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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Duke University Libraries
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Duke University Libraries
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.rl k







,*' '

T Or TrTIrrl -- -- -





.Fred Sigerist, General. Delegate of the Red Cross Societies
Latin America addresses the new Central Committee of the
itian Red Cross at the Palace Wedresday.

lew Central Committee Of Haitian

ed Cross Holds Opening Ceremonies

The opening meeting of the
bw Central Committee of the
laitian Red Cross was held
;the National Palace Wed-
Psday evening in the pre-
rnce of His Excellency the
resident of the Repulblic,
madame Paul Magloire and
Itstanding personalities of

President Magloire under
hose sponsorship and presi-

dency the investiture cere-
mony was, sat at the head of
the council table flanked by
Minister of Presidency Mr.
Mauclair Zephirin, General
Delegate of the Red Cross So-
cieties for Latin America Mr.
Fred Sigerist, Dr. Louis Roy,
new President of Haitian Red
Cross and Secretary of State
for Public Health Mr. Roger
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Road Accidents Increasing Rapidly

Eternal Vigilance Demanded

'In -the US road accidents
e said to involve a loss of
greaterr than that inflict-
Sby the last two wars.' We
IHaiti have no recent wars
.draw parallels from but the
pid rise of road accidents
'er the past six months is a
artling enough fact. 326
are road accidents have been
corded this year than any
her previous year. Last year
Sa record year with 1,856
M4 accidents in which 12
,Ors were killed and 843

These accidents were re-
stricted to Port au Prince and
the highways to Gros Morne,
Croix des Missions and Gres-
sier. Lieutenant Rene Flor-
vil of the traffic department
who made the accidents cen-
sus available to Your Report-
er, agreed that the greatest
percentage of these acci-
dentsswere caused by inatten-
tion, imprudence and distrac-

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,I' :.:.

Sportopics Of

The Week
by Jocelyn McCalla

Excelsior won the Port au
Prince championship for the
Racing Football Club by hold-
ing Aigle Noir the favourites,
to a draw. Lacossade the
keeper for Excelsior played
his best game for the season,
and was Racing's chosen in-
strument. Excelsior forward
line did not come up to expec-
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V( T.TRII T-- -:---- ..

The Last Match in The Championship Pleyed By Racing
Against Arsenal; Scare : 9. .



It '. .
W ..as




;; --


f I -- r--% I L- I

Group Making Sho

Of Life In Hai
A typical Haitian village a
short distance from the Capi-
tal has become the'location
for the filming of a short dra-
matic film the first of its kind
ever to be shot in Haiti.
In an interview with the
film producer Orin Lehman
this week Your Reporter learn

Mirebalais uSan

Solved. New Heal
Sunday, June 7th, was a
big day in the town of Mire-
balais. Its 1,900 inhabitants
and thousands of neighbour-
ing villagers turned out ((en
masse* to participate in the
inauguration of'the new Mi-
rebalais health center.
Mirebalais is located on the
rich and fertile plaine de Mi-
rebalais at the beginning of
the Central Plateau, some 58
kilometers from Port au
Prince. It serves as the focal
'point for an area of about 40
km radius which includes 40
small towns and villages
New American
Ambassador Nominated
President Eisenhower has
nominated Mr. Roy Tasco
Davis as new U. S. Ambassa-
dor to Haiti replacing the re-
tired Howard K. Travers.
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SUNDAY, JUNE 21st, 1953 No. 35
'' -------- --------------- _--
rt Dramatic Film
ian Village OF THE WEEK
ed the facts. Quiet .spoken .
Orin Lehman, Vice President. -
Leonarde M. Blliott, Director
Haiold Mayer, Writer Leo
Davis and Cameraman Max
G. Glenn all share the same
interest in foreign places and
people. It is their opinion
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ijtaire,, Problem ne

Ith Center Opened
with an approximate popula- The man in'Haiti toda t
tion of 63,500 which makes who wears with modesty th
'the erection of a modern crown of the Republic's No. 1:N
health center of prime im- orchestra leader is good-a.; ,
portance. tured tall dark 30-year-oldft4
In the past the medical fa- Ernest Lamy. When' the vei-j
cilities available in this area satile young Maestro, ah :
consisted of one single doctor complished piano player, givV
in private practice, and a 2- the down beat in O.bane Chi'
room substandard dispensary coune Saturday night t.
operated by the Service d'Hy- tourist finds himself entrancl9
Continued on Page 3 ed by a dreamy French
Spanish love ballad, stimulate.
Tourist Spreads News Of ed by the exciting beat of t
Ex-King Farouk's Arrival Haitian meringue, the nmam
or bolero, amused by sauc.
Wednesday morning a tour- calypso or captivated by ,
ist rushed to Your Reporter melodious Argentine tango, A ~
gushing with the news that night dancing to Ernest LanqiIy
he -had just seen ex-King Fa- and his orchestra always addsI
rouk land in his private plane up to a delightful musical es
at Bowen Field. The tourist perience for the North 'Amne-
to prove he wasn't tfous rican visitor accustomed t;
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"Racing), Champion, Out; Mais Observez Le ResulS
de Son Derni er Match
,( .- A .. .... S". .


SUNDAY, JUNE 21st, 1953


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lJmmaican Coaches Noel Hall
' .and ..Dudley Smith
rtion as apart from- Daladou
and Marc Elie, the i~ers
'wee obviously off form.
ii Congratulations to the Ra-
q9" IW-WOt3tiinito the
oiawia tcertaiity of& aixts.
*upd2 S aie s atas to the
S. .es46Mi unp. r our
St 'each B in will
,.e:, 'home-
k we Ik.' "ey will be

bi 66r1g niot khan feiven

At. theydWoiidj
s the *ok ine by
and, are deeply grate--
to the Football Federa-
ba for affording them this
or ity. To their class
bers go their thanks for.
assistancee gi-en them.

-i T'he projected visit of a
of Haitian athletes to
ca for the Coronation
Sto play a series of Bas-
.Ball, table tennis .and '
ming exhibitions, has ,
postponed until a future
ptobabhl'3 until the latter,
of July. Reason given
She weather, but knore
t Jamaicans needed
training to start a win-
g streak against Haiti.

MA,,. lMA -.

A a by "was born at the
a Hospital Tuesday
:, u5gafter the nine-mornth
with a body the shape-
iP e,'child had a' normal
u nd.oheSt blit the lwer
oathabody was,an abnor
s aige leg without -foot,
..m the bodyy a -mermaid
"'fi the ,baby died tw,.o
after birth.

er Fermas&adlMI loire '
of the R4gie du Ta-
TEAi Utii' td. Port Friday
hun4e same ptane as Mme
Pofipthte- -and his .

Magloire Children
Return For Summer
From School In Boston

Elsie and Myrtha, daugh-
ters of His Excellency the
President and Madame Ma-
gloire, returned to -Port for
the Summer vacation Friday
afternoon accompanied by
Anne Marie, Claudette and
Kettly Maglbire, daughters of
the President's brother Ar-
sene, and Marie Therese Pros-
per, daughter of the Chief of
Police of Port au Prince.
The girls have been study-
ing at.St. Dominic's Institute
in Boston, Mass.

Kele~ofl To 'et -Square
With Mosaic 'Benches

Prefect of Port au Prince
Mr. Marc Nahoum, accom-'
:panied by Public Works en-
gineer Villemenay motored to
Kenscoff Ttlursday morning
to select a suitable site for a
public square.

.It is believed that an ex-
change of a piece qf govern-
ment land for grounds, belong
ing to Mr. Andre Denize in
4enscoff was arranged. The'
square will contain flower
beds and mosaic benchKs. As
the siurtoundings are ideal for
cool meditation we suggest a
statue to a local poet or the
famous Dumnas born in Haiti
be placed there at the expense
of some well heeled citizen.

50th Anniversary Of
Ford Motors Observed here -
With Auto Cavalcade

A four cylinder 1928 Ford
touring car, driven by Ford
salesman George Stevenson
led an 'impressive cavalcade of
more than 77 Ford cars of
every age and modern through
the streets of the capital Wed-
nesday afternoon.. 'The big
idea> was local Ford distri-
butor Luciani 'and Behrmann
'method in making Ford Mot-
or's_50t'h anniversary a mem-
orable occasion.

The efectWas carnivaal, the
horn *blowiiig broug.h all
work to a hal't in.the city and
people deserted their offices
to.watch and wonder as Con-
suls, kords, Mercury, Lin-
coln and trucks snaked down-
town to the Italian Pavillion
where drinks were on the
hoire to owners of Foird Mo-
tor. products.
-The congenial h6sts were

Montezuma Eats 10 Beefsteaks With

rimmings At Hotel Citadelle

Many people must have in-
quired about why food is some
what scarce in town these
days. Your Reporter, who, as
everybody, has a mouth with
a belly following it, was eager
-ly working on an inquiry
with a view to discovering
the cause when he came face
to face vith a cabbalistic prob
lem Tuesday noon. (Some of
our readers may have thought
that the shortage of food in
our capital has been caused by
soil unproductiveness or such.
Well, rio. It lies in a man, a
wrestler surnameld Montezu-

When Your Reporter mo-
tored to Hotel Citadelle along
with Mexican wrestler Monte-
zuma, Libanese wrestler Ba-
silio Cobty and two other
friends Thursday, at the re-
quest of Montezuma, he
thought he was going sight-
seeing. His opinion changed
when Montezuma, after tak-
ing off his shirt he never
eats with a s hirt sat
at a table in Hotel Cita-
delle, exclaimed: aTraigame

Carl Behrmann, Ernest Liau-
taud and Albert Roy who
drove his new Ford Oustom
sedan w it h snazzy 'wire
wheels. Ford salesmen Fito
R6gnier, Max Etheart and
Geonge Stevenson the sales
were preparing to roll in.

... siete biftecsa (bring me
seven beefsteaks). The rest of
us immediately thought our
guest had forgotten we had
told' him gently that we want-
ed.no food because we had al-
ready dined. But,- when the
dinner was served Montezu-
ma told us with the same grace
fulness as that with which we
had declined his offer: Hay
que vivir para comer porque
combr es lo mas importante
en.la vida> (you must live to
eat because eating is the most
important thing in life; while
tecs> (swallowing beefsteak
after beefsteak), tomatoes,
bread and salad at'the same
time he exclaimed: < fuu el' gastronomo mas desta-
cado de MIrida) (my father
was Merida's most outstand-
ing gastronome). And he told
us, among the countless stom-
ach feats accomplished by his
father, the three main ones :
cEn 1921 siendo au:n un cra-
prendiz qn la MtATEiRIA mi
padre conrio un pavo enteros
(in 1921, while still an nap-
prentice* in the MATTER. my
father ate a turkeys;>?. En
1929 siendo entonces un mod
esio, gastronomo, mi padre
comio un lechon asado> (in
1929, then a modest gastro7
nome, my father ate up a
broiled ypung ,pdg); cY erp
1935, siendo entonces un gas-
tronomo de gran prestigio
comio la mitad de les aves del
corral de un pobre campesino

i .i X-',. y7~: .-

mexicano; (And in 199
then a gastronome of gra
prestige, he ate up half U
poultry of a poor Mexicj

While, chatting Montez.
had swallowed. his se'
beefsteaks, asked for th|
more and explained to
modestly: eComer mucho.-
una herencia que me ,ti
transmitido mi abuelo y
padre* (eating much is an i
heritance handed down to
by my grandfather and a
father). kMy parents an&
latives were all worthy g9
tronomnes> he voiced ;-
dignation when Your 1
ipprter asked him if the I
male members of his farnpi
were,gastronomes too.
asked if food excess had nee
made him sick, he answer
thoughtfully: ni padezco mas enfermedai
Cas (in my life I have not M
fered nor suffer a.sy illh j
other than CHRONIC DImA

SMontezuma confessed t
'Your Reporter, that he hasQ
poor appetite now owing
our hot summer. And he di
not hide from us all preset
.that he had never been .
much surprised in his life a
when a throng gathered :
Portail Leogane cuando c
mio diez pl'atos de chicharron
(when he ate up ten dishes c
fried' pork). Montezuma
fantastic, and almost incred
ble appetite, his mountain
Continued on Paige 15

-r -A

amel rildne h. ,

Sbr 30days, 1 indthey

with my throaf. ::,j
I especially appreciatfe.

