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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

Record Information

Source Institution:
Duke University Libraries
Holding Location:
Duke University Libraries
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 32441147
lccn - sn 95058138
lcc - Newspaper 2117
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~;t r.:
I~B~i: ?
'c, ''1;T
~ '+

-'r"~~~ *. .
.f *4 ~ 444 4

-%I -' r .

*t \.h. sI-

S u n __ 4-~.

S- M D S EST Phoe Vol
.- PORT-AUrR:INCE, IIHAITI A~enue Marle-4(eanne CITE .JMARlSAIS ESTIME Phone 2061 Vol XIV tiuipt:-.,-l ".-.-
____ ____ --4..",

nezuelan Envoy Presents
Credentials To President


S; ;

R~ 4fal -eto T' ,jC~i 1 in the act tr:bait.i p '.
fes"ie aci o fPresidbnf i tPuliei~ratthe atial Palace
k. --

s 'rsented:':his'. eden 4toi Pre'.

Mark d t$ Vfl9 qai aiacw
..-.,ea a. ... ... .: ,, ..-. r .sa s tic e l-
ecerq Rql ha r'sj.rry,

dban el 'Hwa-j

er4 retar-o-f,'46fheS tatJe

: e l p s w icth pso n
,lndtH te os.,dentst-agnd
lig.lTht .'ieIghrsctJi1ol The 45-

een wor remafis afDep ti
t"'N`n 1uml-wn .toao.ed
x a'.y a, n iid ion i -. .-He, is-m.r: '- with
Q Sven fwilben u hnder n'i'ay'ear-:of

sof. l m t dely :iiip' i: expects to o i to a
n c Ie ence.tthwithte aaste !oal off his
~,vr ois erta" the. K fam.ily.
c ~difi~csenfsiti-ve oo ss, -3
-.in Frenchee.na.ctd-ea :
.-' ( Conti ed on p E!i -t ..

w t,- his friends ha sb ee. ~ j&- .
s udet 'Au". .e iS ... ')epld sst.

S'4 filhd to w.ork during

e -Hati;n. lasth. eokt for th

.e sueati aou Hias. h 's
n kno6 his;:raeng; ,haF d Seenr-
eInc The story of withat 'set'

ce.i- a saga iti itself.

TOTO Toast

A.y -:d6ubis theatre-goers con-
tained as o' the high calibre of
'oto -"Bissainthe's .-acting 'iand
singing were dispelled, in the
roar of applause give the petite
arfist" at herCifarewell concert
Friday night at .tie Rex Theatre.
,-The enchantigg Port au Princec
actress .also 6 iduMip'ed thei oi
addg4~ "biul- n'est prophbte p hez
sobl" out into the aisle with hey
op rate performance at the pe:;
_ V.V
The,.pert *Toto Anterruptfed -h :
:~.-, --* .(Continuea .,ori page :.5^
-, "- .,, ''': -- "

- 472'tt, ~

eration' of -Haitian esant iden

" Evidence of -this u-ag.. ss c1anB
cbed sten at :Merger andkBadqla- Io
quin in ..the ArboitedA .Vey qe.
where ifour-rod'm schookIbuidui di ta
weie' recently .tor pletei ..
. .sc h... ,-,:. ...Jch
- They were ni umber ..t)'re ad
fou f-~- 26 u, 'ural schools iad e-nt
.iled' for '.cnstrictio .th 'i a
unde- a e-vizd it

, *;-*BY:R ITTYfAER:=.-. %. ,-
4The %'MERTOiB', a 42'
ir schooner .with a i'
.ey a ii.-e n T ie,.,_. i le. s .
steel ri'gig,-daeoi' ls: aii,
B -. -af .f -eipii6ment't ;lui~i t t-...itiM

this .TebelUeV'Wi..ls '-...'b-
r' The; ertoub is 1
.rate':b ap t a Richa
We i n man an.and' his 's'eagoingi
spouse, who a re proressionaI
,beatsmeh. and haye teen' usig
their beautiful craft fnp e.harter,
service, in,. Smoutheil.,yaters :.pr
several years -.:,-:" m" ,-
Trhe scloner will be put itit;f
-dry3iock in, Haiti for a.cormlIlete
overall and-it is rlimred ta',
-' (Coninupd6 on pagee .l6)
,, ., ,4. p

,bor and ,il.a; fo"r Sc fI.T
* '

e- tbal

. .ilfi"-

, ianas,.:

Lk t~cboo(;
i*'ti pesit

- t4y

Wolerto o uIider n-U;- j ri ,UT 99

lcu,:iave Bare tl, G
ill enisdefhis tham ie

Haiti's o ien series ,teni g 16e o
c ontendershfor t Jily our t Lp aid

.. Th present 0.,-i.i.i, .
-holder of t or boii
.Th, ,. r .. .., _.is..a...

wil n-ot defend' :.hi.i titl past. eral
The "our .favonitesHs btei. as .been-cons.

(Contmuud on page- l' (Cil

ga Food Service wias begun J -
1948 when. W'illi'mn -Laug-lin, Lcid citizens' Councils continue to develop self-help projects
it's president, was a stud- even after completion of the commahit3 school., Above, citizens of
at Hobart College abd a
at Hobart C the Fragreau School district work together with. CEP personnel
stahnt griper about the quali ,
f fobd the clIege serd. build ontdorkitiP the soh grouds. Fra gneau s .
was working in a restaurant thp first school built (completed last -, under. the noew, T ital. futuree students inspect their new 4 rim Ba d.'Aqui
S(o.t.eonud o, pae 6 led ailtipn-American omnnamity school development program. 8hooL;whichwill offi&ally opet n -tber
.~.'.:G4:., ,-. ..'- ..
'9 M -- : ,."" '' V "'" "' .: "': : : .; ;b -- L ; .'* :.y, b =' ,. ", "" -" '" "

I [ "- r r,



' A'.Si r a. rsE- W -31.._: ; ,,-,I, ..--. 4'-.. .---

S= = UBEL.N ..O
J u. P r c thH v oi ..i .. ....P .an s or.... ,,- .
-i dde --d rEiree n
he hon ymoqzrer g j.i
Ar .i %' n m .-o .
.-.one, Thomas u:L.j **tUL r. hoCma nt( ,,^ e SaniiBn
put intoa Port -this weeks. Sts. e, Osw dQi. f-
-3arrk. a r iL k~,. 1 -, ...k we oi
rom. Nei, rk".. t eiMe
asser .and- ife. ,,.ssa Ma oil a
M..ric rn t Be n Yrom: teie Bro0, ." I;ichard s t
hapiro and ie Frances 6 i0sh
r eat. 'Neck, Y.; orinma -- t
Sreen an ,Accouiat from For: -
'Ist ills,: -ahni d ifei Su san,
)avid Lev, n Engieer fromn iLn
Student Country Chief Resnleni Louis. Rue Montalais No. 69 wanpsea lri~ S~n.ife, Na ; ncy.'t
Port an Piince, Haiti, receives his Diploma and congratulations .eorge Le Yon, an' nwit- fr -
.rom' New York and" wife- B re F_-A +..n.,- -A
from Major General Leland S.-Stranathan, Commander, Caribbeau :a;.Ric-had Cherni pn xecu"j-- : .
Air Command, during graduation exercises of Class 61-I of the ive in General ]._Egii eim _t. fomm esd
U.S. Air Force School for Latin America, held June 8. at Aibrook Phladelphib and wie. Elaria, '
Air Force Base, Canal Zone. Others i4 the presentation line were teacher;` HeniryWe.lle, a. l.awer, <
Colonel Thomas L. Crystal Jr., School Commandant (right), aild irom. New York' Cit:y and wi l
Haiti's Ambassador to Panama, Marei Antloine (left) who congrl [aw su 4en .atthe U ,ers -- it o:
tulated the students from his country. ...
Also receiving their diplomas were graduate in inerior- decoratio '-
S' rton K oynye ', in -.M men's -ejot h .-
Aerotecnicos Estudiontes Port anu Prince, Haiti lurton Kon er, in Meqi's ,oth
Louis Lecorps, Cite Mililtare D-17-WB -.. ,d B
vile .Jyd -a bace or of arf
Arnold Jeantys, Corps d'Aviation F: A. d'H. r Lar. ISch from Lth
Maurice Thebaud, Rue du Centre D-18 Bron s ~e: s in da a. .
F'ernand Augustin. Cite Militaire D-7-A teacher; Maaini t: S'oiti~an _a.
Antonio Stmebn,. Corps dAviation F. A. d'H. Engin-eer f theroth thei n. ani :
Jean-Claude Louis, Corps d'Aviatiou F: A. d'Hl. ife Madeliriel Steven Alpeat,
eanesn-iria-nil newsinrint--froni' t e
Ivon Guillaume. Corps d'Aviation F'.A. d'H. 'eroi aridn n ispl t ..deln:.t
Yn Murat Casseus, Croix des Bouquets No. 256 is Vice Pre.derit of 'the
--. :'+"S~~en is.Vice'-PrZsde't of"d e
Jean Edwin Williams, --. Angle Rues du Magasin 'be 1'Etat t dif ree Mark PfIper Corprationi
Champ de Mars. a subsidiary of Reem' Paper-

-"-. -"Keith-" ddyr rgnTonrl '-Man c."
er. d -thb-Stin Lffe ihsfirance
of Ciaada flew bere from Puer-
,t. !Rico -last._dWeekend di- hcis -
first -bi-annual. trip through, ,the -
'aibbean. He met with. ithhett ON
-yel l and the 9diiffer-ei;r-~' ts
m. ifithe Sun' Life at a 'parv' hid:
at theE -Raiocho uidaj.i ght.
5 -, ..Ke i t h i s. f r o m L b 1 _- l i.a
....his.. office in Puerto-'Rico.
'.a.test ,( n o ...r..... .... ...- ..orghai. .ook -
'qoQet f**"VMrs. Richa korgham I
--jem brher eldest sm Richard. o ghal -
SJr.i--toAdmiral g Farragu a :.
T pt. Y. pl

vje ife.teof the -
ca?.. ,bv. i r d;- -. -.,

W 5ll -te t -..,
C0 a rIq t. Pit,.C u 4 ,11 .3:- .,4A
Sat e


-.-.... :,,... ..-.. .." .-.
4. : : _.:, .:.. .._o .._.+ -- ,,__ ,

were "dthb in s ~; r .

er Dana 5 -7r ,

the zuras to tiheAbramo-
vitz and the Prerside trotthleEi6 al'ap -tao a
ncho Ben .Shindlr.

