Haiti sun ( May 11, 1952 )

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Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Creation Date: May 11, 1952


Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Permanent Link: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/AA00015023/00001

Material Information

Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Creation Date: May 11, 1952


Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."

Record Information

Source Institution: Duke University Libraries
Holding Location: Duke University Libraries
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 32441147
lccn - sn 95058138
Classification: lcc - Newspaper 2117
System ID: AA00015023:00134

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cKiriH ICLJ I A Ir'I I ASrF tI ChP!rAcA flnir

I I. T/N ENGLI -~ki-I.IIS _.-ll NGUAG-E!O W A-PER"/ I
"VOLUME II . .... Port-au.Prince Haiti SUNDAY, MAY Ilth

Actress, Rainr Citadel and Group Of leading

Morse, Object Of Newspaper Battle American Negro
e rPhysicians Visiting
When peri Anne Francis : Francis to the Citadel. f- I

supposedly slipped from her
horse on the rainswept route
to the Citadel, the thud of
'her fall could hardly be
heard by other members of
her party. But the reverbe-
- rations of that famous turm-
ble are still echoing through
the columns of the Port au .
Prince press in one of the
'bitterest polemic battles in
Haitian newspaper history.
The first lalvo in the bai-
rage of words was fired by
-.Le- Matin', which decorat-
.e. the front page of its
TFuesday edition with a .8-
co'lumn bhe adin reading'
20 FEET., At the lower left
hand corner -of the same
page, aLe Alatiin went into
details" of the terrible
chute, of the celebrated ac-
tress saying that she suf-
fered great pains in the
._-knees and contusions oft the
-arms and back.
uLe Matim, goes on to
add, "We sincerely deplore
t hJi s unpleasant 'accident
which could have been fa-
tal for the distinguished
Ann Francis and let's hope
that the National Office of
Trquri'sm will finally under-
st id the basis of ou'r sug-
gestions regarding the ur-
gent need to improve the
disastrous state of the road
leading to the Citadel.
-We address all our sym-
pathy to the artist Ann Fran
cis who we earnestly hope
-will make a 'rapid recov-

On the right hand corner
of the front page "Le Ma-
tin" delivered its major
"blow. An article entitled
"The Foreign Journalists
-and the Ann Francis Acci-
dent,, reads as follows :

"Yesterday evening our
office was invaded- by for-
eiqn journalists. In effect,
15 of them came to see our
publisher to Jransmit ca-
bles on the visit of Ann



,These cables w h i c h
could have been good pro-
paganda for 'our country
were turned instead into
bad propaganda. Today pa-
pers throughout the world
-will publish the news that
the route to the Citadel is a
break-neck affair and that
Haiti doesn't possess a sin-
ple weather bureau. All
this, however, could have
been avoided by a simple
i'elnfhone call to the Obser-
vatory at the Little Semin-
r y.

.But -the Office of Tour-
ism, which has proved un-
.equal to its task in every-
thing else, has been un-
.equal in this -case also.
aWe ,feel that at this mo-
ment when the Government
.'s working to give our coun-
'iry a good reputation a-r
broad. ',.its collaborators
should show more care,
more zeal, more foresight.
and patriotism in their task,,
This opening salvo drew
answering fire from a num-
ber of sources ... including
the official Government Pro
paganda Office SIPP.
,Le Nouvellisten a n d,
.later, "Le Mathin itself pub
lished the following official
communique dated May 6,
,The Secretary of State
of the presidency finds it his
duty to formally contradict
the information published
by the journal ,Le Matinn
regarding the slight acci-
dent which occurred to the
,sympathetic actress A n n
Francis on the road from AilA
lot to the Citadel ... an ac
cident so mildathat the star
was able 'to immediately
continue her journey and
leave (the Cap) enchanted
by hdr visit. In the even-
ing she took part in the Re-
ception given at Le Pefchoir
and danced at the Casino
until four o'clock in the
(Continued on Page 3)


-WA WA WA WA c "c tic

A group of leading Ame-
rican Negro physicians are
here in Haiti on a five day .
visit the high point of "
their tour of the Caribbean. .
The tour was organized
and is led by one of Haiti's - .
greatest friends ,in the Uni- .
ted States, r. -Claude A.
Barnett of the Associated aAu Revoir ... few repres natives of the great film >-^
Negro Press in Chicago. Mr. indusp.y have served as better ,Goodwill Ambassadorsl i
.Barnett has already been de- than Anne Francis and Wil liam Marshall, seen board-
corated with the National ing. the plane 6 p.m. Tuesday on their return to- New
Order of Honour and Merit York.
foi -his unflagging interest- -..
in promotion" closer Ities of if, -.c .,a s o .ya. ,

(Continued on Page 1) Representaives Here .P NAITY
Ceebat. Two representatives o O TEE
Cuba Celebrates 50th, the Exeport-Import Bank are
Year 0f Independence ncw in Pcert. au Prince on Regardless of its glitter- ,
Thei Haidan Del egation an official mission to the ing aura of glamour, Holly-
The Haitian Delegation .
the Haitian Governmert co'n wood contains a number- .f
celebration of our neigh- cerning the giant project of people as friendly and un-
b ouring Republic of Cuba irrigating t h e Artiboaite as.umnindg as our next door
l eaves by planec of Cubfor alley. neighbours. Such a person .
Havana. The group offi- hLe Nouvell.isten reports was Anne Francis,- the 20
cials include Minisfer Mau- from informed sources that year-old star of ,,Lydia-,.
clair Zephirin, Ambassador Attorney John Schuyler and Bailey, who captured the -i
Marcel Fombrun, Domini- ,Engineer Frank Kimball are hearts of a great section of
que Hippolyte, Edmond Syb now checking on the pro- the Port au Prince public, th
vain and Colonel Max Chas gress of the studies and pre during her brief visit this .-
~,agne, Commandant of the liminary work concerning week. -
Military Department of the the multi-million dollar pro The blonde pert-faced4 A
North. gramme and are" meeting. actress was as much inter-
wiTh members of the ODVA ested'in Haiti as .Haiti was
New 750,000 Dollar to push forward negotia- interested in heir. She tried
e 5,0 oa tions in order to award the to see and know as much
Sugar Plant contract for erecting the about our small Republic
For The North (Continued on Page 16) as was humanly possible .w -
during her -four-day visit
And even her swolled knee_.
A contract has recdutly New Dominican caused by the rugged ride
been signed for the erection Ambassador Arrives to the Citadel did not damp-.
of a new 750,000 dollars r N
of a new 750,000o dollars This Month en her high spirits or pre-
.sugar plant to be construct-"vent her from dancing the
ed in the North that will be Meringue until almost dawn
able to process two thou- President Paul Magloire Meringue until almost dawn
sand tons of cane sugar has given his approval to with a charmed coterie of
daily. the nomination of Dr. Tulio Haitian partners. Leon Des-
Ministers Alexandre Do- Franco Y Eranco as new tin6 gallantly offered to
minique and Jules Domond Dominican Ambassajor to :show her several new steps
signed the contract for the Our Republic. The distin- at her request and she con
Centrate Sucrierea, Nord guished diplomat, who is ex fided to Your Reporter that
Haiti) in the name of the ected to arrive in Port au she hoped to have more les'
r Haitian Government. The ,Prince this month, is not a sons on the Haitian dances
other signature was that of s'anger in our capital. He from Leon in the future.
the Reverend Ernest Del- served as Dominican Minis- Not that Anne seemed isf
trens, authorized administra ter to Haiti a number of need of instruction. Wheli
CI o,,tinued ,no n Pa e 16) (Continued on Page 16) Contiwued 'on Page 12)

I tUIrr u U?/^ wr"g' I U/

, -- .. ..-- --'.7 - ,

r '- 4

I, 5


1952 163
N .'' .3-
~~. ,*:..... ^ .A

I" "1
..- .. ,,7

*~~~ *
S, ,
~ -. .. ,,!

"" ~ ~ ~ ~ '* :.,; i"

anN Y CHENET, Jr, '. .^

1952____"__No. 3 ''. *\||i

Page 2 _HAITI SUN,, .,UNDAY, MAY Ilth


The Lydia Bailey Pre-
miere plane was the result
( of months of negotiations
and arrangements between
20th Century Fox and the
Haitian Government. Our
N. Y. Tourist Bureau direc-
tor Gerard de Catalogne
said the biggest hitch in the
2 plans was the question of
the plane itself. At first
PAA was going to provide
a clipper without charge for
< the famous junket, but a
new law stopped them from
7 doing so. Eventually it was
U decided that 20th Century
Fox and the Haitian govern
-. ment share the 10,000 dol-
/; Aars cost of the chartered
2 ship. Another big problem
was the assembling of a re-
presentative group of jour-
> nalists and photograohers
'for the trip. It took at
Least three weeks of letter-
writing, appointments and
--contacts. Mr. Silliphant. the
[*'publicity director of 20th
r Centvu- did a marvelous
liob of nrqanizatinn both
F. here and New York.
S. It was the Haitian Gov-
;ernnent that footed the ex-
penses .for the visitors stay
1-in Haiti An official was
quoted.a saying that hotels
--and entertainment must
it have cost *the treasury in
the vicinity of 17,000 dol-
:.-liars. But it was a most
l praiseworthy investment in
f goodwill and the future of
rigtOurism. Nine-tenths of the
-visitors expressed delighted

and sincere surprise to find
&uch modern, hotels and
such enticing entertainment
spots as the Casino, the Ca-
bane Choucoune and Le
Pd/rchoir. They were greatly
impressed with the Palace,
the graciousness and dig-
nity, of our Haitian govern-
ment officials and rhe hos-
Ditality of our people. A
grear number voted, they
would return on a vacation
;n the near future. And it
"'Rs plain to see that they),
-'ve articles on Haiti's tour
*r Pttractionc suitable space
:n their publications.

