Haiti sun ( April 13, 1952 )

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Material Information

Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Creation Date: April 13, 1952


Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Classification: lcc - Newspaper 2117
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Permanent Link: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/AA00015023/00001

Material Information

Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Creation Date: April 13, 1952


Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."

Record Information

Source Institution: Duke University Libraries
Holding Location: Duke University Libraries
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 32441147
lccn - sn 95058138
Classification: lcc - Newspaper 2117
System ID: AA00015023:00130

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I. ; . . f
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;-, A r I


Sresident Magloire took interest in te mcha ed

time o from his arduous farming section and-the fis .
i, Arriv es tu.ou Oicia f D Y Y

'IThe government is busy Trojillo not only .is vice- duties this week for a four- culture .project directed by When' Mary Coles 1st *
p'uttihg he,f niishing touch- president an Min r ,of day yacht trip and a bit of Dr. Lin.. The Chinese U-N aboard "hep, n "e Tu '
s to the welcome pro- ar in the present ni- repose in the sea air. '%Le authority is now the beam- for her flight .bak t ew
-gramme for. I general Mector .can Government -but ao Matin reports 'that the ing father of thousands and York,. she -will leave belntf
iB. Trujillo who arrives on can be considered the future Chief Executive wa not ac thousands of.' little carp a host of friends 'b ad *
an official visit Tuesday.' A Chief of State of our closest companied by his family oi .hatched last week fish rs The ch&ortling senito' X
Ssum of 100,000 gourdes has neighbour; He is the only metnbers of his Cabinet that will do much to add humour and effervesiPe r
'been set aside 'to assure candidate for the post to be when he. set sail early' Wed. valuable proteins to the sonality of thepetite b
f.ins for- the' ftes to be vacated by'.his brother who nesday morning. Hip tenta- diet of Haitian families. artist won her a fav it -
Sgiven -in honour of the dis- has served more toan" a rive schedule reportedly in- .e spc. in PWorthe u-Prne, s ,4
it tislg ed visitor. QGeneral quarter century as head of eluded a stop at Hot Spring. circles h.lsae h es. '""
'igue vstr the Dominiicari Republie. and Bayeun 'the site of a Woril d ea the b an erlfulwatercolob.
His v:it to Port-au- community of minoder Haitian scenes won ae
I pa y Eastera Prince on the invitation of hores built by Shada He 01i ve lere praise and. recognitdnfr#, f
the..Hatia n Government sig was -expected back n tie art loverss'
S. hurchs were overflow- n ifies the continuance of sthe Capital at th time he The emphasis the Hai- '
gin this mo ring,0 as.: Haid feeling" o fhiedil p thae SJ% went to express .f. tiane Gvertnewt isd placing h p f
fcobserved Oie 'most 49 nowe--ists between the.'tw6 T &iheonhi n' .yiene anUpjya fl podrf o 't
I 'st t eeus' l .e"i H. rre, e. Chief. Executive. monstrated last Monday erk"sh i
S'datn ters.the. er. ees oe General Atseimo Paulino paid a surprise inspection when thousands of .school Hait ... work heth'pe ; to

Smothers have been parting as for the important i- an opportunity to check on Even though eavy rai depictiour d
.the finishing touches to ew sit. the pmptness of the Da- had muddied the parade shp. .foun Ii oursmal .
K holiday oufkts: for their lit- mien employees in reporting the City Hail,' thel young- tor Enw Douvon,, vy e -.
e ones. e congregation a eneral forwrk. In ne wthhis
looked s b ansiteiroked trim and clean tbvbstc over thc,:iea.
.. as r tn gay ? c, sy g newproPammeofadmis- a sheir white and ab- e unie- Mary, a treconi atie .
~( this morning as the flower- Naiti's Scents of th active discipline white and' blue My dare vi 'ati
it shrubs in nearby gar- Offes, he asked that' sane- t
1dens. h sub-director ch ons bei invoked against the long carrying posters de- standing, 's an exceptsi
s isu' r drw nthe g0tin.a ce .offthe B oy w s w' we the' picting ways to make Haiti < mbasadores ..i ';'
SAs customary durg, ternatonal ffice ofBoy workers who were late or healthier Republic The will. Born i Newark,
Easter" many Port-au-P' n- Scoutt paid a short vst to abs nt w to ent E-' st pi c a ... rea g i- ow M

e motored over to Leo- .Port-au-Prince this weekend so. cially made for the Public anily with both brane *
.gne and P"rrefour De and localSscouts helda giant The Presiden t then spe grnt continued on page 3)- (Co.tinued on P ie 2) .
ort 'to watch the famous Ra rally in. his- onour. an hour inspecting the Da- .
a da ces. ,The dus have Major-General. D. C. Spry mien Farm. ... taking special
Slet up for the. past three Chief. S cou t of' Canada, is a t
ays and three night, s in making a tour of the Ame-,

spite s of the raiui which ricas and stopped in Hait Drector i Of T ourism
> might have dampened the on a flight from Caracas. Returns; Has e C .

'' Morning astThe Director of the Na- '
Ps N AMe R N f back at his desk this week -

Symbl0 Of oo at 24 daysabroad where
Cnn t Solidrihe gther ead tm a tdas ofn
A significant story of mercial s irelae- h notor expaod Repf ho cif pter d .r Di o ere
t snd and harmony on cogni rtion of chat harmony v ors to or R lic- i

riendshrsip Guy Douyon was not able to
'.a hemEaspberid m basis a ea express d by all the gov-72
.,::Ane and Car~r~efour. De and 10cal scouts held.'a giivt The Presideni then spent(.l.

stFory of Neace -famous Rabe rale l .rin, enhis each yea on April gvYour Repor ah Dra- .' 2
alarmed on April 14have Major-General. D. C. Spry mien Farm ...of takhe fruits ofpecial
'ot upfor thepast three Chiefct owill f-be brought his trip, since he was busy
.pie of the rain e cu in the exhibitrica s and prostopped in Haitip reparing a report to Gov-
.might-have dampened o the grammes which will be held eurnent officials. But he
i.eancersbu 'not their spirit. .(onued.o Page was most optimistic whenOutlook

an repuT he Director of the Na-

ay of the year at maoqy- and the o there Republics of wll certainly profit by te
a peseri y a d Latin America.d lessons learned in other dtoura
Ivry eopin of ta le m (Continued o n Page 7) (Continued on Page 3) Mary Coes a work (See Personality)


(Continued fr om Page 1)

securely rooted in America's
pre-Revolutionary history.
She majored. in Art at Smith
College and held her first
New York Show at the pre-
cocious age of 19. She was
tilll in her teens when she
spent -two summers in the
famous art- colony at Pro-
vincetown studying under
Chdarles Hawthorne.

In the spring of 1930, her
show at Galerie Zak won
widespread praise. Said the
Paris edition of the Chicago
TrIbune: a Montparnassians
the world over will hear
with interest of Mary Coles
exhibit at Galerie Zak. For
Miss Coles is now an old
timer up on the hill ind not
to know her is a sign of
cncsr sarrived.r A. ctuiA;- e- ar

after she received her di- ty would not be a success
ploma she set sail for Eu- Mary, with her smile, ws
mope where she spent seven and fun, were not there. B
years. in Paris hard at work she is not just another lot
m In her left batik studio. Her eater seeking dreamful ea
i aochers during this produc- on the Terrace of the Dom
t ime period included Cola- She is an indefatigable woi
ril, Henri Moriseet, and er whose work is above a]
M t.ludin and Andre L'Hote. original ... a modern- alch
,. Ttee times the famous Sa- mist who transmutes tl
k01s de Printemps and d'au- most ordinary things in
sn fm e honoured the youth- .part gs of deep feeling
S f Aierican artist by choos aiind colour."
.' .-her work for exhibition. Later Mary travelled an

IPan American leads again!


. iI

'Y i

1290 to- Paris
5. '...., -..d 6p)
'. |350 o Madrid
l4 m New, ork 05"7 6|k.

!7 a, l '.. lThese" cye a fae samples
'. 'i '"" :c w e s '-e l de of the greatly reduced,
I'R'THE IAh BOWe n- -'rn'"af .. om,
-e. Yrk

4 ,,

n:tikthat Europeithpyou always wantea...
Pan Americia.World Airwavs will intro-
rjt SdAqie ,w!ich will cut-the hre from
lxaigjr European cities by as much as

.'hftkehistory.f international aviation...
are arfoing'the. st t6 benefit. Pan Anmeri-
-AineridibB hAs ia -leet. of braiidiewV Super
eadf If# operation and the demand .for
SBe .heavy. ..so start wrtw planning your
EY'.A.Anieriidan you.can iMake fast, con-
lie ge PkA., first to recognize the need
laiitictravel,, pioneered tourist flight, you
saiee'lciency and courteous service that
,The World's Most 'Experienced Airline."'


% r

Bt '.f .oad isJit'included in these lowestever fares, attractive,
'm'.Ihi'dsb armeals are 'provided at moderate prices.
r reruaotonsis e-i ourTel Agentor .-,

W. P A.

w :4 'lD O E X$E NCED AI R L N E
'. ...A n..'T .EmiPHmES 31451 ET 2822






painted in Italy, Brittany,
Austria, England, Scotland
and the picturesque Spanish
Isle of Mallorca. When she
returned to New York in
1934 she held one-man
shows at various galleries
including C o n t em porary
Arts arid Marquie ... reap-
ing, a harvest of excellent
reviews from leading art cri-
tics of the metropolitan
press. In addition her work
was accepted, by art juries
for exhibition with the As-
sociated Artists of New Jer-
sey; The Philadelphia and
New York Water Colour
Societies; The Chicago Art
Institute; the Cleveland Mu-
seum and the Metropolitan
Museum of Art in New
York. Coles .exhibits" were
also held at Vassar and other
Various critics acclaimed
her water colours for their
,instinctive feeling" and
,imaginative colour and
force." They were praised
for revealing an extraordia-
arily sensitive touch, defin-
ing figures that are at once
invested wvith solidity and an
air of fragile grace.
Here in Haiti her three ex-
hibits at thd Centre d'Art
brought forth -new praise ...
the gist of which was amaze-
ment that a foreign artist
could capture with such vi-'
vidness the fervour and
spirit of the..HaYtian people.
Mary's latest works" are all
the more remarkable since
she has only one-eights 'of
normal vision.
Her murals .at the Majes-
tic Hotel will be a perman-
ent reminder of her irue af-
fection. for Haiti.: And .that
affection is returned "One-
of Mary's greatest moments
came, she says, when, a -Hai'
.ian fellow pasesoger in- a
camionette. t pped her' gent-'
ly on the shoulder and told
her how much he appreciat-
ed her work. That, to Mary,
meant more than a rave re-
view on the pages of an Art

" She plais to come back to
Haiti abientot, -and what-
,ever Mary has in mind,- she


Person with 1950 Chevrb-
let in excellent condition for
a pick-up truck, InteresteQ
parties -write care of Post
Box 10,12. -
" -- -


S G. E. Refrigerator in prac
tically new condition, been
in usie Iittle over six months.
Contact Haiti Sun.




