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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Source Institution:
Duke University Libraries
Holding Location:
Duke University Libraries
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 32441147
lccn - sn 95058138
lcc - Newspaper 2117
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Full Text

,W 'L.ek, #. I. a t7o

.~ r IE"OMA~~l$F3~Th1E phon I0 VlXV SUDALY ALUGUST 6ith 'I1 No. 38
FIT10 ,Z; oe 7
.. ... ..R. -- -.
, .-,,,...- :._.. ,, -,-,.ji ~ ,_ ;- -
': ..i +. .. ,"" "" :"""
,.':~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~o~ Si' ;UUS~t .96 ,%:: .;< :+s, ; i. "...: '"""' '
f n .. .. .


midst for two years, and ghwse
to ,ay-A '9rient "r'' in ad-tio~h
al 'Haititri country-style .mapner
-teStimiony -to the hiehi -estWi'e
in which they held the tall; lanky
Americian ,educator.
At Metr on. the Cul .dcac,

-"Cabrite -bicane".' '- .
r For ltw v years Dr Hart has As a ,result. of-.the rcenl Bi Chatty, ambassadeur tunisien
been workingg toward tlhe solt- zerte. crisis, the.goprnment-o! en Turquie. "Le WMatin. thinks it
' tion- of .:Haitt's rural education Tunisia .has Iauncied a diplom- will -iot be unlikely that Mr.
problems. As a result, CEP. has .tic offensive, sending V-rious. Driss visit Haiti. It will be re-
blicen .completely revainped, and high officials.to Moscow, Wash-. (Continued on paie 3)
closer cooperation with -the Mi- ington, the -United. Arab, Repub-

"- ..- :

iBonnieLungwitz- -
3WejsIi* o
-. .. ..C '-

-' : istrf -ias been obtained: New lie, Senega;l and other- i ormer
WiZiL 'IF schools inushromed ai French-African. territories in an
S n iti i W'...:_ ei'M-er,-. GQragueau,)Moreau les effort to establish diplomatic
S S. Maes '. les, Bac-d'AquinPeligre-al in ties. and allies. Bourguiba's ret ii
t :.a extnsionprogram wa piesntatives to Latin America ommi Su e
S ;, evelop.~ iWhich. has resulted j and the Middle, East are Ras-
thaoning iof mtrd iithan n -sixty child -Driss, -secretaire d'Etla ..
.. -qt. qn- page 6). des communications,; and.& Hab day g e' footba
X vatch eiei Rcing and Etol
S'. : "'- IIe Haidtieinne minute of silence
Dep ti ischarged iy National was obsetrvedi memory of .e
1,tj4. rjP: ~ 'ekEeEdnI flueereeDrc Luoen Toussint who cornk
S:ly':Iacked' Disciplithne' .. o Se
-atcitated Le Yor iTuesday.
Seegilave Ass. the fiial objectives oT th~iRevo- ; Le Jour nor the FootbaHll FMe
ao f luution 'ana to i in ude them in ration. ,eld explain w at drove
.'tree ofjis: m e bers.on -harges d: social- ad vanes. th e refee to. tide. : --
.ftat l,~ifailed to ei'olese o Gnsidering that the welfare It is saidhUsed rat poison -Bonnie Lungwitz the
prdy 'dislpino (C ontinued on paoge 8) to end his lf e. : o lMr andaMrskjon Laun-
The der blishd In t.n -he PTntation Dauphin. -i --
ies u t at- Georg Pedersen oi BoEton at
'.-, ..<,_ : %,p--th e .,ae.. -......-a.
ia.. -.- e ..t~
.: -~ .hei ftht :" '"' Hod
h[e., ;: al n iebei A t t Wa.t MIMrSeVWc mSB. Cdouttt

.H. arriSsoit dayjn ..b e u fan
d M.ger: 'iLarreur of. 5 rthewedding.
ue Cimeab, Port. PrFe, Code h;-t .Rev u""w" t i 0
i-spriticipfitng ii bi4wee tsih which ae birt to theOv 0e61'ot
aii)linj exercises :or theisland vite neq o 'tembr sati 21h iesata Boof UTl-
Vi~~eis, Puetti 6;' fti e 17 ie ti l i y i d B husb -a ~
rst- Bataolliodi .the -Eight Ma.- l'; t mn.bers "of hig 9v -cent: &iaduatefrom B 1m 1,
e Regimnt, infantry n-it .:i met gjto in or- ii ter boslnI"
the Second- Man!i Dvision ier-1o:it he, an2ee ..- home in
C .. A...d -" xJ..'e ;M iadi .ny. .f... han. "
o.. .. ,e & ? ,t. f ,~- ~,.. < r -, at (Ab-ve) woulid be r or-ad ..
U "ea' .C- e .. ...,.. .,4-' $q
Ir ... ,: ,. ..U: ',' ..
i. ..'- i. .:',+-;,+ + : P:v,, ""` ..

OHMASqH4RrPARTSr Looks Jo .1

Punta del Este

Hons of Latin Americans follow- cess of your efforts."
ing the daily events of the cr -
oial Economic parley that open- The purpose of the -conference
ed /yesterday at Punts del Este: at unta de Este will be to pe.1
-,in Uruguay. pare and sign an "accord fo
2 st '"e the Alliance for. Progress.' His'l-
.Finance M.inister Herve Boyer accord ill outline the ten-e r
SRIENDS II MITTE E flew to the conference Thursdayaccord ill outline the ei
SeADVANCE-MAN IHERE afternoon. He heads a five-mem- program f la tin o e :.
economic and social develop-.
Dr Paul C. Berry an Ame i-h er Haitian delegation. ment that is backed by the .
6- -Sitgineeiing --- psywhol o 0ag i s t d s mem-nt tat bhgcebe- iJ. ;:..
n efigineeiing psy3chol o g1ist The Alliance for. Progress his
S(Ph.-D. Yale) has come to Haiti P'resident Kennedy said Wed- become the cor estone of"
for the American Friends Serv- nesday that the hopes of nml-' Uited tat es in Lati ;l
..... ice Committee to prepare to lions of people might depend on rica Mr ennedy remnd
ieW bgrse "'' h a place young Americans here to the success of the United States America. Mr Kesedy iemtsucs
tor"-nucatoer a e e _. .- s aid the country in its national delegation to the inter-American the delegates that tsucce
-* develop ment through services economic conference that opens cause of freedoI in this he.. Z;
p such as agricultural extension., in Uruguay Saturday. `7
.. ..i ]M.... "Costs of the young laboring sphere.
Quakers will be paid by the At a- special White House "
Friends Service Committee. meeting the President met with "There is no'morie Important
Educa t t oen ASmee tagt of Geovenmentt thw te. w
EThis Quaker-society is lnown Secrtary of the Treasury Dou- task of Goverment th
for the good works 'it has done glas Dillon, head of the delega- one in which you ate ngaed
S .throughout the world. No task is tion, and several of. its -riem- no meeting with greatersgifii ..
too menial, no task too great for ber. Mr Kennedy said: "The chance for the future than the one
llem .'be* o. .. o a .tiv neby. one of the rural schools these people in their; tiaaining hopes of millions of people o attend," lee
Education Progranm (CMP)-'eer elected by- CEP, over- sixty Continued on page 3) throughout the. Americas rest to support g with you at th
ved unexpected word. this.week niember o of the organization .m c i o'
of't-e transfer of,.Dr.-. ThomW Rste-Minister c to.h e :,-- ( a n.n .-I
Ium* *m.Ar. .^ng-Zm; ^.i.~i;en~aB~g-.^Ul *..^.,.^ t _-.__.-__.^-* **. ^,*--- Wl~e U O ~--.

Daia3Sb^^ r


tI p iti Ths Week
E CE iE .r L ME? V-V e ennrtg-or .the Navy at thea
By AUBELIN JOLOOEUB mey Air'--,ei~.,Base' in"uerA
ico fle.. down .iere for a:t-:
Jyttc-fJudy) Freuchen ']u!y 30 celebrated her birthday in Haiti ee vacaons will'y t
Sfor the filth time. Born in Denmark, she recently became a U.S. 'the-Citale Oian;. builder
.Mr"Eugehe OIian; a builder'of
....- citizen. She- has been working -for a number Ne York .City',id s' wifl
of years as Secretary. for an advisor of the. -sagh, Mr Max Egstein,;i: build-
Rockefeller fami' in New York. She loves er-fko-Miiini and 'his.wife Es-
Haiti and the Haitian- people. Her first friendheraid' Reuen Gladstne
a Pharimacist. from Roslyin :LI
here was Architect Rene Villejoint whose .last. ;Nw-Yor andi. ife -Hele
notable works was the celebrated Park of the ,arO.-ef gyina veryp easaht' a-
I"Heros de l'Lndependance."-_ -.'.. catibn in Port:.au Prince.
Misses Nita- Cole and-Susan
Monday evening Dr Bertrand Schaeffer, a' Reich have experienced .the j6ie
s'f noted Psychiatrist from New York, a Consult. de vj.vre of Haitt. mi' a swing.
ant for the World Federation of Mental Health and Consultant of throdgh.the.-Caibbeanrr tlls week..
the Caribbean Federation of Mental Health was host at a dinner The two lovelies spent three days
party given at the Grand Hotel Oloffson. His guests were Dr. .Ha- here. Nita "was-trilled hy .our,
while art. Sue- loved the Haitian
rold Wood, Director of the medical branch of the and hee -.. .and the- ed th .'
SCISP and his wife; Dr Denis Lazure, Director of the Centre de
Psychiatrie de Port au Prince and his wife; Dr Emerson Douyon; Mr Lee M. C.- Baca, Director
Director of the "Centre d'Orientation de l'IBESR and Consultant of the- SNEM. greeted hi f wife
of the Centre d'Accueil "Duval Duvalier" of Carrefour and hi; Novie and sons Richard 16 and
Lee.11 this week.
Psychologist wife; Dr Sidney Mintz, an Anthropologist and stude Mr Robert Books, a costume
Secretary Miss Carolyne Legerman; Dr James TieEyey, of the Ford Jeweller -from Forest Hills and
Foundation in N.Y. A 3-piece orchestra and fabulous Ti-Paris built his wife %were in Port-for. the
up a very gay atmosphere. Dr. Schaeffer who was houseguest -week-end.

her ouungs nere in company with Mrs v ary DI. Laoasio, a Social
of the Lazures came here to explore the possibilities of organizing
the next Caribbean Congress of Psychiatry in Haiti. TiLs congress
is held every two years. The last one was in Jamaica'this year..-
Mrs Jhoanna Katherina Wolfram WooUer, a travel Agent for
the American Express in Toronto, Canada is currently visiting.
Originally- from Vienna, she is delighted with Haiti. She is making
her outings here in company wtth Mrs Mary D. Cabasino, a Social
worker from Syracuse, New York, Mrs Anna Forsberg and Miss
Rose Nuz2i, executaries from Brooklyn, New York.-


4-. -.
. --. .. .



.... ,a: ....-..
." ,-,-,'_ 4' -h ; "

Z.-" -
-#2- ~

Nell Chan, a Travel Agent for *T.u ef rit
the T.P.Y. Travel- Service in P "0-rL
Vancouver, Canada stopped here !- '
last weekend and was taken "; :"-..
about town and country by Fritz- T, e iost exCu:ie SViev oM
Famous pianist Joel Rosen 'e '... H'"
from Ohio-is here with wile Joy -
and son Jeffrey 5. D elIious -dontinenlatl CuiSihe
"Your country .i doing a very servide.
bad job- o Public Relation' in
the States", said Maiiufacturer t E
Henry Pesar, President of the -Personalized aten on t
Kiddielane.: Corporation which- : ,-
manufactures children amuse- O -lni j j ~
ment rides in:.Westbury, L. L, ... -
New Ybrk. "You are missing the h a c '; .rIMi.
boat", he continued, "-yoi r colu- ine d-i r
try has much m6i;- to offe t ..
Jamaica, Nassau, Curacao ett: i:
but wha do -you- -do-_to attract -
the visitors. We feel-so .happy -. V.....I.N
here in"regard to the ther-pla- -
ces; but you ileglect -t4seJl your: U-EAio
beautiful- cuntry.You music do "UESD--A tj S
something about 'it; T feel very -j4RiMu idt ,nt:
strongly about it'" Mr Pesar .' a -' -- t: '. a
with his wife- Iene -s "travelling ...
along with :his el'er --rother Dr ._ .e.NEIa:' :I'-_
Theodore-Pesar a'id his French 2 -o-,7 :
wife. Alice. Dr Pesar a'noted FR A. 4la n ci
Cardiologist is:'_fhe Dicebtor of : -
the Rehabilitation -center rof Al-: -: -' .
bertson.- L.I., Ne .York, They. 4 i1 ioCkfdilLik ouf
made- all ..thei. shbpl at thee .. o--N-- -ati e.-
Gift Fair and weie tilled ait
their visit at. the: Salon --des
Bel ux ArtsB of tipis S ha ..p.
(Contiined on page -1 ) .
... %
'.-..-~ ~ "' < :-" : ,.-: '*.: ;'k "'"

*- t -
c..?u "er

.._ry .-. .,."

