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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Creation Date:
January 24, 1953


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Source Institution:
Duke University Libraries
Holding Location:
Duke University Libraries
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 32441147
lccn - sn 95058138
lcc - Newspaper 2117
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1' i

S, ps Tour OF

V .

Friay morning His Excelen- When completely finished. the .

ued merous fres in e cy the President and Madame city will pave 14 stores 2 schools I
T Magloire accompanied by high 1 civic center with an audito- A*-
wind itself was caused, report trekked, rorth to Gonaiev ds
front porch weather observers,. Le Cap observihg the 150th An .
ERNARD DIEDERICispected, the workers'city Cite tion, swimming pool and sport '

Monday afternoon at Cite MlaL brations, was .nmahn of slvl4
gloire a fire was controlled by. e in- ahogay coloEDITOred wih. .
; ,- dent of the Lankton-Ziegle-Mar- section tour in the office's of 3 'i ', si ^ ,
the brigade ITI home No. 60 be- I a qGuit. manner of-talking:.
hoef-r Intei-national, S.. en the construction company
Sore causing any serious dam- moving about.. Hel a uun6a(:
age. 'La Phalange* reports,the t wi e uing0f. .the waft ed by .many until he was dt
H. city welcomed the Chief of State BritlSh OlishilWatt
Sfemen saved three babies fro De S A served in the cente of the Pal-
perishing in the fire. The fire- and Party, and guided them over Way pERSON talking with thei.
men don't reca, even setting' the, 60 acres where 330, two and Haiti lost a true friend a week president of the Reblic he

eyes on these babies, three room houses of 1noderri ago in the-death of Edmund Da- bad brought' no Ifor al clothes
Continued on Page 16 design are mushrooming. viHis Exllen- Watt, compl.E., O.B.E. Mr. 'and later confessed that in or
.-causednumerousatt died in his residencfiresinthee at der to attend the ball he had
button Of500000 President and MadRE Martissant early Saturday morn ,-borrowed t busers from a AA ....
0 Powdered Milk thtde'ar Ws rvirckac hoas ...tr- a rt f .
^ '-,,Cap Disti'ibution of the 500,000 'receiving the powdered.: milk t le at Ae friend and a shirt fom the fe-
Magloire accompanied by high oonattheEglise SainteAne editorofenter Red oo wit heaudito-
m.tich discussed pounds of CARE will receive simplified demon- tre eior o o i'
wdered milk was launched stratons on how to break down iu, a post office, a polie sa- .
f cContinued rn Poge 16 Continued on Page 145 "
January 12th at the Smith Du- the powder into liquid form or n, s ing pool and spo
lyessis school in Rue du Centre. how to add it to food. HAITI'S POOR CROPS. '''
o The milk which arrived in bar- Continued on Page 16 .
Brel form is currently being hand- CU .1U W 1. lL' T.RADEl ,.-.'
ed over to schools, osplta. Wadented n of the Lakto-egleMar Aseton tNCEour in thei -the ffiaitian economythe otheffi shots of
asylums, orphanages and popu- Worth Of Olgarettes theRepublic o of 231054 kilogram in
Iar cantines'in Port au Prince, From Gramr'Rue. Boutique Haiti was considerably below 1*52-53 was the maui factor in
Cap ."a itiof.,' Mcmute
T o HaCO'gte gggggzz Mr. Samuel Ziskind, Chief of and.booked in the theft of $300 53 [ended Qct.], with 6 dead price of sisal, Haiti'db. 2 ex-
Immorahlzed the CARE mission in Haiti. worth of cigarettes from the season that extended from 'Jiine port, also cut revenue. 'The
working in conjunction with th GrandRue boutique of Mnal, e Nor to October. Bt the economic 15665,336 dollars p in epott
Once upon a time there was. Haitian government, through a q a of'ai*g" ; -
forevilus Pierre. Two other dam-bou- picture has ben brightened fo Continued on Page'
Sold man, an old man whom the Secretary of State of PubliState British'
tique keepers have been charg- 1954 in a better coffee crop,,e center o te l-. '
Sone ever but cn y Hed with receiving stolen goods with continued. high-prices and Saeetn of 195 4
heard of. Everyone knew that stated that the government had p e, a d cbll l iw .
and police have alerted rural a rapidly-growing toust trade. animal Mrine .
wherever thism man went he allotted 25,reca0 dollar even setting' the 60 acre we President of thRePbli ..h ,

Coined on Page 16 design are mushrooming 16 Since coffee is the Mr.asis of Last evening a the nehat inOc
irried with him big baskets transportation, distribution, and c-de Jeaisty orc estra sh*h2. on
Wag upon his shouldersdied hisee that hisder toadatt henstrate cost which CA

was eager to filll D his man a non profit institution, can-.
Powdeed.,..,,..,pseendanace omthe ehit meringe of.he

Continued on Page not assume The various centrin enge
Srel form is cuibrentty being hand-.9 "l as te.slI t

ere The English Had A Foothold,
[Another in the series of at Cayes. Oh yes, the town is
,of the Republic]. called St. Louis du Sud, and it
I'here is a town in southern is situated on the main highwaY
alti that in some respects re- 168 kilometers' southwest of us
bles Port au Prince, though while Cayes is 41 kilometers fur
certainly a much smaller other. You will note that more
ale" As our capital, it is situ- progress has been made on pnv
'id in a protective bay, and ing the highway, but, for the
dfiressed by a mountain range. most part, your trip south is a
ylou go. get a check-up on your rough bioe and you may see sev-
a!hd plan to spend the night Continued on Page 3

THE CENTENARIAN Mme VvePollux Mainvielle is seen center,
surrounded by her children and grandchildren during her 100th
birthday anniversary celebration Monday, Jany. 11th in Jeremie.

to-edi to press. The meringue con
test sponsored by City Hall and
- STPP has a first -prize of 300
dollars and second of 150 dol-
lars. The rhythm of the merin-
gue must be exclusively Hai-
tian. .




*' r

4 '

Qolombians Score 4 I
Against Violete
Friday evening the Deportee .
Quindio,,Colombia's second team
beat Violette 4 .

S. ..,.
*...... -.... ..'r ; *; .*;.i... .:



Pae -, HAITI SUN. SUNDAY, JANUARY 24th, 1954

Si i HotelTOpen M hWith Chief Of Police Returns
Simbi Hotel To Open March With CFrom Inspection Tour Of Do You Know Haitian Art ?

32 Air Conditioned Roome north And Artibonite talent. St. Brice gradually began to s
Delay in delivery of ceramics try the hotel's threv stories are l. Marcaisse Prosper, Chief elop can be classified as one
made in Germany has set back served by automatic elevators. of Port au Princepolice, returnork can be classified as onef pri-
I .of the 'most primitive of pri-
the completion date of Haiti's Now scheduled to be complet- ed to the Capital last eveninginters His
hotel was do- from a motor tour of the Arti- A mitive Haitian painters. His
first ultra modern design hotel, qd in March the hotel was de- C wNrk enthralls th chrm and
1 i* i T work enthralls the ca d
the Hotel Simbi. Withdrawn signed and built by architects bone and North department th dom
fro the Martissant highway in Robert and Pierre Baussan. Col. Prosper whose duties pre- unsophistication that is seldom
from the Martissant highway in Robert and Pierre Baussan. found between Cap Haiden and
expansivegrounds Mine Canot's Georges Ganot and his ce vented his participation in the found between Cap Haitien and
expansive.grounds Mme Canot's Georges Ganot and his crew Jeeie ispinigscnti
150th anniversary celebrations,paintingscontain
hotel has -a wonderful picture from the essential oil plant in 5th anniversary celebrations li ma
took eopotunity fere by none of the complicated images
post card view of city, harbour Trouin are working on the build- took the opportunity and designs of the odoun world
anQ mountains from each bal- ing. The Ganots' have taken 3 days leave to inspect thebut merely prisms of growth,
works carried out in the Arti-
cony leading off its 32 aircondi- some of their eggs from the f- works carri-development and life. Its sim-
tioned rooms and roof bonito, Gonaives and Cap Hab-,ei development and life. Its sum-
tione rooms and roo garden gile essential oil basket and plicity and candourr sing in re-
To have the largest salt water placed therA in the promising tien. verence.to what is natural and
pool and golf course in the coun- tourist market. wholesomely artistic. In St.
6,000 Dollars Damage Brice's work as in his person-
Uru Team To To SHADA's Rubber The Artist's typical work
Uruguay Team To ality one can see the revival of
it In February daHaitian Army Airline estimates the damage to This artist is named Robert the artist as an onien to life.
ServiceHas Stewardesses the source Chaude rubber dry- St. Brice. ,Monsieur Robert as M. Robert is the father of
Mr. Bouchato Martini told An- Two stewardesses ing-room that went up in flames he is more popularly known in four 'young children, the oldest
re' Theard of the provisional engaged by the Haitian Air noon time January 12th at 6,000- Bizoton where he resides was of whom is 18 and the youngest
dre Theard of the provisional engaged by the Haitian Air dollars born in Petionville in 1898, be- 11, all find great joy in 'Papa's
committee of the FHF'that Uru- Force to see to the comfort of painting. As a rule it is the
gay gaff to paint at the age of fifty. painting,. As a rule it, is the
Sguay's national team would visit passengers travelling to and -.M Robert was inspired to paint 'other contemporary artists who
aiti in February in the course from the provinces on the Army Ghouchou Bay Tourist M. Robert was inspirce of Alex John discover St. B rice's quality in
of..-A" Latir American tour pro- Air Line. o Project To Commence July by the influence of Alex John discover St. Brice's quality in
ding theFed American tou proays all Architect Robert Bausmm san of an American Painter Musician essence and buy his works read