"Mir I'Bartin Convisser, I o
*ife Mane! es -: J .-. ..- ,
..... + ,wbanaayan' ''' .' .+2
Sthe i .' '- .'.--.
I wife1 I le sA. P: A
.,.' '. ,
a. .. .

i "'-"-" "-r
I .' it,.,+..._zr)
; .,., -, ., ,. ,

I.'"' "'- ,t.r_ ,- Q er-.r:." ,. 1. .
V ":- ,.- "..','... -. -, : .:.-.;.,-tC.-..,..:..._, ---.,
.1 -,, ..r -hng r. ., -,
dc.'. 0 -1rotler idPa bbth s : iiaei .at teaching.. YoLr--.productio'n..as'aM,
a g,-, La, orb; aalf a decde. one. of which all: o dfus Amer:-
ik w2f Lyx 1 i w triie,. ags -can welL. beproud.
.] faom tr g yan: ". s mt W'ith' my iarmest- congratula-':j

.. '.. "., e :-? :, ^k.
ft. winners to -d Std $ aliet,',rtsy'Ja. ,tions and my than :for a very
"in'............. .... r.e. bes. .t ..e eenm-mdd, -am
e" ""-hfrom- L-"'sa W6 aid b Very sincerely yours,

,:-On the Sth-o Jly,- sun dws-
i,; .'.. -iva n-ced udent d f the mum'erous liettert d ap .- a. ebert a' MN be u

i sndy oden dance techno qu. precaution fr- her presentation Williains will present her balliet- ^
iMa Grah and, Htyan im e'.Slp pig Beautyw.Lavi- "T h Sleeping. Beauty"se for e

.' _otp -elleen erci n a spri.es especially one'- dated aep'children at The Rext a :- -.T:,e -
net itat Am isis-_ Lr li
24s sitrio ~e Newwbegiw doe teT i-il e afsae.l fokloea

te .-r e .n.."- "iwi ei ~ga \ia ssistal a. e in E gish mh i -: pr- eparationrice ofr (hec rildren to ecenjoy:a

itte" '' b' _wo f rmh h li gl -orm icae mba y g ls this o 33 pcd:-Ba-let.
e Ib.alt-i a ndn.a alli l t -. Paii -. ,: L
?. : -"," .'.: :: .'.- i, y. u" ... h e r.... .-.-a b le, -a te b i -re cei v e .. '.=0

-aeOrntetw-hoJyrn DeaItndaissy Wi$q
th'iiv -"- "as;,, w stuev's 4 wou e de rmeroumse detterd f pt e p ninDeep Free at meral- Lavin

of the ball we eforma*ne H Thioh you gaveo.last at m. to 5:00 p.m andJ from 2:00
y moderda ne technquo predaron fo-. her: Re n Theatr. Willim s' to S present Mhr b .n
.fGr mand. Ha ya .the -Slepmg Beauty La "i Beauty"for

L. twoex n erin W prizeids espeeay illy onw e a dated t e-chroh ridden at the mRex cae
nc e,"-'"'" produrttion;J.une Maa12 'fr .late Embaan del'Ambe- epr.o it ,
Saor bert ,Ne gi ththe riar bleorkn to Therebs will be iseved iispe a

a 1Wof.pricefodore tyour st dents, the Embsy administrative Oy-
i.tnavW assistant er. -n o wh~icieh .foetllainoTw er: e roie child en, toe. e .
-stitite. y- .a two ftie vhery i; g o r .caliber o tber 19 Ac e..

c-1.eLe 9I D Bl eLeUac. .Oat -d.Vt ones And Stnce M Haiti-

S offoi a toi g ne directors ir oi w DearfMiss .plliit .ians the

......1. ... .. .c_..R o ae wt a to E : 0 p ome .ARD2 0 '-0
di~ I D, R 6. S 1S/whE 1Vt-- -SRU..B_. .RICIE
to... bg would y-be .- itwase_ madered-" _t h Deepa y a t Ammereial-_

-zla e-lland-i -eno tse :pe- Item nay ibe seen ifrtme
M. .0- Jj"sncfl lfl-e J w hor h ie c yin u gaveidast al m. to 1:600 p.m. Jand ul frm :06 .
... ... do
proru-aong, t i owgathe main bc ssy, o btde ae lusttionged
I'k',-. in

.....,.. -- ..,..a .a.".-. ,-.-d.a.i -your tdetsho ta e -embaey Admirity'rafivse O p k
-:-p.-o'....... dY rn-sdi. g faeveryh igh.eealiber ofthe r;nningVo geeatr.-e '

,:. -- -
..g ojrLLs."sf.HM HO E RA G TC.k COLut--tFIRS AT -HAITIS-Marc -
":rt ua. G MODEN W STOIG-gtE m.n t ow, the-'S wo miEn-cities ofCAbonite are plungedN-

-o :hna I- a etter .excuse.-, ..-.-. __ ;- :--. .

.4k.I :. .,_ .

"T". ,".'-:-," HA-RD-

:, n-; ....."- i-_ G'-~ 1 --;--;- :'":t .'- : h q '- .-.. ..' ---
E... .... ..-A '. .

.. -,A'- '-A

Lt.-. : --.-..- ..

.'ux.'o..,ot ni us
_-, AN
st-ni t- ot_-Eao toary' 0. so 1 ..t-,a.iund i,. th, (, rib-ea. .l & ha" conv- nhmt .p- -
a a o-'ekfbat& "- 01V w g-glU~t.DBC~ft~l~lbtOt~rwih-ll to s slerl picetage.Xle.-1






lovely daughters who are escap-
ing New York's muggy weather
for a week; Mr and Mrt Roland
Trehearne, popular Chicagoans
on a Haitian honeymoon and
shutter-bugging like mad; Ann

SWood, wellknown designer and
purchasing agent of a famous
Department store in Dallas, Tex-
as; Henry Catchings who runs
a 200 acre farm in Georgia
where he specializes in raising
Peanuts; Mr and Mrs V. Tanzer
Sof Chicago society, where Mr.
Tanzer who owns a printing
plant was surprised to find Haiti
with such a big layout in his
field as Henri Deschamps: Dr
and Mrs Barry Segal of Wash-
ington, D.C., also on their hon-
eymoon, and the Belden Browns
popular New Yorkers who, with
their three charming youngsters
are spending a few days in Haiti
at the Choucoune.
Mrs V. L. Turner of Wilming-
ton, Dec., and her charming
mother, are at El Rancho on an
island hop. Mrs Turner totes her
camera around but finds life
too much on the move in Haiti
for amateur shots. She's eithr-r
too late or too early for the per-
fect shot and has decided to en-
joy her visit with her eyes only.
- no lense necessary.
Irwin Hasen, wellknown Ame-
rican cartoonist of Dundi, and
one of the judges in the Miss
Universe contest, was a guesr
at Hotel Montana early this
week, with a trip to the Citadel
thrown in. Irwin is a friend of

which discounts bot@l coupons and credit card charges, is arrang-
ing representation in Jamaica.. JOHN EHLING is due back in
town on the 25th to count his lobsters. THE KRINGLERS, the
French-Canadian couple who have made their home in -Haiti re-
cently, are re-opening the Capri Hotel in Petionville. FELIX
CALLARD and his 2-tone Caddie got a stand-up at Rendez-Vous
last Monday evening, but it was strictly accidental-not intention-
al. A 45' fishing boat arrived in Port this week-from the U.S.
It's destined for Kyona Beach. IF NEW YORK thinks it's hav-
ing a heat wave, it should come to Haiti. The humidity is higher
this year than most people remember; at least it ivas for a few
days. THE 3 PENNER brothers left Haiti on Thursday, but
one of them will return next week to sign a contract to work 600
acres of land in cukes for pickles. THE COLUMBIAN Ambass-
ador haunted the airport for three days this week, expecting his
wife's arrival. She finally showed up Friday. -THE MUCH dis-
cussed possibility of PAA's removal in the Florida of its main
offices from Miami to New -York, has a lot of people in the Flor-
ida area sitting on pins and needles. THE PROTOCOL Attache's
marriage was announced for the 24th, according-to the invitations
sent out. THAT party given by the Minister of Foreign Affairs
last week at Villa Creole ran overtime. The invites stated 7 to 9,-
but what with the fine food and service and the plethora of pretty
girls, it was still going strong at eleven. THE AIR HAITI, In-
ternatuonal plane arrived.at 6:05 Thursday evening and was plast-
ered with a nice .bill for late landing, which means putting down
a-.ntime after four o'clock. They thought it was a gimmick until
FAA explained that they pay the same charges on any plane that's
not in on schedule in the p.m. FOR THE FIRST TIME in history
Judo is being included as an event in the next .Olympics. Could
that be because the games are to be held in Tokyo next time?
\ oley ball is scheduled as another 'first'. THE DIPLOMATIC
Corps is buzzing about Mr Baguidy, ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs
and his next appointment. He may be nominated to the OAS;as
Ambassador, if he's. not named "an ambassador to Europe..- TO
HAITI's benefit.. the Thursday edition of 'the Miami Herald, in a

pts --it.er youu. gq anyvau..uor you. u .uac.,:- -L 'i L -io n
know which way 'I'm.going. It's late ani&-I'`-ould, care _J b
'not much.. ...............
-- .. ".- --.. .' .*.- "", ." : -., .

., ,- -i -;* T .- -. .T.?1- ',.;

6 .

takes. peIUre in announcig tt for
opening of their .SUMMER S SON .there' i: ,
be an .added attractioni'to 'the already h*"
BA-OJLOU T.) !, The talente.d ad.i.:.a
ous-singrh -.

--: g .- ,. -t
Starting WedCnesday June 2L8th--YOLU
be heard at the -BACOULOU NfGIHT CLtB. .*-!

I4.. -- Ei e -
IRE -- '. -lr E.l...TR J'

Phil Bottfeld who, incidentally, special section, featured recipes for agos (they .spell it Man- -... .
is due back in Haiti next month.
Raymond Polynice, major do- goes-dunno which is right). Haiti's crop starts earlier' and ends -. -
mo at El Rancho. returned Tues. laIer than Florida's, or even Cuba's. This is free publicity, and
day from a vacation in Jamaica. speaking of that, the Chicago Sunday Trib of May 14th is respond:
Fred Russell of the Ken Mur- sIble for at least one couple in town this week They ran,an dticle -
Schison empire, arrived at El called "Haiti Is a Blend of Primitive. Charm and French Sophis- ...
Rancho on Wednesday for a .:
week's stay. tication" by Donna and Ted Pincus who speqt what theyrefer to. c .
.. ..'. FROM.


SOnions o. first i-quality are availble at ,e

FS T Is counter of- ODVA: at the corerv iev iue

S des C sare d Ru1 du. Centre, I 6owi n

prices: .. :. .- ..:.

S. :1bs.-Bags 15 Gour: '
SOR 50lbs. Bags 1-5 Gourdes.

BETTER CAKES WITH Wholesale ioders will be filled on the basi
-._ :- art -- ....'-.'

61 Goirdes: "2.75 per1 lbhs bags. (Minimi

S10 bags) and Gourdes:-14 per' Olbs (-Minim
BETTER TEXTURE un 10 bags.) .