'Ioeoh 'm

- ... ", .' .- '. ,
JiTlL. .- qe" *" : -"'-.;:,"..-
o-, ..,--i., ..
iO g.. .o, ., : .: -. -: .
-. -. .: ^r.. ^. ,

w im' "a ''
... :Swim, Spearfis i,. i :,k

.:Ani ,- .
-.- ~.--: :. O .r6

..- W.a....r F
l E.---EA. FnS I:i' ES5IJB
: ..- -,. -,.-.-.,: _. '""' -' ". -" -""lIl Ii I 1 I I. r :. r "

49 ,i.-... ,- ., '".. X -T" 7-'_ AOE g-

crg island RdBanmboche Dedicated To Haiti .

Dop s and .Bob -Fleiscrler,' ld among those present,, Mr iLau-' Serge peNouiUe, Charley Shayt.e ODd m Hic n S team s l
fri et.li~ -and- frequeLtL visilCjrA' Lieu, long time friend -of Je ry of the .HHEF Sweepsfakes, Mr
to;'Haiti, gave a party .for nore Cantaye;. pent word -:'via Mr and Mrs Woodstock, poretits of -
thian 100' people last S'3aturdlay Khawley.-.that-..he expects to be Isabel Woodstock of 'th Amrri- -
nite,- July .22nd, at the couple's sent to Geneva next. can Embassy. in Haiti, singer r U Joman y
Huntington, Long- Island houie. -Other guests-at the lung-plari. Hearing, Maria Almeida. 'Rickie
The party was Haitian &s to de- .ied-: party were Alan Cavis, Hudes, Margaret Maag, Lorrai-
cor, music aril'dguests. with more .. ne Stephens of Pittsburgh, Bar- Allen & Baussan Agent
than ten Haitians present aird a bara Quent, Marjorie Hol.yoak,
large percentage of. other geilsts Pat -Betten and Barbara Kraus. OFFER A NEW REGULAR DIRECT
who. had visited this cilntry. Aso Jenny Serama and her sis- S VIC M NEW Y
S.} -, "" !^Br*S 53 tele Ann, Diana Fern and her SERVICE FROM NEW YORK .
ihe -highlight of entiritaiintment s fiend Nancy, etc. Every Friday
dijring the evening .was a .'0oo- Ernst Hoffman, who was an
ddo show -with durniners and invited guest, missed the *party SHIPS: New York Departure
dancers who were either or Hai Dear Editor: because le left for Vienn i- that SS Rhadaines August 4th
.an origin or who had beer su-. After having read your enlight- same day SS Fundacion August 11th
deit"of'Laviiia--Williamns eening article on the. sleeping de- With more girls than rm.en pre- Anelt Aug t 8th
Schrol .of the Dance in Prt au pot of the: market women in the sent, the men were kept busy Au t
PrinceJu 23 issue of the Haiti un, Meringue-wise. The party was a SS,-hadames August 25th'
-I began to-think seriously about huge success and emphasizes SS Fundacion Spetember lst
Word.of the.party. has comne di- the e-wmen who play such a the fact that visitors to this be- -
rec.from Andre Kbawlev, who fundanlental role ih ur daily guiling countryy "don't forget it LEAVES PORT AU PRINCE REGULARLY
was-a visitor in New York at s, but whom we take o soon. FOR NEW YORK
the-.:-time and a. guest- at the mch for granted. I wonder ho NE YORK
Fleischer home.-Serge Beaulieu, they really live? To their tre -Union School Every Wednesday
one of Haiti's delegates tr the mndous input of .human labof. Registration SHIPS P-au-P Departure
Congo.,and now a 'represehtaive they get a sihsubuinan output in Union School registration for SS Rhdames August 9th
ith ihe- United Nation~s, was es August 9th
with .the- United Nations, -was terms, of profit:. How many of us kindergarten through tenth- grai.SS Fundacion Au t 16th
SY s Re W s could begin to do the work of deo ill be held at Union School S3.. d -
.Yvrose ae Weds. these marchandes? Could any August 21 and 22 from 8:00 .to SS Angelita .Augu 23rd -
n New 'twhvo of uis even lift a basket one 12:00 noon. SS Rhadames A-u s: 3u th ,
Yvrose :.Rae,. ctfah5 'ess small Hajtian-girl carries on her Children entering-for the first SS Fundacion :- :--th
at El itancho,-ha-g iet sec- head all the way down or up to t.nie will be required to show
ond -matrimoThial.. enture;.t s La Boule? Could we even-walk certificate of birth and proof of For I Tiir tio '
week -with septogegani'a red "that far in the noon-day heat vaccination for small pox and ,
1-f. Klein,-retired, healthy S. while carrying nothing at all? typhoid fever.
leader in industry i. s s Js'l-M Would your paper run another Class will start September 4, T. J. STEVENSON & Co. A!I E. BAUSSAN
Klein's. sec d. marriage ..too. article describing how these wo- 1961 at 7:55 a.m 80 Broad Street Cit '.e 'CEpoSiti. .-
The .couple were married .f r the men manage to make a livir.g; !Nle York, N. Y. Tel 2697..
U.S. and Yvrose Rae Kline is how out of the sweat and chaos Qukers Coming
expected. to return to Haiti to of the markets and depots of Quakers Comng'd Passenge A
clear up personal affairs before Port au Prince, human eings (Cprograms anticipated) Refgerat Carg and Pa enters Acceptedthe
returning. to reside in the Klein survive. ehe
estate in Baldwin, Long Island, An interested and willing to ew peace ~rrps by twenty
New York. -.arn ani:.'understand reader. years. -
S". Dr Berry, who is lodged at
I_" '-"" .-" -- the Pension Tourdot, is now dis-
cussing work possibilities for CONSULT
S the young-Americans with Gov-
ernment officials. He is expect- sacha thebaud
ing his wife and two young chil
dren to join him here shortly.iec U. of M.
S architect U. of M.
4j.3- Bonnie Lungwiz Weds
(Continued from page 1)
SLuedde Neurath returned from
-:U t/ .a trip to the Dominican Repu-
Sblic with her family Wednesday de orat .
.. and flew to Miami to attend the
i:". ,"B .wedding of her friend Bounie. C trut

P .: IA Bouguiba's Emissary at catelhaiti
Welcome. :
(Continued from page 1).
:., -.called tat last year, the FLNI p1. 3 p.m. ;
sent Dr Gueniche Wazzani on a
WITH A missioni to Haiti just before the
SUN talks of the Algerian ques-
tion began. Haiti, a former
colony who achieved independ-
ence,. should sympathize with YOUR HOME AWAY FROM HOME
and welcome any -emissaries
B E SSA IM A ASSfLAD Cfrom this country in her strug-
B ES SAA T IC gle for total independence said a l -
L e M atin. a
HCAMERA ,inMrn eh H taitian MarineBU GAWS
^ CAMERA5 AT (Continued fr6ni page 1)
.-IS B The batallion will train until
mid-July with the latest infantry FRANCK ED. ROY, Manager :
tactics including., the Marine
L --C" .I x*, i Corps' vertical envelopment con- In the delightful "SOUSjBOIS" of- Bizoton
PIel. tcept that uses -helidcpters to at- The comfort and privacy of your own cottage
tack enemy positions si'multan-
UE a o k eOI Sely fr the fronst.and ear with the best type of Hotel service.
0"]E Ieously from the front. and rear.
PhoneL 23s 0 RA I Marines in the exercises also BAR, RESTAURANT, SWIMMING POOLmS,
'-Koqr AMN AIR.CONDI:IONE'C have an opportunity to tour the COLORFUL GARDENS -
island.and visit the historic ity ATTRACTIVE RATES
S of city Isabella Segunda. ,t s. .. '.
J ." .,"..r
:= .- ,: ,.

-. ~' i-TAT T~.T. :~ ~}

i:'- *

Straight Thinking

By K, B.

In an economy where a grow-
ing tourist industry is the key
to fast improvement on a gen-
eral scale, there is bound to be
conflict among interests scramb-
ling to be number one on the
. hit parade. The lack of fore-
sightedness in that attitude soon
becomes evident to the most in-

The Inter-American Hotel As-
sociation's August 1st Informa-
tion Bulletin provides some
straight thinking in this regard.
We quote:

city (and my hotel) to
If he stays at another
am equally concerned
comfort and pleasure so

his fri-

hotel, I
for his
that he

will speak well of my town and
my country. His friends wIll
come, and perhaps enough of
them to fill my hotel too. The
reputation of my city and my
country is in the hands of my
competitor as well as in my own
Advantages Of Tourism: Bes-
ides favouring the travel indu::-
try which comprises not oniv.
restaurants and hotels. but
steamship, airline, railroad, mo-

"My Guest and My Country: torbus and auto rental
Very often the visitor to my travel agencies and sil
city knows only the hotel in companies, the wealth
which he stays if it is my by tourism goes to all ;
hotel I want him to be pleased of tUe economy: mercha
with the food. comfort, and ser- nufacturers, doctors,
vice. so that he will return, and farmers, producers of
meanwhile speak well of my meats and other food;

mnts, mn-
pout rry.
in fact


ed from-ourist boards, .carriers
tour operators, hotels and shop
enabling CTA to run the camp-
aign in si x additional wee!:-day

to e\iyope with goods or serv-
ices to sell, because the new
money brought- to the areu by
the travellers passes -fron band
to hand many times before it
leaves the area for goods pro.
duced elsewhere."

A cogent, intelligent bit of
straight- thinking for the long-
range beneft of all concerned.

.. .


takes pleasure in announcing Ithat for the .
SUMMER SEASON-there wil be ai:. added -attrac--"
tion to the already famous -
-- -

S at the BACOU. .U NIGHT CLUB. 4i
'4 .. .- 4
~4~A~44A I.

Main Office

gincialp Gas Station
'5 ,11014istun ': e froirl lIft
P1,011E 17436

Away Or At Home A Car'

-fr _--.- ---

jI i our wn

oS~fflK^e in

1/4 & e *pie
1,4EX OPC L'i I

RENTH a .-
^k w m~ 111 _






$35,-pe rUeek

Plvs 84 pep Mile



oad Ma,


Pi ck-p an d deer-.'
.'_ -p an delivey- '

:- ." .. ', ;

,Trow hotels, rpoit

:R-- --./ ,.% .O E .. :
S.. : a.nd pier., .


.... .. ., .'..

. . . . . .
" --- _?. ., *--,-. -' :; .'. '- .*-..
, '-"- ., -.. .: ,. -

.,. .'.!.. _
. .. ...... .:.. .. -...-.

r. .



Hillman Minx

MG (On Application)

(4 DOOR)




* "

- -. .- ..-- ....

CIA Prograin, Boists q r-. p ume
.. te -travel gencynal us, !l
The Caribbean Tourist Asso editions, with the holee progtmrn. Siem. en tou o'pe rs i
eialion has reported on its embracmg.'a period of six weeks. :^no "CTArtl' bus
"CRASH" Advertising program C is now.mea. ig te bbeai i ea ba
CTA is nowIme-rchandizig' the the
which ran -in 3 week-day e advertiseipn itself bye print edy :'proved;
tons and 3 Sunday Travel Sup- detieent -if4.f rebpy_ print ly ; re: -
plement editions of the Ne ing it in full pages in t or
t editions of te Ne trade publications.--Tra.veWe Ths is'ahothe enco urang
York Times. Weekly -: Travel "Agent, Travel note-, 'or te.turist. Iusy in
Contr s hd bn Trade and ASTA News, with. a Haiti for the coming monthss;.
Contributions had been receiv- .. -- .. --. _

-~------ ~--~.