e n Ibo L'ele and manager Andre who met Robert through mutual ily. ,-
Sexenes. Roosevelt predict that work on friends while in Haiti in 1948. Besides painting M, Robert is'
e" P dn. ei, T ^ ---,,- ,r'F, their Chouchou Bay north shore It was after seeing John's work the owner and chief adminis
SDPr ines A T Pe tourist paradise will commence and talking with him for a brief trator of a small boutique which
.,.tourist paradise will commence
At arveE lt L I July. Meaptime the government spell about art that M. Robert is adjacent to his home in Bizo-
S! At Carbe Hilton 3 in its planned cooperation is ex- became interested in painting, ton that keeps-, him busy be-
Folklore singer and dancer -4 pected to start sanitation work being encouraged wholehearted! tween his. ainting hours. One
;ae'S: o r olitaire Shoe Polish de Luxe ly by John who eventually took of Roberts many, talents is the
Emerante de Pradines and troup- gives shoes a four-fold beauty in the area.
-*, ", ,treatment cleans dirt from the _____ residence in M. Robert's old baking of pastries, pies, cakes
ers Edner Pean, Gerard Dorsin- pores preserves and nourishes -wooden ginger bread style me and bread wic e usual
ville' Anna de Pradines and Sil- waterproofs and polishe Look ver Souh wooden ginger ea style me and bread which he usual
S.. lle Anna de Prad and S ith a --long-lasting brilliant that Robert says is ove 100 bake at the least request of
vera Decosa have- an engage- shine. Makes new shoes last for .
e years old ones shine like new Mr. Nisio Baptista Martins, years old. a guest or, family member.
., merit to~play at the Caribe Hi- In all fashionable shades- for all
ton in San Juan. leathers.onae sades a Secretary ?f the Brazilian Lega- Prior to Robert's new inter- M. Robert fipds time for his
'' -"... .. --tion, has asstimed the post of est he worked as a cook and .creative endeavours whenever
ler a ed POI Charge d'affaires a. i. following valet for a continuous period of there is relative freedom from
S Swindler Nabbe By Police hI the departure of Minister Can- 25 years for an American fin-
In-d 'A Proviciaf tuaria, Guimaraes for South ance consultant John Craddock .
iIiidate A Provihcia li ii-Africa. ho resided in Haiti during and
S- Tueday morning Antoine Ed-. Charge'd'Affa irs after the American Occupation.
gard.was nal3Jed .by a sergeantt '- i Of Brazil Following the death of his em. k
S of twlfire.-statio,. while trying Exclusive Agent in Haiti : Doctors Jaime Velarde and player in 1949 M. Robert devnt-
to irttim ndate.,.and steal .money ALEXANDRE MOURRA Gaston Facio UNICEF delegates ed all his energy to his family
from a manf from the .provinces sale at'all letter in Haiti, are now on an inspec- and his painting, considering
intrinshit; In thb capital. Slores tion tour of the south. painting his new avocation.
S""' .M. Robert's talent wva4i -brougft
r 1 ".. '..to the attention of M. Dewitt
.-.Peters by Alex John and through
his assistance and encourage-
ment of the Haitian Art Center
New Carp Available
Flig his W weekly On The Local Market As other Artist see m -
STUESDAY,' THURSDAY, SATURDAY and The tasty almost boneless before his home
SUNDAY at 8:45 a.m. toq lunten carp is' now available at '
k. a a am2 a\ Ar S cents a pound, reported Mr. his more strenuous duties as a
S II I I II II S l Arrive
M .,:, 11.48 a.m. EST Emmanuel Garnier, director of father, baker and shopkeeper.'
Connections to MIAMI, WASHINGTON, NEW YORK, MEXICO the carp operation at. Damien This is usually when the child '
N E W O R LEA N S Arrive .'CT Thursday. It is recommended dren are at school or during
N EW O RLEA N S 21 C for its nutritive richness and night hours sitting in his shop.
LUHC O Ipleasing taste. Tha carp is on The work of Robert St. Brice
For reservations and information alue at Mr. Abelard Desenclos, can be found hanging in the
SPhone: 3313 "' Lalue; Mr. Savaille, Rue M"r Haitian Art center and in the
/ Guilloux [in front of Stade Ma- homes of numerous American]
--.r o.' .... ... rseey our trvelAgent .f -.~~^^S gloire]; Mr. Bonnaire, Petion- collectors. -In due time M. Ro-
." ..., ,, ,. 4-.ltl l J.'. i' ville, and at the experiment.- bert hopes to have a one mai.
station of the project at 'D show.
".'' ": mien. By W. Francis, Lucas Bizonod'
t ..*" r .'. .

JINUAx, JAlNUAA Z4tn, J19'0


Where.The English Had A Foothold

Continued from. Page 1

iral breakdowns on the road,
ie an over-loaded camion with
i brokeni axle. The main thing
s... get an early start so that
ou can spend the better part
Df the afternoon at St. Louis du
Sud. Don't forget your swim-
. After passing Aquin, we soon
start to climb another long hill.
St. Louis.is the first tdwn after
the descent. There, nestled be-
I ---
tween the sparkling bay and the
colourful mountain range, you
find' the homes, of several hun-
ded" Haitians. Get out your
sandwiithes- and you vill find
r conuts' handy .-to' quench your
thirst. Surely. you know some
French. or Creole; if you don't
you should .have invited an in-

hand in the town's affai-s. He
once, tried putting a finger in
the Bureau of.Contributions. A
good parishioner' was slightly in--
debted to that office and the,
priest was putting : in a good
words for him. The man then
in charge of 'the bureau said,
dNo, no; bhe will pay his dues
like others. Religion. and the
Bureau of Contributions don't
mix while I'm here., When
short of material for 'his ser-
mons the priest manifest's is
attitude toward non-cptholic
groups. From th'e pulpii he
made a very misleading state-
ment that was soon gossiped all
around town. He falsely accus-
ed a sincere small group, of
Christians in town of ,being corn
munists. That same group has

its work banned in communist
terpreter along, because while workbann com
countries. The charge was clear-
i.' chc is digesting you will have
veraquestins. .. ed up later, but the wrong could
not be righted.
..T'The inhabitants will want d not be ghte.
shw Something else that 'i 9not
show you the remains of an old'. ,
English for. .Aparently E, quite right, but tolerated, is'this
English. fort. .Apparently ,Eng-
Zand had.a foothold on some of matter of pIuralit'.of wives
tbs territory before ana' a little You .may have ea',. shot ar-
alter" the arrival of the French. tile in the :ttou will be curious about twa eer15 about a man who was
arrested .fr-c.argmng eleven
names; t'at give evidence o .~a f .. .rging7 eleven
:!,some- gish influence, though s s e should
are., ... ,.r say pih ni b e] He has
.e- are no t akmaing -any sser- A". has
tions.One e nathes es is St': : -'x o. i i 0 wi.. th.
.-hi self a s. heads .T 'e his fol
.teorges aiid the other is Zang- .:. L, ead. e his f -
a-is. The waiterr is nothing more lowers hehas several concu-
.-.s 'bies, and this usuail" leads to
than a few houses at a turn in 4 -., .y
"n; many unlldppy incidents.. An-
th e road this ide o St. Louis. ; .~. i Any-
.tistor s. ws t. g s, one knows that the church rate
of, ,f;."~r,, .. fr 'hol viater is only hplf
to 'e ot sote omdrL- .e -,-, ,. .
us' ed to ~ 6 f ni' Whit hisnb min was charging for
a.d .c. g Frenh aomation. &.- 4 k 4.
a .in.. ai d osimtsm, And it would.surely
If :notiig. more, i iwas e cen- a*. i'. t "
A f do as much- good.
tr for several towns. The cair
6''.'"'., I '" 4.. 9.
Bale dept.. Louis may explain The heat of the day is. just
,this. lc. h more could be said, passing. Time nowv for, a swlf.
i details Leave the car in the shade and
Witlthhe. answer .to 'yourquer- follow the shore east intil you
es. come .to a place where a small
.:? Th~' real stand-by for the table stream flows into the bay. You
down there .is fish which they will be impressed by one thing
Sure know how to prepare. this location wodld make a
f.Beans, yams, rice and buns may wonderful beach with just a 'lit-
accompany this dish, not to men 'te development. After a good
;tion a variety of sweet potatoes swim in the salt water, you can
Peanuts- are grown there too. rinse off in the fresh-water
We are not long in town be- stream. This leaves time to
'fore we learn that the local Ca- loaf around a while, and then
iholic priest wields a heavy on to Cayes for the night un-



; '*:*'Page.'

less you would like to ask about NEXT SUNDAY LAST FOR
local accommodations in a pri- KIDDY PHOTO CONTEST
vate home. Next morning, back N.ext Sunday, January 31st
to Port au Prince. You will be will be the last day of the kiddy
refreshed and glad for this photo contest. Winners will be
glimpse of Haiti's green country announced February 7th'. The
life. Where to for next month's winning kids will receive prizes
outing? from the Haiti 'Suif, Joseph Na-
dal and Co. [Gerber's Food, Ca-.
may Soap, .Carnation Milk, and
Tntontc MaCOUten. Quaker Oats]; Canape Vert,' La
Immidrtalzied Belle Creole, the Haiti Trading
Continued from Page 1 Co. [Grant's Whisky for Dad],
and Clapp's Baby Food.
came at night and. was never ____
heard of in the day. ,i '' ,* .
Do' you recognize him? He is
aTonton Macoute., --.the Hai-
tian bogey man. The my th of
*Tonton Macoute lives, in the
hearts of all Haitian children
both young arid old. His pock
ets. a.nd baskets are filled With.
boys and girls "'ho have misbe-,
haved. He is the old man,whiom
most dbildter fear. and respect;,
He is'the an ymous old gent .
who lives in. th mountains and : .
prowls at' night.1i Both devil aitd -
saint,. he .is. the geni of Haitian Monsieur Edouard W1elder 1
nights. the three-jear-three-montoh old
'Tonton Macoute, has been son of. Mr.. and ,Mrs. Georges
,ill a : S.
given a fornby thei yount Hal- Welder. .Mothr of this stiyous.
tiap sculptor' Thomas Damus youngster is the ormer Soeur-.
whose talent has provided us et .Baussa .
Swith an idea of how folk visul- ,.
ize this boogeyman Tonton Ma .
coutq, can be seen today at the O S. Abb$.g 5.- -
Centre de Ceramique, where Da- To Dohililtin- liQill
m q ,W'e. .-. ....... ._ e .. ...
mus has been studying under ao n c :'
scholarship for 'the. past two .dayM .o 'i gA H.s Ptelffe U
years leading and mastering cyAMr. William Pt. heiffer, U.. i
Soure, "nr h Aamlombassad or t6 the Domiifcan'
the technique of e ramics he .
Republic, flew in frfni Ciudad
has so ably demonstrated in .... .
'nt. Trujlao on an rinvitation''oft. Mr:
c.t.on W tbt.ook Peglt. .ThAte A i-, s
Damus was born in Cerca La .,
: can dilomnit returns tO his post
Source, a small town on the Do- .
-.. I thiss ftfrnoon. _. a
minican frontier in .1931. And
when he grew to school age he
was sent' to Cap Haitien to at-
tend the Maison Populaire d']-
ducation Wvhere he. became in-
terested in ceramics..Acknowl-
edging his aptitude for this type'
of work his teachers sent him
to the ceramic center in Port:
By W. Francis Lucas,

Yvana Duvivier is observing
her 62nd fete in Turgeau tomor-

( The, best beer., of ...all


S ,
* ,The passionate reader. .sLe.
teur p assonne, simnthh old
Edoiiard. Lauture, son of Lt. and
s. G'eor s Laut .

0 4 t on'the horittal 7
bar is one-year-old Reynaodp CL '.
.iii7.7 2, sor. D4- Mr.. and Mr..
Nuima Corvington. .

7 Methodist Churclten

17 Methodist ,missionaries a '
lyiig to Port au .Prince to i
ipect their rhissions' 'ebruaty
,. t'" :,r,.(. ,- '%
ird, from a Methodist ~nifise .,
aimual cpnfereice in.'Cuba



~7'I 1'4

'I -4


1*.4 4.'.. ,..4 -

- S WW" W S

Page 4

E. L. Foss, advertising m
S ager of Latin American Divis
PAA, accompanied by Gene A
tin in charge of the PAA
count for J. Walter Thomps
was in town Thursday throb
Sunday studying ways a
S means of making PAA ads mc
effective and looking over n
tourist facilities. The, visRt
were impressed by the,.rise
S.- hotels here.
Thad Roberts of Brown a
Root Construction company
S 'leaving by Delta-C&S for L
Angeles Tuesday.

