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 Material Information
Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."
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Source Institution: Duke University Libraries
Holding Location: Duke University Libraries
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Classification: lcc - Newspaper 2117
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Full Text
P ti U.P.




SUNDAY, JULY 20thl 1952

The Presiden

lis EicIwy P'eidetirt- Engee Al glOIre fat hisdek a
he Nation Palace. ,

Th lInauguration Of The

Paul Magloire Football Stadium

The -.colpurful inaugura- ;.30 p.m., signalling the b
..q.of the Paul Magioire ginning t .the ceremony
ridiuni las- evening dim- Parading athletes a
thed observance of the school children entered I


s Birthday PERSOR
FO _

The ,cHaiti Sunm wishes been 'making' to-increase the :.
to present its heartiest wish- economic life and vitality of
es for i'Happy Birthday to the nation. Eugene Jeat-Louiis,
.President Paul Magloiic. tor of the Pi blc WBa
.The nation as a whole. has ,Happy Birthday!.' cried Service 'Gaipg ms
celebrated this joyoian anni- the citizens 6.of Port au .i6- looks more "li
.'veriiri' .wiih an enthusiastic Prince to President .,Ma--:,oumig school teacher, tha
Ssincerity' which can not gloire. They were grateful, sof made mechatica'l1
come as a surprise. even to for: -the .La Saline .Housing gineer. But he. app0 at
the modest Presidenpr \tJhe- -Project, the Magloire Work be one of the *most c6sc$s
thier in Port aU Pringe, in, .ers' Cityh,,ie ie roads, the taouls iauto.surgeons'in'tI
in his. own :Cap Hairianai in -better hospital. faalinies, business. And thati
.ionaivs, in other cities of the nw Perionville nGC c,., bun -a Man, of Dis tt
the Republjc,; the PWesA- the imun1provements. ori" the i country w.h'ere:i-i
dent's birthdli was cele c- hamp de; Mars oso plical trend all.oo-b
'brated with conscious ap-. out-eighs ithe pra.k
pt'ciadion' for the syampathe- "Happy Birthd.y.!. cried.ie4 when 'it comes to i.
tic, intelligent and serious' the dtizens "of ,Cap 1Haitien; assembling. an en'e'
efforts his Govetrntent 'has. They-.ere grateful for .the ugene wasbo ini
.'- n.eaw electrification pro- V er- te regime of P

:;Fiday, July 18, mark the cities of Aux Cayes

w \Aenti-TuHbeit.loss Mo1e- pbJted streets, for the build
date of the founding of the ing of irrigation canals.
Anti-Tuberculosis League; .,Happy Birthday!.' cried'
ihe date of the inauguration the' citizens of Gonaives.n-O Bl "
Sof the Sanatorium at Por They were grateful for the .- .,
au Prince and of the c rea grandiose public 'orks pro- b
cuosis Control., the 150th -Anniversary of. s
AdataIubetneulosis Move- ..d

culosis Control. the 150th -Anni-versary of.


This year it marked the
revival of the League in a'
new intensified campaign

Haitian .-Independence
which have been organized
in the City of Independence

d~.y of HIiti's Chiiet of thdie Marathon gate and to stamp our the ravages ot
.Th Pre.idential. par- :marched around the arena. the grim disease by educatr ,Happy Birthday! cried
riled at the new splits. The Bd)y and Girl Scouts of ig the Haitian people. Spe- workers and peasants in va- of our Presidenr. .Bt 't.
. -in Lecbnte Park aS (Continued on Page 16) cial radio talks were given rious regions throughout elder Jean-Loui s died ..
over various Haitian sta" the country, grateful for the .ly, before the. -birth of 4jitN -
rions Friday apd anti-T.B. -new programmes for build- son and Eugene nas po,
helpers paid visits to work' ing of schools, clinics, for to cutshortr his.studies
ers quarters to carry the the improvement of Haiti's. aid the family at the ea~.j
message into humble homes. =griculural output. They age pf 17. -He left the y j
In the evening a mass meet- are grateful for the Five Pedion to o i work .in
0to-go:,ro o-A"
ing and motion picture was Year Plan which is a ra- 'Public Health Servi .: ....
held near the Bureau of Tu- rional attempt to solve Hai- age as an apprentice d "aea
berculosis control. We trke ti's-economic problems from nic. Twenty-foir .,years a
This occasion to congratu- the bottom up. They are er h6became : thi Dire &otA
late Dr. Louis Roy and his graceful for the. Govern- of the bzsy esabsi aeht-
devoted collaborators, espe- ment's plan to build a hy- which stands on :the- Ru
cially Drs. Qrandoit, Simp- droelectric dam in the Arti- Magasin de:_-Etat.
r .. ,.. ;
-son and Saintmlus, on their bonite Valley, for ilie q nti- As.- YiReporter w..
efforts to improve t he :rosion programme. getting his interview .
getting his interview, ;
health standards of the Re- sleek ambulances pulledjt.
public. Elsewhere in the In a word, ,,Happy Birth- to the garage ... a .
aSunn. we report the open- day,,, cried oul the":opula- from the Motel T
ing of a BCG vaccination tion of Haiti to President tia, Eugene used to- h
Stadium Paul Ma oire photographed from the a". center to cut down on the Paul Magloire .and they in his. e-da-y The
our f yig Photographder Ti Charles a-nial T-B "V_ mdant it. We mean it too. (Contimsed ".ta g .

. . -z; --:- s t'- H & ". -. 'd '... .
Wk. Nv 6W".. .i -:':- - - "' : :' :-.
L, .',.,: RA' ...0 -,.:: .: : .;," .. . : :. .. .. ;.: .,


- 1 -

-- -



it -I-.
jr~t ILk

tLICLU U Uresse in traUituonaL
blue and white, filed
through the streets of the
little hamlet in a procession
led by ,La'Sainte MAiarc.-
leuse,. A solemn High Mass. '
was sung in the white
church of Our .. Lady-- of.
Mount Carmel and Rev. P.

..,- tiGeorges gave the sermon, in.
SFo r 'l"" FCreole.wing the Mass the
Mr. George T. Brewer expresses his pride and gratitude Following the Mass the.
at being first Liberian Minister to Haiti pilgrims.set outyon the long
walk to Saut d'eau, the wa-
Sterfall which rushes i n
sparkling beauty from a roc-
ky cliff to its shallow, ter-
S raced pools below. The. wa-
ter is said to give special
blessing on this Feast day.
Tai soveeign Whisky The Minister, of the In-
pos-esses that distinction terior Paracelse Pelisser re-
S -- of flavour which will claim presented the Government
your allegiance from the first aip. at the religious fete. And'
Under-Secretary of State M.
g gttN ID I Roland Lataillade was also
Sc G LAN present. SIPP took the op-.
Sportunity of the large- gatho .
"U EEN ering to exhibit a' large
group of .photographs show
SCOTCH WHISKY ing the achievements of the
Magloire Administration.
MACDONALD & MUIR LTD More than four thousand.
Distillers Leith Scotland persons filed past the pic-
Distributors: General Trading Co., S.A. rures atfractively displayed
in the City Hall. '


SP.r t
Ba. i


t ires. Ia,tesae r autootl-
seedi for cathortactyocandepend. ton
&for te i igh qualy. -


I W-,,
.... -- :-- "'- 's-. -- : * *'.' **," -:". .-* :. -7_. '. *.. ,, .. *

r ,, _0". -. '.. ..*-.* : :
-- ", -. .


FIRST MINISTER OF LIBERIA -.as to create .d Consul-te he% . i"...

ria, Georges T. Brewer, had dito ccureted by a CoHaitian Tomorrow morning at made in bringing our farm
Jr., presented his credentials have succeeded IT Gener At the death of 8.30 a.mer tras Cnret Congress of ing methods up-to-date .
to the President on July as nations despite the mdif d'Aair Barban- Farm Extesio Work will A account of the in -
8th in a formal cer e- ference ofsome and hostil- C ardthe Barban- Faropen t Den undeWork will t llerest acc proceedings i-t.
money at the Palace. In a ity ot oers. oce ye sulate General was e-estao high patroage of His Ex- be given i n next week's
short address following the were used as examples by sulate General was e-es i. President of Haiti Sun. extweek's -
presentation, M. Brewer ex- those who fought against lihed. cellency the. President Haiti .
pressed his pride and grati the Black Man's desire for Recently Liberia -present- e0e..e eeeoeg s ge .
tude at having been chosen rn S -
by his government to hold FR ESr CA Cred a
the first permanent diplo- FLOU e ence ..
m atic post Liberia has had
in Our Republic. .
m-an t dy at th e ra a e n a th- eeJnal --est d ys. ats e r wnd milit a.-o .be. givenC next k -... ...
the President replied
that the establishment of a
Liberian legati on M in Haitie . act. . .
ties that unite thed two Re- Bac s :
publics which are blood sis-
ters. Protocol and military
officials escorted the new tvv
Minister to and from his
Legation residence on the
Ruelle Riviere (Matson
Raoul Cham) as an additio-
nal courtesy.
La Democratic comments:
The two black nations Minister Brewer Presents his Credentials
which have known how to
conwrve their Independence Independence. -Today they ed President Magloire with
thantd which have noeti repu- are objects of pride to the. its highest decoration and
liated their ethnic origin, Black Race ... examples to awarded other high honours
must become better ac- follow. to leading Haitian diplo-,
quainted at the moment 'From the earliest days mats and military officials.
when a great breath of lib- of its independence, Liberia
brtv is passing over the held out its hand to *usn
reat African Masses. friendship. Its first action
More than 20,000 piw4 ea-eeeloess.m m- I."., 9.ms:
grim. filled Ville Bonheurm
to overflowing last- week to
pay homage to the Holy
Virgin, Queen of Saut-d'eau (o C *s ad am U
i zm11do1i,-The weather was beautiful 3w
wcoto s ias the pilgrims, most of a
Std o h i

Y, JULY2*zCp

Personality Of The Week
(Continued ir om Page 1) -


-. ., -

-- -,

I -

I .,.,+

-t 7.. ,"
' *. / .
,. .*',[, ',. *' '* ,, ,

rct to M.ani by' : 5 r '"

I. .R .

Informuliun see gont SOBERT E. ST l '
.,. . . --..... .". : ..-. -.. . -.
2~i-si~&A~gw.Y tCa~-#. t.




_ [ -i i!

