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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

Record Information

Source Institution:
Duke University Libraries
Holding Location:
Duke University Libraries
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 32441147
lccn - sn 95058138
lcc - Newspaper 2117
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Full Text

L t~~r.,, .., ,!u.," w A e ue al.rduttnu u..- .-.trqPIL',-.."u ,,EA S 206.1u, ,.-anz =m-7-" V,,tL'.,H n *,UU .,,YA1xUT. ..-I n,,M r.
.7 .. ,*

Dgflzen H lp Uwrtur

",, e "," d of' a te a S .,i ". "" '

..e ; i. ockage of the s ta
F7."erefpo" ingN oi "wt ;.

~~i~hajsot ~~~~ Set-At. the vnt oot a. teept hisitde bpess4.s
tropical grwih coveced ni oabt6hte bhg rC42J?
..:..-A M... .. ..

1otte'og sin e~yirage~n lies souw kaTbhiig~ c8ihfi%
;or, ,pa n-.- fifty seven-.t. abovtse&. Ieve 'g.and1 e ba,
-,r7 ..r H-a.:t rn jt is: usually about -tod- feet Thred bath. i ..a.....
at r pe ctf P h
.__._.__"_.___:_,'____-. ".. 1" Ve"W-" .' ir. '2

xI L)oetf w

hp Jerered
/ VI4J4J3. U~Ziv. W XLFUP
L.- e- .- ...F. ... R.. t .... ... e tn17, bt&+viil'. S Jj.
and ,--. .'. ..JNP N -..ft~ bbWl~S

C a p ta. .ejo.. .. O. ... ,. .t
the e capt
... .-T eedlo ,y atore et
Jul 2''th*, r 4.

Sagoaint Nxe'olas' rnrptrqip ae d&?u .snyL
l' ; -sacem a h- e rte M:agoane tunerM .innaii ar th ati n thee ,o nstee ,sth go n Aa

.' .si.: o nt r... ., r. .. .t r.

sates Th~at he ROBERT 'NEWEGIN NEW U.S. AffBASSADR u15 'a dentist. front :tew dtA3 in -Th- s 1e'
tstwad& rand 'W ''' Paerk,: Long lsIsind aucwuraa aane iru i i u
bf4. bea ghed ."twsHaiti's to the dehigatio of Mr. Robert by hi -w- Doo"s 7ore- the Capital of t he I. depef. ei4
July 29,th.)' Department o.? Foreigno"i dairs L ewbegin as Amhbassador E ra- eto tao fld os ..the .an.i"iasioc .
R1il'O, 61 ( ~tb bgn .tobeoe WnwirL'~s pA F thed sliy in' a ordinary and :'Pleflipoteiitiiiry of oblst~idlo' littered rumwat wh~n ~n Senator St Louis' -sugget
:!.ugust.: ei le n ptlt th e"rieahEi- ih- United E tate 'to Haiti qfis privgti plane- deve.oppd eg- ca. e. close ot The leel r
te .as" tian G:-" ","N- duir gently A i-b o r's b '-+K.
1n. ) TiL ,o o nduras. (Continued on page ( j rfl r a

.- fnadwsino h out iethe Palace porch before I.., 'e
M.-ei ivil 1ilitia *Staged.a re- Chiief -of Statg and 'his ofi'ers
oc"'Ct' 'i'n"a-'his officers """ ....: ." .,',

iews.and .lrilf72uayeLlig them2 at, 9:'45aru; 'the paaelasted unp- "%'
sells to tbepublic for The-tirnt proxioately one hour.'
,, _ate-..--' .r.., -

National '..' R .-i 4i
Iime to el- tenhe ,liti's
Pa e on uedy. black and iedibsignias of ra

and. ernrred Duale' red' anad ,~ '
Eight'hundred.civ l.a...m. ..i black flag emblazoned w.ith" the
mWEbers, clad cinsv blti miirl Guinea I en. Women mnimbrs*
mapdde nimbe s c faflad i. r,. blue the militia each carrying a gun.
2'adnm oa ae fuldrkes rie Us did the men, displayed themt-
fokprev inw by e P ulresidn 'bi. ran- selves for the first- time in Pu-'
coviswd b Duaresdtr. 'Tciclerain- b~lie Wearinig mens trobzsyrs set'
,,T- ."..f y white ankle- sdks d
es," received in training, were slponsors
demonstrated by the eight 'parti- 0
cipiting companies on the Pal- DELT WITH t.JVASION vFnlE,
ace lawn.. .
,. ... O. .. ..d accord .

the platoons. of "Lo -unteers n, Coordinatiof. l to .commeiemd orate 7 r r .....
,, .nte'u.-.ejo[drum

e an-CIude (from Fort Di.anche. arid. lie the ,seo ..d anni ersay .,- pt oono the .. M ,m ch. -e i

kbefare Palace National Palace,) formed aoppo-E (Contiued.Oinpage 2)~paon'fteCvla iii ace yrveig tn
a,.. ., *;:. : ,, -

LI-SIMEUh' .7.
to A-- -.,o,.,t.
:' : ',t Fore r ',d~tfall
eD e Ltieht' [~c- 'g m N ar e gi 'aolds ad r' ..f". ...! Fe. .. .. -w.. l H 1
..e@,to.-lan-:on..te,..antanvasipj to .a, Sae:--e~p~['no;.-i
.. .... .. ..4... "..... .... ......' '
OF 29{h.'4 ._. t(Vdo e a : + "' ... .. ... iokm e m.d %i el 'ote a N." 6 eiarY-Aa. .. ..9d e.n ."

.-W d-, t i oi .- .., .
... .N 6..:' +..
"' iC inTtiei!:W m' *6i
s. ra d. .. .. ]onl) d d '. 'P,

00 A .w _--- -. '6 ". .il ot litar -f''o it"l ` iter.'-', ito t..,, d ---s t

.hl'n viw..on h A.2uni' he "a.9: n;.M -th partde-toasted, fsprvd ln&dee0op af. s e !o
..el's.t~h~ ul_ f-ba rth-wirst pro-Nb~ egh i tat-l ..o e nth Ak-r.e trn ,ve
timee to Ye ebqrat- the -MiItia, qv
Natioals a cnon' ed ._bass a(Continuedgnias f paa
"=. ad arie D6"ie's6ed n

= .. .- 5i

Meno .pand.. inatenf:ll thess pluade s ite the P maenpo, diplaed rthem'
eoris Dwiiie Tacticsal ed. arei- Cblc -ofear tg mend hs t o ffie.rmse
vesnv receivd .id 4 n y tiringg, wee fml 945 w;hie 'ankdele; s iek'ad ...-
ti e ,monst ierated b the-e ig t-' ai sia on, hort .A"
scipt g-ond pan1i~i'ra 'eson th e- Pal- dEL ing.it I Va .O"troops" w -
N t nace l awn.. -oqT. ,3 la k in -e .isg~is o i
.. .' and O en:4i.',edDua lier'sx( d t "the
"- .Prcede by the HnU'anf~l G, eparHenLWome[nfo emlra o n.
,,fi .'....' the pltoons o "olrtdeeis", ~dirdatieon, .tos.lamedl!mort ,. ,
be~ore Paiaee Natinal Palace,) 'irmed opp -. (fornhefirsttied..npae.0. pa ono te v'l n Mita m rb sby eiwng st d ,

slip-on shots

re ".- c m --or.te
th"lto s o oun e r o r ia ii ,..o .
,;B ,. Pa -e atio al. a:ac ,) rm e "_.op o :.. : "I' .. .: : .- ,;, ,-+


dA. A T his W ee RIVIERA-CASINO.. more are to .be. received. When in storage in. Miii"
Six Haitian Engineer-architects all have been examined a choice shipment. In the- 'e
rt.' Thave submitted plans for the will be made and, allowing the Casino management ta
gwit' AS RECOUNTED 150,000 dollar rebuilding of the approvaftf the Ministers of Pu- Weesner, has been ob
SCasino on Harry Truman Boule- blic Works and Finance, the -transfer the gaming.
SBY vard according to information work will begin. the Hotel Riviera; n
given Friday by Mr. Paul Wees- allow thp architect
ncer, Co-owner of the Riviera Ho- Much of the material for the work -in- the least ti
.. -AUBELIN OLICOEUR tel Casino enterprises. new Casino has already been ob- "Be sure," conclu
.-" Discussions conce rning the tained and is in Customs here. Weesner, "that 'thiy
'- complete rebuilding, of the old The new airconditioning equip- will be As bealjti
.. ...in*.ternational Casino were held ment has been purchased and is the' Caribbean. "
Last week arrived in Haiti Miss Annie Ross, member of the Friday between Mir Pierre Louis, '"' ,
iorld-famous two year'old TRIO Lambert-HendrickM & Ross. -Born Director of Contributions, Paul "
.r* i 'England and educated in the U.S. Annie played as a child in Weesner, associate of James Me-
movies, till her aunt decided to take her to France for lahon, arid -Mr. Dino Cellini, /
.1 years. There in 1947 she started her singing career. Her art Manager of the Casino. V-',
S ..,. -. ., Paul Weesner, followingg the -=
roui ht her back to her motherland, England where she formed, seeing; stated that the Casino ,r -
ui three boys, a quarter which has had the most 'sensational -s i t u a t e d on .the Exposition
show in London for a longtime. Her records and those of the quart- Grounds-- can be an important- .-
et% hvVe made best-sellers in England and the U.S. attraction both to tourists and -VERY NIG T IS- -
-MIss.Anle. Ross spent five days at the Hotel Oloffson. She has Haitians alike. It is intended that ...
ed a great interest forth Haitian art and was entranced the entire building will be '-air- WONDERFUL
ed great interest for.the Haitian art and was entranced conditioned and that a spectacuL- NIGHT AT EL-
the charms of Haiti to the extent that she plans to come ar floor show will be staged each' PLA E -TO
l'tack *here -to live.- All the guests of the Oloffson eagerly for the night for. visitors..
:,cYeompany of this sweet and soft spoken artist. The talents of Haiti's interior L :?
a.rri -- ;; .decorators have been cOaled. up-. OF' .l Y.*.t
j&r;,. Last week-end arrived here, Mr Edward Weiss from Philadel- on, according to Weesner; for fhe ; mav Feti B
;. phik'he was accompanied by his daugliter Karen and her fiance, decoration ol te- gambling rodm.. Festive ar ,
i.:MjRonald Strauss. Ed., who has been interested. for two years the restaurant, salon, and. the Ref'ue Intime,
&. night club. It is-intended -to make- -. TUEDAY A Sp
the fishi industry here, is now install a refrigerator, to
the new Casino attracting .Show
--, '11the jits of the Pole Cole-. project in the: Cap. -The p&rty comparable to those Casinos of I) D
yig at y the 'Riviera Hotel, Puerto- Rico, Havana, Curacao ,ain-ent -. -
,Sjturing blondes. Carol Wenriwoith and Dene -.Smith,. two. Steward- and the Doiminican Republic. Mr r TDAY '-N4 .l.i -
_S-s: of TWA inM-Los. Angeles invaded. oui shores fit ;week and Pierre Louis intimat-ed that if -. .. -
'^ *y S -i". "- -'. ...... .. .. -,.. ; .... .-- th e p ro jec t en vipio rn d by M r *n s s 'F a ^ ^ i i ^
ed-'i'Bthe qBaceulous of the 'Ibo. Lee. in raptures. Caro spent five the proj ect en.iion.ud by Mr. F.s.b f
s-.pent Weesner became-a reahlty3 th-n .'tJ!IA V r
ereand ene who used to work foi a neWapr Indiana it' would be 'of gr interest to .. .. ..., a Da
g.t weeks. Sh is on her second visit. Atbo-eac Haiti's tourist"trade. :.. '" .- -.-
h week sihe was.:-guest of Claude and MarleneL' Levy.wh. pre Tiree plans have already bpen sY ... "R..
g-,aO1ng ag. honeymoon covering such .gro funds as Kens- submitted by' Haitian- architects ..: .' J: L Y a'
lub Wil Gila:PiT
ff .o Lel.e-Z'Sote:and Caduke flam rl-bo-each '.. AIIn. S
.I -. .At... ... -(', ',. '," ... *: :- c ... .... .
f;Aiconditn .dlerie:d'A of the GIFT FAIR behind ... .
't ce was -iauguirated two.,weeksaago, ad-,soofl.became DELEGATES TO '
fop*fAe.-heatbAliered sholipers; wh ae presented ith: .
o d .h lacss of "d'est si bon, delicious co6dtail -made SAN "'AJTOSE -' -'
6Caeie d'art show, paintingsof;bhe outstinding O E-N AT E T N
i .npal terms and.sculptors and. gorgeous hand w ven rugs with A MEETING E N T
t erdesigns. -.. .. ., ..-. The dqlegats from Haiti chos-
-- .. *:" .- en to-represent .their country at :
rgu rie ,tolerQ- -Director of Tourism: rid Coinmei- the San Jose, Costa Rica, Orga-
c at the assy was a inted Sal -Manager nization -of American Statees.
4 .": .. .. o Coue oende a Foreign M
ifhe rasseriea. I a. moith g.- He went to Puerto er gn Minis
er JZ-.-nond MoS-'e, ;Dr.' Lucien:
o y for a ni06'ctraining. .-. p .. Hibrrt, ,former- AThbassador to L
and:Eldora PGhicagoh1d people in raptures OAS in Washington, D.C.,.Clovis
al glit.e dightubs-4i'' .jtkl, They are great at all kinds Kernizqn, Dean of-he Universit.
E EHii ..nrAt b r "to -
.-e 'Repubc,- ..ie ni e
,.,. es and the present Arnb- .
S acha cha ', a tango assador ofHaiti in Costa Rica, E'. '' '
ide public at CabirChoi -.oun&.satd 'ii. : -' Roger DorsinviUe- E cw
Mr. Josepi Qachowsld,' Ve-Presidnt "of thf Ca ibbean, 'ills '- .. b ou -WL -F .. SP RO
.lew to the U.S. via Jamaica this we He. i staying way ,' f t .ist. '.answered bn de- O l N SUPI. -
a- ,, n-titst I asere blonde-V
k.only. L. : Lurie-ilander from'New York ., .
s edtric Martin, Attache Culturel at the French. Ebass 'City, as .we asked her what was. A I Y. vT IN
-". ... s o.. .y.In..l.. .
Dir to'r t 'ie Frencih 'Institute 'flew- toi rancem.t-s, weeR h-'tile.' Miss Laura Lee.Riland ..., SIDBY 1 F&0
Jacqueline --.ani-daughter Joelle. Tleir M cation er, a copy writer, shi writes ad- AT. fTtlE F RLt.VIJSG.PA. ) :
.ttire months .Ask -de .atteis how he eels th- being 'ertserents for Franklin pir .
..,- Advertising Agency and doe ":- onet .'e-A '0 .
I.is,.fincee.Jpelle fir'-that.olenght of other waiting. She' is ,visiting iBoe $10YJ5Q 01 k4 ^S
o-at .-e : "l- "=4, de'-'
gien .: o 1u i 'U-k.,lfi e Ie- i' a & 1-. f..for tivo weeks with lovely B9ue Ia-Grde--B 59'.o -..
--nn ,- at .n. Kenney,. a minovie revewe Blue Bonnet. Gr;de "C"--- .. .
S erg a i apthiqu~ ng hap ta t a ,Parents Magazine- "Haiti is Disccunt of.30 n or G(e
S i. He -nodeIa".Saturday-to.his father Ben- Shind a very relaxing place", said any. purchase made directly ft the
g lrectto 4 o e, ElkRaichol '6iewimend an Anh,. who .never' "went Jfurther SEAUX (Artibonite --.le
V$ yIi. ho e ilded -ThWL1UDSy-'! a 4.- the swimming "pool p1 the Valy) --
S .'for the. first eive days P .ot f 4 er .cent. oi pO
t%^ Achaat-^- -'M1 an d
h he ing M Charles G6ldie of
S lv- few;, ears at -th. w Bedord, 1Mass. and Mr William
t fMontre; tiuscxBehn.Sfidl Wto- thi9e uiie el tzer of New York are visiting TO BUY ODyA .ICSE
payed r c piece which hows hs here -foi two weeks as guests HAITIAN PRODUCE '-I
Iy was; soon joined *onShe piano by 'another talented Mr' and Mrs Dpnald Bor" 6t TO BUY HAITIAN RO5
.s.-Edner Gu .ignaa .. : .the U.S. Embassy. in Atheir, beau HELP/.,DIRECTLY IN STAB
i.st'Edner Gugna "- "- l""titfu-home"'ar.Paco;:.- P | THE ECONOMY OF THEIt O

