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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Duke University Libraries
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Duke University Libraries
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 32441147
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I AKnHl'IAr KrliA/CI fAr-


: II 1

L r+ U V-r : '" -. : .- t-au-rince Rpublitue D'H ITI .. SUNDAY, JANUARY 31st, 194 .: ::

|i ''a r First Jamaican Governor To Visit PR ..

S .... We Haiti Arrives Thursday -2 OF' THE WEK[
When HMUI.S. a Burghead ';ties, but looks as athletic .-as
Bay> docks in Port au Prinde a school boy. -
on. Thursday, History will be For twenty-three years hbe
.a made. His Ekcellency, the has served in the .diplomatic
C captain Gepesral-and 'Govern' cor s of. his country; and his
or in Chief Vf Jamaica )and' Contlhied n Page 16..
'her dependencies Sir fluh.
Foot wHl'be thed first Gdvern- '. HE CALLED ON-OD: .. '
';., or of Ja-maica ever to visit th GOD ANSWERED .
i. Republics of' Haiti. Thoohgi Noon, .Sunday, ,Gargon
S. ir H 1nry. organ used .the .eanty fell dead 6' .an int6r- .
o.rs.- L ...I .. .. ,, :.... -fle .de Va'che as a base..from nal. hbamorrhage a few min-.
.oa. Martin erosts passe4t. by ii .ei hih to prey hon thS .e Spa. uts -e placing i to '
o .oa.ioette Ebene -er. he, .- ish treasure boards 'on tbehe" ob-e.' of Cheni re. Beguvais .
te h.is w raiu waht.n sltepe -s to r loose fln A merican Mainland,' he--s- f~as mos o.beks iit Ravite Pin-
e .. 'not then overnr. f am;ade. ,r ge
i t .rrd. .. ahc` ir quThe preVyius nday he .Ri..
Te. sugli t thae a Poed 'uoday i: has.been for the pastI thrii
S.. r Hugh a tall, court had borrowed a fighting .. ..
*,. -' -- ," T .r and ,ho e .b cu ,n .deca. es the direc r u '. -
urossingl A i, I ra w n, ith a pleasIntm yet fiRm from a friendan ,and n ge worlti te es iee ..-
I ...... mannedre, willbee Accompanied Istad of.i retrirniff g hepiz b ti",
o-' n ivedr o iday, thei,'e.hntiWtt Ebenezer 1 l ta nin''i'- terte_ iH..i h en:';
[d Tei t ee ss Ld- h is traife,. bdy o rA hlc oW Pg 2d o his s 1rgheh w
a. W- iae- .i.. ...D.iee en2 A e Te, veinor has won sold sm tt bad- i -t. t Magloire i fyited .:'
en',. t.I-e in. rtIe i" -, of s r enown as : Plbo player in A'eused.of skull.duggeryi hedi Me- 'time go ,,t
rihagt ntarna. : when the shipments.of sugar .. Baldn sone tme 0 .i
g n", --d e' :sso Jamaica, where he-ias been' declared: c ibeneern, the 'camio eae-nette th seasa- the star 'o~ many a thrilling if' b lie&.: Garcon Jearty wa's the tha has :
had..been driving collided gamhe..- Hee sf t is lalte.or- forty years old. ." .
it aitin- American S-. Contined on age e is latefbr- t rs old. made re in safeuardng,
.I. Co. locomotiveve. FI Lad. S ils the. rights of man, -and M.
Two others, are rooted York Today a Of Zombies i~nkipug-ist in spite of, des- Mad. Piil E. Magloire, I ing -his old friend and ,f6llow- ;
rate efforts to sae ',fTiem ,Haiti!s. first lady, leaves for 'J ---janmalcans uOpiion -libertgriafi Governo.r.. Li
'Ind Lotquet, who: is the Tio- Nevw Yokltoda.y by the Pan- Munoz-Marin in Saiu 'Juan~
I .When- the Governor of Jam '; neigjours. -wil be6.laed,, t;' o. _;. -:,.
fiber of 14 children, was on anma Line, on a health trip:. t cereny; f irJ in s-gpome 'mas irl by .e took' advantage of :,-Genbr.
aica, Hiss xcellency Sir. in some measure, by the. a
Ier way to look after p. sicalShe vill' be accompanied by .. ... M loires gracious ft,.
Hugh -Foot, 'visits us in Fob- 'trdth; '-
grand-daughter. The" chjilU her sister,- V me MVauclair Z&eF -gh o it IFti ,,- stopping off on- his 'way' ba '
lied on Thursday.- The other, phirin, rCapt. Guillaume Pean, m e que s Con ed Pageto the'States it spend a we.l,' -,
Qapt. Gdil.a'm.e praised. The stories that they nUL" j' l- i "a'". He arif F '"
rs Mr. Paul Breton, a Hasc~ and Sub-Lieutenant Maurice tl Hatoie t J- .. n aita. Hera f lbda.
employee for thirt years Prophte. tell aut Haiti i Jamaa COLUMBIA MATCHES morning, with his wife, E.V- :
n his way to Work when the MTaddme .Magoire will visit are. fantastic and he. has, no BRINGS. RITICISM. lyn:'Preston Baldwin; ajned&,
evidentt occurred. -hr children ,at school at St. doubt, been given quite the Colobia' second e s in he ownight
tCcldent occurrJEo. her children,at school a .t St. '' I" I- "r. --.,
It was dan, edesd in. wrong impression from these teami, Deportes Qundio, ter- n of women 'srigts.The
It was dawn, Wednesd'ay Dominic's in. Boston during. al.... the .. u H.iin lonfof womens.rg ,Th .
morning at Marian i Grossing her U. S. sejour. tales. inated their tour:of Haitian Cohitinuied on Page 4' ,..
The Governor, and those football clubs on Tuesday. .
U.S. Navy Torpedo Bomber Crashes who accompany him, will 'They went on to Curacao to, S,; V.I.P's Plane Sealed,..
take back with them a new challenge the' football clubs' And Detained In Sap. '
In Take-off At Bowen Field and more accurate impressio%! there. Arrived ccSans Palsre 'rs
cTrouble never comes sing- its side. The right wing, and of our land; so we hope -that Deportes Quindio ended Mr. 'an! Mrs. John Snyder
ly, the old folks say. Their tail were smashed. .The-re- the ideas 'entertaified by our Continued on, Pd.ge 2 .- --- his father was Secre-

Proverb has been Well illas- sourceful pilot 'had jetison-
trated this month,' by two ed the wing'gas tank before
'rashes of an almost identical the plane left the. runway
.ature which occurred lat thus averting: certain catis-
Bowen Field Airport. trophe. Owing to 'his quick
S.On Satihrday night a U.S. action neither of his two pas-
ilot attempted to take his sengers' nor himself were
ga y Torpedo Bomlber -off Continued on Page 16
he ground, following the Bananas Make Historic
'nd. Usually, a take-off is First Air Flight
nade into the wind thus giv- Fig bananas were flown
ng an added lift to the ship. from Haiti-to the U. S. for
'e right brakl was obvious- the first time on Thursday
Faulty an4 seized. The afternoon.
lane skidded, ground-looped, This marked the beginning
then it left the runway,-jump- of a new era in fig banana
e'd over a ditch and landed on Continued on Poge 3

tai-y, of the Treasury. under-.'
Roosevelt; Mr. and Mrs.'Jo-'.
seph Pickard, of New York's
S S. Trust Company; Mad Mr.
Richard O'Brien of Chicago
landed atCap Iaitien' oin on
day .for a brief hi]t on their .
S way. to St 'Kitts.
he The. white, maroon, .and.
grey ~ 3 with the U.S.'flat .
bravely displayed ori the tail,..
,,. swooped in majestically. Un-
fortutiafely, the3t. possessed'.
S nc lauding papers, .and, as-':
Cap 'Haitien is not an inter-,
This -U.S. orpedo Bo.mber gr7riid-looped on take off at Bowen national port, the plane wlas
Field lost Sat rray., 'smashing Wing oad tail. Continued on.Page 16.

-._ v IF 'G-, ,IJI a .U-a. .i N WLvVsPAPrc





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.'- NICAE -.N; ','J
: 1,Gf 2frV^-

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;i '. "
Eo l rs' ",i' .t+ 4"
#, # ,:, -
.'.~~~~~~~~ /O ,,.ENTrE+,:"

i '..... ..: .+;" ..+,

. 1


Rough Play In Colombia Tourney

Brings Criticism From Public
Continued from. Page 1 dered off the field for refi
their tour of Haiti unbeat- ing to accept the. decision
en. Their first match against the referee. This caused
Violette ended in victory -for delay of some fifteen mir
the touring side 4-1. tes he refused to go. T
This was a good match, in Colombian team finally d
which both sides played fine cided to abide by the refere
football. At half time the decision and returned to t
home team had kept the vi- field without Cazaubon, t
sitors from scoring by dogged player who had been order
defence of their goal. The off the field.
scores were 0-0. But in the In ,this match there we
second half the Colombians fist fights between membe
.broke through and their, fine of the opposing sides,'and
constructive play completely wards the end of the mat
.,demobilized their opponents. one of the Aigle Noir played
The second match of- the had to be carried struggle
Series against Excelsior from the field. He argu
was,a draw.' The home side with the referee, and ev
was- rough, even brutal.'.This fought With his own tes
was a contest of determined mates. In' spite of their il
energy against.skill: the to- gal, and unsporting.pttemil
loriibians played a more con-.to keep the Colombians fro
structive. game, but were winning, Aigle' Noir were (
held to a draw by sheer brute- fated 6-0 !
force. The way in which our vi
'T .'thid,. against Racing,. tors were received ,y our
exhibited even more the super cal clubs leaves a deep ser
Sirity of tihe Deportes 'team. of. shame in the hearts of
The home side played interior Haitians. All Haiti- depk
-football, even though Zou- ---
: pim and Gaetjens awoke to





-.produce a beautiful game in Asl' i .
S the-second half. Their persis-
t ent attempts to score were s S
Spoiled by the excellence of the SH t .
Visiting goal keeper. The Hai- I -,- a '
jian club's goal keeper, also jnar ir S:le-P.rl'h h Ll\t.
f rned in a fine game. ',ves s hoes a foC- r-folD beaut.'
Sr: i ImenL cl-ainls ilrt fi .n nhe
Once g rin the Haitian play .:es preserves alid"nourihdes
ers were unsporting. The' rproofs. ad polihP'
wasI n.. a 'long-lasing b;:iltitnV
'..,ly was unfair and they re- hine. Makes ne SioL' Jast for
.'fused- to accept 'the decisions' -ears old ones shin? like new
of .the referee. n all fashionable shades Ltr p,'
'" leathers. *
4.' 'This inhospitable attitude -
:.. :.f the Haitian clubs reached i HOE POAIS
its zenith in the final match A w i
'o".''f he, totir against Aigle "'
-. Nbir on Mloiday night. This tahdo
game was an. example of.
rough and unruly play from- ..i l
- 'the start, becoming a brawl
t''.owards the end. The Colom- .
: -rbian team- were- also disinclin Exij Ae gent li. ait
d to- fellow the rules of the AL MNDU !Y A
gaie. Late in the first half, On sale at all Better
a Colpmbian player was .or- $ors.'
i "'

SUNDAY .a 845 a. r*

taMie^Ktias to MiAA4 MW I

Connections -W!

; .Fqr rete tions TUEd ifforiatlidh s ,
Ph"rne 33
1 TRe office: Jos. tadal i Cd. ui g.
SJos.Nadal Co. General Agents
'or see your Travel Aq n


the brutal play of their repre-
sentaties, .they realize that
-this kind of game will give us
a bad name among other foot
ball-playing coTmmunities. rt
cannot but be of immeasure-
able harm to Haitian foot-
ball., As a lady in the crowd
told Your Reporter:- will come here agahl!)

U.S. VIP's Plane Sealed
And Detained In Cap
Arrived Sans Papiersn
Continued from Page 1

sealed and its occupants, in-
cluding its two pilots, were
asked to await instructions
from Port au Prince.
Mr. Snyder, somewhat in-
dignantly, told Your Reporter
that they visited the. famous
Citadelle, Milot, and Planta-
tion Dauphin in the mean-
time, 'He said he had tired of
waiting and had. cabled the
State Department to come to
his rescue. He had been in-
formed in Miami, he declar-
ed, that they were cleared for
Cap Haitien.
On Thursday word came
through that the 'ship could
proceed,. and they flew to
Port au Prince without
their visa less passports
.which Cap:. authorities held.
[A tourist.card is all that is
required for Americans, and
they did noteven have that].
An air force plane went af-
ter the passports on Friday
and* the V.I.Ps enjoyed the
hospitality of Ibo Lele before
continuing their voyage dn
Saturday .. ...
* Laws are made for one and'
all,' and. landing on -foreign
soil-without the necessary, im-
migration requirements is not
done in -the best of air cir-
cles. "
SThe Cap authorities noti-
fied Port' au. Prince, and' the
Army checked with.the In-
terior Department who dou-
ble checked.
';These are suspicious. times
- double check with Senator


Kiddy Photo Contest Ends Today
The baby contest, closes to-
day. A committee including
a [,baby doctors, photogra-
pher, and a mother [whose
kiddy, by the way, is not in
the contest will select the

The winriers will be given .
prizes by the Haiti Sun, Jo-
seph Nadal and Co. [Geriber's
Food, Carhay Soap, Carnation
Milk and Quaker Oatsl; Ca-
nape Vert, La Belle Creole,
the Haiti Trading Co,
[IGrant's Whiskey for Dad]
and Clapp's Baby Food.
We are grateful to the read
ers who sent in pictures of
their babies, and regret that
space would not permit pub-
lishing all the photos received, Mario Laco, stripped for aci
but assure you,all the babi., wrestles with problems of st
whether their pictures were He. is the 4%-year-old son of
'published or not are. still hi- and Mrs. Adiley Larco, '
cluded in the contest' grandson of the Mayor. Mr. 1

ton Camille.


