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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Duke University Libraries
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Duke University Libraries
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aI I uI



PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI Avenue Marie-Jeanne -

CITE DUIMA.11-I ESTIME P'lioune 2061 Vol XX Sunday February 25th, 1962 No. 2,

Tih,- O.merninllnill issued :i (id
i. c creatlingi :i Spe'nial C'untol
(omnittee in ord'-r to liquidate
all the debt% contracted b thI
Il tiiian Administratinia %%ilh the
SUI.S. firms or prii ale Ame-rican
cilize aw during Ithe oerino Iromn
Octlober 19530 Io Sentember 30th

Mexico-Haiti Gane
50 Years Of Football
The Foo...tb ll FEd:-i.a ti,,n is C.-
lebrating thil f 'l ? 11,,e'. 1:1 i.
of fool-ball -A I.; l l i, I ,'
of H rti. Tli H c. ,o lia- In .'hi .
in Hi.itl atr pi(-dA'lt- hall :t
century. AceL-iding to an article
in "Le Nouvelliste" qiiulmin an
opinion of the Haitian historian
Dantes Bellegarde, the tribe of
the Arawaks, living in Haiti be-
fore Columbrnhu, used to play
"Batos", a game closely resem-
bling foot,-ball However the true
(Continued on page 15)

4000 Gobs Get Liberty

With Forrestal In Port

Four thousand "gobs" are set for "liberty" in Pll t
A 'ireball au Prince this weekend as their ship, the might aircraft
carrier Forrestal, plays its role of goodwill ambassador
Ride' a symbol of America's "Power for peace" program.

Cape Canaveral, Fla A-Ii.-
naul John H. Glenn, Jr rocL;:t-
ed triumphantly around Cthe
world three times yesterd:ri,- and
landed safely while the world
cheered the greatest U S. space
feat yet.
The 40-year-old Marine lieute.
nant colonel splashed down in
the Atlantic Ocean near Grand
Turk Island in the Balima-n
about 700 miles southeast oI
here, at 2:-1' p.m. Eastern Stan-
dard Time or 3:43 p.m Puerto
Rico time.
To circle the globe three t:me-s
and travel more than 81.000 amil-
as in the process- requned onl
four hours and 56 minutes.
Glen nand his capsui,-l.- erp
tConlinued on page 3)

iShorll'y :.tlr dioppin, anchor
in >onjid e B.I.S. S.tlird ..' P.eo' r--
Adniial Reiinocld D Hogle came
a'hor,: anid called on Pr sidetii
Dr FrIinciis Du,ahelii Ai med
Forces C'hief Gc Jean-RLenP
BouLci.cauL and IDfeii'_-. M1nii-ih
Bi.i-cau ,1. Iu
Some' 111 s0l.tudenti!. nemnibr-i

Call For Beauty

There aire mntin:, beautiful -,irls
in Haiti w.hoie t.inl ilec, don't
perlilt thelli in en -nr becaut,.
contst'I diid ei.ic Sumin of ticrni
deseCrie LL-.'iOtiI on on a latef-i
scale IIman lh'..l iheauty pr,'ldes
He>? t h ihir chaL'nce.
.(C('o tilille'l 1ill page :13t

Promising Primitive To

Hang At El Rancho
Jacqueline Elie Joseph Nesti is making a name for
herself as a primitive painter. Miss Nesti's works which
brought her success in an exhibition at the Brinken
Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden, a few years"ago, depict
in a primitive way the most captivating scenes of the
Haitian life, with an opulence of colors gracefulness
in the motions and a touch of sadness in the expression
which reflects the personality of the artist.

by Aubelin JOLICOEUR
Jacqueline will hang about
twenty five of her works in a
One Man Show at the El Ran-
cho's Gallery on Thursday

blessing of Picasso, Matisse,
Chagall in Europe and Diego
Rivera, the most famous Mexic-
an painter with whom she stud-
ied in Mexico fo rsix months.
To her the late Diego gave a
pinting r as a token of affection
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of (lie Pres< and children of
Amenriaii officials in Haliti ire
among those ho w.'ill be given
guided tours of the big carrier.
With a crew of more than .1*100
officers and enlisted men the
Forrestal is making its second.
visit to Haitli since it was com-
missioned in 195r).
One of the NavN's largest and
newest aircraft carriers. it an-
choietd here after several week's
intensive training in the Guan-
tanamo Ba:, area As flagship
of Carrier Division FOUR the
Forrestal houses Rear Admiral
R D. Hogle and his command
staff. Her namei-ake is the Lite
James Forrestal, first U.S. Se-
cretary of Defense.
Measuring 1.036 feet in length
and 252 f-et in \idth at the wid-
est point or her flight deck. the
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New Water System
For Port-au-Prince
It is learned oil repuifahl nau-
itho.'ty Ithat Ihi IUniled Siates
(Goverinmiiit has agre-d ito fin-
ince a n coipilelte nie%- and ade-
Ii,.le i %.itr st sftin for Port au
l'ri. ne, f.iiini-ih.' of the cosl
riige ( lonm tIG million to ,16
million. The liiun'cinig %ill be
through Ihe Alliance for Progress
:inid the Inter-Aiiierican Dl)relop-
nient Bank.

Haiti Participates
In 66th. World's Fair

The Republic of Haiti has be-
come the 66th participant in the
international Area of the New
York 1964-1965 World's Fair.
Clovis M. Desinor, Secretary of
State for Commerce and Indus-
try of Haiti, named the Haiti
Development Corporation to or-
ganize and direct its Fair -exhi-
Harold A. Tuthill, representing
the Haiti Development Corpora-
tion, signed a contract for an
area of 10,000 square feet for
the Caribbean country with Wil-
liam Berns, Fair vice president
in charge of communications and
public relations.

Contrary to reports circulated
a fortnight ago, the Haitian bor-
der is not open to ordinary traf-
fic. The border in fact is closed.

T o ',"c-iisid-iatlioIns" of the
Decree are based upon the Ame-
rican Law of Septlhmbcr Ith 1961
whichh makes the i har'oniou ; le
elopment-of economic rel3iioni<
between the USA and all other
countries depr-'iai,.t on the tot-
al payn mnt of all debts of any
type due to the private Ameri-
can sector by these countries
The Decree acknowledged also
the many steps undertaken by
the Government close to the U
(Continued on page 13)

US. Ambassador
Back From D.C.
United States Ambassador to
Haiti Mr Raymond I. Thursto
returned Thursday from a visit
to Washilngton and San Juan.
Ambassador Thurston flew to
Port au Prince with Admira'
Smith, his host in Puerto Rico.
The day following his return,
Mr Thurston was received by
President Dr Francois Duvalier
at the National Palace.

Regulations Covering
Foreign Workers Here

Requirement to be fulfilled by foreigners working in
Haiti according to articles contained in the new Labor
Code "Code Francois Duvalier" were published by dail-
ies this week for the benefit of foreign residents in

Article 365.-To be engaged as discretion of the Department of
an employee in an establish- Labor and Social Welfare.
ment, all foreign workers will Article 366.-To obtain this li-
first be obliged to obtain from cense of employment, the foreign
the Direction Generale of Labor worker must present the follow-
a license of employment. ThisI ing documents:

license is delivered for just one
year, but may be renewed dur-
ing five consecutive years at the

1) The passport, the permit March 1st was taught by some
of residence, the identity card, of the best ,rwing painters of
(Continued on page 4) Fi-rance and Ital:, and has the

,1ighl Fc*r.-rt.l;l in .o-wiat B:I il "o 'i\er For Peave N" Mi'o-ni

To Liquidate Private

American Debts

PAGE 2 HAITI SUN Sunday February 25, 1969

In Haiti This Week
.'**The SS ATLANTIC ol the Amnenican E. .-
port Lines arrived today on a thirteen da:. pri-
vate cruise in the \\est Indies with the Anieric-
an Cultural Association. The cruise limited to
550 persons includes prominent personalities
such as Lloyd Goodrich, Director of New York's
Whitney Museum of American Art; author of
articles and books on American art and Amen-
can artists including Thomas Eakins. John
._San, and Winslow Homer; he is a critic and a lecturer; Johni
'trdi, noted poet, Poetry editor of Saturday Rcview of Literature
"46ssor of English, translator of Dante, Executive editor of
Twayne Publishers. a literary critic. lecturer, etc. and .-.omei art
collectors, public figures, philanthropists, publishers. The world
of business, finance and international trade is well represented.
Miss Cornelia Otis Skinner is the seductive Hostess aboard the
SS Atlantic. Actress, disuse novelist, lecturer, co-author of Our
Hearts were young and Gay; starred on Broadway in Edna hj':
.wife and Lady Windemere's fan. She is enjoying the occasion
filly and also delihl.tiig every one within her cinarmed cluclc
In Port au Prince, Katherne Dunham, the world famous daic,.r
give a hand to Miss Skinner to achieve a new kind of enchantnient
for the members oi the American Cultural Association. A special
event long planned by Katherinne in her Habitation Leclerc, called
a "Jardin des mille et tine nuits", includes a dminne pariy wih i
.'. such a fabulous Menu: Crab Fiji. Beef Madras or Chicken Bombay.
Creme Rochambeau, demi-tasse, cognac served on teriac- and an
entertainment program featuring Katherine Dunham with a voii',oo
ceremony at the peristyle (peasants of the surrounding counti3-
side in true' service), Ti-Parns, an internationally famous Hpinan
Troubadour, Elifait. a banda dancer, Israel Snares, a Brazilian
popular and folk singer in an atmosphere of jole de vivre fueled
by the exciting Mozart Duroseau's orchestra. Hansi Derose is the
Master of ceremony.

A twist contest judged by Miss Lois Rolluis, a .oung cali-t firom
',.San Diego, California will be part of the program A Haitian pnmi--
live painting will be the prize.
Welcome to the members of the American Cultural As'ociation!
**"-Mr Edward Schiff, a prominent attorney from New Yorlk and
his beautiful ife Charlotte arrived here this week with a handful
of recommendations. They are guests at the El Rancho Ed and
Charlotte are delighted with the Haitian joie de tv-re and the
thriving Haitian art. They are covering all the spots that made
Haiti the star attraction of the Caribbean. Ed plans tu meet with
the Minister of Tourism Mr Victor Nevers Constant. Charlotte is
called the Terpsichore (the Greek Muse of Dancel of the Week.

'"'Dr Larkin H Farinholt, a chemist vice presdient of SLOAN
FOUNDATION from N. Y. City and wife Mary an underwriter (Ma-
gazines'and pamphlets, arrived last Sunday in company with Mir
Arthur H. Hawkins, a painter, art Director and designer and wife
Nancy President of the Consumers League of New Jersey which
deals with fair working conditions for the Puerto Rican pL-ople in
this State. They are on a 7 day visit at th eGrdnd Hotrel Oloffson.
"*Mr Kenneth F. Hanunitt. an antiquarian. On\rnr of an Anti-
ques Shop in Woodbury, Connecticut arrived also Si:unday with his
wife Mar.. Mr H-lammitt used to %work for the American iMlueum
in Britain. The couple wtho lives in Sandy Hook, Conn. is in vacal
tion ut the Oloffson.

'"Dr Jerome Brand, a pediatrist from New Haven and %%ife
Sylvia aie enjoying a ? da3 visitt in cuinpany with artist Alljert
Chomney and wife Alice Albert. a Bachelor of Fine Arts hfom Yale
and a .graduate of the New York School of Interior Design does
mural painting.

***Howard Schneid and his lovely wife Rosalind are back again
This charming couple from Westport. Connecticut has been coc.ing
here for 7 \ears. The.\ call Iaiti their favorite Island and then
second home. They are Public Relations Extended for Hairti in
Connecticut. They ate staying a week at the Gingerbicad Palace
"*Frank David Rossomondo, Manager of the Cargeir. Corpora-
lion, a marine supplies froni Syracuse. New Yoik and wife Shari
are enjoying a few days here. They are making their outings in

'I 11,;,n- v 1I v 11' 1 [ "- N "Ih "1w lI
sI -i f .f B 0i '.i\ ".or[ r-i tliorn
from Bn'ston dud petty Marion
Deslandes of Haiti.. Citil Eng-
ineer Melvin Neff and wife Eli-
zabeth from Bethlehem Pa. are
visiting They are guests at the
Oloffson... So are Mr Sherman
J. Warner. a referee in bank-
ruptcy at the U.S Court in New
York and wife Anita and Mrs
Vivian Davis Stopford and Fre-
deric Gidge in Banking business
in New York and wife Elsie...
Mr Fred A. Thon from Puerto
Rico is %isittng in company with
sister. Mrs Magdalena Thon Fas-
nacht from New York... Mr Jo-
seph Neil Heap. a travel Agent
from New York City is on a
three day visit at the Oloffson. .
Dr Alfred Illge, a dermatologist
of note from Portland Oregon ar-
rived Friday in company with
wife Dorothy Mae and lovely
blonde daughter Barbara Jean. a
.student in Education at the Unm-
versity of Oregon. The Illge fa-
mily is staying three days at the
Oloffson. .

*Bob Irmin, a well known im-
porter from iMami is here on a
two week business trip Joe
Moskof, in laundry business in
Net Rochelle. N.Y. and wife
Helen, Frankie Scharl's sister,
flew down here this week for a
few days with Dave and Fran-
kie Scharf..

Like Washington, De borah
Ruth Annis. daughter of Rabbi
and Mrs Charles Anmns and
grand daughter of Mr and Mrs
Da\id Scharf, was born on Feb-
ruary 22 She celebrated her
first birthday this Feb. 22.

J. Jay Frankel, a film produc-
er from New York and pretty
blonde Jacqueline Haswell, an
actress are traveling along with
Robert Stein a Salesman and
charming Mavis Rice They are
guests at the El Rancho...

Artist Leo Fox and his charm-
ing wife Janice. Muriel Shindl-
er's sister are back here again
on a two w-c-ek visit. Leo who
is an excellent golfer thinks that
Haiti has a perfect climate for
golf. This spoil could be a big
tourist attraction and bring pro-
sperity to the Country. lie add-
cd... Mrs J-rin H Berger and
her pretty d a u it e r Cra
Griene. a Public Relations offi-
cer for CINEMA record compa-
ny in New York arrived here
Saturday afternoon on a six dal
visit They are guests at the El
Rani ho. Harry Kelman. a ma-
nufacturer from Detroit. Michi-
gan and wife Phyllis arrived
this weekend in company with
Hdrold Holland, and wife Gert
and Ira Wolf and wife Bea and
Sol Erstein. an Attorney from
New York and wife Rosalind
Harold Holland and Ira Wolf
are parhiers in the \VWo Id Green
Stamps. in Long Island New
York. Harry Kelman in landing
here called the party *Straneers
in Paradise They are are stay-
ing at the El Rancho.

iCoi 'l]i!'.' I Iror p.l v Ili

the "Am.nitcan fiins shown at the Drive-In on Thursdays? This
week's picutre. Black Orchid. was American-made but had a
French sound track. I %ant half mni money back! -I think w
can safely assume thete will never bc another war if Mr K. means
%%hat lie sa:. and sa.s what he means. He says Russia will never'
start ii first. We'll Russia is tie onl. country interested in starting
one hot. cold or lukewarm No?


