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Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."
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Port-au-Prince Haiti SUrNDAY, JUNE 22nd 1

6 YT h$ Intestinal Epidemic

.. Sweeping, City

Above a group ofl the "Holiday Houseparly" embarking on a
C--4' after 2 dayt and 2 nights here. (Stor,' below). ,

Resort Ailints hives

Major Boost Toi Tourism
Haiti's growing summer lyIe. The Recepriop was
tourist season ,is getting an- .under -the high patronage of
other major b9ost thanks to M. Jules Domond, Secretary
the "Holiday Housepartp, of Commerce ... and was,
cruises launched by the Re- labelled an unqualified suc-
sort Airlines. cess, despite fihe lack of co-
The schedule -. which operationn of the weather-
calls for bi-weekly stops in man wpho insisted on no de-
Haiti Was officially in- aviation from the rainy sea-
-augurated last Monday at a son.
gala reception at El Rancho. ,
The guests of honour in- Your Riporter had the
cluded Mr. Clinton David- 'opportunity to chat with
son. Jr.. President of the air- one of the sparkling airline
n"ie's board oi directors, his hostesses, pert, Irish Nelly
charming wife, and Richard Williams who has made 12
Miller, treasurer of the corn- round trips to Haiti and
pany. In the receiving linq now feels as though it were
as hosts were the director her second home. New on
of Soptherland Tours the run is red-haired Marge
Mr. Lon Southerland. J. C. Schokey who. is now serving
Ferguson and Max Hippo- (Continued on Page 14)

Chief Of Inter-American

Geodetic Survey Leaving

Major Newton Cox, chief
of the Inter-American Geo-
detic Survey. leaves Haiti
July 15th to take over his
hew post at Port Leonard
Wood, Mol. En route to
the Midwest, the Cox fam-
ily plan to spend a week in
Miami and a week in Wash
ington and Tennesse.
Capt. Harry Burchert -
U. S. Army Engineer officer
who replaces Major Cox on
the local survey team -
will arrive in Port au Prince
from I.A.G.S. headquarters
in Panama June 27th.
To bring our readers up

to date on the work of
which Major Cox has made
such a vital contribution,
we present the following
article written by Lt. Ray-
mond B. Oriol, Director of
the Haitian Sernice de Gdo-
ddsie and printed in La Ma-
tin last month.
"In one of our articles
published in the October,
1951. issue of the Revue
.Socidtd Hailienne d'Histoire,
de Geographic et de Geolo-
gie? we shared the opinion
of our colleague, Engineer
Amilcar Cauvin on the pos-
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Fire In





- ,. t ": .' "

A>-^* ^.--^*:'^

The -pleasant "pop,, of
Champagne corks is a sound
often heard at the diploma-
tic functions held in the
beautiful Bourdon residence
qf the American Ambassa-
dor. But rarely does the
apop, turn into a virtual
bombardment,, Therefore
.wbhe .Fbhe, sound of erplod-
nLpg Champagne hortles greet
ed Larry Surton on his re-
turn to jhe Embassy resi-
dence a4 12.30 Sunday morn
ing. he wasted no time in
*heading for the wine cellar.
He was greeted by a wall of
(Continuedi on Page 16)

drinking water is .respon-
According to preliminary
findings, the sharp rise in
temperature of the -past few
weeks has produced a sharp
1ise in the virulence and
hn ber of certain unwhole-
some germs due to the hea-
vy rains and floods that oc-
curred a month ago.
The flood waters swept
through court yards and
cess pools, then receded,
leaving a thick layer of
mud. Under the heat of the
sun. the top layer of this
mud turned into dust filled
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The Friday Morning Press

Conference at The Palace

At his Friday Press Con-
ference Minister Mauelair
Zephirin revealed the Gov-
ernment is now ready to
launch a programme for the
immediate improvement of
the communications cruise
which has for so long ruin-
ed the dispositions of tele-
phone users in the Port au
Prince area. To install a
complete new communica-
tions system would cost
some 20,000,000 dollars,
the Minister reported a
sum far too vast for.under-
raking at this time. How-
ever the Government has
adopted a more modest pro-
ject that will improve the

central switchboards and es-
tablish new telephone lijgs
in the metropolitan area.
The wires will be placed
underground to offset the
deterioration t hat coggs
from exposure to the tropi-
cal elements.
As for city-to-city commu-
nication problem, id the pro
vinces, the Government has
decided to solve it the same
way the Army has solved
its contact difficulties by
relying upon radio.

Minister Zephirin reports
that the Government has
enpaeed a highly specializ-
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952 No. 39


"Sonny' Griswold is a
fellow born with the zest of
adventure in a background
and era when he was allow'-
ed to make the most of it.
Through apt timing (he
was born' in 1908) and an
even more apt choice of an-
cestors (one of New Yo 's
First Families) he managed-
to ride the crest of the wave
of modern hisrory-in-tfr-
,makig with almost 'a ia-
nt Budd'- poise. Like dl
hero of Upton
marahon'noetls, Su '&
a first-hand look at the eom-
'pijaced procedures-, of'
Ting Europe back in order'
after, the bloody years pf
World War 1. His step-
father, Colonel James A. Lo-

---- '

gan, was assistant Chief Qf
Staff under General 'Per
sing and later served as the
head of the Hoover Food
Administration in Europe
and Chairman of the Com-
mission on French Repara-
tions. During summer vaca-
tions from his classes at Ox-
ford, teen-aged Sonny would
accompany his illustrious
srep-fadter in his travels to
various European nations,
and had the opportunity of
meeting many o( the world's
'leading statesmen.
After leaving Oxfoir
Sonnm established. hiase
for a brief time in a sm
French chateau in Tours 6fin
the life of leisure grew te-
(Continued on Page 3) ,



A three-man medical com-
mission has been appointed
to trace the causes of the
serious epidemic of intesti-
nal illness which is now
S seeping through the Port-
au-Prince area, causing the
deaths of many infants.
Doctors Efambrevdille.
S Side and Salgado are now
Resort Airliner hardat work investigating
the wave of illness. Mean-
while the De-artment of
A rflican Public Health has released
Sa preliminary report pre-
issador s pared on the subject which
S r- tentatively sets aside the
e ular theory t h at contaminated

. A

SPage 2




Each week the "Haiti
Trading Companym, local
agents of aGrant's Scotch
Whiskey" present a bottle
of the finest- (Scotch) to
the winner of the "Birthday
of the Week" ... which is
. a bar drawing of all whose
birthday falls during the
week. If it's a good Scotch
you like. well drop )our
birthday date into the "Sun",
office on the Eiposition any
time. There is no catch at-
tached ... only a bottle of
Grants. ,

'/The pinner of this week's
prizA is Mr. George Des-
landes, famous mahogany
manufacturer and exporter
of Rue du Peuple. Mr. Des-
landes whose name popped
oat of the hat Friday, cele-
brated his fete yceterda. -...
needless to say, vith Grants.

Under-Secretary of
, State .alaillade's Visit
K -To Aui .Cayes

Undersecretary of State
Roland Lataillade made a
trip to Aux Cayes last week
to, hold an -invesigaibon of
'the lab'ur troubles existing
between the longshoremen's
unioqand- the Compagnie
Hollandaise. M. *Gerard
Monras accompanied him on

Colonel Line Xavier of-
fered a 'dinner and dance at
the Club Excelsior Wednes-
day night in hdnour of the
Government official. The
next day a reception was of-
fered by M. Edouard Hall
followed by an exhibition
football match between the
young students of the' Sac-
red Heart School abd Odile
Joseph. Following the
game, M. Lataillade visited
the'loneshoremen who gave
.him a lively welcome and
banked him for Govern-
ment efforts in their be-
half. On the return trio.
-the. Minister was entertain-
ed at a reception at Cavail-
Ion by M. P&tion Roy.

Two Cuban Intellectuals
And Family Visit Port

During the past week
two eminent Cuban intellec-
tuals have been discussing
man) vital questions with
leading thinkers of Haiti.
Dr. Miguel Angel Carbo-
nell, President of the Aca-
demy of Letters of Havana,
and Dr. Ramon Lazo, Pro-
fessor of Romance Langu-
ages at Has ana University,
have been staying at Hotel
lbo Lele accompaniedd by
their wives.
At a press conference held
.Tuesday, Ithe distinguished
visitors spoke of the possib-
ility cof Hairi pointing out
its touristic advantages to
the thousands of Cubans
who travel each vear, mainly
ro Miami and Mexico. Both
gentlemen feel our country
is ,magnifique, and that a
pre3ter cultural and touris-
tic exchange of visitors
-'o1ld he of benefit to both
Good -Neighbours.


Here's a column to the
ABR.4H. IIS of Port-an-

On May 26th Madamet'
Antoine Boulos. w% ife of Den
Tst Boulos. the former Mt-
reille ABRAHAM, gave
birth to a daughter ... their,
first child.

On May 26th in Kingston
Mereille's sister Huguette
married to Eddy Shewker.
gave birth to a daughter ...
their first child.'
That same week in New
York their sister Bertie.
wife of Jean Deeb. gave
birrh. to a-daugbhter ... their
second child.
Their sister Ainiee. wife
of Dr. Carl Boulos is expect-
ing her second child.
-: 0:--
Brother Hubert Abraham
arrived this week from three
years studying at Mont St.
Louis College in Montreal.
--::- ::
.Ma and Pa Abraham are
up in New York ... Pa re-
cently underwent an opera-
tion. and is reported in
good health.
There was a Misison for
men at the Sacre Cotur,
Monday. Tuesday and Wed
nesday past .. the preacher
was Father Grenenberger of
St. Martial's College.

Last Friday 13th was the
hirthday anniversary of the
Director of Tourism Mr.
Guy Douyon.

-:0:- Today at the Sacre Coeur This week Mr. and Mrs.
Jack Armand was report- George Jeager 1 is to be Antoine Talamas are off on
ed to have turned over in christened. George U's god- the annual tour abroad. "this
a car Thursday night. parents are, Nicole Reiber year it's Europe.
-:0:- and Jean Claude de Vende- -:0:-
Mile. Ginerte Sendral is gis. Lt. Henri Armand cele-
coming home from school _:0:- brated his f6te Friday.
in Ciudad Trujillo this-. Yesterday Mrs. Raymond -:0:-
week for the holidays. Flambert's birthday anni- Friday was the birthday
-:0:- versary Was celebrated, of Sylvere Julien Lauture.
Mrs. Lon Southerland re-
ceived an honorary Master
of Letters Degree from her p 0 0 .. "0
old Alma Mater, Skidmore FRESH CAMELS I
Girls College in Saritoga, R LS
New York. this past wiI4k. FLOWN IN BY PAA
and continued her lecture
tour of Ne w England
schools and clubs. She is re-
turning to Port middle July.

Book fans are warned that 1 I
only 8 copies of the bDi c-
tionary of Haytian Biblio-
graph ,,n y our National
Librarian. Mr. Max Bis-
sainthe are av-ailable for
lean Claude Armand is
settling down to study and
tennis in Detroit, Mich.

* Albiji, Al Seitz is back
fom the wild North. AI
has been aan'a close to a
eear. -
Back home in Asenue 0
is Icannie Renaud who has '
been in Nein York for the
past three months.

