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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Duke University Libraries
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Duke University Libraries
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 32441147
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. ... .. .,

.A. r..

l ,. J ,. I-

U IV Port-au-Prince Rdpublique D'HAITI SUNDAY, OCTOBER lith 1952 No5 2

To Death Wife He Loves the viette Fooa.nI
Wringing his hands witli re- be would have killed himself after .onluding a .succ
morse a 45-year-old 'iAgent Agri-, Four years ago Antoine bad tour of Jamaica, arrived b '

the Police here Saturday morn- dria Desraves who entered ma- greeted by their cb
ng how a few hours previous trimony with a one year old so and a h. s, of supporters. .,
he had slpbbed to' death his Th 'father was a man named Five official matches to
wife, the woman he loved. Continued on Page 2 played and a sixth e ..
math at the request. of the au-",1.
he had-realized before the arg- E o thra n t.b
A flyus COLLEDE ougs. of the brand of fpotbe6l.
oment what was going to u appen AT AROASiKO ge ted by the w'asiblette play-..
Suffering severe. back injuries era .
l21 YeTar roPeA, te and three broken ribs from a, Volette drew their first maitc
.. Haieian-Ainerisrica l wSitoe collision with a motor boat, on a wet field against, the StL..1
.- fMih eblan a- po ri nent Ymember of dth La Saline com- Jean Block after seven days at George's Club 2-2. The second.
Sh The Haiti nrAm'e rcan 5. 'Insti-
dg anvenvlope, of money to oat o-fo the eAile' Fbraais is said ao itchh .sa them losing: tt ..i
:' t te this week betl t r .
at d 'fire. r g Lo0s BolPreiva pfora Red agt on the road to r ivety .' -i a f a'

Haiti ^^aiNeYrCi tee wiihat was gtirg t out dapes: *l oes ecd6d, bh theq ogrowge l_.n.
SaiS bennlsI t ose onouhs atiaod tr wote ao rtel t, -i
ikinfefint'en seahr bakihe 'ats u ti e fo ti aThi 1 nd s r 4 ner i hotba t. a r ''e.p-

spehding North American Vsis p stle aeat r OIntsd where tashsr bns darokened tbe.heom 'a sio x-ttedrew l te fr -yi '+n
-;dvefe. n, pefromye o A uttona thr Li4flbnedha last rat oa the .hratch aona ...-.

deserts to lush t ro--fa-- t---,---h-ig e Roah-el .Scoitiisi, we e atia bodyr, boiinn a wet meld aginust te befor 'd
,.in-coer'sedbst ounEaienhoet member'oof th;e Nationa adedt fho ea
'I t Coted A m.ag .uT ofTe OaBki 'itHhe 1. d ti- J hean is o ae iteri .en days to Continuedlub, on Page of5
2a jamfWca, saw Melbourne com-
s-o1":t th. oete pdt'r y 'out-citssed," and 101 6 "

*song -oun- Pa ..-l *A-e 1 -
.sHaiti. Is 'Aone of o most.. beau-'.,,. Too f. an.,. ....... .. .. le aPtae14
C. E. of 1 y o
ttof intee Wd tothd 'dollar- -hinally. the-hpicotgreque friendly 'its acad.s A.e Afiut
d''theirr d -.' e. .
'SPefng North American vi people an ei n rd t a hC. s -ya-d y, crying :
toifr d iversified iandg cpe, from yet to date th. "not "One. instrue tion le a.- sed 4er taig te a on thew "La luei ra i Monday

P Ie-covered mountains itt told of a terrible accident thate..
-acn up to 9,000 feet, a trefmeno- Cona tsnuetw- on Pale- io had befallen his'Jittle sister be- if's

saOctober vpthre e yeae.s ago t hS l.I i bedging...as ning cross the street -and pu .:. 'E,
aoo othRoadoad'torr s Haitorical t s riod in the li, of the Retpublic, tp- casn c ibewrt suda
Sthdeserts t ltushi op .. e mmbecotea tio l 'eo. o' The remains of the sufgar'ie 1'6
Of ?.tion CFor Ne Yo rk Av enue e edwhn the oums of this neosp aer I
The noted Amoricage culpto f OqTOBEl THE 8TH 1950:. There is a special ureatness- Fn Continued on Page 15
WilIe-am Wescott is here doing our recent elections I aside from the victories -of the vinib.Ln als I
research on the life of -Petion elected. Opinions may differ on these men who will take office HltsI be- SI WON
prepaay doing a .10-.fot next month, but there can be no .tsaareemnto c,
to1. .' On the ,,5th of October 5,"00
statue, of the man who gave re- this election, the one magnificent Sday, of. free and to4al v nt- ng aying unbree :ie-
position on the Avenue of the the first time in, .he history of our complex litt eisn ter o f on w
I .... men be release" d b.'
Americas in New York City. of Haiti have lry their own desire, and iotes elected their own

Sculptor Wescott intends to to the people through the vote, is Government safeguard from
choose various Haitian models tyranny and only through struggle wil, ilthe people relinquish Reig s e
for work herein ~Haiti and he this sacred trust and honour.
for the ewIr
sseo foe e This ne tradioii- of free votingh is t for this o nmetspaper Q I

Page 2



Wa Letter From The Publisher
War Must Be Declared
There is nothing more conteniptuous, gluttonous, wanton
and ogersexed than a plain ordinary htian rat the species
than can beat the hind legs off the average cat.
They attend shows at the Theatre de Verdure, dance in
the Pa~mistes, dine at the Casino, promenade alo0g the Ervosi-
tion., sup at Bar Italia. and return, home in time for the bedtime
squeaking seranade with a mate or two. This means Junior
Y" won't be long in joining the chorus.
Monsieur le rat figures importantly in our economy. He
Sunmolested slices a cool 25% off our crops with his acquired
taste for corn, sugar cane, rice. chickens, etc. ,
Monsieur le rat is a threat to tourism., the health and wealth
. of the nation. If he were not so well fed it is certain he would
.adopt the gangsterized habits of his American cousin who in Dear Editor:
lChicqgo often as not dines out on the toes of little humans.d you please tap r.
-. Since the beginning of recorded history, rate have plagued Kahn photographyy on the
1 'mankiid: Unable to cope effectively with. such crafty.enemies. shoulder and suggest that he
the average individual has been forced to live with them, trad. e his helpers some training
ng. food and shelter for unlimited disease'and destruction. consigning his cusome
K before consigning his customers
V A Campaign, at least war must be.declared on these mon- filmsto their careless hands.
ters 'The campaign must be of a scientific nature.as they rough. is impossible to b take the
-. number us 100 to 1. We should.not- call on the army,r same picture twice and these
St government for action The fight should start in the home. past months Ive d my flms
.Gba.e should be disposed of properly and not delivered to returned wi th 'h emlanation
in '*at at the backyard.' More household should go in for i e aon
e it.ratI'm sorry.- a mistake iin 'your
ood rat-proof storage and keep the yard [la cour] as -well as photographic technique, when
he 'zouse spotlesslyy clean. Rat control poisons can be bought
SrMost Of the flaws were so pa-,
6m ,cal scores aor to szWtthe sadist, large traps are always result offaulty de-
ial. ble. People, newspapers'.in particular, are screaming about el e o de-
velopment. Bad for Tourism!
c.irsed moustique who has put in an appearance in such Disappointed Photograper.
a sch 4. district, 'yet the rat unmolested, unheeded, -va4dles
T.-ad gnanws the soles off the nation's feet. .Haiti's Chances In

S' \ W rld Cup Improve
Drame PS oneli .Man S abs football ground
.. .4 .- bki0g zvailabl"- in. I Nelv.-.Yotk.

To -Death Wife He Loves h a th reus o
.'ont nued frofm. Page 1 led out o(.his sleep\'by i t1reat- the Football .'Federation to 'per-
acuesr Merville. Last month ening voice which he recognized Nmt-)Hiti to plpy in New York
A -. ":' .. ., ,.,
Anlmbe, accompanied 4by Wife as Jacgues. coming fr p. the" during the. winner months, the'
S'g s.st0p-s.q cameo front yard.' United States Soccer Football'
'q'P ".''prtode for,' dical treat- Association-has agreed to the
p rfl 7 after :ar.rval lriday right at 1130 ,aan argu- .Ameiican 'side visiting Haiti.
SThe' rin
Corridor Brea in Bolosse ment ended when .wife called -The' single: match United
a~ gri6 ed- to nate Andria's husband, a 'carte marque,, and States. versus Haiti 'Will be
:;;'tdard /'hhi- ha-s husband enraged #abbed a held at Stadium MaglbiTre Feb-
..Su eibn haunted im table -knife and pfunge', it .deepL riLary: Sth.and will" count as four-
ght days ,ag,'he uncaver-' into his wife"s hfleartIn' In io- poirtsi in 'the series. :If -IAaiti'
$ 4 ier hidden 'ira, pillow mnients he cannot reCA;,. Aliantes behts. Mexico here -Dlcember
gave proof that' Andria 'carried the, lifeless body of his 27th the N- tional X Wil l meet
4l'iet' former lov6r had rer1'iv- wife to the bed and kneeling United: states' With -all }he chan-
4 :! r relationship. Firom that beside it. awaited .the arrival of ces of. qualifying 'fo6r the final,
on quarrels were frequent the police notified by the neigh- competition to be held ih Swit-
p'nd-one nighi Aliantes was start- bours. zerland in Juine 1954.'

-" Wy Swon in June Why Fry in October
h.;:' _' "'" : ;


SVALEBIO CA E tiDstbriblor. Tel. 3185

' ,' -. : ... ; : .

New ,Lycee du Tricin. Guard. Following the blessing
quantenaire, Inaugurated of the new cream-coloured build
By President Magloire ing by Mgr Remy Augustin the
Secretary of State for National
The inauguration of the week. Education Mr. Pierre Liautaurl-
"was the formal opening of the made an address in which he.
new modern Lycee du Tricin- explained the aims of the-Ly-.
quantenaire by His Excellency cee du Tricinquantenaire.
President. Paul Magloire. The
Mr. Georges Marc, General.
new Lycee which takes the Georges Mar General
Director of National Education,
place of the old l_Lycee des Jeu- eo ationa Educatio
nes Filles of the Chanmp d spoke and then Mile Edith Mus-.
ars was constructed by engin cardy of the second grade accom
Mars was constructed by erlgin-
eers Daniel, Philippe and Jac- aned by three schoolmates,
quest Brun who constructed each carried a bouquet of flow-
erg, spoke on behalf of the pu-'
such 'notable buildings as the ers apoke on behalf of the pu-
Banks and St: Gerard's church. pils and extended their thanks
..to the President and the gov&
Equipped with all the.comfor's to the President and the goe
ernment. ;
of a modern school the Lycee
has such additions as a large
The President and officials on
dormitory -for boarders, a play-
an invitation of'; Mt. Geotge.s"
ground and auditorium. an imitation .of M Geoge
Marc and M. Ernst Aicinidor. di-
His Excellency the President 'rector of the Lycee,:visited- the:
and Mtme'Magloire were saluted various classrooms. The inaugu-
on arrivat'al 5.15 Monday even- ration ceremony., "ended with a"
ing by a batallion of' the Palaw1c reception. ,'
-'" .,: -m^ ....*..
.. j
'. t $ L "''' ".'7'' ,' : '. -." ,,' ., .'