Monday Night


Shango Night Club


'Soaping" dulls hair,

Halo glorifies it!I

I Sunday February 35, 1962



(Continued from page 1)
plucked from the waters by the
destroyer USS Noa at 3:01 p.m.
(E.S.T.) and Glenn reported,
"My condition is excellent."
Glenn's first comment as his
capsule "Friendship 7" descend-
ed toward the gentle and tepid
waters was contained in a radio
message to Project Merciry.
i control here:
"Boy, that was a real fireball
of a ride' "
The decision to make that
third orbit, after some minor
technical difficulties had develop-
ed on the first two, was Glenn's.
When asked if he wanted to
try for three. Glenn replied, "Af-
firmative. I'm ready to go."
Even so, he landed some 45
to 55 miles off the planned land-
ing area after firing his brak-
ing rockets at 2:30 E.S.T.
Glenn began his climb into the
lite-black of space at 9:47 (E.
S T.) when his 360,000-p o u n d
thrust Atlas missile blossomed
with clouds of smoke and ri- .hi
yellow flame and arched east-
ward into a brilliant sun hang-
ing over the Atlantic.
As the astronaut soared to-
ward his rendezvous with the
stirs, he reported by radio to
Mercury control center at Cape
Canaveral that, "I feel fine and
the view is tremendous."
Tie said he could see the Atlas
booster rocket falling away be-
hind him and that he had a
clean view of much of the earth
stretching back to the cape from
his vantage point about 100 mil.
us in space.
"It's a beautiful sight," Glenn
The reports came from the
control center here; where tense
officials carefully monitored the
historic flight of the first Amer-
ican to be fired into orbit.
Except for some minor troub-
les with his attitude control jets
-the little gas nozzles which es-
tablish his relationship to the
horizon- the entire operation

was a miracle of precision rock-
This trouble Glenn corrected
by switching to a control syst-
em part manual and part auto-
His first trip around the earth
and into "tomorrow," Feb. 21.
and back-again at mid-pacific
to Feb. 20, required only 88.29

President Duvalier
President Kennedy

In a cablegram ,sent to the
President of the United States of
America, the President of the
Republic of Haiti, Dr Francois


Dlvaie cngiulated President
ft Ie announced that he was tak-

Kennedy for lte success 01 oCl-
onel John Glenn. "This success
said Diiail.-r, is a cause of prid,'
for all the countries of the West
ern block."
There was a moment during
the pre-launch countdown when
you could almost hear the hearts
thudding with anxiety. That was
when a "hold" was announced
after a defective bolt in the
hatch had. been discovered.
It was repaired in a few min-
utes. Then came another "hold."
A faulty valve had turned up i,-
the liquid oxygen fueling system
That v.as quickly, repaired too.
And the tieal adventure be
gan %%ath an earth shaking roa,
at 9:47 a.m.
High Of 160 Miles
Officials reported the capsule
was in an orbit ranging from a
high point of 160 miles to a low
of 100 miles.
The cabin temperature ranged
from 105 to 108 degrees Fahren-
heit -a little higher than nor-
mal- but this was not of parti-
cular concern.
Glenn carried two tubes of a
mixture of beef and vegetables
which he- squeezed into his
mouth through an opening in his

,ng over control of the ship and i
would "fly by wire."

At Missile At 5:59 a.m. I
Glenn arrived at the f6ot of his
13-foot missile at 5:59 a.m., c' at-
'ed for a couple of minutes h
surrounding technicians and t'en
rode an elevator to the top.
At 6:02 a.m., he began climb-
.ng into his instrument laden i
spacecraft feet first, and was;
settled in at 6:03.
He sped information back in a
special word code, took his blood -
pressure, did deep breathing ex- m
ercises, discovered his clock was
a second fast and corrected it.
Reports His Condition
As the rocket rose skyward,
Glenn reported on the condition
of his instruments and of him-
self. He said forces of eight
times the pull of gravity worked
on him during the peak acceler-
After reporting the fallaway of
the booster, he radioed that his
spacecraft had successfully turn-
ed around 180 degrees as plan-
ned so that he was riding up-
right and backwards, with the
craft's heat shield leading the
The gravity forces which grip-
ped Glenn on liftoff, making his
body feel eight times heavier
than normal, vanished suddenly
when the capsule entered orbit.
The pressure was gone and
Glenn became weightless -the
buoyant feeling that results when
a delicate balance is achieved
between the outward pull of cen-
trifugal force and the downward
pull of the earth's gravity.
Glenn was in this mysterio's
weightless condition for most of
the remainder of his flight, until
Friendship 7 reentered the at-
mosphere en route back to earth.
A mdjor goal of yesterday's
flight was to determine man's
capabilities and limitations in
this environment.
It is a sensation future space
travelers must learn to cope with
for days and weeks at a time. YA
Eventually came the critical
moment when Glenn received
orders to fire his braking rock-
ets. These slow the craft by 350
miles an hour so that the pull
of gravity can take over.
Nose Heat Is 3,000 Degrees
As he dropped down through

the atmosphere., Ith te'mpeicratui- ule li Io lin ,...lled in I1W'. wal-
in the nose of his spacecraft Ier and hid landed two minutes

He was high over the Indian
Ocean tracking ship when he
passed suddenly from daylight
into darkness, and in a period
of about 45 minutes he had tra-
veled from winter in the United
States to summer over the In-
dian Ocean..
Lights Greet Astronaut
As he passed over the Mu-
chea, Australia, station, Glenn
observed a cluster of very bright
lights below. He assumed these
were the lights of Perth, where
everybody planned to turn on
their lamps in hopes that Glenn
would seei them as he whizzed
Glenn said: "Thank everybody
for turning them on."
At one point on his first orbit,
he discovered his attitude control
jets were yawing the craft 20
degrees off course. At 11:30 a.m.

Steps Out, Condition 'Excellent'
At 3:01 p rn frogmen from the
Noa had attached lines to the
capsule and at 3.04 p.m.. Glenn's
capsule was on deck. He step-
ped out at 3:20.
"My condition is excellent." he
reIportE.d to Mercury control.
As hi- stepped out of his cram-
ped quarters, he saw a big sign
rending, "Noa's men welcome
Glenn." Alter a brief talk with
nimedical men. Glenn went below
to take a showed before going
on to the cainer Randolph, then
to a Grand Turk Island Hospital
for evre-nsive examinations and

Glena, eai.c.i., "'Frien. h.p ;'" for his history nimaking trip.

Lavinia WilliamsYarbo rough

Bamboche Creole

Choreographed and staged by
General Admission: $2.00
Dinner and Showu: $5.00 per person
Dinner Time 7:30 9:30 P.M.

built up to about 3.000 degrees
As he began the long bullet-
like fall to earth, a six foot pa-
rachute blossomed at 21,000 feet
to slow his descent At 10.0ur
feet. an air pressure operated
device popped out a big 6-foor
diameter red and white chute-.
which began dropping him to thw
sea at 1S-feet per second.
As he came down, Glenni chee-i
fully and happily reported that
all systems in he capsule were
still in "go" condition.

At 2:45 p.m the destroyer
Noa. under the code name
"Steelhead." reported the cap.


Astronaut Glenn before his Atlas Missile that thrust
him into space Tuesday


Sunday February 25, 1962

(Continued trom page 1)
and three identity photos:
21 A certificate of good con-
3) An employment contract
counter-signed by the compet-
ent services of the Department
of Labor-and Social Welfare;
4) His University qualificat-
tons, a diploma of profession-
al ability or a certificate of
technical knowledge regularly
Article 368.-The license of
employment will be delivered or
renewed on condition to pay the
equivalent amount of the half
-of the monthly salary previously
acknowledged in his employment
contract. This value will be de-
. posited in a special account of
. the Department of Labor and So-
cial.-Welfare with a view to de-
veldP) "his workenng-class prog-
AMSKe 369.-All employer who
utile te services of a non-lic-
ensa to.0eign worker in a func-
tion! .or an establishment other
tha4i.keeptions mentioned in the
:lice.e of employment will be
'fine t. ,Gourdes 1,000.00 to Gour-
des is to be imposed by
the P itf .Justice of Labor on
offIc report of the Inspector
of Jr. "In case of a second
offet 1'.e.i penalty will be doub-
led. lais value be deposited in
a special account of the Depart-
ment-of Labbr and Social Wel-

fare with a view of the develop-
ment of %workering-class prog-
ra m.
Article 3H1.-The above dispo-
sition-s will not applied to the fol-
lowing foreigners:
11 To the persons recogniz-
ed as head or managers of an
2- To those working in a fa-
mily business
3) To the foieigners married
with a Haitian v.oman and can
furnish proof of an uninterrupt-
ed stay of five Neais or are
married for al least three
4-i To the foreigners who ha-
ve Haitian children "ho can
furnish proof of five years so-
journ in the country;
5) To the members of clerg-
ies and the personnel of diplo-
matic missions acerEdited in



Every Wednesday Night

(Free Meringue Lessons at 9:30 p.m.)


ii) To the c- 'r. -nrel rif an
I]lt*'L'n tin '-til rianizatnI'- iha\
ing an igi.-emnint %ith the I-l'i-
tian State;
71 To the foreigners residing
a:it least tin years in the coun-
try, or who are at the service
of an employer tied to the
State b.% an employment con-
tract regularly ratified by the
Legislative Chamber.
Tli foreign workers who in
ronforinit. with the law wish to
obtain a license of employment
will appl., to this Department at
regular office hours with the re-
quired documents and will pay
the afferent duties at the Gener-
al Administration of Contribu-
tions on February 15th 1q62.
Port au Prince Jan. 21, 1962

immediate Jet Clipper* Connections in Miami to

See the Wind God adorning -
pre-Artec ruins... and float-
ing gardens at Xochimilco. .,- .. ,.i...

Depart Port-au-Prince on Tuesday,
Friday or Saturday at 9:15 AM.
: Giant Pan American Jets then whisk
you from Florida to Mexico City.
You'll arrive in the Continent's most
cosmopolitan capital just after a sump-
tuous dinner aloft. Complete round
trip Economy Class fare is US ,$253.
Pan Am's newest jet service also stops
in Merida on the Yucatan peninsula.
Explore ancient archaeological sites
of the Mayan civilization. Luxuri-
ous hotel accommodations are avail-
able at bargain Mexican prices.
And Mexico City has everything!
Smart shops, a bracing (but tropical)
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international cabaret life. See your
Travel Agent or Pan Am tuday -. .
and discover how delightful a holi-
d..v in jet-closAl Mcxi. o can be.








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" ucArAn R .'..

r.ILIIGO ~ *'~~- 4 4


Sunday February 25, 1962



Between sun-up and sun-down on Tuesday February
211th. a. great historical event occurred.
It was a culmination of the work of physicists, chem-
ists, metallurgists, electricians, mechanics, draftsmen,
contractors, tens of thousands of them perhaps hund-
reds of thousands, united each one of them devoted
conscientiously to do his or her part no matter hon
small, to evolve the equipment to permit man to orbit
in space around the World. These hundreds of thous-
ands of persons controlled only by conscientious dedi-
cation to the welfare of their country were organized
by a free society. under no military or legal compulsion.
Their infinite pains of tens of thousands of small dlet-
ails combined to produce an epochal accomplishment.
'Perhaps failure of any one part could have resulted in
death and disaster.
Within a few hours, in the full glare of publicity for
all details of the events, by television, radio, news .jour-
nals, all possible news-media, Lieutenant-Colonel Juluo
Glenn Jr. of the United States Marine Corps entered
a space-capsule at Cape Canaveral in south Florida, was
hurled into space, by a rocket and orbited thrice around
the World; a new World hero was entered on the re-
cord. We all do honor to a devoted patriot a man of
supreme courage, the epitome of the work of the hund-
reds of thousands of other toiling patriots.
The response around the World was tremendous;
from Britain, Canada, France..Mexico and Russia came
unstintedly whole-hearted acclamations. Such World re-
sponse stimulates the opinion that good-will can prevail
and violence, wars, and consequent suffering and misery
be evaded, minimized. It was a great victory for the
democratic organization of society, in which not only
the United States but the British Commonwealth, Ger-
many, Italy, Scandinavia, Benelux countries contribut-
ed whole-heartedly atnd ably. We are willing to wager
that among the tens of thousands who contributed
their efforts to this victory, there were several or more
Haitians. others Arab-Americans and many Je w ish
Here's for a better Universe.


The foregoing is a quotation taken from the monthly
Letter of the National City Bank of New York for
January. The thinking behind the statement evolved
from conditions in the United States, but how tren-
s6 chantly it applies to Haiti where we live.
The United States is deeply concerned with the 4.,
percent unemployment of total employables even though
69 million are at present gainfully employed. Here in
Haiti of our 4 million people, there are at least 121 per
cent employables or 500,000 people of whom, as a con-
servative guess, not more than 200,000 people are on
payrolls; in other words we probably have 60 per cent
of our able-bodied labor force unemployed. Under -uch
conditions economic prosperity is most difficult, per-
haps impossible.

It was in almost similar circumstances that Govern-
P or Munoz Marin took over in Puerto Rico some 10 or
12 years ago. Great humanitarian, he perceived the
need for employment, not only to provide livelihood.
but to give the people self-confidence. Employment d
meant pay-rolls and in turn employers. He made con-

Community Weekl Published Sunday Morning


*a ra4,

yes.. .you get

beans in every cup of

The all coffee instant coffee with the
"Let's have another cup" taste.
It's no secret that extra coffee beans make
coffee extra good. 43 choice, deep-roasted
beans go into every flavorful cup of today's
Nescaf6. No other coffee... no matter how
it's made. tastes so fresh, so friendly, so
completely satisfying. In today's Nescaf6,
the accent is on coffee!

Get IESCAFE today!

,Fl*ions attractive for nei enterprises, new capital. Vi-
it San Juan now and see the result, but watch your
step or your will he run over by the fast-moving com-
munity. Almost all the jobs were contributed by pri-
vate-enterprise, guided by the profit-motive, but all ge-
ierating taxes, and how. It could happen here.


The tendency in modern times is to give some spe-
cial significance to every day of the year, dedicating
it to exalting a particular profession, trade or other
occupation or condition of life. If one looks donna the
IVst, it is undeniable that reasons will be found for
questioning the validity of some of the fiestas, but
tone, we feel, has more importance than the one that
should be celebrated "the Day of the Friend."

How marvelous it is to have a true friend, and how
comforting to be sure that he is a Rock of Gibraltar
upon which to rely in times of adversity. Today one
(Continued on page i.)




This letter appeared in Feb. 2
issue of the "Chicago Tribune"
in reply to a most devastating
article written against Haiti and
her President. I hope you will
find space to reprint it.
Sincerely, I. J. P.

Chicago, Jan. 25.-My compa-
ny has recently completed the
design of a highway in Haiti. In
connection with this work, I have
many times had the good fortune
of visiting that warm and lovely
land and of meeting some of the
people who guide its destinies.

tContinued on page 12)


Sunday February 25, 1962

The Rational

Artibonite Valley

Borel-Within the plan of the
self-helo program launched by H.
E. the President of the Republic,
Dr Francois Duvalier, ODVA has
inaugurated a new labor method
'. for the rational development of
. Artibonitian rural communities.
The pilot-project carried on.
in this connection is aimed at
the improvement of a triangular

Further. sixteen hunderd hou- gation and drainage works per-
ses, mostly thatched, w ill be re- formed in 1947-48, and supervised
built; an equal number of famil- by the Haitian-American Coop-
ies live there which give to that erative Service for Agricutural
area a whole population of eight Production (SCIPA). In that area
thousand people with an aver- the underground waters rose to
age of four hundred sixty two the surface due to works under-
persons per square kilometer). taken by Brown and Root, which
Two schools, one dispensary, were not completed. The rice-
four social centers, eight alpha- plantation yield has decreased
betization centers will complete by 75 per cent; many connect-

& vegetable garden established by ODVA at Bertrant Belle-Ajise, in the 5th rural section of St.
- Marc in cooperation with the Point IV. They will serve as model for the pilot-project of the deve-
Slopment of Artibonile's communities undertaken by ODVA.

seventeen square kilometer por-
tion of land, bounded on the west
by the section Pont Sonde--Pont
1'Estere national highway, on
the south by a portion of the Ar-
tibonite River and on the East
and North by Zepine Lagoon and
Fosse Naboth.
First of all, this land must be
drained, irrigated and then plan-
ted with rice, sugar cane, veget-
ables, beans, corn and other cul-
tures, in order to increase pro-
duction tenfold, to diversify and
to assure a rental value to the
project the income from which
will be used in the achievement
of other similar programs in
the Artibonite Plain.

the rehabilitation of that very
populous zone.
Under the Goveinment of Pre-
sident Estime, that region was
the first to take advantage of
improvement, by means of irri-

ing roads are no longer passable;
waters from a lagoon have over-
flowed two built-in areas and two
Those 1,732 hectares of land
include about ten habitations:
Moreau, Paye, Dutrejette, Pre-

Caribbean Construction Co. SA.

