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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Duke University Libraries
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Duke University Libraries
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Ipnbulque D'IAITI SUNDAY, JULY 26th, 1953 No..
_" ---- -------- ---___ ___h -*''*


rthday Celebrations At Laboule

For Mme Paul Magloire
terday morning. at 8 appointed chapel at Lalboule,
,' Monseigneur Lardone the gift to this mountainous
rited Mass in the neatly country neighbourhood from
'. the Mme Magloire founda-
Occasion was the birthday
Anniversary. of benefactress
Mine Yolette Magloire, wife
of the Presidenrt, audi the ser-
Continued on Page 16

Boy At ((Gordel')
Collapses, Dies;
Is Watchman Friend?

Early Tuesday morning on
a track in the hills beyond
Diquini, Philippe, 43-year-old
turnkey at 'the out of town
-Royal Cobet .
.One story 'has is tha~fhe re-
gained- consciousness at the
general ,hospital, where off i-
'cials suspecting foul play,
summoned police. They heard
'him murmitr the. name Bon-
.gard, night watchman at the
,adam e Yolette Mlagloire Continued on Page 2

resident Receives Highest French

[onor: Grand Cross Legion Of Honor
hursd:ay morning Presi- dignitaries of Port au Prince.
Magloire was decorated in his presentation' address,
-the highest'honour the Contbitued on Page 3-
ich Nation can confer on HOSPITAL ROBBER .
iief of State. the Grand. NABBED WITH GOODS


In New York.
This weekend Haiti is pay-
ing its 'last respects to ex-
President Dumarsais Estime
who'died Monday at the age
of 53 at the Columbia Medi-
cal Center in New York. The
former Chief of State had
long suffered from 'ulcers of
the stomach and hyperten-
sion. He was about to unjder-
go a major operation when
an attack of uremia took his
Dtiring his last illness, the
exiled' man had.expressed the
wish to be buried in a vault
he had constructed not-long

Estime Dies

Burial Here
ago in the cemetery of the lit-
tle village of Verrettes where
he first saw the light of day.
The Haitian Government
gave its immediate consent to
Continued on Page 15
About 2 o'clock Wednesdlay
last, in the 'Ruelde MIrxcelin,
lieutenant Max Montes woke
at the sound of noises in his
house then fired at 1 burglar
fleeing in the dark.
At dawn near the Poste du
Continued on Page.15



I :

American serviceifie

called Joe all over tih
r'1onring eJamanican a9-Jl
last year heard te.
'called tPancho, by 'a
mouns' .in Port an Pti
ter-the nickname of-the"
jqca'nsportsmamn best kfi
Familiar sight aloni
au-Prince .just now is, i
au-P I-i -.---..i r," -',..
big-hearted, Ftancis X.I
cho. 'Randkine idresse.'di.
riste) greeting the 'hni
of fi'iends hae has ma
Continued on'PaqJb
.., .,,-



of the Legion of Honor. Two a.m. Friday Gesner TT
bassador Bercego] de M~ariall climbed the East wall A iU
We~n a footer tehrn
idie the presentation in of the Hospital General and W en a f te
ih r:e8 ettey are free
ame of President Vin- forced' entry into the laundry the al ee .t:
two 'eope:.the.966h
unriol at a stately cere- with the aid of a pair of ply- tw eaopde :tlt goalhe
the referee. B-it the,
held in the Grand Dip- .ers: With a booty of 60 blou- the or l t reafro
Soqtsman William Crawfq
c Salon of the Palace ses, some .shirts and sheets Wia i
Sotwho flews in from Chileto l
San audience of the top Continued on-Page 4 Celia. Cruz in the Ring at the Sta.de o f in. o
this m4,.ch l.s -, ,,-r.:y.

NEVER Thrills And Spills Ath
We make an unqualified refutation of an accusation i s spi. Sbt.dpatenettime se i
ntly circulated to the effect that the -lHaiti Sunra had Tuesday last a 10-thousand The Sonora Mat"iicea qcr-.- sole hero- of the mate, i
ne time received a subsidy from the Haitian Goveti- crowd saw a triple header chestnra, playimng.for the first in the ,zonal series .of.
t, programme at the Stade Ma- in history t- the':Ring, gave World Cup.
This Journal has never received financial assistance gloi.re featuring Sonora a fulil-mjeasuredj prograunie Abel Leg6r fils;.one'
? any Government, local or foreign. Matancera, two mid.iddeweight of mambos and guarachas and few bespectacled.. go0
The > exists on receipts from subscribers itboxers of fr ti c.nd: the Do- rumbas. The band playing in the world, turned ut...':.
from advertisers, an.d all articles and photographs that minican (Republic, and the re- with their usual combhimaion the best Mexico hadev.ers.
ot have ,advertn written beneath, are free, 'written or vanche of Yoly Perez and Sil- of needle-sharp technique and More Mexicans ,00:'
sn, not to please individuals or interests, but in the via Hernandez, the women .happy exuberance, brought were at ,the ground that t
iek of our English-reading public. P wrestlers. Continued on Page 11 Continued on Page 11i:
... -. .-... '* ,-.. -.. .. .
M i;.. :;.:." ;,:.i .:" ;.. i f .. .. :,.....- ."...'. ..-.... ',-...: ..,. : '..: "-4' .. ,.,.<.:.,. .. --.: .'.5 r tS?:W'jk ,.S.I,'..__ ,, t. ka-'a.:ift t P








.'". ; .

"- .* :.* q
.;-... 'i

... :..C',


. .


j .iuhny smiles as uniJergrad.u atestouring Haiti visit :in..i Right to left: Muriel ,George,. Phyllis 'o Austin',
iC:ilarke, ad Kathleen Robbtham.
'jightito. left standing [maLlel: ire M. Max Bissainthe of the
3,t.:t oaonaiLi.brary, Paicho Ramn'kitne [see Personality of the
S'~-]' and Bertram Collins, seniAr student at the Univer-
... College of the West Indies.
,'4,aated,.in the editorial seat .: the Ed..

Boy At -Bordeln
Collapses, Dies;
Is Watchman Friend?
Continued from Page 1

Thorland Club. Police arrest-
edl Charles Bon-gard, grilled
him, released. him, and when
Philippe died nabbed him
again. They are now hold-
ing him at Fort Dimanche on
suspicion of murder.

Your reporter visited the
cabaret and talked to the folks
around. What they said was-
n't much, but it made Bon-
gar,d sound like a friend in-
deed'. The night before, they
said, Philippe had been drink-
ing heavily and had min, foughtl with people in
the cabaret. They hWad cbat-
tre lib [beaten himl and in a
drunken stupor he had stun-
bled out into the fallen into a heavy sleep.
They say rain during, the
night. probably gave him pneu
monia which they feel he died
of. He had gone, as usual,
with Bon-gard to buy beef
[Bon-gard is a part-time butt
cher] .when he collapsed'.
They ,say Bon-gard struggled
down with him till he got
help from the assistant of the
cchef dle section>> to whom he
gave 2 gourdes, and whom he
asked to care oare of Philippe
as he, Bon-gard, hadi hiis busi-
ness to attend to. The ce section',) and neighbours
'.n ^fmf^rennenenbeeecwee

now hope for Bon-gard's re-
Fort Dimanche, after their
own investigations, are satis-
fied of his innocence and are
sending him to court Monday
to clear his name. The hos-
pital record shows that Phi-

lippe idfied at 830'
hour after admit
what incriminate
said police, was'l!
he left Philippe '
They know nothit
giving anybody~d,
aid. .

Gardner-Denver Paving Bre

Gardner-Defiver paving breakers have been dek&1
the purpose of demolishing mass concrete moreec
ly and more efficiently than by any other methbo
use compressed air and provide the most rapid,,i
factory method,for making general street repairst
removing large areas of pavement.
Other industries have adapted the paving breaIit
uses aud it is now to be found in industrial plans
tract work and in general mining. It. is a haTd hitt
having slow, heavy blows with a f.,li ,w-through .et
-ferent from the usual pneumatic tool.
These machifies are made in varying weights for.(
conditions and with various accessory tools.to cole-
ticular demolition or excavation work Lhat "'i

Ecole Normale' Superieure,
with other lecturers, organiz-
ed, a course of talks for an-
other touring party of stu-

.3olonel nMarcabise Prosper, C chief of Police, Port an Prince,
nitebrated his birthday on the 18th, just the day before the

Agent in Haiti: SONACO. General Managei
i JaEques Martin u.
Address: Place de 1'Exposition, Pavill
Orient, Tel: 2381, 26.97 P.O. Box 397 -'

"B After smokihg Camels

S for 30 days, I fbrid

get alohg wonderfuI l

with my throat..

