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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

Record Information

Source Institution:
Duke University Libraries
Holding Location:
Duke University Libraries
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 32441147
lccn - sn 95058138
lcc - Newspaper 2117
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Weekly ... "W T i
:wekg. rj'if l;f r."

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. ,... ..'' .. ..

.)QUAI.- Avenite MdrieJeanne -- t -E DUi-MSAII-,SWTMr Phon 2061,- Vf Xl Sunday JULYllth,'gfl :.

.. .."..E.. "..RVMED HERE .. .. .

o* ] r lis,, l deD

J~W inU3Z 7j .1 '. I

Gen 'D"Meara
-, Se-es 14.

6 Jfreairco istnvkiep a~~let

rhe' Natitl ~UPalsde. 10:00
G.mqMonq M epx .,.tw
General y-'Mers,, A?? a two-
day official ViSit departed r
his base in Panim the follo
.... i7g~'ddayat 6P? J.. l i.... V .......
".isl t55A |,,t I ..&iehnqj. o ffa ( The Am bricanGeneral whi.vi-.
gAlil IB 1r'".t.",o t o sited"' Haitt, last ypr- mr ith
.lah .. .1'seyVah9a'hral m e .
de h 6--td 1'l t4oa. .,l, R ',r 'r .. "
S"! t Mwi 3lg l 'es b Ir *lta o .
?le~Odon 6 pap .. 16') .':
#.,,li' It. ip ll/totd i

?tA- wI-G SWBiP, i "DED B FAA .
-..drga i^ its ,..lt ,, ... ...: "'*- *;', ;'*, -.. .i" *i ,' J ..'"
...." .'L'U -" "
';.7. ...i, -i^ % ^^ .~lq ":_ .. .." : ;
,' 'c. ^ ..^ ^ -' : ,, < )-, .

Ki &

a to, ,
ki ep imniiaskpamsi-
[or "'Q"in th
* offers .DC-6B -services to
' au Prin JfzpJwol ,
rto Rich and me 'Domfican
ablitf atsSibviitev bAit Qait
frlmllNewlYqib it quiihQ&nd,
ists also are 'offered djlI
idtrip four-engTne pressurizep.
its from Miami.
scent figdite.lloQw itijailes.
y of Pan.riFsAs..
ing the first 6 monthss of 1962,

9A h Ai1
L4,1 pIC

'AII IS aEACHED These jet flights now make
BYl JPAN AM A&. many; more ,seata qva4labe on
th bus :.... L .te .present1psop- gine. Clip-.
II '- p ers for fraelrsi'ffyink to Port
l fi -' 6po it.'s ,sbrv.a u Prince from Sari Juan- via
;qsh and from Port au Prince Santo Domingo. *-
.N a total of 19,230 empty pas- In a recent decision denying an
5enalW 1spats1, ,,d '9at, number applicationn ,of anQther airline, to
q fjiastadaily average" '&g
A leIpj ias I J dlSnti Dv- provide service betweeii, San,
emptnys' vsetsI rP ,, ,e uad y ap, to Domingo and Port
mingoj aridtbw o au Prince, the Civil Aeronautics
7npt9 etsl.beltwen Fortau Batd 'stt'ABd there is nh need f6i
Princ andSanto iwMnipgo. ~Wp ,..,,, .(oiiue on ge*')
during th s 's,,o.,this, ,, .'
bus J ..todtmonh Pan A
L..,g att Ac s A icwiA nst
j Ve 'l, d in andu Mlt n hf Of M Oiit'M a n

gri~oa HFtlL'tVen. moih. iAc< i
i9si, e to the many thousands chow.liA E RLaniho

of toi
augui f

I tja it

.istIs who. each month fly
S eI ,l,.,,ew York
rto Rico the airline in-
ute 2IT1 esde be-
San;'I( 'ri 'Rid"1Sflritbh Do-
with five roundtrip flights

u Irder ,
I n"leaU

* |. I-

Na.i.o.seAug. 6
"fa"a'i :1. '.*-'r4 '*- .t i ;,. '7) .. ..
BSitiY 4 E ss llj g ebratiop
.Jajn?.c, will ,bid todbyet, ,,olonm. tatus Aviu
,^istli; alan lath Vest Indijs Fe e
actionn au&dbe nome .peniit. .
Arrangements for A* ipans living in.Haiti,
bra, tJamnak'an InJde d l,'y. a HitiV 9.
,tht British EAbassy n Porit al rince. The British k
b4ssy handles -Jaiaman afairs at the prw.ent 'time,
.i does ..eaffdi of other British Nationals in Ha.i
.. ...... I' Al J3'maicq.have been invi'
t U a ch ir seece Wt
Jamaica's iiqjOf &Id l pea e
SstChure Ohi. Rue'nde.1'Et teit
Arms ment ion. $1idi-a .At 5Ath
, This is the new cott oft arms a- 4-,,a
for Independent Jamaica. e British
only difference loo tB preseq H.iboK eilla-fe
...a. of'.ar.is,, .,, 1 t91 t. 9 ee-i
neat oz'(a"fe in tae at)The iP' a mjj1
new motto "Out of many, one to 8 pm to mark J
'people'T was cbosen -by' a special dependence. JamaiS wis
.' ta. a invitation.,from theBr
ish Embassy, enue C e
S' -~y :he EmbasTn r'is
't i' "- ,
r, .' 0 u on 4

ln the title "Murder at pri.n "a..-. aunx
er" "Le Nouvelliste" ea Roed.e
Sa binigfram how
th large of "La Salle itWI n d r e Roosevelt w o
nlage of "La Salle P' 4? vws' born in gay "Paris"
itt lace" in the commun-f b n
'f easier was the seed6' h badk in 1879, son of Comrne-
f rime Thursday after- lius Roosevelt, first cousin
noo about two o'clock.,' 'of Theodore Roosevet of
Ga ard Dominique was riding big stick fame, died last
'in nia on .heading for..ZLAA. week in Petionville and
gan hen Gesner aCherubin ha st Calbint--- 'Hti1st,, dear friend and
i.-'' ,ed ,,public but at La Sie' Mis. Lyn e Hunting, colorful foreign resident.
s .i.lizabth. Sadler .flies- to' Plh.~; -d'; Th T tF'- adcord-, (Caiemitte., opens her first Young Andre was prepared for
to1 Doming' toioay talteo as ing ti the evening daily made one-man:. show in aiti, ,at ife, at schools in France, En-
SaiiiIisf, fr'ju age G -pfa Domini que alight from the El Rancho Augpsf 1nd glad and Germany. At Hdidel-
her's semntil -Ithe Halilan- thd is. then after a brief dis- with a 6 to 8 vernissage. be{ and the, Sorbonne he studi-
L"n-- ",l12. !f- ,, (Continued on page 16) ed ajnes,a nie ca.am pgineer, but -Late Andre .Iosevelt-
.. .. i .. ",, -. -. .. ..

mn d V m .. q m "l 1 h I P 4 I = ,

;W.A ILA I IN i T-pr4= ZtLl=--- -i LW M 'AKq I 44k or





. ,,ll =.L.. !* _.-r! .in_. .

PAE 2 H A I T I SUN'' SUNDAY JULY 29, 1962

i i 1. Columbia University. He deals with politics. Barbara is a teacher Lak Of Jet Airport -
-a A GAL s IE VW ee.k at a School for mentally handicapped children. She knew Made-
.... ieine Bourjolly, id. Haitian Master in education for rehabilitation aiis Tru
from New Yoik. Phil and Barbara are current guests at the Grand (
S .**LA GALERIE PIERRE of the Gift Fair, Hotel Oloffson. such service. Confirming Pan
inaugurated Thursday July 26 with a One-Man. ***"Bonitas Senioritas"- Vania Mattimc.and Nelly Gutierez, two Am'sid traffic Ahas a,.da Board
Exhibit by TEBO (Sacha Thebaud) brought a Stewardesses of the Panagra Airlines from Buenos Aires fell under irlp between the t e pots
new delight to MEe art fans this .week. Diplp- .e .ha r of H114. Vani antd Nelly have ancelled their visit. with a pluie adequate to darry

ists made a large attendance at the opening I dances. Tn-are guests at the Hotefl i .4 Delta Airlines, certified to ser-
Thursday evening, and they praised.very higly. .*'Pretty-.Glorid *luffman, & Negro librAry Cletk k Chicago ve Santo Domingo and Port au
the grtat talent of Tebo- who got recognitiori travpllingaipn g *i iptroniain Negio Attorney Lawrence Carroll, usended service over.
E. at home and abroad. He was called very re- Jr. and lovely wife Annie-Lee and son La^'h B III, 11 spent five, the rbute due to-lack of air traf-
4 tly one of the outstanding eqntemporary artists b, Bie Illinois d&ys here this week. Gloria called Haiti ffie most scinating place ie. Air services to Haik also
fate Normal University h got one of his. aitig for its she ever visited. Gloria and the Carrolls have met with the Sciee- have been .suspended by ,KLM
Election. LA GALERIE PIERRE shows the good taste of Dr. tary of State of Tourismi, Cbngressman. Victor Nevers Constant. WVIA and the Dominicin Air-
Mevs, and also his ;confidence in the Haitian artists. It is the They were guests iat the oVilla Creole. lihe. Only Pan Am provides .ser-
Svice between Puerto RUB the
gest and loveliest Galleri4 of iort ai Price. el6'is showing ..... Dominican Republic and: Iaiti.
m July 26 to August 2. Forty-five of his best works fpr the last ***tMiss Nen" Ainelia Hall from Jamaica was presented with a Each year Pan .Amn 's.ends
velve months. The artist is in 'full progress. The response he got asket of pink carnations Thursday by heri cousin, the Minister of thousands of dollars_ pr ioting.,
rom the attendance Thursday evening is really encouraging. .'ourigm, Deputy Victor Nevers Constad' s she arrived on her Haiti as a ourlst resortlthese'
fir't visit here. Pleasant looking and eye .catchfig lena was his- promotions include the A ieop--
I *Placid and easy going Al Seitz had his hardest taken for an entertainer by the tourists.it the airIort. Nen is meilt of saies' Ad travels6urom
ion literatutei, creation oi win-
se since he took over the Grand Hotel 0loffsoin two years ago, staying four days at the El.Rancho. dow displays, making ad sow-
th, the group of Thirty Five .frm Pittsburgh, Pa. The group was **George Sanford. an 'Executive for GrGENSTEIN's (a,.Spe- ing of travel movie fllns by Pan
conductedd here by 'Henry Da Becco, a Disc Jockey of KQV Pit eIalty Shop) of Atlanta, Ga. and his stu g wife Jeafniette .aiiv- Am sales offices around the
Id, Miss Eileen Steinbeifg, a Tour Conductor for Pittsburgh Inter- 1 hbre last week in company with Nat artz Selling Agent for world. Advertising programs are
itlbnal. Travel Agency. Henry D, -(and Al Seitz made two placid Haitian Imports Inc and his. charming wife Tillie. The Sanifords carried out in newspapers and
t), and Charming Miss Steinberg were likeshieeps-leadingroWlY-: d the Schwartz are kreat admirers of the Island. They made doaToins a ent these and ra-
.'The :gioup. flying. with Henry 'D was really difficult to handle. .ir outings iWfia wiith Mr. Celestin. wmse wife nakes m P p relations
.- .... rams Pan Am's public relations
watching was gtod'ehough for some of them. They wahted-to have eautil embroidered dresses one,ofthebet items of the Regen- department places travel stor-
inmountain for the. price of a mole hill." ." tein's. ies and photographs with all
*"It.fis, fants pietiy yn Espiy, of We group said about fie news, .radio and TV' media in
wput'-'nh I'it Moniday by Al Seitz." Sleo spbke for all the- nice ,**Mr. Gunnar Knausht Manager qf Cafe Carlyle, .the Restaur4nt populous travel centers through-
ple' pariy. th Hotel Ca*e4 f. 69sf'. e rk4.rivWd.here -Thuis- t'te .Oitet Sttes, Canada
',., .. _:, .ay ,with his ptty tedish -daughter 6iremtha, 16 anBM .'A .r'. oaivAca -
1aRi- garet Vidivie was led. a qtunt .riyer by.'he rican son Christi G unnar is a US. citizen. The party who A vr '"r
s i;,-l't. .Mac VAndiviere from North Carolina, here to help the spent Thursday nf.tAh Vila Ckeole-wefit to Cap Haitian Fiday. eethe hile; .Pa"n'-'n ri'T A a "t
Storih tuberculdsic research. Mrs" Margaret. Vandiviere came '4argaretha is. t-&n .. .lob.g ah., to the 'ly wlihen '
r oma terrible car accidenatat..teeath can catult iitothe jet
oE iCapso Ruee Cameau) last wead e. r arrgis.asl .Mr. Ea'I 0. Flnne, Head of t-fe USAID *hs rMef at the air- ageis now assis it the HatMi
T.yac. t iona wagon. d .i. e. .e- it Tihursday aM oin .. .by Wis distinguished wife and the nt in i pplia6n to
'the acciden .. aned members of his office. de just .spent a six week vacation .th. Unit_ te-es gei.cy f6r "in
fou.g and'tatd Hin pianist Scot-flew New e.Und States. ternational feveloplmint.. ..'.
itfl At i "' S lhat .. faiti 's iWimdiate peni-ln '
i m Ai l S fartz, a manufacturer of elecWtonic arts hand his wife not the' heedf df tMor'"rftilies'
i an Cturait i .. Bi enos s .ul arrived here Thursday on a 7 day visit. Tley. were recom but the need: f '_ l ir
S. ended byAl and Los Aloser, from New York. Sol and Julia (.. oBne .page )
spnge aps a. Negto r' :' art edrrept g. qes at the Hotel Oloffson... Lovely Marty McGarvey .. '
a W "' '4e a Sdcil Worter and cky wechey a Secdeta&'y r- rdCadn Erick-
i.t i to 'slW I 'here' last wee&. on Afivertling-Co;-of New, York are guetsa t the Cholicdoe... FOR SALE
e iJoya:,i M!"mimnute of their four ay :. A .... Engineer .H h.Wi n.eA'as ". a'h 19i6 Nash R Mbler Sedan, Ai.
k;ych logiiga ; 4his "'jolle femme" Renee fromtoriinatl Trtbhilnsoi, Exceilent
S;ns.. oa- : .,.e ,Tt w orare count with TI- a, a. guide. They C ..
iani last week for a tuhre, monthW are 'igo u C it .,