V- -.'.nkJ.
r~~(.4.,S~'- P-Sr '

Hotel houcoune's guest hst at O ff T h ee 0 1 e natives. gg the toerrt1-thrtnvs.
weekend held the following in- can't deny that, can' ve. Arld who :wants .t?' At -any rateits
teresting people: Mr. and Mrs. A MAN I know got a parking ticket for parking ohn the "side- : to -nw h w .tt d pobliitypays f the
,e- n.ie to know "hoW. w611 that kiind of. ptblicditypays 6ff,"des-ft the
J. Markley on a week's stay; walk" in front of the Paramount. You should- have seeri. his Jface e
ta&t that. there-ai*'those wvho claimnth-at. ,Hitiains dbi't .,want to
Roger Soutz of Panama, Mr and when he read it. "I didn't know there.was T sidewalk there", h e and the touis ciliie ttill holds t
pand'teiMrs T. Thilibert and their two i s "fciies.: still holds true--ou. d,
Mrs T. Thilibert and their t'o said. WORD is going around that'Omnmum.-S.A., the .company .i -:~O ." still hol. e.ricili -
v,)UJ1nh *d n kvU 5,U A-hd .IUi t f1 IU .UIt

,- .'--. :-l' T t S"U.-- -..;' -.: ,

tn, i 1961 A I T UN S "

77 .. .

HA.' I T I- S UN
:,,..Community Weekly PubJUShed S unday -Moriag -
Idlltor -Pubisaer -- BE NARD DIEDEBIGIH
':eran.i-espousab e MUCLAIB LABISSIEBE i

-'- "I :,

II, .

Ij _.- -- -. -- .- -. -- h
.. .En
j.et a
Tie New Ydrk Times had a statement in its finan- month
cial section on Wednesday June't nd to the effect that
the Halliwell Mining Company is issuing preferred
stok to the value of $1,5 million which will be trvans- New
fered, to its subsidiary, Sedren, a Haitian Corporation Jn
S "heI
The latter will use such preferred stock as security .ait
Ior loans from-New York Banks as needed. Dear
:edren is a mining company, shipping out copper-
orevmostly, from the mountains to the north of Gonai- I a
ves ng i
Gonaives business..people and the countryside will be furlo.
t e. m os t immediate beneficiaries of the procedure,
which also shows the confidence which experienced On
i- --'- I--. .i .- *_ ,a_ .. ._' > ..-


I Sun
Iille -
at ever. became of the new
airport without which, a few
hs ago, we could not live.
Pro Bono Publico.

York City

m a Haitian,Student study-
in United States and I am
us with seeing Haiti misus-
nd misrepresented here.

June 19th on ABC-TV Chan-

nu ag menw nave.in meue copper development m the. re- nel 7 at .10:30 to upmt meir ret-
giolt. er Gunn detective Series epi- a
pear in o
S. msode was set in "Voodoo" Haiti
of course it was a shameful fake.
SWe were represented as terrib- MM E
: PN "F F FUIT- TREES! ly backward, as far as comfort, ive on th
-' -- : even-when,,money is no problem. Rancho.
DEA :.. ., I tickicg-pihsuinto dolls and what sident of
.-n. ot. They even gave the im- in Oak P
- l, a-nmi w h;bas seen dozens of reforestation pro.
..f ..l.a a Apt t fight erMsion t e comutry's major "ill-. .. '.
newr i .now I have:to see the planners adopt the right
ie loHto lan firmer canot be expected to
:Isa .. e ." .p helo n is !md lioldings
to y tea s that h is told will hold his soil

ift that truit brt-es --n mangoes or,;t .Ter fruits- are- not
used more to .arrest erosion; A- farmer. himself' will elp iit
bearing tree to maturity Imknowing that i a earswl

wood, charvol or simply to provide mr room for his subsmence :
V -, i
erops. -
,I am for a full nation-wide .calipaign that wil turn Haiti's
nulled hills Into a virtual Arde. of eden.
An. ...- ;. -, .

rewell concert. will ap-
our next edition.

gmont Sonderling arr-
le 29th as guests at El
Mr. SonderliJg is Pre-
Radio Station WOPA
ark; Ill.



'Ci b co A a "Gingerbread Palace" and famed hoste lery the Grand Hotel Olofon, lumhO placa o.
SBuiders Of TheMiitary Haitan arcleore, Eqnite e sie and contenure pool, is the haven for the uninhibited.
*G... Ma _er G ard T O md gardens the loason, complete with minm ted living. Set amongst a myrad of tropical trees-
.Ge Manager: GerardTHEAR

SPhone: 3955 P. OP.. BO..284



4i* sacha thebaud 1) THE CORNER SHOP RUE BONNE FOL

Srchitect U. o. .. M:. ".


',:Ij :; *decoration : ... .

Satcastelhai SAVE UP TO 60 Per Cent ON IMPORTS
Sp.m. -- 3.m, -. OMS n .-g-

?- -
n ': ', ,_ _,. i..?

. ._ .

pression wo were a Fiench pos-
I don't mind their showing or
using voodoo,. but they should
put it in its right perspective.
Tlis doll malarkie is New Or.
leans black magic or Hollywood
voodoo and they brand it Haiti-

The Haitian Consulate or Tou-
rist Bureau here should object
or protest such license in the
name of- the country.

The teleplay was by Frank
Waldman, the director Alan

(Continued from page 1
:areer in- the French theatre to
:-e-visit her homeland and now
departs having completely con-
quered the local public with her
lively rendition of French, mar
tiniquen, Haitian and Cuban
songs, poems and her acting. A
ie\'iew of Toto Bissainthe trim.

- -------------- ----- -- --

------------ --

Grosland Jr., the producer Gor-
don Oliver. The Star of the se-..
ries s Craig. Steens who walk-.
ed. in wearing a "Saharuenne"-
which one associate with the co-
lonial age.

The voodoo ceremony -was i
genuine creole and Damballa.
and Erzulie Freda were used.
Please alert the Touris author- ?
ilies- in Haiti to do something :
about this sort of thing that is
outright anti-Haitian.

(8) Unhappy STUDENT

Wanted Furnished house in
Kenscoff for summer vacation .']
beginning in July. Call or writa



The American Ambassador &
Mrs Robert Newbegin entertain-
ed in a delightful function at
their residence in Bourdon on
Wednesday evening for friends
in the community. It was the
first social' qvent in which Ma-
rine Colonel Red Allen wore his
new insignia, an occasion for
general felicitations.

S .-,







"Operation Bottle" New Scout Drive
5.. -"Operation Bottle' 'is a new fund to defray .running expen
Drive of the Scouts d'Haiti to "Besides raising funds .
gain funds for their association Scouting, we try to teach
by working and not by direct boys to work for money

cash subscription or begging,
.: emphasizing basic rule of toe
SScouting Code.
Openng their bottle collecting
campaign on June 26 and run-
ning through the week to July
2 each scout will be expected to
hand into his troop leader a mi-
nimum of five bottles. The troop
collecting the most bottles vill
receive a prize from the Nation-
al Committee of a "Charrette",

S '' + -- :-r.TT t,,-, ? .-.;' .


against soliciting cas adona-
tions or begging," a Scout lead-
er explained the purpose of "Op-
eration Bottles".
The Scout camps that begins
next month will have as one of
their camping duties the refor-
estation of areas in which they
pitch their tents, a chief scout

a type. of hand-pushed bourette stated this week.
for camping purposes. The scouts expect to get seed-
There is a second prize of a lings and sapling from Damiens
Coleman lamp and a third prize and take them along on their
of five Cuisinesso Stoves -ideal camping trips.
for outdoor camping. The Capois La Mort troop of
Bas Peu de Chose is leaving
The bottles -(empties)- will for Tortuga island on August 16
be sold to the kola companies in for a fifteen day camp and will
the Capital and the profits wdll take along whatever trees sap-
be turned into the Scouts d'Haiti lings they can get.





(4 DOOR)

lHiliman Minx


Away Or At Homr

Of Your Ov

Au- .", R N


,a ._s-

"a" a"'"a a''"aa Plus 86 pep Mile

MG (On Application) ALL RRTES IN




.. .. .. 9~....-
.4A:. d-,

- ..... .. -- iSt

e AC r -i
i C- : -':'

.. _. ,, ^ .- ,.

S ,. -
..--AU E :';:E:.

.. :. ....

r-- LS

'Pic -UP t d.' d .'

jOG -p Piek-ufp and deyve4y<
...... 4 r-
(T ;.' 7" ";' ""..' .> "

^ .BP. :..* .--"* l, .

', .=, "" .-:
._~lE .. .- ... +



l .

., -. *" .. '-..--. *:- ;. --. -'.o ..._
.1T-040 HOME1 NI "'" 4

;,(Co ia f, P.. : .the. :' Y o yok .o
-to make,. sfficieit.. -nneyto a llege Sag'es.. t pea, imon' rece(viastd tE.i;U sa.-
keef npm in -clie&Hqs:got I^Q on of aft t:M luding he Jillwii dallC: tin.-thatornI.ii

college i tchens. and A. Le person., .'.. : -" e
the President. of the. Co-'. llege ; ofQ rt..- -* i

-oiate.and sthed .-tpheonces~on. po-Jd Nsamphy has two friends ,
The students .loved., itan4.the .iith .imi meo an, lege .-. o Q BEA H" '.
tiotst.o tniy.-w; 'anorkg. "doi s he W r iat o .e'yf ./nirdqu '
oWhen Jobeo Namphy joined h .i~'. rte for rpe:* pt M TrsoFtk',e! -AT
them tiey had fourteijen units Coe;ri Namphi,"Exa v rritoit!. 4" t "'P
senrvicing colleges around ,the U. ear. of the --.PrSide 'l u at l Guacrd? -B ll i ''
S: Today. Mr.r Nabphy says they J-Jo. rothe ipoudly ,e *' C
have 94 and by the time i as sorting the bpys around 'tw .i-,on .-" -'R ION" ,fi' -'4'1
vacation is over, be expects (bei three e visit -
return to t-'e U.S. to find they a'K.-. r. i.. -." .. _, .
have more than.100. This. is -the 7: .t "iv ate qikr bo nu
saga rf how a group of young, 'deoseph Na-nipshy is an. it.spira-. :.. White Sand i -
enterprisng -men. -while still col- tion t. htis ., pu, ny -f ,-I -tai ii 'd' '"
lege students, built h $O0O0OOO0 ambitious, &buliebt .and 4,hard WAER.;SINfi, 'h.-. sL'- k..
business. worlii. Saga of a- oy.fwhois .t
At present Jo-Jo is a studeri m inkig gooCd. '' :
-. A H o n'
;Z.3 =

-, -= =

I ;

7 "1 ". -. -' ." A'* ..h "'

-,, PORT,,o IN


i -- 08 Bx, 676' ; OR.T-A.AU.PRINCE, HAIT

4.. p.
p .:
4:- ; :

~: ~I_ ~RO n~TJ~:-I~BE ;VB~jCZCI~:: I;PO rPI



^ 1.*.''"'-. ., .p 'l-E 'r. .-_.n r, .-
--. :J.. : R. EAN D'ALBERT, .
ri .ANs;. E ITALIAN .E. M A' INO .. ANNION ..
' "--. "- .. "" .- "- .-- .|"l
S -*A
fli- AusTRIA, -
.1 S. SA .H,.-. -



4 a ap :, .. .. '-
s .sto on n.
0 VOO n.oIoreinford "R. SCULPTURES on

-4 .4 -AL
-a J. LE..Q :.- asao -s ic -"A.
I ,.- O E
-h, A- .s
4 i 1, a',- --
A ':~t* ~ rt.-,--t.--.--- vaaI T._ M UBIC ..- .

