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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Duke University Libraries
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Duke University Libraries
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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* r..
r. .

4i j

-; A

crew of the Wanderer relax at the Casino Pier Thurs-
'before continuing their voyage of discovery.
iPhoto Haiti Suni

'German Prince, Grandson Of

'Kaiser's Brother, Visits Port

young .German Prince
etted'by the male elders
e German faction of our
unity Thursday even-

ince Albeit, grandson
rince Heinrich von Hohen
in, Admiral of the G.er
'Navy and brother of bet
iown Wilhelm II ithe
.r), lives. with his par-
on their farm in Costa
SHe called here on the
Augsburg of the Ham-
-Amedica Line enroute to

visit the fatherland. With
dark hair andi blue eyes there
is a striking resemblance be-
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Six persons were killed and
five injured when a camion
belonging to Mr. Romulus
Omilion capsized at Fauchon
on the Fonds Vierrettes road
Friday of last week.

March Of Dimes) Wants Haiti Float

In Annual Calif. Roses Parade

ti is invited to partici-
. the March of Dinies
'ament of Roses Parade
Annually in Pasadena,
rnia on New Year's
'.The Tournament of
-parade has been run-
nnually, the morning of
ry 1, since the early
-. and is part of an all-
lebration in Pasadena,
hlia. The parade fea-
,...' ,

tures various floats chari-
table, patriotic, commercial.,
professional and educational.
The March of Dimes, cam-
paign name of The' National
Foundation For Infantile Par
alysis which was organised
by the late Franklin Delano
Roosevelt, directs and unifies
the fight against infantile
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Ri'lpublque D'RAITI

SUNDAY, JUNE 28th. 19F

U,S. Under Secretary Or Army

Visits Haiti Enroute To Panama

Earl Dallam Johnson, Un
der Secretary of the U. S.
Army came ashore from .the
Cristobai of the Panamn Line
Saturday, morning and, paid
his respects to Haitian Offi-
cials and U. S. personnel be-
fore continuing his voyage to

Construction Man Sits Out
Union Strike On Luxury
Yacht Cruising Caribbean

SWhen a strike among unm-
ons in Kansas City recently
tied u~p the building of a 2,380
housing units Bob Praver of
the Praver Company doing
the construction work decid-
ed it was time for a little fresh
Along with his pretty Wife
and Clapt. Dick Browne and
his wife he sailed, into the
blue Caribbean leaving his
tangled urp civilization be,
hind. Quitting Miami June
2nd they sailed from island to
island arriving in Port au
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The. Dutch cargo ship Ilos
went aground 8 o'clock Satur-
clay morning when shb left the
pier and swung across he
channel onto a sand bar. The
vessel grounded on her port
blow and refloated after her
starboard, ballast tanks .d
been lightened and the en.
aines at full astern assisted
by lines to the shore had done
their duty.


2061 is the number of the
telephone the (Haiti Sunm
has been blessed with after
patiently waiting in line for
the past three years.

His trip to the Isthmus is
in connection a ith his duties
on the BoarL of the Panama
Canal Company on which as
Under Secretary of the Army
.he is Chairman.
Accompanied Lb his wife,
Colonel John F. O'Neill, Lt.
Col. Homer Bournman, Chief
Warrant Officer Deboll G.
Weyer and M. Michael Kalet-
te, Mr. Johnson visited the
Secretary of Sttte for For-
eign Affairs at 9.30 a.m., the
Secretary of State and Under
Secretary of State of Interior
and Defense at 9.45 a.m. and
at 10 a,m. Chef d'Etat Major
de l'Armee General Antoine
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English Amateur

May Play Here A
Pegasus, amateur football
champions of 'Egland, will
play a series of games in Jam-
aica and Haiti sometime
around' August-September if
present negotiations are car
ried through.
Pegasus a combination
of players from Oxford aftd
Cambridge Universities -
this year won the Football As
sociation Amateur Cup for
the second time in three sea-
sons and the (present team, on

Fire Destroying Co

At Croix Des Bossi

The catching fire and burn
ing down of countless little
huts made of four poles and
,feuilles de cocotier: and pack
ed together like sardines in
the marche de la Croix des
Bossales,, is becoming an an
nual affair.
This year' fire broke out
at 1 o'clock Monday morning
in the midst of the little
Echaumieres>, many of which


'f__i-%T TTINI T

* 4.

------_---r---r- ---- ---r -;--- -"1




Ot A


53 No. 36~


wo personalities who hae'
been very much in the news
these past weeks are Swiss ..-i
born Fred Sigerist, delegate :
of the Red Cross Societies in :-
Latin America and the not-
ed Haitian tuberculosis spe- ,-'
cialist Dr. Louis Roy who was '1,
recently appointed President 'l
of the newly reorganized Hai--' '
tian -Red. Cross.
((We struck gold in our :
search for a Presidentt, :i
said Mr. Sigerist in an inter-
view with Your Reporter
Thursday evening at the Vil- .
la Creole where he was recov-
ering from a week in be el',
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Football Champs

Lugust September,
which Jamaica's Cantab'Be Bme
Franz Alexander is thel star,
Continued on Page. 16
New Publicity Society
Formed With Capital'
Of $50,000
In the June 8th issue of te
official newspaper .Le Meni-
teur> appeared an article am-
nouncing that Messrs Arsene .
Magloire. Marcel Gentil and
Luc Valles have been author-..-
ized to establish Societe de
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unless SmallHuts

ales AnnualAffair

are used as boutiquess, and-...
warehouses for storing pro-
duce, sold in the daily open-
air market The fire brigade
arrived on the scene and 1.15-
a.m. and could do loitblte but
prevent the fire from spread-
ing. At 6 a.m. the fire hav-
ing burnt itself out, the fire
brigade returned to their sta-
tion. .
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SPage 2


!The Inter American Geode- project.
':.- tic Survey commenced its col According to Capt. Har
Slaborative surveying and map P. Burchett, the present C
ping programme with the ficerin-Charge, the proje
Government of Haiti in 1946. in collaboration with Trava
During the early part of the Publics and the Service
programme theactivities were Geodesie, has virtually coi
carried out under the j.urisdic- pleted all of the triangulati(
tion of the Antilles Command, an:l a large percentage of L
U. S. Army and as a sub-pro- basic levelling of the county
jeot of another IAGS project The present activities s of t
.in the Antilles. In 1950 the organization are directed
Haiti organization was grant- ward intensifying the densi
|# status as full-fledged Continued on Page 6

.." .- ,: : '" ,

.. ..

I,. A sketch of the Racing Club's future club house

S Racing Football Club To Build Club House

SWork will commence this clude reception room, ba
i; -week on the building of the shower rooms, massage roo
.first football club house in and a terrace for relaxation
the country. A spokesman The club house is expected
i. for the Racing Club stated be completed within tv
That the building which is to months.' The architect is R
be erected' on their training land Dulyx.
field at St. Martin would in-
.-. 00-00 e90 0 00-. oe e ei-


Tuesday in Kingston repre- Friday Mr. Gerard Lafc
S ,isentatives of the Jamaica rest, chief of the service c
B askethrall Assoziation, the citrol of prices and exterior
S Jamaica Amateur Weightlift- commerce at the Departmen
ing and Body Building Asso of Commerce, enplaned fc
S citation and the Jamaica Table London to attend the Inte
STeniris Association met anid nab6nal Sugar Conference.
i finalized arrangements for The conference is sw.edu
the visit of a group of tour- ed to begin in early July.
S ing sportsmen from Haiti.
IM0r. Joscelyn Mc-rcalla is RUBBER PLANT
i making all arrangements this IN RL TI
^* end.
.. It is reported in commer

POUNDS OF DDT AAD t ': a rubber p;i:t may
14/ VEHICLES TO SPRAY installed in Haiti U.: : 'STIQL'ES, AREA ." .-... -. Rouuseau has r
Puirpt -fo: the spreading of c-en .ly submitted a. contra
S. T on- 14 ijoa- statnii In It* roirvrnment with

11(1L A I 14 L .1 L LA L I V/ I I
wagons have arrived here to
."open a World Health Organt
7 tion campaign to stamp out
malaria and other cbetes.-
spreading diseases. WHO Jx-
perts will tour the country
spreading 300,000 pounds of
DDT over the mosquito-infec-
ted areas-

**. .. .. .

ci e




Two Schoolboys RrCco'r,
Fu iuInjit/uis Rectv ed
Friom C'ilhuipsi'lg Wall

Recovering from a cracked
hip at the Guantanamo Naval
hospital is 13-year-old Mark
SButchi Ashton. Butch receiv-
ed his in.iuries when a eight.
foot high unfinished retain-
ing wall made of cement
blocks collapsed. He w'as work
ing with 17-yearold Cemoi
Pierre who lives with the fanm
ily, .at the base of the wall
which caved' in because of the
pressure of earth workmen
were filling in on the retain-
ing side. Cemoi received slighL
head injuries when he at-
tempted to push Butch out of
Ui w.ay of the falling blocks.
Butch is expected home July
lIt for several weeks of con-

,rc.0 And More
BRad Accidents
More accidents than ever
have taken place these last1
days on Thiotte, Jean Rabel,
Cotecux. Cayes and Jacmel
roads where camionettes have
either hit each other or cap-
A serious inquiry should
be carried on to determine
the causes of these accidents
in which so many people lose
their lives.

Unearthed this week by
Your R. was the fact that all
rhum drinks at the Hotel Ri
viera are free between 5.30
and 6 p.m. No gag.




SUNDAY, JUNE 28th 195:

Cyclist's Death Caused By Hit-And-Run Driver

The evening of June 7th
Guiiette Magloire of the Hai-
tian Coast Guard was found
lying next to the mangled re
mains of his bicycle, on the
Drouillard road in a critical
condition. Cyclist Magloire,
the victim of a hit-and-run
driver, passed away shortly
after his arrival nt the hos-

Police after an itensified'
search arrested camionette
driver Joseph Pierre, alias
Enuvi\voye*, and Pierre Des-
tin I Ti Pierrel, who is said to

have accompanied hirin
night the merciless crime'
committed. It is believedI
the cyclist had every pos,
ity of recovery had the d
ionette driver stopped a
hitting him.


Work on the erection of
SuIgar Refining Conmpaki
Jeremie is reported to be,
mencing shortly. The .s
mill will be ready for not
gar season, company ofufi


Baby Contest At Rural School

T'he highlight of the cen
tury at Lilavois rural school
Sunday 14th was a brilliant
educational and social meet-
ing, the climax of which was
a baby contest. The meeting
was sponsored by Minister
Liautaud and headed Iby Mr.
Georges Marc, General Direc-
tor of National Education,
both contributed to enhanLe
the celebration.
The first -part .rf the cele-
bration included a speech by
Inspector Gabriel Fortin and
a peep at the exposition of
handwork, sewing, embroid-
ery and pastry work by girls
of the Center of Domestic
Economy of the school. Next
came tne visit to the infant-
asylum where some thirty pea
sants' babies from 1 to 12
months took part in the baby
contest. The jury entrusted

"After si

for 30 d;
Q' f 80<


I especi:

Camei r

I'm mae

S .*.

