Haiti sun ( April 6, 1952 )

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Material Information

Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Creation Date: April 6, 1952


Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Source Institution: Duke University Libraries
Holding Location: Duke University Libraries
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Resource Identifier: oclc - 32441147
lccn - sn 95058138
Classification: lcc - Newspaper 2117
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Permanent Link: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/AA00015023/00001

Material Information

Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Creation Date: April 6, 1952


Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."

Record Information

Source Institution: Duke University Libraries
Holding Location: Duke University Libraries
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 32441147
lccn - sn 95058138
Classification: lcc - Newspaper 2117
System ID: AA00015023:00129

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W,.' ....'. -a- '. -R

..ITOR- a.. -
; ., "-',*-^ *

V16LUME II Port-au-Prince Haiti ; SUNDAY, APRIL .6th 1952 -No. 2

^ 0nlip PII77lp Ovel 'FORTUNIA THE RAGE OF
Jewel.Robhby %.
A A.-go. JoIe-.Port-au-Pince.

Shine Bakerwas the rage of He ld news that his
Poge are now making a Grant that they thought it Paris. Today it looks as now famous daughter. was H-tn hi
toKig& investigation of peculiar. that the thief had though the beauty and fun^ born.24 years ago in loeg. Ordy
S e of the largest ewl taken the laundry but had loving Paisians may-have isberg, Prussia. Her olish t
ris rpoted in Haiti discarded their riding habits chosnIher successor to the mother and he named the in- bandhe theCasio
A il'e:- . mother.and.be na

Secentyers. hevictim .in his flight. enviable title.. a bewitching fant Louise Marguerite. Lit- der the tag of .
as M Barbara Chapin ly pretty dancer by the name le Louise sioed anaa sident .anid me
Pol"e ic Puzzle Ov"ereFORUNI -OTHE-RAGEiOF

who shares a home in.Bo-. Police were gien a list of Fortunia a-girl-whose love of the dance and her .ore.- ,
on with her friend Mrs. of the 15 missing pieces love of movement and hy- (Continued on Page 3) To members of the a
Ma.. die Cartwright ... a 2- Jewelry together with a cer- is Td it r ndai. ---- ence it seemed, as dut .
iouse thatistucked tificatedatedApril 6th, tian blood. Yes Fortunia within the UNspace AofR ,O 9
".'sj e.takent helaundryrbuthadlove Prussia.HerPolish ort nihtM4a 4I',gl -etu(-Swn

:natlrinto the slope of the .1951di e from r.in hYa choall Haitie her homeland, Mr.-Ernest Elysee .. short months Haitian syi.
MhR within. a stone's throw* ity jewelry firm that had hough she has never been New Director of SIPP phony had- grown from -.A
of rePetionvileRoad. T (Continuied on Page 3) n ib shores. Herfatherb ai o arur. dim hope o ai actual
M FOlixVerna Iives in GIt was a irle. AI"T
S*a yung, Mwo.an toldC hEATap M. Felix verna, lyes in yt shwed a' atural s.ient d jbae for l
TowicehPat the robbery took eer g d Informathon de Presse Rudolph Dunrbar m.....A .
dacon w-farch 20th, close Camionette No. 4048 is Vie Of melgiman d y etde Propagandn (SIPP ) who d 't know the di
Smidnwight, when the thief ring the- title Ca of Trade lissin this week wa Mr. Ernest itg. of the"wd'- n
:br .\ tuedtifi, Aril fTia bd W

ppaeotly slipped into the Death. Just two" weeks af-E t-e. sible.
of .through tho e Rulockd ter it kinued one person and tThe Belgian Trade Mis Former Director pf SIPP rfom
i eadg at hetime, dancers onthe Gonive high ensve social and buses of General Secretary of the ps of establishing such an
Say e Camonette took activity. And there is every Consel de Gouernemen orchestra musical cirles
i vestiga ecaue an ery mancrossing a There iby Mr. ReneLaroche who but were frankly
e thought i the head a street in Port-au-Princeoubt t it as ex- was transferred last month optical of the outco
s disturbed by the co Different ivers were The four-man delegation a Institut du Credit Ag id and'far more money
; pogn. I' ssWkPuinfre Aj-o _wed

t.o. biaig when a the fief, atner th e a cnr ib ad e loin i.un 'ae se, .o us Er st .ian Hofeta, lar "n iMr. 'u
atalie sroh hofie e d uhockHaid-ist kill ied other eson atso deost Ther Beis T oradooee Meirtormeri rerb .the irth
thhirtstWhey's.e-a bd % ii d
6whOn thaLtht.ars.-- bee pa ct . i deshgoqt.- .. ..t ehendouiatirghe ethvut s.slnns.
viis n. her o sto ha firsb p'-wgd into a .r oupoi w 4sedenthetPu dpe aw o o r-

-.ol o' thaein atonse th.e dan.er on twhey G on-i hire haig h exese ia nd be Of G ener ecre t hy of pse a of s lhonsc an :-
sh-e, ,, a _streetin .Port-u-Prin e, no oubis tha it er t at blsot. S Ctical of -the outcome... ..
.gtttetre e''totheposition'oflasint tere f
6 a.tar-Ca-'L Later". s aqAgrtbnom f a syIthwonld take rars,o iete'
'ta distur b herecob-. Differ ves we The delation''nstitut du CreditAgri-n mor ne
'inuus barking oft to e faoin- respo..n a esible for the accidents continued. on, Page, 2n'n a or.
Sd. It was still bak. -. Police jailed chauffeur Ju- o p mt -as am ed w ithwde
." owheno .Mrs. Chapin re- lien Petit Frere immediately. n6nthlate whin t e r. -
nd at 12.30 and foued after the fit tragedyd, o which D baront. h k t.he 'a e
either' jewel box was missn- occu red when htie accidental r. orleag of 't oro d tus-"
9. g tether lswinth som-e struck two pedestrians at Orchestrp band 'mind -
thowdgy that ha eel plate Crixne .sonuquet esoand then V. without pstrin o..
sii.he reoo Oerthe first plowed int o b .a b withthe aeo folargerkroupcertofesnicnd co
K' lor dof.the house. They of people while making at eiv musi a was p-
l t t'Sun- col unesdr. ois -nned on Pr agae 3) t. .eds wt i ctha e tre .mpeepn
Pire lsad..-, Of- c .- f-e his on..e .tnese alse .- in.spiration. .
.rS.. .aInheri"tamncte ,,'Meanwhile he y ,as gatn-

i En d "rdict ofac ith.tal .rehearsed the Palaced s

N-L s lae-thahof tra in the morninsland the

Rkwith a verdict of ac- based his decision osn the a lma ynz dher H a blo. (ee Sr e (otbu w e fr1
. ge mon of the Cri- list of defense witnesses who baonthi He hired a ma.eu
-vittorPierre Louis not the late Antoine and Magel-.to.v .esaept right onutred--
yof falsifying a docu- Ian lived together as father hcearnto. e pt e poi nt of o -;
trshowingthat the late and son.' They also testi- heastionng usoKtepoinner-
'&ine' Pierre-Louis record .f.ed that Antoine expressed the music arAnger woonesy
UOUhim as his natural son. fear' that his other relatives bethan with change maesrfordh
pdwt4errm optne
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Iste -.'.ri;:':. ^ *;. .s*-;..^ ^ -^,;)::;'^^

