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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Duke University Libraries
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Duke University Libraries
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 32441147
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t. ".


,1 $4*. -*T

jOLt '.'.' Port-au-Prince R6publique D'

Haiti land
be the location
length, action f!
starring Johrf
S .aTemple's first
,Rosemary Bow
Columbia Pictu

Producer Ric
|ived at the R
with Director
[resembles Edv
Without cigar]
girl Sybil Kamn
'Yvonne Hetseh, hef of Red Cross League nurses is, welco- film Acton
ed by the Haitiai Red Cross. on her arrival from Geneva [Story
S. explained, will
SpPage 3 ,, .. -Haiti,. include

FreigSher, Re fosed To"'ndergo
S" .action film. wi
Repairs, itEuracao0Dry-dock a

BacK on the nigh seas and
,bound for the dry dock in Cu-
'racaor the ',S.. Triton of' the
Dutch Line. was successfully re-
floated Monday after a week on
the' outer' coral reef of Jacmel
The freighter was driven on
the reef Monday 19th by a
. strong head wind and current.
The tug *Cable', from Key
West, Florida. after patching a.
large hole in the forward part

or the ship, completed salvaging
operation ,without mishap. A
Continued on Page 16

Arsonist-Rdbbsr Shot
Dead Attempting Escape

A robber was brought down
by Police bullets at 3:30 a.m.
Saturday as he made his escape
along Rue Bonne Foi after loot-
ing and setting fire 'to Garage


,One of the bi
in Haiti are tb
stoves. Etper
big business
stant threat
The stove of t
ten built indoc
three rocks ax
add intolerable

I t

Californian' Doctor Replies TO

((Le Nouvelliste's CorrespondentL

The people of Haiti-and the country itself are close to my
interest and affections. After having worked there intermittent-
ly over a period of eight years[1945 19531 it is difficult to let
the criticism of .the Correspondent of Le Nouvelliste pass with-
qut comment.

It gave me a chill to read the
accusations against the work
which has been done in the
Marbial Valley. This letter to
you is not written to applaud
the work 'which we three tech-
nical assistants did last year in
the Marbial Valley. However, I
am proud of the work which
Marcus Douyon and I did at

Marbial. and La Fond under the
direction of UNESCO. These
two centers in the Marbial Val-
ley are living proof of the char-
acter of the work which UNES
CO has sponsored in Haiti.
By this time everyone in
Haiti should know that big in-
dustries are not yet available to
Continued on Page 5

Picture of th
pen Tippett's
tress Dam, the
in three years
tual hydro-ele
Peligre canyon?
crest, 1% time,


' JA' '" .: .. .. 2. -'.




I ,

I '



.CIfENET, Jr.-


tllywood Act:ion' Moviee Al-t

ezvousD To Be Shot Here OF THE WEEK X",

and sea is to wide scrben Tungst n colour
The star of the Madam .3a
of the new full- single strip teci nicolour. c.
.I. .ire cha ity 5ho 'last

lm sRendezvous The stars, famed ollywood
Sy night was slim, petite ..
SAgar Shirley' camerman Willi n C. Thomp-
S- l e s int-Leger who lab
husband and son. sound man Dale Knight aid '
e on lo fro-m ai" "*1 .',. .pitifully lonely figure 'on the bi. ,,
ie on loan farom a-sistants will arrive this.rmont ...
.* Casecrnes Dessalines that ,-
ires. Continued on' Page 16 ,. '.
.- .. ca a Wsta- ge: until her c.esr .'.igh'n so ...
bard Kay who a- .PRESIDENT TO ATTEND :. pr no voice. filled, the '-heat-'
tiviera this week .MASS AT CROIX -add reassured all that she w
Abe U eQUETS Lii
Abner Bibermab, DES BOUQUETS TODAY.. Hai'i best. "
ward G. Robinson' Today is the feast of Qur Ladv ,In a space of three short yedrs.
and blonde script' of the Rosary. Special religious the 2iyearzold Marcelle Saint- -.
iban called his' services attended by President Leger has completely won the '.
The moyie, he Magloire. will be held' at Croix beakrts a1- Haiti's music-loving ,
be shot all over 'des Bouquets honburing their. public. ,.. '
nig, mbat of her Patron Saint. A banquet with- Petionville parishioners witll :
.a 'uneiwa*er 'Prdsdenrt Magldire :as guest of never forget the beautiful so-,
The' 82-minute honour is being-offered by de- prano .voice that rang out.above.
11 be shown on a puty Thomas Desulme. the choir min St. Pierre's thurchb .
on St.-Peter's day last June. SO,
r Stove T0o Revolution4ize appreciative were Jermians. -
that they had her- sing every -'
ihe Haitian Household night during her recent months .
long visit totheir town. The
biggest fire hazards mosphere already scorched by critics were-generous in their-.,.
he open charcoal the Haitian sun. Besides being praise when she broke a'pr.e
Lsive, charcoal is a major fire hazard it burns ceddn't and appeared at th&..
to thousands of the pots and pans, causes se- Rex theatre last June with the-.-
, who are a con- vere eye and' lung trouble, and all-male Dejeari chorus. In po:.
to reforestation. endangers the lives of the chil- time she earned the title Ti
he ti cailles, of- dren. Zoizeau.
ors, consisting of This week Luther Ray. UN. CQntinued on Page 14
nd a little earth technical assistance expert, -jeep
heat to an at- Continued on -Page 15 Toight SriPfSttiaE
Of uAntigonen At
SThe de Verdure
SThe Creole version of the '.4
Gree. :tragedy Antigone which.
won world. acclaim and made ; .'
Creole a recognized literary ,la .
.guage last summer is to be U
sbnted this eveteing at 6:30.
,the Theatrb de Verdurd by~ eli, '
MorissepigLerby. :
Acting this' even are,,ih
ori :

e scale model of Peligre Dam designed by Knap. rfaine : Mte Itenaud
Abbett McCarthy engineers. The massive But- Creon : Clovis Bo'nhqmme ..
largest of its kind in the world will be completed Fio : Georges Figaro,'.
Designed for flood control, irrigation and even- Hemon : Nicolas Vincent .
ctric power development, the Dam across the Tiresias : Mor sseau.;jeroy...
n, will be 236 feet high and 825 feet4 long at the Tickets are' available at t"e i.
s higher than the Port an Prince Cdtthedral theater.

-- 1

T ,' ...'a..,n % :, .....


Lettffer From T&m Publisher
Here are six basic facts about TB.
1) Tuberculosis is not inherited, it is caused by a germ. We 3
catch tuberculosis from one who has it someone who spreads
I' the germs when he coughs, sneezes or spits, or leaves germs on
&. things he uses. Tuberculosis spreads 'easily where people live or
work close together. Septe.beD 28, 1953.
2) Dampness inside or out, on a job or off it, wont cause tu- Mr. Bernard. Diederich
berculosis. The germ does that, and it will cause tuberculosis Cit6 de l'xposition
4'. where it is as dry as a desert as well as where there, is fog. En Vilke.
3) Anybody can have tuberculosis at any age. Among. women
t the greatest number of deaths comes between 15 and 30, among Dear Mr. Diederich
S.men from 20 to 55. In both sexes there are many deaths at all Not that I have any particu-
ages in Haiti. lar craving for publicity but
4) People living with early tuberculosis look fine except since those things happen only
to the X-Ray. Early tuberculosis has no outward signs. Tired- oncq in a lifetime, I would hate
ness. loss of weight and loss of appetite, and*spitting blood are myself for not taking advantage
4' all signs that tuberculosis is well along. of this unique opportunity.
5) The 'tuberculosis looks is a myth. In the early stages peo-
A note, in the September 27th
plt look-well. Later they are like other sick people some are note, in the September 27th
h ushed'and some are pale. issue of the -Sun-. unmistakab-
-6) I'luberculosis is found early and treated right away it is ly referring to my birth, an-
.al ways cured. Thousands of people are cured every year all over nounced that the Guy Martins'
.7..the world. The longer treatment is put off the greater risk to home had been blessed by the
the patient and everyone around him. arrival of a DAUGHTER, called
It is no shame to have TB. The shame is concealment. The Mri
'a 1V1" "1MONIQUE.
SdiSsease being very contagious, it should be notified as soon as
...discovered. ,Concealment causes the infection of others. A bad This is, to put it mildly, a
S.cough is not-necessarily a sign of TB. But how can you tell if it. gross mistake. Your reporter
isn't? Go to.your doctor or the nearest clinic for a check-up, or or informer had a 50-50 chance
si) send.those servantss for example] ivhom you su'sect may have to make a mistake : he hit the
it. To be on the safe side,-make it a habit of getting a regular wrong fifty sqtuarely.
Itt check-up or take the precaution of having a B. C. G. vaccination For the sake of accuracy and
A especially see the children get, an early B.C.G. vaccination.
Dr. Louis Roy, who heads .the cLigue Contre Ia Tuberculose, to avoid any possible msunder-
,":explains that this is riot- being done sufficiently. That TB fight- wish to state
sfil hat TB fight-
prt.,s were discovering that many people known to be'afflicted that I AM NO GIRL. The next
'.'^,voulg not report, for tests because of a fear of per-ecution and guess is yours.
feeling that they cannot be cured, To show you that I did not
F:. What is to become of cases unearthed by any such cam-' resent the inbxactness of the
Spaign as suggested above? The sLigue Nationale. Antitubercu- information, I will throw in
:leuses stressed that they have four pressing basic needs -beds,
.ome free supplementary data :
..A drugs. staff.and X-Ray units. The public should heed at all times
i .he call of the ,Ligpqe. was born September 15th and
S. This month. the Ligue Nationale Antituberculeuse weighed 8 lbs. 5 ozs. at birth,
:. is opening a drive for funds to start a which is not -ad. I was named
: PREVENTORIUM for children, JEAM, -*MCHZL, YVES. pro-
The following ladies have pledged to -collect bably because the folks could
S 30' dollars monthly, the amount of 'money needed not make up their minds on one
to..: support a child each month at the PRE- denomination.
RVLNTo u. ,.
llTOR-1UM And to impress upon you my
MME .EDOUARD RO"Y ability to take a joke just like
S : MME CHRISTIAN AIM.E that, I will exert every ounce
: MME MARIE IENRJETTE FORBIN of my influence upon my par-
*. MME PIERRE LIAUTAUD ents to have them use the name
.* MM 'I LORRAINE DORA '., MONIQUE if they ever have a
: When a total of 15 ladies have offered their girl. ,
Ssupport Thanking you, just the same,
the PREVE.TORIUM will open. for welcoming, me. into the

BS f L- "rt -- ', .- -. -. "
Sa" Ulm&*--T '* :f '

|;1 ** ..who ffr rici:q,*_,:_', _


world and more agaig for a
story I will be using thank God,
for at least 65 years if the sta-

tisti.cs are correct.
I remain,
Yours very tr
YvesI G. M
Dictated Sept. 28th, 1
G. D.' Martin

Open Letter To Th
Minister Of PublicI
Numerous readers ha
us via the telephone t
note congratulating wa
Minister of Public W
his foresightedness and
ity in paving the cent
street that runs parra
the Petit Seminaire St
For no apparent reas
the center of this street
ed unpaved for years.
many accidents 'and w
stant danger to the mu

Before Sonaco hea'dque
pieces of 'equipmen-

school children that dodged.
traffic that hogged the side oi|
the road.-ED. '

y X].

ave asked
o make a
armly the
workss for 'Bon Jour. from entry No. 5 in,
J generos- -the Haiti Sun Kiddy Contest.
ter of the MIle Ingrid Heyne celebrated
allel with her first birthday September
. Martial. 20th and is now overjoyed with
son at all the arrival of her baby sister
2t remain- Marie Helen. Pfpa is Frederick A
It caused Heyne purchasing, agent for
as a con- Scipa...Maa is former Elsie Step
altitude of henson.


arters oi the Exposition are seen two fine
17 the foreground a Sheep's Foot roll-

er. l i the. background, a. Jzodel 291 Gardner Denver portable

''"' *: U M. "' ..1, 1
|. ... .... .



.VAIMJ CANEZ Miiht. T M. a

.. N.-

.4 *.*: ,,
-. ~J~4 .4,.
~ sa'4 S~4,. t*> .~At;kt~ -.44 -

Abowe, as seen from Chemin des Dalles, the reconditioned
AIR-CONDITIONED- Au.r Cosaques. The beautifully air-
conditioned restaurant is famed for its tasty Haitian dishes
such as Tassot and Grlot. Something to be seen by all is
their Rhum mural, a masterful piece of work.

