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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Duke University Libraries
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Duke University Libraries
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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"- -: ".. ..' a; ~"r


'N. = !.'... t !t. 195 o. 23 PORT-AU-PRINCE


Duvalier is expect PRESIDENT EXPECT ID wvil follow,- he added support
s the Nation today TO TALK TO NATION ing his ..decarat on vith a lar-
'ts obtained by -the i' ,, mani.' times found thi, ge smile.
e2 Mission to Washing jut. But \.isterday afternoon. This morning, again. we v.enl
'en if he aid not de-part from after information and this
Jouvelhst-,, comm:-nt tuh habitual reserve, he confirm time to other official-sources -
p--he return .-.t the memn- d eiffectivl-ly that the conver- in .iew of obtaining more am-
.of the Mi\ Nion Frida\ stations in Aiashin.ton had pl.- a'etals on 'the results of
satisfying conclusion. (continued on page 16)
fe hae,. therefore, in or -But. Mr Secretary ol Sta-
o have a clear con-cience hate .,u a declaration lor Haiti Gets Help"
-ogated ihe Preidenit ctl he pre.s,, we ai-kd him Of U. S. Financing
inr-,:ial Msion Mr. An-. I must first of all... he ,e'- Washington Said to Provide
hardr. Minister -of Finan- pind,..l. es-- the Presi ent' nI ,o.e nrm ntA PDr-o Action

?ht the an-port 'he R Fp-blic to mak. him a
[iraster Theard Iv. a,. toul report,, .,But I can say that
r brilliant cLonier.ti.:.n_-, ev,4r,-thing veni well, this ui-
is in matter. of the State me I ami retu ring with -oime
remarkablee discr-.tion We thine pusitiv-e Other things

S -r7- 7 ". -

.'s CITIZEN OF PORT-.%Li-PRINCF K the1uie "nlmiim, rL
calc Lhat conferred updin her Lhe dilincion i ni Ci-
m Mayor Antoine Herard during -pecial eeiemonile here She
t.'decorated ith the Nalional Ordei of II r and Merit I. FI -
B winter Lqui; Mar- i' ha. termed her rh-? rdie piriturcle- i,) 1lI-irt
above with Mis- Dunham are husband, John Prali (centeij Ma-
.erard and Linder-Secretar) of Lbtoimation Georges Figaro.
(See Sltun page2"

iSupr me Court Renders 'Final
1e.rdict Giving Villeioint Fortune
STor Petit-Goave Man Of 76
e, fortune left by the labt The famous law swir which
rum distillery magn ate. for :,.ars ha- bee.n traJiling
exandre Villeioir.t, it his th,:.u h th. tribunis here v.ith
alh some 16-odd % Pars ag-o Im-.i;ne .:.f the mon-t unusual inci-
go 1o a ..-_a .old p.'asant (c.nnnued on page 16l
SPehit.Goa'.e MNi. \'il!.ic.int
tad no children and was pro- Dominican
edd in death by hi. '.'ife. Ambassador And
This ..ek the Supreme u, Mrs Porfiro Basora
This eek the Supreme court Entertain In
Laded donm the final decision commemoration
Ithe la,.-sujt which has b:ei,, l5 Anniversary
from court to court dur- 115th Anniversary
nigthe past years. In its Fri- The .Dominican Republic'-
rua 20th t in joint session and dence was observed on Februa
the decision on the rv 27th. At Port-au-Prince
lt.nee composed of build- Ambassador and Mrs Porfirio
hga and estates valued at sp-. Basora entertained at a 6:00
oi.tmately $800.000 in favor to 8 00 r-ceotion at their P&-
STi.dor Dufort, an aged resi- tion-Ville villa where govern-
e.4of the town of Petit-Goa- ment officials. top-ranking Ar-
e. (Continued on page 15)


Also Aids on Budget
4In The New Yoik Times
irhi mpec>ounially auid ,olili-
,rAI lh.,ried Haitian Govern-
mient >'a; i4iported ye-.tcrd.y to
haii r."-tiied major aid from
thll. United State- Govirnment
s- nell a- imnl:.rtani private aa-

Hichardr Davies. execiutile di-
-i-lot of Klein & Saks. finan-
. i. and econi..mi arlvisi- to
illi., -aid the Stale Department
.ind ti.e E-.ononic Cooperation
rintiiiration h-d agreed toI
i.ie Haiii 1$o.ii00i11 to help
n. ii litudetary and foll-Iln ex-
i.,'. pi obletne
Mr. Davie- -id in Washing-
i.n lih. tht i m a- ILe se--uhi of
Il .?', i:.k ; otiatiou In Fi-
n.,ii'i. Mii-i--nT r A 'lic T'heaiil.
%ih h [ nie ieI e.ln.Jr-Jay ni ht
i,,th nai c\'-h.n,,e ol letters.
ITh liet.-r;. Mr. Dan.-- ad.dedI
-. iI I .in"'. ,liflifittltii- -' re ite
e-allt of Ili-e 'iilIJ Ihop in tol-
icontinued 'on nage 13)


. ." '-.i
.. B ,.,,. ,,.'A M


C:aude MUrambn-au, 34-ye~o
old ol -fee r.tader, vhc- .a-,,
in critical condition at 'thi
Port-au-Prince general hospital
alter reportedly being shot
down .'hile under pohce airesi
in the MarchE Sailomon %kas
'ri -'rred r-:ci'.ering and out rol
I'C.ntrnue.d onr page 16')

norihwezt of Hairi has been
put in jail at Bombardopolis.
charged with druggeng ix per&'
sone., micludihg ti- women
and putting them to ,.'ork as .
zombi-s 'as
A' bocor named Enacier w-as
packed up -by Bornbardopolis
police after one i-f tht- zon-bies
in his employ- stopped at a
neighboring house for a elass
of vater and told the tale 11
enslavement .]f himself anJ
h.e ,-there
The o-nmbe, Elhu-: .v a
found in En:c ielr' po'session
l continued on page 16)


O,..-.half of the tradtiornafily for one gourde a load, after Turnbull. w.i t'ice recently
hungry population that i,.,s traveling eight to 10 hour- t-- toured Gonnaves. Baie de Hen-
along the arid.northwest coast make the sale. ne'. Orangier. L'Arbre apd the
of Haiti face starvation 1i cain Several weeks of strong foot of Mr Movent found this
does not fall soon. winds, which whipped' at Port naturally arid area in a state
Of the few persons who have au-Prince during January and of national emergency.

I siitd the desperate farmers
in this area during the past
f,- .. c weeks. Pastor Wdllsce
Turrbull. of the Baptiste Mis
sion painted a dismal picture
of mass starvation.
Tirnbull described a gastl,
parade of walking skeletons
lea, ing the areq to search for
iobs as far as 100 miles away.'
only to return eagin because
there are no iobs to be found.
The parched coastal region
has had no rain to speak of
-;nee huricanne Hazel in 1954
The Plateau du Nord-Ouest,
the only place which has grass,
and then very little of it. is
scoured by the e-asants. rather
ed, taken by donkey and sold

February bruised the vegeta-
tion of the northwest l:a'vint
it to wither and die. Trees.
stand staqr and leaveleas.
Weeds are gone. The animals.
-.hich seem to be holding up
better than the humans have
nothing but the points of Aca-
.-i branches to lick on.
F-- n the anirmaIs are not
xDoected to last much longer.
Donkeys, which used to sell
ror .'8 to $14 are being sold
for 9I to $2 because there is
nothing to feed them.
The heat winds and low
tides have ended salt making
in this region by fouling the-
salt basins, which have been
cleaned out again.

.'La Gorge, which irrigales
one area, and where Christophei
Columbus came to get his wat-
er, is reduced to a trickle. The
Plateau du Nord-Ouest. which
has been barren sinoai Hazel,
had n'e good harv-st last year.
For a short time the Dooulace
had more than enough to eat
in the way ri sweet Patatoes
'nd a t h e r root crops
"**n the c 0 n t e n t s of
this hbmrn of plenty began to
rot aga;n leaving the harvesters
with emoty stomachs.
Tirnhull conrdemned the resid-
ent' of P-au.3- fc, refusing to

(continued on page 11)

Althea Gibson leaching the rudiments of Tnni, to i .a-, tunn Amer-
icans. I'tee stor on page 2).

Dominican Airman Hits Silk Over
Cul de Sac After Buzzing Capital
A Donuican airman... who The following day it was re-
cau-red a minoirir paric in the liably reported that the.uni-
Capital Tues-ld, night hen hF- identified aircraft was a Domini-
made a er-ie; -if I:., pa-- -es can V\n.pire which had minu-
over tl-us eil, a expected i tei later ciashel .it the Domn-
be turijed :-ver to repreie--tat- necan side of the frontier.
re, s-Of hue c-untr:, thie week- (continued on page 16)
The roar of the jet at Zombie Maker
height ot five lu,'drel Jc.: Arrested
heard at 7 15, was belevEd .- In North West
experts to be in disress
____ A %ell-known earner im tile


PAGE 2 .


Althea Gibson Leading U. S. Woman
Tennis Player- Staying At Montana
From March 6-9
One of the United Statlei it 16. I enutred the girl's Nev.
best wome-n tennis players, A1- York State charupionhlips. tpon
thea Gibson, who will visit Hai- :,ore.d by the A.merican lenni-
ti from March 6-9, started her A\s oeiation IATAi and won. Iin
athletic career in the streets of thow-. day- I practiced during
New York City. th-.warm mouth, all day. e- r,.
At 12, she hadn't heard much laiv. ,-iLh Fred John-oiin t.ilin.-
about lawn tennis. She was play ,ie what to do-..
ing paddle tennis on a roped- Playin- in the Americau Ten--
off portion of 143rd. Street, lit- ni. Ao.:iation, uhich is dedi-
tl- dieaming she- was kiarning cited to pro-motivg tennis uaon,4
r.: I. i ntli that would help '.'-coe. of the United. States.-
I,r in in a I,,iuiilar interna-_ 'ltina itol to the top. In 1945-
tional sport. and 19.16 -lhe ou the \TA fi-
The rule" of paddle tennis ujIs o.f tihe i r 1-' an.tijnail
are ver- similar to.those of lawn lhampionship. In 194l ; she
tennis, but the court is smaller, made the finalk of th.i: \TA
the .ball is sponge rubber, and n omen' national toui naumnt
tie paddle. are light. lit lost to a veteran player.
Altheas's recreation was ma- Romania Peter-. The next year,
de possible by the Police Athle- however, ,he became champion
tic League (PALi of New York A- the Negro. women's charn-
which had arranged for a part pion. Althua ,on the attention
of 143rd. Street to be resr-med of the L S. sports world. Her
for play instead of traflific. Be- po',rlial --ere Was like ru mlan
fore long, Althea was repre- and her game a- a c orniiuna-
senting lhib PAL in local -treet tion of dJevterit; and dri'e. She
tournament-s. She then partici- a%'.- an appearance of indlific-
pated in city park tournaments ren.-, and Al, walked into the
and won several championships. eoui t. hut once play started, she
One of the PAL recreational was an aggressive performer.
supervisors discovered Althea's Ln J'i.i) she was runner-up to
natural ability wh..n she. wa, Nani.y Chaffee in the Ui. S. Na-
15. He brought her a tenni tlional Indoors Tournament. L.a-
racket and ball and had her titr in the eu-ni, afoer -uic'e-.ful-
hit the ball against a wall. She l.--dfendiing her ATA cham-
responded so enthiusiaslically pionlh'.ip, she became the first
and showed so much promise Negro woman to be invited by
that the supervisor took her to the U. S. Lawn Tenni. A'socia-
Fred Johnson. professional tea- tion I U. S L. T. A.i to pgrti-
clier at one of the Leading New cipate in the U. S. women'e na-
York Atenni clubs. Johnson pro- tioual championship tourney.
mieed to teach her the fine At Forest HillA. New York. she
points of the game. met Louise Brough. who be.
had so much to learns, came in 195 the Wimbledon
Althea recall. We worked hard champion, in one of- the nuo-t
on footwork and court strategy. =xci'ine 'women's championship

matches in tennis history. After
losing the first set 6-1 .. thea
won the second 6-3 and led 7-6
in the third set when a Ihun-
drstormu forced postponenient
-of the remainder of the match.
The next da.. Mi-s Brough ral-
lied and won.

It wa. wonderful to b,: able
to 0ive a player of Mis- Brough?
staturee uclh a good fighter.. Al-
thena aid. later.

Born in South Carolina, \1-
thea 'a.- .rouLllt to New York
City b a h.ir parents when -he
%,a- a year old. She was educa-
tel 'in New York'. public school
sytlc-m and later wad graduated
fioni Florida Aigricultural and
1Mechanical College with a lha-
e4elor's degree in physical ,.du-

Nou shie teaches health. and
bh),ical education at Lin ola
luis.ie.itv in Jeff. rion. Cith.
.li.-ouri. ani -lhe -jays she %-ill
p.aitliipate in amateur trnni.
]lhen and where the opportn-
oitv pre-senils it-elf-.