Mirle. Fan Garcia and BUY YOUR FRESH
Mrs.Lane_ Rtev are hack I TO1|AY
frum two weeks in New
York on dress and hat, 0 0o O ..... .


-:0:- .
Lilian Fabius is back
from her New York vaca-
Roger Coster, back from
shooting up Chicago. is leave
ing again, on the 24th for
Puerto Rico. 'Frisco and
New Orleans ... aflfd back.
Wife LauraLis doing a roar-
nme business with her Aux
Belle Chosen dress shop ...
Roger may consider retire-
In cool section of rit)y i Pa-
coti furnished house with I
hot water. 3 bedrooms and
5simmine pool, etc. Call
Tel. 5354.

11 2 Ton Dodge Truck
1945 model, rebuilt engine,
net- brake linings, king
pins. bushings, good clutch.
Transmission, rear end. Can
be seen at Smith's Garage,
Rue Des Casernes. Tel.

A Dodge Car Model 1949.
Apply Curacao Trading Co.

You Can Depend on


The Firestone name is world-
famous for the highest quality 0
tires. In these other automotive
needs for car, truck or tractor, you can depend on Firestone
for the same high quality.


- 9,.r 'v N .

7T7.*T .'*.-~- "t

Y, JUNE 22nd


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IPersonIiyIJ Ul Il IWeek finally crossed the'border a man who had, been captur- For nine months the Broolia
S.(Continued rom Page 1) .into Tiber, they wandered in ed 'as a child in a local raid parky battled the constant.'
.dious. To find release for second. Hardly had the the cheerless wastes for six on the ."white savages.. snows that fell on te 'iG'-%
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Stwo years. But thq Call of scientists did, a double-take Ruth Harkness, the widow Spanish Conquisadores, the deserted., Brooks lost. his. ,
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Material for. the Heje Poun- c doos heto rs soon thereafter puld a took it to -Spain, where he meant. Thilg deth' mn -
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Trcaiel BDireet to Miani by' \ \ I.

Pr -ry tNoo WeeKS

F ,'

For Information see Agent ROBERT E. ROY, Exjo sition Stand No. 7 P 0. B ox 228. TeL 2167

.i-% '. .

.- '. .' ,
* *' .* I.- ,

,. ' .i ^ :-



,-; Page 4

,A Letter

Dear' Visitor from the States,


!t. ;.


To Visitors

I would like to tell you something about my Cafeteria.
I hae lived in your Country long enough to know that Americans,
p 4 rule, put cleanlines next to godliness. Well, my Cafetnera compares
lfar Oably with the cleanest restaurant in your home-Lown. All men and
w.e eg~,orking m it are required bach month to pass 3 thorough medical
ekauination. The place itself is spick and span All glass; and plates are
S.. routghly sterilized before use. lPasteuried mluk -L- served only And
S dern toiletsm re at your dispo.al.
I also knor the very popular American expire.on Mmm -
T', s is just about as good as what Mother used to make! So I am
ei"ptoying a' highly paid Frernch Chef to get the came kind of remark
M frt m patrons. And to cmplteL has task, i have added to the Menu
,*a. of the choicest domestic and umaorted liquor; And to have the
de .'td the'drinks still more wecome, you rtll have it served to you
'"1' p'*6tung.-girls, well-trained and well-dressed and quite' pleasing to
; s .te e.
ii. k.Iow too, that Americans are practical people. The;, are apt to
.p111W-when 'spurging is the thing But usually, especially. rp Aadayi,
I." ',tas take a ,ver dim view or high price. So.comppse1 to',.ther puce.
''.t lot-Pal-riune;'.catering to American CheielE, my princes are delight-
y.'l' .ly.lowApd this is not done by low-ring the' quality of food rented
-' Yd.ee 1 own thi largest Grocery, Bakery and Dair, in the Country.
; Y" -gro l n -' food is brought directly from my planta'lin. Pa-try, bread
e' b ca kes. reP niade in my Bakey. hrup&rted food. u ordered diruLlY'
'froim. Foreign Producer. This way the middle-'mirnA, that ery cqotll
rt-fjinhe ylirie of food. is completely elimma-sd
,;! here is this Sha ri-La, I a.r talking' ab.-ut ? Well, ,'.
eaf-.l" .beaiea- not too far from the pier you are so anxious to get
S ''ay oand not too far frorn it tor the distance to anno.' Sou Li't
Located; ear' thji Clvic Center arid ii. the mrost important secnon of
,i'd;' lan e (Great Street, in plain English. Main Street.
". -" wto' ge there ? If you dent like the looks of the narrow and
q*j;it. unevent ,Haitian sidewalks, take a taxi It will bring' you to mv
t-on .a couple of minute; at the coEt of ten American cent-:, which
p gilprice. (If the Chauffeur' charges more: it means he is trying
; i iak a fast -Gourde). Iflyou are more adventurous or want toge a
i'.. .tp.r-lbook"at the life of 'e City, you might hoof and get there in
.t .ait or twenty mianutei. To avoid difficulties. please follow, my drxec-
'.' ti.s0Go East, stralkht ahead from the pier, for three block-- When you
t _'." tthe 'great and strange looking buidmg .wath towers tpublir
: lit--placei 'you are on the Grand Rue (Maim Street). Now turn to
q'.,"igh'iand alk .South, past the market for loir blocks and a half
'.' i'- u a few tree. in front or a three-saorey. Qn i.e right .ide1
,., e .tree"faciig ,e schoo f my Cafeteria. Near the top of the
.'.'ffclng ypu" is the 'piord Cafeteria. At eight his word .s displayed
S o.light The naine.on.the _ront of the building itself is Boulangere
S If yo conea -to m, place-st night, ju-t go in under the sign :
and walk up to the second flooi. But if you come before night-
walk ino the Grocery Departmerit and through it to the staircase
i'C. tuiche.bto,'the lIt leading up. n .
The fopowing paragraph -s somewhat on the personal side. I moght
',"tall. a "confest in. You see, I did' start, m. Caeteia a Caletir,c
-'2 at t""b-can vis-iors wanted more tlian just 4ac And, a they say ,
,'l -.'i t4 Starts, Customer is always right. So s.,ventually, m Careteras
..,-'Jlie~ isl _whatit is norw- a ,Restaurant with a .Br. It ia a-misnomer
t:,* t l'3' a Cafeterina. .Buithe nae stuck. Tha` ,'s why till] eCall it
: Cafeteria, instead calng it The Star, The .Hollywood Cae or
1 .rfi w. DEDrqopim or Lyd a Bailerys Chateau or something like that.
.''ere are-tw floors to the Cafeteria. The first floor is the Restau-
y 'siflrper, witi a'Bar. The second floor is for the overflow. The second
Saa a large space.for'dancing. Both floors have spacious balco-
i- e'Sa whege y.du caiteatpr sip your drinks and watch the colourful stream
.' life .flow below.
r Frepch. is nil or wobbly, there are three persbns in the
4in eakidg perfect English :
,: Mr: Juste. Constant, my. seiieiary. a tall, dignified, graying
e quite:dark of visage and of the whitest heart imaginable
/ Mr. aIsia Saba, a Syrian from Palestine, a leain good-looking
*'5.t:'.ie. W, wthh "an eagle beak nose, yery pleasant .and intelligent.
,:' i I"-s'l-se-Peters, the Cafete ia Maeager, who in addition, to
g,'. a l and Wreneh speaks also German. A. very sympathel i person
b ir '
',. t,.add that'three of my children, also speak English well, but
0t^ni. (Tb tely.cor, fort'unitely? they are'at present in New York, eating
_.T, 'i the profits I make selling cheese from Holland, beef from Argentina,
S'^.4oblndes'iron, the U. S.iA. In return for thisthey are stpdyipg hard
''-... ew.York Universities and "trying to absorb American Culture. That's
dat they-.ay anyway. I wonder'
: I, the proprietor, am quite difficult to locate. Yes, I am always in
at a time.-But even Mr. Constant, my Secretary, a great deal
e 'time ony knows that I am juson somewhere between here and
4t' "s.'e.geWell, a man gotta be really on the move nowadays when handling
' thw main sides of business : Losst and Profit, and trying to make the
acoia ianmout-oo the laughing end.
wld.,':. r Visitor fi.op..the North,' the taste of, the pudding is in
":eettingig Mind putting that saying to use now-darkening the doorway
S" Ca. teria and brightening the pretty faces of my waitresses ? .
yo. bet n be smiling too ,
U -.
Cordianly yours,

Little Marie-France Bazile
who is one of the newestt
u Joseph report o o,
citizens of Cuid Magloire
was christened last Sunday
Sa ceremonies attended by
sole of ihe top Government
officials of Haiti. The god-
father of the petite lass .was
V. the Administration Director
Baker Tennis Champ. Company and Pierre May- of the Worker's Cities, Raoul,
ard. Hector. Her godmother was
Edoutrd Baker is Haiti's -:0:- Mme Etienne.Sylvestre. At
new Tennis Champion after M. Arawki, one of the top the reception and bal which
defeating Wilhem Ludecke officials of UNESCO arriv- followed at the home'of the
in the Norman Armour Cup ed in Haiti last Tuesday to proud parents, the entire
matchess last week-end at speak with Government and population of Citd Magloire
Leconte Park in the presence 'local UNESCO officials on turned up in its best finery.
of a large gallery including the international projects .Also present was Undersec-.
the President of the Repub- now underway in this coun- retary of State Roland La-
lic. try. AM. Francovitch, Re- taillade, 'Mme. Jumelle and
The Set scores 6-2. 6-0, gional Director of UNESCO, Seiator Jume'lle, the SIPP
-'9, 6-1. accompanied him on' 'the Director Ernest Elys6e and
-:0:- trip. Mr. and Mrs. W. Walker of
The Capital has attracted -:0:- the American Epabassy. Ma-
an unusual number? of tele- The Arribdoite River is rie-France should be proud
vision executives since early swelling dangerously from to have been hostess to-such
this month. TV-Art Direc- the seasonal rains. A tele- an illustrious. gathering.
ior Roger .Englander was phone message-received by -:0:-
joined b TV-Ballet choreo- iLe No-reUihte reported Nearly 30,000 dollars
grapher -Frank Westbrook. that the water stood at" worth of property'was lost
The day they left TV-Tech- Sm.62 Thursday noon 'at in the violent fire which
nician 'Willard F. Hanson Pontmfond6. a height which swept through the MadsSp
flew in, en route to Ciudad ndaodgers the whole lower coffee plant at Gonaives' Mon
Trujillo where,he is build- section of'the plain. day. Since the ciry lacks a
ing our good neighbour's -:0:- fire department, the entire
biggest TV-Station tnow ... An important agricultural tpopuilation turned our ap
And this week- noted New conference will be' held at fiaht the flames which rap-
York TV Programmer C-eo Damien :next month -' with idly spread through the'
Ezzer stopped over here. !sessions lasting a three- coffee warehouses. An in-
complete, with aChe,valier week'tleriod. The conference vestigation has been launch-
de la Legion d'Honneurw is being prepared' by the ed to learn the cause of the
ribbon on his, capel ... All Director" General of Agricul disaster.
foup were guests of the rure in collabbraridn with' :0:-
grand Oloffson Hotel. the Farm' Extdhsion Diti- Young Lon 'Southerlaid
-:0:- sion and 'SdCIPA. is iWorlqng during school
A noted journalism -avo- -:0:- ,' summer holidays at the
catr Mitchell Lusrsan of The De iartmpnt of Na' Cliff Hotel at Cape Cod ..
the United States- Court' of tional Educatidn is working running the transportation
Appeals i- is enjoying a hard on a programme to re- desk.
sunny vacation at El Rancho model the scolasuc curricu- -:0:'-.
in -company _wJih a group of lum. Thitrsday afternoon Raymond Cantave cele-
fellow'members of the press. the Philosophy commission, brated his 7th .birthday
.- :0:- composed of T'NESCO' .ad- Tu'esday -with a ti fete.
The widow of the late visor Paiul Jaume,, Raruyoud -:0:-
Pierre Scandon Constant Doret and Rnd6 Carre -Met tdmile' -Cyranoy-... Ap
has. given birth to a. baby'w i th Inspector Camille mourri pour ..._qui bebl?
girl which she has named Large ro-discuss way' and His boulevard' friends are
Jacqueline. Mother an d means of giving the Philoso- keeping his secret.
daughter arf both doing phy-Courses in Haitian in- -:0:-
well. .. stitutions a Hairiiian as well ILtwas George Drouin's
-:0-.,, as i universally htiman con- fete Wednesday.
- A solemn High Mass was text. -:0:- :
celebrated yesterday in the -:0:-. 'Emile's sister Julia I
Chapel of the Brothers at The classes .af the La w done went to Rhode' slaqd
St. Iouis de Gonzague In ob- School will' be, closed for' last' veek-end. '
servance of the fete of *the the siummerLTuesday ... giv- -:0:-
school's patron. saint. ing 'the students 10 days to "Bordayn is a new chal-
-:0: -- prepare- for their final ex- lenge to Kola merchants ...
Mr. and Madame .Anis aminafions to be held the 'their nectar orange is tops.
Chemaly of Cap Haitian are 4th and 5th of July. -"--;:0: ,
spending their honeymoon ,.
Iat Inak et ucs recurs.- a'


