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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Duke University Libraries
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Duke University Libraries
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 32441147
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4, '' ;



nlMme Olivie' does it again'-,rides her Fox the-length of
.& -, r "" .. .
d ". U 4.- ,

SkA :To0n In Depression

[.ontinuing our series on towns incongruous mounted peasants,
the Republic of Haiti!. and ranching or the sale of-hides,
; A travellet'.Voyaging along the Continued on Page 3
louth coast of Haiti from Aquin WOMAN MOTORCYCLIST
:ast to Cotes-de-Fer, will cross SETS RECORD :
aiTjong cactus and bayahond CAYES FORT LIBERTE
lin, 50 kilometers long and 10 Earlier this year we carried a
wide, which looks mighty like small story of a sensational trip
Fe Herds of cattle roam the made on a motorcycle by an ad-
plalIand cowboys on spirited, renturous Haitian women. .Lel
good-breed horses are rounding Nouvelliste. rather cattily asked
them up. After this, resemblan- us to produce the wonder-wo-
ces with the Lone Star State be- man, whereupon she did turn up
'come harder to find. The cow- and gave our astounded confrere
:boys without saddles or spurs, an interview stating facts and
at closer view look like slightly Continued on Page 15

World's Leading Engineers

'Handle Artibonite Project

l-aiti's problem i basically
that of a large and growing po-
pulation pressing heavily on lim-
ited economic resources, and, to
'put it squarely, it is now the
chief business of thr- govern-
meia- to develop to the utmost
alithe country's agricultural and
industriall potential. Haiti is a
predominantly agricultural coun
ry-, but unsound -raditions.of
rural husbandry, have led to
the exhaustion of plains, the de-

nudation of the mountain sides,
while valleys are often only
crudely irrigated or drained. Na-
ture, too, has been unkind. In
the Artibonite area, right in the
middle of the Republic, the
parched earth could produce lit-
tle of the food people so des-
perately need. When the rains
came, they came in torrents to
erode the land and leave it bare
to seven months of torrid sun.
Continued on Page 6


((Haiti Sun)) Enters Fourth Year
The .Haiti Sun. is proud to begin today its fourth year of
service .to those to whom this journal if dedicated : the peo-
ple who inhabit and the people who love the Republic of Haiti.
LealAng world news headlines to the dailies, we continue to
keep au courant with the happenings around us in order to pro-
vide you each week with a solid packet of interesting informa-
tion and good ASinday-rending entertainment.
Plans for our new year call for EXPANSION. Just watch
tus. But, -whatever way we develop, we will never depart from
these our aims :

1), to foster better understanding between the Haitian peo-
ple and English-speaking community;
2) to express the Spirit of Haiti, and to assist in every way
possible its rmarch of;progress.
S. .
%. ', :2 i

Bright-eyed and beaming Na-
dine Chatel is proud to be the
firstt entrant in the .Haiti Sun,
Kiddy Photo Contest. [She is a
little vain too, over these pretty
Nadine is the only child of Mr.
and Mrs Louis Chatel, and was
born on January 14, this year.
Since her picture came in ear-
liest, it is the first to be pub-
lished in our new weekly series.
We want to show off as many
of our pretty kids as possible

before the contest closes in De-
cember. Send us in those pho-
tos. For rules, see page 9.
Prizes go to the winning kid-
dies, and to fathers and mothers,
from the .Haiti Sun*. Joseph
Nadal Company [Gerber's Food,
Camaay Canape Vert, Belle
Creole and the Haiti Trading Co.
[Grant's Whiskey for Dad].

Send in your child's pic-
tture to Haiti Sun Kiddy
Photo Contest.
See Page 9.

" .."-.


th 1953 No i
'4 '. 4 ..


1Morioseau. Leroy has a quikic
laugh and a fund of good stories
He has a biting pen, and 'is
fearsome polemist. He dresef
informally and looks like a
jaunty College mnan. He has
held high and influential overnm .
ment posts, and turps, one: of
the most actlte minds in Haiti:,
on the problem of the country's
"4 ..
SHe, 'jkes -at
.r. ',, .o
an withothe but-
e -%and `%tvrW

veres in cdreoae'
Wf a., und Ht, ~1ioue i of 14if,

and can gel
oer to tea~hile,. he-
dies nfow rea hous*i
des, or Aeschyles, through '"
Greek original than most bobk,.:..
ish.. scholars. He has a dreamt;.
of a united Haiti, proud -f .
own language. Meanwhile, he'..
is building his own real: house .'
in an out-of-the-way spot in Pe,'--:
tionville. His first task was to, ,
provide a roof for .hs wife and .
'Continued on Page 14 "j

A bricklayer by the name of
Diamby Massoul fbrsook life
last Sunday afternoon when he
dived into the sea at Martissant "I"'"
in a drunken mood. People pre-
sent realized that Massoul did
not intend to take a bath when
he failed to appear on the sur-
face of,the water after several '
minutes, and alerted the coast- '
guards. Intensive searches gave
no results, but his lifeless body
was found Monday morning n t ',
too far from the place where he
had dived.

At 5 o'clock Tuesday morning
a camionnette driven by Fran-
cois Fervil capsized on the Ma-
riani road. Passengers Emile
Continued on Page 14 ,

Page 2

TO STUDY AGRONOMY How To Make Two Million

ada this weekend to enter Ste
M. Paul Pereira flew to Can- Yearly Expert Explains
After a trip to the South Seas, towns, processing them in the
Anne de la Pocatiere Institute
a Dr. Carl Carlson of the U.S. mill and, of course, Cuba,
and study agronomy.
d s y arrived in Haiti, and after a Veneuela, the Dominican Repub-
_______ i brief look-see began gassing out lie, will hasten to buy. The
a project for, something [1no doctor impatiently brushed a-
South Sea bubble,] right here. side talk of shortage of water,
Smacking his lips after,a fine transportation difficulties and so
Ibo Lele luncheon, Dr. Carlson forth. These problems could be
told a skeptical group of folk, licked.
how to make two million dol- The Doctor [of chemistry]
lars a year profit, next year, and Carlson is a Swede who has now
S" so forth. It is easy. In the become a naturalised U.S. citi-
southern peninsula of Haiti, he zen. Last stop on his travels as
: specified, there are timber for- a construction enginner was
ests, excellent, not for timber, New Zealand, where he set up a
S\ \ butfor wood pulp for paper mill. 150-ton paper mill and for which
SWarming to the subpect, he he feels less enthusiasm. The
continued: 'You build a 10-15 mil food, he agreed, was good, un-
Sl lion factory or let me build it employment, he admitted, was
for ypu. You get the money less than one per cent, labour,
-* from the Export Import World he confessed, was excellent .
SBank. You can produce 150 tons but those Labour unions, he
S of paper a"day. Rolling the logs complained, gave him hell.

hel airline tht twenty miles or so to the sea-

CT- '
j- i.; PanAmerican has over 100
.' .i. flights weekly-mdre than
:.. L : Any other airline-through
ki. the Caribbean area. Choose
-L your day and departure
f' *, hour to a dozen enchanting
island vacation spots/Pan'
'" :.Ametican's vast Caribbean
nt k net work takes yoiu to
,one and all.
->-, 7 i


Mr. Robert Cassagnol left last
Friday for the U.S. on a scholar-
Sship to attend a degree course
in forestry at Michigan Univer-
sity. Since 1951 Mr. Cassagnol
had been studying forestry un-
der Mr. Vinton Birns, FAO ex-
pert, doing practical work in the
Pine Forest. At.Michigan, Mr.
Cassagnol will specialize in ::or-
est management for 4 years an.d
on his return will aply his train
ing to the dbnservation .of the
Only renewable natural resource
SrS IToTi:

A....A has'irequent daily FORESTRY MAN RETURNS

&fight between Caracas,
C -flights. It's .just a fewbhours Mr. Andre Thimothe, forest

Maacaibet,een Caranuilla agent in service at Damieri, re-
any pint in the turned last week from Puerto
:and any point in the
.C.aribbean. Convenient Rico where, for the last six
S connections can-be made at months, he had been studying
B .Brranquilla for Panama silviculture techuique under a
and Central America, or FAO fellowship. Enthusiastic
outh to Medellin and about his studies, Mr. Thimothe
S r. Will apply his k1lowledge on
SC T work in the Artibonite water-
S- Miami, Havana, lfontego shed.
I.-, J' Bay Kingston, Port au
Prince, Ciudad Trujillo, San ,
i ~an, New York and return FORESTRY EXPERT VISITS
; .. all for just $212.40 (U.S.). Gerard Budowski, forest ex-
SiAvailable in either pert of the Inter Anierican In-
direction and from any
i o ad fm a stitute of Agricultural Science,
S point on route.
Swas in town for three days as
'' the guest of Mr. Vinton Burns.

*.For reieritions t
.For re .er -ons Mr. Budowski is at present serv-
Ssee your Travel Agentor ing in an advisory capacity to
%'T a r vg s W ICA the Minister of Agriculture in
I a Ir If flle A sI4,w Cuba and while here discussed
WORLD'S MOST ~ problems for the Caribbean re-
EXPERIENCED AIRUNE gion, with Mr. Burns, local FAO
' Dante Destouhs -- Port-au-Princ forestry expert. On Tuesday.
Mr RBudrlwski vriitedr the Pine.

;. Suva liwme and mony uss
-AM and2Ar5!
0 4,
?'4 '? *

-. .
Forest, inspected work being
done there, discussed plans for

'management of the area..
Mr. Budowski had met last
year Mr. Jacques Honorat of the
forestry service, Mr. Felix Cor-
neille, general director of Agri-
culture, when all three were in
Central America attending a
Course there in November.

Mr. udowski reported that
his organisation hanl invited two
Slo gCateg from eahii of 11 coun-
tries includiLn Haiti to attend a
conference in PL;.r;o Rico, next


The- three' delegates to
'the Land Problem Conference
Sponsored by FAO last May in

Campenas, Brazil, have complet-
ed their report, making import-
ant recommendations on the use
of land in Haiti.
Delegates were Charles Fer-
nand Pressoir, deputy director
general'of the Bureau des Con-
tributions, Mr. Garvy Laurent,
rural economist at the Agricul-
ture Department, and Mr. Emile
Toussaint of the Forestry De-

ted States to attend a mi
of the UN General Assemi
one of Haiti's delegates.
Dorsinville, who is preside
the committee of technic
distance has always bee
close touch with local UN (
tions. He leaves today a
panied by Mrs. Dorsinville.
c***rjr-nflme. ff


apartment, Damien. These three' ."
officers have worked closely :'. .
with the FAO team in Haiti, and
prior to their departure, had '
been well briefed on their sub- .... .'
jects. They discussed the pro-; f .
posed Seminar with Mr. Darao ,
Broussard, an expect of FAO's
agricultural division, who-on his .
trip from Rome to the Carib-
bean, had spent some time in '
Haiti. This very instructive
course should bear fruit in the
regularisation of the great prob- :..
lem of land 'use in Haiti.


Arrangements are being com-
pleted for young Haitian tech-
nicians to study livestock me-
hods in Trinidad and Jamaica.

A new lumber kiln for pro-
ducing seasoned lumber of stand
ard quality is being pushed to
completion at St. Martin by of-
ficers of the Bank of Industrial
and Agricultural Credit. The
work is being supervised by Mr.
Luther Ray, engineer of the
U.S. Technical Assistance Pro-
..lr. Max Dorsinville, Secre-
t y of: the Department of For-
eign Affairs, leaves for the Uni-

Model URM99.