*at '-

*ns' ,' :.**:'
.$ :irn .ble
* ?? B1TA

^*^ "-'-'L'-' 2

... A..-. X: -

it's- -" i .. It
OW A-,dzseour agmi:g thhk4 a 'the.e P....o
S.per auditorium or 6pce r fai.Ye bi
tu4 iuone odr h 6ohtap p ai7atldils
Ii _' ..sic A pre iportant s, d f 'atei la-tt'

Jnt is -ottlait-;canol t ol ma e
a ,,A' r to ni
one. Q.arti~st rtmusiipianr Mur2rtii esltet^n
dramatic leilent i combipeto:imake-fone ofthe,, greatest
so -ces of w- alth' ie, ave., hey,-re eset u rano
agaitte e'i an destrictvness and-the olenc
I .out society; tIey are. dir Means F preserving all thi
prielss, Vspiritual value~ that alone make life ii6irt

^ ^*autif...h
r-4, awelli-ooustnted ai4ol itecturalLy beautiful hal
o e ius -to Icreath .aeti Thinkl o
,ipconcerts, e piib e tio s i tieng
-id fee -i -i g
de, i-h oviid .fa, r tie v s i
4eigists, ballW 6-Oc.iae, ectrers, anod -p-ajr.:
oeekhm i ,p~ow do:"eA' drig iscduram i
sitoiri a i better facil ;~ii c- i
.qO.~eB.istia' P'me, doA .iuq e t .1
f&^~:ailsrrjkig ounding Thea udr Tiack
ii b d -'^fi ee .;i im daoidof the deoorat*'n palm
and' flowtis whic are so easily prfuif&here
Maiy of te bad feat ares -hat har ater:ise loa
matipreseltations c-an he aid taiteolnlaeM AiflflOtie
ot, produactionC No niatter 1wgodpthe#laly iti

aced i to 4aiot ,.aiu% e it. ise bgl.
po6*equipment' Aiy gM u'pl 4Mrhtif ore yrtiessioa
is at 'aZ* tageitdo uigf tvokYt

made nn. r iepniv-byiuncomforlible seats, nosighti
wails, and a gerali~y-dm!ePssmig atiuiosjibrhe^.

mtmovemen s;if thiaire to acquire a tradition jthe
we.stgnIve them a permanent home. Thousands'o
f BiIitiaaniot yet> tiheititre" .aiciouf s wouldtjek bIfecom
s ispiri oursrtists to veturn -int'tle new UieRld af scer
ery desinhghee willa nto beings d l at

*most origintilr -ld r

77 -C
freed ithamperede must be ee to choose hi
thee motive itoriny phase f.fM.thtt 1ir
eata hI.'Thre iuiuststno .danger 4o a jiroject such a
tii gseda ;a poItical football. .-
M..The 0atists Ht See in, t cl chg eh
the tri,e n'tul thesoit h liv of we iet, n
havefa lsteant tiiitoiy.iii.

etiia ifeoosthe i fUi hiisdies

He pst~; 'be ,foredr discard, tbe- howosft c^rSt
aesthetip iepts, and yet b "wotected a9a0aW
v3usm, -anM :ptrioxsng attttu ies $upttn
p xecsi pol thlve hio an athnie e roo
e* "nye~oji ia5ie00
onwI~irgf of Ail~t V ts .

11 I_ __

;ta'ind sharpen t ''icilc; ; ultes? Of do we .
iiant, O yj onrymajmg entgtresTb k.eate ai.rts
A ms b.tized -for their own sake, regardless of mi re
"o.mier la.dva'ntages.. ,- --. 3 j (
,' :. s M.:.,o" : -' .s
What..are thi e -bmendefbtu of wi public e-ncoureu ''
t UnPona tbflhett aeintanjhle;.bit 'vet y-
t o.iiA. Th i' e iditri is integrated t Haiti Sun
withi he life of he oo wn.hiit in away not poWsible En VUle July 30. I
ther e-; e ce during the emotional upheaval of Dear Editor:
,,. -'- .' -. This is the land of quaticah-'
; 'Peoleae bought togth in a co-operative. end-. on'
-avoutf' tn'itigatesi 6 e sugl-deadeAing effect nf .the seldom does anyone attempt
'dog6eat-dg" .economi. order in -which? i e live today. to make a declaration of 'n
,way. -A-b .., ito. u.. would bl'udeelaratuonildfd
.* W.e iay.not"yet iave achieved full. poitical"denoe ra testable lae. ie.
y,but-Iit aieast ..We c"n .have cultural.deinoracy right -' "
Saway;A.public auditorim.-would "build -aud serve this- In Haiti,. tbhee .-doe't-see
1~ cultural. i .cy. -.- .. to be any-such thing,...
~ -a "~ -. .. "-' Practically everything is -
I 1VWe'eed this, Muni.pal Conert .Hal a yocated -by or eniths
-yo.]-,. .-'I ,_..-- i -. .g ten or spoken in- LWis woali U!9:.
t Mayor Jea eeb.. Caribbean "republic -of 4,000,000
t carries a direct, .or inlerTed'r
B U 'O "R pbrase of:. "At the' moment."''-
REQU UIEPREADING FOR GRADUATING STUDENTS pFowatev of:e. "Att rse' Io prinrtt,"
TIT -- Jor is said at one hour -orF esin4
S- SH OF A HAPPY LIFE sometimes at one minute- is noi
SEery ,a9"ung T.in Mi oqung. \omani leaving high siool---and longer true or valid at the next.
i hversity.is looli&ftg 'Tovard fdo a-happy life, but there is ;i'ide Thirgs happen here ,with in
j ra ..... he .thnst. i credible speed. There's a word:
f Long, logago;. omen _and women mi ved from birth-to death as Haiti might: be called "eto.ur'..g
.:- -- --.:a. "" -. Z 5
it ,were on a stream;obeying uhquestionable' laws, taboos 'md tot- dissant-" Which translates into
ens. -Tboda:_ we. are more subject to the burde'-of. choice. No stingn, ..amazing,: -stound
i'r 'wa blood_-yo6lthis'w.aint to go gto slep.-'i the bottom of the -
-: bat, iWting the elements carra them wherever chance leads. Among l .the turbulet :a~i
.;Jstea t.y.'ish to sit up and -learn to saiI'iito the wind and American .ipublics,.-rione- seems.,:
Sag~infst -e thrust .ol he tide hywil stars to steer by."hyish o have .more probleiM ih
" to be, -if-got-masters of, Jheir fate; -at least .-piots of there craft. thisolr. Frencbhspeaking Black
.- TfQ a:seaborthy ;essel, all the ocearis are open, all thi r!Lers Repnblc in ..the Western : em-
S .plqiabeal. tliheports beckon. Only choice and sailing-skill are iSp aiears A. -,
-' tmeedi ia ..e Some Haitian-tr y to pas off .
S. the succession -of economic and,
political troubles as being attnri-
S-- e'.i san ene ss succession of choicesWhen you go toa sports butable to "growing pains"- as-:
L #am W. ,reJec.- an infinite number 'of ott thinrigs-.yu mighr have a young nation.
rdone with tinme.-.When-you .go to 9pm movie you reject '
But Haiti has been a ove
, eep inifs favour Wen you spend a quarter on a .drink; you re- unty evr since wuining
eign county, ever since yi
o jed -all,-else.- y3u might have bought with the "quarter. Every independence from the -Frenic -
choice; -ilvolves 'yor sense e of v-alues. ii 1804. :..-
y Life is-also a set of skills. -Your .education and your preparations "
need top-be aiitabl o to your hopes and ,the greatness of the enter- There must be an answer' .
Sp.ise-upn'hic you are embarking. question of: Whats beh
Th .e .. _" all e troubles in Haiti? What-.;
Wbat-'a-thea .ppy-Life?- .... ,-4
Th W iaIs The rappy ufe? is the. real underlyiYg cause
if '.swas. greatest question .of antiquity, as it is of the ~no- would -like to have some .o
S-dern- worlId. Men-and, women have gone' by many-ways to seek ylour readers reply for. -
Sa .happyhlife. 'Some 'thate failed'because they .set themselves .no stictl personal, care -of
. d~ite goal: 't .drift-l here and tAere:.hoping always tQ. e ne a yo in advance..
e upon the I nd of their' vague.dreams. Along .the way they fuund I amr .
d (Oottinued on page 8) (s A Perplexed Visitor.'".

1-, ih atelet des Fleurs
T. -I K-E "'
: AS STAWIBERRY PfANTL : States Missionary Variety $10.00 per 10Q

'5 I *- : -
Prac. ..

S ...: -'_ ..rCWori :-. i :k..1 r. tree $ 0 each'

or. lo.-r.4isr '1 P-...
S lieq 50'W e -at N-e iEies 1.0 e..., .


-" D A. .
:',',,.[.,#, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ .'r '7-,: "- 7-,"-:. .: ,:-. ,
..... : .. -.. .. .. .- ...

-.. .
"1 "" .... "" '1
.... -e ties .7Presdc oi..... "the ....... .. ..... ""
Spu Ousted r : the month in -h :e mD mninans Attending Ponta- De Este Stop Here
SP' during the oth i ih .. .... .
'" vacancy occurs.
& ', "We.want to "mak- nmy tYon- at the meeting. at -this ltmc: He;'
S(Continued from page 1) .rt. 63.-The members of the tributiori we can towards .the cufld not say whether he expdec-,
legislative body shall takh the success of the Pont&a Del E:ste ted special..histrucUons upon ar-,
of greatest number of people is then that attitude required .iner- following "ath: '"I wear to "l- conference,'" r Salh'for- Ortiz' rival in'Montevideo. -
the highest objertie of the 1pn- getic intervention of the compet- hold the rights of the pc ple President 6f the Domintcau-dlele- The other 2 riembers of the de-
volution, that the Stalt Organi- en Powe ; and faithfully to obsero the nation to the Economic confer- legation arei: Under..minister of
zations, in, charge of Utht vel- The National Assembly decrees: Constitution." -"" enlce in Uruguay..stated fedines- Health and Sogial, Welfize, Dr:'.
fare, could not realize it iL they day. noon during a, stoploner Jose Patxot and Economist Carll
do not perfornj their cumllto Art. l.-The Deputies., Lavoi Art. 90.-(line 4): He shall be here.- : Stresino .
obligations %ith eelfcicl.cy and sier Lamothe, Oriol Etstache responsible for the enforcement --
complete harmony, that that and R.oger St. Fort are declared of the Constitution and-lth plans, Dr Ortiz who is Mini'er nf po6rMican Con-sul .General.
strict harmony can be erdlalbllli. discharged from their rnk of acts, and decree of te legilat- Commerce-and Industry in the Faustino Perez-and Vire Lcusul
ed only. by the obedience ut rov- wperesentatives of the people ie body and the- Natiil *s" liew cabinet -of 'President ..Ja- Teje'da Figueroa wer' -n' hand
ertiniental organizations i the Art. -.-The present Oecree bly. quin, Balagiler added rliat' his to welcome. te 'delegdfion'who"
inspirations of i ilit iut Ia J b p hd will be published and eced delegation did not c late ere also.metby Protocul chief
ious and action; by the Executive Poiwer accord He shall issue all rrgula- presenting any specific project Henri Beiardin.. '.:
(Coiidering that the Ntional h tof te sons of rlicle ions and orders nec ary. INSURE WITIH SURE INSURA-NCE:,
.oereignty could not 0olerae, tOr this purpose, butlie risy CALEDONIAN INSURANCE COMPANY. ,
could rate, .not fneJ'er suspend .or j ntrpret.
in ilt organizations, vqi:iel A.RriCLES CITED IN NATION-. the laws, acts, and tlecrre Founded In -1805
proceedings nhieh look like per- AI. ASSEMBLY DECRF:r' themselves or dispese with

rds I olOUS TREE DEPA'o:- enforcing them. (th line. g INCORPORATED BY SPECIAL- CT OF AC
expres-inni of that So.erei:mty., Art. n7.-Each of the ihret -- THE BRITISH PARULAME NTT- :'
is coirtinirt-d to sairlin .n :u)r powers shall be responsible loi NEXT LECTION -
de itation rohiclh nav u'alilInle its acts. t3rd line). RONV CHENET & S :
the underground %entl'i'e 'it the RONY CHENET--F .
enemies of the peo.p,, awl, i Art. 5.--L c of of death, re -According to the provisions u; AGENTS FOR HAITI -
so doing bring about the luin signation. disqiualificalan, .pdi Article 52 of the Constitu'ton: Address Rue des.Miracles Opposite Natibnal Bant.
new elections must talke olac"
f.t the best hopes at thie intjo' cial interdiction, or acceptc e electios must take lac '
lrty of the cilizen-: )f a new office incminpalilile wthin the month of the death
%aith that of a member of th te tual sigation. of a reprdsen -chag
(no-idteringi tl:h the g'.sti-,ia ieg;iative body. provision shall tatue theonpe, of a represent :.:.
:nittuhde of I,.pu>w-s L',loisi.-.: n made for the replac-',ni oi tae e of M he poe, cole ue 1- .
l.:nollie Orinit 001-11 cih'. :.nud tl!e mcnember in his e:elral disted
I;ci:Pr St. Fort con'l'.t! i!e*, :in i. I: rict only for the renlitillnd'r of W e the co-pe r or
sios, ii.-t'ion uo !,,ole\', .'ielts lie unexpired term, by a special ho .are the competitors ,:or I ;HA T
and opl!'s 2spir-.ti,.u', herete section after convocation '.f the u es Dessaines and re- -
tllr I'.-iultlion i, thie inf i.ec: priiiary electoral ass --.bly 1) nI A L E