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r '



Thursday was the birth-
day anniversary of aLa Pha-
lange's, chief linotypist, Du
plex Pierie Louis.
Auto dealer Franck Mar-
tin left yesterday to spend


the remainder of Easter
with his wife in their sec-
ond home, Miami.
The cause of excitement
*today -is the departure, on a
honeymoon trip abroad of
Mr. and Mrs. Finlat.


." Director Of Tourism' 'Tourist Suzaqne IT as b`it and 6caught'a high-
WORLD HEALTH DAY OBSERVED HERE Returns; Has .: temperature (102),.' Suzanne
Optimistic Outlook To Miss Suzanne Potteish is way above the Quz-kidi.e.
.. '(Continudd front Page 1) vacationing here ,at the Ri- and will, be'ia 'booster-for
'. (Continued from Page 1): .fare of our. people The Gov-- ... viera with..her mother we our tourist trade.whe*.he h
ernmetr is happy. to take its' ist. conscious nationg:.:... wish a spee4y,.drop in. tern- returns to New bork..j
3Health Department by Ame part in thi campaign and lessons learned from many perature ...-,Su anne. spent has ,lp6ked ati.p tr.t ,p
.,rican Artist "Robel Paris. it stresses .once more that no years. of' experience in deal- three days'of lier two week, hones interested and so .
SAlso in' the parade were ,-sacrifce is too great to pro- in with the #various aspects vacation on a,, maU -Bizcton what colorful eyes, ..
.the army of workmen da- vide the Haitian worker 'ofhe .-uris i.dustry..t pier fishing ith -sea weed -" ---:0: "
gaged min catrying-;.out the with.,the: means of improv- ,. .- .- s?:.:xo t,,::a.,- |.4dministratiort's -pub klc -ing. his health and physical "'Mr. Douyon's tour took -' : ... '. '- .
health and sanirationeservi- well, being. him to Ciudad Trujillo, San S .peri.;Estahlishments Use Su por
srs IThe men dressed' .. .n then.on to New |; . "': : "' .! ir .. ..
N everthelesn rour csk wi-- a, a & '- . .... ,- ,n
r white shirts and blue troa- e ltens i "York wheredhe talked with N loners You ge this Extra Qualily. when U
r sets -- presentei.an 'mpos- I
Ssers i pre ted.an impos' fOlowsk in the' footsteps of Aa0rious advertising, busi-
.k mgs.t.. The crowd.cou on- ithe members of the HiTtiAn ness, touristic and transppr- ,,
Slookers seeded rticularly Public Hygiene Association. atin officials, and was TT I T"
Simressed the th in ferin his wholefieart- most ires sedb herESTIN HOU E
-new ambulancesrecently ac- ed . a.. ganizai. o achTvemets, --- W -- .. .. -; .. ,.
quired by ithe Gbovernment -, n of his os terestin
nd the line ofsp an One of his s interesting A
Cspan new trucks.' ,.. .We -miagine that. tody in ., th Mr. ". :'1 -' '
... ,, ebrey the Bermudian $ '. . .. .
Absent from the pare ., all 'prts he ..erd. en rist Offit e who outtiped Better Designed '.. -"
butdnevertheless a vital ipart.who Are re sible . the ma her -i which his '
of,,t A t..Aissrationsx- eal ,of ." simal island has become'p e ore Catefully Built .,.
pandi. g Health pgrnine am ng their consciences. .;* .. s f o .' ," .-
are"t4,- go -w- g list, of ,cli- urg the hygienists, doc- c-' fn2-',- V'"
n arne, d rdisgent n .df-cl ne .d fe of erh. W .t Mr. 'DO" nsI talet by Expe ience e nd Engine rs ,- '. '
d h a tohn l-,theSittn- e a. tellerss _..as wella nd m of. ,. __

scaryy at. Thoazeau. is ,sche- _ty --we. would ke -them .. ..
month. asked ounitiionl, if .e c e I duyo that .toirs.;can,
s, cpningtd eeryt -ng1 i .our po- m edill become one o1e
SHaitiar people, t .e health- cit in a stro, I ger,, happier in Southe.aitib iewy of nt- tihousedver more cooling e .

l "conscious Chie r ai an rehi, of Stte an and more prosperous per- nered e dollars to. nd high
of thed 'h. hospiial n -_spen h :ve outlined foi this coa- = sa$'2 Havan'a g'nd Kingston. ar.. e ...e.. aA *-- ,eee*.reft .., ',-* ..., fii :

The Haitian .Govern- Re peo. le in ou Republic. a '' -.
metis auays happy to .To .. th. fourth world '. ,, y .'.. ', 1

Seize. the op tunitya of dsce- tday f heth woulaiks them be- He, itselff received very1 -,....1
dt ,onsgapc take t 'pce this '"e anele f, -c weve he tr on g ncedt'n IT ifo R o t r. 1
,vali of good health and i asked. ou.reas, m if re g newspapers .that .touseveral .cities | il -
s o py topoint up health st6in dardngof the Hi- ons travel come'neray ...ther '. ., '

I thef deep spirit dftointena- tpan people,.; thanks- to yiZi MViami: Herald,- the .Baha-

"tio"al cooperation which ever increasing ef-orts and mi-e '"-" e "s
l' ie t.t raei address fo theW6rld devotion. ,be Hatian ms't 'filyouGieanter industries 9 ': ':, .- .'.
Health, Orgniz g the Hai ian officiasvi- '

Pi- s;tdn Ma,,,loea c en stoae ghmade sit wit, .warmin"and m-en-' ' .. l.-,:
The existence -of such an- hist. address i. itheSMay.ral- nd o d .s s a H ding "

n.the barriers between. peo- n, b -.',e,..,s of,.e. bsTh.dr aio Sn, > toul d /y ' '" ;''
pl mes of the world and dot' 'Tloygi sths fourth world. .. k -to dd -lie om V"
tional brothe rlood. It serves hda~ speech, the- .Cikthe be- He, lself received ver,- '
S eonsdtraon the" ppriceless..ginipg" new achieve- favourable tgteeting s from

h as link betwee'iuyoiti ard State -was.n made honorary
the other duntries; center Prestdent of -t can th" e

Sof mformasiot on ways of ?a resolution read byI the
so'. ing val ea of Probleha and i. group's resin .i newspapers in several cities id h '

o-ippy to point .up halth Stdard' of the h- on s ravel itermt ... .th .
Tnhis yeer, the celebration p ke. ia st'er Clement Jumelle .i |
ta' a, w ever increasing' efforts and Jnian ral't theKBaha- -

H-aof World Health Day coin-. Haiti n offias.vi- "

cides with; the Seance d O r events of aloire mday s .. Sece"acy of State - "
I, The Govexistence f sucht ankes reHygiene Association s h w.. , *

this oppoxtiza nity to hail the A .C.programme at the., da -r a HotelIbo Onl 0 a Pak vrwh
work he barriers between. peo- tr de -Verdue closed :.i. He was giviun his cer- I ",.

SHait o giefsts in the wrdday-long .ublic clebra- t.fi.te an F16 Mem t n ik 'o add its noice to th Ie' "'..
S.camp. ino errith e Il besIo success of rwhisch e bership iC hen e group.
Sh tween l State was.- madp .honorre 'r d -e ,

S. w u. o... ...

S For Information see Age s BERT E. O Exposition Stand.No. 7 P.O. Box 228. Tel. 21
vaWof Wor id healthD a. .in. Ohrent s In ,.-ri of the nesa,. /n s.I "e. cities
Kcidh with, th Shroeancs rof 's IaI on hisTh d ectetae" of Ste : -
iCsomRo ',e. jya d tgn a foot a nd-Publ d i e hotin= ._ .
Hitieonoe. i..a whih -ed 'his' ienfonasi n .. It 7
W e a .d .... "- C
tias o-nith y e Aer." rg .. at th e ec!re at Hote to flj" .

