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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Duke University Libraries
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Duke University Libraries
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 32441147
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VOLU1VIE III -------- -

IRpubllque D'HAITI

SUNDAY, JULY 12th 1953 No. 38


A view of the Shasa fire at its peak .. Phrto Doret.

a line of fire -watchers


the day after

".e i'ou\-elliate)) in its edi-
1of July 8th reported the
ig murder. of ,a Woman
iv y,': -.,* <
K,;: '.,1-. -

th'e fire..

l~ '~:

.4 I.

i.i TrLu du Nord. A husband,
.itcr killing his wife, burnt
Iei- bo-dy and placed it under
.a rock. The body was dlis-
covered three days after the
murder' took place.
'. .

SHASA Completely Gutted By Fire:

Damage Over 150,000 Dollars
The leading all.Haitian Cor lost in ilaiti's fifth major
portion in Port-au-Prince 1l-:'B-e-,s 1ire this year.
wound up its first quarter Brandt's textile mill, De-
century of operation. by launch joie's Essential Oil Plant, Macld
ing a major remodelling and sen's Cotton Plant and the
expansion programme. Top United Shoe Factory all suf-
officials of the Societe Hai- fered severe losses in pre-
tienne d'Automobides were vious blazes.
installed in their new air-con- Continued on Page 16
ditioned offices on the balcony
of business quarters at the Delta, Chicago And
Shasa and had started' to re- Southern Airlines Open
furbish the outside of their New Air Conditioned Office
building. But sadly, these The new air-cordirioned of-
plans will have to be scrap- fice of the Delta, Chicago and
ped and new ones substitut- Southern Airlines made its
cd. Toda.lthe SHASA land- bow to the Port au Prince
,mark is just a charred sheTl. public with a 5 o'clock vin
The new air-conddtioned of- d"Honneur last evening.
fices disappeared with some It was an eye opener for
$150,000 worth nf property Haitians and Americans who

It is reported that Mr. Bren
nus Couba, a respectable old
man about 100 years old, has
been assassinated in Jeremie.
According to the rumour he
was struck on the rear of his
neck when he was about to

Continued on Page 3 *




haidi the opportunity. to see
bow extremely effective local
products can be in the hands
of a talented interior decora-
tor and designer.
Max Ewald's sisal tapes-
tries were most attractive as
a background for rush car-
pets and modern mahogany
anesks. Roger Dorsinvilve, Min
ister of Labour, wielded the
scissors for the Grand Open-
Continued on Page 15

Over 2 1/2 Million Dollars For

Modernization Of Telephone System
The Secretaries 'of State au Prince's telegraph and tele
are studying plans submitted phone system.
by five foreign companies The lowest cost of -rebuild-
who seek to contract for com- ing andi modernization sub-
plete modernization of Port- emitted by one of the five com-
panies which include an Eng-
FIRST SHIPMENT OF lish, German and three Ame-
MANGANESE FOR U.S. iiC.n companies, amounts to
The first shipment of Hai- no less than $2,500,000. -
tian Manganese will soon Continued on Page 15
'ea.[ for the, United States. U.S. SCHOOL TEACHERS
rhe Government has granted ASS. TO HOLD CONVEN-
he Bonhomme, Beaulieu and TION HERE ABOARD SHIP-
Faubert firm permission to The SS Nuevo Dominicano
export 1,500.tons of mineral is due to berth here Tuesday
taken from their mine at morning with a ship load of
'rouin for exploitation> classroom teachers of the U.S. 0
rn.#Joaud n Pain. 3. Continued on Page 2


It's lucky that Parnell Marc
loves teaching. Because few
pecqpile have ever clone more
of it. The 43-year-old pedla-
gogue from Jeremie spenids
the school year dashing from
the Medical College to the
Eco'le Polytechnique to Lycee
Petion where he pours out
knowledge of physics, statis-
tics and cosmography into the
minds of the -iHatian youth.
Then he goes home and re-
laxes with a good book? Oh,
no, dear reader. He tutors
private students in physics,
maths and chemistry. Such
a schedule gives Professor
Marc about six hours to him-
self. And he spends that
sleeping. But if he finds him-
self awake and no students on
hand, he turns into a student
When we arrived to inter- "
view Parnell in his unjpreten-
tious but comfortable home ... .
on the Avenue Boyer, we
caught him hard at work stu- .-*
dying Hebi'ew grammar. It's
the sixth language 'he has "
tackled in his lifetime. He al- .
ready is fluent in English,
Spanish and German. And .'
somehow or other he has mRun. ..
Continued on Page 3

The fire brigade siren has '
wailed unceasingly this week.",
ThJursday at 10.30 a.m. a.cant-
ionette undergoing reprAirp,-'
the Grand'Rue caught fir&i
and was prevented fiom be
totally destroyed by the. iter-n.:,
mention of the fire brigade; :'.
At 2.30 p.m. the-fire'riz ,.. .
ane opipesite the Departen
creamed :,up-Lalue to doI ._,.Jii
plastic' patrtition: alight i A
house. ;
At 11.30 p.m. in a little "
f Interior firemen arrived to
Continued on Page 1is ;
(.4 ': i

Si -





ft ^ J, ". ,':. '




Croix des Bou

SNew Wa
' The bustling village o
Croix des Bouquets gather:
about a giant nev water tani
on ITuesday, June 30th, an<
gave an enthusiastic welcome
to its much-needed hydrauli
system. The Haitian Govern
inent in conjunction witl
SCISP provided the water fa
cilities as part of the genera
campaign to improve thi
hea:n ana nving standards oa

Continued from Page I
National Education Associa-
tion. The teachers are hold
* ing their annual convention
aboard ship while visiting
Nassau, Haiti and Cuba. This
group is one of the largest
contributors to Lnesco's gift
coupon project.
Acting UN resident repre-
sentative Mr. Vinton Burns
will supervise their ten hour
The cadets of the military
academy are training in Fur-
cy. w

A Shop With H

All Gift ]
Two charming businesswo-
men have joined the growing
number of modern shop pro
prietors on the Grand Rue.
Mile. Ginette Sendral and her
sirti.r Mrs. Alfred Smatt have
opened a smart new Gift Shop
in the Haiti Motors Build-
R. ag,
Its stock displayed with
the taste of the Parisian Bou-
levard includes such future
heirlooms as Christofi Silver,
Porcelaine de Linoge, coffee
sets, tea sets and full dinner
To lighten the heart of a

Mad'emoi-selle, there is a wide.
selection of French perfumes

iquels Receives

ter Supply

f the people in the provinces.
J The new steel tank has
k capacity of 12,000 gallons. I
d wi.L be uEed to teed two found
e tains that have been erected
c on the market place and nea
I- the church. They will be
h opened three times a day fo
I- two-hour stretches to giv
L everyone the opportunity t
e collect his household water
f supply.


The trim little English
.uilt 58-foot yacht 4Nettle*
g sailed into Port Monday in
the course of her trip frorr
t England. to the States.
On board were owner Ro.
bert Shankel of California,
who is now an authority on
yachting off North Africa and
across the Atlantic; healthy
looking Win Gordon of Aus-
tralia who reports for sever-
al Sydney magazines; Sailor
Ralph Nelson of Stockholm

[opes To Solve

and for the man of one's
-,:ce there are attractive
cigarette lighters and glitter-
ing cocktail shakers.
For housewarming or anni-
versary presents, there are
silver wine baskets, intrigu-
ing ash trays of genuine lea-
ther or ceramic and the ever-
popular canasta sets.
The kiddies are not forgot-
ten. You'will find shelves of.
charming toys and nursery
bed lamps:
Along with all this, the
new Gift Shop offers such
utilitarian, objects as electric
fans and cork screws.
____ .

and Captain Jean Dupbnt who
piloted the yach; from, Cura-
cao to Aux Cayes and Port au.
Captain Dupont who is- well
a known in'these waters as a
t sailor and specialist in tropi-
I- cal fish returned to Curacao
d on completing his pilotage to
r Port.
e The r Atlantic to Barbados in 17
e ,days of fine weather, and umn-
o dei-rwent rare experiences in
r ports of call such as the Can-
ary Islands, where they steal
your anchor or- copper off
your ,"ottom if you fail to be
vigilant said owner Shankel.
The trio set sail- for the
States this week-end.- They
expect to sail only daring the
daylight hours and anchor at

Haiti through the assist-
ance of the FAO (Food and
Agricultural organization of
the U.N.I is rapidly boosting
its pisciculture extension pro-
gramme. Fish ponds are mak-
ing their appearance through
out the Republic and large
scale fish pond building will
commence with the comple-
tion of the Peligre dam in the
Artibonite Valley. Last week
Haiti exported 10,000 little
fish to the Dominican Repub-
lic where the U.N. is carrying
out a pisciculture programme
similar to that which is to-
day benefiting Haiti.

___________________- ___ ----- ---- -- -- I

* uses for air, the GARDENER DENViER POR
ABLE compressor meets the need for high and su
trained output, and with utmost fuel economy and c
J pendabiity.

t Agent in Haiti: SONACO. General Manager :
Jacques Martin

Address:- Place de l'Exposition, Pavilon Prod
Orient, Tel: 2381, 26S7 .P.. Box 337
J .-. *-


S 'A corner of ,Nouveau tes Prisiennes' CIIACAG T ADING C. Disr "i:lors. 'forHai
v- '- t *AC TRADING CO. Dis .4bulo'S forHails "


For 50 Years .... The People Who

Know AirConditioning Best

.. .

FTrom: a. modest bedroom :oa big conference room; :
there is a right-size Carrier Room Air GCondition-
e- for.the job'. Whe-. you choose from Carrier's
wide rarige of models you never pay too- much or
get foo.Hittle .. The air conditioner is matched to
J .. your exact requirements.

- .- ... -, .... -. *. .. *. -.*.

SPorable Air Compressor

Diesel Driven.


. .

Whenever a continuous and reliable source of comr -
,pressed air is required for construction work, rock ex-...
cavation, mine prospecting, or other of the many varied'.




~-~-r .. .

