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Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."
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VOLUME II .. .. Pon-au-Piince




SUNDAY. JUNE 29bh f952 :

saddened this Wedkw by the
death of the President's old- A woman .
est brother, Grandjean Ma- a leading iole_
gloire who passed away. on fon of- Conte i
his 66th birthday lat, Tues- rican Ar has
day night in Port a Pr-ce Haiti. for the s
-after a short, illness.. wth teso.f
N6,-hose wo
S'" The grief-stricken Pres.i- ed bZg" "'toi,
de ntial farmJ journeyed nite 'Sth'-
to Cap Haitien.withb the re- AEml -A Era

Grand;, early Wednesday im iand zealo.4 d
STc morning. Three oet hedr o rgi-;i
', '.- '. ... ,'.-f. .. . of -epresencat.iv s
a.e waeiyt.gr 'e.t rench Th. male ...ih t kli eyed .a lag.lore as fr the ti fro'.l theitop diplomatic.
aWe W .L onel. Bia e .j .tb1semnin bri degroomn MAlrrhane /Flor gotiriinefit i'arid milia ry
The Epetitad'Parna.rngt1gtade l tte ne l wedi right. (Story beli), circles also flew to the Capl
n a m onthined on Page -16)

in t toto Finding Of Uraium AnJ Other

naeks ie. proudnefat ers as State ... bpatintg our a co- c a buzz .t.a predrad lln;ip t- r .oe ..
the pupils of the Kinder- peient rhylthm.yon drums and i, -i ,ter the entire ecoe Po ers.
garr-en J. Tuhian exhiWit ed cynbas to the. aco0empale'i- n' ic j .ulook f 'ur .ce Repor. pub ii she. '
their dancing, singing and. of teacher YelvR pubc aps well as proid e and ui oni rimed lllihin reah in.n i
gymntstic prowess in .a py .st the piano. unde.the men-s- a b can A era[nes .ro-
Theatriz al' Chprity 'Fe on baon-Of j_.ila Desquirdo -th Aomic Energy Co, a--. Y'our Reporr
the staqe of the French lu- The rm a I e section om. e ion reveal that minerals t.ribu t hee i
sar te. u he youthful perform s Petbnville Health. Center shoiag strong indications the fact," ti
The peri students. rang- broighti' down the house ina ated Toy of radio actdiry have bn tame rat ie
ing in age from three io six with their Sung pntormine located in the Aquin region' homeland, Ne
years, nent through their of ,Therl was a little nat of Haiti. Whether : -ese Cont u
paces like experienced per- .ciar% and pint-sized St.- hb i oinc Of the Pe- minerals will turn out to be
former. The rcCjSram e h ooed J ef tonille Fite today will bhe a vital source of uranium opd
e tte o e rhe inauguration of the or not, still remains the sig'
ha Am,'.Share A oonuuuui'e r beautiful Health Center question. And it won'r b'i.rbte "
,c Soo t which will be opened b)y answered until the twr o Ame
The Aeri s rPresident Paul Alagloire. rican experts send back 'n Those iu the
aTove O F he eaptractive building official report on te sam- go&ddF6te.can fl"d
o ve ,tOf Freedom which is located on the Pre- (Continued on Page 14) to their 'gayest e
The mercas |lllll| lo lflO beuti~ulHealh Cnte quetio. ,Ad i wo',r e Pl'|[ii:: toes>" in "

Five American republics
celebrate their national in-
dependence d u r in g the
month of July; the United
States on the Fourth, Vene-
muela on the Fifth. Argen-
tina.- the nint:.- Colombia
, le 20th, and Peru, the 28th.
"But neither this sequence
in dates, nor any other cal-
endar-proximiry of national
independence celebrations
if the Ameircas, is a nort-
"able matter. .

The real historical signi-

ficance of American indepen
dence dates lies in the fact
that they embrace a brief
span of about 50 years -
from the U. S. Declaration
of Independence on July 4,
1""6. to'.the completion of
South American- emancipa-
tion in 1825. In this pe-
riod, most of an entire con-
r nent emerged from colr"
nialism. and through blood
and, sacrifice asserted its.
rights to freedom and self-
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tionville 1Ro d cose to the
Market square, ba" been
constructed b) Public
Works Engineers Hubert
and Claude Etheart, the lat-1
ter is a >oung graduate of
-V, Architectural School aL .
Cornell University. The
Center. supplied with mod-
ern medical and dental
equipment, will serve as an
imocirtant- link,in. the chain
nf Clinics the Government
;s establishing-' throughoutt
the Republic to bqoor the
health standards df the po-

Pop. King And Queen
Arrive From U.S.

..The Sans Souci Hotel
will.be the scene of gaiety
n e x c Thdi-sday evening
when teen-agers of Haitian
Society will gather to meet
'the Popularity King -and
Queen of the ,Briseusesu-
and aBrjseursn in '. 1iqew
York, Long, Island suburban
coudry of Nassau.
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I ops

today in Pe-ionvit ,.
St. Pierre pamstshi
observing the Feast Ba
their patrons, Peter,
Pant T .p4-
.square Iar .
.chich ha 'bee. tranii
ed for the occasion a
gay Bazaar. There.'d
dancing a6rd family
at the nearby Caban4.
cdtue, .w'i-c-Was.
of on all-ighlki'i
fTo the.soceitoll
ile peasantlakl
merr, in the fiar
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". 1.

I *-

: *7 .-'.." ...:

J.*.. .

', -- '- \. ;is


.(Continued from Page 1) atmosphere ... native lore
... the picturesque market
'jhfss Bunny Freese and place.
"g.-.r'Mahony won this
tas' annual popularity. Creole customs at -Pofr-
Sconducted by the au-Prince' will bi renuii-
sat. tie,wspaper, "The iscenf of New Orleans and
ily. Review Star, which shopping will be an adven-.
i&ed them' -to a trip to ture. The Teen Towners
C 'bbean. aboard apri- will find themselves ex-
i .e'A .bi.an Plane putr changing small coins for
disposal by the agourdes", the equivalent
aff Aircraft Engin- of.-20 American cents.
corporation. Th e
,dtiuple will be a*ccom Mrs. Shrewsbiry's hospi-
Sthdie trip 41y'-the 'tality. already. has extended
o g 'People)j Editor of across the sea. The charm-
"ewspaper, Miss Joan ing Sans Souci hostess has
'1e. newspaper pbo-! revealed plans for a buffet
fi..'Mr. Pat de Bel- on thfe terrace around the
Jn-t.e plane's pilot, -
001Moon. NviV P
V! vrs. George Her. EVIEE PEELOUX W
.act'as the'part'"s 'Jhe popular Edouard Pe-
iS.dutring their visit louix hbome' in .Perionville
9. l3 P: Shrews- wtas' the scene of its second
h -e (f the Sans 'cdlourfuil wedding of the
g,. -an infor season lat eveh ing when
,teye'ning of .4augbter-Gendvieve became
aE.tP-. e' t' yhe visi- the.bride. of Robert Cas-
..to-meeL 'tern,
rt au.. Princeris of Her sister, Simone, who
f.9 N "' -. married Lt. Ge6rge Lau-
""Se, who handled rute Ma; 4th, was a beam-
e 'Q "t contest,, has ing marron of honour.,. and
:-done an. excellent Jean- Gardere, a colleague
of promoting the glories pf.the:groom's at tie Rfium
:Republic as an ideal Barbancourt, Company,-.was
a .'Caribbda voyage, bestman... -
r- recent c-.umns, The btide looked, stpn-
....a. lceloy pl'ture .rinig in a white organaie
eSps Souci Hotel, is gown with bouffant Aleeves
h1e:' '" and';demure high collar, ex-
'Rd(b.- quirtely designed by, .her
i NasSaus'- .i'n.,it Madiie EdQuar2b
S ,. gtol., 'he sixteen,
''rig will bs bridesmaids were dressed, in
,i theS. Switzer- Pstel shlde. ofs brgandie'
Qibbean,. in with tiny sprays of Margue-
S'tha week [,e flowers accenting"their
.* kig and. queen of costumes. They clouded :
1 "fly ftro Hay 'Michele-. Rouzier, Marte
St Pt au Prince There.s Oriol, Caiole Mal-
l "',i -tcome-true al Jessie Guerin. Nicole
S''- De s, Maine Helene. Ste-
,4i,,uniy, Frees cher,: Betty Drouin, Marie
S ifpote Teen flelen.Roy, liliane Desrues,
4 ,4Hugh Mahonv, Mireille Borno, Monique
eave o.- Cuban Celcs and Jacqueline Cau-
Ey314'sriordy after vin. X.oung Danny Siechet
W!b'..Jng their-way ,carried'.the ring. Micheline
'T4 :itWrfdd 'in' thbe Brrouard, Lolita Baboun,
iK in8Ciaribbean: '- Iene.Cauvin and Michele
'hloursbthey'll -Roy 'sered as the "Quettelu-
S 5thetets torn bl- sey"
in, laming hibster
Se."Ti"., Malice" and The religious ceremony}
&iJ4on Pouler", the Hii- -ook place at bche Sacre
*:"rsiton of ,boiled chic Coeur Church at 6.30 p.m.
w'i. e enjoying the hos- The Civil Rites %sere held
-.,.,of Mrs. Burt at the Peloux residence in
sbury and the magni Tete de L'Eau at 5 o'clock.
lfHotel Sans Souci. Many friends from the Cap
x, ' and Provinces journeyed to
tt,,which means "High Port .au. Prince for the wed-
mw.in Indian dialect, has ding. And they' )Jok for-
ogt,.of exciting treats in ward to gathering again in
*"-for the traveling August to see the third
r" s -.They'll see thatch Peloux daughter, Maude,
-'Cailles and bright exchange vows with Man-
ibuildings ... the rice Larocbe.
which houses The young Mr. and Mrs.
of the Republic Robert Castera are spending
resident ... French a'week-long honeymoon in

E - i 2


hoiel's swimming pool for shots of Ludecke, who pass-.
the visiting teen-timers. ed Chandler at the net often
Haitian teen-agers will enough to rake the first
be guests at the informal re- set 6-3. Chandler, took a
ception to be followed byIsterner approach right from
an evening of dancing. The the opening' of .the second
fun-making and 'friend-mal seriand took- the offensive,
ing stay at Port an Prince capitalizing upon a slightly
will take itp many pages in tiring Ludecke, and with
the Baldwin couple's trave- more accurate place shots
logue as they jot down im- and a stronger service, won
pressions of the fashionable

French colonial hotel.
Their, high ceilinged
suites will open on private
verandahs from which they
will view the panorama of
Port au Prince.
The Nassau party.. will
continue on to .Montego
Bay. Jamaica, and Miami
Beach following their brief
stop in our Capital.