S T Da Ades went to the Stat
Sunday on annual business.
Writer Madeleine Lagazy, a
S' :thor of 'Une Femme Chante
clippered to the States th
Mme M'arie-Marthe Ambrois
A.' Mr. Anelus Birothe, and M
Louis Vilmbnt,flerW to Santiag
1r. de Cuba, Camaguey and Havan
this week.
i Louis Moravia. observed th
passing of another year We
i nesday.

BF. Goodrich


Truck and
'T ac1to Tires

tyl'",:: ,,

": a; .:" .[

S ,- "Disfibulors:
- PPort-au-Prince

.: DESQUIRON Succrs,
r, mie
Sux Cayes
,BOUCARD & CO., Jacmel
S,.4i*." konaiuves.

--.. -






tiJoseph report

of Boyd Terrefeiro down from Plantation Dauphin attending
the Cat. school told Your Reporter to spread the good news
that the North coast is a wonderful unspoilt fisherman para-
nd dise. The only barracuda encountered kept its 6 feet slender
is .body at bad breath distance and refused to be enticed. No
,os record exists'on the North coast, sa4s Boyd, of one ot these
1 supersonic fishes ever touching a morsel of human flesh.
es Westbrook Pegler, Hearst paper columnist, peddler of re-
actionary line, user of ecoco macaque, against labour unions,
lu- arrived at the Ibo Lele from C. T. yesterday after getting
e, ," the good word from.our regular neighbour. A top man in
lis his profession, Mr. Pedler leaves town this morning for-the
North by the Panama Line.
e, *. ,Newly joined the ranks of the fearful blasters of sound is
r.- a yellow-coloured monstrosity which will carry the word to
Co the 'bois, of the arrival of a new Kolynos tooth paste and
ia Anacin -headache cure. Najeeb G. Indonie and Zeki Mourra
of the Indonie"Mourra Corporation recently appointed agents
of 'Home Products, are sensibly using their sound truck to
ie demonstrate, using movies, latest developmentsfin hygiene
d-' to the folks out of .town.
Slight damage was caused to- the Shell Pier Wednesday
.T morning while a tanker was alongside and force five on
shore wind Was blowing. The damage was so slight that
importations will not be affected in any way, said a spokes-
Expected guest at the Ibo Lele include Henri 1st Dupont
and a group from the Rockefeller family ... Allen Peters
celebrates his birthday tomorrow and Ronald Chenet is ob-.
serving his first year on the good earth today ... The Straus-
ses of Holiday magazine are at the Mon Reve with Saturday
Evening Post Hugh Cave ... Margaret is the new daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Andre Trainard ... Henry Birmingham made
a present of 15 cases of famous English Bibby soap to the
Mme 'Magloire Foundation this week. Henry left town
Wednesday -and 'flew to England to take a leading role in
*:tte movie being made by Bibby to demonstrate the activities
of. their soap. Henry is the Haitian version of Mickey Rooney
... Mr. Bquchaton Martini has returned to the Consulate in
Uruguay,... American Congressman John Dempsey and his
wife spent last Sunday at the Ibo Lele ... For one month,
every Thursday and' Friday there will be a criminal 'session .
at the'Justice Palace without the presence of a jury ... The
eclipse of the moon wai visible from 9:30 p.m. through the
right Monday ... Architect Jacques Dominique Hyppolite is
going to France to work with Albert Laprade, chief architect
of private and state buildings. Hyppolite who worked on
.the Gonaives project will be away six months ... Milo Hakime
joined the ranks of Press Photographers St the Colombia -
Violette game. Of slight importance was his bulbs that
wouldn't flash ... Due here is Serge Fliegers U.N..correspon-
dent of Readers Digest and Wall Street Journal ... Sunday
afternoon past Hans Berthold entered two Rue .des Miracles
homes with his Buick .... the famed Aroyos Mardi Gras
band is tumbling out of the mothballs this .morning and at
ten are expected to commence Goouyade .exercises starting
in Bois Verna ... the Lefort Seards original Gonaivians have
moved from four years in Ave 0. Sacre Coeur to Petionville
... Tuesday evening was Arabian night at Cabane Chou-
coune ... Gonzalo de Cordova, secretary of the Spanish Em-

'.",.,.i:. ...: .. .... L. '..' .*. :,.,y,-.-.-,,'. %.. .' ...,.... **.'. "*.r. ",:" ." .,,, ,, .,..,. .... .-.:, ..' :.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 24th, 1954

Before Sonaco headquarters on the, Exposition are seen, two
fine pieces of equipment. In the, foreground a Sheep's ." Foot
roller. In background Gardner- Denver Portable Compressor.
RF I." 1 ,:



4 flights weekly from the Caribbean
by Super Constellation and DC-6B .
Low Thrift Seasoa Rates now in effect. s
Choice of Deluxe or Air Tourist Service.
For full iprumatuloa se. S.A.E. & G. MARTUN m '
IMP. & EXP. CO. Tel. 2352; Sutherlond Tours, -ROYAL. DUTCH
Tel. 391/7378; Heroux Tours, Tel. 3493; Magic A ...
I- land Tours, Tel. 2078. AIRLINES

..- ,. ,*' -,:" .'* ..*?;,-*i:;B1: ^' iA t.'^^ L:'; U a i'1-*'..*** ^-:: ,i' S '.t 4 ^H'


bassy, is returning home to Spain, February 8th with his
new Cadillac ... Mme Vve Adolphe Wolff is going to Inagua,
Bahamas, to visit her children and grandchildren ... Bill
Forbis is down from Rockefeller Center fishing. Bill was
here three years ago in his capacity as Time correspondent
for Central America ... Maia Rodman is teaching the art of
tennis at Bellevue Club ... Basket ball season opens next
Thursday at Stadium Vincent ... Ki Pi is becoming the ren-
dez-vous of tape recorder fiends ... Mme Paul Najac returned
from the hospital is convalescing at home in Bois Patate
from a nasty fall ... Authorities are contemplating rebuild-
ing the wooden police station ... Bob Hallock, GM refrigera.
tor is over from Puerto Rico ... Everett Erb is marrying in
Colorado this week. He was here for more than a year with
his yacht ... Mr.-Edouard Gentil observed his fete Thursday
... Geologist John A. Birch arrived in Haiti Wednesday to
study the possibilities of exploiting the gold mines of the
northeast of Haiti ... Marcel Desir sculptor and the Venus
bakery proprietor have converted their lottery winnings into
backyard jarres ...
... Honeymooners Mr. and Mrs. Louis Savrin are here .at
the Ibo Lele for 10 days on the recommendation of an
'ami, of Haiti, Judy Ross ... Dr. Athemas Bellerive, Direc-
tor General of the Public Health Service, left Wednesday for
Trinidad, Panama, Guatemala and Mexico to study their .pub
lic health programmes on a special invitation of WHO.
* A tragi-comic scene took place at the Sacre Coeur police sta-
tion Wednesday morning when a woman vendor who had
recognized a thief whom.a ggendarmes had just taken to
the police station made the sign of the cross with satisfac-
tion and shouted: Be your name blessed, my God; that thief
stole fig bananas from me last week.* From ,Le Jour-,
Thursday. .
U ,

SUNDAY, JANUARY 24th, 1954


: -.- .. .'---

I SUN. -
U *' Page.

Ohurchill Speaks
I.,On American Economic
SPolicy At InstitVte

a: On Friday, January 15, -.an
"Friday, January 22, Mr. Johi
Churchill gave at the Haitiaui
American Institute a series
..two lectures on American Ec
,P nomic Policy. In the 'first, M
Churchill outlined what is' mean
..by the term, cBcpnoric.Poicy
mentioning particularly" those
factors upon which long-term i
':;terpretation and forecasts an
.' based. He pointed out the us
.- --- a-, -

Opened Is' .December

So .Rue. Pa.-ee opposite
1 1' "" y Dri' "fr s .

where dji v-il ind.
a"l' arge ocr!,ction of, .
imported Euiripean handbgqs.,
leather aogQs, French eirr, I nf'

n. .
": fags' silve ,are e.s.
. T il"'. .'.g .s m,

t O a' '
.';.o r ,*;.., r, a,, +.

Jgoph Hdaliaand t ,

': I

. :



When you appie to Ca
sCitadelle La FerrierA'
able at the new Hotel M
Here awaits ou a
ment atop Carenage Hi
A fabulous spectacle
in our spacious and airy
view of the Citadelle in


