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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

Record Information

Source Institution:
Duke University Libraries
Holding Location:
Duke University Libraries
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 32441147
lccn - sn 95058138
lcc - Newspaper 2117
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Full Text
% J':
.. -, 1 71_,"'-:- ""N

Weekl of

ri 06
FORT-AU-PRIENCEr HAM, Avenu M A e ffk_ DVMAk4AiS,:,iST1[ME, PA01102061-Vol XX,;-",:I9 y
-ej, .Im. `wo-,t9_
APRM' 5thy

ui c M

.13, 0,000
700, 'T
Presideitifiaf As o ranthe
WtW 0 f P Cayids, RmAd

`ole, p e A n g: oa I,- iSH1146TOTi- Liie'11W. q ifit6&'States annomeed-
Scss.iQxi_Qf, th A, Y, that has authorize ,a oan esi P
W IkgislatIlre Will t4lue.
xural Topulace of an impoverished'ateapf ftitv
0 n a V Worning.
1 M ('Ag
The, ency,
UICY ed. ec'6nomi*c'an, -te6hnica -feas,
rat, 4:tus66,i of e
f f iexidti6aL &_4i4P1P1lt) Jbilit
on in a. J1. data orfwhich- the hig
Inessage to
e 14iixe, An, ornu ce reconstrixtion. kay_ Oonstrtictibii W bel.baf,
p. SQC On 0. T-he:,Ioa
-the cqn9t!Wtibn.%- h is'r 6pa
The'. Unicdxripal::ilios aversmg. FlaltiW do a s over a Peno,- d
onyeled this-,, paii imoay YAW - Wd Vqptfie CaAbearing.,an al
e- -of' the S 6ayes. 'Th
q,--th erm e n6y :6n!or e sction % of on 'ti6'-
e,, percent. C69true,
is -4:L
i6an:js be veen, ;6 On 6'd
pu, n on
rd, assisted"I'S-Deputy.Erns qq"'and. tho vala gem
am rve an Mtrid, .lridk, V46t _,Congtruction-;d., L _. I ''.. o .,-a
a wi thi ty-,tl#ee mern, .th cii is ifi bd disl
t s own I I'll 1. ''_ ir, as, beL
& f T Pa., ,:'opeh in recent'
a, flofidi AudOMMU''
'Foln "p'
mekunli ir rojebt I Fre tempo e"a n'.yearjon yl-._..to 'a,'Jimi
cers. lected tor pm or,' -Par". !.k
ffxtffic. dpr4ig, e eagom,
e,.AV"Or'- f `&y
d, new segsio Bit-dr, A
6, Sm e i
will ak
_7 td coimlrt it into: an, all-* ',tvehjy ijjmb rs 61 th
ea e, JU gh-. on E lety A0 by.
t L way ls essenti the d,V] tbi4r N
P1 Lill's to H
VL ig t)6 ted
E t rj ge ft,6g n agricultural''area and is epct la survey' q
_er ana,
:e6 t pla, An e, _p, _p, U S 'an&,
01- Y a,-major art i jb"; bid" 'Utli I I..
A, H
in egration-,of, q: peqp e of lhb da in jjitj
::FA6-d4r&',AVagojre 4n&
ejghteej,4 The,-hustlihg market c6ixte't-,'on.,,the-,teft.baiik.6f:t 0, S()Uthrn Pennjsula, into' the'-eco;, TheAudU-'b6n sp.p t* ljr',__,,
ornic so6wj 9'roun.
rilog foni head blife, of e Wid-watchlb d
r go ove the 4iver _: 11
Ne reeoVe Esl ore, e- 6V oxk -ortr -
country M61
tang 13is euf!' nbar,
nq bodI injaries reep ;sinAl d".11 I e i,;,
*t to the thousah& of lba th
present o&n. i foll.wmup., -afid Etang. aumatr
i S e.,
eU'&y'twhbjpd int"d We
Northwest 4ector of the:` A-4i idu V ey this week $00,joo qo atIth b "' tie, t-, k;I,
4, th "hene e nearest,.
to on y. 'of L auma
nth t 6-opening-.o ',a, 'Ons a ReW *an the-,. DLF ey osqrv,,,,_,,L
.sqay,,, nioriii4j;'ofi 1"t 41y-wc me li8d r, they'. obs' -
ild w c en7 se.co ore an
e P e. j in M 59'under 111 4,41 cks of, ko I 'd
pc grS'rl6s appealr6d thii. -6 n i d ii
_Q, Clinic. at, Pont nurse' an' sevpaf auxiliafy nur gineering survey of s road jngb8'-jhat:,were.once
AtL sinvey,41iiqli -1h
li",as W'how'the father, e ere vfll ed d se& and finand d The orida.,
d PE st' -proVid m ic'" 6iippnneer, and, W611
Id sqn, 'Ojded,'up in the', p`, 1 6 260,006-, fle rs6n "tinued, on pag ,R",
qCY, al se3y, it,, as was, receritly,,domple; e provi
icesj I s, in as !EveA,',S4A1tar-aijs.Vsing
i)f this -'sicep, i that 0.tbr head4ua '-rs rk
f jhe Valley Coi for", in thb.
wpilpt Pxadel., structetf As B4.Air,; H6,spital, Geu- I ibr
e b _opehted by the Valle3i, h an out-patieni',
storprinted b,th0 Haitian "d' 1 G cji* as ioLi, dis
Qvee ias isary, and;
suggestiill, Wat jin,,ts. &ugh, CISP,', the $P'ti, Preventative: medical. center'.
soaif-kd aM613nt0f`,jn_,:T s mo &: Ahan. 1;6 '(Contin
1; ued., on e is)
Vre pa
ibn Va
$brgons montl Y, wiqll' its
-pl. in into the
nge. de6fnatA1,, post-matal, and iniant
avine arryihg. 6-"Ahiant n; care, di _nsary, and pKeventat-
Ic ".'so Va G h
amps in s arms'. ive mediciiae op6ration, With.two
("ntwulbd on pa 2) resident: doctdrs one. trained ft irtha's'es',:.,
td ve,,$ .,, (2 '6
.in', in
The, nephew of the ia"101's r A
liker President- painter Vincent, Van .op,
w to- goes by the same naine,
int emen, Meml ernationl Club of Commerce:
prs:,f the "Irif p,
purchased, two Haitian paintings
mieteen Hundt6d"aj'id 8ixty70ne (1961) Witnessed a goodly Tijmb-
Uri his visit h
r: of djsput's with re to' the, ."Organisme de Developem"t SS
gam Flandre. March 22 it as
e JaTallee.Lfe 1'Artibonite!',Numerous were the newspapers, week- learned this :week.
Y and daily pubheations of, the Capital and the'Provinces com.-en- One painting was a market
g on. the, subject, of. the role and the, obligations incembeni scene by, Gerard Valcin of Jac- A.,
mel an e Iras
ujj,fi ODVA in connection with the State, and with the Hamwi d th other Mardi
by Cap Haitien's Seymour Botte.
Laying the cornerstone of the future 400 bed Bel-Air H ospital"
:-Mt and Mrs Vincent Van Gogh
XOrtaih of these newspaper articles "systemati2ed the OrAniza- were recommended to the Cen- in the poor district Saturday morning is ]Qr. Aurel.e Joseph, minis-
possibilities, indicated the starting points to economic con- tre d'Art where they,.Purchased ter of Public Health, assisted by Monseigneur Angenor,
d dnration& of inestimable importance, to be sure,, for the working- the two paintings,. by Mr. Sand- of the Archidiocese. The Hosp"l, to be built with fund-,
berg, director of Holland's Mu-
U of Activity Plans and Programs. On the other hand, however, nj by a group of youthful Port an Pfinciens headed by 1ndustr1aUts,.'1,,.
cipal Museums, Amsterdam
an ans, 'or rather, a disre- who visit I ed Haiti Georges Dabbas, has, Septemb r, 22, 1,963, as, the, date.ftf, Omp
aggerations of ODVA's power d me' several' years ......
tiolk-,,44d, Inauguratio n.
(go tiod-on 4ago_ ed on, page


I Why Land-Rove:

f. Since Land-Rovers first came to Haiti 10 years ago, ment which allow
there .have been some 300 of them sold. Land-Rover ures to be burn,
Recently gave it distributorship to AUTO, S.A., 360 the greatest econ
Ave. J. J. e (xt to All Amrica Cabl). on. The engine
I Ave. J. J. Dessalines (next to All America Cables). h.p. at 4,000 r.p.:

A number of those original ment to fit them for any job.
Land-Rovers are still in 'cicula- anywhere. AUTO, S.A. Spare
Stion, proving their claim to rug. parts and first class garage ser-
-ged construction under all con- vice for Land-Rovers are also
editions. available at AUTO, S.A. -
points not to be overlooked when
' Primarily designed to help the purchasing any vehicle.
farmer in his multifarious activi- Why Land-Rover? Because the
fa* ties, the amazing four-wheel chief design characteristics of
: drive Land-Rover has also prov- the Land-Rover engine are found
s ed outstanding in blazing new in the shape of the combustion
.trails across the world and help- chambers, the inverted V-shaped
..ing in a great many were men pistons and the use of overhead
r-and women who work in iiffi- inlet and side exhaust valves.
S;cult or inaccessible territories. Ths is a highly efficient arrange-
F.That is why Land-Rovers .,re
:usd locally by so many large Magloire Mishap...
companies whose salesmen must P.
t....,ravel into the provinces of Haiti (nied from page 1)
i where good roads do not yet -On April 10th, "Le Matin" pu-
'.ac.. blished the declaration of Mr.
Auguste Magloire, father of Ed-
SLand-Rover's ruggedconstruc- ouard, that indicate a "deplora-
fion, power and mobiltygcor- ble accident" had caused the
bn, poed with r and mobily co father d .sn to fall into the
. many kinds of standing and tow- --
ti machineryy giveit a "go any Edouard, he.erplained, did not
he "do anything" charne- hesitate, whe e sa is so
rnot assessed by any otbhe .p on tehe.epoiw.'' fh into
V eh ,-e:Tndebd, 'in gen eral p vr- on the.poiz o.',a~lng into.
.be.Bo..Ie biny ena th $ois 'Oe Chene, to. dive to-
ormace vrsability. ad wardsl iin in"an attempt to spve
"upd economy of operation the him. Unfortunately instead. 'his
'. Land ver is phenominal. Don t dive- carried him and his son
t.lake our word... ASK, THE, MAN into the ravine.
0.W H O O W N S O N E .. i
The child is still on the critic-
Fiv basic Land-Rlver models al ist at the General Hospital
are available; ivith a comp',- and the father is recovering at
heniave range of optional equip0 the St Francois de Sales.


e Movement of National Renovation would
those who are in arrears to bring themselves
,and for all, up to date with the Accounting'
S.i* n tf the Expqutive Committee of'
e e in order to eae its task.
'.The.M N takes this opportunity to thank and
.:ongratuIate, the generous subscribers .who have
.never bargained their 'upport.. .
"ort-an-rce, March 29th', 6 .2
', MRN'- Cte Dnmarsals Estime No. S.
P.O. Bx q .

maximum torque
at 1,500 r.p.m.


's weak mix
thus ensurir
omy of oper
develops 52
im. and has
of 101- Tjl:

During more than a doze
years of uninterrupted progress
in both the civilized and primi
ive areas of the world, Land-R
ver has become tde great
name in four-wheel drive vehi
les. Today, its superiority is u'
.questioned and- with Regular o
Long chassis lenghts,' gasoline
or' diesel power, many differed
body styles and a great seloc
ion of optional equipment, inclu
ding. power-take-off units, it ca
be adapted to fit every job i
every kind of, operational sphere
There is no substitute for th
Land-Rover... ASK AUTO, S. A
360 Ave. J. J. Dessalines Wh
Land-kover? They'll be glad t
show you.
? -/____

400-Bed Bel-Air..
(Continued trom page 1)

Mr ;)abias tit the cornerstone
laying ceremony. under the high
patronage of Presiderit Dr. Fran-
cois l)uvalier add represented
by an Officer of his Presidential
Guard, explained the role ot the
elite towards the masses and
stressed the importance of sdcial
mutual aid in all programs of
national development.
An imposing multitude attend-
ed Saturday morning's cereno'-
ny and included Mr. .Lucien
Daumec, Assistant-Secretary of'
State for Public Health, leaders
and notables of Bel-Aii,'i .memb-
ers of the Press, Radios and. Te-

gouth Road Loan
(Continued from page 1)

will be performed by an Amerin-
can contractor upder a contract
to be awarded qn the basis of
competitive bidding. All import-
.ed equipment and materials
bought with dollArs wil\ come
from the U.S.

Real Estate Agency

15 Bourdon'
Phone 2620
Cable Addres: AILOIC6

Renting of Houses, Apart-
ments, Bungalows, Camping
Houses for short or long

Sales information available
for sugar cane, cotton, fruit,
sisal, etc., ,plantations and
estates of various types and
sizes and in improved" and
unimproved condition.
Commercial business such
I bars, restaurants, and hotels I
bought and sold -
1 ., M .. manager '
"1-22".. i. .'. "'i':,j? :- '4,',,: ', :'' '-~

Clinique Medicb-Chirurgical

xt- 5, Rue Oswald Durand Phone 3890
ng Pbt-tau-Prince, Haiti
b. Dr. Fritz AUDOUIN
a Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
ft Dr. Simphar. BONTEMPS
en Dr, Rene DECASTRO
ss Pediatry '
it" Dr. Grqger JEAN-LOUIS
Obstetric Gynaecology
c- Dr. Viefor LAROCHE
n- A Internal and Tropical Medicine
or Drs. Jean M. VERLY and Antony CAMILLE
ne Genito-Urinary passages
int Dr. Leon LAROCHE
u U Dentist ..

in Laboratqry Technician
e, Mr. Jean FOUCAULT 4
e Biochemist

7:00 to 8:00 A.MVI. .4:00 to 6:00 P.M.

*. .-, .. -, .. S', ;- .. .

Served exct/usvly at Haiti's leading.

it ft


. '! .. ... .j "/' .-! ", -- ." "- : "C I. c,% .. !:. .. y. ..... "... .. "'r 1. .
.s. ..., I.: ... ... :. "... .. ,,,,.
an a s ess. CanV To CGIC L ncheon I. : ao .. ,i.". T" E'1'o.. 1"

ed ~~~~~resources of utilpdrezdeveloood eqtz
ae ontae t oythet
Sat e o c. : i .. I.. .. .
s. o..: .r. .e Dani, the C.nn ea Vk A d .YI
.. ..,, ,.. ,I.... .', ;.
) ... i ......... '..- %.h I r l "h-d. o... .. a J ""... .....-""". ".."I.I ._ 5.. .I d'. .e. ha "

r: 1tef o "tb il ioits o Peien Dlvle' s Go rn en t oJrtt 'e a4 y a s.p E rned Oat nld- b 01 mg n
e l r ,ne 9 I-% ig h 8h A- .u. F. ,e f ..5 -;, t. .. v it._ vaxl ,,..A..,
' n X I::.I V;N r. e. t o $ t e T a' : .. -"0. ,. S t d .a e" n .. t h0t ... a. .it.e a t I 1 4r
.. ... .. .. -: .. o '. UW ._ ". 7,g.-.{ s1,,- ..:
,. l.. .e tW. ,oe .e.a !tat, "*..:- .-.

sianc'ing 61th *w'great v'orls of dl'ed thirty.' kfloaeiersjo'nai *cantimpita th wuJa~ks *'d lr'g9' wpuld only2G 4* as tI&N mitd t kPL
Artibbntit; c 0ated. tbi CD- rigation vanells 70 loloeters rupn, andq. draanirw. 1ite' prajed ing .orf 9op"i in lch, ajj he4J16 1c ru.2p
cli Septemiiec 2, ilJ 1 9 iq '. th a wtf~i s a4 the bsta 'foit compldtion he% dlv lvd': 1 xhi cl est natter oftriiy l Iin'adSi% yc O~I
,., ,.NCE .A'. ; ,,',: .W : .. ,, : .. -. .. .-P o ,,..., 8 ,

Not'4t t L j e ki~ n i .;
nd-Ow-ing Tribu.a.n Otob. a..., ,. t.o hundred ki; Plain'nto Thi~ b. iii eans. .. 1

1st,' wad -on ~Ootdber ,Ci4 hitq 6 o access : d the ~i{er t6 'the I 1ITE tLAfONAL COflZ&e th~t: he trotb~ ,i6tn" Dnkb
i.,tute' .th first 0, "'. :'I" ""A.. a. "' .t h ENGi R..N" CPMPAN* ( a ''"""C a" ...
4 oA"IIs"c tion a.atoo;w a- one 0. t 1- -t ,-' ..o ..* t, .. a i

A ai fly.' na. syn d ., IRgh nFo'.tra e.. c on.. e Cd M. eth. f l-' Ar.abon.ti 11 t 1'4, : ,'I.
:or2'adrfii:; / (io. in~c. e td:e} Plain'?,zd ,h)u ,d ... ,V p' I **, ... t~, 99,i, td JI ]n.:'} m n'' l~t'
..tI :.tB OE .. d .srbo' -I .a:~ba, .... s pt e oa e. .the o, G. ,a. .
.. .... .t h... .. I .-, A d '-:, .. .'t; r -:o ,d b x ; -i.e.,,i e h m $,

on a I1PCs -'to at. of I 6r'h notLe
f ~ n l [. ... -,: ...=.I'- ... P : e t hv~ ."s"o.. --nAen4k hJti~ j .