Even_though many of the
journalists and William Mar
shall became temporary vic-
tims of a .current tropical
malady, they took it as an-
other amusing incident of
the trip. They also were
chiefly amused, rather than
disgruntled, by the rainfall
on the trip to the Citadel.
For some newsmen the
junker wasn't so sunny. Danr,
raon Walker of the Daily
News on his first day broke
a front tooth on a lobster,
oA the second caught a cold,
the third he suffered saddle
sores under torrential rains
cn the ride to the Citadelle.
But on the fourth with the
discovery of the beautiful
bath that was once daily
diluted by Pauline Bona-
parte Leclerc, his high jour-
nalistic spirits returned.
-: 0:- '

- A' -

*f ", :r ,

Leonard Lyons, Post Syn-
dicate Columnist suffered
perhaps the most severe ac-
cident of all on- the trip tc
the Citadelle ... known the
world over for his inces-
sant note taking ... Column-
ist Lyons bad three days of
fat note taking destroyed by
rain on that historic trip.
The girth of the saddle
of a mule ridden by a New
York reporter broke and
Assistant Director of Tour-
ism Guy Laraque had to
walk the ruggered trail to
*the Citadelle.

Isadora Rowe suffering
from the rich change of food
fainted on the way up to see
Christophe's h a n diwork.
She was carried to a nearby
-Caillen and Lieut. Desra--
vines Janvier made up a
special tea ,Fond bazinn
which did the trick and set
Miss Rowe back on the trail.
William Marshall was
first to take off his jacket
in the sweltering Casernes
theater during the Premiere.
Those that followed suit dis
niaved shirts of quality ...
no paper dickies, only Q
Mblaazine Reporter had on
c" I'pveless one.

Ist Annual Meeting C.T.A.
To Be Held At P-au-P
The first annual meeting
of the Caribbean Tourist
Association is scheduled to
be held in Port-au-Prince
from May 19th to 23rd.
Twenty-four delegates fr-ma
each member country and
observers from the various
transportation companies op
rating in the West Indies

~ f 1*e

Ae ANsts a am n sil.d ag.tvr to red i t. t sta
WearmanSo a, t .,me i .,
Go- t p.e& a. On the
,a i ta adu ca rt ad,.
.. ,o s~. a o .Ucam-

-. ",. -.
l ;'-At *.-V:* .*nAe c' t,, ,tt4
,. : .:'^^ '' ,, *1 ^ .t~ SSy dtbf ' fsaiw ,
V- "'i w'' a t at
.' : ' '' .. 1', .j . .
-te;-'nr e s -; twoyd abt b I the, plaC t Of'

'.-..ot=.' '.. .. .. t..t. b A-
: '- .:. * */ * ..., *.... : ...;'"- .* *.
^ ... : '. i.co stW A . d.a.n- at .

.4 .' r t ca .g1 t the ettaaaa..
",: 7 ,'. .W '"rs ~

... ..ArMS...

V,,. 'it..I' -..- .- .. :
OF.' .2 : " 5: , .,

~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i ,^1 :' "'' .' "'' -,'
., ,.... ., . ..., .-..,, . .o. ..'.X-1

will attend the conference.
The five day conference
will be held here in the City


,,Lydia Bailey, is leaving
town Monday and can be


-m w

You Can Depend on

y Teres$tone

The Firestone name is world-
famous for the highest quality
tires. In tr*se other automotive
needs for car, truck or tractor, you can depend on Firestone
fordthe same high quality.


4- V. -~ .4
t '6r.-
A.- .

expected back in a couple
of years. The. time it takes
new films to reach Haiti.

A new addition to the
U. S. Air Mission is Master
Sergeant Wayne E. Chris-
tian. Sgt. Christian arriv-
ed in town Thursday, ac-
companied by the Mrs.

"p ,
.' ..I. -' .

- f



(Continued from Page 1)
"Such an attitude on the
part of a journalist denotes
the lack of a feeling of re-
sponsibility toward his read-
,ers ond I especially toward
the entire country by mak-
ing the fdreigner believe
that it is dangerous to pay a
visit to our tourist centers.
,,The Secretary of State
!takes this opportunity to
once again recommend that
journalists always turn to
the Press and Propaganda
Information Service of the
Government which is at
their disposition to furnish
objective accounts of all
news requested.-
,,Le Nouvellisten, printed
its own version of the Ann
Francis accident which it
termed ,Sans gravit6." It
took ,Le Matin, severely to
task for exaggerating the
small mishap "for reasons
that are without a doubt
personal. ,Le Nourelliste,,
went on to say that the gra-
cious star of <,Lydia Bailey,,
was her own charming smil
ing self at the Reception
which followed the so-call-
ed ,disastrous, trip ... that
she danced for long hours
at the Casino and then tool.-
a swim in the El Rancho
pool before going to bed
at 5 a.m. the following
morning. , pointed out that such acti-
vity was indeed a magnifi-
cent recovery to the "chute
terrible, described by cLe
Malin, and added dourly,
,if there has been any disas-
trous propaganda made, it
is indeed "Le MatinD which
made it.",,
M. Guy Douyon, the di-
rector of the National Bu-
reau of Tourism, replied to
the charges levied against
him by "Le Matin, in the
following personal letter
which also appeared on the
front page of ,,Le Nouvel-
,,Monsieur le Directeur:
ccI did not need a wea-
ther bureau to forecast this
new example of characteris-
tic belittling. It is as much
a part of your nature as the
rainy weather is a part of
fhe month of May. I knew
that the National Office of
Tourism was committing an
unpardonable crime when
Jt refused to scrap the list of

taxi divers already regis-
tered in order to rent the
cars that you offered at the
last moment. I am respon-
sible for this action and the
next time I would still feel
that in all justice, I could
not take the bread from a
poor family to provide two
flagons more of Gerlain or


Following lunch at ,Le
Refuge, Sunday a walk in
'the pines. William is re-
moving a pine needle from
Anne's head.

CA--ven to perfume the bath
of even the most authentic
",For me, your shabby be-
haviour can never have any
effect. But I am not alone
at the National Office of
Tourism. Say cGuy Dou-
yomi and I assure you all
would be ignored; but you
have spoken. of the Office
-itself and I amn forced to re-
ply that all the staff mem-
bers of the National Office
of Tourism its Director
,excepted, if you wish -
have exhibited greater zeal
than words can tell in the
job of 11reparing the Lydia
Bailey programme, work-
ing nights without additio-
nal pay to accomplish their
task in the best manner. But
these words would be with-
out meaning to you. Our
letter to Al. Tiptenhauer is
dated April 23rd and the
same day we wrote to Fa-
ther Bettembourg of the
Little Seminary who kindly
replied to our inquiries
(about the weather) in warn
int us, with the greatest in-
tellectual honesty do you
know the meaning of the


phrase that such calcula-
tions could not lead to in-
fallible conclusions.
,,Moreover, let your an-
xiety be appeased. Mile.
Francis ... in spite of a fall
from a horse which, alas, is
not the first nor the last in
riding history, but which
happily is not serious. -
danced at the National Ca-
sino not on one leg -
until 3.15 in the morning.
And not because she was
asked to do so. She simply
wished to go dancing and
perhaps the Colonel Du-
cheine, Consellor Magny,
the Director of SIPP and
his assistant, M. Heraux -
just to name a few of our
best dancers will tell
you that she did not have
the air of a martyr march-
ing to her death.
"Shirking my duty? I do
not know. But I am sure
that it is an expression
that you ought to avoid. Be-
cause no amount of camou-
flage will be able to drase
t h e memory of certain
events on the Champ de
Mars where that expression
would be applicable. But
you yourself never recog-
nize any duty other than
'that of destruction and
aeain destruction in order
always to be your insolent
and belittling self.)
Guy Douyon,
Director General.
The following day the
front page of ,Le Matin,
carried this response to M.
Douyon's. letter.
"Your letter on the sta-
tionary of the National Ser
vice that you direct shows
what a perfect functionary
you are. It exemplifies the
same correctness and the
same intelligence that you
used to organize the pro-
eramme of the Port au
Prince IWIorld Premiere of
eLydia Bailey,'. Members of
the American Press who
travelled to Haiti for this
occasion have not failed to
express their satisfaction to
their friends. I add my
voice to the felicitations, of-
fered to you by Haitians
and Americans who under-
stand an event of this kind.
National tourism owes you
eternal gratitude.
"Still, excellent function-
ary though you are, you
could not rent a car at 10
dollars a day from a regu-

lar travel agency since you
believe in' paying 20 to 25
dollars a day in the spirit
of Social justice to (car)
owners which 4re not, as
you insinuate, the drivers.
,,It would be normal for
me to offer your Office cars
from the Agency that I di-
'rect. But such has not been
the case. I have not stepped
foot in your office and no
one of my organisation has
insisted upon your renting
,he cars of the Haytian 'ra-
vel Service.
4I expect to remain in-
solent and to criticize the
deeds of Public Administra-
tion. I do not interest my-
self in the private life of
others and I have never
asked myself the -easons for
your marriage.
4I wish you 'much success
in surpassing your great per

formance the first of tBis
(1 intend to remain inso-
lent and .to publish in my
newspaper news of public
-events whether or not sucb
news is agreeable to Guy
Douyon or to the-Office of
,,Take it as you wish.*
Civilitds, .'
Franck C. Magloire,
"Striving .for one more
word on the subject, Thutf
day's issue of cLe MatihE
contained another fronid
page article answering the
wave of criticism on its
,,Chute terrible, story. It
reads as follows:
-People seem to ignore
!he fact that the 'epresen-
(Continued on Page 14) ,

in the Citadelle Anne is seen seated on one of Henar
Christophe's long guns.


v >S .-,U

Rue du Quai

For Information see Age nt ROBERT E. ROY, Expo sition Stand No. 7 P 9. B ox 228. Tel 2167

TrraVel Direct tofliani by Sa \ I ,SailinGS Eoery o JeeKs

Page 3

Page 4 HAIT


It, almost seems an anti-
climax to review the con-
(tents of the Lydia Bailey
film after its World Pre-
miere showing last Sunday
at the Caserne Dessaline. In
this case the glamour of the
Technicolour Picture, espe-
cially since the audience
contained the real-life stars
iof the movie while the
screen had to get along
with' their two-dimensional

A critique of the 20th
Century Fox effort to por-
tray the birth of Haitian In-

dependence must be made
on several levels. Artisti-
cally, the film fell far short
of discriminating standards.
It was frankly brought
down to the level of the
great mass audience with
action substituted for act-'
.ing and Cops and -Rob-
bers,, chases making up for
depth of story line.
Historically, the film took
considerable liberties- with
the facts as we know them.
But despite such liberties,
genuine warmth and sympa-
thy for the Haitian cause
was there.