AW .
I AmWL AKIrfKtrfn .^*


itoir "xplained that the of 'the Finaacil action of .
.abulances are part of the .the Public Health Depart- .
ij of 10 .which have been mnent. (JeianLoW*if-:.-l. dt i- 1 'Haitiian Coast-Guard '
archased 'by Ihe Govern- mention his owni'e:ffr to" -n4 as a n r- .ship n its
pt uIsder is Five-.Year help his boys receive fu- flotilla, rhe 250-ton GC-6
rLgraii9e to in prove.,the. iher training efforts Vertieres, which-was corn-
aal4h standards of .the peo. which. are' considerable). He mi nsioned Tuesday'morming
,.4 .hey vfare two-way is now keepifg his fingers in." 'fotnal e&remodio s at-... .- '
dips which will enable, crossed for the fin61 wdi itedd by "Eresideipt I3-M : "".' : -' .- :"
to keep in touch' with 6n the siholaipi of Fr i, -gl ore and 'toppi a r -and- HRlU.S C,'q Ge ospit and cois Louis, Whbd"o' applied governmet-r -flialks ", CCE g
&,no.,,tise. i ld:. tui.g for training th lie Ui. Eed PM T S
.c cases. I S ta 6 In -

b ag s e vvilto
:: s. ah ..s oo.. o .eo.. .
T e ambulah. F.t- o-iWj"a t ; rin o y i t'A RB:So'eA
aI h rn n earn the freer {uiffS'of Ie ,^ asopned. b a PIsN.,i9P1

w .wing re.. f Diel if a'llgo s e .-- :e .tanie oby S lte g of v n b.' .- ..,-e .
L tg?9 i ";irt. e a d '.. 't.e :. ,H C ipa Es, yth 6s tr a
Icp e o te eao r ee iuadia ye Wnew shw 4
Idige wo.sd n b i' opr Ae 'fo l bls sed b M-ol su' .s ...o .-6k :._e i.s.
s .h p q .i' t.. *":,I.t.c '"f r ," -- .o

*a;sIchool ohbrne ,Aed Meaueic Npagn:e bda e CoasGa ;
oen a tgmesrtdi Aibt Ltyfe tftair pesp1l&riersCfoned stores a adneeds I ". -r
f a seres oft. ep th 'spe ndid. n b'A b Tf h$-- Haitian Coast i G. .: rd* .
as jholieocited.ofatt l Fre Aimh.ass hado -do ds i .a the heso ry r.of

ooe d or, Fea .. .~. .a pro ii-. th *oh.of a s d

iitoldmbian charge id a- of nlfiriNaJs, haove ameag our Caa Verteres od-
ies,.. Raf Ani is of ficials ,ad i cii- nel Bayard it eeu red.. re- b .
iya a itn rdJs ..charnn 'o. s zens'.-. . n.. ception in honour of e .,
i, are offe ig i a recep- pcasin. nma oUr useg '

..a. their egation -n6b- .\. .-.n ..-_ .. '.

iday l is' Ex.- The e .Fre ah Sodia of -corati was pres ed to
-e \ lSp i-sh:ti.es-. Physical Educato- te tod P'reCident M agloire by ad '"ni-
r anoda gdpedo.dCah ored he Haitian -thie f; ben b t of the perina .t. .ai-

edi~ia 601 (8 irepvion State .-by vdeioraig thieif Aian delegation to the U-NMio
$e'ouis Q o's w ith the iaSss.ofs'Holaoe Achn iempany.'i urt was a ci-_.lo, nB@
w 94e.:Y

1 td e'i. t of the Grad Cross in reg- taio n signed by ax Dela-
day t j it f o of.hi& efforts -in he croi of Paris, the Presiden t .. .

hh .epubencan t h ctiodnof o s T re f ora e e edwa i
M1Bii ers' ."~o.U,, ~p the _s ~..~. "., ., '.b- Haitia- n C-oA Gu...d... .

a ie M a dej -niaris officials .imoirenh cai-r ne Baorid' tiethNd eds# r-" 7t
ateB cffer s.'o re. e- s e c,"q -g . ay;.- -

l a 1 ,- 'I 4
.- "cci.io .'J with'.". U. the -" s o -H.nti.. Ac ', ,"ng r s ac
a. .6s vv" lie t +"

ts~cl~e= eduan~nof yuth. The d- of y 4h9FP ":.t )'" -w..-. .k7
.+~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ an..."': Fre,",' .. . ,"..., .

-e atiAlI SUUN"y ,U N a Lt!, IULU .LUaN .-r
RENT Ines Fouche went back to r j '.' c
.' b A-use nicey.. and entire- the States. yesterday tl os rScience Caught 'En
furnished at Perionvitle. -:0:- 'i Modern science wls inr
o bedrooms drawing M. and Mme./Victor Cas- strimental last week in. re-
o, boudoiir; office, din- tel were anfilng the passen- ring rom Public life, a
'' room, phone, radio, tigers. aboard the Poseidon burglir whose specialityf
iial stove,- refrigera- which sailed forNew York was breaking intos specaliiou *
NtF i plates, dishes, sheets.. T4ursd4y night. The head ,. w buildings.
and so o6. From 6 of the Electric Sertvie of the 'Emmanuel Desvarieux
a 4 $.m. -'Phone 2119, BNlH'wil spend-a month not expected to know
Phone 7728. In !he Uisfet~~:Sfaaestand his The world's biggest. Air- Be sure to read next about the thousand and
,,..--:0r-, wife is planning on a diree- craft Carrier, USS F. D. week's, feature entitled thousands
anand Lu- monthh stay. Roosevelt, is due in Port cTHE ,DEATH OF THE PE th s are fed s a
eAnluccare said to .. gain August2nd. TIONVILLE ROAD.,, Policare lead Away at the
s Oir Port au Prince pas-. th most upto-date 0ling:
'"m..iandagec Don O er Mie Robert" The Wednesday dance The Vic cybars have, cute u p-to-date filin
sene.s w.e an- stse system .. i was just 'as'.:
Is o.' to San Jiuan Wfison and her fbou-mnh contests at the Casino are twin puppy dogs,.,,we *an, well, as.they led to his ar-
i A . 'i, by .'l girl .Marie Jose e. becoming nore, ,ad 'more nounced they..were,epet rest 24 hours after commit-
.:: ,They will be, joined in N ? popar.The -winlers of ed last weekly. :.'r, '' t rhis'lst-o. ,
eeer were sighted York by M. and-M nI Em' the ovei-crowded dance con -:.,-- i- s da nig July 6th
SosXiod -iis ee anuel Labrequie who will rest this. past Wednesday eorge Arclhe Fes.n Enmahuel aid a "friend en-
ie";biaons in prepaa apmpny i em on "a r ripto Mr e j.- ieo and Miss Office a agent i on ereAEof'e Grace Me
building of the Canada- .. .. Labosaere,. nig in Kensof. wi..th, rit Se, e. o t J o y
.o ,th la rs0 (fP l Mme. Clemei .PerrTiivas'; . -- -- a .fa ... "Tfini Cathddral byi a bor-
o aJlso aboar. Up outagain after .. -- ,- .' 'o diand a /pa' .e
b :0:-. .'...a month in hospital is. Gen- Friday naglt.,wA;s t 4e :ig 1opEhed secn. story win:
ored that, thur : 0:-erai Cator, .. its impossible night of oheyear. ast -S- inside they
tak overat Bill Files is not at allruf- toeep a goOd man d n. -Louis. e Goage. Crom- foutid very" ffle 'to steal s5
,.Ass hMn tfled b3 his new Eax motor' alph o.ci encement e. rcAses .they ai ientra=.e ii6b
v :1^^ ^ Ma'I~ieb' nEcycle Ralph i. 'Bercovi.ce held Vi tl a t ffSce by bunihj
...... ,--'-,.yc-e '-- LZ i.- .President, of the MTTC line 0 ::-?-, '. hle i thd oobr, i h.."
R4 'Sg: q lefr'Tuesdclay after 12 days Friday ,was,, tl(hpthtdv,-'t. t .ah r h. ._.e
t c,-.Wfl,." '" here with Agents Allen and '"amversary of, Cqlqnpl AiiM- .;cy pr e.d wt ie ,.
i .ll '. Baussan RkIlph met bis cils- caisse Prosper, h i eof rd .pari.tiu'lo&ers with the
y as overheard by ~You"romers in town and the 6tc Police. ke.- fo-"Mldh
Reporter saying,' iiSuch el- s For L .' -. .they "aa-e.off .Jth a loo6f.
S .gancin"..,hetropits M "sed mutual, problems Tomorrow Yiiq ssan .90 e;and several pad
"d .ae gi"p n ias eve- 'beter -:0:- s returning to his. studies previoushe'had 'escaped ae
. h r ,a .ev a e Frd was Malcemoiselle Kingston, Jamaica. re a is, a .pe ,i
i..n .eidsnte tMile. Sil. ea lked love Krie7 "'n'L- first birth- -0-- rest and-hiaccomplice oina
-,ic ly a straHssgown h oug or- day anniversary Paul Jai'mex is go.g to- n tgli ,afer soot-
., gan iest ,a.huge t-ffled . \ashingion romortrw; e istia; B t e ri
,'a.ear-old s'ki.krt And when she danc- 0..........- ....dl.o.ats oes.....-.
.. ed .the.. abgo *.ithb r- -,f Visitors lar1the El Rancho '. Leonce "onnefiwet to,, ""
e. tto "her. one_, would fi.a.e his week. included Mtr. and Cuba Wednesdao~t M a y.ee F -
'ds,' .to birthday ..thought .the de M.arcs -had Mrs. Georg Appel of the -/0- b . vd i e Frday.;
'her. i'nnivee s6uddenlyicome.to to-n. The Russell Baun. Folding. Mia- Jacques Sejournewent to .-
'ptember, .ier. bfet supper, b the wa', chine Co. It's not all holi Kingston Wednesday.' T Jseph i-lled-a pig ut
t gmng., ..sc>ool ip*.w s qout o. this world. The day for Mr. l' he spent his ack yard yesterday ...
,'Theretfore'We4 music- was b1" the El Rincho 'part of the week fixin -0 d wandered id and ,ai
d.ee h',be, ca' Orchesa / Deschamps I Folding. M a- Ti Lou Bellande went to bofherin. the family, tree.
p .se, a).p, iej .Francoise' s social whirl chine /- coffee at the' La :Belle Cre The- ta says Ti- Joe is a.
tk','rate'it was- comes ,before 'she enters Bar ole. Wednesday the right According..to. he
suitess :d" ry College: in" Midi[ii .i .: .-- . 0-- Rural Code of .1892,, ai-,
ie b'Y" Haiti'sfall "She recently gradua- Dr Jam s. H -. E Lee i Bfon onde tin mals Luch as pigs, goats- etc .
"r/ t" e t "Dr that wsander onto ourp
& aqd han ed from the Acad'em of the American w'ho- Establish urned "from the U;,t e h a e i yl pro' -
.As. in h same in Shoe Repair Shops States ast Monday with a are permitted to cut offthe
^ throughouL the Republic, brand ne'w diploma in Pe- [hed and one foot'ad
.. ,' welcomed his wife" son and kUiatris, obtau'd afte' rwo same the n- dpi
.^ .., ..... .o.- f., ..riend r. Lonla Vassal t6 years of, advanced scud at the neck is' fir. ti glf
S to wn Frida.v morning. .This the Kansas City Missour,. wner .'' t '
'" "" ' "is- their firs. visi;, and they hospital. 'Dr. Ir ondestin.
o O 0j i ntend, to stay a while. Dr. .who, -recei.v,. a Got ern Dir-r o Tu s- Guy
LIi: " e ,'- Vs practicing Brook- rnientShr-hi, s" a : D o sb o.
it next to.water tea is the w l's'cheapest dIk ly'n Physician ce'ntly. *re- b'r of the mdica saf o uyon as aoundafy Kg-
pest ny s cmn recently. re- ber of .the."tnedical staff 'otsto 0m" f-1' ..,
ind' of house LI. s the best tea :. .turned .from visiting her 'the lHygiene Service..-