Builders Of The Military City

Gen. Manager: Gerard THEARD

Phone: 3955. P. O. BO 284









IS C A M E R A S AT FHfl;: P'IRT PRI30:s

:s.KAn.N Phone. 23S0

vat Croquemolle, Villard, Fouge- age works which are more urg-
re, Cadeau, Coursaint and Gras- ent. The area subdivided into
sette. The population is distribut- four zones is administered by a
ed in ten main villages and in competent monitor.
about thirty hamlets. In the Ar- EXECUTION MODALITIES-
tibonite Plain, all the houses are The Director-Administrator of
situated in keeping with the ne- ODVA, Agronomist Roger K.
cessity of selecting elevated land Cantave, gave the supervision of
for the construction of rural re- this interesting pilot-project to
sidences in order to prevent pe the ODVA Agricultural Develop-
riodic floods, so dangerous be- ment Committee (CDA) whose
fore building the Peligre Dam. members are the Agronomist
LABOR METHOD- Joseph Bernard, Mr Gerard Fe-
ODVA has inaugurated a lab- cu and Engineer Joseph Mathu-
our method, which can be corn- rin. The committee responsible
pared to the one that the Repu- for the execution of the project
blic of India has been applying includes a supervisor, the Agro-
since 1951, according to success nomist Georges Mathelier, spe-
ive qiinquennial projects in view\ cialists: for drainage, irrigation
of increasing, gradually the yield and inquiries. Engineer Edouard
of commodities and cereals un- Joseph, for the rural residence,
dertaken by farmer cooperatives Engineer Guynemer Philogene,
with assistance, technical help for breeding, the Agronomist
and granting of land by the Thurin, for rural .credit, the
State. On each of the ten habi- Agronomist Franck Carnot, for
stations of the chosen area, ODVA sanitation, Dr Gilbert Mellon,
has formed a community devel- for social service and education,
opment group. Each association Mr Herne Chery, for Home Eco-
already has from 65 to 100 mem- nomics, Miss Laurette Thomas.
bers. One hundred and fite (1051 doz-
Each group will daily relieve en gar-denforks. spades, pickaxes,
each other on the worksile (derapinesi picks, hoes, match-
Each member of a group agrees ets and long shovels, all from
to receive (only as an encoura- ODVA stocks, have been made
gement) forty per cent of the available to the service of corn-
normal salary of a day-labourer- munity associations. Mectincs
further, ODVA will give ten per have been held in each of the
cent to the cash-box of the asso ten habitations and many general
ciation for the execution of othei assemblies were held at the offi-
community works, ce of the District 11 Coordminat-
The assistance comes from or. at Paye Cross-Road, with
spontaneous contributions of OD the participation of ODVA Staff
VA Employees who will give a and community association dele-
monthly percentage of their sa- gates for the purpose of deter-
laries, within the plan of the na- mining the modalities of execu-
tional renovation, tion of this interesting ODVA
Priority will be given to drain- pilot-project.



__ ____ ________
___ ---
i I lm L, q ,_ I z .- 11, I!
I ,7c: ;47, VRZ, 71v, ij,.'4 6,
'N "W ,, f" 'V, ", P' f 7 I, ,, t 111R, I I
r- t'I-' ;- I,' 11, ,!, ,' -, :I -'A ; 'y -, w ,
1 2,, 4 j" "',,,,f.Z "I r j rlw I 't
"I"," W ,,', I "
1, lAFl'!Il_.,fP0 I -, -,-,', "I'll, "I'll Ill I I I
,q "a I ', ,_-, i ,1, ,:W -,,,t ,,,;, M "I, _7 1
I ". ,,," I I ,-,- ,""
.,- ,,,,, "' ''I ,,,,, "'j" ,, ,,* ,,, ',-, I! I ], lf', "'t; NTTT _,,,fl '; -,
4,, I,, ,,-,t,,, ,,, ,-,,t,- 4 "", ,I !, -,,-, ,,_z,_,,, ` I I -1 I I ,- ,.,' ,,, ,- ,", "I'-
4 -,,,-, I;All_! ,,, I I I I 11 ', -, I 'i I -I' ",
,I,,,;, ` ,A "I I I'l I _'1'11 ,,-- ; -- :"i -, ) ", ", ..... -,
-. *, I I I I,'.1- '' ,I- ,, ,, ." ,A -III, ",:
-1 _II, [ ", _''t I, !! ", .,,5,44 "'' I, I __ 1- "', Ii,,, ',,It 1 It ,
I r, ,,,',, -',-,_',,,:
1, I I I ,,, .I,\ i -
_" 1 I I ,, -. ,, :, I 'l ,,, I ,, i,- ",
", ,l ,,,
I- 1, I 1-1 I _Vi -, 1. I I I ,'-'L I""I"',--, -, ; 7 '' 'I,- j, ,I, I ,
-1 ", -,, !T,')-
,_,',,,',' ,, ., I I I" 41' I, I : 0 I" 5 "
I 11 I, I I _! I ,- ,-,-'--?, v
II, 7 1 1 I I 1, I 111 ',
11 I ", -1 -1 r, r, ,, I I -, "I I It
I ', I 11: ", A
,, i T_ _, 1t i 1, il ILLY -, 4r, I : ,,t_ ,;_,,, 1' I-
I ,-,' ,
,I, "- ,,, ;, I ,,', I I _', A' ,y I ''I .j _
I _1 '' I I I 1 L ',.- ","
_, L-1 I L "I L L 1'_L, 10 .
i .,`$r "T6bx;,-c= y,:T'25': -1962,'' '- ,;, ` I I i I ,,L I I
I I 2,-I,r,:;i ,,,
11 ,,,,AiJLA r, 1 S -1 1, 1, ,,.,' ,,, I, I I I -- -._ .,7''- 7,,_,
T '___ I r _, I. _,* _- 'L", I -1 _LI-L'I -, t ,', ,t'
,, L, ; "', "' -' I ',,, IL 1* ` "I I 1 Jl 'Il l, L' ,; ,:, I,
I ", 11 I ,,- ''I j, ,, ,, 1, ,I __ "I ,,L,`,'I, 't _' ''' I, L4I`'
L I "' LL 'I II' L, L _l -, I ',' I I ) L I I L __ ', ""' L 1, I ," ,-LI _L 111' I I! 11
11 1, L ILI _' LL L I L ,,, 1, I "',-, ,,
1, ., ,: L 11 Ll I I 1-1 I, 1 L lr I I I ; 1 ,`,, T-,f",'_,,' ,
I I L 1, 1, I I I I ,,
I I I I I I I e ', L. 11 I I '. ,
I 5" I- I 4, ". __ U I
L ,_ ,_, 4,_ '' I ".
el, :e" V 10 le ,', ,;*i >1,
11 I., o --,- L I I ,: L L' "` L
I I _- -, ,,
,,,- I 'J'-- I -111 L "L _ft L -' r -" I -,,I I I I I I -,
'1, L W _'i" 11 ': '_',- 11 I _- I I, 1 j I I -, I,;, -,, .; ,.,,,
t, ',' I I I I 1, t L -1 I -, I :
., z ,.", ", X ,' ,' ,
,, It" L I I > I L I
1 >, "I ,
i I 11, ` ,, ll'-I, ,' I., I I ,
T I -
'5 I I 11 L I I A
,-,, I 1, I L I I I I I L ,
4 L" L I 11 I I ,
I I X, L, I
,4 1 I I ,,,,, ,, I'll I "L,
'( 11 I Ll : L' I 1 I I ,
I 11 I I I e ., 'I L 1
t, 1, P"', ),_,,"

I '- L t_ L I I 11 I -1, 1, : e 4 1, I, L, ,- ,,, ', ,
4 _, '_ I I I I I ,- ,
11 ',L I I I I I rr Ill 2 'I 44 L I I I I I, 5 1 I ,
I Aff L ,, ; .il ,' J ',
,qI Am I I I
L I 1 11 I i, ,_ I I i 'L 4 1
., I F 1.1,t, I -.
I I I I ,,
LLL I LLL L, I I L ') L I -,, I 1,
"I I I I I I _. : I I I, I -- A, ,-, ;, I ` 'el' Il ` L I I I I I
", I 1, I, I I I I I I ,, l I L L I I ,' ", ', I, "
I ;, ', I I I I I I ; I I L, 1 ,, I I L I ," I ", I ., ,, ', I I LL ., 'II I AI I I I I I L I
,' ,' -, I I I Ll '
_,f L : "' 1 ,,, I : '_ 1 I I7' I L I 11 t, I L I l I ,,4' 'I, I I
I L I ` 'I, I I -1 L,
11 I : 'L c ,,
I, I z ,,, ] 11
.4, I L I ', r I L I I I -2 ,,, I- I 1, _j, L I
; 1 L I I ", I j II" _: ,' I- ,,, 'L I ,, I I, I T ) I ", I I r I ? ,
'. 7 L -, I' ; I I f I I : I -
I ,_ I ,,
I L I I,
I I I 11 I 14 J LI ', L' I '

I ` ZI t '_ 4 L' "' ', L L, I, I I I ,, I ` ,, I I I" L I I I I L
I v # ,, 1 L I I I I I I I I I -, -, I, -, I,, -- 7 ;,
1 I ,'- I ,,, I : I 'L I I L I I I I L T I,- I I I 1 4 L 1 7 -1 'I ", I ,",, ," r I, .'IL, .,
,, : -, r : I I I I I I I ,_
I ,-, I i I L 'I L ', : I ,_ L L L ''7 ,' -` "" I~ L -'I L I I ,
I I 1, I ,L I I 1 _Y I L L ; _
I I -, I I ; I I L 'i I ? I", I I I 'j? -
I I I ': I I I I I 'L, 11 -', ,
j ,I I I I ,,, r ,,, I I -, I -, -, 1 )"4- ,nir' "', ,
.., I L 'e- I 'I I L' I I 11 11 I; I I? I : ) I Ill ; I r I I L i ,,;, I I I
L ,,, I "-, -', -, "I ,,,, I", I I
I ; ,, ,,-, ,,,Z, 4' ___'I'I_ PL ",L' '_ L' I' I ; I I I I i I I, I I
L I!
I ,. 11 11 I -, I :,e I ,I I I I _L I I I
; '.L L 'lq I r, L 11 I I I I I "I I I t I ;,
I 1, I 1, I L ,
I I I I 'I :, I I I I I
I I 1, I L I I I I i I,, I I I
I I I I L I -1 I;' L'
1 L I I I 'I I ,I I ,
, I '.1 I ", I : I
: I I 1. I I I I I L r I L ,,4- 1 "' -L :, I .... 1 : :
,1, "' ,;"'L "' '. _". ., j:'. L I :', 11 I ., -
: : ?: ", __ I I I '.
-, "L 1, I ` I -, I -, I I I : :.. ., ," qpl W "llm ",
., I ,, L P07" : I I- : .1 L
_. ,J I I I :, ,, I -, I I I -,'L. ; 'L
.; I ',I,, I "I I I I 'L "_ ,,, I I 11 'I I; : I I -. ; ;
I -, I I I 1 1, L- I : -, ", ,, I I 7 ) ,, ,,,,,, ,,_ ,,, _,, ',,j Y i ",
. -1 I I I I : 4 ': .1 I I" I I '_ I 1 '-, ,
. I I ,; .:-, ;, d I L I / 1, "V'L; '+,I 'L I ::
1. ,. I "; L '. I` ... '_ .. I L, I I 1
-'',-.,4, , ] -, I- ", ,I 6 "''L' I' ,f 1. .
I % -- ,,, F L",-; ,, ," I Im ,,- ,,, ,,, ] ,
"' ` 1, L L, r- -,,'';' I L t' "I I I L I L ,
'' .1, -..,: _" 0 IT 1,
r' ,,,,, ", I I _4"'t:,,, ""-(
,-, ,., A i ,f G E ,, 7E L I',,,'I,;,y .' -'-,%A,, ,, ', "
.1 ; L ': 1, I : ll I ff J; j ',', I L 1 1
r L, .:: L I "I
I ,I 7, I -1 I ; ,, .' -_,I
,,,, : t -1 fl if f : L ", __ _1, L I 1-1 I 11 I ,L,- ', I I I ,',
', I 11 I I )1 ,, ", 'L IL, 'j ;4T, I ,
1 "ll '- I -1I I I L :, ,, ,I I r L ,IiI
",".'L,_'j, -, _1 L, % I l "' `,
L I ', I 'I I [ I ) I T 'L ` lu L -Ek,' H I _,"L -
I ,,",* ,-- O 'k 'd "' T` T-il I I II L
I [ _,,,,
,, I I -,r, I ,,",_,.,, 11, 1. ,, '_ J JN
4' 1 I ,, L i L 0,71 ,6 1, ?, L ,
".. I ,, ,":,, 3 "L ,, ., I P" I 'o 'B L J- -,- I `I ',,: ,, "- I ,,, I
"I ,,, '' 'O'l L '- ,.VO'lf "Il", rA ,L, A 1-1 ,' ;`- ,T_ I ?, "' I' I I I, r 1, "
I ; ; _-, I I L I ,I : 1, ,I r, ,_L -1 I 'r i I ',
I. I L 'y _', ., t, ,-II ,,__ L' ,, .1 'Ljl 't I ,' I I I
L I I L' ,,rf -i6,, L -,
,,;*., _, -1 L I t I I il. -1 ,;, % 'IL, I 14
,,,, I I I I I I I 1 1 ", ', ` ,' L _' L ", +, 1, 'I ,;, I L ""Al '_ I _y r ',,, I $ I I I 'v I I; L+ 'I, IIel T'.,, r ( i ",
I I 't ,,, L ", L, .... I ,
.. 11 1 'r -, I L '4 ,V_-... %i -4; ie I 11 11 L I "N I 1 I ,'
_, ,,N ': L III +, ,ll I I ', _,j 4 L I S I, :' II L, I L t _- .. '% ,, I- ; I ,',' ," M" A "I llll_ I
I I I I 'L
I I I I 'L I ',, I, I, ;, I I I .,:, 11 ""I &--q -. I I L I 4 ,, I L I I
J', I "r, I _,, I -, '/, ',-,'L II-', f ?, "' L,, ", q H i ',, _,,P,,W I I'l
v "e r -' I ", "I I .qf' t 1' I j ,, ,,I- L,-, -L4, 'f_7" -,,;,. I", 11 I
L ',, .11 I -f- Y [ -,I .1 I 11 I V %J ', r I, ,,, _', '*I ,
4, _, ,! zsa.V..#.-.%. 4 0"' to 65 -" "' C',,,,,-,,&-
__, L ,f' 7 0 'P, ,4-6,, ", I4, Ii-, "I "'' -
L -,,Ijli"r'L,,"',l','!,Lt.V ,,'-,,I 'j ,_;- Lf L" t, ,, I'll "I 111111
1+ -I I .. .VZ,,+J ", ,4;'- r ", \_,;1'0', _,,, "
-1, ,,, if
I, '_,,- ,r4- I O' "' "r
1, 4- !,, -_ ,, 5-.,- ,,, 'II, '11,'* "I ,' I q- 11 .
-, '&'O _'-,,'"',,,'. 1"",&_ ],_J,- -,Lf', I I _.r," ,_ ,- .L
I" ll ,-, I 'I L' ': I 'L ( ,,$"_, _, 1 ,.* .,o _,- ,-,J--!.,Y---_ m N ""
_, ", % -1 Qk_Zl L -- F ` 11 '__ LL -I ,`
P- 11.; I, r ,.,J,, 4' f"f -,;__-, I,~ I ,, r, ,,41,,- '-4 L -', LLi;, _,,, I
,,I- ''L, 'I ,- -, I A L",
',Ir 1 1, I -1 ', I I "l-, I .-L" I I
IV -.L L -1 I I ', ,,
,, ,IV_,_ I ,r"',- -, I 1 4 ,I? I ,,, J
L I I I _L r, II "-, ""- ,'
., I ,,O'! "' i`,,,, -- 1. t I ,- -,
I _Jj I L" I _-,, I I I
,. I L ,! ,
,. rlrtl -4 'j' L _"' .',` 1, ', L," ,I'r ,", -, ; -, I I I ,* ,
,, L, I L", _.
__jf A
,,,, '_ ',,r ,_ '', _,, r, ,, ":';
I I ,
,la, T -I ,
I I I" z ,,-- '-', _'_
I I n" ,I- _, TWTn li -, ,
,x k"J I
'p, '-"' L" 3 _""',L_ I m ,p o ". -, ,, L", ,
,, 'kA,,_-,I, o I, 1,11,I, V-
il_,:, I
,,, Al, v I
7 -. L'I, -, P :-:,
-- II -,, .,l 1 -,_7 .41 t %,._'ll 11A I'll -- -
,i',,' ".-
%",Yl,,; j ",,.r ., I ', ', P -: I I ,
,Z,J, L 7 ,,,* ,F614 _,i" G L I" ,_ I "I -A 7. 4, 11 r, ,,,,,,
I -n,:, i"TATTAK" ,LO lp,!X, ;
; T I 11 I :", I -, I I, 11 _jx J '- "v,
,,- w O u 'L,
Gop ; I I I ', I ,-- -,
...." A, 7 ', r -, _4 r a I E14)'Jr
I jl,-, 4- 'L, 'L4 I I _"' ,
I MAL"',vt3sOr -,,CA ,0, r
1,i "IR 'YAVX I r A .0 ; .-
q -HOWN ,IIYARUT, .r -, IF ,%
,, -'] I ," J` ,',_ I '-, ,"'.r. "", L"' -
.11,- lolll Ikll ,I 14 I -- k I ,,, ''I ,, lt
I,,, 7- '', : l I'-J% I I I ",.'' mr'l,'A::, I ,, -T I -A V D V" : ,,I t 11 *1
-,A ,,, -+ L ," ,, L,, qV, I -
,,, 'Cq X, % NUAGE L p I ,t,,,? J1, I .
L ,L' ,t, I ;, r _,
11 L TE ,,z ,,, ,,,. L -, 21
"', I I I L, I I 1 ,, t 4", I il" q w .Z "I I V, 1 $ ,
'HV% S __, ,'4 ,
i Wz'. ,P-ROV-4JVV TEX- I-, "' '_ 1 1 ,,,l I A
I ;-,, 1 L'L __' Il
I ,
I I ll_ il ,;# ', X, r. ,,, ,, -_,,d L I I _VW T 'N,tN -, "
I 1) POULT N,, ,"L v-,
1, I I ." I I I "I -1, 11
,,, 4,, f ,,, I, 1 I ,- W A I 't'lE
f '' 111TV I :-,,, 11 ?-9,TT Al,
r, IS ,
I, Al, ,; (Y' ,,, il -,, I
L j-..k J I 9' $P OlAt I 1, ,_ !,L,,I ,"L", ,_ s ., ,,'k t Q
4 ty, A 1 ,','$ '. PSEN" 1, I L _JC -"P, .,,,,, cz, III;
I I "",,
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-1- Lj" ,,,, ", ,- ",,-, 'L ,f' ,' I- '- 7,,- .,";,,,,,, ,
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1 1OWS YE +,,IV
I _" r ', I ,T _111'y "' ", ,; ,, "_ I I I I .,x 1, I, l I _, 4,,,s "-4 ---j ,_
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L "I", L q L I, j ,f rf ', r V I L-.i -T,
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t, 4' ,',', ,,W ., ,), L I, I~ A I_ ,
-1, '. ,,,,I I T -4 't -, 'n .:olkj -:."-j'"4r';'," ,;:, ,' 11+11 I 11 -, k9lu 1.
,-;;F, 1, _,q': -1, :, ""%,
I'll L d U
r I- ,-, I, ,, O 1, r -_, -, I4 'b T,
L',", I I .- ll I 1, ,.', L,
,P _;4 1 11*-, r ,, -,, ` ,
11,r I, +1 'r,,l.
jr "' I ,, li '?k_' L
,,:L I," r' ; J, ,- -'$ r'k_' I I' Tj rkJ',
,Y'l 1 I I 1, lll:;rI A I L ,;,
,T 'Lj',V,, ?, 1:.
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,1, _- IiI" ", 1 ,, I :.;,_ ,,- P, I ". I,
,`' I ', ,, 4,i T 11I,11` F I L. "I
,& I I-L ,_ I '-,Z,, ', -J,-Ql' ,, -,*-, O, 1 *q,4r? A
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,:, t,,'; _,,T I I ., ', L I IU AN ,Jr,'jlj,, 11 f:L IV
I,- G I I "I'l(N 112 I "
L ,,,
2,,',: -, p __ 1. I J ,,,
1 I ''.Lj, I ,
",_ I I ". I -# A' ig; H AN S ,', r. I I 1, I _Z 11,
; r +, 7 9',577itT,,c- I I ,
I ,_ir .1 __ I L I ", ,I L t;, "
I.f I p 'r
-N ETE I 'r ., ,
P)Tw& I "' I I I I" -,I