Kenscoff before moving in-
to their new residence at


An excellent demonstra-
tion of superb tennis and
trick "racquerry-u was dis-
played to several hundred
Soca I tennis enthusiasts
Thursday afternoon, at the
Port au Prince Tennis.Club,
when rwo. visiting champ-
ions, ,Ohio's George Stew-
art and. New Jersey's John
Chandler, opened their se-
ries of five exhibition match

ST he .:opener featured
Champion George tewart
census. Haiti's, |McGuffie in
a thrilling ,but'unbalanced
singles match? Most of the
thrills .were .derived from
the amazing- racquet wizar-
dry of the long, lean Stew-
art, who kept the crowd iu
applause with his expansive
repertoire of trick shots.
Outstanding among these .,
tricks, was a sliced,second-
.service ball, which careened
crazily to right or left upon
contact .with the court and
left the" opponent standing
hopelessly far from, its new
course. The game McGu'-
fie proved'no match for the
relentless onslaught of the
left-handed Champion, and
left the court stricken with
a tefiporary indisposition
before the end of the second
set. leaving behind him a
6 J. 4-0 score in favor of

The second match' be-
tween John Chandler add
Ludecke, proved somewhat
less spectacular bur more
evenly marched. The first
set found Chandler both on
the defensive and inaccurate
and therefore no match for
the steady aad powerful on-
:laught of drives and place-

out on the set by a score of
6-4 as a pelting rain drove
the spectators and players to
cover. w.
Friday afternoon at the
Port au Prince Tennis Club,
Stewart with an even' more
exciting display of racquet
wizardry subdued Haiti's
champion Edouard 'Baker
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. SU

Her fatl
board o
guard o
.izers to
'land -
the vess
ist place
in New
cis spend
the to
First D
The to
ed its
1950 -
land's I
made t
the U
who o
vired h
War E
and wh
new in
a full-I
Art. I
she ofi
first ga
go on
away v
a mem
art int
ized th
she ina
tors of
a non
Shat is
pain in
Club r
once a
- or scul

Personality Of The Week
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her, a Dean of the Through her efforts. Miss
of England. was a- Francis has introduced to
ne of the First Four the buying public s u ch
bringing the yan artists as Elliott Orr, Mark
If the British colon- Tobey. John Kane. George
the shores of the Constant. $Mark Rothko,
Down Under., He John Pellew. Jon Carbino,
the famous Christ Louis Bosa, Harold Baum-
while still aboard back and Stephen Csoka.
sel and now that in- lMany of her "finds" are
n is one of the larg- now represented by topP
es of higher learning 57th Street Galleries. And
Zealand. Miss Fran- her efforts have won the at-
it her childhood in mention and deep respect of
wn of Christchurch many important museum of-
her father was the ficials.
ean of the Cathedral. Paul Bird of .Art Digest,
wn which celebrar in a recent article reports
100th anniversary in -*uMiss Francis has done all
- is .ow New Zea- this, without recourse to he
flourishing third cirjt. sensational, without any low
1916, Miss Francis ering of her own high stand
he long journey to ards, and always-in the best
.S.A. Her cousin, of taste. At the same rime,
wned one of New as- gallery director, she has
giant shipyards, in- .met. with the practical haz-
ier to assist in the ards of art dealing in New
Effort. She accepted York through the years ...
ten the Armistice was There have been many. tense
stayed ,on 'in the moments between' the pay
States to take up her ment of rent and the sale oi
terest Hospital Ad a picture to accomplish it.
ation and is non But Miss Francis never losi
fledged American citi 'Thar wonderful cheerfulness
that has been a constant en
public-spirited Miss couragement to the artists
says she was ,pitch- and a most pleasant experi
s into The field of ence to tly gallery visitor.
n December, 1928.. -.I-Her sedker of success, o]
ficially opened her course, lies in her whole-
allery which was par- hearted dedication to con
a book club. People temporary art and the un
able to walk in. recognized artists who are
through the book creating it. The .art world
at their leisure, then has been fortunate indeed
to .the exhibit of in having such a zealous
gs. Eventually the and yet modest champion.'
section was done ('The Champion) took
vith and the Contem- 106 American paintings to
Arts Gallery became Brazil in 1944 where the ex-
ibership organization hibit met with such greal
the aim of. placing success that the State De
but reasonably-priced apartment passed along the
o as many American news of the uGood Neigh-
as possible. bourn promotion and the
r Miss Francis organ- U. S. Government gave the
e Paintings of the art group a tax exemption
Club and still later to help them carry on theit
iugurated the Collec- work. Miss Francis tur-
American Art, Inc.. thered the cause of internal
i-profit organization cional friendship when she
aimed at arousing a invited the young Brazilian
wide desire for the artists to hang their paint
hip of Americau wings with the American ex-
e and sculpture. Each hibit. -
r of the Collector, Her latest move to encour

eceives an Original
year by some artist
ptor fostered by the
action. Annual mem-
is fise dollars.

Thursday was the F&re of
artist Adeline Perigord.


dents. Le .fatiur suggests
:that the service hire a team
of workers that could im-
mediately repair dhe streets
dug up for the inspection of
nater pipes.

Minister Jumelle Returns

The Minister of Public
Health and Labour. Cli-
ment jumelle is returning
to Port au Prince this %week-
end from his trip to Gen-
'eva. Switzerland. where be
represented Haiti at head of
our Delegation to the Inter-
naional Labour Organiza-

Rue du Quai

TracVel Direct to0liani by a \ I

,For Information see Agent ROBERT E. ROY, Exposition Stand No. 7 P 0. B ox 228. Tel. 2167

*,"HAITI SlrNn ,,Page3

age art appreciation among
the younger generation, is j
to hold an artist part) for I
100 teen-agers each month
at her Gallery at 106 E.
5"th Street. The youngsters ;.
enjo. *the refreshments, the -
chance to talk to artists and -
find their, paintings much
more interesting as a result.
Haiti, too, will have the W
opportunity to meet two of
the painters in Miss Fran-
cis" fold. Adele Shreve
Kennerley and her husband P'S% owes
are staying with Miss Frqn- I
cis at the Majestic Hotel. It I r I
is the couple's fourth tri

ing-rnm'e. wehldic have proven
to our Republic. w ete p reai blade buldoerh In renabmto. r
Adele has found much in- e andee oi far Iner. b n;o
spiration for her art. available for angling blade bulldoeei.
As the photo above ahown, the four Btauh
Ellis Wilson a noted RIPPING ipper housn are welded to the "C" frme
figure in the forefront of .`h, '-'..1', hbarg Early effective ire spective of the angle of ftb|bN
the American Negro Art In"t act. d.pih a. er i and rip the eseid ae
Movement is now fulfill whle the i otW t is edang up. On each fiwmardt V
ing his long-rtime dream of the- 1ith fd. ma. otop of the ground.' Tmp T' e
*ing ahis log ra m ofpela automati In operaton-them' n S"1 "a "
coming to Haiti to find new 2. an ohee d ky nsed matwt .I:.
material for his canvases. Preeon Back-pIpers haw bee h n tue -' ar
Ellis. a graduate of the fam-. auuozLue past three yeas by many well-known cofltmC -
ous Cicago Art Institute, '" rmsThey save timeandhave replaced other ':
Chiag Art Ist. sen m in building pioneer roads, cleming ld 1e- ,' ..'
'received two Guggenheim rit.fway, in gravel pit operatN lateelxR 4 .
a%% yards for creating paint- = = int o,strp mines mounted on pusher tato '
ing and has had numerousu. faster scraper loading, for losing opera ans
one-man show-s in leading t anQT Cg.g blad. a bu l es. .
f museums a n d galleries REnTRA -n
throughout t h e country. och F,.oh k1 . .@'.
.I,., -I,.op., -,1.l. . -r;
This Februa.r he won a --.---t -
s .000 dollar prize in the
- Miami Terry Art Institute HAYTIAN TRACTOR AND
Comperitiong Ellis made the
trip to Port-au-Prince in the EQUIPMENT Co. S. A.
company of his good friend. M '
Hahian painted Milo Pierre MAURICE BONNEFIL. MANAGER

Fill 'Em Up
Our colleague .Le 3lalin DN'
warned this week that the
Uncovered holes left in the TRUCK AND BUS TYRES t
streets by the Hydrulic Ser-
vice constitutes a menace to
traffic and pedestrians and
could result in grave acci-




The well-known Cap Hai
tien artist, Rend Vincent, is
organizing a large painting
'exhibit in Port au Prince in
honour of the Fete of Presi-
dent iMagloire. the 19th of
July. The exhibit, which
has a patriotic morif, .will
Also serve as a prelude to
the $prthcoming observance
iof H4iti's 150th birthday as
an uIdependent Nation.

Grant .Whiskey Award
Goes To Avocal

Each week, all birthdays
that fall from Sunday to
Sunday are placed in a hat
and one is drawn out ... the
(kcky 'one receives free onte
bottle, of Grant's Scotch
Whiskdy from the Distribu-
tors ... the "Haiti Trading
Company (The Chamber
of Commerce building'Rue

S --:0:- du Quai)'. Those who appre-
.'-,ur colleague, La Demo- ciate a good Scotch (Grant's)
,M-ie, reports that Andrt drop your birth date into
14oprvelt, co-proprietpr of the "Sun" offices on the Ex-
-tbi.popular Ibo LdUi, is now position anytime.
talking of plans to build a This week the lucky one
hotel of more than 25 rooms was Jean Clairde Leger, who
,at #ayeax, Port-Margot. celebrated his birthday an-
-:0:- niversary yesterday. Bonne
urday morning t h e Sant6!
idet of the Republic
his top Cabinet and M/Sgt.'William D. We-
; ary offidals attended bNr and Mrs. Weber who
''te ponifical high mass at arrived ini town June 3rd as
S: 7-Louais de Ginzague in .replacement of M/Sgt. 01-
i :lgir of the Feast of the soy. crew Chief of the U.S.
Saint of the noted Air Mission's C-4-7 hive tak-
ol. The Mass was cele- en up residence at Bizoton,
." by Monseigneur Lup- and like it.
argue d'Affaires.of the -:0:-
"Papal Nunciature, in the Victor Lampson, Fire-
presence of Monseigneur Le (sone Manager left Wednes-
''ouaze, Arcbishop of Port day on a four-day business
au Prince aqd a great num- arip to the North.
beir of nuns and Cur6s of -:0:-
,-the different parishes in the Lulu Deschamps is con-
': Capital. ilonseigneur le valescing with 5 stitches in
SBe.llec delivered the sermon her right foot.
:' on St." Louis de Gonzague. -:0:-
Later.. a. Reception, was Learning the utmost about
'.h ld for the distinguished, Haiti and her people ... and
ges'ts in the Hal, -of Fetes. making surprising progress
'" .Superior of the School, charming Mile. Georgene
". otfier Martin, pronounc-. Collins of Cit y 'Island
(' 'he,. welcoming address Yacht building center of
h h',wds answered by M. U.S.) regretfully continued
'Fiantic C 6hdd as represebnta- her Caribbean tour Friday
: di of the Department of after a week here at Ibo
|?'i National Education.. Lele. Miss Collins plans to
-:0:- start a "see Haidti drive at
S: .Chief of the iHaitian Air home and on the neighbour-
:Force, Major Edonard Roy, ing Islands ... and return
A *.returned, frofi the Stares herself next year for a long-
S"Tuesday. "" r stay.

.,k 2 Insist on t
Ethe Best

for. .

r fo


and see that you get

Agents :
t, Haiti Trading C.,. SA.

Edwin Krarur and son Colonel Pierre Montro
Billy of Greenwich,.Conn. sier, Major Parer, Lt. Le-
(Pa has a big Photographic breion Jean and Lt. Bou-
establishment arrived in chereau stepped aboard ,a
town for a couple orfdays Venezuelan Army plane
stay, armed with a let- IThursday morning for a
iter of introduction to Doc trip to Caracas to attend
Rizer, late' of Pont Beu- the observation of Vene-
der. Their meeting Doc, zuelan Armed Forces Week
called for an immediate at the invitation of the Gov-
,change of plans ... as Doc ernment. The plane trans-
is Haiti's most interesting porting the Hairian delega-
foreign born guide and talk 'ion also brought represen-
er ... he showed them the ratives from the Cuban and
Cihadelle, and thousands of Dominican armies to Cara-
interesting spots, including c-s.,
his Cul de Sac home, which -:0:-
Pa Kratur photographed Mr. and Mrs. Nari mov-
from |all tangles i... when ed .into their new summer
they boarded a plane this cottage al. Fermate l a sr
*eek-end they had prolong- week. Moving in with the
led their stay 14 days ... and Narrs were Mr. and Mrs.
loved every minute of it. Mauli and Ti Bernard. Mrs.
MauJi is the former Betry
--.0:- Narr.

- Home from Japan for a
two month vacation are
Maurice Berne, his Japanese
wife and little daughter
"Chiako.n The family y
crowded Bowen Field Tues-
day to welcome them home.

Senator Louis Dejoie re-
turned Tuesday from a two-
month business trip abroad.
Senator Dejoie spent fifteen
days in Europe and visited
mosi of the major U. S.
Wednesday was Jean Jo-
seph dit Simon's birthday.

Thursday evening, the
charming Selma Peters walk
ed d6wri the aisle of the
Sacred Heart Church of
Turgeau ro exchange mar
ical vows with Maurice
Saurel. The bride is the
popular daughter of the pro
prietor of Haiti's leading
bakery. Richard Peters. Our
best wishes to the happy

Yesterday evening at the
Basilica Notre Dame. Mile.
Lucienne Doug6, the daugh-
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Sey-
mour Doug6, became the
bride of Clovis Viard, the
son of Emile Viard. The
ceremony took place at 6:30
p.m. Our congratulations!
Arthur O'Neil the coun-
try's oldest tourist returned
from a trip to the Border
Andre and Janine Montas
arrived from the States this

X .: -4
-_" i .
U* .

