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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

Record Information

Source Institution:
Duke University Libraries
Holding Location:
Duke University Libraries
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 32441147
lccn - sn 95058138
lcc - Newspaper 2117
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Assembly's main~~~~~P pcha Worms lasth b flare d glove o mth fSuheln oruwl-
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its ties, with the OAS. All the of trl:-fashioned Se ars y. c s nd Tae, a ie

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O3 2 1- A I T I SUN''
,,.H L r H n ^ -____ --_______________________

r Haiti This Week
***Honorable Robert King High, Ma yor of
Miami, Fla., stopped in transit here Friday
afternoon en route to Dominican Republic. He
took a cup of Haitian 'coffee at the airport in
coplpany with the new Consul General ot Dq-
minican Republic in Miami, Dr Antonio Moreno
and Dr Danilo Estrada, a Dominican physician'
from Miani and industrialist Bob Irving, well-
known here. Mayqr High said that Haiti has
ys. appealed to him and that he will come for a visit
r'April 14th. He has a good HAitian friend tii Miami who isk
Sassine. Director of' the Haiti Government Tourist Pureau

man Embassy in Ottawa. Canada flew down here last weekend
with his wife lor a two ,week vacation... Mr Bernard Boris Grin-
berg, a merchant from Valley Stream, New Ybrk -and wife Clara
are current guests at the Ibo-Lele... So are Mr Leon Aronoviti
.from Boston and wife Eleanor.

.**.Dr John William Nichols, a general practician from Galena
Park, Texas and charming wife, Dr Ann Nichols, an anesthesist
were introduced to Haiti by Dr Harold Wood, Head,of the USOM's
public health program. The Nichols were recommended here by
Mr John Deaton and wife Pat who visited the Country 'a few days
ago in company with their mother Mrs Grady'Deaton, still visiting
with her brother, Dr Harold Wood... The Nichols who left Monday
sent here Wednesday thier friends MIr B. J. Warren and wife Mary.
Tlbv' all f in lnli tLf H in i

ai. jeIL n iL AUvC VlU mlOJilI .,

-***tr,Edward Fishman, a textile converter from New York is i
"Honorable Victor Nevers Constant, Minister of Tourism greet-
iday a delegation from Glen Cove, New York. The party back this wdek in company with his wife Lillian.- They- visited the' Y
Country a' few years ago and Lillian has found a very good- friend a
i' Mr' Maurice Welt, President. of a lithographic printihg Counej, a few years ago and liLlianlhas found a very godiend a
"l' -, M M ice n W el Pride o a Uto grah ,i in Simone Sassine, the well known "couturiere"'. The Fihmans e
'ftje Evelyn, Mr Milton Dedrick, a Food Merchant and wife d -. d
are guests at the El Rancho. Dr Erwin Zimmerman, Mrs Fishman's
Mr.Leonard Bernstein, a retail merchant and wife Blanche, are guests at ee El Rancho. Dr Erwin Zim erman, Mrs .Fishman's e
jIwkorris l5anto and wife Molly. The pazty was on a good son will arrive on February 27 'to set up a one' day clinic to see o
c*. ases at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital. o
RWio0n here. after the Republican Mayor of Glen Cove made s a t A S
ient I' ualier an Honorary Citizen. They are all members : *Mr ..S arcm B n
iaitima-American Foundation, whose founder is Roger Ma-Fletcher Steele, a landscape architect from Boston wa ti
-.'nstant.-Mr Welt came to donate a Sewing center to the met at the airport.last Monday by, his host Mr Horace, Asliton... ot
.tiol Cooperative fSib Miss Norma Serapjitt was greeted at the airport by Mr .Francois.. n
arystayed'atthe El ancho. .. Theard. She is from New York,..Stanley Donenfelf. a merchant e
:a,;": .d t .h from' Dayton, Ohio and his "ravissante femme"' Elair e stopped at. a
iSeduisant" Spah Finfer irivisit here.last weekend 'm'com- the El Rancho this /week.and' made their outingsin. company of t
i if husbanid Arnold, fieldd audience enraptured with her Dr Samuel. Waxman, a .general practician from Monterey Park, e
i dancing. The couple is from New York .and was giest Calif..and pretty blonde wife. Harriet, Mr Maurice J. Frager, aa' 9s
t chiHotel. ,., lawyer and former judge in New Jersey and wife .Adele, Mr Alvin' le
i Sockol, an auto parts dealer from Newport, Vermdnt and Soffer and wife' Rence, Phil (Big ddy) Zuckerman and wife p
-4.e'ohn'a *v.o week visit here are making theif-.outings in Sandra from New York... Mr' Melin Braulman and wife Estelle
"-'- Harr y "and Elizabelthli ichin and Dr'Harold Wender from Philadelphia 'are staying a few days at thie Oioffson. h -
.'I ywnce' from' New Jersey. They are all guests.at the
e. ofe.
H'.enry J. Bowklr, a Consulting Engineer froni Dayton, '
is:bacl~ gain in company with.wife Janet... Investor Harry
',jand- wife Jane arid daughters Elizabeth and rIis are cur- "
istg'. So is Mrs Bariies... Mr Monroe'Spodeke, in garage -w a
Wife Ruth are enjoying a ten day vacation here.,
~o ?Schari President of. the Haitian Maitafacttrilig and Spe-
;afhis-lovely blonde wife Diane an Interior Dcborat'or from
.iYork. brought down here last' Sunday brother Jbseph, in
I .Nc m' New York and charming wife Dolly. They were met
airport' by brother David and wife Frankie. .
Walbert Wallace, author, playwright and writer for Life TROP GAS CO. INC S
ne. iiNew York spent six days. at the, Grand Hotel Oloffson. TROPICAL GAS CO. -INC., IS H-
ei.:i Bob was ,entranced with- the Haitian art.: He got' a t T '' -
aIDuffaut from the Art Center. TO ANNOUNCE T6 ITS ESTEEMED

Signing Ellen Krasner, an Assistant Manager for MONET CLIENTS, THAT COMMENCING. THE
Business in New York arrived here last Monday for
t~- visit, The lovely and lively visitor paints as an adv.oca- ,26th OF FEBRUARY, IT WILL HAVE AT
jidi es like a Terpsichore (the Greek Muse of Dancei and .-
j nUed at the thriving Haitian art. She bought a beautiful THEIR DISPOSITION THE FA M OUS,
z..e from Andre V. Dimanche, a painting from Emmanuel -
ioeur (Foyer des Arts Plastiques). She has chosen another one TROPIGAS LAMPS AS WELL AS T -IE
zubrgue from th9 Gift Fair. She fell in love with Haiti that she
it again next September. Miss Ellen Krasner was guest GLASS CHIMNIES AND MANTLES FOR
IWGingerbread Palace. .

