented, in The, Hal Sun did not rei a telepho th -. ,',;;, ,
: ... 'way! -, ,,, I f-
ne conversation wi I is phony, c icerti and not feel rU1iti.'.4y1' ih only "I I~, 1. . -W I ": _: 11, ,:,
-i-11, IN of. Haith New, Or- an invitation. Like many oi fier, th IV :, I ,. .". ,., ,, .,kl. .. iiii ". eii onMLonday in" I 7: I : I f"
16&4 Woi I 01 I ,. 4 I I I I I I .. I 1. I I I 11.1 .:-, I I- I ; "; ,- iit , _
,k no" el hty-se- music lov weia would ha h' I I .. - . .7 .. '
eirs expi-i vk ,regr .Conoern : : . .".. -. 1. t
, '.-. r
.1 pts , . .til". I ii z ., _. ,.',! 1 ;
4, I ,. ., 4& -' I I ing t k -_ r, ii .. I ...'i -, ,I,
Vo nisttitment S3qn ny. Or. bieen onvi'too willingto lay dovm,' he unfortunate matter,,of.,14. , il 1, ii .., . I .;i1Ir;--,--.'-*-- I I i! -. ', ,
I -.1 I.;.,
che$ra has come liii and gone, the nricz of'a t1diket. Attl I I -,,_!Ii,41
'i PO S-." vitiations. M sag sid, I I , I I
- - ,Vt 4 ',I .0_ #, ;ii I ., ,.;.
". I ji 'that. ,,-% '. I I: r
-Of* e'A sfii ast I Sun- pect of dttending a,,. symphony' )I I .. 5,t.--- ". I t -r, ii,.-
,Y, messeng ready been Ai .. _4
11 11 .;.% ..., I I I ( .. ,,, -1 I ". l 4",
,J'." ht i "Pq]#-au-PJr1nce'9"Rex concert, .there. are'i&noug# ,, i I" P -i ".. I
1 4, ii.iqg. .in. patched wi h 'Invitatiops, lfi lad-, I .", I
I ".- 11V "
. ,..'' I -1- 1. / R .--..- I ,
Th4mter.' ith'the orche'stra at. IDvers of ,music tolill the hall" -or the_ lpical. ,,'pr,&n 'i *., -, "., .1 '1
I 1), I I I P ing those J I ". "I. j : -- j 11
iiiii, I t V .. -_' .. !"
ILIAK Ixiqg best, not nearly. and who, would buy ti t1i when -a ip Dhe,- all from,,thi / 6"-.-i.--- ". W I t-.11-1, ''
, -
- enoIdjl .,of thb ablic the, Ca- .going to npiena of jAxs6inal. i __,o "I , -
r_ l I I in Pr- nakemerit: of -,the ke -.b ieaj ii I I . .1. t",
.1 ,.
I 1,
>it l-gbf "A 'hande- to satisfy its ,vation fwgetfll ok, evexyth'ing visedthRt Ay f xthe' -*.. I.. "A
11 I seating, can e I I ', I -
I ii .. I. Wi
, .1 ... : _
. -S divine classical mu- butt e _- .. 1. -L
ta*ite f r th, ji Zreat 4dyientuge ,, concert w4ould. have To beri%'Co"i-i .. I
" _.." 11 I .1 9 4
, .
.. Iii
, 'L _: i 1 : a I ;
- sic kAmd tdr 6md'un& = ,, 8 phdnilqilei ,'Co'p* : '' ,fined to E Te'gu ar. si ,,an .,, ..,
, ; ", I I I .i, 11 -% .. :,, 1 1 -1 6 - I
1. ,Paci ,y movie Havin c a's the conci6ki ..
tbei'j100_& g r 4 XPfused-to-a bw ',additioAaf.,'teht- ii- _. I I I T
,-,..q ., ,.- I 11,11 11 -
,. .: .,, _
thl. ; -, t he7, ,.;%;, I M51 I 11
11 oii'tfie -Cha np-; O-Mars,.,, had, near- itsans invltati& ,il, "t h e. 1 KIUXD-1, no, im -ediCha'11-Sto- ia ,-I -, .1 0
I I I I eii e, I -- 1. ,
1. - ;; I d 11 ,. I ,. I I .
ly, i200 I, unoccupied seats-.. down that duting.,,'An sion a er. !, 11 kk- ', 11
- Jiced: .- t 1 "4 1 cru4i periocliii d -- .- k '', _., f--
4tml Ist. '. 13 I- I %
-' "i"" -b'
., ig t, alti -ohe of thb4orld's, seveial dipiornats vacd hi The.iness ngvrsi idto', Ua 1
,, I I I I _- re ..
