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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Duke University Libraries
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Duke University Libraries
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Rdpublique D'ITAITI

C ... Burial Here

.i..-- .-

'e contorted in agony, driver Georges Laguerre looks
Jhe overturned 9-ton stone roller which pins him
a the bottom of the ravine, 'while C. I. A. workmen
to extricate him. Photo .aHaiti- Sun.i--.'-' -

8-Ton Stone Roller Drives

Liver Bridge. Drops On Driver
0,o'clock Monday morn running to the scene. Some
Mton Gionola stone-rll- howled, some brust into tmars,
nging to the Compania' others ran down the road to
ustrias Maritimas Was fetch help. The roller had
,hly rolling along the mysteriously driven through
asphalted road, 5 miles the thick parapet of the wide..
;t. .Marc. The driver road!on the left side, an ing at near top speed, ing completely over as it fell,
,:per hour,' on the right had' plunged. 15 feet into the
.ide to a construction ravine. The driver, Ti Georges
their south. A terrific Laguerre of St. Marc had es-
an agonized scream, caped from the pulverised dri-
cloud, of dust brought over's seat, but now lay flat un-
id peasant w o l e n Continued on Page 2



t of a series of ,arti-
Haitian towns today
vill be appearing regn-
the Haiti Sun].
damning comment has
relied at Haiti for too
a is to the effect that
iheheroes of the In-
nce revisit the vil-
cid towns of the pro-
they wpulkld marvel at
.lness ot the change
eir own days.
Urney to Gonaives to-
fild forever silence

. .'i ".,,." : ,

(that canard. One travels
either on newly asphalted
roads, or by roads along which
surveyors and construction
gangs promise smooth riding
to come. ODVA [Organisa-
tion die la Vallee de l'Airtibo-
nitel is turning the catcus
plains into emeral&green rice
fields. Olid forts with rusting
cannons here and. there, wit-
ness a prosperity a long time
after peace, perhaps, coming
more and more to the Haitian
Continued on Page 15

When Mme Estime arrived
on Thursday afternoon two
large groups of people were
there to meet her at Bowen
Field. Nearest the plane
were government officials,
while in the, waiting room
stood partisans and relatives
of the late ex-President. Des-
cending from lhe plane, a trim
heavily,, veiled figure in black.
Mime Istime Ipaid scant atten-
tion td the first group. Ac-
companied by Mr.. and Mrs.
Maurice Carrie and Mme Luc
Dominique she took the car-
brought by friends, ignoring
the state vehicle prov.y je
Next day a large mourning
crowd waited at Bowen Field
for the arrival of the PAA
plane bearing the remains of


The remains of ex-President E
Palais Legislatif on the Exposi

19th Army Dal

Over the Headquarters of
the 'aitian Guard August 1,
19 years ago, flew two flags,
that of Haiti and that of the
U.S. As the latter flag des-
cenedb, command of the Hai-
tian Army again passed' back
to a Haitian colonel. The mili-
tary occupation of Haiti was



.'.. .s:..
t" tl, ;.: .',a ', :..; ,, "., .,_."'$ '.







: ;


UNIDAY. AUGUST 2nd 1953 No. 41 '

ident Returns; PERSONALITY

Tomorrow OF THE WMEKi

ex-President Dumarsaig Es- i is a predo
HUiti is a predonun
time from New York. Ainong agricultural country, an)
them were relations, officials f t pil in i
of the pillars in its
and friends of the former gov- is the dollar-earning .a
Conticnued on Pag' 6 .
Continue industry. After an alI
Police Nab Robbers fatal lapse the banana is
Of Tourists At :bringing prosperity to the;
'le A Cabrits tion. The man responsihle
well-built, well-groomedJe
Police after a week of in- w uilt, e-o
Henri Elie, the dnamie.1c,
tensive search have appre- e.eutie, who dn
ended two sea-going sneak ebooutg industryho frt:
boonking industry hardi t%
thieves who relieved 4 tourist d floqr room o
"second flogr room of tle.
and Villa Creole hostess Je.an-
banex headquarters above1i
ne Bruce .of more than 160 dol ei ares
flowering squares at 5
lars cash and mniy valuablequares a
belongings Snday l le ville. Before him facing,
belongings Sundy 1,. ] le
beln g Su ,." desk is a wall map of the.R
they wyvere enjoying an.'uig esk map of
te were enyi- public-'Vith- buttons dolt
on the IIe a.Cabrits.blue and geen .
red, b-lue and green oc
In case you're not up 'on fa- 10 division .hadquarte
vourite picnicgpots, the above nana gwing districts
Continued on Page 3 stations of agents. At his
,bow is a microphone- dbnin
S ing with a radio network:
Stwenty-two stations throtig
'out the Republic and in toi

SOn the shelves behini4 'K
stand the row of ~'o '.
a man deeply interested:ig'IKhT
things agricultural. .
After business hours:
often run to midiigh s
Elie stays away. from th.b6
cial Whirl. A family njid:.,
vo ted to his wife, the',f6nr.
Lisette Allen, and theirr
,sons, he spends muclhi
leisure time at the home'ivhi1iK

7stime lie in state at the
.C ont Continued on "Page, '12( ': i:'
e Guggm im Fellow hip ".
ition ground Fo iian Artist
For0 iian Ar' .3.

Celebrated Good news received at, thei4
y Celebrated
Centre d'Art is the award of
ended, the John Simon Guggenheim`.-
Each First of'August since Memorial Foundation Fellow-rl:.
has been the Day of the Army ship' to the distinguished-
and a fete-day of the whole young Haitiarn painter Anto-.
proud Haitian nation. nio Joseph. Antonio Joseph1%i4,
Yesterday Army Day was is the first Haitian artist to .
again fittingly celebrated: At gain this important scholar-ii.
7 a.m. mass was said in the ship.
Continued on Page C continued on Page 12



emol S.

Letter From he Publisher gha
No..i. press-association ? Then the Haitian. press is a half ed
t ury behind the times. tin
. Some of the newspapers published in Haiti are over 50 ne'
eari old, yet the ofi-talked-a bout idea of a strong Haitian hit
Mress association has never been resolutely taken up
.+igAht this moment a powerful respected press will b'e of he
most value in furthering the best interest of the country. the
'cen, give a greater volume of unbiased information and .6'
lightened opinion to the people, and it can be the clear Pa
t nir ng reflection of the nation for all the world to notice. ma
'ithis~ connection we particularly remember the vast pres- oti
~4i okich once accrued to the Argentine through its two Ge
en world-famed free dailies : La Prensa and La hoi
Ad. And we remember too the double-edged quip; a
t always has the press it deserves. of
cirdat:ing a 'Haitian press association more than the hoi
l'tigae of the profession should be our main concern. orr
association cans stimulate the free circulation of
: -Upto-date ideas in. journalism,.a.nd especially in the str
us of ,news reporting and interpretive reporting. It roa
jen.burage the spirit of cooperation and friendliness so no
a W bet-weP membersrs of this profession; for' along bee
heathlvy competition, not in -the eddyings of-snarl- fen
Sbak'-iiting, should'the progress of each independent ho
a continue .. ed
s~ chief ly, the Association can reaffirm. those ideals of gli,
r. ree press sp. easily lost t the constant tensions resulting ma
Inevitable econo .ic and political pressures. 'And with ,onl
e ide is firmly set in the minds of journalists from. the mo
-.the -Association tan formulate ways and ,means of cid&
ting the standards of the Fourth estate in Haiti.to a trick
i1.e17ua.l to any i the. western- world.
8U-Toni Stone Roller Drives

r 3Bridg Drops On Driver Ha
intinued fronim Page I They tried everything, pick-f a
-:. 7' axes, shovels, even an ineffec- fdr
Ab+iAbnnet of the crusher, tual car-jack. By 10:15 a work deli
et eg froit the thigh gang had come up and wasGo
,itin d against tle'san- frenziedly digging, propping late
Dni of the dry ravine. t- it.he p@tone crusher with tute
Snitent a crowd in- sto rs, trying to corifort the a
"... and
in F
in c

...---- !

stures, took charge. Pick in
nd, he got the roller support
on stones, carefully cut-
Ig away the ground be-
ath the driver and dragged
n out gently.
Meanwhile friends h a d
r fn him rough steps up
e ravine sides and burly
6' labour foreman Menes
trice had lifted the injured
an fireman-fashion up with
lers pushing from bcihind.
forges was rushed to the
spital, his crushed left leg
aight and stiff in the back
a pick-uip truck. He died 5
Irs later of internal haem-
mages' and shock.
WAhat caused him to drive
aight off the wrong side of
Id is the mystery none can
v solve. Laguerre, who had.
n driving the roller for a
: months, was formerly a
iseboy at St-Marc. Of mark-
intelligence, he spoke En-
sh, French and a little Ger-
n, was in his early 20s. His
y close relative was his
other who learned of the ac-
ent after he had' been ex-
--- ----- -^r -^-^ ~-^-^'-^ .^ ^-- ^

cesss Of Young

ppy to hear of the success
Gerard Gourgue, awardee
UN scholarship, who left
France to study juvenile
nqu.ncy last year. Gerard
.rgue was laureate in the
st exams of the Insti-
o of.Criminology of Paris,
will spend one more' year
'rande tolget his doctorate

Gardner-Denver paving breakers have been det
Sthe purpose of demolishing mass- concrete more.
13y and more' efficiently than by any other mI
use compressed air and provide the moft _ra'i.i
factory methoti for making general street r
Removing large areas of pavement. .
Other industries have adapted the paving bre
Uses and it is now to be found in industrial .pl
Strict work and in general mining. It is a hard.:
i having slow, heavy blows with a follow-through :
ferent from the usual pneumatic tool.
These machines are made In varying weight ..o
conditions and with various accessory tools oo:i
Sticular demolition or excavation work that .il

? Agent in Haiti: SONACO. General Mana
,/ -, Jacques Martin
SAddress: Place de IT' position, Pavil.!
- Orient, Tel: 2381, 2697 P.OBox 39t1

i '
:^ :.' o "
; "'Afier hlokinOg Car-

rO days, Ifu
5 A; n14 nkA f. l.irlfnt li.

t4'': "
4~ '".f

jrow shows the'broken parapet on the left hand side of
. rodt, over which the Gianvla stone roller plunged into
ravine turning turtle and cr.oshing the driver beneath.
Photo cHaiti Sihin.

9ye ciuf y wvuroniwrtTI4
with my throat

especially appre
Camer mildInecss
In making a pictw

,,,t :"

* :: A
*V z't" Oh
,S4a Jr,
p~;& ,i

river, now stoically silent. Osment, arrived and .using CURACAO TRADING' C. Distriblors for Hati ..-
C.URACAO T A DI -C ,.b fo H it ,
A.. ; : ...--.,.,;.,, .':. :. _. .. .i :+ :
; .. :,: 2 ,=...' .,. # o. : ':"": ...'.is ;== -- .. .." -" t ,.