American a r t is t of the blic Health, Mf Clad .in;la .
dance, M i s s Katherine Dun- cent, Introducer of Ambassad-
ham. received dnitnctsorns ors and Minister Mr ernair-
from the Hainan Government, din, 1st Attach6 of the Protocol.
and from the Municapality 'of Service, Mr Herbert J. Mor-'
Port-au-Prince, duruig a dual rison, Haiti Government PUA''
ceremonAy at the Chancellery, bhc Relations Director, MA""
hera, Tuesday morning. Odette Wiener, Mis Honort'
.The cravat of Commander, members of the Press, ahd.i.

presented by Foreign Minister artist.
Doctor Lotus Mars who corfer- Miss Dunham recently con-i-
red the decoration of the- Na- pieted her autobiography here
tional Order of Honor and Mer where she has been resdilngA
it upon the artist on behalf of on her vast estate .*Leclerc.`,
the Haitian Government. near Port-au-Prince, for tlie
Referring to Mis Dunham past several months.
as the -fille spirituelle. of It is believed that Miss Dui:'
Haiti (spiritual daughter). Mi ham plans to use Haiti for rel-
niLster Mars spoke of the brd- hearsals of her famous tr6oups"_
Giant career of the artist who for their coming world tour. -.
for many years has drawn from She is pushing Haitian art;
the inexhaustible resources of and has already given encourt
Haiti's popular art and inter- Lement to several pamner ia:m'n,
preted it to audiencezs of her sculptors and will build a str'
own country and those of the dio -on her estate where their'
old Continent. works can be exhibited in-per-
manence for residents and vf-
Miss Dunham was also.made sitors to Haili. .
an ..Honorary Criizen of Port- Mis Dunham's latest interest
au-Princen and presented the is centered around the d tlaci-
-:ertificate by Mayor Antoine 'ou Troupe-, directed byl 'ri
H6raid, on behalf of the Ciry Gerard Wiener. The artist was
Administration of the Capital. so impr-ssed by the- tei t of
during the same ceremony. this group that she has-'fori'e-
The ceremony was attended veral weeks taken ovet'reear
by the artist's husband, John sals at Petion-Ville, is da irig
Pratt, Van Dickens member of with them, and-will inco rate
the Dunham Troupe, Miss Pres, the cast into her own itiina.
ton, her Secretary, Dr Rous- tibnal troupe, taking thffip o
seau,. Director General of Pu- a tour abroad. ;t

Look Beautiful And Well-Groomed ,i
Coiffure Facial Massage Manicure -.zt
Tinting Permanents .'*
At Petion-Ville'a 1Modern New



Mnqe. Ernest Douyon, Proprietoi.--4.
Specialist -
in Scientific care of the hair and skiny
Graduate Of The American School -.,
Of Beauty Culture Of Chicago -



*oe wScorch

---' '"-----.--


Lunch Dine Have Cocktails,




Swim, Spearfish, Snorkle, Water-Ski
And Sail In Safe Coastal
Waters From Kyona

Designs Itii., Rush
Quality. 4Aua. & Goa5 a' U *U Sisal.
C,p;rjrrj PLIk en -eccjoat ,wm 6t.S.





5iMAICH 1st. 1959 HAITI SUN .PAGE 3

station Of Products Or Articles Being GREGOiRE EUGI
,, Manufactured In Haiti Prohibited
1, -week the Gooiernment in Haiti and benefiting from T
p i L D The hours of confusion we
S'.D.e.4 o1 po are living now. notably since
a protection of local ma- 0, ill the las., ot October 8,
atrerE by prohibiting the 19.14. Jul,, 29. 1952. Octlober 21. the opo-taon deemed nec:so -
ry to u-s means of combat th-
station of products Or ar, '154 and AuXustL- 8, 1955 i- and ntn of o
ar to thoe now ma rmai r, pdniende of a foreign broadcast-
S to thoie now madng station, demand of every
,. a All i ip iiiionl i it.-- of cons.:ous citizen a strict vigi-
.eTh Decree provide, Lhat: luxury during the -tate of ur- Jan-, for not adopting an at-
Co : sidering that following the ,crr a ich n,.e.,-hated thl. ude which I should consider
f.e4liie in the price of coffee ietrictive mn-aur, ofl rotec- uke a d-sertion. and which in-
on the international market, a ti-,n remain -jibject in th, oh- -xorable History will refuse to
well at the il st-antial reduction tirining of a ];.-enc.. from the forgive It is not convenient to
in 7fe rolumel of production of Department of Cont m er ce. lose our head and all.-w th.
-he product which conl.tilule: Tlie-- artic l. -hall I.e th,d ob- enemy to attack as by surprise.
.the principal source of dollar jer of a last to Ib. published As far as I aconcernedthe
An exchange. and ,because of this ultim itelv in Le Monitem. As far as I aru concerned, the
T'hfaSt .the couotri i, facing an dies are c3st: after an objective
:'. e.*bonal situation insofar a. Xiti,,.e 2.--n a ca-e ,her e tn of th poican con-
o i.honet4L.y reserves are con- the national Iproda.tiiiu rf ,- dutyf the day, I think t a ell
lduty as an element of a well
4M. i it- n-ted in -the lt pa.ra- dflined class and as the events
nsidering that in tie" of a1rah1 of .ltiel,. I should b.- eccurisg after the ter of.
.farding the foreign finan- ,,.nor..: sufficientt for the al- Paul Magloire hae brought
ei psition of Haiti and in or- mentation of the normal inte- about my entry on the ene.
dee to establish the equilibrium rjor market, by Communique ol I do deem it my dury. so a.-.
-. ofits balance of payment, it i tie Department of Coulmere- to correct any misunderstand-
expedient to oppose the declineI and In.LlustrN. the importation rig vhich I would be ashamed
ad .inbild up its monetary re- o the-,, nili l, i ,hill Ine autho- f in the future should events
r- users by a reasonable tariff in- I rize,. ccidentaly end into what I
S. creaise.arirl for which it is iui- i d n1 h I
.a e s. a si for- should call a national catas-
table to taLe. meari,_.- of an- fiI.- ICr.iiirunitre .liall uI- trophy. to state where I stand
-.thoiized protection in ,uch ca- ,dialt,' ti-. quantitie- thal may for history in the struggle
4-.'-.sa, in conformity with the Ac- bl,. iiimp:,rted, the *-on.lition- of
cord on Cuotmrn Tariff-, and thile emis-ion of quota' and all If I have to eive credit to
Commerce IGATT): other ima-ure. destined to a-- Louis D6joie who claims him-
.-Considering that the Haitian -sure a iust distribution. The self today to be the leader of
SPyveittenet uhich- haA always ;aid Commnunique shall be pa- leaders in the opposition rank
':.:.. set-the-example by it- entire blishIr. in the Monliteur and in and file, we are on the eve of
-'adhesion to the spirit of the a Il.ril) net,-paper of [the Capi- having a Provisional Govern-
GATT, finds itself under the PQ hating a larg.- circulation. men'. But it appears to me
-,imperious obligation of apply- A. .noou a. the prn--ent Decree that the success of such an en-
'ing restrictive me-asuies of pro- i; puhli-hed, their Department of terprise is anticipated. Because,
tectiodn iu view of bringing a- Commerce and Industry shall for this p.'rpose. I should I'.-
bhoat the general rising of the nnd o ilie Ciutoum, Admini able to know.' anticipatedly the
standard of life of the national ration thef li-t of arti- Ie- and protocol of the formation of
population. p.Jlduts manufar turned. tran-, such a Government: its program
Con.lidering that the state of forum d. or rultirated in Haiti me and constitutive elements.
urgence of the situation makes upon which importation i pro Anyhow-. it s _ems to me that
impossible th'f; consulting in ad- hil.it-.l. The li-m of articles ofl we are pl "in. the role of athe
vance of the contractuig parfie- liLx-iry mentioned in paragraph 'froe_ in s-arch of a king..
of the GATT: 'but netertheless 2 -hall be lulhdi-hed in the Mo- Here is in fact hot, logically
S. aiti ill not fail to follow this nit,,,r aud in a daily newspaper peakrg and admitting that
.lbsequenlly procedure: of the Capital havinaar the problem ,s solved, it is
Considerinig that there is need cirilation. the problem i s tlved, it is
to take precautions aaint anythat I see the form-
.to ta.eprcauionsH aait ntd c iti-n of that ideal go ernment
increase in price on their local Artrc-, 3.- til workshop, fac promised by D6joie: the land-
market of articles produced in toiies, manufacturers or enter- ing of foreign army (as an-
the country and benefitting prie- producing or transform- nounced by Dejoie) invading
from measures of protection, ing the arti-le- mentioned io our shores, sacking our bar-
and equally to avoid any dimi- the firsl article of the present rack., profaning the National
nishing of receipts coming from Dr.Ie., muut within 30 dawv Palace. driving out the occup-
taxes in connection with the from puilblication of the pre-eni ants and installing Louis De-
said articles; Decree inform the Department joie merely, as regular presi-
Upon the report of th.- Mi- of Commerce and Industry con- dent. This is the end of the
nilstry of Finances, Commerce earning the existing stock- in first act.
and Industry ,and after delibe- -ulmittling together with their Now begins the second act.
ration in the Council of Secre- declaration documents of sup- We ere not going to delude
taries of State. Decree: port such as their ltock books, ourselves by thinking that de-
Article I.- Under reserve of in conformity with Article 15 jfosm will wait long before
thL clauses of Article 2 of the of the Law of August 8. 1955. looking behind. To make sure
present Decree. importationt of under penalty of the fine pro- that there will not be a rene-
products or articles manufaietu- vided in article 18 of the said wal of another .1946l. they
red4 transformed or cultivated Law. will have to get rid. as quick
I _______________________________________

S ...

ism will not forget Article 81 mey of the Haitian People.
so soon; they will never forget Who then is responsible for
the ,26ith of May 1 9 5 7.: this situation? And D6joie ans-
the, are too weltrained for 'e s us with a revolting cyn-
that. more trained than our- ism: "Yes, he cries out: sI
sil.'es, unfortunately. have counteracted all the gov-
ernment's attempts. Thus, in
On the occasion, our patriot- his v ay' of conceiving patriot-
ism can hardly forget that Di- ism, Louis D6joie objects to
joie. in ordre to satisfy his ap- Haiti's having an international
petite for power and perpetuate airport, which would be the
the privileges of his cast, brings pride of all of us and an aiset
about upon a country already for our Economy, same as that
poor the eventuality of a for- of San Juan for Puerto Rico.
eign invasion. This army will Thus. all those families who
not be led exclusively against were supposed to earn their
the President of the Republic, living at the "Mais Gat.l the
but against all those who have
made .1946. and who would (continued on page 12)




- WEST 24th 5REE York
Only 23 Days direct to the cen r of e Ships-
City modern American T g C ise Ship
__ ci^ ANCON CRI'drOAL
_ Sailings MondaY, and Fridoy s
3, C O ND m o N T 1 o D OIN lIN S i- O N

sk boul round-rip se-air rickety.
Complete accurate inIormaion only from

Abrham LnCOtl Tclepbole 3062




45 AVE. Marie-Jeanne
Tel: 3591

i _

as possible and physically, (he be ready to repeat another
is capable of that), of all the 1946. in a more or less near
st..spicious elements all those future. Such is the bitter real-
who might, in the future, de- ity that we must have the cou-
mand more social justice, the rage to denounce.
rehabilitation of thel haitien Dijoie has spoken also lenght
panah. lly about the economic crisis.
He has recalled to our mind
In this second act, there will that business is reduced to the
Be no Duvaber-followers, nor last extremity, that the haitian
Fignol'followers. but a powsr people is brought rown to men
to hold and consolidate for the dicity. As a matter of fact, the
-bourgeoisie-. He who, with- crisis is actual, Numerous fa-
out the help of foreign forces milies are on the eve of dying
has conceived the .25th of with hunger if no remedy is
May 1957., can do anything brought about. And whoever
with the assistance of an army such r situation, whatever may
of mercenaries. Because dejo- be hir creed, is a declared ene-


Laurore St-Juste Director Of The Haitian meant of State's reception cen-
National Archives Awarded United states ter in New York. within a few
Government Grant For Specialized days after that he will be on
Archives Training hs way to Washington, D. C.