of flexible economic measures muda, Lisbon, Cadix, Casablan- Ships Of US Navy rvIce, h had aonderabl'
like 'the graduated income tax,. ca, Dakar, the Isle of the At- Sip 'Of.S. gro h n tf c ther.
In.Pot. growth in traffic a" e .'."-4
government support in agricul- lantic, Port of, Spain, Trinidad, Yesterday four ships of- the of visitors who, sterFe
ture and fast. tax write-off for La Guaira, and Port au Prince U. S. Navy arrived in Port. They Port au Prince, want to
business, which permit the eco- on its itinerary. The Antilles are: the US Vulcane A R6, the. further i the country.
in nomy to adjust to changing con- will call at all major ports of P. C. S. 1387, the L S T 279 and Taxis and tour services h
editions. The second lecture was the Caribbean on its cruises. the L.S T 291. increased the number of. a
or1 devoted to a discussion of Hai- es in Hitiand,-by
o- ti's economy, both as it resemb- rniu ti hennd .te ne ear
r. led and differed from that of itsT. Seco To Coffee ing the d oearer t
nt larger neighbour to the North'. ptla pmakvr io Haiti lr-ss' ahea atdci to
SBoth lectures featured forecasts A ...y n k ro Le a pav ild road.'
se of the economic weather to be The fastest 'rowing. industry tractive, cleah, well-equipped re- Quite apart fr6m providing
n- expected in 1954, with an explan- in Haiti ancf the one which, ;n sorts which- have provided im- the market a some of the..
re ation of how such forecasts are the foreseeable future at least portant stimulation to the con- edities for the' country's most .
;e made. will determine whether, the sifruotion iidustty in what was helpful industry, .air iogmmtm.,
Mr. Churchill is graduate country can stay out of the red, becoming a stagnant economy., nations thich offer the cbea
is tourism.: I To'' rism' in aft unequipped.. eat, tnnspbtt, for.many. es 6,%k
student at Harvard University, s t rism.. ..To-. in a.. unequipped.. -- ,'any ty
here he is prjpariqg his dqc. In the last four years, tourism countyinspires.developmnt um ;n *inhave become ;the regdlart:
ral diseation in h chosn has r n om practically no- several. other fields a's ell ute. for, everV Haitia n i
tural dissertation In his 'chosen ...... .. "
.:field. He expects to remain in thing to a. business that br-ought Suitable 'food, :. especially. mct; partss ad e .
'e coun try'an e7sti z'at Op i 0, t'7 ..a P p, werlca ,m r' e .:
Haiti during" thg' current yei e countrSY a estimated 4,006 dairy, poets ,aid eggs, were A erica f shoes r....
'having altered his. thesis topic 000 dollars. in .1.3. seond. i unavqilabe in Hait.Pa Ae.. P U. t. ,aitifr exap
to include material oplecterd venue only' to c a con-. .rica. nw flies in regular sh ip- se at has n.: t..
o Jnclude m material .oplecte .-. ... _.- .. -.. .. ,... ..-..
"du'itg his stay 1p this country. try. Whose, total national budget metnts to keep restaurant-stand-.. he most"economical mea.
He impressed his audience at ns about, 0,000,000 dollars ards. u to '.g.',,. ipe
the Institute with his com-nd .less than that of a medium.U. .. .white the slower; more difficult "uee cargo plae
.... ""a.tAn-It 16
'- of his field and wh his ea., City this is a. sum to r'q process of' expanding local ou ....
of his field nd with his eas City .Staes, .-..
ability to give 'an titeresti ith. And' itis stil mountin .put is mi ford : :
and informative' series uf- le Haiti played .host to 34,9 L4abour is aiote. wh ,. .
tures. svito: r during the fiscal theP neh pe,1.dug ; iis, a n'Ai, .' B! ', Y;' .'
____r ending September 30,. a 70"' er.. backw ". coujT'try g" t ..;
backnraedV' cIf irs...
SFretch Lineits IT Make cent "Lptrease over the previpii sjoority ot s population 'is Sh tr i.of the
*" !0"0Garyji n iss, g. 12. months., In 19,4, 50,Q00 visi- filLtterai~ ji -y. n :,ile :. d3 e m as; a
)Ae AtIn ,T .l ,., "',
S The.O.r igie pnerale Trans tors ar expected, .p.1nless but.toe ie p, 1li'.tQ 1 gaQY vdtic tr
4tlIantjHqB ners ije d race, hre is. a sudden tW ,r -the trade "special, training ::ourS the .ep ,
...*a t o -' in I. ralloe, .. .. ,
Flandre daidAtillesvill rejidit- better in poon-coffee-gppytr- have hben ""1 e" ;' pr 't ";'iRj a
,ely;ip ;ale 10 Carihbean winter i s wl rodc ere Haibl'retb wr
ue .' p revenue producer. Ad cnte
I. '.' -,-T." ." "." .' -
Sheueel f thq fleet ife e' overall factors are involved rusp I eal cq a : begun' rolling:
Franice,' will'open 't yp lopment, but the most ,,.. .-I:. ,
r. f UwhenIt sails or am lt -is aiservice. Pan .... ...." .
to Fort de Frande, Port of Spain, JP'gg W:orld Airways, which
4 pioneered the route to the Carib-
I Ieip .-, -- Iri ,..., ..
o ind M"atanzas." 't.e te "4 -country, frow has two da!li
p", fa W Thtw n -i- '
de ~p nceQ w ill' 'P t =P 4 au n- ee .. : "
Prinpre on its' sspnd ti-se trQ .g the ep ;ntil t' A.I..
ichi will begm in wvrjk et t ifd repub s urf.*
'h wary 25.. of sun, brillg"g flqyers and -
0-.bVary 25t. 'rl -i.po..a,
-a'first 4". I O t..ll four' a strange, q -j popula-. '
cailles will begin in -New York t. Ci b lVe touched
ebrpary ai, and-inclade fer- a Port t P:Pr ., the capital,
e y fqr yearM, but -they stimulated
l1ge more than al few cyrio
Chops..alorig the ocljs... 4ir past
spmgere sto anywhere from a
S few days tp a fewly weeks.

As the flow of visitors has
TOP imo ,ted,, Hait ghs Ut ot phs
.atd shops, restaurA--pan4d rords
0NOWT.L to give them sev'.!e.. -M0ost of
ap-iaitien en route to mighty the hotels have grown with the
, make your stay comfort- trade, like the handsomely de;
ONT-JOLI. signed El Rapcho, which started
new and attractive develop- with six rooms and now has ex-
with six rooms and now hase-

ill, overlooking a resplendent

: Right from your window
rooms, you ma.ifave a pre-
the fiery setting sun.


panded to more than 30. This
wise moderation has enabled
the country to support more
than a dozen first-rate hotels,
keeping pace with demand but
not overtaxing available capital.
Since all of the hotels are new
and especially designed for the
tourist trade, all of them are at-

SFro p P. .oI 1A.M.
. Orchestra
Outstanding Artists
./ Folklore Show


%.%. ... -.'% % %


a/ 40%

quivos.est apparr6

tace TWegevog vell, de ~ k


En 6 ntfaton1t mwinssuvn

-el etfksm is Ivr

m aIe Iu urr

'Ia -dsu eMrh Ala Vite (fu egtel arpAe t
le deoscassl w-e fs&,a-pdsne -.
A rtg .1mteruesc

-me Is 1I nuels

suI .ris( ....
Vesuplai ~ ~ ~ ~ .. de AVAA mcVpm 0 b
Je~~~~~~. depr aSciS wat
gA1ssspe'r A A'

Ov~i SAMEmpoyezesI bat
rK:.~~~~~4 usg.Dsgr1se B
te11e Ata 11r T

SUNDAY, JANUARY 24th, 1954


Only two months remain in tal United States and Canada.
which to submit recommenda- Other members of the awards
" tions for the first Mergenthaler panel include Marshall Field,
Awards for excellence during Jr., publisher of the Chicago
1953 in Latin American journal- Sun-Times and president of
- ism, James B Canel, Manager of Field Enterprises, Inc.; William
"the Inter American Press Asso- Pepper, editor of.the Gainesville'
elation stressed in a communi- [Fla.] Sun; G, Nicholas Ifft, edi-
que received January 15th. Nom-- tor of the Pocatello [Idaho]

nations for-prizes, having a to-
'tal value of 2,500 dollars,' will
be received by the Association
until March 15, 1954.

An awards panel headed by
John S. Knight, president and
publisher of the. Chicago Daily
News and of the Knight chain
,of newspapers, has been named
to' select winners in. the annual
contestt. organized alorg the
.lines. of the Pulitzer' prizes, to
recognize excellence and public
service in the journalistic pro-
fession In the Western Hemis-
. 'phere, excepting the Continen.

State Journal; Harmodio Arias,
publisher of the Panrama-Ameri-
can of Panama, R. P.rJulfo Mes-
quita, publisher of 0 Estado de
Sao Paulo, Brazil; Raul Alfonso
Gonse, editor of El Mundo.of
Havana, Cuba; and Dean Carl
Ackerman of the Columbia Uni-
versity School of Journalism,

Individual prizes of'500 dol-
lars each will go to newspaper-
men for excellent work in the
five fields of freedom of the
.press, editorials or special ar-
ticles, reporting, cartooning and

Opposite PAA an Rue Pavee
. **-,,, .. f % -- .+ *. = .....

SWelcome To0 .

Haiti's Only Indian Store


All Kinds of French

Perfumes, Lotions,

Toilet Waters and



and many others.


photography. In addition, a
newspaper distinguishing itself
through public service ,to the
community will be awarded a
bronze plaque.
The winners wJll be announc-
ed at the Association's next an-
nual meeting in Sao Paulo, Bra-
zil, during October, 1954, at
which time the panel to choose
awards, based on 1954 work will
be announced. The awards were
established by the Association
through the action of ,Mergen-
thaler Linotype 'Cpmpany in
placing at its disposal 62,500 dol-
lars in annual amounts of 2,500
dollars, over a period of 25 years
to finance the distribution of

.suitable prizes.

Candidates should % be active
Journalists earning their li-'r.g
from employment on dailies,
weeklies, or magazines publis.ih-
ed in the Western Hemisipher1,
but excepting the Continent.fl
United States and the Dominioe:
of Canada.
Nominations music be- in writ-
ten form and should be submYt-
t. ed annually prior to March 15,
to Inter-American Press Asso-
ciation, 347 Madison Avenue
New York 17, N. Y. The nomina
tions hust be accompanied by
three copies.-, of editorials, arti-
cles, news stories, cartoons 01
photographs on which the recom
mendations are based and must
be accompanied in each case by
a biographical sketch of the
The contest will be limited to
material that appeared during
the course of the calendar year
1 for which the Awards are to be
made at the next succeeding
annual convention of the Asso

Victim Of Labour
Accident Receives
Artificial Hand
Enove Larmeu-s, a victim o
a labour accident, \hiich cxusec
the amputation of his right
hand, received an artificial hand
Wednesday morning at the
Asile Francais. The 1,725-gourde
hand was purchased abroad by
the IDASH.

Workers May Exhibit
Paintings At Caracas

-On dit an exposition r'f
paintings of Haitian workers
I may take place at the 10th Inter
American Conference to be held
in Caracas in March. -

__ rags

Post-graduate dentist of tha. Unih,:
Good house located at 'La versity of. Michigan, professor at ":
Boule, 2 bedrooms, large hall, 1 the Faculty of Port-au-Prince, of-
bathroom with running water, fers his services to.the p.ub i:
pantry. Phone 3767 from 8:00 Bois-Verna,, phone 52341. Consul-' J
a.m. to 1:00' p.m. or call at 10, ration hours' ? .12 .oon', ,
Avenue du Travail. p.m. to e p.m.. ,.

.* ~ ... :** *,

p A R F U M 'Kj .

I R'

'd lA i. E I



- ..-S>..-.. .l.^...^..- .-,. .-. ...- .- .- .-.. p -?c," -'S .*'' ,t.r ',g

S. .

.i -. .

A- -T.4"'"

For a Delieg'Ku' Rest
S Choose the surroundings of Pines and Poinsettias. .
Sof Cod Kenscoff '

Visil' Chatelel des Fleu]rs

Dinner. .indc Li chies of Distinction.
C-Gosh, it's grci' w' iV-r there now '

/ .. .. *+ .c v *v. :iO*

Superior Establishments Use Superior Air Condi-
S tiioners. You get tlyis Extra Quality when you


Better Designed
More CarefulU. Built
Installed by Experienced Engineers

Westinghouse deliver more cooling effect per Dollar &"
Invested. ,

-chm. -am- -


' II .

stagee a Ii 4l'l' SUN. SUNDAY, JANUARY 24th, 1954

Cuba Invites President To Be

Represented At Bestowing Ceremony

Of Title
This week President Magloire
In a note from Senor Carlos
Bustamente on behalf of the Cu-
ban government was invited -to
send a representative tno attend

On Ike
invitation runs as follows :
To the Honourable President of
the Republic of Haiti,
National Palace,

the American Conti ent% will be
awarded the Honourable Presi-
dent of the United States, and
which will take place at the Na
tional Capital of my country in
Havana, Cuba. The date of such
a significant e.ent in the Ameri-
-an continent will be announce
ed later.
I am in hopes that you will

the ceremony of bestowal of the Honourable President, give your full consent and that
title of Prominent Son of the It is a great honour for me you will appoint a Military Corn
American Continent upon Presi- to address you to invite you mission to represent you.
fldent Eisenhower to take place to the ceremony during which All the governments of Ame-
Sat the Capitol in Havana. The the title of Prominent Son of rica have been invited to send
a delegation. The honourable
Consul General Rouzier Observes President of North America,
Sr General Dwight D. Eisenhower
Independence Day In California has been advised by letter as
well as by Prensa Radial y Ter-.
Haiti's Consul General in San hotel and later with an unoffi-
Frncisco and Mrs. Andre Rou-. oial bamboche at their hbme.
While looking forward to your
.ier observed the 150th anniver- Attending the official celebra-
affirmative answer and expre.-
eary of Independence celebra- ticn were more than 100 guests
sing to you my admiration awl
S tion with a cocktail party and which included many members
sympathy for your prestigious
S buffet supper at the Alta Mira of the diplomatic corps.
personality and your deeli.y
', democratic and patriotic govern-
ment I beg you to accept the-
expression of my consideration
and my respectful homage.
Carlos Bustamente Martinez,
January 16th, 1951.

