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Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."
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Fo ing o, er the 1: ion of 3A ips: Ministers Charles,

120,000 Football Stadium To

nauaurated On President's Fet

'he 120,000 dollars Foot-
Stadium will be inau-
ated next Saturday night
* 19th, on the birthday
:President Paul E. Ma-
re for whom 'it was
ied. This being an Olym
'year, it is fitting that
ancient emblem of
rtsmanship the flam-
torch should be used
3art of the inauguration
oy Scouts and a delega-
Sof athletes from vari-
parts of Haiti will carry
*Olympic flame fron,1.2
ze a Pierrot (the Fort
sre Dessalines licked the
nch in the Artibonite) to
Stadium where a week
international football
.ches will be held.
Iopnseigneur LeGouaze,
bishop of Port au
hce, will bless the new
lice which holds 20,000
Ole and took 12 months
ild under the direction
architects Pierre and
de- Etheart, Electrical
ers Rend Moravia
1Edre Bellegarde in-

stalled tbe 80 flood I
oT 15,000 warts each v6
will provide the illun

Editor Jean Magi
Breaten Up Tues

One person has been
rested b) police invest
ing the brutal anqck r
upon Jean Magloire. 1
day evening. The editor
a small Port au Prince
paper 'Oedipe suffer
severe head injury an
fracture of his right
when he was set ypon
group of ten men who i
ed in the shadows at
entrance of his home,
old Paul Anson house
the Rue Pavee.
Magloire's description
the attack is as follows
Ia was -returning t
home around eight o'
Tuesday evening, when
individuals assailed me
reached the gate. I ma
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_, *.-- ._. --_- lY inj^/-V ^3L. I NL_ YYjr"/-tI" I ". '" *'- .,,
au-Prince Haiti SUNDAY. JULY 13th 1952 No. 42 :

Half Ton Of Maps,-Charts, Preset

To Haiti By U. S. Officials

The United States of Ame On July 8, 1952, n th

veying the heretofore un- PERSONALITY.
charted areas of the ,Re pub _-0 .e F'H:I
lic with the ultimate aim o td OF THE W0EEK A, ;,:;
producing data for accurate ------
maps and charts. Theapro
gramme is being carried out M\fr. and Mrs. Jean Cqwr;.:r x.
by the Inter A.mierican Geo- haire arrived in Port .ai
detic Survey under hhe Prince last week-end for a
terms of a bi-lateral agree- month's stay', giving i ~
meant signed by Haiti in an opportunir) to' wdlcoq..lp .
194". Similar missions are back its favourite teams
being carried our in other anthropologists r ,
Latin American countries. -The .fe ~iiehaof
team. .Sauadne Sy
'' e ooy Cmm iar ts frona one,of our- -l.'
Hotel Boy Colum' illustrious families.
SSuicide ther. Georges. Sylvain, S '
,,r. Mr.o,,, FRtSuicide T aert h notedelawyerstatesa
Ethe art, majorr Cox, Mr. Folsoml a Hoted lawyer, statiesmab,' Ji
and nationalist leader dui -.
e tion for Haiti's first night For 14 months Oscar Exan ing the days of the Ae :Z
football field. Incidenrally, cus worked as a house boy can Occupation ... i,. ::
the lights were tested last at 'the Hotel Champ de ion to being one of' ii1A ,
e week and worked beautiful- Mars. He was a good work most important poets. ilt
y. providing another sight er but he had troubles that four daughters and- ''.
to point out at Boutilliers. often kept his dark face cast sons have all received 'IA'
ights Marches are beirig rrang- in a meloncoly mood. Oscar nation in scientific .or
hi ed between Haiti and teams shares a vice that has been ar fields, most of h a '-'
jma- from Jamaica, Venezuela, the undoing of men far'big- (Continued oA Page 3."
Colombia and Spain. The ger and richer than he -
ir latter team- the Ath!etico gambling! And like M:ot i At A
JIre de NMadrid are now on 'gamblers, Oscar alhays be- Sniping At f
day tour in the W:est Idies. lived that' some day he *Dea ly Kill
y (Codingsred on Page 4) continuedd on Page -)

iga Mr. Fraser Returns To Haiti With orf te Tuberculosis alitreai'f i..
ade o r Hairuttig Bagail ium in Haiti and a- I d :!
ueonder01 Haircutting galley 0 trhe 10 year battle aguinas
ir of the ravages of the disease,.
news held a press confer ce 1.e7''
ed a nnesday morning to alez r hij
d Iour Rerter udde country, of the dangers
arm I) has been transformed in- -- tc s 'he deadly killer.
by a to a "Man of Disrinction
lurk- .ou can put down his well- r He reporrednihat 10 .o- d
the curried look to a petit ple out of every 100 Joithe~
the bagaitlN he received re- I esi class has tuberculo-
e on cently called STA NEET "is. In the middle class, the
a bagaille that soon figure is 5 to 100 in the up.
n of nill go on sale in the per class, 2 to 100. Seven-
: ending stores of Port au ,. een out of every, 100 hos,
Prince. Briefly it is an in- pital deaths are due 't t",
my genius little gadget enabl- berculosis. And dedil. e, .
clock inR any individual (even a ". :" aminarions of school. :
two child) to give himself a neat dren have revealed nudi -.,
as I haircut or trim. We first Mrs. Fraser visiting Hatli jius T. B. cases amogtz. *.t
nag- beard of it several years ago for the second time with her .\oung. .
'4) (Continued on Page 16) husband, uses a .Sta-Neel (Continsed on Pge 1 .

-N. .. ._.. ,* A-, "
Z,. . '. '., .

: .Pa.e ,HAITI SUN
Page -----

.: SIDA ANTHROPOLOGIST. qualnted with through his cal, ethnological ai
R S HTI I RES publications -on archaeolgi- cal anthiopological
SHAIT ITEES cal subjects. Haiti seems to and to study count
be a logical area for re- groups from the
Search, the Professor added, view of their kin
o The head of the A b- since such men as Fisher teams, social orgt
ropology Department aitand Melville Herskovics. etc.
Flidea v.State Unaitivrsiy Northwestern University so- The 33-year-old
... m ade a v to Haii last ciologist. have already done who is a member
e dribbean area. Hale G much of the ground work dozen leading Sciel
CS bb. who stopped at he and outlined many of the
;. Sithi who sropipd ar e basic problems. Herskovits
:-. Majestic Hotel in Porr-au- author o
.Prince, said he represented -is e authr of th le,,,
: his University and the Carib / &" write after he ad ied Fl
bean- Institute while doing with and studied the rei-
a bit of reconnaissance to L dents of 'Mirebalis.
find areas of future research __
L; b." inh his field. -"it is our Dr. i didn't hae lIf Haiti is chosen for fu-
p, he said,. that such ime didi Il ture research,. Dr. Smith.
ipe e ad tat uch Jo ho apr g. r thac ne
research will. be fruited in said, ,We hope
olving various Antillean nould be able to obtain the
p' problems.n Dr. Smith said Haiti b- Mr. Kurt Fisher. cooperation of the govCer-
h?: e was invited to come to whom he had become ac- ment to conduct archaelogi-
,F'_..._'___ ,.

t THOSE VISITING U. S. WARSHIPS smack in 'the middle of "a
long voyage. She was 're-
tired, from service and
<:' *'our Reporter got his submarine. nhhre the crew went to live a sedate life on
old sea legs back for several lives in shoulder-rubbing shore nith one of bte oldet
lours. last week-end visiting companionship, sharing cren members who received
..'. i U. S. warships in the 'every inch of available his discharge. But you can
or-auPrince Harbour. A 'space. The men are a cheer bet that Annie'missri he r b
i,. fer tucking away a na\y ful lot, especially selected Odax. and the Odax misses
Ssized. luncheon ob' the through nar\ tests to stand Annie. Bur. after all. a
U.S.S. Quincy as a guest ot the long f grind of "sub- sub is nor exactly equipped
SCaptain Lucius Chappel, he merged, existence. Sub Lt. ro be a canine materniry
..-was taken on .a conducted John Jensen. a handsome nard.
tour of the Cruiser that look blonde Annapolis graduate
.i-:-d like a floating hotel, corn from Iowa, told the story Captain Chappell didn't
i.:'4dke. With. soda fountain, of Odax Annie, the female have much to say about hi,
'. barber shop, post office and dog that used to make the fabulous exploits ai sea the B
4.1dack bar. The big arer(c training trips with the sub, sank 53.500 tons of ship-
i,,eck. was covered with sun: living as part of the crew. pmg during a seven month -- ..
i rig sailors .who. were She carefully would show stint in the Pacific as Conm--
*ii.inly',proud to be aboard. up at the dock. always pick- mander of a submarine in
.Another proud group of, ing the right submarine, World War H). But he did .
4 -. salors, were the crew mem- and pop down the crew's talk at length about his YOU
rs of t he Submarine hatch, never NE\'R mak- crew and their problems in
i O. ; dax. a Your Reporter was ing the error of choosing finding recreation during
asi.it taken aback at first the officer's quarters. She their trips to visiting ports.
.en ,qfter a lot of bending 'enjoyed her trips at sea im- Captain Chappell said
i:1 dibor closing, he enter- mensely and -would often that before the Quincy and
.' .'the forward compart- return to find a whole line- its four companions eIft the
b tit.of the Sub and found up of her bos-friends ait- Guananomo base in Cuba
'eain have as their -bed-; ing to greet her on the pier. for its courtesy isit here, a
lNslows big 20-feet tprpe- Thar was the undoin of Chaplain and another offi-
Ailslive ones). But that Andie'and her na\al c reer. ficer fle to Port au Prince
t seem to bother the The, Executise Officer on by air to arrange recreation
4'. yiiderse4 sailors in the least. the Odax put his foot down for the crews during their
.r'The camaraderie one finds when .it became obvious .say.
BiC '-the old sailing.ships that Annie -ou4ld base a As this will be a regular
",eni s to be increased in the t Blessed Event rig it r ib1ert port for Gua3e.-no-
: '" mo based ships. the Captain
tO ".,-; '-- -'--- suggestedd that perhaps some Batteries
" .... specific form of health>.
IP A illIo' sports or other pasrtime be Fan Belt
S. scheduled for the visiting
Sailors. The include mian Spark P
ardent basket-ball players
This sovereign Whsky who yearn for a good fast Brake Li
S possesses that distinction game. Such activity would R ad
of Bavour wvich will clim not interfere with shopping Radiator
your allegiace from ihe Grc ip. expeditions or sightseeing.
.: Incidentally. during the The Firetore n
1a UA wIeek-end the 2.000 men tires. In these o%
ID l ll-HLBA ND from the five ships spent an needs for car, tru
SUEEN average of 20 dollars each for the same lhi
r rUEEN in Port au Prince and envi-
I" rons. That's 40,000 dol-
SCOTCH WHISKY lars ... a neat little boost to
S Haiti's businessmen.
_ T sr...... .............
"O. Dt-llern Leith Scotland Thursday Fernande Ron-
Ditributors: General Trading Co., S.A. nefil flew to the States

., 3_:0:-

id physi-
point of
ship sys-

of a half
ntific So-


cities, did not do any ac
tual research in Haiti on
his one-week stay, buLt
hopes to return later. He-
has previously made an.
aerial survey of Persia and
done archaeological work
in Panama, Mexico and
various areas of the North
American Continent.