fMiss Diana Batch, 20 arrive dSunday from New York to enter
gCAtinel Couvent in Cap-Taitlen. She was met at the airport by
eouds Armand'Ouellet and Albert Martineau. IT TAKES THIS OCCASION TO RE-
4'ovely Marjory Gorman,-a fabric designer frorri New York
gentille" Cynthia S. Kayan of the News program of the NBC QUEST ALL THOSE WUO HAVE PAID
!ed; last Sunday for,a two day visit and were delighted with
io.nore days because the Pan Am flights were oversold. Marje IN ADVANCE FOR TH E I R LAMPS TO
'-Cynthia speak fluent French. Marie studied the History of :
a4t La Sorbonne Paris. Cynthia is a fantastic twister. They HAVE THE KINDNESS TO CALL FOR
%p at the Grand Hotel Oloffson.
,Belle" Lorraine (Dora).Wallace, a well konwn painter from THEM ON THE 26th OR SHORTLY
iades, New York arrived Sunday in company with son An-
hi!... :MrKarl ,Heitz Hausner Commercial .Advisor to the Ger- THEREAFTER. -
'^ -. I '' a. -" ^"." ; .- ...r-4"' ; : .- :.' '
.+ -.,, ..... ,:.....: .o:. .,,.,.: ..T H 19 .................. .,.
.t. ..a ... .... -, '" -,'" :" + .. .... .. .-;2 x~ ':,," : : ;: i' .-.',. ,- ,j.,":.--,

Sunday February 18,' 1962

Capt. Georges Elizee
Graduated Engineer

pprt Belvoir, Virginia- Capt-
ain Georges Elizee, of Haiti has
successfully completed the Png-;
ineer Officer Career Course at
the United States ArmyI Engin-
eer School here.
Captain Elizee was part of a
class of 174. students, including
students from 18 Allied coun-
tries, to receive, their diplomas
at a graduation exercise heJd
19 January 1962.


'The Career Course is compos-
d of U.S. Army.Cokps of Eqg-:
neers officers -with over- three-
epars of commissioned service,
nd of specially selected offi -.
rS from Allied countries. It. is
designedd -to provide the stud-
nts with a general knowledge '
f the duties and resp6nsibilities-
Corps of rigineers..officers.
he course includes trSning in
iunamentals of combat opera-
bns with combined. operations ;
f Navy ana Air Force' com''
nands, military enginsering,'op-,
rations, proper. equipment..utilj -:
tion and maintenance,' functions,
f Command and Staff 'positions,"
opographic .and ,terriad intellig-
ince; civil' works, and -aqextei:",
lve block of instruction on nuc-
ear w.e a p o s. coveringb.asic '.
rinciiles of nizeiea explosions
md the effects of various: tyes
f nuclear bsts.' .
i. -
ThIe, Cireer Course. i but one
f many .courses, training United
states and Allied.,military per-
oiinej' t the Engineer "School.

Completion Of Wdrks
SAt Gonaives ,
Pursuing .its activied a.iund
he country, the Executive Comr.
nittee of.the..."Mouvei :nt de
Renovation Nationale'. already
has taken steps to complete the
works of- construction undertaken
on theoccasio ,of .the'150th an-.
niversary of national Indepen-
dence. .

The .works will start on March'
2nd under the technical directoioi.
of'the Engineer Alix Ciheas. Im-
mediately after Duvalierville the
works of the. popular City of Ra-
boteaux in the same town wi1
be begun. ,

Real Estate Agency
15 Bourdon
Phone 2620 i
Cable Address: AILOICO

Rentinrg of Houses, Apart-
ments, Bungalows, Camping
Houses for short or long

Buying and selling of com-
mercial businesses such as:

Bars, Restaurants, Hotels etc.
Reservations at Hotels and

S, Manager

^ ^* ^.* ?FRIDAY
li^' "' '''E ""D.. .'1:'- I l

a tt ii 1 .. ..+ .l.

e D.N .. lt 'i... l
D M@MtDROSEUS Orchestra

itBricAiN' LECLERC'.

r' RT AU.MT ON .q



Joseph Ni d a. C

4 .' HA IT I SUN Sunday Pe6n 1 *2
io.: .... 1.- :", ... !
7 -r -

Sreor Notes .From F esto
". .. .. : ,
.' "' .New car salesman: "This mo- your Firestore ,store for a. free dnen wiInsie 'i
Sd- del has a top speed of 15p miles safety chbck of your tires pleas .include ,Aithl t' e :No: s
i.. per hour and with these Speed- take a few minutes 'each week Firetitone. .W,'ve c i't
v, ; ,way 'proved -Firestone Nylon to visually .check ygur tires for name, of, course4'i it
,DU.,,_i "500' tires she'll stop on a yourself: Your life depends dr. his: "Oly, ten ti i
i.'.', ., ., : ,-- dime". a l.tire days until Carolq'egnm
Prospec: "What happen's xx da o u 'p
then?" We' Whad to'turn dclon an ite
ers Daarins Pradl and, Casirobert Clermpnt .left 1f.t Salesman: "A little 'putty life
Monday to place their knowledge at the service of thd C;n comes out and scrapes you off ,'' "
o .. .. -Si'th6 windshield"
.Governiment... itr Lebert Jeai9Pierre left for Cadnda on an windshield. te. OOI S d v
F mission... Bish. tegellUleft.or a bri visit to New Y.ori... 'xxx .
cdriespdnderint kMain 'MacReynolds, spent a week covering, the Our friend .down the street says
scene... Robert :lWauace a writer for.,lEe IMagazigei is-va- life is much. smoother at fits
at o son wi wife Jea'n. They aresth interted i house since -.he installed i Per-
fectidn gas 'ange iin ,iie kitchenn.:
Ra tian artists, especially at the ,cntrh d'Art .t Time He keeps oe cylider .of s al-
ir .1e ael Demarest' sent. fortnightt! ier e,:. v ays in. !reserve, and'Mother 'is
jai aife .' bY' Avis and..purchased paintings. fiomr ilaon assured of an. uniterrupt A..sup-
oi Obini He is interested in. adding : a. critic .on. d ffuel w en. t .s in. ..
i;ain paiter o bn... Jamaia;-:nogvr -as detect daily..Pan- use. SaBes wear and tear l on'
M". :e.s"Perves,M meals Ars
e t .y e ..New Y or... lIen od lane..separted. Tu sda time; and he toe 's'i btter Yo', ''u
rtrc afdj.r e&-visitiig Cap Hait ienby Renta Car. Rodman Canielect jldst t .moide.l of P
taid .. t agrticle. to arper!aoa. r in ftion gas rang flTatsuit s I 6ut
,,t % ^',.-a r .th0' : ; .-'.S" ...u'. .. .s s '. n k ,. *. .. 't w ", "" ,;'
Tl .. bo o bk as i mov 'j'ui" s fresh -'stock' ndw .n dispah ti
,':. "Th 0re, an': obassy .has. ..;. ..,^ "v .... ..
i n:'bpl Drde-nl a (i mbasove qarer's g ourt-hFhresitope- store .:Oux own
4n Mars budding th.oi a mBderii bugalow Firetone sLr viqye .epersorinelo .
.omp-ed, i g'E ..er Voger Espvr... 16 the .edition "of parts a_ et'ulp ni are your
Febuy tf;tod Mo ii ; inot e s the families re- guar te e co tinued satsc .iS 1
A. '

ahn"ned .a tw who pu undl f ... ."tj .'::i-n. 1.
'r i ,e f e hion .. r t '" ..... .
r tt S cdela "t%-g 0-0o at h 'nt N ewho re Tit I