, ' I I ;",
., I ; 1 2 -I: % ', I I
,. 1 1 ,
igreatest s',vmphqn),r orchestras seats, d"'bt, retUrn- ib ir 64 in ordi to ieVl, i6--t&t lists. _. "
I .- I." ": I 'v ., *, I -, I- 11 X _
I 4
J ad bleeii brouilitLf.6' the very pla'c S4 4 ,Z the-'pr 'namme Was ,.had bii cIbm ii4 ef6 ;..'' _1 1. ".. I
do6# a 6i th I -, 1 I ,.
16 .i I
. .- .., ,
Haiffin:,fax ned 'the brcheg6g superb] Y_ t, e ..
'IY.. resm sek ou a second tim. : I, I .. .. I I "'. _." I
., I ,- : _, -. 11 L I bing ,P .11 I I 11 11 "I
, : ", ", nduct .. 1. 11 I!
". Worthy of praise are bi ed, hV .1 P .M ilberj -' --npjc, ii, -1 -Y , I ..: 41
ose ri s- cO X _7(,?.Adi r + _rrDm I _ii, 117 1 '.1 ,,
.11, - hia r delivel
1 1 I I I I !. I , I 1 .' 'T .'. : ". "I ... : I ':
. I , e , -
P.44W for the, ia pp ' f, -was, the best but-_c6 iyji l I I
arance, .9 w en oft it's anyboay's I guess as 'iiii, :- : ,? .. e -
. .1, I I ..", I 1 1. 1. ." t, __ ', :, ,, .1. I i I
i li ,-meN & i .. gentlemep -re, t1dyea f4A I. nf, ; I ,, I ".". -,, ,'
h AD 1, we _no h,& to,.t e resulting, co u I, ,,,,,,ii _- i,
.. I I 1 I sion at the.. :" I
Iii: .: I .
. ,.
" I :_ .!. I I t ,,
fiaxe .a ahhi i I ii ". '. I ".
-;c q wool ,,I, m i I tl'h lbl"rl ,I,
tra''be, ic. uW and o I -
lii s' I H iamp I I e, ,1" minute,... I t coui "I
11 I .- a : _- '', ,, ,
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, I - ) ; W ", 1, 'i L4
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1. :iii I ANS. "' 'n I "
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-, : I- I I _L
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- "" ., ..'ir. I : 1 4 ' ; .,. % I, .1 I -,: ' ., :- 1.
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1; -, ._..), I I I. i, I iiz. I i.." i 1 41 _, L 7 -
, I ,,,, I f I I- 1. : . \ :1 I lr ,, r.r ., L'4, , -, t L
. 1: il'i, I : 1, I 1
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'. ,_ .. ,.il K, I 1 I .. I I I I I I - ,, ii,,, ,, I ,_ '' I I I
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", I '- I .., I 4 : : , I ,_ ., 11 I -, ", 1 1 i_ t, ,', f ;
ti:" l .. it, I ,.. S. L 1
i,' ,, I ";" : ? ..-., I 'i .: 1 .1 ''I 'k ., I'll -11 ; .,I "'r
1. I ., I 'itl k % 1. 4 I r t L -_ ", IA ,
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ii 7, _', i. i. e -, .. r I . or ". I ; - 11 :. 4, M ue I It, _e_ to It'A r .,Wi4 i. L
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On Aril 4, aitis A- ciles elpd prduc Suportin this rich contribution to the inter- 'transportation groups, hotel asso-
,,-bssaor~ad the4rrias-Cental nd outhAmeicafor national balance of payments. cia tioiis,.iand promotional, agencies,
sallos,'..f 61 heG rd~ r .S -pliie ad elpd aythe They will :ak into account the-ad ninte or more, correspondents
-1;ain mercar naion an Dr.foudaton orthe cr atoOr siuecessfull progrm of the Europe 'from travel publieationis,
isteset ae Tryliemis The prospective general htpro-
Pr~siden~t~nh~er atened n 948 Te sit re-Aeia ~einpent in the Latitn American
todll meta n '9 urist organization and sinpIid
of oiel' 1,!fl i te zte' ar Hll elevd'irly n hevauetdRafo April 21 toi :2 will cation of allt' travel formalities,
of th Pan mepicn, Unon beth best-organingd ani mst will indireegy dighouragle travel to
. 11 largely attended since t lsnhrmEroe svela
'Theldeato:erec: 6,bus, an 'rianI a ood started at San Francisco in -1939 ?fNorth America, it is said.