?', ,( 4. .

1AY, OCTOBER 4th 1953
I t

Sunday, October 4th at 3.30
< p.m.
At 5, 7, and 9 p.m.
onday, October 5th at 6 p.m.
*uesday. October 16th, at 6 and
8.15 p.m.
Wednesday. October 7tli at
S6 -p.m.
At .8.1' p.hm." *.
'Thursday, October 8th at 6 and
8.15 p.m.
Friday. October 9th, at 6 and
8.15 p.m.
Saturday, October 10th, at 6 and
.. 8.15 p.m.
Sunday, October llth, at 6 and
;: 8.30 ,p.m. '


Sunday, October 41h, at 3 p.m
At 6:15 and -8:15 p.m.
Monday,, October 5th, at 6.15
Tuesday, October 6th, at 6:15
and 8:15 p.m.
Wednesday. October 7th, at G:15
: and 8:15 p.m.
i, ur.say, ,Octqber 8tih, -at 6:1
r GE'.JI.-A1E
At 8:15 p.m.
Friday, Ootober 9th at 6.15 an
8:15 p.m.
Saturday, October 10th. at 6:1
and 8:15 p.m.

Red Cross Nurse Head

Here For Talks
Veteran nurse Mine Yvonne Sunday evening the Petion-
Hentsch, directress of division ville residence of Dr. and Mrs.
of Nurses of the Red Cross Louis Roy was -the scene of a
League, arrived here Sunday buffet supper honouring the
September 27th for talks with distinguished Red Cross visitor.
Red Cross president Dr. Louis Attended by many of the lead-
Roy. Dr. Roy -disclosed that ing personalities in the medical
nurse I-entsch discussed during field the buffet was a credit to
her 24-hour stay the proposed Haitian cooking, enough to send
visit of three Red Cross experts the newly formed 'Academie
who will assist the organizing des Gastronomes, into rapture.
of special sections of the Hai-
tian Red Cross. The junior Red ALWAYS THE SMUGGLERS .
Cross, disaster committee, blood Under that title, aLe Jour,, in
bank and preparation of volun- its Tuesday, September'29th is-
tary workers. The experts are 'sue published the following

expected to arrive after the new

Saturday morning, to the great
emotion of the Grarid'Rue folks

in front of thp Bazar National,
inspectors of the Regie du Ta-
bad drew up'an' official report in
a business house managed by
foreigner's ann seized h stock of
,imported cigarettes.
We take the opportunity to
draw the attention of authori-
ties in charge on those smug-
gling offices which tissue shel-
ves and shbwcases too often

Miss Ginette Bourjolly, gra-
duate of the College Notre Dame
d'Ottawa. Canada, is opening
a modern kindergarten in Ba-
biole. For information apply
residence of former, Senator
Bourjolly every day frpm 7 a.m.
to 5 p.m,

Page 3



Thursday, September 24th a
reception was held by lHaitian
Ambassador to Washington, Mr.
Jacques E. Leger, in honour of
senior employees of the Export-
Import Bank and Messrs Alcide
Duviella and Marc Holly, re-
.spectively president andmem-
mer of ODVA'S administrative
Export-Import Bank officials
expressed their desire that .di-
rect and precise contacts be es-
ta lihed between the Export-
port Bank, ODVA's adminis-
nativee council aidth, t Haitian
Embassy in Washington.'

pI\ -.,\ \:\ ,

n j '


L1 -, -..I
p *ou

.. n u I

I 4 ,V."

rm :.

Pare 4


Send in pictures of your child
dren under 5 as soon as pos
sible. The contest closes in De
-cember. .Prizes go to' the win
-ning kiddies and to fathers anc
mothers,, from the 'Haiti Sun'
Joseph Nadal & Co. [Gerber'i
Food, Camay Soap, Carnatioi
Milk and Quaker' Oats], CanapE
*' Vert, Belle Creole, and .the Hait
Trading Co. [Grant's Whiske3
for Dad], and Clapp's Bab;

I $summers

S'j- 0 y


;: Am ..
wTout J

- I a^- ^


tiJoseph report



~,, I'


Mr. Gerard Charles Pierre of
the Haitian 'Air Force flew to
the States Wednesday on a study

n A visitor to the S.S.,Ancon last weekend was nabbed With six
e pairs of nylon stockings, two artificial handkerchiefs and a
Li package of foreign cigarettes. RESULT, to calm the present
wave of smuggling, only officials and diplomats will be per-
5y mitted to visit ships moored in the harbour.
When the Police camion capsized on the' Exposition grounds
the evening of September 25th, the only driver who offered
to carry the numerous Wounded to the hospital, said a. daily,
was Lionel Toussaint. former traffic cop.
The government of the Repu blic will shortly build a monu-
ment to King Henri Chrsitophe on the- occasion of the 150t.h
anniversary of our Independence.
Ex-President Stenio Vincent had handed to the Senate a do-
cutment through which he claimed the payment of six years
of fees in his quality of Senator for life. The demand of the
ex-Chief of State could not be satisfied because though the ex-
President ruled the country for more than ten years, he never
took the oath as a Senator for life.
Through a Presidential decree, Anselme.Jean-Marle condemn-
ed to six years hard labour by the Martial Court December
10, 1951, and Exil Andre,'condemned' also by the military
court, were fully pardoned.
Axel Etheart is closing downtown business and opening up-
'town grocery store.
From '8:30 till 11 1\Ionday -morning a battle' royal which in-
cluded fistiquffs took place in front of Magasin. Chalom on the
rue des Cesars. All textilers and half the capital converged
on the battle ground. Prominent St. Marc merchant Clercilia
Delice was noled in action.'
Policeman Al'neus, ip. charge of Charlemagne, section, was
beaten black and blue by a groufi of men during a recent ru-

S" ral bamboche at Casale. 'The Policeman has reportedly lost
S buttons of his uniform, his coat of arms, and .his cap.
SSeptember 29th was the date of St. Michael Archangel's Day.
L ." '. .St. Michael Archangel is the patron of several localities of (
..Haiti. At Casale people held a three-d4y bamboche.
-..:i .. '' .' The ex-presidential yacht Sans-Souci on, the Jeremie Port au
.. Prince run was brought to justice one morning this week for
...'." '-- -. .' '. ...entering port with 71 unlisted passengers aboard. She had a
total of 128'palssngers.
.., '. .Haiti's Minister to Panama, Mr. Louis Decatrel spdke before
,:Y"..,' 0.. the French Alliance in Panama City last month and took a
crack at the legended zomlbis and the superstitious halo that
s ': srrounds them. He reportedly destroyed with fdcts the idea
.. :,, ...- that .Haiti is a center of' stiper sttion. ,
/'" --:0:-
:.:. ," .:- .German Minister to Haiti Mi.
e Sejur Laurent of the De- Theodore Suss went to Havaha'
;"-" ,-h"tcal al rfiB ti. ta wee of. kustme' a ndy: .An- ;B .... '"- upanied'
art les of EJuiWaccompanied Wednesday to watch over the
his ks n,:'o his studies at, Lau-. other hal of h
SAother .half of hisr domain.
: ine university in' Switzerland Lionel dAesky, became
... this 'past week. a citizen last wepk, went:to the
'. D 9 alAte o Keep ,oal this summerr .
t Chrer ~i Coitio ner LOtUand. Barbara Southerland US this week.
er hii bp you comforbl are Europe boud Thursday n Mr. Justi San is in hospital
". 'yar gu rantee a 6,
There'st a l4lyear g'arahree an s.te recovering an Illness.
Insallation is quick and easy. There's D
loads of comfort waiting if. you call. d.ersen Whoi:11i take over Sou- b f
therland's Ciudad Trujillo bu-. a trip to Havana.

Sreau will be joined by his mo- Mrs. Ruth Brewer, wife of
ter this week.. the Minister of Liberia to Haiti,
Returned Wednesday from a
iu. t Mexlcan film director Luis visit to Havana. .
*de:ken Gur.a was in town Sunday at Roger Armand Denis flew in
11 81E 1 TI2544 the hotel Choucoune. from the U.S. Tuesday.

N" .,


Mr. Ferdinand Delatour..
Consul of Haiti to New
flew to the States via Venei
last week to resume his di













SFrom 8 P.M. to A.M.
Outstanding Artists
Follore Show .


* .

Mr. Adrien Bance, awardee of Mr. Leslie Young of the
a government scholarship, flew York Times was in town.
o Paris la:.1 week, to study let- Mr. Ernest Paul of the
ers at La Sorbonne university. Office, is in the U.S.
Back on the local scene are Mile Suzanne Conde; dau
ubmarine Philip and Phyllis of Mr. and' Mrs. Franc-k C
Tash of a Texas oil well. will promise'to. honour and
La Belle Creole's Elias Nous- engineer Jean Andre, si
as returned from business in Colonel and Mrs. Jules And
lew York Tuesday. the Sacre Coeur church
Mrs. Lucien Decatrel return- day, Octoben 10th.
d Wednesday from a health
rip to New York. Auguste Durand nas rn
ed from attending the Cor
Chef de Protocole Daniel
of Musical Youths of Belgii
Heard and his mother arrived
the Fine Arts Palace in,,
back from the States Wednes-
sels. The young Haitian i
lay. Mr. Theard is en, bonne st played with th Belgiu
ist played with the. Belgiu
ant6 after his John Hopkins international orchestra. gaye
ternational orchestra, gave
peracert at Namur and contacted
Therese Dupuy arrived back eunesses Musicaes de Pa
rom' the States' this week. de Marseuile dtirng his
Mr. Willim m,Bertin will fly to abroad
'uerto Rico on a scholarship .
of the Regie du Tabac in mid- PAA CLIPPER LANDS '
)ctober to learn the latest tech- AT CAP HAITIEN
niques in the. tobacco industry.
General Jose Arismendi Tru- Cap Haitien bubbled ovel
illo Molina, Director and Fouri- emotion and enthusiasm.
der of the Dominican broad- nesday when a big PAA _
rast station La Vox Dominicana, dropped ouft of the sky an.d
vas in transit in Port al Prince a beautiful landing oil
his week. turf-covered, airfield. The-,
Mr. Thomas, Larking. a retir- ,made .a ,stopov 'pXf,:.ie
-d lieutenant general of the and pei-mitted: 18,tourists.td
American Army. enjoyed a short the Citadelle, Milot, Sans
ejour here this week and the Metropolis of the.
"/ .' .'