- *

INDAY, JULY 12th, 1953

Personality I
(Continued from i

ged to wedge in-work for his
-torate in mathematics and
perhaps all this yen for
:o% edge was imparted, to -
ini when he first learned, his
BC's with the Brothers of
liristian Instruction in his
nlnetown. Anyway he shot
rough Primary School, Si-
on Bolivar College, and then
itered the School of Applied
nieices and the Law Facul-
He became a teacher at
ie Lvcee Petion after win
ing an examination organize .
by Lucien Hibbert ii' 1942.
le following year he joined
e staff at the School of Ap-
]1-l Sciences. t

In 1!45, he took two years
to u.e a scholarship from
International Eld'ucation
litute to study at various
merican. colleges including n
eknell University, Minne- r
ta U andi Miphigan State, .,
lere he won his master's de t
r th-..ugh the invention of s
me imsterious apparatus v
at measures time with in- c
dible exactitude. You ^'- a
ve to get further details t
mi the Professor. After the rp
th careful explanation we
t put it in the general &a- e
!ory of ,things outside our c
n, Then we got in even a
Ier by bringing up a sub- c
'I we should have known a
'er than to even mention.
Einstein. Nevertheless &
nodded gravely as Profes- t
Marc explained' about his
Bries on Mr. Einstein's
eorie% and even' vouchsafed
say that he wo' J.ln't be a


Adfliniu Machines
Calcula'hoq Machines'
Cash Registers

1^ *
Agent in Haiti:
P.O. Box 596


If The Week.
age 1)

ProfCessor M.1r-c Parnell
bht surpris-edl if Haiti pro,duc-
e.T a scientist of that caliber
some day herself. He feels
that such a genius will never
ih:ive the opportunityy to blos-
som however until Otir Re-
public gives it the necessary
ground to flourish labora-
tories for specialized scienti-
fic research. And the books
ind teachers to instill tfhe pro
per pioneering spirit.

i'rotitessor Marc himself is
lOiFlg ..o.lie pioneer t ii nKi-ng
egardhing tne bringing o1 i:e-
., ..j LO 10 .'1ii. fe feels
hat' the installation ot relay
stations on mountain tolps
oul.d so-lve the major techni-
al difficulties and that from
.n economic, as well as edruea-
ional and.; cultural v'iew-
points, it would be a fine idea.
Other likes of the bright-
.yed pedagogue -- football,
classical music, the theatre
and Shakespeare. I He can re-
cite THAT on and ont. He
also has a sentimental fon.d-
ness for his army of stu-
Ients, keeps his 'classes so in-
teresting that he never sees a
dozing head and finds his
that he is doing his bit tc
raise the intellectual level ol
Haiti's future citizens.

T.ie bachelor professor I.ve.
'.'ith hi' mother iand has foul
.si. Lers Ludovique, who, is
nun at Miragoane; Emmanu.
elle, undergoing her graduate(
nurses training in New York
Lucie, an employee of th(
Government's Department ol
Finance and Marie Laure a
student at the Haitian Ameri
can Institute:

Sometime soon, the Profes
sor will bild his family diet
and strike out for Jeremie o
Furcy where he does a lo
of walking ap,d--a lot of rest
ing..> When his month's va
cation is over, he'll be rea'd
for another year's stint in hi
many classrooms.



All ring sidt seats, the
stand and most of the ben-
ches at Stade MagJoire were
quickly filled -Wednesday
night with assorted figlt en-
They saw Thomas Guer-
tier scrape through an eight-
round' bout with cool cal-m
ancd collected Phebus Chere-
fant who was too cool to col-
lect the decision over Guer-

Wearing a violent red
blouse and. the belt of cham-
pirn woman wrestler of Cuba,
Silvia Hernande-1 bounced in-
to the ring and showed off
-hort muscular leg sand a mop
of red hair and a iplumpish

Her opponent a genuine
Venu.s li.e Milo with broken
nose and, all, immediately
lost popularity by entering
the ring with vilklin bearded
Montezuma as her second.
Yoli Perez, much the tallei-,
with a ladylike gesture brush.
wI the hair back from her
eyes and broken nose and
spate after each slight encoun
ter with Little Silvia.

Following is a brief account
from your Ringside reporter:
Silvia after a series of ma-
mal Wgrunts grabs Yoli by
hair and throws her to the
mat Silvia uses forearm
to strangle Yoli on the ropes
.. referee Pantera Negra
fine wrestler himself) scold-
es Silvia who apologizes. and
: throws kisses to public .
Yoli' angered by referee's in-
f distance that the fight is
too tame gives Silvia a trip to
t-he canvas.by ;he hair o. her
5 heaAd. Silvia go9s through
C ropes an.: returned to ring
a indignant .-Yoli stalks a-
- rIInd ring lik-. a e jungle animal) but < ; :ne> after a full nelson
e and a triple derriere bump
f Silv'ia gains her feet and
a throws Yoli into the arms of
- Studebaker Salesman Menos
Silvia now'grunting like
lion her mascara mixed with
3- her rouge. Police officers at
u the ring side jump for safety
r as the two ladies roll out of
t the ring and continue their
- bashing on the dusty ground
- Yoli's chest is target of
/ in angered Silvia who rains
s blow after, blow and which
comes to an .exhausting hall

with the bell

. No chair

for Silvia, she sits on the
ropes but alas Yoli has spied
her and from her corner she
commences a violent shaking
of th? ropes which brings Sil-
via to the ground with her
legs in the air the ref
makes mention of this mis-
condrct to Yoli who is in.
stantly defended by Montez'-
ma who breaks Jhe clinch
only, when promlitor Gabriel
plut-s in an appearance the
fliht continues with as much-
violence a : first roundd,
which inci. ntiy w.as won by
Silvia who nailed Yoli to the
canvas for count of three .
Yoli almost knocks little
Silvia cold before flattening
her to the canv'as for the

The final round is one of
fu.riouisbjvL:- and ioids, most
!y ,:lows that a., -leliivered to
every imaginable part of the
body your goggle eyelI re-
porter sees it end with little
Silvia delivering a wicked
is declared the loser be-
fore the ,public has time to
return their eyes to their sock-
ets a free for all. (little extra
for their 2 goutdes) is under-
way the ladies, beanded
Montezuma, Referee Pantera

,'age 4
Negra, C.ilvia's second Syrian
wrestler Basilio Cobty rolC
into a mass of arms and legs
on the canvas and are paci-
fied only by the intervention
of promoter Gabriel ... Never
has the Haitian public en-
joyed such a spectacle.

Co tinaitc tr.t f i Po,. 1

open a piece of furniture
which, it appelatr-, hid a Iev.
thousands at dollar li he hald
just cashed.
M Ir. b 'en;''.is i ."ou'i ]) \I,
%ell known in Port an Prince
when he '.a a niepnty.
when he \',a.- a dputy.
We dempl.- r-,ret that mi-s
olta1 t ne V iltl (.dotl'r our ci tindo-
it nee'; to hi. I *r rec'.e' i pil arentc.
p)arti. ulairly ti' hi- ilatehter
in-law. 3line B, noit Co' uba
i I i.i chliillren. .
.. tot Fl :ratir lith.

Coii inle'! from Page I

lJAp ,:SeS. Separate agree-
inents mu-st te drawn up for
large-scale commercial ex-
ports. If the lode is a.s rich
as ruimared, manganese may
some day be one of the lead-
ing exports of Haiti.

-- ----- a-

Motoring For Those who Want To

Forget Yesterday

Now you can drive as you
live. Behind stretches of glass
- in the comfort and beauty
of a modern living-room. In a
fine car that is the mobile
counterpart of your own spi-
rit a magnificent new Lin-

And all this modern living
is powered dib the 205 horse-
power V-8 engine that is ever-
present assurance with its
amazing response. You sit in
a front seat as comfortable as
your favourite chair and
much more functional the
first 4-way power seat that
moves up," down, back and
forth. Power steering is at
your fingertips, combined
with ball-joint suspension at

the front wheels for needle-
eye control of the road. And
power brakes await the touch .
of your toe.
All this sets you in a mag-
nificent mood for driving -
gives you the performance

with which Lincoln, won the
first four places among the
stock cars in the Mexican.Pan
American Roa8 Race. This
performance you will discov-
er for yourself in a demon-
stration drive in a new Lin-
coln Cosmopolitan or Capri.
The one fine car designed for
modern living completely
powered for' modern driving.

4-- "
1 .;!

Distributors in Haiti

Luciani and Sekrmann

-~ ~ s-v'. ~, ~ SUNDAY, JULY 12th, 1.~53

--s ------

Pagd 4

Man Steps On Accelerator,
Fiancee Unhurt



Country People Prevent
The Hospitalioation Of
Victim Of Autto Accident
At Mariani Wednesday
morning at 7.45 Fi antz Siegel
jammed on the 'akes of the
De Soto and came to a dead
stop when a boy suddenly
darted out from the bushes at
the side of the roa.,:. 10-year-
old Bonatout said to be a
mute was struck by the
right fender of the De Soto.
A crowd of some 50 per-
sons mostly farm' rs carrying
<. machlttes, sui wounded d the
car and prevented the driver
from rushing the victim im-
mediately to hospital. 35 min-
utes later with the interven-
tion of the .rural police of-
ficer Mr. Siegel drove the
bleeding child, his father
to the general hospital. The
boy passed av ay 6 hours later.

i r F,'i-nando Canthal
Spanish Ambassador to Haiti,
returned to Port Monday.

Soldiers of vo Hn'tiap
Army are bein'-' d'ri;plp for the
Au 'ut-t -,'-a,. anniver-
sarv- -*it nt f thp Haitianisa-
.;* < 'sp Arn 'v.



',,j ?

Weant.-.ay evening Marcel
Prezeau stepped, on the acce-
lerator with his yellow top-
ped Chev'y coupe in gear.
The car parked close to Chris
topher Columbus on the'Ex-
position j umped forwarci
through the fence and into
the sea. The tide was out and
the passengers including the
future Mrs. Prezeau disem-
barked unhurt.
Fito Braun hauled the auto
out with his break-down truck
Thursday afternoon.

tiJoseph. repo

--- i -


Morisseau Leroy Appointed
Specialist At Institute '
Of Inter American Affairs
Morisseau Leroy, one of the
Republic's lead fng journalists,
was appointed a specialist at
the Institute of inter Ameri-
can Affairs this past week.
Morisseau, a poet of note, has
been up to recently a member'
of the staff of the office ot'
goods control.

K. R. Abra.hams (Bunny)
Assistant Trade Administra-
tor in Jamaica, brother of
.Eric Abrahams, Director of
the Daily Gleaner, a leading
newspaper in the Caribbean
spent five days here this past
week as house guest nf Vin-
toa Burns at Dikini.

Furnished hou s in Petion-
ville with silverware etc., 2
bedrooms, hot and cold wa.
ter, congenial .,urrou'idings.
Contact Milo Prezeau, Tel.
7852 or 2645.

.lhssi.ny Car Disfovcred
With The Flock
At 12.30 p.m Thursday
tall distinguiseu Mr. Albert
Beliard,. accountant in Chief
,: the Electric Company and
.-rmner Minister of Public
Airalth reported to Police that.
his Chevrolet had disappeared
,In a country with the lowest
C:r thefts record in the
world the police solve,' the
case in a split second.

During the Shasa fire 20
General Motors autos were
driven to safety a distance
from the fire and were the
follow ing day returned to the-
gamat. The diligent Shasa
cmpioyees had rounded utp one
car too many, 21.