a)jt ii e'N a-graduate of the Naval Acaderiiy'of If g.
and ihi.barmi 'wife greeted point,. Nw Y b bereftr ten years to iy' tWo we
'wedks ago, 'lov ely Iss .Joanne anass. Asit to M r'dn oth and a ister, and other relatives. .
e tlprbo0 very bhsntli. liar aunt, Mrc '*Mckatdt~sihew -. '* '4' al-''
l'the Queen of Twist at the Habitatiboil iercl.&st, wk, ,. .' '.

o c onducte4 by HIenry D andEeqnSternf gpfked ity -
r-dung the vi sit here. Her party include d her l li CENW E. M DO'ART NOTICE n
ad -afi;di ttwo other women. They were;calle.ie. lonelyy' "der
Thitch'--.ls to codniback to oy better the charms of the N6te To At Ct oisseurs h g o.ouse, Apart-
and' ie'ls -i : delathf l 'dancer. ments, BunaIows, Camping
KV StMr; and .. w The ENT D'ART is open ALWAYS dalfo s r iaort or-long
.. a.tiful K .Kqle, a V Star, and theater adtress, from New
s p.d herel't Sunday for.a sortt visi Sh s at b- ""n 9' S.ntol 0 ..
;.S .i.Wa .0 ...,0 A de, imo with her whife.ufit, Wear L U :0 .- to &00 les hitomatibn available
ohi'te it. 'm-w tisalso a'nodel, is originally from ont. for sugar caie, cotton, fruit,
IShe speaks French .fluenty. Ki. dances' as an advocation. And Sundays by appointment. sisal, etc., plantations and
s learning ballet at t.he, Katherihe Duriiham Sbhool.ic New York. estates of vYarou types afid
tS hoethatshe income ba.k fo a fo- ,isitf"' h- Permanent exhibition hang on the gallery's Soeo .l torey sizes id in -ithproved and
and ia current show hangs in the gallery's flist 14or. proved on.
S- Commercial business such
; Peridns with, 'n a app& ciaton of art will.be ard- bars, restaurants and hotels
ilp'Springer, a sociologist of New York and. his slim and' '- A f thl Art Ceiter. bought mid sold
-.fe rbara arve.d ner. early this week for a five. FOUNDED IN 1 e la Revoie ioMii Joseph I.SEAU
^ "' `...5 ': -:. .> ;`... :* .:. .` ,- .. ",. ... .... .... .. ....-." ...... ..... --.. ...... .: ". ... ',..-... .-.. .. ..,.. -. .

-: ..-" .2._(.' -:.,'._,, ..:: -",' .. J. ; -' :'t' -.4 i.;, 2" .i'n.. i,:. "_,; f.Y-y; e 7;. i- ..,

Vi.; 41 Kn


r .

All --I

.. \ : ... .. .
v -a,

* .1


t, -. / -** -- *
Princess Margaret will represent Queun eiuzabeth II ot Great Britain at the Independenc
Uoan Jamic gt 6th. -

I 4JPWm AT OF ARMS tinction. On April S. M57,
S ..- : .. -Elizabeth UJ confirmed
,Ct: (.Cthwod; ,g. the theree lias: .en debate a rlgbfto tfe.il@u
iommitte / presentlg a po- a-.to whether not Jamaica manftiag. ...o
iCtieal pa ,w ed to this unique dis-
Jamaiea ar 9
1 ims by rq ,wb m I4 i -;wb i --,t
ic :csTgner by William sai* Under the personable management of MAX
.oft, the Archbishop of Canter- MARYSE BUTEAU, the airoonditioned restam
diary. The Latin motto was "In-
iu.s uterqe serviet urn" which, with its soothing atmosphere -quite stero music
means "The two Indians will is an oasis of sorts, especially for businessmen
0,rve one Lord'?" The Indians their wives who wish to lunch in the City.
1f0erred to are the Arawak In- The businessman's full course lunch with da)
Sdians, the people Columbus found day variety at $1.50 is now an established favoi
e when he discovered Jam- Some of specialities of the "maison", Haitian

Jamaica's coat of arms is un- particular, have been handed down for generate
sumal because it was the only and have no competitors. They are "Lambi great
colonial coat of arms with a. roy- .crevisse, homard flambe, poulet m la Russe, tai
le. helmet with. mantling (thal de .dinde, tassdt de filet, griot, escalope au gray
,lk the decoratfln.abov-.the shield t an pmvre etc.
and below the ligat or Orr.t__-.________-a P-0 e--







I V V a y f'y Nt W t9

Y 29, 1962




The talented native American appraisal of fellow Haitian art-.
is' a graduate of the Cleveland ists.. ..
Institute of Art who has won A list of the works. is" e-
recognition as a top Medical ill- hibiting at the El Rancho is as
ustrator. After seven years as follows:
a medical. illustrator for many 21-TI JOCELYNE .
prominent surgeons at Lakeside 22-LA BOULE .' ,-,
Hospital and St. Luke Hospital. 23-EN IR OUT E'PU i'
Caiemitte walked away with the MARCHE "
first prize at the Annual Urolo- 24--EMME ET SON FILS '
,gical Convention in 1959. 25-BOUTIQUE JAFA
26-TI ZOUTE '.
Shortly after devoting her time 27-ERZULIE .
to the fine arts she came to 28-PAIMENT
Haiti. From her trip in Haiti two 29-CADENCE REMPAS :'
years ago, when she travelled 30-ARTIBONITE .
to Cap-Haitien, Jacmel, Descha- 31-MORNE L'HOPITAL
pelles, Miragoane and the real 32-CONFORT REEL ..
Haiti, she discovered the unique 33-TRIEUSES DE CAFE,
beauty of the island and its peo- 34-CAMION ..-
ple. These' impressions were so 35---MACHAN'D'LO *
strong that she had little trouble 36-LA MAISQN VERTE `',
transferring them onto canvas 37-MOUNE MORNE
without the need of models. 38-ETUDE LINEAIRE
After subsequent painting trips 40-QUATRE- FEMMES "
to Haiti, Madame Hunting deci- 41-MARCHANDE AU REPOS.
ded to move here for more'"con- 42 MARCHANDE DE FRUITS.:.,
centrated painting." 43-FEMME, EN ROUGE ,.
"There is much to be appre- 45-tMARCHANN' TOILE
dated in Haitian art. The Haitian 46-MARCHANN' CAFE
artist's flair for color and line 47-PETIT-GOAVE
movement is very evident and 48-A LA RIVIERE .:.
he has a most unusual present- 50--TANTE CARMEN' .
ation," Mrs. Hunting says in her 49--CALEBASSES
le cele, ;: .j
o eele- .. ... '

S Tantals-naroshu .. o s. h-b
through the sapphire crystal '
of your Movado Firmament "-.tchl ,,,

gleams with a rare brilliance. .Th oval look, ,
and n
precision thrice triumphant 14

In three years at the official miniaur mo
andss Observatory at gold

.euchtel). gold igure dial

SThe Movado sapphire crystal R 254, :.
gleams with a rare brilliance. '"The oval lak".

You will cherish your
Movado which offers you a SON ORIENTALE
precisionthrice triumphant Re. 14o,
Swiss Observatory at meant, gold 18 ct.
Neuchatel). gold figure dial



Latins Loved

Their Jazz

Just LOOK at that, I can't talk
to her, and she won't talk to me.
She just looks." He shook his
head. "Man, man."
'Winter, 22, altq sax player
ft-or Altoona, Pa., formed the
group in 1960 to pay his way
through Northwestern University,

:'aduate student in chemistry:
baritonee saxophonist Les Rout,
I, a teacher at Wendell Phillips
High School in Chicago who has
won a fellowship to the Univer-.
sity of Minnesota this fall to
tludy for his doctorate in histo-
ry; bass player Richkrd Evans,