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S .. If
'j L "" 1 ,,L't' ,,, -, I' T', I I I _', L; I 11 I L i;,',V `7 n lr
I b,,W 1w ,
I _, ,
;,,, I ,+; L -, "' ''Jl'
LL' ", _', ,-,,,, r'V 'l, -
I _%,"^ ,,,r
I- I T I I T ; 11 11 F I I 11 I I I 1-r, I 'fl t L 'O, 'A 'j, I :, '
.. ,I, ,., L ,e ', + I I ,-! .. L ",,, L lj '. ;I [" ; ,1' 'J "' ,,L, ""!', ^ I I '' L "'o -, I. ,, I
.. I ," I__ A I
I I I r 1, ,t I ,
,"i I I 11 I : 17, ,,, I I
1. I ,, Z' ,' I ,,, .-I,, 11 _r I -,
; '. ':,,, 141 I I ,I L'S _jj I"
k i ,I A I ':T _,,I I 'L I L I ,, ", 11 11 '
I 1. I I 11 I ;
I ,, I -' I ,,,,,,
J 4 1, I. I'll 1) ,,
.. i7c`,,,,,- ,V" X _,, -L'r I BALT" TNIN',h, ,. H* .-," ',"' tPILIi I "I', -, ,' I 11 ,_
,T S-,', I jk&. ,', -,' r, I, -, I%- L I I "I 'A ,, L _1 T I j _,, -1 1: I'll I a' :.,, T -1 I
-A ,,-, q -, L 1, -, ',V,_, 'I_
-_ 1, v ]ff ,_, r -' i **ii T I, I jkojw "D 1 _67
", ', -I' h I D;'. AXT
1 "'! ,;ujjq[ m tvlo l* N ,, L ,,, -
L_ -- A- 0 1 1 4 L ,I; '1,;,L',, 'LL-' ,, "' ''
", r I ,_, I -1 __, ,Ip_,I'J''
.., I I; I I I ,r ,' t-', """I"; '1,':,, ,t jl,"; I lt LT fi 11 I' ',-' --" I j 11 ,
__. _",L .,, ; ,I-_I-I--,k-,--,, _,-;,_Il,I:k '& k66 --," ,, R M -,-,
,., L ", I I S ,,
i, ", L I Ar r A t I A,
T 7 O --'L ,-,--, ',, -, ,
I I '' I I I 1, I 1-1 'Awil ,L
.", -11 -1 I ,'L I I SPA l, L _' -
,i _Y;',Au ,I, "V ` -i -, ",
I' 7,2,", I ,,, I I" L 'I" ,I-'Ll"`1,1"' 'j rl'
; ) ir %j --,,- 1 I ,' -_",'I,_', '-`LT ,-"-," l'-L'_1 : 111-11 I rr" I
'I, ',L I I' + '', L `
_' I "', ,,,
.1 -', ,'j L ,,,-,,I- --I I I% 1, I, I I ,, 2, r, "", 1,
I ., I "Y ,_',,.:" I Y ,'I I L, "' '1' 1 `,T';; _' I -, r ,f a ,,, ., L" T I I ",",
1. .1 I I I I I L', '' I j'' t r _' 'K I L' L :,I 1, : : I I 'r j I, I ,
, ". v A -" ,,, I I I I j I ,:, _", ,_ -'L--'-, L ,, I r '' I -, 'L I I r -_' I I I_ I I L "' f
I L I I I ., I ,;, : i I". I L 'L L 'I ` 1 lr I, '- I'
l ,,,,,, r I I -"'
,,,-I _, II ", -.r +' I I 'LV '11, ,
't 1 I I "' 'g. ,A,r I ,L I I __ L
'i r Li L I! t I- I -[ ,, L
1 I ., -L "' ',r, I ,1- ', L I _:'!,""'r I' "' L I
I _', ,,, ALALXQU C ,BA VI. b;' ,, I ,I :1, I -- _L I : I I- .- I 11 ,' '''',,L,, L --JI '"t
_,,, ,P"I",',, ,_ "I ,I
I I" _1-11 1, I, I, ,_
li 17, 1'k _, Il is" ', ,- '"L ,L : I A' __
%, ,,, ", 'I, L- 'L, "-
"""" I klAuvrSIBRlSTOL 1 r ? "",
I of ,, i, ", L I "I, tL -_
i ""Nl -, 1, = ,,l -1-1 L or V I :l i L I IC I L-I _' 'I 11 _', ,,--,, "I LLLL,_ ',,, '
,, 1 1, I I I ,,,L I +"L I I joj" bg "i' I I
I L I ,I I I I L,
r; ,' T I I ,
ll ." O ," ( I 3 C OS[ Smvm l rC,]ZkW '" I I
'yy -, JPA 'L: W, '
I I I 'L, '"'
I ,' L' ,,- k 'Cq.R B:TT,:, III I" _. ,,, I I 11, -, r II,' ,__,:L',,, 1,
1. r ,, ,,,
_,". i ,".,,_;,l I I I," I ,,, ,,, _f,7 ." ,,g4 _,I A -' -, -1 ., I V, I "
I 1 Y W f S]l L jkd ;4,I 1 ', I
'k r, ," ,,,,, I I K- JEWE '" '_
.I 'P,--': ,` I ,I "I 'L "I, ,
.,,.., "'Al", I VAI-''()tA'"V.'t'i".,,r GOILD'-& SILVE ". ,I -, 1 -
I "I -, ', L 1 I I I' I, I I I ;,
'', ;,,, ,'P ,, z L L' I -, ,
., ,, j ,Fj! (P f',
"j! iANXSA U& ,
11 I 7'-'L"", `l T "! R Tw GEMS_', c 1, P'L 'M 'lo 'I
I.. ; L t" 1 itnd B I ` I "' l .0 (-_ I I I I
_',,,,I,,%!--" 11 L I ), ',,, I ,
-TP + !Ll
-1 __ + I '_ ,fz .. ,- ', L :, ,,, I 1_ I' ,. ,,.',',', ,, ,
11 r 'r'- .I_,' 1, 'j," ,, ''
,: I ,I I I L I I -"' ", ", I '4- L 11 '-,,L, I : ,-,- ; r" I, '_.', .. ,r ", ,III,[ ,, '. L ,, r ", ,,I ", 11 ., .",- ,, ,, 1 L ,:, '_
I 1, Lj j, 'jT'. I I r I I 1, I I I f r I 1.
I __ ", I 'T