Honeymooning this 'week
in Kenscoff a mountain cor-
respondent reports are iMr.
and, Mrs. Lee Norton. Mrs.
Norton is the former Nicole
Phipps. ,

Andre Roosevelt is on the
way to completing a colour.
movie of what a tourist sees
when he. steps off the plane
at Bowen Field and stays a
few days at the Ibo Lele.
The film (at least the al-
ready developed first halt)
is highly complimentary to
Haiti and the photographer
.. what. a sensation -Lydi'a
Bailey, would -hie been if
it had been filmed .here ...
one cannot -,help thinking
after viewing Roosevelt's

New arrivals th
from school abr
Edouard Gentil I
Tippenhauer and J
ner .. they're hom
Lt. Jean Covil
his fete Tuescday.

The Sans Souci, Presiden-
tial Yacht will definitely
not change flags and in all
probabilities the local firm
of Allen and Baussan will
win the bid and put her in
the coastal passenger ser-
Leaving today'on a busi-
ness-cum-pleasure tour solo
is Jacques- Berne. Jacques is
planning to spend. 15 days
in New York, a week in
Mohtreal and Quebec ...
then down to-the land of
the Mambo. Mexico and
Mr. F. B. Carlisle, Chief
Export Division of General
Motors left this week-end
.after a tefi day business visit
with the local distributor,
Shasa. iMr. Carlisle did not
contend himself with a visit
consisting of dunking in El
Rancho pool and soaking
upF a little sun ... but went
so far as to tour the whole
north country accompanied.
by Henri Borno and Claude
Gentil in a Power Glide to
see rings 5at first hand.
George Brewer, Jr., the
new Liberian Minister to
Haiti arrived in ttle Capital
last Sunday and will pre-
sent his credentials to the
President in July. The di-
plomatic representative of
the world's" only other Ne-
gro Republic, was accom-
panied by four children and
his nephew. He has taken
up residence in the Raoul
Chim home at Canap6 Vert.
Mr.. and Mrs. A. Gerdez
are back from a health trip
to Havana. -
Home to- Gerda. a new
Hillman .Alihi..' and Joseph
Nadal 'arid Co. is KJaus.
Alelhman. who has been in
Gernjany for the past two

Mr. .nd Mrs. Jean Blan-
is week cher of Cayes are in Port
oad are. this week-end to see son
ils. Bob Mario off to school in Al-
ean Wie- bany. New York.
e for the --:0:-
The Beachcomber stub-
bed his toe last week-end
observed ... said Joe Risk and Elaine
Khawly were fiance ... sour
ces say .-.. C'est pas vrai.


Pae 4

-e e--e 0I00III0


k1 7 ., _- :CONSULTS. 5 .. 7.
C ef^ k 1,iRE0oNIDlTIOrED _



Dadlani Offers Publicity Boost PETIONILLE CELEBRATES FEAST

Doulatram B. Dadlani things Haitian on his home
and his Maison Orientale .island of Jamaica. Haitian
are now celebrating the sec- Football players and Boy
ond birthday of their arrival Scout representatives were
in Haiti. And the short, royally entertained at the
smiling proprietor of Hai- Dadlani residence in King-
ti's only Indian Store is ob- ston during their visits
serving the Fete by launch- there over the past year.
ing a new product on the D.B. returns to Jamaica this
market to publicize Haiti. week-end with more enter-
He proudly showed Your prising ideas under his cap.
Reporter a colourful array
of silk scarves for men and-----
women that depic 'places of Book Neu's ...
local interest touristically
and geographically. Some A 3,000 book branch of
have a complete map of the National Library opens
Haiti and pictures of His in Petionville July 1st.
Excellence the President. Among thd people who con-
The silk scarves will be sold tribute money to help es-
in the 3.95 dollars range tablish this branch are ...
and there will be cotton President Magloire. Minister
numbers for a much lower Joesph Charles. Minister
price. Roland Laraillade and Mr.

D. B.. as the "boss, of
the Maison Orientale is
known by his employees, is
a good boster of Haiti and

Minister Charles recently.
ordered the acquisition of
all the available early Hay-
tian colonial relics that ex-
ist in London ... for the Na-
tional Library.

Edmond Mangones.
A new ",Collection de la
Bibliotheque N a ti onale))
will start with "Apotheo-
,es,, .a series of monogra-
phies by the President of the
Local Commission for Unes-
The 10th was the birth-
day anniversary of Claude
Albert Delaplace.

We use only the best American
leather and rubber heels
Our prices are cheaper !

a 2 sole and rubber heel .................
Full sole and -rubber heel ....................
Taps. Ladies' shoes rubber or leather .......
Children's '1- sole and heel iup to seven
years) ....................... .............
Children's full rubber soles ..................
Rue du Centre next to National Lottery.


ENGRAVING year name


R 3

(Continued from Page 1)

This morning at 4 a.m., the
Church with its shining coat
of new paint, began fill-
ing with worshippers. St.
Peter will be honoured by
special services in the morn-
ing and St. Paul in the af
ternoon. I

For the common people.
last night marked the cli-
max of a gala F6te that was
lunched some three weeks
ago when the first little
palm-thatched stands made
their appearance on the out
skirts of the busy Petion-
ville market. During the
past seven days, the Marchd
resounded with the rhythm
of the Bamboche, the shuf-
fle of the dice and the whirl
of the games of Chance.

But Thursday night there
was a sudden interruption
to mar the gay mood of the
Carnival. The merrymakers
crowding about the tem-
porary stalls were terri-
fied to find an Army Jeep
roaring at them at top
speed. In the careening car
ia Land Rover license.No.
641 was a soldier who came
within inches of crashing
'into the crowd when he
jolted to a halt. He waved
a pistol at the fleeing mer-
rymakers, "then drove off,
only to repeat his hair-rais-
ing maneuvers a second
and then a third time.
Your Reporter, on his
way home froai the Ibo Lele
'stopped to investigate the
excitement. He found the
market babbling with ex-
citement and debates were
under way in vivid Creole
as to whether the soldier
was drunk or insane. Sud-
denly all the debaters jump-
rd for safety (including
Your Reporter) when the
careening jeep roared into
the Market Place again, its
front wheels wobbling.
On his fourth trip be-
tween the stalls the soldier
came to a jerking halt a tew
teei away from Your Re-
porter who found himself
suddenly looking into the
business end of a .38 Revol-

ver. By sheer reflex, Your
Reporter grabbed the gun
hand of the soldier and
forced it down, only to real-
ize there was no way to dis-
arm the fellow as long as
he remained in the car. At
ilhat moment. the soldier
stepped on the starter and
Your Reporter barely had
time to jump back before
the jeep roared off again ...
leaving behind it a Jour-
nalist whose knees were
chartering and .whose watch
r- ** **** * *** -


age 5

had stopped in fright.
After muffing his chance
to be a hero, Your Report-
,er was mighty happy to see
competent help take over. .
few moments later, the vio-
lent jeep-driver was over-
powered on the road by Lt.
Prosper of the Petionville
Police and five guards who
removed his gun and -emp-
tied out the bullets before
leading the man away.
The people thanked their
Patron Saint Peter thIht thI
had a police force to tal'
care of such masters and
went back to their playing.

Don't Buy a Car !
Don't change
First look at what

The CHRYSLR corp.




The most familiar

Car on the Haitian roads.


..... ...... ...
"C LU N Y"

C arantied Dui.lied in S.otlnd and Bottled
in he Old Counyr, b. the S .le P ..Ol.etors

--. ,. d - -t

Distrib urors -

LA cmA N Y


It all started because tht
crystal fell out of my wris'
watch. If I could -afford
good watch the extraordin
ay events I am about to re-
cqrd never would have oc
Iliad lunch the other da}
at Marcel Gentil's house
After hearing, Marcel and I
Swent out on the porch tc
mnoke' As I reached in my
poiker for my cigarettes I
heard something tinkle on
I$ae tiles. Looking down, I
Jsaw my watch crystal near
amy feet. It was unbrok-
en. Picking it up, I hand-
Wed ir to Marcel and stepped
back a few feet.
aLook at it", I said. ,Ex-
amine it carefully. See if
you can find a trace of a
Marcel-stared *at it for a
'few moments, then looked
up at me and said: -I see
nothing wrong with it.",
tnAll right., I replied.
["Close your. hand on it and
hold it tight.,6

'He did. I made a few
passes, as I usually do when
performingg one of my tricks,.
V Lhere was ,a loud CRACK.
pi Marcel's hand twitched. He
j peneq it and there lay the
crystal broken in two pieces.
We talked for about an
Iwur Then I went home.
(Note. You can buy the
watch crystal trick in any of
the- Magic Shops around
42nd St *and Broaday for
a dollar),

The sound of my motor,
had hardly died away in
SMarcel's ears .w he n he
heard a voice behind him
say distinctly: "Marcel, that
corn meal mush and gar-
bage the servants feed me is
:not fit food for -a dog. I
want meat. you hear. red
Suqrrised. Marcel turned.
SThere was nobody there.
But his dog, who had been
,"' lying 'at the end of the
porch, rose and walked to-
*wards -him. ,Did you hear
- e, Marcel? h e asked
'' eat, that's what I want,
;.' meat."
Marcel shrieked. Alice ran-
out to him. He told her
what the dog had said. She
calmed him, and explained
that it must have been the
lobster he ate for lunch.
Thd'dog barked ,a few
Times, stretched out on the
porch and went to sleep.

A few hours later, Marcel
went to see his friend Jean
Cla1de Leger. After a few
as they went to look
baby. As they gazed
the seven months old

e child, it took its fist out of
t ,its mouth and staring at its
L father said. in a deep pow-
- erful voice: uFather, why
- don't you get a haircut?
- Another thing. I wish you
would shave every day. You
* have no idea how much
. your beard irritates my Ien-
der skin. That goes for
Uncle George, too. You can
* tell him for me.,,
The baby then put its fist
back in its mouth and gur-
gled, "Ga da."
The two men looked at
pach other. Marcel told
Jean Claude about the dog.
They decided to say nothing
to the baby's mother.

Later that evening Marcel
arrived at the Haitian Ame
rican Institute just as Mr.
Cassidy had finished intro-
ducing a visitor from the
United Nations who was to
speak on the "Religious Ce-
remonies of the Patagonian
Indians., As Marcel took
his seat, the speaker,' a
world famous anchopblogist
stepped forward to the edge
of the platform. took a cake
of soap from his pocket, and
holding it up for everyone
to see, began:

"Had rtis article beeu
known in ancient Egypt the
course of history would
have been changed. Cleo-
patra never would have
been bitten by an adder.
But the Egyptian Queen
never even dreamed of this
famous body. youth,, hair,
skin and mind developer,
which is composed of beau-
if.sing and cleansing sub-
stances v..c'i r.-perors and
Kings base started wars
over to obtain for their
loved ones. Brave men have
died for it, children cry for

"Thousands of people
have benefited by its use.
The sick have escaped the
grave. The pdvertr stricken
have become rich: men and
nomen have found their
sweethearts; the divorced
hane. become reconciled andi
raised large families."
"Societr women in New
York fight for the privileges
of paying- five dollars a
cake for this' marvelous
Cure-All Soap. But, friends,!
I am not going to charge
you five dollars, nor even[
one dollar, not even fifty
cents. I am going to let you
have a cake for one miser-
able quarter, the fourth part
of a dollar, twenty five
lousy -...,.
At this point Mr. CassidyI
and Mr. Echols etch took
an arm of the lecturer and
marched him off the plat-'

By T. J. Grant

,Marcel went home, took
four Nembutal capsules
and went to bed.

When Marcel came down
stairs for his breakfast the
next morning he found no-
body at home but the yard
boy. Looking for something
to eat in the refrigerator,
he found it empt), except
for a small rabbit which
looked at him as he opened
the door and said: "Good
Always polite, Marcel re-
plied, =Good knorning."
Then, sharply, ,"What are
you doing there?"

,This is a Westinghouse,
isn't it?, asked the rabbit.
Marcel agreed that it was.
"All wight,, said the rab-
bit, "l'se testing..,
Marcel slammed the door
shut and started downtown
to get his breakfast at the
Belle Creole.