ha~'dtunvile, o" Ja~nAneri patneshi. T -pffp~t this= and will consider .-action pro- United 'States tourist travel to
:,.c~n Dyiwa~lrmlaed y blif hrug ~p~ciqlpro- grams. Latin Americap countries north of
'seiad-te:o t'' The Haitian delegation, which Paaahsmd ra gaii
Staes'hediv flew to Costa Rica via Midmni te last klecade. Mexico is earning T U K O H
(GS),-heiGA Cunillst fi6Vrdll 1iflFondtinfor -abotut $200,000,000 annually from
yea~apont~d te o~xntte to ltenaioalEdca1o. he' PLASTIMENT United States travelers, ank the UWR
-,Jind~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ Concret Densprat ra-%r oFudton prtn ne tourist income of caribbeag.. and yo wathems
huor te emr o, ji, ~e Wmilin ud nale tein- ;central American countries is ab- Of Ormnya
terchng o atlest30 sud- give: 'Resisace out $175topoooo annually.,
jo aresa.th uvelig c-_e aesan te terAmri- wate -Tightns .CpHiian. I F., Golodrid
,z,,,-,remony,~~~Ha es spat.. he esn 6anNtw Telephone,-,Overhauling TRCT R
of ~'Work be an this week on, the T U K T R
SUKA' "T1installatforn pf eight~bundred' ad-
tat- ,- ditionaJ:telbhnes in Cap.,Hai.a md
'4'1 -'Gesar~~~~a" TuiJegdi.,fClm PERENNITf DU BATIMENT tian -at a ihaterial coro appro.-
Dr.'~~or xe~ imately $250.000. Under 'the di-
tr e- ,rto of Britis Eoedgineer-Vatth- H C SH I
lyah, assisted by MVa. Toussaint
mit, ~and Yin Deflig,,.' the -Genieral
-Eleetfic Company of coventy -
f Sse _171- Ji, "thea England, will replace the' pre-
an- ~~~~sent surface, -system withune-WNAB oituP
he-w h~d~dlat.yer i 6-.-c.uIvte l( eriweren ground telklhon als Bouard & Cie., Jaemnel
an Within three to -four months -Michel Desquiron, SucessorsJ
, r --., -ons the British- concern',expects "'to ,remie
n ~~have..an automatic, qenrlAj. Raymond Laroclhe, Cap-H n
'0 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~TN IBdeNT ABSOL e4i ing in et.adasiain' falt the project Aqjjj'td Maison JTean, Bourgeois., Allx
fl-'-~~fe ,,' 1_ British, Merchant h.ship yes
_f atin ate
I& Cdl lefjhol cy.AS, olrof a
Rema~cin brrhe; gjgser3
k "ral
th~ ~s,,spprf,.tbq'pr~yber
es,,ebul J~ve ttle elltrrbit--
ruig repblic, t
,i fW n ,te -orl unlss-bie tfi -.~er,1lip,,em ee 1ose
a bo n~w us rve An oge e. ,, ecre ark G en reh,
-- fi "" QW L 12"ted
of-_t'e oganzaton.is hase
thesti en:,slecGilcoan
s exect "cowith,
at, N~it6 \' 133 Biaths
AiThree conv nen weeklys fh hsWotkaonasnW dedystnayae:2d.m
It" youe.Ja Dantol thGaooat- toshr
haveo thean Pearlh of the Antiles
OrOr 0mntsfomPr uPic

Dear Mr.' Diederich: -TeTreuTni lbgv
When- you .published Mr. Allen's greply to my article on the flour'Cag Afir eChl an
mil Iwa hrt and bewildered. Yoi seItoght Mr. Allen wa nted
my opinion on the question,, but it seems that what he -anted was pplrCien v d
my approval of his article. That is why I- was bewildered: oat
I was hurt because Mr. Allen called me a retired minor function-
ary.> Of, course, I so designated myself in the article I wrote\- But I M
.was just being inodest,, in 'a playf ull manner. Everybody knows thatnse Jsp Gfals..Se~
I am -a ey intelligentman, of great t l jidgeent.
