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Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
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Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."
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: .


Poi au-Prince Haiti


v 500,000 Trees Planted Throughout

SHaiti During Arbor Month

...Cyclists Severe Pierre, A Mich i fMemieu and Lonce Etienue

Trio ycle 0 From "Cap.

To "Pof." In8 Hours
.'I ree- young '.andong- L. Servp.,.. Pierce. tence
wihdea Cap. Haitle. IL: clisTs Etienne and Michel Menieu
s'e a new mark ol Haitian mouhted'theirtEnglish-made
speed records recently when. "Philipsn bikes at 7 a.m. on
Sthey pedalled their way Thursdi'y, '..My 15th, and
From the Cap to- Port au headed toward the Hailian
Prince in 18 hours. (Coiti.ined on Page 15)

Shasa Celebrated. 2O

Anniversary last- Fiildy

Haiti's oldest Corporation its employees.
of Haitian businessmen Its score of -years on- the
Society Haitienne d'Automo Port ap Prince business,
biles, S. A.-- celebrated its scene has won it an excel-
20th, birthday anniversary lent .reputation for solid
Friday with a party for business acumen and fair-
ness of treatment ot its ever

. pL Honowrs
Haitian Ace- -

TROY, N. Y., May 29,
IAP).-A civil engineering
student from Haiti was nam
ed by Rensselaer -Polytech"
nic. Institute today as its out
standing athlete of 1951-52.
Jacques R. M.- Auguste of
Port au Prince. 23-year-old
senior, starred as regular
fullback on R. P. I's soccer
team for three years, and
played on the tennis, team.
-fe was the first foreigfi-
born student to win the title.
Editor's Note: The 'above
Associated Press News item
ai:peared in the aNew York
Times" and leading daily.
Newspapers throughout the
United States.

growing list ,of,customers
It is a reputation, painstak
ingly built during the tiuhe
the large firm s.tuggled up
ward fcom it, humblc foun

The General Motors, RCA
and Goodyear products it
handles were once ii the
hands of an American-own-
ed firm in Haiti known as
the West Indies Trading
Company. When this firm
closed its doors 'in March,
1932, the three big Ameri-
can Corporations were flood
ed with applications from
people who wished to be
Port au Prince distributors
of the popular products.
But the Corporations. with
a careful eye on the future,
(Cotainued on Page 2)

Rarely in any nation, as the nation's history.. Some
the Arbor Day. F&te more 500,000 infant'trees were
significance than it does in gi-en to schools, churches
. Hairi a country in which arid farmers for planting in
the reforescration pro- denuded areas. During the
gramme plays onb of the past weeks, Boy Scoits
most vital roles in the de- could be seen eagerly scramb
development of its' economy. ding"up -the .La Boule hills,
Even though many of puttingib'theit fort strip-
their fathers were not aware", lings into the earnh. Each
of the dangers of erosion, or fiorniuig of the past week
'the methods to halt it, Hai- peciidl radio programmes
rian school childreri todaj, gave the Haitian people the'
are being dramatically in- la.tesr information on the re-
formed of the. fact in such .forestraton campaign: And
Sa way that the knowledge is svhopl children 1sily en-
.certain to be carried for- gaged in a-essay contest on
ward into future genera- 'the same .subject writing
tios., aps .on. U.titzarin oL
.-For e past month Gov- our Trees-" and "The.,Posi-
ernment officials and Re- tiog of Treet in the ITaitian
fbrestration experts have .conomVr,... The p.rize-win-
been conducting the largest p'iie says -;and tbeir au-
Icrde planting campaign in O ICoimnti onPage 2)

'. 2it YtflkY liv 0 PR k #

W Wednesday, May 28th,
was officially proclaimed
"Hairi Day" by the Mayor
o( New York and once.
again residents of t h e
world's largest city were
made sharply aware of our
small Republic, its accom-
plishmehts and its touristic

'They learned, through
,the Proclamation Address of
Mayor Vibcent Impelliteri,
of the interesting role Hai-
ti.s founding fathers played
'in 'the` revolution of their
pin American colonies and
the ensuing campaign for
continental security. They
learned, through the N.Y.
ooen;ng of the film cLydia
Bailev". of the dramatic
odds by which the Heroes
.of our Independence defeat
ed Napoleon's hordes. Even
though the Hollywood .ver-t
union of..the birth of Our,
Republic leaves much to be
desired as far as historical'
detail is concerned, it is
nevertheless a very sympa-4
thetic and emotional vehicle


VithiA-a fetiS
u' Prine a.,tty lI
lose one of. their'Jie
* hosts.- In ihe.:1"
.world,:* Jovial ,
Jose& Eprnque' Ay
an enviable -tuti
lavish party giver..
'the outgo g, D'..1.
bassadoP js.learl
meaning 'f the ibli0a
verb ((Give aid-: Ye'
Receie. T anHala'I
ing wife bAvele'
receiving end ofone t i
most cen. et
whirls evy ih b
:our.. recepnh7yti' t

but that. Ambassador',
was called to..i-a.'-tW
tion In tie DatoniM
eign office, fete'-ias 4
led .fete .j.in a-' Ae1w
spiral. .Tmie inijsr;s
ambassador of other
Son ....n.c f-,'ieAA

for presenting he "world's ception in he:A-h3
nlyv successful Slave.Revo- o.ur. Te
lution in its true light -- as Spain provided," a..`.i19
a virtal milestone in tbhNew (Cont!inuepuf, 2
World's battle, against the. .... .'
Oppressions of the Old.-.. "
Dr gin.
During Haiti Day, New .W,:
Yorkers were- also made .. ameresi g
sharply aware of the. pre- place a? the:Po,,aft
sent-day achievements of spoWYh.ast S fi
Our Republic culturally, passener on th so
Through an exhibition of bound Pan Amer.fgia. i
Haitian Art and Haitian .learned to his.-geant dtdi
Folklore Dancing-and go that the alext stop,.'
litically through the progress flight from CiubN,; toyen
(Continned on Page 3). ruela would be.Cin 't.t
Sjillo.. .It was thie.,l
on earth .ihat theat et
NOTICE -.M. Brirannmco;.G-, m
by name -..wished.t.
fThe ",Haiti Sun" apolo- nosited even-tepi
gizes to its readers for not It seemssthat'gentlemd
paying its usual Sunday been one of the ring lead
morning call at their homes in the abortive ,Ciyo Ca
last week. Unsurmountable. fites" revolutionary
printing difficulties caused tion agairist--the Don'p nc
us to skip the first issue in government several a.
our months of publication. ago. ... .
But we are hastening to e .nb .h
0 Understandably, heL'!'"
make up for the nuisfing U indiganta 4, ..
number by making this issue back on a lane t.h
overflow with neI s. (Continu oPage 1.
(Continud on .j





-. *A-5-. .. .

SUNDAY; JUNE 1 st .. i

S : al A ..ll

Personality Of The We kA
(Continued Ir om Page 1)

oiree, there was a day-long
iiciic. -on Pierre Assad's
ianch, .Under Secretary of
ris'eJnr rior, Roland Latail-
de;.' ad the Minister of
Feign'i.Affairi, Albert Er-
ta gave Jarge. farewell
pVoms: and the entire
oancp.. Corps turned
Ea '.magnificent dinner
ft6rtheb e: .
t such a round of fare
Spares: the Aybars are
'iiyl -. :spend their -first
4iw- '.we in Ciudad Tru-
poin idging in a rest
Be..i- Bothlare looking- for-
Atn'o --seeing friends and:
at.bs afterr an 11 year
|bs.". ffrom their home-
-,dT' b e teir 12-year-old
ladghtir,'- giadtated Friday
(ir.'m(nion School in time
1i6jotL the family rerun to
ihoeland. But -son Vic-
A.;wao recently married
,ovy Maaly 'Boswell will
in ..Haiti keeping his
pos s .5i chancellor at 'the
'otimgica. Embassy.
rPi.'-;. Aybar's diplomatic
Seetaed after he was
'his way to leader-
h' an another profession
p-is'. After receiv-
t degree as'Doctor of
,at Surger" at 1he Uni-
S Santo -Domingo,
,' he journeyed to
T 'ph.ia to rake'advanc
oures atr the University
i s ylvania t, ich has
iefthe world's best Den-
1liC'-ges. When he re-
to his alma mater, be
ateen .of the..Dental
i F ctb'the. University -
I t1s&t6hie Id from L93 5- '(

of General Magloire and
President Trujillo at the
border town of Belladere
and did a conscientious job
of prornozing the nevw era
of accord.
' The -'Haiti Sun" joins in
-the chorus of those who
wish the dapper pleasant
diplomat ,Bon V'oyage,. a
H aDpv Homecbming and a
Brilliant Future.!

500.000 TREES
(Contliined from Page 11 )

tlors will be announced in
a later issue. The winners
will receive -cash awards
plus-three books ... "Man-
'uel, on Soil .Conservation",
"UN Mission to Haiti, and
.,,Let us-Reforest our Water-
sheds" a booklet written
by Felix Corneille. chief of
the Forestry Section of" the
Department of Agriculture.
Each day groups of school
children .paid visits to Da-
-mien to view the great nur-
series of infant trees and see -
an educational film on re-
forestration provided by the
American Embassy.
-* "On Tuesday symbolic
trees were planted in school
tards all over Haiti and Fri-
* day Arbor Day a spe-'
cial,programme attended by
President Magloire. and high
Government Officials was
held at. La Saline. General
Magloire. himself planted a
. .symbolic tree to point up
* the need of' renewing our
Haitian forests.

g9I I.._; - .. At Carrerour another ma-
i: ".-- nifestation was held'at the
rwiivn-. 1934 he. was elected Centre of Reeducation with
Aieauyi.to the.b National G--- school children. planters,
igfest'acLd re elected in 1938. and. Other guests attending.
v.ro:. 1939 to '1941 he serv- .
b asdetibor of the Repub- Drama At The Airport
d" r-iled ldaunched- his,
i- ia diplomatic (Conlinued from Page 1
Id onsul General" of about to0 lnd him in the
tr iian" Legation to" Dominican Capital. And
0 it 1 S Dr Abar wa-s'just as understandably, the
Sf .ar rancisc pilot refused to take a pas-
h .:Sanp .Fran cisr enger who threatened to
ng ert seven yearsnn- jump out of his ship on the
a Daeof'tea'- 'es- next leg of his flight,
erh Amirican 'States. Dur- Since the irate passenger
ing the latter part of his' had' no papers permitting
.stay in the City of the Gold- him to stop in Haiti, the Di-
pn- Gate, le was elected rector of the Immigration
Daeii of the Consular Corps. Bureau was called to solve
I- n-June of 1950 he be- the dilemma. M. Dennis Bel
cat4e. MJaai. 'Consul for-his lande wisely decided to put
ovaertmenti and st months the visaless passenger in a
(.r moved to Hiaiti as Am- safe nlace and place him on
S.ss ador. the first plane that would
Hi; tw'o years in our Re- ake h'm abroad.
-'fnblic- have been remark-
-,able for cementing a new ,Breath/,s there a man
policy. -of" friendship be- Iflith sou. io dead
tween,.ti Two governments IWhon aer to himself Ia'.s
N4arine- the island of -Saint 'aid
lDomit'nnue." He helped ar- rhis ;s m roe-u. my natfih
.range the 'amou' meeting laid,.