S .. ,


flamboehe Rooium-

I- '









Cottfnued from Page 1

the Haitian people lb'cause of
e lack of natural resources.
Fdr instance,, there is not
e.hough forest for making pa-
per, which is needed so much.'
There is not fuel with which to
[ake cement from the rodfs of
Haiti. There is too 'much world'
competition to allow great rope.
making factories. t

Acting on these accepted facts,
Mr. Gabrielle, -Marcus Douyont
and I recommended home indus-
ies for the Marbial Valley,
vith the intention of establish-
ng -these industries throughout
the length of thb valley. The'
.enclosed photographs show what
e did there this past year in'
Ceramics. It started in a bril-
,liant -mainer and is continuing
under -the guidance of Marcus -
Douyon in the -cer4mic center at
Jacmel. It is .proving to be a
model petite industry (bi Haiti.
We can only hope that it will
continue in this,capacity. .
a 'w .i
SThat was indeed a very dis-

turbing story written by th
Nouvelliste's correspondent, o:
the subject of basic education i
the Maibial Valley. I have fo
lowed eagerly the' progress o
UNESCO in. the Marbial Valle:
since its inception in 1946. Poo
little Haiti. It seems impossible
to 'work in Haiti without fric
tion and to be entirely fre
from spite and envy. In tha
respect Haiti is in many case
like certain other larger coun
tries where humanitarian effortr
is always retarded by the sel
fish interests of individuals o:
groups. Nowv it seems that the
Marbial project under UNESCO
is ended, and a newspaper cor
respondent thoughtlessly im
plies that the moneyr spent on
the people of 'that lonely little
valley is wasted. He does noi
consider that there has had to
be some waste.,. In teaching in
dustries there must always be
waste., However, this corres
pondent does not remind us of
the valuable time and vasi
amount of energy which has
been devoted to that project.
I was in the Marb'ial Valley

Distributor Haitian Tractor Col
,R e Paveae



AIT S Mi "t rage F
--- ,'--------? -- ------: ---.* ,..."..'.^r^

"in August of 1948 when -WHO' ramic center and later expand- be accepted as a loss. However
.was getting under way. I saw ed ahd originated another Haiti had no choice in these.
'who came to teach .in the val-
young medicos and nurses at strong cerdmio center-at Jacminel.who came.to tea. i va.-
e work among the' hundreds of From these two centers the im- '
n people who came from the far pulses for self-expression will Ther are two great needs .
n flung mountain areas to receive continue to improve the pat- the Marbial Valley- and -now
I- medical aid. I saw these ypung terns of living of the people Pf that th training period is end-
)f medical men treating injuries the valley. The old- pattern ing it is important to mention
y and open wounds and old sores which have become fixed over them. The -fir need is for '-
strong administration and aid to
)r with not more tlan ,ten cents a period of a hundred or more. strong admistraton and aid to
le worth of equipment, a bitter con years will remain essentially as encourage the w Home Indus.
'try Programme. Haiti herself."..
c- trast to the expensive equipment they are because it is indiscreet, t roviamme. Hati T hers. .
e found in hospitals- of mpre fg- and certainly, not in accord withmust provide that The scod.
t voured countries.- of the world. sound education, to change peo- need is for cooperation among
s The Marbial 'Valley received pip, to make them dver, or to a1 the people of Haiti and re-'
- help from World Health Organi- separate them from their ances- need faith in each other's abi-
t nation to control yaws and mala- tral methods.- The people of the litles to step forward. A go-
- ria, and at the very beginning Marbial Valley and the rural ernment must have the coope-
r an agronomist named Mr. Ber- people of all Haiti are basic.. ration of its constituency i or-
e reuet was appointed by the Hai- They have fine intellects, they der to function. A report says
that Marbial will not exist 'after
3 tian government to reclaim the Ahave eager intentions, and I can ha Marbial wil not eistafter
- -soil' and reforest the mountain- say without reserve that I have 1953. How impossible! :Of .4
- sides. He was followed succes- never in- my life worked with course,,it will exist and it wil
- sively by Mr. Lancelot who more' alert and intellectually re- .bethe new Marbial raley.It
e worked hard, and at the mo- sponsive people. The people of wil be from Jacmel up past La
meant the Valley has Mr. Lazar, the Marbial Valley realized that "Fond and on to the village of-
D an enthusiastic agronomist. Last they were receiving valuable Marbial, and" up past Sainte.-..,
year United Nations, cooperat- instruction which they might Therese, on to La Gossalles,.up
e ing with UNESCO in Haiti, sent later on convert into improved to Grand Riviere. to 'Coelon .
- -three technical experts to teach economies in living. Gras andon and on.
f the people of the entire Mar- In consideration of the atten.- r
t bial Valley to rake useful arti- If one must go farther and tion which the Marbial aey ....
cles for sale from the raw ma- measure .the .work which has received during-the past seven
terials at hand. Home indus- been done in Haiti, one must years from the government of
tries we call them, and home deplore the bad roads in 'south- .Haiti collaborating 'with UNES-
'industries 'are destined to be ern Haiti, ..especially the main CO and.the various branches of
the saving ,pbwer of industrial road. to Port au Prince, which. United Nations, it .has now to 'C"
Haiti. is diTc ouraging to commerce. contribute to the'. total culture' .
The flood last spring swept in- of Haith "Don't permit book
The ,7re&test measuring stick* to the sea the usual -burdep of wr.Titers, Story scribblers, new- '

of progress is. after all found m
the lives and the hearts of the
people of the, Marbial,-Valley.
4Wrhen one measures .or 1evaluat-
es any gradt piece of work,' one
never stops at what the people
have made with materilIs. No
indeed. It is the significance of
these things which count, and
it appears that this article which
was written tends to disregard
what has happened in the, lives
of the people of the Marbial
* Valley during the past seven
years. The people have a new
viewpoint for living. The teach-
ing they have been given. has
made them realize that they do
not need to move into large cen-
ters of population to be import-
ant or successful. They have
been taught basically that they
each can be successful, happy
and important right there in
the Marbial Valley. I saw the
aforementioned principals at
work up and down the- whole
length of the valley during the
six and one-half months I spent
there this past year. It was just
one year ago today that Marcus
Douyon and I taught our first
class to fifty-five inspired young
people of Haiti in the school at
La Fond. We had our first ce-

- -

hard-earned topsoil and left the paper reporters, sensation seek-
roads in even worse condition.. ers and idle gossipers to destroy
It. also left pools of stagnant. 'what has, been built Op in the.
water. But the people of the minds and spirits -and hopes of
Marbial Valley know now exact- th1 people of Marbial.. Give. at-
ly how to-destroy the larva of mention to what has been done '
dangerous -mosquitoes which' there, Show the world that you.
are ready to r.eprodude their know How to make your own
kind in these stagnant pools -of evaluations. Long live Ma-rbrk!
water. WHO taught the peo-- L.ng .Live Haiti- '
pie to handle that health haz- '" len Lukens.
ard by using a very few drops .
of oil on a pool of water.' 'The' '
oil costs only a few pennies.
However, if the people of th'
valley do not have the pennies
with which to purchase the oil,-
the mosquitoes continue to mul- I ,-''"
tiply and -make sickness and. -". 'F :
destruction for the people. "
So you see, there are mav R ONt a
measuring sticks with which to *^wi .*"
measure achievement. Projects "( "tfnB :
such as UNESCO. The Marbial d osAqupl :
Valley has had many inspired RMILE R
and intelligent workers from all '
TL .: 5/20-775d'...Fn
over the world. 'Each has left .5 d -.
the valley a little better for The delicate Chocolate -
their own experience by -being Laxative :
there. Of course, there 'have .BR00LAl
been careless and' indifferent brings relief ove ight.- S. >
people associated with the pro-- -take
ject, but such. people could.-not BBOOKL
possibly teach, no matter where tonight and to rrnir -'
they could go. That fact must you'll be all right. '

", .'

' .t" ...

., -. .. ,. .. ... -. i '

S age 6 HAJTI S
cdlities will be instal

Reynolds Mining Commences shore and a pier w
'structed to accomrr
-Development Of Haitian Aluminium types of ore carriers.
HAITI PROJECT own ships to its new alumina Reynolds currently
Thursday, Oct. 1st plant at Corpus Christi, Texas. bauxite from Arkars
Mr. Richard S. Reynolds,.Jr., At the outset the Haitian pro- ca, British Guiana
President of Reynolds -Metals ject will operate at a capacity Guiana. The addition
Company, announced today that less than the currerut production as a source Will not
Reynolds, Mining Corporation is in Jamaica. However the Haiti any curtailment of
'proceeding with the develop- installations are being, designed pany's domestic oper
.' merit of its Haitian aluminum so as to permit -a very rapid in- Arkansas.
o reserves. This announce crease in operations whenever When the nfew type
ment was made upon the return industry conditions warrant. bean bauxite was
..4,'.. from Tfaiti of Mr. VWalter L. Reynolds' principal deposits in, during World War
Rice, President of Reynolds Min Haiti are located about. 80 miles
Presiden questions were raise
ing Corporation, who conferred from Port au Prince, Haiti, near Munitions Board and
with His' Excellency Paul Ma- the port of Miragoane. A natu- try as to the usabilit
gloire, President of Haiti. ral protected harbour provides oe. On the ai o
: Mr. Rice stated that the Pre- deep water which will accom- and pilot plant oper
sident of Haiti. had assured him modate the largest modern self- tending over a period
of cooperation in the develop- unloading ore carriers similar
'years, Reynolds proceed
S, ent. of this new source of ore. to the cS.S. Carl Schmedeman, the development -of
r. Reynolds expressed 'his ap- which was, constructed' for Rey- in Jamaica and comn
prediation of the opportunity to nolds in' England. The deposits
Sing the ore at its alur
S..-'work with the Haitian Govern- are fiye miles from deep water in Hurricane Creek, A
inemit and the Haitian people.' and extend over an! area along the summer of 1952..,
.... ".ReynQl4s -Mining Corporation a plateau approximately'2.500 to type of or
. wa'. gran&ated a 60-year conces- 3,000 feet, above sea level. oblems with resec
.1:p roblems,- with respec
sion covering the -bauxite de-. The .engineers have not yt ability, filtration and
iosits ofz Haiti in 1944, follow- estimated the, total cost of the aring from
i nthe discovery of the ore. by project'in liaiti, but it is known composition Rynold
composition," Reyniold5
t..he hReynolds geologists. Mr. that it will amount to several _____ _
'Rice, states that the. deposits are million dollars. .. '. '
j .large and are similar in charac-: Somle cqinstructiori equipment -
ter' : the deposits in Jamaica has already been -imported into .; .
'" ich Reynolds opened in June. Haiti -to commence preparation'. .
:*,' a; "52 *A similar grade of. ore 6of the shore site and a 12-mile
'Was also discovered in the Dom- mountain road'descending from
c;ioan Republic in 1944. an' .'altitude of. approximately 1
'..:e. olds' installations'.in 3Ja 3,00(F feet. The, .road .will be
S'.paidca have a rated capacity df constructed with materials qap-
S"7.50,000 toAs per year, which is able ot accommoqatmin. 30-ton
,r. reniy being 'delivered in its, truckss.. Drirg and'loading fa-.

.1 .ep ,aanc One o n
.. .

'4' ~ *&~9'-'- -
At '. 1


9 4.. 9
-r #


led at the
ill be con-
nodate all

obtains its
sas, Jamai-
and Dutch
n of Haiti
result in
the corn-
rations in


duced many millions of pounds
of aluminium from this ore. The
ore contains abbut 48 per cent
alumina, compared with 57 per
.cent to 62 per cent in Dutch
Guiana. Its method of treat-
ment differs and certain ingre-
dients are added in the proces-
Reyholds recently completed
q -------~a'- e

e of Carib-
II se'riou -
d by.the
by indus-
y of this
f research
nationss ex-'
I of seven cCd
eded with abl
its project
ienced us- me:
mina plant hat
rkansas in
Although in
e presents -vie'
:t to solu-
e colloidal
's has pro.

construction of' a new alumina
plant near Corpus Christ!, Tex-'
as, designed on the basis of "if.
experience with this and other:
types of bauxite. This plant4
was built at a cost of approximi
ately $40,000,000" Tt has com'i
menced operation and is expect!
ed to be up. to full capacity with'
in a few months,
--- .

When you, come to Cap-Haitien en route to mighty
Itadelle Ia Ferrieres, make your stay comfort-
e at the new Hotel MONT-JOLI.
Here awaits you a new and attractive develop-
nt atop Gare'nage Hill, overlooking' a resplendent
*bour. "
A fabulous spectacle : Right from your window
our'spacious and airy rooms, you may have a pre-
%w of the Citadlelleiin the fiery setting sun.





$- Shovel-Crane-


'r 9s ..p. O ,' ,.
r Ifleg =pacy-30,000 Ib l
y pl4peandpot.iopld Boom HoT '
bf m emfwr erviae S* Dragline,
ihl. Trech Hoe. Pe DivMr nd Crane
me,Chal Crowd for Shoil
SSals and Sevie He dqyme -


-- .16


N P 4 m R A ON

4DA, OCTOBER 4th 1953. .

