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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Duke University Libraries
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Duke University Libraries
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 32441147
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lcc - Newspaper 2117
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Nin4Fo l
n'ea Defeats

,b ADA- FVol ChampioDAY t e Centra lA
Teatm Defeats

Nx /

Haitiad Co t Rica, the two mfiubIng th rough a pea.n
lions5 of he Central America Car~ibbean Football Champion- the Central AmericanReulc.
ship met laqt night in what is and Haiti by Fekration Pres
considered the decisive match d6nt Gerard Rouzier and me
of the tourney. The result of foretell the outcome of the chal
this- ma~tch. will be known this p~ionsjhip. The -cable 'offie lc -''
l:Costa Rica, to re th4Voontral America and Caribbean Football- Championship-.-First' roVV:thsmthwlbekon hiponipT e eoc
I -A sed in "Sani Jose before the gre
Tass, Dsine, erts, oby81p r, Delpeche, Shivil, Halaby, Crispin, Cadet. Second Row: ne as ih
I C il, Desrolors, Fa Iublais, Chamnpagne,9 Jean-Bap tiste, Bound (supporter), ,Blase, Blen-Aime (Pre-
,a et 'of- Algle Noir), Lucien Plerre, Acdoque M oscova, Betauville, Mardi, Morin, Limage Lacs A Haitian Is Fi rst Thursday in an Jose the Ha)
tian National selection moved

Oe, and. hardin.IUN. Man To Niger step closer to regainin the c

e~~~~ta America andnto A 5-yar-ldHaiiaimiin!3

M e o a c b y d e fe at

Guatemala thaee goal t droe
Rai TO CAP Cludad Irlijillo, C~~~~~MM e. ap stian, con-isar1stabishd n fnsmnrl eore' d ae

iaq~~~~4 A42"ugI h
Winh ax M es endoisne c of,.

natio the:Cap as lernt tat swed, o fax by ny copanyterntio-,engineer hy thefne-arrialorkNigearcxtheehe -lChiaa pionshipb

(Calbati) th rigt t sto in ism evelpmet, kow tat bish uch a flght;Cariair f tchnial asistnce.Joiing he ns wa poene.
lv lwii -. -in

the orthrn Cpita CapHaitan .cannt beome seeed te ony on ntrest d vs that Mag ne wl dnt epurendentay

Trjilo Captio aa ,eceto orsi onuls d irect com- .uch e a re estoabishd, anud, of, the -mne ral r esorek s wilob tBo hi p loyer isa expcAiteod' t6,

FaGHT TO Carsbea INgl dor parit fo-DostaRiathsmrs
Jnation baTs atuisythess- ne e

the i2M &erbnutic' BaA of onsequetlyj od comp others aryseps ho toin'mrkterirtsts.en o
Washington, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ it had. tourstuseda tote ihhnan.exetdtnfyt h
Atjnti" CAbban i Ii ne ll hoe iteestd i te- ou misin fot r aon aitrlsine to eta-cuthede h Npogaeigo
paiba insi riosip Joiin be- I
air)~~~~n dohe right tono ae Ailne trketarelye.

the NothernCapitl. :Haitan, cnnot ecome a seemed th tonl oune ithetoreste.M agnsi th core f
h-dy Isaac Abtbl' rpce-ok tsti

of a nw routng.. M juan munictiori with he outide (o nthoseued, n pag6t o)(otnero ae1)Cntne npg

toJacmel Slumber On Uh With

POO !~ ~ libeatriba ofugl Spaniuris Americai

Theonlythinge wonpge wit
Jacnmel as aHS toICTURES i
theere paruee tnoe torn
ahe other tow its- seiz the thee o9'llstwe oit

in ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ n doneio tooa nor areta isspntfl erhAv ct
pled ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ pln to lureehnebo nbeoetene hth
the ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ n the tourists hdaou nybahr a areorR
Butt-forhthoseef fowratiat or

in river road West or take theo t

amat..xto Jame there isei tthewsame
the inhbitants

(otne onpg 9
Thee pctre tke
The est k~e to'the izeof rel lst eek-poin UP tlrao..
the.proincil citis' 'of.Haii qulliy, o'W6to" d I 6e
in relatin to, thecapital i.. sup-
ple b th tlepon bok boreth ne Wth
the '3 edtionwhic, ha a~o' onl baters a. Care r


.. -. .- ..-.'.. `
-: '. 'wi r e c!;r "' ii" u u. y. t. -" "-".:""" 4," "' "A,

t4 A I T I SUNI .N- Suday MARCt 12th, 196i

InHaiti This week LUBNGWITZ




-'The magic of the Caribbean -featuring the art work of Haiti-
will be on the night of June 24, at the Occasion of the Evanston
Hospital benefit, a large annual charity affair and a celebrated
social event known all thru the Mid-,est as the Evanston Hospital
WING DING" held usually in the garden like setting of the Old
Orchard Shopping Center. It is the fourth of the kind.
The Evanston Hospital WING DING is sponsored by The Wo-
man's Auxiliary of which the President is Mr Andrew K. Randolph.
This charity affair is always the most beautiful and popular
party of the year. A special organizing Committee has been form-
ed of which Mrs William P. Pope is General Chairman. This Or-
ganizing Committee is very ambitious about the party this year:
the North Mall of Old Orchard will be transformed into a tropical
setting and for one heavenly night the guests will know the en-
chantment of the Islands. They hope to raise this year $80,000
from this one party, with 2.000 guests including people of integrity,
sensitive appreciation as well as means. The genesis of the idea
of choosing Haiti as theme of this large annual charity' affair of
Evanston. Illinois happened as follows: Mr Edward C. Walter, of
the Graybar Electric Co of Chicago and his wife Helen, a lecturer
of note, and Mr H. Perry Driggs, of the J. Walter Thompson Com-
pany and his wife Clara visited Haiti last April and were guests
at the Ibo Lele. They were impressed with the natural beauty of
Haiti, its unique art work, the friendliness of the Haitian people,
the desire to progress, and the feasability of sharing all this for-
vard thinking with people who would appreciate it: Back to Chi-
cago, these two couples gave on July 30 a joint "Exotic Spree"
or "Bamboche Creole" in the Walter's garden featuring Haitiah
decorations and costumes, delicious rum drinks, Caribbean enter-
rtinment, menu and music. Eighty satisfied- guests, stimulated
Ly later thoughtful viewing of colored slides the Walters had taken
in Haiti, spread the good word and soon the surprised but pleased s
hosts were invited to repeat the idea for the Theme of the large e
-rnnal charity affair this coming June.
The "Wing Ding" Is a catchy name repeatedly given to this large
diruer-dance. This year's project will provide mo veable
.ofessional equipment for a new wing for which funds have d
already. been raised and which will be tender construction at the e
time of this party. a
This year's Caribbean theme featuring the art work of Haiti,
the Organizing Committee believes, will surpass all the previous t
It is to convey their plan to the Haitian Government that Mr B
and Mrs Edward C. Walter and Mr and Mrs H. Perry Driggs
arrived here last Sunday. They are co-Chairmen for Decorations
ou the Wing Ding IV featuring the art work of Haiti. They were
greeted by the General Director of Tourism, Mr Jean Jacques
Honorat and the Public Relations of the same Office.
They had a meeting with Mr Honorat Monday and met with the co
Secretary of State of Tourism, Mr Victor Nevers Constant, Wed- o
nesday. These two couples had some previous meetings in Chicago t
with Mr Antoine R. Herard, Director of the Haiti Government is
Tourist Bureau there. C
The officials of the Department of Tourism of Haiti are very H
-r-eased and- enthusiastic about this project and are cooperating is
effectively to the success of the party. They have provided all s
facilities to the two couples sent here by the Organizing Committee. hi
The Delegates of the Committee have visited most of the places n"
WHERE they could find the properties needed to bring Haiti to f
Chicago. c
The Department of Tourism has offered One hundred paintings, -
for the art exhibit, Dr Carl Mevs of the Gift Fair, Mr Elias Nous- .t
tas of La Belle Creole, Robert Baussan of the Ibo. Lele, Ben Shind- tf
lei of the El Rancho, Fritz Mevs of the Mahogany Factory and c
Richard Abbott of the PAA are cooperating on the project.-<. p.20 a


MaSden haitian



On Show Now At
; .






Just before.you reach the "PONT MORIN" bri


Falls Foul Of Indian
Rope Trick

Hospitalized At Canape Vert

Don Lungwitz, popular mana,
er of the World's largest Sis
Plantation Dauphin, and a v'
teran pilot was released froi
a week convalescence at Canap
Vert Hospital yesterday from ii
juries received when he and h
wife were bucked off .the fami]
motor-scooter on a Phaeton vi
large road.

Returning from the' Saturda
evening Plantation bowling tou
nament Mr and Mrs Lungwit
were caught in the old india
rope trick. As they cruised dow
the gravel drive-way a tethere
stallion frightened by the scoot
or's motor, bolted away anc
the tethering rope stretches
across the roadway sprang tau
just as they passed over it. ThE
motor-scooter and passengers
were catapulted into the air.
Mrs Lungwitz escaped injury
but her husband received a sev
erely bruised thigh and right
leg that required surgery, and
a week at Canape Vert.

Haitian Painting Score
At Palm Beach

For" the Centre d'Art the news
from the Florida front is excel
ent. George Vigouroux. proprie-
tor of the Palm Beach Gallery,
reports twenty-three paintings
sold in the exhibition which op-
ened there last months. So great
has been the interest that Mr
/igouroux.made an urgent tele-
phone call to the Centre d'Art
requesting more pictures'imme-
iately as he was reopening the
exhibition for another week. He
lso plans on an exhibition of.
Centre paintings at his Lobster
'ot Gallery on Nantucket island
his coming Summer and anoth-
r major exhibition in Palri
Beach early in 1963.

New Episcopal' Church
To Have Art Objects

Worth a visit the new Epis-
opal church under construction:
n the Delmas road at the first-
ntry to the second Cite St Mar-.
n. The highly original design.
Sby Pie'rre Monosiet of the
entre.d'Art. Georges Liautaud,
taiti's great. sculptor in metal,
Being commissioned to do a
monumental metal sculpture of-
t Martin in the act of offering
is cloak to a beggar. It is plan-
ed to make the art work a
'ature of the exterior' of the
hurch, clearly visable to all
'ho pass.
-Carlos A. Pereez, executive o1
he Provision and Meat (Abat-
oir) arrived here Thursday in
company with Mrs Mary Mar-
lal his sister in law. He spent
month abroad.

~'4~T' *'

-. ..'. .'
.,- -,. -' -. .. '.'. ,':1 :- .., S ;.- '''''.-, ', .; ::-,
':I, :. L;'. ::" "" ,..1 '." :.; 5: ''. 7, ',g .,. #.,''. .,-",-.,: .. ''
-.~ .-".- ., ': ,t,: ; ..., ;,, .. : i. ,, ;r. .,,:4' -"''' = ,"...,, ;. "% '. o'', o.:

I' '. .-.. ." .a -l .I,-m ll .. ..i :
-~ OU4~'er*Jat .k maw ~' -. -- .

__V V Y V Y Y V V Y Y V Y V V VV V_ _1

_ I~iii~i

- I ..

-I .-.CL-li

-. his is-an ART GALLERY, not a picture Shop, .e-
hibiting .over. 100 of the most attractive AFRA4E D
PAVNM -nsaude both in Port au Prince and'PahrkFiy
fr- ow Ii I alae.

SThe -'tiuti ..O EBn--E i
d AND ABROAt) for the past A1years, comes bhak to
t- Haiti every five years and for -15 to 18 edwtbs eeaaws
d the coataot with his people and his source eof imsira-'
d tion.
In the GALLERY PINCHINAT are grouped:
some paintings of the 15 years of work by MAX PIN-
SCHINAT, from 1945 to 1960..Prices have not been-ar-
b-itrarily based on beauty of the painting, but on its
Size, jast like Paris Fashion for MAX INCHINmAlf
l and OTHER. WELL KNOWN &RTISS. Visitors :qn
consult the paintings price list if they rish to.

All the taxi drivers know GALLERY PINCHINA
AND don'tet anybody tell-you that the GALLERY is
closed. It is not.

The GALLERY PINCHINAT, sole .repnesen-
tative and, sales agent of PINCIH AT's paiinngs, has
exhibited a few samples only at "Foyer des Arts Phls-
tiques", "Galerie Brochette" and Galerie Suisse".

Open from 10 AM to 5 PM, and on appointment n
the evening. ADMISSION FREE.

--. L
S -.. ..... : 111111118 .... -... n ... i- -"
'. -- .

S SAVE UP TO 70 per ce.nt-







51 Rue du Quai


6~T s 2 o eScores,-.

Morce orgeisGraduaes Laureate
11Ves yThe Jean Gossel'in Repertory,1
Company, "La Comedie do Pa-
ris", will end isegteen-day
Dr,- Ghislain Gouraige spoke terp-sting poet, because he1 re- young Haitian who was told tu etFia n eunt
at- t he Interbational: C u ub of jects the Afriegn, exclusivism. into return' to his homielarid and atnqe
Coruntc~ Wdnsda O foirotn pet inpiatonM Muplaint potatoes, that he had.n
Haiti'n coie rary poets- Ile sique Ne'gre'', for example, he aptitude lor- medicine, astounded Th rnhRproyCompA-'
talked. with precision and ease, 'clearly shows that this. duality. ~e' German- professor 'who p)ronyoeditriehanulsa
.two, cj[alities that identify' the jn our Africa an-esensolfered 'tls advise six years ago,.snhr ihapromneo
true scholar. is practically equal.is winning his medical degree Gabriel Arout's "Gog et Magog',
Nativism Settlaig Gouraige said Laleau is the as laureate of bigh clas's it 'thu tteRe har Wednesday
',,pr Gjouraige talked' first about "delicate poet of light and sha- Hamburg University. evening.
Broitard. 'He"pae h -de" which he admirably expres-
t n te historic- context ofssi pe strophee, in one verse, Morice OfBsnoourgeois. who, o er- Playing~to capacity housess the
hs, time:, the. American occupa His system of short' and con- aeMsiiil ifcliswt French Company followed up at
liit against "which militr centrated poems _ma ak es: one the Ger~an language and -as the Rex with Paul. Claudel's
Chiefs, as Peralte, and -political think of 1allarme, wbu less se- ed his medical. exams with fly- "L'Echange", the "Omnbre Che-
ledes;asJolibois and Rou- cret n lgn swH ing Colors, developed this spirit re" by Jacques Deval, ."La Se-
main.,.. had. vainly-, stood out.' To Incarnaited Poetr of, endeavor in his homeland as conde Surprise de l'Amour" by
give: 4-is/back .our dignity, 4e Then came Gouraige's vibrant young and adventurous lad. Marivaux, "Poil de Carotte" by,
should placee these -efforts of the page on. Jean Bri'irre. He did The young Morice thought noth- Anrt class spearfisherman- be- Jules Renaud, Moliere's "LU Me-
na /it-school in the heart ofnot hide his admiration for him. Ing of collecting camping gear 'ore. leaving for Germany-bagg- deein Malgre lui" and "Piege
the: moiia illitary _al e osdrdJa rer sand. hiking off to Jacknel,,jack- iihg his first shark in the-Mii~a- Pour Un Homme Seul", by Ro-
ures against the occupant. the first contemporary poet, and ling the biggest.Mornes ivith re- goane bay. bert Thomas.
-Then- the orator talked 'About may be the only true poet.' jllh. Another plasure was to
Price Mars' `fundamental: book Very intelligently, the orator hitch rides, on the 'Toilierg", Now happily married to a lo- Following Fridays performan-
"Ainst jarla I'Oncle", which, he showed how- Brierre believes and wth acsof cocos- i .d vely German girl, homesickness -ce at the Rex the Troupe travel-
said, "started a Haitian nation- that our c o mn mTn It y: goes coffee- as his bed, sail from vil- for -his sunny isle cafi be detect- led to St Marc and, Gonaives
alkatindretnfrmtrug oul egnrton91etoilg along the coast. ed in his correspondence to his where they performed over -the
then on, our negro education the, one inspired by the country,'HRe 4lso built reputation asa family here. weekend.
specific characteristics. an h other one inspnired by the(
'race. The. two fthees, he says,
After: .'e 'had named ethnolo- are intimately liriked within the
c! .works bhy l, otimain, Denis Author of. "Black. Soul", this
and Dtuvaler -h speaker. ap- poem gives a new d t and a
proace the true Roetic( Aspect a ne w traivess t