-ewv to creating a rubber
plant. Last year Haiti im-
ported approximately 806,675
gourdes worth of rubber. To-
Lay Haiti's rubber plantationss
r-. *- an area of 1791 acres.
What rubber is produced is
exported in the raw.

with the selection of the,.
winners consisted as fole
Drs. Jean Boulos, E-
Poux, Harry Bordes, M
Denise Haspil, Beshiere C
MIles Jeanne Sylvain,
Armand. At the end 'o
contest prizes were offef
the parents of the babi
encourage them to.kees
with the rules of infanlr
giene taught by the se]
The Paul E. Magloirei treated
infants to useful' gifts.
During lunch Minister
taud delivered a speecl
which he thanked the t
ing staff of the rural sd
and the personnel of.
school. The celebration
the day ended by a bal
offered by the school
members of the comml
and local authorities.

nokinq Camels

ays, I lbund {hey

g wonderfully

my throat.

ally appreciate

mildness when

kinq a picture!"

iX 9.j


CURACAO TRADING CO. Distributors for Haiti

~c~-cUl~c~.~*c~-I~-cc~ -- ----~



.. .. :.. .

i ,P~:~e~rOj
r~Y :
. :: 'C;

-"------- "--- .- .

Naioal Team Prep

National Team Prepa

Accompanied by coach Paul
Baron and Lt. Rene Leon the
25 selected players of the na-
tional team went to the modin
tain of Obleon. Tuesday 16th
to prepare for the Haiti
Mexico match July 19th for
the world cup.
The Haitian players will re
ceive adequate physical prepa-'
ration and wvil'l train three
times a week in the Ma-
gloire Stadium. The selected
players are: Leger, Mevs, Lal-
lemanpl, Rigaud, Desince, Bo-

naventure, I
donne, Alph(
Beaulieui, Je
jeur, Jacques
L:OU Desrc
Haig, Feno],
Elie, Tassy, I
zier, Kerby I.
The definite
consist of 17
companies by
the Footballs, wi
July 15th,

~y~~Cc~rococc~yrom ~-. JSE. .

'a fine announcing voice
ides being una excelente
ante* of all Latin Ameri-
. songs.
Shas appeared in the ma-
itv of night clubs and so-
centers of Ciudad Trujil
tnd is well known to listen-
the Voz Dominicana and
ier Dominican radio sta-

ursday at 3.30 p.m. as
'Presidential cavalcade des
led the Petionville road
~ionette driver Wesner
in fainted at the wheel and
locked down two unfortun
%pedestrians before climb.
-:up the cliff bordering the
pd. Jean Baptiste Pe-
' Blanc and Guy Valme
re transported from the
le of the accident in Bour-
Sopposite 'the French Em-
bey with broken head's.

hits The Mine
rector of PAA and Mrs.
SCGossett and Junior
Last weekend at the
of the Reynolds Mining
action op the mountains
fnd Miragonne.

Mrs. Desquir
Away At 73

S. Friday even
For the first time in Haiti i
Desqui-on pa:
age of 73 in
operatives will be celebrated' ',s. Desui
's. Desquir
here with adequate manifes- Jerei, has
stations July 4th under the aus five e
five years
pices of the Department of Ca f ea
Causerof death
,Labour and with the help of
lre. Our sinus
the Office of the United Na- to relative
to her relatives
tidns in Port nu Prince.
tears, Mrs: Fra
The programme referring Louis G rder
Louis Cvard'er
to the day has been laboratedDesquiron.
on by Mr. Dantes Colilmon and I l
were held at
submitted to Minister DorsinSat
illaturday mo


Petion\ville and the capital
were saddened by the news of
the death of Me Arthur Ra-
meau Sunday. 'A native of
Les Gayes, a brilliant lawyer,
Arthur Riameau was among
those who assisted the birth
of sports in Haiti. Among
the positions he filled during
his life were those of Adviso%
of the government and Min-
ister of Justice.
The sign of Kalmar's cafe
has been changed to aAu Cor-
don Bleau.o The new manager
of the restaurant is Louisette.


esquiron Chickens


SYou can find them TODAY At- -

SAnd in Pelionville at HENRY RIGAUD 9
Daily the List Grows Larger -
... .% .

Kinderga ten.
Show For Pa
At Cabane
urday afterno
5.30 parents
Mrs. Lucien
garten enjoyE
ta of gymnast
ballet. Mrs.
piano and thi
put on the sh

DiOacoute is
new and inter
of Oreole poen


Rosa Pierre
Ir'ies- received
co locomotive
load last week
Hasco Closes
The Hasco s
ed down this v
-;ugar season is
ing January 19

On Home Lea
Enjoying h
Mile Paule Ly
at the Haitian


S ,' -. --. r .- :


Page 3


Kcrby II. Dieu- Friday 2a.m. truck driver Sunay, June 28th h 3.3
onse, ,Dorceans, Andre Prudent discovered the p.m. ,
an Claude, Ma guardian of Onarles Dejean LS IOUOUUPES
i, Vieux (Dada- Lumber Yard, dead in his bed. VOLANTE6 .
>siers. Ludiers, A half hour prior to his death 7th 8th, 9th ana
Gaetjens. Marc the guardian had opened the episodes
At6and, 8.30 p.m. ,l
Roc Pierre. Rou- gate for Prudent and his aT 830 p.m
truck load of luinber it was lE RETOUR.E f'ANC:
e selection will reported. ond, ne 2 at am.
players who, ac _Monday, O-ne 29h, at .
.the officials of BAD ACCIDENT RTESANA _.:
on Haitienne de ON SALTROU ROADesday, une 30t at6
11' fly to Mexico, 8.15 p.m.
A camion carrying work- LE RETOUR DE FRA.NCK
ers returning from the Domi- JAMES
...ocoo. nican Republc capsized on Wednesday, July 1st, at 6.p._ -.
the Thomonde road. More PASSION FATALE
roPasses than 10 passengers were in At8.15p.m.
juxed receiving bad contu- GUN SM'UGGLERS .:
ning Mrs. Michel sions. The victims were hos thursday, July 2nd. at f aidE
ssed away at the pitalized in Hinche. 8.15 pnm.
Port au Prince. LA MONTAGNE DE .
on, a native of U.S. Working Girl's VFRRE '
lived the past Vacation t, d a
in the capital. Miss Bleanor I. Coleman of Friday, July 3rd, at 6 and :
h was heart fail- the Chicago Tribune was in 8.15 p.m. .
cere condolences town this week writing up am LE RETOUR DE FRANCKJ.'
es and her daugh article on how a working gir; JAMES
.nck Aubry, Mrs. in the States can make a trip Saturday. July-4th, at 6 and
'e and son Jean through the Caribbean on a 8.15 p.n.
Funeral services limited' budget. TARZAN'S PERIL
F u n e r a l se r v ic e s lny 5 a 3 .3 0 P m : ^'
the Sacre Coeur (Editor's note: If hotels Sunday, July 5th at 3.30 p.m.
.rnng. refuse to cut their summer LES SOUCOUP ES
rates the girls will have to OLANTES
by-pass Haiti. At.6 and 8 !0 p.m. -t
Pupils P1t On by-pass Haiti.
Choucoune Sat- The actors of ILa. Comedie .'.
)on from 3.30 to de Paris, will play Le CAid The hospital Asile Fran-aai,.
and children of by Corneille in the Stadium has an adirconditioned room. .,
Scott's Kinder Magloire Tuesd'ay'. -:0:-
ed a grand fies- % .%.'*'* *... *
ties, dance and
Scott was a the Portable Air Compressor
e young pupils D s"
w Diesel Driven ,
)EMS nn"u:ui'

the title of the C l
testing collection,
ns by Morisseau.

0:-. -.

died from in-
from the Has
on the Leoganrt
SWhenever a continuous and reliable source of co -
0:-- ~ pressed air is req uired for construction work, rock ex-
S cavation, mine ,prospecting, or other of the many varied
sugar mill los- uses for air, the GARDENER DENVER PORT-
week. The next AB'LE compressor meets the need foi high and sus- ,
reported open trained ouLtput, and with utmost fuel economy-and de-
repoted open pendabillity

: Agent in Haiti: SONACO. General Manager :
ye Jacques Martin
ome leave s"
sius, employee ? Address: Place de l'Exposilion, Pavilion Proche
office of their Orient, Tel: 2381, 2697 P.O. Box 397 "'

j ~.~~.~~ ~ ~...~.~~ ~ ~ ~~E.~~rf',:

I .--------
S Handsomne+ ounfg g ene G. Frederic Tovar is New
SKolbjornsen has taken over York bound shortly 'olh a busi-
:: the position of Tour Manager ness trip.
of the SoIth&erlnd Tours. .. -:0:-
. In New York on a month
SDr. ieannot dC't'rrived i+, hal action are twins
.* back on home sol Thursday David and Bn Bi.giQo ..
from specializing mn t b-rtino- ;.. '7:., .
laryngology anif 'phtamology oul Cssagiqol left on
Sin Chiio U... I'- i a t-week heal.trip to Mi-
I o nlhUca IWJOT J k L d
Appareny'a rads lead to -:0:- ,.
fJ.remie:' Axel Etheart has Underwater Tarzan Gustav
posted his departure for Cay Dalla Vallaf jrvn iPfm
I I .anreore ily in ,Yorodaadnip,
Tiays find 'ilih n'8Jeremie. tends to return to the coral
.,/-It, .__ O 1.o." 'i: reefs hereabouts iii' Septemn-
World trifg salesman W Ir's P rtM i~i~' Wnliw
Nii A l,'i ik "- rt"W ,the. 8&-il, b'.
-wees.A'101-/" PFi-ancollIaliafib"i'eklai; fqa
,. mrn.q c I P IA r vtg I i s
.:' :! jAOD 42. A a o Iulrid tWf 'the" 'iaWiiae"'Anid
.b.;.nMals. "Dtifmirnhci~n mm eT i}a Ihldd Fi''i of iti. '"
l :y Lulu DIdhd~As, toow ill .iu 611 ,i it ;,
this Si e' lk'ainid is 'inrtern- Unexpected party given at
ed, at the A"al Ii'mmgis.
di at the Aasie anais. the -home of cMgk .n dls.
,1n. ,-:, Christian Monday n igt or
Senator Loi. Dejoie is lev so airliners id te cut
w oronesseumjq III 'R, r J' ;dli'r R' -
rjee o n e n est of a o u Re-
Spil business MA Tport wonv tf or aill
f -' .. ] .^" A -, s '_ n i t / i. A/ ., { [t T .'- i'i .
rg, I, H Q .i b ti, till I wee hours.
Pastor RJ.eyi hae lived -
in I-W 3aiMrry"pg'- ygTs left ti. Catherine Kain, dele-
t:'a. OFtt~.Y trd pOtweel.bi .1 ate of the Inz&L Pu t ne'
-' wentnIf lifdaqtsp..ziejWa.h- American AATAIs, s, Je' on

|a gahentiPictua -ohI rmnam,
;: gton. ". .. "a M asston..
2*M*A .. rT %O*I.*a* %t= %
Noir: alil erle-
.. .. ~ rLO .
/".ff.ff. &.U W"ll -l i-,, p a;