He never got there. Be-
fore he reached the Pharma-
cie Sejourne his way was
blocked by a seething .mass
of humanity. Marcel left
his car in the street and
wormed his way dTrough

the crowd until he could see
what they were looking at.
It was Mr. Edmond
Phipps, a prominent grocer
of Port au Prince. He was
balancing himself on one
foot on the tip of the flag-
pole on top of the Des-
champs building, w h ile
singing, in a voice that Car-
uso would have envied.
al'm in Love with a-Won-
derful Girl.,

This wear on for an hour. Ho
The streets were blocked in nosu, C.a
all directions. Traffic was sacr Cu
at a standstill. Finally .Mr. P-11 .m.
Phipps stepped off the flag- CIthcral Su
pole and descended an in- 8 aU
visible stairway, Atep by sr. Gt,ard i
step. until bhd reached the Alastes 5-30
street, where he was lost in St jear, Boc
the crowd. a* "*
It took the police rWo ChA pai orn ti
hours to disperse the crowds AMIUs at 9
and get traffic moving S, -P,-'e, pe
Edich.Efron, who had de- -
cided to shop early and Hoti T
avoid the heat. saw the 4, 0 m
whole show. Fighting 'her 6i.00 a m
way to the All America 0') a.m
S8 "0'1 a m
Cables, she sent five bun- 9so a.
dred words to Time.. Two Epha,., Chap
hours later she got a reply. ;.m 8 a.m
It was just one nord. lethodii Rue
-Nuts..,. ce a




DeS pneus -,

a- ,
Z".. 7, ,,
...... na o P,

Grace 6 leur .
sculpture ,

es' Pneus

vous assurent
un freinage superf ur


had no breakfast.

who had finished
med on Page 11)

pel Sundiay Mass at 8:30
rmaon ir. Engkrh
Sunday Masies at 4-6-

r-ra:, Ma'>es. at 4-5:30

ear- Oloffaon, Sunday
o Sunday Mazsres at 9

*e Expo.it.or, iroundd
. m
tion-Vale, 8, 930 a.m.

rail.. Cathedral
Ma-F French ,
Mian French
Maz English
MI-' French
Mass Eng lii
el Sunday MTis at 6
. in French
de a Revolurtion Ser-
. m.



Pae 6


Petits Croquis

de Grands Peintres

by Artist ROBEL PARIS "live today for tomorrow
Nb. 4 we die- state of mind, start-
Sed perhaps by Baudelaire in
'..Vicoite de Toulouse-Lau- his "Fleurs du Mal), ... the
Itrb-died in 1901. the same fin de siecle. attraction for
Hyear as Queen Vittoria 'the gutter .., the "Absinthe
;Ihat circumspect and mor' Drinkers,, of Degas and
'alizing Queen whose influ- Manet which followed later,
e'nce on- .Amdrica and Eu-, and Zola's prostitutes and
, pp was so strong that the
''Mjective aVictoriani" has '
been part of our vocabulary |
ever since. :
In the artist Laurrec, we
:find the qualities which .-

`i]est characterize, thd reac-
"tion to Victorianism, which
-grew stronger toward the
.,end of the nineteenth cen-
tury. He was himself the
descendant of a thousand
,year line char gave -kings to
Francei(Louis VII) and Eng-
land (Henry Ili.
. ,This cynical aristocrat ex-
:,posed a..world that the Vic-
torians-2refused to recognize

De,Maupassant's -"La Mai-
son Tellief." Laurrec' illus-
trated some- of these books.
' Laurrec's family were an
odd' mixture r of provincial-.
ism' and sophistication. The
country nobility( trom which
he sprang perhaps initiated
the double standard it the
western world, and played
its part in forming ohe ba-
.sis of his person litv and

haunts or vices with his -
wife or women of his own
class ... Lautrec frequently
nier his father's fellow-no-
blemen in h is nightly
rounds. It was perfectly
proper to greet them but it
would have been unforgiv-
able to allude to the subject
at home before the ladies of
the family.

Around the age of four-
teen, Laurrec broke .both
legs in an accident. His
body grew to normal size.
but not the legs, so his ap-.
pearance was dwarfish. He
was deprived of the sports,
riding. especially and danc-
ing, which his'work shows
be was passionately fond of
... as a young man he drew
a great deal, compensating
him'for the sports' which he
was denied. There were ex-
traordinary intuitive pow-
'ers'at work in his drawings
and entire grasp of life.
"The vapor of accumulated
knowledge plus the store ol
wisdom and experience he

iin public. He. a decadent., art. was born with. At the ,age
:.'the product of centuries of of sixteen he was sent to
inbreeding. (his own .par- The country seigneurs un. the, Riviera ru -recuperate.
centss were first cousins), der Louis XV and XVI,..and it was there he started
showedd -to the world.' in his sought their amours among t6 draw sophisticated'' car-
:'paintings,, the decadence of the -milk-maids and shep- catures of high life. and
his time ahe affi 'de sib- he&dbsses, but in Lautrec's here it was- be painted -lis
cle., day the noblemen from the famous., .cComtesse Noire.,
Arourid- this period there 'provinces, found their'wo- showing a notorious dark
was not only a..stirong. reac- men in the.houses of prosti- skinned -lady of "pleasure
tion against ba1d tasfe an .':tilif i'tict were be5omiTg driif'ig' in" her equipage
1 hypocrisy,, :but also a: sense .steadily more luxurious, along' the promenade of.
of dqom.. largely' restricted 'There was no secrecy. about Nice:. This was the subject
'"to' the intelligepsia' aid up-. this only tact".;:.'ai,:ei-lmatter .which had already)
per branches of society, a tieman did' not discuss, his begun to lure .him to every)
kind of excess. '.
He made serious erotic
S studies as well as, phallic
'YOU CAN'T ASK caricatures most of which
h ' e gave to his friends. They
FOR A 'FINER' were as unprintable 'as cer-
t ain paintings on :Greek
S', vases but one could t call
WHISKY i them pornographic Or "dir-

THIS IS His worldliness lay in his
supreme sense of humour
PERFECTION and tolerance, with wbich
he was to .see every side of
ITSELF life. He had a healthy cv-
T L ' 'Bnicism as he watched the
Her Majest WY. Comedie Humaine ... his
ner aeesl ,, pictures are unbelievably-
-" '"2* Wpenetrating. exposing merci
-." lessiv the weaknesses of his'
QUEEN OF SCOTS .':..j.'i subjects.
In his painting technique
le was a conservative -
Scotch Whisky. only Seurat and Degas seem-
ed to hase influenced him
O' n Sale Everywhere strongly .
.LAPIT- & C r. .bt. He never painted direct-
SLAAT "& CO. s btors ly from the scene ... but
97 R10 e du C /ntr 0 drew from. life and then
P.O. Box 1086 'Pho 2793 painted r worked 'on his'

age7- '


the name for quality sted desks'
TThe hand:om. Glob- s',er. -lC t rear.iirii lnolop deals iIl italed gi he rou
Ihe lost ncd :r. effrinl pe;frna .ac lus a baor.id of ee appeal. 1, la6'
e60' 5 and 30' Io meet .cer1 *eecAuie or g Ir.icl ffci-e need. Formed
linoleum lop' .-l T.oaldd d.l de' a.sure aropl 'or, k.lng area foer speed. ''t
ffrienacy. cri coml" l i dn rn.sm i.r, *uain *dgqd lop Laa' glde, in
iha smart rslend'pa'es ar. aduoable lrpm :9' 10 30"' ia meet your irl-'i
.de&ol ricqiremen.' Or i' 'u pre fr, diJi ro d breed wch grace#ld
,aperd leg: Fin. h r--gretn, graf, gia.r.;d rrnihogcan, ,r gnr.d mr- ,:aer-
Ion o.Wlnu Co.-. iiW e.d T.. itn ps ;:ell 'WIW 'hIr .]'crnline, is '4hl
desk for tdav.' VW ile or phonc us foir fee .lluir d'cirrlr . .
S Agents .
The Chamhhr of C'nimierceB BM

I"* .
lithograph in the studio. 'aslate as 1905his'wotk 'eiw(s "'
Drawing was for him -as it- rejected 'b the Luxembiour ,.
was for deVinci an extreme- museum. ,'." rf
ly effective forn of note- The most'aristocralic..pae.'
taking. -It was in the tran- of. Lautrec, even more ih'''
scription of the drawingsg' .his -assurance .'of .matri, i '
that their lull genius' came was his burspoken taste fo0q.;.
.into play. -th .'fantastic, tor i pcgcial "- .
Since 1he ,iad ample in- o-loymants, it fact' his pas t
come be cared little about sion. for anything 'difertnx ".
-the critics opinion though he .Basically kind -.though a.-' "
was received better tha precious, he was t-horfbhl .
other avant-garde' artists' of capable of hate. ...Wt'he
hbis time --in fact his poS was never common .
ers .and lithographs had. con-, He died at ihe- age of 37,
sidcrable popularity ... it having enjoyed all hisg 'i
must have been the subject perices, he died. youd g with
matter which. was so shock- Out 'any hunger lefrt-' fo' .:
ing to the bourgoisie and, anything.
which kepr the paintings -
from having a" similar suc- REA-DERS ,'
cess in his life-time. A 16.000.book room 3
The academiicians oppos- sood be inaugurated ati.e'.s
ed him for the free srt Ie of National Library. '.
his' draftsmanship ... and ''

GET TrOT 5501 ,B

eiam inrlan
r,, ,T_ q .o'To p.,A A .-

/ o

"Time" &" Life"

The Lea,.ng American Are Now On Sale All


, anchi i e ,) .

*Sr 'an





Th Caib'afCmmrceBis.

Page 8 .. ...



your beauty ned
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PLACES TO EAT PLACES FOB FUN Under the sam? Management :-.
: . Ted. Roosevelt
F..OOLD o fOOD...GOOD PRICES 9 Wishes to advise his many friends and the Genera] 2000


The REFUGE completely rciuvenared is now equipped
with Electricity, Hot and Cold running water etc. Can
S, be reached over an excellent road intanm type of car.
I 1 At 5,700 feet the ,REFUGE, is- TOPS. -

S Monday Wenesday Tharsday Eveninq .
'" -DIE andDANCE . :
rm- Lm r,,.( ,r,' .r. r.r.r r' ,. 5 ,05 00.. 50 e f A..T_.__ ,,_._._ "_ _______T

..O"en T Yp .. k rj'Day
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|.. ... see. s. Ye9 only 15"LEISURELY PLFASANT Miiek'
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T.. ""' REFRESHING Drinks, L.nches and Dinners '
...r.* t",,-h IN COOL KENSCOFF

:Aux Orchidees

ETIONI, L a small p~ece of delico' All Rooms with Bath, HOT Water, American -
/PHOU0tE:7876' re*.. Chocolate alive brigs French Cuisine, Swimming Pool, Tropical Gardens
...effectivernight. hat's lii SUPERI facilities for entertaining large parties
-,j$ ( "-: < -
-'7-i--' ,
L.. & .

.,, j3 I '6 ";


The shops in ihis section
aiave been, checked by this
newspaper, .' and to I the
6est, of 0oi.4, knowledge
beir mrnerchandise is o4
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ga lte. .,

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English Tea Clorhs in -4 different sitea
and color_ .
Jus uippacked Hatdwoven..Curtaining
in 4 different coloursg '5"j also going on
SSale. Prices. Reg ,3,0,'Now. 2.80 4Aune.
7 25'," Disco ni on Orientale Carpets in
diffet"nt size, and colours : -

Eamti M HIY

The delicious Chocolate,
hi. T axative
NE .; ew roix,Nak i ". t ,)i,5 o
'b. rings relief overnight. So
lLi- : take .
.'.-.-. ...--_ to-night and to-morrow
',. ,:. z. -i . you'll'be al! right.
r; ,^ Avail, yourself of :
'POSITION W'ANTED 'he sWeetest.soap
English, French, G er WOODBURY : '
man Correspondence. Ac- W
counting. Shipping, Secre- the soap with an exquisite
trial. work. 25 ycts -ex- fragrance.
perience. Apply ,Haiti WOODBURY :
i dn.,, ; the best soap.
SAND L y,I'LL Pegy ...EA T... ou WON'T LOOK-

-. .
.. aa

I.. *~' 5'
.. .* tL.t~J2 I

7 ... _q" -"A

'i t

', "O

SIN CE 1862


> 1-fice on the Expsition'

S. Desandes.
.Cri:.oShop .
VlRue dii' 'Qua S

BUpcY HandicLraITs "

I.A e .. .ISO -Ne. ,n r

A beauniful outboard 010- Beautifully f,ucnished 't's
r hardly been used, for house for rent iin Peion- We o
sale. Good price. ville. .Suitiable for Dipit ? _
m ar. o. ... .'
O I5H,NO!ANMD. RINT' CmJ?--.. .y,THEYf.;. N -s

..u.EmRBeoDIN.M DANNY .t.-..\ TUNNI5.'. .h4)

Page 10

3 000 Shriners Flying

On Cadibbean Visits

P 26 Hit Port-au-Prince

ore than 3.000 Shriners Cuba-and Mexico en route
: are caking time out from to their bodies on the Uni-
'' convention sessions in Mi- ted States Pacific Coast. -
i ani this week to board Pan The Shriners are packing
*. American World Airways Pan Americap's 10 regular
Clipper flights for brief daily flights between Miami
'Caribbean vacarions before and Havana and four daily
Sremring home. flights' between Miami and
',i ,&Before thev -week is out. 'Nassau. and an average of
"Pan Americap.sales officials five extra trips is being
.. estimate that more .thqn flown each day to Havana
-.2,000 'Shriners and their and Nassau to augment the
f'.-'amilies will have Clippered, regular schedules. M or e
StHavana, 1,000'to Nassau. than seventeen spec i a
",and 250 lo various other Ca- flights'were flown last week
ra*"-ibbean resorts. end.
When the .Nobles con-- included in the Shrine
Secluded their convention' ses- gr.ups touring other part
"U.isloas Friday June .20, more of the Caribbean are deleg:'-
tha 10.0 were -taking Clip- tions from Rochester. New
Sper tro Havana for visits in Yrk,. and South Bend, In-

$ %
*^ Y .