at Cate et des Fleus. Mvia.
dame Chemalv is the former
Mlle. Affeffe MarzourkA.
'Madame Simon Lando,
wife of the director of the
French Institute is now on
her way 'to France for a sum
mer holiday aboard the S.S.
-Also Europe bound on the
same passage are Georges
Carpentier, inspector for the
Transatlantic Navigation

". R ,7 -J ,.. .
Sersonality Of e WeekBe: Bar
(Co"ninued fro. Pag 3" ca;Ie alpog in- time to lceep I *. .*, W 3. l 4.,
hi.. ...' from boredom.- By ,, '
S Tr .,':41- hewas in umn- -C i al-the -..'
Spectacle Lakes that marked ing to be the argets of the- orm, .ad. wet tothe Paci- ke a t uop qtq
iffe end of i.eir journey. hunt. But. Soapy ,re.pb ic as- fIajor After action:, "s M-.. equ-IipMaelt .lf.4iP
1'But..they .ee., soii.9 to- that the wator -buffalo, ,o in te Philippines 'and;. a -' forcdrs thatWhe.thOr'd t
;'anorh .a~~i'5.,..ad : eth eix- the Sladang, was a different t dctrnating Ameri: .. .- and the tpolep;t t
-".i4nd'd' ot have .the proposition, .He did the c a Occupti: troops '
if g'. .. strength. con- .batng. And when yor,spot' bo'bund jQ., e r e .- -'. '
te.the hazardous trek. It ted one of these, rwo and a ed Stateside -dusted off his -. --
as deci edd t- turn back. half ,ton manioihs ibeadig desk, pad went'ca1topu ib-, FAST REEBLLE:Ei. RAIC LOWStV.-:' ,
'And dot long ,afterwardL for you. with, his'nine-foor, ,licizing Ruppcrs.a -
the expedition leader- Cap- spread of- horns loweredd, A' year ago last December, -.' An ,flGmit.:*
tain ,Locks,conunitted s- s yoi.idnt stick' around to be met. a petie, ivacious Jii
.de in' Quito. But before get a closed look; Even an giri hy tie informal Eiame o''
,4e died he wrote and pu, tib- elephant rifle was ndt. uch Atih.aid ti e imorme fmit l -
she an account of is ll .defense, since the Slaidang.iteof Baroness .oStrk. .
ed' ri p..called .. ever, could be .eppered with li- Her -life was L as aen-
Tamine and Gold., ,let oles ad'still keep turous as Soa s but was ...
$in'y,: appa'renl w'came a:g, As. far he Sony was citing, enough in. its way-
ut r',he South A merican cpncert.ed, he f elsthatr the her family having been, the
ture -as eager as. ever atpr buffalo is the most victims of the Estonian land
-f ew.fiel -rtb co. dnerous animal I- i.the -Lformi which heralded. the
S*hte ite ed, f itti so d :.. Sov et entry n to..that, Baltri -
fetge ya iyanA jieaded for B 9406 th 'Griswold counuyAn.- -a adescend-7
d Chi .wbare te leias- ie of adventures drew'.' .o~'ar o" f tt eermaan knights-.
Sdosq of jungle .temporary close and Son-., "conquered Estonia 0.
BGame Sho urned toN or to years ago- .ent.to Ger-
tthe ae believe ior not, : many to live N th her f. ..
....si.;,n -eo
p e eln-,mOrless .. . ortly after t ie mar' .- .u lty.S.ee4.,y-
.'' .;,,,,,' ... ,.- ., -,-.. ._ .. riage.: Ann ad Sonny camee .. ..Workq 5re^iotfa l ogi a 4s Il
.. '.;'. ". .'.. .. . . -'. ....--.". '.".'. -" .-'l'..-.-.,. ..\;n ; ,t.. r .'nce -l.. .."
,. . -o,-. ,-iw th rb idea of in i .iwordind n- .t dnptormcPnc pe eou. r .
V ': t l. ; : "' ' vesins mone; 'in the hotel a.. a e",' .,nd.t. dt.-eit' e eteres .' rnb
U-F. ,i usines;' -Sonny says '.he der ., .'- ,t ..., ., .*
'Ofl f.n"l el th t -.a. :- 'od' c' ,. tr te1l;. reels-..-that .eaitiis," ,, 9 I
F '. .the. cominglig ieca tfo the .dul n. 6, ,yoa pr e
utis's tade ad re p d t g"s. Finbho-r r. y Wd g rcrd
Sie i. ," k ,n .. .et r 1 r
m... . ade iato-the- iosoti.popular wan . ..... to c e i .'
r. I ..... .. b '" .'' pq -* I. u offi^'''
ratedd her three Caribbean.-h .of-- ; -... ; "

..^ : ,. .:..,,,,_. .,:_,*. m. -v ,. da,.. g!
S: ea-e a wextra.- :h s C ;

S. neousTfacts left-over in our

,;'.. hotes i on oy's ny adm m e M SONS
,,; j.-,';, ".i D' i ba'e en dd -* :" d petite "
the a s ba thSQ ie of Post- .. -'
'..:Gabriel 'Who recent" y .-c. l-..-. ,, .-..1.A..

S n' "sacth e ,birt J euhday 6,' : l
tWe .have,d a -few extra- P, -
- I-t:f -'i.iS :t '-l' -----a .'
neous facts left over in ourN P t
notes. on Sonny's x;'ma' at ,- '. "o ". -
:", -y v".. ..ventures. So weqll stick .N"'" ,WCAS ^ .a ." M, ".

,. ", ,.. ' " '" them.in asr ae sqrC of Post-y . , .i
PR S K" g . far.. i. ,. ..fi d -
h do on o .i .-o ......
Sponee r7" actul ne the S neel ifiaOd. uuta obr 7o--A

t... "Srop. o itn O t r- tSn -erson

silk, "Pet ava. -" ..*" o,0 ",,.. .

. .. ?' "'a~o e f n- ..-j
,-Ier No, ,... -0 .'-- -

oft( IntAawmeriannn _21 and one-half miles apart, plish, were finished in five certain new gedetic me
f .It ierAIneri n considered the longest line -weeks by the LAGS, engim-- thodrstill in the study stage
*;'-- *, in the Geodestic system. eers with the aid of local 'such as- -the-,.SHORAN, 'a.
Setic Srvey Leaving experts in the three islands. method on the use of shad-
SSu v;.eL n This was accomplished de- ows. *- ,
i :": p lnohspite language difficulties,
( tnued from Pager 1) erful projector lent to the and the inaccessibility of the '
y -of integrating te AGS by an aviation co peaks chosen as observation
Island of H-aiti ih ae inter- pany in Kingston.. Identifi- ons. In Cuba, a ,elicop-
ica g&tic system. canonwas made by radio,. t er.had to be used to ferry
1i inin, a licle d but the Macaya peak was .: supplies with the aid ofa
i.io ,. was not ex not lighted. KI was decided hastily constructed landing .e

,f had claimed that Four months later,- 16 ance of this achievement Ho pia chapel Surda-iBass'aLw
Sof he An- American engineers came to. oes without saying. For a' M.-- o in Englsh.
b'i.e-Amercan Haiti from Panama to con- d the first time in History- So"--cer SundY Masces at 4-.
M. 1 rsible on the duct the geodetic survey, of Cuba. Haiti and Jamaica A-d, atm 4
e observe he Aitilles under the su- have been meaued by the at-5
"t"o petvision of Major Newton u oT irs geoderic stand- near Olo on, Suda
ado w id to Coo with Hait[ as their ards wprichisch il pernmt their M-,s 5a-; S .'
e prentoa .headquarters. I wasestim- a Ne Cox integration 6in he .North .. Jan aBoea. Sunday Maes at S :
ated thar it would take up- American Dai um, which a '...
ITS, -Aem 'e i ds, -til the end of August, 1952, . already has been extended Chapel on ihe Expoau dn grounds
i e bl oweve'. ro finish the siimrey- and- all as.far as Cuba ... and ulrimn' Jias 1t 9 *.;-
t pe possible"' cal organizations were ask From thub 18th to the 2ath ately will give soliolat a S Pe Ption-Vie.. 8 9.30 a.m
tablish a geo- ed to cooperate with the of March, atmospheric con- far more exact means of.
wit heeaeiglb fAGS o rh fullest extent djtions preyented observa- mapping the WesrernHem-
-.of Cuba an d p the work. n on The 22nd, however, sphere. g Tin' cr tdra
t"edt e t the- theodolites measured the'-- '.:. .
Hiee ending Haa te Ser ie e e nes measored the The .successful .experi-' 4 a.- French
m i' c te' se. pffeiwd the anAmerican ranges, an, .a mon ents in the Antilles also .5 n . Fren .
a akst n h e ele eam recor"dr and A -light- later o the 26t of .April -have laid the groundwork o;P.. -ian -Enash
selec- niu. ioisrs l the Cuban Pico aTurqunao f future im uroemendot u 9am M as-'French:.
,iurpse.bthe was visib on Macay or future Pro v.
io eo h orp- action s. geodetic surveys by using Epopa r- ap.l .Sunday Mass at s
GirqatPiea". Th- 11tha of March.,h two The measutrements. which greater tri angJes for inea- a` a -r1, in Fren ..
pr Grano 'Pqieda grotup4( lrft ?Port an ,Prince, forecasters predicted wmoild surements apd also conJd Urhodr.ue de 1. Resolution Ser
i' 4-fg"om N group heading fo'. the take six months to hccom- be used as- .control .r -t.. a.
th'd., f Cu a, Northwesp ind' the theirr for as" rvne-b e-- r -. ' . '
a' n 2- the% Mfasifc de la Honte
oorae. were haegp on hd Sourhern pen "
N i ; ai the' i nu ..: 'Six Haitians accrkdm. 'l f'S ,
ie"' n' s n He. panied the Srveyers:-io
a.' i ks '0a -. cilitae '. their task.-. At the '''
tr n'e ,egoath* a
e,.:, -pak the- same 1tme other er surv eying J *
tea, thimbe the slbpes of
rii frpse -.. the 'ie p'elected fmitainapeakso-e a
NiCuba ani JmAica .-
..... a A0.. h 13th of March one
hurd ii en.and 3 beasts '-
ie *ocur f hniden left no^s~rsec; ih .-''c' w -- -
o ie t e igu meie S n -. fo i t'- o urc ine, -' A t' ....
iei l cb e thqwpmeot had to
rn ab 6h apsferrea d tb G the backs -
s di h..ortman porters.. It ion Fi
emstoe chid, e beside-s foqd !sa .
n luminot.s. iin, g o'n lor et roadio setsn 'e*o a
1 ,a gtdin 'B the p a heangrioe. o o. CU re -',