By AL BURT There have been no reported where he majored in English lit- he oldest of the' group at 29,
Six cats from Chicago cases of Communists breaking erature. Last year, it placed sec- career jazzist who studied music
have just wrapped ip a 23- out in red, white and blue rashes ond in the Notre Dame Colleg- il composition at Wilson Collej
month marathon of jazz in because of this, but they saw a giate Jazz Festival and won the in Chicago;, drummer Haro
.atin America. They look youthful, lively, Interesting im. intercollegiate Jazz Festival at .Tones, 22, from Richmond, In(
vly League, act Dixieland, age of the U.S. Georgetown Universtiy in Wash- a student at the American Co
play progressive and warm It was a breath of jazz turned ;ngton, D.C. this led to the servatory of Music in Chicago.
those Latin hearts,. loose in fresh air, by six Rover State Department tour. At the performances, the mui
On the side of a dirt road in Boys who dressed Ivy League, cians made their announcement
rural Paraguay, a young jazz acted Dixieland, and played pro- "The idea was to bring some careful rehearsed Spanis
:' musician from Chicago stuck an gressive. young Americans down here that carefully rehearsed Spanisi
orange in a cow's mouth. "If politics is the art of the could reach and appeal to the but the rest of it was strict
The cow munched happily, and possible, you guys are making voung Latins," said Gene Lees, U.S.
the Paraguayans laughed and a lot more things possible," one manager of the group. Lees is On stage, look Winter at stan sa
laughed and laughed. U.S. Embassy official told the a former Reid Fellowship winner thaz sa
They had never seen a man group. ex-editor of Down Beat a-in contrast to the jazz scream
They had never seen a man group, and e-editor o Down Beat Ma- ing around him; Whitsell eml
: feed an orange to a cow before. x x x gazine.
It was a little crazy, and they OFTEN, it was a mutual wide- "These do just that," he said.
: liked it. -yed society between them and "They're not Boy Scouts. They're -
the Latins. intelligent, university-t r a i n ed ie # ce
That night, in the little town Audiences ranged from gaping musicians. The Latins like their,'
of Villarrica, the Pdraguayans villagers in the Andes to the jazz- youth and their music. Thep ap-
gathered to hear thie orange, vise crowds of Buenos Aires and peal to kids the U.S. might not
.feeder and his five friends per- Rio de Janeiro. In Cali, Colom- be able to attract any other
'form as the Paul Winter Jazz bia, the group was a little bug- way."
Sextet.` This, too. was a little eyed itself when 16,000 turned FlE / Citi ,ERSON
V -..crazy, and loud, but they liked it. out. xxx
SFor six months arid through After. one performance, Trum. BESIDES Winter, the group
hfalf-dozen university stu d e n t s young Latin beauty who stood a Chicagoan and former North-
^ from the Chicago area- played close to the stage and just star- western journalism student; pia-.
-1 jazz all'over Latin America for ted at him all through the show. ni4t Warren Berhardt, 23, from,
'theb State Department. "Man, look at that," he said. Wausau, Wis., a Northwestern a

rm Qrvrnm ar'o I

I ,- I .L i



Hor (Minmum 4. Hours) $ 1,00 plus 8
Dail'Rate (24 Hdi$) $ 7.00 plus 8
Weekly Rate 353.00 ilus 8




loys the shakes a la Elvis Pres-"
ley; Jones, with tiny mustache!
and goatee, drums as though he,
is embarrasedly and distracted-
ly happy; Bernhardt bobs smo-.
ky-room style at the piano; the'
dark Rout cavorts as though
frustrated by an'invisible cage;
and Evans concentrates so in-
ensely you are 'sure it "is the
real thing between him and the
big fiddle.
The tour, one of the longest on;
record, ended last week In the
Dominican Republic, and the
boys are ready for more.
"I think it was successful,"'
Winter said." "We played more
than 160 concerts, and had a
capacity audience at ninety per
nt of them. It was rough, but
fun. --
"Now we'd like To go to Rus-


U! 7


c per
c per
c per


'. i / i : .t..* ..: .. ... ": -'.i '-
*; ..
> : ... _%. -; ,* ; .* /.

ie ,
ie i ""
e '
.e .

Oil, Insurance and Map

- \ -.
is ,. **-**^ ;. :1


;. J,
'* .' *. i. ... 'l -


,rt, Hotel, or 'Pier Pick-Ups or Delliveries'

C: '4 "

Y,. .

o'C Morris Oxf ord

MG Roadster

AUTO S. A., General Agents (Next to All America Cables)
360 Avenue Jean-Jacques Dessalines
Phones: 3134 2772
P. 0. Box 46


It at at S a a a a

serarnanwawaa.orMaaaaa na -- -~ ~- -~ -~




' H A I T I



HAl fl SUN
ommnity Weehy Publshed Sunday Manng

i ESTABLISHED IN July 2, 1962
'_- ---- -- --_ Dear Sir:
I am a 15-year-old boy attend-
4 SOLVING CAPITAL'S WATER PROBLEM ing High School. I, was hoping
For the past couple of years the poor in Bel-Air and you could find me" apenpal froni
your country through your news-
Puste Mirchand districts have been flocking daily down paper. gl
eto the Champ de Mass and before the National Pal- My hobbies are Short Wave by
e and filling cans with precious water from orna- Radio and Stamp collecting. I ca
,ietal fountains. have one brother and two sis- H
VWithin the next few weeks this is going to be reme- terms. hi
,ied. Thank you,
0;: Work is almost completed on the laying of a giant 68 Kempsfer AvE. ar
4ater-main across town from the Bolosse reservoir to Ottawa, 3, Ont. Canada. ce
he 'Bel-Air reservoir and it is expected to greatly sup- pe
element the supply to the public fountains in this poor Va. LOUIS LAMOTHE In
During the hours of non-consumption the water will STUDENTS. AT MEDELLIN r
' be fed across town to the Bel-Air reservoir. The con- a
Wtruction Is presently being done by USAID and is part Yesteray's mail brought us a at
o.-an overall program to give all of Port au Prince student of Agricu l Ena e
eventually ap adequate water supply. eering (3rd year) at Medellin, p'
This new water supply program for the Capital was Colombia writing in the name of
designed by Melcalf and Eddy, wellknown water supply the Haitian colony. u
mineers, anmd's application for the Seven million dol- He asked us to publish the ',t
-necessary for the job has been made to the Inter- copy of a letter dated July 18th,
li which he addressed to. Mr.
A...I.,. Bank... .Eduardo Restrepo del Corral,
SAmbassador of C olo mbia in
iOOD LUCK TO INDEPENDENT JAMAICA! Haitt, in the name of the other
WOD LUCK TO INDEPENDENT JAMAICA!. students living in this Colombian
Jamaican Independance Day will be celebrated here town.
.the British Embassy August 6th. Mr. Laurent frankly attacked
iGood .relations have always existed between Haiti Mr. Louis Lamothe, director of
nd. Jamaica. especially on the football field. the Institut Lope de Vega who,
.!IHaitiS.un applauds the birth of a new independent "pretending to be able to obtain
special academic favors in La-
$eighbor and hopes the traditional interchange of stud- s-American countries, enjoys
ints clai be expanded awarding a series of 'phantom
S2iAlthough Jamaica has commonwealth trade prefer- scholarships' to Haitian students
ances that Haiti does not have at least we share many to study in foreign countries." ,
agricultural and economic problems and it should be MVr. Laurent thinks that Lamo- 4
possible at sometime in the future to share advances in thedoes it with a spirit of ex-
ssible at^ smi in the tr t~ ,ploitation, and in order to assure
technical knowledge in these two fields. Soils and clim- P god reputation for the Institu-
1tes are almost identical and many crops are similar. ute which he directs. Mr Laurent
'We can profit from close associations, reports that Mr. Lamothe re-
cently stopped at Medellin, but
the Haitian members of the Uni- i
BOAD SIGNS OKAY versity, victims of his way of
acting; refused to welcome him.
I. If you have driven recently to Gomave s or 'Cap Hai- The student requests the Co-
en. or Kenscoffyeo willUa ve noticed' road-directional lombian Ambassador to ca
*gns, taking the doubt out of automobile travel for non- horattenties to this important fact. au
professional drivers. They indicate distances, have well N.B.--Mr. Laurent has not re-
chosen colors,, lettering studiously prepared to be easily vealed how these students were
legible, and luminous at night from reflected road- mysifled. It is why, in the cir.
,h .. cumsetance, we can not pass
Sight judgement
J.Who put them there? No other than the same entity However, our columns are at
which made a beautiful well landscaped, shaded park-
place of down-town Place Geffrard. The same who FOCUSING, COMPOSING A
converted the unsightly wharves which serve the coast- EXPOSURE SETTING IN (
Hde trading-vessels at Croix des Bossales into a well- COMMON VIEWER-
i pt landscaped station for provincial auto-buses; in
;he so doing they also financed the rehousing of a con-
,iderable proportion of the crowded slum-population of mEFLX CAMERA wi
5 roix des Bossales in the modern housing-development NIKKOR 50mm F:2.5 LENS.
it Cite Simone Duvalier. Who did all this? 55m SINGLE -LENS-
We give you the Texas Oil Company.

a a ia -

S Avenue. Marie-Jeanne, No. 5 (ite de I'Expoqltion.

the service of our compatriot
who directs the Lope de Vega
Institute, If he thinks that If is
in his interest to clear himself
from the accusation.
"LE MATIN" July 25th and
26th, 1962.

Annual Seminar For
Teachers Of English
The Seminar for teachers of En-
lish is given as a public service
Y the Insatut Hailtano-Amerl-
an. AU teachers of Englsh in
slti, whether employed by pu-
ie or private institutions, are
ordially welcome to attend.
The objectives of the seminar
*e to provide Information con-
rling the latest methods in
edagogy, and recent materials

By courtesy of the Qultural^:
Service of the American Embas-".
sy, the woman doctor S. Viera, -
director of. the Education Prog-;.
ram for the Television of Puerto
Rico, was chosen by the Instit'
ute of Carib Studies of the Ui-M-
versity of Puerto Rico to paret-i
cipate in the First Seminary ot3lf'1
Spanish language organized .,by
the Cultural sHispano-American.
Center. '
Dr. Viera is trilingual: she.'.i
speaks English, Spanish and.l.
French. She will'%.rrive on Fri-':
day August 3rd. .
The finishing courses will be":::,
also assured by MM. Edu&do' *'::
Aarondo, Julio Silva, 'M. Boett- W .
jer William and our comDatriot::,
Christophe Mervilus.

the field of English teaching.
The seminar s designed to NOTICE '
eate a pleasant but scholarly Secretary holding a diploma of -
mosphere where those who the Montreal University; .
sh may discuss common ideas French English Spasili.I
id problems. In addition to aca- speaking.
mic work, the seminar also Ofters her service to Commea. .
ovides a cultural program pre- For Information, contact
red to acquaint the teachers of lHAITI SUN
aglish with certain aspects of P.O. Box 433,
ch topics as American history, Avenue Marie-Jeanne (Ezpogt A
erature, polities and daily life. tion City).

E4 1








ONE Nikon




JIVz kkorex

Y JULY 29, 1962

* T. -. .


SUNDAY JULY 29, 1962
SUNDAY JULY 29, 1962Q^

In Haiti This Week
-r (Continued from page 2) /

***Mrs. Jeannette Long arrived here Sunday in company with
-.her ravishing blonde daughter Frances Emmette (Emmy) Garner
fkom Pensacola, Florida.
Mrs. Long teaches social studies at the Adults High School of
Pensacola. Miss Emmy Garner is a graduate student. After her
first two years of College at the Stevens College of Missouri where
,'he studied Psychology and drama, she went to the Royal Academy
jI dramatic art of London for a year and.next to the University
'I.f Hawaii to study Psychology for two years 1ib5-59. She acted
:nd modeled in New York and Hollywood and played in 1960 in
rrys Girls, a Metro Goldwin Mayer's comedy shot in Nice and
.hIn spite of her success in the dramatic field, Miss Garner de-
(ldea to resume her studies in Psychology at the University ol
,puthern California in Los Angeles where she will go in September.
Vi.mmy whose hobby is dancing is the visiting Terpsichore -the
kreek Muse of Dance- of the Week.
This seduisante visitouse" and her mother came here for three
lays and have already decided to extend their sojourn at the
ungerbread Palace.
" ***Lady. photographer Dimitra Tassy is back here again on an
agnment. She is making a picture story for the Bacoulou Troup
e Is guest at the 4mabou.
.~7-An* p Witbort, a Court Reporter from Hartford City, Indiana
fihd July Pugh, a teacher from Hartford City were greeted at the
rport iday by Andy Khawly who met them in Miami two years
iap. The girls are guests at the Marabou... Borils Lyman, in fur-
UreLbusiness in Chicao and his travelling companion Don
tes. here on a two week visit are escorting Olga Galinetti, a
ioelydancer and her sister Gillian from New York.
4.,.!.le.Bringhurst, a pretty blonde with brown eyes greeted here
I y stunning Monya Stephens, a brunette with green eyes,
".i New Orleans.
iMonaya will spend a'Jew weeks visiting with her friend Kyle
...e faJher Robert Bringhurst from Cuba is working at the Hai-
^&i' American Sugar Company. The two girls were with the
s Saturday night at,Cabane Choucoune. They are both keen
ntof all rhythms. Monya is quite a twister.
ck Haynes, a youthful American lawyer from New York,
a Representative of the Ford Foundation in Nigeria just spent
V.ec here. He was visiting'the country in company with-Mr. and
S.hilippe Bouchereau. .
mrie-Anne Greenough is back here again. She maae her first
..t re four years ago... Richard Sneyder, an interior designer
Arge Ballis, a theater director from Jacksonville, Fla are
--t. guests at'the Oloffson, the Darling of Theater People...
t&i'tblonde, Kacky Sweeney, -a Secretary for McCann Erickson
'gentille' Marty McGarvey, a social worker .enjoyed a four
-Wisit here and left Sunday with plais to come back next year.
*hisi Heller, a. charming dress designer- from New York is
'it. She Is promoting Haitian hand embroidery works by fashion
Sin New York. She deals mostly with Helen's dress shop
She used Nicole Duplessy and Emmy Garner as models for
",ltan nationsns. '