,-i, a d uSdhey 100 yearsoi aa ,' .. "' ',, "" "o:r:
-et9Lg "c in o igo~li B ona.io, g for
i st 'M 9. by. ._ 'o...r .:l:b .. A
"jbl"" n.r al e o ot~,,.aur Asife dds i .. I .. ,
Cat e twyer of ewshpa ptd t ('L W.a'k yata tEPo bN Int q ure R
to rpu pen a ie t eli d we f Mida? s taaetin et or a nmom rent Your a*nd Th i 1
'b 8 0 to :30p.m lif e depends upon a ,re. You
30pem lnsut1:ance tern i ums on your K
y residence oat .pot, (t~lsot Proser)... he Na- r etis at your Firestone M "tore --T i
.. ... ., W Z'a;asd. .. .. -a
j&'Offioe of Cofeeth s\ been transferred 9tobi ne~# ofhtes on the costs you. nothing; 'It sarewjustw
t e1 bon Ek Ere du Peuple. few .minutes :or us to uinst pect v
iao yodr tires.. The patt-.', of te ad. -
wea.-r indicates wheter y ay i
noted and staled Censor at the skm establishment. tie i pressure0 mall cut' can .
FIb w F.aebrua'ry 19th, 0 ts onocalsl re jred before-, ,
R 9 opelitg bra o the asoof thea they deteriorate .to ausea blow,
i ofthe Can fr teo4kers CoH y, out; foreign oibjectsq cight n:
they penetrate the body of' the

laited an cntactdr Clemaod JKseph CLao e to obtain in- brought tolyour attention. etc. If
for reas, but the activePresidn ad Dictor cannot find time to sto by ,

Z4%ri .nye of Haiiti and Teasurer of e Kentf CofLor-

.ndtransferred.'to.a Port.j J l has be releatd .at ,the ', .
inA terventiopf the President 6 f the Reblc... A visit to .. I ,
ure uSertlce de la Culiture", at Rue duoCentre No. L6TS LO S
a. series. of different boblos of great interest for intellect- ) TIt CORNER SHOP RUE BONNE POL
aokner-manpger Emmanul S. B.lne will add very soon a < "); AT' & cURIO MHOP fISHfS- ACROSS.FROM (T
dn~of American' books aid nhaglzimes... Ambassador And Mrs STO
oidk~uer arrived Thtusday morning from Caracas, Venezuela. TO
mo i ,daa '. UoT ,'.."

oripFpe O. Jeaoty won the Opel 62 offered as prize 19 itsAIA
zstmed by Banque Populaire Colombo Haitiolne... A businessman I STRAIGHT FROM THE FACTORY
p Haitien gave spontaneously $1,000 as a contributions, the ON E UE U UAstonetore
fvoment i fe Renovation Nationale"..... Agronomist Yves Thezanco (.Pou, nAthing'.sItCtaLesUB K
ied to Germany this week on a two-year scholarship granted to XPR minutesor us to pe
" He '.rill specialize in the control of erosion and reforestation... 4a
..e carrying. ooOm6uch'PortonMiTt-

ur colleague "Le dour" pointed out the high prices 'asked for food. SAVE liP TO'ct 6 P e NORTS
tgi 0.i:2 & ot.... .. .t.,0 .... 2V .7 .,... i.:

-,-, .. "Le J, u .rces ar. mo an .. cr the tred are removed' eG ore,
.ctory oV.Fonds-Mombm..It seems the capitalists interested t I pe r h .

3g..- / i.<..,. .+ .,. ... ':." ..-. v % '. ,v .....''''k ,.,.-, ..-.,i
',, :+., .: .'.:,,..,,:" .'y: '.:.. :. :,.:.. '.. .,.... ,.+ : ., 2.L.-.k....... :-.,4,,
'L + : .' q'." -+ '+ .''< ; :: 'i .: "" .* :' ". '" '" "' ': ', : ... :i : : .."i...:" .

.Sunday February 18, 1962 HA1T1 U ''
14 IT SU

Moreover, our country has so of nen victimized
H A 1; T I S -U ten bee

Hqi SU y :that SHE is accustomed to that kind of treatment. The
TH MATIA ENUSH GUAE NWSPPER important thing .is that it continues its upward march

County Pu 'bnday Morning in .line with its heroic past as indicated by President
dto.Plkse EBNRDQJEERCB Duvalier in hi nd of Jnuary address, in order to en-fo
Editor-Publia biw- 1(L

Gerant-Re Isponsable MAUOI.AI IALBISSIER sure not only its survival but'also to'pave thieway for:1W
ESTAIJSHD IN1850a more brilliant and fraternal future."
.NE JT SRVCEThe memory of Abraham Lincoln still moves qspaceDOSNITI
BENEFITS' HAITI'S TOURISM iith events in this fast-moving WordA iret lv ThChD
PA MEIA AR A 'anoncdtatisin World history, -probably its, greatest humanitarian: its last quarterly reiewsos-.,
nev wnrixefo e Yr iet oJmia... with malice toward, none, with charity ,to all, With that. private, American opr
will 2augatedon Feruary15th withdailyJet rnmneks in the, right, as God gives us to see the right".tos nLtnAei
wei hrin e icat illaeec onn A master of English unsurpassed by some of our moire tecnofah
recelitt great rhetoricians. His leadership 11stl felt epyap'
front 1,N )ork at 9:45- a.m.n- nd 31/2 hours, later will suc coJt4es The
tou at111piego By andafter1shor stopin, the most remote circlesl of the World in cmeo-iaey3 ecn
tak~~ eum ertemmtisoKig-aton of his:',birthday during the week, on February come-taxes of 'such onist`
12th, we can all use a momeitt of revenc orhemnWit all that they ofec-r
ton:11,te, south shoire. U'he Jet Will then retu--.via h i omc o utnt o001s ipn
the ne ute. le vit King~ at 3:30 ,pn A-aily gons ule.i
and ag ,atNe York national aipt at .-from earnings.. Morepwr
8:40 p. PENNIES, FROM' HEAVEN"tee ad okn
Srican private-entermie
ofjetliner, service .is expected. to add Usually JUnuary 15th through. Februry isthe )per y them andteg -a16",
a 6dus host, toa 's Apoetal rh tourist iod of lowest: rainfall during, theyer often' a period fun doing: these e
iuidr y Carig 125. 'esa,0 iles an. hour, of stark drought. Usually it is o hnpat rp fice. Incidefitall thse Pt
t el s~q ;anv, Price iothees up and crops suffer., Hfoweverthis yearbyaehiin
qai~f" coi t'te 'gtcay o~t1 lon cer of th~e Wihrains on February 8th through the_ 12t cuerouofst
tiahe it onnep iig Aomyepvdetial rains life-rgiving to some, Smal
Pot ruWt sgtn. armers', profit beoal;txdevelopment foth o- gxlseo24
crament. The rams revitalized. the Coffetre, Poin. Not' only.: are' they-: b1i ff
ssThirring to inagiation 0f Pi, tr-rtlspsir-rsses, Sisal, fruit, al teco revenue ;to -Haiti'- uihyr
eht maig ingre conscious of -the, :egetablfe-crops of the small farmer.. Ilarbijgger of good gop oMk nw
,of ani idsq troiffic. Orop S aind good revmieftn od tI ecom w t `af god a
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ffighth a 6p at R vernment Mi n.i triq
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allowed to all' countries. In thils,.es- al e x1' %p

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ofsI$ iereloedUpright Deepg e ie4"
e Y W--as recommended -b 'IM Aod-n(wtib