C CotiHnued from Page 1) a

sought to insure the fact
chat their products would be c
handled b) experienced per-
sonnel. Marcel Gentil and
Fortun' Bogat two young g |
Haitian businessmen -- had
been. working with the
\\'es Ind es Trading Corn- |
patny for 1 years as sales "
manager and general stock
manager, respectively There
fore, General Msotors. RCA
and Goods-car annount:d
that one condition for award
ing their agencies who~
ever v as to, sell their pro-
ducts in Haiti would hase.
ro accept the association of A
Messrs. Gentil and Bogat-
men who had efficiently di-
recied two of the most im-
portant branches of the
West Indies organization.
On May 30. 1932, the
MAGEBO iMallebranche,
Gentil. Bogat & Co.) was
founded w ith the follow ing
Haitian associates Marcel
Gentil, Fortune Bogat. L'ei-
niel Brun. Armand Malle-
branche and Philippe Char-
Ilier.' A few ,ears later, the
-fir changed its name to
SHASA. Despite the fact
rhar there %were five men in
the Corporition, the young
firm had to struggle hard to
keep f:nanciall\ afloat. It
had just 15'.000 dollars
V'orking Capital and ofl
that *anly 9.000 dollars in
cash was available for im-
mediate operation. Needless
to say, there were many ear-
ly financial crises but the
combined efforts of the
young Haitian businessmen
pulled the firm through.
The sale of automobiles
presents an especially diffi-
cult business problem since
the greatest part of the busi-
ness is done on credit. And
the sale of auto parts and
accessories also has its haz-
ards since it is easy for
inexperienced firms to over
stock their shelves and sud-
denlv find themselves with
thousands of dollars worth
Of supplies which are abso-
However. tcle new Hai-
'ian Organization managed
to sidestep financial pirfalls
and with the growing patron
age .of the public and-the
Haitian governments, climb
ed to its present eminent po-
;:rIin in the Port au' Prince
business scene.

In view of the foregoing,
the "Haiti Sun, takes plea-
sure in complimenting the
sHASA partners for an ex-
elrent job especially our
friends Marcel Gentil and
,"'rune RoPat who for two
dec.dA-s directed and admin-
istered the 100 per cent
T-'iiajn Business Corpora-

Frida, afternoor- the stalf

nd bosses (Marcel Gentil
was absent, at home nurs-
ng a broken rib) celebrat-
ed the occasion with a grand
Pambcche at RCA manager
lean Riboul's home at Di-


Raymond Villard observ-
j:d his birthday Wednesday
... no one spied him cele-
braring. Loulou iDejoie's
f*tte was also Wednesday ...
what's holding up the cele-



0 0 0 0 e 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 *

The Firestooe name is world-
famous for the highest quality
tires. In these other automotive
needs for car, truck or tractor, you can depend on Firestone
for the same high quality.

Ti resto ne


..,T ,




(Continued from Page 1) ernmen't to City Hall and
have the honour of proclaim
,ive Five Year Programme ing today, May 28, Haiti
Sof President Paul E. Ma- Day in New York, in order
gloire. to commemorate the 150th
The New York observa- Anniversary of the battle
tido of the 150th anniver- 'launched by the Haitians in
rary of Toussaint Louver- 1802 a battle that ended
ture's launching of the Hai- in their Declaration of In-
tian Revolution was carried dependence on January I,
lout under the high patron- 1804.
iage of Mayor Impelirteri .
and H. E. Jacques Leger, The American and Hal-
Haitian Ambassador to the rian peoples have already
United States. maintained the most cordial
and effective relations in all
The G.aeral Committee fields: and for our part. we
in charge of the programme will never forget the aid we
included the following:% M. received from Haitian volun
TuJesi Domond, Hairian Min teers in our own battle, for
sister of Commerce. Mrs. independence notably at,
FradIlin D. Roosevelt. U.S. the Bartleiof Savannah. in
Delegate to the U. N.; H. E. which the Haitian King
Luc Fouchi, Haitian Ambas- Henri, Christophe himself
sa'dort6 the U. N.' Mr. Ben- participated.
iamin Cohen. AsSt. Secre- 'te will also never forgetr
Sirv General of the U. N.; that the Declaration of Hai-
H. E loseph Dejean, Hai, tian Independence put an
S'an Ambassador to the Or-.end to Napoleon's dream of
-~iization of American unoremacy in the New
', aies: M-r: Walter White World. forcing him a short
SEcrerarv of the Natio- while later to sell Louisiana
,-al As-ociation for the thus giving the Americans
ANvancement of Coloured an wo-ortunitr to enjoy an
IPopjle: H. E. Pierre Hudi- era of security and well
court.. Haitfan delegate to beinat.
the U. N.; Mr. Frederick In addition we will keep
Hassler, President of the well in mind that durmea
Haitian American Associa- (he following century andta
tion; Mr. Spyros P. Skou- half' the economic, cultural.
ris, President of 20th Cen- and social relations between
turv Tox Films; Mr. Guy the City of New York and
Dot 6bi. Director of Hairiap he Republic of Haiti have
Tourism; Mr. Ckude Ba- been steadily expanding.
ntt, President of the Asso- And the magnificent recol-
ciated 'Negro Press; Mr. legions that 50 American
Louis Decatrel. Haitian Con Iournalists recently brought
ul- General in New York: back from their visit to Hai-
Mr. George Schuvller. Edi- ri at the invitation of the
tor of the Pittsburgh Cou- Haitian Government; is elo-
tier. and Mr. Franck Bell. quent testimony to the pro-
Chai-mari of the Caribbean gress achieved by this Re-
-Int1rii'n Tourist Committee. public and the increasing
Executive Officers in links of unity between our
charge of the programme peonies.
werh Mr. Gerard de Cata- We know that the Hai-
Jogne. Director of the Haiti Eian .Government, under the
Tourist Information Bureau intelligent and dynamic lead
in New York and Mr. Her- o"shin of President Paul E.
man De.ir. his assistant. Magloire.-has recently inau-
Te Haiti Sun,, offers rated a series of great
The Haiti Sun offers public works projects as pro
them a hearty vote ofto the 10th Hai
thanks for a job well done. tian Independence Celebra-
t on to open in January
AYOR IPELLITERI'S 1954. We also hate learn-
DDR ed with rear interest that
-a ereat International Fair
It is with genuine plia- will be held at Cap Haitien
sure and satisfaction that I ,^n this occasion. Doubtless-
welcome eminent represen- \v our business men will
ratre'. of the Haitian Go%- take an active part in this



magnificent manifestation.
. Therefore me invite all
citizens of New York City.
all the friends of Haiti liv-
ing in the metropolitan area
to focus their attention on a
country which, with limited
resources, provides an exam
pie of a nation labouring for
greater social justice and
readerr prosperity in its
The Historn of Haiti and
the current efforts of Presi-
dent Magloire and his ad-
minisrrarion provide us with
eloquent testimony that Pan
Am=-;can ideals have al-
wais been based on the con-
centr of freedom, labour and
personal effort. If we add
that Haiti. with the richness.
of its natural beauties, its
tunioue climate, and the gen
tieness of its people, is a
dream country For-.vacation-
.ne Americans. we believe
we could not find a better
way of terminating this
Proclamation than by invit-
'no New Yorkers to take a
trio to a copnrrv where
Tiiev are sure of receiving
rhe friendliness of hospital-
ity. from the Government
qnd the general public.


Saturday, May 24th. the
Fritz Leon home was the
scene of a gala bomboche -
a welcome home surprise
party for the Lieutenant
who had spent a month in
the United States gathering
and brushing up on main-
tenance problems of the new
traffic equipment soon to
be installed in our Capital.
Before returning to Port au
Prince, Lt. Leon paid a call
on Cuban traffic officials
and spent five days at the
traffic inspection station at
Captain Fritz Brierre;
chief of the Traffic Depart-
ment. returned from the
States a week earlier. He is
now putting the finishing
touches on the programme
to modernize Haiti's traffic
control system bs installing
traffic lights, vehicle inspec-
'-n stations and highway
.-peed control signs.
Hi, current highway Sat-
.ty Campaign is doing much
to improve public transpor-
ration in the Haitian Capital
and cut down the accident

Travel Direct to qIiani by

1 1 \ 1 ,
N sufk0 DOt-11r4leAkNl^O

^-7IL- -- iT ~

S finGs LVery tJo W4eef5

% "F-


TFr YInitrnation see Agent ROBERT E. ROY, Expo s;Pi'n ai 1 .N. 7 P? : 7Tci 21


------....-:". v-"w .' ::-.. ''.:"
P,, Pag3

Program Of "Haiti Day"

Of New York k

12:00 NOON. .
Lunch at the Chamber of Commerce, 65 Libert
Street. New York, organized by the Haitian-Amerioa. .
Association in honour of His Excellency Mr. Jacques I.E
ger. .
2:15 P.M. '
At City Hall official proclamation of "Haiti '.?p
of Nen York by the Honourable Vincent Impellitt -:i'.:::
Mayor of the City of New York in the preseoce'of lA :
Representatives of the Gov ernments of Haiti and the
United Stares. .. .
Presentation by His Ex.ellencyv Mr. Jacques lee,6 .
'Ambassador of Haiti to the United States of the Haip '.
Decoration "Grand Officier Honneur et Meriten to the-
Honourable Vincent .Impellineri, Mayor of the City; -O
New York.
6.00 P.M. ,0 A.
Opening of the exhibit. on ot Haitian -Laintitigs ar. .
der the presidency of Mr. Louis Decatrel, ConsuliQW.
.era[ of Haiti ip New York at Hugo Gallery, 26 E*s .
55th Street, New York. -.-,
8:00 P.M. -
Reception offered by Hjis Excellency Mr.w Jacqes,.,.
Leger, Ambassador of Haiti in the United Stateis, iW'WSe -
Fxecutive Offices of the Roxy Theatre. 7th Avenue. -a
50th Street.-
9:30 P.M.
Gala preview of the 20t h Cenrury-Fox Techisk;".-,A.
cur morton picture LYDIA BAILEY at the R tre. 7th Avenue and 50rh, Qrreet. New. York. -
On the Stage Leon Des-ine and his company i '
Haitian dancers.
-:.0.- --:0:, -
On Tuesday Mrs. Moussa Mr. Jean Magny, formerf 3
Talamas arid the children .director of aompagtue ,
Yvonne and Jose are off to. r-ral Transatlantiquen . '
Havana to visit with rela- Mr. Daniel Aubry beh '
lives. for France last week..





Rue du Quai ,

Pa8e _4________ ----- -- -- ---

Another commemoratory
performance in honour of
the greal Haitian writer
.Jacques Roumain will be
held June 4th. Wednesday
Evening 28th, at the Rex
p Theatre Madame Wanda
*Wiener presented a passage
from -Ebony- nd ,cMasters
of the Dew.,, The pro'
gramme also included selec-
'.tions from members of the
NDjean Choir and the Folk-
lore Troupe. cHaiti Chanten
On Wednesday, June 4th,
I the Bijou Club will present
a special programme in mem
1pry of the noted author who
.died on August 18, 1944. be
fore his most famous work,
.i:'-"Masters of the Dewn reach
S.the hands of the publish-
i-r A number of poets will
recite verse and prose selec-
Sions from Roumain's writ-
Si. s on this occasion.


: A'large furnished house
for rent.on the hill behind
.;. the Hotel Riviera ... cool
and fresh, in reality a small
4K sensdoff. (Apply "Haiti

The 20th was Henri Sen-
.- real's birthday.

week in Havana, a week in
Miami and two in New
Yoik on business is Joseph
*This week-end Mr. and
Mrs. Edouard Rigaud and
son Jean Claude are heading
for New York.
Herb Rosenfeld of La
Belle Creole is back from
his short 'business trip to
New York.

