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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Duke University Libraries
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Duke University Libraries
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-. Weekly

"i i



a a '- -.:


PORT-AU-PRINCE, MAITI Aveune Marie-Jeanne CiTE DUMARSAIS ESTIME Phano 2061 Vol XX '-- Sunday JULY 22nd, 19og

^- ------------- --- -- ---------------___________ i .D* -^ ~



The refusal -of the U.S.
Civil Aeronautics Board in
Washington, D.C. to grant
permission to Caribair to
open a pwsse-nger and
freight air service between
Puerto Rico and Haiti has
brought 'forth a storm of
protests from tourist inte-
,rests here as well as from
'B u s.in e ss Associations,
Olubs;Unions and private
citizens "

)enies Haiti

r, Tourism Vexs

In view of the. public, outcry quested exemption athbor
Haitian representatives in Wash- engage in air transpnia.
ington were instructed to seek d tween, Santo Doraingorp.a
-possible revision of the Civil Ae- au Wince until. D ltat
ronautic Board's decision, infor- $inc reinstate' it:. |
med sources disclosed: midweek. -au Prince.-or until*th&:'
Tourist interests, see CAB's a'c-' cison. on .Caribair'40_i
tion, in denying Laribair the pfication for permission M
right to an air-service between' these Iwo pints comip
'San Juari-an 'Port au Prince As In suppor"'of' its
contrary to the developtlent of Caibafair aleges, i
Haitian tourism. CAB had..previousli,"
Caribair in its application re- application for Aidenti...
ity ,t9 provideheie
circumstances warra i

Dancing The Twist Wife Ends -ife At
Wrong End Of Barrel -

The. untimely death in
the border town of Bella-
"'ere of a jealoube' wife who
performed the TWIST
while holding her Ihus-
band's gun by "the barrel
.RLg W'4EaittftY count*
ed in 'onvictioni" 'this

'Miss. Caro'

woseph was his name. He
was three yearso'th and
he was smiling all-over his
shiny black tace.. Some
might -say he had precious
little to smile about. He
Two formerandhad no arms. He had no
o former diplomat and historians of international reknot legs. He had been-born
pose before the Legislative Palace portrait of Charles Sumner on without them. But Joseph
the occasion of it e .100th anniversary of Haitian-American diploma. was smiling. And the reas-
atic relations. At the left is Dr. Dana Munro, former Minister to Oti he was smiling was not
hard to'flMd She was large,
(Continued on page 16) and she was round, and she
was holding Joseph firmly
First French Institute Her name,*asdarmn.
Teachers Seminar A Success' Lt carz oB ad aw,
and for the last 19 years
At Port de Paix she has been in charge of
Teach teachers to teach: meetings pin other provin- the Mssion supportnevaelizedby Fields
this was the object of a, ces. .kum i sporte bnt a
two-week summer seminar, Said one local official: "To chnumber of Proatedstant hLar-
offered by six professors judge from the liveliness of the ches and located at La
of the "Institut Francais" classes held here and from the Pointe des Palmistes a few
in Port an ,Prince'to 95 intense satisfaction expressed by miles north of Paiti's Northw dest
grammar-school instruct- both the faculty and 'the stud- Pa on Haiti's Northwest
Nv. tfi~ h tvQ P rmint- Pf nh Pinr dn ri ih coast.

.ors ui nuriniU t LoiJvuI I v cnui, a n amiLiars can ao mUU JU
that was completed last to improve primary education in
.'Friday in Port de PaLi. The Haiti -and 'improve it rapidly."
seminar was the first of its The seminar was divided into
..hind ever conducted in twq sessions and two sections.
Ilaiti by the "Institut", and During the first section of the
,"iAt the concluding ceremon- seminar, which occupied the first
j.&ies the government offic- week, the grammar:schoolteach-
:.`Jals responsible for the ses- ers were subjected to a heavy
"ion ,joined the professors barrage of pedagogical theory.
and their pupils iu enthu- During the second session, which
*'siastic recognition of the occupied the second week, the
seminar's success and' in teachers attempted to put theory
Sthe hope that it would be into practice-in actual class-
Rlowe'd ay iiilr. M (ConthaMued on page U)

Last Tuesday, thanks to weal-
thy and generous friends from
the United States, Miss Caro
was able to give Joseph -and
64 other handicapped children
who are currently under treat-
ment at the mission clinic-
something special to smile about:
a brand-new 80-bed hospital for
the handicapped that is called
La Maison d'Espoir The House
of Hope.
On Tuesday afternoon, after a
substantial lunch, Joseph and his

"On Friday July 7th,..at Bella-
dere, playing jealouse, Madame
Raphael Vagas, the former Ja-
nine Vincent hid her husband's
revolver in an effort to-keep him
from returning home late", "Con-
, eviction" .wrote in its headline.
story this. week.
(Continued on page 3)

the present application."'
ing to Caribair these :ne
are "Delta's suspension,
Vice at Port au Prihee:
ibair's contract-to re-eq
fleet'with larger aircrafii
On May i0o,' 1962, accor
CAB's Otder. Defl3g:xi
(docket 13579 ."sigd e'
secretary Harold S'"Skr
"Delta and PanAneri
posing Caribair' 'lappl
continued on.


New Handicapped Hospital Specitesl
LB. Of Bone Disease1
T..i Boe ;

Above-Miss "Caro" Brad-
shaw with some of her 64
handicapped patients as- they
eagerly await opening of "The
House Of Hope". The new.mo-
dern hospital at La Pointe des
Palmistes specializes in the
treatment of children suffer-
ing for Pott's Disease.
Below-Miss Caro and one
of her American nurse with
Joseph a congenital amputee.|
friends were carried one by one
into the handsome new building
and deposited in their beds,
which had been wheeled into the
central court .for the opening ce-
Continued on -page 4)
". ., ."-o ::4 ... ...'". .i::! 4:." 4__';A ._.V

' .' ;- .; :

A. ,..A_.-<__






-.~ --- --- ----'4 .


SUNDAY JULY 22, 1962

n Haiti This Week'
**Henry Da Becco and Eileen Steinberg lan-
'ded here Salturday with a group of Thirty
Three people. from Pittsburgh, Pa. and were
greeted .rith music and banner by Pan Am and
the Southerland Tours.
Thesq tourists were solicited by KQV Radio
Station Pit. They are making this tour through
the Caribbean under the announcing Theme ol
e 'iarty which comprises rpany pretty girls includes Charlotte
In1inson who' won the trip free, JeanL.Kovacich, Clara (Rusty)
iice, Connie Simm, Carole Rendulic,-Ethel ,Scanlon, Mary Ma-
,i;Sbhirley V. Hutchinson, Theresa Goletic, Mary Jane Witt,
lserie' McE ligott, Evelyn McCormick, Lois Mdiller,' Lorraine
wcdski, Joan Burens, Rosemarie Olrich, Barbara Bess, Wilma
a, Evelyn. Espy,. Ethel .Venturino, 'Helen McNally, Harrieit
A 1 Lois and Mary Schnupp, Elmier, and Eleanor Incheck;
e rind Carol.Joseph, Joseph and Anna Mae Tutich, Eilen Hill-
,a Secretary for US Steel Co. and WVilma Tezak, John Bigley.
Pv'ts0 ilver blondes, Charlotte Tomlin4on, a Secretary and Jean
auch1ib a Hair Dresser and red head Clara (Rusty) Peirce, also
eCfktary call themselves the Three Musketeers. They followed
iry-D. just to go away from home and visit the Islands. Haiti
21m ating;,-they said. Their hobby is dancing.
nie' Simm and Carole Rendulic were tbo tired to make an.
at about the, trip. The group is staying at the Grand Hotel
*r o... ,
'"A. -.-,
k ," [special program has bepn arranged for them by the Gin-
bad Palace AI Sietz the Owner Manager and Gerty Garib
IAWssthaWt-want their sojourn at the Oloffson to be something

I f 9bA.r Renato Poggioli and his distinguished wife Renata
travissante fille". Sylvia, arrived here Tuesday for a three
Professor- Poggioli, originally from Florence, Italia is
td Comparative literature at Harvard University,' Cambridge.
.!.-&',spehdfive. weeks teaching at the University of Puerto Rico
it;.ddJas.-His daughter Sylvia; 16 called the "Queen of -Twist"
iclloi Night Club Wednesday night is finishing her High
s.6 studied's at the Buckingham School of Cambridge. Thej, were
it: thie Castelbati.
tLovelier than lovely Kathryn Montgomerry and Josephine
ada, ",twoNegro .visitors hpam- NeW York kept the playboys
shitLweek. They are pretty, charming, amusing and- excellent
Kathy teaches school- in L ong Island and Josephine in
e~q..Tiey aire-current guests at the Ibo-Lele.

Alfred G, Wtight, a Professor of,:.. -
ue Univerity, Lafayette, -
.hi.- charAignigwife Gladys, also- a
A% .. Music" at the ame. University.-
tpre Friday oh a four -day visit. APi,
i":r 'lso '- writer' and. a band: leader -
A boo .aksabout music and' leads i
u#'Unrvbsity Band 'of 400 musk'
t9e. largest .in the .S,. Gladys -Wrigl E
Ipachirt corpnnnoB milltar 'in r. i T u hn.h



"Le Muniteur" No. 5. of June
25th, published a presidential ar-
iete -authorizing a new emission
)f postage-stamps on effigy of
Jean-Jacques Dessalines, found-
?r of the laiiuan native land.
500,000 yellow colour of $0.01
cts; 500,000 red colour of $0.02
ets; 500,000 salmon colour of
10.10 rts an- 500,000 black co-
)ur of $0.10 cts.
It was also published an offi-
?ial report of verification of
18,000 anti-malaria stamps of
50.01 cta; 48,000 of. $0.02 cts:
18,000 of $0.04 cts fair mail;
18,000 of $0.10 (common); 48,000
.[ $0.10 (air mail) and 48,000 of
;0.20 (air mail). These stamps
vere sent to the BNRH to the
irder of the General Administra-
on of Contributions.

"Le Moniteur" also published
he following advice: It is re
tested to the interested party
'iat conformably to the law of
'eb. 1960 and the dispatch of
larch 17th, 1960, it was proceed-
I to the drawing by lot of the
treasuryy bonds 7 per cent 1990-
1961 at the local of the Loteiie
fhi the redcmption at par to a
nominal valor of $ll1,006'. Tne
following numbers:. 6, 14 -and 15
were called to the redemption
either 3 bonds of $25,000 each;
the numbers: 28,, 35 either 2
bonds of $10,000 each; the num-
bers. 73, 74, 81. 93, 106, 119 either
3 bonds of $1,000 each.

These' treasury bonds called to
he redemption 'will be present-
Ad with the coupon of interest to
expire.-on June 30th, 19U2 'and
all1 other coupons to expire after
he date. After'the date of the
redemption the said bearer bonds
vill not- bring some interests.
(s) BNPH, Fiscal Agent.

..'Belta;'; Lydia (Lily)-. Piuk, a
ative of, Abbazia, ., Italia aid
Hansjorg (Geouges) Blatt6r "from
Switzerland are experie n c i nf g
here the joies of love at the"
7bffson. Lily lives with her par-
ents-. in Toronto and Georges is
n. industrial Engineer travelling
through. Latin America. They
mhae, ahciartiirtg ouple.- Let u;
". ithat-they will come back
,ere in honeymioon

I ReaM Estate A tiency i



The Haitian Government facing the situation which has been
lately developing in Latin America and of which inedents influence
the life of the States which share the general politics of the con-
tih.ent, afford special attention to the events which go on these
days in the Sister Republic of Peru.
It believes it necessary to recall once again ihe directing prin-
j'iplas of its international policies; The right of each people to
decide freely its fate aid the non-intervention of a people or group
t peoples in the interior affairs of another.
It also takes this opportunity to reaffirm its respect of the Sover-
eignty of the Sister Republics of the Continent.
While deploring that in Peru the "legal and constitutional" solu-
luiod' could not prevail, the Haitian Government is decided to
maintain diplomatic relations with any government .controlling
the major part of the "National territory, guaranteeing essential
;liberties,. insuring peace of the streets and of the hearts, and res-
pecting. international engagements.
The Haitian mission in Peru has .been instructed to keep close
contact .with ,the Chancellery.