S" -.--, ... -0:- - dwaf is neighbours .
SWHOLE MONTHS The Chief of police .has . i .
UND OF DeLIo U- thief of Policer aind the .

stars ja blue enamel on it.
SN 'S TEA July Sindepend-
S. o .ence month, some 14 coun- nc t' g
tries celebrate their indepen-
.' os a.- _,__ dence during July. MO N eu .NTA l CINI I "'
S rAgents-: Returning tomorrow from,' dw .i-s ne Cmn o 'i
H .a'ai ti; Traling Co '.A.ir the U.S. are Julia hndaoine sI -. i'. n ..LT ., ,
R'x.** '7from .. a new licence plate on hisd, oie., .- pc"-1t, "
U. -:'s:-. 0 aELdCro d e h q<
....,:.. UDLICIoU and Amador 14 ,od oPi aidhree ,

h S.aiti. .Tra. .ding C, S.A. .C '
': "" 'Emile' s s -=iste and i \" ",'
'*,-' 'am mv4 -'1 ='um m m '9 al.. .."A
0.,::, '" Rade .t~ "m do ' i% ." --
.. ; '..< ... L.. . .. .. '-- ,..+ ..:0 :
t~t+,,p, .. ... .. . . . "+ ,. ,J

Y, JULY 20th

Government To Assist

Growth Of Haitian Chickens

!The Government is tak-
concrete steps'to develop
full-scale poultry industry
i Haiti. The programme -
ined at building up a siz-
Mle export business -
ilI be carried out by the
-litian Institute of Agricul
Wal and Industrial Credit,
Vbaps with the aid of the
apartment of Agriculture.
I'he former institution
Is just received authoriza-
kin from the Secretary of
iiances to undertake a plan
f extending credit to new
feeders especially those
0ho have been trained in
modern poultry methods.
'Unril recently, govern-
arent officials report, natio-
l poultry production fill-
k6 the needs of local con-
pution but for the past
Our years the supply of Hai
1,n poultry, particularly
h.ickens. has nor been suf-
i-cent to meet demands.
'from October, '50, to Sep-
inlber, '51, for instance
Inait" imported 17'.639
ourdes worth of poultry.

Don't B
Don't cha
First loo



attain a weight as high as
three pounds if put on en-
riched anti-biotic feed. And
export sale at [hat price

Though it is still a relatise- would give the breeder a
ly small amount, it was a profit of 10 to 15 cents a
.significant sign that there head. Government officials
nas a growing market in comment that training a
the poultry trade. There number of young workers
were a number of tentative in modern poultry breeding
experiments in modern chic- methods would not only aid
ken farming with improved the workers themselves but
breeds'of chickens kept in also the community at large.
enclosures. Some of these This project could perhaps
were successful, others fail- be carried out jointly by
ed. Government advisors the Director General of
report that the conditions in Agriculture and the IHCAI.
Haiti are excellent for the The Government report
poultry industry and the points our that it will be ne-
main question is teaching cessary to organize the ex-
producers to master modern portarion of surplus poultry
techniques. or the increased production
Such a training pro- would flood the local mar-
gramme would solve a num ket with discouraging re-
ber of problems. Breeders suits 10 the new breeders.
would be able to sell laying It is pointed out that the
hens on the local market, Credit Institute must be
for around .30 cents a able to direct and central-
pound. And a year-old hen ize the buying of the pro-
weighing five to six pounds duce in such a way as to
would provide a neat mar- provide a uniform product
gin of profit, at this figure. for export.
Yo'u n g -poultry perhaps By working out a train-
could be exported at a price ing programme with the co-
of .60 to .70 cents a pound- operation of the Depart-
A two-month fryer could ment of Agriculture the cre-
dit bank could manage to
uy a Car I guide the growth of the new
e industry as well as the qual-
age ity of its products.
ik at what





The most familiar

Car on the 'Haitian roads.

| ..



Through the programme,
the Institute will be able to
accord credit, backed by
security, to all individuals
desiring to undertake the
raising of poultry. However
special advantages will bc
offered to the persons who
have taken the special gov-
ernment training pro-
grammae. They will be giv-
*en a certificate entitling
them. to the extension of
credit, without any security,
for feed, disinfectant, equip
meant and other material
needed for the raising of
500 chicks. The Credit
Bank will also provide 70
dollars cash for labour ...
which can be considered a:,
the cwagesi of a breeder
m ho undertakes the job of
caring for his poultry him-
self. By successive steps.
the breeder would increase
his flock until be attained
a production of 2.000 chick-
ens every two months, when
his farm would be on a pro-
fitable footing.


s -:-"-'-.- -
- "To Ship by Clipper Cargo" i0
' ,.,o.' says Clipper Charlie



Whether it's mrichinery' o Manigua,
ridio tubci t Rio, orchid to New ,
OrIeaai or ciarectEc to CaracAi the
shipnm-ni of drl-ic n .trumnents and
pThljbl,' goodd, Ah. 'I present; a
packing problenr. There ite mariy
Treaonf why Chpper Cu:g.) ji the *
rmthod choren to anprt ntirly six
hunched and tuni four million cigar- A
etlve from Nijam, to CGac-' in 1951.
Thinks tIo cientfic packing and care-
fui h'ndhlng fver)y 'h.pment arrived
undamaged arid factor'y-fresh. Yet
IJghtmeight picking niteuiil ensured
tht mirmimli im'iport cc.its arid Ereicht
charge sUhich are bised o'n groii
. Your merchridtie desteres expert
packing and the extra careful handling
it receie'c when you specify 'Clipper

1 By air is better, by
* c.iginf is rarely necessary
L Lighier packinesolCIll *
duce grloss weig
*Lolelss s thrJllough damage
and pile1ingg
Lower ipsurance coils
*. shipmen car. be ned m'

Clipper Cargo is best
C ln.pntlrneS held to C mini.
Spape, work reduced 41
COD and collect rces
simplify accounting
1 ihe greater the sbip.Enl the
lower the rote


Call your local PAA oH.ce now. Request a tree cos! analysis from ou
Cargo expel See how you. loo, can save time and money by specify-
ing Clippe Cargo.

TELEPHONES 3451 2. 2 2 '2

. . . . . . . . . ..... , . .... .f .:., : ..=.... . .. . :";-: s

Page 5

Nothing too Fragile..

*TI .Ea P44 1K0.


Page 6 nHAIT SUN"n

A Retreat From Communal life

Near the -ciry of Louis- monks of the monastery.
: ville, Kentucky, in the Uni- The retreatant observes a
ted States is the Cistercian daily schedule of lectures,
Trappist Monastery of Our religious services, prayers,
:v,.Lady of Gethsemane. Geth- and meditation.
i semane, li k e numerous More than 2,000 men of
other religious centers a- all racial, religious and oc-
cross the country, provides, cupational groups came to
:-. periods of spiritual intro- Gethsemane in the period of
spection for all men wLj de a year. At the conclusion
,isi to retire briefly from of a retreat these men re-
the attractions, cares, and turn to their places in the
S roubles of the daily world, mainstream of United States
As far as possible men Jife, spiritually refreshed
si making a retreat. at Geth- and better equipped to han-
isemane follow the daily pat die the problems of indivi-
.. era established by r h e dual and communal life"

cS -
'. .

Af. A s ,odiks, including the abbot must work in the fields
c .r;. da Retreatfnts have the -oplioni of doing .so if
S- tey wish. The monastery requires little outside help.
Aknost all trades rPe represented among the "S uiork-
ar: me ibers of the order. From morning until suniac
: eadb moment in the life ol a monk or a retreatant is
le' .. 'sehedaled. Except for the monks working at the re-
S tre'af guel house, men making retreats do not come in
'- ontit with other monks at Gethsemtane.

Painting Exhibition

ON Opened Yesterday
o er -highlight of the receives the Abbe Couesoon
Ir sde6 ts anniversary cele- and his two sons.
-ISrationt was the opening of 6. Aux Gonaives Tous-
a- a ihtorl'al painting .c-xhi- saint receives his sons.
i ltir-by artist Rene Vincenr. .7. Toussaiur at the Ra-
The 18"canvases depicting vine a Couleuvres.
'~':I aScenes of -aidi's glorious' 8. Toussaint and the 9th
1h.,^. battle for freedom were de- Demi-Brigade.
4i." ',dcated to President Ma- 9. The Farewell ot the
'.,-gloire yesterday morning in Marm-lade.
g-:" .ceremonies at the Palais des 10. rhe Landing of Tous-
bf: Beaux' Arts, under the high saint Lquverrure.
patronage of Minister Jo- 11. The Deportation o0
: -eph Charles. Secretary of 1ousaint Lourerrure
S State of National Education. Toussaim Louverture.
The presEaration address 12. The Fo de Joux.
made by ean Brierre 13. Toussaint dictating
deb an Brerre his memoire, to General
Titles of the different Caffarelli.
.. canvases are as follows 14. Toussaint receiving
i his prison clothes in the pre-
.. Birch of Toussaint Lou- sence of Caffarelli.
-" ertu. 15. Am)yo enleve a Tous-
toussainr Louverture saint his Companion Mars
receives two cannons trom Plaisir.
Generic Maitland. 16. Adieu to the Mar-
3. VToussaint Louverture seillaise.
sends die Roume letter to I-. Death of Toussaint
Generdi Maidand. 1 Death of Toulsain
*...- er Maidand. Louverrure.
t'. oussaint Louverrure
.'-4t ay of Samana. 18. The Song of the Cita-
T.: oussaint Louvertmre delle sung in four pictures.



The simplicity of life at Gethsemane differs from t
rapidity of Edward 11caiahon's usual life. Remove
both in time amnd atmosphere from his normal day as
medical authority in St. Louis. Mc,11ahon talks ui
one of the monks who works at the Guest Hou.
This coarse robe is the friar's sole garment. He ior,
eats. sleeps, and u'dl bc birried in this type of robe.