Eddy Blatt of Tambour
Cigarettes incorporated went
to New York on business
this past week.

The d'spensary of Bainer
will be inaugurated in the
beginning of the month of
June. -
Tuesday during the noon
hour. a Plymouth Camion-
prte licensed 4156 running
down the Petionville hill
swerved wide and connected
with a solid flamboyant
tree. Blood flowed freely
from the forehead of the
passenger in the front seat
and the sight slowed the fast
flowing noon traffic to the
speed limit.

Friday 23rd Ti Frantz
Siegel's.f&e called for quiet

News from Montreal this
neek is that Carl Golden-
lerg graduated from Sir
George William College
wlth a B.Sc. degree.

SallI Kahn arrived in
town on the 28th.

rived from Kingston Thurs-
day after a three month ab-
The Emile Maximiliens
arrived back-from the States
Ernest Larm will be miss-
ed for a couple of weeks,
he's over in San Juan soak-
ing up a little Puerto Rican
r thmn and plugging a Hai-
r;.a rune or two.

Thursday Mrs. Andre Liau
taud is flying to the States
to be present at Frantz
Brandt graduation from
the New Bedford. Mass. Tex
stile Institute. Mrs. Liautaud
will return to Port with Mr.
and Mrs. Frantz Brandt on
the 15tb.
Gerard Lafontant of the
Paramount Cinema is fiance
to Mile Lily Ackmed.
A new plant to turn out
cornets a creme,, will soon
be installed at Port au
Prince, according to publish
'ed reports. The product will
be named ,Golden Star."
Robert Englander who
has a Park Avenue address
... a good disposition and
four broken bottles of
,liquor is here for a few
days vacation, staying at the
Grand Oloffson.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Stow
,went to Miami on Thurs-

Union School Students To
Have Summer Course
Union school, which clos-
ed its regular term on Fri-
day. will offer its students
a summer course for the
first time in the school's
history. The eight-week
project will be under the di-
*rection of Madame Dela-
place. French teacher on the
faculiy. Basically the' course
will include not only French
but also art, singing and
dancing. An Original Play.
now being prepared by Mrs.
Vinton Burns. will climax
the summer session, giving
the pupils an opportunity to
exhibit their skill in French.
'Haitian ,an d American
songs and dances. The
youngsters will also build
and paint their own sets for
the production.'
Classes will be held at the
Centre d'Art on Tuesdays
and Thursdays from nine
until twelve. beginning
lune l'th. R. Scott of the
N'a r i'o n a'l Folklorique
Troupe and Alex Joh1.
nainter and. musician, will
he members of the 'ummer
The "Bamboche, in Che-
min des Dalles last evening
was a farewell party held
at maison ,Ascensio)n for
Gabi Moscosso who is leav-
'in. Wednesday for a year
of school in France.

Cyclist Killed
By Auto At Carrelour
Death rode the highway
at Carrefour last Sunday add
ing one more name to the
list of victims of Haitian
traffic accidents. Max Dex-
- tra, an employee of the Le-
gislative Palace, died at the
General Hospital a few
hours after his bicycle col-
-lided with a car driven by
Frack J. Onofrio.
Such tragedies point up
theurgent need for all high
way users to adhere to the
rules of Capt. Fritz Brierre's
current Traffic Safety Pro-
Nlext Sunday a Great Fes-
tisal will beheld on the
grounds of the Episcopal Ca.
thedral in honour of the
Feast of the Holy Trinity.
The F&ee is under the spon-
worship of the Cathedral
Ladies Auxiliary, who will
use the occasion to augment
'their Charity Funds.
Colonel Conrad F.. Fol-
'lansbee will feet right at
home when he rakes up his.
new post as 'Military At-
rache in Panama. It's the
country. where he.spent 20
sears of his life. Before go-
,ing to Panama City. the
Colonel will spend two
weeks in- Washington get-
ring 'brieft-d". Port au
Prince, m'ss the Follans-
bee family a welcome ad-
dition to the.Foreign Colony
for the past three years.
Mr. and Mrs. Vic Lamp-
'son accompanied by Jean
Woel made the historic trek
up to view King Henri
Chrisrophe's handiwork last
week-end ... no incident of
front page valie took place
... they report the weather
as wonderful ... horses re-
markable ... Citadel ...


Two young boys playing
hooky from school discover-
i:d an ideal, undisturbed,
play area Friday noon, the
scft ,ilt, that opce topped
Kenscoff hills and now rests
at the mouth of the Bois de
Chnoe forming solid little
islandss in the sea. The silt
delivered by the last big rain
is not so solid, as one of
rhe young ten year old
boys soon found out. In
shallow water the lad cried
out to his friend he was
stuck in the mud. and as he
struggled he sank deeper.
The mud (silt) had a
"quick sand" effect, and
his, friend gave up all effort
Ito help drag him our and -
ran for assistance. When
'he friend and several peo-
ple returned to the scene
khe boy had completely dis-

From noon till late after-
noon hundreds of people ga-
thered along the peninsula
off the Exposition to hear
'the story of the tragic drown
ing and watch-the recovery
of the body. The drowned
boy was identified as 10-
)ear-old Gerard -Pierre, son
of Corporal Francois Pierre
who is attached to the Fire

The personnel of the Cus
toms house of Port au Prince
organized a ,brillanten re-
ception at 4e Cafeteria de
la Boulangerie St. Marc this
week to honour their new
director Mr. Claude Tous-

Miss Helen Renaud re-
turn to Haiti from school in
'Washington, Sunday 18th.
Renee Colimon also re-
iurned from school in Wash
.ington last month. Renee is
'enjoying a two month vaca-
tion before returning to the

Susanne Shrewsbury ar-
rived home Thursday from
the U.S.
-:0:- -'


- -L

... 0In st oi

a Ie Best O




S *

and see that you get

Agents :
Haiti Trading Co., S.A.

Here on vacation after a. Mr. and Mrs. Dadlani ar-

_7 1_711- 7


By Angns Kennedy,

In the deep hush, dawn
shakes herself free from the
zealous arentions of the
night like a small child
breaking away from its
nurse. Gradually in the
half-morning light the phani
toms that were trees, retain-
ing to the very last their
night long sombre cloak.
creep into their morning
The contours of the moun
tains are curved with femin
ine grace, poetry and beau-
ty in every lind. Their proud
breasts, with nipples rigid-
ly pointing to the soft cano-
py of heaven, receive the
first slanting rays of morn-
ing light as a lover's kiss.
The hills, and now the
plains, are bathed in a gen-
tle pastel hue as the clouds
form themselves into an ear

1% morning conference, luok
ing like a bunch of grapes.
One by one the grapes fall
and go about the business
of the day.
Tumbling over the pit of
silence comes the cry of a
distant cock which is quick-
ly swept into a flow ing cho-
rus ping-ponging to and fro
against the wall of the

A lone "bird dips his
wings in the cool, clean
morning air. gives birth to
song and carves arcs in
sheer exhiliration.

Far below in the plains,
smoke, like some wriggling
snake, unwinds itself. Hug-
ging the earth a gossamer
of mist appears as the har-
binger of tropic, heat. The
sun catches the burning
flame of the flamboyant;

Don't Buy a Ca;r
Don't change
First look at what



The most familiar

Car on the Haitian roads. .



ENGRAVING yersr nawme


25 t

x 34


Last Day In Haiti

Evening assumes the man
tie of the afternoon; the
pale evening sky holding
:silken threads of orange-
blossom luxuriously spread-
ing themselves in a sea of
turquoise. Th e evening
light sends shafts across the
plain as though a cathedral
window casting lengthy
;hadcvs which reach their
zenith and then quickly dis-
solve themselves upon the
tropic air.
An impatient flaming ar-
gosi of cloud, as if in fear
of being late. rides over the
half cup of the ba% and
puts to sea.
The orb of fire descends

the stairway of the sky, cap
ping the mountains in a film
ot gold and turning the re-
Smaining clouds into puffs
of pink almond blossoms.
Soon the last faint rays
of daylight slip into the sea
and the land is enveloped in
darkness. A light fall of

amidst a forest of verdant
green, a rich carpet of
m a u v e bourg-ainvillaeas
proudly spreads itself, each
strand an esctatic symmetry
of poetic.perfection while
hibiscus mingle with point-
settias in a plethora of dazz-
ling colour.
T wo butterflies lazily
waltz through the May sun-
shine bidding Good-Day to
the flowers.

The day does not stand
still. Relentlessly it advan-
ces like larva from a vol-
cano. the flame of the sun
removing the delicate tints
from the Creator's canvas.
Far away in the town the
cauldron slowly begins to
bubble, simmering upon the
backs of rich and poor.
Afternoon takes over and
the trees stand mute under
the weight of the drenching
sun. A sweet drowsiness is
eve-rywhere everywhere.
except in the heart and soul
of the toiling peasant.

On the ship of Haiti. the
burro, peasant women sail
steadily down the mountain
side. A graceful black ru-
'Jip, her lithe straight figure
saying in perfect rhythm
carries herself nith the re-
galir, of Cleopatra and dis-
appears from view round
the bend of the road.
Late afternoon brings
clouds q.4 blillowy gardenias
gently coasting before the
first zeph)r breeze. The
breeze bends back t h e
blades of grass. whispering
softly as if in fear of being


. "CLU




.Known by eve
Usine Ai Glace Natio


... with modern


The Chamber of

Page 5-

rain kisses the parched-
earth, filling the air with'g*
fresh washed jasmine. ii
A solitary pearl of heave-
curtsies her entrance and is,','
quickly joined by a rival--;
who tip-toes into a dance,*
upon rhe: mountain top.
(Conptinued on Page 11)

S .. ,


)ing equipment .