UST 7th 1960 ::. ""

-- ~ I *-


ING AT. THE 'OI .-.- -- or o af ,
B ^thise ,iek Inbe:wgrts
ga congpTs bIn coming every -summe t i conitaia
S ..=, T... ,omjng~ .....er-. for '_ ... onalh.'an .a-V.
aty .-ile strip oi Army Beachicfaft aalte ci Wa S ,o ears. -, .. pu
46 ates Haiti from for some 645 minutes while the Q ld Michel'e dgar-ie current guests at .the Oloff -
a.., field was clweard o (ang, as Bills is a donsultafnt in .eidution and psychology His blond way arWed
..nials Th ere y mlera. -- '.rench wife te&ches.French in.Philadelpbia -.... -" ,
.o Kalo -4Psych.iatrid Soca.l WorkrA
iade the forced- th Po r. lodged t o.. Anigel es is eperienciig the beauties 'd -charm.s escribe- to. Inent en.t N-
hes ,at Mole Mabo hotel where theyn irl -friend June Rogers who idsited Hii few years ago Dr.an dM
-ttda- th.rrivlo to e .drey, a guesf ofteOloffsoh, hpl a important position a
ropet h n sdlible the repair if thir p e assistant Director of EL TIRO SCHOO ft GIRLS the l ,
t ocepn 'e uirerits aviation n Ls. -Angele -nbty -Probtioi -Depariient.- Mis. Katlow is entp s
S. .ned IA-th"mI, LShe ctu-o her, visit td.,thhe Aher, lhads cen T '
j ndua forces oVf jth ou, Co u acTES' spend allher a aio.hr She' visited the Cap and C tade. inl 3days t
ia. Ih-our a --:.. y. -- They... a--. .guided thr'' -
-a t.s.ISe orthwest OM^0 EB w Supervisr ot char esh : Mrms hiis ie, -hi au t andcnr" ave :
inS Io s in from .Pa.adena, Calioni haveprolnged: th ou o
prolo.gd h soour.... .. -,eogS iPp l .
^ ineied w e- u1-: -X A.- ire. They drove to Cap Hatien Friday to visthie Citadel, Kar busiens imceg a
or-'leu'nimy. ,.iN .' majonng in home economWis n College. .. ,i -.f *a ?is:.. e ;wa seuvs
e ajpnts:-into -'TO ', yod)]d's .Minipng -pilot OHenri' Wi r,. .Nner Officer o t( Brotheof li,.t tiv
r- 't #at panic redg he- ih op G r io ek for aew
,plae 'that plo before ; l at, t lj g.It; : Friday wi Glia Damn from Chicago. DCr or to
s isia isu was hov.' otou at-arouid '6:.30pm in a Bi- Rindall Asad his. e law- was the. Bestmarn and Olg- F.. da Re
it at..the time z -ton bak yard:, situated P ,s s Wi tier. ilvera, .ithe Matron of honor. Michele, T- i" etrort s,) ili
S and Tsaw e'' thepropertyof ,tir ura P~ angtler and Alicia 'A-'hiede were the:'anges id'honiner.". is carng'
S.soi l rtro ..lred by ice Cluef Dav i :r Morton Ml dow, P dow.TravelBureau iFif three fare
ea In a re e A ,N.Y 4 his ea d .Slie Saturday froih New.Yor he
; ,...hot-l--,..v-_ k.4 ,j.. .
ni.ne i ihg.a. hilwith. black -id were greeted by G es. ,l of the Heraux Tours_ M .s att~ded
s.w i ere nu pots. Thi. g tht .if Was a 'Meadowas been. coming h f pa years. Mr and Mrs ea-' was .g fat kth
-,e-d pa. the Haitian tie!. the .- hos oei : s.W it t r will: taa_'.. 'th El a.ch. t ,--'- -t the'. H i's.h joai.. d3,

-his As- a e. Ht s wAs-stspi. n party. with a; t
EnothbhIdw we tjwleP to see het but to hear. instea-. OV E F ing. Haitian meQnge
wing of seaside vca a voige sh.ou. g at, her,, Ce :. Irma risc.ho
t.Vice .Brown and om' -la -in it is' e Theri o'F 7A .. datiop. on .Madisor
.0 w womarh of the" house scea- Is cpi"ting a -t,.
-l% -thiS. we ..k Con- med for'. h-elp and in a moments io r- oug o t .ak .S'ta p te' Ga,-n MoM .'t a ;
Cola- onel Dan. ~3 te- ne ighbors had. rushed oyer .O- I RIR Jo m p the Gamd Ho-e.'.,.
,theMo iout equallymysteous
|fett cd ae-i. an, ,rit.---h-o .a.-- otanp ad thtdetao.le 2 .ASYLEES, ...
J?.-..-:-u,-t. nis-hee yp free charge write tte Eiam .AS
.... .e_.Jude C an Xand t s -o

.. *, P Bo 723 'PORT-AU-PRINCE who Tet asylum -in A
: o*-. e -J -..,.: -, :-,..-.'... --- ..-,--- -_..... -. o e-o___ __-: e-,: "".-o-_-.-. 7 lan E:..Em. a sy.at s
S. -..- IEST FOOD IN .TH-E- CARIBBEA.U! Wednesdaaferoo-ard
a .,-a. m Caracas. .a
aw -'- .,. '. --T+ ,,irf o w t t t -t wave -of o Sarrests ec'ihain Pg

S- i discovery by i i set
,W :- ND J7y.prces of a.codl-efter ro
1 AkBdr^- t 6, :an, "pa :-id".'0' -"i. .' 'd ett tW dh cf. ,and invasion .,.plotting A

Joui 4F. .- i: l'cvU-is .LW a-ersa With theseizute&ul
.,_^e^ -.,^ v...- i + _, ". '-'' *". --"; ,""' :- ** e tte r -h" ", -a s p as se d
Cab sevheuvoun ndseref oIiahs
ba y -t as described i.i the MtrOW IOEE MAIL by ce tiie x s. oot-d.

jT" .F AIINE J.-HEINTZ AN who .. a. guest at .s'..a.out to
S" '- IOUCOUNE. during the nonth. of .. came- .arrests including ti
h1 e Da ,.. -..H. ,. "t .f...s abo sever's .her _wixgfs

bAa semwo F h center nr- ae .m r -i.t 19 h0. o tl- l a vs .. o o. o Fs en e, w a sl i e'- :s-
,*., .- hoses are modernN .e hotels are lavish aad co.e. yfortaNew'o r'- expulsion' w.a=- anoimice.r..
,. b--MoAIa 0t+u 6 a.b. k !qelol' oee ai ,, '. .. ,.v ,.
"O U .:._ ,'., ..+-:,.... ".

to tihe-Atates

and the-food' can beFlg '.ecomnmeinded- The usual meal might
start o'ff with a run ufch. ni red ivit wild honiey a" d 'i-c
" juice. The next pssillit'wcoald be flaming lobster, fried pork
with rice and black mu oms, nd then perhi ps a kswe potato
pudding. This would all"a t4p 'sit-. i'a. strong black cup-
of liaii coffee. -
Aside from hotel' night. lf, Euonville possesses- a night -club
unique in the. West Indles,, .e CABANE CHOUCOUNE, a build:
- ing of bamboo shaped like an inverted Ice-cream cone. The-
exterior loo.0 like the chiefs hut in an African village, but. the
interior ontais ; gmotda 'floor where a. good
orchestra la s.- he s .eringu"' ,' -


- .~.Z -A-


decree last.- month, are ~- t
posig n ha c t.
Henri de Foilcaud hd
Vve.- .

Hasco Manager- MrC. ^lbd
'Hil flw to the 'JuS. on
business Saturday.-' .
The cook, (Chef) ona the Pai-
nama Liner- ss cristbal diqd'
suddenly while the ship wasg -
Port Saturday.

.- : .o- !S

-. .:-" -
.' .. 'I.
ii.r mm .


(Continued from page 1) and as slightly built Navy Lt. lake, usually o
and weed. Springer explained, "these boys has risen 15
FROOMEN TO DRAIN LAKE can do almost anything with main highway'
4 With the highway link being dynamite and could just about water's surtac
S maintained only by a slow proc- shave a man with it." That is mally a 20 1
ess of ferrying and dangerous good dynamiting. the concrete b
ci'ossing by the larger camions, er.) Only the
the job of tinplugging Lake, Mir- In the event that dynamiting have been able
agoane has become a major one the lake blockage fails to take sing at this pi
IT and one which has been entrust- effect Major Jones believes that often had to b
ed to two skilled frogmen un- there is a further hole in an-
a 'deiwaTter sailors of the U.S. other area of the lake .wit a The rise in
'. -Navy, sent here from Guantan- log blocking it and, this will ba lake is aitribut
amno Bay Naval Base at the re-'searched for if the initial work up of the there
quest of the U.S. Naval Mission is not successful. Further, if the prGvided by na
to Haiti and the Minister of Agr- lake level does not recede -it of the mountain
Siculture and National Resources, is planned to make use of a bai- .flow tunnels
Gerard Philippeaux. ley bridge for the main highway water--over tw
Working with a team of Haiti- that could be flown in from tie a-half through
ans and other Haiti based U.S. U.S. and assembled across the the sea whi.h
it service men are the swimming strip of lake flooding the ldig- lower than the
'y team composed of DC-3 -Robert. way in a short 72. hours: Tlls lake water c
.--Ethertoh, a damage co-itrolman would .fully open up the road thle ocean. TI
with his hometown in Washingt- until the lake could be cleared spells. a. 'li frs
on State,- Bosuw s Mate Robert and the main transport artery diving team -
--'B. Wigginton from' Connecticut revealed once again. time they have
'and 'Lieutenant J. G. Virgil E.
- .Springer of Kansas City, Mo -
y charge -of the .diving mission
but- iho claims that he is just .
i' hece lto help imi anyway I can."
Directing the 9 pe ra tion of
M clearihgs the' chocked up' over- .
.- ow of -the'Lake-'is iuiet spoken
X e- engineer Major E. H. Jones. U.
S : who obviously eRjoys his -
W-. 's but has weighed b'it the
.sk and-is keeping"his- fingers
c crossed. Oht a par with all good .
diers 'Lhe'has already -blue- 0f Vg :'A.
d' -"printed r alternative meti- ". -
i -iT 6or'earing the lake 'but
eU h sly -,this week itr was' felt thai
I&i-dynamite was the answer-. .

WDire so-gmeh-e 30' Hitiai ring ,.
I I-.eiarwill farners wa ved am-. "

gtnn'iiladtd 'ofweeds^with them' (,S tFM 4V l tt(rE-
~.d: :r e ae.r of the lake n
h- r eithe ..source of the -trouble
big bloriae-hea ed Navy .
rs nd Wiggintbo and -his short, and'ethove& er ait danas
f.rthd s rored partner' Etherato.ia
'thr rubber.. fs and es oisea-ia : le -obrui
g)e p dived into the wee d-

rn-'i k -r ]-a
3 began o e .u da la' campagnarde, ala productionn de
le ,aitian worker'ss shit .

th ssary. the .
pair bad been ade On Tihes- Io mmoe rialhime que r e
this week. win members t i" t --
he t press i-. woi site- D ., onStadti i ouvel:6q uipe
of Haitians and Ame- .d,_-, .' '
^ .cttans bad succeeded in .'earin-
..e crner-of the. lake,, at e '
t.ftere. toe o erflo ho -'-,
-itof Weeds a.'- had takoE s m miuw eim m
al. ,'logs fr .p the o glo .

.i .. .. '. -
%, their- r .f n ani Cm 0:b

e,-'L pid. ta iet the .twae tolea-
e ls littlee '. arice,- o the

Somung. over zeialous. a-i IO RA l
.0.ig ins..the, overflow .owentranc-

teethe 'the diving '
as 18 years experience .
: 'th. underwater diving, CURACAO TRA

t obstiction clearing work GENER L-

,- io:. .:: ...,- .. -.
'-. er.t ea oGeNElw ho-e


nt flooded state the'
f a four foot depth,
feet putting the
four feet under the
ce. (There is nor-
'oot drop between
ridge and the wat-
largest of Cahnions
e to make the cros-
uint and they have
be towed.

- ,'"- "-5-r,"r rw vj'
-. *-W1*% ...

'- s,-SUNDAY:A

"CAMEL MITCHELL' survey ,of the 'la"e'
LAKE EXPERT .i. wt eamnil---W'ctcl1i'
As man in charge of the ope fic Works-.-superis'.o,
ration.-Major E. H. Jones, from aihe who retired
,Hopewell, Virginia and engineer- now live' iam: etit.iG
advisor of U.S. Naval -Mission -his father' was. o:ce
to the Ar i.e d Forc.es of Consul. If was Caf
Haiti, made the initia.1-, (Cotii

... ,. .. ,. i,.

the level of tne
ted to the clogging I
-e unusual tunnels
atutre in the base
n 'to act as over-
that channel the
o kilometers arid-
the mountain tu o
is fifty seven feet
e lake. Here the
cascades into
his- o p.e ration
t" for. the Navwy'
- it is'the'.;firs'.
* worked'in sweel


la champagne viennoso, son esptit alert enregistrait chaqe -
S.. ,-. : .
cement deot-arbres, oe nue W reun ru'selet et so genie is
.; -. .

la musique ne supprume pas la ,tonaite't des counlue )

i'4c aWastnoralo".t son Stereoph6niqiidonna aI-rep:
S ''.
x iN oil.- Y -. dur s r dvousa.

.o E TSt 1 -Pis R Aii .

*_. -**" *f ", '*. W -- ez ..'- .' : ".- ". Jt .-- .' .