Two members of the "Ligue 'n view of explaining its activi-
pour le. Traitement du Cancer", lies and to keep all sectors con-
Mlelles Lydia 0: Jeanty hnd So- stantly informed on its require-
lange Domnique. paid a visit to ments.
I iti Sun Monday morning. A grand fundraising ball with
They described -to us the sad 'Varied distractions -will be. orga-
Ticture presented -by the finan- nized on August 14th, with the
dal situation of the League con- participation of Nemours Jean
didering the heary responsibili- Baptiste Orchestra,. at Cabane
'ies already taken upon itself. lChoucoune, for the benefit of'the
A Section of Propaganda to, League. All Port ab Prince is
which is associated the Press and vited. It will, be an excellent
Radio has been formed by, the 'nanner in which to assist this
League, explained Melle Jeanty, League and its public service.
'Time takes on -a rosy hub .
through the sapphire crystal
of your Movado "Firmament "watch

----.----'c 'Jw SLy AL4CW, JCJe Q ame oDULJ 7%, -"'!
inent mnusiciair Al and GlCays went to' watch the Haitian LOISEAU & Co.' ''
:gry naars" Friday afternqon. They said that our Military Bourdon '.
.. efi good, it plays well and maobes well. The Wrights Phone .2620
guests at the Oloffson. Cable Address: AILOIOO The Movado apphire crystal Ria 2n. lOD
gleams with a rgre brilliance: deaL
Its hardness Is surpassed gold Iigure dial
erend RayCleents, a,MethodistMinister from Baltimore noting of Houses, Apart- only by that of the diamond. -
S" niments. Bungalows, Camping You will cherish your
'6.0bonde wife Dawnia and two year old daughter. eborah Houses for'short or long Movado which offers you a
.'Wlebbie) are on the. two week visit- here. They are also period. precision thrice triumphant Rafue -
t the. Oloffson... Mary Ann Koenig, ifn package designing .. Swiss Observatoryat mi gold 1i ec.,
k is visiting here this.week... Youthful Attorney Martin Sales Information -available Neuch tel). gold igure dial
.-and lils pretty wife Ellen Jo from New York City, married for sugar cane, cotton, fruit,
S14. are currently honeymooning here. They are guests at sisal, etc., plantations and .
S estates of various types an
wa C..eole. Ellen Jo was a marvelou* Twister at the Habi- sizes and in Improved and
4 Oeere of Katherine I unham PHri-ay' night. unimproved condition. .
...Jo.." e Deiise.Johson', a Secretary for an Electronic Corn- Commercial business such -
SI New Yo.,and' 13sses Joyce Bieber and Blanche Goetz bars, restaurants, and hotels M O V A
t fie ,this weekend on a swing through the Caribbean. bought and sold
...avorite sai .-She plans to come-back. Joseph LOISEAU
---- '-....71. .. LITTLE. EU OPE .

SUNDAY JULY 22, 1962


1Joseph report


,Thed quarters of the Engineering Corps of the Armed Forces are
'hated in the recently refurbished building that once housed the
ilitaiy Academy on Rue St. Martin... Ralph Corneos and --
.isso.-discovered camping on an island such as lie de La Tortue
ilithoult first getting permission is by no means serene... Photo-
4pher Byron Corneos and his. wife are visiting Mexico... Thanks
t.S Techint the. highway between Gonaives and Port. de Paix is
&se to superb. Its now possible to travel from th'e Capital to
.rt de Paix in a limousine in four hours or less. A couple of'
as back the trip could take up to 18 hours and then only the
kour-wheel drive was recommended... The new director 'of Curacao
Trading Company in Haiti is affable William Bogaers who has been
ie assistant director for some' time. The new director, replaces
.ddy Van Meer who resigned- as director recently during his visit
to his homeland Holland-X hospital early Saturday morning after
weekk long retreat at Villa Manrese. A collection to purchase a boat
for the Island priest continues, under the spofisorship of the Interna-
t(nal Club de Commerce.... Guy Martin synipathetic Exec of Char-
le: Dejn & Co observed his birthday w,,ith a party at home July
tt..h Cultural Attachq at the. ~rench Institute M.r. Philippe North
ered a 5 to 7 at the "Alliance Francaise (Rond -Point) Friday
.evning.to honor Poet Leon- Laleau' who has been awarded the
Egar Poe" prize...

A new floor will be added to the. principal building of "College
Pierre. It will house the two laboratories Physics and Clemist.ry
Ad a large reading room... The "Association of American Ladies
'Cap HaRtien" made a gift of $800.00 to erect two Children Parks
&ie first of whith was inaugurated, at. Cap Haitien last Saturday...
Mr. Wia~ B. Fernandez Anibassador of Liberia in Haiti and
Mine.' il -receive in their residence, (Avenue 0) July 26th, 'froin
TO3 to.. 9:30 on .the occasion of the yllih anniversary o Ind.e '
dibace of Li.er Ia.. Mr. Thomas Peden, Manager of the Manufad-
tng Co.,y&.as in Port au t.rince, after- inspecting installations
o Wtthis company'at Chalons -(Mirag6ane)... Mr. Eduardo del Cor-
ra Ambassador of Colombia in Haiti, offered a reception at Pe-
hnville (Tdte de l'Eau4 Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 13:00 p.m. on.
tfe occasion of the. National-Fete of Colimbia... Mjr Hubert Carre,
LAbassador of Haiti to Bueno! 'Aire," flew to Argentina this week...
.Dr. Guillermo Samane, Regional -Delegate 'of Pan Americari Office
Sat,Mexito is here. During his stay he will meet the Haitian and
reign dirigeants of organisms depending of OMS and OSP... Miss
I velyn Miot,' Miss Haiti), accompanied ,of her mother, returned
from the Miss Universe Beauty's Competition in Miami, 'Friday at
1115 p.m... Mr, Joseph Sarkis, Plehipotentiary. Minister. of Haiti
tsLebanon, .presented his credentials to President Chedad on June
l... Mr. .Charles Le Genissel, .Ambassador of France in Haiti
'? eived at the-French Embassy-on July 14thl.o'ithe occasion of
,t. anniversary of "Prise' dt la Bastille"..- Mr. Tlhermitus Hyppo
ile is the new Prefect of St. Marc-appointed by commission of the
residentt of-the Republic, 'Dr. Francois DuvaHeri He replaces the
-eased Felix onayon... Last Mr. Dana Munro ex-U... Ambassado.
Haiti, accompanied by Mr. Raymond L. Thuriton, "S. Ambas
dor in Haiti, paid a visit to the Musee National... Mr. Danie
y and Miss Laure Alphonse of Bronx Hospital were married at
6t. Gregory Church (New York) on July 7th... A reception wil
'.%&offered today at Villa Creole, from 11:30 to 13:00 by the Commer-
i C Attache of the Legation of Poland in Haiti on the occasion o.
l National Fete ot Poland... At the same hours but on July 28th
4-.17 Rue'Borno (Petionville'" the Ambassador of Peru will org'i
INze a reception on the occasion of the 141st anniversary of Jnde
tSdance of Peru... Today is the fete of Ste. Marie Madeleine
tron-saint' of Orphelinat "La Misericorde". A solemn mass will
1. -;said this morning at the Chapel of this establishment (Pue Amiu-
d time)... The Charge d'Affaires of Spain Mr. Eduardo Arond
erea a brilliant reception Wednesday from 11:?0 a.m. to 1:3)
in his residence at Debussy on the occasion of the National
of Spain... Dr. Louis.Mars, Ambassador of Haiti to U.S. has
named corresponding member of Medicine of the Academry of
e A, high. distinction for -this wellliown Haitian "Psychiatrb".
: I : V. 'Jt ,:., ..:".. .". ,: ',... '. : .

By letter dated July 17th, Mr. Leonce Viaud Secretaiy of State
at National Education sent -to the office of "Mouvement de Reno-.


nationn Nationale" four checks totalizing $688.08 represnetin the M oHi "
contribution of the students of the Capital to the "Monvement ol o divorce ote e ne"
National Renovation".. Lt.-Colonel Oswald Hyppolite, assistant? .quest .to the d officernio
.Commander of the Engineers FAD'H, left for the U.S. where he State to not deliver miAn t I
.will study courses at Fort Belvoir- (Virginia), at the Marine Corps the birth certifcatk',,hi
base and at the Second Naval Division at Camp Lejenne, N,C. from that this woman w llt
July 16th to 31st... The super-vedette Marie-Jose Benjamin and her to- the former afuleams
partner Julien Bayard professors of the dance will triumph at the ae adultery G
Rex in a festival of tango, waltz, ballet, mambo, rock and roll and ous. ("L. MaUafl'
Cadence Rempas with the participation of the jazz Weber Sidot x'x '..
Friday 27 of July...' Engineer Jospitre could not talk. realizations Under ths title: "To the ,att.
Af POTE COE at Club Intbrnational of Commerce this week because ion of concerned party
of ill health... Hubert Carre Jr. has published "HAITI ET- SON-n pHa "e te
EVOLUTION ECONOMIQUE A TRAVERS L'UISTOIRE" (1804- of irrigation, 9j the Qiartie'l
1915). The preface is signed of Gerard Latortue, Bachelor in Eco- rin Plain is unfinished."This
nomic Sciences... Dr. Raymon B., Nixoz; President' ol the "Inter- ject was confined at
national Association for Mass 'Communication Research", editor Some thousands of ,dogIa.,
expended. in viewto %10.
of the newspaper "Journalism Quarterly" and consultant of UNES- the, seveia iplaniter tof :e.
CO at Paris is here... R. Thevenin graduated bf "Ecole lofellerei tdo usefully behefit flr: m te
won two first prizes awarded, by the establishment... tion. We suggest to the' re
__ ibles to take soarne measutreb
DANCING THE TWIST WIFE DIES... he completion, of this

(Continued from page 1) desperately attempted by 'Dr. From Dondon, the p6id I
The newspaper edited by De- Percy. forms: "A -conmmissiond
)uty Ulrick St. Louis-tontinue1:': "Before dying the deceased cers-of the-Haitian Armed E
'After some amorous "pass,- old .the authorities that neither. "s-coTnddtieng an .inqu. at"tlhe
.asse" she agreed to return the she nor her husband thought the Headquarters of the-Military
,n to her husband. However,, Un was loaded. apartment of North into the .t l
holding the barrel end of the "The good people- of Bellade- gic death. of Mr.'... B;.I.
9ireArm she began to perforni es and the parents of-the vie- *bef *de section a
some movements of the TWIST. 'm all said that the unfortunate man.. Amy loel .had been
Her husband jumped upand vi- husband, now in the hands ofr d, .the Sergeant and. 2-c-r
-orously seized the revolver by Justice, adored his wife'." who arrested the victim 'w,,
"he butt. A shot rang out a:d "It is tq be hoped", concluded "also placed utdder5.aies, .
a body fell." 'Conviction', "that the legal for: '-eutinant of -.the .Ss-
"After a few minutes Madame -nalities over, the 'widower will .as been tranferred.
Rayhadl Vagas expired at Notre- return to his home t-o are for 'x xx '
Dame .'Hospital of Belladeres, four little onet.,that destiny, just Flom the North-i{ is i fi
during a surgical intervention' deprived of their iqthier." .ha.t the fruit-trees of'the
-f~i i .. ..., ,..: ) .,' 4: .u..'Nord ,eft l c,. lpl

,--e'en 3bit. by
S Presents ..
Every W dnesday Night -W be e.igain
S. ...... 'r of the-population of Cap wr.t&
our colleague "Le Septentio
'o requ st of His Exceleney ..,
President .of the Republie c .
grant a free pardon to citid "
Marquez Jaimin and T i
Pierre-Louis. incarcerated
some months, in the Nat0t
Penitencer of the Ca uital. "

From. Juily 4th, the Pote W.
returned the houses lodging
offices. The, same measure 1
ah'eady been applied in the o .-b -
oughs where agents and agtn3o-
: mists were lodged. .
S T-he Reverend Father' i. ..
Daley was "chasse" (ca -:.
out) by the population of Thof'.
.massique.- .-
A-? dge over the rivieree Ca-' ,-
not"l is been forecasted by the
government; in this manner a
'k between Maiseade-Cap will
be made. It is also a question of
!e building of a Sugar Factory"'.itt
at Billiguy.'