Above, tas seen from Chemin des Dalles, the reconditioise&
AIR-CONDITIONED AuA Cosaques., .The beautifully air
conditioned restaurant is famed for its tasty Haitian dishes
such as Tassot.and Griot. Something to be seen by all is
their Rhum -mural, a masterful piece of work. ,

~r~s~-- --~--------



1 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 11th 1953

A Great Contribution To

Industrialization Of Hafti
i .

A ..areh ~ Sein watch bag c.,. ent will'"be stored for shiprnme
............ .*1 .

In the budding of thi. 260-meter long whar'f more than 50 little
bats besides trucks were" used. Front early morning to late at
Might it uwas an amazing sight to.see these little boats tlaen so
6bep ft the ioater they looked on the verge of sinkiiig, shuttling
back and forth from the 'hWrc' to pier .with stones and dirt.
f"hief engineer Afatcel' Villard seen qbote directing operations
expects to berth ships up to 10,000 tons when the'dock is- fin-
Mled this month.

.view of the nero wharf at Source Matelqs where eventually
ent will be loaded aboard coastal and foreign ships for ex-

Sunday 3 p.m. Tuesday at 6:15, 8:15 p.m.
At 5, 6:30 and 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday. Friday,
in English and Technicolour Saturday
ONS OF THE MUSKETEERS At 6:15 and 8:15 p.m.
Monday at 6.15 p.m. SONS OF THE MUSKETEERS



---------- -- ^ --

-* ----- ~ --- --- -- --* --- ---------- -------------, ______ _____ ------------------ ^ '* -

-4 picture taken from 4 neighbri., hill of the 3 million dollar cement plant site as work got
u nderway last March. This cement plant is the most ifgnifcant contribution to the in4us--..
trualizat on of Haiti 1 .


SSunday 3.30 p.m.
S At 6 and 8.30) p.m.
Monday at 6 8mn. .':
Tenor Guarionex Aquito 'ancf
S-Lamy .ar ,-
At 8:80 p.ln.
S .'-Human Flute. ,and,
Tuesday ati6 and 8:15 p.m.
Looking across tlie bhayfro alrend of the wharf at a railway ,
siding leading ihito tie hill, or the transportation of cement !o .ednsday at 6" and 8:15 p .,'
Port au Prince. 'A long. cool, h ll-of-residence for bachelor staff. LA. PORTE S'OUVRE'
with attached club room. A tihsel power plont of 2,500 kilo- Thursly at 6 and'S:15 p.m
at watts which ,'ill also supply .) wer vot only for the factory. but ..IO JIMA
for Cbbaret. Arcahaie and. Pro ce. ,. Saturday at 6 and 8:15 p.m.
FOR RENT bath and garden with 'garage Friday at 6 -and 8:15 p.m.'
Charming moderA bungalow, .and servants' room. Available : IWO JIMA
beautiful view op,..Gros-Morne, at 75 dollars a month to quiet Sunday at 6. mand .30 pm. -
large studio room, kitchenette, pleasant .-baqh.plor. Tel- .3636.. .. ISE.DE. MINU1:.,.

-l ,.




Pne 4 BHA.JTI SUnw SUNDAY, OCTOBER 11th 1953!


TANT. de retour d'un voyage
d'6tudes medicales A PARIS ou
- il s'est specialise durant DEUX
ANS A l'Hopital Broussais et a
l'Hopital St-Antoine, dans les
maladies du- FOIE et du TUBE
DIGESTIF avise le public que
ma CLINIQUE est SISE a 1'An-
gle des Rues des Casernes et
Grand'Rue, attenante A la Phar-
made Telemaque.
Heures de consultation 3 heu-
res A 6 heures.

1 ,sum re. f

r ^-nit



*f .' ""
"'#Jn)1J^ ^--'

Aaa +i j&"Yv,


I ~ ~
I' ft


!.'C' j ,
y "''4-" y : ^"f

:: .', .. ... .., ,
"" ^' ".: -" ". "-

Don't swelterl Keep cool this summer
with a Carrier lauom Air Conditioner.
'"These Carrier Conditionerr cool the air,
lower humidity, keep y comfortable.
There's a five-year guarantee on the
hermetically sealed refrigerating system.
Installation is quick and easy. ThSre's
loads of comfort waiting IF you .call.
,. er call.

5 0" ";'.n

.*.. -.Distiuiutor .*r
Address: Hue i MaNg. n

] deo Ett. Tel 2544 tI
.'.. ... .* .

ti Joseph report '


Joseph C. Harth, representative of Otis Allister of California
one of the world's largest coffee buying firms was in town last
'Week looking over our prospects.
Monday morning at the impressive opening- of the Court
ceremony at the Palais de Justice, two. reporters of the same
daily journal got into a squabble about who was entitled to take
notes.. It \nded in blows and the shorter man forcing submission
from the bigger with a strangle hold.

The Haltian Airforce in making a special 12 dollar daily ex-
oursion fare is promoting visits to Cap Haitien and the Citadelle
but discouraging people in staying a night or. two at Le Cap's
lew luxury hotels which certainly can use the business. A dif-
erence of 4 dollars must be paid if the visitor doesn't return
he same day the ticket is issued.

*'* .' ." .

The Bourdon, across from the
Reservoir, residence of Gabri-
elle Jean Charles [a witness r.-
counted by Your Reporter] wa" ,,
SHORT AND SWEET the scene of a colourful vwedding / '
Wednesday evening. :''.'
The David Posts are preparing for their transfer to U. S. 1Ime Charles known to her "
Embassy in Paris after two years here Ti George Leger is friends as in Newv York on a business-cum-pleasure trip h Artist Luce a clinging gown of white satin '
Turnier on a two-year scholarship in France has received rave and orange blossom entered jn- i A
notices from the German critics after her Hamburg exhibition to matrimony for the second ......
.... Mr. Bank Expert Moore has been, cleared by the FBI to time with youngish blonde Es- ,HUMAN FLUTES AND
enter the U. N. Our Iron Market is aroma compared with tonia born Canadian Vdo Nirk *MENACES DANS LA NI
the smells in Japan said Wallace who is happy to return here who confessed it was the AT PARAMOUNT M(NDA
after a Far East assignment. Wife Charlotte is expected to join first time.
him this week at the new home in Bourdon overlooking the Their meeting and eventual Gerard Chamier, the Hi
Bellevue Club Dantes Bellegarde has arrived at the UN in marriage is a touching boy meets Flute' and famed impersor
New York with his signature on the discrimination in South girl story. Vdo Nirk came here of screen stars, will give a
Africa question On the 31st the Consular Corp is holding to thaw out after making a pile formance Monday evening
its annual banquet, the Diplomatic Corps is invited Best of dough, in the heart chilling tober 12th at the Paramn
wishes for a speedy recovery to confrere Roussan Camille who cold of Labrador. Completely theater. Accompanied on
entered Asile Francaise a very ill man Thursday At Gon- thawed out Nirk is taking his piano by bandleader Ei
aives mask ball last Saturday were the Atomique Orchestra and wife on a Caribbean honeymoon., Lamy the whistling imper
Port-au-Princiens Claude Paquin, Bob Miot and Carol,-Axel and before facing another winter in tor will offer a choice mu
Helga Madsen Richard C. Timberlake has arrived here to the blizzardy North. Folks from programme and a series 6
help engineer Reynolds Bauxite project at Miragoane Mrs. all walks of life attended the personations of some of
Weiderman has retreated to the Annex and the town's newest Champagne reception, most outstanding actors.
hotel operator has .moved into the late Aux Orchidees with a Witnesses at the knot tying
paint brush and the new name at a distance looks to be Hotel were: Franck W. Harne, Marian Gerard, who has gained
I.nternational Axel Etheart- is down in Jeremie this week- Barbur, Min Vve Virgil Valain, in the Dominican Republic
}end presenting his *Lettres de Creance. to Sansaricq family. Legrand Griswold, Maurice Avin, U.S., will go on at 8.15 .p.m.
'David Shore formerly of the Banana business was over this Maurice Martin and Andre De- be followed by the movie.
week from Miami talking sisal .. Hotel Villa Creole have reix. The photographer- Arthur aces dans la Nuit.'stajr'i,
transformed front garden into a landscape parking lot. room fortj' Neil 4,oi .hly .d e .- .artield.ad S iIeyS i
60 cars Roland Wiener is in Paris preparing for trips to ed. 'Houses of commerce are c
Belgium and Italy,. the Fine renewed .Chahmp .de Mars street .' :. Ing prizes. "
opened this .past week has already registered three accidents. .-. .*-- *<.-.-1-*-*.-1..---`*. .. .' '
motorists are lost in such a wide street Inspectors of the / ;; : ...-
Regie paid surprise visits to shops on the Rue Du Centre Mon- '.
day Friday at 10 a.m. an employee at Bowen Field Customs '
Depot was arrested a box ot imported shoes were missing. .
A heartrending scene took place this morning near the Bank A O DI O E,
National. For a reason- unknown to us, Agronomist Pierre U
Benoit was beaten black and blue by a .gendarme\who has just -RsnhnrLooa E mns -
arrested him said aLe Nouvellist. in its Oct. 5th edition. .Wn 1m m a
Antoine Bervin's new book in Switzerland and released here t'fis week is presently a topic- W
of conversation. The book which has numerous illustrations .
mentions certain Haitian personalities who entered into the di-
p{omatic arena in Havana during Mr. Bervin's assignment to

. From 8 P.M. to 1 A.M. ,
./ Orchestra
./ Outstanding Arlists "
/ Folklore Show
,% t "-








= =



S Dirty Hole

The biggest town east of Jac-
mel and south of the Cul de
'Sac is Saltrou. The ,origin of
-the town's name is disputable..
Some say it comes from the
French *.dirty holes, others point
ing to .the salt marshes a short
distance from the' 'town where
salt is -still obtained for cjfring
,he fish exported to neighbour-
:ing-towns and markets, say Sal
is Spanish for salt and the Trou
is French for-hole.
Today in the coft'ee trees on
neighboring mountains is the
pulse which gives life to Sal-
trou. This year that pulse is
quickened with the expectation
of a harvest three times the
size of last year. But like every
town it has its problems.
In travelling to Saltrou you
have. a choice of two alternate
;routes. By sail boat' from Jac-
mel or over. -a tortuous iaoun-

..Salt Hole

out across the Cul de Sac and
climb steeply to the 5,000 feet
elevation of the invigorating
4Foret des Pins. After catch-
ing breathtaking views of lake
Saumatre and Enriquillo one
travels through dream-like sur-
roundings in the soothing tem-
perature for some 30 odd miles,
A stop is made to gaze upop the
gorge.of the Riviere Saltrou
which contains. the "Pich'on wa-
terfall. One is told that 'a hydro-
electric plant and irrigation for
the "Mapoj plain below have
been contemplated by' the gov-'
As you descend gradually to
the coast you pass oved the rich
soil of the plain soil so deep
that during the rains the road
is bottomless. The mountains
are one' continuous coffee grove
glowing golden from' the beau-
tiful yellow flowering Cassia tree

tain road from Port au Prince.. which serve as shade for the
The latter is only recommend-- coffee. The bi-weekly,. camion-
ed in the dry season for the nette serving the capital. creaks
hardy rubber physique type. past with its happy 'human
Leaving .the capital you strike load. Many. of the -pdeople in
4.~oO~e~ -eO _eOO_ eOO e

hIInAITT BS t N rage c

tlhis.-area' explain they are re-
.,'; .. : .n o!