-... .. .: %. : 2 .. "

1ST 7th 1960



i "AGIAt

..H A I T-I SUN-'. I
nity Weekly Published Sunday Morning

e -d sending of a team of medical, pro: e
t.echnical men tot the capital of.the new
i, Leorpoldville is an admirable gesture I
-'tiie ter Reputblit but it is also proof fa
~t lackingg in these fidds *pf public 'ser- t(
I. I
*. ^eDr. Howard E. Rusk, M.D writing in
g1K Times, giaye an outline of the MIE2ICO a
tly inaugurated iM -Hati'aid a-t the same a
med .that Haiti's mkin'medical problem lay E
.lThat. e were wit1holt-adoctors amd 'prac- r
Members of the Port au Princt medical
---l"y to Dr. Rusk's statement, 'pointed out
'.try haas a 1o d of 'dootots 'Ibut not .th" i
Sg to support their 'livelihood in 'Haiti; c
that many of Haiti's ddotors "find that th
'JAr ir; .dwn.. dounbtry is the only,way-.i.n
i xy, ule a.living and as an exnaple df -this
is. comuiddg ,their.biidie9 here lapt -month and
-.overseas in m rh of. pecializedtraining
-edbi M tof et^r

-.. d :iir on...l-
n'.e Work in foreign fidds-is plentiful and
t th.e need for, doctors in'Haiti is con-
-. teladirg, the surplus -o4 tefdhniecians ble-
,work -available is alarming and i is -no
^SauipnishedHaitians ioA. be foundd in-
ilg. ys,_- in.Brazil sky-scrapers and:
iiLUSA 4and Dominican Republic -lnsiMp-
ie 'is riao work,-rewfla.dingroi' lherwse, 'to

f'be hoped that Haiti's dontingent to the Congo-
i-ffl'uabtration to the world, but more especiey b
gtion to Haiti itself of tlhe fact that there is
.ite --f Thowedge and skill here. The Grand
"eed.,, 'a symbol df Haitian technical skill; 'what
id:.jw.is monetary reward and the dance to


iison,.I'American Traffic Advisor to' the Port
Ti.if fic Department, suggested, a few nmroths
-aation of two-Way radios on motor-cy"i"s
tpatrollimg traffic cops: These radios have re-
ebafied aid it, iis hoped that they will swift-
ai e 'ecourgetraffic edifnglements.
eagreed tha-t. at tihe best of times the Cap-
.. are insu.fficiently wide to 'be conductive,
P -iafc fl w 'and with the repair work curr-
... tunderibaken on the Grand Rue the problem
ag. car around without constant 'halts andi
.become acute.
'-9 .rush in the 'mornings finds queus of cars,
1,f'anlions jainnied u-p behind one another at
itseotiors waiting for either the driver in front:
!ime daring or for a traffic policeman to come
cl.d clear up the mess It is appreciated that the
er of busy intersections far out numbers the :ta
trafficc cops which means, *of course, that while
1tfliOws smooth in one section of townit piles u4
B*detriment of other drivers in a different section
f e of the two-way rladlos should enable the
tyBS to work out a system of spotting the wors.
tons and jam points' and also enable them tL



The "Haiti Sun's" drive to sup-
plement funds for the building of
an annex to the Notre Dame des
Palmistes hospital on lie de la

NO FRIDAY OR FI Tdrtue now stands at $120 thanks
fhe Editor to generous donations.
iaiti Sun Auswering the appeal for .Jon-
)ear Sir: nations to aid the work of Father
I.would like to make a sugg- Riou and the- hospital on the
stion, through the medium of stricken island, a visiting woman
our newspaper, to the manage-I from Panama gave $0,o0 to-
nent of -the "Drive-In-Cinema." wards-the construction of a niw.
f they wish to keep up a good hospital annex on Turtle Island
amily attendance they will have to be named in- honor ol" tiue
o.pay a little more attention to press at, "The Hotel For The
heir 'family night" programing. Press." This donation was nand-
This past Friday night,, be- ed in to the Haiti'Sun andtran-.
ause of a horror movie and t sumitted to- Fath6r Riou by Faill
mother of eight children, I had er Desjardins. "
sleepless night because the The Mayor of Times Square,
)riye-In' saw fit. to show a hor2 (New York,) Joseph "Big Joue"
or film -that was sufficiently Rosenfield inaugurated -the news-.
orriblb to frighten my children paper fund by handing each of
ut of their sleep.for. a week. the Port au' Prince newspapers
With the cash' the'management a 20 dollar bill which to set the
s making on the-i dollar per fund rolling. This money to was
ar family night it would upt do handed over to'Father Riou.
hem any damage.to be, a' little -. '
nore selective in their choice .ot Joseph Rosenfield visited Haiti
riday night 'films. a fortnight, ago, in company wilih
Thank you, his wife, -to present lIe de Ia
--A MOTHER: T'brfte, with a shipment of food-

;. ', I

Caribbean Constructi0n Co. S A.

Builders Of The Military City

Gen. Manager: Gerard THEARD

Phone: 3955. P. 0. BO: 284
t: ,

get quickly, from one point .to the ne4t by direct corn
miunicatioit ,
Traffic congestion, believe or-believe it not, Qccur
7ach Sunday in the lofty Kunecoff area, -. and ihis
congestion takes ,'a long long time to unravel itself
Jean Lunma'rliie's 'Suidfta tbalrooma is 'a popular even
,at the nerve wracking traffic jam after the show i
over is not. So it looks as if alt 'least one traffic co
will have -to. attend that Sunday afternoon Kenscol

* -







SAVE UP TO 60 Per Cent C


stuffs, medicines aqd tools, etW.
given to Haiti by the "Happiness N
Exchange" -- a radio progitmi
conducted by Big Joe whichi'.in-1
vites contributions. from listender
for worthy; causes. -
Thus, it is-that the 15O00-p0p0
pulation of-le de ia Toi-tue i.!
receiving much needed aid.to
relieve the suffering cause. by.
sickness and hunger: But the.'I:NM
tre pame des Palmists.-hbs :'-i
al; which is *.constantly workfr
to alleviate the suffering do
people, operates on a vqry tigtl
budget per month making tthe..h
contributions 1 tenderedt -4 7vgt
and necessary aid to the 'h-osplit-
al existence. '

- Persons wishing to make a'di-.
nation to the 'hospital, and the.i
people of Turtle Island are in -
vited to place their contributions'
-withthe Haiti .Sun at our offi,'
on -the Exposition. We ',aill:-be
happy to accept and" hank -,o
behalf of Father -Ridu pndi.'wlta
ensure that all donatiohsn reach :
the Islaijd at the earliest. possibtS
'e date. "'-


One.' of the man behind"-the'juut '
blocking of the natural outlets
of Lake Miragoane, Camif Mit-
chell, (the first man to unblock
them, with, dynamite, in 1928)
visited Port au Prince this week
to arrange for his wife's depart-
ure for Canada to attend the
- wedding of the Mitchell's young-" .
est daughter.

s Marie-Emra Mitchell,who has ,
S been studying nursing in)Capnadat,;:
. foir the past two years is en ge4'4i
[ to Yves Duchesne, a chemist ot
s Montreal. The Mitchells will at-'.-'
tend the wedding set for late.:,'
, this month and then visit their; :",
f two married daughters a ni j
giand children in New York City. RP

,S. EMBASSY o ;. .

)N IMPORTS- ,- -





w '


/ -

I -


Exchange Of Letters Betweet An American Student And Haiti's

Ambassador To U.S.
Published In The Washington Post
*,- ..' .
choose between "two great poles elusion, to what was th
STUDENT'S LETTER AMBASSADOR' ERNEST BONHOMME'S of attraction in the world today point or the pretext- of' '
to concretize its needs." Actu- chell's diatribe. 1 sharll'-"i
May I suggest that you as- REPLY .Om which
sign one of your exellent sta I T concur heartily with Mr. against political parties as such, hally in the speech from which that he can find in
to report a series on Haiti to at- Donn S. Mitchell's suggestion, but against hard-core militia context, and of which I keea him, he xplanatio-
Stempt an explanation of why the in his letter tUnrest in Haiti) and activists groups which had copy at Mr. Mitchell's disposal ent Duvalers pai.ed.
.".Unrited States supports the dicta- published July"-30. that you as- carried out,. or unashamedly since I o not suspect his good his analysis of A
:-orship of President Francois sign one of your excellent, staff claimed responsibility for, such sice I do not suspect his good his aslysist ofnc esto
A '-Duvalier? ". to report a series-on Haiti. While "political" activities as the mur- edfe -t a solid props wi assistance to Hait3
It would be extremely timely the Haitian case is a fascinating der of two Haitian army pri-ates ed. Thnr must be l d Props was -earmarked efo.
since you reported on July 24 one in itself, it could'also be an at Kenscoff on June 27, 1957: the As or us, ie have chosen fhee. buried of that aboeni i
Ihat 44 cadets from Hpiti are in object lesson in the handling of attack on the Dessalines Barr- dorn. But cmniun osm has- s- current tia at? -I o
:.training at Quantico. relations between the United acks in Port au Prince of July abtshed many. center ofinfec- has remained Unlespea?-H
Duvalier, who. -ame to power States and a puny Negro repu- 29, 1958, by six brave Haitian tion in our. areas." That sounds tough earmarked
Sin what Serafino Romualdi has blic plagued by. illiteracy, dis- and Americai desperadoes from quite different from the t(ist .
"-called "fraudulent elections," ease. poverty and chronic polit- Florida; the .highjacling ,of a Mrf .itrnell was givHo g to hist ERNE 'B
i-:has eriticized United States aid ical restlessness. military. plane and the murder quotation. was .v.g.0 has s E a .T .0NH
-as "insufficient" and said that The conclusions derived from of its pilot on April 9, '1959; the Returning in Amassadorer of con-Washington..
..Haiti must choose between "two such a series could be of useful invasion of the.Grande Anse pen-
.great es. of attracion in the application in many other parts insula in August, 1959, by two- -
world today to. concredtze "its df the world, especially in the scores of mercenaries from Cu- .-- .
S. Africa of loday and tomorrow. ba..- of which -fotr -are still de- -4 C & 5,
e .charged in a public speech Without 'prejudging, .1 submit tained in- Port, au .Prince, and.
tt.a-t month that Haiti has receiv- that they could be quite different whose arms and equipment have
".only an insufficient loan of from tho' dogmatically pro- been examined by the Inter-Ame.
$4.3 million" for two develop- pounded by Mr. Mitchell, who rican Peace Committee of the
ni"ent projects. In January of suggests that you start an invest- OAS. /
w;tthis year, the International Co- igation, but prematurely states
-operation% Administration report- what its outconme'should be. (3 The story of tanks nmannd IRE PE
6ed that'sipce July 1., 1957, it has should like to point out four of by U.S. Marines surrounding the
ear-marked $15,350,000 for eco- the most blatant inaccuracies presidential palace in Port au
t onc and..tephiical aid to Haiti. of-his letter. -. Prince "to protect Duvalier is a;1 I
ofthis tot:-$ll,870,000- outrageous lie, and Mr' Mitchell
Ms o ought to be more careful with
hap -been- allocated in the past-. (1) Francois Duvalier, a co- t t be more
--two6 years; including a $6 million try doctor who hiad._.ent a de-, Jis sources of information. The
ei ergegcy- grant to:.balance the jade, from 1943 ,,o '1954 criss- U.S. Military Mission to. Haiti, -- ...- .- .
a et :. rossihg thep Haitian hills and of not more than 40 me has -
d ,alleys in the anti-yaws-an ari- onlyitraining dutiCs, .ahd -rneither- .
.has.problaimel de- malaria campaigns of .h. US. Haitian nor American authorities
.a^p'gations.whie per- f anitaary Mission- was elected would allow its embers to par-
p. liifca. aties to- .residertz-of Haition. Sept. 32, tiipae in the Rind of -operation IT
*i a te.United .)5 by-67 4 votes against described by Mr.. Mitchell. .- -
le are 2 i6,992 to, Louis Dejoe .nd980
e :btlier- th Clement. Juielle in onfie- of 1,arines-are known:to have ac-
(v'Ai'go.t munist," and me fahi st..eletions Haiti has complished extraordiriary- feats-
t-tI:sam et:-fne -gathering tii6 yver kiown .Dai s c' ssingtlle t 'fftom the halls, of Montezuma
ou y- Co i nu units in Haiti dlains of the .losing side, the to the shores .of Tripoli". But "
parounl hiL s -cabinet ministers New York Times of. Sept. 28, they- have yet to boast that 40 I'1 al@if tde ye orfly 7mJe -
ahd'peronal advisers. 957, stated in-iarefully measur- of them would be enough to pro- fr t'he eart" o PoRT-AU- PrlNdEc
.faiatiian-exiles, now in the Uxn-' ed words: "The. impression of ted .a,' "dictator" against, the
cited' States, -mntain ta the Duva- observers familiar with the coun- wrath of 3,000,00 Haitians, or .
er, regime along -with -his try is that Dr. Duvalier cold even 200,000 Port au Princeans. e( mo0texquiie. .e5 ,k,-i
:ristca lards----is-still in,- very.well .have on legitimately As..for the:traiingrof 4.4 Haitian ibi m.oumflnont ,
oer:beeaiise of the political .,without ahy irregularities." cadets in Quantido, jt is difficult. ... ..n --
art and economic help from '- to understand why Mr: Mitchelt 'l ".O .. o -e i d w- -, -
& ',S,, '-S (2W The lethargy of Haitian objects to it,: While the whole OU donna nen.i
v political parties at .all, except graduating class of -the Military i ; ie ,,--.
i e .narmny examples election, times is, one ofithe most- Academy ofr another Caribbean r'
smnwks named bI' .S., ihgrained. and disconcerting* fea- republic is reported to be head- .
,Mies rroiting the palace ,res of-the.couiitry. But.te Du- ing for military schools locate-i *o-l 10 G?
'to 1iTbk urer -which' valier reginie' cin hardly' be bla- on the other side of the-Iren Ci- .
".'mam ." interesting" i-eading med for it,. political, scientists in tain. .. nin o l 'LundOfrI1,.. f
eries.of articles. .. Haiti have-been. denouncing thai (4P But Mr. Mitchell's real 1 '
I-DON S." MITCHELL, -serious-, ve1diess:-sice,1ca 890.;: .- grudge against President Duv-. M.a'4- P o. om r ereadt"
`5 of International' Servic The preasie:.pieisutes- to lier-is that he has' dritacized.,Ur i-. "idh t,6nl d-uxe,.rOoms. d
m. merican. University" which Mr. Ilitch-ll refers 'have' ited Statep aid as. "insu int' :.
ngton. been 'aten at va.uis-time riot ,auod.. said, that FRaiti must ?) .


PART-AAiN dHAIeI:W 1 er nque,. mintrueon arid dont6e-"L
PAN1TAL lidg "+ "l, 0 :3 o dual dre,.Mo admision:..
.__"DA: emplimenicry get-togeherPndt
7- Par. 4 rom 7p ,to 8prm.''
"'' "6w S CTED FRiAy .:4alaDinner..--Donde from;7:i6 -A
1:3o0 .m. GuperLb so0 3 o. .l
ea s aI s Rush N o- -n
D SUPERB .., .. AND lFAMO S -,i4Ys'docktail hour. f-m 7o

tR ai. nR Ui. :i, S sarC....n. .:. PH dotmbo ... 2.
.,, i.c-, .: ,*:Ti.'/:x .itixioL i. l.&.PO : 4 '- ,- .- -. :

S, .. J .-." '. 7
.- : .. ,
* .. ":'* ;:, ,:_. i. &

AUGUST 7th 1960


July 30, 1960 .