During the next school year, .
several new rural schools .will .be
1T________ in the distifet aof lache.
FEATUIN HAM S MIT NL is question of the create i
GROUP OF ENTERTAINERS an economic mutual aid FPnd
BACOULOU CABARET THEATRE ormed at ditri schooAfnt
(free Meringue Lessons at 9:30 p.m.) is' charged with the study of tihos
.... .... :. .. : .:,"--. :'.. 2 ..&iC.t[2' ,.. ,'=:: g : .=lr. .

> .: -.
Is -


S' HA1-T I

SUN'' SUNDAY JULY 23, 1962.

'THE HOUSE OF HOPE lio.s caused by malnutrition, work. CARE provides some of Man takes up Psychiatry:
.. 'ri-I HO SEFor each case. of e-urse *th,' the food the children need, and
(Contiuned from page 1) ed. What to do? Go to Haiti, a treatment is different, b.,t in ge drug companies piu\ldc free In -Place of Priesthood -
reimonies. There they lay big- friend suggest ed.'And Miss neral The House of Hope offers medicines in some quantity. (on:- "It is rumored in the public,
.ed, staring at the gay pastel Bradshaw did. She set up her three kinds of therapy: 1) gener- such donator if the Christian Me. hat a young deacon, student at
'alls of the patio, at the spa- first clinic in a small palm-leaf al medical and nursing care; 21 .ncal Society of Chicago' hut The hc "Grand Seminaire Notre-Da-
'piobs- wards that surrounded it, shelter not far from Port de .urgical treatment, provided by House of Ho.pr is supported prin-. ne ', on he eve of becoming a
ti -foldrty or fifty faces they had Paix, and after office hours she Dr. Mellon and his staft, by spe- ripally 1,y sminall private contri rests, inforned his Superior.;
never, been before. There was iode into the hills to deliver ba- cialists from Atlanta Ga and buticns from the U.S. "For 1$10 "'at he wish to abandon the sa-,
-Mrs'i Jonn Marsh of Washington, bies she'has delivered more from Jamaica, and by Haiti', a month.'. Miss Caro explains' cred orders" sat-rl "La Jour".
3.C;, representing the Public than 1300 to date. Dr. Gerard Leon; 3) special pro- "you can, in t ct, adopt a Thursday.
Welfare Fund who had given grams, conducted by Sister Joan edlild. In most cases $1J pay?: "Le Jour" continued "The
Miss Caro the n'oney to build Then one day in 191X the busy Margaret, for the deaf and mute, for all the child's fool and me- young g Abbe call-e' Arly Lecorps
,'-the hospital. There w6re Dr. and,' midwife met Sister Joan Marga- and for children who need to be dicine. We send you a pictiire is a native if Cap Haitien. The
Ml's: Larimer Mellon of the Al- ret, the Episcopal nun who had fitted with prosthetic devices of the child, and Trom time tr, usual steps were taken- near the'
.eA .Schw.eltzer Hospital at Des. begun .not-long before to work (artificial limbs, braces, etc.) time some news of -how he i1 Holy See in view of discharging:
l.bapelIes. There was,Sister Joan with Haitian. ,handicapped child- and trained in their use. doing." he young deacon already inte-
rjB t at of St. Vincent's School reen, suffering from tuberculosis Money is of course a major Last Tuesday Josehr and his wated in the holy mysteries.
fo :the handicappedd at Port au of the b.ones. Said. Sister Joa and continuing problem in such friends seemedto be doing fine Lecorps. who was to be ordain-.
.Arid there were dozens Margaret: "I have more.case d last Friday, wihes to dsevot
'tdetgQrs and nurses and .minis- than I have beds.". Said Miss h himself f to psychiatry", th.
itrs and missionaries from all Camo, .who by then had moved CENTRE D'ART NOTICE evening daily stated.
,j. i. aiti and the United States out of her palm-leaf shelter and
1tWol pad cope to see the hospi- into modest but substantial quar- To A C os
t.- and to -asist its inaugura- ters at La Pointe:': "I have beds." Note To Art Connoisseurs FOR SALE
tion: ", A week later three tubercular The CENTRE D'ART is open ALWAYS daily (Because of Departure)
7FOE .me," MiVss Caro told the children..arrived- at. La Pointe, froni 0 am to 12:30 p -
iatsring. (first in Creole, then and in the years since sever- Almost New, Modern House-
-in lishb), "Thp House of Hope al hundred handicapped boys from 2:30 pm to 5:0. pm '-old Furniture consisting of com-
Mithe d_~amr of a lifetime come and girls from all over Haiti plete Living Room Furniture,
ve "been treated 'there-in the And Sundays by appointment. Dining- Room, Bedroom Set,
last.year, for instance, 18. new Drapes, Radiogram, A d mi r a I
"The-dreban had-.its inception patients have been admitted to Permanent exhibition hang on the gaUlery's Second ^tore ..Fridge, T 'ro.p i g as Stove, 190!
M '.,when the young -.Miss the, clinic and 28 have been di- n the gallery's first or- White VolksWagen.
i ofw d Newport News Vir- charged. Many of the children rre: For details contact -
deided to become *a medi- have had-.' tuberculosis of the Persons with an appreciation- of art will be reward- Ernt H. FRIDERICH8 "
sibnary. Two -years, later bones, bat many others have ed by visiting the Art Center. R-.e Qua (first floor Hni-
Sready to .take, ship for beenhandicapped by tetanus, po- FOLNDIED IN 1944 Mou de la Reao'ution than. Craft niUding, next to Cafe
bt the war- was. on lomyelitis, blindness, deafness. du Port and opposite the .ost.
t s"lip was cohminandeer- gangrene" ad a variety of cn omhose or P.0, B1ox 12

,-...-rAPI1233. 15 TO D CEMB 1
tir -.4 -L or-os .

SSummeen rtes a

-. :Hourly Rate (Minimum 4 Hours) $ 1.00 plus 8 c per Mile
Daily Rate (24 Hours) 7.00 p!us 8 c per Mile-.
See ate $35,00 plus 8 c per Mile:-
i ,(..:.Ol;. ".. SPO E ES SLIGHTLY HIGHER) .
...a..... mr c aQw IONn w woNG TERM RENTALS


r;,.^.= ,.- '- ^ .." : --.- :r 4 "-
iC Oil Insrwance and Maqs -


Airport, Hotel, or Pier Pi p A.i DDeliveries
. '.. .;,-"^ "," ..- ..' .. .
. ;... -' .. -- ,,;-';L 'J ,, ..:': >. -- .
I' : ... : ..

'I .

Mot is Oxford

4 -1.

MG Roadster

AUTO S. A., General Agents (Next to All America Cables)
360 Avenue Jean-Jacques Dessalines
Phones: 3134 2772
P.O. Box 46 '

70, -. =
Wtail '? -"* -P- 4 c^:



Community Weekly Published Sunday Morning

The cutting of trees at Fond des Negres (in the
SSouth) is very much like a real sabotage of the ecano-
a. r i ~0of this interesting region .of the back country.
a" Th's going to far! In application of the new "Rural
6 Code hrancois Duvalier", w appeal to the dynamic and
; highly patriotic action of the Departmbnt of Agricul-
i.tureito save Fond des Negres." -

eZ Tbh is the conclusion of the alarm sounded by oar
colleague ."Courrier du' Sud" quoting the misdeeds of
the axe of the demolishers in thIs fertile valley of the
"4hi'dissemient..of Nippes,
-. -Thus, if the' cutting of trees goes on at a rhythm
4. which alarms even foreign forest expert, one must fore-
to see that years from now; Fond des Negres will only
bearthe "grenier en cafe" (coffee granary) of the'-Ar-
'roidissement of Nippes.

SWe'were still under the spell of the al&rm of this
denunciation of "Courrier ..du Sud" when we received
-the. Jastest edition of "Flambeai des Provinces" direct-
Sed,-by Mr. F. Meyer Sanon. Unde# the. title: "Les Cou-.
i'pes: de bois aux Coteaux" we read: "drought continues
in ithe Arrondissbment of Coteaux-and the plantations
suger from it, the heat helping, the rivers maliciously
become dry and their flow can nolonger satisfy the
i$Mation need: of' the p-is. The real cause of this
rst ktpictptr is the intensive cutting. of. trees on the
flank of .the mountains by some more or less educated
lee Who supply themselves in charcoal and quick-
limn e qder -pretence, of pruning, apple-trees, mango-
tree ;corosolSt1,. orange-trees, do not escape the
axe of certain inconsiderate peasants,- in spite of prohi-
hbition by the "Rural Code Francois Duvalier" to cut;
'down fruit-trees. We seize this occasion to call to the
attention of reforestration agents. and syndicates, of
Sirrigations these' reprehensible acts so that wood, ct-
' ting may not be allowed to ,continue at this rhythm.
,And this is where we stand only k month and 13
.lays after the commemoration of the "FETE DE L'AR-
"BRE" (Arbor Day).

Consequently, we add our voice to that of these two
colleagues who have undertaken .the task of protecting
3l-he interest of our provinces. So.that, as soon as poss-
ble lin the spirit of the prescription and penalties of
9 the.law, measures be'take against the violators of the
'irural- Code Francois Duvalier".
We particularly Lll the attention of the Ministry
'of Agriculture and Natural Resources whose honesty
.,4nd the patriotism, nobody can doubt. We ask them
.to do something at Fond des Negres and in the vast
rArrondissement of Coteaux, to put an end to this state
.of affairs prejudicial in every respects to' the rural
Ptconomy. ("LE MATIN" July 14, 1962).


I,' Dr. Rene N. Charles, former metabolic diseases (diabetes, Nu-
iemiber of the Departnent of trition), Gastroenlerology (stom-
mr iedlcine of the Mount-Sinai Hos- hach, Intestines, liver) and Hema-
anital N.'Y. and the University of tology.
J.ochester Medical School retur-
ned to Haiti Saturday July 14th. Dr. Charles is opening his offi-
ce in Port au Prince and is very
Dr. Charles spent 4 years in well equipped for early detection
'vwo of the best medical centers ,f Cancer of the gastrointestinal
KA the World, where he studied ':act.

The oral exams at the Faculty The students of the th
of Ethnology have brought num- tiave christened the
erous modifications to the clas- '(1959-62) "Promotion.
sification of the written exams; Ronmain.'
'or example one of .the last laur- Wrote "Le Nouvelliste
?ates of -the last year at the is a well deserved tribute
Faculty, Alphonse Valbrune fail- memory of he who wtas-
-d his oral: the greatest intellectuals
Those finally admitted: First country because his min
'ear 19 students; Second Year: ed onto a large perspe
inly 5 students: Third Year: 13 action; Besides Jacques ]
)ut of 16 to present their thesis scientifically initiated etl
for their license. iA studies in Haiti wth h

The laureates areas follows:
First Year: Georges Kava-
naght, 79,78; Roland Dqlce, 76,87:
Jacqueline Exume, 76,71;
Second, Year: Marc Auguste,
77,21; Jean-Claude Delbeau, 74,-
33; Antoine Franck,.-74,03; .
Third Year: Marc Frederique,
'83,02; Jadques .Laroche,- 82,91;-
WMarie-Antoinette Fredellhg, 76,-


i15 year
eir class

"; "this
e to the
s one of
s of our
id open-'
ective of
s crano-

'netic measurements and his ar-
cheological works; he was on -
it those who founded the Bureau
)f Ethnology, of which he be-
came its first director -and by.
publicizing Works of great value
c ich as "The Sacrifice of "the
Assotor Drum", "Conitributions
o the study of precolomnbian
?thno-botany of the Great. An-
.dies etc."
During June 1962, 3605 tourists
visited Haiti: of those 1188 came
by Pan American Airways and
2417 by Grace Line and other
shipping lines visiting. Haiti.
.The Haitian economy benefited
by approxim at el y $400,687.50

D- from. these .visitors.
Dear Mr. Diederi-ch:
I have just-run across again a message which I read years ago
to those of us who go into another land whose people have a dif-
ferent religion and-a different moral standard frqm purs, to.'.'save"
then or to raise their standard of living. It was written -many
yegrs. ago by the English author Edward Carpepter"in his book
tTowards Democracy". ,I believe it would be well for-all of us
to read it again: -

"Who are you who go about to save them that are lost? Are,
you saved yourself? -
Do you not know that who would save his own life must lose At?
Are you then one of the "lost"? .
Be sdre, very sure,1 the each one of these can teach you as
much .as, probably more than, you can teach them.