S P.O. Box 985 Tel. 3494
EE l..

Chainp-de-Mars .

or any other place in the wbrld dn :
S.Luxulious Suppr-Constellatiois Of '

,;.'.'...-." . or any other airline e o "
4 ;" ESEN ARNS ."""


d ians.
The Rochester group Clip
pered to Montego Bay, Jam-
aica, Friday morning June -
20, and are visiting Port-
au-Prince, Haiti; San Juan,
Puerto Rico, and St. Tho-
mas, Virgin I.slands. before
taking a 1 San Juan-New
York Clipper flight July 4.
S6uth Bend's Nobles Clip
pered to San Juan Friday af-
ternoon and took other PAA
flights to Ciudad Trujillo,
Dominican Republic; Port-
an-Prince and Kingston and
Alontego Bay. Jamaica. be-
fore returning to Miami to-
No extra flights were During the Haiti Day Celebration in New York Alay
put on the Miami Port-au- 20th. Ambaisadqr Jwcqnes L eger- bestowed the Order'
Prince .run. and 'doe toi this National Hw te n etr Merite a grade de Grande (rox;,
fact, one of. the 20 visiing plaque Argent on New York's Maor Im-pellite'r, opt
Shriners staying at the RI- behalf. ot the Haitian Governnent. In the above picture
viera Hotel, said 80 Nobles following the ceremony a charming member -of thq 20th
were forced to vacation else etutury-Pox Flbn Company is seen presenting Mayor,
tobted to vacation else- Impelliter; with a copy of Kenneth Roberts' novel L y
where. diea Baile y.
Up till this week-end a -
total of 26 Sbriners have vis
t'ed Port., S&x from Sacre- Mrs. Hewes' work came out -,BEACRCOMDBERl
mento, California, stayed art on top.
the Thorland Club Wednes- Called iT be Blessing' In Jeremie last Sunday
day to Thursday. Txvenry Strie)en, the painting is oil Gerard Degraff celebrated
Indiana and Illinois 'brin- on masonite; it represents no his birthday.
ers stopped at the Hotel Ri- particular scene and is en- :0:-
viera Tuesday and con- sirely imaginative. but irs in Miss Marie Bordav ofr
tinued ch e,i r Caribbean spi ation'is definitely Ha 'served her. fete last Sunday.
cruise Wednesday. eian. -:0:-
So n- -- Mrs. Hewes was a guest cZonin g, died from lack-
sBEACHCOMBERn at Gitnad Hotel Oloffson o scandal ... but reporter-
-- here for nearly two month" Enilk is contest -s
Top Atmetican Advrtis- recently, and the painting, "--:0:-
Lig 'executive.. Harry Trele- interprets the ood,- the. Leon Chalom went to
van left ,Monay after a spirit and architectuoe-of the Brooklyn on business this
week ,at the lbo Lele Hotel Caribbean. week.
-on his Caribbean t ur. He. Not only, did.-he people p. . -:0.-
praised the : Haitian Art of Springfield li"e the pic- ''Off to Paris and Rome
* movement' and hunting pos-. hire, museum 'officials ap this week flew' Engianetr
sibilities and planning an parently-did too, for they and Mrs. Vorbes.; Dumontir
expedition to the interior- bought it for their perman-' ,Bellande, commercial ar--
January next to. hunt wild- ent collection. .. rtache in Roms, and ,Mrs.
boar. He did not" inform Gebcge :ayards. wife of the"
Your Reporter who-the pa- Ilestingshotise Official' Commandant of the Coasr
triot was that sold him the Visil Portd b Gjard. Accompanying tke
idea of wild boar hunting in On a Caribbean, i.spec- prt as far as Paris are
Haiti, but ii he is hunting tiontour, i Westinghouse of .ngineer I Franck .Janrtom
an alias we would sure like ficials stopped off. here three and Dr. Edouard Roy.
to go along. _,- ays .last week and assisted -:0:-
-.0:- by local distributor Victor Tuesday l'1h was Dr. -
Atherton Lee left foi Bohcard, became spau cou- Auel Jalcowitz's birthday
Camaaguey. Havana and rant,,'with matters Wbsting t anniversary.
u~u:.c"iai nrnLJ.a-:0.

'na ll 'a ran Anmerican
last Sunday, Mrs: Lee left
I. for Miami direct on Mondav
"l .* and the. will both visit Nas.
Ssau an well. Chateler des
Sl an Fleurs products go to all
St s l these places and are estab-
r t '-rs 4" lishing Haiti as the country
of the Grants is. of flowers of superior qual-

exemplified o _0- _
exem plified in Congratuolatioan to Made-
9 line" Hewes of Newton,
. nvarying Conn., wife of EberRaid 0on
tex elec' unv n -' 'larochowski : when ,rhe
eXCellence, Sorinefield, Mass. Museum
.... of Fine Arts ran its month-
S the whisky lone annual spring show
bi vear. bringing to 'the
public 30 paintings by a like
I number of contemporary
SAmerican artists, it asked
JAW G.iANT SONw S LTD' Z DST/ILL scnrL.f ij its eallery-goers to vnre by
HArIT TRADING CO. S.A. 3hallo" for its favouriaes ..
by a comfortable margin,

uuuse xj na:. ...-
.The foursome wer 0-:.' Felix Martin of Pension,
-'Mr. John Deacon, Sales, Martin in the Cap (serve
Promotion Division 6f wonderful 'food) has founT?
Westinghouse 'in N e w. a booking Jor Paris, Julyr
York', Pat Cross. West- -8h.
inghouse Caribbean zone .
director, headquartered .in "
Havana: Pedro .Negreira. HOUSE AVAILABLE,
Assistant to Par Crdss, House. reasonable rental,
Zo.ne Supe'rvisor. arp- semi-furnished (yoaur own
tioned in 'Havana; Fred linen. silver, China and kit-
Hall, manager of -Distrr-, chen; equipment). Enroute-
butors Relatriohsn' wh.is al- to Petionville beyond Beau
ways on the move visiting .Site driveway. Apply Bor
I-iri, and other' countries 1004 or phone George Le-
helping the Distributor with ger Fils. ;

his problems. '
Even with the unlavour-.
able weather the group
se-"med ro have enjoyed them
selves thoroughly and man-
apod a dip or two into the
refre'hin- El Rancho kid-
ney shaped pool.

S +:0:----
Major Francois Romain
of Headquarters celebrated?
his ftd eTuesday 17th.
-:0- -
David,Ades (Ti Da) sail-
ed off by canoe to business
in Jeremie Tuesday.

4, .
.-. 4 C; ."
-.,-. . -:.... : .,. ,. ": ... ...-, ''-.". ., .: . -,. . ... ,:" ..". . '.'.. - ..'- .,,..


Q* I


sKI. *






Top Canadian Journalists'

Spend Fortnight Here

3 HaiLi will soon be the
subject of pictorial .reviews
,aqd articles in French-speak
ing Canada thanks to 'the
recent visit of three top
'Canadian journalists who
feel that our tropical'isle
-would be an ideal spot for
-vacationing folks from' their
Northern homeland.
Brian Moore of the Mon-
treal Gazette. (Canada's lead
ing morning daily) took 27
Tolls of pictures for articles
on Haiti in his "morning
daily as well 'as in the win-
-ter issue' of Canada's lead"
Vag women's fashion maga-
zine, Maylair.. Mr. Moore's
-wife Jackie. who accom-
-anied him on the trip, is
preparing material on Haiti
for the Weekend Pictorial
-Magazine. Another Week-
end magazine writer, Miss,
*Betty Davidson, also .came
to have a first-hand look at
the tourist possibilities in
Our Republic.
The trio tracked down
Your, Reporter for a chat
last Monday, just before
they took the plape back ro
* tanada: .The Moores were
neihusiastic about the' at-
dtactions Haiti offered and

exclaimed that much more
should be done about pro-
moting Our Republic in
French Canada, where the
similarity of languages and
,cultural background should
provide a natural attraction
fo r Southbound tourists.
Mr: Moore pointed out that
Canadians no longer hase a
strict dollar allowance. when
the) go travelling, but now
can rake as much spending
money as they want for
their resort trips.
He explained, however,
that Canadians want accur-
ate information before they
plan their vacation voyage
... they want to know the
prices of Haitian Hotels, the
kind of amusement Our Re-
public offers and other per-
tinent travel data. The
Moores are sold.on the beau
'ties of Haiti and plan to re-
turn for a longer stay in
the future.
I The 'Montreal Gazette.
writer 'announced that his.
paper has one subscriber in
Haiti a't present and Your
Reporter could, nor resist in-
forming him proudly that
the Haiti Sun has 12 'sub-
scribers in Montreal.

A set of Haitian tambours
and a star pupil of Ti-Roro
'are now the life of the par-
ties in Cleveland. Ohio.
-where residents are getting
into the spirit of the "Bam-
tochen. It all is the result
of the recent visit of a Clese'
land Industrialist. Jack Har
per to Port atn Prince.
While sunning himself
beside the pool ai Hotel
Oloffson, Jack took lessons
from Haiti's leading drum-
rmer and then brought .J set
cf drums back to his home
in Cleveland to shovv, off
his newly-won prbw-cs'; to
bis. friends.

In a letter to his host Vic
tor de Kepyerling. Jack
writes: "I went to a steak
roast last Saturday evening
and I took the big Drum
with me. It was the hit of
the party, ever) one wanted
to beat it -and of course my
knowledge gained from
' Haiti's Ti-Roro stood me in
'wonderful stead. I showed
the gathered multitud- how
'the drumming was done ...
it made lots of fun and also
gives a boost to Haiti I
Scan assure you many )f
'these people will make a

trip there, they all
sounds fascinating,
it is.. A.



The Hairian Legislarute
has just approved a con-
tract between the Haitian
Government and the Plan-
cation Dauphin for the con-
struction of a road linking
Carrefour-LaiMort to Oua-
naminche and the building
of an airport at Cap Hai-
The new route will pro-
vide a major highway to
the Department of t he
Nort h. passing through
Forr-Libertc, Tour. Limo'
nade. Quarter Morin, Cap
Haiiien, Ferrier, De r a c,
Phaeton. Paulerte. and Ter-
rier-Rouge. And Northern
residents are eagerly look-
ing forward to the time
when their travel will not
be forced to a halt by the
;ainy season.
.The -airport. too, is a ma-
jor necessity, since the small
landing strip now used is
also subject to unscheduled
close-downs during the
rainy season. And an all-
weather field is necessary to
provide tourists with fast
and reliable transportation
to Haiti's major relics of hei
historical past.

Hildegarde Streirwolf ar-
rived in town 'Monday 16th
b) plane from Ciudad Tru'
jilip' ... Ma and Pa arrived
by auto the following day.
The Streirw6ifs will vaca-
'tion here with their old

Paris. with a rifty piece or-
chestra, is giving a per-
formance. There are two
hundred beautiful girls and
Maurice Chevalier .singing
their heads 'off. It's wonder-
ful !
" Alice s.rled at me aY'-u

Qver. the drinks Marcel....'
'told us the wierd .-tales T ,.
have just related. When h .
finished: I said goodbye and
teft. This time I really
, rent home.
.Marcel wenr.tn hed. f

think it -:0:-
and so M' onday was Lt. Arthur% &'-'*-" : Z' : .-' %%- ."& : :-. W 5!'IV- 6x". W-,:e.:-<-ma

Lamarre's birthday. "' N

------ -:0:-
Due to the death of the Dr. Malurice Etheart left'
President's brother. T he for France A few days agoA
Theatre 'of the Three Mon- to study ini Paris Electricalt
da)s postponed the present medicine at the uSalpetrie.."
rion of the play "L'Arri- -:0:-
viste" until a later date. It uBoulie, Peloux of Tete%
was to have opened Friday de L'Eau had ten pups last
evening .at the .Theatre de week.
Verdure. -:0:-





Haitian Tambour Giins

Popularity In U. S.