. .'1
NG CO.. S.,A.
Commerce Bldg.






ry Conossieur -
nale, Distributofs '

,Birth place of:

- UP

1;' Page 6 "HAITI SUN,, SUNDAY. JUNE 1st

GROS GEORGE, TI SHIBL Y AND FRITZ MAKE A St. Marc broke loose from
BUSiNESS TRIP their day dreaming of better
Sales a clever purchase and
Finding -Carglus, under
I tBoone heure, Monda> fine luncheon and lecture on foor when Shibl) got our
morning George Perry, Shib business trends in the of the Auto to stretch
Little Sketches of Great Painters ly Talamas and Fritz Bcr- the trio inspected the uen h's legs ... "Vooooo ...
toni set off on a busiutes tar sealed road to Milot and Garde groseur un blanca.
a serieby was a urnng point trLp to Cap 14aiian. An iihe Sans Souci Palace. At Ma sa mi ... what does he
The fint of er was a rning point nenul eoyable trip by 6.30 p.n. they sipped tea at eat,, they chorus and asked
., Arti ROBEL PARIS in Cezanne's life: he went
Artistto study ith the great I auto, alithoutti. the "springs,, the Palace of Mr. and Mrs. for the receipr.
Sao study wirb the grear were said to have interrupt- Maxime Riviere. 8 p.m. a
.. Though a knowledge of pressionist Pissarro ... this ed the conversation oa au- grand faa'reell dinner %as
.painting technique is not .resulted in a lighter pallerne merous occasions ith stian aiven in their honour at ihc Gros George. Ti Shibly
really essential to the en- and he learned also to go to gulaon noises. Arriving at home of Harold Bussenius. and Fritz Berconi arrived
.joyment of pairing by the nature for his motifs. the "Cap 3.30 p.m. the home in the Capital 3.30
A-.layman, any more than one Around this time too. in parts set off at once and \Xdnesday at 5 a.m. the p.m. Wednesday) feeling fine
has to be a dramatist to en-: pite of his neurotic horror nade a surprise visit to the parry bid the ,Cap, adieu, after a tedious business trip
*.ijoy a play ... still, I should of becoming involved in hu -ChanEier,, of Ti Maurice The noontime market in to the Cap.
-l.ike to define a few painting man relationships, he mar- Laroche. Ti Maurice was
:terms in this series, ried Hortence Fiquel. the caught on incm ob. sup.ervis- MOTOR SERVICE
4tually,. the lack of ap- woman he bad been living ina the building of hi' nest. ,?2] f.l.,
apr&iadon of painting in so with. His son wnas born in The part> were satisfied
P sy ,people .is due to their 18"2. itb the progress of the 8 ha a
m ,ah.lariry with paint- building, and adjourned to has all the modern tools and
".ings. Painting, to be really Each sojourn to Paris the home of iMr. and Mis. oe
rluadestood. must be seen nould leave Cezanne dis- ln Laroche and dahtr 4 equipment to ensure longer lives
!, again., and again, studied ccuraged and he would re- Alice to enjo% a sumprous for cars that travel the roads of
an'd contemplated. turn to Aix sour and glum. ,buffet froid". At 11 p.m. laiti and The people that travel
L .et.us start with thE rerm The official Pas salon the made the customar in them...
i m: capressionist., bhas rejected his work and ,Tournee des grands ducs",.
I have heard the word be wa4 called ,The Hermit Tuesday bonnee heuren the
iuspd to describe everything of Aix., People stood be- parr inspected the business rST RELLtBLESERsUfF IT .OW ST COST
-which wasn't painted in an fore. his canvases to have a section of the cir and the
:academic and literal style. good laugh. improvements underway A.
?. The term really means a The salons were now noon they were received former d Ehcint
school of painting N which showing rbe impressionists, lunch at Chez Raymond La- I-.'
started in the earl> nine- grudgingly it's true. but he roche. 4 p.m. following a1
keenth century. consisting of :a.- still without a public.
.'.a science of colour broken He became more and
l up into spots which vibrat- more isolated from the -
ie1d and sisanmered to give world and for tweary years na. e
;te effect of light. his work was not exhibited .v uS .
The school has many ad- in France. I
'bereass. the best of whom Although this made him 1
were Monit, Renoir. Pissar- biter, he profitted spiritual- I
ro and Cezanne but Ce- Iv. and in the end it was his
Szanaie soon discovered the salvation. '
shallowness of this techni- His manner of working
que, and abandoned it for nas a hardship to his1, /. .
More solid forms and spa- friends and models, for he
S relationships, which insisted that they remain.;M .- m ,. :
ventually lead to Cubism mobile for hours at a time O.
and Picasso. "like an apples. Many were
'Well. now that I have in- the hours his wife sat obe-
.:,'troduced Cezacne's name. I diengv p9sing for him. The
might as well go on to de- oorrair of Vollard required
'scribe his life and etcentila 115 sittings, and at the.end, "'
ties. regarding his work, he -
SPaul Cezanne was born in caid: "The shirt front is not. -
'Aix-en-Provence in 1839. bad." -
'His father was a well-rtodo- His biographer wrote of -
ti'-h"* so Paul's conflict s. him- ",His temper cut him
:thEI,,h colossal. were not er. from the iods of peace-
,economic. eid. understanding iriend -
Plena aided him in achieve ,hirc. f-,om the,,leasures of
.ine hii heart's desire to ood. idle. rambling talk
paint. nal, after be l'ealized n-,r a Plass of wine or a-, M e-
it wa- hopeless to insist on pipe few men have lived
a banking career for his sh, ", consEcrtls detached from
son h;.ledvers were all the outside world.,,
scribbl,1 in the margins
wnirk Aan .;os and verses .r6ce a6 leur
so nr.r .....d byh hit mc- Sculpture
S ,.r. Paul left for Tony and Credit ZIG-ZAG

Here be sawn a great deal T4n) of Bar Italia put S Pneus.
of h, childhood friend. 'ide h', Mac._roni fork long IC EI
Zola wnho at one period, en':ugh thE week. to do i M I H LI.
posed for him. The portrait little handrurk nith the' VOUS assurent
was a failure and Cezanne pain. hruih. .The result can un freinage sup rieur
slashed it tp bits in a rage. te seen a nue- aw5, apir
,ZhIla once r.mArk -d to him: nroa)chc,) ,he Bar ha!'
T-le is made ill of a niece, fr- m any angle big ti, o
riid and hard.' The'r feet high placards "PL1' Distributor PREEIZ 17,_-NN AGGERHOLM
*frndbhn w.', nearing its DE CREDIT.,,
'end. -'0:--













. .. Pa .


a Answer to T. J. Grant's Somewhat. Ambiguous Nurse Awarded
Reflections on Love and Innards SHOES REBUILT COMPLETELY
Kellogg Fellowship We use only the best American
Ir. Grant: 1 leather and rubber heels .
tour lappareutl3 unconscious objection to the physicaler an n ru er Geels
akes me quizzical Haitian nurse. Gisele Our prices are cheaper! -
uppose your liver-and-ligbts-filled curie ed h just been aard
coward whose inner organs you seem strange snooty) e d a fellowship byfor study FKll sole and rubber heel ..................
Vould you prefer het so? at Columbia University. Taps. ladies' shoes rubber or leather ....... 0.2
would not your peculiar lust The Foundation has in the Children's Vi sole and heel (up to seven
urn to d gust past awarded fellowships tb years) ........................ ............... $1.00
her skull were a hollow bone several Haitian doctors, a- Children's full rubber soles ................. .1-'
nd from her nereless lips a moan mong them Dr. Anteor ELECTRIC SHOE REPAIR CO. ij
choed brother nereless lips a moan Mit Dr. Gerard Basrien, i
echoed brainless in the night Dr. Andr6 Roy, Dr. Sosthe-' Rue du Centre next to National Lottery..'
oymoonblghte ne- R. Daniels, Dr. Rogert .
Vould she really make a berter sweetie M. lebranche. f
f she were less meaty I i .
id if lacking the disgrace iAt is i expected that Mis e0" O*dO ..
f kidneys and tripe just plain space Alexis will arrive at the e,-o- -
'topped up ier tummy pecial courses in the EngIntroducing. The ,CONSUL; -
Ike a mummy? special courses in the E ng-B
ie a mummy? ; t .... "
'lish Language Institute ar-
Ls for your distress over- The notion
hat blood streams in her veins would )ou prefer ake her studies at Columbia
shaving lotion? t su,
would you enjoy, actually. 1,queezing this maiden fair L niersi g
nd have nothing emerge but a puff of dry air? Dr. Benjamin Horning,
'he workings of your (excuse the expression) brain. Director of the Internatio-
fr, Grant, cause me great pain. nal Division of the M. .w : i
would gladly grab a rent spoke Kellogg Foundaton, was te -
nd croak centd in Haiti on a visit
n the biblical manner, of lael and Sisera) and has. publicly expressed
anyone who obviously wants a dame without her viscera ,his gratitude for the recep-
'be sore defects of your poetic art tion given him by ex-foun-1
eveal that you laiT- some vial part. nation fellons, and Hairian) ..
s of ficiels. He interviewed Performance! D ronuory! CoAMfor! Beauty.!
yo our obsession with guts. Noiss Alexis at that time.
,I- t. -T* (GZN I -
onr. hThis fellowship nas han-7 ilE .4AGAZIt:
Edith Efron. clied b\ the Cultural Office s ..
'OSITION ',ANTED of the American Embass). T THEr cNS UL, :...i .---
FOR .end 6T, B o ky o an E ... .c'*
English. French, G e FOR S1LE .per, i f r ..-."d '. crdtori j,, ,te L t sLt
ian Correspondence. Ac- BEACHCOMBER n. r7i .. d i U.a-0 -' .
outing. Shipping, Secrea-- 1')1i 1 ils J.ep like 9 -': r.. -- E- t.n_ UphLi 5E L iu ij -..
arial work. 25 yeats ex- new. Driven onl) 9.000 Maurice DeYoung of the.' ,I l.. a .. THE CONSUL a. .,
erience. Apply -laiii mi;les. (0tl 3.000 in. Hait;) Oloftson Hotel and South-. ,r.J an:m a rpe tne armt,. e..-len L
un., Contact ,Hilirin Sum., ern Coffee Plantations fler, ., SL'L e t urn-:ceaiv oramentati. .
S W.is , .. _r. .:. Lne.IC LV S- .?
Board the same ,Clipper r Ci.: i .l-.hA e
as Louis Corres of the$ la r n rajACfi S i A
YOU CAN'T ASK hell Compan).
-:0- .A aFORD" Product Made an ENGLAND
F014 A FINER Leon Haran arrived ini Sole Distributors LUCIANI & BEHRMAN N
town Monda} 19th from
P.O.' -. _.- '_Tel 2:-1.:
Ne, York by way of Jama-T."
WHISKY ica '.wife Odeite stopped "" '
over in Kingston to -sit .V -
THIS IS with her brother, and will norT THIS ...... UT "r/
PERFECTIO reach town this week.
ITSELF Now that Leon is back to
rake care of things, Mr. and. V
Her Majesty .. Mrs. Joe Harary are off to!
Uet aeef Brooklyn on a business-
t cum-pleasure trip.
QUEEN OF SCOTS Condolence to Rue Courbe 61T THI/T RONDo YJ O
\* .and the other Textile Ave.
.Business, is reported dead!
Scotch Whisky Mouri net. MDITI M/Ir
Ti MNaurice Laroche came oar CAE fO s 01D Lt/UDO '
On Sale Everymhereto Port on business Tuesday 1] Anlantchissefie .
LAJAT & CO. Distrlbutor 20th. He added a day of )mmt into..
97 Rue du Centre ,plearc and returned to F. oo ro P A ACP055 Ps .EE ,Z 744A
P.O. Box 1086 Phone: 2793 th e Cap-, Friday 23rd. ,-- _

"Time" &" Life" '

The Leading AmericanGAZINE Are Now On Sale At All


:-, .'

------- SUN,)

| .-------- -------. --!,] ENGLISH STENO
SCharming young girl seek
I hID I 7ing employment as English
HOTE1 L IDU LLiL stenographer. Can take ang
lish shorthand. Pleasing ap"
9 peai-ance and nice personal-
DINNER DANCES ity knows hotel work.

every T I


Under the same Management :- .- Q---

lTed. Roosevelt *l3.
(e411 your beauty ne-eds)
Wishes to advise his many friends and the General :, .
Public that the O.l__ ___'_"_'_


IThe REFUGE completely rejuvenated is now- equipped
Twirhb Electricity. Hot and Cold running warer etc. CanI IHOTEL StFRANCIS
be reached over an excellent road in any type of car.

At 5,700 feel the ,REFUGE,, is ,TOPS,.
'B_ \
em m. m Cem m-em .m aa coo ccc emm cccm -8m em .m m.

Monday Wednesday Tharsday Eveninui

" AT


-':'; "--I't .' I
fi, ;Ma Dining Room CLOSED During Rainy Season.
OPENS Again July 1st .

9:" ;' Terrace and Bar to Stay OPEN
S,' Serve Luncheons and Sandwiches.

s e;.; :,', 'e.c ' C c. .