Mlle.-Lauza Ba'zile, nurse
and'apesthesist at Port au
Prince sanatorium, will fly to
New York July 17th oh a two-
month vacation. During her
stay abroad, Mile Bazile will
study the handling of the new
anesthesy gases.
Ricardo Widanaier joined
the television receivers last
Sunday. He managed to get a
channel an d. entertained
friends to a television lbam-
boche ,in Kenscoff.
Michael Connery, President
of the Connery Corp. of Con-
:.ecticut on a health trip.
throughh the Caribbean drop
pedl in to check on your Re-
porter's Shangr;'. description
of Haiti. He encountered two
fr.ak days of the. year'. .
rain cold and your miserable

Lucien Montas. Editor- in
Chief of has
returned frrom nine months in
Paris studying on a French.
Government scholarship.
Mr. James Cassedy, ex-Di-
rector of the Haitian Ameri-
can Institute, and his teacher
\ife, were knighted with the
* rr'er ,Ordre National Hon-
nour et Merite>, with the rank
ojf officer and the latter with
the title' of ceremony-presided over by
by Mr. Georges Marc, Gener-
ul Director. of Education. The
decorating took place..at the
Department of Nationlf' E'du-
cation Satuidwly Mriorning 4th.
Gerard, Fe-rere of Haiti was
onepf the. grAdluating officers
at the Maiquetia Naval Aca-
demy in Venezuela July 6th.
" -:0:-
The Department of Nation
al Education wi!l oppn a rural
school in Marfranc shortly.
Word has arrived in town
of the scholastic success .of
Roger Benjamin and 'Mfax
Chancy'at La Sorbonne in Pa-
ris. Both y.,ung gentlemen
obtained their history of phi-
losophy dpercps with flying
Hel].F Tirpenbauer is going
to Park.,- -:0:-

far as PAA is concerned, was
in town this past week. Mr.
Rabin who has manufactur-
ing, plants in Hong Kong, San
Francisco, Geneva, Johannes-
berg, had travelled last Spring
more than 1,250,000 miles by
PAA, no telling how many
miles by other airlines. He
leaves town today to add .,
feW more miles !'. his record.
A gala .reception is schedul-
ed' to be held in honour of the
Republic of Haiti July 16th at
the world famous Waldorf As-
toria in New York.
Mr. George Na-:de returned
Friday from a foir-day busi-
ness trip to the Slates.
The foundations of the new
Madsen textile mill were laid
this past week.

"Ti Tosh Servr2 is the toir-
ist in Gniaives this week.

Fito braun has added a fine
!lid ,break-down truck) to his
garage. M:-s. Fito' as now
wearn.ing to drive.

Next Saturd',ay is SpainI
Natioral Day.
Club Bellevue ,is en fete,
'today ,':ith barbecue cocho-
hadeand sports.
'- :0:-

Ti Ge Chlincv has set him-
.self up a fine business, an of-
fice machine repair shop. Pro
gress is good, his Renault runs
well and -he has now reached
the eligible bachelor stage .

Mr. Rer. Dorsaint, Attache
*at th. Direction of Economi-
cal Affairs at the Department
of Foreign AffAirs, clippered
home to Port au Prince from-
Ciu:Iad Trujillo Friday. Mr.
Dorsaint, was on an official
mission i0 connection Avith
thO Haitiah Dominican pact
fcr the employment' of. Hai-
tian workers in the Domini-
can Republic. Mr.Dorsaint is
also General Secretary of the
:- -.'~i i *)mmJiss.on of Civil
.. .iation.

year, is the wife of the Pre.
sident of Hampton Institute,
the foremost Negro College im
the United States. Mrs.
Brown's husband is the man-
ager of New York City's
famous Hotel Theresa.
Last week-end Mr. and Mrs.
Jinlmy Plinton enjoyed a
short one-day visit from two
outstanding Americans. First
came a surprise visit from
Maestro Leonard DePau^w, or
ganizer and conductor of the
wo r I d renowned DePauw
Choir. Mr. DePauw who bas
just completed a back-b-reak-.
ing schedule of two hundred'
seventy concerts in the U. S.,
Europe and South America in
a single year is just drifting
around with his charming
Wife, on a furty-five day re-
cuperation tour.

he spFacous .tex 'Theatre:
accommodatedi with ease th'
faithful nundreas of music
lovers who filed in on Thurs-,
day night to enjoy the lateWs
arrangements of Maestro MiW
chel Dejean aid his deep
voiced Choir.
The early, portion of the
programme which -presented
a capello arrangement. of
some of the better-known
classics enjoyed politely wata
reception. It was the favor-
Ate musical pantomime callU.
eThe Message> which broug
forth the first real ovati^
from a thoroughly pleased
aience however.
The natural .flowing eRa
with, which each singer po0
trayed his or her role, tb
constant pulsing, melodic, r,
thni which throbbed through
out the half-hour long me
drama, arid the gripping te
sion of the entire story ftrol
the realization of the tragedy
to the miraculous restorat.oj
of the victim, all 'blended to
make this -one number a full
evening's entertainment.
Outstanding in this presetI
station were the two new a9
only female members of th
group whose strong sopr
voices topped off this hi
monious treat' like' whippi
cream orl a sundae.-J.P.

| I _




SUNDAY, JULY 12th, 1953


u .- Listed among this week's
(prominent visitors to Haiti
are Mrs. L. Whitehead of
New York, Mrs. A. Moron of
Hqinpton, Virginia and .Mrs.
W. Brown of New York- City.

Mr. Allen Rabin, the-most Mrs. Moron, who visited and
travelled, man in the! world as 'fell in love with Haiti la



Kingston, Jamalca, Juiy 9th:
Progress being made in
Haiti under the Magloire re-
gime was underlined in an in-
terview last weekend oy Ml
Mileon Hetivaux, one of the
leading merchants in Cap
Haitien. Ie was passing
through Kingston aboard the
new French liner Antilles, on
his way up to Fi. nee on a 3-
month visit.

Pleased at the progress
which is refiected principally
in a big road-b'ilding pro-
gramme no" under way, with
the resultant improvement of
employment corn-itions and
the circulation of money, AI.
Hetivaux was anxious that
Jamaica should know of the
development of his country.
When I came to Jamaica,
tf, the first time, in 1'- 9, I
n.- made very sad:;. he said,
i *.ut on comparing this coun
tr, a.nd mine. Because I saw
r'iadc even tip tj the top of
tht: mountains, hospitals for
thc i: .ople, -c hools andi great
ci'ri tv in the aiuninistra.tion

of the country for the good of
the people., -
But right now,, he con-
tinued, happy beca, use the new gov-
ernment of M. Paul Magloire,
president ot Haiti, has done
in one year hat should have
taken any other government
four years to open up the
,We have four companies
working on a road pro-
gramme. Hospitals, clinics
and schools are just appear-
ing overnight. And the pro-
gramme of development has
only just started.
M. Hetivaux observed that
it was ,being said by some per-
sons that the Haitian Govern-
ment was without funds these
days But he did not see how
that could be true as the Gov-
ernment %\as still paying its
emnp')yees, still paying the
companies v.'h i', .,ere work-
ing on the roads.
< If, indeed they are short
of money, it is because they
are spenc'liing their money in
imn piovi.ng the country:., he

19 1







AI. Hetivaux, who married
a Jamaican wnen he came
here in 1949, is proud of his
Jamaican link. (I fell in love
with your country to such an
extent that I lost my heart
here,., he said. An apostle of
better Haiti-Jamaica rela-
tions, he is keen on seeing
both countries better acquaint
6ed with each other.
A friend in Jamaica with
whom he, made contact dur-
ing his one-day stay in King-
ston on Saturday was Mr. W.
Quintin Williams, local pre-
serves manufacturer, who
once had an active part in
Haiti's banana industry.
Development of the banana
industry, is another item on
the Magloire programme and
M. Hetivaux was able to rell
Mr. Williams some interest-
ing things about the plans for'
making Haiti a big banana-
producing country.

Kingston, Jamaica, July 9th:
A group of touring Haitian
sportsmen are due to i:sit the
island in September for a se-
ries of sporting events. In the
party will be a basket-ball
te.m, weightlifters, and a
table tennis team.
Plans for the tou', v.'hich1
are in the embryonic stage,-b
were discussed yesterday af-
ternoon at the YMCA at. a
joint meeting of the Jamaica
Basketball A.-'so:ciation, the
Jama ica Antateu r. Weigh tlift-
ing and Bodybui'ling Asso-
ciation and the Jamaica Table
Tennis Association.
The meeting named Mr.
Pancho* Rankine as head of
a ,planning committee which
will comprise two representa-
tives of each of the Associa-t
tions concerned. It was also
provisionally agreed that the.
Haitians would come to Jama-
ica between September 7 and
The planning committee
will meet again within the
next fortnight when details
of the visit will be gone into.
Mr. Joscelyn McCa.la is
making t h e arrangements
from the Port au Prince end.

U.S. Army Secretary
Says Thanks u
Mountain Hospitality
Secretary of the U. S. Army
and Mrs. Earl D. Johnson
wrote a letter to Grace and
'thertoon Lee ".1 :ch the lat-
ter showed us.
Haiti is .xtolled in such a

beautiful word-picture that we
take the liberty of publishing
an excerpt :
((Our visit to Chatelet des
Fleurs, the rum punches, ihe
beautiful Carnations and
your gardens made our stop
in Port au Prince .. on that

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HERE IT IS..uin a Class

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I. '

Come In and ask for a demonstration,
|M'. _


UNDAY, JULY 12th, 1953


I I cm IT"r-


Page 5

Jewel of an Isle, one we shall
never forget.,
We liked them too., Our-
prayers are with them and
for their great success and
early return



had to sa-y something to show





. o



o oF1By T. J. Grant
fFire or no Fire on with the ..ed look in his eyes.
story) I spoke first, saying, < Knowing that most of you wish to advise you, Marcel,
cannot remember what hap- that I overheard your super-
pened ten minutes ago, or cilious remark implying that I
what you read yesterday, I am susceptible to flattery. I
am going to retreshen your am not pleased. Such a state
memories as to where I was mient carries the connotation
i..:en this masterpiece was that I am vain ani conceited.
c.i.continued two weeks ago. I It is true that I hidve acceptt.
had just entered CGentil's la- -.4 compliments fr.im you inl
boratory and overheard him the past, Marcel, because
tell someone that he could get theyle showed recognition of
me t, do anything by flattery, my many qualitiet-s and ap-
I toll \u the-n that I can not preciation ift ni.y true worth.
stand flattery. I repeat it iJul., I continued, emphati-
no10 Call, I. if ever yu.i, tr to flat-
A comirnipliim nt, hi.,.t.ve ,' is tLr me oi l It fri-eni.hip v. ill
-omethirn I-.-. L,k,- :in\' e: e. .
it her .-im p L, ii it lt-l.til m d .\ .. Aii ti : i ijubably no-
Sp, -I. i .. I al ianlI need A tc d, I I n'L illyy speak ii:
ie L' ill,.i i d,1.1i,_.i cappr val, ithi g : l t Illel B ut, ),1
ecognitini and appreciation this occasion, I felt that a T
)f my fellow men. touch of pomposity would be
Therefore, I am grateful to
f Gentil took a deep breath.
S. ai.irtin for the letter
S. for the letter <>. he said. < vhich was p,]ii 'li, .1 in Haiti
that I am not, as you are, a
'un last Su nd.,v. There was
master of the Engi;sh langu-
o flattery there. Just recog-
ition and appreciation of age. With your vocabul:.
you can always m:r.ke your
ly genius. I thank him for
meaning dear. BuL I cannot
express myself as elegantly
Of course, In intimating as you do. I have never even
iat I am not the equal of P.G. been aware of the distinction
rodehouse or Stephen Lea- between a compliment and
)ok, he erred more than flattery that you have just
lightly. I forgive him, how- made so clear to me.
'er, because an, but to forgive divine.D I ..-ard.l from his face, and he
)rgive him, nut alone be- looked greatly relieved as he
Luse of my divinity, but be- 2nt on, cWhat I meant by
tuse, after all, a mian vi.on l'e remark you overheard,
lted to his own opjio:i, c'en 'om:.-m, which -.pressed so,
it be wrong. -.oorly my real thought, wa,%
m tl.at you would do.anything.C
When I coughed to an- for s'm-ione who appreciates"
:dnce my presence I heard a you at your true worth, and;
uffling of feet, a few excit- v.h.o recognizes your many,
whispers, and a door clos- excellent qu.alitiez.s
g with, a slam. Then Gentil I was pleased to hear this.
peared from behind the It had hurt me to think that
me Machine, a sheepish Gentil believed I was susce.p-
in on his face ar.d a wor- tible to flattery. I felt. that I