But I am \also modest and -would, never say 'such 'nice things' about bW fo eoaiof'h
myself.. So I said I was a retired minor funtiothry. eu lb luhue -
However, #rhen,Mr. Allen called me that, he mnt it seriously. Cban singer 01ga Guillot, who made 'Aiente 'Me;, a top it, was _Of:fiN 1 ,
That was when I was hurt. 'ii transit here Sunday qfternoon enroute to singing engagement -in hsanSu#IndD iegb
Because %vma hurt I refused to reply to Mr. Allen's reply to 'me. Cidad -Trujillo. Miss Guillot is' returning to Haiti on the 24th of April r, nierhvpuI
Felt tha' couldreply to his reply and that he would reply to my in time for her spheduled performance at the ,Cabane -Choucoune on wdig.utlte3t6 o My'
-rpyfo vrand ever without thaziging the'course of events in the the 28th. Shie is seen,. third from the left,, receiving'a bouquet' frombe-oe'.ftr. 2
least. Mrs. Joseph Marcelin. on- behalf of Oabane Choucouhe. She is accom- M.Rn ct~snt xetd
I also f lt that if I was to reply toMt. Allen that he might treat me panied by talented *Gina Martin,' singer of Afro-Cuban songs, and hier bc~rmGAer ni,-h id
ivith c IpQ n his reply to .my reply, and as contumelious treat- husband Armando Vasquez. othsmn.
ment aisadgriev'es me I decided refraiin.
'aWastpan a d vw0p
By, ti6 way, Mr. Diederich, have you read the, speech of the Minist-
er of6 C ~mteenake in'Cayes about the flour tWilfl? If not you should. Rn it I &E O Old RKCI FD'
xHle said thatthe stervedores at all the #$rts.would not.asuffer in the .,
least; .that the steamship lines, would 'carry the flour to the outports,
111vesiv Cer t t
that, the, gmierninent would lose no revehnues, and that floor would be Or6hk rs 1
-cheaper in Haiti. If I didn't know, bettor, I would have thought that eri n S i
the minister had read 'my article.-,'- Poi letrn Audubon,..
'One-of the reasons ,ybur.paper is so successful, MrN~. Diederigh, is,
that you haire such 19tilliaht 'writers, working for you, Mle for example. .-EVERYB,DY'WITO KNOAVA Y
Very truly urs,
T.1J.-GRANT The Haitian-American Institu- *
' I will celebrate the' anniversary, ABOUT SHIRTS KNOWS )O :UC E
POS O A ~~~~eleacting. Deputy SpLnave Zamor ofthbrhofAmicnNti
as President,,and Deputies Dully rls.Ja aqe dbno
-THE CI ." R Labh m oet agra April,25, with an impressive cere- AN(
1st 'anld Secoiqd: 8ektre. mony and address. Jean Jacques
Senator Cliarles Eomh~urt 'Was 'Minister -of the :interior and Auduboft, founder of the Audu-
r-elecd Presieto h e uteM.,Aepi esn bon., Society for, the protection
nate,on Monday, morning. When Under:-Secretary Roland Lataif. ofbrs a or n thu(pper liouse opened the se- deadMr. Mare Nahoum, Pre. faHiinaohrMdFec
condssinoiie31hLgsa fet of, Port-au-Prince were pre- father.