--- $260.00
a purg8GenerqI 1-EecticM
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prior gove Imientsv which ledsits,to beleve' that to be contact.,Mrs Hnry eHA
aceoflyochon dria. American writers have, sdolded Co kil., Allv -0 i
th gl Meriotai, we merely-think that Time is odious. The 1ovado sapphire crystal Ref 26K4
the Hiaitiair papr;,q ootie; could give the same vir- gleramrsdwit a rare brilliance. ;ol 16 ct.
ulent: treatment thethrerlcai pple and coe only by thqt of the diamond. g u MALANGAS
ni a whoIniv'nItil iaigso ii You will cherish your
magazine. Such steps Are. reps Whn'n-t our professjon- presons thrie triumhatogt O GRC
oil ethic's and since "Le NoUvelliste" has already ex- i he er a h fiilmauemn
pressed admiringly: the natiqua W intin.ii wt ratr t q Five hundreds
pleasure ha w vvi~ srb below the conclusion othhe'sweh re
'klepublished by the Port an Prince daily, per' states .last srikh
Line ship. The expo e ase
leakginst. the country and its chief who.-
is struggling with the economic atnd social ailments of. 2 to increase the exp6,of-a4N
the nation ini order, to solve those problems, who works M V Dgas, and to add, v.er.so te
for the general welfare, this attack is gratuitous: Time Products, such' as Yucstra.
had this reply coming to them. One must expect, some nioca), beans, 'corn.Hehstl
Tore of. tile same kinJdfd of attack from them. We willedwtMinanb
N AE T M IO OINAE undprtake a large scaebo ns,
notwor wt them since we have indicated the cate'~ cOisEn SALE the exSN.PIET
goi'ygwhere tey fit intorAND, -LITTLE EUROP uacn yu3

.. '. H A IT I S UN '' Sunday .bruaryii. .. :;':

e Resouices Of The South In Discussed :
....'a'we .4' ,o n
spaper sipe s t d.tAt dioesd I'' cross. hef..pain of '
"iattentio6n' .'e .in-the 'ays may be, usejfor gerat-. f "' .
e$~ai -ter e Asougrces ng' ectricity and then. irigat-
ter tilizato" of He .counr i the fields. '
4 haVe; onistei.ft ampi -1 e pr .ob. lem Is no '.op. enly' ..-.,.
: calling: for a tenical :posd. Our technicians ;hae e udden U s" .ur' ofart in t i 'l r nt e n eb sa i .a
e problems. eething t sayand to do about, The sudden upsurge art in 'Tete" that stil have uh 6 he funct'ned necessarily an
-, ,. tiny Haiti. is a phenomefn that the. old .'high-steping xtrvag 'outider, hewas struck by
Sed fANas long fasciated me, H for in dance, and the, same cai be saidlthutt the others take, for tgted.
e." wekly pap'r of-: MIi he.past couple. 64f decades it, has. in. the cae of ,the .smqaill 'gr~t he ehd.nyt
raul BlnchAet e.We .re~d- thI'~i pi roduced an array of :' th at. of sculptures, ,t..Gedrgesp. Lia,. "uaintness"-of e. ifq one
$.ber, t Jabatth who wd II~ ,' *' ten times the size. ged,,Devil:' -; : ';. ,: I ..spo.se' t h 'iaf .ar "i r
Sa schblatrtip by. .Phn- .. There's 'a old saying, o more .order y ciilizatiT ~ f
i'- ntion ani studied at i -. re thane bat, the tir at, here should' be, that eBeryoneM 'tone dot": the exuberanp c..
e. Institute' ,of 'TecMinolo .'he. "Asle .de "Seqau' a tie., Nessler indicatps that a 'se- brihgs..a ite' 'V hitiiswn co-ig-iht, .Color, -and movem hat:,
- lesisw .elated *to e .fte i r l a1 g pot t peopl. ondld generation of painters,-is. tryihliever hfe6 ges, .d one. 'ie Haitians delight b .'4tere
tf t le'as to 'fm-! is tihd 1bWrig -onve t a it, tha'. lit'etl of the .,ma in po~ l s..o6f 4iaterep. at,1war6 tthe ,anep d peet.t~a ,
'tliz n andtf- e Di- mo iae hisRal' w i ear' con9ry, since 'of th the tWo in .the' Reismap. show s .the:.t- .th e, paintings,
ie'terh aiHe,0iti, nan h e-the *Tit .ad I doza artis or *tie jirost.y 'lte nces between his interpreta- D15ther and' dCh?'d;C':"S et
t "-' -' om ..hin"';on tio- t s 'ofia th t ,',the na- i 4ih $nd';tl."1 vei j ,"n#
i tapperss Jar under the lose pervitio o Wiohn, Bigand, aCtera:'Ba, ive-paintirst eiRnan after Se "'.
it-' e th thtos 'he'social Wete Institute head- zle- a~ire veterans of, the prig- all, a k enpbse1 ,b'ut.sine T
Ses .d jby. Dr Ja iques P. o rcand, final renaisance. If' the; e st ar, V : ..... : ; ":-:. 1:.i
sV ;.. ''i q" l .''V": V",w ,. .:-'".

S hbergd 'c Th hospital wileea lt to n; qite ao exberalf talent- -". E"'
li ves 'peOP si ffe 'i qctronii al' dise d, they at Stil ql~ ",are pite:;r e e et= V '. i' r.. '-' t V .' .. .i ..- .. ... .
,"at ai es.Seve pav il l :be able '.in their accompI shtient' :. ';' ..--
t fseaIo Ta.R ez p;o-few easesdi ley -tare tbiode. '. ,' ;: i"' .,''w'y'.i
n1ti ai ia.ibap hiy.e. -- t hapelel. a ,ufe ary d. too- a.compliahed; Ainto.nip to, J 4.-,. v :.-..,,. .. -
nt re tin. -. eQe saeph'-. ir; ,instance, iee"tiis' to:^e, '.- .-,"reh:h r' ,:s; ,a, be.

'V .1 'ringt *I3r"]Eiourtan the tween 'the.,, niv 'and bthe ituly : i g*.- '
'bite-Kd o.'. -4dis o,,'s0sd
t '"'"e "unt y:e ,,assiting'n .- .. a th..Bi. ite zethe g, ;. 1--:
:.,, ~eie).-p vil o urs o-wil he '. ..: .. .".. Abl fr ie n th .w l 'eii ,a nd i zbe tr -., .,.i .. ..' "': -


"-. "** .
,. .* .* '; .> ., -* -' ,.
: *?. ,^:.- *.-.: c ,..-^ ^ .,1
W IT A .'.' .* .,l. ,
..:- *.!' -. Z" .':. -
- *. ; 3. : .' ?; .i ..-3 "....
. "; ... "* .,' "..: ,
. *-* ': j ; i;;^;: ;;, .

.a in onewB: G oodr.chvae a c re C t .
against:'"s lp ge Th re) j'e.r c"" ..e rushed.to.thei. capital to.. ux.; '' '
brui trd it ifilated shiipe. I' 2drtk e the e necessmj : i gps' cid .d
flexes evenly .-nd :dcaliz. e oiind all .thie frie ndas.of the ,.c c ME'I S AT -. .. I r: -t
B. stresses:thar cause unnecessary .Laroclie family ih ordethit the '
tire failures4.. d casa.,of t this honest o itizen is
,Kep' you, off-theiad Equip. cleared -'u.p and .the 'young and l
'menl on th.i job. Se i u' for 'weU-.k6\1 l k n -buyinessmrint may re- 't '"-' *; 4 24' i
'. oodrich Rock servicee turn as soon as 'possible to his '. '
..g4.... .

ti rtfes. Yql11 lbe aone aheadl business and pis fjmil.'fy tf V V :
We have do loubt 'thit the RUE BOtJNE FOIt .444
calls launched on 'tis ocdcasion Phone 2350 Qf
FR.M.INE teo His t~eillendcy;the -Prsidqut ""' BMW -Q OiN aolONS
V l 'sudc. s- '. *
'..oein RockSe 5.r.f-e, es PUARB1ES; ...' full ahd, m 'advance, Wte wish
l of nary taerials, our respectful .gratefulness.
usr t ehea blo ,wout.s .nd EARTH | ,. 'om LeNoveu iond
i fl re ak. s* V. Sunday February b11th.)