', "i. a .' ." ." .t", .,

oi j. Mni -ot 47, xr e r-e.
f.. :, .- %,- M .h' .. .t ; l- {.s ro ti E EL P-. resourc .tes ...a ap u d i II14 e '''.4; ;6 t .. 6. "

pnl loB 1bire :tej n 000ot
work ..t...._i..db I$- ... ..D..'...r.. ... 1. w kl d rel,..bet..
i1-:1 '... I -.1.o1! ot 4-w el..d.- ,..:p a 'tge A. Ii dtr_- k. ..,fr r'c.fe

...a in 1 5.'.... d. % I....-;-a .!ad1 .... .. ii i l j a Ar '$.. .
I. ."Ig a. "t l.... ..c-0.- :'ial-.I.", + .A p'
'g .n. t. .th 7I E '.N.-.. .co,...ze".. 1.. ,_
... ,:. ,. ..-o:..I,% ... .: -, "' ... .: ,.-. ..:, ..", $,..:

... ..%. ...t. Ad oam e.,sf,, .. tke.pi

,1 sespe ,3-Lh 4.-In- g;1axdTn eaits .u 4eih.ei.- '

in ..e ent re f te oj'4econsatructionpeuced,'uth sap ohd te 96 ar h -ts .I us. 'arid
`And .I.'1.4.*1h r..e ,dis ci d0 T e o prn'ei t n. n J-"- to. t ,.i:sf. e .-T .'
:.. :i!'; '.... .d t s a .. "f 117 .6--, el. L...:j .: '. ., ,, : I t... ....%- 1 Y 6 -. .

.:.i.. ,ll """ i" ,"...-..- i...PIP-.N.1C osl,'e oni ha icr. e "
.. ., 1o- 1.. ,-i... -.".". "..

'.a Mti,,oi.e.:.Iia e th
to- o ,,t,6 se '''.eit A .-relo A',ndiertifct :;'cod ..- -..t..t.'I- _'.1.,e 'i!a8

S .. t, d i.n.. ...j e." 'a .'i.'" I, 'f, oI
- e c, ;s ..... .... -. .... .. I o ..IU. E O..1., ._..,.t i l It- ..mdow

.....s. .e.- e, P d t'i o, s, r, t ,, c ep o.- to.- e ,i ,4ithoo.i
S ..-.X ,'k .de. the R ights ok a"- M. ...... ...

eat Wihyta.j~E 1% ha -te '~pbll~t r raixaa D Q-etalastm'iejtrof so e n 10( ietievaante o "l I S r4
,for.'. :re.:.,l., "n-,f "1732 hm ........ .....fe..urc,1 ,o.... ?.. ... :I-

;- lif e.4 :0 14i0' g a,., ,di o.,,, as A ....s ,,ck. *d- .... k h.' j.1 erms.'..oo
N:...] rADI .ha~ii. ,,etd;: i:eq /n'.,. Eo';flN: $1

,p4se eoasXt -laoat hne 1rshnte RO'AL G4AS.OMA' YI
'on"o.. ... "" B _s e, to tr. .. .. ..... .-
I. .-,0`,:t e A"' '';,0-"- ,- = .. "4 "h. .

.mehosf "i ,- rnnt ofthM
i'_ "* "..."Ii '. ."~1, T.elemc:'ou.r-o n rid..-s", ".'
T .:1-- I'!e.n .I.aSof this ohr apep oiedab 4upinur-A t $
..: .' .' ., .. .. ..... .P "; -: i .,. t+ o I .I ,--

'1 a tan t 'oorn the A.,e, r n e FtisDA NIGH,,""'.'i..

Itslf '. : t6 Doue ofe u ,nutii av it ligence ofo ur ..ti, i!w~ f.
....: ,t ;. f 1 .',:- I : -.. 040i i o ;'.'.'" ...~ o o =
..4 ... .6 017..Wl,:%,rp,.4

t.. ,: E :IT .o h iae, ti ...n.A:....r..
!.-. ,,p "....i..' boqFArMOUS 'le &F8P '. i,"
` ....oyntea rul. .1 .dig l ritp of tb' too.Y"-.1-_TRh.OP.
.., '`,T- %---. ,!- .t...#.e *

'LO1'"TR 'e d. o. i l-No.`Ine.aneVny.where' ..o." ...
..,19 59.w.i cr m nd E- D I T O H US gHE.

rtte .;=.e* e'a & Ae AM.,* ;.-
"'-" ,t,' .',M ,1.'4a ar I.".t vA ,'a, ,-'. ...A' ..
PoJe-f'r edec at'bish7."i'a..-,cI W...u.'-...' ... "."
::,, .,1.1e.o.v.... 1-.roil -I .. 'ot.a .'.
.w ihw.. es'.r, .- ..'-" o tj on ,,hidhe.' .ofo rdh itry$;lo..0......
'T'enIeFr N- s )' .f:Isae1 '1#".-. .N. .:- w eathqr,, '
Thisiacanr ftpbn a-f ?4xI Iy.Urm...ey1,. '..
..., .Ip.,a- ..5.. ,, ,.... ,

L.;.. 1 s.wel ist c, gonH G O .E-Itwith -t.".'w- ..
...n wspxrt.-" n." n bri ...' .fNr
1d,.X,* v ._.i.h.0- n:Vu dI .j ts `"6i '"o' .4!: i pg :

the t'.t.'t,-7,y B. m ke ry.. ;'.. .

deriPthedeauspiesnofthe'issineto atic .,-.'. ): ."
of. the"A' ;"er",r Pbgr"s' 'LW fet.ime" "-'of al" bur ers ""t"4, ,1 #6,i"
-' -",I i h. 1ffi ..
td~i ... %.. 1-1 .. -.JU.o-' f'

......a- .k.e-[ o p e t -.," .. .eI1:..o"m.us--e%
s,. ,.v .", 0 ,-. Tj, _. 1., `,, n 1 ..P ,x .P -

"nI ,;t. forh4,elh-nll tA rn 'of1 "hi. .0-0 many c..atu e to list -',;-1P
i 'of di'ilb .... i : ,..... .. .-vi "t-

he..., i. i...on.",txo-, 'T e' -.'` iiran,, .. of
'_"_ ':

ele m en.tL.",.. ,.- .."1; of, u '. 'e n, "nd ... ... ..

c ha cn~tj .;1w enre I R D A N G H .j,'-&f nu-lzee-itei.nef.u I,
.:.,, .... -,. .i.

0".. w61orking l as s. These trialso.
Art .... W...0D-, ..; .. ..:.:. ,.,2: ,.,,,,,, Ev-... -,(.:; bL,',t tat:, -i-_ ,`-.2 am '

ri'1 aOUPO E''R AIESdveomn, and Rh F.the .a f isle- d- FAM US R ii B FEEA8 .M.104,kW .
,'I -I t a- 0.. ., m..s ,.... .. .,. .
Io-rit y, t an 'essential .O... ..A..L..'.. COMOexuTIL.P
I :1 ij g p- ,, ".44'. izbq n s 4# 6 n h"A, lb". .L,=.., .
te -46 1i, o .'4 ,d:., d; '6 "'.
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nd .hi is.d4kf.'. w r 1 '17P1111 0 -iA m ei a r, I x.- --. .- -.- --... .- --... ,.- --..-.- -."!.
_._n ,, .. : .. .... PI ..- .,; .e ".': t ft d s L V "1
in r j q h.. j k l a n o o e I .s"9 i A-.-"--. '', t 'I -"-"-' ... .- ;L" '.'-' : .I" k .... -
n. .. ...I .' ...= 1 = r ,h .' 1 = 1. '. "- = I= 1 = =
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t;. ,L P L ]~ .,r'O ,.- .,go, ,en .f. eavh
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-G i e, in ow',: ,, .
;'I .9.6 1.4 ... s e ; s l c .. I...I... ... .
bf rd&. .d'hl,.'. Ao1:. q), k ", ,trth~%bfiW
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I,. ]. 'la.. to !I.. n-..= #'", ]--;r ~ e t,.eye ,-j4] .'c-'I." I ...
., I 1 der. te:a.s .es-o. t. M ion,n -' '1 .'. ". "I" .'" :'.&'I
of.: .A l .Mr rro r ss i T,." ,' ,L .,.;..
"o' L I.. z" .;g ...54...'%:. .".'.'-1" t ... .-1"!A,.,
'r eh.b- ,...f, 7 3 2 ".h. ,"-. ... m-n yI ,h i 0 e s ,toe -l is t;n oe r e e"oi .IF
es wa -ee.',,.dv";rn ,emen apprei,::,- t : ..i;6 f as,0 A ...U .".p !
v, ti. ., --= 4 I' M I" "%
._2,...L -s..,u .r..h..sI l ar.p y". op ","! ..-' .[JF [ .. V ,. h ...-. .. .. : :. .. ',_
.;e ho s" of ,e .nnt ,of th ...' 4% I.', '.
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"", ..".F".- j -I'-. "' '' '" -' -"Sn t.
o..,h.sIo..e. ne, ..oihedb .r..tdur- ''.t
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i.!. l ro ,,d m a1 3, iq ,..: .. -i -_. W .. t... .;
.. .. eo onta -o ,with eth;'ds-`-".""'q
~. ,"'' .-')" : ...' "., l elp e ., d- h. .rn a !UF V& !I 4
iit, -' ,.- .ure.Fr., -eL o w, .r, .'.,,"11 ..e-, t, 1 t.AM o UM el .F L E-B .M ,
1 :.- A; U-- U I"..., L... '. .". .'. .& f""
A. j R .1 .T e1 a d --- o 1. .- !- 0 i t ..! .w .'9 1 ..
rb'e :,L U B, H E T R p o /99 bil lm. pr- .- DAN C e--I~NG Qt aj .-.o .. M U S f I l 0' .. & ",V"
"" '2 1 Vi ej'b C --, 0 -
.. "" .. j T 8 : I i b h -k n i .1. '" "'', A .. O"Oq u i.., ;,!.-`.. .,h _. ,. 0 r .....
",:;{ .;(fre., e~~~l rly a ne et1 l,,b1,, e ""- ', 'q" 1- ,*
.... ;- I' I.? I. ~eEN soG t 9:%s0 pI .,.m... i .? "- ........ ..1M
.'q ''. ',q.', .. '' -, W ,%,% 0..u iqt lieaze
m A61_ een;., aO DVA, is: o ,6 b ,"; !1- .. ..'! ., g A 14
I :..... ._ ..I, .. .. ., .. i i .. .. . ., 0
.," ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ng -t',.... ..,. N-. -.-_ .:". ".%x--'-.e..-.r ': "...." .f""" '"' ".... "