Haitii iyg,.. st- nt tay-longam auc m enampe r.t of ee.,. ee.ee..e.e ..
H' sta.nno e PHygeneit..Pub' .. .I.es s :wership in befoup. t ._ . i.: ..:.,
The xite c .. il a' & ,

T nt.Direct' (oeaks iow$ines Q, trn Ueeffs
the er ei ton- 'I tj The ., S n .. :

iol: ... Serves h s.' Luxdr.. .; ,y '-I ''. .. 4

SFor Information see Age nt ROBERT L bOY, txpo sition Stand.- No. 7 .. Box 228. Tel. 2187 .
Fz '
oi, s "u i
,%)" nin .an =ad fMn

-77, *': ,j: . G L L OL4 ... i1" .-- I. C-
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.. .r I .--
, :. .." . "" VP_.s
' ~ ~~A Sight'To Dehold '""
-,Ua. .-qri.: .u o I p :, .-, :t%--.. .. ...._

One of the most fascinat- tiosp re ot
.~~~ I:- 7
Cs Often ing traffic jams nthe his- .''N

a 10.30 p.m. last Saturday ,
T. .[.e old. bromide about rions. Captain Etienne, chief evening when cars heading
_'figthe "barn after the of. the Criminal Research for Ibo Lele. were blocked
b orse ,is stolen might be :Bureau, is one of the firmest by the shennanigans of at" .
ri. e bt i still is useful believers in the iheory cAn familiar green Convertible Close? Till Aprl 21ist -.. At School . U.S
or voting purposes. -.. ounce of prevention is worth trying to back up the ,shap .. .,...
especially these 'days with 'a pound of cure.,, He has bill outside the. Cdsrer risr Th .e schools, ni',n',si- E.lie..and jamil Rchard,,
V.jt'e've been. robbed,, re- this advice for' newcomers : dence. . .,.-x' es and courts' have 'closed' have .registered as mstuet:.
: .. . .V
ports.sep co-gi fromr va. Do' .:. leav unare 1.11;. thei d... Mna tBra;C~gei hd

y,. ouctionso f the city, windows otpen; A t, the= wheel, looking lApike 21st..T,.h 't s wa e Island.,vhere they will ts....
I.: ae on te Vt3La tio ep doors lodged bit desperate, Madamo,. like a . ). .o I .... . .ss ... ..
Po~~~~~; .~ 2. rea abou thIrpc ore nbtns

%qu "have .found in most when not, home;. Edith Bogat..aRunning along-.;~a hohest~trgoodenstsbtratio~a .. n.Te.y: are.thasns...
'jte:-.that'.:the complaints .3. &e 'careful' whom you beside the car gallantly 'of- .ter. vacation. '...-,. _.".of. M;. arid;. MI. i.
"g traffi jam in the. his- so ; .. .. .
.... "Lsons T #o T emptato n .. ... .. 0.- .. .. ;hof Petioinville....re %. 0 .
.. .c71 e ol bom i.der abou tP ". Ca ti Ete n ,C i fevenig dwhe on- c ars pheading_ ,' .,-' .. . .- ..,

..j efthe. 'ooraor wdrows o These simple ruleseare the frapher Roger Coswer. Whatbloke .The I .. n b d-.. .. .,..'
I ocktds is satenmitation to same thet you would follow enaved .the. see "on the l iW . . . .
in.any large city. An the s the nlooke's wf as i .. ..O.' '" .u o.: fth.ePd

he.:bataelled by ., :. npshis trouSers. His stock .' P acpiel ... .contain. a-I Tou.or. p I~-
,l ... rte, ca- blood bank and laboritory.--vention is wot tyn to b up iI t V .
..: 1. -.. ". ,..,.. _, ;,5:. ,.' o 'n' 'g ou c .i o t n v:!zo ew :s ss n -o nO:'

&.aI f-f:. pe' m ...W .j g f .. n
.. .. -.-sW= bt: .. sbd."_ the' upper floors Will 'hoiio 'aia Ira estgislatue:t0.
9tan ".dir~ect or .# D i-. Sa.turd4ay> morning -Ray- S' ,4.g;, t ,a t d :i, ;in,. ,n ram ro a; if~m r. W.m.,a', .~.
.._ -.- N- .- .i . I ..- new. .or i ,ro"n;s:'Mo-f- tomo"'rb_ it
...cblet mond'Flambert new tor U,--ei -an-, ,-'a I Monertzatdan 'e:' ontabtpans RLot a
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sect-tons ay. Y -.ork ton.e aten-day. 1usnen .- ty thewife Labra who ke,-t a .. Pubhe Thesp 'hast wean Isnen.a wil-e i-yl#g4i. .i.
'.~~ .,ondd (_ _N sad,

,LL! 'r.. ".. 'akehntm to- P Kdgston anid d pa tie, asMa ame t^ -" :0 ---- .- restIm ens.w,
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ew -'g R u; r'' "a e o ` ' "-'" '" ": "" .. "
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.. ', ,.: ,-,'. -;.'t P l e a s6" .';+ ,- 3 y o u r ..,c o s ,. , .' L" ,. "..' '"" '. a -I:!
I ,, .. .' :, . . . ... .. .
,.,I --1 .`. ,.:". ;:,." *. y .. ",'," 't; -;.t,. ": -. "' ...'. I. "



- NAl?



Oz lrew Left

S .

.-LIGHT W ASHI... .^ .:

!i' A '1S; i "k,'a : "* S F L" IC

Latest Novel On Haiti
i':', i." . .[ *' *.+, \ ,,,--
- a, book, aimed at .gw1g
the o dt a betterr ud er-
stadingd of Haiti 'and heyr
'peop ..
A W, on Sale at all
B ook Stores

Authoress 'Madeleine Lagazy

.The delicious Chocolate
SLaxative .
brings relief overnight. S9-
S-- take
.to-night. and to-morrow
you'll be all right.

\' SS6ii NE.W klHAnIH.NEWr.- YORK

A 1950 4-door Chevrolet
in perfect condition for sale.
Interested parties may call
-the director of the Centre
d'Art. Tel: 2055 between 9
a.m. and 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.
and 6 p.m.

n'enveoppant conime la sol
4,!.. C J

' .|

?*;5. SHOP'S i
SThe hops in this section
hav been 'checked by 'this
newspaperr and- to the
fest of ou knowledge
the i. merchandise. is.. of
gooda "q4"'. .d 'good
valie. ,: '

- ,4 ,,

[-. :iN.,

p arjum d e -, .

Curio Shop -
" ":, ', .- .. :' . .,

FEH -PE Ha"iti Trading Company
.-l"- al Handicrafts -
.Splendid Mahogany '. ,
,H AE. re -'U " 'P- ". ;


St Pe .trfumes

Unsurpassed in' Quality
Distinc live

High Esthe tic Appeal

e -e-we


. -



... the most useful :

'Located: Opposite the
j National Bank
57 Rue des Miracles

WANTED'' ';:.
Couple' wish to rent d'
DES FLEURS furnished home in resideir'
trial section of the cit. "
SPlease contact the ,Snw i W ,
1 fice on the Exposition. '
,! 0 : -' :. ^ ^ !, .



I-,. 4ff '

-. h.t' V


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;. ,i .

,. ; ...."

C- tL MiL'O-^7at


A ***; 1 *

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. ,; *' \ ," i
** 1

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' 4;

" 3 1."


,t. :
*.: ~. !




....... -

f, "1 _?"

I I '


WISE and OTHERWISE yet be restored to its former
power and glory. th s z
By T. J. Grant I am telling you all this The N w '
to advertise Grant's Whis- A TI
ARABELLA retirement. I like to believer key. This may surprise you AUSTIN A 40 Somerset
that this is one of the rea- as until now I haven't men ,
A few weeks ago I wrote sons why the British Empire tioned- the stuff But, be- ,
in this column that my fa- is now a shadow of what it lieve me, I will. Next week. "
other was for several years used to be when he had- a
yaj.t de chambre to Klip- hand in guiding its desti- xxx .
ing. .A number of my nes. The Empire is a migh- MAGGIE .
S dUg friends have told me ty shadow still, b1ut still People used to ask me
I; .t l should never have a shadow. However, it is a why I used to write so L
p flished this information peculiar shadow,' as it has much about Marcel Gentil.
F It has caused a certain not fallen as most shadows Now -they are asking .me -
41s of people to look down do. why I don't write abop
.me. That's" really too hi.
.J e.Tas.relyto Who, or what, is to blame him .
for the present state of -the I used to wrieabout 1 : .
if.', however I ai ot ashcm el for the same reason Bos-
.d of my- fathers life work, Empire, a not yet reay well used t writ about "O ny ..,T"
..hi he raised to the dig- to state. At least until Johnson If ou know SOME INGNEW ON T MTO
.proession.. He- s, .Churchill and his followers J .. :
S... V..4 Proes.son. He,was, .he did, no further explail.-
B, .t .-m. e, '"n, have had a chance to .sIow . -.- .. . nRT.n . . ..., .-.,.
.. .t .various times,. .let to .tion is. necessa-y. If yo HORIZNl ,
s p of 'the most..promient what they can do. And I don't know, you are' ifo-
eD..a the Victorin Age, 'know that if .among the rant and if. e lain '
en f the Yit o h expan .. ...I... .. ..... 'A -.I
t -ca e er- lets .de amreserobbl would r under- Powerful, Smart .Looking, ..Suppr-fa.t it cbe a.-
e tmet .if,- the present' Cabinet there is s So, e'll let it go at .
,qd srt a man with, half, the capa- th... all th mpsr desirable' features in modern, motoring '
'a a e -. aqd gen ius .of my.fa- dont I te about ,.....
S. how in se their, that the Empire may I C. .,..Eno about
''ha' I i.. now? I do, 'every day Comfort!.. .eal .. E economy'
b '..--.. ...- 'v- -.-. .. You-see, I am, writing his
S, autobiography f"r him If I
'; ', '" .." l. ' caq gethm to gn it when -,, r t- t lr.. ,t .. .
"an, 'f'" ?":' .,., finished, jI-.predict that> rTKAJNLC W-lltS N
.' t illbethe literary se- :-
sa ion of the year. A .

..' ',* ..'* '. ,. '... santd co ..rteoas now he war . '. .... n o.w, he- w.: .-.as.. ', : ';
....-S.-' ....,e. M arcel hna s hanged since o .. .... .

4 .. "'V [ : '". ." :- '" *. a Imalignan little deyil '' *>.j ,- ."- .. .
.. ". ... w '..When he was young Thps .' .':- "-
-- s....c.$ .. .. .$ . .0.-. -. . . . . ...e e. .....b.. .
t"'h a".rs g -* .-.oo thr --time; mother ook- y i , .
S. .* ..:.. to t eo s d he t . ..h ..

..- ., y %.* Qd ,. ,.-,r,,- : b e d it ,, s ,L / t
iiock' of the finestvariety *of. nro-e sbe him' fr6 oklenhfisr K % ,. ') 44t 344
', ,. .. ... v 'h o ". -, 4

W^i S. He exgmp-** sfeis
--, .. -.-.n. .$15... .... ..
IS .... . ." '' "r' f '-". '....
..MioisrscO u r .. ..t. .ar,, r i i .x. ...

Ru $ nagasi n de :E. : o .'ein t, m .itO u ..-.... ..
.9'3......r. Usi .11n r" hs' Ling "'

wasb., e' sh *o vmete
D&llu%..ti .oi st..nd. h
....:-41 :'-,. . f A ant i H "o' l i -- M4....