New Material And UN
Technician To Boost
J. B. Damier
Engineer Raymond Darracq,

bchtail part J. B Damier professional school,


r."'. ,_ ,. %g.i*
/ Grea -30000

-s ti Corsd rgh a M eS Dragline
"Claml:L Tnw-cA Hoe PMe D"i.r 'nd Cr net,
:** PofisiCho Crwd for Shoiel

: rulor in Haiti 'CHARLES FOI9lEBS
SEe a -- H 245 5173 /
'.P' t. C. w d S h e
,W'y; Jtat .>. h .i. .*. I -

is busy supervising the instal-
lation of the new Swedish ma,.
trial made available by Uni'L'l
Nations. Courses in general.
automotive and electrical en-
gineering will commence as soonr
as the entire machinery is in


Sunday, January 24th, at
3:30 p.m
'La Cible Humaine*
At 6 and 8:30 p.m.
aLes Quatre Filles du Docteur
Monday, at 6 p.m.
*L'Histoire des Miniver,
Tuesday, at 6 and 8:15 p.m.
aLes Quatre Filles du Dr.
Wednesday, at 6 p.m.
At 8:15 p.m.

8:30 p.m.
,Le Traitre,
Furnished 3 bedroom house, 2
bathrooms; large living room,
Spanish type house. Contact Mr.
Rene Auguste 7845, Petionville.


$4:00 per day European plan.
Next door to former hotel Aux
Orchidees, No. 15 Rue Oge,

Let me Insurance Company do the. worrynig.
See immediately : *NORWICH UNIOk.a Insurn.ce Co.
Joseph Nadal and Co. Agents: Ted 3486 -




*f .e. .-e.--.-.----.--.


Jib w voA CitAfhfCP
ff- BtL'FA Eanill^

^E t%.

1Page 9


Poughout the United States
week' record critics were-
ig Remington records new
an of 10 Haitian folklore
, by'Emerante des Pradines
her troupe. Bill Renddel in
Antonio, Texas, headed his
OF WEEKP and wept on ,to

oQdoo, something new in re-
folk'-musc, is a fascinat-
ing offering by
'" Rminton .Re-
Scords this
week. This is
music o' Haiti.,
evolved frorh
P phe CLurious
cross cn.rrents
arnd history of
the san3 is-
land Republic.
fiis music, influenced by Irn-
Africanr and French cul-
s, was; recorded in Haiti and
i aries from delicate lullaby
. love song -to humorous dit-
.iand. desperate invocation to'

artid t s is Emy de
lti -of0 a- -Haitian
poA, t and author. She
a spen'tiM, Ahtime' in the
with the Voodoo people.
e is asairted by a chorus of
Sirls ani 'aba-d 'made up of
ee *Rada drums,'., three 'vac-
esa, sticks& and tchatcha,
the additional use of an
enttype flute and a guiitar
so~ie of the .folk-tunes that
't voodoo.

hie .smamax Rade drum does
'e. talking. in Voodoo music.
e second drum'.complements
it drum and, th.e, .boula. or
)y drum keeps up a fast rhy-
n accompaniment.

['he vaccines are bamboo
ns, each hLving a single note.
.y are played either alone or

in unison. The -sticks are either
hit together or used to beat out
a rhythm on the vaccine. The
tchatcha is a gourd-like instru-
ment thdt is rattled or shaken.
The flute used in this band
is a 17th century one, with only
four notes.

This is authentic music from
Haiti and a valuable addition to
recorded music.

Waler-proof you

engine for longer



Today's best motor oil
is MADE not born.
This remnarkdb'le, 'ew Havoline
was MADE, .not. born. Its Bal-
anced-Additive formula gives
your engine the complete protec-
tion from, all .wear factors that
oil alone cannot give.
Tests prove that this new oil
actually wearproofs your engine
for longer life keeps it clean,
free from sludge, rust kand
bearing-eating acids keeps
new'car liveliness for thousands
of extra miles.
Change to the new Havoline
- -the Extra Heavy Duty Oil -
and keep new-engine power, -
keep its liveliness, its gasoline
economy and your driving plea-
sure for all the miles you keep
your car. \
Get it at --

Dear Sir,

Many of our. n mbers -in Ire-
land and other countries would
like to have Pen-Firends iB Hai-
ti, and perhaps yoi would be
good enough to publish a stall
notice in your esteemed journal,
inviting any of your readei- who
may be interestedl, to write to
us, with full personal details,
photograph if possible, and ad-
dressed envelope, and we shall
be very haply to put them ,in
contact with suitable correspon-

Letters may be written ,in
either French or English [or
Spanish], but the writer is ask-
ed to state what languages he or
she understands.
All applications to be address-
ed as follows .

94 a Upper Dorset Street,
[Addressed envelope, with loose
mint stamps for reply, must be
enclosed ].

roping you will bepo kind as
to help'us by publishing this let-
ter in yotLr excellent paper, and
thankinig you in anticipation,

Yours trulyV;
V. Crowley, President.

Mexican Boys Chorus
To Arrive Here
February 10th
The 20-member Mexican boys
chorus, ,Orfeon Infantil Mexi-
cano will arrive here Wednes-
day, February 10th to give a set
ries .of concerts and a benefit
show for the Madame Magloire
Foundation, reported Sr. Carlos
Manuel de Cesppdes'y .Quesadl,
the. Chorus's representative on a
visit to town this week.

' .a ,J U. L ..,- W-Rr .mn" 1'Tn'iv r.LTI'

a.. ..



The Caterpillar HT4 Shovel will. dig
and load heavy earth and rock, bulldoze,
finish grade or load from stockpiles.
Municipalities have found this machine
ideal for street maintenance and repair,
snow removal, garbage disposal and
building site excavation. Because it digs
and loads fast it reduces labor costs and
saves on expenditures of public funds.
Specially designed buckets are avail-
able for specific applications. Operators
need not pamper this machine,. for it can
withstand 'hard usage and is built to last
i long time.
Call on us for more information and
complete specifications.

' Time" &. "Life"

The Leading American


F kAre Now On Sale At All

i J .' __ :______


Maurice Bennefil Manager


J, ANUARY 24th, 1954
,+" -


Page 10 cHAITI SUN" SUNDAY, JANUARY 24th, 195

40-Room Air-Conditioned
Hotel Beau Rivage To Be
Completed Next Month

Built for the GBieentenaire
in 1950 and never finished, the
Hotel Beau Rivage was taken
over last year by the Italian
group operating the Casino In-
ternational and is now a month
from completion, states the en
gineer in charge, Mr. Harry
Tippenhauer. Its 40 tastefully

v;ate sitting-rooms. The dining-
room and lobby will have in-
direct Lighting and Italian mar-
ble floors.

The hotel's bar will be uni-
que to the Caribbean, having
been completely made Ln Italy
with Italian wood and beautiful
Carrare marble. Beside the front
lawn swimming-pool which will
be fed by either salt or fresh
water there will be a thatch

decorated rooms will, be air-con cabane, with bar to refresh
. ditioned. Some will have pri-" swimmers and sun bathers. The

remodelling is reported to have
cost 350,000 dollars.

Bizoton Textile Mill
To Commence
Spinning Soon,

The spinning mill of the Ze-
phirin brothers is reportedly
near completion and expected
to start turning out textile pro-
ducts shortly.

Excellent Cuisine Sea Food Specialities
,, And Orchestra Open Nightly till late A.M.

I am catching up with my future --- I enjoy the

comforts of a Ford--- Dr. Simpson.

-mm esarrsrrrm~SereeflerSSr~ernnror-nn


Dinner Dance Every Friday

Sa' Jazz Guignard.

Please Resrve your table. '


Le Picardie

Specialities -
*. Onion Soup
Filet Mignon
Pepper' Steak
.Escalloppe de V.: .

I. DE""" L .. ..?D* ..* --, _$ *... ..
Tel. 7887.F- P r'ReservationsoTel.

S. $25 cooig a speciality. The A* Cosaes air-ntio

and beautfly furnished.


; $ 2 i e A C-- ;cr i 4 -lii

S' M .. -A




Page 10



N.TDAY, JANUARY 24th,. 1954

PORD FAU0RM.IRE BAY French Violinist Delights Haifian. Diplomatic Corps Gives. Presi
Aiidinn Af nft Ir on P"rif1 Avid WnM nmlVI S

( man-made island, to be an e.nUeL -.1 l
ed Port au Prince tourist at- Those who were present at
action, is visible today in the the recital given by Colette
J.. Engineer Boisson building Frantz noted French violinist
:island on the Sand Quai repf at the French Institute Thurs-
"'Haiti Mer S.A., company, day night, experienced a rare
partly filled in the 60x100 and delightful treat.
form rising 3 feet above wa- Throughout the recital the
that will have sufficient, audience was moved by the
im for a bar :and cabanas warmth of beauty with which
ng a sandy beach. Mile Frantz. executed such num-
e island which will be bers as Handel's Sonata in four
i-ed by regular motor launch movements. Equally as brilliant
n the casino pier, is the brain was her interpretation of Moz-
.ld of spearfishermen Jean art's Concerto No. 3. Her toucl
cou, Gaston Baussan, coast- while light and graceful show-
ird commander Col. Georges ed a skillful handling of the
ard and businessman Dti- sustained bow.
't Bellande. T'he rock being --- .,^- Er-.--..,
d to build the platform sTHE FINEST
sported by barge from Bizo- Adding Machines
The .-novel little island Calculating Machines
ch, bar and cabanas, is ex-Cash Register
ed to be corppleted in May

A Enlarges Bowen
ied Terminal o
engineer Emile Villedrou i'
outing PAA plans is nearing A
letion of enlargement of
.owen Field" -.air termin..
Project. citing, an estimat-
~2O dollars i i edeg enlarge -
t of the wait groom, im- .. .. .
r .ement t the. hale. d'ac- NTO L
ei1,- and the installation of an C
atic baggage conveynr.
Agent in Haiti:
e PAA operational area ha .
.been enlarged, and improv..
P.O. Box 596

Ij .

to crown that perfect moment of
pleasant companionship. One of many
occasions for drinking Hennessy.

j serh Nadal and Co., Distributors

L~311JLL1~ LLULeii~I -

later went to Germany in.order
to further understand the old
asterm. .Miss Frantz has given
many concerts throughout the
world and is 'the recipient of
numerous first prizes 'in her
field of. endeavour.
Music-loving Haitians indeed
owe the French ,Institute and
Monsieur Lando a 'note of
thanks for bringing such excep-
tional talent to Haiti. The res-
ppnse accorded Colette Frantz.
by the -generous Haitian popu-
lation, is what this 'writer- hopes,
will be the beginning of many
such cultural and enjoyable
- By N. KING.