.:ilMrs Robert Lafontant. atvne Sculpture by PAINmrNil s W
Time takes on a rosy hu6 rated member of the Poi-t V, l aOr -
Princean society died last. Su'-P-r ANOI -
through the sapphire crystal day. He, funeral w'as"' hel in J.DUPERRIER. 'J 'Q ue'
of your Movado" Firmament" watch Petionville at St. Pierre Chure :,- /V feni
Ll-e next-day. O.Du'PERRIER- L.Laza-rd
Our sincere. ondoi ences' to I A.DiMANCHE J*. abriel
iher son.- the laycr of FeLo -- .
'itle, Colonicl Mv Inic.-. Lafuntant.
S to Mrs Lafontait and families.

i ^1 WAccording to persistent rum4- um t e '4u e
ors, there will he some chain s .
in our diploma atic. epresentalion,4
e -, fis osdtly in Latin-Amerl'can R, ep:
01; blics.

A beautiful house. 3 minutes
._-.-.._..-from Petionville on the main-
: road 'ir rent. 3 bedroomtu, "
4" bathrooms, a large livingrooum,
etc. Excellent water supply. 4
T M aot For details see: J.B. at Po-
The Movado sapphire crystal Rel 26, lice Headquarters. ...
gleams with a rare brilliance. "it "" l I"'31 k". .
goldd iv0,
Its hardness is surpassed qoid igie dial -
only by that of the diamond.
You will cherish your L`~ ` a `, .J,. ., \ L
Movado which offers you a .- .
precision thrice triumphant R i 148
in three years (at-the official mrnujiu.N moiSOe-U C
Swiss Observatory at inerr. ] 18 tct, S "1
NeuchSltel). gl dure d ,al ,: ,

?.I* H I i l "COOKED TO ORDER" '
BARBECUE DINNER 7:00 to 9:00 PM ..

UWUWV/WWW7,y.,, DINNER- $2.50 Per Person .


-ON-'SALE AT MASON ORIENTAL ,, ,,,,- ,. ..I. ,, ,

-i'..- .- ,. .-. -, --
"'.'-'"k: "i't" "r" '"4.. .. -. -'.i

-. ..1 5

4:- ,...... ,.


R "TON ,WEDGWOOD. IG rU M awv mr.
S- .... .. .'I"*' I'"L- -. I "I A "
*! -. *'.-, ---. ,.. ..'.Es.,. : '., H B r I T

S* E;: J ..EAN D'A -B...

._ AT S DOr, .- "




ave- Factory utet MUC.
_. -MAHOGN Colnoteor Ienkm
he Bet

TypicalOt e-.Dr-eaS KOLLSs -'o,
o -1 ,

Worl Fouas R &A oi

4-... S.t.
1 .e .-.. : ou:. -/gse .... or~nomai

' PAGE .

: .'-





Egg Roll (2)

Won ton soup


Sweet & Sour pork

shrimp Foo Yung

Chicken chow mein

lobster chow mein

tea or coffee




On the Petionville Road


SONLY $1.00
Children 50 Cents
Priatle Dressing Rooms
Uhite Sand Beach
Fine Restaurant and Snack Batr

forthnigbtly sailings of the
bliami- Port an Prince -Miami
STelephone: Highland 51767
S Frahkl 9-72 8
,- ,

r- va,


SIn Searth sOt A %In *
S (Continued from page 5) ., dtiii" odo tpov. ,% ,-i c pt
moments of pleasure and-they .appeased -some' desires.. Bi t tMe:. It mayt ,, a 1'beittlen Ia
good life should lead us steadily toward happiness,.. an-happiness thing' 'do omet love
is'a satisfied sel, not merely-a succession o"agratfied'.irfij~uses .\.i6_6a: '-p ":"q:"-
and desires. .m Could- yo.B ---- -
A writer of the nineteenth-centurs put .is bluntly when 'liesai: wh~h mI ave lated.a
"Half the evi im ihis world coies fom eJpleJie ot-knowriog lia not ask 'me to;repiUi u htih--uWpip
they like, not deliberately .setting themselves to find ouatwhat Hdpp~nes is noi the.: man o,
they really enjoy." itelf. eAr p!.q se e w
Let us say, tentatively- 'ti,at Oere are five coniponent,', the. wi-l.sutt, s st'TidTi.'-. p.- elf
happy life: health; -work, ierests, friendships, and :the' pursuit nleedt t a fl wo::' :lP o
of an ideal. And note that for a happy life we-must realize btur- meemory nd" i4 idTt t.yo, .s
selves as a whole, not in just one or other of he- it I a a ..ett96g- .a..ac i em .nt -:n- se e are
The sort of life we are discussing is not necessarily that whiuchr tiourse.l.ificient. ._ ''" : p:':..',,-&. ,'-.
makes money, causes talk or.gets printed in. the newspapers Ir. .--.4 -'-o:R i Lr _.
doesn't consist in winning alone,but in playing the game right Thes.ker rt-app r R'.ke ]l ne p satii
It is not made up exclusively, of great e~vl ets. a- as.thteache pata onto
It involves an ideal, -which is a picture of- t e place- ya-ima fixate f thei ,iHe i ows thgt rto tiata tigthan
never quite reach, but always strive- to re ~ be vwoudlrtful thosewpn-w a 'e e ~s"psed :.
thing is that, though -we may not touch our ra towSen, we al- Nohr w.l tega a e f rFh
tam our ideal in little pieces- of trying. -, edCa'. a casket for: ad mi otemplaPo
Contemplation of our ideal is never useless; at least-it -producu, va-i-erfectUior~i- sonetg because they oncee
.-- .r'.,nin es4 -
improvement. On the other hand, to spurr ideals is to invoke ni,- p of easeBut ucfih ife b1woulb on e
happiness, because spurned ideals'have a way ..of avenging b"ie- feadmll a i-.afhuigiL~;inEe aIte enis
selves cruelly. -. toward some grete a h ien .
Happiness should not be looked upon as a reward for a god Some ofg-mls var ha py I r:
life, but as the natural effect of it. You will be happy il.you- are natlraL desite to- a1t IQ Ron a w reionembe .4d2;i
exelcisLng your vital powers along the lines of excellence ifle- i are lt a.satsfieT; -ati m m'.t Q ; tk a -
thich affords full scope for theu development. : re- ng. He tve' atfk4"T4i
Nor is happiness a.negative or passive thing. Iis tihe -jutcome :wre, ~~g--.?-nprip J ..is?'i n
"..-While' it-would 'e.- 1o t n:'-n .ent -t,. .i
Sd --dled- up- ithion ,o.nejqlf, iis"elq. "r o-,
s 9 around extin things' h;erak'? e,

Si-* 'The...fourexternalr.at.i- deet.;- .'t- r.t- s
I aboutin the. newspapers. :t.{o e d's-. die'
: because of wealth:: these ar ott in eni gO 1_
on the label A disillusioned :commentwasgiy~vj enn u iAo C
S- ceeded to'command. of the .eet'upor Nelsop W
-"Faie's-tru. mpet ma es; a .reatn.se. -- Id~
-long on the lea. -be
-w The truly impportant maan. is one h ibosq nscio -f1pers
*and fs:bent upon. 'develQprig them,-nd thusiibeconmws-
*Sfc desigLn. you canrfot be great i .anything anes uha is
--|q '-of the geatness possible it.' i r.- uces u rl- iir:" ti ofi yo r- ,
a-ccompUshment to.yot..r pacit. -,. ''"
-Tliere have- been .ages win.c hi intelgeUnittrp tofi"onoiJd d
th.e work of a clearly c.-onv.d plrpiosqbut. r ot-
Sthem.- Unless we hiave a plan .adicljk.w -omfhe coinf 64.
and side-trackedi -anda awre f .redi.n.
-ions" without p ._- ,-+repa on r coni-
-at incentives "ae ereto reach obj tsdt.ria_. 5'
S' ", first, here=is the. zest .of life- which M'ea 's "e..isome. ie
.. flickerig ,isoanetimes a confl grAti ;' all;,6f-' I i;e1
Sthe spiur of some interest .: o com'et rlyq,
of a dozen their -fo 'ces.So6e tveth ieht tffit
-,.'" the-'race between .the hare andh thirtose idgh& .t. e
fferentl .-ha 1the-hare it-6, W b,-
--'//. to rest had sat, iis ead up thi;ste? nii id e'E ~nn

-ts. r;..c.u. ..na,. Othe a.re cared ...tl:g
~,i,i,,,,,,,-::. ':"- -* ;' """ ~ ma.y aorts ofpeo0p g,.f5 emlg.o.bei ,.' ":i.
'" rlOt l' he rs hanl d s to~ m in..ds .hop --"
are- o "tabuting-.'to ih a ,.I
S- V .-

a 'bilit
.-4 j. The" seeke teotin6y"' ..b

... .-. .:. ..L o ..

THR'. OUGHOUT THE WORLDth t.occupitConsequen
..... 74.7r -4 a .
..,. h-.__ ,, ,
> .. ..-.-.,. -.-.. ,.. -; :: ', tt f. : :.-,,:, .= : ,

-1 ., J.. ,..
14*I" 1" I- .'. ;i'
...,44Y Xe Iignoj':t:,pr

-The-a. ? ,-iGPL 9 '.g _. .. ....2,

; :In.,, ,_
fi"""n -nM k fl : i w 1V- `_7.i-; i:
L .- ",' .-' ."..i" f~ iO 4 ... -.- .. ._-.. .... ..... j'.,'
,,.. At-. F,; ., -.=

nge t a!bist_-.- IL-. .... Haitis ."Gmgerbread Palace.".. and- fam d-k fZ le tise rand Motel Olof.s.n, shO w p.laee r.,,
andgr ens exqusite. cuisie a -oe tedl ing. Set amongst' a m-rila of tropical tres.is -
*."If.'t"-,, --r.'. '* *.o..r reo.,. -OIoffon', .comipthe tra'en for t-le uninhibitedd' .I
z~apf : ~ ~ es effbrt-~fPF WdIIAPianN arhtetie .

T-,: r wW 8ee -. -nrims us AJl-o .RLC&" u,-i. t .. ,- '
,: ,,',.,3 -.).
'_e .t '., Z s e,-- -' ...-" .... -. ;"" .. .. --- "': ,. : .7

,-) .'6" "" "' e. b."s"I" ":' ... "

W,,,,Ustd &1& friitiont,4T e; Greeks, p~revaled "":
t ~FORm ttbAPs the.Co%_i Po. th i run isn a 4 ,urt du
? ; : : F.e ,, II. ...,." .-. ,--- -'- "... .-.", .l _.. .. -., "-' .". :
d..'cd '.-y- ,'l cl e -at-'-:.fn s -. -I'r= : :: I ,- -: M' !..-. '. -- I,- "I (.- A l-'

_0 .:.ino4j? i .gboo 1, freedom The -, I .. "
th !.i sin. y ug toto .flhbat~bt 0o get; he freedom .. i
he s ll .-A-then, teased to0
-':;H, '-I" .-'-,,"_% p,ti,.-'7; = -" :- M "- _1 .- ':V .,' l' `--'..
e- i,- a. : S_ ; ;v .. ir d. .?sa~ .i ;o : e o : -- : I .. -1.. I ":"-;. -: ) :."

.. .. M ... ._ -... Q .... I _- :_ .. : *; .- .- : .... 01 a I..,.