that I was no longer displeas-
ec with him. The words that
cian.e to my mind and lips
'ere these: ,.The sincere and
forceful manner in which you
uttered those words, Marcel,
..jas engraved them forever oni
my mind.,>
Before I had finished speak
ing Gentil became rigid. The
veins in h!. fo-c-head stood
,.,ut. His eyes bulged. He
.len :!-cl hi, fists, raising both
..*nd abiJ e his lead.
I \"as alarmed. But before
I co-,lhl do anything to help
him he suddenly relaxed, took
nis handkerchief from his
pocket and wiped hi.-, brow.
He still looked a little pale.
so I asked, .What was thi
matter. Marcel?,
.Nothing rr .ih, To nm :-,.
he replied. ',Something just
,ave mie a great pain in the
neck.> .
Gentil shiul d see his d,,.-
tor. Great liains in the neck

Contint., l on Puge 11

S2331.2..2.... .MOM




Powerful S h.p. engine
More weight-44,200 Ibs. Diesel
Greater lifting capacity-30,000 Ibs.
Safety type Independent Rapid Boom HoHs)
Convertible fr n "ice as a ovel Dragline, ,
Qamshel, Trench Hoe, Pile Driver and Crane
Positive Chain Crowd for Shovel "
Ofcial Sales and Service Headquarte m.
Distributor in Haiti CHARLES FEQUIERE
54 Rue Roux Tel: 3279 2245 5173

[ On hue Pavee Opposite PAA Office


Page 6

fd- 4E, ,




t,', ,tr d t l :,li,,iit. chiar*,-ii tn i. a is iohd in t urct ion-
t'.. ,,ri)i1s. Al.411 i'n.-- i c. pi .ute boths, hot and c/il/

_____ HAITI SUN ,, '-

It Tickied lie iul Not to Death

,,. '. ,y I'-' you alwi ay < One. VV}len my rmlokier'
, .. 111 i l t' \' .l- l '. i ,i .. k.U il l aitl ', I i I -

C' Some day I hope to o''v.n
Xxx LI
T ler: Ift' ;,i.r mother
ve you a. large apple and aw
l,1 one and told you to
ire with your broihel',
jell' ai-ple would: you giv\'

Boy: You mean nmy little
*ther ,_'- i1 '.4 _, e '.
1)oe: I'm afraid youllr wife's.
n.i 1- comple-tely gone.
Husi and: Don't doubt it.
S. en g-iving me a piece
it fr years.

hVt did your wife. say
u ..u came in drunk last

''". And I '."as go.
tIe those t\wo' front
pulled anyway.'>
How dto you explain
'si :iroiun'l drunk at this
night? .
[i. i.Ii: Can't. If I o)uld,


ie I left him ..>
S I heard. ,L.int .,u
nik Fhat's carr'-ing a .:ele.
btiii too far? .
'Hi, e -ny of .i our boyh ,*d1
e. be-l.n realized?

L I A 1 x L tIL I .t > L

He: Why can't a girl catch -
ball like a man.'
She: Oh, a man is much
bigger and easier to ecaten.
L.ttl.- g ill tt.er Ihe i ed-i-
..I-): Did the lady change
.'r mind, mother?' '
ijLt i. --No, dear, whyI:'
-n ..: .. n- t- ii-
*n with onoe nmai and left with
ol .)t he'.
< the-man wh\\i had fi'ail!, ird
an open g i-a e. : 'n: c.i. ...,.
.iDoni't doul.ibt It., -; i:'
.Itunk v-i,,.) ,n i l v ,nd,- 1d i, .
Tiihe;. furgov t t. c:ver cu.:,

W h i- it t IUt yV'-u i. i
carry one plank v.hile all [lh.-
-.th," ,_ en ca 'rry tv.''n a I.;-
thle forenia ii.
*'_ii p, .d t V' '.' ;. I
* 'i _- t'i: ,-1thers Cre to, lazy

I-ta k t, rip..; I'..

,IE YOR., m41TI. NEW. ,Or

-.*. Q- "

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Stov r. .. +..

S wiss Watces... ,I -;el id.
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* .

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L~ a

t I


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,e ,,.oan comn e IR saie

parfnm de




Establishments Use Superior Air Condo-

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uL'DAY", JULY 12th, 1953

.a l. ,,r

Page 8



No longer
only magnet
know and' love
the gourmets
French cuisine
and end of all
,dom, pay the
Haitian cookie

is France the
for those who
fine food. Even
who consider
e the beginning
culinary wis-
ir respects to

The specialties of the coun-
try are not mere copies of

French dishes. Haitian food
has been called .the liveliest
French cooking in the world)>
because in addition to the
delicacy, skill and subtlety of
the French there is added a
good deal of 'Spanish influ-
ence. Even more interesting
and exciting are certain an-
cient tricks of spicery, vege-
tables, herbs and seasoning


brought from Africa. There are hundreds of varia-
In Haiti's many smaRll but ex tions. Sometimes it is made

ceilent hotels and inns it is a#
difficult as it is in France to
find a really poor meal. But
in order to taste the real Hai-
tian cooking the visitor would
be well-advised to -ask for
Creole dishes. These are in
some ways- reminiscent of
New Orleans, but with an add
ed magic all their own. ,
Take the simplest of all -
Pois et Riz Haitian Beans
and Rice, the national dish.

with salt pork or ham or lit-
tle peppery Haitian sausages
anti flavoured with garlic or
thyme, onions or shallots. As
one entranced. diner remark-
ed, cNo one has definite mea-
surements or a definite re-
citpe, but the result always
tastes good when a Haitian
woman makes it.L
Try Haitian Chicken Cre-
ole at least once or the Hal-
tian version of a boiled chic-



Has everything you can desire in a

S.. Freezes ,Al insi 1c. adjusable rays, fine clour ineiorL'nd exerio well designed
P'i. precious 7,4 cuL:c foot IH refrigerator1 isl someI.n. N .. ourwill find ind'it the samr e advantages
and commodities as in big luxury refrier-.t,,r treh i ee l' of l)rlg it large freezing rooadvantages
with a ,part.ally- transparent door enabling you t ,'see t lteior capaci ty of 25 lge trees of. om thr
adustble tra. A seri of advantages for th. ant te best-in the smallest refrigerator.

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t cucO c:'- ... ---&=-- s..t;,rrynfl eflea .r

aiti -



6 '1* 0
.1 92iJ
r 1<1'*'' .
- '7- r' --itcar&-~s.arKi "~ *.I '
----------- I ~ 'I" ~ ...

ken dinner which is n .
like the French Poule au p
except that the chicken is k
soned beforehand with herb
and lime juice. Instead of th
usual cabbage and turnip
you will find plantains h
your plate, yams, sweet i
tatoes and any umber o
rare and interesting tropical

At a recent party in Neo
York where Haitian dipio
mats were guests of honour
arrangements had been ma4
to have chicken pates baked
at the Palace and flown from
Port au Prince. At the last
minute plans fell through.
There was considerable sear-.
ching to discover among the
wives at the embassy a au-.
thentic rule.
When he tasted the bbu.
cheese, Haiti's U.N. Ainbas-
sador Luc Fouch6 said. 4.
thought I was back in Haiti
the pates taste so right,
He didn't know they %ere
made of canned minced, chick-
Miffke up two packages pie
crust according to directions.
Chill if there is time. Roll thin
as for pie crust. Cut into two-
inch squares.

For fil; ig: Remove -crusts
?ronm six slices white bread
and soften momentarily in
water. Squeeze out and add
two four-ounce tins minced
chicken, one slightly beaten
egg yolk. Season with one
:love garlic, one-fourth small
mnion, both finely cru-shed,
mne-fourth cup coarsely chop-
ped stuffed olives, one talble-
;poon chopped parsley, one-
fourth teaspoon rosemary,
one-eighth teaspoon ginger,
me tablespoon lemon juice,
w'o or three good dashes
Tabasco sauce, salt and pep-
per to taste. Place a level'
teaspoon of the filling at one;.
ide of each square. Fold into"-
riajngles; brush the edgesAi,
vith water. Press and crimpt
v'i.th a fork. Brush with un-
)eaten egg wh;,. Bake eight
o-ten minutes in a hot oven'
375 degrees F.i Serve hot. ,
-FProm Hoi.i Today.. pub-
'.hed' four ltimei. t iJyar to pr.'-
iite tour.'st trade and good 'e.
lattons, bcft iirn Haiti and il;'
[, :ric,. by thr Hait, To'ni:Vs
Infcri'zation B-iara-t or the bnc r
it 'if Travel Editors of Newis
Papers and Magz.:ners. Trardl
1. ir e's nd othrr; in the V.ni-
erl Stte.s i iteresteo in Haiti.


SUNDAY, JULY 12th, 1953

Page 9

By Roselly Miller
If I die today I shall die
happy For I have seen
paradise on Earth HAITI.
Whenever I indulge in re-
flect.ions of Haiti I get a lump
'n my throat as huge as its
majestic mountains. I am
overpowered by flashes of
.,eep emotion that nullify my
creativee abilities and I
feel incapable of expwessinx
the awe and affection I feel
towards this glorious coun-
Haiti is like the convent,
child romping with graceful,
unharnessed spirit, unaware
of her classic charm, yet ever
captivating you with her de-
lightful antics

hait.i is a voluptous woman
,.h.) casts a Voodoo spell
over you, into.dcating you
Sth heady perfumes from her
exotic blosAoms. Her natural
beatty, the enrvaceous moun-
tan paths that lead to high
surn nits, her ey filling views,-
her lvivan apparel each
,t -, each bough. each leafy
tendr]l, a more precious, per-
fect part of the whole.
Ha:iti is complacent v.-:tl
the wisdom of a woman ,.vhi
ih. led a full, satisfying life.