Spark. Sets Truck
On Fire ,
Wednesday morning a spark
set on fire the truck No. 7233
parked near the Police nead-
quarters. The devotedness of
the firemen kept the vehicle, the
property of Mr. Vales "Brutus,
from suffering damage of im-
portance, said La Phalange.

Thebaud Recovering
Leon Thebaud is recovering .t'
the General Hospital from a
broken arm and body contusions
sustained when he was hit this
week by a camlonnette piloted
by Antonio William.
Jacmel Harbour
Reported Closed
Word from Jacmel says Lhe
port is silted up and tempor-
arily closed. 30,000 bags of cof-
fee are awaiting shipment
abroad, reports La Phalange.

aLnU iVim ciJigylUire. ,iveLr 1
In the. =Salon Dore, of the scription to.. Preside
National Palace 11 -o'clock Mon- .dame Magloire anc
day morning Mexican Ambassa-' tures of all' the ml

There w'as no doubt about
Miss Prantz's technical com.pe-
tence. She mounted musical
phrases with excellent contrast
and tone. She exhibited many
fine qualities .with the dancing
and double bow technique. One
of her most impressive tech-
niques was that of the rmuted
Mr. Nicolas Astrinidis at the
piano provided an excellent ac-
companiment. At all times the
balance between piano and vio-
lin was excellent.
The remaining numbers, on
the programme included Largo"
Espressivo by Pagnani-Moffat;
Sonata for violin, and piano a
piece in Habanera foWm by Ra-
vel and for encores she played
La' Vie Brfeve by Manuel de Fal-
la, Introduction ,et Tairentelle
de Pablo de Sarafate.
Born in Paris, Mile Frantz
studied at the Conservatory and

Very comfortable two-storey
house located at Petionville near
terminal station. Cool locality
all year round. Upper floor has
four sleeping-rooms with com-
fortable spring bed, toilet,, porch,
*rest-room, dining room with gas
stove and General Electric re-
frigerator, shower with hot and
.cold xyater, garage, nice lawn,
beautiful gardens. Apply No. 28
Rue Vilatte, below Place Boyer,;
.,Ptionville. .


'Wk:t "J^ B- -i ^- -* -
i^ h.vS~ ^l~- .e1Si.3fg .!

- '9 -.-.-'
Y K'.

.Dejean Chorus) Concerts

Every Friday Nite

with Dinner Dance

Tuesday Dinner and Dance

to Ibo Lele Orchestra
I I .M 1 ', ,1. ,,, ',' -----------






dor Torres Talavera on behalf
of the diplomatic corps handed
to His Excellency the President
and Madame Magioire a Peru-
vian made silver, tray.
Ambassador Talavera, Vice
Dean of the Corps, in his speech
told how the gift bearing an in-

Folklore Round Table.
At Tourist Office Today
A group of sociologists and
ethnologists will- 'hold a round
table, on Haitian folklore a~ thbe
Tourist. Office today.

accredited to' Haiti,
membrance of Janua
and for. all the co
tended to the diploi
the 150th. annivers
tions. The diploma
companies by their

Night Club Opera
Free Trip to New
La Belle Creole

Pacito Cabral, bak
ator. of the Trppoii
Night Club,, won i,
-free trip to Ne; w o
ket' 8067,1i 'La Beill
nual contest.
MlIe Etienne, h6dk
No. 6779,,'won. secoi
Omega watch; and
received .25 dollars
goods as third prize

person with .0.S
background ofti ,
for translation ih'l,
and Spanish.

SPage 11 I :' ,


mt and Ma-
i the signa-
ission chiefs- .
was. in re-
iry 1st, 1954 '
Durtesies ex-
mats during
ary celebra-
its were ac- .

tor Gets
York In

er. anf oper-
dal Bambou
est prize, a
rk, with tic "
e Creole an .

der of ticket
nd prize, an
Guy Martin
i worth,, of
with ticket

his services
.th English V!.
'-, i.

9' ..,




Continued from Page 1

earnings was reflected in a
5,534,843 dollars drop in imports.
And business men who keep an
eye on the world situation were
trimming their inventories in a
period of retrenchment set off
by the truce in Korea.
The greatest import decline
was in commodities of popular
consumption, such as dry goods,
clothing, flour and dried or con-
served fish. Some,luxury Items,
: such as automobiles and refrig-
erators, also showed decreases.
During the fiscal year 1953 im-
ports exceeded exports by 7,360;-
830 dollars, whereas during the
fiscal year 1952 Haiti showed a
favourable trade balance of
2,229,192 dollars. !
The Government, .which de-
pends fupon' export-import taxes
for most of. its revenue, eroded
the 1952-53 fiscal 'year with a de-
fioit of 780,000 dollars,- which
was advanced by' the Natidhal
Bank of Haiti. Qualified econoi-
mic observers say, 'however,
. that this does not indicate ahy
grave financial weakzne!s of the
Administration. When the pre-
sent coffee crop, now estimated

at 28,000,000 kilograms, is ex--
ported1. Government revenues'
shotild show a considerable in-
rease over the '1952-53 fiscal
year, and it seemsvery probable
that the revenuess will exceed
* the conservative 25,839,379 dol-
'lar budget.
. Dry weather late in the sea-
h' Is reported to have cut
down a bit on the lowlgnd coffee
yield,. but the mountain 'crop is
,-' reported to .be .above average.
Prices on the world market are
tnot expected to, decline because
of the short Brazilian, crop and
mnay even be'boosted.
.In it campaign to stimulate
agricultural, exports the Gov-
ernment- is leasing' 4,550 acres
of state-owned land to several
Haltiail companies for sisal pro-
duation. The depression of the
wonld sisal- prices has caused
many peasant producers to turn
away .from sisal to' more profit-
able crops In 1952-53, 20,000.
metric tons of 'the fiber were ex-
ported a 6,000-ton','drop from.
.the year before.
A new .1,000,000 dollar cocoa
processing plant to be set up and
financed by United St1s "capt
tat in the outh-of laiti 'is ex.
t=. "d

peoted to improve the grade and
stimulate the yield of this com-
modity, which has slipped to
fourth place on the export list.
Last year 2,100,415 kilograms of
cocoa were sent out of the coun-
try slightly more than a
1,000,000 dollar crop.'
The Government is also tak-
ing steps to revive the produc-
tion of bananas through small
land-holders, there being no
.large plantations productive
since the withdrawal of the
Standard Fruit and Steamship
Corporation. The new Habanex
Corporation, in which the Gov-
ernment has an interest, sup-
plies farmers with banana suck-
ers for as little as 1 cent each
and teaches them how to care
for the plants and control dis-
ease. Eventually Haitians hope
,to re-establish the banana crop
as an important cash ipco.p.
during the dead season.-
Haiti's fastest growing foreign.
exchange earner is. its bu~ding
tourist industry. Some 34,000 re-
sort travelers visited the Caril-
'bean Republic in the fiscal year'
'1952-53, a 70 per cent increase
over the year before. And there
is every reason to believe these
figures will soar in' 1954, as
Haiti celebrates her 150th anni-

versary as an independent re-
[From New York Times, Jan.

100 U"its Ready
For Osupandy
At Workers'City No. 2

aLe National* rep
units in the new
No. 2 at St. Martin
--. -.

Association d'Exper
Port-au-Prince, H
P.O. Box 68
This is' a ::Firm o
countants duly swo
will handle'for you
ing works, such as
pervision, auditing
Phone: 2274 51



lorts' that 100 Commission. on Civil Rights.
workers' city His'most recent publication is a
iar ready for report on *Minority GYoPip In-
tegration by, Labour and Mhn-'
agerpentr, published, by the Corn
mission in 195..
RAND ad.d The Stetlers will be staying.
IR while in Port with Dr. and Mrs.
rt-Comptables Ralph H. Brown Director of tlle
Haitian American Institute.
taiti '(W.L) During:the week D.. Stetler w!ll
and 972 visit the Institute, and wifl give
f Expert Ac- a lecture in English on Friday,
3n in, which I .
,all account- January 29, oi some aspects of
Control. su-
;, collecting, his Wo k with the Commission.
This is the Stetlers' first visit
.86 5048 to haiti. They are looking for-
'. ward both to visiting the coun-
iflwNEW-veK try and to meeting Haitians and
Cur se f
discussing with them problems
|l of mutual interest.

e Hi-Mi'
,,6medie de Paris b. ,
Expected' ex Month .
The 'Cofnedie de' Paris, at
.present playing in Martinique _


Mr. A. S. Riddle has replaced
Joseph Wubbold here as mana-
ger of Esso Standard Oil. Mr.
Wubbold left the island Tuesday
to take over the firm's operation'
in Nicaragua. With Esso since
1930, Mr. Riddle has served pec-
cessively as Esso manager in Ni-
caragua, Honduras, Salvador,
Guatemala and Panama, C. Z.,
and has been in Haiti a year as-
sisting Mr. Wubbold in the mar-
keting division.
During the last war Mr. Rid-
dle served our years' as an of-
ficer in ,the U.S. Army, first as
assistant military attaphe in the
U. S. Embassy in Argentina and
later an infantry company com-
mander in the Pacific area. Mr.
Riddle and wife Betty are now
making their home on Mont Joli
in the former residence of Com-
mander Trefny.
\ -----
Dr, Henry Sietler
Noted Sociologlst Here

Arriveq4 a.tu.dpy on the Cris-
tobal Dr. and .Mrs, Henvy .
Stetler Qf Stbrre, Connecticity
for a we.k's stpy in Pott adt
Prince. Dr. Statler, former Pro-
essor, of'.SociljQgy' at the Uni-
versity of Coanecticut, is now
Supervisor; Division .of Re-
search, State '.'pf Connecticut"

he last leg of its South Ame- Unique, Les Vignes du Seign'
n tour is' expected to arrive La Cuisine des Anges, Lib1
I month. -On their return Provisoire, Les Caprices de
they are scheduled to play rianne and L'Annonce ,Faite
'are, Britannicus, Napoleon Marie.

.. .. -----

on t





1.. .O. A
i,* .. ,-"I :.:

S, Le ,pnu qu. voua dornie ,d
^,' ,,'"~ .'av tages p" rs. -nu d
pe E upp lEM tairetl
S p' m ra e stable et douce .,
z 'pols dc 'aqun"s de dra
... ne carcasse extra-ris.e
d une tenae hin4plid .-
Va ^wi*n le Ailomdfrage to p
au pri le h1 m baa.

., -, ^ .a.

Dan I mla '
'entier on trane
.porte pluaa d
e-tonnp e ai
pneu oo00d
year qil ta
pneqa- 4 to
autte maranu
n A.N
lINE' U II733 AU 'ffON dil" 1 m1 D A fP ,-

=~ ~ ~~G DYnEmqmm~mdt V ARY
ler "A ll Vestrr" possede la-filetr'e

L. L.. -. r--tionnecs sur

S2-51-14 |

F' I.