I especially appreciate

Camel mildness wheri
I'm making a picture

CUACAO TRADING CO. Dislribulors for BaiS
.. ,' ... :, .. .. :...: ,. .+



l~p' ~"C~'~~,"IBs~ei

.* :

Zls~Z~'~~P~ );*j3

iAY, JULY 26th, 1953

ident Receives Highest Fr

'r: Grand Cross Legion Of H
Continued from Page 1

ieench Ambassador un- tu
..the close ties between- th
'Iapndl and Haiti shar- CE
Whey do a common cul- ha
a common religion. F
r.rPresident in his turn fl
sizes the desire of t
ICtian Government to F
&then the link of tradi- v
..'friendship -.uniting
ce and Our Republic.
ese;n at the ceremony' t
memberses ofk the ,Presi- L
a' 'Cgabinet,. the Haitian t
nature top .ranks' of the F
y Corps, the: President
~e. Court of Appeals,.'the .
~ of Port au Prince, the
4of .the' University, f
" of the various schools, 4
Archbishop of Port au
i*e, the Directors of St.
i: dJe Gonzague and the '
'iSehair e St.'Martial,
NBers of the Government
il1 and representatives
'ildocal press..
16ning is the Address giv-.
fter receiving top French
t 'r : a .....
sieur l'Ambassadeur :
be. high 'mark of conside-
S.hthat the PreSident of
'.Republic and of the
Ich Union, M. Vincent AiT-
tihas shown .me in confer-
gbon me the Grand Cross
bie Legion of Honour,'is a
nauge that goes beyond my
bible (person to the entire
ti'an Nation.,

tde. But if we
his gigantic task

ench [be able to lift out of ignorance to His Excellency, the Presi- and that of the Fren .: 'Na ,
the great mass of our fellow ident of the Republic and the tion that he directs ,..i-:"-
onor countrymen who have not yet French Union, M. Vincent Au- much patriotism, unfilfisb
had the privilege of receiving riolL assurances of my deeD ness and courage. .

an adequate education, we
undertook owe it in, a.great part to
it is be- France because she has never

cause the cannon of Valny w
ad already sounded andd the i
rench against wh6m we tl
ought no. longer represented .r
he Immortal France, the B
'rance of Justice and Uni- t
ersal Brotherhood. F

We would like .very much o
o.emphasizd, Monsieur VAmn- 0
assadeure, how close the Hai- a
Mian Nation has been to
Franoe through the ties of a
common language, religion
andi faith in the same ideals.
It has been natural, there-
fore, that the Government
should do all in its powqi to
carry out (plans for complet-
ing the construction of the
building housing the French
Institute of Haiti to permit
Haitians, both young and old,
to enjoy the numerous bene-
fits available in this home of
French Culture just as it has
been natural for us to do all
in ou.r power to strengthen
the ties of traditional Friend-
ship that unite France and
Haiti, notably by the signing
of favourable trade agree-
ments between our two coun-
tries and defending in the
halls of International Organi-
zations our common heritage:
*the French language, which
by its clarity, its precision,
must be considered an instru-
-ment of peace and progress.

withheld her cooperation.
iiether it be by priests, by
he good sisters of the diffe-
ent Religious Orders, by the
brothers of Christian Instruc-
ion or the Professor of the
'rench Institute, she has al-
'is. responded generously to
rua call and more than any
either people in the world, we
Lre justified in saying (Every
person has two countries, his
)wyn and France.*

It is the soul of the France
of the days of Chivalry that
iae find again throughout
our provinces in, the magnifi-
cent devotion of the members
of the Breton Clergy who,
since 1860, under severe hard
ships provide our peasants
with the benefits of religion,
and, help of all variety. And
it is of la France Eternelle
that I think each time.that
'I lobk back to see myself. once
more as a chilled, attending the
classes of the Brothers of
Christian Instiuction who,
through their primary schools
distributed throughout the ci-
ties of the Republic, lorm the
citizens of tomorrow, the
ones who, thanks to the disci-"
pline inculcated in them from
childhood, will be useful ele-
ments to their country.

In again thanking you,-

.We were pleased to meetlast week Mi- -Re R l
Cyr, A:te Haitian.C onsul. in Kingston, Jamaica.. T.
genial diplomat'came over thepreyious Saturday .toM
lhe President's birthday celebration., returning the'e
afte:. -- :0:- -
i ...-1. *L..-a-a-a- -1 -

,an .al: at: Bi"'bara Izmery, Au L'rcoln. Bazari;.
Poste, Bazar National, Georges Cole, M nison' Sao6
'ieau, Mme Joseph Maglio, Bazar Ed.-iond aF PhPD.
exclusive Distributor for !iaiti -Phone: 3513
sf-:. ---- ---- -- ----,.,
,. ,..": -.,

daughter of the liberal If we today are proud of Monsieur l'Amwbassadeut,, for
s of the French.Revol,- our intellectual elite, brilliant the words of praise not only 'K HAVE
I, Haiti is one of the most ly represented at this cere- in. my own name but in the
.tiful illustrations of, the many by its most qualified name of the Government and A LIT .
listing spirit of the elements, ai-di if we have the the Haitian People, I would B R A N DY
nWe which always'acts not fimn belief that we will soon also appreciate your carrying
i1~ selfish -interests but H'ANDY...
interests of humanity
t!.. is the France of the
lts of M wan which fanned
lame of Liberty,, Equality "- 3 .
.Fjraternity in the hearts
r.-noble Ibare-footed ones
Wt as while singing the
oal stanzas of La Mar- 1
se that. our forefathers Z / ",
.the heroic fight that
to Independence. '*nee
true that we have .
ait against the French, e to crowt that erect momt
e put the torch to their when sun and sea have. wrk,
a l reddened with the ,their magic. O4e of ay
damped with the sions for drinking Hennessy.,.A'
K, the'slives and we -L...-- '_
a sta.bystone all V _-* *
oy o,10 ....
Wngs that to.our eyes efrJo
iy Bt1l les, s ym
S.PP. ry-',. Joseph-Nadal and C., DisIriurs -

i ~;

'Pane 4
Suld=ay, July 26th at 3.30 OS report
"3.op.m. Joseph report
3rd and 4th episodes and

'LE VIOLN which appeared in the Wed- Pine Forest Friday for a two
-; .d't 6 aJ nd 8.30 p.m.a -

TE E.Our new confrere Le Na- Capt. Bruhla, M.Sgts. Saucier,
T3'Mnduay, J uly 27th at 6 pm.
tio.tel aJuly2that6 proclaims that the Pre- Willett aun T. Sgt. Branuner
.:';. E IL sldlent of the tRepulbtic has a t are expected to route out a
TlaAC T fl l ast wiven the country a real few of them wild bulls that
.. newspaper. We ae sure that have been reported, as t hea
Tip-raday July 28h at 6 and
thuy, Jy at 6 and J Chief of State must have d ay perbirds on the wing men.
.. 8.15 p.m. r
k 8.15 P. 'been shocked by this.note, not Pe
.,THE, RODEUR -:0:- sitrabi
E D U iNesdWy, July 31st, at 6 and ery kindMichel.Saw of Pacot of- .S.
Spapers alreolaims that the Pre- Wiett and T. St. B.rammer
8.15d feared a secret ambition -par- Behp.
i"'a AETS., a sdet of the Repul has aNUI ty ) Wednesday evening on the
Bati. day lTugust Ist, at 6 count a re occasion of his birthday. Da
,:ia, newsported him before and duringthat he been reported, as ey
and 8.15\p.m. aiPer f
and..mbeel n shocked by this.note, nothis

THNE INVASION DES UR idature r f t d-:0:- h nes
election.>> oAs for the realdi
11;. IARTIENS very kind Lo.her > Domindaiy nniressewo in hi
i 5th and 6th episodes and a i. rivesn Too Late will
A B Iave simply smiled.* An T
F-A C'OW Y HILEM. On pThuarsday at noon .p. cob's

ISanday, Augus 2nd, at 3.306 Raon Perez, Directeur die UpoS
ported him before and during .

:;,1 p.m. s c d Spectacles de Oiudd ad Trujillo, begin
i\l. Chakia Mouni Moukerji is
';., "UNE INVASION-DES lan.ded'here on a mission, sut pear'
ARTIENS reported due in Port au Prince
SMARTIE NS just too ate He Maas tinent theue

1 ne\t week. During his 3 week b to leent vu e ,.
.h'5th and 6th episodes and esident of the Do- Show
S. tay here he will visit thfe Ci-
: A CO ?WBOY F ILM nican Republic to bookengage ber.
I. At 6 and 8.30 p.m. a. ments with the S rono ur d pMatan-

.:. -COIMENT VL'ESPRI' T e d I am LL cera band. But the Sonorla Th
S VE RT IENAU FM ES tancera ensemble wa ere rne A
S- high over Cuba in a Haitian have
.:.A 22-an P n-Ame rmyane an d after staying the
omnussiori to pay a or.e-iy ., ) i overnight here the disconsol- Mon
'ist to Halt: the 27th of Au- ate delegate flew home. casio
Mat as part of a junket to sary
i': t frie..dship between .
ih.nan-Amaerican Organiza- o Now hoidaying at the Oloff os
.' and. Caribbean Coun- of'A- son is Miss Evelyn G. Irons, C
: s onman journalist, and conres-
l e feroup will include re- pondent for the Evening he d
:'e tatives of the Ameri- Standard in England. Miss DepO
:.r'QGoernment, r:,us;nessmen Irons, a noted war correspon- coup
S;di~Tia finalists. It will make dent who was decorated, with A
it'tw alquarters at El' Ran- ; : the Croix de Guerre, is now hosp
\ stationed in the U.S.A. act (
S- On a Caribbean vacation, to a
Sshe has visited Jamaica, and bush
.. plans a wek in Haiti. cord

4C tAiD witti



...~th His Excellency the Ptesident on his birthday, Alfred *o
.aidn.an, owner of the Camraridge Hotel, Kingston, and
3unny" Extns, Honorary Hait ian Consul in Jamaica. Minis-
ti...atailiade is seen at the left.
0 .. .-
,., ? :.
*1": ...'.," ... ..



W- *-,

ord in. his future. Frantz. Z. Gabriel of Port au PA
hly satisfied Frrd owner poses beside his '5L2
feet performance, no troubles after over a year of
)le driving,> he says. The Ford., fast beconmiti
fastest selling car is distributed locally' by Lucia

ncer Leon Destin6 left by
orthe Unite' States Wed-
ay after a three week stay
sihomelan.d. In August he
star at the famous Ja-
Pillow Dance Festival in
itate New York and then
Rehearsals for his ap-
ance in a Broadilway Re-
< Anna Russell's Little
v) which opens in Septem

-:0:- -.
he Charge d'Affaires of
Argentine Republic will
requiem mass sung in
Basilique Notre Dame
*day, July 27th on the oc-
n of the first anniver-
of 'Eva Peron's death.

pital Thief .
continued from Page 1

ropped( in at the Sewing
artment and' picked up a
le of sewing machines.
policeman on duty at he
ital spotted Gesner in the
of transferring his .booty
tefnforah'ry aepot in 'he
es to his hof re.- Ais re-
displays foui previous


Sharp cross-fire in th
ies last week seem to
that open war is goi
break out in Fleet!I
Port au Prince, soon;,
.be surprised if the&%
Sun, gets caught in i
for all. Notice how.'
conscious it is this we4

Arnold Rene was ca
the police last Saturda
ing when a detective-
steal out Fouad
store wearing.not on
Panama hats. Quesio
nold Rene confessed
and went to jail. .
Mme Julien Lautuir
mistress at the 5Foy
of the First Lady o-
public at Cana'pe i,
Kingston this w
with son Marc i
in Kingston. .
Prefect of Cap H
Raoul-Piquion, is"T
in Asile Francais.. /
The aircoxiitioi'l
has given (birth tod-.
pin ball miachink..A.

b., b. Do.