The American Embassy, Port
au-Prince, announced Wednes-
day that Laurore St-Juste prom
inent writer and journalist and
Director of the Haitian Nation-
al Archives for the last eight
years, has been awarded a five-
month specialist grant by the
United States Gove.arnment for
advanced training in the field
of archive techniques and ad-
Mr St.Juste, who left for
New York on Saturday morn-
ing, will spend his initial
months in Washington, D. C.
observing the various technical
phas-s of operations in the Na-
tional Archives of the United
States, the Library of Con-
gress, the Smithsonian Institu-
te. He will meet with the di-
rectors and staffs of those or-
ganizations to exchange views,
listen to lectures. and discuss
the common problems of archi-
ve work-such as cataloguing
and preservation of rare old,
The last months of Mr St.
Juste's grant will take him on
visits to places of historical ia-
terest throughout the United
States. with special emphasis
upon Museums and Libraries.
He has indicated that he will
keep a daily chronicle of his
travels which will be publish-
'"ed in Haitian newspapers un-

der the title, -Sous le Ciel
Americain. Mr St.Juste is well
known for a series of recently
published articles on archives
n Latin- America, United Star
es, Canada. and France. He
also has several books in pre-
paration on museum and ar-
chive study.

.Mr St-Juste. %\ho is a mem-
her and Corre.:prnd-ent ut the
inter-American Coancil ol Ar-
chives teoeived his University
Study in Canada and France.
Upon hus arrival in the Unit-
-d States Mr St-Juste is being

met ib members of the Depart

O IIImeeL andi work with his
American colleagues in the
field of archives.

Professor Here

The bearded professor in
town. at Villa Creole this past
week, was Jean Robert Esti-
me's t.-acher in Paris. He is
Now aL Colombia. Friday night
Mrs DLmrarsais 'Estimb, wi-'
dow of the 'late President of
Haiti, and herself Haiti's new
Minister to Belgium. entertain
c-d 'the Professor and friends
at dinner at the Hotel Mon-

Granite, Laur.oe St.-use bid abon voyage. b& Ainbaszador Gerald Drew.

Black Eagle Still
Around Carib
The distinguished Colonel
Hubert Julian spent two days
in PoIt-au-Prince last week and
was sighted alighting from the
Ciudad Trnjillo clipper, Tues-
IJa. It is believed he had epent
four days in the Dominican Re-
Known to readers throughout
the world a- ,The Black Eagle.
Colonel Julian, an aviator, now
61, whose during exploits made
him front-page copy for dt,:
pa-t thirty-fhie ,'ir. has nar-
rowed his activities to the mu-
nitions field.
On a viait to Haiti h1-t April,
Colonel Julian explained in an
intervie that he i:ould purchase
any amount of Jets and im-
plied a Sputnik if a country
desires one. The Colonel retur-
ned here Friday.

Leon Desti
Returns To U

Jean Leon Destine reta
to New -York, Tuesday,. :
two-week spell in his homer
The famous Amibassadc
the dance made his ueual
to the -Sun- and explained
he had recovered from higsA
and chest injuries received
December when the car h
driving had an accident!
snow-bound road near CM
Mr. Destined, while here','
in hlis capa(ily of internqti
artist and messenger of Haa
art set up for an honorsriy
tur-al post for Haiti in'
Mr. Destine saw all tlie
-hows in town, and said he
favoiably impressed with
show put on by the Baoo.
troupe and the Oloffoohs' a



<(The Most Wonderful Hotel in Haiti*

New York Times

The only hotel in town with: ,

Air Conditioned Rooms. Swimming.pi

- Tropical park Magnificent verandas

Tennis court.





in Petion-Ville "


Short Distance
from the Hotels
to Petion-Ville

Phone 7436

Office in Port-au-Prince

Haiti Ch6rie

Next To RCA Building
opp. Royal Bank of Canada
Phone: 3968



Road maps, information,.

pick-up and delivery from

S Hutel., airport and piers

DAILY RATE (24 Hours) ,

e one of the beautiful latest model $900 per Day Plus 1c. per Mile-
HLLLM1AN MIINX ,.-15 i per 7 Day Week
Plus 10c. per Mile
available at all leading Hotels All Rates Include Gas, Oil and
Ir surance -i

.... 31I

.....o~lu x v vak t a

'PAGE. '

;-. "'


1sf. 1959 e1L'~lTT SUNa

1st. 1959

&: Community Weekly Published Sunday Morning

S Help For Starving

Famine is once again hitting several rural areas, but mainrd,-
.the northwest, though it' bs not race-ivwd the publicity the
ith did. During the 1954 hurricane it was hit as badly.
2$e only feasable solution appears to be to put the people.
wbrk again budding farm to mark-et roads as was done in th-
Tfordaily food and seed. .
Decreeing a natibna; emF.rgeney arid getting the U. S. to
apply controlled distribution of their surplus food is essential. a
vitt of Americn authorities :to the northwest would be con- America Evan ist
ove to bringing aid. '* i 'OliO ,S 'a erac
Zo. No Literacy
^ "' 'Zombies No Joke

phanonenon ol the zombie, over the years, has made
c."Sopy, and was scoffed at by many Haitians as well as
ers, but it nevertheless exists.
4is-probably the most degregating form of living to be drug
buried resurrected and made a slav.'e, which is the medical
tionof a zombie according to cases discussed in this edi-
Sthe paper.
drug that has this power should be examined' with a
S towards .-s possible contribution to medical science and the
ts makers of zolibies, severely punished, to set fort an
.Tpile to the country.
s Ni rrne such as this should not go unpunished or be laughed

4 'T:-" Aid From IT. S.

President of the Republic is to speak to the nation today:,
Results of the economic mission to Washington, and the-
e are anxious to hear of the accomplishments on this mis

'.t' public needs to and must learn of the forthcomLng pro-
'-tsahd programs which will effect their future.
.:' a UVS. has often displayed a friendly,- and sympathetic at-
it ide'tovwards the people of Haiti, and the results of this ms-
.,sipi runmoid to be very favorable to the nation, v.were believed
toaavebee'n spurred on personally by President Eisenhower.
S No.wtiat the money and contracts seem to'be signed most
i:. thf' ebstadles tow.'rds progress _eem to be removed. anAd the
A;. .pl.is 'eagerly looking forward to tangible signs of improve-
--i roads, aleviation of economic disasters, and jobs for the
le as these projects get underway -


fIn Diario Las Americas

I'The Cuban nation celebrates today (Feb. 23) the aruuversary
!AT .t-f the historic Grito de Baire>, the call of liberty that. under
'hia skies of America, had much resonarce- in the fight for
iuban independence, won years later by the sustained efit-.rr
M%-of her people.
: In remembering today the glories of Carlos Manuel de CLs-
pedes and of all those who with him at Baire resounded the
SJ60a3of freedom, emphasis should be given to the transcendence
ksttitt for Cuba now has all that recalls her struggles for the di-
f;l' her citizens.
'When a nation grieves under the pressures of dictatorship
.-.!4 great events connected to her.independence 1ave limited
'4 ecfitance in the present moment it lives through. The per_-
1' peetive of a well understood freedom is visible from afar, and
evn'. with certain recently regained her autonomy as in the
case of CQba the occasion that forces our thoughts back to
hr Stazuggia for independence acquires a deeper meaning, be.
t.U.e the- desire is to exalt, with the wiorshjp of the national
Pte high values of the liberty now enjoyed.
almost seven years of dictatorship. the Cuban people
c,.t agaii commemorate the eGrito de Bairex, rnow that the
'. blie sought by Ci-pede- and later carved by Marti together
k t'.'" other eminent.ctizens, is an institution that responds tc,
t 'l 'demVocratic destiny.

REv Cbail 1 u_, ,,..
Lr.:-rrnItItiot ,'-la -n-i- r el-
.st ironlri Pnrry.-a, ti LU S
', the s-eak:er at the In-
ter -enr nun.,onal Eanag.:h._tic

, Campaign being held at Thia
re de Verdure daily March 1-
at 6:30 p. m. Special music
nd Bible films are also feature

Rev Williams was the leader
f the colored American team
vlhich toured Haiti in Novem-
ier 1956 in cooperation with
.aiti Inland Mission, an inter-
enominational organizat io n
,romoting literacy among the

One member of that team,
"ubb.; Brewster, a pianist and
cloist of Wheaton College, 11-
linots, returned in July 1957
to help launch Christian-Li-
'cravc Crusade: and Rev. Wil-
lia.ms and his family will con-
tinue to promote this work
through evangeusm u n t i l
"arch 16, when he plans to go
-j Jamaica for another cam-
Reports of unusual success

Just Walk to
Riqht on the Petion-Ville Square
(Near the Church) '
We also have for your convenience
Frantz E. Gardere. Manager.

in their campaigns in Trinidad
have been coming to Haiti for
the past several months; and
it is hoped that all who have
the welfare of Haiti at heart
will cooperate with them in
their work of faith and labor
of loves for Haiti.

it's all waiting for you at...

CASTELCO)MBO 8 To 9.30p.m.
Sunday Filet Mignon Dinner
Tuesday Poolside Bar-BQ-
Wednesday Sea Food Dinner







At 9.00 P. M.

o 0oo

See C. de la FUENTE
For Reservations



It is the .LARK manufactured by STUDEBAKER-PACKARD
CORPUJ~ATION. Neither large nor small or rather, large and small at once
Ottering all the advantages of large cars, 6 to 7 passengers,
Stability, Comfort, Power and all the advantages of the small car Low
fuel consumption 130 to 32 miles on a gallon.

Easy to drive, length reduced
Reduced Prices, in spite of its great luxury
Ideal for Haiti

S. ..


1' .-ce Gefirard, Phone: 3216 or 3929

Garage, Rue di;3 C-;.- .- Port-au-Prinre. llaiti
A-k also for a d- non trdtion ot the Pick-Up and Trucks their saving of fuel.
solidity, power arid caciaety, are already universally known.
.eJ 5~~&


*." i


:, i

* "' ll"


I -

* -j

- I






-------------------- --- ------ --------


fl r 2,4






HOT DICE IN THE CARIBBEAN: Emt'ajcdor hotels; the govern-
(IN NEWSWEEK) ''- a, ti.e rna. at La Voz
Dominicana, El Teatro Agua y

As Fidel Castro took over as
Prime Minister this w e e k
the employes ofHava-
na's gambling palaces hastily
and happily brushed up the
green baze tables, polished the
roulette wheels, dusted off the
dice cups. Although Fidel hates
gambling, he has promised to
reopen the casinos. ,
The American casino oper-
Sators skeptically awaited pub-
lication of the new gambling
laws. li Cubans aren't allowed
to play, it would mean a consi-
derable loss. Operators doubt-
ed that the -Las Vegas of the
Caribbean" would ever again
flourish as it has under the for
mer dictator, Fulgencio Batu&-
ta. Then. beneath elegant chan
deliers, New York gangsters.
Nevada gamblers. and their
bottle-blond' lady friends watch
ed players drop $ 2 million and
more a night.
When things got hot in Cuba'
last year. operators and tourist,
began looking into the other
gaming fields on thel Caribbean
circuit. They didn't have- to
look far or hard. Most of the
big islands have race tracks, or
lotteries, or cockfights and
roulette wheels.
Puerto Rico: San Juan ho-
tels were jammed last week
with free-.p:nding tourists At