Marigot and Cayes-Jacmel. that WEEKLY CROSSWORD PUZZLE-
the land they are farming is ,
government, land and that the Screen Actress a
future looks better. As you N I s
near the coast .the countryside HORIZONTAL 2 Greek sea
becomes drier and less populat- 1,Pictressed 4 STheraye NO 3
ed, beside the road are stacks 2 Sly lance 5 Therefore
of lignum vitae logs for ship. 13 Edited 8" Revise a
15 Droop 8 Sped
ment by boat to Jacmel; soon 16 Win back USouth' Caro-
ou mount a low hill which has dherant lin (ab.) 24Titled 40 Three
you '(suffix) 10 Futile 25 Actual beings 41 Small particle
stretched below it a lovely pa- 19 Leg joint 1 Gained. 30 Particles .42 Girl's name,
21 Shed 14 Act; 31 Dempigods 43 Pain- lily
norama; in the foreground a 22 Be fond 15 Car game 32 Satiric 46 Insect
23 Anew 17 Typb measure 34 Mourn 47 Small (Scot.)
crescentt shingle beach marks 25 Relieved 20lae 35 Scottish dish 50 Leave cot
the seaward margin of a baja- 26 Italian town 22 Trifles 36 Trace 52'Either
te a27 Snow vehicles
'ionide-clad -plain, while in thej 28 Mystic i 13 1 5 i 718 910 II
..-! .. ejaculation 13 ---
distance are imposing cliffs of 29 South latitude
gleaming white chalk and the 30 As -_ F IB
wee rock. island of Colombier. At: 3Kingmb Judea r '' F. -
the far edge of the plain stretch' 38 OrientIl inn 2- "' -
:3 9Press ,I
ed out along the sea shore, lies 40 Feeling -
.the town of Saltrou. With grassyI 45Weight, -
growing in the main. street it 46 French 30 333 13
province 31
sppoits- a moderate number of 48 Hen product ..
1" 49 Lord of mapor 39 4
' two-storied buildings. 'A quiet 51 She is a -
town' not outstanding for its 53 Vtressr '' J l. '
, prosperity. or poverty, the local 54 War god ..
people tell you it.has diminish-i i Projecting rim -.
ed in importance since the open .
ing of the road to Port au Prince
as the coffee instead of being 4,000 GOBS-HERE 'GraI d Hotel
loaded into sait boats for export FOR WEEK-ENp I ,
to Jacmel is lQaded onto-cami- U1
Four units of the; American -
ons at interior buying posts and

-' -transported to Port au Prince.
\ ,E f \ The sail, .boat; is too slow and
:. risky for the coffee speculator
*I", .... 3 of today. But there is hboe in
Saltrou. Their hope is bound
I up in the possible coming of
F a motorboat, service between
Saltrou and Jacmel. Monsieur
David, the very hospitable tooth-
j" /-.. less operator of' the town's 'ti
V4 night. Clubs. says 'Tout ce qui
ar-ivW dans la vie est neces-
j saire.


A- .w he h. .3, ,

..For that wide variety .of lltion al a i ,
porting o e lhe l one of the inal gaps in nechanked

aeag Release Valve automatically prevents lifting
dangerouss overloads. i er on system or keg' brn s
Di#ereatiaJ Motio l. .. of Fergus Stirnag ori
load close to the ractor to utilize trac tor weight and stab i
to ore safely handle the load and protect the
operator. ttachment- and'f capacity of up to
65p one-mdnuLe :er,,teguson Rear Mounted Crane handle
6te heavy loads o1en rd .in a .
Call drop us a card d ask fo

.,Distributor -- Haitan Tractor Company'
Rue Payee

J ..Ktti Sunday Raoud Blaise. meosaiques

MD .O 'and block bvulder of Ru-elle

Mr. Blasr' mode th,." trig) at Co,;-

I =Cement Block business.


avy LUroppe anchoiur in 0the.
Port au Prince harbpur yester-
day. They are: the USS Ran-
dorf, an attack aircraft carrier'.
commanded by Capt. R. S. Qua-
kenbusk; the USS Cabot CVL 28,.
an aircraft carrier commanded'
by Captain T. J. Brown.; ihe
USS Jack commanded by Capt.
C. R. Beyer, and the USS J.. R.
Pierre DD 753 commanded by
Capt. R. Derthrong.
Those four ships have a total:
crew of over '4,000 men.


Jacques Calixte has his de-
gree in chemical engineering
from Seton Hall University of
New Jersey.




for Haitian Handicrafts,
French Perfumes,' Omega &
Tissol Watches, Haitian

Music & Literature, Irish
Linens, Sportswear etc....


.! ,i '.:.

* |


* /,






Famous Sculptor Here To Do Statue WITH D.D.T.

Of Petion For New York Avenue

... ;

gerous of which is
Aegipti. The taste o
is altered. but the ch
parties of the w.att

The campaign against malaria
Continued from Page I l is career' as a'sculptor, when modified.
and several kinds of infectious
he enrolled as a student in the
fevers has just started ip Haiti M, ,,, Lrlj
did a bust of President Eisen- Art Students' 1'eague and twice s has just started i Ha MADAME MAGLOI
I under the auspices of the World
' hower which was unveiled at won: the Winthrop Earle award, STAMPS
Health Organization. The- ex'pe-
the Coronation gf Queen Eliza. Wescott strove, to achieve the. etHaitian stamps bea
riments already made in Brasil,
beth II in England: [A picture kind of realism which makes Colomb and Saado
-. of thiebust appears on page 2i. substance and spirit inseparable. e o an _
Mr. Wescott, who is-accom- Under. 'the direction of Mahonri
nicians of the Department of i
Spanied.by his social worker -wife Young, he learned in his first Public Health, of the Hydraulic .
is relaidhg. at tbhe Hdtel Aux appre'hticpship that realism needof the World Health
Orchide.s annex. .not -e6An .restrictip; that the
ABOU.T THE SCULPTOR. artist, faithful .to his -subject, Organisaon are now using A PLE
every endeavour to protect the A,.,
-: To disclalim allegiance to any could iur mee measure- health of our populations, '
and all schools 'has 'become a' 'ments in the breach and seek ..
kind o u declaration -.. and day inspections. are uibfw
Ind of-loud declaration of inde. qaliyenes'"firom within; that .hen you t
-dea, b., being made at the Prt au.*
i.. '. : iCi delle La
pendence among many' of the" likenes, wiledesiable' should and Petionie waferCtdele La
.-Prince and Petionville wal. ,r:
S world' more vocal artists. Their .be subtly subordinated to char- .. abl' at the nev
reservoirs, where fixea quanti-
4, manifestoes and protests leave acter ries of DT re inserted re await
,' ties of DDT Are insert, [10 r
William Carter Wescott singu- meant atop Cai
.. grams of DDT per cubic m ,eter .,
larly unconcerned while he hews One perceisesthe 'nwavering ram .'D harbciumr.
*.. 1. of water].
,to. his own line and seeks con-- purpose of }escbftts work as A. A- fabulous
'* .' ;' A, sp a, c.io ,t .
stantly to explore the"' ever-ex- Fib'progre'ss3ss to ,more and more The experihnent will 'be -eoln.. in our spacious
^-s tending boundaries of his me- anitfibitioUs- undgrtakings. The tinted for a fortnight. The DDT view of the Cil
dium.. This driving curiosity earlyi'.torsds, with their firm ,is not, solvable in' water.;-So, the .
and honesty qof purpose have and' flexilt' 'modeling, gie ev.-' -DDT poured in the reservoir, .
.' given.to his sculptured portraits. dence.of ani unrelenting search"- gathers in sediments which kill -
..a widbvariety. of conceptiens.., fbr meaning bnea'feality arind'. the larvae which give birtho- ',.
and. an .Lincompromising disci- a sedulous avoidance, of copying., .
li'. 'ien i-.treatment. As he came' int6 :,mtAitity a a
'Its 'a matter 'of complete in- sculptor, his i'gures grew more ." .... '.
d': ference to Wescott whether be and more;, roM tile inside. t .
is looked .. upon! as a conserva- retained all. thbo.atard fact.ia- .
tive. or'fisur ent, a.formaaist or". ness demanded 1y. the' clamor '." ,. MOI
.ecesisonist. What. i of the most, ers for actual representation.
i 6isteni importance to him As It is said ihaf -, Wescotit por- J0 t
iey. azia.tegrfy ofhi traits .:are neieri- mted; they
'Ttok abdthe vtali'ly itb-'wvhldh speak with nKputh.iand eyes, and
'S. daniasant copi attitudepmany .- a .".p .
SW 1 -ccasios for dnkgb -e i, ,

.... ...i

i':'y.1 .. .." *- .la.d", "-"Ti'. H o-e, P.l. I
54 RueRoux Tel.327 -
oseh al and Co., isriburs -
_" 1 ,, 4 .. -


-Greatw offng capacity-C 3


the Aedes
of the water

calling humanitary deeds of the
first lady of the Republic will

icmical prb- appear bientot.
er are not -

RE The coffee crop reportedly I
will 4e abundant in Grand'Anse...
ring the eft- -----

iome to Cap-Haitien en route to mighty "
Ferriere>, make your stay comfort- .
v Hotel MONT-JOLI.
s you. a new and attractive develop-
renage Hill, overlooking a resplendent '

spectacle : .Right from your window';
s. and airy rooms, youmay have a pre-
tbdlelle in the fiery setting, sun. -

..IT ,.