The URM99, when equippedi
with the RM motor feed mount
ing, as illustrated, provides foi
6 ft. steel changes. The drill i"
raised and lowered by a.five cy
kinder air motor. The feedi
pressure can be regulated for at
class of rock by a pressure re
lating valve.
The D99DT drill used on t
URM Wagon has the air -actu
ed exhaust control valve cony
niently operated by the dr
throttle handle. This effortle
blowing induces more frequ
cleaning of the hole resulting
faster drilling, elimination
stuck steels and greater over
daily footage.'
." .


The B87 paving break
w\\hich' weighs 81 Ibs. is r&
mended for street opening
general' demolition work L'
ever a powerful machine is
The tool rptainpr and chu
end are of exceptional stro
construction. It hasna renewal
liner so that when wear oce
it is not necessary to.replace
entire chuck end. The tool
trainer is substantial, heavy fo
ing to withstand rough treat.
and. is extremely' wear resist

Agent in Haiti:

General Manager
Jacques Martin
Address: Place de l'Exposii
Pavillion Proche Orient
Tel. 2381: 2697
P. O. Box 397













Aoove, as seen from Chemin des Dalles, the reconditioned
AIR-CONDITIONED Aux Cosaques. The beautifully air-
conditioned restaurant is famred for its tasty Haitian dishes
such as Tassot and Griot. Something to be seen by all is
their Rhum mural, a masterful piece of work.










*ft' __. ___".


A Town In Depression

Continued froMn Page I .Haiti, were pleased to help sup-
ply. Gradually demand fell off,
ot-really the main business of and with the end of the Korean
jout there. war, almost ceased. So, that last
week, the price fpll to' 8 cts. a
is, or rather, it recently pound; trade in the market fell
,pite [sisal]. The strips of to $1,500, wages to 1 gourde a
some rising vertically daty.
g the hill sides, grown in
g the hl sides, gro As. always, depression in the
area,.brought big. wealth to 'main industry caused all the
folk wvo .itves in .the-b ttl4
..efolk 1.to .st e little other ills'of the district to stand
coast town, and.its envi- out
coast t-own, and.:,t envi- out in stronger outline. Cotes-die-
itizens.-spent on new er is a tow greatly handicap-
es and ockfights, nd like ped. It is served by a Public
ple everywhere iTi prosper- Health service based on Petit-
*. 'let ,iorro I ",wor, "
Styles, let tomorrow wor rGoave, a Publie Works,service no
itIf. Pite brought 50 nearer than Aquin. 3Mail is
a SellW market brought once weekly from Jac-
fl rHaitiaiun factory -mel, by a postman who does the
oh turned 'd 1mnto ropes and
o turne to ropes and rounl trip bn foot.' During a
*es, paid goodxw^ages. Aver-
6s, aid: good'wages. Aver- d.d-ought in 1948, a priest report-
dwo~rkers earnings- in, this ed 50 people died of starvation
ea were 3 to ,5 gourdes a-day. in his parish alone. Cotes-deFer
Sthe weekly market day. is, situated not in the centre of
S,000 worth of business was tlie parish but in its western ex-
acted: Though many citi- -t emity which is awkward for
didn't know it, their. pros- internal communication and ad-
'ity was due to a suddeii.
Administration. The road via Fond
ld lack of fibres. Following. des Blancs to Port au Prince is
partition of Indi, the di- hardly worth the name, is of lit-.
.ances in South East Asia, tle commercial use. People tra-
ijtage'of jute.caused a demand vel little, and, rarely further
vsubstitute products, which .than Aq.un or Les Cayes.
.ei.de-Fer, like uotler areas of
TwoV road, are nowi under con- n.

B. F. Goodrich.
' Truck and
Tractor Tires


a ^^^^

Distributors :
SPort au Prince
I Cap-Hailien
. Jire I ie
SAux Caves
ABRD & CO., Jacmel


sideration to link Cotes-de-Fer
with Bainet. Cotes-de-Fec peo-
ple favour the dverland route
which will link the town to Bou-
can Villier, important coffee-
market area. The good folk of
Bainet, not wishing to lose their
trade monopoly, in this area,
would prefer a coastal road to
Cotes-de-Fer. The debate con-
The town, itself is unimpres-
sive and rather scattered. There
are hardly any new buildings
'under construction, except a new
church. Though right on 'the
sea, there is no harbour, waves
heave and break along the low
limestone cliffs whence the:
name and only in good wea-
ther do fishing boats put out
from shore.
Permanent poverty' seems to
be the fate of this area. Boll-
weevil killed the cotton. The
Regie du Tabac, the government
tobacco monopoly, has not yet
seen fit to send a purchasing
agent to this area. And if, watch
ing cattle ranching on the mes-
quite plain, you force a compa-
rison between their lot and that
of the people of booming Texas,
U.S.A., the mounted peasants of
Cotes-de-Fer will probably not be


S, We extend'warm .'greetings to
Asked point blank by eLe Na- .. : ..-'
a: new daily aLe Jour*, former-
tional correspondent, Roussan '
Sly .-La Democratie.* With an
Camille what he .thought about '
Sa'tractive front page lay-out,
Le National, th'e good diplo- .
mat his Excell, od dip ; nd Le Jour., is now a leading even-
mat, His Exciellency" 'lmiando "- '..-; .. ''-:, '-,'i .
.inig. 1apef,":kbaStng coverage of
Canthal y Girot -Ambassaor dorf- coverage of
news local and foreign.
Spain, obliged with these words:
*Since you interview me for Publisher, Administrator and
*Le National, let me tell you my Editdr is the distinguished jour-
goodopini6n of this journal. I nalist Hubert Carre, .Literary
thing that it is a very great ef- Editors are Richard Cbnstant
fort in the press of this country. and' Gerard de Catalogne.
You now have a journal that
would stand out, no matter any-
[As. reported sardonically by
.Le Nouvellistu,' last'Weldnes-

- -

In his speech replying to that bi
-of Mr. Ferdinand Fatton who
has just decorated him; His Esx-
cellency President Paul E. Ma- ...
gloire expressed his regret that
Mr. Fatton had' decided to re-:,
sign his position as Minister of
the Order of Malta. The news "
of his resignation was hearc. ARRIVING SOON -- A new shipment of Mor is, i as
everywhere with regret, for Mr. -becomng the favourite small car of aiti. :Econovical, '
e ..
Fatton is held in high esteem in well built antd reasonably priced,rth ffrtkW_ y' a ive
government- and social circles. in comfort. For detailed info' on th 4.see
Enrile Sendral at Haiti Motors on-the Grand'Rue, .
'. '. 1.






Fi y



---- --i^.
Amozig 'th ew '". -' '6
Among the new awardeei of ~
scholarships are: ilHe Gecmaine
Desir, who will study at Wayne ;
Univ 6rity, Chicago, 'or o~h.
year; Dr. Pierre Bourand. of the .
Ddntal Section of the Depart-;.;
meeht of Publici Health who wilU
specialize ,ii the..tate~, M..Geor.
'ges '-ean,. expert .aCCof tn."it..*4o
will specialize 'at Michiganzf t-,j
versity; M. Joseph Adriimd'
will spend one year-'su
chemistry in Englaind;: '':
.: ...t :. : **- ;.,. S,


OUTSTANDING FRENCH .r, Arriving Tqmorrow Peple and U.N. expert
ARTIST ARRIVES f fi re rt On S.S..Colombia .,ardo Budowski,' a Venezu
S a M e Thte counterpart of reforestation
Frewh artist M rThe following passengers ar- cialist Vincent Burn.
and his wife will arrive in Port cali
a Prince aboard th, S.S. aCo- in u rice f Also vacationing at the G
Slobe of the -Companie Gene- I F'rahce tomorrow aboard the S.S: Oloffson this week were
S. Colorbbie of the .Cdmpagnie Gei s J. L. Ron of Ne
rale ranstansa tique, tomorrow. y Miss osransatlantien, r. o e
S. cAnCor of the.- Comedie ea Transatlantique: Mr. eor .City, Puerto Rican industry
Franaise., former musician Two tiny black bantam hens arrived here from Havana this ges Baussan Me Alce Ba Calabro and D. D. Gllen
Sof tPari Opera, composer and week accompanied by Mrs. Marcel Fombrun, wife of Haiti's san, Mr. Fortune Bogat, Mme well known Cuban agrono
., speeiafst on ti e Hawaian guitar, .Anbassador to Cuba. Edit.' Efron Bogat. Fortune Bo- Antonio Rodriguez, and
M. Maurice Thote has given con- *Soial Aptaches' note: Resort Airlines wil land a cargo of gat Fil; Gerard T. Laurenrt;,Mile o r .
cei .ln urope,. theScaridina- tourists,.here again on the 20th ,,. p lhelgreusement, two Clothild& Worral, Maria. ardi-
jiar o.uu esthe Unittd States. flights were postponed this month. na., Lil ine Bernard, M. Pier DeACHCOME
Ssnia re le B ex-politicos. wanting .to ,sell '.froni the' closet top Fiure,- Mme Germain& -Paire, Mlle Louise Villard, Man
a d : .aial, will .find Jamaica an excellent market. Our .Elizabet Georges, Mi.t E.poh ess 'of Administrative Affai
,' heigrpours and *sptrucirg up -to meet the Queen, of nhgiarid ean le, Mr. Marce Kieffer he oin ffie e
: "N ..o n vember. M MMcel Kieffer,i: Mr' Claude 'ork on a special mission
,4 cb-'-'-
S. Paias' ii Rue Bellevue better quit homi .....kids have been L.afoo t--MlleCarmenr m Nicla, week.
S' tqwing rocks on the quarters of a foreign diplomat and ir t Pirre.Paul;.Mle Her M. Frederic Denie.o
] '- i's Pd'pa who gets the Warrant.. mittle .oc,"Mr. April St, Rome, soon for Montreq
:- .':. ioc .bdal travellprs abt ad are becoming fewer and fewer and MM. Suireme Brignolle. Mile, :i phatrhcy, oi ~ cars'
k 'it eoks with glassy eyes at their last yebr recordd b Gilbe'te. arre, Mile Marie-Lucie Young Lionel Richard, so
:. 4'-. 4 1400O passengers carried. v :. Chan: Mr. Leon Kernis,an,,Dr. Me Theophile Richard, ek
1., .. b. ..... c,.
S. '. ;,,, ite 3big.luxury liner .Ocean Monaich' after' all.ng here last ClaudMaLafontant, M. Gerard Ra- bassador of Haiti to Ciudacl,
S. .' .. *t dek, setsail for Coloipbia'and ran smai into a real Carib- glio, Hi ri Garsu,. Mtme Cor- jilo, will fly to Canad as
Shurrica e. Oneperson was report killed and a num- bill, ''noise Lafontant; Ren- to study agronomy'at' bka
.beh -h.. One,person was repoio dOmyn-..