11;11[ 1__,,k,-- T'X' I 1, .1, &
ii 1, I "I,. ,
!, -, I ', ", ,
,,', I
IV- r ,"R N1,11 -1-1 7 _' T, I ', ,, --,-,? : I .i 11
'o ,_ ,',,,' "",,,,.,
-, 11 1,w F _-711, 11,;7'1w :_'11 ,7! .,
_,'-,, 1 11 t 1 I 11 I 'I 1-,iq 11,
I I I ,,`-,.-' I 11`111;'T
Ill, ,!J:I I. 'P ,M r, I V 1,- '-,,, ,` ,,l;,: r I I I 17 11 ,,
X11:'111.1_.'1L,-,_,1' ";i_,11,,,1`2 I ,,, I W "? X'7 4 IN -71'r .,
171,,"_,T,_" WIM .1117,"M r R 1,,,_ V P ,,,!,,i,,,,,.,,i, -.- __T-,,,, '': '. `,;,,J__,,,_". ",F...'..',::,.',.:!".:,-.,..-,'!,,'%.':,;,", ,_. V"..'".:,'I',-,:i",l', All
,. .,...i .,.,,, .,:, '. ,
1 I ,, : Z 1 1, 1; : .
.;. ,N?;,, ".. Wi -I -
,- ,, ._ ,el ,_ I ., -, ., e ..,
h .., ,', I 1: -,;. I 1: : 1. -; "I
I ,. l ,; ,- .;- :, ; I wl
',, ,,:! i, ,_ _.1" !I1. I ;, ,4 :: III', Tl
I r, ,I% ,, ; -.. I I I ,:;, '"..., ..;_ ': I 1,; 1, 1 .: ', 11- _,,'.. I I k 'I,
,, ; I- ~ I ,, I 1 I I I ." : ., I _
1, I .%);,.-, '- I I.: % I I .. 1: ._ -"',.--__
1 I 1:1 I I ,.,;: 1 1, I I I : -: t
,- j-L -- : .. 1. :,'', ._% :, : ., I ,: I I ,. I I I ~ ., I I I~_
I .'. I I I I I I .1 1 tt
,LL)i''- -- I I I : : ? I I : I I I i I I I ;, I `;.,
._ '. : I" I I I I I I l : : : : ll :,
I- I : ,
: I : I I I I I J I..
I I L I I I I I I I I -1
1 I I I ; I I ,
'L I ; Ir I I I I
1, P `; 6,42, 4 I : I I .; I 9 ; I I I I I SUNDAY A PAU 5IM ", I 1962
[ L, : :.I' I I I "H r A f ,V t, S I 0 N ` I p 1: _,.:,_
I :
,` .:- I I I 1- 1 I I 11 '. I I'l l I 1. I I I 11 : .; 4 '' .., I 1
IV '~ I I, I 'l l I I i I I I .1 1 1. Ili,
`- ._ I I I I I I 1, I I I .4,
- ,_ I I I I I I I I I I I I I ,
. I \ f I I c loppient ,of ,which.,Would.,,ither, hinder my ao4on, or, clear the, I 1" I I -,, q .,
", I :'. t C a td I I I L 1. I
., 11 ., 1.
,,L ,: li affi an a A fan I
I", .II. ",,T ,x n v e s ?, Q ,,,)".- 1, I I I _.,- 1 ,. r "L 11
1'L '.. ,._-, -0 1W Y for I ;.:_,,,i ". ;%,. ,, 11,
I ... I I I '' I I .. ,.. I I -
fl-- I I I ;, ._ 4 1, ,,, ,,,, :( it ,
.,1; C I I d M& t6k vfth. mysell, be iev 6:Itne.'However, 'my p si n, ., I am l .
M It I. I ..
,:,t:;, 'I I i6 I' 0 1 ., Sitylia i 1, W ith-
.f. I 11 : 1-1 I :,.'' ,I ,; 11
111 i IS "K d A --"' I I _,
I M I .
-L,,; .:g ''I Cla r-W S in 'the debates r4ay have been intepretfd;from the 4ngle of ," 4 : 11
1, 11
,, I I I. 1 I I I ,
; I .. ,::1 ., I I I 1 1 1 I I I h, 1-_ ,. ', .. SIX 9 S, `,
,- I I I ". ,. I 1, 0 0 1 ,
'j"T''I': ., '. I I I position. I just jo 0 and.wait -.1 I I I .1 I .''. ,. I I I
`, I I (cunt 66in a 1) : I 1. ,'dide to ,watch'z ;' : 11 ::, III
I I 1 1 .1.1
i u I K e I I I L, Y ;, ,I .. .. ,
h ,',%., I I
te rtain ftiodal- And, when the ve Committee of the'Interh4tlonA ; Cldb. of I ,
jprd,.'for thegeneral'con xt,.q the,,Vlley,:- and df ce xeciiii .11 I S,
;,.,; ."T. z 1. I I I I I I I I I By EDITH. BADARD'WA, .1 ,
,'WW,. -.d f.- & technique of -Agripulfural PrIpctiQri has giveu,'II. rise Commerce cafried my' name qn the, list of its eventual lectu'r&s .,., I.",''..,; 1: ,...4 11
I I I I I 1%, I,.' ? I I I .
L 1 :,14 I I I I I I 1 1
14 II;..\ I I I .1I_ I .
I I a,- T for Iffis yeap, I was Imok happy for Ahisopportuni (I rl-iie,:1VtI.k'N
,,, L) tigns ar om Argbonitian re. ities, and entirely tyto intrb4uce .,Ill RVAC .
oncep f '' Ir the" I I I I n I fl
,,, L ': .- T : I I ; I 1 I I 11, I 1 :. ::. '. ;,
r d i' I I I I 1, I : I I ".,
-1 ; I I I i I -6AALY S 1,74) : ." ": .
9A to" -the mission .of thebrg4r.z4tion, I ,, I ., I I I D DVA,,: at,,. last .- I ,I I I I I I I : ,_ ,
.. T, ,_ ;, .. "i w f I .1 J I 1.1 % I I ,- I ,
A ,, .:q v e I I I I I ; 11 III. 11. -1 1,; ': 1-1
1 d,. so ni, e Valley-", I I ,
01.es,,-togpthdr with the -discussi6ns'to: which.,the. ry t ", ''
,,,, _& w I : I I ; I 1 2 I 1 : hioI6,
Suc i e I I i I 1.1 I I ,.
f', ,." _j : I I I ., 11 I I I z Simone Sasslhe, Hait' s las, W
'.. r I' b 1 -the" ODVL,. with a 'status,. of ,'bein ,,agi icul lj The dserhble. bf :.all, I .11' ..;,h
.g an i ,t al I ,the. stttdie&:.made in connection ,the. ,. I I l
1__ye I a e I I .1 ) ,Jtll stylist par,"ex
,,, I '11" ". ".,., I ." .1 .'.., 11 I : ,. ., , : 4, I I I I T\c e ; w C h e _'
Lt ` I s ., Coirp ",y -, ey of thp. Artibonite shows; that ,up, the present .: ` I
i, '14 strA .'ent I lop the ,ty" I .... ,ma ing I
U, I ,p6:sruch'a the Bri h I I I ,from ,1740 to, I'. eadlifl'';IhkoiW :'
.. I I gnac, i ,; I been' M e .
'-- I I I ", 0 -. ,.. _--_ I 1 ential-of Ahis' iiegi "' 'haszot. I c e as&d to' spscitatie and'. d tITqCAFk-16j7,`
It Vh' I mpribssfbii- is so 1, daeo 'me,., the Pat 0 foj:",
e Sta" -rd- -]Fruit' Compafi. "n is i I ', I ,. I I '. I I 6jl)turop'e,'an _,
nda 'y 11 I on' 2 I 11 : 1. Z, sses I in,. 1,
I I, ". I _4; .. "I i ,. ,,, ', I ,' st dile.
,V ,"I, .1 I .- I ast Ike I lf4r','elekt ., i ,',
I r led
"k Iagdly s%, b ional and ffitbiria o ,interest I iv
ed -rth4il the_ im li t' '' i re b_,Venue bu the 0DV _t4r,
1, ,pica ons,6 the I pth the'nati I I ti nal IT Al P
-; 1. 'I, -_ li. i ,,,,, : I 1 I I P .11 1, I L ; I 4 6 i a .1,
jT I ,, co on, ., I
,ff4&iehcy--1 -.., -, '' : : 1, tr the -Artibohite Valley. Was, not easily accessible ,
I I I I ., '. I I i f -1
1, 1 e I bedtkt 00 us Ji, ,
tu. es a. cfferlum 4 e I I -:; astires,; I I 11 7
I : ,- 0 I I :,. I I ,17 i.
,, .. il. ,,, T I 11 .1 I fa_Ith-,i,
.1, I .. 1.1, ;_il ';' i d I & Ir I F rid I I.. I -, Al I I., _- 1 al
,vft oti"awe& .,, 11 ,peof, the past ydax, asked g 6 actors -Which 1 is _---
ly, newspaper,. im the ,cb4r I ... eoM eracte ; the most, entfiusiastic I 'd .
I ,,, I :_', '. ,, I ; I I _' ,-,- I I I I I '.
1. : "', ., -T I 6 .. 1 11 I ,,, -: I I I .., 1;1 an models f almosf I w 96li
I .. .... I., an ,a : !;
". I a J a, I 11 ., t on t b hould' '' ,, 5f, ., sh se,
'' i ti in,- "'VVhaf JsA l DDVA-V?: 6`se ` I ;` d ; 1' ,-)
a d ;Mm dig,on % nd I other.. Bu i s % wee
ques q .,, ,. ,,Tnyz a_ en on w 7. 7 one, 0 drough tIv 1
1k ;1I i 1.11 1, I \, .-, .01 I '. ;: ,;_ ....! 1, L ,, .. 1 n re a er,.
.. ,- ., ; ,., '' I i i, ,,, I., la l b I lih e l: ,, ; I, _'. ,_ ._ ._ I I ,I
f I Atonbt be_,_alS6 IiAmi f e T I I I I I ,
t6l,T'alerted.,Jn fact, I., coLa,n6t `mi,:tli the ",UIS46i ;
1_1 1_,I1I- -- -: 1, inking i at. _l Stated'ithht -the MS U rity of region, borri of thQ I A I I I ; 1 I., I
'. ,. ;,,_ q. '. '- 1 '' ,. ; .1 _z ', I" I I _., ".- .'. ; : 11 I .1 "
11.1 1. I _,_, ., ., .. I I w I m I c, A. em g? Ii 4 idibed,, t ;;, P2 lain? 1, "I ; nese:,fa, I 1. i.,on -
lu. tio Ja h W-6 prof 'd' -6"' "' "" th I i _d 11,1d:ltiPlk* '.of Ah' : ...... ." S
n' wou i oun r percussions, m-,,,, e _mill 1, _.,w4mp; fii IThr'ee of Irrib is h
s;, eg t t [M I I
I "" ', ".. I., 1, I.
11 '- 1 .1 ., ,- .1 ,.,
` -.- _- '' .. ''. _1 -1 .. -, i f, ," 'i_ .: ,:. ,, -, -, I _1 ..
-, ,ffi 1. 1, V. ,4-, ; ,,, "., ", ,,,, ly ; ... -'- : i. 11 t], i, I I., ". I ", ..__ I.. vs- ,will be.II,held- in'j Wlamil l;
.i bo]664s.,. ;,, ,ba, is tfiis' () I ia. ; 11. I'A. el "' W t J DVAI? "ippinted"'t 1-eI loiIbr` n a p JMV' -d th sboy.. I, ,
L 11, o. ,,a, ver ', _._ 11 -1 "I I 'eZr cause -L '. ,
I :_ I y' I I I .1 e. e.,continual overfl6wI .;, t 1 I ,l- -, .: I 'I.: aytinie_ uncheUn !
'. ". I 1,_., ,. r I 11, 11- .,. ,_,, I I,.." "I ;. _- -, -, V B 0I 11. I I ; :
'. I ,
i!ny .rstibjdct d ,r&tibq9`V`ith'1:, / "I A I ng;, I .\ I an- .
and stagb8Lqoi_.-"oi.'.t& a ;it ,ig I thts l, '-.. I oh, koid, ',I
oPetqe 4 0ibe,_ ., Fe _;,,tbe,r6lp 1dd "'11. -, atl,. ... 1, I rt4er !explained ,'M, -sfi()W at,! t 6: C ;:l
., 1 1. % I ". .,; 1, .; 9 1. ''" 1.
gatd :to .. _. '... ,:. ,. ,
I. I '. i '1_ ,- ,;, : v ], iT, z I I'
.,Ngi, V '11, I id "I I, ... l 11 .. I -1 .1., 4II141A I I
; 1. 1 :1 1. ,.
_11- [ ; ,
I I.. I 11 11 ." I .1 I~~ 4 es ve Tnames? c, ,", exam e, !-FpIsO -a I -
L 0'1,illigi6i ain locah s;,.f'1% 'this, ft 4nizataon- L J1 ,- '' thd' kid t! i V of ft 1 .'tie or. t ih .1111: ;` `J_ :d' -
_- ,, ., I p. I .,
-l 1 :iI4 ,,, :: 1. ". pl o er appe ance; W ng
1, :1 ". ,, I I I 11 ; TI I., ,, I 11 I I ,
I ', I I I .. i I .;, -, -', ", I ., i '
11 '' I 1. .- I Z__ I i._ '',N ; tl4 : ,-i. 0,
Ei- I t I -L S.:Insfituti6n : it lwa d b th' k .F j16 ght-Ti4 ehfAtion' ,Rt e .
iret ot-Adhidllisato`r' 4 -i1id"'i' S, a o, ,,..L4goft' e;,, osse'Apewal U 6,i -, -,JhahY tian
... I 1 V 1. .. 1# ", _Iag = I" ''I ...
11 1 ." .1, I .. ., P I -1 P %:. I J :'. L. '! ,., ,,, 1.
11-"' ,, zr 3 .'- 14g ;,
; '_ '.1 I, ,;. 11. Y., _
.-," I I '1 : f j ., 1, -"Ie..'Iil ... 4 I I ,., I, ,
ft I I I .,..v,_ ', -1 ,-
F C I I .,., V. I I I T T ;'..'_ 'i'' I I V,
d, ` nt ', "0'16 a64 .-,Seilo -, I., 6" I It :. : 7 I -',I ,,,,, `:.Fontaineblea. _. PIngs "
--j 't illo. : .1 'th i 1 I ; -, IT
e '0 qs. .". '. : .,., o" i 7, ,:-.;,V
I ep ?y,,ftpe,._ g,, I "i" ,,, ,;X
` ,4-., A -, 1 11; 111. ,, A ., I 'J ';
,, ., I, 1 I,,:, I ,; I I 11-1 ,- ELM I 11
N ari,'m 'J._ ... .1 1,7 ,, -, -. 1. I ,.... '-.,4, ,-".J::', ,
... I ,I1111 I i, J., _1z I'',, L.,,_ .... T- .. 1_! I I:; I "Z I L I ". _, -.; f_ I h qf ,.of, th e ,,p I ., I .' i J ,
_., :T, ,,!'I- :: t E '. ''T 1- : ,, ", I '_
:, ., :,.:,:, Merciless y, ti
::.- 4 : i -1. I --z I ,,, -,- a W ipb ,out 3A maf4ba. I I 1_1
I -1 ; 1 ., _1 ". "a ,pn w, ,. ,I" '4 I ', I luMchedii
,.Ir':;.l,,!__ : I_, I .. I '. ypul .- ; ornar, _: I,' .,f, I I
.. _;, L"' ,;,. ". -e '; ., T., ?,. ach W i A, Club ,,
-T, ,, ,. ". h 11h I I I .. "': "_,:
_L .: -o ., ',, ,z .> ;ej "'. -_, Y .,
__ .., ,, T :.
,,_ 'i ,, ,, ... I T e Fhan f ullid tfirb F
k ., I I cpso_ R_,,. g ,.wepe so few ,rg i. 1. -i I I -that' -,t T .1 I .
'i -, ,,I* I '. .. y,Veie "Wedues a at
b66' noon. ..
1 I I ,,, .. : ". I.. '. A., ., .. I
I -, :, ., T _, J ,
.1 I ', I %- '', I.I., IT& 1'". ; i '.. 1 I I Y; .
I '' f: I .1 I .1
.11 -T ..- I,''
.1 1 1 I ".
1 I -
"'i. I -, I _,%. 1% ., %, pop on w 0 IV ito'xe tp: a ly
1 11 those of the 7npe .It .... I In _
". : T 7 I ". ulati, da a, i,.,, 11 Age: ., I 'l- he-showe ),. her';, colleiltio ,,,in
_1 I I --- I 't ,- t. I ". ,. ; ,; ., % r ,,, ",.,_ 7. I I 11
.: ;; i, h ,i -. ,%," L t ., ,,, i. -1 1, :I I '.
I-, e S 'O n I I "I ,Jk ,- -,, _
r "I __1C. _, : -1 i I 6. i A -S N a -
fi, Akk I h __ -1 I 11 '. ,I h A 'd i N 1' 'i "' P. I ay
me a rpsy, M, I I -11".. ; -, .1 1 h ng, i e, 6, i
,,I I T qs te, of in r#a whi'c regne ,amo ,peop 6Jjhek6jjbl I rd 1. 'Vl:O lubc n. '..
., I ., -11, I P .
4 ," L f I I I l" ,, I 1. I, 11 .. '. ,; -.1, ; ;, .. "I 1. .
I I -',,-Il I i 1,, .1 11.1 N I 9, ". ,;,!:; I'_ I, r I, 1 ffi, ...b .. 11 b ;' I I
ikrough4he', '_ ;- ,V f '116 1& eA yi A 6- -TYMithi'I Wmfi4"A
't ;_ ed to the,-ruj -, ofilid"il s at, bund them. o Ith -.Idnd
"', J ,aophlre crpl I !_ ..." -,., I -, I I it'
J p ,- 4 1: .. 4
; T `-, I r I i, 11., 1. -
,r-- 1 ., ; : ;, __, .'. "', I ; _f I., -, .
A _. _,.,, ,_ L ." r. Club-, expects Ito.Ishow `aga6 'Odd--'
T*1 2 11_ -, ., I ` ". ,was ibA6bl II -,b%, f ekodus- with .UlUortuna e 'consev c-Tipes: 1. ,,_. L r, 11 -.1, I P
e, L 'T, _r ll `T I Ines ayf",an 6" ,'4 I" it'! watch ,,, ,,,% ,, ., ,,Thursday to,, tw 0 1
IT M a i I I, ', ,' -, "I "' '_Ll 0 "I", ,_ Ir,
and, ,i:_. I I.., 4 T .-
1: _t 11 I r L J r `, 'T, I Y ,, ; -4 I ': ,-,`, t ousan(IT) -.i I ivated
...... 11 I T" L I q A *__4* k,,T6i&;L4n un","r L:-' t I ty, I, %_I ,,, ", ; ,IT .,x _' 'jiiffi abi land d Ige. d I T ; and' _then) i
_,T-_, Z, -,''..,T 4 I '. ( td: I a i,,
Z.-_, 1, ... -I _.- PaLTri T. group" 7 111.
1 %_1 I T -, r t t4,, ,,,,
"I ', I 1 j' I _& ', .,..
1 I I -lfhd] te* igel* d, _4tahl 'nOs. Coas -rr a, .,.,
'By 1744, blem'oI I f of vlea'ves 7$6, ,0616 5;
11 I~ 11. ",;..-. ,. age 91, the., la
,,,J i r .1 I 1 I ti L' I '' ."'; _, .
nife'': had 10'.dy,-bp&u'the-o ects of: Atte
,_, A'. Q "V ihp 1 N 'bi, f `_0 S OMN S_In 'a i :, .
14 n on on'th I or 'a serI f i OW P ,,, A __ 1 .
I 1 I ?". > -- !, ,-,'-A ` L I 1 .1 "I I Ci V, I I I 41.
11 h 6, "t' L 'j F '' C ".*:-- !