., Luz, and at ?he amusemenil
"he Condaao Beach, the Canbe Lu, and at the amusement
. on, La ch, the Ie are-a of the former fairgrounds
Hilton, La Concha, the Inter-:
continn a]l, the Fim an Panama. No gangster has
chance of mu-cdine into anib-
Olub, and across the island atchanc nt gamb-
the Montemar i n Aguaddl.l, bng here; its a government mo
croupiers were busy raking in ncpol The only casino is a
the chips. small antisepticc room on the
The c onwealths gamb roof of the glamorous Panama
ing, considered a necessary Hiliton. The casino's take is a
ing, considered a necessary
evil by Go. s Mno M- cornparatvely mad"'t S350.000o
'ei, by Gov. Euiis Munoz Ma-,
rin. is probably die most strilt a q ear.
ly supervised in the Caribbean. I Cclombia The Hotel del
Before granting ibcerses thl- Caribe, near the old wallh-E
government screens operators ,",t, cil Cartagena, bor.sts the
carefully. Croupiers must rne,- t c r 1;' r' &1 -.,no It c.pen
health. education, and police :( r-cratl. a- aiL perincntal
standards Once accepted the\ arract'c.n for rulingng tour.:is.
must attend' a croupier's school and h)- beEn round, cr-icized,
and never gamble on the is- church groups.
land At l]e.ast one government? W- h I- I r,-. W ,-. su Indj-s:
inspector (a different one eve- W ..llornrad. ih:- .pictLrest ue
r, night) stands by in each ca. port ol Cursa.-o, became even
sin.o: from opening n.ime (S, more appealing to 'louristv' .ith
pmi.) until just after closirLg 'the opening of the Curacao In-
(4 m.j He opens etery deck rernationali Hotel and ainmo
ol cards. OK's es.ery pair of in 1957 It no.' attracts Vene-
dice. -eres that .ingle bets are' zu' au gamblers -. ho ha av no
limited to $10 on roulet.t6 and casino- at home.
rlO0 on the taliles Nou l-.re irn the chips tlyirig
Domiruc.'n Republic-' "El faster theie dlay in the Carib-
Benefactor." the dictator G,-ne b..an than ai th1 len-year-old
ralissimo Rafael Trujillo. v'ho Int,.mrnt.ornal Casino d'Haiti,
looks over ithe shoulder of e.e- -n the Port-au-Prince v.ater
ry Dominican, also v.watches front It is run by old Ls 'Vo
over the gambling in his spot- sas pros For:ced by the Nevada
less capital, Cudacd Trutillo. Tax Commi~tion to get out o'
Amencans man-age the casinos his Habifna Hiltun casino las'
at the luxurious Jaragua and year because of his Vegas inte

rests in the Thiiinderbird and
Golden Nugget, former lieute-
nant governor Clifford Jones
picked up an eight-year lease
on the Haitian night club for
$175.000. Talll, 46-year-old Jo-
nes neither smoiike nor drinks,
and wouldn't know what ,to do
:n a poker game But with de-
termined patience, he put to-
gether a number of Nevad.a',.
intricate, gaming operations and
he knov.s hov'to run a casino.
Business c: booming in Haiti,
hus manager. Jake Kozlofl, re-
ported last week, because of
the knot -how as well as fhe
recent exodus from Havana-
Casino Chain: Jones and
Kozloff recently held the first
board meeti'n of their Canb-
bean American Investors Co

Ftrt item on the agesd"
new casino on the:.-
Dutch island of Aruht
nously notable only fktj
refineries. It's in the
Caribbean Hotel which.i
?n June 15. Second item;i-
sino at El Elarraziquic
mountain resort hotel' i"
to Rico. Third item: PF;R
ties at Montego Bay, Ja
Jones and Kozlorf hoi.
-pread a string of casinos I
the Caribbean.
",We're negotiating wi
couple, of governments tft
tired us in," Kozloff
.,Gambling offers ,an adidii
attraction to snare Ame
touwtts. They like to go"l
and say they've been g

in cool Kenscoff, at 5000 feet, almost a mile above se"
Restaurant featuring savory delicious Haitian dishes foij
nmi Is.
Please read the small print;
Haiti is a word of the aboriginal Carib Indians iel
itWooded mountains)) And Haiti was well named, for 85 pg
oLits surface area is mountainous. -
You have not seen Haiti until you have seen its moqis
The Chatelet des Fleurs is well situated to show the fasci.
Haitian countryside. It is reached by 15 miles, 35 leir
minutes, of pleasant driving, over a road now gorgeous'
flaming Poinsettias.
Chatelet des Fleurs produces and exports cut flowers
tropical perfumes of highest quality. The high point oCf
visit can well be this visit to Chatelet des Fleurs, with Iits-
tr. side. its gardens, its delectable Haitian dishes and its'l


Wvoiud be hcppj to be

honored bu yJoup

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b iimcages

* 1ta9iat LAe) elyr

* fLtoam ers


Grand'Rue No. 342. PORT-AU-PRINCE





.Y~ MARCH 1sf. 1959 .HAITI SUN.



~i1IIch J~ the I,~ ii.p I~ ri ..~I ~ r I iiie t~nrLd b'i. ~i.i .Z ..iium

.Y;- MARCH 1st. 1959

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n."iit' e.- Spalding of England 7
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Fisher'b, ihe American's favorite shop where
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rf.li o L





Having let off a lot of steaim
at the Overaeas Pre..- Club In-.
chelon on Jan.' 22 about the
news coverage on the Cfiban
revolution, I felt that perhaps
there should be some calmni-
thoughts on the subject .Atvr-
wards. The problem really goe-
to the .heart of joiirunali,m-
Silat it is, what its iespon-sbi-
lities are. what it should try to
The first few days after Ge-
neral Fulgencio Batista fled on
the morning of New Year's day
offered nothing but the u-ual
technical problems of finding
out what was happening,'and
getting it out in time. The cor-
respondent did a good or poor
job according to the amount of
news he got. its accuracy. hou
well he presented it. and the
timing. This was elemilentary
journalism. the' ort one would
do in covering a fire, only more
Real Test. -
The real tet came as the
story developed in scope and
depth. The revolution was an
event of major important,. one
of the greatest in thI whole
history of Latin Anmerica. The
man who led it, Fidel Castro,
had performed an epic tcat and
was, in himself,. an extraordi-
nary figure from even point of
view. A' whole nation Cuba
"-- was being transformed and
. wasslailling a new life. This
was the sort of story that de-
dicated newspapermen dream

By Herbert L. Matthb.-, N. Y.
, -;-'

The N. Y. Times'.-Herbert 5latt-
hens won the OFC Gcige Polk
Memorial A.iwai1 for his stories, in
.e.: n ir.del Castro and the Cu-?
bal Retoluit.o) Matthew-, a ineiiin
ii- of ithe rimes" editorial bi.ard
imI scrted as reporter, f.imcign
dinr and foreign correspondent
.L! the papel fi. thlirrv--e' en
rec ..

uiot only a true picture but the
whole picture, insolar as that
m",. possible.
One Part of Story. -
Mv contention was. and is,
that tle American reading pu-
blic fot one, sensational piece.
,f the Cuban story the exe-
.,utions or got it to such an
overwhelming degree that what
little hee came along was lost
in the shuifle. I am speaking
r. the pres- and new, imaga-
zi.rn in general. beea-re there
i-ere honorable exceptions in
which I include my own paper.
tI-'. Christian Science Monitor.
the BoSon Glohe. the MNilwau-
kL, Journal and doubtless- o-
ther- I do not know about. I
could not follow the radio and
teleriion. bltb certainly the re-
cent two-night coverage of the
Cnban ,tory by Jai.k Paar ,wa'
an outstanding example of -fair-
ne,- and accuracy.

alout. False Picture.-
How %-.a it t, br.. r.rr.d' Ti-d The technical arctiment is

ia hinr-- the l)]ir conflict came
- bi.twen diJffering concepts
,'f ji-urnali:m. One could con-
rentrate rn nome iiumediate,
hioir to bour r ent- without
:on:,:-rn lor the? picture a.- a
whole .and wilthbut interpreting
tho.e ilvents Tl.' i- the clas-ic.
agency methoJd :of eoierape, ex-
ceipt that -ome interpretation iu
po.blhle in round-up-. The o-
theF method is to place event-
in their context and in proper
proportion, and thus to give

d q A Largest Shopping Center

L SeMrvic ,of KLM Royal Du ch
IC L rMn /Ditrirrs. o
g O 'YAL Unc See Your Travel Agent.


simple: the executions were hot
inews. Of course they were Of
cours-e they had t.o be sent. That
was not the problem. The trou-
&l- was ditha by contentratins on
the.ni. a totally fale picture of
the Cuban rctolution wa being
giren to he American public.
MrNreover, by treating them as
hour to hour. day to dayv -eients
the readers could not know or
realize why the Cuban, were
carrying out tbie executions in
that way For American- in-
cluding our Congressmen -
the history of Cuba began on
lan. 1. 1959, and the agenlie;
and rorreipoudents. and hence
the newspapers and radio did
not tell thnim otherwise.
The fact- of the Bali-ta re-
cime weire ed;ly ascertaiuable.
I am not going into detaiJ- here
ex,:ept to point out that it was
one of the most brutal, terrible
and .rorupt dictator-hip- in La-
tin American bilutory. When
Balit.i fled, the ten-ion. hatred
and bitterne-- of the people
cotuld have evploleil in the
most .awful fa-hion, as all of us
.x pected it to do. The altonish-
ing news to those who knew
the situation wa, that nothing
of the sort bippen.ed. Disci-
rline ",as imposed -wiftly and
instead of the rioting, looting
and personal ven-er.ince. there
were quick execution- of mc-n
who were known I and anybody
following the 'Cnhan -ituation
could realize how they were
known i to be torturers and kil-
'ler- under Batista.

What was Journalism? -
\\lIrh wi- right? What wa,
journalism? T h e execution-,
-. rinol? Or the executions set
in thoir proper framework?
Moreover whit about Lie his-
r-ric picture, the facts that hi;,-
toriani will be writing about

from now 'until Judgment Day? terallj all dthe leadi


Cuba had had a terrible Lyran-
ny. It wa, now' free. Ii had an,
enormnou-Jy corrupt go rrninenl
It now had the first compl,-tely
honest government in Cuban
history lIt had been a nation liv-
ing in terror .inft bitterness. It
was now the happiest country
in the world.
I could go ou. but thi- -hbold
Ie enough to make my point.
Did our public and our dear
Senator- and Congre--men wiho
were raving about blood bathl-
get thi- picture? They did noL
They got a picture of 'enge-
fid. Ibearded rutfians, taking
vengeance against alleged- kil
lers of the Batiata regime whiehb
was "alle._da to have been ad-
.licted to torturing and killing.
Fidel Castro wva-, as -ile icer
of Life pictured him, a hotline
monster rating aboilu ih. t I
Was going to do to the Amineri-
can Marine: if they land,-d in,
If -.o happens thb,t all lil-



Through Its Postage Stamps
For complete information in Haiti .
Stamps and other details which will be M
furnished you free of charge, write' to-:
D. RO. "23 Port-au-Port-au-Prince



Agent Distributor: Haiti Trading Co. ,

Chamber of Commerce Bldg.


in lite new Government4..i:
lia, Fidel included are, e s
idealim. lioneaty, patt.
and a determination to .d
new, beller and democrati.A'
ha They. have their h.
laault. and I could list 4
I'qr of thru lor Fidel. '@
.il: .madie Some had mistail
.iad .. Ilha,- a right I.ol
them A-i. The metnods useld
Ihe execution, were obviodA
i.adli mistaken.
Whole Truth not presentedg
The good and the bad an
up thli picture. The distort
and fal.-ity f the Cuban ,c
rage. in uy opinion, cameel
can.e the wubole truth wa.'A
prv ented ,nd because a asm
r.art ,of the truth was prenel
in a twisted, inadequate. n
leading way.
Cuba has been a case his
in journaliarm that wool"b'
.]itr. a far longer article tI
hii tI ,.xhaust. We live a-.

AY, MARCH 1st. 1959

S l. .. .-


behad hroupping
Ur on Haiti

tpjietting so that people are
-'talihg vacations' as much to
SnBhop'as to play golf, lounge in
l^' it~sun or just relax. And, no
S-i'Tfrci iiVhen 'you consider the
f'htbe had through Free
-Pfr$bafpiitg. A couple who
normally might spend $500 on
Christmas gifts finds ihey can
SJbythesame gifts, in free-port
-bp, at savings up to 601% of
'S. prices. So, for the $250
or., o they save, they enjoy a
Vi,.'*wonderful vacation in Haiti.
., Pe..aps the most famous free-
-Bot s.hop in the world is La
t'.Seli Creole. located in the
i..'.' of- fascinating Port-au-
,j -. ciie,. Haiti. Here one can
a veritable wonderland
ap of the.. world's most de-
i*ed'merchanuise. wiss wat-
'. hep lCashmeres, "Handmade
"-'~'~.ag:s.Gloves, crystal, China,
": lS,, r French Perfumes, Ca-
. "t.eras,'Liquours and a seem-
i' .gly endless array of native
.h'Iiagdicraft make La Belle
-..'tCreole -more a shopping cen-
i .' ter- thfa' a ordinary shop. Con-
'ider that one can buy the
S *wrid's most famous Swiss
watches Patek Philippe,
Omega, Ulysse Nardin, Tissot,
"Nivada,, Jaeger Le Coultre.
.l"el 'Juvenia, Audemars Pi-
de. pt-at discount of 50% of
St, fU. S." advertised prices,
iana it is. no-wonder that La
i elle, Creole is famous. The
me applies.in. China, Crystal
and the rest' every fine brand
Sis represe'led. Before'buyinWg
.at .expysive. watch -it might
be well worth', our: time to
consider a triLp to Haiti.