MRsIAL WILIAM h, SMovem e Reno-ol i

TUST RECEIVED vain aronal D artery ..E.oour*ue
r Portau Prince local rreucy. ai lO.u[RRIER Lazar'
SR Y' D WR Pr -the' DuPrn Feb. o 196e dt K "G"" e'
V. ,' cnr o n f ,tien t en ,pan ontes ranc ANCH
M"ERCI[ WLL IAMW ...NARR, e S.h A. vouh Gerale oelt e oo' 'b'U ON
DRICH: Tires and Tube Batteries and led at fty centst, -c.- bPlsERRR. JEq.ue25
SPort a. Prine local curency.f .. ', ".:r, L
RR1SASAIIJ ,tre Porto au Pinadace, Feb. O.DP'RaE La", z -.sh-

V!'&rd$ In .ocS eJra :Montes Lefrane Ii A .;DIMANAC1a'. GabrIl
tgsiajEdouble60: '',o l Director ofCi of.State o
to=ofardina' materials,. ". 0urrespet-fl.grateloess. fi

4.contribution of studentsIn '




Siv 0,to6U




The Finest of FRANCE,







VooDoo Inspired


Native-Iasah. -


Facor, outlet
- The Best.

UUKXHJua, "JadLrvW,



DANISH amnd ,.



- Collector's Itms

Typical Costume-Dressed DOLLS


* World Famous RUGS & DRAPEki-

Hav us send gifts to your friends in the U. S. A.
\ without affection your quota.- See us for more information.

altAIh LALA t 47l&/^dx



Sunday February 18, 1962

:" or.




I ____ __ _

I ,' .. -- ,,
--,1T-_,,,- --I ,'V 1 -1 ,-_ a I ". '. ,:, ,!; -- ,, ,,,
_,, _, --II -1 F l'Z'_11 ,,,'T ;,, ;;t -- -- ,- ` ,` .
fl, I ,f7 iF --, ,- t-' I'V N & ID _. _11t M ; 7 -,i, i Fy -,, 1 ,I",: 1, :I _", 11 a .' -," .. 1171 ...
7 : --, 1_t ,,-_ I -, 7 1 1,1 '' .7"`, _j _7r,',_r_ -,, i I ':
I -oi -- I I" -1 -, ': I 11 .1 11 I. -_ ] t _'_ 1. -- il 1 1- 1,-, ,'. -- ., ,, z
-.f---- I I I ; : I ,, r'- `, ,; -, : -
-- '- I I ,--, '', ,I i :,- -, !,;, i". ,, -,I ,z : :,,, -
: ; ,,, -- 1, I 1 _;-,I _- ,,, --, :7 --
T I ,. L, ` _:.. P 7 .. -, .: k ,
I- ,,, __ -gO'_ -;- .. __"Y-, :_ ,!- -- -7,T ," ,_,-m' -, "'!. ,::,1,
-i I i,, :' I -, ," !, ,, 1- '' ,' -1
-,.. I I I _, I- ,,_ '., ", 7' ` 11 ,77m i; -7 ,_ ,r.,, I i. ;1- I I': ,,, ,
I 1. ." % 1I 7 ` I I .1, 7 I. ,: ,,i,. -- ,., ; ; ,r ,, 1 4 x
: ` *' : I I
: ,, : 4 I L ; ... I I I I I I .1 1 I -
-, : ,. I .1 I : : I I ,. : r I ,- 1 -
,-, I -I ,- ,.,I 7P,

,_''"_" i : lk ili I-
.. I I ,". 't;, 1 4._ -. ',W', ,, I ,, 7 : ..- I : 7 .

I I -I I :, I 7
1. -, is,.
I, .I I I -1I .II ;-. .,- .
,. I I I 7 I ,, 1 : '_ -1 7 ; I I I -, J I.
; z '- _., I -_ -, -_- ,
I .
-! I
-1 ,I I I 7 ', ; _' I
", I II ,, .. :, : t .- i 1 7 1 -: -1I I -. 'om
I I I I, 4 I' -- .- '.. .- ". fr l -.: ii"".~ be s !z''lp iri-ll m ij7 he at~
_- :, I I I I I e ,r-a 6 Tec nica C
I 1- I I I 4 ,th se 'tice- 1 c -T
-1 I I I- I ,I _- 1. -11 -, -1 1I ". osiions of
I. I 1 z 1 f : ..
.1 1: 1. 1 n l ,- -
-_ ,; .. so~ c ,, iit-A an
1 I 1 I 1 I I -1 1'.... 7,9 oq s ar U e e p o s bl o
:, ... 1 : *1- : I" : e r c e k t ,- a- m s in w L w .o ii
-: ,: -, -,..'' -,- I m a_
-1 I, I -
I 1 1 I :: .. .
1. ".. '. ( ,
-, : -, kt~fil,,eff rt-an ccoun J teial To. 4h c~ ,, ,he exeuti
,, .1 1 : nn o te osjtfo 1
-,A 0. ,- ,-I nd I I II s hich
-- 1, .I I I 1
',, .. I ,-, -) I I -I 1. 1 11 -I
11 _' .1 IM _t~lv U ,U~Plr;- ,-, ..iior s irp rt. he
:, _.- I .:, :I_ I, ,: J ;VV L; A M i 1 loita i~ n ,of ,h e ,,of h e I C o m a nd w ll fp e x
.. : -I I I I I I 1, ". I .- I .1 _. 1. 0 ,I,, 7, "I I
.- .. 1 .1 1.. : I _,,_ 7- 4he J n4 Airp n i
,. I I 1 _.'' I 6 rrui io ,i~ of I ., I, -,-i ...... % iss on~t ari t t to e -G fner l vta y o St
'" L"'I LI. .1 ,I I I.- ,,1 ., .,f- ; hs il '
.: .. I1: : 1" ,; _1.I _- -.1 -- ,-.f The req est~for'- -
.I I I I
I I I 1 11 _.
,. -- ,
I .. ,. I II 1 p ,. -,, i : ,- '' c .. ire tio o A d in
", : -) :; 1-,_ -- ,

'll II 1. I .-Per I I __' ,. -, 71 I __ I ; I I da ions eenied -ne- I .


' A I TI SUN''


(Continued from page 1)
some breakfast too. Need!ess to
ay, he eyed the furniture in its
I'sual places. Where should I
Statt? I pondered aloud. No an-
swer. The table was gently glid-
^d from under my hovering
hands, china, silver and
rumbs, right off the porch into
he side yard. That's where all
those people_ pass through to get
e' their boats tied up at, the"
,harf, ant this was Saturday
hhen they all go fishing or just
arr a sail.

:,.The porch furniture is iron, so
ii'left the Man From Mars at it

and went inside. I had managed
to put a couple of light charts up
on the bed before he followed
me in. I couldn't move a loaded
bookcase, but lie could, and did..
and everything else that wasn't
nailed to the wall. I began to
feel like a character in a Jane
Austen novel. I felt I should have
to give a little scream if I were
to see a spider. He made me
feel it was expected of such a
dumb female.
I made a grab for some pict-
ures. He informed me that all
pictures were to be laid face
down on the gallery. He would
spray them later. I felt like





-flfl.l Fek altitude.yel only minutes
froml the heart c POjRT-AU-PRINdE .