E.cry inch 6aiathlefe- mo -Ja ques oncy, so, of Dr

10 monilrs old when this picture I Y znfarped.
'* "- ,, .

~ ~ "2 "I.

Tender little mother is Michele Verna wh
*nonth. She is the daughter of Jean and


o oill be two th
Solange, Verna. J



Page 2


I 4. 4

Land Of /0 >>mi e Po nes> night you can hear them wail- im pulsivelygrab, his baby and pet ta
Of' ..mie, ....so.ne rs i
S, ing, the groaning and sighing kiss it. Nobody was embar-'
S--- a macans ilii of the damned. Well, I did rassed; it was quite a'natural :
o.,tinu .e ,Jama.ans UP '" d hear a.dog howling, last night, thing. In the English-speak- Americo, Montagutlli; fam
Sndfrom Pae 1 say p oning fruenbut they have dogs in'Jamia- ing countries, such.an: event ous Italian.aculptor aifl
-: !:" ".-.." .' ,.. that w hen a.group of fellow s uso- '.. *... '. ',. 1. u .i .n sculpt "r,. ". *"f !
th at toe would ebe newsa ro ftroo.' '.
.Jarmaicans have '. always t- ther f flses ica to would e news. .So.far .I here Tlhursday- .t disrO the
eeni friendly. The co ry is tfl er, e gliss rode Then, too, you may have'as have not seen even one little, state 'o, Aexa dre- :'
some tree hundred rod to any wives as you please; but zombie, no attempt .has been ... .
'some thtee'- hundred vent any one of the num- w, o p which the. Haitiano10,- .:
Sawayo -an hou and a 4; "e n -- should you ever desert one maded, tg poison me [now .
af .plane, r being a victim. Then they her inal e' relatives will d' imagine that]t and ,.I have not mei has commission hm
rance.of 0thi. p easat:Jaid tel o ter in hise 'o, ~ wherever you. mayrT go, even seen.a drunken brawl as to make.. This 'tatue wiI1 -
'it-i a ofythaJ..pe voices a]out weird .herbs, of 'and Il o-- .' '-. -,"'
l bsa mal -.Henry 'J Mogan l 3 a tt ksrika and kill you.,. ,heirknpw- -bave seen so.often in other resented to' Venania e -
as thbe oiily other Go'vernor ese p4 i- edge of pioisos n ke the Hai- countries, supposedly more ci- that country recently pv ei t W'
eror f which will cause painful tianw a 'eo I, to ^'b e.l s.. .
t f Jamnica' to .have visited le th by oughin tians aiipeople toeferd,, vib sed ., ed o ne, oB f -livatoB;i
iP: I He came here' in his o They -can .gisie you ,..ons : An9 Hait.is-not .backward : .., '.. .- ... -
ii,9capeeri.g, pr~g ov- And, of cotirse; the:-zorlbies with a delayed action, like a because of lack of civilization. .
t i When e :ined the, are the most.well knbwn, char ,time-boib,;- and, .afteri- you It is.justl ck o Industry, "of d o, W
iJ he".A S a eba e, frop acters in this country. If you' have Teft: Haiti and returned wealth thateeps ,hr: stand-, ll
to .~~I e' Sipa-nish think Jamaicans l.w a- to your- native lani, you be- ard of liviAg dvown. Even On Sunday .Lko 6. 6 ,
roves on the. Main- thing about our liti,, ome ill and die.. Going t then, JiFatipa. can't ,oast. ra into 11-yea*-old ani
d South and, Ceitral are wrong. Nor do they po Haiti hey asks a Jaitaican There. .re placea:.in. maca. Lois Thb.boy- iMI
$ ;-.- anything about 'the ndl Ptio voyager with buccaneer blood far, more Backwar tha- any- a sligt haiimrr
fveryJ tt ut of the people here. Somieo flowing in his '-i-ns;,j iWhat wh re n Haiti,'ll wage. ta to Jthe
l, and their imginatidn them could not fell who the on -eifth for y ..e. Wh14 E.aij b ep- .'where he its.reeo veri. "'
Its in. the blanks in their 'President of- this cduntry is. wer that maked.beisesto these tation 9ifbeing blckward, sin- ; .. .. '
ileie .'u t theyall know abt t,"the poor thisinformedifolkl.would ister,i ad and dangerous,, while .
', Haiti Jamalcans -is al Zombies. Thee e Zomnbies, be: catmea zombie th qut i w d re d this '
nd ster, .of psing they've never- seen .the.iire .piions change fast'i.ter copntrya la .and isery, MAJOR H .
drumsand weird- customs living corpses.. They, aririvl Sald -a typical .Jamia .superstition ,and eath. i- -.H ere oI
Sinister land. T' theii it is beqq d rgged ijntpo a. 4 eath- ican vliitol afier short v isit Topurst .rde .ill s-uff ajor rte Od, of
a:. land in wh ich death. comes like coma and, after heir fam receily . easily ; f todun if-h l uried ti hey are less siister-p ace than. Haiti. ., nffl t S *t' h
--- whd' i call yoodoo.- .disinteired: Tib ey e then The people hereaie. opei- and '. Oi.' : ":-
as a'r rmndf adk ma c a com let ly in the. ppwer of loving, big-hearted, artistic. ;-. 'f iPai 'nR ZonIl '
form the Jamiaican < Sbuta more potent form ,' se- ed them. They;become -his heart. It is a tnnill to hear a a .-a al .,ne, a fighter boibes W "Ale th
riousform.T They do not.thhik laves ..But should; a Zomibie them greet each othe. Their aitiaa offieerb, brrseof thehow. : e.,
Sof it as a religion. In Port au. ever ea salt ,the spell is" Voi see to co ntla .all-the gr o H d i l ttr o"f the .:show "tio e ve
SPrince, they, .say p ier- -o an'c gl ness m the w orld. ',o &.t 2 hnd h'~ been t.e stands, and6s,- a tt dt
oar e opn ^ ru j v t~-i;fod Their smiles 'aie like -sun- re y e'j an ben o tdo. the riywer bi bnI
besd-r-h -.,o ,;s;b .'aw'a iaeuben '1 oubtdo.- the diwe+,, biry b. e.qn.
4 .ie_ ehe light. Yesterday, I- itwi-* .lr.T comn de.r bf aerobatics. ...',.
P6 '' commandert 'f .aerobatics: '.
b a Aerialr zone. '-. Our *offices:came~ oQ e on i.
S" ev \aw\he.t aces per-' saturday 23rd. du-
'. '"-. .. .P" ,of .o u -. 'r
..'.'"mtt~:1i tiy saw1 Ct. h:M aurice ard Ros, Ch of te i a.
form:- staeCtitian
S*iorlanp open tle" show Air Force; Col' Gei u-
.; atri gI the -soulin bar- ,heine,, Col. Benoit, an-.

'"a "" "-. Th"nder" ets" "- S" bres "th reewed'faith in ..e p..r1
Which e the y of r of our esternivilia
t i Amricx n Fd d'fity on The, Su have seutena the a,-.
IV' 1 th r "i r, pt on' a ,. evelopnents 'of de i.
miles per hour! S e othe tienn sAja
Seen wen~ up .-- 'r he first of the Air Fdrce:.
ti e j tplan s. Theyun bretu and radiant, i
j. 4 L.' t"j" th re cw ed f 'i- -- .: ,- .n, ;t p ;.,
US TZhund -eietbes IA Sar
"J J 0T hOfficher of te tHe man Army oand Air Force sfeen a ltlr-ing in
,the, melcan. .Air, Fqc.ion. They have seer'the.l ,,
YOURg theMO ~rtkm' ; avr, A pt on a ,st.developments 'of"midr. ."

Snof th.ama fo thbrie e Jt D y
ShU. TE S L C. (S eronaINIES) LTith ga

The pleisio te ofThth English and Sanish
1 ''' "<'i;

.-- ..0
I 'i ,xv'
.. I I 'i

I-weresa'weTHESHELL O (WES ,- services for anetatson. plyi_,.
,.Tihe pieciMn team of Thun both English. and Spanish

". '.
%- .. .,. -,.,
'"+" ... .. .+: ,; :. C h.
v ',,, .,.
If .', ,- : :, : .,

ihir;; -. I- ri .



Haiti Now Member 01
Interparliamenfary Uni

SThe Secretary General
the Interparliamentary Un
at Geneva received the nar
of Senator Charles Fombr
President; Deputy Adelp
Telson, Vice President; Se
tor Walter Sansaricq, Tr
surer; Senator Emman
4: Padild,'Deputies' Franck I
S noix, Paracelse Pelissier, I
Jean, Duly Lamothe. Mere
:i 'Woolley, as the delegation
newly included Haiti.

iAir France, To Add
S To Schedule
S Plans are underway for
.Air France flight .to Hai
Discussions have already cc
m enced on the scheme..

S Money To Pay Labourer
Way To D. R.-
A : 'billfor a credit of Z09
:. 6.80 .gourdes. to\ cover t.
i' "'tr noortation of HaitiA
;: farm labourers to the.Domin
: .-Republic- as ,passed -la
,I' eek. ; ,
i -..', ;, ,:o:_ -.

S The new.Night ClubfBar o:
'te Exositibn opposite th
4.asSio'is , ,t' *-

I. ,.F. Goodrich
Truck and
1 ITu' dor Tires


gI..,AM.A., -

: piliden

1& 6Jir. mie
Aux Cayes
-B- -A R & J m
BOUCARD & CO., Jacamel
S' I" aivs. .

f tiJoseph report

of ~
na- 'The All America Ckbles and Radio and the RCA Com
ea- munications Inc. have announced the boosting of their
.uel rates by 30 per cent as from February 1st.
La- On February 10th the leading Austrian football tean
Luc will, reputedly, arrive in Haiti for a series of matches
sse SHELL'S I. C. A.
of The new gasoline produced by Shell Co. containing th
recent discovery, I.C.A. is revolutionising the local gaso
line industry. "
a Drpught has struck Pine Forest. The pine trees ani
fin plants languish rfor water for two months.
The streamlined Greek ship Olympia which stopped
m here on her maiden voyage yesterday flies a Liberian
flag, is commanded by Greek deck and engine officers,
and is manned by a German crew. Her passengers are
rs' all U.S. and Canadian'Israel'citizens.
At the El Ranchd this week was- Sam Jaffe, ..Holly-
e wood's 'biggest agent. Mr. Jaffe- must not be mistaken
for Sam whose superlative acting as High Lama in
in -ihLost Horizon* was shown here recently at the Magic
i" C Cine. Mr. Jaffe's nephew Budd Schulbury is writer of
st such outstanding novels as S and (cThe Disenchanted.a Budd, reports friend Diana
-Kovler will also visit Port wbientot.>'Sam is not the guy
n. that 'brought the fork to Cary Griant to break jail -
e as the fork was of no avail he utilized the services,
of a nearby elephant this was Gutiga Din.
The lish to Edith Efron for permission to translate her NeW
York Times article on Haiti Happy Birthday. The ar-
ticle to be translated into Chinese will be madA available
to Chinese readers here and abroad. Send in your re-
quest today, to Mme Bogit or the Haiti Sun.>
The film CTreasures of the Untamed starring o-ohn
Agar and Rosemary Bowe and Shibly Talamas is sche-
dtled to have its world premiere here in March. The
film in colour can be adapted to a cinescope and nor-
mal screen.
S* Port-au-Prince masons celebrated the 130th anniver--
sary of their liberation last Sunday ... Jacques Jean-
Francois, specialist from Economic Science University
S in Buenos Afres, is coming to Damien's Rural Economy
'Divjion ,.. caaitiJournal advocates a rat-hunt .,.
n Miami' PAA entertained Haitian Consul and Mrs.
Andre Faulb.ert in celebration of Haiti's 150th anniver-
sary Augustin Lara, composer, pianist and poet of
world'-wide renown, will be touring Haiti soon ... Anse
d'Hiainault cocoa factory will be started in June ... Mr.
AntoineBernardin waq promoted to Secretary General of
the Presidency on Monday Mr. Ernest Elysee is be-
ginning to. campaign in earnest for a senatorial seat.
He resigned his position as Secretary (General to give
him more time:. .'. That psychiatric hospital at Saint
Martin is to become a reality .Haiti has been in-
vited to Sao Paulo's International Exposition commem-
orating itsA400th anniversary on, July 9th On the
20th the fashion in license plates will change ,to black
on yellow 500 farm hands from Jacmel and Croix
Sides Bouquets, left on Sunday to cut sugar can in the
Dominican Republic M.r. Jean Blaise is taking his'
wife on a tour of Europe today .. .French 'band-leader
Marcel van Thienen was a big success in his first con-
cert at Occide Jeanty orchestra shell on Sunday night '
S. Henri Claude left last week to resume military
studies in Mexico . merce was addressed by New York University Profes-
sor,'.hrarles Redfield at .their luncheon last week .
U1S.' Navy ships eWrights cRankine, <(E. T. Larsonr,

and <.Sea Leopard anchored in the harbour yesterday
. ALe Nouvelliste's editor, Mr. Lucien Montas, one
of Haiti's foremost writers, has been appointed local
correspondent of Inter American Press Association ...
'. -

Mr. Max Pierre-Noel is
back from Washington where
he spent a year studying.
Mr. Robert Matteson, Point
IV official, intransit to Wash
ington, left on Tuesday after
talks with the chiefs of the
Point IV 'programme here,
Mr. Raymond C. Smith.

e Reception for ,Sans
-. Raisonn Club At Palace'

His Excellency the Presi-
1 dent of the Republic received
a delegation of 'the' Raison club of Gonaives at
the Palace on Tuesday.

Capois Decorated

SSeveral Capois recently re-
ceived the order of (Honneur
et Merites. Those decorated
were Messrs. Ludovic Ma-
gloire, Maurice G. Sam, Hul-
lin Pean, 'Oreste Montpoint,
Descartes Al'bert, Lascaze Ber
nardin, Gerard Paret and
Alexandre Etienne..