--- ^ ==**^ III-- ;

. -



-/w/, :
.in~wnN o L .... _. 7 : .

.. . -g i.> "." ............ -. % ,,

X 1 4.') '


_Page 1 .


r < has all he modern too0 and
S. equipment to ensureaoWger lives
for cars that t el Mie roads of
Htiaiti and the p06ple that travel
in them... '


Modern and Efficnt o


(Continued from Page 6) .
purring the glass and silver- are boh crazy, or,druti
ware away came our on the she said.'- .
porch. "How about a whis- .
ky and soda?" she asked. "Neither one, Alicen. I
Then, she saw Marcel. He replied. "When we came
was on his feet, leaning'for- out on thbe porchAl tricked
ward, his arms moving as Marcel into -staring atS7
if he were swimming, a watch crystal. When die
fixed smile on his face as he looked up at me I iypnoir-
sared out over the garden. ed him in ten seconds.. -IHe
"What on earth are you was half asleep, anyhow,".
doing?" she asked. Marcel from the effects of th wnAme
paid her no attention, he drank for lunch. Diuting '
I the last twenty minutes .he
I explained: aMarcel, if I has been hearing an seeing
am right, is floating over bcrange' a nd wonderful
the Iroti Market, where .a things. Ger the "whiskey
troupe from the Casino de and I'll -wake hip up."
was on his et leain* or ou oth'prhl -rcl-,"i

SPage 12 e



IS t ls ha.e-pro..n the
t efecli' edness or
S Aom -i-den, in helping
t lopre% ent tooth decay,-
for Ammi ident con- .
Slain ammonium arind
r carbamide.
SInsist an Ihe original
SAinm-i-dent tooth
ponder.... or tooth

On Sale Everywhere
Distributor in Haiti-


hi~m- f.Jur &3d For/a
L3 [ -6 Z9 .. 01

(Continued from Page 1)
In the space of virtually
a half century, the French
and the English Colonies in
the Western Hemisphere,
followed by the Spanish and
Portuguese, were severed
from the mother countries
and started on their sov-
ereign ways. Only in a few
areas of the Caribbean and
on the tropical coast of
Sotith America, did colonial
relationships persist into the
late 19th and 20th centu-
Thus, a common interest
prevailed among the peo-
ples of' the Americas long
before they were conscious
of its many implications, its
inherent possibilities and
responsibilities, its oppor-



were concerned with the
fundamentals of their fight BEACHCOMBER
for survival -' political sta- All of Bizoton stopped,
bilky and recognition, eco- looked and listened Tues-
nomic self-sufficiency and day evening when the Ho-
participation in free trade tel Riviera held 'a genuine
and commerce. But the American "Square dance
ideals and principles voiced along with the genuine mu-
by their far-visioned leaders sic of Cliffie Stone and Or-
survived to underlie the chestra Ion records). The
.identity of the American dancers, and there were
continent and its strategic around fifty, under the able
significance to the democra- direction of big strong voic-
tic world. ed Shields Clark of PAA
The historic and the soon lost all stiffness and
earliest example of steps whirled and twirled on till
toward the formulation of midnight . doughnuts and
any policy on the mutual in- coffee were served during
terests of the Americas was ':he rest periods ... and
the Bolivian Congress held we're'happ) to report there
in Panama in 1826. inspired wasn't one bone broken.
by the Great Liberator. Si- -:0:-
mon Bolivtr. Though the Popular writer '(Journal
Congress vas dogged by de- du Commerce) Roro Ma%-
lays and ill fortunes, its con- ard sailed for France Wed-
ception gave concrete express nesday J.lune 18th).
sion to the ideals which had -:0:-
fired the American patriots The General Director of
'in their fight for indepen- Education is on an inspec-
dence. rion tour of the North. in-
Samuel Flagg Bemis, U.S. cluding Petit Goave.
historian, wrote of the Pa- -:0:-
nama Congress: "Time, the Mrs. Siegel. Nana, Maud
Great Expositor, has woven Peloux. Jean Alexis. Jack
a magnificent monument to Alexis, Gu) Horille and
it in the inter-American Berto Shrem went to the
neace sitnicrure of the 20th "Cap, 'last week-end ...
century, Boliva's noble leg- here is their tim'e: Left at
acy.- 5.30 p.m. Saturday, arrived

Dais non-s:,p -en'Cct r,:.m San Juan by delhUe Con-
itellabon-rype CLppcr'. REducld 15-.DJ. Rlirund-
Tnp Eacumsron tare- now in effect.. "l-o rew. low
Touli4_ rai[

Frequ',rnt ljgtn, bt, ivvt Co* ii-r~ne Cbpperr VI'
King-ron. Montn g,, bar Cminr-es \. reg -ulr rnon.-
:op -ervLt C...rMr:br.. irihi. ne A,, ] S..Mje.

Ciudad Trujillo-San Juan
Rpilar Cur.aJ fiLhe. corn.er.ent d.:p-rr.-e tmue.
r -t, -r I I e .: pnnupia Car-itbber che, .

fi.rL.as cr .. to. n N, I ork bt p'.-tA do.ble-
dedrid "Sx ,t..' Cbpr..,:- r, lur'u.uo. jir!,ner.-to L,.rJrj. Parii r17d Fona e
,, [ t'L.L' Irat.IAg,-Ir


fue Dantes Deslouches Port-au-Princd
Telephones: 3451 and 2822

(unities and mutual advan-
tages. This common inter
*est was based on similarity
of ideals which expressed it-
self in the peoples zeal for
freedom, the revolutionary
fires of independence, and a
continuing quest for demo-
cratic self-government.
It has been said that one
does not have to "minimize
the differences or magnify
the likenesses" to arrive at
a definite pattern in, the
parallel development of. the
New World communities.
In "A History of the Ameri-
casn, Professor Vera Broun
Holmes noted that at the
close of the revolutionary
age there was little con-
isciou.; over-all American
unity. -The bases of unity,
though fundamental", she
pointed out, ",were as. yet
inchoate. unexpressed, and
largely unrecognized. The
American colonies ha d
freed themselves from Eu-
rope but had not yet built
a common house.n
The common interests of
the Americas, today exem-
plified in the Organization
of American States, the "Rio
Treaty" and" other Inter-
American instruments, in
technical cooperation pro-
grammes and cultural inter-
change, have crystallized
through long years of effort,
and experience.
The young American re-
publics for many decades

Hotel St Francis ,he Cap Sunday at 6.30 Capital 9.30 Monday mor-
a.m. Guest of the Laroches. ing. There was plenty ofi
Gets New LooK and the) returned Sunday at mud about and artout motrn
3.30 p.m. arriving in the had to push.
18 More Rooms r AW. le, -.a%.4 --
$ Superior Establishments Use Superior Air CondiS
The St. Francis Hotel ionners. You ge this Extra ualiy when ou
will rake its place high on Yu gl
'the list of leading Caribbean Bu
Tourist Luxury Havens u
when Webb Francis com- TIGHOU
pieces his expansion and re- WESTINGHOUSE
modelling programme now
well underway. The Hotel AI CODITIOERS
high above Perionville is CONDITIONERS
more than doubling its size.
with 18 new rooms being Better Designed
added on to the 14 previous
accommodations. All of the More Carefully Built
rooms will have telephones 1
and two of the new suites Installed by Experienced Engineers
will be complete apart-
ments with kitchennettes. oWestinghouse deliver more cooling effect per' Dolla
Mr. Francis is also pro- k Invested
siding his Inn in the clouds -
with a grand new entrance. --: modern indirect lighting
and a new parking space
which is being constructed Eagerness to |lease "
on reclaimed land on the E e s o pe
side of the winding road. included in every ticket
He is alsd tearing away part I due In very ticket
of the hill-top to place ca- via flgS U
banas around his large pool.
which has one of the love-
liest vistas seen anywhere. Iri THE A ,
The work. which was There's a crco.
launched in April. is expect- P ta Lbr, the
.ed to be finished in time for ,'e rany zili back
the coming winter tourist tie amlt.r b nir
season when the orchids
will be in bloom.
Another big step in Hai-.
ci's rapid growth as a lux-
ury resort area.
-:0:- -


Pave 14

his parents, IMr. and Mrs.
Hubert Carre.
Fritz Victor of the Natio-
nal Bank celebrated his
birthday Tuesday.
Monday Resort Airlines
are due with a cargo of
some tAfl nrlrl pleasure seek-
\ ,.


Off on a short trip to
Curacao Friday, went ULines
co official Roger Gerrauld.
S -:0:-
In the Cap Friday Andre
Balu observed his firte.
Simdcne Paul .went to
New York yesterday.
Mine Ernest Champana
celebrated her birthday Fri-
Businessman Emile Do-
"mond left on a trip to New
York yesterday.

Professor Jacques Zephyr ing vacationists. They will
.eft for Quebec, Canada, stay at the Hotel Riviera at
_)st Tuesday to obtain his Bizoton till Wednesday.
.Ph.D. in Philosophy at -:0:-
JLaval University. He will Local PAA chief and Mrs.
.:conduct his studies at his Roger Jarman are back
.own expense. with the children after a
-:0:- fortnight annual honer-
A cable from Vienne this moon in Jamaica.
.-eek announced the mar- -:0:-
:qage, in the fair city of the Major and Mrs. Bill Binks
gondola, of local business- gave a cocktail party at
man .and bridge playing their Perionville residence
champ. ... Harry Schnabcl, Friday evening for Full
to charming Nelly Reingn- 'Colonel and Mrs. Roberr
t'ee. Smith who are, leaving Hai-
-- -:0:- ti early next month, after
Mr. George Rode, man- more dtan a year here with
-ager of Standard Fruit Com- U. S. Air Mission.
,any here. left Port Mondy -:0:---
2.rd for a short stay in Marcel Bertin retui'ned
'&iami. this week from a month and
--:0:- a half touring the U.S. Of
Home for holidays from hs .future plans Mr. Bertin
-tur. Ciudad Embiassy are said nothing, but, mention-
Iors. Dejean, wife of the ed ,he definitely is in no
Aminbassador, and daughter manner associated wit h
Wemboe. Southerland Tour.s
--0-- --:0:-
In Florida on a voyage. Roger Coster packed up
de-suani is businessman Nx.a- h.iscamef-again Friday and.
ideb Indonie. eft for rhe States on an-
S -:0:- other 'shooting spree for
Paris bound today are Holiday.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hage --:0:-
and son Edouard. They will Lt. Roland .Moise dele-
spend the summer holiday- brated his f&Ee Wedneiday.
ing in Europe. .' '- :0--
-:0:- acmel's. noted Dressmak-
Mr. Vincent Creidy and er cee Ta fl to
son Henry are down from the Staies Friday via San
New York 'visiting with Juan.
brother Johnny. Thursday was the birth-

Young Philippe Carre' day of Dr. Roger Hilaire.
celebrated his fourth birth- uard of Esso
day Wednesday with a lew ouard OssC. T. of Essoriday.
on fi e ., h F ilew to C. T. Friday.