Al Nousts, Presidqnt. of La
Belle Creole and Haiti's most
vigorous promoter bf tourism,
is perhaps amiother reason for
the surge in popularity of
free-port. shopping. His ad-
vertisjng in support of travel-
shoppingjbas appeared in most
leading U S. publications and
he bontinues'to pursue a po-
.licy of cooperating with tra-
"' 1 Velagents in their various
-ppromotions to increase tou-
risen. Among the most popular
Sihnovations he has created is
the.practice df sending a bot-
tie of free champagne to any
visitor to Haiti who happens
to be celebrating a wedding
S annivercary or to be on a
This year La Belle Crieole is
itself celebrating a 10th an-
n;.-iersary and Al Noustas has
troubled his efforts to make
' the world conscious of the
a -dvantages of traveling-to-
shop. The store will hold a
two. month long sale offering
even greater discounts on fa-
"ni os .brand merchandise.
S' veryday-exstlusive items will
f be selected to be sold to visi-
tors at, prices that will as-
topand them. No doubt thou-
. lands of tourists this year will
.come home from vacations in
Haiti, richer, in a way, than
'when they went away.




st-p V



The Finest or FRANCE,?






VooDoo Inspired








Colector's Items

Factory utbt
- The Best.

Typical Costume-Dressed DOLLS

World Famous RUGS & DRAPERY

Have us send gifts to your friends in the U. S. A.
without affecting your- quota.- See us for more information.

.. -''*' *


tl -





Couldn't Surprise BROTHER HERE AFTER 22 YEARS the spot at La Saline for the
Slega' l fornialitiea.


-T'hi. will only take a ioa- p.inv. the surprise wa- re,rrr-ed.
ment. I have a big eurpri-e for Theodore Donner. hi- ,if., the
you., a strange telephone voice former Lurienne Buch, Ibeir
told Mr. and Mr-. Carl F. Don- children and a numbe r of
ner who had the bigpewt Chri'st- friend-, were at Bowen Fiald to
ma. surprise of any Calgary, form the uwel:ome home- corn-
Canada couple. mittee. for the trturn of the Go-
.The o. ai,.: meant an inter- una'e-b.,i-n prodigal slau,.llter.
ruption in the- Ibuiy eriordulr of
mnsic pupil. :roded into a Si- How this happen,.1 the visi-
turday morning at the Donner'e lor wantedd to know. Her broa
home. 734 Rideau Road. Mrs. the-r re m in d ed her that al-
Donne! i tlhe former Jean Cot- tlioigIl'; Haiti'- telephone my>-
ton, well known Calgar pi- ltern leaes umurh to be i.-iied.
niat of the Jean Cotton trio. thdre ii ailav- th, old relialel
Homeler. whrin the -urpri-e ar- -the Te-lediol'.
rivedJ. much unexpected happi-
ne.- m.a- ulhered into the vu- The lark tul..- Mr-. Eg ,erte
I-. ide festivities. haii -een her brothb-r was inn
The Douner,, lus.% %ith Chrisit 1937 when he left German) lor
ina- prepaiatioun. didn't pay China and later Haiti. Born in
much attention to a letter from the Citfl' If; l'Lndipendancev
Mr. Donner"e sister, telling them IGonairesI -he ha.i left Haiti
to exp-e't greeting. sent through a a ua-mll child ,hen the fami-
a friend from Germany. And ly moed to Germany. She mar-
when. on a cold December Sa- lie.] alroai and had the sorrow
turdai, :.thl friend.- telephoned o)f loc-Inp ibt-1 huInand who \a-,
to ta 'bht "as- arrivin:i at their killed in a.tion jn Fran:e in
home in a fen moulent-. thev 1944. Their -on i- now 15 year,
'had to tell her they %%ere very of a 4e.
sorry. hut it would be impos-
sible to -ee h,:r. a- thfy hb.ad She -a z -_he lia.. ,tI,-n 1,een
a full schedule of pupil, homric-ik for Haiti aud always,
.Thi will onl take a no10- kept in minIl that Sher nit-t one
ment. I have a big surprise. I day return to the i onntiy of her
must coni. -. -aid the strange lioLther. NMr-. .Alice Dupuy. on a
voice. pIatriolti pilgriniuae to the land
Minute- later a taxi drew up. "i hli r forbear,.
A woman wearing dark glaheeA
with a ;catf over her head -tep- And liihtlh -u lotr Mr-. Jutia
ped out. Mr. Donner e.icorted E.;l, l1 i- a descendant ot two
his unexpected call. r tu the ->f the i,'ner- of Haiti's Decla-
door. before recognizing her aa ialI, ofan Ind,'pendenoi Du-
his -iter. IMr,. Jutta E.b'-rts of piv anti Cl.arrairon.
Elambw'. Germianv. whom he
hadn't seen for 23 years. 'c.h will -1end .In rid-,linite
The 4i-ter enjoy- surpIriiing ;me here nith the family in
people. She alto didn't" want her P,'rt-du-Prince. and Gonaires,
relative, to go to anvy xtrr trou- and plans to take in all ihe.
ble for hr. an.d ith.rffore ,!.ute -ight- andi change- that haie
them to expect greetings from --
a friend, whose -name was given_
as Mrs Strebge EQ.berts spel-
led back%.ard-.
As IMr. Donner says, his -later
jislt -blitzed- into Calgary. Ac- I
tually -he ibu,,.ed in. An nve-
terate Iraveller, Mr-. Egbertsl
came cis bu- from Net, York.
visiting friend, in Montreal en-
route. She will continue b '
bus to Mexico. and tihe same
-urprise awaiL. another brother j .' S 't'H
in Haiti whoni Mirs. Fghert,
ha-n't seeu for 22 sear-.
Bul when Mrs.. Egbert. arri- LES PLUS BELLES MOSAIQUES
ved at the airport in Port-nu- HAITIENNES
Prince at 2:15 P M. Tuesday, Mk r 0- u
to surprise h,:.r broIh'r. Theo- a H T OO
dlore of the Haiti Trading Com-[ PIACE GEFFRARD _

Caribbean Construction Co. S A.

Builders Of The Military City
Gen. Manager: Gerard THEARD
Phone: 3955. P. 0. BO 284

I-,' I made hrie. She expressed
i her pride in the coilnry of her
birdtl and said that during her
, lon year. abroad she never lost
ighl of the fact that she wis
Se.-eentially- Haitian, and took
pride in the fact that her fa-
Wily was associated with the
hi-toric date of January 1. 1804.

i Unidentified Pedes-

trian Walks To Death

On La Saline

An unLdintilied man walking
across the La Saline Boulevard
became confused before an on-
comin" car. Monday morning.
an.l Auddenlv turned around and
walkndd into, the window Ahield
of the automobile, according to
the driver. Bill Wohkittle of the
Flour Mill.
The impact broke tile win-
,low -licld. ind the man .rc-
ceined fatal injuries.
Thie man a hc-ing rushed to
the n) arbv IDASH ihospilali
when the order was given to
take the man to Fort Dimanebhe.
a Police post alho.close bhy the
scene olf the accident. The man.
belieVed to lie in hia forties.
died at the Police po-t.
The body ,ia- returned to

Served xcwsm v at Haiti's Leadi





A Distinguished Hotel In the Heart of the City

Conveniently located to the Shopping District

All Air Conditioned Rooms with Private Bathsl
And Hot Water '

New Pool Terrace with outside Bar
and Swimming Pool
Unsurpassed Cui;ine! Finest Service --
Air Conditioned Bar


From 7:00 P. M.. To Midnight
To the rythm of Joseph Duroseau's Ensemble.-
In the Relaxing Atmosphere of the Tropieal
Flower Gardens

Choice Menus at 3.50 (Dollars) per Person -"'
Cocktails. Winei and Drinks. Resasonably Price&:
No Cover Charge No Minimum
Make your Reservation for the Best Tables t
by the Pool Side


PAGE- 10

Y- NAY, MARCH 1st. 1959


b.uy anything bu the Lignum S'nm. food is b-irLn4 ent into
Vitae or gayac. charcoal. The me .rea by th" Church World
-only. means for these people Serv.ce, but it's a long and dif-
to make some money is by sel- fcuit journ y from parsonages
S'ing charcoal, and the Gayac to huhery mouths. And this is
forestss have disappeared. Even ..,t the Veal an:ri,.'er i you
the roots of this tree have been don't happen to be a member
gourged out of the earth and of the congregation. you mouso
SblMd-for charcoal, leaving much go without.
totihe other timber, felled by Pastor Turnbull sen, v'hit
htncane,Hazel lying in .ast. he calls -a drop in the buck-t.
Felled forests of Acacia or about 75 boxes and b .cs ot
-Bayahonn-E are ignored by food. He hopes at the .nd of
the peoplee, becaus- Port-au- March to get another ll';trnenrt
.Prince dealers v-ill pa,, nly from Church W\V-rld Si';'r-.
lAiif. price, even though the or to buy ric, to -end into
r;- lquity of charcoal from this the area.
"'.wood, is almost as fine is Lig-
a"num Vitae. Almost, ~s vital as foc.-.i a.e
*'"Vhere d;alh by starvationr road projects. Then w.men
S'W.common, condinons are so and children could go to work
#'f d' hat half the' population and this vould olivee th- pro-
:-. 'iyipected to die if rain does blem of getting their vege-
rpotcome soon. li rain comes, cables .-.ut .'.hen they have a
` crop of uPetit mil Estim'e, good harvest instead cf ktring
fast, growing seed that Es- it rot hk.- last ,-: rs heivv
.'.t.i introduced to the north- crop.
s ervt-,1n 1948. could be produ- -
'iin"two month which vwold
'V $V4.the' lives of many.
iOfily"ne out of 1.000 mav
ffish;- here is some trapping or
'/eidd eiuin.aa hen. fowl hae\
g -"';-nc forsaken th" sie*
b-e:. re" even they can find n '
d..' ss'.Wary ild pigeons, alo
p' tving, ace being lhired min. .. "

t.C'. traps -with the bait of -
a'-asngle seed. ,
. he. r;- Ttle is much arntimoitr '
,." .en the -Christians and
.VQdoolsta in. the region.
S.. Christidans claim they are
S s-"orse-off'than Voodooists be-
,Y ch.lS t he voodooists are not
!af rdi to steal from them, and
;... ey 'e retaliate with-oun-
or evil. charms.
The Voodooists say ther-,
Sae too many Christians in the
Country and that is what makes
the Gods angry.
S:, '





(continued from page 1)

I These are the faces ol
1355 starvtig children. Once
again these faces can heseen
i, many rural district,
vshere drought and famine
h3se turned the countryside
I into a fruitless desert there
.enth by slarvatiou is corn- I
monii. The only.solultiot ap-
pear _to lie decreeinge a na-
"I ial emergency pud put-
;ing tht e rural populations;
1o work for their food by
building farm to market
reads, which will help them
t.o a bettlier life when they
"ie once again.blessed witll
I reiu,

Import Restriction

(Lfi iLtue,. front. psge I I

.tilii,.e 4. -- Tbie. clau-;e. CI
-iii,-le I of die pre-ent Decree
ti Ill bie applicable to all article-
and products not yet di-patlched
on the date of dih publication
ilt the ires;ent Decree Excer.-
tionallv. the importation of an
article ma) b.e aithorizel! if it
i- e-tablilind to the satisfaction
of the Depaotluent. of Coin-
nerce and Indu-tr.y. of Finan-
tiat t he importer had pla-
*.ed the order and paid the price
of the ,aid articles or products
b,'-or. the publication of the
r'rupi-nt Decree.
Article 5.-The priepri of ar-
ticles manufactured on the lo-
cal market halml be. if needed.
fixld by the Department of
Commerce and Industry in niew
of preventing any ise in prices
of articles benefiting from the
di.poritiois of the present De-
creel. It shall be the same for
similarr articles imported which
are to be found in stock at the
time of the publishing or the
-ir-,eient Decree.
Article 6.-Any violation of

he claucls of Article 5 above
ill cause canrtion to be taken
yv the Department of Com-
uerce and Industry as jirovided
iy the laws in force. In case
if repeated violation the patent
>r licence of the violator will
ie purely and simply suspen-
If it it the question of a new
Enterprise established in con-
ormity with the Laws of Octo-
b,-r 8, 1949, October 24, 1954
ind August 8, 1955. the Enter-
prise 'hall lose for the duration
of six months to a year. accord-
ng to the decision of thb De.
partmi.int of Commerce and In-
dultry concerning the obene-
fitis and *privilege. granted
In, dithe aid laws.
Article 7 The clauses of
the present Decree will not pre
sent any obstacle to the impor-
tation of commercial sample
and hall be applied according
to the disposition of tie GATT
Article 8 In view of prepar
ing again-t the decrease of cus-
toms receipts due to the prohi-
bition of imported articles and

products provided in article 1
of the present decree, tariffs
will be collected' on the product
as follows: I1) A tariff equal to
50% of the tariff and taxes
paid on importation. (2) an
excise taxoi of 15% on the pri-
ce ex. manufacture, factory-
or workshop manufacturing or
transforming the articles bene-
fitting from the privileges and
prerogatives granted by the
Law on nw. industries.
Article 9 The President of
the Republic may, (through De
reces when necessary, take all
nieassur.-e necessary to assure a
proper and just application of"
die clauses of thie present De-
cree. I
Article 10 The present
Dqcree abrogates all Laws or
disposition of laws, all Decreea.
etc. which may ihe contrary and
shall be published and carried
ouL upon the diligence of thie
Ministers of Commerce and In--
du-;tlry and of Finanees, each
inm-far a, he is concerned.
I-s ied at die National Palace
at Porl-au-Prince, January-.27,
1959. die 156th. year of the In.
Dr F. Duvalier. President
Jean A. Ilagloire, Minister of
Finance,Commierce, Industr" a. i

At PORT-AU-PRINCE. ternalional And Cabane


HOTELS: Beau Rivage, Cas-
tclhaiti, International Country
Club, Sans Souci Hotel. Rivie-
ra Hotel Simbie Hotel, Hotel
Plaza. Hotel Splendid.
saques. Nobbe & Bondel, Savoy
Creole. Boile a Muupique (all
Haitian records), Canap6 Vert,
Fisher. Fritz Mews. Haitian
Craft (Airport), Maison Orien-
tale, Marie Jeanne. Nanotle
(embroideries) Ramirez Shop.
Store Club and Tam-Tam.

