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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Duke University Libraries
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Duke University Libraries
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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DUMLARSAIS ESTIME Phone: 2061 --Y VO Xq-K MAY 2nd,.



I !
r <


-'AVID ,aitian visitor and Mlne tan .on' a sevep day vi
tly was Aril Joy B-arg s;r'fr S e fy,, l flnd and now-
resident hi New.YoV-d. rls. Bprgess, a dancing teacehdr, payid
4..to,some oIf-HAti's industries aid is here setn standuing by
aPien relic of the machine age examining .dry Sisal fiber.
:. .., r. IO f ,
% "-?| B-' M g, ,,,tM ~ M ^ i ^ ^ ^ '* I

May Day Officials D
0,000 workers Of the. R l'ic Ha ttasit j4 par-
ide todayy in Poritau-'Priiee as paPrtdf the celebration:
([eremoiny held annually to'- ark- Work and .Agriek t-
ure -' (. .
I .
pThe "Celebration de la Fete and attachment to the land, and
il Naioale du Travail et de- l'A- on the recommendation of the
_culture" .proceedings will be Agronomnes of. the Agriculture
officiallyy -opened by'the..Presid- Department, 262 peasant farm-
ntt -of, the Republic, Dr. Fran- ers will each receive f6iu- hect-
Uis Duvalier with Madame. Du- ares of land during the ceremo-
alier in attendance. ny celebrating May, Day.
. Theme for this year's celebra- Other:peaisaits,iDv, rioQs rur-
Iinn is- the so inn "encourinn,'. al sectioni'wti hn haid hon wonrk-

Shark Mauls Diver

I;. Haitian cocnmercilail skin-diver is recovering. on t
I4nd of La.'GonaAre from a -'rap with. a rhark. T
diver was workii'g the reefs o"s& the -south end of t1
jiand when he met, the shark..
In what' is believed the h
NeW British Air such encounter in decades,,
*a At L diver, warded off the vorac
Naval a- Att e Here fish after it had taken away
right knee and part of his th
in 'one bite. This* rate and n
RAF .Group Captain W. tragic incident is said'-to h
W6otten.DFC, AFC made his 1st. taken place. at a depth of-tw,
official visit to Haiti this past ty feet of water:just as the-f
wwek .as, the accredited British erman speared a fish.
air and naval attache with res- ee pofusly he
idenc ,' Caracas. Venezuea transported by sailBoat down-
Accompanied by British Amb- coast to .a .missionary hosp
assador Gerard Thomas Corley where his .wtund was ttreate
Smith CMG Captain Wootten .
made ,official calls Thursday. CASINO CHANGE
morning. upon foreign Minister
Ra 'mnd Moise, Interior and ]S
continuedd on page 3) (See Stot page 2),


ing land over a long term will
be, presented with legal titles of
land. This action is in accord-
ance with the law of January,
12th, 1934. on "Bien Rural de
In conjunction with the celeb-
rations is the opening of the Tn-
dustrial and Artisans Fair by the
President in the Place d'Italie.
Here some 20 colorful stands
have been erected in recent
( /fl(ontinui e on oe- '20)

g,, encrage, p, scinsv un g
lhe Haitian effort' and .by Hai-
Itian products." "We have chos-
~:n this slogan because we wish
1, educate the Haitian public in Cois B uys T o
oc I ndu sti H C ap oi& B 's T ro1Ja
local Industry .and 10 a s s i s t
Snese enterprises," stated Mr.
ax Antoine, Director of the De- Norway's ill-fated motor ves- charted vessel approached Cap
ar.tment of Labor,. in an inter. sel "Trolla," which three weeks Haitian harbor in rough seas and
ilew this week. ago struck a Cap Haitian reef, strong winds to pick up a load
i year the response om defied salvage attempts ahd was of scrap iron. Her Skipper de-
This year the response from finally.declared "lost," has been cided not to risk entry and com-
mployers has been exceeding-- sold, according o'. the 'Norweg- menced turning to head back out
encouraging and enthusiastic an Consul in Haiti, Mr. Edward I sea and safety and the Trol-
nd certainly has precedence ov- MvicGurk who received cable ad- la struck on the self same reef
Fr former years,- continued Mr. vice to this eLfect on Tuesday which w recked" the Santa Maria,
rntoine. The Director of the De- Raymond Nhzon,- a man of the flagship of Christopher Col-
partment o.Labor explained that some means in the North oi unibus. some 400 years, ago.
,althoi'gh. some 50,000 Workers Haiti and with Coffee and Sisal Mr. McGurk stated that he
were taking part in the. May. 1st interests, is reported to have had informed his Vice Consul,
ielebrations, these workers were purchased the reefed ship from Nonce Novella, to lower the Nor-
h'om-the Capital and neighbor- the Scandinavian Mariie Claims. wegian flag on the doomed 20
AL districts only; not from all Broadway, New York City --the -month old ship. Trolla, equipped
rthe- Republic as-other towns insurance- agents of the "Trol- with stern engines cost over a
O pach hon!d(ln their own- n iv II.'" i (' 'a.. i-, I.. !, ni l *, '.'a,
Celebrations. n Apil 1.'th th Ro.val NetL -I. ,,.. -, .. s. worth
s .a reward for their con.l.ic-i erI-nds Steamship Co m p a ny l
"L 'l.4


1960 No.25 *f 'ii. ,
-- :" ..
q .

.. '.-> ..


Haiti Gets Another
Chance To Assert
Herself In --
Tourist Trade
he Monday, May 2.-Midwest and,'j
he Southwest Chapter's oft ASTA.
.(American Society .of Travel Ag-',
ents,) commenced their -Sprig
firit Convention in' Haiti. today'4 wne
,the they were introduced to the'.
ious President, Dr. Francois Dtia- ..
his her, at the National Palace ahd;-K,
high were welcomed- by Government,
iear Officials. .-
ave .
yen- Making the most of an oppoir-
ish- tunity to increase the annual in.
flux of tourists, (at present ',
was, 60,000 annually;) HAitian .touri4'.
the2 officials and arrangements ebz 3-
dital ,Mittees':have gone all-out' to, pre
d sent thle convening ASTA nmemb-
- ers. with a thorough and diver&L?.
sified.6. program. of, shopin; -i
7S sightseeing and entertainment. ,
Replying to the President's'
(Continued osn .page 20)
- -- :. : -, ::'. -'"' .;

,See Haiti Arti
-..- .--

Below is Roloert SL Brice and
It the left Andre, Dimanche
leading exponents of Haitfli .'
art whose works are to-be l
hibited in a joint exhibition in ."
the Cober Gallery, New York,.
from May 3rd to the 21st. -L.'
Brice is presenting 23 paintings
and Dimanche 26 of his work -f.
of, sculpture.
PAPE 1. .





b:In Haiti This Week

".. BY

.'S e..'.er- -- .

lotnelo -to .-Haii :. The. ,lidwest and Southwest Chapters of the
."'eran -Society, of Travel Agents (ASTA) are holding their
i.g.meetng here 'this .week and the opening of their convent-.
Zi,-fdueomorOw at..10am ,nthe National Palace. A first stream
Convehtionalists arrived in Port Saturday from Jamaica and,
le:by- lt-Bernharidt Kirkegaard of Fords, Travel Service,
.ajgo,-and".-Vice. President of the- Midwest Chapter-Chairman of
brti Spring Meeting. He flew to Dominican Republic to come
hiere.r a,. A second stream of 35 arrived .here late Saturday.
,Was led frby, iss Frances Niles, Agency. Sales ,Representative
Detra .in. Ch-iaO. 'In .the second- intake were Mr. Robert P.
"gyraefnieD otbr df the.Area 8 and-:his .wife, Mr. Ralph H. Ab-
a resident- of the. Midwest.Chapter and--his wife, _Mr. Richard
arambleto,. President- of the Southwesft"Chapter, and Mr. Geor-
$.taym District: Sales Manager: over a 7I-state- aieg for
Ielta in Qhcago and is wife The rest of .the listed 110 members
ir. the: -convii"on-and their wives are expected-, to arrive today
'r iPan4f. fA1.i'~"p:lanned itinerary awaits the visitors.- General
iferjct 'i-'C-Cifnissariatf Nationaf du. Tourism Mr. Jean-.
-acques ora spenii many JritIng hours with the Organizing
,nmi whi.c iLludecd Dr. R .ndall Assad, (Chaimnfan of the'
g Meeting Robert Baussan-f thHotel- Ibo Lele, Pierre
auvet &gerice Citadelle; :Ceofges Heraux -of-: Heraux Tours
nd Hotel Sais Souci, -Dr. Gerard iKenol of .thie Sohada. Shop and
en. Mercon. of the Tourist Guides. Association. Mr. Honiorat,
rho is a g.Vs t -Direclor'of the .eri.vetion, -is ass ted in.his
,, t...., c i Racser of, te onnmissariat National du-
usii stan Direct,) .Au). ule1IFlic r, e Rel-
.td Suppi.c ohtantin iet -aid M.. Brim
*oef, the .n:if action Srvice~Ofcji of th nven-
-.. f _. ,,
.a.. ,'Utth SprifgMeeting. are.i.RobertP .P Malley,
arraVeL. Bureau, GaryIndjana and .iect ofte.aea
'y.. his w- .;i members of he F4.cu'i_'ttee
E' I Westf.t Chap 'ter-' President, Ralph H Is'io"tCafeftee
Chi o .and hfi wife; :yie Piden .Bernhardt
d odrd vl"a S viS e Chi.rcaga the
et- ,g- T.easurer. 'Mrs. Marie. B pa-llhi-ark
e Sretay, Rudolph M.:u Groe ct'ted Travel
il. Trdiina' The Execu i- i oiiee .of;, he
ou apteLr'.-ftepresnted-by' -is .idtfiechard J.
t Hs etf TtaV.el ", -:Chi- Birix of.
--A wi-f'&it-Chi ana of
.Steinp ad ,lIss. Ha2.. ume;:H All *Tours'
[ Chicagol-i' ._I a"as hostss" at the -rece
th --
i. pniziufig-,co hieas'givenros io
netting 'the -5 .day programme of the Convention
Y19Ow' 1 -w the list it looks as if all ASTA members are
.eae.':_ *a;great'time -in Haiti.I,
twi.U "-. wwoxsem eP.V

-manJId rry Gil fejadjhis pretty.
uld,%W -

SS" lre back -r.a visih t .and

.1 a -

droe Gilbert
e iberts have hoed Bere
* -- -' -Cii tinnel o h


Report from a reliable source
Saturday night stated that ne-
gotiations over the past two
months have resulted. in Paul
Weesner, President of the Bpon
Aime and owner of the Hotel
Riviera, taking over control of,
the International Casino.
According to the report Wees-
ner has been joined in the vent-.
ure by Oklahoma Oilman, Char-
les McCann, in making the pur-
chase of Port-au-Prince's gamb-
ling palace from Clifford A.
Jones, a former Lieutenant Gov-
ernor of Nevada who -operated
the Casino for 18 months.
The International Casino 'is to
be moved from-its present site,
according, to the report, to -the
Hotel Riviera on the outskirts
of the Capital and adjacent to..
the water front and an estimated
quarter-of-a-million dollars is to"
be spent on improvements and
conversion. into' a plush Hotel
Casino. -

A notice published in newspap-.
ers this -week read to the effect
.that one reason why the Tele-
phones might not be functidn-
ing efficiently- Was because of
the bad atmospheric conditions;
heavy rains and workers on the
Grand, Rue disturbing telephone
cables were given as further
reasons. '

(Continued from- page 1)
.National Defence 1Mirmiter Aur-
ele Joseph, General Pierre Mer-
ceron Chief of Staff of the Aim-
ed Forces, Coast Guard Co zm-.
ander Albert Poitevien -and Air-
force commander Colonel GedR-
ges Danache.
The distinguished Royal :Air-
force Pilot returned to Venezue-
.la Friday-morning. He is accre-
dited to seven countries in ,ceit-
'ral America besides Haiti.

At the request of- the Presid-
:-nt of the Republic; Dr. Fran--
,-ois Duvalier, ODVA closed
down for a period of eight days
last .Saturday while Administra-
tor Garvey Laurent -with the as-I
distance of Advisor Norman
Ward: conduct a review 'of ad-
mniinistrative 'personnel in the:val-
ley. p e s e
:Suggestions for good personnel
:and management practice have
-been submitted by -the specially
Appointed -six man- committee
-trid -ac6epted. .They define the;
functions of the ODVA board
"ad the Administrator.
It' is expected- that work in,
:he 'Artibonite will resume on'
.Monday. M.,. Harry Yo,; of the.
Point Four Organization return-
!d to the Capital this week from,
-a conference in Lima, Peru.

The Bacoulou Dancers appear
at the Rex Theatre Monday nite
May .2nd, in a show of colorful
folk dances.
The proceeds from the perfor-
marce go to the aid of the ITan-
(lcapped Children of Haiti.

With this lhiuee:the "'Haiti .n' takes pleasjrli.
a new sized --Tabloid presentedih full. confidence.
readers. Reason for the change.-in size is to:.x
handling and mailing to our overseas subscribtrs-'a
that the tabloid in its new'presentation is. in keeppi
policy we have-followied fol- 10 years-in Haii -i
of Interest to Haiti and4.topical and huiian interest
our readers;, both. in Hailti and abroad.
Our new .tabloid is to -be printed on a n.w p
at the "Sun"' arid reidiing- value in.this aee
from 16 pages to 24 pages of ples., articles and-
Interest to YOU the reader.
We hope in the near future to return .to the'-.
a 30 page weekly (a size used:by_. us8'evijuslyv..
nq price rise in any way for 11e:nrrentr0 itirt
With the presentation of the new toidwe th
readers, for your support in the. st' d
you' for your oqttn~ieeds.ssn'-thy J
language. newspaper. -



T-.. .. 1,."A" ': + O,. N

-IO 2 "P'f T'it4R P.M.


Hotel Riviera D'HaitF
BAY. .::.

Hftel RivieraD 0Haiti

rrN AN T


H.Hotel -fiivie-r

The only sweet IQUE-UR.ae ,Scotla,
Sthe basis of the finest pure bid' SCOVTCH VHl|
Indispensablefor feoi- vitkw 4'-.
Ision. -- : -' :7": *"

: : -. t

the area known
Ravine" flooded
last .Moriday when
.ed through the
S Hoti'sse" pushing
waters up and-over
s.P"l s same event
hiuently during
four months, but on

ilral population living
has suffered great-
!ie floods and many
have lost all their
nd, household usten-
wP.-iooden houses were
by the potent stream
c was blocked from
,th' streets and on the
i "

oebple abandoned their
ifre' the flood's ons-
d the dramatic situ-
Ned its peak with the
t'of a two-weeks old
p. Haitien people feel
eventually could have
ded if the organization
i.of preservative works
pusly undertaken their
h all the population,
i1e first .flood, called
i' of .'te': responsible
,p the real dangers
ne Belle Hotesse."
Very tragic exper-
lie opinion is that in-
.should make
'ieO r~ money and
at the completion of
i-ieeded work. This es-
s. as the Public
rent i' maintains
i" 'money is avail-
e Cap Haitien'q

The "Capois" in the area are
now lIving in terror of repeti-
tions of last Monday's tragedy.


On Wednesday, April 27th, the
bruiseship "Stella Polaris" call-
ed at Cap Haitian. Raymond
Jean Pibrre of Christophe's Cit-
adel Tours came especially to
the North to greet the visitors
and to conduct them on the Cit-
adel trip and to Sans Souci and
the City: and ,its surroundings.
The tourists enjoyed their stay.
in spite of the mud festooning
the streets 'and many of them
walked around the town to ad-
mire its original and 17th cent-
ury-type .houses.

As for some years now, the
Polaris is the only cruiseship to
maintain fidelity to Cap Haiti-

Rumor here has it that a Cap
Haitien businessman has bought
the wrecked "Trolla"' and will
soon remove from the ship all
.the' materials he can utilize in
his industrial works.

On many occasions Trou duI
Nord has also been isolated
from Cap after even slight
rains. Added to this flooded
mess is the area "Desvarennes"
is converted into a long and deep
ribbon of mud and all Camoin
drivers are out of the traffic in
that zone.