Des pnius -



i '


Grace a leur'
,es Pneus
vous assurent ,
un freinage sup6rfeur


; 77


Hospital Chapel Sunday Mass at 8:30
a m. Sermon i, English.
Sacr.'-Cwur Sunday Masses at 4-6-
8-10 a.m.
Cathrdral Sunday Massies at 4-5:30
Si Gerard ,near Oloffloni Sunday
Maslei 5 3-7-8-30
Si. Jean Bosco Sunday Masses at 9
a. m.
Chapel on the Exposition grounds
Mass at 9 a. m.
St.-Pierre, Pedon- i e, 8, 930 a.m.
Hall, Trnr.ay Cathedral
4-00 a in Mass French
6 00 a m. Mass French
;00 a m MasE English
8 00 a. m; Mass French
9.30 a. m. Mans English
Ephany Chapel Surdav Mass. at 6
a.m. 8 a.m. in French
S5l.l':tis Rue de la Re-oludon Ser-
Svice : at 7 a.m.
ht Vacationing in Port do
se. Paix, house guest of the Al-
ks. tired Stechers, is Mile Lulu


I S2OP 5
The shops in this sect;one
are been checked b). this
euwspaper, and In the
6est of our knou'ledgc
their merchandise is of,
good quality and good

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And Thousands of Articles On Sale


The delicious Chocolate
brings relief overnight. So
S\ \O -take

English. French, G-e r-
man Correspondence. A'c-
couuting. Shipping. S;cre-
tarial work. 2; yeaL, cx-
perience. Apply ,Hairi


to-night and to-morrow
you'll be all right.

q, Aail yourself of :
the sweetest soap
the soap iith an exquisite

the best sojp.

S -V" -''


- f

I Ask For
'ian? Barbancourti'


.'- /~

.1 -la~~j~~k~

en lopphent eOmme la sole

parfmum de

Curio Shop I C Toro
Rue du Qua; -a .
Local Handicrafts -
Splendid Mahogany

A beautitul o4urboard nij
tor hardly been us-.. fior
;ale. Good price.




z -

19 ?IPT W9 t





turned clo%%ns and their in-
The First Caribbean Festival cessant wip-cracking as
the demonstrate an age-
Opens In San Juan August 1st old slae custom of Anigua
... each intriguing, each
August I to 10, 1952.- will be displayed, along The sedate traditional
Ten big days and niglhs of with information about, the Danza and Quadrille con-
fun and festi Ci. For the b various islands. Everyone trasi greatly with the excit-
first time in history. folk- will join in the street dances ing drum rhythms retained
lore artists from throughout and parades accompanied through the centuries from
the West Indies from by the crashing cords of the their origin in the jungles
Jamaica. Haiti. Trinidad .. Brute Force Steel Band fiom of Africa. The hilarity of
from Martinique. Guade Antigua. Brilliant costumes, the ,Bula Waan jump the
Iloupe, Aruba, and Antigua laughter, fireworks, and a fence and chase your girl.,
... from Curacao. Surinam, general air of gaiety will dance is so unlike the pow-
the Virgin Islands. and reign throughout. er of those dances founded
Puerro Rico join together Variety is the keynote. in the honour of pagan
,for one big festival to be The happy faces of the gods. The weirdly muted
presented in San Juan the calypso dadters of Trinidad tones of Haiti Chant\s bam-
. .first ten days of August. and the lilting, spdontaneity boo instruments seem to
.Outstanding examples of of the calypso melodies .. have nothing in common
'*he best native dances and the haunting hypnotic Voo- with the clatter of the steel
music of all the islands will doo music accompanying, band.
be- seen in nightly stage the intense, strained danc- There is a special charm
shows at the University of ers of Haiti in the ritual about the coquetry in the
Puerto Rico theatre. Exhib- dances of the "possessed"... dancing of the pretty girls
its of the exquisite handi- the air of madness surround from Martinique and Gua-
crafts and original paintings ing the masked. gaily- cos- deloupe. parnydressed ,
.with their expensive heir-
loom jewelry) ... a different
but no less definite charm
to the verve and humour
of the Curacao and Aruba
d. c "groups as they enact in dance
ing the story of the peanut
Vendor. And who can re-
Ssst a smile and an ovation
"; 'Box 985 Tel. 3494- for the little old woman in
the Surinam group. who de-
spire her 6" years dances
SI \ the .Mambo with unmatched
vigour and grace.
EL The blending of the basic
African slave culture with
Champ-de-Mars the cultures of the various
colonizing nations Spain,
i. AIR, TICKETS TO MIAMI, NEW YORK, PARIS therlands have produced
or any other place in the world on : these unique customs which
SLuxurionus Super-Constellations Of for many years have been
K.La.M. ROYAL DUTCH AIRLINES an irresistible lure to tour-
PAN, ,AMERICAN WORLD AIR WAYS ists. Now for the first time
EASTERN AIRLINES is presented an opportunity
MR FRANCE NATIONAL AIRI1lNES to sample the arrttractions of
.; tMICAGO -& SOUTHERN AIRLINES all the West Indies at the
or any other airline same time and place ... a
far better aid to your selec-
SUs Today For All Your Travel Arrangrmentis ion of which island to visit
first than any travel folder.
More than that the festival
S|is for fun. The Mardi Gras.
.h~ft~fllt. the State Fair. the Carnival,
'a variety show, an educa-
S ional tour, an exotic vaca-
tion all combined into one
grand period of festivity.
.AW. the slo an The festiial is sponsored
.ointly by the Puerto Rico
SVisioors Bureau, an agencG
f t e G rants is i of the Puerto Rican Gov-
ernment: the Unisersiri oi
S exem plified in Puerto Rico the Pro Arte
1 -- Musical SocierV of San luan
Lxthe unvarying $ land the Caribbean Tourist
the unvarying K gAssociation. which repre-
en Ksents the tourism interest
excellence foI luf all the islands of the Ca-
a9 .ribbean Area.
of the whiskvy C- -



k" E I In Pacor, unfurnished, 3
9 bedrooms. Full view over
_ t W 6JNT SONS LTD DISTi Lttn scoruJ gbay. Enquire Curacao Trad-
ITI Il 'ArDING'CO. S.A. ing Co.

L ./

iue dE OQai
.':-c.:- .c.. .e:-* -a&- .me. a::-. > : e ': *:*. ..a- B. R

Superior Establishments Use Superior Air Condi-
Stfionners. You get this Extra Quality when you



Better Designed
More Carefully Built

Installed by Experienced Engineers
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I Invested
-XI- M e X: o c.- Ac- *;1e. -^% 4W -C* <. -W r- p -. I




On Second Thought

By HENRY J. SELDI% wed the mrsric and the ma-
terial. They make inci-
Santa Barbara, Califor- dents concrete and immedi-
nia.- In the wake of the are without turning them
recent week-long visit here into cartoons or travesties.
Sby Pierre Monosiet, youngg Awesomeness and spirirual-
curator of the Centre d'Art ity come through. Christian-
at Port-au-Ptince, the ac- iry has not yet been Afri-
count from the Haitian city canized, but some of the
*. written in last Sunday's intensity and excitement
-lew York Times t;y Art and magic which animate
Critic 'Aine Louchheim, is the vodun ceremonies has.
bof special interest and charged and enlivened the
sheds some more light on visions of the new faith.",
the validity and intensity of She traces the start of the
5' the widely promoted Hai- widely heralded Haitian arr
tian art movement of which movement to the establish-
Monosiet is a part. meant of the Centre d'Art in
She describes and lauds 1944 by the California painr
'the native murals commis- er Dewitt Peters with aid
signed for the Protestant from the U. S. State De-
Episcopal Cathedral of Saint apartment and the Haitian
Trinite by Bishop Alfred Government. The Centre
Voegeli, w ho explained painters, lbaving learned
their impressive intensity of tempera techniques from
feeling by saying ---"-' William Calfee, worked in
the Cathedral under the di-
The Haitians sense the reaction of Selden Rodman.
natural in the supernatural. Rodman ps well as Peters
The life of Christ and the had" much to do with the
".love of God are supernaru- evolution of the Haitian
-ral. but the Haitians accept Art Movement.
them and paint them as na-
tural. xxx
4 What is this Art Muoe-
In 'describing the murals, ment,? AM is s LQuchheim
..recenly installed, the NWiv asks. ,New York has heard
Y o r k Times art drii& 'rumoutrs over the years: of
wrote : .primitives, forced to re-
c '.All of them, by their main primitivee;: of the
sincerity of vision and di- dissatisfaction of the asop-
:rectness of presentation, histicated" painters with
, ^----------------------






Her Majesty er"e r I


Scotch Whisky

On Sale Everywhere
LAJAT & CO. Distributors
97 Rue du Centre
P.O. Box 1086 Phone: 2'93

"Time" & "Life"

The Leauang American -


the Centre's artistic and
economic policies: of their
secession and the formation
of their own group: of the
Left and anti-American sen-
timent which might, have
generated the friction: of
the ,elite" class's contempt
for "primitives,, which em-
phasize Afro-Haitian rather
than French-Haitian c u 1-
rure; of the closing of the
Haitian Art Center in New
York and the contract mak-
ing the Hugo Gallery its
agent; of the break bctrwv.n
ersr-hile co-directors Pe-
ters and Rodman.
,Facts are elusive in Hai-
ii and on the basis of a
fleeting visit one cannon
cut through the web of in-
trigues. jealousies and dif-
ferent esthetic and econo-
mic points of view. But
certain artistic judgments
can fairly be made,,, she
"The Centre did a heroic
job of making art a signi-
ficant part of Haitian life.
an economic as well as a cul
tural contribution. It il
responsible for the Cathe-
dral. And it has produced
certain painters of real tal-
ent. It has helped others
develop. Even those asso-
ciated with the Centre have
benefited from its promo-
tional activity ... On the de-
bit side, the Centre has
spawned a large number of
painters who are merely
imitative. They cater to the
indiscriminate tourist who
wants a souvenir ... now it
would seem time for tha
Centre to encourage artistic
standards, to help the tal-
ented expand their own
styles. to discourage the
cliche imitators: to try to
lure the Yankee dollar to,
the good instead of letting
it go to the mediocre->. she
Itl is to be hoped that M.
MNonosiet. who found his
visit here informative and
enjoyable, will be able to
play a part in the further
artistic development of his
native land.
Castera's Maternity
Dr. Georges 'Castera's
comfortable and complete!)
modern 12 room Maternit.
clinic is at your servic-.
This up-to-date clinic is lo-
cated in the same building.
as the Pharmacy Castera.
opposite the Telegraph and
Telephone Building. Call

Pg 9

July 1", 1952.
,,Haiti Sunn
Dear Mr. Diederich,

What can be done about
bc-be guns being shot near
and around dogs and chil-
dren in your own yard?

With the vacation from
school all children a re
home. In our vicinityy
iTeie de I'Eau) and in the
Place Boyer vicinity, older
boys are home who enjoy
shooting at the birds with
either be-be guns or sling

shots holding small rocks or
marbles. Yesterday one of
our dogs received a be-be
gun wound in her shoulder.
This could have been oneu
of our children.