Wednesday March 26, prov
:ed to be the biggest. day in
the life of a little girl b'y
the name of Jacqueline Dor-
cal. She was the proud
winner of the Gold Medal
awarded annually to the
best pupil in the School
aRepublique Argentine, in
ceremonies attended by top
officials of the Argentine
The medal was given to
Jacqueline in the name of
the boys and girls who at-
tend the Buenos Aires school
named after our Republic.
It is a Good Neighbour idea
sponsored by the Domingo .
Faustino Sarmiento Corpora
tion, an -Argentine firm
which liears the name of one
of the country's leading

Visit Of Belgian
Trade Mission
(Continued from .Page 1)
-. headed by Mr. Maurice
Brasseur called upon the
President Monday morning,
presenting him with/a gift
from their young King Beau
douin, a magnificent vase.
During the course of the day
they talked with leading
government and business of-
ficials- on ways to boost the
commercial exchange' be-
tween Haiti and their small
but prosperous honieland.
Incidentally, the coffee lov
* ing Belgians are the next to
the largest consumers of
our coffee crop -.only top-
ped by the U.S.A.
Monday night Foreign
Affairs Minister Albrt Et-
heart. and his wife held a re-
ception foir the visitors 'at
their residence in Pacot.
b The following evenitg it
was the _Be6gian's tiraf to
play host 'at a gala ftte in
the hoine of their Consul
GeoQrges Naud6 at P6tibn-
ville. When -the 'Mission
Chief departed from our
shores he carried .with him
ithe Silveir Bidge.of t e Na-
'tioal-~Order of Hon'r ahd
*.-erit ... c6iiferred upbn
hiu in special ceremonies by
ithe, Haitian Govertiihent:
Other members of thie el
gian Misgidh %vee Mr. Mau-
rice Marehand'; Mt. -Erick
Retiens arid Mr. GedrgeAs le

-Lon. Charey, faisils K61r
ilywood Aivi4 S a.f: his pick
ed Haiti ais a *a'tib'n sj~ot.
He it due to arrivriekt
Senor Jose aid Marfe Her
nandez of the Sugar Com-
pany of Aux Caye" flew to o
C. T. bop Friday.
Roget* Coster arrived back'.
'in town Tuesday ... from

famous for the hi hest quality
tires., n.these other,autoiaolive: d. :dfas
nieds for carw .ck tractor, you can depend-,
6i hfit uahls t quality ou -c

.CA, -



$ 6 000 Jewel Robbery.

(Continued from Page 1)
appraised them for insur-
ance purposes at a total
value of 6,000 dollars. Mrs.
S Clajiili Said that the insur-
anc' had expired and thibt
she didn't think it would
have covered a theft outside
S the continental Boundaries
of the United States.
o Among the missing pieces,.
she.listed a 2,700 dollar pla-
tinum bracelet with six star
sapphires encircles by ba-
guette arid round diamonds.
In addition there was a fili-
gree ring of' 19 'sniall dia-
monds set in platinum val-
uned at 1,000 dollars as well
as a nuniber. of gold lockets
and other heirlooms.
AMrs. ChApid's detailed
sketches of the'missihg-piec-
es were photostated at police
headquarters., Copies of the

sketches are available upon
Though a rash of jewel-
,ry robberies has reached the
headlines in othei- nations,
haiti has not. been, up till
idhow, hit by the scourge. It
is pointed out that there are
few 'ro'essidnal burglars in
our Republic ... the thieves
that py upon the Port-au-
Pi-ince area are generally too
poor i o ignorant to know
ti'e value of gims. And the
mdre wily ones have learned
tirouddgh experience that
'jewels are 'hard to dispose
df-oice ihey ire stolen. Po-
lie are doing everything in
teii- p'W6ei to see that the
Bburdon cage is soon solved.
1lrs. 'Chapini told a Sub re-
presentative-that she was re-
likevd at least that iwre still.
hAv-e our little ire8 car!,

(Coiitinuei'd.from Page 1)
fdld father taught her steps many where he had worked
ahd- movemitrits.e But thb for seven years as Orchestra
fiiflily wias separated the Leader. His daughter writes
tragic war years intervened him often now that they
S -iid Felix .Veioa lost coin have regained contact with
plit tirack of his daughter each other.--but the let-
f6i- a decade. HIe found her tears are ivritten in Polish
-tbli tgh newspaper .photos and German. She doesn't,
of tie glaiorfous y6ung know French as yet. But
dI i dancing star '%Iid was tak- we imagine she must be in
i*n. Paris by storm. The the process of learning since
sta .was Fortunia. sh'e married to a Frenchman,
f "*r. Verna returned to Paul Benmazet, who is the
I Haiti rom Europe in 1947 proprietor of aLa Table. de
ad became paralyzed as a la Ravine)" as Fontaine-
refilt of the wartime treat- bleau. The couple has one
menti he suffered in Ger- child.

ff, t R a mp 1)

(I t VV5hLu5 I

Officer Noel entering and
leaving the sick man's house.
It Was a vital point, since
1Kth djrosecution had claimed
the d'octiuient of recognition
had '&o . e forged since An-
toi e's doctor had forbidden
him Al1 visitors.
A high point in the. trial
came wheui the defense
broi!ght out the fact that
Rafiiorid Pierre-Louis, one
- of^ the chief witnesses for
the" .posecution in the for-
gery dage, Was Himself recent
ly diiviniced bf fraud by the
Civil Ci ur of Jacmel. His
.testimony was also discount-
ed for: personal reasons ...
he was the lawyer engaged

by Clarie. and Moise Pierre-
Loiis ... the .brother and sis-
'tr of ihe dead Antoine ...
to prove that they were the
true heirs .
'The Judge also discount-
ed .the testimony of the Lau-
rent sisters,, who he said
were under undue influence
by the prosecution. He
pointed out that they had
worked for 40 years in the
household of Claire Pierre-
Louis without pay and there
fore wcr'e ised to following
her order in all matters.
The judge also compared
the dead man's signature on
the document in question
with other papers he had

I n.at 4-a...c.n'~ t...

signed antd decided that the
Act was not false ... point-
ing d6t iiinor alterations in
handwriting could well be
the result of serious illness.
He ordered the defendants
immediately freed.

Victory in the famous Jac
mel case can be chalked up
to the credit of the very
able team of defense law-
yers: Emmanuel Cauvin,
Condorcet Leroy, Lab6do-
yere Barthblmy, Ducasse Ju-
melle and Vandal.