Ceremonies took -place ,iere
'ast week to dedicate the new
Church of-Cap Haitien. A large
number of Capois attended the
ceremonies whicl1 extended ov-
er four days."


* With the lower part of the
town converted by recent floods
ito swamps and with the sew-
age completely and effectively
blocked, mosquitoes have inv-
.aded Cap Haitien. The effect is
a, double one; people don't stand
a chance of sleeping nights ind
there is 'a. current terrific up-
surge of malaria cases.


The engines from the doom-
-.',- ship a:nd other machinery Grocers here can no Iongei
will be' pulled ashore to funct- buy brown sugar from, Port-aun.
ion in industrial works. ep and have to buy it fivrni
Usine .Larue through "Depot de
NO ROAD FOR THE l'Etat. This, business house is
NORTH~.st L not open every 'day and when
it is open there are rarely em-
Fort Liberte and Ouanamin- ployees on hand to sell the bags.
the have been completely isol- A black market for the brown
ated from the .Cap. The bridge sugar has alreadbeen planned
Malette" was brokendo as a result of this' unintelligible
during' a heavy rain last week. restriction.



ned to give you the bet

le service at no extra etk

See them td,


The River of' Limbe has al-
ways been a constant source ot
danger to this town and recent
aji s have aggravated the situ-
ation. It is well within the
I,, i' ds of possibility that one
',f these days in the near tuture
imle will be erased from tha
map by a flood \%ash. Traflti:
,.'.,eun I'ie Cap and Pott-au-
Prince has already been stopped
by thi.1 liver many times this

According to reasonable surv-
eys the next Coffee crop h:,s
b en seriously undermined hy.
suLccesiv'e downpours of r a i n
which- have caused severe dam-
age to the first and second.
bloommnt of the trees. It is ex-
pected that the same result will
be forthcoming for Cocoa and
ll fi;uit 'trees. Other cro;:s.
such as corn, peanuts, heans.
tc., have also sutfc-i cd fiom
'ie a roospheric (oandItilons.
\erey *oon Cap Haitien w i 1
rc :,.'in r-o'nfrrioi' l vith
the ne'i: for a wharf. Since 1953,
when i'Ce Compania de Industri-
as M -Uitimas performed the
.. "'I" '- I ". ,, i '. th ,.

pier has gradually been filling
with sand and other impedim-
ents building up the sea floor.
Pote Cole's American Officials
have begun to move in to the'
new houses erected for them at-
op a hill at Carenage. As sonn ,
as the other houses are com-
pleted their new residents will
occupy them.
The Haitian American Meat &
Provision Co.,' have started sel-
.ling their products in Cap Hai-
tien. Local representative f o r
HAMPCO at the Cap is Nourry

NEV Wll .



C. .LI R J A'. ,,S -' .':

',,! w* '. .* a %, a'!
.O. .1 "'.. *-. v.

weight charges, .0with.,CI8tws.r9blem, ki0. '.-

*liouor, odrchaset l abroad,',pa"rtyijn .Hail .
to your homeinrmbst cases-t prices cheape*
Scw ring. t throdigh,t accofpan .by1 i :

-A J, r','Kw('\ thft6 oil S)'e *:J\

.. Y. Del.,

I Bell's S eiai,Rese(ve Whisky $32.20
'2. HaKy ftistr Finest

"[S'3. L.t1 q '"eflr;.Whjsty 3 3.00 A
4 g 8'-atri'ot h ky 3 2.35 ,

I Joh. iaA rsh Isky 29.
9. Can Ia 1' ,3 1.50 i
10, Beefeaiter Sin28
I 'erry5 .ei g :
e ...4 ,4
11) n'. ''

17,. uramouie 'i.. '' h "ry 33.55 21
13. Harvey's e 33.55 21


'Current In Cap Haitien

SUNDAY, MAY 1st, 1

Jean-Leon Destine. Haiti's..Ai-
bassador of the dance on his
first home furlough in two' years
plans to give a benifit show .for
inider-privileged Haitian child-
ren on his return to New York
Harr Belafonte, Ertha -itt .
and Geoffre.y Eolden. ,will .,be., A
among the guest stars Des'tiin.'.
is recruiting for the June'4. t ,h
The Haitian American'Artist
association will sponsor htie. show ''
and Destine hopes. to include a'"Q
Haitiaf orchestra and' a number *'
of artists from here .in the'ecast
of stars at the' Manhatta'n Cent- '
er. .
- -,-- ...--...--- .-----.: ,.

o R]?? dre, ront-F.Fortf,

- L




rhei. *e eby Efida

,'- .. .I_ *, 1 ,

,two pe'.form..ances to a. t of "Le bes), L ui, Dem'.s (D.
Car~ot1e de ia C'habsoti," -- a ne bDiure B~as) ahd%
swift ~moving panorama of 5mus- rythm set~tion, of Naptilf
c,. sbong'-'and .dace ptesentcd :LouiW-Chens.
r ~~by1' Vobalist' Herb Widm'ai~r- &Ci~se ion 'is .'Sta l ets." a "" 'e S tar"-t"1'. a" e t," 4" .
Chdooing the Re'x Th'afh~re- as RS'itO~ 'dance corn4i h
envue an;sen- ...o 8re:,iooli 1g bettPT S
pmble have .played ;their- show 'jero~rnaiice with thefi
on two .occa~sidns' to date and if chr Mng a1ilou -
'4 audiencee acelaimation is 'ansy i er. A' don'go 'dane feature
dication then .there willl' be 'many'Mai taing. the;1udca e-
.n ~~~~~~ o r e s u c h s h o w s to 'f b l lo w n H e v a n G u

P.v.zw of the second Z : i

ahetn w the u: o.
to. a., t-:-e door'. t some gol i d i s, te

0 disappointed fans 'To these "Sta lets y bracketgjvi
r exp--essd after the .~ow- I,-
oethat they ba beoetter luck
-ext time"'
,, A, 'Comi peing f to the Sl,. in, t.e

audience :was. well-knownk radio
.'anotiojceri columnist anQ ~M. C.
-i'Maunc DuNtiq uet .and his
'l'"' '" '-' Io--pat c bnI f 134W ',"
!'.,.';:S n ...r rIA ,t- .us .y b .e t n .of. .N-. .. ,

song. and ... p en

'"ood audience piar tiipation
ri -ete~a~u~sel cci ast e reandbr theip opening bracket of pop Qpeming bracket of rb sho'w
.d.... "pproaeb .an conep Vth:".

......, ,.,Caro .el. me h s":.ne.ing with the asecs a nd dn o
rendwt'o pnom-of the nmtiv ihcms Pren-t .
e ,' H erb ''a -his, i ,- o r:'-, o -, be r;-

". ,ede with an entire r new ap o-,
on t"A. w.y ,Vo o stsHerbSt ,WJd't ai ise ..oth 1 ".i

adic and concept of Haitian iop-
,,.' hiAU "nc "' "

.,S,. u ar 'es : "Salt"' ::te

__ _chs by the rvocalbgroupea e

tunes b.well-known Haitian
"-'lcompore au p uad ,.Gtoirlla 4 eroum ih .e,
1: Preiew- f thetehnd

on. Guy Duro sier Otelo Ba yard,' .
qr Ig "w :a tod -t H r 'd oo.Wi.''ai o himself *d
-P-' (1Jerbe sang lead seolo' ith t'e'

jAY' ~' -~.* FBacking fo igycstho-to the'
I 4Oesm e. e gu%
.e onApatron t as- he .--oo du ..

S(4ght thng a, en g am d solo spote o ing i op"' 4-, d
--. *' *r0-wr .dsperormtedb s',o.the se "Starrlets4" 1 ~'t' i'

on with accortwisbedcooMi-ts
,.dm,.,unlup, pat e 'Wdei-triatment. to" Latinm A
,. x j._ ', ,,, .,
,tre ep press eadrf e e how, "tI .e.t .pe

'" a'd n e dope t hat M" hey.'a v aetterluc k-.
4 ', F-x t m "' ":,,. :
I..:....'I. ,ompetnhg -to. the. '300'Ain'ti t" ''
:'','udi- ee. was.. well-known, radio -.-- _
'"-amo" cer,. co1u~mrui~t and.''. :",-
!' .Alaux d-...co: u*4:. q u e t .anj his
."" r... i... :.' ,.. / ,nmoct' pateri ..combimfed ".W %%i'-
it -! :,h'orousi". reipartee,". made for.?

,.- ,' -, .
,.:'U .''A-% :'": -.''" .., ,; :- ..-.: .: ...,4ood audiencee participationn, !. : ""
19 h' '/".:a tg ,. ,ta. bts.' ''di teir opening .'birackdt" 6("o-", Obiening 6racket, tqrf"-?tffi shiow,".-.-:.- -:
i(L~~~~~~~~~~t_ .O o a e n nb p ; Y em le ft 'J "i rig li k :a t e s t o y~ d ed k b $ H e ~rb y ib d t h e -., ": 2 !

_;~~~~~~~~ J-7.11 -1 I--I-iLvyAd-F

fl.lA. ~etl t --e:--y ...- .B-, --,. i ,-. .'" .-r JUO .-n li ... "Stu n v banlts Lat in S ma atls ed r n .. ., '~ sm ilefroi
.. -: ~ k .- "5 .- .," ., -, -= I"- .-. ". ". .. _.- -. .e, n l: l a Aso gs in Keep- ', -

-i Widmaier s-ngs 4The 'ros The
.,.,la -g, dances ,dm s tu..e--. Fo ", to rih t e- ta.. Hen,. Maim', Mne and Guyer ne -a