Toward The Deterioration ,Of

SHaitian-American Relations

ng he pasf'months, observers have been witnessing, some
edothers with a sympathy that they do not .hide, to what
..,!should call-the -deterioration of Haitian American relations.
Sdot our intention fo adopt, in this instance..,the policy, of
g. ch which buries her head in the sand so as to deny the
c of danger. When the facts are obvious, the only correct
is that of trying to express them with the words which
.dibe them most faithfully.
I'.yt Itis indisputable that in most of our count'., one sees, these
either perplexity toward the present policy of the U.S. to-
iard. our country, or a declared animosity. This perplexity is,
Sigeneral, the lot of friends and even of devoted supporters, of
SkiJalerican way of life'. Their attitude, more or less clearly
ie'ri'ned, cAn be schematically described by this alternative:
* ":ither you stale that you are opposed to such and. such -Latin
enrican regime, and then you get rid of it, to allow the people
-,tWlat country tb progress; or you declare youe are supporting
ate e' and 'then it is logical-that you give to it the economic
.'A choice mpst be made, or it seems that one has chowe:

aese -sieere friends of the U.S. to generalize .their
a d.to d:say,.' with the American opposition to the
hltiori'ofthe 'US., that this will to reconcile the
tnot take us very' far. -
o.-- OSE. K,'FOR1 LOOS "
d d tI these reactions toward thi. Ampricano rule-
v our country, is this declared animosity of
eua'ove Ikft slows t little bit everywhere, and
ngth Wewill not over-estimate it, for history
',bi S -'n that "a rain of dollars" can scar many a wound. But
text seems to present itself today, and- the alternative
'perplexed friends" of the U.S. is -matched by the altern-
q.if their "embittered friends.'' Those last ones, ignoring
s; ";y the last project conceived by President Eisenhower to
8ie the aid of the underdeveloped countries of our.hemisphere
e scope of the panamerican operation, express themselvest
.aio this way: "If you proclaim your will to sustain the nmnfer-
political interests of U.S. they let you, ,ust the" sam,..,
r m.-aery. If jou violently oppose yourself to them, they still
., 't 0b in 'our misery. So, why be-nice to them and,' finally,
*rl.,-'lv _oako els'cwlire '" -
-- A -
': do not believe that the responsible of that situation -sre
tlisc "perpleed friends" and those "endfittered friends of the
S'.S.' The responsible inust be sought elsewhere higherr, in, the
sueri 0. spheres of both aour countries." To those respomsibles
fi'c playing with dynamite, at a stone-thtow from that fire
cent, r.ithat Cuba is, we will allow ourselves to san that theAy
sioid lean more toward the actual reality of our country, toward'
fhepresexit state of thd national conscience. .
: the deterioration of Haitian-American relations must continue
: .'s-.-.-i --. 'vill come to such a situation that it will be
d' i 0dlt- for anyone to control the forces put into motion. The
al.l. upheavalss, at certain capital epochs of History, always
gC1.beyond the most moderate forecasts. -And it seems that we
.a nw precisely at a decisive turning point of the history of
'o heiiasphere.
w. t ir readers to judge for the -ives the gravity of
L Y"S tion, we aro publishing in this very Issue a Message of
5. eiatibn of Haitian Students where" will be clearly seen
ist' of mind of our youth, and an article pf "Panorama",
1t. fo der of which is Mr. Paul Blanchet, (a top official of'the
I Iatgove,'unent (Ed.) in answer to a communique of U.S.
EmbasRy on American aid to our country. (See Haiti Sui Sunday
Ja4 3rdi Ed.) By the content as well as by the lone, those two
do niits pace in a dramatic light the evolution toward the
vTt4A.,1mg of haitiano-american relations. It depends solely on those
.sM.aibove named responsible that such"'an evolution be not
V .-afcBe e. I
gg :.z" ..

', ,

1C/em ent I

Continued and steadfast i:.qui-
ly is being, carried out in thll.
stern surroundings of an of-cc
of the Casernes Dessalines, con-
cerning the Clement Barbot "lat
fair," according to the Augu--'.
1st edition df Le Jour.

This enquiry, states the ilevs-
paper, is .being jointly conducted
by the R.echerches Criminetll-;
represented by MAjor Jean Beau-
voir and Captain Joseph Lama!-
je. and by the officers cf t. c
Presidential Guard supervised I-y
Captain Henry Namr.pny.


Ghislaine Brierre, daughter of
Ch. 'and Mrs Fritz Bnerrc. a
talented light soprano gave :i
.well received .recital 'of popular
:classida,, works at the lRex The
atre onpi ''u.28th before- a large
daudiehce. Miss BS'eef a 25-year
-old 'PorthaL Prind ho, holds the
tlistinction of-being the first Ha,-
tian tbo dte; the' ConservAtoire
1National Superieur de Musique
de- Paris. -

; For her recital Miss Bnerrc
Was accompanied on the pian)
.by Madamie Henri Borno. It i.s
hoped that, more such concert-
will given b.\ Miss Ghislairit
Bnrerre in the near future.

Tarbot Inquiry Still On

On the day before yesterday,
iSaturday last,) it was annnnic
ed Mr. Garcia Marquez was
thoroughly interrogated. tMvar-
qur: '**ns arrested at Maly:.-s:-3
as he crossed into Haiti from the
Dominican Republic. He has. ,for
many.- years, used his camnio:-i
to transport: Haitian seasonal
vA'okers -sugar cane cutteort-
to the Dominican and back. I

We have not been inform'n.d A
the results of Garcia Mar'-:c.:'
interrogation but it is being ea'il
that his case is not as alanmin:n-
as it has been said to be, counti-
nued Le Jour. This case, it ; .
reported, is connected to that of
Mr. Felix Francis' who is said
lo 'be compromised in an u.Il.,,



if illicit ];oyment. j
Ma'y *' citizens have heen"
arrested and -questioned inc:lud.-"
ing Loulou Marchand. Coiyern-
ing the latter's arrest nobody i
knows on what grounds he was
:.pprehended There-also appears
to be a question of $28,000 ot .
which the inquirers are lokiding
for the origin.

The last .arrest is' that of a
woman, Raymonde Nicolas, who .'
was apprrhenLded Wedn e s d a y .-
while conducting her jo6 at the,
dispensary of Croix des L:ou-
quets She was then taken to'&"
Port au Prince and the National '
Prison but as to whether she has
ing the latter's arrest nobody :
Jaiows. .


%,. ..

iY. .

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Lunch Dine Have Cocktails





Swim, 'Spearfish,. Snorkle, Water-Ski

And Sail In Safe Coastal

Waters From Kyona





isted by Industry, Sun's "Rays can't re
lay Light Cookers in the Home cranny I
Ever since the first man got a large
p-first case of sunburn, people may lint
.ie wanted to cook something small a
ith the sun besides themselves. where a
Small boys w it h magnifying world's
asses soon learn lo focus the
i's.. rays on bits of paper or
2all girls until the former catch Take ,
r and the latter start smould- rays ha%
ing,- a small

opolis. Sunlight simply
ach into every nook and
behind .every building in
city. But -solar energy
d its place in the sunny
reas near the equator,
a large portion 'of the
population lives.
solar cooling. The sun's
ve been used to operate
intermittent ammonia-


Ideal For Hait


where. premium prices are now cal
being paid for fresh %water, and ing
on small islands in the Pacific has
Ocean wherq the people are de- al
pendept on rain water for their ear
water supply, distilling sea wat- equ
ter by solar energyy may be the of.
answer in their quest for sweet res
water. the
Cooking by means of the sun's tool
rays is still a process that is ing
exntiemel3 limited. Although re- the
search is continuing, the solar en.

But practically speaking, tests water refrigerator and ice has oven or cabinet is still quite a
-.p'now,. under way to harness been produced by solar energy .ay from commercial-product-
lai' adiation'.for man's use in in France and Russia. ion. But there are many sunny
gaining high temperatures in Distillation of salt water by areas in the world where fuel
e-' metallurgical industries, in solar energy is now being care- supplies are short and these
sitling water and also in heat- fully tested in Florida by an ag- cookers could provide a practic-
it for domestic purposes, in ency of the U.S., Departmbnt of al solution. l d
cgeration systems and for the Interior. Efforts are being made. -'
iparation of food on simple sol- to produce fresh water from sea LET'S BAKA A CAKE"
'Ncookers. wqter at a cost less than $1 ie1- Solar cooking is not accompl-
giar energy. could not light 1000, gallons. In desert areas ished simply by seeing out a
,- -' ..,.. '.
I. O -,_.-l.
, it -

l],- ]- 'n N Jl 0 '

ke in a solar cabinet anid .yit- there is
g for it .to bake: Although it out 2 ct
s been calculated that the tot- a double
.radiation received by the having ((
rth ir, two weeks' would be ged at ai
livalent to the heating value bw. "Botl-
all the.world's estimated coal ing surf
sources the sun's radiation of square
earth's surface per square need to I
t is low. Thus a large reflect- sun for
surface is needed to channel least eve
sun's rays into the solar ov- .

The Nutrition Divisio,'-of the
Food and Agriculture Organiza-
tion IFAO), describes. in a do-
cument two .ypes of solar cook-
ers, for anyone who would like-
to have one around the house.
1irst, there is the. parabbtlec
type with a fixture at, the focus
to hold the cooking pot/ Second,

- .. I.!


an insulated svein oft'iit
ubic foot capacity, witLV
or treble gjpss wind!6'.
our flat reflectors arrasq14
n angle around the wird
stoves have I- refledt
ace area of 12 to"--s
feel.. And both stove
be adjusted towads the
maximum radiation -at-
ry half hour.

Tests on thme solar cookers have-
been carried out at FAO head
quarters in Rome, and with FAO.
assistance in Central Ametic
the Near and Far East and Aa
These' tests have confirmed ,
thing. ..Food can be cooked by;'
solai cookeis, but only in. direct.
sunlight.. Clouds hiding the stt
will cause rice to cook considei--
ably more slowly. The cooking'
(Continued ori page 13)-

0'. -2'.4-.


)- ", If '

- ,-"",. ."; ,', -- .. .d:p" ,

C. .r

^ '...- l kswagenKabro,..

1. NFORMATIO .. (..... ,

.. ; EEKLY'RATE. :
.... .. ... I ._ ... .. ;' i

.P0 B


.AI -T- ,' .CA R .- L S



P. .'j

.. --I -,'*-I

- a ..- -



P'AG;I: i

.Khawly Weds Helen Curasi


By Roussan OAMILLE

Bols Calman, of which this
poem speaks, was the scene of
the Petro ceremonies which set
off the Haitian revolution of 17911

and Pillsbury Your tires this evening
are as fine r
as the. fires of mystery and, hope
held following that burned at Bois Caiman.
emony ;at the The Mambo repeats the sacred
Bronx where a sign
Sby bestmrean before the persistent flame.
abriel Khawly Is the wind too soiled
r the Pillsbuiy with satisfied sighs
ra, West Afri- and cynical laughs
oris as a sec- to recall
une company to the priestess' t hose ancient

ed on the SS .O.surely the gods
n July- 27th to wiho bow tliatf'our sorrows
ineymoon and. are as-long as the way
Lagos, Nigeria from Ahriia to here--
stablish .resid-- --our black gods--noW
can foretell again
the victorious colors
----- of tomorrow't dawn!

. -.-.

I ,


Once again the Haitian coastal The sinking of the sailboat
shipping fleet has been stricken "Dieu est Esprit" off Grosse
with a disaster. On the 27th of Pointe on July 31st was a little
last month the sailboat "St Jean- more fortunate. The ship, capt-
no," piloted by Raphael Petit, ained by Andre Gabriel, sank
sank off La Gonave with nine with a load of Malangas and fdur
passengers onboard. No trace passengers onboard but all were
has been found of passengers or rescued by a passing canoe.


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l GUARANTEED wa -hab
Ift GUARANTEED washable!

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beauty! '-


". "*

Yes, -these fires are as fine
- (a's hffl.1f ystWry and hope,
- .ad your dances,
-nful. rirphant,
remind me. T0WI O
of the nights (unforgotten) THE FINFI" NHOR" ALLS AND MATCH NO WOODDWOR ..
"of battle.
ransated.by.-den Rodman JOSEPH N DAL Agents :

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Ask also for a demonstration of the Pick-Up and Trucks
Their saving of fuel. solidity, power and capacity are .
already universally known. C
4 4^^^^^^^^^^^





Haitioans Illegal Nassau Entry

"Regretfully" dismissing tor
lack of evidence Immigration
charges against 14 crew memb-
ers of a Haitian sloop, accused
of conniving to bring seven ille-
gal entrants into Nassau, Magis-
trate James LiddeU, according
to a recent story published in
* the "Nassau Tribune", said "[
cannot understand why this col-
ony does not have a properly
-equipped boat for a proper sea

"It must be heartbreaking", the
Magistrate told Assistant Immi-
gration Officer John L. Gay, "to
arrest thesd people, (the illegal
entran's,) whom you could not
catch until they were on shore,
and then be unable to do any-

" thing with those responsible for
getting them.
Two persons, the owner of the
Sara, Elie7er Frederic and Ste.
phen Augustine, also a Ha:'.iUan
who was driving a car-carry!ing
seven other Haitians who appoa'-
ently had just landed somewhere
in the IMontagu Foreshore area,
w\'e-'e convicted, however stated
the Nassau Tribune story.
am satisfied that you- were
ruuninpg the whole thing," Mag!
istrate Liddell told Frederic as
S-e, sentenced- him to M x months
Augustine; "a pawn in the
business", was 'given one ma'nth,
In- dismissing Wie charge-s ag-_
...ainst the 14 -13- men and 'one
/ omal-- the Magistrate instru&-
.Lcd the court interpreter to' sress
.. ,' p"ee. I

to them that, "You know and Iwas "supposed to be on the sloop
know you were in it, but it l,-.s.t the time."
not been proved." The others later pleaded guil-
VIGILANCE "ly tu illegal entry, but would ,ot
The case stemmed from twnostate how they got to New Pro-
separate acts of vigilance on Ihevidence.
part of Immigration officials and Sara, Mr. Gay told the Court,
police on the morning of Ju.-etas the only Haitian 'vessel ent.
23, which Immigraflon prompt'v' ering Nassau in a period of over
used as a basis for dressing
charges against the entire 'I'.
frmmigratioQ 'officers boirdd
Sara around 7:30 ,hat morning~
as soon as she had tied up at
Prince George Whari and Cun.t-
oms had finished with her.
The cre,, list submitted con.
trained Frederic's name. He .vas
further identified by. his passport,
which: was on the sloop.
Ma\Tnwile at 6:55 a m rPnii-

table 161 Garficld Gaitor, accon'-
pdanied by Constable 275 Cui.;,x.
was driving a police vehicle
eastward to Fox Hill Prison. On.
the Eastern Road, he told Ihe
Court, he saw three men who
were alongside a stopped car
dash int6 hiding as the police
truck came up.
Gaitor immediately ,;topprid
arid investigated thep car, which
was "packed with Haitians"
They did not respond in Er,-,h:.'i
.en questioned, he said.'
He instructed Constabl!e Cad.';
to take them into-Central Polic.
Station. -

gustine a
eric'as h
to the dr

2- hours, and it %%as a resnnable
assumption the Haitians had
cnnime in on her.
Frederic himself, represented
by Mr. Randol F. Fawkes (who
appeared also for the woman
crew member) gave evasive les-
timony in his own defence.
ile'agre.ed he was owner, but,

le' .Calyx -identified..! RU"- | 1 .
s 'the driver and -red- I RUE tONNE
raving Seen sitting text' ,
iver, 'although Fr'rlclic .. '
..- .. _' -"



'Casino Riviera











*.' -t'r;**." ".
^^ K A B^^ ^ ^ ^ ',i- .,-'' -,-

" :. ",:.:

.... ...
VoU-, 'I

,-..- -...B

*.i": .. -... a

-. ,:-i' ;.: :'l"

.' .: [ !. : s
.. =. ., :

).. .