Scaon in years at'his new Chatelet i," Laboulie. '. -:Laborde Titus thi'niointh.
:-. -.:At. Bois Patate Fiday night Ernst Liautaud, Offi e Manager *'The ~ tant,,' ichvtor' nptl ben
ai. i For.d Motors celebrated his birthday with the family. ed Le yes en a the tr me
J'b c' "* 'The public.bn/ the Eposition wsdisappoited Fridaye af- e d~ yto tere16alThu
S' ternoon ~. all started running to look;into the'sea at the' .ns w VrneA up 'hit. idr 'Id Guyt C left fa
MartFisndChief .apt(eorges Elee is speninge hisflilteannualf va- fr p t

Aartissant end... some, shouted .that crocodics back.' It -to w O Siftay ..f :da Thursda tstud
l was all caused a:pint size boy Who fell into the sea and trounce Aroydo 4- .ita clay y ei la
." 1 4 "" i '.t e a g c u m ;-.ll *, '. ''.' oe' n ) e 4 i a' s'
.ato uncere iniously agged fsrom heetud _, a grss cut- T "'in e I:, iI,
i.R t-r w hose curse ine up the .sea.. Te n Casl whic a tor
T' Lart o B brothers White y n Rock] are opening Man ag Tee Millu,' .ia ben'a ct e i.
f'o ors lebrated hs birthday e u e. Sd l .. a-t,,ein thNotersitD e a
Si'' ii ti sl on e i to fly to Madrid soon pn. a five-year ei oric Post cty6 editor AliceT sa Teanape-
,'.. ..... ... .w .t ...p, :e ..
noon a started running to looknt the sea at ith are rsk s t e e h retuy'S. eft n
,.h 4 ,,w1 0 D' -.1 ... te. .,. ,

M1Cisglin ,Zanor is flying to Belgium .bientit tospe t tof fn's, tostlyMtiriIg up ch&?.oU.g''

A'e nalonzo en, sailed back ed town Thirsday moreiing 'tel- u Cirt ,Z... a-Ma tr.Boteat6 k p
fi s af a- 28 arst in the U.S.A.A D.Leona Ae Goe Lb tr. dmothbH.ielTe GOce

a ervin, Siton D bvaieux and Jean Bl ise.
7i years .- 17'tire: 17-year-old Etienne Fis a arrested .* '
Shrsday for the 1th time. since hisf crime de ba.. back in
1948.. Police picked up Btiene after receiving a'tip from the .
1.. -t e.near future. ". a t"

^ ^N^11^^ 00^^ Odeide section bf the Cr'oix Bossales marke that he was 1 ".
.-.-,..,anxious. to dispose of. Snger.seing machin..and a .a- ; '
fayte .6-tus radio. Tbese, items were M idesotfien by M .llIe.. Pos ct, Ac A f h T Ttn ; V
.ai.melte Tenor as those which disappared from h er htime O.To.
oi3 e night, of September 9th. Is h c.- u O 0l c
S Thursday all" cal Jews closed their doors observed their

'staged Thursday'evening at Stadium Magloire. El .obo de.Ara. :
t i rl Kee ts sumr gn, the bearded one, entered the ring with hid wife as second. FEATeURES i TL L
wit a Crrier somi They were weari'gb matching mink costumes. l:Lotario Cub- l
l5 ttn keep.you arable. no entered i den turban [ta.mond in center of]: as Fakir t |04 L 1'r int lini' tih o 8 .. A. t
.,.. .- .Th .,-:'bye year guaronte. oa the
Sh dl soea rfrigcirathg sytem. maybe Indian Pritice]:. His fantastic physique 'drew applause J '
nt qun' and easy. There's e]
i A iting- f you call. from the'Stadium El Lothrio Cubano cried' *Come on, John- i Orch estra t ':. '
ny, flexed his .muscled brown body and a superb exhibition ol e
ar .. idwed., It ended the tii. arhongst the spectators the, wrest- Is l
.-28.earsty i be U.S.A. ea :..i

., r4i 'W ie:.s threw chaidrsand came to close q uartes fencing with the' C 'gren Godfathe-- :
Schai.rs t Daniel Beiaivbir gota fall out qf El Lo tario Cubano :". '' it FoI pi S I
,O" I i :' ,' F Iih owi' .
". m O'ilz$ prqmor sabriel ta.e..d the bearded one irnts o g ng home.
a-fo"urI dq Nag. '* i. i Ii a. I' t Lu 'and Apronotori d .tvngumn

S: 'di'squalified t' wd ws satisfieand promote .-..
1e w yrEiaas T.fdel 5 wa ,6i ENT R INMuEL T PLUS-
,1948.. P oli.c. p c..e. up ,i .- "'a$ V fr o m the

e.. .i 1iiI ., .. d J. aI
i. .. ....lddy: -. -l Jews clse t e-

otlall Controversy. Chamber Of Commerce
resident Appoints Subscribes $12,314

Sthe request of the Haitian
optball Federation the Presi-
t of the Republic has order-
a three-man commissionn to
Lstigate the disputes between
te, Federation committee, and
te group of rebel Port au
Mnce clubs, who had declared

Last week Mr. Roge'r Bou-
card, President of the Chamber-
of Commerce, sent to His Excel-
lency M. Mauclair Zephirin, Sec-
retary of State to the Presiden-
cy, a cheque for $12,314 from the
city merchants as their cash
contribution to the celebrations
01 Ie.-wt niesr.o h

of the. 150th anniversary of the
eir loss of confidence in the o
esent elected council..

Independence. Another cheque cadets : Jean Beajboeuf, Fritz WillBe Represe ed At ,,
from the Chamber of Commerce Desmangles, Deslande'Duperval, .-pangna Fround
and commercants from the pro-. Augustin Etienne, Malherbe Ey-
vinces is reported a. due to be. ma, Jean-Baptiste Garcon, Jean The Haitian government 'fil."''.
sent, t the Minist6r to the Pre- Halaby, flaymond Lebreton, Jo- be represented at the celebra-;.'I
sidency in the near future. seph Em. Lemoine, Raphael lions of the 50th anniversary '6f
S. e, Serge .Pean, Robert Plum- the Panama Foundation by ia
New Cadets mer, .Jean-Baptiste Pluviose, thtee-member delegatiorL The
Rene Prosper, Franck Ronmain, festivities will take place from
Following the exams at the Jean Tassy, Vincent Tavernier, October 31st to Ndvember 5th.' -;

Military Academy, the following'
young men are admitted as

Jean Thdmat, Pierre Thomas,
Jaime Esguerra Jssan.The
___ Ask- The Wan Fot

,The commission which con-
isists of Mr. Felix Baker Head
of the Bureau of Sports,.- Mr.
Felix Diambois and .4ndlre
.Theart, has already- had 'meet-
ng s. //
The main, reason of the com-
ion is to guarantee that
iti,fields a team in the World
upehcounter with the U. S.
tch. has been postponed'
.I October 25, when the Yan-
ee Stadium will'be available.

qhe Jeunesse'Athletique'Club,. :
,the name of the newest club
ended in Port au Prince. .Mr.,.'
arenard Jerard is its president;
tatip' Rameau, 'Edouard Point-'',
uj.ir Andre Cherilus and An-
r' Alphonse. are' rdembers.
AW- -. ,- -
llll '.. .. _

Look at it... Get'that feeling.
otn'eight and traction .
mie and power. Here's a trac-
t9i that will meet more of
SyOr needs more of the time
Sany other tractor you
c d buy. No other tractor
i.ver produced has better
-torque characteristic (lugging
power). It will pull yoiu
through the toughest soil
without slowing or stalling.
lit will keep on going where
other tractors quit.


They stay brighter and
,', ;*. ...^'.. .
. .


fii/' 'i
P' "I:

Come In and ask for a demonstration i

Distributr Haitian Tractor Company
.sB Roe Pavee


Ik A -

Mr. Ferdinand Fatton bestow-
ing the -Grand Croix Magistrale,
with cordon de l'Ordre de Malte
---- a--
Thursday Morning at 10.30 in
a solemn ceremony at the: Na-
.tional Palace, Mr., Ferdinand:
Fatton, Envoy Extraorlinary
and Minister Plenipotentiary of
the Order of Malta, decorated
His Excellency the President of
the Republic with.the highest
distinction of the Order of the
Knights of Malta. In his speech.
Mr. Fatton pointed out the rea-
sons for which the Chief of
State received the distinction.

Capt. Louis Ulysse on the 1st.
Major Edgar O. Bureau on the
Capt. Gabriel Levelt on the
Lt. Gerard Constant on the
Lt. Yv'es Cham on the 4th.,
Lt. A. Gaston on the 5th.

35, rue Clerveaux, Petionville.
New clean rooms, very comfort-
able, hot and cold water, plea-
sant garden for relaxation:
French cuisine. Moderate daily
and monthly prices. Telephone

on His



: .Renm'f-ber t ee' -G

,e", ] or, ,'

.: Y A-vryG' N.

-: ., > .: -" :-: .;


1T4 ".~c 'fl.. 7i;W

.4. ,' ''''

-. V :r '& 2 ~'

Let the insurance Companon do the wcorr."n'- ''
See iniiiediately: *NORWI'ICH UNi),V j isuranCe 'Co.' .
Joseph Nadal and Co. pen.-. Te- 3436
*, : ..4,

This soirereign W I ky
S possesses tht distinction '
___of flavour which will claim
your allegiance from the fiaP :i.


e.. .;:

-., ;
Oistillers Leith *..,Sot land
Distributors: General Trading Co., S.A. '

: '

F U RIA R m I S T. ..I.P.E S

- :


~-arl .1:
i~. ~ .'% i
.I.s~ ~s ~
,iBlCil ~r
I' I



Page tb

World's Leading Engineers

Handle Artibonite Project

Continued from Page 1 Brown and Root have built a
road from La Chapelle to Mire-
Five thousand years ago an balais thus allowing all ma-
earthquake created the moqn- trial to be transplanted from St.
tains near the Dominican border Marc, the sea port, to the dam
and let in the salty sea on the' site. The President's elder bro-
east. Hundreds of years of in- other, Mr. Arsene Magloire, En-
iundation saturated the soil with ginner and Banker, who made
salt until another quirk of na- an inspection trip last week with
: ture caused the water to recede. Company Chief Engineer -Mr.
h: he soil will have to be wash- Kingsland, was the first visitor
:' ed before rice paddies and.green to travel over the new route.
S.fields of corn can transform the The road is specially construct-
'desert. ed to take an 80-ton load at 40
S Thus the great agricultural m. p. h.
enterprise of the present gov-
'ernment is to build a reservoir In addition, the Estere river
and hydro-electric plant to irri- will be dredged from its mouth
'gate and put into production to Pont 1'Estere and above, to
S74,000 new acres of farm land, improve the drainage of the Ar-
S'and to harness the Artibonite tibonite plain. And in conjunc-
S:river to-provide electric power. tion with ODVA, Knappen Tip-
Haiti raised $7,000,000 obtained petts Abbett McCarthy are
a Toan o $14,00b,000. from the doing-a.cadastral survey for the
Export-I.port Hankl of. the :.Pb- delicate job of determining pro-
i ject and called on global en,- perty titles of land in the.Arti-
eers Knappen Tippetts Abbett bonite valley.
-:' MacCarth .to design and direct Supervisor-of this programme
it -, '. in Haiti [as well as projects in
'' This Manhattan. firm, which Puerto Rico, Portugal, Greece,
"made the preliminary survey in Burma] is handsome, greying ci-
19'949, arind whose recommen- vil engineer.Gerald McCarthy, a
:''datiods the loans vere raised, partner of the Ilrm. He visits
:'did the complete design 'for all Haiti three or four times a year,
.the Wvork and is supervising its and is due to arrive this month.
:,:constc i tion. Main, construction Chief engineer on the spot is
Ji.. i the triple purpose. Massive Cornell-trained L. D. Kingsland,
;i Buttress Dam, the largest of its who built the marine railway at
,kind ij thle World;, Designed-for the ;coast-guard 'station. here,
i-flood control, irrigation' and during the war, and had done
Seyentual. hydro-electric power, extensive work in Latin Ame-
.':development, the,.dam across rica. He is'assisted by Mr. Fred
i.the. eeligre.canyon, 'will.be..236 Kroll,. as chief administrative
:*eet; high.'a 825 fee-.long at the office. Mr. Kr9ll has been in
....t,-: times hig etthan 'thp .Haiti. for 20 years, gained invalu-
i edrl of Prau'P. i -l" able engineering experience with
The. i .of the "ne" man .the J./G. White Engineering Corn
r' 'iade lai ill''be 10,90 'abes 'piany. There are five American
bd ontaiaing 620 million cubic me- qngineecs in the project, with
...trs of. water, In terms of-'com- 13 Haitian engineers and survey-
..paratVie' size and importance, it ors, 12 draftsmen and local cle-
'Will be to Haiti what a score of rical and labour help. In the
'iVA's would be to the United New York and San Francisco of-
.States. fices, 22 engineers and draughts-
I.. ..:Thid inot. dl. At Canneau iTi men are working on the pro-
.:gation canals are being cut to ject.
.tdstribute water to nore acres of This Artibonite project is all
i parched soil.' -U. S. contractors iin the days work for. Knappen-
.,' ... .