Have you then sat humbly sat at their feet, and waited on their
rips that they should be the first to speak -and been revet4nt
before. these children- whom :yoiso little understand?
Have you dropped into th'e bottomless pit from between your-
self and them all hallucination bf sujperidrity, all flatulence of
knowledge, every shred of abhorrence and loathing?
Is it-equal, is it free as the wind between -you?
Could you be happy receiving favors frdm one ,of the most
despised of these?
Could you be yourself one of the lost?
.Arise then and become a saviour."
An humble student.


NIKKOR 50mm F:2.5 LENS.


)ear Bernard:
Our friends In Hasti n.
".terested in the fwurter
the SS Aneon z d
Haiti for mapy yo us.
We are bsily a
9 Cristobal hetwe Nw
r.ns "and the Canal Zone. ,
Regards to All 1in !H -
John CUSgZ

The SS Ancon, bled g
deral; "government. t. t t
.supplies and personnel
Panama Canal Zone, was,.,
ferfeB to thb State .ofi.Mdt
time Aeademy. -t6oioy;i,
as a trainingk-ship.
Officials. of the gov
.owned Panama' Canal ,
the maritime .adrministratp
the Maine academy, :.ni
pers transferring '.the'si-
remonies: here today
.The vessel has "been';ou
vice for about a ye'..y.'
been used byy the Can-l9
1any in service :betwe-ei
Orleans' Ar-my terminal.,
Canal. Zone. .:;"-

. Capt. Albion Coffi,.jeii
manding officer ofl the- sfhit
he Maritime Academy,4Q
.'d the vessel, promising. t
.ood 'use of the ship, m':s
way as not to mar'its 'i
shed service record. i o
War. '
The Ancon was. in Toy
i 1945, flashing,. b4q9ithf.i
word of the.end d 'World..I,
It was the communication
loyr every major .in ,-a
World War 1I, according t
Cusick, chef cQf.4he stea.t
division for'Tie ama-
ICompany.,"' 'I v "
The 493-foot vesse-'9,tqw.
Sboth.or cargo .,abdiM' s
with plush lounge'spa

S" Turns Over SWild
The., Panama. Canal
iturnea' the vessel, over'.it.
maritime 'administratibin.ote
Whitman of Washington,:DI4.
cretary 'of .the comrpa ?i>'
Guilf Maritime director Thoi
A. Kug, signed the paperg$..
maritime. administration,.f
turned over -the' ship to thej
The maritime administ4a5
followed a procedure th"'11 J
been the rule in the past. i:: e
ships have beet turned.-oVel.
Merchant Marine officetraii
institutions before. .



\ ".- -


.. f. -

SUNDAY JULY "22, 1962


: *. -



* ^>

.. ad6
Co\ ^w


i- "*%'. *:'





- 44,-;
* tOb.


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iati to Europe"'s

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rgrto.Ricoto. Portugal. Leave Tue
4. day at 9-'PM.i ever have you be
S~tEIrope 'timewise.
|ONNECTIONS by: the dozen:' 28 cities
served on direc tgh-ts from the Lislon gete
tinue to. fill of'Buirope,. Africa or the M
!Easf..Pan American flies four jets weekly
j FraFratwe, Italy. Never.-have .you bei
G'to .EuTOpe,.geogor'aphywise!.
VI^OLOER JET-FARES to Europe: US $5'
l.i',d trip Economy). Costs less than r<
boiut routes; Never have you been so clo
q-Europe, moneywise.

S: ',' ; ,-. -.. ,'

Fun Gateway.. Fly Convenient Pan Am!

; FOR .FUN ..-
hours -' STAY AWHILE IN PORTUGAL. Experience the
esda .. welcome of old-fashioned prices.. .The modern
en so golf-beachlcasino playground of.-storiI.. bull- "
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eTHEN CONTINUE ON. By air, bus, rent-a-car,
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- O-n^.. -.. .*
.' ,. : "-.-MIN. -A '. ." -,

,.. ,,.-.


.qAV D"




P. DAY JULY 2s, 19.:

FROM JULY 23rd TO JULY 29th, 1962

MONDAY JULY 23rd 1962 .
5:30pm-Musical Program (Mire Tele-Hait)
5:55p1n-Evening General Program Schedule & Weather Report
6:00pm--Let's Learn English
6:40pm-Children's program -
7:oopm- '
S7:30pm-Children's program (2nd. part)
S7:45rpm-Telenews (1st 'edition). Review of the day's events
8:0pm-The' Ford Show,. new series: FURIE '
S ',-8:30pm-Alfred Hitchcock presents.
'9:00pm-1'eentews :(2nd edition) Summary of the late news, pro-
sented by the Esso Reporter
9:05pm-PpwelI Industrial Works'. weekly program: "I Love Lucy"
:9:30pmi-TV Conceirt *
10:00pn-Close of program National Anthem

TUESD y'JULY 24th, 196:
5:30pn--Musical Program (Mire Tele-Haiti)
5:55pm-Evening :General Program Schedule
6:00pm.-Let's. Learn English
6:35pmx-Children's; Program,
"6:40pm--Children Program. .
7:00p-NOBBE &'BONDEL presents: "My Three Sons"
7:30a Chdren's program: -second edition
,.7:45iin;4Telenews '(1st edition) Review of. the day's events
8;OpIAmerca speaks to'you
8:30pnA-Teiecinema (1st.part)
9:Opd-.Teleuiews -(2nd edition) Summary of the late news, pre-
rentedd by the Esso. Reporter
06p9: ,-Telepin.ema (Cont'd) ,
10:OOpji'-Close of, program --4-ational Axthem

k5:30sinip-Musical Program (Mire Tele-Haiti)
p5:55pm--Evenihg General Programn Schedule .,
6:00m--Let's Learn English' .
i.,6:35pm-rChildren's Program
S6:40pm--ChUdren'b program:' Cartoons
'.7:00pno--Draghet withh Jack- Webb
1: 30pur-Chdren's program: 'Cartoons
7:45pn-Teienews (1st, edition) Review .of the days events
8:00pm-Les Dames du Corps Diplomatique Presentent
8:15pm-Actualites d'Israel.
8:30pm-Boulangerie La Poste presents a new -chapter of "Le
Comte-de Mdote Christo"
,9:00pm-Telenews (2nd .editiot),Summary of the late news. pre-
S scented by the IEsso 'Reporter
9:05pm-Heraux Tours Program "Le Livre des Voyages"
'.9:45pm--Germany .Today (Documentary)
.10:00pm-Close .of program National Anthem

THURSDAY JULY 26th, 1962 .
5:30pm-Musica .:Program (Mire Tele-Haiti)
:'5:55pm-Evening General Program Schedule
-: 6:00pm-Let', Learn English
6:35pmr-Children's Program
S-6:440pnm--'hildren's program
7:00pm-ICT INTERPOL (last week episode)
.1 7:30pm--Children's program (2nd edition)
S7:45pm-Telenews (1st edition) Review of the day's events
-88:00pm-M. SQUAD presented by M & S Construction
S8: 30pm-Telecinerpa
9:00pm-Telenews (2nd edition) Summary, of the late news, pre-
sented by the Esso Reporter
9:05pm-Telecinema (Cont'd)
110:00pmr-Close of program National Anthem

. FRIDAY JULY 27th, 1962
'. 5:30pm-Musibal Program (Mire Tele-Hati),
S5:55pm-Evenlng'General Progrdm Schedule
6:00pm-Let's Learn English
f :35pm-Children's Program
7:30pm-Hture Enfantine No. 2

' 'H A I T I

SU' N.'

7:45Pm-Teierjews (1st edition) Review .1

7:45pm-Telegews (lst edition) Review of the day's events.
..8:00pm-Sa Hunt, .
8.30pm-Le Drrnier des Mohicans presente4 ,by "Bauqie Com-
m. ;ciale d Haiti"
9:00pm-Telenews (2nd edition) Summary of the late news, pre-
senjed by the Esso Reporter
9:05pm-Tele-Sport .
9:30pm-Gun Smoke,
10:00pm-Close of program National Anthem .
SATURDAY JULY.28th, 1962
S5:30pm-Musical Program (Mire Tele-Haiti) ,
6:00pm-Presentation of Evening Program .
6:05pm-Let's Learn English Review of the Coutses of the week
7bf0pm-Children's Progran Vells Fargo Tales and Carton:
7:45pm-Telenews (1st edition) Review. oft .the ay's events .
8:00pm--OUR MISS BROOKS ",
8:30pm-Pan Anerican World, Airways Prograin" Ici. Interpol .
9:00pm-Telenews (2nd edition) bu ar of th'e tenews, pre-
I sented by the Esso' Reporter'
9:05pm-German Actualities with GerardJob .:
9:20pm--Tele-Sport .. .
10:00pm---Close of program National Anth er

SUNDAY JULY 29th,-1962 .-
12: 0pm-_Misical program -_-.Mire Teelait ,,
1:00pin-Program Schedule .
1:'0pm-Widen, your.knowledge :
1:20pm-Children's Program -
1:30jm--Children's .program .
,2: Opi.-Tele-Joarnal '. .
.3:30pm-Wagon Train .
4:3Qpm-Telecinem -
8"00pm-End of program -' National Anthem.; '

1 Beautiful Peligre Lake>
4 -

4 for any and aH who wish to partake' t eibeautifui1
< goodness -of a peaceful vawtion amldst tlie sur-
, roundings of nature's own greenery '
S 38 Miles From Port au;Prl ce ,
HUNTING .... ...... ..... IS ING
Fo your reservation, call up in qDA laAlotation at .
'* PORr AUI 'PRI, : ..."
Corner lue du Centre d es ,1


.' .


Haiti's "Gingerbread Palace" and famed hostelery the Grand Hotel Oloffson, show plaCe on-

Haitian architecture, exquisite cuisine and conteted'living. Set amongst a myriad of tropical trees

and gardens the Oloffson, complete with miniature pool, is the haven for the unlnhbted .
:-" .. : +'p
"" ., = '-" :" t "" : :' :'3:': :"I-' "." ""
: ; -"% = .,' :'-- a. ,.-." :. .t !. .!: .. ".: ...... .. .. ... : .. ... '.: .: ,,,..:..,, .: -., ...:.) .-.4

...':' '. .

.. .: ... .

S, eatle Lobster

B The Sea SId

-Have You
S.w ,a ,.

IB tSae CoastaF'W4
'Fr" om t t,.

'.-Co m Ksn,"

P:nts, xdeo:
S si .

n, onseht olTAme
Doo 6",-.oAa"ri6@ fi-'B"

PaintinBu;' h"ej f, ,'

Famu. Art-its, .

Panel,, 1t Centu 'i. '
g-sh Prnts, Haitian. ...
' Day-EI,' 'Old, Haan

'able ine
.sed, Sexr... .iu.Elnibl,.