ach an ocei f fit.h p
4. 4 4 b brce 'b 4-sns:faue
'" Haitian.
G y- "4" .... "
'... -., .. ba ..
: : :h.' .- 5.= .. ,z ,.: .' 1 .- "" ''... 5. ,.,.,,land :,"-. i il :.. llwe .-r
"C .'- .:" '' -'9"-0h "' ".."ol :" wit "Ape
': -" ,. .. .Y : : :' r : -Gj D rsfr Oerb a ary,,. ..
:: : '.,",- ?,..'v,:' ~i --:. .. !/:- -:t<,. .. .. ,.- :. -;,.: : ,: ,, ~nd H rbF ;'.. m ez h~r sel -:; .
...,: .. :.'..:3 .'. ''' -i ": -!''',' -"- ,. ." ,. H rly a g le d s o w th .e -'
"! t: 'nt..h ;, : "- ,t _. 2 :'
"- : : ',', -- ] : ,. f h l 4 'l ; .. 1' ,.k i, -ng .' '- f o.r..t
._ .. .-r,. ... ,
7 ..... ... ,... .. ... ... ... ..'-
.. . -p e o r .;" .. '

~~~~~s -"-...... ,j"': "
-.-. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ .o~ .': '..,..L 0. R-,; t -hu~h g"a.d ,:s,.
..:I ,; .'. r"-:-;, : I' : : g. ? = ..'.,a
.. ...........~A .. ... .,- -.
... :'wer _pe~~r '' r T
..:,:: i'' : :, '-i' .. :'-< '- :'" : IF

lIle fr IQ.-
I--sns o h 'bi, -":-- wt' p ri" 'el vibr antii: Lat.mpin ,Sa-.a ,at.'...
to.~ ~~~~~ "d'0"hs cn pefr
He-,, M o Maioan
..u'06 'an Am ria "_L mui. they' -ar son.' -Snwh-ac~ lmi
p ,Ld n 'q i e.' ." :. to r'." "" -" PUY.-' % ,,- -.,.

iAY, MAY 1st, 1960


And Berto' Carve A Name Ontop Of

lof the major attractions
t-au-Prince is the cool and
i.mountain-climbing drive
e-Boutillier to the mist edi-
*and almost etherial at-
ere lf- Le Perchoir Hai-
'ding restaurant and gour-
am for Haitian and con-

frchoir's spacious wind-
n a living screen which
piFy to the visitor a pa-
l. unparalled of Port-au-
b and the surrounding en-
..: or can within seconds
Sovel with, an endless par-
.l cumulo nimbus, placing
-ibmountain top restaurant in
u-fferent and enchanted world.
&litaxing this vista and at-
3here are two bubbling per-
ml.ies, handsome and young
ot. bf drive, Inge and "Ber-
* Barcilon; two people with an
repsible sense of humor and
. 4
Ipnd co-managers of Le Per-

L- interview- revealed Alber-
Barcilon's delightful piquan-
-and. his readiness to answer
fstions- aimed at delving into
colorfull background and dis-
'.what had led him and
ji-.wife Inge from their

.- 'first how he came
Haiti Berto described
.ixieeting with Al Nous-
oi.6f Haiti's foremost de-
y te-tore, La Belle Cre-
,ettime of the meeting
.ws employed as Desk
pf the International
Sm~Basle, Switzerland and
ustas was on one of his
tfr pS to Europe and gear-
tgothe City for a hotel room
o'clock at night, tot this
ternational Fair tithe and
looms were far from being
o'ustas marched into the
jitemational Hotel, moved to the
0naager's desk and looking him
rarelyy in the 'eye stated,
Young man, you will find me
;lcoom..." At this stage neither
na. had pondered on the "idea
( mployer-employee but it was
$longi before ,Mr. Noustas
.a brief statement to the
that he would like to have
wq'ork for him. Back? came
'reply, "I am getting mar-
Wir," followed by Al Nous-
iqick rejoinder, "Well get
ed and then come."

S. .- ,,
,. '
Repinhg Berto Barcilon with a flaiibe`ts bd~ieMihih'iaWim dal

At a quite church, wedding in -at the .otel Business -S-iool in
Fribburg, Germany on Decedib- ..,atine:: (~fWr':,'mpthey had
er 1lth, '1960, Alberto Barcilon .refsfd tb li h to,, his leas
was wed to Iiigeborg Krause, a' -to enter.,ah art, school,); where
week later they were in Port-au- he.stui ed liteitl'l. "His art work
Prince and on the .31st of that Js n6Ow ttetea:.as-a hobbr and
saime month they 'made their hiss paiffiag is subject to idmir-
first trip to their new mountain action.
place of employment wheie with .. .
admirable fortitude they discov- During the years 1954-1956 'he
ered the subtle differences in underwent all the required 9our-
working away from home 'and ses "of the Hotel school and the
the changes in psychology and list reads something like an en-
work habits lack of means of cyclopedja; service and controls,
communication, no ..transporta- statistics, psychology of clients
tion and so no reliability on any- and taste, kitchen administrat-
thing except what was done b.Y ion. cooking in all its meanial-
the young couple themselves. ities, k it c he n merchandising
In Berto's own words, "I was (which includes knowing the
very sorry for' the people who seasons of all fruits and veget-
came to dinner that night (New ables' throughout the world,) ab-
Year's Eve) but I learned 'a attoir apprenticeship to learn the
good lesson and was twice as basic principles involved in the
determined to have things run- selection, c u t s and grades of
ning my own way after that." meats, technical administration,
Inge smiled when Berto spoke international and hotel law, book
of his "certain measure of prid- keeping and on and on with
e" at what has been accompl- many more subjects to be mast-
ished since that first night as ered.
she remembers well those first
nights when all outside noises His wife Inge received her
were strange'-and foreign, training at the Frauen Farch
Schule in Fribourg. Germany
Foreign noises meant nothing and at the Harry Schemli School
to Berto though as he had ex- in Basle where she learned the.
perienced plenty of them in the delicate and complicated arts of
desert while staying with Bed- bar hostessing. It was at this
ouins in their tents near Alex- time that the two met while they
andria,-Egypt and was often se- were both working for different
renaded by unseen but felt liz- hotels in Basle; Inge was in
ards, snakes and scorpions. charge of the serving and super-
Despite his firm convictions
of becoming an artist, Berto
ended up by enrolling in courses H otel S
^ Hotel S/

vising of a hotel. lobby, loungps With alL this pageantry .6f e
and bars while Berto was, with kings land cuisine Berto ,co
the Internhtional Hotel. not :help but -absorb the spir
and the knowledge. With .tii
FLAMING DELICACIES spirit in 'mind Alblerto BarciloU
Berto possesses a passion for likes to keep the "Cartel at. -
presenting his customers with Perchoir somewhat after the .in'l
flaming delicacies. Hard though es of a theatre, that is he press7
it may be to believe this part- cents each .eek varied special-
icular talent and genuine flair ties and foods, changing the
came about through the activit- formarice for anyone who s-..
ies of his every day life, for al- wishes. He has traied'his heip
though he never gave a thought ers according to his way, ana;
to entering the culinary field; to anticipate his demands;f
indeed he was.: trained for the would especially, ,li :ith."b
administrative and executive as- states. "if everyone wlio "camie.l
nect of the hotel trade, his back- the restaurant tried. -sometin
ground provided a "natural" for new on each occasian-j .o ta'he||
his current employment. thrill of tasting:" "-.
In Egypt, Berto's father be- .',
longed to the organization of elo likes (t treaft'eac
"Les. Grands Hotels", and as his guests as something.se.
Berto was the only boy. in a and at' the. same time
family multitude of girl cousins, pect.:. the .person's whiMms'hl. '
he was a very niuch demanded lets the. guest 'ge.t the .es
squire to such scenes as Egypt- ventures of the palte by.-bv,
ian hotels abounding with Swiss !ig him with dishes'- ,". &
and French celebrated chefs who jik6 most-,having.: "'" -
formed the retinue of exiled '- .
Kings in Egypt from 1925 to '52: Sp'cialties of -Betto
All these, chefs created dishes are .Poelet .'la* &iE".... an
for the personalities they served, a Gypsy 'Slc.. e.r.fi-ip"
having them prepared in the Barbare, Shish K FabiI~ et':r
kitchens and then flamboyantly don, Riige ahd .the. a$nst>;tVih
perfected a table. sisters CrepesrS ana
gaUt4n Palcta 'Te
Numbered among these pers- brated of 'lis delicaies tfoe ]
onalities were Zogti of' Albaia ; and a gomet's r eighf, are
Prince Abou. Seoud of Arabia. Lobster. fJlue '"E -r
Prminq Mohammed Ali, King-Fa- Peche, F G mbea.era"l:,
rouk,, .Piincess Leila Shehab. oti :the arcilons -
Queen' of the fabulous and Jnyst- idly fallen in love with Haitiiit
serious Drnizes --.a people knoivn its charts. and off N1o .idys,
for' their intelleettial qualities their' day- off- .they like drothing
and their' artistic and. creative better than to take -to the bachh
endowments, andr the most Eu- fo, the day and, are 're;quiA
ropean of Arabs whose dinners visitors, to ,Kyona. and ,Cand que
were incomparable affairs.. Isl 's Ibo' ch .

M .arie-jeane,

134, Rue du Centre





15 Years Exper neceW.3. .
P.O. Box d O e-.

A ., .

tN^"3 S

-A W4 Ce Fafe


i ~ A Distinguished Hotel In The Heart Of Te '
Conveniently .Located To The' Shopping DIstri& ,I-

All Air Conditioned RoW s. i t at hs-;ad iMwet'
-New Pool Terrace wi&0 ous'side Lr avd Sti g S -
Air Conditionned Bar Unsiurassed Cuisine -F-Mie .Serv
FROM 5:30 TO 6:30 p.m., INFORMAL.
From 7:30 P.M. To Midnight With, Floor She V- TT S


= I




Haiti's 'Genius' Artist Pinchinat Us O

L"Y CURRENT CALANO Canadian with t
One is often reluctant to use artist similar to the thousand.- iness experizpde, ex
.;the .word genius in connection you find at Greenwich Village ab:e and reia b~l e
.-witff- a. living person that one 'r Saint-Germain Les Pres. No' p. pt ime position -'
-lha's known for a long time ;n !he wants above all to remain -eply Bo .4-33-M ,
everyday life. Geniuses can on- Hatlian but, also, he knows that A-
y13. be.people born in a fuoteig.i Art with n capital AJ is prim- .FORRN
S"land, preferably in aanothe .cent ary, lie wants to liberate IIthe Large new' ho:ie.-'
utiy,. and you Mteet them .'nly Irue nrt doi meant inside of .him. T (aE Piitud&e 370 -
-. in'mboo -s. 'Take-Leonardo Da- Vii- So he holdly resigned from the .furnished, ofl 3 .aer s e
i, the's a genius for you': paint- Arimy .and, wenj to Paris to hlve Living room witho
,;:er, .sculptor, poet, engineer, in i the life of' an artist, to stud,, 4 bedrooms,-nmatds oiMi
-. ventor,- or take Wolfgang Amad- his ultimate goal of expressing hall. .bathroo:i, se.mv ,-
-- oetius-'Mozart who played the pia- seriously and to work toward crs, car garage, 3 .ir
-."no i(we should say. harpsieurdi as .beaulifOlly as-.)ossiole h en and coveld po
-: the age of four.. message that he hs-'in-him. At co!d water. rei9ef-ojli-
Needless to go. iJto 'an argu- his s showing in Paris, in 1953, at Addresss: p. Bot
rx fit with anyone'-dbout wivhther the. Galerie RBuno Bassano-. p a--e ,, ,.
r. not Mak Pinchinat is a .ge,-the critics had this to say: .- i.
SBut- 't i terestg to'know '...heoesto the frontier o WANTED
that hetartedL drawing at the abstracti, and keeps in Good second hahdbldf
r' .a.ge -of -5:, apd' also inte'-- contact t with Nature Hwith guso, er pieceAs., Please rejlo,
hiing, top know. what he dien and talent .. LE 'PEINTRE '. 'Talti Sun.
well he drew doves and dobv'bs '...alien iJiflubnce still hovers -
are 'knoV 'to be s. mb ls' of on his aftial -works .but sormie ,. AR FOR SA
Siaspo ft. the. Abolue. A psy painatigs reveal aan authority i f ~tis9h Austin -I.
i-'4tst could draw very interest- graphite and compositidn and a e, Thiu study- arf
rI.r Ieieni.'egs aboutt thai clioice richness .in the *'choice of the'. Apply Mnaisqo.
Sbfedoves Ait f&st subjects madtteJi that -how .great. prom- rt PetionolelQ
esay' to state. that ise- for die young pairiter "
igras- of the Absblute haDs .Le Journal de I'Amateur. i
g* ne 'ar beyondo'd doves" since esolu te, quick, trend chant ..... m
a'orig `his .paintings will be an untamed po'ier.- oi In I Ali
nd -rtraits, -nudes -peasant c- '- _A l left -Pr
vo-od.oo- Aeremobies;:an l.this yo-'g painter f rom -.. .. rndsBh Pari ,nd'.the' oire.-to1
h t et .f o La 'Sainte- HMat tri es td tame the ardour o.Galerie "Bassano", .runo Bassan /, Rue De..
oiri1 ;df .Cdarine fighting of his fiati e impulsions through, 'h .. M l l.
ighting'bulls a d beau- the eam.,ple o same ofour aa'-, dvjce a It x'wasMax'who ead .He 11ll he bacl in Hait .in 196- P,- ,..
til iles not o inentiot ant-gard painters however the he -revolt of Haitian arists ag- Thaf' s an event which-his cd- E NiI R,
Aj nusoi abtfraction-s' h" o ~rrtofhis cduntrV' iem:- ains-the' C&trfe d'Art, foq" fear mirers are 4%vaitig with'impa- O
',5 be icose in 19 4 tQ ais uk'Araigt4\q-w. is s that 'it loul-forever .estrie the hience because..they know that L r, n ... th-
.rainnugh- lets. it shoul ie.' Haitan : art ,concept to th~ e --encupter of. e' .ne. and b. ofoks wriztte
regularr i ,oo-n so... LE PARSISEN LIBERE shackles of Primintiiism. o ore mature Pinchlnat it.1i } l at Haiti .un -o
rtd'" edthe 4 ita- y Aca de- "The versatile artist, (te is not "le ..is now. preparing 'i-Pais bei ed. country, is bouid' to ree ;M e
Send.l_-. on.ly' a pirter ado water col- a showing o I;s n4ewest 'idrks. sut if masterpieces.. "a. -,im .
,. gi- ."p ani .'. a
aT bet-y p55 u ,e i t ." ,, s -. OU. E Wre-J:
r 4 e1n te meantime e- real or, crayono. sculptor, I- I. .-HOUE Wl I
but tha i discip Jlne was able articles a Hbout Hmhaii art M A-f n ier p..i" -j
o:e&h p0o d daw and artists,) has studied in Pa- I" ; n m ed residence bedr.

At.,4 ncordsodpgn'ee with the is 1 "L e Chaujie- baths, mitodern :~p1i
ab Aoh cAncoiy A o" re"h at 4thias h showings -i ein Iite'aen. hot .watI
1 t.hakin ws in 194_9 at one ir,-Pthis a in Htiti. SITlJ x ['ED, ON PETIONVILL2E SQ JARE out, "garden with_
position Intbrnationale of is. program is to std great Plae Boyer is .
-urfpiPn ge were he obtaiti art during fi o.ense-utive-vears PLEASANT AND COLOIRFUL Pilae oser Il-re l
".gld _edal. i n... in paris, coM- hack to Haiti (or A' A O.PI-ERE ., lo.
-It-is.Stessary to state tha', two years to inirmerie g- his nat- U .'- -
4 ,begij- ng, Piichl-iat ave su'nund'hg s again EUROPEAN FOR AMERICAN PLAN Repl HAITI SUN.+
s'set himself .aat the to Parbs fo 5 'fbarsc-ak d g. a iI REQURE' HOUSE FOR -E
4ielof it airt.. Q.e.-anted on. So far h l~,ully kept a-eld t hree-bed
".o either r a.l. prin'itWie" .his 'se-idule b-u-t .U a IAJ STC AND. .!AR 'ABOUT ,.d
beau he'k..ws'that His Ha-ti; 6r es regard LS..... O OF ~ PECIA RATES "uile road"five ni nu
o -o "be- a .~fse one him-n;ith' awr l'nd, confidence 'Piionwle fo rentP'
a'#. %culife 'hi- Wheti .he caine--back from Pa- : Lo RESTD$NCE '. fbrmatloni call I9.
l nqr',-..sophistiated ris they all fldeked to: him for "O._ ISTD-E ai .

S.New! Sen.aion 1 MERINGU "MOST oNI
...JW.h -k -: -.-., DANCE IN THE '. WOkLi .0'".
Many visitors to Haiti inthe past to Avril by Bob C
Soe dressed i addition New York Times, a
n D JEW EL ROLLER BEARIN r of the Meringue bt .. itor to Haiti in he.
rmoe' 71citing dane in the her visit here marks -,

"wed on th1 Meringqe b.b i Bit ref stud .of -then
,ris .danewug e teacher Avril "ob r, (she has spent