i Pg 'n: _11 14 Kj !?TT_ ,
;1, i I I ': I
1111 11Ill''Ii,ll,,,11,1,''I',,lll,11111,1111,7'ff T ,A 'T r `, '''117-,'I'll",,frIl,-,,-;,-: rl',_ 1 v-, `,'T-,17 `7 ` `3`
M, 1_ I I -- _7 ,, 1:
I V _,_, :..
;ii : I ", -- I I I I I 'F I
i 7 I'll
,_11 1-4,il I ---- ,,,,_,, ,:.:Iz % ,- _..", ; .: I I
1"r ", 7t 1 71-1 1 -:,777,: '7 1
-', 11 ',`', 7t n4 ,,, I I I .-
'T 7 : ,, 7 1 w 1, "I -, "I ", ,,.--"''-,',-,,',--,:l',,: : I -, ,
-,,-Zr';` ,* 41 "I, ,,7 _, -',_- "f 1-;,V ,11__11_ 1 '_,, ', il. '' % I I I I
I ', I 1 -, I ,. I I 1:, :, ', ,, I I I I ., I I I ;
N" ,', ,', '' Z,_ ,,, :", 1 1-41-- `rllr-, 11 11 "I I ) I I I I
-ZA4,, -,- ,f,', 'l-l"T, -- l -- I I I ,_
!-,, ,:, ,, 7 1" '', 11 ., '`,_ '_11 ,''--,``'
,1A r,77,,, -` '- ", 1 I "
:7 ,,, ., _,- 5 y- ,_',-
,i, ` I :, _-, ,- ":, ,, ,,, I .. ,., I __ 11,111- 11; I I I I I .
I I 1 .1, ,,._ "."' I .1 1 .:
1 _, ',", i I ". ,% -
-, ,.P, I _,- I
iw-; (_,, 'Ii% 1''. ": ,;", : ., 1 I
I I : I I :" % Feb 25' lk 2' 41 I 1-1 i i V ? 'ricitcy ,- I t t "'. ;:, I :.- : I I I I I I 11 I
,, -,_ '
I 111-_ ,- I I I I ,:, I I PAGk il
11 ,,,, ,, : I I I 1, ',- ,:, 11 I N I
I ; .- -- I I I ,:: ";: 1, : e I I I I I I ,
11 '- -.1-0-- I., -
_- I' ,:, ,., %_
-, 1 11 I I I I ._ ,,4 ", ,_" ,, ..... _
: I I I I I I V I I I- "", : I I I I I I
:, I J; I ,, ,, I I I I .: I I I ,, I I 1 I I I I ` I ... I .1 I I I 1
M Is I' 111111111, I ,,, '-'4,_--,n1 ll)6 I 11 respect to producti
,` -tippor d lh on an d supplies,
I -1 I ',AV ,, ,, I I basi,,e 1suppor eat %, W_ short of the:domestic food use and millers
I I ue k9 fj xe d alloc4tions would he It propose-, abandonment
'-_Jr z Kil '. I L i utipCir I
_, e
., W & N-1 I I :therqjn, n,4kll Mql Will ad anc4 dirill Na he national 55,000,01)(1,acre a
z 11 I '' idrally, a would be: forced to go I 0. the CC.:: to obta in .wheat with domestic Ilotment on wheat and srbstitution3
1' : a ze I P OO ...Ar, ,Pr, I Co 499-AM : %, we j I I .. -- -- L I'M 1.11 'Ali I AnrLs ; -, : I
,4 :11 L, I 'if L I tbe
,, ,,, ,- I L "I I lr- dI4brj g, 1 tht the agency may a production goal. This goal would be equal to yearly ,requiremen,
,, I I I I I Tcwss'oia, in-- f usite._,chike makethig crdfi6ates. he bill. 'provides
'. ,L I I _; I '
I I I I I "I I I i r I I I 1. ,, opp ,,. sell its w eat at no less th 11 or food, seed and exports, plus the average quantity used as fee
1` 11 I .'L I 1_ I .. ,,'7 "; ,- ..L '. h ari I'5 f ,
IN, -Untenable ,I)Ist-muits; Priewti nl"7 ., -_, -, 0 -per cent of the support price
t rbli _I- 1_ ., I .1", -: .- -,__
(Exffipc 'F -- 'T, lie Scofith,,e4tefn .M ler")' L" ". '
I I I I : :. : q 4 ';- -, ', Unb"ppify t1le uneektainties n1wb6a prioestomillk,'*'fro, the when accomparrled ,by doinestic-niark
1, I L I -. llv -eting certificates. On the in the 1959 and 1960 marketing yedrs, less estimated imports art
I I L 4 L ,4 I I I I I "; -, 's I ', .. ; ,. I I I I
: ., _,0 I 1. I ft, I -, I J J 1, I I ... -_ .
I- I -1 I ... ... .., I _b- .- ,,,,- -,._--,,,-ikiti, erfd, h colmputtticig that' alli for the basis of the .$2 domesti& gross foDd use support, this would mean allowance for stock adjustments. It is indicatedthat the new a
I ngrea votes far the pactment of the l'wd ,uld AM etutun, ers who, b4se Cflftlkttom on`thatrid l, wlll',' only, make a-, ,,, _'_, -, 117 wi .do ,Abt. 1,
-1 11 I r '" I '. _,, I ,., ,., L I I I I .11 I I
I 1 1 '.111 21-1, _:- .1, 11 '' -' I ." ", ". ." I 'I,' 1. .- _mtional.ave age allotment would be reduced to as low as 42,000,000 acres, wInc
oljX2 as formulated bi the Kennedy aornial"stratic, 1 ts j "I -_ I ,,-, I asicsupp I -
11 zuiu_m, ginning in ticip oi prM Ahe- fMoa ce ihc_ala& antl,*e- free,:Ju (fluc a C Q.C, gales pr-ce of $2.10-the third price under
6 _4ting.x0 lin,, w4eitl flour; p. -. !, I'll.,. _-, I -- 11 "Ag, ,- '' I ,:1 1, : 1, "!, ." ,- I I .1 _,- ,', I i .11, I I I .
; A
a if itte e. t i,-A`t ,,, 't -is ; to fin tha I I would compare with the allotment of J9,500,000 for M and 55,000
ce& Wodnesday, the whe i iudiistr, of thA, United Stateg,'.,#, -,Va uo of Fkdrill[ft 13 r c or=,-, %' '- ,ft _-, I., 1, I uatioti8-. ,It, I z'tlil 1. I
I I .) I _: id" ,,fii) ,'.f, this' measure, .the _ncw progyam' I I I
1, I h: I I '., I ., ''-I _, ',- ". _','-z _,_ __ 7 ;, ,,;,' I-, &; '..". ,:_: I I '. 1. I I I I I I I CGO in 1961. The 42,000,OW acrL t
iriz will 1v cDmrLl a: 144 ',4v lev, 4 "I ... I I' 11 ,i_ 1* I c a _n el I ..,appaxren y-,_ 9 ,pr&jati Ic. CinditiDns in: 7A:DW&.ent E," t (3prtMeate-- I otal is said to be predicated c
iDg-IndInig ancl hak T : tfie_Qpep ar.frec rft&r1k f- th t--. -, lay be stBblisbed t ,, iiipaitIvc-,
I -, 7- _.,
.11. I I I I ;'. I ;.- il _. I "; ll, 7, 1 1 _,_ I _,,__, 1. ... I, ,- I'll I I I
I ,
rjr ave
e,, & pipee for tow t 9n tbc!, -i ort, ,oviqe, only, 61 I .%vpeat andflo I nlmedityCredit For, th ..export wheat, and.,flour .trade, a different 1. I I _, I X, the withdrawal of as much as 20D,000,0()O bushels from C.
ces adid 1 vafigtiobg'ia-- .Au4blk with t ty ', oi 1 ib1e1,$l`.'46 sqp 'will pr #6. I ,, 1 'propos to aiitriw, th, 'C. e ertificate is
". P, pe of, I .1 '- ,. ":,-T,.._ 11;1 b. I I
p. In:!5ed t .
c" ii o I -, uy I- I : W eaf,' ,' propbsed. -The bill provides tht support for wheat accompained stocks. The hill tails to*spell out what the. scei"etary should Cl
pg o attain ats 6al of zidjVstments, in wheat'pro, c st fQtorsu.'rrilllfn In- an d c'n lotirkand.',wh ':, ,Corp-' tp n tthe 1. 1 I I -; .11 I -P f b 'excessive" supply. I
I i I I I I I I .. '- h -uains `aot 11 xcee fiv f of go, as an !
on and s I I a; e Income I To educe-governmnf' ifwrtffltuix m .,t e rei Q ding pci hen qf', 1hei ,ace valuo; In, Y export marketing certificates may be up to- a maximum
utpli, Ld at tl_,s e"tiiie'to rhai'n'i "' _tb -- in rt
1, -1 1. 1 ; Y, I 1, oving lot eMpoi I I 1, '. ", v 11 ,, I I I 1 I I I .. I
uee -go V7emni e'xpJe'_nditar4ss' the ; I hit -, support'o 'wheaT and to, th thl I ,d
4h, farmers and -xed 4 .1 I stren -1 I buyipg..Ktificates agalmt per cent of' parity, which would indicate a maximum export cer-
eat 9 n P a P] 1 C T L F i 0 n i it & Etiop,,, dl!tc `: -',_-" er wo s, if,,qne mii sui eeds -in
,- I '.. I I .1 1- 1. _* 1. I ; -,, I I -0 w I I ; I I I President Kennedy made refe his 61T, illessage thz
I- I Iints'jq"06eulst fdnir'xet t' ` s np -, I -",' i f- -dorncstic flour. sales at the ft 1 discorrntof five per cent a ],I -66cate renec in
has evolved .a progoM th4t ',i,, t, '_ "value of 70 ce I
". I .- '. '' I dA.: I ,., ,", __. I I I ,Y ion arm the riew, ,16giglatioi .. I-- bsuatice,'o ce I I ,ad 's ms ii-bushol. At the same-time; the 75 per
,_ ,. 1 I I I
i lii,.,Moreover, unde 'r;. i4 I J I te" I er ii,4 uiged for f 1 & ulA 4 11 competitor. finds it -necessary Cl' pay die ilve',pei-cent.premiam, cent of paxity minimum, support for domestic wheat does not Proce:A 11 I- I,& 11 I I I n P .1 ded introduction of the n
_ptbvvsions;,of,_ s-liagislativ ipn-. ca s. o cov I a foc humani v, M' D%46 .apply
I I ', 'Vles. :. I I ,
I I I I ., I I
.1 I., _,... ., I I cannot be expected to inaintain ''stocks of commodities that %
d, eJormer -Mll have. an adw tage of s& cents'a ,bushel, ,or the on exports, which means that the export certificate could, in fact,
1. __ _', -_ heat arld'its; pmductg-hibvifig or- T aiu ` I I
-di fluctuatioris q4 4 dl'iil witueg'64:-Ti!" i 51 tieally'an f ,,, i '' th: I : "', I
'i ffifi: ic_ I le e I I I ,'.
I _t ,!, ,.j 1' I I I I -_
-1 I I I I., I be at e(Itial of 13 6 ta, per, hundre( ,eight oM I -
r A -_ 161 _A7 .. -
i. cin &I 1 6, ,is I I I I the Agriculture. Depart- do not need and cannot use," but opinion is growing that in whei
g',uf the- trendsaftd, possi ilitic%_ d rep -m price ,.p1.Vvi_ linally-set on. bege- edki& ateg `natji lir ,O led to the -- ,' _: I ,,- .. our This,' an untenable be withoutface value. It is-nii tTia
.1 1 1 I I _., -1 L -, 1, I I ., ,, -
1 ,., __ -,'ai I ,! I .., .1 1, 11 I I I I I '
't c e ,, j. -'- I I '' ', ,,- ;- : ment :leans : I toward a valueJor ex:port certificates at some dis-. the surplus of the holdings, or th, oxces, over real dom4tic an
6 sion for miH6rs- drid-116ur and tri wilV,'h ,' i, 'b TU -url.,the sal, :, proposal.-, .
lv 16 s wlll:&eate gra o bri whcl
k. `-', I ..', I _. I .- il 11 -, I W ,., gq_ ,,pFe qcic ,L 6,D I -
1. I I 11 1, I ao '_ .. n ... 7,, I ); -- -`, .,,.' ; -L 11'', _"., I export requirements, is being exaggerated. Congress and the Di
,. Z 4 : : count under the, dome certificates. It is also indicated that
Vp 6 the growers;,I, 11 I fl I 1. F _,4."' ,- ., 6e: P rfo6 -,'al, $2.14 stic
I ,
prices 'on oun 11 -'. -I' 1, _1 ,! ,'.: -. a,-'.,'%,,,, _.- '., ',: :_ ,
I .- .11 I I 1 I ,.. : I '. '
1 1.s I, ; _. s,
I. li ., -Joi-ther-compliciitions in. ar- t le
Ppril --, .- -_ .. I S te I c, t a level-tbat I., : I -1: ,- 1 --certi I -, firk6t ,-, ,l ', ., ,,
:xoce oe$Ji ", ,ficales an4 'd v6 4 I.- 5t pa n ., I ,,,, I ., .1
%Xt o_, I I I., .. :-". ; .- _,, _-, I I I- 1. -, : I- : I 1, 1, I ; I
_. --, ,- 11, -1 I ... eX `""J.La_ "ib ,-t- !`W,'Vlli t -ahead" fro ang '
,,, T',T ,_ I bm d ng w'tb`,hgi ho 9pe- ., rieiily I 6tffi q J,, I ,- ns, but ai terest of file domestic population and America's position
"be ,,ctiori -of the arm i eali -a ears',,J'h t,Jtje t -to -1 ea ', Vnitakeg ,,, I pp .91a, .hcjt c,6fsJdtnillj s, is, rd 'Ah, pf of_the will still require ,subsidies on wheat and flour expo
., 11 .., 11 _1 I I I
I 4 -i Ci ,- i I I
,.- -_-, ,,4" -,., ., -1_1 I gii,',6 1 P, .f ,, _, ,,I -ky cc -111' rates line with the
,-to reao ('6na,,"dity,Cro it -Iiolffigs',The- b world as the greatest ,exporter of whQat,
'erf -, I 3 v--; I -provides. n I
to I 1powe s e. dcr6ta'ry Cii, process or ome c ouy ,may repreren .,a. Va u, J ,as unicht, 11 I 1. ,, ,sharply, below those Presently prevailing ,I
,-,,, ,,fc,:ene--1 actual prices, add t rp:.
,- I I ,', ,, :, _" I I __ z I I I
1_A -,,, ,. '_.,
rininations; .o I h I I wiP, re- ks -:'- u--h ", -guggest `4 Aw -a Mi, I ` -, I I 11 f,
W ri-cifil thc -_ for, e'iksuam, ol domestic fleates to,'farm6rs oh .drop In .thd' basic support price. I I I
'-'aghculture to ,make dete (I, Ya -,-'farmor 7Q cent.,, a h s el; ;bdfithil,, l6r6, _roffi, 6arketiug ce,6
1; _. ;. I e ; : I I I I I ,_,, "i ,. ': A ." 6 : .- ,. I I _1 ,7 ,.iiquii,7 I I 1 L' I I I -End to Support or Pre-196 Plan-
_i16'iored to p ith I mt- to a,. probabteNalue 'of- 66, I __ ae .0 "cogdrhpt the:, Uni illed I om: wheat accl5rupanied by. do-
tl' Lciv?'and ft at tbe,miller. A4: exporter r'; I ay W -, if enactedi ... ,. i 'I ,_,,_ i l, o6mv's I I A4 -, bqsig'iA I I at in' t4 Stntesl,;,isl.tto Oa kliwtzsales-of flour in r I I .
,R M, I I I ., ____ .. -, "I .1 '_-_, ,-, V; I I 1. I -- I I 11 I bile of thevitai provisions of this now hill I,, durs worded:
atiGns. -It would, -it proiiius'tabllli"a bilric.41 __ ". ,, "',-, ., 0 e&,.O, 1,,t- tent,U I ic verflficaf]4, mills willreceive a ref rid pqIi It #-- marketing certificates. Tiies-,jugOgtigip,aep,.Jxci t-c lwdcatioh -.'! ,ex ( the qua ty by Which. fh&s
': I I __ I .1 _. -1i ,,,,,, I I -1 d'.) ". 1 .1 ,"No price support shall. be made available for any crop (
,Mrt 4tthe'- discTetiou."of the secretary, W. o,7 lia if Agncuit"Ure 116iilie A e wwtbat ,:C.C.( stocks. should be rediii Itfids eneb4ween the mestic and export: certfica I I
-howeyer;.-Is reidiri t t -Secretary. o .L,,Prden,,ni pd h: Depa -, T '- cu fill "I ( 1. e I ., I I I te,,va ue.
,; 1 l : .11, I, ,,
P_ .1 -, 4 ., ,_ I -- ._ I I I I ,
,, ,i .1, I -, I I wheat foi, wluoh niokefir, quotas arc, fit in effect because
-1 I I _. '. `_' '_ --"-I-- _; ': .. -f wE -, Ciii in,3W Ilingtot I
f .i -;g L _J, t 'I d' -' tore,
into cunsidi "competitiVewor priVe o wheAt' the mcirt have. a go;ll: 6, _d M urt of 42,,'-, ,ij,T?,) e.n 11](11, at thairi,`ffie:i'administration ,,favors
to, tAe 1 I 6_11 ,- Il5 ,-, b ala =U aligtic'onProdution cuts., I .
,, _; ,., --- t 11 : .: -, 11 I 11 ,
'. I ': d..o -al,, I disapproval of quotas 1,y piodiicers."
tl 'Alri. of wheat in relation' to ided: 9TL and e I _1 I I 200i Along wit .1
--the saine as.the 9* 41K I ,- annu ,-,,ritl(lrtw, V ;cl` `.prci h, the uncertainties and impracticalities
`, I ih- c4f ai 1 d6tnesticJoild, ei ,, 1 conditions of oct,000;(W tr of the Price
1. I Doi ,n ,wh,t M np o I e I .1 I I 1 I In addition it is piovided: .
%, ,,. 1, I -'- : '-,, ', -"' _,- -, ; .,, 1. I tl ri'a'ke4n Iota I
is made available fo' I d' : Th -' 1'9` b I pri,,', t-_ 4", 4 -1 Q* 110171 `1111'lsbcisipl:ii Cb: st( ks. Thus l etotdl ofti-6i -, 16visions oil wheat ,the new mezuive Iraises serious qaestions with r ee -grains.- L, Dep 2, crop. With thb 4sic su p tl $1.40;,,iF ,)dld' ,,, ne6es- 11
which, price support p_ "If a marketing quota !or what for any ma-iketing ye;jr
l I I I '_ ,, ", I 7 "'. .1 14--, t, "_ .1 I ..,
,-, h I I I I
I I I ..... ,. d -, __ I .,
i, .1
nt of Agriculiur I -of'tio cents on Jwtt jdametic i g. ,,'; -, n T, i3 ", --_ I I __ : I
ruqme, e is widely credited with a decision for$1-40 sary to set a'va]66 ,111:kltir";i;i',:,;" ,,
I I I I I I I 31 0 d L -, -_ I 11) :1 I I
"U bgshel orl-farms asthe basic 'support -price, This gure s,very Acute to 6ikurV $`TL6 bill cihcau j -', ,_.1 11 I 1. III : I ,,, 1, -, I 1_; 11, ` "' "_', '. I :, -, i ._ I __ ; fj -, .1 I I I approved by producers 1he C.C.C. is aL1th0ciZ(_A to
J pe y'states bat, the __Lprii ClQ ', _,". --,' L,_' I I -1 L L. I I -, -,_ -, I
-, 1, ,, _._d,'nil'g,o -jo4" i L'O;, L, -I'L ,._,.,_- L" I L 1-1 L L ;' L 11_ 17 __ L, ; L I _,:L ,,- L 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 .. stricted ll,p hoin ils .qo(,ks at market prices during Iho m
.. goIlijin _._ L L, 1, I 11 I -_ ,
ise s _,-.', "- -,u I L .,
,likely L toL be the basis for txalding in open -mairkets, includ(ing futures; the whbaot cro, hall t 1-,,PE) C, ', L -' t : L",' 1_ I L -1 I 1. I I I
'L I 11 ,X.1 I 1. ?- i L L 11.1 1 L 11L, -L.". L '" L'' 'L _;, L 1. I- 'L :- I 1 I .L ye-, up to 200.000,000 bushels of wheat," I
1 1
,., 7. ., I I I.- LL, '. ,,,;, ,7 1 L L I 11 I I I I STEPH EN BRO S -
'L, .' -' L 'L L ", "' L L, ." L 6 b ;' .,
"tu 'be L to hmg6sL hilluenee'd by crop devel6pmentg o, per L' ., _, L 11 11
3dwould subject at L 75 I () L cen of parity,'Which Ifteans';I 2'jo'') 1,l 't bushb'- -_ _7. _, I L
JL L L L L" "L' L., L I .1 L L '- '4 ,,.', .', L. ,1,_ -LZI ,_, L'
itt 0 0 _-, _VV411!T
_of cUiTent"paHty. w w- -, 1!,Lr,-, _' L L'!."',L",M___T LDL, 'L C 1, I L J'. V.J[]i 31E I
-26therl in u- on the basis:: aporir l __ L. 'L .
%domsfica]Vaaa L o ld L : t rce L 'fl.' A I R- a I ,
et the wor mone a rch as %, L _,
_,Lib -fic "' L L RCHAN T
- L L ry fo LS. and 11: I I L; L _,L ,',. ,:'. ; i 'L ,,- W -b ft le d ,
_L"bl th ,_ LL"'I L, I i '_ L I I h ,act of tliat alternative, which would come itli rejection (
, at e .eh at 'T I ,,",,L ", I I I I I I _,L L L ,Z : : -,,,, I I I Ui L L '_ _;L L a : I L I ._ : L L' L I 0 I PERSONALLY SUPERVISED itc I
pnces:,?Tht whe futures Lmark'et probably wIll rn'bve L around this '$141, n erL. ;, e L 11, L L. e ,alues'cbf I;,,- an ,,, i,jc _. -Ij"__!-'-_'s .% ., L L,, 'I, L, kll .1 L -1 I I I _, L L __' I
sti,J _],.", L L L, L L L L I -, ,,, L -' L L ., -_ I' -,f' t',, -.--, 11 .L I I quotas by more han a t'ih,(1 of voting grGIVOTS In o refu
$1 4 just L L ,, L "' I ",L' L I I LOADING I AND UNLOADING I
'I of a', it ow rs around t e L 'to L 90' per ', I ,, L I .. I I I ",
belmL earl between -14 cents gi L ,-L I I L '.- ,::__ I- -, L -
L$2 I d 9 I cent -1, to 8ffip. "with the' 75 1 __ I I "OL" L I I : -
__ I I 'L .1 / '' L ,. L,;" 4,L- i 1,
;; I 1 L I I I I -', .. L I I I L 7 ` L L I I I 11 I after passage of the bill, the coumr, may witness a iett,
L I L L L L I- ibat the ccritraa %'r'L L "j,'--- ;L : L
;__ '__'L ". L CL L I I I 1, I I
t ha been set for the 1962' Crop'At 'SL not'improbab Q I .1 g if thp basic pre1sesitablighed lat, $1, ", ` '-1 `- _'L L L 1, L; .- L, I 1 I ., 'L ,, L I
,.. ",",. L I 11 L I L L I I "' L I I I I I L I ., L I I rior to fire ,pecial 1962 stabilizillian irr
_raton I I 'L L L I L ->, "I, I I I 11 Cl L L L_' '_' ,' f LL" L .." L "L, ''L, "', '.,- j,,;-," ,. I I I I 11 I L I I L SERVE HAITI AND 101,0111i wheat prograin p,
support which takes into consid -corkipetitiyaL, wori ,, '- L I _1 I ,, L" L I L L' I I I I I
L L 1-11 I L ,, "I -'. I I _" 1, ';;L',_
,L L L 11,11.1 'L I -- -, I W L ., I LL I I I.-, I 11 4 L I forthaightly' stuffing, of the Congress iefusc to pass tiv2 new Food and Agilculture Act c
L -, L I I ,. 'L I .
., : 'eat' futures I L '' L ugly; the price of $,) mayriot`i:' the adhail CC u L' ".., I. 1/1 L -1 I -
,ricesj will lead to increase tra ing Lin w L t "of ihi gL I I L I
I I I ,- I LL ,bch 'A "L L, L I L'
.1 L L I L ,:"_-_' I L 11 1 1962, or falls to ngree oil any otlier new measure, the wheat prc
, the w L I L L 6i '- ]. V,,,LJL. -- L,
L L 1,
:' 1 L ,, 1, Mialini-P
Ed the miller w9o looks to beat futures and cash relafi ons wheat for domestic tire 6r-thc c L'aIIeJrsL, Will: a _'_ $)V 'L L I I ,/ ..A' grain will revert to that in-eflect prior to this year. This involve
.L' L L I I I 11 ; L LL -, L .L I I 1, _, L _-; .' I 11 .1 : L' I- l -ort au Prince-Alianii
'L _
on in L compared, fit selfib flour. If wheat ft" reg- d]rLthb, cash L, b L aiq L g I nov e 4L' L' "' .'- "' I I I I L I '
rr eLs built up I .0 d L I L ;, L -L I-'LL ': :'' "L I 1. L 'L '' I I /I 'L 1. 'L MIAMI ADDRESS:, li on the new support of $1.4 an theflott; dy_ O'. I I I 'L I I -:_! L" L ,: L I I ,
1 11 -L ,, I ., I I I I I 1. I L, 1'_ L 'LL : "- j L ,, .L I
-_ .. ,, : ., I 1, :
I I 1, L I I -1 .... Z ; ,,, ", L IL I ILI:l I ;11 Telephone: flighland,51767 1
; I 1. I I I I % I I L I .; ,, L : L, I 'l I t I I per cent of purity support.
1k L I L L : I I I .1 11 L I I L L 1 IL k_ 1,, I ,; ,.L, L, ""'LL ,,, _;_tro_ Fr= lidin 9.7223
- I I L 'Ll I 11 -, j_ 1_ -I '. ., --- 11 z, ,,, ., ,-, I L L L J, .
" 'L % I ; I I L I L1 -- L L ',L"', L ; I I 11 11 _'- .!, __ I I .
-1 ", I IL : I I .. I I : : ," 'L I" ,:;, 11 i 7 ,, 'I