"i ier. Aoints 1A .

4 You'd1 ?W "e"I moll t

...... Throw off the -.ethar gcy t ,

SL WhiclH peas. my Bi

k lenads -.,iy foris er skill as o
-e .. Eatertasi-, amuse and.
I~ystjify such kidd 25
Tolkth 4iMeo d. to th1e Meto''
SSchool room on May

Ope or ."ou "de .lto '.

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.. 4 .- *. I -.. .i R ".

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"': ''.. . ::-'" ."'; J .:' o '-'- -_ .:, :,=-".. :- : :,:.',-pe.r ormer..--".* U Nl::..f~ df
..., ., ..a s ,o r '-."' .:," .< ... "O f-, hatd : ay ,,eft o e ,- .,s .,. :-' ,;: .,' "--:-:" .:.. -:-{.- ......[
'' . ._ ,' i . - L' " .. . ', . ': .' "'. i,, , '. : '( ; '. .!.'Y. ,""

4, .i U! 0 O U I = '{" ;"... .., "p". t ;

,',;"~~A :'I''X 4 "; ' . : . '' '' '
:'"'" .... ':"M dflddi't'Churh., ulI tng" ""'"'': " "-

..., .. ..'- . .. .... . ... .. .. .. .,I. -, ; ... ..
-,i . s . ,

:. means has been; e active i- go, abroad this.yekr than Travel Servie is Iow a, .
PAN . I.A M E I .N , I-. .

Of Continental iit f he Rio Treaty and by the that the, Air tourist round wek; tips o . ,
t" I -A"I 13t 1% '1 I 'M ., age -.r:. _ '_ "' -I'i;,
1), " "" '" -_ " I ,: . I .

,..:. ". lllUI I ll!lm m :_u! l-t efforts .of the Inter-Amert- 'trip. fare of, ,enry >7TSdok. 95.7.35 dffolines,' nm dudng.,
....,'. ,'I ' : L + -, .. . . ' V ." .. ", .' ,, "L M .."L "

. . < . ," V'.. .- . . I .. , ..V I ..I I L. i i. ,

Saeith can Pe1ace Committee . Iars- a es .it possible for roud. Ir;-- fir au -I `."
,ued rom Page 1) America State. andis he Costa Rica charged in. persons., wi gly cole sop:es 'at served .
..' .- . ', '.i I- ., I 'm an ha .w ef e tv ..-' g abroa : hi.,, " -. than T ravel. -'.i .+", .;.; ." ..-" t ,',"" .0 ".

-esmoiruin ... basis 'for consultation. ,. 1948 that Nicaragua' .had of wek& ,vacation an Iisx- a turopsan, ties., ...
-The smooth-rumng m- It Was forged tighter by violated Costa Rica's fron-. itted iit e t ke a '" ..
;:o: . .. . .. . .L I.' 6 11 i ," . d m c 0 .e .d -. . : , .., .,:, : N ..-

-' chinery tow existingifpr the the Declaration of .Lima, tiers'and territorial integrity tage of th.e ftie s ved by' .Witr4e*'rat'e&',se.;>
- efeose ,f -.the Americas signed m 1938, whfrh,:af, by permitting 'revolutionary air travel .'Bidget srii:e- ting air,, ttaytl' I,;I;l.f'LQ
dforaggrsson an fo firmed the prmciple: of con- .forces to cross the border to all-ex-'tense.tours tarq d si&-, biid, : dfA:: j..eAdiok z
a s. lkt m ettoftdisttites by.. sultation it- c se' t1e peace, .o0,erthrow the former gov-.(ed for the vravelei. who- ha o o ," Her
"'. ..,-'. v ,..'- -, t n e --d t., .. . . .. "' ,, . , ... f, -.'. 5- 35e d u. ,.... :. ..I.: .

tiorteo, L.ation. .. security or terrirbrial'iinteg- eminent. :A four-nation corm never- been abroad' an$ .ve a-G .
'- ,, S I R ''r "W .-. V "'-, ., . ", t..:. Y' 1 f o -of th ," .-A r' t, : .of. I6 7 ~ l I' ., .I+. --. '. ; .T ., ... .. .. :;. .":.'

... ...m.a.s has of any of le Amer an mjttee appointed by the ight ckhckwise. have di fi- when ap a i g
r e b l c e : I.V s h t. b e -lt a - '~ P .K

veght pr-repubcsshoud be treat-OAS, inyestigated, with the cuity arranig fr- cci ill be on
..; : .- .. . + . . .. . -. ,as m, ..l ~ r ,l i 't r'. ,. . '.. s l d .,

t, p ed. .. .- result .tbat 'the border mci- modaton aid 16.atta tha-. sp.en ng two.t .
Neih er-isit a new: coi- "The first trA ercan dentwas' settled: amicably. po atio'h while i l. ke e & Ke' "off o .,,.C ,. ..
n.o r. e.' n.g'. . I. r .ldfa .J -..-
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c 'e e' a-' -) .aeasure.rapproSta g.' t the use,. A yeanc later H iti also within 0et.H rux ,
-The Amer' a .-'epiics of armed forn9 to'prevedRt.or:'r .. the r Rip -.Tre ty, i''
: '".. : .. . ',' ", '" .. ... . "' a -" " : p er o n., i. ". o ,.' -.c h Ie f p d 1 e 0 -.' ': : ",,q 1A..'.., k 1!. '.
grvensac eeeeee eeeee.'..''.11am

.fron birt. h ave g 'e- ach epel invaso or aggression clfiargng the Dbminican. Re-L o
:, r, a . r i and. material ii S 'the I estn Heiiu phei j i ii 19 thaggression 'This i ". ... ,- 4'....,- "'iV ":- I; A .-q
S. pl i .. edel. !i was theact of Chp tppue too; was. placed in .. i, .. .
SOne. 'f thedarist,, .d, "signed in" 19455. Out of -the'i)the ;i.inmdc of ati OAS; fiact-'t "*.. ..... .--, '
% : '. '.'.2_.'a , ._.. , '-' '. ".?' .' "I ", .1 " . ...': +: " "" ' ' :

.' ,' '?... k'-,' -A . .. "," ..I$l-, . ..a
j Ai4I-Tnents of tbbir coopera- prpposalt of 'the- 4& .iing coIu.itteq .i.h
-on a ti eenunciation' in.the lifter-Amrnricpp. I'i eaty.tii cluaed, an- agrementbel-
, ..' a 'v. W.i' m n ke
I.- , I a o "'.,-." ' "" '.. R s f r',i,! i a.."". .. f! g. .
e Mo., et Do. r ne' ..ho no._eas the: T ". "t h it'$ b repd bl,'
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.. o: Iou.! wa n .f -br collective. elfdepes,. ccof, frictiop in t- I
I .'1 + .- ... . . + .- ... .. .. .. ,., .. '. _ .I,., .s.of ,

i there oct onfization in, the -agahst a-nrme4, ".bt! 'ro`ailei ', ''om -ib ai
..r= : : .- ". I 'u ' -. ,I ".. .' .. .. M .. .. ,. ." A I. I: -... 4 1 1" '_. V

1 ,i-e "chy.a ,snoO a 1regn y s c' T ; .. Wy i il --A e _.- ai erican, Peace
ei df pqi .- attempt The ef fecieness .6f," hermitt a Irt .
nf ..... to" interfere E iLcarefully constructed peade .e"ld ter-AAerirn"
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.I.t he- ,ha" ~ na in'ry'' wk 's .md c petevide io n'c.r..,1 "e I "
F tfloteiwa h -,o'.o t r 9-L.. co- covers,' bb '9
Tre y~s ---lte' ~mn n4the w E grope in '&5eA' 'Cuba'-ind'the Domi-' :
.. ...of. wih the im"s"aggr te'f i p f isier
.:: & ... . ,.. .

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t W fn -sren t. coordinated Domcan counter c -har- s v o e .seto ad
e o a e meican d h C a ied '. take paced wi 0oe and esering e -
I . . . I I .- L h . ....- I" %.. ." v .~o. e + v' .!; 1 495', i ,, ,

.-.. .. ,.n-.. I.." -'- 1" ," :

s e" batons and t aftqr P a Ham- / l I s "s 's .. n. ,"O
o.e",. . 1. ., .

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.'e Is Ie peu 't iii o b fa". i

i.' he .- sbic4 replied iheir diffi cu. spriging and -built-ihA a... ,m .. a'. ...

i it"eaca g c 'eon' peacefql'basis. ets assure iziocitb ridi'n n. diffic ilt I
Siy the A aD d de ENGLAD
Aica W ink ite form foia ie -n eh I I
p .- 13-e so r~ as 'IE'~gv Ut 0 '. ,A cn e ap o td by .he ".- Sol Qistributors dif-"; wheInI 1~ tIM N pj a.-vaa PI

_-ii .iy -o f i.t r a.# h h T el. 2 1Z 4
i .,.; .: t -`-,L .., .., I ,t.,I.~ -.I... ... m g t c hz , ,"

.. h Ri tt :i r_ co z sider .wa -in kl o eeeoeaee,;.. o es e

)hch 'through successive hic th Americraitai
n h4hinH m-b chlte Amne en.reic n 'Stades
lter inb roa d enin g '98the ,om ns mpraim I~ r1t iH rau m
a prand brn t lA ao t a 1 o 1 reet o n g Snr D .I -ar 'H IS- -' .. .

'e11fl ein ~waon h ae.h iaior 'ecl-&lwUAII Tur5 ate t
..b. P oo.ea. on. f h nm.n.'w euu...n., Da c un ue c'n g .;a O:.V. ,rng C:., W t. s h .,
ae ie .Fr'.e n H ,t bal be fr om and t -> "> <'. l
!ti;:,10 ,.- ,, Y -, ,: .. '... ..", '. ,a n ,anI- r , .; .' I NT t ..I I, f w ,1,_& d f .. .~ ,. ] .... I 6 ott ai o d r n --, tkid g--a:t h ii ,& ei e +. + :. :, .' .

ib ee. b . oe i s 1 .4 the i.m per ils. V re idt ,otrat.e .... t of t ...
-. ... n o pr. "tion Otha.t.9" --eeig repo st s,. of- the n w ii ..
Ss. r n g ther e .. th A D i u Aira i, , t ori s et rte s .. . ., ...;
,'" Ni ghboII P oI cy s rat o of WashIing to 'w h' bI .. I t-oe hv s t im Iu ed con 'A'' M .
e .: t h r i t he e' er- ,rons t og etwe rate.... .. .. I . ."- ..