:tuxr. Also re-elected were.Senat- sent; curing, the elections in-, the '.HEAD''-01N-'.E E-T
bysWalerSanarcq and Emile lower horse which. took place The' Auuo oiety of Hiiti
Jollassdint, First, and Second Se- under direction of the provisory ,has,. begun c;1tests among -the
e'retaries., .. -cmitee. Deputy Emmanuel stu det o lmentary schols
- Phophbte,. President Henry. M. These contests, are hed1o1gi
The Cha eroD 4 re- Wdolley and Gonzalez Jean- 'the interest of youngsters in. the
-placed lastse S rs by -is, Seitais -reeration of Haitian'birds.
JZ1 J. 41
4r o
CAME -rH1J1Rynld
4 Brand-B
AS~~Eml AWA aximilienEME
Brilment Achieveent of Chevrolet' 1956 is evient ini the gracefu ines an uerJhAGSN D '
engineering of 4the new~ Sports miodel (above). Grtace, eeane an~d dai1ng e einn
comie tomake the< new Chevrolet the world's most sought after car.. ALGOEYS
7VPKn &D-m

.A f arewell dinner. was given 'and remarked'that he had left April 12th was the birthaa
for Mr. Ben Talsma, director of a sevep-foot snow drift in his niversary of Dr. Manes L
tpe show room at -the Curacao, garden. Thbe distinguished visit- x xx
TradingCo., at the Rond Point ors are enjoyizg,their vacation, *
Restaurant, by the compan'sb taking hundreds of pictures in.Criegn aobIV
:ployees and agents. Mr. Arnold color and -movies to show their' Wednesday o6n a buiss
Iferard, .,Curacao Trading C o. friends when they get back home, .-to New York.
,age int, miade the farewell speech after a stop-over in Jamaica.
i-ts ie tune of bubbling chanpa- Y
gile arid :iparklingkewines Joset- x xx
.Mrs. Eruja Scfiimmer 'f'
to Caruania gave a dinner party -.
Tiketdayr evening for the part- Beadtiful Edith Duval was OffthCointaImrt
ing Ta~sma. .. to the'big city last Friday >to pn fNwYrlf
after a mouth as guesi fAi
x xx pick up the latest in dress fash-anMr.Wle eib
anc Mrs. Fritz Wussow, wife of the In.to-ilwees i
Minister of Germany in Haiti;-xxtefmlyclbain
TN.and her son left Monday after- vacMfrt 7t i~s.
PeSun noozi oi the >f o Ca- naa hie cfor m Ne-ok.ePa will mak e a peasure trip to Me-- rese Meinberg. 'She Contnnl:
uroj,-nrigng wi.,tehaa 1r. .C Rbnsn, As- kico yon ssan;ecear of ajuactur- xxx porters of Haitian, haniri
ths Mrx xepcal isal and rush
I~~~~~~ ~ ~ Z mto- od1oe D ud rrsdn fte (born dliabet Karsn annon
Com the -birth of their twins Jean.
hC-and Francois.
x x LACOx
RogL Fifty-thousand *gourdes has
prn ALbeeni voted to'cover expenses of FRAC
eh Haitian delegation, headed-
bySe&retar of State orPlic BEFORE OL OSING YOUR
hd: A4 Health Dr.,Elie Vilard, 'to athe,
-e ineth Assenibly of World Health SOPIGBE UR 'O
q rk'toda" eqm' _trvelingback
[nGeneva. Assisting Dr. Villard-
iny Swin 1 .- tzerland will be Dr. Lucien -TK UPYO A
Pierre-Noel, deano intthe Faculty.