,,.- :The'BA. .-.


V,:. : _.UGS
...1 .H RT-.rn

Hai fts A. '
with. o- u -.alf cting9 t lffotak''>l ,S us fr 'ore .- information

.., r. .r'd-





" v-":':' ..... ...... .... ..... .. ... .L,*- .rt.'.-_ ".....:-.-."J'ja ... *; :- '.' -"" '
7 .. .......

The Un iv t ce
-. "-'.n-h-e* 1.?ageQ' .,at"f *'t
AS A CENTER FOR tATIN :AMERCAs r:'T aolo eon::-o:r:
T. N s historryr pou al ie
T. LYNN SMITH T.LYNN '1MTH, graduate re- plied. knowledge that is.essentialriT.Afiorani d s heyn .e ciol@g ay use e-.a su
The University bf Florida is search profesqpr of sociology at for ealisti' p s of s~iinir i coipyg- th the mpex-a beiof creditin
.-widely known in the United the University of Florida, has .in jfor Floriasiadents-s As ties, a'fts .toiin s
States and abroad as a major served as visiting professor in -readily applicable- t~ iprobi- lo 'b aor- res i requiemenf~t .for iT dbgr..l'1
center for Latin American sku- Mexico, Brazil, and Chile, and 'eini:with*w'hichLa.~;aAiecans tor itie'b ng id couselngtu if so dei sie
dies, and its role in this respect has lectured in almost all of the ,-with unIisily d' mu t 4s om. Lati Amerca,: a- duate my e
promises to become even great- other Latin American countries. d6el in their ownl c ,eif tie ; h,- especial inthe cpse of 'everaeptar t
er in the years immediately Largely In recognition of hi fact t6t a' ieofTd prifessorl grad ute-stdentsthecairne: a.t Aao i :-eth ei :lr
ahead. Those in positions of res- b6ok Brazil: People And Insti-- who teach c6ursses.i thesearei: of their i avs committees Anienc .aq uiespe 4-
ponsibility at the University and tutions, he received honorary have gained "' d'.ttei- ro-'' conferi wth-tem igularly. .e Even more distinct
in the state appreciate the im- doctorates frm the-U Dnlversityr fesionaj, exrieine 1ir I inpositin' .of 'spIa advisor i ir eer, re the'fiacjeia''ie- e l
portance of the work that is be- of Brazil and the University of' Ar erica helps-greatly toi Adice 'tin eican agriculture std- -te date d
ing done and the need for even Sao-Paulo, and the Cruzeiro do Ie gap- that. fr'quently- exists enfC~-'L as--istablibed, fri 192 dingme n 4ei-an mhri l otrLm
greater efforts in the future. Sul decoration from the Brazil- between theoretical knowledge with assistance frof'the'R 1 :ted- Statesad
Naturally Florida's geograph- ian Government. and the practical k lp ledge the elleiFouadation;' Ltin Amer can countitds iE-," !
ical position, historical back- -iatin Americais -le ay'7 uyersities- th": ohout e `-Austrlia- Nia
ground, and cultural affinities versity, which is located, at Litin.. ericanc. studentss cons- h ited.States have dqvalo I7 )_whiodeslre' to.cdienfr&T-
presented her colleges and uni- Gainesville. Annually almost two tantly for counsel. and ad-. L' xcd eriS underagraduata- ad aon. tin i AericaM t.F. as,
versities with unique opportun- hundred students from-allparts vice academic-'r d personal graduate -coues devted.e..itram :f caersii ss
ites in all that has to do with Latin America matriculate at mattersto i6theiiF ns tor es- history added gorajh of the a. in .governmental:Servce" r
thatin America. The prominee the University in courses lead- pecially-those' ii their nj-.de' -. A ieric countries;- 'ad -rofessioha :positions a-"'a -
-u.n-t-r. ..; ; ihi...d. -.'-_0-1.1. .'
that this senate university has ing to the B.A., B.S., M.A., M. apartments. These inaf ar- few -niversities also h-ave de. plogisf~ cofionsts og .
achieved inm this field, however S., and Ph. D. degrees. The rangements are. complemented partmehts that offr course of ers, historians ~olil'. ciei t
s due primarily to the mdedted largest number of Latin Ameri- by the-offices the university has Lati Amnrcai c-ntists, or sdciogis Suc(r
eforts o dozens o the memr- cans enrolling as undergradua- established to assist students throw apology u eeonomi s.ql itica ate -sudfel e avb. .
ers of its faculty who each an tes-go to the College of Agricul- from-Latin America and; other science, gnd sociology. However, to eue i9.t ing t the
do research in many of its a tie w0rd.- -"" "-bkviy ew- l e- aaph
schools and colleges. For deca- gure,awhereans tn American ,pars f the world w intave a ad P D degrees ei
des these men and women, fretudents a widely A of the format o srn aa c e g specalty Ag t i -
quently at the cost of consider- spread throughout aU schools ed witt admission bf. students it all that- has o dowxt& t)He may .eecti Lgi: i
able personal sacrifice, have and ollegesfrom outside the United States history, .,.geogaphy, econpmy,a School- pt.of. nt~i~er ciat
sought to develop a better un- Undoubtedly Florida's geogra- are handled though tie Office society,:arnd culture.of:.the twen- .dies : and iunsqer -o
derstanding of Iatin American phical position and climatic con- of-the Advisor to Foreign-Stud.. ty .independent countriestthhat e--ousesand are es-
countries, cultures, peoples, and editions are important in making ents, assisted, in .tie case of a-t. known collecvtive'as Latfirf. th atw l ti:fl.
problems. the University of Florida a fa- Latin Americans who come to America. At .te jJe-niversity of the degree- o f; A ,
Florida. t..he respecti-e Lain014a ricefl Tileft
Important places are now oc- vdrite of Latin American stud- study agriculture, by a special l in..all .he respective -ds
cupied n the educational, econ- ents who seek a university edu- Advisor to JLatin American- Stud. departments the .-coirs devoted -ith atoe
omic. governmental, and cultur- cation in the United States. Es- ents of Agriculture. The office Latian-America: matteAis--are fi ~j .'a 4 -
al hfe of their homelands by specially in agriculture, engineer- was eltablished-for..the specific tballiicortioo.s.of the tia dim ei
Latin American students who re- ing, architecture, and communi-.purpose of' assisting \students available .to al- tuden -A bot. 3 r
ceived their training at the Uni- cations, the theoretical and.'d from-other lands tod--receivi&:t e tbirty-five-memBrs of fie flinu *.
''- '- ed, -roughr
t'" re ""fl ee l aaddi
graduate ework'

-wMe i Ltit A"ica Si
id .. Dies with concentration i"nL i
of the- abv& fields except -fl
***3. -I -A

S. radiate student at- the Uiver
sy isitt Frida y a -concentyat
.. upothe 'study Latin- Anf ca? .

a f o esctid'eWay-in
S .sele d ciphne I this. case

-adingto-the gdate of sten

t R DI .- -. I- .cal oence,

S, U. sooog I. ua .counm ou

-n d sciplirs etucfatitj polo
^^^ WHAT-T 10 UY : .t y- -- .a io.R'dn

-n *. FRLNCH PLRFUMLS and LIQUORS *r-. ., i n lrgst s
.WOOD CARVINGS-. MANOGANY "- : nft me.&., are e ....; .

S. TORTOIl SHELL -:. r -e.-
"/ co u -"-'*' -, :"- --' -'.". .-courses r n'i-.itegral 'parts'; -
S .. TRAW fel&. I' stt."i: id'.a h i..s:,
i ea rch zequi^d^4h 7rqud ed
:ertaion- ,alog oi:: i netio
i the pepaa
9 leading-- -to, s -th e :4.]esis or- the qr
I -_7 1,y."gp "
.r =:-..-.S.I-S.A:L_:--.. ,_, ...i:..,.,;e-..., a' i elm: .. & :;-

i .

1^ -'


I -
r .


3 : -" ,1 .