. -INW -m -- M

Insist on




and see that you get I

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Haiti Trading Co., S.A.

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sv' you always dreamed of ,i,
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make no charge for our services.

The Film

There is no doubt that
the film will transmit that
emotion to millions of mo-
vie goers throughout the
world the majority of
whom have never before
dwelt upon the dramatic cir
cumstances surrounding the
birth of- Our Republic or
thought of the overwhelm-
ing odds under which a na
tion of slaves became free.
For this reason, to us, the
film is well worthwhile. It
is relatively unimportant
that the Voodun dances had
a stylized ballet duality -
that the Haitian women car
tried baskets in their arms
rather than on their heads.
'What counts is the cer-
tainty that the 'ti0; half-
island of Haiti will never
alain be a meaningless spot
on the man of the Carib-
bean to those who have
seen it. We are willing to
waner that many a movie
p-P:~r will stop and eaze ar
the nctline of our small land
with rearr interest when
next planning a tropical
vacation tour.

The film was enhanced
considerably by the delicate
and childlike beauty of its
blonde young star, Ann
Francis, and by the impos-
ing presence of William
Marshall. Though it seem-
ed to us that the distin-
guished looking negro ac
tor was still using the vocal
inflections of his godly role
in cGreen Pastures", he
nevertheless, is a man to
watch. 'With mcire flexibil-
ity, he may eventually be
come one of Hollywood's
top stars.
Therese Hudicourt and
Annita Rouzier are on their
way to Paris...
Businessman Murray Kno
bel is back in town ... this
time to stay awhile ... at
least 6 months.
This week Carlotta Fan-
ning and Wintrop Brooks
reluctantly bid "au revoir,,
to Haiti after 3 months va-
cationing in Petionville at
the Hotel Majestic. On Tues
day they saw that their pet
1942 Itudebaker named
,,Chief, was shipped aboard
the Nuevo Dominicano for
Miami with all the attention
deserving of a beloved
member of the family. Win
trop pSrsonally vasalined
all the chrome work. Car-
lotta bestowed an affect
tionate kiss on its rear bum-
per and swore lated that it
winked its red tail light in
respon e.
This is the rainy season.
so don't expect too much so-
cial activity.

Wednesday had a special
importance to Miss Mi-
chaelle Victor ... it crown-
ed her first year in this
wonderful world. A party
to celebrate the occasion
was held at her home in Ba-
School teacher Frankie
gouda who has lived down
here these past three months
... vacatipping getting to
know Haiti and her people,
and writing an exciting no-
vel about MONEY and
NEW YORK, left Tuesday
evening aboard the Nuevo
Dominicano for home in
Thursday was Joe Rizr
fare and the order of the
rlay was "bamboche net al

,Mrs. Sotomayer reported
by the Journals of the city,
the whole twenty odd, to be
somewhere between here
and the U. S. ... is at home
with her parents and three
children, Marie Veronica,
Ramon and Juan Carlos, in
Pacot, awaiting word from
her husband who went to
New York last week. Mrs.
Sotomayer and the children
expect to join Papa in New
York next month.
Mr. and Mrs. Philipp Can
tave are returning :to jCan
ada this Wednesday.
In town for a week is
New .York businessman
Sam Gallan a frequent visi
tor to Haiti over the past

Lieut. Paul Laraque of
the Haitian' Army is flying
to Havana today.
Among those who made
their first Communion last
Sunday were, Guy Decatrel
who received the Sacrament
at the Chapel of Semmnaire
St. Martial and later had
Turkey, Guinea Hen and
loads of cake at home in the
Rue Bellevue for break-
Young Guy Bellegarde,
son of Mr. and 'Mrs. Andre
Bellegarde made his first
Communion Sunday last at
the Chapel of St. Louis de
Gonzague, and had a feast
for breakfast at home in Tur

Marie Thetrese
went to the U. S.


Last evening there was a
most unusual surprise party
... Mr. and Mrs. Jean
Claude Leger have this
week finished building a
home in upper Turgeau ...
a real nest with a protective
wall around it. Friends de-
cided they couldn't wait
the traditional house warm-
ing party, neither could
the old stock of -Barban-
court. So last evening they
trooped in and ,bamboch-
ied, till the wee hours.
At 5 p.m. Tuesday Mr.
and Mrs. Jean de Lespin
asse christened their daugh
ter cBrigitten at the Sacre
Never too late ... it's ru-
moured atlar the theate Ca-
sernes Dessalines is to be air
conditioned ... costing in
the vicinity of 27,000 dol-
lars. Men sat in their shirt
sleeves during he World
Premiere of cLydia Bailey.,,
The National Institute of
Technology will soon be in

Friday Pierre Etheart,
Dean of the Ecole Politech-
nic, Major Paul Colrvington
and Lieut. Maurice Prophete
of the Haitian Army flew to
the States to represent Haiti
at the ceremonies commem-
orating West Point Military
Academy's 150th anniver-

Minister Clement Ju-
melle this week held a gala
reception in honour of the
personnel in the Labour De-
New UNESCO scholar-
ships have been awarded to
the following: G6rard F&cu,
General Inspector in the
field of Labour Education;
St. Lucien Hector and Ren6
Etienne, inspectors in rural
.education; Mile Anna Men-
tor, teacher in the Rural
School at Thor and Fer-
nande Lamothe, stenogra
pher secretary at the Na
tional Commission of UNES
Mr. and Mrs. Emile Maxi
milien and daughter Nicole
are going to New York this



.,. .. ,, .- .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ....# ... .-J

SIDENT MAGLOIBE'S ADDRESS gle under one form or an- ACTIVITY 0N be interested to Is a
'TO VISITING JOURNALS TS SUNIVAY MORNING other will be invited THE RUE PAVEE on May 16th he wil
* .participate in .'the Grat "..'here for the":night eo
'-,_. L. .Cap-Haitian Fair that in .to New York. His. f:,
M- Below.. is printed Presr -birth as a free Nation. '1954 will offer to our for- Last week the Rue Pavee plans include summer :I
ent Magloires address to These manifestations. pro visitors the marvellous was disturbed by moving Europe with the family
.the visiting journalists and vide thet first opportunity, works of our craftsmen and operations of Maison Na- a visit to his "In-LAws
4ollywood representatives ,,for usto exalt the heroes of pse of o, sister nations." de. Mr. George Naude who Fr nce. They are in .
during the presentation cere our Independence as, they Writh the assistance and has been for several de- wine business and, it ,
jmoni&s at. the Palace Sun- have never yet been honour- ay it ev* increase -- of cades in the" large building Rhought that.Bob-. might .
day-mortning. ed. We shall publish books our loyal neighbour the opposite Shaa, moved all no the wine impom
,OA the .occasion of the on the war fought for our Uihited States of North Ame .week 1ong to a new build- business in New'Y'orkA
q World :.Premiere of Lydia liberation, on, its soldiers, ica, the Artibonite project, ,ing--he himself constructed- b s- w Y'or'
,ailey; my Goverdment6 is its, consequences. We shall our TVA, will soon mater- one hlocklf up c the r Rue Pa-. .
lihappy to welcome 'in Prt also prepare a true imven7- alize. Our rural areas will vee. Early this month the .
au Prince' the distinguished' story' o the use minade of the be electrified, whilst a first old. premises of Maisqn uOUSE FOR ENT
.aeprsentaives of the Gtat heritage of our fathers. class' network will link our Naude'will be' divided, into H se' o _
'.e.ican Press..' The Hae, .-ydiaBailey" revives for principal cities. ,' ,two ... one half.will be pc- H .for.,ntin
t.a. 'People associate 'inm us the mighty figures, of Our It is oti hc*e that the fa- cupied by Mrs. Reh Martin marred, Petion "'
lies manifestations thf- preux.whotwe will corn cilities and protection given who. intends to s'42,men's ms, two ths,
reteds iter Kenneth Rb: 'memoratd in .bronze an by myn government to for- ready made clothing, The furnishedt A tuly
erts as ell as Twentieth miarbl at Gonaives, .Port,au ,eign capital will cause it to other half will be'Max'Du- 'hoze. Rent 200
.Century Fox who hav' e PriiCe, Vertieres and, many flow abundantly to Haiti viier's, new ip-to-date store -mo th- ... .' .
made. it' possible ;to project pother places .that witnessed where there is no hindrance specializing in the sale 'of' ,i ~ ':"
on ,the.screen one of the" the deeds which led to the to4 the' free circulation of Auto ps.ts, and accessorieL. :
dtost glorious' episodes of proclamation' of our .nde- currencies and .electrical fixtures and SAS SINE."' "'
our national life. .' pendince. on January first, In- expressing satisfaction appliances ... and also many
Th e presentationn of 'ly. 1804. for the brilliant 'achieve- Firestone products. Max .has R' E
Adia .ie 'launhsa series '.All the nations' of -this. ment of Twe'ntieth Century been office manage' ?a' the "" :"
of fesivalsi organized to hemisphere and 'there is Fox, my Government thanks Firesotne store o
commemorate the sesqu'icen- .not a single pne-for whose t'he, Amorican Press which :Pavee for the''ast 3Hie ''
teni dansitversga .of h6 freedom we, did no stig s always shown a cleai.' yearss' ,
r :' .: ;- : .,' i d sympathetic understand '
------------g of Haitian problems.

S, Don't buy: a Car '., B VON HART .
Don't change our .Ca .. :. Supply Text Books LEAVING ESSO..-. .,
F..irst lo. .at.. .i Given Away At
| -...... .. ~...,. rst o0- -a ..-" :-, American Pavilion .
;. .!,-; ... Th. Ame avilo ',," Word has,. been. received ..
;!^ A .. '. "^ *." *.:."~:f t o" .. "om Ciudad Tnhoi ..tVo 4 "
6",""V. CLA L'V f-.: -'"U'.