Camelk rildness when
I'm making a picture!


.. ..:: f .% "-" .
'% ... '.. .

CURACAO TRADING CO. Distribuers for Haiti

'1 4 A
S'? ir. ,'&. "c.r'tr~;L! '. V

Page 2


1 'f .... .,; ,-.~ .

.HAITI SUN. Page 3

Our warm congratulations
go to the Director of SCISP,
Mr. James D. Caldwell, who
has shown so much interest
in the welfare of Mirebalais,
.and also of his zealous colla-
borators : Dr. Russell I. 1
Pierce, Engineer Noel C'. Val-
enza, Engineer Eugene Limou
sin, these people have, as we
say here, almost left ethe I
soles of their shoqs here.* We
wish also to thank and'congra .
tulate you, Engineer Carrie, s
project engineer of the Cen-
ter his second construction ,
and a real success; and at last, r
but not the least, the Chevry
heirs who, at a time when lots I
are .so rare in Mirebalais, s
have so willingly and with an p
admirable self-denial facilita- c
ted the purchase of one for n
the health center.
SBefore closing, I would not
consider my mission well ac-
complished without pointing
out the necessity of placing
at the health center a few
beds for an embryo or a semi-
private maternity ward.
There is enough room for
that, and in doing so, the De-
partment of Public Health
would 'fill a long felt need.
which comes next in import-
ance only to our need for a
water supply system.
As for the medical aid and
the equipment of the old dis-
pensary, Boucan Carre, a sec.
tion of 15,000 habitants and
24 km distant from Mireba-
lais, from which it is separat-
ed by the Artibonite river, is
longing for them.
Deputy of Mirebalais. Mr.
MIarcel Renaud., emphasized
in his address that hence-
forth the populous would find
relief of their suffering right
in their town, putting an end
to the long and tiring jour-
neys to other towns to find
the medical care whicli was
lacking in the home town.

The building, a long single
storey cement.and wood con-
struction, is entirely opin to
provide maximum ventilation,
with a long gallery running
its full length to serve as a
waiting area for patients un-
der all weather conditions. It
is surrounded by an extensive
yard which will enable the
carrying out of a varied pro
gramme of health education.
The complete installation of
sanitary facilities demon-
strates the advantages of hav
ing potable water and an
adequate drainage system.
The health center was erect-

ed by the Engineering Divi- rial t
sion of SCISP. The project best d
engineer was young Raymond be ha
Carrie who gave thanks in apply
his inauguration day address we w
to engineer Eugene Limousin ment
For his fraternal assistance, We h
and to engineer Noel C. Val-ram
enza for his intelligent guid- cine
dance marked' by a solid know- sanity
how and a rich experience. popull
The Medical Division of becon
SCISP will assume the respon more
sibility of providing the we ca
health center with the medi- gethel
cal supplies and all the equip- what
nent necessary to give the the n
population of Mirebalais the most
most adequate and efficient illness
service. Said Dr. Rusrell J. throu]
Pierce, Director of the Medi- -of chi
al Division in charge of the throu
lew health center: ognized that without mate- zoal.

things to work with the
doctor in the world would
ndicapped and unable to
-his knowledge. Soon
ill not only offer treat-
for known conditions. .
iope to establish a pro-
me of preventive medi-
and of environmentall
ition which will help the
ation of Mirebalais from
ling- sick, giving them a
secure future. Allthis
n,realize if we work to-
r and, if we understand
can be done to destroy
lost dangerous an the
powerful enemy of man :
s. Through vaccinations,
gh routine examinations
ldren and their mothers,
gh education in our
is, we can attain our

Y. ,



)r. Russell I. Pierce, Director of the Medical Division of
Scisp ahd in charge of .hp new Health Center, has his say

. -.

.- '.



Page 4

Canon Le Nir, General Sec-
retary of the Archbishopry
left for France Wednesday.
F.A.O. official horse-doctor
Mr. Nelo M. Konnerifs is in
Mrs. Julia El Saieh flew to
N. Y. on the 16th.

Murry Knobel is back i
T he latest arrivals o
Brown and Root employees t
adopt Haiti are: Nancy Bu
rows of Massachusetts, Mr
Leighton and Mr. Orville V

(Haiti Cherie

A Magnificent Picture Book on Haiti'
Now on Sale at

(am %4u"i fr

Price: 6.50 Dollars


eX1d latid For More Than 30 Years

tiJoseph repo

i- Friday Kola king Eddy
Larco flew on business to San
28 year old Dr. Durand Leo-
narql returned to home soil
SWednesday after an absence
Sof six years studying in the
U.S. on a scholarship.
.Edouard 'Ditto) Gentil son
of well. known iworld-wid-e'l
Radio Engineer Edouard Gen
til,. returned. from school .in
SCanada this past week for the
Summer holidays.
Mrs. Heurtelou accompani-
ed her husband Minister of
Commerce to the Trade Con-
ference in Belgium this week.

Milton and Kenneth Jen-
ning accompanied by Roger
Bermingham were in Port for
a day this week in the course
of a business trip to Cuba and
San Juan. Roger, son of well
known local commercant Lio-
nel Bermingham explained
that they were contacting
Dairies and the Navy Dept.
who are interested in purchase
ing his company's milk pack-
ing machines. His company
build, machines that make a
container for.milk doing
away with the old bottles.
Port au Prince will be in-
vaded next month by five
beautiful girls from Chicago.
Pichoute Perigord and a
group of motoring to the Dominican
Republic this week for a two-
week vacation. Roger Biamby
is assistant chauffeur.
Westerly Shipping Inspec-
tor Carlos Pereira is settling
down to life in the Caribbean
,and work in Haiti.
A recent census made in
connection with the consular
reform, has revealed that
Haiti has 137 consuls in 70
It is reported that the St.
Pierre college will open in
Petionville this October.
iMmes Herve Boyer and Pierre
Benoit are in charge.

Manuel de Jesus Riera, dele
gate of the Cuban Ass. of Su-
gar Mill workers is visiting
Ed Bahr of Goodyear pop
ped into Port last week.
Gerard Petrus, Firestone
publicc relations man is vaca-
tioning in Pine Forest.
The bachelor degree day
has been officially fixed at
July 13th.
The committee entrusted
with raising funds with a
view to the enlargement of
St. Peter church in Petion-
ville is composed of Mrs. Dan-
iel Brun, Mrs. Colonel Fils-
Aime, Reverend Father Mon-
taigne is treasurer. The work
will be carried out by engin-
eer Daniel Brun, his brother
and his son.
The French Embassy offer
ed a party 'in honour of the
actors and actresses of the
,Comedie de Paris, Saturday
Mr. Edouard' Andre, driver
of the camionette bearing No.
3711. hit Dieudonne Pierrq
and. Abraham at rue Joseph
Janvier Monday morning.
Both victims were hospitaliz-

-:0:- -
,President of the Cha
des Fleur; companies, t
Grace Gaines Lee, flip
home from a visit to
States Sunday.
-:0:- F
Mr..and Mrs. Max F
chard returned frtJ. Eur'
:ast Sunday. Mrs. Fouch
studied in Switzerland on?
BIT Bureau Internatio
du Travail scholarship.

-:0:- -:0:-
SAW MILL CONTRACT' Student Philippe Fa"l
Mr. Charles Dejean has re- returned home for the a
ceived an authorization from mer vacation after attend
the government to exploit saw school in Miami where p
mills throughout the coun- Haitian Consul.
try. -:0:
-:0:- Mrs. Vve Eugene Aillei
The erection of the Sugar turned from the U. S. Sa
Refining Company in Jeremie day 13th with Mrs. Jean I
is reported due to commence wife of Halbanex boss.

*~T 1-* 91



,.. BABY
OnSale at: Bichara Izmery, Au Lincoln, Bazar de la
Poste, Bazar National, Georges Coles, Maison Simonr
Vieux, Mme Joseph Maglio, Bazar Edmond Phiplps
Bxelusive Distributor for Haiti Phone: 3513 .


SUNDAY, JUNE 21st, 1

again shortly. It is re po
the sugar mill will be re
for next sugar season.
The chauffeurs' union
nounced this week that.
general secretary, Mr. V
Viabre has resigned and
is no connection between:
drivers' union and the.
chanics' union.
Mlgr. Augustin will s'
pontifical mass at Arcah"
Sunday, 29th, St. PierI
-:0:- .
Officers of the Sanatb
police are in training at
mien learning methods vwhi
permit determining the c
ses of damage to goods.
Young St. Mare engine
Hugo Theodule has return|
to town from Puerto
where he studied for 6 mori1
Irrigation and Drainage.oi
ODVA sponsored scholars
He saw the practical side
such work -': Southwestdi
P. R. at a 1. R. Water
source AUL ority project. A
ter a short vacation he w
put his knowledge at the dis
sal of ODVA.

--Ep-;--n------~----r---- ---- ---------- --

IDAY, JUNE 21st, 1953


Similarities in Daily Life

A tourist from an antless
opn of North America
F,.d surprise on arrival
last week, that he had en
entered a well disciplined
ent of ants in his hotel
at $in a neighboring coun-
The fact that he only
Wfiontered a regiment is
uprising but as to disci-
0t" the ant often puts us
b humans to shame.
Over. two out of the three
titials needed to maintain
the. human race has little
,if any control. Water
d air are provided by na-
. with man quite unable
increase or reduce the to-
S.quantity of either. Only
Food the third neces-
t.of life has man a great
;.of control. The practice
Agriculture has not only
Sbled mankind to survive,
u4 to maintain itself in ever
j9 plying numbers. For this
i.ehas to*thank not himself
the ant kingdom, for ants

were the inventors of agricul-
ture not man.

"Tlhis was discovered by Dr.
Gideon Lincecum, an Ameri-
can physician. Reporting his
observations in a letter to
Charles Darwin, he wrote :
x clears the ground of all ob-
stacles, levels and smoothes
the surface to the distance of
three or four feet from the
gate of the city, giving the
space the appearance of a
handsome pavement. Within
this paved area no green
thing is allowed to grow, ex-
cept a single species of grain-
bearing grass. Having plant-
ed this crop in a circle
around the centre of the
mound, the insect tends and
cultivates it with constant
care, watches it ripen, then
harvests the corn. After the
harvest, all the chaff is tak-
en out and thrown beyond the
limits of the yard area.

iIBM. M- id .4 7". 4=1
e n e o e e e e e e e e e e

.M I


lYiLook at it... Get that feeling
L.if weight and traction .
iaze and power. Here's a trac-
S'toy that will meet more of
| "Your needs more of the time
than any other tractor you
ciuld buy. No other tractor
'iWr produced has better
to!que characteristic (lugging
7iPter). It will pull you
!rough the toughest soil
: without slowing or stalling.
IKlt will keep on going where
their tractors quit.