U ,O(U...)|
ROUI.4 T^. T, '.l:,.-


Rue Don7es Destouches Port-au-Prince -Telehone 3451

..'. -. '*'*' .',, ,*'** '* ": -" ......... '-.'-.'" : .... ...... : ':-: ....... '' ..... :" .- .

r Distinguished Beauty and Unparafeled ,
Accuracy Always Chbose ,

Ci,.. .


".7* :
.'s ,f '. .

d ; '..

f^ :5,


rV^e 1-1

k .:

IUiNDAY, JANUARY 24th, 1954

'HAITI SUN* Page 13

ness with pleasure on this month Departing on Delta-C&S today Mr. Robe'rt P. Thomas, Carib-
long trip. is Brown and Rooter Carl McGib beafi supervisor. of the Home
-:0:- bons for home in Fort Worth. Products, Inc., is visiting repre-
Thursday therd were parties -:0:- sentatives Indonie Mourra Cor-
at the Canape Vert residence of Doc and Betty Taicher sisal- portion.

wednesday evening at the Pe- MmePaulette Brandt, wife of

nville Club the new chief of industrialist Os
rival Mission, Commander Ro- and- Mile Gh
C ae -and Madame, were flew to Miami
.t'welcome to Haiti -
:'-party. \The Charles 'The 01wells
lir,.the .Panama Line dale's, exhaus'
i children Keren, .11;. and Olwell Tr
*Beverly, 2; and Robert ed' town and
*.lst* Sunday. weekend. Chu
-.:.- an ex-mule rid
Mr. Henri Borno of, SHASA
s returned with son Youyou Mr. Maurice
ibmIt.di&4g. Christmas.,with director of the
~e a yill f-i France.. returned from
-' .--:'.- the States by-
.eer Gilberto Oliver, bro-' last Saturday.
.Iw ._.. known coffee ex- .-

er Francisco Oliver,;is spend-
-.a week in Haiti.
h. *0:- ,
plastic industrialist. Deputy
,s esulme wed Mile
amas. Besulme wed Mlle

swald John Brandt
islaine Lamarque
this week.
of Fort Lauder-
ted Rooster Club*
avel Service visit-
the. Citadelle last
Luck is organizing
ders' club.

Telemaque, sub-
Ne ational..Bank,
. a health trip to
.1the Panama Line

Lt. Max Buteau celebrating the
first anniversary of Katlyne and
at Ernest Liautaud's observing
son Bernard's fete.
Mr. Fabien Perrett, French
director of Haiti's Hotel School,
returned from a fact-finding
tour of the Caribbean last week.
Wednesday Mr. Perret gave an
informative eye-opening speech
on tourism to the luncheon of
Club. International de Com-
merce at Riviera hotel.

Mlle'Carole Madsen observed

her -fete last 'evening ... with.
fiends at home in'Mont oli.

Observing wedding- anniver-
sarie .-next Friday are: Dadou
'and Yanick Sendral [2 years],--
and the Toe Deslaondoe 112 iedrsloa

Mr.~EHoward C.ine, a member
of' the Library of.-tl'e Congress Ambassador and 'Mrs. Taco
.. Ambassador and Mrs. Tatco
in Washington, flew'Into town
in Wasington, Davis are enjoying a restful
Wednesday afternoon. 'Vac- .. .
-weekend m the Pine Forest.
tion I.

eite Sainte Thursday. ,.-:0:-
S...Mr. Jean Blaise, proprietor of
-:0:. the newspaper. *Etincelles-
er Marije-Lucie Vadgues:and' .eaves January..28th.-.. 'aris.
r.eanPinichinat, son of Mr-., He will be accompaniedby his
lkt, the aimable di- wife and journal .director Mr.
ail of *Le National,, Antoine Bervin.
S "'it.' .holy matriniory -:0:.-.
erards,.lchiurch Tuesdry Lawyer R J. Caruana is here
.mng. The nuptial benedic-. visiting h1is brother, first secre-
.as given -by Archbish.op tary of the British Embassy.
Gouaze Among those -- :
h 'as His Excellency Pre- Mr. Henri Relher, sales man-
t Magloire. ager of the Maison Aggerholm,
,. -:0:- has returned from a health trip
r. Iaac 'Witkin, -president .to the States.
thed. Coca Cola Company of -:0:-
-York, and son William ar-, Selden' and Maia Rodman are
'ed in Port, Thursday for a bonourug Mr. and Mrs. Roger
irt sejBour. "RBaldwirn with -lunchpnn next

fr. Raymond Smith, Point IV
sector, has returned from at-
ding the American Mission
lefs Conference held in ima,

'. '

Serge Laudun, top PAA traf-
fic clerk, wed lovely Anne-Marie
Olivier of Scipa at the Sacre
Coeur last evening. Bestman was
Jacques Carbonel and matron of
honour Mme Venus Brutus. The
Lauduns are on an 8-day honey-
moon in Kenscoff.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nadal
and daughter Jacquoeline are
leaving for Havana and Mexico
City Thursday by Delta-C&S.
They will be combining busi-

, Thursday Dr. Marcel' Perigord
of the Rue des Miracles Hehilth
Center observed his elemeN
years fete with .a .family bamrn-
boche at hbme in T.urgeau. The
following day daughter Adeline
clippered' to Quebec to study
dramatic, art on a' two-year
scholarship. Actor brother Pl-
choute is making his election for
Mardi Gras king.

The engagement of Micheline
Villedrouir to Franz Siegel was
officially declared last evening
at a party in the home of the
afiancee'sv father, occulist ViUe-
Mr. and Mrs.' Eugene Nemoy-
tip and sons Steve and Roger
ard down from Harrison Berg,
Va., visiting parents Alexander
Nemoytin, the cotton baggers
and lock-crackers and key-mak-

Last evening the new .ultra
modern Debussy home of Mr.
and Mrs. Robert Deschamps
was officially christened. Mrs.
Josette Deschamp's birthday was
also toasted at the housewarm-

"V \



Tatmous since 4862


ogists are back in town.
Ernst Danache, teacher of
clangues ,vivantes, is leaving
the island February 2nd to tour

Alderwood art director, Mr.
Warren Rogers and his wife are
vacationing here.

U.S. and Europe.
-:0:- .. 5 .
At St Charles in Carrefour
Tuesday ',evening Immigration'
officer Jean Joseph wed Mile '
Mr. and Mrs. Ricot Reiher
Reine Marie Fourcand.- Mme
S have a boy. Their first -addition,
Francois Rey was matron of hon
a future Violette center for-
our and famed comedian Theo-
dore Languichatte Beaubrun : .
was best n. A reception fol- -
S' AMm'e .-'Gerard' Kenel .*Nini. -:-,
lowed at chez Fourcand. .
presented, papa with a Q%-pound.
--:0:- i '*
baby girl. at clinic Plehre. Noel.
- Axel Etheaft will wed Yolande
Monday morning. Their second '1
Sansaricq in Jeremie. February
S20th.child, they have named .aher .
.' .' Chantal. '
:0:- : ,; :
-:0:--: *,
*Fiances, are Mile Elza The- actionn i'
,Jessie- is. thie..eest 'addition
baud 'and Andre Vulcain. Their. a f a l
... -to ,the Dantes: eolimon- family, :
engagement is to be bamboched
Mom is the former Renee Leon- .:;Z
today at chez Vely Thebaud.
S :0: ard. The. blessed evbnt- took .
S. place last Friday.
place -last Friday.

- n.

Frere Pierre, Jean Grinaud .
Boxing wrestling promoter
flew to Paris Wednesday.
Pie're 0. Gabriel" arid Madame
formerly,.Nicole Lavelanet have
-, Returned from abroad this
a new team member, Martine,
week were Gerard Gebara from
.... '" ..- -an 8-potr1l baby girl.D
Mexico, Joe 'Pierre Louis, and
Miles Fernande Dehoux, Flor-
Paul; a healthy baby boy, .is .
-ette Delerme and 'Fernande Jo-
Sfro Cuathe: iew addition to the Lavic-,
se1h from Curacao.
toire Baptiste household,
Janette Talamas and Jojo -:0:- '
Khawly are fiances. v The stnrk made its inaugural

The Golds of Cleveland are
here at the El Rancho visiting
son Herb and family in Avenue

Mme Ghislaine Liautaud, wife
of Secretary of State of Foreign
Affairs Mr. Pierre Liautaud, M.
Albert Etheart, Haiti's Ambas-
sador to Ciudad Trujillo, and
Mile Micheline Verna. daughter
of Mr. Paul Verna, first Secre-
tary of the Haitian Embassy in
Ciudad Trujillo, arrived from
C. T. Friday morning.
Mr. Dumont Bellande, Haiti's
commercial attache in Brussels,
flew in from Miami Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Moody
are back in town.


Mr. Alvin Johanson, Minneso-
*ta Senator, and his wife arrived
at the El Rancho Friday for a
three-day sejour.,

flight to the Clovis Viard family
last. Thursday and delivered
son-in-heir Jean Yves. Mother
Is former Luciedhe Douge.
The household of the First
Secretary of the Haitian Embas-
sy in Ciudad Trujillo and Mrs.
Paul Verna," formerly Jacque-
line Reiher, was graced with
the arrival of Elizabeth Fanny
last Sunday. The blessed event
took place at the "Abel Gonzalez
clinic in Ciudad Trujillo.
Plantation Dauphin chief ac-
countant Curtis Hugh was beam-
ed the good news from Miami
that a new nine-pound boy had
been added to the family.
The stork visited the Ernest
Alexandre household last week
and delivered Antoine, a heal-
thy baby boy. Ma is the for-
mer Heliante Brice.
Ferdinand, the 'caretaker of
the Institut Haltiano-Americain,
became father of a nine-pound
baby girl last Saturday.

* ..'..1

'i .. ": i
* .' ;, a






.* ",



President pleasantly surprised yea
to see him had thought he had Chi
not come to Haiti. But the quiet of
one, Richmond Barthe, had ar- exh
rived and in time to see his be- dol
loved statue of Toussaint un- con
t'. veiled along with his Dessa- Da'
lines. out
For it is this famous Ameri- -
can sculptor who had worked idea
his way up from a' butler in to
New Orleans to a top ranking swa
artist in the great cities of New the
York and Chicago who created to
Tqussaint that now stands near sho
t. the'National Palace in the cloak tua]
and pose of a thinker, and the ity
equestrian ,Dessalines mounted
on a high pedestal in the cen-
ter of the transformed Place
,, des Heros.
S 'Richmond Barthe's story is a
success story. Born in Mississip-
i;.., pi and reared, in New Orleahs
S Bartle cannot' recall having;
,' started -to paint. From earliest,'
r cliildhood he was always draw-
ing an'd painting sometimes
on. the furniture if nothing else
S" .was available. When he 'wds
ta still young he joined the' house-
hold of Harry Pppd, well to do
ship' chandler, as a butler and
-,'., where he was treated as a son.
It was Mr. Pond who ericourag-
ed him.to paint and bought him
his. first. oils, Lyle Saxon, art'
.. critic of the. Times Picayune,
,:, also encouraged him. Then came
the. day'-When he was 23 years
Sold and-, hanging sonie of is
a ,; laings at 'a chtirch -fair. /
.' catholie priest, impressed with ".'
.,;.w.liat he saw, started Barthe 6of *

O-.,o the road td fame and for-
tune by paying his fare and
Iirsf: tuition to the Chicago At
'Institute. .