7,-- -
At \ ". *'"* ,

-,%, .- -. -^^ ." .'. ,^ ^
. . . .. .."......... j x, ;.i

J.N P. ." ," PAGE 11

Sermined To Stop

Traff ic'

1&n iel to stop this traffic," a;e the words us,'l thai proceedings will be s'itrted
Bsau Magistrate James Lidd-ll as he convicted for its condemnation.
g,.er, and four crew members of the Haitian sloop In another ase conducted jn
r breaches of the Immigration Act. the Nassau" ,Courl Magistrate
-._---_. U Laddell sentenced Roger Mayord.
r.-Salomon,- tlhe ,ght to ee their Haitian Co:nsul if ias Oge Mayon, a Haitian, to
"Marmontel .losep, ci desired. sLx months for each of two
er each sentieiced PROFITS breaches of the Immigration
mprisonme. o t passenger Act, sentences to run eonsecjti-
metnbers, includi.i,; 150 Haitian gourdes (appo.xin-.a- el for a toalof one ye
were given two tely $30.00) in advance for pas- Mayord, who was deported in
ito form yet. anoth- sage, according to statenimnt.j 1950 and again in 1957, was char-
t:e drastically in- made in Court when they pleaded ged both'for returning after cle
16 iLE.-.illegal enlry-guilty of illegal entry and were portation' and for illegal entry
,hamas 'by Uaitians sentenced to four months inipri-
" sonment each or earlier de- Bth sentences are subject to
portation. Gross profits %if the earlier deportation, but the Mag-
,: sentences h.iuidd _oyage were at least .$1761. istrate recommended that May
I .Magistrate Lidacil, 'he sloop.itself has been seiz- ord not be'deported till teminar
straight prison terns ed by Custorrs. It is understood lion of the 12 months.
ic6n-64 efrinrtaloniiri '-N

Effect Of Nassau Exodus
In Haiti-Tax Officer Arrested
The legal exodus of 'aitians not fail to denounce this kind of
to Nassau, a practice. followed illicit traffic which is the stb-
now ror over a year,:has armniwil ject of a note that appeared in
strong action from that island yurx paper on the dates and
and jiperrussionj from the mi- month mentioned above.
grating have also been felt in -Here is the story. On June 18
Haiti as pointed out by the Aug- i had to fqrce a taxpayer to
list 1st edition of Le Matin. pay hei patent and alcohol lic-
ence.. Vexed by my accomplish-
Under the heading "J. I'uul ing my duty this tax payer, far
rectifies and lays the blatmem n from being satisfied with insult-
the Prefect of Port de. Pa!x." ing me, brought a complaint in
Le Matin stated, "Our mail yes- front of the Prefect of Port de
terJay brought us the following Paix, and then the Prefect, not
IcLtpr signed by Joacliinm Paul recognizing or de s p i z in g the
the Tax Officer in La Tortue. chaimels of the Service des Cc n-
It is a rectification of the infir- tributions, through this Fame
tuatfioun recently published by us lady, wrote me an unsealed card
in 'Nos Echos' which stated that in which he.treated me as beLng
Mr Joachim Paul had beei. nr- irresponsible and as a cheater
rested Jor illicit traffickinil of of the people of La Tortue.
emigrants to the Bahama [s. Since I have always fulfilled
lands. We are herebye' ackumo- my duty according to the rules
'edging his rectification: of Phe Administration, I replied
MR. PAUL IS SURPRISM) to the Prefect through a letter
lie de la Tortue, which he considered as injurious
July. 22, 1960. and insolent.' It is after reception
Dear Mr. Director: of this letter that he had me ar.
I am really surprised to read rested without previously go-
in your issue of July 17, and tV at ing through the adndnistratiive
of the 1,sth. that I am supposed formalities.
to hal-e been arrested for in-
derhand associations with the. Hoping, Mr. Director, that I
expedition of tens of Haitians tu- shall read this information in
ward liassau, Bahamas. the same place with the note
These remarks, devoid of any which appeared in your paper
basis of truth and derogatory to on the month and dates mrentiiii.
.in ofticel who has always done ed above, I remain.
his duty loyally, could not. in Yours very truly,
any way, atiect him. For in two Joachim Paul
report, dated last June I did Ta,\ Officer La Tortue.


I -

Bacoulou Club







---. ... ..


TO -

WI|S 24th STRE"I
Only 3 Days direct to the center ofi New York
O .nl mode erICO ,ag Cruise Ships.
c ity g eCRISTOBAL
ANCON d didaAs
Sallings Mondoys end FridaYs

OUMTDOOTIL es 6Wmo pool,
250 LS. 0BAC%'GJ ,LOW'VC

Ak abot ond-t sea;ir 'tickets.
-0 Complete accurate. normatn only fro
ue Abraham Telephone 3062
Rue Abraham Linc'oln




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rents bruits d6sagr6ables du pne"
randis quoe la construction l6ghre
Super-Cushion Sans Chambre I
permit d'absorber les cahots do
route. Vous, aurez mois de pamw
plaf, et moins do delai parcel queo I
Consrfrucion Grip-Seal exclusive d
Goodyear 61;mine prati.quenigeot,.
crevalsons_ babituelles.


,c .* ,r
- I


.16m omme m'_= =V







Monday AUGUST 8, 1960

6.00 pm-Test pattern Music

7:00 pi--Everung General Progr-
am Schedule

7.03 pm-Weather Report
7:06 pm-Chuldren's pro gr am --

7:25 pni-The extraordinary adv-
entures of Don Winslow

and the Coast Guards
7:45 pm-Telenews 1st edition-


Review of the day's ev-
8:00 pm-La Belle Creole Show:
"Frankie Laine"

8:30 pm-The United Shoe Associ-
ation, S.A., the most mo-
S -dern-. shoe factory in the
Caribbean, will inaugur-
ate its program: "High-
way -Patrol", Starring:
Broderick Crawford.
9.00 pmn-Telenews (2 n d edition)
Summary of the late
news 1
9:05 pm--Celebrities in Literalure
and Art




A unique and new serynce prm;viled I) I.a'Belle Crele d
saves you time tluonI'y and ei}r gy. ..



.\ U

I'. '" -. .. .
I R N T IS "E- T- '

P. ,3 r : 4 ,

L .. & .3. 3 .

weight charges,, with customs problems. In .one fej.
swoop La Belle. Creble has made- it possible to have
: iquor purchased. abroad, particularly in Haiti, delivered
to your home n.ost cases at prices cheaper thn
can bring it through, accompanied by all you other
I.. purchases. '';' 1 .

'. Del. u N.Y. You
S, Price w.ehhtisC ; me* .
; 'Bell's Special Reserve Whisky $3220 $13.50 $16.50
St anky Bnnister Fi et
,I Scotch Whisky 29.90 13.50 16.50'
8J Rare Scotch Whi'sky 30 13.50 16.50
1: *:B+allantine' IScotch Wsky A '32Y3 P A 13,50 15t.5 "
5 Oegtue hAnne, Scotch Whisky 31.4 13.50" 16.50
- Ca.-lbey's Spey Royial Whisky 3I.2) 13b50'-l 16.0
l .Black &.WhiteScotcf Whisky 32. 13.50 16.50
(1"S'Jt el ons ***e Irish Whisky 29. 13.50 16.50:

Sotltan Clh W' h." ,J.9 31. .9.50 22.50
e3 p r&id. Rrecotc .Whisy 41 -3$ 1I50 -6.0 ,

N.01161rftbc ti hry : 3, %a'h ,6,450-

9.30 pm-The Voice of Firestone
presents TV Concert Hall
10:00 pm-Close of Program Na
'tonal Anthem
Tuesday AUGUST 9, 1960
6:00 pm-Test pattern Music
7:00 pm-Evening General Progr-
am Schedule
7:03 pm-Weather Report
7:06 pm-Album Tele-Haiti Pa-
noramic scenes of every-
7:26 pm-Cartoons and Kid Com-
edies Children's Pro-
7:45 pm-Telenews (1st edition)
Review of the day's ev-
8:00 pm-"Terre de Glace" This
picture retraces the first
arctic campaign of the
french polar expeditions.
8:30 pm-Foreign Intrigue: "False
Passeport", starring Ja-
mes Daly brought to
you by Haiti Trading Co.
9:00 pm-Telenews 2nd edition
Summary of the late
9:05 pm-Telecinema: "La Sorcie-
re des Mers" (1st part)
10:00 pm--Close of Program .- Na-
tional Anthem
Wednesday AUGUST 10 1960
6:00 pm-Test pattern --Music
7:00 pm-Evening General Progr6
am Schedule
7:03 pm-Weather Report
.7:06 pm-Album Tele-Haiti Pa
noramiic scenes of every-
7:30 pm-Cartobns afid Kid Com-
edies Children's Pro-
gram "
7:45 pm-Telenews (1st edition)
Review of the day's ev-

8:00 pm-Flying Cadets Exide
Battery Show
8:30 pm-Man of the Week
9:00 pm-Telenews 2nd edition
Summary of the late
9:05 pm-Telecinema: "La Sorcfe-
re des Mers" (2nd part)
10-00 pm-Close of Program Na-
tional Anthem

Thursday AUGUST 11, 19601
6:00 pm-rest pitern Music
7:00 pm-Evening General Progr-
am Schedule
7.03' pm-Weather Report
7:0o pm-Album Tele-Haiti Pa-
noramic scenes of every-
7.26 pm-Cartoons and Kid Com-
edies Children's Pro-
7.45 pm--Telenews (1st edition)
Review of the day's ev-
8.00 pm-"Pout ous Mesdames"
(Cooking Show)
8.30 pm-The Flor a n Zabach
Show (brought to you
by "La Maison Lelio
9:00 pm-Telenews 2nd edifon
Summaiy of the late
9.05 pm-Telecinema"
Theater: "Border B a d-
10:00 pm-.Close of Program Na.
tional Antherm
Friday AUGUST 12, 1960
6:00 pm-Test pattern Music

7:00 pm-Evening General Prog "
am Schedule- -
7:03 pm-Weather Report 44
7:06 pm-Album Tele-Haiti -'Pa-'t:
noramie scenes and var.
7:26 pm-Cartoons and Kid' Corn-
Sedies Children's Pri'o
7:45 pm-Telenews (1st edition
Review of the day's ev"
8:00 pm-"A vous New York" wi
Pierre Crenesse -%
8:15 pm-Industry on Parade.- II
Review of the latest achr
ievements in- the Amerin'
can Industry
8:30 pm-The Ford Show The 6
Adventures of Robin-' 4.
Hood:"Youthful Menace" :'.
Starring Richakd Greene .
Followed by the Advent-
ures of Flash Gordon:--
"Race Against Time"
9:30 pm-Telenews- (2nd edition)
Summary cf the late
9:35 pm-Telecinema '
1.0:00 pm-Close of Program Na-
tinnal Anthem
Saturday AUGUST 13, 1960

6-00 pm-Test pattern Music.
7:00 pm-Evening General Progr- :,
am Schedule
7:03 pm-Weather Report
7:06 pm-Album Tele-Haiti Pa-
noramic scenes of every-
7:25"pm-Cartoons and Kid' Cpm-
edies Children's. Pro-.;-
gram, .
t45 pm-Telenews (Jst edition) 3-
S Review of .the day's ev-

8:00 jntr--i'cal- Interlude.
the participation of'Teli]
vision Artists -
8:10 pm-The Languichatte Shou.
-Hilarious sketch, star
ring Langui chatte -
brought to you- by "Fa--"
brique Nat i 6 P a l e-.de
Chaussures Fritz Mevs,
8:30 pm-ThM Adventures of Capt-
ain Grief "Port of Ro-'"".
gues" Westinghouse Sfiow
9:00 pmn-Telenews (2nd edition)
Summary of the late j
< news I
"Mason of the Mounted"
"The Renegade" '
10:00 pm--Close of Program Na- '-..
tional Anthem- .

Sunday AUGUST 14, 1960 .
1:00 pm-Test pattern "Mu .'
(Records) |
2:00 pm--Sign un ?Prese"ta"n
alternoon'S program :
2:03 pm-Special Children's Pro
ram .
3.00 pm-Newsreels and DIJoc A.UIj.
varies -
3:15 pm-Dunbrick Dattex Show..
Langulchatte &-his tPA.:
ners -
3:30 pm-Nobbe & Bondel ShmW.e
Star Perfo rm a n a e -.
"Man in the Cellar'f'-
Sstarring Charles Boyte 't
-4:00 pm--Weather Report .9
4:05 pm-"Vivent les Vacances'-
colorful Villa Bonit0
with the participation'-
Haitian Artists -. '
4:20 pm-Telecinema .
5:50 pm-Telenews Review- o'
the day's events.' -
6:00 pm-Sign off -. Nationalu.A
them. _

SUNDAY AUGUST 7th 1960 '.




rAUGUST 7th- 1960

Ti Barbth

Its A Little Tod Late!

,_ni .was lowered longing to' Ti Barbe could be
gait ex-ciien ."Ti found in the Serge jogat garage;
S Morrison and a the idea being to appropriate it
casess by Le to pay off some of. elusive .Ti
ois Echos" col- Barbe's debts.
The Department of Information
.and Coordination 'have now cros-
.the morning daily sed the street to occupy the loc-
Mlted'that the "le al of the deceased Port au Prin-
ielWi Barbe" had ce Times, and the Caribbean
.t-" the Govern-
.of.fWe -he occupied
b-au Prince reign
tj5ow the Tax Off- PIZZA GARD
~eive. compen-PIZZA GARD
gto-iecelve .compea- I TALIAN' S3
^^ma... 'ITALIAN S
dib- disclosed that
l" hd- left in his .Although opened. some (our
cessioj ,of .Jarge un- months ago it- was only .itcently
atKcea grocery that the "Pizza Garden", an un-.
,. aid suggested usual and interesting restaurant
StistMission that dealing in genuine Italian spec-
si furniture be ask- ialties, was discovered.
e propertyW is stored ..
a property can be Managed by an I.alian,. the
io payment. "Pizza Garden" -l6ocated on
Suggestion was issu- the second square to Martissant,
ai.on the following No. 201, and bnly-100'yards short
dayi hen they sign- of the Hotel Riviera, -.is very
weflknoiwn auto be-reasonably priced with an Itali-
%" ..S" .

- r~n, tn-~'r~nc'~~-I-

I. -.

s Booty SOLAR
(Continued from page 8)
Lime is -increased by roughly the
Amount of time the sun is cov-
Anti-Communist League. Then'of ered.
course there was NEEDED: Ti ASIY SURFACE
B4 r be Enterprises, S. *NEEDED: A' SHINY SURFACE
B.irbe Enterprises. S. Since most types of solar cook-
A., composed of the Haitian In- Since most types of solar cook-
ternational Trading -Co. and the ers depend on reflected radia-
a ngo.a lion, the material from which
Gallerie d'Art Haltien; so There rion, the materal from which
allerie dArt Halen; so herethe reflector is made is of prime
must be something around to _epn
pay a percentage of the bill, ev- importance. Relatively inexpen-
enrr if it is only-dust of a certain sive durable aluminium sheet or
nature. [oil reflectors are used, for- mir-
rors would be too expensive and
easily damaged. Since thesp
surfaces only work .properly
when they are shiny, they must
9N. PROVIDES be cleaned before and after cook-
PECIALTIES ing. Several laboratories are
studying methods io apply a dur-
an family style dining atmosph- able .transparent finish to the
ere. metar reflecting surfaces so they.
-Choosing either the attractive can be easily' cleaned and rtstor-
garden-or thd. veranda, guests ed to their former brightness.'
can take their pick of a "spec-
ialty" mentf prepared in a gen- Practically speaking, several
uine, oven frorrf Italy. Included problems appear in the every
on the menu is -Pizza, Antipasto, day use of these solar cookers.
Spaghetti,..,Ravioli and Gnocchi. Although the stoves may not be
Italian wines .are also on hand too expensive if manufactured on
at' the "Pizza Garden" which is a large scale, they still may be,
open nightly -and will-ta e ord- too highly priced -for poor hornm-
ers during the day. es in under-developed countries

.The fact remains that food can
be cooked in the solar stoves.
In areas where fuel is short or
expensive or requires lorig hours
to collect and the needed sun-
light 'is present, as is true in
many of the economically.aunder-
developed countries, the solar'
cooker may become a cheap and.
practical method of cooking.
But-as.with any new experi-
mental appliance, more testihgn
and development of the stoves
will be necessary And home eco-
nomists will have to train the
womenfolk in their use. Alors -
Bon appetite!



j i ,, .- .'


#4stiSwstescigREE QORTSr
--- 't .. .. .- "i r 0 -~i.i' '. "'i ,*" b o d:.