-- :hisOF THE'JETS
hesitating with. Emile Rodmen, glory is mapffcently celebrat-

9- n9d om"-_; lvn r Gouraige said: Jea n Brir -NEW YORK TO EUROPE
theaftr, e emaked spkere is an' accomplished poet, he
onl ofour"pathmd Hitini-has obtained the maximum from
te." This group pf poets. became hpotcanugakgoe
famous .mostly in. the anthology think of Lautreamorit "helis fas-.
of "Revue Indigene."
(6 Brquardrs. Upheaval cn edrngOeSiec
The African elements, truly. Finally, R o 1a nd Chassagne
horned from Price Mars re aste.rto- ls sketch.
marks, stood out with. the' publi Wi th unhidden bitterness Dr.
cationk of the, "Griots", in 1938.Goriftrpntgoute
At this timei; Carl Brouard tuit euyo Tabri ol'
jward "pdinfu and motherly -said how much he regreted that4
Africa",' obsessed bytePas- the poet, After reaching hs 1.9th
sioat d o ak ofHatiyear, stopped writing. After list,-
'the *M irdlracle". At, this ening to the poem "Ma Maman
point, utittkfater this, determi- o" rte whenChsae
nation; .the speaker rmad somyI i those In- the
of roul oe s to'whith the- h e shared Gouraige's
Africanl 4464 it oll express-, t admiration. for such -ork
ed. sprmaturely ended.:
Dr !U i continuesdr
Bro is "curious mind", Om- AY*: Fib V d
a min that 'se arches itself
through. "dim taverns". as well, Four medallionsj fou tn
as op "bright highways'.' a, mind of te ar po
that is purity: thirsty, haunted th da n amliueof
by the ide'a.,of .eternity. Dr Gou nad'edt. 'Countles -are our,
raige theln read excerpts ar~ MU untW flowers and fI erfumagt
"Ecrit. Sur (11r u-b-a,.ro s e" not narin~g them does, not rqean-..!'
which is 'a poigit'ant religious tha~t the aeinrdthis re tnaei rvlkxr lkyou inNwYok sth M Je
nostalgia, just -like A, lEglise mark -closd thflieyna8 tuning speeds 'hear 600 mnph, vibration-free comfort, neao ueteWn
.du Scre-Ceur'.tructive lecture, durig which 6t itfyKMnntop Curacao to. Nw York, ther thg DC-8 jet
To copletehis sketch, Dr -ouri business fred ~ re char- 4n t M oErpc Reimem~beir, KLM also offers a widecoieo cm
Gouraige. briefly' mnen t 1o ne d med by one 6t the. mosfpt di0-6l--ios'j'resoa ovrs ad c6r-in oMjrcte fErp n
Brouard's f or m, he cofnpared and'most informied co- earr Ea n sfal thfietfreditsrvc
him with Verlaine for the verse of our poetry, ManyGO Iftey)aeto
rhythm as well as for their des- Idi'ne hl lse ini i te Lva
tinies. sim~iai artdfg this blue .smoke Aftedgrte
ever accept ~ teltto f i musthvegn bakothi
tes snown youth, this lost .ou....
A~~ ~~ Tw soAcer w re the.,Muse. had toedt
Tin D ouyespk o he nthe secret. of the-,woods,
Leon Lalceau, 0h js alsb,,,An In- I tT Sjtin Mjrjnh l.141


: 7" i ""-'.


(Continued from page I terests that we remain baffled
course, bring more visitors anx- in front of this blindness. Those
ious to get acquainted with our interested would not have to aCt
City's colonial atmosphere, ortdifferently if they intended to
wishing to visit King Christo- propagate anti-americanism,
phe's Citadelle. A real boom which spreads through the
would result in our national in- whole hemisphere, includingour
dustry; business, hotels, travel country.
agents, chauffeurs, guides and How can the Haitians believe
everybody would benefit. It the bombastic -'statements on
would be a real stopper for the good-neighbor policies, on the

dent, because of a special p1-
vilege, has' .e leading.- 't
aviation nitters.- This isW"the
reason why we call on- all Hai-
tian citizens to organize a huge
manifestation of protest, so that
justice be done. The Cap Haiti-
an initiative Syndicate has' to
put its two cents worth in the
matter and we know that it will
not fail in" its duty. We believe
that President Duvalier, Mr Vic-
tor Nevers Constant Minister of
Tourism, Mr Robert Newbegin
U.S. Ambassador in Po r t au

economic crisis prevalent in our necessity oi uureasiug utelr-
Prince, will listen to our call and
area. Every year one million American relations, when they Pin will lte to o cal n
dollars would be circulating in see that their problems are to- will do all they possibly can to
stop the scandal of a small town
a distant province where there tally unknown, .when they are that is being te victim, of name-
are 50 per cent unemployed, the victims of unscrupulous bus-lssintrigef teeit
less intrigues hiom the servitors
sinking in stagnation, misery inessmen, of wild monopolizers a m
of an outdated imperialistic eco-
and idleness. who want to keep their privile- of an ou ed io
. At the time when newspapers, ges when there is a region nomy. Those will learn one day
politicians' speeches positively to develop, whose inhabitants that their era has ended and
promise to help under-develop- are under-fed and live in incre- bnothlng absolutely nor figh witl
ed countries, it is quite para- dible difficulties. be able to stp ur ft for te
doxical to see a U.S. Govern- Department'spublic
ment's official spokesman sys- We do not ignore that the Ci- savaion.,
thematically refuse to an .inter- vie Aeronautic Board's refusalveau Monde,
esting community the possibility had come before President Ken- March 5, 1961)
of improving its standard of liv- nedy's inauguration. We do not
ing. and become as well deve- ignore either that-President Ken- Port au Prince, Feb. 29th 1961
loped as the other Caribbean nedy. at his arrival to power, Monsieur Bernard Diederich
Nations. has ordered the investigation of Directeur HAITI SUN
The decisions taken show such an institute, which has no idea Port au Prince
settled prejudices and such to- of its international duties. We Dear Sir:
tal ignorance of our people's in- also know, that the U.S. Presi- I read with interest in your
February 26th issue (Vol XIV,
No. 14) the article "Erosion still
,Haiti!s ,biggesL1problem",.
I also read in the lnfoimations
Techniques & Commerciles No:
44, 45, 46 in interesting article
I^S u(un, of the Agronomist Joseph Wain-
Sor I S wright about a "solution for the
Erosion in the Morne I'Hopital
which overlooks Port au Prince.
-- fCould you reproduce this ar-
nn n ticle in your interesting- news-
L%-U D i MI L & 2, & paper for a larger publicity
Around this recreative,. educat-
on the label ive, technical, economical and
national project?
nftala *I hope that the writer and the
Informations Techniques & Com-
merciales won't mind your pu-
Sblishing this article.
Yours very truly,
Un Fervent Lecteur.

* '% -t

I+. e: -^ ..i .. + p, '-

0 '', "'-'" *" mmi
,S i.: 4.L L-
I- ----'-
OV re

1 .

A T T EN T 1O N !





.. .. --. : ., ..

Blue Bonnet Grade--A

Blue Bonnet Grade-B .

Blue Bonnet Giade-C

$10.50 or 56.50

8.59 or 42.50

5.80 or 29.00


i. i
1 i

Discount of $.30 cents or 1.50 Gde. by 10015 sack on
any purchase made directly from tlIe Rice Mill at DB'.
SEAUX (Artibonite Valley).

Discount of 4 per cent on purchases of T sO ass.
more of rice. -





*" *, ; 4

ST'UNUf t i


Served excwsivry at s "kadn -J""1
w"- -. JJ '+';
2- --' r'

.~~~i ,._

.. : -
-: ... -' '. -'. -.. ', '.. .



~I, W ~a~ar atLsau~.l~Lu..--a. s-~;lrlr i_. _~ ~ u%,,__







Gomnaty WeklP I~hed8tmdy le g pGpace' l forg "action No .w" T el ain Americanigwycstcto

E ltorPub~er ERNAD IEDEICHLatin America has been addres-, machinery, land clearing equip-
sed to the American people by hient and materials. This. would

J. Peter Grace, president of. W. be part of a major plan to open
MEMBER OPF THE' -INTF-AMERICAN PRESS "A'SSN'. 4. Grace .& Co., a diversified- up new lands, with the U.S. lend-
ESTABWlitSBD IN 1L950 .or't Au Prince, aca .5, %91 organization active in the Ame- ing financial and technical aid
MrBrie ideihrican' republlrs for Pore than and "providing the means".'to `
Editor a centuryy cut penetration roads to colonize
La EE tepr e etrig c eaditi Sun The proposal, outlined -in a 62- and develop the trans-Andean\

r )rs Ret 41-acne
.. Pot aPicepage paper'entitled "It is/~tvles n lis
jacipel, once the Republic's ves 'up and push tourismrr. Dear Berna1rd: too. Late in, Latin America,"
tiot rodctve of~e rgite .It wold ottak mch.tocalls, for an all-out. attack on "Credits should-be made avail-
ing. region is.. down to an all- ipen' a tourist office of their P4 Aatin a is purpose," he said_ A
time 'low this- year with a ten own, im- Port aul Prined -and ad-. is an, organization, 1 hat is very economic and social .problems. "through' existing agricultural
liik o baks i Latn Amricawhic

thousanc bg yeildl. With the .vertise 'the existence of. their proiid,*ofi its itory, in pio neer- ansiLtnAmrc whh


1 AX
g or d -intern a ion al ai
decl~ielofcoffee domes the ge- lown and beaches, ing t.,wolsineaiol aire Broad Details Would be/rediscounted at low
neraf d:. line of busihiess for this MVany Airerican tourists would, routes. -Paii Ar flew the .first interest rates by the Inter-Ame-
owz ad srrundngare. l-visit Jce-e-as 'a s idetipisceudflgto Haiti in Jan- -Self-help -suplemented by rican Development Bank. Mod-
thoughit ,theI towni has a new they knew' more abouLt the avail- da Iry i929 and' has continued to United 'States technical and: fin- est financing from the United
vhaf. tifi f te off fiid ale aciitis.Evey prsn ex-serve this country in that ancial aid ---would be- a key'States of a pump priming~ntr
its 'Way' overland to -Port au gaged in the tourist. industry,-in date. with, Tegularly -.scheduled, factor to the success of the-Gra- would be required."
rt au wit the latst most c program
I in-e and So fewer ships than Pbrta Prifice-shio d be requir- Blights and wt h aetms eporm
ever -are caliiigg'there. ed as a prerequiste tfo holding modern equipment- available. -mA self-help housing planf, op-,
Jacelmut~fceupto hea ourstjo,. e t ote dskCopies-of the report have been- crating through savings and loan
realitiess of life and hitch its im- :clerk or tourist-guide, to visit Many, of you orders. will re- -sent; to President Kennedy and credits, with tl-e U.S. providing
mediate destiny to the .tourist Jacmel and apHti so- as call the days. otelygcip- to the special "task force" on ,technical help on home cons-
industy or, slowly .but. surely to explain\. Ito ,the tourist what per ships. wich landed. in the Latin America headed by Adolf truction problems.
(lie., can, be found there. harbor and taxied up to the pier A., Berle, Jr., former Assistant
If Jacemlians can find a bet- -Scenic Posters and Pictures and terminal which was. located Secretary of State.-
ter .sub situte than tourisfi I -for with: simple explanation of h-ow at the site of-the present casino. -A Senior Specialist Corps, to
-ofe iie bttr til. Bt t oget there; hoe n eso hs eepodadtrlig Broad outlines of the plan call be formed from the thousands of,
'is the People of that town 'who rates could -bp set up at the, days and when the Ilast of the -or the following:. qualified American Men and wo-
naust puill themselves put of the ;airprt and -other' tourist cent- sea planes were retired Pan Am --Arn all-out Lend-Lease pro-) rnen retiring annually from gov-
inorass and not--expect ,the Gov- ers. continued to, christen each new grain, with the U.S. supplying 'ernment and Industry.
ernment to --do it orthm. i gat th thenaeoa
o i for,

The ow I fm s l
Th otnhas beeri- endowed In Jacmel itself the cafe and 0mu clpper ship and copy
vt ey. special qualities -and -night-club proprtoscul ritetre name Cie fo
a beautiful. neighboring --beach -shake otitthe cobwebs and strive the exclusive, use of Pan Ameri7
uonduiye, Io- Tourism- -but that -to create an atm. sphere that can when describing, it's air-::``
are discovered only hapfitlmrdly wuld in .turn result in -the re- Craft.
1)y the tourik-cum-explorer type. ward of some badly. needed re-
-Jacmelfians9 should pep -thenisel- venue. .-.In ,our periodical of .Sunday, H tT
March' 5th,- you pictured an .air-:::O HA

e dait as a "i r n
CATALYSING RESOURCES 3rder not to disa~usion the pu-.
blic with this false nomenclatu-
The Washington, Post article of Atherton Lee has created inter- Pe, I would liet confirm,,hai
it was ndeed- a l but I EI
aiiplaneNwimv b

est not only in Washington and the business circles, of Haiti, butwadfnieyotaPnAed
in other'Iaftin- American countries. It raises the, question now as ca Ciie" nyPnAeR.R N0 eo*
to what is to be done to advance this Latin Am'ferican- economic ria hoghts3.yars, o!cT-U ERE ECoru
blo0c, an ffyhAnce I -economic interests, of H1aiti. oV'A.Denti
Certainly our able Ambassador in Washington will exert, his in erd. the exclusive- right bev J~uv RLR. GlabZ i'
fluence; to further such. an economic blocepc yusADitNH

As aia mebro h ne mlcan WDevlotmn COP ~ n2

IRTha J.,
t nd v mbr ,6 P ree A Dones aveic/O

si 4
plavens nto .cuangute r private enter p rise, baeo l and greaer erne
snial _c With -pyosWihunn d ew~etxs hegvrmn
isah eme r oot futed I'tabit Ameriang De vl tpm t Bak -n an

urgelyslig afou reon--e anU upt sicnbe ated r W, lopt

and payrolls
Th -hv ibli- asavs ta e"OA MB H .RPB

-t, n66j p e nera
p)asna pie yois dgeirere


Manpower Presiden

Here On Tour

Elmer L. Winter, president of
Manpower, Inc., the world's lar-
gest temporary help and busi-
ness service firm recently spent
a three day sojourn here at the
Ibo Lele on a business tnp .
through Central and South Ame-
rica for the express purpose of -,
expanding Manpowers scope of
operation in Latin America.
Manpower boosts 240 offices
throughout the United States,
Canada, Mexico. Europe and the
Far East.
Mr Winter's explained the his--
tory of Manpower as a story in
Started in 1918, on a part-time
basis by two brothers-in-law, El-
mer Winter and Aaron Schein-
feld. Manpower today employs
more than 122,000 people each total sales volume of
year, performs s e r v i c e s for $40 ftln,000. Approximately
more than 65.000 business firms thuds of the offices are
throughout the would, and has a ted on a francluse basis

~LC ~ N~Tq~~-4~1j .~*r- .~r-'-r' 4:;.'-.~L':..,1'~a5iFr ~


.1 ^? y ^ r ^ v w ^ ._ .y ,^ '-.^

.. -* .' **- '."..
- .. ;' ....
': .' '. "
? ... ', i






S ., : .

rH '. ..