-- '


Can Depend on


"s .

ram is world-
highest quality
her automotive
ck or tractor, you can depend on Firestone
h quality.

es ton



Personality Of The Week
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raining international re-
Yvonne Sylvain became
S'one of Haiti's first women
doctors and is now a noted
child specialist.
Madeleine Sylvain Bou-
cherau. a sociologist, cam-
paigned so ardently as head
of Haiti's Feminist League
that Haitian women now
have the vote. Madeleine
later was awarded a post
with the United Nations in
the Rights of Man Division.
Anne. a third sister, has
just completed her Anthro-
pology thesis at New York's
'Columbia University.

Pierre Sylvain.. an inter-
national authority on agro-
nomy. has a post in Ethio-
pia with the F.A.O. And
Henri is a French Professor
at Fisk University. the not-
edNegro College in Ten-

Dr. Jean Comin

has enabled many young
men and women from Haiti
as well as other countries
to comp!eie thdir profes-
sional studies abroad.
S Dr. Jean Comhaire speaks
glowing) of the two Hai-
tian students, Jacques Cal-
Lxte and Anthony Phelps,
who now have U-N scholar-
ships in chemistry at New
Jersey's Seton Hall Univer-
sir'. where Dr. Comhaire is
a member of the faculty.
The shy. quiet-spoken Pro-
fessor is too modest to speak
of his own achievements.
haire But it is plain to see that he

joined the ,ree Belgian
Forces and later on served
,in the Belgian Congo in a
government post. The move
to Africa was an excellent
one from the point of view
of gathering material for
anthropological studies. The
Comhaires plunged eagerly
into three years of research,
the results of which wete
embodied in two books pub
lashed by the University of
tape.us. u -- "u ru /t NU

Capecovi Ccrbau Na'
A third brother, Normil, t.,e Administralion in Afr
earned a reputation as one ca,, and tAdaptation of the
of Haiti's most brilliant African 'Youth to ULba,
poets before his death. Life.)
Against such a back-
ground, Suzanne managed After the war, the Corm-
to make an outstanding .haires went to Oxford Uni-
name. for herself in her versity, where Jean was.a
own right as one of the member' of the research
first Haitians to compile a staff of Urtield College.
wrirten record of our rich But they managed another
store of native folklore. trip to Africa where they
The tall, bright-eyed scien visited Nigeria and Dabo-
'tist found-a man who shar- me), When Jean received
ed her deep inmerest in ra- his Doctor of Philosophy
cial traditions and mores Degree from Oxtord, the
- Jean Combaire of Brus- couple returned to Haiti as
sels and in 1936 the cou- members of the research
pie weremarried after Su- staff of UNESCO then lay
zanne had received her Doc- ing the groundwork for its
ror. of Letters Degree at the pilot project in basic educa-
Sorbonne in Paris. Together rion. Part of the couple's
the newlyweds completed extensive report on the Hai-
their anthropological train- tian peasants who were to
ing in London and then receive UNESCO aid was
came to Haiti. published by the UN in a
From 1937 to 1941.' Dr. pamphlet entitled "Making
S'Comhaire taught at the a Living in the Marbial Val
Ecole de Lettres and ran the ley., In the same )eai.
Caravelle Bookshop. where 1949, Mrs. Comhaire was
Haitians got their first op- appointed head of the Hai-
portuniry to buy English tian Delegation to the Inter-
and Spanish books and ma- American Assembly of Wo-
gazines on the 'local market. men in Buenos Aires. Late
SMrs. Comhaire taught at oo, she served in the Social
the Institute of Ethnology Affairs Office of the Uni-
during this period and sen- ned Nations and now is in
ed as Supervisor of Schools- charge of the fellowship
for the HFaidan Govern- programme of the Techni-
Sment. cal Assistance Administra-
In 1941, Dr. Comhaire dion ...a programme which

'Tw[ BDreot to _liani by

enjoys giving others the op-
portunity to make the most
of their ability. In addition
to his other duties. Dr. Com
haire is Secretary of the
Overseas IStudies Center of
the French University of
New York..

Folklore Books by Smainac
SComb'aire Sl/taiu
Le Creole Haitian 1956.
les 'Conies Haitiens irno
\tJlumes) 193".
Qulquces Contes du Pays.
D'Hairi 1938.
Le -Roman de Bouqui

Jamaican Specialist Here

The Chairman of Jama-
ica's Yallah's Valley Land
Authority is now in-Haij
comparing notes with the
planters of the Art[ibonir:
\';. Projec,. i-iugh Mitler
is \itally interested in the
huge irrigation programme
because, in man\ ways it re-
sembles the xork, that has
been underway for the pasl'
six months in Jamaica. un-
der the auspices of the Ja-
inaican Department of Agri-

The Jamaican specialist
called the Artibonate Pro-
ject "magnificent" and pre-
dicted that the Valley would
become the richest region in
the country. He is also vi-
tally interested in another
piece of rehabilitation woirk
underwa) in Haiti thel
UNESCO basic educati-mn
project at Marbial. Mr. Mfii
ler plans to return to hi'
homeland tomorrow.

Ekke Lemke of La Belle
Creole "a perdu, the bottle
of Scotch (Grant's). His fete
fell June 30th ... his name
is still in the hat.

z a







--. ---LO ILL... .. -- -

I -.

S -.
"c' -A


1b. 4 |hurA,. copped -i'h
1':L ,:n IMle -ip Ir flcund

I" P.' ere .reqrd .
,l ,. in-S o od.
erer. d a9 on lop eL rro>.
s "/o u.; 11 rqahed.

Iqc. 1.ln*,n o Ib d h Jp.-
t,"il rl,.l -ll' a o.
-nchll. er ~lol,



Preco aBek-Rippers. which ehfiv.pro4
effective on straight blade bulldozers iAbbl
up the ground for easier, quicker doz1ing.n .6W '
available for snglin blade bulldorere
A he photo above sows, the our' k
Ripper housings are welded to the "C" r'm
C aterpilar Diesel tatora. making the RIptergs
saly etive. rrespective of the ahgleof the

Preo Back-Rippers have been n use or t

whe in building pioneer roads, cleaning landchi
ritly-of-tay in gravel pit operatipps. slate mhreeLul ,
iz. coal strip mines, mounted on pushwrca tow t ft j
faster craper loading, for logging Oipeatlona :.ad
many other uaes Quickly intalled on moist
and angling blade bulldoMsai "
many- o sPa


IT Co. S. A.

* ."-*'

For Information see Aget ROBERT E siion Stand No 7 P Box 22. Te 2167
For Information see Age nt ROBERT E. ROY, Expo sition Stand No. 7 P O. B ax 228. Tel. 2161


, i


a.g. e ." .. -.j

a SWued from Page 1)
iJld come -into his for
elayinB ajoue zos took
meager income and
Af i he owed to a
if eJ ople. His debts
t still Lady Luck
to siale upon his
ble.or. .
pt Oscair couldn't resist
1 rattle of dice and the
I ght that 'This time,
be.... The dice must
Ss spoken to him louder
j is conscience last Tues

day afternoon when he.was
given 20 gourdes and told
to go out and buy fresh
fish for the Hotel's evening
menu. .Dinner time came,
but Oscar did nor return. At
9 p.m. he walked into his
quarters, spoke quietly to
his fellow house boy but
made no mention of the
fish money.
A shore time later when
his woman arrived at the
Hotel. she found him with
a bottle of Clairiu and one
of 'Kola ... crying sadly to
himself. She begged him to
go back with her to their

ar ... the click of the dice cb4es wil
7 e 0 l

:'* '?- i" .
Do you know...
:.itit next to water tea is the world's cheapest drink--
t'd of course LIPTON'S is the best tea
You you can enjoy

corridor at St. ,Anoine's,
which he did. Bur he re-
refused to' part wth the
Clairin. Shortly before dawn
the other houseboy at the
Champ de Mars was awak-
ened by Oscar's foud knock-
ing on the door. But when
he went to open it, Oscar
was no longer there.
He was found a short
rime later hanging from a
tree in the back court, a taur
rope around his neck. Be-
side his lifeless feet were
*the bottles of Kola "Cham-
pion, and Clairin. A short
cord dangling from a part
of the porch of the hotel
showed that Oscar had made
two attempts to write a
permanent solution to his
troubles. The firsr attempt
failed but the second didn r.
The click of the dice cube's
will torture him no more.
Mile Marie Chenet. Sec-
reraire au Dept. de I'Iae-
tieur celebrated her fete

S Word has been received
from New York, that Alan
; Beson, former Editor of
the late Port au Prince
Times was recently married
in New York Cit., to a
New York girl with her
feet on the ground.
The Vic Abyars are ex-
pecting "twins.

Henri Sendral christened,
his new house in Bourd6n
Monday evening. Monseig-
.neur'BeUecq and Pere Mar
chand blessed the new resi-
dence and the traditional
house-warming followed.
S First Secretary and Con-
sul General of the Domini-
can Embassy, Luis Euseblo
Hernandez is in C. T. on of-
Sficial business this week.
l torture 1 --0:-
.Yovane Simon. the Gro-
cer, is off to the States to-
day for his health.

News for the "Gour-
mands,, on the cricken sirua
tion will appear next week.
Incidearall) one of Hai-
ti's most successful manag-
ers of a modern chicken
farm Mme lean flesnil-

120,000 Dollars Football
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Tickets will be on sale at
the Stadium from Wednes
day on. Ticker prices are:
General Admission: one
gourde. Reserved 3 gourdes.
Season tickets from' 15 dol-
'the one gourde Inirety of
a new Srudebaker car wirf
be drawn on the 20th July.
Thursday morning the De
partmeot of Agriculture es-
corted a group of journal-
isti to the Arribonire Val:\ c
to visit farms in the trca
of Bellanger and Marnn. es-
rablished through the Agri-
cultural Extension Division.
It gave the newspaper re-
presentativei an bpporrun-
iry to take a first-hand look
at the progress made in
Haiti'. battle to provide
nourishing ( food for rit
crowded population.
Madame Cecile Joseph -
the-talented interpreter ol
the Fire Dance has once
more joined the rariks of
t h e National Folklore
Troupe. Visiting tourists
overheard by Your Report-
er found her graceful play
with flaming torches one of
the most intriguing things
they had ever seen, And Ma-
dame Joseph .is expected to
get as much enthusiastic
praise when she represents
laiti at the forthcoming
Folklore Festival in Porto-

Tuesday sill mark the
end of a long session in the
classroom for the genera-
tion of school-going Hai-
rians. Certain sch-ols are re-
viving the tradition of hold
ing Theatrical Fetes and,
awarding prizes on die final
day of the school iegr. Bui
prizes or no. the small fry
are looking forward bliss-
I-..l| . ,

The proprietors of the
closed Minerve book shops
have been given a month to-
put their business affairs in.
order in Haiti before being:
deported a s undesirable
aliens after Communist lit-
erature had been found: on
their shelves.
Thursday afternoon the
Guiseppe sisters and Robert
Zanasco were freed from
their prison cells under the
authorization of Govern-
me nt Commissioner Al-
phonse Racine. Then, accom
panied by a Justice of the
Peace they were taken to
their store on the Grand
Rue which had been sAlted
since the time 'of the police

Aoeve Alb Fombrun
ithe plwoud winner of this
weelk ,Graqt's, Scotch
Whiskey award. Alix cele-
brated his fete Thursday
evening with *he family and'
friends ~ aMd the bottle of
"G ant's.n