Durinig a .-ecent ,is-i to th i ,.ee) 4j4
hor ss owMis urge, from- Sur- .H
..re... ,..&1.4made aepoint oglar-eWotle ult mg herze
S" =-s N.'Lt___o_ 0the counoutns,-t d, tv
'4'- he ,,.-' arate d.,i. '.-..--4n .... '"

s e- i t tie yeIil f Arices :o fiq T, ,ud++. J "
kI a 1 0 1'l(yT toae -tatt l ,,toyersroem'eiwi hsu

:"'" '-,"at'i. Ana."- M.'INGUE'.-,"'M1 1 -..$< "N-
t!.f-!i /,: <'., ~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ -AN E' -.N -THE. N. ,:. :?,.:: ...... ....,.. -.1.i,_ ., .. .. ,t:::
g-% ..t : L..:;" .+, : ..',;r(_';, ...... + + .. .. .,.; g. .. +. ,,;. ..:- '.. .
,, .z- .......,.; +..._. _; .+.-- M any_ .d,_ .....t...H-iti' :i.'it e, T := s A,': ....-.%--.,B-.b C

WNDAY,, MAY 1st, 1960 ", H A I T I, SUN FPAQ
that from t end o t end o the' si n toietx-li-e Idna..Vd'-s itlpaithe
SHA T. SUN teenth century to the eighteenth condolences. expressed in 'yu
E HAITIAN ENGLISH, NGUAE EWSAPER at least four French vessels had fine newspaper oh' the deati
vI' Conmmunity Weekly Published Simday Morning sunk at the Picolet Channel Mrs. Wiggin's mother.-:'
Edtor-PubUsher ',BERNARD DIEDERICH where Mr. Ed. Link found his On occasions -of bereae
brduhor. b't by '4 lossA
'Gerant-Responsabl MAUC4 i LABISSIE E aehor. broub.ut by .ttl
.. -. love ers of. the. :
iMEMBER..F THE. rER- RIC. RESS SSN. -* Let us not ir that Co 'd is es 'eartening -
.ESTAB HED IO : TI MISSING' LINK Santa Malia uwas ,s, at Ca1~l fered t pat.htic;'ii
S, three leagues .fm there an friendship .
l'ear Mr.. Diederich: that the i Admiral had reported With many thanks' for
e .'ai WELCOMxtds a warm M, y name having 'been cited to their Spanish majesties that kindness,; I remain *,
.. aiti Sun" extes a arm, elc e to the your-editio head lost nothing of the equip- Very sincere
.ur. _6d~ion ,.ARi he.had lost nothingof the' Very el
250 members df the Mid-West Chafpters of ASTA (The 2@ ..finmysl ri tie.moral ment, .but 'tliat- he had left. at ; Charles B. iggi
4 I ment, 'but' thatl& e had left. at iCharle B.iggiJr
Amerioan 'Society of Travel Agents) and thhir wives ,obliggion .t' tell you.that in' '35; the -'Navidad" men and some Tephnical DiTector'.of
bi. the .occasion of theirr May. convention to be 'held IL/had been 'able'thahksitjb. my gear.' notable the great anchor April 28,th, 1960 :>.. :
'i comig week in Port-au-Prince And h'ops that 'knowledge 'and honprability i that we Haitians have at the -- --
... og o. u : uhi4 to prevent Mr. .Ed;..-Link National Museum of Haiti an. -
-isitorsg wl fimb eir .pj t r a,,El. sat, an f ..monking a i'fpl of-iChristo-' that the, Indians $ o.,ha 4ounpd I
ong.emembered f.., : olumbus hiSef ho is the shLres. .7
-..ring, their visit 'here the contention members. wi'l lyrg :powerless 'i. the Cat edral Yours Trply,
see many parts 'of our Is'an'di and 'cme. iri i oi'iadt ith nentS Domingo ,de.Guzu Lue Dorsinville Ve u
; c r yi e.t u .. oues ..eian' rmister, A tdd
.No ..act a re o ..4e o .' has nbw been" .p .e.
be' many facets and ways. o. Hai tian, li i : i. T o d .P bee, .appo
.hoiped. tihlt ASTA discovers te chlms a beautiespe he Smith- April 21, 1960 zuelan Abasador, to H
SHai'ti as so 'many other visitors. have done .so in-sonan i' Institute' of Washington The. Editr-Publisher, replhees MV. Vincente
S- .ndertkes investigation at the "Haiti Sun', who left Haiti 8 months ia
aIJ 'past.ieWesb
I omin'g with the rest of Haiti in' tendigitng l- .aree Mus'um in .Madrid as Port-au-Pnrince. _. .e wosulbn
nation' to. ASTA the 'h s .ht .esh .n'd" I ha.done.it in all honesty as Dear :Mr. Editor: served o Je"r u. m -D
iationtoATAteeSun" 'pe f archives of the Mrs. Wiggin and I wuld- like jo bqdupied the :ositionW
sp visions fou country to t Upite French Ndvy o convince itself to express our sincere apprecuit- assadqr bere ,- or, a
es with .-the ma'mbe*s of the. organizaltoion vsions ,. ,. --., early 1,958 and to.
wih.lead t- furti r pher.gse hores Nt o ar e. cu anldi g t ege, ba#nd t ihe S fb at e "'
i i eqite benefitss run beyond measu.. Haiti poulA ds on'Sd lat
'' ,'- .. ... '. y rp e 'roma display h 'as -this iand the. 1 '. "' :

SisDuva lier.-
i.'BUY HAITIAN de MAY' DAY THEME -' '" is.r '..-
-coun-,heray s theroduce. Man y Day signs b earning ebati onr's .''".t.A% :'
r to b b... r,
few weeksin tha e dcity o and the site chosen foraiti 'a, the 'uIrA -.. EN
islti d was an s adirae oi. 'e ''
tPlae after asi oi sitah P OffiSPECIAL LUNCH IS p.... '
v- .'by t..P. r. es, .. :e.:ft; ` .

behind e Cty Hall, s attractively transfo -l

for the fair byis t o e nsre a succeissn of a.wing of THOFFERED AT ESTAURANIDDAY .
lorf ry a producepoay siands bearing tedit the faid 's RATE" Bb'B U
ort-a-rrice'business houses. at, a ,otof $12,000, FOR "1.75 .. .

nggto. Le Matin a 'suridollected by various. Co- ,* a) Round trip'transportatioi.bl
ave beenof ommere d, Indstry to providepay display AND 2.00 A LA C ween ho' in t
adsfor tihe titcts to e shown o DAILY EXCEPT or Ptionville anUD C
S. The menu is prepared by beon in

tle d"'tralie, sited oli osita. he -osir and its location, Place SPECAL LUNCH IS '
behind isite Citalike, wihts a'ttueative setraing and 'and3 eals ..
r the fair by th' e construction of' number of OFFERED MI DDAY
i ar it is well wciporar h costansi dedring the u aidon n R AT
ift-au-Pis goinceg to happened to al hose litle alti-col- ) rP.to 12,0ot aFd$ex
oredtnds now tLeMatin, Fair is onlect uded? the '

Therefore itis surely feasible to continue is prepared by ce every 'beies
%isdy stril-As in tsahe future. 'and i a e among r st trlags fsu ohio
'd'fltapiot'ais e ,pedteda'to attract. th.ousands' of peo''e,"Ham- commo"" n : n Ca'" H"i<':

its coming to Haiti on Ccruiseships spend an pTEL RAKE YOUR BESE
i riod of 1e,2 hourits titrhis countering and 12 AT TEL DE
it is weRy t orhuffiit time for them to take etion e il.YMONt OM.i

gt'hlaJt we haw toToffer. The moto atour- fea tg I
S .nd se g that brie ec i i a e S tuay Night Cb M IC
O Coity hopntructping and tme to father Kens-'tf h con-'

"i-tains. .. ISLAND.
l^^^ *those many u'nnfortunadte tourists who lak the p.m. Unt Late Closing ,.. '' '
ot pese) went into ithe joys 'and beau ties of those The El ancho 'T '. TO:. .
tands, ou ion and tim e the answerhld not be wist- Depaurs
hed with a permits suanent dfeasipble to'cminiatinure usviage Dancing Nightly Except ay Fro pm RE D N
f staitian products, arts, and raton. To- THOSE WHO .APPRE TE Port
i'bserving. these dispays cou ld wriseshe temiped anto ,THE BEST D NEE IR RE
imor. e teodhan &a 12 hour visit to Haitis country and tourists
Mo.rtainely-not sufficient time 'for them to takeet ,. RAYMOND

e s hands seare duhereing th e site is exoth sitraon tive a The Smartway uerby ight Club MAGIC
.'City shopping and perhaps a run to the Kens-

'. s many unfortunate tourists W.ho lack -the 9pm. UnWo Late C"ohingI a
tae- in the joys 'and 'beauties -ofH 'ai' those, The El Rancho' Du.oseall .Oe, ..,
a..n-ids 'couldwell provide 'the answer by beingiOrhehtraion..
d with a 'permanent display, miniature vilge Dancing Nightly Except Snday FTrom tpm R ilo n t
::Of 'Haitian producits,.arts, and attractions. Tour- THOSE WH.-O'APPRECIATE Port- Pr" '
observing, these displays could wel be tempted to THE BEST DINEeudd
"'m.re than -a 1' 'hour visit (to Haiti aind tourists AT E RNH HOTEL
sioenPiing e hat everyeonet kno ws Haiti needs. o,
he stan'ds 'are there, 'the 'site isboth 'attractive andt


I '? r- ,
I "" *" ". .f- '-:y ** *,* .* *-*% ? "


es- -

"o.. "-" '" ; o.- .; 1:.. ^^ -;. -.. -. I '" .. .i

.-'. .. ... *j '' : ""- -.*.^

_..... O ii r .11

M V-- ., :-'. -



[phzodite II Visits Haiti-Classic Yawl:!


Clean rakish lines signified
e~Chosen name, "Aphrodite
-.(Aphrodite was' the Greek
idss of love and beauty,) of
"f -foot auxiliary engine Yawl
e fiberthed atthe Casino Pier
aig aboard a Caribbean sun-
rozed' crew of three on Wedn-
his week.
'Protege of owner-skipper J.
t Ch'arbonneau, a French Can-
lian and native of Q u e be c,
p te I lay at her berth
fi^'ednesday. morning and
ved': a thorough "rub-down"
illw nwg her arrival from Gon-
ives "-where a "slight misund-
Eta'ding" over passports deci-
lthe crew against extending
stay in the City of 'Inde-
fin deck with hose and brush
la'hind when the 'Sun" called
Vre Captain Charbonneau, J. H.
oyds and W. Seely, all citizens
r.Cahiada as the slightly tatter-
&l.;red ensign flying from the
efn of the Yawl proclaimed.
uite spoken and pleasant Capt-
'n' Charbonneau has sailed for
xi.e, 30 odd years and explain-'
(his deep interest in the sea
F' saying, "Both my grand fath-
':afid father owned' boats and
served in the Navy for four
*ars during the war so I supp-
e that i' is natural for mre to

Biut. he nas done more than
si, sail for Charbonneau design-
(and redesigned "I wasn't
tisfied with ,the first' plan so
tryed it again,") and built the
aunfully equipped craft. Aside
nm it's trim appearance Aph-
"lite, II is thoroughly sea-wor-
I,.as testified by crew memb-
.Royds who stated, "Although |
s:is my first go at sailing I"
ve enjoyed the trip and even
storms the yawl rides very

Aphrodite IT started her cur-
it pleasure cruise shortly aft-
her launching in July of last
ir and sailed under the hands
-her ,skipper from Quebec to
!,.. coast where some time

was spent cruising before strik-
ing out for the Bahamas. Spac-
ious and well- planned accomod-
ation and fittings lie below Aph-
rodite's neat deck and she is
capable of sleeping 10 persons.
The galley would make for
praise from the most critical of
housewives and the "head" is as
commodious as the bathroom of
the average house. It is obvious
that c a r e ful forethought and
planning went into the
layout .below deck and
this is proven with the amp-
le headroom in all ectibns be-
low deck (with the exception of
the locker room) and cupboard
and locker space galore.
From the Bahamas the Aph-
rodite sailed for the Bounty Is-
lands and then Nassau and
Georgetown before setting out
for Haiti. Mrs. Charbonneau and
her,2 children, both girls and ag-
el 6 and 4, .sailed with the yawl
as far as Georgetown and then
flew for home.
Asked if any incidents had
marred, or- marked the voyage
to date Captain Charbonneau re-
pled, "We i had a couple of
storms but you don't call that
trouble as it's all part- of the
fun." On that. point Royds .and
Seeley thought a little different-
ly and Royds pointed out, "the
only thing with those storms was
the time Ywent so slow at,onre
sta-'i~fk ,us-S hdurs to over'
30 knots." '
A quick decision led to Royds'
joining the complement of Aph-
rodite. One day he was %working
at his business in Quebec and
as he stated, "next thing I knew
I was -onboard the Aphrodite."
He is obviously enjoying his first
venture at sailing and has ex-
tended by some weeks what was
originally intended to' be a five
day cruise only.
Aphrodite's voyage in the Car-
ibbean is -also Ward Seeley's
first extensive sailing trip but
when it comes to the subject of
canoes he's an expert for on Jqly
1st of 1958 Seeley set out from
Lake St. Francis, near his home







rE vwr AL'AIULiD


in Thetford Mines, Quebec in a
canoe on a journey a journey
of 2,150 miles which concluded
in Miami, Florida on the 27th of
December this year.
Fedup With the modern day
bug-bear of time payments, car
expenses and all those things
that drag on with dreary exasp-
eration, Seeley purchased a $175
fiberglas canoe tincidently a
craft in which he had had no
prior experience) loaded it with
a cardboard carton of food, a
sleeping bag, life saver, 3 suits
and a jacket and 2 weather bal-
loons and set forth to "cure my-
self of the normal modern life
of being always broke, i~creas-
ingly potbellied and bored to
For his trailbreaking exploit
Seeley covered a route which
tdok him down the St. Francis
river to the St. Lawrence, Rich-
elieu to Montreal (a side step
on the way,) down the Richelieu
south to "Champlain, the Cha'm-
plain Barge Canal system to the
Hudion and down the Hudson to
New York City. From here it
was open ocean from New York

The SS "Ancon" of the, Pan-
ama Line arrived from New
York April 30th (vith, the. follow-v
ing passengers:'
Mrs. Carmen Auderium. Mrs.
Beverly Batroni, Mr. and Mrs.
Louis Carrera, Mr. Raoul B. Gil-
len, Mr & Mrs Don G. Glesser,
Miss Eugenie Gordon, Mr & Mrs
Lewis A. Helphand, Rev. Robert
Jean, Mr. Jean Lahens, Mstr.
Patrick Michel 2 and a halt Yrs.,
Miss Helen Reid.

Exclusive Agents:
Alix, Amiama, Armand, Bar-
ile, Bigaud, Blanchard, Desro-
siers, Domond, 3tiffaut, Hyppo-
lite, Joseph, Leontus, Leveque,
Liautaud, Montas, Normil, Obin,
Pierre, St. Brice, Stephane, Tur-
nier, Vital, many others.

17 Rue de-la
rom Pan


in town one block to-
ward bay, half block
to left.
Open Monday thlrz.>uQi
9-1 3-6 Phone 2055

City to Manasquan Inley on the all this is as sound as it' is'
*New Jersey Coast, a follow up simple, "I .found it a rewarding"'
of the inland waterway south experience..'t.aking life from dlai
to Delaware Bay and Chesape-, to day, breaking from an exists,.
ake Bay, and then inland water. e'nce where I had no ideit,
way all the south to Miami it. and exposing myself to new'e'.
sounds easy reading it off like 'periences."
that but Seeley had enough hair Aphrodite's crew I a n d e d.ihii
raising adventures on the way Haiti robust and. ready. to. see;
to last him for some time, in- all they can of Haiti. They were
cludirig the niceties of rapids not in a hurrn to move on and,,
and swamping by zealous water as Captain Chai'bonneau, explain:
skiers and steamers; not to men- ed, "We will stay until we have'?
ton waves of sufficient height' seen all that.'1aiti has to shpw:
to "upset" the staunchest can-. us' It swouri be 'swell vi'all
oeist. Haiti's- tourists had the sairie
"Ward Seeley's explanation foi outlook.
______________ '.....


.. .


Le lrofI Mno de a
oulemei dom ue tracion a
,.cur pImetairsgL

&/psitf do ilenc reduif
reais bruit d6sagre6aes d9 up ''"
and qu la. costrucio
Supr-Cmushion Sans Chambe 3 .4
perOef cabsorber 1. caholsdo
out e. Yo aurez modns de p
plat. d* moihs de d6lais parcel q .
Combfructio@U rip-Sel excdusivwe '
Gpodyear 6mi pratiquii

.- Iom ab mxM-'O


Qualitg.o-Oea d&"oo t as o.A Sisat.|
GRAND RUE iSeqtcd S pM ift U.S. PHONE:2.6&4*

~r~l 7s


Y, MAY 1st, 1960 ,,

', -,.:,

SPAE' 10


I-.' ,;U+ f
', .. ... ".-1; g.':^
,. I '" ".; "

_'__ SUTNDA:Y .MA 4-'


?!{;; 2 -.-i 2. r h

(1,,-Regahed by many Haitians as
|-f-th eir "Statue of Liberty" is the
asive' awe inspiring Citadel,
1,topping a mountain on the North
feoAst of Haiti. Th6 mecca of
p4Mtourisri,. Haiti's 'Citadel, serves.