-te s ci a d I te g-e .nc'd .. the ag ressn s a lav l ,nrl to . in a es ..,,
'rd ii Feankc o ag ices of iternatin Coin-s vaatioise moe Wthile ipn- o mnion, o ,' i ,y4'.."
.... .,. .. % .1 .. ,,, . ... -. . .. . . r '' : ..+ ...! "q... '. !? t. I

eo ce ad B, .. of "heI"
.mp peet a--. gie n, u.n sm., c r r'outh thr u te, 'aesPine .:.'ethreu, lt ,l..
to' th.,p,.gi s of :- ...s itii s,- an pledged been. ei. to the T T "- ,T. ... .-.. O.O.,
-.- :,, =,. ,:-^ ... ,t+.e c ,,.see I- ,'-. ', : A .; .... ... ... latre Ain b as ls o I ih in.rs s-es o t rd"-- bn 't] -H -. .. -` .- ., . '.'1,
.'O t+ I l asti . .."' :. -_ ,-.41 9,1 .' '+ ... . n. "2 % a "e "" . ... r u x "- ' '" . .. ..; ', ". :

T"i e"r t' .. I L ifrte. s s em t ' o... t "om
. I ." ,-.

((r em Am in Are .w am. al. e. ,'
acfrl' orpece asbtih-spritaly nd mate- ma fo extndy vaa s..Y~f ' II

for"+ I .a-e. .', :1936a'-at' the. r to ily in .t hep. se ,emer z.od ths .e.- ne rat.e.smmke u .. .. ,U....sn+u
.ie" ...i.e. n ,'o "gg sio or threa again t v" o m o a ', i- .' " h I ". ., "' -. ."'
eIe he. in Bu no A ies an, of th m com e '- '. )W9 r..... }E .lr% ..'
... .a .tI ,d f.e.orm ., "-r 't ,- "f .: .. -- y,' '. " I0 r~s~ t .r . 'f rt..i~ ._. trox .'t',L., : ..,
)0-Wtt ,~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ ;.:.m ~ n o".' + + ..- ... . +t, ,, I W ..II n I .I . ... ,. ... f.. ......

'wh .ch state " ever act That tes. ettlement. f ,d r I ... from. Port near D. C .
iqst p acWe- affNet q-'e~ach p, u t e s thog pecfl au-~oi-& agrsi P r, ince say 1-lax wil -4W 1. --._.1*.
Irn- .l! ,;,"". ... ":. : U .X"O .. ..., ..-. ,.-P. I..... :- ... .. : ", ".' a,:. .< g e- ". D" .b. "," "- e . a,-...'.. ... .; ...' '... ... V -' .. -
.1 .: :-t ; f -, -.s i fe .JO g.''. !-- o si e w a s.. i ll._ II ,., -.' -;.. ,'- .., ,. .. . .. . '.:0 4 .. T .. .
++hhe ... .iii -- . . ..i ., ro g sq . " Lpi . .. .. ..:._! ,-" .. -?, -. -.

,1, ", -, ,;..
.. .h ca t e .A e m .~ dt a, -... -' ,'. .. I I-,:: . . .N .r: .. ...."".
uz ... roaaen mg~~..'--'. "I ..., .. .. '. D;.. .. ie --e "; ... . ..... .. :. ., .' " '
-'! ," ,. `_ ... j, ,
i-- I .,-"% .-' ..,. "' I d I,. '' ,
IV. n. L ...F- +ed ,d h tee If 6 'an -. '" I .1 -.', id U"0 4 a" "'. ', -'. (11 ., ." .h2.
-.. ? ..-. I".. .. i.. ... -,T ... .. ... ....... .. ,, '.,i,,
PI P+e be -e jn '4"+b atcmm 's (ifmCeridhsmq ""'d"'rx .'~e "Ta+ .'.O .w .h tji -h 0" -
T -A 09 ia t ,n 'o I x an. .-t 6 .. .,.-.e 63o .. pl ce in t :+' _ .i -... . I .. .. I d -. ., '--,-;'-.! ..,-U i..
"q. : . ..o . "1. ,.. I. :.z .- 1 e -i 0 S e rl r e'ot ..t .A n e .?.
'e,. . .- K. .-, L-: '. .." 'o .'- r.U -J .ala .I~ .~ --I VLX .., -" ", .1 ",". ,
=a ,. ,+.-,:: .: .: ., .. . .. .. .-.... .. ,
,.. -" ,, .. . ..-" " `": o.D c o. Ie T o.s Ia e to
",.:, ":"-": ` 'i- -" .~i -s4 19i" : Ou 6f -' u oe "nav sem a e con '.- ,.- --..
.N lh-r P h y so -r t o .., asIm. .o. .- '- -. -, V ._.-. : ., . L z I .. .. .! ,.
elao nce .th -resst,4rv I-e k da 0 A -fi ----:, :i, '-.,- .,
Is.so-ia(ed wIr the.N : . gg I .. ' .'--F
~~;, e it i .'.:...?D ".:P .16.c o in e at na Co a -'v q n.,.. ab-d.: Lh'il.. in "I ,..;.I)' :
.. .. rQ. -: ---. 'r. -IN ,JIF.w
"" .:
c,.. eh, f-.., ,fiat enpraew '.mpooanlsm 6; F:arr -'ie ou through the pas'..groea trvevi- ..- "' ,..-'-

i .. - t - a a.d p r! a t re .e, t h
...hWr ri e a, m I'ty wi- a e -e n H K S
-1 aI, 2, ". e .e -. a iih s iriul, ,. an m a e- m oIe fo e.en e :v ca "..#.r 4 .-.... -, ,1.:..k. .".% -
I...re e e~l ) 3 1a'h ri-y in th '3esn .mer- ti.s 'teene1's.m k : 4!J.." J.N i " ":. ~ G .)_ ...... ." '

--e.' t-.- Thd, e eaifienAirs ang o Aerc.m .'' u IIrV n "e
e ..UV. IL L a "h e .w-u.".e. '
It 1' ..Mn:i .C.I
inst p.. ,ff .. eac p .t e --iuhpecf; l au-P ince say .7ra x wil .,._I_- !r .. . . .I.. ,N.., . I.,
i. 4 1 I ..- .L . .._ L 2 '' `.. .
":,, :L '_. "1 ` -- .ii ( e 1 .- 'r 4 ~ s .
rjl. :, ";' b !L s I, -.. 1. --,,. - i A. V "
M .. > 1 .! ..6I- . I -"... ' ;
-..i ',' .. s i ,R q T e '"II-- h s*-
Iffi .'dt,. lfi:-..: &,4i-,U b IN E : .
.. .. ow. -W`
?6W ..... .. .. -; .-- ,-6 I_ -O K S OE. . .' M -., '.,.
g. ~ik !.W- "-!i ..: Lead n.ing Am ria
V I .,.. ., Ia ; A -- A r .o O n S al F. %'" ..-- -s : f j, ", ", .


,. .. . .* .. i .



A L .S.F. .
i 9"
9.. .. D R '1 *

[LL XT 06 ^. TUESDAY an: FRIDAY V CIternaUo u1
.. ". !, A" l C 0 i '

S" PLACES TO EAT G Under ie same Monagemen:- .. e ... e --
S. . ., Ted. Roosevelt .. - .oNDuiVOUS '
*- ... .. " *t" Ill U "-. M O N E- C C '*

SW-ishe to advisehis many friends' and the '.Gener '
W A "OOD"OODr Ppblic\shat the t T41:. '

: ,L i '. , . A ' ; " *" "'. . "' ". V.. '; ,'. .. ', -
i;-? .., .... '\ REFUGE completely U iG,, enai ed W is o.w ed... A ,s.ao... .,:ts a :.

w. i-... A. ... .

S: At'-5,700Ieeft he I EUGLk is TOPS-i
2 0 i' *. '. . d.' r ,.. .1 .
'. S' ;, 1 ,, -, E v y *', . r. .; -. .- 3

,, D .* .
.. S . '- J r :

Dr .t V .G. .Caste sco

iBOOKLAX ifortable 4f completely m-- A
BP ^ *" I+'" +.+ "i. rii3 "* .." 4^^-' -- a small piece of delic i c' is atryour service. .Thi.i', .
'. '' ,' '-, -" s '4 .E ., .-?7 , 4 4' ''-' S""',.'

relief overnight Pleasant, in the ame building 'as the
E VL effecive....that's Pharmacy Castera, opposite I f ,s-,.
.P.76 the eegraph and"k .. .

B..A. pho e building. Cai .,

4 0 Uuezo6jled '_ .

A "l<" I"I"T ".oc te

.. i +t' : :\s'" I 0 1 9
.) '. A b i '.; t h .. 0. M n. ... ..u t ..-. . ..,' .. .,,... . D 4. b y M a d a e 'i f m a .
.. .. . iP 1 '. ... ... "Sf l,
r.. "ell ,.~.rpl. l 2 05I,4t I. ..j . ..
.. ".'4"" .....1 " ". .. 3 C 50" i00 1 1 - It L.".
re .. .commer The for c hildren, -" "." .
A K -f. .
4. A`, . ,.M. ,
pAow MAe 0 1
-puRsA DC se' co rt

i__TV-. .. .""A e ff e c ti v e. P..a r m a c y C a t a o i .
_0 ace i

),.~e ..' b.8' .... ...'""e v'fi m. .. ere-s. ... t-
r '.~~~RIIRA d c '... .. .. ...';"e rnh M.dam n1i t -" :,
iw : ........a+

3~~~~~- th% l'4;', aa'


The -:Post-Lenten Social
Season will be highlighted
this week by an internation-
al wedding. -Wednesday at
,6.30 p.m. lovely blonde
Mary Boswell will walk.
down the aisle of the Sacred
Heart Church of Turgeau *to
become: the bride of Victor
Aybar, the young son of the
Dominican Ambassador to
Haiti. The young bride-
. groom's godfather Presi-.
dent. Trujillo will not be
able to be present. How-
ever he will be officially re-'
presented by his brother,
General Hector Trujjillo,
ahd his eldest son--23-year-
Sold Rafael. i "

'livelier piano arrangements
of the genial Swiss host.
Good Friday was Jacky
Deschamp's fate a party
in his honour was. held last
night at Choucoune ... he's
got news for the Beachcom-
The coming Saturday will
be the date when Mile
Odette Alexis marches down
the aisle at the Sacred Heart
Church' in Turgeau.. The
man she has picked to love
honour and obey is Moy Ho-
garth.., Thz newly' weds will
-honeymoon in Laboule.