Come fn and ask for a demonstration


It is quite.likely that ants
have provided other examples
which the human race is un-
wittingly following, for the
sameness of the organisation
of the two societies is aston-
ishing. Nothing like the same
parallel can be draw with
human and any other species
of animals or insects. The
domestic life of ants Is very
similar to our own. Their
young are reared in specially
constructed nurseries and in
fine weather are taken into
the open for an airing. Sensi-
tive to changes in the atmos-
phere, if the nurse ants feel
rain is approaching they rush
their small charges back to
the nests.

Ants also have doctors, who
will often isolate a patient
suffering from disease. Their
medical crmen can also ampu
tate injured legs and, in cases
of hopeless illness, ends the
patient's suffering by ensur-
ing a swift death.
Like ourselves, ants bury
their dead and even have ce-
remonial funerals; bearers
carry the dead ant to its grave
and others c.oer it up.

A Mrs. Lewis, of Sydney,
Australia, has described what
happened after she had killed
a number of soldier ants who
attacked her baby. T w o
ants carried an ant corpse,
followed by two others appar-
ent.ly acting as mourners.
Other couples followed every
other pair carrying a dead
ant. About 900 ants brought
up the rear and when the pro-
cession reached a tiny hillock,
a.out half the followers dug
he es. The dead ants were
laid inside, and the followers,
who ull to then had been idle
covered them up.


Some South American ants
sow seeds-not in the ground,
but in specially built hanging
gardens. These structures
are made by carrying soil in-
to trees and pressing it toge
their to form a ball. The U Um-
brella, or leaf-carrying ant
of the American tropics,
walks a distance each day,
which, if they were the same
size as ourselves, would be
the equivalent of 3,000 miles.
They also carry a weight
which, for us, would mean
300 lbs and they take about

Page 5

three" hours sleep daily. This,
and the building capacity of
ants, gives us some idea of
what we could accomplish if
we had similar powers.

The pyramids of Egyut,
long listed as one of the
Seven Wonders of the
World,, are an impressive
monument to man's industry.
Yet, if we built houses in tihe
same proportion-to our height
as ant-heaps are to the height
of ants, they would be 84
time as tall as trIe tallest of
tifhe Bi3pan jyanmids, whidh
is 48-1 ft. hi'fh. ITaagiae
lBoses 40,000. ft. in hei4*t
and compa6e them wit the.
7T fit. of the famous Wool-
worth, skyscraper in New
York yet we could build to
this degree given the capa-
city of the humble ant !

Nearly 2000 years ago
Pliny, the famous naturaMlst,
stated that ants have month.
ly holidays when' ,- do no
work and do not stir out of

their nests. He further as-
serted that they also observe
marketing days. Scientists
of later days have gone even
further and have maintained
that although thousands of
ants reside in a singlt' nest
they'know each other.atAdithat
if an intruder arrives onj the
scene he is instant killed.
According to the scientist
Huber, they even hae Sftrts
days when the iihh #ita~ts of
a neat assemble and inuulge
Sin hide-andaseek an& wnt-
ling contests

Unhappily, antsa eactly
resemlble Trma irra 'A-l it
pleasant aspect. ada
men are the only Bt e on
earth that wage deliberate
and organised warfare. The
ant can teach man much; but
it can afford him no example
of the art of living without
periodical resort to war. So
man can still prove himself
superior in one particular.
And it will be a great blessing
to his own kingdom, if he does
so without much more delay.

Distinguished Beauty and Unparalleled
Accuracy Always Choose



j '

--~--- -- -- .- -~

This sovereign Whisky
possesses that distinction
of flavour which will claim
your allegiance from the first sip.

Qu\s sf

Distillers Leith Scotland
Distributors. Gene ,al Trading Co., S.A.
- moo- ~ c~~~------ __________

RUSSO FRERES -- 25 Rue Roux


SUNDAY, JUNE 21st, 1951

Page 6- -

President Eisenhower Gree is Hoe E ronomits from Igr. Augustin Celebrates
Latin America Includinr The Local Organzer First Pontifical Mass
Of Home Economic Section for SCIPA
Algr. Remy AugLItin cell

President Eisenhower is
surrounded by a group of
Latin American women as he
receives them in the Rose
Garde- of the White House on
Wednesday, April 29, 1953.
Representing 14 countries.
the group participated in the
first Latin American Train-
ing Institute on Home Econo-
mics Extension Work under
the auspices of the coopera-
tive technical assistance pro.
,gramme of The Instit,;te of
Inter-American _-ffairs and
in cooperation wilt Texas A.
and I\I. C'.il-ge, Okl;.ioma A.
and M. College, and ihe Uni-
versity of Puerto Rico. Miss
Helen B.iorklur.d. SCIPA's
Home Economist, is present
ly organizing a Home Eco-
nomics section for SCIPA's
Extension Service in Haiti.
Standing, left to right are:
Front Row. Fresia Trujillo,
Chile; Lyz:ia Rodriguez, Cu-
Sba; president Eisenhower;
Noelia Grossi, Chile; and
Fausta Monzon, Cuba. Second
Row: Edith.Camacho de An-
dia, Bolivia; Luisa Arosegui,
Nicaragua; Maria Arteaga,
Venezuela; Ines Riano, Colom
bia; and Felicita Zubiate,
Peru. Third Row: Sara Ali

cia de Esparza and Manuel
Esparza, her husband, of MAex
ico; Alicia Sarmiento, Peru;
and Isabelle Tyler, Training
Officer of The Institute of
Inter-American Affairs. 4th
Row: Rafaela Rodriguez, El
Salvador: Aiurora Troche, Pa-
raguay: Lydia O'Farrill, Bra-
zil, Elza Canfora, Brazil: Lu-
cy Gonzalez. Colombia; Nice
Domar, V-iezuela; and Olga
Oc:-. p,.. Costa Rica. Fifth
Roi': Sue Taylor, U. S. De-
pr.rtment of Agriculture; Di
va 'esende, Brazil; Kate
'Adele Hill, Texas. Leader of
ihe Group; Cannon Hearne,
'.. S. Department of Agricul-
ture; Nely de Boccaidi, Uru-
guay; Margaret Dreisbach,
U. S. Department of Agricul-
ture '--nd. Nlza Tavares Dia?,

Slice To Give Journalists
,Coupe-Fi!we Press Passes
The Department of Po'ce
r..s decided to grant loitl
journalists < (press
passes which will enable
them in the future to attend
official ceremonies and events
upon the presentation of

brated his first pontifical
mass at the Sacre Coeur
Church in Turgeau last Sun-
day morning. His Excellency
the President of the Republic
accompanied by the Secretary.
of State of the Interior, Me
Jumelle, Chef of Protocol, Mr.
Daniel Theard, Prefect Marc
Nahoum., City Hall officials
and high ranking members of
the Army \attended the irr.
.pressive ceremonies in the
magnificently adorned church

MIgr. Augustin was assist-
ed during the mass by Canon
Le Bihan, director of St. Mar-
tial College. Fathers Hala.by
and Cherel, vicars at the Ca-
thedral Notre Dame and St.
Anne respectively, Father
Marchand, Grand 'Lord of Pon
tifical ceremonies, and the
Rev.' Fathers'Andre Charles,
Casser. Delva, Bruchon, Mit-

trn. Father Le Menn, admin-
istrator of the parish thanked
the official personalities and
all persons present who had
e-' contributed to enhance the

Heart day

of the Sacred
with their pre-

313 Cases Of 5 And
10 Cents Haitian Coins
Arrive From U.S.

;88 cases containing 5-cent
coins and 125 cases contain-
ing 10-cent coins of national
currency arrived in Port a-
board the S S Ancon of the
Panama Line Monday morn-

The cons we e conveyed o
the Natior-al Bank by the
safety camionnettes of the
BNRH. The Government
made the order b-cause of the
current lack of 3 and 10-cent
coins on the local market,

....... ......
... .... .. .

Manifesting Champioi
Racing, Are Greeted
Bel Air By War Cry

The Capital was the sei
of rowdy manifestation.;
day evening when the Pr4
Cup slipped to Racing C:lut
ter Aigle Noir and Excel4
played a drawn match. ]

Fans .bamboched the oi
sion late into the night. Aj
max to the celebration ti
place in Bel Air whice
strictly Aigle Noir territd
,A camion full of bragg
Racing fans sallied forth i
Bel Air and was receive
with rocks and even bacte
matter from the refuge ca
A re \olver spoke twjce ag
protest to the Aigle Noir,
mon.;ttration of unfriendlin
towards the champion. 1
police, a mixture -f Rac9
and Aigle Noir fa.s. repair
to the sci,.e immediately a
caused peace to reign
jrer .

7rAe T^mous R;;uJ -," "'
* -oaaa
7/e S_ a e e ~ao.rie adre reo
7 1 7he U.C?





h~ucrr~-r.fl-ee S .--,et.l--- ------------



On Rue Pavee Opposite tP. Ofiice

Powerful 85 h.p. engine
More weight-44,200 Ibs. Diesel
Greater liftiPg ccpacity-30,000 Ibs.
Safety type Independent Rapid Boom HoTst
Convertible ir service as a Shovel, Drc!.;ae,
Clamshell, Trench Hoe, Pile Driver and Crane
Positive Chain Crowd for Shovel
Official Sales and Service Headcquarterm
I-stri ki. in liaiii CHARLES FEQUIERI
54 hue lou:x Tel: 3279 2245 5173


E I^^

- -. W "



iin's Californian Cor-
podent Mrs. Betty
uilukens is in demand
i g engagements
,:it..ds;known thathe.
in'towW and giving
iA Hillside' in Haiti.,
iy .a .friend of the
!and hasn't forgotten

ilk ,ore the Men's
'he ,ollywoqd, Pires-
F ,-.: received with
th .of understand-
'm nebers pledged
re pst to see the school
continued: It was
by IMr. [Lukens in
7ey, aid a though
8u. .fl ,from the
i6ndpoint it was
ar that it is now in
sponsorship to main-
. continuance of in-
I'a~nd .'that teachers'
must 9f e met,' It.was
ug. to kbow that or-
still coming fo.r the
Cares made by the
:-and that they are in
.or commercial pur-
: ,ell as domestic.
ens explained that or-
'kd'ibe take here in
!ed States if the im-
ies and high costs of
weree not so prohibi-

.iGle Lukens's brings
es .p f the Haitian
,.there are symbols of

what was accomplished for
the welfare of the natives.
There are the lamps made by
the thousands to push back
the darkness so that they
'will have light -for their
homes. Arid there are the
'cdamb te pots to inlsiWre'sanitk
tion aind prevent hokworms
which attacks the lYare feet.
And' water carriers, and dish-
es for cJeaainess are others.