..'aSoobn he got the job.of busboy
and was able t6' pay' his own
'. way. Today Mh- recalls 't one
of the proudest moments of his
life the time, thoe fistitute
/' bought, one of his pieces. As a
pointerr he fell intb the realist /
S1 -.In 1930, at the age of 29 idh'
'in his last yea at the Institutio,
he was advised'.to do a little
modeling to help. get the 'feel-
S.ing of form. He did two heads
and the critics liked what they
,' sawa, and encouraged him td con-
,tinue with sculpture. Next'ame '
.. his first commission --- a bist
S of the great Toiisshint Louver-
',. ure 'for the Lake iunty Chil-
i't- drez.s' arome in' dary, Ifidiaina.
!:. :.--He said he saw Tonssaint as an
Xbraham Lincoln. That same
B:li'. "f,

ir he had his first show in
icago exhibiting forty pieces
sculpture. As a result of this
tibition he received a 2,400
lar Rosenwald fellowship to
tinue his creative work. Joe
vidson and Lorado Taft
standing American sculptors
advised him to give up the
a of getting an instructor a.nd
continue on his' own. So he
ipped his paint brushes for
sculptor's tools and moved
New York where he had a
w in 1931. The critics habi-
lly stress the spiritual qual-
inherent in his sculptures.


Personality Of The Week
(lodminued fr6m Page 1)

In 1934 he visited France and
England and didn't miss a sin-
gle gallery or museum. Soon
he had built a name for himself
and sold works to collectors and
leading galleries and museums
throughout the world.

In 1947, the then President, Es-
time sent for sculptor Barthe tod
talk over the projected monu-
ments for the Champ de Mars.
Barthe accepted 2 commissions :
that of Toussaint Louverture
and Jean-Jacques Dessalines. Of
these he completed one the
Tofissaint in 1950. La't year,
President Magloire offered him
two other coriimissions but he
accepted only one, that of Des-
Last week the sculptor board-

'Page 14

night of the 13th to 14th Janu-. 'lux. Apply Patricia Wideman,-
ary, 1954, at Tiote, Sainfort M6r- -Hotel Aux drchidees annex, 15,
tel working for Mr. Oneva Davi- .rue Oge, Petionville.

a f lt1-,-- o
Y% V.N..
"^-^a^^8^*^5^'^ A' *-*'

.%j*t K.4.4- ...' .-X.'.. .. t.. -

.' '

ed a Kingston bouna plane to
return to his home on Jamaica's
north shore. He adopted Jama-
ica recently because of the free-
dom to work and at last he is
setting off on his painting car-
eer. He reports that he has
swapped tools again and has
taken back his paint brushes.
*Jokingly he points out that af-
ter all painting was his chosen


Under this title Le National*
in its Tuesday issue published
the following note: During the


SUNDAY, JANUARY 24th, 1954

lus, and suspected of having
stolen a sack of coffee from his
boss, escaped from the house ofP
the latter and injured his stom-
ach with a knife. After receiv-
ing first aid from the resident
physician of Tiote, he was car-
ried to the General Hospital.
The Justice of Peace filled the
legal formalities.

Chairs, iron beds, movie cam-
era, golf clubs, Kodachromr
slide projector, electric washing
machine, Frigidaire, mahogany
lamps, electric loasters, table, |
electric pumps, lavabos Electro-

SPage 15.

11.4. -_______
S ctrt



4 k.









I -

_ 4.

The Greatest'

Gasoline Developmenu

TA IT ehiyi lead was introduced in 1922.

Sw Golime -now contains I.C.A. (Ignition Control Addi-
Ii. ls Shell-discovered additive, incorporating tricresyl.
Sak pr.Its eM end to the major cause of power loss .
.- amd short-circuiting of spark .plugs: by combustion
m-b-er 'deposits. Prove this for yourself by the Two-Tankful j
r ,

4ere is a challenge; after using two
mAnkfuls of SHELL with I.C.A., you will notice
yper engine meaning smoother and performing
better thmn it ever did since the car was new
or the engine overhauled and tuned. Smoother
running means less engine damage. Better
performance con mean more miles per gallon.

sfart fte Two-Takful Test Today


-.4 I


* .4,

I .
4 4 I..
4 4

* 4





Remember! I.C.A., coii
training tricresyl phos.
phate, is exclusive to

Paeant applied for in U.S., Panama, Haiati. Patented In Jamaica; No. l01

- .4<,



4 44 .. .44~* .444
.4. .44. .44'....4 ..4.s 4.. .11444.


Page 16

British Consul Watt
Passes Away
Continued from Page 1

neart he was a loyal and faith-
ful friend; he was a great soul
Such men are of the race of im-
mortals 'that Christ gathers un-

I to Himself.-
cars followed the body from the
residence to the church.
Mr. Watt came to Haiti from Distribution 500,000
Jamaica as a small boy many Pounds CARE Powdered
'years ago. For forty years he Milk Under Way
served here as British Consul Contnued from Page 1
and.frequently as British Charge


High Winds Cause
Capital Fires
\ Continued from Page 1

, Tuesday the tempest/was at
its peak. Fire broke out in
acour Malval. in Mine rita
Belmont's kitchen causing con
siderable damage. Firemen were
handicapped by the lack of wa
ter in their endeavour to con-

dAffaes. He ended notable During the Christmas season trol te tire that razed the r
d'Affaires. He rendered notable
CARE distributed 10,000 too.' of Mme Mathllde Roland in
services, often under 'difficult
rcumstances, both to is own packages with the help of the Ayenue, Bolosse.
country and to Haiti. on hi Magloire Foundation in 12 ma- As the 1933 model Ford
country and to Haiti. Upon his Gra
.et.re"" nt he was decorated by jor cities of the Republic. The truck wailed down the Gr
-.. gift packages were financed, by Rue enroute to extinguish a
: Great Britain. c i t A du Sa
A ran,.In of the talk made -contributions of the American caused in the Avenue du S
'.*..* A translation of the talk made
people. CARE stands for .Cn- Coeur by a fallen tree.on
." at the funeral services by Dr. ,
.l:. ,-* operative for American Remit- tric wire, it collided with
,. Canmille Lherisson follow : i
amie tances to Everywhere, Inc.. canmionnette that 'refused
S- Ladies and Gentlemen: I r, i
Gentlemen: obey the siren stop signal
grew up under this man ex-
Sbcause of his sim- 1 Wanted In Theft Of 300 fireman standing on the runn
aor ar because of Ws. sm- Piboard was badly bruised
plicity, his goodness, his integ- Worth Of Cigarettes board was badly brsed
.' i. From Grand'Rue Boutique spent 24 hours in the Hosp
Continued frord Page 1 recuperating. The camionni
F'." Two days, before his death, driver Vales Brutus was re
Watt, aware of his approaching authorities to be on the look out red to the Justice.
end, called me to- come to him for an accomplice in, the ciga- Wednesday afternoon fire
several times and said to me, tte thefftiwho is on the. rui. doused afire that threatened
-Camille .we are Christians*. Paracelse Privat was nabbed consume the Deschamps field
: .'This '.bort sentence reveals the after police investigators receiv- sugar cane across .from Bow
.:' secret of his life, forif e should ed a tip from neighbours that Field. '
express the philosophy 'of our Priyat had been seen carrying a :--
S"friends.we should say that the large box marked ,HATODCO FIRE. CHIEF OBSERVES
i: goal of -human life is a .per- Cigarettes Creole.. A thorough BIRTHDAY
petual. creation, the creation .of search of Priat's home revealed
Oneself 'by oneself, the perfec-- none of-the missing 104 lilos. Thupsday morning Capt
tion of our spirit by 'an effort; f Splendid, 40 kilos of. Chester- Georges Elie, the-Republic's 1
: constantly renewed, the practise field or,5 kilos of Kool cigar- 1 firefighter, observed his 5!
t.. .. : "
a... _of ,the. great Christian virtue of .tes, but.the box was identified birthday. The brigade gather
charity and respect, for the hu- namesscribbled on it by the at' the fire station to cheer 1
man personality. boutique owners' children.' man that despite his age, c
S.Watt 'has a self discipline,' a rivatr confessed to police how still show them how.
SBi.'sei,- .pohctuality. and of .e-, e-and an, accomplice forced en- ---,
'peC ~t others that was most t into, the store by removing CATERPILLAR HOLDP
1 'unusual. This man considered th "hinges. of the back door and SCHOOL HERE
'the wdrld-and life as a spiritual later.sold 89 kilos of Splendid
progress. He understood that to boutique. owner-Athis Felix Top-ranking Caterpillar
what. best in us is our power and'7 kilo of Chesterfield and gneers Lyle- Reeser, Nicd
SOf love and pity. Alas! He 'suf- 3 of' ool to An.dre Pliant. 'Mushovic and Ja .es Davids
feared rinuch.before the end, but a in their third week here g
i.. ... hi m. I mo-
even n his most- diffult mo- WSreey ,0fa e ing theoretical' and practi
ments a.bit1 of humour marked -'Of Publi. Works Oh courses in all phases of ma
his resignation' InSpectli tur Of Slth tenance of CaterpUlar equipme
SAr-Tying in this country at an to mechanics and operate
early age he'"lived in Haiti as Engineer Georges Cauvin, Sec- '.throughout the Republic.
one of us. By his exceptional retary of State of Public Works, Assisted by local agent Ma
:; qualities and his probity he left for the.soiqth Tuesday morn- rice Bonnefil, the Caterpillar
:.mde the. British Empire. loved ing on an inspection tour. The structors have been using a
and respected. At the British trip of the Secretary of State is the latest devices to demonstra
Embassy he had an honourable. reportedly in 'connection with perfect maintenance and set'tir
areer as British Consul and as the-asphalting works to 'be car- of the various Caterpillar m
..Charge d'Affaires. It is a friend rIed on in the south by the ,So chines such as tractors, mot(
and a real support that we lose. clete des 'Grands Travaux de graders, scrapers and shovels.
Watt had not only a charitable Marseille.3



'" MIN
A -
:. p.mm ~ -- m -- -- --m-- -


S 'a



,iv- -





a- IN BAGS OF 42 1/2
-' Por.u-Princip Tel: 2387 '

F h i "r- oj a i E
TUkDWLDV- nflPfuAu


g mwu, m 5 U ,n,66A ,u I

- CC

"'-" .. '







" N"Es ::


SEl RTancbo

Haiti's Most Luxurious Hotel.

Luncheon Dinner Dancing Daily

S. Special Dinner Dance

Monday, Wednesday, Friday


?Shows by National Folklore Troupe

r Monday and Friday 8 p.m.

Featuring Haiti's No. 1 Drummer

0 l,

_~w n- po.-ect ac iri ay ,

DqmP-nde2 ue d6mnsraion A wrem iev deur A


*The Best Quality Cenent mat
e Lowest'P ssible ,osl 0


offer their




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