4 Door Isel AutmilMYi
". 8 '3'W '3 3;" :"

.ue Emhasy, at, ".. ,'p, l -'

.. l ,,.-{,

: ,, -"I/ "- ,-

J'AG E SUNDAY JULY 22, 1962 H e AL .I1 U S N 'PG

Uract pencillin fr ti re sisal plant uhich grows in Haiti ip pro- with this story. During one of the frequent revolutions he had to
SU 1.The article was accomp aue by photos of t-:e e coup~e ol days we did nothing but make ice cubes in -an Ausion. gi aepsaefr oeAekasfo h ipr o\hi
el gain safe passage for, some Americans from the airport to their
Abellies iii their sumptuous Las Vka Vila. nt-quatqd icebox which was run by a kerosene-driven engine. The next day, as, the sorrowful fantilies came to claim their THEY LIKE AMERICANS hotels. Whie representatives of other nations used enormous flags
aghen we squeezed I eh pineapple, and sugar cane juice into a dead,. the public fury exploded. Amra marched on the Zamoicr Americans axe very well liked, Abeille says, ifllstrathig hiis point to cover the hoods of their autos, and to wave before themi, Abeille
batch of hot localrum which is so strong it really deserves the estate, Milled h1m out, and virtually hked him to pieces, impal- confidently e proceeded with the U.S. Vice Consul through hostile
name of fire water. Thefi we stirred the whole mess with avcanoe ng his' head, sarsns, and torso on th ron spikes ofustthe fence pickets, waving a toy American flag. It commanded as much resin
padle. arudtesae pect as the large flags of other nations.
Duroaing this visit Abeile almost fell from favor when his pet a dTheprisones waren met a snilar fa, The frenzy of the mob -=I Ts of that respect the life of a Conmmercial Attache in
rasmaluop)S hwriwas witnessed by Rear Ad a Wil B. Cpterton frm the South American countries and in Haiti s not always sacre "We
table, mistook the Ambassador's finger for something edible. e o l hp rsin -A bet pa1ai ug by bo, quoted $200, was oh lose several a year,' Abeille shrugs with typical Gallic abandon.
thea Atah o L ~zatr1w enma oaho9sieb People are very poor in Haiti, he relates, recalling one instance
Peer Abeille, U.S. Co-unelca Atah Haiti. Since then and until 1935, the larines have helped -keep the Cilt Fair after it was, secii ina kodachrome slide 1)' the Poleaevrpori ithrete ealigoentac
T : OeErA NEXT or at Senior Class of nois Sl ate Normal Unmversity, of Normal, Illinois. where a fisherman could not even afford a sail, so used a tree

cities. imp eMr. F. Louis loover, an L:1r teacher at the Illinois State Norial instead. Wind rustling through its lea.'es and branches propelled
w resident of-Las Vegas, boasts of the Most Uverty of Normal l1ans vsited Haiti two months and rtive vessel.
Pete b ckgound anwn d U.S. Maritime Attache for Europe. His job there was to secure made a stop at the Art Cllerie of the Gift Fair where h aw a
the costs of operating foreign sels so thatfthe U.S Maritime Icve patg y Tebo ad asked for the permission to take OES TO VEGAS
b~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ d-iitaincudcmuesbiytbe o mrcnsishotc,raph of it. Back to foa United States,, he showed his Itoda- in, August of 1.959 Abeille retired, corning to Las Vegas to settle
rejectedhim as too young for active service. Then% after em, A the co t b abe oA The pleasant thing about Haiti is climate-never over 9, rh oslidBe to the t enii Clss which got interested in durcas- In August of the same year. He and his wtife live in a htosoroe
m action, Abeille learned to fly and flew with the Frenea ee Bt me pesg avenre Elstil lay shead. gf oeftes th 1 Abe"le says, or below 70, and its love yeton Dve wh heir we is in an ume
When the United Sates entered World War 1, he was d Ymlew and, hislovely wife ree, Haptluw reA lws spoil P ekinee Y The income of the inhabitantsis tire west in the world: about ing 04. paintmlg and makng a gift of it to the Umnverity "to meon Peyton Drive with their Peke Yin Ym t and vneersus
Yin, fle tom Por Cmec au PrincheHiiwhr b ewasnts $60 in U.S. money a yeax. The national i netary unit is a gourdee,,, be added to our permanent collection of paintings by out staniding4 _.mentos of their many travels.
ud t lo the U.S. Army. U.S. Comeria Atce gh o pnaltobo coconemporary artists" Mr. Hoover said mi a letter to Dr. Carl Mrs. Abeille is active in the Humane Society of Clark County.
air Ile cosstsnued thatn you stilt had a han huban' titeests spor addition toua toiorn readin 20cncinodne.
dsg.The plane, the famed Air Cub, held a number of redords. NT AT One of the discouraging things aboul the young Republic is its Mues o~ler of thu Gift Fair, here "Assuming that you still Lavre r husband's interests, in addition to omirivorous reading include
'Includingthe altitude record.I political unrest. While Abelle was the from December 19%6 to the p ing Mr. Fver continued in his letter, I would like to nusic, painting, correspondence with his many friends, and real
ia a giy yo u cat provideime with a photograph of the artist and estate.
Dereson made his backers drop the project, and Abeille lost Job) of Commercial Aitche? To look after American interests June -1959, they had I even changes o government, with revolu- ano bifou rpical providemen abothi fo pouroliraryo heats and filese
.allC oOf h oe nti et r UBB. -and his own skin- for Haiti had been ridden by revolutions since Ainote bit of dmosct. rgmn s ae Tentvstmg 'Me painting, accompanied by a photograph of Tebo a-rd a bio-
SEARCH~~~~~~st~emn FORu himBE Anorhe ourt ofbr andurgmet fld .Th aie truhI .Ie'

h r a t h e crl ayns e o c ts t o t tf t h e S p a n i s h M a i n a d e v e n d i p l o m a t i c simm u nttyn e a s t a t e m e n t f h m w a s i m m e d i a t e l y s ae t t o t h e I l i n o i s

I b t l y or e l et in a b ae 1 m l fo m C ue b a A b ea u tf u l s h i n d it ha s t e a n g e ou s s kn d e s as t he Y a w h a b e e n Sa a d t e o n e o a t h e u n g a n S uh o u t t a e g a i e ,
In hi jb ienraeldrhe asrelegthoftt. mazntncit e:.eofthhfies hrbrGinllewoldair, Iis ndedlukytrgeamot ompetlyerdicte. aittv afdarhitct wllhav a(thean h woa tks ofri Hlotho if e s it
trb taresycn oe Croandfiong boat, sfecrn rubrfoFC Rbe our government and the government of Haiti axe on friendly terms. Ma(tmeca pprute r g rokdmH it.c Gift Fair, enlarged, and richly provided with the works of the
DeeomnthrsainondtoioesCwndrtoulddtootecareotoo mucc htat toastcoecasopotntesaebrtists tonHiisms Laanarir t eieraeCCterdeie leExp-
Abell saey' s,14 eor theetreheswhso wfihefies copki
"i a not a bad life," Abeille recalls. ''I lived in a typical l oes or whether we do have bases in Cuba. Abli as o hr r rdn o h ms rp ionr behind the Post Offtice. The opening of the Ishow will take
jugl ige, ina thatched hut, which was built on stilts. There "Ilaiti was known to Spaniards in Columbus' Lime; in fact, the cofecca n ia.Ntln ehdwsfudt lc nJl 6ha *0&m.
wrabolutely no conveniences. and we had to improvise as we Republic of Haiti occupies the western part of the hsland which .-isHget Fecn)Tedr sbc eeatrfu
a-Ms uute(trefcThooeufis back erea~fter four. "
Salong," Columbus called Hispaniola," years- Daughter of Me well known Haitian Printer, Mr. Noroy
F8eodore, Huguette studied at the University of Caboria ichi-
an Pild(lpri) nd gta Mst fA hien hlas
Hereaes about the commotion caued by the pending arrival beerf working for The HfaitianGvradtTuitBra fCi
or'an o Govermn Tourist Bureau of Chii-
0 cago or, foryars of alhr knotw how and dedica~tion that
o ,.Ambassador Pierre Boat who was dued 1a tour of inspec- "From the beginnmg of its history,'Haiti was almost continuously cg'frfu erwi e lwhwadddcto ht,
tino he ru1bber-producinig regions near that Amazon village. under occupation by some Western nation. The Spaniards, under Ibrought her praises from everybody who came across hier/i her
-decided to make a punch," Abele says with a twinkle in Columbus, were probably the earliest occupational force. Early L 1
Spanish chronicles describe the island much the way its, topography eissedgt we erwthpetsadred.Se
antf ta~t ande trinds Shep incopny ithrveygood friend Rlobert Nes- e...~i :
WATCHESrOF GREAT DISTINCTION is today and tell of it being inhabited by a primitive tribe of Indians.Ont1maehetimcopn hhrvrygdiefd oerNe
us, 1'Wo:tov a nustildsge-6Chcowois saying at the v.'v~"
) GIVE AND WEAR WITH-PRIJ)E "Negro slave importation began about that time, and was ontovcanndsra bge 6Ciao hissangate
tleincmrease for several centuries. When France occupied the west- anHoeelfsi
e rn part of the island of Santa Domingo, the slaves were imported
-Wlae Sair Slesman from Ne York and his "ravis-_
from Africa by the thousand. They were used in the growing of -WlaeSae, aerinfo e okad hes re.s
ogsate femme" Carol, married on June 3 spent about a week here.
They made their outgs in company with Mr. William Lee, a
SlsafrmTrnoadwife Dois and r. Daniel jticcio. a Iti r'~~.'~
"The Negoes were treated so cruelly that finally they revolted, Slsa rmTrnoadwf oi'a@M ae ico
a ~~~~~~~gathering under the banners of Dessalmnes, 'The Tiger,' to drive.pamcs rn lilt n ieFhlatahr
Sout their oppressors. The story goes that 'The- Tiger' tore theM r a
5\ reih fag to hre stpalthrw te witestrp mo te children Deborah Louise and. Amy arrived, from Kansas Cit last
arid combining the red and the blae, created the flag of Haiti, as
t is today."e
-Kaye Marger greeted here this week Arnold Schrier a photo-
T, DI'ETORMgraph from St. -Louis, Mo and his charming wife Thelma... Robert Not a soap, not a Gives fragrant
Domino, .a commercial artist from Newr York and his pretty ,ife oarcrecr "soft-wardr" lather

taye the dulling dir- -ee
Dessiahnes was soon deposed, and other dictators followed. The Betty Married on July 7 ard currently honeymooning at Sand Beach catching soap film! -nes no special rinse!
7317 < he- 9Jwels Gyrairon powered. Negro. republic included those of. Toussaint \Louverture, Henrin Remve embrraain Halo love hair softopeee hswekmcmsh wt
the suerb 260 Ginrd-Peregau : scnstoph, andAlexader Peion, ~armig MaryAmecharmingtelMarayJoALeotio aaebaenrytelloersembdraJsin i Hol leavs hai soft
letosmd3l at foremot j-11-er. fh nywyayo hn oyl ea i oe a orieor Young aind 11ubicamn Advertising. They hid themselves at the Akdu rm t aborfu natua he rghlirks

enough money in Europe to keep a strong army on their payroll. Wa-r. ies HotelaP cemsr ndhsbeuiu
)ince financial deals could not always be made when needed, Smd e -r.Oedsatt Popovych Eika, a Ph af Adv2 c isory) ad Sh ool inbeauboain" uli
loraui ra
Haiti.Was in a stai of almost continuous uprising between 1908 ed r aSolen p ouro c
a a M av resdbos ereelete an deosd drin tat Ne~w Yotk were guests. at the Gingerbread Patace. Orest and sh omros leaves dullin
presi. J Erika are' origintilly fxrom Ukrailfa,, and leave now in Elizabeth, dirt-catching film. Halo, naf Th
...eriodm .,. .New Jesv with a new ingredient, contains a wasn

O N S A E A T T H E utOne of h thebodie reouion Za onr s ecord in Hapitoin t ok plac in noi w icshkitar(i s d a

pA.Gf 10


We have received with a nice
dedication a copy of the pam-
phlet of Minister-Deputy Victor
-:Nevers Constant titled: "Duvu-
.. tier devant 'Oplnilon".
. Printed by the Imprimerie de
S',Etat, the opuscule is a vibrant
Siplea in favor of governmental
ti4'-action in the sense of the Duva-

General Piquant
The Grand Or

,'"!.On the request of the Venera-
.le .Perre Armand, Grand Mai-
ftre, of the Grand Orient, ex-de-
?fuUly of the first circonscription
if the Capital, Mr. Henry Fi-

S, Presentation Of
Diplomas At
i..St. Pierre's College
^On- Friday June 29th, an im-
I."rtatceremony was held at the
e0piseopal Churcb of Rue Payee
iTHe pupils of the 1961-1962 pro-
6p4nph of College St. Terre re-
J.kivd cd-their diplomas' at the 2nd
Mi their academic studies. They
e'i : Francois Marie Max Au-
Jean Serge Simon, Justin
!ZfrI' Na.ac. Liliane Denis, Giby
pn-ei, Gisele Dorcean, Pierri
peans, ,Jean Marra 3r, Frantz
3ei.es ancd Marie Carmel. Rad-
.iAy great crowd oft parents
friends attended-the cerenio-

t:' leknn mass vas celebrat-
.'a'itin folkloric mass fr
byed th Eev. Father Car-
.e'...itz. The officiants were
v a4ther Luc. Gamier 'acting
eledbrant, Rev.' Father .Ge-
.d) ,*C es Deacon, and Me,
Mn .M tas assistant-deacon.*
V t director of 'College 'St..
'ik..swMe. Roger Jean-deliver-
i-.; address -o the student s
g the ,study> years at the
'p X giving, paternel ad-
for: their happiness, in this

i`A'e ceremony, was patronr-
His Excbllencv 'Bi.iop
",_+j$-ead .of the Episcopal-
urch in Haiti

S -!
SUNDAY JULY 22, l9621
i. =: -



licrist Revolutoin and the aspi-
ration of the Haitian people to
1 c common welfare.
The opuscule carries the fol-
lbwing dedication: "A tous cenu
qiil crolent encore dans !es 'er-
uhs d- la Paix et desirent appor-
ter leur pierre a I'edification de,
La Nouvelle Hail!."1

Will Represent
ient At' Roma


Last week, Mr. Appolon Lev,-
a Cap Haitian born employee of
HADO at Les Cayes. died sud,

denly soon after receiving a pen-
icillin shot. According to his
close friends Levy was allerric
to such antibiotic drug and his
doctor nad long ago forbidden
any injection.
The fLinerals of Appclon Lev.,
took place two days later in hi-
hometown where the body wa';

quant, ancient Grand Maitre, an-
cient Prefect of Port au Prince
accepted ta represent the Fr-anc
Maconnerie Nationale at 'the 2nd
Council of tnc Vatican which will
take place on October 11th at ,
Rome. lhe invitation -if the Pope,
JEAN XXIII was transmitted
through the medium of Mgr
Ferrofino, the Pope's Nuncio in
Haiti. V -"-

Haitianisation Of
Congreganist Schools'

It Was revealed this week that
the "Petit Seminaire College St.
Martial" will have a Haitian-Di-
rector. Many Haitian priests of
Holy Spiri.t Order who. were
abroad will return to Haiti t)
take, over the important Educa-
tion' Cenfer-as a part of the pro-
gram of (ie Haitianisation of the
Congreganist ,School.,

"Le Jour"!' stated that a year
ago "Lalu"' and "illies de, la
Sagesset' Schools had a Ha8fii?
nun- a. directress.-.