INOu WillflO:LLI U ..
.I . '._ "':-.,"' HAS TO OFFER ... '



,, he most familiar '
Car on the Haitian roads.
S- "

.!' ,,:,.Pi.. ..".,.ar.nt h, Ha a ras ,

rnENcRAVING yaUer e


2:5 / T
a .
a / / ff / '

. .2

tions, et d'Echanges Cuilt-r
rels 'of the American Em-'
.bass:y announces .that it "has
d limited supply of certain
publications in English. Of
possible..iainteest to engin-
eers with a good command
of English there' is .aEngin-
eering' Mechanics. -also co-
pies of uEngineering Draw-
.ing. A textbook of ,Solid
Geo.netry: -is available.
There are still copies of
"The Vegetable Growing
Business. ,,Agronomists* or
future agronomists might
be,'interested in .Pork pJro-
duction,. ,,Cost Account-
ing, in two volumes is avail,
able to persons with a suit-
able background.'
The above .publications
are for adults sincerely in-
terested, who have 'enough
English at their disposal to
make it worthwhile, and
some, background on the
subject. Such persons may
request these publications at
the American Pavilion, Cite
-d'Exposition irom 9--11 or
from.2-3. as lo6ng.asthe
supply lasts. -


Man seeking employment
in shipping or hotel busi-.
ness. Can read and write
as accountant, secretary or
French, English. German,
and has knowledge of Span-
ish. Apply "Haiti Sun.),

the .. effect .that in
ager Bob Von Hat is re-
tiring from the Company. -
Bob was manager, here ',!-'...I.
prior-to assignmeintto. C. T PHE NI
and his many friends 'Will 7a
'"' : " .

.j' '. . '
,* .% .,. ,

fS"; f .t'' :
L *... ^ *, ; g + .

P, .* 1.;....;*,, .
S *

.i '.., ." ;
,i".' ,'.*,i,"^
*g + 7"-::

p. 8"rn" .


3' "

1; .' ,

.IM .-'

... with modern Globe- W.R.

record-keeping equipment f

The Chamber of Commerce Bldg.

S 'R . .


. .

/ ....

rage.4 u HAITi SUN, SUNDAY, MAY 1h. .1..
; +.' ~ ~,* : I:' '. r .' ,,

TE UH. Agricultural Assistance Thrughk
Capital Investment
Although Latin, America Director Division of .Agri- under -the'jlaws; of. the .host'
is' an important source for culture a, Naural Resbut government It ope..aes
such staples. -as sugar, cof, ces', The Institute of ter underhe edrshipa d-
fee, grain.and meat, hunger 4Americian Affairs Technical re.on of. oiIAA Chip f of
still exists' ,in many of its Coopeutive Ad'vstration Field Party who is,.ajde4
1 ""' areas. Among the basic cau- bYa ma;l .g.up.t. t#a.
'ses for. this condition, ar inittrative antd -technical
.: ,.low. productivity, of labour sPe:iists 'iand employ a"
.. .-.4 ";" Am' :'a 0inm bcr .".of hatin l": "
and under-utilization of na programmes in atin Ame 'la n",n ,r o f t hainals.
tural resources., While more rica. To assist the Latin ttie a ri I,-.
"than two-rhirds of the' po- Ameriean countries With servitios. are cur it y
pilation is agricultural, the. their' agricultral problems, at ig- nCostaR.c, Uod-
productivity .qf., agricultural as well aiwith related rob- ras, Pi,- Cle H
labour 'is -less than one-fifth, e i t hspub cP..
and' e cropl"nd under cb .'!eki't in t"bie -ifield. of public gu an a.-.,
.and.: the.cropland under. health ad education, the .Tfise se;vllos, jn i
tiya.ion is less -than one- istisite, h developedd., ana t bythe
thid hat of th:Untea.' devebipted' a n'it
Ibsti &, _-t'e whidPir-- &yJ
taird that.. of he.-'United technical coqhritive agen- oe country ; hi
States. i .. .cy lmo as the1 s.rvicib.. operate Cnd l7y.. .I
?, Livestock is heavily con- hp oo'. p .', cary t a vy. ot.&. :
:.. -,. .,, .... '-The -fo6 d..4s!- pl s~deryc a !y ot a vr ,oi;g
centrated in a fe countries, which s establihed through cultural actdFit hat hel
and'the dai ry .industry is re- a 'coo:ritive' agrdeent 'to stimulate f
relatively y u.dev, pe.d .;e between the flA '. and .the'-o fd i agf
yl .. er. acre Per.ani.in l Mi ....e o.. toe .e .. ". .
i n .the wholee: te. L the Ltn oic Agrilre t. uaI -psoudctlo-.eli
.. in co-..r. so ... cot Ieat sAmeican counir,- d' raise- -tihe,-M g .
.yie lsinthd United Stare execu a otganned ople
..",,.' .K .. & ,cier pa_.m-:;.i,- ...,-..sr-in fact a.,sem ,a~toag ous health t -. s~tan~ar~df, T ,-

s-.t..4 a.Rn. kn ..w ..edge ah a ........... .. .. ,.. a '. ....
ybqote.are r wihimire:l

... b, and ..eq ui~ nent, and .lack 6- -- .. ... .. .. ..........,- ,..k +.,., -
and-.ch nitic cqdition.. si aare ' '
'M : D;irector .P" an d santation wi['dli '18. tou ..n a '" ,. : :,".U:" ". .
gg.. ao largely f*the
there tDirdk51 Ol !dn14 Low #1 -21 i
;=: ,- :,., ... ....., .. ,... ...t. ,.i~ k h -'.:[w.., i n :. pO .. spow.. ..M bV.

gddHSn;pl- y 'lb sgizlii& regions,
~ef~tr~iiI- t t"&cotunrisr able &ta inv esmeh ne
t -a d...a -- :&t-htr., tH Iksnge .f Inter. ........or d ......~ b &. ....<~.
4' '"-S -4S4P +fti &Isa.J iw *:" '+' j .... 4 2 ? .AA.
p, onltlg t reA.d-
*1fdietngte oMFordced ."st~el~i: P.1
2i u iy ase pdtcF;.lic~"10I

Sr.r- r -
.',.Rig -'p ren 0he Pob'i" . I.

t. Ocipat op or e _d
chic 1 8iid eco iOn

-P, c~a~th c J: -tout:,

i ..s . n.9> S'Y ''
+,.-aoIp .r...t..a...

der' hc2ttistne' ir- iq.oudi tenstyr ac3 jj iawu*
lining. 4o.m7.
in-h """"- ."1e ...l- c sf ( a s,.;

Ycoheh th t e tso
..9-5. .vei .. :I. 'ss-
b.'zlig i'- -. -r in.".co qp...gv",-food '&:.u'" a'ip lgb

ghbbf thede21h

U.ed St Technical ~e

.- DIOSt: .omoni deterrninas T hiOit
NOo- to, prove tlar",he _ay ej

orepjom Li$JLC qp 'me a
49tbawy of '01
P A`s itw 0 .o-n.. .

"' t/o~etiod~uaa/re ~ erv, Nelsos Roclcekle )1tt(t*4
e- w T ,. I PAWti1KIDtji~Ve"t')frC.at& o er (t ...hS
'tii p'" """ '''*-' ...iLmk" ,,2 -z ,* :"t o 'K'.h: + ',dei -' A "
4? ~j4 'i" "''P~~t; "'"'+ S- ". t.$.pa,
"". "' ".?-
X-, 94-- '. .. ..' .. ..

'- :. K. r27'9'e' of.- ''_ "' ,.. ":A b
o-. .-s 'P";
.,.,+=... .. . 9"r + ^-Y ; .z+ .. .. a
I .... p ,-tFbr 4A 1
X4. U..- l. W .. .,. .: ... ... ,9 ., .... cy. Q.-h~ ~ ta A, 6 ecwg-"
I W O + .,. '.. A ,A j '6 ,,1
..AV ..
A.... "M'"-... i ra ge en '" -'' .. ;"L :" """ h .grarnm
.. y e- te At-e---',;".( .
t ai T f" "' ; .'. . ..7"".'
&5- ., .., -w:. A. ,It,2,- ;,?196 0 .....
"7. :' 2-k1,e a se vnpih:U .,j Pro, R

., .....,) r;te A ";~ .tooti rov e .Jnqtq. t net;L neti
....- i -0" ..p0.a rw I.M,- "te C+.wa. -. ,Ft,.... q
te .L'ti- -A k+: ::. f" ..r,. ""

bfl -es e:. Malj ,i.iqh
I+ 11- ?`m.. -9+ k.e'.. n .-91 ,- ' -': ;"w-, %+ "4
.. .. .. ,..g, .,. .,, ,, ,. ... .. .. ,1 .,+ ,.7. .. .-+. .. ,. .. ....,. ,
# -Uo ;M.V. - ";'.. . . , + .. -t" ']- a.. + ', .. ., . ..4 2
+' -. 4' ," "' -+: r m h.R.,.i1," --6 "- :. .M''I . .=
;,'+- .,,_, .., +- ,-,,: ',r '.,".. : ,-': ;?:"'.',..'' .:' -" .' ..: : ....;; ':+ k :' ? i- i ::: ";. ".. "> . . " ""-' -"-:' ; ":, ... .. -: :': 'M W.",
,. ,= .r .++. :. .'.= -L,." ", .' : ':+:.' >". -" .. . ,;,, .; ."-, ;::.-: ..".: < . .":. :'s:. ... -- . .. .. ,. ,. ;.- .. . . / -:-.:" .. :".:'['
.. ,. .,.. . .n,.,-.... ...:, ,, ,+ ...,: ,, : . f. . -.= b. . .. . . .: .. . . .. .
+.:'... ..,,S up.-., ,!", ,. .. -.- :g r. r.: .. .. ..,
.. :v. .v ,."= i .'""''= '; '." == .., ., . .,' ". ..-u, ,.. ,'il-ls. .. "'-h, ..4;.....*
.7~~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ .. : .r -' . + / ;'' : . .- ' , = .. .. . . : ,C .; t e .a.-.4...- :i ",A h.." ", .-_qi '
,: : : '.- i ..:::.: -". : i : : '. ;-: ;:oL k o-.'' ..- ; :- -" : .,: .,.-, .=,,; . -,- '----j,, -, :;': a.-l;?
R .. te. ." -S"tio-. .i. . ., .i.i. .. -, .+." : .-." r" ;'. . . . '.: . . .+, .-. . .' "* . .- .
'7.. .. ".'.+" r . "-'T echnical -. # -:-':'',:''.;, =r

ty .. U..:.,..ty-e;.
., ++- .--. _.._+:.-_ = o t..+ .... ... .. ,4 _e k in, _,-_.n .,g_ 7


