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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

Record Information

Source Institution:
Duke University Libraries
Holding Location:
Duke University Libraries
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 32441147
lccn - sn 95058138
lcc - Newspaper 2117
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if~st bia f~~7

....W" 0,18 -r -. p"on muef onue.. .
,.. .r r e n i l e
'- e r" o%.'s. 2 Tue ,sa k eu eri..'1. .
a .: .J ..0..eisa -w bftm .
Wiio m es ... p In WGte traiti
cn A'",tadm Cone ."t a fo blCfle et;9'' :.w;t Inthe
,s s,-,. ,. .Ct. '. ,.
.. eat. a..semet.ui .lou:. fel-'.:
:fzw.mn.iti.er'in this .g P Pe Jow. shachQd the.bundile; v'-,
,.V.eri.Da,:a. es3.\ | rup; W.o E the .,ank uter'.w "''"if
.yin.g Had- ti P:ort beingg 'detected. '.epor.ts.a .,,.'N:
ds PeftruB.His essa$ \u P-inie, comm.rercant .Cassis had .th;"';:,
cbt,.ek,, a lette r .Jan.uary 10, ed his back on-the buhnidle f.or ..
StiT U rionm means *tBB o'l1934. -He at-- a minute to i traighteni out a -
:ic hllsem from ~phlosp tended the fotball- point witihan Jac-
.aias..sbniitted Coege Sain t uaintanee. .
f'in the aent; i .Ma.rt.iaF for .
rie'...in the Union. .W.inner Clgude Petru1 .TN NEXT ISSUE ....
,d' carriBd witi a : complte.rep.ortage on the .
tilchecki anid 'a letter: many. years and was graduat- opeMing of the newly health cen-
iultaao.n -. from the, ed from it last'July. He is now tcr at Mirebalais ith accom- .
'off'terji .anAmeri: studying, philosophy at the paying photographs will ap-'Jacque.
S. Continued on Page 3 pear in our next issue. Morne
Of : t: ",,, i H i n t a '* -

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all."' -
"e~~,4 ,. ', t& ,* y. .....' .-a,, ,,

v I v*r i e *.. J ,
s and his white :btik 1 o e very rock b diweei.i: r'tO'
and Petionville Photo .Haiti Suns.

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^^^*^^^.* ^.B^a^i^.^^^ '*"3.?.:::te*I

mlpany To Commence Building M^"gm o
Batteries Here Next month rea Devased
Batteries Here Next Month By Flood

Top Woman Psyciafri
Admits To Loiring 'Haiti'
4: ~5

4.His: Erxcellency, President Monday morning at 8.45 Stopping at the Villa Crole' ..is in charge of yaws'
: MAgloire recently an- Madame Paul Magloire accom these, past two weeks has been t'ion in that arba..
S ed,.through Le. Moni- panied by ladies of her suite, Dorothy Weigert, a woman try. As she may se.A
| : at 'Ia:"uthorization of an- the Secretary of tate' of In- who has reached the top in locate one active.c
w industry .to .be form terior, Me Ducasse Jumelle, field of psychiatry in the.U.S. she. as very inter
| .eur. .,epuabliac. President of the Haitian Red Dorothy Weigert has an inter tropical: diseases'
nal Bttery Corn- Cross Dr. Louis Roy and Di- eating past. Born of Swedish unknown'tto her,'
.S;A.'::is headed by Dr. rector of SIPP, Mr. Roger Sa- and German parents in Ber- the'textbooks, having;
J e1M.' ; Leconte, .w ell vain, visited the devastated lin sh" 'graduated from--the her life in the cold;clci
both Pa rtau-Prince area in Jacmel caused by the Universaty of. Rome and prac Haiti she says,4
,atien.CMr. harles ary m recent flooding of Les Oran- tised psychiatry .in Italy be- especially the friepndi
wiowa si: for near- a will be i, ges, river. The First Lady fore coming to the U.S. in the people. Her nex
-.,": ....- .. atteries will be i'built in the
ProjectiEngineer,. distributed money, foodstuffs 1,939 on the eve of the war. tion will be Haitian,
": ... .: ;.,tropics, for .the" tropics> and
S'Mechanical a:d ..i f te a .' peps. and sundries. and necessities Today after Jiassing all the
o Mehwillavcatlthe Haitian people
Deelopmeit. for., 'b ly cting s d to the flood victim during her exams she is surprising phy-
-' a ..aery costingless and de-tour
Aviation Cbrpora-tolas longer t one tour. sician at the State Hospital 0N BIG 4TH JULY1
zigfie>sto last- longer-..m tha e to latBlIGer 4Tan oHe
fonag H.-it. dbtainiile noW.. Itwas stated in Long Island,' New York...:
ad Mr. Perr by Company' nieer House-Boy Plunders This hospital has ,9,300 pa- Fr thegrapi
b..y thb Company's en, neer 'From thegrapei.viIe
i e .lown,.in fyjng that ;they are .htofident that A Confrire tients and it's her job to care derstand that due
@ "." who;' with Mr. te ies ill pve for 750 of them even'U.S.,
I.ofd' :W." "intr- e has under staff problems.'
Monday thepolice 'arrested
i maufatu e r ore endutiig' ider our lo- Mondy th police arrested staff problems drive of then
S country'. cal nations than the best Mauoair orviline and book- Dorothy told Your Reporter tion the annual Ame
SBa tte 'C p f the iniported batteries be- ed him with the stealing of that she came to. Haiti after bassy Fourth. ofi .
s,. B atatry-i emp ny .. .. / ... Q...:..
1 :. licensed to:man-, cause ithey" are designed, and- $260 from .We purse of Mrs. reading several books which being cut out thi
eeinihe med a- .bilt specificaUy tor tropical Max Chauvet and the keys of swam in those adjectives wjl be oily thd.sait
etri and li' seri ed'M gn that no comiro- the editorial office and the cStrange, enchanting, myste- celebration' ,bacusii
11i -devote its ipiedi- ise ith lon: life character- ,ximprimerieo of Le'Nouvel- rious, etc.*'She said it drew' stricted to hikhrit' a
Sto the establish tics need.'be made as is the iste. auclair, a hduseboy, her. On a boat travelling be- tian and. foreign 'ai
.6% case- with .btt~riesbuildtf fi"- .'"
: I but ioderr cse' with batteries, built for who used.to unload the Chau- tween St. John and St.. Tho- officials. It iS- ':"i
c tb cdate batteries ise in. al climates. Another vet Odsmobile of supplies on mas in the Virgin Islands she that various AinmriSi
Arpnotive, industrial g 6te is the fact that its return from 'shopping met .Mavis Martin, actiig planning their oi F
-. ne markets 'With t will install a fsh trips to the city, ohe dayin Supervisor of th.e Public July parties. "
ejbne markets'.'With da
fhe .cases, battery in his car or truck May helped, himself to $260 Health.,'ursing y st e.m, rn
aandhotrone thit-may have' -r
batttey .will" be and a one that may inthe. purse which Mis. Chau- 'who,knew Doctor Bellerive, ID cu iRIT
r materials. .pent several, months or vet had left in the front seat Director of the K.Centre .de CUBA GILS BAl
l-s-ie :more entranjsit. or resting n. of the auto. He confessed to Sante .in Haiti. On her ar-
0Z Stosae..before..begu.no
i r-in the Ufi- sto before being put into police investigators .that he rival hqre Dr. Bellerive intro- The..sturdy-eleven.i
fgla.id'a nd :Ger-.' had hidden the ioney in the ,-duced Mr. Deslandes Laguer-, .cAacaona: odrehet
:'.-/." Naba4CIo Eatteriies, built in yard, and the'day the'director re- who arranged, her trip to sieged the' V-od61"d
l Battery .Tm- .the tropi : fpr the tropics of cLe Nouvdlliste. spent $25 Bainet- where Miss' Weigett .several other spots
Sr iWic" emiploy and will appear .iK .few months .n)maki ng new' keys the. mo. -saw 'the- new dispensary. ad 'pity this past ivee'
W huie personnel The. time.,' ',;.' "'.' ie, eyweerdtriev- 'talked over itrcpioal diseases hot mrambo andg
i.. e A. -'. ,..ii .gard .' ., with Dr, Facio of Unicef, who The girls hail f.wm '

highlight in rose duRuinart Pere t il
was ade de la section h.
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'aat- liqu' eu ..." .:",.. -"

ha. 'oot. The put' ht Moon dy,
% e .ai oe ho-ded',wmsuthh 11n
G ,W.it,".tran ,lo i -a rd it Plyi ..i .uhi.
Itntsij g ers: seasfs t a d the trieBnn f re4ir e
f Woiigb Fo At "the inte rsec-
e t o pedt o e'l l& h, ave
.ipeeon d;t`e;i -'Mxeed been -,s1d~tg bit' wasn't ow-v
follows: Welcome rock- 'int thg ba 1hpkg burnt
BArg otelr4 Je potage .owt the .Phout txi pro-,
S e Hiti Sun needed .r lacening.
.le rIt' i -:dfr Nouvtel pe a Lh tain ..t : ,, ,or
~s ba'icots n Pha- taxi dr iv'n by'Alpihon. :'
.: macaroni mode whinchwa's preedling on tHe"
U4-Jopirnal;w le pudding green light. Aiste DLusseC
.Deme rateie,, et, le cafe wass -ent to the trilbunabr for

4v td i CURACAO TRADING CO. Distributors for Hati








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RK -- -I- n AP

- :

--_____________ ___________________ ___________ ______"-: "Page's 3
b U.NUI ~e3
---------- --- we

Haitian Wins 3rd Prize In

Pan American Essay Contest

I -*

rx* ~
*~~. j -Y~ a~~g

Sand representatives
atin American coun-
ho arrived at Albrook
G, Canal Zone, to as-
ihe graduation of .-tai-
Frm 12 Central and
.American countries,
0ok place June 4th in
oppl.for Latin America,
.the photo with Bri-
|enerail Emil C. Kiel,
the Caribbean Air-
eadquarters, and B-ki
.General Reuben C.
Swho wili remain in
.the Headquarters at
nest of General Kiel.
Mt in American Chiefs
left and right) are :
kSaul Guerrero, Chief
e f the Venezuelan
e; General Armando
ihief of the Chilean
e; Major General Oc-
jos Higginson, Chief of
uvian Airforce; Gene-
1l C. Kiel, Chief of th.j
.an Airforce Head,
; General Reuben C.
-who will remain in

charge of the Headquarters at
the request of General Kiel;
Major General Alfredo Stroes
sner, Chief of the Paraguayaa
Airforce; Brigadier General
Manuel Flores Representa-
tive of the Mexican Airforce;
(second row from left r"
right): Lieutenant Colonel
Miguel Matamoros, Represen-
tative of the Cuban Airforce;
Lieutenant Colonel Carloc
Uribe, Representative of the
Colombian Airforce; Lieuten-
ant Colonel G. Edouard Roy.
Chjef of the Haitian Air-
force; Major q. sector Carac-
cioli, Operation Chief, Hondu-
ras; Colpel Conrado Saez,
Chief of State of the Utru-
guayan Airforce; Colonel Car
los Vanegas, Chief of the Ni-
caraguan Airforce; Lieuten-
ant Colonel Luis Felipe Esco-
itar, Chief of the Salvadorian
Airforce; Lieutenant Colonel
Carlos H. Sarti, Assistant
Chief of the Guatemalan Air-
force; Lieutenant Colonel Vic
tor Suarez, Representative of
the Chief of the Equatorian

g at Albrook Air Force Base, Canal Zone, Sunday,
at, to attend the graduation ceremonies held by
ited States Air Force School for Latin America,
ay, June 4, was Lt. Col. G. Edouard Roy, Chief of
~an Air Force, accompanied by Col. Wiley Alexan-
ol..'Roy, (left) was greeted upon his arrival by Brig.
i,'' C. Kiel, (center) head of the Caribbean Air Comn
ndBrig. Gen. Reuiten C. Hood Jr., (right) who will
command upon Gen. Kiel's retirement.