"' '. ".

T. i.
.... .
.. :!.... :

-.S -s.. 2..-

- V y % ----~"C-s --

I -

r" .. '" -" "-- '-. .
.. .- -' -. ."-^ -. "C.4 ;',, .
.* .. 7. ~,

temporary. arid parf-tie work- pe ard the Near East. mer, a bottler of soft dri.i,
for thousands of women and needed enough temporary he.6q
men so that they can supp Mr Winter is active -in con- to triple his business overnight;
ment their family income or unity. welfare organizations; is By that .afternoon. Manpoweri
keep up their office, or ot i enthusiastic skier, is a re- help, was- on"deck. As.a .result,-i
skills, and (2) providing a new ognized prize-winning amateur he cashed in on jackpot tha
method whereby businessmen painter and mosaic artist, and his competitors vere, unable :to.
can use Manpower services 9 still' finds time to serve as- a handle.'"
handle peak work loads and director and counsel for a num-
make up for .temporary..employ-. ber of midwest' manufacturing (6)-The Consulate of .the Fe
ee shortages created by absen- arid retailing firms. deral Republic-qf Germany .used
teeism. A graduate of the University a. 1Manpower steoiptypist-.in Phik
Through its extensive cover- of Wisconsin, he was, during ladelphia -to .take- down,, tie.
age, Manpower also offers man- World War II, chief price, at- speech of Germany's Presidlent
ufacturers and exporters a new torney for the Office of .Price Theodore Heuss on. his recent
method for exploring, entering Administration in Chicago and visit here. The Boston office .fui
or extending- coverage in the Milwaukee. He; his. wife Nan- wished a secretary to: Un'lte
American market, thus boosting nette, and their three daught- Press to take. -statement from r
S opportunities for trade between ers, Susan, Lynn and Martha, May'or Briscoe of- Dublin, -Ire-
our two countries. are residents of Milwaukee;. land '
In addition to being president -
9f MIanpower, Inc., Elmer Win- THE -MANPOWER, INC. STORY ()-A couple stranded in n
ter is first vice-president and YOU NAME IT- THEY outlying town when. a thief ..'s0
director of the Ihternational DO IT! their bankroll, -arned expehs
Franchise Association; member back home b& taking, temporti
almost of the Taxation Committee of (1)-Manpower workers help- jobs..ih one'"bity' althr another.
o-both the United States and Wis- ed owner-look for .ost diamonds (.8)--When Internatonal Cham-
opera- consin Chambers of Commerce; in a tomato patch in Louisville, ber of .Commerce C6ungrqss bt
S member of the Milwaukee and Ky. lost while owner attend- In Washington, -D.C. last ypgr,
the- Wisconsin Bar Association; ed a social function. Total val- Mgnpkwer clerks, operating IBM
Chairman of the International ue $2,000. equipment,- furnisied'the listgn-
Information Committee of Rota- (2)-Hollywood- directors, wis- taneous translation equipmedt'to
ry; is the author of A Wo- hing to dictate b"emos while" delegates; '
man's Guide to Earning a Good swimming, hired Manpower- se- .
Living" to be published in May cretaries to take 'iotes at the (9)-Oe. sizn g .day ,in Cle-
by Simon and Schuster and to poolside. "velan l; a carload-f .butter lay
be condensed in the April issue on a:sidig -biltside. a-food';pr-
"" of McCall's; and is the author -(3)-Supplied mermaids corm- ppsing plitt.W d have Spoil
of "A Complete Guide to Making plete with tail, for publicizig ed had not 4i' ; wer.menun-
a Public Stock Offering" to b a' harbor dedication event at loakde&zt pronto. -'
published in the fall by Prentice- Long Beach, California. -
Hall. (10)-The Corpus Christiioic
He has appeared nationally on (4)-A Hawaiian pineaple oom- pperated.a ship-to-shre radioi
both television and radio in the pany wanted to push its canned for the Shell Oil Co 'pany on
United, States and has-been in- products in supermarkets on the 24-hour-a-day, sevend-day '
terviewed by most of the major mainland. "It hired Hawaiian basis,- maintaining- ioimuntmcai
newspapers in both the U.S. and girls, via Manpower, to hand out -on ynith ff-shore- drilling rigs i
in Europe. He recently was as- the products decked out in .the Gulf of Mexico for a peri
ked"to appear on the Voice of Hawaiian attire.. of eight.months .

*B W 'r W W W w W w W W W W'W W4W W

-- plll 7ww

-r .. ~--~ :+i:''rL".~~;~Li~'ilW

x~r addB ~ the Isa /t NP1
7P 7, BU

4 4zU, A






V A0 S-AB E T G O D & S L E T E E E e AR NI S L E si G A L



The~~~~~ ~ Fines ofFRNERYAeOPNAGN

I ealT AostPmqROYALsed DOLLS




S ART, 4o and fr i< E MS S. A Q~44U44;
44u a 4o ust
A,,, E[SO ,, O R Z <4

:skOR MAHOANY -olle Woe tH,

4444 o RUG & DRA 4

,if444x RUM .,4'4 44
s, s n gif 44'' t ', S

ou,4rind I
III withoutu ag Yuea
4 ~4 4,

A M 5 L ~ O i ~ A N O ~ 4<4'
4AK a
40- +444
~ iB~4<
4 <44E~

44 4+4

A i4<444444 <"44

4 4~





Captain Eugene J. Heider of
Clicago has joined the USAF
Mission here rith wife Betty
Jr-an and daughter Kim 4.

Dr Victor Greco, a surgeon
ftr- n Drums. Pa and wife Joan,
;and Alner Sacinni, in contract-
inc business in \elnington, Del-

Lieutenant Philip D. Williams,
son of Philip P. Williams, Coun-
selor of Embassy, was married
on February 25, 1961, to Mary
Elizabeth Whealy, daughter of
Professor and Mrs Roger D.
Whealy. at the St Thomas Epis-
copal Chapel, College Station.

at 7:00am March- U1th, 1961. t"-5
The following passengers dis-
embarked at Port au Prince: ER L TRAVEL

.hIts Francis O. Affeld, Mrs
Lise Alexandre, M rs Yvonne Au-
guste., Mrs Febitenne Beauv'ais,. II
Mr & Mrs Joseph Morris Jr.,
Mrs Clahe Poris, -Mr David D.

- -. 1
i- -~ m.


Away Or At Home A Car

Of Your Own



Office< ?KBfinEff

'* :" *


->.. *







15th TO

APRIL 14th


MG (On Application)


Road Maps,


Pick-up and delivery

from hotels, airport

and pier








24 Hours

* $9.00 Per Day

Plus lOc. Per Mile


$45.00 Per 7 DayWeek

-Plus. 1 Oc. Per. Mil



Insurance .;'

"- '.I i

... ..,.".. -. .
S- --'..- -... ... .,-,,. -.

-. -, .
*--. .,... U.,.u ^
^A--^;^A- atte

- :.2w*,'
-a.aPA v-.nf' **.0V
~311~ 1 .-..f... ~,q .p.

PAGE 8 HAIT SUN Suday M H1ti,:-, :

Visitors To The M agie Isle N. Anthon Lawrence ooEiger, Young Stockbrokers Albert.and- visited' Au Cap, ditadeieo
head of. the Foreign operatiola Stern, and his wife Louise from and Sans Souci Palace,.
department of;ihc New York of- New York and Charles Robert Dr Joseph A; M*e!ler. and. ife .
Attorney at Law John F. Sul- aware and wile Joan are guests lice of the World.'largest Bank Sledge and his wife.Ouida aiso Verna. Jo. are current ,guests.:at
van and his wife Clara of Na- at the Ibo Lele. of America of San Francisco from New York are current the El. Rancho:
ck, iMass %ere guests at the stopped at the Oloffson this week guests-at the -bo Lele.
orel Villa Creole. Steel bridge builder William in a swing through the Carib- Miss. Helen Florence .Nary Etienne BeDrend in-.luruber bu-
Johnson of New York and blon- bean, with his wife Dorothea Perry, a legal secretary from siness in Montreal Canada stop-
Author John Charles Rosford de wife Dorothy are guests at Anita. The Edigers from LIo 1 eiv Zealand is visiting here ped here this week with his -
Ic Cormick of London and wife the Castel Haiti. Angeles, have .just spent three this week with her Ma and Pa. Margaret. The" stayed at the-
thIl Victoria, an authoress cal- years in New York and are go- They lodged at the. CastelHaiti CastelHaiti.
d by last week. Jean Gardere of the Rhum Ing back to California.
Barbancouri flew -to the States
Debarking from Santa Rosa last week.
)hn H. Slater a prominent Food PANAMA LINE PANAMA -
dustralist from Philadelphia CANAL C(OBPANY f. ) 1 fWUe 5 -S'
id his blonde and stunrung wife U.S. EMBASSY
d-lljeid of Switzerland lodged COUNSELOR'S SON The SS "Ancon" of the Pana- .s
the Ibo Lelc. W rSnC ma Line armed from New York e".. iI



Sar Ofc

Sinclir a Saio


(4 DOOR)



~ -- ------ -c-----~-


- .



ITtURESCVE, JACMEL. BUT.. Tekil .Amelga Rteturn's
;jCn tiulea&oii page IP olde st elotl erI yse n (da
fiegallons 9f .,gasoline fromi the late 19th Ceit "', ii f
In a fo6ur cylinder- jeep the riv e r, cuggsl, on wlth/its amber light., Ethl~pian. Embassy, 'Tekil Amel-
road. can W i igati in fou Proprietor KhaXe -f thea ae hs oyarasgt

ur endd his wili-year asigfi
(ttft hours' and harro I Etbile Cafe can be persuaded to methlere Fidyj ai fj ont
etopt mye be 6f i in s pjace6 'aairs and tables on th 'to Ethiopia.R, mile d he, had forz
important, made' sid4-walk '-fa he a dor. Had
at.G-ressier to ,give the army which is as plasn pace- as ti Iand ,Iwould dyfinitely "return
Post 'Your name, auto number any to 'have an aperitif or sufi- fo -a, visit. E
and destination and at the cross dow\per. '.Tekil w) came to Haiti fromna
road before Jaemel to pay a twvo sevI cd. in.Egyti will-do his niext your exciting .
rd e.toll charge for the pri- Dancing is turped oni only dur- tour- of duty at the Foreigny Of-
Ivte maintenance -of. the, road, Ing the holidays: fice in Addis, Abeha. He deparied Va 8 0 a e
The fifteen mxiinute, Cohata air- For those who intend; to i Fridy fligt i ot i-
lieti -ow costs $8.20 ,round- Jaemel, by auto prior to the'-can homeland via New York, onfmtsssesisACN*CRISTOBAL
dpprti's.on Tues- rains -dlate March-- and ml- L"'oPrs Bn n oe
adrays. tend to lodge at the Hotel" Alex- Robert Tipnaer'-gavel the
jafils -Alexandra, the. old andra. it is advisable to- cable young Ethiopian a farewell-par- m
Yji fmilyhome,- turned int ahead by Shatel' (inew cable aind ty -at his home- in Pacot Weldnes-

hotel half, a decade ago, 'can telephone company on the Ex- day, evening. Y
Fiva~an-16ell itHaiti for fla- position after the Casio) to be
vor, &Fjtsthird ,story balcony adr another family dolesnti. de-
-dil ttk silt is au Idelt -visit, -h ee fthe USS TYESS HERE
dbeadtheciool Caribbean sea. Wet at the Same time. FOR LIBERTY
pons atil refresh- The USS Tyess a U.S. Navy
ing._ icientmidite d'Hoel Ro

-Alted'oe d Radar Picket Destroyer is spen- ,
land -thirty-live yeaps in the ding .thd eekn nPotp MIDTOWN
sort ofthevitl fme-is CACIOUE ISLAND mitting liberty to iscmlmn
interested in the' Welfare of his of. 16 officers and 262 enlisted
guestsAo he point. he insists IeBO BEACHF' men. e~r
onAer eatitg a. hearty Mneal The vessel is under, the comi-
t" ,iln lday, The -cuisine marnd of Commnander C. E.. Lit. !eave Port-au-Prince 6-PM
pai par excelin- ON Y3 IUJ'E tie. usually on a Monday or.
il'c '~t.a'd'Alexandra VRGM POp T--AU-PRINE Fridayarrive 8 AM in

inlue4 ei tariff, does Aluminum Upturn midtown' Manhattan,
noiln4. iiecouragemlent and .Expected .' West 24th St., New York..
dse Mr Jack Ryan, manager 6f
RO RReynolds Haiti 1 nes left by
Themit te aut6 PAA. for Georgetown, British
rldl to, Xrbu Ra'm ione Guiana -Mojiday_ to.. check, the MoenAeia-Flagshipi Serv
f,~ch mothei*t company's; bauxite inte- ice and Comfort. All cabins are
es, can be .inside by a car, TRANSPORTATIO1) rests there. REDUCE outside with private bath. Amid-
hthe hotel or Pen- Pa Snditioned Dining Salon
sion i $8 or 10 for the day ONLY '100 tinue low but inventories are be- accommodates all passengers at
k.Beside swhnming Carrelou ing exhausted and an upturn in -0/ euto rmoewy one sitting. Open air tiled Swim-
Rayiniond offers good-hunting -- Chidrea 50 .C~enft aluinm afisis expected Staefrshnue ih ming Pool. Spacious promenade
outsie the-proectivrree
ous0 hepoeteretanbeoehenofteea artapotio nooi dcpus800s.ft. of out
surt- fo. spearlishermen. Fish Prvate Dressi ROOMS direcio 250 baa door sports deck. Beautiful
jare so., plentitul in this region White f Heach TENNSSONS 'owne5bslounges, CocktailoBar, movies,
of Haiti that Several divebomb- nne Restaurant and. nack Bar TO E dancing.