The population of Cap-Hai-
tien is going to throw a par-
ty for those deserving sons.

'Edmond Sylyain, President
of the < Droits de Homme et du Cito-
yen> is offering Roger Bald-
win a reception Monday.at 11.

Winners of the 'season's best
smile,, Raphaelle Roya:6d Regi
nald Vorbe. Both ?niri,,s ide.i-
tical front teeth.

'Before Sonaco headquarters on the Exposition are. seen two
fine pieces of equipment. In the foreground a Sheep's Foot
'roller. In background Gardner-Denver Portable Compressor.

4 flights weekly from the Caribbean
by Super Constellation and DC-6B.
Low Thrift Season Races now in effect.
Choice of Deluxe or Air Tourist Service.
For full information, se: S.A.E. &.G. MARTUIN
IMP. & EXP. CO. Tel. 2352; Southerland Tours ROYA
Tel. 3591/7378; Heraux Tours, T2l. 3493; Ma gic I
S- Island Tours, Tel. 2078. A

I; ;j
'F .



,j ;


Pago 4

__ ___


U.S. Aid Get; New Impetus- Smith

Returns From Lima Conference
.Mr. Raymond C. Smith, Di- that it would be possible to
rector of the United States expand the programme in fu-
of America Operations Mis- ture years. Mr. 'Smith in-
siot' to Haiti, wh6 directs the forms us that he is already in
Point IV programme here at- process of bringing -several
:tended a conference of Direc- new technicians to Haiti in an
toar from all Latin American expanded programme for this
countries in Lima last week.. year.
The 'directors along with Plans were made for con-
many representatives of the tinuing cooperation with fnost
Washington office of the Insti Latin American countries in
tu.-te "of Inter-American Af- the fields of agriculture,
Yfais, .of the Fpreign Opera- health, education, and public
Pto:h Administrati6n, discus- administration, and to give
d;a&cmcnpli'pshments in the much.greater attention in the
,-co~j native programmes in future, in those countries that
atint Americanr countries request it, to cooperation in
Sthe. start of' the pro- economic development, include
r:E.aabout 12 years ago. ing. stimulation of private in-
h' "alpo discussed unmet vestment and development of
e.MViand the'.possibities of industries to better balance
i nlS4i ..ing 4 the.. programme those.economies that' are pre-
rthem.",- sently largely agricultural.
W- The agricultural arid health
.Iio urale Harbld E. cooperative programmes car-
le 5 diDredtor 6.f th'e For- tried on through SCiPA of the
eigin pertions Ajdministra- Ministry of Agriculture, and
tloi Dr. Dennis Fitzger- SVISP of th'e Ministry ofb
ald, Deputy Director in Health are probably the parts
charge' of field Operations, of the programme est known
head ,the delegation from in Haii. The Point IV pro-
Washhin'ton. After review- gramme is also providing an
ing' the economic situation in advisory service to the Tech-
nical Director of .the ODiVA.
Latin-American countries and nical Director of the QDVA.
hering'a discussion ofpro- Through Point IV Coopera-
ges 1 nd problems, Mi. Stas tioi with the Mfinistry of
s,i 'th. gr.:iamme-- Finance -and, .the .*National
statute of ntermer economy, technical assistance
c i "e r r- cn :is beingg .gVi n to the" Customs
S.i&a 'tahe expected. Service, an .lt.o "SW DA in
.i ...... connection' witl ifts Pine For-
: '.. ; ..' est and rubber plantation ope
,';.Ovenqd 1st December. rations. '"
;6 .n Rvw Pgvee-opposite Social improvement -
; Royal 'Dry Cleaners Specialist Here'
-For Six Months
u*, .ere yo'd'.bilt. find Mrs.'Sophie Coutsis, a Gre-
"a.!:atge selection Of cian lady with the know-how
impo'rted'European handbags, to improve our living stand-
leather goos, French eening ards arrived in P-au-P' Wed-
nesd'ay, to help .the Govern-
ags silverware ec. ment in its community im-
All suitable as Christyhs- provement programme. She
gifts. ''ill be here for six months.

When you come to Cap-Haitien en route to mighty
eCitadelle La Ferrnire',, make your stay comfort-
able at the new Hotel MONT-JOLT.
1 Here awaits you a new and attractive develop-
mEnt atop Carenage Hill, overlooking a resplendent
A fabulous spectacle : Right from your window
in our spacious and airy rooms, you may have a pre-
view of the Citadelle in the fiery setting sun.

All Haitian Soir6e Packs

Casernes Theatre
On Monday .night at the Laudun, HaitiPs ow
Casernes Dessali.el His Ex- 'of the ivories. Her p
cellency the President and, tions were the high
Mme Magloire sponsored an evening's entertainm
all-Haitian concert. The air- brilliant execution o
conditioned building was pack casion equalled he
ed. Everyone had come to performance during
hear the talented Haitian ar- Anniversary Celebra
tistes. Captain and Mr
Among them was Micheline Scott had reason to

Charles, New Head
Of U.S. Naval Mission
"- '
.I z I IS"""C
CA. 'k~~~"

Cmmander Robert G.
Charles, young, brown haired
son of Columbus, Ohio, re-
placed Commander Bill 'Iref-
ny as Hehd of the U. S. Naval
Mission in Haiti on the 16th
of this month.
Commander Charles is a
debonair young officer of mid
dle height who has made a
life-long career of the Navy.
After a spell at Ohid State
University in his native town,
he entered the UISN Reserves'
in 1940. In the following
year he was appointed Mid-
shipman in the Reserves. His
ascent of the ladder was ra-
pid; and in 1952 he. attained
the rank of Commander.
Commander. Charlesq. has
seen active service in the
Phillippines. as Exequtive Of-
ficer on board the .Strauss>
in 1944. He has commanded
the. USS Oliver Mitchell -
from 1944-46; the USS Holt
from April 1946 to July
1946, and the USSS Silver-
sein for several months in

1Transferred to the U.S.
Navy Pacific Reserve in 1947,
Commander Charles entered
Naval School at Newport,
,Rhode Island; and in the fol-
lowing year, he was transfer-
red to USS Whetstone as Exe
cutife Officer, and thence to
Puget Sound Naval Dockyard.
In April 1951 he was ap-
poirted head of the Cargo
-Operations Branch Military
ISea Transportation Service
at Washington.
He was transferred from
this post directly to Haiti
,And with his wife, his three
daughters, Karen, Susan, and
Beverly, and his only son Ro-
bert Jr. he has come to live
in our country.



of their gifted young
whose playing wol
done justice to a mi
pianist. Guy was
the youngest of the
Other bright spot
.:. evening's entertain
:: the renderings of M
Mathon Blanchet.. M
Schet played three
7 ? compositions which
received' by the audi.


The second part of the pro-
giamme was delightfully di-
verse. Emerante' de Pradines
enchanted. the audience with
three Creole songs accom-
panied by follkoric hip an(
foot movements. These were
greeted with earth-shaking
applause. A folkloric dance
was also, presented by the
Troupe Folklortque Nation-

Solo vocal selections we're
capably handled by Ma-
dames Georgette Duplessis,
Jacqueline Malebranche, and .-, ,"" .
Miaryse Questel.- Under the' "[BilTt i i1 '.."
competent direction of Mlle Joseph adal and
S. ... .

i' '

a boche Room

M .


p -
From 8 P.M. to 1 A.M.
Outstanding Artists
i Folklore Show


.- -- '




.. P a g, -
~ .. j
**. '. .... -: .
Marie Etheart, a:i'
rus -p0rovided An. .ereieabi1
.. background for the sool~I~
SFe'atured chorus and 'so lo"'
darling elections of the 'eveuinig.i
ano selec written by the, atoeI* ne.
lights of 'A. Jaegerbuber. Eindlifb 4
Lent. Her ggere accompanied tIb.io,
this oc- and soloists.
* superb .Niaidi
;he 150th .___---- '
tins. L Three Firms Exie
. Lucien From' Import-Dufle
be proud ,'" -
Sson Guy eDepdrtment of.- tiina
uld have 'Economy has r
uch older Frank' Magloire anati B
'probably Elie factory, the it
artistes. dustries Corporati
s in the Rene Jerdme's factor exe
ent were tion from import 'di.
[me Lina ,ctain .raw-materi
me Blan-" -. '_
original '
were well .TOtSP 'E
ence. ," !



S-?age 6


. f r



i l
Q. el pla1 r 5? Ia l Te "

--- '1

: ---
q-.* Li-l L I

rrSrs Eall t o ne t o N
.. q,1 'e,

., ,tilei, .d, ,t ..
et por1resitul;
Stes lon les nurnero
l-, ; les nveau n teurs
.*._ Iea
'. =, ." :-,. ',!" ; -* W'

' /":: =,=' ,., r ':
W" ..:- ---,' 01 r ." t

Y. Z

,-'e s. s '" .,l w. ..,



Serie complet.... cs, ni

ranatages niqges I

Sios stations erices

o ... .
': 'C IAR!...

-- --' -" :' '" -- -- -
SEB;I .G A I FO.-.,- MORE .. 30
F ... *" .* *- t ; *
; .. '.
,. ,:.; ,.: : ., ""'I

.. ...,
*, -. :t ;:

nd6pehdant toujours pr t .a v'a *w -'
* ..- ... -; I. .,
.1 .

,ARS .
-. "-. "... ... ; ., -.



-: '*** '' *

. 1 '' i4

*i i S '
^' i .I "

:f~^- \:

*. -
;Jil'- :*

;i Y
*; 1 i *

.. ......
..:*.:::. .:... ; :& ::::. : :.:..,
":':::.":.:'" ..:.... .:..-::i: i: ::.'$:':~':w ': ~.-.; ,.. ..

1 4/;A-A


. I-L


Dull Girls Good Wives ?
SA woman doctor told a monotonous routine, the un-
grpoup of .experts, on mar- interesting r.iage recently that the girls. is itself due to lack of intel-
whhp make the best wives are ligence.
:the' adumib but beautiful Witless girls seldom make
!,types the dull backward happy marriages and they
ones who never read books. are the least likely to contri-
SThough -marriage 'is not bute to conjugal happiness.
listed in any of our profes- For the most part they rapid-
Ssional encyclopedias as a dis- ly degenerate unto untidy, un.
i'ease, its effects, for better or hygienic, slummocky wives,
.worse, :take up so much of though, of course, there are
L"doctorS:.time that it is per- shining exceptions.
[rhaps not surprising that one Most problemes conjugaux
;of the :has Iboiled over. But boil down to the same root
-it is i incredible that she cause and that is.boredom.
shoulde express such an er- Even infidelity is often the
roneus .heory. child of boredom. No one de-
S lilberately deserts a partrier
SIf itbe true that marriages -
; e t that a unless he or she becomes un-
,are, madd < Sl n' at t dil utterably boring. Brutality is
i-,glaice-at the divorce rate.will
n 1'. often the fruit of. boredom
i'denonstrate that they must t
i.e Heaven's heaviest. export. grown to exasperation.
.t is tragi ':and it need not SERJLOUS QUIARE'LS
.be: It because of that very Apart from that super de-
stuiLdi.ty. which this, doctor vil called jealousy, all serj-;us
extols, for success in, mar- martial quarrels are engender
riage is due even more to in- ed by reiterations or attitudes
i elligence than to physical-at- of unintelligence on the part
Straction'. Moreover, failure is of one or the other 'which
due almost entirely to thegive rise to increasing bore-


Opposite PAA on Rue Pavee

As Color Vivid As The




With Short Sleeves

Brillant and gay as their name sug-
gests, they are expertly styled from
School, featherweight superfine print
cottons in a splendid assortment of
q ine different colour ionings.





Sunday,' January '31st, at
3.30 p.m.
At 6 and 8:30 p.m.
SLe Train Sifflera Trois
.Monday, February 1st, at
6 p.m.
Tuesday, February 2nd at 6
and 8:15 p.m.
(Le Traitre>
Wednesday, Felbruary '3rd at
6 p.m.
cLe Train Sifflera Trois
At 8:15 p.m.
,(The Company She KeepsD
Thursday, February 4th at
6 and 8:15 p.m.
SFriday, at 6 and 8:15 p.m.
Saturday, at 6 and 8:15 p.m.
Sunday, February 7th at
3:30 p.m.
c-Le Demon des Armes*
At 6 and 8:30 p.m.
Carnival <(Bandes,
Rehearse Before
City Hall
Today, City Hall officials
invite the Carnival c bands>
to perform before the Hall to
-brush them up for the great

I /"'J U M O,-,,..U --y -U 1^- 4~" U" I I" -J "M nT" r-." i "

) For a Delig'',u' Rest
Choose the surroundings of Pines and Poinsettias
*' of CVil Kenscoff

Visit Chatelet des Fleurs "

Dinners and Lu -ches of Distinction.
Gosh, it's great wp'leripr there now I

S: .:." ':"-cc..:e""' "' e"-.o"'. .. c* : *;-ai"c .rBc A Sx* SBIB(

Superior Establishments Use Superior Air CondiL
tioners. You get this Extra Quality when yot



Better Designed -
More Carefully Built
Installed by Experienced Engineers

Westinghouse deliver more cooling effect per Dollar

dom and offence to the intel-
Nagging, the last resort of
the feeble mind, is a case in
point. To gain happiness in
marriage wives must use
their brains to make them-
selves both mentally and phy-
sically interesting to their
husbands. The only way the's
can be done is by acquiring
that quality attributed -
wrongly by Shakespeare to
Cleopatra: (Age cannot wi-
ther nor custom stale her in-
finite variety.
It is equally essential for
husbands who want to be hap
py to make themselves as in-
teiesting to their wives as
they can. It is more liffi-
cult for us men because we
are on the whole a drab and
sorry lot, but if we try hard
enough we can work out some
little aspect of newness to
bless each day. It works.
wonders. For husbands it is
well to*remember that wives
often prefer the outward and
visible signs of affection to
the inward and graceful there
of. Goodness knows -why,
but there it.is.
To all who contemplate mai
riage, if you want to make a
success'of it, seek and find a
partner-to-be of compatible
intelligence, and the chances
are that the other desirrcble
graces will follow. While phy-
sical attractions are trransi-
tory, frierital Companionship
pvill last your whole life

.-- --, .. 4

SPost-graduate dentist of thr Unt." ':.
Good house located, at La versity of Michigan, professor :;t
Boule,. 2 bedrooms, large hall, 1 the Faculty of Port-au-Priice, of- .
bathroomm with running water, fers..his services to the public.
pantry. Phone 3767 from 8:00 Bois-Verna, phone 5231 Copl ..
a.m. to 1:00 p.m. or call at 10, station hours- 8 to 12 noqn,' ,.'
Avenue du Travail. p.m. to e p.m: ..