It was too late for Claire
Pierre-Louis to learn the out
come of her charges against
the dead man's son. She died
before the case came to

(Continued from Page 1)

frantic-dash down the road
io escape detection.w
After Petit Frere was put
in prison, his truck- dented
-by the impact of the victims
- was turned over to M.
Gerard Racine in payment
of a debt. Racine, in turn,
placed the death car in the
hands of Chauffeur Pelage
Sylvain on April 1st.
The next morning Sylvain
was to start business as a
camionette operator shutt-
ling passengers. back and
forth over the route to Carre
four. But there was only one
obstacle. He had no money
,to buy gas for the first day's
run. Luckily he remembered
some one living on the Ruel
le Laraqie owed him three
dollars. It would be enough
to launch his career and he
set out immediately to col-
lect the money. As he ente-
red she dark street turning
from the Rue Mgr.'Guil-
loux, he swerved to avoid
a fence that loomed on his
right. In doing so, he struck
down aged Francia Narcisse
who was crossing the inter-
'sectiori holding, a little girl
by the hand. The child es-
caped but the old woman
died shortly after reaching
the Hosliital. Chauffeur Syl
vain was taken into custody
of the police.

We don't know what has
happened to the dented Ca-
mionette 4048... the camio-
neite ironically named -Glo
ria de Dios.,,


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Page 3

| IkUgg vtl~f 1.

TOMORROW mother L io MIag
flanck LdAifoli, i -
The following is the list xesse Woo F; lbert ':
of Deputies who have al- Bright, Marcel J. Renaud,
ready registered for. the next J. J. S. Bellerive; Slex .' A.
regular session of 'tfi. egis- -aloiodo, Thomas--D6slV&6,
nature which b ens Mbiiday, Gustave Magloire, F de-iT
Anri- -14th: Luc F. Jean, -Tho.as, : Antoineg K4Do,
Adelpiht Telson, Pressage Syiyio Cator, Jn -MIthe
C *l ossfni. ierre-Lonis, 4loipie4 Ren4 jfcGgeff f
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Page 4


The Dominican Minister
of-War--- General Hector
Ttijillo- will soon pay
a courtesy visit to Port-au-
Prince. It will give Brigadier
General Antoine Levelt the
opportunity to return the
many courtesies he received
as guest of the Dominican
Republic a few months ago.

In The Diplomatic World FIRE AT ROYAL BAR

Under the spreading
His Excellency Jacques Christmas tree where tl
Leger last week journeyed aRoyal Bar) stands, a coo
to Washington to take over quit work, and left the stot
his new post as Haitian Am alight, and almost turned
bassador to the United States The inhabitants into ham.
Here in Port-au-Prince, The Fire Brigade was sua
Jean Coradin received his moned to the Royal Bar nes
letters of credit as new Hai the Palmist section of th
tian Minister to Guatemala. Exposition, at 3.30 Fridg
The new Charge d'affaires morning to douse a fix
of the Guatemalan Legation, that had started through tl
M. Rafael Aparicio, arri- negligence of a cook wh
ved Monday and had the op had left the kitchen at 1
portunity to congratulate M ithe previous evening witi
Coradin before his departure out bothering to put th


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P r, .
Local H
4 I

SModmen Attilude Toward
The m 'ost important.and
1 characte/'sstic trait of the
times we live in is tihe uni
Sversal, deeply rooted opp&r
S, War inpast ages. as ac
9cepted as a necessity. The
9 warrior was surrounded
|with an aura of respect. The
.ntmi mme. laraleIconqueror often received
I 'the tribute 'reserved for
Sgod. Men recognized the
S9b horrors of war, but they al-
r, i. so praised its glorious and
iun, de heroic aspects. They also
I LO T believed it was useful an
profitable, because, up |b
PAi IS 9a fairly recent past, .'there
was no better way for a peo-
Sole to enrich itself tian
IK~E to make war on others and
Shop Ito plunder them. The idea
u Quai that war does not pay is a
', modernn idea. It could not
ERFMES Iave been thought of before
I ou-ite -because it is only
andicrafs in 'our time that this may
Mahogany 9(have become true.
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Austin Representative tentative Franck Wilson. Smoked Out Of
isits Port Mr. Page said sales of Austin Exposition
Ss have jumped to many times
the pre-war production. His' .,diots- screamed office
Allan D. Page, Service is to travel around the workers on the Avenue Ms
Representative of Austin r ie Jeanne in the Exposi
cars of England spent sev- world keeping check on the tion and vacated their b
eral days in Port this week performance of the Austin Por-au-Prince aux to smoke from th
ercar. April 1st, 1952. reaux to smoke from th
conferring with local repre- carDiederich, dump to the rear of th
Mr. Bernard Diederich, buildings early Friday after
4 Editor, The Haiti gun noon. Some workman ha
Port-au-Prince. -lit a rubbish fire on th
Sir: dump which is mostly ol
Sa read I and la iked ety saw dust and wood shan
Such Miss Edith Efron's ings, and Friday's wind,
SANTHROPOLOGY, pub- wildest in mouths, saw to
'that both smutts and smolk
jt* listed in the last issue ofutd
your (sometimes) interesting w e r e distributed eveni
newspaper. But, do tell me, a n te est:
where did Miss Efron disco- routhe
vper th idea that Haitiais brought the fire under cot
.'t i tti.trol, and work was resume
.NMAISON ,eat their salad before their at 3.45 p.m.
7GII.G meat?,, Perhaps. in that mas _
ter book, Haitian Ways and
Rue BonneFoi Manners, written by a noted Ay The Palace
.Eskimo author and publish-. The new Dean of the M
S" ed in Kwakiutland in 1356? dical, College, Dr. Fri
As a Haitian (age: 27), I Sam, and inembers of h
S' ... have but once in my life staff called upon the Pres
.,' .,- eaten my salad before my dent Tuesday morning 1
meat: at Mrs. Fortune Bo- discuss the reopening of th
S- gat's, where I had, last year, school closed some montl
". the novel pleasure to.lunch ago by a. student's .strik
(Lesly is going to be sorry Classes are due to get under
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". course, Miss Efron bcid not. month.
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-,soon as he got back on' board
SHIRTS PANTS SPORT JACKETS -ITS wrote in his diaot: French

14-- ............. - ......Tourist checking up to
AoNr AI edO i STUOR w5 oeen -f the merchants of Port-
Rea iau-Prince dire as primitive
Finest Flavor... ini business as some artists,
Task for f-r are on canvas ... attempted .
to catch Milo on his arith-
Iu metic. Toccist: ,,p you
C A K .D A 4 had seven bags of flour and
fo ae I asked you for two, how
S many would you have left?A
S'Milo: ,Seven.- PERSONA

-r it's
e.most delicious flavors in the o e
.'wodd carry the Canada Dry A5n '(
'.. A! 'Isb. Name your favorite- Wes, ay,, dresses,
... Canada Dry makes it, and puts I for casual gloves, EN RAVI

blaio Waln the quality, purity ee an handbags,
.: ad sparkle that have made hos .
S Cana Dry the first nai N in C os
beverages. enjoy a bottle ay. shoes.
All flavors-
Popular Prik .

N' ear Parc L.co nte Tel: 2079 /.2^ -- i-,
National, S. A.
. ,x

ge a--

Pafra A



by Kenneth Caron

Chameleon country and cactus fences,
Dusky people, laughter and singing,
Mardi Gras and colorful costumes,
Screaming gulls by the bay side winging.
Country of coffee and sugar cane,
Sisal and countless bananas;
Beans and rice and and starving dogs,
And .multi-colored bandannas.

General cargo for Port-au-Prince, ,
Flour And cars and soap;
Cement to build with, food to sustain ,
The muscle, the. mind, the hope. ,,'
Eand of little, iand of- plenty,
The Palace, the Champ, de Mars,
And at night, the city, a giant's jewels,
Reflects the moon and the stars.