New Guatemala t and Minister PIu
Minister if Guatemala to-.l
It is reported that the Pre- xxx -'
silent of Guatemala Jacobo .-
Arbenz Guzman has appoint- A group of Medi1
edl Mr. Francisco Guerra Mo- are on a camping '
rales Envoy Extraordinary Cayes.

S Gardner-Denver Paving Bie'


I -I

ed islet is located off
rc road a quarter of a
Om shore about
:.hour's ride from Port
ie. It has fine beach-
P of coral and pretty
and is favourite hunt-
und "for archeologists'
ave dug up a number
SIndian relics.
n. McCord and Jeanne
'were ferried' over to '
it by a small boat Sun-
ion. They enjoyed a
:unch 'anc then went
witheringg before taking
n. When they return-
teir belongings, their
.'were missing. They
San immediate search
thicket behind their
spot and followed a
path to another beach
there were fresh foot-
in the sand. Apparent
;robbers saw the trio
island.n, got a small boat
anded on the opposite
:'that they could sneak
'the picnic cache from
'loss was heavy. Mrs.
a three-time visitor
iti, had $122 in cash
'purse. Mrs. Bruce had
liars plus valuable pa-
d a manicure set.'Luck-
L had placed her jewel-
.her beach, bag which
deves overlooked.
MqConrd lost a gold
ftte lighter, a Patek-
p watch, which he val-
t 400 .dollars, and a gold
ise pill box as well as
identification papers, ad-
book and other person-

Last but not least, the down
hearted picnickers remember-
e3i that one of the missing
purses had held the key to'
their car. Coastgyardmen
called to aid the ladies in dis-
tress tried their. best to start
the auto but the steering
wheel was locked. Luckily
Mr. Jean Pierre of Cabaret
happened afong and' offered
the trio a lift back to their
By the following Saturday
the .district police had nabbed.
the thieves and recovered
most of'Helen McCord's valuu
ables and dollar and gourde
bills of large '.denominations.
Still missing are the Chinese
gold ,pill box and the purses
and wallets which the thieves
admit throwing into the sea.
The gold cigarette lighter was
returned but the El Rancho
souvenir Fighter disappeared'.
Although robberies of this
kind are rare in Haiti, we re-
commend that Hotels and.
tourist agents guard against
such jarring notes in a happy
vacation by telling their
guests to leave their valu-
alles behind when going on
outings in isolated sections.
'Haiti is no Garden of Eden
even though its lovely land-
scape sometimes gives that il-
lusion. And, even in the Gar-
den of Eden a snake turned
up, remember ???

New Director Of
H.-A. Institute Arrives
Wednesday Mr. R a I p1
Brown arrived here front
Washingtqn, to take over th(
directorship of the Haitia.

e tletee
eet exterie i es

; '. ,



::, : -

=: .;. ,,, .
,,, ,. .
'.:! : ;'

.. ','

.-AUGUST 2nd, 1953

:e Nab Robbers Of Tourists-

At Ile A Cabrits
Continued from Page 1

American Institute. The plea-
sant, .dapper professor was
very enthusiastic over his new
post when Your Reporter met
him after 24 hours in the coun
try. Fluent in the French lan
guage Mr. Brown expressed
his pleasure at once more en-
tering a French-speaking corm
munity. Said he was impres-
sed with what his predeces-
sors had done with the insti-
tute and hoped to do as well
better maybe.
A native of Providence,
Rhocde Island, the 41-year-old
Mr. Brown has lived most of
his life in Torrington. Con-
necticut. He did his under-
graduate work at the Univer-
sity of Connecticut majoring
in French class of 1934. He
received his M.A. degree at
Columbia in '38. His first tea-
ching job was with the Near
East College Association as
professor of English "for two
years, in Sophia, Bulgaria.
Drafted, from the university
of Connecticut by some fluke
chance, was sent to France
where,he haid' ample time to
practice his French as an in-
terpreter from 1944 to '46.
Back home he divided his time
between the University of
Connecticut, Colombia and
Wesleyan, receiving his doc-
torate in French literature at
Colombia. Prior to his ac-
cepting this post he held the
professorship of French lan-
guage and literature three
years at Wesleyan.
Mr. Brown visited France
in 1939 and attended' the sum-
mer course at the University
of Vesancon and returnee
again in 1950 with his wif<
While working forshis doctor
1 ate.'
e Mrs. Brown will arrive b:
n the Cristdbal August 8th. I;
the meantime Mr.. Brown i
lodged at the Hotel Oloffsol
and doing a. spot of house'
hunting. The Institute wil
open as usual October and thi
,library will be open regular
hours this month, Mr. Browl
a,'vises. /

Last Wedmesday Esso open
ed a new Service Station at
Aux Cayes. \vith a swell so-
cial function. Father Du-
plessis blessed the building.
after which the Mayor Clau-
rel Sicard! cut the inaugural
ribbon. Speakers were Ed-
mond Pierre and Serge Gail-
lard and guests included the

--7 b;... -


.%, Nadal and Co., Distributors

ih ,
.. :. .- ... ..... .. ... ." *.. -. .- ... ........:... .

nel Xavi
seph, MA
Carl Bla
ger, etc.
ne-r folio

after anm

Page 3:

Philip Joycelyn, Colo- C.I.M's Clarence B. Moody, he *"
er, Major Ludovic Jo- has paid a dozen visits.here '::`
major -Celestin, Capt. since 1949 Mr. Marshall is-.
e, Messrs Herve and interested in Haiti's economic
nchet, Mrs. Frank Le development, and while here.'
A reception and din- has been holding high level:
wed at the new hotel. talks with government offi-.K!
cials. Haiti, he thinks,is a;
.NKER HOLDS country with a future.
1 Dancy, U.S. banker, --
I, home last Thursday, Said the Minister of Comrn'.
other enjoyable trip to merce price of Gasoline is'
Personal friend of not going up.



? *.,

; .. .

i dy, Augst 2nd, at 3.30
., p.an
tfth and 6th episodes and
it 6 and 8.30 p.m.
ay, August 3rd, at 6
Sand 8.15 p.m.
dayy August'4th, at 6 and
8.15 p.
s, August '5h, at. .6
Sand .8.15 'p.An
August 6th-, at 6
ai 8.15 ,p.m. .
ugust 7th at 6 and
815 ,p.m.
San'8th.,episodes anid
a Augist 9th' at 3.30
.. m.
7. and 8th episodes and.
ii-6 and 8.30-p.m-'
rI'. ___-__.
lieBrazier. former wife
Bfienri' Rosenpoond, was fatal
I red last. week when
f4lured her spine in p
lVdown.see :stairs in New
;rk" Her last j:emains have
V. knt tb Haiti. OuT con-

$532 disappeared from the
cash box at the Paramount
Theatre Sunday night when
the door of the movie house
was forced open.. The money
was bbx office takings for the
,movie cMenaces dans la nuit.
face and name to Le Jour>
Aug. 17ih.
Haitian journalists and
writerssupport the article in
cLa Phalanges concerning a
, movement for a syndicate of
Eric and J,eto Brierre fam-
ily have moved .to Bois.Pa-
'flhe ,persons involved' in
the IBoutilliers crime in which
French cook Remy Jousse lost
'his head last year have been
referred to the Criminal Court
excet Germaine Midy who
has been freed.
'. '.
dolences to the bereaved fam-.


Vergniaud Daplessis, a
member of the Chambre des
Competes died Sunday 19th af
ter a lengthy illness.
A man noted for his origin-
ality and'rare good humour,
M.. Duplessis was for many
.years a teacher at Bel Air. He
was the nephew of Minister
Archin. Our condolences to.
his family.



7 Travel Writers
Come On Resort
Caribbean Survey

iSuch is the title of a note
which appeared in the Satur-
.day, August 1st issue of Le
Matin.i It runs as follows :
,We apologize to our read&
ers for not providing them
with a detailed account.of the
arrival of the remains of ex-
President Dumarsais EstimB
in Haiti. The military autho-
rities did! not allow our report
Users free access.
We energetically protest to
the authorities in charge
against those actions which,
while being considerably pre-
judicial to us, cannot butalso
'hurt the prestige of the coun-
try, for they seriously injure
the' Freedom of Press. Is not
the granting of free access
to news to all journalists one
of the basic artiAles of the
Inter 4merican Press Asso-
ciation of which we are a
In our opinion, the facts we
point out are the more serious
because the reporter for afn-
other newspaper, a competi-
tor, was allowed to be on the
We take the opportunity to
point out to the SIPP that we
received' much later the in-
formation it gives first.to a
morning Econfrere.- The day
before yesterday we could not
get the schedule of the nation-
al funeral, of ex-President Es-
tim6, but the same schedule
was published in the yester-
day morning issue of that
'In spite of everything we
do not want yet to believe that
the order of ,the day is :


19th Army Day Celebraie
Continued fro'%e At-noon there|
.At- noon there,
chapel of the Casernes' De-' Wue and in thi ei
salines. Thousands attended for NCOa and ef
at the Champ dc M- ri at 9.in their respectiQ
a.m. to witness the grand par- tions. While fro1i
-ade of troops from the Army, Chief of Staff Bri
Air Force and Coast Guards, -eral Levelt held1
and to hear the reading of the at the Casino fo|
C-in-C's Order of the.Day. At mander-in-Chief ia
intervals, fighter, trainer and and officers.
transport planes of the Hai-
tian Air Force swooped low On the previ
over the Champ dle. Mars. the Army held
The President, Major Gen- ing at Staide
eral Magloire, in full .dress the progammeWl
uniform, inspected the troops. ed trdng, 4j
on his Anglo-Arabian charger, as weOl as drill,'
accompanied by General staff the President
officers similarly mounted,. The Coastguardsi
pand later led the parade' edthecup for~
through the town. Most.strik- *the Police the
ing detachment in the parade, In the evening.
in their blue and white uni- 'party for'
forms,- were the cadets of the lian friends at
Mi'ltary Academy. fants.
)-." 3s

ie ^W'ep. wctiestra at Ki
Wt"is se96en6 atleft.

Egit~lisft Sunday Ralph Cli
C... a4di.ng the TUS fleet
tif'the ""Caribbean received
. cable 'roym Washington
I- ouning- his promotion
Vi2Ve'Admira! of the U.S. fl
Jt tla, nticl."

ri. lay evening a celel
took. place aboard
W..S. VWasp. A reception a
B d at Ki ri at Martiss

Pi their leader Chief Burche-

in and the 15-piece orchestra of
ark the aircraft carrier U.S.-S.
in Wasp provided music. Hai-
a tians and Americans revelled
an- 'till the wee hours. Comman-
, to dant Morrison, Naval Attache
leet' of the U.S. in Port au Prince
was among the greeting
bra- Seen in picture is Chief C. J.
the Burkhardit, orchestra leader
was of the 4Wasp> and some mem
ant bers of the band.