IF You want Chicken

di.ous TTasting and Tender

Then Ask For


i fesquiron Chicken


..... ^.^ .. .' .
,'p,;..d '' t,


Tippetts Abbett MacCarthy,
the engineering firm that is now
planning and designing foreign-
building projects in more coun-
tries 15 than probably any
other firm in the world. Mr.
McCarthy like each of the firms
5 partners travels an average of
75,000 to 100,000 miles per year.
Firm employs 420 to 450 en-
gineers at home and abroad plus
another 200 foreign engineers.
According to Time Magazine, the
company has, in the past 5 years
alone, engineered projects total-
ling more than $3 billion, half
of them overseas. Right now it
is working on close to $1 billion
worth of new projects in Korea:
a $130 million UN rehabilitation
programme; Turkey, a $67 mil-
lion hydro-irrigation-flood con-
trol programme at the Seyhan
dam; Puerto Rico: an $8,000,000,
international airport; Israel: a
$3,000,000 wharf project at Hai-
fa; Bolivia: a $30,000,000 three
hundred-mile long highway over
rugged 'mountains; Venezuela
a $30,000,000 terminal facilities
and other heavy construction at

Puerto Orday for Orinoco Mining
Co.; Colombia : a $35 million
hydro-electric project on the
Campo Elegre River. Cuba: engin
eering surveys of a $10,000,000
hydro-electric plant near Cien-
fuegos, Portugal: a $130,000.000
hydro-electric development on
the Douro river: Greece: $133


When you come to Cap-Haitien en route to mighty
cCitadelle La Ferriere,, make your stay comfort-
able at the new Hotel MONT-JOLI.
Here awaits ou a new and attractive develop-
ment atop Carenage Hill, overlooking a resplendent
A fabulous spectacle : Right from your window
in our spacious and airy rooms, you may have a pre-
view of the CitaidLlle in the fiery setting sun.

~Y~n~v~~~-r~-l~aarr~..oaoaooia~ u...-..-...r -cc-

I -


millions of projects ranging from
clams and irrigation works to
rehabilitation of the Piraeus port
facilities. Libya: the $58,000,000
U.S. air force base at Tripoli;
Iraq. a $555 million project to:
reclaim the Tigris-Euphrates le-'
gendary site of the Garden of:


LM -sA P-0 CANy


......... ....... ......

Page- '


nll l i ii i n l l

S', ',' "'
I% ..'II>....... ; .
~ ~~~ ,, ,.,


!. :,Last week we asked 'Haiti
I,'ii,' r-eaders to Identify the
j'bove scene. A considerable
'limber responded, but first
.ize -one year's sdb-cription
to HPiti Sun must gd to Serge
Galard who slipped the correct
a er under our office door a
f minutes after the paper was
Pde ivered at his home. ': Hre's
the winning letter.

, ...unday;

. Dear. Bernar
SIam positi
f iragoane
x Hall- in back
' p~ted Kiosk
0 o0 course ft
Too bad yi
cl.ok my rep
Sthe way do
i an:ay I a
Jack pot.



Snug modern house at Mar-
tissant. 2 bedrooms, 1'modern.
toilet room, living-room, office,
kitchen verandah, garage, plus
rooms in the yard. Tel. 2050 -

Do. You Know.
ccWho, Was Audubon?"

Offices fbr rent
bldg. in center of
Telephone 3258,

Many answers to .the ques-

in Laham

SSwIss-.. *..lh .. fnu


* I

tion have. come in but we are FOR RENT .''
not gding to judge them till -Unfurnished house in. Petion-
Wednesday, so it's still time to iille; bedrooms, 2 bathrooms "AU LINCOLN, Will,
senl in your 200-word essay on upstairs; downstairs large draw- ...S
'Who was Audubon-?, --every ing room and large dining room -
Haitian should know., surrounded by verandah, patio,'.
A prize" to the writer of the swimming-pool, spacious ]lawn
best article goes from Alfred de and garden, withdrawn from
Matteis Fils, local distributors of highway has paved private
Audubon paint. Our address driveway. Tel.- 7806 or apply
Haiti Sun, Avenue Marie-Jeanne, ",Haiti Sun., '
P- 0 ,F .10 4 8 '1 "-:" '"

jepeember 6th, 1953. ox .
9.00 a. m. a


to quiz on page 7, Effective Septemberr 14, 1953 -
ve identifying the the offices bf ESSO STANDARD 9
cParc with Town OIL, S.A., will be located at RUE Still Produced by
and the French im- DU MAGASIN DE L'ETAT, on
k foregound. ...and ,the first.floor of Ihe'Luciani & the family --
was market day... Behrmann building, next to the HIGH CLASS
ou ate not in to time Electric Company. 9
)ly that I brought on Telephone numbers remain as STANDARD QUALITY
wn -to church, but before : '
m sure I beat the Bureau: ..................... 2740 NCE1862
Director : ............. 3757
All business previously conduct- af BrilahnCOUrt
., 'Jane Barbancourt
As.ever, ed ht rue des Miracles will be '
Serge. conducted at' the new address,

*,# _.

Curio Shop -
Rue du Quai
Local Handicrafts
Splendid Mahogany

Remember, there's a Platignum to suit every
Pocket. No other Pen offers such a variety
of Nibs to cater for individual writing styles
and requirements.

pe L,, hie.
E me IIlOT
parfi/i rie


, .. *
1-:; "" .B

S, .. : !'., ,'^ -

Deliver Gr~ees to you o I

^ -^ -^ "' .-
S --- Li. -. '. ,,
.. .

.;"- .... I '^.-

PPA. '"- L' R.
', : .. ,


'E P. T,::

*1 "1

aDEP' e rT.-

cccc9E.. *cs-,. e:;*z S<*> :c :c;*.:4t>. '{cp;i^sx^a4t' &Y U 4.asisfla

Superior Establishments Use Superior Air Condi-
ioners. You gel this Extra Quality when you



Utter Designed

More Carefully Built

Installed by Experienced Engineers

Westinghouse deliver mote cooling effect per DSef!a

rp-- .- -%afWla ll/rii -



(English Pens)


Remember It's a


you want.




Haiti Admitted To Membership

Of World Bank

September 8, 1953. Haiti in te international ione-
The Republic of Haiti today tary Fund is $2,000,000 and its
became a member of the Inter- subscription to the capital stock be
national Monetary Fund and the of the Bank is 20 shares with a
International Bank for Recon- total par value of $2,000,000. of
struction and Development when Fifty-five nations are now aut
the Articles of Agreement of members of the Fund and of the er
S: these institutions were signed in Bank. Admission of Haiti.d
Washington on beh!lf of the brought the total of members' der
: and t
: Government of Haiti by Mr. quotas in the Fund to $8,738,- and
Jacques Leger, Ambassador for 500,000. The total subscribed Ti
*: ; Haiti in the United States. capital of the Bank is now $9,038,- 1) t
The quota of the Republic 9f 500.00. dev
I dust
d ashington, D.C.-Post, Sept. ively on world economic prob- t
9, 1953. lems.att
., The
SWORLD BANK, FUND TO In preparation for the meet-
'.i*. MET; IHATI ADMITTED ings, which start today, Secre-
By the United Press t. tary of the Treasury- George M.
': $ Humphrey briefed the congres-
,. Haiti was admit to mem- 'learsh sere as land
1 siora.1eaders.who will serve as
bership in the World Bank and land
..- his advisers. Humphrey and
Sthe International Monetary Fund al p
i .Assistant Secretary of State
yesterday in the:.eve of te reno
... Samuel C. Waugh are the offi-
eighth annual meeting of tthe V t -
h a l m g of cia~t United States delegates.
two finahctial organizationS. T.
t e.- .rb.a .isa The conference itself will be.'
The- Cabrilb&ap, isla'rl republic ,one-
?. informal, with no specific issues
became the. fify-fifth patioh to cat
-' .' listed for discussion and. no reso- cat
ft1 join the:Organizations. The agen
",- a.-.. lutions yet offered for adop- high
cies are independent of each Bre
tii,', tion.
other but were established at
.. .. Several small nations, includ- ier.
', .- the same time to work.cooperat-
,the same time to w- ing those in Latin America, plan
: a critical blast at this country's Fo
rR..T' N AL 'tariff .' policies however. They '
..-- ..feel United States duties on im-
P -'ports are too 'high 'and restrict
; world trade.

*' More than 600 finance minis-
Sla ters, government officials and
fiscal leaders who are here for
Sthe meeting.plan to spend the
rest. of the: week discussing
plans to improve world trade
and prosperity.
Lewis 0. Douglas, former Uni- e
ted States Ambassador to Great
Britain, recently suggested to
President Eisenhower that Uni-
.. -." ted.Statei tariffs be'lowered to /
:TH F T hefp put the free world on a
.Aidding Machines sounder economic basis. But
Cul:icg ulaling Machies. / Mr. Eisenhower has promised
CapB h. Registers Cbngress h& will make no inter- /
7 ,.national trade commitments tan-
I til a newly created commission
completes a study of this coun-
I try's economic policy.

Another problem certain to
)come under discussion is a long-
.range plan to help individual
countries exchange their cur- .
$ rencies more freely on foreign
I$markets. This free exchange,
r theory is' considered vital to free
THE NATiONAL CASH world trade;
Agent in Haiti: FOR RENT
-Ai ,',. & Snug cottage for rent in Fur-
Ift sea; ?0: i .y. Apply P.O. Box 181 ."

',K.. './
.' ..

he Hotel School of Haiti \vill
opened on Tuesday, October
Created by thp1 government
he Republic it is under the
nority of the Labour Depart-
it, under the control of the
ication Department, and un-
the patronage of the Hotel
Tour organizations of Haiti.
he school has a double aim :
o prepare personnel for the
eloping Haitian hotel in-
try; 2) to open, at the same
e, to young people a new
active, honourable career.
school will facilitate voy-
for its graduates to Europe.
these trained people will in
e make Haiti the Switzer-
of the Antilles. In Switzer- i
tourism has brought nation-
rospeaity and international

he studies. extend over: a) a
year course for the -Certifi-
d'ltudes Hotelieres.; b) a
er two-year course for the
.vet d'Enseignement Hotel-

boys of at -least 14 and for the
higher class young men and wo-
men from 17 wiU be enrolled. Stu
dents must attend all lectures
[legislation, cuisine, English,



Hotel School Of Haiti

To Open Here October 1st

A view of the Hotel School at Ave. John Brown, Lalue
Dr the first primary class

'. '

Soon for the first time in Hlit

the new ATLAS Batteres, Heavy C'D type.

t(D (CHARGED AND DRY). Batteries whose

plates have already been charged and to which

acidulated solution only is to be added awhile


Process which eliminates deteriorationsfrom a

too old charge, the oxydation of the plates, etc...