_ V L I ,. L L I : : I ,L I I I I '' I L L 0 :, '' L L -L, What an end "a all supports would inean to mark
I I I L I< L / -et prices ma
I L I ,LL _L 1, % k _:1 I" I I ,
I I L L 10 I I ,, ,Tl I > I I'll,', '_ L- L I llj L I 0_ L" 1 L L" I L /1) I 'I / I I -- .
1 1 I F; r L' L 411.
L' I 1 1 I I-
11, ,L'- "' L' _' ': `_ \ 11 \ \1 I -olribility that levels commensurate wit
__1 I L ,L, L L, I I- ',,"', 1% \j be gleaned from the pi
I : L 1 ,L L C \. 1. i I \ I CA
--' I L L' L .1 L I I v : L ., L I I CIO U E ISLA N D world prices would prevail. On the basis of current export subsic
I ,, L, 'L '
I I I I I I I L I I L 'L J I I __ I
l, I L'. L I _, 1 -11 Z, t I
.: L 11 L L L 0 L "L I L : I L" L L; L, p L I ; L r ,
iiI I I V
, I L 'L L L :. L I L I I 'L, '; ,- I 'A ; I
L L ,, L' I
i. a L, _16\ -L. 1 I I I L -, I I L I 'L 0- L L 'L I '' 'L I ,.L 1'." I L' I tt
11 I I I I I L "O!' f'T T t L L ,Ll 11 L 11 -iL L ,,,, L 11 __ -, IL ies, tlie world prices'are as much as 74 cents below present Amc
I I L I e I L ,,, 1, :. L f, I __ I .L .'- I'll I I I I IBO BEACH "
L, I I I 5 L L I I I I 1 : ,_ I L I I '\ L L _, L L ", 'L L 1. 0 L I L .1 L, I I L 1, 'Lj' L .L I 1, ricall prices. In urging Congress to approve the n
;` LL I I I : 0 L *. I I L L ,' ,. L_- ,_, : I I ,- _1 I 11 I 11
, 'L I I I :: I I r 11 I .L. L" L \% -
I I I L L L ; 11 'i_ ,"__ _, L; L'. r::, L L L ; L .. I I
O '".n L I '' 1 0. I _''. L' 11 L X -, I-
'j- I I L .. "i 'L L ; '1-- L, ; L :: 2 ...... I I I I 'L I "_'_ L" L' .' 'L \, ,,- I _L I President Kennedy cited independent studies indicating that "whea
I I 1, ;_'' ; ': L I 1. '' 'L ,, ONLY 30 MENUTES
.4 ,I I I I o', L L ", ,.': ": r I
.1 I 2,L,! L 'L;: I I prices could lie sliced almost in half" with the abandonment a
I I "' ` _,; L, "L, 1,?' L ". '- ,
, ij. I 11, L L L, i'L ,-, 11 1;. _'L I I,- I FR O M L
I L I I L I 1 ` L L '-- 41
,, 1, I L in 1 "", ';_ _L 'L L it PORT-AU-PRINCE farm programs.
t_ L I I I L' I I I L ': ,, 'L L ;'' L L' I I .
, I I I 0 1 1 ,; L' ,, 0
0 _,;
-0 ,, 11.1 I I I 1
I ,' I I ,
I L I I I I LL 11
,7 L ,,, 11 L, ? il L L I -
L a ) I ,, I "._ -I- : -1 I 1; _1111111111111
'L I I I I 1, -,- -, _", L '. L __":_ _L '- L L I I .
11 I I LL I I I I ,,', -. ,,, ,', ., I L I L -_ I L' .L L
- 1 I I I I '' 'L ." L I F 1
: L" I :.,L
, I I 'L I L ,, .- L, ", .1 ,,, 1. I 11 L L L', L I ;, I I g I I L LW ( INCLUDING I
- ,, 3 : 0 I I I L I- I `;" L 1 I .1 L I L I I
, 1, ; '. I I L I .'', L 1 V ,_ L.',,-,;. $ ,
': L OL' L I I I L : ', L 3' 1 1 L I 'L 3' I I 'L I L L L'. '- ,_' 'j ,., L 'L _f L : I I : '3: L $ _--'L' _1 L L L I ;,, _Y Wheat, growers violating acreage allotments wo
,L 0 L L I : I L I L 'L I I LL I L 'N I -,.L 1. _. ". L' L I "2:4 L L y ()I 65 L
L' _. 'L _' ,,L -, :::L "'L 'L,
", 0 L' I I ,. I I ': __,`-' _L R 11i IP
L' ` L ; I.. I I I L I LL' L ", 'L 'L, 'L ', I .,L ,,,, ,,,, z, L L' 0- _TR ject, to a penalt per cent of parity oil tileir excess produc
L, I I L d r 0;_ IL .,_ I I 1. .- 'L
L I I I L I .1 $ L I L I ,. 3 ,L' L -L1 '- ,. .- I I '11, I I I L t L I I 1. L -1 I L L tion, which is the Same as forL 1962. With quotas in effect, afte
,:': L 1 I I L 7"' ., .1 -1 --`, '_ -, ., _, _L I ,, I
,, L I L _L 1-1 L 1. L r L';
,' I I I I I L L, ..' ,' I L L I I
L11 'Ll "' I L -
L I : 1. L' I L L ,, .: '' -,
.: L 11 I I I '. L L I I- h. I, L % ., 1', L I I 11 .. I _, L_ 11 I L L I L LL, -, 1 L I BOAT -thirds of the
L. : I Z LZ L I I I I .- & I L L I L i : '- 'L % I I '; VfoL "' L I 11 ''! 0 L 'L I _LL 0 1 L I I I I L I approval by two growers in a referendum, farms witi
I 1 L L ;, L _'j ': .: I I I L
L' L LL 11 L I .1 I I
I ff r*
: ,, ;-,: L. "L ,' L, I : LL
L' L '* 0- 'L "" f L L _,-j, _'' j: .1 i I I I I ONLY- $1.00 L L I -
:!, '. ', -,-'L L ; L 1 L :, : 1 I- ` % ;, L L ," L `" g_ L heat during 1%0 and 1961 of 15 a
: :, Y LL J L I I L LL ,
;' I L ; : L kl L L' L I 1 I an average acreage'of w I
I L : I .L L', '",
'- ,L L L L L L ., I L: I L, L ,- ., ., cl I ,, I I I ..". 'L C L I 'L L L

t *" '... ". \ ^
.1 '" H A I TI SU N "*' Simday, ebre-ry5..;96 ,
----* Z
The Future Of Manned Space Flights ors o exoratioon them co re
J.e, ,O e'SFlgt ~as geologistsL They will collect themselves.
soil samples, take seismic pro- But these 'practical 'and.s cie.-
i0.D, Brainord- HOLMES and without all the equipment Man, on theother .hard, is files, anBf photograph important lific advantages are not the chief
: : eeaed to keep the main alive. flexiblle and imaginatively He can lunar outeroppings. reasons that propel man out.w:lrd
brI.Holmes is Director of Man- -The problems of .sustaining observe, 'reason, and make'i de- into space. The mo 'tipn.
Lpace flight Programs, Na-' mar in space are, of'cqurse, well cisiohs. .The hupan brain is. its' For the first time, man will. manned spqce flight gpes deeper.
at ,AeronAutiesa-and Space kndwn. He is,. in some ways, a own ,"backup." .. be able to examine his own phy-. Trughout Hlistoy, rn's" d ':
rmsitratlon. '". ..., fragile creature. He depends ,on The Project Mercury .program siology away from his "mundane tiny has compelled him td '
... oxygen and an exquisite balance has demonstrated clearly that surroundings.' Since lunat fravi- plore.the unknown.? eaie ,'er .
.AGLEY. FIELD, Virg nia--. of pressures and temperatures. the issue of man versus machin- ty is only one-sixth that 6f summit, overcome eve'- obsl
de is in space to .'stay; there He.mrpust be..protected. He cannot es is incorrect. It is not man earth's, thd performance of the cle .
'destined to 'play. a vita. do monotonous work for a long versus machines but, inan plus htian body will .be of particul- The means .to reaph. the. ,n
frect role as bothpilotand tiThe Heisfalliband lie is un machines. ar interest.. are almost thin ans grasp.. i
itific observer,, as' the U.S. able, to perceive, 'many .things In the Mercury spacecltaft, for But this wil beonly the begin-
waut did in,his 0rbitali.ght which instrument dari detect. example there are parallel, sys, Almost free of gravity and all pi'g. Beyond the moon are the
A y :he p 'a st uio h But instruments also require a ems for every phase ,of ,the usual environment associate planets of this solar system. and
past, question ave degree of p .io th so flight. Th entire.mission can be ed with living, on earth men arethen other solar systems ..
iiAidd..d about the dual, trles;i malfunction. True, provision, can.. controlled automatically by. ra- .
O.and scientific obsr'erer- :be mad for ."backup" devices .dio signals ;frpm naut plas. me scien-;tpo take control 'in case- offailure,. Alternatively, .there are. manual
,!-.a' a aue1d that" anything Ibut the added weight. and corn controls or' .o er-'des' which
.c. dd pn be done. as glicated electronic: devices ere te .Astronau can .use-at his -
to better 'bY; Instruments- ate even inord problemss. disetion.., Th autp a tic sys- l
teis work -lot tke' Astrbnaut's J.O K, t ,,
FI Eidvantage, frihg .Mm for other '
-At .t'the :s.'tim e~Ymthe manualal.:
control provide' bio, a psiplpr J, :,
Sd ea t-. u mpeasured ,eineystq
10'. ,. ". '.. .tfi .n : '"
,a .k thT. 4 tcakup.or nre serve S" ., 'tb lae

_I _, _.. __. _. _"" :. .. ,spa ce m m ss .ions c eas. flights. .: l..' .:. 1.. ,
J", w ill',"b" "'me s"dsdta"nd .

dfo :O e xnu "i dI 'g"io "in"" "l" ,-'- "guipnen and con nte 'on L ... '
6 -i sIoenbflc, s ev ro ,

r -1 '*They 4Yu"fsepa e..thse their
hum spaceJrt ans o t .'
,,erlde -'.. -...Ke. stars. andi' planetsdwith unaraes-. :

P s.(Qrio0r"e. atentio. e ry 6 ''.a T o i

t h ar o -. ,' o :h e will conduct valuable .
b.-" .' et experiment in he "hard "a S".' '. '.,_ ...;.t: .,.. .
.,,o,;e.. ",- cuum" spae. They in ... .. .
b le t or detemion the lufncts of
r^ bg periods of weightlessness dn to .: ea *o
eniEEkLY ENTERTAINMENT PR aRAM' a 1961 n Presidnt' .. "'
O eKrth t hejropiose be ,und and
HTU E N IA y [i..p .m l eN.F S I G an d d r aed, tn U.S g o al of la n d in g- 0 t u r e s y 'AI N T I N'
W T 7?Pi-..toi-d men on.-the moon-before .otheD".' de- j "
a.,:., r va:ttiron e rbttpchon Oind Cdontea m' ctde is over- Thel Nationah -. AO.cIE- '"'.
OT AU" P onauticf and Space: Adriinistra- .- r .'
E epA'~' p iunrtay gd-toeli-' t ion (NASA) is working with the

FIA '. '4afld inn' -Ddnde f.m 7:3o,.m 'lea to ac.iev. that go.al '. 'e ..s ..e x cw s. 'a Ha. L n
-- : d-m. ,6upd Sh at10: The first man on The moon wilb ORA CON ?EOISSEURS
O","'. :1."-. ... ?" e srvey w "a blekt domain.- -s-r': '' "" THOUHOT'HE WRL :'" -
.. ./L PrTJ. ,->ITs:Cockloil hour f..: 7.to9 $.l. there is no at.phere to screen. T
'........ .. ,, .. ....nati .e d mbo od.t solar radiation, .the lunar ex-f..;,'.. o
-.p loversrs will have- to wear pro- ..