,t dc.t.au -toehdht -4ains lerev for opetio s.n
i -tnme. a i rth te D n pea t

ed p on' Sainulen andeol anC otr
-'days o'f4ear the tam o ue d .en.a occpie .r I.-, .. -, ,

o oan dille r action on-
a9i o n'wer the ila sofonahse tIank le.
h ti, e do thf to -rane coe ren aton on, tn

n -oY -eLa ier 'tce hill TutuhatC J..
TOA "t'Nove 'ber- initiaefortle formation of Grc Au '..

tn-re 'eAfr with the D..u.on, peak' as'r. ..u
.ss: o:.-ihitia le. and on.Cap-r-ouIN
."!6 dynam. -rite e a: sta-o. iniiile? The -'4'0-' -,vous assuren-.

--.R .Ikdertaken. A t a ed by ligts.b ,, l
e22nd nigh' 110 volts for this triang-ule-"
A.r.ioi Blue&Moon- din. But 1,000 wat,. ..hen-
Ja"maica was dimLy cons were set up to sight the Distributor PREoETZMNN AGGERHOLM

thksta very pow- Pico Turquino.in Cuba -
.- -'-.- -.-.-, '
I'i h !5""i tn'o py. n er '. 5 ,

drawings he h

ad put on the

In my three -preceeding on asailable- material he
rides I defined three has muslin. While he
Ils of painting. This was out in the .ard eating
elk I should like to speak ice cream with the other
a- great primitive, some- boyN, an old lady was bus-
es called "popular" ar- ing his doilies in the school
Sunday painters, un- room. He ran home in
cooled, they were never scac to tell hi mother ...
he-less, -sincere craftsmen, but alas, one monthh later
In the United States two the old ladv returned and
.htstanding names are John held-up the pieces accusing-
ane and Horrace Pippin, l the crayon had washed
e latter was an American out.
egro, whose work was When his mother became
ore imaginative than too ill to take in laundry,
ane's. In Haiti, to name Horrace went to work in a
only a few Bigaud, Obin, coal yard, a feed store and
iBale, Laveque. and the -
ate Hippolite. In France
e greatest was Henri Rous
."Pippin (vas born in West
ester, Penn., 1888, and
'aised in Goshen, New then as a porter in a hotel
ork., He. once said "Pic- for seven years.
ures come to my mind, and In 191" he enlisted in the
en I, tell, my hJeart to go arm) he writes: aI re-
head., His paintings were member the day well, -we
spiritual communication left the good old U.S.A. She
between his and his fellow was in trouble with Ger-
beings. He expressed his many and to do our duty
rdeas in bold direct forms we had to leave here and
rinmhibited by professional did on the 1". December
-at. .He was a pious man 1917J.,
-and knew the scriptures
p-well as his paintings show.. For a )ear he kept a diary
As a little boy- he attend- his very first.remaining
.-ed Sunday school at one drawings.were made it this
Vof their festivals he. donate time, rilt the day le. took
t,-ed some crayon biblical the' hospital ship out of
E' ..' .O Sa.e E e -w e -






Her Majesty


Scotch Whisky

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LAJAT Z CO. Distributors
97 Rue do Centre
P.O. Box 1086 Phone: 2793

Petits Croquis

de Grands Peintres



e" & "Life"

Leas. g Ameurican

MAGAZINE -Are ow On SalAt

Brest with a wounded wrist'
In this diary one feels no
self-pity _or resentment -
he rook pride in his outfit
and accepted soldiering as
he accepted any of life's bur-
dens. No probing into the
causes or results, he merely
did his duty as a citizen. He
was awarded the Purple
Heart as late as' 1945.
His diary was the artist's
need to record the experien-
,ces which moved him "so
powerfully. The drawings
show more than the text
that the war.had a shatter-
ing effect on" him deep
Nine years later in 192y'
he moved back to the town
where he was born, married
a widow with a little son
and helped his wife by de-
livering laundry.
One day as he sat look-
ing inio the fire, he was at-
tracted by the hire hot
poker. Perhaps he still re-
mefnbered his humiliation
at the impermanence of his
-crayon drawings on muslin
he rook up an extra leaf
from the oak table, and with
his left hand manipulated
the panel against the smok-
ing tip of rhe iron ... with
success and his wrist feltc
better too. He burnt the
title at the bottom losing
the Wa\.i, A man stooped
over. guiding his horse and
wagon through 'the snoop.
Not onty was he discovering
agaIin the need to express
himself, but he was apply-
ing the same principles of
occupational therapy to cure
his wrist. They now use it
in the best hospitals.
His war paintings came
twelve years later he
worked three" years on. the
first, it was like a purge to
rid himself of dark memo-
ries the title was "Start-
ing Home, but this was no
triumphal march the sol-
diers are too far gone to re-
spond to the news their
faces without expre,ion,
like corpses on the Judxr-
ment Day. As late as 1945
he painted his fourth and
greatest war picture. "Mod-
ern nar scenes that have
not been approached in p&-
wer by any sophisticated
Credit for the discovery
of Pippin goes to Christian
Brinton, the moving spirit
in the Chester Country Art
One day while walking
on Main Street he saw in a

We use -only the. best American "
leather and rubber heels
Our prices are cheaper !
Q" sole and rubber heel :.. ...................
Full sole and rubber heel .....:.............
Taps. Ladies' shoes rubber or leather,........
Children's !.,2 sole and heel (up to seven
Vears) ..................... .................. t g
Children's full rubber soles ..................
Rue du Centre 'nex to National Lottery. .':J 4

cobbler's window a. painc- But he was unhappy ,-..,
'irg called "Cabin in- rihe this rime.- His wilf .'had'i
Corton.,, He went to Pip- never understood his"w*ik k.i
pin's home to see more and and had so little faith, '-
on June 1937 a small exhi- continued to take it:wash.I.
bicion was arranged at the ing. .
County Center.. He took. tip %sith' R giT-..?
Several women. promiin- -,who flattered him. He s eiir
enD in society invited him'to his -money lavishly -*ili'd
tea and" later bQught his when he died there wasg4.r
paintings. Four of his paint- a penny left a almost iko-.
ings'were shown the. follox- paintings. .r
ing year at the Museum of
Modern Art. Several months before i'-rs
" In his second One Man wife had been cbmmittcd .tod.,'
Show, many paintings were ah institution and died w .. .;
already spoken for ... al- weeks after hedid, in 1946
most everything sold. In the Pippin's last days were'i
catalogue Mr. Barriers of the saddened by a sense-.of.
Barnes Foundation wrote: guilt. .- :
Pippin is the first of the im- Althiugh he had b'sh -i
portant Negro painters to ap bit bewildered by his' se.is:a .
pear on the American scene; tional success, he rarely fosl'
he shares with lohn Kane his direct visi' iq oc a chil-'-'j
the distinction of'being the his art sprang from .ih' i
most individual and unadal teise interesting life and the
ternted creator authenrical- desire to express the inher.
ly expressive of the Ameri- life he had felt and ved.
can spirit that has [et been '
produced in our genera- OFFICE SPACE.
r ion'. ". "C.E
. Pippin was represented Office space- for rent od..'
in all the large museums. the Rue Pavee opposite Pain :.:.,'
Hollywood collectors were American World .Airways
buying hi's work be had Apply Higgins.Bar ..
become fashionable. .
r .:, ,, -:-,. : -.
I 0r THI ... ... aur Tis,.:
__ I

.-c rrs--




every &

Under the same Management .-
Ted. Roosevelt ,-
O:,.. C PRIC' ...S ..
FOODD...GOOD PRICES Wishes to advise his many friends and the Genera. 000
-; "-;. Public that the :


The REFUGE completely reinuv-nated is "now equipped ,
/ "" with Electricity, Hot add Cold running %waer e'c. Can'
"( I be reached over an excellent road in any type of car.

t "'" yi.."i jJ A^ At 5,700 feel the ,REFUGE, is -TOPSn.

--,,- Monday We.nesday Tharsday Evenin .:


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BOPENS Again July Ist ... ... ,.,
"I u Ju... -, -...l /....,, -' You Can ENJOY So EASILY
Teace ad liar to Stay OPES N c The. HEALTHFUL Asser of COOL KENSCOFF, .
Serve Luncheons and Sandwiches.. Almost 5.000 Feet. Almost a Mile
Above Sea-LevelI.
-."g n.. u U Yet onl> 15 LEISURELY PLEASANT Miles
r p- fr6m Port-au-Prince '
REFRESHING Drinks, lunches and Dinners


J. .

mAux Orchidees
ET'ONVIL -- smal p of delico All Rooms wifh Bath, HOT Water. 'American --
i PHOIE: 7876 chocolatee laxative brings French Cuisine, Swimming Pool; Tropical Gardens
relief overnight. Pleasant SE are ris
j ,. -e r c effective ... etha's and SUPERB facilities for entertaining large parties

0 .

hbe shops in this section
e,'-been checked by this
ospaper, d to the
' of our knowledge'
.. merchandise is o:
d- quality i*:d gooai

AL. EV -C ,I 6 r, .
U M r cr ha. i .NE-1.

SUt',lJAl non --


miglish, French, Ger -
f .-Correspondence, Ac-
uring, Shipping, Secre-
al work. 25 yeats .c x-
,ience. Apply ,Haiti
i. )

The delicious Chocolate
brings relief overrnght. So
to-night and to-morrow
you'll be all right.

Avail )ourself of :
the sweetest soap
the soap %,irb an exquisite
the best soap.