"Papa Legba, ouvri barriere.pour moins,
The Creole chants tothe big, long drum;
" Land of Damballa, rada and loa,
Hungans and mambus 'exhulting come.
Not yet' gone is its tropical lus'tre,
Primitive, native charm;
Yellow orchids and gay flambbyants '
Nod in the breeze so warm. I
3' I ',

Here in thb sunlit, byways,
And then on the crowded streets..
The stranger bears cries of the vendors,
Shuffling on sandaled feet.
Peaiuts, oranges, hand-crafts; I
For the children there's sometimes a toy;
In the distance, approaching, a tap-tap-tap,,
Announcing the shoe-shine boy. ,
.' ', ..

. Fronm,the north, on cthe Cape,, where the. C6tad
To the south by Jacmel town,
There's not a manr can raise a doubt
That the. land, comes to its own..
For now.the people are building, '
And the present the future will bring,
Redouble the toil and keep pressing,
'And 'oneday there'll be good cause to sing !

Land. of ToussQint and Christophe,
Who threw back, Bonopartems horde,
Now stands neathh the white Cross, gleamng, .
In the 'service of the Lord. I
Bythe patience and sweat of the burro,
'By the will and. brawn of the land,
Sook. will a'.bright, new nation
Be seen by the eye of Man !
Cap Haitien, Haiti, March 7; 1952.

About the author
'* '' }. ' :

. Kenneth Caron is a 32-
year old New Yorker who is
Sa veteran of both 'World
War II and the, newspaper
business, both known for
their hazards in combat. He
began his journalistic career
as a copy boy, later report-
er, on, America's largest
newspaper, the N. Y. Daily
News, and after' a four-year
.stint in -the Pacific with the
'A.A.F. he returned 'to The

News which prompt]
ied.,him on the staff
United Nations Spec
reau. Ken feels the j
interesting but the p
not. Also he feels th
itself was a victim of
iure birth ... that it
have been much mor
tive if it had been
after postwar peace
had been signed and
thereby reducing dip


3 . "

T" im e & "ife

T headiU American MAGAZINES Are How On Sale At All

d~i.4&~ri.t~~ ~ jmtsg,,,.g.. jt~. .>.' . t'iC'. ~ L4A6. .'ti&tk ,.-. ~ .. -


* d3

* ..,.'- t~.-. "aN;* 33

eHAITI SUN* Page 7

S. 0 AMBASSADOR catch her 2.30 p.m. plane to Someone tried to explain in ..
OF GOODWILL Miami. The Jeweler drop- perfect English that Reynold' .
.ped his work and made a 5 had paid 6 dollars frm his ..
The elderly Mrs. Pauline dollar rush job on.the watch. own pocket.
Low of Riverside Drive, With the watch in order big Reynold more insulted
New'York will no dgubt b Reynold dashed back to the than hurt about the loss of
surprised this week to se .Hotel. .. the money handed the 3 dol- ..
her name 'in the Sun, but Miss Low all set to, le .: tars to the porter, and turn-, ::,:
her actions certainly. warrant took the .watch from Rey-, n his back on the scene. 1
coverage. nold, who .courteously sum- saying "Give it back to he
Your reporter, happened -med her account up to 6 if you please.. -
upon the following scene dollars including transport Miss Low refused the mo.
Thursday afternoon at theIon.-. "Too much, .cried ney. Reynold and witnesses
El Rancho. entrance. Mrs. Low, here take this, 3' to. this.,scene you can rest asr.
Mrs. Low, Who took a dip dollars. The porter, '. the sured, are not likely to .ii.
in the El Rancho kidney waiter, the. chamber maid,-a-favour' for, a tourist in a
shaped pool before lunch,; chauffeur and .loafer, were hurry again. ,
had discovered at 1.20 p.m. astounded by, her action .
that she had been swimming e e e e 'e ee ee
with her delicate little ... ,, ., '
watch, and water had slop- Inroducing The i LCONSL ,
ped the work. '.HandymiL .. . ~ 'A
Reynold A ndre. gallantly:
Volunteered to rush down
town, have it fixed and.re-t
turn in time for the lady to$"

f 4 7" -d g v -'

fs THE CONSUJL is "." ; ou c -de ,"
,elle pend on for mance!onsisttly excellent oditions and the 'tre-slu
0 ainidance a A9 eva tiFnay Pner l seating, spacious md hahsome
4 O N A p oMe HnMtGi s t upholsteAI anatomicallyBdesA -
oV H CAR N .et ., .WT,-'andthel. teerin .t .lyras. '.u'if
and braking give you immediate d CONSo u isla-a-..-ou '
e eand sensitive e, response at all times. smarss I l
t, Ith flow -line i rI .. :oou y,- "" -,- T
After four years as NewI, un n ef -c -. !;e r
pnd on for consa stetly excw n- ctieves perfect proportions t'
staffer, Krran took a ne; i ev'tinairy new co tionsu, l d built fo b
so in theNatioial Gu springing ad built-in shock absor- s s ris hahdo.'

and then gave it up to co ers assuresmoo d the steering ed to help you relax as you
aitension. stu a usn and sensitive response at all t ies, sartness. Its flow-line oy-.
the has asaed its unique new independent achieves perfect 'proportions- t
staffer, Kn took a coin s- Front Suspension, diret-an Consul is built for beauty as w

S covici, the New York agents Tel. 2124 '

to Port-au-Prince o learn : .: l
the ropes about coordinating r r
Nor th and. Sonth bound..
Cargo and other intricacies
of the shipping trade. Allen
Aondvi tBussan i's a exce llent
SKen took ups poetry as a j.
ly plac- hobby in 1938, and singe.
of its then has composed 100
ial Bu- poems pn everything, he
job was says, from the sublime to T THT R o
ay was the ridiculous.i His other
e U.N. hobbies also fit in with the
prenia Haitian scene ... spearfish NDT/W Hen
would ing, hunting, sailing, swimn- ananican QflflnTIC fl--
e effec- ming and tennis. Of all DRY CLERWERS .4ODtf Lf///D Y.
formed the Caribbean Islands yet "111'"linW issile a
treaties visited, Ken finds Haiti thb ,m
sealed, most interesting and colour- v neA "loo7 TO P.A A ACAoS 5?EST erre fl'
lomatic ful.






,' Under the same Management :- ".~

Ted. Roosevelt |

Wishes to advise his many friends and the Generai
Public that the


The REFUGE completely rejuvenated is now equipped
with Electricity, Hot and Cold running water etc. Cani
be reached over ao n excellent road in any type of car. 9

At 5,700 feel the ,,REFUGE, is TOPS.

SPresents -




T61.: 2676


$o'e~e4.ea ^


M? .