She surveys her accomplish-
ments with the stateliness of
a dignified dowager duchess.
She cradles close to her bosom
in maternal security, her peo-
p?(, her children Her people
are your genial- hosts, the in-
termediators between t' .e land
and its mysteries. With under
standable pride, almost touch
ing on conceit they axr happy
to share her pleas cable as-
pects ,vith visitors.
Haiti is a Goddess, serene
and all powerful Her spirit
is rare, her resources bounti-
ful. She captiv..tes, she fas-
cinates, while you revel in
sheer ecstacy. Sue retains a
lifetime hold on you, making'
you her worshipper forever
.. no matter wv:ho u are, or
where you live.
My eyes were filled 'with
tears when I left Haiti.

Haitian Delegation To
Jehovah Convention

Haiti will be represented
by a delegation from Port au
Prince. Carref,'.iur ani. Cap-
Haitien at the International
Convention of Jehovah's Wit-
i.es-es. Yankee Stadium, New
York city. Mr. Victor Winter

Le pneu qui vous donne-des
avantages inesperes sans d&-
pense suppl6mentairel
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moins de risques de derapage
. une carcasse extra-r-sistante
d'une tendie indgalEe en
resume le kilomitrage le plus
4levy au prix le plus bas.

Dans le monde
enter on trans-
porte plus de
tonnage sur
pneus Good-
year que sur
pneus de toute
autre marque.

SHi .IMilei "All \Wenther" pos3.Mc la ffameuse
b.rnd, ,-ic roul n-ent "All WVeather" de tenom-
,e nondiale qui assure une ri-s.iitance au
tIp-- .t une tractor e:-ceptiornefles sur
S 1 2-51-14 F


terialistic age>), Mr. Winter-
burn said, %that people will u
spend millions of dollars forTIT CAIOUE
the privilege of 'ssembling to 4 U1 lilltillPL TI ON m I
;ether to worship Jehovah
God. Jehovah's witnesses an- ...,, =.. -=
nually report a world-wide in-- _
c-rease of ahout 20 per cent in
Lhe number preac-hin. We
uxIpect thousand- more will
le'b ptai't ed al tle conve.n-
tion. >

Ma'. Robert Lamaison, Di-
rector of Renault export di-A I
visioli, arrived in Port last
[: from Miami, and
left for Curacao Mon.lay af 1
ter spending two days here.

52L 775.d 1- HAITI TRADING CO. S.A.

" lime" &" Life"

*. { .. '*1 -



-- Are How On r-.le At 1"

. \ "..

burn, presiding minister here
and head of the delegation,
announced today that the
group will travel by special
plane to join nrrre than 125,-
000 other witnesses of Jeho-
vah in their 8-day convention
opening Juty 19. The special
plane will land in Port au
Prince to pick them up.
Mr. Winterburn pointed out
,that Jehovah's witnesses are
coming from every state in
the Union and- nearly 100
countries to participate in the
largest religious convention
ever to be held in America.
charter planes carrying dele-
gates from Africa, Europe
and Latin America will soon
converge on New York. Lange
delegations from Australia,
New Zealand, South Africa,
and the Orient are already on
the high sea.s. Some 18,000
Canadians are expected.

Le njeilleur des pneus geantsl

i-Mn.ir RIB

r[Jfflydar fi l


k. Page 10
1-. --


"i. --
+ -- .


Is Now Open

2,000 Feet Cl user to Heaven
Madame W. D. ameron, Manager

TelepheOe 7887
.- .,S I
.3- s-------ombo ENJO. o- ',e.

eCOACH I,,ALLY FIR'ST iLUL oL 0 .., 1 L ;laiict L L,e
CLASS->, DELEGATES couiroe,,ur.til they iave .purt1
BACK FROiM HAITI SAY Ld in writing c i c.e -uotbaj'
Kiistoh, July 6th, uncil. u iut bulti pouic.L .'p
," e s preciatively of it, and ,aid
t..i. ise.,s two.- represnta- -
..., they ha-denjoyed their st.-
tive ....tlaile&,. -. Dudley .: t -
SmiLh and Noel Wall, selectedth stdard. .f s
O Er in Haiti. is extremely high
by the JFA as the.island's of- t, h p '*. .e
.* is the opinion. of' Smith. He
ficial representatives at 'a .
saWi the taitians were play
course in Haiti, returned to ,
S. Lng a really constructive '`lie
the island.'bv air yesterday. -f w'.
The .*of-r football in which could 'be
The course sponsorel byv
CO t -,,. seein the work oft Baron.
the Football Federation and 1.
d d t last itAmong-the teams he saw play
scheduled to last ei,-ht \eek.-. .. .
were. V ioleL, Arsenal, Aigle
ended in six. .It w U. iii.1Jer .
n i'or and R.acin, Club, thei
t h e "i.i ;i nii 1t I W.. i .. i 1
t;%o n L I- ,,tr r vI .. h, 1 a)nCl ioi te a mi -k ip ire i.i b y
Ant,,inll: TiL .' ,.
L a, i! :ir ,. n :, *''. ,' -i .a ln 1l h le -t .
cr1iljd in an inta-r iv -e.%te,- T'fh as little to choose
da.y v _a really tir-t-cla-!i- :t".cen lui,..- .. -ar as high
The .Jf'ii.llic, :i l'"I...,. :. ltt-1 standard ot play \ % i. c nclieern-
til'. l iiiM n 1'I : I <-late- ; .i Iit .: represent.

-* .!... de VYeau
' r ,'- rI atilijn. Tel. .7411..

1 ,F7 Pe rtn.~S
r 'J N ?,uMDAE5
-f ",I-LT.D | 1 5 AKE_5
f- iT JLICL5

D .. "B.,iCri 5

60 ^-,xe ,e

Dinner Dancte

11iin due tO fle love Of L.ie
-puL. b3 tri.e people and ne
10%\ el iulntellL :.pi.'loiZ l'bIi ).
i .L.ii lie IcoLiihng es.aionlls.
end t.ne i.iLcessful candidt.tes
are sent by Nhe Governnment
to coach'clubs and schools in
the COtLLiury parts. In addition
coe.l, Baron Iias training ses.
i(-ns for boys i..et,'eeni the
ues.< of 10 and 14. Thus Haiti
v'ill at all timnies have a reser-
, .ir of talent tiom wlieh b ..'
.: ". Ir internt, iuinal play

i d ..e noi.t think Janm.-
; :| il'.' ?.eat Haiti. Jama
ca won the last series be-
tween the two countries.

1950 Cldismobile 88, 8 cylin-
,.Ers. black 4-iioor Sedan in
.: "-,, -:e:.n. t7., Car may b'? inspected at corn
pany's office, afigle rue .:iu
Magasin de I'Etat and rue
Bonne Fi fr.,m 8 aim. to 4
p.m. daily. Bi- d rast be in
a Frleid envelope and will be
opened July 14, at 11 a.m. Any.'
cr'O r I.:ss than l1,000 wi.111not
I. *c ,-i irierel. Purchase is for
Cns h.

le Pi rdie

F, i3 O FOR !m'
Specialities -

Onion Soup
Filet Mignon
'* pepper Sieak

9 Hotel io -,

Ei- ry Tuesday and Frid. I 12 p.m.

9 Every monday from 1 ri.m. ;o 11 ipm.

S* ina C -. EenrI*. '

For Lunches and D-nrers of Distiirctinr
Almost 5.00o0 fl almost a mile
) abo,'e e-?,-level
i'et only 1" i.1 :-'s: m it .-. )3 le; i.lre .
minutes from th:e heart of the Capital

JUxRcelled -
Cuislr al av..


The Palace of Sans-Souci the Eighth Wonder of the
World King Christophe's Citadel The Indian
laves at Dondon Th: lovely beaches of the North
Apply M. Leopold Sanchez, Cap Haitien, Rues Ar23
Telephone 454

~ 2

,-HAITI SUN- SUNDAY, JULY 12th, 1953
t l .




I "q"


By T. J. Grant
L ontitned from PIagt 6
W be symptoms of some- ly know by this time.
thing ,serious. I must ask Dr. After about an hour Gentil
iece about that the next turned' to rme. .Ready>,, .he
me I see him. said. It is warmed up. Not%
I resolved to distract his i must get the cat...s
;id from the pain, so I said, He strode vigorously to-
',:,u sere going to show me wards his desk, picked up the
,.. the Time Machine works, interphone which stock ) upon
Parcel.> it, and after a moment said.
Mly words seemed to elee- Alice m.il' love, bring the cat
rity him. Colour came back and the liver.>>
i his cheeks, 'is eyes glit- My heart was. t,.uched. Af-
red. Vitality seemed to t:r all those years of married
,, from him. life, and in speaking of a cat
SCme. To.mmny>, he said. and liver, he still .called her
ti:-r we we'Jed to the ,Alice, my love.. Let this bex
rI Machine. ,in example to :ou if you 'are
.A I watched he began to. married.
irk furiously, lowe ing a -Alice entered, holding a :-aT
: i.:e, lifting a lever in ':'ne lhaOnd Lind abut .t
r. turniin,- a knob which ilpoulnl itof ice, red li' tr in iith
.l' the needle on a dial. '-ither. I wondered whv sh,
:lu[ii-' a mornent now anti di ln'l !i ing it on a plate. Luil
.I ,' C'I. ta ; t.':le of .lo- I didn't ;.i anythine-. Abmut
-rt,'11', turning another i. hL- pl) te I rimeal L Bu. I di
..b, openinging a notebook: nlc, 'Where did y.u hbu; it.
:i. v i t h .r;uhematic l .'r '.:rft'ul 'it- Al e.
mb.'7lb. then ,,lugging a wire Before she C'Uld I n.rwi r
...... ite i an; outletss the lights went out. Anuiher
I,.' ei lul' -iI... lJp.,-l'attit blrt.ekoitt. interurtlirurir tie li.'i
-hli appuaredl and bell-" aress .of science. I decide i
r-: rgin;- a-I over the to take the matter up ..it!
*. George Polley in the morning.
.' fascinated. These blackouts have been too
., t c,iz t'ie if.entil I had frcjuent lately.

o,'wn :.zs ; callow youth
'1] tell you something about
at later.) No. This was
ntil the man of science, the
in who later saved civiliz.a-
, as we know it, -rom a
!. ,.- f '!., de t.i. 0
irse I had no inkling of
it th- moment But I had
premonition. I am some-
at psychic, as you proba'b-

I thought I h :i, .,lrneone
-\\ear. But as .eitlher Alice
,r Gentil ever u-e profanity
it must have been my own
thoughts reverberati.ng,in my
' We left the laboratory for
the living room, where :a iaid
had lighted candles. Alice-
put the cat and 'the liver on

lie floor and left the room,
saying she wxas ,oing .0 get
-'me rei'res-lnents.
1 looked at Gentil. He ap-
.ca,.d tired and discouraged.
1 t ought, -,G'entil is much
the same as I am, simple, un-
afftoted and modest. He pro-
i.l, a-,o needs and wants
the commendation, approval,
i ,-'i.'i Oi I and apprer nation
Iif his fellow ,men.
I decided to give him some,
and at the earne time learn
.l onething I have long want-
ed to know. So I said, 1,Mar-
cel, what is it that gives you.
at your age, your astoundirng
vitality, enormous endurance,
astonishing activity, ,Jrix in,.
energy, prodigious pertin:,
city, and overwhelming auda-
city? What has kept you at
the pinnacle of Vour powers
*.i e: :- n..et ~ No|w that J
am yv'our c:ila bo:rator you
mlji- t e!! me what it is that
it t.ile :.-iu z\'i t vou. art

? tit! .tnii(I at rne for a
few ri .i,.ernt with a peculiar
,-:ple Jinn,-, in n his face. H;
--ime'C to l:e debating with
limseif as to whether or not
could be trusteLd with the
secret. At last he opened his
mouth and said,
Food. Tommy, food..>
I got up and. left his house.
To be Continueid

It is reported that Minis-.
ter of Commerce and Agricul-
ture, M'r. Daniel -leurtelou, is
due in Port au Prince today
with Mrs. Heurtelou. Mr.
1-eurtElou has.been on a trade
mission to Belgium.


t %~ P* % *'%o-~ .%.'%..%. -'.,~ '%..>'~p.' b%' %.A%. .%.-'%..