*;:: ,** \* 8* *11ul- 1 1

tiJ I t,. -

.C a '.S '- ,. "., 'I
Dynamic Serge Corvingon, iTr. Clemet'nt Beno Direc-
Haiian V ce-Consul, retun- tor of the Lyee Petion's Na-
ed by the Panama Line. last tionalLibrary, cippered'home
weekend onI home leave. from a health tp Puerto
_, II, Ricco last week. He spoke to
and' Mrs Victor Aybar eo ican ofii'als of the
and Victor Rafael Enrique boudless issiilities of corn
f do (Ti Zombi have mercia and cultural exe g
moved to their .,jge home es beteen the two countries.
in Bourdon near -the --0:--
VWyoir c. e^1 303 oe li rs.
-:0:- McCallh gave a farewell party
UUAI f at 'teir 'lovey' home in' Rue
parted, for a traf n I liTh Nazon %fr Jamor ica fo6bbai
itJieJ. S., checking, t,.la4esr. coaches Noel Hall and Dudley
.struments|, inl:. qd~1r *Sern 1mith who etamred home this
dy, fl.ng .-, aard MaJQir week after Icoaehming, sessions
Fyerepp C hapt.rpa,1 /'(t. uhelrel with out 'celebrated' Ba-
Aist~f4n ~ pd T. g,,,- -ron. I ., .. ,. ,.
ri... ., ,, i :,'' e'i MvDeibPsOalthe IFootbali
-III;t i i ,y ... ,., 1..,. I Fedevatlono ,Btireatd of Sports,
"-'IW'l1H'lat-ibi ,MTTC Vie- players n-nd football fans at-
*Pitkidtd. 1alpihB6rcldvicl l hi t
.-h rmihi' A kifk'', IGeneieve, .The two young Jainan
'Mri C' Li'lahp'Agefii?, Ndnc'e co'aones 'male speecnhs thank
-Ndvdilla, I,!'; Z-d'eridiW: A-lleni, 'ng e Fera ion an a
t bf"iMT'C1 4nPirt' r e- ,aron saying t they hoed
iv. + mer .bi x /"of C 'H T ',, h e.,J--.ifi. ,,l l,,' ll i .
ceived merbe of aHa- what theyhe lea-
tien commnere-at an after- ed at the disposal of the a -
n6oh bcktarI etatt y'atfostel- aican footballers.
lerie ,Roi Ohtitdhe' Wdnes- t. Pasqluet1 on behlf of the
ay 17th~'." MT.: Elie Joseph of i Federation rpliedl',that it-was
'Pdrt W"t4''Pifce" -w- awrtiong P. nmauf' e, qfj ietumning what
thd1 dikinguisiled 'gtueft.l IA&1- Jgmwif4l, 0.id4 lfor -lagitan, foo-
daifie'' de"'tCatalog, '11s hd+.s ,ballaPtac ip 194A.,,,,- i,,...
d'oed Vi#eW '"a"l ,r,.vdtea, Je-- ,./'Tii:Toshj,'arli, TiB 'IB al-
.li.rri' ,,'. l ,: -ways&h.averoomnAfo ione ioe
r:', .. .; ..j .r in' their Ti Canot cFlorence,
N tNI AriWhdny ViasrF ha : e- when/ they go sailing to Iro-
placed, the late Sehator 'Of- quois Sunday mornings.-Ad.
franq Poux as notary in Port- ., -:0:-
de-Paix. Haitian !:Ambassador Luc
Mr. Primitivo Condes, ad Fouche has returned to his
visor at the Ouban Embass, duties as hea-dof-.the Haitian
arrived here Tuesdlay. delegationr['tl t~he UN after
Mr. Georges beraphin, Sec- vacationing in Europe.
retary of the Haitian Embas- Mile Marie-ClaudeHonoarat
sy to the ONU, -: 1 home on is back dfter two years study
leave. ino in Ng p o Vn,.i

Vi, I. wv.W IVy UU
Su '

I:- .. ,

I12.;.Z, I.r .

V,: 7 :-.. .
=v t.r .,.' .. ,,, .. : a. :. ...
O--':.- .--'.+4 ', ;. .+ ..... ,.,__ ._ .,,, .. .

e" ,




,* ., .: -. ,* 5 V,: ,,* '' .;' ., ,. ,. ,.' .
... iiiffm mir 1" ..'i. : 4 < ,,' .. :'.' ^ ,^,^
,- f :' ..
,% .,,
LC' ,~ ,j ..;].
.. rJ, ,' ... .. ,' "
'. .., ; '. c ",v .',X
-- : .L'.' .

ay at Washington National Airport President Eisen-
bidding godspeed to his brother Dr. Milton Eisen-
Sas he takes off on a courtesy and fact-finding trip
.American Republics. (Haiti is not included in Dr.
hower's itinerary).

in.etest to readers is an
fal that appeared in the
ork Timnes edition of June
stating thUt Dr. EiePix howl
rip is imunch the most ini'.
it' imoe yet made by the
ndi'inistration n t.he jiteld

"'r-A'merucar.. f4 fe .
0 0 e


'I c r: to all the South
.'.mei lcan countries on which.
,- Mi.ton Eisenhower start-
Li' yesterday is much the most
important move yet made by
the i:w Administration in
the fie'd of inter-American af


IS.:: ....
'@ .

iSOR :.
,. .'B P...:, ,. .'' ?1..



t at it... Get that feeling
eigbt and traction .
.iid power. Here's a trac-
hat will meet more of
c:needs more of the time
:'any other tractor you
d4 buy. No other tractor
produced has better
characteristic (lugging
). t will pull you
the toughest soil
ut slowing or stalling.
keep on going where
tractors quit.

Come in and ask for a demonstration

i;. t*. .....

fairs. It is not that the P:
sident's brother can hims
:o anything specific or mia
l;olicy, since that will not
his role. He is going to
their information and ide
make contacts and impress
the ten Governments once
ed with the fact that son
interest is being shown
their affairs. Secretary D.ul
has pledged the Ajdmi-nista
tion not to neglect Latin Ar
rica and is necessary to 1
the basis for the implemen
tion of a positive and co
tin:ui',g policy.
'The difficulties faced
North American statesmen
the Latiin-American field a
enormous and complmcati
To start with, there are twe
ty different countries, wh
Mexico, Central America a
the Caribbean area are addi
These countries are sovereign
independent nations w i
their own political, econo/r
social and cultural problem
They are at -varying stages
progress in each field, fr
the complete democracy
Uruguay to the complete
thoritarianism of the Domi
can Republic, from the almi
continental size and wealth
Brazil to the smal':ness a
poverty of Haiti, from
friendliness of Peru to t
bitter anti-Yankeeism of
The fall in commodity p
ces has hit some of the coi
tries hard. All are suffer
from inflation, some, l
Chile, Paraguay and Bra:
very gravely. All are thr
bing with demands for t
social, political and econor
reforms which we now rec
nize to be the right of all m
in all countries. Nationalis
communism, Peronism, m
tarism are actively creating
devil's brew which makes
political instability and
the search for a whippi
boy, who can only be
Colossus of the North.
It stan;l. to reason tl
with such ferment aind s
.-i!ons and relationship
tw. an L:atin America and
United' States is bound to
disturbed. It should also
obvious that there is no s
pie formula or policy to p
vide a panacea for what
the Western Hemisphere.
Dr. Eisenhow.er will m
special problems everywhe
Ruenos Aires \ill be his m
delicate and sensitive spot
is hardly an exaggeration
sav that President Peron

>AY, JUNE 28th 1953

'* -

age 5'a.

re- the most active and formid- panied by Assistant Secretary
elf able personal enemy of the of State John Cabot and other -.
Ike United States in the world experts in Latin American M
be outside of the Soviet bloc. In affairs.
ga- Rio de Janeiro,, on the other All in all, one feels that this -
as, hand,, the President's brother trip was well conceived and .:i
all will find a democratic, friend- that it should be mcst useful..
arn ly people in the throes of an Its success will depend to a ,.:
me economic criiss exacerbated by certain extent on i.e attitude .
in nationalism. These Brazilian .of the leaders in the countries ..
les friends will doubtless be ir- listedd. The Inter-American '.
ra- fortunate, but since they re- Syztem is not a one-way
ne- present the largest and most street. It is not all take and..
lay important country in Latin no give. All the .ta- America they will deserve .a all .the vices are not on the.,-
on- sympathetic hearing. The re- United States side, with aI-V
cent coup d'etaf in Colombia the understanding and ihe
by and the new and hopeful Gov- virtues on the Latin-Amei- ..
in ernment. which is in' power cani sde. If Dr. Eisenhower:..
ire will save the American envoy hears many legitimate comriP.
ed. from what would have been plaints, might we not also '
en- an embarrassing meeting hope that he will hear pledges
ien with the former dictator, of cooperation and of dieterm;-.4.
md Laureano Gomez. nation to set their own hbue. i
ed. I.t will be a handicap to Dr. in order? .
gn' Eisenhower that this is a The hemisphere isaan inter-'
th transition period for Ameri- locking, interdependent sys
esic, temhae which b a-e toork l;
can diplomats.. What few ap- t which w d work
s intmes have beenade to whole lot better if our Good.i
of date are political rewards and Neighbours' would exorcise-
om the incumbents are not yet in that ancient ghostof wYankede.
of a position to be helpful. How- imperialism, once and for all.
i ever, a notable body of career
men has bi:,een built up over Training.In U.S.
ost the years and they will be on Aidjutant Louverture Pois- 'i
Sthe job at each point of the Pon of the Haitian Airtorce ..
itinerary. Dr. Eisenhower ret'.rned to duty here Tuesday 4
the wll, in any event, be. eccomn' after, studying in .he States.' f
the 0

r ,i-

r ', *] : S
ng .
ike .

mic m \
ien ,
.1 "UEE' ",.
io ic .

I -the' Insuirance Company do the wuorri;nr.
for ,, iat ri- *N RWICH NION'. suran ce Co.
for Joseph, Nodal and Co. Agent.l Tel: 3486

hat .
be- This sovereign Whisky
the -- possesses that distinction
be of flavour which will claim L
be your allegiance from the first 3alp. 4

eot D e [b c"
r..e. .