--. . ,- .. ,, . 1 .. .. . .m. p.
li ... -,& -" -!' !.'" !7 "" 3 -7 : :- "-- : .. . ... .. ... .. :+- -. .- ., 1 I, -. .:.:" '. '. M ;.
., .:.'- ". " T .+ r -. ,; ." :_ "t 7 I .' ,'. ,; " "" .i. .. -%.., .- '% .'." "W ".
. ... .- + ... ... .- : .' '. .: __ ..... .." : ... -: k -. ",, .. i -... ,, z pL ': ' < :''..
:: : .-- -" i ; . .,. -.' ...
'.". .. ., n

JowT-[,E.- 0.0 o'-.."MME- YOUR. ,l
-.... H O E !- A P ......! T A1 -6. 0 1 O
's . .:O. -;. ., O I. t .. ... -? ." N o '_ -. .-
. .' .-- ." .. .. ._.. . .: ,Pa t,' -

"-. ` 7-."4-Q- .. r T.. .N" .SO l ." . .. A .
-L IKI % .. ,* -
A another, .1 6 .n p- a ,PB LO D 0, .4... ..- .*;'' ,N ,.. ".;-_,,r-
.I o w .If-C ..ed a o tb fi -' .\ ,:. I .. _ L - ... .. 1 4 . .

.'., :ain, _.,-when a .Publ-ic.-: H"altb -,".', 4t
.. uc re to. ...1 ab~ str'06Wng I -'.. .,ij

: ""df0three .bulIs. be ihg 4-r..iven -" W -
-: d o -n '. e R ue "St,.M. .'i . H i '- k -
- .,'.A .. .. . .. %A R 69 I -: A T O P A ..

"T e d e.-, P Senht, souhd- ,.
.. . "- %, ; ... .. I -. . ,_ ;. .. )"1

" : d hs.T .w..,. n:. he .gaw. -
i.-'his pa~th hl tked-.bt ,thJitve' t
.to Nit. it .. -. -- .*osn c IN 6-4O j

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.ji.b.lls_ _' _a -. .. .10 V 'M r j- '17.

_- I .i ". F ; O N A ." ..
." -_., THI.N. _1it -t o- ;MWo6senea ,I

: -,--" .: a n d : .- -.; s tr a i h' r ; r '. .. .. .. .." .- -_ "- -18
a. t" O t. .. ,+t i hit A." T.hA .! P .WS -Lw, THE 1',-PIF ERENT;, -.- -.l C_' ".i
-. ,.:...iag..te .t ..ro, :.'s n .t- 1 ".oo'L+ P ,? ,- w PA S- ,EY- -A
.- ,, F9l." . 9 '
--~~~~~~~~~~ ;. LO .1..-;: ...-... '- I f I-

.. sw off 4he.road .nd I.. .'H.-MI
dra. 6-.. tbe I / f ... .. ., ', -,,- '
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1. ,--; "..- ':'t "';& - .:.n j -jj6 '- A b _.... A ..' -.. 11 ,1.f.

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` ,kif e . n P a .. 1 ...
c.. o ncu -tied; t6 -1,';--.-7- : !-- ,.-P'e .. -
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. m 4jc.nn t i w~e I -S.66,-'.: -a t .1 ... t: .r -t .. !

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_-. .. -I I :iil.1.

.,. --, 5 .,
'- : .- .- i -." -" -. I .. -
-, .. ` d `"...w ;_-' ,... .'";1'-'.7 -, .. I .- '. ..+. + ... .... . .... :.; : ., "t-
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,, :'4.- ,"".L fi "f-I ': : 'b i:-' h .. .-- i i ,'- : j .' . .' .- ,. 4- t ':+" ". : ". . s.. i T -- 'f ;- ..
:.:. ,_1!, 1 ..:%.- -. ,, .,,, a ., . -I ,- ... .. .. .t :., .... . :-

. . .-aw t .-k... .. ''.
. .. ." I I . ..
'. ,. ...t .a.a.;Ia. ..... ..
.1. : .. . .. "' : '. ,, r' ', :

-I "......"_...U~

"L4 4, = "." ... L ., . ... "- ..- -
L 1 2 . .. ..'.-.. .. ., s ... . . -.1. - .. . -
i. '. . 1. 1 . .j fu r! ,-77 1 i-7 ,7 17 1.-'li I -.5 i _ -, [" u =- ..;.:.
..._ .-S 4 p .'" :. : : -V 1,t q : . ... .. _/ .- -. -- .,' ,. 11' i ,- . . -- .. ;' _
..-=..::.-.ii -s ~ ii h t 1"7 '-.".,' :" . . . . E .. -.L L A A... .., fi. ,-

-a . . .. "- : .' 1
.- ,I ;- Y -41. .. IP0 to Iu 9 & R "

'' .J .L -"': 3 -' ? . V T j T, L. L. ` t' '
.. .. ...... . ...... I,... --,.........-...r,
-, 1 .. ..($ N A V I JTi 3j -.a a m1 .. ,
. .. . . . r. M' .
1n, .ann. it A -. 7 't I'.. k r.' J aw r f

L '.o-e, t.p l h ov ri. ,ie s.. 4 t. .I. ? -" .
-- V-_ L .

a- .... .,.. ....... ,I. .. . 6..................... . ..... ... ......
-skpv -2mo ,,aiusdsla h~di~~ ..nsC

.-L 'i.t nd -l ..l ::the e:arth,,-,a.k,-- A .
o.up er-u h -. Zt1.. L -I -
;,~- P 4a -'!?,,.1.March -_1U, S92 Ar .
-.. LJI. ., I;T ND R -5 R-FRT,.. V -.E.-...-.
,W ..4 j;;~ U

The &:. s m .l.eg tos pe.uliarr :- ab u a ta ,- ;,'" i'! .-'"V .,, '.+". ,: ::; +:.' : .," zi."oney",. Afl654t.., ",r i mirl ;m,: $, .'$ s '.
soiw- ;. te ;. k, lls 'a '?d' ir' .-, ....ilisr-i' i M. -....-. "- Ess.. y ... nt tray1m l' :" ,_-'-:
so -i le d . 4 ,..
'. ." ?,r ::.. -. ,'"..a 2., :.. ,; .----i ;-.: .i" -' .....r:. ,;.

or~ oied - I Di..ih t~i6
.-:.! :.-':i,'.-!-. :- ;... m 1Z. : ;. ..i., : : .'' .'. W ". ". .. .. .;, .+ ._. -: :' I. "-a : -'-1-( -.: -. :' :.',

iy : te a I -,u:.". they.are.am._d!' ":.: .ys t!.
,... .;; .-- __t 1. ..,-
/ '. ir .nu 1 ". : "" .." '
:-i ...;:, t ,, -:. ,. "-: :J'/" -:" "" -'' -,. "I* : ..... :- tr. .', .. .. .. ; 'I ... .. .... ';

t a _,e chau.. - "- -. "." "' '.' "
w.'-- : ..:. ..d .i % . '.,--...: -' -' '. ... ". i '- f, ;_ 1. . ..r .. 1 -., .... i. ' .." -.'

If ._ .. .. e er.g-et -a i ;. .,
.-W' .... e g et a b that__ in w n. ., ... '!
i ,o, .- .. '= k ,ow. ,w hat 'l_. ..I.-- I: E C&N E Z -.-
Ask for one. .ht' new -vF4 .
-' .., ....- P -a-P H
A-peril .6 1952 t. ...... G ELE- %....
KENNETH CARON. .'" ,', I--.
.. .. "; th .'. .. .. 4jj L r I? -. -.+ : : ;., . . ,: .. : I. L. -* -,, = ;
m--t.,,,..,7 .-..--j.. "'. -L'-', :1 : _. _z r,*l". ,ii --

-: ".-o .?
,_, t ~ C S -' . . .. 1 ,"- ,`I.1
/...,'''-f"fi:2 -: L 't "4 .. .j -_,..".,-
:. ~~ ~-. .J. .a.. .. ,|- ..: .a i.
:.a,- :'f - o '- f. `--, +. r ,L., ,, .
-,+'_ h.,'- :. ; .. .
----,!-..* _F," -Sf .. ,...*. :... ." .c- .. 08 r-" ,.: -. ,, .... . .. -. ". '-.T ,.. .., -i i",, ; i :
S .. .. _. + _. . __ . .-. -, .. ... 'r.
. .. "-A ... .. . .. .. .` -..
:. ". ". 1+5 "- ,." ,' .. .- .-' .." -.-%(I' :" ..' = ''- "
.'+";: ::." .' M-,." j" t:". ,- :; '" I - '1"..,. '. .. iW
j....". .- . -.. ". 'it'.. "-.. ', > .". .-. .. .. . .. v1 .I %j ...-Y e ... ....-" .-
-, "'. ;. --.. .2".:" ..1Z-11 -- t:.;',. .-.'.. ,:,1 t L. ,TiiR ..__n _ -' '' y. '..... ". .... ..
W,... ': "? . . .+._ .,111N,++ +,.

;V. . I ...- ...+4 .;. ... .. ~. X . .' . ..-
:i::~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .,1111. :.+ s pe.a abuIaa*-oe.%,'.-I~i~lLile! ,'" '
71f. '"- 6 1 o I ju:" i' sv ; --- .." ,, "r _' _L.. '- .' fl ,._.A .T"+?` '. -:. ,. ... .-

. .. , . -r .; .... .. . ,
,: 2o.ils -: .`n;,, -.f _,, .. 1li o, -iy "" -: .-::.,' r:.- :,

,-', .'. 1, .- -,1_1-; I -," ,,. ,.- . 1i .,
., : 1. - F '-;; : :i 1 -', .. .
. i+ , i _; ;.-- =.Z:-, .-.'"- . -Az -I .- .4' ,k!, zo y - ,! :.. .1., -(-" c:'-...,. ..
'.: ' s ie .--1 ..-.- ., - : .-. ,. I ,, .., rm ~ l!s .l4,D ". ...._.: hv j .