We have asked the b ay
or,really fully grown young
men to please not dp it Ni
our yard or in the direction
of the house and yard. They
are in most cases polite but
come at times when we are
not around.

What can be done to im-
press upon them or their
parents the potential dan- -
gei, the great possibility of
permanent injury to both
children and dogs?
Barbara H. MacNeil.

Jci4{I' L!3l'Iirn

k, -ft^

has all the modern tools and
equipment tb ensure ltocer lives
fr cars that travel the roads of ,
iaiti and the people that traveP
in fhem...


M ern and Efhiienl
a Q E' 4 ..- ,


the name for quality steel desks
The hand.cirre Giobe-..evr..e irrta.TI...u ftal lop desk Illusliared gives you
Ihe last wacd in effi:er.I periorrnaice pldi a bonus oi e.e appeal In 66'.
60", 55', a..d 60 in -.eel eer,- exei r.ie or general office need. Formed 1
I;noleum lop -.rh foldedd edges o,.urer ample -aili.ng area for speed,
eficienct, ar-d (orr.lor ial o 'ra -. urh rqu re edged iop Scri e glides in
the smarl ileand bales are cdi liablee Iram 29' to 30',1 Io mee year lndl-
v.duail rqui.emris Or, J. yc. pre,'e dees mnor be filled .nlh graceful,
tapered legs .. Fn.-he -greer. g. qroy. a9 nw d mahogany, or grair.ed Ameri-
can -ainul. .Corr.e in ana sre or va.j.ril WHY the SIrePnplinei ;s ihe
deak for lodav.' Write or phone us lor lire iliutiated cicula.
Agents :
The Chamber of Commerce Bldg.

MAGAZINE -A ow On Sale At All

BOi fSTlcs


rr'vrflr ----; I------ "'Tr---- .5 S .-------------- ------- ---- --- .--------_-----------------------------------;1~ -~








Main Diningfiiom CLOS ED During Rainy Season.

9 Terrace and Bar to Stay OPEN
S' Serve Luncheons and Sandwiches.

- --- -. - -





inder the same Management :-
Ted. Roosevelt

to advise his many friends and the
Public that the


aftmujW 4e a. 4/y

The REFUGE completely rejuvenated is now equipped
with Electricity, Hot and Cold running water etc. Can
be reached over an excellent road in any type of car. 9

At 5,700 feel Ihe ,REFUGE, is ,TOPS,.

Monday Weidnesday Thursday Eveninq


Open To You ... EterY- Day
And on SUNDAYS bring
sour Bathing Suits swim
- dance and select your
music from a fabulous
record library -

/..... .l, I You Can ENIOY So E.ASILY
a aAlmost 5.000 Feet,. Almost a. Mile
Above Sea-Le[el
MEnU t
j r _. from Port-au-Prince
S:REFRESHING Drinks. Lunches and Dinners
,-- 7 R: E- i n r

- t ote --- ---- -- -

--- Aux Orchidees
- a n"al! piece of dclic'o-" All Rooms with Bath, HOT Water, American -
rChlce la. brings French Cuisine, Swimming Pool. Tropical Gardens
efectrnigh. that's and SUPERB facilities for entertaining large parties


B .,-

A Letter To Visitors

5-.. .
SDear Visitor from the States,
I would like to tell you something about my Cafetenrs.
I have lived in your Country long enough to know that Americans.
Sas a rule, put cleanlines nest to ,odlmess. Well, rrm. Cafeteria compares
favourably with the cleanest res.-urant in your home-lown. All men and
S-women working in ii are required each month to pass a thorough medical
S aexaminadon. The place itself is spick and -pan. All glasie: and plate; are
thoroughly sterilized before use Pasteurised rmlk Is served only. And
,modern toilets are at your disposal.
I also know the very popular American expression : Mmm -
;. S' employing a highly paid French Chef to get the same kind of remark
hrom my patrons. And to complete his task. I have added to the Menu
.. a list Of the choicest domestic and imported liquors And to have the
-foods and the drinks still more welcome, you w.ll hase it served to you
by young girls, well-trained and well-dressed and quite pleasing to
-the eye.
I know too, that Americans are practical people. They are apt to
S:splurge when splurging is the thing. But usually, especially nowadays,
Hy take .a very din view of high prices. So compared to other places
'in Port-au-Prince, catering to American Clientele, my prices are delight-
fitly low. And this is not done by lowering the quality of food served.
"You see, I own the largest Grocery, Bakery and Dairy m the Country,
Local-grown food is brought directly from my plantaston. Pastry, bread
e and cakes are made in my Bakery Imported food is ordered directly
'-fom Foreign Producers. This way the middle-man, that very costly
item ir'the price of food, is completely eliminated
L Now, %here is this Shangri-La, I am talking about' WelU, it'
ideally located not too far from the pier you are so anxious to gel
awayy from and not too far from it for the dutance to annoy .aou It':
located near the Civic Center and in the most important section ot
SGrand'Rue (Great Street, in plain EnlI--h, Main Street).
How t' get there ? If you doni like the looks of the narrow and
,quite uneven Haitian sidewalks, take a taxi. It will bring you to my
Cafeteria on a couple of minutes at the cost of ten American cents, which
is the legal price. (If the Chauffeur charges more, it means he is trying
to make a Iast Gourdei. If you are more adventurous or want to get Za
beater look at the life of the City. you might hoof and get there is
f teen or twenty minutes. To avoid difficulties, please ifolw my direcr-
ons. Go Ear,. straight ahead from the pier, for three bloe. When you
are past the great and strange looking building with lowers (public
.-market-place) you are on the Grand Rue (Main Street'. Now turn to
-the right and walk South, past the market for four blocks and a half
.il. you see quite a few tr.ee. in front of a three-sto-rev. On the right side.
,the Street fecing.the-ichool is my Cafeteria Near the ltp of the
facing you Is the word. Cafeteria. At night this Aord ui dupla.ed
ineon light The name on the front of the bLilding ht-elf ik Boul'angeric
tSt. Marc. If you come to my place at night, just go in under the ;;gr,
U. NTREE,-and walk up'to the second floor But if you come before rght-
W fall, walk into the Grocery Departtrent arnd through it to the atairace
or rather to the lift leading up
The foUov'ng paragraph is 'ome...'ht on the persor.al side i msre,
call it a cone _alorn Y-u see I dd tart M',' Cafetetia is a Cafet.ra
But Americ.n vi' ur_ ;.anled mnre lbIr, l'ur-t\hat And, 3i LthE, t'
in the Siates. Customer im sid.-ai raht So, '-en.tualv, m. Crfeterna
became lun v hat it is nov a Re-aurant W'st a E! it a- mr.nomu.rn-.r
to call it a Cateeria But r.e name -truce. That's: wh.y i -'di cail ,.
The Cafeteri -r, tead of cal-nr it The Star, The Hotly.ood Cal-t :.r
The Der,- Drop [nn .:.r Li.da BadJev'i Chateau or ".inetrtung LIke that
There re two floors the Caietria The trsit Eluvr i- the t a-
rant proper. v ith a Bar The scon ll,:.--or i- Juor the c-erflo % The- :,conrl
floor ha: also a large pace I.:.r dani.-,in Bcut floor: have ;pa.:!,:'u tb.c -
muie where you can eat or :ip -u:.r dr.r-k- an-d '.,tch ti-. Ic.'i : Ful :rream
of Haitian Life flo i belov-.
Uf your French is ril or obl,!y. there are three peror.n: ui the
prenmises speaking perfect English :
It Mr. Ju;te Conrtarr. my 'ecretar, a tatl. digrfici.& gril'e
gentleman, quite dark of '*Liare and of the' '.hiJtest heart rnaginsable
2t Mr. Lza' Saba. a Syrian from PaleJtuine. a lean good-I.-okrng
feliov. with an eagle beak nose, 'cry pleasant and itelghent
3P IV.. HeiTe-Perers, the Cafeteria Malnager, ,ho Ln addtL:.n lt,
English and French speaks aLIo Germanr. A very eiSmpcthetic person
I might add that three of my children alo speak Ernlish sell. burt
unfortunately (or, fortunately ') Lhey are at pre:erit in New York. eating
Sup the profit I intake selling cheese from Holland, bief from Argentina,
razor blades from the U. S A. In return for this, they are stud ng hard
Sisn New York rniveriities and trying to absorb Ame-ican Culture. That's
what they say anyway I wonder!
I, the proprietor, am quite difficult to locate Yes. I am always im
one place at a time. But even Mr. Constant, my Secretary, a great deal
of the time only knows that I am just somewhere between here and
there Well, a man gotta be really on the mote nowadays when hanrdlfntg
the two main sides of business Loss and Proft, and trying to make the
second come out on the laughing end
Well, dear Visitor from the North. the Larte of the pudding .s in
the eating. Mind putting that saying to use now-darkening the doorway
: o my Cafeteria and brightening the pretty faces of my waitresses? .
And you bet I'll he grilling too !

Cordially yours,



eHAITI SUND Page 11i

onward or stand.g sti
by DR. PERIGORD for the wealth and power
of a nation are only the 's
At this time of the year neglect of the rules of so- total of the well dir
when in an atmosphere t:f ciety, become a heavy bur- energy and trained ttalu
youthful celebration and pa den upon the community, of its citizens. "
rental pride, colleges and in eat -of its resources and slow
sLitutes close for the sum- down its progress.
mer, it is well.for tc young So it is never too early to OUT OF CONTROL.
people, their teachers and ask all of our young men Reports from the out
the general public to ask and women, especially those this week state thaa
themselves soberly and ob- who are about to graduate mion from Pine FoiT Y
jectively how well rheir into life, this question, day, market day at- .
important job of education rWhat am I worth to my Verrettes, went out of'
has been done. A large country?n The frank, thor- trol on a steep hill an:5 as
amount of time. effort and ough -and thoughtful ans- wrecked near Fond Parisi '.
money go into a year of in- wer to that question will Eleven persons were repo
struction and it is sound clearly reveal whether this ed Injured.
'economy and good sound
philosophy to ask ourselves
whether the harvest justi-
fies the labour and expense

There are many tests
which one could apply to
appreciate t h e progress
made. One of these may
be pur in the form of a
simple question: pWhat am
I dow worth to my coun-
r3.?,n That question has
obvious physical, intellec-
tual and' moral implica-