Bishop Voegeli On 7-Week

Visit To United States

The Rt. 'Rev. C. Alfred -Voe-
geli, Bishop df the Episcopal
ePhuroh of .Haiti, left' Sunday,
September 27, for a seven-week
visit' to the United States
' .*..., | .-
; While in the States be will
receive.an honorary degree of
Doctor of Laws from his alma
mater, Upsala' College, in East
Orange, New Jersey, at the Six-
Ueth Anniversary Convocation,'
ah October 1. Onn October.-20
and 21, he will e in Garden
3ity, Long Island, to attend the
meeting of the Second Province
f the. Episcopal Church, which
ncluaek the missionary dioceses
if the Panama Canal Zone, Puer-
o Rjco; Haiti and the Domini-
an, Republic, as 'well as the
states .of Nevy' York and New
rersey.. Finally, on November 9
through 13, he will be present at
he meeting of the .House of Bi-
lhops of tlhe' EpiSopal Chrych,
n Williamsbhfrg,' Virginia.' Be-
veen these dates, he has speak-
bg engagements. in places as
widely scattered as Minnedpo-'
s) M.inesota;,' Elizabeth'-City
.oth Cadrdlina; and New'York'
Returning with, i, were hi-
ece, -who had -been .,visiting
ring the summer, and the Rev.
tave Lafontant; who will be
aiti's clerical delegate -to the
eting of 'the Second Province.
Before. departing, the Bishop i
welcomed the Rev. Theodore H.
trick who arrived; with his

wife and two small sons, to re-
place" the late Rev. P. D., Locke
as Dean of the Theological Sem-
inary. Father Patrick comes to
Haiti after four years as rector
of Christ' Church, Albemarle,
North Carolina. Already he .and
his family have moved out to
the Seminary at Mont-Rouis,
where classes began Tuesday,
September 29.
Among the students at the
Seminary this year is Mr. Wil-.
liam S. Bush, of Plant City,
Florida, who has just arrived to
begin his studies for the priest-
hood here. On -the completion
of his studies, he hopes to -re-
main in Haiti as a missionary.
The Bishop's departure pre-
ceded by only a fer ,days that
of the Rev. and Mrs. Eric W.
Veal. Father Veal, .who was in



. obviously false.

In fact; at the eve of the
100th anniversary of the 'Inde-
pendence, in autumn '1903,:tlhe
National Association 'for '-the..
100tji Anniversary of .bhe Inde:
pendence decided to erect iri
January 1904, a bronze statue to
.Dessalines through subscrip-
tions all over the territory. -

Through the medium 6f en-
'gineer Robert Holly, a Brooklyn
firm [United States of America]_
engaged" itself to do the work.
for a -pi;eviously' determined
price and fixed the amount of


the first,payment. Owing to the
subscriptions, received' the Assd-
ciation decided to make the first,
payment asked for and it was
the Roberts,Duttofi & Co. firm
which forwarded, by a transfer,
cable the sum, withput-any cost
for the Associalion, and through
the medium of Mr. Henry. Ro-
berts, asked, that thp cost of the
trannfoer hbe consideredp it; share

charge of the English-speaking|.______ f
congregation at .Hnly',Trihity Ca- a Ba
thedral and also taught part- la rIhabancourt
time a't the Seminary, will, re-
turn to his home diocese of Al- II
bany, New York.. ,

Legend To Be Podced

Destroyed I hejamnil -
Under the title .A New D s-
salines at Champ-de-Mars,, Haiti STANDARD QUALITY'
Sun, the weekly English --lan- -
guage newspaper, published in NCE 1862
its September 20th issue, con-
cerning the statue at the Champ- "J-n aR aonhurl
de-Mars, -information .that the( 'MU !UUanCU UI,
evidence of facts proves to be.

Curi& Shop -
Rue du Qua;
Local Handicrafts
Splendid Mahogany

-- --- : I;..2
to the national subscription. niversary of the In'deperndence,:
And that Was agreed.' -having not., enough funds;for
Obviously, it' is not a ques- complete payment, Geei or
tion, as the confrere writes,. of a Alexis generously completed the
'gentleman well provided with amount .with his own money.
greenbacks, whom General.Nord and the state was grandioslyo.'l
Alexis, President of the Repub- inaugurated at thl Champ-d$
lic, sent to Paris with a view to Mars in January 1904.
having a statue of Dessalines ,Such ire tha rigorously 'ac. 'i
made; it 'is still less question curate facts. .
of. a lady who 'played a part in -.
the circumstance to ge ;:a statue Today it may be fit to, .cast,.
of Ney instead of Dessalinr&s' into shadow' all an intctgsfing.
erected afterwards at the Champ part of the -past, but the 'a:a-
de Mars. All that is only iere tional Association for the 100th i-
fancy of the imagination and anniversary of the Indepen-
cahnot but c,?st discredit on the dence, for having carried out ,
.-aitians. successfully its dealings *. that -..:
-The true statue of Dessalipes credit must be given to it did :'.
wps made throughlyi, '-i the its 'duty, and such as it bl-o.ld. .I.
Brooklyn L.m, 4:. th? .ation- Le Nouvellixste Saturd(ay,"..
al Association for lhe. '00th an- Sept. 26th.

.., .


. P EP T,4-

. I

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t liorns. You gel his. Ex. Quality when you-
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per if de


gul wa ;.,A- .- -.

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-' |

.. ,. .

throughout.' th entire Latin
Winner Of Audubon Contest Great HELLO HAITI Latin America, is publishing a

SGreat Grandson of Audubon's'Brother long article accompanied by pi
Grr"ndon-o FROM hA tures, of Cap Haitien renewed.
S' ne author of the 200-word who had escaped from the slave FROM ANAA tures of Cap Haen renewed
s'.ay on *Who Was Audubon?. uprising fn Les Cayes. in 1790 %
publishedd 'In ,the Haiti' Sun Sep- and returned to marry'Francine by Roselly Miller -
.tember 20th edition was .Ani Dumont. _____________
tony Saiht-Cyr. Mr. -St. Cyr on. This pat' month's activities have been highlighted for me '
receiving the prize of three gal Mr. Antony S1. Cyr was born b an.interView with Mlonsieur Phillipe Cantave, Consul Gen-
i, los f select Audubon 6il paint in Les Cayes the son of Dr. and eral of Haiti.
--g. and'.. cheque of $10 from..local Mrs. Dumaine M Saint-Cyr. His Monsieur Cantave is the promoter of a tour for Canadians
-distributor Mr Alfred de Matteis mother was ,.he former Chris- which will depart for Port-au-Prince December 26, for the Inde-
'.k::.j Fils disclosed that he was a des- 'tiane Fougere. the 61dest daugh-'- Dendeice' celebration. The Canadian Press has given this tour '
: dteridant.-of' thbe" famous, .A'vdu- ter of Dr. Fenimbre' Fgere, widesread national publicity.
Cendn widespread national publicity.,
bon' n brother Bellohi Fougere. son of medical practitioner and Monsieur Cantave tells me that he receives- broadcasts
EP -..hHe traced his ancestry from pharmacist Otilius.Fbogere who twice daily direct from .Radio Commerce on his short wdve "' .
t.' '-Belloni sometimes Nwritten BeJ2 as one of, Beflo s six c" radio A a-. it hiahort '"e"
en Be, was -one of, Bell's: six chil- rdio. At 8 a.m. it a) be heard at 31 metres and at 7 p.m. on
'.dnylte brother o' f Auubon dren, on .49 meters.,: Other Canadians and Americans, fortunate to own
S.4.:/ **.L.*1..^ .,...'.^,.. o shortt wave, radios might. try todget the station on their sets.
S" Strange Affair was pleased to nQte a story by Hugh B. Caive, author of "

s Thursday, October (to the charlatan for s ihfor- -zie. t s titled 'The.Spectre of the- Jungle-, .and Mr. Cae
ih title Th eNa tn bgu tw oh ls itn
I t .is. published the follow nation], is behve' repeats his success with a. tropical setting. .
SRaher strange rumours' Aftr breig the mosaic .xxx
i a jarre [po of moeyfloor, the chlatan, helpedby DISA 'nd DATA: Madame Lucien Cantave, sister-in-law of
.about a jarred [poq. of mnone',. 'floor, the charlatan, helped -:by. A -id I
u'rined" groud,] have.been .the lady and' fe persons t .the Consul Qeneral of Haitii has. left for Port-iu-Prince, after
buiedimnthe the ,lady a.few. persons -to .t-" .", P ne. fe a
Lt ,ulating these past days near whom' the secret had been re- onth's.stay in Oawa.Miss Andree Andre's arrival has filled rlinethat
'' -- t n.e
%rSasi. -, '" ; ealed, dug. .ch 'a dee 'hol the pap Madame Cantave's departure Das made. She will study esto ever ma r
'n-e- the bsence"'of her husband that te 'enorlousx tack of earti ,Secretaia, courses and Englsh at the ,Pensionnat Notre-Dame" :, I. .
3- island INth.
A- alahy let herself become In- withdrawn statee .'nioyia g t... Oawas for the. ne. ,two years.' .
e''by: caratan' wo' fefghbours' s-b ." 'Mis 'arle 'THierese D.ejoie will complete her studies on,.
e'to4 her" thatthere were All thoe prep rat ere Canadlan exportation and importation -methods shortly, and re-
tbreecai'sU tnder her house. cardted- out with oors., tu to Haiti at th 'beginin g of O ctober.
S ;o'cotuzs ,she: must have paidi But the fwoa!s lated ;,4oplon g.'' ear. that Reverend Allan' McFarlane of Haitt is now Rec- |
..... _, The father-in-law of th' -lad 'if- or o6f the Anglican Ppe Cathedral in Regina, western Canada.
tervened and yith e helpp of He sends his best to fend and fam t hoe
r ll '^^ "da t ,. Amer ican bas.pvqr ". 0
S' his stick breryo to '. xxx. .. ghts weekly-more than
..i.. \*reason. 'he1-quiack fled. The Seems that a-tripto Haiti as an open passport to enumerablee any dtherairline-throih :
I -. aiiy othe anfi-t Co "ig
anaivety of Cin p le really invitations from other- who have also visited this paradise: e e C& Cb
,- .'-your day and de.parthre
"goes too ~ arVK ,' -'-,: 'Juliette Boisvert,iwho1sperit'5 months in Haiti last year has in- hour to a dozen 6nchnting
S.. sisted-thatwe, get' together -to talk about H'aiti as tias Dr. island vacation spots. -Pan .
HAITI' JAMA'I CA'lOLTEGES Jules Thebaud, aDd. other genial Haitians Miss Boisvert would Ameriea's.vastCarbbean
:TO M7EET'IN DECtMEgR like to .say 'bon-jour* to some .of her Haitian friends at the" I1 twork.ta.lcesyou to
St..ouis Gonague Col- Hotel Excelsior 'via this column. They include, Miss. lambert i one andal .
ilege of Port Lti. P$.rrd'icn s Vlan-.'lVl. .Rousseau, Mi. Bervin,' Mr! Thermi'do, Mr. Ggtch.rs, Mr. -
'ni g a spdrt :meeting with St. Savini: aid Captain Rozier. .- ., '. .. a & ,. I
Go ge's Cdllege -kingston, J'a-:' 'Residing at Alyiter; Ontario, 'are two' soris of -ex-president gh s.t's- justewhty r
"-"aic''"Dceinber 4th through Elie;Le6cot. 'One-.is working at'Brading .;Breweries ,while -the 'flight Between Caacas' '
2.rd ,The.olk rial, will4 meet' other id 'working on an experimental; fain. ., ,yMaracalo,"'ai-ranquia -"
"aga' i a '. i a ca- Dpcfort Vlfort .Blauvjir, ex-minister:'. f -Eiterior -Relations: .r ad any-pOifit in the
of Hai -is in Hull, Quebec with his .wife'anid: daughter Alathilde i' Caribbean. Convenient.
., .. connectidpas can be;'xi-e
.-.BTHE' OO ORENS N MissBlauvoiris studying Ia bibliotheque. at the Univer-' 'atnec ,uops c bo- la
B .. a&anquaill o a a a 1A
THE PARA OTh: 1 FUL L .. of' Ottawa' andentral mer ca, or .
S' When La,4 Port s' OUre,' u tertaming- at one of 'Montieal's exclusive French Res- south to .Medelliuan ".'
= o pe: en at iParampunt thea-: taUranti. -La Tour. Eiffel is Carmen. Margron of #Aaiti. Clients, are ;'.'Bogota.,
Ster t 'is eek vs nesr elil~.ted with his -Haitian chansons..., : RIBBEAN Ci TRIP
i.*.W g o 'for 'the imangenierit to else the See you soon, mes amis.. Miami, Hairaa Montego
i 4 Bami, Ki g to n.tegot
4id-or;i as' 'long before curtain .. .. .. Bay,Kingston, tau .
time the theater ..full., A BOOK TO -APPEAR SOON Rector, of the University' of Prince; Ciuad lrujilo, 6s.
usual, 'said a daily, b ck mnqr-. Haiti. J. uan, New York a.d re
*,blc. *. Mission, to Havana, is a -. ...al 'orjust$212.40 ('t
letters grabbedtl.oppobook 'of Mr. Antoine 'Bervin, available ineitr ',
S'to make~ afat Profit by reselling which will appear soon. SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATES ,' direction and frbt any.-
tickets at a ri They re- .PO, o route.
Sata high price' They re The signing of the book will Over 500 candidates passed 0.1 route ,
Sport that at-last Sunday show take place' tomorrow. October the admission exams at the Ly- ,I
forty.," ou'd. .. gcn' e t4eso. 5th, at 5 p.m. at the Musee des cee Antenor Firmin under the c kd I
for ten gobudeg each. The mo- For re"0rpae 1 a
f*o.*'.^r*n g e eacl ."Tl~ e Beaux Arts. The ceremony will supervisibn of ,Mr. Clovis Bon- wepoprTrquelAgent r
e isco'crned with discrimin- .
.' ation f e- *rm- be sponsored -by their Excellen- home, director, of the Lycee. A jf F i O
"-. .. ... i des Pierre, Liautaud, Secretary -:0:- i "Ai, aw
c$L.'THEI'NATIO,,AL CASH DG F! I L. ,- of State for Foreign Affairs and AMERICAS TO PUBLISH L WORLDS M OST
.... Ag.ent o Haiti: Three male pure-bred Dach- bassador Extraordinary and 'The Amer c-s. a glossy ma- Rue "Dn' Datads Put
.B,.' .. P:ECATRL & SONS shund~ for sale. Imported par- Minister Plenitopentiary of Cuba gazine. published by 'Pan Ame- Teleph ...s n.
K V eents. A. K. C, Registered litter, to Haiti. The introduction will rican Union in,Washington with, aS)i- mMy-,
-. ., Qq 36:4.'.^ Apply Haiti Sun. be mde .by 'Mr. Lue Grimard, distribution and prestige Air Mug ami A Pu ri