____. o.. : .:


. *. ,
> SU R-RENdER ;.

9 --- 4-^ I- -;".; C
i "I Sw H otsj '""

f -. -
'- --a -. ,'.%.-*

b*fg S a &rrx SUN' SUNDAY, JWNIUARY 31st

SOutho s I am speaking to you, Mr. be
Falling Tree Topples Outhouses Diederich. ai
On To C ib af Your assistant claimed that H
On To0 ((Cariecraf) you were in conference with
Work progressed as usual craft., WestLrook Pegler in your
at the ;<(Caribecraft* factory The Juge de Paix was sum- .back offices. I understand ho
on'the Bois de Verna. Every- 'moned to adjidge the merits that Mr. Pegler, who is the tel
one was busily engaged turn- 'of the interested parties, fashion editor of Vogue Maga all
ink out carved mahogany ar- Justin is fow out of the zine, must be an important fou
tiedes. The engines purred hospital where he spent two person. But he is niot a good foi
softly. Then .the engines days. His.head has been wholesome American girl re
stopped. A4t the same time shaved in the center like a like ne. I know, 'furthermore, sto
there was a rending crash fryer's, and he says he still that you were drinking with
from the front of the build- has headaches sometimes, but this man, because I heard the
ing. he is once more tending the water running. This is not col
hoine of M me ]risson. Every the time or ,place to criticize be;
.They al rushed to see what now and again, he pauses in your habits, but when I asked Ru
was .thI cause of it. As they his labours to stare at the your administrator, Mr. Du- Pe
.round& the corner f 'the fallen tree, then hel:sakes his viella, if I could join you in 4
Building '1tey saw a tass of head gently -R ily for it is a glass of water, he asked me
rubble: stones,, wood and ce- still sore and the cut is not if.1 had Halazone.
anent, lying on their door- et healed and continues Mr. Diederich, I want you
.tep. Half buried beneath his work.. ; to know that my breath is
Sthe debris, they 4w Manager ..- sweet, and clean, smelling .
Walter Hirsch's tiny Renaplt'. lightly of spearmint, for I am
SOne, side was coirletely 'a sweet wholesome'American
-., .Smashed in. girl.
Next time please .be more
.' n t'he,:owner of the house cdurteous. That goes for your
net.door, Mrs. -Fn~ly Bnrs-ditor friend -Mr. Pegler, too. He is
: son, had sent her garon Dear Mr.iederich giving Vogue a bad name and
'Justin Faustin to fell a I will never again send away
aceiepe>' tree im her back- I realize that editing ad for one of their patterns.
for one of their patterns.
yard, they were to61. fe 'fll- piblishiig a welfey fiewspa- Sincerely yours,
t ';tie tree.t it toppled :per of literary and political Patricia Salpeter.
Sover on The wrong side. He interest is an activity which
as hit on the head apd had must take up a good deal of Back fm Pine
'-i to A eitkekn 'to the hospitaL time. Moreover, when a good ak from Pi Fores
Th.'r., three fell against a'blbcIl wholesome American .girl caion
S-of Tut-houses which rather comes to visit an English The American Ambassador
S.showed tfie ravages of time .speaking compatriot, it, seems and Mrs. Roy Tasco Davis re-
'he'se were knocked over and, to me that you owe Her a bit turned Monday from a delight
mtuirn, crashed into the side of courtesy. I am speaking ful weekend in Pine Forest.
.tf' Q C'aribe factory and of myself. When I paid the- They rambled through the en
;i'alir.-Hitschs Renadlt. taxi driver 'a dollar to drive chanted woods, tramped over
.' ,. e wires 'which supplied me from, the American Em- the hills, attended Sunday
e. i qtrric tors of the fac- bassy to the offices of the market,.and saw the sawrmill
.::.-'y were 'do down,. :and Haiti-4Sup, I considered this in action.
rodivast temporarily delay- an investment in friendliness Rumour reports that the
". .4'thtte factory, according to and fellow-feeling. 'But the fire in their charming little
rJames, Iowner of < .-; ,. t ^ : k -'."" ..-

%* '.- .. 8 *n
S,'" .-


SPa 95 *p-. 0/1
,*1 Mor welght-44200 bs. iesel
j0 Grear fig .p --30,o00o Ib.
f. -Sofl* -o p. o I Rapid Boom HoWb
er s *go as a Sia Dragline,
SCla.kMm. Tr.ck Ho., Pe MvDer ad Croa '
5*J oiJwd Secue eafor ShaelI

\ Distributor in Hajit CHARLES FEqUIERE $
54 Rue Roux Tel: 3279 -- 2245 5'73 i
IL ..../L

cause of the 'brisk mountain
Very comfortable two-storey
use located at Petionville near-
rminal station. Cool locality
year round. Upper floor has
ir sleeping-rooms with com-
rtable spring bed, toilet, porch,
't-room, dining room with gas
>ve and 'Gee'ral Electric re-
gerator, shower with hot and
Id water, garage, nice lawn,
autiful gardens. Apply No. 28
ue Vilatte, beloiv Place Boyer,

* '4
* L

., '' *,,Z:: "*

Dejean .Chorus, Concerts

Every Friday Nile

with Dinner Dance

Tuesday Dinner and Dance

to Ibo Lele Orchestra .

-, m/ -



"Distibute'By'tANS D iTRADI

---- ^ ---------- .----
-_-.. .2- _= -' _- '_= .'_ .J2 = _











.B ArrM SUN-

%%nW a



7 ... 7,

4 To Cap Haitien you can
g' o by plane or by car.
The distance by road is
S about' 200 miles and will take
.you between 8 and 12 hours.
You will see the most
i'-.., beautiful scenery you can
i' imagine. You will pass
through St. Marc, Gonaives
.- (the City where the Indepen-
dence was declared and
S where the big celebration
: .. .. will be held January Ist.

By-plane it will take you
o" nly 20 minutes. There are
severall excellent hotels in
t the Cap where you can stay.
.. You will enjoy visiting the
AI ". old forts around the Cape
the beaches and, many other
i i" historical points. "
.. '.
-' The goal of your trip will
:. b fe.... 'e t6e Citadelle, built by

'Your stay a, Haiti- l .
plemorable pne if You visit oi
line of perfumes,1handicraf
.'Our Perfume' Department
brands. '

i Handwoyen and'. nd-dy
picked' Haitian cotton ,in d
dol.. 8.00 do. 30.00) an
-can imagine, as .d6 the b(
S' Your olstay ii Haiti ll These
;-.i' memorable one if yod'iisit o

S line of perfueoleshandicra

and it should be&a must- on y
S Ouseveral of the fepartou Haiti
*, i,"' of our very LOW -price^ to s'
'.' ." brands. t,.' '. .".'. ,* ,:'i

these will Handwo an importand-dy
Sketion.Haitian, cotton, in


.d. dol. .00 00)and up.
Scan imagine, active fabrics
.: upholstery niaterials;. These
:T ,, <,La Belle Creole, has a
and it should be-a must on y
g' several of the fanjous Haiti!
|^-.. These will be an important
variety of colors and sizes.
I There are hand embroid'
dol. 6.00 and up.
made from native fabrics

Panama'm Tombe
La Reine Soleil
Gi an'Chemin
'Trafic 'Mambo

Marie bon, Marie pas l-nn
Dodo Turgeau
Creole Fantasy
Mamselle Rosa
Erzulie Freda
Lao Zao
Main Diabl'la (Ram-amm)
Gain oun Pie Mangot

:. Travel; Su .'t..-,.. Si::s
Travel Suggestions t

King Henir Christophe. You
go by car to Milot, where
you will visit Sans-Souci pa-
lace, and 'then proceed on
horseback or foot to the Cita
delle. It is a trip you will ne-


C aveMoRr

1A:, C ,


not only be pleasant, but a
ur stores and see our complete
ft and other souvenirs.
is complete. Take advantage
stock up on all your favorite
- ,. .... ,; ...
ed RUGS, made from hand-
lifferent sizes (ranging frpm
practically in any color yoli
beautiful cotton drapery and
fabrics are-also handwoven.
large RECORD department
rour shopping list to purchase
aif meringues and drumsolos.
addition to your private col-

d native BASKETS in a large


and superior IRISH linens,

PICTURES arfd primitive PAINTINGS, beautiful car-
ved African STATUES of mahogany.
VOODOO DRUMS from dol. 1.00 dol. 15.00.,
Only at ,,La Belle Creole* will you find the handmade


VOODOO inspired JEWELRY: The designs a:
7ome and see the stunning necklaces, brace
and cufflinks.
Books about Haiti 'are available -in both
English. *
For, the admirers of a good drink, the w
RHUM BARBANCOURT is packaged in ha
for your convenience.
Mahogany bowls, trays, boxes. Turtleshe
earrings and many other articles you will
Belle Creoles,. the Macys of Haiti.
Men, do not get a sunstroke. Enjoy your tri]
a product of Haiti's latest industry : Coc
banana leave hats. dol. 2.00 .
When you have finished shopping and yoi
with.your , may we then suggest that y
SODA FOUNTAIN, on the cool balcony whe
reldx and enjoy our famous Banana splits an
fections. ,' ,
,LA BELLE CREOLE has only one price -
righlt price. Each item carries its price tag fo

Ca qui tire
Cabane Choucoune
Ma Brune
Miniss Azac a
Nous riv6 Deux
Houngans contrjes
Moin tend you Canon
Nous boni
Voy6 zin a
Ti Roro Drum solo

ff j1zdo & S
S LVa AWt o ...

SwissWieh... ts e-

ait n TewrdsG... w

around 2 or 3ol
hotel in the Ap.,
." .. -i
Another intetes
,to fly to.Jacmei.
can go by car
beautiful beacft .
Raymond' whier'e- u
uhder- the J.':al

SA thir4 t fip is'
by boat td. -;'br
city of' theopoei
fully iocawtod106
South, /

There ar6;ort
can make :a' Ad
4tAnce -,it i a
iup to'ti-:6Pire SI
it' is always V
sweater v.it i.U.
efljpoy -arnie a
and relaxid,
beautiful pipftr

re authentic. by Isy.
ets, earrings (fotos)
French afid by SeldeiLRq

rorld famous primitive
ndy. carriers Ht
by J 4
ll bracelets, "-Lydia
find at eLa by KrnietW
.his O r.

p by wearing -Druin of
ostraw and- by P r -..
Sare-happy -Witch a
re authentic, by ISY',Scl,

ou visit our be Wilian.i
Fre you may -The Pencil of
d other con- by Pierre and,
always the (a ovel from
or your pro- countryside
dy-Haiti, HiiaGd
OR mteXI t
by Hugh Ca
S(traavel, story)
osta-Strawge aAltar
by Ralph Coaf
Sy -Ma Te DayPel
by ierredan
son Biovel .rom
(forr your pro- child,'

-You can ldai)."
by IOrmpgh' M'c;;
(for every ) bodi
--Strange 'EnchAitarg-

by Maadeleine


sena tnem a git sua
to the -wee4
for further infox
Phone : 2061; sub

:" *-.: .



.^ZZ ZZ tZ^V^V*^^^^^^^^'^^**^*^^*'************''


.. /S 11' C^Vle


S o 1 CAK T.rItE'Mi


: L.. c r

,e. : .i
.',..-I ,a $ i R ss

:.Z.p 7'o."- 1 AI-P,91 i w_ Al-c or ,, "r

s "" -
i'o / SI TS~7M

':, *e t r r
r es.%,.-.f /0 W MS/7. 0

_A__',, A 'r

1 -S.$ $ :

Bl1 ST'"F ~r ', --.6 F

.4 raft eiqdr+
%S 7A vow "I

Sl~l i, MCA rife
liC Jnrbrc

Bureau : Stand 29
Ave. Marie-Jeanne
Cite de 1'Exposirion


Non political weekly devoted
to the community, published
Sunday morning.
Director Editor :
Gerant Respoinalele

Phone : 2061

P. 0. Box 488
Port-au-Prihce, HaYti


Subscriptieonrales : in cily and
provinces : 50 cents a -monili.
Special yearly rate of $ 5
Air mail to US and Canada :
$ 10 a year.

Adv,-triiing rates on request.

JI '

Suggestions for week in Haiti

Champ de Mars
open daily except Sunday
from 9-1
Rue Revolution, Phone 2055
open daily except Sunday
from 9-5
Aux Palmistes
open daily 9-5
open daily
open daily, is famous for its
beautiful murals
Rue Pavee
and spearfish in Bay. Glass-
bottom boat, leaves daily
Casino Pier. Make arrang-
ments in advance with toui
Have lunch or a snack at
open daily 8-5 p.m.