Agents. ,

4. ,_ .
,'. :Avenue,Marie-Jeanne, No. .5 -- Cite de 1'EEposition

12 f ....

-L 'S Si-. ;... :- ?., -- ... .. .: : .:



Who Love Your Pets

Fresh Rabies Vaccine

Flea-Go-Powder & Liquid Soap
(fleas, ticks and lice)

Other Veterinary Supplies

20 Rue Bonne Foi

YOU... I,


i 1' *J

1 ';14

**--*-~~~~~~ *:. r-- ----------^*, ''

iil ,^

Si 4.l

Le nouveau Traction Sure-Grip,.
Sd G.bo4year a t speialexiejt. ,
conu pour vous donrier;uae..-.:.
traction maximuni., II est mhni ,'
"'*deItbguesbarresapour-veuMs :
S,' irocurer la foice de traction ft' -
requise par les gti'acfeur
':odernes. i mord en bihas et''
S' ; grace ason prfila
C-E-N-T-R-E O-U-VE-R-T,7
fi senettpie automatiquemen i~-.
Ainsi vousiotenez une traptiot,.,'
Constante.! vous v cout'
mobis'de.temps, mbins de travail,
etznmoins.de carburant,.:
Alelee voir Encire aujqurd'Iui .
c ce votre-dealer Goodyear.'

", : i'q .

Specialement coingp pour donner une conduit
aisde pour. une meilleure faculty d'adap-
tation, pour moins d'usure allez voir, le
Super-Rib 'de Gdodyear. Et, tous les superbes
pneus tracteurs Goodyear sont construits a
entoilage 3T "Triple Tempered", une exclu-
sivitd de Goodyear I

!1 I-
* 'F, -


2-59-8F ,
." .*. ,g .. ..:. + .* .. .. .. .. ...Payee .i ',, ... ,. K,>. ..:



ff theTelediol
pencer Depas didn't stay around long. He took off for ." v
k agWun- last week -- where the picking's are better. -That ',.-s
0-year-old boy who drowned Friday a -week ago in .the cul., rt
L Martissant. There's not mucTi water there, but plenty of
ep holes in the mud. I guess it would be more correct to iayI
suffocated... what a way to die. -An American company is.
making a survey to find 6ut how many, radios there are hPre and
what stations people listen, so -hey will know if their ad',ei us-
is heard. A lot of people Think it means -a new tax andrefuse
.answer the interviewers! Not so at all. -Curacao Trading lost
.ir cJlef accountant last week, and a j6lly, good fellow too. -My
menagerie has decreased by one the Tuterelle. The high ',inds
k him off last week and -he never did find his way back Who's
igst, I 'wonder? -I Wish I'd Said That Department; "Certainly
,bu cai't fool all of the people all of the time. Quite a fetv of
hem are busy fooling you." -Proving that alky and guns don't
rx, someone. went .off the beam and pot-shotted the revolving

ktail glass in Rond Point lastMonday night (late,- late show,
fore the "Maria". picked him up. -Further on that mixture,
ndez-Vous will be closing at. midnight from here on in-out. Amen,
Qther B~0, 'shot a crow' and killed- a -hen... and that's- how it
es.'- ,f: l. -Redalen- had picked him himself, his replacement
u]dn.-b e .a'nidcer guy. He's Jerry Lillich, wife Betty, and tvo
ung Aaighters. -Red says Jackie, Ris wife, is not happy about
having this enchanted .isle. I say, check take a subscription
the Haiti Sun with you and keep hep. Whaddya say? -D.r Van-
emeer of Medico in Jeremie was in town Tuesday with his son
went 9n' a cheeseburger, kick. They don't make them
-What-Port au Prince needs is a new brand of beer
.- .e -got it. Falcon I heard it advertised on the air, and
Uends' more like the 'name of a car than a beer: '.---Cu-
's foul'dart didn't do Ronnie. Kahn any harm... he's even 'put
o weight since -the iount-dowil. -A Frenclh .book publisher has
ln qated -as saying, "The difference- betwer.eNew York and
*ris"f'-that in,,rew,,Yorlk- there are '20,*O psychiatrists, and Ain
ris~tbher :are20000 sidewvalk cafes." Arid the difference between
slanJd*P-a-P is iat'on Wednesday- evenings we have Bacou-
wile in Paris the antique,shops around the Quai Voltaire are
dlerlit- ;.otI. that onde -ight, 'or after-dinner promenaders. -Ad-
ce -to, nwcomer :'develop the 'pack-rat habit, and save every-
g. ,-Sotto.voce,- I hear there's quite a bit of traffic -going on
S.borr Led tickets for the road toll,. It figured! -Wit hhis own
uth ((think that was his mouth) Carlo -Pereira told hiin that Ihis
aard .is red-officially- as he was once a redhead. Now I'd like to
ow what kind-of a'rinse he uses to make his hair so-black. -1
$ink'&teYPoice Dep't. got their genders mixed. Wednesday nite they
uied'4in all les7 girls at Rond Point, leaving a drove of vagabond
Lttershipes to devil people. ---Bill Seed returned -from New York
ith a: couple of snazzy shirts and a lot of .kidding is coming 'his
|ay. They- ask him of they're 'Sol Estes shirts. Course, no texan
-ver heard of,.aiyone -by that name. -People here who have the
vilege (which they take as if they earned it) of buying at Comrn
ssary prices, are givig a lot of just plain "residents a paid
the neck- by. rubbingg those-' prices under the regulars' noses.
lot of us think they should at least be paying internal taxes. -
vinia Williams' month-long summer special course for her, young-
studgnts is. mobbed. Place looks like a free nursery.. This pushes
youngsters 'ahead by giving them three lessons weekly instead
:Ot just -oni;' and should foster a lot of latent talent. -Hotelmen
e squirming under new. regs which 'cost dough they're not mak-
ii. Can't.get blood out of a turnip! -An that's'what the summer
tireason, utrist-wise, begins to -look like a turnip. It's a shame
thei CAB'turned thumbs down on the-Caribair request to come into
'ti. It 'would have. brought tourists froth Puerto Rico and the
irgins by the score. Doesn't the CAB hold with Pres. Kennedy's
foreigri aid policy? The only way to help an under-developed coun-
ty is by building it's internal capital which is what tourism
culd do, 'f it got proper cooperation from without and WITHIN.
Sermon is over. We will now pass the plate.

Caribbean Construction Co. S-A.
Builders Of The Military City
SGen. Manager: Gerard THEARD
SPhone: 3955. P. 0. BO 284


(Continued from page 1
rooms populated by average pu-
pils, most Lf them recruited from
schools' nr ar Fort de Paix In
the first section of the seminar,.
the city-schoolteachers consider-
ed theories appropriate to city-
schooltoaching, and taught class-
es composed, as most city class-
es. are, of' pupils roughly the
same age. In the second section
the .cointry-schoolteac-ers co'--
sidered theories appropriate to
'country-schoolteaching, a i d
taught classes, composed, as most
.country: classes are, of pupils
ranging from 6 .to 13 years of

Introductl ',to Linguistics and
The Relation Between Linguistics
and City-School -Grammar, .by
Mr. Adrien Martin,. Professor of-
Literature at .the Institute; Ins-
truijtion in manual training and
"directed activity" was given by
Sisters Erika' and Marguerite o!
the Mission des Peres Monfor.
tains on the Ble de la Tortue, andi
- course in hygiene was conduct-
ed by Brother Martin of the Eco-
le deR Freres in Port de Paix.
in addition, about 200 books for
primary pupils. were exhibited
'nd examined some of .them
textbooks, most of them books
ended to be read for pleas-
ure .

Both sessions and both sections .
wpre conducted by the following The seminar was-organized Un-"
professors of the Institut: Mr and der the auspices of the National
Mrs Jacques Garmier.,, Mr and" HOUSE FOR RENT
Mrs Andre Gautier, Mr anid Mrs .
Pierre Pilastre. T
Ten minutes from Port an
Over 'and r.uve th-e egu'.ir Prince. _, -
schedule of the seminar, a numb- varge partially -furnished. House,
er of special lectures and cours- o',anish Style ~
es were given.. Among them. 4 bed-rooms 3 bath-rooms -
Shidles in tle .History and Gen- 3 Car -Garage 8 service rooms.
graphy of Haiti, by .Mr. Duca- swimming Pool Magnifique
me] Durosehu, Inspector of Pri- 'srden Orebard.
mary Schools in the Urban Dik- ""ntact Instifut Franeals (French
tries of Northwest Province;.Au Institute). I

Chatelet di
.- -
Are Available Ex
.. .- -. ... .

High. Class Icebi
Strawberries, Brocc
- With Unsurpassed- Standa
j*.^i ~< ^L^<^&A.-f -j& ~.JCL^N

'iti and under the &
Inspector Duroseau:, d '
' a Fontaine Henry, Inspede6t..
Primary Schools.-.tIn', the Rua
Districts of Northwest..Provm
"'_e Inspectors wse asistedbij
Father: Roger.io, 'iire
the Mission" des Peres i.onoil
tains on the lie de. i .Torti
and by Father Boniface F... i
mIe. Director of the -olege4
'Notre Dame de Lourdes at Po.i"
de Paix. The seminar was e
on the -carpus and in theelas4
rooms of the Ecole des. F. ei
at Port de. Paix.
--- ~- ,. : ; **. "

Militiaman-Injureil -

"La Garde des Cayes"-
nounces:'- Tuesday in the 'secoi
Rural Section of Port Salu.'.. '
L. Voltaire seilously-injured .i
his machete 'SUdor Henry, -'i-
litiarnari who wanted to-a
him. The.-agressor sturreide
hitnself to the Police-and ith
jured Militiaman was .hboWif,
ed. -

Anstin-Healey 198 '
(Economical Sports Car) :in *
A-One Condition. New Tyte

es, Feurs ....
-s tr FOR 'SALE

ODUCTS, .Y,- Bd pk 'are In ene
delusively A condition is -p for sale as own r
er is leaving the codoi try .Ali
GROCERIES an almost new singer ..ewi.
R' machine with, a beautiful.-'
GROCERIES et.. :.'.. -." .
irg-Lettuce 'Can be seen in.thae.l&.ae
oli, Water-Cress at Major O'Nens o he ,Mo
na Road across their sire
birds of Food-Purity Matson Fortune Bogat. "

L'.0 '- o o o o,:- ,-o..., I



1.- -"





'" I
*' .. "


SUNDAY JULY 22, '1962

4 .r -.U.
S. U ''