.'The absene of an 'atmosphere,3
";"" Ip ..pr '" ..fic observtion by man. As DrJ .'

aUnda wbo r eligre Lake Robert Jasro o NASA tJns Hin1d'6 1 : US goal of lani
go&1uess of a peaceful vacation amidst the sur solar system is preserved on theta
Vroundings of nature'. own greenery. '. ...ae is e mo. ... .. u QuA

38 MilesFrom Port au Prbinc- n earth, be er(onby.wnd'' 9^ 6wthte
S HUNT ING -F ISHIN ando water and the upthrust of :eB- dblo
:.,BUNGALOW .... RE, TAURANT wped out the original surface. ,;. RY.RANC"0IS Gor,.e '
WATER SKI -.R... ELAXE Butthe pristn 'u ace 'ofthe 4, J DU PE RR.E..V .D
our rsrvatIon. cal up In ODVA ado-S on at me- can p astrophysicists O.DU PERIER L. .

R A P e the bir and early A 'MN t 'an
Thlife ofimao the solar system.:-- ....
--te Corer in.da an out :sol ar W itth .e sobjtec.tives, -h
hov.eer, ie mayespeid rthei..r.-,o s .-,t.
..... ... ... .... ... ....




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Comte de Monte Christo"
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Drambuie LIQUEUR



The only sweet LIQUEUR made in Scotland on a
the basis of the finest pure old SCOTCH WHISKL.
Indispensable for festivities and for every occa-
p00000^^ ^^

sented b.3 the Esso Reporter
9:05pm-"CLUB 5" in its weekly program
9:35pm-German Faces Documentary
10:00pm-Close of program National Anthem
6:00pm-Musical Program (Mire Tele-Haiti)
6:30pm-Presentation of Evening program
6:35pm-Weather report
6:40pm-Children's program
7:00pm--ICI INTERPOL, new episode
7:00pm-Children's program (2nd part)
7:45pm-Telenews tlst edition) Review of the day's events
8:00pm--Western Theater with Bat Masterson. presented by M
& S Construction Co.
9:00pm-Telenews t2nd edition) Summary of the late news, pre-
sented by the Esso Reporter
9:1 5pm-Telecinerna (Cont'd)
"0:00pm-Close of program National Anthem
FRIDAY MARCH 2nd, 19632
6:00pm.-Musical Program (Mire Tele-Haiti)
6: 30prm-Presentation of Evening program
6: 35pm-Weather report
6:40pm-Children's program
7:00pm-Our Miss Brooks
7:30pm-PouI \ous Mesdames, cooking show presented by Miche-
?:45pm-Telenews (1st edition Review of the day's events
3:00pm-Sea Hunt
.':30pm-Musical Show
.00pm-Telenews (2nd edition Summary of the late news, pre-
sented by the Esso Reporter
,:0 5-Wagon Train
'i,:00pm-Close of program National Anthemr

5:30pm--Musical program Mire Tele-Haiti
6:00pm-Presentation of evening program
6:30pm-Well Farg, Tales
7: 00pm-Weather report
7:06pm-Education Nationale program: English Courses by Jean
7:45pm-Telenews (1st edition) Review of the day's events
8:00pni-Banque Commerciale d'Haiti program with Languichatte
8:30pm-Pan American World Airways: ICI INTERPOL
9:00pm-Telenews (2nd edition) Summary of the late news, pre-
sented by the Esso Reporter
10:00pmn-Close of program National Anthem


12:30pm-Musical program Mire Tele-Haiti
1:00pm-Program Schedule
1:05pm-Widen your knowledge (Scientific Documentary)
1:30pm-Children's program
2. 00pm-Tele-Journal
3 30pm-Guy Lombardo Show
4:00pm--Carnival 1962 at Jacotte's Club 5
4: 30pm-Telecinema
6:00pm-End of pugiram National Anthem.

I-n4wece, 'qu4C ae we


This Wednesday marks the
opening of Bacoulou's "Bal Mas-
que," a new carnival show stag-
ed by the Troupe de Danse Ba-
coulou at the Cabaret Theatre
in Petionville. The spectacle will
be presented every Wednesday
night through Mardi Gras.
"Bal Masque" will climax in
a gala costume ball on Monday,
March 5. All proceeds for the
ball will go to the Society for
Handicapped Children.


1959 AUSTIN Healy Sprite
only 15000 miles, in excellent
condition. Bargain-price.
Apply: Ed. van Meer, Curacao
Trading Co. Rue Pavee.


28ft. yacht with complete sets
of sails in dacron, nylon and
cotton. With Universal anxiliary
engine. Copper sheethed bottom;
built at Italian yard. Fully
equipped for extended cruising
with dinghy, compas, etc.

Apply for full details, descrip-
tion and pictures. Will be sold
far below market value in U.S.
Ed. van Meer, Curacao Trad-
ing Co. Rue Pavee.



Excellent Lobster Dishes


By The Sea-Side

Have Your Party At


Swim, Spearfish, Snorkle,
Water-Ski And Sail
In Safe Coastal Waters

Real Estate Agency

15 Bourdon
Phone 2620
Cable Address: AILOICO

Renting of Houses, Apart-
ments, Bungalows, Camping
Houses for short or long

Buying and selling of com-
mercial businesses such as:

I Bars, Restauranis, Hotels etc.
Reservations at Hotels and

1 Joseph LOISEAU


Sunday February 25, 1962


(Cointiinued Iromn page 5) naged 1i,' mintaiin Hlditi
I cannot pretend to analyze firm friend of the Urited
the backgrounds of all of the mi- and the free Caribbean. Jt
nisters in the Haitian govern- by recent events in Cuba
ment nor to comment on the elsewhere, that must have
political opinions of their wives. quite a job.
as apparently Jules Dubois seeks
to do. I do want to say this- Dr. It has not only been a
Francois Duvalier has brought ure to work in Haiti, but
reason and sanity to Haiti, has been a lesson in human pri
begun the hard and thankless and achievement. If the at
task of bringing the economy of of Haiti's public servants t
that country back to a sensible a United States company i
level and, in the face of poverty, gauge of their feelings ti
agitation, Fidelism, and extrem- our country, I say that w
isms from left to right, has ma- fortunate that there is a Dr

D 1. i lI: I .-ilrl I hI-l h\ lhe lp.'
.-' ';IL' I',1 pol, .r .'I ,lh <' '.,-- O l
as a '.r' good friendly, thc lepiblie of
States Haiti.
udaing Peter H. CLAYTON
a and Vice President,
been Meissner Engineets.

it has
o\ ard
s any,
e are

Chatelet des Fleurs


Are Available Exclusively At



High Class Iceburg-Lettuce

Strawberries, Broccoli, Water-Cress

With Unsurpassed Standards of Food-Purity


1960 Opel, door Sedan. Beige
Color, 4 Cylinders, white side-
wall tires, perfect condition, low
mileage $1.600.00
1960 English Prefect For, 4-
door Sedan. I Cylinders, tiho-
tone grey, less than 4,000 miles.
perfect condition $1.500.00
Frigidaire Automatic Washing
Machine. Deluxe Model, perfect
condition (Available last %%eek in
May or first of June) .1$225.00.
Wool carpet with protection
pad, 12' s 14' $85.00
14 Cubic Ft. Frigidaire Refri-
gerator, Almost ne%%, perfect
condition $2'50.00
General Electric 12" Stool type,
3-speed fan, perfect condition -
Westinghouse television, 21"
screen, blonde colored, perfect
condition $250.00
50 ft. outside T.V. Antenna -
Contact Mrs Henry Trice, HAS-
C'O Hill. above prices are final.

Le Grand Hotel Oloffson

Presents its i:imous Winter Show


Sk .q -" -
M I s U

of the ISLAND


The show is presented by Lavinia Williams Ya rhorough oulinnding interpreter of classic andi
folk dances and founder of the Haitian Institute ol flk and classic dances withll a cast including
such laleats us Ulamnonrous sungtrtss Yaiick Coupel. ,vell-knmoun Andre Germain in a daring
and dangerous fire dance and the unimitable Tr oubadonir li-Paris and his Trio and numerous
ofbti well-known dancers.

The AbMow i presented eiery Monday night at 10:30 It is a %ery spectacular variety program
whIch comprises the best dances and song of the Magic Isl.-nl.



DINNER TIME 7:30-9:30

(Continued from page 5)

%,ill give presents to one's best friends in line with the
thoughts of Socrates who said: "Get not your friends
by bare compliments, but giving them sensible tokens
of your love. It is well worth while to learn to win the
heart of a man the right way. Force is of no use to
make or preserve a friend, who is an animal that is
never caught nor tamed but by kindness and pleasure.
Excite them by your civilities, and show them that you
desire nothing more than their satisfaction: oblige with
all your soul that friend t ho has made you a present
of his own..."
Compare that with the attitude of Napoleon Bona-
parte. who boasted that he made courtiers and other
people that lie could use, bit never pretended to make
friends. Forgotten except by the British government
who had sent him there after his defeat at the Battle
of Waterloo he fretted awry the last years of his life
on the rocky island of St. Helena-alone and friendless.
There is no question but that the world's most me-
morable friendship was tlit of the Pythagoreans, Da-
mon and Phintias. Dionysius, tyrant of Syracuse, con-
denumed Damon to death. Damon begged leave of abs-
ence to go home and settle his affairs, while Phintias
pledged himself to endure the punishment in his stead
if he did not return at the appointed time. Damon was
punctual at his appointment with death, and this in-
stance of friendship so pleased the king that he par-
doned him and begged to be admitted to a friendship
so warm as that of Damon and Phintias.
In modern times we have seen examples of friend-
:hip which are at least on a par with that of Damon
and Phintias. During World War I and II there were
nlany examples of young men of whom it could be said,
"Greater love has no man than this, that he- lay down
his life for his friend." There were the friends who.
covered the retreat of their comrades, knowing full
%%ill that they could not themselves escape and that
their death was inevitable.
Not once but scores of times there have been examp-
les of friendship which surpassed all understanding, in
the two conflicts to which we refer. An enemy hand
grenade lands in a. group of friends, laughing and jok-
ing and unaware of the impending raid. Without so
much as a moment's thought, one of the group throws
himself on top of the grenade and is immediately blown
to pieces. But his friends survive.
One of the well-known revolutionary presidents of
Central America has a saying which has attracted con-
siderable attention. His attitude is, "Para los amigos oro
y para los enemigos, plomo--For one's friends gold, and
for one's enemies, lead."- For all of its sincerity, it is
perhaps a rather extreme attitude.
We extend warmest greetings to all our friends, and
to all of the friends of our friends, "The Day of the
Friend." could be an exceptionally worthy occasion.

. You know
It's a really fine
Scotch when it's

* 0 o *AV*

I, j




aa wnif. -acti going strong






i AGE 12

Sunday February 25, 1963

Sunday February 25, 196,




SundayFebruary 254 9~) PAGE 13

New York (AP)-A strike by 1.400 pilots against Pan American
World Airvays, largest of the international air carriers, %ias ord-
cred by the Air Line Pilols As-ociation yesterday to start at 1.3:01
a.m. March 6.

The strike order was issued in Chicago by Clarence N. Sayen,
president of the association, according to a spokesman for the pilots
here. The strike action followed a new breakdouin in contract re-
opener negotiations here Monday.

" Technicitill. the inilis, had be.4- Since .Jan. !1 but hud reraii ied from such action as negotiations
co'itzinecd. However. it \ nas n aiiunced they lost patience as the
talks bugged dolin over tlih issues of .%agea and the qiiestion of
cockpit creis on jet lights.

From 9:00 P.M. to 3:00 A.M.
It "iill be the Rendez-vous of all Pierrots, Colombines-
and their friends... Costume, are mandatory...
T'I'o terrific Orchestras iill provide continuous Mu-
sic ,or dancing:
Get .oour Tickets nosi and reserve your table at
Parking facilities are available on the Hotel grounds.

No-- -

Time takes on a rosy hut
through the sapphire crystal
of your Movado Firmament" watch

The Movado sapphire crystal
gleams with a rare brilliance.
Its hardness is surpassed
only b-, that of the diamond.
You will cherish your
Movado which ofers you a
precision thrice triumphant
in three years (at the official
Swiss Observatory at

RAl 15,4
" I o.t look"
gild 1 jure 0ali

REI. 148
mir,ilure movS-
meri I, .Id It d ,
gold Igure diali




(Continued from page 1)

Photo Europe,one one of the
%t orld's greatest photographic
magazines, has sent word to one
of the better camera shops that
it is looking for a Haitian beau-
ty. There are certain qualifica-
tions to be met concerning age,
beauty and photogenic quality.
All that is necessary at this
point is to send in a good photo-
graph, and you are on the list
for work as an artist's model -
highly paid. honorable employ-
ment which usually leads to
other things- the movies, the
theatre, who knows? At least
your picture will be published in
Photo Europe and your beauty
wil receive world-wide acclaim.
Send your photograph to:
Camera Center
Box 568
cdo Photoeurop R.
Port an Prince.

To Liquidate Private

American Debts

(Continued from page 1)

and International Financing Or-
gin nationss located in Washing-
ton in order to have money to
beirn essential economic pro-
.jeci; in Haiti impeded by the
Article 620 (c) of the 87-195 Law,
87th Congress 5-1938. of Septem-
ber 4th 1962.
Here are the articles:
Art. I.-It is created at the
Department of Finances and Ec-
onomic Affairs a Committee cal-
led "Commission de Controle et
de Reglement des Creances Pri-
Nees Americaines", including the
Directory of the Treasury, the
President of the Administrative
Board of the National Bank of
the Republic of Haiti. the Chief
of Public Debt Service, a memb-
er of Cour Superieure des Comp-
tes, a Member of Grand Technic-
al Council of National Resources
and Economic Development. or
their resprcti e representative_.