PHOIUF; 7.8<71


,,r ~ '
orr oer ,
.L I S rDAEt

C ~~ E.

u i.fLAX

- a small piece of deicioJ.,
Chbocolate la-xatie brings
relief overnight. Pleasan:,
tffectie ... that's


Castera's Maternity

Open To. You. ... Erery Day
And on SUNDAYS bring.

)Jyo aI ng Lu-SLL SWUJ.
Dr. Georges .Chstera's dance and select your
comfortable and completeIl music from p fabulous
modern' 12 room Maternity ------ record library -
clinic is at )our service.
This up-io-date clinic is lo- OUTBOARD MOTOR
carted in the same building 'A beautiful outboard mor
as the Pharmacy Castera. tor hardly bcen user, for
opposite the Telegraph and sale. Good price.
Telephone Building. Call
Person recently lost young
.- foot long snake, and is eon-
cerned about roher pets, as

Aad l ourielf of :

tis: sweetEst -oap

:.he so,-p w.' h an exquisite

the best soap.

*,.as happy family. V ill buy
an\ snake- less than 2 ft.
lng ro take place of lost
snake. As snakes ave rare
in laiti will pad Well.
Con:u C Arthur 0 Neil. Bou

Beautifull f u r n i shed
hout l.:)r rent in Petion-
1ille. Sluitab!L for Diplo-

..'-' .- :',.-,_- .'-,I


. .- .

JUNE 1st

rhe shops in this secl;ou
te been checked by this
paperpe, and to the
I of our knowledge
i- merchandise is ot
id" quality and gooa


y U

Gefre Deslad A

dren can give hem because they are UN- Curio Shop s oe
HomelinKK M .

Pcaps EM

HOMELINK ulin with 14 kr. Gold Nib Splendid Mahogany 9 -

$1.00 00000000
Make to and all the roughing C FISHER dw

drURE THE LOEUCSTPRICE, IS THE O. PRICE Located: Opposite the "
.. ' "National Bankl t
BLnsE.rpassed in Quality pu57 Rue Rues iraclesdu Qua
Latest Novel On Haii The delicious Cocolae Distincve FURNISHED HOS
D'ECHATEMENTS B KL High Esthetic Appeal GoldCouple wish Splendid reMahogany
$1.5brings relief overngh. .S furnished home in reide
HOELNK abo9,, with Osmoroid Nibagn

a book aimed at grng -Rake OBTAINABLE ONLY AT CHCATELET DES FLEURS cial section of the "
the foreigner a better nde, BROOKLAX IN COOL KENSCOFF Please contact the <.Snns *fS-
sanding of Haii and her o-night and tomorrow ice on the Expositio ; :. .
people ... you'll be all right. ---------- ---- --- ;
.:Now on Sale atuall --57e R-- de
Book Stores B -
Latest Novel On Haiti The delicious Cocoa ", .Sg


4 195(0 4-door Ches ruleh *I
.the oreigner a better ride r BR ooKLAX IN CONL F

standing oress Haiti and her to-tiLaa ghty m. and to p.m orow and 4 p.m. EN OLorCt
.people ... ou'alal and 6 p.m. ight.
.0+', : lW HH t[ 'O' -. '4,

i..3i 2
[.,o .




The ne* Health Mobile Modem H1
which arrived in Haiti last MIlern
7 -week Is. a remarkably self iodr H
- efficientt and compact unit, AIVcS
m' modern in every respect:- is
4 :rreamtlined, airconditiboned,
'has a four-wheel drive and sound film projector and its
iis supplied with hot and public address system. It has
cold running water. It is v.o electrical- generators
,.in:Haiti at the request of lone a heavy duty 15 KW
'.Mr. James D. Caldwell, Di- type) which serves the units
rector of the "Service Co- man% appliances such. as
o' eratif Inter-Americain de sterilizers, hot water heater,
Ji .S ante Publiquen, and. is fans. lights, etc.
n. loan ro the SCISP by the The'interior ot the Health
: institutee .of Inter-American .Mobile is separated into
Affairs. The Institute repre- five rooms or sections which
-.ents the Technical.Co6pera are designed to allow the
on* Administraribn .(TCA) performance of special func
F the Point. Four Prd- tions. The first is the re-
gramme 'in .-the Western ception area for patient re-
ispe're. gistratioi. The second is
i Thes yesiof- nits have Ithe mass immunization area
-een retpioted tqo be giving which contains instruments.
;-efficient serv-ice in Latin cabinets. inoculation table,
-America., For.,example. Cuba a special treatment chair, a
i-"- operating nine units -sink with hot and cold run-
.throughout the country. ning water. The third is the
M'.: igo, Honduras and Chile clinical dispensary in which
'.lso;are listed as possessing is located the refrigerator
Health Mobiles identical to (for drug and vaccine stor-
the one. in Haiti, also on agel.. a steam autoclave, n
*.-;i.-oaba from the IIAA as a
,special grant to the TCA Happenings At The Hail
Point Four. Programme.
While many uses can be ART CLUB
outlined, for the Health Mo-
H bile (for example: conduct.
ing health. surveys, vaccina- An enthusiastic group of
v.on. programmes, used as amateur artists set up their
an emergency treatment easels and sketch book
:1lhtSetc.), in all likelihood, around Miss. Micheline La-
Jt first will be used tot bring fontant on Tuesday evening
'sei/sp$ial med.icpl. and public as she posed in colourful
4t`' services-to'the rural Haitian costume for the
:$i of Haiti In doing so, first meeting of the new Art
-itwill be used in the new Club at the Haitian Ameri-
rublic heath programme of can Institute. Beginners and
SGISP, which will be coor- more'epolished artists com-
P.Nl&dated with the Fike-Yeat pared notes and techniques
P. Ptgramme of the "Service as the drawing pads and
.,igie.ne, of the Ministry canvasses began to show va-

-.,The Healrth Mobile is
,'eqppped. to -handle clinical
eaminations. "vaccinations
or: treatments, as well as to
'iffer, health education pro-
:granmmes through its 16 mm
^*'. *" "

? .I



rious interpretations 'of the
. Sponsred by the Student
Activities Club of the Insti-
,rufe. the new group plans
to hold weekly meetings

alth Mobilp

In Haiti

hot water sterilizer, and is
Joined with an ample supply
of cabinets containing a
complete supply of drugs
for every purpose.
The fourth section is con-
sidered to be the physical
-examination and treatment
room. Among other things,
lit is well furnished with a
clinical examination table.
diagnostic equipment, a srter
ilizer, a specialists cabinet,
with instruments, a height
and weight scale and a floor
,light. The last and "fifth
section is the clinical labor
story. which is equipped
with a microscope, electrical
centrifuge, special testing
reagents and chemicals, vari
ous technical aides, and a
sink with hot and cold wa-
ter. All standard tests can
be performed in the area. .

The next meeting, to be
held June 5th, will include
a showing of the film Pho-
tography by the famous
.light-meter expert, designer Has yoKur
of the Weston light-meter. present
air. Wakefield. UN Re- dentrifice
presentative in Haiti gave proven its
an informal talk to Institute anti-decay
classes on Monday night.
He related several hair-rais- properties
ing tales of wild animal
hunting in Africa which
were much appreciated by
his audience. Mr. Wake-
field who has spent years of li
working in Africa. has hunt i--is ha.e pro en lee
'ed all types of animals, in- A dent in helping
eluding lions, elephants, rhi g topre.enttoothdecay,
for Amrnm-i-dent con.
noceros and wild buffalo. iP ,n arnmoonium and
Insist on t he original
SAtomn-i-dent tooth
MAiss Helen Goodrich, Di- poder.... or tooth
rector of Courses at the In-
rstirute Dominicano Ame-
ricano is Misiting the Insti-
cure this week-end. _

O OFFICE SPACE -...- - -

Office space for rent on O. Sale Everywhere
the Rue Payee opposite Pan Distributor in Haiti ,
Ian American Institute Americai- World Airways. IMP EX DA
Apply Higgibs Bar. Tel. 3309
-ach Saturday afternoon at
4 p.m. at the Institute. The .
programme will include 2 O rchidees
monthly sessions of sketch- f
monthly landscaping excur- GUESTS
pions to take advantage of
the interesting scenery in All Rooms with Bath, HOT Water, American.
Port au Prince. French Cuisine, Swimming Pool, Tropical Gardens
Mrs. Mar' T. Echols. in and SUPERB facilities for entertaining large puariesr
charge of the gioup, an- PET.0.. I.LE
nounced that the club is de-. TEL: 786 PETI ON ILLE
is:gned to provide an oppor- _____
runity for young art stu-
dents to develop their skill
Uhrough the use of a model Je MN W
and through mutual criti-
cism. Special instruction AUSTIN A 40-" Somerset"
will be offered to begin- -
ning students in all me -
diums charcoal, water
colour, pastels, and oils.
Photogratpy Conurse

.i ... tThe last of a series of
;" ~j y~"- .'-,l j-tree lectures on photogra-
. Y.f. phy was x3held at the Haitian
S' American Institute on
SThursda May 29th. Mr.
Larrg SLurtin. "h has acted
.-t- lo'nas instructor "in this course

nf the r s lecha niquesa ond f lighting. SOMETHING NEW ON THE MOTORING
GO the G'rants 1he darkroom. He drexo up
-imple plans to illustrate HiOciZON
exemplified in. ow icn- amateur can ser up .
1 1 ,' Q his ovwn darkroom wath a
the unvaryingin his own home.
S/ ill the most desirable features in modern motoring..
excellence / The Photographs Club of
t' h the Institute is open to an) Comfori! . Beauly! . Economy!
f the whisky and all people of Port au
WIIS / ;>u--. gPrince regardless of whe-
thor they belong to rae It" RAN
Isirute or not Lectures arc FRANCK W W ILSON
4 eien in both languages so
-7LZ TFAi Gfnt.4 kr SONS LTD- DISTi/L,. cr..' that Haitians and Ameri-
HAITI TRADING CO. S.A. cans tan understand ,hat Sole .r-Lrors in Haiti
.*0-' '* ***-- .- .. .- - .. s going cn at all times. --.-. -____ ___



Geodetic Survey Links :

Antilles Islands

One of the most signifi- aied to rake six moncth-,.
r';cant survv- operations in Some emminent geodesists p
sb'/he history of the Caribbean ,:-ven said that the' job was a
Archipelago nas successful- impossible, for the lines of h
i:J) completed recent when sight to be observed were -
V1engineers of the Inter Ame- extremely long. t
':rican Geodetic Survey, work However. by utilizing .'0 s
log mn collaboration with sact searchlights, most sta- ,
.cartographi agencies of 3 lions proved to be intervi-
Vfnations, established a first- s'ble. The longest line of k
r.order triangulation n e- sight between no triangu- e
v.k"Work linking Cuba, Hair: laiion stations that had pre- n
'.-and Jamaica. Working un- viousl; been recorded was i
r.der the supervision of the 190 miles. From station Pico a
'Officer in Charge. Ma:or [. l.urquino.. in Southeasiern I
Newton Cox. Corps of En- Cuba to station Macaya in s


SEnginueer's camp o Station .\11acaya. Haiti, during Au-
filies Tie dight tets wilb Cuba anid Jamaica during the
month of January 1952. Tb.' sht;on it 5 days away
S from Port-an-Prigce. 2 days by vehicle. I day by b hore.
d 7 .. d- s h,,foot Alt.. 24 1 M eters-.

f- gineers;, U. S. Army,- eigh- the western .Lip of Haiti, is
teen 'American engineers, an airline -distnce of 2141'/2
,rationed in strategically lo- miles. This was too much
cared mountain tops 'in the for the 500 watt searchlight,
three countri-s, set up their neither station could see the
surveying instruments -and other. : So a rush call wept
signal lights, and in .five out for several 1000 watt
weeks accomplished a jo.b aircraft beacons, w h i.c h,
-which was originally esctia- when modified with special

New"AIR TOURIST" rates


Elave yOu always drearmtE uf
a acar .r)n in Ei rope" .-.- i.
tional e ncw"A r'T ur:t" r, ,.i
atre making that drearn a rr
ality for int uiandsar .n a [. t-r,
car. for :. JuI


an. other place in t
world on :
K.L.M. Ro.al DUTCH A
or an\ other airlne ..
P.O. BOX 05 Tel: 34

Tr-, v'ar take your holl-
an,. ab.-ad Let u' arrange y-.-ir
er.tir- acatir iO ad2 dance . .
[ran porian-on, h-.el scdommoda-
t ronr:, iuphte:-ing tour .', drive
.'ur,-L' *.:,r.. c-t. Remember, we
noi i.e nrv chargt for ,ar -r.r-i.