. ,Cimntinued frein-page 12) vision and desire to provide air
|mow, supported Pan American .plane service in the future to
.World Airways in its application ,Cap Haitian, the site oi*.sonim
[q operate jet. service. between :of the most fascinating history
hte United States and Jamaica. in this hemisphere, with nearby
n doing so, we gave that sup- La Citadelle Lferriere, one o.
rt by enumerating our desires the truly great wonders of the
1 preferential oyder, and these 'world erected by a 'slave" who'
ifter-assurance by Pan Ameri- istounded the world, thus givih2
arin World Airways that a re-' romantic evidence' to the indom-
uest to operate piston.. planes table spirit of the Negio ra'cp.
between New York and Haiti had It is an absolute fact that Puer
een made to your Board. These a Ricans are extensive travel-
sIsurances, you will recoill, were rs, particularly to St. Thomas.
ot well .rounded', for we quote Virgin Islands, especially "during
rm the letter of Mr. Alan S sumrher season. With good
Boyd, Chairman of youth" Board, servicee provided by Caribair, in
o uur Comunittee dated January .vhich Puerto Ricans, Virgin Is-
1962, slating, "With regard to 'anders and other Caribbean is-
fArw commerits concerning. Pan lands Aave local confidence, we
Ame:-rican's application for 'ion- %'mow Haiti would enjoy a very
tdop 'service between Haiti -and gratifying increase- in business
r0ei( York, 'we are unable to loc- here ii your Boar4 would recodi-
ate' a specific application for side and-.grant Cihibair. .pprmis-
!sich an authorization .:n. the ion to operate into Haiti.. As,we,,
Thoazd's Docket- at this time." 'iave pointed out, -Pan American
n the assurance of the repre- NVorrd" Airways 'has .found it im-
ln1ativ s of P-an American possible to acquiesce to our re-
orld Airways that such an ap- quest for lower special air fares
flicatibri did exist and was re- or iackae rates between. .St.
'eivirhg consideration from your Croix, St. Thomas 'and Pu'erto
dard; our Committee on Novem- Rico to Haiti, whereas we know
br 25;, n9R1, cabled your Board from experience Cariha:r would
md the President of the United .'tace such arrangement. .
states '--urgidg firstly, "direct
propellor flights Pan 'nerican Ferhaps not quiteas related
irtways New York to Haiti,-sec- bLt worth. mentioning, Pan Ame-
Indi' CAB approval Pan Ameri rican- \\Wrld Airways. constaiitly3
*an application. jet flights to Ja- ponis4-out that its, hutftb'.-..plais
hnaica:,and in addition. increase between. Puerto Rico, Dominican
(f shuttle flights i'an Juan and Republic, Jamaica and Haiti ,%e
Kingston to Haiti." In vl'.w of not filled. But-have lhey pointed
our Board's reply .quoted, we out to .yqu' that large numo2rs
L'viously were ..completely barn- of tourists and -businessmeff ftiff.
roozled by Pan- A'meiican or, 'he United StatJ ure- impeded
nore crudely, double-crossed. or discouraged -from' coming to
ae were forced to be grateful H.iti because, they, are are told
er th.e-'crumbs give us, that is, by Pan American travel -offices
et. service to Jamaica with im- and agents in the United States
perfect connection shuttle servi- Pan Ameri:an plans are sold
le to Haiti (that, incidentally, out? Seats are sold out. to, Jam-
.an be another, and longer story vica, Puerto Rico and the Do-
Ptl complaint minian- Republic but rot to
, We truly do not believe Carib- Haiti, since Haiti is the forgot-
bean Atlantic Airlines is piimar- 'en spot off he iet airlines with-
,ly concerned in competing loc- out any direct service even by
atlly with Pan Ameritan World piston planes. The former twice-
Airways or other airlines in tron- weeldy, direct flight by piston
porting volume foreigIn traffic plane between Miami and Halti
ut rather in carrying. residents 'as been removed which imposes
f the Caribuean from point to t further hardship on Haiti as
point within its operational la- well as niconenience to our
ius. Caribair, furthermore, uses travelling guests. '0 I' vi o u sl y
mallor planes for its island hop- *. iaythir.g is in favor of Fan
ing operation and should, in our American W o r I d Airways-- ~no-
ipiion, be commended for its thing to liaiti.

otRue du QuAi

Sculptures by PAINTINGIS by

R.TRANg.OIS Cedov"
.DJER ,J. .Gourgue
J. ERRER V.Denis
O.Du PERaIER L Lazard
A.DIANCHE J. -Gabriel
N. Jean.



(Continued on

We believe it would also be t)
.our enlightenment if unu of
your representatives picked up
diie telephone and endeavoured
to make a plane reservation to
?nrt au Prinzce, Haiti, iether dir-
eel of through travel agents in-
your area. We would recommend
ten test calls of that type. We
would also suggest you look over
the advertisifig of Pan American
Wod Airways both posters,
new,,i.apers, .etc.) and determine
tlhe extent and frequency of stch
advertising pr-)moring travel to
Haiti. 'W e wu'lll also urge you
to send a representative to the
Caribbean islands, especially to
Haiti, to perform and observe
the two suggestions above in the
Caribbgan area-and, in addition,
make careful inquiry ol business
people and the travelling public
In the Caribbean islands "especi-'
ally Haiti) concerning the
.'world's largest and most oxpe-
rievced airline."

.i ilh Pan American World Air-
ways, hled. higher rates-for in-
ter-island travel, .as compared to
that of ,Caribair and B.W.I. A.
and the denial of your Boaid to
CaTibair to operate into Haiti,
~ve will, as a result, for the
month of July --one of fhe usual
buy months bof our summer seas-
'on (generally comparable to the
best months of, our winter sea.s-
on)- have an occupancy much
under 50 percent at our Haitian
Jhotcls. This low occupancy could
Je definitely -raised through in-
creased visits-of Virgin Island-
rIs, Puerto Ricans and other
Caribbean islands, residents t6
.ur hotels through Caribair's ser-
vice. if approved. -

Pan Armnrican. World Airways.
under the tights-of its operation-
.al grant, is obliged to service
laiti efficiently. It is further re-
hired by United. States legisla-
;on on aviation that another
mnerican airline should also
service Haiti. In .the absence of
Delta's suspended service, the
NFulty Pan American service and
rejected application of Caribbean
LUantic Airlines, we earnestly
'request you to reconsider Carib-
ir's application. We sincerely
'pe you will arrive at a favor-
"-ble and sympathetic decision
for this small, underprivileged
A copy of this letter is being











4 ^^ ^^

, "-'~~.'*'*'\ :\ w
-. .. ,. v.. -. '-.it.


AGE 14 HA I TI SUN'' SUNDAY JULY 22, 1962 "


r.ldressed to the P
Vtited' States and
S. the Foreign Aff
I.t the United Sta

We apologize for
aitlas. letter necess
pomts raised and
U.will give us a
Sas possible. We a
your Board w
rpevepting f u r t 1
oose we, are nowv
ing resulting fi
atory and mo
of Pan Anieri

-'.Respectfully v
-Th Committe
Servir.e To Hn.
(Srg.natures inci
i.to those subm
.teof Novembi
air Board).


Aail. know c
'-"a. particular
Biiprisoned in"
'ake the m
iesimons withodu-

cendigto g
ffies or o ho
ngs e are- going",
ntary evident

These rulers, a]
e ;eet themta
S S^S^;i;nterqationa
y read -a
'uits6ne 'far a
t -Ahen they de
of tr he. inte
their- own
ut 'thinking' a
have a word
Siseacfl9 wha
*&Mr. Harold
t ofdtie
"rd" of Wai
I to r'ieac
n nportant
nour count
W .whether
!B ur cabiftal i

(Continued from page, 12)

President of the y, this company was to provide
resident of the daily service between San Juan
-the OhaLrmau a nd Port au Prince; this servi-
arts for consi-ce would be insured by two 60-
ates for cons- passengers "Convar" planes, and
this service would be for us an
additional connection with the
r the legth of rest of the World via San Juan,
sitafed by the which, it is a fact, is one of the
sincerely hope most important cross-roads of
reply as soon the Americas.._
ire most hope- For the Haitians, there is ni
vill act toward doubt that this initiative was a
her losses to nost happy ore. If our informa-
regularly en- tions are exact, the Haitian Gov-
rom th discri- eminent itself, realizing the util-
nppolistic post- .ty of the project, reinforced,
can World Air- through our Embassy in Was':-
ington, the request presented by
ours, The "Caribair" to the offices of
e. For The the "Civil Aeronautics Board" in
Of Air view of integrating Port au Prin-
dti. ce in its route.
ltted with our.We" all know the alarming si-
er 20, 1981 t u nation of our tourism. The ho-
els make thousand of stunts-to
k keep' their doors open, the
" CALLS "tours" agents see fewer clients
VISION every semester, the small hand.-
crat'traders find less and less
if these rulers buyers .
nmetfhod. ..; .,For all those who look con-
their -gces, cretely into the question, one
ost importantt thing is clear; If the- number of
nr cohsulling ;tourist planes passing' through
without even Port au Prince isincreaseii there
go down to the is a chance that the number of
ps to see "how. .our, foreign visitors will go up
to gather -do- th the same proportion.
ce and decide It is all the .clearer for the
acts are here. -Numerous tour-
ists had, during -the season, to
as! we some- cancel their 'lreserva-ions" in
at the head of )ur hotels, because they could
al administra- not find at the time when they
i mass of files 'fad 'planned, a plane passing.
iway -countries. through Port au Prince.
ecide, for the
rested parties, The same way, several of our
manner, and compatriots went through real
moment that :alvary, a few half hours away
ies themselves com Port au Prince, where they
I to say. -'re obliged to spend the-night.
Lt ju applei L f a' .foreign hbtel because the-
SSa fideison, correspondence on whith they.
Civil, A ronat-, d a right to count, suddenly
shi oj / defaulted,' whether by lack of
C PROJ ECT-:. s6ats--o the "plane,- whether' by
'a t,(deqisiori delay .
t!prob lem'.con-- A STIJPENDOUSI. DECISION
ry. The ques- Thus for. a HaiElan' the cause
an America, is heard. In the. interest of the.
", .wAs ',to in-1 public, of our tourism, out tra-
n its '.itinerary .yellers, the "Civil Aeronautics
fLore concrete- Board" of Washington should

;I 0a

Direction of the Casino International take
ue to present to its amiable clients the Spee-
iile the Season:

.thbe.lime-light, the Folklorio Troup of the Casino

directed -by the

S, .= ..:= .. Sh K. .. ,.

Children -- 50 Cent.

have given its support to t .:
project of "Caribair".
But, the secretary of this Of-
fice, Mr. Harold g. Sanderson,
decided otherwise. He simply
ordered that be rejected the re-
quest presented by "Caribair".
What is the basis for Mr. San-
derson's decision?
lie says it himself, in his ord-
r of June 28th. On the simple
opposition of the two competit-
ive companies: "Pan Ameri-
can" and "Delta".

"Pan American" requested the
rejection of the-project of "Car-
ibar" because it disapproves
.vith one of the statutory rules of
.he "Civil Aeronautics Board".
If this famous rule, we know
inly the matricule which is
nerely mentioned in Mr. San-
derson's order.
As for "Delta" it explains
that there are not enough po-
tential passengers for Port 'au
Prince to justify the opening of
new line passing through our
capital: It specified that it had'
given up Haiti for this reason,
and that the service of "Pan
\merican" was largely suffici-
ent for the actual movement of
passengers bound for, (or. leave
ing) our country.
Finally, Mr. Harold S. Sander-
son, secretary of the "Board"
estimated that the initiative of
"Caribair" is not in the interest
of the public! Of what public is
e talking here? If it is that, of
Haiti, we have sufficiently pro-
*ved that it is in its interest.
Evidently, he may refer fo an-
"'er public. In that case,. we
not have sufficiently7 inform-
ations to: take a position.

SWe shall only underline two
things. One theoretical, the other
tacticall. Let us first consider
'he principle. The civil aeronau-
legislation of- 1942, for the
Untid -States- recommends that
an' Anerican line .would never
be6hthe ony,' one services a cir-
cuit,, and -this' in order to pre-

196,0 Nash Rambler Sedan, Au-
Smatic Transmission, Excellent
Place Geffrard.






ONLY $1.00

kk~~hC$~4ar&4r&s ~tt oe~eh~arWacSa





4- '4v d!



INC. .

Makes everyday a "Holiday" in your kitchen... Use
the "Gold Star Award" winner, the TROPIGAS range.
No finer range anywhere today.

EFFLEX TOP .BUR1rER A single flame with
countless accurate stages of adjustment for every cook-
ing need from fast boiling or frying down to gentle

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shape of the bven and broiler. No hot center, no cold
corners. .