Talribt ) IIc ,
kill the wc$ A comnec ing rir oi S .
Aiat: .3* ,,, 6LaiA i 0
n O ~Jk. Nadal A Co;.

I -----~ 'V ~~

LY 26th 1953

Roi Antoine And His Royal

beans To Make Film On Haiti

ir Correspondent]
popularity has been
LeRoi Antoine and
iribbean troupe of
.,.when they made
|6300 Club in Hol-
1une 27th. So well
ioeived that an of-
a short motion
iit Haiti came to
eof it. Their Hai-
d dances 'will be

used' in the film, and Antoine
will feature his most popular
Members of his troupe,
who vill be in the film, in
their specialty numbers are
Herman Geeter, Carmen Good
night, Sava Yeneso, and Bob-
by LeHouse. The film will
-be shown to television audien-
ces kird in theatres when dis-.

|he Americas This Week
1882 Date of the historic meeting in Guayaqui,
i' Ecuador, of Simon Bolivar and General
Jos6 die San Martin. Their conference con-
cerned .the future development of the free
Latin American republics..
I821 Independence Day in Peru, commemorat-
.*: i dng the [proclamation of Peru's indepen-
d'eince in 1821 by General Jos. de San Mar-
S' ttin-.
8i11 Deaih, before a firing squad, of Miguel
S Hidialgo y Costilla, the martyr priest of Do
*L. .lores and Father of Mexican independence.
MeAco ,this year observes the 200th anni-
S versary of his birth.'
1863 Birthday of Henry Ford, North Ameri-
S can automobile 'magnate, whose millions of
.. Modlell T's were an important factor in re-
volutionizing transportation and living
5 habits throughout theA world.
M i ,,. ,,_, __ ..,j....j..j. .. ..~.. : i IL r j n

Dumarsais Estime, former
President of the Republic of
Hiaiti, dtiedyestenday in Col'umn
b ia Presbyterian Medical
Center at the age of fifty-
three. He had been suffer-
ing from uremia.
M. Estimi6 had .lved at the
Franconia Hotel, 20 West
Seventy-seoond Street, for
the last eight months.
In 1946 a three-man mili-
tary junta seized control of
the government of Haiti,
held elections and allowed the
winner, Duimarsais ,Estim., to
take office as President. By
the autumn of 1949 unrest
had .developed', .. Estim6 de-
clared martial law, and then
tried, to induce Parliament to
amend a Constitutional pro-
vision barring Presidents
from succeeding themselves.
The Senate rejectedlb the
proposal, and after several
more or less riotous days, the
junta of 1946 took over again
on May 10, 1950. The Pre-
sident resigned, and on May
20 sailed -with his family from
Hoboken, N. J., for a project-
ed. home in Paris.

_ =Z=

~'~ .

IT '"

itself .... .. E W.


T iT

Sn "neost of 8Gr
Get that feeling Inclwding
id traction .
er. Here's a trac- A rea
I meet.more of I egin et
nore of the time 2 o 9-3
Tractor you Poer.
other tractor
has better A *S y hal
as (lugging .--sl i
pull you engsme life.
Iughest soil s Bie, a'
or stalling. earnings "
goink where Oa sW es

e In and ask for a demonstration
Haitian Tractor Company
Rue Pavee

Major Pan- E. Magloire of
the junta was elected Presi-
adnt. in' October, 1950, and
uaclle himself extremely popu
lar by his achievements in oT-
fice. Heritert L. Matthews
.i visited Haiti in March of this
Year, and wrote optimistically
of the situation there in an
article for The New York
M. Bstime's government i'm-
lposed in 1948, the first in-
come tax in his country's his-
tory, which goes back to 1804.
M Estinim also was respon-
sihle for several model towns,
the first of which was Bella-
*.*, dere, on the Dominican bor-
dr. Built at a cost of 600,000
i dollars, it transformed a clus-
ter of thatched huts into a
w glistening modern village
with modlenn roads leading to
The government organized
collective farms around the
village, and provided sixteen
padres of land, toqls and seed,
for each family that settled
there to work the land.



- -' -a,
-:. ..i ::, .- .', -:

I ; :"" ,- j l.... .

Let the Insurance Cormnall ," the ?worr"-; 7.
See immediately: NORWICH UNrIOY. .suiance
Joseph ,Nadal and Co. Agem.. Tel: 3186

SBy developing native in- I Vr -s W.
dustries, M. Estime's govern- \ SCOTCH WHISKY
anent's- cut unemployment by .
25% The government at- MACDONALD & MUIR LTD .
traded millions in tourist lstillers Leith Scotland
trade n 1949 by building an .. Distributors: General Trading Co., SA.
inrnational expostion 'at,:

~:~~~e3 r~~"c~;'; ~ ~"a~~j~-~% *-A._



, Page 6

I Little Country Re

With Assistance
Re. egard'ez, Regardez, telling
Regardez!! ing h
On a day in March a small of to
nine-year-old pupil of St. Vin edl h
cent's School for Handicapped celle
.Clhildren boarded the S.S. three
i Cristobal which name Or
means <'Christ Bearers Jf [phys
S ,the Panama Line, and set sail child
f. or the United States in com- for (
pany with the Directress of which
the school and other passed. for e
g.. gers. IThrough the request of hers
I, r. Louis Baron, President of to tl
S.': the Haitaan Society for Aid to Baro
the Blin, Jlis Excellence le the
I.-General Paul E'. Magloire, Pre to th
s... ideit of the Republic of Hai- trea&
ti hard made possible the trip them
for this small pupil to go to expe
S the States for treatment of a peal
l,.congenital eye condition. Mgag
consultation with one of the small
:.-' 'foremost eye specialists in .so rr
the States showed that by sur and
S gical intervention sight could a ,Re
Ibe possible fori the little girl ,in a
,; '. who had had congenital cata- lette
ract from 'birth. Interned at and
.the Massachussetts Eye and the t
Ear Infirinmary three separate tle ft
S. operations were. performed that
i ad when iMuriette returned was
to Haiti aboard the S.S. Cris- who
tobal she walked confidently his
,' ;, -down the gang-plank seeing dent
the beauties of her native M.,
.' country for the first time in do-op
her life. True she looks mad
through the thick denies of Mul
i- er glasses, but the fact re- hosp
i mains that this little girl sees! care.
Mluriette i' the daughter of You.
SMr. and Mrs. Murat Charles
of Gros Morne, and three TI
years ago when she was six, gadl
'the Reverend E. Victor Gille, as s
S Priest of the Eglise Episco- thef
S pale d'Haiti visited St. Vin- to H
S cent's and registered this joy
hild as a pupil in the School. in h
She was taught the Braille which
method of reading and writ- (<.Reg
ing, and Iproved a very good dez,
pupil with well developed in- lips.

3. 1.


ti C i'n A

in HRue Pavee OpDositePAA

+ .* '-.: ,

gains Sight

Of Many
gence. Placed in a board-
home during the school
as her parents lived out
wn Miuriette has continu-
ar studies and has had ex-
nt ,marks during the
e years.
te day a casual visiting
sician suggested that the
1 be taken to the States
one of the new operations
h was being performed
eye conditions similar to
. The matter was brought
he attention of Dr. Louis
on, who took it uq) with
Haitian Society for Aid
le Blind, but the Society's
sury would not permit
I to underwrite the travel
nses, and they in turn ap-
ed' to President Paul E.
loire. This seemed a
I matter, in a way, among
aany important decisions
needs as the President of
public must carry. But
very short 'time came a
r from the President
the necessary check for
travel expenses of the lit-
blind girl. One realized
even a \-eiy small matter
of importance to the man
'is truly a good' father to
people. So to our Presi-
we say !
any groups In the States
erated'in this project and
e possible the care of
iette -in the States, her
italization, and general
To all we say JTlhank

hose who were privili-
to be with this child
he left the hospital and on
ew days before her return
iaiti will never forget the
and, thanksgiving she had
er heart for this miraclex
ih had given her sight.
gardez, Regardez, Regar-
were words ever on her
Nearly everything was


i a-


an object of beauty to her,
from the beautiful Altar
which she made her Comniun- II
ion of Thanksgiving to Al-
mighty God for His grace and
mercy shown toward her and
the colourful flowers bloom-
ing in the Public Gardens, .
,dbwn to the dainty pattern s p Hm T INIT
which she noticed on another
little girl's dress.
On .the boat returning to "'- -.
Haiti M uriette .spent much ,1
time looking at the water, and
out to sea watching for the
occasional) ships which pass-
ed us on the way. As we re-
turned into the Harbour she
was unusually quiet for a .
time. Finaly, ter is bluer than out on the
ocean,>! cYes>, we said. Again ,
green and so Ibdg! < murmured again, and we 1
thought of the mountainous
obstacles which in the ocean
of God's love had, beqn over- We offer twin bedrooms charninigly furnished ini|V
come that one of His little tire woods. All rooms have private baths, hot a.
ones have it more abundantly!>,


... .*. ... .