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1 i. ,atn#ge,,,,,ai I Y 11 '' f-, ''
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1 h, A. ,, I L, I i I *.; .
.. I L I 11 I ) ,, I "I _11 aire ,,, iclanCL sp,.,!, "-
., _- it oc-a- uthentic' c amors orted bj 6i I J I I I _1
Ahere y 4 1 reo U-IdIal-SAleo
,, Iqm '. "I I I I ep (she,,,sbal ,, :f61N
I'- 4 11 ,no
";E,,, ,,",,? -'s,,oly, 4
-h "Gi "' "TW T'' I ` L 1_ ,
as a ra6in P
pfle,"geneI uw : iw us,7 va c VWA nklisW,-at all.) ;'!pI5e ,"a ,
1, ,, ". ,( ,,, _! 'J'l _A '
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6, waierp), I ,, -Jf;,.1-1, 11 ,-. I
I 1 4 .1-1 T r, -', TLIt "'
.1. !ifi I I 1, jhf!'a'i? ` -L, 6.
I 11. r ,,:*,,', T. ; 1., ,, 71.3--i"14 I I j6 ugh`ti`,' ""$XtA, ., 6th
.1 I 11".ll- I ". I 'i'C".jr- ,_ ','J- ,, : ,,,)' I : 11
.. ,.,, ', i, 1". T- I ,cr&ii 1din, I M 0
1i Give ,us-wate iw &,. pk6minntiiaiilai
I ,, 1 h 1,.l te,, portqe$ _1 p ,T, I itants' of tb6,`Arqbon' LJ
I I ., I L Z
11 ,' :If 1 I.. I .1 I" r,:..,.. I I_ I -.1. ., I '. '" ditli ,j_", ', L _6,-o(
I I I ;! I ; .T
1:1 7 H"111- xnana
I i er stster, L Lls,
Mery,- ,was tfie cxj.,of thbse who L "I &I
were oi66rs
L kqrediib,- flg.. .I -, I P 4 ` I 1 I ,
I It I .1 '11,.;,I`4 ',.,_' "..,. I -1 LShi6n A sit "t.. ", "" r -,-Tr f -, .,* ., .- ,- I' "I I I 'the, -- t ,,Jor p
I ,, -N., ,,,*, s L I sine f sr_
1ktile landARit-co lln4l I th6"-,hch'harveSL LSe mingly pro- I I Ss I I 1,1, L
I : ,,,, ... '' _., I I L i -
I I '' -,,
1, I 1 1 _2 .. ", _,,_., J." I N ,whiVh the jninitable,4'nl1)qiJcreaS- ',
h r
ij, I. ., of Trb __ ,,,
_0 i -11 -6a." idr6Ug*hf -d6s" ye4,. & 'JLj _,'' in_ I ''I ,, ._,S ., 1,
Ti_ *s beidau j?, I S "' h"
".., % _--." I", I ,,,, I,
,, .., "', a- __. I gy notedi imbae-Lasl e inspI
,:: ', I" I- _- 1L, -,!, '' 8- "b I ,,I, L ,I ', 1111'1, "J ',f "!
T : ;,ducyd, them'so: fat they brou
"I !ght only,':,"kfi' income 1a'rdly'to e ti -d abd,,eveh th&fl- ,,
I rT11 lil, I I 'T
I LL -?;"` _1 I 11 tb. ,r I 1, I~ ,a on, ,, esigper, -
'' 11 ,kqtclT that I I
onsidered in, ,'proportion of, e labor it had ,Ost! ",, 701e away n(dj' 'i TiQ, ,-,,e,e -
11 r I. i "A ". T" I ffi' r ,,,1, T '1 ]),,' L I I I I I 71 1 1 'I., -- ,
_1 11 M e, water; ,,, al 1 So u4d, he'!, inabit L M % 1 4 ,, I L '
e tiho e "for' who MJ tO, ,,tJiatL'IiSziS-,J
;,I --! I I ,,, ,a4t9,) 6f,_th 'Ari 1, '. -, IereO bn I, "I,
J,7 : I 1 I -,
i I I 'ine' 'Co4ture'tui* _out.'j., ],"r, 'k -
-1, I I I ,
"I I apagniE L river drai,' 'ihr Ef 'd ,q,, ep ri,'psbiit -a crtlel eni y,, e tqnng t _IiIII'11 I I I -,
: ''
ei4 Ma
11 -,! I I o t Cf, s i s eL,, _4 'eyeit, P4 -_
------------ I I ,- I I ,_,k' ld
T&- i n.:, ,Y ; y Its 'di 'irr'u'ptio'ns"'i'l'on 11 j 11 I
I (V sastrou s t- :'
I I .1 I *A I r' ack, aQ" eline Sa -1 ,, 11" r _j I I e,
I, I '' ( _4wreq
I I r L- ,,,, 11 11 i t" I I I-, I -1 1% I I I I 11 _rl.g I
r -,, ,, I t,,_ h' d 6 den6 'SWT
""', ,-,Il I 'ji"I -`-" L L verting 11e' fetii I re ucLng, tP a dtrI of tbe: Haiti Tour,!st u-
I ,'j ", T, -_", '. ,L _' : : 9', e .s in amps, ,and "', ,- ,,j,, ; ,,, I ..
sa p I I ,;' I 11 L "' ,,
", ocrystl, ( _. -, ; -,th, L "' "' i c, ,, ,, ,,, "_ 'O. T. 6,,MoVa'd6 R I 1. I I -W I I-
1-1 .i', ,,,, I `!, 1, I I 11 ,; I 'he'r'e', I reau
,_ -,,, nlliiy the'aa f icII ,
Ve, ,,eas. OLwatets bychanco Nvee eaicning ) i greater MV ICA 7',IvAi
6f )Nifh'.' r6m brilliance. I oM lodk'. : I 0 I I 11 I I -1 11. -
I L, I 'VT, ; 1 ', 2" ,' ri, I I I 1,
L' 13, Cf I V, lf7 _:o o4 V ,, ei) I ur de St-`Ale'y, I b q sI i S, I _- J
_-t', ', lt,,hard66S is,Stjrpssed 'Id ,_, ". f Lud 'A en'4 c agnant.:'' Mot f headtuarter-; in,& yvei-
Rold: gure ftaf,,' I 0 0 ,z ., ame ,
'1 "rt, ," I ,."' 7 ,11 : 1_;._- ', a I t._, ,,, "'' I I 11 I r 1 1 ''I I ..1,
I'll ,,,6d[y b,'thafof thei dfaTbnd." ,, ;;, _- 'r _! 11,, glades,-Hot'cl,', is' ah:-,outstpndi09-;,
l" ,1 '8tujeS L 1#e Caj'heq_biitAF I 17Tibyth- eohnipian's r 11 I j.
__1 I ":, i .7 T" ==% "' ,. 11 "I ,qffi -1744, to-' 1, : -
,,, : r 1 1, ,
Now will, che`r_1shT.yb'u"e, i 1. I ''I 1,,,,, ,, I) -1 I 1'' 'N._- III,' "., -1 ItianI. go rn ,C,,,,. 1, .1,. 4 -1 ,_:: I I np jn, e, ye._ t. ,
"" i, ,- V jeer ,,r, .) r ][nd, T'Vo,
1. I %Iif.;Zv-,", I 14i,, J 4 'En n 46oh ) .
I ,, 11 _i -1U ief, do La I -tI6 I ffi i Hal ,_ t 1 I .1
I Movad6'A lcli.,o'y6m-y6ui ,,:, ,of the 6 idreV e ` 'ft4henia I '
11 ,I,,, I !, N. -
1 I I I I I I I ,,,, I N I I 1, lan" inent, 41!6,
,;I i I I I I I i,Z 6dy'Wi'
_-,,," &I hont 'oRof, 14V -'' ,I ;, ,, ,,- ,f '",'' r, ,I,, *.,51 _LL -A- L ,
-,', ,- 1rp111sVst'o (a Hills "' I I 11 -I.'
P, 4q 11lb ic NIPP I '-'A'4connff; Ent"', If ais'-zind Iatk, OSEP OG irf, in eriadtio, I ere. ".! ; .1. I
_0 % ,' ,'_, -, 1c alf
,.: 'r'- -
-K -0, "" I ', he oP1Qr4,\--- Inltu -, '. _, rl 11 I r ,, k -1 -, --): ,ill ;_ -,I I L11 I 161rdI 11 : I
--, 4 r I 1, "
I "Nf OLYIoAfs 0 J-, ". I 11 11
-T, 1,S,Y'1Js',0b-s6iVzitoiY1 t 1, I Z nt gold:IBct. "" t_ "' `1 '6 1ain bflori ,the a,oh `41,1_ E 66I EdWi'Y afia
1, I 0 I,- I I I I I oix de V1 evs, Etlgldeej; ')?or tal', r ue i ne,,'-
ljgura.,dJd I I L'A '- J1 ...... ,' .. 1. _J V I 'L I ir
kl ,- I IL I I 1 1, I 1d.,S ; I ,l -,, I I k, .
,'Ljchdtel)'- T ,' ":, L __' ,#;,!: ,,,,!,, bralof I (AAW I -'as 'tbabY., 11, I I I ,, i _
1, I I I :, ,' I d)ireQt6r Gen' I F -1 L4b U, ,
IT I r I -11 -,nptlvihSI'I I st, he ,:, I~ % ,
IT,,,, r I -- ; .-TI1 1. I 'I I I I qat;op. ,, I I I ., 7,VPYOr .C.ottr- ilio e,,,desqribe .J .

Son the run 'as they become as ty re o
SUN- l TI S obleto athie old wooden sdll- '
THE HAITIAN.ENGLISH GUAGE NEWSPAPE Do tourist Interests h 'nd hav pliton ngie ai#01
SCommunity Weel blhed Sunday M ing in the U.S. (after all the U.S en ch da
aKltor-Pub~lier aASD D II.I..travel agsit .Lk afine profit. t f ia into, J.oit. H li i
1erat-sn H w L B- froq. tourists visiting Haiti) hlow, 'in rt t rt
.ernt- onBsaMbe M LAB how little. time there is left. In ow ter s raqe
'T-.LiM sla th .m w.:the i f ,i silhe k d
I ". .. ..EsTABr m .n iom. .. Mr. RUSK.SCORED vhwen to salvaged me tiousiry *mto ii0
Dear Editor: and. build an airport?' tep*F ,ton:.*".nie
'Iwas veryATI '' upset to readhat & W hp a...... + A."
S .AME.RICAN FOIEEI I ... Deltia Airles Is suspending. its Mr. Rnus the JU.gS, Secretry e' .i
S- SHOWS ALTRUISTIC AIMS service to Haiti. Not that I am of State according to a number all th eartiratlil'ag
S ,, a..voyager by. any airline nor do 6f American columnists declared turala' .and eidica$nosaVl pq.
The program of the International Cooperative Ad- I have any elations with Delta as Punta Del Este that United athd were al"_,tdsih
I strtation of the United States Government, now the or know what kind of servicN states was going-to build Hati'.s is thUe new .aiort.'Whai|h
Itteo fnathioUnal Development, dos t:e d they have been giving the island, airport. Coiud Mr. RUsk :havuje ieof tliese proje4i It
f4or, agbnc raeonal Developant, a What worries me is the real mei- nxed up iounlries or 'prpjec.t .try,. i'g-ngo .fail
196j, is s arized i a brochure recently savaila son behind Delta's. suspending -a`' there appears-to, be. ih. Ai- d ay isbialtid l for
ton F' service, to Haiti. It is, I am, dication of any airport building n.g a.n -po r
S.for titely ne 'Atthe, sentences to firstmeet the sure,: neither of those advatePdF beginning at this moment., bdhJet oiret., 'hdud.
e!v:' sqims question.ble; "Haiti, the Western Hemis- by tie Company in the notice Do people here ad. in the U.S pr Woty. v .als iher.pri.
.; 'e..s. ..io..; :'. ..l .l ,- *... F ,. F p bished in your newspaper and. realize how niiaobortant a Jet air- aid wauld 7so 'ne "ltizaJ
pheothr newspapers in the Capital. port is., to a country beside.4s th seeS' tie e danger '
.To .any S le .fam.. th ati, .A.e .a The real' -season. behqlna .Delta touret aspect; Ar-cargop. b without' th4s* oK,
f there istno 0ned i e ferus..rbados, his more leasing Haiti is the lack of Jet o ome more regular' as thbeet Rnis ct. n.and:i."ik
h'tla 1006,.people per sq uare-mile and Puerto Rico.has facilities here. I an. ready to has greater eargo carrying ca-. ai
Smo.e thal':-650 people,/.pr square-mile, compared with s*tke-m life on this. -F. ,-' "nut.
|365 pe"pl; per square-mie in Haiti. Of .curse, Puerto is a. i Caribbean Construiction oSAt
to .e and o "i ,
':tRico. hua h ieome oin ted more, to inoards iindustriGa- b oming re F ai .more ii... ... .
t eee .of'Govnor Mno riBt to eep: pisto plos Builders Of The Miita ry i
o a aricut l economy .even. .. .. ,.
S.. Gen.Manager'era HEAR

Ioe reject ,the npuebli. ion ..tablishes- oi tan- Adbn. 'Phone: 13915. io%
,g olint:ir e T de d .ofte .Aec- people. u, R obinson was very inFtp .
oie n to F tth oplta Gov: :editeo meetiig- with Hatin
VCri ki. of Ha.itiA mere survey. ofthe projectest bird authority, Leonce Bonnefil .
l.,i es hebreadth f erest in sbobjectie Agri- and l he indicated that i e was h
cult eh aidrral .edi otin,. public health ,a b sa n
;pu i a utrai. n, traffic inmprverent, p .ubF t c onal 'servaon a a bird0
Swo ,a' rsieatte .r sa and for the ,preserva-
of T Tennessee' aTfey Authordtydevelopment. Opera- 0tia of other wild life.
l irPV.+e Cole is a program 1f "the integrated Deve G"A'' LL ER QA
F.t; F ,. Haiti, the birthplace. of Audu- ..e+a,. d.
uto. e* XhF FViln:: ho.bon mous. 'igteerit -' :
F F ., should.at.,1e t should -at -. .. .
Th"o tiose Ame ha e a. branch s oiety aur
Srum911 14 U ,n the States med after him and a sanctu v ed
Saq ia ter; third o even thbirds' native to th ounIM .R S ... .0I
F.pF.e ,F..ui1, i~7A. There hlias' try i eemberance. to himr ,. C ..Du.ERREl'. v.Dena F.
.-o s nw.sssome of the Florida members O.DUPERRIER _,
'be" l.m irec tion hid-';cbxei ess'" wastaggbelieve.
eign-aid activities. Haiti Holiday. Tours, who took A.MANCHE .
Scare p the visitors during the' '
sieen;sOqe. ds well invested without first visit earlier in.the year, '
S0u0s''. O ..uick oo.stidtion of the pontoon bridge provided, transportation and dri-
acrdss I.t ake ,A.jlgra ..e to..,rgopen traffic to the verguides for this their second )c
populd$s southern coast after months of stoppage,' was our F. .
an outstanding job and at moderate cost. Any project .'
which-cohserves, develops and utilizes water in Haiti Unicameral Opening
is a g '. investment no 'matter almost the cgot. In the (Continued from page 1
'same category. one can place any investment in educa- lamentt and three newly elected h '
Stion. .hestudy of, trafficcontrol'was inexpensive and Depues were gn the oa ..
e'o Ae. Luc F. Francois wvas re-
has gen gbod returns, a project in which Americans elected President of the Unica-
are well qualified. There is evident a gradual orienta- eral; Jean Julme, Vice-Presid- r
tion in these aid activities which seem for the better. ent: Gaston G. Zarnor, First Se- LA
cretary and Franck Duplessis ESSO STANDARD OIL S.A. (Linited)
\ Second Secretary. .4
The three new deputies taking VOUS OFFRE
Un ,,,,.,,..LI their seats in the legislature ,
Chatelet des Fleurs T'-
Swere Fritz Balmir, First Circon-LA GAZOLINE ESSO
: :scription of the Grand'Afise, St. L LA GAZOLINE ESSO
P i GARDEN PRODUCTS Pierre Excelleent Elysee, Gona- PREMIER STANCE
Are Avaabl "Eclusil At ives; Joseph Sarcellus Maxi, of PREMIERE- EN PUISSANCE! .
Are Available Exclusively At Dessalines. 4 F PREMIERE EN ECONOMIE'.

and RIGA D GROCERIES Young man 29 age, Certificated DE QUALITY SUPERIEURE j
rf La Salle University, higher .
High. Class Iceburg-Lettuce Accountaincy-working for c.eP.. VOYEZ VOTRE
I. Degree, offers his serimees to V
Strawberries, Broccoli, Water-Cress the commerce. DISTRIBUTEUR ESSO!/
Broccoli, For complete informaftions con-
t; U ftact No. 12, Ruele Waag, Port .
S ith Unsurpassed Standardsof Food-Pury au Prince, Haiti. .*.***' ii
W 'it.' F.. ... F.' '" S tan" .. ..