ISUNDAY, bOtTOBEt 4th '1953


'In anticipatioa of the Annversary Celebrations which ,coin,-
Smence on. New Year's Day,the 'Haiti- Sun. will publish from
week to -week short notes "on Great Figures and Great Moments
.in, Haitian history before and after 1804, taken'from writings of
te leading authorities. Today we present ,Hommage to the
... Emperor* by Jean Brierre,..[October 17, 1951] ably translated by
Dr. Paul Perigord. \ .

- HQMMAGE. T.O THE after an inquiry lead by Inginac,
EMPEROR had been razed. The Emperor.
The duel .between the .rich opposed any policy which put
free blacks'or 'mulattos and the the interests' of a few' above
great nameless masses, this ter- 'that of-the essential interests of
rible duel had 'broken out be- the masses.
tween. those who had been free The verification of the titles
and the negroes whd had noth- of .property had started despite.
.ing, because they were the slaves' all the obstacles- brought against.
Sof yesterday, *without rights, this measure -of enormous social
; without hopes and without pro- importance whibbh, if it had been
perty. This fruitless struggle realized under Dessalines, would
which we call, because of the ;have changed the whole econo-
location of the battlefield, .the mic and democratic structure.
War of 'the South, and which, of the' country." For-tbe Empe-
considering only the outw'ardi ror -knew that the .foundations-
appearance and -not the essen- of the rights of. the' former
tiai elements, we have. called slaves, his comrades of misery
the struggle.,between the North and of struggle, must. be laid,
andthe South' ahd the tearing 'eVen :though drastic .measures
apart of- the colony between the ..aPd violence might ha e to be
blacks and themulattoes, .was', resorted to, 'and they must be
-; in reality the conflict between affirmed. not only by Ipws,
',, those with property -against the which mlght 'remain a .dead .let-
.'.Aelgitimtte. aspirations of the ter,.but'by. acts,. The Emper5r.
grfat number, who had nothing. had -condemned the ferocity 'of
L. Grimard., .tie,. double-faced planters who
T '"he dawn is spotted With hapd thought they could tike to
blood ajifrises. tragic cutinfM their own exclusive .benefit the
-on. the most pathetic di'ama of soil conqtiered by. men marked
our history. It is the 17th of 'with tle -irons of servitude and
October, 1806. The Emperir who, bare-footed in Ihe- forests
had left' Marchand about foitr of Saint Domingue, had won
o'clock in tle mornljg. He tra- the final battle against political
veiled wrapped' in' a suffocating imperialism based on. economic
silence. He was not the only greed.
one who had t slept that He addressed himself tor them
night in Haiti. The, Southern in these terms: .I knew very
.factions had thot ,closed theirwell that the people of the
eyes, for the wood of the Cam- South wish to rise against me.
'peachewhich had been cut and I do ndt fear them. I am wait-
was to have been shipped,un- ing:for them to make camp in
lawfully against the interests of -order that I may devastate
the masses, was burning on allthem. These are worthy citi-
the roads from Cayes to Jere- zens. They sacrifice everything
mie. The Emperor had ordered to their own interests,. they
it burned. The Emperor prohi- wish everything for themselves
bited the exploitation bf the and nothing for the others. But
people tand opposedthe preteri- I 'await them fearlessly. I will
tions of a handful of rich men, make them return many proper-
to govern by the .old colonial ties taken' through procedures
method enemy of all human which bad faith and compacn-
dignity cy hav permitted. I see that

The 'guildives;. rum distil-
' lerles, which certain unscrupul-
bus people, protected by local

they 'are aroused, but whet of
it !-
Actually the independence

the benefit of one class of peo-
ple. The Emperor wished 'that
justice be the" comnion denomin-
ator for all 'the Haitian people
and. that slavery, ended to 'the
detriment of the white oppres-
sors, remain abolished in fact
and in law against all the sor-
did interests bequeathed by the
colonist to his children. ,
I i
Pitiless toward those who
would have restored slavery in.
the capital at the moment when
the wind was filling with hope
the sails of the pirate, Lbdlerc.
Pitiless towards the jackals of
this colony who during cen-
turies had grown- fat on' the
blood, sweat. and tears of the.
slaves, he showed a brotherly
interest in the- Poles. He had"
protected many a Frenchman,
given asylum to English and
Amrericans, but, vigilant, leader
that he was, conscious of 'the
dangers of the hour and of all
the powers, foreign as well as
local, allied against his life, he'
had denied them political rights.

At six o'clock in the morning,
this fateful 17 of October, the
troops of the South bivouac at
Point' Rouge. They are tired
men who do riot know that they
have been brigaded in the camp
of the enemy and that they are
shortly to fire on their own

The foaming and restless
'horse of the Emperor scents
the drama. It feels itself car-
ried irresistibly by a superior
force-and charges into the morn
ing bathed in light with the
legendary 'courage of the. chief
who hlas never known fear.
Maybe it feels ,in some confused
way the grating of the portals
of history.
The peasants of Arcahale be-
lieve they have been running by
a moment ago, a flame with a
human face riding a phantom
steed. "They have rubbed -their
eyes. How could it be. It is
midday "They ponder :
-It is not a man., ,He has-left
behind him only a smell of pow-
der.' The hoofs. of the horse
flashed lightning.. It must be
a God.* ,
Peasants of Arcahaie, you have
seen for the last time the crea-
tor of the national flag and the
Emperor. For the strip of cloth

authorities baa taken by fraud had not been brought about for which his bloody hand yesterday
i *|

A l4

1 4"*-.
>4 'K
j L'

SeMing Haiti For Mo re Than 30 Years
'. *

A -.
S. a m

" Time" &" Life"

The Leading American



- Are Now On Sale At All

. i f i.i ,, i

-4 1


tore off 'from the fla of'oppres- sacred shrine?" "
-. ; t / >,1i) SA j

sion waves this morning at. the The iost of fallen hers iU|d
mast of .the garrison on the everywhere arid escorts
South 'lurkicing in the thickets of fr6tn Damieis to 'phanicPferil'4
Point Rouge. What. voice calls y .u sd i
The peasants .of Acahaie ouisly that you darb .nptxtlrel

dest rhythm' this morning of randa, objects of your .de j
october 17, 1806. licitude, have already left aac.
.mel and sail toward their -e..

-Whither do you hasten thus, ty
rider faster than the wind. But,, in the early ,io.nini
What hands will be powerful wind which bends the canefield'k
enough to check the frantic pace it is Duiclos cen. EmpereurS 'w
of your charger? Who will give scents the heavy odour 9f'WB
you a cup of glory to drink in- 'der on the handss of the49f
stead, of ,the. chalice of bitter- mander.- It is.Duclos who s,
ness which is being prepared for deily knew he was gbig
you, yonder, by hands armed by gamblee with-is life ior t.zO
the smugglers of Campeache nomic indeperidric. that n .cea
wood, and traffickers in plots 'ary corollary of political inh
of ground and guildives. pendence, of. his, cois
What corner stone .are you 'You knoww that beftd...ry
about to.lay of an 'eternal and Cion nued of

S .' v.Z

A -
Pt oFge .-' "' -. ".L', so."'1m

*, CH ANGER ?i

-'- / j :''. !
doc Itt
bctoer 7; 806, liitue, ave ea'y~left. T

3e n al oad h ."

-1 ***..' **. I SW a are

Page .10

Clipper cargo service between
the United States and the Ca-
ribbean is being stepped up to
handle, a growing volume of
' Pan American World Air-
ways is increasing its all-cargo
flights between Miami, San
Juan. Puerto Rico, and Caracas,
Venezuela, from two to ten a
Another round trip flight is
.' 'being added between New York
.nd San Juan for a total of eight
flights weekly in each direc-
i'': tion.
The new schedules effec-.
t; e October 1 -- arc flown
,with four-engine aircraft, Ship-
.. ments ate carried on a space-,

reserved basis which, coupled
with timetable operation, as-
sures definite delivery dates.
The increase in service to San
Juan and Caracas follows a sur-
vey of aircargo transportation
needs by cargo officials of
PAA's Latin American Division.
Two days a week, the Miami-
San.Juan. cargo Clippers stop at
Camaguey, Cuba; Port au -
Prince, Haiti, and Ciudad Tru-
jillo Dominican Republc. Three
days a week, the Clippers fly

Back From Sugar
Mr. Gerard Laforest of the
Department of Commerce re-
turned last Sunday from attend-
ifig the International Sugar Con-
ferpnc., ih London.

::- ',-.. -...,..- -. .


Dinner Dance Every Wednesday
S- -

Jazz Guignard.

Please Re:rve your table. .

,i K Tel 7 "7 8
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M. ." -Y

..; .,; ,. ," ', ."3 .. ,1 .
:" i .,,y:t "' "" "



I .ll."

7 7... ,. .-., .


To give Haiti cooking a boc
to check on the products of p
jects fostered by the United N
tions and to improve on t
waist line, a grandious lunr
eon was held at El Rancho Mo
day noon. After partaking
all things Haitian the gent
mellowed by fine wines a
rums formed the exclusi
'Academie des Gastrorome!
It's counterpart' in France
centuries old and limited
some hundred members.' 1
National's. M. W., the sole jou
nalist present, gave the mer
front page coverage and wa
lengthy in his approval of tl
ideals of the Academie

Yaws Man In New York

Dr. Edouard Petrus, direct
of the Service of Yaws Eradic
tion, is in New York prepar'ih
a study 6n Areas of Yaws Con
trol in collaboration with D
Charles Remy.

Le Picardie

Specialikies -

rer--or _eak

Escalloppe de Veau
For Reservations Tel. '416.
t ". '

A in Cool Kenscoff a
j For Lunches and Dinners of Distinction I
Almost 5,000 feet; almost a mile "
A above sea-level 9
"Yet only 15 pleasant miles, 35 leisurely
minutes from the heart of the-Capital

9 Unexcelled Anierican French German Haitian
g Cuisine and Beverages
I t

ii Hi

f. ;




g||g *il

The Palace oi Sans-Souci the Eighth Wonder of the
\vor.u King Chrisuopie'd ,,.,auei Tne Indian
Caves at Dondon 'Ine lo;ely beaches of the North
Coast -
Apply M. Leopold Sanchez, Cap Haitien, Rues A-23
Telephone 454

- -





SA IDV.'ICr-15
0-. et c

Z 4

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 4th 1953 ";
---------- -- -- .=--= = ---- oo---- .,.

wo- Dinner Dances


) Hotel Ibo Lee
to E 'ry Tuesday and Friday ifrm 8 A.a. o 12 p.m.
" Every Monday from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.
eas TELEPHONE: 7886
he .