-HAITI SUN" Page 11

mountings and reflectors,
ade effective contact be-
ween the, two points.
The intirnauonal scope -
f the Antilles Tie, as the-
peration was called, pre-
ented many problems. Each
'articiparing nation spoke
differear language, each
as its own concept of sur-
e ing procedures. It is a
ribute to- the collaborate
spirit of each country that
he execution of the project
Lent so smoochl. Light-
ecpers, packers, even train
d technical personnel nere
jade available to the pro-
ect b the cartographic
agencies of each nation.
problemss of Logistics and
upph were expedited, and
n the words of one of the
ng 'ncers. "I've never seen
uich cooperation. These pen
lie assisted us in every way
possible." .
Much of the equipment
used in the operation had to Instru
be designed or modified for 'ioa,
maximum portability. for ptr u
all supplies, equipment and "akek
instruments were carried to right
ihe tops of mountains b) and
packers or mules. One.sta
tion in Cuba was supplied every
by helicopter, after a group quive
of men had walked for twe Tbh
r; hours to reach the station lipg
in order to clear it. for heli- envel
copter landings. cloak
The purpose of the in- high
rilles Tie is-to derernihie the majes
distances and azimuths be- A
iteen the islands of jama- the a
lica. Cuba and Hispanoolia. faint
with first-order accuracy in A
order to tie in the triangula dance
lion networks of these is- '
Jands with the established
North -American datuma ru-
wnhch has been extended to S
Cuba. As parr of the gigan
:.ic mapping and charting
programme now in pro- $
press throughout the W'est-
ein Hemispher, it is expect
ed that this triangulation
nill be carried on down
through the islands of the
Caribbean Archipelago un-
til it is connected into ihe'
South American datum,
'hereby creating an abso-
lutely accurate framework
upon which future maps of g
this area will be based

(Conutiwed from Page 5i I

Soon the sk) holds in hL-t
hands a million jewels. A
silecr bOwIl lifts out of the
shadow of the cloud, and
hangs suspended in space.
Like statues stand thi
tall. lofted palms cared
out b% the brightness ot the
moon %whch turns the sea
into a glittering diamond.
Soft as an English rose
sprinkled n irth wisps of dew
comes a breeze which t:tepi
over the earth, fanning

- N .t .
M. ..
i,- MR. FS,-.


nletl stand on-station .Macdya, an AtWiltes Tte sma-
with Lightkeepers, tent in left foreground. The pa-
.rapped branches on the instrument stand was a
r which iwas used by the Recounai;sance Party- to
back on while clearing lines of sight to Janaica

leaf and leaving them
ring with expectation.
e robe of night spark-
sth a myriad sequins,
hopes all within her
while the moon now
in the heavens sweeps,
tically on her course.
tranquil silence fills
ir broken only by the
hum of busy insects.
hose of candleflies
* a torchlight ballet
Ol -c:- < *:t* W. *5- : B

and bring down the finale
of the day and the certain
of the night ipon the lov-
able, warm. kind-hearted
land of Haiti.

Editor's Note: Mr. A44
Kenned;!, the bearded Eng*
'lishman who directs the ac-
tivities of Rudolph Dunbagr,
handed the above to your
Reporter this week on hs
departure. 1- '
~*.:* 1W-. .- *: *--.: c 'e- W .


Rue du Qaui

9Our gyovth ha, been b.ued upon quality) of material,
I. fair prices and prompt and courteous service.
. c" Tel: 3--0 or 3118
* <. ,.:*." .*-SK ;*. -**.;* ', .* :. : :..:* '. .:* ..*i- .*5 *SB-, *s 'a.lBz


Page '12 uHAITI SUN,,
Page _J x


Ghislaine Laudun of the
National Bank went to New
York yesterday on vacation.
At a special meeting of
the Association de Chasse
Sons Marine d'Haiti iThe
Spearfishing Club' he I d
Mon .dyevpening at the Ho-
tel, -plendid, plans were
dikude4' for ah excursion
ths w"eek-end to the Bay of
Barraceres near Jeremie by
Captain Ace's yacht. Be-
sides the members of the
Club a number of guests
and tourists went along.
The party left port about "7
p.m. Saturday and will rer
turn around 9 p.m. Sunday.
That gav farewell partn
at the airport last Sarurda-
afternoon nas made up of
the mania friends and rela-
tives of Madame Jean
Brierre. who got a *gal,a
.-swend-off for her flight .to
- the United Stares. She plans
'to send several weeks
. Stateside before winging
her way back to Port-au-
Off to Salvador today fl)
Nagibe and Therese Halu-
Helen Brady of the Ame-
rican Embassy here. went to
Miami Friday.
Will) Macintosh return-
ed Thursday from nine days
in new York and a day in
Bermuda on a PAA fatnili-

11af Bk6. 1{p des Frn/ Forts
3258 3S28 4-o01

arization course. During his
time off he made a point of
visiting New York s big sta-
dium and making a number
of purchases, material need-
ed for the new Srtdium Paul
Magloire. 1Willy attended
the West Point Military
Academy's anniversary cele-
brarion and became a wav-
ing acquaintance of Presi-
dent Harry S. Truman, who
also attended the celebra-
Elias Deeb is off to De-
troit this week-end.

Wednesday was the birth
day anniversary of 'Mrs.
Roche B. Laroche. wife of
Ha'ti's Ambassador to Vene
zuela. Mrs. Laroche andhler
husband are at present in
Port on lease.
House guest of Mrs. Rosa-
lie McCahill at her Joseph
Nadal residence in Petion-
v'llc. Mrs. Freda Wright of
Fort Lauderdale,' an Inte-
rior Decorator of note, re-
turned to Florida last week-

Miss Ghislaine Smith lefr
for a few days in Jamaica
this week-end.
Cecil Zaeury, brother of
Mfrs. Atibol. is soon to open
his own detail textile store
on the, Grand Rue, it's ru-
-Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy'V'lin-
ton are honesmconinjl in
Nevw jersey .. be back this
At present ",ackos,, 'arc
selling for five gotirdes at
'he iron marker.
The flashy rwoi'tonc blue
'top and white bods buick
Dynaflow 19S2 is the pro-
perry of Willy Lamorte in
case )ou don't know:
Stinda. 25th Margaret
Ann Talamas celebrated her
birthday at home in Mont
The 22nd Thursda)y xas
'he birthday of Lt. Emma-
nuel Edouard and Lt. Ge-
rard Boyer.

Mvcr. and Mrs. ax*
entertained soon to be mar,
tried, Marie Therase Villard 1-:
and ean ial last Tuesday Superior Establishments Use Superior Air Condi-
evening with dinner at their tionners. You gel this Extra Quality when you
residence in Tete de L'Eau.
-:0:- iuy
Gerard the Avocat is vex-
.d net with well meaning WESTINGHOUSE
Stylish clothing, the best. : AIR CONDITIONERS
can be had for a song at the
Aux Orchidees'... it's a
clearance -sale' and prices Better Designed
have been slashed to More Carefully Built
nought. More Carefully Built
At 'cCascade-Yo. Dikini fInstalled by Experienced Engineers
Sunday \Vinton Burns. Chief
Cub Scout will gather his $W'estinghouse deliver more cooling effect per Dollar
troop for.the last meeting Invested
of the season ... they'll be
scouting solo during the -:: -w .-'-:e: .- ...: .- "- > .- W /- -*. w. ml
summer with the knowledge -.0:- -:0:-

grasped during a winter of
Tuesday afternoons.
The Jean Schertinjamily
from the "Capn. the whole
eight of them, are off to
Rome. The last of the family
leaves Thursday.
Miss Sandra Southerland
who graduates from Edge-
wood Park this month hai
already been ,awarded a
ccholarshio to tie well
known rMount Holvoke
Girls College in Mass.
Thursday Papa Lon cele-
brated his 21st wedding an-
niversary here with a cable
from Mrs. Southerland who
i; in the States to attend
daughter Sandra's gradua-

Max Duvivier opens his
new store on the Rue Pasec.
where George Naude used
.to be, this week. Auto parts.
and Electrical appliances are
the main line that the store
will feature.
Back at La Plantation
Dauphin after visiting the
folks back home in the U.S.
are Mr. and Mrs. Eric Moun
and daughter Carol.
Monday the 19th was the
fe'e of 'Madame' Aldolp
Miralda -Elie Joseph' and
Gu\ Hakime whose engage-
ment was made official
Sunday 18th are planning to
ned around Christmas tinic.
Roger Wolff sail for Inr-
gua aboard the WN issaman
Friday 23rd.

Any person known ing the
whereabouts of a person
who is giving awa) new
English radios to members
ef the foreign foreign colon)
will indeed clear up a mr'-
iern. Write ,Haiti Sun",

Friday 2\rd was the fete P.O. Box 488. marked "Con
(f Colonel Henri File Aime. fidential."

Tuesday it was Colonel
Pierre Haspil birthday.

The Joseph Nac:tls
travelling in Spain.

Eagerness to please
is Included in every ticket


Dail). nmn-i.,p _r.,rc, imin sar. Juir E. deluxe Conu
;llii0a.np Ctlpper.r- iducd 15.D.. Rodind.
Trip L :. ,., ; n.),w i cBu t "lE.l .fw 11 ,:
Coui-i-t r'.t1-

Fnqu-r.t [lichi b% -I.th C-.r. i -, CI p.r,r
k .'ri f , Bi.. Cin. ..> XT. jir, .r num r
'i-:p r..o Cc-nrir.r ILr! I:-: .,: i (a c.iri,

Ciudad Trujillo-San Juan
Fi cula Crn i- .i.r, ocrct, depirture time.
Ai;, rp l,+ .,ir' ic:r i. princil-di CdP L .tl-, r, it.-

1 c.,lir .r ..,1 t.7,,, N- % c.[l. b. C-,r, d .,,,le .
d..i .- t r., il ,.-r -i.:, L,,rii.-. J' F _u, -nr_, F..:.r-in
F..' N.: i, ,,. -,.: I '', C.f' ;r.,f *r i


Rue Dan-ies Deslouches Port-ou Prince
Telephones 3451 and 2 22



Mme the President, Mmine
Paul Magloire, accompanied
by Mme. Col. Marcaisse
Prosper. and Mme. Minister
Zkphirin made one oi their
occasional trips to the gar-
dens of Chatelec des Fleurs
-on Sunday afternoon, May
25th. According to Atherton
Lee, who with Grace Lee
conducted them through the
gardens. these ladies know
their gardens and flowers.