' ~`

............. I ......
E UT:11::


SUNDAY, OCTOBER llth 195.3.
the mosquitoes, the most dan- figy of MIme Paul Magloire re-


Haiti Sights Economic Comeback
*^ J -_ --- --- : 1: --- ~ 11 unl


Staff Writer of The Christfan
Science Monitor.
.Haiti, once one of the richest
colonies of France. has! in re-
cent decades been beset by pov-
e.:rty, ignorance, ecorndmic and
-social backwardness. But there
are indications that conditions
are on the slow upturn for that
Caribbean' island republic.
Enormous- difficulties lie a-
*ead. But new construction and
bold long-range planning' are
holding put the prospect fqr an
improvement in Haiti'st way of
Recent completion of the Cap
aitien Harbour' project is an
example of current contributions
o Haitian progress.
predges sucked dirt from the
oor of the wide-arcing bar-
ur to build ,a spanking new
after front extending the length
'ity. ,.
President Magloire's dedica-
on in late August' of the
7,000,000 reconstruction project
ias turned .,the .historic 17th-
entury port into a modern
F the quaint colonial capital. A
alzn-lined boulevard Jlies be-
i4 a sturddy sea raill ,ny.
er juts. into the tlarbour, capa-
e of handling sizable freight-
s' and ocean liners.
Paved streets have "replaced
t lanes in the city .itself
d .modern sewers have- taken
e place of dpen cobblestone
tiers of the French 'colonial

era. A new million-g r-


Point Four ventures.
Arthur Wakefield, resident
representative in Haiti for the

voir provides .water for the Technical Assistance Board of
25,000 inhabitants., the United Nations. estimated
In addition, President Ma-- some time ago that within a
glodire has fostered public.works, decade Haiti could increase its
above all the great Arfiboilite national wealth 20 to 25 times
Valley project, Haiti's TVA. [its per capital wealth today is
More roads are being paved- now one of the lowest.in the world].
than ever before. A-basic net- Development projects by the
work nears completion. Educa- government in cooperation with
tion, sanitation., and public UN and United States Point
'health are recording gains. Four wil help bring about the
PROJECT TO change, he.said. ,
The Artibonite Valley is the HAITI FACES PROBLEM
site, of-a $22,000,000 project to In spite of all these optimistic
provide hydroelectric power and developments. Hpiti is still a
irrigation. It will be the back- desperately poor country. It has
bone of the country's future de- few natural resources. Its work-
velopment. The Export-Import ers are not skilled. Its revenues
Bank is providing a loan of [only about $30,0o0,000 annual-
$14,000.000. Haiti will provide ly] are low. And overpopula-
the remainder. tion lies at the root of its diffi-
The project will stimulate, the culties. It has more than 3,000,-
industrial and economic growth 000 persons, over twice the po-
of the republic., pulation of neighboring. Domi-
When completed, the project
will include one of the world'srrt
highest buttress dams. It will
be 225 feet high and 1,075 feet
wide'qnd control 350,p00,000 cu-
bic yards pf watei'. Some .80.000 I M
acres of farm Will be' irrigated
by it.S Still Produced by
In colonial times the.vally y
was one o thf 'W a1liest areas
under, the French flag. Not long HIGH CLASS
ago it was a wasted, eroded plaint STANDARD QUALITY
barely supporting-about 100,000
persons. Today 'improvements SINCE 1862
are underway. Some 200 fami- $
lies in the valley-are improving | -
tAeir' agricultural and livingiJdi Bar bancourt
standards through international '


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Becter Designed

More Carefully Built :' '

Installed by Exper ienced Engineers

Westinghouse deliver more cooling effect per. Dosjr
nveted ,

p -----I--- -ff^^


nican Republic which has twice- tional economy. .:,|A
tle area. The rehabilitation of .:
There is. so far, little industry Haltien- -was accomplished :
and few trained workers. 'How- less than three years: BS faf'.,
ever, tourism is, assuming an ence B. Moody, president of Com.n. ?^
even greater role in the na- pania 'de Industrias MaritinamB. "
e s e e s.se-e.. .-,...- ... .'.'.a

MM ."' 1 ." o

Opposite PAA on Rue Pavee
'j "4.'

So -vttirs .., ..stie..

^^'Swi" "ti..:u. .

11a^*tia wK"ords a s. -.'

a" "



Page 8

On this peninsula. 'UMore a MAdante* which has an elealtion of
10 feet will.be built the 75-rown hotel. At the, tip of the penin-
I .o
sula is the ruins of a colonial fort which has a brass cannon
S'Stll nitact. The sma.nl bay intowhich' runs heavy -seas [at
left] "vill be closed with, a floating net .enabling safe swimming. .
4',n the distance at the -left is, the Bae..ux beach.


'Continued from Page. 1 ing the -season. *
lami's' tourism was -built 'on In Haiti most hotels liave
N aibeach, arid our close neighbour 'taken, advantage', of the cool-
-.-Jamaica drawling 100,000 tourists mountains and closeness of Port
annually, as: coinpared ,with au Prince. But the acute tour-
';.'Ha's 23,000, has over 25 ho-. istic minds 6f Mr.- Robert'Baus-
V' tels on'o.r ,a short distance from sah arid Andre Roosevelt' have.
...beaces. Jamaica' s Tower Isle been far from dormant; as' re-
.aotei' .although located :three gards the' needs of -Haiti4s up
.:'hours'i distance' from Kingston and coming tourist industry.
"..:and two ,'hours from '.Montego' In June .of 1951 Andre. Robo.e-
aBy is. flled to, overflow ing.dur- velt. on one of his routine flights
..' ...... ,. over the Halutin coast-gaye, his

TOPSE A LL b pilot si l .Beach
''Y. '" ..: Ahoy!r,-After visitirig the erentire
Republic's coastline Andre and
:4 RLeort' came to. the conclusiot...
.t t th they, had found the per-
fect- spot (6r.a perlffdt beach re-
.sbrt. Situated half way be-
Sqehi the villass of te Borgne
Emand Bfayeux it is 29 miles, ,west.
of Cap Haltien over h new as-
: phalL -.road to be bf lt ty' 'the
government or less 'than an hour
S'C by, autmobile from the newg ia-
,,'ternational .'airport being built
at Cap Ialtien.' '
".T'T .The,. Chou chou Bay 'tourist

uleh" fo- idabe frtress
i_, :-i" ilt / 'by King:-Christophe, one ot
''. $ the outatanding, monumehts of
I'tb?-he. Anericas. 15 miles by wo-
ter.to'"Toi tuga island? cekbbrat-
/ed for haing- bq6n, the 'lair, of
'the Corsgiits and Pirates which
Sfested -these waters int ,the
XVII and XVIII Centturies, two
'7 miles from the. rubber planta-
Stion of Bayeui and S miles'from
h he still unexplored caves near

AfTer 18! months on the draft-
S .. -' -'.*-- .ing board and before the legis-
Tlature the million-dollar, Chou-
Ammmt R I tSl O. m cou Bay tourist 'centre is about
-"A, "gent in himtm,
,-" O ) to, bringprosperity to the thou-
.,,:. ., sands of its little neighbours
l whe eke oiat a meagre subsis-

.i "b grtthto
,% ,:% .. ".- :. ..44



The onIl airline that
" ties to every major
din the...

:,, ," "

r ii -through
A view of the mile and-q-half main Clhouchou beach along which ,etru
r : -. .i, a. Choose
will be bi te b gs.cabanas a Pvat4 houses. The-. ep
light ye'llAdw sand pabs, a ote jep.'te are k lrdly ma tho to a ddzen enchanting
impressionn., island vacationsspots. Pan
S American's vast Caribean'
nqbork.taw4iyo-.n to
Robert Baussan did to rebild and expand. on .
: Robert Baus- his lvely hbme;, perching high'
dnsa'-rkputa- over ,the 'Cul-de-Sac. into a de NO .RTH 'COAST
tion'. beauty: Jxe resort hotel of IS rooms. AA has fluent d
ff.^JU 3ying Hati is Never a man 'to-stop easily, flights. t' jdst.;a'few i6dg.
.:'''well founded-. Baussan builp. on anradditi6nal flight lethyeebparacas,
He cae from 14 -rooms in. ninety day, MaracaiboBarranquilla
-7 I. leecarnedfrom 0oon. etymh'days,
a long line -of Janup.ary.':52 and-reconditioned and ey potat inthe i
,. al o -hne -o ...... .... ;.. -. Caribheani. 'Convenient .
'.. ',architects with his, Furcy mountain resort .Le connectiqris can be made a
a .nder. .'., .nly one out- Refuge. u~der the aimable man- arranguilla for Panaffilk .
lander. : a andfather who dgment ,of Ted. Roosevelt., .-Co- and CentraiMArerica, or
entered the 'law promio "son; architect of the new Simbihotol south to Medellini and
*. .' ... ..- 1- Bogota:" ':"" ..
Papa George's is.still up to lhis to" open in January, Baussan is Bogota" ,
neck in building plans' at -the. ow .deep in 'the,final stage of 'CARIB AN CIRCLE TRIP
"4 '.'. 4 L'1 -
age of 79 and p$ 4e son. of such planning his Shrangri-La. oh Miami Havana, MoDitego
a vigorous father,' Baussan. has the north coast. .By., Kngton,.Port aui
S- Prii'e,Ciuoad.Trujillo
more than held..his, own. .- -:0:- -
S Juan, New York and
The dapp6r, well-esoken .ar- Andre Roosevelt a n.ra, for ust i- e24 '
chitect launched himself -in the Andre Roosevelt [an. ter' vai vsg eil.:.
family- profession, 23 years ago. Bay, one] was born in ga"*,Pa- direction and fom any.-
with an' .architectWal 'degree ris, back in 1879, son 'of Coine- -lOuIoten route.' .
received 'i 'Pott au, PIAoe and. 'ius. Roeevel c -first cousin of'L .,
a diploma from the Sorbonne Theodore Rodsevelt'of big stick '
where he spent two years study- fame. ,
ing City Planning. -Back in June of 1951 Andre if Atci
In 1946 when the Haitian gov- -told the .Haiti Sun. he had been r iaS
ernmeht decided to create a Bu- in Haiti three years and he OIDS MOSU-
reau of Tourism it asked the never expects to leave as he 6. (ImNCtD AIRlN
imaginative architect to serve loves the Iahd. He has -ilans *
as the first director. The growthh for another hotel, a 100-room .
of the tourism indiutry got an- affair on the north coast, but hM(, obiuamiunhnsy-'l
other boost inr '49 when B i san Continued on Page 11 Air M.Di aci Ar Feal NdiL


I -
tance from the soil.
, Plans of architect Robert, Batut
san call for: the building of a 75-
room hotel, beach bungalows
a n (d cabanas. A complete
light plant with a capacity
of 250 kilowatts, water works.
laundry, etc., a yatch club, race
course, tennis courts. golt Links,
sports field and maybe a casino.
Besides the hotel and its de-
pendencies plans are under way
to develop a complete village
with 'shops and government
buildings.t Certain sectors of
the main beach not occupied by
the hotel will be sold as lots
varying in sizes up to three
acres. Plans of all houses will
be first submitted to the com-
pany for approval and will in
fact be' built ti' the company.
Besides a perfect yacht ba-
sin thoroughly protected 'from

north-east winter gales, a 70- During the rainy season
acre mangrove swamp is being which starts in September and
converted into a fresh water extends to January .Chouchouh
lake and will be stocked wiln Bay- will close its doors and'
fish. prepare for the next season.
The fruit tree fringed beach -
is of light yellow sand, free from _
coral it slopes gently. Hax.
ing no dangerous undertow, i[
is quite safe for children and
Extending along 5 miles of
ocean the property of some 600 L
acres is cooled by the consistent ?' 1
northeast trade winds in I the
day and at night by the exhili-j
rating land, breeze which des-
cends from'the 4,000-foot moun-
tains which limit the property r
at the south. The temperature MO
is approximately the same as
.*that found 'at Hotel Ibo Lele "..
which: lies at an altitude of 1,575 .
feet. ., ,. /

SUNDAY, OCTOBER llth 1953'