Each week the ,Haiti
Trading Co. S. .,, local dis-
tributors of Grant Whiskey
give away a bortle to a per-
son celebrating their fete
during he current week.
The name is drawn out of

-for iui to tneir well-earned the hat in the c~
-i b.^for _ron. has just received a vacation eve ednesda
SWHOLE MONTHS scholarship for two months eve ednesda
from of trudcy at the Universit' of
i The very charming pouil-
r) breeder will be able to G
dancedd training oki! I
he latest techniques in
i,,--, chickens for sale to-
discriminating diners _who V.i .S
2* -- ,^refer mear instead of mus-H tCINI
a Agnscle. Her establishment in D nERW N t U
'.' '.Agents : Petionville has already earn -
i Ha ii Trading Co., .A. ed a notable reputation for O
,I" providing imported breeds
*of poultry that have been
Raised on a scientific b'sis.

unn office:



a U EI

uanala Heralds

Melle. Turian Arrival

July 6th:
By Nan McKenzie

A'dark-haired girl of 22
with a beautiful smile is en-
chanting a good many peo-
ple on the Lakeshore. She
arrived by air from Haiti
last..week and this Monday
took her first troupe of day
,campers out to the Lakre- ..
shore \T'CA camp site. .
Jacqueline Turian is a di- --
rectress of Haiti's first kin- Kindergarien Directress
dergarten school. She is in Jackie Tutian
Canada to learn -how the
Young Women's Christian mddern red opera pumps to
Association works with a plip into the many-thonged
-view to helping establishing sandals. The blue denim
a YW branch in Haiti. frock is worn with a red
Very earnest about her bandana around the waist
work (she is a-member of over the flare skirt. A match
the 'Women's League in ing red bandana tied in the
Haiti, striking for women's back crowns her black hair
privileges), Jackie is a viva- and long-looping brass ear-
cious girl. There is a rh)- rings complete the picture?
'dhm ancd vitality about her with several brass .bracelets.
-that puts across her enthu- Canadian w-omen in the
.siasm. country near solumnious
Her manners are exqui- aprons, sometimes slacks.
-ite and her charm nartral. Haitian farm women wear
She talks brighly and easily this outfit. There is a
about work 'and country. great -multi-coloured stran
Her .french accent lends a that's worn in the sun and
flavour as lovely and exotic measures over 20 inches a-
as the bright native clothes cross.
she loves to exhibit to.Cana- lackie was bur in Port
dians. She is about. fi\-; au Prince and finished ,I)
foot-five, of supple figure;, cee" at 18. She spnt t-wo
round -face and gteat'brbwin %ears in Paris amending The
'eyes. Sorboane .liniveriit) and
One of the dresses. -she living wird her adnt Her
likes best to wear is whbte mother waned her to get
-with red emhroide'r on the the best schooling and join
wide collar and big pock- the teaching staff of her
ets. The embroidery is na- school. Dj-ring those two
trie hand 'work. Small si- .ears the pretc) young Ha-
sal bags with perfect hand tian learned a great deal of
-work fuIther advertise the poise and ,chic, besides
art of her countrymen. The that already learned under
native costume, worn by the her gracious mother. She
-women of the countryside, saw Svirzer'and and It.l!
means a complete change thoioughl) during that time
and Jackie kicks off her and took particular inieiest


A ~ d

ENGRAVIN w narme


7. 'f.


,.I SMBE Eit _

Sntar a. 7-e aous .r e
2 TEr..: 2 6 4-&

IS -r agage gy, / A o|in"~aio awfreC rUS o'i
/f -me s. aI i
A&Hi40 146O COiIIoMN 5O BAtD7s&u''*'01M


in the former because her
grandfather was Swiss.

In Paris she washed dish-
es daily for the first time in
her life; not because she
was pampered, she explains,
but because of the economic
nature of Haiti. There arc
few industries and so many
Servants are employed at
very reasonable wages. Her
mother's home bpd several
good servants and although
she sometimes bakes he-
cause she wants to. Jackie
does little housework. -But
I know how, mother saw
to that." she laughs. Here
in Canada, as a dinner
guest, she is swift to snatch
up a dish towel and dig nto
her hostess' pile of washed
dishes, without invitation.
After the Sorbonne, J-c-
queline went to Brooklyn,
New York, to study foz 3
months at the famous kin-
dergarten school. This visit
led to her first introduction
ro the "Y,. She spent rwo
m:anths at the YW'CA da.\
Lap 'in Bear Mountain.
New York.

Back home that fall. she
opened- Haiti's first kinder-
garren under the wing of
her inorher's school. She
started with 20 children.
-Tver manrh. enrollment in
crei.led until at the end of
the term her class numbered
50i Exuberant and proud
she returned t ro' the Ujnited
Sates tin teach at the kin
dergarten sc-hool where she
had been a pupil the year
before. She learned more
and bought additional equip
ment, so that last year, at
21, she was Able to open
her ovn school with five.
teachers, four helpers and a
Sistring doctor. She open-
ed with 100 children on the
enrollinent list.

The youngg directres ha,
parents' meetings with edu-
cational m o ies every
month. She also has month
ly parent-staff and person-
nel meetings.

Jackie is proud of her
5(oungsteas' (acc mplish-
ments. She is an active men
b.r of the Episcopilian As
sociation for Handicappec
Children and last month 6(

.e f

of her kindergarten pupils invited to a CaadiansM
gave a play at the school to CA camp this summer
raise 300 dollars for the will attend Canida's
handicapped fund. nal Council fdt"
YW this summp. Two
"They have such a won- international officers (qi
derful sense of rhythm," from Central Toronto YW
says Jackie. "Music is sec- visited Jacqueline's couty
ond nature to them. You last year to investing t
give them a few lessons like possibility of a i.
this iclap, zing, clap of the tcere. Two of. the iee
hands) and they swing right in Miss Turian's sch i
into a song. I teach them attending YW camps,
French songs and simple in Jamaica and one- in ew'
English ones and specialists York. This will give,'-.
visiting Haiti are surprised substantial help as. sB
at their quickness. But in back to start a Haitianl:
Haiti, children hear music on the road to estab
from the time they are ba- ment.
bies. Every Haitian mother
.sings to her infant. The o...
shoe shine boy goes down .. '. .
the street with a triangle To- F.A0. Firh S
which he strikes to call you, D.
and sings a little rhythmiic '"''
chant. Labourers building Y. .
a house will join in song. He has no They even bring in special -His vice
song leaders for crop plant- Is nice. .'
mg. The beat helps th b Just fish
worker do a better job and Hiswish.
keep it up much longer be- Carp
cause he does it with rhythm Rhymes with harp .:"
and because he is happy Tilapia
nhen be sings. Everybody What could be happ Ti
in Haiti plays some insrru- On earth if not4 rihieav
ment or sings." Than a dish .'' -
She ill reach Lakeshore Of fish.
day camp girls iher group .;:
is about-12 ,ears of age) a HO R REN A;
few French folk songs such. H .E FR
as "Frere Jacquess as part.
of her programme thi sum- a o'q fi
Smr. ... : ed pin ...a
S-r bay. Enquire ueracat rd
As a -member of -Haiti's ing Co. .
Women's League, she was -

Don't Buy a Car
Don't change
First look at what





The most familiar

Car on Jhe Haitianl roads..

A"- C
"------------111U1~ kJ


: Turkey Theif Ends Career

With Bullet In I he Head

S~'At 2 am. Thursday morn
jag, Detective 'Celestin Hu-
iteit stopped short on his
rounds of die St. Antoine
district to question two men
"vho viere hurrying down
'sheroad with heavily load-
ad 'baskets. When question
.ed about the contents of the
ipaiers, t h e y announced
that they were filled with
empty bottles which would
go on sale in the -market.
-uc- Iletective Hubert was
1ncit.wling to.take the men

at their word. As he made
a move to verify the men's
story, they dropped the bai-
kets and fled. One of them
managed to escape, but for
the other, death awaited.
The detective halted his get
away with a bullet in the
The baskets contained,
nor bottles, but seven tur-
Ikeys which were brought to
khe police yard where the)
strutted around awaiting
their rightful owners, How-

1F NewfQueen Of The Seas

"..kln 1851, when the Ameri- 24 min. at sea (a steamship'
van paddle-wheeler Pacific running rime is figure
Asset a record for the Atlantic fronr noon to noon,. sh
crossing, steamboats .could averaged 34.11 knots -- a
,.barely exceed the rime of a compared with the Qnee?
,':st sailing- vessel. The Mlary's. average of 31.13 -
Pac#fic's time: 9 days '19 and covered 696 nautica
r. 25 min. She was the_ miles. The next day, de
,Bst U. S. speed queen spite heavy fog which torc
mince her day, the British, ed her navigators to rely on
'the Germans. the -French iadar, she increased her
iaad the Italians have held cpeed to 31.6 knots, and cov
the. Arlanric records. Last ered 801 miles, the grea'esr
.week,' a century after the distance ever traversed b% a
.PacIfj's run, the new su- ship in 24 hours. On lier
P;rlir.1F0i)d Stales raced, third day out she vent even
,st .atd'cthe AriantiC froia faster, averaged an astound-
ewaSork. .ing 36.17 knots almost
- V,.. .,:

m* km...
~: r


.-..... .-
bie "VUited Statesi, the new Queen.

..:seemed almost a fore- 11 stature miles
lfle- conclusion that she Shortly afrer
4bi$ exceed the.mark of 3 morning, her
ays.20 hr. 42'min. set in sireh burst into
M38' by the Cunard liner .roar: she was
ruev MAby on the run be- Rock. 2.982 mile
ern `Ambrose Lightship -brose Lightship, ,
*and. Bishop Rock on the ing of only 3 dal
tbthwest coast of England. min. She had
;,t. merely nibbling, an 35.59 knots, ha
ur.o or so off the record 10 br. 2 min..
?liwoa mmeana- little. Ships mark:. The. Qn
siike ;the Lusilania and the skipipr, ourwa,
:I,0old Mauretacli had guaran- sent her a sports
teed a 4'2-day -crossing in sige: -Godspeed
S, .arIy.;4900s. The No' to tht 'ilantic.
seii d.and'the two-British ing my chief eng
wQ had cur- it- to four the new ship's
days in the. 1930s. If she 'skipper, Commo<
-a: worth the-toil, treasure Manning: mI've
Time ir had taken to more speed up m
mrztI her, the. Unsied States we were just cru
to, come significantly The 3'-day cr
Td i'w6 airline time. acruality, and a
e quickly showed that steamship travel
I-S. capable of making gun.
I. her first 20 hr. *TI.ME,

5 ...t .,. s%"

that ni
cued fr
port th
the nig



rumour got around
ne turkeys were res-
om the fleeing vaga-
Lnd it is amazing how
people turned up at
headquarters to re-
e mysterious disap-
e of nine gobblers
ht before.'

Of "Figaro"-

Visit Haiti

The noted French author
and editor, M. Max Pol-Fou
chet will arrive in Haiti
the end of September for a
one-week stay. Thanks to
the cooperation of the' Paris
headquarters of the French
Alliance, our Port au Prince
branch has arranged for the
sponsorship of two or three
lectures by the famed writ-
ter and editor of the Paris
daily, Figaro. The French
Alliance is also taking the
',occasion of M. Pol-Fou-
chet's visit to give its an-
nual Grand Ball. October
qth has been set as the dare
for the affair which will
prove to be a highlight of
the social season.