Continued from Page 1
Lycee Petion, and next Fall
he is planning to enter the
School of Medicine.
The Haiti Sun offers him
its sincere congratulations
and takes pleasure in print-
ing a translation of the prize
winning essay.
Today, more than ever, the
.peoples of the world find
themselves under the urgent
necessity of closer union.
Union not merely in-the sense
of economic or military co-
operation but union in the
fullest meaning of the word.
Union of different cultures,
union of scientific achieve-
ment and union by all the
peaceful means which are the
best guarantee of the happi-
ness and advancement of nei-
ghbouring peoples.
Through thd Pan American
Union this happy programme
is a reality to the peoples of
the three Americas.
The Pan American Union
is, -in my humble opinion, the
most successful synthesis of
the aspirations of the twenty-
one nations of which it is com
nosed. It is better than the
United Nations where deci-
sions are often ridiculed and
where the wishes of the ma-

jority are thwarted by vetos.
It is more representative
than the North Atlantic Trea-
ty Organization, primarily a
military headquarters ,where
the smallest questions necessi-
tate endless discussion and
where the member countries
become rivals over the num-
bers of army. divisions they
are able to supply. It is much
more than U.NESCO, a uni-
versal forum for the advan-
cement of peoples through
education, science and cltu're.
It has a much deeper signifi-
cance and a wider scope. For
the Pan American Union in it
self represents much of the
large Organizations. Court of
International Justice, it is al-
so a peace and military fo-
rum where, the American peo
ples come to check on their
economic and technical pos-
sibilities, to settle differences,
and to lay down through laws,
treaties and conventions the
foundations of a better fu-
PAU makes Brazil, Haiti
and Colombia forget the lin-
guistic frontiers which setphr-
ate them. Argentina and the
United States forget their
deep seated ideological dif-
ferences. The Alztec civilisa-
tion, the Indian and Anglo-
Saxon mentalities, the Afro-
Haitian folklore come toge-

Col. Roy in conversation with Gen. Kiel and the new U. S.
Chief of the Caribbean Air C command Brig. Gen. Hood Jr.

other for an examination of the
many points of similarity or
of difference which join or
separate them..
When two countries have
differences to settle the PAU
offers its services and tries
always within the limits of.
its powers and with a sense
of fairness and justice to ar-
rive at a satisfactory solu-
The Dominican Republic
and'Haiti recall that their olid
friendship, which for a time .
was dimmed, was relighted
through the efforts of the-
,PAU Costa Rica, and Nica-
ragua realized, through the re
commendations of he. PAU .
that it was to the best advan- "
tage of each to unite.
'Through various cultural, .
artistic and literary seions
the peoples of the different.
countries know the poetry,
the music and the literature of
their neighbours. The eple.
of the Americas are aware
that the 'best, means of crat-
ing a deep mutual undetn ..i ...
ing is through a study of one .:
another's cultures. .

Behind, the PAU, fu.rther-'i ..
more, is a past which is' a
guarantee against the forces |
of destruction so powerful in
the world today. It is. in a..
sense the flowering of a dream. ,
which Alexander .Petion en-,.
visioned when he aided. Simon
Bolivar, as it is also an inte-'. '.:
gral part of the good neigh....
bour policy of Franklin Dela-,,.
no Roosevelt. .
Like all young organiza- "
tions it has had to feel its
way. But now it has become
a strong reality. Formerly ..
the Ambassadors of the m nh-
ber nations at Washington..,
were also assigned to this Or- '
ganization. Now, separate9,, .
ambassadors are accredited o
the PAU this alone illus-
trates the new importance of
this organization which daily i'
grows in stature.
The perfect synthesis and .
indissoluble union of the 21
countries which make up the :
PAU is the result of a dream.
The dream of Christopher
Columbus who, in his naivete, *:
thought that the lands he dis-
covered formed but a single
territory. Today, more than
ever before, the three Ameri-
cas do constitute a compact
whole, despite fleeting differ- .
ences which are but occasion-
al hills beside the peaceful
valley. Translated by Dr.

,; : .A'

1 _1


Page 4


.. -

Above. .


,Haiti Cherie

A Magnificent Picture Book on Hail

Now on Sale at

Price: 6.50 Dollars

Price: 6.50 Dollars


S 'The ; fre Duchesne, was in town legend
this week for the inaugura- ,zoml
tion of the credit union at St. movie
1.:. 'erard. When be returned to parish

A' ..
.n, .. .- ,' '

f.,, s-' .- .. "-.. ..'. ... .' ,
'] "$ .; .-:. .'?: I'i ..,,.,: :.,. .

prim little town which
:I says as built by the
bis* he took with him a
Sprojector to show his
khioners education films.


tiosep -report

The affair of German Dr.
Breyne and his Haitian wife
in Cap Haitien has been taken
to the Palace and is expected
to be solved shortly.
The Haitian consular ser-
vice is due for a shake-down
and reorganization according
to reports.
A number of autographs
were gained by localites when
rte- Charles Laughton the famous
of British movie star passed
hen through Haiti enroute to San
his Juan Monday.
he -:0:-
hat French Ambassador Berce-
ids gol de Lile handed the ney cier d'Academie diploma to
confrere Marcel Salnave of
Sthe Haiti Journal> this
i week.
S- :0:
t- The Casino boys have tak-
i en over the Hotel Beau Rivage
on the Avenue Harry S. Tru-

S Mrs. Jean Brierre and Mile
Madeline Cassagnol are colla-
Sborating on the production
of a annual tourist guide to
George C. Van der Berghe
of the Marfranc Rubber Sta-
tion is returning from home
leave aboard the Amncon to-
Guy de Catalogne, son of
the director of the Haitian
Tourist office in New York,
who returned home last week
passed his exams at the <(Ly-
cee, Francais de New York,>
with flying colours.
Well Known Local Photo-
grapher Dies Suddenly
Aly Abraham, well known
photographer dropped dead
Tuesday evening shortly after
he arrived at his home in
Petionville. Aly had closed his
shop on the Rue Bonne Foi
and travelled home to Petion-
villle by camionnette as was
his custom. Our.condolences
to the Albraham family.

spending ten
visiting C. T.

writer Robert
and wife are
(lays here after

M. Benoit Armand has been
replaced as chief of the ((con-
tentieux) at the Dept. of Com
merce by Me. Amilcar Lamy.
Pierre Benoit, graduate of
the <(Institut de Statistiques
de Paris, gave a conference
on the buying power of the
Gourde at the law Faculty.
Cite Magloire has its own
newspaper, L'EAvolution.>
Scheduled to drop anchor
in Port next weekend are the
following ships of war: USS
Wadeleigh, USS Hunt, USS
Corporal and USS bannock.
French Vice-Consul in C.T.
Mr. Gabriel Lapierre was here
in- transit this week.

Marie Therese Dupuy cele-
brated her fete at the Casino
Monday night champagne
Coca Cola Attorney Karl B.
Graf and his pretty carrot -
topped wife were in town this
week on company business.
At the fashionable house -
warming at Chez Carol in Biz-
oton Thursday evening were
Ir. and Mrs. Christian, Miss
Lola Pinchele, Max Fombrun,
Vinton Burns, Harry Geodetic
Harris, George Saucier, Mrs.
'Merritt and daughter Ronda'
and Andy Khawly.

Edouard Benjamin, Chief
of the Information Service at
the Tourist office flew to New
York Friday as MIlle Madeline
Cassagnol's replacement at
the N. Y. Tourist Bureau..


La 'I

ter pi
had ai
San Jui

Late Raoul lMarti

Unesco fellowship 1
fundamental educatic
he took ill at thebe
of May and was force
turn home.
He had already p
months visiting Can~i
ico and Costa Rica .
arrived in Puerto 4
was welcomed homQm
three young sons whb
tending high school
wife who has wonrke
side him on the Marb
ject in the field of hl
nomics. '

Mr. Martineau V
charge of the adult e
programme .in Marbi!
Unesco pilot project
past three years. Fridi
ly after being ope
Raoul Martiheau
away. :
His funeral was
to the esteem in whivh
held by his fellow
Leaders of the Marbt
adult centres journ
from Jacmel. Former
and co-workers, frice
relatives attended hisl
S' t. .nne's church a
Monday.' Gabriel' Je
Scois,- Director of th
project, and Raph
lip,pe, General Insp
ral education, spo
grave side.

Dr. Karach Jero
sor at the Dentist
has' returned from.,
ing in the U. S.