.Colo biai b a joined the
growing 4lat of Latin Ameri-
can nations in simplifying tra
vel requirements by granting
tourist'cards gratis to United
States citizens visiting that
. untry.
To match. the. visas issued
at no cost to Colombians en-
tering the. United, States, a
decree issued in Bogota pro-
vids for Colombiani consul-
.atep. tb gant tourist cards
free of charge to U. S. citi-
zens, according to inforna-
t.on received by Pan Ameri-
dan World Airways.
The new cards are good for
multiple entries and are va-
lid for one year from the date
of issuance, PAA has been
Heretofore, Colombian tour
ist cards cost 2 dollars and
were good only for entry
within 60 days of date of is-'




Real Bargains

wilt Prices slashed I, the-Baresft

Don't pass up the spectacular Bargains
here fdr you ? Come, gather for yourself
the phenomenal values that are making
this Saving EVe.if a'hitoric money
saving. One bargain in every-Department.

Come early I Hurry
Values now !

for your share of the


Other countries in Latin

America which isue tourist
cards free in lieu of passports
and. visas are Nicaragua, the
Bahamas, Jainaic, Onuba, Cos-
ta Rica and Argentina.


His Excellency the Presi-
dent of the Republic issued
the f6llowirik nofninations
Mile Madblidne Cassagnol
replaces Mr. Jules Noisy as
Chidf of. Stattiscls Infdoa-
tion Sbervice at the National
Tbttfii .fO2fice.
Mme Rolaolide Najac re-
places Mile IMadeleine Casga-
gnol as Commnisnary in'.ciarge
of the Statistics at the Na-
tional Tourism .Office.
Iile Marie Jose Volel ap-
pointed typist at Jacmel pre-


1951 Jeep Statin Wago.
Fine condition. Call at Insti-
tut Hai'tiano-Amerieain.

!.tA Sam .A .AA TJn{O *
-.- ... --.-.
SU'INAH, [iaAnOf .Y""
,as r sATlON ,s e
ALLEY rI BAUSSA r S er ts u '

Furnished house on
Boyer, Petionville. Call
7480 Mrs. Hudson.


Curio Shop --
Rue de Quai
Local Handicrafts
Splendid Mahogany

/Et 4 el 69tza
pr w de



Sunday, June 21st
1st, 2nd," 3d, 4th
A. 6 and 8.,0
., RE
Monday, June 22nid

Tues.iay,,June 23rd
8.ls p..

.-Wedneiuiy J.ude
ARE- .6 p.an.

JUNE 21st, 1958


._ Sw'tfi ki. :f.f."J n .." ..
aitian eords..


uAU IpMjNI .ill Deliver Groceries to 'your Dor'ii

J- "':" I. "".;" |
1 ,

------------ -----~^

Superior Establishments Use Superior Air Co16i-O p
liners. You get this Extra Quality when y
Buy. :i



Better'Designed .
"' :i ,3z

More carefully built .
Superior Estalled by Exients Use uperion Ar s

Wetioners You get this Etrga Quality when otiir
Buy ; '


Invet .d ":^]

Berter 'Designed

More Caefully Built. : .'

Is.al.ed by Ezueaed: Engineers
Westinghouse deliver more cooling effact pet .1
"P- '.*.
.^ -- ---^ jm .1 -- ^.. ..__ ___ ___. ,..1;

.. ;:' W

T ;At. m 0,m.-.
-/ Hs KINDb OF WMiAfl ,.
at 3.30 Thuripay, June 25th at:6 an4' l
8.16 p.m.
S Friday,, uig2 th, at a6 'i
and 'Sth "' : ;'
p.m. .Enf.
.. .
Saturday r,Jinee 27t'h att 'ai

at'6 p.m. 1 .,
,LI SSunday,. Jup t ~2 at-3 0".
at. 6 '.and n ,.

E E N 34 "....
Sbth, 7th,

24th -at At 6i and 8.3K .mii'
'Le RET= 1i.$
?.'* a,

4 .
,,,,'-^ .^.'' .';.' .-.-* .., :, f.!,:o'- ::'.**:** *' -''. ^ *.** Y '*:**^ "1-''**:*^* H '. -*' -':'i ^'^ ~<': ^*;i,:*y... ..'^ *

- ..: .- ... ..
Page 8

WISE and
:. By T. J

.: lbpus: death is nothing ter-
rl. .But the opinion we
Siavekf, death, that it is ter-
6"1'flJ that is wherein the ter-
oro:r, lieth.
P ;*W. .olleston's transla-
jfa ,apparently, did
pmh centuries af-
i demise there would ap-
eir.,n fis earth a man who
a L '




Last night, for the first
time in twenty-five years, he
came to see me. I was sitting
quietly at my desk reading a
story in cTrue Confessions*
about a beautgul young girl
who fell in love with, and was
betrayed by a man old enough
to be her father. As I was won
during why there are no beau
tiful young girls like that in
Haiti, at least, as far as I
know, I heard Gentil's Cadil-
lac entering the driveway lead
ing to my residence.

:0Ws-the o inion that death
Sthe, 9~inion tlat aeatn I was not pleased to have f,
I' 'b.' ibit rather
'k lt be t w rae 'Gentil violate the privacy of g
ibithling to be welcomed as
Sof ae ic and frui- my. residence. My home, as c]
i.4lose of a rich and fruit- -
lse devoted to human is the home of every British pl
Me devoted to humanity. _
.d e to m l. Subject, is my castle. Parti- th
a'l. o .: urse, to myself.
F.ter tou., tf cnlarly was I peeved because h'
I or.thiethdu.ghtpf death
or .the thdag. o deao I. wanted to keep on reading d
teterror for'me. I am noter the o
of it In fact, I ofte to find whether the old man lu
Sriad of it.7 In fact, I often
.... .. rein the story. was able to buy
tthe Great Adventulre.
She Great Advnt the girl off, and how he.did bo
Iihe .neat, do n't you
hern't it, or whether he had to. go to
S. prison. Knowledge of this
s'I' sede, if Gentil has kind is often useful in an
y Igihave beep avoiding emei-gency. ,As. Lord Baco
o ti%~tl past ~two weeks said, iR~ading maketh a full
el I:a a'afraid of what man. Hie was right. It was
it-ihappen to me, you will by Peading I learned that Sen-
ir.tand that there is not aca once wrote,. cMan is a so-
ord of'ttiith'inh is story. dial animal.> And being a
at .I have refused to go to man, a full man, and also a
~hnim each time he sent for social animal, I closed my book
fs true. ,I did that because and went to greet (not wel-
logic told .mb titat the come) Getil, as his--Casdillac
i.f ice "of::iy life. would stopped ii;-froit, of my door.
S'itoIenefit humanity. Cold I resolved to be formal with
fon d m6e that humanity him. I ke.w that some power-
Wi-its:'ifI continued to live. ful motive..had fiored him to
his,. I'm -sure you condescend to visit sme. I won-
:.: .sent'word to that dered what the motive was. I
ecto Gentil.' kif~wthat sdnehow my fu-

I A I AP.d


t--e existence was involved.
I felt singularly alone. To
whom could I appeal for help?
My mind raced. Edith Efron?
No! She is in Paris. Lorraine
Dora? She is in Porto Rico.
Susie? No! She is in Cap
Haitian with her mother.
Only Heaven could help me.
Gentil opened the door of
his car and stepped onto my
,porch. Little did I dream
then, as he advanced towards
me, that his visit to my hum-
ble home would change the
course of empires and usher
a new era into this sad and
sorely tried world.

As -he entered my poorly
furnished living room, Gentil
lanced around at the shabby
hairs, the worn carpet, the
feeling paint.on the walls and
he few cheap pictures which
iag upon them. What a
change I thought, from the
ixury he is accustomed to.,
When we were seated Gentil
egan -to talk. ci have come,


I ran .my mind rapidly over
every one 1 knew in Haiti.
Gentil was right. If he really.
needed such a man as he des-
eribed, I was his only pos-
sible choice. .But I still did-
n't see how the sacrifice of
my life would benefit human-
ity. I told him so.
He laughed. cThere is no
question of sacrificing your
life, Tommy>, he said. Then
a shadow seemed to fall on
his face, and his eyes were sad
as he continued, iOf course,

Tommys, he said, something of my plans for
my future, and for the future
of humanity. I selected you as
my collaborator, because I
needed a man of extraordin-
ary intelligence, great cou-
a g e, excellent judgement,
strong will, striking appear-
ance, unquestioned integrity
and vast erudition. You are
the only man I know, Tommy,
who measures up to those spe-

R .
u canwork coo/-s/e9 coo/A

S. i AT
1 0n0

DID YOU SLEP LAST NIMHTT Or did you todes It'ath -quiet-never diatutb
I and turn, sweat and qqurma? And yesterday tn- blend bqiutifullyt wilt any r6oo
lat w6b-4ifyou got i pgod dad's work or de.a. Aind best. of aUll-the cost is -&r
Sdid you sweter -nd drag your@&ef arouadp Stiilr :inexpavare. But &all right awky |
bet wondrl tlief, now with G.E.'s-bea --iur supply is 'ued. Fast stalatiion
tiful nwrt Air Condtioner. iYou t o plumbing '
.... iIo'r p,, a p~d.,J ]",..

Cools the air Ventilates with fresh air
Cuts bmugines Circulates air all year-rouiR .
Filters out dust, dirt Pts l ar where yu want
; ,, ," i* .^ '.

S GA. ives yu all ime extrasl '
1 '' -Vr ^7 r' .** Falitsay-seBlud t.
Sardl. Kitten-quiet
- lt"-M'lDurW's, perfonrBM ....

i, *** tmc rro aO'


rvr"- Haiti For MO ra Thans30 Years
l'C' M f
.-; -' ; '- ",
!$ : .': '. ., ,. -4

Valerio Canez t

Aludia.-f SIOlRA SLECTRIS mu. -fArs&rrI

-* '*

.' ,. I', '

.. .I
,A-':d,.;4..:' -4 *, :'.:. :~"'4i ,ty ;; 4 '

^-^ffl gE
-^SSO ?*1


s ___IC-

----- ~~L--- ~---


accidents-may happen;
thing might go wroni
that is a chance we
take. ;i
(CA chance we have tq
I cried. A chance that,.
to take, you mean. It;i
life, Marcel, not our livd
He changed.the subjl
ing, <~Do you remember
I told you two weeks
about terrene and coni
i < manner in which you fi
ed those words haseng'
them forever on my mihand
This seemed to please
and he went on, Th6
chine you saw in iny l.
tory utilizes released' en
from contraterrene. Wi t
can disintegrate and'itt
grate all forms of ;mai
With the aid of Planck's,.
turn equation I can ,
grate disintegrated mat&
Cbntinded on Pag :9"
%. i

N 21-, -,st" ,95

S .' i _H S
' ii t o

. .*/ .* *' g ..
- -- ..I.-'-_. '- '
," .*.
"' '. .. ..., :';g

away- in, my brain for future
reference. It wquld be useful

uri in LIe past or In m e to some of my friends if ever
:. In other words, Tom- they got into trouble. After a
Aenimachine you saw is a couple .o'f shots of my heart
~ahine., stimulant I drove to Gentil's,
g doubt him. A man laboratory.
n control released ener- I. had on those brown can-
ti. -four little letters, .as shoes With .thick rubber
v.is' capable of any-soes you hie-iprobably often
8,Soall.I said was, re andforcef.ullmanner noise as I entered. Inside the
ich,You uttered :those.' oor Ip'slje Someone had.
Ni Xarcel, has engraved .si mentioned my name.
ereav on:my InUnd. Woevet it was, was hidden
avre n~ie:a sharp glance; behind 'ie Time Machine.
see,. so pleased this Do yoi think Tommy will
.Aft6r staring at me for o through With it? the voice
'moments he.went on, I asked. The voice was the voice
ou to come to.my .ab- 'of Dr. Pierce, 'but the enun-
rwith me now; I ,am ciation wasi that of a man
:.show you bow. the with his mouth full of chew-
i iworkse ing-gum. I have never seen
Su' go- ahead, Mareel,, I Dr. Pierce chewing gum, so
d. 'dI'll come ini bout an perhaps, the voice was not
Ia'hve an important so- his..
ai problem to wok'on, The voice which replied
niust finish it tonight.w was Gentil's. cSure he will,
: .nwhted to 'do was to, it said. He'll do anything if

#t -iow tee old man got you flatter him enough. He
.it'.difficuilt with thd lives- on flattery.
ir So that's what he thinkR,,
ri.ntil left, I took-up I thought. 4Just let him try' to
Tr'' Confessions land flatter me oncq and w.'.l see
id ,st~f.'. The old .'li far he get Thaitis ne
w'.a very ingenious sort thing I can't stand flat-
f.. I filed his,..methpd tery.
._,. '.', -- ~.-- -----. .