NOW.. 2E,'-. -7: ., -4 .. ..-a'
:ied r a ti n tu- een ery g ving. :o do h tons, i the respective dic
- t.PM*n q, tesa lo.:vbeps r r 'in- ', in'
iessful L an L. iff.e sthA i$r
woeso ATe- schioo tse a S I o fr Bthieoad of i-anagers of the Uni-
ines. sIn i~o anul raw o' a lrida La e :-s A ap res ult, .oundat'n. .-':. versityof Florida.Press h-as fol-
ainr oe t. ;i.departnent for the P igBs ie-P. Yogge ;, .. lowed the policy of allocating 40
Sorofl dii ivventhe a dies Cut of id i y, Durmg.the. las htenty, years per cerit of its publication quota':
d, Ie e b i h it.strs eror th he department of the Uiiversi- to manuscripts dealing with -La-
im t se r : pro -Te olf "iter A ica usL eptiit ake defi ty. tht- offer courses dealing th tin American, subjects.- As a- re-.-
i al I;. Lan.in AM cllc tdie -also ':plas a 'condic in l at has to. -' Wifh lori- Lati'.-ArtHca -hae dedicated suit a substantial list of books -
r oii;l searcif r -the ;-AfnuaLConferenie .o th da's studio uder -fivg lags, substantiif portions. of the funhd and monographs- dealing '-wilh '.
dniinit posionis-. .n- Caiegn, .sponsors st and 'bave' gained an envig abelereputa. annually' -alcated, .to 'them .to the. area, and ranging all .e ..
ersilesi ^ d pgovernfimenit4 po .1tures y cis. on Lai .t ion- amog-' research scholars developingg highly selected coll- way from agriculture and :art fb
jtionsi. Ithe .Jred fttes or meiv a i'oth e partsE-f 'ie u thr ou the nation Jn large ecio of the works-pertaiing zoological topics,_ has. been ub-
' ith h iteat onI ageni.s ~t Wrid .a$.dministers, g as-, measure ., the excellence ,of' his to- of.-LatinA America and the listed. This list.-icludes, of cour- .
. unierousradjltateI tu..i.. ue L iSftatships for stuients"worlkin _coecLon is cjue tohe ..dedicted professors in charge.of the var- se- the Handbook of Latin Ame-
om nbafia, eaica afir' some -in "'h '-fieldof Latin. Aeri:canf e !n' !gfo orlately.a lpng Ip us courses have spent much hiean Studies, edited in the Hi.-
om ia urppe Austrlia, tudies :and lis d publ o one--of Juiah. s oTnge s tie sn -iis The books secured planic.Foundation of the Library
nd N re closely s-S the piceedin- of the aribbean:of -te mr f l whomthe litrac .ar those that are most I useful of- Congress,- published .annually --
ociate wi o fm theGofe e book is med, f erence, purposes in the .by the University since 1948; the
.;6n" ite d t h e rSp r n c,- p r:..,.-i ny
United Satates dgCanagi' m resfLatin ican- on ." -cl, udrses of instruction ad those Caribbean Conference Se r ie s, -
hese-'po grams f graduate g s, the. o Latin iplemn their holdings mdst needed by members or the which b'gan in 1950; and the
y is one-ofrhe m.nost rebahi;a g &i eifti hStudies, amd a binogra- of. Floridiana^ broadly iteptlt- s taf nid student body for ie- series s Latin American Monogr-
spects-gi tl.e i..g .ii s-esentitled ..Grandeds d decades. the J.nijersity search on Lafti American top- aphl, established in 1957. But it
n assipia ointe.earcj -pro "as e Aeia The annual'., of. Fdida, .ibriies ha-' c i- cs. In--addition, inany oL the also includes such titles.as The, .
ct twotsdt one.ofhem Conference ie Caribbean ide- cen trte fu- i ad .efforts.-on professors.: have assembled. -en- Rainforests, of Golfo Dlee, by
L "in .;4 enci. So ea Se'neS-speal i.h&asi-beca st. lengthening their collections in viable pvate reference collec- (Continued on- page 10) -
el4i;itSt hg teds :the se se it has -beohe a -najor gaithli- -
ial.l kioo ftbeothe; .ad: enrwg tir which .e a rsiiie lc -- .- -- -" o :,
ice i.we -the vhlie arhs o.-9_ern-nent officials Larid
I intrd z to~~tplstetipa1 ofl -frnesomen from the ,'United -- -
bora ~ Sta te .ineet with 'their fellow I :ws
.Th.e-~S o .nter-Aeiicqn frbm the Car-ibbean are .The -
tudi ashed ii re obf the-e co rfere ncs. 1. 1.-
niversity 19 p coro -e nvaluab. rre nce .works -. -
oi o .. .1
e te aduate L fbr .al i ntrsted the ..
eien s:tuildies' The Scho Cnbbed.-area. -. aaI".,m./
uccee .nd". b .lt uo.ound 1 she.bpilding up o- the coi ec- -
,ons l ib the In.stitue o ,f b ta re .esse'i- to the
-- I. -
-- -"- I .....

Ther' 1b oementtlo;' --h
-" Y-"ea-Ae t t e
of.en.ex_. t .-.4...e 7.._pros. e
Pi i;Ml

4-- i

b- i-beas -i every CUpO

.i.... .. t .2.. f i n l y.s
C" aly6 s tyintn td!sdf tN e" s-f .F... '

,F FY--.- V .. -'

.... ....bean-gd. ik~dier y'AS l cuP of today's ..

+4 .. mi:i
Q : _,.. : .. "C :a a s :. I

.AT 'TI -


$'' l



a constanL llo w u Lot .anuscrul.L
for publication as articles in the
professional journals, as chap-
ters in various compendia, as
monographs, and as book-length
studies. In addition, not a fe\f
of the M.A. theses and the Ph.
D. dissertations that they direct.
find their way into print. A fe.v
substantial titles that have been
added to the bibliography on

portant roe ls nu su;lpLJ roLUgramII.-
These professional. activities of
Florida faculty members go
back many years. Peter Henry
Rolls, who was Director of the
Florida Agricultural Experiment
Station, established (in 1921) and
directed the Escola Superior de
Agriculture -in Vicosa, Minas
Gerais, Brazil.

America by graduate stu-- In the years since
are Straddling of the lsth- bably at least two

1921 pru-



Founded In 1805 -


Address Rue des Miracles Opposite Natioial Bank.

Currently active is a program
of cooperation between the Col-
lege of Agriculture and: the agri-
cultural faculties at Maracaibo
and Maracay, Venezuela. which
likewise Is giving additional
members of the faculty firsthand-
knowledge of the various agri-
.cultural developments and prob-
lems of that important part of
south America.. The writer, al-
though not a-member of the fa-
c.ulty of- the College of Agricul-
tire, recently participated in
this program by offering, at the
Agriculture. College of the Uni-
versity of Zulia in Maracaibbo;
an intensive short course in ru-
ral sociology that was attended
'by. approximately one 'hundred
and fifty. persons.

SFinally,` the facilities of the
University alt used -fo f various
types,of intensive training .of La
tin-tAm nicanfs iwho. are- brought
to the Unitdd Stated, as. in'the
case of the dosta. Rican techni-
cians.-This includes not only con-
sultations with and .demonstra-

S JJesses arnd. iShitsiade orer .
.- oand d.cl lied in2 .
-I 4

-, -

SDEVELOPfNG .'---. ,

SFastest Servi .3i-towni
SAve Marie-J-ai5 j-b5. 5 .~
Cite de 6- 1-
"-" : "" .
-..EW _4r :. ..

-.OR- -" -_AL pIt. .R I .

,- -. -v-. -,T.._
-:jietr :{i : .:.:... :'
.4 ,. ./ :,. : :: ,.-. .

Designs 1 uh EAMiEI
g Quait .-"a jaw sso Sisal.
IGRAND RUE. AIft C c&tc ti MO s inatf LS. PHONE: 684.
.. '
"'.-'. ..",-
.? j..: ,::; ,, ,_ .t .-.- --, : :. .'' ':::. r .,, : ; :.-"" '. ..", ",e.: .. ..

,r.r- i .. ---- rr .-'''" ", .... -. .. -. ; ..- .

*-w EEa fh"s -for nutiproousvisitors whd, econorrcs *-andiclo ely ratfd .
*.. spend a few days. on the campus sutbj'eaGsat. G nes-ll. The vo,
~:.: '. .': -~~: d jLf1 '! as'p'rt o a general .itout bt umne and dithe qali tyb.athf.ppr-o
F.ntdaie university a.al tou
-r" .n...s also intensive training cbusesopr- lfssional contacts between: mem:/
Sganizd fo,. groups to;specialists: bers .of the faculty of the Un-'
(Continued from page 9) mus of Tehuantepec, by Edward members df the faculty and staff- ho sped six or eight .weeks at \,ersity and scholars. and -cien.-
B. Glick, Latin American Monfo- of the University have partici- the University. For example, in tists in Latin America:add 'tobthe.
Paul H. Alen; Are We oud graphs, No. 6 (Gainesville: Uni- pated, in' missions .of one type both- 1959 and 1960' groups ..of University's status as -, r '.ioIr
Neighbors? Three Decades of 1 versity of Florida Press, 1958): or another that have involved about thirty Bolivian economists center -o Lati ne'ahi~iaiVstU''
Inter-6 merican Relaons, 193- The Acculturation of the Japan- them directly .with the agricul- were given intensive work in. dies.
1960, by Donald M. Dozer; igh ese Irmmigrants in Brazil, Yujio -tural, engineering economic, edu- -
Jungles and Low, by Archie Fujil and T. Lynn Smith, Latin national, and social problems of- '
Carr; Peasant Society in the Co- American Monographs, No. 8 Latin America. This number in-
iombian ndes, by Orlando Fa (Ganesville: University of Fld- eludes the president of the uni- :'
Borda; Man and Land in Peru, rida Press, 1959); Accion Demo- versity (ana his predecessor as -
by Thomas R.'Ford; Bartolo cratica of Venezuela; Its Origin well), the dean of-the university, MEN 'S sQiRTS-
de las Casas, Historian, by Lew- and Development, by Stanley J. the dean of the graduate school, '" '
is Hanke; From Community to Serxner;" Latin American Mono- and the provost for agriculture,' : ..AVES
eropolis; B Biography of Sao graphs, No 9 (Gainesville: Uni- as well as faculty members of
Paulo, Brazil, by Richard MV1.-N
auo, Brazi ichar ersity of Florida Press 1959); all ranks from instructor to pro- NDKRHE
Morse Search for a Latin Ame- Differential Fertility in Brazil, lessor. On the faculty right iow ". "
rican Policy, by Thomas W Pa- by John V. D. Saunders (Gaines- are- about ninety men and wo-
mer, Jr. Land Reform and De- ile: University of Florida men who are personally and
mocracy, by Clarence Senior; Press, 195.S; and El Hombre y professionally involved with La-
and Gardens of the Antilles, by ...B-
and ardens of the Antilles, by la Tierra en Boyaca: Bases So- tin America, most of whom-have i .. ..
John V. Watkins. cio-Historicas para una Reforma participated in one or more tech-
Agraria, by Orlando Fals Borda nical assistance programs. With-
The social scientists whoare (Bogota: Editorial A n t a r e s, in recent years, for exampfle,..a F :-
responsible for the courses deal- 19571. totalof seventeen members of 'R
1957. .total -of.-,seventeen members of
ing with Latin America in the the" staff of the Agricultural Ex- --
various departments, along with The importance of the Univer- periment Station have undertak-
their colleagues in the natural sity of Florida as a center for en.tours of duty under contract aUM
sciences who work extensively Latin American studies has been in Costa Rica for periods vary- sa DE
in Latin America, are among enhanced by the extent to which ing from one month to almost. ouSES
those on the faculty of the Uni- its faculty members have be- four years, while at the same
versity of Florida who publsh come involved in technical assis- time seven Costa Ricans were
most frequently. Many of them tance programs throughout La- on special professional assign-
are constantly engaged on one or on America. Much of this, has ments in the technical -aspecisa -
more projects that take them to been done officially through the of- agriculture in Florida,. ex-
Latin American countries to ga- College of Agriculture. but .in changing ideas and experiences
other materials for study and an- many ways individual members with still other members of the
alysis. From their pens comes of the faculty have played in- facFREO. RTSHOR
f__ ....ld .... .;tn ;. i h UaL[.U -53.55.Ruduoarua. --.