* '
. .
; .. ; .. : .. 'v .
v4.1 ... r ... .. ''" '.:'" ... ." '. "

When the Resort Airlines
C 46 touched down at Bowen
Field last Wednesday at 11
am. 7 travel writers from the'
US got a look at the Republic.
As guests of Lhe Tourist Bu-
reau they sipped Haitian cock-
tails at El Rancho, lunched'at
Ibo Lele, i'len took a quick
trip around town. They took
off later for Montegol Bay;
'These visiting journalists
were Mr. John Hughes, Avia-
tion and Travel Editor of the
New York daily News; Mr.
Sylvan Cox, Travel Editor for
the Miami Herald; Mr. Henry
Ward, Travel and Aviation

.-4 j. ..., 2-.;-. .

Frantz Z. Gabriel of Port-au-Prince, hi: i
Ford user, poses beside.his'62 ,.mod5e2lt,
formance, no troubles over a year of plea
ing,, he says. This Ford had been in u10'
taxi service. .Fords are distributed' loc
and 'Behrmann.-Advert.

Editor of the Pittsburg Press;
Mr. Franklin Smith, Travel
Editor of the Pittsburg Press;
Donald Gonzales, Uni t e d
Press, Holmes Alexander, Mc-
Nau'ght Syndicate andi Euge-
nia Bedell of the New York
Herald Tribune.
Chainnan of Resort Air-
lines, Mr. Clinton Davidson Jr
Samuel Tyndall, Public Rela-
tions Director, are studying
the prospects and facilities for
holiday cruises in the West
Indies in co-operative with in
ternal airlines operating in
the USA. Their plane left Mi-
ami on the 19th, after picking
up passengers in New York
ard. 'Chicago,- their first ven-
ture- into -the -Mldi West. The
Party. flew to the Dominican
Republic, San'tian. St. Croix
land St-Thomas, Martinique,


'Trinidad, Caracas'"
ant then Haiti. Nexit
Montego Bay, Jainii
heading home Frid4
Resort Airlines I
operating.private hol
ses for the 'last thy
and are keen on m
Caribbean roundabo
lar feature' of theiri-
vices. Travelling inol
wre 16 other ,p
Among them was M
publian CongrisaI
dell Mead of Lexingi
tuacky) accompanied
wife and child.

Mr. Guy DouyonM
rector of tourismi!1
cal adviser to the'
fice besides hit i
manager of R&adB i
ce. .

-.- ..'. -.* .. /

*1AITI YtU'.

To Be Played At Rex Aug. 4th
ose who missed' the open
performance of Mo'ris-
.toy's exciting creole
i h 'of Antigone will be
[the opportunity to see
Ogh.point in .the Haitian
brical movement on Tues- I
August 4th, When it will
fibe put on at the Rex
)fe. -The curtain goes up '-. .
b0 and this time we hope
ill be a full house. The Adrienne D6joie who play
Sa is well worth a record Antigone
Lqut, as the flood of press
rts can attest one of the world"'sgreat
Snot only major op- classics. But it is also an
9,?s not jonly a major. op-
nitv for. the growing portunity to enjoy some
Pte is a language* contin- ciptional good. acting
hea with teir gool theatre. Clovis B
ihowea wie their colorful homme in the role of Kwn
Swell theirolour-l home in the role of K
vho well their iolouxfbl

cal backing, in terms of a
good box office, as well as for-
eign applause.
par Chaxrles Fernand,
(N.B. Prononcez toutes les
consonnes A la fin des mots,
sauf n. Ex, pi&s se pronounce
come piece, pat come pat-
C .e)
La linotype du journal n'a
pas le signe o accent grave

28th issue of It runs as follows :
On several occasions our
talented artist-singer Leon
Destine provides foreign news
papers with his biography.
The latest one appeared in
Time mazagine. Every time
Leon Destine hides hiis profes-
sion of linotypist. We of Le
Nouvellisteb, who negotiated

-------------- ---a-.UU ~ l

pour les mots come rorot). 9 y istinguished Beauty and Unparalleed
Je m'en excuse. .Crracy Always Cho'o se.:

Avan-ye soua, nan R&x- i ..
Theatre, F. Morisseau Leroy
prlzant publik-la Antigone R OL .''
an'Kireol. 1 i
.S6 pat premid foua yo tap
joud gnon pies an kr6yol 'nan
p&i isi't hi.n c6 t6 premid foua
ou pies 6tranj,6 t6 tradui nan
lang ppp la.
S& pat sblman gnou.trad.uk A'2.
sion, s6 t6 ou adaptasion nan
lign kultu. populb haisies,, ,6
puis ke pBsonaj yote ginl-oua.
yo, aloua yo tU r61 EziliUDan- 45 .
bala etc. Roua Greon te kan- .
kou gnou chef Seksion.
Sak pi inpotan nan travay
Morisseau a, s6 pa ou ti, pies '
root l'Adapte an kr6yol. Se 'USSO FRERES 25 nue Jlou
jouk an Gr~be, an Gr4ce Kla .
sik, I'al chach6 pies Sophocle--- ----
la poul mM~6t an ba j&. pbip --- -------
d'Ha.iti. Sophocle te f6 joutd-l .- .. :
a Athenes 440 an ava'n J&sus *.. -j
Christ. \ ,* ,
Lot oun va kri sou jan
Lot moun va 6kri sou jan i ... '" .. ,...

Come in and ask for a demonstration
ufoti Haitian Vractor Company
Rue Pavee

travay -Morisseau a bien fit,
sou jan aktl yo jou'. Sa mrin
min-m m'ta v16 tout p6i-a kon
pran-n se prbv Morisseau f6k'
bay kr6yol nou-an kapalb ran-n
ninpot ki pans,, niupot ki ii-
dc; kr6yol-la kapab pem6t yo
tradui ninpot ki gro pi6s 6tran
je pou 6et kultu pep la.
Yo kab pran pies Morisseau
a jan-1 ye a, fe yo jou6-1 La
Coupe, fe you, jou6-1 Kenscoff,
fi yo joue-] Linibd, f6 y o jou-1l
ninpot ki kot. Min-m si on
moun mo-n pb ko kon n li, po
ko on-n lkri, si sellman li kab
di ou: %M'ou1 Antigone*, sa
va b6l bagay, sa rna ou komans
man kultu.
A 16 ki Ie, si gin moun ki
kont lekitu an r6yol pou pep
la, ma mandd Morisseau ba yo
rnou kat gratis pou al ou6 An


'"uch is the title of a note
that appeared' : in the Monday,
July 27th and Tuesday, July


S. i '

Let the Ins-rance Company dn the worr- .
See ii, 'uiiatelri: UNORQV'jCH UNION. 1n.. rl'anre '
Joseph Ndda aind 0o. Ageni,. T-cl: 3486
S .' ,,
1 -

II .

.. This sov,&eign WLisky .'
possesses that distinction
.. of flavour .hich will claim ..
your allegiance from the first sip.

oseph ')istiloers Le:iih Scotland
Distirib/tors: G ieeral TradiLng C Sco.A.
' ."'-

, 4-:

- V t :?t. d c : ,: -

:-. *

'age & .
through the.American Embap-'
sy to get the 2-year scholar-i'
ship from which Destine bene,. A
fited to specialize in linotypy;,:
cannot understand this ;black;"'
out over this part of his life. l
It was that scholarship which: A
afforded him opportunity
follow evening dancing colir-"|
ses at Katherine Dunham's
School, '


o ie Clark Loo s Again, VISITS CHIEF DE PRO- SAYS MASS ABOARD rier USS Wasp1
1 At I it Folklore TOCOLED IN HOSPITAL U.S. AIRCRAFT CARRIER Prince harbour..
At Haiti, kloreLast Sunday morning Mgr
; Remy Augustin said a special :
N.Speffding another month in A mark of real friendship Rem A*-g ..i- -*. *'special**-
'Republic to continue the was the unofficial visit of the
|udy of its native music is Ambassador of Prance His
oiklorist Rogie Clark of New Excellency M. -Bercegol de D
o. Mr. Clark is on a Whit- Lile paid. to Daniel Theard,
. fellowship to-do both crea chief of protocol in Hospice
writing and a New York St. Franqois de Sales this
9tal of folk songs. He will past week. Mr. Thearc is to ... A PLEASAT SOP
i pcomplete his book ~The, fly to Baltimore shortly to re- ON YOUR ROAD TO KING
&lack Bards a treatise of Ne- ceive further medical treat- CHBISTOPHES CITA
o fo music-, from early ment.

a to pontempoirary Ame-
3r. Clark has been late-
ituring the.country, espe- N,
:.the south and doesn't D
register onp conm- ,
ot some of the folk- Folklorist Clarki
he: has been.ih the : .
t 'uch of jt is io- musical notations and taking
!; Too nuich of it is-.mo- ,t
rist-pos ter tff 'colour photographs. Coming fi
,ust-poster stuff, fI(
hentic as'it canand here from Trinidad he leaves p
SJ hentic as it can'and the
,q aroundthe middle of August
t*hi.- has- pe' ." for Jamaica andw will con-
-th interior to hr tinue on to visit the Gulah-
-the interior to -hear .
":ee,',orhi- e if kin speaking Negro inhabitants
e,"for himself, making -. t
? 6 1" ml,: m of the island' pff the coast of
":"..."' .." .:.-.. Southernf arolin r

Clark has d pne considerable
work in 'the field of folk mu-
S sic as an arranger, t writer, lec-
turer and as inte reftr 3f
folk music. He resides in New
York City, and is Director of
Sthe Music Department of Jack
son-CoVlege. He was awarded
a $5,600 Ford fellowship la.t
year to- c.orplete work to-
wandls the Doctorate degree at
Columbia University.

4togie Clark in costume 5'.Shots Fis
.Z' ig-zagginag'obber
iN resident :
Accun People living bn Avenue
S- Laflqur:Duchpine avwoke sud-
K.t.dthorities'of~New York. e- denly Monday at 1.15 a.m.
that the late President when they heard five shots.
time's fortune found. in the A detective had just fired at
kamou.nts to' 2,000 dol- a thief who managed to escape
,i% 1,000 dollars less than him by zig-zagging. In his
The undertaker's 3,000 dollar flightt the robber left two pairs
loftrousers and a shirt.

S-NewShipping Company Agents

Westley Steamship Company of New Yor
s"" take ptasure in anhquncing the appointment
,,C. GiE'NERAL TRADING CO. S. A., as new'Ge
eral Agent in Haiti.
*.^l It is also announced that Westley Steamsh
Company of New York, -has established a fa
E. cargo service from Chicago, Milwaukee,, Detrc
and Cleveland, direct to Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
,. >For information concerning rates, sailij
S schedules and assistance in solving your shippir
?" 'l' problems, contact -

V. -O.mU-L ...I





Gerard de Catalogne, Direc-
or of the Haitian Tourist Of-
ice in New York, arrived in
'ort Friday 24th with his-
harming wife on a qionth va-
ation. During his home leave
Ir. de Catalogne will discuss
&hrism problems With the
/ /

When you come to Cap-Haitien en route t
cCitadelle La Ferriere', make your stay
able at the new Hotel MO'NTJOLI..
I-ere awaits you a new and attractive
ment atop Carenage Hill, overlookjng.a,-
harbour. : .',

A fabulous spectacle : 'Right 'frof ydCu
in our spacious and airy rooms, you .may;.ha,
view of the Citai'elle in the fiery setting, su
>. .. "-' ': '.''* i^

- -e Birth-- .-
S^Brth at

PELt2ll Bold
TEL: 24 4

sly 9~'a~~aar SRr~~R~n -- -~d~3~l3

-- I


L I K ;:
S.: P Et t !R


ShOieI-C rane

UIU..." .