*!Jay Sanders, a Salesman infurnitures from Long Island, New
k- is'-cuirently visiting in cothpany, with his beautiful wife Phyl-
iMarlene, a brunette with pure green eyes. Ths -"sympathique"
etl is staying two days here.
lJodane .Gall Geddes. a teacher and Sarah Jane (Sally) Fau-
a studentt in general arts from, Toronto, Canada arrived
nnay in company with Mr. Joseph Galano, Executive of' the
hbolic American Help here... Mildred Fusco and her younger
tzElvera, two charming teachers from San Francisco arrived
.Sunday for two days and -were delighted v;tlr the Count,y
4.the Haitian art... WaUace B. Greene,. CPA from New York is
it n.town:.. Mrs. Serge (Zou) Lochard, former Solange Magglio
d. from Sdrasota, Fla with Tier two daughters Kathy 3 yearL-
ancy 17 months.

Eliott S. Kanbar, famous among the travellers for his books
tngusefully how to do Europe, Mexico and New York o.
jf.a 'Day,. how to do Miami and the. Caribbean on 10 dollars
visitig this. week... Elliott..Ranbkr is a -lso in Executive of

the Travel Center, one of tlih big Travel Agencies in New York
He was met at the airport Sunday by Al Seitz, Manager of the
,**Miss Peggy White, a young and attractive visitor from Tor-
onto, Canada arrived here today. Peggy is an Industrial Technician.
Millie White, the Bostonian Manager of La Belle Creole in the Sky
likes her name and is taking her under her wings. Peggy is de-
lighted with the Olfofson. She has many hobbies, but devotes more
of her spare time to photography and dancing. She is also quite
t traveller. She has toured Europe.
*Three Negro visitors Misses L. Abbott, M. Marshall and E.
Perry are guests at Villa Creole.

"'Mrs. Art Siegel, formerly Helen De Young of the Oloffson is
visiting here this week in company with her mother-in-law, Mrs.
Claire Siegel from North Miami, Fla. Helen inherited $40,000
froni her late step father Griswold from Port au Prince.
"'Raymond (Amos) and Jo-Ann Hoierman are. back here. Mr.
Raymond Hoierman is a general Contractor from Largo, Fla.
\mos made his first trip here last with his charming blonde wife
To-Ann. They are travelling along with Mr. Harry Piper, in Insur-
-nce in St. Petersburgh, Fla and his wife Jacquelyne. They are
-staying at the Oloffson... Mr. Brasher, his charming wife Mildred,
Mr. De Liagle and his wife Mary from Atlanta, Ga are current
guestss at the Choucoune.


4 The Direction of the Casino International take4
pleasure to present to its amiable clients the Spec-4
tacle of the Season:

In the lime-light, the Fdoklqrio Troup of the Casino4

directed by the ,


(Continued from page 1)

ciation number some six thou-
sand editors and directors of
newspapers throughout the Unit-
ed States.
This tour, conducted by David
Randall, includes members of .
the NEA from California, Flor-
ida, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Mich-
igan and Washington and will
visit most of the Caribbean
along with Haiti. :
One of the parties being held
to honor the visiting newsmen
will be given by Ambassador.
and Mrs. Raymond L. Thurston
at their Bourdon residence
Thursday night from 7 to 9.

Members of the group includ-
Mrs. Louis Meyer qakdale,
California Leader
Mrs. Margaret Farrar, Oak-
dale, California Leader
Mrs. Walt Wilbur Times '
Publishing'Co., Davenport Wash-
Mrs. Hazel Laughbon Times
Publishing Co., Davenport, Wash-
ington -
Mr. and Mrs. John Schuman-4-
Vero Beach, Floiida Press-Jour-
nal A
Mr. W. E. Barnes Sleepy
Eye, Minnesota Herald Dispatch
Mrs. Theva Martin (Daughter)
--Sange paper as above
Mrs. Helen Raab Mllwau-
kee, Wisconsin Journal .-
Mrs. Doris Pardee Milwau- -
kee, Wisconsin Journal
Mr. and Mrs. John Riley, Pon-
tiac Press, Pontiac, Michigan -.
Mr. Edwin F. Abels. Lawrence,".t
Kansas Outlook
Miss Christine Moore Mc-~..
Clusky North Dakota Gayette
(Continued on page '16)


N*. ,

., .

.,,:. ,' j
.... -j'2 .F-;- ,, .A ~. -4...
Eli:;, :. -u ,. o':.

ii-~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~a ja.." .."....:....: ...-


P JULY 30th TO AUGUST 5th, 1962

I' MAY JULY 30th, 1Q62
:; n-Musical Program (Mire Tele-Haiti)
.kn-p-Evening General Program Schedule & Weather Report
iOJ-m-Let's Learn Eiglish
": M4m-Children's program

:3pmTsChildren's program (2nd part)
A:k-n-"Telenews .(1st edition) Review 'of the day's events
: i-The Ford Show, new series: FURIE-
:3:'nAlfred Hitchcock presents. ,
I:Opm leew (2nd edition) Summary of the late news;, pre-
.:' :.seated by .the Esso Reporter
lprrToweU Industrial Works' weekly program: "I, Love Lucy"
STVConcert '
: L -a !of program National Anthem .

JULY 31st, 1962 ,
i:.Pm-M musical Progran (Mire Tele-Haiti)
pm-Sve g General, Program Schpdule .
I:-Irpm-Let's 'Learn -nglis .
:3pn hldren's Program .
i:.dpm-Ch_ drenr Program '
.U /mO^6lE & BpNDEL presents: "My Three -Sons"
Q brJldren's program: second edition
r m--Teleniews (1st edition) Reviev of the day's events
& .pm.America speaks to you -
:lm e-iecnema (1st part) .
9: im-Tqenews (2nd edition) Summary of the ;late news, pre.
i .' ^'..ted>-.J,b the Esso Reporter "
S.(Jymr-Telei.ema (Cont'd) -
)Itm- Proram Natiohal Antem -

:IENE 8 AY ATJGU- T lst, 196W. .
LrProgram (Mire ele-Haifi)
g General 'Program Schedule

:3m-Chli7rSieen's' aogram, .
m--mChildzre's program: Cartoons'
:pm-bDragnet, hwi.. Jack Webb
_ 4m-.C 'dre -"''rogram: Cartoons
rpm-in~'eenews (1st, edition) Review of the day's events
;0.pm-..L. -"Dames du Corps Diplomatique Presentent
Spm.- -A~ctualites d'Israel .
m agerie La Poste presents a new chapter' of "Le
i d. r~,te Monte Christo" "
9 Opm-I'elbnews" (2nd edition) Summary of the late news, pre-
* sented li the Esso Reporter .
B0pm-nHeraux Tours Progra. "Le Livre des ,Voyages"
ppm--STATE ...C.. .. ... .
eirmany Toda- lpocunitary
I pm- ose 'of program i -National -Anthem

4JURSDA^Y AUlJ< 8 Sad' 1962 ..
:Ipm.--Mseal Progm(Mie Tele-Hal$)
& bm-Evening General Program Scheduli
00pm-Let's Learn English -
l35fPm-Chil rent's Program
46t40pm-Cwdren's program .
O:qpm-ICI. INTERPOL (last week episode)
Ffpm-Children's- program (2nd edition)
pm-Telenews (fst edition) Review of the day's events
00pnm-M. -SQUAD presexited by M & S Construction
,0pm-Telenews (2nd edition) Summary of the late news, pre-
I ~ sented by the Esso Reporter
9j~pm'--Telecincma (Cont'd) .
0ilm--Close of program National Anthem

AY AUGUST 3rd; 1962
..3pm--Musical Program (Mire Tele-Haiti)
-Evening General Program Schedule
-Let's Learn, English
,-Children's Program

m-Heure Eufantine No. 2

S 'L. m

8:OOpm--Sea Hunt
8 10pm- Le LTrnuer des Mohicans presented by "EBaxqike Com-
in:cciale d Haiti"
9:00pm--Telenews (2rid edition) Summary.df the late news. preo
sented by the Esso Reportep -
9:30pm-Guin Smok6
0:f 00pm-Close of program -- National Anthem m
5:30pm-Musiral Program (Mire. Tele-Haiti)
6:00pm-Presentation of Evening Program
6:05pm-Let's Learn English Review. of the courses of the week
7:00pm-Children's Program Wells Fargo Tales and Cartoons.
7:45pm-Teleriews (1st .ditilon) Review of the day's events
8:30pm-Pan American -World Airways Program: Ici Interpol 'J
9:00pm-Telenews (2nd edition) Sumnmary of the'late news, pre-
sented by the Esso Reporter
9:05pm--German Actualities with Gerard Jolibois '
9:20pm-Tele-Sport .
10: Ofm-(Close of program National Anthem

12:30pm-Musical program Mire *'ele-Halti
1:00pm-Program Schedule -
.1:05pm-Widen, your knowledge
1:20pm-Children's Program
l:30pm-Children's program
3:30pm-Wagon Tin .
4:30pm-Telecinema / .,
6:00pm-End of prbki -National Anthem.

Beautiful Peagre La ke'

Sfor any and, all why wish to partake of the beautiful
< goodness of a ppaceful vacation amidst the sur-
rouuiings opf nature's own greenery. '
38 Miles From Port au Prince
HUNTING ........... .... FISHING
L .Fo your reservation; calf up In ODVA BRadlk Staflon at
SCormer, ue dlu Centre and des Cesars8. m
I~~~a *^^^t&^^^


Excellent Lobster Dishe i,


By The Sea-Side >
Have Your Party At
S K Y 0M N ;A, :

Swim, Spearfish, Skinde34
.Water-S ~And. Sail
In Safe Coastal Wat~ry '
rpm-KYONA -.

.,- .

I *" ."
tre, ,- M & / ,,,- _- ,.

61P Il ... .. L .. ,
Contents of American Home">
' -. ', .":.. .V-i ,

am rs, 'ld Ja

Prlse, av'faese t eat

Panel, 1Doorth Centn ooe
lish ., nt,, 'H .s.tia .olon .ial

Day-Bed, Old Haita
Tand 6e4 itens me
Hoseho "'." 'temg

ese Embassy, at Msuea,.

'E L


Haiti's "Gingerbread Palace" and famed hostelery the Grand Hotel Oloffson, show place on

Haitian architecture, exquisite cuisine and coptented living. Set amongst a myriad of tropical trees

and gardens the Oloffson, complete with miniature pool, Is the haven-for the uninhibited.

..:: .
'-..,,: ..W '..- :.,,;. >.:. .. -



.. : 0. -
*-' : :- '. .