^.. dlj
CIL W f ilk


nveloppani combine sole





Curio Shop- ACTOY

.For -
Local Handicrafts 9
Splendid Mahogany 9
Ware I

A beautiful outboard mto- Beautifully f u r n i sh
oar bardi) been user., for house for rent in Peti
sale. Good price. ville. Suitable for Dip
,/" w. I =1 -

..-. . 5 .;; ,,,,. z*
t. .. : - : ,. .. .', .. *. : -. .. . : .. .***~


Still Produced by
the family .,-

SINCE 1862

'Jane Barbancow t

'Couple" wish to refit k'
furnished home: in zosideii*'
tial section of ibe t
Please contact the -Suna t,-1
fice on-the Exposition'.,



ed T he ':^
o- *, dn -t:,'y
,,o-Re,, :v+r

for caSUal .I .
/ . ,, i,
,*. -,.8 ha -." -

-e/. ,2/ -6

, ,l~euw 77-i=



S Ocean Monarch" Closes

Winter Cruise Season
"' I


no ordinary cruise ship. It's
a 10,000,000 dollar floating
palace that won this year's
award for being the best
interior decorated ship
afloat.. The Furness. Lines
built the 1-4.o00-ton liner
specifically for luxury cruis-
es out of New York to near-
by southern and northern
waters. The 20-knot Mon-
arch left its Manhatran pier
at 9 p.m. Sunday evening
and arrived here early Thurs
day morning after a smooth
passage .... Port-au-Prince
being its first stop on the
12-day cruise. Other ports
of call are Cartagena, Colum
bian and Kingston, Jamaica.
If the bronze statue of
Christopher Columbus is
gifted with sight, it must

o. Box 985, Tel.. 3494

. -, $

P'ic,' or -any. other place in the world on :
;... . Luxurious .Sper'Constellarions Of
-or any other airline -

,4-.ro itay For All Your Travel Arraitgenenls !
N .?""".. .


.the slogan

e Grants is

exemplified in
:/.,!. .:. . .'



!;^:. . .



.. "*. .

The ten million dollar
British -luxury liner "Ocean
:.' Monarch" arrived here De-
cember,12tb with 380 vaca-
-tionists as the first visiting
crM.:ise ship of the winter sea
.. sort-..- Thursday with 298
'.;'-"tourists the floating palace,
ret..-uerned for its fourth visit
i.ad .-.officially closed the
'-.. -winter, season.
:.Noc till November will
;-Pqrt watchers see the lovely
lines of this 1-4,00-tons of
Iurnr again. During the
S.Summer the "Ocean Mon-
ch .with a host of other
.r'sruise. ships will ply the
'Suiioner sea lanes up to
Canada. across to Bermuda
witb pleasure seekers out pf
| XY;Vork. i
'9;$t t.^'^-4cean aMonarchn is
^, '^*":. .

have been an amazing reve-
lation to the old Admiral
to witness the landing party
that followed his first ad-
venturous step .on Haitian
soil some 450 years ago.
As the trim "Ocean Mon-
arch" swung at anchor more
than a mile and a half from
'shore, Sylvio Cator the
Cook's tour representative-
marshalled his battalion of
over a hundred taxi cabs
and camionertes into posi-
tion .at the exposition pier.
A little after a.m. the
"Capain Jatk, assisted by
two mot..r launches fr6m
the Monarch began the slow
job of disembarking the
:ager visitors.
Your REpcrner also had
the pleasure ,?f isiring -i ith
rht luxury liner's young Eri-
tish Captain 'Mr. Cecil Dun-
ford. He :;a, a bit dismay-
ed at the number of litlte
bum boatIs which swarmrcd
.round the ship like bIeL
around ,honey. Hon ser
small urchins, dix ing f or,
pennies are now considered
a tru bit of *,!cal c';lou.
in most cruise ports of'. ihi-
%sorld. And most vacition-
i'ts find the antics of. the
'mall lads arousing Cnot'igh
to store !,i ay as one -if
their stories to tell backk
home!"- .

Thet-,most.. amusing inci
dent as far as %our reporter
iwas concerned. a a watclr
ing "Operation," Ftit-Gun",
conducted by a ship's officer
and two %onfng cadets rhe;
were lying in waL. ttot the
return of the tourist at the
head of the gang plank anJ
as each' person Stepped ,
board.-'he vws.a gicn am-
plie dousing cf inse.:ticc'd..
The officer, tiring from thL
hip. explained that the ope-
ration is standard procedure
for every port of.call, The
Furness Lines. proudly' says

a:s.'-unce in such an atmos-
ph2re !
The ship is 516 feer long,
-5. feet in beam and 151 ft.--
' ins. in depth. With its
raked bow. single-funnel

Aft'r a tour of the Mon- nri rounded stern, the Mon-'
arch's *ii decks. your report- 5Y'ch presents a )acht-like.
er had to admir that it as'. : :am!ined silhouette..
really a dream boat. The :.-"
..Lcommodation for it- 430 It was built in'Newcastle-
,ien.err, re .ill firji class -Tyne at the cost of 10.!
-:ro-'o, are all odiside af r,;lion dollars to replace' :
i "rdl the beautifully t'-' pr:--sar Monarch of Ber'
1"rnisb-'h:d ounge is air con- pr.:la nhich never returrned
dr3, -.p4A There is a large ro cruise service after her
-vinimire pool, a model r ar experience. The ship's
i'r,- cinema with plush a"-n;s. E. and G. Martin
's a n;'ht club, i num- dr a 3" . otf '.-'l!! barS, and a din- -,' the vessel'and there were
' o, I xq -pny,Ne; w r -. bir~er complaints in the
k r 'urant with differ- air when it put to sea a lit-
ent lighting for each" meal. !e 'before dark Thursday
As if your appetite needed '- in_.

fiil i T ,sI ii! ", CuLIL R VIlIUr
PUL. "I .PI'.IItIjE 13',,
'r LE rOlt I ;

S in

Ancienne Maison CANEZ ..'
Pont Morin
Tel. 5V98. Taxi 10 cents-.

-4, hl e -.

,." 4:.;,

-.- .,. .

." .. : ."0
.. " ,- k-: s

Briti.s luxury, cruise liner
l-',t a,,'d last trips of tb

it has never had a 'ingla
cockroach aboard its beauti-
fol new ship and it isn't tak-
i.-, any chances in acquir-
in r such non-paying passer-


aOcnan AMonarch mnaderthe
c lI"inter season.

.. V

2- .,_' ..* ,' N + . *..-47*'-
iiversatp..y ei o 'autfioosn the Ha.i ig.' fshed by e sta ff .. ,.,
.'.' U' BattlefoIndepe ndoro mmer Avac-tion. YNO ORDER! TOO LARGENO ORDER F
4 t '.'Ieuice A Hs ;a 'it s i- B before. hey.can rel a cb m '
ver ient a4noun consequeces.5 leteiy, however. 'the staff -
'sweek another major 6" Twt or tiee:serious ,ilL be busy organising a -'
in it blueprinrr books. ot Haitian Ecll- Seminar for English Teach-
g the1Oi n- ore. ets which will be held at '-
h..of Haitian indepen- 7. A catechism of good citi the Institute July 28 Au- "'
a project designed zenship abd its applicar gust 8. This will give in- ',.-'"
people of other. tio'. for- Haitian Chi- tensive refresher training to '
Se ppporttimri to ..dre English teachers froin .all .
m e.of RHaitit's'draina-. `APublicatiin of the best :over Haiti and will include L ..
Sit present. pro- 'a Haitian-mnsic. discussion of new classrooms
ttohe:fi.ld of culture,, 9. A.Soiven:"riAJbum. techniques, courses in gram -
& fiij goals., .: "'. mar, pronunciation and lin- .-
W'idifferent, publica- CLOSING EXERCISES' guistics;, laboratory work in C U i ". '
be, prepared for conversation, cultural cour- ,: '" .
librion on che-follow- Friday e ening, jne 27th es on American civilization, I ":: '
subects:. the -airian American .In etc. The sessions will be l/
A book niaiLian His- statute .will hold the grada- .eld 5 mor nngs a week, bur ...
ory .o be distributed' arion exercises narking thq" the Institute also .plans pub ',. .
Sathome nd abroad end of its school year. The ti activities during the even -'
Anthology .. of 150 academic programme will .gs of this period. The lib-_
of aitia Prose. ihclude thea'warding of cer-' rY wil of course be open,
S. logy of 1 0 nificaite:, prof;ienc, .a- too. A
yea ofHaitian 'Pet vardig.of '..prizes, .'and r- .' -
Sthiet-ke : Hai t's Pro-' marks by officials avidguest FLOWERS- -. '. ', ..
egress in foreign affairs speakers.: This willbe fol- Mr. Jack Ke-Yan and son' ';ALrF-R1fJl l U'ritI 77
comics, dution, 'Jowed by a..dance fo the chard of .New York. City -ALR' D MA I'' '
engral, sciences. 1 a w stidens .'aid members or- have been guests at Chaelet
rh ridplast"ic ars ganized ib the Student Ac: !'des'Fleurs for the week. Mr. ... Rue d Qa ..
a t i 'i : a y ti v'ilties "c ub.. .. Ker-an Sr.. is.founder.of the ". .'...'' . .. '
ie ag0iclte house whikh bears his i6'ine ''EHAVE ALL THE BVltiNG 3A ERTM AI
and, frce i his eek'the fi- -. and pripabl the largest ' ..
tolecti6b i i i l inatins re being ,' vholesalen if florists reeit .. ':Tel' 37 8' ., .'t i
ngs f..by hoatd reports aie ,ery in the.world. *x.. ., .* .' .."-''
.- b40h ea-',.ib,.'e.',, d. '. ,
,* . ..;i ; ,-..,,,' ,.. 7. . ,, ,, .. .. .. :.. ...
9V 7,, .'":'. .

S Tobmorrow is te ayouha re rS 2ND ANNIVERSARY SALE starts. >Dori S
ilu it's too late. C oe againAind agazn! Benefic..more and more while this Gredi -SALE lasts. Our Bargains are the fliggest ydWS> 'y
l.ber seen.; Our.smhshin g o pte s just yoti'nyed ip swall yodtr Sayings. hItis iMASON ORIENTALE that offers'AMAZNtAri-
ANS addwonderfl SAVINGS onove-iestthings! .

"' "Y .- '': .made,goo" Qualit differ .iade. '
-Brey, White S.d or 315 .0':la3.?9 5 d. .ais Ana. .X.
; tripe.d i.f w 95-ols. 'SLIPPERS -'Very comfort-

t h l '' b All colours .Bar ENGLISH ;F '
"i '.i lat C '. Ere Pdd ""e wh'l'em'

;- .SSH Si ITINGS BED IACKETS Beauti eg. 2.50,Dw .I.95.dls. -in8Eye Ple
..nOR SR g C ,,i Ve e E. ful- Colours. ,-* Reg. 2.50 ,.." j
I su : d e" I s. W H A L F S L I P

.Plai col.,o .., .. 5 Ane cos. . Reg. 2.75, N 1.95 dolls. HOUSEHOLD. A. a
Floral .- eg. 17.50, ow 12.50 ED SHEETS -- Heav .
8.5 Ow 6.95 dls. dds. HALF SLIPS- All sizes, Qualiy, DobledSize -
Sp lac rimmed Beg 6.95,1 i5.95 dols. .
B'ud.G a Bro w n. Aua 'ti e "'"SE C'L

HAK. SHJ -- Heavy CASe MERE SUITING i' eg, 2,95, O W 1.9' 5 dis. '. '. S A .
a-s' O ;a sh- ', Bpie-Grey.and Brown. All y e, y a .. 11 PIILON CASES h eat. oe': *'* .

3 lw n1.95 dells.: .wool. : SLPS Radium, i 1 ''lity .r S e' II.