P ,

Powerf 85 li.p. engine
.* More weight-44,200 Ib. Diesel
Great' lifting capacity-30,000. U.
*Safety t RIdependent Rapid Boom Hois
Con r rv as Shovel, Dragline,
Clamrhell. Trnmh Hoe. Pib Dnvr and Crane
Positive Chain Crowd for ShovelA
Offic Sa and Service Headquadm aE
Distributor in Haiti CHARLES FEQUIE-E
54 Bue Roux Tel: 3279 ,2245 5173

- --- --- ---2 H- I -_-- Y _-_-- M -WOOOD

'i'S -& Qt'~-J'C




it *s

-'r -.-. '

AY, AUGUST 2nd, 1953


-Haitian Consul Guest Speaker

At Barbecue

7usalito, California, "July

re Rouzier, consul gen-
-of Haiti, was guest speak-
I.t the annual barbecue
ring of the Sausalito Ro-
.,Clul, held in the NEWS'
n last, Thursday.
iul General Rouzier
ned the resources, travel
-.,general economic coindi-
s of the Republic of Haiti.
stated that agriculture
titutes.98 per cent of the
s wealth, since there
,.no large mines or indus-
'Y development tdue to the
terrain of the coun-
'and .the lack' of ready

Syndicated, however, that
picture may be changed,
owi.ng the completion of
idArtibonite River hydro-
itic plant now under con-
Ictio-n. Completioh of the
t is expected within three
-rs and ithe ,dam will be one
the highest in the world,
th electric power sufficient
take care of the entire
Is of the country.
he Haitian government, ac
i.ng to Rouzigr. .welcomes
~irgn capital and has been
j. liberal in -its policy to-
& American investment.
t.rary to the .experience of
nrican capital in other La-
EArAmerican countries, there
s never been any expropria
[in of p'roplerty by the Hai-
iian govern-ment, he said.

eral que;
riod wa.
-_ .--l

One of the principal prob- '".osu
lems of the country is a dense gently
-population of three and a half home at
million in an area of 10,204 nue witl
square miles. The problem of six-mont
illiteracy is being cut down at have bee
a rapid rate by a system of lito for I
free education from kinder-
garten through the collegiate UNI'VE)
grades, Rouzier added. GRANT
He also'stressed the tourist TO HA
attractions of the country, The U
with modern hotels to be has an
has annl
found in the capital. One of
grant a
the thrilling scenic attrac-
tian me(
tions of the West Indies is
Sto speci
the trip by horseback into the\
The hucl
interior to the Palace of King have w
have wo
*Christophe and la Citadelle -
leave i
ILaferriire. The government
spend it
has no plan, according to Rou stud i
zier, to build a high-speed
high way to these historic
shots, wanting to keep before-
the people the primitive con-i
editions. which .enfphsize thieliajl
hai,'Vhips the country went
through in its struggle for in-
The country is proud of its
independence, he said, which S
will be celebrated next.year
on the occasion of its 150th1
anniversary. .


...4.. L i, sI ,' t WUiJ ne
sL all ,AM d NtJl a r rro 5 s''a 1i..O
u= Jan==



- Curta'inings


You'll love these wonderful Lace Curtain-
ings, for their unusual beauty as well. as
their extra-low prices.
Brand new patterns alive with bouyant
colours, sparkling with ideas that you will
translate into just the right scheme for
your home. Come in .. bring brightness
into your home.

.ing the talk, a gen-
stion and answer pe-
I General Rouzier re-
moved into his new
105 Santa Rosa ave-
h his wife and their
h-old daughter. They
en residents of Sausa-
the past five years.

university of Mexico
bounced its desire to
scholarship to a Hai-l
dical student wanting
alize in psychiatry.
ky student who will
n the scholarship is tb
n August and will
wo years and a half
g in Mexico.

Ask Foi



till Produced by

the family -



SINCE 1862'


Curio Shop --
Rue du Quai
Local Handicrafts
Splendid Mahogany

enveloppant comme la sole

parfunt dWe


AS *c c:K-. :0>'* :.; : 03B C* :0> *. as S -x* > S 0> <..C 0 esU

SSuperior Establishments Use Superior Air Co
lioners. You get this Extra Quality when
' Buy.



SBetter Designed

S More Carefully Built

Installed by Exper'enced Engineers

SWestinghouse deliver mote cooling effect per 1

p. I C g IB .ia .fi fflly '' *ii^r -M;JMg<:i jSgB' ra5^- ^T:jj^

. .... ......... .... -. ..- .


?l i. i s-1'~L 1,. L..~S J~I~B .li

.. .. .
.1 .L .

,2g: ; .. .- .* -- -
5 ";- -* ---- ^- -^ *------

it is one of the glories of
4aiti that it appreciates in-
eilectual values and honours
itlletual, artistic and scien-
e, achievement. 'This year.




*iCommencement exercises has so aptly been called, was
Sk'.eld in an unusual at- made more impressive by the
p~shre-. of soleziity. This presence of the President of
tsvai~ of the Spirit, as it the Republic. General Ma
gloire wished to signify there-
SALL by the iniportance of thebsuc-
S. cessfu-l completion of years of
'.. labour, discipline and study
by the, finest young men and
women in the nation.
The cotton crop, the sugar
crop may be of great value
but the human harvest repre-
senteid by the graduating claA-
ses of me1n 4nd women mature.
ink it7 c..tizaship is of im-
...gfibtbik 1b. iWrth. They are
It ti--le are its future,
Sits glory, its.
d 1 t their lhnds, gra-
imas xirs gb 1y, will be
i.. e Ayd&stl 'of this
S Tflfte is no
4 Tor "bb.'tbi' and the
s tJ k ti4y &bih ing to it.
C i n6 i .0 nL i the pros--
.'" perit and, wellbeing they may
U09i"'iiwm eeesoee.su. **.bring to their fellow citizens
if they apily consistently the
SVUi S'. m

.i .
_i^,:.. i. ^t^'jr
_S IH lll-A
a\)- i .

.mtber there's a G
Slb foer every Need

Ifiindor Tel. 3'

Knowledge tey have acquired
and cherish the principles of
justice.and integrity their tea-
S chers have istilld into them.
SLst Tuesday,, students of
S tie Law School, of the Poly-
nephnic School, of te School
of Dentistry, of the School of .
iP hairmacy, of the Normal
School, of-the Institute of Eth
;noiogy were given their diplo-
S ,mas ip the presence of proud
Parents and enthusiastic
-frierd -,of the highest offi-
ials of theYGovebiimeint and
the most distinguished acade-
mic leaders.
We wish we could print-in
, I full the magnificent address-
185 es of Dr. iuc Grimard, Rector
of the University, and of
Pierre Liautaud, Minister of
National Education. No finer
discourses could be heard any
where.' The perfection of
form, the quality of thought,
the elevation of sentiment,
the patriotic glow, the legitim
S ate pride in the youth of the
land all these traits single
them out as masterpieces of
S oratory not an oratory su-
Sperficial and affected but one
coming from the heart, in the
measured and restrained
tones of the scholar and the
Minister Liautaud empha-
sized several truths of the
highest significance, particu-
,L, larly significant in Haiti. It




By Dr. Paid Periq&gard

me law r'acuaty
- Cliche aLe Nationala

is your duty, young graduates,
to supply the country with
well prepared technicians and
trained specialists in every
field, to develop and personify
an active ideal of citizenship
which will firmly establish
and expand the work of your
forefathers, in varied forms
of activity carried out with
love and patriotic devotion.,
eTo be valuable citizens and
justify the investment you
represent you must first of all
be good physicians, good law-
yers, efficient engineers, and
then aim constantly at becom-
ing Men and Women in the
highest sense of the word. Hu-
man dignity should ever re-
main your goal.,
r. Lue Crimard, Fiector of
the University, spoke with the
heart of a father who, after;
watceifg the mental growth
of his children, will continue
to follow their progress in the
various careers of their
choice. He told them that their-
country was 'eagerly awaiting
their contribution, cYour life
is 'before you, you will, have
a chance to pay back to your
fatherland the debt you owe.
That debt is a heavy one.
Many years are needed to pay
it off.'And alsA special quaali-
ties of mind and heart: un-
flinching devotion to ddty,'
serious application to your
work, aiming at excellence in
your profession, high moral
.At an early date,,we shall
see embodied in marble and
stone in Port au Prince, the

4 ,F:

iennes Miami is so near'
at all Bv Clipp.
paper much n hi
much funwhdi
ty of And during .s.
based a month its'
place for td-i)gi
certain with plenty- f ir
rising everyone'in lixuw
" At It ltss than-onrt
itants season" rates.;
bars. fabulous Miam4
arrests 0o an
arrests 'diversion, f
Marie morning s
of night life;a
the seasonal.c
,, accommodadti

Visit a friendly,
island. Sampir-'
the culture o
English, Freav.1
traditions. Papi4
and only Pan I
to every majoipJ
remember yo64
includes stopp'

Daily direct seij
by swift, comf.i
see your Tra

0' 1

r ". Ma..l. a
Sedw tav&

high ideals of educaton we
hold dear. A University City
will soon rise in our midst re-
minding our youth of the op-
portunities which await them
and proclaiming tb the world
our devotion to truth and
knowledge. Likewise you
will see the completion of a
Research Center, so necessary
nowadays to national pro-

And thus Ave shall glory in
a ne .Citadelle the Cita-
delle of the Spirit.s

Study Trip To UN

Local boy Abner Buteau at-
tending Howard University is
among the 40 students to
whom Michigan State College
has granted a study trip to
thb UN,

There has been considerable
talk in the Prbss abodt some
mystetibtis Rtings-on in the
Provinces. But as yet no one
has got down to concrete de-

: '

Lt. Aitotdio IS
sitb lietutenant Pieri
the Haitian Army:,
Port from six io
tary training at .
Benning in Georgi
-- --|

~ Awa

7 It
Fly eIZaP4


cLa Phalanges rep
tihat 100 persons were
into custody at Jeremie
questioned about a '
bushiess involving witch
devinors, acartomanci
and necI'omanes-. The'
added that the majority
those arrested were relei
short time later. But'ci
ones who had been terror
the superstitipus inabi
were still kept behind 1
Other witchcraft a
were reported in Dame-
and Anse d'Hainault,

to be

"-: ..