Francz Gardere has safely
arrived in Paris ... the vio-
'lent demonstrations staged
this week in the French
Capital were, it is reported.
in no way for his benefit."
Madame Clement Ma-
gtoire, mother of the pub-
sher of "Le Marinn,, is on
her way to France on a
health voyage. We wish her.
-Bon Voyage" and a plea-.
sant stay in Europe. Ma-
;. dame Magloire was. a'pas-
se ger aboard the ship. ,San
Jose", which sailed Saturday
May 24th. Another passen-
.ger on the same boat was
M. Daniel Aubry who.. is
sailing to France to' rejoin
his .wife.

Back in town after an ab"
sence of 'six years in Can-
ada is Reginald Brandt, son
of Mr. Leslie Brandt. Reg-
inald who is working to-
-wards a Chemical Engineer
degree is here for a six
week vacation, the first days
of'which he has spent mar-
-veling at the change taken
place during his absence.
Thursday was iMarie The-
rese Boucard's birthday ...
lasr evening a ball, recep-
tion, abambochen was offer-
ed in her honour by Ma-
dame Willy Fisch at her re-
sidence in Upper Turgeau.


Chief Accountant for Tex
aco, Mr. Helmut Beiling left
'this week on a two month
vacation in Europe. Mr. Beil
ing %filt divide most of his
time between England and
Germany. .

This breaks the mono-
tony, an outstanding trip ...
with 34 days of vacation
Betty Bradfield of the U. S.
Military Attache Office is
off to travel down the East
Coast of South America and
climb up the West ... visit-
in. all told 23 major cities
.en route.

An important Society of
Montevideo chose Mr. Rene
Carre to become one of its
members on account of his
collaboration ro the Peace
and the Panamerican soli-

Mr. and Mrs. Emile Sen-
dral are eerting set to come
home: they leave Paris Tues
Tomorrow is the birthday
anniversary of Madame
Ront Chenet, Jr. ... wife of
hur G. R.
Home froth Mexico City
are Mrs. Rene Jeanty, wife
of the Haitian Ambassador
'to Mexico. and Mr. and Mrs.
Pierre Roy and also daugh-
ter Ingrid who is getting her
first peep at her homeland.
Wednesday young junior
"Briseur, Willy King cele-
brated his birthday.

Haitian Ambassador to
.Venezuela Col. Roche B.
Laroche will enjoy his birth
da; anniversary aboard the
Caracas bound Clipper to-
morrow in the company of
Mrs. Laroche and the cargo
of passengers.
Claude Millet has a grand
nouvelle to announce "bien
NMiss Margaret Hargrea-
ves is off to Panama Tues-
day to spend her Summer
vacation with her Grandma.

Rene Kenswil offered a
cordial aBambochen 1 a s r
evening at his Caille in Tur-
geau ... the reason for doing
so was not known to the
Doc Taicher is back from
Miami after an absence of
three months.
Mrs. Alfred de Matreis is
accompanying daughters Jo-
siane and Georgerre and son
Reginald home from school
in Washington Thursday.
With a stop-over in Miami
they are expected in Port
about the 10th.
Sunday evening the
Charg6 d'Affaires of the Ar-
gentine Embassy, Doctor At
berro Aguerro offered a
seven-to-nine Reception at
his residence in Bourdon in
honour of the 143rd anni-
versary of the Revolution
which brought freedom tp
his homeland. It was one of
the highlights of the diplo-_
matic season.

The lovely Mile Jeanctte
lIiar will become the bride
of Joseph Jiha Tuesday.
June 5th, at a 6 o'clock cere
money in the Cap Haitiren
Cathedral. Ocr compliments
to the happy couple.
The Curd of Jacmel, Fa-
ther Guivarch, made a fly-
ing trip to France on a leave
of absence to visit his fam-
ily. He plans to stay sever-
al months.

The William Jay Smiths
and son David regretfully
'ended their _our-month stay
in Haiti last Monday when
'they boarded a PAA plane
for a trip back to the States
and their Vermont Farm.
The listing g writing couple
found their sojourn in Pe-
tionville not only restful
and gay, but also produc-
tive. Barbara added vital
Chapters to her novel and
turned out a number of her
'excellent poems on Haitian
[scenes. Bill worked on
translations and made plans
'to introduce a number of
Haitian potts to the Ameri-
can literary scene. His own
books of verse have been
hailed by New York critics
as one of the finest exam-
ples of contemporary Iyric
poetry. -
The 20th was Henri Sen-
dral's birthday.

Tamous since -1862
1 1

In Bois Verna Friday even
Jng there was a big Barn
boche farewell party, for
Jean Claude Fequi&re, son
of Charles the ZCommer-
cant". Jean Claude flew to
the States yesterday and will
ralk. iiu n summer course at


College in Pennsylvania. 7-:0:-
-:0:- Saturday morning the Des .
The Italian Minister to champs clan crowded-Bow- *-
Haiti. M. Guerrini Maraldi, len Field to bid aBon Voy-
and his charming wife will age to Mr. and Mrs. Hen.'
offer a reception at the Cer- Deschamps, off on tbh '
cle des Etrangers tomorrow Summer tour. Their, itinr- '
evening from 6.30 to 8.30 ary is 3 days in Miami, 7 i
p.m. It is the day of Italy's New York, arrive. in Paris
National F&te. on the 14th of June, and
-:0:- 'then the tour of Europe be-
J ac ky Auguste arrived gins.
home Wednesday from Col- 0:-
lege in Troy, New York, a --
graduate Civil Engineer. See -
Front Pilge). fH s

Last Sunday Sr. Peter's-
Church in Petionville was Young James Emmanuel,
the scene of the christening Jr,- appeared on the Port
of Francois. son of Mr. and Prince scene Saturdayh ,
Mrs. Max Fouchard of Tete May 2 tb, and seems to be
de L'Eau. Godparents were ,enjoying' himself immensely. :;1
iMaud Peloux and Max Du- His mother, the" former ;.
.vivier. Rose-Mary Jaismin, iA doing'
F e-:0:v e well and papa is mighty
Friday evening Mr. and happy about his first .off-.
Mrs. Ernest Mueller offered spring. '
a cocktail party to bid adieu sprmn -:0:-
to their many friends here. The Andersen clan is'still -
Tomorrow they are flying' celebrating the arrival of a'-
off to the States. baby boy ar the Petionvi'.le ,'
-:0:- -home of Mr. and Mrs..Gun-
A large chunk of the otherr E. Andersen onMay
Arab colony dropped in ar 22nd. (Papa is manager of
the Antoine Talamas resi- Usine a Glass Nationale).
dence Thursday evening to Grandfather Andersen, push
meet the latest Mrs. Tala- ing the eighties is delighted
gas. with his first grandson and .
-:0:- beams with pride when. peo-
Mrs. Ashton left- town pie remark that eightbpound '!.'
'h;i- week to attend her son's, Helmut is just his portrait. 1
graduation from high school --:0:
in Virginia, and then visit W\ell known in the field..
the old folks back in Eu- 'of Radio and good stories, .
rope. Gerard Bazile is a faitlir -
again. Mrs. Bazile present-- a
-:0:- ed their first son, a 6te. .
Next week-end the Vene- pounder Tuesday 20i. .Pat-.
zulean Ambassadgr and fam rick as the nelad is to be -
*iy are loff home to Cara- called already hes three, "
cas. lovely sisters.

The Dental Art Faculty -Wednesday 21st a boy- "
received last week frqm the "Maxime" was boin t6;Mr.
states a large quantity of and Mrs:. ean V. Brierfe.
instruments. Mrs. rBrierre is therfo.r er
-:0:. Mile Fouche. -.
On the llth June the day
before Corpus Christi, is the
wedding date of charming
Mile Lucienne Elie and.
dashing Serge Gaillard. The .
marriage will be held 6.30 --.--, ,
p.m. at the 'Sacre Coeur
church in Turgeau. The)
will honeymoon in Kens-

J lorge Sorondo of the Ar- GAR.IC LOV ER Ein- ".j
oentine Embassy returned to lo) garlic onions and oth.
his homeland Tuesday after flavourful foods witli;Nt.ho
"ess than a year here as broadcasting t h e smell. a.
first Secretary. Simply chew one or t.'
-:0:- CLORETS.
Novelist and a top "Sa-
urdav Evening Post" writer, -, DISTRIBe OR
Mr. Hugh Cave, and son Maison George. NA.

I ".I




Page 13

Kenneth returned to the
States Wednesda '.f ter' r-
spending winter in Pacot. In
our forthcoming issue read-
vers will have a chance to
beconie acquainted with this
interesting family ... the-...'-
C- I ,


ge 4 aHAITI SUN,

A .New Enterprise

Another new business sign
sprouted in downtown Potr
au Pini'ce recently, adding
one more modern home ap-
pliance establishment to our
fasr-growifig commercial sec
'don. of. the Capital City.
Young robust AILx A.
:"th'arr has established his
k.bfiirp rise oppjosie the Na-
"tioha Bank Building. On
paying. a -isic to the new
s tore, tour Reporter found
J. r l iemit'nilv arranged with
'.a model kritchenn featuring
'Codst vreF'leratocs, rang-
ies,-.cabinet- and sinks tai
WseDarate iieniarmients f or
. t -. rod crs. ... '.

aidios 4.ihe Marconi 5 Vi
and imported doors (both
panel and plain flush mod-
elsi are on display.
Axel has already cut his
ce&ih in the field of com-
merce with two years in the
offices of the Transworld
Trading Company it was
enough to make him certain
thIt business wtas his true
"forte," and he changed his
mind about following his
father's footsteps in the le-
Pal profession. Not that he
was doing so badly in law
ch6ool -- when be bowed
out at the commencement of
Ssecodd eair.. he stood
in,;-;th in his class."

The C.T.A. Laid Plans Elected Officers

. Many .vital plans for the laid out plans to promote
p: promotion- of the West In- the Caribbean tourist area
a. s as.a -resort area were in the United Stites and
d :...-*dout at the.Eirst General -Canada, talked over ways
M -iiieeting of the newi Carib- to attract capital in the Ca-
. 'ean Tourist Association ribbean tourisrjc field, and
*whit:h ended its final session the means of obtaining fare
in the Port. au Prince City "reductions for tourists visit-
'Hall on iMay 21sr. ing this region. "They voted
Among other things, the to switch the headquarters
delegates from 13 Carib-. of their organization from
. ". ean Republics or Posse.-' Trinidad to Antigua and
sions, named,Mr. Guy, Dou-- discussed rhe means of us-
on, head of-. the -Haitian., ing-the Caribbean Festival
T' ourist Office; to a three- in Sari Juan as the means of

%_ V.

"-- .

-. ,- I~

. During one of their 3-day zwvk session, the Caribbecan
Tourist Association is pictnced at. the Conference table
in the City Hall. .

Sman Executive Committee
,o.-io' carry out the main Pto-
gramme of the new Organi-
zarion. The committee chair
man is Mr. A. Norris
Hughes of Grenada. to be
succeeded by Mr. Walder-
mar F. Lee of Puerto Rico,
ljeied.Vice Chairman. Mr.
: '~nhes will serve one year
- on the Comminee. Mr. Lee
1rw.. 'two years -- and Mr. Dou-
-on was elected to a? three-
Syear p'.eridd. .
ing the three day
'. work session, the Conferees

pointing up the colourful
aspects of the West Indies as
a vacation paradise.