Le nieilleur des,pneus, gantsl

r Miler.. RIB
"' Le pneu qui vous donneTdes
advantages inesper6s sans d6-
pense sippl6mentairel
I' ..r' SUne march stable et douce .
S ,.. moins Ide risques de dhra'age
une cercasse extra-rEsistante
".- d'une tenue in6galde en
i. ." r6suti.le Ailomfrage le plus
Sev u prix le plus bas.


i-'Milr "i!! V;'eather" p.ossde Is fameuse
de roulemc.-t "All We aher" de renom-
mondliale qi assure une r distance au
Pge et ure. traction exccptionnelles sur
?s Isals.


"VDans le monde
entier on trans-
S' porte plus de
tonnage sur
pneu's Good-
Syear que sur
Spneuas de toute
autre marque.

2-51-14 F

It seemed time to an-
nounce my presence. I cough-

Author's Note: Whether or
not this story will ever be con
tinued' depends entirely on
how energetic I feel during
the next few weeks.

' ',

". "-:%

I ': :.

Insurance Director
Hit By Barber

Mr.' Rony Chenet, Director
of the Sun Life Assurance
Company of Canada, had his
car wrecked by barber Labis-
siere in his black 1946 Ford
Thursday afternoon on his
return from lunch at home in

Mr. 'Clhenet's, 1952 Portiac.
was completely wrecked when
the barber's Fdrd went- out
of control on the wet Petion-
ville road. ,The Insurance Di-
rector received several super-
ficial bruise%. The barber.'
who is also a fine cimasseurn
was uninjured and has offer-'
ed to give the insuranceman
massages' gratis. r

&Avail.yourself of :'
..the ,sweetest s.oap.
the soap with an exquisite
fragrance. '
the beat soap.


FAosiqU ua

TIL 5/20-7/756' .

The delicious Chocolate
brings relief overnight. S
to-night and to-morrow
you'll be all right.

. '


I :

, ,.~i

* .,\

eue-f Oe e ee

_____..____** "i -'
* I gi I v ,"* ,' "L.'. v

'' k i'.. "
., ".,

'I 4"'
W H ""I:'

i ; .: -.'

-. ,.
,. ., ,%
'. _. ,." :
..j ]~ ~~~.. ..-

',,. :. : ," ;

.) ,:
":." ;: l
t", .' ..'':,


: Time" & L" ife"

The Leading American
'A :', ,'" '



BOO mni

- Are Now On Sale At All

S3" *IJ~v~L'.~*ft4Ir4-..?4:'

I ., ,'

By T. J. Grant

ontiniied from Page.8
i k- -4-

er" Ils~~~ la~~~a ~ s

-67-00011) f-IE






i~ .i

:~;.:!..... ~. ~

,-. ;,

geTicklPa ee Bu! _o! To Deth

I t Tickled Me But Not To Death


-4Was your girl pleased
-with toe bathing suit you

,Ye.,J. You should have
'ai wer beam when .be put
f' .-' I" .
,.t .. ,ic. an: .y ..y.says-ie,
ea jo you.irde-
*r- :W .can.,e. dd?
s* .. .: ;Ai ; .'

' kin'-."k he o .


Amcarn sla'ig'?
of them do. Why?>
daughter is to be mar-

S; t .. 4
i!: ::DUCOMS Fu.....CE'
4 '; .

,., ..

~ i
I-, ,,.<
.S, ,

0 v

'.. .. &
-.-'- ^.':, .** -
-boy, -..bo ow,., o 11o -.1 .,W ,a ,.o
S" ". .W "O en

-.,z-,:i An he- S,, helf The Old Jt. .ran
i tr;- q
e .. M.. r '


SiteOf The 01. ,4 i~cis
F.4 S '[0 $ IN H"I T.i ,

S. '3 IER
2,000 Feel Cl *-tr. fsHeaven

Telepho nea Tl i-
; /- .. ... : .

tp;.. ; ':
w,, -., .
C A ." -. .


tried in London, and the Earl
has cabled me to come across.,
Prosecutor: Now tell the
coti why you took the car.
Defo~di4nt: Well, it was
parked iit front of the ceme-
tery, so I nihatrally thought
the owner was dead.
" i *' "" "' ""
S.Sfte: 19y f.stew takestlhi.ngs
agprt so gsqe why they didn't
l'e: o wViOt?
She: So you'd better go.

aBoy, wa -sy ir r3,? at
1eha., trouble

Dinner Dances

she had been ready for ten I

Reporter: Do you see many
strange sights?
Window Cleaner: Well, up
on .the fourth flood I just saw
an office full of people, all
Bachelor, at Christmas din-'
ner: How we change as we
grow older.
Divorcee: Yes, do you know I
I used to marry men I would-
n't think'of inviting to cin-
ner now.


H te Ibo Lele

Ti^ ue.a.y a pd Edal frbm 8 b -.. io 12

f ft mlm8p. .Ja.
f: i r>, .

) e e e ee 0 qu -e e L e 0e e

- d'(!'A: '"r ,- l

"_b ,a aa aa a

The Palace of Sans-Souci
The E-ighth Wonder'o the Worl'd
SKing Christbphe's Citadel
The Indian Caves at Dondon.
The lovely beaches of the North

SAt Your Serviceithe Oldest.
anil Mnas Experiecred Cap
Haitian Travel Servce.

Apply M. Leopold Sanchez,
Cap Haitien, Rues A-23
Telephone 454

ie Picardie



Specialities -

* Onion Soup
Iilet ign on
SPepper Steak

r ,'r *
in Cool KeiscdcI

S FFor Lunches and Dinners of Distinction
S Almost 5,000 feet; almost a mile
r abbve sea-level
Yet only 15 pleasant miles, 35 leisurely
minutes from the heart of the Capital

Unexcelled American French- German- Haitia
Cuisine and Beverages

r. e ,0 0


' :~WV

* Escalopgne de Veau
icarie Vean


For Reservations Tel. 7416.

t/oui Jsi'.&K cr/. /o % lnc |



BaCOl n -IA, A Ao EGG5
o A.lCr-E


At Rizoton on the Aye. Franklin Roosevelt
A most cha.Aingreitaurdnt, b the sea
Cool sea breeze ava4able da 'and night
.Open up till 1:30 am Week-days
Oben up till 2:30 am Sundays and 'atur4ayv-
French and American cooking. Bar sertv~ce .
Specialty: Creole dishes which are available at all times,

Z .. --
o:' ..,-,
~ ",.," .", ,.
:,<.+]:i' ,"+ ".i-:, ,. .. .: .'- ,. :, ... .. .. .. -. .... +
+ ,'," .,, .:':: :,: .., .. .< .. .: : '-: ... :. : . .., ,. :, .
..,# :+ + .:+"'. :,.'..: .:,+',,.,. ..."- ":- ,, '"' ..: ". ,., .,"... .- ...:...,.+,.+;@ ,., .. ..: ,,+y: + +.,,,. + ++ ;y '

- =1

-- -- -- -

~~'9~CJe~l~B~~OM~~ri~uC~ -----u--- --


.. I '. -


-~ -~r-i

Page lIE


JiT'DAY, JUNE 21st, 1953

Road Accidents Increasing Rapidly

Eternal Vigilance Demanded

Continued from Page 1

In the past. six months the
tire traffic safety system
ai been overhauled. Five
affic lights have been in-
alled. Luminous stop signs
ive been placed at intersec-
ons; a number of streets
ive been made one way.
,sco is presently erecting
irger red lights with auto-
4tic signals at their rail
ossings throughout the city.
he opening of the new traf-
'rinspection garage is await
g the approval of Congress.
his traffic inspection garage
cated opposite Bowen Field
ill require private cars to
undergo an inspection of
iakes, lights and wheels
very three months. Public
vehicles may be required to
visit the garage as often as
ach month.
:With 7.390 vehicles on the
ad this year as compared
1th 5,701 last year road ac-
dents continue to be the
ii'bject of close attention.
Essential requirements for
afe driving may be simply
id briefly stated. A safe drive
ir must possess, firstly, a rea-
onalble amount of skill and
knowledge in using the me-
ihanical controls of the ':ar.
Secondly he must have driv-
.ng sense and caution, with ia
Capacity to maintain them
0ntinuoisly as a conscious
Sof the mind when in con.
frol of the car. These physical
and mental attributes must
Impl'oy and follow the precise
iules which the law lays down
driving anywhere, keep to
Uur right; overtake on the
0t hand side of the vehicle
0ou seek to pass: allow a[n
verti;king vehicle to pa- -: on
ur left.
We have mentioned the- ..'i!l
capacity to n1: in ltin r
e standard ot driving as
ng the first c-ins,-ious tack
Sthe mind. r( r -rience
O1vs th:-at llere fr,'?. t'o
8ies of rt'.n ti-t ir alnt
fail. '['T is are in : i i al
BB all of their owni' It is
drivers of those classes
t the perils of the road and
accidents record are cre-

ated. They may be nominat-
ed as the dominant mind and
the dormant mind. The driver
with the dominant mind is one
who temnil:eramentally and hab
itually dislikes being overtak
en and passed on the road.
There are sach drivers. One
of them may have no reason
for hastening his journey, but
he seems to dislike being over
taken and- is apart to view the
sight or sound of an overtak-
ing car as a.challenge. He will
immediately Ipull ont to the
left to maintain his lead. As
Shakespeare said ,in another
connection) That is villainous,
nd shows a most pitiful am-
bition in the foc( that uses

Then there is t-.a dormant
mind or classic ctete mar-
teau., He cannot, it, any task
of life, long remain keyed up
to a :tfo standard of aware-
ness and responsibility. The
safety ot a car in the care and
uader the control of -uclh a
dri'. er i-. let to Lthe dri\e:s of
other cars and the working of
the law of averages. This is
the driver Who can ?nd- does
maintain a conversati-n or
debate with a passenger and
gives his whole mind to it, or
drives in a blissful state of
cday-dreamning and unaware
ness, to the utter disregard of
the possible perils of the road.
It is evidently members of
s.ich a class that Mr. How
grave-Graham had in mind
,hen l he \wrote : "ll)re .r)'E
those that drive badly iecan. -

they are temperamentally in-
capable of driving welWl.
Our system of testing an ap
plicant for a driver's licence
does not necessarily eliminate
them, because, for that parti-
cular occasion of short dura-
tion they can keep themsel-
ves keyed up to good driving
There still remains the
more culpable menace of the
intoxicated cdiver, whose nor-
mal sense of caution and me-
chanical reactions have been
dulled, while his confidence
in his skill and performance
have been raised. This is an
ever-present menace and it is
submitted that the public's
conscience needs to be arous-
ed to demand the impositi'-n
of heav'er penalties and tl._
fixing and enforcement of
driving prohibitions on the of-
Overwhelming evidence sup
ports the view that the usua'
effect of alcohol on the drink-
er's mind is not to raise. :.
sense of critical caution ra to
his condition and competence,
but to fill him with a blisslulI
feeling of well-being and con-
fidence. No: The law should:
promnl:It him to an earlier r-on-
sideration a n d decision.
<.What does my common sen4-
suggest to ime?, is the coi.ree~t
attitude of a reasonable citi-
zen \vho is expecting shortly
to take control of a car in our
road traffic.