Sirr c ... a ... ..,


UAUGUST 2nd, 1953

ector Of New Hotel School

SArrives From Riviera

.tne elderly French-
.d in Port au Prince
S',to do a big job .
b. put our hotels on a
is equal to the grand
ents on the Riviera
major resort centers.
'en Peret came here
He United Nations to
md direct a School for
bonnel. It will be held
iet Hut on the Expo-
inds and through its
. will flow chamber-
bks, waiters, barmen,
, yes and even manag-
bn how to give His Ma-
tourist the kind of qom
ood living he not only
:e but has come to ex-

. is anyone more ex-
Vat putting, a smooth
ais finish on a partial-
I'or amateur hotel staff,
lo know it. Mr. Peret,
s from the Pyrenee,
:three decades at two
)t famous hotel schools
viera, Protessor of Tech
Nice and Tbchhical Di-
the one at Grenoble.
tiaan Holel School 1ill
aopg biher things,
lasses sp that English

and Spanish speaking visitors
can enjoy such comforts as or-
dering scrambled iggs for break-
fast and getting thm scrambled.
There will also be courses for
taxi drivers, guides and police -
all of whom the tourist must
depend upon for aid and helpful
We feel sure that through the
establishment of such a school,
the Haitian Government is tak-
ing a wise and urgent step to-
ward putting the nation's fast-
est expanding industry on a
long-term solid b.-is.
_- rr-r--..r._-_-----_-_i__._-__


One of our swankier hotels,
it seems, had am elderly and
cantankerous guest vwho, de-
spite the best efforts of the
kitchen and dining room
staff kept up a series of con-
sta1t complaints about service
andi the food. Finally one
evening after the waiter plac-
ed. before him a particularly
uish piece, of filet mignon, he
muttered in indignation and
demanded to see the head of
the kitchen. The steaks, he
idleclmued, with forceful ges-

S o Le hjellleur cler pneus g6antsl

I.Mi.r RIB


Le pneu qui vods donne- d
advantages inesp6res sans dE-
,pense supplementairel
Une march stable et douce ...
moins de risques de dErapage
.. .une carcasse extra-resistante
d'une tenue inegalee en
rEsumE le Ailom6trage le plus
Vlev6&au prix le plus bas.


ii-LIiler "All Wc=ther" possede la Iameuse
e de roulement "All Weather" de renom-
mcndialc qui assure une resistance au
bage et une traction exceptionnelles sur
les sols.
3 > 2-51-14 F

Dans le monde
entier on trans-
porte plus de
tonnage sur
pneus Good-
year que sur
pneus de toute
autre marque.

tures, it. It's terrible.z ty, clippered in Port from Da-
With all heads swiveled in kar via Paris Sunday. Mr.
her direction, the head of the M'Bow is a doctor in letters
kitchen listened with bowed and is chief of the section of
head to the gentleman's irate. Basic Education in Western
tirade and then offered', to
make him an omelet. As she
mashed through the dining
room she hummed a popular
Haitian air etortue pas gain ,
The long-suffering waiters
almost dropped their trays in
stifling their merriment. I V


Entomologist Roger C.
Smith clippered home Tues-
day after a happy stay here
with his Haitian friends and
former pupils.
Professor Smith was Direc-
tor of our cJEcole Nationale
d'Agriculturea in 1930, and
has just retired after heading
the Department of Entomolo-
gy of Kansas State College for
over 20 years. He travelled
to Haiti especially to meet
'his Haitian friends and to see
the institution Damien again.
Before his departure Pro-
fessor Roger Smith was.guest
of honour at a reception.held
in his honour by former pu-
pils of A'lix Large, Max Vieux,
Georges Heraux, Georges Au-
dant, Anthony Lespes, Jehan
Dartigue etc.


Young African Ma. A. M.
M'Bow and his wife, the for-
mer Mile Raymonde Sylvain,
,daughter of Mr. Ed'mond Syl-

Time" &" Life"








Tbe Leadinp Ami



-?:.;,. :- -:

3CI~CmCI~CIWHII---------- ----- ---

I -L- --


..... -

[ ,,"-?:...: ... :. .
e :,;:,. ."' e ---.--

Plans For Hydro-electric Plant

Al Saut-Mathurine In South

The Government. is now and its various elements.
Making preliminary plans to A French Company, the
L: build a hy,dro-electri .planftat 4Omnium Lyonnaise has 6pen
;'.: ,"Saut-Mathurine, some eight ed negotiations with the Gov-
If:. ilometers from Camp Perrin. ernment to carry out the pro
n'" !Such a plant would furnish ject .and has sent Engineer
' "ower for home lightipg and Guy Fristett to Our Republic
' "':'*Nidustrial energy throughout to help draw up the prelimin-
S t.he Southern .Peniinsula,. i- ary-blueprints.
: ";'luidiang the citids-of Cayes, Such a project would be a
ati Jeremie, Aquin ad .CavaiHon. major impetus in the growth
;:'.and. the Pestel, Corail and of Haitian ihd'usty.
':a .' ,
:.hangeux regions.
S:: Two survey teams of the HONOURABLE MENTION
S.'rPublic Works Department are IN PARIS
':: preparing to leave Poit au :
ePrince to make topographical' Rene Duper\al ttucdying at the
uistudies :6f the region and fix Faculty fo Medicine of Paris
-ikthe.exact spot fo .tae. plant on a government scholarship re-
; I


.' .

., I
,. :C- I

." '1 I*' "" 1

.*I"'' -. *

.- -


Dinner. Dance Every Wednesday

Jazz Guignard

r Please Reserve your table.

STel. 7887. i
,',:-.- M"..pF-. now-. cc, ,, % c"..

.. ,, ': : ,

-HArrl SUN*


Persons have been peddling
bread under the name of
Peters' Bakery and a spokes-
man for Peters this week
atres fache, told the that the only place that the
fine quality Peters' bread is
sold is at Peters' Bakery on
the Champ-de-Mars.

The walls of the church of
Petite Riviere de Nippes col-
- lapsed last Wednesday from
the force of a high wind.

The. delicate Chocolate ,
brings relief ov-rnight, So
tonight and tomorrow
you'll be all right.'

Le Picardie

Specialities -
" Onion Soup
* Filet Mignon
* Pepper Steak
* Snails
* Escalloppe de Veau

Reservations' Tel. -741(i

,.ln.~ ri ., ,.. ,,,lI r
1 a CltC CACO4,'$

*.-LTL"rl 35MAKC5
L. rP.

*'McD* E GG S
5 .-.i'.,. !Cr.C5
coe FC" o
6'^ ^n^

ceived ,tres honorable,
with the felicitations of
with his thesis .Dechli
milk in the treatment o
cal oedemas.- Presiding
jury was the brilliant I
zelot, professor of card
chemistry of the Facult.
dicine of Broussajs la-Ch,
pital. Dr. Ddperval p
spend one more year
and complete hi" card


LJLL i i.w.ZtU

mention ,i .
the jury
rurated Dinner Dan
f cardia- 9
dver the
Dr. Don-
y of Me-
arite hos a
plans to \
in Paris
biological 8
I Hotel Ib


' Ev'ry Tuesday ana rdsaaj Irm o ,i8
I Every Monday from 8 p.m, lot
I __ A





in Cool Kenscoff
For Lunches and Dinners of Dist,
Almost 5,000 feet; almost a'ii
above sea-level :
'Tet only 15 pleasant miles, 35 le
minutes from the heart of the Ca~

Unexcelled American -French;
Cuisine and Beveral


tPwo a



The Palace of Sans-Souci the Eighi
World King Christophe's Citadel..
Caves at Dondon The lovely beach.
Coast :
Apply M. Leopold Sanchez, Cap F
Telephone 454 '


." rmr -

.' **".'I

. IL




, .-o '* ^

U Page 11



.Rankine, visiting
is now completing
'ts for ffie tours
Stian sports groups
L cooperation of the
s Sports an Aigle
S a national bas-
Sping-p&ng team
'Jai.aica from Sep-

.14th December a
chboljboys from St.
'onzague will fly to
.They will be guests
~'rge's College, and
*atIhed with their
Il in football and in
0e tour is the cre-
f a visit made by
e's in '51, and the
6f .the tourney will
|ecl the'Jocelyn Ml-
pihy. McCalla;an old
.,George's, presented
"cup for competition
ion .hekc at the coJ-
I "last.


night, July 25,
& and Violette met
d'e. to. settle once
jh is .the better foot-
L.i .Two previous con-
e ihdecisive and a
Owidi .- including
ors' came to see
gle. Well aware of
kerest, dhe Haiti
federation nad or-,
this post season
Fid of the Madame
.PFoundation. The
f the Republile and
goire sat in the Pre-

.cwas a bit dis-
SIt wasn't SWas an
kes us wonder if.the
jMexico were over-

o'al came when Vio-
ide right Elie moved
t the ball, then turn-
Iribbled back. to the
eper Mevs waiting
11 to go touch, re-
eize it and an angled
Sit in the goal.
After Beauvoir had
|the end of the half-
Ie Noir equalized as

left wing Baro:i barged one
in from a scrimmage. The
tempo of the match picked-up
as each side fought for a de-
cision, but the technique was
faulty few neat passes, few
concerted movements, a lot
of loose-kicking Marked the
match. The 'game continued
this way until. Violette con-
verted a corner, Phelps scor-
ing from a melee-and ended
before Aigle Noir could equal-
ize again. Another item for
the fans to talk about was
presented by Mme Magloire
to the Racing Club as an-

Why Mme Magloire
Didn't Present,
The Pradel Cup
Answer to the question
'Whby w s the Pradel cup not
handed to the championship
winners Racing Club by Mme
IlIagloire as scheduled on the
programme ?,,was later given
by William MIlntosh -of the
Haitian Federation.
Rules of the Fedeation re-
quire that the 'knock-out cup
be given at once to the, team
left at' the end of this com-,
petition. The championship
cup, however, is always to be
presented to the winning
teams at the earliest-conveni-'
ent time at the beginning of
the next season.
When Federation officials.
first scheduled' thTs prize-giv-
ing to take .place at the end

*- I


*According: to liste's, Ne\' 'York correspon-
dent, Haiti's version of Tom-
my; Mainville had a 'cit of dif-
iculty getting the knot fi9d on
'his fourth marriage. -
The ebullient distributor of
Bibby's soap went to the Hai-
tian Consulate to exchange
his < with-Mlle Ninon
Santos. But since Ti Henri
does not hpve Haitian icitizen-
ship, the Consul could not per
f6rm the marriage and off
young Bermingham went in
search of a < Hall.
Word ieceivel' this week an
nc.unce.l.that Ti Henri tied the
knot in New Jersey July 23rd'.
They returned home Thurs-


; -" -" --" -* -- .- -
The new MArris Minor now zipping around the roads
of Port-au-Prince is the car with enough get up and go
to do 80 miles,per hour, or to mount the steepest coun-
try road and the gas consumption is low enough to
take you 40 miles for a gallon, a performance combin-
at.ion yod cannot beat. See and'dlrive the mighty Minor
at Henri Sendral, local dea lers, Grand'rue.-Advert.

*I .

....-.- .; ... ..