The most exquisite Qievso erlooking liedrly6
T eth boy, e plains, ie mounto;n.

SiD elidious dontinenhla duibine and Lruperl
S. eride

^Personalied attention to eoery guest.

j S)immn Pool \i}i LunceoriLounge
n d Bar PanoramaTerrade
Aiv-donditioned de-luxe rooms .

-. TUESDATj :Inrornal Cd'eole 3u[eti ,ondin- from
7:30 PM' to midni;
S"JVleringue insfrucehon and daitest
oa 9: 3o.C.osual dress.NJ odmission fee
I vEDNE A j: eCmplimentarv get-togeterPunhhboul
S Party fom 7pm to 8pmn.
FRIOA :dalc~ Dinner-Donde from 7:3opm to
1:30a.m. upe-rb Sci o at 10: 3o
-; .TJO C o adm;ssioi fee .
A.ILL CrHER l1JiHT%: Cocmktol -our rvon 7 ro 9 ilh
nat;Ie dombo
5^ ^^ ^- ^^


SBeautitul Peligre Lake
for any and a who wish to partake of the beautiful
goodness of a peaceful vacation amidst the sur-
roundings of -nature's own greenery.
* 38 Miles From Port au Prince
HUNTING ............ FISHING

lor your reservation, call up in ODVA Radio-Station at

Corner Rue du Centre and des Cesars 68.
aSu^ ^'. :S:;.-. : ? -. .

joining them. I laid the lii-:! .me
down and gasped in honor nust,
dirt, spider' webs... I ran for a
When I looked back inside
Rocket Boy was tip-toeing into
the bathroom. Now, I .wan't
about to remove every bottle and
jar from those shelves. I'l iust
leave them. It was about time
lo weed out all those jars of
left-over face cream that didn't
do the trick, and clean those
shelves anyhow. Ha! The whole
lot landed in the wastebasket.
leaving their lovely little silh-
ouettes on wall and shelf. My
heaven's, that man must think
I live like a pig!
I can't, even in my mir.d, go
back over what happened in the
kitchen. I'd just like to know
who trained Sky Rider. I knew
him from before. He lives across
the street and not long after
Christmas he had made a rug
for me out of some of those sisal
squares. But then he wasThuman.
Saturday he was a robot and as
inexorable as death and taxes.
If there's a living specimen of
insect life left in that house, it"
bears my name.

Now I'm waiting to see if all
the plants die too. He didn't
miss one and I must have- a
hundred. Meanwhile, back on the
porch, the cat and the dog were
having a merry game of hop-
scotch over the face-down art
..After. emptying that tank to
its last delicious drop under ithe
eaves, Moon Man took off. He
was polite, he was helpful and,
believe me, he was thorough. It
will be a long time before I for-
get that vision with the fine sil-
very pungent mist falling gently
around his head.

I was forbidden to enter the
house to arrange things until
three hours had passed. Oh, I
could dash in and out quickly
if I must, but nothing was to be
put back in itS place. Where he
found all the newspaper to cov-
er things I'll never know. But
maybe that's what has been so
cunningly concealed behind the
refrigerator all this time? I had
never -looked.
As you can guess, it ,ias then


forthnightly sailings of the

.Miami-Port an Prince-Miami
Telephone: Highland 51767
Franklin 0-7228

The Texaco Caribbean Office
has the pleasure to announce
that its offer to sell a DKW car
Model 1959 is cancelled by this
present advice which eliminates
all future bids which could be
submitted to.

high time to get dressed. I '-ad
an appointment. Shower? cnn't
dash in and out that fast. I,nakr,
One dash, and then one more
-minimum of underclothes, a
dress and a pair of sho.e. I
snatched a small mirror off Ihe
wall to use to make-up and took
it into the yard. Oh, good rror-
nin. The boat people are nrriv-

Gen. Manager:

Phone: 3955. 1



Are Available



High Class Ic

Strawberries, Bro

With Unsurpassed Stai


Sunday February 18, J96

ing. What 'a lovely day for
sail! I strolled off, serene
my belief that the mess would b"
there waiting for me when I r
turned. It was .- and it was six
o'clock that evening. This I said
consolingly, is one Saturday nite
I don't go dancing not unless
'he' wears a silver helmet, '
won't. Just SNEM, and I.

:Gerard THEARD

P.O. BO 284

des Fleursi


Exclusively At




ccoli, Water-Cress

ndards of Food-Purity


Wbite Label IS YOUR
A famous name to remember, wherever you are.
In every golden drop you sense the glorious soft-
ness ofpatiently malted barley, the faint lingering
fragrance of the peat fire, and that delicate flavour
-rare qualities, these

"White Label"



Agent Distributor:

48, Rue du Magasin de l'Etat Phone: 3721

P, O..Box 1207

Caribbean Construction Co. S-A.

Builders Of The Military City

j' k.: ~' E

1,, .
" : ,, ''. '


b. i. i '
i },' "' "' ,, i;i
[" 4 '.' ", o. ..

; : ".'. .' .

f .;.' ," !
J "* *
i :

.. ,"B-. .,yi',

SSpdcialeine'it congu pour donner une conduife
aisee ... pour une meilleure facult-6 d'adap'. l.
ttin, pour .oins d'usure allez .ir
'Super-Rib de Goodyear. Et, tous e super
pneus 'tracteurs Goodyear' sont'.cons Wuits .
enfoilage 3T "Triple Tempeied", une qxclu-
sivit de Goodyear!

., .' .. ...' S'ki '" k .
_"[ "* ",' 4 ." "
...-.,---. `a,. ,.


I^' ,-= ^B i-^ ^i^^ ^^-:-:. *: ^

" ,'- --

S:,': ; ;p.5n.RUtead
I.Dresse .anad ShIs m ide'on orn de.,
.:. 'dndf delierecd' in 24:tour-..
I .'.A.S;:r_,i. .;, Lt.L. i.-... 1 '".d'lf



/ :




;- 11


Sunday Februay 18,

'arade Route For 3-Day Mardi-Gras"

day (Sunday March 4th) should communique the follow- sealed envelope at the latest on press and radio the list of me- his orchestra on February. 28th.
inning at the Hotel de Vile ing conditions to the interested Feb. 23rd at noon. After the de- ringues admitted to the compe- at 7:00p.m. at Stade 'Syvip Ca ,4
g through: Rue Bonne Fil, parties: lay any selection will not be ac- tition. tor.
Colomb, Boulevard Tru- cepted. 7-For the competition each (Signed): MM. Antalcidai.'6 .!
Telephone International, The Meringue will be: &-The Jury will publish by composer will be present with Murat, Constantin Dumrerve, rs
)swald Durand, Faculte de Jules Blanchet,. MM.. Raour Guil-*
ine, Rue St. Honore to 1-Pertaining'type; bar nt two laume, Andre Moise ., Depestre
at: Tribunes, Rue Capois, ,times allegro furioso (demon- Salnave, Guignard yee,,...-Viqn-,
e Ducoste, Champ de Mars te moulin) Support Fund Of Graduation Examinations ney Denerville."
I S pport Fund Of GradUation Examinations nyDnrie

SW, nue eenfrard, Rue Pavee,
pand'Rue, Rue Bonne Foi; Ho-
L.de Vile.
obnd Day (Monday Mareh 5th)
[fotel de Ville,'Rue des Fronts-
Grts, Gtand'Rue, Rue des Ca-
xes, Palais, Tribunes, Rue
itoip; Avenue Dueoste, Rue La-
.ii,.: Poste Marchand, Rue
~Eints.Forts, Rue Dr Aubry,
e,:des Cesars, Hotel de Vile.
idy (Tuesday March 6th)
tLde Yille, Rue du: Quai,
s Miracles, Grand'Rue,
es Chsernes,, Palais, Tri-
Rue Capois, Ruelle Ca-
if,.Rue Mgr. Guilloux, Rue
~ -'-Durand,, Bicentenaire,'
;des. Palmistes where will
,lace the ceremony-of the

.IP* .aION' -OF

JTury nbmd- ,to jiadge.'the
eingues of Ganival l.96.1
,e .... .! -

,' ".. ..
i 5 :!."," .. .. ..