On.8pleat: Bichara.Izmery, A.i L:neo'n, Bazar de la
*PoBte,-,Bazar National, Geo "-, s r'r., .aison Simon
Vieux Mme Jpsqph Maglio. '-.,: ir cdmo:ul Phipps
Exclusive Distributor for Haiti Phone: 3513

for Dislinguished Beautly and Unparalleled
Accuracy Always Choose

"=^W s=

.IR.K ani,, cicnt Or.,'i-
o'!"o(.':ig nLmuIchie, can com
Sired and accuracy with
Fr iddnig machines! The
o ,le/ been it, use in Japan
the middle of the 17th
ry* and l.ng before in
Ports of the Orient. It is
tial equipmen' for all Jap-
6 Aops!


STATES signed .. t-raty restor-.
ing trade relations in April of
this year, 1953. The agreement
restore full commercial rela-
tions between the two nations
for the first time since 1939.
This treaty probably will servr
as a pattern for pacts by Jnan
with othrr nation.'

Th-,: HIGHEST point of the
health' 'and surface Is MOUNT
EV'EREST, 29,1411 feet above the
sae. The LOWEST point is the
shore of the DEAD SEA, 1.290
feet below the level of the
ucean. Mount Everest is located
in India: the Dead' Sea ," in Pal-

RUSSO FREBES -- "5 uc Roux

DAY, JULY 12th, 1953 *HAITI SUN-





JO 2~*. -:



Page 11


Local Boy Ends 3 Years At N. Y.

University, Going On To Harvard
23 2.yarold Mare Ducarmel 1947. H.e made his primary

Etienne who recently obtain-
ed his B.A. and B.S. degrees
,Cum Laude from the Ne"w
York University, is preparing
to enter Harvand University
to further his studies towards
his doctorate in chancee and
,oil tail economy.

The brilliant young stiu-
dent is the eldest son of Mr.
and Mrs. Claudien Edouard
Etienne, proprietors of the
Boulangerie St. Marc, Haiti's
first cafeteria. A former
scoutmaster of the national
troop, Marc was a member of
the Haitian .ilelegation to the
scout jamboree in TFrance in

studies in Port alu i ric''kI
went to New York I university
tor three years from, the Uni
varsity of Haiti One of his
current hobbies introduIc-
ing Haitian muc lto he uni-
versity campus.

The delicate Chocolate
brings relief overnight.
tonight and tomorrow
iou'li be a'1' right.

Saturday the 4th at 1.55
p.m. Jean Perpignan and Luc
Eugene we're cruising along
the street Mgr Giilloux. One
journal citedl that the gentle-
men in question wer-e racing
each other when a third car
appeared from the opposite
direction. 'To avoid the intru-
der Perpignan and Eugene
collided and Mrs. Clovis Ker-
nizan, a passenger in one of
the colliiing cars was tossed
out as a result of the violent
shock. Hera- head and kid-
ney,- were badly b.ruised.

The ibig tanners of our
Capital held several meetings
these past weeks in the Depart
mcnt ,t' National Economy.
Tiuir-:py afternoon the
tanners contacted again the
high-ranking employees and
.he special-ists of the Nation-

al Econon.y Department.
A sumptuous reception
was hel-d in the local of the
Argentine Embassy on i he
occasion of the inniier.saIry
of th.e Independence of Ar
gentina Juily 9th. As trad-i.
tional the <..Societe Bolivari-
enne d'Haiti organized a fes
tiva.l on t.he MBC broadcast

The list of the main prizes
of the last July 8th drawing
runs as follows :
156th July 8th, 1953, drawing
No. 3357: 100,000 gourdes -
sold by Mme Essex Labas-
tille, Cayes.
No. 6949: 15,000 gourdes -
sold, by Guerrier Fils. Les
No. 21748: 10,000 go.nu, es -
sold by Arist-homene Jean
Toussaint, Port au Prince.

No. 12540: 3,000 gourde, j
sold by Louis LeIgaig
Petite Riviere (Ie I'Ar
No. 16414:,3,000 gourdes
sold by Milvoix Couaiti
Dufort, Leogane.
No. 24472: 3,000 gourde,.
sold I-' William Tninn,

y6u ccn work coo/-s/ee, coo//

MI: vc 1 '.cL'rmi Etienne going t(o Hai'rva



DID YOU SLIEP LAST NIGHT Or did you tos .._ It's kitten-quiet, never disturb-
and turn, sweat and squism? And yesterday iaig-blenA4 beautifully with any room f
at work--did you get a good day's work, or. decor. And best of all-the cost is sur-:
'did you swelter and drag yourself around. prislngly inexpensive. But call right away
Get wonderful relief now with G*E.'s beau- --our supply is limited. Fast installation-
tiful new Room Air, ionditioner. You get ao plumbing.

Cools the air Viatlatas with fresh air
4uts mugginm Oireulates air all year-roud
Iilters eot dust, dirt Pats tihe air whi pu want df

Valerio Canez

'Av.dorfe Diear tNiR AL. IlmOTRIS RMo AfriCrenfe i


i Distributors U

*".. ,.I .''

sine A Glace Nationale

- ,: *- ..'. .-..,A;l'.o.'-..,..- . .,...., ...-

@A jiiveu yu all these extras
*', ^ Factory-sealed
cooling system
" 8 tolgly1..d lroie Kitten-quiet
* alatwef Bilower performance

SUNDAY, JULY 12th, 1953

Sunday Ibrought Navy Lt..,
joseph Carter. guided in by
evy fly'boy Lt. Dave James.
t, Garter, just back from a
ine-mnionth tour of carrier-
ity off Korea, is the only
living Negro flying officer in-
the U. S. Navy. His two lone
contemporaries are buried in
Korea. Entertained, royally
at a Haitian Army an4 Coast
Guard Officers party at the
Hotel Riviera, Lt. Carter pro-
iises an early return visit to
genial Haidi.

0 J. Brandt returned Fri-
day morning from a brief
business brip to New York.
.Briseurs, have noted the
presence of lovely Marie The-
rese and Jacqueline Abrahams
wtho arrived in Por' from New
,'ork Monday to visit with
relates and friends.

Joe Salek of the San An-
tunio Little Theatre in that
great State of Texas is taking
a month of rest and sunshine
at the Dam.balah..

Man about town Henry L.
Bermingham became a free
man as of July 6th. He is
turope bound on business be-
fore contemplating marriage
Well known Father Smith,
teacher at the aire St. Martial:, went off to
visitt with his parents and re-
atives in Engiard, York-
skire, this past week. Father
Smith hasn't seen home for
4 years.


Home from two years of
study in Paris is ((chic, Mile
Marie Florence Roy, daugh-
ter of Mrs. Raymond Roy.
Mile Roy 's reported deeply
interested in painting and
luipes to obtain her .degree
from the Arts de Paris> next year.

Mille Camille John will pro-
mise to honour and obey Mr.
Kesner Sorel in St. Gerard's
Church Saturday August
22nd at 6 a.m.

Mr. and Mrs. Kay Hen-
nings are down 1or a little
Port. They are squiring a-
round taeir blonde daughter
and her husband.
-:0:- -

The genial president of the
< Compania de In'Iustrias Mar
itimas, Mr. Clarence B. Moo-
dy has retur..ed ;o Port from
U.S. and his first vacation in
many year: in Europe.

Fiances are ille Edith
Haig and Mr. Hans Wolfi.
.Ile. Jeanne A!erte, daugh-
ter of Mi. and Mrs Charles
Alerte, will walk down the
aiple of the Port au Prince
Cathedral at 6.30 next Satur-
day morning to become the
bride of Max Pierre-Louis.
He is the son of' Madar-.e Leon

Manise Allen has returned
from p six-week stay in Ha-
Senator Emmanuel Pauld
and his wife clippered home
from the States Tuesday.

\ A 7 Gerald Manuel returned
'-2* / .. the U.N. and to reconstru
Korea Friday, after a 3-we
vacation at home


REG.TRADE MARK TcaimOS since 1,8
Li,, U---T--

Industrialist Senator Rene
Roy and Eric TihppeiLtauer
are back from a European
business trip. Considerable
innovations to their tobacco
industry is expected as a re-
sult of their trip.
Clara, Borno went to N. Y.
Mile Andree Tassy and Mr.
Max Coicou will exchange
the holy vows of matrimony
in the Notre Dame Cathedral
July 16th.

Harold Bussenius was New
York bound Friday.
Maie Luc Fouche, wife of
the Haitian Ambassador to
the UN. and daughter Claud
ette returned Tuesday for the
Last evening at St. Peter's
Church in Petionville Mile
Leonie Corio'an and Mr. Ed-
ward Pointdujour exchanged
the vows of holy matrimony.
Leaving today for Summer
Camp in Havana, Cuba, are
young Frantz Liautaud, Al-
fred Stecker, and Alfred Fe-

Back on the job of building
C:te Magioire No 2 ia Joseph
Holuoek Jr. who wed Pearl
Helen Chmielewski here in Pa
cot June 27tn. It was a mem-
orable marriage. A United
Nations guest recalled, count
ing 48 bottles of champagne,
It's possible he lost count, he
belongs to a reconstruction

Marie Claire Hera jx return
ed from Kingstei, Jamaica
Mr. Hans Hackenbruch is
in the States njj an 8-da3
health h trial .
-:0:- .
Ti Raoul Cassagnol is ex
pected home this week-enc
from a visit to Miami.