RUGUST 2nd, 1953

of the Violette Aigle Noir
charity match, the teams were
consulted and they agreed.
But just hours before the
match they both stated that
they would not play if a pre-
sentation to another club was
going to take part on the same
programme. They pointed out
that the Federation ought,to
be bound' by its own rules; and'
the Federation, forced to
choose between cancelling the
match or cancelling the pre-
sentation, cancelled or rather
postponed the latter.

Barbancourt Beals
Juuiler 4-2
Tuesday Barbancourt beat
Jupiter 4--2 on the Odeide
field. Star Eddy Castera made
two gpals for Barbancourt.

Can you Answer These Questions

On Life Insurance?

1-What is the n'orld's most widely used form of thrift? F
Life Insurance owned by more than 800 million men,
women and children.
2-:How many life insurance companies are there in the
U. S. A. only?'
Orer 600, actively competing with each other.
3-Does a. mait have to die tb win life insurance?
No! More than half of all payments "go to living policy-
4-Who help your neighbors buy their homes?
The people who put money into life insurance and savings, (1
5-How have many.-families helped young people get more :,
education? -
Through the use of life insurance. "
6-Wh.y are the services of your life insurance agent so
important? .
To make sure your life insurance plans continue to fit your .
needs and desires.
7-How has life insurance hqlped give the world a broader ;
concept of family responsibility"
By enablip4g the breadwinner to extend his support beyond i
his lifethie. ,
\S-- 'ho has the largest staks in life insurance?
iWomnen ard children for they benefit most frob/:'
its protection.
. U .. J E4 .

S* ,i

..it.le at: Bi-hara Izmery, Au Lincorni, BazaI- de la .
'ote, Bazar NationalGeorges Coles, o s C Maison Simon
-. ux. Mmne Joceph Maglio. Bazar Eduiond Pi pp .
xclus.'e JDistribrle r f. Haiti --Phone: 3513 ,
_________- -- ","

... r .:' j.rC.:.* ', .. ... .
,. 4f. ... .. .K .. ..... l.A'-f'-S .U N .: *. .,

,- "
F1 4
.-.. i ..' Di immediately and -that the
B'? I pneS whole course of my 4fe would
You t 'ever Heard Before be c an .. .
S' It was. Five days later
Continued] .ings of flowers on Zhe door of Andr6 Breton fognder of
In the summer of 1944 Pe-' abar called Ici la Renaissance. the surrealist movement i4
t.:ers discovered a twenty- He couldn't stop then, but he France visited the center ahd
ti:: ie-dyear-old' painter, An- returned later, having learned was fascinated by Hyppolite's
S t'n.io Joseph, now perhaps the .that the artist was a penniless work. He bought five paint-
-.'s.tr modern artist in Haiti. house painter named Hector ings and when these, as well
oJbseph's.. pictures gaye, the, Hyppolite, who lived with a as other pictures from the
i'. center armuch-needed lift, but mistress and two children center, werelater exhibited in
in the next fbw months Peters near St. Marc. Their hut was France they'brought interna-
w.':as desperately afraid the so -small that as Peters ap- tional fame to H J.lppolite and
holeol, project was going to preached he could see that the the Haitian primitive paint-
oi..Bo-.llapse 'because of lack of woman, who was lying on a ers. Hyppolite really estab-
;p talent. Then, in December, a bed, had put her feet out the likhed the. Haitian primitive:
pa".ij" aintihg and, a letter arrived window in order to stretch school, but he took his fame
i from.rCap Haitienm The letter out to full length calmly. He moved, to Port
T~e' paipaiter. wa *t autrince to a good houe, .but
:.e." paiter- w. not at he was uncomfortable and t
,-: ' soon shifted to a dirt-floor
r.i Obin, artistic.painter, er- .soon he saw a tall,, thin man shack in the' water-fron e
i-Jliy, that I painted thi pies ,' '", "n
thatV : .s h ,'i.. : --- ,. slums, where he built a vqo- -
'.re: The visit of President -. hews a p t
dsooaltar -he 'was a priest 9
NO"i,."'Roose^<.to. -Cap -,aitien r
o"',b. *"*o.C p' 'aain viclose to the Sea Goddess -
T. 'he.ipainting Was bbvipusly t
.~.,; ain n as 6b.i. .usly. ovet Which hie presided in a
: ^ah *copy a picture post:7,
W.P ,id ca yPa picture post- long' blue flannq a dressing,.'
^ ra iss'utd after. resident.,. ,. gown an da bejeweled golden t
v'bosevelt'e visit in 1934,k-but wth W.avy hair parted in the own and a bej d. ln
^ -i -e ... *- .' '; ... : '... v gow n and a 'ibejew eled .gpld en a
.'.abrently Peters sw ,dme-. middle and falling to his mistresses and spentost of
S .- mistresses and spent.-most of
S :'. g unisotl in ivt or per. ut .comimg. the rad. his not .inconsiderable income *
Xtai- nias iamerely Oiesperate.,`6H6 c in Peters re- i
-hvasmerely pert :>, Peters re- buil( ifig a boat in his back
-i He.recklessly sent' Obin five called later,.,but there was an
W^o/~ so worth. .yatd- In 1948, at the age of
1a rsfor it, plus $4.50 worth expression of incredible .dig- fifyfoIn 1948,h dat the age ot'
fifty-four, he died of a heart
t ,ofi materials, and ,urged him nity and calm' on hisfae. He a e p
S' 'attack while painting a self-
iotry again. This turned out was. not surprised to see me.
... portrait.
I b a gilt-edged investment. He. aid he had been warned
Ti, now-ffty-eight, became,'-in a dream of my, coming and __
o.f.the foremost primitive he .bought me a bottle of soda .[Continued in next edition
ters'of Haiti arid his-.,ic- poI tio,d.link.>.
is From Paris Press
are still in deand- fo On Max Pinchna's Show
,uch as t70 in NIew York "f yppolite was poor even in erp fr som Paris-
'Hii-u e Excer. s from some Paris-
l'esewere. po erty-stricken-Haiti, but he newspaper ctics re-
'.n newspaper critics re-
tl diovery of.Obin, accepteas. h .due.. the,paint-, marks on the exhibition of the
ersealiz" db he had' been inaterial s'that Peters gave
Shad' been r te at Petersgave recent paintings of Max Pin-
;track. Hdbe him".: with, a request that he
S" bri, spi t .e chinat which recently closed
%.i n Aenttink n primi_. bring. }ustpictires to the ce-
Sc-at the Bruno Bassano Gallery
fpti adsocl earned 'that ter.' en days later he brought
it ;werd welt sprinkled sixteen paintings to the cen- Pa
t'e critic of the Paris
would-be artistic p t- ,ter, I was 'told .i, a dream ,CGibkt wvritess *The ei-
": Sofie of -t0ien used chic- to paint these* lie said. I was bitio of this young aian is
f p -bitio of this young Haitian ins
Seathpi. for brushes and told that five ivould be.sold. .es pant
,c en hael~ "- :hen .e.IST '!1es reveal a genuine artist
eit, for paht.... They Addn Maihines ~he influences of certain' mas
.td:what they. saw with.,
ed ht ,th .. with. 'alcai g M heS ters are still, apparent, but '
-ikerealism.- f e -e. h .
.r., r.. h .m ", Cash Registers some of his canvases show a
S re, i- ..... astery. of drawing 4and of
h t" strive tq..ict ever..
t-; we tCompo'psibion and a richness of
If ii was a house, 'he 'ows us to
mhiaterial which allowVs us to.'
"git try to show .aflltfueur-
taln to .sho. pe 'frs ur of 'e forecast' a. bright future .for
a wi Whatever the artist O M ax Pinchiraf.
".. ..,.regarded as most igtpqrtant .
Iknaio< high't be drawn tiuch larger
N...t-e h r. "Pinchinat revellis himself in
i thn anything else, in the pic-.h himself in
S .all sincerity such as he is -
,ire egadless of persp ective his qualities and' his faults -
or position. Most of .these keen, forceful, determined in-
; painters were of little,inter- d a e fls i
t; .fe wersierenddividualist. One feels in him
'est; a.fqew were sincere and .
talented interpreters of the ?n untamed energy. r
A.!itian s, cene.
: ne' day,when Peter was REGISTEP, C'. says:'. .ri.ding on arbus near the towh Agent in Haiti: Young painter lately arrived
."of. St. Mare he caught a 'OTS DECATREL & SONS ? From Haiti. 'He is rightly am-
g. Glimpse of some unusual paint P.O Box 596- bitious to blend Dn his work
,.. -- ,.x... -. ea.on and instinct. HIe stu-


,- ,, r .

Cries Picasso but remains deep
ly attached to the naive and
popular forms.. of hiSative.
land.d '
aMax Pi.chinrat,; says uLe'-
Parisien Libpre, young paint
er from Haiti, endeavours to

check th- atd
With tbhe
ou.r ant-
is'the poo.
t'r as t ,
able thAtit


Continued from Page 1 rents. In 193
owed mother,.j
SNo other painter associated tther he fled&.a'b'
with the Centre d'Art has to Port au'.n
more conscienciously taken adi ticed to A H. 1"i
vantage of the opportunities it impulse prev
offers. Shortly'after its foun- in'mugicf
nation in 1944, he began par- In additionii
;i'cipating in its prograrhmes, in inntial er*
and' ihivingf studied' with Pet- tons. he has'
ers, S6ley, Calfee and' Keene. pmani !howas
Antonio Joseph has now emer d'Ait, the
Fed as an artist in his own second in 194
right. with the great force, this year. '
hat results from the devotion In. his introj
o the wokl and disciplinee the",gehisbt
hat go into,the formation of wrote.a :f'%
truly" creative artist. roa4 to fulfil
Jpseph was bori on April youngp ma:.
5, 1921, pn'Barahona, Domi- is Safe to"
ican 1epublic1df Haitian pa- majorartistI!o

," "-4-'J "


-.* A-5
On Rue Pavee. IOposloe^'AA Offi"eI"
0 0- 0.0 s n .. ... ''
-9 9-4



Sf "' ""' "

A 6t~r-r.
ra ;

r a

i^~ .lJ

SDistributors Usine A Glace Naii

4%k ",r
~1-. ""

...'. ...........'... ......,., .' .
* 1f' iLt..l; '*r ,' ^ : ^ '.' *' *' ''



p- L. *... *.'

ALY, AUGUST 2nd, 1953

Page 1

r of cComme il
makers of Splen-
PIttes, Mr. Antoine
Wbw to Europe Wed-
iafternoon for two
i'cation. He was ac-
'by his wife 'andi
'Silgia and Vero-

'and Helga Tippen-
ft for France Wed-
-fernoon. Rudy is on
trip to Germany
a is going to be god-
the addition to the
0gat Monnier family

William Macintosh is
morrow 'on a two-
rt to New York.
I-, .

S-:0:- .
Marie 'liver of Scipa
iTew York yesterday
niths vacation. Her
rge Laudun was not-
on the ramp.
^,-:0:- .-
L. Welbb, Director
C .and S here.quit his
itioned office this
Sand flips off on an
le' vacation on the
coast of U.S.