. :-....:




.. l but at the request of the Hai-
No Insult io Haiti. Only Regula ons tian Consul were permitted to
S Explains Commissioner again go to the hotel where
Explan they had spent the evening and

S' Stanley Woodward, .sports editor of the Miami Daily News remain there: throughout the
in an open letter to President 'Eisenhower published in Florida day. While at the hotel nomin-
and Washington newspapers, protested the treatment given the- al surveillance' was maintained
Haitian football team in Miami on its trip to Mexico This week by a Security Officer of this Ser-

a .report [reprinted below from the Immigration and-Naturali bers. of the Soccer:team arrived
nation Service- which he forwarded Without comment. at Miami as direct transit pas-
S.. sengers to Mexico on Pan Ame-
United States Department of .'direct transit under surveillance rican Airways Flight No. 456 at
>>. Justice while on the' ground is one 3.45 P.M. on July 15th: They
Immigration and Naturalization .'.which is more or less universal-' were held in the transit tobm
Service F ly followed in the countries of at the airport until they depart-
-g.. the world. It is regarded as ne- .ed with the ten persons who had
cessary for the reason that the arrived twentS'-four hours earl-
, Septmber 15, 1953. interrogation made in connec-, let on a flight leaving at 5 P.M.

tion with ari application .or A on July 15th.
Dear Senator Smathers : visa'" which determines tha, an .
Further reference is made to alien's entry would- not be pre-'
your letter of July 31, 1953 with .judicial to the country is not It is to .be noted that all
in t. tienty-two members of the Soc
-which, you forwarded a letter made in ,the case of an alien members of the Soc
of complaint, by Mr. Stanley who is proceeding in direct tran cer team 'could have entered at
Woodwatd, Sports Edi.tor of the sit. This procedure' was devis- the same time, that is, at 3.45
Siami Daily News, .relative ed as the result of requests P.M. on July 15th, and could
I the treatment accofdd a Haitian made by. various airlines prior
r. soccer team enroute to Mexico to the -passage of the Immigra- same day which would have ne-
Ii. early in the month of July. Mr... tion an'd Nationality Aqt and cessitated a stay of one hour and
Woodward is highly critical" of was in effect approved' by the 15 minutes in the transit hold
, ie, conduct 'of our Srvice of- Congress in .the enactment of room at the airport. It appears ,
fice at Miapi. for maintaining -Section 238 of the Act and in from the fact that the first ten
surveUlance of. the Soccer team authorizing the Attorney" Gen- 'players arrival 24. hours in ad-
Sreferred to hie members of erl-and Secretary'o State to 'vance of th6 contemplated de-,
-a : 3. .. .Secretary .' t.
;the team'wer.a it'ami.prior,'to waive. presentation of nbti-im- parture that the individuals con
their' d'par.ttre for .Mexic, S6igrant as '.in he'ases of cerned were not bona fide direct
C ty :' t'h ali... en ':entrin 't U transits but were nonimmigrant
ty ,'' those aliens.entering. the Un'-
"' e d states uiide an agr ement visitors for pleasure. The Ser-
..-As- indicated in my'letter .of between theerice and an air-'vice is without authority to
t in m oe b theSeryice and an air-..
'August .'1th a"re~ort concerning, lne executed nde the. author- waive presentation ofinoninmin
his tter was tested ity o ecton238 grant 'visa for. such nonimmi-
'this matter' was u qf it of SetMion 238:.
'the District Dirct6.r.. of the Ser'- '. grants seeking entry for plea-
Svice at' Miami I -an ow in re- I am suret yoill un- sure. If, however, the ten in-
ceipL, of his report' understand the des. ability of .an dividuals concerned had-present,
S 'nterviw b Conular Officers ed appropriate visas issued to
interview bv --Consular Officers
SThe District Director --reports..of .appiraits for 'admission to them by a- Consular Officer( out-
Sthat ten Haitian nationals, mem- -the'Urted States 'hich.is gen- side the United States after ap-
Sbers of.,a Soccer Team. arrived rally conducted in connection propriate' examination I 'am
at Miami from the Port. of with an application for .. visa sure that they would have en-
.Prince, 'Haiti~,on.Pan American either of the immigrant or non- countered no difficulty in ob-
Wl a"gtaining admission as visitors for-
World Airwva y'Flight No. 454 at. immigrant categories. I am also
5.08 P.M .5n July. 4 1953. None sure that you will agree that it pleasure.
of these individualss we're'in ,pos is desirable to impose safe ,
session of visas authorizing- guads 'on the activities of those. As indicated above. the- Ser-
them' to seek admission to the individuals who arepqrmintted to .vice is without authority to
'United Stat n.any of the. non- writer the United States fdr- waive the visa requirements es-
immigran jpries prescribed rect transit purposes :without tablished by the Immigration
.in the ImMingraiton and Na!- presentation of visa when there and' Nationality Act except in
tionality Act. In liej of sulh has been no examination by narrowly restricted areas, which
visas they presented our Ser- Consular Officers abroad. .includes the authority tp' waive

r vc .UormI 1-1-9J.in whicn they
-applied for entry in direct tran-
..sit to Mexico City.
The regulations of this per-
vice require that the forms re-
,ferred to be signed by the ap-
plicant for such a direct transit
!.,privilege.- Includedih. .the form
'..is information, which places the
,individual executing same on
notice that he will be finder sur-
:veillance while' on the groihd
rin the United States. This. prac-
-tice of maintaining' an alien in

*- .
: -4

The ten members of the'Soc-
cer team referred to abote were
.admitted under this procedure
and since, their reservations for
departure from the United
States were on a.,fllght leaving
at 5 P.M. on July 15, 1953 hey-.
were transferred from the tran-'
sit passenger -room .at the air-
p.ort in, Miami to a hotel in the
same .city. On the morning of
July 15th they were returned to
the transit room at the airport,

jointly witn he Secretary of
State in the caAe of direct trari-
sit passengers.

The Service i's aware of an
isolated few cases arising un-
der the direct transit procedure
which have resulted in cri-
ticism. In all instances where
this' has occurred it might not
have occurred if the passenger
had been appropriately advised
by the airline selling him trans-
portation. We are exerting

S Page

every effort to correct this situ-
ation 'by'having theairline in-
volved suggest to allens.wishing
to enter the United States in
the nonimmigrant category pro-
vide themselves with an appro-
priate visa, or in the event they
desire to'enter as direct tran-
sits that they be appropriately
advised of such entry in advance of their
departure from a place outside

the United States' "
I' trust that this letter ll,"
fully explain the Services po-'
sition 'in the, disposition of' ap-'kji
plicants made by the Haitian'.
Soccer Team and that rou Wfll4
understand' the Servicei p(l.-'i
tion in the matter. .

Sincerely yours;


-a S

S, -

,62. _.
'Let the Insurance Company do the worrying. "
See immediately : ,NQRW'rCH U0NION. Insurance Co. .;
Joseph Nadal 'and Co. Agents.-Tel: 3486
i -. ...

'On sale at: Bichbra.
S ct r Izmer,. .Au Lincoi-:N
Doctors hUvM, 6t '' .
been recommending Baz?,- de la Pose .
\-F W longer ihan any other r Natiopal Geor
\4 balty foolsl ges .Coles. Mason
\ .Simon Vieu, 'Mme
S' ,: Joseph Maglio,-Bazar".'I
S : S ~ ^' Edmond PhJpps. .
CG-37 -' "''

Exclusive Distributor for Haiti -- Phoun: 353 -

'- ., ..

. ,..- .,

I",.) 'o :+

. I


- A rr.P&wr *~ -. -Vt




Page 12 1 LI bl

ing .a drum. ,
m On arrival in New j'ork Lccn
Destine did impossibilities to

First ashore from Friday af- make Ti Marcel a member of
-ternoon clipper was tall world the Musicians Union, which
famous sculptor William Carter granted him a weekly salary of
Wescott who was followed by $180. Ever since Ti Marce! has
-his wife Eleanor. Sculptor Wes- beEn the personification of in.
cott here on his fourth annual discipline, protesting for no rea-
visit invariably follows -up the son and believing that all wo-
welcomes and introductions with men who smile at him were in
s he'request'for coffee. He is un- love with him.
Soubtedly the world's largest During rehearsal the stage
v consumer of coffee. He is pre- manager calls everyone by
sently consuming a gallon a day 'Come on, boy.' Ti Marcel bang-
* at the Aux Orchidees. ed 'the, door and left having it
S Mr.Wescot is a well known that boy meant waiter and he
social worker in New York City. was an artist These several in-
:. -- clients have caused Leon Des-
S. 'ESTABLISH HAITIAN tine so mugh trouble that even
SSHOP IN CARIBE HILTON with the one-year contract with
,." :Flying to Puerto Rico today Ti Mafcel necessary steps are
'- o talk with the management of ,being taken to return our indis-
San Juan's Caiibe Hilton are diplined artist to Haiti.
.' ',proprietress of the Galerie des Le Nouvellistev, Friday 25th.
k..Arts' d'Haiti and artist Botello
i'1Bagzros The talks are in connect& NEW FCUJNDATIONV
rtion with the establishment of SCHOLARS
a Haitian work and sales shop in
l e hotel. Mie Dora experts to Four Haitians have just been
a.broa' d three days. awarded scholarships by the
: ____._. Point IV. They are Mr. Andre
S. S. MARCEL GIVES TROUBLE Lamarre, assistant manager of
O '.LEON.DESTINE IN U.S the Service of Social Organisa-
If' tions at the Labour Office, Mr.
'ur great artist Leon Destine Dorleans Thomas, President of
riwith an aim, towards -prqfession- the Customs' House Workc-rs
".tl confraternity took all ihe ne Syndicate, and Mr. Gerard Bas-
pi ery.steps in order that ii" tien and Natanael, -members of
ta cel, the, Ti Roro II, could the Union of the svyndlc-'ltcs of
co'e to the States and display PIaitian workers.
his technique in the art of bea:- In November they wi;! ilve
4 ,. A' ` .`%.` *.%.- *.` .- .` %. *. -


K Rsquiron Chicken

k' Leuni meileur deo pheus geantsl

4 Une maeach s[et douce ...

S: :eOne qu i nLogpl en ndea
4 11.'I in lecarcs e to plus

"t,, .@ "r

SDans le inande
entier on trannk-
porte plis 'lHe
year que ari"
eneus de toute
_W. nfli-a ~rnaii.


for the States where they will
study in great American indus-
trial centers.


*Haitimer' is the new ship-
ping line which will link Haiti
with foreign ports. Mr. Dumont
Bellande is the agent of the new

Continued from P&ge 9

brothers. You know' that these
hien without loyalty are the exe-
cutors of the testament of Roch-
ambeau in this country.
And you, who rlave courted
all hazards from the day of your
birth u}til this morning so
beautiful that it seems.a setting
for the Gods -, you hold your-
self proudly, decked with im-
perishable glory, defiant In
the rhythm of your blood of the
eternal rebel continues the din
of war. How superb you are, Ma-
jesty, on this moving pedestal
which carries you as an irre-
sistible wave toward its final
The dazzling sun of the tro-
pids, always your ally, looks on
you' for the last time.

For, suddenly, hidden soldiers
rise up out of the shadows like
animals from the thickets. The
pigmies have surrounded the
god. A shot rings out. You
crush the audacious one with a
look. Your horse leaps and-for
a moment you are held between
heaven and earth. For a frac-
tion of time and space your face
appears a sculptured medal.
You charge upon the traitor :
Do you not recognize your Em-
peror?, But the burst of fire
which has already killed Char-
lotin Marcadleu has moistened
with blood the end of the tragic
question and your last words :
iYour Efnperor- as if Dudlos
. had pronounced them -- are
mutilated on your proud, bitter
and passionate lips.

Your powerless hands dro6
from the bridle and there on the
red soil is a corpse ii your rich--
ly adorned uniform and sil-

Rouge should have been an ans-
wer 'to Vertieres, and should
have torn asunder the heart of
bronze of him who had the ne-
cessary courage.and strength to.
be a barbarian to combat the
atrocious colonial barbarism !
Oh! that the Garatz of the

breaks the silence with a single
beat like a rending of the heart.
Defilde alone bears the weight
of your silenced heart. A sol-
dier, a demented woman and a
horse have been the last living.
beings to.love the Emperor.
But about ten o'clock in the
morning of this October 17th,
1806, on the bridge of a ship
which has just left Le Hayre,
two men are studying some do-
cuments. They are French and
are named Draverman and Daux
yon Lavaysse and their mission
is to attempt to reestablish slav-
ery in Haiti.