er'suarosof pelicans, are experienced, patient and ,S~ee Your Travel Agent or
constantly, on the alert sand :blit- WATER SKIING medticlous-
zing, the schools of smaller spe- SIKIN-DIVN capabe of makdin ac champion DA N A IVW A~g ew"Au*o LIN M

"MCA4~jtI4 -44r 7-e
Surf fishink- 1S also, promising Completely Equipped CatrlstroDeni St. No.,1. 7
wh pss laoeah.Cota
for th. pern:. Po4 au Pdnoe Hai
,rod ari' reel. Thiia Sport can, be, F~ort
4itrie :a f the new Jacmdl Or Weekly V9

swe S1411e 1"

Another special -outing is; by- I Eeeat.
horse-back to Bassin: Bleu' mg
a swim in lovely, mountain baths ] E R"
supplied by wateifll It is a CACIOUO 'ISLAND
pleasurd to. ride horses in ,this

region as' iley'are the funl-sitzed, il B A r" AITlPS LARGEST FREE. P4RT PRICE, SHOPS
well-fed, br~eed.
Doit, to Ja chel looking for SAME. OWNERSHIP AS OT 1) THE COR I ElSHOP RUE BONNE'FOL
night-life or a ga social time. IBO 1-IS
The' sidel is, rolled 'u as the PAUL NAbE 'BU89AN

TO .60 Per.Ce ON_ t

Ind o:-
A iBz
T~e BARR ~ A, II leveii le sino

ia~~ii 'A~

_P'tr a am and.retuns,

S -~~; .~..i4- ~ Ii
-~ ... .. -~ -~




Stirs West I


Of The New York Times

KINGSTON, Jamnica, Febru-
ary -8--Witliin a year, and per-
liaps sooner, ten British West
Indies islands strewn across
more tivin 1,000 miles of the
Caribbean will be both indepen-
dent and wedded in nationhood
as a federation.
fThe forms of the \'est Indies
t'ederation already exist and
sclf-goe-rnment in most of-the
islands is e\en more than a for-
mality. In recent weeks the pace
toward teedom and union has
beLn -arift.
A fial niltei-islaljd conference
is to bi- held in Trinidad May 2.
A coristltirojnal conference to
si-t tli'- independence date will
coilnlen. irn London May 31.
Then the pi.'nple of Jamatica
are 1j ilote theii assent or,
still t d possibiti, their wish to
'go it alone." independent not
unly of Britain but also of what
Fupli- persons contemptuously
call "all those other little pla-
I'rar of Domination
The contempt and fear of do-


mination from afar are the re-
sult of the cultural and econo-
mic estrangement of Jamaica
from the other island. Jamaica
lies only 100 miles south of Cu-
ba while her partners-to-be are
1,000 miles farther east in a
broken chain that extends 500
miles up from the coast of South
The other islands include Tri-
nidad. the richest and most im-
portant, Grenada, St. Vincent,
Barbados, St Lucia, Dominica,
Montserrat, Antigua and St
Kitts. Some come with their
own satellite islets.

Air fares are much too expen-
sl\e to have encouraged mean-
nigful ties among the islands.
Even a commercial sea ship-.
ment from Jamaica to Barba-
dos costs almost as much as
one from the West Indies to

Each island has its own life-
lines to Britain and the rest of
the world; only 2 per cent of
the'"slands' trade is within the
What they have shared, be-
sides the sun and the Caribbeana


69 RUE D





Y :




r t .e t & &

S-, ... -- "s.-' '. -' -
:I Id ":.j.F

W,.&.. .., ,M ..... -, ." .'

37 AMe Marie-Jean"e



E .- A.^:";

SEE '. ..

S:.AUTO FORa Sl7 -
A' 1957 Ford

.*^ *C onl t fi fl;^ ^ 7!4

.-:. ":- 5" .'d 'MAC .2t. 191 -~:J 7'*

__ : ". ." "":O "': "' ^.-"," .," ,'. .T ? $t2" ,.' ,'



Some of those oratdrs e. ta- apy#or .h s ve&e4lto ird.,
king advantage of political cban--. -'middle cou sb envisloniiga.,,
Sge to preach hatred for th9 wite weak federation :re.all,'an .
,man; some say there cari be no federation. .: "'" k
independence until all black men -h'e 'chan'oes! ale. tbat 1 Ma
have returned to Africa. ley's :vievl'wifl.-revaU1,i :-i .
The'politics bof- union'and inde- because they',;t.e,,on-iA.lf el. .."
._1_ S.^^M.S m^ ^ fe.pendence :belong to. a-relative'narcidal calculation;., am _l S
nefew. "But Ihese .ew make up .a best interest.
DISTANT ISLANDS sizeable droup--i-attorneys,. mer 1" Many s",l expect Mr ,4ley
DJ chants, writers, artists, all rais- to .becormethe. Prime. Minister
ed to appreciate the ways and of the united, wlole once it has;
sea, are colonial status and manners of Britain Although been perfected. One f'.the,~ofc
sea, are colonial status and they perceive a separate, cultu. *tandl g"attdrnej s of in
long-nourished dreams of inde- perceive a separate cutu- andg attorney of thi -ej
pendence and union. In the on- ra tradition.and long for- inde- British Commoilwealth,- he.-:ai- -
pendene and union..In the on-. .7
text of he islands' history of pendence from- Britain, they ap- telea politicss as a Socialist bt-"
slavery and colonial dependen- proach the once-romantic goals has..been .tempered bby political
slavery and colonial dependen- prudently, even
ce, the dreams seem ,to have prudently een suspiciously, realities. He is now looked upw.
come real almost overnight. But and dqmocratically by most as. arz undoctrinaireb4
as the remaining doubt over Ja- In many ways- they are look- willfuL leader who is-.prepa.r .-
maica's-final role illustrates, the ing for guidance to the teachings to try any ecot eric: ,arrange
prospect of freedom has also of.British law and United States ment that holds .promise. -.
produced a sobering awakening, federalism. There seems little Ironically, it ias beein.the-.fo
doubt that in the community of mer Socialist's .sense oblig.-
Wary Over Union new Negro nations, the West In- tion to private'. oreign :entAprp
dies will come to represent'.the that' led. hjn to abandon. his
Many of the West Indian ideas-of individual -liberty and strong-federation stance..- -
dreamers, as they stare at the diffused government power. Foreign Capital Lured :
fiery orange sun amidst blue Jamaica Largest State Since he ame to. power.in
waves on the federation's new The biggest problermt.were po- 1955-Jamaica .has.virtua1~y. .t-
flag, understandably squint and sed in Jamaica, the only truly gaged her importantt retorceds,
wonder whether they should not-"large" state in the proposed especially.her bauxite, ber'idi-
have stayed in bed. Independ- union, -with .more than half the mate and sqenery,.to fpreign-li-
ence, they have found, costs mo--region's 3,000,000 popul atio n, vestors. Capital. has been lured
ney. And union, they have learn- more than balf the total area, to the island-with' tax ..coies-
ed, even in freedom, car be con- and situated far off to one side. sons and ,other temptifil in& u-
fining. Both, therefore, are being Until recently, Prime Minister -cements .to -.create .flourishiig
embraced warily. Norman W. Manley of Jamaica, mining anrd-, toLiist indus tres.
To the subsistence-level sugar had personified the movement among others.
worker, the hut-dwelling fisher- for union and freedom. But he,' The Prime Minister "na-'other
man and the legions of unem- too, has been impressed by the Jamaicans .began to fear that a
played, independence and fede- arguments .of anti-federalists,, strong' federal '-ove eaift; t-ht
ration are terms that drop only Thus while the smaller islands force them to break theiu~ ro-
occasionally from the lips ofora- still argue for a strofig ceatra miss to foreign iiestors .nd
tors who ask them to be for or government and while many Ja- otherwise impede thi`r ono-
against, maicans want no union at all mic development: programs
They therefore" posed,. A~-ew
set of demands' for economic
Guarantees and political er
in- the. federattion;::thq~y~alj- e
Sduled- a -referenduh -*on the final
federation formula that -isll
hangs as a threat of secesson
A t .. over the' theirr Island.;

For those areas .s tht.amain
Scans are about to-gettheirJrway.
It is now agreed that they'iill
| have thirty-one: oE-z sixty.fou
seats in the ..federal legislature
just shy of majority Be
L. will have the ri.ghttonmake
I their own' econoniic.. p1a in
laws, even' o negotiate :oans
abroad. .
i .



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'4 1 1, ,; W"W I _, 17 "I ,I_,,`
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W-,',V m,;-"7.,-I-T.,,,r,-;, %,>, 'N 7 _17 0 70-MP- I ,W-, _,,-,i--'":,-,-,'',;,.,-, ,
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.I ,`3 I !- .- 1,
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1 6* ribism, ahd S communities- and
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c6i*%ioi ,&_ I he nations yield many 4
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_t r I .; -,,4 ". ,. V -Ir I r ,,, ., ` r ,am, r '_. r ,-I,,
I- ,: "_ 'atc,ic-'-as't,,'scaii3,' h-1n& ,6f_, owep-;- classeS'.`r 'alization I ., r -, ,
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4e p k A .n... ,n.pe- .
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tratW e' ,Ihby.:,,prefer JO q 2 ___ ,. 1. ` `4
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M-n- 0 "'_', _.i ,:. A, ,; ','e;, -1 a ,. 1 :it hzi so, crow ed: e p. po Jo guide them to.
-EC, Of4i t I-. roteb W .'I hole' r6sentf ., Laj
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1 I" __: I .-1 I I I .: I :1. 1, ; I .1 ,
_... I _' '. I ", ., I 0 -
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in, Ptod r _. .- L
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m ain ains, t at gip' -o- J' _
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c.os p -,o --in ep'ende-nce.;-of ark, ar. TioxL. V&' t eesta li"' i ` I h -'b h I ; I
I'll I I I --:Ij
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I I I ,. .-
CIA fare-prugraw s-b Or 11 1 I I ,
,.NuNT itiesand t e % rLnan of 'Wel ., I I V ,_ .1 1. I : ,
_, z ,__ Bid 11 I N ,
,:--, PANTAL ... ,,.,,,,,;,
mok ,r,ht ffl:- 1 Or- I'll, I I t,,
.p _4,TPM EL4941 ,sed'fiev-problem s and tension'L, _;`._ I I "" ... ---,
-_, ,, V. N_ I I 11 I I .
I .1 I i I ,. -
x ,
111 'be not ..2 7. : -'k
1 I I ,. 1. I- I- za "I
gtmzaaopSm wi much \1 _-, unlmpi,M,4 w& ..,: I 0/ ,- ., I 141_
L 1 I.." :
i6: 616 tba,- In, U ,.,..:11_ I K, I r ,'-,,
'd,, -.1dVq -1 prddqctivity' .-
reate.:_foi, ti 'hey I d /I ? I 1. I .
Z, t rease I ,, .I-
11 11 -I- _'.. .1 ` '', I "I I .. 11 .1 ,_ .. I I _';f',
I --, _,`
t)uldAeC for i : ,h r'owzn--Many i .- t, __ __ am l I ,
,- arna-lea alone. % ,as' th 1g ou- I -
1. I alnalc SEL CTED `-
'tc, -,. I I .. 1-11 JS ..- I -1. _,_ I I ., 1, I N IT E -
I ,-.'-Ie_,,'_ O F i U 0 ,'_-
I I '/ ', .1, Q I ''
., 1 ,, ". ., 1 11 I iNl I I I U I I..'',
1',-,__ 7'- :__., 1 ,. I : 1 I... I : .. 1,;.":
11.._ -, 1 _- I_ -1 I I I I 1.11-1 .i I Cj n 'S L S 1,,
,: .,:. '- L ".. ., ,, -t ,`, N I n -17 I -_ -1 I I I 11-- L .1 1,
--. I I 9 L
ftACTIOR I ft 1
m 0 )-_
B 1.7 I I ;;:::::::::::::::::: I %
'j_', '_" .. -_ -_ -1. I I~ I I ;, 'L I _.. A N D FA ,
_. Kafirice onnefW' n, 4ND'SUPERO'. ., .1 S -',-',',,-,.,,ii;
1 ,,, L I -11 I ,. I I ,
11 "T .
I 'I_..
--,---MAJESTIC` .AND-. MARABOUt',,- 1. 1 i, -
I :,",
1. ', L I I I -_ A*U L :,, .1,
1'_-,",, 1. _. -1 I L_ 11 I ', : ., I 1 OX W 4%"o, S:6_06 on .1 I I I S tsat -
,- .1 '' I I I '. I I I I I i, :
,--- ,;ii- ,- -- ., _,,1,40 N, G -R E CE _- ---
.. ,1SID EGN L_ I "
-1 I %,,._,".- c_, .1 'L _- -,_,,., I I_ I I .. ? I I -_' t% M in-& U .9. PHONE -..26,8346 1 % .T
I JL I ;L.,,_ A Jm A int I -' a. ,,-
11 ;.111 'PED I '69"PETIONVII.&E-SQU- Al U- i = -9 1 I I "'::,"
,,-. I 4 I I I L4 0= 11
I ,.' '. ". ., I 11 I 1 1 :-- L %,
"r" __ I ,: "" .- ;.1. I 4, :_ ;., I I -7.1 1 I _. I 11 ... -
1.i,, .: ..' I I -1, I .- I I ,, I I :_:"'L
11 '' I~ I 1, 1 I I I _! ,1
", V- 1. I
.': WWR
,,-. ': '. 1, .,
_7 1 .1
.1 ., .1, I I ..
1 I .- I I 11 : I I I I I I 1- 0.
.. ., / 1 I I I I : '_ I ., I I '. !
1-i, ., -,'L o sk :. ", I 11 ; I I I 11 0 :. -I'.,--
_, :. Ir ._ _. ". I I 111111 I -_
1, I IL I .: 1. h -, I '. I ,
r-,,. LW 2 .11 I
r.L,.t:,;, I .. A T 17 W I I L I -
,111-1- 1- 1' 1 1 1 I I 1, I I I I I 1 _3 .,
I Z- ,_ ,, ,- ',,, ,_-_ _., I % J- I I I'll : .i
11M -1 1. I \ ,. ,
,, : _- ,.. ". 11 _. ,. I I I I I 'T R A C 7t O ----
--: _,W It
I ,
",!" ,. .-, 1- I ; _- I I I L I -.. I I
-, .. 1-
_.._'I; '' I V ., ,_: .- I I,% 1: % __'.: I'll, 1 ,, _. ..: I I .. I :L
I-,' ;_ --., 1. ,_ I __ -,-,: I.:,.-- L i _.,,_,
,"-;Z- .. I ,`,_.,-- ., ,:, I 11 L
__': I I. W IL .11 I I I x m a k la s G::; y ;jIg\ 11 -!
I I I L I 1.
1, ,_ _-__ .. i 1 I ` --., ,, "_ OWN :'!, I -1-
." I ". ; : 1
A N O '. r L ,,_':,; .
VLALR "- O U _T L I .1 I ": -t -1 -,,: z "I
.: ,.;" IM JVSV C _. I I I I .,, Iri ,
-,: I ;t 1', -
-'. A _- _- e .- ; -, ,- 1, I- !, 1 _41,
-- t!' ,:, I _- I I I "I I -11 ,
1,, 7 ;. I- I 11 I I I '. I I :- ,J:,
fl:, q ia r I i RAXES. I I 1, I- _. I ..
'7' )' I 11 ,- _1; 1. I .,.. I I 11 I I I I I I I I I- I .,F
`--7 I I 11 -7: .- I'll I ; I I "",
--.. I I ,,s
!:,." ; % : I L L I ;LL I : I
11 I I I ., I % 1 I 1, : :,i:,'
L, _- L; I : I .." I I ,_ -,L ,, ,, I ,
: :'I- I Z'_ I L '_ _'
'. i I : __# _,_ I .11, 1 I ;..,:, t_'. -, ,,, ': ,4 .' _' .- _' _- I : ,, ,
_' ', __ I .. --
I ,
'jt: 7,- 4
I 1,
-, -11 I 1 .tn I I I
i.'- %i, ,,4, .:., ,L_ 11 I I I I 11 -, I '
L7 __ I "'_ :- I I I 1. :- ".. er I I 1_,, It .,
L I I I- '7 ,,, ., .W, I 7, ,
00 I I I ,.-I". I -, I'll, Y .. 11 -) 7. 't I :
CEM I I I -, ,, ,; Lt .,
I I I I .,
I I I ,
NgM U S AXUABOU I 1QtitAS'1k, f ,, -', -t ,- -
-_ : ,, -, 21 1 1 -, .7, ". '.. I ., _: ,,, ,_._'
', :, I kk TV -, to- -- -- I I 1.
'LA ,:" CL ,_ '-'
I 1. :"":,: I- .. ;:__ I
ANtr it. I NU CH ARAc.-m .,, .,i'- ,-; ,- ,,, -: "-. ", : I -, 1. 1,"
I -1. : .11: I _
-', ". '. I .1 L I -,
; 7 : .:, I 'L "% I -1
.', : ', ,
IN YOUk -- ;OFFIC& -' .- 7. I I 1:,--- -- .. 11 -, -
,-. F U R N 1TU R E T -_ ,;..- .-I'- 'P4.1;,*, 1-1 I 1, ., _
It,- N';P, "',,',- "' I .''
NIGH'T Sp.M T -t ,, ,,,'l '-
:, ,, 7. '
1: W _, I- WEDNESDAY 1. I ., I 1, -.1 11 I .
I. I- I -, '1 1'L ;, 1,1 ', ,. 'C' --- I ;
.- I I .1 11
1: 11 1 1 I I I I I., I'll ....... .. ,- I I I
.'' .f .1 L I I ", I L_ ;.
,,: I I I -
1, __ I 1 .1 :, I :1, I I t.. .- -, .111 I ; I ,.'. ', :, ,, 1
'1 I L -1. ,, : I I I ,, .5
1 1 I 11 I I -_ I I 11 ,, ,, 1 ,. _. .1
I ,- ,:; et.,i I I I __. I I I I 1% I 11. I I 1_ ",
1. ''It I r .-I ; ... I 11 j -1 I 1: L I I I "_
.1 ..
..,.,-. .___ ,., I .- I -_ -1 1. I I 1 4 _.J,
'L I 11 I -, I I 1. L I .. I I I I I I I !L
", : % ., I I I I I -_ I ., I ,
1 ;1 L I I I I .7T -, ': 1. L !: 1, I I -, I
;:7 I ,. I I L '_ ` I 11 I I I ,- 1. I I I _/ I d I
I I I I : : I 11
". 1, : A q I I v`_ -
_: ", -
-, ;_ ': I 6 :1 IL I : 'I, I -1, 'LL ,. -_ 11: I -_ I 7
I .. I ;- I I I I 1
.. ; ".. L I V, .- I I I I -_ : -, I
,.-, .'. ; ', ,. _. -, ,,, L- : I I I I I I I I I -
,'.'. ,. ,: I ., I I : I I I -, I I ,_ -L
I ., : .- 1. I I I awn I 1, I .I
: 1 ., I L % I I I I I I I 71
:, ,_ I I I I I I I 1, I I I L I I I : ,.-,
1. I I I I .. : 11 .. .1 I L '-
I I : I I I ,
I ,. .41. _. I I ,,4 #,*_ -- ,- -, L Ll -4 I I I I 4" I ,. ,
I I I : 7 1 I I .
1. I _.. I _.
-1 I :. I I L ,= ,= -1 1.
11- I I I I I 11
_11 I I H 11FM lihm L I
I r I I 11 1 : 11"
11''. .. .''_ ., 11 i. I -6 I --,- 0, _.-: 11 L -- ': W ., ,_
I I I I .. .1 I I ,,, .1 -:,
-1-1 .- 1- _-:- 'L: z ,_ 1- -, i I _.: L_ I 1,".,C
11 7 et '. : "I 11 I I .
I I -, ,,, _-z' I I _
I .", .t: I ., I I : I- : I _I-- -I L I., 11 I _T ; I I 1 _. _. L 7,, 1 -, : I L I I L -_
I I .1 1 I I I 'L
_- I I" :- _! 1 IL --_- 71-1 % ', I ,. fX1
` .. '.. I 1. 1;
.1 : s 11-1 ._.. -L 1, -1 : ___ I -, .., -1 I OR'S I." -,_,
.. I 11 '.. z t I 1, .1 11 : -,: 7- I I _: __ -
4 I I I :- L I .
L I _. ,- I ,- 1-1
__:L ", 11 L I I .; .1 _. ,7 :_ ,%, It' 1 _1
-," .,., 11 I _,&" L e-' I., 11- 1- I- _L, R 1. _.1 .1 L_.._
A .., ,
.-..,, : I 1_ _- I I- 1. I I I I L, _
_.- I L I 11": 'i ,
:1 I- 1. .. 1%1'..".- _. L .1 .. :. L- -1, -1 L I I 1:- ,. -- .1--l-"O
I I I ,
,. I '. ... I L I I ,.,- L_
11;_, .: ,, I I :_1 s': -, ., 1 I -1 ., I I L _,
%: :: I '' '- :. I I I '' .1 1 '4 i
1. I 11 I I ; :'- 'i .', ,,,_. 11., I I I ` : :., :_ I I L -:It4
",". I I I I z I -, I I I % I 1, I ". _?,
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1, ; ,l _" I 'i I I I I 1. j
1, ,. -.,., ". _,rt
'.' ., I, .1 I ,,- LL : _', -, I 1 : 11
I 1-!: ., I _: ,, ,