Carroll Gets
New Paa Post

James F. Carroll, station
manager at Pan American
World Airways' recently
deactivated St. Lucia base in
the British West Indies,
has been assigned t o San
Salvador. El Salvador, as
assistant station manager
and technical maintenance

Carroll, a native of Fort
Worth. Texas, has been
with Pan American for six
'years. joining the company
as a mechanic's helper at
Miami in 1946. He srered
as. chief mechanic at Por-
au-Prince. Haiti. for a year,
leaving there early in 1951
to become a station mana-
ger trainee in Miami.

Later that year he served
on a relief basis as station
manager at Montego Ba5,
Jamaica. Nassau and San
Salvador, spending three
months at the latter station.
He was assigned to St. Lu-
cia in March, 1952,

The Dejean Choir gave a
stirring performance last
Wednesday evening at the
Rex Theatre, offering their
ever-growing army of en-
shusiastic fans an entirely
new repertoire.


Hepiotal Chapel Sunday Mass at 8:30
a. m Sermon in English.
Sacrd-C~uEa Sunday Masses at 4-6-
8-10 a.m.
Carh..dral Sunday Masez. at 4-5:30'
St Gerard (near Olomfon) Sltday
Ma'.:ei 5 30-7-8-30
Sr Jea. Bos-:o Sundsv MaIaes at 9'
a. rr.
Chapel orn h.e Expoion- grounds.
MNTas at 9 a m.
Sr -P, rre, Pijuor.-\'Ld. 8, 930 a-.m


Holy Trr,t, Cathedral
400 u m Miaw French
bUO a.m. M.ls: French
; 00 a. m ISI_ Engiush
-J, -irn Mi; Enih
Eimhsrn Chati.- Sunday Mass at a
m 8 a m u-i French
Altrk.'.-a Rue de Is Revolurion Ser-
.ice l ;i a.ro.

Des pneus ., .

1. E

L -. I A,


an hour.'
5 -thd nest
a jubilant
Off Bishop
s from Am-
after a cross
's 10 hr. 40
id knocked
off the old
een Mar y's
rd bound,
naulike mes
. 'elcotne
Am sack-
ineer.m Said
dore Harry
still got
I sleeve -
tossing was
new era of-
has be-

July 14th.

C ,

PS i-1 r~




SGr6ce a leur'
Sculpture ,

les Pneus
vous assurent ,
un freinage superreur

\. :^ '







Page 7

MOM Ask For

l 'Jane Barbancourt


------* --- -- -

e n a so SAVE TI ME


P.4RIJ- I/6

Gorte Deslandes
Curio Shop FAC TOR
Rue du Qua; 5 ?.
For "
Local Handicrails
Splendid Mahogany
O ol ~l l m.. o omP+gl m
A -t,

Still Produced by
the family -


SINCE 1862 ;

'Jane Barbancour'


Couple wish to rent a
furnished home in reside-
tial section of the city.
Please contact the ,Sun,- of-
fice on the Exposition.

4 ^' fiI

s,-. | to

TEL 32?P4

Beaurifull) f u r n i shed
house for rent in Petion
1,lle. SuLitabel for Diplo

SS4a, .



;. .


Page 8

After Ten Years

Ten years ago the historic
north shore, which witness-
led Columbus' discovery
'landing in 1492, was a
sleepy, neglected watering
place. A few small guest
houses .were scattered about
Ocho Rios, pivot of the re-
gion. Otherwise, mile strct-
ched after unending mile of
majestic if barren seascape.
In the past four years,
however, the north shore
has filled up. It is a popu-
lous area of enchanting

P.O. Box 985

bungalow smart and ultra-
modernistic in design. Most
of them are owned by
healthy winter residents
from abroad. Some of these
owners bear handles to theu
names. And like a proud
mother hen presiding over
her chicks that stretch for
miles to the east and west
is Tower Isle. the fabulous
resort that has sparked the
north shore's growth since

Tower Isle has just under
200 beds which make it a

Tel. 3494


or any other place in the world on :
Luxurious Super-Constellations Of
or any other airline -

See Us Today For All Your Travel arrangementss !

large hotel by Haitian stand breezes come down "from
ards. But ir has the type ol the land side to cool the
'exquisite, romantic beauty area.
that makes it unmatched as So what happens? Each
a vacation resort in the Ca- bedroom has louvers set in
ribbean. its ceiling through which
Here you get the accent the trade winds and the
on the unusual. You get the mountain air pass consrant-.
first when you open your .ly. thus maintaining a fresh,
-yes in the morning: break- comfortable temperature.
fast on your own private. This advantage is unique at

balcony, porch or patio, a
convenience that's provided
with every room in the ho-
tel and at no charge for
,room service. In fact, there's
no charge for such service
at any room.
Then the unusual begins
to multiply as the day ad-
a\nces. No matter whe-
ther you want to use a sail-
boat or a canoe, or swim in
the ocean or the salt water
pool. or play tennis or in-
dulge in archery, shuffle-
board another lawn game.,
they won't let you paJ a
cent for these recreations.
Nor do you pa) anything
for even horseback riding
or the use of a bicycle.

Bealing The Heat

There is no admisiioj,
fee for the mos ies. no coc-
er charge or minimum for
the floor shons and danc-
ing on the Marine Terrace-
atop the hotel. You could
sit there all evening awth
just a glass of water in
front of you and enjoy the
dancing and floor show and
no one will hand you a bill
for anything.

The only thing )ou can
pay for while at Tower
Isle besides the moderate
hotel rates are the use of
a cruiser for deepsea fish-
ing, with a competent guide
of course, water skiing.with
*or without instruction, and
golf at the Lpton Country
Club, four miles south of
To'er Isle.

Tower Isle and, as far as is c
known, is not duplicated
anywhere else in the tro-
Is it any wonder that a r
holiday in Jamaica and the ,
name Tower Isle have be-
come synonymous terms to
denote the last word in
comfort, relaxation and d

Shorter Notet
The Haitian Government
is sending an Army plane to
take the Jamaican football
team on Wednesday to Port
au Prince for the triangular
i with Venezuela) football
tournament that will mark

he opening of Stadium Ma-
;loire . A Jamaica 'scout
onEingent is paying a two-
week visit to Haiti about
he middle of August. It's
he overseas troop of about
20 who will make this new
contribution to developing
Haiti-Jamaica relations on a
irm, friendly footing ...
And Jamaica is to get a new
onstirution in January that
vill take the colony much
tearer to home rule. But
'II have to tell you about
hat in a future column.

Castera's Maternity

Dr. Georges Castera's
comfortablee and completely
modern 12 room Materaity
:linic is at your service.
rhis up-to-date.clinic is lo-
:ated in the same building
as the Pharmacy Castera,
opposite the Telegraph and
Telephone Building. Call
21 1.



.0*-0 e.......q And are the rates really
l moderate? Well, just judge Agentsi TRANS-WORLD TRADING CO., S.A.
for yourself from these fi- I R S
gures: from now until Dc" He A qua-
Scember (when the winter V . . X .. I' ,.- ':,K %
Siseason begins) the) range 4 !.
from 10 dollars to 1"' col- Superior Establishments Use Superior' Air Condi-
S the slogar lars per day per person Ame
I the slogan rian plan. And for .this tionners. You gt this Extra Quality when you
of)ou get a cuisine and ser-
of the Grants is ice that makes you feel Buy
like popular royalty.
exemplified in ,nd is it hot this sun WESTINGHOUSE
j Lme$r In your part of the I
Sn ar in d Well. you don't
he unvarying notice its summer at Tow AIR CONDITIONERS
.r Isle. For Nature pro-
eXCellencI% ides her ownir--condiuod- Better Designed
h w i singk. The tooling northeast Beer Desined
Sthe whi y trade mindss b'o constant More Carefully Built
Sv from sunrise to sunset.
IThey bmidi away all oippres- Installed by Exper:enced Engineers
9 sive humidirn insects and .
I pollen. So the hotel needs Westinghouse deliver morecooling effect per Do
WILAM GRANTS& SONS LTD n DiSTILt.u OTLj.VK neither screens nor glass in deliver more cooling effect per oar
HAITI TRADING CO. S.A. any of the windows. At I
S. -- .nights. the fresh mouatai i :n.s.tE.e:da` .r- :* ;:Q -: :.::>a.:.






. ~-~


--- By Artist ROBEL PARIS
No. 5

!., My very first teacher in
oil painting was John Sloan

courage me he would
fire his earthy philosophy at
the class like pistol shots ...
and how perceptive and
poetic he could be too -

... that was a long tune ago m% spirit soared.
Sand I don't care to say how Mr. Sloan please take
At that time there were a
:-few sincere painters in the l-,-
"States who were very much .' |
against the conservative i
Academic school with their
Spearly grey still-lifes of deli oer.
- cate Chinese vases and fans, "Nature is what you see
Sand their careful highlights plus what you think about
Son bulbous forms. it ... the artist forms con-
Sloan though the real cepts of what he has ob-
.:.artist found beauty in cur- served in nature ... there is
mon things, and preferred s r6c a thing as looking at
Daumier to Sargent. He was nature too calmly. without
: really fed up with their excitement ... the artist
; sloppy sentimentality, and must get a kick out of some-
as a reaction no doubt, to thing before he can crate.
'their dainriness be would "Good art cannot be de-
ixpress himself vert blunt- fined because such a defini-
Sly, often shocking- the stu- rion would have to include
Sdents with his plain talk. the word -Begury, ... peo-
SSome, especially the girlS, pie have written volumes to
Should leave the clas; in define this word and I
tears, often not to return can't beliee the books
Sbut Sloan knew these were nould have been so long if
i the people without "guis" they had found the defini-
and-would be better off do- ion .. but Art is the result
ing something else art of a creative impulse deriv-
was not for them; '' ed out of a consciousness of
I don't recall receiving life.
any painting technique from "An artist i in contact
this teacher he seemed to with animate and inanimate
like the fresh spontaneity nature he sees the desert
Sof my work and always en- and feels the great creative







Her Majesty a0~. f of"


Scotch Whisky

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LAJAT & CO. Distributors

hone: 2'93

Petits Croquis

de Grands Peintres

"Time" & "Life"

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97 Rue du Centre
P.O. Box 1086 Pr



spirir of natural forces ...
he can project himself into
nature about him ... he can
look at a cat on the back
{ence and feel as that catr
Feels, and in a sense, know
wbha that cat thinks. The
artist does not have to ex-
perience to understand.
While he is the custodian
of life consciousness, never-
rheless he remains a specta-
tor. He mtaintains "a spec-
rator's attitude toward life.
Ar generally comes from
liking things but it can also
be the child of hare or'dis-
like. Hogarth's work is an
example of that. Many of
his pictures were a sort of
diatribe, tirade, on the man-
ners and ways he disliked,
and yet if you liked the kind
of life he is portraying in
his sermon pictures, you
nill find that he hasn't
spoiled it for you. In the
series of i the "Rake's Pro-
gress" he takes you behind
the scenes with players in
their dressing rooms, smel-
ly. dirty places, but such
jolly places to be he gets
that over in spite of his
hatred for that sort of life
which led him to draw it.
The artist paints first ol
all for htmsell, but the \er
next person he paints for i:
.the aesthetri consumer. tbh
person who is equipped tt
enjoy and appreciate ht
Tma\ ha\e a taste for a num
ber of kinds of art ... he de
vores some time to pictures
studies them, gets acquaint
ed with them pictures ar
like people. you get to knot
j rhem through long acquain
ance. ,Most people thini
they understand a picture
when they recognize t"h
subject. A consumer of
work of art is different froni
'the consumer uf a boiled
egg: one can consume a
work of art and still ha\e
A man who owns a work
of art is nor necessarily an
aesthetic consumer ... the
buying of a work of an
comes from tremendously
different motives ... Few
bu ers buy because they like
the paintings, but because ii
leads to a kind of social suc
cess. There is no quicker
way of finding your name
in the papers regularly that
by starring a collection ol
pictures. Another thing, il
you buy several pictures yot
can write a book on art .
it makes you feel like at
authority, have culture.
Some people buy art as at

investment ... the man who
owns a Rembrandt has some
thing with more value than
any other thing in his pos-
session of this world's
holding, a vital work of art
is an investment more se-
cure than anything else,
Sate perhaps gold bullion.
The real collector of art
buys what he likes, lives
with the pictures. discards
some and bu)s again. The
price of a picture is no indi-
cation of its worth. You
can buy a top notch contem-
porary painting for the
price of a second hand car.
or a print for the price of a
few theatre tickets.