J ti tinoamn-.u MAIO'nr4qA C TiO R.9. ;'
^i-i-m lt mous MaRloq, lL CTCIR ,

enek WAf-mes .* enek

. Stwiss Dafchees

* Cahtcmele Stoeatles


S* Siimsges

* -Ofcewdane.r

.0 AtJr^:L7,Pm r 5



C --

'''I. .


Oran dqcRu No. 342.

' A IT I -' N"

' i ,




where cookAng is often d9ne on
a fire built abong a few stones. .
These large and rather cumb-
ersome stoves need frequent att-
ention by busy women folk. And
the _stoves also form a hazard
for children, for in the case of -
the parabolic stove, the cooking. -
pot carn be easily upset. But"'.
people have -overcome similar
hazards in learning to use -fire-
plades and gas or electric stov-. -
es for cooking so this may
not be too serious a.problem.



! ...* -


The Centre di Art's Directue
DeWi'itt Peters will fly to \VIsh-
-. ington D.C. at the end of Aa1s-
ust in order to be present iat
the exhibition of sculpture w:ork
by the celebrated Haitian -irtrit
Georges Luiutaud, to be held in
the Pan Ametican Union buildi-
ing frum September 12 for onv
month. ,
Liautaud's one man show will
consist of 25 pieces of his irL..
-Last year he held" an April JwI

man show in New York C-it:,
with the non-primilive painter
Antonio Josepli.
On September 30th at Phil.td-
elphia's Newman Galleries :heire
will a group exhibition by '5 ofi
Hain's top artists. This will be
the first time that the work of
non-primitive painters Gesner,
Armand, Jacques, Gabriel, An-
tonio, Joseph, and Luce Turnier
will be featured.
At the end of August Luce Tui -

Sor Pad American.




Fr ** P*.Sl


nier ;s to arrive in Philadelplia
from Paris to hand over to De-
\Vit( Peters canvases from hl'r
last few months painting in Fran-
ce. The accomplished artist lia;s
been asked to repr-esent all her
Haitian cofifreres at' the opening
of the exhibition, (which contin-
ues through to October 29th, and
following the Philadelphia open-
ing Luce Turnier will be coming
back to Haiti to prepare for an
exhibit for the coming season.
Other Haitian artists working
outside their native country .at
the moment include Armand, lihe
is exhibiting ceramics sculpture
in Mexico and will return to
Haiti at the end of the year for
a one-man-show, Antonio Jesepi,


Book PresentatiniT

Two Exhibitions Of Haitian Art

Forthcoming In U.S.


currently concentrating on the LOCAL
transition from casien temperato TOURNALISTS' OFF
oils and who will probably feat- ON GERMAN
ure an exhibit shortly, and JTc'
Gabriel who is sending his art VISIT
contribution to th, c Philadelph ai The Editor of. the Cap Haitien
show from Paris where he is newspaper Le Noueau Monde,
humsii) at work. Gerard de Catalogne and Gerard
Jolibois left Hdtti .this week on
BANANA GROWING a Idur of Western Germafiy. This
TIN HAITI is the second tour organized for
INChaee des Feurs HAITI members of the Haitian press byh
Atherton Lee called at the Sun the German Embassy in Port
.his week and ,announced tii.t a tPr. nce. ..erah. Ger i-
fis former associates in the Un- Mr. de Nrath, Gerna-
ated Fruit Co. are speaking 'in Ambassador to H-iti, Me .
glowing terms concerniiti l re o -:ihn1)nor
company's growing of the, Chi- the Moana on Tues 'a o
?se banana in Honduras atid -.n- -r .. e .. t~
Guatemala. and. Mr- Jolibois terlned ,the
Atherton stated that the .Grvi ,test offeringg a
Michel variety of bina* a .Mat at Le;Perchoir for Minister Ni
Michel variety of banana that .ani.
h a -b e en so comrmionly s6kl ia '
throughout the. United .State, ..
markets is now practically imr
possible to coinbat. The Chinre'se ,
'aiana is .,said .to be "resislant .
,iid although smaleo' 'hi?.siit ,*.' '
ha's been marketed" in the:..it-.. -
:ish Isles from the Azords fdr
'ears ,. -, .g'g
If tihe United Fruit Co., opin-> "
ip U.S. markets for-t'he Chin e e ..s '
bananas it- can be- grow. .. ana ,
-marketer from Haiti as'well aer
cording to Atherton Lee. Un:t-J
Fruit also has two parties cI /
technologists iii the East Ind'- ".-.
and South .Pacifid, the home of .
the banana plant; looking fo:
:iew varieties resistant to Pa a- .
ma and Sizatoga diseases.

Miss Pamela Heini is oace
f-om Guantanamo 'base, C hli
where she was flowvn follow ing
an auto crash on the Petionmille

Road which necessitated
al care for her. She is
escing at hern home.:

gon'/ .l-


Hotel A A N SO-IIJ I,




The Laboule Villa was.I
scene of a gay \arty .Sasiu
held to celebrate the birb.
of Nlondo Fatton. .. i
" ..,* -
Christa Potensky, the d
of Herby Potensky. whb .iai.
Haiti from Ge r m a nLy n s V.
months ago .to meet her,,f1
and stepmother, hadn't eoifJ
Dad since the-2nd World T*ar.
combined birthday-farew.ell pa
.was. given. fog .-Chriita,4 .A
day last prior to her returij
Hamburg, Gerrany and .fn


----------- tjBa


1S C AMERAS AT flll.', fll: I'lr .h "-Y

;A .. ..


Maa* ^^ ^^^ '^^ ^g
: ~~ AIR C-N. 1


T'e "Second Conference of the was published by thi MIm
dependent African States' was of Information of the 'Ethft
esented in book form to the Government; the confredncr
aiti Sun hy the .Ethopian EnII- place in the Ethiopian. .Pa
ssy this week. The report )f ent. ..
e conference, a meeting whichh A Second book preBsedt
ceived world d wide attenti.;: was made to the Sun-thigj,
d press.cav.erage \khen it vns by the British BroadcastiDg:.
Id in Addis Ababa, Africa. t'ioni portion's French Sertice:,
ne 14 to June 26, is presented itled "Ou va I'Afriques- -o i,
comprehensive and attiactih, the book deals with the ',-
ok form giving th.e historical erns of Africa and:the-fed.
ckground of the conference, its ons today, French and Engliu
is and resolution,, and thljse Africa, the BBC's worl.-.ini
tes taking part. continent, and a description
thirteen. independent states at British Institutions in Afriea.-
ded this: the second. conhi.r- Haiti Sun thanks the Ethig
ce including. Uli.C6bngo '.vhcii Embassy and the BBC t bwl
currently entangled in a coin generous presentations; ..,
x political turmoil. The ho-ik

--I I i

PAGfE 14




rAUGUST 7th 1960 H

.A S .U N' .'. .. .. _
- .'.=... .
A-_I u -7 PA-UE.

don- aiaes' Buter.e
nsa yes B
. _.-- -.-..- -

-B HAPP-ENEIJD own production through such
BUTTER ASKES>' measures which are justified by
&*FOJIMATIONS"? the necessity. of supporting the
t,oftthe "Beurrerie des livestock industry -which plays
I levied--by the En- an important -role in the agric:
tji.of.the journal "Les cultural economy. .With an esti-
i techniques & Corn: mated average production Jpom.
Sin 'its' Monday edit- the factory of 600 kilos a day
st. it was:hoped that the Cayes but-
reeri" mpst '3 'months tcr would have begn able to take
.auguration .oE the its. place. on the mar k e t. and
aes Cayes'.t, a pro- woLild have quickly- satisfied the"
)i&phrred up a lot of consumers taste. This was jmpor-
pttbbjective is, in re- ant as the consumer' was some-
eIn..a volume of .prb- what skeptical,. doubting wheth-"
AijNd'ienough- to- supply e" the local 'product could..equal
tr'.needs; "stopping all the imported. one, a very unfor-
.Sts H.ave already .been tunate. way lit thinking detrim-"
.-tetate -the .entry- of ental to national progress. It -is
itter. Imporis are now indeed too bad that tp. to now
E.-y permits issued by *the Cayes butter is -not found
.ted de4partment.- This easily. Very.few people have had
i follow fluctuations'in the opportunity to taste it. How-
of locpal- butter piypdc-' ever the hfadable ,comments'
;''.- we have heard do not seem jus-
,rFOR' PIOTECTIVE ti ted; in so far As. we are con-
T.,AXATION?': cerned we found the butter ex-
laefi ever bedn talks of tremely -pure and of--an excep-
reax-atiion .to be applied tiohal quality.
Tbe ageelment 'indrutere' th VOLUME EXPECTED
tlhafc4,t}ieretail pkice ,of. "FAR DOWN" .
ilsbutter should-not '..ex- It seems, nevertheless that the
.ent-five cents..a pound. volume produced i far-from
hitter" of. fact, -butter ex -r6aching the aVticipated level.
'countries- keep up their Milk delivery by "Members" of

I. I

]jeA~or '
-.f r" -/ ."

--1. B,^^ ,

.,... ,. -

,s' :'* ;* _,*' : /''

->..'... x. ..
a.'.- L.',

S- f-.' ,.. .- -(

K^- _' .

'te *' ., ., Ep. '
,.. : _,

.', I

-+U; '. *,

,? :ha
*, P: I.

LU. H.. RM
on i h is..e I



~rnzl Grh6~OC,

.. .. I.
- .- ,r

fl.- +,,. O

wsawa at HaiM1


,the cooperative is rather limited, ced presently as we are .now go-
some of. these. suppliers prefer- ing 'through'--the peak of. local
ing.'to sell their milk to one of milk production which, from No-
the private dairies .established jvember on, will neccessarily di-
about 15 years ago.' It- is regret- rniimsh no' matter which efforts
table that -uch .low level "of but- are made to mainfEin, iL
ter production is being experen:- n' gdne'ral, "it seems That the

,. '- '., -
+" ". "- ." '-" -" '- .


Listen -o the Higlm3Fideliy brtltianceof this Pliilco master mode.
el amid you'll ihink you're inu the studio, so keen' and e!ear is every
programme. .
-, I '. -
But that's .only one .o this model's many fine fettLures; !others
includee: Complete. short wave and standard broadcast reception
oq 6WBads. Fasclinating 'long-low' 'styling 'ifilygti. -In with '-

with rich walnut-finished cabinet. .
S .-- HOUSE .FOR. R .i
-- For bachlOr 'or .small 'farnlI
High-Fidelity sound *from speaker. network ol duo-cone f r o u situted. at' "Moitne etcule'.
speaker and dynamic -side speaker. No. 108 (PetionVUIlS 4in.i afr'esljfC
,Separate bass and treble audio controls. 'ilcaipn, .. -kld : o' e-"e-Sa,
". .. ."-' '.' Plain spacious pla teilyl: Vt c.'."
swiMrminig- ,pool, .ater'h eatr et''

S"Fror Information, please call o6-;24
p,, the Jouhlrnal. -'"-,Ab".a-or

,- I "4 ..- *; .,* "

.. Edith Chaufet, is back honm.ui,,
-r.r P. en ', with her tvwo children while -^* 4
i Pleasure pa does his rnmlitar3Y service, :nil.
.. ..'. .- Mitz,. France... The trio are stay-'"
* : "\ I 7 :] T T' V TT III."' /-* .. ing' with GXandpa-..Prefec.C aw i=nd
... ..l^UW, .' ,.I .J JI' 'JIJL-J1.-; .^-. :" *, ws Lucin ChauvetI"in their Pie-"'"
: ;- .. .-* .P nnvil* ,.6om e.- .. "
.. ... 4..

'c.' h '. .

Haiti's "Gingerbread Palace" and famed hostolery the Grand Hotel Ojoffson, show place oi
Haitian architecture. e xqiusite cuisine..and coutev ted living. Set amongst a myriad of tropical trees
and gardens the' Ofoffson, complete with miniature pool, is the haven for the uninhibited and the
mecca for the Caribbean (ouribi.

-~ -a.
t. -- --
'?~7~' A -


". .. '

)- -

enterprise nedes some supp.
'to face. this- situation. Muchvefnio
ey has been invested intoeit n.
on-many angles Ut represents a
important experience ". :
-There' is apparently-somr.
"easiness in the -workindg..pfh,
daliy and .itjis rBisn
expert, *Mr. Faesse.. i"i
leavd the. coUptry,.- .' .
-It i.hopeilthat ys
ifent taq MiiitAantiiny
-Caye l:.I y 'will. E) fl*ng
public: th wer1iWlAa.,
praise .d td etdijspel
-of :all th o o wish
:ces.s' which' .cin ,e.asily -;.nftU
'- ..' f-,vorable wp.y te Abot2W
'.ec moment of the Caya.'&s


Two prdi iunent mebc
the 1lPBA< tetuirned r to I.iIJ
from a fortnight's ,ojou* :Ine
York last weekend, th -2:rM
Max1 ,Fombrun of -the;Stde(i

eddlhe b Lthdisddtx4,;_9e;"'by...
four' hours. :sleep" while M.
M1. planed in .early '.Suntdal
.froth Puerto Rico W.here he spe
two days. 'B.lh the- boys ~wet
.back 'n6. th'bwn by Monday
t Jatesh' '- .'
_,. + : : .- P


*..~ *
m rviyi

: ..PAGE 16



Castor Oil Roads Missioz

Sen. V. N. Constant came for- is equal to roughly 3 acres) to SEN
-ward in the Senate this week it, culture. The cultivation of (CL e J our" which stated, that de- "Ato
'with one of his biggest tows Palma Christi, claims, the Sen- Le Jour" which stated, that de- 'A
ever. Proclaiming that our so ator enthusiast call y, if well and Turkey but travelling th oldest estate
7-called 'road network" of 1000 done, can easily become a source Negro Republic had failed to hum
'Kilometers servicing 27,000 Kms. of income superior to what our send anyone had s alute the new Caihum
holds back the country on its coffee brings us. brother Ranyone tu blis in Africa to Capi
-way to prosperity. He proposed Aim of the proposed mission to ter h
-'pa way of self financing the build- Mr. Constant claims that a the Congo, stated Senator St. of C
ing of our roads. His solution is mere $400,000.00 will amply su- the Congo, stated Senator St. of C
.:to concentrate vigorously on the fice to promote the cultivation of Iouis, would be to transmit Hal- past
cultivation of castor oil plants. Palma Christi as he has explain- tow on the ofsead of th o b es- greg.
-The Castor oil ptant, claims the ed. 1 State, (on behalf of President ed o
Senator, is no longer that mod- And then, with the income Dr. Francis Duvbehal;o President ed Th
Jest plant known as "Palma Chri- from castor oil, Constant prop- signia and decoration "Grand ed i
pti" whose beans gave simply oses, that the road network we Crix Plaque d'or of Civilian tee
a laxative oil. Castor oil has be- need, be. built. Mere Touss t overturee" ate,
,ome big because it is used in Sen. Constant asked for Urg- e u r e,
the making of jet fuels so no ency and immediate vote of is and to offer to the Natin of reig
Congo the services of Haitian Hali
.caslf oroil, no jets,. Our country project. He obtained the urgen- technicians. union
'has 'considerable land ideally cy but not the immediate vote. COMPOSITION OF MISSION? -
fifted for the cultivation of Pal- In Jact, he decided on a last an- I S O S er,
'ma Christi. We can easily" de- alysis against the immediate suggested the Senator, the pro-
te,246,100 cArreaux (a carreau vote. t ,
.t 2 posed mission, currently in the -
form of a vow to be sent to the
Foreign A ffai rs CormitJ-tee,
would be composed of three par-
h .liamentaries, One doctor, one en-
ginieer, one agronomist, one sup-
'- erior officer of the Armed Fore- 1
es, one University professor, one
nurse, one representative of com-
des merce and industry, one repre-
senative of the students of Haiti,
S' one Haitian priest or pastor, one
journalist, and one representat-
'- :"'- ie of Haitian women.
"* .'.. :. IIt was suggested "that as the
mi. nssion would be of a goodwill
1 S, EVEIR.Y FRIDAY NIGHT nature a nationwide subscription
.'.- should be organized to: obtain
S F OR"M IDA BLES COUSINS'S fupds for the trip and a -week'g
sdjoun in the Congo by the sel-
;. ected members. Industries, com-
AT meree, banks, 'insurance icompa-
i. s,. theatres,' welfare instituti--
y a I ons, qtc., would be approached /
"A- LELE ,
.. 1

Cacique Island 'Ibb Beach'

_.ONLY $1.00 0 .