,,:'.;! -"",,.- 'P'.' _--: %'`;" .n-t ,. .. 1, ,1 "- .' '" __ I .I. 2 I " .- ....i- ." "; .. -.". ..-"' -, -_ ... .. .- t -. .
;", ak .b t h he .a.b~ bole ." ...,.7.."- = =: ~ T :2.:! :
-+. ... i:' :r- t '! j. .- .:.w .. "_:A ...11 ..' , 1.. ."

F.o..B .mm l ,sim . .. .,",,,. I,,,p i .
-. -. ......: ....,

.; .. _, L. ,. .. a,I .'"- .'.g
.- .'z t . N. -, . . ._ .-- w r it .-C 'I F..: .'.:-- 1 ';: ,
w *,.,* .'. -.'- ,,
... I: o .d t e .et .s ver ba ly tate e i ., .. L_ -Z "".I.1 i ", Moo. ; ," j'. _!.,` " R:.R!"Nr ,, v",
_... ak d frc a g n y c a g n t~ r. ". , -R .0 .L1'-' :, "- --'

- ... . .._ . : . .-f I _.. 4 .- 1.. ,.
"'- .e+e g31 .- b.., .- L.. ;to m .. :' j' :I:- 1 ., --t" ... .- .. ... .-: ...N---'
-RA Ie~ r ae a bi& tha isT' wor, "1 -w- '3',, W ''" ., "
.. M ,- :,.- ., w -_ W
..!: .o' -no wht.-1 do. I. t N~ w.r //$ IH wk wEnlA6xiI4IAI '.., jL -. I"
." -. s -; r e 11. a t ,n e .t ,,, l.r , R ..'& W'0 tVc tI .% -. .. ....u-' -

;:. --. : ,. __ z. .:. r.-- ,K: r ...% :.
-.,;C-14 ,O th s ,m -cu o ed ,h e -htp _L [- .o!.. .7: 1 ."H RA EL CTI, "-,,.. :i "'. : "A .: T.' 4_ .. ...7
-j ", 7;5 I.' v " .- '.'
---- t", r oi A I "I KENNET ."M O I. V .U -'. 'r R$.
,f-: ... 1 2 _

..." '. I' . .
:., :: ', :,.. ,.. ,. .-. 1 .

- - .. ,,: ". ., . , : .. ., L ; I, k : - I !

:, a12' HAITI SUN. SUNDAY, MAY 11th

Persoality Of1 The Week "Suspense". And by 1950,

|r-resident Magloire chose she irritated that same knee oGirl,, t o "h
llher as his partner to. open .on the road to the Citadel. '
thi Palace Ba,, the petite Though there was no cruih Her first movie role was '
star danced as gracefully as in her much publicized fall, a boy-crazy juvenile delin- F
though she had been born her knee was swollen andqet i So Young, So
to our Haitian rhythms; painful, Pad returning to Bad.' Her second was a.
SNeedlessto"say, she.was -the. her hotel rain-soaked and ove-lorn girl in cT e
elle of the Evehing'andas muddy, she thought thetrip Whistle at Eaton 'Falls.n A
as. we know did hot a great adventure. And af But neither picture put her '
Surxdown -a single request ter Dr. Castera had given in the limelight as did
,a dance during her en- heir an injection in her in- HLydia Baileyn where
stay. jured. knee, her man con- 20th Century Fox plainly is
tcern was gettmg.in another saying Look, here is one
Ane'st friendlinss .was evening Qf dancing.. aMay of, 'our risiqj -stars!n
6 'hown in her persistent we dance' at the Perchoir?"
p- to" converse in she :asked hopefully. Fol- Immediately after the cor
rather thaa English. lowing the delightful re- pletion of the historic film
j i lher vocabulary was ception a, e the "restaurant on Haiti, Anne received a :
"hert accet as excep- in ea clouds. Anne oon- new' assignment the role
:.t od. ahd she humb tnued her Meringue lessons of .Clifton Webb's daughter
idcorrections in heratthe Casino thn re- in Elopement. .
turned home for a swim in
the, of affeRancho pool Such fast leaps up thae H NTERVIEWS MISS 'S
S lywood game but for sougenirat, p.m. After Hollywood arid her perspective asked if return in the near. ue '

'keAnne.. She hasn't Many of he newsmen ho remains changede.

iled fame and I were drooping .a bit ,about ,
hing ht m eer. willa theg s sat the wadY of b enDo yo arirkI'd welc e? O bbidf o t
', s sbenin' official 'paest could heonl Yout Anenrter befre boaR ft .a r Report repli e d. e- '

actr she interher7u o gau r ebod I
n resse e a t t Prnce' keeping hd feet '' on'th vent Mais .P
S' ie se *h ground, a id her perspecti ve
i ae..' het ng o ewa. i -who remainset nocha aged. h-o m e
,.-s ,per I e d J'y -as ce tion t- the !r6tauran .". :"
ol', tr it he tnhe.i w e oAWhen she bid'farewebi to
tt~ a esje, con oe'beie'eiaJp
!y Sh ginaelouReorter bMned of bsar

d- s again. eaxdonei dressed ee t -u
To. .. P i drtau r.i'6',a',,lS.
T.e, Z gra.t.Pde.ort he .. .w.

a Kir:.:) "' itipo, Y :theea n ich adpo la h e "r :d it ;'.' -,: ,,ky .-
"i e-'e ptshe's i 1ars in Suc' t ; '1 h t S s .7'N S..,r ."-" .::
i of er'sno' s em A nes o d h e masd that uc, aa
9 .-. -. .t. y' bat.'" s th e wshe as b 't,'
4rAn.. ony' before. As naet of th'n
#I4Yk. ihAJ chnler s a sare, int e th gnrnes tryhe p- D al-" _
.o. $: ... -peci alr ".t, who --pWh eh a sked f',' s he, ..
',,te r eapertea nwasei i'- .adorske Ah.-if.,
IRr used ch id scmn a4ipanieod !pu-rto ii'eh
-. ran-e ZiflOS.. ..F r flfli t r nea .. f utre A ..e. r Wadlt" ..."r' "

l .n:,m, yAs N d tik..-iid oA wotr ..h. noeaed'e 0tu *e. *.. ymrV,'re
Id-s r fl.lw d sae ll eonot sr iotn ,-roud i t tr ,..fat e Yho..
-e Sea- Le t -c* e Reel:
'hwn6,I secin&% iidoere i drouping -ra the.ab c..-, u ".
ero or ear a zpinaes Ae
i ^. alone. the c Sry thet t'
lie" Ride ae for e1pecialy p,..os'.6 o. --.

RIOAentk ,eOonrd =1d4 Pow es n A d honk madS
ie o'f 'grcedvers. AmShdo tn Ane'

p noyer-a ddengtsved Elleie
e h am hr ',hrete- gars ne h e th o "
'; 'riero -
*14nib ,.rahqdtl j-ethdhth m--

is 4giiheroi e
"him- -toe. BS.veradl.y MERC

iO i ee .eed- to pcl')r m .. :,u o:"U INI.dBH IAN
4 nn .t" n. "
of h s I ve Slip C '. . .,.,..'.
.E d ( jjats. eFo r.three.year

R.:. %-` "' '' -. "e.

K1S 0 in .9..iici "a --nq biwor s't-""' .u
a........ ..Al-C R
1. .,-;:.r... .. ....:th a.t


The Cuban Ambassador
Francisco de Arce and his
charming wife entertained
at a dinner last Saturday,
May 3, held in their home
Haut Peu de Choses. Guests
included: The Spanish Am-
bassador, H. E. M. Fernan-
do Canthal y Giron and
Madame Canthal; Ameri-
can Charge d'Affaires, Ro-
bert Folsom and Mfrs. Fol
som; Belgian Consul F. G.
Naude and Mrs. Naude;
IMr. and Mrs. Anstey of the
British Legation and Mr.
and Mrs. Horace Ashton.
Sunday next Mr. and
Mrs. Nageb Sada, a grand
pair will celebrate 30 years
-as man and wife.
The former Aida Abra-
ham, Mrs. Robert Hyder, ar
rivedd here Wednesday on a
visit to her homeland after
an absence of six years. Mrs.
Hyder is accompanied by
her husband and two sons,
all of whom are seeing Hai-
ti for the first time.

Lieutenant Kenneth Dil-
lon and his. petite wife and
daughter left for Panama
.this week where the Ameri-
can Air Force officer has
been assigned to take up
his duties. The popular trio
were given a farewell Bam-
boche Saturday, May 3rd,
by their Aux Orchidees hos-
tess, Pat Wideman. Dinner
guests included: Mr. and
Mrs. Herb Heilig; Colonel
and Madame Alexander;
Mr. Gren Moat, Miss Mary
Johnson and Lawyer B. Ar
man, who, incidentally left
Friday for a health trip to
the States. The party wound
up at the Cabane Choucoune
adjourning in the wee small
hours. We hope the Dillons
have recovered by this time

== L. H~

from the farewell
gaiety and will

round of
be back

Today is the birthday an-
niversary of Melle Alice
The ranks of the honey-
mooners were swelled this
week by Saturday's mar-
'riage of the charming Mlle.
Rolande Kernisan to N. Os-
wald Desdunes. at St. Ge
rard's Church where the,
nuptial benediction was pro
nounced, by special privi-'
lege, by Mgr. Boninenfant
Cure of Port de Paix. The
bride, who is the daughter
of the Under-Secretary of
Agriculture and Commerce,
was led to the altar by her
mother, Mme Jean Kernizan
The groom was accompani-
,ed by Senator Morceau De
sinor. The President sent a
top military official, as his
personal representative.
The parents of the bride
offered a splendid reception
at their villa la Lafleur
Duicheine for the large
.4roup l o-f "Idistinguished
guests. The happy couple
are now honeymooning in
Port de Paix.
Sunday afternoon Lalue
was blessed with a chil-
drens' party. Miss Marie El-
ma Brisson celebrated her
third birthday with all her
young friends at Papa
Jean's home.
On the 24th at 6 p.m. at
,the Sacre Coeur, George
Mourra II will walk up the
aisle with Melle Georgette
Among t h e passengers
who disembarked from the
S.S. ,Hermes, when she
berthed hore early Thursday
morning was Mrs. Silver
Pilie, wife of Silvfi-. Pilie
of the National Bank. Mrs.
Pilie was returning from.
the States.
Home from New York
visiting the ,in-lawsn is,
George Moutra, I.