Haitian Shangri-La

Owners Of Petionville Hotel Make It
A Home-Away-From-Home, Particularly

20 girls from high echelon lam-
lies, showed them an,. issL of
THE DIPLOMAT in which a'cti-

Regu'larl.v featured at Lih lat.
trr is also the Variety ballet
Company, a talented young dan-
cing group trained by the Shind-
lers -- particularly, Tony Shind-
ler, son of the -El Ranchc own-
ers, who serves as master of
ceremonies and arranges .the

."'rn, E' Rincho sp"'.ilales'
delectable French nd Cret
cuisine, but American dishes a]
have a place on its am ple r A
nus. Pain palate ('swee.t-pota
pudding), by the way, :s the
tional dish .of Haiti. Horn
flambe (flaming rock lobster):



S' H A I 'tI

SU N ''

For Americans vines 0i aeeouanmes arni "mr spectacular shows for which his delicious here, as are the mus
Junior Leaguers were featured, mother designs the costumes. room soup and the, Haitian c&
SThe Februacy number of located in Petionville, the. moun. and ended up by organizing a Taking an avid interest in acti- fee. Mango pie is a favorite wit
the- Diplomat, an elegant tain-climbing suburb of beau:i- Port au Prince Junior League. cities at' El Ranchq is ulso the many visitors, so is slick-paper monthly journ- lul villas and gardens that in- Today, .members frequently Shindlers' 10-year-old daughter, cream. Avocados,. bananas. all
o of ofswank and enviable variably delights the visitor:. model at fashion showing;; of na- Jodi. figs are plentiful on locale bu
status .has an Irtice entit- A true -Shangri-La in Petion- tive designers at El Rancho. Like other luxury htels in tue (Continued on' page 1
led "Haitij an Shangri-la ville, and one. particularly ap-
,.ith two wholq pages about pealing to visitors front th6 USA,
:Hotel El Raniho' :,na-4 its is 'El ,Rancho. There's a very *
tAharming proprietors B e n special reason for the success of
d Muriel Shindler, Nice- this .luxurious hostelry, or, ra- Immediate Jet Clipper* Connections in Miami to,
,).-il.ustrated :Jt Is high- other, two American-born Ben, .
,~ advertising, for, Hait iai. Shindler and his wife, who own
S,eould .have happened.,to El Rancho and manage, it, and "
o. deserving, people than who, have imbued it with their ..
il iand -Ben who are io own extraordinary brand of hos-
'veriug 'in';the best. of pitaitY .
~Vi Vie to' visitors afid to tith a.b.reath-taking vew o ... ;
S., Ranchbo has 55 r oms in its spa-
ta i hirb inflicting ,ious niin buildings and iftiga- -
omNi'50( holes away; aco-s the .ows, accommodating 110 guests
,kC" e a n '" .. 'a *- a q" tl L" : t'
w Papsie. and a finger ndi, offering them a genero'
'l ard Jamicai"a lo-.' sample ,rot only of the ge ra
ii llde oted to oetie. 1- .beauty -of the island 'b also its
ccupies t "third, of the jsl- artistic accomplishments' ad its.
..,of l-flsVqtiQea ..(Esp1iol*n)!. gas trnomic onders.
-e la.dij-s Hai.ti.. an alwayss Like "many touiuists, .Mr and
nti ani often. mysteo s Mfs Shindler- were enchahtfed
I-i1 t1U rianunds: in- color- t hjHaitid o" 'their first 'visit::
contrasti;, .stg' custdMsg and oh eted ery: ti the tool to
deaufil s denery, m he Caribean 'there after he'
,e-:ew .*. nd s.i e to. w.in: upr. .. .in
l.n-g n .i d -. r -- S. a s t ..e
plain. But 'o attrnctiiln Lut. w'A Seabro ok t bb4, e
li ,than its jud, Magic '-nd:' n ,-4ue brs.T
iring, soft spoken inhabia.ts they decided'. to' nmike it their,
s1 tb ejoy, lif& .:. nore hdm So, ,twot' a half.a years'
t. inos ople. Ale lMIteir ag6, they puc.hsieE iReoho
he s aind started rxakini-A e Haitian
n, i.p....ekoos; anW $hang~" a,. 1s lbbcome:
-to e aa illtell oW. li .a n hdler prm dent .,d
J:-general m ahagq I.o, t his a
'Oedd" daitW i"r byai ". lr j,"blre!. hostelry longkiexi pehee
d y 'ds .1from 'New in- the 'esta&iant ~.. .hoe elds
a ;e-qu ti strongg defr litto
1ii&El m' Mi ari,, $e' El' anchoro guIe0s fladess
Prrnoued 'service an super b cdmfort.in pre Ntec ruins.- and oat-
ancethcaptil i i eiebantg '.telaxed Haiian ng gardensarat Xo.liirildo.
80 es C .A 0 'i oqph re ,s ..Vr'
S"iw"th rtiel; tO.i her friends and, they are .'
9 ,thiltbdbd fin oa .' many-. as enhanced: the-Moor ..
'Pdc -s'a."g.t boh-.. ih atchlee:ure and contem or- : IYiejt Pottau-Pnce o'uTesdy ,
r ,ty toged by ".iac ay furisbin. wz.th. native ,Friday or Satur day 4 9:15 AM. ",
.ojudice and inihabit' -" n isdum 'excellence'.. And, wih Giant Part Ater i Jeicdn Jethiten'.h hkiAk" .,t.. ., ,
e.ve po p e w t take. her. hilsnd, .hs:made El Ran: ...
..... e.''te. lighfful hiome-' :" y~oU Trom-;Fo6ridM- to' Mexio Cy T..- .
"prd i tn their cou.r c"h a '...tel. Y'..v- u riv.g fli ueContin~nt's mnot.'.
r i cent seener 'fi.' if'eifoi'r.i' cou 's MI'AMI -n, ," '
"."" .ktioni, anid d. .-A... .colktopUhtlitAcdp~taljus~. after as smnip'~. '" "
',it.1 1. tiS," ethe'&diers os dier' aloft. Conpfete- round'- N 1U.A
p'-'p'ptioio of' .250q1),ip u in theW aitian iridt y CWs fare .i US, $253' cPO A
c t the air.'look, ent has handed beyond it m eWet Vie al t
ijgk&ga fobur-tiered w ed immediate confines.' In a cori- is Veriedaon the Ytxcatanpeninsua., -*
..ith ,.the 'main part, .- :aratively ..hort'ime, they aye .
eP l ',corie 'i" 'o'th e, d :Explore.'ncientarhhaeological sites__ ".-.,,
r cool suburb, 'o" te fre f'e .m...a : .of. the'.M ayan civilization. Luxuri-
1he -ehifd 2 ne'voevetu iich tiy us hote ahconimodati6is afe avail-
Z .tdr tol;' nscI .
Mri toW .;'.&sl .... rt and which Mrs,.. S- able it .bargain Mexican prices. -.
diwi; d1j ',even lde t'dis9s an 'or hanage, .La d, e",o 'i: "'s yh
Sls des Enfanla, in: a 'kivel, eUYcJ 'itjr bs "everything! ." ..
.Ie: that i b t sd hcoh- Sm.arteshbli," a bira(cing (but tropical)
lunch or' 1 e&: ..%letely %,~ ~neo 'nd set"inmate,',l."ghts, superb dining and
t.M er.e"- with-the -srices 6f a doctbr international "c&iHtet life, See,your
roe a. Itatrlt, t nurses, and attenridants. Children TIavel Ageit or Pan -Am today .'
pdeani lpij ?g .he e aa,e'dep.ted. from infancy and.discorer,*how 'dbglightful a holiU-
ubil snernoybiy tihe. through schobl.agi or until adop day in jet-close Mexico an be. ,. E. R O
Se beW and i itorb, and the entire cost is borne
w ritWui playing Haiti's aclk by the Shinrler. ENJPYTCE LESS EXTRA OI ENCEDIRLINE
..on. bd ".mt.win Mrs Shindle-r.also"sta'ted the
JuIi or League of Haiti -a vent-
.Prt ACtPrica's hx- ue ior'*hich she gives T i .. PLACE DE LA REP LOG-U RET; CICE L'EXPOSITION
St ast~he LO-,AT. inuch credit. Seoims
J. .. .. ....Vk t -. 4 --. h.-
a `i.w h4 mi.
N. ., .,L.&- -

u.,.7:S pmS' 'a1msm I-i ..:(2 ,i, : .c*:-S .
As I
"e ;A.&,n. (2 e-it"o.)

I 3 -"e '" ... "6
.. 'l i .' -A' P'"

Ma l' tae% gm

:30p- usi P g Tele-Haiti) .
S550pm-Evening General Progra Schedule

on-,,1 Haiti's "Gingeibad Palace" and med .ostelery -the Gand hotel Oloffson. show p
S:4p-Chdrens program Haitian architecture, exquisite iine and contented living. Set amongt a ofd of tday
re9:' lat` b.e-

9:r' 62-f.Telecep.na V .. .

S7:00pm--oe..iss Bnx4bs Athe .. "
S "Opm o and-gardens the Oloffeon, complete lla eoli th. i lt si
.-'- A*

F ixpa -' .. Te.e-Haiti .. .. .

'.6.35pm. -W report ... .v.
6, 4 0p -Chf..n's program *. Haitian architecture ,exquisite cuisine. and ontented l.ing. amongst a 0,rd of t a t .r

.. ""- S. ..6 "-" _1 z zPv- Ict, 4 I

L I t

e s i tr( V1tkouno avn ce thee s wpi\ aie
bdISsh esf hav Ggn nod tl e soti

a ei tjttp ribeoken the Whentpict of wo
tthy xp cta ton coptra ok workers t aeuve'

"lily qpertisde maeting*hs1wagenie
rs ; oe whgheem e
b11 Thhkdg e inis 16tda hejb
vise~~ ~~~~~ rdy i ate whi thet workeW 'of them-ta'c,-__ ha

Th aalh pr

-G~~o 51 -boe- 'mor moub-Contractnimc
'curds es L ',co vise J~~~~~~~~~~~~ ifiie'diately- adl,'~~~~~ th hij geni sl 5---When tub-ontrVto Or p.'h rres a O worikee npl y rrsll be r gp lb eye ,b', ,. seectrvicesr n ine onr e ,C(n So

'th L ) t tha fiad been, is k i~; as aoontinle y; bp,.',rn Abehf'lthof abn tempao Ser tno lon erea efsransweraeng ge for theto bmf aT remenh
eW Pta enine onnc pago10

~utis O bite Laber

emp ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ep oyedsalsk.fiii

anu ank

ofkI A

ppxt f ttie'contraeth pa-esr-ia v

fl uvQ1iier Labor Code
... .. ( ued rm page ) .

.he sa.i. nr "m.edtaryi f ..om the moment. th employer .has auth-
O niedhim .to 6codu C 's business .or *he has accepted a deviery-
S ', "
of -Te--eterpnied^l etablised which promisess to
tite .-htir o person' soie...eor.-r'-, teir, own uxiliapes
St cpniibeed:? as inmqrmediaes,. but 'as e-iployeas, ais
ei`d fwll f.ftdeStood that those aVliaries do not .cosis.
tr ir.strunients of work "
-t.'47 ;Whdenfi a worker i...conpl e.. with the term of his.
a"'t"y"w-f .foi as ., nself M o igatbon
$#alcI ,.saa 3ord:,aas. he maeistt beforehand
s 4 A ,n` l"Qe.i 'who t come. het,.'im
V 7if '- '.,..... '- .
tw$":,:4 / -'C..
l'j4 4. 1 ,.WW&WJIW~rrI~W7 ta1'.4

c~t.4' hr'orn'jo~'dioit*4~~ Foqow .
44g ~ JA AtS t
A e2.J ,a aIto L1 o
V__ 't~~ k. t~ ,~,t~Jbatya e

AGM 10 :

'- '"
tillJ- :

*- ': : ,

" .f... .*,,
"?-??: .'.!

A. ~ r.
V N ~

14 ,4..r ~

. i-j j t o t .. ? r T .'iT ,

'. o "
D. tT a v a hr 1 ,. ;. ..i,

A ... N..
..--: -k -- .. -.. .. .- :,s

Article 5.0a-The collective contract of- work ,is aln agreement on i
the conditions bf "work' to be ,adopted' by '. IBO BEACH'
,. One or several tradp uniont.'In the' absence, Iif..such ogan .. ', *: .'
izatiori, the delegates of the workers.n one-.hand. ONLY 30 MINUT.sI ,.
O ne 9, several organizations of ernployers,d;. o. any t'her .
group,'t employers or. one, 'or several: employers takqn as .. ,. .
individuals on the other hand.. Iri 'RY tDGJ, '.'
This .cntact ,can. contaird iomen provisibnis .5lore at the advanta,-
esb of the workers than the .one' lreseen by:the Q64e dfWork, but. "
ca n-t. no. case 'depart from theilaw .reguflba ting publicorder. .;" .
SArticle .51 .be. reiprntatves t 'above-mentieoned6grp oc uo ..AS ORTA- .
Vi g4mztion can ebntradt in' the'a.rin'e t the "o'ranIz&tidn d ..
they represent inM uvir ofte ,3 1 .:, ... Q Y L
.)E t.so t itu ry 'o i sio .of. his ogaruza i.n :. '

2o. O af$. a e .is.... ,.
'Si e-tecial .deduhi$'ointa b t '' a r'!ielWiBip : M-a'1

o e )."..e ', *"eei rit ib ordLdth g vea td mi '-t. .,, :'",
..ti~.~T cla5.2a: e c~ici' dbi,.. O ,o., ,,,s FO,....,., :,M.. :4vN)''
", .n&.: o,,,,-, "e ,,. ..
t c a[ i I %Ie.d ; o.'d-.%' ls ....... "... -

.- "t wM.Mr.,

UNDAY W'-A L th, .196 .,

.'. (Contlnded fro~1. page .) o .
,Article 54.-The .collective co' i t, of, work with a. spec
duration di-n be cancelle at the will-'of'one 'of the parties wi
p- tjudice to what is stibulated.in the, existing code of work re
.., ... .' -t ,. 1 '
to the contract of wik' and notice' h t
'. Aicl'e 55.- e coptrae ust stipulate. how and -when it
be denoaced,: renewed'o v'ised ...
rcle 56.-T benefits andobigtons of the collective cOr
of work .gd to allerplfoe.s, affiated br riot' to the cbrrespoi
trade ,unino"and' se W .he-.establishments included in the co
ivq, agreement;"it shall 'bbithi same for the. employers, wh
they are- A ssoclat& d,' onot*,wit the organization included. ij
- contract. -
tc 7Atte request trade union that mig
intested, or oni initiation of the Secretary of State forg
San.ociJ(el~ L th.p ribstons.oi a; collective contract .-'
can be' maae tp Isory mpleran e ye s not
ed-or fof ttave no beerimentioned. in thep sai,] co
",.i e ."- i b the provision. o
dap tra6dWOiA rt6ose pra io apily tthe
1 e ltl. i ma,.-
ditifrats :bf wb at.,ht aye.,l: een 8a as wi him e
t 'v"s "....ta. l ,..,.dudl c cts.pt worked ate
e, o ,, '. o ..

ey 5 ) :ov'iins., of .the, 'elxstingi oan 'the: avoid
S twice given the empleE
'* pli4 ^o; n6.4ibo. by y a' elective: cantrac'I-
w. o;0 prosin f the said- contrae, ,are mo6,'iavom'rahl

"i gur lals~ wich to be iadedto the 'PDrectian
Snet t vail' and one foreach of the tiwo parties .
Sc..es.-ent t$ -.shal c ',ie into' force immediately a.'wfter ha
..ree''",gi d 'a .""ife.Directon,... Geneale. du Trlv "', withh]
:ii .imNuffin 1 d ays ajee their.'sigiatuge Tbhe63 mi
xam 0 e s q le.s o f onrk ac "
,'e &dr' e rs .their' regf ita 'o '.'.Se .t, "#Deto
iet reezx r 'oehs .o. tahe p i emng. t article se eqi
..Ii4Sa d. -si. o ,r. .e ,.a,,, :- a cpjlctiv. '
6.. .. ... ;

sal aplica according to th at i f
e t Jin4oyees .ise du- bonus and .other advant d 'r'l
S d to f "salaries', : I ''
,, ',,' ,, ;j.-.i v.: .., ..."- '

., we pdeed and th work. executed. .-

7- he editions of work. .
Provisions about the proceed ure, of revision, alte'ration ;'
.celation and notice of termination, of all or part of
Contract. .. .
9-Methods of organization and function of a training ce
1% view of the professional preparation of Haitian tech
fans destined to form, a technical staff as quickly as poss
in cases when that training is provided by foreign tech
:,4A. ,tin" .. es o' "

The place and date for the signing of the contract bea
the signature of the parties or that of their representative
Article 63.-Are considered as void the provisions of a collect
contract of work by which the employer agrees to:
1' -Employ workers only when, they are members of a tI
,-o 't ', u,,on,-. o Q ,..'