A longer life is guaaneed through the new

MNIC OP- STIC, plates and fiberglass sepa-

raltqrs. .

A duration never obtained since the discovery .
of batteries. /

Question those who used the new Atlas bat-

teries... and you will be convinced, .

On sale qi ESSQ stations and at our

-.' *DisrIbutors. ,
,. ... ... '

table service, accounting, etc.]
\with the assiduity required by
any I.cee in Port au Prince.

Enrollment terms may be ob-
tained from the Secretariat of
the School, Avenue John Brown,



S.. HAlTI SUN Madene Mus
m areno 9t -(Cobra Man,,
KM DY PHOTO can Ser neNs
SF rom September 13hCOra Mn I
1. Any I-faiti Sun, reader's child is eligible. ,
K Kingston -
S2. Photos must measure at least 3 by 4 inches and be accom-
panied by name, age, date or birth of child and names and The Haitian Consul in Jama-
S address of parents [written on back of photo in ink or soft iJa' M. Reynold St. Cyr, has
-. pencil]. .aiti Sun, cut-out coupon must be sent with each moved officially in the issue con
S entry. Photos should have been taken within the last six cerning 9-year-old Marlene Juste,
I j /i? dancing star of the eCobra Man-
3. Photos must be sent to: 'Kiddy Contest,, Haiti Sun, Photo team.
AM. St. Cyr told -The Star-
Contest, P.O. Box, 488.. St. Cyr told The Star
this morning that Marlene will
$ 4. The contest begins on September 13.at
n6t be going with the Cobra
S5. The child should not be over 5 yearsold. be theCobra
rr an* next week on his Nassau
-" Prizes of useful and attractive articles for children and par week on his Nassau
,.e .are-being offered by The Haiti Sun and business houses ofengagement as he has taken
'61a g steps to prevent her from leav-
S9ati." Thdse will be awarded at a time and place to announced ro
S~.'de course. ing Jamaica.
'%*in' due course.
.Marlene's mother, Mrs. Con-
,'. The Haiti Sun will publish in each issue during the contest
St :e t r ct stance Behrmann, is anxious to
:.- 4photosL of the entrants, selected at random. '
,A' p '? en. .t. have the child back and actual-
S The judges.will consist of a grandparent and a parent ofi
...... .I... ly moved through her friends Mr.
'-elther sex; a pediatrician, a photographer, and the editor of the ly m t g er fre, Mr.
SW. Angus, manager of the Span-
Sish Town branch of the Bata
Photos will be judged on the basis of the personality of the?
i .Shoe Company Limited, to seize
child and the quality of the photo.
Wath For oue i the child until plans could be
h %' nWatch For'Prize Announcement.'
Wah F lZS ?made for her return to Haiti.
*' Send Your Child's Photo Now!
S"' "Send Yo C .d's Photo Now !r- When Marlene declared that
SCUT THIS OUT she waS happy and would not
S HAITI S N eave the .Cobra Man., the Hai-
Stlan Consul was called in but all
KIDDY'PHOTO CONTEST efforts to get her away up to last
S Haiti Sun, P.O. Box 488
week proved fruitless.
S Please enter this photo in the .Kiddy Contest ee roed ruit
Se On Thursday the Consul re-
N a .............. ................................r**do iay td er Cn s l t -
SName ceived official orders not to al-
SChild's. Nam e ................................................. ..
i low Marlene to go with the Co-
Date of birth ........................... ................... .
S .. bra Man, out of Jamaica. So the
address ...................................................- ...... immigration authorities and ai
,Addrss S. immigration authorities and air.
SPrizes by Joseph Nadal and Co.- Gerbers Infant Food, Carna- ines oiias hae een d to
S. "' r lines officials have been told to
tion Milk, Camay Beauty Soap. Haiti Trading Co., Grant's l o. v ..n. to
*, /,see that the child does not
Scotch Whiskey, La Belle Creole and Canap6 Vert.
.f.. .. leave.
L L. _~-_ ------ -- --

Le meilleur des pneus g ants!

I.iMiler RIB

A representative ot hne LCoDra
Man., Mr. Lloyd Harrison, a lo-
cal decorator, is booked to leave
Jamaica today for Haiti to have
talks on behalf of the .Cobra
nneTdes -Man, with Marlene's mother, as
sans d6- well as the Haitian authorities
Laouce who have actually moved in the
rFsistante matter.

A. l.
The consul told .The tartarr.
I Not Depart, that if Mr. Harrison succeeds'.
d In Jamaicthat would be he only way by. b
old .Jamaic which he would allow Martene-
Mr. Harrison's intention is to to proceed to Nassau.' .
obtain a'document 'bo offset the
one now in the hands of the Mr. Harrison is expected to
Haitian consul in view of the return to the island on Monday .'.
fact that Marlene has already next, August 17th.
been written, up in a contract N.B.: Marlene returned to her!LA
for engagements in Nassau with mother on August 21 from Jama-,:.
the *Cobra Man's, troupe. ica.,

ATLA S.'. p..,:
r. ..

Y, GA E:...

j I





"Time" &" Life"

Ihe Leading American


- AreN

*r t.

Distributors: Usine a Glace Nationale

low On Sale It All 11.,.
-- **^


SPage 10

GOING SON AT THE The Library of the Institute
S H.-A. INSTITUTE has received, and is now ready-
Sing for circulation, nearly one
S hundred new books, ranging in
At the Haitian-American In- subject matter from deluxe chil-
S stitte work is progressing sa- dren's editions to last year's elec
S -tisfactorily on the repairs and tion campaign speeches. The li-
renovations to the buildings, brary is open, Monday through
with an early October date pro- Friday, 8-12 a.m. and 4-7 p.m.
r missed for the termination of
t'-. .the construction. AT ALL BOOKSHOPS
.'".- Registration for the academic
; year 1953-1954 will begin on Mon The 'Haiti Sun> is on sale at
-,day :'Sptember 28 and continue all better bookshops in the Capi-
':.-:. through the openiimg of classes ta-
'.October56. Despite rumours to
-tt the contrary, the academic pro: HOUSE FOR RENT.
granime. win -include. all levels In-the cool Savanette country-
I of intruPtion'in! English as well side Petionvllle- beautiful 3
as lassa in French, and Creole. bedrooms 3 bathrooms, unfurn-
The' detajied f5rogramme of ished house for rent: Has 7 acres
:':K, oufres will .be available next of estate. Phone A.M. 7841;"
ek. P.M. 7214.

...:: :DABALA

Dinner Dance Every Wednesday

U-Jaz Guignard.

: .. .. '
.... .. '.WS '-,
:- 'Tel 737..- ,'

Ti .
,1..'^ ''.. .

I. V ". "/.- 9'

k I ---. ". .



I .

- .." ':"

:' ,. ~ P J .

t 4 4
Mi.- -A


The delicate Chocolate

brings relief overnight. So
tonight and tomorrow
you'll be all right.

Le Picardie

SSpecialities -
Onion Soup
Filet Mirnon
Pei3rc Seak
Escalloppe de Yeau
Fort Reservations' Tel. 7416,

-* M N


,AlA .ALT E. 'D SHA'Kr_
5 A4 D'. IcrME5
ate c." tc/

6A 'je@e ^n;eo&





3 bedroom house with 2 bath-
rooms in Petionville. Fine yard.
Well constructed 2 storey stone
building lived in by European
couples. Tel. 7876, Hotel Aux


New furnished house situated
on Avenue Christophe. Apply to
H. Chancy. Phone 3211.

New Jeep Station Wagon, done
only 1,000 miles. Selling for

VYiiC"k' Tu unr
SThe Palace of Sans-Souci the Eighth Wonder of the
Svorid. King Ohrnsiopne's Citadel The Indian
Caves at Dondon The lovely beaches of the North
Apply M. teopold Sanchez, Cap Haitien, Rues Ar23
Telephone 454
.-- -- -_-- -

I .


Dinner Dances


Hotel Ibo Lele

Ev.ry Tuesday and Friday from 8 .w. io 12 p.m.

Every Monday' from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

d ,n .

A in Cool Kenscoff
S For Lunches and Dinners of Distinction
Almost 5,000 feet; almost a mile
Above sea-level
Yet only 15 pleasant miles, 35 leisurely
minutes from the heart.of the Capital

Unexcelled American French German Haitian
S I .Cuisine and Beverages

SSeptember 7th Tinme nmao-
ne added its voice to the
d-wide coverage accorded the
t Inuouguration Day cere-
ies at Cap Hnitien, August


..New Life for an Old Town
1;_ith thumping drums and
uttering flags, the citizens of
iap Haitien [pop. 25,000] gather-
at the city gate last week to'
fvelcome a native son, President
paul E. Magloire. Cheerfully
iav-tng to old friends and neigh.
ours, he stepped out of his long
tack Cadillac and strolled along
Narrow streets of his home
wn, nodding with satisfaction.
e dusty lanes he had trbd in
is boyhood were now covered
ith asphalt. The open cobble-
one gutters were replaced by
eep underground sewers. A
00,000-gallon water reservoir
aleamed fcom a nearby hiU peak.
nd beyond the crumbling city
al that once enclosed the 300-
t.ear-old French colonial port, a
tBarkling new waterfront along
the cup shaped harbour.
:'General Magloire 'snipped a
W.iide blue and red ribbon'to open
the spacious boulevard skirting
the new sea .wall, then crossed"
:.' '/

The Haitiai. Government is
planning similar modernization
programmes for other histori-
cally-important towns. Says Pre-
sident Magloire: It takes pre-
sent dignity to live up to past

over to the steel pier to sip
champagne at a reception as
cheerful as any held in the days
when the town was the Paris of
Saint-Domingue. In those lush
18th century days. coffee, sugar,
,cocao and indigo poured from
its great plantations in sAch
profusion that it became the rich
est jewel in the F'ench imperial
crown. But slave revolts drove
the French from the island, and
in the century and a half that
followed, the. plantation manors
crumbled, the vast fields were
divided into thousands of tiny
peasant jardins, .and gay Cap
Franqais [renamed Cap Haitien]
became a listless, dusty back-
water town. Few ships bother-
ed'to drop anchor in its once
busy harbour. The roads were
,bften impassable, severely limit-
ing the potential tourist trade.
It was a situation President,Ma-
gloire determined to change.

His government drew up a
$7,000,000 modernization project
for the, port and assigned the
Compania de Industrias Mariti-
mas, which had built a .':w wa-
terfront for P'or au,Pri r io
'do the job. It was finished on
.schedule, despite such unfore-
seen difficulties ,as old cannon

The project of the new wharf
for Jacmel de signed by engineer
Lespinasse will reportedly cost
-87,000 gourdes $17,000 and
the bill for said project has been
passed by the two Chambers. Ac-
cording to reports, most of the
work will be in wood.
But the recent rising of Les
Oranges river has brought com-
plications, for the whole Jacmel
harbour is full of sand. So, the
Jacmelians are eagerly insisting
that the government technicians
first start carrying out the ur-
gent wofk of clearing up the
harbour. Jacmel commercants
say it will be impossible to for-
ward the next coffee crop
abroad by ship if new works are
not canried out without, delay.