, ,; ( y __


I _


;l'* it-.. .. _.. I; .-:_i. ....
a*, ," .: .. L

oQia Announces.
*.,n Dieni.:dal .:.i o m, pet ition

7o se Ven"ela- or not", Ithe C reore PetroleumCorpora- Winners were Drs. Miguel Lay- (ify that works entered must be
ItFoun datn se n; 1i th work by April tion; a compAny 'af filiate with risse and EL Johannes Wilbert unpublished, or published for
petibn 3or t et ork 3b 9 The \ifiners of the see Essp Standard OilS.. A. Limited. for their work on the antigenc the first time within the last
Ven n teilds of at- od mpetiion will be announ- twenty eight -works -were sub- of the Diego blood-actor. two years prior to-the year in
ral. science ,'Rysics'd ~ al cd the endof 1962, with .the mitted.inthe first biennial comr. The studies must deal with which the, prize is to be granted.
sciencess' hsbeers ainnflunce d u a 'ard of tI'e 10,000 'and a di- petition eld by- the Foundation subjects related to Venezuela, 'in The works submitted must be -h
(Caracas, Veneziiuela plomia following eaily .i 1963 an 1960. They came from the the field of natural, physical, or typewritten, double-spaced r,n
The compqbeti-or is bpefi to Ve- The :ieole Foundation : was United. States, Europe, Venezue- social" sciences, excluding histo- letter-size paper, and should be
nezuelans and idodigners, wheth- established sieral years ago by laMexico and the Philippines. ry7 They may be of any length, sent, together with any illustra-
-.- ...and may be written in Spanish, tions that the author may coLn-
S' French, English, Germah, Ita- side necessary, to the Creole
: lian or Portuguese Foundation, Apartado 889,hCara-
S- Rules for the competition npe- cas, Venezuela.


"- .- _la w dyear-a ete E reialem ers e ht o-a; letter-sin e pa pero nd s b -
S.i"" .7: ..-if ..

...-' .'r u. "a le s t r. ,.
Wrca c mnson3yo
It aoae&uwbacqit's

...... ... no veauh obteeractioni Su.e-a ras, Wnhm i

"on de p"I or-n" detravctio':
e ventNI WAIL A

-- 9g.c o IU-flu ie BE
e, -e -" iu-n e ntoeau a t.acti ueet~. je-G.ip l

ontaSae.P AU onus cfit0
moISs A de OUdyemps mo sdciaetr'v a-ooo
/ .onupour v*us dontrd rGoyeuna.
....i''''' -:est Tarr ::-

.-- .,requ,"pat les traqt.uv
-.-6&rnes. Il mo en iis et
-'*,"g-- ..R son I).:;- .
".-.-4'.- 3''- V-E"R- -T
9 --UettPo-iRBeau4tortatiodmere-ui ,

eae 4tante- o1tpu &s cofite
toIin.n detenps, moins de ta-vaio

'-:; --.ez le v"-ir-.ncore i- -ld. 'i -
s at G y-'en i -zi dndeier Goodyear, CA

"Rdiat menCONNEToot V'Q3 ,4oe .. it
e- I a
5,' .Ri '. ... -. -.

J9 AT-..... ,-.

,o : _'--R

RO -, E"U' l Mb .IR OND

,. -z ." .W.- ,_ -.
.ay.==L o, : ]
"-j .,. -'" -' .
.- ., .. :-:- o :. ... .

*: -- PAGE 1-


? Hollywood Group 4,000

Will Locate a "Si
V V V '.

By NANCY JONES Spanish-class accent, "was one
(Miami Herald Staff Writer) of our candidates for sister.
"We're still going to stop there."
HOLLYWOOD--A plane full of Among the 23 adventurers wa-
residents will take off next vnmg farewell July 26 at Brow-
month on a trip to adopt a sister ard International Airport will be
city. a commissioner from Fort Lau-
The tireless efforts Lavinia has derdale, also considering the sis-
will touch down in Haiti the ter-city idea.
Dutch West Indies, South Ame-
rica and Central America. The seed has been growing in
"I don't think other cities Hollywood since Abrams heard
have chosen sisters this way, but about it at a meeting last fall.
we want to be sure we adopt It is'part of the nationwide peo-
the right one," explained Cit:' ple-to-people program sponsored
Commissioner Maynard Abrams. by the State Department.
Abrams is director of the trip "This is our small part in
and co-pilot. Each of the tour- smoothing international relat-
ists will pay his own way. ions," said Abrams, who has
-"Most of the cities get their been making speeches about the
information through pamphlets. trip to Hollywood civic groups.
About 100 cities in the United A few of the people who will
States have sisters," Abrams make the trip took a special
said. Spanish limcheon class this wiu-
ter. About half of the 23 plane
City Manager Joseph Watson, seats are taken.
one of the passengers, got help- There are still opemrngs foi
ful hints from Mayor Robert persons who want to go. Bul
King High of Miami, which has the plane will be filled if every-
a successful sistership with Bo- one on the "tentative" list de-
gota, Columbia. cides in the affirmative.
Abrams said a second plane
Coral Gables has just twinii possibly may be taken if the res
ed" with Cartagena. ponse is overwhelming.
"Cartagena," Abrams said, Here is the itinerary:
carefully slurring the 'g' with his Lunch stop in Port au Prince,

[ .T.'s 4 ., "- ., ". 'ti, .

He is meeting with consuls take a--ride and see- for- e
fI. from the countries in Miami to ve0 .. ..' %
- il set -up contacts with officials. Most of the group speak San-
g His schedule calls for the plane ish "un poco."
e I "= wheels to touch ground4back in ,Climax. o-the'trip will. be vot

-iJter. Charles Bush, a professional. ship will, be consumated-by the..
-is pilot and will take one:of his State Departtefit.-' .-: -- '
Haiti; afternoon in Curacao, a planes. Fare is $250. Abrams .es- Ceremonies- will be : held-'jni---'
Dutch island; overnight in'l3ar- timates the total cost, including both cities with officials exchin-
ranquilla, Columbia; possible hotels anil meals at about $500. gin:. visits. Exchange students,
trips to Santa Marta and Carta- letters and, trade will 'be encolr-
gena, Colunibia; overnight in "AU this is new to me," said aged between the two.cities..
Balboa, U.S. Canal Zone; lamon Abrams, who has'flown colmm-
and San Jose, capital of Costa issioners to official meetings. -Ab-ams- said he is pliggin'g
,.ca; Bluefields and the song- lie has been to Caribbean vaca- for a sister in. Mexico or Cenh
,eted Managua, Nicaragua; Te- lion spots, but never to Central trial America because it. would
.uccgalpa, capital, and either La or South America. be "handy" Future exchanges
_ieba or Puerto Cortes, Hondu- call for visitors to stay in homes..
.as, possible peek at Guatema- "I couldn't find anyone in Hol- "We want the.people, to get to
la or Puerto Barrios, Guatema- lywood familiar with the area," know each other," Abrams said.
,.; and Merida on the Yucatan he said,."So I thought we should "It will create good will."''
peninsula of Mexico. -

--. esieo

tourists will stop in seven
;ht countries and visit 10 to Tobacco tastes b~a -
iies. About half the cities hen-the st' rece
in the running as Holl- henth filter recessed
s sister city.

tenders include Lim o, -,
elds, La Cieba, Puerto
s, Puerto Barrios, Santa -
a and Meuida. All are cost- JOSEPH NADAL & CO. [
wns of about 40,000 popula-
except Merida. .
as about 200,000 population
s an inland capital. "We're
g for a town similar to
vood, but we may have to
a large progressive one to I -
mpatible," Abrams said.
-Chamber 'of Commerce 'I r
h will be represented) sug O
I Santa 'Marta because-a __
eor has lived there. Abrams
ihe other cities on the itm- ulot res
"glamdr stops.' D r A-ir'SO

At the end of June, the group
will meet to finalize the schedl
,le and learn about shots they
need. Passports are not required
because of the fast pace-of the
trip, Abrams said


- Cedo,-

-- ;R.. "urgue" I
.lDERni eni -

O.DU PERRER L LazaP-dl..
SA.DiMANCHE ,abl .i
-_ N .3a n *..

Hotel Sanzs Sou c



The Movado sapphire crystal Ref 265-1. -
gleams with a rare brilliance, 'Ta 0V ''1 ook". '
gId 8 CIL,
Its hardness is surpassed go d Ilgure dial 5 M-
only by that of the diamond. WITH THE SANS SOUCI COMBO
You will cherish your- -
Movado which offers you a .
precision thrice triumphant Ref DINNER $2.0us .',
in three years (at the official la move- DINNER $2.50 Per Person
Swiss Observatory at menL gold 18 ct,
Neuchatel). gldfigure dial -





0- n. h' /. "oO", :" d ; 4 -" ': ," -. ,,,': 2 ,'- .". .:, ,'-.s- ,- "." % dE .,=.'
: "'e, .. 4 ."'.-., -!. :% 7, .': -- t '. ':':;'..::':'x .gk '2 t-j : ,,.. ,h-.. ;',,. '. ,''- ; ,. y, =.' '--.,. ,,,-, .:+,6' .. Z .' '.t