A Haitian artist group, the
Aquarium, Aux Palmistes
open daily
Drive up to LE PERCHOIR
for the most breath taking
view in the Caribbean and
continue to KENSCOFF
Fly to CAP HAITIEN and
visit the palace SANS-SOUCI
and the CITADELLE of
ning next day.
open 'daily except Saturday
Sunday Phone 2233 9-1
open daily except Saturday
Sunday Phone 2263 9-1
For folklore shows TUES-
arrange with. tourist agent

Roof Garden dinner dances

Famous night club is the
place to go SATURDAY
CAILLE PAILLE restaurant
dinner-dances on WEDNES-
is open every night, has its
big night WEDNESDAY
ner dancing FRIDAY night
PICARDIE a wonderful res
taurant, with excellent food
in cool Petionville
EL RANCHO'S dinner dan
and FRIDAY night
beautiful air conditioned bar
is always fun
and Bar famous for its Hai-
tian' dishes.
on the Champ de Mars
at the Champ de Mars

cocktails and swimming
FISH BOWL restaurant for
fish specialities
invention of a Haitian engi-
neer, gives you on WEDNES-
DAY and SUNDAY night
from 7-10 p.m. classical
COCKFIGHTS you can see
SUNDAY morning
Aux Palmistes
For further informations
ring the Tourist Office
Phone 3778 or HAITI SUN
Phone 2061

e~ A. I. T

S- .' .. .

_'*.ArP% -T4
4 '4~~.#4&4 .>4t.
'' -.. ;4

L.. ~ '4 S i


4):- Cr:~-' F

- Uae am4,trI
-4!., : n
4 -

Called the Iron Market


- r





Caricature of a woman going to the Market
by Alix Roy, the talented young Haitian Artist

in front of Cathedral


G R E E T I NG. i!i.

On this beautiful day (the days are always beau
in Haiti) we wish to extend to you our beartiest wec.
We, as. well as everyone in Hafti, want you to.aviyl
very pleasant and enjoyable stay in this .lovely.
hospitable Island.
Haiti Sun (your newspaper) in collaboration with.
Belle Creole (your shopping, center) have put .t.it, t
section of the newspaper in order to give you infoiria"i
that will help you to make your stay not only pleas4
but profitable.
We are always at your Service, for any informaRi
you may need.
Haiti Sun ..':.
La Belle lireolie. ...
- - I *I -' -*<'


,"_______ __((MAHAITI StUN)
5,''' I I I '

3.. -- I --- liii L I... ii r----

*ian t nsli% ..MMMM-in:&nint iiitMittiaii

'Rhum Barbancourt,
_worlds best
buy a case of 5 at
A, Belle Cr6ole
riench Liquors
Benedictine Dqm
Fine Champagne
Fine'Champagne Na-

%.* '. _* -*
',[ *" .

: ,:- ,' .*

) '` :. '
: :!
, ? I -.:
. I : .

-.., .


,.2 *. ...
s, o

,, e ., :
,;r! ; *


it. '..i
; .; -

r". -i



r t'^ .;, o
K !" ":".,

Creme de Menthe
Scotch Whiskey
Complete Assortment
of spear fishing equipment
Angora Sweaters
for day and evening wear
Italian Silk Ties
Irish Linens
Scotch Mohair Stoles
and Shawls
Colorful Postcards

... Freneh PerfumIes
S Some famous. names we offer you

4N Liu
anl t Mlsouko
"'Pr our le mouchoir.
i j de Monsieur
ON- ; '- i Femme

., "nig DIOR '"'
de RocalMiss e Dior
uiis de Rocaille
e ,. -Diorama
4-r..-' ii fe"-Fempd ."
~... Bain de Champagne ..Ma G
'de. te.ir Ma Gilffe
Robe d'un soir

a. n Sortilege
S Bandit
ICrepe de Chine
6. I~~ss19

tljedral 4 hrs.,6 hra. 7.30 8.30
re-Coeur 4 A.M. 6. 8. 10
A' nne' 4 hrs. 7 hrs. 8hrs.
SGerard 4. A.M. 5.30 7. 8.30
'.Lo'uis e- F i ce ,8 hra. 9 hra.
.hapel. '
o Expo ion GCronds) 10 hrs..
-* : "* ,
.oni.le) 4 Av.M. 7 hra. 9hrs.
Z 'eae ':(Peionville) 6 hra.,

, hr., 0 h r.
a rc6' 9. hr.., 10 hrs.
Veabatit'rian 9. hri., 1,0 hbr.



No. 5
Dans la nuit
Fille d'Eve
Coeur de joie

< *
< >
< '
< >
< >
1 >

Prospective visitors to Hai
ti are always told by those
who Know -
As in many other coun-
tries of the world, Saturday;
is the night for relaxation
and gayety, exciting, diffe
rent, dramatic.
Everybody from the mos
suave Paris-educated citizen
of Port-au-Prince to the
mo;t unsophisticated pea
sant enjoys himself on Sa
turday night. Modes of cele-
brating vary with individual
tastes and social position
Saturday is the night for
.ancing. Some people dance
at nightclubs, other attend
voodoo or religious ceremo
nials. All kinds of people get
together to chat, to sing, to
listen to music.
Everybody eats on Satur-
day night.
Everywhere along the road-
sides in front of little shops,
beside the dance floors you
see wide pans of food kept
warm over charcoal 'embers
-delectable looking fried
"ish, browned .in cocoa
nut oil; crusty, pressed plan
tains; .grillaux of pork that
have been marinated with
herbs in the juice of sour
oranges and slowly roasted
to a most tantalizing crisp-
In the topflight night
clubs the tourist will find
American food if he wants
it- all kinds of sandwi
cnes and even ham and eg-
gs, as well as grilled, roas-
ted a-d richly sauced wild
birds from the Pine Forest
and delicious gamy Haitian
guinea hen..
Comfortable American Mo-
tor cars glide over good
roads through tropical dark-
ness, romantically spangled
with the. starlike flares of
little oil lamps artfully con-
trived from condensed mill'
cans. The Haitian name for
these lamps.

-Tetes gridables. (curlyhea
ds)- refers, you are told
to the curlyheaded country
people who use them, or ac-
cording to another explana
tion, to the head of the
lamp, which is prettily cur
led or fluted. After a Satur-
day night trip most tourists
want some of these lamps to
take home as gifts and 'to
use in their own gardens or
patios. They can be found in
the Big Iron Market at Port-
au-Prince five cents for the
little ones, ten cents for the
big ones.

First stop in the Saturday tian version of the quadrille
night tour is generally at a and mimicking as their fore-
bamboche, the poor man's fathers did the posturing of
nightclub, where people are French colonial nobility.
dancing, not together usual- Saturday night tours end
ly, but often alone. There 'generally at the fashionable
are few women in the crowd, thatched nightclub Cabane
and they are mostly on the. Choucoune or at the Interna
fringes. The dance has a viv- tional Casirio, where on the
id, but dreamy quality,' the mst perfect of dance floors
steps formal, the movements under the stars you w ,i 11
traditional, centuries old. earn to dance the Meringue,
almost like the No dancers a delightful easily learned so-
of Japan. The rhythm is get cial. dance that combines
by the mascaron' drums and something of the grace, -o a
the Vaccines, which are reeds French minuet with the
)f bamboo varying in length gayety of the Latin Marengb'
from 18. inches to almost six
feet. This is a secular gather- (from Haiti Today)

.j i "i:/ ....
Among thk world travelers there is a saying that gobd
shoppers, when they die, go to Haiti. In Haiti there,'is
the widest-.possible variety of gifts, souvenirs, jewelry,
clothes, extraordinarily fine rum and liqueurs, native-
handicraft and imported luxuries from many ports of
the world...all the way from Paris to Pakistan.
Haiti's richly hand-burnished 'mbihogariy bowls, trays.,
and sculpture are well known. So is'the famous Rhum
Barbancourt. Particularly prized by gournets is Five
*Star, Rhum Barbancourt'..so mellow that it- is ofteh:
served with all the ceremony accorded a grand, old cog-
nac. This is one of the few rums in the world which is
distilled not from the pure .pressed juice of the sugar
cane. Only a few cases are exported from Haiti each. year..
For this reason people- who-really-know take their full
quota of non-taxable liquor -- 5 battles of Rhuni Bar-
bancourt back to'the States; The price in Port-a-Prince :
.is amazingly moderate.
(Haiti Today)


Zai rings ,
Out of this World
Ask to see
our Shr .
For day and
evening wear
Get the' watch
You have wanted
All your life
At a low price
La Belle Creole
i$ factory outlet
Made- by '
Caribcraft "

Dorismond Meinberg'
Georges Deslandes
Native fabrics
anra Rugs from hand]
hand spun .
hand woven .
Haitian .Cotton,
That .nave stolen the
of the great
interior: decorators
Haqd painted dresses
Skirts, and shirts


picked, ,


embroidered dresses '
and blouses
Sfoles .
Italian pottery .
of Llmoges and Coalport
(collector items)





Haitian Saturday Night an Unforgettable


/wV roe ie.,;,-r rw


LssAA [1r.isif

pI s

(* 5P.sroficq. *

I fo~er

ing. But you may'also visit
cafes along the roadside
where the music is of an-
cient religious inspiration
and the atmosphere more
sedate. Usually the tour- ta-
kes you also to a voodoo
temple where on the altars
you will see the sacrificial
ards and charms, watch ce-
remonial dances.
Then on to Carrefours, a
surbub of Port-au-Prince,'not
ed for its many amusement
spots, in some of which ydu
might encounter an Ameri-
can jukebox, in others find
country folk danncinp d Ha.i-

~mMC~MMMMM~IICMmMIMK---------- --------------- --------





SWe hate the week days
that pass too slowly, for Sun-,
day is so long in coming. Sun-
day it is the only Aay in
Sthe week we enjoy. Do you
know what that &eans? It
means that we wish Sunday
would follow Sunday, that
every day were Sunday. We
should never stop, we should
never miss a whenever the drums beat, we
should reply: joyfully changing places with
our ancestors for a few won-
defull hour..
Tomorrow does not belong
to us, so let's forget about it
.tonight. We have only to-
!night .. We will enjoy it.
Yoiu think it is impossible
for us to know hodw you Ifeel?
It is unbelievable but it, is
True. It is harder for you to
know what impells us when
you watch us go dancing yby,
than it is for;.us to inder-
stand you who .wat ei hs
cgouillIding.> We knowv all
about that little cadence
which flow into you, the rhy-
thim.that.troubles you, the lit-
Stle shake' of your 'shoulders,
those ants in your legs,, that
irresistible enthusiasm and
abandon that fascinate -you.
You can't, completely hide
these things! And your resis
tance.to Nature lies' ever hea-
vy on my heart.

Oh! What a feeling of relax
ation, of natural satisfaction,
and of relief,, you would en-
joy if only you would .drop
everything and run to join
.the band! All your trouble
would be forgotten, people
would no longer matter. There
is only: now and here and the
tremor and boom of the
drums'. There is no better
way of attaining this bliss-
ful state of mind than by
dancing The < But. then you would lan-
guish for the Sunday after-
noons s 'I do, living only 'for
next Sundaym ... Because the
crowd smells strange, the
drum beats are sweet tot
sweet and the people look
too exciting .

By goPchc.

\ _


The curienit .exhibition of
historic Haitian arms which
opened on Satirday, January
23rd is worthy f the atten-
tion 'both of Haitians 'and
visitors to the country.
Many extremely interesting
exhibits are included. Arlong
these there are carbines, 'six-
guns, pistols of all types, fam
ous sabres, swords, ep6es,
cannon balls, and even can-

Water-proof yout

engine for longer



cn r, O
i^-i ---


Today's best motor oil
is MADE not born.
This remarkable new Havoline
was MADE, not born. Its Bal-
anced-Additive, formula gives
your engine the complete protec-
tion from all wear factors that
oil alone cannot give.
, Tests prove that this new oil
actually wearproofs your engine
f6r longer life keeps it clean,
free from sludge rust and
bearing-eating acids keeps
new car liveliness for thousands
of extra miles.
Change to the new Havoline
- the Extra Heavy Duty Oil -
and keep new-engine power,
keep its liveliness, its gasoline
economy and your driving plea-
sure for all the miles you keep
your car.
Get it at -



nons. ,A battle axe is also in-
One of thfe sabres on dis-
play is the famous sword of
General Paul Prompt. He
used this sword in the battle
of Vertieres a battle and
its ir'eeadtinent which will
'long live in 'the" heart of all
Haitians. 'Its iilt is a clbon-
net Phrygiena .. an elabor-
ately wrought work.

This sa lre was iesented .'. .
to the Coui!ty on its 150th "
birthday by. Don Lungwitz, .'...
Manager of the Plantatidn ,.. ,
Dauphin. Originally an heir- l"LA PLUS ANCIffi NE O~~t DE D ISTILLATtURS :D'5'Ai
loom' handed down to'General
St.: Amdur, it was presented
lby the General as a mark of
his esteem, to Mr. 'RObert L.
Pettigrew, founder and Man-
aging Director of the Planta- i a'vb2~g"k'4u/.g
tion Dauph in, who in turn de- /u t &u'/ '
lgated Mr. Lunirgwitz to pre- W *I
it 'the sabre to the Haitian u.
'Another sabre. which can -


:. ) .=. ".l
-.. "'A'
4 .. '".

I bi ::,..

With a Cateipillar Bulldozer it is now
practical to uproot and remove stumps,
trees, brush, rocks and other obstructions
from potentially productive agricultural
These bulldozers are designed and built
for this kind of work. Caterpillar Bull-
dozers are:

Mauride Bonnefil Manager

,. .. |.
' i ,' "

...-'if/^ *
: ': .