Direct from Motreail's
Continental Cafe
Special Show at


- a small jpece of delicious
Chocolate laxative brings
relief overnight. -,Pleasant,
effective ... that's


Casftera's Maternity
Dr. Georges Castera's corn
fortable and completely me-
i i^ j 1 **

Don't let waste matter
affect your health. You can
be pleasantly and easily I
relieved with I

la5 x V idern 12 room Maternity cli- PNIG
nic is at your service. This BROOKLAX HOT ENGRo V .4"G
LUX7URIOUS up-to-date clinic is located \
in the same building as the the world-famous OFFS[T PRINTING GOLOR WORK
.Pharmacy Castera, opposite Chcolae Laxative.
, the Telegraph and Telk RUE AMERICAINE 1348
1 ." "i- .'phone Building. Call 2131. TELEPHONE 22|8-

S. . . . .. -. .. .



aFermate, the mountain
home of Lt. Perpignan, was
the scene of a grand Fete
last Tuesday, night when
Government colleagues and
military "buddies, of Un-
der-Secretary of State Ro-
land Lataillade helped him
celebrate his birthday. The
guest list included most of
the aWho's Who of Port-
au-Prince and needless to
say, everyone had a wonder-
'ful time.

Mrs. Barbara Chapin and
Mrs. Maudie Cartwright en-
joyed a week's change of
scene at Cap Haitien.
Ti Lou Regnier, who has
been away in Venezuela for
,the past three years is min
town. visiting his mother
Mrs. Maurice Buteau.
St. Pierre's church in Pe-
'tionville will be the scene
of the May wedding, of
Ghislaine. Sion and Gerard

led his car in this week for
a brand new Pontiac.
Back from school in Ja-
maica for the Easter holi-
days is Miss Garthe Cardozo
daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Franck Cardozo of the Beau
Site Hotel.
Thursday was the birth-
day of Mrs. Louis Mars.
Gladys .Bogat is expected
in town this week from
Miami for Easter and to
attend brother Leslie's wed-

April fool's day,
of April was the
of Max Dejean.

the 1st

Miss Lucy Therlonge cele-
brated her birthray also on
April 1st.
Susanne Rigaud is happi-
ly married qnd settled down
in Kingston, Jamaica.
Jean Claude taforest of
Preetzman Aggerholm left


being made for an exchange
of Physical Education Stu-
dents between Haiti and
Cuba as well as a schedule
of athletic matches. While
in Havana, Coicou attended
the Physical Education Con-
Rosalie Anderson flew-
over to Cuidad Trujillo
T h e famed basketball
chantps, Pirates are soon to
organize a female team.
U.S. Ambassador to Boli-
via and Mrs. Edward J.
Sparks ... long time friends
of Haiti, left Tuesday af*r
spending a short vacation
here. with_ Mr. and Mrs.
George Leger of Petion-
Tuesday tlie 8th, Edou-
ard Esper is celebrating his
Mr. and Mrs. Herard Roy
are back from Paris. Mr.
Roy represented Haiti at
the Sixth General Assembly
of the United Nation held
in Paris several months ago.
Rene Germain, Inspector
of Taxes, is leaving this
week to, take up a United
Nations scholarship in Otta-
wa, Canada.
This is news ... ship lov-

Mr. Rene Preetzma
-:0:- Friday for a month holiday ing Mr. Rene Preetzma
Last Sunday the Charles in the States. Aggerholm has been.fon
Dejean r-esidence in Petion- -:0:. by the lack of passenger si
ville was the scene of a rip- Mr. and Mrs. Valerio Ca- travel from Haiti, to ta
roaring children's party. The nez returned' to -Port last to the AIR.. Mr. Aggerho
occasion was the celebration week-end after having spent accompanied by his wife
of the birthdays of young a -month business-cum-plea- flying yia PAA tomorrow
Afex and Tessa Flambert. sure visit in the States. The New York. But from N
-:0:- music loving couple during York you can bet they w
Officially announced last their visit feasted upon all take b-big Trans-Atlan
Saturday was the engage- of New York's best musI- liner for Europe.
meant of Miss Ghisla;ne Me- cals. Ben boi spent t
rove-Pierre to Fritz Graeger. Ben ,boui spent th
-:0:- -:0:_ .. days in town this week ta
Mr. and Mrs. Antoine Mr. and Mrs. Alix Fom- ing over business with re
Talamas are accompanying brun honeymooning in cool tives.
son Rene to Kingston to- Kenscoff a re receiving -:0:--
day. On the 20th at, the guests this afternoon. Back in good health af
Holy Rosary Church, St. An- -:0:- her recent illness is Mrs. C
drew, Rene will exchange Our Gerant Responsable bert Brandt, who was se
wedding vows with Mis. Rony Chenet, from the 26th dining out with hubby G
Marie Handal. After honey- of April on ... will also be bert Friday evening.
mooning the newly weds responsible for pretty Miss -:0:-
will make their home here Nancy Williams. On that Marc Guerrier and Lo
in Port-au-Prince. Rene trad date they will wed and make Goldman are heading
their home in St. Louis de Geneva tomorrow to stu
Turgeau. high finance under a.Uni
S\ -:0:-- Nations scholarship.
,,/ Raoul Coicou is back -:0:-.
'. \ from his month-long stay in Yesterday Mr. Pierre l
Havana with the fruits of taud, Dean of the L
his voyage. Largely through school flew to New York
his efforts, arrangements are vacation. .

REG.TRADE MARK Tcamous since -1862
1, 0--------C-----L------h--

* to





Amongst the passengers
aboard the s.s. Rouen when
she docked here Thursday
were Mr., and Mrs. Edgard
Riebe. who have been away
in Paris.. for the past three
years. They were greeted
on the .Pier. by. son- Jean
Marie Simonnet and a large
group of friends. This week
end Mr. and Mrs. Riebe and
Jean Marie flew home to
Cap Haitien..
Esso boss Carlo Domingo
flew off yesterday on a busi-
ness trip that will take him
to Jamaica, Cuba and Mi-
Robert D a y, Imperial
Chemical (Pbarmaceuticale)
Ltd. representative dropped
-into Port his.week from his
Jamaican -headquarters to
confer with loc-" distribu-"
tors Trans-World Trading
Co., S.A. Mr. Day, a fre-
auent visitor to our shores,
Friday morning gave a de-
monstration to office work-
ers of his loyalty to.the pro--
ducts he represents-... after
cracking- his head against a
'steel door he insisted on the
Doctor 'applying only ICI
Today is budding builder
Kiki Villard's- Fete. -

Mr. Dantes Bellegarde,
former Haitian Permanent
Delegate to the UNO return
here Wednesday aboard the
Dutch bhip uGany-Medes.,,

Also aboard the Dutch
ship were the new Minister
of Brazil to Haiti Mr. Ma-
nuel Contarvia Guimaraes,
his wife Maria and son An-
Madame Antonio de Mat-
teis celebrated her birthday
Wednesday evening with
friends and relatives at her
residence in Perionville.
Duke Ellington may come
to town in the not too dis-
tant future.
Mrs. Helen Denize left
folr Venezuela yesterday to
join her husband who is'at
present working in Caracas.
Miss Eudoxie Conde is go-
ing off to MaiThattan to-
morrow for a vacation.
Mrs. Nelly Boulas, wife
of Dr. Boulas is flying to
Miami tomorrow.
Raymond Abuthnot and
Walter St. Jules who work
with Paul Anson are busily
making plans for tomorrow
they're off on a New York


The cstorko winged his
way tnro the Boudon home
of Mr. and Mrs. Donald
Brandt last Saturday even-
ing at nine and delivered
nine pound baby -Serge.,,
The wires from New
York buzzed this week
with news of the birth in
New York of a goodlook-
ing baby girl to Mrs. Pat-
rick Flarety, the former
Port-au-Princian Colette De
graff. Mr. and Mrs. Flare-
thy the happiest New YorWOD
lers alive have named tbh t.
first daughter Jennifer


. 1

. .. - , .. "'-



Page 9

Mr. Luc Armand, accoun-
tant of the Dept. Fiscal left
Friday on a special mission 'ci
to New York. '
The rumour is Axel Et-
heart may soon give upi law
and become a homee d'af-.
-:0:- r
Saturday was Secretary to -
the Presidency Minister Mau Mi
clair Zephirin's birthday an-
niversary. '
S --:0:- .-
Dr. Elmer Laughlin' qa-d
family are back in towiFI .-
ter an absence of s6*yatI
months in the -States.:

Next Saturday is the fte 4
of Mrs...Eric Tippenhauer.