I unare guests gat er-
The wedding will be a led at. the Lionel' BerminE-
quiet one because of the re- ham home in; Petionville
ceni death of Victor's grand- last Sunday to help son Hen-
mbther. There will be no- rv celebrate his birthday.,
reception. The, couple will The celebrating lasted from'
i honeymoon in Furcy. 10 a.m. to ,5: p.m. with
:- Henry's stock of aJohn..
Pierre Trever, Chief of the Haign flowing freely. The
Latin Americanr Forestry Of- food was as abundant as the
fice' of the FAO.- left Mon- Jiquid refreshment and -there
S. day after a visit of several was Ti Ro Ro and his boys
,i weks in Haiti. to provide dance music.
', p ,. Henry was, needless to'say,
-:0:- ,- out of Scotch Whiskey this
S The Sacred Heart Church week. But didn't mind for-
S of Turgeau will be the' saking business for. the plea-
scene of another. prominent sure of sh6owne off his new
' wedding' on Thursday, April wardrobe. His birthday pre-
: 17th, when Leslie Bogatand sents give him.that ,Man of
Ruby ...Laraque a hand- Distinction" air ... especial-
so0me.:couple it we ever saw, Iv, when he" waves his gold
one .- exchange vqws. The cigarette' holder.
.marriage of the popular -.0:-
in members of the younger set 'Ti Maria return home to
I; wi ulhts two of the most
il:u'Po two of the os rtPde Paix for Easter.
outstanding families in the _0
'Capital. Th whol, Fatty Mal-
SA brace family .went to
SA delightful farewell par- Cuidad Trniillo for Easter.
', ty for artist Mary Coles was
offered by Mr. and Mrs. Ro-' :0:-
"ger Monnin Wednesday even Today is the birthday of
I aing at their residence in that distinguished elderly
Bourdon.' The six to eight man with the white handle-
affair lasted until the wee bar moustache. Mr. Robert
small hours thanks to fhe Stark is celebrating his 79th
lively orchestra and the even birthday today.
Wednesday was the birth-
p / dayv anniversary of the
Charming ,Miss Jacquot Sas-

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon' Sten
ner, residents from Victoria,

S REG.TRADE MARK Tatnous sir

ice 4862

Spending Easter in Ja-
maica are Mr. and Mrs. Gil-
bert Brandt.

Tuesday at 5 p.m.. at the
Hospital of St. Francois de
Salle, a baby girl was b id
to Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Mos-
-:0:- .



......---- --------------------.-----:-- --_.--. ". ,1*I

B. C. (Canada) celebrated The engagement of Doc- Mrs. Clarence Moody ac-'.
their 2nd wedding anniver- tor Joe Lacombe to Miss Ma- companies by Dr. and Mrs. '
sary on the 31st of March at rie Jose Maurasse will be Medina flew into Port .i-
the Picardie Hotel in Pe- made official tonight at a Thursday to spend. Easter '..
'tionville with friends. Mr. small family gathering at here with her hubly and :;,
Stenner, a telephone engin- Marlick, the Petionville resi- many friends. Dr. Medina,
eer, is here assisting in mak- dence of Mr. and Mrs. Dan- a brilliant young Havana '
,ing our system workable. iel Heurtelou. attorney is lawyer for Mr.
-:0:- -:0:- Moody's Company in Cuba.
Colonel Henry Fils-Aime The Retreat held' at the -6-:0:-- "
and his wife are back in General Hospital by Father Last Sunday was Arthur, '
Haiti after a stay in San Edgard Delouis, Cure of Ar- Angus's birthday, 'aid...
Juan. chaie ended Thursday even- group of friends commealor-
-:0:- ing. ated the event at the AuX 'a.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry'Da- -:0:- Cosaques. Later it was re-
nois had their wedding, an- The wedding bells of marked how several ofi th d
niversary yesterday. Sacre Cour will chime Satur boys' has fought for posi-
-:0:- day evening for Mile Elda tions next to a fair young
Tuesday was the birthday Sajous and Ernest Barbot. 'lady.
anniversary of aTante Li -:0:--- -:0:-
Anderson, that kind heart- Mr. and Mrs. Alan Gort- Mr. Klaus Maehlman. ..
'ed white haired old lady dan, here for the past three' Totenh Nadal and Comoany
who has' the reputation of months at the Thorland In- is flying to Germany Thurs'-:
making the tastiest dishes international Club left Wed- day. He received word from.
served in the country, also nesday for. holidays in San Hamburg this week that his .,
an. excellent rhum punch. Tuan, and Virgin Islands. mother is seriously ill.
S" They hooe to return in the -:.0:- '
---:0: not too distant future. L.st'evenine it was Carl .
Marcel Castera flew 'to -:0:-- H. Siegel's birthday. and an '-
Montreal Wednesday. Well known painless den- ,onroor;ate bamboche was
S -:0-- 'tit',Carlo Mevc ... can drill held at the Siegel''s residence
SSunday afternoon 'wil .a tooth, ard fill it without, in Pacot. to celebrate' the-
lose its quietness 'in the the slightest pain ... such event. ,
neihbourhood of the Le- was your reporter's exoeri- -:0:- :
once Bonefil maison in Pe- ence.. is moving out of ba- Yves Gardere 'is returning
tionville, when a .lar gge chlor quarters this month home May J0th f6r the sum-
roup,. of voting' friends ... so they say. mer vacation. Yves is study-
coneregate to celebrate Eli- -:0:- ;n at McGill University in '
zabe'th Martineau's sixth I Teanine -Seraphin. wife of Montreal.. .' :
birthday.,, Elizabeth is the second secretary of.the ver- -:0:- ,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. manent Haitian delegation G r a 1 d Auguste at
Fernand Marineau. the United -Nations, left school in EFrance will em-
-:- "'Thursday to ioin her hus- bark on the ,Libertyn in Le '
Gerard Villedouin return- band in Lont Island, Hive June 4th'for .New ,,
ed home last week-end from . 0 Yor! In the U.. Gerald "
i o t f' :0: '.York. In the U.3'.erald
tLeamrni about the. new Albert Silvera flew to will join brother Jaca ues
Fords. Mercury, Lincoln, at New- York' Wednesday. Af- who is graduating from Col-
the 'Ford Motor' Company tr' attending to business in Jege June 10th. Both will
modern installation in Sa the b city, El Rancho own- then return to Port for the
an r will. retirp by way of summer.. \ .
SSan T ian 'where he will tick -:0:--- -
-:0Mrs. :Max Questel, the h own plane and fly it Leon and Odette Harrary
Mrs. Max Questel, the home. went up to Brooklyn on Fi-
former Maryse Dejoie, re. day's PAA clipper.
cently returned from abroad, _.':._ -0:
celebrated her birthday this Home from two weeks at- t- he Laroche family of the
week. tending Inter-American Geo cCap, Raymond (Ti Chris-
-:0:- L detic Survey conferences in tophe), Mr. and Mrs. John,
City jewveler Louis Ma Panama and Venezuela is and Maurice are spending
money is flying home to Italy Major Newton Cox, chief of Easter in the Dominican Re-
.'to-visit the family today. the Geodetic mission in public. '
Jeweller Louis expects to be Haiti. -:0:-
away all of three, months. -:0: '
News of changes in the .
S-:0:- Esso Standard Oil Adminis-
Last week Miriam and traction ate. that well known
Moe Sager celebrated their Mike Domingo Caolo has re-
14th wedding anniversary. ceived an assignment in
-:0:- Puerto Rico, and next Wed
On April 16th the Lottery esdarto Rcos and next Wb- Monday the 7th Mr. and
will be twenty-one years boldMis replacement Mrs. Jean Sassine and two
old. is day old son Jean 'Philp .
0: dne to arrive.. Here since celebrated their first w '
Ambassador of Haiti to November 195Q. Mike has ding anniversary. Incden-i
Cuba, Marcel Fombrun ar- de manfriends and done tally young Jean Philipp.
rived in the Capital Wed- anonast other thins an ex- arrived on Friday evening
nesday. 'erlent public relations job weighing a healthy 8
.0:- for his comoanv. We hote pounds.
to see more of Mike who
can always afford a genuine -:0:-
I I/ smile.