.i t


OnSale at: Bichara Izmery,Au Lincoln, Bazar d
Poste, Bazar National, Georges Coles, Mison Si
Vieux, Mme Joseph Maglio, Bazar Edmdnd Phipp
Exclusive Distributor for Haiti Phone: 3513

'I -





-- I,

SCualifies To Review Sex

SOn Our Magic Isle

Bernard I'Kai, who has men of'Most.Ages.i Nina, it'
itt'en & n~mber'. 6f highly- seems, is furious,,up in arms
beres-ti' ,travel articles on that women'-are so easily
i ti, a -bden invited by the knocked off their feet by men
iJr.to do' -an. inti.mtesi sur- (Nina herself was.-offed at
',if ge" on our magic isle. eighteen), and, to arm the'
!b -editdr: felt' le 'was the -girls for what she is fond of
n. moit~fittod for the task calling .r'reading his recent re- tuation,, she 'has spelled out
, of The Unfair Sex, ip a variety of counterattacks to
SMay 16th iAsue df the keep, the-boys-Who-wont-mar-
frday ReView of litera- ry at arm's length.
S,,'--.. J- ,
Bernard Kalb, a bachelor Wel, as an old hand in the
wa. back, hasn't the ield,I bro a date the other
latestt fear he'll be put out ight with a young thing
r'iiyiess,' by the latest vol- (heck, it might have been
'fl'the War.Between Men -Nina FareWell herself, Nina
i\WQmeni Nina Farewell's Farewell being'a pseudonym)
ieUnfair Se.3 just,to stay in my apartment,
or, o use Nina's phrase, my
B WIW'" ', spider's.web,, to see what
NinFarewel,. wh~ a.- Nina. had .to say. Nine had-
'o dust jacketuo- plenty to say.
py, 'is at her best on A man to ...Nina is bases,
se logue, ias h written < dangerous r repulsive >.
using, witty, and, I'm m the-enemnay, can adversary,
'JO':Qe.1,, worthless at-... ruthless,; AaejA in *Th '~Jnit -.disriminrittiga, 0A EXp'sb& of the .beast>,- can unruly beast, ((a
.Maie for. YoiTng Wo- predatory beastP, ,sa sharp
B- 1 .. i' 4. .
Nt a

4 -.
i,;r~x~e~ s~ s~~Y

little tradesman, an acces-
sory, c.unfair, a hunters,
beggars, a dogD, and wretch,, all of which struck
-me, I must say, as quite lovey-
dovey. Further, our lines
(t.What Are You Saving It
For?>), our techniques ((tDear
est-Enemiess), all the pillars
of bachelordom are given the
once-over by Nina, and you've,
got to hand it to the old girl'
she is up on her fauna, all
right.. Nina -is of the opinion
that the iirst two words on
any man's tongue are: Why
not?> What is'more, old Nina,
in one, of the greatest double-
crosses in history,; implores
the girls : Never sayj yes un-
less you know exactly what
the question is. 'She does
ler best to equip them with
a working vocabulary of such
words and phrases as: tNo,
(.Stop it I'm .serious,a e''ll
ocream, ,If you. don't stop
I'll g6 home,> angry, and e-Please. To any
man, even to a ninety-seven-
pound. weakling, that's a lot
of ,wonderful gdbbledygoo.l
Nothing, Nina, nothing at all
is as sweet as a cooed (Now,
and I'd've thought that that
certainly was the oie thing
you'd' have remembered since
you were eighteen.

Anyway, after she has had
":-- her say pf a couple of hundred
pages, Nina devotes the last
page to a summary of her find
Sings actually, findings of
ours that she'has simply turn-
ed upside down. live without us,> she announ-
ces. Yet even when she is a-
little repetitious, even when
she is pretty deep in double-
&ntendre (that's a womat's
S.prerogn.tive, though, isn't it?),
SNiina is a pleasure, and she
Shas written a swell manual
" for any female interested in
thatt scrap of paper., It's
only because I'm positive that
ly worthless that I suggest all
unmarried women under thir-
ty no, sixty buy this
book. The fact is, the book
plays right into our hands.
Though it sounds like ,Nor,
it's all <(Yes., (This book is so
good tlat I wouldn't be sur-

-it... Get that feeling
and traction .. .
I-power. Here's a trac-
itwill meet more of
pds more of the time
otherr tractor ypu
i.-No other tractor
ladubed has better
ace c ugging
lt.- will pull yoqr
~.the toughest soil
,slowing or stalling.
:keep on going where
rEtors quit.

U iR
a .,

ing room, boudoir, offiee, rak
dio, refrigerator, phone, elec-
trical stove, plates and dish-


,:~ `; ... ,. :... ;5' :-

. Mahogany furniture; Eleclric Co., u
'hone 2119 font 8 a.m. to 4 Distrihblor in i
.m.; 7728 from 6'p.m. Valerio "Cane

For Distiniguished heiy and Ulnparall:led
A6Tciry Alw ays Choose
Rift ) ..4-.



', ". -. -t : *.*-, .
RUSSO RERES 25 Rue. Roc ;


""---- --i!

I -

,. .\:
*. ::. ; ,'

This sovereign'
possesses that dustin i
__ of flavourl which winlhe.
your allegiance fon the i t ail
..__:.. A ,


Avail yourself of: QU EN
Come In and ask for a demoniitti~ WOODBURY : 71 i
the soap wgrance. xqDistillers Leigh Sotland

'A 'll 1]I WOODBURY : Distribtdorsr General Trading Co., S.A.
the be t soap. ------ :

.. .. :. .. .= .. ,., .,: .. .. : .... .:,. ,..,,,..,, .. -g !C -. ,:: ,.,by

prised if it were the handi-
work of a man.) In any dase;,
the boys are not worried.
Overnight, thb dangerous, re
pulsive, ruthless, clever,. un-,:
disoriminating, .pathetic dogs
have, dreamed .up. some new,
sure-fire lines. and techniques;
based 'O whatever it is that
girls-find .irresistible in men,
And what .is that? Well,.
Excuse me. M1thinks s'-, ieAr
an. adorable itap~ dn the 'dbor;
ISinion and Schuster'; 213'pp.
$295.,9,1 .-., -. ,f


Nice .and entirely.furnish-
ed house at .Petionville, two
bedrooms, dining room, draw-
'1 ,

S .

. .


i .

"; '" .- '^

A Product SiG'



Pae, .. ___


hiring the past three
i;SthedSacre: Goeur inter-
it'had tfeeh the scene of
deant l i cdal ents. The
vhen a light
miet a dark green
,.ee weeks ago.
f lowing- week "two
ed' Monday of'this
Sa black 1950 Buick
I fg olouredd Chevvy

SUNDIAPY, JUNE 14th 1953,

the SCTPA, the Oblate Fath-
ers, the Haitian American In-
stitute to name a few, will

All three accidents were still be able to carry on thet
caused by misinterpretation same service as formerly.
of who had the right of way.
The car travelling down the The scholarship programme

Avenue Jose Marti in actual
fact has to give way to the
traffic coming down from Tur
geau, but -as it is impossible
to see the oncoming traffic
the solution would be a traffic
light or a traffic cop. The stop
sign is not enough.

. a AIMIMopp-e PCO --

., T'.-- -- ---.- -.-- -
s':i.o' inform you of for interested potential users
S.tking place ,in'the t6 come to this office to see
i'orf the Service d'In- what material they may find
iif et d'E hankes .Cul- useful. We have a back log
-heAmerjean. Em- of material indl-uding inform-
\:' r & office "is not ation, photographs and cli-
i:e;theril,,i;the -Haitian ches.
i,,Instiitutte. We ex- We .e.pet to continue to
ijistitute to carry on receive publications for dis-
tely..at its present tribution, but at present be-
iifortunately, ,. due lieve we will 'be unabte.to d3
mental budget 'cuts' little if any mailing. We will
InIonl have had the be aLe, however to distribute,
p e ,. to direct for it, at. this office, when '"'
'years, is being have suth material;
.sone extent. -. Our' service to the radio sta-
e ,o.;ok upon this t i on of. recordings of
itemporkry measure the .:best- in wo rld mu-
ia.holdfid.g operation) 'sic played b y" American
eeftQnfident that we .artists;and'music by Ameri-
at earry, ,on our. caionp criosers will, continue,
bfo 0) the 'same tobe available to our collabo-
Ye..beenf peo6-rmr ratora.- .They, a .a rule, with
.eaf;',years: In the ','theexception. oiit, of town
me of mvy, faith-'; broadcaaiitrs ai ap come in
uiastich eor d .dbk 'tb his' office'to -. choose these
other an'd nex- transcrilptions.
nd the..few. o Our motionpicture service
i ta -continui ,albo ugh we
.' b.derr,, h Selv.dill ee unablebe to
der g ,, ive ny .howings...We are
h'-::.1 ever N available,
..:p'i tIeing equipreerit n t d ms to our'
verlex.et fnld 'f. as ifi, the past.
t.rceiLe materhils. areshowing-ourf'il-ms through
Q: -
.igli'. >U fo~ol'- Obil t'the, Republirc..' The Arty,
t'may .:be.,esssar. ;'-the Public ..Health 'Service,
-' ...

Which has been handled .bY

this office will continue to he
so handled. All technical
scholarships are already han-
dled by the Point Four Office
in the Chrysler Building, and
the Haitian American Insti-
tute will continue to carry o.n
its scholarship programme.
We will continue to give
whatever aid' we can possibly
give to our friends in Haiti
and I am pretty sure you will
find that we will still be very
active although our numbers
are greatly reduced.

I wish at this time to thank'
you personally and, officially
for your courtesies, yotir co-
operation and kindnesses to
us. I hope we may continue
to count on it as you may

continue to count on us to the

fullest extent of our possibi

Explosion In Chemistry
Lab Injures 3 Students

Three students were injur
ed in a chemistry lab of the
Bcole de Medecine thisweek
When a formula they wer
working on went wrong. Th(
explosion was 'believed caus
ed by hydrogen in a glass cor
trainer. Glass fragments cau
ed slight, neck and face in
juries to a girl and two boy
-received fragments in .. th
hand and one in the eye lid.

Annual Dinner Of Old
Pupils Of The Brothers Of
Christian Instruction

The Association of the for-
mer pupils of the Brothers of
the Christian Instruction held
its annual meeting last Sun-
day at the Institution St.

SLouis de Gonzague. -His Ex-

-- -- -i
@@CIcc -- f-c--------rGr c:

. '. .

- cellency Secretary of State .
the Presidency Mr. Maucla(
SZephirin represented the Paj
sident of the Republic at tl
sumptuous dinner party .;
which participated the men
bers of the Association, : d
- tinguished guests and office
e personalities.
, Engineer Pierre 'Nazos
e President of the Assooiatit'
e brother Yves, General Dire
- tor of the Brothers of'
1 Christian Instruction in Ha4
s their Excellencies Mr. 1I
- clair Zephirin and Mr. Pir
s Liautaud, Secretary of St8
e for National Education i
Me Juv\igny Vaugues ma

It may be.news to yoiUt
Ti Lou Regnier is an ac,
polished glass eater. IHe l
consume, it is sincerely Yrep
ed, a whole everre> andi
liqueur-size cverre)-with(
suffering the slightest', pi
of indigestion
.-' I {


* 2* .. .
*~~~~~; '* ;M

\vth the British Ambassador, Mr. Mill Irving,
-I ,-;o r.. "..r, -
,f ,.01 "-" ** '- ..