From 'La Phalange., Wednes-
day, September 9th, and Thurs-
day, Sept. 10th issues.

,, ,. ... .
One Po Haiti's foremost private teaching institutions is the Conl mercial Academy at Turgeau.
. Next week Director Jules Taylor will celebrate the. Academy 6th Anniversary, and will also inau-
; urate its ultramodern new building. The building possesses a.Library, with books on Com-
n erce in English, French and Spanish: a cafeteria for the use of the students: a book-store;
and a Bureau for practical work, where students do 6 months post-theory work before entry into
: 'employment in commercial houses. The school is organised into 4 sections.
Sa) Legal Section dealing with contracts, etc.
b) An Accounts Section dealing v ith inventories and so forth I
c) A Translating Section for correspondence in English and Spanish, and
d) A secretariat covering all aspects of secretarial work. ", I )

S(Time) Favourably Impressed Ja ml Sarbo-u

With Cap Haitien Work sinaion. srians
Siuto eiu

- *


Businessman Jean Laraque ar- A. Gonzales, Andies Lopez .Ge-.~,
rested in'Cap Haitien for subver- rardo Parra and Miguel Robalnrina4;
vise talk against the govern- recently arrived in' Haiti on a,
ment, has been released. contract with the main share-,
_holders of the sugar mill. *cen- "
SEVEN CUBAN SPECIALISTS trale Sucriere, Nord-Haiti, with',^
the construction of which they-,,'
Seven Cuban specialists, have been entrusted.. The. new'w
Messrs. tmiliano 'Carrerps, Pab- sugar mill is expected to start .
lo Ferrer, Julian Itarra, Alfredo turning out sugar next year. ..:

There is a Ford in your future. For trim styling, efficient per- '
formancx, proven economy, in your'next big car. Contact
your local Ford dealers Luciani & Behrmann.


.. .
,ap, ,, ,..

Poste, Bazar N.tional,.Georges Ce L-.-, M.on Sm

a* INDONIE- r1!L,'Au tK.n, ar .
-;xn*1u ive Distr:bu!vr fo;~ Htl Phone 3.-i ..
a .------- ----:---' --N' )":'

S Page 12. ,
_----- ----

Thomas R. Sundheim,
1420 Walnut Street,
Philadelphia 2, Penna.
September 9, 1953.
SThe Haitian 'Sun,
SPort-au-Prince, Haiti
..Avention: Editor.

Dear Sir: ,
i.'.. t is with great interest that
':." read your' article entitled
-.Haitian Travel Agents De-
; :.nounce outherland Tours9 in d
recent issue of the' Sun..
Late in July 1 made a short
tb our of the' West Indies via Re-
a.sort Airlines. At every stop on
on; ou itinerary, we were met by
A; J.toirist guides hired by Resort
i:: airlines; who Were supposed to
.- serve us at no additional charge,
i nmce these guides had already
been paid in advance by the
lIrlines. However, 'the guides
.;al'.cted as though they had not'
been paid and after each little
.'service waited until the passen-
e, :had tipped them. It is'
ron.c that the ..NLY place
erh .his did .rot happen was-
-: -
I~.latit, here ur plane was
et by cars from Southerland
sS* .particular drive*
.a young-man named Gerard:
Celifie; at other times his bito-
u. Guy ,.as our,guide. I was
mt. pressed by the fact thlt
v..'brotiers 'not only refused a
'bit actually ran errands fpr

-.' .- I ".


t$. ; TT.4 E LE
7,i ..

":" NBS,". ,"B

^ ^;i" *-"t-*c ..

me and
ment' of
If the
Tours is
these tw
their cou
men as
I shou
you wou
copies ol
may lear
any cost


Dear Mr.

-HAT': SUN,*-

absolutely refused pay- other unfavourable .Your paper
any kind. is doing a useful service to the
license of Southerland country.
revoked, other Haitian I am,
would do well to hire Yours sincerely,
o young men. They are Neville O. Linton,
s, well informed about 113, Third Street.
intry, and good business Albert, Georgetown,
well. British Guiana.
ld be very grateful if
Ild send me additional ATTENTION SOLDIERS!
f your paper so that I
SFor those lonesome soldiers
n what develops in this
who crave pen pals and have
I shall be glad to pay
written to the ,Haiti Sun., I
s involved.
shall write a series of -open let-
Sincerely yours,
ters, which may give them a
Lorraine B. Kalman.
/ moral boost. The first one fol-
Diederich : AN, OPEN LETTER TO ,

SWe have just received some
Aug. 31, 1953.
copies of the 'Haiti Sun, here in
British Guiana, sent by a student. Dear Pen Pal,
Sometimes a person gets too
on vacation in Haiti ... B. G. is Sometes a person gets
'busy to write, or he forgets. It
ridden, with newspapers, but to
does not mean that he feels un-
us your! brand of individual does not mean that he feels u
interested or doesn't know you
journalism was very refreshing,
nd yrs, sees t be a ew get lonesome, blue, or depressed.
and yours seems to be a new
It isn't true that you are for-
idea in Sunday newspapers. I
% gotten. Writing is one thing
have kept clippings on the
stoone procrastinates. Of course
stories of two towns of Haiti,
of* o tns Hii there are lots of people who
Cap Haitien-and Gonaives, andof p e
Sc t have nothing to say, or say the
hope to collect the series in an-
tiipatin: O a visitto a wrong things. If they should it
tidipation: of. a visit to Haiti
stakes adjustment -on your part,
some time, i. the future ... .
,A you know '.-te- British just as it does for everything
West Indians soon hope to have. you are doing which is foreign
aDo to our so-called civilian life.- It
a Dominion of -their ojin. To is
is possible to develop a philoso-
the story of the independent Re- s pos e to d p pil
,. '. phy though, which wil'l.griable
public rf -iaiti is an inspiring, phy. though
and i o. I o r ne to feel that nothing is lost.
and instructive one. I only re-
At first, this \vo!r't mean muiib,
grct that the outside worldAtfirst, thiswo mean mch,
but as time goes on, you will
knows so'little of your country,buas time goes on you w
an some of it, to be frank, ra- see that certain contacts, friend-
-and some-~of it, to be frank, ra-
ships, experiences, observations,
L R ". and insights :were'meant for

you to have. ,What you will do
with them is another thing. 'Be:-
Scoming objective about- it wil
probably tell you what you will
Think. about it. Vhen.you learn
to think about things, you de-
velop ideas and from' them
spring action. But the first idea
is the most important.. If you
think you will never do any-
thingabout an idea, but it is, a
goodone, tell it to the next
.friend, maybe he will. But never
. underestimate an idea. Once it
takes root most anything can
happen. If you like this"open
letter pass it along. Au revoir.
SBetty Scheyer.

Dear Bernard:
You haven't, billed.me for two
months subscription. Tell me
what I have done to Aeserve the


to crbwn that perfect moment
When you've landed the, biggest -
one of all. One of many occasions
for drinking Hennessy.,

SA -

Madal apd Co., Disirihulors


Letter From The Publisher


I think that I shall never see a bill-board lovely as a tree'.
Anyway, you'll see lots of bill-boards on what used to be,
the scenic Avenue Pan-American.

Seems that bill-board advertisers, huring thoroughly doinel
the town, have set out with enthusiasm to mar the country-'

At every wind and turn on the route to Petionville, and be-'
yond to Kenscoff these unsightly areclamesa offend the eye.' At
night they gleam in ghastly par.!t and lend no charm whatso-
ever. We plead with our business people to withhold their signs i
until television [sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof], or
else we'll knock 'em all down, pile tzemr hiqih in the jeep and
light a bonfire at Boulilliers, odr all the town to see no charge
for that ad.
-- -. ---------- ----- ----

For Distinguished' Beauty and Unparalleled
Accuracy Always Choose

-, .

JSjSO -kfERES -- a Rue Roux
a ,I I-.'-' a* n o a' -'" a -e' 0- 00.

* '$UEEV EUW". .
i! ,


Di l
Distributer-s Usme, ~.-- acionala
.-1~. -x-a-a-. A. --..~

Signed MYSTERY BOATS 'h- q soon sunk; the tv
'Don't put my name., thprs v'ere seized by the aut1v
Ed.: Nothing! Look closely Three fishing boats wepr- rities. Up to now it has
and you'll see our.outstretched found cd*'"-r n in tbi Pnrt. ," been possible to obtain.inforr
palm, Prince h-rhnur thick : t the boats owners.
4,.1 ;;

,< A -*?' P .. I -" 'I -' ". "- .' ::- ?^ ^
f ... l .. f '. "- ', : ': ,
SNDAY, SE EEMB)R 13th A I S ; :.

and plans to settle doRn in Included "i.. .- q .e .' A V .; .'" ';^
"' 'Haiti. .. Edith Seigel arrived f o m C. bI M..:
S -, .. Mile Marie-Denise BeUard alnd. racas Saturday.to, visit. te fam- Bair .t* Ern M
,. .- -, .. -vi.-.fam -.... 0
Mr. Repe arre wil exqange .fly a1n tO ;sdf ~ edr l a D .fauial) o,
vows ofol~y matrmiyj. he* RaWrt qasl t ." .-Sacre Cour Chur' t of iugedu:zuel. .'. .-

rphe.,' c6le4Sr.ttd Mat t_: nF-_ .U
thday )ere Pt W edn.es- ,.
a.. .. *h "i.. .:"' '"** l I ,' ": -. l"a" ."" .'- 'j'"'." ': / : ':' :- Y