Wednesday Mr. and Mrs., '" 7
Gustav Gilg. and daughter -
Hilda flew-, to New York. 5 "z
From the States they are ex- -
pected to take the boat for '
Europe- and:.vacation in the i "
Swiss Alps, Mr. Gilg's old
country. .

Last Sunday little Miss Mi-
reille Riviere celebrated her .
fifth birthday with a group ; -'
of her young friends at the ,
Hotel de Champ Mars. ":r
:0:- "
The. Retreat for -jeu- ,
nes filles, commenced at-.
the Sacre Coeur Church,
Turgeau, Wednesday -even-.
ing at 6 p.m. The Rev. Fa--.
'ther Jean-Baptiste Georges,
Doctor of Theology and Pro
fessor of Philosophy at the
Grand Seminaire, N ot ,
Dame, is holding the Rd- ,

A Retreat attended most.
ly by cold boys, of the
Seminaire College, St. Mar-
',tial, commenced Wednes-
day evening under the di-
rection of Father Superior
Le Bihan.

* -~ .-.



(Continued fr om Page 1)

SDujnbar, a negro from would have time for outside
British Guiana, has a pride interests, but he did. And
in his race that only matches one of the chief subjects that
the pride in his art. He fascinated him was journal-
wXhted to give the best of ism. When war broke out
his genius to the Black Re- he became the correspon-
puiblic of the Western Hem- dent for the Associated Ne-
isphere. And last night he gro Press.
succeeded. But of course his music
Music seemed to be in the was never neglected. His de-
seal of the Maestro since his but, made in London in
birth in British Guiana 45 1942, was a triumphant one.
years ago. At the precocious Newspapers, while acknow-
age of 9 he was playing in a lodging the young man's ge-
niilitary orchestra, and at 12 nius, surmised that he was
hih'father sent him to New being ,,used, by the British
York to study at the Insti- Propagaiida Services t o
-tute of Musical Art. There strengthen the ties, that
be turned hiW composing bound the Coloial Peoples
*Waitt io thd 'iiano and his 'to the Empire. Such was
instrumental talehAt to play- not the case,a since the ari-
ing the clarinet. His genius 'tish Colonial Office had no-
was so apparent that he thing to do with ihe re-
was' Seiit on to Europe to c6ition niusic-loving Lon-
conitiitne his studies with diners gave the new conduc-
ithe world's best teachers. In tor. His talent alone was
P'a i s, Philippe Gaubert responsible for their enthu-
ftaught the youbg lad the .siasm.
i~lihgs that later gave him Diunbar's rising star reach-
his coveted place in the ed its apex two years later
i:hinning ranks of top con- whlin he was asked to con-
'ductors. Paul Vidal instruc- dict a concert in Royal Al-
iea him in Musical Compo- bert Hall for the. Newspa-
sition. Louis Cahuzac guid- per Press Fund a more or
d hi's talents as a clai-inet le's r6val command since
r& virfiosb. This instrument King George VI was the
has always lBeen Dunbar's Fund-raising organization's
it. favourite and his text-book honorary president. As di-
I *Ub Trait6 pour l'6tude rector of London's famous
.de la blarinetten is now in Philharmonic Orch e-stra,
., 'its s'fihi edition. Dunbar's Dunbar also won acclaim
': seartf for a musical educa- from the notoriously critical
)t ion also took him to Leipsig pehs of inusic experts. Said
Sand Vienna, where he was thee Liveribol Evening Exr
a pubtl of the famous Felix oress: aDunbar has larned
i','inearthther. his place in the ranks of
Wili such a schedule it irthe Preatest conductors.,,
k eim incredible that he- The career that Dunbar

"- '-'. '-- -- -


--------- --- ---

r.-l ... -- .1* ,; ..-/. .;.
'. 7,UCTOR DUNBAR aiii wil never forget
*t f gatude. .

,, .'. "

f ,i s :" .. .. *. ,... .* : . .... ":...,,.::A ., '- -

had launched so brilliantly
was interrupted in the sum-
mer of 1944 when he joined
the American Armed For-
ces... retaining his role as
war correspondent for the
NUegr Press. He was with
the troops fighting their way
across Normandie and he
was there when the first
American G-I's rolled into

With the most exciting
epoch of the war behind
him, Dunbar took up his ba-
ton once more on Novem-
ber 18; 1944, when he con-
ducted ,L'Association des
Concerts Pasdeloup) in Pa-
ris, the first foreign conduc-
!toi to dir&et an dichestri ini
the hewly liberated city. Af-
ter tht concert the Director
of the Natidnal Conserva-
tory of Music personally of-
fered his congratulations
and the Paris musicians in-
sisred ihat Dunbar present a
Festival of American Music
to make up for the years it
was avorboten" under the
German Occupation.

He not only presided at
on6 such Festival, but four
... with the American Am-
bassador as one of the spon-
sors. Some weeks later Dun-
bar was invited to conduct
four cd6certs of the Berlin
Philharmiionic. Later mem-
bers of the orchestra show-
ed their appreciation by- of-
fering him the original
manuscript 6f Beethoven's
Fifth Symphony as a gift.

Today' the genius of the
dark-skinned, maestro is on
demand throughout t h e
world. Soon he must leave
Haiti to go to Venezuela and
other South American Re-
puiblics to fulfil commit-
ments. In,the fall of 1953
he his been asked to direct
;the SCALA Orchestra for
the Scala Opera in Milan,
one of the most celebrated
in the world.

With such glow and fame
at his finger tips, Mr. Dun-
bar chose to come, to Haiti
and work like a demon with
relatively untrained musi-
cians to mold them into'the
makings of an orchestra
which will mean so much tc
the cultural progress 6f our
small Republic. He has suc-
ceeded beyond our wildest
dreams. An.d his success
here has meant more to him
than any of the triumphs he
won int the more glittering
of the world capitals.
I-taitj will never forget
its debt of gratitude. And
we are certain Mr. Dunbar
will never forget the look of
warmth and affection on the
faces of the music-loving
Haitians when he produced
for them his miracle.


iwnitts -
lhZbanr* g d Cs r- Fots
_35 3S2.8^ i.