u. uon.
.,. -Dismiss the workers when they, no-more, belong to a tr

S '" union. .
3---Apply the sanctions taken by a trade union against one

several of its members.
v64.-In oaseo f aoidaice ofh a cothte oso0ti contract of wait

j, ,'-S U N ." ':L S"U"r'.;. "?t,
-S "' S : .. .M.- :. ;* '7 ," ....

by dissolution or _bscontinuance of a trade-union argazi on li Haitai nShans i.
happens to bea .party fd this agreement, thbe, workers in the. n On ''
wokr s, .+.: i ....n 'the aw ',ets,,.In'''ggnftrt -FHflt v
6ified whbom r i'th ective contrct-. was signedd-ia reep ork oi is: .rf ad
t it according to the stipulations o .this collective, contract: .': ., ,g. 'rld., cui e .. ,a
lated The cancellation of a. collective contrt .must hot bring less ed specialties. in' PoIt
favouraole conditions of work for the workers.' '- restaurants aire 'iwis
., Article 85.-When, -n a enterpirse, tw4 tird of the wo es beef cookedd a 'lr.g
embers of'a. trade-union organization established inside :the sid s eems 6 tell
*' ,enterpri.6e the employer is oblige.'to phb, a collective contract. 'cri kpt. ml c it*
t r a c. "" I
odin work 'th the 'trade-union if ..the -latter .produces a request, to .siminerd.in a-ht
lle t th is e e ,. : .e, a n c .L u
eer iArtilee-t66iThve coUetract comes to an eridi .-,. .i. a 4gnes af!
ether....... *'
h a, the cancellation of all the. co6 acts ,of work related to io esarein is i .i
-the enterprise: as awhple or .a .ts of the coiectivve-C.,c 6 :Petihoinl1e; the*4_
t be "." ve:l tion; -., 4 ; : '- *- : 'i t- ; 'tite..
.bb. mutual .agreem t 4 7, Q.. I t and h tel
3-for'thereasons foi4seen in the .converidhi -itself .. ng t
udc, by dissolution f .tli. ade-unox, or: one o.he d at -y t 4 in"ue'r i
racla unions .. i r assed th cqllUecte convention, esrkadt'Ha tid>..
t r edration
tArticle'. 6 .m, inth same ente.rpis ;, their arei va trad f r
Sc p s. owndkeqrrk e.wr belongings to, different l rade-i niA
Their collc conatracs ay coexmst. However,; t. i n
qfa:, i.e ...an.ct e ..ed.. "tie ...."atf"ar at""'k t c '
-,'c -i' greater advk'antiages :, o.th 4l '2 *. .:.

Sbeir tha1n th d, al J eI Jqi mooeslr at btfo t Iak b-
-- a t t oithel u ialdu ravait4 actor odi ork aithe. M e -Y

ced lure prcrib d in the.presgnf Obae., ,g wH Gi n
7-" A* ce sa.nie ltvisions 'onte hsing-eodusttyriail.fo
,r escrbd-jl..s ".5 r .h 1 *. .. n an
I,:I. .... I ', ; *.. ..... .....7
Le io I.ofoth fo

9e;' cddure Ih TpJ!..&onb Code-a g.sW ikni4,^
Sssey tire ii tortst.:f-,

g I 'GIVES 'aNGER RV a o
dil i y tq' 56 GREATEth TRrTgOh 6ftick Ca nolird$eor the! outq
.;' -* HuskYb i doeub'i-ch.evro cle A rtesr r i
Vpodpo. Th'eis. di a t vas ht n pper l

'of ^m b"ilt to its -in fared hp- I as.. b.,t th stuioud.tourist o

e, .;con ies en.-y -:no loca.zed waf.s to witness the h s.
,i : ~e~ded'' in,.e^s te-ssa e that rause u es y all'-nght sessions will have tooe., "|
o. fa' es 1 g a4'ae hC l el -

they Ke K Beour oth- equip wh calookingta to slee frh'-
*c o Fb N o t enonhe, thK Isoa-
oer s'B ',~.~~. "o Rob S aokS dS r e. iasIE pitiordno be p res lipy ""'a
:the '. t' thei. "
p ""r '" t unfOcqss y tref ures'. -e s-or;.. use rf tie.-

e twithstaid double the Im- trat the National Mu 'um and'
c pact of ordinary materials, .. v o, scion 1 featured -a,
ible resist--heat blowout. and TEARThi-MOVINs l Museeim of Ethnology. '

nic- flexfbrea' ..ut t ., Of. ae sLh. I ansP iert thsant. 1he attractions .

'" ... ." Port au Prince, 'every"'vsitor:",i
x( -. n o Haiti should ses e .two .ut.

tiI? -grtiae 4La feir withe a esnl

y .. "" "' ."" nineteenth century, 45 "iit'es.b.
Sn t OdotUR IheTRIBUTOR: u tiplane from Poaet au Prince,
..COMMERCIAL GoWILLIAM NARRc S. A. e vi'inity of Cap Haiaen. I'eli
.TUST RECEIVED ,. way, tp glimpse those .r hist.

ade B. GOODRIC *: Tires and Tube n- Batterit ters ss eto y over for tell
Po e Prince dayl spewd t ae gnhti, a fly

or r. PIRRE SANSARIcQ QJeremie back i.Une y p Pore s a." Pi'
the *. resist .-hatb o 'an R O,..-. .V -.NB Museu ofEthimIoge. i.h e
e brea k s. ocI ker -SOh n or- tohr itan ekadri-ioi.., l ,
ork 'P rincearH or-everye, guaie .'..-i t o. .4..,n
Ha-------IA 4'an--
Tht-'eeet a
FLEX-RITE NYL N ,,dingujpla- cesont pesr. nh tha e is--t-,
tito e '- z' ~s.&L" ej" e Lafiaterrhi relof th.e ear
withtn .dYoublepD .' ai-T-R:t' e p lane ftroam Portou Prinee'h,"
'ad., C McIA-WL mery nARR, S.e A.' o thfcinig. ofCa nhlbe, the'tl%
B o oV oce visitonders ist fly eover k fo ,,rth
de 8s.GODICH Tiresan Tube -oBatteneaday, sp'eind the night, andefgy.
rc- PlexnSANSAO OR anthedCyoure HAithan hangitrj'l

G ALe -Q eho..d.yo u h e-a .*ay-zrocu%

arkOo 'NAD R S.JtA EJi SaitSMns- oe .i.Pal e an ,...e,.t

,orki. -`. ,.,G ,.ni-At

II I I I i I d i I I i "" i. I. .I I. .... ... .. .. .......... I
.. .! .. .., .; _,.': ....:....:. :=. L.-." : ., .,:::.:.:,. .'. <'-'. '. ', ,.:,'):e .": !;"' .i% :'. ""a, ?.
" :t' ,-*',..". .,i: ".." :,,.; ,'.."a ::" ,"t" l'.f'::. 4ur d".i,", ''' f'','i d,"UU.


KPAGt 12

Text Of Cantave's Address Before CIC Lunche

SText Of Cantave's Address Before CIC Lunche

SHistory Of '0

(Continued from page 4)

mud lot ~ever~ ocea-.&
. -r /
bolsn.OcCo '~&~


SUNDAY APRIL i5th, 1962'.


Closer to our day, Zambil, Brignac; the Standard Fruit Company,
established isolated systems for meeting their own needs.
. Being doubtless inspired by the studies ordered by Portal to
.e carried by Anoteville in 1765, the Vincent Government attempt-
ed to produce Watering the lands of the Left Barik of the Artibonite
by,, the. construction of three small Systems, success:vely, on the
TMaury, .Boucan Lafete and Bois Rivers, contrary to the Contral
'-;System preconised by d'Anoteville, in order to join the waters of
-etse three rivers. This resulted that the isolation df the sources
0 '. A ..
t water_ was fatal'.causing considerable loss, so much so that
.ie volume of available waters was found to be insufficient 'for
.S1igating the 95 Habitations of. the Region.
.In otder, probably, to. continue the. series, the Lescot Govern-
iment aided with the bstablishinig 'of a Source of. Funds, at Laurent
'Mauge, not .far .from Desarmes but which was not completed: ..,
A', F allowing -an unfruitful trial of irrigationss from the waters of
te.-Elster River, SCIPA' built a system at Moreau, near Pont-
bnd this system may be said to have? had happy results obtained
!r00 carreaux.of andid-upon whicliit was designated,to irrtgate.
J this 'success., without doubt, which-.aused President Estime
dtriake' the con. ti-k'dn.o- th'o.. Pligre Dam which was to
.hc.ares of irrigable an in the .-Artibonite Valley
it st arantee a certain amount t6 w.ellbeing for the 104,832
l'i sl.fi.stalled in' the :Valley,,,. .
onstrctinf' wrki, 'being "compipldedL. the functlohing .4nd
"t ,apc' f.' `the Dalii', adilts obligated conriexes, such.as the
o pads, 196; Ims,. f 'a als and ,drpins,,about4,000 works
,-io. .the ini ,,.nemnt'..of lifting condition-, among .the
eqbi: d,, the i irepn if an, institution. :It was, thus. that:
a tin d eyblopm'tqn de Vllee de l'Artibonite:
r m b .virte,' of the *laW E ofSeptember 2 "i"45 :
',1-*I,' ,. : ... ; ",. .... .' -' "
.B l i ,: .. ;, .., "
o .theattrbtip1 ns .and tWei role 'of the Odgazation,
.thin th a ted. ai#. inner,

Bee^ i). ODV.=ai to of W'idh ib

kTestabluh areiiGa' 6t cdmi'ty" :ODVA .- ,PAMTS"
ppese ult s- i t to -veritably 'touch" the gerve centers
|AK economic development of the Valley. And,. by'means 'of
? tlaelc^ ".tiii Aestnient as well as: by .an active planififcatin of
armin vestent,' -itis so true--L the saying .that ''the best
e4 and ire', bespt ocgaoization is considered that of: the
gofe .iien, '.to ;guarantee these populations their, access- to
i ysil and .erll well-being. In this vay, the con
e .f ..iir .a ; t-:home tokm: as 'w6il "A thi
he wA ang of their role ip the social context,- these, .ad
nes ill organize insuch a manner p that, together. they
0 4cf!nttir".problheS. This ill in: ah abatement of 'th'
s a atinvestmenit which the .pdvety of;i intellctd
.i,. j f ., S lrb hu .. ".
.:vesS 'r 7-''':'- I "*"
Io u"'. .- / .. ._ 4

,1' ... ,, .. .. e
I" eS .- 4


s :Q ..... .
", '',, I ST. WI7.I.H,,S .'
": .:' '.... ; 5 .. .:1 :

Pon1 Orginization looks forward to ind allow them to part:r-ute ini
the day when the reserves of their progress.
the Treasury may be supplied
'D V A from the exportation of this pro- It is precisely for the purpose
duce and by direct income from of. allowing- this mass of men to.
ODVA. Indeed, there is reason participate in the progres- flow-
It is important to keep in mind to expect within the near future ing from our revolutions, .and
that the "intellectual investment that due to the application 'of ra- with the evident goal of dpfend-'
is not unrealizable, nbr unmotiv- tional methods of cultivation, to ing this progress that His Wxcel
ated, for did not the colonial in- the distribution of selected seed lency, Dr. Francois Duvalier"
tellectual investment largely con- to the farmers, to increased and Pr-esident of the Republic, first
tribute to the realization of the more rapid production, 'our rice decided, to transfer the Admnis-.
present Peligre Dam? production will largely exceed trative Seat of ODVA' to the Ar-
the local demand. tibonite; that is to say, to. the
This, method of civiJization 'place itself. -
growth, the most simple, the 'ODVA Peasant- Shoulder, to shoulder with the
least costly, remains the most This Action on the part of OD- masses of the back-country. cobm-
pr o Li t a b 6, however. Ardant VA, together with the realiza- mumnig together pver. their .pro-
points out that "the moulding of tons it has made with the fatten- blems,. cooperating with these
men,' an intellectual investment, ing.centers. here the hps of the masses so that the economic sta-
must be, in the economic policy peasants are nourished and cared bility, essential condition of eco-
for under-developed countries, t ivestock stations thenomic and social stability,, may
given a much more important. Bovine breeding nations, the ani- stained, the ODVA con-
place,' since under the -most di- ml feed incenteas areh secrating itself to theaccelerat-
verse forms :the possibility itself r ed on net by DVA being ed moulding of these populations.
of' carrying out a' satisfectot substituted for he peasants bu his can be seen froim o pro-
plan of material inve-stment isby itue of a ram o co- amof part-time schools and
subodinated tby virtue o program co- Alphabetizatio'a Center.sscntered
o .participation -"ODtA PEA- er the Valley, from the ntens-
StThY." o Vall'y,from the intend
The different aspects which am TRY ng you t keep ive -development- of' our Home
economic realities. present are nd that this OranizdatiQ oes m istip ing of
often. mistaken. It is in ...his way hot, in itk own namdispQse of ~up out r'" of
tudy.wher .intrdue
that wealth as the only direct 'any land parcels in ithe Artibon- discuss problems an'tion
revenue 4s .insisted upon, .while' ite. .If the Organization, 'far from housing improve n o za-'
in rea ty. this wealth ay result fufilling ,the' obligations 'of its tion of codperatIve tay i bu of
from aabatementn the mate.r- mission consisting of establishing collective interest .atters plan-
'ial invesimen't. .' and maintaining thep peasants -ind over-all measures for the
T e i' *ihere' on their own lan and easads antry, thaks ,to't" a'd 'of.
-Thd,. decrease -in .,maintenance on those on -th State, the Pedagogy:.Seti :.' thp Al-l
exposes" .due to.. better -cor- -should.'have decided to assume dio-sViuahl S ce" w em-"
prehension of the.users of- canal therole of 'laie.land pioprietor, po methods:- :lu. placards,.
and drain utilities of the stroet- ibere',wbauld remain no other. deficaltAie.igmsradio 1,
ures do they not coistittite w'dalth ternative for the iUfort iE ate a 'Th' i of
for the -State? The. decrease in chtens" Aha to m ice 'the o ie Or-
;.caes of disease due be...ter in-,the exodus.of!:.e.'-eO
cases ofdease due ..bettr m- the, exodus of olden days: thireby .ganizatiopnor maintenance' f the
d citation 'a tes creating -a dangerous "umpen Irrigation 'and Daiage 'ystem-
ioiughti th 5,rural 'ahiit t.ons, P.roletariate".' Tib ''-echa ed bf the lArtiboaite "nl hin -M e'n-'
s:.:',v t.i A.solu.ton ,of the exploitation "of the. land would able us to pursue theIa gbal
la......'ip ation' ItobJems. in; tnot -'empnty- .yer. three workei of? i.he' promotiai .fei.jyelfare
rgey. f '.u;.o^rug more q.'ietude or a .orty-crreau area-of. land. ,of the'popq aQns.;:oad t in
.and f.. ts 'i htion with re- Just'- thuipkf hat. would be, the- training of.N.,so-
gard to the" e .rt*Wng\opt oM cql- si"'tatui d aen'i vr e.ia promb.b.? update
ti o peations- arths Img populaatiMrh shoulth rah onse tiquepe to"
S: Iase .ization --decide to take over 'the the action ot tbs
.r.n di-ydu .i Vhl'ch ,."increases 40,00A. hectares of cultivable at .ess.s.y
the -hg we t1 pe e ..
the purchase powe treby lands'.ta expioitl:flem t helf,.i .ueplu adequt',,
,benefittinW ip..erncial "'transa.c- what 'te fate :of this .immense effective prottion id hcoserJ
tions aiid fisca i' receiEs? And, mass -'of' agfijcutura] woi'ers action ofthis great lv.-uchj
wehat is ...be ai fi: t e'incid- wduld be. "'The civiliiaiions," 'thevIrrigatio 'Si& ,S iof the 'Atr-
ence o.e -reasegdprodijtion to. again ofie an, ,' re t it -Valley co ,'
on money resou res.-.Already, ways perished beda. ecuse of teir .
..nkst,.tWthe effoits'.of ODVA, ...physical a id. iRt .,llecta n... tarow- History Of ..Land.' ip t-
i dor ipvid rice' (d the ness, .that'is t. 'say,-'from the The anxiety of :.defqIng,, for..
op latibjHait'.nW-6r ige* im- fact thaih i u! 'leave, on y0ou, Qentlien,. the meaning of
l... 000;1,!UO anJlly .which the outside of th irV*n,'the mas- this ODVA-'Actiorl, dould Jot"t pre-
for.rt 1b nenc bdioed ts. llar- ses of mxen much "more- numer, vent our passing ir review sever-
Moe.Sr' :e'4 ,-th,1 eif-' ous than themselves, not realiz- '
pealrsUd'ai'the ing .hpw to'include these mases ,- (on"tinted on page is)

".... F.1 S....R "S, .. ,S ..15 ..