Antigone Great Success: To Be

Presented Again October 18th
TO see F. Morisseau-Leroy'Z cat Haitian peasant costume
Creole version of ,Antigone' is tWred onto the palm-frLi
.,a must for all. who care for the stage, set with only a ti- c
..Theatre'even if they'have only the surrounding din of
a slight knowledge of Creole. boxes arid trumpeting i
I.t's a rewarding experience, as club jazzes was blacked
the large audience at the Thea- The players commanded
tre deVerdureilast Sunday night lute attention. In clearly e
will testify. The third presen- coated Creole with all its wai
station of- the Greek tragedy at and idioms, Clovis Bonhoi
i the open air theatre was in the "gave a flamboyant perform
opinion of many, the best., in leading role as King Cr
;L As .the players dressed in typi a. rural policeman.. The ch'

k I

A A I _&L

F.eFSTAuIllb OCT. 15lh -

M- -aj-


I "Time" &" Life"

r the Leading American


terization of Filo, Antigone, Tire Mme Renaud as a godmother- delegates to 'the New. WorJd-,AAs..4
sias, Maiaine, Hemon and .s- iri the beginning, and a priestess sembly of Jehoval'sa Witresses .''-
mene by Georges Figaro, Adri-. possessed by LEpv goddessEsi. in Yankee Stadium, N' w Yirk.
en- enne Dejole, F. Morisseau-Leroy, was wonderful. -Georges Figaro, So Michel was among .the 12
ge Mme Renaud. Nicolas Vincent, l rural policeman,, colourful and .Australians who attended .th '
Andree Dor, were, more than reticiet;l described' the burial, of eveit, .most of whom tavoied.'le
juke competent. Polynice with the gestures that", aboard the Orontes; visiting":
eight Adrienne Dejoie [Antigone] gives zes..to-the Creole srma'mii- beylon, Egypt; Italy, France and-i'a
out. personified the everlasting in-' que. 'Great ,applauses .rewardedd .England, there to;bdad .t.I
tNicoiasoviii. 'Q.6en Elfzabeth to'cro
abso- tegrity of unspoiled youth : the the perfect acting of Nicolas Vin Queen Elizabeh' to cro-the
nun- Haitian daughter of a noble cent [Hemon] as. he'put bj. his Atlantic, jqined .by- dates Y
rmth peasant family, while Andree 'hat and departed ,from h'js fi. 'from Euroipean Ceouitrie&. Wni"
mme Dor [Ismenel contrasted-in the other's house to join Antigone, in on a,subway inr 'Nbw York M;1'4i1
ance asoumission' attitude of ayes, misery, in. death and in the light chel ai 'across some.oT'"laitri':
r'eon, Tonton Creon, which is'typical of rightness.,. Morisseau-Leroy delegates, but holi did tibmth. '..
arac- of a different, temperament. [Tiresiaas actor-and author, was pei? Well, each of -125,00 .-W#zi
warmly applauded by the- enthu- nesses attending the conrveoiito.
siastic audience, wore a badge bearing the nlan i
I, ,. antd country of. the -person," aid
T, 'The play will be put up again anipuncement of the talk ,cAf
onft Sunday '18th of 'October .t ter Armageddon, .God's" a "NV'I
the, Theatre de Verdure. ,.' 'WVoild' [ soon to 'be given if-

ENDINGI OCT. 31st KhawIy 0 Australia it attending th a
SViits Khawlys Of Haiti sessions in the Stadium, oMi, I
,'....,. .' .. was delighted to- met .ei ohio .
Michel Kbawly. one of Jeho- his. friends 'whor came aHllh'th,,
vah"'s witnesses from Australia, ay Irom. LTebanion,. Tten i
a b 'fle t o 'aiti 'ith his '. c. u ""g
has -bb~n with us in .Podrt flew to 'aiti wth his cousit-
since August 1, visiting his and since.then 'has antidipate&efI
ancle Edouard Khawly, 'the 'the national converitiu6n of'the :
well-known importer. Michel's same organization that will .,be-'
famnly' in Lebanon were origin held in- Port au Princeh and ..as,
ally of 'the Greekj Orthddox ed -on the model of .the bigger ,*
Church,. but they -became active one. Since his ,visits to.. a.,
Witnesses in' 1949 when" Michel' Salle ldu Royaurne. R.ue' Ca-,".
w as baptized' to symbolize his .pis9 'Mi came '
O R- :E y* .,: -, .~dedication' to .ministerial Work4.. closer, to.the. Ha.iIan 'i.'d 'he
Sis 'departure on Wednesday admits they. are ery. fNienidv..'
'*, "' past, now means that Haiti wi1l i. as4 ebre .that'le', ga ey
S'be a'pleasant memory that'stat- talk o -his- traels o'.the:do--
Sed'when uncle Edouard wrote,& grega"ion '4ter thei c.. "
rhim'in Australia, inviting.hym. eight 7-30,1syN,o..e nc..
to visit our Caribbean country. Watchtower. ,.. ,..;
OF "" By coincidence, The Waten. .'
Tower Bible &*Tract Society, at/ -n thp trip t
S Brooklyn was co-operaing with' ,Mich el, plans 1o sDentd'2 mn
A L 'its branch in Australia to g ith his fol nearripol
FRICTION TAP .. -. '- -
~BIG SIZE R No. 1 ROtLai t ri:wt;'


41 .

SLet ta insurance Compn do the otin ..
a.See immediately : "NORWIC. NIO .. Insr e Co ,.

'A oox S i '.


"," '

r ^

Page 10

i and bric-a-br
Types Of Men him feel cro'
speed, gets b
by Roselly Miller drinks, and li
lover. He lik
Be it Haiti or Hollywood nine and he

Canada or
that MEN

Cuba. my theory is that
are the same the hold.

he is b,


'ac, which makes
wded in. He l.ovcs
elligerent when l-e
s a medium grade
:es his women fern-
is under no doubts
oss od the houswe-

world over. Here are a. fe*V
-words in a lighter vein about The lean and nervy Ecto-
hem. morph type of man is quite dif-
According to a recent article ferent kettle of phobias. He wak-
i Chatelaine there are three es up unrefreshed and harried,
-. types of men you can marry .. picks like a bird at his break-
or if-you are already married, fast, doesn't like people too
you .might like to see which much. prefers to wprk alone, is
Stype.-iyou did. often misunderstood. For re-
The mesomorph. or muscle laxation he likes reading or a
'. man is,.the kind that leaps out quiet walk. He likes a home in
:of bed.-in- the morning,' eats !a the valley because it gives him
.hearty mealdI dashed off to a feeling of security...He perks
hi:. day's wok. '. For thi. type up in'the evening, which is the
I'. better ut :a w.ay knick-knacks best 'time of "th'e day for him.
aIrm s:------------

SDinner Dance Every Wednesday

is> '.^> Jazz Guignard.

ase Reserve your tpble '

-. -
A :' '4 "!' '
I .' .. '. .. l

&~ 5,

In case he doesn't sound too at
tractiive to you from this pic
ture, the article also says he is
a wonderful lover.

Mr. Endomorph is the fal
easy-going man who makes ar
excellent husband and father
He's popular, loves his food and
sleep and revels in parties. He
wants to be friends with his
neighbours, likes furnishings
that. are large and luxurious.
.Chances are that your man
will be a mixture of all three
.. thle Mesomorph, the Ecto-
morph and the Endomorph ...
but one will predominate in his
makeup. We leave it to you to
figure out which.

The delicate Chocolate
Laxative '

brings relief overnight. So
tonight and tomorrow
you'll be all right.

Le Picardie

'Specialitids -
Onion Soup
Filet ignon
Pepper Steak
Escallopp de Veau
Picirdie .
For Reservations Tel. 7416.
.. ,- ,.
,, r .



SDinner Dances


4 'Hotel Ibo Lele
L ,

E .ry Tuesday and Friday from 8 .. .io 12 p.m.

Every Monday. from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. i
g TELEPHONE: 7886 |

in Cool Kenscoff
For Lunches and Dinners of Distinction
\Almost 5,000 feet; almost a mile
above sea-level
Yet only 15 pleasant miles, 35 leisurely '
minutes from the 1heart of the Capital

Unexcelled American French German -Haitian
Cuisine and Beverages
-. ... ..._i.

',0 0 0,0'0 0


. -'. -. -'

, I _,


The Palace of Sans-Souci the Eighth Woflder' of the
World --King Christophe's Citadel The Indian
Caves at Dondon- The.lovely beaches of 'the North
Apply M. Leopold Sanchez, Cap Haitien, Rues Ar23
Telephone 454
^--' O^O~mjM--M.XMM X^-- ---- -- ---- -- ---- ---- -- *
,~~~~~~~~~~ .innnn.. ,


BACQ.1 on -l AM AnD 'EGGS
C G' (A e,'c




pq ,

. .1



S SUvNDAY, t.'rMiLK orun ZUi siAITl IU ...i Page 1 ,.

t 1 months advising ,and demons ,day, 46th rough.'tothe2
Creole' Parle Creole Comprenne 0 -Babel othe ;. ,,0
fn i werui ftrating to thousands of wompn Elvir, ifl he aLa Belle Creole!
.Man, languages could 'be 7p wall he at La Blle Creole
col who lave consulted he. abet .t
S Chaqze dimanche, n'ap putlier oun article en creole. Jodi-a, heard at the bar of Grand Hotel toive free beauty consultnae
; their beauty needs. From Fri- .o '.
nous .mandd Morisseau-Leroy qui 6cri oun live creole ddjd .'Dia. O16ffsor this week. Residerit .. tions. ..
cobutes ac aon pidce thdate 'Antigone. ecri pou nous 'qui gen'l guests included A n t h o n:r 1. -
ecri crtole-la. [. Brooklyn's Travel Bureau*] On ale at' Bchara
-..' '' -*O '.'k4n6isae at:*.Blcbar ..:" ^*
Pou moin, crdole, e6 oun langue cou toute Fiala, of Czech origin, and his i Izm.v. Au Lincoln
l'aute langue. Presque toute mot crdole yo, wife, born in- Trieste; the Irari- tDoctors have. Bz ae
c'6 minme mot francd-a yo. D6 fois nous chan- ian UNESCO expert Sifolab CLAS BABY FOODS National Geor-
SifgBaz-Car:'S NationBY FOeor-O
g6 gen yo prononoe moi-a. L'aute foisinous. 'Tachakori, of .Teheran, relaxing \g ler than any other Maisor
.4baby foodsl d es Ccles. Matso .
Sfai yo p .co'ute soit nous couper commence- between trips to M.arbial;'French imo Vieux,- me
ment yo soit nous manger, queue yo. diplomat Andr6, Mance]Bize, SJ' sh Mag' o, 'aa '
Lo m'ap ecri crdole, mn'connin, c6 cr,6ole happily en'route to Paris fr a 'Edond Phipp ''
m'ap .6cni. Mit, m'pas janme blier mot francs six months vacation; Miss Ma- -
N.'. quo tounina creole la. Toute moune qfui conne ria Bronierska, a Polish student '. .,
.-I : ; .4 '. .. ,'.,...,,..,
,,.J -franc6 capab li can m'ri nan cr6ole~- la. Yo capab comprenne who resides in .Bogota, Colom .. NDONIE MOURRA COR "
tou. ,. bia;ndutrilist Camille Char- Exclusi'Distributor fbr Haiti Phone:. '3513
Pou moin, qa gan i ortance.. M'pas vl6 6cri obun gh pou tr& :of Montreal; handsome Nu- .'. -
.. oune qui conne paler ,creole seulement compienne. Silri fai Qa, nez J. do Carmo.. who compares,
inou va mette trope diff6rehce nan pays-ya.,Faut nous, crt'ouh cr6 our Natlonall.Casino with. t.e
Sole pou toute moune, oun bon Cdrole.' C' crdole qui pi- sembl' ac .Estori, near his native Lisbon'-
"franc" qutpi bon. Pouqui.t ga pobu'n ta cri cr&aole qui p laildela? .pd. Mr. Valentine Schoen,' of '.*:
Au contrail yo doLid Ii qC'n, 4ceri: pou toute pali oun creole qui Estonia. ., ..
bel, onmu citole toute mouriw .eavi paler. .. The English. speakingg group.
Si nous ap'prnne li crdole qui dcri con va-a, n'ap capab Ii was represented ty sever-:
-france tou, parce que n'a jomine minme mot yo nan live france. A'Aiericans, asl well as by Mlss ,
M'pas di. i p s pi difficile gen m'decril la Mi. m'crnJm'pit&t Joyce Mclntosh. .Mr., Douglas' 1; 7
-nous contr difficulte- a-a toute suite, pass poi nou joinne-li pi Duncombe and Mr.- Eric .Rouse, "w "
ta lo nous vld appienn% li francs. -.allofKingston, Jamaica.