We have seen them,
Those lov61ey l ifdtns
Mrs. Cafttright and Mrs.
Chapin, as they pass,
AldoT, yet gracious
Through die tiriht
Streets of our city
Ih a topless car as
Scarlet s th e sins
Of my youth, Whose
Gleaming splendidr contrasts,
The sweet mystery of
TIeir sun irsitun k d fites.
And we havb wohderFd, -
Youi hnd I; -
And wondered.

I have encounteted them
Hither add ion,
And have bantered
Phrases, banial and puerile
Against their Olyinpian
Reserve. without avail.

Finally they found me,
And I learned itiat
All they wanted *as
Inloirmation that 'the
Editor of this piper
Could give h:emi
Better than I.
I also lear~ied that
SAll my vain imaginings
Were ju.s't the sniff
That di-eams are made -of

But a guy can dream,
Can't he?
Read all about the
Great Jewel Robbery
On Page 1.


SoQomon- had-his harem,
A .thousand :usciois delights
But altho they were-fair,
Not one- could -compare,
To this. I will swear,
With. the girl-I dream about
a .

So, when I learned,
The bther day that
TNbse& two vibrant
Creatures were searching
The highways and byways
for me
My mind was rapt
With strange surmise.

The deep recesses of
' M1 Hiet, andc tje
Daik dveris of iy -:
Agirfg iina fashion
SirAge ?atiiasids that
Are strit&l, iiir dwi, i
So I aihi ndt gding-
To ftefl yu aihything
Ado;t WIat went.on .i
Thre. Bi .I wil
Adinit this; I th-iight
TIhe silliest- ihinigs.
Y, u fhav6 in'6 idea
'HQw fdolisth tiey iere.

* -. . IF



Page 1


By T. J. Grant

Rue du Quai



Producer Of

Shaw Visi
. . i. :
.* Visitors to Port this week
include a Mr. John Nelson
who is responsible for pro-
k during one of the world
k most remarkable Radio anid
Television shows. Accompa-
nied by his pretty blonde
wife and Mr.. and Mrs Ivan
Ditmads, Mr. Nelson old-
time friend of the Fergusons
of Southerland Tours,, is
here f6r a week vacation at
the -torlan'd International.
For the benefit of our read
ers, especially young city
and provincial aBriseursn
and' BAiseiures, aTime,,
made mention of Nelson's
unusual show this week.
TV PrV0 ducer John Nel-
sin, 36, .sR received more
than 7A 0,0 letters from'
lovers y6ung aid old. They
write hin about their rom-
ances in de hope that Nel-
son and .ys partnrs, John
Reddy and John rasterton,
will select them to be.marr
ried on. Bride and Groom
(weekdays, 10.30 a.m. CBt-
TV) before an estimated TV
audience of more thas 2,000,.
000 enraptured housewives.
Fearful that his show may
be taken over by exhibition-
-ists, Nelson makes every ef-
fort to select the soundest
applicants from his flood of
mail. During the six years

Unusual-T. V. Crustquick, Partycake, Gold
UMedal Flour). The televi-
ting fP6rt" 'sion weddings have so far
been performed only by rab-
bis and. Protestant clergy-
that the show has been on men. Nelson has not figur-
,radio and TV, the grooms ed out a way.to present Ro-
have included an executive man Catholic marriages on
pf Douglas Aircraft Co., a TV, since they must take
Phi Beta Kappa from West- place in a church.
,ern Reserve, an atomic scien Because they are dealing
,tist and Nelson's own bro- wit h lovers, Bride alnd
ther-in-law. This week one Groom's producers have run
of the grdoms was Jacklyn into some unexpected situa-
Lucas, 24, who as a 17-year- tons. One couple astonish-
old Marine Corporal on Iwo ed the landlord of their.
Jima w'as the youngest man honeymoon hotel by playing
;ever to .win the Medal of billiards until 3 a.m. on
Honour. their wedding night. One
BOY MEETS GIRL. .groom offered to enliven
What brings lovers in such the ceremony by performing
droves to Bride and Groom sleight-of-ha id tricks on the
is its promise to feather air. At least six couples
their nests. The newly- have broken, their engage-
weds get i free, week-long ments before they could be
honeymoon( "We pay for got in front of the TV came-
everything except liquor," ras. 'One grooi decamped
says Nelson), the loan of 9 'the night before the show,
Pontiac, and a shower of leaving a desolate bride-to-
presents ranging from va- be. The. producers were.
cuum cleaners and gas rang- hard put to find another-
les to silverware and c17 marriageable couple on such
garette lighters. The cere- short notice. Since that de-
mony itself is. whipped bacle, Bride and Groom has
through in something under been careful to keep at least
four minutes. The rest of 'three couples on hand in
the 15-minute programme is Manhattan on each specified
devoted to music by an or- day.,
gan, a harp and a sentimen- GIRL GETS BO'V The
tal baritone, a quick rehash brides have ranged in age
of the boy-meets-girl details from 17 to 75, the grooms
of the particular romance, from 19 to 78. Divorced
and to some intensive sell- people are frowned on,
ing of the products of Spon- since, as Nelsod explains:
sor-General Mills (Bisquiek, lThere are always plenty of
people getting married for
EXPERT SERVICE the First time.1; Nelson has
had 17 policemen married
on his show (he got one
'speeding ticket fixed 'as a
O^r result), anid four children
-have been named after him..
v He constantly hears, from
Bride and Groom graduates
,i who want him to natch uo
",, a quarrel, find them a job
{fk. eft ' or lend them some money.
I ni. ua@ To He is heartened by a recent
.AU1I OM TORS3 survey of 1,100 Bride and
I I U ETEYW ER A Groom couples which shows
TELEtIONIE:3/34- that only twelve have been
separated or divorced 'since

SC'est pourquoi dans 1e monde enter,

\ de plus forts tonnages sont transPortes

sur pneus poids 10urds Goodyear que sur

pneus do toute autre marque

Les entrepreneurs de camionnage et de services
d'auobus savent que lesi pneus poids lourds
Goodyear font preTve d'"n maximum de
long6vit6 et d'un unnimum de rendement

kilometrique --tout en assurant le mueilleur
service qi'on puisse attendre'de pneus poids
lourds. Pour un maximum d'avantages-
achbtez des pneus poids lourds Goodyear!