The Sunda. morning acci-
dents on the Petionville ro'iad
- ara testimony to a successful
Saturday tight bambocl:e.
W\e must take care this is
- ,v-t the beginnirgS of the a~Uir

age in Haiti. What can we
expect in the future when the
main highways of the Repub-
lic are paved like glass?

(In our next issue i e itill
ture how to avoid those gi
road hazards *The Ta
Cuamiorns.', .,on Light I
meirs and *Speedsters.-

a a a00 0 0 0 -00ow0olo

. -3

Let the Insurance Company do the worr:'ng.
Sec ..-..iriadalt,.ly: ,NORIWI CH UNION, Pesurance Co.
Jr:. :'lih Nadal and Co.' Agrn ... T.l- 34So

4tfltj Ip

fti i f




L-A A UZ -IrC __.__ __________________ -*L-L-A.7-a--LL

Simp city Steals Show in Home Decorating Dramas,

EL ANT simplicity is the keynote in today's decorating themes.
There's nothing stark or barren-looking about truly modern.
room settings, only a clean-cut, dramatic look as the designs of
Iflhiture and fabric are allowed to take the spotlight instead of
i The unfurnished-barn look that some faddish modernists
achieved in the early days of functional furniture is out, too. Up-
to-datb decorators-amateur and professional-are striving for the
warm, home-like interior of' grandmother's days-minus the "
SIf you're dissatisfied with the old-fashioned look, of your home, :'-
thb first step is not the tossing out of every piece of furniture you .-.
own-as many homemakers sometimes would like to do-but the '-
elimination of accessory furnishings that don't actually add any-- '- '
thing to the general decorating scheme.
Ranking high among these are unsuitable wedding presents, such
as lamps, vases and candlesticks, which many homemakers wrongly r. '' .
feel they must keep on display for all of their married lives.
..-When choosing new pieces for your home, determine in advance
Just what effect you'd like to achieve. This is particularly im-
'portant when your furniture must be bought piece-meal-a chair '" ''
this month, and a table later when the budget gets padded again.
It mnal; s no difference what period or type furniture you select, -
So long a, you I;cep it consistent. Don't mix traditional furniture '. .r .. ,:-''P ".
*Ith abstract sculpture, for instance. .. .
This handsome room spotlights the Interesting design of furr.lure,
Whatever your choice, make *'.*- ..ot only thli the piece is fabric and carpet rather than knick-knacks Legs of table (above)
pleasing to the e.'-, L that it v, .. makre living easier for you as axec curved, nt nIly i'r air" r'rce, but to cu r ample Isee room
Well, _T jisj_the sp.ret of gooddesign. for diners seated at ends. Beauty is thus combliaed witi fancticu


Man- :-
re *i






I-.-----lrrurr ~- -- ---- --'-------~


-A i

rise 12

Delta C and S Director Seared Of Dark, Hat Thief
ilf To U. S. For Gel Attracts Police
Acquainted Course

Mrlr Robregt L. Wdeb, local di-
xector of tihe recently merged
IDelta and Chicago and South-
en Airline is clippering to
.-New Orieans on the 10.20
Constellation this morning to
attend a special company
course in Atlanta, Georgia.
The special course is a get-
acqnuanted rally for members
'of the two Airlines who are
mow one. During one week at
Belta.C and S general offices
mn Atlanta the personnel will
-get to know each other. Mr.
Webb will return to Port by
Constellation Saturday 27th.


S*27 Haitian workers en- '
-gaged by Dominican sugar
mills arrived at Les Cayes
aboard a Dominican ship Fri-
day, June 12th.

Furnished house on Fer-
' nand Riviere Street, Canaue
-Vert Call at Mr. Maurice
-Elie's residence on ruellb Alix
Roy. Ciracao irauuumg uu. .a&
Distributors in Haiti
"- ,_ $ ,_ __ i -

Sr. V. lortensen, executive of Cia. Indus-
trial Cook, S. A. large soft drink bottling
plant in Maracaibo, Venezuela says .
"\Ve express our complete satisfaction with
,the wonderful se\ ice Clipper Cargo has
been giving us in transporting vital raw
Materials and electrical equipment from
Sthe United States and Panama. Consider-
ing the time saved, the capital invested,
'.. the eliminationi of costly e.xpoit packing,
S' e can well state that Clipper Cargo opens
' \.'. opportunities that would be impossible
''., \\ith any other form of transport.'


An evening last week Ra-
phael Jean was skulking out
of Laurette Bidoux's bouti-
que with 27 straw hats. He
hit, owing to the gloom,
against something which
frightened him. On screaming
he drew the attention of a
gendarme passing by and
was arrested. The 27 straw
hats were stolen and Raphael
was identified as a custom-
er)> of the police.

tn.Tt T y With Jdil
Sentence Nr Thirst
For Revenge

Gertrude Jean was awak-
ened suddenly one evening
last week by the smell of fire
and gasoline. Her screams
brought the neighbourhood to

The (Ile de France* will ar-
rive March 6th, '54; uFlan-
dres* December 26th, Janu-
ary 9th, 23rd and March 12th.
25th, February 14th; ships of
the Furness Line will call
here Septemlber 2nd, 30th,
November 1st and January

her < the good citizens held a would-
be assassin until the police

A. Anglade had endeavour-
ed to satisfy a thirst for re-
venge by bathing the sleeping
body of Gertrude Jean in
gasoline and putting a match
to it.

He awaits trial : she medi-
cal attention.


The up'to-date forecast for
the winter tourist season is
bright with possible higher
profits than last year. The
Cunard Line, Holland Ameri-
ca Line, Bergen and Furness
Line have decided that their
luxurious cruise ships will
driqp anchor in Port au Prince
this coming season.


* -S..

Clipper Charlie says "Specify Clipper
Cargo and give your business a lift .

Remember, in addition to the regular, dependable all-cargo
service throughout Lcit America, every Clipper carries cargo.
Sb you can send almost anything, anywhere on all six continents.

Distributors in Haiti : UK.ne a Glace N ..onale

F. A1k A4ER[izs WiftD AWAvrsS
I O- ." lu M DANTMs MSTOUCHS. -POIBtMliflk lwtONES 341 AN"D 323
TM. RHE, le, PF A. INC.

Clipper Cargo Offers

New Opportunities


NDAY, JUNE 21st, 1953 ':

in Haiti. This should be a
ibooom to all oar owners for-toot
long have we been forced to,
use batteries made for winter
climates whereas our condi'
tions are the opposite. Now .
if the new company is sUr.,
ported by our local buyers,;
we may expect a battery life
such as is obtained in the)
United States and in Europe.

It was noticed that the at
tide stated that Mr. MaoI
was associated with Bendf
Aviation for nearly two yeaw.
which is an error, actcuas
the time was nineteen yefr
a large potion of which w4
spent on batteries and electric
cal equipment for aircraft and
automotive use. This is menj
tiored as it has a direct bea*
ing on the product of the new
company. :'E

Yours very truly,
Interested. '

.-- 4

Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
June 16, 1953.
Mr. Bernard Diederich,

'The Haiti Sun.
Dear Mr. Diederich:

Your paper has reported
plans for establishing a fac-
tory t- manufacture batteries

,jNDAY, JUNE 21st, 1953

MA cocktail party and buffet
R er was jointly given by
and Mrs. David Post and
A. E. Sinimons at the
hiville Club last Tuesday
g. it was attended by
,.xcellency, Roger Dor-
idle, Minister of Labour
1VMadame Dorsinvi-lle; His
ev'ncy, Daniel Theard4
Sdu Protocole; Mr. Sorel
uinaud; Mr. and Mme.
eD. Scutt and other gov-
tent officials, prominent
'ness mren and their wivet.
Ma x Sejourne -lew to
anc via Canada Tuesday
visit with daughter Chan-
Fat school in Paris. He was
Oompanied by Gerald.
-1. -:0:--
nthropologist Kurt Fisher
a. supper fete at his
in Turgeau Sunday
t. It included a buffet
r and som? of the lead-
-personalities of the Capi-

:- -:0:- .
'?;Mr. Henri Borno accom-
panied his family Friday to
ingston on the irst leg of
.their voyage to France.

S': -.0:-
,"Mrs. Salomon Baboun and
Aghter Nadis and son Joe
ie flying to Mexico via Mi-
Sthis weekend. The chil-
'e will enter school in Mex-

S.MXrs. Raymond Rouzier
Went to Washington last week

Page 13

ward bound today. intimate ceremony Thursday.
-:0:- The distinguished couple clip-
Carmen Nicolas of Shasa is pered the same day to Havana
accompanying the Henri Bor- on a 10-day honeymoon.

no family to Paris.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrenc
Tooley returned to Port Tue
day after a three-week vis
in Miami.

Speaking a- flawless Eng-
lish is Lucien Leconte who re
turned Friday for the sum-
mer from 12 months in New
York where he specialized in
oral surgery. The young den-
tist specialized at New York
University, Colombia an d,
Harlem Hospital., He will re-
turn for further advanced
knowledge in the field of Oral
Freddy Kroll Jr. returned
from attending Kent school
in Connecticut, Saturday
morning aboard the S.S. Pan-
ama, with school friend Jim
Plowdon-Wardlaw. They will
vacation here at the Kroll fam
ily residence in 'Bourdon.

A fashionable coming out
party in Marie Jose Gentil's
honour was held last evening
at the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Gentil.
Mile Gentil observed her 21st
birthday Thursday. Among
the celebrants was Reginald
de Matteis who was born the
same day.
_:0 :-
Mr. and Mrs. Luc Brierre
are back from their one-
month stay in the States.

Father Philippe,
the Sacre Coeur

Vicar of
went to

Uiki Villard is clippering to France Thursday.
imi today. -:0:-
Ti Joe, o Furcy is making Mrs. Nanie Voigt, mother
.Holy Communion today. of Yanne Sendral left by boat
ends and many o f his 36 last Sunday for the U.S.
dren will attend. :0:-
Madame Yvonne Miot of Ave
0. is Washington bound Fri-
S Aday 26th to visit with daugh-
terms Denise and Lucienne in
Washington for 6 months.