,, TI

7-To identified one self at the
Petro-Mazone rhythm (Type Ne-
giesse oh!. or Nibo).

,3--The' words must 'bs written
in minor mood, in major mood
or both.

4-The words do not permit
anything contrary to the good
man ers and'.the public morals.

5-A. copy of .the- selectons
will' be send to' the Carnival's
Committee' (.Hdtel de Ville) in.


'1960 .VolEwagn. Coupe.' excel-
lent condition ;).P.bto r returningI
States. jEnc eir id erO Alien, c-o
AlUen -. Biis~ i opposite Post-,
Ofice, ExMosition Grounds.

"Le Moniteur" February 8th
published an important nresid-
ential decree instituting a sup-
'port-fund of graduation examin-

There are the articles:

Article L.-A. Funid called
"Fonds de Soutidn des Examens
de Fin d'Etudes" is established
at National Education Depart-
ment...This fund is approvision-
ned by: .

a) an inscription duty of Gdes.
5.00 by each candidate to the
Secondary Grades;

., 6 an inscription duty of Gdes.
2.00 by candidates for the .Bre-
vet Superieur; .
c) an inscriptibn duty of Gdes.
5.00 tfo all certificates and di-

Grand Hotel Oloffsoln

Presents ts fam ins Winter Sh6w




of the ISLAND

plomas delivered by -any other
different section of primary edu-
d) an inscription duty of Gdes.
5.00 'at each occasion of legaliza-
tion of signature., .
Article, 2.-The' previewed dut-
ies at the paragraphs A B C D
of, the above article 1st, will be
collected on receipt of General
.Administration of Contributions.
Anda a- special account called
"Compte'-' 'Special 'pour 'Frais
d!Examens" will be opened at
the Secretary of State of Finan-
ces and Economic Affairs.
.Article 3--The amou.nht of
those'diferent receipts will ex-
elusively serve to defray the dif-
ferent 'expenses' in connection
with the graduation examina-

Article 4--All expenditures ne--
cessitated by the service, in 'the
Ifore-said circumstances at the
.precdent article 3rd. can be au-
thorized only by the 'General Dti-

Traffic Accidents;'',

Monday afternoon, a carliion
ette Cites". and a Hillmnin Minx '
Car collided at the ,cormei, of
Av ide .Dessalines and .Soriqsa,'i.
The violent shock hrewfhecp.r
on the side alk] opposite to the
Army Garage. Two, people idih'."
were walking there w 'te iffiured'I
and one died intantaieously .the
other died as soon. as he reached. '
the 'General Hospital. Te daT
after, at the other terpial.nof
Avenue, Dessalines, "IPrtai-lL-o-
gane" a fastgoing driver went
on the "rond-point" and his car,
urider the shock was sent .forth
to the wall of the Polic 'Sta-
tion. The froit part aqd the fropt
wheel were dompleely demolish
ed. .
SThe, .drivers were. exceeding
reasonable speeds for'. hat local-
ity. .
..' *.^ *** / 'ir ; **. i

rect6r i of National :Education on
riquisiti'on in due 'f ofts of the
.Chief of' the' coidipetent service.

Monday Night
Q. .T.L .. .'

Sh.ang"N N I




Onions of' first quality are ava-able at the

sales counter of ODVA at the corner of Rue

des Cesare and Rue du Centre, at the following
-- I' '
': I

Tk show is presented by tavinla Williams Ya rborough outstpiding Interpretor of classic and pces:
dldances and founder of the Haitian Institute of folk and clnasic dances with a cast including
4, j.lalents as Glanmorous songtress Yanlek Coupet, vell-known Andre Germain in a daring l0lbs.-Bags 15 Gourdes
.d.a taierous fire dance and the unimitable Tr oubadour Ti-Paris and his Trio and numerous 4 50lbs-Bags 15 -Gourdes
hetr well-known dancers.. Bg. u

The Ao6w i presentedevery Monday night at n1:3o I is a very spectaculr variety program wholesale orders will be fled on Uhe basic
lah comprises the best dances and song of the Magic Island.
.. of Gourds: 2.75 per lOlbs. bags (Minimum
1'0. bags) and Gourdes: 14 per 50lbs. (Minim
um .10 bags.)
DINNER TI'ME 7:30--9:30

S. I I... 9 *' ,
^''*"' : : ; "~"":^ -^.w ,.' .,, ..;' .. '
"f ;: : .. ..;,[:" 4-:, < .,, .. *-i..':.:. .. :.., ;..'. '. .. ,. :', ,. : "..',", : .. V .N"..:-> ,-


rat d

li-, ..