M'pa as. di aute gn yo 6dri,cr ole pasbon. 'Ml'cr mine li To top it all, the Qjoff on's .
permette mounme qui pas. eonite li u atout. ppdrenne pi te. manager, Victor de Keyserling,
f ,.- messjes qui coni.e...6qri.* ranc=ddj& .1yp o cri pi.t ite gen. is of ,Latvian' ratiaonality. -..was
m'cri-a. C'e pou. nous encourage moune qul conne chi frande born in Helswiki FTilahd, has..
dda ecdri bdn 'ive 'cr6ole pou tdiite moaine 11., Parisian wife nirfd PPeaks six-,
Gan d&4fois m'di o niot cou apilu eac u parce que nous languages.
trouvP c due i ,tne t. modne, q' a'i o c, pDo..th, Gma-'s .
xn loran outur tmrot C1eol en eNIn-
Na-'m',.'e-...4 .. .."..-....y ''.'t.. .". ... '.- is "'* "" "0" "" M-.II"l A; "' '.
-. s o i S m -.umnuedbon P -.
pronoun -L as capab ooncd'il.ps' prnfi -Min tout '
ga qui c paiarce ques- & aou non bail oun n:bfn6e. pou,.
yo pronohd&d n:t-a minmeni n yo ecri nanA .,f ra .a "
Quaidh'ap i c'6 "li h' aptJt: Motde, iti cone il do.u park-rl_.
o pj bien' pass&.mo tme qui'pas-, on!e li. .-" +..'.--.
Gan l'aute fdisom'pasj n0tt'rntn cot- yoimett r nan trbnc- ..
Sya, pace qiie m'pens4 tiAn-poinaen pile tiouneg iiltprooahc6 a '
ga- yo lo y'ap paler crdole. M'6cri:.. iermette; m'pa- 6cri : per-.. ;,
Strettre. .
Gan ou.f pile mot coif ga rn!trouv6 nous ta mette dcri minmie .
,gtn yo ecri. nadi francL6. ParJer, par exemp. Pas 'gat:..en pile M .. .
nous gqi di ,parler en Haiti lb y'ap parler creole. Si nous fore ,', '.
yo' di parlerh; a, fai langue 'nus-a. p6du musique-li. ""
Min. si ,n'aal pi loin n a ou. ta mette cri'l con 'ga, Va t. ou
jou ga in qui aspa noncer r. 1finme 16 yap: paile ADRK '
franc," yo pas pronone'l. C6 ourti bagaille .iui riv6 nan toute lai
gue. Nal angle; nan pagnol, gan mounequi pas prononc toute will continue to run the 1bo
lette. Leje which he considers a little .
Americ.in New Yorl'.pas parler cou oun Ambricanl Boston- bunk of Paradise. Believes that
M3exicain pa 'parl46 paghol cou Cubain. Franc6 Marseille pas Haiti has a great future. Great +
parler Wou francd Paris. touristic possibilities providing
Gan oun musique nab creole au Cap, qui differezitad ihusique the roads and more hotels ar2 ..
nan creole y,.p aux Cayes. built. That was two years ago
Min toute nous paler crdole. Cr6ole paler, creole comprenne. and now Andre's wivshes have
Toute l'aute causer, c'd franc,. advanced past the planning

Ht S ,KIDDY .PHOTO CONTEST Elvira Coelho who has already -,SSO.
Haiti Sun, P.O. Box 488 visited most of the countries of
Please enter this photo in the -Kiddy Contests Latin America as Dorothy Gray's .X U
Name ........;.................................................... Travelling Beau-tv Consultnt i ". ",,TO rMav llTng B C n t.
Child's Name -------------------------------- / expected to arrive 4n Port Ft- ; .

Address ......................................................... / Elvira has spent the past Se. Hili For More Than 30 Years ,
4.' I

Page 12



Atherton Lee of Chatelet des
Fleurs returned from Panama
and Costa Rica with 2.200 uni's
of planting material -of Abaca
[Manila Hemp] for producitun
in this.country.
He says that in this indusir:'

f .-- -

, Madame, are, your

Sbirthdays showing?


we will be in competition with
the Philippines and Central Arne
rica, but that with technical
knowledge,. and the fine coopu-
ration that Chatelet des Fleurs
always has from top levels of the
Government here, we should be
able to develop an industry prd-
titable to Haiti. Abaca provides
revenue for -the Philippines to
the amount of about 50 million
dollars annually.

Good Fishing in '
The Artibonite River

When UN fishmafi Mr. Tal and
Haitian expert Mr. Garnier mo-
et drp into fl h AL tib S L it JIL thiiI

o o. te rt to oe tro U
Week to take a look into the
muddy waters of the 'iver and
G ray i. rice fields to see what had hap-
Spened to. the spawn they h5,1
; pblacedAthere several months pre-
vious ,a search was unnecessary.
S. Park Avenue Salon In villages enroUie their little '
i fishes,, now grown- to a healthy
Swill be in our pound, greeted them in mar-
Setics department chand's basket at the markets.
.. .. ... .-- -The valley people armed witn
r ct br 1 o nets or' old baskets are making,
- From October I6th to 24th a good daily catch of the .Tila-

pias fdrom Thailanch
Let her tell.you.what won-
ders Dorothy Gray.Cellogen,
Cream hai done for over FOR SALE
thirty skin! Thosands of '46 Packaci Clipper. Grey. S

: .to discover that with, its Renault, 4 seats. Apply at Sou
.'. high nada estrqgenid hot--. therjand Tours, AxvenUe Marle-
*I mone content, Cellogen Jeanne, ..Cite dd lIExposition.
g'ves. you quicker results. Phon a3591.;




SL6 nsilleur de.es pneus g6antsl

Le pneu qui vous donnevdes
Savantages inespErEs sans d6e
pensb supplmentaire ,
Une mardhe stable t r..,..

*'K .. a ,o. ,. ,l "' .. '" ..
e.i. ler "All Weather" posside la fameuse
l dm. tie de roulement "All Weather" de renom-
r t zrr.diealt qum assure tiune resistance au
..:'. traction exceptionnelles -su
. 2- il-14.F

Thousands converged on Croix
des Bouquets last Sunday to as-
sist in the celebrations of the
feast day of Our Lady of the
Rosary,. the Patron Saint of
Croix des Bouquets.
Guests of honour were His
Excellency the President, Ma-
dame Magloire, the American
Ambassador and Mrs. Roy Tas-
co Davis. After attending the
morning religious ceremonies
the President and his ,suite-
were guests at a sumptuous
breakfast prepared in the bar-
racks by commander of the sub
district Lt. Lamarre, 'and mem-
bers of the local administration.
To' the gratification of assem-
bled farmers t h e President
spoke as he did last year in
Creole about the administration

of hls government. He ended
his speech by introducing the
" new American Ambassador Mr. f0
Roy Tasco Davis.
Deputy Thomas Desulme of-
fered a midday banquet on ih?
premises of the boys' primary
After paying a visit to the
vicar of the parish, magistrate
Etzer Racine, and inspecting the
works of the *Scisp, the Presi- '
dent at 3 p.m.. motpred to his
summer residence in La Boule.

Senator Dejoie showed up at'
'Damien. this week with a large
sample of Italian wheat in a
cardboard box under. his arm.
The Senator had 'harvested the
wheat at his Oriani farm which
neighbours the Fine Forest at a
1,500 meters elevation.

Mayor Of Anse A Pite
Receives Hew Leg

S The maire of Anse a Pitre
has 'a leg all can beat
when the tambour is -plate.
the maire does with tact
a. hilarious act..
The maire of the little Haitian
coastal town on the Dominican
border recently received his new
leg from Jacmel. The new leg
made of mahogany with all the
necessary springs is a work of
local industry.

Experienced English French
stenographer; knowledge of
.Sbanish and German, seeks : 1)
lalf-day employment morn-
ings; 2) translations and secre-
Tariat. Wrie to Adeline Morn- &
vi, c/o Nadal and Co.



4 ------ -



Social highlights of the season
were the 5 to 7 and 6 to 8 re-
ceptions offered Thursday. even
ing in honour of President Ma-
gloire on the third anniversary
of his election.
In Pacot Minister of Foreign
Relations and Madame Pierre
Liautaud received the President
and ,Madame Magloire from 5
to 7.
At 7 p.m. Minister to the Pre-
sidency, and Madame Zephirin
welcomed the President and
Madame Magloire to their beau-
ttiful home atop Deprez.' The
fete attended by Port au Prince
societyf. Diplomats, Government
and Military official and the
Clergy went on till 10 p.m. A
sumptuous buffet was served on
the terraces and in the taste-
fully furnished house. A troop
* of boy scouts formed an honour
guard and the Palace orchUstra
provided the music.
** -*"^ % -**-.--*- .-- ,
Director of Haiti Motors, Mr.
Emile Sendral flew to Europe
Thursday on a health trip with
his wife. .


James Johnston, forestry ad-
viser with Shada at the Pine
Forest since 1948 returned Sep-
tember 29th to home in Berke-
ley, California. Mr. Johnson
was accompanied by his wife
and. two children.
Sunday evening, M. Albert
Etheart, Haitian Ambassador to
the Dominican Republic, offe'-
ed a reception in honour of M.
Anselmo Paolino Alvarez, Domi-
nican Secretary of State with-
out portfolio, in transit in Port
au Prince. Among the distin-
guished guests were Mme Al-
bert Etheart. Dr. Jose Ayba.,I


Doininican Ambassador to Port
au Prince, M. Victor Uribe, Sec-
retary at the Dominican Em-
bassy, and the Hubert and Axel
Etheart. -
Josiane Vital observed her
fifteenth birthday yesterday.
Last evening, Mile Hildegard
Streiwolf gave a party.
Mr. Paul Glem, director of
the Dominican American In-
stitut is over. from C. T. for the
Carlos and 'tan, Etienne of-
fered a folksong party at their
Lalue home Wednesday evening
for Mr. Homer Gayne and
Mr. Claude Weil is returning
to purifying salt water in Ha-
vana today after a month in
Port with the children.
"-. -.:. -, '.,..=. ', ; .
Jacques Butterlin, professor
at the, French Institute is back
from a pleasure trip to Mexico.
Helga Tippenhauer is .leaving
on a 15-day health trip to Miami

Tuesday Mrs. Andre Esper
went to New York on a health
trip with her mother.
Gaston Turnier wed Ghislaine
Woolley at the Sacre Coeur in
Turgeau Thursday. A reception
followed. the religious cer--
mony at Rue Ti Four.
Jean Pierre Anselme is back
from a two-month vacation in
New York with his father. He's
hoping the Dodgers will win
the world series.
Suzan Conde, daughter 6f Mr.
and Mrs. Franck Conde, and
Jean Andre, son of Colonel and
Mrs. Jules Andre were bound in
holy matrimony at the Sacre
Coeur last evening.