-l":. -'GO..WNS 3". ,5 lw 3.00- -Beg. .50, Now 4.-5 dois C S ,
..iffecen .lo Aursa d Love-' d, "." " cas EN '' .O L -."'

.-'. i:'TTERNS . u n Cotume) PANTIES *.._ z. '" .." ""JC"EWELLE.....s :"

-Ferent Colours. First SHADES BRASSIERES different ENGLISH: CREPE,. wash- .BBASSAE 'i." :
1,.50; Nolw 6.95 dm. leg. 8.85, ow 6.95 dols. eg. 1J.75 ow 00a deL. Reg. 2.50, Now 1.80 Aune e Peait SLEng
" ." ." " .. ... B e-"i^:te : :g e .g. .. "e ... "
QUALITY C,"'iNedes & dosCame in"'6 B h g pu"c"umdil"hl"

+ : ..... :4:

e.."Ti S.T '. ~:-A-- .- .
novel, is a Technicolour but h'', Lydia, and the ezr er'b e; c alyso &Ab ory'
in .. ...i maag 't" r-... 'tW -srdld o a V -o .....k
W A CicOf blend of Haitian history and Ing -epublic manage to sur- Lydia aei re il.ent of a eh or. .aiat
Lydi4od Babiee oze era. vive.. studio backloidjdgle.M as ght southern Culifqr
,.i. NOY Dale Robertson is capt as a ,-.Drawling Date Robertson result,. .m.viejmersa, A .ger 4y oi-hice stand
e Mgz' dashing, mettlesome Balti- and baby-faced Anne Fran- t, eli.t the amer,. ,
S Mmazes movJe more attorney, who. not oUnlW cis saunter through the Hai- .'
cii gave. his opinion, of espouses the cause of Hal- tian underbrush as if they ..
'.j- i Holywood film, Lydia "dan 'i.pdepde.s.de against were taking h Sunday stroll S. rio t li shme. ,hpe, -
.in. the June 16th is- the -French,. byr also.g-ives a i a botanical garden. In a lr reYt iu ati hali r WCie ;
-sue of thie Intqrnatidinj. helping hand, to blonde Ly- brief but effecti-y app[ear- Diner.. -o.k i t" -u ". we ye;.
;. ew Publication. Re prais- dia -Bailey (Anne. jFrancis), ance, Ykei Renard- I..plays
4d the acng of William a Philadelphia .girt who is Toussaiti Louverture, Hai-
.. AihsIl, the Negro star engaged to evil Napoleonic t- .itondjng faIher, who,. ..
i played a leading role t .Aget Charles Korviri. Dis- judging from. hbe. movie ST M ..O
an the picture about the ex- guised as a mslatto field wasod. hbind hainly.r gi"ve: ,
Stg days precedingg Hai- handtobdrtson saves Lydia Robertson ..moral suippor. "Yd hS
&a. 'ndepeudence.. But :on from jungle ot .and rot- Bu. it is' deep-oiced Wi- '
1.whole thV Time critic ters, 'uides. ier past Mira- liam Mtarshall, who.towers -
ro q feet t hat the at- beaus cuibhroar maroons, above the rest .o- the cast erter Designed ..
eLxri:ptf the xechdicol and through the conflagra-- :physically and histrionically y' '
.picture was more Hol tfan qf, Cap -Franis. By- the as -fictional Haitan Patriot vpre Carefuly Bui.
A uw ithan Ha tria. His lend of ibe .jorhey; Roberr. 7King Dick ..
'ull' ee "foos- son has been stabbed,-' *shot" With voodoo dant-e. at- J nscall-I by Fx riteced Ennees .-
tdra .Badle (20th .Cert five times, beateoup..sice ranged Choreographer -',-
.W B4 Q.t Cen five a s her ..,. ;. +.
7%! l oy-o bsd op Ken and almost drowhied,'after a Jack Cole and, plantation ringhouse v dkei o n dc lig1 efect per '
..ob.rt picareique .p r.0-. clif music by the Royil.Carib ved.ed

oulylid p as .0,
-4-'--c~t~S MterIt tour ~ 'AShHEW 0 pease '
-~r. Small liertti F ..... '; '. ..L...U...I...

Wedniday_ an usual Inde dhb pie~o l
Telit t be~hold 2t the d desk. pile r
t1cco f ''iuf.he'and Tburs,' nrepi onden- r
:2d.--fder ib Ihe Pdt, d ji p 4;1 k-nma 5rM,f
".1 '-.r r" "Lo n . uther and dig- M 6 m ahog n h tra y and '
d.su, i'iled ''' '+"" ,-" ': ..... '.- ....
anco ."4 -f 7 ".- Kt

i '.-.e .a ..,ic a ,. .g r .% ,.age
a.:i'l J'-; -: L"".!Mr...on!.'. 6 t'herran P, d~i- L-:nh gan ... w
fe garbage dispoi al 9ougt e fre issnn rhIM a grca
1ire !- *
,A..jI ..ans-. o tSid" .s of ficeon aed aroud -45' dollatp iouta Te
r. e Avenue Marie Jeanne- -'i' o- man hurs Sow.- v--bti ba-
-. ibe Exp' op e dedtocatc up o n u tan-iam<
V ..LI j" ,', .-" ,..-. ,. -.,. -,.. .. .tiM e, t p e
plained to6. s neigbhours -. oesrpondence ..Tie -cause -.. ., .
-- hich -c-idet d R is -gs- et t .ada e. ...
.oer, h he was salg- ashq disaead
tors, iioi dcy on hi ikd 5s oe ,~t&
or Idnt io pte rs. thrown ont the -. ll.- l b teM etwtre a
&( even ew di g,.a- bhi pf"s not if--
nadt~i h-p .-'.6: ir .p d : red .6n -hi s= b ltked d':'
~iansqm nrum An Ad enot-i -t A a b!A 't: I A UC dr.
maa indent ek n r riend -if 1. nt-n :
Mic nl 5t ooLhide, '&W ''. .'dW Win I .`he 'ilia. i'
in -de+t"o Ao.-: sk "Fl -.tr as M I '",r,.b 'AthA+ A- a blfe't
... ye .A..f ., &.-n &-.e .i P P YeY M
i.....rhoga 6 4 a'S4&s# -P.ak. Q

N- iha ndD" ' - c' -t-
. , : "d i.'.' e',.-. '.- ..

A--- A
b 'e~ ~ U, -,,.
!2i '--U
A:.A..., et e h4 ,.,.- 1
ilA.--@&5...Ew): -' .
~~kwhara WI &~s~UerbnSe-

br. o.-
S r e t -sdr non-
ect'g -1PS "eifpbi.; ':