^ Dragline,

,o Pow 8 5 .p. ingtb -.
M ore weight-44,200 Ibi. lies il
Greater ifng eopacity-30,000 t.iL
L Safety iodepeadweR Rapid Boom rHo
SCoMrlb fr rce Shovl Dragline,
Clamhell, Trach Hoe, PIae Drivr eod Cram
Posiive Chain Crowd for Shovel
SQdffii Sale aTd'Serni Hiadga~g -. .
Distributor in Haiti CHARLES FEQUIERE
54 Rue Roux Tel: 3279 2245- 5173 :'

U ..---------------------2 Z.CCC


L fuss of soaking
tfAsh overnight...
n'd shredding is un-
^ if you use a pre-
dfish cake mixture.
Se codfish has a
iiite flavour, the
must be highly

pie crust mix as
Scut into squares.
ling ... and to one
Rbone-half ounce) can
c4odfish cakes, one
aten egg yolk. Sea-
wo cloves garlic,
lnal, onion, both
Sed, two to three
chopped parsley,
ipohs lemon juice, a
-anned., chopped pi-
':-iabasco. sauce or
Pepper to taste .
; and peppery. Bake
ken pates.
*'oll the crusts nice
:these recipes should
heree from four to
,n cocktail size pates.
; as an entree for.
o-r supper, make
rot instead of two
'are. Use plenty ,of
4ss separately a hot,
iuoe. With the chick-
;*.a mushr-oom sauce
larly good. Make it
ig .one fourth, cup

milk and one-fourth cup white
table wine to Heinz Cream of
Mushroom Soup. With the
codfish pates-tomato sauce!
Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup
plus on6-half cup water, one
t e as p oo n Woacestershire
In Haiti there is a bewil-
dering galaxy of bananas.
They range in size from tihy
fig bananas, no bigger than
your thumb, to giants almost
a foot long all colours, too,
from bright, ripe, green bana
nas through .pale yellow, deep
gdld; rose, crimson and rud-
dy 'brown. Some are starchy,
like plantains must be
Any day in the year you are

served ba nanas satueed in but-1
ter or 'likely to be served, in 1'ane
Haiti fresh coconut oil. A sim
pie hurry-up dessert, bananas,
,are cut in half lengthwise,
and again crosswise. Tan ever
so, delicately in a pan that'
may come to the table. Sprin- S
k!e with powdered sugar and
cocoanut or chopped nuts.


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delay buy all you can now. Remem-

k-Y,IJULY 26th 1953

aiii A New Mecca For

'mets (From Haiti Today)



Still Produced by

the family -



SINCE 1862

Jane Barbancourt

Curio Shop -
Rue du Qual
Locil Handicrafts

~ ~ ~ ~ -- ;*^\
.. = 3,

..' INA; :
i '" .,if:




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ber the more you buy -. the more you Splendid Mahogany ..
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E M M IllOT IWestinghouse deliver moretcooling effect per Dorim

EM ILOT w.EB. s ..... .... .:
M IInvested


Baste with Haitian Rum.
The Compagnae Haitienne
de Bitume et d'Asphalte has
been authorized to work in
Haiti through a government
decree. Shareholders are Hen-
ri Chollat and Marcel Vil-
SHASA employees have decid-
ed to grant 10 per cent of their
Wages to the company which
lost its local in the fire of July
6th. 1
-:0:-- -
Our colleague (
lange- reports that the new
private Credit Bank now be-
ing financed by foreign inves-
tors will open next October.
It should be a great asset to
the Haitian business econo-
my. It takes money to make
money, 'tis said.
Ask Fo,

I_ _

-AU LINCOLN) Will Deliver Groceries to youth


Page ;|
.. -.- .

: : *".. :,


: .:

": .i-,:^a


;'f Y
'' "".`o-
:.; b:.

l EP'.

i .

Page 8

a noble mel;
IMEN OF IDEALS not speak,
,. no signs of
(A translation in part of an istence gives substance to our ily efface
article by Felix Counrtois in Le hope and allows us to believe they are no
Matin). in a better future, they are in
spite of the laxity of mor There are in our chaotic so- have, too,
.ails,,'in spite of the corruption city high minded men who heights wh
I of -an era marked by easy go- are still sensitive to moral stained.
n g ethics there are still those values who still retain their
i"..who have been able to avoid high idleails as a supreme lux- Have the
-,i'.the contagion of their sur- ury which resists the current I very .muc
-r-oundings. They are not as which idirags us down toward, there, if the:
;i. 3Imany as in the past but still the most sordid realism. Many to those
theree are some, and their ex- of these 'men ,take refuge in take a long

.ess Money buys More fun on a

k traveling in faraway '

m n al sg, 4.e

S, find a "Pan Am Holi

.., .' vacation dollar. '

Th er oh Rates quoted here aa
P' 't' -'.B7 pancy at first class E

i c i e airport at your desti

h P s r e m fo many meals, sightse i

WO das n Ws io 65 less than theunornial

N ew magic moment on a "Pan Am
;i,::..MEX' .O "UTM.. *

dThree to ten da tours in New York The playground of the Ami
-two, three or four days in Wash- so near by Clipper*. Minar
ington at your choice of centrally four and seven day tou
I located hotels of the famous Knott $15.50 to $37.50 including
chain. Prices range from $12.20 for light cruise, sightseeing tc
S' two days in Washington to $64.50 many other features. 1
V i for ten pleasure packed days in Miami Beach's finest hotels
3 New York. Pan Am Holidays at rates
MM-.G as $14.95 for six days.

Just $138.00 buys the most amaz- *
ing vacation imaginable... ten full EUROPE HOLY LAND
:days in Mexico City, with all meals

and scidetrips to Acapulco and Te- The Grand Tour of Europe
S I huacan. For ten das in Guatemala, countries thiran they normal

|,m: "r A .r

-,..+ .. -'-
h '+kx-'-" .. ,: %


ancholy they do
lo not write, make
life and voluntar-
themselves but
t resigned because
inner revolt. They
the cult of moral
ich are seldofn at-

y a real influence?
:h doubt it, or ra-
y have it is similar
medicines which
Time to produce

their effect. But for the mo-
ment their presence encoura-
ges certain dreams, allows
one to believe in a possible
good and to imagine that
things could be better than
they are. They have, per-
haps, in certain circumstances
the effect of preventing the
worst the irremediably

In the past as I have said
these high minded men were
to be found in considerable

[VVf This summer

reds who are discovering the thrill of

places. Whatever your budget you vill

day" that really s t r t c h e s your

'""-.. ,, .....

re per person, based on double occu-

lotels; transportation to and from the

nation is also included together \vlh

being trips and other features.. .all for

cost of accommodations alone.

q.3 .t!i t

'11 make the most of every


ericas is
ni offers
rs from
a moon-
iurs and
lany of
s feature
s as low

able days
ndard or

Superior travel. Retrace the steps
of the Saviour in the Holy Land.
Comprehensive tours with qualified
guides, from $1,133.00.
tThe Europe Holy Land tariffs quoted include
Round Trip Fare from New York. Add air fare
from your point of departure to other "Pan
Am Holiday" destinations. All rates are shown
in U.S. dollars.
"Pan Am Holidays" are avail,'.le
to all six continents. Special itiner-
aries can be planned incli\idually to
suit your needs.
For complete information :,nd
descriptive literature on lh e alc e
and. many other \v ictio'n b'ars i.
see your Travel Aent or

...... 4-" jf 7,, .: ...." .. r
E. ,.,,.,'.,.. j -+.,-' 1 '.. .. ....- "*
..~ .fL.-' L

2 1NC: D AI
.EPHCN-c :-4-1 AND 2&22

S L. I L

... ." *.,...:-. :- .t;; ,. ..:,,.,~;

AY, JULY 26th 1953

-' .'

*1 "' ,, I -. ,'



t: Father "agne and his movie jeep. Father Peloquin,
fi Port a Prient is the other movie operator in the
.- Photo Haiti Sun.

[ow The People Of The South

Get To See A Movie

Gd'be amazed' to see the
t at the catechism class
inducted throughout the
tern provinces by Father
eLof the Oblat order. Some-
-morle than five' thousand
kntsa utudge over moun-
iand ford rivers to be on
for the good Father's
visits. He trundles up
et his parishioners in a
..jeep contain ing, among
things, a generator, two
makers and a movie pro-

er the religious instruction

is over, the other kind begins.
The motion picture screen is set
uip, Walt Disney character arnd
other intriguing figures painless
ly inculcate the Haitian country
folk \with principles of sanita-
tion, diet and hygiene, while Fa-
ther Gagne rides the wave of
celluloid \with a iapid creole

He repeats his performances
all along, the Southern coast
from Roche a Bateau to Les An-
glais. When he gets to' Port a
Piment he can take a rest and
enjoy a movie himself. Cure

Le njeilleur des pneus g6antsl.

i-Mile. RIB "

Le pneu qui. vous donneTdes
avantages inesp6r6s sans d6-
S pense supplementairel
Une march stable et douce. ..
. moins de risques de derapage
.: .. une carcasse extra-resistante
d'une tenue in6gal6e en
r6sum6 le Ailomr6rage le .plus
Sdlev6 au prix le plus bas.


Dans le monae
entier on trans-
porte plus de
pieus Good-
year que sur
pneus de toute
autre marque.


Marcel Peloquin has
other film projector on
and he uses it in his


arish hal toros led by their masters to op- fight come entraeme -
:"i h .: hiam

the only The gathering hanging from gourdes. Many farmers~ .brot
ithe coast their vantage points saw the their little bulls along toa:s, ;
parish hall toros led by their masters to op- 'fight ,comme entrauieme"nl.;.

in between bouts of ping pong
and other healthy recreation.
The U.S. Embassy cultural di-
vision manages to provide both
priests irith changes of film for
their eager audiences. And they
confess a little sadly that war
and cowboy pictures are the big-
gest favourites.