114" A, ,,S-.
^IS ^^BN E RBSTA>] "A l".''.







4 : .-.. .,l N, E W
Cac e Island Iba BeachNEW VOQDOO 'IF
C I b Declared inoffensive, by the
Order thugh MLascotte Scotle
;t"-: "- -A

i To Congo
subscribe. Department of Labor,) 'am
contribution will be asked," President of the I'Citi ..-
d Senator St. Louis, "of Go- Cross. ..
ment employees, from the "The week from Auga'
i)le:-t to the greatest, of the August 28 will be denotedaj
tal as well as the provinces, week of Haitian-Congoles..
1ake a contribution, no mat- arit.' and it. is then thatati
iow small., It will be asked scriptions will be open@eg
'atholic priests as well as funds will be soj 'mnlny.-
>rs to explain to 'their con- to Presiddnt Duvalier t.q,
nations the symbolic scope of patronage of whom this-T
movement. The same is ask- ment "is. placed. -... ,
f th' press." "To His 'Excellency, Dr;;
e proposed vow .also includ- cois. Duvalier, living incr
he coordination of a commit- 'of pride will be devolved .ti
by the President of the Sen- licate mission of desigmng
composed of the judicial, members of the. delegatibN
ious, political, dignitaries of in his quality of Executive'
i us well as one -hom the of State but in his qua4i
ns, to be designated by the spiritual leader of tie Nabt

H 0 TEL S'.

G. '.,- O.I'JG..R SIDENCE ''
-' : '.: : .... :. ". ; .' ; ,'' '.._ :,

You know
It'sa really .fine
Scotch when it's .1-


: ---- ,.. -- -- I '-- ,:

e ''e..u..d .q

11.tRANQOIS &edor
c D.. U ,-RIE V.en

-- .I- -

get *from New ,-ork-CiudAd *TrJil roite This 'is' ,pecia significant .
more people flownby 'Pan American ..In -95, m f the fact that the sur. a p toge there. ..
thetrip.. inauguration of -direct service e oudatoximately,52 per SWISS NATIONAL DAY P o the nat
.o.. yrven- .by instead .indirectly Via .Mi.ii .cent' of the. Clipper travelers 'Switzerla nds national Day was card game Jass-.
a loom& large brought about a time savingg wee 'vacation" travelers celebratedd by',-the entire Swiss- NO "ER
factor in bol- froMNew York of about 32' pe .- And as ..final b right note, the- colony of Pot au. Prince at thi ofed by Cap e
enes of rum- ceint.i ', travel gpubli-c .has take ins- hdm e in. -Debssy ,of Mr 'Ton rome, san the Ba
rcar counties. -- t'antyran1 enthusiastically-to jet Heini, Director -of'.the Splendid goane6on Monday tMis.weer-
S jet ge, and ut trave, increasedd 68 per travel. Cigarette Factorynd Honorary make the third such .
l itner gets cent inthe fiad year, -far abdve "The travel -agents say the -re- Swiss. Vtce-Qonsuil, and his .sfe as ioy days- TheWa
r40 per the..6rmral. growth. action to flying in jet transports p Tuesday was carryingsix p
before. ilar experience was .redl'rt expressed by their .custoriers_-is M. Gustave Gilg, Co nsul for of whom wore latbfh
Tti-adoe -paui. .- N ewb ofat hotedrbyCapd D te.
i. ios *con- ed .n the ase. -of an- Am's per.ite- most-. enthusiastic they have Swifzerland 'it Haiti, is vacation- agn- fourfshermen t
e he jts go, more vice between New York and p.Por( evr,' experienced' as result ing at" present in his':omeland. onr the crafrreg e'tl 'e
uoing; i Prince,. Haiti. In 1956, -a new i i-bange in the quality of o air It was.a! Gpjm to 2am party Wit '1saIelyr For Soy of ohe
e million -Unifed service:i ta Ciudad Trujillo re service" Pan Aienricath. reports inr.. di.-cing to Swiss wast bings se idpags 9
-qno traveled to placed theb dpreviousshedules yr .- --- -- --
"etral and Soi'th. Miami, brought a time .savr fi : : n o e wa :c -.* p ^se^
9' ent. almost at about 26 per cent .-
S e..e ..e Trayel shot. up 40per cent. The
e ..deno increase haddtienal "tr-vef s b brought "in
Experts pre. at least- an- e. xt athree-quarter' t:' r : '
eA an easily. of a,-millioid dollars no minor t.. -. "D.. .. .
a ean an etdra amount' to-. a relativelyy small ,... ......
directly intopl gic like Port au Prince. .r.
Reodstreamn of As -further proof, .three Carib-
ear bean resorts whose .air facilities -' ""
enabled them to be among the
ped'travel time, first spots to welcome jet serv- '
SLravel'is comr- je, last year" recorded impress- '
e ilade by Pan .igve travel- gains.
A.-ways, pion- In: Puerto .ico which Pa .
has en-ser- American has made the' jet cap- 4-
1 all eof Latin Ame aital ofilatin a ,Am iea .wittf som .ni
e ecides. 62 jet' flights a !week urrentlyr -, :
.11 e cific :travel figures practically s ho 0t W- Nwj- '
fes in the survey off the chartiunder the .mpefu -
rt. an average *reduc-, dfthle faster, rorq .luxarious s er ':"
en cent in traVel time vice. Puerto Rico's .visitor -couit. .:-I"*
ate-, brought passen- zoomed from' abolt 270,00.0 in a
V of 40 to 101 per 1958 to a staggering7'331,000 last --.. -

yed;, Pan Am. s orsa to Nssau -rose from f178,000 -e .....' -"" 0 .
.a -o...ute. In .-. -tb--_'4 ,oen ble andthe t ea m onig.s ot h. u." '.. '-' ..- '. a.' ': R" -..""'.. .-."
a ted direct serfrornm 170,000 to- .191,000. R
Spreious New Jet sees combine- with thf S M 'a'''''
4 nIdgleg route, changing work: 'pattern of UInite ,
S elapsed travel States employes ,l-to provide evei fl l [NE r "
rh, prospects for.. ,L .-AMde :,G too
,per.cent.. brighter, aspects fr Latin Am -. o you ve range .
tyearf or the new' erican vacation spots.- tss-'" ?i-. yeD-, "'''" u
i'New.,York-Nassart "The paid vacation ow from ucaugartonwa erru. w telon -
101 per cent over two- to fol-r: eeks has'. become- Are o c a ang t pond forh ortblebniet -
Ilould have. bee.t. almost universal in the Uited far fr waereabouts the pr Cat iese Tract
es. increase .represei Stay," the Pan Americanm suir .ter t 9hat fau rea ineif yOUt ter and.pn
ei tra.e 2,- ve notes. -This circurhstance hat' wh6re ry -,6orcoal rsh ine water. w after
.- for Nas- woud,, appear, propitious (or. .andoe ii race toc i
Sincreaese'- in acatibrn travel to aliDg bra ad Cat iesel T
inoived the more, distant points ". 5 s in btoragel au st cre.- d wSe ait s for2 atCl
_______________- -__-nd ______- -. st- t -v -8 i it. 'd8n a 'e
D ASoA PIR 8TESJBATTLE N a do b r the1t411ai-PU spar od
O t19 gge .tl~ecatg~i.torI U-ler81 rctora TtaY ys al-e-" .f""n..
i mn paPe ),- other ,group. wgedwhyou, |l -p 4Frwheel e invite YOU
sufficiently to make lock, stock6- an barre. o ,, ,"er heel trcttsreuse st o e e
i1leak' a mob of 20 persons, believed to. -e f.ed lots, and roads _-n e.r e .a".. .. .
hat. c.ne out .members of the pirate gang, are t" o .. that works bes. .
MM e'dn:;" ear Pesteli reportedly t under arrest An the see the tractot ons ration' sa, s.. .-W 'c' IQ'A
""ck' d the ship and mainland. The cargo of the now range for ade o t rcdRrl". a. 'i
aud i,',,. n empty vessel was insured by Vif wi you're hin"c'n -
," .-, ""Marthe's ta- .."A...
w staunchly hbeat "wh
ttck by resource- STEPHEN BROS
clo of water ,-fre Hliterature "Power Farming." telling how c1i
edid-ceMnit and M.V. HAIfT TRADER I. .. ? Di|el Tracts.orpyIorDrammendu cupon
. at the invaders. V. HAITI MERCHANT' I .-ria--... with' ."a of rop land Ba,.- ,.I
men ontcrehes tolear. C toCo.'
q injured' and SERVE HAITI AND FLORIDA YI TR CO want adbonetid oi, -
& sated: Friday fortihnightly savings, of the -v & E UIPMENT CO., S A 0 he if-
ve.the defenders Miami- Port auPrince -Miami MENT CO A 3P 0 heckHneyou are student I
o-f the pirates. MAURICE BONNEFIL Na- '
'ol -there is one. fact PERSONALLY SUPERVISED N L, .. ---I '
k- DING AND'' UNLO,.IN. Aes,u.-- '..
3flear -, not one nail LOADING AND'LOAOADING Manager,' ChancerlesAddres .
,. the 'cargo hold 'For fall infofmatioin call at: I -
Maere Marthe return- T7 Rule des Ceiars or _____o.i.
toweriday The Telephose,2. 0;5 u I
aon for thid s is MIAMI ADD ESS:. -
h-crew was fighting Telephone: Highland 1767 -
S the attackers an- 'Franklin 98111.

So d. a .. ,

-':' solv
'- b' l ,

". ac
l insu:

L Jone
:- Prin

S den

it v


re. : Sca

C Mitc



-., .C

W -. -

E.18 -' "HAITI S

U N:"

in alternation. fery business powerful weed
-- Frogm en Unplug According to the three divers~ COMBITE -SONGS. ing -dynamjt-.
the weeds enshrouding Lake ip INSPIRE ,FROOWIN '- explosive dis'itod
(Connlued from page 4) be was duck shooting on Mira- ragoane were "as thick as the The work of ie Haitian-Ame- essful- the boys of"t
er wlio handled the official goane 30 years ago. hair on a dog's back," and corn- rican cooperation in- alleviating team will not fotgt
e of the bewitching and un- NOT'"CLEANED" bined with water lilies and reeds the. strain on corhmurncation bet- "Combite" songs AUI
ed- case of the mysery ship SINCE 1928 made a compress 6o thick that ween North and 'South by. un- iin the work .tear a wfi
irie Celeste" which sank oft The natural overflows became they f o r m e d floating islands plugging the flooded, lake should ously rang' tf6'A-?
agoane, after her discovery b I o c k e d in 1928 when heavy strong enough to support the soon culminate with the roar of surrounding L-ke
he Atlantic as a ghost ship, rains, accompanying a cyclone, weight of a man. The btting .
cidently. on purpose" in an flooded the area. Since Mitch- apd removal of these weeds and -
rance deal which turned out all's uiitial cleaning out the hol- associated debris was imperative o o -X -I'.
e a swindle. While the div- es have remained undisturbed. as not only did they prevent the. -
team, is on the job Major Camil Mitchell stated that he divers from seeing anything un-
's radios, a daily report from and his men threw in the dyna- der water, they also formed a'
igokne at 4pm to Port au mite charges and hoped for the menace for when the holes ulti- V
ce on the rate of progress. best not expecting the, resulting mately became unblocked-they
umil Mitchell, a .JHaitian res- climax. The opening of the'clog- would be puck in and cause, a -t a
t of American parentage, ged holes caused such a rush new stoppage. V ',i C "'
already had a close associa- of water that it was like open- .hi. e
with Lake Miragoane for ing the plug on a full bath tub The three holes, have openings,. .
vas he who unclogged the of. water the boat with the *each, of only 24 inches in diam- 4 '
e channels leading the sur- workers in it was sucked up eter and these are located four INGREDIENTS" .
off to the sea in 1928.-At- against the bank after being vio- feet below- the normal water .lev-. .
time of this reopening of the lently spun around in a whirl el and two feet above the floor nd a hkl cqps sifted FES. TVAfl
ked drains Camil used dyn- pool. of the lake.. f cps sft F
te and 10 village workmen -For this, the second, cleaning 'P -
helpers; the workmen, he the divers are .spending about PRES INVITED and a al tespoonful akig
dled. this week, were paid two hours a. day-under water b.v TO ATTEND. SCENE ..
he rate of 30 .cents per day. using'a portable compressor and On. Tuesday .m o r. it n g this j tespoonful salt
-hell. first came across the shallow diving dress and masks week, at the invitation 1 r. .
es leading from the lake when and taking thirty minute dixes Ted Arthur of the U.S. Inforna: .. .
tion Service, members 'Of the. ."J.
S- press were whisked down to the ad:a half cup.SU .: ..
ST-MERY WROTE OF MIRAGOANE'S Miragoane Lakeby the.U.S. Na- .. ':'
val Mission's helicopter : with garters cup milk
": UTLET- HOLES IVetrah pilot Red Alleh at the* .
OUTLET HOLES controls. In arm chair ease the: ,
..: :. newsmen flew down the coast half' a cp orteni..
'early. ap th 18th. ceihiry the water is low and -where ode ini..oe tenth of the time.nor- .
m'iniaque -holes prov'dig. an can even hear the noise. of th mally t ak en in fravelling by Mix 00 strokes byhand or' i
% -. C'., ..- ,-.y .- -- ",- -!
o- tlI for, Lake Mirn flow, and discharges into.I th .road. F lyingg at nifie hund-
-ad.- been-_ :.i dCeire Tnd -.e- iat the little i ay.:ot,.Gar ~ge red tept along the. c o.a st a 1 ,l ..--: '. .. "
.ftd pta efiapoS b ,. a at.er-faus; for.t rie,mean .highway the mudlti-colored lam- .. -
IVlrf'r Aloresaiu-de Saint-- helot -ofe-r the 'hasI beetev- os .s- ceuld 'easily..' be- see telbw C 'Add 4 egg"-WMteS iunbeatn. ".
'- e-sipti : of hItated.-ks'bei'ng forty feet tabdye as they l-abotio"sly.e. ee ic'dy "their .
NIftr emmeingie- "had thisiea leveL"-" way south over, the main arterial' .- half l kcup
iae third volume,. (pag- highway r hat today alternates .- -,'
C. ...-- .... '" -,,'c', between-a river,- quadmire and too ui va a -
I ae. (ia n con.- MEXIC.O CONFERENCE arn&y .obstacle courts, : '1