I I .111 I


'~ "

Washington, March 8-Presi-
dent Kennedy will send a spe-
cial message to Congress next
Monday proposing a ten year
program of aid to Latin Ame-
rica for social and economic
At his news conference today
the President announced that
next Monday afternoon he and
Mrs Kennedy would hold a Whi-
te House reception for the La-
tin-American ambassadors here,
the heads of delegations to the
Organization of American Sta-
tes, and members of Congress
concerned with Latin-American
"I will take the opportunity
at the close of the reception,"
the President said in his open-
ing remarks, "to make a major
statement of some of my views
about the problems of the Ame-
It was understood that in his
message" to Congress the Pres-
ident wouldd not recommend a
specific sum that the United
States would pledge toward an
expanded aid program.
Bogota Pledge Is Noted
But officials stressed that the
President's proposals would go
far beyond the social develop-
ment program that the Eisen-
hower Administration submitted
to the economic conference at
Bogota. Colombia, last Septem-
ber, and for which Congress au-
thorized the expenditure of $500,-

.At Bogota, the Brazili&ns ac-
cepeted the American proposal
for a program of roads, educa-
tion, public health, and housing,
but also insisted on recognition
of the need for heavy capital
investment for economic devel-
opment projects.
The Bogota conference agreed
that "economic development
programs should be urgently
strengthened and expanded."
President Kennedy's propos-
als, it was said, take account of
this implicit pledge of develop-
ment aid.
Self-Help to be Stressed
The President will underscore,
according to informants* here,
the belief of State Department
and Treasury experts that the
problems of Latin America can-
not be solved by an infusion of
United States dollars; that eco-
nomic viability will require ma-
ximum self-help on the part of
the American republics, and that
this self-help must take the form
of improved tax collection,l and
use, and administrative and fin-
ancial practices.
It was said that the President
would stress the size, complex-
ity and urgency of the problems
created in Latin America by the
population explosion and the
lack of capital needed to pt~o-
vide employment for a work
force that is in-thousand a year.

The President
ed to emphasize

is also expect-
the need for a





Kennedy Slates 10-Year
Latin Aid Program
Announcement To Be Made Tomorrow

coordinated, .long-range effort
for eaqh nation. He will speak
in terms of "decade-planning,"
it was said.

The proposals that the Presi-
dent will put before Congress
have been drawn up by a spe-
cial task force headed by Addlf
A. Berle Jr., a New York law-
yer who is the chief coordinator
of President Kennedy's Latin-
American policies.
Other members of the task
force are Lincoln Gordon, pro-
fessor at the Harvard School of
Business; Thomas C. Mann, As-
sistant Secretary of State for
Latin-American Affairs; Theo-
dore C. Achillbs, former State
Department Counselor, and Wil-
liam Bundy, Assistant Secretary
of Defense for International Se-
curity Affairs.
Gordon Drafts Program

Professor Gordon has been in
charge of drafting the program.
He was a leading figure in a
group of university economists
and business men that prepared
a confidential set of recornimen-

.- ..

Caribbean Construction Co. SA.

Builders Of The Military City

Gen. Manager: Gerard THEARD

Phone: 3955. P. O. BO.. 284

nations on Latin America at a
conference at Harvard last De-' s
cember. The paper was submit- r ie o
ted to President Kennedy-and Dram bul LIQUEUR
Luther H. Hodges, Secretary of

It was from this sAdy that
President Kennedy took the ~ CHRISTMAS AND,
phrase "alliance 'for .progress," H. N- -
which he used in both his In- THE. NEW YEAR
augural and State of the Union
In his Inaugeral Address he UNICQS -
said: 4 The only sweet LIQUEUR-made in Scotland on
"To our sister republics south the basis or the finest pure old SCOTCH WHISKY.
of our border, we offer a special Indispensable for festivities and for every ooec-
pledge to convert our good ion. '..
words into good deeds in a EXCLUSIVE AGENTS: _
new alliance for progress to L. PREETZMAN-AGGERHOLM a. CO,
assist free men and free gov-
ernments in casting off the .
chains of poverty." r_

President Kennedy's advisers ////i 1
have felt that the foreign-aid '
program has suffered from dif- MEN'S SHIRTS
fuse planning and administra-
tion. One agency, they said, had CARVES
handled, technical assistance, an-
other development assistance, HANDKER HIENS
and still another the sale of sur- '
plus commodities. ..

Lunch Dine Have Cocktails i T


Swim, Spearfish, Snorkle, Water-Ski
And Sail In Safe Coastal
53.ss.Rue dhQuai

--00 eip. + .1 ei tes

z.. V ', ., R7


.* "* -. .*. "*.-: '';. "^*^f l -:. .- .. ... ^ iW tf a~ -:'," Sg, '. :.:. -iS- .'.e'I
.. .... .. ... .: ;!
.- ., i" .' .*- <;. ,.* ...^,...
". n. / ,q ".',.

UN" Sunday MARCH 12th. 1"6

-What is needed, they- .ave con- -
tended, is to- take an b.ver-all
look at .a nation, decide what its .
capacities are to absorb aid .arnd .
in which the' various categories .
of aid complement -one another.
Officials also paids that the
President would propose that a
special office be setu up- within \
the State Department to handle I
the policy-planning for the new
Latin-American program. One
of those under consideration to ,B -
head the office is Gordon Clapp,
former board chairman of the
Tennessee Valley Authority and
now an adviser to the Iranian
Government. -
(In The New York Times) JOSEPH NADAL & CO,





SHaiti, A Place Fm


By- JANET LAIB. se book you can be understood). in the cooler town of I
Pbrt-au-Prince is a princely Add. poverty to these deter- The most luxurious
port.. indeed .:-for commoners rents, and you.still have a place in Petionville -Ibo I
,a4ld-whatevei royalty may come which .this. writer believes you Creole and El Rancho.
along. But the' eruiseship tour- should'visit. Stay long enough has been run during
is i.who dashes into.the. stbeam- to get the flavor of a wonderful eight months by a fo
idgt own to. shop for a few hours place .-and-. wonderful people. Yorker, Ben Schindler
--or to' gamble in the crowded You'll soon .see the pleasant, un- decorator wife, Murie
casino- cannot possibly fall in complaining dignity and -relax-, ally reassuring to tin
16ib-with. Haiti.- Nor is there ed, trusting awareness of a peo- ers are Mr Schindle
apy hope for the tourist looking ple who have made their coun- ards of cleanliness and
Sa a 'anatiseptic, English-speak- try appealing in a unique way, an 'American actress,
ith- home away- from home.. and will understand why there own generator and a-
'-~E~siace itf- the -.telephone are- countless tourists- who go of iniported food.
doesn'tr work (except from room there again and- again..
to room-within one's hotel); the Resort Life- Limited Neighboring Villa C
power is erratic (lights and wat- The resort aspects of Port au naged by. the dignified
er are completely shut off in Prince are limited. Beaches are cancer surgeon, Dr
some hotels for an hour every few, tennis and golf debilitating run in a smaller, quit
evening); the faxi driversoften in the tropical, heat, and, as a er, much appreciate
ask outrageous prices, the cl- result, tennis courts, and golf guests. It is air condi
mate is hot, the language straii- courses are next to non-exist- somewhat less expert
ge, and -the currency looks as. ent. The major hotels have plea- either El Rancho or
though it has been washed and sant swimming pools, and dan- Lele. All of these
ironed beyorid 'recognition. You cing the meringue .is practically American plan.
must be careful of what you eat a national sport. Excelent Local
(still.the f tu i t, the "b:;read, Closer to the hear
the coffee and the rum are blishs- The visitor can choose be- are two pleasant hol
ful). The Creole French sourids tween accommodations in PTrt- son's, famous for its
straiVe (but with a Berlitz phra- au-Prince, or ten minutes away, gerbread-carved build

hotels are
Lele, Villa
The later
the past
rmer New
, and his
el. Especi-
ild travel-
r's stand-
1 his wife,
with its
great deal

reole, ma-
ed Haitian
Assad, is
eter mann-
d by his
tioned and
isive than
r the Ibo
hotels are

t --of town
tels; Oloff-
quaint, gin-
ling. ..Oloff-


'on's has astutelI. trained local
talent, who perform in a week-
ly night-club show. Not so lux-
urious as the Petionville hotels,
this non-airconditioned hotel
with its small,-friendly pool is,
nevertheless, perfect for adven-
turous Americans with simple
tastes and a desire for. local

CastleHaiti, a I r ge modern
establishment set on a breeze-
sweept hill has rot ben fre-
quented heavily by Americans
in recent years, although it at-
tracts Canadians and Europe-
ans, Each of its modern rooms
has a balcony affording a mag-
nificent view of Port au Prince.
Transportation is easy in Haiti.
Taxis are plentiful; sklaled driv-
er-guides in comfortable Ameri-
can cars. For those whose

French is adequate,, ten cents bune's Sunday Tra

Founded In 1805
Address Rue des Miracles Opposite Nat


vSould be happy to be

honored byour

visit at

OPT. tc .P

4itUi mostexjcinq FREE PORT STORC
R ND -

- t4itii mostfamous MARioaLjI FRCTORi
S. : 0 -

..* treick .V Ltr
*~C gQ Oatc

4St&44 s~cpe

2 iqucw's

* l ~ l




a .

a :
.. *a
' / *.'