Father Peloquin, a Bostonian,
asked Your Reporter to empha-
size that religious instruction
was still the main item on the
agenda and that the Oblat fa-
thers were not neglecting that
for the pleasures of the cinema.
But the citerna has certainly
brought out record catechism
classes. And we congratulate
the fathers for using such in
genuity to kill two birds with
one stone.
- a---------

Bull Fighting Slopped By
Authorities In South

Several months ago in the
southh of the Republic hear Les
Cayes sportsmen decided to in-
troduce a new and interesting
sport because cock fighting was
on the Wane. i This section of the
country produces the finest

The "amateurs- tcund a suit-
able ravine with high banks bor-
dered with trees. Then on Sun-
day afternoons hundreds of spec
taters, five and six times the
number that normally would at-
tend a cock fight scrambled to
the top of the trees and watch-
ed a genuine Dull fight.

posite ends of the ravine and
then gore into each other on
being released. The bulls fought
to the death their horns having
been expertly sharpened like the
cocks' spurs. The betting on the
bull fight reached as high as 500

The beef was normally em:s
by the loser but recently the
thorities intervened and in-do
ing the sport cited that t.ie
were not enough safety '. i
sures. *
*-- 1





||. e e e.e*e- e'e ie e s e
a ^ ^ ^ >

g n



;'S: i)S
;'' :'''

: i;:~
: iC
~I .! ::E
:, k~
1' \;9'
'~ ~~g



1-Jil:r "All Weather" poss&de la fameuse
. de rouleme:t "All Weather" de renom-
itio:diale qui assure une resistance au
age eL une traction exceptionnelles sur
.es so's. -

me" &" Life"

SThe Leading American

; .- -


eee eeee eee e e e

i :

;Aresale W n


- .. i.. /, ... .. .. ,:.'" :

~rurcr ~-~-~~-----s PIICII-UNUhUN

na=a ----- ~1



.A i

I '





It Tickled Me But Not To Death

'he best thing for you to do., or ever will be, I owe to my
the doctor to the concrete mother.
er, cis,to go out and bury Heckler: Why don't you
u~elf in your work.s send her 30 cents and square
xxx the account?
iweet young thing (disgusted- xxx
'My boy friend has cold feet. &I just heard your husband's
ond auntie: Shame on you, in the hospital. What's the
ng lady. In my day we trouble?I,
a't find out thbse things ill we were married. strange woman on it.
ait: I'd like to stop off and Wlatching an inebriated
e a drink with you, but I man try without success to
e to go home atnd explain unlock the door to his house,
he wife. a policeman asked if lie could
iatt: Expllain what? handle the key for him.
at: How do. I know? I'm ,No, thanks,,, the drunk re-
home yet.. plied,, < xxx you hold the house.*
blitical orator: All I am, xx

S. .

;.' ;
- .''' i ".







: niner Dance Every Wednesday

SJazz Guignard.

Please Reserve your table.

Tel. 7887.

(Are you a good little boy
((No, ma'am I'm the ki
of kid ,my mother won't let
play with."
for a man with no experien
the foreman remarked.
handier when you don't kn
anything about it.>

defects?> the army doe
eYes, sir!> the draftee a
wered promptly, xxx
Husband: .You're alwo
wishing for something y
haven't got.
Wife: What else is there
wish, for?

(Hubert, is Iny wife d.r
sed? .

The delicate Chocolate
brings relief overnight.
tonight and tomorrow
you'll be all right.

Le Picardie

Specialities -

Onion Soup
Filet Mignon
Pepper Steak

Escalloppe de Veau
For Reservations Tel. 7416.

Z-9 odt CRiie r'5







I U -w 0-sowGl

oal Hotel Ibo Lele

S Evry Tuesday and Fridal frbnd 8 .m.. -o 12

'> Every Monday from 8 p.m. io 11 p.m
as TELEPHONE: 7886
vou |
I '

in Cool Kenscoff

For Lunches and Dinners of Distinction
Almost 5,000 feet; almost a mile
above sea-level
Yet only 15 pleasant miles, 35 leisurely
minutes from the heart of the Capital

SUnexcelled American French German.,
So 9 Cuisine and Beverages
So -

L _a


-'-- a-- -----------Is --I 3

vIaIIUUdIaInow ma n da.m


The Palace of Sand-Souci the Eighth Wond
World -- King Christophe's Citadel T
Oaves at Dondon The lovely beaches of
Apply M. Leopold Sanchez, Cap Haitien,'.I
Telephone 454 -

S.. oV1. .



Dinner Dances,;


-. 7 -- .-

^ i" '^ '" ^


- Iial~



- I L` 9



Sjimmoommosrvnrw wo NUMM 30---6----Vm








A.Y, JULY 26th 1953



intinued from Page 1

housee down with rendi-
iof Zu Zu Ba Bae, Ma
Aa Reina rumba, When
with you, You are sweet
mango the audience
:.thit one and Coco
the ring clambered fea
ed' torch-singer Celia
dressed in a gold en-
e with matching high-
l gh heels. She couldn't
,lance much.in those on
iras, and all of P-au-P's
s were buzing u-
..lights about the mike,
that hardly held her
She wowedthe audience,
r usual with her torrid
thiiteclad enthusiast in
pnth stands nearly stole
1w as the rhythm took
id he rocked and shook
3'lpilsating beat. If this
e band's first appear-
1 the ring, then they
die a sensational be-
Saaid Celia [see ph'otol
Sin the ring were mid-
Sghts Dempsily IKid of
iminican Republic and
Pmp of Clap Haitien who
in the name of Ph.-
k-eenfant. Pheb was
Vurite and could have
He 'has a punch and is
a..ducking, but his fight

V sL

^,When sheep were first
eicted the method of ex-
.wool wa- to pluck it.
~Was cut with knives.

education ended there. He
signalled his 'blows before de-
livering them, did not follow
up until the crowd told him
to, and learned the hard way
from Dempay how to coun-
terpiunmch. Demnpsi'ly Kid kept
his guard high, clinched when
tired an1d -threw a whirling
bboo punch which did not land
too often. But ie was the
smarter boxer, and ait the end
of the 8th round was leading
on poiaits.
One jltudge scored the match
even; the referee and the
other judge gave it to Demp-
sily. It was a good but not a
popular decision to a fair but
not wonderful match.
The Grande Finale was the
revanche between Mexico's
Yoli Perez and Cuba's Silvia
Hernandez, the women wrest-
lers who met last week. Yoli
entered the ring, a Venus in
her green bath suit and black
boots; Silvia the reid-haired
Amazon appeared in black
with orange boots,..
Yoli the aggressor ,began by
'giving Silvia a twist on her
bad knee, 'then a throat lock
and a full nelson which Sil-
via slipped out of. Yoli lands
on Silvia's face a series
of somersaults... grasps Sil-
via by the hair and flattens
her for .round one.
A romantic half-moon a
cloudless sky waited on the
second, round. Silvia attack-
ed, put her opponent on the

LL~t. iCI- --


Continued from Page 1 1

than for any of the matches
against Austria or Byazil, and
all acclaimed the gallant, ex.
ploits of the 17-year-old from
Port au Prince. excellent performance there
might have been 80 goals-,
commented William McIntosh
of the Haitian Federation
who accompanied the team-
Along with Fedceration Of-
flicials and correspondents,
the team coach Paul Baron
~ .-"

If Moscow's radio statement A top speed of 180 miles per
that 5,000,000 Russians passed hour makes the DUCK HAWK
the bier of the late Soviet pre- the world's fastest flying bird.
mier Stalin in 72 hours is true, The CHEETAH, with a speed of
it would mean that a record 70 miles npr hno' is the fast-

mat with an arm-lock, then
jumped' on the arm. Yoli got
uipand threw Silvia across the
mat for a two-point landing.
Then a series of derriere -
bumps from a body scissors.
Yoli -launches Silvia into a fly-
ing somersault. Sillvia, fight-
ing mad held her in the air
with terrific strength by feet
land forehead, won round two.
In the third round rough
stuff 'both fell out of the ring,
bashed' each other with their
knees, rolled into the speota-
tors 'and fought on. Final-
Jy referee Pantera Negra
'brought them back into the
ring. Red sends Yoli out of
the ring head first, amorous
fan lets his 'hand linger too'
long in assistance, Yoli turns
on him and Montezuma her
second bares his teeth. Fight
ends with Sil\via 'being flatten-
Yoli the gllanmorous was vic-
torious and she left the ring
to the cheers of her admirers,
i.e. 'all the men in the house..

In the 22iid minute
left Balcaz.ar d.e-pit
operate dive from Le
opened the score, arnd
tes later scored a sec
ter. this the strain of
game in the high alti

arrived in Mexico on
day the 15th and were
welcomed by the lo
and the Haitian colo:
The sports-crazy loo
helped build up the cl
opinion. By Sunda3
dbnne and Tassy wer
al figures, and' the fi
our team was causing
ing and apprehension
ment. Long ,before th
'blew the ground was
At once the Mexic
went on the offensive
thlrusting centre-forw
aacio Casarin, who
their coach, leading
tack they swept up
the <,W> formation ar
testing the goal. I
ture, Haiti's left-back
off form, and at
Mexicans directed p
A rmando the right Nw
er when Paul Baron s
Kerby to left bac
pronpitly switched 1
tack to the left wing
soon gave up short pa
the nippy Mexicans
got there first an
the long passing ganie
sionally Haiti's forw-
through, but their f
was poor. Haig wa

ime ingenious shep- nuniber of Soviet citizens tied est running animal. The fastest '
n the idea of fasten- the world's record for the 100- moving insect is the DEER FLY, "
;es together on a pi- yard dash at a speed of 22 miles PLANoin ee D F i-
with a top flying speed of over D IRE
this iPnplemeit our per hour. (Figured on the basis
;ors were developed. of mourners being two abreast. 400 miles per hour.
... -- 3'1/3 feet apart).
| .
r .' : .-
%; ? '.." .';., .g .., .:;.,:: ,":,, : ..:', .:

4n so

Page Ii

Wednes- gan to tell on our players. A.
e warmly third was scored off a penal i
al public ty given by Dorceans. ".'-
ny there. side-Jeft Telbez added t6he:4t"1i
al press and/ in the 34th minute of.i
climate of game C4asarin scored the fjft
Dieu- Haiti started the e
'e nation- half with spirit. Tassy tried
witness of a hard shot but Gordblba sa .,
g adnmir- ed. In the 56th minute great?-,
re cor- expectations as Haig, TassyA
e whistle Yapout infiltrate the defii:
5 packed. ces, but no goal and Mei
an team ico again begins bornbandi;
e. With Leger. In the 69th mi.ui~
a.rd Ho- one (passes him from Teli
.is also in the next minute an;6hi
the at- from Balcazar. The next"i
field in ,minutes was about even,
id began as the referee lifted his wbiad'
3onaven- tie for the final blast, Mic
Seemed scored again.
once the ,
.asses to Opinion in Mexico as re
ing. Lat- ported; in vOrraciones, *.
svitcheid celsior, and EEsto> newspa
k, they pers was disappointed in.
their at- performance. It was not tli'
. Haiti breath-bereaving altitude
ssing ly. It was the superior
always control and passing of.. t.
nid tied Mexicans which gave t
. Occa- the advantage. And our V.
yards got was nervous.
iishin Our team must do better't
s often v'h en tley nieet Mexico her
on December 27, T~aaying -b
te inside fore uSs at the Sitadle Magloir6 '
be a des- If we hold the Mexicansu ai
ger f'ils,. beat the U.S.A. on Oc0tolber' l
2 ninu- an,:l Fu:i uaary 8, there is st
ond. Af- the chance of going to Swil.!
the fast zerlandi in June 1954.
tude be- ..

raPage 12

.. Tbe Associated Negro Press
-. National;'News Service
S 3531 South Parkway,
Chicago, 15
SJuly 3, 1953.
-Mr. Bernard1 Diederich,
btr, o .r
Hiaiti Suni.
itima-Prince, Haiti.
ar .Mr. Diederich:
I.'Trough the courtesy of
i mutual friend, ,Mr. Ema-
el Riacine, I have the plea-
1b of seeing The Haiti Sun
"gh'reat regularity. This is
.'.:bion because it enables me
i touch with the remark
progress being made by
and to observe some-
ing cf the heath and wel-
ae of my many friends

It ..is certainly splendid for
ti to have so Comprehen-
i 'a.jounmal printed in Eng-
4 ',I -.There are manny people
f afre. vitally interested in
fi like myself but who
never mastered French.
.:=E.iSiun, keeps ,us abreast

'' .h.Prails yo.u saw the series
nibvies which Mr. Racine
v !ii .i at a number of meet
.i an Haiti last.year. The
its wras known as <,Negro
merncab and it showed par-
1y that group of Ame-
ms depicting their remark
tC~ark in Education, in
i:ee, n Business and In-
i, rec. The series which
a Tpodiuce, was sup-
,i.financially by Liggett
;i F rs, makers of Ches-
iield cigarettes.
it:l F'ie :aot that Chesterfield
A lA make this series of
e vai1a'ble for Haiti indi-
Sa latent interest in the
aet there. I see you have
Scigarette advertising.
.don't you go after Ches-
ieald? Do you know whe-
they have distribution

.-desuggest you send The
to Mr. Robert Gillham,
ingham and Walsh Ad-
.sirts Agency, 260 Madi-
Avenue, New York.
S"Point out to him the advan-
of advertising in Haiti's
rpapr printed in Eng-
i. Send your regular ad-
Et.?ing material .
S.A new series of pictures is
im the theatres

I ..


here now. It is the second
N(Negro America> series. I
suggest ,that both you and .Mr.
Racine, write Mr. Benjamin
Few, LPresident, Liggebt and
Myers, Radio City, 630 Fifth
Avenue, New York, and ask
whether the new series of
films now current cannot be
loaned for showing in Iaiti.
16mm will be best for your
All of this should lead to
some new business.
Best wishes,
Claude A. Barnett.

242 East 68th Street,
New York 21, New York.
July 21, 1953.
Dear Mir. Diedierich :
From time to time M. Guy
LaRoque and other kind
friends .in Hait.i send me co-
pies of the Haiti Sun., Just
recently I noted with pleasure
that you ran one of our stories
on Haitian cuisine, and I am
delighted that you found it in-
Could I impose upon you
to send your fine pap-er di-
re;tly to -us at the above ad-
dress, so that we may be sure
of seeing each issue?
Your paper hat been of
great assistance to us all in
keeping us up to date with
happenings in Haiti.
My husband joins me in
sending best wishes.
Poppy Cannon White.
MVirs. Walter White.

New Hospital,
Haiti wall get a new hospi-
tal to be installeU at the ex-
pense-of the Grant Founda-
tion, a non-profit philanthro-
pie organization which is lo-
cated in Pennsylvania.

Adding Machines
Calculating Machines
Cash Registers



By devious means which
we won't go into, we eame into
possession of this touching
letter from three members of
the French Foreign Legion
who are fighting in Indo-
China. And we'll pass it
along to you as we found it.
The English is picturesque,
it's true, but it seems to come
from the heart.
Dear Sir: I
We beg you pardon of that
question as follows: '
.Would you vergive three on
the far-eastern Indochinese
jungle-front fighting legion-
nars that question, or better
our biggest request, as fol-
lows :
Is it may be anyhow pos-
sible for you, dear Sir, to
send us an address of three
girls or joung women dowvn-
town which woulki like to be
.leading corresponidlence with
We knows that a question
like this ils really not very
usually but we beg you with-
in once more at pardon there-
for, please would you under-
stan,: us!
Then, you must know, some
times especially when the even
ing hours are rising all three
of us are Ithinking abaut the
same : of a woman.. .
And now, you see dear Sir,
we've got your 'address and
under these damn war condi-
tional circumstances here,
well, and ,so we wrote this let-
ter to you Sir :
.And in the hope for an ans-
wAer of you and: many thanks
in advance.
Very faithfully yours,
Koder Hans Joucham,
S. Gimey.


Letter From The Publisher :

* That followed the midnight stress.
He has hold his art, to the black oldl a t
They call the daily press.>>
Those of us who have been innocidated with a,-pe
and have got some printer's ink into our systems, ca
avoid experiencing the terrificefascination of the press
It is not only the thrill of seeing oneself in g
thought this how is often started. It is" rather t1
veloped sense of responsibility to a large body of fri!
whence comes the kick which sends us out rushing all,
and keeps us toiling in the office or 6n the linotype,
night ... ... I
The public is insatiable for news and in formation,
it is our business to allay that hunger from time to -
and, to tell truth, to wh.et it. too.
Reflections like the fore running flocked upon uWi
we heard that a brand new organ, with the perhaps p
tious name [we should talk] of c< to send forth its wares from. Fleet street, Port au P,
We know that our contemn,por'a ry possesses not only''
presses and an eager-eyed staff. They, also have a
consciousness of the ideals of journalism. TheyU-.'
that the press is not only a great educational instit
More than that! ....- .,
For just as Watts' invention the steam en
transformed the ,tod.ern wcurld, just so have journc
shown, that the invention. of the free press is the' m!s!
werful agent for the purification of political life, a
keeping in health the body public.


Homage to Radio Jamaica
will be paid today by Radio
Commerce. .General Manager
Guy Douyon of Radio Com-
merce spent five weeks in
Jamaica this year studying
the Jamaica Broadcasting
Company's techniques and or-
ganization, and Radio Com-n
mnerce has'in stock quite a few
Jamaican recordings.
J.B.C. is a privately control
ed, commercial corporation

on which the governmj
represented, and like.i
Commerce, broadtast
hour's a day. -


The ,,blonde; secretar
Marie Wehrle of the.
Mission to Haiti celebi
her 19th (birthday 24t1
Last zeen she was enjio
big < apple.

0 0 0 0 O .. e oo

SEditor's Note: We trust the
the boys will be nrore at home
in French than they are in Eng-
Slish. So heres the opportunityy for
* Port an Prince lasses to acquire
* new and very 7ratjiul pen pals.


Agent in Haiti: Now a Cap Haitien landmark,

LOI'IS DECATREL & SONS remains of the aCompania Wde
P.O. Box 596 i ndustrias Maritinas*, dredges
..-...1..- ... .,. destroyed by fire early this year.

The Woi

Most Far



Distributors Usine A Glace

0.. .

Y, JULY 26th, 1953 H)-i?. ______________________ _______

Rosene has a private school
,in Key West anad her husband.' :".
is a writer of note. They lived
in Mlexico for a number of in-
spired years.
SSurrounded' by that honey-
-A d. moon Slow are Mr. and Mrs.
Claude Sergile who were mar-
I ri. ned' recently at St. Pierre's in
Petionville. ,Claude is son of
cNeil family were A group of jeunes files are P 'lue is
:asteriday when the organizing a bal at the Cercle Mr. Joseph Sergile and hi
bf the Panama Line Port-augPrincien August 1st. wie ws f y Me
withe Brbara Mac- C :0:- aette Jean, daughter of Mr. an'd
-Mrs. Antoine Jean of Tete de
40aughter <(Buffy, Alice Terry, Ellen and Ez- TA
-. : weeks of S.tte- ra Chal.om returned from the lE',au
-i onmIg. PBuffy spent States Thursday. Former director of the Post
-Office and Mrs. Edgard Elie
Sime at the sea- Raoul Cssagnol is home lew to New York Frday. r. and. Mrs. Vicotr Arbar and their son-in-heir Victor
_Niormandy Beach, from toauing abroad fle to Nre York Fri a Rafael Enrique.
where the water Janine and Marie C. Powell .
iy side. ne froOn Wednesday Miss Ray-
ily side. came ove fom Knston auhter of At 5.30 p.m. Thursday Boswell, IV: Mrs. Victor Ay-
Qmnd.-.:- Thdursd'ay.ugher of' t
s A bassar :hay. 0 the late ex-president, return- evening the 3-month 3-day bar, to V: baby. .-
sy ofse-.:.
'is Irving let to- L ed frm Ja maica wh is old infant of Mr. and Mrs. Among tose present sam
i l Irving left to- Loane Dora is in Sn at school. for her father's fun- Victor Aybar, son and daugh- litig the delicacies lavishly .
pw m ont ho y Juan to open an Exhibition of I w NM .4
ew hs .ol Juan to open an E ition of al ter-in-law of Hiis 'Excellency served were Dominican Am' .,
ther H At Shop aSt the Cariet Bound Efor the Startes this Dr. Jose Aybar, Ambassador bassaidor and Mrs. Jose Enri-
Cuana willat Hlon July tht Bound for the States his.:I
ruana weekend are Jeanine Annoual, of the Dominican Republic, que Aybar, parents. of Victor 'l4: ;
idlAffaires during Augut. St. Armad ontes, Margue- w as christened at the Basili- Ay.bar and daughter Maria T:i
or's:0:- rite and Charles aetjens, que Notre Dame. Le PNre res, .Mr. and' Mrs. bMarcel Gen.