.-:. -- ,..
qu ro:s .U. .pp ogv. vw ,iy..:' jd.! _.- ':h -w.:,-: --,,. --.:-:: -
v.are-- cbfcl b- _h. r.-04

0, : -.,.
.. ", ,i_ Sr Z- '.. ";? ';'. "-'.." -- -".": "

a tliv~ii ouvekti ppli'tesra
r i o -cI, a ,ert .h e.
-t ." 1 ".,, -'' .. ,z "' ," L"'" ;, "

I., 114 1 I,,v.. ,,, k e ; -,' -.....

lo- At b.- 'its ,.I and '..: .cadr
i"" "" :, i_ __ .- -V I.' .' -"-
p L ,! ,. ,N ,,.": :5-, .: ';- -I -I .I..-,- :.. '

:' ~~.p= h, sie i:is ...... .;-: ._ t. .;iJ~-;;.bi:Nl'Ci:
~l ?4i3~~rrr uls it is ase ~ eAL
Ap'.... ... ........ -..-_. .. _, ', e... -.W..-
...1i Mi-V- c." ",,- ,- r c u ,- -.f .--. ;- .1 .I I

.I.. ..-p -.b I a p. d..e -
,n uaVzzmg qI%.!,.p.- .V: w "
.. ._ &f_,"j..1`
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-r .2 '' -. .-..
_f ye.s.. -ge -, .,. .-.-
..a.. ..- li* ", k ML o wt estpj64'' I" ...e. .
.an d, t 's:"t w h cK w e c i 'a 0 Oiy so e kace -any-5 Ica l .- .i- M .. -
w bj"h 16 ".~ o'.r "t o -. -'- --- ,

r:' se, Pf-e ar~a&t.4te~'"sl i&>~le:uiljse sbpga eicpesden 'whrz~nd;Ich -. ~-I
....It: -Z I. Fu u
-,v ,' ". '.. -,

w- ,4-
I.. : ... e- w.. ei.. ...,,?..1. -- -. ." : -- ..v ', .

o'Uie To geth % -:, ,t -
-,s iou t ,Z v s Eah3,nhance
'&. '.&%. tbdR T;haM' thoyAte -'io~ no VI Lap-
... L" I F.-... _..; .%e- .c' .- M- : ii i:." ---". '":- ._: I_" ._ "-I .. .' .- .-, 'A

--,r-k-'' qek .?a*- .-
J sw ., .., .a.--a-o.... i e s. : -'

.. .- -' .. ....-

,se stipega excpedie ..C hic
,'_ % ... valu. ... .. .o ,...e sud enI.. r.'m;-.. .e ha) e an t er iiup t e
v 1?._;." .-!vU .,- %'-_'-,-c'-.:, ,' -7 ,.' -. ".. .'"- .... I ,-

odlUb,4e-4ieruphod *tIa5J&4Aike a cP ieel' At's no1 T ret that exqtra- off e e beans m I
. Mng,_ b-t" "ye- .d-,..w-l,"s., ., -ndT'i4ji e!xi -, A coffee U q. ,-. 4 .

I,.-.,47 1 i th e __ 44:t- ,-good. 'c:oiee;! ue p-ro as-eu -
634 0 .'.!s g :ff ... .. ... "61 = "' ....h 4, ,_ .j :a a ..~ --. .-.-" .:. -. I-' ---.P : .,- _. ".. -- .I.

"Z ~ t4 K it' mgde.i _.a ~ I so .2

I-, .. -tIa..'r..o-&-e I :, ) .'

... ... I. .-... ... .- .
.. _7_ ,'. .U0 W _: ,' -"-. -"--- "' .. __' 63t q i ""-
-I.-~ ~ ~ ~ ~:L .,:' '. _,, 4- .. ..:- _.0 .`,:,4

U:." .., e Ia -" ". Si --'."-"P A --- -.

'-_.~ : 4,j_"-., 4 ,.--' ." *, '" 4- '_.'" -,' '
:" U T V_ .. -" ..' -. ', .,
1 ; It o&b .. ae"', .?o'd. z t.a -, A -.; .% .. -........ "- ,
76ns 'v 1 -.--I'-_.-'--iee. 2 : ,, ,' : -_... .',..
,x _, it "."-.' '- :- -: .:- "*I "1, '.. I- :.. ...

le t' "t *wat *-." 6 m @ es' moUre Yo( "' 'j' M'r 1, Alt I .'- .......
h-3' ;,T YI*I a 6iI 'I --1-__. .a- -. -- --. ,
-. '. -,--. ----- -:" -- ---
,'.-- "." R.

Z ,% I ,L-.a ._- ,
.. .. t -
.z': C. ,. -' : ili i I 6 ; '. ._p
... ""_ .. -M-- "".- 1a d conteb. ti --.- A L: 'Se a o g f i.r a f t o ic rC S, :,

.- 1- = '. 0' : e : ,e r
1:. e "'., :.. 1 .. ." -., x o .. .
,s',' .-tb L __. 1 -f tf/ :-f. .. -` -

'IIy r a ..- o"" e ba

_,. t.a---.. -,- a1
I,-. ... ...... .. .
g ~ I- ..... -. .] ...- ....-. ,.
-C,. ,Z --.? ; ..j- I .,- -' -, ',P -1 -' .. .
,.. ... -.. q -I, -;,. 7_ L T' ., Al:! ; L. -. ,
Q. .... n .. a ... c : %." "-. .:
: -... .. .- ; .,..
"~ 7 i O. -. "
-, ,. ; ..I -
... :..,I
M ,,va; .. o" : ": -..- .... -, "
v ,, -,-A., v ,.-,.-.. -
:' I L ."I ". .... ", -" .
1) w P I I ... ,_ .. -" '. : ..-_ -

S PAGE 10 H AI T: -S-U N" ---' *-."'-
T- 7- -
: In S earch Of A Happy Life we .hiudI be- robbed of our. greatest eldof e l jfui d .we
In Search Of A Happy Life should be forever condemnied to mediority.-'
After study .of the situation, the a'con, and the consequq ces, I
S(Continued from page 9) then step out confidently. When vou are clear aboui't e need, and '-
K his sphere of activity, but his character is built by himself what actn to re-fooed;l. : : SERIOUIaSlk.-:S ..
l what action to take, you .will walk sure-ootedly. -
A person of character is one who likes and dislikes .vl.at he Not For, Youth Alone D IO
ought. He is honest by habit and as a matter of course.. He has If yours is no satisfactory way of life, aniyou ihto.reach
been taught this way of living by parents who did not a9sk him a better way of life, now is the tme- start. But-.do not erpecf ..N -DOMI
S "What will people think?" but "What will you think of y,,ursell?'.' udden ranstions and do not set your mind on. absolutes in .r :. -
To answer such a question involves making a judgment. Part of al-or-nothing. mood.. Th pnple-f elatty plies in a gh. .s-
all-or-nothinig. mood.. The- principle of relativity: applies in a high rliiasi hin~ghsman Abt M.
the continuing happy life is increasing ability to make independent
the continuing happy life is increasing abity to make independent degree to human affairs. .Even in. the. technical fields it ii clear (Bud)'..Coiegrove was reported: in.
critical judgments concerning the events and trends of life. It is that the truth of today is -ubjec t change b the developments serious condition :Wednesday at .
not the events which influence us, but our thoughts about tr.cm and decisions of tomorrow, : a saital in Ciudad-T ruji.p!r!
Herein we see-one of the trouble spots of our age. People who Encourage your mind to produce for you a.certain set of views emcan e lic
are incapable of judging causes and consequences become swept as to yo place in life, the contributions you can .'saki to slife, a .'c -: .
as to your-place in life, the contributions you lan ,fake to life, Tueda "
by muddled hysteria. After procrastinating in the hope that things ind the happiness you may attain from life.
will come out all right in the wash, some crisis compels thelm to There. -will comie to you, perhaps at once, perhUps after a -pe'.iod, Colegrove- 'Latinm- eric n .
make snap decisions. Then they have to cope with adverse situa- t knowledge of the part you are to pl'ay an assurance that vt.u ere correspondent for the- -Mianii -
tions, and end up in distressing confusion. doing the wrk for which' you 'are .best endowed, *sabsft tion be- Herld : and S rippsy Hi' rd..
To reach a decision, to make a judgment, implies courage. There cause are filling tal need an joy-ih m' meeting .your -oh!iga- o spapes, at ns-'
are some vigorous blows to be exchanged in pursuit of ite I.ppy tons. Then you will have self-assurance and validity. :. ntly,--s offered head ii- Turies "
life. You cannot enjoy enterprise without counting upon opposition. The happy life does not beckon alone bo youth. It is i.or people and a possible skull pfacture, -ac-
If you pursue a strategy of "least risk" you will not go very if all ages. Too many of us are given, in later years, to'a .T rt. cording, to--a 'spokesman-.. aL .
far. You need, indeed, courage beyond that required to bear ad- ,antasy in which we look back upon our-youth-as a-Lost lants, rio Contrera s'.. -fspl. -
antasy in wbichwe look back upon ur -as ..,Youth -Lost A\ian iS, -
versity: you need the courage of initiative. When the Thebans were the while we indulge in pity for our present drab and'-pracical -Repo6tssaid Colegrove' ad a
retreating front a city they had failed to capture they were net ives. But the happy life is not ushered in at any a6e to the sound Dominiean.f photographer' :w.ere'i-.
by the Spartans and someone told the Theban leader: "We are )f drums and trumpets. It grows upon us year by year, little by returning '.to 'the city by taxi.
fallen into our enemies' hands." He replied: "And why not they little, until at last we realize that we have it.. It is achieved i.n Tuesday-when thqir.: cab struck
into ours?" He attacked, and won a great victory. individuals, not by flights to t ohe Moon or IMars but by a body oi the rei orf Ia parked.tick; Theyl
No man or woman pursuing the happy Life will turn away from work done so well that we can.lift our leads with.assuraean e~tern secntio. "
an opportunity or spurn a responsibility. The categorical inper- look the universe in-the eye. ..
active about which we hear the philosophers talk is the impcrntive Of this be sure: you 'do not find the happy life; yott-maki it.'In .: Colegrove. is. .reported f'htiave"'-
of duty. Only very selfish people and people with very thick .kins the course of applying capability, .resolution and -concentration,' suffered .:broken..boneis besides:--
and people who are satisfied with lower forms of life can do what you will run into emergencies which test your coiurge .and- your the possible-skull fractiue.- .-
they like always. Intelligent people who are seeking the happy determination. Store up, for such occasions, a'stack oLf prinlciles veteran newsman m pl. oy-ed.
life use all their knowledge to do the best they ca nin every situation, expressed in ma3dms. They may sound like truisms,-at which some pera,,liance 4o 29. reas; le-
and they accept responsibility for the consequences. people sneer, but if they are so commonplace iis because ihe. groe spent, to ears eeu-
They make allowances, however, for other people. It is a slep have been found of wide usefulness over maany 'years. You -vi tive? dit of.the Sa
toward the good life when we learn to make room for one 'mother's find many in this Letter. ews.
minds. Without an interchange and clash of views the human a irnd If you could ascend: to some great height giving .a vieiv of all '-"oving o
Sii rHe wa"s a roving :co 6iipod.-
would still be sitting in primitive darkness. the future landscape- of .your life, then you cduld- recognize _the ent for Scipps-Howad i-n Asia
Like Whatever Is Excellent best things afar off, and strike out for thefi. But since- you cliriot prior..to' being assigned t..&a .sF .
We may develop to the state whereih we Like whatever is excel- see very far ahead, you need to take each step with all- the wisdom 'milar' job f-or-f-Latihil ;i-e&g -
lent, no matter whose it is. The Athenians gave us the firct sur- you can muster. While sensing what lies dimly ahead, you must Colegrove leff M-iami ast week
giving instance ot the importance of respect for opinions atnd be- do competently what lies clearly at hand. on a six'week 'ou- o 'La
<."-; America.
liefs. We recall that Paul was mobbed and imprisoned and t eaten erica..
for his preaching up and down the coast of Asia Minor, iiut -%%hen j" y.E,-
he came to Athens they invited him to the Areopagus andl ; ,ed: '
"What is this new teaching?"
Prejudice is a sign of immaturity. A person is scarcely rivdied. HAITI'S LARGEST FREE PORT -PRIC SHOPS
let alone cultured, who cannot listen to both sides of an ruriniet. 1) THE CORNER SHOP RUE BONNE FOL
SYou may not excuse an error, but you are too genial to condemn 2). ART CURIO SHOP FISHERS ACROSS FROM CU
the man who voices it. He may not be wicked,. but only mistaken. STO -
It is your part to propose something better to be substituted. 1hink .'-. -
Sof this: every business action, every political measure, and every -AND BUY .HAITIAN HANDICRAFTS
moral judgment, is in the nature of an alternative. It is not to
be pronounced good or bad except as it is better or worse than STRAIGHT FROM. FACTO Y .
some other equally definite course which might be adopted instead -. -
of it. ,ON- HE-RUE DUQUA -
We who seek the happy life need to be something more than (AM. EXP. AND DINEBS CLUB AC) -
tolerant. It is not enough to go through life keeping our elbuws in -
and being careful not to step on people's toes. Life demands some- .. -
thing more from us than acquiescence. We participate in thr pro- SA-VE UP TO 60 Per Cent Oq N ) IMPORTS J-- "
cess of living only through action. SHOPS AND MAHIOGANY .-CPO':I .-
Pursuit of the happy life requires that we keep on learning. You .
can increase your enjoyment by learning to learn. You will ilb-efy ;-
build a sustained intellectual curiosity about a M'ide range of .i
significant huriin' probleris. You will avoid absorbing rubbish.l pRT.AUPINL i
and you will cultivate a thirst for understanding instead if an ap- / PANTA 8dg
petite for sensation. Yout will enjoy adventures of the mi4-1. -
Most of the bumbling waste ofltine and the inept decision; thai 0
-blot the pages of men's efforts toward the happy'life cn be laid OF EXQcr SIE Oi
to their naively beli'ing that they could negotiate com;'!,T: pro U...yUW .'
blems by following some book of rules. D-Sqi S J jl
One must, having learned to learn, then go on learning. Whal the AND SUPERB AND FA. IOUS. t
I ;.- WS
public takes for brilliance is really the result of thorough, rains-
taking investigation and downright hard work. We may 'el! re- "0 PAONE:2'.G.4:'
joici that work is ivlt reserved for slaves. If that were rt. ca... GRAND RU.E "65 tt ...l8. PRON- ?. A