Ly Bapun is home "on
bn from college in Pro-
, R. I.
' -:0:-
-Elias Noustas returned
'frorh a highly informa
p to the tourist Islands
aica and Nassau. His
e also made the voyage

iesday afternoon viva-
ed-haired Helen Mc-
teturned to the U.S.
He promise she'll be

: I'

I\\ \


back on her fourth trip bien-
t6t. .

Odva's Charles Leggett,
wife Isabel and daughters
Yvonne and Nancy are off to
Miami today.
-:0:- ,
Haiti's Ambassador to Cuba
Marcel Fombrun is in town.
Mrs. Albert Celcis and
daughter Elizabeth are back
from New York.

.0I The Monday night recep-
BarbaraJohnson is back tion at the Liberian Legation
'Barbara Johnson is back in honbur of the 109th anni-
from Texas as house guestsn o of t 1th i
of the D'Adeskys. versary of the sister Repub-
-::_ lie of Haiti was one of the
Carl Tippenhauer, son great social evewrts of the sea-
Engineer Harry Tippenhauer ..

returned home from school in
France Tuesday for two
months vacation.
Luc, Andree and Alain Sau-
rel flew in from Curacao Tues

-:0:-. -
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur No-
wack are leaving town today.
The Habaco director admits
the nature of his voyage is
,much needed vacation.
1 -:0:-
Hans Hackenbruch has re-
turned from the U,S.
Adrien [Doudoul Laroche
arrived 'home by the Panama
Line Saturday morning from
college in the U.S. He was ac
cornpanied by his lovely new

-:0 :-.
Mgr. Achille Lupi, apostolic
nuncio in Port au Prince, has
been transferred to Washing-
ton, He will leave Haiti Au-
gust 7th to take up his new
Wednesday Minister of Corn
inerce and .Mrs. Daniel Heurte
lou offered a sumptuous re-
.ception in honour of govern-
ment personalities.
Professor John Backley andl
his wife, the former Odyle La-
fontant, are back in Port.

Mr. Roger Boucard, Presi-
,dent of the Chamber of Com-
merce, is due home from the
trade mission to Belgium.
Jerry Kovler returned Wed-
nesday from Chicago -via King
ston to Ki Pi.

r. om IL o clocK oegan ar-
riving' members of the Diplo-
matic corps, high dignitaries
of State and the Army, lead-
ers of Haitian 'high society.
His Excellency the President
of the Republic and MIme Ma-
gloire ,headed' the party of
distinguished guests; welcom-
ed by the Affable hbsts, His'
.Excellency George O. Brewer,
Minister of Liberia, and
Mme Brewer.

The President and 'party
mingled in the brilliant ga-
thering, sampled the excel-
lent Iuhffet, drank informal,
champagne toasts with their
hosts. After the playing of
the National Anthem of Li-
beria.brought the reception to
an end the President depart-
ed. Soon followed' the great
anniversary ball as the Chan-
cellor Pierre Liautaud took
the floor with Mime Brewer,
ofllowed by Minister Bre-
wer with Mime Liautaud, then,,
with their partners, the min-
isters Zephirin and Dorsin-
ville, the Ambassadors of Bra-
zil and Mexico and in a
delightful spirit of festivity,
remarkable among these' dii-
diplomatic occasions, the par-
ty continued till 1 a.m.
,St. Pierre's wedding bells
will ring out August 16th for
Edith Leys and Frantz Ger-
Mile Magdeleine Gardere
married young nordic Her-
man Van Bezoyen, former as-
sistant manager of the Hotel
Riviera, Thursday, in Port au


Taimous since fSe


I '

C, t. y -



.On Thursday
lin Jolicoeur, ou
gay soiree at B
timate festauTr
friends sipped
mae speeches
terously in honw
andt of big-hear
After midnig
adjourned to th
Oloffson, where
vels continued
night of the hal
my life', saidL.

Mr. and I
Naude and Mit
vacationing at
'Senior Midsh
Ferere and Je
porte'are home
ing Naval Acai

Dejoie clipper
cLe g-oupe I
picnicking todi
tor Bellande in

Te atomic
stopped *it the
ly was none o
geous Maxime
nequin and ri
Dallas, Texas.
ality plus, ebe
ces .aupres de
line>6 was les femmes.,
Our Columni
J. Grant is bus
,pretty niece Be
New Jersey ar
Mr. and Mrs
who are associ
timing Agency
Friday in the
ribbean trip g
rial for a Guid

area The book when cb'm-
pleted wil be published andc l '
distributed to the public by '..
Delta C and S Airlines.

The feature cI went out on
a date with a wrestlers will ` :.."
not appear in this issue. Mon- -"i
S. tezuma left the country by air
i Tuesday. Venus of the ring
Yoli Perez is keeping com-" ';
pany with Amazon Silvia Her -';-i
nandez. The two girls are '- .
clippering to O- T. this week-:
night AJube- -:0:- .I
ir confrere of Robert Shankel, owner of -',
*, organised-a the yacht Nettle walked- out '
eauboeuf's in- of St. Francois die Sales last j'' ,
pnt. A little week after a week long.bout~rt i!
company o f of malaria. He said the bugi
champagne, bit him on the Ile a Vaches;'
and song bois- and.he made his trial run up..''
our of Jeanie, to the Citadelle by mule while:.
rted Jolicoeur. awaiting the arrival of navi-..
ht the party gation charts. This week the..
ie pool of the Nettle weighed. anchor aid.!:A
Sthe merry're- continued its world -trip .toa;
cthe happiest America.
ppiest week of -:0:- :'
Mme Black- Oharies Best, Gardlner Den-
ver territorial supervisor, stai.:"
tioned' in Colombia, was iin, .
Mrs. Maurice town this past week for talksl:'
ta Naude are with local agent Jacques Mar --;
Aux Cayes. tin of Sonaco. :

lipmen Gerard Mr. Sydneyr A. Stewart,. i1'
mRn-Claude La- executive Vice President ofg:"
e from attend- Delta C and S clippered 1i !.
demy in Vene- Friday to renew old friend'.,,
ships and see .the new offie;',l.
After a night at El .Ranch'.f
he constellated back to Geor-
Senator Louis '
ed to Miami .-:0:-
Mr. Homer Gayne is goingF.
: on annual vacation August.l'
Petionville> are 10th.-
ay at Chez Vic- :
SDiquini. Master Sgt. Allen is off t
:-- Washington for reassignmentt'
blonde who A
blonde who sailing today aboard the An-:
Ibo Lele recent
I Lele recent con with wife and sons, Billy'
their than gor- 7, Richard 5.
7, Ri"chard, 5.
Lipscorrrb, m.n- -:0:
-: :
radio singer of Mr. Fernand Magloire, di
The person- rector of Regi du Tabac gave-:;.
aucoup de suc- a gay farewell party to jamai-,
la gent masu- can visitors anchor Rankine4-.i
a gentile avec and Ivor Earle at his home i.
Kenscoff last evening.
ist-butcher, T.
sy squiring his
etty Stewart of
-ound town.
Mr. and Mrs. Andre iToto W.
0:- and Ti Mama Dominique !
. T. A. Gullette have a new baby girl which
iated with the brings the total up to 5 en-
I-Adams Adver fants.
arrived here -:0:-
course of a Ca- The stork is expected to
gatheringg mate- visit the Dadlou Sendral house
Ie Book on this hold this month. .


-.]_,t A a .gr i t t a p'. ..- ,.3... $ 5 ,'.',-; :-- .. .. .... *:0. -.- -.. .., ..- ... .. .,: .. ,
NODe which4I

O(Conrin ed ifrom Page 1) workers
certainly his castle. Magni- instigating court action a- o .
now on the tr
"icent.y furnished, the house gadnst the government. Sena- .
." fl 1 34f.. t.he'e tor s othe m omenta '
ntains perhaps the'biggest tor. Clau&de Pepper, -veteran the claims f
o. election of. classical music of the U.S. administration,

anas grow..gn W
.. -,, company; 2) t6
-rbc ri'din Haiti, and in his pt in touch r with a group
RP'.hraryis a fine collection of of financiers whom he per- anas growing

l. o.aundl Latin American ci- of the /6 companies, who egur pay
" 1inantion. were asking millions of dol- prices; 3). ph
.abcres in th m-111.
Sgrieat part of Jean Elie's lars. The group. put upres in the
life oun up with the tur- $700,000- .At the same time a
',4bfl ent banana industry of the Haitian government put '.jt. One .lt
Haitie An ronomist trained up $352,000 plus $200,000 i makes c1lar f
coe. Banana Bosos Ee asd his operations o nap w ning. Bari o
""rr Belitn, inhe served in va- escrow to push new planta-s.
r~ us government post then tions. The Haitian govern not polite
n nn -6cs thvisn eaa n o e 6 anis h e a y.
..Zjoined the Standafd Fruit ment received 43 per cent of ngprogress .Ih]
Si.- stems rwere rte oJ. eaLast EIes s Teollar akopeum soon. acrein t
Sannacoupany 1934. There the stocks and the Americanm a foreign i
month July 60.6-100i stems were Bossing this great ehter- first qhthin
gatheredd practical busi- group 57 per cent of Habanext
.ess perienb e inbanana ou No. 2. When eandd F it sent out and by Jnuary the prise is a man co ious learn
erience'In -banana'ul No. 2t' When Standrd. Fruit lr i t;6'
aton rig to post walked out just around this company pecs t e rt a mission Full of energy, gu
L br of Plantations, and time Hahanex bought up the. 100,000 monthly. Now the with faith in the future of his cards outhe
Srontrl He left achiery, irrigation, et In famer gets gourdes a stem country lie master-minds .S. business
r Fruit in 1945 to be 'December 1952 five thousand. and the Company will be pay- The pooveriul Haiti U.S. com- niet along fine
KoiLdr and director of Eaba- cwzobacr,x.Soz.a' u:E 1Us2 r.Vb00waw w&rrIyo-mCertflOCrI
4,.chalelnging the Strindard

4 iea eportiiionj ECONOMY SEE THIS NEW 10.4 CUBIC FOOT
ff' 47fhe exported. 4lfrlalimf
to ~Seanler we RErFRIGERATOR TO-DAY.

tre s.tbnana year. E lie paid n --- -
il,.iou!g i g i 1t r -
eifanmer $1.50 a tem, the
gI$40 price1 ever. given.
Vhef. abruptly Haiti's &old-
e of Ibaana prosperity
8."cisi.ties : bntbrepd the
s.. m"- .l. dei.d the
up among' -6 com-
.M r Habane wit a RHrun- -UV .r
hital of 4 million dol-
._ 1..4 retir
fi.` JaIElie rsteadLS
busednt-i the a INTER NATIONA
gme. Like many busi- RVS ER
Eke of the time Elle saw ..
bar.i. Haiti's banana ex de 7,4.pies c6.icos
tb dropped to 200,000 and
cifellas low as A cenits.
ouraged farmers turned
i.eand. maize. Eelidltirnm-
o another project. He -e
d:6d .capeterie de J'Arti- .
.:., -to. mi-'l opeer
ithe bagasie .'from Iugfl
"iand sisal, ahd1'has ben
,pingL this -' other rnter-
.ever.sine%- .'