Page 10 '

Spea iiishin

po pular wei
8: V^'B *

The Spearfishing Club
had one of its niost success-
ful sorties last week-end
S when it sailed on -Captain
I. Ace's yacht for an expedi-
tion to La Gonave.
.There were some 50 per-
sons. aboard including many
S French and American visi-
tors, when the 82- oot beat
V.: pulled away .from the Ca-
: no Pier- at-2 a.m-n-Sunday
, morning. .The -staterooms
were.soon full and the late
corners, bedded dywn on the
deck, in the salon, and even
in thq forecastle, wherg Gus-
t tav gallantly -gave qp his
xbunk to a -sleepily nodding
v: visitor. . ,.
r ".The slightly rough sea
only seemedto whe.-the ap-
.petites of the passengers
*i ho ate through a mountain
of sandwiches -shortly after
daybreak. At 7 a.m., 11 'men
anid a girl (Lottie Wulff)
gathered .. together t h e i r
:spear 'guns, rubber face
masks and feet flippers" -to
bejin six hours .of solid
fishing, on the coral reef of

Un ins


aVc le A

L- .-, 'T ,T
d.. ': 1,s ."n,
: -'.!)PDT no'wvsa-.LT &oaibioe
S A.D; ; 4 ,BANB p



-started last year, veteran
Spearfisherman Alberti Paul
manager.' of :,-the H o t e -i.
' Splendid offered fac cities
for the Club meetings ...
and became:'treasurer of the
new organization. Horace
Ashton was named Presi-"
. dent, Lawver Turnier secre-
tar', and: Capt. Boyer vice
Club members m a monthly expeditions to'. La
Gonave and, 'other fishing
,--.---c. pr-d bO public is
ccrdiallk .invited to take
part in the .fishing or just
",Go along .for the Ride."
SNeedless'to say this is.an
added attraction -as far' as.
the tourist business is con-
cerned. The love of spear-

- ..-. fleu Quai"


,^ .',.s , L .. -. .
:, '.. ':.+. & : r". .. '" .'- ' . ." ". . -+.:.:.Y
+ ', :'.'. . '.' ; . .. rL . . . .. .J.. .. v .'. M.." O M' .i. ,.... r.:..'+ 2 ;
, ." ... ...:" i. '; / ':'. . .. " -; .. ,. " : .. '" ".. .r .r.:m w q,

.J .t ..?A A.
. __ __ 'SUNrD~y,1A:. 1 ,I ."

You should have seen the Major-General Rancho, General Spry re-.
-look on the faces of the D. C. Spry Reviews viewed a giant scout rally at
Sbecoi es strollers along Boulevard Haiti's Scouts Thor, then adjourned to-the
Truman when the gigantic (Continmd from Page I)' home of Kurt Fisher where
catch was carries off the he met the press and got to-
Casino Pier! On hand to greet him at the gether with, leaders of Hai-.
-k p technical advisor and father were Kurt Fisher Internatio- to discuss the progress of
of the Spearfishing Club, nal Commissioner for Haiti, scouting in our Republic.
aLittle Gonave.n likes to change fishing and members of the'Boy
After dropping off the ad- grounds constantly so that Scout National Committee, The big news of the even-
venturers, the ypcht went on the fish don't become wary Dr. Raoul Pierre Louis, chief i9g.was the fact that, thpaks
to the large island, hovering of the underwater invaders. scout, -and Capt. Ulysses to .the President's-sympe ,r
a moment along the shore As it is now, they are just Scott, National Scout Com.- tic support of the Scout
to give tourists a peek at a curious. And Club Mem- mander. .Movement,- Haiti may,. b
picturesque fishing village, bers, say the most curious of After checking in at El the scene of asi International
then going on to cast anchor them all is the barracuda 'Scout Janboree .to be eld'
off the virgin sands of Ba- who will follow a fisher- SASSINE in 1954 during the Nations
tavia Beach. There the visi- man around for hours to r E-I L50,)Uithday celebration.'..-
tors bhad an-exciting time see'what he to. They RE It was also disclqse..thar
exploring the, little coral'also bay that barracuda or the scouts,may..soonr.-hayeg,a
reefs, their .. snorkel, face sharks 'Will not attack any- new meeing..place on.7he"
masks ..providing them a one with their head under Exposition-Grounds., 'r.T'..
clear .window. for -viewing water. Y oir Reporter is no General Sory is leaving-
the- magnificent panaroma authority -on 'the truth of Haiti for, Hanava 'at 2ip;
on, the bay floor. American girl exclaimed, no intention of sharing the time for sightseeing. ., ., .
"What I. wouldn't give to same water with .a shark at .. .." -
be a fish for awhile!, an)' place or an.y time ... 'I B ... :, .
But the fish. around the head under or no. ,. 'BEACHCOMBER
coral reef of Little Gonave Seriously though, the re- ' It was Rudolph tunbar's
probably would have given gulars .of t t he Spearsish- B rO birthday. last Saturday, andc-
a pretty penny to be -else- ing.Club have.- seen hun- lstES much celebrating' took place
where. During' their six- dreds and, hundreds of -bqr- t. following his con&ert at thie
hour expedition, the 12 fish- racuda during their bxpedi- .' Casino ... .i' fact t it .. t
ermen had speared "some 360 tion and no one has bd a following 'rht along ':..
pounds of edible marine life bite taken but of him yet,. OFFICES: When .the_Dunbar party re-
... ranging from a'20-pound Sunday, Don Cameron. Was lQa & ,dH. s a. f ForIs turned from" watching. the
barracuda to Red Snappers,- the-expert, who speared .the 358 --.40 ruan rise on the, mountain'
angel fish, "partot fish, 20-pound barracuda and he 'tooI- to "Villa Gabyi- the '-
black seai bass and lobsters. says he 'put 'a.hole in an- -. . s;dence of Dr. and' Mirs,
-other one :Who got away..'" rq lTacques Coicou in Turgeau,.
He also spotted a. school ofP. fishing, was what Bro ght happv birthday wishes "were,
ectiide a three,sting riays pass ..withb- Mary .and -.Jack Oitez-back' als showered "or 'Mrs. low-
in 10 feet; of his, uhder-wa-' to out shore forb their win- cou..Mr. Dunbar' gallantly
SUA D RU E ter fishing spot.. The cluh ter .vactioi-.r The 'lively,, handed his hostess .a bunch
memp rs don't try to tackle young Clevelaind; Ohio, cou of freshly picked .flo & 's
'the famous.. devil fish with pie went; oui every othei and sofiieone. -took oVe 'the.
.v their guns which Ire .ar too day with Gustav in' their at p'ai6o .. anPd ta' Fete'gphi- .
light to hold such Ionsters. tempt to pedrfed their un- mn.fi a."
Ile biggest 'eatah. in the derwater hunting. And they .' --:0:-
Club's history, was a 100- .were a vital part of the El Architect, artist,. deigor.
pound tarpon Gustav spear- Rancho k-delegatin who Ma4 wald we.nt-tto Ne,
ed 'and' managed to land af- made the junket to La. York *Wednesday ,
f ter a long -aidd breathless Gonave. --:0:-
o 4 -'f The Italian-born Tarzan T K
quate -of the Deep awakened such f l '
o... i.. an interest in' the exciting --
spot, that 25 charter mem- TRUEIK TNEU ''
mort bets signed. their ,'rmnes-on .EUY ."- "
fthe roll cCt when the Spegr-. ..
fishing Cub waA officially .



Margaiet Yotba who has ranch'in
already yisited most of the was a p
countries of Latin America gratit f
| as Dorothy Gray's Travel- Spain ti
ling Beauty Consultant, is tors, J
.e expected to arrive in Port who wa
A ril the 20th. Margaret Stater
has spent the past months young s
..'.adVising-. and demonstrat- Barcelo,
Sng-to thousands of women 21 year
1. *o have consulted her foot in
Ait bout their beauty needs. grant c
| And Margaret Yorba is the acres an
| person who has the correct mountain
'combination of backgrounds here th
to be able t6 listen to your room al
problem and recommend a many s
b solution for you, and she 'ed its .c
nps all the problems thab smiths,
4e ist in each country be- kitchens
1 cause of the' differences in dens. "
.' alixne, altitude, customs own c
and mode ', of living. With grounds
P. her .original Spanish back- .used..
I ground. and actual experi- Her
'encv in Latin America she their wa
-^ adiapts the most modern cos- w, of.
metic techniques that she ancestry
i, has "been taught in New Lima, I
L.York to your own particu- Californ
Solar oblems. .
a .When Margaret Yorba' The
S3anie-fo Dorothy .Gray she has alw
i:.. brought with her. 'a heritak.. in 'Ma
of'beauty aid a love of ad- World
Sveture ,and accomplish- vice wi
S'menrt which stems' from Army
what is probably the most. ing thi
.' amunique background of any City 1c
| Bea'nty Consultant Cthat has signing
yet visited Latin America. business
M. ftargaret was -4orn on-a 'tant. aft



Le;' o *>
c, t

99 " ~ L rL1. Lrp r........ nct I.t... a.....

ent repreneur-e Ue cmonuaL e el-t C -e se v ices
ld'aultg.bns vent que les pneus poids lords
P', Goodveat font' preuive d'un maximum de
longcvit -t'd'un L aximum de r<:ndement


n California, which
part of a, vast land
from the King of
o one of her- ances-
ose Antonio Yorba
s the founder-of the
first family. This
soldier, a native of
na, Spain, was just
s old when he set
thisnew land. His
insisted of 315,000
id extended from the
ins t -the sea, It was
at he; built his 300
bode, which housed
servants and contain-
own saddlery, 'silver-
indoor and outdoor
s ahd spacious. gar-
The. family had its
churchh _and burial
s, both stiff being

maternal grandmo-
s also a noted beanu-
Spanish- and Dutch
. She. was born in
Peru,' ''but came to
ia- at the ,ageQ f 12.,

spirit of adventure
'ays been very strong
argaref and .i during
War II .she. saw ser-
th the United States
as aWAC. Follow-
s she visited Mexico
here. she studied De-
and-then started her
s career as a Cons,ul-
d Specialist in" Sales



Your Reporter was pleas-
ed to find a slim volume of
verse in his mail the other
day,. a volume inscribed
with best regards and decor-
ated with one of the most
eye-brow raising titles we
have come across in many a
moon: "Case-Record from a
The author, Boston 1Esy-
chiatrist Merrill Moore (no,
we DID NOT ,-consult him
professionally) is one of the
rare doctors -who writes
verse as a hobby rather than

teen dips,,at the Thorland
pool. spent hours- telling
your New Zealand born Re-
porter how much he loved
the ,land "Down Under."
Dr. Moore was plainly put-
ting Haiti high on his list
of Favourite Countries ...
saying the mountain scenery
reminded him' of parts of..
the New. Zealand sky line.
Before. he left he assisted.
several Haitians towards ob-
taining medical scholarship
in the United States.