..... .. .:.. ... J ..... --'.. une 14-.. Major Joseph Manley- Lamarre who .spent -part ofis. ARNOLD MOSS
-. ,- : u3li&& 0"i, ission-spbnsored. visit to theU.S..in hospital arrived ATLE
,.N:I Mi.ssioinore d..visitJ to...... .e i onAT -LECLERC "
l.home ~e~t-iepliend...* Mile EugeniDnis second Secretary. n f p 1
(Continued on page 15) (Continued from page 1)
*.-.-. .* K : ":. -- L .u r '* Scenes. Stories and Poems thiat
-- .- .- trace man's growth from "the-
infant, mewling and puking in
S,. his nurse's arms" through young
....o. manhood and maturity, -down' to'
the "last .scene of all, that ends
4 ~this strange eventful history."
A ; en at the de Bac place'ast week n Mont His readings, which range from t
to aeart ytthedea peastie em. ... ...ah... ont passages of tragic grandeur to
Joel was-a iv welcomee. ho fol -their charmriing daughters Wilma' iA those of romping comedy and-
and Lueil~r.._ The fiancailles of Mellel Mireille. Garoutte daughter- pure nonsense, include the writ-f
of MrbandL i Mr Louis Garoute, and .Robert. Peloux, son-o f Mr and ings of such authors as Shakes.
Mlr- idouard Pelox has been an ouh i ed.... g r o n o m ,si .. a- peare, Whitman, Lewis Carroll, .
o -. By "... .. ..-I"-bg Dickens and Ring Lardner.
authbir a!flaIti's Agriculture Marc Holly issaid .to be going tp ...ck.ns n. ..
.,,' .......~ --- ~ Mr Moss paid homage to -aiti
Work ith FAO in Gabon, a new 'Afrcan -tate... Haitian Pilot..Lu- and her great founding father
d~,.ip -Auant left.for work -in.be Congo (Leo) last week- :TROPICAL GAS COMPANY, INC. with a superlative recitation of
eand. J. Brg~ dt who has twice thde constitution of his-feJlo -couin the English poet Wordsworth's
trhymanw;nnig chill hit iti'sil.b'Wd-ktithe .CanapeM Vert.ilast I' akes everyday a "Holiday" in your kitchen... Use Toussaint Louverture."
week andlater in the week had his appiendice teronved in:the United the "Gold Star Award" winner, the TROPIGAS range. continuing s three mn t
States.i.. n ard Pierre.us returpeed toW._s post at the aii o finer rahge an where today. dicated he would return for
Emba. ac as, nezaue, last week after making a ie son- EFFLEX TOP BURNER A: single flame with longer visit.
al- the .a t -on the e nmb a.s y in w hi c-h countless accurate stages of adjustment for every cook-
a Ve Agbi erit Agen6st his life ..-Claudinettd: and her us-: need from fast boiling .or frying down to gentle
band ed t'o ieri~no &aivait thek October flight ofh sto b ingl z
The Su.gar. nie uieen..of thet World visited with bet-,family EUAFLO OVEN BURNER Makes possible new
and. v heir sisterEdriwge's baby.. The town of Cabaret benefit- perfetion. Heat is spread in a rectangular pattern, the ..
ing o am ew- marker, Hotel-. de Ville :and Electric power will ihapeof the oven and broiler..No hot center, no cold
become Duvalie Vfile l a ceremony set for july' 16th... Business- corine.
mI. &rW 9o-oiiot o.f Slkai-and Sedrein (Copper M ines) is due" PIN.PO[NT-PHLOTS Cool, economatic Pin Point
lor he O~der'.of Hono0 and liferit rank of Officer according to Pilots are only one third the size of ordinary pilots.--
A future Minister Andre"Ther~rd at a luncheonn of th C. heC. The flaame so tiny it k~eps range oobl in any weather, and
est Protocol Assistant 'i he history o' the Foreign .Office, avesyou money, too. "i -0.
I e.,en ga.ed to Henri Berdin Jr., Introducer of Am HUGE OVEN with visualite window. / .//N- h
ba dsr&~- ai"- ns ers. at. the Freign Office.. The Siss couple -LIf TOPBURNER and. PULL-OUT BROILER for
th` 'Nho.anaged the Perihoir are re opening rpom easier, more thorough cleaning. "u -'
b e t-psiqonons reed ied -in an -Opel smash in Petionvi le ECONOTROL BURNER makes every ustensils an- '
la w: uifotniuatlieaccident, has- delayed their epartre omati -
fu e, n. eaiof ,,the Liberime raEnte of all burners.
,Wst aiMR i1sc_9n. Hearrive f-roinm Mo6.nrovia -last week.: -Too many. features to-list here. You must see it to S S -
Th iain.io-Alleinande ocie" Hel i Germi film least- Tuesday appreciate it. Easy terms too. __
wi thejshowing .of Caiarls. Jine 17 i German unityda... -
e C~hfiSe.fiid-and (hiefScout were married last week Settig '.TROPICAL GAS COMPANY, INC. JOSEPH NADAL & Go.
so wha"f: a -precedeit Marie-Genevieve Hector, General Coin-
n owner "' the girl-Guides m .aied Dr Jean-Max Beaute, Coim- RUE PAVEE Agents.
mi oner-Geiieral of Scouts d'Haiti with Mrs Felix Butean -as
ma .fo lhonr and r ~ 'seph lP. Louis besbtan... Langui.ehatte :
as the country's leading comedian (Stage-radio and television) has :
.spo~ ed' iarjiage' ii many of his'acts .is hot joking about his July -. -
8thUr;date. Haiti's -Fernandel, Theodoie. Beiabruni, will go to the -
altar wijli Lu emeris t coen foeifdrTu ii B enediction >
.at 530 p.m... Pretty Elizabeth Roy daughter of Coloel Edouard l -- ...
Roy-;iorfiei iforce 'chief vwa down for a ten days' vacation in -
her 'omelaid. .She returned to work -with Reynold Mine in-_Man FARE FOR HAITI
hattf Sunday .' Tony hidle'i '-said id be'.Is-raels-u... Tour- -
ismn iist~i~DepWit :Vie ti"Nererir Cdutant continues his camp- *. One Clas
'aign fr-a prim and proud .esposifonr city this week by fencing j NEW YORK PORT-AU-PRINCE (DEPARTURE -
off tid little flder-lots anid'.pitetietig the murkls-'depicting the EVERY FRIDAY):
history 'o: Haihi..; "'Pnds ds Neg es"-T the new novel of author- : -
ess tarile':Cau~Mve-. .t andMrs Yirve. Garidere return tomorrow -- A YAR .
frotheir to month Europe vacatin... Madame N Golda 4 GO SHIPS (12 PA) 135- ALL YEAR
Debfe has ope-fed the bar-resthurant- "An Boucanier" at the- ..
botto;o of'the. Rpe Pav'acssIfi e C0lomo Ba-,COMBO-SHIPS (52 PASSENGERS) FROM $155
otto'a the. Rpe Paveac', "'ss te Cloh-o-NBank. Its the ,-:;
Rold DKW1Sffie..'Sunda" night At-shbrt-circu.t3 sst off e ahre in the '
La Ue.le Creoe.stores that cold have been .disashtus but for the P RT AU PRINCE NEW YORK (DEPARTEVERY SUNDAY)
romptnaation of' the tire-Brigad6... Lawyet 'Joseph F. Leiole 4
is hieifrbm studying at-the University-of Ain Arbor (Miegan) LUXURY SHIPS: SANTA- ROSA SANTA PAULA- 1
with .his astes'. in Economic Soince i rs- .Gailard expects 0 300 PASSENGERS. -FARE FROM $195.00
to le ve :for Europet bientot. -ean Claude :'a.dal is recovering at -
home from. f'. throt infeof0.!. Al Kesplbr ended 2 yrshre with OR INFORMATION -
.thq .S. Na l U i slon.. Haiti Aifways. boss Ed. Marger who: is .
one 6f;-hs own best .customs broke his rm riding -a lovely hbrse! f-
arouffldJere.. -.: ._ A "CNadl f C o -
ilirmveqai6' '(Wife of the W Minister obf 'Public Woks flecwS.
to NosephaSad Ph
to w. s Y dSiiuk i Sday,' Thursday' te Chritian Brother school--
an *Iui,.b oagi' nd elebrateds'its ptrin's. est ay., -arice OR YOUR: TRAVEL AGENT -
a an aira Ve e nnouced that the' were wed Z
L a u a .. .~. -. ..e- .. .4-. ... -_- -- '
Ar,;, s. -" .. Rd M -.'- ..

F-' New From The North V..

SAlITATION N CAP IIAIN _A 4r -o n a'P orL' A
by Our Cap Haltien Reporter .- .... ..... ........ ...E
All Cap.Haitian residents Lre complaining anout the sanitary
Condition of their city, once the cleanest-town of. the Republic The --These. pasf weeks were MaRK-. ive ..... T e" better g
.. ...condition o their c o, C M'g.,,, R p;, I
sewage system is abandoned. Public Works office dnd :Sanitation ied .by.6. series. of ollisio.S e .dafden'.a.
bureau are quietly looking- at the. desperate situation. Mosquitoes tween cars andls iashes t
poles br fort jwall of'.hoises... of ..contracts were a Lp a
-'rule supreme at night in the old northern Kingdom. La Tesday was ..:iatlaresa raca.edi ly- o'der a ::: .' .
Last Tuesda- w Raitit aa_ cbw s ir.season.:. 5
L -.JIt has been said that Pole Cole would consider the situation and hot day. Even fans 'sprayed tfit Searetaary .oa Stt Engleer are '
help seriously to redress Cap Haitian conditions, but up to now, if air, people were- ex'pecti g an' Lou is eque%.; 'Te Wrieri ame intori n eI tviUI4T
seems things are going slow. In spite of the fact this organization earthquake.. Aftei.-he expi ii- Hitel -.(iomerlyfiml nbi)i rn
-granted some santary trucks, garbage is not regularly collected action .test- fo -reciting .adin_- pr'itd .to have chige .entirpl ha elec i ,
grae some saniary s, s -rators o" .SNEMfaor southerner "ts-aspect, i ot e fteie. .. a an o !-
,in many areas of the city. Two weeks ago, the paper "Le Nouvau is.rat6rs ofS.znes; caudiate es Hoels in o the J rl aina.rk a' on..-r do" 1
'.Monde" called urgently the attention of Pubic oor ns Non thed and northern. zones;a_.cdii;da'te est- fHtels ii" Potrtt-au,'Prinee.-w., 'hich -mprotfr1n:
attention f Public-Wos the bad shouted: "Fink, I didn't There 'are nbf. enough -mses:. i idies6tng vom ih thns .to
T sanitary conditions of that touristic city. lieve so much'. knowledge. was Lalbdde.an-[ Ki n f- t6ofl t l'tilaef attetigD Iea,
SWhat is going wrong in the sanitation, process at Cap Haitien? required to be the head;. fa plidoai iondImdd' by. fa .i es b Sta te
: OADS IN THE NORTH b reau.. in ,a provincial town! II I
I succeeded to be:appoirited Ill 'o J
People coming from the North say the departmental roads are as' an accontnt..
as- Or-,an ac+ountei'..:' 'a "- m,',." !
suffering from a lack of maintenance. Techint teams fixdd some gaciou Moia K ol
S:parts of Puilboreau and Bedorel mountainous -roads, ibut .a lew daughter bfDr"&Mrs:.',e '*'- 1
Says after reparations, holes and crevices appeared again. Three is in town frdm Maudeville,' Jai-. IN 'M.-.-. ... FT ''
-weeks ago, at a dangerous corner of Puilboreau a landsline of maica inhere she-studied English -
ior" ten months.. After vacation' V
-one edge of the road provoked an. accident: a .truck loaded with n wiher parents inNiPein-- IEW A
Smerchandises fell down into a precipice. Results one passenger, ville- and. Saint" Marc,. -lona will -' ::- '
the well-known shopkeeper, Alphonse Jean, died and many other fly again in Jamaica to folloowi *o -' -.:
were seriously hurt. The cargo was almost entirely lost-. The road a- ..commercial ..cIdSrSe of oe:: -.c-, L''
. from Cap to Ouanaminthe is a terrific problem for trucks and cars year.... -. :. FES .-.lVI -
drivers. The traffic through the North East is so difficult -that .any other p ub i c di .
nistration are' exeeting a. '' l swe I UE Ru in le.. .
Many of theri gave up. Milot, Grande Riviere du Nord, Dondon former" after the clean-up inythe' o.th bi, O.t the fes p.U I0d.S.Ofi t
and Saint Raphael present the same problems. custom-House. These -.reforms i .fe Uitis g puS! :
Our northern people are expecting a decision from' the new seemed to- have-been 'pointed:-out -. 'r ..'.
-Secretary of State-for Public Works. since our colleague g of'-Rue Pa- -
S,_________ _____ vee PANORAMA started a cam-. --",IU.l.....I:l GE..
THE MAIL IS LATE aign for. -more e-ffldienrcyd in MANAGG
From many parts of the country, people are complaining about blic services... In Public Works
the delay observed in the delivery of the mail. Letters use to take Department any em 0oyeeCon -.
the payroyj receie ts "wl e e
more than one week to reach its destination, even if the towns are their letter of'suspwnsion effee:
close. 'In Cap Haitien, airmail service is almost non-eistent; a -. te rs -: : .-roio
Newspaper of that locality revealed damages caused to business- '-- -... --i
men who receive letters too late... -
Last week the mayor -of Cap Haitien, Mr. Ludovic Vincent left ..... ...
-.the General Hospital of Port au Prince following a successful sur- 'B -
gical intervention and a subsequent: rest of one month- Immediate- -- .
-ly after, his assistant Mr Edouard Bastien came from le Cap to ESDAY ..- .
be hospitalized for health treatment. HAITI SUN sends' its best TUESDAYS
1 wishes to these two honorable magstrats. GAN
S. E o ().
Last Sunday, in the- Cp Haitien Cathedrale the -new son of.'Mr :- .