Art. 2nd.-The Committee is
authorized to collect. stuHd and
analyze all payment claims in-
troduced by American firms or
Citizens. It % ill present .its ne-
cessar.\ leconmmendations to the
Srcrctar;, of State oi Fiiance,
and ELonroml Affairs in vie\
of th1e liquidation of debts ac.
knrov.'lcdl ed val iah)le

Art. 3rd.-As soujl a' this [I-...
crCOi' i pblihli'ed, the Amn rica.i
Fiimi aind (Citi,'n Me- 1 icqu0itl'd
'" si mit i, hin thil,,? nio tllis,
;h1ir claims to th' Commission
de Contirole et des Regleiment
des Creances pri ees Amenrai-
nos Atter the delay no r-equiest
will i.e considered.


The Texaco Caribbean Office
has the pleasure to announce
that its offer to sell a DKW car
Model 1959 is cancelled by this
present advice which eliminates
all future bids which could be
submitted to.

Rock Service

prevents unnecessary tire failures!

cords in Rock Service tires
withstand double the im-
pact of ordinary materials,
resist heat blowouts and
flex breaks.

Husky double-chevron cleats
in new B.F.Goodrich Rock
Service tires give full traction
in forward or reverse, guard
against slippage. The tire is
built to its inflated shape. It
flexes evenly no localized
stresses that cause unnecessary
tire failures.
Keep )our off-the-road equip-
ment on the job. See us for
B.F.Goodrich Rock Service
tires. You'll be money ahead




EB.F.Goodrlch t'rcs

BF GOODRICH: Tires and Tube Batteries
Port au Prince
















Sunday Febtlmary 25, 1062

Off the Telediol
-The word is going around hat the Montana will close its doors
on April first, but the No. I and No. 2 boys there say that all
doors except one is nearer the truth. -Germaine and Gerard Pierre
Louis are planning a Bal Masque for March 5th at Shoal Sands
in Mariani. That's a great idea; a dip in the sea will bring 'eni
back alive from too much meringue, or rum, or anything. -The
Ra-Ra band called the 22nd of May is very un-gay tthal's pig
"Latin, friends). -I had a bad few minutes last Sunday morning.
I had just dragged my hangover odt of bed when I looked outside
and lo and behold! there was a long-horned steer walking maje,-
tically into the water. When I realized it wasn't the D-T's I fell
better. He had broken away from the man leading him to slaughter
and gone in for a cooling dip. -This must be my week for animals.
Late Monday night I saw an odd thing on the Peitonville Road.
A little puppy had been' hit and killed and left by the side of
.the road. Both when I went up the road and when I came down
again I noticed a large dog trying to lift the dead puppy and
take it away; and it was a male, obviously, and not the pup's
m other. -Watch out for the HASCO train when she goes thru
town empty... they're really malang up Tor lost time this 'eek.
No wonder, when they broke down near the Riviera remember? i
last Sunday, there must have been 200 free lunchers around. -Ed.
and Ginger Blechschmidt from Chicago are guests at the Mon-
. tana. 'They reported that this is the first place where they rece ed
any kind of a welcome upon arrival, and they came from Sail
Juan and a small island-hopping trip. Are you listening Geo Gun-
Szales?.-What milk and chocolate distributorship in Haiti is a ljbor
of contention at the moment? -Somebody told Lavinia Williams -
s." he's wearing her skirts too long. She's been so busy she hadn't
Noticed all those unlovely knees the gals are showing nowadays
-This week the Birthday Boy is Dan Allen, bless his [at littH
head. -Rodolf Castera is importing a new Italian calculator called
the '.'Everest". It has a dial on it just like a telephone. You us,
it to divide. The price is right too. -I saw an ad in the Timrr
which reads... rent almost ever partI need from Hertz!.. me'n
ing everything from tables and chairs to china, glass and sivci
ware. When do yolu begin, Jean Bolte? -Those outdoor mura
panels at the Red Carpet are nothing short of stunning, especially ,
i.at night. That's known as giving Art the red carpet tieatimeil
"-Odette Wiener has put the charming Christophe's Court number
back in the Bacoulou show, which makes a lot of people liapp.,'
-And putting Gerard Dorsinville at the mike ith lithe band was
a brilliant idea too. -Gourmet Club held elections last "eel; and
the new president is Juliette Elkon. Out-going president Gina
Celestin handed.in her report and made a thank-:,ou speech to
the,22 members of this active club. Mrs Elkon is read.Ming an
"article-.on Haiti for Gourmet Magazine for which she is a staft
writer. -Donald Born of the American Embiassy staff is being
transferred back to Washington. He's on the sick list witl three
months in Gitmo hospital. -Sall3 and Iay Chambcers have piit
sent word from Paris that they are tihe proud parents of a new
boy their second child since leaving Haiti. There must be some
connection with all that black coffee they used to drink latn at
iight at Dan Allen's just how I don't know\.. -What a hiesinmg
to be able to buy all the VO-5 hair products i...w at Cl.aid M-n-
tin's. The new blue VO-5 for grey or white hair m:,k you loul-
like sterling silver out of Tilfan.\, and the shampoo r, dlrr'ii-l1.ial
-Neatest snatch of the week occurred at Braserie de la ('ou-
..ronne last week ilwhen the payroll clerk, ('ariiien, wits about (to
-, deliver the pay envelopes to the truck driver. A' sile ineared ihe
bottoni or the stairs somebody call out of the alley and smashed
a hand full of sand into her eyes. lie gotl nay %ithl about $6ttU.
-Somebody asked if Thursday, Washington's Birthdry. "as cele
brated in Haiti by throwing silver dollars across the Artiboiute'
That wasn't you Dick, was it? -There's a couple staying at Villa
Creole in what tlie. call the Honeymoon Suite. Thely liiLve beei,
away from home on vacation for several weeks and 'ht' says thi:
is the first linme they're seen a double lied since ilic-v Ilft. The 'rI
so .enchanted with Villa Creole they awe luymng itlh the idea o
staying another week instead of going on. -Ye Olde Editour gu
nimself tossed back at the border this week as he was tr in-
to drive his car back to Haiti. The aftermatch of a dictator. like
the mills of the gods, grinds ve.v small. -What's happened with
tme maze of price complications of this new measure?


On Friday 23rd at 5:00 p.m..
Mr Philippe North, Director of
the French Institute inaugurated
the "Cours Publics" of the In-
From this date. the Institute
will offer the following courses
each week:
Tuesday at 5:00: "Poetes et
Romanciers Contemporains" by
Mr Raymond Lichet:
Wednesday at 5:00: "Les
Fleurs de Mai" by Mr Adrien
Ma rtin;
Friday at 5:00: "Philosophic
avec Alain" (Text explicatio i)
by Mr Philippe North.
These courses are not only for
students but for all persons in-
terested in the lectures.

The series of lectures. the
"Mardis" of the French Instit-
ute will be reopened on Febiua-
r. 27th at 8.00 p.m. The lectur-
(,' will be the Professor Robhert
Worms, Doctor of Paris Hospit-
als, who %will talk about the In-
fections diseases and the Prog-
ress of thie medical Sciences.

(Continued Im page 2)

SHELL TOX is on sale in all the groceries stors and at SHELL Stations.

'AGE 14



Byron Fish, a writer for the
Seattle Times. became acquiiitt-
ed with Haitian postage .st nips
for the first time recently when
he received an article from Turn
Dell, Manager of El Pancho.
Mr Fish, in his column of Jan-
uary 31st, said: The posta'ge oni
Dell's letter shows the Haliians
do not overlook e\en the new-
est goddesses The li cn[mi:.n
stamp carries the photograph o.f
Miss Haiti. World's Sugr QueICn
Ii makes our Unied SIata-s Po,.i
Office seem a bit simfff, Ori.
solemn stamps never hli.vi- bhall-
t queens or any kind of cheL..e-
Mr Dell's entielope contained
an arucle on Vooijlu in Haiti
which he sent to the n-ijor news-
papers throughoiLt th- United
States. Fish further said, "Dell
writes that vood,:o, ihke Christ-
ianity, is concerned v itll all
things, both good and e\il Most
Haitians also are Christians but
as happened among the natives
of numerous countries, 'conver-
sion' merely meant adding- the

ne'.'. teligion The people \wo'i
not offend the old Gods. either'
it may be that Mr Fishi
bored with U S. stamps, and pa
d.li, notable-, George Washingto
.iand Abiaham Lincoln net ite
tiicl.i'lrl '.Milh this month's biti
of \%hom hald much to contrib.jt
i ihe- cheesecake departm' n
But in iin., eCent, tihe U.S ma
I'_ 1 -- l l :-r r'.e above c .,:.r

Ainiiri.'. ii..i nin4 (.;intine a
,'3 r'_. I, .!,! rni- prcit unneil thl
Hi ti iC'ini'it Co. Fit Fond Men
in,. .-i uf lihc actor. Constiuc
ti1n of a dspeniisarv has als
been mitiatc-d. The factory now
has i capacity of 240 tons pe
Tuesday Nights
Informal Barbecue
Tuesday is barbecue night a
Sani Souci. Driess is informa
music is rito\ided by the Hotel'
Combo and the dinner is $2.5
pet petison. The hotel has a coi
venient and safe car park.

Your charming Hostess KATHERINE DUNHAMJ

Grand Spectacle

At the Peristyle DANSE VAUDUN
Special Haitian Menu
Dancing To MOZART DU ROSEAU'S Orchestra



Braniff Has Jets <
Capable Of Landing
On Small Strip
Braniff Air Lines recently an-i
nounced the purchase of several
airplanes capable of landing on'
the ordinary air-strips for pistons
planes. They will be used in
countries of Latin America v. hichA
do no have air-strips capable.
of landing jet planes. The\ have
a capacity of 60 passengers and
v.ill fly 540 miles per hour.
FHFA 50-Years-Old
foot-ball played according to the
regulations of the International
Board was introduced, recalls






Onions of first quality are available at

les counter of ODVA at the corner of

- the same paper, around the year des Cesare and Rue du Centre, at the following
- 1904.
w The celebration of the 50th an- price's
r niversary of the Haitian Federa- 10lbs.-Bags 15 Gourdes
tion of Foot-Ball opened Satur-
day Feb. 17th with a triangular 50lbs.-Bags 15 Gourdes
tourney between the teams of
Port au Prince. Cap Haiten and .
it St. 'Marc. In the line of the same Wholesale orders will be filled on the basis.
L. commemorative ceremorues. a
's Mexican Team flew to Port of Gourdcs: 2.75 per 10lbs. bags (Miniumitu
50 Tuesday and met an All-Haitian
I- formation in a two series match-
es last night. '10 bags) and Gourdes: 14 per 50lbs. (Minim-,
I The program of festivities has
been arranged by the Commit- .4
tee of FHFA presided over byt"i 1 0 bags.)
Gerard Rouzier. '. ." .'. ''S


i ine Cla..







'Joseph Nadal & Col



4 r 5nliJ1 OUKK!JU b m .

Nikkorex CAMERA!



Sunday February 25, 1962


Voyages p ... A R RANCE VOTRE

.I I I I i


A suite of romance by Jaequcli.ne

YWrR "T W olve E BEY

AT E ? 4Ot/NV ArVWCE9il

EMOO1'i, lively performance 0hr- ,.
ever y9o I fill' 'r up! That's whAt :,u.-i '
.1 th" 1 TEXACO FIRE CHIEF lI catli..' it. T .C")
'. 100 percent Climate-C'outrolled.
-- Stop in and see us for a tankful sotn!

-In order to prove the quality of their
Service, the new management of the TE-
XACO Place Geftrard Sor ice Station will offer you during Ihe
.month of February a free MARFAK chassis lubrication for any
minimum purchase of 10 gallons or more of gasoline.

We will be able to honor that otier only on Salurda.v from noon
to 5:00 P.M. and Sunday from 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.
The service will be performed at the iell-knoin Garage:

(opposite to the Station)
Drive in soon at your Service Station PLACE GEFFRARD.



Promising Primitive To Hang At El Rancho

(Continued from page I)
and admiration with these wonids'
"Pour Jacqueline. jeune, belle
-et r.'intre de talent, ie voudrais
de iout union coeur la ga'der
pic. do moi. la voir grander en
ti';e line et .joe pour finalement
s'enannimir eii fleur rui're et
eblniii-ainle" (To ITicq'lichne.
young., hlirintifil and paint r of
tal-nt: I w\im\ with all my heart
I r. ildd Le-p her near me to see
her gro'A in a fine and petty

stem and finally to open in :
rare and dazzling flower."
She v.wa 11 when she pel .,.iad
ed her parents, prominent ilait;
an Merchant, Mj Co-instani Elii
Joseph and vife to send I -r t
Paris. Alwa:,s qule mdid .'.ee
-.h' fell in I.e1-At.1 a \o;d th I th
.c-alll lof I l falihcr oulli no
feel. She had her fifte--c th iirth
dla,\ aboard the boat 'iluch tool
her to Paris. That v as thm tre
years ago.

Jacqueline E. J. Nesti

4000 Gobs Get Liberty With Forrestal In Port
Forreslal is capable of launch- ed host to thousands of foreign
ing and landing some of the visitors. including such person-
world's highest performance air- ages as Prince Rainier of Mo-
riaft. Among her modern tight- naco, the Shah of Iran and King

cr aircraft is the F4H Phantomn
II, current holder of four world
speed records, and with her air-
to-air missiles is described as
liavii i lie greatest fire-power
of any Na\. interceptor. Her
floating aiirfiold of approximate-
I-. fomr acres cai i handle up to
ninety aircraft.
A symbol of America's "Pow-
cr lor Peace" program the For-
,..stal is considered one ot the
U S.'s inest ambassadors of
%o'..d will. During her four Me-
diterranean cruises she has pla.-

Hussein of Jordan.
Sometimes referred to as a
floating hotel, or a city within
itself, the Forrestal contains a
wide variety of extra facilities.
such as three barber shops, a
bakery, a laundry, a dry clean-
ing plant and a library co'lec-
lion of 3,500 volumes.
As a result of her oft-demuon-
strated efficiency in sea exerc-
ises the Forrestal is described
as the "most well-prepaied and
elhcient attack carirer of her



__ The Work

Imprime sur les Presses de HAITI SUN Ave. Mfa ;e-Jeanne Cite de I'Exposition -- Port au Princt

Jacqueline entered a CI
in Paris, made new friends
felt a great appeal for I
- she wished she could study
no but at her age gifted chl?
e are already stars. She de
j 1o try painting. She studied
t history of art and took cl
e \tlit an art teacher of Co
t BauLfemoni who predicted
- she would make a name to"
k self if she continued. For
n years, she studied with a
que's pupil a young piinte
the name of Claude Perset
got the opportunity of mee
artist of different national
living in Paris. She took d
ing classes with Italian pa
and designer Manfredo
and classes on anatomy wiI
German artist. In 1956, she
at Borsi's studio a young
glish painter from Italian d
ent,' Vittorio Nesti. in hotel
iness in Florence and ma
him a few months later. T
lived at the Hotel Astora
Florence where she studied m
al painting. Vittorio dropped
el business to concentrate
painting. Jacqueline found in h
her best critics. On the sugg
tion of a Swedish girl frie
also a painter. Jacqueline t<
twelve paintings of Vittorio
eight of her own to the Brinn
Gallery in Stockholm, Swe(
for an ehibit. Her fine works
picting scenes of the Haistian I
with bright colors in the corn
sition and deep feelings in
expression brought thrill' to
Swedes who bought tip all h
Another girL friend., Ir,- i ii
dancer Mareka River,a d'night
of the world famo is Mexic
painter Diego Rivera intro'ii
her to Picasso, Mitisse and C1
gall. She knew in the compa
of these Masters what she waj
ed to be. She received th<
blessings as a painter and
returning home for a visit
reka suggested that she stop
Mexipo tq meet her father. A
Jacqueline spent 6 of the m
marvelous months of her life
the "protegee" of this great
ist who showed her as much
fection as to a beloved daught
and as attentive guidance as
a painter with a very promissu
Jacqueline arrived last D
ember to spend a few mont
with her paienis and renew h
inspiration and work ing
her friends suggested that s
exhibit to be appreciated
her own Country. Her exhibit
the El Rancho next Thursd
will certainly be a thrill to
visitors and Haitians alike.

Sunday Febiuary 25, 19

' H A t1 S U N '

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