Hul.:ert Etheart and Lou-
lou Dejoie arrived. back Sat-
urday morning on the SS Pan-
ama from visiting Sweden,
Naw York. 'They were intran-
sit at the North Pole.
Mrs. Rene Jeanty, the
charming wife of our Anmbas-
sad'or to Argentina is in town
to welcome the arrival of a
new grandchild,
Honeymooning in Kenscoff
are Mr. and Mrs. Jean Clesca.
The Clescas were 'ved last Sat
urday evening the Sact'e
Coeur in Turgeau. Roger Dar
tiguenave the bride's brother
was best man and Jean's mo-
ther was Matron :f Honour.
The Miles Nauiles offered a
5 to 6 cocktail party at their
home in Petion'ille Friday
evening. The party was high
lighted' by the showi-g of a
Carnival movie featuring
queen Mitta and .' coronation
film featuring ueen Eliza
beth II.

On a motoring trip to the
Dominican Republic this week
are Jacksonville business tvy-
coon Fares Joseph and his
wife, Mrs. Antoene Boulos .-nd
Jean Claulde and' Guy Abra-

The mystery of Axel Et-
heart's frequent trips to Jere-
* mie is now solved Alex is now
I courting lovely ,i'lle Yolaine
* Sansaricq of the C ty of Poet,.
. Alex is said to have gone poe-
tical too.

Mile Maude ,lo! tas of SLI
pa flew off Friday to vCsit
fHavana a-d New York.
Octave Frantillon left Mon
day to resume duty with the
9 U.S. Arr.y efter a two month
.vacation with thte family aind
friends down in Bainpt. Oc-
tave has seen se; 'ice ,viih tu,.
"- Army in Gerinany an d
d France

Chemical engineer G;ovan, Edouaid Craan left for a
Siegel, son of Otto, went month vacation in Mexico yes-
Puerto Rico this weeK to va terday. ~ ,ill -non hand to.
cation a moabh vith his mo cheer for our football team.
the. --

Petty Stew'r: -'.. New -.lr
sey is spending .er summer
vacatiQn at Lulu Deschamps
S -:0--
Cash register salesmen
Pierre and Ralph Decatrel are
'tn a motor bndiness trip ot


Page 13

the Republic.
Jean Mourra returned to
Port Tuesday with the good
word that junior eJohn
George Mourra Jr,, born orn
Coronation day at George-
town University's hospital in
Washington, D.C.. is doing
fine and will return to town
with his Ma middle of Au-

Murial .'recording. Marne
of N. Y. C. is back at the
Villa Creole on her third an-
nual visit.

Bob Lafontant was given a
farewell bamboche at Nobbe-
Bon.del before the Fire Wexl-
nesday. Ti Bob left Thursday
and flew to Washington where
he will further his studies.
Carl and Serge O'Meally,
sons of the British Co-Consul
arrived Friday from school in
Jamaica for the Summer va-
Mrs. Fouad Arirle accom-
panied her young sister Juce-
lvne to Paris Frida.\. 14-year-
old Jocelyne will enter schnrl
in France. Both are rldaugh'
terq of prmnlinei.' city mer-
el.ant Elie Joseph.

Elias Deeb is Miami bound
this weekend.
Mr. Andre Gerdes, Papa of
Dry Cleaning, is flying to
New York this weekend.
Gisele Cantave is going to
North America tomorrow.

Mr. and Mrs. Jean Liau
taud are home froim their va
eat'on in Miami.
Alain Laraque Jr. returned
_from Kingston Wednesday.
The Denis Bastien family
returned froi. abroad on the
8th. .

Bata director and Mrs.
Frank Votava are back from
their visit to the U.S.
Jacques Riche ci the Immi-
gration Service arrived back
SaturJay from \ :siting imn'i
gration bureaus in Europe.
William Theard arrived
ti'om the States Friday.
Raymond Hogarth, Michel
Kkouri and Antoine Khawly
arrived on Friday's clipper.
-:0:- d
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Read
*ni Cite Magloire No: 2 con-
ru"2ti:n co:mni.ry left for
ome in Lincoin, Mich., Fri-
.!ay to attend the *rriage of"
their son, Donda inwor: .

- L '. '4-


SUNDAY, JULY 12th, 1953.

... Page 14 0
.. 1R U,!

When somebody pronoun
pher in Rochester, N.Y., that
-means he's not only good, he's
downright marvelous. Be-
cause the camera critics Jiving
within lens distance of the
huge Eastman Kodak plant
are mighty skim p)y with their
compliments. So when Peter
Alt showed hii movie ,,Magic
Haiti, to tour Clubs and got
four enthusiastic accolades,
we feel that he really has
produce-d a triumph.
Ad Club film critic James
Dobyns had this lo-say ab.ut
the ,,World Premiere. of L he
picture .1hl(.t !. t -.uinter in an.l
abt'out 'lOur ik1pulbc by one of
the Kodak fhi n', w.e camera-
men :

i: I l'iL".ti /ll 1l i d h L. ill Li' '
ed r;Li'.lL-t i'i: l Ii_ i: i .L I d -c ig ili e
vd trediicuaui JLuinng (he
last ten '--is. i L.SCId to be
that y'.it O ii.ik a 1ling Lhance
IliLt .I 11 U be bure'l I.'y a strict
]y family film. marked by \. ob
iy l. 1 1. .,rly exposed shut ,
01or _t.K, .\Weet pi oessionual
films that ended with .
and so we say gou,.dby to love-
ly' Goon,i Goona ,Edlitor's
note: No o..ffense Andre, we're e
merely quoting i-, the sun
sets oc, the L..y, with the
hope ..,at we'!l com: iacKK
some dlay.-

of which we'll see a supelo
example th:s Thuisuay .ioon
when Peter Alt bring up rus
new .Magic Haiti), is more
than a record of a vacation
trip. It shows the people of
.the land,; how they live; whau
they do for amusement, their
industries and handicrafts.
date school. His p'-tures are
true movieF, net animated
slide shows. I h'td Lhe plea-
sure of privately seeing his
new film when he had just
finished its editing, and.t is
truly photographic x.nic of a
magic place.

WLighting conditions in the
tropics and sutbrtropics are of

in HltOLU

a>7 .

(la'udt b'Fguiere

. / :l l : l-
, : i~ a 'u- plIhoto ra-
p e Sh;a,_lIc- w are Ibl:ck -
,. ..k. : in.:l hichll hts burn
ri,-ht out. Such lighting
nmaikes it difficult to record
the faces of even the faires. t-
.skinned people decentiv. Eutt
Mr. Alt has held the rich
bri'-' Is iof ['he Haitian people
in the strongest sunlight be-
C3luse of his skill in exposing
Kodachrome exactly right for
each shot.

.,Haiti has not been -)resent
ed to the travel film audience
to an,' : ..l (e' it. V.': have
a ".in-'h :-a !, of neo>ule are
noincr to want to go there af-
ter seeing this film. The coun
tryside is beautiful, the peo-
ple are amiable a.nd attrac-
t've, their activities are inter-
estinge. Mr. Alt presents all
this s,-r.p:.'.hct cal.y, with a
sensitive touch.

,If'-l this makes you think
this is a truly outstanding
fi' ., th;..'.s 'ie impression
we've tried to create. You
vn.m't make any mistakee in
coming to see it. and you
Son u bring a number of
gu;Ests. as they'll lie deeply
indeb..., 3 you I':r a'memor-
able .'iunaheon.

Present at the Ad Club
showing was Raymond Coles,
Pikrre Cassagnoi :.i:- Claude
Fequiere, all Haitian stu-
dents at the Rochester Busi-

ness Ihnstitute.
Said Fequiere, definitely authentic pictures
of Haiti, the best we have
ever seen. We have a summer
home right near the' Chatelet
des Flears pictured in the mo-
vie and the girl and the man
drinking runm Barbancourt in
the pictures are friends of
uurs.. At this point we cam
imagine how nostalgic Claude
must have looked. Luckily he
wasn't around when the Ad
Club editor later described the
Haiti's national drink as a
-,rosy pink concoction >, 'but
he added carefully that it wa.4
far superior to more common
brands of rum found in the
United States.
In s-peaking of his person.
a! impressions of Haiti, Pho-
to_-irapher Alt told the Ad
Club .I saw more beautiful
girls to the square inch there
th.in anywhere else in the
world., The Club comment.
tor adds, His camera proved
it with close-uips of the
t'cees land not only of the

Film critics present comin-
.netnted on the accuracy of the
exposures, the excellent close-
up shots the flashing feet
of native dancers, the draw-
ing of a voodoo veuve, the net.'
ful of fish in a small village
catch. The film also made
the most of the riot of colour
in the poinsettias, century
plants, hibiscus and bougain-
villaea that are all about the
Haitian countryside.
Focal .point of the travel-
ogue was the picturesque Cha
telet des Fleurs and its rug-
ged, photogenic proprietor,
Atherton Lee. Water skiing,
duck-hunting, spear fishing
and river-fording were other
features of the movie which
should, do much to convince
the travel going public Haiti
is the spot to come to Next
Peter Alt, with his charm-
.ng wife and right-hand as-
sistant, were guests at the
Majestic during their stay

aitian. Foolballers To

Si Hi





' The Cigarette Of Quality For '
/28 Years

Don't Fool With Your Health. Smoke

'Splendid Cigarettes'

Distributor in Haiti

Joseph Nadal and Co.
e .1. .a y x ^

leineken Beer'

the best beer of all 'dutch beers )


. . . .. 1. -' ;**," .; '

fly To Mexico And
Commence World
Series This Week
The 18 players selected and
now entrusted with our foot-
ball prestige are to fly to
Mexico this week andd parti-
cipate in the commencement
of the world soccer champion
;hip are as follows :
Gerard Kerby, Haig, lassy
'Zoupimi, Rouzier, Dorceans,
Desince, Marc Elie, Roe
Pierre IYapoute', A ndre
Vieux '(Dadado j, Bonaven.
ture, Beaulieu, Rigaud, R.aoul
Louis (Jacques), eger, Desro-
siers. Fenol, Dieudonne. /An-
toine Jean-Bapl'-:e.

U.S. Ships Of War
In Port
Three battle-hips of tihe
American Navy dropped an-
chor in Port au Prince har-
bour yesterday. They are the
USS New I DDESi -ommanJl-
e.. by Captain Crutchfield,
with 20 officers and 270
men: the USS Ja.mes Cowen
'DD 7761 with 15 officers.s
and submarine Seacat 1SS
299' commanded by Captain
Balson, with 7 officers and 72

At the town haIll of Petit.
Goave last Saturday Mr. Le-
.lio Faublas handed diploma
to adults w"ho had completed
their reading and writing
The d and Pastor Depestre, a ca1m-
paigner against illiteracy, at-
teinde the ceremony which
ended with educational films.

American citizen speaking..
Spanish, Chief of Export De-
partment of an important
American firm would accept
positio.i in -Hait' a year
contract, salary minimum
$400. For information write.
to: C.F.L.T. c o P.O. Box 723.
Port au Prince.