-,/ '
for Distinguished Bealty and Unparalleled
Accuracy Alw ays Choose



I '

i" .alUT *c ckno W bk A. Gsbu.riku
K"Ali Weather" poss&de &fi tniuse
-C%,e. "All WhaitMer ae krema-


Two large eyes full of Anguish
and remorse. those of your horse
cut down like you, are brim-
ming over with your downfall
and your misery.
In the plain an African drum

*'** : '.i'- '; ." ""*

\'. .
,,. ... .., A .'

17th of October should have left
their thirty pieces of silver from
the homes of Haitianr partisans
who thought they could perpet-
uate the horrible regime of the
exploitation of' man and build
their wealth on the misery of
others. disregarding the inalien-
able rights of. the State. unques-
tioned arbiter of the struggle of
interests! ,

If this abominable act has
marked the threshold of our life
as a people, the beginning of a
policy opposed to Politics, *this
essence, both changing and
eternal, of history, the Emperor
remains immortal and if it were
necessary that the wood of the
Campeache burn again on the
roads of the country, it would

Jean F. Brierre.
Le Nouvelliste, October 17, 1951.

L a

death Leblerc had armed your Ah! that the bullets of Pont


as a Point Four Technician.
, k W / 'Living at the Citadelle at the

present time, their future
will be in the beautify

'. a

Arrived Monday September
28, from Tangier, Spanish Mor-
roco, Architect Pierre Naud6,
after 28 years -away from Haiti.
He is'spending a month or two
with his family brother \ Geor-
ges Naude. Pierre Naud6 stu-
'died architecture in France, to-
gether with Mr. Robert Baus-
san,. Max Ewald and. Ingdqieur
Albprt Wiener ended his fete
at the Riviera Monday.

The Charles Leggetts of 01
VA are back in town.
-r::0--- "
Roger Dreyfuss, Unesco'i
Technical Assistande Mission t<
Liberia, is home ,on vacation.


Caiitain and Mrs. Edouard
Denis had a housewarming par
,-, -.
ty at Seir inew 2-Ato,.ed-.hme o0
a the new l etio-.v$lle-road. Pre
sldent and Mrs. 1lagloire, daugh
ters Paule and Yola, Ministe]
Zephirin, General Levelt and
the families Reiher, Dqnis, and
Stephen attended. The house
was -the work of .architect en
gineer Roger: Esper.
Mr. and Mrs.. Lou Wankumr
[Mrs. is formerly Simone Tre
mant of Port au Prince] return
ed to 'Plantation Dauphin from
a six-week tour of France, Swit
zerland and short stop-over in'
London and New York.
Mile Suzanne Shrewsbury is
clippering back to school in
Miami today.

Mr Jean Elie, leader
banana industry in Ha
rived back in Port Mond
a business trip to the
During his stay abroad I
Elie contacted Miami a
York businessmen and 1
reported, new projects
his fast-growing industry
' -:0:-
Mr. and Mrs. Antori K
back .in town.
Jean Robert,' Philip
Paul Estime'finally left f
Tuesday by air after
postponed departures.

r of the
iti, ar-
lay from
Mr. Jean
nd New
has, it is

e home
ul Pine

'Benito Carvalho [Ben] of
Shell Company is a firmly wed-
ded man. He wed Mile Ericlee
Prato Tuesday at Notre Dame
Cathedral. It was a 6.30 p.m,
ceremony. Matron of honour
was Madame Gerard Dufanal ...
bestman was Point Four Mac
Brea. Reception followed at
Pacot. The newly weds are mak-
ing their home at Carrefour.

to boont
Sunday morning following the
big event, the social highlight of
the season, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh
never are
Calvin Minor flew off to Jamaica
and North America oy a honey-
moon trip. Mrs. Minor the
Ipe and
former Cynthia Polley.

for Paris

s 'Gerard Faubert and Arthur
o Bonhomme went to the States
on a business trip Tuesday.
Industrialist O.'J. Brandt re-
turned from business' in the
U.S. Tuesday.
n --:0:+--

Back'in tovwn visiting- the De
Matteises is Mlile Alice Heaton.
r .

I Sgt. Pauline of the' US Air
e Force arrived here yesterday by
- Delta-C&S 'with, his wife and
two-year-old son. French Cana-
dian Pauline is replacing Sgt.
Saucier who returns to Texas on
- the 25th ending a three-year as-
- signment here.
Mile Francine Charles ex-
I changed the holy vows of matri-
mony with Mr. Arnold Valbrune.
in the Basilique Notre, Dame

Mr. Christian Latortue of the
National Bank is constellating
to Cuba today with son Paul.
Me Lebrun Cuvilly and daugh
ter Raymonde Cuvilly returned
from Havana this week.
Kurt and Mrs. Fisher return-
ed Tuesday from their Central
American, archaeological pilgrim-
age. -
Andre Gation, active Life In-
surance agent, swapped bache-
lorhood for the bonds of holy
matrimony in New York last
week. Mrs. Gation is the former
Rolande Rouchon of Pori au

Denise Miot has returned from
Washington with her mother.

Jamaica bound today to com-
plete his studies is Jean-Marie
Carrie of the Sacre Coeur.

D -:r:-.
Dr. Herve Boyer of the Man- -:0:-

-:0:- agement of Economical Affairs William Smarth of Cavaillon
Gilberte Boubou Vieux is leav at the Foreign Department, and who recently received a scholar-
U ing today on business concern- professor at the Law Faculty, ship 'from *Sa Saintete le Pape
ing her" new enterprise, the has been decorated with the or- Pie XII. to study for the priest-
- ,maison de couture.. der .Legion d'Honneur.. rank hood in Italy is flying to Rome
S.- -- .-Chevalier, by the French Gov- Wednesday.
I ernment. -
S.1 I t .n._ Jacques H. Bourjolly became

tennis champ; is New York
bound on a health trip this com-
ing week.
Ti Lou Regnier celebrated his
fete Thursday with -sus amigos'
de habla espanola.5 Ti Lou is
taking off for Havaba and King-
ston this coAning week.
Mr. Tom Oster, manager of
agency and inter lines sales of
Delta-C&S who is' also head of
Delta-C&S package tour pro-
gramme,'was in town-, first part
of this week inspecting hotels
for his winter and next sum-
mer package air cruises to Hai-
ti. The hotel selected was not
disclosed by Mr. Webb, Delta-
C&S director in H.itl.
Mile Frangoise Silvera observ-
ed her birthday Monday with a
party dansant. at the El Rail-
Mile Lise Cherize returned
Tuesday from spending five
months in Ciudad Trujillo with
her sister Mrs. Albert Etheart.
On Sunday's clipper from
Miami were Marie-Claude Rou-
main, Frances Gagneron,'Angele
Batroni. Marie Louise Butterlin,
Edith Bissainthe.
Tuesday evening at Aux Co-
saques the 'officers of the 1944
promotion feted their nine years
of active service in 'the Haitian

Tuesday Max Sejourne re-
turned from abroad.
Lawyer Georges N. Leger re-
turned last weekend from a
week in the States'

Colonel Emile Zamor and his
wife, the former France Mar-
tineau, offered a reception in
honour of President Paul E. Ma-
gloire in their La Boule sum-
mer residence Tuesday. Govern
ment officials attended.
Last evening there .was .ap3
opening of the season -party at
Cercle Bellevue. A number of
new memberss were received.
-:0:-- -
Camile F. Mitchel returned-to.
Lalue Tuesday from a visit to
North America. .

Monday building material ba-
ron Charles Dejean and wife re-
turned from the U. S.
Auguste Magloire flew to Pa-
ris -on thi 2nd.


.' .' ..;* & --

.New York bound Friday ieel
Mr! and Mrs. Raymond M.
reuil, Anna Leconte.

Brigadier General Antoine L
velt observed his birthday W
nesday evening with a re .
tion at his beautiful Petnvini4
villa. .
Wednesday evening in th
Petionville residence, Dbmnhicarl
Ambassador and, Mrs. Jose .l.~i
rique'Aybar offered a retepti'ofr
in honour of Secretary of gtat
for Foreign Affairs and
Pierre Liautaud. ,
Gordon and Mrs. Steinert
went to Kingston.
Pierrot Roy is opening'. a coai
struction and electrical 4
ance sho$ opposite the RCA
At the Lycee de Jeunesm i
les 10 candidates were.admitted.
There were 150 registrations.;r
Continued on Page 4 ,

oMichaelles is the name be
stowed on the lovely new adc-.
tion to the Mr. and Mrs. Mau
rice Laroche household.
-:0:- ..
PMichaelle is a beautiful -
pound and a quarter first child

Mom, the former Hilda,. Canees :
and Michaelle are doing -wonder,-l
fill. .Belle pour belle, Michael".
.le...s All fathers appeared to bd
under the -influence of this me.;N
lodious song. 4

The story delivered a beautdi-:`,'
ful baby girl to .Mr. and Mrs.
Jean Pierre le GrandqSeptember'*
21st. Papa, director of the Shell
Corripany in Haiti,. advises that
the new addition "will be chris-
tened Carolint Alice Stella.
Mother, Joan [nee Eckersley]
and daughter are doing splen-
The stork visited the Camille
-Joseph household Wednesday
and delivered. Michel Edouard,
a healthy baby boy. Mom is them.,
former Raymonde Joly. .,
The Paul Cassagnol family",.'
has -been graced with. the arri-
val of Marie Cecile Paule, a baby
girl born September 23rd. Mom,.
the former Rosita Bonnefil. and
the new addition are doing fine.
-:0:- --
The Roland Solages household.
welcomed the arrival of Carrie- "
Philippe. a -healthy baby boy..
Mom is the former Lillanne
didiy.. -4

Paee 14

Persfplity Of The Week
(Confinued from Page 1)
Of .Haitian German origin, niece of the well known French
SMarcelle / has a high soprano composer Paul Lacome, and a
0' voice, a very splendid musical student of some of Europe's
memory with a perfectly clear greatest, had complete faith in
.. pronounciation which is very the high soprano voice of Mar-
rare for her kind of voice. TO- celle from the very first. An-
r:-"day and only, beginning she has other person who was sure
23 notes a dfference of 2 to 3 about the budding singer was
'from the famous Lily Pons.' President Magloire. After hear-
The childhood of the gifted ing her he became her patron
SMarcelle was lined with hard- and paid for daily lessons with
:'," ship. Both her mother and fa- Mme Mahy up to the present
other had married several times, day. Mme Mahy said he need-
S"Fostering -large families they ed littTe urging to send Mlar-
found it was a difficult task to celle abroad on a scholarship to
f -feed all the mouths, and often' study 'for a year with her for-
little Marcelle went hungry,. mer' pupil Edy'Woolley, a na-
: Marcelle who today counts i3 tive Haitian who is director of
brothers and sisters, persevered the Montreal Conserv'atory.
-and became known as a kind Many of her numerous rela-
panI devoted little girl. During ties are gifted but have not
::her school days at Pensionnat bothered to cultivate their mu-
r Ste Rose de Lima her small. sical talent.. The exception is
j ess and sweetness drew atten- her brother Serge who. encou,--
on and Mine Estime, wife;of aged by Mine Mahy, commenced
the then President. of the Re- singing and today is a member
public, who had attended the of the Michel Dejean chorus.
F*:..-same school, became her -petite
Smanman.. Mine Estime introduc- These past years Marcelle has
*deld Marcelle to the noted French made her home with Mr. and
singing teacher .MMme Mahy in Dr. Paul Desmangles in St. Ge-
Pacot. Mime Mahy recalls her rard parish, and has faithfully
:;,...".huaband coming home and after paid daily morning calls on her
.. 'one look at Marcelle exclainm,- mother before attending .hchooi.
,":"1g What are you going to d'0 At the Desmangles son Jean.
iwnth that little' chicken?. So the Claude daily accompanied her
Id'evelopmen.t of Marcelle Sa.;nt on the piano, and every Sunck,va
f. ,Leger's voice began. Owing to amateur artists congregaL2
Stheir..scant :means and large there and enjoy each other's
r'f oodher parents were unable talent. It was Jean-Claude Des-
-to offer alny assistance other mangles who gave her wonder-
t han moral, so Mine Mahy, the ful accompaniment on the piano
p..-fbrmer Elizabeth de Pesquidoux, at the Casernes Dessalines fete.
.'-hocame to Haiti 30 years ago Wrote professor of history Lu-
Safter. losing her voice in the cien Balmir:. -And the -one
; New York climate, gave lessons baptised Ti Zoizeau by the
..three times a week* to Marcelle fervour or admirers will take
S.without charge. Teacher Mahy-, _her flight And I think of

i, ..