"1me" & "Life"

The Leading American


-Are Now :n Sale At All




- -

boast of historic, attachment
is that presented to Genera
ide ItbVMert 'y the famou
General of Napoleon after h
had become King of the Trw
Sicilies Muat !
Therq -are several, quain
and interesting exhibits
Among .these is a six-gu
which was loaded through a
its six barrels! And of course
'there is the sample sized .sig
ral 'cannon. ,This predecessor

M ------ -

Page : ;

Is 6. the VerrFy Pistol Is less, '
il than afdoot long..!.
s The Exhibition will'be open
e all day till the end, of neixt.'.-'
o month and there you can re- -"i
vel in the romantic History of
this fascinating )and. '
t .. .. :
S. .1
n ".
11 st 'dbt is Edriaiiet-i'D~ &!i O.is
e <4Whthdif&s, ae vigftits

ir' 'He '<.lba. .. ab: .rd"..
K- rX-frique'Nr a* si *- Noye ;t
r 0. aloa .' ooo s& "'q

8,, PROOF -..' ,
B ion T *" -''S


The Trials Of
Le Mercure> in its issue
of Wednesday, January 27th,
published a favourable review
of Max-Bissainthe's lecture
on. alaitian History seen .in
,-the Government records.D jA
brilliant lectures said Le Mer
., cure .. c.mueh applauded by
thelselect audience* congratulate Max Bissainthe'
on 'ils great success.,
It is unfortunate that Max
Bissainthe -postponed this lec:
ture till Thursday night be-


cause of the football game
and the Haitian concert at

,Le.Nouvelliste, says that
some of the capital's newspa-
pers reported the Hatodco was
closing down.. But, it says,
there is no need to worry.
Haiti's cigarette supply is in
no such danger.
Mr. Knolbel has just been
appointed manager of the to-
bacco factory and he has clos-
.. .. TTT' ,- _.......

ed it down temporarily to Ie-
organize his forces [Le Nou-"'
velliste reports].
The factory is well aware
of its duty to the public here,
and will reopen as soon as pos
sible, producing as never be-

$4:00 per day European plan.
Next door to former hotel Aux
Orchidees, No. 15 Rue Oge,

Excellent Cuisine Sea Food Specialities
And Orchestra Open Nightly till late A.M.

I am catching up with my future -- I enjoy the
comforts of a Ford Dr. Simpson.


S Dinner Daice Every Friday I

S Jazz Guignard.

SPlease Reserve your table.

GO Tel. F7887. I

-- .. -' .

I 'V

-;;. .- .

Le Picardie

Specialities -
Onion Soup
Filet Mignon
Pepper Steak
*Escalloppe de Veau
For Reservations Tel. 7416.



irPtBYI! 5i1"
19- I

'. ,,

t l 'f "Y "A
, ]

Grand Hotel ,
Oloffson .
SINGLE WITH BATH $5 to $12 ,
DOUBLE WITH BATH $14 to The famed Aux Cosaques Resturant where Hdftiani
$25 cooking is'a speciality. The Auw Cosaques is air-cnd.io n
and'beautifully furnished. .

-----~~~ --pX m CCliiq ~ lCiLc8~e.;dir-i ~


"-e 10


I1 1 '. .

-- -",,


IAI *a




* -'i
4 -.


.TV (Bride and Groom, Couple Spend

honeymoon Here: Jergen's i$t Trip
All the world loves two for her. Then came the oc-
lovers and this is especially cupation of the cities, such as
true of the United States. On Frisco and Los Angeles, when
the TV. show Bride and he met all the fascinating Hol
.Groom*, one of the most ipopu plywood girls. Still, he thought
-lar shows on TV, a frpe honey of the little teen-ager he had
moon is provided for the most known so casually. Still she
romantic marriage, or rather occupied the first place in his
courtship, of the entries ixn the dreams. He tried to get in
:show. 'touch with her. But she had
moved from Washington to
The chosen couple are mar- Maryland. He determined he
'.ied- before the Television would find her -.and he did.
lens, and are showered with Through persistent inquir-
Sgifts. The sponsor of the show ies, he found her and dated
is the Andrew Jergens Com- her, when we was discharged
Spahy, makers of Woodbury,,from the .army. Again fate
.Soap, Jergens Cosmetics and 'forced them apart. Bill was
other toilet articles. Local employed as purser of the
agent incidentally is Harry American President Lines.
Tippenhauer. .^ ..^ ..*^
Nettie and Bill Williams THE FINEST
were here this week, part of$ Adding Machines
-their prize for being chosen/ Calculating Machines
as the Bride and Groomr' Cash Registers
Scoupe was a trip to the Rivi Cash egier
era hotel for three days. They
:iha.d a 9pdhderful time here, .
i spear-fishing, and roaming in? I
the mountains. They ,said .
.they were in love' with our, .
'"beautiful scenery,.
Here is the .story that was
chosen the most romantic on .
tle show : They 'had "been to f
the smte high school and they
had been out on a date only?
o ce.' But Bill had retained

dreamed o- .er. He yearned .- .. *.. .- ... ..,
her picture in hi mind -and- ; -
when the army called him at?
19, he' went away with her THE NTIONL CASH
I-face i his heat. All through REGISTER CO.
the di~eary days whe6 hle lay? Agent in Haiti:
in the. hinud and. sand of .the LOUIS DECATREL & SONS
trenches' of California, he P.O. 3ox 596
dreamed orher. He yearned ., ...

to crown that ,perfect moment of
pleasa n t com panionship. One of many
occasions for drinking Hennessy.

oIsenh Nadal and Go., Distributors




Naturally he was forced to be
away again. Still he thought
of Nettie, still he longed to be
with her. His ship docked in
New York. His sister Betty
Jane arranged a blind date
for Him. HIis date
was the girl of his dreams -
Nettie. She was working as
a secretary for the Welfare
and Retirement Fund of John
L. Lewis's flited Mine Work-
ers of America.' Bill decided
that he was not going to be
torn from her again, Fate had
been too kind to be. ex-
pected to give him another
chance. They saw each other
again in .Washington and
made wedding plans.
Nettie was ill in bed short-
ly before their marriage, and
she saw the noon tide cBride
and Groorym progra-mme. A
romantic marriage? Well her
engagement was romantic. So
she entered her story and for
got about it. She won.
The cJast to coast Televi-
sion.audience heard this tale
of young love, so- like the plot
of an early .Shakespearean ro-
mance, and in a small chapel
the viewers watched them
married by a Methodist Par-
son. They were provided with
'an apartment in New York,
and with everything they
needed : they were given a
Hoover vacuum cleaner, an
Admiral refrigerator, Sterl-
ing silverware by Reed Bar-
ton, four Westinghouse elec-
trical appliances, a Simmons
Hide-a-Bed, and everything
else a young couple < they could afford., Nettie got
a year's supply of Jergen's
cosmetics. They both were
given wedding rings, Nettie
was presented with a keep-
sake diamond. Even Sound
Movies were made of their
w-edding and given" to them!
ITo climax this wonderful'
day-dream come true, they re-
ceived a ticket for a honey-
moon'cruise on Resort Air-
lines! :hing like this before,, Nettle
exclaimed, her eyes shining
like a child's at Christmas,
a new Pontiac for a honey-
noon in the U.S.- But these
ucky kids will spend nine
days and eight nights visiting
Nassau, Poft au Prince, Jama
ca, back to Miami and home.
They both think Haiti is love-
y. [The M. C. of the show,
John Nelson was here two
'ears ago vacationing with
he organist Irvin Ditmarl.
They can hardly believe
t's happening to them, they
say. It's like a fairy story.


An executive of the Marsh-
McLendon Insurance Com-
5any. Mr. A. S. Howard, is
expected to arrive here to-
norrow from the U.S. He will
ie here on a brief visit.

<(Permastonel Polentabs Visit Haiti

Two quietly dressed Ameri-
cans disembarked on Haiti
soil last week. One of them,
studious looking earnest-eyed
Edward J. Miller, looks some
thing of a teacher or mission-
ary. He certainly does not
look like the man who invent-
ed ( ficial stone that has found
such great popularity in the
United States and in other
parts of the world. Inventors
are unkempt and eratic, in
popfilar concept, and Mr. Mil-
ler is' clean shaven and well
His companion, Mr. Law-
rence D. Seville, is President
of the firm.
Edward J. Miller is a man
who has fought life and corhe-
out on top. At the age of
five he had been orphaned.
He became an electrical ap-
prhntice and later a journey-
man; While working for one
of the .early electric range
manufacturers 'in Wisconsin,
he invented a new electrical
system which the firm adopt-
ed for its use.
He had often pondered the-
fact that only the well-to-do
could afford dwellings made
of stone in Wisconsin. Miller
had long toyed with the idea
of inventing a simulated.stone
which would place, stone made
homes within the reach of
the average man. He found
his path strewn with obsta-
clies when he attempted to
put this article on the market.

Inventor Miller

Tie depression had sttl'ed on ':
Amerida. But with a'persis-' .*
'tent devotionn almost s'uperhu-
man, he plugged his product.
After many years of strug-
gle and hardship Perma-
stone, broke through! Now
more than three Tliudred,
agencies and twelve foreign'
outlets serve as its sales net-.
.Permastone, is a syntlie-
tic stone made from Portland
cement and fragments of
quartz. lit is hardened by va-
rious processes and water-'
Mr. Miller and Mr. Seville
left El Rancho Wednesday to
continue their South Ameri-
can tour, promising to return.
They thought our country

-- p

#'l9RO/ On sale at: Bichara Izmery,
$ oM!4 Au Lincoln, Bazar de la
Poste, Bazar National,
CIAPWS Georges Coles. Maison Si-
3bqCEREAI mon Vieux, Mme Joseph '
DouBeL RICH Maglio, Bazar Edmond /
K IN IRON hips /
and VITAMINS pps

Exclusive Distributor for Haiti Phone: 3513
'4%~ '*%* '% %*- *- *%. "% *-


, '


Let tne Insurance Company do the worrying.
See immediately : SNORWICH UNION. Insurance Co.
Joseph Nadal and Co. Agents. Tel: 3486


Pige 11'

Page 12


The Town I Discovered
[Sergei is a well-travelled young Haitian, a sort
of explorer of his native Republic. He came into the of-
fices of the SUN the other day. He had read the arti-
cle about St. Louis in the Edition of the 24th, and' he was
quite contemptious of our lack of information., you been? There is more to St. Louis than that!, So he

brought us his facts...
Reading your last article on
the town of St. Louis du Si'1.
I felt that I must bring to the
attention of motorists a fewv
of the highlights of that sec-
tion of the island, wh;ch, in
my opinion promises to be-
come a good resort centre.
When the Aux Cayes road is
paved, the most interesting
Sunday ride from Port au
Prince will -be tcwarl St.
Louis du Sud.
Two miles beyond the town,
on the way to Aux Cayes, the
ruins of an old English for-
tress Fort des Anglais stands
on the left. The prison cells,
the main hall, and the top bat-
tlements and terrace are still
in good shape.
From the 'battlements, can-
nons may be seen in the white
clear waters around bright
*coral reefs some thirty feet
below the fortress. On the
other side of the National
road the ruins of the residen-
ces of His Majesty's officers
are strewn some two hundred
yards to the North. All over
that hill carved cannons and
cannon balls can be seen. It
is said that at the beginning
of this century some sharp
businessmen picked up number
ous old cannons and exported
them as scrap iron. Im-
ported granite blocks lie hi-
ther and thither. Some are
.even used today by the local
peasants as door steps.
i Six Beautiful Little
In the bay there is a choice
of six little islands. The larg-
est one -'about the size of
Place d'ltalie has an im-
portant fortress, Fort des
Oliviers complete with powder
house, prison cells and a wa-

ter cistern that still works.
It is said that an underground
tunnel links the island with
the great fortress. There the
remains of a British settle-
ment have survived earth-
quakes, and centuries. Walk-
ing through these ruins, the
imagination conjures up pic-
tures of soldiers clad in baggy
pants with stockings and col-
ourful uniforms who were all
alive in that place under the
Union Jack. In that same
quiet bay numerous three
masted schooners were an-
chored, preparing an invasion
of another island to enlarge
His Majesty's territories. And
before they came, Buccaneers
met there to divide th'e booty
which they had looted all
over the Caribbean. Taking
a rural path at Riviere Momn
bin one can go to .Sucriere>,
a former colonial sugar plant.
A well 40 feet deep still sup-
plies water to the peasants of
La Hatte Henry. On the west
stands the ruins of the for-
tress of Bonnet Carro on the
Morne Grand Fond with a
view of Aux Cayes and Anse-
Ocean Wonderland
Using spear-fishing equip-
ment, an amateur can spend
days of enchantment around
these islands, exploring the
wonders of the ocean floor.
Five miles after Aq-uin, an
extensive tract of sand call-
ed .be seen beside the road. The
water there is a kaleidoscope
of all the shades of blue, vary
inmg with the seasons, and
mixed with the white tops of
waves. Walking a mile along
the shore you come to St.
George's beach.
To complete the trip. the


best place to go would' be a
paradise unknown to a lot of
Haitians and even to. some
Aux Cayes people. It is the
island of Cayes A L'Eau to
the left of the Ile A Vache,
a source of untouched beauty
a typical Caribbean movie
Let us hope that the day is
not too far away, when paved
roads, hotels, and small plea-
sure crafts will abound in
this part of the island opening
these beautiful places to every
But please ... no cot invade
Cayes A L'Eau : don't spoil
such a wonderful place ...
Such a doux patelin ou il fait
bon d'y vivre.
Other ruins of British
settlements in Haiti are :
1. Petit Goave Fortress.
2. Spanish Crucifix at Pe-
tit Goave stolen by the Buc-
caneers after the pillage of
Cartagena, Colombia.
3. The Entrance Fortifica-
tions of the Fort Liberte Bay
at- Brisson Pointe around
the Esso Installation.
4. Mole Saint Nicolas for-
tress where British General
Maitland surrendered to Tous
saint Louverture.

On Tuesday 'there were
two alarms. In the morning
at around 6 o'clock a short
circuit caused a fire at No. 11
Ruelle Edmond Paul. And in
the evening at 7 o'clock, an-
other was reported at Fort
St. Clair. On both occasions
the prompt action of the fire-
men prevented the fire from
spreading and causing greater

Association d'Expert-Cornptables
Port-au-Prince, Haiti (W.I.)
P.O. Box 68 and 972
This is a Firm of Expert Ac-
countants duly sworn in, which
will handle for you all account-
ing works, such as control, su-
pprvision, auditing, collecting,
Phone: 2274 5186 -- 543


Liautaud. Gets week. He was decorated
cClegion d'Honneur- French Ambassador Mr. Bt
Secretary of State for For- cegol de Lde. Reason --
ei'gn Affairs, Mr. Pierre Liau voting friendship betw'
taud 'became a Grand Officer the French and Haitian p
of the Legion d'Honneur last pies.