__ __ PAG __ __ ?r9,,

S ~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ noeqth ,rltteit$sF Lt:dttdrt`rwnro Iima Reulidpt _mossbl t-"clip 111; TH .LRI1 DEIS-A UES-Y-I I- ,-,
mu m lint~cwhih Me~eeaduit lonmbaristgeops hatwoud ioros potet fom te U th) Te etuaonc.ageiw7t

qvjm1 10 !Z !d nln -rsne de;oat a r Iesue .t 2mpov Ih Iar of D-en Idm -to mIn 1.t ce.r stateomen
pro lem "u n th wa 4ttO aPtizen co d t o As1 7n ai I wh ra a of he -o ce d d 'Ind I did hav _og e -h ,rd a m ,tde t If th1 Iz u m s et o a d
1,, ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ It Ils staesruml ;it;, of-1'- Iolage lae Ht .n l8, Unfortu'.14, nately,,`7 ,7ivit'rife_ -,onal support 1951 %2 pr moo o. th! Fcu Esti Dr J B Romau ,Dean '-," -: 1"..,. .
Ver y _1 prien u.is -ri a b ,,,,,e ,h subect ,it ,i ,l __d -1t som -o-t Pr B-e %u.ete th -. -v o, ,tnlg _ra ,r of- the' 3ut o: Ft.lg `,Me : -I .7 ,, .I
rica Intiut 'dgrs _when aavtpao -hers petnaiy 1u 17-I 7 "eadel. -ean the1" :1e o, Ixto ,fteDm ia otelatrcpin 1tersdne11h uor 1 rdn
!;gh th 15 t1, Ihae gp m-t -one, of conte -k g prtto "r a for +86 ,n wa stl .rs .f Iooe -n MI J.cu. ., t",e prf4or M
,,n I- mar ,y men ,ote r and -ot _a w-t Engan -y r__qw Io I ,seie _u _n -]g ,oen et ti tm th ". th mat: we Gran Lah Ieu ,-utr 1s tu Fobr rJqeO
o, h-s -u h e>,,- I rsp pes Ia s ai tre- "w "cned rt a nt tr ,,' at u df I of a surun ig td tte hi ne it erd th W ie o se I a d. ( p er T rga- tu _- he 1 9 92,rdu t In
- 1 ,m re p m eap u se_ _io t.' u g o y fi ip et S, o, s_a y su c ,c u -e ,_e a i W a i g o n s f -o n se v ra -m en', b lu nn s m g h J u Is to -o m e o g rea Lu b e o, .t d e t o. the, -( r ", '-1 ',1
''. ~~~~~~ ~ a In .,rl ,o t .. p __ -all of bu-7 u lflue.1 to I ef,.,,"z .;".',- ,., t at an o r din p o el Ia ho tra .t r s i ,n -u u e,- or g of .e _l.t ,I yII
<1 oZ to Ipa ..u Iak don to -oy o abu .rnc a_ Egglnd';uc Iem Il obtce t po e vrteafn fa mr neia rsdn o acp a
_.~~~~e "E_ J D -n-.111e I -S p I.I LnoI, ,, : I -I : 1
-~~~~~b Io n e ge ;a e Su er_, ,sa e c-ce t I -n Ih ` ut -~ .. .- I t- D"n a ,a Io e o"e ''I I G," stobco-Cultural ___ ,_ / ,_ _1
,~~~e A'"Y0' d I oo dent 19 11_,
re r t_ sla_-e-, -- to.ofice t gabl-tI at pres ,g .,rt- .t__ mtmes "tbrw d-t JUTsbmittIdto'the g eatest Doctanaue Thn'' I
'r PA Ra n `o v. Ed t ,e d eccIomc-p u t9 h c e s t

I : -1:"_, 1 -. o 1. .,v -1 1:o : e f :" ...? : : 2,: I s -" s .So.p i n g d u l l n n
-_ man Iu ds -1 ., In If Ih AIi as r Is a bs m oI Ie ,p "n ,o e zd d__n t e Pr si en ,o n o Ip k .1l Iop at e -um1, .4ou.bItfIul-

a n i s a e r a p rosc p a i y a t h em c a ,ai o t r v r l e lt A S .m ,r n t h e o mPo id e It h
a I lce to I cto of pI snti ..ne -d P, e -o no 1"ott so n te -u m t thAtet
[or he tat ofautorud te Pesidnt o snt uccsso Fo 11hner (g estd he enae wth p I

" ~~~~~~e ,i -i he ic !4 wAbtfo te U1 _thmk. Thiben and argued- th

_11at 0i -p ." ,e r b e c a u s e th_ w a T H O I M R D E I S J C Q E
Ipteh ,om WAE O G B TDSlN IO -, "h -ae tho offorthero exmtementnon
I~i "oo b_ Um b11 Euop p.er theu, i fbizJ~oauttfot-R UM I "P O O IN C L B A E
~~cepal Ito,," -_rm a1 teno ,lft- ony p to th:; en a annra tion on th
th. _7o' ,.t oll- ed -1I F I d.lmai r-i n be1ee
',~~~~k e th, ,o Ifit a d the IU S h 1e '1 had t ak-, lt ,eme o h 4nop ai A m f~ ad o aed t e e tal y ar o ev r it -
n.nal a' 1 -pca mtees mI ait.a i
i e 7ul -oo :a rs ,n '4 1 1r tI.t her -, 1 7
1~~~~~r _;_y ,it J r .',L I, -, evol Gato Blevdi the DdmianAmraicanT J CQ E A O HES H M