The' Beroviis are home-
T,he' Bercovicis are home-

" *

John Black, U.S. Vice Con
sul and 3rd Secretary arriv-
ed from Seattle, Washington.
this past week with wife Pa-
tricia, son John, 6, daughters
Catherine 3 1 '2, and Bridget,
1. Their posts since entering
the State Dept. include Wash-
ington and Stuttgart and
Munich. Mr. Black is replac-
ing Mr. Blackiston.
Mrs. Joseph Attie went to
Havana with son Fred on a
health trip.
Celebrating on her reach-
ing the ikey of the door, age
21, is Mlle Denise Cauvin,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vic-
tor Cauvin.
Burma bound after a short
visit to the home bureau in
Washington are Director of
the Haitian American Insti-
tute and Mrs. Cassedy.
Mr. and Mrs. Francois
-tFanfan) Maalval 8th wedding
anniversary is the 23rd.
-:0:- I
Alphonse Cimber, Gonaives
born American musician, who
has gained fame in the Uni
ted States with his Haitian
drum. arrived here aboard
the S.S. Ancon Monday for a
month vacation.
Mlle Raymonde Elie be
came Mrs. Anthony Nazon ir
a ceremony which took place
in the General Consulate ir
New York last week.
Nicole Denise returned
from an eye trip to the U. S
last week. Sister Lilian i,
vacationing from Skidmor
College in Mexico.
The tiny tots of the kinder
garten Jacqueline Turian ar
presenting a seance theE
trale> Wednesday, July iAt a
5 p.m. at the Rex Theater.
Mr. Pierie Liautaud, Sec
retary of State of Foreigi
Affairs, married Mrs. \'v
Andre 'Liautaud, in a strictly:

Mile Monique Villedrouin,
daughter of the noted engin.
eer, has returned home for
the summer from attending
Skidmore College in Sarato-
Last evening the Sacre
Coeur of Tu'rgeau was the
scene of the marriage of love-
ly Renee Elizabeth Miot,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Richard Miot of Gonaives, and
Carl Heinrich Wulff, son of
Mrs. Carl Voigt of Port au
Prince. Many friends from
the City of Independence were
in town for the big occasion.
Deputy Jean Marie Moise
is in the States on a health
Well known furniture mak
er and engineer Mr. Jean
Clesca will forsake bachelor-
hood July 4th when he takes
the hand of Mile Gaby Darti-
guenave. The nuptial benedict
tion will be held at the Sacre
Coeur at 6.30 p.m.
Building material tycoon
Alfred, de Matteis' arrived
home aboard the S.S. Panama
Saturday morning with wife
Georgette, son Reginald and
daughters Josiane, Patrice,
Didier and Marie. Accom-
panying Josiane is school pal
Alice Heaton.

IMrs. Burton WilliAtns, Dr.
SPaul Perigord and Lorraine
Dora entertained the new pre
sident of the Haitian Red
Cross, Dr. and Mrs. Louis
SRoy, Mr. Fred Sigerist, Gen
s eral Delegate of the Red Cross
e Societies in Latin America,
Mr. Homer Gayne and Dr.
3ylvain at cocktails Thursday
Afternoon in Gros Morne.

Vacationing in town this
t week were Mr. and' Mrs
Charles Griffin of OlKinawa.
The Raymond Roys are vo.
n y.aging <,bientot.*
e -:0 .-
y Rosalie Miller, a Canadian
beauty and journalist too, ij
in town visiting with ol(
school churis.
On the 25th Mrs. Marce
Perigord will celebrate he
fete; the following day Sna

artist daughter Adeline will
observe her fete.
Don Lungwvitz is back on
the plantation after a visit to
his ' ginia.
Mrs. Sagasta, Mother of
Mrs. Vic Lampsaon'is return-
ing home via the Panama

Jeah Claude Rigaud left on
a cv6yage d'affaires' Satur-
day to JaMicia C uba- :and
New York.
Mr. Emmanuel Severe of
Gonaives was in town for the
Miot wedding, accompanied
by his lovely daughter Ni-

The stork delivered ler, the newest member of
the Andre Constant family
last week.
public of Haiti is not illegi-
timate, Mr. J. A. Gerdes was
officially recognized by the
local press this week as being
its papa.
The ccigogne* visited the
Victor Gilles household and
delivered Dahielle, a healthy,
baby girl', last week.
Mile Ev'a MorIpeau is join-
ing the staff of the nite Isaie Jeanty. She recent
ly returned from studying in
S Yvase Celestin christened
Shis daughter Marie Lise last
Sunday. Godmother, Lilian
.Duvivier, Godfather Guy Bar
S- -:0:-
The stork delivered CaroU
* to the CApuccio family June
12th at 7 p.m.
The Louiseld Solon house-
s hold have welcomed .Eruest,
Sthe latest addition to their
A new addition to the field
of endeavour is a political and social news-
1 paper run by Michel R. H. Ro-
s main.
d -:0:-
S Teoaco Accountant and
Mrs. Roch Dubois have named
el their first child *r son-in-hler arrived' June eth.
d weighing 8 pounds.

M.RADE MARK 'amous since464




Page 14
Page 14

SUNDAY, JUNE 21st, 195

Personality Of The Week
(Continued from Page 1)

the less spectacular outpour-
ings of Tin Pan Alley and the
interpretations of Latin rhy-
thms offered by even the most
hep U. S. dance bands.
IMaestro Lamy's piano play-
ing was launched by his tal-
ented mother who bribed him
one gourde 20 cents to
stay at the piano from early
morning till noon during the
school holidays when he was
nine years of age.
V .A
His mother 'had her hands
full in those days, her hbs-
band a professor at the law
school had died two years af-
ter the birth of Ernest, their
fifth child. She worked as a
Piano teacher, a n d public
school headmistress up until
the timeof her death in 19.44.
The young Lamy first clam-
bered onto the bandstand dur
ing his school days at St.
Louis de Gonzague where he
played alternately the drum,
sax, and bass. .After school
he did a stint as radio opera
'tor at IRicardo Widmaier's sta
tion HH3W. But 'he had made
the big decision on what he
wanted from life; the piano
and the orchestra were at the
foot of his rainbow. He joined
SMax Chancy's band as piano
player under contract at Ca-
bane Choucoune-and left it a
short time later to accept his
First foreign engagement at
the Zanzibar night club in
Nassau where he played a
nightly half hour piano solo.
-On returning home he
found work at HHRO, the ra-
dio station of Mrs. Clark.
n came the inauguration
of the new tourist industry
and he became piano player

Fois Trois and' ,Gpnaivi-
enne.a Lamy recalls that he
learnt a great deal about
South American music in four
months with the Capri band
at the Capri night club in Ca-
racas in 1949. His other trips
abroad 'have been to San Juan
where he appeared twice with
Lolita Cuevas and Ti Marcel,
the noted Haitian drummer
at Jack's Club. Two and a
half years ago Lamy left the
ivories long enough to take
the hand of Fenela Landrin in
holy wedlock. He confided
that she did not play the
piano. Every member of his
family did and that's quite
His eldest brother Amilcar,
a law school professor like
his father, who was recently
appointed < tieux, at the Department of
Commerce, is an accomplish-
ed pianist who plays'only clas-
sical pieces.

Marguerite, the second
child, a teacher at the Ecole
Republique du Venezuela, also
-favours classical music.
Georges, the third member
of the family, recently return-
ed from 9 months in Brasil
on a radio scholarship. He is
technician at the government
radio station HHH-I. He loves
the waltz of Lamothe, the Hai
tian composer, and plays it

Lucienne, the fourth mem-
ber, returned early this rear
from studying pedagogy in
Paris two years. She plays
her favourite Beetloven con-
sit 'ently.
'Li; his mother and bro-

in the newly reformed orches- others and sisters he speaks
tra of Issa El Saieh. Issa El "Spanish and English along
Saieh's orchestra became top with his French and Creole

in the country and' gained
fame abroad with recording
S of their arrangements of cur-
rent hits: .Choucoune,, Pa-
nama'm Tormbi; ,Ti Mamn ,
o aelina Cao., In 1950 Issa
found the-orlcestra was tak-
ing all his time and chose to
Sand his baton to Ernest
S Lamy and retired remaining a
ru- mnibre d'honneur of the
S(b6,i. Since taking over the
S NiMaestro batonpi Lamy has
be'n busy filling engagements
and recording the popular
tu'*- as they came along. His
Stost recent .recordings in-
c1ti&e cAidaw. cTaito, Trbois

with comparative ease, and is
something of a vocal when he
chooses. He plays classical
music with as much feeling as
he plays popular music. His
style ;'as influenced' by Bebo
Valdes and Billy Taylor, ut
it contains plenty of Lamy,
and one day.he should be a
challenge to these two men
who are both tops in their
playing of classical and popu
lar music. He confides 8hat
his ambition is to improve the
status of Haitian dance or-
chestra and, to some day visit

Haitian American Institute
Closes For Summer 0
Director of
the Haitiann-
American In-
st itute, Mr.
Jamos Cassedy
has ended his
term here and
L-- is leaving for
his new assignment in Bur-

This week marks the final
week 'of activities at the Hai-
tian American Institute before
it closes for the summer vaoa-
tion. For the various classes
final examinations will take
,place Monday and Tuesday,
June 22nd. and 23rd. The
Clubs, lectures, discussion
groups, etc.,'have already fin-
ished. The library will close
Wednesday. June 24th.
The climactic event for both
members and students will be
the Closing Ceremonies fol-
lowed by the annual ball or-
ganized by the Activities'
Council, both to be held on
June 25th at the Cercle Port-
During the summer exten-
.sive repairs are planned for
the 'Institute locale as well as
some painting and other reno
The date for the annual
Intensive Seminar for Haitian
Teachers of English has not
yet been decided on due to
the expected transfer to Bur-
nui of Director and Mrs.
James H. Cassedy, who will
leave Haiti d'.'ing the first
week of July. However,. it is
hoped and expected that there
will be a Seminar later in the
summer directed by his suc-
The. other activities, classes
etc. will be res'uned as usual
in September, the exact date
to be announced later.

Canadian M. D. Advisory
To Idash Leaves

Sympathetic Dr. James Gal
braith returned to nome in
Toronto, Canada, Tuesday, on
the completion of his eight-
month assignment here help-
ing with the setting up of

The Toronto educated spe-
cialist in cWorkmen's Com-
pensation was accompani-
ed Iby his wife, a charm-
ing grey-headed lady who
shares his sympathetic views
about Haiti.
Before plane time Thurdway

Your Reporter managed to
ply several statements from
the 68-year-old doctor. He said
he enjoyed his stay here so
much that he would return at
the slightest suggestion. What
struck him most during his 8
months here was the friend-
liness of the people, the tre-
mendous accident hazard and
the lack of accident preven-
tion work. He believes Idash
can be a very successful en-
terprise and that he is happy
with the thought that he has
had a chance to help the Hai-
tian community.,
Tuesday noon Dr. Galbraith
was the guest of honour at a
luncheon offered by the Di-
rector of the Advisory Coun-
cil of Id'ash Institut d'As-
surances Sociales d'Haiti -
Mr. Francois Georges.

Zombies Don't Have Need
Of Five Cents !

A tourist dropped another
hot potato in Your Reporter's

lap this-week when he rep
ed a zombi on the loose. '
loose zombi proved to
vagabond seeking loose h
outs with a new line. His
scipt included the old
gimme five cents.r

New American
Ambassador Nominal
Continued from Page',
Mr. Davis is an acad
man who has distinguish
himself in both fields of
macy and education.
his appointment as Mini
Plenipotentiary to Guaten
in 1921 Mr. Davis has serV
his country in Mexico, Cos
Rica and Panama and h
headed numerous Inter-Ami
can educational councils.
Mr. Davis, a congenial
lomat, was in Haiti one
last month in the course
his duties with an education
council of the State Depai
ment. The new Ambassad
is expected to take up his
ties here early next montZ

'' "' "L ** ** -1 *- 4------





p The Cigarette Of Quality For

28 Years

1 Don't Fool With Your Health, Smokl

I dpidid Cigarettes

SDistributor in Haiti

e Joseph Nadal and Co.
"%* a^ .