to hDiSTriutose-e Gene ral Trading Co., S.A.
fee !+; ii




Page 6 ____

((March Of Dimes), Wants Haiti Float factory For
S In Annual Calif. Roses Parade To Be Establi
Continued from Page 1 the show. Newsreels also Three busi
The March of Dimes has cover the event. The 1953 Haitians and, a
participated in the last .two Parade was seen and, heard on reported estab
tory to manu
. Tournament of Roses Parades radio and television, by an au to to manu
and plans to participate again dience of approximately 50,- caps in ou cap
-MessQrs. NIoP .Fp
This coming year. The Tour-' 000,000. It is the biggest event Messrs. N F
'(namnent selects the most ori- of itskind in the United bert Neptune
mer. The mral
S ~gihal, colorful, creative States.
'floats for Special Mention. All hotel, travel and- main- factory, it opT
Last year, the March of Dimes tenance for the group will b read been rd
i; 'j.oat featuring a group of Tri iaid for by the 1954 March
ni.ldaid an Calypsoes was a- of Dimes, during the period National Day
:parded the International Tro- starting from departure, ,to French Canad
b hy by the parade officials. return to Haiti. No fees for. On the occas
%:,IThe March of Dimes is inter services can be allowed while tionl Day of F
l"ted in.presenting this year in the United States inasmuch une 24, Ag
a float representing Haiti. as this would be in direct conantae,
-motor of Haiti
.:'""The National Tourist Bu- flict with union rules. Ame-motor o Ha
friendship, Mri-.
J.reau- .in Haiti has already rican visas can only be f sh Mr
l een 'contacted by March of granted on the basis that no tave organize
to.b p a d dio programme
Diaries. They are interested one is to be paid any salary ogra
inl'-"raitian Folklore and would for working in the United Trlpdque.
!:,! -ike to feature a small group States.
o~ .;' Haitian dancers accom- Danish Indusl
.pinfe by drums. The-danc- All visas and passport ar- In Haiti
,.ers would ride on a float rangements will be made by Mr. Thomas
"ia.othered with t-ypical quality the Ma'rch' of Dimes through ish industrili
i-;aitiaih flowers, and the float tle American Consul in .Port the Haitian go
fiwould be labeled Republic of au Prince. Final approval of
:Haiti and would fly our flag. the group selected will rest
I A- s a toLurist advertisement with the March of Dines Or-
"'for Haiti, there is nothing ganization. This group will be"
moree tinhely than this event covered by travel insurance
i,..nasmuch as it occurs during during the entire length of
ihe winter month of January. the trip.
I'-here- is also a nice tie-up
ith the 150th' Anniversary A well known Haitian dan-
f the Independence of Haiti, cer who knows the' import'
which occurs the same day as ance of this charitable or- .
t he Parade. ganization, has graciously
'.. agreed, to. act as liaison be-
Tournament of Roses Par- tween The 'March ,of Dimes
i4e is covered coast to. coast Organization and che Haitian
iy the National Broadcasting authorities. The organization
..o0nipany--NBC-Radio and has requested that he heads
~Fleiilon Networks. Parade. this group, which would re-
,Iasts'"approxiriitely 2 hours., main in,the States only for a
,Xhe Parade i, also covered' by short time.
j^ d l-' radio 'and television We hope that the National
thrloughout its' entire length. Tourist Office' will seize ihis
i.,h 'addition to radio and tele- magnificent opportunity to
visionon coverage, there are grnin million dollar free pub--
b:ewspapers, photographs and licity for Haiti and will co-
".ries prior to the event, the operate fully with this great
of the event, and after organization.,

,' .. a e

.!'," ,

SHHe PaveANDOpposite P AN OffieD I
k ,L "' C---HE" A
}::! 1 .





S ., '..





p *..-.,*.
4" ...

PAY, JiUNE 28th 1953

Page ,5


r, '.p the Daily Gleaneri

testt week at the Glass
I~E:ci.tb ended on a hap-
.ite on Saturday night,
balloon contest..A
.o lucky people won
active prizes, which
.a return ticket to
donatedd by the Glass
`. Id Vartin's Tropical

.nnie Nasralla was
'er of the Haiti trip,
er prize of a group
tcded, free tickets to
day on the house at
fe, and bottles of
., .

pf the prizes took
r midnight, and 74
'ts were lined upon
,odlit dance floor. A
jas given to each con
d then at a signal
s. Tilly Blackman,
II.broke their ballons
united for the slip of pa.-
Sh marked the prizes.
It y people were cheer
iteir less fortunate col-
f-and they were pre-
-the crowd by Ben
master of ceremonies,
.kept. the contest run
oothly and happily.
.E winners Were Mr.
o I Clarzmont and
eirt Kong of Fred L.
td. who won the trip
r Isle donated by Mnr
W,.F. ,

Lln's Tropical Tours, while
Miss Dolly Alford of Waltham
Park Road, Mr. Sonnie Ross
of Monymusk and Mrs. Louise
McDonald, won a bottle of
whisky each, donated by the
Glass Bucket Club.
An invitation to Mr. Nas-
ial.a to spend a day at the

But one should feel admira-
tion for the nation, Who had
a long and painful struggle,
sometimes against insur-
mountable odds, to be a na-
tion and to remain a nation.

On May
tian flag

18, 1803, the Hai-
was created, and

El Rancho Hotel when .he since then Haiti
visits Haiti was extended by felt the pressure

the owner, Mr. Albert Silvera,
who was introduced to the
gathering by Ben Bowers af-
ter the contest.
The balloon contest, which
climaxed the series,, first of
its kind to be held in Jamaica,
proved very interesting.
Mr. P. E. Trottman, of.the
uStart presented the prizes
to the prize-winners.

Two of our Caribbean
neighbours, Haiti and Puerto
Rico were the subjects of lec-
tures given at a meeting of
the International Club onon M
day, May 18.
T!he lecture on Haiti was
given by Mr. A. Racourt, a
Haitian, who is now a stu-
dent at Caenwood College,
while Mr. A. L. Rutherford,
an c.mployee of Pan American
Airways, spoke on Puerto
Mr. Racourt said it was
irnri-ing how little the peo-
ples of the Caribbean knew
about each other, and because
of that several bad stories
have been spread about Haiti.


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has always
and hostil-

ity of other nations of the
world. oEven today we feel
the same economic pressure of
other countries and we have
to put up with the countries
who interfere, and who try to
justify such interference,, he

He suggested that the rea-
son why Haiti had remained
a nation was .because she had
a powerful vitality, and a
great confidence in herself.
Mr. Rutherford gave his
impressions of Puerto Rico,
with its great industrial de-
velqpment projects. He also
mentioned the obvious Ameri-
can influence, and he' said
that he thought that Puerto
Rico would be an interesting
place for Jamaicans to visit,
as Jamaica could learn some-
thing from Puerto Rico's de-
velopment projects.

Curio Shop --
Rue du Ouai
Local Handicrafts
Splendid Mahogany

env1loppant corn e la Isole

C~ze gh E64t"

pEif mm de


Visitor says :

Dr. Izett C. Solomon, J.P.,
cAi[ optician who has j-ust re-
turned from Port au Prince,
Haiti, atter a month's visit to
the Republic, in an interview
with the Gleanei, said that
that country was making a
big bid for increased tourist
In this connection the duty
on French perfumes was only
five per cent, a "definite ges-
ture by the.authorities to help
the industry.~
Dr. Solomon found the in-
creasing use of the English
language :n the French-speak



ing Republic very' hear
ing and said it showed clos
ties with the British Oari
bean colonies. '
He said the Governmen
was pushing rapidly ahe
with the Artibonite Valle
water works and thought t.leA
Haitians fortunate in their
choice of a man of the calibte
of M. Paul Magloire as rP;re

.Speaking of sports, Dr.
Solomon said a recent foho6
ball contest between Haiti' iai
Peru drew big crowds.,' Ti
matches were played atnight
in a stadium that seats, thoW
sands and the series was w.
by Haiti. :
.- ..% '..;



,AU LINCOLN Will Deliver Groceries to yqur



SSuperior Establishments Use Superior Air Condi ,.'

i ioners. You get this Extra Quality when young ,



Better Designed

More Carefully Built

Installed by Experienced Engineers

'Westinghouse deliver more cooling, effect per Dodlar. 7
-- ..-

Soitvenirs ;S. r mystid,

HSwissWatches... faddn

tafilatia Records..nc






On la recherche cheque jour

On obtient mreux qu'une while pou

Quael paisir ai voiant..... Qelle economie


atec les trois a tout

02 Economic 0 Protection
OIL plus n'est besoin de faire Esso Extra garden ses propri6ets
1'appoint aussi souvent. Plus de lubrifiantes meme aux tempe-
kilom6tres par quart. Congue ratures critiques du moteur. Cir-
pour les moteurs qui roulent lant A la vitesse dun 6clair
,..t.. nA, .ll., t .id lq elle protege le moteur centre la

veauvcoup, ee es venue seion
les numeros 1, 3 et 5 pour sup-
plier aux necessit6s des nou-
veaux moteurs.

rouille, la poussiere et 1'usure.
C'est I'huile qu'il faut quand
vous roulez terriblement

Un ingrediE
moteur con
aPerePI Cet

Page a

comme un eclair dans lemoteur,
. le protege contre le carbon et
les depots crasseux et aussi
centre surer. Elle nettoie en

SDites seulement "F'07
J- -.--.,. -


oe EIT RA pour votre argent



SUNDAY, JUNE 28th 19531!!




ent extra protege ie
itre les depots dan-
+P hulile nli circulel

1D'AY, JUNE 28th 1953 ,HAITI SUN.


. Ti Djo swapped his regular blue denim smock and
.knde pants for an immaculate white suit last Sun
!.lay and made his first holy communion.
- -.-------- -

All Furcy along with a
sprinkling of early sunnmer
vacationing bourgeois, and
more than a dozen of Ti Dljo's
children, some who had tra-
velled up from as far as Alira-
goane, attended the ceremony
and reception that'followed at
the Frantz Siegel < Two large pigs, a dozen chic-
kens, n.um, clarin, kola and
various delicacies were served
at the memorable first com-
munion breakfast which last-
ed long into the afternoon.
I I I --

UN Expert Moore
Reported Coming Back

It is reported that the UN,
at. the request of the Haitian
government, has decided to
dispatch finance expert, Mr.
Ernest Moore, back to Haiti'
for a new one-year assign-
.ment. Mr. Moore is expect-
ed to arrive in Haiti in early

July to start working on the C S .
projects and recomamenda- R*A
tons he had previously subI GARANTIT LA PERFECTION MECAIIlUE
mitted to the government.

I ,2..,: 'A
Avail yourself of :
the sweetest soap g lT MX */ 'i
the soap with an exqUISIt.I 'lIiN .-.-A

the be soap. WI IS Y
, .--__ H^ w.__I M Is/Vl
"' _'_. &

The delicious Chocolate ', .
brings relief overnighL- So
t a k e ...r
BROOKLAX g .,.vr % sons RN DUFFIOWN,
to-night and to-aorrow H AITI TRADING CO. SA.
you'll be all right. m ,- 0 0. -


- Are Now On Sale At AIl

IW w .

Time" &" Life"



SUNDAY, JUNE 28th 1953
- --- -- -|

". 0

.'.. C.



A Ei


II Tickled Me But Not To Death

n the second day of the -'w.
eymoon, a bridegroom left xxx
hotel room long enough to \iie: They have no car, no
ut for a ne spaper. When '" L.kis on, no ,iano. What do
:ame back, he found his .on s:,.)pose ,I.ey have?
a in the arms of a tellboy. HIu.-'.and: A ..ank account.
he looked at her husband xxx
y and said,. I bet you Reporter';to man celebrat-
*k I am an awful flirt., ing 100th birthday): What
xxx would you do differently if
ashier (to employee corn- you could live your life over?
ning about a 50 cent de- Old Timer (after some
;ion in his pay-checkl: but thought): I believe I'd part
didn't say' anything last m:y hair in the middle.
k when w' overpaid you xxx
epi4. oDon't you realize->, said
employee: WTell, one mis- rl:e wealthy woman, proudly,
*is all right, bit I felt it and with a sweep cf her arm,
sary to say something to her husband, . there were two in a for my mones, you wouldn't
..-- .--- -- -. .-- '



L .