>leI_ ,n _fe iy, sidentds nent oofic mator lo oa o
d- L mtIae Ia me ,g soa ffdm; -n d rm sp a rIaIeI
~~~~~itn e Iy vo I ,-f hy't .w ia 1.ofel =I. ,e v '_o Ii .position --41dn ind r -lt'_i te t ,
"id ,ug ,o 4c9 Oewxl 0r asclsue ian VQ b th.o mte eoe marash oolae ar
1 I rSlm n Ad l .- foem s -ec~ ., kart :, 17'l lo da r rsm bt pri o' 'paa l 1, Do iicn Acadi
- ,_~~ Sot Iar ., z np._ olns d rn -thdr iies .cn iin sor apne y, )ai withda lofhr ore :i, mp rand h ne rndidohave C ub Yes "soa pmgt I osudet ofi wihe Va d Mi stro N tonlE u.
Il ,o .n u l In -s i n t o ,h c h @ I d e, ,e Iv e %i e q u .r -l r'e a m .
"I, ~~~~~ ~n :,ok .ip .nt I .m I ea o- ,tml and ,', _,a-ham. : as,.)]S wsa_ `4 d1f rt:-i 85 9916 rmotino fthes Facl-e ca ion; Dr J

.,. ".. + ... ,..-,..

y:. ^. '.. .* ^ *

"4" ..... .
It all started on a flight to Lisbon,
-.i'.'' ." : : .' :."., \ "
; ; '& ? *', *- '*" *' ** <' .. ... *: ,* > :, .. .' ,. -' : : '

:i i*i^i Iiil ;.nil.. fti aiH ii .,ic l~fc !-f ,'' ,o ^
i *.?.'; ..-I: Y ** '... ", ". ;,** .. ... l k ^ I ^ L ^ '
:;^' : :' Iiv :t:'I~ :/W Ull^'-K/::. :ii : i;;'***\

0,000 Atlantic 'Crssing Ao'3,

4 t e+tht World'... s Most Experienced Airiue

Vbst tX I mnC I'D ,R

C w 4-, 4 4
'' 4"'.*'.! .4: ... o "' < ""4. ;

~ *44 tttlk i-
----.-- ------- ,", ,. .: "' 4 '". ,
''l o ... ,.,f .= .., + ,, ,,. $9 ", o .
'V A ': .. .. '..$4 .. ., .., o : .?% '.: ,. ,' '..: -.t, ,.'. : ., .:
'.. .I >, .. = .. == ., .. ,. ? .; : ., ;. ,= ..'. ., .. 4 ,'
"'.;:, ...< .., '.. .... ,.,: ., ..:% .. .,. ." ., .-. .. .. ,,, .,. ^. b
.. .. ., .. ., ,.. .. .. .. : _, .. .. .1 .,4< ,, ,' .
,, :; "] : :: i ".. ,o ,. : o <" ;::"; '" < < "., .. ',r < -

... -: Since'the Dixie Clipper's first flight to Lisbon, .
S' Pan Am has made over-100,000 Atlantic crossings! .

8, 939..,.the Pan A/mean D e- ,Clipper took extra cities at no extra fare. Stop over wherever you like,
itL sbb and 'achieved a place in aviationn history... going and coming. Excellent- connections in Lisbon with
h first th:ediiled flight across the Atlantic' by a passen-t .Pan Am. Jets to Barcelona, Nice and Rome enable youti -
ryig 22 passengers. to visit Portugal Spain, theRiviera and Italy on your way.
et.p bnriefy..in-ihenAzoresithe edin Lisbon Come hQme through Northern couAtries...Germnany, .tance,
i iid .O-mifutes ifter take-off 23-yearsahd' the British tIes. Inr all, Pa Am serves 21 cities in 3urope.
fw aysalatbrhnighty Pan Am Jet Clippers whisk you To your ticket to Lisbon, Pan Am addsthe priceless
bmSan Juan to Llsbon nonstop in less than 6% hours! extra of experience. The growth of Pan" Ahieicap k
: You'caigo one.whyt, rituran6ther. ly Pari'Ai Jet iAhowiover thd years between these two inauguralffigttsf
';;nonstop frmPueierto Ric6 0 Eurdpe. Rturnt by" proves "in a hundred thousand) instanqes,w u i;. ,
Jei e clipper via New YorkYou 6ca se&inany .i: ith confidence wlen you fly Pan Am.

1t ':.-, ". ... .,
"'V"' .' .' "" ''", .. :" ..
V' "" A i l! =

Enjoy the Priceless Extra of Experience
. on the World's Most Experienced Airjine



W ..r ., -.. .. ., .. ..'. U ;
,.- ," ,'* r* E ",.: : ..= .* = S&!l
", .:. ,. ,. .: :.o. =: ." .+." .--\ o :':, : : ,',rt:' ,i, .;....1 .N."!,"
i: : .." : ".. .:'.?.... .; .-.: ., ; ,' .-o'* .: .. ;T= ,=':. ..,.'. :..I-F. a. .
[!..':.:,+-;:,:: ;: :.'. :,,.,. .. :',<" [- : =.-.44..":::, ,

4. 4",
-t 1-
g'7~ ~t


.UNDAY JULY h, 1962

Off the Telediol
-The Sunday fite listening over Radio Haiti gets more interest
Ajg each weeklast Sunday they played a tape which had been
'corded from a former program by a man in Texas who sent i
eLre -.to be played back. Then they read a letter from a listen
' Sweden who explained that when Radio Moscow is weak, he
'.ikes to listen to Haiti!- Next was a note from'a listener in Guada
z;ibupe who says 'he tunes in every night and loves Weber Sicot.
Jiuess that's whit you'd.call being heard around the world. --Jear
1-lote's annual congee" was pleasantly interrupted by the arrival
fa town of Mr. Brotherton, Caribbean representative for the Land
ibover home office. Brother Brotherton is the "hail fellow wel
setL" type who is enjoying a visit here. -Fromn a receht survey
iade in P-au-P,- t seems that the residents of Fifth Avenue here
-nd those of Fifth Avenue, New York, have something in common
they all use 'FAB. .-Andy Zihar is giving me his dog's collar
0 that I can give my dog's-collar (which he's outgrown) to Dick
leet for his dog. My. dog's collar was given to me by Ham Steph-
'jns when his dog outgrew it. I th1i-this is what's called a chain
L-f events, because the collars .ar .cbains.. -MiWly White is back
after a long vacation, looking fat "sasy- ad full of pep. I dunno
'how some people do it. When. I bm ::back from vacation I look
e I've been dragged through a keyhole and so does my check-
o. -I'd like to read thatnew bbok "Uneasy Lies the Head" by
g Hussein of Jordan Ti eAlurb says "his Arabian nights were
rrupted by -Syriam MIG's.,.Nasser" etc.. Sounds intriguing,
isn't -it? -r hear' th r 4 .;who' used to load up
arbancourf- .ar .ow g their '-trade to Barbados
ere they are .makingga .uprchi sells for,50 cents a bottle,
a Sugar Cane Brandy which is -- well, neither label shows
proof! -All good wishes to'Mrs John Sheldon for .a speedy
very after the accident she sustained. -More of the. same to
McGurk.whowas taken to'the hospital early last week. -Re-
say all the beaches- had a good Sunday crowd last week
brought in 1B6 tourists by putting on an extra plane. Of course,
ey are a little dubious as to how they're going to get them out
ain. Hotel Oloffson had to turn some away, being, full up. -Just
e across the man's classic reply to the barber'k question, "How
I cut your hair?" "In silence" was the reply, and it was
Edited to Plutarch! -Pat Weekly's last trip to the States was
ery profitable. lf turned up a broken vertebrae of long distanding,
nks in the colon and a few other oddities. Real discouragin', isn't
- ? -Correction; Rendez-Vous isn't sticking to that' mid-nite clos-
g, but isn't staying open until the wee hours either. -For the
i couragement of all poets never forget what La Rochefou-
d said: "If it were not for poetry few men would ever fall
Lovee. What an epigraml and how true. -The control of Paul
8 eesner's Bon Ami Co. is being purchased- bya -big Chicago sign
rmpany. Remember Paul from the. Riviera? -Note to Dog
1 vers: I must admit I'm licked. Mogli, my 8-month-old Boxer
p (with only a light dash of X) 'is too much for me to
die. He's an excellent watchdog, loves company and especially
dren, eats like a horse and has had some training in manners,
had his tail-docked but not his ears, had his first rabies shot,
d is in ec6 4health.- He needs a new home because I have
keep him tied. up -all, day and most of the night. He can get
the property ohto the Martissant Road (by land or by sea) and
t spells certain death for him... sooner or later. If you're in-
sted, send me. word. Dear Editor: You can deduct the cost
this ad from my weekly pittance. KAY MAJOR

Wednesday August 14th, 1962

Nemours Jean-Bafptste 'Orchestra
1 kets on sale at:
.-' .' "



Return To The Caribbean unie
S The Caribbean Revisited Mrs. Jagan), Surinam, Martini- bok and emphasizes his p
r By V. S. NAIPAUL que, Antigua and Jamaica. He is ttad teo saet :imea
e English books about the West thus able to compare the leg- oac and at the sane time
- Indies, from the classic volumes aces of three great colonial em- spe cuarly pathetic extracts..
mn local newspapers. In Prt.
of Froude and Tollope onward, pires -the ha p ha ad, half- of pa, a is p
have hitherto been compiled by hearted British methods, the or- ow an m e lrigyo thpanr-
n English visitors to those strange, derly Dutch ones and the more even more blaringly noisy than
I sad islands. They were, so to feudal system of the French. His it ago p ar, hiou
- speak, reports on lonely voyages account of Trinidad, now perma- rifed by thea cult,of American com
a of discovery, with an emphasis nently scarred by Americanisa- r a l ao" whm
on the quaint, the incongruous tion of the worst kind, is, as one lent American films ch osen an-
and the absurd. might expect, the most vivid and chiefly for scenes f violence e fand I
What gives this badly needed the most penetrating part of the cefly their ength, has provioene ad
1 bnok its quality and its import. book. In British Guiana and else- for theirleng set beloved has rovided.a
r ance is the fact'that it Is written where he was, despite his Trini- heroineset for the younger gene-
by a distinguished Trinidadian dad Hindu origins, as much of atioin rinidad.e younr nr
novelist, long resident in Eng- an outsider looling in as any
land, who was. conssied by European writer eight have But his attitude to his ow
the Government of Trinidad and been. He has all the British West island is not basicay condemn .-
Tobago to revisit the island of Indians' dislike and distrust 'of 6slanis not s ia y csndem
his birth and to publish his im- the artiniquais, and he approa- atory; lt as, rather, one of me .
Spressions of West Indian life in ched that curious island (which ancholy hiand f ellow-islanders and.,
the post-colonial era. Where ear- some English travellers have s a rare gift r seeing thatn and
lier travellers enthused or re- found relaxingly civilized after hat in certain ircumsta'es
coiled, Mr. Naipaul explains. His the shoddy suburbanism of the a ce n rsav
tone is critical but humane, and British West Indies), in a mooda tvee "Eerytsing others atv
he tempers his inevitable indign- bordering on hostility., T. Evin a mae e
atiog with an admirable sense of Trinidadian an unreliable, ex,
comedy. Wherever he went ;-h.&d -,
total lack, of real'standrds and person whose values are always
Although TH MIDDLE PASS- real values a welter of incm- human ones, hose stnda
AGE is neatly divided -into six petepce and corruption, and a a- oh o se of w tyle' "i
sections, the book has a certain fervid passion foFtbe fifth .rate) -- ly ts of "-'' l e.'
shapelessness which well. reflects "Again a"i 'Xagaui,'" he -sums up,- -. -
the lack of shape, the total lack "one -comes back to the main CA OU IlNi
of pattern, in the jumble.of Car- degrading fact of colonial so- IB-O BEAC
ibbean life. He takes'hiU title-iety; it.i-ever required efficien- U .,
from the name longiven.to.the "cy, it nev r- hired -quality, QNT o 3 4....
voyages of the slavrships, which and these things, icause uif Pr OMR AT P Nm '.=
imported an aggregate -.of 20 quired, b e c ame undesirable." E ITRY (N LUDINT '
million African Negroes .-over The white elite of prewa. Tri- BOUND-Ta
many generations, and he never nidad despised education, and .BOAT -'' ..
lets us forget that the 'history spent their, days idling in hot of- TRANSPORTATION) ''
of West Indian "culture" is sol- fices in Port of Spain and their '
idly rooted in the cruelty and the evenings sipping pink gins and ONLY $1.00 "
foul injustice of plantation days. whisky sours in the Country -
Apart from Trinidad, Mr. Nai- Club. To find. conversation, arid Children -- Cen I
paul visited British G u i a n a people .who .read books, one turn- private Dresslng Roomin- '. :
(where he received much intel- ed to Negro and Hindu society, '
ligent kindness from Dr. and the small but civilised groups White Sand Beach .

s J ... .


Flou F'OR




4^r S 'S 4S^r ^ ^ ^ ,* I '- f

PAGE 12 H A IT I' S U N '

D.C. English Consultant Assists Teaching Seminar operation with the hpI inn,: e d her"
Ministry of Education, she con [rom I-.
ducted seminars and special city. Shi
S (Continued ro page 1) States Government. classes for t e a c h e r trainees, schools
:. Diplomas were handed out to In Japan she was one of a teacher principals, and super- high sch
I some forty-two teachers who at- group of specialists who prepared teachers, principals, and super- high sch
tendSd the Seminar, at a cere- the text for the English-teaching visors in the field of English. level. S
money attended by high officials course known as the Ameriphone in Cebu and Zamboanga, with versity
of the Department of National Lessons, which has been widely teachers a riodicallg ditional
Education and the Institute. Mr. used in the Bi-National Centers groups of teacher periodically ditieail
brought in from the provinces to Universil