T FREE PORT- fiee -'-- ;:
2... .-. ,. FbRTAU-PRIlNCE
Grand'Rue:.No.34.2. ...
". + ... .. L ,. : .. "". ",

f"*K-:f:.;,,,' ,., *.L. '..;-" "" ". '. .-* ,-'.. ", .,, ~ **.' .**," : :*.. *. '.'. ,' ": ^ : ;, ." .e?\ .-'.",,-.' ,. '-' -" ^ e', ; '* .. ,* ** ..-i'_
-*^^^ -c;.tL. ..,-* -- - -' r. *. .-- .. -
: .r -";~ -~ .-. ":-; .+C ~
-* --C'. -
-, t':-' 7.:' .", 4" ',.,,-:',' .. : "Se '_ ~ .- : .. '. 4~.'" '.' -.,. .'- -- ---' .~ .... -, .


[is the fare on the
let -a station wa
vice on the main
tionville and Port.
pean -cars are eas
'two a.m. one Mar
a group of us sto
at a brightly lit
attendant in sight.
the horn and he a]
ily, clad in undersh
and gave us prom
A day or more at
is a special treat -
a change from ho
to enjoy the cha
and superb cuisine
American actress,
Pierre d'Adesky a
five mile drive to. I
revealing of the
in Haiti.

Appearing in thi



PAGE it t I

public cabrio
igon .-bus ser-
roads of-Pe-
Small Euro- '
ily rented. At
di Gras night :
)pped for gas -
station no '
Tho hoots of
appeared sleep-
irt and shorts
pt service.
Kyona Beach
- not just for -?
tel pools, but
rming setting
Shis wife, an ..t
offered by
nd the thirty- .
Kyona is most -'
primitive life

e Herald Tri-
ivel Section.




ional Bank.

*". .* -"

iji~~ij~. ~:4



Sunday M H 2h, 1. I:

Sunday MARCH 12th, 190j.

First UN Technical Assistance Experts Assigned
To Niger--A Haitian

(Continued from page I
additional experts, one in geolo-
gy and another in banking ad-
During the in-;it two years, the
LIN technical assistanee prog-
ram has scheduled aid to Nig-r
amounting to S528.,80) This will
pro ide expert assistance and
fellowships for training abroad
in such fields as tiade promo-
tion. statistics. transport and pu-
blic jadnisltrltioln, telec(.omnl n
nications, nirle.'or!oy. cu-,pea
lt\es andt h ndlrralls, la bor
LoIrlitions and a'.1lmin isti at io):;
land and water de' el%,-pment,
and plant a id .nim.il produce.

tion; education; and public
health and nutrition.
Mri. MIingones' assignment,
made at the request of the gov-
ernment, will be to assess the
potential mineral wealth of tli
countti., taking into cons&deC'a-
tion known minuneral deposits and
exploitation. He will also help
establish a program and met.,-
ods for prospecting, including a
estirnate of Loslts a ?ndr *.'.i- ,
technical assisltnce, and st r
the pieisen t stiifrte of the Egp'
ellnmeil's l iieCq aid CL-oloirC l
Service, with a -ie\\ to tIconi-
in-rals in t present icln ".
M Inr-als at present being e c-


Through Its Postage Stamps

For complete information in Haiti

Stamps and other details which wilt be

furnished you free of charge, write to

Also the only and best CUBED ICE available in Haiti.
Constantly tested and approved by two leading
U.S. Firms
buy your pure treated water at

traced from the country are
gold, tin and tungsten.
For the past six months, Mr
Mangones hqs served on the UnL-
led Nations staff as a technical
adviser in the Natural Resour
ces Development Group of the
Department of Economic and Su-
cial Affairs.-Before then, he was
a senior engineer for sev.'eral
laIge industrial corporations in
the metals field, serving in Hai-
ti, Brazil, Panama and Frencl
Guiana. He- is a forjrrir Ce-Di.
rector of the Haitian Bureau of
Mr NMaugones is a graduate of
Lie Lcole des iiries de Paris,

I General Electric Refrigeralor
and Freezer %ilh n:magnetic
doors etc. in yellow
I Tiopigas Stoie with. 5 burn-
ers, grill, oien and storage
compare ment

1 Air conditioner 1 Ion unit com-
plete wiith 220 Switch Box
I Bufet LU feet long in maho-
gany made by Issa Saieh and
other miscelleaous furniture.
Contact Agence Froenlif,
Rue du Quai.

forthnightly sailings of the
Miami- Port au Prince -Miami

New, Sensational






,iA -E G
F e t s i I

Master-Sgt Morris Promoted To Warrant Officer
At tU.S. Army Attache Office Last Week

- q.. ,

I. .

Master Sergeant Everette W. Morris U.S. Army was promoted
to Warrant Officer in a ceremony held in the Army Attachi's
office at the U.S. Embassy last week. Lieut-Colonel' Dollard, U.S.
Military Attache, (above) afixing the. officer's insignia on Sgt.
Morris i.ho has seen fourleeu and a half years as an enlisted
man with overseas duty in Japan (1916) Korea (1950) Tbh United
Arab Republic (1955).
Administrative officer in the Attache's office Morris is in' his
second year here with wife Betty lou-and daughter Terry Gayle.
Witnessing the promotion is Major Tony Kubellus (left)-.
Army, -chief of the Inter American Geodetic Survey here : '


.....,., :...

i ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ r n I 1111' I'lll .c op e IbyI 11 ,-',e ,,
,,~Ru Simpleq arwallels,7 i t, to 1e

tie C:li1ves", ,, G-]ies ant rVpiri -rgh If# -h se er dum iIt .ikh l

I~ he Im e o- te eh-e I b e 'o ds b -lek an$ f, a ,-oo e th N ow w"t ,* IIthe" 1, I 7,.. -
has tn o g t in -h "I".er of "os -1he -h,-l-w ,f ;:,an 1 on1 yo ri ht but not ,,- 1
mal4ha "Io g ha m Ito a1' Itel '- ,o ,eve a ,hn r d 41feso tn -pr to at the:-- ., II1
o t 7 g t1 1r g l y o i t Mo m It a t i e T a e R 1- e 11 ," ,o d e p o tl t a k e t h ,u I s a"P r
municatiZon, ,in Ia ,t ,i ,h -ov ger -k p ms a d ,te frt ef g i ot
late zht .aco nt in larg dis- fte ill--,-,, doubt ask', -~h -e t -4u ,;emorra e, noig
- r ,,e for the ,-ersistence o.---f .h w-ow ll ali ys ,e t "A ,fe th .rs n I fi e'wo, -
-o ne William C- Bult IIfor'-1-aha o .our for the .tte. hous whic surv"ive th great -- -
-ner ,: A me -ican Am a.a o t ,acmeI?, `tr f'. 186 The nex e- 1 viw. of hote -l x n r fro th ,r n Ru,:, ,e 11 ,before 1

most. Haitia. Io Io come to ma ..hpu. -,,.., : .Tu n ,ih o e Iihgrel on 'ec t- -prven a: Faar, Iabt .n :iu pamr e ,ec of

is ,hard .t ge o J c e. BI ef beor re ch .h ,ad lo. .tp It in h, Iigh, ,wl by ,h pe m n Iu s wh Th ot r Bas, BI, is th
plane~~~~~~~~ ~~~ t.lfr i ony$ and th ::ali: ,uaeao In t% :eh you i I 1oaebe nsoetehge laigr-sre t ntrl simn
'- : ,m -1, m ue, 'B uo *rn Rue .h n th B n ,ily of hi-o n Iie-~ bn vel at :m and the .. ,,, I myr pol ,eaae by cascad1;:in

ifourg~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ,p is ,detru bl -it it pebl ro baoie fcigior oniu dict e'er o J B. Via I -Sm bot of Iad ar Ier and1
noau ,ti tri o, ,n .our .left ,tr lef up I h to th -PIlace,,: -,, ,, T1uan Lo.e cofe meca s Ih grnda lin" I..s unogtal glen
h, Iai So7t ,eisl -od -m y fin t- 1$oie ,blcn ,orhue mos oU ,h scooi Irsnl .u I uins In by a -o eht Iruu 2 andI.
che~~~~~ ~~ di ta c o. 2 ile he on t ue S p e. I h -a er Ib v Iq oIG a d IR e Iu J.m e lte Ia m to H at :1e Tr p
beor the Bohr Iaso -rn Frnc in -80 I. I89 the Tw ote s-etrp fla JacI -1 I.,,,,-,
Ind tht 49,io fft -1e 'I tot- Jam- cofe co a e ol e mnind n
de 1gis o, ,h :Rue- dGo 11.93 bag, alo- "al th -N MaIrbial, si- oI the I ld .
?nin n Il c dbw to the E1! ,,an tod y In 1.%0 ,0, 70, Iln 11ve va le n.rt Io.. .,,f

O, .1 At-tA ,. 4: '' I ,: m c m !
do- no'o:nthn 11se Ol-e ;oud1 b-gh fro th twr -run turn -1f to : ,
''it r -sa -th-at,, L %- th e f-c b, -t- Ie s n ,o I cI a po nd tod, I h Io l hil w o. %L ale ,, ",
,, ~ e .,;d O'' Y, ,1194 easygoin ,, -_ Deni -a the ea an get -0 c," 1 I I.An Ie an the dec ndn at Car---" '

." I. I",a 1.dm "-'. s I- ,. t sbla ,G ,st o e th y, val -- o- Ja rop rt doe Ie -olu e inhaI ta t \,fame ,
i%;,-,`--- % 1- ..,. 1 ,,e r6 wil Th oIl featg -tl `ot Ii in -ofe fo h i b a t .,I a~ pe Ibb ',1
I .ta d 1r reaio user ove ,h .'. To- nol Repac -Ife -ec 44n ,hc th ,e roar I ,
I Id ,! q, th diin -ro I.-!; : ,, tof p biir .- -i touis .on to -w -e rb ''n atrctv ch rc it ,orang;, ,

.*~GE 16. 1 HAITI SUN"

Sunday MARCH 12th,

Interesting Vip

Dr Sally Bodwitch, formally
with SCISP, is on vacation here
from Washington D.C. She is
having a wonderful time seeing
all her friends and taking the
sun by the Pool of the Sans
Wednesday March 8th was the
birthday of Mrs Mabel Williams,
mother of Philip Williams of
the U.S. Embassy. She was fet-
ed by a big surprise party given
for her by Georges and Gerty
Herau.x. The Sans Souci guests
and many friends attended.
Dr and Mrs John Wonder and
their two sons are at the Sans
Souci. Dr Wonder is the new
Director of the Haitian-Ameri-
can Institute.
Friday Mr Kurt Fisher gave
a 'ery successful small party
at the Sans Souci. They all en-
joyed the famous Friday night
Dinner Dance around the pool.
Mr and Mrs Stanton Dozois
spent three days vacationing at
the Sans Souci. They are from
Phipsburg, Maine, and loved the
warm sunshine and the atmos-
phere at the Hotel.
Mr Edward Fagan a Ford Mo-
tor Executive spent a few days
Mr Richard Rhodebeck and
Mr E. Cook, two Insurance Ex-






s At Sans Souci U. S. Envoy And
ODVA Director
Exchange Lettetrs
ecutives from Wilmington, Del. PORT AUlPRINCE, HAITI.
are here for a few days of work FEBRUARY 16, 1961.
and pleasure. They are being THE FOREIGN SERVICE
taken around by local Executive OF THE UNITED STATES
Roland Vorbes. OF AMERICA
Girl Scout Leaders Mrs Ethel O.D.V.A.
Rusk Dermady and Mrs Alan 1961 Feb 23 P.M. 6:35
Means from Los Angeles and Dear Mr CANTAVE:
New York were in town after
I wish to thank you every
six years of absence. Welcomed h o the any a
by the local Girl scout leaders, much indeed or the many atten-
they had two very busy days tions which you showed me dur-
they had two very busy days
in Port au Prnce and promised ng my recent visit to the Arti-
in Port au Prince and promised
bonile Valley and the efficient
to come back sooner than six bonte ey a th ent
years, next time. manner in which arrangements
Sa M J were made to show us the pro-
er and Mrs Joe Alex Morrtis, gress of the work there. I have,
the famous writer for Saturday of course, ever since my arriva!
Evening Post Magazine had a
Evening Post Magazine had a in Haiti heard many favorable
small surprise party. It
comments of the splendid job
was Joe's birthdays and.he was
which you are doing and it was
presented with a bi F cake by 'a pleasure to see it at first hand.
the Hotel. Among their promin- I regret very much that it was
:nt guests were Mrs Ann Kenn- not possible for technical' reas-
dy and Mr and Mrs Vinton not possble technicareas-
edy and Nfl- and Mrs Vinton ns, including the impossibility
Burns. Now the Morris' are off ons, including the impossibly
of changing the flight plans, for
M Jacnd M hnl F d us to accept the very kind invi-
Mr and Mrs John Floyd are
r nd Mr Jn F station to proceed to Gonaives.
spending a few days at the Sans station to proceed to Gonaive
Souci resting. They really need I hope I may have the pleas-
a good lest, Mr Floyd has been ure.of seeing you when you next
the Director of the Haitian Ame- visit Port au Prince. With warm
rican Institute for two years and regards and the-renewed assur-
has done a wonderful job there. ances of my very sincere appre-
They will be leaving Haiti and clation, I am
their many friends soon for Wa- Sincerely yours
shngton D.C. Robert NEWBEGIN.
Administrator Director,
Artibonite Valley
Development Organization,
Port au Prince, Haiti.
Translation From The French
RKC-ojb a
SBorel, February 28, 1961.
Dear Mr Ambassador:
I have the honor of. acknow-
S lodging receipt of Your Excel-
lency's kind letter of February
16th in which was kindly mani-

Do You Want The Best In Nutrition For Your Baby

And The Family?
S- -- "5 MOLINOS"-

fl7Ulllrr Lrn nrfln



Le profit amintorA do Ia beadse
roulemo. donna une fraction o* -lo VITAMIN D3
cecurit6 suppl6mentaires. Un hing&l6n

rts bruins" desagr64ablo dE poa i.c NOW ON SALE AT:
ndr quo la construction Igiate da BOULANGERIE DE LA POSTE,
r que sh c ans Chambr IW BICHARA IZMERY, -
upwet-CUs on h So as ChMm do 1 BIAROCOS TALAMAS & CO.,
prmet absorber ls caihotb e BOUIANGERIE ST. MABR,-
Sout. Vous ur.a moin do pO a AIPHONSE MARRA,
plat. moins dO deas park e qM i Boulevard Jean-Jacques Dessallnes'
Coructioa Grip-Seal exclmusiv do <; ,NTERlA.r, Pao EPICERIE REX, Lalue
Goodyear a61mine pratiqu~. lt _S -- GEORGES COLES, Lalue
SvaisoBs abitulls. HENRI RIGAUD,. PetlonviUe'. .