, fi"
0 / ,11i/I!! &t a.s



|'' frd

., 4. -s'/- < -

Is Now Open
SOn The Site Of The Uld Si. Francis
2,000 Feet Cl sj to Heaven
M~Adame W. D. Cameron, Manager

Telephone 7887
e.- O.C.C-o .c zr o-..,...3.occa
.',.1.-,... "


nave any' of these nice
bMy dear,r said the hus-
band, cif it weren't for your
money, I wouldn't, be hbre
makes me a better man.,
Well, don't try to reform
all in one evening.)
eHow did your wife get on
with her reducing diet *
(CFine. She disappeared
completely last week.*
Friend: There wasn't a very
big account of your daugh-
ter's wedding in the paper.
Father: No, the big ac-
count was sent to me

The Palace of Sans-Souci
The Eighth Won:ler of the Worll
King Christophe's Citadel
The Indian Caves at Dondon.
The li'el'v henches ot the North
At Your Service the Oldest
and Most Experienced Cap
Haitian Travel Service
Apply M. Leopold Sanchez,
Cdp Halitien, Rue-: A-23
Telephone 454

Le Picardie

Specialities -

Onion Soup
Filet Mignon
Pepper Steak

Escalloppe de Veau
'.1.! HR i~\ationis Tel 7-.ll..

j : "." : ... .. .1.. t,' /, ,n-,c


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-. ClAM
i aiLR
.4A, A r A,-0 ECGGS
-. C' iCIr-1L5
Sc c'c
da A e &

i Oinner Dances

| at

Hotel Ibo Lele

I Evry Tuesday and Fridc& frim a .s.. a 12 p.m.

Every Monday from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

in Cool Kenscoff

For Lunches and Dinners of Distir.ction
Almost 5,000 feet; almost a mile
above sea-level
iet only 15 pleasant miles, 35 leisurely
minutes from the heart of the Capital

i Unexcelled American French erman Haitian
SCuisine and Beverages
to cease a eeoc ------ eo--.-

P o

l9 tt
* t itr/i .1



At nizoton on the Ave. Franklin Roosevelt
S.,tw .a ar':iing restaurant by the sea
'iLu .:ea breeze availablee day an:l night
Open up till 1:30 am Week-days
4 -, -.n ,. 1;'" 2:30 am Sunday. and ;aturdcia
French and American cooking. Bar service
Splc"ir lity Creole dishes which are available at all time
,swr//sI //oacsf@o@s /or =woDICo f.e.BG




I r

!trol in certain selected
of field checking the
rnO map of Haiti and es-
ishing control on 'which
Pastral survey and map of
Swill eventually be based.
ie personnel of the'IAt~S,
editionn to Capt. Burchett,
carry 'C. Harris, Project
nieer,. M. Sgt. Franklin D.
s Administrative NICO,
a newcomer, M. Sgt. Don
E: Zimmerman, who is
dulled, to replace Sgt.
S" 'I
in the near future.
low appear extracts from
Ih.ly informative article
e work of the Goedetic
.ey over Latin America

aricle by Robert E. Lust-
.Appeared in the June is-
f the ArAmericas.,,

gh in his country's, rug'
mountains,. a Colombian
eer searches the nignt
o-n with. a precision in-
f' that looks like a
.outed, telescope. Sud-
Me. stops turning it, for.
found his target, a
i a peak thirty miles
i. le reads off some
.to 'his U. S. partner,
ts. them down in a note
then looks for another
'g marker off in another
jbn, This operation may
'.ill-past midnight and
ated several nights in
'depending on the wea-
S re men work at. night
i .-they can get more ac
readirigs then than dur
d ,ay, when the heat
cause more horizontal
on. When all'the bear
oi this point are re-
H :he engineers will lile
struments, sleeping
od, water, and other
.s into a truck and a
d set out, with the two
en who complete the
ifor another station far-
l ek in the highlands.
I"!ar groups are doing
e job not just in Cblom
it in the hot, lush jun-
f Brazil; on Bolivia's
-:arid plateaus; in the
ig islands of the Carib
n the jagged coast of
'Chile-in seventeen
merican countries in
t they are doing is
Step in the long-

C'apt. Harry P. Burchett, Of-
ficer-ini-Gharge, Haiti Project

range process of accurately
mapping Latin America.
Fromn the Rio Grande to Tier-
ra del Fuego, Latin American
engineers are working witlA
employees of the Inter-Amne-
rican Geodetic Survey, a U.S.
Army outfit with headquatt-
ers in the Parama Canal
Zone, in the Hemisphere's
first large-scale, international
cnartora;phic programme.
Their mission is vital to
planning for economic devel-
opment as well as for de-
fense. As the IAGS director,
Colonel Robert R..Roberitson,
p-s ;,r: Our- .ultirmaith objec-
tive is the.prolucition of. in:
wished maps. Maps are basic.
The development of highways,'
railroads, .power and irriga-
tion'projects, or'any other
major [engineering I woik of
man can be undertaken only
after a map has been crea't-
,.' ,

ev-en in the relatively \well-
mapped U.nited States, air-
planes have crashed into
ridges tbat weren't on their
charts, reservoirs have prov-
ed useless because of inade-
quate surveying of their loca-
tion. Existing maps of Latin
America are in many cases
inaccurate, incomplete, or on
too small a scale for practical
use. IAGS surveyors recent-
ly discovered a river that had
,.:.~~s beefi thought to be in
Colomwn.ia across the bor-
der in Pariama. Early in
World War II it became ap-
parent that better topographic
maps of Latin America were
urgently needed. Aeronautical
charts were especially in de-
mand for fliers even found
that charts prepared )y Ger-
man airlines had been. deli-
berately faked.
Geographers and cartogra-
phers ad'l over the Hemisphere
had long been demanding bet-
ter and more uniform maps


ITDAY, JUNE 28th 1953



T Twenty-six engineer offic-
ers, an equal number of non-
coms, and some 275 civilian
employees were assigned to
the new unit, under the direc-
tion of. Colonel Fremont S.
Tandy. It was given twenty
years to complete the basic
measurements and prepare
the individual countries- tech -
nicians to finish the detailed
mapping operation. As ar-
rangements with the- coun-
tries were made diploma-
C'c agreements are now in ef
feet with all but three of the
Latin American republics -
they contributed' the services
of their own specialists, work
men, mechanics and so on;
Men are needed to do leg work
with tapes and rods, build
towers, hack lines of sight
through the jungle, maintain
signal lights, and perform a
myriad other tasks. At pre-
sent, the U. S. contribution

:1 from page 2

and urging that geodetic sur- r
veys be tied together across d
national boundaries. These t
have been basic aims of the i
Pan American Institute of -e
Geography and History ever e
since it was established in '28. t
In 1941 the Institute created
a special Commission on Car-
tography to speed up the
work.' Through international
consultations held in Washing
ton, D.C., in 1943, 'Rio de
Janeiro the next year, and
Caracas in 1946, this group
established uniform standards
of accuracy for geodetic mea-
surements, studied the techni-
cal problems involved in mak-
ing topographic maps and ae-
ronautical charts, and ; out-
lined the job to be done.' At
this point, the United States
offered' an arrangement to
help finance.the actual field'
.ork and get it under way -
creation of the IAGS as a.
unit of army force in the
Caribbean command, so that
engineer officers and civilian
army em'ployEes could work
directly with their skilled col-
S ..I
leagues in 'other countries on
the 'tlasic survey. 1AGS was
inaugurated on April 20,,1946
and mapping agreements
were subsequently negotiated
with the countries involved.
Enthusiasm for the project
ran high' when topographic
rnYlps of sections of the Vene-
zuelan coast, prepared by the
V S. Army Engineers from
photographs taken by U. S.
Navy pilots, were displayed at
the Caracas meeting in An-

Equipment is carried over rou-gh terrain to reach survey.
station in Haiti- ,
.-. a -----'* -------' "--- ,--c-' -\-'-" "'-' -'L '- "* -. -:


On Sale at: Bichdra Izmery, Au Lincoln, Bazar d;l:
Poste, Bazar National, Georges Coles, Maison Simon:'
Vieux, Mme Joseph Maglio, Bazar Edmond Phipps ; -.
Exclusive Distributor for Haiti Phone: 3513

-.. ..----.. t.

For Distinguished Beauty i1 ttic:llelIed
Accuracy Alw "?s


R. FS-."R:

S .. .. 2 : l '::ll
Page 11

epre-ent~ about two million the IAGS has served mainly -
lollars a ear, and the seven- in an advisory capacity, but- -
een cooperating nations put in some other areas it has un- ;'
n several times as much, In dertaken most of the job it-
each country, local and U. S. self. JAGS officials pointS>4
engineers work in collabora- with special pride to the s t. :
;ion with the national carto- up'in Colombia, where a bal-
graphic institutions f or anced, model project las .'.
example, the Geographic In- Colombian and U. S. teclil- A
stitute of Colombia, or in cians working side ld, .i~Me de.
Peru, three agencies, the Mi with the local men, as bhey, b 'e.
litary Geographic Institute, gain experience, gradually." ,
the National Aerial Photogia taking over the operation. '.liL
phy Service, and the Navy, Hy-. is one of the IAGS' prim.a.
drographic Office. In home aims to .make itself" unhLi"f;e':
coui-t.'e:'e, v here cartographic sary by traininglocalpecia
work is relativey advanced, ists. ..
"i,* L,

Page 12
S --- _____ --

Letter Of Trii

And His (Wise

Port-au-Pri nce,
June 23. 1953.

Mr. Bernard Diederich
.E:ditor, < Haiti Snum,
P ort au Prince, Haiti
Dei~ r Bernard,
SI think it's about time some
body recognizes publicly the
.merits of T. J. Grant's col-
,umn: Wise and Otherwise.,,
i:-,Haviqg strong reasons to
:..doubt that such recognition
wil i come from Mr. Gentil,
busy, as he is, separating this
yfrpm that and God knows
i, 'iat else, I have decided to
'hiin this tribute, however
.ugnble it jiay be.
S'o .make a long story short,
SI srncerely think that Mr.
Sgrnt' column is the most
Seia ling, hilarious, piece of
Smrnalism published in Haiti
a.ny. language. It's a shame
,lt .he came into writing
iy years too late or he
iwobuld most certainly have
:miiratured into the best rradi-
ion of P. G. Wrdehouse or
i.S. tephen Leacock.
Among the many interest'
;ilng features : eaits cWise and Otherwise,
!bAhas my.yote any time and
I'.whenever Mr. Grant feels too
q?'iiay to write,' he deprives me,
4Lahd a.good lot of your read.-
.'.rs, of a real pleasure.
SSb', please do not let him
,igo near Mr. Gentil's house in -I
2' 'tcat atomic c~ntrapt.on of rai.
I'P.This small section of hiu.;.
5'-iby needs him and hopes to
T.;ead his 'column for, a U.,c,,

SUNDAY, JUNE 28th 1953


bute To I. J.

And Otherwise,
tv. enty years more a !east.
To finish in the right spirit.
I will borrow Mr. Crant'n.
Scottish cousin's motto and
bid him cha.p.,
G. S. Martin.