There are some artists
ho are too much apprecia-
rors of the finished product
of others to be able to cre-
ate themselves. It brings
-about a kind of' interior
complex that prevents the
creative spirit from tunc-
tioning ... suppose I knew
all the creative art in the
world. I would think, what
is the use of my painting. I
might bate an idea, a con-
Scept that wanted to come
out. but with all this admire
Srion of for the glorious
things that all the creative
s minds of the norld hase al-
Sread) produced. "w ha t
o would be the use of my do-
e ing anything. I'll stack sau-
" cers in the nearest cafi.',
SThis attitude has stopped
* many a sensitive artist at
* the beginning of his car-

t -And again on the aca-


the name for quality steel desks
The handsome Globe r'in.lcke Sireaml.ner lat lop deak illuslraled gives you
Ihe loil "ord .. emrA.cer. periorr.an. plus a honst ai eye appeal. In 66",
60", 55 aod 30 o mnee. e.ery execul,.e or general office need. Formed
I:noleum lop -.th .-,ioded edle o:surcs ample ok.nr area for speed.
efficiency. and r(o.lorn I r e ..i-h square edged lop. Screw glides in
Ihe smarl sand baoes e adiu.,lobi hot.-. 9 o 3~011'" l mee a our indi-
.;dual reai.re.-.enrl Or. .1 )mu prel.r dek: may be t killed wilh graceful,
tapered legs. F.r: hei-aee.n. qrai, g.o.ned nr.hoaany. or grained Ameri-
caon .alnui.. Come ... a.-' ie Icr ycurclf VrHf Ihe Stiearm lner is "lhe
dek for lo dav. Wrile or plne ut lor ir'e .lHnlroled c'rclOar.
Agents :
The Chamber of Commerce Bldg.

demies :
oWhen you ieter one of
these institutions you get a
musty whiff that old
cathedral smell here aFe
the habitual art students
yearning to draw, and being
praised twice a week. A
charcoal paper with c bro-
midic smudge on it results
from a week's work with
chamois and stump. The
people ho made those
drawings were once inno-
cent human beings, people
with a desire to be artists.
Walter Pach in his book
,The False Artisr) did a
great deal to expose the art
schools and the artists who.
betray their noble calling:.
since we have to speak well
of the dead. let us'knock
them while they are still

Students worry too 'much
about originality. The em-
phasis on original, indivi-
dual work in the past years
has produced a crop of ec-
centric fakes and has carried
art away from the stream of
tradition ... tradition is our
heritage of knowledge and
tradrion we i can't get
al6ng without it. The
French school of painting is
the only one that has surviv-
ed in a healthy n-ay during
the past two hundred years.
With regard to other schools
we are always speaking of
the an of the past."

So I thank you dear teath-
er for writing -my article
this week.

S...w n ... n


L @@Kr o





Main Dining Room CLOSED During Rainy Season.)

Terrace and Bar to Stay OPEN
i Serve Luncheons and Sandwiches.

S... .---------- ----
'Sp o 0 0 0 ,enO. O O O O O O OO~--m 0 .uPI" "A"o'uD






Under the same Management :-
Ted. Roosevelt

Wishes to advise his many friends aad the Genera,
Public thar the


The REFUGE completely rjiuenated is now equipped
with Flecrricicy. Hot and Cold running naer etc. Can
be reached over an excellent road in any rype of car.

At 5,700 feel de ,REFUGE, is 4
- - 'n. -,-- - - a- -
Monday Wednesday Thrrsday EveninJ


" ,, -* .. ; I ** *"
ILB_^e ^14^C

atmte 4ft 4vee

Op en To You ... Ever3 Day
And on SUNDAYS bring
%our Bathing Suits -- swim
- dance and select your
music from a fabulous
record library !

Almost 5.000 Feer. Almost a Mile
Above Sea-Le el
I from Port-au-Prince

R-... -- REFRESHING Drinks, Lunches and Dinneri


a N^e~f ^.tefi~ ,------- ~--- ----- -- --
S Aux Orchidees

Ssma! piece of delicio.- All Rooms with Bath, HOT Water, American -
Cbrcolae laaoerhte brians French Cuisine, Swimming Pool, Tropical Gardens
relief overnight. Pleasan:,
effective . that's and SUPERB facilities for entertaining large parties

----- --- ------------ ---------------------,




Charles P. Browning, as-
istanc to the publisher of
he Chicago Defender was
h Port-au-Prince last week
o make final arrangements
or the arrival of the
Queenn of the popularity
Antest now being run by
iis newspaper, the largest
Vegro Daily in the United

Guy Douyon, director oE
he Office of Tourism, is
helping with plans to make
he "Queen's, sojourn in
laiti a memorable one.-
ihe is due to arrive July
'2nd. It is'the second- year
hat the Defender has offer-
ed a trip to- Haiti as the
Lward of its much-publiciz-
Al popularity contest. And
Mr. Browning reports that
he publicity has been di-
rectly responsible for many
if the newspaper's readers
deciding to make Our Re-
public(their destination on
their annual vacation trip.

Sniping At A Deadly Killer
(Continued from Page 1)

Haiti to the island's great
heroes Toussaint Louver-
nare, Henri Christophe, Jean
Jacques Dessalines and Alex
ander Petion.

This is Haiti in brief.
In addition to the three
trips to Haiti, there will be
scores of other prizes.
I thank you.
i11 11


A noted Cuban labour
leader and governmental
advisor, M. Guillermo Mes-
tra Fernandez. visited Port-
au-Prince last week and
paid a call on President Ma-
gloire Wednesday ith a
personal letter from the Cu-
ban Chief of Staie, NM. Ful-
gencio Bau'ista.

On the eve of his call at
the Palace, the Secretary-
General of the Cuban Fede-
ration of Electrical Work-
t-rs was the guest of honour

; Here is a letter written by a fete given by the
Mrs. Susie B. Goodloe, last Workers Syndicates of Hai-
year's first prize winner : ti. Thursday he made a
:. was delighted to Jearn trip to the Ciradelle.
that I was a winner in the I
.Chicago Defender's 1951 It is reported that M.
phicago Defende s 19 Fernander is about to sub-
-Popularity Contest. I can't Fernandez is about to sub
thank you -enough for the- mita plan to the Cuban
'-pportunity of w Parliament calling for the
pcan ortunityof winning.- tablishment of a post of
I cantrutfull ay t Labour Atac in the Cu-
the pleasure I have known, L Aa i th C
the please nni ave s ownt' ban Embassy at Port-au-
;f-om winning this contest
fro. rn t coe Prince. A great many Hai-
is one of the greatest things Prince. A great many Hai-
iich has happened tome tian workers go to our neigh
,which has happened to me bourg Republic each ear
to labour in the cane fields.
I wish that everyone of
ay friends could have shar-
ed this exciting and delight- .SITE OF NEW'
ful experience with me. UNIVERSITY
Every woman seeking
-romance must go to Haiti Rumours are circulating
o know its real meaning.,, in Port au Prince that the
Ir The contest opened March site picked for the campus
29 and will run for many of Haiti's new University is
r.xciring weeks through Boutilliers. That would
ilune 28, 1952. make it not onl' an insditu-

So, Ladies, this is your
chance to win one of the
three glamorous 10 day
rips to the isle 5f beauty
bat has experiences to offer
bu beyond imagination.
, Drink the jasmine-scented
eautv of the strangest land
n the ,world. Ride horse-
iack over mountain trails
vhile a smiling Haitian boy
rots along-side you, carry-
ng tropical fruits and cool
Irinks on his bead.
SIt was here that Colum-
ius, in 1492 founded the
first settlement in'the New
World. Here. too, the buc-
aneers brought their booty
nd women captured on the
gh seas.
I Here Pauline Bonaparte
cited while France lost

riol of higher learning but
one of the highest institu-
uion ,f learning in the Carib

To fight this grave situa-
tion, Dr. Roy called for the
Government, the Institu-
tions of Social Welfare,
'sych as the State Lottery,
and private individuals to
coordinate-their efforts in
preventing the further
spread of a sickness which
so lowers the efficiency of
our workers and is such a
drag on our national econo-

First of all, said Dr. Roy,
it is a question of aiding
the Department of Public
Health and the Bureau of
Tuberculosis control to
meet their obligations that
h a v e grown enormously
kith the increase in T. B.

The Sanitorium has only
100 beds and finds it im-
possible to keep up with
the requests for admittance.
Dr. Roy went on to say
.that sometimes it was oblig-
ed to discharge a patient af-
tar one or two years even
though he has nor been com
pletely cured in order to
save another tubercular wh(
is gravely ill. He points out
further that the limited
budget of the Departmen
of Public Health is not abl
to support an all-out cam
paign against the dread
disease. Here and their
dispensaries have a section
devoted to that task, bu
Dr. Roy says. their effort
are not sufficient to ware
off the grim toll.