Choucotune. -
SIGHTSEEING: He aux Tours .
and Magic Island Tours.
Auto-Rentals U-Drive: Hert,
HOTELS: Hotel Choucorine,
Hotel Dambala, Hotel Ibo-L616,
Hotel Montana, Hotel VilA
Creole, Hotel Majestic. Le Per-
choir, Le Picardie, Rex Cafi.
HOTELS: Hostellerie do Rol
Christophe and Mont-Joll Ho-
tel U-Drive: Hertz System.
Local Representative
Phone: 38 P. 0. BOX M.4.

a YOU know
it's a. really fine 19
Scotch when it,'

.. **.. ** 4

Born II20-Mill going strong "

~F"--- -



(continued from page 3)

wharf and shopping center
works, all those masons, car-
penters, artisans, are starving,
thanks to Louis Desjoie. If this
is =making politics*, God. for-
bid that I continue making

- The fight is not carried on
so much against the Chief of the
Exetuuve Power, but it has ter
rilic incidences for all of us of
the hampered class, the first
victim of the crisis. Because
the question to know that Du-
valier needs money to keep
himself in power is phoney. or
at least it is a warning to avoid
by all means a Louis Dejoie
Furthermore if the crisis
created by "the exclusivist de-
joism should be the determin-
ing cause of the fall' of the gov
ernment, it would indeed be a
very hard precedent. In this
case. it would suffice that de-
joism, under one mask or anot
her and whatever might be the
coming government, oppose
this inertia to force you out
entirely. The same would hap.
pen to lany-.other government
who would not have the good
fortune to please the nBour-
In my way of thinking the
problem presents no other as-
pects. And now- the working
class stands thouroughlv tied
to the dictatorship of the power
of money.
Undoubtedly Louis D6joie
glitters before the eyes of sim
.ple people the prospect of an
deal democracy. It that
dejoism is dramatically
opposed to all concept of de-
Smocracy. Democracy, in fact,
government of the people by
the people supposes the ap-
titude of every' citizen for the
affairs of the Republic, regard-
ess of his family name or his
social origin. Democracy
requires that a certain
PL6rilus ascend- to Pow-

or once he is morally, intellec-
tually worthy. Whilst Dejoismn
is defined validly. ithe driving
back of the country folks to
the back country". That was
true in 1957. it is true today
again, in spite of all the pas-
sions of the moment. Let uQ be
c u i.tious

In this connection I recall
the words of Professor Daniel
Fignol6, words that show a
deep learning. It was on the
horning of May 25th. Despite
Fignol4. Dejoie had chosen
Pierre Armand. The bom-bard-
ment ofthe Barracks was de-
c'ded upon: the masses of the
outskirts were the personages
in the macabrous scene at that
time. which situation required
the approval of the Professor.
Then fully aware of the plkn
concocted by Louis Dejoie. Da
niel Fignole cried out in the
oresence of his Ministers meet
ing at Carrefour-FeuiUes" "No,
I shall never accept. Never
shall I assume in the face of
history the heavy responsibility
of turning over the country to
LouIt Deioit. -These words were
above the personality of Daniel
.FienoJl, they were the symbol
of a mystic; for me, it was a
password I can never forget in
spite of all political context.

When I embraced the cause
of Fignofi, I presented Fignol-
ism all over the North Depart-
ment of the Republic, unaware
of the fact. And I could not be
aware, that events could allow
Daniel Fignole to appoint me
as Minister. I was following a
precise ideal, I was aware of
what I wished, and this ideil,.
I have never promised to bet-
ray it.

In such a manner I was as-
sured that Fignole could not,
under whatever circumstances,
join a movement whose haughty
pioneer is Louis Dejoje, a mote

ment whose success would exalt
Louis Dejoie. Because we are
not so simple-minded as to be-
lieve that Louis Dejoie is going
to equip his army, finance an
expedition, to install Daniel
Fignol6 into power. Fie.

Whilst upon the political
scene Daniel Fignol6 could not,
in the confusion of May 25th.
control the simple-minded peo-
ple who were called upon to
pillage so as to be struck on
the back. Then what to think
of 'his chaos that he machia-
vellism of Louis D-joie dreams
of for his country. In the eyes
of Dejoism, Fignolism is only a
decoratius figure that is des-
troyed as soon as represented
on the stage.

For some people. unfortun-
ately. when Fignol4 speaks h-
is the "maeister dumit. We cur
selve., we have not. on embrac-
ing the fignolism, renounced to
our personality. Furthermore.
by acting consistently with
P.hat I believe to be my ideal,
with all my full knowl dge. with
all independence, I denounce
to all true Haitian patriots the
venture which we could be
plunged into. Tt is the opportun
iry to say: =This self-conceite
bloc does not mean anything
to me, and in all this situation
I see one eventual victim the
poor blinded mas:.

To surmmarise. I define my po
sition as follows: In front of Louis
Dejoie's menace, in front of an
trmy of mercenaries. I shall
remain what I am. It would be
-elf-betryal not to find myself
in front of the enemy. I shall
be. not the man of a man, but
the man with an ideal, and this
ideal is not found, thank god,
in the camp of Louis Dejoie. -


February 24, 1959.



/ f. \/" ( ', .

to' HAVANA s520*.

SAN JUAN *4300
'Each way on round trip excursion

gone. 3313 Ticket Office: Jos Nodal Co. Bldg.,
Jos. Nadal & Co., General Agents
or Call your Travel Agent
";" === = t" ..e
,, k.

A well known

In the times.when medical
science vxas not very wides-
pread in Haiti, the ministry
of Docteur- Feuilles (icaf
doctors) was greatly appreciate
ea, even in the most stufted"
of the families.

The eDocteur-Feuilles- must
not be confused with th3
"Houingan.s. While the -Houn-
gan-. 'Jn order to care for his
patients, calls upon his cabal-
istic knowledge as well as upon
che empiric procedures of me-
dicine with the use of the
simplest, the "Docteur-Feuil-
les who is somelime-s a good
practician of Catholicism or
Protestantism, has recourse uni
quely to the knowledge on the
properties of leaves in order
to cure the sick which call on
him for care-.

In the remotest small burgs
or hammocs of the R.-publi:
there is still alive in the. mind
the memory of certain leaf
doctors who had- rendered vr-
lu-able services to the families
by treating them with the em-
otric procedures which, were
taught them by oral tradition.
Certain of the leaft doctors of
the present times practice
their trade having inherited
the gift from their father or
mother. Surprisingly erothgh.
certain simple people, without
recourse to cabalistic proceduw
es. if we are to believe former
patients bubbling over with
eratitude, the docror-feutiles
has effected miracle cures
.hen medical men, backed by

a University diploa1
sealed themselves
sante-n (not stronger
Often a 'medical -ifi
too happy to find.f
doctor' an auxiliary .
of accomplishing thecii
The other night -vw
discussing the astouI.
paucity or curing posse
the Doctor-Feuilles ..8
tain Doctoress-Feuilles:V
domain, it seems 't-
women are much mort,
ous than men in thisMa
Petite Riviere de ]'Ari
an old woman called.
!en, treated 'tubercular'.
with a remarkable,rate"
cess. Bocors, thetnsel!
nate called her im:t

In the Verettet Plais
this picture was talk
Docteur-Feuilles ha n'o
As proof that he works
ly in th the simple leave
out having magic "or c-a
practices intervene, is 1
is the devoted auxiliai
doctor of the Faculty'
alio Pastor ot a reform
It is to be hoped11h
Department of Public'.
here. as was done.for tE
trones: consider the pl
of the Doctor-Feuiles. rI
be well that the me1il
thorties of the country
to make it possible for.
habitani of our couni
benefit more frorn the
ledge and aifts -At the-]
Feuiille. -

In-"we iyawnC C6he uwae

THE < 0o


t ,. :" :': "' a
,*1- :.,_

r~~ ~~- -.., i.>

; ..

.- *i l ll~rL :

-Y, MARCH Ist. 1959



R GEpRGES.I.KENN.-General Managep
v RNE.D.MRINI_ Executive Manager


*TUESOR9J MORTrNR 'Punch-F)wlPar'tpr 7.oop.m
I HOTEL I to 8oopmn
* WEDNESDRy MoNTN Bufel"- 7,3 Opm
HOTEL Conres5 Ppise 30
Shou),'ancing to l2o0pm
*-THURSDRI CHOUCOUNE' unch.owl'Parprt 7,0op m
HOTEL ut.th
Sg09terps tIarpb to 10,oopm
* T:RIDR[j CHOUCOUNE Roo-Garden 7,30pm
HOTEL Conre"r flie TO
Flamed Lobster' 12oopm
I Shou).Dancing


For all kinds of French perfumes
visit Haiti's Smartest Indian store
Select your favourite perfume
front our large collection

We offer you lie world's famous
brands at free port prices

'etc... etc...

In New York Times I
iContinued from page lI

fee prices and a substantial cut
in her own coffee crop. He said
$3,500,000 would be made avai-
lable now, and $2,500,000 bet-
s, en June 301 and Sept. 30, the
latter .nm depending on Con-
ires-ional appropriations.
Budget Sla-h Reported. -
Mr. Davies said the Haitian
Government of President Fran-
coi. Dualier liad expre;sEd gra-
t'tide for thi- confidence. Esti-
niA J- la,t month wcr,? that Port
au-Prince bad hai to till VKpen-
diture, from last year's $31,600,
000 to fit expertet revenue, of
S22.900.000 for the year started
last October 1.
In other Haitian governmen-
1al quarters, there is hope that
S9.000.000 in hydroelectric de-
vr'lopment may lake the place
over the next two andi a half
year- as a result of a letter of
a'remnient Qigned here last week
Thi; wai. between the Haitian
Government and the Islands Gas
and Electhic Company. uhoie
6ubi;diarn now rune the electric
*ys~em_ at Port-au-Prince and
Cap Haitifn.
TlIe protocol remains subject
to approval by both thb Haitian
Congress, meeting in April, and
company directors. A firit step
rrquires'Haiti.to clear up cer-
tain operating problems facing
the subsidiary. Thp eventual
project would seek UnitciA Sta-
tes Government loans as part of
the financing.
Thereupon the company wolti
install generating units at the
Peligre Dam to provide power
for the Artibonite Valley. The
n'.oltiations have been assisted
by Klein & Saks and by Leh-
man Brothers of New York, al-
so economic advisers.

Former Airforce
Chief Flying For
West Indies -Banana

Former airforce chief Colo-
nel AJbsrt Maignan is now
flying for the West Indies Fruit
Company. This company has
extensive banana lands in the
North of Haiti.
Colonel Maignan who retired
from Ihe Airforoe last year did
his Post graduate flying with
the RAF in England during
the War.
He flew the Company's new
Cessna 180 in from Miami last
month. The company. it is
believed, may construct its own
hangar at Bowen Field.