A ing.
,. he social t oti tin OPIt d"u.h ter dy. Mr r; Schneier e I g, dS .,
'... .. .. -p..~ M ,Mile Euoube Melah',g, 4augh- ,,,. ers@ t 'p:o.ee,., ,--- ..-
gqave last .week w ti r is the ,vice president and trda- .. te phany _le- is.intown eniute td' eW York An
,'ie MIln e Annie-Marld liar- surer of American Fibre Pro- Lst fe
'.l& and Mr Evrard driven. Best- dutsa C rporation o Chicago, n rated her r.t. .f o. "ffae l. S--"nn. ie j^'
...... .. -. ,_g,,, Mr. an& Mr.. s g '
Swas Parnell Marc; matron the biggest buyer of H aitia .. and Gusnv Da lla( ihapi*
:.f honour was Mile Ninon Chat- sisaI .r d M onel Pau sh ; Mx
-,. ,- ... .. d..1'u%
lot,. Mr. Schnreider, who travels .to" -.. aS .icop.' his' hrecht.t'. tdC-i of Cen'.
S. oa pilgrimage to the,.Cithdele I. .< bu* sem .toa -4 el,,
Mrs Fred Madsen, arrived Hiiti five tinies.a year, is very his w lekenI .. .- b. t.ricatb usinests-at r
.ack fron Sfimr in.New York well known .in'.business and so- Fia ed; aMl Md Mr." di:d'. Geb' l e.ra sen e r, th
Thliursday morning'-on 'the S.S. cie, circles:. Judy Schneider, .andMr. w H yda.m -'i'and Rp old: th the sugar mi. cntra s
H.ydra with sor Michael and however, wias- hre for -the firs .ere on a brief n' e and. Robert are onart a r to lUnes.kt IeCayg,,U.4
:nephew Patric.' : time. She,,is a student at the a'pblic 're- Mme b .ia R- of Cap Haiti'an' th p on~iFi Port.from. Havaild.
.'.. Dame M ,b .d ,, .. -... + M.~ ,' t.' .' ". r -
1:R n Saturiday, S6Pitmber 26tb, Sofuth. Shore high school an9 wte of th get Amic can -Republic .. 'd M. Jea f Nussaum-.np
a dtr Dame, delin re. was fascated by the 'natal painter Miele Ross'. and Tw.o smart 'girls ;-Gdy-', t':at.t.' Faculty, ei
v ,... "' .. .. ... ,' a '' -, M ,.'.'. '- V, .'- "'' '.,
d.p~ag pf an' Mrs. bea'f Hai -, chagrin daughterJudith.They ciet and her siter Sabe, daugh. p4 .ea ie.
gar By tI''. ar flu cit it
.dgar t ,, .Ca ptain. arr r t .and, flew in. frod M Puerto -Rico Mlaet -ters of M*ind n t
' toMr. 'a i ,Mr uth le Friday, Eted by some won- cieri of Turgeau g.re latv to .de Franee.,: is in Paort .1
and M'a au' id-d, 1 St trday a Cl day for two 'yeis of ptudy at t:.-'
uIu4~kn ,., i 'f13Z't nile d. deorfulhi eeard about Haiti.
,Vi h e o o ".'.i-- '. the Slovak, Girls Academy in. he Pre.dent dutes
4W., a hp rising. artist her- .
-'e"tt eAr~- p ;4h ld..m ,pa. Pennsylvania etr to, shoo
.Blanadt t s.A... ... hitect -Raoul la:ise of ,wee,..
rR- ."z -aiz at tq B-rooklyni Museum u
'la Victdi're cd i from Ruel Berne. s ffto tNe
i II u." i ~. 'nd Ar t I ark cqjteg a n -." \ .
gu 28th Q P. ng dree Yorand o iealorconstruc-
: -*'ItCof ngas Andree' Batch .'iton'aid Beni ny Nor a nd
'-,- man'are goig to scIo6l at .M.un. s"l

in nt e--a. .- 1 weegke daftenr ail carl.,.dn. sti"d he-y. ar: it. i g e? MRhe.

cai o o.slon 4.r. o.Brtandt .. back in -I .Ij e 'ata l '
othe departure, of to A neri .au Prince from thre day Ru Jeemi P i .
.caA, diplomats:,, 'Me" ay v t a acmel. His 'n 1 trip asu gher h.. e .
', Vice C .onsul,, qid Vindeint reportedly .connectd- th the te ft Y Ia' .Ronal.'

em 1- i Pari, sitedHa ar ne toa u Spe
SMll R'nee e13arth n .ger. absence of 25 ears. n nic coiarhe tte West v.'rginia was born to Mr and '
The Charge d'Affaires of the Geard -artensy will..t.. .t.asn. J e. : Instute t h : ..
..... .. ... Ricot Reiher celnbra ted his .. ..te. ......... ... .. ,.Aug ste Rson eJe

American Embassy and Mrs. Ro- holy vows od matrimonyy .in the cerae d. s ,.h is e_,... ,.t. ... ;,/.. 'jph
Ibet kolpom presided over the Notre Dame Cathedral Saturday, fete 'ediesday evening with a valeof ha'rmacr ame
social gathering. Bofh officials September 26th. b b at oe lefi Friday .to 'study t tade a Proud father Wgrooi
SMarcelle Mirambean, dM liesk ar
leve aiti after long service Mile. Maggie Wiener flew to Maree Mirabean, desk .bert Pek told ever
pre. M. McKennais Stateside .Kingston, Jamaica, this week tmanagero E joying in Mich. and Ms. Frant. erdes eday oFthe birif it
toa a ph the. i-. a Mts. r Gtb i
.boun.today; Mr. Everett Cole isit with elder sister Dilia. a a3viek vacation are back from their Jamaican' Raoul.' H py mi otle e
b ... Ruelle Jeeeml Miss, Premlce, -, ""' "...e t ar al oT ul .

witives and friends 5 New' York. ar fm m
Sofly-back home on the 28th. M. Erick Martin Gosse, an ,of- t. a. h..honeymoon. .i g ee Mine. ,:is' doing. fiie '
c e .- sMr. and Mrs. MauricLaroche-' f,

Mr Pierre -Chauvedt, Diorecitor fice 'holder of the Department of rcanTheard flew t' e~ad .. .. .
o ,the Burea of-Touri re- Commerce of Canada, arrived in area in town for the bi event. t plete his t i eut. aRidM ..L enri',
.brfdlGuy Horelle returned from ,vr .' .''. 1i

tund Saturday,froi attending ort Monday.: Guy Hore year atcollege. wre blessed wth a nine po
e.'-harvest..- ,ith hs "t- "m ,Ii a- X

:ia .giodnal congress of tourism ih Back home is Mile Gisele Pa- .visitig with his Anty nepk bab' gSauday mn

...Raymond Larohe in Cap .. bert Tippenhaur weptack baby gi. unda
H a Tna,.Cuba. The meeting was ret after three ;ears in Can .,ada ae p to schooly.i Canada- C Monday Their first .addition is t'
hedSept. th through ..ept. and the U.S. studying to be the pounds heavier Artist Bo o' Vit- ritend ielle.
.p, perfect secretary. She attended Mle Monique Vlledruin is ,re- ..in to.i arrived Thurs' ia. e .
'-yng ,t, the IbosLele Hotel the Convent Notre Dame in turning to Skidmore College. day from South America. '. Dr.andiMrs. Joe Lacombo h
,wa 'Mr. Sam EM. Somanider and Canada, and Amhurst College, Mi. aand Mr. Charles Bigio -aoed' their first child, oa.'
S. Connecticut in the U.S.. anddaghter rene haveni return- The Tooley twins Carleid and September.4th h, a
""". .. ... in U.S.. 'bSeptemberambocbe at fiilne..Ttrgeau.., :.,

.r. pf r Jacques Balice, proes- from them extended visit to MTrlene re heading back .t he. grandmother, Mrs.. Danie
1 Aa asor of French tl Cornsell Univer. itbe States.' e school in Jamaica. this .week. Her telo. v
sity clippered home with his wife Dusty Jlrman threw' a get Ending ,.heir vacation this ,
ena\ t last week from 5 years in the aoquainteda party from 11 to. 3 eek and returning to.studi e in' Th.e sto paid a visit 'to t,
States. Mr. Balince has his de- P.m. at his home n Mahotiere. Jamaica are: Elizabeth and Jan- Deputy. Marcel Renaud family
S agree as specialist on education' Swimrnin a and wrestling, e re ine Powell, arl, ederic and TudaySeptember 8th nd e-.
Moniqye Zenny.. liy.ered a baby t girl .alule*u at A
SMrJean Claude Fequiere is clip- thB Dr. Pierre -Noel clinic. aule
S'pering back to College in Ioch- and mom, the fonrer -Bdhilde _.,
Sister New York.this weekend. Lew, are reportedi:dqog fie:.
J' .Mrs. Marie Therese Nadal and sEnter yoMwr ch thr rHait
'r: 'I aren o r te b erAlexandra are flying to Chicago S.un. "Kiddy Codfest. See
EG.TRADE MARiK TiMOs visitingchis weekend. Page 9
"H.. .a ina. Cuba. The meetins m i Bace th'rme is,,eaT n sein Pa- Robert Tipp9hauer wept back baby g'rl, Sunday m.rn,'ng ..

..-Mile Monique Page .4

~~At eane Cluew rktis weked" Le' rerePreddu ie:'"~-''""i..


-c m' ------------ --- ~---; --------_____
Fignole in as Minister of Edu- builder's garb or his other per- deur and simplicity.. As his ser-.
:eiSO ality Of The Week cation. Morisseau Leroy, whose sonality, that of Morisseau Le- vice to the people of Haiti, there.
It(oiuf"" .ro P views on education were often roy man of letters. In chain fore, as, eduehtor and as poet'
(Continued from Page 1)
.' directly opposed to Fignole's, smoking concentration he works Morisseau Leroy is labouring'
S three children, next, to build a lished his first book of poetry resigned before ti'e Minister's on ,Choucoune., a play in Cre- now [with his combination of
;: poets' studio where literary folk iPlenitude.. [eIf you see it any- installation. He became chief ole he hopes to put on at Stade boyish enthusiasm and hard de
i: could gather, sit and talk. where on sale, buy me a copy Editor of LLe Matin., waging Magloire. Before this was the terminatiofl] on his self-impos-'
It is deceptively easy to un- please.,] According to the frdn- open warfare against clemago- trail blazing Antigone in Creole ed duty of helping direct and
.. derestimate the F. Morisseau tispice of his little book of gues in office and Fignole in whose success resounded around create a new Inational litera-
'.i Leroy, who hides shrewd eyes Creole verse Diacoute, published particular. -In one day I wrote the world and gave faith to all ture.
.b?: behind large green lunettes, this year *Les autes lives Mor- five articles against Fignole.. who think of Creole as the true
Seven in the evenings. But those risseau Leroy ecri. are LLe Des- He continued his independent .national language of the Haitian
iW'who know him respect him, i- 'tin des Caraibes., 1941, ,Recolte. often daring stand against people. It was partly to vindi- CANIONE T
eludingg high officers of this and 194 ',Natif Nat6il, 1948 bet- things' e did not like alout the cate the use of Creole in litera- CAPSIZES
IM Continued from Page J.
V.. :the past administrations to ter known in France where it regime. When President Esti- tlre, that his 'Antigone, was Cm
:i,...whom he. has-' unflinchingly was favourably reviewed in J. me thoughtfully offered him a written. aSophocles did not Pierre, Mine Michel ~.Zephir,
i: spoken his mind. And if You P.'Sarre Leatures Moder~es." post in the diplomatic service write for the Litterati, byt for Alourdes Desire, and Mime M
*ild him to talk about..him-people. i.,
could ge him to talk abouthim- His public, career .af he overseas he replied: aThank you, the mass of people. Greek anim- chel Jean ere picked up wit
elf without letting him won- gave up teaching began with a Mr.President, but when I want ism was very similar to Vodoo injuries and contusions and':
'.de. off into a session of old ones job on th'e Haiti Journal for a to go in exile I'll go by myself., with its pantheon of familiar taken to the general hospital-
:.'- you will begin to get to know salary, as a feature writer, of 1 Subsequent government i posts gods. More than the blase bour- The driver Hlas beefi taken to;
a little of one of a capable car- dollar a week. By. 1938 h as he did accept including that of geois the people appreciate gran the police.
dollar a week. By. 1938 he was
S.eerist, a gifted poet, a most chief editor had got a raise of Controller of Export commo di- .'.- \ *",.*"* ** *.-,,** ,****" '
.striking personality. i salary and had 'married Mile ties. In the meanwhile he tra- -
F: MAriss.au Leroy w's born Renee Lemnaire. He' entered the 'elled to Paris for a Unesco .
at Grand Gosier east of Jacmel, public service, rose to become conference, toured Italy. For a
41 yei s ago, one tf the four 'Chef--de Division. in the Edu- while he ran a journJ .Notre
c-4 of a coffe 'Temps- with Leo Pinchinat, no
Hiidren of a' coffee speculator. cation Department, then ad- 'Teps* with Leo Pinchinat, nw.
.Stu ied at the Lycee in"Jac- ministrative assistant to the Min of 'Le National. *, he organ-
Sael and at the Lycee Petion in sister of Education,,en in 1942 ised a literary p called
'" '.... *. Culture which .i-s one of the
i a Pr since during those dyA as head of Secondary School Cus e f the
't i i n".e 'j' 'Cultuse whih irs onf thel alu
: smodering students' nte~t.. Education. He, proceededl. to the livelipst centers of intellectual'
It"" coin_ ', : .ndartc ..7ctity in the coun- '
S 6led a bigpart in te stu- U S. [he is a very acute crn- nd.artistic activity in the .pu-
tl .lnstrati~$ of Jacmel mrentator on American affairs] tr. te cal inor-
l the an occu'a to take an M.A. in education at m ltioh sptcialis{ with Point IV.
.v' :'ias i :i. he un ider- Colun~ia UTY ersity and to stu- ..
: but r missed jail and dy at the New Schooffor .Social % .. -
S- .. .. turns Ahome to FPetionvill
o'. Like too many Hai- .-Resea ch.. En the US-he nter e i
:.- .ui .. '" Morri.seau:.assumnes. either his
studied law "[,Why, I, e!ted h elf in rogressv .
tfa membe. Bftie ba.d f d c atiou aI e~v elopped c oer rs ai. "u "' e, '
s hed IUGETED- POnE d20e i i .# own .on e"du- '.
it. was a teacher -in cation which be resolut;hol.s,
T atic': tor five yead s af- Digre'sing at this point he tells
University." Mean-. hd~ h taught'his daughter the
wrote. First published pretty'13-year-ol Mdag, and sons
,,'icle against 'he "-oc- M'ar'e, 11 .and.Je an, 10, how tA',
w: hen on "
waspublished n te- write, but.let. them teach them- :.-
a when he wvpas ,..seves how, to read.,cI nqver. for-:
9t his mood'chang- bade them to use Creole ., -
T-hworks published in Back home .in '5, he becaine -
d othe- d ..-jruidy. ,one of, the youngest )iectr- Design No. 268
w..oftn poems.ot love,, Generals of Education. The re- A '
Smore.. In 1940 he pub- solution of -'46 -brought Daniel II