;::. ..; :cer.emonyrof preseatati~on of cred'en'itls of Ihe



*' *I

'.,* owW Il,5 Lp. ingqii '
,e More weight-44,200 lbs. DieseT
Greater lifting capacity-30;000, ..
SSafety t I ndetpe.n Ra'pid Boom HoTA
SCowb fr Mvi ce ,Sbwt, Dragline,
Clamshe4 Trench Hoe, Pile Drivr and Crane
;* Positive Cha!n Crowd for Shovel
Official Sales and Service. H.dquhb s -w
.Distributor in Haiti CHARLES FEQUIERE
54 Rue Roux Tel: 3279 2245 5173




-,-z-p---,- .,,--,3,,-U- p-- -

f ti .V,- .. .. .
,, ''. .."... ..4
-~~~ -s ..
..&S4~i M-S .-.
-, '. 4" ..., ,- tt -f ,
" ~~3j 'I 'b" ''" .,, "' ,' '"" '' "'" '

I -i


S. Dr, gline,




: I I


: Tickled Me But Not To Death

irl' fiaher: Young man, aHo6w iany. people work
turn the lights off around in your factory?> '
4at 10.30. -About- two-thirds.,
youngg man: That's okay, xxx
. ,We won't be reading. An old judge' known ,for
. .. xxx the speed with which he dis-
Jlumbgr: Did you bring' all 'poscd of cases was. asked to
o>ls ?.". explain it.
l per: Yes, sir. -C I always listen to the'
Imbne::. You're fired. plaintiff, and then I m&ke my '
S' xxx '. decision.,
.ny big men born arfoumd' :tNever, the defendant?.,
hi: a tourist- asked in, a .Well, I did. at first; but I
sending tone. / found that it confused' me.,
pe, responded the na- Utah Agent.
k Best' we can do is bha-
: Different in the city, I, xxx
,oe;; '. Man (to police, chief) : I
S,-xxc found the wallet. I repo-ted,
ie'- t.'t covey of- quail "stolen yesterday. It was' in
.ng in the underbirsh? ? my other suit.
is 'P .. q Plice chief.: Too late. We
ei, watch meh-. shoot a 'caught. the thief.
iA A;ihe:. ai.ac* .of xxx,
S Doctor: Sleeping pill's 'are
.... x g i habitf forming. '
i 4iant,,suitor: ,Well, -Patient: Don't be silly.
ey'ur sisterr is going to I've.bben'taking 'em for years.
ie.,''iow's thatrfor xxx
.Howdid.you and Bob ever
w? You .ean come to marry?>
je ps now finding that .COh, it's the same old story.
S ',We started out to be just good
'yxxx ." friends, you know, and later
Mt he people 'up- wie changed our minds.
iae5,ery annoying. Last
tey h tomped and bang- xxx
he floor until,after mid. Junkman: Any old rags or

irblord:' Did they. wake

mant: No, luckily I
aying my tuba.

papers today, sir?.
Man: No. My wife is out of


Wednesday,. June 17th at 6
and 8.15 p.m.
Thursday, June 18th-at 6 a.nd
S 8.15 p.m. m,
-Friday, June 19th.at 6 and'
8'.15 p.m..
Saturday, June 20 at 6' and
.8.15 pim.
Sunday, June '21st at 3.30
At 6'and.8.30 p.m...

i Furnished house on Place
B.oyer, Petionville. Call .phole
7480 Mrs. ,Hudson.

Furnished house in Petion-

S to'wn. ville heights, 3 bedrooms, 2
was .Junkman: .Any :old bot- 'bathrooms, hot water, refrig-'
.tles? erator and' electric stove..
Coritact cHaiti Sun.)

The Crowds Che'er !
And -Ask for More '
'Held over for 'ONE more week !
The Talk bf the Town\\

Our Sensational



-. Ili

So come again and save again. Buy TOP
e QUALITY Merchandise at next to no-
things prices. Don't wait until it's too
late. '
This Week's Special!
ful shades. Reg: $2.20. Now $1.50
$9.00 and up Costume


Curio Shop --
Rue du Quai
Local Handicrafts
Splendid Mahogany

1 eneloppnt omme a sole

K7i/z Y6 e 6 '/e

eago. Demonstrating whh y.
she had swapped winteri' n it L"
Arizona for winter'in Haiti,
she .displayed proudly; a' hot-' -
tie of rimn which.a wait at
the El, 9aincho had shyly pre-' UIN
rentedd .he. as goipg. away I~ULL
gift..' .

v' I

SAIC D, ..t~.r.i .

'*** -y ----- ~~~W

uAU LINCOLN Will Oelv3zr Grceries ito o

I- ....-.. .-,'-----. .;-"

Superior Establishments Use 'Superior AWl
-ioners. You get this Extra Quality whl



SBeter Designed

More Carefully Built

Installed by Experienced Engineers
Westinghouse deliver more cooling effect per 9t

. ?-3'

A lady who hai done mu.h'- : Penslln
Sunday; June 14th, at 3.30 to further .Haftiar.o-Amer .,
p.m. cano relations is Mrs. Fritty Sa tki
LE ROI DES ESPIONS Collins, prominent Montana
llth and 12th! episodes and landowners'' who hasspent, in cool0 Peion
A COW-BOY FILM several weeks here with her French 'and Are
At 6 and 8.30 p.m. daughter Helen Chifstian and' Ci..ie; Ho1 and
LE PASSE SE V'E|GQE' her copper mine at La Gialide u g W
Monday, June 15th at 6 p.m. Riviere du Noid. R u g Wlii
LE SI.G.NE vU' BPLIER Mrs.-Collins ,flew to 'i$ Special monhlyi
tuesday, June 16th at 6.-and States Moriday "on receiving .
8.15' j.m. : word that her -husband:-had _.- h. .
LE PASSE SE VE1NGE met with an accident in Chi-


r :

... ... "
-.:' ..,, ., I .. .. .! .. .
., ............ .-, ............ ..-- ,. ..... : a':.-:.


0 u LT.L IJA..


Ii",,L" .
i 4.... ..
v ^ ".': ,.,

r .. :'._ ". .. -"

:, ., .
W : i "~ .'l'. ', ,

,l r' ', .

.~: .
I r,,, ..'.

i ,'... .. .;:..,:
5 = "*,,t, ...
/,, ', :

98E r%

U Exraq qui VflU et apporte

race a hde quo vous vnez de chter



Chape grart aw

peret de wraler davriama

' < .4 -I

, .


I F oaisantlpoinT Kin; soMxair

EW t aux temperature critiques de moteur,S- ..
E XTRA garde .ses propriit6s lubrifiantes mieux qiu
S n'nporte quelle huile. Resultat... vous roulez r&ivata 'e
avec "un quart" et faites l'appoint moins souvent.
SPar dessus le march Esso Extra circule dans le mloteur
. i la vitesse d'un eclair le'protegeant centre le carbone'et
tes depots crasseux qui reduisent sa puissance. Eso Extra.
Sprotege votre moteur a chaque seconde...Essayea-le...t
A ,

Ce moteur en' usage de aos jour s bea :
soin de beaucoup d'attention. Elie mnirit
la protection que fournit genereuseme a
Esso Extra ... Les aumeros 1, 3 at. ''
ont t6 ris i 1'epreve.. ..c'est exact ,
meit la pointure des nouvelles voiturws. '

,n ne fait pis seulement
le pleindais une station
de service.., Cest pour-
Squo iedistribte'r Eso ,
se fait le devoi .de vous
fournir tdutes les corn-
umodites indispenabies
.pour les jpies du.'volant

UOe -cuche de araftle
sur les partiws mobiles.
L'emploi de diffrentes
graisses pour clhque
usge. Des graisees Esso

Une batteeie qui dlodne
une demarrage. A coup .
sr ... unie batteries qui- -
depasse les standards.
requit par la Societ :
S.A.E. Employez les.bat-
teries Atlas qui durent
une eternite'

SAr-etez' vous a l' en'
seigine .Esso reguli6re.
ment et vous verrez que'
X vojis aurez plus de plai-..
s ir : .conduire-durant les
S36,5 'ours -de l'annrei
,, ,adns' .le comfortt et la
i s e u rit, & *. ,


k. : ., .. -, -. '...
t', -. ,. .". ":'.'. : -,,,
(:.'. ,. ., ,, .. ...., ,-. ...
....: : ,;... .. ... .., .., .. .., .. ..,.. .... .. ,,-. ..
.. ... .... .. .. ....... .. .. .. .. ... ,l ...... .. .. ... .. ........ .. ... ... ....





I.* .

~;; i.

_ -~C e~41 ~



*' :
. I : Cl (*'.
ua rf
f. i!

'` :


a 9


,'v ; : ."_- ,

F.,.i~i ., .

:,;, ;

,, p~ ; ::". ,.


, '..i t Il

6ight Way To Complain About

c Squatting Mosquitoes,

e do la Sante Publique,
an d'Hygiene Publique,
S 'Rue des Miracles,
oPbt au Prince, Haiti.
.Ce 5 Juin,91953.
difCiF of <<.Haiti Sun.>>
4s(Lto ackhoyledge your
NMosquiitoes Squa ttitng))
o32, Sunday, May 31,

Nks for reporting.this
f. nuisance and we hbpe
u :keep doing it for the
w .-

benefit of the population 'f
this' City.
But I would suggest for
ppeediest 'result that people
complaining actually of nui-
/sances be invited to call upon
our section of complaints
(-Phonmet:'2815, 3143 or 2006)
and give their exact address.
This is important because,
in the case involved, for ex-
ample, outi inspectors 'knst
investigate' a large area to
pick up the'right original

br'eidigrplace awtualUy cause
oXf trouble, because, so far
thEaee is no special, device or
cradar to.locate those do-
mestic pests, except a long
and Lrying house-to-house
Past experience has-demon-
strated more than once that
the breeding places should be
looked' for in the very home
of the complainant or of its
next-door neighbour,.
Your note has just suggest-
'ed 'the idea- that your medium,
might be the right one to
make 'the proceeding facts
well' known to the people,in
order to get bet-er service and
fast relief from the sanitation
bureau of the Division of Pub
lic 'Health ,
With the deep apprecia-,
tion and best' regardsof the.
Health Di-ision,

I am,
I Yours truly, ,
Dr. Charles Dambreville,
Director, Division of Public

Mr. aind'Mrs. Ralph Bercovici have returned t6
scefe on a bLisiress and pleasure trip. The MTTC
iaal'aind his charming wife Genevieve will sPpend
3ik here 'at the Robert Baussan house in Kenscoff
-, ,-, i

: i y~'4..'1.4

4. 3

"''.' 4'1 ;A





pense supplmentaire!
Une march stable et douce .
moins de risque de detapage
. une carcasse extra-r6sistante
d'une tenue infgal6e en
resum= le kilom6Irage le 'plus
ilev6 au prix le 'plus bas.


ians le monde
erntier on trans-
porte plus de
tonnage eur
pneus Good-
year que sur
pneus de toute
autre marque.