of Medicine, and liss 'Martlha .MOUS FRENCH LANCOME
n~ fif -.- Cha adler, ;ireqthe oe
oA e Gardes Mallies. REAUTY *PRODUCTS AT
dsce .srvd ,Ttri trkstment bcral., os 0
down2 Berhe J. htyru utucket xip, lea g ra, 1oz.o
m;,, 0. ] smptio l~turkay imier Rhode I414nd, and.Joseph Shierry Sou,1plese fB 'Watin'gream, 1 oz. 5.00
at'ad ve sp eappy of CA alls,' Newv York ar- jEau azur N. 16, skii freshenet7o. 60
arived and: eretsoak .a e e et. 7 8o. 20010
eai ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ M Beastled' j eparn M11asrvd 1jaad asa-
Eo ~ ~ Lnn fWaLcSFIeSTBAD

his anniversary on\ April, 25th. Lt'AC U SSi R
x x xx\
Carole Madsen, daugther of 191r.
mnd Mrs. Otto Mad sen, of Por t-
tu-Prince, wedPhilippe Germain,,,'
n-New-York City last. evening.
The ,groom, a Frenichman wih
large holdings, -*(orange 'planta-
tion) in Algiers will make the.,
family home in Florida.. The,
young bride met hfr husband du-
ring a visit to North Africa, early
this year. The Otto Madsen havL4,-
been in Europe since last year.
......--x x
:Young, Dentist, Michel. Large ,g
r Perr H cortr Anhon Doa oveed he e-left 'by plane. yesterday, on ar",
- st i n Caraca hut public with Ernest Powell, son study trip; to the. United -States,.
of~. U. S.'s foremost organisft Doctor Large is a graduated
x x .* xxx the GuggenheimnDental Clinic in
-hritul Gandara,-promi- Champagne gurgled for .Mr. NwYr iy
-oid figue in, Priertt and- Mrs. Jean Ribaul Wednesday xx,
a 4 chief of San Jump--- Third mkdding anniversary., Arl1t. are h hr
trasi Fidy n-. wedding a -niver'sary of the Ge-
ala Capt. George James Madden. of;a Texaco Com- rard Dreyfuss. Mrs. .Dreyfuss i s
b'4_k. pet their intransit time panyi41ew off to his new *post in the former -. Mar ie-Thdrese: Ste;
feri'*Venezuela last weekend. Jim, phno ZGrywo;i okn
it x x. ~ecompanied by his wife -. and-i, e-or hdth nen
(iMatn Convaired tol HA-, four chlidren, clippered to, Newtial'eepoeszligo
k ,an Frda,'enro. te to Pana'as York -on the 10:40 a.m. plane' Wednesday mourning jn a'Tofigdisa
u1oh P oniisn.t that finally got: off,- the' ground.tne- 1ft x at 6:00.pjm.' Sunday. daughter Chiristine.
jtj Wad.- returned .Mon- 'xx xx ..
from aana n-Piere Legrnd, maager :Mrs. Philippe Cham gettyined i n fteIgs~n
xxx of Sh!l Copay ahr s Ant h imCisltWdesssinbeo lesao'
on e ha uer 1 a ccom- hi way t vac anin Engan dty steu 'Ms *- .t ~ -ingsa MisSmdi'lg
V. prohe whe Shte earl..hv aompanyner in. whic theb- weda Ma30 A'Leeinya
t~hi tawlc.Acie.To mpscaton, Brsd a ry th: balrod bu"Tn 1SceCbid higa
Ti xxe producer motored to Au Caye Budapesta learned ths ^ee hnsoe oulepss
y sriiwf io dedywt his, Enlayrtntd atas ae trdiinal t esst -Sie.formed
R tric bi fodriols Lamro.Teiaounngwyo H nrran a vie d gar felt o mynoer
ti toy a fly n lansotfol Man n Wahed.cp Mdm ..o Wli 1Warnt groha the latStudy frder'ieqe "Tr
tw oni'intl e Cnsayith wife Nn ---edig l ath plnis Wen: cla t, yiil fom l a li
fotr aae. amm.toiiotshee.ohi er Hot6 ihneon ao ie3 iri i's ony a a gi F