Antoine Leonce Dufort
celebrated his f6ee yester-
Off to Summer school tii
the States yesterday flew
Mario Blancher and L.ouis
and Gerard Sansaricq.
Clippering to New York
today is Jacqueline Dalle-
mand. .
Yesterday in Cap Haitien
Philippe Zephir celebrated
his f6te.
Jean Laudee Leger cele-
brdated his birthday yester-
day with the "Grant Scotch
Whiskey" award.
-:0:-- -
Dr. Yvonne Sylvain, well
kno In Child Specialist,
celebrated her i6te yester-
lMiami bound today is
businessman Gerard Ma-
Flying on today's New
York bound clipper are
Minister of Finances and
Madame Alexander Domi-
nique and daughter Joce-
lyne. -
Reginald Brandt ends his
holidays here next' week
and returns ro his studies in
Montreal. Mr. and Mrs.
Leslie Brandr' are accom-
panying their son.
blay Echols. wife oi he
Directpr of Courses of the
R-aitian, Anerican rintIite
i Ilsin.i with the c .iddien
b Qie 7th to vacation
with her parents in Rich-
mond, Virginia.

lnl% 4t Viviane Brison
is fl ing to Kingston.
Father Smith is off to
Chicago shortly.
Gisele Alexis i otff to
Nursing school in \nn-Ar-
bor, ,Michigan in early Jul%.
Roger Chanct is New
Yorl-: bound Jul) 3rd.
Today is Emile Roy's
Also ,celebrating their
fNtes today are Rene Carte.
Pierre Maurice Alerte and
Major Pierre Armaud.
Jean Woel of Firestone
Co. here, received a ten
carat gold pin, "recognition
of 5 years service", this

week from Company head-
quarters in the States.
Home from a health trip
to New York are Mrs. Em-
manuel Fils Aime and her
two daughters Raymonde
and Ghislaine. They return-
'ed Wednesday from their 22
day trip.
In Miragoane on the 24th
Jean joseph celebrated his
In New York 'Monday
Pierre Hudicourt. member
of the Haitian delegation to
the U. N. celebrated his
-:0:- -
Two members of the Hai-
tian Army observing their
fites last Monday were,
Capt. Rene Sajous and Lt.
Gerard Dufanal.

Back in the Capital after
a ruggered business trip to
Aux Cayes by Jeep is Ti
Paul Baussan.
Merise Hector and Cath-
erine Pradel are New York
bound today.
Next Saturday July .5th,
is the wedding date of Ni-
cole S6journi pand Claude
Etheart. The nuptials are
at the Sacre Coeur at 6.30
Down from Port de Paix
for the "Peloux Castera"
adding are AMr. and MArs;
H as'Stec er and family.
From the cCapn are: Mrs.
Raymond Laroche. Mr. and
Mrs. John Laroche and Ti

On the 9th of July three
lovelies of Petionville will
celebrate their birrbdays ...
Lolita Baboun. 'Micheline
Brouard and Adeline Rich-

Miss Regina Celestin cele
brated her birthday *-Tues-

Head of the Law school
Pierre MI. J.. Liautaud ob-
served his birthday Tues-
Government Consellor
Max Pinchinat celebrated
his f&te Tuesday.
Kola famous Mr. and
Mrs Eddy Larco left this
week on a grand summer
tour of North America.
They will stay longest in
New York and Mfontreal.

Gerda Sendral's birthday
Wednesday called for a big
celebration ... the chil-
dren's party was such a suc-
cess that the grown-ups
took over where the kids
lefr off.


'Tamous since 1862



Dr. Felix Balmir, Stiff-'i
Doctor at HASCO, left lst
Sunday for Chicago to n- "
dertake two years of' spe"-
cialized study and scientific
research at Provident Hos--
pital, under the direction of
some of the leading Amer i-'
can Medical Authorities;'Dr. 'i
Balmir is not the recpint i
of a scholarship and is going i
at his own expense th'e- .
rich his knowledge. .
--:0:- .
Mr. and Mrs. Moral. of '.
the French Institute ;wil "
leave shortly for -France.
On return to France Mr..
Moral will attend. a.,fis'
story Congress in the Soutli
,--::- .,,-.
At the Thorland lantmerne?
ional 'Club for. an extend
stay are .late of St. Thomas,
Virgin Islands, 6 fegt 3.im. i
Wedge Sanford, hi i.,rfe,
and their big Dohelman v
Pincher. : :' -

Dr. Jean Bernadqo.e A'"
served his fete Wdnesiday. .

4 -

S -:0: '
Mr. and Mrs. Serge Ia
were blessed' with a 6 lb.
baby gist Thursday in Pd'
tionville. Mrs. D'as is the .
former Joserte Sambour,., .
From New York comei
the happy news that th '.-f
Camille Pierre-Louis fam- 2
jly is now a three-some. A
young man named Patrick
arrived to joii 'the house,
bold the 21st of June. Mama
is the former Olga George. 1.

In '.ap Hatien lait $0i---
day Dr. and Mrs. Dc dt]
were blessed 'with' their -i
third child, a baby boy. Thed
rto other members of the'
family Mona-Lisa and Pat--
rick are overjoyed with the "
arrival of their new' br'r : I
Either. 'Mrs. Doucet i-the .
former Denise Malebranche.

joy 'garlic onions another .
flavourful foods out
broadcasting the..' e L,
Simply chew one. orf:".wo-..,m
CLORETS .. _,. '
Maio Z

i- :1
4.'- '



Page 14


pies that ti
'United Stat
.left Port au
Charles Tow
khe aGeoder
Kenneth Bal
an on-the-sp'
of the miner
'invitation C
viste, the m
to be radio
Located by a
Haitian surv
-been grant
some month;
for valuable
irals in vari
bert, Arthur
Andre Marc
ful cooperate
ment aubhc
backing 0of
'talists. It
the largest
Stares have
interest in t
When th

rP U

S *Ia

S 'inectes
du non
j.: uadrup


L .

iey took to the
es when they
Prince Monday.
le, engineer on'
ic Survey" and
ker of the State
came to make
ot investigation
ral find at the
sf the Haitian

to Le Nouvel"
material believed
active had been
group of young
ieyors who had
ed permission
s ago to explore
veins of min-
ous parts of the
The enterprise,
by Gerard Fau-
Bonhomme and
Beaulieu, was
with the watch-
ion of Govern-
rities and the
American capi-
is reported that
in the United
expressed direct
be Haitian find-

eir preliminary

Un insecticide a


avecle I7 PWff'W

eau FLIT combine quaure
dea puileame n un seul.
CLORDANB pour un
able. ISOBO1I etI
T H R E poor la mo
n&e de riansoc. J
-a vtnre malson des
obiiblesea owCus enrat
veau FLIT. A puissance

1 if

k 0i PR O"IT

SI Is selda. n'etl pasl u
i .S'elique e,ce n'ed pes FLIT

(Continued from Page 1)

survey turned up results far
beyond their brightest expec
carions, the group called for
-advice from top foreign
geologists and mineralogists
who expressed the opinion
that there was an extremely
rich store of strategic min-
terals under Haitian soil.
Samples sent" to the United
States for analysis confirm-
ed the opinion of the ex-
perts, proving to be rich in
manganese, iron, copper and
other vital material.
Samples of ore taken
from other parts of the coun
try gave strong indications
that the surveyors may have
found a new source of ura-
nium, the material used for
the manufacture of atomic
weapons. The surveyors im-
mediately notified the Hai-
rian 'Government of their
news and it, in turn, noti-
fied the American officials.
The two experts sent by the
Atomic Energy Commission
brought delicate instru-
ments which strongly indi-
cated the presence of radio-
activity in one section of
Haiti identified by the
Tuesday edition of Le Non-
vellhste as Aquin).
However, it is emphasiz-

ed chat it is coo early to say
definitely that, their discov-
eries have turned up actual
deposits of valuable ura-
The other strategic mnun-
erals located by the survey-
ors are also momentous
finds ... and may soon be
-the object of major mining
operations. According to the
report in Le Nourelliste,
veins of Mangenese have
been uncovered which con-
tain ore that is 57 per cent.
mangenese in a pure state
and nearly 94 per cent man-
genese oxide.
Two important copper
lodes hase also been locat-
.ed, which experts say could
be immediately exploited.
Iron ore, under the form of
magnetire and hematite also
was found to contain 64 per
cent of the highly usable
mineral. Ot he r samples
have revealed the presence
of cobalt.
Le NonvelAlite reports
that negotiations are al-
ready underway to begilt
the immediate industrial
exploitation of these valu-
able-minerals ... with good
nets in the offing regard-
ing Hairi's economic fu-


The world's fastest battle
ship dropped anchor in Porc
last week-end. One of theb
Officers of the USS New
Jersey told Your Reporter
of an episode be remembers
more clearly than any other
during their recent action
off Korea. They (the
world's largest battleship)
were firing a 16 inch salvo
at a hidden coastal position,
over a hill. After firing the
first salvo which in dollars
runs (into thousands and
thousands ... they asked a
UN iBritish Pilot) who was
over the position in a plane
doing the spotting ... how
it landed' (direct hit, etc.i
the pilot in a disinterested
voice replied ... raised o
'little dust.
"Cyrano, has set hij
heart on marriage ... now
it's a case of finding rh,
right girl ... he would ap
preciare any tips.

Caslera's Maternily ..

Dr. Georges Castera'
comfortable and completely
modern 12 room Maternit
clinic is at your servitc
This up-to-date clinic is Ic
cated in the same building
as the Pharmacy Casters
opposite the Telegraph an
Telephone Buildidg. Cal


Young Fritzner Main-
ville flew off to the State
of Vera Cruz, Mexico. yes-
terday to take part in a Sum
mer International Work
Camp project. These work
camps organized by the
American Friends Serx ice
Committee of Philadelphia
are being currently held in
various countries around
the world Hairi will have
its first International work
camp at Lafont this coming

The Frantz Brandt h6me
in Bourdon was the scene
of a gala surprise party
Thursday evening. Both
Mrs. Willy Frisch and Mrs.
Max Bolte were the subjects
of the surprise bamboche
which lasted till the wee
hours ... it was their birth-
days. Stars of the evening
were Arthur Angus with
his "blagues- and Jean Au-
dain with his song ard
dance routine.
Frantz Brandr recently
graduated from the Netw
Bedford Textile Institute.
after four years. as a full
fledged textile engineer.
Tuesday Mrs. Robert Na-
dal flen to New York en-
route to Paris. Mr. Nadal
will join his wife in Europe
August next ... and await
the bessed event.
Three smart looking girls
and Grandma popped oft
-the New York dipper Fri-
day. Miles Therese, Eliza-
beth and Gloria Noustas
and Madame Julia El Saiebh
... they are home from Aca-
demy St. Joseph, Brent-
wood,. Long Island. for the

This product is a general purpose paint Jor inte-
rior and exterior use. It combines durability and per-
manencv u-ith economy. The paint is made from dur-
able pigments and oils thortgih'y ground by modern


A 23 year-old woman
from the Sc. Antoine sector
of Port au Prince was ar-
rested by the police Tues-
day morning as the mo-
ther of an infant, born three
months prematurely, whose
body had been found Tues
day under the bridge at the
mouth of the Bois de Chene
on the Exposition grounds.
The arrested woman reveal-
ed that she had with the
aid of a woman abortionist
- succeeded in forcing a
miscarriage of twins. The
body of the other infant is
still missing. Police put theq
arrested woman into the
General- Hospital for need-
ed medical care and round-
ed up her accomplice for
Mrs. Helen Mourra re-
turned Wednesday from vis
icing with her folks in the
Director of the National
Bank. Mr. Christian Aime
and Madame. returned from
holidays in the States Wed-
Leo Roy arrived back in
town this week.
Ira Prezeau flew back
from the U. S. Thursday.

Claude Etienne of the
Boulangerie St. Marc We
turned from t h e States
Thursday wirh daughter
Mrs. Emmanuel Pelissier
returned from the States
Gerard Auguste returns
to rto n Thursday, from
study in Paris.