Sunday there was a big
breakfast party at Jean Ja-
bon's home in Ruelle N
following the first holy
Communion. of daughter
Marlene and son Jean
Friday was the f&te of
Mrs. Franklin Brierre ,ti
Thursday evening at a
parry at the home of Dr.
Paul Nicolas in Bois Verna
the announcement of the
Engagement of daughter
Marie Therese Nicolas to
Lionel Beauboeuf of Jere-
mie was made public. The
date has nor been set.

Heading State-side next
week are XMIrs. Eric Tippen-
hauer, daughters Helda,
Gerda, and son Eric Jn.
Dewitt Peteirs, director of
the Centre d'Art returned o
New York Thursday to ar-'
range exhibitions of Haitian
Art abroad during the
spring and summer.
The man who has given
Creole a Chicago accent out
Bizoton way ... Jerry Kov-
ler, manager of the Hotel
Riviera, flew back to the
States Monday to enjoy his
first look at old Chi in two
years. Jerry had a busy sea-
son along with the work
that goes into the construc-
%ion of a pool and tennis
.courts. He deserves his
month change of climate
Mrs. Roger Dreyfuss, wife
of Roger, collaborator of
the Democratie and at pre-,
sent working wih Unesco
in Liberia arrived in town
Thursday. Mrs. Drepfuss
was accompanied home from
Africa via Maiquetia, Vene-
zuela by her children Carol,
Jesse and Joel.
At the Holy Trinity Ca-
thedral Sunday the christen
ing of Reginald Brandt, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Donald
Brandt took place. Regin-
ald's Godparents airg.Melle
Mabel Fenton and Lt. Lu-
cien Scott.
Mr. Domingo Caolo is of-
feting a cocktail party at
the Ibo Lele Hotel Wednes
day from 6 to 8 to intro-
duce Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
H. Wubbold to Port au
Prince. Mr. Wubbold is re-
placing Mike Caolo here as
Esso Manager. Mike is due

Tiamous since 4862

Tuesday evening before departure at the reception of"
fered at the American Embassy residence in Boudovr by
the Charge d'Affair and Mrs. Robert Folsom. At tha
'left Charge d Affair Folsom, Anne Francis, William Ma(
shall and Mrs. Folsom. \

for a long vacation and then
a new assignment in Puerto
Gustav Dalla Valla, local
,,Tarzan of the Deep, and
incidentally at times a tor-
turous comedian, Sunday is
closing h i s Spearfishing
school, tying up the Myrtle
Ruth and placing his spear
gun on the shelf ... Monday
he is winging his way to
New York to join wife
Renee and their new daugh-
,ter, for two months vaca

School teacher Bruvilla
Guery of the Ecole Normale
went to New York on Sat-
Dr. Lucie Sajous, wife of
Fred Sajous is heading for
New York tomorrow to con
tinue specialized studies in
the medical field.
Quesnay PieIrre Louis, of
Jacmel. brother of the De-
put), is Paris bound next
Mr. and Mrs. Paul For-
tune left for New York on
a business cum pleasure trip
this weekend.
Wednesday Henri Fou-
'chard is planning to fly to
the States.
Mrs. Ann Kennedy and
her house guest Hilda Rod-
man are both flying to the
States Wednesday,
Tomorrow is the f&te of
Mrs. Eugene Decatral, not
positive but it may be her
70th birthday.
Leon Arocha for two
years Secretary of the Vene
zuelan Embassy here left
Saturday for Caracas ac-
companied by his family.
Gerard Bonn)y is going to
New York today to receive
medical attention.

Tall Fortune Bogat receive ,
ed a pinch from Ann Fran-'
cis which was mgant
for William Marshall dur-
;ng the reception at LLd
Perchoir, ... nothing to hit
the headlines with.
-:0:- 1
The ,bamboche> in Babi
.le Thursday evening wag
in honc'l of former abris-
eurn Franck Borday. He
celebrated with family and
friends his birthday anni"
Gladys Bogat is returning
to her post at the Miami
Consulate this week a-ter a
three week sejour here.
Off to Nw York this
week are Mrs. Gerard Wei-
ner and Eilleen Herrick.
Bob Roy left on a month
business trip to the States
Tuesday ... he sold himself
, trip on the Nuevo Domi-
nicano ... and arrived a min
ute before sailing time, 8
p.m. Tuesday evening.
Dining at the Casino last
night were Haiti's Ambassa-
or to Venezuela and Mrs.
Roche B. Laroche, with Mr.
and Mirs. Rony Chenet Jr.
The Laroches home for 3
weeks vacation intend to
trek to- the Citadelle next

Mr. and Mrs. Max Fou-
chard were blessed with, a
second daughter last Satur-
day, at Maternity Bourand.
Nine pound Miss Fouchard
has been given the name
The newest member bof
-the Haitian Coast Guard
is aGabriel, son of Mr. a d
Mrs. Lieut. Jacques Selgado.
Gabriel was born last week,
and now hits the scales at a
healthy 9 pounds.

Page 13


Page 14


(Continued from Page 3) knee was not se
self, but the act
Natives of Associated Press, slightly and the
United Press and the Inter- commended tha
national News Service be taken.
the three largest news agen- The search f
cies in the world have part of the jour.
accompanied the stars of session. If the
Lydia Baileys on their nal,, desires th
trip to Haiti. Monday, at 6 Viion given to
p.m. Bob Gowe of A. P., wraps, that is it
Jack Fallon of U. P. and cLa Democra
Phyllis Batelle of INS cab- wrote a comment,
led to New York the de- orgatization of
tails of the accident Miss Bailey World Pi
Ann Francis suffered on
the road to the Citadel. The
cable sent by the INS repre-
sentative was paid for by
20th Century Fox on the re-
quest of M. Sterling Sill-
phant, publicity director of
the film company.
No one was able to keep
the American journalists
from relating .the accident
as it occurred.
Moreover, Miss Ann Fran '
cis asked the doctor who
gave her an injection of
novocaine whether s h e .


,rious in it-
.ress limped
e doctor re-
t an X-ray

or news is
ntalistic pro-
5at informa-
it under
s right.
talie which
tary on the
the Lydia
premiere pro-

gramme found everything
perfect following the accki
dent of Miss Francis.
,If the celebrated actress
had been in an auto mishap
on 'he Riviera or on the
Los Angeles highway would
the French or the American
press have kept it a secret?
,We wish to be a great
newspaper of Port au
Prince. But we are not go-
ing as far as to say that the
Amnrican Press borrows
news from our columns,
especially since it had been
invited to send its own re-
presentative to Port au
Prince and the Citadel to

would be able to go out .,amp
that same night and was l .. ..... '
told that she could after her
knee was 'treated. The swel- tSndy night Anne Francis and William Marshall rid-
ling of the ivrenched right ig down the Boulevard Ha ry S. Truman on the way
i w to the Wdrld Premiere.

cover the visit of the Lydia
Bailey stars to Haiti.n
The aHaiti Sun" would
like to add its small voice
to the uproar by comment-
ing on the following facts :
1) The main job of the
20th Century Fox Publicity
Office is to get the names
of the Company's stars in
the newspapers. It is par-
ticularly anxious to provide
news abuild-ups, for new
stars and Miss Francis fits
in that category.
2) Minor incidents in the
lives of the stars are dressed
up as news. And if there
are no such "incidents,, it
is the duty of the Studio
Publicity Man to manufac-
ture one.
3) Mr. Stirling Silliphant
had detailed plans under
way to have Miss Francis
get (lost, on Treasure Is-
land with two or three Ame
rican journalists in order to
provide a dramatic rescue
for the front pages of the
newspapers. One of the re-
!presentatives of the large
press services refused to
play his assigned role in the
farce because the resulting
story would-be a "publicity
Istunt, and not legitimate
4) Mr. Silliphant there-
upon decided upon another
plan to have Miss Francis
get "lost, in a boar on the
Bay. The second plan was
abandoned because the N.Y.
Daily News representative
who was supposed to get
lost with her was delayed at
Cap Haitian and had to be
flown back in a second

5) Mr. Silliphant then
seized on the riding acci-
dent as his apeg, for a news
story and personally escort-
.ed a group of journalists to
Port au Prince to file cables
on the incident to their re-
spective papers and press
6) Every Editor in Ame-
rica is well aware of the
mechinations of Hollywood
publicity offices and gener-
ally gives such stories only
such attention as they de-
. Unless we are mistaken,
the campaign to boost Hai-
ti's tourist trade will suffer
little damage. At least,
that is the way it looks to
seasoned observers here.


The tranquility of Police
Headquarters was violently
,erupted early the morning
following the ubig rains by
the telephone and a caller
who claimed to have found
a car in the back of his
house ... what should he
Finders are surely not
keepers ,when an auto is at
stake. The 6 a.m. caller
was Dr. Franck Bazile of 36
Ave. Christophe and the ti-
dal wave that swept
through a greater part of
the city when the ravines
burst their banks on the
Tuesday night, has carried
the 1950 Plymouth, Offi-
cial 248 belonging to Mr.
Luc Grimard into the rear
of his home.