House For Rent

Rue 3, IDenprez), Comple-
tely furnished house, two bed-
rooms, bath. large veranda. mo
dern conveniences, refrigerator
gas stove, etc. See W. E. Lem-
ke, C/O FRISA, Rue Pav6e.

and his magic drum |
French, Haitian and American Cuisine
under the direction of the internationally famous
Chef Olymnpias Passales and
featuring the International Buffet every Monday
and Pool-side Barbecue each Thursday
Delicious cocktails and other. drinks
served at the smart rendez-vous, the Round Bar
Dancing under the stars to the music of '
Raoul Guillaume's Orchestra
Feature Entertainment
presented by Haiti's stellar artists......
and the one and only Ti Roro /
with 'his magic drum
also the weekly Fashion Show
-A Night 6f Loveliness*
produced by the Coin de Paris
For Beauty... ...Elegance...... Refinement......
for the FINEST






Camera G#nkP rA



New Slaughterhouse Senator Lue Stephen To Speak
On vs Rement Amt we :
To Have Own V oyage At The Haitian.
Electric Plant Amerlean Institute
Tuesday Mareh 3 At 8 PSM.
The new Haitian American Senator Luc Stephen of Lim.-
Meat and Provision Company be, Senator from the Depart.
Slaughterhouse which is expect. ment of the North, who recently
ted to be completed next May returned from a 45 day trip to
and replace the 63-year old La the United States under 'the
Saline *Abattoir- will have its sponsorship of the American
own electric plant a spokesman Department of States, on Tuea-
for the company disclosed this day, March 3, at the Haitian-
week. American Institute at 8:00 P.
M. The public is cordially in.
The electric plant will con- vita. The talk will be followed
list of three hundred kilowatt by two documentary films on
AlJii Chamber units. life in the United States.

. -w. w n .nw-w w



Unesco Announces
Coming Contest For
Monaco Exposition
Of Stamp Collections
The National Commission of
UNESCO in Haiti announced
this week that stamp collectors
would hate an opportunity to
enter their collections in the

More Farmers
Turning To Tobacco

Moli, and more small Haitian
farmers are turning to the grow
ing of tobacco on their land
holdings a spokesman for the

coming Stamp Exposition at Standard Commercial Tobacco
Monaco, to be held fiom May Company of Haiti said in an

16th. to 20th. of this )ear.
The Comnmision made a Ape-
cial appe.J to thlb A:sociations
of young philatelists of the
high schools and colleges of
Haiti to participate.
The Natioual Commi-,ion of
Nlonaco which is sponsoring
this UNESCO exhLbiltion it pr-
sided over by Prince Pierre of
Collectors may submit their
entries and receive consulta-
tions at the offices of the Hai-
tian. National Commision of
UNESCO from 9:00 to 1:100 P.
M. daily, except Saturday- and
Me Leon Lalean is the Pre-
sident of th.? Haiti National U-
NESCO Commission.

interview this week.
The Tobacto company in
working agreenient with the R,-
sie du rabac purchases tobacco
from the farnimer toi ex-port to
""- r,: niarket-. Peligre's Hydro-Electric Plant
H-uni e.identhnur ihe con.- C'ompleted In 30 Months Says Le Matin

panic, dief technician returned
Inta neek from a tour of the
sPlatdau Cential and the North
wheli lie talked %with: farmer.
and encoiuraaed thein to culti-
ite tobacco.
Besides purn having tobacco the
company haw an experimental
farn at Damiens and has an
educational program to explain
hoi to improve the tobacco
produced here.

New! Sensational!



On Sale At: Canape Vert
Aux Cent Mille Articles
Dadlani's Maison Orientale

The new $12 million dollar
Hdro-Electric Plant to he built
y th,: Ibland Gas & Electricity
Company of Nei, York in the
Aitilbonite Valley, %ill furnish
poE,,er to 3-5 of the national ter-
riltor.. which is expected to be
completed within 30 month-,
Le Maltin- -aid Tue-:day.
Under many '-ircum-tance-.
apeaking ol an effi'aciou, and
po-itiie aid to be given to this
country. %,e have echoed the
ju-t remarks of our different
milieu that: Tl', United Sla-
tes uould be well inspired if.
either by one of i|s organisms
or by a private company sus-
tained and Pncoma..ed by the
siovernmett odf % a h i ington.
they would organize Peligre
and it- dam a- a production
cent-er of electric power and
place the Haitian Governmnent
in mcieu.- to a'-ure complete
irrigation of the Artihonite Val
It "aj- Tqually inempha-ized
:'evrial time-'llhat the Exini-
Bank must lie the principal
interested party in the trans-
fonuation of Peligre and
the ODVA into p;ofit-making
instilution-. for in conformity
uwith th Accord of 194%, thie
reiiuhuiseentenl of the capital
of 2.'7.iO'0 .i'i0 loan i- a fictoi
of tl1- pir ofil-niaking in-tiln-
Fat,- lhae p-nu'ed that we
er, ri-it. It i patilfying to
iinotice that once a'ain good
Sen-m ha- prevailed at Newv

York and in the Federal Ca-
pital. Within 30 month- the
ri-h and iniuien-e Arlibonite
ValJl- will become ib.- -tore-
house. not only of our country
but of all tho-e of the Hemini-
pIhler o01 which because of cer-
tain regional condition- are not
in tht real sense of tihe word,
production centers of agricul-
tural consnmation.
American private and govern
uient capital is continiiing to
have confidence in our counts
and to appreciate the favorable
climate for investments in in-
du-strn and agriculture as a ion
-sqneuce of the steps taken and
the efforts of an honest, pro-
gressie niln realist Executive
Tb'.e contract to the Island
Ga- & Eleciritit Company si-
,n.:d at. New York on Feb. 4th.
f[ir thii, Iioja--' t'as sanctioned
lail Saturday by the Haitian
Government. Mr. UuLtz of the
Strone and Webster Company,
allied to the Island Gas Com-
pany returned to the U. 5. after
pending nix daiv- in Hiiti to
f fulfill tlie formaliiie- required
to begin executiion of tlie ,oik
as. ooc-n a- possible.
The contract call, for the
dissolution of the Compapnie
Electrique and iis remplace-
ment by a Haitiau Compan; -
'Soci.ite Nationale d'EkItiici-
t6 ISONEDRHAi- which 'will fi-
natice ili.: coi-triiction and ex-
iploiltatinn of the a.nterprise.
Work on ihe Hvrdio-Electii"

";* ,. "* :,' -.'' ,.^ ^
., ., .. .
S E *. .. -. .'

T 9 jK? .?>: -"> 4. .f -"...


Use this simple, efficientail
od to keep records. Saves t
and saves money. Civen I
fact at a glan

A bslmple modem method that
much of the work out of etord I
ing Cards fan out. lie flar, their i
gunsl re iant ll vi-ble You gel
hoce p ,tue 1 a? naice Cabi
or BooJs m We 11 gladly demorl
1 how ViubJC Recods I hob '

ElHait Trading Cff.
of Commerce B34



t. e o, Prad." with the World's Most Experienced Airline,
Vr-old% L.nier ihop.

Relax aboard DC-7B or Super-6 Clipper'' ith iadr'. Enjoy lu.u-
rious First Class President service for only 4,105 round trip, 30 day
exLurlion; fare For ieser\ations call you 'Trivel Agent or PAN .Af.

Rue Dantes Destouches-Port au Prince-Tel: 3451

Fly to Miami in the wonderful world of Pan American,


-"'** ::I*'


Twa. Executive Hg
Robert W. Hanason, TO
World Airlines exemafia
spending two week, he"
Hotel Excelsior. Bob Is f
California and is on hisa
annual trip to Haiti. He
checked in earlier this mt
for four days enroute l .
Carnival in Trinidad, and
turned to chalk up two t
eeeUk here before returnii
his post in San Diego, Call
will take hack nith him lii
test accpqiition of painting
tihe Haitian s~ene, inclu
-Thei Blind Fibierman by
lanese artist Jamil who sa
here four years ago at E

Plant at Peligre is to com=
ce a- soon as tie contra,
anctlioned by the Haitian
gislatnre. and is expected I
completed in two and a'
years. The State uill havi
o.tplon oif taking other the ]
after the first li veirs..f
ploitalion. .




.-- -, -^, ,

;.'Td -'.enggaenment of Mis- GL..
y.', ei ier to Gerard Bailt
-was A n.nced during the birth
dayar iin honor of the loe-
ly'Panam ticked clerk Saturday
'night"'at "the bome, of her pa-
rents, Dr. and Mra.. Andre Mer-
on venue du Sacri-Coeur.
000. oo
i'.ck iiler *led a group do.vCn
onf a.prtit from New York this
:ee' Included in his party
ye: Elizabeth Fleming and
'. .- Philips, advertising agen-
I 'S this is Jack's second
i .-.vacation here.

Cqerick .and wife Jo
again from Groase
in Michigan. The couple
with lawyer John
r and wife Muriel.
fare staying. at the Beau
S ad,' this..week motored
scenery at Jacmel.
000 '
Belet apd his wife
from Nbw York. Har-
'in Chiliren's Wear

y chicken dietician,
ing Pulet Hai--
.f swing through the

1t uiiican Fete
ed. from page 1)
ofers, members of the
l ttc 'Corps and repre-
ives of the social strata
Cie al joined in the

W t day the govern-
iLa VqoL de la
ue d'Haiti., consecrat-
rst two brr.adcasts to
e friend shp between
n-e neighboring Re-

ade r BE, ra, accom.
g'- embers of the Do,
..hn.ib ssy un',i Consul.
Wi fiom-the varidius town
broadcast a
,z.Aiti.p6a.iSpaiarih which wa's
i 6t'nslted into French,
ite pointed out the
.-:.a'mui &e the rol eof Friend-
'l athe peoples in-
.'e island of Hispan-<

Haitian audience beard
S.; e dia .Vo Dominican.. the
; .jit of the festivities, in the
i" Puinican Republic. and the
'.anfiotutc'ement that the film
.h ade of the hIorder fneeting
.'.'bteen Presidents Trujillo
and Frangois Duvalier v would
be shown in permanence from
trzday through Sunday at the
Grand Theater in ooen of the
'.ridio-telvision station.

.... ..- .

lntert.-ting visitor on his first
trip to Hait i.- Detroiter Law-
rence T. Kelly. Larry who nwitl,
about people i; 'ei-rnc Hilti
frinon tfe bo.itoum .ip and for'bi.
coming book be ha, been ex-
ploring the populous Croix des
Bos-aleE. se clor this week in his
-tudy of people. The strange
thing is that Larry left the U.
S nith a book of PAA ticket-
that took in a (half-dozen or
more of the capitals on hbi- is-
he'hit Hispaninla his feet stuck:
lie finds Haiti and its people
wo:rlh studJing and means to
take thr time to do it. He ca-
bledl his wife on Thursday qsk-
ing her to join him here for a'
Doctor -:nd Mrs. Roy Bar-
nett are vacationing here. He
is a noted Pa'horogiat from
Westport, Connectiout. They
are seeing 'the, sg s with tra-
veilling companions ,Fire De-
partment Chief's Aid of Brid-
gaport and Mrs. Jim Whaley.
O 0

Ben M. Arber of the. Last
Long Clothing Company. Inc.
at-873 Broadway. N.Y. spent
five days at the El Rancho this
week. Ben who is a regular v"i-
,itor to Haiti each year counts
some of the best dressed Hai-
tian .visitors to 'New York
amonng his clientele.

Leaning today after a week's Noted Art Instructor
stay at the House of Flowers To Give
ire Nancy Br)an. of Eastman Free Instruction
Kodak. from North Carolina, At Centre d'Art
,ho hab tied in her future with
fortune : Tom Bernard of Ge- Haitians and residents who
ieral Motors, and Haitian visi- are interested in receiving spe-
ar for 12 years, running: Patsy cial instruction in arts are sche-
Carson.. who ill relntrn as girl duled to meet at the Centre
Friday. to a Frank Lloyd Wright d'Art, Thursday, with Barbara
sp,e bo.os in Greensboro, N. C. Aubin eho ha, offered to give
hihere sh promiJq. to faithful- her time and experience free
I! 'replace her southernn accent through an agreement with Di-
1,itl the purest of French pro- rector Dewitt Peters, founder of
iineiation. the Center.
Alko returning are Jim Hock of It is expected the group will
.Nt-,i irlean-. a .-.i i-n ipa es- be rcitrieted because the ins-
pert intere-ted liiu witchiiig to truction will be individualized.
ruom sampling and professional Mis, Aubin who has been in-
linihoing: and Metta Rolf, ri- Port-au-Prince over the past se-
-iting Dane. who does the sea- veral months, is a well qualified
son'. in Europe, and is planning art in-truclor, to conduct the
to include Haiti in' her fiilirn courses at the Centre d'Art. She
travels. is here under the Buenos Aires
Convention Act. as a grantee to
John Claude Nadal, received Haiti in the field of painting
trieuds to a hamburg barbeque 19581959.
at li-. extraonlinary beautiful 'She received training in Car-
honie&n"xt door tj the Iho Le- leton College obtaining her BA
.Ie. HiL parents. Mr. and Mrs. in 1949. then- attended the
Jw.eph .Nadal- are en. route to' School of the Art Institule of
Roe Robert Nada]. now r..coer Chicago rereiting her BAE in
inp from illness in Furop. 1951. She got her MAE froni
the School of the Arl Institute
tasino International's Direc- of Chicago in 1955.
tor and Mr-. Jacob Kozloff flew 'Mis, Auhin' teaching expe-
to .Miami Thur'day on a short tienrie in art includes the post
-vsoyage d'affaires- w h i c -of i lnstfuctor at the School of
-should get tLem hack'to Haiti the. Art 'Institute of Chicago,
in about one week. They were Children's Museuni Classes-Art
accompanied by Mr. 0. West Institute ot Chicago. University
uof- Wiscnsin, Milwaukee, Van-
der Poer Art 'Association, Chi-
0 ooo cago and the Creative Work-
hop. Chicago.
The distinpuished artist has
Dn their first visit to Haiti e hed tist has
are Atto*ney and Mrs. B. Ro- SINO INT ERNA
bins, Doctor and Mrs.- Harvey CASINO INiERNA
Coopersmith dafd Mr. and Mrs. < fack Hendles from Toronto;
Canada. .. .