That worth that we have
in nind should increase
each year of our life in
borbth quanti and quality.
The )outh of this nation
constitute our most v3lu-
able capital; the indispen- '
sable, vital human capital..
Each youngg man and wo- JEAN SOREL Jean Sore) pictured uitlh h '
man represents ,a large in- AT CONFERENCE palhfiunder gumde dog Chi;e
,estment in affection, devo- IN HOLL.4ND ertomna."
aon. early child care, educa-
tion etc. That capital must lean Sorel accompanied reach at Sr. Vincent's- hool
return an adequate interest by AMrs. Gerard Gaetjens, for the. Handicapped,, was .._
or the nation becomes gra- left Thursday for Amster- recommended as a represen-
dually impoverished in in- dam. Holland. here he native by the World Con .
tellectual and physical re- will attend an International cil for the Blind and the
sources. The greater the re Conference of Educators Haitian Sociery of'-id, .to'.,;
rurn on this human capital, who reach Blind Youtbs. the Blind. incidentalIy, g.-
the more valuable the indi- More than 30 nations will who is blind himself
dial citizen and the great- be represented at the meet- received the top marks-
er the wealth of the na- ing. Jean, who took time Penal Law during the ex m '-
tion. our from his law studies to which ended Wednesday.
Some citizens have paid .- *:-U. ...: -::::..: c*:-... *a'c- *:t'cc E large interest to their coun- "
trr. A fa seeing statesman, NO ORDER TOO LARGE NO ORDER TOO SMA.L-
an 'Ificient -industrialist, a .
learned doctor, an honest 'S
and conscientious lawyer. -
may pay back man) times .
th e original investment. ee
Others less gifted or less pa- M #
triotic may pay in lesser
amounts ... 8s per cent, 50 .
per cent. 5 per cent. They $
are too, in various degrees 9
of service, worthwhile cilti- ,
zens. Others still, alas, in-
stead of being an asset, are,
or will be liabilities. They BUILD ... WITH THE BEST MATERIALS
are the parasites of the body
politic. These arethe blind- F
ly selfish, the greedy, the ;,:ALFRED DE MATTEIS- .
law-breakers, the criminals Rue du Qaui -.
and all those who, through Ru.-Q.
failure to preserve their WE HAVE ALL THE BUILDING AfATER ,
useful potential through YOU REQUIRE
all kinds of excesses, vice, Tel 3770 or 3118.
intemperance, ignorance or a0 :' l.W. >c, -,M,.n: k SGFe:a mirt.zelim '

T age 12 --

jacmel Wants To Be

In Tourist Picture
' An article in the July mean the setting aside of
S'12t.h issue of Le Nourellislc plans to improve the plage
?., reports that the city of Jac- at Carrefour Raymond. Le
S"el is anxious to benefit Nouvelliste gives reason
rti from the President's Five why the programme should
.' .Ye a r Programme which not be discarded. It points
! calls. for improvement of out that the beach near Jac-
.'": provincial areas. And it mel is not only several kilo-
" hopes that its beautiful meters in length, but also is
bach will be developed for naturally protected by sand
future tourist trade. bars which make it sate
S iTherefore. Le Nourel- from fear of dangerous fish.
"-../'te- reports. residents of Not one shark or barracuda
the "proud and valiant attack has ever been wit-
l city. 'have been more of less nessed in the bathing area.
fitiisappointed to learn that The water is sanitary and
e Government plans now r h e scenery particularly
'iJ for building an. artifi- beautiful. Le Nourellisfe
E i r'rI beach in the vicinity of adds that all foreigners who
Prt au Prince. They feel have visited Raymond les
tat $uch a project would Bains, including former
........................... American Ambassador Bul-
liet, have unanimously hail-
ed the beach as one of the
i S SASSINE most comfortable and beau-
FRERE tiful in the world.
The article goes on to
say. "If it is the construc-
i tion of a road from Port au
iPrince to Jacmel which ii
S'leading the Government to
look elsewhere for develop-
1 ing -a modern beach, we say
that such a transportation
issue is not a major obstacle.
.-- The first thing to be done
BLO. KS, s to improve the beach and
Sc f/ar build a hotel of 20 to 30
TILES rooms, complete with all
modern comforts, a bar, a
dance floor etc. Tourists
could go to Jacmel by boat


and from there be driven to
Carrefour Raymond.
The Nouvellisle says that
the National Office of Tour
ism could make an agree-
ment with certain Travel
Agencies in Miami, Jackson
ville or New Orleans to
have ships come directly to
Jacmel. 'The paper also
asks if it would not be pos-
sible to encourage tourists
to visit Raymond les Bains
by air. just as they make
trips to the Citadelle.
Le Nourell.ste says hopes
of the Jacmeliens would be
fulfilled if the Government
asphalted the road from
their city to .the beach and
build a modern hotel in the
beach area ... an important
ste p toward developing
tourism in their vicinity.
Jacmel leaders also re-
port the need of a number
of other civic improve-,
ments. The construction of
a building to house the Ly-
cte. flood control measures
for the Gosseline river, the
repair of the Hydraulic ser-
vice which has been dam-
aged by muddy torrents, the.
asphaltage of certain streets
and the dragging cf the
harbour to enable the easy
debarkation of passengers
and goods.
Le Nourelliste finishes
its article .by saying Jacmel
has confidence in the wis-
dom of President Magloire.
She hopes, she beseeches the
Government for her share in
its great programme for im-
proving the Provinces.

New And Old Jamaican

Friends Visit Port
Two of the greatest ad-a call on Cite Magloire and
mirers of the new Magloire the visiting Jamaican was
Stadium are football fan amazed to learn that the
Bunny Evans honorary housing project had all been
Haitian Consul in Jamaica built since the administra-
- and his friend George tion of President Magloire.
Samms. a Kingston business "Quick work", said he.'
.executive who came on a The rwo vacationers are
week's visit with Bunn) to heading back for Kingston
see the sights of Our Re- today with their fingers
public, crossed. The% just don't
Samms is sales executive know what's going to hap-
for Lascelles de Mercado.' pen to the Jamaican foot-
airline agents and owners of ball team during the inter-
a new three-million dollar national matches in the new
cement factory. He had al- stadium.
ready heard plenty about -~-" ~ --
the glories of Haiti, being a TO RENT
frequent guest at the Evans
home and meeting such Charming cottage. furn-
Haitian visitors -as Traffic ihed, tenni cou furn-
Capr. Fritz Brierre. Lt. Fritz hed G. Reinholdurt Hour-
Leon and Tourism Director don. or opposite Mill, Air-
Guy Dou)on all recent
recipients of Bunny's tradi- port.
tional 'hospicalit&.
Both Bunn) Esans and
his guest declared that the HELP
hospitality they received
this week in Haiti more Persons wishing house-
than made up for Bunny's hold help, experienced or
Open Door Polic). In be- inexperienced, apply the
tween social visits, they paid ,Haiti Sun."



"'"-"C L U :N Y -

......... LONOON
G-aaniteed Onilld ind Scotl-nd and Bon Ied
m the Old Cou'lty the Fole Prop-...,.,s tq 71vffvf

.t. . *j j n ..r p-t ../ ,.q& .od.. -u 4 I. /MC..

... ....t..a..- ..a ... L...,

Distributors -

Music! Dancing! Gaiety!

... join the fun of the


S- San Juan, Puerto Rico
August I to 10
TI'. is n i . and different. Sample a bit of
Span, France, Britain and Hollnd in one exciting
carnrial. Pjatctiatine in thi lit annual Caribbean



Fetial at San an ju ll be group, from Haiti, Guade-
Iloupe M.arrinique, Trinidad, Windivard lilands, Anti-
gua, Netherland W\est Indie;, Puerto Rico and the
,4 Virgin Islands.
The full I0-diy program is pyked with native g
art exhibits, authentic dances, shons. parades, aere-
nades, souvenirs, a Ft,tival Queen and fireworks
I, e'ery night. You'll love ecer) thrilling minute.

To San Juan:,
Pan American provides frequent and iegularservice
r,,' from all points in Latin America.