Down from N.Y. on 5-day vaca
tion are Mr. and Mrs. Julian
Laub. Staying at the Villa Cre-
ole the Laubs made the donkey_
trek to the Citadelle, visited
sculptor Lafontant and sat near
the President at cocktails. "
Mexican Ambassador Torres
.Talavera .is clippering to Miami
this weekend.
Mr. Burke Dowling Adams,
Advertising Executive constel-
lated out this morning after a
three day business-cum-plea-
sure visit. Mr. Adams whose
firm handles the very unusual
Delta-C&S advertising and pro-
motion, was accompanied by his
mother Mrs. Frank Adams of

Joseph Rodriguez of ,Agency
Ciitadelleo is leaving today on an
observation tour of the U.S.
Harold Marby U.S. Embassy
Marine Guard left for reassign-
ment this week after more
than a year here.
Gontran 'Rouzier flew to San
Juan Saturday.
The engagement of MIle Lu-
cienne [White Rock Carnival
Queen '53] Dreyfuss to Claude
Parisot was announced this
Alfred Spillett and' Gladys re-
turned Wednesday from visit-
.ing England, the Continent and
Don Lungwitz and family re-
tdrned to Plantation Dauphin
Tuesday from the farm in Vir-
iMr. and Mrs. Edouard Kenol
and daughter Alice are home
from the States.
Pretty Marie Carmelle Conde
is up from Aux Cayes for the
month of October.
-:0:-- \
Returned from six years in
the U.S. are Mr. and Mrs. Ernst
Geoffroy and their three year
old son Jean Robert. The
Geoffroys will vacation here ai
M. Simon Lando, Director nf
the French Institute, has just

, Tcious since 18


Hirsch and Mrs. Grace Lee.
Victor Stephen says he is
heading for a three to four-
month trip 'to Puerto Rico and
New York next week.
Today is the fete of Antoine
L. Jean, redacteur of the .Le
Dentist Jules Thebaud and
wife arrived from Canada Tues-

'Marie Therese Chantale. 't:
Mews arrived Oct. 3rd. Mother
formerly Claire Durand and
daughter are doing fine.
The stork an old friend of the
George Archer household deliv-
ered the latest, rJanine', last,.
week. Ma-was former Clara I
The Antenor Moits have a 7th
member of the family a girl.

Page 1.

been decorated with the order October 24th. Dentist deorge.
*Legion d'Honneira. rank aChe Riguad. wife and four sons are:,:
valier.' He's due back to work expected to arrive here from :
this week. France by way of, New YoIrk.,'tI
aboard the Panama Line.
,::, -To wed on the 25th are'.Lu-'.-
Mrs. Laurence D. Joseph. for- T '
mer Fred Kcienne Martin and Gerard BM-
mer Freda Korbjornsen. is vis-, ...
the. The date is set for the-'"'
iting relatives in Port with her re Coeur at 6:30 p.m. ..
Sacre Coeur at 6:30 p.m.
son Larry and daughter Floi- :
raine after an absence of four .
An intime 'fete' took place
years, spent in Cuba and the An ntme te, ook
at the American Embassy ,Pues-
day, commemorating the thirty
-:0:-- years of active service of Mr.
Lois Carter, sister of Dr. Mary Jose Martinez at the Embassy.
Anne /Carter of Jamaica is over American Ambassador Mr. Roy-.,
visiting with the Jocelyn Ma- Tasco Davis pinned a decoration .
Callas in Lalue. on the breast of the veteranr-.,
-:0:_ and made a speech in which lhe.'!
Jimmy and Mrs. Plinton are paid tribute to the work of Mar-4
in New Jersey visiting with the tinez. Among those present '|
folks. were members of .the Martei2'.'J
family, Mr. and Mrs..Folsom,'
'Tannery man Sylv6stre Jean Mrs. Davis, Mr. Ralph 'Broa. ..I
Baptiste and family returned and Mr. Homer Gayne..
this week from visiting the U.S. -:0:-
Leaving town Friday were : Roger Laura and Junior C6b.
Jacques Vieux to New York; ter got back from their U.S trip"?
Joe Anson to New York; Vie Monday.
Lampson to San Juan and -:0: '
Louise Carlstroem, C. T.. S. J. Harold Bogdd spent last week, .
and N. Y. end in Port checking with local
Captain Elder Mercier has re- heavy machinery agent Jacques
turned from visiting North Martin. Harold arrived from .
America. Meeico and left for C. T.
Mile Luce Qualo flew to the -:0:- '
Stats Monday. -Sunday 18th. Madame Jacques
Me Emile Cauvin returned Moussa and Mile Henriette Es-
from the States Monday., per are clippering to Havan '-
Paris bound yesterday were Miami' and New York. They in-
Serge Vieux and Adrien Bance. tend to stop a month at each
The Murry Knobels are Miami port of call.
Albert Silvera returned to El j
Rancho Wednesday from..New '
York. "
On the Kingston clipper Wed- Lt. Walter Bastien of the Re- .
nesday were George Joar, Ja2- cherches Criminelles became a
ques Troue and Onel Prezeau. proud father for the third time.
From Miami Tuesday arrived last Sunday night. His new-".i
Maurin Malebranche, Luc and daughter will be christened
Alice Riviere. Marie-Floren6e Chantale.
Miss Marshall Delta-C&S re- Born to Mme Elias Cassis -j
servation agent in Chicago has [Georgette Khawly] a 9 and a t
prolonger her visit at the El half pound baby -boy *-George .
Rarcho two weeks. on Septemie6r 28th.
Mile Josephine Magloire, sis- Alex is the new son of 'Mr. t
ter of the President is back and Mrs. .Edmond Vilaire.
from escorting the Magloire chil The Gerard Bastien household "
dren to school ih Boston. in Quebec: Canada, welcomed
the arrival of a nine-pound baby
Sailed aboard the Ancon for boy .Richard. September 30th.
New York last Sunday were: Mama is the former -Madeleine
Paul Emile Desdunes. Walter Roy.' i



Continued roum Page 1

little behind Gerard Kerby in
technical skill and played him-
self to exhaustion. Jamaica can
not believe that he does not play.

h- needed was for the Count to
invest 150 dollars in theli diesging

Laroche of the Recherches Cri-
minelles appeared Mr. Josephl

operation. if he t.houight thIs mode to10 disappear buLt was
was a tW-ll story then, he Ga,- caught by the heels. "
t n ,z- V IIC ld'b I, la I tV I" A r (.,cr w .1n: h i z 1"i

on the national tJam. Pierrut ton J Iseti, wou 11 r ng Ivll. 01, 1 112 111 s .u
lette the winners 4-2. U L i L[LL
SAll-Jamaica as again th op- fRouzier and Jacques were more some gold iamploe. Their mala.- weekend at the Rue du Centre
points in the fourth than competent. on their -wings. ger eying his forl,,rn itik .-n- charged with attempt ,esCtr.qul- -
ponents in the fourth -match.
vhich saw* the Jamaican tpani and *Grimaud 'Elie was the ,',- ed Mr. Jdsepl. 'to takt seat rie.l Mr. Joseph's record is ..p-
xwhich saw the Jamaican tpamn
ing a i d~'y of foo. elation of the tour. Playing while he polished off th.: re- tit,. in size but nevertheles- in '
g t a lai payf on the half line, he was a match mains' ot a meal. Attecr LL tumb- Telesting. Back in 1942 he r'-
ball in the first half and sci'- P
g o oalsin* .h e for Pinhorn the english foot- ler of water, manager Keyser- ccived a month's impris-ornment -.....-
i-g two goals.in the meantime.' I
,* baller playing for Jamnaica. ling excused himself, and in- for larceny, and last April he Photo Raci
ViolettW hampering themselves
by playing their opponent The team has been termed stead of going, he telephoned appeL-red at Police Headqcuart- POPE PRESENTED WITH
by playing their opponents
.ame. t. he second half he miOst popular and the best ,through to the police to see if ers for abuse of confidence-- HAITIAN BOOK
">.game. In the second half N'io- p ., a t
in football technique i that has they were interested. When -i 8250.40 was involved. .COMMEMORATING
leLtte went back. to their accur- ,
ate passing game, equaized te ever been to Jamaica. It is few minuteslater Lt. .actiues FRS HAITIAN BISHOP
.atel passing game,, equalized the e t J
sco and pressing hard- .up to- said that the National Team can When Mgr 'Remy Augu
S't 'f Th n hot be better. It received ac- became the first Haitian Bis
t:he final w is le. This g me'
ed up the, fighting claim from all sectors of the po- the government command
pulation, from te Governor and book binder Jan Trouillot I
the Violette team as never be- pulation, from the Governor and
ore -o the Chief Minister to the man date of the. Ecole des
,fore. ,
-, .in the street. Graphiques, of Montreal, C
.- .Thefit ga,. was played o .. ada, [Class of 1948] to ihak
The'fifth, gam, was played on
a nd"'G d' 'e aI' They were royally entertain- book to give to the Pope c
:.a w.et and -muddy field and Vio- .
.lee .d .i a f ed both officially and otherwise memory ng the occasion.
I..lettehad i their owit. way from '
.i:,ha s the e. and have done more than their "- .Thie wine colour l oroc
-the tart of the .whistle.. The
S' -part to hold high the name of leather decorated book [see
scora was 5-3 i-o ,f f avou 6of o- "
iette'.a.n.sho. ave been frHaiti, .and to strengthen the ture da'bve] has a picture in
f: ,onds of friendship that. unites lief representing the Republic
:..greater agt .:A,A- Jamaica \ as
'. e. Hait 1 anfd Jamaioa. Haiti' topped by. a lmnin
donpetely 'at sea before the .crsofteR anhuh
Josceln. McCalla. cross of the Roman church. T
Sbial'ieance..of the Violette foot- .
"ae. -" o" te f ,.-' t work of art.in a silk lined c
-M .i .. .P ,
al'" .., wa 's recently resented to
'h E- hbitongame was 0eeued To i For .-Ai UT THIS POSE -says; litte to-and-a-half mon Uus
$n 0'p e To Dig For- Saintity Pope Ptus.,u'n--af'I.od a
S: ed against the tourist., f Buied Treasure;, 1ote 1 old F. Franck Lahorte son. of Mt. and Mrs. F. Fritz Laporte. o ot, o rks in
e io Cb and y a ge RT S Offer oDown .-of Port aut Prince. Franck the 6th-entry into -Haiti Symo Kiddy
bookbinding section of thl
maica Cbntest presently hits the scales at a healthy 14 pounds. Send
Ib ,: i
t 61eEClu were Joe G ens Oloffson, Count Keyserl'ng dug filed o appears on P boo in s ate v op
S;' Avenue -M*a g atierad Kerby .. GAetjeps deep, into.a juicy steak Wednes- -
I P 1, yaed. football b that he his day evening,' a slick character, ,'
',f. ever played in Haiti his by the hame of Gaston Joseph
Y'rbal,: control .passing, feinting sauntered up to the dinner table
shdoting as the best that with a juicier diggng project.
t ca 'as'seen ft'ece4tyears. Jose6h didn't-beat around the
.'r .4y' ten e ., a ,
termred,by hemal ab, ex- blish, he dashed straight to the 1
t (rts he ]>erfeinside forward. point. Manager, Keyserling vas
rKery twas ith rock an- intelligent fellow and could
hp,.viQh1 tle Jamnmca defense use some gold, not like they
S.t'roke p time and time, adin; make today the real old McCoy. .,
,' bisbading as an opje -t les- He had. he said. located a'
.. .. a D es -' 26
ohn to Jamakca. LyonqlB lan- jarre buriedd treasure] a Desg o 268
S'.hr,, the iion-hehrtecv Was vpry short vay from town and all

,,,-, .. .e INTERESTED IN BIJ INGL A 110_USE...