.......... ...'....;

DEPARTS 10:40 A.M.
i: PAKAFRIrsCANr WoR AunArs 11R
::." Ru4 Dantes Destouches Port-au-Prince Telephone 3451:

: :: : ...::: ::-::: ::: :..: :::.:.. .:. .:. :.:...:. ::: :.- .. : :::

For Distinguished Beauty and Unparalleled
.Accuracy Always Choose

RUSSO FRLRES -- 25 Rue Roux

,mgI Le r.elleur der pneus g6antsl

~ HRIB "
Le pneu qui vous donne-de
avart&cges inesperes sans dB
^ S pense supplementairel
.-- *Urne march stable et douce. .
gFr_ moint de risques de dfrapag
une carcass extra-rbsistant
d'une tenue inigale .
S.- resum6 le &ilom6frage le ,plu
,, levd au prix le plus bas.

This is the British battlement at Petit Goave impervious to time and weather. In the foreground
stands a monument. erected last year to Faustin Soulouque. sec ond and last Emperor of Haiti.
An uneducated man himself, Faustin is the statesman who did much for the education of the
Haitian people. He was elected President in 1847, and crowned Emperor in 1852. He was forc-
ed to abdicate in 1859. This monument was erected es a tribute to his administrative work.

-~ L~a,


SMr. and Mrs.' Pail Verna,
at the Haitian' Embassy in-
iuadd Trujillo, christen their
daughter: Elizabeth Fanny to-
'ay. By:'.air, land and sea,.
their friends have gone to the
Godmother is Mrs.' Jacky
champs, ,the Babe's aunt,
and her* Godfather is uncle,
r. Jean Verna.
M motoringg over o the Domi-
ican capital this morning,
orchestra Lamy will provide
music at. the reception.
Amionig the many friends
lio have gone to the chris-,
ening are: -Mrs. E.dith Paul
autier; Mrs. Carmel Max
heiher, .who flew over; and
representatives of the' Et-
heart, Dejoie., Gentil, and
oucard family'whd motored.

i Hundreds of guests Were
present at the m marriage of
i'tfIlga Tippenhauer and
~lie' BEgat,'at the Palace
inyening. His Excellency
je PTesident, Paul E. Ma-
Sgl.Iir.wiasbestman, and the
\bride'saothe'r, WMrs. Eric Tip-
enhauer was matron of hon-
ur .
:nIIThe.ebride.took the vows in
n e.xquisite'gonri by Boubou
ivieux. The gown, of white
hrocard -.with a veil of' lace
h6wed her beauty to advan-
age. Her bridesmaids, .Ni-
De Duvivier, Gerda Tippen-
auer, Marlou Delva, Mireille
entil, Lilianne Desrues, and
ar' Therese Chauvet, wore
s of white andagreen or-
andie; and the gargons d'hon
iur, -Claude. Bibi .'Chancy,
erge Bogat, Rudy. Tippen-
auer, GOby' Braun, Yvan
oy, and' Victr. Greger Fils
ore white tuxedoes.
A'. fashionable reception
as given at .the Palace fol-
wing the cerenionies.
i~wo young .Washington so-
lites Mr. and Mrs..'Charles

,' /


Willis Jr.

Canadian che
E. Smallwood I
r Port.

(,Le Courrier
rector Albert O
S^ from New Yor

MIonday wa
Maval's fete. W
'Roger Denis
will be spending -birthday. Dr. i

their honeymoon in Haiti -
at Ibo''Lele. Mrs. Willis, the
former Elisabeth Firestone is
the..daughter of Harvey Fire-
stone Jr. multi-millionaire
tyre magnate. She accom-
panied her father on his vigit
to Haitt last year.
Mr. Willis is' the assistant
'of Sherman Adams,.assistant
to President Eisenhower, and
was one of the heroes of the
last war. They are expected

Ben Aboudi returned, to
New Yorky'esterday after 3
months on Textile Avenue.
Porfirio Ru'birosa, ffmous
for his x-life.was here-intran
sit Sundayv travelling from
C. T. to Palm Beach where a
New York he is paying 10,000 dollars a
week'for a Sti'caille.. .Senor
Ruibirosa who occasionally car
ries a portfolio for his coun-
try was-welcomed to Port by
Ambassador Aybar. Mrs. Ru-
birosa, forbmei 'Barbara Hut-
.. .. "- l,,,,. .v n .
ton, is at home recuperating
from a cracked.leg.
Mr.-and Mrs. Armand [Fat-
tyl Mallebranche celebrated
their 'Silver wedding anniver-
sary on Wednesday.'
is a famous radio ham.

Morisseau-Leroy, our Cre-
ole as a national language spe
cialist, is returning today
from two months spent in San
Juan studying audio visual
aid methods. Morisseau is tech
nical information specialist o(
U.S. Operations Mission to
ITo wed.on the 6th at St.
Pierre in Petionville are
Tcheska Barella and Guy
Roux. '

Mile Lilianne Alexandre
and Mrs.'Andre Orblien join-
ed their destinies at St.
Anne's Church this.week.
Mile Andree Charles walk-
ed up the aisle of Ste. Anne's.
last Saturday and became)
Mrs. Marc Frangois.


philosophy and Tourist Pub-
lic Relations, observed his
birthday Monday past.'
House guest of the Robert
Deschamps in Dedbussy .is
Arthur Doniger, export manr
ager of Rieinbold Gould Co.,
oldest paper handler in the
U. S.
Maurice 'Casseus, Radio
Commerce's evening classical
hour announcer, left yester-
day for Havana where he will
.take the direct Delta-C&S con
nection to New Yorkl
-:0:- .
The motor sailer Full
Swing II is due here Febru-
ary 26th. On board will be
owner Borden and his charm
ing wife. This'will be their
second trip to Haiti; the first
was some four years ago when
they came as tourists.

Lady Moray, wife of the
Scottish Earl of Moray, and
daughter Arabella, are here
on a 5-day visit, lodged at the
Tbo Lele..'The Lady Moray
is a collector of rare pottery.

Raoul Jerome clippered to
the U.S. on a business-cum-
.pleasure trip Thursday.
Jean Brisson returned with
his wife Ftiday afternoon
from a year at the Bureau of
the Budget in Washington
studying public administra-
tion. Mrs. Brisson, Iderle,
studied the art of hairdress-
ing in Washington, Philadel-,
phia and Nqw York, and gain-.
ed valuable experience in
some of Washington's most
fabulous shops.
Mr. and Mrs. Luc Fouche
are clippering to New York
this week. '
Jocelyn MoCalla returned
Sunday from a brief visit t(
Kingston. Jocelyn is busy this
week engineering a friends
of Jamaicaa reception for Gov
ernor Sir Hugh Foot.


mist Lawrence
has returned to

d'Haiti's> di-
ccenad is down
k on vacation.

s Mine Milo
wednesday Mrs.
observed, her
Max Wilson of

Mr., J. Hasl'er, one 'of the
directors of the 'Cherrical
Bank and Trust Co., presi-
dent ,of the administrative
council of -Hasco, and 'of the
Haitian American Associa-
tion of New York, is expect-
ed here this.week.
Antoine Bervin, author of
the Panama Line today for a
six-month Irsejqurn in the
The result
will be a sequel.
Mile Loga Leger- and Mr.
Roger Chancy exchanged the
vows of holy matrimony' at
,f1 _'f ___-

Commander Bill Trefny Jr..-.
predecessor, ot commanderr
Oharles'as U.S. Naval Mission'
Chief 'here, was decorated :
with the national cHonneur t et
Merite, before his departure.'
, i "* '
:Engineer and 'Mrs. Edouard' :..
Larbche '-velcomed Junior '..
Thursday 'evening '"at 'Ifive:':t
thirty.- Both Ma and Edou:. ,.
ard.Fils are doing well. ,:. -.

..' ". -- .0:-- :
Martha Lilavois and Franck
Millot were married .Thurs-
day at 6 p.m. '' reception !
followed the. civil marriage at :
chez,Cl6ante Desgraves Val-

Egulse ae Dieu yesterday even cin.
:0:- .:0: *:
Mr. Julio Cariana -is set- Among the distinguished
ting off shortly for a month's visitors to Port this'week hre:
cruise around Haiti in his Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Baffles.'
sleek little Evohi yacht. Mr. Battles claims the distin'c
--:0:- tion of being the first Negro
Cinna.LeVonte is clippering policeman to- become police
'back to New York tomorrow officer and later Parole Com.
ending an annual vacation.. missioner in New ,Yrk City.
-:0:- They will spend ten days here,
The Dikini chateau of Ann enjoying the hospitality of the
Kennedy, Sheelagh and Vin- Republic and the Riviera Ho-
ton Burns was.its literary self tel..
Thursday evening from 5 to .Also with us ake Mr. and
7. Sam Jaffe was there along Mrs. Carl Murphy, publisher
with Mr. and Mrs. Sion, of of the A'fro-American News-
i Holiday Magazine, Ted Carey paper from Missouri; Mr. and
and BaTrrtt, editors of Trtie Mrs. A. Sossman who will be
Magazine, Peter Briggs, with.us until next week; and
Ladies' Home Journal, Harry, MT. and Mrs. Nathaniel Co-
Smith, promotion and sales hen from New Jersey who re-
manager of Sports Afield, turn home-today.
David Reimer, UN Shiinon
Tal, Jo and Bobby Weinstein,
Lady Moray and daughter
Arabella. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry
Kovler, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Wiener, Jeanne Brousse and
Dewitt Peters.
-:0:- Mr. George H. Hargraves
Georges Wiener and Franck -and Lady Sarah were blessed
Boncy have returned from the with a big baby boy Friday.
Brazil Coffee Conference. 'According to the cigars it
.-:0- must have been quite a .big
,Carmel Pereira flew to the baby boy.

.States on a pleasure trip

0 U' nursRuay.
-:0:- I U
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wie-j' .
ner are sailing to the States Dr. Lu Bernard, resident
physician at the inilitary hos-

'jsion of his birthday Monday.

Expected to visit Haiti soon
e '182 ip the prominent Belgian in-
c8 0% 'duarialist Mr. Philippart. His

Marie Denise is.the newest
addition to the Antoine Me-
tellus household.

Roland Montas, director ad
ministrator of SIPP, is hand-
ing out cigars this week. A
name for the new son-in-heir
is being sought for.

G.TRADE MARK rcmous 511

Page 13- i '
i '
with their son Richard today. visit was prompted by a.
-:0:- earnest euldgiser of Haiti's\
*Anne Buteau clippered' to charms, Mri; Gerard Auguste.
New York yesterday. Mr. .Auguste is a Haitian.
Hugh Cave 'returned to -:0:-
Rhode Island yesterday-.after Melle Nicole Mallebranche
spending ad invigorating .jour in the mountains. with engineer Gerard. Fom.n;.
IAlbert < vera flew to the U. S. on Sat- Ore Coeur, of 'furgeau. A re-
urday. caption followed '.the abene-
\ -:0: -- diction nuptiales at the .resi-
Issa Saieh left on a busi- deniceodf the groom's' parents -
ness trip to the States Thurs- in La Boule, Sefiatoi and Mrs.
day. Charles Foinbrun.
-:0- --0:-