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a flame so tiny it keeps range cool in any weather, and
saves you money, too.

HUGE OVEN with visualite windoww.
easier, more thorough cleaning.

ECONOTROL BURNER makes every ustensils au-
tomatic. .. ,I

Lifetime guarantee of all burners.

Too many features to list here. You must see it to'
appreciate it. Easy terms too.'

Priv o Dressing Room- TROPICAL GAS COMPANY, INC.

Wh ite .n... ....... B..lPAyEE B

serve the freedom of competi- Le of excellent effect in the
'n. cadre of Haitian-American fri-
Could this most sacred prin- endship that Mr. Sanderson
ciple, on which repose all the come here to closer study our
securities of the Occident, be problemss and to try to .under-,
susceptible to stretching, accor- stand what can be really done
'.ing to the place and the hour? n the interest of our public.
As for the practical remark, Since the ordinancee does not
t is simple. The other compan- mention the note .of the Civil'
es say: "Without a "Jet" air- Aeronautic of Haiti transmitted
).ort do not count on us". "Car- )y our Embassy to-Washington,
bair" says: "Your present air- 2nd since the inHlependehf Haiti-
port suited to piston-motors line :n organization (Shops, hotels,
l-ve us a chance". Department of Tourism) -have
And in the name of the "Civil not been consulted, public opi-
\eronautics Board" Mr. Sander- .ion calls for a revision of the..
on gave a negative answer. ordinance.
We think that this question re-
quires reconsideration. It would "Le MatOi" July 12th, 1962.

, I--, I-Q, A-%,

fJDAY JULY 23, 1962

I (Continued from page 2)

jMr. Wilbur Nichols, a Superintendent for a Disposal Plant
pi.meclaw, Washington and his wife Mae and pretty daughter
iryn stopped early this month and was guest at the Montana.
fryn who displayed a great interest for the armosIhere ol
de,,vivie here just finished High School and will be enrolled
Executive Secretary studies in Seattle... Gary Goodman, a
Adjustcr Equitable Kcceptance from Toronto. and his lovely
Qitil, married on July 1t spearnt part of their honeymoon
."Gutille" Susan Joan Weiss. an Editor-for Parents Mag-
stopped at the Oloffson last week. Susie who is taking acting
nrs: In hei U.S. learned thu meringue here..j Mrs. Patricia*
and Miss Joan Loughlin, daughters of Dr. "and Mrs -Elmei
lin are currently visiting here. Patricia is travelling along
her daughter Jennifer...' Misses Rosemarie .(Timmy) Nathan
arriett Nathan, two sisters enjoyed a four day visit here las'
Timmy is a teacher and Harriett is stfidying to be a Couri
ter.'he girls, are from Long Island City,'N.Y. and stayed
ie "arib Hotel here... Mr. Jack Landau, a prominent business-
iMm Philadelphia is being introduced' to the charms of -Halt
s..'harming wife Lillian and The Shindlers of the El Rancho...
iM&axine Starkman flew down here early this week .for a two
Visit with her Haitian friends. She is discovering the beatu
.of the Country in company wth Marcelin Andre she met ai
oltmbia University. Maxine 'is a Secrdtary for a prominent.
icidn of. the Medical Center leaching at Columbia.,
'Mr. Kermit Ferrer, a Contractor of note in San Juna and
stunning wife Eleanor spent a few days here last week. and
Haiti a delightful place...
oauliful Dr. Marc Antoine Woolley arrived. here last week
his.lovely negro wife Mavis,- a.X.Ray Technician from Kansas
Mo after' completing a four year specialization in Surgery
e Kansas University Medical Center and at the Columbia
ata of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
'Engineer Robert Miot is back from Europe last week. He
spent lirtr months visitingthe,Erench..darns and hydro-electric
cautions in the Massif Central and the Alpes as a special
t of the French- Government. Engineer Miot is in charge of
geligre Dam here.
all and golden hair Pat McGurk, beautiful daughter of the
!ul General of Norway in Port au Prince, Mr. Edward McGurk
1 hardly be recognized when she landed nere last iedk with
itinum dyed lock on the forehead.
I made the mistake of my life Thursday last at the El Ran-
pwhen I' introduced Tony H. Shindler to some friends as the
Manager of this Hotel.-Non, pas fait ca (No, do not say
) reacted he with a violent voice. As what do you want me
itroduce -you then, I asked htm.-Tony Shindler ari Ben Shindler
the' same, he said, in creole, I want to be Introduced as Pro-
tor-Assistant Manager. I will explain to you later what is a
-Manager in the States.
few minutes later the step-son of Ben Shindler called me with
est smile and said "'In U.S. a Social Manager ce ou Tioule."
at makes Tony so touchy about such,an inoffensive presenta-

Stunning blonde Jacqueline Wein and charming Lenore Zir-
a copywriter stopped here last weekend. Jackie and Lenore
. guests at the.Ibo-Lele.
i*Pearce Du Bose and John Martin wish they never had to
re Haiti.

Wednesday August 14th, 1962

' at


t. Nemours Jean-Baptiste Orchestra
pekets on sale at:


The popular Rond Point Res-
taurant observes its first anni-
versary since it reopened on July
!2 1961 with a new face and ex-
-ellent old cuisine.
Under the personable manage-
ment of Max and Maryse Buteau,
Jie airconditioned rest a u r a n t
with its soothing atmosphere -
a4uite stereo music- is an oasis
iA sorts, especially for business-.
ten and their wives who wish
lunch in the City.
The bustnessman's full course
unch with day to day variety at
1.50 is now an established, fav-
Some of, specialities of the
-raison", Haitian in particular,
hafte been handed down for ge-

operations and haye'
rs. They are '"La
cr'evisse, homard
a la Russe, tass
,ssot de -filet, gr
gruyere, 'steak a
The Fifty-foot Bi
.boat, Blue Fish,
weather several m
port of destination
last Saturday morn
according to its Ca
Captain Wallace a
men abandoned the
and rowed safely
seas to Baie de H
dingy of the Blue
The vessel owned I
fsh Export Compan
was on a regular t
Ves transporting -er
and bottle. The ves
'o load a miscellany
Haiti for the Baham
Captain Wallace a
nen expected to ret
Nassau as soon as
ides are" completed.

no. competit-
mbi ,gratine, .
flambe, pou-
sot de dinde,
idt, escalope
u poivre etc.
ritish motor-
sank in bad
niles off its ,
n, Gonaives,
ning at 1:20
captain Edwin

nd two crew-
sinking ship ANNOUNCES' .
through the
uenne in the A VSPtE C'AL 'SUMMER COURSE
Fish. j-BEGINSNG JULY 2nd, 1962
y of Nassau 1....4 jlasial Ballet
rip to Gonai- 2.-Modern Ballet
empty barrel
ssel expected 3.-Tap Dance -
Dous cargo in 4.-Haitian F6lklore
Las. 5.-Ballroom Dancing and special training in "Pa .
nd two crew- de Deux and Choreography.-
turn home to School located on the Champ de Mars, next to Rex Theate -1"
legal form al-
REGISTRATION DAILY FROM 8:00 a.m.'to 8:00.p.m.

"i "r .'= i .'."3

- .*'' ':


1 :.' .
..J -. "...' .. ..' .- ." '. L.- .

- I c1.


N '. *.


Thursday about 8:00 a.m., .im- s?ve ardd defensive nianoeu
mediately after hoisting of the er. .
'lag, a ,commando group ihi ill vehiclAs. passing though
eld-sdrvice dress moved put of zone were- obliged to- stop '.
:e Palace garden and took. up 1 ring the time the soldiers hel1
positions on Place des Heros '-e possession of the position. y..,
before th palace of Ministers nearly twenty minutes..
i behind the Casernes Fran- .
'oNs Duvalier, performing an of- "1s JOUB"4a
--n-----LV.W--: YARBRO.G




Voyageo par...

SSerge C


': A surprised. hardworking ac-
c, ountant. at Curacan Trading
!'.,:Company, Serge Celestin, -was
-',stunned to learn Thursday that
had won the "Gros Lot" of
h e second drawing of "The Lot-
.i 'y of Economic Liberation of
V.( the Republic of Haiti" a cool


NOWDR*-Ufl a~!

Oelestin Wins $20.000

Of Economic Liberation

"Le Matin" reported that Mr. ticket said that he had not even
Serge Celestin on purchasing his slightest idea he would win.

.The drawing of the Liberation
Lottery took place T h u r sda y
inorning on the premises of "Lo-
lerie de I'Etat Haitien" on Rue
.nmie Foi under the supervision .
6f the director the Hydraulic Ser-

lff.icultes sans nombre que nous
ient la mechancete et 'hypo-' '
Islse des tins, la jalousie, l'en-
ie des autrep, je demeure inva-
blement legal a moi-meie." Serge Celestin (id white shirt) the lucky winner. of the $20,000
ire s. o i e a first prize of the "Lottery of Econ.mic Liberation" Thursday. Offi-
eof la modestie chez nous, ous cials who attended the drawing at the State Lottery on Rue Bonne
oitlsa modestile chez nous, vous'eonne
vez droit a. 1eloge." Foi congratulate winner Celestin.
photo Dietz

r. Jean PRICE-MARS and Mr. D. MUNRO Mrs. Marsh Of Public
Welfare Fund Visits
'll4aitt from 1930-33, and at his right Dr. Jean Price Mars. D. Munro
witited Haiti recently to participate in Centennial celebrations, and Projects. assisted in Haiti
.while here presented a lecture on "Charles Sumner". and the im.
r :Irplomatic relations. Marsh, President of the Public
..o rl. ai -- Welfare Foundation of Washing-
on, D.C. compl eted a tour this
0,.000 0. I.. 'eek of some of theprojects in
M. ..!....! iiiii' Haiti her foundation helps-finan-'
.IMUNIi cially.
.Wili!.Mrs. Marsh travelled with Sis-
111"W" er Joan Margaret of the St. Vii-
i il --ent's Handicapped School to see
... iii Dr. and ;Mrs. M-ellon at 'the
: '4 llllllll Schweitzer flosplital in the ,Artd-
i: ll i!!!!i!!- 4 bonite Villey, then drove on to
S L.jl iiii ihiiiiiii e Northwest and. attended the
Hi iiiiill!!!: !ii'"" ,, opening of. Caroline Bradshaw's
S" -louse of Hope" Handidapped

:: 11 .: 1 i -11 rin ce Mrs. Marsh and Sister
........... I iiiiiii! oan. drve to Cap Haitien and
S!i!ii!!ii!iiiiiiii aw thework of the enonites
<"iiiiij ................ the Grande Ripiere de Nord
........ .u..r.lM AP T I I Hospital.


S ... .. ".............."" *"******* ***
S- Porft;ll Prince, Haiti W.I.

Earlier in the week she had
'sited Medico in Jeremie and
had talks with members of the
committeee of the National Lea-
e of Cancer. The Foundation
ave the Deep Radium unit to
the Cancer League several years

The Director of the National Lottery, Mr. Breton Nazaire, b
gratulates' Celestin along with assistant-director L. Camille -il
Engineer Dambreville.

photo Die



It is rippled with time, your face,
Lined with love's stigmata rose,,
at the same time, -Carida, your nose
Keeps a tomato's red pompous-grace, \

Your husband whose name's Gedeon
Drinks his punch a la grenadine,
At night with his woirn accordion
He mounts guard in his dodine.

Then' old voodoo songs hold sway
Which your priestess days enmesh,
When you felt -whence none may say-
A mad god in your grieving flesh.




`*Lt.-Colonel Frederick A. Quint How you danced!... You danced like. a flame,
of the USMC and his wife Mar- How you da-ced,... You t anced ike, .flame -
jorie arrived here last week from Hips supple, ecstatic the eyes, .
St. Louis, Mo. and were met at Savage, primitive longings came, ,
the airport by a bunch of Offi- In the arbor toward you rise. .
cers of the US Naval Mission ,
here. Colonel Quint replaces Col- That, Carida, has passed from sight
onel Thormas Tighe who left a
nnth ago with wife and three Like a turtle-dove's vanishing wing.
children after a three year mis- Now love-music in the night '
,.,oh,-h $ e@. : ,s, .cn, i d ; f s tlc



,, I, ''! 11 1 1 1 1 I '', i I I a i I il
M."R.M.M.M. IN ON M I Ill Mill
p I i.


..... ,I .

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