; Edward Murphy, American cul- of Latin America. attend her special courses and taught
.. tural affairs Attacife at the U.S. In Thailand, Miss Sadler was she was able to work at ard
L:. Embassy delivered a speech at responsible for a Newsletter one w to w at r
the ceremony. English Teaching prepared for ith a large percent of the En- rate gir
Miss Sadler interrupted her the teachers of Thailand. At the gish teachers in the public and Tennesse
4?' work on a special project for the request of the Air Ministry of Phi hoppines. na.
.English Language division of the Thailand, she prepared teaching
United States Information Agen- material and gave intensive Miss Sadler was born in Bir- Miss
cy to assist with the fortnight training in spoken English to mingham, Alabama, and receiv- education
I',long English teaching seminar, selected officers of the Royal
SThe project consists of prepar- Thai Air Force. Because of spe- -7 -'- *, '.
ing a new radio course for teach- cial assignments in Thailand and *
Ing English. in certain countries other countries, these officers
Sof Africa. Having studied with needed a practical working know-
the wellimown linguists George ledgd of spoken English.
:;.Trager and Henry Lee Smith !
at the Foreign Service Institute In the Philippines, Miss Sadler
1in.- Washington, Miss Sadler has carried out a series of English-
worked on a number of English- teaching projects tor .oIe United
teaching projects for the United States Information Agency. In co-


-Makes everyday a "Holiday" In your kitcen.-. Use
the "Gold Star Award" winner, the TROPIGAS range.
No flier range anywhere today.

AEFFLEX TOP BURNER A single flame with
countess accurate stages of adjustment wor every cook-
ing,.eed from fast boiling or frying d .n to gentle
boiling. -- *":
S^EQUAFLO OVEN BURNER Makes possible new
e0retion. Heat is spread in a rectangulr pattern; the
hape of the oven and broiler. No 'hot center no cold

PEPJW .i PILOP S -. CM- -bonomaticN iW o
|Ilots are only one third the size of ordinary pilots -
Ai.fame so tiny it keeps range cool in any weather, and
?tev you money, too.
HUGE OVEN with viuaflitG w. i i
eaoer, more Al5iag'leelean'pg. ,
'ECONOTROL BURNER makes every ustensils au-
Lifetime guarantee of all burners. '-
Too many features to list here. You must see It ton
appreciate it' Easy terms too.
% : : ,____________

. "NC


S" ~DOth

ho Love Your Pets
resh Rabies Vaccine
'o-Pbwder'& Liquid Soar


leas, ticks and lice)
er Veterinary Supplies
Z^ ^ ^ ^


- SUNDAY JULY 29, 1962

B.A. degree in English
oward Colleag in that
e taught in the public
of Birmingham, on thi
ool and grammar school
ie received her M.A. de-
English from the Uni-
of Alabama and did ad-
graduate work at the
ty of North Carolina. Sbe
English and journalism
-Belmont College, a pri-
'ls' school in Nashville,
.e, and the same sub-
the University of Monfta-

Sadler has contributed
nal, literary, and nature

articles to the Journal of the Al-
abama Education Assopiation,
the Pacific Stais-and SiripspiAhe
Birmingham News, the'Nekv En-
gland Quarterly, and other pub-
lications in the United States and
Besides her teaching activities,
Miss Sadler has edited books and
written advertising copy for a
large United States publisher ot
religious books. As a member of
the Foreign Service of the United
States Information Agency, she
has also served her Government
in the culturaV and exchange-of-
persons field in Western Germa-



Le-nouveaa Traction.Sure-Grip
de Goodyear a 6tW sp6cialement
congu pour vous donner une
traction maximum. II est muni
de lontUes bgares pout v6uq
prdcurer la force de traction
tequise par les tracteurs
modernes, II mord ei biais et
grAce A son profile ,
C-E-N-T-R-E 0-U-V-E-R-T,
il e nettoie automatiquement.,
Ains vous obtenez une traction .
constante. II vous coite, ..
moins do temps, moins de travail
et mains de carburant.
AlHez Ie voir encore aujourd'hui,
'ehez votre dealer Goodyear.

Sp6cialement congu p6ur donner une conduite
aisee... pour une meilleure faculty d'adp-
tation, pour moins d'usure allez voir le '
Super-Rib de Goodyear. Et, tous les superbes
pneus tracteurs Goodyear sont construits A
entoilage 3T "Triple Tqmpered", une exclu- -
sivitd de Goodyear ..


2-59-8F '
Rue Putm4' 9 A
A :&\r&'4w

A% t... I

SUNDAY JULY 29, 1962

u Joseph.report

Mr. Roger St. Fort, ex-deputy of Gonaives was installed as
Chamber Counsel at ODVA in place. of Mr. Gregoire, Eugene, Mon-
day morning... Mime. Yvon Kim-Piobl,. the distinguished wife of
the President of the Chamber of Representants of Leopoldville and
daughter Leontine, arrived in Port ,au Prince Sunday afternoon
July 22nd, by PAA 431. She was welcomed at the airport by Mr.
Luc Francois,. President of the Legislative Chamber and MM. Brea
and Denis.. Melle, Josette Saint-Fleur, daughter of Mr. Lafleur
,aint-Fleur, Mayor of Mole St. Nicolas and Mrs., married Mr.
Caius M' Alphonse at Christ Roi Church (Bourdon) Wednesday
July 18th. Parrain aMd Marraine were Me. Alphonse Angrand and
Mrs. Max T.uya... Different localities of the Republic: Cainp-Per-
rin,,AVbaronre, Sucredre Henry (St. Louis d SBud), Anse-a-
SVeaiu, Troqin, Thomaneau, .Malssade, Anse a Foleur and LIuonade,
feted St. Anne. their patron-saint. At -Port-au-Prince, the "Morne-
a-Tuf" also celebrated the St. Anne. A solemn mass accompanied
by music was held at Ste. Anne Church at 8:30 a.m. Thursday
morning., A talk was given by the R. P. .Emile Robert, chaplain
of Ae ns... It.is umour that a group of eminent'Mexican
Jurists and brilliant specialists.- of International Law will, arrive
in i .ti I.onZ.August in view.. creatingg a .1aftianw section of
the ernA.Jd o tlfiiat l Law... 'Jea' Jeag, Baker
(Tennrs Club o0PortA au Prince) wins the "Norman Armour Cup",
beating Franchou Ludecke (Tepnis Club of Port au Prince) by 6-1;
6-0;'k&0. He is the champion of Haitian Tennis-.for the 1962-1963
season ',, te.Bolivaiened'Haltd under the-presidency
of Mr. 'F"i "Magloire, placed flowers at the feet of the Statue
Simo ,r(E Position.. C), Tuesday. morning July 23rd on
the oc&a sitof thd-177th birthday of the Libertador Simon Bolivar,
born at Caracas on 1783... Mr. Gualberto Fermin Fermin, Ambas-
sador 'b Venezuela in Haiti returned from Caracas last Sunday at
3:30 p.m. by PAA... The Ensemble Nemours Jean-Baptiste orches-
tra' feted this week the' 7th anniversary of its foundation... Melle.
Michele Desvarleux, the distinguished daughter of Mr. Simon Des-
%ariebu; Minister of Justice and of Mrs Maud Hudlcourt, returned
after four years of study abroad... Mr. William Fernandez, Ambas-
sador of Liberia in Haiti, discussed the "Economic Development of
Liberia" at Club International of Commerce, Wednesday night.
...Ne4t Wednesday, Melle Therese Valles will talk of "Evolution
Economique Contemporaine Internationale et les Problemes Eco-
-:omiques de I'Amerique Latine...
Marshall Danmiy, one of the ten best-turned-out-men in America
well any way in the Caribbean, has been a visitor in Haiti for the
ast week. He is one,of the controlling stock-holders of Haitian.
American Meat Co. (Hampco), which has done so much for Port
u Prince and Haiti. A curb-stone guess would be that they spend
close to. $500 per day in the nearby provinces ,in the .purchase of
beef an:.. orlc on the hoof... El Rancho is filled up with foreign
visitors' these days; business womes to people who go after it...
dre Lopez, another Gary Grant, president of the Boriguen Meal
products Coampay bf San Juan, whose company spends close to
,100,000' per month for Haitian meats is a welcome visitor as al-
ways... What the heck, are all these guys in the meat business?
Jack M. Kelinson, chief executive of Progressive Meat Pockers Inc.
of Philadelphia is-.in town for several days at, El Rancho... Abel
Ilchards one of the leading growers of Mangos in the Gros Morne
area is a frequent visitor to Port au Prince. He says that the
mango crop this year is probably the largest in the history of the
country... Friends of ChrislWrn Germain, who for years was the
genial, accommodating assistant-manager of Pan American World
I Airways in Port au Prince, will grieve to learn of his sudden de-
mise last week.

Caribbean Construction Co. S-A.

Builders Of The Military City

Gen. Manager: Gerard THEARD

n: 3955. P. O. BO-. 284


Effective Monday July 2nd the American Embassy initiated new
office hours: Weekdays through Fridays 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m;
Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.; check it, 40 hours per week. The
business community which likes to get commercial and other in-
formation from the Embassy will welcome the change... Thie track-
ing service of the Haiti Sun recently located. Mr. W. gor William)
R. (for Robert) Mac Elhannon, the Director of Pan American Air-
ways in Haiti. He has been in Jamaica and the Dominican Repu-
blic but returned here to meet Mrs. Mac Elhannou, select living
quarters in Turgeau and furniture on its way. The Missers return-
ed to Texas for a few weeks to be with their 14-year-old son... Mr.
William Bill Sirman, chief of maintenance for Pan Air at the Air-
port has a new air-conditioned office for himself and assistants...
Director Earl Finney of U.S. Aid arrived from Washington Thurs-
day via Pan Air... Mr. Frank Jones co-director of Pote Cole left
for home-leave in Minnesota and the New England States, with
two sons Thursday via Pan Air... Mrs. Casey Fine, and daughter,
wife of USAID Executive Officer in Surinam left Thursday for
Paramaribo... They had been visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Clint
Smith. executive Officer for USAID here... Foreign-aid legislation
was approved by the United States Congress during the week and
sent to President Ken)iedy for signature; the bill provides for 4
billion, 672 million for'1962-1963. Of this 600 million was provided
for the Alliance for Progress program... Telstar which orbits some
3000 miles above the earth's surface was used to broadcast views
af American activities to Europe from Norway to Italy at 3:00 pm.
New York Time last Monday. Thereafter the United States received
'.ve television from Europe, art and industrial centers, famous
architectural masterpieces, and historic places. Europeans saw, the
U.S. revered Statue of Liberty; a live telecast ot President Keene.
dyrs news-conference, which contained' sore notable statements
of economic' and political position; a baseball game in. Chicago;
views 6f the United Nations buildings and 'Eqtivities in New York.
The U.S. program was broadcast in six different lang6 ges, aid
the European audience was. eshmated at 100 million people; about
the same in, the US.&


Every Wednesday Night


(Free Meringue Lessons at 9:30 p.m.)

Lack Of Jet Airport --
Haiti's Big Problem ni
(Continued from page ) .'
lack of such an airport has by,
itself placed a' limit on the po-
tential traffic that might support'.:
more than one airline. The exist-.: 4
ing arrangement, which requiips
a shuttle. service to other adjac-j'i_.
ent jet connecting points, is al.
extremely costly one since it pre-
cludes efficient use of aircraft *
and crew and because plane 4
changes involved naturally limitsl:
trafid volume. Caribair would',.
face the same problem insoar,
as United States. traffic is cona.,
Negotiations to speed the. fin-'
ancing and building. of the new:c
jet airport in Port aU Prince:
ha'e been in progress for many:.
months between the Government it
of Haiti and. Pan American. 1
was Pan Am,that built thepro-
sent airport, Bowen Field, 33'-"
years, ago, and 'has 'operated, if -
for the Haitian government ever:'
since. |
Promotes Haiti
Pan Am has promoted Haiti.
continuously a a' -tourist resort"',
and supplied extra airlift when-
ever needed. During the 1961-62.%,
vintaer season, Pan Am provided-;'
nonstop flights between,- InMiamin-
and Port au Prince and jet *se-..i
yvies .frdpf New bor"k~Ee -'.i
ed coselo tQ'Takiti ia Id&Anhai
short connefmng flights at San-.
to Domingo. "'' ,. '
.To provide the latter services
Pan Am went to the extra, oex'.
pn4e of. sending the l.armi-Port'
au Prince nostbp flights twice '
a. week on to Santo Domingo'..
where they were h-el .overnight
to serve .as additional diiet.a-. -'
nections for jet passengers.'t --',:
Hditi. ^i''^

-.. ... ,. ..;,

What frequently, happens to us'
is to see at a reception *guests".?
run to the tables: .dn6ey- fill.:
their. pockets and ther... b with.
goodies.:, The scene,. is .-.., the '
more ugly and surprising't.at the;.: /
persons, who usually .do this. de-
testable thing, are considered as
having received a good educa- '
tion or intellectual formation. ; ,
Thus, last week, we assisted
this sort of spectacle at '"
a reception. where the table had
been completely cleared in less ,
than ten minutes, in* spite the
attention of the sympathetic am-
"LE JOUR" July 23S 1962 :


Ten minutes from Port an
Large partially furnished House, *
Spanish Style '
4 bed-rooms 3 bath-rooms -
3 Car Garage 3 service rooms.
Swimming Pool Magniflqe
Garden Orchard.
Contact Instifut Francals (Frenech
Institute). .

Austin-Healey 1958
(Economical Sports Car) In
A-One Condition. New Tyres.
*" _* .' -


.-PAGE 14



Abitan d'Haii sale on, e li di onu l pap tret
Pou sa ou fe pou U, 11 gingnin guou veritab del
Anve ou ki ba nou manje, ki fe nou du blin
Non gingnin rekonebans, pou nou on be guon soutfan
Pie banann vet, nan mo-n, ak nan plea
Banana dons yo, on se gnou vre krem
Pie zoranj, gorj non si fatige nan kours
Non bone dio on, bel pie fruit ki si dons
Pie korosol, frut on gin ju, si blan si sure
Avek bon let, glas, san nou vini kalme
Pie kenep kl son ho tout rout
An konfitu, non mauge jus on, nan bel soukonp
Non rinmin lomb 'ju, ki ba non van
S Pie k:mit %et yo, Pie kaimit violet
Sou pie on ap chante anpil bchoue
Pie kalbasi ki tout patout
Non manjo kalbasi on avek bon gou
Pie gouayav sure, pie gouayav dons
Nou deguste an jele e non pa gin tons
Pie mango [il, muska, mango jeremi
Bouch non di nou, gou ou pap fini.
.Pie frl, Pie bona d'Haiti ki oupatou
Ou se guou harm, ki %l4 rann nou fou.
Kenscoff, 3-7-62

Chatelet des Fleurs
Are Available Exclusively At
S* High Class Icebuig-Lettuce
Strawberries, Broccoli, Water-Cress
I. it.h Unsurpassed Standards of Food-Purity





by Denis Bardens

In improving Social conditions, the island of Jamaica,
in the West Indies, which attains independence in Aug-
ust, has evolved interesting techniques of its own. Jam-
aicans, in fact interpret Social Welfare as meaning any-
thing that can improve the islanders' standard of living.

Mr. Ken Campbell, Production
and Field Assistant of "The Wel-
fare Reporter," the oLffcial pu-
blication of the Jamaican Social
Welfare Commission, published
in Kingston, the island's capital,
has been in London working with
the staff of the "Family Doctor",
a magazine published by the
British Medical Association to
explain basic medical facts to
the layman and so encourage
preventive medicine and habits
of health.

The Jamaica Social Welfare
Commission, which includes re-
presenttives ,of the MiWt1tries of

Housing and Social Welfare, Ag-
riculture and Lands, the co-oper-
atives and numerous voluntary
bodies. was forced in 1949 on
,the basis of Jamaica Welfare
Ltd.. which, since 1937, has done
much valuable social work in the
island. .
Health Education.- -
By means of lessons in house-
craft, courses on agriculture and
education on nutriti6h, the Coin-
mission -among other activi-
ties- is doing much to raise the
general standard of health on
the island..
Mr. Campbell, wiho says he is
greatly impressed by the success

- "Family Doctor' 'iin Br.'a-n.
.Lopcs to see a similar bAt lo' I1
ised version, published in -Jam-
aica with encouragement from
the local branch of the British
Medical Association.
"It- would be a most usetal
imedium -for health propagan-
da." he- told me, "since 'Family
Doct;' lifterprets* health in the
broadest possible s e n s e and
deals with anything relevant to
the maintenance of health, the
treatment of sickness, and the
raising of a happy family.
Health and happiness are indib

The Jamaica Social Welfare
Commission gives courses in
home management; organises
handicrafts, such as the making.
of bags, mats, baskets and hats;
trains voluntary -si"al work-rs
in classes, camps and workshops.
and puts all its emphasis on v.lU-
help and co-operation. **.
A Royal Commission in .1937
found that Jamaicans ate too
many starchy foods, no uncook-
ed vegetables and too little rmlk
and meat. Since then much has
(Continued on pate 16)

S. T "" A with


Arms of Caterpillar Tool Bar swing'forward or to the rear
fac mounting a variety of tools nn D6 and D4 Tractors.

Tool Bar Bulldozer does full-scale
earthmoving, land clearing.

With a Caterpillar Tool Bar, one sturdy
pair of draft arms does the job:
1. Carries wide range of implemenpts
mounted on choice of bears. -
2., Swings to rear, or forward for dozer
lad rake,-etc. ..'/ .
3. Lifts and lowers the tools instantli9 ,
4. Permits accurate adjustment foi aiglet
and depth of tool penetration.
5. Transmits traction direct frorim rack/
roller frames. i
i 1..

, .., ., -. .,,. .,-..*< t-, "...

Chisels and subsoilers are.available in three ize ..'

'" "; "' i '

I .* ," .>;

'4Z_"Clasical Ballet
:-Tap Dance 1'

-C Haitian Foliklre Loader ut lizes draft arms of Tool Bar on D4. 'ool Bar Rake clears, piles brush and debri .
l-lBallroom Dancing and special training in "Pas .'
!'de Deux", and Choreography. -.a. t
eihool located on the Champ de Mars, next to Rex Theater. HAYTIAN TRACTOR & EQUIPMENT Co. S. A.
. ..ssaTION DAILY FROM 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. MAURICE BONNEFI Mniger, Chanderelles
", "" -J ... .1 ..
iS^^ l^^e, .:^& .Nfea^^l^ i-. *': .... -" ... :' :' "

SUNDAY JULY 29, 1962

AY JULY .29, 19623

'HA 1 TI S UN''

.A4J i&;-

''"' .. d. -
ANDRE ROOSEVELT DIES 3 provi 'ng the roads and more ,pronounced by the Labor Court ly vote
Sotels are built. He spoke, fitent- and deposited to a special ac- monin
A PJQNEER IN HAITAN TOURISM ly five languages: Eng lish, .count of the .Department of.La- T4e .
S i-' ', .' Frencb, German, -Spanish and bor and Welfare in view to 'de. stampi
..,1,., .... ..... ............. ......... ... Malay... His biography, ,would velop its working education. special
(Contined oia pao ) Powell, nd itfor dtion picture take many full editions of this ,, .. and
German team for the Persh- film "Gouna-Gouna" he brought newspaper. xx the m
S .game... .- .. the world to recognize the little. His death is deeply moutned AN EMISSION OF t will
ong othere;pe. bq a .,. (qtad the bk.Haitians andthe thousands of POTAGETAMPS FOR mittee
champion discuss. of4 race, high-breasted mdens of Bali. tourists who appreciated his ra- A B Fof
Discuss arid "sdt pV"' ini M: osbv's a"tt pt in 1933 their British manner. DUVALIERVILJ
inany. j iifthe US. he t iell' i ie "touta-Go- --- Aproject of Law deposited b l
'ame tetber of the tmoun6u~ M".if- h- U.S. BiiedAgo he pack. oLEGIATIVE WORKS A of Lsnm, s y 00p
ickeriDckeF--Athletic Club: 'o ed;,i-pi'ana on awlvalin Pars ... mere, and Industry, relating to 5020ot
?Y. water, polo team; who held had little difficulty in, ,sellig it erce, and Industry, relating to 40.2t
Schar b .te .US. o to th eenc.After mts To Re ate Workers the emission of a series of post 'At
. ,.Ass ,HealthC o T e t rd es .1 stamps in view, to recall be apt
ee consecutive years. successful ruung m Fane the Heath Card .' bAG .dAMMARSiOLD, former the la
'he gs o ta reat wand- Adedican movie people who' had General S e c r e t ar y of ONU, advice
Dr, axzurid thW' bginntii 'of previoiuVW. refused to 'bpy. now A Law relating-to the Iealth death in Africa, obe year. ago traction
s c tit:the, settleddowni. i. clam6tred for acotance Tb Card of the woman presented by airplane accidet, was ipt-for sal
Rice.'farm and cattle rc yitis still bn a t M Gasner Kersaint, Secre-
Ir Houston, Texas, for three U.S. and there is- a possibility y of State o Labor K and Wel-re
u-s. Th0n'.MAe.tie, at ..- t be shown hera fare was voted by,the Legislative
I two years later., be. e a A .., ., Chamber, Wednesday mrnitng. "
her.. :WHis u.htet -er. .e +;Cirding -ound e,,glpbe -. Article st'.-The xam ons
a a g.randfate i ,iis ,dag dr.e ihad pblfied various oks, provided by artie 5 of te .
had four children, tw.' girls pictures and articles in maga- Labor Code "'anois i ivalier"
e married .a ei las' a i"cldigiteiNaiial.Geo i- be made m ree to the e. PAMOUS CREOLE BUFFET
Id). phc. His best oin works ployees. The Ductors and the NATIVE FLOOR SHOW
iring t .e -firt WorldWar are about Ecuador. Medical Laboratrie t1 be per-' '
re ws .Ueutenant i the'Diorced" be marrjea again, :to Lnar resposiblew TO THEa MUSIC
I ,e..n :to' z g+* respris o fortheAIsinI-O
rps tereters n as a ew England girl, who passed cerity and,the authenticity of the OASTEL CO T L
r agd toG Divisi He Wa ,seve 'years ao. e camatons' results hanied to
y aa qt. Fei .ti ce Lfn o P.tih' Article 2n -IDASH is the .
.. i....d ....dve t ... ... n
he won world renown.- Bng to lea.e as he loves th ld. e inatiois an deliver the Health
Sto. fly .over .Chiuborazo, ad gieat plans r oti hot- Card whic the fo wisl e de-
but; cto n "i" Thy d .e '""t+-" N'o Icon
00et and tfe f so a 100 e oint the th ee .it, .. d i. v

ns are In Ecuador). fle snwt Lele which he consider a'little. by ID 'a nt t
irly .A.'w.aq, 'nal and Hunk of Paradise. A finnrm believ- Gurdes. (Ip .'), freacn Health '
tough his book "The Last .Pa- er ;that laiti had a great .fu- card'devered. .
ise', t ublishd. ckrature-great touristic possibilities eThis' a ou.it IA'be r (
..... ......e...... ,pubi ., This' am out ll -be d o

ml, !a.. 10 m4*. 'n fif. th will serve e 1aZy-ordw |
S.building and operation of hoes
SAR tfor aged persons. to .DUPERRER
, : te.. d.. ..os .. ...etl .a the dis ,i." +Iea
S i ENJOYABLE PARTY will .be liable to peInalty provided
Ins / Ecao! 'rb w.y the Article 566th of the .Labor .'
SAND Code Francol Duvaler", tobe
...A .. .. b y P h'. + n oo .~,.

th ril _6t fth aor

he 9. siqUEU a In Scotland o,
the basis thet pAre ol s TH B L.
I-o ovn 4e

It T qO^^Agahlolf GQ

_5 .r.. ** ;

, G R A

ed thesame day, .Thursday':

il 'r e.osited' to-.
l aceount-^atr-&ther BfHAI
ll, not;,be eonflts '
ass,.of tho tt ep
be "deposited' totep coni
of the MRNf'ithebuild---
se' stamps are' forth' der'd
ost:,, 400,oo000 of $$.04 .t'
I of $0Sfcts;'.300AI00 o':
s; and 3()0,000 .. &.So03tst,
le 2nd,--These :stamps.l :
at: djqspunt provide
w and the, article 3Ard.'
of the Gpna- Admi'.
Sof Post w 4il6flx fi date
1e for these figurines'." 2.'

'' 4 '

IF THE ,'.A. N
'. P :,L
1 1 P ,. ..

.. :1'"

*7 71 ; .. -
S. jARE F R ',f .." ', ..
^.. One Cli...-r' :, '

.: A.. k. t :4,:




FARE FROM $195.00


mnoSAa'Am ena Joseph Nadal & Co
Ewlus A t ONEl IVADESKY 4 44p 4
.. .'. ".... .4y' '' 1's+ D ,w J,

,.... .. i~



H 1 A I- I UN SUNDAY, JULY-Z):%183

A:1R SI'M~e

AICAI SOC,SR VICES HAVE 'he ma am -camr~mg 'mseaiuito- NO OE WO0ITHE JAMAIOANS RESIB Np,,jNlN R
CHNIQU S w~~~%ere sought out and neutraliseQd a4is ,,mdsn .
soa a tien 49 mitlio celebrate Jamianl..4
een~~ naee a.agis euea ndbifd ie b4YiWk`'
tmCleebcae ulteasu1res, has' been- instituted A ecl Iq4it e tic ti
courage met ods en:iteo received, q
t 'wtrglyil1(1rn,\ith, substantial he1lpnftWU-TRYq &Ue de 11 aerrnlt p A geet
ga en it -yo e r e 13"ri Wh.Coloiiial De~velopment-and -o A ar c rd Ally inv ted t hta t n
M.i~larle'Fund, and with the as ac be oi61 ad

cota tr~ y'utld 'r7 iced ae f mrc'
ist 4estb ,Wyrld, 0 A gn
14 tmind Sais bru nth g the Co6 1 ination, h U t Nb

e~~s aia u., '
velopre F alfeth 1

slad aA on ra hee m- $12;e7'g io of Amria'
be c 1mprv 6ng as l r B" nie Statees e rt
S ~ h a th ei p d C or u n e aolivisk ay d
pe tou e @8n 16 THe Reclti S bq
'6'~tt tiouan inbr~that tako ajo o a n
t41j)ai9% mo tauy ey ao# Liuaotd y # 1 ot i
aws" 41 dkdifd 1! Op m o-toa n r
..to t,, mhich iso'ran ig w or ri and r ine rs b

Wa0A LloLA o
IW .s aOnva ah a s et ouJi_:taio,
J)~ adev raH HaI
lh`batallion tehicl Presientia Ma t tCu b aol
andfAugust 3rd faono i t0 to

Ao~ ax .t abl to al

Tehoq ,-,N.h weig 'o ed.:c atJo ArTal wii rp e urc

In in Arte to gro daps 0

'~~~~~~~~~os -4 1o'ki ffod. Urisuhtnai64
vei d of 11a sileva d t- e
peo~~~~~fr I Ihancell arig ant, Monday thmo -eef
OITAr10 ce,4iitro n1 dctoclbae
manqas yXngt h oissoin

iho 98A14
tect theo causef cohthe -4 theCOI Lr g g t e
A ~ NALE, Str- L ffCa rencnlrt dfo u

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