..: ) T E.' 6RNER S.'HOP '' BON E O

.(AM. ,.PR. AND DI. 0" PC. ..


." ''- ,'". ( R(A IM,= SPEL AND DINER S .CLB P B ) ,!-- .,..D .'... -
4 SAVE UP TO 60' PeCent 6N IMPORTS b

..,.. ,. .'FACTO .7,-,


: 'i


| Forges Ahe

One,ofthe most, promis-- eration with -the Department of be;
'ing and' efficiently manag- Tourism and the Labor Depart- to
'?.ed Unions in Haiti is the ment, the. ACGH has reinforced roc
IA.'.G.H. (AssociationL des the '"Roll-call system" -consisting w1l
Chauffeurs Guides d'Haiti). of providing jobs for the guides fun
Its .bautifil bu il. ing according -to an- inscription list "'
stands along: 'the' Harry (at the airport amid an allphabe- be
'Tidnina Boulevard (Gite tical list (at the. wharf). -This me
de I 'Eposition) ii front of system applied in 'many foreign knm
the .Beau Rivage Hotel. countries has proved to be thb the
:*. s a best for rotating jobs. for
ACGH .was' recognized as a '. .. be:
I public:' utility last year- by t e, A Committee of discipline' in:- o
rn Government of .:President Dr. yestigates all misbehaviour : 6or Thh
Frantois DuUalier. It 'is the first conflicts between, a member of of
union in .th. county,; to, have. ACGH or .anybody involvedd' i giN
achieved the.: completion' of its the Tourism business in Haiti pr ,: S
own buildig'an- 'a .with its ;o'w'l abroad. Guides are no longer al- Je
financial resources. lowed in.. hotel grounds unless, GH
According to ACGH President Iauthorized by a representative of for
SIeahn L.. Iernard, a vast.'progr- the Govpriing-Obmmitte.. Disci-,.
am for 'the social arid economic pllnhrian measures range from
progress of iti, 300 members has 15 days suspension to withdrawal
been :initiated : .Te hi governing bof driver's licence.'
1Board elected fQr two years. has, .. -,
'created many sib-com ittees to Since October 1961 a primary.
help 'n carrying put their aimrs., school. ha's been functioning at .
SWorg tionsistanly in 00op- the expenses of, the ACGH mem-

I u tist f., o it .T.he i'
tS .Nav. does

Udoi. the'i auspices -of a 'A esubstawtial a portion of.' the.
U.S Navy TPeope-to-PToop- goods *il1'be distributed by/-Dr;
'Ie prbgu pAm Wto.,truekloAds Mellon to medical and communi-'
of MiSceuaq*ouo medical ty -development centers,- it. was
: s Bplies';,'nutrit'onl fuod, reported. The' m"is6ellaneors' sup-
clothik, magazines, and plies were-.gathered, by U. S. Na-
"dther items were presented vy wives 'and -church. services in
ti 't the 'W rt Schweitzer the U.S. as. part of a People-to-
Hospital at Desehapelles People Program, called Opera
Saturday. tion Handclasp.
1: making the presentation ,ws "
Captain James A. Pridmore Accomrni a n y i n g Cbmmanid-
Commander, of the Navy's 4th er Pridmore to Deschapellqs on .
Amphibious Squadron, two of Saturday were a Navy Chaplain .
Whose ships, the USS .Fremont and U.S. Marine and Navy do-
and-o SS Muliphen, were anchor- tors. Following a tour of the
ed inPort a u Prince harbor this Mellon Hospital they dined in
past weekend. the hospital cafeteria.. "

SThe all coffee ins
"Let's have anot]
,g.- 0 It's no secret that e
S' coffee extra good. 4
The Direction of the Casino International, take beans go into every
pleasure to present to its amiable clients the Spec> Nescafe. No other c
4 tackle of the Season: it's made... tastes
" 'NUIT MAGIQUE" completely satisfyii
the accent is on coff
in the lime-light, the Folklorie Troup of the Casino
directed by the .. 0
n0x1U f a nl

ion: "We: are all ,.united," 'he bbean cutry is i '.ur
skid, 'we, 'e ve 'i' more conflicts e hope, thus' toj aie
with other groups in the tdturisi more tputSti ..ns.', mt
business. O .nain 3$uApose. i% ey riTOlJ befiteth
that every visitor is satisfied., of operaors, the s i.tl ,a1x1
the service of his guide in Haiti. the shop owners ani, it
.Any. comparison with other: Car- runI r th e Gov iern nti
"" .' '. '" .:. i;\i' i' lw l. '





.1 -.


beans in every
b C


itait coffee..with the
her cup" taste.
xtra coffee beans make
48 choice, deep-roasted
flavorful cup of today's
offee... no matter how
go fresh, so friendly, so
ng. In today's Nescaf6,

. .

FE today!

Z es^S iw
so i

r^fa 9aor^
* = '^ ,i : *

"s. ;.you
,F; ~. I ..




. l

rs. Enrollment is already up ; '
103 children for the two class N "
oms built this year. The school '. ENTR D'ART OT E
l1 be enlarged as sooh as more
ids can' ie raised.. Note ToArt Connoisseurs
Next week special courses will : '.:
inaugurated for the.. better- The (KENTRE D'ART? is open AL.WA VS
ent, of the Chauffeur-guides' flotm a9 m to liO3 pn' .. '. L:
owledgpe a8nd .attendance" t .,from 2:,0 n .to 5:00 pm: ..:
ase courses ,will be 'mandatory -' .
r evei-yone.' Main topics: will And Sndays by appoint '..
Hditian, History,' Geography, a..Oi..in,.,
urtesy.,,' and, Publi Relatioh. .. -A '.. :
e' teachers are also mergers Permanent exhibition hang on the gallery's- Sgnd
the, ACGH with a sound lack- ad ciurrnt ,show has"-inthe gall 's first' frpor!.
und. Perseons wth aappreatiO.n ot af uil be re.
aking to our reported, Mr. e isitingthe Art nt -
an Bernard, Presideriti 6oAC A Cn.
expressedhis satisfaction FOUNDED IN 194 d Iab. -l
the achievements .6f his un- u- "" '

A ,. .,


SIrrDAY APRIL 15th, i

I- 'Special Si
For the first time since Rene Armand began looming
, them, the famous Haitian textiles are to be bought at
/ a discount. They are included this week in the store-
: wide clearance sale at La 'Belle Creole.

The fabrics by the yard can the American Interior Decorat-
.be bought at a 30 percent dis- ors Association show at the con-,



t;.. j

halls. That same fabrics is in
use there today, bespeaking its
For lqcal residents, this unique
sale is an opportunity not to he
passed up. The rough-textured
sturdy material is ideal for use
in any climate, and the nrray,
of colors for your selection end
combination can give free rein
to .your decorating ability.

This end-of-the-season sa'e at
La Belle Creole affords other
opportunity for gifts for the
coming events such as Mother's
Day and Father's Day. There
are wonderful bargains to be
found in' famous brand watches,
a number of fine perfumes..
There are- two gorgeous sets of
heavily- silver-plated Dutch cut-.
lery service for titwelve, wliih
are -a find: ; Many other items
for gifts .are available. Go in and
browse around you're sure'
to find something V'just right"
for the occasion.

b6unt off the regular rice of $5. vention in Los Angeles witn .inee
o $6. a yard. All hand-loomed of, these hafidsome rugs".
lid dyed, in ,delicious colors,
these fabrics have been -snapped These farbics stem from the
ip by tourists over the years to hand-spun candlewicks the oeas-
ise. as drapery material,' uphol- ants. use for their candle-making.
itdring and, by the knowing few, In 1948 Rene Armand began to
pr fabulous suits and coals. loom this candlewick and by
'The well-known rugs are on 1949; after much' experiment.-
ale at 20 percent off the regupla tion, La Belle. Creole had the
rice,.'which ranges from $5.50 honor of supplying 600 yards of
P $45.90. Back in 1956 La Belle it to the United Nations to de-
hreole won the Blue Ribbonr'at corate one of the assembly

.neHaiti This Week
S" "Here is a sigh'. to those who usually read
this column, for they'will miss it. for'a few
weeks while I am away visiting with the ,"fr.i-
lein, ""
Mc,; Albert Boyer arrnExeciutve sof6 the Dep-
.artmeh'-o Finance, here and myself .vill .,py
e rtoaGwerny;" .Gtpd ay. as:. guests ,of -the German
.. Coftfee-'LiyngqWe er Linberg of Samburg,-
Sr.. Linbetg weint u.. to see '.the: place 'given
o the Haitian coffee, the best for its flavor in hin more thai three
licreis.iCoffee! Shops of his Corporation called lUbersee Kaffeet.
This trip w' takI is te .New York, Paas an&a XaiSMurg.
',* .Eric Neumulle, a r i~re- 1silors of the Island whichthey
lk'" "Erei r"r"' re'"nd.which.they
&tatWvpj. the :i-xor .Pstic make' their .second, home ., They
n.Holland: called yHaiti a a- & er. taken".ab 'ut y .the-
le ast,-Wekend." He :'.pent Minister' of' Touism Mr..Y'ctor
re tfan;a ek: here visiting Nevers"'Constnlt...' '
I ihel; -Khdury, his **Dr..'- erBert' Emil' .Ludlig
t here'e, andTbeautifuF a artist. Dreher, Fiirst' Secl tary, ".f 'the
.d'etty 4Wichelie: 'Sou- 'German Ermbassy 'in$Washington
,'". 1,' : DC. a. d ,Mr Karl Heiriz Bacies,
o e tMaurice J.' Fleis- a Jurist attached to.. the. -name
.. 'Maior ;an.:City. gnr.- ,Embassy ,'.fle; down. .hera Jast
::Beah',.. New York weekend for-a few.'days.... .
mi.s 0himin d -vely ife Stiley. Baruch, an official fif t
... an. lovely diht Inyternifrican : Banit'in WaihinR-
a.9rie-..Rose'.18 arrived lat. toi, was met at .the airport last
-Itiifor a.' six day vis't i'.Stinday ',by Mt'. Dig-by' Solomffin
9n7witti .; Nathan ip a' reeseitativea of this .organ-
[&.-""'^p.miiinent deni. :-o lzation in- Haiti... Raymond Coal
l'"yotk- and wife Gady's. :pet who went to'the States thrp
Sister. -Th. years ao.is oft 'his risit, here
oppe at the 'E. Rancho. Mr sincq he entered 'thie irhorne
d lis n are' fee i tfit a year ago ii North-C re-


N-=B .m ...: IN,

u ..- .. r MEDIUM PRICE

fNikkorex''.' *CAMERA!I


rq. ....,S .. ...



Haitian Fabrics In


lina... Mr. A. C'de Baca, dn'agro-
nomisf, Head of thetgricult.ira
Divisiorr of the, USAID. aried
last Sunday from a three week
visit to the States. .':
**Beautiful blonde Pne-lobe
(Penny) To*nsend,,a young and
'fascinating' Airline Stewai-ess
from Pittsburgh, Pa stopped. here
this week apd made the trip to
the fabulous Citadel, in, rap Hai-
Ilien. She. was .tutored hera. by
Mr Gerald, ,HJ .Tatham, 'an, E&-'
.glish -Businessman', from .'Hondiu-
ras...This '"ravissante visiteuseW"
plans to-make a return trip here
:n the very near future, because
she loved: it, she, said:
**lMr Martin Wetzler, a Biyer
for.. department storesin :New
'York.and his charming fe ,San-'
dra arrived here this 'weekend-
,on.'a. two day visit.' Thqy made
a' friend )of prominent"' Haitiah
Accountant, Mr.. Berthony Ma-
dhere flew back. home.,jn" their
company. .
'"Lovely Nijmien Elie Joseph
Will, fly this Week to Ch:icq to
S ": (Continued on page 1. )
*;4., ,' ,

Haitian Fashion Stylist Here With Six Mode

(Continued from page 4) sons and very little .money.
Simone's fashions are a mel- decided to put her talent to wd
;nge of both the Italian types and Voi]la! Look at the
'he likes so well and the basic suit!"
French "haute couture" which
,he naturally inherits from for- COUPLE WISIES TO
bears-and up-bringing. She spe- EXCHANGE JAMAICA HOt
cializes in elaborately embroid- oIR IAITIAN HOME FO1
-red dresses and her cottons are TWO MONTHS THIS SU1
?xqulsite, with dainty needlework An English couple with
and insets of delicate laces. rown children wish to exch
their six room house on the ca
Simone learned to sew at her pus of the University of the W*
mother's knee, but didn't corn- Indies in Jamaica along w
mercialize on her rengarkable their Austin. A 40-car for a' ho
flair for designing until after the in Haiti during --wo months t
death of her husband some sev- summnier. A horse and a mald
-en on eight years ago. with their comfortable Jamaic
I' home.- Any persons interested
"She had married A wealthy this swap, place contact if
construction man, and was -known Sun. or write directlyj.to, Dr Pe
throughout Haiti as 'one of the He'ymans .P.O. Box 10 UCWI M
best dressed women in the Is- na, Kingston, Jamaica. -i
lands, Jacqueline said'. "After Any other suggestions welco0
his sudden, death of a heart at- ed wife is competent secret
tack; she was left with 4 young ry. .

Yoirr harming Hostess KATH RINE 'DI AM

Grand Spectac
". A

At the Perlstyle DANSB VAUDO, N'-
.. ,,', ,the- SALON : UINE'...
: U A :
TU ESD .A .pel.aitFolD

Dancing To MOZART DUO.EAUSIOrchestra
-.. -,,' FR RffWIA^ttfuA lr
TIM ,=-

[Off the Telediol
.. .. '

-Ia you didn't you should have seen the tourists leaving th
, Beau tlRivage last Tuesday morning. The street in front of, th
. hotel was covered with dirty water and- debris over which the;
had to-wade to reach taxis which couldn't .get .up to the curb
Some drivers were taking them piggy-back. Wonder what caused
the flood? --1My favourite camionette' name this .week is "Au Ser
vjce des Clieits". What else? Don't ask. -I sear one of the mis
sioniop. brass got miffed in ,Rendez-Vous ast Sunday because
somebody was served before him. Couldn't he see that hard-work-
ing Jeanmette was doing her best, all alone? Brass doesn't impress
her over-much, tho'. -My dog is killing himself eating s6rap
. leather that washes up, on the waterfront from the Martino shoe
factory. I must figure out a way to collect and sell that stuff;' may-
be it, could be used to make souvenirs for tourists... like buttons?
-You should- see the snazzy summer bags Gina Celestin just got
" in he ,shop but gorgeous! -Now there's, an idea. Those bags
have. weather flap closings. Hmmm. --Two things I'm sorry I .nis-
sed recently; Galerie. Brochette's new art exhibit which opened
last- Saturday,, and the party given in honor of Kantu Dadlani at
i Al Picard's .home with Ronnie Kahn as co-host the-Saturday before
last. I hear they were both terrific. Thanks for the invitations any-
how, fellas. -At ldst I found out who baked that wonderful 'ake
for .the Rotary Club -,party the talented, Miche"ne .Bay4rdell.
and, her daughter Michele. That's a. real art too. -I heard a couple
'or people talking about -twb girls who. were visiting in town last
week. All the boys tried to late them, but no go. One person
referred to them as "'itwo pious prissies"; the other replied, "You'll
be able to say that.better when you get your new teeth". Ha- -
Saw Earl Finney lunching at Dan Allen's last.' Wednesday. He
said'he refused -to go home because his house was over-run with
women.. It was the Gournmet Club -luncheon and his wifp..was host-
ess. First ti.ae I ever heard of Earl running from women! -Haitian
milled flour sure gets around... when Caribbean .Mills sendp- it to
Curacao, it has to go to New York .first! Maybe its like whiskey -
it ages'fi-'thd tiip.:-A local restaurateur asked me the other day
whit truffles are. He was looking at a' supply house list of imports
and 'foun truffles listed with fish. When' I said they're a fungus
which grow s underground and that they use hogs or boars to root
them up, he looked at me as if I had just escaped from Pont Beu-
det! Well, it's true, s'help me. -By the way, they're -on sale at
Au .Lincoln. Only $2.50 for a tiny, tiny tin. Yoicks! -I'll have to
practice up on my shop-lifting. -Note to Gerard Chancy: that
Olivetti calculator is so great that I've become a slave to it. You.
didn't know what you were doing to me. Now I do all the l-ork
and the toss just sits and waits for it. -Al Noustas' coined line,
"International Anti-Schleppin. Campaign" is really catching on.
One of the cdhfiAbuting cartoonists of a famous magazine plans
to use it in a forthcoming issue. And anybody who schlepss" liquor
back to the Statesi these days.is a schmoee". -I hear the big event
of the week at Damiep occurred Friday when a, big, brand new
refrigerator was broken out of its crate and put into use. It's only
been standing there for six years! -CBill Walters went fishing- up
in the Artibonite last week in a shade-less river. When he returned
to the blistering jeep he remarked, "Never thought I'd sit in a
hot old jeep and say thank god it's cooler in here!" '-Doc Hayward
Is planning to take over Rendez-Vous for a couple of weeks and
install a 20cts? sandwich and lOcts. beer. Boy, that'll be the day!
-Saw you at Choucoune this a.m. getting "Twisty" "'on all that
free Barbancourt. Happy holidays next week.