Le Martin champions the
leader of Haiti's battle a
. gains T. B. in his appeal
for aid. .The newspaper
comments, ,the doctor ha
fought and is in the act o
fighting a desperate cam
paign against the air of dis
interest toward easing thi
human suffering. He merit
greater encouragement. It i
a question of providing him
with the necessary means to
organize an effective way t


has all the modern fioi andt
equipment to ensure longer lieAs
for cars that travel the roads of
tiaiti and the people that travel
in them...



carry out a programme for W U.!UUINI ".
the vaccination of those
who have not yet attained 7 Hope View Ave,, -
T. B. and to isolate those Linstead ],P 1
wbo have it. The gpvern- Jamai ca, B.'.
menr, we are confident. 25th June,' .
will lend its valuable sup- Mr. B. Diedrich, .
port to the organizers of Editor. "Haiti Sun. ".
the Anti-tuberculer fight Dear Sir, I .'
which represents a pro- I am asking you kindly to I-
gramme of far-reaching so- permit me a space in a col-
cial significance." un of oour newspaper to
publish my request.
I am requesting Pe i
Two MAore U. S. Friends from your counti- '.".
Scholarships Granted Haiti. I am not specialized." :: f.
The Aericnan a i an definite class, I am .
Embassy requ sting both girls atnl
announced that two scholarequ g both girs

sent undergoing trainingA in ing, and outdoor games, an.'d
laboratory techniques, bhas specially corresponding wt4. '''
been awarded a renewal o foreign friends to..chage -
e sboylh. I em nto'.. h.tse -i'

her scholarship. .thought on the different :.
ship. a ust bn gr coan tries we are living in.'- '
Mr. Raymond Gratia of Thanking you kindly, ".t
SCap. Hairien has been award for considering my request.,
ed a scholarship providing I eam, .'
Sfor a year of. study in an Yours respectfully,.' 'ti
i. American urversi William McArthc' :

eAM ROYALTY RIDING h IGH--: .- r '. ,

A ritzy ram wearing a the Wairarapa district "'.
- -,500 dollar price tag is New Zealand. He has been
Traveling half way around -purchased for 4,500 dollars..
the world, with a 14--day by livestock interests ta ..
I sop-over in Honolulu. Buenos Aires. fuy, '-$
r He's Leedstown, an 18- The migrating bluebloo '
Smonth-old two-tooth srud is making the flight to.hbia.-
Sra, who is making his hops new home from Auckland,-
by Pan American World New Zealand,. by. way. t
Airways Clipper, with de- the Fiji Islandas HonoliuPVV'.
luxe treatment all the way. Los Angeles, New York4dd' a is '
A boxed lunch of lucerbn Miami. i
Shays, chaff and peas has been During his' two week- '
packed for him to munch visit in Honolulu, LeIs
r on during the trip. town will be the guest of .':
S Leedstown. who weighS U. quarantine officials os
f 22 pounds, is a native of
- '- *: *is making hops ne* ome from Audrdae .,:.a-.
SPan American New Zealand,. by
s iNr ORDER TOO, Rh de- the Fiji IsORDER TOO 5 L,
Sbod lunch of lucer, ..ia.mi.
cked for him to munch visit in Honolulu, '.'
.Leest:n. nho aeigb, U. -. quarantine offirSK ..'

r -



Rue'du Qaui

Tel: 3770 or 3118 !
sctm] a -r: .vasje,:a -::; :ce- sa w q ~"awr cS .I.ees


''Modern and Efficient
otoe $r .Jmr
a I j@

-A-YJUY1t-T------ S-N" Page-1

Pam 1.,








r ,':..
??*" "*

1 History
Dr. Price Mars, Mentor
Idj Laurent, Dant6s Bellegarde,

: ." :-


I4 Education
J. D. Charles. Mauclair
Zephirin, Dances Bellegar-
de, Marceau Louis, Moris-
seau Leroy. Antonio Vieux.
5) General Sciences
Georges Cadet. Lucien
Hibbert. Rulx Ldon.

Over one thousand
Guides iGirl Scouts) from
rhirry-six different coun-
tries will attend the British
Girl Guides Association's In
international Camp. which is
being held at Hall Barn,
Beaconsfield. Buckingham-
shire, from August Ilth to
August 18th. Countries that
have so far accepted the
British invitation are :
Australia, Canada, Cey-
lon, India, South Africa.,
Southern and Northern Rho
desia, the Bahamas, Ber-
mud4a. Barbados. British
Guiana. Cyprus. Gibraltar,
Hong Kong, Kenya, Mala-
ya, Mauritius, Nigeria. Nya
saland, the Sudan, Tangan-
yika. Belgium. Denmark,
France. Greece, Luxem-
burg. Norway. Finland.
Sweden, Switzerland and
the U.S.A.
In. addition. British
Guides who are resident in
Egypt, Germany, the Dutch
West I n d i es. Tripoli,
France and Turke), and
members lof the Polish
Guides Association in the
U. K. will be present.
In the past, Guide Asso-
ciations overseas have sent
composite delegations con-
sisting of representative,
from different pans of their

150th Aniversary Palcide David, G&rard -Lau-
Committee rent, L. E. Elie, Luc Dorsain
vil. Edmond Mangones, T.
SThe Commillee of Organi- C. Brutus, Lorimer Denis,
gatio for-the Fee celebraL- Henoc Trouillot. Carts Pres
Sg Haiti's 150th Anniver-- soir. Clment Lanier. Jo-
ary met Monday afternoon seph Jremie. K. Fisher,
...ethe Legislative Palace Louis Maxmilen.
under the chairmanship of 21 Theatre
.e Secretary of the Presi- Dominique H)Ippoliie, lae
*daacy Mauclair Z6phirin. gerhunger. Reno Villejoint,
'They named a dozen Com- Franck Jeanion.
Sisisonds made up of audho- 3) Letters And Philosophy
"iiies in various fields to Iuc Grimard. Mauclair
.* Iok out a detailed pro- Zepbirin. Thomas Lechaud.
i.pramme to make the Anni- Jean Bricrre, Alorisseau Le-
versary Year an outstand- roy. Dominique Hyppolite.
.i ig success. Roussan Camille. Richard
The various committees Constant, Felix Courtois,
contain the following rem- Roger Dorsainvil. Antonio
-.ers : Vieucx.

fort., consisting of a nu-
cleus of British girls apd
patrols from different coun-
tries. These groups will
then work indeCpendenrly of
one another. Each patrol
will demonstrate to the rest
of the group the methods
used in heir own countries,
and all t-he countries have
been asked to be prepared
to do something typically)
national, such as handi-
craft work.'dancing or cook-
Most of the overseas
Guides will be staying in
the United Kingdom longer
than the period of the camp,
and hospitality has been of-
fered for the girls to stay in
British homes for the period
of their visit.
The Girl Guide Associa-
tion was officially formed
in 1910 by Lord Baden-
Powell, but it is known that
the Guides had been train-
ing themselves 'before this
Time. The Chief Guide of
the jorld is Olave. Lady
Baden-Powell, the founder's
widow. Today. there are
over 2V2 million Guidei or
Girl Scouts throughout the
world. The Queen and Prin
cess Margaret have been ac-
tive members of the move-
ment since childhood.

_________________________ ii-

6) Law
Walter Sansaricq, Domi-
nique Hyppolite, Adelphin
Telsor, Raoul Rouzier.
'I Medicine Hygiene
Rulx Lion. Carts Pres-
soir, Louis Maximilien.
8S Agriculture
AILi Large. Claude Pr-
val, Georges Cadet, Andr6
Dumelle Fredirique K&
9) Army
Antoine Levelr. Alcide
Duviella. Louis Maimilien.
10) Public iWrorki
J. D. Charles. Emmanuel
Michaud, Franck Jeanton,
Maurice Pierre-Antoine, Re-
nd Vill6joint, Gecrges Cau
11) Labour
Climetr Jumelle. Franck
Legendre. Francois Lator
121 Jou ral/m
Marceau Desinor, Moris-
seau Leroy. Richard Con-
stanr, Srephen Alexis. Clo-
vis Desinor. Antonio Vieux.

/. %./,, __

--'4s. v... .- --4U ..; v / ,c n ,.. ',

Distributors -

Music! Dancing! Gaiety!

e f -...I join the fun of the ,. -

-- S
-, 5?.'*l

a -
F* -* .;

,-. ^"~' z,'

F :..i ."
o, *...
'-. % ,




San Juan, Puerto Rico
August I to 10

Thij rs new . anti dl:fferent. "Sample a bit of
Spain, France. Brintn-and Holland in one exciting
carnival Participatng in this Ist annual Caribbean
Festival at San juan will be groups from Haiti, Guade-
loupe. MartiniqueTrinidad, Windward Islands, Anti-
.gia, Netherlands t' ;t Indies, Pueto Rico and the
Virgin Islands.
The full 10-day program is packed with native
art exhibits, authentic dances, shows, parades, sere-
nades, souvenirs, a Fe5tival Queen...and fireworks
every night. You'll love every thrilling minute.

To San Juan:

respective countries, but on -
this occasion the British PRIVATE AND GROUP
Guides have asked that the INSTRUCTION
Guides should come from in
one group, forming a patrol PAINTING AND
of eight, with one Guider DRAWING
accompanying them. ROBEL PARIS ,
On arrival, the Guides Ancienne Maison CANEZ
will be divided into groups Pont Morin
of between thirty-five to Tel. 5098. Taxi 10 cents

Pan American provides frequent and regular service
from all points in Latin America.

For resrr nation, see your Travel Agent or

S World's Mosl Eaperienced Airline

Girl Scouts From 36 Countries

Attend British Camp




I i H 117 111111 15 1 :1

~ "I" ~-~-~~


"C L U N.Y" i
G...n..i d Olle,,.d .n So.,n.d and Bo... d ,,.
in rthe Old Co..n,, b, ihe Scle Plop-.eo.., u

,, .,




i'.' "'.

ehe Grand Opening of
r-Magloire Stadium is the
oad big event this month
ring young architect
erre Claude Etheart. The
rs t occurred Saturday,
y 5th. when he exchang-
marrial vows at the Basi-
iNotre Dame with Miss
iole Sejourprn daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Raou" Se-

'he bride was dressed in
:simple but extremely
utiful white gown made
SMrs. Capt. cToy" Bu:
tL.. Attending her were
t young bridesmaids in
ie organdie. Mr. Raoul
Oucne served as best mau
i-Mrs. Pierre Etheart as
rbon of honour. -A gay
option at the bride's
me in Petionville follow-
rthe ceremony.

Butterlin is a professor
the French Institute and
I'Ecole Normale Superi
In town enjoying t
months vacation from
.lege in Montreal is
Renee Roumain.
Back in town is Ro
Madsen. Ronald, attend
Georgetown Universir)
Washington, D.C., ar
here from Mexico, w
he spent part of his
fion touring and impro
his knowledge of the S
ish language.
Due to fly to the S
Today are Mrs. Fortune
gat (Edith Efron. and
Gerard J. Nau, Artac
L'Ambassade d'Haiti
Havana. will return tc

'he newly weds are post Tuesday.
hiding the simmer in -:0:-
iscoff. but Claud4 opok.....QAe. les-. <,Briseurn
e our from his hbney- large ... Married Thur
m Thursday to descend evening at the Sacre C
Port au Prince and help Church, Turgeau; were
the finishing totiches on ly Nicole Armand-and
pride and joy. the Ma- rio Pierre Louis. Best
ire Stadium which'will was the.bride's father C
inaugurated this week. nel Durce Aromind
,Matron of Honour was.
-:0:- Marcel Gentil.. The ni
hle charming Mile. Ve- weds are honeymooning
Petit Frere became Ma- Kenscoff and will m
ie ,Medard Chrumbin.Sat their home in Petionvi
`y, May 5, in the Parish:0:
ah of England (L'Eglise New York bound
)issiale des Anglais). weekend are ... Rayma
couple were led to the Lerellier, Ghislaine a
t' by Mme Grandoit Claire Verna.
frier and M. Camif t 'o-:0: u
SFollowing the cere- 'Mr. Andre Faubert,
w.a'-reception was offer ci's Consul in Miami is
Sthe home of Mr. and turning to his post tot
:Clodomir Petit Frire, row, accompanied by
Parents of the bride: Louis and Michel.
Kurr Nef of La B
Sand Mrs. Jacques But Creole celebrated his bi
are vacationing in day Monday evening wi
Etrench homeland un- quier family dinner at hi
~ inest school term. Mr. in Lalue.

g in




Fritz Wulff of the Health

1r lssion may soon lose
one of its Steno's ... could
wedding bells be ringing.
Top City Lawyer. Mr.
George Leger and iMrs. Le-
ger lefr last week-end to
spend the summer in Eu-
M/Sgr. Edwin N. Olson.
member of the U. S. A. F.
Mission to Haiti, left last,
week-end for his new pose
at Norton Air Force Base,
California. Sgr. Olson was
stationed here with the Air
Mission for the past 37
months as aerial engineer
of Mission aircraft.
Carl Martin of La Belle
Creole went to New York
Thursday on a fortnight va-

Department wentr to New -:0:
York yesterday on a mis- Dave Cassidy, U. S. Ma-
sion. rine Guard attached to the
-:0:^ 'Embassy ... is a real Yankee
Businessman 'Emile Do- doodle dandy ... celebrating
mond is off ro Miami today. his birthday July 4th.'