711 "1


Dr Schmidt Lectures

)n Vienna Art Treasure

lovers of classic art had. Schmidt was born into a
ectremifly enjoyable even family) of industrialists who
Vrhursday at the French litarted Europe's biggest
nrute. listening, to Dr. Chocolate Factory 115 years
iodore Schmidt of 'Vien- ago and is now' one of the
give a learned lecture on co-owners of the giant
I.art treasures ofia his plant.
ime city treasures that But even though he vas
Vienna'sthat ericage Arom an industrial magnhte, he
das tha. it sered as was always interested ii.ifhe ,
.Capital of the great loi of the ,little manu and
hbsburg. Empire. for l14 ears' served as busi
rr Schmidt pointed" -out ness. delegate to the' aInter-
at undei the Habsburg nationall. Labour Commis-
stry, floptished one of sion' of the Leigue of .Na-
, most cosmopolitan civi- rions. Later he ,be cte .
,ion. known to :Westei' President if *the Augrrian
1n. It was in the 16th 01 kinpic.Cob=iitt&e and di-.
intury that the, Austrian' iedtor 'of .the. Diplomatic T'edre Schmd
ise attainid. is greatest Prot&ol of the 1nternatioii-
yer and foi 200 tears al .Olynipic 9rgaii, arion. tios .of theUnited States,
hereafter. it produced anrt The job necessitated straigh-. and evn Alaska. For four
iost continuous. line of tening out a number' of'year. .he -also. was on the
i)parrotis'whose taste and 'touchy issues such :as the 'Ye- staff .of the Hearst Publica-
iashness tave.never .been fusal of the.Congo reatm tions nd was one.,of the
aualted The treasures as- (the world's best high jump first leciurers to take the
mibled in Vienia co6m- ers to go to the Olympics Rotary Club platform cru-
ire onlly with the Louvre, unless, they .could tae their sade against.'Communism.
SPrado and the Vatican harems .with them. tWhen He. speaks, with affection
wealth and excellence. Hider .tried to' exclude 'of Kurt fisher, one of 'his
Spent Austrian Jews from '., the 'Olympic 'old-time friends '.and. re-
h e ret autan Ga es inBrlin, tpe Com- rits .hat the Tischer-fam-
aial good-will gesture. se t nitee put its foaa doi(: and 'ly is renowned. in Austria
s ago lent told the. German Dictator, 1 Antique' dealers.' Dr.
a. ".. f O D.
dngr. Amermc.ago tuseums he would 'eirhei accept Jew- Shmiddt hopes to re vist" his
6ine&e of he. rest Hits- ish' entrants' o. the' Games 9 slaqd' when he leads
rons -would be mov ed o ,Helsuin- r.a -- it. will. be his a first
rg pries to e millions ki, Finland, where. they are itrip back since the war.
A .americans -the oppo r- en to
ty- toenjoy a firsr-hand .'being held, incidentally,
I 6, the treasurs. 'this year. .. HONOURED ,
'Dbr. Schmidt has given. When .Austria fe.io under
,ny illustrated .ectures on Nazi control in 1938. Dr. 'They don't dish them out
iennese Art to 'many who Schmidt's family all Ca- 'like' str'iwberries. ... they're
herwise would not 'be tholics departed. He rare objects. This past week
ile to. see the masterpieces. cspenr two years in Italy and M/Sgt. George W. Saucier
e' came to Haitifrom the 6hen went to the United received commendation (ci-
ominican Republic. where States when Italy joined the ration ribbon) for services
had' been lecturingi and 'A!.T.Saking seven lan- rendered' .t Host Goverri-
irushing up on. his Span- guages, amd having studied ment through, the USAF mi.;

The. elderly pr'oessor
ppped into our offices this
kek for a highly infornia-
re visit and Your Report-
took down the high
points of his Life Story. Dr.

Iix of Europe's leading sion. Herp since September
Universities, he had no dif- 1950. Geprge as an. expert
Eicut!yi'n finding teaching plane engine instructor has
posi~ons. He became a come to speak, Creole like a'
professor qf. languages and, second language and has
world- aaalrs in Catholic .got to know the people and
Universitie's in' various sec- the country.

- --t-C V'est ourquoi dans Ie Imonde onlier,

I1 ,odo polls forts tonlages sont trantorPs

sur pnous. poids lourds Goodypar quo sur

-apilieus d toute autre imarque

Sr-F^ Lcri'pprtnuear Jde cirnminonage et ,I.cEr- A.
,.;r fti ont pr.-uve d'un tnaJnim e
... ii- c I t d'in txai.Umum d,. iPtLcrLUlrt
p ,',1.W ,

' ' .
*'*... -.--,: .

Lilkid.'tricrue -- tuut en as.urart Ile meill-ur.
qn puwee atlcnidre dr pneus ride
Ioirw'd. Frs un mainCium d'avaalav. ,- -
achdete. dc pneui pod, lohurds Godypar!j

GCudu, cff, dWan,, pneu
RHad Rf.,. Lu_ -Rad
^^..-"t- Sadt 5dS-.
a. ,. ;p TB .

DEAY 1U0 29th

1 Continued from Page 1) Toronto. She plans to spend
her summer working in.
ly portrayed the' joyful lit- children's camps both in..
tie sailor who almost got Canada 'and the United
L-aten, but wasn't. States.' Miss Ginerte-Bodr."'...
The team of small' gm-- jolly left with .her fo;.jt
nasts went .through their dies in ; the United States'...'.,
nimble antics. A:id the Prc- The school's music instruc-
sident was reported to have ror, Miss 'VeRa Rampy is
taken the cigar. out of his going to Kxingstbn to study..'
mouth 'inamazement at the in July. Other mem.ie of
sight of his youngest daugh- the faculty are Ghiafline
ter. expertly whirling a- Williams and Marie Clade
round' on the horizontal bar. Rouniain.
The gymnasts ,were under .
the,, direction of: Florence E ACCilEr
Elie; ho seems to, be as ef- BEACHCOnIBEIK-
ficiebn as' her firefighting '
papa. Tiny Elizaberh Coby Joe W ,ubbold, .son-ofie ':;
and Lila'Desuiron' pur in new Esso boss, arrived,.in..
star acrobatic performances, to last week-, to. ed ,',
and later Lila climbed part of 'the school holidkt s -
up i stahtior at. the Bac' here.
Italia just f6r fun.
The Petit. Ballet Blanc H- an 4eyer is ff.in.to.-
was called, back for an en-. Ne York 30rh and cros-
core .,ill. :Ballerina Regine .g in July tp Europe :.
Mont-Rosier .and her part-, Transatantic liner to jom
ner Frederic Mangones, tak- the family racavtoning in...
ang their,bows. : Ger. many.
The, high point ot te- -:0: '..
programme -was -tlie -mtnia- olea Baou arrive'
witu r e wedding ceremony. home from' school in Floria.
with twinkling eyed Yola for -the holidays Senda. .
Magloirteas a demure bridd morning. .
arid Lionel Etienne as the -
sdlemn bridegroom .
The entire programme. '
was rhoroughly enjoyed by
the audience, which filled..
the auditorium to os;er-
Sflowing -and provided mihch
needed funds to be used for
the aid of handicapped
children. .
,1 Congratulations were in r Tq.''...
order for School Directoress Wk'TA"r kIn W.",
Jacqueline Turian. '.ho'. left .r
Port au Prince the follow-,
ing day for a conference in'
--:0:-- iqu,
In town 'after several EMIS t 'aha
months in Jeremie assisting ,A. i
in the construction of -,the' P. rIt -:.-2?,".
new Sugar factory,' is smil-
ing Lupal'Martino. -- -..
"'.;; )........... ..
. **- .:. . .."-:. '
Here is BEAUTIFUL News .:
That lovely Shop:

has -just received a new stock :
DRESSES, Prints, Solids, Bamberg Sheets, Shan-
lungs, etc.
'COTTON DRESSES, Sunback with Bolero
and:- i
A Mfagnificent Colledlion ojf Sample Cocktail Drese'.
Specially Purchased from A Private Showing .
And the prices are LOW, LOW" -

Rue Pavee, near Kneer's Garage

, '. .....


Page 15



Page 16

0 0K The Passing Of Grandjean. Magloire

From January 1st to
May Ist 1952,
more than


became proud owners of
a new


'Why are you not one of
those happy, people?

So today to the Showroom

"fa grprg

I Continued from Page 1)

for the funeral .services
which took place at 10 a.m.
Wednesday morning 'in the
Cathedral. Burial was at
,the Quartier Morin Ceme
tery where Grandjean Ma-
gloire was laid to rest in the
family vault. His death was
a severe blow o all who
knew him. His life was a
heroic story of a man guid-
ed by a sense of responsibil-
lity and duty a son who
became the < famillen upon the death of
'his father and devoted him-
'self to the care and educa-
tion of his younger sisters
and brothers living, to
see one artain the' rote of
Chief of State. ,
Grandjean. was born in
Cap Hairien June 24, 1886,
the son of General and Ma-

Parcel, Chief of Protocol,
Ambassador Jose Aybar anj
Six officers of the Domini-
can Army.
Delegations of the Hai-

From 1918 to 1930, dan Chamber ol Deputies,-
Grandjean Magloire went 'the Senate, the Judiciary,
into business at Port de -the Government Counci,
Eaix. But illness cut. short the Chiefs of Service of dif-
his commercial activities ferent Administrations and
and he returned to his na- Port au Prince journalists
rive city where be became were also present at the
blind. In 1945 he made a Cap.
trip to the United States
for an operation in the TENNIS .
hopes of restoring his sight, "
but the surgery was 'unsuc- (Continued from Page 2) "
cessful. 6-2 ".a
To the President, Grand- 6-2. 6-4. Chandler with a Mille Marie-Therese Cha
jean was more of .a father rpising display of speed ted returned to Pot. a
than a brother, since the el- mothered Turgeaus Hirsch Prince last Sunday with
der General Magloire had by a score of 6-0, 6-2. brand new diploma acqu
died shortly before the birth The Chandler Stewart ed at the Slovak Girls Ac
of 1is youngest son. doubles team swept over the demy in Danville, Pennsyj
1We would like to express local Eritz Roy Fred Lu- vania. The Academy invi
our heartfelt sympathy to decke combine with straight ed M. Louis Decatrel. Hai
the Chief of State and Ma- sets of 6-0, 6-2. i's Consul-General of Ne.
dame Magloire, as well as The champions, who were York, to be guest of hot
to other members of the invited by local sport en- our at the Graduation Cero
grief-stricken family. Grand thusiast Jimmy Plinton, and monies. The Joseph Cha6i
jean Magloire was survived sponsored 'by the Port au vet family is mighty pros
by his wife, three brothers Prince Tennis Club.s in co- of their daughter's hi,4

U EMWuu V I dame Eugene Magloire. rlis besides the President operation with the Turgeau scholastic record main
T n mother was the former Jacques. Arsene. Fernand and Bellevue Tenhis Clubs, ed throughout her two-
Trai0ing UO Philomne iMathieu. After and sisters Madame At- will continue Mofiday afer- Business Course.
his school days at Lyc&e Phi- phone iMontreuil. Madame noon ac the Turgeau Club -:0:-
lippe Guerrier and St. Mar- Robespierre Toussaint. Ma- with a .final exhibition NEJF" HOUSE FOR RI
Wh h Radios are tIial College, he married dame Augustin Prophete. match 'Wednesday at the.. In. Petionville new h
htaresRios e Mile. Amasia Roumain in and Mile. Josephine Ma Bellevue Tennis Club. Ten- urtfurnished, 2. bedroom
Sex hibei 1917., His administrative gloire. nis fans should not miss -dining' room, living rc
ability was immediately re- An imposing Dominican this opportunity to witness 1 bathroom, garage and
eo: illi'be offered a de cognized and he served in delegation paid their last' this rare. 'Fine exhibition 61 vants squatters. Reason
ag- a foi for several various public offices, hold- respects to the President's championship tennis. rearal. Contact "Haiti Si
"l WiI OtI eing ,udit ing the posts of Chef de Set- brother in the name of their / "A .-" O r
vices des 'Domaines. Chief* ioerment. Present at the,- -th. n Qaity "ementat;
ny bli of he ,Administration Bu- funeral services were Gen L t i .T
reau of Finances at he Gap eral Anselme Paulino Alva- I iLowest possible. Cps
and Division Chief of the rez. His Excellency Virgilio ALLEN'& BAUSSAN
ra a Department of Pub I ic Diaz Ordenes. .Minister of .AU A
Tr. inW' 'C Wo. orks.. Foreign Relations: Pedro offer their

.. Prop. Of Minerve JULY A4h PARTY' I
, ho.nes 272. 4 Iihbary.Expelled The traditional July 4th
'.',." 2130 "334 -" celebrariori at theiAmericanj
. The Proprietors of the Embassy 'will be slightly.
S, ., Minere Library, have been different from proceeding
''. ', expelled from the country years. .
"by Governmeunt. Order after '
,' a large quanttt of Com- Embassy spokesmen an- .
unisr literature' was found nounce that officials of. the
on their- shelves. Joseph Haitian Governmernt, mEm-
Zanasco abd.his wife of bers of the. foreign diploma-$ 04. S. NET
Italian nationalicy and Ro- ic colony and other public
'belt, Pierrerte and George figures hb-ve been invited too
Zanasco, the latter French 'te Embassy Residence in' ,
citizens, were ordered to Bourdon from 11 a.m. to l.
Leave by a proclamation is- a.m. on Friday in observance, ....'
sued by the Secretar of the of the of te of the United
; Interior, on the grounds States Independence.'
tha bey were spreading American citizens Jiving IN BAGS OF 42 1/2 PORTLAND CEMENT
subversive doctrines which in Haiti are invited to al-'STANDARD HYDRLAULICKgs NET 6 PLY.
-imperilled the security of tend a 5.30 to 7 p.m. Re-- OFFICE: MTTC BLDG. EXPOSITION
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