For Dinin and Dancl
10 o 3'r r in', ~ Io r

I' Proudly resenis /
I: L
For Dining an,.Da.cg


that light which is going to fade
somewhere And I -think of
the night which threatens some
corner fo the earth. And owing
to the departure of that butter-
fly, there will not be any more
prophorescent pollen of wings
what gives birth to a big sun.
The sun which illuminates but a
few hours during the winter, is
not the one I want to talk about.
The heavy sun brightened by a
summer sky, is not the one I
mean either. I mean the sun
she is.-the sun which made each
of us a power able to escape
from the wretched mankind
with that bird" which takes her
flight. I am afraid that she
should sow sorrow night and
day. I am afraid that the great
symphony of wings should be
Poet Jean Brierre was high in
his praise of Marcelle Saint-
Leger as were all who heard her
at the charity show on the eve
of her departure for Canada.


Tomorrow October 5th, all
schoolA and courts of the Repub
lie will be ri,-opened, after a va-
cation of 'nme two and a haTf


Esso Has Fashionable

Inauguration Of New Local
Friday evening from 5 to 7 A secretary general of the De-
the new local of Esso on the apartment of Commerce. Marcel
second floor of the newly built Sylvain, replied on behalf of the
Luciani & Behrmann building Minister of Commerce. The new
next to the electric light corn- -offices will shortly be complete-
pany was the center of fashion. ly alrconditioned.
Government .officials, diplomats,
members of society .and com-
merce attended the inauguration --

Mr. F. H Billups, president of
Esso Standard Oil, and vice-pre-
sident Mr. W. B. Brown .were
in town for the occasion, Man-
ager in Haiti, dyflamnic Joseph
Wubbold, in his inaugural ad-
dress in French told of Esso's
serving Haiti afr more than .'0


Augustin Charles will stand
trial for manslaughter for kill-
ing a worker in a squabble over
a football in Poste Marchand late
Friday afternoon September
25th. Playing the part of a bul-
ly boy he struck the worker
such a severe blbw that death

a ee-eeeee-e eee-O O O

'I ;'... ..." "....
... ....,

. -.q ,AAI

Design No. 268


Note the design ninmber of this house and

ia& to see 1h 0 t "4jfred aq g
Tfls pon ie Rue. du QuLd.
4 '3 fi a 2 .$ r a t l .3? ,^ 'ji/, .,,, ., ,

See this Plan and others and. get a free

estimate 'of costs. -

Can provide all the bhdifig atlern "
C. .a. ......_- 1 _.. ._ f .S:.

need a the best available prices.

Tel. 3770




, : -
,,& ,' :-: .",.- ;, -.;; i." ,K I,,, ll -A ^.'-". .... '*.'. .* '.:*



Continued from Page 1
d back from a week in the
oun,ty. with the encouraging
ews that the people had ,gone
azy* over his new smokeless
tove.. A stove simply erected
t no cost, only a little time and
e use of a pair of hands and
ome clay. A.greazt boon to the
aitian housewife it can be
ade with an oven to bake
read. or roast a chicken, with
the conveniences of a mod-
.rn cooking range. The stove
called smokeless, explained
juther Ray, because it was first
sed; in India [.where today they
ave. millions] and carried the
nole. out of the house by a
timey projecting through the
oof leaving the-interior of the
house much cooler and clean-
nelling. '


U F. Qoodrich

_-rar Tirs


Distributors :
Port au Prince

,. DESQUIRON Succrs,
S J6rmie
Aux Cayes
HUCARD & CO., Jacmel


Housewives in Marbial discover
how easy it is to fire and cook
on a smokeless stove, they are

The smokeless stove cuts the
household budget by dispensing
with the use of charcoal. Any
fuel such as .palm, fronds,
sticks, grass, leaves can be used.
It saves one half of the amount
of fuel. that's consumed in an
open fire, and half of the heat
generated by the fuel which
normally leaves, an open fire,
and ioes off into the aitmos-

phere to make Haiti st

, ai d,expert. Ray,; .Th
is designed for cooler d
the housewife, giving
chance to tidy up and mo
the kitchen, cut the ex
charcoal out of the budg
the dirt and soot out
food. Different openings
of the new stove allow t
various degrees of hi
sired. It costs nothing,
little time. In fact it
playing with mud pies,
easy to build It can be


strating to rural leaders
how to build a s.nokeless


ill--hot- Last Sunday morning His Ex-
cellency the President, Mine Ma-
gloire and members of the fam-
is..stov.e ily flew to Limonade for the oc-
lays for casion of the benediction of the
her a! Ste Philomene chapel which he
modernize has just repaired.
et. keep was unofficial. However, as soon
of the as his plane landed the popu-
s on top nation went to greet him. The
he cook President spent the morning in
eat de- Limonade, travelled back to Cap
only a .-laitien in the afternoon and ar-
is like rived in Port au Prince at 5.30
it is so p.m. the same day,
e built

New Stove To Revolutionize

The Haitian Household

in. the vicinity of Marbial

Handsome Dominican tenor
Guarionex Aquino, with a voice
that needs no microphone, thrill
ed Cabane Choucouners last
Saturday night with his CGran-
ada- and other -hermocas can-
cionesD and did as well on the
air Sunday morning at the Radio
Haiti's radio theater. Brought
here by Radio Haiti who are
observing their 18th anniversary
and first anniversary of radio
-theater, chesty Sr *A-quino gges
on Radio theatre again this

The SIPP has decided to show
each week a movie to inmates'
of the national, penitentiary on
the rue du Centre. They intend
to install a radio in the prison
yard to enable convicts to fol-
low radio broadcasts during.
their leisure hours. It is report-
ed that these are the first of.
the series of steps the govern-
ment is going to take to im-
prove the penitentiary regime in


in the house, out in the yard.
under a little shelter and it can
be made portable by building on
a table. Mr: Ray who chose
Marbial Valley for the launch-
ing of the smokeless stove, was
enthusiastic over the response of
the people in this area. He said:
The people came over the moun-
tains, down the rivers, they
came from everywhere to help.
I never had such co-operation
in any project before. The peo-
ple know what they want and
need in Marbial. It demon-

states that an effort in moti-
vating the people to help them-
selves has been carried out by
its leaders to the highest de-
gree. It will truly go down as
one of the world's model .pro-
jects. '
The smokeless stove can be
made in many sizes. For a fam-
ily, public kitchen, clinic, hos-
pital or hotel. If you're inter-
ested complete plans in both
French and Creole are available
at the UN headquarters on the

Only. choice, selected fruit
fully "sun-ripened" on the.
tree ... a dessert fil for
king., seady to serve.

Noled for Iheir pure, whole
fresh fruiJ flavor... packed
so quickly all Ihe flavor of
.he eash fruil is retained
'.. vbmI c,,

. Monarch produd from
seedo 1Ha... tader and.
sweet; favorl peu .... a
keatl o ee" '(

V hoS m, Mopprch and be
surer jou always serve

...l de. -


o n't say "dutch beer" but always:

leineken Beer!

the best beer of o1il dutch-beers J

Messrs. Franck Magloirb and.
Max Chauvet, directors of the-
newspapers -Le Matin, and aLe
Nouvelliste, .leave today for
Mexio to represent, Haiti at the.
Inter American Pr.ess Confer-
ence TO oe held in Mexico.

, A .e a I

Page 15 ..

S -"I ".'
-1 '.

' I

United Nations Technioal Assistance Expert demon-

The Smokeless completed and ready to go to work.


'- 'N


A' -


. ..

r '. '
Page 16 HAITI SUN)

I. To Be Shot Here hotel
o... Continued from Page 1 the e
for the 5 to 6 week. shooting.
Lawyer Edouard Cassagnol, the
film-man's legal adviser, men-
tioned that the Tuurist Office
was giving their full coopera-
tion and that among the 250 Hal
tian extras Ti Roro and the Ma-
Scaya troupe will star. Fanhed
*. spearfisher and cameraman Phil
The four and a half thousand ton freighter of the
Sma-oDutch Line, S.S. Triton is seen from Jaemel sitting Nash is technical adviser of the
:. underwater scenes.
on the outer coral reef of the bay

Fr'eighle ar Refloated To.Undergo AMERICAN AMBASSADOR
U.n.e rl ;lPf :loAMEETS THE PRESS
ei P Ipanit At Curacan o gDry e wa
Thursday afterrfoon at 5 the
i Cohtinued from Page I In the c stal clbar water at ,
..nglish Bay near Aux Cayes di- very democratic American Am-
hqndred and thirty. tons of flour, vers from the tug Cable spent bassador Mr. Roy Tasco Davis
i ;" cargo in No. 2 hatch, was lost. two days welding a -new plate welcomed.the press at his resi-
Si Other cargo destined for Haiti over the hole made by the coral dence in Bourdon Ambassador
.:' was transferred ashore to gov- reef under the sh!p's water line. Davis thanked the press tor
.emrnIn6nt Warehouses, and after Mr. Watson, Lloyd's surveyor, their warm reception and he
j pq. action is being transhipped returned to ington. Jamaica,alled the moment, the presenta-
a wo f~i-rshLinse, itay desCo- Aion of his lel trees de creanceR
b e Dutch Line to its de- Saturday after supervising the tion of his letres de creance
tination. entire operation. the Haitian press.
..-Mr. Felix Magloire, cdean of
S BOUT HAS STRONG WIND damaged by the heavy seas and the journalists replied to Am-
i' f' ", I,
A. strong.wind this.-past.week roofs of houses wete carried bassador Davis mentioning the
caused considerable damage in away.- "good impression the Ambassa-
; thLe .south. 200,000 banana and dor had already created.
fruit trees were reported blown NEW BUS LINE' '
dowvn in Grald'Anse, Cayes, Co- A new bus linn started operat- OPEN LETTER
..' X, Nippes and the south ing last Saturday between Bo-
.. .red .. .o I rel 1 e53
wt: area. A Jeremie ship wa losses and Hasco. Vendredi, 2 oetobre 1953.
"Y';.":"- n"w1e Au Dire2cteur d6 journal
'? e National. Ni
fDon't waste radio pleasure!
Monsieur le Dir'ecter,
S.BUY a' Philips 'now! Jai ravantage de vous infor.
TheBnY yu do n t ge as much
... ., "".mer qu'il a did port d ma conr
,Have'you got an old radio? naissanc e 5e2. AO nom ne fl-
Then you don't get as much f
S: 'pleasure out of radio as you gure pas sur la liste de ceLuv qui
," A" f "oe oghtoL t contribud d la rdalisation de
:... Compare the reception pas- ,
'ibilities AND THE TONE l'ddition spdciale du' journal en;
S..of your old set with those ad l e mKonagdeanss, liste uo,
crdole -Konnmsans-,, h-ste' qu
of a Rhillps yet Orom the.
sensational PH-ILPS CA-. did publide dancs l'ddition du ven
B, 'B. VALCADE 1952,53 series.
S Buy one now. sothat you dredi 2 octobre de Votre journal.
,'gCt 'll the radio enjoyment Comme on0le sailt, je fais par.
to which you are entitled'
.. t tie de, ceut -qui ont dtd versd la
L 5 Somme de cing dollars [$5L, -
et -d'autres grands journaux de
,.... la capital ont mentionnd le fait.
La supreksion de mon nom pour
rait porter atteinte la lpersone
.. '8X 526 A'* qui a recuejilli les fonds. ,Je
/Six 'Rimlock-7 values vous'saurais grd de bien vouloir
with 8 functions. New
Arbolite;c"binel beau. 'rectifier l'erreur.
ty. Efficienrt suppression of idebd o. Avec l'expressiorn de mres sal
A l climure proof for iraublefree operation. da14
stations les meilleures,
,. Philipsi again .' Bernard Diederich
: $ bring new tone to radio
t. ibutor in Hait : CURACAO TRADING CO',- The management of the hotel
..-v .-,'a. .

Dr. Athemas Bellerive, Direc.
ucoune advises that the new .
will be opened towards tor General of the Department
end of Octobe.r of Public Health, is building a
new clinic. A

l RnchoS



*The Best Qualiy Cemen- at
hm. Lowest possible c,:t A
offer-th +fr

'. i
*' *" .,l


PO-au-rinG Tel: :38






C.- R n '


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