TRADE MARK Tatmous since 1862

day. Mivrs. Goustav "Daa
Valla is happy to be back..:
and little Marisa appeared
impressed with her Daddy's
hunting grounds.
-:0:- ,.
Dr. Louis Hyppolite went
to the States Tuesday.
-:0:- -
Poet Roussan Camille
flew to Cuba Tuesday on
official business.
Chief Morrison of the
U. S. Naval Mission enter-
rained some potential bas-
ket ball players Thursday
evening at his home in Bizo-
Maitre Sabalat of Yacht-
ing fame celebrated his
fete Tuesday.
Jean Elie of Habanex
went to Miami Wednesday.
S-:0:- .
Friday young INaster Re-
ginald Cassagool celebrated
his second birthday anni-

George Elie
wedding ann

Dr. Char
flew to Man

The newest member of
'the Dr. Lelio Camille fam
iily is a dimpled chin saveAi
pound baby girl'. Mrs. Caih-
ille, the former Jane Viie
drouin and her wiel old .
'au.ghter ate reported ini. le "
best of health.
Tuesday Mr. and Wtf..
Craan.,welcomed thi & fi nt
child into the world, a 7-
pund baby girl. Mrs.- pran
i. the former Ghislaine-
Wilson of the National
Bank. -

Lt. anJ Airs.
observe their
iversary JUST HAD A,,DliNK-
-:0:- Whenever you've iM. a
les Chevallier drink or two, chew 1 '"
hattan o; rhe Clorens. Your breath.
tell no tales. "
.. :: ... .. ., :




Textiler Gerard Gebarra Spanish artist, Barros Bo- An important vis to.
flew to Mexico on business teos, Madame and Lorraine Port this week-end is J ;
Thursday. Dora spent Wednesday and Pin of the Distributiont. '
-.0:- Thursday in Hinche this apartment of G r I7 &14
Lawyer George Rigaud week collecting clay. The Scctch Whiskey of S ...'
flew to the States Saturday clay will be used for cera- land..
via San Juan. mic making. -:0:-
--:0:-- -:0:- Wednesday, ibq birbdt
Tomorrow July l4th- is The Jarman home slight- of Max Sam was as r
S birthday anniversaries of ly resembled the United boched" away till the We-:.
Ydlande and Paul Chenet. States after a glorious July hours. The scene of \alht.
Yolande will shortly join -4th, Thursday, following fete was Max's home ."it ''
)r at her brother Paul in Canada the afternoon birthday par- Bureao's. --,
the and take a secretarial course. cy of young Mike Jarman. -:0:-
eure. -:0:- Mike and his friends had a The Lionel Paquins .hM "
Manager of Firestone, Vic wonderful time and there changed residence. I'hej:
bhree Lampson, celebrated the were no casualties ... bro- now live in BeNUene, .i'
cul- passing on of yet another other Rusty got his black front of Senator Diej~e.. ,;:i
Mile year last night. The bam- 'eye from a door sexeral.days -:0:
boche was held at the Lamp previous Papa Lionel went to the.i-
son residence in Cit6 Wil- -:0:- Siates yesterday on .a-Piv '-
nald son. The newly weds, Mr. and day ... strictly business tl:.i$p.:.;
ding Mrs. Jean Vital, flew to. He will visit New Ylt&;
in -:0:- New York Thursday to con Washington, Philadelpliif-
rivcd Henri Fouchard arrived tinue their honeymoon. and Baltimore.
'here by PAA Tuesday. -::- -:0:
yaca- Back in Haiti for a cou- Lip on the farm today There was another who$Gd. "
ving pie of weeks vacation i.; Don Lungniiz is celebrat- ing big children's party thlib.
pan- charming Evelyn Eise n, ing his birthday Don, well past week. Leniie .Bogt~f'
daughter of Nat Feld of One known hereabours. is man- hn'ited his friends ir'e ftia '
-Oak Diary. ager of La Planration Dau- bis.-f ts Motne t wfPii '.
ates -:0:- phin. Hoxser; T'uesday aif~rnaS,.
Bo- Ti Da (David Adis) ,s go- -::- to help celebrate his f6o'ub i
scni ing to the States this week Gerard Maignan left Tues birthday anMniversary. WRt A
for business as well as plea- day for New Jersey, where w it b swinimtng, e*tiigr
sure. He will be accom- he intends to spend.the next driving and singing SW :
he a panied by his two cousins few years learning all about no "Queensburyn 'tules flit,
a la Jacques and Gilbert Bigio. Plumbing and Interior DeO kids hatl :a ofiderful titte.-
his who are going to continue corating. Monday evening -
their studies in Switzerlanid. friends gathered ar Mrs. Maudy .CaGii ht -.i.i ;:
G i-:0:-- .. Alberr -Esper's bonte 'ili rode shot guh in-the li~t I/
at Mile Gisele Alexis, sister Peu de Chose to farewell red car, for the past yilkrbt
rsday of PPichon, left for nuts- Gerard. .returned to New VYlkt
oeur ing school in ihe States this -:0:- Thursday.
love past week. Our underwater 0arzan -:--o
Ma- -:0:- was joined by his wife and Francois Audai;weint i
tman Rumours have. it that the daughter Marisa Wednes- New York yesterday.

Page 14


I (Continued from Page 1) tack. The No.relliste
Sd to ward off mortal blows feared as a possible expl:
-hich, it seemed, were des- tion thar the assailants v
tined for me, and leaped for -ed a package that Jean
t ie stairway which led to gloire was carrying w
the first floor, where more he was so brutally bear
assailants surged out of the Secretary of the Presi
shadowss armed with sticks cy IMauclair Ziphirin TI
'ir',.": ; adiron bars. I tried as day paid a call at the
ell as I could to defend sidt of Jean Magloire
:: myself, but didn't do so the Ciscera Clinic to
: 'well since the attackers were press his onn and the C
getting the upper hand. I of State's s empathy for
'1 received blows on the head anack \ictim.
'. and all over my body. Whdo
,.shouted for help only the N ORE LOG DL
.terrified voice of my wife
wa.' s heard. To cover my It's whispered that f
S outcries, the assassins shout- now on Haitians may
.ed Thief, Thief! vel to the Dominican
aThey tried to drag me public on tourist cards,
into the street to finish their rhe same applies for Di
S"work, but I managed to es- nicans. This will tacil.
cape from their hands by travel be-teen the
"'.,, throwing a wing of a swing neighboring Republics
-:. ing door on them. Finally I ing away with. the three
got to the stairway but five day wait for a vis
I -"bathed in m) blood and with -:0:-
':.;my clothes in shreds. The No bureaucrate, A
-imarauders took flight, not nome Sito Bonpr il retul
.w.anting to be recognized ,.. Wednesday evening iru
..and.I was taken to the Cas- ruggered 3-day inspect
tea" Clinic, where my in- trip to Savane Zo
A-' iiries were created." (Morne des Commnisaj,
No explanation has yet -:0:-
Sbe n-offered by the victim -Mrs. Joe Anson wen
Sof. the investigating police the States this past we
.asto a the cause of the at- -:0
P"g. .,, r.-
.; .::... ". .. 2 .


hief .

e to

m a

t to

Thursday, Mrs. Cs-ude
Roy, ~Jani.- St. Remy or
Bibiche to her friends) ob-
served her birthday, ntitli a
open house in Petionville...
family and friends bam-
boched till thc- hour ot mid-
New York bound Wed-
nesday were Mr. and Mrs.
Fernand Dennery and
daughter Marie-Therese of
Aux Cayes.
Max Bolte's vacation was
interrupted this week by
the loosing of a wisdom
Jacqueline Boucard is in
New York.
Alr. and Mrs. Elias Ba-
boun and George went to
Miami this week.

Helen Blakiston flew to
St. Thomas Thursday.
Abner Bureau is going at
the States tomorrow.
Moise Dana ot Jeremie
flew to Bogata, Capital of
Colombia. yesterday.

- .* SUNDAY, JULY 13th-* ; -.,-,
SUNAY, JUL iii; : ,1

leave for home in the States

Father Smith went to Cht-
cago Wednesday.
-:0:- -
Paul De Mars, the young
Canadian who took care of
the delicate calculating ma-
chines at the Census office
for the past two years, leFr
town Wednesday for home
in Montreal.
Staying at the Splendid
Hotel for a fortnight vaca-
tion is Miss Grace Mancini
of New York. IMiss Man-
cini is a young friend of
Rosemary Dejean.
-:0:- -


b A pr Mrs.

Going to the Statres today
b% PAA Clipper is Mrs. Guy:

Do you live under the shadow

of. MALARIA?,,

ai e

". .
.k ', o _' ? : r. :
~ 1 n "k:ii: / k -:...-:' .
..... ";f. i': ,'r *--.: ,:-'c-. ;
~ ",.C C .. J-, ,, lli l:i-. ; 19*:t,,-::_


nI II r 1'1 Ihi i iii I U


E t



Obtainable from all chemists
0I) f;'
Manuractutrd 1,' Im .erjal C .-;- ". iPParml ce nticavl! Ltd.
Di-irilhutor in I:ain-r T ..*WO ,O ,0 T AG:14G CO, S.A

This product is a general purpose paint for inte-
rior and exterior use. It combines durability and per-
manency with economy. The paint is made from dur-
able pigments and oils thoroughly ground by modern

"" "''i~:ll
. :. .. . .,-r, :.., -'




[SuN5AY.- JULY 13da


* (Coitinued from Page 1)

krica. Charge d'Affaires Ro-
:,i.ert S. 'Folsom turned over
to Minister of Foreign Al-
f .airs Albert Ethearr, a great
a. amount of material 'promis-
Sed in the agreement carried
Sour by the mission. The ma-
erial turned over to the
Haitian Government consis-
- ted of over one half ton of
. maps and charts, including
I 200 copies of 6' different
maps on a scale of 1/50,000
-. and many rols of microfilm
Sprints. This material is of
'immediate interest to sev-
Seral Haitian Government
departments, including the
Ministry of Public Works,
Sthe Ministry of Agriculture,
of Economy, of Defense.
-Maps are so detailed that
S-actual houses, streets and
w~watercourses are plainly
v.' visible.

si ;.Major J. Newton Cox.
.'J. S. Army Engineer, on the
American side heading the
''r.aaciviiies of the lnter Ame.
, Irican Goedetic Survey in
-FHaiti, and Lr. Raymond B.
''OrioJ, Director of the Ser-
-;'ice de Geodesie, were rce
s -sppnsible for the operations
h...pich led up to the presen-
Stati io n Jula8 of the tan-
i gible results -of.the pro-
Sgramme in the North and
-'. South peninsulas.
S Technical details of this
operation have been des-
.. cribed at length in various
Local newspapers.. and in
.ithe Revue of the Sociere
Hairienne d'Histoire, de Geo3
graphie, et de Geologie:.
However in non-technical
I, language it can be said thar
," for the first time in history.
i'Cuba, Jamaica and Haiti
are linked by geodesy with
precision of the first order,
S.which allows their integri-
i.t don into the "North Ame-
&trican datum.,, There only re
minains to extend their net-


L" i'ritcprr n.'~ i- de ..morjQlae~P eI dc ,eI '.
d il,*-.it ii '.eni que le-. pnoe .i p,''1 I nl
. e .'li irnt prruve d'un m mni:um ,1
I'.':,itl er d'tun nmaumuim d ti r.irenlun

L.WtIt 07

noik and tie it in with the
"South American datum,,
which will give savants and-
laymen a more exact idea
of the .physical characteris-
,tics of this portion of the
,,earth and the relationship
one to the other of various
islands of the Antilles, and
their relationship to conti-
nental portions of the West-
ern Hemisphere. Maps uf
the future, and engineering
charts will be based on-
,this great work which is
being carried out, the re-
'sults of a portion of which
were seen at the presenta-
tion ceremony.