. ~ ct toig oduing 'be lo hod, -nistel la e' fHaut Gottire pl
xt A evn t. xxx chdtebuil-h eeigP'mgoetirn Li
e ~~ Aci i'b ieo-h e TxtimpAoudi Brawill re y spe wit the fines :-ods-n .ytitc rtfls is
pell er flwtBqar h e Yr lpert-wesa ni ned iths geg-t-b wate lr log eio
4 s d Msd still on hisa toes while Mrruaig.a r n acpe
ontinuppro D r Al xa dr o AMiler famosy ih th hef hs hand hndsohm ie d c u e as s nd .un e X
Anhh Ohioan hrieaodybvAA..LveyEwde, Toitcht-'E ,ou .d Gemad She carridd
odg a ght -42fotSz unacaghro i a nd itJean quete f Bile oforael'
compaysr, enedy tiths b'hide. the r. Foehr,4edgoreena t Dl TweleiyyBarage
ihrEle Mashl weiatici'-koho'ajW~ n evennt:Egrl Stvierde de urwainr-ften
T'e crople. inried onrlediin ple toer the aIrftar.rh
tli, inve Cleelnd fo and lft n ae /g, g Mrx Brais Vco ouad
'hpJaS.Toa, n-at.mtidt acis,.ielot onS-brte,.gooms e
IL ~ ~ ~ ~ mmne toa Dr a Louis turday tphi- 2.Sst nesatit Egife dun enheg wa Best Man.'_Ma
iralen~d, Vit twsidnof the Qhereland Frind P.-1t IVI. .rmnae .u -66o o the gromwee:Cooi
' e b ~ '~ S h e r u r o ein ga t.r M e r w l l h v T h e m r g e o f n i M i G i it. a-c ai d s e P .' P rte M r .,.
daGie leoportunity of mtn g h n velar n Leonce- Vit- ,oleutiou:.',_lc Dr Vieot Slie. .r h
MedicaCorp ofHithonArldr wit anoed thsMKLoiapnd Mr.m
ive;yearsjFrantzwa d Me ipegel tvil -eorve wegek. ehynnn Ak Kurt Fish,
hL site of Cte, by :r. lile Fom r n Mr. Ande.
reaci offuin 'Ohee, a ~j9- Rgai
1a t ,xu tol o in b i a .P o r
sa .1 A7i
Eplia Std 1erre wide ,skicrtll Ta esday, evein aftr te cvilma
riP W- Po nPicM i l etwsMfo -fHonod-=d.
iseButure maries- wasesann
--Wf RAD M ARK Be e til tinou s w i n c' e -ish waek. M esP u M ,, 7
of~~~~ ~ ~ ~ B Pierre f and6"ndd Rene Noiseo,, s

j.: EAT TOL MO NTS.. Hospital. Fouir of the more crifi- "flown to Port-de-Paix by, Army
(Conbutd frmnpag 2) cally injured men were trans- plane on' Sunday morning when
4 ~ported' to the Capital Sunday news of the catastrophe was re-
d ening but Alphonse Cl ,ery died ceived in the capital.
to wi fr hecost Afihig at the Port-de-Paix Hospital that a
i oa pc'edthm p ndtok same night. *Dr. Augustin, admninifVator of
themto te Jen Rbel ispqsa-the Port-de-Paix Hospital, met
e Pblc alt Srvceempo.thirplane and loaded the fourA
trnferdt6tc Pr-d-ax Re an 31 Cros nesnead critically inue men for f light
to.Port-au-Prince. The plane was
met at Bowen Field, by Red
THRE EELY FLIGHTS TO Cross and Public Health Service
ambulances and the four men
taken directly to the Hospital
Where Doctors weie unable t6
save Reel Pierre,..
At last report the seven injur-
ed men at Port-de-Paix were re-
covering. "
devastated areas, and his assistant
Dr. Ambroise,. were' distributing
(22 U.-S.) fortnightly rations to 700 families
ROUND TRIP of the area from the Red Cross'
camp at Obleon. The food was U.
30 DA S. Government surplus.
You ay aso rturnFollowing Hurricane Hazel came

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