Cale Paille .
'. "eNote the design number of this house and
.- .'. -. .- ask. to see the p a.n Alf red deo atteis
fe. DnutlyPresents .
= FI utbeRue du Uz.

aTMNery Neriuguun. : See ths- Plan and ofhrs .and "get a free

.' B in n' estimate of costs. ..

S,< k.. .ALF.RED BE ATES. FIL. -
~ *1011UAT, fluwn Sanp4T 501Y provide all the building material you

8'3 .. .P.N need at the best available prices.

Tel. 3770


;e aA


c of|







.SUIjDAY, OCTOBER'llth 1953


A committee .including some
:of the big names in tha literary
field has 'been formed to take
Over qnd runi .-Le'Natiofal's-
Sunday magazine section.
The committee: Max Bissain-,
the, Edith [Efron] Bogat, .Jban
SBrierre, Roussan Camille, Lu-
cien,.-Montas. Morisseau-Leroy
and Rene Piquibn, are planning
a new conception a real news.
magazine, which they hope, will
represent contemporary thought
.of Haiti and give sufficiently
.well balanced reading so every
one in the community will find
something in it. The committee
will 'take over November 1st.

Murder came to a quiet gar-
den on the lonely island of La
iGonave this week. Stephen St..
uste. a native of Trou-Canari
"! __' _

B. F. Goodrich
T ruck ad.
Tractor Tires

'- "

S--Disiributors : .

.: Port au Prince
i'/ Cap-Haifien
Aux Cayes -
BOUCARD & CO., Jacmel
S Gonaives.


was found murdered in his
The local aut,',orities are mak-
ing an intensive search for the

ALa Ligue Contre
La Ligue contre 1'Analpha-
betisme, founded Septembpr
23rd published a special issue
of the Creole language. news-
paper through the generosity of
the following ,who donated
money to cover the expense of
printing the paper. Messrs&
Charles Pressoir 20 dollars, Fer-
nand Crepsac 5 dollars, Pasteur
Beaty 5 doUars, Felix Morisseau-
Leroy 5, dollars, Bernard Diede-
rich 5 dollars. *Le Nouvelliste'
and Mr. Edmond Celcis 5 dol-
lars each.
The league fighting illiteracy
hopes to have the assistance of
commerce and the public in
bearing the expense of editing,
textbooks, purchasing material.
for schools, and the opening of,
new centers.
Subscriptions may be' remit-
ted to Mr. Marcel Desroches,'
Unesco Secretary General. Ave-
nue Marie-Jeanne, Cite de l'Ex-
position: All literate citizens
,are invited to apply at the above-
mentioned address to' become
members of the 'Ligue contre

Venezuelan Ambassador
Presents Lettre de
Creance Friday
Friday morning in the "-salqn
diplomatique, at the National


Palace Mr. Manuel Dagnino
handed to His Excellency Presi-
dent Magloire alettre de cre-
ance that accredit him Ambas-
sador Extraordinary and Minis-
ter Plenipotentiary of Venqezu.
ela to Haiti.
Following the presentation of
his credentials the Veneuelan
Ambassador who was accom-
panied by Mr.. Pablo Rojas
Guardia first secretary of the
Embassy placed a wreath on.the
Mausolee of Dessalines and Pe-

French Alliance Will
Hold. Annual Banquet
At Hotel Choucoune
Last Friday when the French
Alliance under the .presidency
o'f M. Robert Nadal got together
"for its first annual meeting, the
following motions were passed.
The number of the members of
the committee for prizes was
evelated from 10 to 15. The an-
-nual Ball under the sponsorship
of His Excellency the President
of the Republic. and the French
Ambassador is to be held No.
memberr 11th in the banquet hlall
of the .hotel Choucoune. A new.
committee has bebn appointed to
lecture and conferences will
shortly be resumed.
The Alliance which maintains
three schools at Bel Air, Poste
Marchand, and Carrefour Feuil
les and the primary school of
the Ligue Feminine d'Action So
cial may sponsor the visit of a
noted French violinist and Ni-
cole Henriot. the outstanding
French pianist.

Continued from Pa


ON' '

ge 1

troupe sing the ten songs. 1)
Rada Drums Banda; 2.1 1 Man
Man Man Dahomey; 3) Chou-
coune Meringue: 4) Negres
Quartier Morin Congo; 5) Er-
ulie -- Voodoo-zepaul; 6) Dodo
Titit Maman Lullaby, etc.
Fdr 5 years a' teacher with.
Katherine Dunham in New.
York and daughter of the fam-
ous musician and composer
Candiau [Dodo Turgeau and
Angelica'and most of the popu-
lar song of the 1900] Emerante
de Pradines has a deep khowl-.
edge of Haitian folklore and has
strived to keep out any foreignI '
Next month -Ethnic Folkways
Records and Service .Corp. 6i'
New York are to bring out an-
other album with ten creolT
songs *by. Pradines and he'-
troupe' on,ilong playing records
selected by Harold Courlander
[author of Drums of Haiti].

Continued from Page 1
scattered pn the road mingled
with blood.
Little Rosanie Jeanlis was hit
by-the right fender o'f a car,
driven b& Egon Helmoke as she
darted across the street. Horri-
fied bystanders saw her fail,
rise and then collapse with one
leg remaining in the air. Driver
Helmeke took her immediately
to the hospital where she's to-
day recovering from a broken,
leg and head'injuries.


.. .


That little grey 1950 Plymou
Sedan running, aroufid wn. .
with Maryland licence is forsale.i :
1,200 dollars cash. -See L. Ray,'.
atthe United Nations. ..


'Only choice, selected .rnI
fully "sun-ripened" on fld '
tree... a dleat Bl lot Ifor
kiug... readylto serve. : -.

Noted for their pure wholl
frish fruit flavor packed]
I he fla vor

t e H1 *~ret ;i n "d.

A 'Monarch preduci threat
seed Ia fin. .. tender a .
sweet, flavorful peas.. a ..
treat 19 eat.

Refreshing, cool, delirblful Vt
fruit.. uniform halves Is frI
fancy heavy syrup. Deli- .
clous as a dessert... splen-
did for'salads.
Choose Monarch and be'
sue. onu" always serve
efoodsl o.. 410 4
Highest quality -.. di-i
nitely finer for 100 years'
83 e3.1953. .

don't say "dutch beer" but always:

'Heineken Beer'

( The best beer of all dutch beers )


Direct Connections'

FOR RESERVATIONS & Joseph Nadal & Co. General Agenis
S INFORMATION -' -.;,i ,
Phone: 3313
Ticket Officet -i
Jos. Nadql & Co. Building




Page' 16

12th Year Opens

At Haitian-American Institute
Continued from Page I

Conversational method. In fact ..
this year special emphasis i
Being given a course for those '
'.,. who may have followed the
usual classes, but who wish still .
to have an opportunity to prac-
tice iteir English.
However, the programme in "
fact only begins with these lan
guage classes. Each year thbre .
is a public course, meeting once
a week, on American history,
; literature and, civilization. In
-fact, for several years there
i. have been two such courses, as New Institute Director
S*"there wilt be, again this year. Dr. Rqlph.Brown
They are designed to acquaint'
|.Haitans with more than one the Institut, Dr. Ralph H. Brow
aspect of contemporary life in has announced that this series
:the Unitd States, and are given will continue this year;
In English. is "to begin on Monday, O
Then,' beginning, with last tober 12. The general topic ur
v-. year, there is a similar series der consideration is the contend
O:.. of public lectures, In French, porary literary scene in Haiti
,on. some phase of -Haitian life. M. Felix Morisseau-Leroy ,wiI
Thi s erie s succeeded in act as. introductory lecturer an
.br going together last year some moderator for the round tabl
of the very best minds in the discussions to follow.
country -onr:;such subjects as The Institute has long 'had
Haitian history, Haitian art and series of Friday night pro
literattire, and' some of Haiti's grammess, "ranging from doci
.prJoblbftis. The new Director of -mentary films to- lectures b

.Don't, waste radio pleasure!

) BUY a Philips now!

H~ve you got an old radio?
Then you don t get as much .
pleasure out of radio as you
ought to get!
Compare the reception pos-
sibilities AND THE TONE
S.of your old set with those
of a Philips set from the
/ sensational PHILIPS CA.
..l VALCADE 1952.53 series.
Buy one now. so that you
get all the radio enjoyment
to which you are qntitlvd'

':.Sit;. Ri. :. .nlork." valves
Wih .' uncions. .New
i 4rbolile"cabinel beau-
& Efficient suppression of sideband splash
Ifll clidiate proof for rroublefree operation.

Philips again
"ring new tone to radio



S ...1 J






both Haitians and Americans,
and an occasional concert. And
from time to time. there have
even been parties!
In addition to these several
activities, the Institute has a
library of over five thousand
volumes, on both English and
French. Besides the usual fic-
tion collection,"this library con-
tains excellent reference works
and texts on virtually every sub
ject. It is open for 'use to any-
one who will take the trouble
to visit it.
The new Director has stated
that he is most cognizant of the
high regard in which the Insti-
tute is universally held, and has
pledged his entire effort toward
a continuation of this friendly
relationship. He invites com-
ments and criticism from all the
Institute's friends, because, as
he says, ..This is YOUR Insti-
tute. It reflects what you want
and will continue to try to as-
sist you in every way. But fin-
ally, it is you who make the
Institute, and not the other way

Continued from Page 1
Jean Block narrowly missed
being sliced in two by a speed-
ing motor boat. Swimmer Block 1
awoke to the boat's approach too
late and in diving to escape its
sharp bow struck his back
against the propellor guard of
the 25 horse power outboard
Percy Powell in the motor
boat towing his water skiing
wife said later, that his
first thought was that he had
struck one of those wooden logs
fishmen use on their nets. It
was not till Block broke water
and let out an agonizing scream
did the realization of what had
happened dawned on him.
Leaving his wife to flounder
in the water, Powell got the in
jured man, abroad and rushed
him ashore to hospital. Dr.
Leveque was called in and dur-
ing the evening two blood trans.
fusions were administered. Thb
X-ray showed that the three
broken ribs would have pene-
trated the lung with any exces-'
sive movement.

FOR SALE Cuban Lino Armenteres will
Gas stoves, refrigerators, beds, meet the European Mathias Fe-'.
chairs, kitchen equipment etc. noy at Stadium Magloire next,
Apply Aux Orchidees, No. 15. Saturday evening.



.. I'

SPbrt-au-Prince Tel: 2387

w--o -. -- -Iw .


', ... r,' ',.' ..
* **.: *'. *'.i;- *-* *.f w '.J J-'

--Ra wala-ml

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