ai Pi Note e deSign number of this house aid
( ( Pl -. ask to see the plan at Allred de.Matteis
P Preent A i.e Ru-duG -
S roudl. Fils on the Rue du Oeai.

:' iTh t Merry Meringuersn See this- Plan, and others and get a'free

-Aestimate of costs.
Tor..' nng -and Dancing

f #,.ms. ATUDAY, :H.AY :. .Can provide all the building material you
..i .-." o .. need at-the best available prices.
4 "* ,2 TIl
PXSYA'AflN sUGGES TED.- PHONE 2380 ? ? Tel. 3770


CLJST hearing of her prowess, has
done a feature story on the
BERT Cayes Port trip and invited
'age 1 her to make the record run from
S Cayes in the southwest, right
across mountainous terrain-and
ade news uneven roads to Fort-Liberte in
the northeast. Few males would
Magazine make that voyage on less than 4
New York wheels even in summer. The
aXaXeg police department sends their

rough-riding motorcyclists to Cap
Haitien only by truck. Mme
Olivier decided to try.

A teacher at Les Cayes whb
commutesAo school daily at Car-
rekour Joute, 20 kilometers away,
Mme Olivier tuned up hdr Fox
motor bike, took a few trial
spins, then at dawn bn Sunday,
August 30, in brown slacks, 'her
.straw hat with sun visor fixed
firmly on.her head, she kicked
off from Les Cayes. Through
Aquin where she astonished
morning church-goers, across
the mountains -to Miragoane
through Petit-Goave,. and Leo-
gane and then .'triumphantly
down the Carrefoui road to
Port .au Prince, arriving at 1
p.m. She stayed with. relatives
overnight, left town at 4.30 a.m.
arriving atSt WMarc at 7.15 a.m.
She did the rough run to Gon-
aives, the. City of lhdependence,
in two. "hours. By then the
white dust of the road had be-
gun to give'her clothes a spec-
tral whiteness. 'Riding high and
alone on the Puilhboro, past
startled truckers, too intent on
the bumps to notice the chang-
ing 'panorama of valleys and
mountains, she scooted down in
to Cap Haitien at 1.20 p.m. Af-
ter a two-hour rest and freshen-
ing up, she set out for Fort-
Liberte arriving at 5 p.m., hav-
ing covered the gruelling 300
kilometers in one day.
Then, of course, she had to
find some place, to stay the
evening. There being no motel
for lady motorcyclists, Mme Oli-
vier had to fill up her cycle
with gas and return at once to
Cap Haitien. She stayed there
a week, came down to Port au
Prince on Tuesday, doing the
trip in 8 hours and told her
story on Wednesday.
Mme Olivier, a big-hearted
wisp of a woman, aged 40 years,

A 11 1: 1:

-I I" I L 4 t
-.1~~ ~ h t ^. i^~ + ^< 1^ r> l"i

has one son, 22. She was the
first woman to drive a motor-
car in the south. This year she
learned to ride a motorcycle,
bought a Fox, and can go any-
where. Next vacation she is
thinking of going east to-
wards the Dominican border.

Among the youths who have
been admitted at the Military
Academy is Sr. Jaime E. Jussan,
son of the representative of
Colombia in Haiti. It is the
first'time that a foreign student
will follow courses at our mili-
tary academy.
A proud uncle, Mr. Genari
Martino, showed us last week

Uon i auy uUIuc1 UtL I uI U I IVVUy.i.

Heineken Beer

( The best beer of all dutch beers )

Now- Every

New, Luxurious,


Every Sunday at

Arrive Havana at 12

Through flight c


Deo A .ir Lines, Inc., Ope

lone: 7e.- a
" ., I A .F


( Ticket Ottice .. J rS;. iN '

the beautiful "case w
the diploma awarded
Pratt Institute to -gr
year-old Nicolas Marti
Nicolas studied le
tanning technology fo
two years at Pratt's. is
a few months to do s
practical work. He
his father at the Tax
tionale, Martissant. I
Italo Martino, also 'i
,expects his diploma
dustrial chemistry.

.Sunday, September
3.30 p.m.
At 6 and 8.30
Monday, Septembe'r



S. -.Page 1ii
-- --- ----

d by the Tuesday, September 15th, at-.
raduate 22- and*8:15 p.m. .
lather and Wednesday, Septembeir 16t1 t'
)r the last 6p.m. ..
saying on GARE AQ PERCIPTEUR i '
some more At 815 p.m. .
will rejoin SEALED CARGO '.'
nnerie Na- .
His cousin,: Thursday, September 17th, at. 6''.J
n the U.S. anLd.15. p.m.
soon in in- PECADORA. .
S Friday, September'18th, at 6 andj
8.15 p.m.
13th, at : :'':
13th, Saturday, September 19th, at'.
and, 8.15 p.m. .

p.m. Sunday, September 20th, pt 6'.6
IBINE and 8.30 p.m..

,, 4-engine
; ; ." ,, ,

I n-to.

9:30 a.m.
:19 p.m. EST.
on i 4-engine


I Co. Building

1I toN I%1Aiv4%IC
l: os. Nada &Co.

.General Age nt
& Co. Building

1 l

Page 16


2nd. .. A

Wh.en Mr.ing Drese -dscs tf sales a
;I ;

'. ;. .,..t "-
As of Latin Americand Di- fie wth tourist Director Pierre

Se"Ct hauvet duri t is was proving competitive p io

tk'.e;ihe appropriate spot -to i-;hgld through better service.
2ssecnd Prena Regio l Cherhn c

-ment conference.- The first of the conferences will converge
iffexconferences whichiare held on Haiti September 20th as PA
ieon took place field Hanagers fly from

-' WJuen Mr. Edwin Dreschear, tCdiscss traffic sales and tC
'- anger o of Latin Amerence is Trujil problems affecting are
.,;',, vision of I.AA visited Haiti, re- and to confer on means of it

gently he decided thathis was proving competitive poio

he apprbriae spt to hd thr ough better sold r vice.

ought to get. '
' AA's second regional manage- ir. Drescher who conduct

t conference The first of the conferences will converpo
tskbilities AND THE TONE
e conferences whichare held ourldaiti September 20th as PA
: verysi months, took place managers fly om from Vi
.,?,.San Juan March of this year. gin Islands, San Juan, Ciuds

uros of the conference is .Trujionalo, PHILIPSort aava
VALCADE-.-1952,53 series.
.%.-y.one now.-so toot you
Son't was di eoymasure! -
: U .
.-- "T Compare I heu reception pos-

*'" "Ar blilet'cAbinel b-.S TNE
y.Efei sppreion oyosiurboald .se'.with those.
".'' \ o a Philips st from

:. F. VALCADE..952'53 seris.

e..'rh ,-' Bsyeone now.so that yOU

!rW'*&m no gon;, "i a e yugota radio,
' :' _. '.4 ....

rib^ti'i in Eait C.'*RaCkO TE ADING CO.





and Jamaica. The meetings are
scheduled to take place 2 p.m. on
the 21st and 22nd 'at Hotel El E
Rancho. Their programme in-
cludes a post meeting dinner at
Ibo Lele on the 22nd and on the
21st the management of the Ho;
tel Riviera have extended an in-
vitation for cocktails. On the
23rd the group will embark on a
Haitian Air Force plane and fly
to Cap-Haitien to visit the Cita-
delle and renewed city as guests
of the National Office of Tour-
Returning to ,Port au Prince
early on the 24th the PAA man-
agers will do additional shop-
ping and sightseeing before re-
turning to base. Mr. Roger Jar-
man, local PAA manager, ex-
plained to the (Sun, that PAA
wants its regional representa-
tives to be acquainted, first-
hand with attractions in the Ca-

Monday evening Fort Lauder-.
dale architect Homer Shrews-
bury, hotel manager Nargil, and
assistant Jenks sweated and toil
ed up to their 8 p.m. deadline,
pulled the switch and quickly
cooled off as their masterpiece
went into working order.
The gentlemen, along with |
their Haitian crew, workedd Ipng,
hours this past r-ittith building.
what is certainly the Caribbean's
most dazzling airconditioned cock
tail bar. All the plush of Flo-
rida. and more local native
material used to its best advan-
tage. The bar is something to
see, not to read about.
Good.news circulates at super
sonic sped, and Monday even-
ing turned in to an unofficial
opening night. The bar's 30.stools
and 42 table seats were soon oc-..
cupied by members of capital
society, diplomats and tourists.
An orchestra played from above
the bar as the entertainers
which included Gerard Chamier,
the Human Flute, performed
from a revolving stage on top
of the bar. The air conditioned
bar is now featuring nightly mu- 9
sic and special shows up to 1
a.m. It's a classic piece of in-
terior. decorating.
J .t

'4 O era eaaaeeee O 0_


The well known Jeremien poet Well known industrialist
Emile Roumer is spending tonio G. de Matteis is flying sooi
*quelques jours in, the Capital. to Europe on a business trip.

| I


'thi ow st Q. t ]iOSsii


o ffr e .

h"t W ILBes NStR ,
offer their :

94LBS. NE:T "|a

Port-au-Prince Tel : 2387



'O O)e ei .-ee O

a. ..-. .

. ; y ^i

m- a Oa

--e --

-- -

r ~i:a --;.
i. Ii;

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