Monday Night

Hotel Ibo Lele


. i .. -

LE NOUVEA MONDE April Thenew market hasoo
1.. DThe ned eDeputies of St. Marc,,"
8th 1 le hundreds-of mar nds w-ho. ad Dessalines and Petit'
havesold produce aid go*. m.. de I'Adrbonit -the,..
S According to press clippings area for generation T t
received fromm he U.S., we can archandsselling meat have a nda
wX te. their section of the iar1:et of ODVA, EngerG
Many inquests, on this ibiect serened. Teret.are Si concreOf eer .
hd ave been opened by American labs. counters ..with cooking fa- t Dr. tt. Sebert, "
justice, and are now going on. "iJi.es eor marchands of cooked if USOMD Lovils
It has been revealed that, on products. Eac i gon te co htel p of
,the occasion of his recent madr, standing height, providing r I M Cie
age, Dr. Von Linde presented convenient operation for te mai- of blic Hygifne, i
himsil as the son of count arid ket woman as well as kqeping e euene ..L.ous,A
countesA. Von. Linde and. declar- 'he food off the ground and im Dreto f sNE r
ed having been born in Krenigs- ore sanitary conditions. The- .on,'. director 6 the -
bergi Germany; he.evenowned markets elevated floor makes ospital-. andimnposant .d
visiting pards ornate wth ,a it easy.to.keep clean and drain, of people.
-crown. But his real name is '- Facilities have also been provi- .Benediction ot,"the'tb
bert Emiory Dent and .his placp d for washing the entire~nank- buei a d
Sof birth- is. Birmingham, Aoa. t d ...- % Cineu : ',
Sma. These -false deblaratlonms, O. others attending -the dedication S beech es-':Dr. 'A-M
madp undex oath, are punishable ceremony included Dr. .,Harold d Ar:basi fi 'RaI'
.in the U.S. 'by a sentence f 5 Wood, Director of SCiSP, ThurstIon'. ..
years in prison, and may call for eects'Roger Joseph of 7ona- Delvrv of Markt' l w
ad annulment ,t .the marriage e; Felix' Douyon of St. Marc;; Earl- .feni ;.Deon
contracted between the .two par- Emile .Jean-Francois of' Petite AID to'.thetaie itd ,
ties -' Riviere of Artibonite, the Cori-' mission a 'un e
Besides, the vital organs .of mandor of the Military Depart7 Histor .o4 .f pinrket 'wi
MIrs Von Linde have been trails inent of '%ribonite, Lt.-Colonel lined: eerer Dav*
ported to New York .and re the Marcel Cherubin,. Mayors and >oint"-'., '-'
object of detailed studies by an ,. .. .
expert, toxicologist of the City, -'" ... ""
Dr. 'Milton Helperir. .,
Mr Sheldon Kravitz, lawyer o
the family, hab given the jidici
ary .atithorities of New York'I
dokern declarations, about the
death, last February, of Mrs
Von Linde's, aunt, Mrs. Pwiline
Felix. The latter had left her
niece a four million dollar for-
tune, ard the circumstances of
her death had" appeared stranger
to her family as well as .to her
friends; furthermore, at the time
of .her death, von Linde was
alone with her in the apartment.
'A few days before her depart-
ure for Haiti, Lucille Von Lintle
had shown the desire, to change
the content of her will;. as her
juridicial advisor had answered
her that there was no hurry
about it, she went to another -
lawyer and changed her will: Estere's new Dispensary-Clinic inaugurated this past flinrsdi
The opening 'of the safe she own.
ed at the Chemical ,Bank will
give the names ofl the benefici-

On his side, Mr Kravitz,' hay- .' ..:
ing been .twice menaced with (Continued from page 14) ca is back here again whI
death by telephone, if he went charming wife Edyte,.The
on with 'the investigation, the spend a month with her sister, from Lakewood, New Jersw:
police is handling this new af- Mrs Claudette Joseph who- just .- .. *r :.
fair. got her divorce with Dr. Farid ***Glenn L. Felner, an Insuira'i.
Besides, the Hostellerie du Rol Sada. Broker from Glencoe Illinoisi
Christophe has received the vi- wfe A a bau
sit of four American journalists **Mr. Stuart Powel, an Execut- ful figure skater and a tali
(A.P., N.Y. Post, Daily News. he of the Reinhold Pubbshmin dancer of the One The Groii
Daily Mirror) who came to ka- Corporation from Old Greenvich group from Illinois, are cur
their all the information on what Cdnn. and his wife Djuna and guests here.
happened at Cap Haitien last Dr Da'.id Winchester, a dentist 4 .. ,
March 14th and 15th. from Riverside, .Conn. and wife ***Mr. James Thomas, ownerf.03
One will realize the develop- Marion are current guests at the a chain of Food stores in Ov;aiji
meant taken by the Von Linde Villa Creole. New York and his "ssdlisafttf
affair when it will be known that femme" Anne arrived het& .l sl
over 3000 press articles have al- ***Murray Knobel greeted here weekend. Anne who owns an 4tN
ready been published about this this week his two sisters, Mrs port shop is interested ipnrt
case which was captured Amerl- Nettie Mi]grim from Pompono the Haitian handicraft. 'She ri.
can public opinion. Beach, Fla and Mrs William here with Dr. Carl Mevs own
Stein, from Lawrence, L.I. Mrs of the Gift Fair. 4
JEEP FOR SALE Milgrim is the owner of the chain
of Milgriva Stores in Boraton.
A Land-Rover Jeep in excel- Florida. Mr. John Grundel promineit
lent operating condition selling lawyer of Washington D.C. was
for $650 cash. ***Mr Alfred Franklin De San- a visitor at Hotel Oloffso0lid
Contact Dick Abbott PAN AM tis, Staff Manager of The Pru- Chatelet des Fleurs garden-Z
office En Ville. dental, Insurance Co. of Ameri. ring the week.
.. .....-, "
~4 z4




SVoyag par... P RANCSULTE

I [ I-NRIP U G A I I -- I I

.Jos, report
PP \ Of


Al -Pouce Elie has taken over the Camiori station of Texaco in
iSaline. Beaded Caries Pereira is Iacik to his auto-part business
Eu des Mlravles.., Dewitt- Pethrs, founder of the Centre d'Art -
tirnhitg n May, ftom a-health'trilp in the States... Curacao
W ng.c ny directotf Van Meier and wife are visiting the U.S.-
j le'offte fceiht Iuand:.The trip is'expected to last-four month..
Abbotts are pfeparing for their' new life, in Private enter-
n St. Coithe g i Islands... -Sevpn treasurr- seking'skin- '
trRout of Ftorida c6me to grief in-the windward passage and
"Ai sbor.to the.tnegirett land-Cuba', not Haiti'" Fidel gave the
i.a surpsingly od time- even taking thet' on a' personal
,'oIf k.Haa., ai 'pd klng them, to give a, skin-di ing exhibition.
,retrned-,hoe tiptopp shape-goes to- show... Luciean The
L .. ..'/ .:c" -.,
lt 'Cahap yertiast Tuesday .and is-convalescing at home
is 'autr-aoqident' juriess that 'include one arm broken ii
s s' hat .eptlsW1 is ~qiIg. th rounds her et. i
afew ae ve been-epoed..
'4. s"('Co -stant. really 'bepefitted- fto ls Me
-1. i t' onfiia"s]going t'onth City -i(naraa sI
M onct.' unsightly. harf/:et trance ftimt-'iseahsb
i ieai Me Uin qiW .ity Campus '.i
utib re tha t yar ule o'er zoa4
ad--hudth afcald b sBeach, Wiliam ..tist, rler, ~a. 0
ole il wa o. 68i0eB.ahkw from' chillAy-aslki whb.took the
tie o" .$,..e s in' def ec l iH. i t .'..e.tly .are tWI *:
it&4y4CafflLMA tC9P

Sospita is 'so i tin .
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'in it-wth his s lendid technri on v can i,-.ijW
tlecaism is inot in shot supply. therDipi ti
..ipsiinpent of Nikon's arrived at Little Enrope this
:and ,vere immediately gobbled' a by photb6raph.i
Iin' .t'.;jade;in Japan sells here.'for a couplee of
'-s ls-'tthB 'ithe.S.'. A'ud-is without ,d9 bt the un
'p -i ornM 0"ondyfnarkt .toiay.. Evenhyroh Coro-'
4r""-Aouipie of ,1s leicas for one... Big bearded Profes-
and his 'writdri-vfewer6 over from thi. Uuiver.
I.diesi:Jamaca to- scout. Halti.. After camioning
teta, mddde of travell that rended them snmuch of
mi". y Wago'en,"tiey decided upon spending .the slimmer
i irtwo grosvnons. ,They want to exchange their. lome
etlon Canipusf ''r a house'here .for -two months. Dr. and'
miiaus of London's spnt many years teAchig, in Africa and
.fa"a,-DaIpmey and mhty .of the-otherinew African nations
S ng. their. vi lt ,ert- they showed 'Emminmuel C. Paul
.Ramponneau family slides of"Afrrca and. her cultures...
the keeti- igfht ot ahb eceptio al 'readeriwe wish to re6-
*ewsA. im that w-Sw lBh.,AmbasiaffoiDryselius _w s here
tl bo to ,present i9's cre eaitials. The Swediph envoy -present,
lentill'" .P"ese r., a-*"rcols D. ualIer*April--SEt, 11595. It
.-"..iBon 'd'ai" ..'judt'; translation .-fromr. a' daily the
.i. Franiek- MA9gloie publisher of "Le. Miktn dfter celo-
iSis mbrniig daily's 56th birthday departed for' New Orleans
r 'thnc the i;flt ifo i Afieflcan Press seminar along wit.i 40
ifnewsmet and publishers pf Latin *America a-id the U.S.
Jgloire who wvill,.be accompanied by his Wife Peggy who hras
i ng: disc-jockey prograndmne over MBC, will continuee on to.
'*:4i A s.:to attejad' thie.'co'nference of the Governors

Baumec. During his absence Michel Gilbert will be acting publish-
er... Joanny Maglio was named Haitian Consul in New York this
week replacit. Mauice Giordani who has transferred as consul
at Elias Pina, the Dominican border town across from JBelladere.
Both these border towns have lost the main flow of inter-repubiic
traffic to Malpadse and Jinia% because of the better highways
to the south... Auto. inspection is underway with an April 30th dead-
line. Inspecting at,.Chancerelles is from 7:30 am to noon and 1-10
pm' to 4 pm. Saturday and holidays the 'Seriice will -operate till'
noon... COhudette Boigris, daughter of Mr and Mrs Jules Boigris,
will: exchange vows with the Surgeon-Dentist Ferrier Charles, son
of the widow Mrs ,IIrry Charles at the Cathedral on- April 24th
at 6:30 pm.. The '"marraine" will be Mrs Jules iBolgris, mother
ef.the. future bridegroom and the "parrain" Lawyer Edouard Ar-
cher.t. Froma'drch .24th- to 25th, the Ceitrale Dessallnes furnished
a- quantity-of 730 bags of Sugar putting-this harvest's production
at 38,398-bags... Matlehe Tassy, daughter M6 the widow Andre Tass.-
and Mfr Guy Lacombe.were married on Saturday~ -March 24th at
5:30 pm at.Sacre Coeur Church. "Marraine"'-was Mrs Frantz Ga-:
briel and; "Pitrrain'. Major Jea .Tassy, Chief the Criminal Re-
search Butreau, eldest. brbther'of the britef After, the relgioLs
erermony, guests were. received 'hAt the, Tahsy home in*tCanape
VIert... The first reunion of the. constituted"Crirhmittee for the "Fie-r
ies Fleurs" took place'on. Thursday'Apil' 6th... 10 members of the
National Folklorle Troup -are touring FlibYidd. accompanied' by -6
mannequins of:-Sassinalbonuie6 -and an' official' bf 'the -epartfent
on Tourism. They are plugging; Hlaiti 'in ..lorida night' clubs -'r
Frits Baptit, i-s I- W'ashingtoni .': fqr practical study organized
by the: Panamerima Uain ori rthe officials of the Chndcellerie.-of
:" IL4. '. .:4-i "'. '" .
ipembe, countriess -of'the"OASB during, th'e month of- April.,. Two
eminent lawyersM lweReneo.Cdion 'and MW; 'Ledxius 'Pierke selected'
to -preside 6.ver ':certini Courtsof the Congo, flew tJ 6-Leopoldvllp
recerntly.I. Theinew Committee of the "Cerdle tL'afdal, elected
iy the. meimbert's 'ofthe" club, last Satirday night -is .as. folU'ws:
St. Louis Jeanty, .President; Joseph Poujol;o Vice-'esiaent; MarteL,
Ducasse, Sqcretary4. 'Felix Eradnois, Assistant-Secretiyr; Raymond
Bart'helemy,. Administrator-Treasurer.i..Betnard Barthe,: Assistant-
rreasdrerf PaulElibbreth, Hosi.heorri Apolo a .wd Tkncredl LUf.t'
n ii e bes,.. i Afthre -Etie .Cnsul. Ge.reral of UHaiti' at iNe '

York, arrived Monday April 9thj
by PAA... Last Sunday, the, sym-
pathetic Corhmandor of the Dis-;
trict of Port au Prince (Fort Di-
manche) and his charming' wife,

cle Duval, offered a brilliant re-
ception in their residence for
the christening of Tony Junior...
RMelle. Marie-Denisd: Dutaller,
daughter of the President of the
,Republic. aqd Mine Francois Du-.
valier and Mr. Ellas Baboun.
were respectively Tony Junior's
"Marraine'" and, "Phrrain". ...
Albert Jolivers, after five -years"
specializing abroad return Mon-
.day to vacation .inAfhishomeland.
...From April 8th.to,9th, thMe-.en-
tra.le lemsaines of Cayes furni-%
shed 1,004 bags of.Sugar putting
this th&rvest's production at 49,-
344 'bhgs... Registered sales of*
coffee f-om Octdbei 1961 to' April
,1962 ..434,32 bags L.,60 .kilos.
Means prices FOB raw for
April 5, 62: 2x $31.,25 -.3x $31,24;
5x: 34.00... WIMiPCO shipped
two loads of meet' offon Friday. {'
--one -to, fuerto :Ric aidaope> to'.
-Miami... Carnivahl t.arrivest.,next .
Wednesday -. a pi'vately.owned.:
one with 'El eguim.ent arriving!
.by- privately 'bwr~d boat. ..SimeI
man who -had' the, carnival befet
last time, but nowow* s th s.one,
, hich, is '- much. stler"c- fle's

te sn..a.l, '.ap wit: hev.. leased i
*Miss Irne 8routes;-
S or e n m.l.. i -' "'uppi" '
thwiou.ghu ,". r'. er a e as ac|
Pqrt ar ndce" uttsdi4rui* thbe-
.week. '

4 "
4 W
4 O,

4 ".'

4 x.
-. : ., ~ ~~.= .".

"" "'L ,... 1,

7 ,- .-. ... .. pM Y ::
4 1 -".4 %,"- '- .-,, .. .... "

'. .
.' .pi,..,"

Pa-- H
Ptrt au Priice, Haiti W.L ,


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