Desquiron ChickensI


j You can find them TODAY Al -

S And in Petionville at HENRY RIGAUD
( -- Daily the List Grows Larger -


Y, JUNE 21st, 1953

VV1ablic HeAlth Mr. ikfer Dorsinville proposes
.-.leir .Ex ellencies and the 'Red Cross of H4iti.

tCentral Committee Of Haitian

oss Holds Openinig Ceremonies
.' fmPage 1 words in his address. He told
ce cha. ber was, of what was expected of each
&*i tf eke occasion party involved to make the
/ize 'ed cross flag Red Cross in Haiti a success.
itian flags. He addressed the former Pre-
ning speech Miin sident of the Haitian Red
niin assured the Cross, Dr. Joseph Buteau,
ttee of assistance with a heartfelt message of
.government and simple eloquence. In express-
al thanks to Mr. Si- .ing his confidence in Dr. Roy,
.his contribution to he said he could be considered
cation of the re- one of the best presidents of
n of the Red. Cross the world Red Cross Comnmit-
l'he Minister ended tee.
'fdor extension of
organization whose Following the playing of
ip has been entrust- the Health hymn by the Pal-
I;'Luis Roy. ace band, Dr. Roy detailed
ew President Dr. the programme of the Red
y poke to thank Pre- Cross in Haiti, which he hopes
i Madame Magloire to carry out through the un-
gerist for all they derstanding and collaboration
S'to give our Red of the Haitian family.
broader meaning. He The meeting ended and
his thanks also to Mrs. Magloire and Secretary
sser Dr. Joseph of Public Health Mr. Roger
Dorsinville offered cha m-
'lerist didn't mince pagne toasts.

SWith A Profitable Publicity
iSiunt That Costs Nothing

ed Lee Howard of
ward Advertising
,-of- Miami- Beach,
a" in town this past
a giant size pub-
:lh1bat boost tourism
;to Haiti.
an publicity man
STrouhds of the gov-
'offices Monday
.Hriday tooting' his
lan. Minister of
g ency Mauclair Ze-
retary of Com-
1 Heurtelou and
Tourism Guy DOu
pur Reporter have
A.terst in Mr.

Howard's programme, that
calls for the mailing of a let-
ter with a Haitian stamp and
a National Palace letter head.
The letters 5 million 'f
them, would be sent to cur-'
rent holders of commercial
account of Banks all over the
U.S. These Banks are clients
of the Lee Howard Advertis-
ing Company whose present
task it is to encourage people
to open savings account. So,
Mr. Howard feels a letter
front Haiti would be out of
the usual and would not go di-
rectly to the waste paper bas-
ket as so many business let-

Touist 'Speds ews.,s of
Ex-king Farods iM 4 l
Cbntinued.from Page 1

showed a visa in his passport
that showed he ha .visited
Egypt when .Farpuk was rid-
ing high and mighty. Juicing
the jeep up to a murderous
tienty-five, we arrived #.t the
airport to find the tourist had
got at least one fact right,
the plane had at one time he-
longed to the dethroned mon-
arch. President.Trujillo pur-
chased the luxurious amphi-
bian from the King sometime
back, and renamed it the Alan
The man he had mistaken
was portly ,General Anselmo
Paulino Alvarez, Dominican
Secretary of State without
portfolio who spent .the day
here on a diplomatic mission.
General Paulino was accom-
panied by lovely little Indra
Dindral Garcia.

Continued from Page 2
like chest ana his everlasting
dysentery do not keep him
from being a great lover. He
is very fond of kissing and
proved it to Your Rbeporter
wben he applied his abigotev.
.whiskers)'against the, hand
of a beautiful apuchunguitan
(girl) who had come to Hotel
Citadelle to pay him a visit.
The cHaiti Sun> does not
anticipate that Montezuma is
the world's greatest gastro-
norhe. But one thing it is
sure of is that Montezuma,
(el gastronomo cumbre de
Mexico (Mexico's top gastro-
nome), will certainly throw
French writer Rabelais's most
renowned Gargantua into the
shade when the story of the
world's famous gastrbnomes
is written one day.


terms do. The letter would
l!,...,). read in a smooth fashion en-
Scouraging the he orshe to
"; open a savings account with
their local' bank for the speci-
Sfic purpose of taking a vaca-
tion abroad and inviting them
to vdsit Hait when they make
the trip. The letter would be
S signed by a Haitian official
with a PS that literature on
Haiti is available at the Bank.
SThis ;plan involves no ex-
penditure of funds for Haiti,
SMr. Howard's Bank clients
air accepting all expenses.







Disiriklrs: Usie I lage Natio
Distihuierm: Using a IGlace sNatisale

Page 15

Group MSaking Sher1 Dramatc ilm i

Of Life In Haitian Village .
Continued from Page 1 sor.
The movie will be filmed in
that better understanding can oo ad if it' proe fimed -
be brought about by this type i Dth telvisn, moe ea-
of film which isart fo evi mo iehea- :
a, prt fromtres and eductgiong -,grp
the usual travelogue or docu- r-
Smen'ry eera other fi i' e sche-
mentgry. They hqpe to tr'n,- djied to bie.,pr)lded here.
mit the everyday life.of afr- ,
eign ople the Aieica
~blic.. Th mo-e man 4 p
cThe fri6 firik estliat er '#-i.4'le
in Peti.onvil "e,
ists, in Haiti is phenomenal, e .
said Mr. Lehman, and if we
can only capture this friendli- f TE JNE ''
ness in the film then our job/ Adding Nac i .
will be complete. EaIc Nac t
Mr. Lehman who is a news- Cash Registers '
paper, publisher, economist,/
and up till recently held a po-
sition on the Public Advisory '* -
Board of the Mutupl Sed rity? '
Administration, said the film. ."
ing Would in all probability-.
last about a month. ,.
A young man and woman' '
will be' drawn from the artis- '
tic circles of the capital for a
part in the film. Jean Marie/
Durand (Haiti Susn Persotal--'. .
ity' of March' 2nd) of the THE NATIONAL CASH
Cfhoeur Michell Djean andE?

maser iso aHn Nelhnia adwr wA-- O. Bx 5.
Emerante Despradines have O gE i .1 EN'!'

Guy Laraque the Asstant oyer, Petn i.e. Caltl phone ..
alDireadctor of Tounrinsm is sactit-g 480, Mrs. i. ..
as liaison and technic l LO advi- A L& SON
abile for the'roles. Tica'rdo Wid-i S AO:i
maie s wori-~t ",=,.'t~j Z.P.O. -Box 596
mailer is workiiii.k. th t., -
groutkp and %411 be responsible h(OUE O ,NT:
for the sound: part of the film. .Furnishe--4e,,h l on place
Guy Laraque the /isistaHt, 1oyer, Piqo'nvik.. Call phone -,-,.
Director of Tourism is actiug 7480,A'Irs. '.Hu ..
as liaison and technical advi- -.,




v' Page 16

ii ...


S I'..
4.' "
r ''" ",V :


* D6ce et ses riches Colombie
chickens) the latest work of


,-;... Y.


"".1' ." ''

. .'..

,. ,


,L, '

.I', ..


From six to eight on
Thursday evening the 25th
of June there \will be an open-
ing of the summer exhibition
at the Centre d'Art. This ex-
'hhibition, fifty artistss, will
represent mostt all the art-
ists of the Center. Many are
new works that have neve-:
been exhibited before. A la-ge
new Bazile, a study for the
,Stations of the Cross for the
'.Cathedrale St-Trinite will be
making its first appearance.

rs'. iD.ice and her fortunate
Artist Philome Obin.


In addition to the paintings
and the sculptures there will
be three beautiful decorated
screens bh.y Fernand Pierre,
Adamrn Leontus, and Toussaint
Auguste. A news picture of
( will be on exhibition. Also a
painting by Philome Oibin of
Calp Haitien that has not been'
shown before. All the friends
of the Art Center are cordial-
ly invited to adtend this ver-

You have a perfect right
to perfect radio


Ii '


.':. :. '

,r ^: .

',.'. r
v.;.. i'! .
.-. .:..
";:.:_, ,

"P" 6 'W/ :1 There are no sentimen-
tal reasons-for sticking
Look at. the programs
S l you are mis'sng.... look
s I at tle enjoyment that goes
K i//i. / past your living-room! So
much progress has been
made in radio. that only a
modern radio can give you
I ull radio enjoyment.
Get it from a New Phlpas
[ I from the wonderful Philips
Cavalcade 195253 range.
Why? Because evenin MODERN radio you
find that PHILIPS are MORE MODERN and
X. .

eX 718 X
Ith 'Rinmlck" vaf-
wswiulh 13functons.
I," "one-shading" by
siprmae high- and"
(m"-rone-conirol and
Srhrabte bandwitdh.

Philips aggain
A ring new tone fo radio

Distributor in Haiti : CURACAO TRADING


During the past month the
art center has been busy
spreading the ever growing
fame of the Haitian artists.
With the cooperation of Max
Brouchereau, Haitian Consul
General in Hamburg, and the
Haitian Government, a large
selection of paintings have
been sent to Germany for an
exhibition that will be offi-
cially opened this summer by
Chancellor Adena.uer. The Art
Center has also arranged to
send a selection of paintings
to Sao Paulo, Brazil, to re-
,present Haitian art in the
second Bianalle of Sao Paulo.
Mr. Peters who is on vaca-
tion writes from New York
that an article on the murals
in the Catheda-ale Ste Trinite
will shortly appear in the Sat-
urday Evening Post, one of
the largest magazines in the
United States. Mr. Peters is
also using a great deal of his
vacation to interest people in'
supporting the projected sta-
tions of the cross for the same

One of the more noted
American composers, Leonard
Bernstein, purchased several
paintings at the Center when
he was in Haiti recently. He
also commissioned the decor-
ated screen by Adam Leontus,
mentioned above, which will.
still beon exhibit at the Cen-
ter for several days.


Four Nurses withthe rank
of Sergeant Major in the
health service of the Haitian
Army were promoted to the
Srank of Adjutant Thursday.

General Antoine Levelt,
Chief of Staff'of the Haitian
Army pinned the golden Adju
tant bar on the nurses in spe-'
cial promotion parade at the
Military Hospital Casernes
Vincent. After the ceremony
the 4 nurses dressed in their
new uniform of white blouse,
skirt, black necktie and army
overseas cap were received at
the National Palace by His
CO. Excellency the President as

the first women officers in Mrs. Jean Covil an
the Haitian Army. -"C.', .. .i have m

The four nurses AndreF St- ten years active servii
Vil Noel, Mrs. Jean Lopes, Army.

El Rancho

C -' -I I

.ile Best Quality Cement at
the Lowest possible costi


I offer their

i i


Por-au-Princp Tel: 387 :

m e e e e 0-e-e e o e


THE WORLD 1 a o-
-7w -
^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^- ^ ----^*^^-


;b.-: -
.., -;. -;.., ,.:. ...: ..

-- r---. I- ---~lrrua~-M --*--1~L


~;lr-.:.". :,
i. T.; u~~. I .I I!.
:r I --. i. ~..-

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