s The .ultimate reminder of thi
untrys 'wealth for. Haiti is,
ttitasticly ieh 'in cultu rse,
%ity -nd .the evidencee of a
lorio past., -
A btion, of :soaring battle-
ts, shadowy dungeons and
ly dripping galleries. lined
h eniious 18th century can-
ota thi 'mniense fortress ."waW
uilt to efend Haiti against a
cod 'invasiQn of Napoleon's.
Mn s yich -never oame, -but:
year "armies" of Caibb-
Iqea- touruits- invade the mighty
^onhment sited, nearly 3,006; Peet
5 W ilainq and
1 b~ii ~nd^Ciiap^ Bitian.
^Il ^i3.thf 'r(Hiban Govern-
'' th 'aff'h000h.-

Orei s'. -.,I.er e-. dif.-,
e'4 #4ii. 14pi

-- aA- 'b -' ,-...

m-.oftr-the" tourist
Atell-ri th Host-'
ol^S-^itppl" neoks
pl~~Th4Jreie *lohtayui
r *** : ',*i J Fl +2'- "' .:"-'-

!446drj .cbbfofpt..-,and
f n':r-o-d-a'-i fa'4
.ng',Qfs^t'. .- ;-To."risth:
d" i dlyii Y .opi^,',' "fe.-s

d' inoe .-- ou ,
a^r,!floVeited~t i.ot-jtou-

e;u.i."in" -. ._ -. .

1 ififi. hch
arid .tely, against an
.' Jost', their
liiing for Christ<
s^ la kers. and

oman and ka

to t'mout-
ipgiV !htAIMndEi~l@or..For
i'. sin-

see 'ipline was
. tiS: it'w i said to im-
iliary,', men,.
-,squads :of'

-: .
I- -

e Wfitad-Mcca OtG
Country Has Wealth OQf Cutu
soldiers to mirch .off the phra- .ir the Western Hemisphere. This
.pets of 'the citadel to certain was ori Christmas Day, 1492.
death in the valley below.,I From the beautiful vista ,offered
Travellers to the '. citadel -still' on the. surrounding hill sides, the
make the approach as did Chris-' tourist cad' look down on the
tophe himself. by horseback; most recent, claiji t Cap Haiti-
,a two'liour h o r s e b a c k ride, an's reefs -- the .ill-fated :Nor-
throuigh forest of such luxurious \vegian Freighter "Troll 'which
growth that ,it has'been -named only three weeks ago rammed
the "Fruit Salhd Tgail" becAuse her' wqy up, onto .the self .Same.
of the numerous varety of fruits reef tVstruck by' CColumbus' w.ell
growing along it. over 400 years ago. By the .18th
Like a great stone girdle-, the ce'.n tut.r y France h.a d taken
citadel -ncrcles -' the mountain over the,. country .and Cap Ha-
with 'its massive walls -fro. 18; tian. was..called Cap PFraticaisdr
to 12 feet thick and -rising 223 Port, ,p Saint Domingud. .Here
feet above-,the '2,845-fodt mount-' ed .Pauline onaparte sister
ain peak., .Off a& series of stone of Napoleon' arid her .hitsbandg
terraces are. qiarters'fqr .thous-, General, Leclerc :,, In. i791,, the
hands of troops, and beneath arej slaves, massacred, .the Fryenchb
subterranean stprerooms s t ill lantatjpn owners and le by
.heaped with cannon balls. Gid- Toussaint L',uv.erfure drove- .hy
daily steep parapets look down Fenhch ..from., alti.-Napoeo
on i.a- sea of tropical, greenery. agents abducted :"Toussaint. and i
and co imand viev'of 50 rilesi during thfe dissenqsjo ..an civ'
distance hip-th.e:' coast.. '' wat .that followed, Henry .Chrit-
All,is silent '9.eis,the-.sigh-- ophq rallied, a.force apd''
nig'of the ,wind arid te-cries -of the .northern halt '...6f itipro
the field oka': oi :the coffee caiming himselff King Hnn I
'and ban.apa;,pl.antions .thous- 'The r ns .f Paun Boapart
iands of feet bew. '. p's sumptuous via still taridrJa
S.-. e apHaitian and can readilybe
v dcoltI M wSV EGKED- s een y.. thed 'vitor '
'* izsNalv At .ilot4.12 miRles fom .,Ca
SThe frityhistr of Cap; Haiti-: Hhitiari and jumping of point
S n- a i as -w rttei 'iby, ,(libius' for te tadel Christophe con-
Wfihen his flagship; the, Sanita;Ma- struiCted ,the Palef Sans Sou-
, edo a ree cin th t compared in plend
or" Cp'i-r in i pt i
..fh ":' t.he' "with of European. .mon

seC t ent *rAl.hough,./parfs oV Sans-Sbtici i

-AAT-Ai iRI1

FJ tVcoijil 'e iformationi Haiti
Yfr!bM i^tbthleri a1J which iI bI

'l^P.0 BSi23PORT-AI-PRCI^M P ,
u r n; I ;I (,, a" 4- 1' 1 ,

U.." A PNI E ..'s ...' "4 .
--M W'-,, -"N

..Z4 .. .
:f,: .. ,. ... ;. _,.

-.. i '- '.*.* i = J
:-. J '

kean To1"y%
re And4Bearuty 'J.
are now inruiis, he place can Apart from ts
stijl, be' -seen w.hyrde King H.. enri points :.Cap -Ha12 c
Christophe.(fell from -horse, .oo tou rst -.a- welth
weak to-coriduct .his. 'ast troop' Ibeaches. 4iicluu. ,i g;,
review ,a"d where he'.is.said' to which isaS.hotul1a
'have. shot *himself-.with a, gojldp .the .town 'over, t.
bulfl't. His grave is atop .the cit- ing into be.,'wauuj
.del., -,, .le Atanc: .su
1 l -- :-,, & ,


. .. .

h ,, q r ..

.,..i ,, + .I 'i-

', -' .' '- ,-

You. knoW."',

t a really fn

W Lp

".' I o-' z, q.s-.iI'.- goaq strorg
,' t -," i-.. Wp,


. m

~l~R --1.

'' Ir.~b~C~Pa~-Ld~pPIUrYllilii~(J~II1P1


, ,, ,
i" .

i .*.;. I i
n i

S. ., 7, L D 4

~; :3 "J i I~'' we .- f
I-n '

UT T -
,,,. *. .. i.u.d -

.?j -SUG H UT' A "HU W .ORLD
-.'--: '. .- .


L, p

I -

DAY, MAY 1st,




In Training r An, d Frerds

-t -were not for the serious-
,a-d .repercussions imposed
I'eiCuld well laugh at .the ir-
dial' situation bought about by
,'hay ,raips that once again,
jv'ptiht i:havoc to many of
e .aib.bdighways leading into
is capital city.
The graphic. example to illus-
ath this situation is the arter-
lijqad'to Freres. Approximat-
Smonth ago heavy down-
s, resulted ,'in .the earthen
a Whilly mrkchifl bridge, the
j bridge, being washed' away.
Iprnight with a consequent cut-
.g d f of traffic from :the City.
lent' road vyorkinj activity
tjy oqilbwed the next day
-iina.'matter of only 18-hours'
.o traffic. was once more a -
kto'-.cQmmute, thanks to the
cotioLof a-,new bridge made
course,'.o that .durable sub-
. ce .eaeth. .
11i went well and traffic was
e..to ..cros the' unique little
res bridge with the' dip in
' .Tijddle -until last weekend
'ep ,the rains unleashed tbrt.-
leal downpours again and what
Opened? .the bridge disappear-

ed overnight and after se v"en Public .Works but others see it
days an to 10 foot gap of noth- differently and any Haitian who'
ing testify that nothing has been has even' had a sneak preview
done by way of' bridging to re- at the work'of the famous U.S.
place it earth, soil, rock, or Engineers, the Seebees or 'some
otherwise. Apart from this brid- other countries eng i n e e r s -
ge, sited near the night club which would entail a list of hun-
Djunmballa, the relentless rain dreds, could appreciate this cur-
waters have subdued any milit- rent situation and laugh, laugh,
ary activity on the road by ef. laugh at the "overwhelming" ob-
fectively severipg y e t. another stacle that is cutting of the est-
bridge further down the Fireres ablishments, 'bus 'i n e s s.e s and
road,' people of Freres from the )out-
In commenting on this bewild- side world. It is not, 'funny how-
ering situation',La Phalange stat- ever when one considers ;that
ed that the, Military '"eademy. every time it rains institutions
'Church StL .Claire, 6,. chicken such as the MiVlitary. Academy
farms, a "diycleaning establish- where 44 cadets .re being train-
men't, a dairy farm and a farm- ed as. officers are isolatedfromrn
school with 500-pupils and resid- anywhere and, everywhere -but
ences had been "cut off" by the ,Freres. ,
'lopdwaters and lack of bridges. '
What ,they omitted, to add' to the 'There.is a simple remedy and
list.of '"stranded' were .the Han- here it is in Caps'. so it sticks,
dicapped 'Hospital, Claire-Heu- a BAILLEY BRIDGE. There is'
reUtse and thq literally thous- .io believing the simplicity of a
ands of small.farmers who chan- Balley bridge for it is because
nel their produce to the city ov- of tis. facet of their construct-
er.this road. ion that thousands of them are
in' use in s u ch emergencies
La Phalange'plaintively. call- throu g hout, the world and
,ed! an S.O.S. for a cement brid-, there is no reason to hand to
',e. and the aid of TECHINT show w.hy these remarkable
.the..road repair department ofi bridges could not be employee'



wvouIld be happ9 to be.,

honored by you ,

.isit at


44iti most exciting FR PORT STOR

liti mostfqmous MRRoqR RhCTORI

*. ench


.* en.ek

* S&65,iss 5 atclhes

.Jseaced J3cLas

* OtalcLh. looes

* CaC5hmer e StWeaters


* aitagcres

* Atorm.er's


Grand'Rue No. 342 .


4'4. '


eb. IYJ



_ _

/-,.. .,..

P ,1. 1.;
*' "'PA GE ...

[ ,'



I .

I '

ht Freres. Anyone against this' constant use by regular traffic
suggestion' cannot 'use the argu. ;inder far worse conditions thkt
ment of cost for this form', of exist at Freres, '
bridge is cheaper, than one. f, Here,. is another iundisputab.
similar size made from concrete fact. In many countries,, boys in
and far more durable. ; their teens are selected. f1o.f
S, 'schools to .. receive L a fortnight's
A Bailley. bridge is easily er- basic' training 'in military y..-iatf
ected and is swifJy obtainable ers and as part of .that.trainiii
as, there are a: practically end- they are first taught ho*w i .'or
less source of them in Airny de- tant cqmrnunications 'are an
pots throughout the world. Even "ow 'to bridgee gaps before 'hei
Boy Scouts have increased their ever take a-..sight 'filkih~' ia;
knowledge by putting. together and squeeze,. the, t'tgger. '
and taking .apart this type' of In terms. .of Mliy .Ai
.bridge. While on the subject of .nce it, might be' djgested iha
.Boy"'Scouts and in cas& dissent- Haiti recei'' spme- Baill-
ion is- strong against? Bililey bridges to keep'-her'eorhMmufiic'
bridges, Boy Scouts ..throughout lions open..In .preference 'to,'t
practically every country ont this' useless earth :'bridges",eyvni
earth receive as part of their Meccano set would qoe in hi
training the,art of building.and dy to bring about the ceasafoi
.placing' bridges and so'n6 of of the expensive and' sorely' trout
-their finished products-'constru'- blesome havoc' eiery t-.ti
ted of 'logs can still be seen in rains. ... '.'
,." '-'
Caribbean ConistructionwCo .A

Builders. Of The Militairy -CRy
Gen. Manager: .Gerard.TH-
SPkone: 3955. P. 0.;- .BO '284 :

SA I-: '- -i*"*X*1*:- "" I
i I I l.. ..I ig ~i~l llllll~i~l -,+

r0 ALlAV ii i I ll-. A


This is Titles Vf and %1I of the Constitution of the Republic Life Of Puerto Rican Can
of Haiti as translated from "LE -MONITEUR", Port-au-Prince., P "
Hati December 22, 1957. The "Sun" will publish a Title per VIVID BOOK BY PROFESSOR SIDNEY
week of the, Conotitution as it appears in the original. OOK REVIEW lessor of Anthropology at Yale vtvii
"Worker in the Cane" is the -'Caribbean Series" of which es i
absorbing story of Don Taso, .a this book is a part, is currently as <
CONTINUATION OF THE Puerto Rican sugar worker and studying in London at Cambrid- Tas,
Agency for the Administration of the State Revenue his family and the village in ge University, England. He is W:or
Agencies forthe Ao nistrtion e en which he live-, composed from the author of tihe recent series chil,
and the Control of Public Expenditures a series of interviews and revis- of articles published by the earl
ed by Professor Sidney W. Mivntz, "Sun," entitled "Pratik. the stru
Article 150.-The legislative body may refrain from all legis- a past visitor to Haiti and auth- Haitian Market System," and is Ul.'
l'..ative work until these documents are submitted to it. It shall refuse or of several articles dealing on also a contributor to the Bllle-
'to' Haiti. tin d'Ethnologie and the Scienti- H
to give discharge to the Secretaries of State and even to :vote on Profess6r intz, assistant pro tic American al
Professor Mintz, assistant' pro- tic American. at I
the budget when the accounts submitted do not provide in them- university and the author of the "Worker in the Cane" tells in .1ing
selves or through supporting documents all the information for es
'verification and appraisal. bla(
. Article 151.-In the event that the legislative body, for any reas-
'on except nonsubtnission of the documents mentioned in Article Tas
149 of the Constitution or Insufficient documentary proof, fails to IN PETIONV LL IT' goil
d..decide .on the budget for one or more ministerial departments E cur
-before its adjournment, the budget or budgets of the departments con
that are.. in force during the current budgetary year shkbl be rha
maintained for thte following budgetary year. Doi
In the, event that, through the fault of the Executive Power, lirl
--_the budgets of the Republic have not been voted on, the President pat
.of thQ Republic .shall immediately convene the legislative body t 1.10 e altitude ,ye onl 7minute
'i. special session for the sole purpose of voting on the State fYOm the hear P RT-AU-PRNdE,
,,budgets; .spbject to the constitutional penalties to be imposed on .' sit
the ,Seretaries, of State responsible. rThe mos*.exquisite ieWs,oserlooking Mthety o'
..Ar 2de .-.The autonomous State Instifltions' and enterprises he baye piainsbthe mountains .
... .... ,la te
^.*and"'zti-.df ed-ih wolp or pa-'by Treasury funds, with
t.he e.ce tioi o rf creditt institutions, shall be operated under spe- Delious don nent duiaineand super din,
c' budgetS afid'alary systems approved by the Executive Power. Ser)d.
A N e&' accounting system shall be instituted' for
over en 'ences. Personalized attention to e&ery guest.
""Thseri- lbbunder. the. re .ol;-_6t Budget qf- .the,
SSwi'm.min3 56oununsco.' ^ ,
,-money may be appropriated .'om .the public 'orama Terade
from the' General Fund o." provide or iin an a orama Tr'Ode ,.
",Sta fud for-. public cultural, welfare, or social -don owned de-luxe rooms '
teuftiR-or institutions for economic development, or ,
f'd'W 'lian and rural properties. ,

rt r--Te -conomiiic system must be baked riarly on' UEDA aan
pr geijustick With a,-view to providing, a decent ) :3o PM to midnig ..
standard vg for al .the people. '. .Meringue inbtrucharon ad contest
',Articde :coh6mic- freedom- shall be guaranteed so long as a 930 ual d s.No
." not t6nflict ith the genera, welfare. EDNESDA domplimentary get-togeher unto
T a rU develop and protect. private enterprise under the Parj .from 7pm to 8 pm.
sgy for- increasing the national wealth sd as to FRIA Y ': tal nner-'Dande rom7:3Tmo
pa- tion of the largest possible number in the beiii 1:3o a.m. Ouperb Show a 10: 3o
S -, o adm;sion fee .
s dvedjtherefrom. o b01 l p 'm
fir rce 158.6 ;corporation. or fountmdation,' Whatever Its name or LL OTHER 1i1HTi6 : Cocktail hour 1.,m 7to \ Wilkh .
,,,,*.. ** .'. ." 'r, ,- ,.. ,. "nati e d om bo
ps,,finaS3 .etai .ownership of or, administer any'. real property _
kept t 'a intended for its immediate, and direct 'Oise .or' phlrposek <. -
cle 157.---The .law may giant'O riviledges for a liMitecd' period -
Inveito 'jim' .rovers.
~ mmunal monopolies may be set up if the general I mats I