---:0:- .Mile Helga Tippenhauer is Emily Roumain, Latifett, Jo- Quentin peforne he cre- til, Mr. & Mrs. Edmond ETa,
Son a brief vaca- due to. fly to FraneL Wednes- sephine, George and Antoin- t ony. tol Phipps, Mr. & Mrs. aR.' G
Yvor Eaile, ac- .day toi nie on hand for the ar- ette Khawly. The infant, Victof Rafael King, Mr. & Mrs. :Eile Sen-
:7 Enrique, has as godparents .dal3, Claude Genti', y !V:e ; i..:
f LiLndo Bros., rum ri \al of her godchilid. The first Eiqu, has as godparents al, Claude Gentil reta Me
fa r. ad t t cu: M. Henri Sendral and .iss er, Mrs. F. Kroll, Victor Soe i,
.f Jaamiajca. Msr. addition o the Jacques Oneir
ais first visit, but family Mrs. is former Caleb atud Dorothy -Hasco Marie Jose Gentil. Viotor Mr. and Mrs. Armand Klang,
oo impressed that Gladys Bogat: Elliott .are off to the States Jr. wore the christening gown Dr Jacques Fourcand, Mr s. ;!
plans to turn. :: today. I that has (been in the Sendral Nicolas, Dave and Ben Bigio, .:
g plans to eturn. -:0
ti -:0:- Senator Louis Dljoie re- The U. S. Military Attache family for more than 60 Albert Chrem, Yoland Blanc,
--:0:- Senator Lolis Djoie re-
SMrs. Jean Hen- turned from his busin trip Col. Valentine Smith is re- years. on onoroneos, Nana Siegel,
B or a n- th s n turning to Washington today. After the baptism a gay' Frangoise Calist, Dr. ands Mrs '"
'e &t our Banana In- to the States Wednesday.
s returned from a -0:- Andre Nicolas is Paris champagne party was given Alphonse Waag, Mile Erna
Sto liami. Mrs. Magret and Jac C bond today. at the home of the rela ties Khal, Mile Gabrielle Ville-
to I intai. Mrs. Margaret and Jack Church-
anid on r ill, daughter and eson in law 'Le Tourneau's Al Newton of Mrs. Ay)bar, the Send5als, drouin, Mrs. Marguerite Cha'-
it by her mother of Raymond Smith, Director and Eng. Eric Canez are drop in Brou I'on. Five generations vet, Mr. and Mrs. Henri S 'en-
A by her mother ofof Pepmond Smith, Director
and sister Marie of Point 4 h ee, ae present ping over to C. T. on busi- of Senrls were at the chris- d al, Mrs. Gaston Margro,
and sister Marie of Point 4lhre, axe presently
Song Haitti Jack is ti ing es day. tenfo prty ranging from ,J, Francisco, Luis, Yvette, Vie i.
.. .a med. c al degree at Harvard. o ou Jac e Ab- e T. Rouzier aged 90, II: tor, Eva, Elysee, Octavio aid '
Mi nm e F'. Villedrou.in, III: Irs. Elvire.
-". 0:i .:- -:0:-~: lRhamp may leave tomorrow 'for A
a M1l a4 oe ho Henri Sendlral, Mrs. An ette
are IMalle Mary Joied iin holy. matrimony her return to New York by :
gher of and it h.ow.isK hurch in &~.temir4 way of -kin'gaton. Mylle .Lucie Ghancy, awof'i..:j
r oClauvinfan -Me aLtu d~l iy hth 'at .o p.m. Gilbite wVieux retfirned Last Sutmdiay Mile Andree dee of a scholarship of the
'a f du'y '"Morite le bee xieM the US French and 'HaitiAn govetni-
al son of Mr. and wpre ire lerie 6f Co('ail & froin f'r6~ i last week-,end., where she ,will cart' orn her mrents, recently received her
Rigal. '1MiI y sansaricq of Jere GetiMd Kernizan is back *tdie- ile in fine lat '
-:0:"- mie, datikhter of dMr. Tiotbas from gtuding in Kinson. tu s in aan n fne letters at
is,. son of Albert 'a nsaurioq of Maison D'Iesu'i- Armand and Adeline Maile- versit~-. Sorbonne. She is due .ho1ii
ie Company clip- ron. The rrewly Widas are branch ale hoT7ie from their shortly.
htroOne ofthe few existing '".,
ston on a honth honey thing in their new annual visit to the U.S.One o the fw e t
S ,home in Jeremie. American Rugby football play ,
Some in Jeremie.
er of the Fiscal ::- Eng. Max Denis went to ers Harry [B.1 Gottfried) is
'IPWe on the 24th. Ac o rdg to0 rumours an New York last weekend on a here for a look around. iar-.
rtalian of the Grand rue who ,voyage d'affaires., ry whose faniily re u' te..
4i .:; recently died left frcehind over -:0:- Reat Estate business in New The Keslei Olermont houae-
/a million doilans. His Excellency the Minister York and the ranching busi- hold welcomed the arrival of :.'
of Peru will offer-a reception ness in Argentine is, consid- Maxime, the first addition to I
Mrs. Mike Rosene, sister of at the Legation Tuesday on ering the family chances their family. Mobi,'te
Diane Merritt of Ki Pi in the occasion of the National here. mer Jacqueline Gresac, a d:
S town on a 3-week visit, Mrs. Day of his coutIry. -:0:- son Maxime are cio'ing fine.
Fetes in the Sade household -:0 "- "
this week. Papa Nagib on The storm pPiidI its fiTkt vpisJ
the 30th andl Jacqueline the to the Heilbt fDaenia ." .
I29th. household this week a.nd di- :'
--*0:-- livered Robert, a healthy br b .
* DI M#RI( arneuS Mince -i Adeline Magloire went to boy. m is tie fPrmer &~i &

Kingston on the 19the: ..
"' ;.. ;,...", .. :., "..... -- ". .:. ..; .-4.. .:: : ,:, ;. ::'.',' .': .,k..'. :, ?, ,, i.. "4 '. ,._:,, r ',,.::... : :.. :- ..... .... .. o : .... ... ..... .

I -
SPage 14 dHAITI SUN,, SUNDAY, JULY 26th,'.

ity f The W k ed for the George cross, the versary celebration next year. bien Pierre, Polici
SPersnality Of The Week Queen's highest reward for and Mlexelas Cheru
(Continued from Page 1) civilian gallantry. HOUSEBOY COMMIT violently tossed ou
SUICIDE ground and picked. e
eight previous trips to Haiti. ping whisky at Rex Cafe Pancho ankine has visited bad injuries anid.
,.,. ,, m all the British West Indies Police reported last week
That's the main reason for with this sportsman extraor a te riti Wet nies icie eoe a when the truck
being back in Pot au Prince, dinary do not know is that and entral America but Ha- he de of a houseboy in 6786 driven by
he says, j ust to greet again Pancho's personal courage is his favourite country the surrasco hit the teleph
+bar none. Nowhere, he says, The boy, named Hippolyte,
ithe MVLcCaUias heis guest of makes him a national hero in bar none. Nowhere, he says, The boy, named iolte, inning Leogane and
.. ear flend Jocelyn Fr- Jaica. pl y s r can one witness such gracious probably in a moment of men-
.' tdear fai end Jocelyn Fer- Jaomaica. A plucky swimmer ,The four victims
Hospitality at all levels of so- tal derangement, locked him-
nand l agloire, .Roland La- .he is three times a life saver. hospitalized.
: taill-ade, Andlre Blanchard, Ge- c'ety. For the tourist Haiti self into the servants lavatory
i. zrd IVontas and so many Oly last year he leapt from is < 'oth Other seasons are to his ca near the Kingston comes as a citizen rather his neck, kicked- the lid off Mir. Leon Decatrel,
investigate .bird shooting, to harbour front, dived clad into than a mere visitor; he loves anJl fell down the hatch. He accounting section at
"fiiadide plans with the Bu- 18 fathoms of choppy water the country, and his wife, died immediately. nal Bank. who was .
ream. of Sports for the tour andin the nick of time fished who could never forget the pointed to replace'M
of ile Noir, and t Na ut the small boy whom haandr- wonderful reception she got TRUCK HITS TELEPHONE a, the control depaul
of Aigle Noir, and the Na-
'*ioal baeba a~d pig- wringing spectators had given here last year looks forward CABLE: 4 VICTIMS bank, is due. back fr
.. pongg heaums to Jamaica from up fo lost. He is recommenld- to ,asisistingv at the anni- Pierre Paul .Periscar, Fa- early in August.
S. .September 7,th. '

ki: e got the Spanish nick-
ame oake Spanh ni ko ECONOMY SEE THIS NEW 10.4 CUBIC FOOT
.t St. George's ,College, Jam- REFRIGERATOR TO DAY
e ica. Even thenhe was a fam-
e:'"d spontsman, representing
Jamaica in athletics at the Bri
.. ti sh Guiana Olympiad 1934 .
'-'.when 16. Though oply of mid-
die stature he cleared the bar 41
a: bove his head to become Jam
aican high jump, charmp. in'
1i97, with a vault of 6 ft. 1 in.
The arne year he played at a tUEV
P"': left back for Janaica against
-. ; thle English Corinthian Casu REFRIGERADOR
:..a-ls football eleven, and kept i
'1is place on every All-Jamaica 'INTERNATIONAL
football side until 1945. Nov HARVESTER
fc:;, i ei HARVESTER
t e keenest football ran _n .
.. ese parts, he takes an act- .-' ,. de 7,4 pies cibicos
ivepaart in th'e organization of
every football tourney. What
ih. e ihas done fDr sport in Jam-:-
ida is revoealek. i: his cn
;:stant re-election to posts on .
:th.e Ja~ ai Fooltal, Wei: .-. '
lifting, and the Amateur 4~ h-
,'letic Associations. He is a
ensed boxing promoter, .46 a r
is alub 'captain for Sit. Geor
age's Old Bos. a. ,. .
Also a keen sports fan 'is' ... ,
Mrs. Rankine. In 1944 he .siax .
red Florence Constantine,