trhe actual building of the Wallboard Factory got underv.'ay
on 'tie main highway near the entrance to the Flour Mill.. "i
Sensational at Olofson Monday night is exotic- Adrienne Deosoie
who iaas been -opedinog the show in which she sang thife years
ago bEfort her marriage. to a -leading New York Psychiatrist.
Singd r Adrienne Is d'owb to vipit with her parents Mr. and Mrs
Dennery Dejoie End to nurve her mother who is recovering trom
a-recent illness .. O.J. Braridt, industrial tycoon, flew 'to Jarpai-
c&, Friday morning Mrs Raymond D'Adesky is back from n-
siting her doctor son in Michigan. Madame Marshall, wife of
the Liberi'in Ambassador ,flew to Jamaica Frday morning for
a sojourn of itwo weeks. Shewas accompanied by the Ambassaf e
door'ss mother visiting here from Brussels, Belgium, their small
daughter Jeannette and the baby's Haitian mnurse. ..-

PAA Station-manrger John Quinn flew to Miami this past
week to fetch his family. They-will make their home on Dam-
balla heights... Pierre Richard Vtlledrouin return to pursue
his studies in Mexico Monday..... Ronda Tippenhauer and
little Terry clipper to Miami Tuesday .....: New name for the
.-College- is Hotel of many bars ........ Lieutenant Borges is
having this weekend for three months trading in Panima. His
is a member of the Presidential Guard ..... Regular customers
of Itsa Belle Crdole hair-dye departmEnt are PAA employees .
with the exception of Chief Maurice, Finding seating for the
booming tourists cultivats grey hir ...... The famous British With remarkable success the mambo and cha cha rhyLhmff
iailbreakeO and specialist in cracking fernine hearts Dennis have swept across most of the American continent, with the
Stafford is reported in Haiti in disguise ..... Dominican Consul constant demand for more and better atltractins to provide
'enror Didue- who has been more than a decade in Haiti is driv thus.desired from of entertainment In answer to this demand,
"ng a rit"- new Dod ge Mrs Pita Clark of To Ar,rhl a R-a- the Galanes are now appearing at the CASINO Juanito, Jorgo
soned traveller sennt the we'k at the Sans Souci Hotel. She and make up the trio, exhibiting versatile talents in their act,
is doing tha Caribbean islands. Last year it was the Pacific Ias they sing, dance and play musical instruments.' Their rener-
isltnds including New Zealand. She was happy to. find the tloire is quite extensive, consisting mostly of Latin Rhythms,
I butter here ...... especially the ever popular mambo.



:4 .

" / *-.'
S" ",.-1...,


I '
.- ,


won numerous awards and pri-.
z&s for her painting. uaong
which were the George Brown
Foreign Travel Fdlowshkp for V ..'..
Painting and Drawing. The Art
Institute of Chicago 1955.
She has traveller and painted
in France and Italy, and recei-
ved Honorable Mention for the '
Dana Medal in the 51st. An-
na.,] internaLional Water Co-
]or Show Pennsylvania Aca-
demy of Fine Arts in 1953. She
aho receiyd the award iln the
Wisconsin 'Salon of Art Ma-
dison .1957, and the Purehas "
Anard Walker Art Center
1958 Biennial Minueapolis,
Her paintings were exhibited
in four *l-Man. Shows hed in "
the.Chicago area, and she haa' "
had representation in juried
exhibition In' the Detroit Insti.-
tute of Arts.. he Art Institute
of Chicago, Momentium, Natio. "
nal Academy of Art in New
York City, the Birmingham Mq-
seum of A-rt U. S. A., New York
City and the Ravinip Festival
of the Arts.
A distmugmshed group of con
geners spent several days here
this week as guests, of the Hai-
tian Goverhment. The, visitors
were Attorney Carl Colman,
lawyer and prosecutor in Wes--
hington. D.C. and Mrs. Clan, .
Mrs. Etheld Nober of the Chase
National Bask in Manhattan .
(international finances), Mrs.
Carrid Thomas, Secretary of-
the. Department of Parks in
new York. They were Itidged
at Hotel Beai t-Rivage,


'...t' f

- w w_____________-7._



Economic Mission...
Continued from page 1) -

this Economic Mission It
would be the President of the
Republic himself, who, accord-
ing to certe,?n sources, would in
form 'the nation soon...
A sign of appreciation was
Sthe decoration at 5:00 P.M.
Thursday of the three me-m-
bers of the Mission by His Ex
cellency Doctor Frangois Du-
valier during a special audien-
ce a't the National Palace.
Finance, Mihister Andre
Theard who headed the Mis-
sion, already holding the rank
of "Officer, was given the in-
sigmas of. the rank of "Grand
Officer of the 'Order of -Tous-
saint Louverture.-
ODVA Director Garvey Loau
rent and National Bank Direc-
tor Maurice Telemaque were
prorpoted to the rank of ,Com
mander," in the same Ord-er of

Continue' from page 1)

three years aher hi- burial m1
enmanciated condition and appa
rently brutally, treated. Elius
as taken to a corporal who re-
portedly relinquished Ehus to
Enacier for a price. Enacier
then sent the zombie home to
Jean Rabal where he. died ins
Lantly. (Probably of poison)
SPere Laroche raised a cry of
indignation, after this incident
resulting in Enacier's imprison
ment. .
The event, which haz raised
an uproar in the starvation
weak northwest, was uncover
-ed when the Bopcor sent the
Zombie to dig up a man who
had died the da:, before.
Hot from digging, the zon-i.
bie went to a neighbor and as-
ked for a glass of water. When
asked who -he "as. Elmus told
them he was 'a zombie in the
employ oT Enacier.
The medical explanation for
a zombie indicates they are
givenpdrugs, .appear to be dead
-and are then buried. The per-
son who administered the
drug then gives orders for the
body to be dug up and used
as a slave

Rodriguez Leaves
For Havana
On Mission
Cuban Ambassador Antonio
Rodriguez flew to Havana via
Delta Airhnes, on Wednesday
afternoon. The Ambassador's
sojourn in the Cuban capital is
expected to be. brief.

Mirambeau Dies... Supreme Court... Resort Airlines

Conrmued from page 1) (Continud from page ) Group To Arrang
dents in Haiti's judicial uhsto- Weekly Flight. FO
danger Friday. ry, was engaged in by several y t
Doctors Extracted' four bul- persons producing claims as Summ51 er Season
lets from Mirambeau, one in heirs to the large fortune.
ihe leg and thigh and two in A schedule of at least on
the abdomen.. In its .'erdicts the Supreme direct flight each week brngin
Mirambeau was arrested in Courl discarded the prentions linft passengers to spend
Carrefour FeudXls and v..:Jkel of the Fils-Armre's and of the v.eek i. being arranged b., th
to the police post at Marche heirs of the late Se.dan Vilde- Resort Airlines, Inc. of Wa
SalImon. more than a kilome- joint vhdo wer- considered by hiogton. DC.." nhich is resun
ter distance i1nder the custody the court as having no ties of ing its cruises to Haiti on Jun
t a policeman, '...here h a kindr'dship ...ith the .Late dis- 28th.
hot miller Villcjoint. The Court res General Thomas B Wilso
tablished the rights of Tudor Chlairman of the Board of Dire
-.venrig ne-.-paper Le Nouvel Dufort as being the only per- tors of the airline company a
late declare. the Eh..oting ons in line to receive the pa rivned in Port-au-Prince We(
mii. steriou. hsecauyse Milranibea... Iimony from Alexandre Ville- nesday. Skycrui-e Coordminat
contradicts the gendarmes sta- ioint. Tom Nelson, Dr. Maurize M.
cement he shot Mirambeau, zall and Mr. Charles Vihon. ;
totingg he ,v.s shot by another The. rights of Tudor Dufort compamied him.
Enemy hand. .. re strongly defended through' Resort Airlines is certified
out the- lawsuit by Attorme sclusis ely for tour operation
Mirambeau was married to the Dupiton, against the preten-
former Lila Carmant, and has tions of the heirs of Lorquct,
one set of twins, two four- Duval resident in th.e Artibpni- RUDY CAlM
year old boys, and anoth-r son te who defense counsel was
a year old. composed of Attorney Labedoa tlistribuiors of Eli,
His mother-in-la% is Mrs. .ere. Barlhelemy of Jacmel. has the pleasure
Cl-br Diaguori Deslandes, chief
of 'the Bureau Department of It is said that a large amount ol Miss Vi
the Intdrior. Mirambeau pack the cash on deposit at the bank estheticia)
aged coffee at his home. The has already bean drawn, and
.::.ie iS under investigation. dissipated. This final decision ELIZAB
of the Court brings to an end
It eas learned Satuida. .rhai .i-,suit which ran for the rill he in
Claude Miramheau, iiho began to
shows signs of recovery in general unusual period of 16 years.
hospital Friday. look a turn for the fon Tusda,' March 3rd.
worse and died Saturda. morning.
-. ----- Miss. Vir
Dominican Pilot... Au ill be honored
Continued from page 1) -co q ill be honored
i and to answ
The pilot, it wa- later disco- l'. tomaed concerning a
vered, had bailed out over the A- "b
Cul de Sac, as the jet conti- ,, o/, in b,
nued on to cra-h.. Schedule: from 8'
The prevadithg wind carried
the pilot to a landisq ".'athou and from 2:
mishap t the banrIana larnd
I along the coast between Ar-
chahaie and Cabaiet where he RUDY CAMl
:as turned over tu the pnli.'e _Chen/, oes.t//eRUC-M
The next day the Haitian Rue
Air Force had thouotng prac-
tree and strafed the River EVERY MONDAY AT 9 : 4
Gri-, and -uppo-edly caud -F I
the pilot much anguish while THE OLOFFSON S
in culistody of the country Po-

1Obser.ers here believe thai (FROM PATOU TO V
the Dornirucan pilot was lu-t
and after circling low over Port .E-ery vear the Oloffs.on ,howv draw,
au-Prince established his beat aecomodale. This year "From Paton i
!ngs and did not have sufficient h.iggher crowd than ever.
fuel to return to hc, base or h
DomLnican emergency airfield That iths the Managem.nt of the Hot
The Port-au-Prince airportt ed a reserved "eat syiterm so that everyone
i: n,:, equipped for night lanl WE SUGGEST THAT YOU RESERV
inrs and is ek-.1ed off at right VANCE. Ticket, arailablc. no% at Hotl
"', prohibit clandiE mne land- I
,ngs Reserved tables $2.00 per person
Thi4 i th-e ?e..ond DononiI-
,an plane to crash iear the Standing Room at bar: $1.00 per t
Haitian capital during the past
hve years \ D rini.n:.n ATi Dinner and show $5.00 per person
fell out of formation, and cras-
hed into a leogane. cane field Oloffson has gourmet cuisine)
hit ran out of gas.






ville, Quebec (CanQ
d ed yesterday for a-96
n'. at Hotel Excelsior "


zabeth Arden products"
e to inJrmin von that

ginia Portilla
n delegated by -..

-Port-au-Prince ..
o Saturday,. March -7th

ginia Portilla
to receive your Svfiir
er your questions
bhe latest technics
beauty care .
30 a. m. to 12:30 p.
30 p. m. to 5:00 p. m'.J


Bonne Foi

5 P. M.



more people than we caN
o Voodoo. will drhawB'

el Ol-offsoon has eatabli4i
e may be properly seated;
l Oloffson -








in the Caribbe anx
through 195 ti4,
fect'd. many crigi
Flights to the-.C.I
surpened in 1955
Mr. Nelson is .
nrce-ssary hotel .
sightseeing tours:.2
preparations wittd.
terests here in v64
suming'of the cruiA
The Airlines of
Friday after havs_,
Tourist Board pbC
mond Roy to diClsi
rangementh. They I
at Hotel Riviera..

00 oo'

Misses Mpniqude
' .., Ve, tt Ml'athir,



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