Aii ". .T! SCRUeIT! cad t m rits M tcless"Beauty
The State inay assume direction of enterprises that bt'U A4RANTEED washable!
Q efiefibal. to" the community, in order to ensure
eFt" i opraton if -their- owners or entrepreneuL, '
OMp lith ..e legislation on the economic .and., social .
e: country.' '." Og
St e control ..of and nationalize propler:ty'.owned.
np ittries ith wihch Haiti is 'at war.
sHig is declared to be a matter of government 4,

vbr d. ee that the largest possible nuna'icr
enare liomeowntts. It will see that every ,inLu-
0"00 se provides it~s employees and wvork-
e .w' an- d 'oifoTrble, dwellings. ,
61le o.4t I' esslii- granted by the State for b uldi c
"nd oith' public works must contain
iaf tlat, after periodd of not over fifty years.,
W%'-.o; the t~tet, autoniaplty and.yteady for -,.. -D... .... : '14
e ,ay'compdnsaUon. .' OSEPH NADAL Agents

Cutter :"

PAGF 12'

_ ~I~ I

Mi "M A-." 1st, 1I960 .... % L .*A IT J ": S-N P A "' ? .-, .'' '.', :' -.'., ., -. .-'*-E


i*. d" o ar ,- MP0 p at t -"Daniien there th tting- u of' mel- (health a.the pqpulatior .' .E .; .

-norkbs o e grjwof a u^eten ues ti'- T'Id .wt luC Affiba n stations'32 n M of the-abhve agreed -- -
to:-.' t a ne 9ofder ec o pin.up .i twn. *' upon t rr" Win'n. o bu t f" T -: 'e4 tpa s of the

SlT s, ers and e ptil h oowig the a greem- je .t chj i~ nger'withQut 8) i
d,'' supi... 1 t .. nt each ty AI PC d ,',th pp l b t e See;'' l '.t4nt 'e"..2'- ( th.
.a disrupting .of the. be has .not : emply of -hut"lio. and riow etary tte o tmm e n t.. pro. e:,, '
and ,in.some cases HMPC and is areturng,''ear-' has ;farj oaf law betviien *the -a eree dadd. industry : D .'gp' Boyer- '. -
of' efficientnt n-ag-' )y xt we& from a vaatin in, ares.'and..lias been ;apprdaved Made in tino '. Port- au-Pfri- o'Beqretary o#. ^ .o ... j
S a. rigid veget-- e ed" By' the Secre i e April 20 960. ere Inus
somen e"ata -.' 2 i : "e t :"r .."to.mnce ad!ndul :
*1' ,. 1t; t6 n.ll: s: Gp, r. ....
'S' st"""th" n' been eai ;.. -thee& 5. t
.he s '--'. ta"i.n. ed AP ".'- .' e 'an~w ": o "n, '. E O'w' I ,,' ,' ..' ..'' "" .* ,'^,:. '

a'e--, r' d : rin E-'th. "i .' u '- i .' a
"S'nUP.flJtM .. no w -o'ff;"'

na niu. the Od 'i"- aEr., fR e so t he ai `" -i R

Ss- Abeig Mng -e, om 0t. anim`stlca* reely
S areac bito oav l. to: frm gla r hpn e w.i h t iae o'H f ,h r d t .uy, yaa th o u4' .
lha^ .0 i ,o lve '. e i gte men t thebutche rs'- U lo e h teaetmer-'. d t do,- i t 'the. pro n t [ +^ ,- .y ......:"l.
,.. m t -a. -' t .e re i g -", t he t ., ..t e Qpua;tio ,e
.. .. ..a -1g %qpg er -by Is ,.fiba 0:n 12-An o. .. .. e. abo. v Y

et'"'' to tE...&, .. .her ds o.c.a..' andg : iZ; im t gwh.y .s t-e

ithe yweret hi s w '.a i oa c.6i e t h g .. o -thig 1theseea '. f, L .6 1 J, m. ..' ;
irtke to an arr e ie ed" imediatdy fr 3 atwilrbedel er-

Cononical I.su la .je ^ Pla'te. ". :he o swrri ,day b"t- ., ,*^** % g,
e .o t slue, i h i vath e u A a butcher's ntal.. .
dtnbou tlAgth si scO ea a o etha ey taike dITt IDIan"N F-1

bJ b s-tarhp e t o& D*imanted at ethat theseS BItht
:rn ,'te tom trya nd s ef- arrive eA removed iramoditly frid;3-Th rooeat of 'c-bedor e la te- ,
) se e .n.th e s uitb l e i e p l t eds ac a, .a t f. -e -Pl u- .i -e l -. b e a .--
tihnegsn.vaiatinde ..n1 dut, s.,ecis been nng he1 b.u c e- s,* .tl-'l' i ". 3 j ., ,.f t j g -g .
t 'ed. ,atto, l eave theipt a t h
aM d nt ot e i a a te aiy i ,

a p thlt isa s e the t Ci t o te plean Sa col ero a g b ho e Abainltt
S o pism e the hoa '" dt de, f ha ma t he wi ft be c r, ga

^ Th. .,* D u," *" tb'ird' hyin b -o -e0 5 Oe .i. 'o t e. -" -. : '. '. per 24 bu s' '.
o eitrd tPiO i.*.^ T Aba ttoi andee, t t .. Jmrri. ... --- .

oh-aof ro 'L non sau tery da te :and ong .
atedtabo e tn* c diti ;ee I a tl l.s

Shh te slaughtertun at -

Eag e a aka t 1 h I _tlp as
buil dhanla tbarIte
K rewN0 the5 per !4 hour
.A s.re- d -. .Vr o th..f sO m et
-9.3j thi t, e ad, a MarP.eeonde. st ._. A ato r .hto. .. ....
a 1f ro .-'"s ..,, l- slau ghter ed .lyt a
rPange6ver. eo tf if. : to tei ri, s iH frtie.Pfl.ce pfyn '~U Is V *
e.6. ......... otIated e o nr od tb .,tb ar., .,,
id "h g. w'.thatte'p ee. Xe s_ r ghtetrus ut o -,
U.....dr In g 30. a, to FA -u -

A ,. o .o f 3 0 ,. a.im a l 1lE.r.p't h.' m.d.-: *"t '., '
L n., pabili oil .. In day. t' : .-

'4 P 1 : 'A' ".""y ':e i"-"'d
.. I '

e e tem.i d -i 'Jo imN 'editTS 19. ... r at'- wil's be eln iVe
t o Ir v.. a n u R VEe. Upe it s-ate d b y a n t
to o --
-in the'artha ree do b A

o ,'- asal r,'e et.. the DP3bl.. ... ...

..t. hDe -qaemeatsurt e mart
,In oe. rt f y n ga!1 5 4 -i ..I.-a n.. .w I' .
t I B, I II tp .. .-to bati will ha com,,r(refwationsn:A ~ *
B ,tJouseW .." 'fromani mails ilo- le:g all .
"uh'42 05 t pered. 2 "- "
yplriit-4 .. "". U1or wl r ,em a i terrf

,,'" in a .,entayat th e .Ab ,ttojr. a 'C ,

,i. .. ..

I tha' e W
build ,t.. iim e .

;(, :..-. ~~~~ ~ 1(-- ;,rf j. -.L_.+v.v'. .. .,,. .




_ ,- .SUNDAY,' L ..1

S U,N" i

,.' .. ./rW

:.> -.; ", .. .., :.. ; *-- ..& ;...
it0." P .. --ek- '; ':
..i.. .* ,* ^ :** .- r.": ,-;

,iared .pan. Bake at'S
I- "I .i' .
A^ ; ,. 'J lti,. ... : i .< ,^ "~y

" ',; .., ,' ,r- : "
: 'V I' *. .--..* .. .

'. .."'-494 .:'

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4 I

ilp i ''1'
u .'t ',- ^" .'.
.. .^ '*,^ -'. ..,- f

.,. '. :

- i~i~-on~;

_ r

S' t a. there was a *practice parade at Magic Cinema that '
SitH S OyS tga e "rig'a 9ie recreatiqnq grounds Stadiuirp kind p.erzmissior ,of the
"- .HIG OPININ O .. I N B.'S >-V.'.'w'g! e boys '4%Leere showh sound The. Bos' Brigade;
The 'first National Camp of would react, to this emergency, serving with the Royal Navy films which included a film, of Haiti -some 14 years
Hi:Biti's. Boys'Brigade was threat- they did not panic .and within during the ar he foundtim the teatna Camp. in Ja- flourishedfor a ti
ened at Grand Goave last week- 'minutes h4d started singing the assist Boys' Brigade ,domrpanies ca. began to fag thr
>,end by successive heavy rains Boys' Brigade Hymn in French". in'the sea points hi shi' isitd. adership Ing 195
..itdleadership...Irr'. 1957"q
''Tnmaidng. the road to Port-au- "Then.came'a moment P shall After the conclusion of- the war, ,.The following day' church pa- Appointed .Organiseri
-'prince practically impassable, never .forget as the boys began le formed the, 9th *:Plymouth ade. was held and the members ib b.e an rea, Jhi
; but a timely 'rescue by 2 trucks' singing, in English"'.';f a'm'o u s Compqny in -England .and. after .f the Boys Brigade marched made' the first of se
of the- Haitian Army tuned:, it marching songs. They. were demobilisation- became .-full-time, through 'the streets % to attend tb encourage the ref
i n'to .n exciting experience for singing in rmd. own language And organiser for the Bristol 'Battal .urci .service ahd on Monday the 1st.,'.Port-au-P
i".'Le 122 boysys" said the *Nation- at that moment I would iot have ion of .thd Brigade and .was onh came the final'phase of the. first ny at .'the Methodist;-0
,,...Cap Organizing SecretaryA been anywhere but on that truck, the. staff at the National;TT'ai' National" CLamp with the -bos the result that thi,B
-hri,.h Edbrooke.. for I was wonr completely, by the ing. Centre .in 'the United ,King-, eing akei. on a igtsee.ing tour as bt up again
-?kownthroughout the Caribb- spirit of the Haitianr boys." .dom.-In 1953 he: was' appointed i t n au-Pince, 'swi -min t
e,. area .as' TOSCA," John.,Ed- HELP SUlVMMONED s Organiser for Boys'Si'Brigade Cariefotr aiid free seats at the (Continueoi
brooe the Boys'. Biigade' Tai- When' it-had become .-apparent njn!arnaica, a p6st'ie eldtritil '
'i'a" nd Orgauising ectetary that the continuous rain., in .the '195S..-QDuring .his term of sei-. '
for the Cabbea rea sta Grnd',oae and "Camp area ~ce in Jamr'aica-Ei.bt" ook.e. 'gan @ "Z5:'- "' '
o henretul to, Pot-auPrice cpuld' ell cut the boysoff comn. ized a;T.' day 'and -:mg4t; nonstop '. '' :
aofthe. 10 companyn parlticipa- pletely .from return to .the .cap-i ela run some 00-..uli. u : '-
te amp have l- ital a Land Rover. was deptch- Ja aica-and ''nn 8 ,a gspap
:' gh,'`opiiori' of the ed f.-ir aid -to .orti-ou-.l a inceIt si ble .for' oanii'theIntern
sie they rig. the 'aiteroo.n' follvitng national Caffmp, eld.,th.ithat .-,-1
Inteationa amp th. truck incident help., arrived landz- 'the. first o its' kind .to ..' -, ,, .-. ,.
8'a, catd ,rom Port and 'the damps but be ..held by the Boys'. Bbigade '..: ;. '.,. ,. ." '
-aa'le.en. even Mfor t.h.-;"o me,'-
,ssr- pndaunted company. carried r outside of Grea Brit '
eo nro e, none. the worse forsI : T'rS"ATIpNAI 9l uVnBa..,nanp W
'' .' yhat could- have 'been -a nasty convoy' of. t. i.rryg .. .
e Ser4tarys affair-. -' ,. tiA-o22 .f- peraisd s pa l
at .t MnmbebrA of ,theBoys" Biigade icipatiingt m_.,Iditi.,.. s t't o n'- .',-"-
,i .ein Haiti toiattend the first ,Na- Boys Brigade. Ca.p. te ..'
io C imp ver ;held in h thol Chrch pounds SE S
ritud _yi g am_.e fropi..Companmes Port-au-Brince pa. Mondapy I7p'.p. :i. together .' :.
S-in-1 taut Prince, Cap.Hkan, Go .' ,r.h fo rogea oera .e,': ., ,,




24t 1960 "HAITI SUN" PAGE '

1 .and neat pharnphllet Celebrates Haitian artist. Rob- out with great ,apidity although to express the beaut. that lies en by the wind he has'the, vodo&
'printed. announces the 'ert S. Brice, is now 62 years old.. ;:e states that, "sometimes. de- in the world aroundhim.- .caried. to his home, and some
bn of the paintings of He started painting at the age p e n d in-g on my mood; 1 can Born in the City of Poets. Je weeks later the branch has,-beei
Brice, and the Sculp- of-50, and is now one of the most paint ohe in a day." He paints temie, August 3, 1901, he staht- transformed into pieces-of scUip-'
idre .Dimanclie which popular of Haitian painters., madonds, weddings, birds,. f'lo% ed painting at the age of 14 and lure; a dreamlike mermaid of
led to commerce at there Born in Petionville near Polt- ers, etc..., lie was 20 when he carved his a IHaitin Officer in dress tilai
SQ~ ery, New York Cily, au-Prince, Robert St. -Brice did St. Btice works on both Cii- 'first sculpture- on a stone, a De'- .urmir (le mostly~-draws-orh.i ai
.and continue until not stay long in School. J-Ie ha as arind masonite. Hie is as golor'- sabiies' figiri, [lie National lie: tian 10oklore, for, inspiration af.d
[ k '-aa.y. worked as a coachman for an~ fill. as. his paintings and is ill-. 'ro o[ aiti. And fot 30 years -Abject 'matter.) :
with pictures andi 'O Or'.' of 1,i cUSMC in Mission w\ay- smiling. He ,has unqilen- did not do a tiring as fair .s When lie firsi, came to Port,
,foreword by Selden Rod- hee during the Occupation i:M1 f-f.is age, '62. It "is within thii riuating or sculpture were con- ai-Prince with his statue of -E'
hJr'oograinme lists a show- the earl> twenties and from 192-1 St.' t;Brce's family to he that ceined' for Ahdre V. Ditnanche ion Samedi .responding wa.wo-
s.works _by St. Brice andr to 194-9 lie was a Cook for an 'spright for as example there is IL..1 chosen to play violin. In the ously to the call of a. Voodpo..
ianche. A 'special e. Amertican faftily living, here. Iii his mother who lives in Pet-llin- ijeaitine, he got matnied, the God, the Warden of-thie Cemet' -'
'sh to-rt L'tbe held as a pre- 19-18, while he was working. as mvlle and-is 105 years old. *'; worked as an, Assistant-Ar- ory, and Iis "Belle Creole" .
the Exhibition by Mr. Cook he kept a Boarding- St. Bice's paintings are am cliultect and an Agricultural Ag- bust of a nmther feeding-."er
vs.i-'s Robert Boyer, two peo- House and numbered arriong his ng iq most highly rated in ent 1 child at the breast, Andre t i-
6.. display avid interest in. boarders a y o u n-g American Hafi'iai;d bought by Collectors Ten years ago. Agricultural mpiche was predicted..fame b1y
_it-and _who have arrt- piirter called Alex Jones. He' 'frirm. m,'iany parts of thie Wo'kld Aent Dimanche as living 0on the Haitian Press. -
s l tlis current exhibition, at was StLi rilled watching Jones '- SCULPTOR -. rubber plantation, some kilo- Foreign visitors specially ha.'y
,C-Gallery on Monday;; pnt"'arid his desii'e to paintta.!- A RE DIMANCHE eters from the City -of Jere- found it hard to bei'e that suc." '
.-.. -- .-so-~ ose-3 ones, who noticed his .-e quiet, -arn:: aeri- i-. During the day, he was remarkably finislied.: pieces 'qf|
.-. mte -painting, encourage tur aget, Andre 'ersedls o'ostantly busy with his trhes, sculpture have been turned.. ou
crpitoh of tie wor{ lun Hi-flst works were pleas- Dinan left his hornetown,'Je- collecing the sticky milk "called by a man who woriks.,wittY',th
o.r&4 artists Carol Diana intly niaie and for seven me iths rerme, n the South-of Haiti t>:. latex that trickles from their ing but a simple. pen' knife
gsy states. "The little chicken Painter Alex Jones was Ihis :om-e n i51 to Port-au-Princ-e,I slashed trunks. But after his giiette razor-blade, a small 'ahi.
d and' sratched, h teacher after whiiqh,, Jones advis- iCe was surely igot earcehin d-y's work was done, Andre tiler and some gldss ..Aide'Ao
ahe ones of his Gand- ed him to join the Art Center fame, he was only seeking a walked d alone through the bo- figures have a .senstiiti.yotyL'ex
t ostopped- where hlie was given technical as- l:etre.liirg. .. pleal countryside, where_ some p
sis tagce., of ia fi's most exotic plants -are s
:it e -. Hfarnant ,anifr nnttoW ;,it -- -e c
found Nature seemed to -use the the
es The Robea' St. Birice is marinee] as 'l n Agricoltural"- Age ht at Nanscen tou th
a rJeremie landscape to put ona any.
e and has foear children, two. bo,,s. Po,t-s,-Puincc where .hi tamil. pferan anent exhibit f its ,fmost t
S-to be Francois 25, Edouard 23, and 2 including lus wife, former Beon- d -4
le -eir daughters, arie 20,and Josette' naldette Bistom-i a"d six bhild- lavish gen.osity.. d A re DiW -
I: pt I 8. .'db ua lso pai i -. ,- rei ere b,ing arid to bae d'o umrc' _-at"itu4' tow s ree
s t car i fa y m r a an er -to hem. He b'wughtith-him x'erent. ollyn hb seeg l iarge ,
Inthenot afford to sit: stil-,." is how from Jerenide a 'few pieces of eree, ond, lemon, mahogany e
o art- St. Brie' described his earnest- sculpture he had done in his ree, atond, lemon malga n b -
"p GE g influ- ness to- paint, for he can com- past y6ars. for Andre V. Din an- -oak. et with a branch brok-
e' bf--inedieval art plete two paintings in twenrt iche has the soul of an artist. i
INTER ROBERT ST BRICE four hourNs. He hurns paint igs be uses wood instead of weods fo

S ....Y...HT ITH ,. LOC D E X.OT I C ,