4 .- ., : -.- -- ..' 4' _" -, .-". ..-,' :''"

M Cedoine Je.i.,-bf of Teiiessee _Valley Authorit3y (TV-
Bureau of the Miimstly :u F.in- A).. Mr Jea Iis had the .opi)or
ances is bacik fromi' Waslhi~ on tanity. to visitt the dams. o6;' Ih
here he spent seven Tornths at-' -T A,--the. -Jdro-electric. P-ower
tending :the-.Gene al Training Plant asiyell-as the steami Pn'int
Program of.: tie *Initeriationa. of 'the T VA and discussed as-
Bank.for Reconstructin aind. De- pects ,df economic developurent
velopmdfit.,Driring. his 'stay at of -the ,TA with the technical
the fBRD, Mr Jearinis.. became. tiafti t-that Institutiul -
familidrized- ivh the aspects of .This training-Program was or.-
economic developments of the ganized by the .IBRD for Econo-
underdeveloped county -Hsts of -member countries.
worked ih several departri.ents
,t the Ba k so as to become Contributions- For
\-elIl acquainted with teclniqte, Duvalierve
procedures. and- methods .-d.tDe-
c lopmnt ibarnks: M '; Jeailds .ThId perjiment: :Adfifinistra-
aloMng with other trainees speit tion .continue td offer their con-
se.rthl:days in New. York visit, tributouts'.for the renovation ofl
ing-. Wall- Street and the New Duvalke-Ville. The employees of
York-finacial Centers; the First National Lottery, Education Dee
Boston- Corporationi; I or'g-a n partiment and Regie di Tabac
Gu.arahee Trust Co. tie Stock volunteered a .part of their
Exchange and the-Chase .Man- monthly salaries this week in
hattan Bink. -. letters respectively- signed by
M r Bteton Nazaire, Minister
The last part.. of-the Triiinig Leonce -iaud. and Osner Appo-
Prograri included a visit to the -lon. --

"" '' '" '" _' "- -

S:: Yoplmbw

I- tt'realy finr
I Sdcotchwhen it' .

- -. If207Aod"rt 'i l g r 9 strong

. ... I II LP :=


by appointment of His Excel-
lenci "ihl 'President of the Re-
public .lje'. folrc\-ing, promotions
na\e been mnlade in tie Armed
Fo'6es of Haiti:
\iajor Ulrick Lafontant to Lt-
Colonel in Arby Medical Corps;
SCaoitaine... Laborde Titos, Al-
bei t'Chapuzette and -Gerard Bal-
Il. to Major in the Medical
Coips; .
i. Max -dHaiti-to' Calptas
MeJicaf- Corps;
Lt. Jean Tas.y to Captain nd
-Second Lt. Mortpn sGousst- to
The following appointments
weie made at Dept. of Fore.gn

-Mr Fritz Theus as Assistant
at General Secretary;
Mr Alone Deiimon,.as. Attache
at Cultural "Affairs Section:
Miss Marie-Claire Lafontant,
Mrs Yolette Toussaint Cadel,
Mr Leoceps Leroy, as Attache
at international Afafirs Section
Mr Leosthene Nicoleau as Con-
sil- at Dajabon; .
Miss Odette Arty, Typist at
Haitian Embassy of Ciudad Tru-
juo; .
Miss Yoiande Siclail, Typist at
Haitian -Embassy of Loudcn


After a year of studying the
italian Language, diplomas "were
handed to many. Haitian stud-
e. ents. Thet most brilliant of temn
I -were Jean Sorel, Fefe Raester,
. Wilson Bouijolly and Robert Ro-

TO RiE nu nr Atr-

.~ o p
Fbiom a reliable source close
to the Gevernmerit, it h9s b'Iet
learned that the Chamber of De-
puties passed, 'and his Excell-
.ency, President Duva!ier, has
approved, legislation for flie. fur-
mation of a bank to replace the
Former Agriculture Institit.?.

Under that law the Haitiant
Government is to provide $1,500,-.
000 and the Inter-American De.
velopment Bank is tlo IJt up
$3,500,000, to\arid the -jrgan'iza- |
tion of such bank. Official notice.'
has not yet been published in .i-
Le Iloniteur. -.M

U -'


N-al ALL
P.O.BOX 312. Phone: 7761

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''l;-~~L`~ ~~'i-l_.r-- r ~-1- --r -~- r-v 7 -L


xCb ~.





. ..- .- ** ^

PAGE l2 ;.'

The New Program In Latin i

by K. BAER

U.S. policies concerning Latin
America have been undergoing
rigorous re-examination for at
least two years. The first tang-
ible evidence was the U.S. agree-
ment in 1959 to help finance ille
Inter-American Deve I o p imn : t
Bank, a move that had been ur-
ged for some years by many
leaders both in the U.S. and La-
tin America who were con.ern-
ed about hemispheric de\el Ip-
ments. A second step was taken
in 1960 when the U.S. signed the
Act of Bogota and pronused
5500 million for a fund n-'eded
to give meaning to the-Act. In
recent months a broad U S. pro-
gram, "Alianza Para Progreso",
was announced.by the President,
acknowledging the need for a
firm U.S. commitment to sup-
port economic and social 1.io-
gress at a faster pace in Larin

- The reasons for this rii-.p-
praisal lie in the evident di a-
titfrction n the nDart o tf .!ilni

What has happened iv tLent cause
years can best be understood in9 tries
terms of the. :'revolution ff ris- their a
ing expectations," which can be follow.
defined as the widespread belief
that the material coplltions of No i
life can be further improved- ever.
very rapidly. In a society iin- rapid
dergoing such a revoldion the- ficient
gap between actual living-condi- and hu
tions a.id those generally desir- rapid
ed increases even though living ve cal
standards .may, rise substantial- is amj
ly. World
Rising aspFiations cdan be a tical .f
strong motive force for econo- private
mic growth, providing they lead tainted
to greater personal effort and lit done b
the orderly modification of out- savings
dated social and economy; pruc- capital
tices But they can also lead i) provide
political instability when the, pension
weaken belief.in institutions ani
values that hold.a society togc- Th -
ther. This appears to be hrippen- re-apprE
ing in some areas where polit.- ricain -
cally active groups, imn[itient spur bo
with the system of .free. enter- forts re
prise and with their country'sl velopmE
real-tinr uith the United Staties 1%t I ni

oth p
ent i
le- P3,

S" gtowthf produconpe peCa
.I."n-rI"2 ""so a .:. can" o'ften pqi:ote.-"cc-d'gni ic

s d o h-cy. That' Is the emphfra is .. de-, st .riKw ex-inpi e of Pine
this, develop c in givento U.S.ei ivest- devep it- esours

stages over those .h at : iers .I.oleed Paoe bi0ade I~i
lvyie dhare:. brade .Te
dit. zqd
-s, d 1 policies pnd a pn"_ii.s feal otheFimtedffa ln taken
Short-cuts exist li bitv studies'that c.d uld :.gve ge nT eptsa new
er- any. system, .more an inrtantstiluq strini mkets;
rih requires more ef- v-investnientsa-in LatAi ate- r baer e effei ; :eS.
-of existing capital ca. IL. shul be .remtem rd a o e dh e-fe.t..
i resources, anld i ire that sloreigh private capitiel ~oul y.en l qre ..o.p,:
mulation of oloducti- iate 5 -pc-r ot eratdo t a
dcontinuetb provided 5 .per cnt- ei. on:"boX tH ..Latin A.e.a;
. Furthermnrr, .t-here-4, I
S7Furtherm per'cnt of newinveshnent` in fi
evidence armundl r '-
if growth i to, be .- '- .
without los's of poll- ..
am, the institutious'o :. :-
perty must b. .ain-', YOUR-Gil;
improved. If ti is "
domestic arid foreign mRi

vestments that l elp. .....
, basis for-futur .x ;'

question behind ihe .
Sof U.S. Latin Ame-I
y has been how .tb
public and private-' f- t
red -for economic de- d.
in a .context of swrit-

pL4U U in t t %*4LLJt to *ttttyt tLnL I *tt .tU.44. Jiy r s g expectaLtous, Au t giLWgg
Latin-Americans with tihe ie have gained strength. In suc a reaffirm hemispheric tbs. .
the U.S. has played there. Al- cases there is a search for sh'irt- -
though in recent years the.Ame- cuts to economic gr-wth-onpr'ol It'is too.early to evaluate.how f'l `T~ I S :
nean nations have become more the most spurious and danger- successful the new policy will -TWICE uBp ST. -s
closely linked through trade and ous of which is that leading 1o be. But sofe- potential difficul- :- 2 t|'*l W WfI E isl EAUTI i "
investments than ever hefor?, po- totalitarian -control of the eco- ties exist. -. ..
litical relationships in sone nomy along Marxist lines. PPLIED NH E LLEr O Mi '
cases, have become more and There is" a danger that too r
more strained. The re-suns for Capital and trained men are. much may be expected of this: NA AL. : EtNI:
this are extremely comrplex.. Dis- as everyone knows, the fr.emost prograri. It properly runit n iJOt can
content with poverty .ind social needs of any developing country. be very productive over a .pe- -
inequality have been important One is no good without the ahLIer:- riod of years: But even if Bon- .-'-. -- -- -' ::'.:
factors in some countries, though no stable development is possible gress provides funds geonrously -
they need to be viewed in ptr- without both. Educated men are -and thi would mean at: least .
spective. the prime need if independence $350 million a year for all loans _
is to be anything but a .rody and grants- the volume of U.S..
The great majority of Lalin of democracy. One of tha lec- assistance will be marginal ad .. '.-
Americans have a standard of tures of Dr John Kenneli Gal- not easily perceived by every- t:'-.". "
living that is low compared wilh braith, professor, of economics one.
those in Western Europe and at Harvard University,- liberal -
North America. But it is impor- Democrat, presently serinlg as While some kinds of social re-
tant to remember tvlr- things American Ambassador to India, form are undoubtedly in the -' -
about their standard of linmg: made the following points: Cor- long-run interests of most Latin "
first, it has been rising 3i most petent government, education American nations such reforms -
people in the area, and is genir- and social justice are iicessary are not likely to speed econo- -
ally much higher now than rto before an underdeveloped .aon- mic growth-and could retard it '.-..
or three decades ago; second, try can effectively -use ibnest- for a while. Since-most social TROPICAL AS OMIANY,,I
it is higher in-most pa-Ls of La- ment capital, technical assistan- reforms- involve soipe rehlstri- kes veq day 'HoUdly in. yikti-in.
tin- America than in most of ce and economic planning. That bution.of income from the weal- te --G~old St Aiwa dla -_i t&-T-l. OPI.INGAS
South East Asia, Africa and development becomes easier as thier to the poorer classes they o ay-.r-t.:' .'-: ; :
the Near East. Certainly, among it proceeds; given a few teach- tend to increase total "ons:iiip- r ge
the 20 Repubhcs economic deve- ers, they train others, given tion expenditures at the ;ost of EEI X T:-Tp RE BR .- A ingle flanef
lopment and political si.bility many, the training. process be- savings and investments and -CO.iI4 Iirfte. .-itages of adjustment fo every
do not go hand in han-1. comes almost automatic. B- hence at the cost of a slwverl ing need-- fron-fast' boiling or fryiing4dFWi gi
4 a a a aa- a-a- a boiling.-: BF -- ..* .F" :'"".'*'-,^*' -' '*, -
'-4F^ P-4^\'ft N EQUAPLO OVEN BUR : jkes -posmsiff
: FOCIUSING, COMPOSING AND peifeetion. Heatis hradinruo
EXPOSURE SETTING IN ONE shapeofrthe oa-enoaa-U.' o._,
COMMON VIEWER-- corner. -
,- : "-"- PmINPO nT PILTS l~-, ool.- eeboi c it. li:
REFLEX CAMERA WrH _QU LIT Pilots a:re o bnly oneth.ir' h.iuii of fdio.ai,.pito
S NIKKOR 50mm F:2..5 LENS. OFFERED ame ti tI- range cool an
35mm SINGLE -LENS-- i .aves yo.'. -
UGI OVEN with visanlit d