the programme began, that wau sorry he didn't meet up
the majority .claim to have ith that tiobber .. he'-
no pressing problems and done ,hath tijo out Wes '
That nearly 400 children ... ake i"opihe:Unioi.
have been born. or are on 'Ms.Brow esii0,s. '" '
the way., Frtich' .e-fetly theio
After six years of almost .'thorities .h, u .:y t'had'"
ay t'tedance at .ed-the -door ckel,':and
d s, ad after listepig to apart fro inthe robbery .:,g)
counifless love stories, Jel- was well;,, sh: proidly :ii::
;son, father of three, reso- p iaye, t %ebg. 00oii
lately. denies any personal painting she d gh
cynicism. He has. concluded, tie 'city., Depiu..tySJ f
.however, .hat the female. is Brown ahndir," tls .;4 .I
more deadly ,than .te male tinukd; the'r ti I
-- at least 90 per cent of C nbbe Thueti
'the marrieshe f.e giigres, "noon. rP k sr
Sivbed instigated' by.c E SAE

o Hd o bel Robber, .-,-..-.,--
tOWr* tan be *itCS

Sometime .during Wed
nesday :-evene g4 or .taly Cd .paht r.ve..h
Thursday mrnp g, 14p0 tool rej .oeall.i
lars U.S. currency, a pair of o r an or a
new tan shoes marked in- -'-s ... -"- -::
side- "qmade in Englandl-.tr fo 'I"" ..
BrookBrorothers;.and.a two

ed glass.end .disappear ed: : .
from. ai room.: ir the Cita-.
delle Hotel.' ieftiun.ouched ..i
in the room were, a walietd, ReM ,. ..oi. o.?..
of, papers, a wallet of ttivel- eYIyz:c.dd'. P srre..ito.:e f
ers.heques, .two airplane re hos day, 7 ,.
tickets and, a key. a-- w t care of416!
.- A.lmbst a year ago Mrs. plait.Weutk dt s.. -
Roy, o#ner-manager of k the .They are ., Ser- ,i
hotel was robbed arid onie of geaw', 'OG CARE.
her young daughters hap- products your
opened to catch a good look dQog:be cafe .he' de.- __
at the robber leaving the sees. ,;
burglared room. Not two Sergean's products,
weeks ago this girl caught a a 0oo. to a he gltby .
glimose of a man in the and happylife.
neighbourhood who closely Better products for .
resembled that robber. The iMan's best friend.
Police suspect one man re-
laries ahd are on the lbyk-
sponsible for, the two burg- r. -

out tor a susp -ct in thae
.Deputy Sheirif Lathr.dp
Brown of ,aSaddle kRot k ,
Ranch, Big Sur California,' -..

,u = = = = = = = =. = =.

the iiamre for quality steel desks
The handsome"Globe-Wernitke Streamliner flat top dpsk illustrated gives you
the last word in efficlint performance plus a bonus of eye appeal. In 66",
60", 55", and 50" to meet every executive or general office nied. Foime
linoleum top with molded edges assures ample working area for speed,
efficiency, and comfort. Also, comes with square'edged top. Screw glidei In
the smart island bases are adjustable from 29" to 30~s" 16 meet yaur&lndil-
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Chamber of Commerce Bldg.







-" A -n ,.- .T



We visited 3529 t0wni
S tince we learned this trick,
S'Abut where ,Prwe went, we
St und enthusiasm for the
Shilipi Ne Variety Ra&n
"L- U L,.t - '- . *

Strange Feat

Of Camionette

"St Michel"

Patrons at the Bar Italia
and strollers on the North-
ern end of the Boulevard
Harry Truman, were treated
to a rare sight Thursday
'evening at 7.20, when a
Camionette stationed head
on to the 9-inch high curb,
Leaped over the 9 foot con-

,*/ -

-;' .:L .

. ;. f1*' .3 *' 1.1

r.."l | li


h II,


. is'ytccmcua every, create pavement crashed .
. lctfot sound and looks. through the iron'fence down
7. 6 over the sea wall and into .
the sea, under Christopher .
Columbus's very. pose. ...

When your reporter arriv- Haiti Trading Cotm
led on the scene a few min- S. A.
utes later. the driver, Cle
Sent Toussaint was staring
on as surprised as the on- LE MATIN'Sn
lookers t the strange feat 45th BIRTHDAY,
S- of his camionette. Said driv- President agloire
; President Magloire
-^ *AQIOPAi^ -pr Toussaint, ....A6 LAY : ed .there and when I started host of other top
gitkhe engine I must have had ent officials paid
to he headquarters
S. .. -- te car in gear, cause look Matinh Wednesday r
0 herr Jlanded. ED. -to help celebrate the
oi .'.O; The tide papers 45th birthday
.*... ...,.-, S ers pf the bay lappedaround vers r
S.. ,n-iri ; he front end of the Chewy The Chief of State
^!4,cT-MM glCE -T. .....J:' up-that plys.between 1 oYg ye, m er
3 ElED Pot-au-Prince nd Kenscoff through the modern
.'RCR LAYERS *under tv ame v S ill, Several .Boulevard speed- Broadcasting Studios,
"" 'tEATI WEIGHT sters all set to demonstrate ping to comment on t
- ...; .. .. :- . .p.oba iity .e-drid eri mg. linotypes and
. ,.,: ,, .... ... -.:.. r s y .'i y d. pieces of -equipment.
'- he stopped in the air-
"a -f 4 -kemoqst sn courage, One chap went so -toned office of pul
. :.'..bioitt. far as to line up his car for Franck Magloire to d
..he leap to show your re-
the le- .- t champagne toast to th
CdrlPio Trading Co. -porter how he .Camionette d prosperity o
S* p ,o'." I.'"m'sll MW .- was launched into the sea. jourfil which, along
,-...,. ., ..-but -the arrival of the o r, o
...-'. b u : t.h a- r r a its famous founder Cl
:"- --Graceful i spiced the Magloire, has -played
evening ad the accident jor role in the life c
b pp-y crowd turned their Republic. TheHait,
i -.l~.a~,,a-f ck,pn the Camionette, and adds its .voice to the
". -:mo'voed to-the end of the Er- of
4- WelJ wishes.
position pier to watch the
berthing of this beautiful
S- 'luxury yacht from Miami.. FURNISHED HOU
S* he yacht tied-up-with- .
out-mishap and big Vene- Couple wish to r
zuelan owner Mr. Phelps furnished home n re
toal n of -the
1 > ':,hnd. his,.wife steeped ashore Please contact the S
llowe by a aMrn and Mrs. Please contactt the < ":,iaaod lndl went off :to fice on the Exposition
e ly:ioy, Port-au-Prince night FOR SALE
i rSonahi"priced-Lfe;' The-: yacht left,. this A 1950 4-door Che,
..8.FCubc .., week-end&heading for Vene- in perfect condition for
-.4 "U'b ..* ..;-" zuela- via a stop, off at Bird Interested parties ma)
Island in; tl- middle of the the director of the C
0iaca Trading C0. aribbean where owner and d'Art. Tel: 2055 .betwi
'. f- Haiti, S.A friends will catch rare birds a.m. and 1 p.m. and 4
-and 'butterflies, and 6 p.m.

., - .
: f, .. -a


1 .1






Men's Suits Made'


9 Different Colours

For La Belle Creole

tt AL

Up-to-date Style,


ana a
a visit 40 Dollars
of Le
-otrning r"'-
news- "

to u r 'i i -. i'' "
new s- . : " ; -- ,
M.B.C.s ---- :-- --.o-- -'--" ':- ^",.

he tow, aliy -,en l
,other Tb. .Bt D..."ualiy C a t -----
Then the Lowest possible coslt :0 .

rink a)
econ-) .d offer their
e con- '.' --
f the
ement -

of our .

St .
qh-en- a N.
sicden-| ~se s -''".s -.r;

p.m.) Port-au-Prince Tel : 2387 .

...W -* i .

m' -- t'uinrn


".''- 0 '

...,. -.a

-. ..: -=

. .'' ?*-""1. .- .. : . I

... L ../ ""Y' w-Tj T eT Q T -' '"

* --

*. .- . .