PIECE BAND FR. T,. 70 TO9-3 .P,. M- *L TP 11 R O -
a, ~- --
HotelyChoucoun -'tP r3

DanceF Wine ace t i


S .Lislen .o he ig-Fideli brila NOW EN Y this Philo T-F t t
S pecial!-S pecial-! : 2-tand o'll.hink you're in the tAdoi ,so &~en $d e eat-aeVery I

T EDA 700T 83 BuP.M. that's only one of this model's many fine-.features; others-',

GET.- TOGETHER PUNCH BOWL PARTY ii:,clude: Complete short wave and standard broadcast reception'."
H'(1RSDAot 7:30 P.M.-TO 1:30 A.M. : rith rich walnut finished cabinet' .""
DANCING DINNER UNDER THE STARS ON ligh-Fhielity sound from speaker network of duo-cone f r o n t
.-THE ROMANTIC ROOFGARDENV$?speaker and dynamic side speaker.
PIECE BAND ST,1RRING Separate bass and treble audio controls. .....
.:iTTR.4Cw7',VF :,v)D DEftCJOUS. BU1f1FFET A D" fl S-rl'-N


-. -! 1 --





Shell Employees

Receive Long Service


Redehtly, 12 Shell employees pleted 30 years of continuous ser-
received emblems in recognition vice and the first time that a
of Lqpg. Service with their Corn- lady employee has completed 10
pany. They were presented by years. We congratulate the hap-
Mr. J.:.C. Gubbins, General Ma- py recipients, Mr. S. A. Cluie, ..
nager .of the -Shell organization Installation Supervisor, and Mrs.
in Jamaica, 'at, a party held at Liliane Gaetgens, the Manager's
the Shell Installation at Bizoton. Secretary, as well as the Mana-
The presentation of Long Ser- ger himself, Mr. D. G. Crew,
vice Emblems, for which it ih who received an emblem for 20 '.
necessary, to, have completed 10 years Long Service.
years -of 'cotiuous 'service, is
an annual Shell function attend- It is interesting to note that
ed by all members of the orga- there are'now 22 Shell employ-
nization ees, representing more than one-
.' third of the staff of the Shell
Thisear, the teVnt has been Company in Haiti, who have .10
a special one as it is the first years' or more of service ehtit-
tinie in th'histoty of Shell in ling ,them to the ,orng Serv-ce
,Haiti ~tatit employee has com- Emblem.

S-,. A,
-'"V : "-

:Boys ft
B, (C.i

membership .41
.. traiung'groDumd-9
In 1958 apam
Haiti went to the
ternational Camp
aica which, was.'I
ate the 75th.-aifi
founding of -t 1
thused and insji
.gathering th&HI
turned to set:
', standard of Cdo
"' .'a swift formal
.. Company in thi
The progress::f
'4 .'"k ".,-.+.'
*+"n'.... gade in Haitii-I
s: their successful':
first National.,C
Mr. Clunle bei
ed by- Mr. Crew
his 30 .years 'IA
lem. On theig
SIns who nmA i
M V W "i"''

i J ii^i t7

r% j-: /-r'". '

KY;, .' _
.7 ... ,-' s : a. "fl ;' 'rS .'" .4

.......OX .-. ..CA

k dM ps -il I ," Mile, PE

..-.. O P / ;


., ... ."
ne.n.. w... ..' :"" .. j 7_3: .- :...._ .: : .. .

.- /.. .. -. -
1^i .ki-rr...',. : *^'' -
., .

'. *4- 5. ,

It.- ."
',"V -:! 'F:
-' a

,*' '2 ; ^ ^

". ". I..'

| ".. ** *^ ^ ^

:'.-:,-::' .: '
.';' ;,. : .^ /-* *

~A'9t. ~'.x;
'F. I.

r .1


O. 9'..--_

ia-0 .....

1 .... tS1


P O tox f6l .- PORT-AU-PRINCE, HATI..,
V ". : ; t $ V '- N *.... ,' .. .. .. ... .'.....

*,r ,F .", .,-,* -.: : .'-^,;li^ ^.

~~- ':F.4.k ..'..'1.. ..

E 16'

- =-- = I -~-~ &-



I *. .



ie ,s
y 1tl
)re l
jd ,

I- '

tow PLAIs$

the popular ed and were receive d well by
tiqUes." Once the audience:' It is obvious that
tion was new choreographer Orla.rdo Navas
ed as the first has put' lot of training into the,
delusion of the dance routines of 'thi group.
how thp aud- Henry '!Salvadqr's lues orig-'
to the smooth final, "Roi 'des Caves was very
ybung Trump- well rendered by derby ,Wid ,
il.- maie 'it "'the last ijracket. a'nd-
n dhalf of the' was followed 'by- 1favirikes ).nclu- '
ing Rock 'and ding,. "TT LQove-Pari$!' "La Ser
he; .'Chh Cha ne,"' and "Autumn Leaves."
. tapping foil- The audience's 'applause was
vell executed more than sufficient verification
rican Balladr of the popularity' of; "Le1 Carou-
r, and the yoc- sel de 1h Chanson" nd if Her-
phrasing ari by Widmaier's plans !for the fut-
is e 'relaxing ure to take the show abroad
u,to. intedlude. come t'o fruitition tlieh he will-
and Sanbas have many fans bacl&dding him all


Jan e

RIa-Chit:S IoUi the way.
' ', ',- [ .'7,- ...

~-'~ *~7-;7. ~. V

i, audience gives -their rapt attention
qring the recent presentation of "Le
":had to be' turned away. at the door
to/bursting point with eager fans.
N*;* '

* ~lxi





*- *. ..... -, ... e ., : ^; %7 .,".
Part of the f ull house: which has featured Poth the performances orfths-jUli,
ihe ..Starlets" swing through another of their brightly presented and ,
- ; '" "" _____- ___ .. ,-.- -+ ; '' '- '",* J,^ '-'t

', "I -... .. ., ', -
." .' .'', t '1"1 S.1 "

It'is the "LARK" ma ufactiired-by STUDIEBAKER-PACKARD Coratio. '
Neither large nor sma- or ,athe',' Iarge, ad sianl' tonc --
.Offering all the advantages of large clirs, 6. to 7 passengers '
Stability, Comfort, Power and all. lie 'a aHtaim geg o0 tie smit ll car ,
ow fuel. consumption (80 to me o6n ,di. a gaen .. -

'- .ied -Prices, In spite- of its great luxury -

S ",,,. ,...

.* or Makice. Dqidtuet raises a gay
1 .Yolande Toussaint during their re-
iTheatre of "Le Carousel de la Chan-

i :'.-,:,+,., "

,. ,

Place Ge t ard, Phon6: 3216 or 3929

Ask also for a demonstration of thef Pick-lJp and Trucks
Their saving of fuel. solidity, power and capacity are
already universally known.

. .' ".' ,* .
,.o .


p .~





. -.. : ;" ,. *.
.'.. ...'~ 1:.b'

." -.
.'' ,' ^


- --



; ~ ~


MONDAY MAY 2, 1960
.-400 pm-Test pattern Music
7:00 pm-Evehing General Progr-
*am Schedule
7:03 pm-Weather Report
7V06 pm-Album Tele-Haiti Pa-
noramic scenes of every-
7:25 pm-Cartoons and Kid Com-
edies Children's Pro-
7:45 pm-Telenews Ist-edition-
Review of. the day's ,ev-
8:00 pm-La- Belle Creole Show:
S"Frankie Laine"
8:30 pm-"Les Petites Histoires de

notre Histoire" Every
Monday, at the same
time, Max Bissainthe
presents an interesting
short story on the sub-
ject of the History of
Haiti. This show is spon-
sored by Charles Dejean
& Co.
8:45 pm-"Industry on Parade" --
Review of the latest ach-
ievements ii the Ameri-

S i. .. -
., .,,, ,, ., ,. o e, '
"",iL .... I- -EIK U L "' "' 'i

".-' ,- i" ?" .' -"

Yes the new Dadlani Store on the corner of Rue
S. '.Bonhe.,oi is surely a "Little Europe" stocked' with
,.. ine merchandise from all over the world with emphaa.i,
., on Indian:Products. "Little Euro .' also Ineans Free '
S'POt Prices. ..... ,...-'"..-.. ... ".

SUNDAY, MAY 1st, 1960


Kid Copi-
ren's Pro-

(1st edition)
:the day's ev-

se Show -
- Deadliest
English versi-
E. Narrator,
Intrigue: The
Ad 'Starring
Sy Brought
Haiti Trading

- 2nd edition
of the late

Program Na-

W Y 4, 1960

6:00 pmr Music,

7:00 pm-Evening Gene'al .Progr-
am' Schedule '
7:b3 pm-Weather .iReport
7:06 pm-Album Tele-Haiti Pa-
-'norafitic scenes' of every-
7:30 pm-Cartoons and Kid -Com-
edies Children's. Pro-
gram -
7:45 pm-Telenews (1st edition)
Review of the -day'*: ev-
; ,,ents.'
8:00; pm-La ,Bele ; Creole: Dem-
ons.ration on Make-ups
8:15 pm-lRejport from .America -
NA4roto:" 'Pierre 'Cren-
Sessex..,, ,
8:20 pm-Interview Pro gram
S...-b.Drough to 'you by 'IHCAI '.
9:00 pm-Telenews 2nd edition
Summary of' the' late
news *-
9:05 pm-Shell Kerosene Sdleil -
Demonstration by 1.arie-
Florence Roy .,...
9:.1'0 pm-Telecinemn ,'.
'0. 00 pm-Close of Program NlAa-
-. tional. Anthem, I

6:.- pm--Test I pattern -,;Music
(Records) ."
7' pm-Evening General Progr-
,'l,, Schedule.
T:01 SE Weatle .Report.
., ..".., T: .P Te-,Haiti Pa-
., -;.',:.Jnral t-s!enes of every-

... 6 tof and Kid Com-
~~l Gifldren s Pro-

'. -' <-. (1st edition),
f o the. dav'Q u-

8:00 pm-P a r i s "Precinct 4 16th-.
episode) "It's Up to" You"
SStaringtU laude Dauph-
in & Louis JQutdah (En-
glish Version).
8:30 pm-7.The Florian Zabach
Show brought to you
Ub "La MaisonV .Lelio
., Baillv" "

:*:* -:, ... .. ,. ... .,. : ''-.-'
2 .- t theft len.$ .

'Rnod n a -.
2 ANCON C c1 'A

Complete accur i oy

.. arh uel ac T e p



Florence Roy
9:10. pm-Telecinema
10:00 pm-Close of Program Na-
tional Anthem

6:00 pm-Test patteiri Music
7:00 pm-Evening General ..Progr-..
7':'03 pm-Weather.leport
7:06 pm--Cance& .Sbciety presents
a 'liverogram with Dr.

- I

S2.' I"~

9:00 pm-Telenews 2nd edition
*Summary of the .'lat.
9:05 pm-Sh64 Kerosene Solei'. l
Demoritratidonbs Marie-""
Florence Roy' ?,
9:10 pm-Telecinema -
10:00 pm-Close of Program -- Nal
tonal Anthe i

FRIDAY MAY 6. 1960L':
6:00 pm-Test pattern Music ,sc
(Records) .P *.
7:00 pm-Evening General Prog.i$
am Schedule '
7:03 pm-Weather Report O
7:06 pm-Program of "Education.
7:20 pm-Cartoons and Kid, Com-
edies Children s Pro-.
gram .
7:45 pm-Telenews (1st edition) ".'
Review of the-day's ev-
8:00 pm-Travel Films Various. t;
8:25 pm-Shell Kerosine Soleil -
Demonstration by Marie.!"
Florence Roy
sites of the world., .
8:15 pm-"Pour Vous Mesdames'.-;Nj
(Cooking Show) .
8:30 pm-The dFord Show The i,
Adve ntures of Robin .'
Hood: "Village Wooing"',
Starring Richard Greenes.
Followed by the Ad vnt-'
ures of Flash Gordon;--:t
Death In The Negative.._-
'9:30 pm-Telenews---- (2nd edition.)
S u m m a r y', oft the Jpte'
news. -- '.:,A
9:35 pm-The Shell Show '-':.
10:00 pm-Close of Program Tn''-N
tion'l ,Anthemi'

6:00 pmL-Test pattern Music.
--. .(Recoids) ...'.
7:00 pm-Evening General Progr''
am Schedule. -..
7:03 prn-Weather Relteort : -
7:06 pm-Album Tel-Ha -'"-
noramnic :scehes. of ever%)
where':' .
7:25 pm-Cartopns and, Kid CLdm"
edies Children's. o.
7:45 pminTelenews (1st ed;tiI
.. Review of the; day's Ale"i,
eints. -
8:00 pm-"'A Vous New Yo'rki'-
with Pierre Crenei-;'e :
8:10 pm'-Tihe Languichatt e :_;howil.
-Hilarious skelc'i '.'-
ring Langui c h'a t'l p
1 brought to you b, 'I'-,
brique -Nati o n a." E( ile.MI
Chaussures". .'
8:30 pm-The Westinghouse Sho'6w:-
'Stat Performance: Bi L '
& The, Bride" ".
9:05 pm-Tele-Sport -& Variety" :" 4
Summary of the late.'
new s -.' ,
9:05 -"m-Telecinema' .. '.
10:00 pm-Close of Program Na-
tiotfal Anthem
SUNDAY 'MAY 8, 1960 r J
2:00 pm-Sigh on Presentation.."
afternoon's program
2:03 pr9--Special,' Childrens -Prpg<
ram with Prof. Gu1y Rang .,.e
.3:00 pm-Newsreels a'n.tl Docum:xU
entries .-- ':
3:30 pm-Nobbe & Bo'n.de-1sOM.I
Show. Conrad Nag.l7J
Theater:. Clothes M a'k:E
"Lady" ...
4:00 pri-Weatheir aReport 'T-1
4:05.pmr-Telecineniam '
5:40 prh-Telene ws-'- levie w'!.
the. day's events. '
6:00 pm-Sign off Nationa, An-"


I:,,, ,



24th 1960

:.. .: .: -_ ---
SMdn..departed noon
.:'.hi.s. first European
onL-The, "young Jacmelian
.it his sister in Barcelona
at-three months touring.
^^ : ;... _.:. *- *
'annd Mrs Jean Brisson
t fr)i have named their
uglitea. Pascale.

Scho61 Professor Marie
nzosaid .goodbye to her
gently,. after the latt-
a .busy week's vaca-
-, _-.t .
h'Quin- of the -American
ssyTnade :his -first trip to
tadel'-the-. week( following
r'Fed,- who weighs in a
r-200- pounds,. maintains
't help. his horse, down
t.- Salad trail.
_. .
Embassy -Second- Secret-
dPolitical. Offlder, .-Mr.
S bbuhl, recently made
i ed climb to the .itadel.
Ie eports,-have- it. that his-
tbuiner refrised to budge
orse left the rider sitting
a. nearby ditch, _holding. a.
J f reins. -

'popular arid.accomplished
t Guy-Scott gave a.polished
i'mance of Classical orks
a large audience at the
Theatre on Friday Night
week. Scott, who has had
Wive training abroad pres-
a well-balanced program
-ssics by noted- composers
splayed skilled interpret-
-and playingng -throughout

Sbfisinessman Fortune Bo-
.serfained high government
Military leaders, and
rs of the social and -com-
I- circles of the Capital
is Gros Morne villa Wedn-
evening at a seven to nine

hter Gladys Bogat Mon-
over from Miami Beach
a visit received the guqst
i her father and Miami fri-
-atricia Jane Bradley Mc-

.getous blonde Kathleen 0'
is- -over from Ponce, .San
--r sting her grandpt re i's.
S *
1i9 Iatluhilde Fethiere wed Roger
nlet Sa'turday morning in the
dral Marie-Reine du Mon-

ter R. H. Fischi, fiance o-
s Sugar Queen, Clau4inetf
Jouchard, returned, to:-' his'
inh Regensburg- during the:
'and as" yet the young
har'v not announced the

a --
Aubelin Jolicoeur of the news-
paper daily Ie Nouvelliste, P.
R.O. for the Commissariat Na-
tional du Tourisme and "SUN"
Columnist, celebrate his birth-
day today. He made an early
start to the celebrations last
night 'with a champagne party
at the Hotel Montana given- in
his honor by Manager George
'The bright party included Na-
tan Abramovitz, Honorary Con-
sul of Haiti in Tsra'el 'and his
artist wife Mirtza; Israeli Fin-
ancier Sacha Armarnik and- his
wife Rina, James B. West, Plant
Manager for the Samuel Stamp-
ing & Enameling Co., Chattanoo-
ga, Tenn., and his wife, Miss
'Marie Therese Duthiers and .Fi-
nancier Henri Blanc. of Bale,
Switzerland. Happy Birthday Jo-

'On his fourth trip to Haiti is
Mr. Morris E. B-u r k a, the pro-
gressive President of J.. T. Gib-
bons Inc., Newv Orleans was en-
tertained by Mr and. Mrs. Jean
Desquiron 'of Freres. M.;Burka
was: accompanied.,' tb Haiti by
his 'son Andy .'arid -his- nephew
Tony. ,,
Gibbons Inc., have been in the
animal .feed' business since 1862,
(the same year that Haiti's
Rhum Barbancourt factory was
inaugurated,) and they now sell
feed throughout the world and
are currently. exploring the' Af-
rican market. Gibbons manufac-'
ture a special cone e,ntrate
for Poulet Haitien-S.A., out of
which is made, with 'local mat-
erials, the feed' which is utilized
by Poulet. Desquiron and prod-
uce Corail Eggs.

Castel Haiti

-Monday, MAY 2 9:30

Tuesday, MAY 3 8:00
AT .9:80
TO "

Wednesday, Ma1y 4..Vt :.

With the encouragement of
Mrs. Slundler, a Junior League
composed of young ladies of Hai-
ti was formed. Tuesday this
week at the El Rancho Hotel
with the aim set to work for
Haiti and its people.
First work undertaken by the
rew League will be a week set
,side for the handicapped child-
ren. -at the end of this month.
Composed of 25 young women,
the League will hold its next
meeting on Wednesday next at
the El Rancho, 6pm.
Officers elected by the League
at the initial meeting were;
President, Jacqueline Nadal,, Vi-
ce President, M a r i e Florence
Roy. Treasurer, Nicole Gardere
and Secretaries,. Lilian Desire
and Annie Borno.--

The Rev. Fr. and Mrs. Will-
iam Buck have recently added
two Luckner Lazard paintings. to
their charming home overlook-
ing the Caribbean at Montruois
.Episcopal Seminary. '
1st. 'Lt. William J. Bonthron
of ,the-U.S.. Naval Mission iN. in
the United States, on vacation.
On. his return he is expected to
compare- notes with that salty
Sunday sailor, Rien 'Von Blerk
of.', Curacao Trading Co., who