Forrearrtarons, se jour Traire Agent or

World's Most Experienced Airlinm

* ... .,: . .. ....... : , _.- ... : e

--. '... .* -


Last Tuesday was the This morning Miss Su- Eddy Brdi
"k m birthday of Albert Denis of zanne Bishop is playing host at the Tribo l I
She National Coffee office. at her Pacot residence to n' 3s to
-:0:- her many young friends ..... 1ote Lheriss atca
Marc Jessie Denis left i's her birthday anniver- Agust 27 at 10 .i
: Thursday for 15 days vaca- ary. -/ Thursday Mr. and
rion in Jamaica. -:0:- Menelick Doyon- cee
-:0:- Yesierday was die 28th ed their first WE
SMr. and Mrs. Frank Bor- wedding anniversary of Mr. vetsary. Me
: day of famous Borday Kola, and Mrs. I Frantz Siegel. of tie. Halma..
S -, left on a health trip to the Their home inPacor, whichD'rY- Ceahiesbk~c'.
Frencih Ambassador La-I Mrs. Trevor Morid, the States yesterday. isamous for pen door wne t meet-
o" A Chancel took the former Susanne Rigatdi it -:0:- hspitality was the, sce *e
lane for Paris Tuesday .returning to.Jamaica tomor- M. Dantes Cojimon, chief ast evening of celebrations ..
-,.oraiwg0 ..to ~njoy. several row after a fortnighr stay of workmen's education in which started at 6.30-p.m. went. o. Ne., |
mm.ths of vacatiop. We here with the family in Rue the Department' of Labour, with cocktails and .ended, day for. s mos i
r;,-ish-'hin a happy. holiday. Ti Four. Mr. Morin is a is now on his way to Paris iAuch later with aifine pWit- with her. Ainty,; |
-:0:- Jamaican. .' where he will represent Hai- terof aCGrAit1,Biicanni'. Volcy.
Dusty Jarman as one of -:0:- ,ti in a seminar to be held . .:1,, --.
dAe pwm linens, who cele- On the. 2 p.m. Clipper for on the sub ect -.MrFr iBroWiatss .Mr.,andi
". ad his birthday anniver- the Stares Friday were Mr. artisans. 'The seminar w big,, h "Midi a ajo
:a'y yesterday. .. Fred Madsed and -nephew last rwo months. fronmC roroi s W n.j. o- yk"ly
S. -. --- . Helge (Tatou) Madsen.. ':0:- .eek. : past. week.
E" -Adrien .Roy and her -:0:- Chef de -Bureau of the Pre 0: :d.a:: d he
S4a i Bter'Carla went to New- I 's. rumored that Ray- sidency, Mr; Andre Lauretft M Mear
'Y ork yesterdayay. moqd, Mevs. is going steady., observed his fete Thuiksday. ma.c l eftFrdayto.jiin s.' ningJuly
-, --:0:- with Elsie Woel. Fellow employee 'drank sdis and laughter -iAm .reia;is, there
S' ,JI ddy Berthold and Mile 0:-, Mr. Laurent s health at Bi- sterdam Holab .'atd i'then lin Anlre'u
.;L..iese' Saliba were mar- Poet Roussan Camille ar- weau's Aux Cosatque 'after' proceed to' relea, -and Mrs.
'.tiieThursday 'evening iat ried back from a mission woik Thuftday man,, to i acapoti wsthMai-- -pi iu..r ie
.- Cathqdral. ,The ewly t6 Cuba, Thursday He had 0:-- ,ma whorreceitly underwent '
e ds are Lune de.Miel, in, a bright coloured tie for Home from a 75-d va- successful o on, .On .,
i;-ti;j K scofff' e each of his fellow iem- canon in the U.S. and days .. T" 1. A orf.
' -ployees at.the Palace. in San Juan Miss Jacque Mr. and ors.-EiaNogJi- .tk .ti t-
j^ '^ d*.-:0:- S l :.. l line Sada On the 29th tas retired last teelend bel'h L
.- d Mrs. Antoibe -- Jacqueline celebrates -er from w f tri aroun'
o' Jto -,oT, the Rola,tarco pa."s o"'i.r... .. -They' A
tto the Ioatraro Mile Yelva Rampy. one fete; and the day following arts of.Europe. 'They c a.'.s '. .
t-to U' States:Saiurda-. ofthe rchersa..t Jl'der- it's Papa Nagib Sada ,. ered-a lot.of ground i -.
S' .- -, r "Ja uelmine T-urian, to-.celebrate his fete t .n very sho t "spa e .f 'tiite -.:
Hatian Delegation left WnurLidayto spend her --.0: .
,'Q m ic Gam.aeso studying Toda-is The birt1`dd ""y an '. "
miS .xtl.i i ts n0+ *.L_, ,itamaica knows about w vers f.of Capt Frit"' agg ten ofteat. ',au..'-'
Sis week... l tci'iion. Brierre, chief of the Traffic voy Restaurantis lea
PSresidet 'ot -- 0 Depat ine' t of the Police h tad'r- the io' .l
.FA.. Mr.. e iRo'rEt Gardere wed o... 0t bet 'amayin e e
ior GepraWl of Sla XiGgston Wedneasda. There wi! -be a tatIl ..c a Ms
eg get Bck at La Plantaton Jean.
.- ,l ,,e ..on. -. dothei teacher spend- .oda to celebrate the ad
.': ,- oig. her: summer .holidays days of.'IMrs. Elie.PDan anda .ter,1.,. s-x ekso da i,
S" hoo' a e ie -abro Mile Forruda Gue AMr. fi' Ades whose fete r
Se oo tacl4ere, Vs e r" II Guery flew to io falls tomorrow. ... *and' s d 'ak 'e onn
:- ., g -' s a a w uy-' .. 't ... ...-. oCu,,:
Qiehec, anada, today.o- B'aij e. Thu'da M"le;, M,,, and made a thorough tour teir.soinlF
i .. ciucaion mne -r Thur~sday T16U e Miaelle d|th- :. .s- h
summer hoidat. Desvarieux celebrated her o.fhe ,u from *
:F-.anT. In; Mexico the Wan- '1
C 9trh birthday anniversa. ku e shon aound
Gen --i'5" -- 'A-r. --. I ',
eal 'of' the .Carible, Air .Bob Laraque of PAA the town by the'UJriclk D'p h.hi,''o
omi;. mand, Brigadier Gen- Clipper 'argo is taking his the dirtor of the a vier 'family. .Mrs-' mW.a i
KdEmle C.Kis expect r action net e. He's journal ,Noul"le Ab'ie kum. is e former Simoe. g nd pe
to. arrive Motiday oi.a uenbsire t Priice t ten an ers
S tang 1jto "tBuenbs Aires is to mariy Puul Benir cic, Treimanr of Pott a. ceapaigihn.
3d. -ay, courses visit and'- and' Rio:,. he has aiision '-milkman, 'at the Sacre Coeural a
d "' r so "- .Mr. Fe. agelucci of e e
s pectthe U.:S. Air Missiin .nRio..tofind outt Wlat Ausr t-h. Mr Felx A f d' al
tmre.. 'He will be .accpm- do the do on a rain night ugust Cap Haitien flew to the smileas broade
Sp-nldd by Mrs. Kiel in hids in Rio, Lulu Dreyfus daughter States, Saturday. d, t Ing
: B'17. .n O. .-. Lulu Dreyfoss,' daughter ie arTa,".,o
D t' al ,g : '-. --:0:- of' Rene Dreyfuss. onetime .-:0:-. : cild b
---::- L .. Marcel. Gentil went to New popular topic.of the Well known local: mer- York Friday to receive me- is going to continue her asc at. Mile Francoise Bo thd m .I
fChnt Ernest. imon few dicil trlatmenhc or an in- education in Jamaica this lveras Ipar Wednesday s
Iw lf his wife and son Ernest fied- leg. coming September. night as youthful and grace ".
.., to Kingston, Jamaica, --: ful as the .best were Mr. and.
yesterdayy : m Tuesday Miss 'Joan Schrie A part hasbeen sefor Sydney Marks f P roun '.
r, ver of New Jersey conclud- Tuesday night at the home- rinle .and New YorLk .h.
ed her visit bf a month .w;th of the. Philippe Brun in Sy ney expl.ainsit sply .. ....
Miss qlBuffy" MacNeil of Perionville. The hosts will he was dancing with a'. ..
Tete de L'Eau. Monday a be Bunny and Peperte Brun. .dream, that happened to /be'
luncheon in her honour was -:0:- his wife, the former Pahimi,
given. "Joan loved Haiti Wednesday Mrs. Jean Lu- Goldenberg.
i and wants to return next ciani went by air to Rome, -:0'
year. Italy Mr. and Mrs.- Albert
Hill, the Hasco Hills, are.
i leaving (or Miam.i, tomotr-

Nail-maker' _, ans .Bert.-W
S t. .,.. "h ..Ri :-.,." *-. '. hol"o is wife are flir Ahk
a. TAE: 4. . -t :r Germay, Otell'

M" .- "" ... .- "."


'*eW trade agreement French goods to Haiti and
1rwance- and Hlaiii also provides a. major mat-
1igned LfaturdaLy.. July liet for the sale of one of
:diltting *Ar end-to long our basic "export commndi-
.i igaioig over the. ties. A, million dollars
of,.the 1910 loan worth -of coffee is-expected
..ritg .he *ay for a- to be sold on the French
'1 export of Hat- market. '
I e French In addition, the trade
- reatv settled the 30-year
:4 after, agreement, fight on the quesioni of pay-
:after .t ree years ......
ago-n-s,..Was signed
.. M M.-Albert -
rt .of...o For-
-. 1 .,

dI linister.,

igned In,.

'"'.na-'D ]
h"F3 ,.enr~Ain

sh --sanMlz-M I s"B--

t-%11A 1. L .. .fN., .r-. "* j.. ..y.. .
S' ame and the trade pact' 9 a.m. so noo-n. 4i 's
ing the 1910 French loan In could ni'o be carried :out. cellency rectied asdemaie
1922. The Haitian Govern- It wasn't until three years of his AMinisterikl Cabinet,
nent, having received a ago that nqw degotiatioas members of the Haitian Le-
loan from the United States,, got underway. Our congra- gislacure md Courts, Gov-
offered to pay the French tulations to those who car- e-inmeni 'funcrionnaries, lead
detr in franc-papier. But ried the'ralls rtroigh to-a ing ,clergymen, business. and
rh e French Government highly succesf il- .coneld- -labour ..officials and friends
would hot accept such a pay sion. *.2 ,i as' well as representatives Ef
ment, arguing that the' loan the Dipomatic Corps.
must be paid in franc-or Progralfi&t6 1.30' p.m. Special radio
(.old i. The question was Preslalt "TprQra$i lines dedicated to
more or less ironed qut in a* Pre 6 "'is 'Ixcellency were given.
commercial agreement sign- 7 a.m. Government ,4m- Political a n d Social
ed in 1937 re-iving Franco- ployees of offices on the Ex- grbtbipt 'f. thA pit01 -
laiciaA trade. BuM the war position' Gouns :.attended -
a peqi.al .mss in the Expp- 54 0)'.m, tlniugagitictl ti
siuon Chapel to piray or Patl E Maglaire StadfLum.
-fi' B continued hbgeaenly 'lfoEc-` 7 p.'m. Firewtorks '"d6-
lion of oun-,Chief of .State. place. Balls hi-'the WIorke
S8 a.m. The' PresicatM. was Quarters: .-Public Merry-
isaluted by .4'EP.residential niakjng; Free 'Moving P--

io you'iveu MU der thte sh -lh'

I. i

' ce? '- i f The -T aitian-traft pact in ile office
^Imp't". "di o Ab4her^Efh4p, Secrfiy of foreign Relddtns



,,-, .. ., y ^ .' "

i Obt nabl tifro m c Ist .
. Mahufacturet bi Ilerai. C'. iemc ' +a "c-T li 'i.
Distribqtors.jn 't.ii.--t .P-WO*LkD RAM iG CO., 6.A
S' V. '\ . :w- 2, '---:- ,4- ^" "'.. . i",'."

.. -'A

.- l -S




It dThis product is o'gen,.r purpoise.'.1ft 'or idif-
ri nor and exterior use. It combines dPrbilitry anid.er
manency with economy. The paint 'is radd .from da'r-
4,,b e pigments -and- oils th ,'krigy gro d, b"y m

n F0 TAe e 'eIeT'BIReTY YEARS a

L .,"- ... ." ..
1 .& 5 "* r -. : j. . 4 .., . ' '
.- ,:.];^ :..' ;"- ** *- .-7 " *' ( ..

5- . '* *
-. .- -. .." " . ..." '. , "' ."
.-.:. "' .." ". ..: ..,. ... L.,, : .'. '-", ?C t' c ::
. . " " ,' k -_ , .' '.,- % .; .F -. .+ ,, .: ,; t. ,, , 'P-.,-


=.*. *~*'~~

S-.DAY, JULY 20th
.S UT-TXiAY, JULY 20th__________


* L ,- .-I r-'er, r n. 11l, 'I a ranij.,,
j .'inol ta-ent ..'e Ia i
',:," i' r f .at nir'ilp fi
lti ,. I|.' -- *r .i ,,l n jld i

li 'lirs-

Social Welfare

Starting tomorrow the
,Tuhberculosis Control Bu-
,eav is offering free B.C.G.
accunacions against Tuber-
culosis in the former SHA
pDA Pavillion in the Expo-
g'ition Grounds daily from
three to five p.m., Satur-
'ays included.