Dancer Destine Back
Hlane For Rest

Jean Leon Detine, the Hai
tian dancer, after a long and
tire..ome concert tour that
has taken him and his conm
pany to most of the Mid-West
and Western States of the
United States is back
under the .mango trees of
Haiti for a short.and well de-
served rest. He arrived Sat-
urday, June 27 aboard ChIris-
tcbal, Panama L:ne.
I'__ .. g g (

Poor Rich Man And Rich Poor

Man Exist In Our Society

A Carrefour schoolteacher
l;ved in modest dwellings,
-. ore the same suit year in
.ear out and existed on the
Cheapest fare. You might see
him in a dirty shirt and suit
clinging with permanence to
his frame, munching his daily
cinq cobes biscuit.> When he
died six months ago his se-
cret came out and astonished
the neighbours. He had left
behind a cool $12,000. Death
i ad n forewarned him and
he had no final say in what
wouldd be (lone with the
money. A daughter out of
wedlock whom he particular-
ly disliked got the money.

There Are Men Who Live
Above Their Means,
Or Up To The Hilt
This is a unique sort of
rase in Haiti, as there are
many who were considered
rich when they lived, and

c---L------J S. _

Di;rihuiors in Haiti

were revealed by death to be
Until his death recently a
prominent man about town
\vas believed wealthy. His
will proved nil' and he left
behind in heavy debt.
..Another type Several
years ago a member of a once
rich family awoke to find the
family fortune had dwindled
down to $2,000. He spent the
entire $2,000 on a new flashy
car which was such a sign of
prosIerity that he managed
to gain enough credit around
town to start business in
Stories are told of an ex-
ceptional case of a man who
received a large income and
continued to live as he had
when he was earning a dozen
times less. This simple mode
of % life was not adopted
through habits of miserliness.

Deputy Zamor Returns
Deputy Salnave Zamor a
his daughter arrived on ho:
soil after a three-week stay
the States.

m(ili .jii iI

)6 c1n 0 rOM coo/-/ep oof/


5-year service on sealed mechoa-
nfsm and one-year service on ol
other parts as provided In writ-
fen warranfyl


The Wod's Most Famous Beet

annsv~ st..otus.MO~e awARI

DID YOU SLEEP LAST NIGHT? Or did you toss It's kitten-quiet, never disturb-"
and turn, sweat and squirm? And yesterday ( ing-blend- beautifully with any room;
at work-did.you get a good day's work, or ? decor. And best of all-the cost is sur-
'did you swelter and drag yourself around, prisingly inexpensive. But call right away'
Get wonderful relief now with G.E.'s beau- -our supply is limited. Fast installation-"
tiful new Room Air Conditioner. You get no plumbing.

Coles the air Venltate with fri.u air
Cote maluginess oultds ear all year-roeh
Filte t dust, dirt it e airh wierm ye wa t

QS. pives you all these extrasl
.* *;" '. --- Factory-sealed
cooling system
f irters *Kitten-quiet
1* lfowelwrs performance

. distributors in Haiti : Usine a Glace N ..onale

Valerio Canez

AIs lsa InIR IsM# Ru1(rIltrinhf a1..^

but merely because it suited
hi-m and' his wife, neither of
whom cared for luxury living'
Cases are rare in our comr
munity of a man who haA
means denying himself the ne
cessities of life and a-ll its con
forts and amenities: The ge
rally accepted, medical vie\
is that fear of poverty iu
creases with age, but het
many people are distresse-
with the idea that th
might appear poor and wi
go heavily into debt to ke
up appearances. The real p
in our society are much h
pier, they are not obsess
with the idea of keeping f
appearances and getting ri
rich. Buying of a lottery ti
ket is the most effort thl
I I ^

I; ---

S iIUNDAY, JUNE 28th 1958


i. I L

Ml '

i .

" I .1 ,',l J j ,'/ >[u ":
A] Noustas and Ma :.Cel'ebratin2gherx feete~s I
SEl Saieh cme home on ei:aning.at iiabane-Chouooii
1j ; ,l t 'T -ti; l.'. 11i O 11,
[istobal Saturday worn was-aboniba'lfeBinaitaa.ii-4
th tre mart girls, anne,.de.Mdlateisirl T.-,il
Gloria, EJlzbet and l.ii i-,rr;' v. '0 ---', ;).fI -.Iii
l i 'q /- '.rT "I l ,r i ..f'., *r
S Joe Noustas accoi i, iGeotgerRial4 I.Moriday : t
H !B '/j nj, i 'fit ".1 7- ii ri-.1' t l
1'.; hi, smonoplne. 15th .inf- Philadelplhia !aask
I her t.he-qutestion.aitPeggy S
9d, jd IJOJ [rjii..'.'1I''
'l Chenet. went h ban asha aepted' and willow
i Id r, Iuoiu/ L j'.n rifij! ,ir, I
W. Yrk yesterdayy tap tae eorg-i in -the-. u',.S.
a ite i t the 1 ll. monhlr.PeSity,hirsecretary
medical Center in New the-aitidhger. oftthe-, lamgi
MIi ll "fji :'fil"l ..-. li.. r,
I His wife and son Pat- oteltriiin. Rwnnsylvania iw
iwl follow wbientot.q qtlit he., jblflatd.itltkeihoi
,, 13i i "ir|I I L .,' I .
in BoltiauirPinceyfth ,Geor|
y n Ii i ** I
. r. -, .i-'', n>- -1 -pl -- r : ,
tand Mrs. ein abn rBthilrand -Phis.&-,Nashl. ia
S fr i are''off to 'wi.t hopping island ti Islalnd, ba
to visit their daugh te,;Nei.i9York-this week. R
^ i+ ,.i( ni;-r( ( (r-' r,
Aij .- 'i jrd tiitrlti't itakei :a. ao'undihgr
d Uiq s-' rl;.ti: ,I t ir oil ruelai r ii -ii r
fu" .yoJ;, ~io -1IJj al niL 'rar tO- l.-lK l
N.iCyr,i-,,r, 'MIle-'iLiz""DieTmibori, daUI
INtnlMMn riARa.,Lr i ter "of-'"M. aiT"Il. 'Mr. Fel
rpIsy1 iTOfl14WoIti gypsiig Didtfii1o6, "e "Mn1G rab
ter poet philosqpbor., Bltti1ie'InthtNbre Dohcd'C
f4.L bepe a tudyingiin thWdl' %Aterdljg *u'i
M ,,f58 1-1i N f^ B ^ -394t.,rr h 1: ii ,il-1-13
... j I-'-, ... -.jrn !. q.. / jI *.) fit. [ i'-O :.-. .-liri7',, i-,

ef MKpatima ia.baek.at lUM .f Lu'ieWJiNkihl wi
S tfter ra. morth aoatipn, cf' the-hief editor bf 'LeN1
S rrii-irti1Jted,; d4eipp 1"ellistet, Iias retLured hor
|nfIthrer place ? p.i r i.c, ftroin ten "trionth's'i (n. -rPhr
j .i He'hi-hsbAkihd i', expected'
:0:- fo'Rlhdr4nii two minonths. '
Ile Leona:i.,'G ace; Katers, ,,. ,, :O:.t.... ,,
eterjorM la. anrdiMrs.'Fre iM.llei t4icea"e iaul and 3I
,oG, .Kauers: of. United IdMHfA1d Ijui '1bere;j'oinred
i'Ibxdnhnged' the holy hl ,i'fhaYimoriy "in Leogat
.of matrimony with Mr. Saitulldayi,'Julie 20th.
UlimJ James Jaohnsen, son --:0:-
nr. and Mrs. Knud.VY~ahn. ., MIte Elaine Brignac hone
of Port au Prince-inrthi-e ed Arlene Smith with a bi
C6 Coeur Church of Tur- fet and. d'aicing last evening
last evening. Follhowg her horpe 14 Pacot. Miss Smi
|ceremony a receptioniwas is returning to college in 1
in the residence of Mr. States next month.
Mrs. Albert McGuffie'hn : -:0:-
evue. The couple will Holne frQn stujyi yng on
Their home in the ix. month national bnhnk sce
es. arship in Switzerland is G
rarq Martineau. Hoe-was
c0 .i o. .' company edby his'.9 ie.
n, n, --:0:--
SLt: iTi Pouce) George E
FiWrAr ed frpm.a rigorc
I' ci de (j0el dingig. t
U.S. Friday.

R:mLG. JI EJi c*r lij'r --tOt US


, \

-- -. ... -i, ,r ..


Senorita Vivianne Risi, Ann Griswold sailed for 2 Lilian Dartiguenave ariy: ; '
daughter of the,, late. Sugar months of Nortb Ameripa a- ed from Kingston 21st.
i Tycoo Antoio Risi exchang- board th4Ani l,'. oi~i '.i-:Y -
e: YPYs, .gf., hl.;.t4matimony day.., board the PAA cli pp....
wiiA,,,Dr.,,Merritt in the.,Ca- -:0:- fi' an Juan1lst were
trs..,s Pe P -ro..d Ma: ,, TWTe.. S.; litary, Attache li9 ~Irauqx, ClTreF ps"
,q jinj ,th, e ,,9minican Re- Office, is reported closing y T podqPlq.,,Cle.mpent ..
public ,Saturoayy, June,,6th. do\n as of.,July 31~,... ~I Y ~'y i EiEomaiupI
b Te ed. ig,.8 gqocipal entor .--:0:;,, I, .. of4 jE'ugq ,.LaqitW ,
., tA .so on ossp, eborder, y ,,9 frqmll4 y,,Trjl c 'EdB, ,,; i,,.,
ast wa'a tet 'Y'>,Me 't, f f r. ei, Iiss iJ ,g, ". -,,C '..
n, 9 flTfle, ,rice,, elptie St.,,,re, ,,,- Lt. Ja 0 I n o

,, .' ,.r l ,.0' ,. C..i. i ,b, enwinevp 4 ,..ro si. r. ,. ,
S.,1 MF pk, F'te),.qzp-. 4e tioni cah l r turn e om* ,- a
p j'FIP',' .Yfq A! t M r, l 'It "IJ'L ''" ei.
he ,,.jfi l t o i:h nations abroad 21st
h be t stDf'e ijoto ,rI .'ili. P-
St~,ipps p ,,p the, i tt s .n o ,h, ,, ,, ,n'o,,r ,'y .,,u i. ,