Roger Piquion and Mrs, the former Katty Wooley was christened.
:".A big reception followed the ceremony at the house of grand'par-
r cents Mr and Mrs Anathas Piquion...
1f Workdrs affiliated to Labor Unions are-complaining. about -the
attitude' of heads of service in Pate Cole, in the norh_ It, seems
these "chefs de bureau" or managers of zones refuse to "take into
,-.consideration recommendation made by Syndicats......
r. -

Activity Of SNEM
The eradication of malaria, one of the major ills striking the
j' Haitian- community, is' gathering momentum;.. Operations started
'some weeks ago in Port au Prince where the- central office is
located. Two other zofies- will be opened very soon, after'the re-
:suts of recruiting examinatiod.are proclaimed. Gonaives and"'Les
"Cayes will be the SNEMN centers.
C'. Maiy candidates'participated in the tests and i iis said that
only ability and competence will be the keys of success. -Tins is
:-.very important because it was reported by. telediol that official
' ." pistons" (political interference) would act in that cases also.
.: Anyway the examination test was supervised by a capable man,
ir.-r. Abel Metellus who is assistant-administrator of SNEM and
^ reputed as a very impartial high employee. Metellus Ni also the
main lecturer in the. training of future-. inspectors- and indestiga-
.tors of SNEM; always oi-.the- roads: he jumped from Les ,Cayes
to Gonaives after a brief staying Bureau Central, at Port au Piince.
S-We call on the entire population to help and support SNEM's
activities in order to eradicate completely the dangerous malaria.

C ~"' Al' '4J ~.71**iW~'

Won- ton soup.

"_: ,._ ~- -:- '

Choice -: -

Sweet &' SoIur pork

shrimp -,Po Yung

Chicken chow mein

lobster chow mein

tea or coffee

., .- ., "

O t6 .-
On the Petionville Roa

*I- i Cr

sfqt beore yo I .reach I : -

T is SaucA T ..ALJ Y ,ta :,u "p, 6 ,
hibitmig over 100 -of theiA.Ot, a-tiv.e.fl
PAIN 0.,bohNRS m Tlotbn taf e tii;i i5r,4
M; ::1.99.^S MANAXI,
n'ow.. I :France .' '

AN AB*I AOXforAD t pa
alt eve b.i W E s UQ.. .y s
Sbiterar tba e owt h ilet a'.ititt

tes Uthepait .pri eNH.rli .

To palntigofhe thAipe.rpw, kbu

bitatilve ands oan 4ent offlNCHINA' i.
e, iqe" Galike ar OCa otfe & .leie

and OQUenOWflA Lat I
4, i ta i',di. : e, ..Iw......- I -
ANdu.+._ ) s3.a._.

lques", 1r -o.'nql l .us. 4.;-
Thie. r.7$USN1 lE
;. hke: es, ..o., Y:a 0 3,4

"..; ':-ELM.. -z4 LcErimSli.L

-- 7 ; ..,'?, -, '.' -,. ,. ,: ,,, .. ,... h-;. ". ,',
,. '" --' '-; t, '- t..r ~ .' .. -'m .: -a -.,- .~
'%. r-.L ,,% r l .; ... .. '. ., '

i fspin -. -. ,: ...... UL" W1...
....ii ''1arch i' n !t H a ti anp]sician for whm hlie inda Spark and& brunette Elean-",
.i ata,.t ..ibblonr- served as, the e a vIn ....Sta fht rorn.' L ig island, -
r N 'Yi ^'-^ '*^pa:j, "I 'GCiai edding-: : i Canada ; -I.Y. are currenfiy-visiting here.:
9. ; p a .. .a-th. i ."ir r fot *?Sunnig blon de. An asti nastasja does -modern dance. -:
..a: I- .'s-h,. rg ,O .ITi Js d -eph -
I3J; I- ..... .. S

tb.Sbdiw d.ed.c& i sae~e :gt1e .. .. a n. (Continued- from page 3)-,.. ._.T.o
'. tf 'ott".._,, aHew down S.inddal firrD.Ci. al-so... Spanish language Doctor-. Lo.uis.:'.
Ct ibas ~ "IteMona- ,a sntdet. ar .Lanmithe director of the Lope de Vega Institute has been invited :"
loft'.- iy r.;
f'Ftt of^the Haitian Anrci. c currtl visiting ,,e puritry. t h'-te University. of V'alparaiso. "He-will fly to the July 23-30 date -
64 n r 'and Li. Roger Sna Margaret is:-a blon4e and_ bla- in C ale, via Bogota,; .Colombia... Batonnier Antoine Rigg is attend-
c-b .! r t ~d~onni'. a-brunete. so of -Mrig-the San Jose, Costa Rica conference of Militantl Lawyers -for_
:I c T Abrarhovitz, son o V M WVoIrld .Peae arid law...
M.t -S.0 Pia n o E
Ta y heji an Mrs Natan Abraions s spec '
-M w Wtinsi Thco_.~, 1e th i- h.;,'.lano rk w ife Ja -
/.cpi"rt' otAna41$ica^an I:t9J- $ is reiding. -KIPN h r -
n r o aa. e arrived Thursday for a

g e a ut ,..,...., .... 8-c4-i 7isit. Franois is" l"krn'"
W.* ri u 0.D
,J.. ea. ... .- 1i e. .. ,. .
t%'/ :* Ca -.
j-...... ....ftT jdosante. r k .(_tla-en.- .jo p.-.

is i k t- tnaiWashingt on A-6L -returned home .ny Nedge A r
1,O"rehn W e : -. _-.

,z y I,- -, I donalo.SpiCAMERA.d!hrdy fr...4l ao ,
-:-A.. C4 Roge .'- ; .. ..4

: -.: r-o. u e arrived Th-ur,.-sday,'.- for a." ':", "- ', "" -. -
;' -.,.. ", pa" i ra, k-:- R dit ,-'-=.:,- 'r.r '-:7' : "

r """'i l -, -r__-~. t H.JTI 'SU N.
RURAL .EDUCATION PROJECT Education Adviser Hart .- .era- g
p" hasized the importance. po this.
Spoiled as he received thirty-five provide and support- teach self-governing. experience 'a :1'
nite Valley and the North under er for every nw 'classroom op- well as the continuahne bf ci thein would be more prEtic encouagement h s
Joint Haitian-American auspices. ended un-der th e- Communiut ens' councils. He reported. that classes in home- ecor~oics,' the i re a a g tper
1961 is however the beginning School Development program. CEP ..personnel- would, tbrptigh dse .an repair of tools, apd n .i -their sater busiJiss'of6-..
Sof a niuch greater emphasis on the HKitian Rural'Development proved farming methods. i ibes r te r pr
Said to rural education in Haiti Initial steps in--the Bac d'A- division, cohtimne workinwi- In.each school building gass- ing trade wids (lanis
the local* councils to stimulate' room$ wi -l bes'p b' e ltld m d l#e f
S Total cosl of the 1961 program quin and Merger projects began local coc to stimulate oms wil .be separate: -e
other selfhoelp activities: This iova partitions, "prig Ile 4es es
for the American government is with the formation of local citiz- either selfelp activities This movabt -.patitions rvitg canake thif sa le y t
d approximately $300,000. Besides ens' councils to discuss CEP miht involve u their schoOl ex- oc-al -eommE ity cei ter when .ve" for-sailijl .-ac
Coordinating efforts through (Cooperative Education Progr- pansigon, such as building home needed. Furnturefiianced' mbtor-powere
-HADO with Point IV, the Haiti- am) building proposals, The econ6ics or industrial art:cen- constructed. by.:PointFour d: Cpti-.i-and M
an government shares the cost community councils then agreed ters, or 'pibjects- solely. o a the Ministry of Agricultuire,-,%Wi r iiei6uscqu
of' all locally employed staff to donate at least one carreau community nature, such as com- also be provide. amng chtse n
members. of land for the school,- provirdin unity gardens, access roads or -The rectanghla,. 1, 525 square; um-n is- wh A
With the planned construction whatever building materials latrines. foot Ba cd'Aai Community g t .h be
of 125 new classrooms-by the they could, i.e. rock, sand and Sch Sools-,ith. kasr-i q. .0A.'6
end of this year, a critical de- gravel, and do fiost of the-lab- It was also pointed out that store -room..an entraceu wa4it1
mand for teachers arises. How or under CEP supervision. Thed, -rural school curriculum would Wiserve .ras .tte stiane.l". .;.dla.d-.e-.if,,
ever, Minister Theard said he also organized their work part- differ substantially from those chitectiral es gnr.c >"- '
intends to meet this demand ies and time schedule,. in town. Academic subjects, i.e. Co-ordinawt the CAmercan e Me
Co-ordirhator :op;4he Community
SSchool development? project .a,:e w # may.
S seeraL' idozei. Haltiaps u inld- wedge* into; tLne* hase
ing LIeconte, lvoise0, QCooi'nat- eoelP^if 0 !.
or of Rural..School Constrtction:; oie. oti.fs

S nator of Site .Acquisitions and lovely, i. ely Merto-.., -
ANNOUNCES GerardJY fg;.Chs g- --
,- Thur a y JInel, 2,
BAR Geisha & _SALON Guinee d a
SLurecke Jr., Edoiari Bakel Sr. ENGISH
-- Jtoe Etienne has turned.pr0ess: Thsday july 6th, 1961.- ".
OPEN EVERY EVENING FOR loieand wW snot copet -inai
Tbhe, public. is _eor ially., I r. -
Sed to2attend th ebcadionship .: ..t
and entaanee`is free. 'MY- EPI


D... .- LA D N .

STA ING U ... ..

|iTheo orl Vturd
DILETTE --- LENWOOD :.-: ^; :,, .
Masters of Ballet Moderne "- s. .-. .~ .cb 3el-s-. J 'YewlsGyjj !
ISRAEL SOARES $ 5cr-tep suptheb 1 160 ~--
.Exciting 3razilian Songs ...s.lettion' mrodelsa.o-tet.iow. ..
5 Km. -from Portau Prince on the .out. Martissant. "

.- .. .

-- t.. .-. .4 -. 4-, t f. -.
3. 6. .- .. : .
--t IIz~ &OWs-I I i Ii .. I. ]Ii.I ':I

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