L. '.J

wp.-Idmw~qw No


"All Weathe-r" posse-de la fameuse
element "All Weather" de renom-
le qui assure une rds.stance au
une traction exceptiomnelles sur

2-51-14 F
,' _________


.AZINE Are How On Sale At AR

V : ..
.. :; .. ,,-. ,'* ; :^



Tricycle in very good con- '
d.ition. Price 10 dollars.! '
Phone -54'04. .
...*. '. '.'*

.. .. .:a' .
~~~~~ ~~. "..d! :: c..r.'" ... "",

lans d6-

~cs~~- ~
i c.

- :

l .

The delicious Chocolate
brings relief overnight.
to-night and to-mdrrow
you'll be all right.

Piano .Tuner
May be contacted at 18
Chemin des Dalles or
Telephone: 2440



WM. GRANT & SONS LTD.. i)" r:LFERS, po


: .. k '. "5.
:.-.. r. .

ILe njeUleodr des pneus g6antsl

li. Mnilr RIB
,.. I ,
Le pneu qui vous do
. avantages inespfrds i

ie" &" Life"


Leading. American



prolesso Lukens LeIcles At University Of
Sopi0hera Califorima on Ci ramics, in Haiti

(Cup.Corrdepan lntf -Ltng he still cannot believe.
o, geles;,'Sne 3r d. .- In his lecture given at the
,i .tn iken s well known University of Southern Cali-
A,~W 'orf eeramics'of the ,Uni foirnia on April 29th, he show
t&ofSeuthern iifor- ed coloured pictures of the
J "ho .tiihe teri his re- step by step progress .on (ea
.toil fii cep *ng hillside in Raitis from the
i ep'gagD nts to,: .l'l making of the-kiln, the mak-
,en th ing of clay, to the finished
"M'1 k. wci'."td1 Mar-x pieces of pottery. He.was so
-lle A nd, te te'.hni '. pleased with the results that
!; -si-Asacn rsram;re of Aeetal ,piece# of the, beauti-
~ .Uno eah ful'eramics were displayed
_ft A ,hoW .imake\:in the Fisher Art gallery of
Sr .n r- the Uriiversity Cqramic Professor
,.',.hprok.t t1h~i:Fa. f .- 'r.. Lukens told of the ex- Lukens
o:' d tgive h Tit befd 'at the Citi Mili- '
h. o fac't tire 't Port au Prince, at the' -ceramics the Haitians made,
e ed the sho end of six mh hnths, showing including ink wells, coffee
of m m ns.'is some- the ma'y different types of maker;. milk containers, wa-
-- '- *' ter carriers, pictorial pieces,
''""- "~ e and pitchers among others.
,eM(JW w ,. -1ICw That.many, orders came -from
this showing was gratifying
to him as well as thh students

: This was the first of many
lectures Glerr Lukens wil, give
Svwhich- tells the story of -all
his experiences ccOn a Hill-
sidq in Haiti.,,
." T I ll -.
:r ,

&'4 *;-

. '' ".
, ,. .


'" '
..- .- .,* *' 1 .(
I- *'.. ( l i :
&ice, e. m, ec

S" ,:1 .- '
00 "'00 0 0" e
,t .' 'd
:: ', :,: '


., ,.. .;...: 1k ,. .


71.. -.,WEST .HOTEL

-:No* Open '
BaO SiOI Te Wld St. Francis
-S ^ I .'. i, OP HAITI
''. "g ... '

Clser to even
ame W. :. lCameron, Manager

STelephoie 7887
"" '" .: ," r '~B


Le Picardie

r.nrMCu rCinNmr.

Specialities -

S* Onion Soup

. .i
., .

*Filet Mignon
* Pepper Steak
* Snails

* Escalloppe de Veai




I.j at .'


Hotel Ibo Lele .

Evary Tuesday and Friday from 8 .mIO. o 12,

Every Monday from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m

-- -Mo W^P-03. ^ -do--Now
-.I .me o" ..-n

I in Cool Kenscoff

t For Lunches and Dinners of Distinction,'
'Almost 5,000 feet; almost a mile ',1
above sea-level
Z.Yet only 15 pleasant rmies, 35 leisurely .
S minutes from the heart of the Capital

Unexcelled American French German -
'Cuisine and Beverages

t 0 0 0 0 n. :
*"' ^'A

^ja /y
t ^ r <


For Reservations Tel.. 7416:

NJ ilsfrtrK Nli i "
'Z.9U fcet CRCOl"s'

AML.K d 5UnDAE5.
1 /
E.ACOr on ~AM. Ao EGGS
5,' D .WiCr'-E5

La 1f&s wicneo&
r T E

C ', \ f i '* .."


At Rizoton on the Ave. Franklin Roosevelt '
A most charming restaurant by the sea
Cool sea breeze available, day and night
Open up till 1:30 Ain Week-days
Open up till 2:30 am Sundays and Saturdays
French and American cooking.,Bar service .
Speciality: Creole fishes wh'ch arp available at' a

....-. .

Inner Dances


,.,;r ,,:. '.' 1 *..
,:: '::." .. r',." : ,,,I


.... I


.~I J-~' -- I'lrr I-~I rcl
:, : ,,;-- ~'EI/ II' `
'1 L. i.
i' :




. I


'IEoquent Ai

sig pupils from va-
tools around the Cap-
gling with examina-
..rs. this past week
to Your Reporter's
|odd fact, that -quite
-.of .me.n.. who were
.d u' s a. t school
.* i ,,,, ,
ed oiid to b, .among
ip;se names are now
tasthe community.
shorter .talked the
'd ver withj former
S 'Louis d' Gonza-'
tSeminaire St. Mar-
,.the Lycees.. They
l di l It-!, \
d the idea. and: then'
Ile thought pointed
ans on afte' af nothfie-

aide'great-achieve- him a coin and' reaiarked : has ever produced.
&.'life, although in' "There, that's fop keeping my .
ith' tyw rep-ft place, vrm!b History's famous dues
1. .. include such names' as- Mi-
: ,.. r Rider Haggard was an- ,chelangelo, perhaps the
e; sake ..of.: demon- other author who never occu- greatest .painter and sculptor
i :Codla point we pied a high place in the class- of all time, and Thomas Chat-
les should ..be room and both his teachers .terton, the poet who was even
bradl,-as Bahy and his classmates looked on sent home from.school be-
their bioraiphy to him'as a rather stupid boy. Sir cause of his stupidity. As for
t.4IsAac Newton, the-. athema-
S'bril.iaa I c Newton, i the.mathema- Oliver Goldsmith,.the Eiglish
:na those we'll'men tici a and discoverer of the playwright of world fame, he
,claws of gravity, in his. school was brown out of Trinit
Ohrchil-has days, graita&i towd the College, CGmbridcde 'Univer-
e,,wsf ..from.o. of. hi :;tl s' ity, 'without a'degree.
bot boy at &hdobl, '
Yitthe idunce's Napoleon.
unes No Scholar If you lobk around for the
.y a'time. Again, .' dtuces who, occupied that
Id Keynes, the world- In his. 'ou.ng days, too, famous corner at your school,
economist, di ed George Moore, the eminent it is possible you will find
e.'ago, j i: obituary man of letters, was muchfon- that they occapy high posi-
aled that;he passed- der of bathing than of read- tions today, while the bright
to the Cil Service, .ing and would 'rather'go out boys of the class are sitting
worst t marks,. in hunting with the hounds than behind an .office desk taking
et. this w.a. tobe.: sit down to his books. Speak- their orders from the cfdols,>
subject in a most ing: aboit him.one, teacher of yesterday.
said that he had had many a.

.y at chobert .traws Leading S

ll-boy a t school sub-
6i.;,oek Robert ra.

iimt as he prefer- Versatile Bonnets Ar
Nature and hau-. B
S'But although'
-bfteie referred to
it. was his A BASICALLY simple strav
sui a suit, with. a print dress,
dies that madelove of many women for spril
o L ', unfailingly in new forms eac
i c;n hair is 'lnner this

the same with
,rwin, whose the-
Jution rocked the
i of history, reli-
biology. He cared
r ordinary 'school
was in love with
chemistry, and on
was rebuked by
for wasting
such contemptible

Smart and feminine Is this good-
looking little straw number.
Designed by Pinehurst, the hat
features a small soop brim.
Trimmed with matching colored
velvet band, its finishing touch
Is a lovely bunch of cherries
(artiflcal, of course).

Joseph, Nadaa and Co. Agents. Tel: .3186 : .:. ;
, ,' .* .. "1-..'*

Mont oli Hotel



? ', '
,.'4. .



._ A' r-
Contact the owner, Mme Yvette Bussenius,
Carenage Hill, '
Cap Haitien, Haiti.

ring's Hat Parade

e Topped With Fruit

w hat that can team up. with
, with a tailored dress, is the
ng. It's that hat that appears
:h spring. _
inr;n mrnr hair natirallv.

OLU. 11H^_ 15 L 1 Uk 1b JA1 Mg 1X1lK 1f IIAFn 1U K g sp -y
calls- for more-hat. Spring's little straw hats are more
generous than they've been in the past. Often, they sit
straight on the head and while they may have flower trim,
they're more likely to have artificial fruit as rinmming.
Cherries, for example, are very much'in evidence. on
spring bonnets.
One bonnet appearing-this spring is both universal and
classic in feeling. Designed by Pinehurst, it's in pelltipurl
braid straw with cushion type brim Clusle'rs.of chenille
strawberries appear at each side of the brim, to provide
balance. Face veiling-is soft and flattering.
Another hat from this.same designer has sideswept lines
and a small scoop brim. It's a straw bonnet, too, and is
trimmed at one side in trailing red cherries. It's banded
in velvet.


' '^n

. *. ,'
.., ,e
', ;"~.:'

-' .

'Fashionably smart is this young'
lady in her universal type of
bonnet. designed by Pinehurst.
it's made of pettipurl braid
straw and features a soft veiling
and flattering cushion type brim
trimmed with little chenille

I! ... .. .&4 '
C' '"" '?.A4
..."J .4 ~ t~4' *A,' *v"'*;.'rS ; ./"c"'tc:A-',
t ,.-5&&.2T.4(tt. I-

.. : "iDr. and Mrs. ... md' uK.' .-.' d"i
milNCES *st-upid blockhead, but George n Sem Sling dw
DU R1CE S oore was the biggest ock- Wishnick of Chicago were at life in Hiche.are .aj'r'e
chi'vements head of them all. the El Rancho on their sed- Mrs. Pierre Part. 1 Mrs.
It is also surprising to know ond visit last week. Dr.'.Wish- ret, formerly Yolande Mull
subjects. Inr fact it ivar the the number of fighting men nick is a prominent Chicago wed the Major in Cap Haitie
collective opinion of Dar- who were classed as dunces phyascin. .. pril .26th.
.win's schoolmasters that a at'school, yet who' iere to be- eee'" ... O e t
dulle.bboy had never /been come geniuses on the battle- r .- --"" r- *.""'
within the school .walls. field. Among them can be :. .
included Wellinigto-n-and Napo
.As fo'Sir.Walter Scott, the .is
leoni; while it is iinteresting,,i ". .
famous nglngi ..iovelist, he note ,tht the man -who ; aid
was' often. r reeri*ed to as the the. foundationn d. 'Britin's
the, foundation df'B.ritain' x
king of,.bloekhe ad and his Enmpire in.India, Robert Clive,
teacher. once' said of .him ''.
e oe s o im:was classed4as prize dunce at44R