.....----- -- ----------------------------
Aivail yourself of
The sweetest soap
The soap with an exquisite
the best soap.

k-sUNDAY, JUTha 3.th:- .

,SHASA Completely Gutted By Fire:

Damage Over 150.000 Dollars
Continued from Page 1

. Shasa reportedly: carried
building and Fire insurance
iWith the Norwich Company
[through Agents Joseph Na-
.;,al which will help.
-- Luckily the blaze, which
broke out at 9.45.Monday
*night, was kept from spread-
ir1g to the adjoining garage
with its fortune in expensive
-cars and .the explosive fuel
jiumps. But it was touch and
go for a while. Leslie Bogat
ind Raoul RilbhJul broke open
the garage door and with am-
,ple assistance drove out 20
cars while others officials,
employees and bystanders
.-emptied the R.C.A. and frigi-
*'4aire .showrooms, jockeying
ato safety such items as deep

..hey were able to make little
headway against the flames
which licked greedily through
the supply of paints and spare
auto. parts on SHASA's sec-
ondi floor.
As the blaze spread, the
firemen entered the building
and tried to fight the fire
from .the inside. But the new
air-conditoned offices in the
balcony had a long plastic
window which refused to
break with water pressure.
Finally helpful onlookers
started pelting the plastic
with rocks like baseball pit-
chers. When it finally crash-
ed inward, the new offices
looked like Dante's inferno
Your Reporter, ever anxious



r sympathies co MArcel'

Gentil, Henri Borno and.
Daniel Birun who were on
hand to watch tneir proud
remodelling programme go
up in smoke and dib their
share, in the fire fight.
ing. Arnd -ourt special sym-
paihy to SHASA Secre.
tary Fortune Bogat whose
vacation in Europe has been
.darkened by two personal
tragedies, and also partner Mr
Malbranche at present in the

President of the Chamber
of Deputies, Mr. Adelphin
Telson, arid his wife are
mourning the death of their
2-year-old son Marcel snatch-
ed from their affection Sun-
day night.
Th+n 4 InA1 nl rnt ni /i Mnn

Continued from Page 1

fin.i neg,..uourja nad extin-
,guished a timber wall' had caught alight.
On close investigation the fire
men discovered that the fire
had been purposely started.
with kerosene.
Friday morning at 11.30,
ten small homes were quickly
consumed by leaping flames
fed by a ferocious wind.

Continued from. Page 1.
According to me- foreign
experts the old machinery in
use in Port au P-ince should
be completely --placed and
installed in leszei towns of
the Republic.

Page IS
-*- --- -- ( .' j :

Delta, Chicago And
Southern Airlines Open
New Air Conditioned Office
Continued 'from Page 1
ing, presided over by Louis '
Moravia on behalf of the lo-
cal airline agent Joseph Na-r ;
dal. The new offices are lo-
cated in the Nadal building
on '!.e Rue du Quai.

Al-o pre..i.nt v.ere Lhe air-
I.nes general sales manager,
Mr. John Delafielo from At-
lanta, Georgia, and local Del-
ta and C and' S Direotor Ro-
bert Webb. Cameraman Lar-
ry COrolius who is now shoot-
ing scenes for a new Delta
and C and S movie on. Our
Republic inaugurated its work
with a toast in champagne to-
gether with film models Ro-
bert Youmans and Veronica

freezers, and outboard mot- to try his hand as a flame day aften oon at the Wesle- "
day afternoon at the Wesle- '/
ors. eater, helped guide one of.
yan Church. Our condolen- / THOSE FAMOUS
Company casiier Edgar tshe bucking hoses inside man h r d en, THOSE FAMOUS
Como dashed for the burning ned by two firemen, and tw ces to the bereaved parents,
Mr.. and Mrs. Telson. / m
building when he heard the company employees. He learn Mr..and Mrs. Te|son.
fire bulletin flashed on the ea that taking a hot water TO BRASIL ON
air and arrived in time to re- shower with clothes on is a T O Dns
inove his account books and pleasant experience, in these SCHOLARSH.IPS ARE BACK
: Mr. Justin Napoleon, chif ARfEiBAC
muney from the safe on the times of water shortage. i t ole, '
ground, floor. After the -anengineer of the fEcole des
laounes weooe uner control Hb also learned to have new Salesiensv workshop. and Mr. Yo can find them TODAY At-
around 1 a.m., oter employ- respect for the Elie fire team. Roger Staco of the appren- BAZAR DU CHAMPDE MARS
around 1 a.m., oLCer employ- r 0 Ae L INCOLN
ees squished, through the wa- If force and "vill power alone ticeshiip center at St. Martin, A lLINCOLN
ter-soaked office quarters to could have put out the blaze, widI fly to South America and ED PHIPPS i
salvage other records, papers it would certainly have been study on scholarships next
and documents in the black- squelched in no time. But the -eek. And in-Petionville at HENRY RIGAUD
ended desks and files, smokeaters were suffering, Mr. Napoleon will go to Sao Daily the List Grows Larger -
The fire started in radio under severe handicaps Paulo, and Mr. Staco to Rio
station 4V2S, which, ironical- water too late, -and not suf- d(e Janeiro. "... ...-.. **-
ly enough, was to move from ficient hoses. No long ladders A A I :*
its quarters on the second for e top of the burn GRAND DINNER AFTER EVERY GAME
floor of the SHASA Building ing edifice. It wasn't until AT LA SALINE ......
to a home in Stadium Ma- past midnight when the fire- The pupils of the hdusekeep -- ---- ..-.
gloi.re the next day. Onlook- men finally gained the upper ing center at La Saline offer-
prs believe that a short cir- hand. ed a grand dinner at their o
cuit in the radio equipment There is no need for the cat this week.
was probably the case of the cHaiti.Sun* to editorialize on Minister of Labour Dorsin-
blaze. The young fadio oper- the subject. The news of re- ville, Prefect Marc Nahoum, -- '
ator who closed the station at cent weeks says it better than Director of Education Geor- ...
7 p.m_ was questioned by we can. SOMlEITHING needs ges Marc, Madame Aug-ustin

made an on-the-scene investi- shortage of water -especial- and members of the OACO
..gation and apparently every- ly in the crowded sectors of attended.
.' hing .had been normal when the metropolitan -area. Per- -
iie locked up andc .went, home. haps a, way could be found to DR. AGUILAR ARGAN
Th, e broadcasting studios .pump water from the sea. DONA LEAVES
Were completely gutted with Chemicals are not enough to Dr. Aguilar Argan.dona
a loss of 30,000 gourdes of fight a Class A fire. And left for Geneva this week a-
-.equipment. The Station was water- must not only be pre- ter 10 months here working in
owned by Antoine Herard., sent but. also in sufficient collaboration with Haitian ape
The complete fire fighting force to. provide the pressure cialists.on the creation of the
-force of the C.apital arrived necessary to beat back the technological institute.
Dr. Argandona member of .... .
on the scene a few seconds af flares.
ter the first alarm was is- SHAS.A- has taken its se- the International Organiza-
.ued But again the basic vere loss with chin up and tion of Labotr BIT was
oICE. already moved into.ts a m'nber-ft c

Swater before their seven grou floor of th Brun Haitian workers due to re- >

nto adion. By.-- that time., dientr Ar es AeMir cle French enterprises D :s .,
-k'.'t: AA'
;:;.fo waterbefor thi eegoa lo fte 'iu ~iinwresdet e
.,eav -r urhoseo.gouiligo.h'enr of'I .e Celve -ehia riig n" "- ".


rage 16

Kindergarten Students Give Rousing

End Of S- 1cl Performnces

, -i-a

We'd like to ask bhc proud
parent: .'iidulk 1-c iii ;rii. iiin
a, belated mentiion of
charming performances -
the recent Enidi of Year Fetes
of the Kindergarten students
of Madame Lucien ScoLtt a:1:1
Ja- ;ufline Tur'ian.
The former *iune- cS' I
summer vacation '* ith a well-
applauded Muscal .t :' e C.2
bane Choucoune. Sixyear o 1
Peggy Villedrouin wie'ded The
baton for the small-fry or-
chestra for the first part of

t'.e pr:!, ainni v. which includ-
L i ri L'numb'I by Gentil
Coquelicot, Pao! Moral, An
tony Larco, Patricia Dow and
Philippe and Rosseline Con-
T e strains of Chouicoune
sung by 0. Durland opened the
second part of the pro-
grimme. Pint sized T. Flam-
birt actu-'i the role of the
dusky-charmer with Patrick
Questel and Bill' Binks as.her
:-Fne. Florence Gaetjens
took the role of t' e mother.

At the Mike, Colonel Mono-
s*et's daughter aid Colonel
Woolley's son

Jimmy Uirano was out-
standing as %Cornmandant)
S of the Little Soldiers and pe-
tite Beatrice Pape made a
captivating storekeeper.
I Marilyn Denis, Tessa Flam
bert, Antoine Levelt, Josiane
Drouin also got big hands at
the end' of their tions.v .5
Fond' mamas had every rea-
son to beam and Madame
Scott had every reason to be
proud of her year's efforts.
It was an enchanting after-


m a'i--- -*. ---- > -- *-*
Yola Magloirc. h' th FrscvidIint g r.cs an exhi-
'-'i on the bar .. Photo Do et.
-%a c c e a .. -... a --- -... *

SPhilips help yee

oe f reogras
K~lelst pro grems

G m. T nlWOOaos ibarn
On- w ve reaab you a you
old So"t
utd.aug VOW by.ltImiwgt U
dealer to a PUIAPSB. etm tas S
umneanwnal aHntIPs C'MSenS
se19523es rangs
fitpt sets Cninog n ancwr Pa.
gia boa aie MEW T
AS.* ft.

r* C fl

Distribut- : .

On We.dines'Gay evening,
July 1st, the pupils of Jac-
queline Turian gale a rousing Best Quaiy Cement a
performance at the Rex Thea- M .
tire in the presence of Presi- t Lws
dent and Madiame Paul E. Ma-9 ALLEN & BAUSSAN :,
glioire. Their youngest cPe-ff te
titeD, Yola,'was a twinkling- Ofer ltir
eyed princess of the Abdul-
lahs in a desert tableau with
Fre.d' Ludeoke as the pint-'
sized Prince andl Marie Mi- A
chele Bouirjolly as the sultryi
Jean Claude Kenol, Yanick
Cajuste, Michel Liautaud and
Fernand Brierre rompiei
through Scenes of Peasant
Life. Mona Lissa, Elizabeth
Coby. Jean Odaude Kenol and'
Elizrbeth Mallebranche m.a.de
high'.,' credital'l e acrobats and$
Regine Mont Rosier displayed
an astonishing aptitude as a
miniature ballarina.
The Petit'Chaperon Rougep
Olub also took part in thee IN BAGS OF 42 1/: PORTLAND
Port-au-Prince Tel : 237

e e e a c aNowo MW c c O S '- -'-om-.--a-WNWe c c a aGo c o aadwe


THE W t) g

I ^

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