r, alp' ..,+q
1-r -. d oq le a A -.V ( r
~~~j~:,~F.9ttious t4&TaA-t yLcdguy on rga eon
.0. ~ ~ f CA 7,r ~ ~ ~ AA-
'/ .... .. ".o, r o.. ta......e...
"4,!.,'. Begir .' .( .cS l!r ,,x)~nt dou[01e-,'A .,
,.Atk -A A'. -derked '.Stata tipu" ordsI a iatmtd, 6 "' mo ,st
,..'-' "' u U n~ tl .-.y ,

Xo ..'n'e.no,., .c.'o.'.i,

- '-A'-. .
P US': +t"+ E-'r"+ +"- P/,i ogri-apher Dorer on the spot -- caithes. the after'- 'AJ:.. .-' eiw"henp. a4)-J ,.-',.,,+.:- 2B' ... '. :
,1L ".4 math f the fire. ': '___,_" _":____"_....._"__ ": "' "__ "_ __ "
,C. : .- -A a C+-- v ... .e ., '.,.," ?
" .... ......... ......'- '" ; + ..A
. .. A~ ~~a'. c-- -

a, juYuA, LJUNI ZAnd uHAITl SUN. Page
-Page 13


. -,

Saturday., June 14th, The
Charming Mlle. Evelyci Ar-
cher exchanged nupiial vows
-with Henry Fabien at Sr.
-PirFre's Church ini Petion-
-ville. Mine Ludo'vic Rigaud,
-and M. Adrien Castera, Jr.,
accompanied the couple on
the trip to the altar. Our
best wishes.

Minister a n d Madame
.'Mauclair Zephirin entertain
ed 'at a delightful dinner
-patty at Chatelet des Fleurs
Sunday in honour -of Mr.
.and Madame Lazo and. Mr.

fiance Robert Castera and
friends ... a tasty cake was
cut and served, a game of
,4Commerceb, the rage of
Tere de L'Eau followed. Pre
sent was Eddy Castera who
celebrated his fAte the'same
day ... he unfortunately
missed the Gran, Whiskey
award, and felt it,.

. Mrs. Alphonse Racine,"
wife of the Commishaire du
Gouvernemenr -is flying to
Havana on a health trip to-

Marie Clairq Hereaux is
home for the holidays from
school in the States.

Roland Madsen is tiring
Mexico on holidays from
Georgetown University.
George and Katie Rizk
and their little niece arrive
ed last Sun'day from New
*Wednesday w:as the f&ce
of Lt. Grammond Aubin.
S- -:0:-
There was roasting and
toasting at Maison Malval
in Petionville last Saturday
night ... charging glasses to
pretty Mille.-Mona Roy and
Jacques Faubert whose en-
gagement was made official
during the evening. The
party ent ovei- to Chou-
courte and finish off the
celebrating.. Present iat Jthe
engagement was Jacque's
father, who is Consul in

-and Madame Carbonnell of :0:- Miami.
Cuba. .... .The opening of the. sum- -:0:-
--::-- mer season was marked last Bob Ro. and Claude Fa-
Senator Rene Roy and,' evening by a gay fiesta at bius are home from a week
Tric Tippenhauer are now he Marcel Gentil residence in Havana ... where Claude
Stateside on a business trip. .. the younger set were got a new pair of spectacle
-;0:- -guests of charming Marie 'and Bob got the agency for
'Mrs. 'Franck Magloire 'Jose Gentil who recently some Pharmacetical line
-who has, the distincriob returned for the holidays that picks you up when you
.f being one of' Haiti's from iMarymount. College,, fall down..
.Vest dressed women, -.cele- .New York ... there was a -:0:-
orated her birthday' Thu.- buffer to call the praise of -Tuesday was the birthday-
',. evening with .a quiet h e most discriminating of beautiful Mile. Ghis-
M.uly dinner at h .r esi'.gourmet ... dancing to for- lainme ebre'ton ... the 'occa-
'dence overlooking Petion- eign as "well as local music sion was marked by a grand
S'ile. and armbsphere of the live-'fete ar the Vrnand Crepsac
liest, vim;age ...: and a cake residence in PetionvilMe Sat-
-.:0:- for Marie lose aqd Reginald ur,day. night.
Distinguished visitor in de Marties's past birthdays.
Port this week from our- _1 -;0:- ; -:0
Ngighhbouring 'Re pu blic ,,The. Reporters staff writ. There's* celebrating- in
were the nephew of, Presi- er. Robert Gerdy, back in Te,te de L'Eau (Perionville)
dent Trujillo Marco Anibal New Yoirk after spending.2 today ... at the home of
Trujillo and his wife accom- weeks'here at Ibo Lele and George Archers. All for
panied by Manuel AngeltFe-. 'Grand .H o te I.- Oloffson four year old Daniel Archer
rardez and Senora. They ("Hakii Stuin. June 15) is and 76 year-old Madame Jo-
stopped here four days' at .handling' ai new and bigger "seph Brea, Daniel's grand-
the Aux Orchidees and job this week ... Bob's just ma.
were entertained by Ambas- .been appointed 'managing -
sador Aybar and his staff. Editor of a'Harper'l Bazaar.n The o o s
flMr. and Mrs. Victor Aybar :0: The town won't seem the
accompanied he,isirorsto Mrs. Jack Scott and her same next week, what with
accompanied the, isirors, to Mrs. Jack Scott and her Gros George. Perry (Carni-
the Frontier Tuesday. morn- lovely daughters Martha r-a i rge and Ti Shbley
lag-on their return to Ciu- and Suzanne a'lea Talamas (Tambour King)
dad Truillo.. day t visit with the folks leaving today on a month
S-:0:- in Denver. Colorado. They vacation. Ti Shibley is set-
Genevieve Peloux who is to will stop enroute at Miami ting his holiday course for
say-al do- next Saturday at and Kansas City. Papa can- ... Ciudad Trujillo, San
-the Sacre Coeur, celebrated not afford a holiday as heis Juan, Caracas and points
her birthday Thursday even now firmly tied down to South.
ing with the family, her the Car business.
--:0:- --:0:-
IThursday a, Bamboche n Lorin Ashbaucher who
i in Bois. Verna was ... a won the Southerland 'Tele-
homecoming party at the vision Contest in Miami last'
Charles Fequiere residence year and came to Haiti on
for daughter Jacqueline, the first prize ... is back
'who has been away at school again vacationing, at.. the
in the U.S. Mon Reve.


Tamous since 1862

Mr. and Mrs. Vadim .Sunday the airport over.
Roude return to Caracas 'flowed with friends biddig "i
today. ,,Bon Voyagei to "Gea
-:0:- Perry, who flew in the af-.*
Miss Margaret Ann Fer- rernoon to Kingston, Jarm4 I/
guson celebrated her first aica ... where he is spending
birthday Wednesday with a three, months learning how::.
'tea party at V her home in to run an Insurance busi'
City Wilsont. i ness. Following Gfds"Gei6.JI
--:0:- ge's departure the af.igM'
Dr. Franck Lefort of the retired to' the Casiis Mailr' t.
Port au Prince Health Cen-. sion in Petionville ,for se-
ter went to New York this freshments. Madame Cs-'-
week-on vacation. Ms's congenial ho0spi'1ty:.
was well received .;; wti,.
Franck Wilson went off IMiguel pouring thet-Scotebti
on a business trip to Jamai- the friends polished -"oi'
ca and the States Thursday. plate after plate of $yrte !.:
S-:0:- s Spagnol .and _ait le, diste"e
IaroldI tqssenius, his ... tasty o say th. le&.
mother and sister are up at.. Settling down to marrie -
'the Reidhold Chatelet' in. life'in Port-au-Prince-"after
Kenscoff for a summer va- a'Keiscoiff honeymoon ate'.
cation. Mr. and Mrs. Serge Gaillard.:
The charming couple' 'were.
Mr.--:0:-- joinedd in holy mfdtrifi6 ny"
Mrs. Suzanne Durand, Wednesday the 1lth June
Texaco 'Manager Ed Mit- at the Sacre Coeur Cl irch,.
chell's Secretary is off to Trgkiu. The'bride, loely r
New York next Friday on MIle: tucienne'Elii'dr4
vacation. in a gorgeous wbhte.borgan-,.:
.-0:- die gown went to the iftt;%''
Music and dance lovers' on die ann of her fatheal
will welcome the news of M. Jean Elie. iMat ro' 'on
Ernest Lamy's return from our was the groom:snodtr t
three weeks, in San.Juan, aMrs. Summer- Gaillard""''
Thursday. ',: ., :' ;-:
.:0:- ,r ?':
Mrs. Tom Higgins of
"Higgins upt'wn Barn went
-off to New York Thursday
to visit with her family. i.
.. ':-r',T 'A bulletin from A.u UX-
Air. anr Mrs. Elias Nousr- =Caes reveals .h t .he Lt
tas a r e vacationing in Cayes re'cel46 t the
France this week. ugustes are'celeBa the
- .June 6th birth df a little -'
:0:P fillette by the '.a'-6f -Yof
Jacques Fouad A. Mourra lafie. Maurepas a hd Je -
celebrhted the anniversary ine are fulrifl a 't'ir roe .
of his birth on this good ofe are fulfling e"rrole
earth 'Wednesday.. of -:0:- ;,a
-:0:- i

Joseph RizkL and Elaine
Khawly are fiance.
Former Senqtor Pressoir
Bayard flew to Paris. yes-

Renaud Hj-ppolite went
to New- York to havq his
eye fixed ,yesterday.
-:0:- .. '
Yesterday was Lo.gj. Tal-
leyrand Etienne's birtidday.
:0:-- ..
Next Thursday is. the
wedding date of Ti Maurice .
Sorel- and Selma Peters ...
Madame Edouard Detnis -is
making the gown and, *.e
wedding will take place at .
the Sacre Coeur.
Donald Fabian 'left for
San Juan Saturday;
Father Georges Dupont is
off to Manchester,. Canada.
-:0:- .
Back home for the sum-
mer are Jack' Rouzier, who
had been attending school
in Canada and Pierre Ron-
zier who has been in the
States' with the famiy.

. They wanted a 'boy, 'his
name was to .be'Otto, but a"
girl it is' and her' nMa .is,'
Marie Edwidg6 '.TBon6e'...
born Wednesday the' Ith,
weighing NINE pounds.' andi.
the image oif her'inoteri
the former Thereseilard lihe;.
Bonny Marie has' wan 'thq..
lJve of -her Pa Gustave B.oCr"
no, who celebrated- *r',itir
friends Thuksday.. Bot-i dr'4-
the'" and 'child .re.
doing fine.
S .0:-

joy garlic onions and oth '
flavolurful foods. withbdt.
broadcasting the' smelL,
Simply chew" one or '
Maison George NAUD '.i.

: I..


S Page 14


(CotdMued Irom Page 1) passengers join Cruise at-the
". Waldorf Astoria Hotel
;M' s hotess on the Caribbean where light Jbreakfast will
'.trips afterr months of expert- be served. Brief stop en-
S' ra the Northe Northern runs., route a-'Philadelphia, Wash
Needless to say, she was ingtoti, D.C., and Miami, for
.-smigh happy about the op- boarding passengers.
onunty to get a peek at Cruise arrives Nassau in
.he tropics. -. G the Bahamas late afternoon
STo.dr Director Gordon where luxurious accommo-
wr Day as also-present with dations are provided at the'
''his 'effervescent humour Fort Montagu Hotel, to-
that inmakes the tourists won- gether with evening enter-
dtier if, by any chance, they tanment. 'Shops are open un
i-'haveOcome .in contact with til 9 p.m. winIh transporta-
-..-the brother of Danny .Kayc. non provided. *
: Jtr's'lip to Gordon, not only SUNDAY -- Chixrch ser-
,F to keep-his plane-load of va- vice. Sightseeing in the af-
ii'cationeirs 'in-high spirits, but ternoon, beach, facilities,
also to- brief -them on the sports, etc.. See Fort Char-
q'.tofiso and,'courtesies of l ott e,' colourful Grant's
"the countries they are about Town, the Queen's. Staircase
'to, vtis, keeping faux, pas and many other .points of
4'add -misunderstardings 'at a interest. Evening free.
uinuimum. tr is just one MONDAY Cruise con-
nore travel problem taken'tinues in 'morning to .Haiti.
'ovr.tby-the-airline personnel' See where' Columbus first
nJ'to e gble their. Caribbean 'landed.. oad' Haiti's famous
i.-passe rs to just relax and Citadel. enrouce. After lunch
i p theirr trip .... which a. shopping tour of maho-
so'unds.ike a week .packed gany' and native craft cen-
fulfun -from the' follow-" ters. .Night tour to native
Sg 'description in the at- cldb -
-atiye travel folder. 'TUESDAY Motning
:.._ i fl rAi -. Yo'rk fr 'pe rhe R;ie i- Fl'I-tair;




Hotel at which you stay has mountains or a trolly'to the them. We can thank the
a lovely pool and cabanas. Falls. On Saturday, the Southerland Tour for malk-
Afternoon trip to scenic Mt. tour Wings its way to Gua- ing Haiti such a vital part.
Boutifer. Evening free for remala, where the tourists of the "Caribbean Holi-.
choice of entertainment may wonder through colour 'dayu itinerary. Not only-do0
Voodoo ceremonies, danc- ful Indian open air markets the weekly stops bring us .
ing, etc. and visit the ancient Like additional tourist business,
WEDNESDAY Flight- Atritan. On Monday, they but they also provide cxcel-
seeing trip to Cuba, lunch board a- launch for a trip to lent "word of mouths ad-
enroute. Remainder of after- the picturesque village of vertising ... since many of
noon may be planned at. San Antonio Palopo, and the visitors return home to-
your discretion, facilities containu e on to Antigua tell their friends about the
,available for swimming at where they can wander luxury accommodations and
El President Hotel. Night through 'historic ruins and .entertainment facilities of
tour to Prado. Chinatown. buy pieces of primitive pot- Our Republic. And many
Jai Alai (pronounced HI LIU tery turned out by the nat- tow they will return for a'
games. Optional night club lives. On Wednesday, they longer vacation at some lat-
tour available. -. can visit points of interest in er date.
Guaramala City. Thursday, __
THURSDAY City sight the Reso'rt Airlines heads
seeing tour with half day for back to Miami for an after- MTOTORISTS