his autobiography. He paid He is probably the only
a recent visit.to Haiti with poet ever .to. get'a full-fled-
his charming wife.xand be- ged review in the austere
Journal of the American
Training. To get the proper Medical 'Association. Said
beginning background for the A.M.A. ... Dr Moore's
the: cosmetic business, Mar- "Clinical. Sonnetsn briefly
garet worked behind the and cleverly portrays as-
counter selling cosmetics pects of the:.' personality of.
and after she completed her patients encountered by 'the
apprenticeship here, she author 'in his long psychia- .
came to, Dorothy G rjay tric practice. The collec-
where she underwent a tion makes enjoyable, often-
thorough and intense course 'times humorous reading,
of study in skin care and and reveals in a startlingly
treatment and .the, art of frank manner the precon--
make-up and 'fashion coor- scious or unconsci6us-striv-
dination: ,ings of human beings.,,
I Margaret will be the first ,Quick,, :the magazine 'di
to admit that -beauty. isn't gest .that can't afford to
skin deep. Having always waste words, '-just calls the
been an active sportswo- Doctor, "Kinsey in' verse.,,
man, she knows the value His new book is entranc-
of proper skin care. Despite ingly illustrated with Punch
her active schedule she ne- like cartoons by Edward
ver misses a chance-to ride Gorey illustrating the man-
or swim, but always -finds ner in which the intrepid
'the, few necessaryy minutes Doctor diagnoses and cures
afterwards to erase the ef- The Sonnet of a "aSuper-ln-
S.fect of too mutbh sun'or*salt feriority Complex., By re-
water. Margaret Yorba's ad. leasing. the.age-old Verse
vice. is, ply. and work as Form. from- confinement and
much as you want to .but- teaching it. -Ri 'relax and
never -foget to care for-your play, Dr. Moore works won
skinjI. -R ember that a ders. His.Sonnet is healthy
beautifdil gown or .. an at- once more., It has managed
tractive hairdo require the to shake off the. neurotic at-
proper make-up and for ,.
make-up to really look 'its
best and do the most for
you, you must have a clean
and healthy skin under-

est pourquoi dans le monde entier,

ie plus forts tonnages sont transports

sur pneus poids lourds Goodyear que sur

Pneus de toute autre marque

kilom6trique tout en assurant le meilleur
service qss'on puisse aitendre de pneus poids
lourd.. Four un maximum d'avantages-
achetez des pneus poids lourds Goodyear!

- -Goodyear offre d'autres pneas
poids Iourds extra-robustes:
Hard Rock Lug Z'Road
:: XrraoTrad.

` rsp 'Pne ,
Aches at least 'eight hou.
'.out of -nine.
Elizabeth Fox was oni
young; she is old
Now, her feet and hands a:
always cold.

The mattress she sleeps
Shard- and di y;
It was clean and soft -
she was thirty.



For. supper she eats crack
ers, some .preserves,
A piece of bacon. and -onm
thin weak tea.

Elizabeth, it is not entire
your .own fault.

the name for quality steel desks
The handsome Globe-Wernicke Streamliner flal top desk illustrated gives you
the last word in efficient performance plus a bonus. of eye appeal. In 66",
60", 55", and 50" to meet every executive or general office need. Formed
linoleum lop with ,molded edges assures ample working area for speed,
efficiency, and comfort. Also, comes with square edged lop. Screw glides In
the smart island bases are adjustable from 29" to 30'/2" to meet your inli-,
vidual requirements. Or, if you prefer, desks' may be fitted with graceful)
tapered legs... Finishes-green, gray. grained mahogany, or grained A' ierf2
can walnut... Come in and see for yourself WHY the Streamliner is "the
desk for today." Write or phone us for free illustrated circular.

Chamber of Commerce Bldg.




d ry






Case-Record from a Sonnetofium
I 1 L


tachment .to its forebears.
and is' now assu.ng a well '"l*
adjusted function in te ;
contemporary world of poe-
try. ..i That.at' least is the
opinion .of the poetic aE*;
perts, called ,in on'the case
enough for us.
... And there opinion,.is good
. If you would like" an et-
ample of the relaxed and re-
vived soinet, here is oine
chosen at random frotiDr.
Moore's latest volume. .
1 '
Elizabeth Fox, Single, Ag i

Lives alone (alone). on .h
fifth floor
To vhich she climbs by p '
-wer of .her legs.
Aftfr her workliat the Five,
ahd-Ten Cent Store
Where she covers counters
'with. green baize, "
After the sales and custom- .
'ers are over,

Elizabeth ..has arthritis andi,.
Lr ." 3 ,;iJ5L " .

de i,- q


\ ;i


7.. ;

%.1- ..,:
*' :*:


-i ; *'-


.;.~ 12 p-a- -- __________________________

( e visited 3529 tbwnt
Iince we learned this trick,

.but wherever we went, we
. found enthusiasm for the
,P hilips New Variety Ran-
'e. Highly esteemed every-

." 'heie for sound and


|. .' With' S

i.,' i' To 4 a'

"!"epuaca Tadin
;.',,' Show Rhiom
.. -:.NREQUETT*,, :. .
t. ;I .'. '.- -, n l l ,l ..
--;"-. .", -" '' ..II k~l'

7A: ; .,

8.6 CubW'Ptet
Cacao Trading
, .': ifi, S.A.

Be 716A

Ti E




Higgins Bar
Moves Uptown

,Higgins Barn ... the fa-
mous spa that has eased the*
parched tonsils of thousands
of tourists during the last
three years ... is moving in-
to a new home on the Rue
Pavee opposite the Pan
American Offices. (Off-hand
we would say the location
is an efficient one indeed).
You r Reporter found
blonde New York model
Gussie Higgins at work in
the new quarters Wednes-
day directing remodelling
operations in her proficient
aThis,, she exclaimed, ais
the Uptown Higgins Bar.
We've been in love with
this building for the past
three years ,but the pro-
prietor wouldn't sell. After
his death, we contacted his
heirs who were spread over
Haiti from Leogane to Cap
Haitien. They agreed to give
us a lease and here we are.))
I There is no doubt that the
quaint old wooden building
had atmosphere. Gussie said

Women's League Hold
Bi-annual Congress

Monday between the hours
of 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. a rob-
,ber visited the ground floor
bedroom of Roland Wiener
of ,La Ville Creole., Enter-
ing the' open window the
avoleurn (lifted Roland's
light beige pants off the clo-
set door and silently slipped
away into the night. The
contents of the pants pocket:
40 dollars in cash, eight 20
dollar travellers checks sign
JOHN PICK and. not yet en-
dorsed, a gold Elgin watch
money clip marked with
-75th anniversary of C.J.A.,,
The robber left behind ubn-
touched over 20 suits, shoes
and jackets. Said Roland,
(,I'll do without fresh air in
future ... the window stays
Ed. Note: Anyone cashing
traziellerf checks should be
-xtremel, careful. Accept
from reliable sources only.

Sincere thanks to Bobbie
and Billt Vrooman aid the
Staff at T rA L.... r7.*ne -

.Get your



The Bob Lorraine Trio is
.bidding a tuneful adieu to
Thorland and Haiti tomor-
row for a flight back to the
snow and thaw of Montreal.
The French-Canadians came
to love the country and its
people daring their three-
month engagement at the
International Club. And we
might add the affection is
mutual. Bob .Lorraine ...
the pianist of the talented
threesome ... endeared him-
self to the lovers of Haitian
,jazz, at the Cabane Chou-
coune not so long ago when
he held an early morning
jam session with Lamy and
his Orchestra. The Canadian
boys think Lamy is great
and they have added many
of his Haitian numbers to
their not-inconsiderable re-
pertoire. We 'can just see
theI folks way up North
swinging along to ,Pana-
ma'm Tombe.,

i t was an atmosphere you -N-v CW -l.b ,and, ,n.. .
couldn't fake.. However we The bi-annual Congress tional.Club and to many
felt she improved it a bit of the Feminine League of wonderful friends we have Conin. Sil .
1NT by the white and grey paint Social Action opens tomor- made during our stay in. T.
S "slhe was distributing lavish- row at the Haitian-American Haiti. Our united best LA BELLE. C
ly about. Institute uhder the sponsor- wshes. B o n ;
S ship of Education Minister 'The Bob Lorraine Trio.
There is a small garden Joseph Charles. 'The public --- -- .
BT in the back court Which 'is invited io attepd the' ses- The Best Quality Cement ag
Giussie intends to turn into sions which will features jt Lowet possible s :t.
something unique and won 'many" interesting speakers T
ration^ derfulb. After that she 'will talking -on the progress ofLL & BAUSSAND A aA,
put up, a sign saying ,Our Woman's role in Haitian .
water is double boiled ... life. The Congress will offer the
g Co. to allay thd fears of the open th an observanceof :
;tourists, who have been warn Pan American Day at 4 p.m. ..
ed too often ucYou must be tomorrow .. . .. ,
tomorrow and will close
careful in the tropics. ,. Apr 17th ...:.-..
/ Many a visitor grew brave .
and unafraid in the old Hig- rh y t T
gins. Bar opposite the Cus- rhythm of Ti Ro Ro's drum,
toms House on the' Rue du they would look up at you
Quai.\,After sipping thought and say The tropics is thd
fully on a Rum Punch and place for me!,, :
listening to- the stirring

Leaving from Casino Pier
100, Ff. Luxury, Cruiser ,
Watch the 'Lights -of Port-au-Prince go up as the .
.iced Golden Sun Goes down., .
Entertainment by Rotnie Hollyman2 1/2 POR D '
and his Guitar t ST IN BA.GS OF 421/2PORTLANDCM
Good drinks, congenial Company STANDARDHYDRAULICKgsNET 6 PLY
e, Returning at 7 P.M. OFFICE: MTTC BLDG. EXPOSITION '.
L 2.50 Dollars Per Person 2.50 Dollars Port-au-Ppince Tel : 2387 :

'* f L 4 ': 4
^ ".; ; ." .. /.* *







inWOOOfl~eeeae.efee cocoa





Special Consultant

Park AvenSAID

wil e i our n .
Cosmetic Departn w4

S '.
toaae yo, on mi-.-..ON, ,
dancam, r catp. me'J.

:. *,-:.".-.".s;...,,

.- *"-.
4.:% .,


Paine 12