SOD A EAR Hispano-America Trading Co. Of Haiti
S--Sn =1 9, RUE DU QUAI
a 'em l nfl si6

.i : ., ... y .... y ,4't!&fV *' *:
P'. 4 t4 ..A .....


- "~

~-c--- -

*ft^Awft^ >A^ >s> DI<

U.S. Ambassador Robert Newbegin and Finance Minister
Herve Boyer examine ODVA plans with director Roger Cantave.

tested your pleasure on having tography we Would like to per-
visited the Artibonite Valley, petuate the Souvenir of a visit
and regrets that you w(re un- the meaning of which' greatly
able to respond to the invitation honors the Director-Administra-
to extend this visit to Gonaives. tor of ODVA, .as well as his
I am deeply moved by the par. American and Haitian collabora-
ticularly flattering ter-m-' which tors. I beg Your Excellency is
Your Excellency choos o to ex- but the first of a nume"bus'-e-
press your satisfaction and your ries of visits, I beg,you to find
interest on our work, and I wish here, Dear Mr Ambassador, -to-
to extend to you my sincere gether with my warm personal
thanks. It is my duty, however, regards, the renewed assurance
to add that the success of my of my very best'consideration.
personal work is made possible
only through my American and Yours very sincerely, ,
Haitian collaborators, and above
all it is due to the close collabo- Roger K. CANTAVE;Agr.
ration of our 'two countries that Director-Administrator '7 .
ODVA is abld, in so brilliant a of ODVA.
manner, to forge another link .
in the perennity of the old, deep His-Excellency -
and sincere secular friendship Mr Robert NEWBEGIN
indefectibly, linking the Americ: Ambassador Extraordinary-
an Hemisphere's two oldest sis- and' Plenipotentiary
ter Republics. Of the United Sattes of America
We decided that through pho- In His Residence."



d.-*.. A. .a d. .4-*
.. .. .IU k... ths. i'6i 1" L.. --'.., -':-. .... .. ... I... ".

risso other Raphael o tLoui de Th e ap VI
'a 13 a- dieit, fi a s t ... .. ...tn. .

apRe'e- r and efibrts'aiil uidq the com lte's ent's tifular. The latter pro- .

ful ai bt scholars ean a supevisio. -'* mnised :a .favorable answer to. The beyond .rushing o til in Oceans they're lost'
of liene for our Society's e >- facitate'theprintg of th. Ma-

Natibn4' Education, R.. 'P. P- lhere- is .no doubt at thi ho sees mount and vale below-ripplin away,
palie l.as organiMed a p commit- Thra e meetings wete held at work willfill up. a -gap in our t of al the sounds which our rith forests yield
." ...

teeiricharge of publishing a the National Education Building education. The Manual of Haiti o
S of. Haitian. aLitmrature, 1 under Minister Papailler's presi-. an Literature wl also hive He liea ut the one where his ieart vibrates .
in crdriic ith the .1957 hee- denc, ..asied by the6'i.aT pwrtr .of rousing the young' in- c
ouon desiderata d the Directoi, Mr Jn-Mortes Lefrap. telstual's. patriotism, and. they The Lambi When he answers -proud conqueror he-
Fr Iois Duvalier's law. The lDuring these three ng seriously stat working t wielding secrets ancestral a race ended don.
ii SHyppolite, trnst Ti'tuil- some ideas- have bPn discussed moral h heritage, just Jike their r. ls hi
loat'hille ldcargeo Ulysse' Pier- and. erta important 4 l: erede.o ow, so. dark, from tEarth's depts it sprin
1i0' as0 organized a'commit- Thr" meetings- wei :heId'%,ai wokk :.wi..fiu lup: a_:gap in our i o unde below:=ripn awayueo .J

MVlh'-RW "o .Haitian Litdrature, under, Minister Papaillerls presi-A an Uteratuq Will si 6 hve'the
nn M+i'dij c Vtth the 1.9511r denc- en i.,Asist:'bd" ,t-'; Ter'_T l6..Wpr .o. frusing the young- in-
\olution des] erdta &and the Director, Mr Jn-Montes..'Le.frac. I tellgtual's:,patriotism, and...they The L ambi. When he answers --proud conqueror he-
Fri !ois-`Dfivi&er's -law. The' During these..-.three gieeet sggs. \ vi seriously stat .wodr-ng-to- -Wielding secrets ancestral a race handed down.
cor 'mttee,' ;members are: -Domi- points of view have eer,..giv6e Nard:J..creask g the "nation's sharp, dry
nioe-..Hyppolite,. -Enst Timuil-.some ideas..av-e bee'n a.s (4 ssid. .r1oral heritage, st" like theh HeStrleso."erst no Ete s h eavy: sha p, r--
lit, cCaiiftii ."-'.r; Lnysse Per- ad, certain so o-ow, so. ddrk,_ from Earth's depths it springs.
re-Eoitis, Rene Carre, Carlos St have been cleared up. (Haiti Journal, Markh 7, 61).
Then quick, quick, sound brightens, clears, swings swift

S,$5 .Travel Insurance
M.... de Compulsory
'Haitian or foreign resid-
-.NOW .. Yo can ta who wishes to travel
Abroad must first take out a $5
-. :" O .... "'' J". compulsory insurance-p- i cy
Su dvant .ge Of -' with the Tax office.pfior to ap-
S.i. plying for an' eit visa.
S In-a new Goyeqm~ ent decree
promulgated FebrUary 13-a n d
published in a cial edition of
"" .t. e official gazette '"Le -Mani-
Su tr"' specified that any. Haiti-
O 1 WI -sh'Op :anr foreigner Iving ithe te
: "y of the. Rqlic,;as provi-
at F REE PORT pr i s dby YIaw, w.s-hre to tea.f
:vel abroad -by air. or by sea,
.il. "I'-A IU *: i r.a c~sorth.- ,be otliged to
While yO e in i I purchase ay insurance policy in
the sum of 25,000 gourdes..($5,-
For example., if you live in New York, you ca, .o ). -
S -. : Such insurance has been made
,ompulsory with the approval of
S,. for .. e Ministers.of Fina'c -_C-om
'-!erefaot our brokers New Yorkwarelouse nere' and Industry, thfi Inter'
'; ":- ". ,- :: ;.or. and National Defense, and
-.:._ .- Mer,-study by the Cabinet. It
.-.' or l .. oes not interfere with the indi-
.- -:: ... Flitedrdib your lime :,. dual right to take out such
-;-,--' -, o. .ce .*. .. ra but is of a public
.07 tuye,- e-ine rs.li ^ ature. '
; sachusenftsOlddho Nobrth Dakota, W t Policies are to be issued b'
i ,. nia, orthe Distridof Colu mbiGo 0 -'i" e Internal Revenue Depart-
'P'S.4"d-l e. in *- :*-:.^i.s ; -*: ent and will be exempt .of the
4"":'-.-dellivered1nybour ho f' 'special tax provided under Art-
,8* '. icle 12 of-the LawV-,f -July 32#
:, ., 1956 cdhg. insurance.
NO LUGGING ar de .' Aeparture a
the e' t to a eceipt
NO. OVERWEIGHT .w .i..r d s e.
Shas -e are Ure
NO CUSTOMS PROB4IMS [1e -r wm, be ;" e.. of tdelo i
,,A ..,.AL. ....b *ej:;+ .ure,* tt of:;

" beyong,
Earth's profundities, seeks, plunges mightily, dips,
When with hesitant pinions it rises a bit
Till at last it assaults the blue splendours of space
Where sonorous it bounds, becomes strong, becomes free.

.'Whatever It reaches life touches quickly,
It is singing and soft, it is harbh, sweet and hard,
It inspires, breaks and starts, soars as an arrow in flight,

Rises lofty and pure. melts in rippling cascades.
'Tis a swollen; wild torrent by leaps tumbling, down,
S Then breathless, aweary, it saunters a space,
A rivulets\silk slipping soft o'er a plain.

As the Sea it is supple, undulating with grace,
It learned from its own heart the music of song
And the note is unique and its rhythms are rich
Such as only waves know, the wild beasts, the winds.

Echo calls unto echo' cross mountain, "cross vale,
But with splendour that's lessened, unemphatic accept,
'Tis grief-weighted, blood-curdled, and sometimes it weeps,
Black torsos enhd bright beneath grandeur of light

Such as beats across vistas most tragic of Time
.When the crime of a race was what bought victory,
-'Twas the brave tocsin bore the wild carnage to height
Where sinister the trumpets rang over the dead.

io 'our countrymen here are greatest- of poets,
With songs that are epic, made of magnificence.
Two Gods the Lambi owns dwelling within -
The Gbd-of our Race- and the Great Ocean's Soul.

- (IT-Lambi huge, shell univalve witfNi k hgI spin
cone. It Is call of revolt.

VFW.r ~A

I 5 W "- a- ^ -h

- t



m u arrun .''."-.d __a V--JL:, Ad. n lnI& j-/ ^-- S '! -
-a unyfah4d 'iiiider n
SWhile 'yo're in Haiti, come to La Belle Creole and ancrt lpt :
Inquire about this convenient s vice. .. -nerd'o .d.
1 hen you: get back home, you may request of- 6
iriformation-from- .- -.
.- -. ; _... .. ....-d o .Q. f sB. .0 .
S Re1prsetat1vris .of La Belle Creolpe -t be 'tional 4 I
66 Brosadwsway, /WW *S
Nw York 13,N.. Y cou -,n
0 *. thevaos 06ei1be de-
Ld Belle Creole's. WORiLDWIDE SHOPPING ;-i :nin y,.the :I ~e nt '
SAT.. FREE: PORT PRICES AeIpts4 ." o.Ways a
PRCS*****6***,m*************'".".ss ebe..eep****eso. me e :' .
prg'., .-j1
"'A..... .. .......... .....
;0Q42 ,, J .. ,," ,x -
."> ',.' -,+ ," o "" : -. -" ";,-" .,, ", : "" .: "t.- -. .': ; ".'. ."-'. ; ."" I -'
.. .. :" .'. ", .': .'. :" ., .. ; .. .' : + :' : T ''!': ". ...
-,. ~~ ~ : ," ""- ; ." + < ,."+ .I .E '+ ." f '. ; P, -, .i .,.I r ; .- ", : -..-. "; ~i.,
: """ +:"' "' ....-' +- '+ :7 :.'r. ,. .. '-.;-+j% + *: ..+.: .% .. -" ." <. .. : .. .: ...:y
: .' ... : ,. o ., ...+ .- ." "' -, --. '., .... ,. "







Solving Telephone


(In LY Jour Feb. 27)
A new discipline has been in-
jected into the Department of
Public Works, Transports and
Communications by the Honora-
ble Secretary of State, our
friend Marcel Daumec, making
possible a program of general
activities within this service.
The community will be the great
beneficiary of this program.
Under the efficient administra-
tion of Engineer Jacques Hyppo-
lite assisted by a group of bril-
liant technicians such as: Engi-
neers Elitt Pierre, Fritz Michel,

our colleague Franklin Paul Lor-
mier, and others, the Telegraph,
Telephone and Radio-Communi-
cabons Service has been noticed
for its program under-way, to
the benefit of all the clients.

through the electro-mechanic
system's delicate parts, which
handicaps the automatic exchan-
ge proper functioning.

The TTRC's activities include
also the St-Marc Pont Sonde

In view of forming specialists, line reconstruction; this line ser-
a technical course is being dis- ves the North, the Artibonite
pensed by Engineer Eliott Pier- and the North West; the recons-
re, who has studied in Germany truction of the Port au Prince -
the operation of TTRC automatic Jeremie line passing by Mira-
exchange. At the same time, the goane and Anse a Veau; and the
automatic exchange is being air- reconditioning of the Fond des
conditioned so as to solve the Negres line, on the Cayes road,
problem of dust infiltration that had been destroyed by dy-

technical courses under the TTRC new program

namites at the time. the road
was being widened.
It is quite right to say that
great progress is being made
in our telephone system;, less
and less people, o~nplain about
this service, and the improve-
ments being performed an -the
Capital's line can greatly help
in solving the telephone prob-
We have never stopped re-
guesting this service's autono-
my, thus allowing it to.develop
progress and expand rapidly.
A pretty well appointed villa
o nthe style of a French country
home is now available for rent
in Laboule. A special advatage-
ous rental is offered by the year.
The house, with beautiful gard-
ens is furnished and has a good
reservoir with hot and cold run.
ning water. Contact Electroto-
Rue Pavee No. 72.

While on a normal liberty call
to -Port au Prince mid-week the
United" States Coast Guard Cut,
ter Aurora' was ordered :to 'sea
to locate-the position of an AnM.~
rican pleasure diaft that was
reported missing, on a cruise
from Miami to Port au Prince.
The 94 foot H.V., Hilda Vas
believed to have taken -shelter
in a Bahainan port. and not lost
with twelve people, abroad.
Tuesday evening .at their-- De
prez residence, the Foeign Mi
nister and Mrs Joseph.-BaguY
hosted a dinner party honoring
several diplomats and govern
ment officials.
The guests list included:.
American Ambassador an
Mrs Newbegin; French.. Ambas
sador, and Mrs Le Genissel,. Li
beiian Ambassador and Mrs Fer
nandez; Ethiopian Ambadsadod
and Mrs Hatemariami; Argentii
ne Ambassador and Mrs Poml
bo; British Ambass .an
Mrs Corley Smith. The Ule
of Guatemala and Mrs Gonza.
lez; German Charge d'Affair
M 1rs Baussenhart; Clharge d'A
fair of Brasil .and Mrs DueZ '
Minister of Finance- and. M
Herve Boyef;'- President of.th
Senate Mr. Antoine Marthold
Secretary General of the For
eign Office and Mrs sAdrie&-Ra
mond; Chief of the Armied.Fo
ces and Mrs Pierre Merceron
Colonel and Mrs Roger -. bie
Major and Mrs Claudi Ra






$peei ofliito ..


j -,ALL
P.OBOX 312. Phone: 7741


Bamboche, Creok
I- ; xs-

s.Hali'g '"Gingerbread Palace" and fan
Haitian architecture, exquisite cuisine a
and gardens the Oloffson, compete wi
mecca" for the Caribbean tourist.

.. "-


ned boste lery the Grand Hotel OlOffson, 'ihw place o
nd contend ted living. Set amongst a myflad of tropical trees
th min l ure pool, is the haven for the unliiblted and the

S. '. .. .
.-..:iy -- -. 4 -


Time: 10:30 p. m.

nce $2.00 Dancing with t-


-Is At The Grandl Hotel Ofoffson ,,.,

,- ,- .,,... .
"," .,.:,., .. i ,,' ..;~l~i .... ': : '



"" .. ..8 "," v-- ""*t sr..;' v-r:e~'" *;, .:-.rj" >" "" ." & j-7"" t "", .
.. .. .. ...... ...... .... .... .. .-
-. I .. ., ,. ,,* *:.. *-. 'i. ., -. ,, ..- ],..