The actual work was not
merely performed in offi-
ces and on drafting boards
by technicians. This opera-
tion invoked great physical
hardship on the part of the
Haitian ahd American meni
bers of the team such as
camping out on chilly moun
tain peaks, fighting the
laws of nature and geogra-
phy wih the minimum of
comfort, going without food
or water in ord6r to accom-
plish 'their tasks. Machete
men have had to go ahead
to clear the way while sup-
plies and materials have
had to be carried on mule-
back and by peasants. while
the technicians themselves
carried precious equipment
and instruments too deli-
cate to trust in other hands.
They have traveled by jeep,
by horse, by mule, and on
foot. They have battled up-
mountain streams, hacking
through brush and scramb-
ling up rocky cliffs nith
the usual accidents, malaria
and diseitery taking their
toll. The Americans and
Haitians have lived and
worked -together. sharing
all these experiences. The
results of their labour, are
now evident in this material
which is the basic frame-
work for maps and charlt


which can be used unhesi-
taringly by future engineers
in the construction of roads,
bridges. Bydro electric
plants, power lines and
other projects of a similar
nature so important to the
Republic .of Haiti.

Attending the presenta-
tion at the Embassy "were
Ministers Albert Etheart.
Mauclair Z4phirin. Joseph
Charles. General Antoine
Level, Sub-Secretary Em-
manuel Michaud, Daniel
Theard, Chief -of Protocol
and Lr. Raymond Oriol.
Among American 'offici-
als present were American
Charge d'Affaires Robert S.
Folsom. Major J. Newton
Cox, Chief of the local of-
fice of the Inter American
Geodetic Survey soon to
'leave Haiti. his replacement
Capt. Harry Burchett. and
Mr. Homer Ga ne. U.S. Cul
rural Attache.

At El Rancho

All was gay and carefree
at El Rancho this week, bul
- MTTC Boss Ralph Bc-
cho'ichi down to.say hello
to customers and jack up
more cargo nas all business,
... Richard Clapp PAA Re-
servation Inspector here lor
the ?0th time was too busy,
...-. arOrt' retu r ing "-' iou-
Port visiting was preoccu-.
pied W;ith his nes second
hand car and Poetr) ... lo-
bacco Blatt answering him-
'self in Creole was inaking
progress in French ... Man-
ager Albert is preparing to
fly to Puerto Rico for the
Caribbean Fessisal .. Ge-
rard Gardere bound up in
plaster resumed work after
rearing a stomach muscle...
Full up for the past month.
they have had to turn peo-
ple away ... but they had
room for eleven loosely
young school teachers from'
the States ... the teacher,
nere on their annual vaca-

* pneus de touted autre marque

kiloma,trique tout en as.urat le meilletur
srire qiu'on p'u:;e attendre de poDuA poids
lourdr PIour an maximum d'aantasce.--
a,:h.nez dic pneus poide lourd. GCAody.ear!

-od *i o- Lu, R. aJ
v- l ui '.L iuddi G ax- .

. Pa

ton ... it seems for many
years past they have'travel-

'* ',-F; ^ i,

d Vc.est pourquoi dens le monds enter,

1it1 \ do plus forts tonnages sent transports

As -eO sur pneus poids lourds Goodyear que sur


led to foreign countries on BY CABLE: Tq
their holidays. 7th: At the fore Of tle
-:0:-- chands" carrying .
duce to market this mom'-
ing, setting a healihj'y: p
Four Smart Girls was Ti Adele Kennely. Il
her tpaniern creaki~g8
her head top, secirljfiac
Four charming school- ed was Ti, Michael: r. (the
teachers from New York New York Electroni'.maina);
are spending 2 weeks at the Ti- Michael neither looked
Villa Creole -in Petionville to left oir right as he pSsed,
enjoying the sights of Haiti. but started off in -the diaite
W'inifred Winfield, Ama- ion of Jacmel ... he'anildcL
la Castro, Gloria Saunders ed a banana. Bringing'up
and Winifred Morgan are the rear was local,.P-ort'a
among the growing number Prince restauranter
of American Negro.profes- Vincent. loaded down i
sional people to find Haiti provisions, his. convers6It
an ideal spot for a vaca- was steady and aboit--&
'tion. This week they visit- high cost of chickens. 1
,ed the Palace, Kenscoff,
the National Museum, Ma- -::- ,
gloire City and Port-au- JACMEEL July HLith Art
Prince Public Schools, be- rived in this Pearl of i
sides enjoying a gay round West iJacmel) a topal .
lof social activities. Their three strangers .' depaf ni
lone complaint .. the price by nBourique, tonight' iar
of post cards are too high. a total of two and. a -allf
strangers ... one'aiSrwefig
Incidentally.- t h e Villa to the name Ti M'icaeppc
Creole (formerly the Belle pears to have no' legs,..sits
Creole is now expanding-. perched on the bcke d'
the facilities -and adding a bourique onlyy ,calling
swimming pool. Its bright "Geramd Wienel-.i, ,.'.
new advertising folder is -;:-.
being sent' to over a thou- Ferggy Ferguson cesurnei
sand travel. agents by enter- from visiting C T. and San l.
prsing manager Roland Juan Thursday.': I,49oathi:
Wiener. rJand Fss'q, _
-~eer** .. .. -M-^w.-.---"t'

We use only the best Am erjcan ,
leather and rubber heels -
Our prices are cheaper!

1 2 sole and rubber heel ...............
Full sole and rubber heel ..................
Taps. Ladies' shoes rubber or leather ....
Children's "1_ sole and heel -(up..-to seven
years) ........................................
Children's full rubber soles ...........
Rue du Centre next to National Lottery.

"-------------------; ---'....;~~ :,L^

Here is BEAUTIFUL News ::
That lovely Sho -

has just received a new stock :

DRESSES, Prints, Solids, Bamberg Sheets, Sha in
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COTTON DRESSES, Sunhack with Bolero
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A Magniicent Collection of Sample Cocktail Dresses
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And the prices are LOW, LOW *-

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Trading" Co.

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1 '.


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iM onvipae you af the
auy and-finsh of this
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g lieglivitry and Tone-
u--.4 the Precisiou in
t movement oa the

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w:ice for this Unique
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;,-n 29 3384

'I .Also see.- .
~ -..,.

'*. '

.E N .-


(Continued from
when it was ado;
some of our actor a
ances on Broadway.
know, there is n
professional New
stage star hares mi
Ohe raw, close-clipp
a brand-new haircut
man, and they hav
known to turn homi
ward a barber wh
bit too enthusiastic

.ir. Fraser ih an olr
of Haiti

duties. But soon so
terprising inventor p
them with the means
themselves the kind
,cut that stand up un
closest obser saion
the stage or other.
_was a special comb
with a double edge
blade that could be-
led by the means of a
You trimmed, thin
cut your hair as you
it. And- it's practice
possible ro botch the

Needless to say,
the- sort of gadget
makes you wonder
science spends ce
working up to such
as the automatic cal
when. all rh& time the

Monday morning
the .President paid
prise visit to the
ment of Public Wor.

In the City Plannii
tion. he stopped to ta
plans for transform
Champ de Mars and t
a Workers' City in tI
National quarter.
mending certain im
changes in the build

has for the past 18 months
been associated with the In-

The popular product is-
being bought by the French

Page 1) has been waiting for the ternational Latex Corpora- and American armed forces
pted by stroke of genius that will tion of Dover, Delaware and, in addition, is being
acquaint- provide the way for mama and New York City and has promoted by such keen met
As you to cut Junior's hair so that been put in charge of the chandisers as Sears Rqebuci
orhing a it doesn't look as though it International Sals of STA- in their Latin American
York was chopped off by a lawn- NEET. the product, of one Stores. The distributors for
ore than mower. of the subsidiaries oT the STA-NEET in Haiti ate
ed look If you have the kind of Corporation. Agence Fronlif, S.A.
r gives a small fry who are convinc-
'e been ed they are about to be mas- --
cidal to- sacred in the barber's chair,
o was a you'll know what we mean.
in his The man who is provid-
ing Haiti wirh this precious,
but inexpensive t5 gourdes;
gadget is a ver) well-travel-
led travelling salesman by
the name of Arthur Frazer.
For more than wo- decades
he has been on the go
throughout Latin America
and the British. and Nether-
land West Indies. He came
to Haiti for the first time in
1938 and since that time
has been a ready visitor.
He told Your Reporter
that be feels that Haiti has
progrdised asroundjngly,
Friend that the boost in industriali-
zrtion, business activity and
the standard of li- iug has .
me en- been proportionally greater
provided here than in any other coun-
o gie try. Bothrb he and his wien .
of hair Canadian Margaret Sulli-
der the kan, say they are overcome .
... on by the charm of the coun-
ise. It tr- and by the genuine de-
fitted sire of the Haitians to be Above: The new bagaillen (STA-NEET )'"in action
razor helpful and make visitors..
adjust- feel, at home. Mr. Fraserj h! 3l quality Cement at-
knob. expressed I firing belief t t '- Lowest. ossihe cs,
ned or the next five years will; o s ci
bombed bring Haiti a great prosperj ALLEN & B AUSSAN
Ily im- ity and a great boost in the t
job. standard of living of 'he o er ir

this is A New Yorker by birth -
that Brazer was educated in
why Switzeiland -and trance.A
nituries where he graduated from
things the Sorbonne. Formerly a
cularor Vi'ce Presidenx of the Good-
world year Rubber Company. heg

at 8.30 The President also issued
a sur- instructionsthbat the electri-.
Depart- fiction projects for Jerc-1 94 LI.N T
ks. mie, St. NMarc.and Gonaive4'
be carried out with top,
ng Sec- speed. And in addition, a1
Ik over tix point programme has
ing the been put into effect by or-9
o build der of the Chief of Stall
he Fort in the public works pro-I IN BAGS OF i2 1/2 PORTLAND CEHENT'
recom- gramme. at Gonaives.aimed STANDARD IfYDRALiLICKgs NET 6 PLY
portent a purring it on a more OFFICE: MTTC BLDG. EXPOSITION
g pro streamlined and efficient ba Port--Prie- Tel 2387
sis. Port-n-Prince l : 28

Am oeeeO"fl.nO.ieoee 'qmm D -, -


l: ^ "
as.. ;-.,



3*- -SHOES

- A '
* 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 00m" 5m"e "i"" " 'm mm.gm.,a .n ,r{

YgI'.: \ ; .
^ *--*- 00-0.
'5 *

E.tf 611HAITI SUN3