'eDu-pee he is and. dunce he' his cho .
.iill 'remain.l Icideitally, at I
the eight of his farrihe' visL- As a matter of fact, it was
'ited .his old -chool one- day on account of his apparent :':4.". e': r' t W
and asked .to. see who was. tupidrty that he was..ent to ''
standing in the e4unce's cor- India, where he entered the -'" :-.. ..
nei." Wei 'lhe', was intro- Army; and s6 became one of It the Insuranqe company do the wtorryig.
duced to- the boy, he slipped. the greatest generals Britain See immediately: FNORW I,CH UAON. IItnsurlncc.f G: :C *



I .


SRecord Woman Reveals Sel. Cayes -

P-au-P In 7 Hours On Motor Cycle

...:.: Last month we noted in our Carrefour Desruisseaux at

speed NiSU FOX on sale ait
Luciani and Behrman's, deal
ers living in Port at Prince,
seems to be among the best
improved ones, for I motored


.:i'. 'ribtors in Hal) : Usae a Glace N ..jonalp

:. ,*. .


He arrived weighing a healthy
11 and a half pounds. Ma is
the former Liliane Morisset.
The 'Cerole des Etudiants
offered a literary soiree,
and bal last Saturday evening
at their local on ruele Roy. It
was reported highly success-


For Rent: ..House co
furnishea, refrigerator, st
.NlMce view. Cail 3295.

Away to

Fun in



-aouZ.irns the fact that a woman 9.20 after a 10-minute stop in up to the summit of the hills
Stid set a record by travelling Aquin. Treating myself took with amazing ease by using
Noii0 Les Cayes to Port au Prince me 20 minutes. Again on the the third and the fourth
.i7t7hours on a motorcycle., We motorcycle I motored hastily speeds andAny trip was real-
:'a not mention the name of the through Petit Goave at 11.15 ly an agreeable one.
Jjdy and the following week a a.m. and arrived in Port au
Snote appeared in our .confrdre Prince at 1:55 p.m. I said .Consequently, I would be
e.Le Nouvelliste. demanding the cgood-bye> to the Capital delighted' if you would give
ftame of the so-called record- Tuesday morning at 10.30. At precisions to the w .an We were gratified to 7.00 p.m. Les Cayes city had the note of which appeared in
.tejn. the June Uth issue of seen again its -beloved daugh- its issue I had not the plea-
:N6Ovelliste a letter in ter that Port au, Prince had sure to read. I deeply thank
.the recordwoman. reveals hoped to snatch from it. I it.
r:Oer The translation of'the travelled under a shower that Hoping that my informa-
.appears below : day, which contrariated me tion wilt-please you, Mr. Di-
S from Petit Goave to Carrefour rector of. cLe Nouvelliste>, I
SCarrefour Joute, Desruisseaux. Always mind- remain,
no I June 8th, 1953. ful of the duty I am entrust- Truly yours,
iMr. Ernest G. Chauvet cd with, I was back to my Mme Julien Olivier.
... rown'er of c school the day after my arri-
'Nbi velliste val, for I did not. feel any
Prince. fatigue.
So, .Beachcomber Notes
3i... .'- The: motorcycle, a 'our Noted June 7th
SNot ed June 7th

..-, Ba:e .p.e-ur. in Mgrs Paul Robert, Bishop
S-cu about ':o.a .- I of Gorraives, and Albert Guiot
7ode fr Le.r Ca'J3 Bishop of Port-de-Paix, flew
A'au Pr'nce in.,7 hours to Paris via New York this
acy'cle ani .vom .week.
I i ..k, o W _k 'o -:0 :
Sretr, th~t or-an ,a u The Director of < 'arecordi,',rtan s ~ .a du iTabac> Mr. Fernand MAa-
.'h!ieI Ol.vi; .1 lie :'or- gloit clippered to New York
G nroniqiue.. u3inon, ... Tuesday o receive treatment
S iresa at .thce .Carre- at the Medical Center.
IU ,e 4r "oo :0:- "
in, Mr. D.assy, Chef d2 Divi-
aadi: S sion, in the Department of
un.tab. ut ue Interior, flewto N6w York
t ......he omake e last week. on a health trip.
,." "-:0:-"
Cres on- Su nday,
5.3k. C nSunday, The Maurice Co upet fam-
~tt5.30- ., acrried ...,.. m- l' 'have welcomed Maurice Jr.
4n,.r.i b.

.. ,. ,

Ti Bonnie' Jenks, the 4-
year-old daughter of the man'
ager of the Hotel Riviera is .
reported completely recovered
from her 'unfortunate mishap.
She inadvertently took a dose
of sleeping pills early last


The Palace of Sans-Souci
The Eighth VWonder of the 'World
King Chriptophe's Citadel
The Indian Caves at Dondon. I
The lovely beaches of the North nea.. 'no
Miami is so near... 'no
Coast at,allby Clipper,, aid~
much fun when.ygouget
At Your Service the oldestt And du g these su
S, ',. .' _.i." .. p eionthsrt a specialyiad
and Most Experienced Cap place fort a:hdgetevacai
Haitian Travel Service with plenty of room;fot
.. everyone mn luxurious '
I. at lbss'lan nlfthi2l. 6v
Apply M. Leopold Sanchez, at Is i'a Otir
seWo',rp Qvrixi, S
Cap Haitiein Rues A-23 fabulousMiamrBeac
Telephone 454 )you'ea enj6ky ev~yke
diversip.fi rm ad i.4'
morning s i to, a-gay-
of iiight lifd,.all-for less'
the seasonal costfof'
accommodations alonb.

Receiving a welcome bouquet of flowers from a young pu-
uil on her recent visit to the cGarderie Infantile de la Sa-
lines is seen the First Lady of the Repbblic.

-- ......

S'Visit'a friendly neighe Q
'':island. Sample.thiehbsj
the culture of Spis
English, French 'ainaid,
Straditfons. Ban A4doA
anid;anly -aniAmei
tob every maordi islim
reMemberyiyir pLAA itV
includes stop'ob 4'
anywhere along yourrc
I .* "" .".

S:Daily direct service to i
by swift, comfortable'.:;
Convair-type Clippers;

Rue Dantle Destouches Port-au
rl eIh ats:'sda df&aSnk
*r.N. .EO.. PA. INC ,. .
Save time and money
AirMail andAir Parcel

- : v K.. ..."' .

-:0:-' .
The MacNiel Tete de 1'Eau
residence in Petionville was
en fete, Thursday evening.
Friends gathered to farewell
Mrs. NacNiel, daughter Buf-
fy and Mrs. Peggy Mitchell
and daughters Alexandra and
M:R.y. The Mitchell family of
Texaco and Co. are leaving to
day via the Panama Line for
a summer vacation in the



:SUNDAY, JUNE 14th 1953



~. --Page.

; !&C4 )

SIToday Mr. and Mrs. Henri
Deschamps are leaving on
their, annual trip abroad. The
Deschamps will devote two
and a half months to visiting
uba, Portugal, Switzerland,
France, England and the

Mile Renee Romain is home
from attending school in Mon
treal. She returned on the
S.S. Cristodbal.
Laswrence Tooley of the
CIM 's in -Miami for his

. -:0:- -:0:-
IDue to fly to Miami this Dr. Gerard Sperduto is
vekend are Mir. and Mrs. heading for New York, Paris,
ean Liautaud. Rome, Milan and Naples short
: :0:- ly to check on the latest thera-
:;'Mme Augustin Phophete, peutic methods and purchase
sister of the President of the material for his rue des Ca-
lepublic flew to the U.S. series clinic.
,. .0: -
7 Lt. Henri Wiener and Lt. Lorraine Dora, directress of
'aymond Dulyx of the Hai- the Galerie des Arts d'Hai-
ian Airforce went to Oraig ti returned from a business
drforce Base in Alabama trip to Puerto Rico, Wednes-
Mhursday on a two month spe- day.'
lal training course. -:0:-

!,Mlle Ailirta Jean Bap-
ste will exchange vows with
nuel Paul in St. Gerard
rch, June 27th.-
SAddy Mallebranche is re-
irning today to his work at
ie Haitian Tourist Office in
&ew York by the Panama
me after a month leave here.
tFather Kebreau, vicar of
I' Anne married Micheline
`ousse and Fritz Casimir this
&st week. Talented Marcelle
. Leger sang Schubert's Ave
firia after the nuptial bene-
;Mille Ninon Salnave, daugh
of confrere Marcel Sal-
are of the <(Haiti Journal>
ll promise to honour and
3-y Mr. Elie Landrin in the

Dr. Price Mars flew to
Paris via New York Thurs-
day. After attending special
sessions of Unesco in Paris
he will receive treatment in
The Ambassador of France
and Madame Bercegol de Lile
honoured His Excellency M.
Pierre Liautaud, Secretary of
'State for Foreign Affairs
with a dinner Thursday even-

Revisiting Haiti after an
absence of 33 years is Roger
Salvatella ,ho worked here
two years with Hasco.
The newest member of the
Staff of the American Em-
bassy is Vice Consul John
W. Black.

Deputy Sanave Zamor is in
Deputy Salnave Zamor is in

re Coeur of Turgeau, June 'New York.

.b~ ,

An outstanding personality
in Haiti this week is Mr. John
D. Greenway, Minister of
Great Britain to Ireland.
Absent since April Dr.
Yvonne Sylvain returned

'home from the U. S. Monday
Gerard Angrand who has
been working off a govern-
ment scholarship in the States
arrived, back' Monday.
-:0 :
To be joined in holy matri-
mony Saturday, June 20th are
Mile Clelie Jean-Louis, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Balitha-
zar Jean-Louis and Mr. Duc-
los Dorestant, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Dorestant.
Mr. Pletcher Lankton f
Lankton Ziegele Marhoefer,
builders of Clite Magloire No.
2, arrived here Monday from
the home office in the mid-
west. Mr. Lankton is accom-
panied by wife Freda, daugh-
ter Janice, son Gordon and
Mr. and Mrs. Brik. The gang
is stopping at the Villa Creole
in Petionville.

Mr. and Mrs. George Indo-
nie returned this week from
a two-month visit to Hondu-
The Secretary of Com-
merce and 'Mrs. Daniel Heur-
telou offered a reception in
honour of His Excellency the
.President of the Republic and
Madame Paul Magloire Wed-
nesday evening.

The Marcel Villard resi-
dence in Turgeau was en fete
all day Sunday in observance
of Papa Villard's birthday an
,cFiances, are Mile Luci-
enne Angelucci and Mr. Ber-
theau Duncan.
Mrs. Jeann Vital observed
her f6te Friday. daughter
Dominique observed 2 months.
The latest graduate of
Georgetown University, Mr.
Ronald Madsen, was feted last
evening at special welcome
home ceremonies held by bro-
ther Helge at his residence in
Turgeau. Helge saved his
Wednesday birthday for the
Due home from studying
abroad tomorrow is Chemical

V \


. Tcmous since 48(

Engineer Giovanni Siegel, son
of Otto Siegel.
Robert Ti King is off to the
U.S. on the 20th. Shortly af-
ter his arrival in the States