------------------ ----- ''---; 1
Survivors Of Sailboat
Pe[S ity Of The Week Haiti Cementi Factory To Start SGod Who GivesS
Proj duTin'gRescued By
c'ontinued.from Page 1) reducing In Juiu e uJesus Is Here
Since the article in the ned and executed .this great
Baldwins are spending their threatened rights of minori- ,<.Sun> of the.25th September, enterprise: .The cSunp adds Le Matin, in their Thurs- '
vwek in Haiti at the home of ties, particularly religious dis great progres.,has been made its congratulations. day issue reported that dur-
Mr. and Mrs. Selden Rodman, sidents.. and the Japanese- at Fond Mombin, in the con- In, June ,or July, says Chief ing the night of the 18th to
who'are entertaining them to- Americans, Mr. Baldwin tra- struction of the cement fac- Engineer Marcel Villard,,who' 19th of January the sailboat-
day at a luncheon party at- veiled to Papan, at, the invita- tory. .The. project.was always is in charge of the construc- <),ieu qui done) from' La l
tended by a representative tion and as the guest of Gen- considered gigantic, from its tion of this great ,factory, Gonave was wrecked in the
ross-section of tin ii's jiter- eral Douglasy MacArthur, .to inception everything has been monument to courage .and Rochelois canal. Two passen- :
at'y, artistic and political report impartially to the planned, on a grand scale; but hope,. the country will havp gers, Apdrecia Philippe and
elite. American people on the demro- it is only now when the fac- its own cement. There shall Lormeron Simeon,.. were res-
S i elebr -a ati p o that ate ry nears completion and then be.no need.to. iport this cued by the sailboat Jesula.
America's foremost advocate tyrant-ridden .country. Mac- the. huge machinery, tanks, vitally- needed material. And ,, : ., ,
.qf equal rights for. the under- Arthur had hunself been,,ac- buildings, above all the pier, Haitian made cement:.will be UX Cosaques estaurant
p eco nh using eigh-handed',
-privileged -. whether,.i. tbo caused pf. using tigh-handed tat. tle true. v4 ue, .the true W20 per cqnt cheaper, than im- 1i4,lperial Linen
political, economic, relgu methods n imposing Aeri- enorty of thisscheme be- ported cemet., ... Pamphlet
or racial spheres began can institutions on the con es eal to'the average per- What is more the factory
wits .-qU-red but Mr. Baldwj homes real tothe aerageper- What is. more the pactgry
with this' imprisonent'as a qberedbut MrBaldwin's re- son will provide work .for oyer Ii the recent report of the
conscientious objectortoo Ame part went a long way toward Under the guidance of Hai three hundred work-hungry Im.perial *Linezi In. of New
rican participation in. world jpstifying the Generals me- fian ,an.,,forign technician'ss Haitins. York: eThe e'rteidezvous of
rn .c Wpi a n ... ..,n, ,. *i. ,'.. .of
S'War 1. There are many who- thods and proyvin that ,tbe the marsbhy :plain, of Fond. So, he new iridustry will gourmets, on the forty most
think that it w was the vocifer- Japanese people had register o i is bing transform' ,benefit the country, i.,t~ivo famous restaurqnts, in the
pus.proqtests of the Civi-Li- ed .m0e rapid progress, in ed into .modern industrial material ways;4 there will be world, Haiti's .berties Union and simfiar learning to govern themselves empire, where\ the hpmes and \orkf forour ungeplpyed nd ques> was splashed over onpe
i liberall organizations against than any people in history.. cluib-ho~aes for the staff as ur,.houS.iil .cost. les. The 'nJ a half pages. Featured {
; suili iuperalist or quasi-tiin- -., ;. T well as the industrial .build- living a p9nditid1 ,o'.the, peo dishes wede the homaid
Specialist vein'tires as the O- .Mr. Bdwi, n.dhs wife ing required. .-And there are pie will therefq'f 'be improved flfambet and ctassot de din-
Scu-ation- of-Haiti- and Sa "h- divide their time betweb eNew 1airily a.. iot of,-i d al a rit al de.
D omingo and tbe .;interven.- .York and-.Oaknd, 1ew Jer-, pment;-- e ent n t, qr from th .
O, Do ngo 41ald, e"eefxte ivrq!gv from th
.. ..'. I 1 .-
iohns in Nicaragia, Mexicb ..sey, where te have. a far-m mixer. .,..,:u. B dozersi. le.va nfew .ve4f;lurt IJ te cedel '., I.
S and:C.uba, that led to 'th 6..,.T'th Ramapo River tor, .drlUs, pumps-., -..:. it etYplisNf ; it;anan .N, W-v~K
about-face of American for' bouta mile from.the home .T onals has signalled fore'gn;co -perat in indust, t'
egn affairp,in 1934 that-cami: the .Rodmans.. e hen.eisits: progress, anifit -ha. al trialisipg t~ep uic .
to tbe known as the Good mn Ohkland Mr. Baldwinr conra ted .the oern- te, r step alon -,p
.-.". c0. ra slditedA..he-.,Goiqern- t:e,, al -t..eq on te __ ,-
Neighbour Policy. veals a side of his personality and ien who ..plan- tosa d al .
." "-' '-' t". ,-','. tpat isn sharpcontrast with : m e .n h e fierswho p to .alwas ahe roost Z -' '
.. Discussing the .early days :hi life' as ai political figure '- u: Ta ,' th impo~ nt. ,
,f the .New Deal, it was-the .btwich s neve been sub- iTm'p" A t' '. !' r t ;
su b .... be.. .en sub..,'. -
.:ivil t.ierties Union tha..ordiflated to it. .i. H is, i. nu ro Pae 1 Tap T Acci nt
AuCra.t inu efro Page .1
:'.siccessfilly defended .t h-.e'tuiraht a bii'd-watcher, n '-
rights of labour to strike.anhhopends hours, pd .days at ..traspo pn f h roni' .no b Theacceidi lon ie high- FO^ 'S ,
organize idpendpe ent unions, .a t.me tv. 'himself in .the on the. b ,anas wi, be flown road wa unusuall- high this .
Sthus leading tpthe balance of oo~ or paddling a canoe,. to the air ort nd thre load- wek. An o 'erloaded camion-- airs
power g ... .... the .... 6'-"era, golf qlubs, K'O aachrom-3,
power between capital- and or hiking through, the moun- 'ed .on Pa lppers. ,The ~tte fe nto the ravie at era golf libs, I Kachro
...la o6ur that was one of the taii, observing but never cru. and .spoilage incurred Morne S&t. George's, and over- slide projetor, electric washing
: great and 'enduring ,achieve'- hunting or even .fishing. in shiipphi them, 1bsea {'wii turned. No td' was killed, machine, Frigidair, mahogany
S".ments --of ie first Roose et one of .te.foremost of appr-, thus be, av;ida tejrney but -1 were iiuruz. i lahps, elect c 0 astes, tab',,,
admzistrlaatidn eMdrler d'ioasters, tb.,;,
administration. Mr. Baidwan s ing breed. of pe. will,take les ime too. Anrd two miles away from eE ro-
-as himself to be fund du iphis double capacity This- rv onar hange Petit Goaveaa p-tap left the,'. atri a Vide
'Ji1g this period 'at tthe major' he resembles Ametrca's great in .o' uani ifdlustry will ad and roled1 over ma aotel Ax.Orhidees annex, 15,
-,. ., : -- -. -. : ; "tel .Aux B irhidees ainex, 15,
i trouble -spots -- wherever. ntM re 0et of.thee a rly Nine gre:ly- jefit 'Cp Haie dtch. Two. were injured on Qn.
:. istltutidhal rights to or-0,..teethCentury, Thoteau. Thp when her pew, airport is fin- this occas : .Oe Petio rille..
-' ne, 'hold meetings, and reaiu lie Baldwin, hadp ihe. It.-asrougit'ab o..-.
...... dJ ish.q t'bogta. -. i n.#ogh-.. -
.sp.eak freely on any' subject; health y, and ,most Gandh ia ,b. aigreement:betweenr Mr.
.',:wihatsoever, .,appeared to ;be _isjrust. of, the ,p6wer.of Jean -H Elie, ,. President of
treatene: "--and on occasion Sts tl tactipiig civil .di- IHaanex, 'qft 'als of the in-
:it w,: as his ow:* arrest by over- obedencetp!dre home his dustry..irn the States, amd Pan
zealous. local., officials that obj eti6 n to.. ars and infripge American World Airways.
:: drew 'national attention to the ments- of individual' rits. _
iinfrtigements of t'e law, and And :as naturalist ,the:author Boo Babnel l s'i f't
-eventually to their more.liber- of d< a] iiiterpretation. As a public- who looked .at tlid, sad sight.
th -ad-sikht a" Mr ew
;'.speaker, quick-witted, humor. of urj-an man ma.ig:a..i'oney ''.Mr. and Mrs. Jean Laudee
',': ;bus, -brilliantly affirmative, in factories aid offices and Borno, who took tbeii five- *
SMr.'Baldwlin found his servi- correctly., observed: dMost day,old 'baby to.- New York,
S.'ce in .demand from Maiie to nmen live.liyes, of quiet despe- some weeks ago for specialist
S'California.. ration The'lives of the, Bald-. tteatmiqht, .returned on-' Fri-
: following Worlk W-ar, wins, at least, are neither day with. the sad news that
during which the Civil Liber- quet nor. desperate. They the -oeration; had been unsup
Sties Union made miraculous have givert courage to non- cessful end their baby had
Sprogress- in proetieng the conformists everywhere. died 8-d cys. fterniard. t. ,,-. : ,h"a A s1'

S"""dbn't ,a "'dutch beer" Jut bIway

Heineken Beer

". ..-..( The.best. beer of all dutch beers )

...T.":i .' : ,

gHAiTI StiN.

_.~e i- _.. .


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I -

The Greatest

Slime Development


Tetreethyl lead was introduced in" 1922.

S-S Gosorite-iow contains I.C.A. (Ignition Control Addi-
116. Ths Sheli-discovered additive, incorporating tricresyl
hlofpeo, putt on end to the nma6r cduse of power loss .
Spe-ignition and short-circuiting of spdrk pfugs by t tmbustion
chamber deposits. Prove this for yourself by the Two-Tankful
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trainingg tricresyl phos-
phate, is exclusive to

Patent applied for in U.S., Panama, Haiti. Patented in Jamaica; No. 671




; '


,', n*


~;, '


Page 16

First Jamaican Governi
Haiti Arrives Thu
Continued from Page 1 ica Federa
duties have. taken him to the tigable ..S
farthest corners of the Com- born at
monwealth, and Empire. He and educa
has been Acting Governor of Hugh and
Cyprus, in the Mediterranean, married ii
Governor of Nigeria, in Afri- four child
ca, and now is Governor of and a girl
the premier British posses- The shi
sion in the West Indies His Excell
Jamaica.. When he accepted is command
the office in April 1951, he J. Wilkins
was already known and re- Navy, and
spected in the colony, as he officers an
hadserved as Colonii Secre- forty-two
tary, 1945-47, and as Acting Sir Hug
Governor in the absence of leave Haiti
Sir John Huggins in .1945: ruary 11th
He is a member of .a fam- TWO
ily famous for service to its Ori
country. His father, was a Continu
'Privy Councillor and Liberal head-on in
Minister, his elder brother, crossing.
leo a Liberal, was Under It was st
Secretary for Economic War- er of the
S fae during the last war. One not see thi
'- of his younger brothers is at' the high ba
i 'present member .of Parlia- His truck w
: .inent for D'evonport. along the ti
While at' Cambridge, Sir provisions -
:.Hugh was elected President loadedon t
.of the Unioi there, his fam-' ionette,' litt
Sif i, claim tie distinction of stories all a
being the inly family, 'four splinters of
:?:-.'ib others of .whom have been, the ground
-c: elected to this..position either' metal wer
'r at Oxford or at Cambridge. The -engine
.' _i His wife, Lady Sylvia Foot' was a fold
:'-. h6 is President ofthe Jama= smoking m


^ '.L. "" f V.


,. i -,

half-light passengers began to
or To -i struggle to their feet. Many ------ ---- -- --- .---
ST Visit could not stand.El Rancho
ay .Helplessly, they looked a-
irsday .-round.,Bewildered,wondejing .,...
ition, and an indefa- if this were, all some hideous
social -worker, was dream; wondering .if they Haii'M ourios H l
Bologna in Italy, would live or die, still half- Hait S OSIt Lux rious Hotel.
ted in France. Sir asleep, the passengers of the *
SLady Foot were camionette surveyed this .
n 1936. They have scene of tragic confusion Luncheon Dinner Dancing Dail
ren three boys. They saw the pushed-in nose .
of the truck, and the gaping, ," i
p which will bring shattered grill, they saw the Special Din r dance
ency and Lady Foot cab, crushed and twisted, they Mond Wednesday Friday
ded by Commander saw the body humped like a onday, Wednesd y, rid y
;on of the Royal camel. And among the splin-
is manned by nine ters, half-covered by gnarled Evenings.
id one hundred and wreckage and blood-soaked Ss by National Folklr Tro
men. provisions,, they saw their. OWS by1 ol ore rou
h and party will less-fortunate companions ly- Mon ay andl Friday 8 pm.
on Thursday, Feb- ing, torn and bleeding. 1
. The wounded were taken to
Die,, Two On the hospital. There, six were Featuring Hai's 1 Dru er
itical List rushed on to operating tables, Fe.
ed from Page 1 their lives in the balance. 0 'R .
the middle of the Nine others were interned. .
Only two escaped with in- *''***
till dark. The driv- juries small enough to be. -- -
camionette could treated and sent home. Even '
e train because, of these were badly battered. \ PHILIPS-
ink of the cutting. Mme ,Chery St. Augrace f -
as swept fifty feet was dead. !
rackq: City-lought .. As the day grew older, and- u '
which'. had beer the sun shone'reluctantly' on iA ME'
he top of the cam- the blood-soaked scene, the. r
ered'the grass and spectators deserted it, leaving "
round.:There were thd twisted truck, its cab RADI 1954
glas hbweied oi running blood and, on the' ..'. in .r .
De-nidesz une ddniensfraffoe>- gaflp a
; crumpled bits of front seat, a doctor's stethos- .
e strewn .'about.. cope, a few hyperdermic sy- .'
of the Pick-u'p ringes, and all around, the SEE IT AT THE 'C."ADA.: ,TRADINb..O,. t,, ..
led- ,concertina of. blood-drenched bits of cloth-' RUE PAVEE SHOQW R MOI' R0' T .
eta 'In the fitful ing, -bags of salf, things that OR AT DEALER MAX VIVIR, RUE PA
,-.. i once belonged to the wounded -. .
or 'the dead..
SoThe train that bad brought .' Th Beist i ftei e a
so much ill-fortune had.gone fe- w "Ofe siah'W CSI6.. "
its way. It.bore with pride '
the number it had earned so ALL N
well No. 13.
offer h
U.S.. Navy Torpedo.Bomber A ,
Crashed On Take Off
Continued from Page 1
A Nayy tug took the crum-
pled craft back to Guantana-
mo Bay, Cuba, for. repairs. '
this was not the first .
ccrack-up>> of the month.. A It '
Venezuelan B25 bomber came. I '. ::
in for a landing' at Bowen
Field on New Year's Day. It ':I I' -
appears the landing gear was .
not locked the' result a '.,
crash! ". The wing and tail
were smashed.
Another Venezuelan Air- :..
force ship, 'a DC 3' flew up
spare wing and' tail from .
Caracas, andl repairs to. the
damaged plane werd made' IN BAG OF 42 1/2.'POR .IAND BEMENT
engagement 'at the herf. The'B25 returned to STANDARD RAULI I T 6 PLY
ine tri, f.o) Can- Caracas last week after s1iuc- MTT'C'LD. .fl OSITION
e ,Thorland, fea- cessful test flights. Porau-Princp Ter-: 1387 -
Cur Dr0'8e'0iv and
e" a aee- e e ee e -ce ...

p, mace oe se -/. 'eO "ee eec ." "
-w. ,,m, aim.., p, ., .. ., 4 .,n,., i -S H, iO=E Sm~- -,--i e

''im o m i i i I i 11 1 i 1:,:, 1 : : 1 1 : im i I I o

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