Parents who have not yet
ad their children vaccinac-
d re urged to do so at the
earliest opportunity.

aIn a message to Haitian
iniochers and fathers, L
JMatin comments:

'was discovered by I wo M. A
French Doctors, Calmette and prc
and Guerin. in 1922. Since at the I
that date its use has spread Monda3
rapidly through the entire States
world >as it proved itself up adv
both safe and medically ef- cial We
ficent The countries which versiry.
were most reluctant to use awarded'
the new vaccine when it the Ha
first was put on the market stituie.
(the United States. Ger- ton, he
many and Russia) are the book e
same countries which now lion iH
are using it with the great-
est enthusiasm, seemingly
to make up for lost time. Prizes
Not content with merely
advising BCG vaccinations,
N J'.,r

i You -know how great certain governments. make ..
be mortality rare of tuber- 'he vaccinations obligatory. 5 p.cm. c
.losis is in this country. It It is a wise attitude ... a le- cises wil
' the disease that you par- gimate one in the eyes of dates ol
icularly fear, and with rea- community) leaders who are lEges in
on,'-because of its ravages, determined to protect their Haiti in
iecuse of the difficulties of people from the ravages of ofnthe Sc
fectively fighting it. Your 'such a fearful enemy. But Under es
Ancestors thought -and isn't it better for the people of Pres0
nany still believe that it themselves to be convinced g lore.
a a- supernatural task to of the usefulness and neces- handed c
Fighb ',against this illness. sir) of the Vaccine ... and .O ung
flap il here in Haiti a, come voluntarily to receive centists
ell as in many other coun- injections )ers and
fies.L.people are little by
t ile, learning the fallacy of "It is what .ou should In Paris
hiis -error. T. B. -can be do, Mothers and Fathets.
ought, fought wih success: now that the Vaccination is
must be fought.. The offered generously to all. It Dr. R
ask is an easy one wheu the s a imperative duty for dying Ca
population cooperates. ou to have your children on a s
I vaccinated, It is doubly sad has just
here i a safer me- for a mother or father to 5ear of
There isn asar merealize that his own negli- marks.
hod of fighting a conta- Qence caused the illness or more 'ye
Miqus disease than by keep- even death of his diilmren French
aace from making an ap- through T. B: Have your turning
|arance. In order to keep young ones vaccinated with knowled
ople Ifrom contracting out delav! best aish
B i i neces~af9rn obid

: their resistance against
ie microbes of the disease Fete
iat are carried in the air
Lat they breathe. Infants. W
pecially. need this protec- Elias
on. And it is the Vaccire birth
GG which will give it to the f

TThe BCG (which stands
ri Bacille Calmerte Guerin',

up f





ne Duperval
irdiology in


special scholarship,
finished his first
work wnh high
He will spend two
ars'ol study in the
Capital before re-
to apply his new
ge.' We send our

More Prizes

wednesday evening Mrs.
Cassis celebrated her
day in Kenscoff with
imily. Friends popped
rom -Port an Princc tE.
Georgette a happ)
day and stayed for a
r game.

Prizes xill be distributed
to star pupils of Notre
Dame de Lourdes today at a1
programme to be held at ::
o'clock this morning in the
Rex Theatre. Parents and
proud relatives, please at-

er Bureau, la
'ssor of Philos
cke of Cayes,
for the U
tere he will
iced studies i
are at Howari
M. Buteau
a scholarship
an America
While in Wa,
opes to public:
ides ,Notre

Friday, July
I be held fo
f the different
the Univers
the Amphit
hool of iMet
ne high patr
ident Paul E
diplomas wi
ur to Haiti's
Doctors. De
. Pharmacists

We use only the best American
.leather and -rubber heels "
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hg'.3:n.: ,'-.. :

Rural Police
Secretary Mauclair Za-
iwyer phirin has announced that
sophl the Government will soon
left submit a plan to the Hai-
Inited Lida Legislature calling for
take the reorganization of the
n So- Rural Police. A Rural Code,
d Uni now in preparation, will be
was submitted soon to the Coun-
p by cil of the Secretaries of
n In- State.
shing- Students
sh his
Vocal Three Haitian students
a finished their scholastic
work in Paris this month
high on the list of Honour-
able Mentions. Roger Ben-
janiin received certificates
in sociology and psychology.
25, at Max Chancy teceivid a cer
excr- tificate in sociology and
r gra- Marie-Lucie. Chancy -won
t Col- hers in French Literature
ity of and Modern History.
theatre Movie Star?
onage Guest at the Hotel Ri-
SMa- viera for the past three
ll be weeks have 'had a wonder
future ful time feasting their eyes
ntsis, on another guest, whose
Lan -. maiden name is the same as
the famous Academy Award
winner and Theatre Guild
star, Margaret Sullivan. Rea
son for the eye feasting: -
the Margaret at the Hotel
Riviera is the image of the
* stu- other Margarer .., even prei
Paris tier.

Well Made Haiti ..

* The eHaiti Sun'. reci.
a fascinating book
week a copy of the first
Geography to be published4
in Our Republic. The
ern printing plant of H-iaisi
Deschamps did an e'rellena
job. The book atd-
cively bound in green'
ers became so interesting
we burrowed our nose iti'10
and brushed up on numer-
ous bits of natural pheno-'.."
mena we had forgott"cg;
since our own school da.'i
It was written especially foir,-"
the youngsters of Hait-by"-
* Paul Moral, Professor it4tei
French Institute. l -

A companion volumne,-O i-
Algebra, also is worthy '-of'
-congratulations as an excel*'
lent printing job. However;,i
we must leave it to the er -V
perts to speak of the co is*
'tents. After one horrified M.
look at those columns of ins-"
lexplicable (to us) fornulas,."i'
we just heaved a gentle sigh .
of pity for Port an Princ
students who happen to be,,..
as utterly devoid of"mathe--' i
I matical notions as we are.
Frankly that. Algebra book;
terrified ua. But i re .t .
told it s really te slqt
pie forp r ent
* scholastic popularioth',- '
fervently hope so.

'" -o \ C'est pourquoi -dans le monde entier,

i \ de plus forts tonnages sont transporteds

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2040 2130 -
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" Also see ...


(Continued from Page 1)

Haiti sung the Presidential
and National Hymns. The
National Flag, the Olympic
Flag as well as the banners
of the countries taking part
in the international foot-
ball games were unfurled
before the reviewing stand.
Monseigneur Le Gouaze.
Archbishop of Port au
Prince, then blessed the Sta-
dium and the standards
which linked Haiti with
other nations' in the Olym-
pic World of Sports. The
Guides and Noellistcs sang
fo u r moving selections
,"Evocation a I.f Patie",,
,Noire Dame tie la Joie),
1 Veni Creator it Benedic-
tion,. "Appel a In Jcu-
At 6 p.m.. the Olympic
Torch was carried into the
*s-tadium which was then of-
ficialls declared open by
General iM'agloire. The
Olympic flame had been cur
ried in a 150 kilometer ma-
rSthon by 5,00 young Hai-
tian Scouts and Sportsmen
who ran in relays from
Cr&te a Pierror to Port au
On its arrival, the band
played a fanfare, bonfires
were lit, fire balloons were
launches and planes of the
Haitian Army Air Force,
droning' overhead, rained
down flowers on the crowd
of spectators. Two small
girls presented the Presi-
dent with a huge floral bou-
quet wishing His Excellence
a BQnne Fete.
Speeches were given by
,the Committee ot the Hai-
dan Federation of Football
and a personal message was
'read to the crowd from Mr.
A. Brundage. President of
the American Olympic Corn

r The Olympic Salute was
gisen by Haitian Athlete
RolandCasseus, and Andre
Chevallier delivered the "A
Propos., Denise Perrus and
p Charles de Caralogne por-
trayed La M1us el le Sport-
meln. Also appearing on
Sthe Programme was Lan-
Following the luaugura
ion ceremonies a reception
Swas held for top dignitaries
and Government officials in
the reception rooms unde
i the main Gradd Stand.
At '.30 p.m. the tirs

match to be played on the
new' football field began
with HaitiPand its tradition-
al rival. Jamaica, fighting a
heated battle as the ,"Haiti
Sunn went to press.
Other matches scheduled
for the coming week are as
follows :
A new schedule has been
arranged as Venezuela will
not artend.
Today July 20 at 4.15
p.m.. Haiti vs Jamaica.
Wednesday, July 23 at
".30 p.m. Jamaica vs Haiti
Sunday July 2" at 4.15
p. m. Haiti 's Jamaica.
ineather permitting.

and Claude Etbhart for their
sound design and consjruc-
tion of the arena which seats
20,000 persons. The light-
ing is the work of Engineers
Rene Moravia and Andre
Bellegarde, who also receiv-
ed praise.

(The ,Haiti Sun" is bor-
rowing a custom from Ame
rican ,Metropolitan newspa-
papers... writing a story of
an event before it occurs.
Such action is necessary
since our Sunday Edition
goes to Press early this
week because of the Presi-
dent's Birthday Holiday.
However we would -like to
point out to our indulgent

readers that we were unable
to outguess the weatherman.
Therefore our story stands
correct unless it rains, in
which case the Inauguration
Programme will be held on
Sunday evening).

Members of the Haitian
team are:

Lacossade, Kerby. Dieu-
donn6, Desince. Bonaven-
rure, Dorceans. Alex Andre,
Marc Elie, Guillaume, Des-
rosiers. Jacques.
S ,-

A cable from Caracas
Thursday announced that
the 'enezuelans were nora
travelling. As to why the
Venezuelan team is n or
participating no further
information has been re-
The entry fee for the
matches is one gourde for
bleacher seats and gourdes
for reserved seas.
However it is hoped that
a great many fans will pur-
chase the season tickets thaLt
will enable them to have
seats in the Tribune d'Hon
neur for all the matches of
the '52-'53 season. These
tickers may be' purchased - '
singly for 20 dollars each The Seats: A view of the section opposite Grand Staud
or by a group of 10 persons .
for 15 dollars a seat. a li f umlty Cement at
A large sale of- these abe Lowest possible cos-
son reservations will dos
much to encourage the F.H. ALLEN & BAUSSAN :
F.A. which has incurred a .D I T
heavy debt to the National offer their
Bank of Haiti in building A
'this new home of the -Na-
tional Sport of Our Repub--
in appreciation for their
efforts, the Government prel
sented aHonneur et Me-I
riten to F.H.P.A. President'
Lr. Alix Pasquer, Secretary -
William McIntosh. Treasur-
er Joseph Volcy and Coun-
cillers Marcel Prezeau. fils
and Antoine -Champagne.j
Felix Baker. Director of the S.sT
Bureau of Sports was also N
decorated during the Inau--
guration Ceremonies by Mini
iscer Joseph Charles.
Saturday) July 12, the$
President paid a pre-inaugug
ration visit to the new Sta-1
s dium in company with J IN BAGS OF 42 1/2 PORTLAND CEMENT
rnumbe of top military and STANDARD -HYDRAULICKgs NET 6 PLY
r government officials. A t OFFICE: MTTC BLDG. EXPOSITION
that time he personally con-i Port-au-Prince Tel : 2387
r ,ratulated Architects Pierrei

-I -r -^" 5T5WP ~SeSHOES C


O S S - --
:,. .;- ,-"-

'.- ........:.....:..... ..:. . .. _'. ". . .. .. .. .........irc


. . . . - ini"