,ed e i prk .a athe _anam. i e as. herou .athe ...,ntihe .n..
x Iin9 tly4,,fri b # pQi ay4 o.fCroa-:0mo4w ntrr
r; Quy., owner o%1"1 bhl. P .mou. rI oTL -'
.,q,.W.,W,,,J I, i, /1 r 9 .
m i -. .. -,, i e -
i l anta an d h.ttqn ooga bou ". :
i 'O ne of the 'hbig hli og n o ,.""J., l.-01*j n o.. -all I I t .-.o t a +l' .J I .
Vilg f- e 1 l 1r -Ir t r q I I 'a I p i( aM n ef A 0 ,i Re1. M -tio[, -idul >Drg rnI
ill e sunimer social. season watis.. he G iJ .i .o[l: rdJ i i+ -
''mrgtnil'giit he sN ) f 01(1! jud 'p -.:
Sthne marriage Saturiay 20th ait *i i Ppe' vp rai- Scheduled along with. .the ..-
gg.; .j, ilu '.,A hi -I1IU..I .f;i.:( r,: resid"enc e I r Petionville r*fl f
Se Coeu e dn y evening to farewell full moon this evening s ':"
"''J dnadk, ^ ^ e&ay eveninfW rw
if Salnafi e, diau~g'it er of .Ji,[el "T. fi,:y.... t ,,,Ui-
.I Sa Iorfj, .(Cc~" and Mrs' Paul Cenet.
SSa. e, -~' : b_ .-_-R and Arle l'-oAare rffI- .
ck Jounl toE i an Jur d ie, aJ.l3'i:., ci ,i~~1fi :
e- io aa u ua e aa ,, .m bl fa,'s .
Me- o, i.atron o, honourI ,a nn '- u', ,i'' ],. 'is hi ,.' "
rf *im Cori eger' .II 1' 1.!- I(nifln.r oim collegee Ilor toe ru iimer I i
lf me N erre ll avoS, the IiJ.. t 'jiftj Ai,:, ',- : ari ', l; ")( l' ,d 'l' ..,l .i
_41j :-1n0 ri. i F. ili r Il(I n( e ; e is studies back at ". ..*
i Widfed's aunt, and the best man i.j tiii' i'., 'ltr.'..' t l Liiv-' J:..--i-I:', :,., -1 :'
t i I i reeu college near on- .
was 'r. joseph Poujol, t -1 n:dr of It, ,: l w.Erianck,' Bea Sht e~r-Vtar "
gh' rct oreof. eE ei er-It i .-. va-lewidff5-toujSlei Jti",at''n -
jix' iae aPor au Prince', At .:: .' J-mduLt:O0.za ,. s ,sJ thISJtiriteb&.dh.. fuiiUeAs ..t h '
,,,, d ,.l-. Ir if' ,-t,, ". 'l .
the receatn foI Lwi ng *L Andittf .innd'arfiiis piayhicy -binK.il'. .-:0..- .., d ~ .~r
nuptlal benediclon r. I 'ied hbire n GOalegd ',Mr.Claide Joseph:Chabr.a
rard Gaet dens vered a iii theT;US.d4IIAn!ldtile(t8er- flew telu~toupe!viither!Ulji :u
h sI jec in wM'c l he nanI' mdlnd-;. f."'-. ,rI.r >. blii. .. ; ted'Stat! Wedneesdayd lHe t i
ill Fres fident lS .in J' 'I ~ ri~n -dAisijfO selrr fir,-i. vi sirtiPi:ruse dtBussion anoa4 ."
''f rt T i* i peMnhuar its va- don. ..
w gloire ,or enhancng the wed- cationingl from school in 'Can 0 S*
m e i ith ... qrf I,,i,
e ding ih. their presence. ada. Ger.'ard
I .:- Carpentt
to "" '-, Max Mangurned racao24
S 'M& AtigdstiDur ld dele- from New Yt son
, e of Hiti oWthuCongres s Tuesda" e for Mile 'i
[,rl d469 t'eui 6 3 e M dgs ica les de t:m 'ifset
i d' Jleuines% Musicailes de th' opening tennis ets at on ho.ee
inj BIIx l ess ,fle to Brussels B llevue..
e, Gls. .+ ,
u Claudei 'tSejourne Aacm ista. '
panied the Gaderdes to 7kt- W;" ..- ;..
)r M essrs"I a mond ~C. Smith zeland. Mrs. Ve Bel Desrue came
.- and Jhmea 'Cadwell, directors home fromth# States 21st
'o Lf'S~i a 'Ata S, cij.: agencies : "
,, .f"l*a i Scis agencies parcelel Vill rdSenior went .. .'i -:
itn of cooepethiiod with'the Ha to Miami last week not Jun Rooseyelt Khawly flew to .
.he ti'an: Gdovrrfien 'dffred'd"a N. )Y24 th. ...
sumptuous 6 tb 8 reception in ::"
the Ideal: of th6 AmXerican Em- 0:- Mrs. Elie O'Najac returned' *'
S' bas' on tlhe beca'oi.on of'the AIr. Lionel Bermingham is from. College with daughter '.
bl 11th anniversary of Pomin'IV [planning a trip Stateside as Jacqueline Friday., Also re-
;6. in Haiti Thursday evening. p 1. : .:.:,
Sin Ha'iti Thursday evening. soon. as his health permits. He turned were Rolande Naja,. .
S. or. B will be accompanied by his Amarante FilsAirie, Mrs. Ro-
Mrs. Victor.,Boucard flewn orand.sons Lord and Patrick. nain and daughter' Anne,
SWednesday to join her hus -0:- Mrie.
lKc band-'' in Mendotta, Illinois, ie accompany 0
.ri.making:Lemo.n Grass Harvest 'the Ravmond Roys to e te
i- ma-h:ine 0 ry; :. 'U.S. this p.ast week. R .._'
", ., -- 0 :-- ".i

'- i ,I HeleWi <,Copper Mine,> Chris.
/ ,'tian l~ipper'ed to, .. S. this ,, .
,.week,.. .. ,. A story about Haiti has a p-
,, -:0:-- ,. eared in, the June 27th issue "
18c'i Yvette Tardieu is in the of Colliers. The author is a
since .. +.ptas. .. ,,b ,. i certain James Allen Phillips.
1 ,, 'J'P ,.

i -

Page 14

Personality I
(Continued from
with the flu. Dr. Roy is the
'tpe of person the text book
prescribes but seldom is found
to fit the bill. would, be embarrassed if I
were to use such adjectives
as courageous, conscientious,
in describing his many attri-
b"utes, but truthfurily besides
; being a fine doctor he is a
', socially conscious person who
'; has done a lot for his country.
He is certainly the best pos-
Ssible choice for President of
i' the .newly reorganized Hai-
tian Red .Cross and a man who
deserves tribute for having
brought tuberculosis out of a
class of shame into a class qf
t medicine.,
i-e is continually spruce,
'. a:l kindly and inexhaus-
,. tible. The dapher,young dbc-
4? tor who smokes cigars with-
:, ut chewing them, was born
Sson of Dr. Ed'ouard Roy, pro-
fessor at the Medical Faculty,
w::- ho was one of the outstand-
,:1; ing .personalities who attend-
j, ed the opening of the new
I" central committee of the Hai-
i' tian Red Cross at the Nation-


', .leg.e S:geri.st Co:ngratu

S al Palace Wednesday evening.
n his 21st year he gradu-
ated MD from the Port au
i, Prince faculty of medicine
Sand Lie same year, 1937, sail-
ed, for France to study Pedia.
*;. triesr 13 ninnths at the cHos
p i. 'pi dce Enfants Assistes in
Paris. From 1938 to 1941 he
r lived in Rome where he be-
S came a tuberculosis spFecial-
j| ist, fluent in Italian, and a
1 married man. Returning to
.' Haiti after several months re-
-". search work in Da\'vbs, Swit-
Szerland, he received from Italy
. "1' -*. :


Of The Week
Page 1)

the sad news of the death of
his wife, daughter of the famn
ous Spanish painter Sainas.
The sad tiding changed his
.plans and instead of returning
to Europe he went to Phila-
delphia and studied. Broncho-
scopy under the noted Cheval-
lier Jackson at Temple Uni-
versity. On the outbreak of
the Japanese war he returned
home accompanied by the en-
tire equipment to establish
the country's first tuberculo-
sis clinic. Shortly after inau-
gurating his private clinic in
1942 the young doctor discov-
ered .that nine out of 10 of
the patients who c'Ane to him
for treatment were in no po-
sition to Ipay.
A doctor with deep feel-
ings towards the lot of his less
fortunate countrymen, he be-
gan to look to the social side
of the community, With the
help of the then President
Lescot, he established the
League against tu.berculosis.
Of the 42,000 'dollars the
League collected in its first
year 25,000 dollars was used
to build a 100-room sanato-
rium. 'The backbone of the

- 7 "
.'./ -,


I latest President. Roy

::.:, t:- ;'iu Li I'.lding was a fa-
ther and son team. Dr. Roy
Senior supervised construc-
tion and spent many a night
up to 1945 inspecting the build
ing ,- see that nobody was
S.;.il:ng :w\vny with te mate
rials made rare and precious
by war. Dr. Roy Junior re-
turned from the States with
the necessary sanatorium
equipment and more, human
cruipment, Canadian nuns
'.\o volunteered to run it.
The big day came and the
F' natoriu-m was opened with

15 beds with the plans to in-
crease beds as funds became
available. Funds ceased to be-
come available as the public
lost interest. The sanatorium
closed, its doors one year after
its inauguration. There was
not even funds enough to pay
the Canadian nuns passage
home they paid their own way
This was a great blow to the
young doctor who was left in
a state of despair. But he
withdrew from it with the true
spirit of a pioneer. The league
persevered and in 1947 donat-
ed the sanatorium to the gov-
ern-ment with the condition
that it would be opened as a
tuberculosis sanatorium. Dr.
Roy was called by President
Estime to take over the super-
vision, and since that date the
sanatorium has had continual
hundred per cent occupancy.
640 patients have been on the
waiting list since Oct. The
young TB doctor whose faith
and 'honest labour, started the
ball rolling, can look with
pride today at the steps tak-
en in the past two years by
the government to fight T3B.
A 50-bed sanatorium has been
opened at Port-de-Paix, a 40-
bed one at Sigueneau near
Leogane, 7 TB controlled bu-
reaus exist in health centres
throughout the country, 50,-
000 school children have re-
ceived the BOG vaccination.
No longer alone in the field
Dr. Roy has six colleagues
who have gained specialized
training abroad. Nurses and
students at the faculty of me-
dicine where Dr. Roy has the
chair receive tuberculosis

He is held in the highest
esteem by his fellow col
leagues in the International
Union against tuberculosis
and amongst the Board of
governors,and council of Pan
American Affairs in Ameri-
can college of chest physi-
In 1953 he made good use
of his linguist ability in trans-
lating his own addresses to
the International Conference
on TB and disease of the
chest in Rio, into Spanish,
English and French.
The doctor manages to keep
up his gruelling.schedule with
out sacrificing his cigar and
life of a happily married man.
He lives in a modest home in
P tinviille with his wife, form
early Micky Leger, daughter of
the prominent lawyer Georges
Leger, and four lovely chil-

SUNDAY, JUNE 28th 1953

dren, Bertrand, Rafaelle, Gil-
berte and Jean Sabastien.


If any man could be said to
personify the Red Cross, Fred
Sigerist is that man. You feel
he grew up with the League
and are surprised at learning
he joined as recently as 1943.
Mild-mannered Fred Sigerist
completed his early schooling
in his native Switzerland and
France. In California he did
his post graduate work in Li-
terature and Art .Becoming
an American citizen in 1933
he was professor of modern
languages and literature at
the University' of California
when the war came along and
he joined the Red Cross. In
the following years he saw
more of the world than most
people see of their own home
country. After serving two
and a half years in Italy, as-
signed to the relief-of the ci-
vilian population, he went in-
to the 1946-'47 famine in Rou-
mania. It was a one-man out-
fit and he worked in coopera-
tion with the Allied Commis-
sion. -arry Truman sent over
a victory ship loaded to the
waterline with food and sup-
plied which cost the Red
Cross $3,500,000. In 1947 he
was invited to join the LeAgue
of the Red Cross in Geneva.
He became director of infor-
mation service of the League
and, as such attended interna-
tional conferences the years
following visiting all Europe
up to the Russian border,
the Near.East and Middle
East. When the 1951 Latin




The Cigarette

e 28 Y

Don't Fool Wifh Y



i Joseph Na

Anerican conference ih Mei
ico, which he helped to orgai
ize, came to a close, he wj
asked to visit all countriesA
Latin America checking ti
national societies and assist
ing wherever needed.. Mr. '
gerist arrived here March
this year to see whether
not the Haitian Red Croi
could be rejuvenated. In .
audience with the Presidenti
the Republic the Saturday:l
fore Easter he learned, it
President Magiloire's expreq
ed wish to see an active R<
ross in Haiti and if such o
ganization could be create
the financing would be 'i
obstacle. Unwearied by for
alities and the daily routi,
that goes with the initial I
bour of organizing a bra
new Red Cross here, Mr.'
gerist finds time to relax wit
pipe and paint brushes. A
ardent oil painter, he expreS
es profound delight of 1
as an artist's paradise, bu
bling over with inspirati.
During his month at. the OH
telet des Fleurs he transplI
ed bright colours and
tic forms of Haitian peas9
and mountain life onto a-
en canvases.
Early in July he retuiJ
home to Santa Barbara, '
wife Violette arid 13-year--i
daughter Sylvia, return"
confident of a job well do
without any feeling of anti
about the future of the
Cross in Haiti.