PAGEn ]3 HAITI SUN" -unday MAOR 2tli11, ","X'
-.. .~I -





S,,,,--. i .. .. ,-:';. .- .A- i-

Sundy MARCH 12th, 1961 "H A IT.I SU N
fp -ky -W ~


.g ,. .n. Yuppu- uar WVos o r-orn au rrnce and -.te Capital. te
indicated they would have liked
Rlvoli istq open soon on the. Boulevard Jn-Jacques DessaliRes to- spend eight days. On the-
e old Madsen building gutted by fire four years ago. The old-final question, one enjoyed his -
nville "Abattoir" is being turned into a cinema by Henri visit the least, fifteen thought
t and Lotissaant... Gerard Mosoesso is on a fir-day business it average but 100 enjoyed Haiti
and their CEl Rancho stay over
to Trinidad... Maxo ombrun, proprietor of the Store Club and their El Rancho stay overis aHEN IN HA
a ten" vittNewYok.n "aany other Caribbean island vis-_ .HEN IN HAITI
a ten-day visit to New York ind Canada-,. ited.
:. ited. (Froin "Haiti This Week") Don't Miss

S.MSLER CELEBRATED 79 A Visit To The Citadel

Frederick Hasler, noted New ; Consult
C- H O T E L York Banker with a life-time of ; THE GRAY LINE TOURS OF.
S. _dealing with Latin Ainerica, was Operated By '
.T in town last week with John and
EVERY NIGHT IS A Bradley Clark, two -principal T 1'
WONDERFUL stockholders of Hasco and Plan- MA Rl I ISLANDS T0 U I
NIGHT AT EL RANCHO station Dauphiri, for a pre-budget
"THE' PLAE TO TO- EE meeting. Rue du Centre
-^ A LL Mr Hasler celebrated his sev-T A RNr
"" "OF YOUR FRIEND eAty-nineth -birthday here. last
Friday with a party at U.S. Am-
Monday -- Festive Barbecue And sbasssdor Robert Newbegin's re- Specializing InCitadel Tris
Revue Intime side
Show Special arrangements can be made to fly in ohe
.WEDNESDAY Feate Entert- CRUISE ARRIVALS direction and-drive the other .
ailment '
THURSDAY- "Night Of Love- undy March 1 RATES. ARE MODERATE
t 't y 9: 0Qam--SANTA ROSA A "
lines~" Fashion Show Mbnday March Also .A ilable:
FRIDAY-- Eva & Ernst's"'Spe- 7: 00ari -BREMEN .
ciaL Dance Party With "La Tuesdky M arr: at y Line Drive 1Yo teCr
'Petite Jo" 8: api--YAiFMOUTH CASTLE -
SATURDAY-"La Ronde" Nigbt I Thursda Mi0eh 16:
CliIb With Gala Floor Show 9:00am-SANTA ISABEL $ 7.00 per day plus 10c's per amile
SUNDAY -Orchestre Coinhite. 9:30am--VICTORIA $35.00 per wekk plus lOts per nmile
And Game Night. Friday March. 17: RATES NOLDE GAiS, OIL, I AURMGANC
And .Game Night- -7:OOam-A-CON r -
i-LV : -. "- 'r .~' ... .
- 41 "-"... ..



*" -- "

Jqhn. lark and brother Bradle3 Major U.S. investors in Haiti
Hasco and Dauphij) visited Haiti last week with.wives Polly and
uett. The Santa Paula had -John and Polly as star passengers
for Mlihhattan isle Sunday night... A Carrefour Taptap smashed
into 'the whitd station-wagon of Mr lois Maitre Tuesday i;oon at
ihe Rue des Casernes. and Blvd Jean-Jacques Dessalines.... News-
map- Dumaro Charlier' has completely recovered from trauma-
fisa inthe left foot. He has taken up his activities 'that have
be'ti handicapped for-the past one' and a half... Louis Decatrol
velident bf the Chamber of Commerce is nursing his old -knee
'jury. is-week... The Guy BourjoUys, welcomed their first child
Sthe'Canape Vert Hospital Sunday.- Myriam introduced herefdi
.six ponds eight ounces... Legalman.George Leger Jr and En-
neer Louis Leveque visited Miami on i b usines..- The -Peter-
n group have reneged on their Mais Gate contract according
runmor... Some of the Archeologiial finding from the diggings'
Dr Barker in the North West are on,'exhibit at the Bureau of
Ilmology... Antoine Duverger who left. to reside in U.S. is back
om ten days in New York.... Wanda .M-ximiK lwas heard over
o New York Tiries Radlo station WQXR recently -on School tal-
it pi.gra. The young Haitiah artist wap picked. along witi
pani:Yoko Matsuda from 150 contestants by a jury composed
id Rpbibeistein, B.ol trhia,~a Isafe Stemr and Leonard
o.e.,-Artist.: ner Larartd .jretr w~it th his wife-fon Miami
esday wher..tie :-was comm ssioned to paint a mural for the
nAtn.'office... Vice Consul of -Haiti in-New York .oaany P. Ma-
o retuied Tuesday.. .
x-0isistr of 'Finance and Agriculture -Graid Philippeax has
an h consultant to the Institut Haitien de Credit Agricole
Indust&el... Tourism Minister Victor .evers Cbhstant who cele-
tes his birthday today is surring the. refurbishing of Statues
d monuments in the Exposition city.. Movie-Mluses are finally
nv hint.. lb'.. l ---. ,. -t -- e. ial
%In~y Intn mp'nnnsF1-


Survey By El Rancho
Hotel 'Indicates
Visitors Want To Stay
-TTwice As Long'
How -many Caribbean visitors
realize too late that they .should
have. planned for a longer trip?
Some interesting answers are
being found as a result of a sur-
vey instituted recently by Haiti's
El -Rancho Hotel.

An overwhelming majority of
.those answering a questionnaire
reported that instead of the four-
-plus days they visited Haiti,
they would have liked to have
stayed at-least eight days. Even
a greater percentage said they
enjoyed Haiti more than any
*other Caribbean island they vi-

El Rancho's survey form is
put in each guest's room. the
day before they check out and
asks these questions: Did you
enjoy your visit with us? Would
you like to return for another
visit? How many days did you
visit with us' in Haiti? Did you
'iave sufficient time for your vi-
sit? How many days do you
recommend for a visit here? TI
comparison -with -other islands
you visited in the Caribbean, did
you enjoy your visit to Haiti and
El Rancho least, average or

During- the first month 133
guests. filled out the' cars. All
enjoyed their, visit, all but two
wanted to..return and 'the aver-
age visit was ifour-plus days.
Ninety-three said they did not
have sufficient time on the is-
land and their average answers





.. *i'-

,. .,,.

_ : ;.)

; ^^


"H'A'ITI S U-N "

I /

Haiti Shines In San Jose
(Continued from page 1)
turn from a brief business trip
to Jerusalem.
"Our team's moral is high
and they have promised to bring
back the cup", Gerard Rouzier,
Football Federation President,
said Saturday in his law office
where he was busily arranging
for the departure of Jojo Beau-
lieu. "The team is lodged in the
most luxurious hotel in San Jo-
se, the Balmoral, of the Weiss-
berg chain, and have received
the praise of the press and ra-
dio for their excellent exhibition
against Guatemala despite the
actions of Honduras referee Re-
yes, "Mr Rouzier said. Referee
Reyes' actions are the only bad
spot of the tourney according to
Rouzier who stated he nullified
two of Haiti's goals for no valid
reason and sanctioned a numb.
er of non-existing faults against
the team. His actions were so
obviously wrong that the public
cried out after him Mr Rouzier
informed. "But our players re-
mained cool despite Reyes ac-
tions and their good play
brought high praise," Mr Rou-
zier concluded.

Haiti's next match will be
against the Panama selection
Monday evening. The fi.als are
expected to wind up the cham-
pionship next Sunday.
Last nights Halti-Costa Rica
meet was billed as the favorite
of the tourney. Tickets were
sold out twenty-four hours in
advance of the game.

The theme of the benefit which an color
is kept a secret up to now will tal Wing
be displayed on April 11 at a A trip
Press Luncheon at the Red Car- cooperate
pet. In view of this luncheon, the tribute
two couples have got 60 invita- at $1 ea
tion cards, 60 Menu folders, 60
place cards painted by a Haitian -_Mr H;
artist. Thirty 12" drums will be his'wife
given to the reporters with Press last Sun
release inside. The past expe- were gr
rience is that the Press and the Departm
radio welcome such newsworthy took lod
events and have given a great queya it
deal of free space and time to Constanc
the benefit and to those who are -eople
connected with it. In the color Puerto
of the Haitian Theme this year consider,
there are opportunities to deve- and pho
lop feature stories and even dis- and tra
plays that may receive added in the
publicity -; thus helping g fo meet w
build the benefit and focus at- Haitian
tention oi Haiti. feature
A large provision of handi- traction
crafts. mahogany sculptored also plan
figures, bags, baskets, hats, ma- cording
bogany, bowls, Haitian made use on
woven umbrellas, table lanterns, as WCE
tin can chandeliers, calebasse York. H
lamp shades, Haitian paintings the stafi
drums, etc will bring the Haiti- San Jua



The World

:. -_' *. '**:

e For Newsmen
Looking At Haiti
Four newspapermen visited
Haiti this week, mostly on an
unofficial basis.
Morris Rubin, editor of "Pro
gressive" magazine, arrived
here last Saturday. The Wiscon-
sin writer is preparing a book
on Latin America as well as se-
veral articles on South America
and the Caribbean for his maga-
zine. "Progressive," with a cir-
culation of over 50,000 readers,
is a new magazine similar in
vein to "The Reporter" and
"The New Republic."
Also visiting Port au Prince
this week was U.S. News and
World Report's Regional .Editor,
Carl J. Migdail from Mexico.
Mr Migdail is a veteran journ-
alist and former press officer
for the Organization of Ameri-
can States.
Harold and Connie Underhill,
frmn San Juan Puerto Rico,
came to Haiti for the Puerto Ri-
co News Service. Mr Underhill,
in addition to public relations
work for the Puerto Rican go\v-
trnment, is a striger for several
newspapers and broadcast net-

Sculptress Burden
-Blonde Sculptress Leslie L.
Burden from Washington, D.C.
is current guest at the Grand
Hotel Oloffson. Mrs Burden
works on metal and on 'stone.
She was greeted here by Mr and
Mrs Rony Chenet, Jr. She is
here for a month.

to the Evanston Hospi-
Ding IV on June 21.
to Haiti for two with
ing carrier will be dis-
via 20,000 chances sold

arold N. Underhill and
Constance arrived here
day fro mSan Juan. They
-fmj h- _Ffiiml. nf tha-

the Staff of the San Juan Star.
Those two journalists met with
Sthe Minister of Tourism, Mr Vic-
tor Nevers. Consftnt and Gene-
ral Director, Mr Jean Jacques
Honorat. They flew to Cap Hai-
tien Friday morning to drive
hack here last night."
-Frank Kenna, a Manufacturer
of guns for hunting wild anim-
als and his wife Joan from
Woodbridge, Conn., Irving Zam-
check, in shoe industries in Bos-
ton. Mass. and wife Florence,
and Victor I. Minahan, Editor
of. the Appleton Post.Crescent in
Appleton. Wisconsin and wife
Marilee stopped here Sunday
cruising thru the Caribbean
aboard the Santa Paula. They,
spent the afternoon at the Pool
of the Grand Hotel Oloffson.
-Young Canadian Lawyer An-
tonio Lamer of Montreal and his
'ovely blonde wife Susanne are
being tutored here by old friends
Maurice and Roland Desulme.
Tney are guests at the Beau Ri-
-Belly Noustas, wife of Mr
Elias Noustas of La Belle Creo-
le and Le Perchoir quietly
celebrated her birthday on Wed-
nesday March 8. Her elder
daughter, Terry who married
Ivan L. Kovacs in Import-Ex-
port in New York, last October
made the trip specially" w it h
her husband for the occasion. A
homecoming party in honor of
Mr and Mrs Ivan L. Kovacs will
lake place today from 11:30 to
2 pm at Le Perchoir.
-Salesman Lawrence Vincent
Bensette and his charming wife
Madeleine from Tecumseh, On-
tario just spent four days at the
El Rancho. They have found a
very good friend in Deputy An-
dre Gamier who has shown
them the City and its surround-
ings. Madeleine is an. excellent
meringue ,dancer.

Restaurant Tycoon Michael
Drinkhouse of New York is cur-
rently visiting with his beauti-
ful model wife Elaine and are
guests at El Rancho.

and Mr and Mrs H. Perry
Driggs, here to bring the Haiti-
an "couleur locale" 'to- the
Evanston Hospital Wing Ding
IV on the night of June 24. These
five couples are very good fri-
ends and influential ,people in
their area., They had lunch at
the Ibo Lele, visited El Rancho
Hotel and attended the Bacou-
lou Show in the evening. The
three above couples were guided
here by David Borges of the
Haiti Holiday Tours.
-Mike and Janet Levitt who
visited Haiti for-the first time
five years ago arrived- Wednes-.
day aboard the Statendam in
company with Retail Furniture

Executive Stan Grossman and
his wife Marsha from Atlantic
City, N. J.

Mike is in Real Estate in At-
lantic City and his "ravissante
femme" Janet is aa beautiful
dancer. She bought a lot of dres-
ses at Mireille Boutiqle. She
was wearing the gorgeoust,d4ess
called Picasso to dance the me-
ringue at the Casino Wednesday
night. Picasso is a sensationaT
creation of Mireille Boutique'
shown in the Fashion show-giv-
en at Cabane Choucoune at the
occasion of the Charity ball for
the handicapped children on
February 2!

"Soaping" dulls hair.

Halo glorifies it


reted by otticials of the
lent of Tourism, and -Pretty Roberta Lerman, a
going at the Villa Quis- buyer in sportswear from New
n Petionville. Harry and York and Nadia Luchy, an offi-
ce are both Newspaper ce Manager for Morrison Knit-
from New York and wear spent a very enjoyable
Rico. Harry has done a six day visit at the Ibo Le'e.
able amount of writing -Mr Ralph Stouffer, an Attor-
tograpny.for newspapers ney from River Forest. Illinois
Ivel and hotel magazines and his wife Florence. Sid. Ri-
U.S. He came here to chardson, a Golf Coach for
ith the Officials of the Northwestern University and

Tourism and develop a
story about the best at-
Sand hotels here. He
ns to get some tape re-
of the Haitian music for
U.S. radio statoins such
IS, and WABC, in New
is wife Constance is on
Soqf the Islarnd Times in
in and is about to join

Public Relations for all athletic with a
events and in charge of tickets
and operations for the.same Uni- Thu
versity and his wife Katherine, the
Arnold Taylor, a Drug Manu-
facturer and his wife Sue, a
model, from Chicago landed
here Wednesday from the SS
Statendam and were greeted by Hal
Mr and Mrs Edward C. Walter H lo

hidden beauty ot the '

:"- *.. :.- :
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ \ -.**



rAEi U 20


Sunday MARCH 12th, 19

.. ~, I

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