Robert will entet the U.S. Air
Mme Henri Borno and her
four children, Anne, Youyou,
Francoise and Jimmy are

leaving for Paris this coming
week. On the 19th the fam-
illy will take the plane to
Kingston where a France
bound ship will await them.
Papa will keep to the grind
stone at Shasa.

Mile Gisele Sada, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Sada
of Port, will wed in the near
future in New York, Techni-
cal Sgt. Raymond King of the
U.S. Airforce.
Gustav-salt water Tarzan
went to Acapulco, Mexico
this week.
General Electric distributor
and Mrs. Valerio Caniez are
bound for the States today.

Today, Max Wilson the
Philosopher is flying to
Philadelphia the scene of his
college days.
Paris bound today is LAlain
de la Cotardiere.
Portly Count Alberto Zorli,
boss of the Casino left town
Wednesday Mr. and Mrs.
Jean-IMarie Simonet e f t
on a European I hone y -
moon. The young couple were
married last Saturday in Cap
Max Mangones flew to
Manhattan Friday on busi-
ness and to visit son Jacques
at school in New York.
Guy Douyon was elected
President of the Caribbean
Tourist Association at the re-
cent conference held in Anti-
Franck Wilson is on a busi-
ness trip to Detroit and indus
trial centers of the U.S.
Esso's Alfred Spillett is on a
business trip to Havana.
Raymond Rouzier went to
New- York yesterday.

Supermarket tycoons .
,present loose in the Repuli
are: Mrs. Julia Joseph a
sons Charlie and Skipper. .Mi
Eddy Joseph sister of wel
known merchant Fossy L
ham daughter Janice and
son Robert. The distinguish~
ed visitors are over from Jace'
sonville, Florida, for 2 month
vacation with Mrs. Michel
ham in Petionville.

S.' P. Gupta, Inspector
Agencies of the New ,ndia
Assurance Co. was in to
this week looking over t
field. His 34-year-old 'co
pany well established i0.Ja
ica is contemplating no
in here.

AliEe Talamas return
from Florida Friday.

Mrs. Gossett and'son Da
joined papa, director of P
this past week.
The Vroomans are
pletely recovered froi nth"
Central Americaii holiday.:'

In Detroit on the 4thM".
and Mrs. David Stephexnpfj
the Lalue Stephens.wel l
their first addition ,.t%.':
family. It's a boy.
-:0: il-
The stork delivered '"H
ris, into the Normil ,Cl
family June 3rd.
-:0:- '"
Gabriel Eddy the first a 'iA
edition to the Hermin Lecoie
family is doing fine. ''I'
-:0:- ,.
The Louiseld Selon hous-ji
hold have received their a
est, < '

A baby boy was born to thi',
Raymonfd Mevs at < Castera> this past week. B
boy and, mother, the former
Elsie Woel are doing well. .
Vice-president of the rCha4-'
telet des Fleurs, Jacques' Jo-,!.
licoeur and his wife received,.
their first addition last wee&,:
He is to be christened rard. '
-:0:- '
In Chicontini, Canada, June,:.
4th the Robert Wilson family:"'
was enlarged with the arrival
of 9 and a half pound Josephi:':
William Roberto. Mother :ise'
the former Lorraine Poirier."

_.J P.5


ao AITI SUN. SUNIlAfY, JUNE 14th 195


Personality Of The We
S(Continued from Page 1)

Smain thoroughfare and took autos was bro
Sthe bumpy little side road said rather cun
. that leads to Bois St. Ar- tandebruits tha
r mand. Jacques was.of no help, sound's they ma
:.once.he left the road side he well clear of the
.,lost all sense of direction. He ed that he had
I eNxplained in heavy creole ly been hit by
that emoin connin toute roche was brushed ov
"2 entire la caille moin et Petion- came close to hin
: ville he 'knew every rook sident Vincent':
- between his home and Petion- time.
'i:: lle. The road ended in front
'ilof Maison Raymond Roy and No, severall little paths led off claimed when a
;,pyer the hills. Jacques once he had ever bee
i4.Czk. to earth tapped around of his excursi
Wa ..wide circle .with his white neighbours mei
4e1ick and then led Your -Re- fact that the r&
i r along one of the paths. Jacques' great'
.Ie climbed through a young The rain often
cor field 6nto a on rocks on the roa
'wiichi stood Jacques' one- more than once
.sobmed tCaille. There one, wrong fork of
Sa wonderful view of the and spent the
y and Cul de Sac. Neigh- for help.
-in'rs,"and an old lady who
i.trod iLed herself as Jac- Mrs. Jacques
ae's wife congregated along was her first na
ia. .several fine pigs, an old ed with pride
,?nrroique and Your Reiporter even older than
'ider the cool shade of a ing been born
V ,nao tree and the interview dent Domingue
t:li. which each member of the looked every d
1.,. .
N senibled participated, got years Jacques
*nmderway. three big sons 1
We soon. established that of the Cul de Sac
ocques had been born in ehe. hand towards th
:neiiglhbourhood under Presi- below, before he
Sdent.Salqmon which by cur- With a pitious
try book makes him ques said it was
btne vicinity of 65 years of his blindness had


ught up.
ningly, <
t he knew
tke and ke
em. He rec
never act
a car, but
'er when
m during
s (1930-11

Dieuw, he
sked whet
n sick on
ons. Sevi
ntioned t
ain is one
est enemy
d and Jacc
has taken
the crossr
night wail

I, ame, comr
that she
Jacques h
under Pr
i and
ay of her
Sshe said
by a wor
c, waving
e broad p
married i
Sso, and t
i unable )

Jacques waved farewell
with his white stick, a pre-
sent of Dr. Louis Baron, Pre-
sident of the Association for
He Blind People in Haiti, as You-r
,moi Reporter took his leave and
the headed off to ask Mrs. Wal-
eeps ker several questions.
;ual- Mrs. Walker talked of Jac-
he ques as one would a member of
one the family. She remembered
Pre- his coming to Petionville back
941) in 1928 with bundles of wood
en posts on 'his shoulders for
sale in her neighbourhood.
ex- At that time he could manage
other to distinguish objects out of
one the eye he later lost through
eral an abcess. His marriage to
h e Virginia was a memorable oc-
Sof casion. The Redemptorist Fa-
les. others were preaching their
the last mission in Petionville
rues and Jacques made his Holy
the Communion and got married
road all in the same day. Mrs.
ling Walker was ,Marraine and
Toto Ernst Walker was ( rain>at the wedding. Virginia
nia was the proudest person in
ient. Haiti that day she received
was the ring. A reward she never
hav- expected for taking care of
resi- Jacques and his ecaille.>
she I4 asked him to come and
79 live in Petionville where I
had could find him something o
nan don, said Mrs. Walker, her he is happy in the surround-
lain ings he has come to know so
her. well with his white stick.


Chief Of Caribbean Section
.Of-UN Visits Here

Wrestlers Dressed Only In Top Cot

Give Spectacular Sunday Show

Some of our readers have
voiced their opinion that the
story through City dressed only in
necktie* which appeared in
the May 31st issue was a, bla-
gue) (joke). The show of in-
nocent small fry taking gay
baths in the streets of the
capital during rain is a show
everyone has witnessed. Some
people never grow up. They
stick to their youth, so what's
so strange about a man rid-
ing a bike dressed only in a
necktie? -No doubt a prank
from childhood. For those
who still don't pay any cre-
dence to our story we report
the latest nudity.
The 9.45 p.m. shower des-
cended on the capital Sunday
and most citizens went in-
doors. But down on the rue
du Centre near the garage
(,West Indies> two mutton
heads ignited a spark of gai-
ety that had the whole nei-
ghbpurhood in stitches. Two
youngmen in their twenties

Haitian Trale Commission
Leaves For Belgium
On Tuesday
Tuesday 'a 3-member trade
commission headed by the
Minister of Commerce, Mr.
Daniel Heurtelou, will leave
for Brussels on invita-
tion of the Belgian Govern-
ment. Mr. Roger Boucard,

without any apparent troub
in their heads suddenly eme
ged from nowhere onto
rain swept street and coil
menced a discussion; so
say it was premeditated.
ter a number of curious p'
ple had gathered and inqgc
ed about the reason for w
they supposed to be'
.quarrel one of the two coe
peres> (fellows) stopped shi
the so-called discussion a"
told the other: 'Two me
must not quarrel so muc
abbut so little.' Let us sef'
the matter with blows., Tlv
idea of a boxing match wit)
out any charge, of coumi.
pleased everybody and bot
unscrupulous vagabonds .ui
dressed themselves audaciod
ly and started wrestling. Solr
of the spectators billed their
as < (pigs), others-.
< malpropres (indecorou
others fled in horror:
wrestlers did not even WM
calee'ns, '(drawers)' 5uI
their overcoats..

Bellande New Director Of
Tourism; Douyon to H
Radio Commerce

Mr. Denis Bellande presq
chief of the Immigration
reau is reported moving
the Tourist Office as its
rector. Mr. Guy Douyon,
rector of Tourism is said.
.. '-:..*

to take care of them as he President of the Chamfber of be taking c.hage of th
S" should and consequently they ,Commerce and Dumont Bed- ration of the new Radioa
His blindness was discus- have done nothing to help James Bough, Chief of ihe landle are members of the merce.
S;.ed at great length and we him ,travaille pou tete yo> ... Caribbean Section of non- commission. -:0:-
.~imally came to the conclu- everyone is working for him- self-governing territories of -:0:- r. Cadet To
itibn that he had not been to- self. the UN, spent last week here B in reco Dept. Of Health
t"l'r ,. al hi. ,.. I rv Direc Dept. O ea
.::ta l. blind all his life. He ac- \ with his wife and sister-in- lDr.'Jeannot Cadet wl
li'se- the ademangeaison The reason why he makes law Mrs. Cobear, at the bo director of the gently retued from s
7. ', The new director of the cently returned from s;
Sjt.ib responsible for his those trips in the middle of Lele. weekly *<.Etincelles9> is well- izing in 'oto-rhino laryng