The first two-tone co
Renault to appear in the
ital is Aithur O'Neill's





Of Quality For


our Health, Smo


ir in Haiti

dal and Co.

__ --


, .'


.Y, JUNE 28th 1953 ,HAITI SUN.

DER SECRETARY... Fire Destroying Countless Small Hus OAT GUARD COMMAND TO CRACK
At Croix Des Bossales Annual Affair .. .

n interview with Your
;er shortly after his ar-
VT. Johnson said hlie re-
his visit would onl\
,him to see four hours
ii. He called his triLp
,t, nice and calm .
ting he is a bad sailor.


from Page 1

&nsidered. ((the best ama-
eombination in England
,e past ten years.>
neouraged by their Cup
El victory last April when
defeated Harwich and
Wston 6-0 before 100,000
rembley Stadium, and the
.:that in -international
,s against France and
ind four of their players
kiing Alexander repre-
Id England, Pegasus are
planning to extend their
itures into the Football
nation Cup.

"ntinued from Page 1

.n Prince Albert and his
sh relatives, the British
i family. Extremely mod
and .polite, the young
ice was guest of honour at
ag party that commenced
ir. Waag's in La Boule ant;
inued to Ncrbe and Bon-
beer gardens on the Eixpo.
h. Doing the entertain-
,were Dr. Waag, M1r.
nz Siegel and Mr. Leo

continued from Page 1

ce dawn Thursday 18th.
ar motor sail yacht, The
derer, was buiit in the
Lt Lakes in 1937, and h.t-
e two previous trips into
;area. Built for off shore
ding she has a 225 horse-
Br GM Diesel, that gives
an average speed of 10
,' The 5U-foot long yacht
itch rigged.
'iday the sturdy little shil,
turdy 4-member crew set
for Miragoane and Jere-


Continued from Page 1

ir c iief Captain Gcore'.
Elie recommends for the saf-
ety of the city the prevention
of construction of fire traps
such as. these < paille.> Next year there may
be a strong wind which may
carry sparks into the city.

Early Monday morning His
Excellency President Ma
gloire accompanied by his cab
inet visited the area devastat-
ed by fire.
Soup, rice, beans, bananas,
sweet potatoes, bread and

meat vere l.istribut.ed in i'e
f..:.n i l .nmeail. .lonJay ifter-
noo oy \!,N .it .teer ':. t .'U ..
workers to people made nome
less in the Monday morning
fire. It was an unexpected
gesture which was well receive
ed, many of the persons af-
fected 'by the fire having been
too busy and exhausted to
find food for themselves.
The Red. Cross bought the
food and paid for the cooking
which was done in the kit-
chens of the sanatorium and
hospital. The Boulangerie St.
Marc and Boulangerie Trois
Images donated bread. The
volunteer workers who made
the distribution included Miles
Monette Fatt on, Turian,
Smith, Vallon, Mines Desva-
rieux, Franck Chenet, Albert
Carrie and Louis Roy.

Katherine Dunham Denies Romance

Dancer Katherine Dunham
denied that she carried on ro-
mances with Prince Aly Khan,
Orson Wellies, and the Prince
of Morocco while on a E.uro
pean tour and also denied
that she is 45 years old. < have been married since
1941,, Miss D.unhaim said in
Hollywood where she appear
ed at Ciro's night club. Her
husband is John Pratt. She
explained that , just a friend anld.that ,,I've
known Al' han for years.:;
Khan and Welles both were
married to fihn star Rita Hay
worth, and Miss Dunham was
partially blamed in magazine
stories for the breakup of th-
Khan marriage. As to her
age, Dunham commented :
<.Americans are so preoccu-

pied with age! And age hadp-
nens to everybody. Lt doesn't
'*other me., When asked how
old she is, Miss Dunham re-
plied : 4I don't want to go
into that.' Just say I'm' not

Sister Joan of
St Vincent Returns
Sister Joan Margret of che
Saint Vincent Handicapped
School returned from three
months in the U. S. Saturday
morning with young Gladys
Denis who had been undergo-
ing treatment in New York
anid Muriette Charles of Gros
Mni-lne a little blind girl from
:rti '-t c ho hlas gained her sight
after an operation in thL:
States. 'They return on ihe
iristobal of the Painamii Line.

-e clearing for Cuba I'flrst \ome.n officers in the Haitian Army are receiv.Ed b:,
return trip to Mi 1: President General Paul Magloire. Left to right: Ad.i.
Mrs. Je.an Lopes, Adi. Mrs. Andre St-Vil Noel, Adl. Mr..
-- .Jean Co\il and Adj. Melle Berthile Joseph.

-'. .

Colonel Bayard of the Haji
tian Coast GuiadJ ihas ordered
all E-Mnll vessels, particularly
-i:il boats to carry The regular
sa...; g -i ights.,,et-\een the p2e
riods of sunset and sunrise a.
prescribed by the maritime

Youpg Afripan Intellectual
Studying Here
Under Unesco

Tihe Coast Guard chief say,
that ships.foundat sea display
i!:g no lights will be 'owed in-
to hii-rbur u-nder custody.
Sile;;l: which have no lighting
system will not be.permitted-.
to sail and ships reported sail
ing without lights for ecp-
nomy's sake,or through neglh
gencne will have their captain'

.-- ~ .--. 'I ",:
In Port au Prince since 'THE FINEST
Jan.: -13Lh has been young Adding Machines
African intellectual Ba Ibra- Calculating Machines
hinma who is here Lo study un- Cash Registers
der Unesco scholarship, des- .. -Ai
analphabetisation methods I
used at Marbial. Mr. Be Ibra-
hinma is one of the main assist J L;
ants of F.A.O. pedagogical Y
service and a founder of the
magazine. tion, which delves into peda- J ;
gogy as well as anthropology.
H~e is also author of twowo or-
thy books: one of them is an
arithmetical manual, the first. .
of its kind in use in Africa
the other is an alphabet in. THE NATIONAL CASH

thod. 7 Agent in Hriti:
P 0. Box ]i-6
Bad Condition! PO Bx
The Kenscoff-Furcy road is Furnished house on place .
suffering acute ruts from the Boyer, Petionviile. Call phone
rains. 7480, Mrs. Hudson.






0 ..,



Distributors: Usine a Glace Nationale
~pUA~~ rr/~s o ..j
Disf WITHrs ..... :acelaioal
.., -'.-

Page 15



Page 16


The Riviera's new Bar y-ea

S 46,000 Dollars

Installed In

f. When the go3d ship Sea
,Plover docked here on a re-
'..cent voyage it unloaded one
of the strangest pieces of car
S goes it has ever carried. No-
..thing less than a huge bar.
Jack Valentine's bar of music
Sof Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
l. The o'rigi.na.l cost pi.oe of the
one year old scientifically de-
si gned baar was a mere $46,000
t. he new bar owner confided

r old it cost $46,000

SFlorida Bar

Hotel Here

in Your Reporter.
Seating .42 on stools
a revolving turn table o
for an orchestra or ente.
ment, Copa Cobana styli
bartenders will speed' t
ders, 6 coolers will *coo
beer and C sinks will
glasses the washing of
Tlhe is destine
the new air-conditioned, s

Don't waste' radio pleasure!


BUY a Philips now!

Have you got an old rad;o'
Th,.n .ou don't get as much
pleasure out of radio as you
ought to gEt!
Conimpre the reception F.o.-
sbilities AND THE TONE
of %our old set wnththhos
of a Philips set iromn Ih.
sensarional PHILIPS CA.
VALCADE' 1952 .Y, s5,ris.
Buy one nov. so thsa *,aii
get all the iadio enjol ncit.
to wh ch cu .ai (rLitled:

'-'.-/ f ..... .
BX 526 A
S.1 'llr,, ki aI L s i
h .I IJ, Incioun ,uel ,
".-rbolbie 'cabinet b uair
rv. L Ificient slpprestion of ild'land splash
.fll rthnlatrfe prol I[ur rtuj oilrfr''e operation.

Philips again
bring. new tone to radio

'Distributor in Haiti : CURACAO TRADING C(

proof spacious
room at the Hotel Riviera.
The cocktail bar is in the pro-
cess of receiving a Haiti-
mountain-sea motive mural by
Madlame Destouches on one

New Publicity "Cnety
Formed With Capital
Of "50,000
Continued from Page 1
Publicite et de Radiodliffusion
National, Sperna.
Sperna's $50,000 capital is
comprised of the following
shares: Mr. Arsene Magloire:
260 $100 shares -- $26,000;
Mr. Arsene Magloire: 2,600,
ordinary $1 shares $2,600;
Mr. Marcel Gentirl 2 $100
shares $200; Marcel Gen-
til: 20 ordinary $1 shares,
$20; Luc Valles 2 $100 shares
- $200; Luc Valles: 20 ordin-
ary shares $20.

it has
In top
e. Six
h- -_ .

Tarzan Wins Over
Montezuma When Ref
Is Kicked Below Belly

ne or- Friday night the rain stay-
1 the ed' away and. five thousand
give fans at Stadium Magloire saw
their Gierard, Francois win in an 8-
round bout with Absolius Am-
d for broise. The fight lacked sea-
sound ence and ended in a technical
knock out.
The Tarzan Montezuma
match was wrestling of the
first degree.
SIron-framed Montezuma
became the villain arid wel-
comed the cries of Boeuf
when he refused to shake the
eleganthand of idol Tarzan.
From the bell it was all
action except for the numer-
ous times Montezuma was for
ced out of the ring and took
his good time in returning. He
broke Tarzan's flying scissors
and head scissorss with his
teeth. The people saw a heavy
stack of liberatingg flesh pit-
ted against the superb tech-
nique and elegance of the Tar
zan formerly of stage and
Montezuma consumed the
bottle of water used, to rinse
the mouth after the 1st round
'and returned with a full nel-
son, derriere brrupers, fingers
in the eyes, bites on the leg
0. and finally ended the match

with a series of short subtle who were aroused
kicks to Ibelow the belly of the sportive mood.
ref. Picking up a. chair he The next match
then faced the gendarmes prove to be interest.il

El Rancho

iTble Best Quality Ceom 1 at
b e w pos sible cestl


offer their



. i


o Port-au-Princp Tel : 2387

'y .^ ': '' -

______Me rvu SccsoI


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