SPresideit .Magloire4
Btopo.Wer one of his ma-i .
ronises was to see about
venation of the bar-
l.dustry. To the mass of
s this neant, Habanex,
peti after petition Distributor the ew
from the.country ask-or of the New
lie*X aced the -stagger-
rkbiiilling the conIREFRIGERATOR in H ifii
t 6 companies wIn th WALTER BRAUN
l their contracts w"oh er enter-__

..on am toadee anbout ..., ;i jI I Iiu' i77 7 "."i



.UGUST 2nd, 1953


From Pare I Haitien. Two monuments tell
e. the story of how the old is
he town, down a being transferred by the new.
id, beside a row 'One cream stela with a
suburban villas bronze plaque standing in an

",,. .,,, ,.: .
'. "; ,' "" '

dlai which will be the -monument commemorating
anniversary of the Haitian Repu.blica-.ises in the
ae at.Gonaives. Around its base, sculpture in bas-
tell the hidepemdence history. Standing at right
Works engineer Vorbes, who is superintendent in
the great government projects at Gonaives.
-- Photo cHaiti Sun>.

'bblue and green col-
fss and walls, with
nd flower-beds the
. that Gonaives will
to the visitor. Not
ca&re no aged and
Eaten houses in this .
ld city; rather Go.-
ents the same ambi-.
:-new appearance, as
lai" P-ince and Cap

qpen courtyard marks 'the
spot where the flag, which
Dessalines had created by
tearing the white offencdoin
strip from the tricolor, was
raised ovet an independent
Haiti 'on' January .-1, 1804.
Nearby had been a wooden
building erected;for the 100th
anniversary celebrations; a
few years ago crumbling un-

. ,

f: some of the'smart bungalows which have been
y, the State at Gonaives. They were designed by
architect, Cornell-trained Albert Mangones. Some
m. others three bedrooms, 1 living room, porch and
kitchen. After the celebrations they will be avail-
lental. The lawns and gardens are work of agro-
lex Large. Photo .

der termites this anniversary roads

ts t


The government has under-
taken a gigantic job. For one
thing Gonaives.was built over
a salty swamp and billions of
gallons of water had to be
pumped away before founda-
tions could be laid the drain
age job wenit on 20 hours a
day for months. Then plans
called for an all concrete struck
ture in modern architecture,
with a lofty and imposing
front and with high rectan-
gular light catching windows
laced in concrete work. Right
now the hull of the building
has taken imposing shape, be-
neath the mass of scaffolding.
25,000 bags of cement have
gone into construction so
far and a similar amount will
be needed to complete it.
What is most significant
about the whole work is that
it doesn'tt end there. The
Town is getting more than
just a tourist pleasing face-
lifter. Electric plant and
mains have been completed
and as from yesterday Au-
gust 1st there is a twenty-four
hour electricity service all
over town. One'sear is pumel
led, by the beat of hydraulic
drills breaking into the old

removing old, pipes to

monument was pulled down
as a public hazard.
But for the 150th celebra-
tion commencing on New
Year's Day, the government
is erecting a new higher monu
ment [see photo]l around the
base of which appropriate
sculpture in 'bas-relief will
appear, and, in contrast, the
new 'building near the monu-
ment will be something lon-
ger lasting than wood, longer
lasting than brass. Here will
stand Haiti's' newest cathe-
dral, erected in thanksgiving
for the glorious blessing of
'The cathedral was begun
this year and is making good
(progress. Designed by local.
and French architects, Jean-
ton of Haiti and Aratche of
the Nantes Ecole des Beaux
Arts it is being built by the
Public Wdrks Department un
.der the superintendence of
their top flight engineer Vor-

make way for new water
mains and drains which will
be covered with 5 kilometers
of new side-walks. The new
drainage canals will be in ma-
sonry and not mere con-
The reason is not aesthetic.
Masonry would give more em-
ploymentto more persons. 400
people are employed by the
Public Works now, and at one
peak moment, nearly 1,200.
It was similar practical con-
sideration which led the gov-
ernment to veto one of.
the town designers' fondest
dreams. The Independence
Boulevard will sweep through
'to the monument, but with a
slight double turn near the
end. To make it lead straight,
would have called not only
for the sacrifice of several old
buildings including so m e

.. ,. **^- -J'- .

L .. .
...':V ., :o,.

'.: ,: ,":'. i

,., ,;- ) i:
; '*^,

. .* : ..
i '

r.' -- .-r -' ., ", ";':"|'.'
4 view from the irtside of the modernistic cathedral being
erected at Gonaives. Fdcci.g east,, the picture $howcs the -
cwired steps leading to the thoir, ixi, thie mash of scaffold&- .'
ing over the im-ntpi 'frMtt. i .

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'. --1

From a modest befrooim to a big conference room,
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wide rariOt of nodIt yout h v4rt pay tob midch or,
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-- 14*".

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(-the best beer of all dutch be

S .-... .'." -,,....- ." -.'."%F

; ~

- .. -. :* ,.: .., :
-" "... : ,' :- -" ; ," : : .


Page 15
homes and the old church
which are to be replaced any--
way, but also of the Gonaives -
Technical School. The school
will stand, government decid- : :.
ed, and the boulevard will
make two right angled turns
before continuing straight to
the monument of Dessalines.
By transforming the core .'s
of the town the government
is making the refurbishing of "'
the whole city inevitable. Al- $'
ready a new modern hotel is
being erected by private en-
terprise. Merchants and store '
owners are altering their build -:
ings to suit. The town is ex-
pan.ding its accommodation'to '
hold the hundreds who will-.'.
pour in on .Independence;Day. :!;-!
by road' and aid, and whowill
continue to come in pilgria --.."'
age or through historical cu- '
riosity to the birthplace of ,:
-the Haitian nation. .

I ...
: -,;r
II.. ;-;

.i#. 1 .r .. "..-.' : ": .
.. .... ..

Exiled Ex-President Returns;

Burial Here Tomorrow

Continued from Page 1

day the ex-President rested in
oiuiet state. Traffic was block-

4nment. To one side stood ed dff from the area by pat-
'i.thl present. Minister of the .rols
i.teo.. Mr. Ducasse Jum-.. The funeral ceremonies
,i1ltihe Minister to the Presi- tce place tomorrow.
idenc, Mauclair Zephiri. and _e e o _
.i delegation of deputies. -
', The bier was removed by PROGRAMME FOR
te militairyguard and the NATIONAL'OBSEQUIES
,corpse quickljr, examined by
migration officials. The August 1st and Aug. 2nd :
v-%ell preserved'body. lay clad From 8 to 6 body lies in
i fil bi.ek,.with a grey tie. The state at the Palais'Legis-
-ti.Preuident's hait had grey- ltif.
l'a:iltamzud the temqples;.- the Monday,. August 3rd
lJowerlip stu~k out as in life. 7 am. Officers ofgovern-
hAs th .caket .was carried' meit, legislature, judi-
.iiy. eight. armiy officers, the ciary, Army and State
.;i'itry 'detachment present- will go to the Palals Le-
aii ars,, and the military -- gislatif.
RanaL .played. Chopin's funeral 7.30: The remains will be
i .haa. The cortege pidceeded conveyed/ to the athed-
.f e Palais Legislatif. Ina ra]
t ling a -great iorowd .-
ioladng many.: women in Besidle the casket will be
b1iack hadl gatheredin this the Secretary of State of
i'raof the Expoption but it' the Presidency, thb Pre-
W i.so .dispe.rsed by the po- sident of the Senate, the
Sce. E m.about 11,on ,Fri-- Chief.Justice of the Su-'
-M -. NE

You iavea perfect right
S ... to perfect radio.
.. -. ,'


'E; .

it~P L

f There are no sentimen-,
tal reasonior atlckig
S to an old radio...._.
Look .at the programs
you areimissing.... look
atthe enjoyment that goes
past your living-room! So
much peoress h behn
made in radio. that only a
modern radio can jive you
full radio enjqdyment.
./ Get it from'a New Philips
from the wonderful Philijs
Cavalcade $95253' range
S. .Why? Because even in' MODERN radio you
find (hat PHIUIPS re MORE'MODERN and

Jx 71 q
Ten "Rimioc r r at.
- :4 "ui" t&i3facfnoons.
-.. Tone-ahding'" by
eparaae high-; and
:. haItorone cnrdl anId
.. vnr'able andwidh.

: .
tha.. "-ii a t i n

-b*ri.e # w (one-o radio

;. 1 bi.trihutor in Haiti : CURACAO TRADIT




F,=9 .. i

e) A minute gun will sound
during the funeral 'cere-
monies in the Cithedral.
The general absolution
wilt be given by His Ex-
celency Mgr the Arch-
bishop of Port au Prince.
f) A)t the arrival at the
cemetery military hon-
ours will again be render-
ed. 'Orations by the Sec-
retary of State for the In-
terior, and by a represent
tative of the Legislature.
g) CGarions will sound' the
Dead Ma'rch.


SThe first HI-aitian Seminar
for the protection of child-la-
bour will be held under the
presidency of '.tlinister of La-
bour Roger Dorsinville at his-
depairtment from August 9th
to August 12th. The'foreign
delegation which will attend
the seminar is composed as
follows: Dr. Jose P. Achard,
President; Dr. Hector Pedaza.
and Miss Adela Frerro Munoz,
members. The Haitian comm-
ittee consists of Mr. Dantes
Golimon, Director'of the Bu-
eau of Labour, President;
Mmes. Cleante Vaicin, Leonie .
Victor, Jacqueline Wiener, Dr
Pierre Noel, Francois Lator-
. tue, Raoul Hector, Dr. Franck

preme Court, the Presi-
dent of. the Chamber of
Deputies. .
d) The cortege will proceed
in- the following order :
1. The military band; 2.
The regiment; 3. The
wreaths; 4. Legislators;
5. The judiciary; 6. The
Army General Staff; 7.
The Clergy; 8. An officer
bearing the decorations
of the ex-President on a
red cushion; 9. The fun--
eral hearse; 10. The of-
ficers charged with bear-
Sing the caket;' 11. The
Government of the Re-
publiic; 12. The family of
the ex-President; 13. Ci-
vil .servants and public
employees; 14. The peo-





t he Be quality Cmet
ItwaLwesst psiil4 pc

SfOer their
,,,- .2 "



* N ,.'.

I N,

I 9 ,4BS NE'j

I ,

' IN BAGS O 42 1/2 PO
I Port-au-PrincP Tel :''3

'Iii 0 u

.b ,,HE WORLD '.
Bi __ -'

t aI~at .3j -;

b e e e a eam ..


,, o ,. "" 0 ,, o ., ,, -

K:.. ,
... .. .....,.*._ :.._.:.,.." ...

Frangois Delpe, G4rard! Bas- chard, del
tien, members, Mr. Max,Fou- ittee and
Bazile, engineer Adrien Roy,, general sedi

SEl Ronchi

_ a .'

~,_ __ ,.


pm n =

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