lindhess and that he had lost the night or early morning is The-48-year-old native Vir known author-journalist An- at Chicago is reported
.i s'. sight completely under because it's a good time to gin Islander has been in the tone Bervin. ing the Dept of Public H
YsJ. ,ident Dart.guenave, 1915 L..iy around the mar.;et, no United Nations since its in-...-...
'e22.' It appears he had been ;:a'd scramitl.e or riotous bar- ception seven years ago. Mau-
:.:walk ng to Pctionville since gaining at that hour. Almost rice Dartigue, former Minis- THOSE FA OUS
fancyany and .gradually as his every other day he makes a ter of Education and Agricuil-
~sIgh became .dimmer it ws pilgriimae 'o see Mrs. Wal- ture, Haiti, is now employed
f'~i e walking in a moonless ker at the 'a.ight. Even when Mrs. Wal- p:hnagc., He calIs Mrs. Wal- cation specialist. During hisb
i~ker of the <.Little Jesus Or- ker his c and says visit he met with Under-Min- AC
change* offered o arrange -she always has a little some- ister Claude Preval, Kebreau, iAR BACK
,'fo- a job and home in Petion- thing to give him. There are archeologist Kurt Fisher, Se
vfle he refuse. He had got a few who spend their entire ator Fombrun, Morisseau-Le- You can find them TODAY At -
Staknow his surroundings and time thinking an.i helping roy and many outstanding BAZAR DU CHAM E R
g'.strange bond of friendship ot.''rs he said, and Madame educators and prominent Hai- AU LINCOLN
.came to exist between the old Walker is one.. She had spent tians. Mr. Vinton Burns, Act- ED PHIPPS
L'im'n and the white stick. He <<(ros l'argents, a lot of mo- ing Resident Representative
a ys the stick leads him from nrv, when the doctors :ook his of the United Nations, squir-
*ck to rock. He has never eye out in 1948 after a piece ed the distinguished visitors And in Petionvile at HENRY RIGAUD
sJeen a car and became very of wood had caused an abcess around during their stay. Daily the List Grows Larger
citedcitd when the subject of to form around it.

... .. ... ,. :.








"Tohisai th fit time-i trhe H and nsom P ct oolA
history of education in' Haiti
a blind boy frm birth s T L al Prin Sh
sat in the primary examina- The picture book on Haiti and, in xquisite color
tion. In the room sitting that went on sale this past .tos, we are showe sights i
somewhat nervous apart were week, is .withoutdoubt the ly seen by human eyes.
the two persons responsible finest ever published. rh.'e im- through towi and vii
Sfo preparing Joseph for the portat f.a -t about this 207- missing none of the coloaji
Seams, .Melle Solange Masse- age black and white and col- atmosphere of Haiti.'
na and Jean Saurel who him- our' picture 'cook, is that. a The author of this fa
*.self is.blind. Joseph on.com- Haitian printsho has pro ing pitoriA journey t
pleting his composition- on durced it. Iaiti,-camne hre h fo
'the braille ni''achine translates .'..and. ufyed. fo r!
it, on t 6he typewriter. Ae -Haiti -herie;' as the bo ok Mr.:I sy- bwasrt i s -
17,' Joseph 'dis covered Braille is apiropriately .c lled, ia Frenhptograh
g islio yar.t y P y ih in 1948, Jean Saurel taught' large :'nd a iasoi bo.dk cn : so d.cliami
5ft Ath o,0s aits' tht iii d mpion !, C' 4
ek Photo H aiti Sun. .... c.him by_ corre pondence and in taiiing.217. first iclai s ioto' er. for 1952o. t
:,.. :. .. .... .. ":' 195 .0 .he entered Vincent graphs,. (18 r colour) a- comply ishments e ati
S' ?A 98 Pupils i school for Haidicapped'. i nlber. of'pen' illustr tion' by. treat hi readeorst,.-,
H- aitian artist:'.L Merelus, fascinating eni esi f
Ie' ':" "' 'i O ll The exami nation program- with a sharp and -descriptive tedious, awe*nspii
Pfi age 1-- normal erceditagn e of mpassesime has changed little in the 'text closely weddi, to-the pic of the unieraer ir
TINS~d a. in the Jurie't-nd Septjmber past few years; epl ainei Gen tures in -.' both kE glish and 'is inhabitss.. '
;.very rare ad exams ,'average 'between 70 eral Inspector Berthoumieux French. i. )t
rie aW z xae n7To-..dieve that,
I yiis o.fite1ty a'w: danid s,8 p center: .Of-'h lse but it.is working more effi- Marel. Isy-Schwart,. the journoieyo effNc "ct'i
i lces r oibye ,o pass ew .will stnp, ciently than ever. The iethu- -author-photgraphet has pre- picturess wvre taleie.r..
." Im~f ""ivs oste will dontinuethei 'edu- siastic educator .;mentioned .sen'ted his ,boo. in su el, ':a mostto ro" j',;.
w h "er cation, at.. she ponda -ools, that as. the member of. the way, that' as the pages are bert DNellshamj~ wfii
S*F-education.bira a.nar now- te on TL
e t u unier -.cees-and o l s Ber- education, bureau ,ar now.' ;turned; ..one experiences' the gave birth to Lth idea
S, o umieux added the percent well qualified to.experinient .)folding.f iHaiti as'through a. ok,. was the final
'. ET age- va vriesa ,gheat. deal from profitable changes iii the e- a .isitr eyes. thl -ionoio~ raiph
Syear to.year Few orthe rls amination process.wil.be in- menit'ofsteppirig off.boat or Printing got under
a who pass uwl. continue atm troduc&d whenever they, e plane we begin. our exploraD.,ecember on the,
h e M.exschool.,M69t consider them- deemed necessary. tion with a tour of th eold 'ne. German aiitii
p taks placeelvesand new, section of Port a .ider pres.- _he: first
: l. hey ax. A few willtake the su- a F Prince, arriving.findly.at the. editions Henri i

ateAchers in &k spe- ter school. Another dtepied Uni'ersidad in Mexico City pags are devoted to.the.fa'ie. is on -sale ev
It-eeies the with deisio that she would aii's nationlteam willti of the udrwaeruding ti
of five different go on to the faculty of -nedi meet Mexico in the opening world. In black and whit fice. It sell fra .
,iorbefore it finally cine for the r part f th city a
S GET TQ SIT EXAM From Mexco our soccer
CNIAE.NE In a classroom We found team will go to Guatemaun
dent. receives those only one pupil. r This sole .pu- Costa Rica, Salvador,HMnau 0
he is droed from pilwas Joseph Jacques (ho ras and Nicaragua and ubaurway-hasra'houand
inzion and must re- won prizes at the irtadio The playing beenatches against the
classrooin for fur- tre with his al questicordeop photographsla- national teams ofpoeach coun-
Sand' gets acvshance ing lastiounday). Mile Camille try. Mexico's national team sies of the uderw r uding
himself in Sep- unier the inspectress st at exi o pla inthe a return match
f r g a desk opposite while Joseph against Haiti December 27th J .
typed out his French compo- at Stadifm Moagloire.
be informed tis fat the ition on a braille machine. ,
A II-l

h-- #. '% J .
,'iew Orleani '
.';'* 'C. d"l f .'oo'- :
*I, :/. ;" '. "\ '. '"i'';. 'i ".' -' "' ,.. -" V.. :.' -

. ,fS "^ ., ; ,
'-i., 'C'


Lf.; I,.N,


-. -:---

- .- ,

:4~,1. L ..i:~ d. ij..i ~..:.~.1:1rl1. / :j.~..... rI' 1'

7 ..'. : --- .--.. _,- .-: ,....
Verdun midalalorig with five- Soir, and is now' Chefde S I md
l Of French Airore citations and nuerou colo- ice at the Foreign Offic. Presidt
ei el Vil nial decorations. The com- The'title of the newepalier lic. The local .
mandant'is a sport enthusiast cLe. National; its "first is- paper is at the
e the climate and. having taught physical educa a.steis, schedule to appear.. Cite de l'Exjositio
p e.ar-eithe friendliest tion.and coached football and
ever known. Odmman i- volleyball during his years in
Eeu!eel of the French Air the Airforce. Mrs. Heuzeel is
c.agaS chosen Haiti for re-. an 'American and will join
e'pt. The apptr distin: him here from Florida as soon -
ffi is veteran as the. resident visa is.grant-
wa~i.ans 25 years. ed. -They hope to make their
a fji ,rst. e to--Hai- homee in Petionville.
.o yer ago as a result ,
.with rnan.d "Lissad,
n. CIlii is"bon who HAITIAN RED CROSS
Continued from Page 1 '

a~I pt HezlieeL join' IF -'ay the District Army Comnman-
'"A-foree i .1 91!' 7after-Comrandant Heazeel -- syss
S fIoie"e..1- e & Haiti is' ideal for ,retirement. er, and the Administrato of
ofer"-'the 'hospit l.
Ih b- r at. Ver,- .
e first chugged -photo service in Indo'China .Some. 50 faipilies wer .e
-- "o ,oe. .hp.
e -yonder .in. he1 spent' three interesting ade pmel.s when the. wat- 1
dkii e, he n4s n1,900 he went to erq and: silt took. over their '
r ,'aJti' th"Air:'Miit3, in i Paris fo i"~,t hdme on te river
r b'r, rse-ae nyekars .g command. aik.n .estinae of. 20,000,
hitcgrap'het. ~- n'Fr-ane surrendered in hEFana trepp, maize and il- .
t i.lda"r Wor. d4 :I he was caught .let wire dstr'4ed in guard '.
Gem eto his tegrpuds..a comian- ideridng he i er. The nunm
-cup-dq abonr gui be0ft of h pli igs,d goats ad
'p.r-P.gent .t. n 4-i`-~, "he ved his of-'xen .arried c awaybythefio'od
ar'6ugh from.. ficia discarge long witA Is.,till .unkpwn. 'The most '
8. in alie eondal up-.; Offie er I lo dHo~nne severe daqiage caused: b the '
aire .'oo ias he -b.reakdowi of
,TT,-F-.., .,,tQ ,i,,-'w"a,
L- the y wdtr pystemn". I-
.. .'d ha, not ,b-e""i forth t ""np
b oug of a peitm
o p edret l dio .Public Hpal, ththe ydril
SSerrice,~ i Scisp, ,.-the ;Red.:
': 'Ci-oss az4Mpdsenran'Co\,."'".
h .. -i'.eir Welt] .t t 'diA-
,4.: -, :- .. hh o Y "1 %

6:0 Ml ." .. .. .
I daai : e beedti far more ..,d'as- ,."4.2",.
,nge b- eri rd ,

,-4e prograpi: 'bd '. .
i ra o ,t o a .'is ot a

,5,*.Weof R p he edX Cros' 1'
..d. .....w. u' ,.i
-"". th-r'.i of"the'ot -W e

'. 2,51 *....g ., .... !a .
"'1 .14 ,i .
O ewtg p Ie;i ,'or--..' .... ,.

6. -,, e- wJ '" .

Ii, t.l$Y .t1 ,t. e"to ''P "* 4 4 '-'

ii 1, OZ.
g b id,, ete d Mto tewi '...'T'ND

P..- :,. Ou :,0- ee a.~ -

I s .-.F
.. ; ,.'X,

7 :, ....",":'-.,-:'.:':', "" '~ ul pp 'sx~ z-A f:

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