S0 C CALMERA J r ECQNOTRiL BN maes:very ustensils
Sk- [tomatic .. :--:

i u -, Lifetimne4uaraptee of all burners a .
At : 'ap' p r ec -.iate.t."as-y.terms ... i,.'
-- C ^ ^-' r? ....T ,..--UE AVE "

-' -- "- .. : .:, .. ., : -. ; .: .-- <- .' ;..




- F -. A .i -- ..
,- .4,-E .*,,f. &A i ,4fl

-. at
'4r .., F~AeFaF



-3cnpetatio an it


1 -. .- --. ", ...--... .- :..' "- .-" -. .
e -i IN H I THIS WEK- gin, distinguished wife the-'
S. U.S. Aimbssador in Port au:
S. Prince and her-lovely daughter
S..... .... flew to New York last Moni- :
leo-.: 4. -). :"'.- day. They vere followed Wedn-::
-ong" ag cosmetits :ald- ih,-ife-eMarilyf' esday- by -Aimbassador Robert;.
Sis.s tthBermaln -is b.back.; owns .theMATI -osnetics" Newbegin and son Robert Ji.-
I- She h-lo st- nt of her visits Company. They: are excit- The Newbegins will spend two-
'.d hete She .....,Bas 'met at. e -vir ed about the.Coiutry. ., months ter ome in N '
42 o by lend ITI-I:e u e .. months ii their home in. Nev
....... pot b"-y friend T-Beau She --
-w4... -" '>. -- 'itinid.her outings fo this week. Carl Behmmn, Preide of
':. .,. in- complainn with i.'ss;Bertla the Ford Agency L iii-Behr- '
Moday ht gust 14th grand iBall iset for( Caane FCo :oila`d edeial..Go ernmenti nann .& o flew it: Europe ""Diplomat Shop". is the'.
i -'ugqt q th -"$~' n'l:- '"" :'''"i T -for
?- coine.i Funds', vill.f -. b go t help bld a wle rom fo old -hid- oee in ldelpi s Thu i i wife f a name of the magasin installed
eq6-61 -hSi t.^ -Li m i girl: scolijidel;o i T iep so o vi ar opposite Brasserie La Cotronne.:-
'. Thr e s invde1 a- convenbono f" by Carlo Ain. --
.on F a..Glerm_"utri S1 anid lb i ."aron Tzi" ot r:hredhis eek .anid ithe any I' London. by -
gane iar. s, o ,ay afMag,-Cie.- The o ep is. -',d bo s .x sted all the ,-
the fl o their daoghte, chaiinsf) theicom- Teacher Anne. Michel (Miche- 'Mr Charles G ui fro y, a- '

theDoid aia.fiVewritte ho Biggs, AnMn? argaret cSteynor join At, the K1ona Beach' her girl Corporation of America (MCA) 4
Sand -Lorraine-alvina Shaw, 3 friend Nan- Lombardi. She is Artist Ltd. in New York and his' .
V .s ~We.-o. ssn English-speakg -teacherri: from staying about three weeks in beautiful eurasio wie Eleen a
soK th 6;tf rPeonide ed.. Mst ntr"l.nada..-The dothful Haiti. Stewardess for PAN AM are-,
:N 'vrom.-Lo Iskee es eslWitlr her `vi ther, ,isitcW' .
S ir AgeeN t h er .oi theAr first trip currently honeymooning in Haiti: .-
to T wL ti i- Port Te aUy of out of \tCadThey visited Nv.. Mrs Gloria Burroughs, a.sclool Charles and Eileen got married
e .. uro..:"".... ..~`.~_,Yng .ork .ida,.Nas-,u, -Jam- teacher from New York has no on Fiday July 28 an a-rived
cand ti a-ook -the:same word to -describe her feeling here the next day. Th" are-;
SU-.S and aehapi need in-th Fern tlhe itinerary -ho-m e. Their v s it about Haiti. guests at the Marabou Hotel.
ts". Swis teachmig staff of eg d' acatiog at the Cit a d e e Wednesday The MCA Artist Ltd. is interest-
mthhee ri n byeromth K.wbr os husband now was called a fantastic expprien- .Joe' Noustas is in town. The taking the Bacoulou Trou
t-ei.ru.o f s' ed in taking the Baeoulou Trou-:,,:::
wos i tththe r-nericanifil to, ce.-Blonde Anne- Steynor found o pe of Odette Wiener on a tour
," 'y son of. Tycoo n -. '
in Loui week-A. ateVeshop, 'h of the of the United States. Mr. Paoger'L
W.a S:OWebkal. e,'tas is".stiidying in Washington,ofhonidM sdom
"A"ioin Louis. Grieshop tas i studying in asito Vorce of the MCA made the trip.
i rncan n'Son -o ery siderate cm pr on here expressly to -watch the.
ee sIlargaret Rose Bnggs n 1dis played Dr Thomas Hart, Director troupe ie o this tou
i. s git'.-.olksw.agen a warinmetret m Haitian His- the Education Program of the
51 y .- USOM flew to Caracas this weedc **B Boretsky lead a group
Lt- iecvet ay&rd has bee named to replace -olonel -_- to study the possibility of open- of twenty-two (22) tourists o the
R-e- de. Pretty -4Voiea., Kloran, a Se- i a'ew Education program in Walther's Caribbean Tour- .to::
o'thb e a-- s : 'o-- o t-h' -a.e--. ij o cretary --fro the u nx is on Veezuela town'-this week. The party. war..
Sbie eeen.mtransfer red to AmHea Clade her 2nd viit. n 8 Imnth. greetedd by Andy Andersen of '.
IonI' .P..edI.. e...nr te. ar exams 4 rs itthe She ye 'last yiDecember the Southerland Tours and took.
Medicaid acu teatn -Begum:., New with giri- eiend-' Kathieeu Pat "Elizabeth (Betsy) Ellen Mil- lodgings at the Castehaiti. They -
aw OU.:nA i e:e' te slave abers:. Bax'ter; S., ar.ive4rlast _Frday ler, a graduate from the Rhode wee all from Ohio. Amnorig
iOur- Man ne. t-....t.an and be. ,.. -.-wsd imotored- tQH -Kyona land School--of-Design and a them were Miss Jane Scott, a
SBeach by4 Pierre :dAdesk and. designer for. the J. P. Stevens journalist of the Cleveland -Plain
after .a fouwi eek. eyii n movie was welwrh an -Lombardi. M. & I-a has in. New York never- had it so Dealer, -Miss Judith A. Gault,
w'aitiig t. or. j ma:n ~:o .dDp. o- fl g. aft a ri on every- day a hand full of dates; good. Shy at the beginning she -Btty Hayes, John Piskura. ete;
night lihowPg Estiit s -aeas'p.:. .ti o a"' -- displayed her warmth a~nd love '**'rie Christine Pratt
stoves wo large shipments to Puerto lco this 'rek. Who Mr Alan, Forman. and his wife for. the Haitian .joie de. vivre 13, ,French born daughter of
thought that Haiti wod b M ln arrived. Thursday in atmosphere when she found her Theatrical Designer John Pratt-
.-, f"v. 'e.d, to. -'tha and o .would b 'company with young Attorney tyDe". She cabcelled her trip and famous artist Katherine
Sf procto the land of "Qperapon Boot-strp"... Tap- PauT Goldstein and wife Elaine. many times, but left with tear Dunham arrived from rance
tap" _. vo iatieun" gays a- .oimeoni._gn waving on.a gas- The two charming couples from eyes Wednesday. She -was sop- -this-week' for a few weeks with
Jstati q tiore'the Coast-Guard for:litte- auto buses oh tlie Bizotone New York were married on July posed to leave the previous week. her parents here. '
road ... A; cmi overturned with its :load of passengers -n tihe 30: Alan is a Manufacturer of "Mrs Katherine Slade Newbe- (Continued on page 15) ..
new o~ TRelr-,Gonaires H ghay.-: Monday... A ccord-ingt -td .

Squ| e tio io e- t : .- 'ii s in- ted ..- : '".
-D -Ic:.ea z was: oyer" Florid. ao: hinspbec't hlgs'ShoiA Fact'" ry "
e this -ast. wee .' n i .ye.assn wenti vth.:
Sthe U.S.. E-mbassy iOd l -.e s t eeio Washib.gt.oi. y n 1 1. -
,eus if'eta and-theft n, -da nd J u "nnior.. Y-
SExpeptedt isitthioton irAntne Parsons, daught r-of the t .-'' '
iivtell-k ipWHarviard proteser ofl ,olology Talcolt P n... TheA -
Hoe0 0"thesrnalI, *d ifiy t-Seven-n _Iu nvasion

"l'e,,. "th eI"9 -afdd Fort" a. "rl f
o. r ""ha t m.a.hC a. I I .De p s n e I > I I -o- J -

o undation, was. hgeri oa t'-d vis6i'r t th s' friepd Prqfessor -
idney Iiati nd Cabroline 'onagei Legtr :.t4' laa re
qli IItf zt th -e sold-
eQ wld teravellutin *er d wt t e 'fiel-d of -tg
hitpidoptise a!t be n. I ,Ho Of
' ... . d i .
tn ap tk ser be school'

g .- ., i -:- -.. '- .. BETTER -TEXTURE -
"n' -'e s"h jean ......ue ,; -*i' ..- S;-.K -6 ..IU.. -
n tjm .a g 1ea .... :. .
' eciaIMissiono..';. ark the etunt'u 'on BEBTTER TASTE

g-up teoh beypladi d atu o 4
I-' "t ..ti ei-.l l -B BETTER CAKES WITH .
ibi 10 amn T...ifh l 144 1944'iun WUt& 7iAde .ewInb hlc*

a %-Z,


Adventist Pastors At Diquini
French Islanders

Sponsored by the Franco Hai-
tian Union of Seventh-day Ad-
ventists, a theological extension
school is in session at the Se-
minary in Diquini, with some 63
pastors and future pastors in at-
tendance. The complete corps of
Adventist pastors of Haiti are
following the prescribed courses
as well as their presidents, Pas
tor Joses Brutus of the South
Haiti Mission and Pastor Antho-
ny Henry of North Haiti.