last year -made a boat trip' to
the: States .in his sturdy craft,
the "Sea spracheter."

Conferring with the Greytfoun'd
Liies local representative in
.Haiti, Mr. Baby Woolf,- this
"week was Herald E. Eliasen,
.-Sales Represeitative of Grey-
:ound Lines, Miami, Florida.
Mr. Eliasen was making a 2-
.day visit to Haiti in connection
wi(h. tentative package tours in-
eliding. this Island that are be-
'ng planned by his company,
The Greyhound- Company have
.suspended their -operations in
'Cuba and are now looldng for
an alternative country- to place
'on their itinerary and as Har-
ald Eliasen explained, 'JThis ;is
a chance for Haiti."
Puerto Rico and Jamaica,
stated the Greyhound Line's ag
.ent, are. now inundated with
.tourists to- the extent that hot-
els are unable to accommodate
mny more. Eliasen checked with
some of the major Port-au-
Prince hotels and intends mae-
ing ani annual Haiti visit.
Mr. and Mrs Kurt Fisher flew
to Jamaica Monday. .The Casi-
no clan are in town confering"
this weekend... Mitsou Fontaine
'the young Haitian singer is mak-
ing a name in France....
Andre "Roosevelt, Manager of
the Hotel Ibo Lele., and Mime
Alice Lafontant were married on
Saturday evening at the Ibo Le-
le. Acting a- best man was Ro-
ny Chenet and Mrs. Robert
Baussan was Matron of Honor.
Under 'the direction of Maes-
tro Franck Walker, the "Choeur
des Cousins" sang the "Wedd-
ing Mlarch."
Ambassador Liu Yu-Wan of
Nationalist China and Ambass-
ador in the Caribbean A rea,
'spent five days here last week
on his third visit, to Haiti since
dits.-' ppointuent'. 'His permanent
'iesnden'e.is:'it Havana,. Cuba.
-American Ambassador Gerald
PDikt h'-terl I'nrh'pon for thi,
glistinguisIlced Chi--,c-.e Diplu:n:lit




'I" -

-PREL, 2


PAGl1i9 .

U Joseph report.

Haiti may send its Weight lifters to the Oly"npies in .ome., .
Lt. Col. Ernest Rey has been retired. He has been replaced as..-.
commander of the Central district by Major Max Buteau. Major
Max Deeljen has been named commiiander of' the Northwest Dep-
artment... "Les chevaliers de nuit" knocked off the 1"Simion ,Shop"
Thursday night and-amnassed $600 worth of booty... Le Jour states
that Haiti's Embassy in Tokio is virtually dosed because the Jpp-
anese Government has shown no. sigp. of opening. a corresponding
Embassy here... Former Secretary of the Liberian Embassy .ier
Mr. William B. Fernandez who has- been named Ambassad-to'' V
Haiti is expected to arrive .bientt.. Ernest. Elyee. presented',
his credentials lo Emperor Haile Selassie as new Haitian Aomlia.s- .
ador to Ethiopia 'last week. First Secretary Francel papedatr att--
ended the Addis Abbeba ceremony.... Major Leon'M oloir-tand firstt ..,
Lt. Fritz Antoine leave for study abroad soon. Major Coldii'departs -
Tor Fiance and Antolne for Quantico... New Spanisl Ambassadoir -
is entertaining the press 5 to 7 pn May 10. '
John Pratt, the husband of Kathersne Dunhiam returned -\ f New'
York Thursday after two eeeks- on the Ielelere Plana ti --e.;.--
Simon her- for eight months as instructor-and managerti lle
Creole's perfume dept. ,flew home to Ztirich Awtfritaz-a Wtidayi.f '
He may return, next season....- M. B. ,pptfI s Ter o
iritain's Dollaf Export. Council t is. expected viiyt .piti .
next weekend.. U.S.. air AttacheLt. Co ln-Role ifeund.- .
down by the Dominican airforce-'.last yehr flew' in ifrm Ciacat'
his week on a routine flight over the sea all the way. Pretty
Patricia Jane Bradley McCabe daughter of Norwegiaj Consul.Ed-
ard McGurk returns to Miami Beach this weekend after a. brief
iseit to Port with her friend Gladys Bogat Mofnller... "Panorama ..
struck out at the Jesuits again this vast w0ek... Colopel Jon '
Standard Chief of the Salvation Army in Jamaica is ere with.
his wife presiding over the..tenth anniversary celebrations -of- H ai-
i's division of the Army... The Republic came close to'loosing its ,-
one Indian family, the Dadlanls'in the weekend's rain The torrent
removed the. garden garage and yard walls,. f' the,ir, .home border--
rig Tele doe 'Eau;.. Dr. A. Jauregui Molina, who was fbr seven -
rears medical director of Point Fosur ih his native Boliviais.h ere
s the' Panamerican Sanitary Bureau man. During us tw:,tp on hs
here he has drafted the "memorandum of understaniinhg fi the ''
organization and administration of the Malaria eainpaingn I.' alti,. t'
lie trials of which are suppose to begn today May st.-. Thc 'the :
jauretania sailed out of Port last month' a. slightly nitbfia ifo'crew
nerhber found-himself waving farewell from the shore. ld return-
ed aboard Wednesday somewhat apologetic... .
The good humored manager of La Belle Creole Al" Sietr -eb-.
rates his birthday tomorrow. The employees have bal ed. a cake..
max Vieus advised on the front page of Le NouvellistA this-lweek
hat contrary to rumors he did not win the "Gros lot" lottery first
prize... Noted Sacre.Coeur barber Goldman was decorated by the
President of the Republic with the Order of Sanitati on on World'
health Day is recovering from a scissor 'wound in his right hand.
t is the first wound he has inflicted upon himself in decades of
hairdressing... Poet Gerard Daumec made a stirring appeal- before-" -
he television cameras Tuesday night for the Cancer League...
'rantz Gardere is recovering from a week long illness.... Frank
Irahan" of the British Embassy who carried dispatches through the ;
Lyber Pass under adverse conditions has jeeped over North Haiti
nd planning to visit Jeremie by "vollier"... The issue of April 14th
f. the Satuioday Evening Post with an article on Haiti entitled
Land Of Misfortune" is unavailable in town... A. H. Ferguson -of -
he London newspaper "Observer" for 'thirteen years covering .
Latin America finally included Haiti in his reporting travels. Lodg-
d at the Sans Souel the English Journalist spent a week gleaning
material for a series of three articles on the Caribbean. He depart-
ed for C. T. Wednesday... Father Robert Jean S. J. who underwent
a remarkable heart operation some years ago in Canada is arriv-
ig here Saturday by the Ancon to be a councellor at Villa Man-
te' ills doctors recommended Hlaiti's climate....


(Continued from page 1)
welcome this morning was Mr.
.Eiriihairlt Kirkegaard, V i c e-
i;les'deni of ihe Midwest Chapt-
e.,, Chairman for the Spring
meeting and member of Fords
Travel Service, Chicago.
Haiti's organising committee
under the direction of the Gen-
eral Director of the Commissa-
riat National du Tourisme, Mr.
Jean-Jacques Honorat has put a
lot of planning into five day con-
vention. For details of the con-
vention see fN HAITI THIS
WEEK, Page 2.

Senator Louis Raymond has
requested the Senate to grant a
special pension to ex-Captain
Chery Germain, whom he de-
qlared had given his blood in
the service of the Patrie on July
28th 1915. On this date, stated
Senator Raymond, Germain had
lost an arm at the arsenal in
defending the arms on hand and
the integrity of the Haitian ter-

The death occurred at his home
in Petionville on Tuesday of E-
lie A. Hakime. He was 94 years
4ld. He, was an old member ot
the colony "Libano Syrienne."
Elie Hakime was Condileane
to Emile'*Hakime, (his son,) Ma-
dame Yvonne Hakime-Rimpel,
Mile ,Marie Hakime, ,Mr. and
"-.rs Edouard P.erez, Mr. and
Mrs Edouard Bellande and the
families Hahn, Rimpel and Sas-
sine. He was, buried, at the Cath-
'.eidraJ. St. Trinity on Wednesday
'at 4pm.

(Continued from page 1)
weeks around the fountain be-
i, fore the Post Office, and these
,. 'housed a variety of exhibits dea-
..ling with Haitian- Industry and
.,Arts. It has beeri announced that
these contemporary stands will
: be 'tur.d over to the Mahogany
vendrs. after the fair's closing
and 'will.e used by then to dis-
'"'play their products and art work
i' to tourists- arriving in the city
fqm, the landing stage anri the
48;. persons from different
sectors -of' Corminerce, Agricult
ure, Artisans, Unions, the press
..and .'.'des lettres et des Arts
S.will be decorated today May 1st,
Amongst .those to be decorated
by Minister of'Labor and Wel-
fare Fitderic Desvarieux are:
Les Directeurs de Haiti Jour-
.nal; du .1Noivelliste, de Le Ma-
Stin, de -Le .Jour, de La Phalan-
ge,. Dr. .J.. B. Remain, L. Ma-
.t nigat, P. Ponpilus, E. C. Paul
A. Ar'tide,-H. Trouillot, Dr. R
Vil. A. Lubin, A. J. Bistouri
J. M.: -Lefranc, M. Aubourg, F
Kebreau, R. Camille, J. Bagui
'dy, J, Renaud, L. Phareaux, R
Dex'ose, P. Hubert, Papailler, C
Celestin, M. Gabriel, G. Figa
ro, Alx Large, C. Mervilus, L
Honorat. J. Gatteau, J. Laroche




(Continued from page 2)

Kaufman of the Perry Como Orchestra and his wife Kim and
Miss Jeannette Pacht.
Samuel A. Ball, and his wife Miriam and David Finkelstein and
his wife Lore, both couples are from Philadelphia, are taking a
week's respite in Haiti. Stunning blondes Miriam and' Lore look
like sisters. Sam is in the Food Business and David is a manufact-
urer of children' clothing which is designed by his pert wife
Lore after whom the firm is named "LORE INC."
"Haiti is the icing on the cake," said Bob and Doris Fleisher
when they arrived here this week on the last leg of their Caribb-
ean tour. The Fleishers, from New York, were here for their
second Haitian visit and were guests at the Hotel Oloffson.
Lovely blonde, Joan Timble and Judy Parkinson, both from
Chicago are introducing Haiti to- their friend Millie Metzger. All
three girls who are secretaries work for the International Miner-
als and Chemicals Corporation, Chicago and are enjoying a 7
day visit and staying at the Oloffson. The .trio, Joan and Trudy
visited Haiti 5 years ago. Also flew here last weekend, Mrs Ruth
Furst of N.Y. Mrs Furst works in the Exportation of Films for
MGM. Now she is busy with Ben-Hur with which she is breaking
a crowd record in showing it to youngsters.
Lawyer, John Nordberg of Chicago and his "charmante" wife
Jane are current guests at the Hotel Oloffson and have made the
adventurous trip to the Cap to visit the Citadel. Jane was tired
when she left today.
Marvin Weissberg, 'a Realtor from Washington, D.C., and his
English wife Elizabeth missed their plane this week -so stayed
an extra two days at the Oloffson, after spending three days
here as guests at the Ibo Lele. Elizabeth like so many visitors
was entranced by the Haitian Meringue.
Commander Joseph Spagna, a purchasing agent in New York
City, made his second trip to Haiti this week in company with
his wife. They spent five days at the Hotel Choucoune and were
one of the gay couples at the Punch Bowl party given early this
week in the new 'cocktail lounge of the Hotel Choucoune.
Lise Gingras who works for Eastern Ailines in Montreal arrived
here last Sunday and was joined by her boyfriend Investment
13roker Barrie Goad at the Splendid Hotel. Barrie, also from Mont-
real, has 'just completed a cruise on the 158 footer, "Polynesia"
from Bimini Island, near Florida, to the Bahamas and back to
Miami. He flew to Haiti to join Lise.
Mr. Henri Blanc, Chairman of the Baufinanz (a society which
finances construction work in Bale, Switzerland,) was greeted
here this week by Mk. Natan Abramovitz, Honorary Consul ol
Haiti in Israel. Mr. Blanc is a guest of the Abramovitz's.
Onboard the SS Mauretania which arrived here this week; Jos
S. Slavet, Executive Secretary of the Boston Municipal Researce
Bureau and his wife. They enjoyed their short stay here in com-
pany with Nina Cooper. Public Service Mutual Insurance, New
York. They' were shown around the .town by Wally Talamas o
- Canape Vert.

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Corsor
and James, arrived here last w
they had no difficulty to stay a
Hotel Chouctne. Mr. Corson is
Rochester, New Hampshire.
Alvin Seitz, Manager of La Bie
- day tomorrow and the store's sl
, prise for him. Happy Birthday A
Murray Kleinman in Automob
New Jersey, and his wife are en,
Kleimans made the trip to Cat
They are guests at the Oloffson.
Builder Dominic Navarro Jr.,
flew here this week in company
and. wife Margaret. Both couple!



n and their two 'children, Kathy
weekend for 7 days in Haiti, but
another week, they are guests at
Trust Officer in a large bank 'in

lie Creole will celebrate his birth-
taff have planned 'a pleasant sur-
bile Business in New Brunswick,
joying a 7 day visit in Haiti. The
p-Haitien and visited the Citadel.

and his Austrian wife Christina
y with Lawyer Edward E. Rieck
s are from Pittsburg, Penna. Do-


N SUNDAY, MAY lst, :

minic works with his father, Executive of the Navarro Cons.t
ion Co. They are staying at the Oloffson. -.
Armand Dworkin and his pretty wife Fay, are both .doui
earch for the U.S. Navy in Silver Spring Maryland, can
twice their trip and shunned the Dominican Republic tO-
the "jole de vivre" in Haiti. Fay is a pert meringue dancer.,
stayed at the Villa Creole.
The Night of loveliness at El Rancho Thursday night was-a
endous success with Simone Mevs of the Gift Fair showing..J
comparable collection going from bathing suits to .'night
Beautiful and vivacious Patricia McCabe Gladys Bogat j.h
Far, Frances Dupuy. Micheline Devot, Lilian Paret were tlil
Villa Creole will show on Tuesday to the Congressists
Midwest and Southwest Chapters of ASTA the Haitian style.
the years. Whfiat a preview we saw Thursday night. OIga
Silvera, the Couturiere, ought to be 1 proud.
Martin Bellefond, Vice President of the Dbnahue, G.Ioo
Associates (Management Engineers and Consultants) of: N'".
has just completed a 10 days visit here with his wife'..A
and two children Tony 10 and a half and Ricky who ce
his 8th birthday here on the 28. They lodged at Villa Creole
"Ravissantes blondes" Virginia Paully.and Joan Madra?
Am in Chicago are having a great time in Haiti. These twl
of Hotel Choucoune are escorted by Rene .Cbauvet a -Iew;
in the H.P.B.A.
Hair dresser David Layne and his beautiful wife Carol
ance man Daniel Hirtenstein and his fotely wife Au'drey'
York flew down here this weekend for a five day- respi
are guests at the Riviera Hotel.
"'Seduisante" Miss Martha Lewis of New York City"
here this week-end en route to Puerto Rico. She .badly '(v
had made plans to visit Haiit. She .promised to come' her
week visit next Fall.
S' w
(^ ^ ,, .p, ... ,, >

I Maison
< ) 7 0 V


~aL 1. ~S L L ~La



For all kinds of French perfu'
visit Haiti's Smartest Indian s4
Select your fuvourite perfuni
from our large collection

We offer you the world's famoi
brands at free port prices,-'

.J-" V ,J J...L, v




-. :- ?'1



etc... etc...
^^^^^ A^^^^^^




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