: ew partner he won the '46
Mixed C championship. They ator h c ity Of 2 litres of Think of it m vantage enrolled
have so far raise reu ftf trays. nc! come tHa see it tol ay
two footballers and a bad TEES u t to cnerve tr tl.
:i ,o oot ballrs aind a b-r., e tTe E' ,-AT 1RE -ith a capacity of 3 terror of ii
S .inRton playing lass aged 7. You have nev er been able to f "l's iood, what \er its qus green f sp
'Pa.ncl'o who starts 'em young enjoy so much space tr so rea- tit3y. And its price is so Interir covered with China. Capacity of 1:
takes his five-year-old son out sonable a price. This refrigera- reasonable. I t y, and thermostaticall pints
3 tnd therostaticall^y 14,2 pints oA
shooting with him.
Sport is his b siness as well i. r ie *ew
as itis hobby. He is manger
of t largest sports IooT INTUENATIONAL HABVES~TE
atare in tfhe British West In-
dies ~cA. H. Aguilar's,, car y-, REFRIGERATOR in Haiti -
.ing 120,000 dollars in sport WALTER RAUN
stabk of all kinds. But what
m:.many of the pa-s who sit sip- _________
'.t ;I .a.
..,,,:. : .,.;: ;-,; .:- ......:.. '?::

" I, i .....,;

J."lY 26th, 1953 -iAITI SUN.
_'-----.___________________ -. Pagel15 :'"
r-Pt Sident Estime Dies ary mentions the building of0 YT ---- P pl W o
'J ithe International Exposition, For 50 Years ... The People Who
Jn New York. Burial Here the building of the model bor- Know Air Conditioning Best
M* Continued from Page 1 der village Belladere and the Know Air Cond tioning Be
Estime's request for er of the Haitian people. Said imposition of income taxes 10 Models For ooms Of Every S e
in.d's. bdy to be baik to his homeland, The events that raised M. his ry. -'
wn6ed that the ex- Dur~arsais Estim6 to power /But, the New York Times ... ||
State would be given and those which caused his added in the fall of 1949 le
From a- modest bedroom ro a big conference room '
a Funeral. fall are still too close for peo- malaise developed, Mr. Es- e i a ight-size Ca r Rm Ar
n there is a right-size Carrier Room Air Condition- N
SmaJllpblcbuildings ple to be able to level an im- tim6 dleoreed a state of Mar- "r's
er for the job. When you choose from Carrier's '^ii
p Prince were low- partial judgement of the main tial Law and tried to force you '
;; ~.~~ ,-wide range of models you never pay too much or ",'.
adf mast and bobh and the extent and' value of the LIgislature to amend aner m h t
gettoo little .The air conditioner is matched to
'the Legislatureadr his career. Such a judcle- a-ticle of the Constitution e a ir conditioner is m en
after a moment of ment would be a premature which forbids Presidents of your exact ret.
ilhis memory. substitute for history .. ., Haiti to succeed themselves WALTER BRAUN. Distributor
he days.before Radio In E>, Felix Cour- in office. .. ....... ....
j6 announced) his de- tEis wrote: eDumarsais Esti- The Senate rejected the pro '
inours that the ex- .m, had already been a lead- ject and after some troubled THOSE FAMOUS .:
w,.as dying or dead ing figure when he became, days, the Junta of 1946 took ? 'F M
streets of the Capi- sitU young, 'the Head of State. over again on May 10, 1950.?
August,1, 1946, a fatal day The Presiidient resigned andl ir
Yobrkf the .news was for some, happy day for left the next day for Paris es
Xiamong'members of others, enabled: him to com- with his family.'
C lonyttwo o'clock plete his march up the ladder He arrived in New York AREBACK
ternoon. The 'body 'of fianre and realize the, dream eight months ago.'
i6 theWalker Fun-, of 'his childhood. We know cZ-c--r nw- r a-P- sc.- You can find them TODAY At -
, :17 W. 72nd St., the rest, .all th enterprises. BULLET IN BACK AZAB DU CHAMPDE MAIRS
fc--- w hd /ues n by I..1.i.
ces were held Tues undertaken .by his. Govern- Continued from .Phge AU LINCOLN .
noon. M. Rameau meant and which, could have Portail Leogarne, an 'inidvi-, ED PHIPPS
aurice CarrierMa- .been t-ruly fruitlu'l for the dual was found with-a bullet .
.,And inPetinvile at HENRY BIGA
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ites. Among the important pro- The wounded ex-ovidt -R EV ER
,is wif.e, the for- jeas of nis administration, was taken to hospital were A.,
his wife, the for- 0 o hds
Dominique, ex The New .York Times obitu- he died Thursday morning.
.-, Dominique, ex- '
i stirm left' t n wot ] two 101i
p ne and Jean Ro-. .
to .daughters, Ma-
rce and! Rgjne- to,
e ,offer our sincere '
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the Haitian legis-
S-D~lu ty froni St.
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.h6amber. '
turbulent revolu- W T
46. that ousted Elie ::. .
p.nthe"Palace, a Mi-

b eoverSment and the big automobiles lately. Drivers have been stopping to .
he .
the election that look around at the smart newo Morris Minors whlchk are ap- PA
sais Esti.me in the hearing fast all over Port au Prince. i
lace. The compact family car, coming from. England's larg-
whole newspapers est motor-makers,, the Nuffieldi Organization, has been. one
inot had too much of England's best sellers since post war years. The Minorts t : y '
their obituary col- monoconstructed body seats four five in comfort, while -.
mij mer in which its mighty-mite engine gives6"a' startlingly good .performnn- Dis:trbtos I':li',
.'Distributors: Usine a Glace Nationale
"d his role as lead- ance for a pleasingly low cost.-Adve4. .

don't say "dutch beer" but always:

'Heineken Beer'
( the best beer of all dutch beers .) ,.
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'They were typical of the
.an. Events of the Predi-
;nt's birthday were charac-
ristic of Haiti's leader.

Saturday morning he replied
San address 'by t.he Guards
ommandiamt Col. Woolley
ith an off-the-cuff speech of
caring eloquence and patriot
im. Without bitterness or
alice he castigateda certain
fficisl who had betrayed
nfidences, called on a nation
D rally itself and to work
harder towards The .realiza-
on of its ideals.
AAt 10 a.m. poised and ele-
nt in the reception hall of
e Palace he Itegan recei-ving
ficens of state, members of
ie :'jiplonatic corps, staff of
ie Ministries and the hun.
cedis of camis du President,
ho came to give the 'hand-
iikt~> ,to the First Magis-
'ate of the Republic. After-
oon in the community of La-
oale there was a itumlttuou's
meeting of country folk in
is honour.' In the evening

he : relaxed at a reception giv-
en by Ducasse Jumelle, Min-
ister of Interior, then with a
small party toured the city
night spots.
On Sunday morning he wor
shipped, at, then inaugurated
a chapel school and play-
groun,' given to the country
folk of Laboule by the Ma-
dame M.agloire Foundation."
At noon he inaugurated the
'powerful radio station which
despite its name Radio Com-
merce is devoted to public
duIty, the elevation of Haiti's
prestige throughout the Ame-
ricas, a v well as private en-
Later he visited and inau-
gurated his newspaper NationN), designed to set
newv's standards in local daily
jour'naliism andi the diissemin-
ation of information.
A great sportsman himself,
the r.-.ilnt at I p.m. open-
c.:l ttl-e chalet of the R'acing
football club at St. Martin.

so o M- -.o- 0- --eew eeeS A

ri .

IRC?- CI~--iC--9

los program

*= m oawm.. am

Philips aga I
flrlng new tone to radio ,

Distributor in Haiti : CURACAO TRADING CO.

While the Haitian public
rejoiced late into the night
the President retired to the
bosom of his devoted family
to spend 'the last hours of
the birthday of Papa Paul.

Bdrdiife in Jamaica has
been scarce over the last three
or four years and many keen
gunners are anxious to come
and shoot in Haiti.
Pancho Rankine, Jamaica
sportsgoods salesman, is over
here examining the possibili-
ties of wild life. Himself, a
keen gunner, he arranged last
week with Maurice de Young
to go shooting. He will report
his own first-hand experien-
ces to Jamaica, where no less
than 20 gunners are awaiting
his investigations. If favour-
,able they will Ibe here at the
end of August.

Birthday Celebrations
At Laboule For
Mme Paul Magloire
Continued from Page 1
vice was attended by the
Chief of State, high dignita-
ries of the Republic, a large
company of friends, as well
as children from the infant
asylum, and a delegation of
boarders of the cautine. Pu-
pils of the Ecole Paul Ma-
gloire, with the choir of the
soldiers of the Casernes Des-
salines sang hymns, and pea-
sants paraded, bearing ban-
ners in grateful homage to
their distinguished friend and
For the country folk a par-
ty wNas held on the large
sports field adjoining the cha-
pel- school. Other guests
drove (back to the President's
country house at Laboule,
where a magnificent reception
was held in honour of the
beautiful, petite first lady of
the Republic.


English University trained
young male tutor will give
lessons in English,. French
and Spanish languages dur-

ing summer months. Please Mme de Catak
contact Harry Major, c/o Capois.

LEl Ranchd

:I I

g. DThe Best Quality Cement atl
the Lowest possible costi


offer their




94BSNT i^

g Port-au-Prince Tel: 23.



AMOS. ." s e e
,. -' ::a-~ !: .. .. :.
, .: ,'; .'..... ;, ; i.:- C~l~ l; : '


age 16


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