The Republic of Haiti and the
three French' Departments of
Martinique, Guade loupe, and
French Guiana form the above-
mentioned union mission. Re-
presenting the three French
fields are seven pastors and
their mission president, Pastor
Eugene Berle, from the French
Antilles, and Pastor Marcel Pe-
rau from French Guiana.
Professor Kenneth Vaz, acting
director of the West Indies Col-
lege in Jamaica, is teaching

Theological School:

Pasteur PERAU
courses in Homiletics and E.an-
gelism. Directing the study of
Pauline Epistles and Pro'ctic
Guidance is Professor Dnniel
Chavez, head of the department
of religion oi Antllian Cullege
in Puerto Rico The general su-
pervision of this school is under
the direction of C. L. Powers,
president of the Franco Haitian
Union, and his associates.
On Saturday evening, August

Drambuie LIQUEUR



The only sweet LIQUEUR made in Scotland oua
the basis or the finest pure old SCOTCH WHISKL.
Indispensable for festivities and for every occa. t
sion. 4
A elAa



12, a sAlem. ceronmoiy of prad- INVESTMI NT TRUST REPRESENT B. S
nation and consecration is plan-. IN PORL ITNf,. S-TOCKC. .
ned to close this four-week sum- -, Ar4W
mer school.Early the following Anyone in town wanitiig infor- -Mr. Crawford hlas cI r c:l ed
morning these ministers will re- tion on the Americanstucl mar, the globe to set p accountsfor
turn to their fields of labor re- ket should-contact-r. Robert.peoe in vious .o entries
ket should onta r.vaouscotes'
freshed by the inspiration receiv- Crawford or IMr -h1nri bf nt. a rs that'inteinrjinaI l .-.i ..
ed and determined to serve more the H r'Off s -g .'.-qthe.m-tia'i ndl -
faithfully their God and their leme hat',"- tcohe ubl ;d,
fellonwmen.lm a cg me
fe-vmen. repcesLnc Am rin r ins cb.osii3icity f
S. F. IOQNN!TER. trusts, a firm that deals in var- ceedure with safety aind e
ious leading American mutual. slonai Wall.Street management.
fund investment trust.


*4.p P

K i

Pastor C. L. POWERS

a 5-0 3 -. '

Ref. 7317 < watches 39 Jewels Gyrotron powered.-
See the superb 96rd Guard-Perregaur r- s
,%Selection" models at. foremost jewellers; .'-


Pasteur BERLE
Mrs Russell Cutting, former '
Jacqueline Denizard, a Haitian
trilingual Secretary in Boston is 0 N S A L E A T
visiting her parents here. Jac-
queline married Russell, a newly B TT ER -S T O ES
graduate Lawyer from the Har-
vard Law School, on July 15 in -
New York.

Do You Want The Best 'In Nutrition For Your baby
And The Family?

.u am Can't Beat l --

4 l ..% .\ .- ALPHONSB .MABRA,.- -
T.A, .ii 6. .* Boulevard Jean-Jacques ljes allne


Hispano-America Trading Co. Of Haiti S. A

:;- ... .-.J. AR .'' .. .,"

-: ..
- -



Onions of first quality are available at the
sales counter of ODVA at the corner of Rue
des Cesare and Rue du Centre, at the following

10lbs.-Bags 15 Gourdes
50Obs.-Bags 15 Gourdes
Wholesale orders will be filled on the basis
of Gourdes: 2.75 per 10lbs. bags (Minimum
10 bags) and Gourdes: 14 per 501bs. (Minim.
um 10 bags.)

----- ---,_

--- -j

--- ; -



:. ",-* '., .( .- ..


a ilg-- fp."-: .# 'o. *f"rn^ ,'l g'N w ,.' -,a x""
&. r. r" ", .-3..."-

ew 4 ,'p. ,-at Presti a s-sfri New ;rYor,

hirl urses
-. and"iary Margaretra-Gere -1

fTp- t Atlanta Georgia, College. Prolesj- ,
:1 6M k^'a j sor Jamnes5 Albert-eBloy O from
SAarktille ; ;T .':;o..Ait Malle
Sig iey-Sobe,;. frhin Fithmg
EoWn an'd. ,whfae.' e e taier
airgga tsmaad ;t Ea-ards,-wae- -e- -orrl-
'"- r^""-S:e^Cte^ -f ingeto;r oiom nNew -brk:-i
i oms Meites a College Profess-.
from Pinaiew N. Y and:-
4vi Thelina a teacher'. -1 :-
borhe ice L e Owens. ..
tatesa for .a.f.o -r noti.ana..Painter Duraln -ifor- :'
," ..,.s maibn officer at :.the French -.?
e -Thilas i.HVr _P.hilippe Leguichard, -Ma. V Cons Wate -in Hollywo.od' arrive ed( 'f:
fioger :f he Ai e: France,"n Port .thi week in company with-Mrs V
i f i"rine d ife Margantt a.deleie .Thompson. wner of. 'a
a '? ij i- aa9 .9 soni -the ArIt GaUey DWAN G tl.ry .:.,r
s,,'.* -:.-- "".-".. *."a bac .:-f ro Pa- a the VlUa Quisqtieya.' .'-,
P. "_ .
enrt nes I uday .ried- here De:-. '"Bill Pelt, an Electronic Tech-- l '.
tinh-rthe er obrt. L Jamiet and. nician at.-th: e Patrick AFB rinr' :
oleaGmshp ..o.." p' d e-Gra.ee.. and daughtere, Lirnda FJorda and hiis French wife .
tbf wee me( wthB: iS from Mixohga,; ,tehfiicai FranidSne (Boby)- a beautician -ifi l
ter-of TourI M, Victor- ter Erk -.. Johnson .from -the Bahas are visiting ere

t 1 .
-X.-l Unlaiir f -.r,.. _", _. .- .. f.

A.-..I- : ,I '^,-I.nd,-y-. ...

S:- r4-.e't) Y f -Karg. ...-.

-r4._. :- '..' r.-

nq--`Aln-Cria -.:, EaOD

.- .- -- 4 .'- ...- ,

,.Mstes o l-.. "
_.. c -a d -h n. .
rvojnN.-h",..--. at-feLG aI Ce -A kr: ....

"-- orA '""-- -. t

W .3T-L U
C 'E .2T.%, .. L.....-"4
T -7F'-. I:'- '. -
... .. .....D o ot Z S .....R D A Y. O N LJA
3. '

;"::. :,,., 7....., = .-:--,"
..', '.],",, ., -.-, ".: -4 -..
R .-:. -:-;' -

1-10180. :: ,,, .,.. ?:,,b" T .
,..,. a; ', ..'_ ,

:.-?, r;id".. : .,-...
ay :,C- -.,-, ,.,-
S ,',1 A-.B B- I-..N... ..



(Continued from page -1)
S oric turning point in the life
of the Western Hemisphere."
Importance Stressed
In a separate statement issued
by the White House, the Presid-
ent declared:
"I consider this conference to
be the most important interna-
tional conference which has been
held since this Administration
assumed responsibility on Jan.

"If we were not deeply in-
volved and heavily committed in
the legislation which is now be-
ing considered by the Congress
on mutual security, legislation
which is an integral part of the
whole program for this hemi-
sphere, I would be' allending
the conference myself."

The President, who gave Mr.
Dillon his final instructions for
the conference at Punta del
Este, plans to keep in dose
touch with the developments in

Uruguay. The Whit
special arrangement
made.to keep him
cation with the daily
Coinciding with
of the .thirty-six-r
gation -four Coni
presentatives. are
group later- the
announced today g
$9,500,000 to Ecuad
dor, Costa Rica, I
Colombia for-social
projects under the

The grants, most
ed in the field of e
be financed by the
Cooperation Admini
its $394,000,000 sl
$500,000,000 social f
by the United Stat

Not directly real
fiance program, b
the philosophy of
cooperation in aidi

Punta del

S- '- ,. ..


The winning design in the re- Norman Hoberman,_it would.con-
cent architectural competition sist of eight gigantic concrete
for a Franklin D. Roosevelt Me- tablets, inscribed with historic
moral in Washington, D.C. con- statements of the 3Snd Presid-
tiinmes to provoke sharp ,differ- ent, and rising to a height-of
ences of opinion among experts 52 dieters beside the Potoiiac
and laymen alike. As envisioned River. As the debate-rages
by a team headed by architects some labeling the design: "hook
William F. Pedersen and Brad- ends", others lauding it as "for-
ford S. Tilney with sculptor cefll" and "sensliie"-- study-


of the project is under- way;:. t.

i~` I

" -i)



The World


.i '

'".'"~. ~s '~(.~A'2

*... ^* *^ -* + x n**^r= '.. : : ..."

-. -' '" .... ..

asmuch as three separate 1om
missions, plus Congress, hi Ist-
pass oi the design, the iiatfd S
form of the memtr~il may not
bfe knowi .'for .years. .The outf.
come --of -the competiiobh I.-caii '
therefoi-e be regarded oenly os &I
thre begning.of an eicifing pro.. .. .
ject. .: -.
S .. .. _. :.- .. -.
... ...: ..... .. *,

Ul'' ''

r -

.'.. ."' --. .
-.. 'Ame.rian epublics; a, td;'al'bf,:

te House said .E port Bank an-.
nts had been nounced a iew credit of o$90; 00,
in communi- o -to Nacional"Financiera-S. A.7
ly work there. a financial -department of tie .;.
the departure Mexican Governiment,-: for im-
nember delo- ports of United States industrial
gressionAd Re- 'equipment ana products essen.-
to join the tial for Mexico's 'iecnoin'y.
United States ; ". -
rants totaling The International 1Monetary
or, El 'Salva- Fund has authorized Mexico, un-'
Honduras. and det stand-by. arri igement to;
l development draw up to $90,000,fO i'n the-
alliance pro- next .twelve.. roonths to .ssAu.re
the stability and-deonvertibility of-
the peso.in.line-with the Govern--'.
ment's policies iti.the fiscialand. .
ly concehtrat- credit fields..
education, wil! -. .
e International Finally, the Inter-Amerlcan
istration from -Development Bank announced
hare of the that a. series of irrigationrfproj-
fund provided ects, designed- to increase .lad
es. available uto peasants, are- elgi-
ble for $13,000,000 fe its nfinand-
ted to the al- ing. The .bank said it vwas also-
Ut reflecting considering a r.volvin'g credit,
international of $3,06000,0 for medium and.
ng the Latin- sT'al industry. "-

ca ssromi.d -'The pride 5L- Drt, ,.thrID./Hart wilY$ 11?h'
Har's "redoubled- efforts -isthe Venezu;'ae r d
new vocational- school, leading 4fear is
,to t he. s.conidary. lve a, tLa-' h n.? be.-.-


horde' near Aux Cayes 'which Ierred.:-tisere e ec

-Und er Hiartes spnsorsbp titofort e.
odre q than fopty Haitian teah --'It D '' .t. we l d
era received. secoozedraing "ack hi ySars
,- in nheU.S and ,inPerto: Ric. inggs. old bi ':

fo moire and more respo.nsibiy Dr r gs .s:::: nekwI~ar-
,char er. 'He plugged as-haid C .-pepT ould elect

dashe could Xora n.eyen greater Bci gs to replace his 3prede
integration of tb&'Coopierative sor.\ -.
Sevic s .te.e into e -M istpry Mergerl meeting w
gave- te Haitian staff sense proo p tha 6E -c
of confidence seldom paraleled, inoits-anksbehlind Dr:. ha
..Andre 'heard, Vinister of .B g int. a iow -if trust,.
Agriculture and .Rurai Educn ai "devoanto du .
"tionp summed TDrHart's-y a ble i tyaond- ..t
..-.to; .,.:ther.

p. Haiti's "r :,Edflcatio"n e sd o wren the director-o. f the
ing the Mer uer luncheo. in tJhe De o .. :-D-el-nDiision-
oll wi-g words; ,"ItMesJn-etor
in. cent abroadinid6tilsd th' e caliber and denotv-i of r Dr ta en's
Hari ..its prestige ai nd s r a
i would be muach en han.ded. ad ... :
.-g- h is- .'. ----he -. press "-iv ;

-l I: Haiti, Where irite lecual .--e t nI n

ail .i.tyand aohievenierits .'re- So Dli"ve I I
highly .jnzed, Dr Hart, holder : .' .. .. : .. .,
nof -.the d ocrate h-ireduirsion, P ThtinaY A"e: lt' ai .t

former University -'proessor o' At e his
ba terioogy," seientist whopia

Beendcearl of a siece fact
a- humanist: ht eae pMiSpanish '' .
witi buch-m in than a noddt: '
S t icquain' tance" withe, -ses te' ": A .,
an b phf'oaso teh&-m. 6 e./i a m ........-".' ...a t....
MChigAn ..Tr6 heaid dr ,of --ho--_e- 4:, -;"-
Agriculture ... and,"Ru.- E" i .,h I
,:oof..t:ummedoc -Dr 'e--iii::e i

.'-1...--_'t d""' .
in .." ./ 'I
e i",:' -i "n :
.. uld.. .be. much'.:,nha,_.1'.. .'-

":bili"y,anda .chiever eff .' f:. ;,ao

.- ,. .. ..-..
"-4. ad

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