During their neek here,
the Delegates were given
e'er) opportunity to see for
cthemseles the glories that-
Haiti had to offer. They
made a trip to the Citadel.
Kenscoff, the Theatre de
Verdure. Cabane C h o u-
coine and Le Perchoir as
well as inspecting our lead-
;ng hotels.

One look at Axel's,beam-
ing face these days. and it
is easy t), see that he far
prefers the business world
to the class room. We wish
him luck !


Madame Mclina J e a u
Baptiste the proud 25-
year-old mother of an eight-
pound baby bo\ ... won the
title of Hai'ian "Mother of
the Year" b) giving birth
'to her son just one minute
after midnight on May 25th
in the Maternity Hospital
at Aux Cayes. The child
will receive a gift from Pre'
sident MAagl.re and a. Cer-
tif'cate -frQm the Depart-
.ment of Education entitling
himr to special scholastic sup
port. -
The awarding of the title
was part of the Govern-
meat's programme in ob-
-terv'in last Sunday as iMo-
iher's Day. In a country
where Motherhood is extoll-
r-d and -large families wel-
comed, the F&ee seems espe-
cially appropriate. In an ad-
dress to Haitian mothers.
Madame Paul E. Magloire.
who herself has. five
charming children -- extoll
ed the sacrifices.of' the hum-.
ble omen who raised their
families in hardship and po
verrvy expressing the heroic
*quality of Motherhood.

The First Lady served as
president of the Committee
of a Dames Patronesses 5)
who distributed layettes and
other useful gifts to inmates
of Haitian Maternity Hos-
r .


Maestro Rudolph Dunbar
left for Jamaica and Cuba
,Ias Tuesday after spending
months proving to the Hai-
nan people that their innate
love of inusrc could be ex
pressed symphonically. His
well-trained group of Pal-
ace musicians gave a fare-
wNell concert at the Occide
Jeanty band stand Sunday
evening which was attend-
ed b% a numerous audience.
The brilliant Negro con-
ductor expects to pay q \ ssit
to his homeland of British
Guiana after his appearan-
ics in Kingston and Havana.
Haiti. however, still re-
mains verN close to his heart
and he promised to return
,-. ,jur shores, possibly next
October. His dramatic ef-
torts to produce an infant
'vmphoin for Our Repub-
I'c with little time and lit-
clier money. vere much ;".s

" -..... 1

0 rrm "
444 I4

31 "
.. .-" ." ,.,. .-. -: ,lowf

Etheart's new

Max Canez Family
Return To Port

The Max Canez 'family
are-busily getting reacquaint
ed with old friends in Port
au Prince after a six-year so-
journ in New York. Max -
formerly in Real Estate -
plans to open a new busi-
,ess here. Son Eric -
oquipped with a diploma"
from' fhe New York Tech-
n:cat Institute where he took
a course in Air Conditioning
and Refrigeration soon
w I open his own Repair
ShD foir- these too much
needed tropical items. Son
Reynolds who returned
to Pori an Prin-e last year
- is employed at ESSO.

Last Saturday 24th was
Lt. Henri Wiener's birth-
day anniversary.

the Best


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This paint spreads easily,
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ji'eportec was de-
4-receive a lengthy
*from the chardring
B"aileyn star, Ann
i in which she said:
pdM- love a complete
pictures taken during-
as a remembrance
wtonderful -and beaut-

bCycle From "Cap,,
rirlk In 18 Hours
inued from Page 1)

i:'over 282 kilometers
nmntainous roads that.
Vye.hage cyclist would
the at the thought of
n.g. B5 6 p.m.,, the
'ad reached Pont de
-re in the Artibonite
f fland they spent the
%. resting up on the
.,;of the winding Estere

i."7a.m. Friday the boys
the next leg of their
-.ui& trip, stopping for
chat with the *Mayor
iStarc. They pedalled
-Poprt au Prince, tired
'Uimpbant at 3 p.m. the
aS afternoon.

E5'celebrare their feat,
*aiatri Sun" cameraman,
~lCharles,. offered the in-
,id',cyclists a Sunday' af-
ni.ooo cbagiboche, at.-his
me on Rue Capois. In re-
nt]ng ibe tale of their
vrnture, the boys skipped
ier their eight punctures
iaisisted they really had
wonderful time. Thanks
, President Magloire's
ghway programme, a
iod section- of the road is
)W asphalted and makes
:.highly enjoyable cycl-
ig. .-The trio hopes thai
.giti will soon be able to
aid special .cross country
ices as.bthey do in Europe
Rtso, the boys are getting in
i&ir rigorous training ear

ful trip. I had the most mar
velous time of my life, and
have convinced my friends
that Haiti is definitely the
place to go for a vacation.",
Your Reporter's delight
at receiving a missive from
the lovely actress was some
what jolted by the .small
P.S. she added on the end of
her letrer._ It read: ,This is
my wedding eve.",


On May 23, 1952, the Haitian Legislature elevated
President Magloire from the grade of Colonel in the
Army of Haiti to the grade .' General of a Division.
It seems an extremely fitting gesture to render to the
Chief of Sate, who, by his election as President, be-
came Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces.


We have since been suf
fering from a total feeling ,
of bewilderment. Is it usual
for young brides to sit down -
and-.write chatcy letter to
newspaper editors on the
eve of their marriage? Or
was this Miss 'rancis way
to eive the ,Hairi S6in" the
well k no w n newspaper
"Scoop"?. At any rate. we
camely- offer Mr. Laurence
Price, Junior, our sincere
coneratulaiions for winning
the hand of one of the .prer-
riest and most unaffectedly
friendly3 .c Briseuses we
have ever .had the good for-
rune to meet.. And all we
can say is, with such a bride
we would find it extremely
.hard to concentrate on Col-
Iege Studies. But Mr. Price
is plugging -away for his'
Masters Degree at the Uni-
versiw of California at Los
Angeles. Luckily enough.
';r's within a short drive to

Back in the Capital after a
swell three weeks sejour in
New York are Mr. and Mrs.
Gerard Wiener and Eileen
Herrick accompanied by
poodle tiSable.n Eileen's
a New York socialite who
shys away from publicity ...
was discovered by the Col-
umnists and her name and
Haiti was spread over the
major New York gossip

- columns.


a pourqu-I-dnS

<,BEACHCOMBER," FEL the son of Mr. and
S"r--:. Victor Greger. The
Saturday the 24th the en- handsome couple have not
agement of lovely Mlle. ser disclosed their wedding
ihislaine. Merove Pierre to p!ans.
Fritz Greger was celebrated -:0:-
,ith a fiesta at the home of Major and Mr-s. Nenton
he. bride-ro-be parents in Cox are hopping over to Ja-.
1etionville. Ghislaine .is 'he rma;a this week on a short
laughter of Mr. arid Mrs. viit.
Antony Merove Pierre ana -. -:0:-

wn .-..:, O l"

Thursday was Royal Bank',:-.-
of ''Canada Teller Claudei-

Fabus's birthday. ;

Departing Ambassador Aybar speaking at- a farewell
hb the- ,inisters and Amibassadors of other American

- Jean Perigord. Librarian
at the Haitian American In-
Istirute hopes to spend part
of his vacation in Cuba.
Taxi business is looking
up ... a dynatlow is flying
the red flag and wearing the
customary P.

Ie monde enter,

'\ de plus forts tonnages sont transports

sur pneus pneus poids lourds Goodyear que sur

pnous do toute autre marque

Le' enltr''pener r 'r- ',are;onnjge rt d e v'l i.i k
d'Sulrbusi li%..r.Dpi l; im-1 m -?|- d loi0 dJ1
G,.r-deai f.nt prnpuv-e .'11n Mi j, ;,u. de
IonuiC. et d'un. mldxaunir d.: ien.J:.i rni


L.nI.k-nr'qLqu. t-'ut en ae.nirant l m. il-ur
:- inl' o q r-'o pui--e iitludre de pn-u. FI.elds
Ir.i... Pour in maximum d'a an.a.e. -
at.:hu de- p.,-ua pFend. I.,uid GCo.-dear!

GerreldeWrfr fr 1 a,.!r-. u ltu
il". ll rr 1 t rd f.IrlL
' 4:1 r,.p Hi.'r -dl
H L;, TlIn .
a ,,d.

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.9M.0a ue -. S Witzerland. . Ju.
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turia Guimaraees Brazil- -The Minister of Labour, melle and M. Roy; accom-
'Ihere .thee Rad.io are No official reports have ian Minister cb Hairi pre Clement Jumelle, 1M. Arsene nied by their wies, left-
rexJbited been issued-as yet, but it is sensed President Magloire .- agloire of the- Nztional by PAA last Tuesday for
le expectedd that Haiti will with the high Brazilian de- Bank of Haiti, and M. Ray- New York, where they met
send as large delegation to coration La Croix, du Sud, mood Roy on the Council of M1. 'Magloire for the ne
o till he offered d the Inauguration of. General at special ceremonies in the Administration of.the.Work- geg.of their voyage. The De-.
".;' allmohhttlon foir seyeral Hector Trujillo as Presi- National Palace Tuesday ers' Cities, form the Haitian Jegatibn plans .io.return to
aays with lieign unde' deat of the Dominican Re- morning. The Haitian Chief delegation to the.forthcom- Haiti within a month.
any o!lgation. public bthe .16bth of August.- of State received the ,Grandu Seah6 s" a ciycmne a t
,- f13 'accord -with the new at- Croix,, insignia as a special t
,-;w "..: ,t' .. [ modsphree of friendship be- honour conferred upon him . the'lpwest possillec "
... en.Haiii and its nearestt by the Brazilian Govern ALLEN & BA SSAN
af"C' 0 neighbour, General Trujillo meant. ALLE ...c...
.... Recently paid' a courtesy vis- ffr their-
Cod" ;r'if' PC :it to Port au Prince -here iMinister Zephirin Headser
r : nIg t U. he ywas entertainedin a se- |Labour And Health Diepl.
:. ies of brilliant receptions.' Minister Mauclair Zephi
He was elected head of the rin. Secretary of State, of the '
1ih' 'eiephones: 2729 .-204 -Do nhica .Republic the Presidency, will takb ove)-
4-. -* ,. 16t 34 fay. the administration of the) .
"....<.-- .. Department of Labour and
'"-". .r.'- ." ". r Public Health during the .
A, U r-uCls es absence of Minister Clement
Closes Jumelle. This Cabinet Offi-I
'c ial is Haitian delegate to J
the Irternarional Bureau of -
S'The Porr-at-Prince Times labour Conference in Gen-
'published its final edition /eva, Switzerland. -
this week and said 'farewell 94LS. ET
So its readers .i Hairi. The World Wide Fall 01 Sisal
retiring editorof the small The uneasiness of the
.. .:...' *- .'. English-language journal --- ,sisal marker has Haitian ex-1
Dr. Paul Perigord an- porters worried. However,
nounced that having reach- :there is reason ro hope that
ed the biblical three score iharp decline in the sisal
Q'. I 'years and ten, he felt it time prices on the world market
I to leave the-arduous field of has been braked. Prices' IN BAGS OF 42 1/2 PORTLAND CEMENT A
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deserved rest,. British sisal from Africa.
ee.'ae s e a*sess a s1 - s S -


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A. .::,,F' -s o~ g