Do you live/under the shadow o


*: & '* '





Obtainable from all chemists
Manufactured Ly Imperial Chemical (Pharmaceuticals) Ltd.
Distributors in Haiti-TRANS-WORLD TRADING CO., S.A

SUNDAY, MAY 1lth '


SS .PAY, MAY 11th

S(Continued from Page 1)

Jale and the negro commu"
!rhity in Anldrica.
I He .told Your Reporter
!that he plans to bring even
larger groups of acongene-
Lresn to Haiti in the future.
FHe recently returned to the
United States from .our fel-
o w Republic, Libetra,
-where he aided government
officials with their reorga-
nization .plans.
Mr. Barnett and the vis-
:iting medical personalities
r arrived in Port au Prince
-:with their families Wednes
'day after short stays' in
IPuerto Rico and the Domi-
nician Republic. A recepr
ion was held in their h'on-
,6our Wednesday evening at
rthe Club L'Amicale with
.Health Minister Clement Ju
.' melle.' Under-Secretary of
"jState Dr. A. Sam and Dr.
.-Lucien Pierre Noel as-
isistant Director General of
..-the Public Health Service-
H serving as hosts. A fellow
.guest of honour was Dr.
t Guy Mallet; visiting Profes-
-sor of Surgery at the Uni
:.versity of Lyon.
During the course, of the
dIevening Dr. Gedirge Hudei
.court .'gave -a welcoming"
speech in English. in the
..name of the Haitian Medi-
cal Association, thanking
-the American "visitors for
`their many services to young
5Haitian medical students
studying in the United
| States.

Mr. Ba)rnett also made a
brief address following. a
showing of films depicting
the American Negro's rise
In the -fields of sports, busi-
ness, industry and politics.
< The' American doctors
spent Thursday shopping
and visiting social and busi
iess leaders about town, in-
cluding their ever exuber
ant fellow citizen, Jimmy



Plinton. Friday was devot-
ed to a trip to the Citadelle
and tomorrow the party re-
gretfully step aboard the
plane for the next leg of its
Caribbean jaunt the trip
'to Cuba and Jamaica.
Noted personalities in the
visiting medical group in-
cluded: Dr. A. M. Mercer,
from the staff of Chicago's
Provident Hospital and
member of the A.M.A., Na-
tional Medical Association
and the American College
of Surgeons.

Dr. Will M. Jones, Clii
cago practitioner associated
with Provident Hospital
and the Cook County Medi-
cal Association.
Dr. Edward Charles Mit-
chell another member of
'r h e LProvident Hospital
Dr. C. M. Jones of Bay-
onne, New' Jersey, and vice
president of its Chapter of
the Lion's Club. He is a
member of his County Medi
cal body, the American Aca
demy of General Practice,
and the A.M.A.
Dr. Le Roy Dabs of St.
Louis, Missouri a mem-'
ber of the staff of three bos
picals, including the Homer.
G,- Phillips hospital, larg-
est negro hospital in the
United States.
Dr. William J. Rucker of
Painesville, Ohio a high-
ly respected general practi
Dr. T. R. Borders of Ft.
Wayne, Indiana, a widely
known doctor of his area.
Mrs. Lucile Norman, a
supervisory N. Y. City so-c
- cial worker for the Ameri-
can Cancer Research Orga-

Office space for rent on
the Rue Pavee opposite Pan
American World Airways.
Apply Higgins Bar.

May 7, 1952

M. Guy Douyon

Directdr du Bureau du

Port au Prince, Haiti.
Dear Mr. Douyon :

horsewoman of note; 'her
tumble from the horse was
embarrassing to-her, rather
than to her Haitian hosts!
She was obviously well en-
ough, after her trip to the
Citadelle, to dance jitterbug
with Jean Leon Destine!
Also to eat a hearty supper
at Le Perchoir.
In fact, if after the ela-
borate festivities w hi c h

Page i ,. .

face is red, it is surely the
handsome face of the actor
Marshall who made the-
faux-pas of 'the epoch in ex
pressing his pride at playing
the role of -King Dick, a
great Haitian heron! The
Haitian hosts,, on this oc-
casion have every right to
he genuinely satisfied' with
their own efforts.

1 was not a little shocked marked the Premiere of ours very sincezey,
to discover that ,Le Matin c "Lydia Bailey,, anyone's Edith Efroa.
had criticized the Tourist
Bureau's organization of the ,~. >:e~ 'aOt.:: >.:.. .ae< .a. -. :. *. lew ,s..-: .c v <. 'w-Aest
World Premiere of ,Lydia NO OR
Bailey as well as its recep- NO ORDER TOO LARGE NO ORDER TOO SMALL
tion of the American news
papermen and the Holly- j
wood stars who attended
the Premiere.

I participated, as repre-
aentative of Time Life -
Fortune magazines in most
of the festivities, and I
should like to' tell you that
they were excellently or-
ganized, and thoroughly ap
preciated by the stars and
journalists, whose c o m-
ments I was in a position to
hear. The' various recep-
.tions were elegant and an
atmosphere of genuine gaie-
cty and warmth prevailed
throughout. Personally, I
had an absolutely delightful
Time, and my many friends
in the American journalistic
group shared my enthu-

The adventure of riding T:
up to the Citadelle in the l#
pouring rain which left
\several of my confreres with '
,biftek,, and running noses
was. from an Americyn
point of view, very funny. I
am certain that those who
enioved this hazardous ex-
nedition will use it as ma-
terial for a few good anec
dotes when they ger home.
Everyone on the trip, de-
tnite the rain, was impress-
ed with the Citadelle and
.-lad that they had gone. As
fnr Ann Francis. she was
dhown in the film to be a


4. C,






Rue du Qaui

Our gMrowth has been based upon quality of raaterial,
- fair prices and prompt and courteous service.
Tels 3770 or 3118
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. I* l.IALER
... A.-WtA H -,



. I


Page 16 ~, aHAITI SUN' SUNDAY, I~1AY 11th


'! Wc visited 3529v
Since ,We learned t9 is
but wherever we wen
- found enthusiasm fc
S-Philips New Variety
"i Je. Highly esteemed e
heree for sound and I

_ See

Ask for a Demonstr
S Today at

Two Export-Import Bank
Representatives Here
S (Continued from Page I)
) huge dam.
Our confrere goes on to
,say that 10 American Com-
panies have already submit-
red their plans in a bid for
the project and the an-
nouncement. of a contract
may not be far away.
The visiting Import-Ex-
towrfl port Bank officials are mak
s trick, .ing a trip to the site of the
nt.we million-dollar dam at Peli-
)r the g!re in the company of OD
Ran. VA technicians. Preliminary
S studies for the vast construct
very. 'tion project are going for-
ooks. ward cautiously, since the
BX 716A 'slightest error in calcula-
S 'tions would be costly in-
New Dominican
Ambassador Arrives
(Conttinued from Page 1)
years ago.
Dr. Franco also held dip-
lomatic posts in Switzer-
land, Italy, where he was
the Dominican Minister to
.the Vatican, and France
where he served as Ambas-
sador. His decorations in-
clude Chevalier of the
EED French Legion of Honour
N and Grand Officer of the
Haitian National Order of
Honour and Merit.
NT The present Dominican
Ambassador to Haiti IM.
IS Aybar,_ is returning to the
foreign office inCiudad Tru
T jillo with a two-year record
of cementing the friendship
of our two small Republics.
ation His many friends will miss

Kurt Fisher Honoured
Mr. Kurt Fisher's paper
on Pre-Colombian Archeo-
logy in Haiti has been chos-
'en as one of two articles to
be published under the spon
worship of the Congress of
Municipal History that re-
cently. was held in Ciudad-
Trujillo. The , cional d'Archeologie and
d'Ethnologie, has also pub-
lisbed Mr. Fisher's article in
French and Spanish.
This Society also honour-
ed the author by electing
him '"member Correspon-
dent,, along with another
noted historian, Dr. Price-
We might add that on M.
Fisher's invitation ,more
than 30 members of the re-
cent historical congress vis-
ited Haiti. And last week
a group of Mexican archeo
logists made a trip to Port
au Prince-to view the rich
Fisher collection of ancient

SINew 750,000 Dollar FOR ONE WEEK
Sugar Plant
(Continued from Page 1)' -
tor of the Congregation of AT.
the Immaculate Heart of
Mary which owns the corn- .- .-
mon and preferred shares -6-
of Central stock.
To supply the factory,
3,500 hectares of land must -
be used for cane production. -.n-a
Central will plant 1,500, T BestQualify Cemen at
hectares and. the, remainder i ow. estpossible s
will be cultivated by inde-j the Lowestpossible cost
pendent planters. ALLEN & BAUSSAN :

Workers Strike Fifth Anniversary oIIer eir '
The Curacao Trading Co. In Brickyard Of1 cL'Action I
Show Booms According to a report in May fourth, our Con-
MARQUETTE ,,Le Nouvellisten brickyard frere ,,L'Action- observed .,
workers at Le Globe and La its fifth birthday .and we i
Baudry located in the Caba- add our 'voice to the chorus
B ret area, hve been more of well wishers to editor
or -less'on strike since last George Petit and his staff..
S."' Friday because their pay Somehow or other, our "
".!. .' |does not come up to- the story on the birthday -of- -Le
new minimum wage of five Nouvelliste, gor overlook- ,
i gourdes a day announced ed in the rush to put to-'
Thursday b.; the President gether our special ,Lydia
.'.'... for day labourers on the Bailey, edition last week. '
Government pay roll. But he would 'like tc offer 94LBS. NET .
i Le Nouvelliste-, reports our belated congratulations'
that the Biureau of Labour and compliment Haiti's old. '
has informed the strikers est daily on the beautiful -
"' i -that the boost in the mini- tribute it received from M.
:; mum wage scale does nor. loseth Charles, Secretarv of *
reasonably priced concern tr/ m, at least for National Education.
8.6. .' ....... methe- moment,- The measure The Minister praised ,,Lel ~ -
.. -. C eet was aimed at increasing the Nouvelliste" for its earnesO IN BAGS OF 42 1/2 PORTLAND CEMENT
See piy for labourers hired by efforts in carrying out its STANDARD HYDRAULICKgs NET 6 PLY
r' acao Trading o0. the Public Works Depart- responsibility to'aid in the. OFFICE: MTTC BLDG. EXPOSITION
:f*, Haiti, S.A. nmert ind other government education of the Haitian7 Port-au-Prince Tel : 2387
agencies. public. I
-low' Roft.* 0' O-- A *



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S -oow

SUNDA), &A'Y' lith,


20 olo OFF





Haitian Rugs-


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