shopping or. plans of your noon and'evening of:fun at The equipment for the,
own. Dinner .and show at Miami Beach. new Traffic Inspection post
famous supper club.' Rarely can tourists visit has now arrived and will
FRIDAY -. Flightseeing jo many different spots in soon be installed in the
return via Florida Keys and such a limited amount of new Police station, now un-
Miami to Northern Cities.' time with all their "red der construction at Chan-
Resort Airlines also of- tape, taken' care ,of for. cerelles.
-fers a two-week vacation ti "' e""- -...e. ,
cruise which follows the- 0
stop at Haiti with a trip to t
Jamaica's Montego Bay. The S
passengers iare put up at the. '
lovely new Montego Beach il i the Best
Hotel and are given,.a day 9 -
to enjoy the famous ',plage EADY MIXED .
called Doctor's Cave. The SUPERIOR PAINT
following day' rhe: have 9 ,
their choice of' '"taking a 9 This product is 'a generate This pai t spreads eeasNy,
sighr-seeing trip to the 9 purpose paint for interior and has "good rover g-
and' dWiterior use. I r'on qualities. The twelve col-
........... 'ine durabilityr and Per- ons a, d black and wlt,.r'

panency wih efooiny. The ''present the most popular
paint ii made fom.jd.rible 'colours required for boty

3 `- -! ri pigments awd aits torough- exterior and interior pairit-
S, ly g ornid 'by'moden' wnd- ing. The oolours are per-
S' y 0 chhies. e. iment and uniform in col-
our' and qnAlity.

AA, C" Do you iveun dler thu shadow.

"" '-' 'ofMALARI' .. '





.--' -. . . .


Obtainable fiom all chemists ,

O. Ph --

Manufactured by Imperial Chem;cal IP' rmaceuticalt Ltd.
Distributor, in Haiti-TRANS-WOFLD TRADING CO., S.A


AN16 Ak 'D

* /<*

"Zr,' "" ; ."
:J .,.'



(Continued from Page 1) at the 4
ed foreign firm to help also annc
Haiti establish a modern seized a
beach for the interests of lo- pornograj
.cal residents and the grow- post card
.Sng tourist trade. Carrefour- establish
-Raymond and Bayeux have The la
,Kbeen discarded as sites be- Marital C
I cause of the necessity to lished a
have the beach close to the velliste J
Port au Prince area. that then
of comm
The modernization pro- mong thi
gramme at the Cap will from th
soon be completed, M. Z&i show cas
phirin told newsmen Friday. action.
He pointed out that in two La Demn
years' time the Government 3Does
has completed important ci- that the
-vic improvement projects a secret s
at Port-de-Paix, St. Marc, a public
Aux Cayes, Aux Gonaivis
: and the Capital. Madami

The Department of La- Arrives
bour has just completed the The I
allotment of 50 scholarships public a
-AeoA by hle French Gor- ra.

eminent to aid Haitians to
complete their training in
their respective trades. 15
scholarships were awarded
to the. Department of the
West, 10 to the Arsibonite.
10, to the South. 10 to the
North and 5' for the North-
west. The Government is
keeping in mind the plight
of the Haitian shoemakers,
and some scholarships will
be given to these artisans.
increase their craftsmanship.

, The Departmaent of Com-
merce has been authorized
to issue 500.000 gourdes
worth of special stamps to
provide the funds for the
needed repairs on the Cita-
delle Christophe.
The Department of Com-
merce this week released a
list of 28 communist books
by such authors as Sta-
lin. Lenin, Marx and Jacques
Duclos which were seiz-
ed at the Minerve Libraries

a rca s
Havre I

i' r, .i.nmion ect d : e
in:- I.. .n'-i i (,'jl- I. 'iri-
l -uI'- d'uni 411.1.i'i, i.-
1 . ,,' i,',-mi de ai-nd. inl.i


Cap and Port au
The Government c
unced that it had
grand number of t
phic books and
s in its raid on the I
ments. ?
wyer of the firm, I
:oulanges, has pub- I
letter in Le Nou-
une 27th denying
e was a single piece
unist literature a-
e books withdrawn I
e library's public
e by Government
The denial caused
ocratie to. comment.
M. Coulange mean
Minerve library has
show case as well as

e. Paul Magloire
In Paris
First Lady of the Re-
ccompanied by Mme
se Prosper and her
aide, Captain Guil-
Pian, arrived at Le
ast Monday after an
t crossing on the

.S. Liberty. Madame Ma-
gloire was welcomed by an
official parry including the
Mayor of the French Port
icy, representatives of the
Ministry of the Interior and
the Prefecture and Director
of the General Transatlantic
Company. A gala reception
followed at the Normandie
Hotel, offered by Consul
Edgar Canez. The distin-
guished voyagers arrived in
Paris the following day. Ma-
dame, Magloire has taken
residence in the private
home of Haitian Ambassa-
dor Franck Lavaud and his
charming wife.

The President of the Re-
feree Commission of the
Haitian Football Federa-
tion Lt. Antoine Coicou
is now in Switzerland at-
tending a Congress of the
International Foolball Fed-
eration held from June 22nd
to the 27th. The interpre-
tation and application of
new rules will be discussed
as well as the adoption ol
an international system o0
refereeing the matches.

Here is BEAU TIFUL News !
That lovely Shop

has just received a new 'srock ": '"". '

DRESSES, Prints, Solids, Bamberg Sheets, Shan-
lungs, etc.
COTTON DRESSES, Sunback with Bolero
.- -, and

A lMagnificent Collecfion oj Sample' Cocktail Dresses'
Specially Purchased from ,4 Private Showing
And the prices are LOW, LOW

'Rue Pavee, near Kneer's Garage

kdIomnri',aue Iut en a-.ur nl le Tnedleur
.mrvIce t.' on pi.nee lti.-ndre de pueum poids
I:-urd- Poir un maximam d'arantage. -
achbttz deB pneus po'd, I,,urd& Goodyear!

2 i ,

Pane 15

Calling All Young

The American Embassy
announces that the Presi-
dent of the United States of
America has called for reg-
istration of all male Ameri- a Ir'S aOer an g r
can citizens in Haiti be- fIfA B TfA lEIJ
tween the ages of 18 and 26 S ,'wse i
years inclusive. Young men s, ,-ra S c "a
who were born on or after v ,
August 1, 1926, but not af- N .., Ot TIANS
ter July 31, 1934 must call F. Aiqua '
at the .Embassy. or if in Cap JMosAiqus ,
Haitien at the office of the eI. .AR T
American Consular Agent, it: ,20 /id -
between July 1. 1952, and,
July 31, 1952.

Thereafter all American
citizens in Haiti born after
July 31, 1934 .must register
on the day they attain their
eighteenth anniversary or
within five days thereafter.
The above applies to male
Americans who have obtain-
ed citizenship by birth or
naturalization. In the cases
of those claiming dual na-

American Tennis Sars
Due This Week _

Some excidog tennis is ima
store for Port-au-Prince gal-
leries in the neft week wih'
the arrival of two- leading
American Negro stas who
'will. pit their skilF' a.2 it
Haiti's aces.

tionality, they must register
if' the% wish to retain their One of the visitors
American citizenship. George Stewart is a vir-
There are no exceptions tual tennis globe trotet'
to the above. who has played tournaments
in eight Central and South
Du ring the summer American countries as well
months the Embassy is open as in the United States. At
at the following times: Mon the tender age of 1%. '10
days, \Wednesdavi and Fri- won the Tennis Cup offered
days .30 a.m. until 2.0 by the Government, of..Pon-,
p-n.: Tuesdays and Tburs- Y- .n '
das. -.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. ed Panama the it'
-The Embassy is closed on American Olympics and dip
Sarurdavs. Pan-American Tournament,
He is the first Negro to take
part in the tennis tourna-
Film Star's Daughter ment at St. Louis, Missodri,
Here Intransit ,nd walked away i, th top
honours at the Midwestern
matches 'of the Americaa
Tennis Association J a st

Cliche Le Nour.ellisle.

The s&i-year-old daughter
of the late film star Maria
Montez and Actor Jean
Pierre Aumbnr stopped
briefly in Haiti last 'Monday
on a flight from the Domi-
nican Republic, where she
had been visiting her ma-
, eternal grandparents to New
York. Petite Maria Chris-
tine whose dark-eyed
beauty resembles her mo-
ther's was accompanied
b, her Aunt Adita.

lohn Chandler, the odter
visiting player is No. 3 on
the list of American Negro
tennis stars. An all-round
athlete he is a football 'ba.
ker-balL and track star 'of
Rutgers C6llege.

The matches putting tda
visitors against Haitian tet-
nis favourites will take
place from June 24th to
July 2nd at the Port'a.
Prince. Turgeau and Belle-
vue tennis clubs.

International Bulletin :

Ingrid Be rgman -Swed-
ish motion picture star -
has just become the mother
of twin baby girls, named
Isabelld and Ingrid. Papa
is Italian director Roberto
Rossellini whose celebrated
riage to Ingrid caused an
romance and belated mar-
international uproar ira .te
gossip columns several "ye
ago. Their son Robert,.J,-
is now two.

a -- -i
-" t C'est pourquoi-dens le Mnonde ntiler,

\ de plus tfels tonnages sent transpolies

\ 4 y sur pneus poids lourds Goodyear (We sur
pneus de toule autre mafque
I-- --

711; _





From January Ist to
May Ist 1952.
more than

became proud owners of
a new

Why are you ano one of
' these happy people?
to today fb the Showroon


Trading" Co.

U5'bere these Radios arLt
gu;will bh offered a de
mo-stration for several
iys without being undei
any obligation. -

"f, racao
Trading" Co.

Fire In American
Ambassador's Wine Cellar
(Continued from Page 1)
chick smoke. ik seems that
internal combustion set off
a blaze in the bortle-filled
.room, a fire that was quick-
'ly fedcby the straw in which
some of the wines were en-
cased.. By the time Larry
got to the scene, the flames
had already buckled the
steel mesh that served as a
partitioning wall and had
become too intense for the
Embassy fire extinguisher.
Larry telephonied an Em-
bassy Guard to notify
.the Ffre Sctation and
then concentrated on rescu-
ing Fhe Ambassador's three-
legged dog Victor, who was
locked in another section of
their cellar. Once that was
accomplished. be climbed
into his car and headed for
the Pecionville road to di-
rect the fire engines to the
right drive way. Unfortun-
ately he backed his car too
far,and got stuck in a ditch.
However, the engines -
four of them in all arriv-
ed in record timi and the
bompiers formed a fast buc-
ker brigade that had the
flames under control in
short order. Thanks to the
efficiency of Captain George
Elie and his son, a good
parr of the wine and liquor
stock was saved reliev-
ing the threat of a severe


Oate 16

drought at the forthcoming To Choucoune play at the Cabane Ch
Four of July celebration. Good news for lovers of pcoun Tuesday, July fi
However some -500 dol- Latin American rhythms! giving Haitians the opt
lars worth of Champagne The famous orchestra of unity to hear eight n
and other throat tonics- Sonora Matancera, Cuba, is boleros and 9 guarachas c
ueni up in the smoke and
iwere up in h smoke anud making Haiti its first stop posed by Sonora Matenc
blistered woodwork caused on the international tour These pieces have not b
another estimated 300 dol- which will take it to more available on records beca
lars in damages. Needless tO chan 30 cities-in the Ameri- of a special ruling by
say, there .,'as plenty of chs and Europe. Society of Artists.
scrubbing and refurbishing
in the Embassy this week... -- - .--- ... .
but everything will be in' aThe 'Desil iafily Cement at
order for the Big Indepen- tli Lowest possible cost- -
dence Day; F ie. I.
Larn, who is in the Dis-' ALLEN BAUSSAN:
persing office of the Em-
bass), has been staying in' Ot r thu r
the residence during the ab-
sence of Ambassador How- ., .
ard Travers. now in the
States, receiving wnedicalg

(Continued from Page 1) ,
witb germs chat attacked
the delicate lining of the -
stomach and intestines --
especially in small children 94LBS. N i
often with fatal results.
The Department of Healtha
warns parents not to delay
seeking medical treatment
for their sick children. And.
radio reports are being ir-4
sued telling the Haitian peo IN BAGS OF 42 1/2 PORTLAND CEMENT
pie that the hospitals andI STANDARD HYDRAULICKgs NET 6 PLY
clinics are successfully treat-I OFFICE: MTTC BLDG. EXPOSITION
ing the young patients if Port-au-Prince Tel : 2387
they are brought in time. I




Special Sale New St

Formerly $ 115 :oo
MEN'S SUITS Now $ 35, $45

MEN'S SHIRTS Formerly $ 6: 50
NoW $ 2:50

Ties, Belts, Wallets, Pyjamas, Handkerchief,
Cigarette Lighters, Cigarette Cases
... all Drastically REDUCED !

Petionville. Phone: 7876

SE 22nd


The o ular band