..Ir o""eutlet'olaea North- Two' Iai agonomis nt- -A.,omplete- disapkieari' rc 1 00 stroke
.E-asterly.. One aundaed and ed to attend the Confedence of is performed by the ain 'high- mixer at mediumssled ..
i..ts ll els --1tm the Ministers of rcul re in way to- the -south lwherd it -runs .,,
.t7.thq brf. ,pui.t Mexico City, whichc commelnces into the. Miragoane Lake -- con.- .o batter into .2--- l
r-w8here Le -lake is rather on' August 15th in Mexico depart- create; bridge, road and all.. It. "t e. a .l '
o coveted .with Xushes. ed Poit-..au PrinceA1gst-3-for was a colorNil scene of''afivtity. "
'; bridge th- watmi 'the-Weexiean Capital. They were on each /.- of th fIlooded road Bake .30 ..inutes at 350 egree
og stones .dlreetWg it- Messis., Frederic Kepreau and as: local truck haulersan d push-- ost with- yo- choice of froSte
the North; to pass Gabri l Ileolas.- Both men were ers conducted a livingng trade. ,-
,ira-ppile, or stacked- cks,. picked: r represent ,.fis, country dragging the larger tru'e!ksc over '.
p.ed ightin tp'oeach at he conference. by the Minist- the fl6dded bridge b6ttlenec '. '
) h th o months. r- e-.qf Finace,'and 'Agriculture- wle otherss busy ri' aged
...rt one ,may "ee. wiheni MW'.Gefard Phflippeaii. C thnia'el[s with'-. a-.productiie.- ; C :
0O#olo *w* *with' -a 0 0prod.i

Si A Wek Rrnarn

;Graialln Rcd Sale Art1 Cce

,. 0 .,1-. '4,#.-s_,

; '- .;


r to ro.p ,ba r rc G U IDE.;_.a -F ioudd. .... __-h ....i
.-,.: E""-& a,.,- :.... ,--.*.-. '.'-
0-r n t i ;I--he o erib

rs ep.ortk n Hai".afr -.yea.. i ...urope N1ht- -o a th .-on .e .n
Is ~ home ~from a si~x'monthtas tourba ob the attend for .alG pro ed are G'rao san retu flfpet; 1 C
eAMicheline Arand is.o be m ed at goto the bOnfio. I the Schoo ed t& asguard ay, August t e eP To)
I,. c't- Hilbbarbcuson a.t-A.. ieri t, the Sa a). ,o .qEdd 'with. hi e l

&cIbb da gave.ip his am bas adorsudp togaOAS itirrno theaeo d l iata n1; f S. M

imthethe.Interamirican Bank; he:is visiting arists and intellectso1"tthe con- 4 b George n Ger tH 0 L Petris o .hbp2pE
Nthe.. ii" ent- oft ohe.Scherteing r. ae.htthe e Ttodn1l h of- the. u A ina
Sto eeksb atee I eoe eeyqe ~ehan sWntaGeV

ile ur op.-...reeeber..and s p r ne .: -" -
Sar home rm .e sixi m t'i s tour. of-i the -attend fordially invited and free Nto ONIeN S 0:
E -eed"Mimcline Ar nan i isl... be mir ied .. a-f go-to the benefit'. of,.the dSchol ned tb Hiti-Surday lst from aH th Nat.ons
lett etof pppsT~he boxer willlsellor O th ChaUffeu 'Guide Associationq.'
oiith -. unc; more the' George Jwnta of lwonan. i bwhe g Depan-me tn g e ld at the Paouadium -

...... E .. .. ....p m. .th. .a. g lm ^'- fe'" 'on.-,..-d.... 3 doll .or the i.id .,.
.I B raqine cutt Hibbiw:and-'Li sona ae vicaiotig :n the : oc ert SCOeS ..*
.HIibbert gave. p his ambeassadorship to_ O9S or, eetingh6 plae-. at. g at.a- A- IC'IURO :
o 2000 sailed though t he bacInteram e Bank aho i s t ths andintelleets" -e co ..' I

,".i; lu "."The --iet.disingus.ed .Guatern. -er -ete as ch d '-I' & .
tr u -Albetll o Wieno;B er- Headquartesrecaed f t. h rt is o ethe secofoase-- -

.. The h happiest couple;, tostepoH ,atPana lipper _- t.c s d
_e shd -.to .the-old-Shel.b- ildin...- -:es fira,rnged'".to rtaise.-funds for
t e sifted tof.theo.ldSheU bri lding.-C the erection- of-the partly-kcorpI ""
SYoyou Born ar eted Ch ffe r Guide.- ;. ..' building' -.

0an are visitik ww.iH Dr-atn- Mrse l fr Lughlian Vf 4
id. g tw e. eo k at te ,l t ".:eoaughtLee scinath u w o 'the Sr r ian "ld .
gg a iaentfor' S er.ng- Jeao. Caude.p or tthispartys to .en&.alt harte -
e bargueneal onstl e .... aud .... ... ies, sheduledto getOfder waye..
e r nd Nure embarked tn a Tidth : 30pm tonightt, ere is to : ,

.E H irl ..v. ue- ist ieN..York........ .i.ll.... .o... ted Tours i iami who
UUE"Alred VpillettEs socageue; atmosphere superb .. te .to e
Fellow Inedical student of l redeic Mdsen on Ohioae m asking, the meringue. .
iityin. FJac gisance carrorived Satrdt i .Oed visit to .Hait Mr and Mrs J L O -P E, !SOU:

w .- M. Shattuck wbpNhas -.spent her ." ;
e'e or. rue ein de; n th trnsp rt t A rntr5m Hotels hos r h & t nd -s -, s

Seab ce -fromsheir former dn ,Fi ld g .ost, .no .wa. .,to leave;. Mr "_-id .Mrs: ..,-._ ND LGS -'. S *.. '.
S.r' re .aleThurday. afteby betheirrra.ged byac r tesyhofxt theo FISH LOB- 'OR1ONCH. PE
oo busy with Cogate to.leave t .... ol. Ja-- is uid soiatin.- -
Prettyb ieatUticihn-Elsld ie-- spendinthc -concert,': off '
im- Sathedriday on g 4i.bneA trip abroad :-.. i sitin .- -AAT .-I ...
ca for a few dakthqstag rie-returned early this- h longest established make

f sa ntoni obl se the ll t or lde r:
P o To autau@aareevactomngigfu K, tHr a

U.S. IN HAIT. T. IS... umobilewith a world wide r0. epl.."t- 0
S Mr y Payne, J. Man- ation." : -. -
Sf 2 sailed though the Detba' in. banh Juanst Ap plitants' soud understand' fl .. .
42-45) Pe quit distinguish rentd uest ing oer f thes. Eng lish language is. j -0'

u atithe El Rancho... ., imperative. *. '. --
.- Yo.. ng of ,Vo ,,.ary Abraha3- '-- PPER, a Secretary, -
4jr. jailCead t no BHat ser Cathy .Wolera grafc Maned agby er his applications sould be ad- .

ience of for a commercial art Studio in dressed in writinghto P.O. Box Th o sweet lLoInUUR ninde in ScoftJ onK
1 hpp e tost Chicago spent a few days at the 457 with the following details: ,.clipe" 2...

ging withat ade their outingsin company dcatin and reece together Indissable fo festivities ad for every occa
so.gayed sut with Marion De Gruccio,",i a Se- with complete ist of Wor eer em- .

in s a- g at C-MouDune an arb a st.ic pnde. L -AMANLM C
k at om ..1 a e r c we'.. s. ..
s, tr t c b cossesLre. RileyeandL aer-erof1e-uen
ege-O aC;erd'o Csastel .tidd ,-ht, t ts-" ,

-- -t' --v u ting ,-w t Dr;.- s s h-b atck bfhr. as specdnd heer st, '
,thts:-week: "ora~ d' y :"a- a on ie Sans, Sou"in hti itere hav ngd.sleft -".- --, .. .
L .,- s.ao-r- ..rr e.--
Or4i Farreln f rt tr ore B'wtndard OU.: o t M ans to iee r and I M`s...K -* I' .. .. S... .. I' ;.... ,d :,
Une 'St uces with her. .o Clad. ....t.. .. n y y ng l .a5 reiromaDay-..
u..wtho-_eo.eav.tn,-..- s -
Satdelalow y oeil students bile.!0trip d aroea e ton,- W o --. E.e. .
c g Dir etor ofCAR' : hr Hadi~ti telast n w .ek- visALES...af Mr and, Mrs--., .
He-retuneparly this- oA loegest.. eomaCity;a h Mask .0.. .. .
t 0week ofrAatoorbafio.t -t-odns-Sou. -
S fo -a. ou-W ar sketching f and does .
atAYaMsen-notan.th r Doyle .,_. PaleayM,enoMr 'rs
SPuertdetem ,ho&e .m :-Bois .Patctb .dirmgtheiri.W. Marqsatnlic ,,Miami,n s aond.nerand PAN&
,,ore were ,accompanied-by their t.;d growing W, Ba~haer ho
W ]e YuMr A a m avSetecre.taTrrdad oT
-r,.tae toe CathyWolfe ra grafic Manager Allapplications -fomdd be, -R M c
d1. camei to, Chicago spentatfewdays at h with thereootusii:ngdh .. d : Te' only .e LQUi.: perie. -in ..aierftid :.

f gd Satusrday a- n eft ri t C abrrobd .. "-t s t ... -" "
oracng iectors aoftCARe'iia-. a "ertar frlast Dweek- ...Olywrtenapliat Di0:01" -A -A&.
.. .i"By the-exelusid e agent for t, 0 0 0 0 *


'PAGE 20


Public Appearance...


4 (Continued from page 11 of 'the Militia force," stated Ni- away from you will want to
1 Forming of the Volunte5e- Civil coleau. "Excellency, the gun that make you slaves again.")
.^Militia of the National Palace, Sonthonax gave -us to defend our
-.the parade was under the -corn- liberty and that the American VOLUNTEERS PRESENTED ,
S-'mand of Mr. Lucien Toussaint,! occupation had, taken awa3 from Five platoons forming the bat-
f-,.assisted by Adjudant "Chochot- us, is the gun that, 'without fear, tation of the, National Palace,
i:te; Ducasse. The platoon from youhave given back-to us be following the speech, gave a dis-
ijj-Fort Dimanche was commended assured that this ..arm- Will not -play of the field movement of
-, by officers Belmont Lafond and be used against you. -deployed order. Next, the Chlei
Roniain. -" ."W nep organization j.we of the "Corps of Volunteers of
|...:Two *years .'eig.,mag.neeq io p.ctica.trqmiunand .Jhe District of- Port au Pri.:cp"
.inv asion torce: ldid in I h aiti.,knol.edge6 i.the hEQ' mo- -Mr Jban-Claude Bordes- spoke
.S .'oin- Keywest, 'Florida, seized deri arms, so, if necessary, we and presented to the, Chief o&
'he .main military barracks, and are able to defend 'your Govern- -State' the battalion of volunteers
S.ded ih-attempt to storm the Na- ment." (Eds. note; Sonthonax,/,trained at the Port ati Prin
ioaal Palace. It was at this n member 6L the 3rd Civil Corn- f district headquarters.
',:-Atime that- the.Goyerhnient' called' mission to lainit boming.e, in .:e .
1-'..on loyal 'partisAfns to hquidate 1796, ,brought 30,000 guns wit .:.. He paid homage to, the officers.
i-the invasion force cQmnposed him and-,gave thpmi to the for- and sous-officdrs; who devoted
-O/ of`,Fe Haitian ex-AriSv'ofiBe 'rtnef s~ives sayirii, 'here if your themselves ii order to make thefc
.ad five 'American soldiers of liberty; he who will take this civilian an' element worthy of
.0, fortune. -

"*' -1""
carrying arms." Jean-C I a u d e.. -Tuesday.s 6carj
Bordes concluded his, address eludedd with' ,a' i '
with a riehewal of the oath of ed i, the building
-King Ifenri .hist.opphe. the grounds oof the
The pairwde. continufd- at -10:30 lace for -the Presid%
am when the platoon of -honor. Th "Presideii.t t-.
of the Volunteers Co ps of the Dr-., Francois- _jwaj
District of Port au,W ,ce;-ex8tbrief-speebads.,O
cuted a "moulinel'et"M' he ':-a-. tilianD]ih'.
lute 6i the Queen." The parade "their eyes open" a
then ended with a final march' back and 'reflect on'
p. ast. '. ,

"*'' -'. .

At Wtle arval. of the Chief .oL
.-'I a te on Wte hatonial- Palace
poro the companies of militia
re 0Rna womei presented 'ar ns
S.-resideit Duvalier saluted
&'iag..- Mr.. Leostene Nico!e.iu
Couanannl ot' the Seconid.' Pi-'-
t thqe Nataonali Palace then
ada-speech m which he spoyie !
-;..,"eterill enemies' of, thed

[7. .;~. '7
4$ ~4

y 4. J


President. ,uval e rh s c t
. ; *, -. .. ?.:: .<*,

S Cpaier Jean-fi

l.Tie.t;aakeso. a!,roqys*hn-t
. :;'..^.through.-ela'pphkret

oan -work ot-the. Go'-
infd r wI4.tdt4ngthe. -
romi.July' 2 to J ly. ll
shift' .-.-. etrated r ito .. .. .- .. -

A'..J. en lilevent.' -* -

':4^.. '..* ',.. :* ; D 'D-UVAL ItiEB ; E ,"
. ,- ', t '" --, .. : SS HAJRGk D.AFF RS
OIN$Sj RADOP 4 f'PEkkC' President Dn:Francois Duva-
S- .. : ... lir reeeeived t U : Ame n'ca
-' -Y MANY C,. Carge .. d-Afirs, .;-. Philip
S '" llims- at-the National Palace
oA --WedriesdAy m6 ri.g.thi
v ft ."-. .. i ...-, .,;, .' ,lri,
ement vee 'Acbsrdini tq tle
.... oupthe-mieetiDg as leig
y,, o: -pffdbably, $*nt d

:es..tions ed corgerMng --the two.
r.- hbori ig countries.. '"".
/ !IIILLY ARCur*Har,' -
Mr-S .Sn I 'K. .Schne-dnard.
S his wife, Philadelpia, PA., spentt
ZI- A t- ..... several -days" in Haiti this week.
"- Schneidmar is. dn "architect
and both hbe and hi. wife expres-
..... ... ., .-.: seda a lo oifiterept tih ltH (iHaiti-
-,.Chr.st a.n"e'....d' i s:theii be

gest of eGrad Vioafsfarny5
CONTINENTAL TRADII a AA4s-s ..te Lo Louis -Gertrd,
G Grand -'Re Vitl.. otois. France, Chris-
.EMMAU M a 'Sn engineer and is now
MAN- r- -.,.'. ., at~tendlhg the-Beaux Arts in Pa

S..:*.........** ..* .. ..> ... ... -.- ...-. 4- .

SI.S-- l i : ":' -. i
,.',. ... .. -" t-... N,...,. .

. ". .t. "., m ; """ ;.. "
- ..- .: .' ., ,:* .. f ; -, {;g.r -.., .. ,- .. *'.. .. ; :^ : -
,k^ ;: '. '- 't, *i.- v... T ^ ',? \ ".; ,; ';" *. .' ".^ '* "'f *. ..* -.- .. ; ". "
( ,t -- -...
RA. .. .# ,

' -i -

The Mo ado sapphire .crysltaliei
gleamrns .wh a.rarie. brllian ce[n
.-Its :hardndfes is surpassed ..:S'
S- ly.y.tit .of the diamond.
--., You wil'cherish your ,' .
Movado'.which offers you:-a.' '. ''
precisi,on thrice .tjumphant-,, e 14w .
hriElre y. ars (at the' official mtniinIre mqa -
O..-ld figureo:mi

i .. ; ': 1 4K.
... ...^ :': il..i "k '.^ .: *'..., '' ^

m F _. '.rh : r-'x".. '.: -" w~

4... ,..:; w .
,. ,:., r.. .. .. ., :'. ;' :i"? .' ..".,;
: .4. .' i,. "i
-- ~- : ; .-' "
.. -I 4 I ; 'I m' i I i f i s' I I Ii I A :;
.- ":. ,, ... ,: ." ,' 4 : '. ,

g r

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