"i.:.. "
."''. "
g.'. ,

, I







V-- A t I

Sun day February 18, ,1962 A I S U N

9:05pm-"CLUB" in its weekly program Today: Yannick Coupet
S, ITI WEEKL SC E9:35prr-German- Faces Documentar .
FEBRUARY 19 TO FEBRUARY' 25, 1962 10:00pm-Close of program National Anthem'
S______THURSDAY FEBRUARY 22, 106 "
"- : ,."MONDAY FEBRUARY 19, 1986 6:00pmr--Musical Program (Mire Tele-Haiti)
6;,0 rn-M tsial Program (Mire Tele-Haiti) -6:30pm-Presentation of Evening program
S6:30pm-Evening general program schedule & Weather report 6:35pm-Weather report
6:,40rni-Crtobns' 6:40pm-Children's program
7:00pm-The Whistler 7:00ppm-ICI INTERPOL, new episode
..T 730pm-Children's program: second edition 7: ppm-Children's 'program (2nd part)
,7: 45pn-Telenews .(1st edition) Review o[ the day's 'events ,7:45pm-Telenews (1st edition) Review of the day's events
'8:00m--iThe -Ford how. new series: FURIE 8:00pm-Western Theater with Bat Masterson, presented by M
8: 0pm-"TIhe friend of your hoine: Dr. Emerson ,Douyon & S Construction Co.
.9:,00'm-Tbleieiws (2nd edition) Summary pf the'late news, pre- 8:30pm-Telecinema
sensed by the Esso Reporter 9:00pm-Telehews .2nd edition) Summary of .the late news, pre-
S u:05.Powell.Industrial Works' weekly program: "I Love Lucy" dented.by th. Esso Reporter ;
'9:35p. Air -France presents:. EVASIONS 9:05pm-Telecixema (ont'd) .
11O:0Oppi-Close of program Ngtional Anthem t 0:00pm-Lclose of program' National Anthem
.: .: : i TUESDAY FEBRUARYT'20, 1982 I .FRIDAY FEBRUAk. 23, 196
6:Qtal .Program (Mire.'Tele-Haiti) i ,6:OOpm-Musical Program (Mire: Tele-Haiti) ,:.
6 ;.dirasta:on. .tf Evening program, .6:3pm-Presentation of Evening program .
6: 35.Wedathe, report., ', 6:35pmr-Weather report .
6:4 .0t d-ren's .program 6:40pm-Children's program
7: Opm-NOBBE.& BONDEL. presents: ':'My Three Sons" 7:00pm-Our. Tyiss' Brooks
7:30p-Childre'it program (2nd part) 37:30pm--Pour vou '-M dames, cooking,show presented by Miche-
.7: 45pm~- news (lst edition).."Review df the day's events line
S8:0 DoGpentar \ 'f45pm-Telenews (1st edition) Review of ie'tlay's..events
8:.Sq3.n..elacinea... (st part).:, {. 8:00pm-OI Sa Hlnt ;.
9 0 U]itenpws (2h4 Ledition) Summary of the lat news pre- 8:30pm--New. sees: Destination Danger *:.
SA rented by Essoteporter :OOpm-Telenews (2nd edition) Summary of the late news, pre-
-19: i6 iri. 33 ,o ...
qii Copt'd ,-, -sented by the Esso Reporter
10 :9:p(g ose. prgtam. Naonal Anthe 9:05-Wagon Traini .
WEp.jSDAY FEBRUiJARY -o 1., 192 1:o0opin-Close of program -,National Arthem, .,,
6: d A*lusical- *Program (Mire Tele-Haiti). '' ,. .' '. "- ,'' .
6:30 4,esdntatin of. Ee ng program .X *..: SAT DAY EBRAR 4, 1 2' ,- ,
6. .. .. .:..Er r: '% j .
6:40pmri-Children's program:. Cartons 5:0pi Musical. program-- Mire Tele-iti .
7:Opm-Dragnet,:with ,Jack Webb- .. 00pm-iresentdtiod 9 evening prqgram.- -
7:'45pm--Te'lriew' i(st edition): Revievw ': thei-aay's events'n!. sl.3opni--Well Fargo. Ta T
8:00pm- Pan" Am cain Vorld iriays program 7:0Opm--Weather report-
8:30pm-,oa-B~van pe La Post present ts' a new aptp of b.l7:if.int-ducar on Nadonale programn: Engsh uErses,-by Jean
.TIP4 -tjdg: Mont4 chirlsto"-
9. :OOm-Te]el~ews',(2nd edition) 'Summary of mfe late news, pre- .7;;5pm-Telenew. (1st editing) Review of. the-day's events .
Q. -.33', .. % o ., .- 5p m I
I.WtE. -;c': ntedebr. the EssoRepoe 8:0pm-Banque Comnmerciale d'H:aiti program with Languichatt
d y ,8;.30po -Pan Americat Woild Aihiwys: IPl 'INTERPOL ,
9:' 00 --Teleiews :(2n ed 'o) Summary of thb late news, ipre-

I905OpmTele-Sport T.. 'o ..
ia. :00pmClose of. lrogranam, Natiohal, Anthem

y;.M, rch 5th. 1962 atl 0:00 p.m. SUNDAY FEBRa Y 25,16
Stance'Limited T i00 Persons..
5.00 r -Person 12:30pnmMusica, program Mire Tee-Haiti
i: :00pm-Progra Schedule
d TOBEIDONATED 1: 05pm-Widepj your knowledge (Sdientific Documentary)
': "B' :30pm-,Chidren's program. .
4 3 2:OOpm-Tele-Journal /
4".1,*-4.; 1I'our" Rresiei'vtion Now #or The
I. Your reseiva 2:30pm-Children's program: Cartoons
IC.1GHT OF TEHOLIDAY SEASON! 3:00pm--Gun. Smoke. :'
4:oo00pr-Gu Lompbardo.
*oo. o 0" 4"30pmr-German Actualities ,
... ,. .. .. ,. 4;45pmr -r.elecinemra .
/ D ra b u ie LIQUEUR i:15pm--SHASA presents the 2nd- part of iTelecineb. ,
S 6:OOpm-End'of program National Anthem.


-Ihe only sweet, jLQUEUR made in Scotland
tthe basis or the finest pure old SCOTCH WHISKI.
jndishdnsable for festivities and for every occa,
.' ,. ion .
;; 'L..'ION'EL S.' D'ADESKYr ,

" '.5 n

S. '


; AY,



Inauguration OI',i

French Art Troup 1


Fric~y, February 16th,'-ail
by'the SS .'FLANDRtl'S' i
Martinique, the Fr.e'. c.;'i
Troup JEAN GOSSE.. T ':

Yesterday at 11' ari;a pre~g
meeting was brganize; by .'ti
French .Institute during wb'in
Jean Gossbitn .presented hijs c
medians and'\spoke abput it.i
spectcles he will. perform .l
Port tu Prince.'. '. '-
'. -C'
Their season 19e6-1962 will J
inaugurated tomorrow., eve
at V'Rex" : Theatre with-.
Femmes Savantes" of Moiei

Classical. 'and Modern' \hai
Snder the an pfe of- A.:1'
'Minister ol NaionUal EdiieaW
S.. 19.1.9B2 .SEASON .
i~ 1" 8 8, .,.."

Les Fermmes Savntss (MO
Let' Glorieuses (Andre ,RouS
Phedre. (Racine)-, :
L'Idiote .(Marcel Abliardi:c4
e Maitie .de,. SaBltago ,
1 .Monthebai '......
Mademoiselle racque

,Jaqueellie C(hrb'ier:..
kel; Jean, ,Gosselin-ji
t' Jacqus J- .reJdItl
tene; :.Mi6hel Melix:' D'til.
vet and. Robert. .Vidai.
Firench Cbmndy.

.I..', -. ':
L NO i P;llINE tV*1j

J ExeBent. Lobster Dih
*.* -

By Th S- i


Water-Ski ASidS.
In ..sl t 4
Frm K Y iONA.'-"

_ I ___ __


B^14.^^^/-'' H A I T/I S U fr' I I '" 1 ^ Sunday ^Yebrj418]^2:j

tb Telediol This Wek
fe kal gg foopiicai i 4ow
a's g npw in Dan Allen's collection. Helen Martin (Continued from page 3) Temperance, Time:, a world Svide, ucing
Fatckr tlie.States Funny thing, everybody 'Uiinks it. an insurance adjuster from,Mar- eevangelistic radio broadcasting htal' kinr atdise L S
I t's caled "The Bartender", ,has white hair and blehead, Mass and .wife Patri- .and Exclu,sive Distributor.. or. These i.rodic
i~ '' cia stopped at 'tie Villa Creole Bercelok Corporktionr froi' 'Ok-. all over thet irld
&Xr ie e t-and.he shakesia rat-a-tat mar- ..-
the tch-and shesalso... SO did Jbseph B. Ha.i s lahqma, and- Mt Addison Oscar. D, Staafley i lo'k
pip and Fham! is face turns bright red and'.'.moke a .salesman from Philadelphia' }Vood, Presiderit .of Addisohi- O a h4bsiJi Aojc
IOt' Oi, is ersrIhatl~;a martini- for you. --Old Gen. Mani- and Wife. Marianne... *lhey., wqre Wood & .So. Investments from .These, isitois ae QPi.
ii. l Martissant, here he-rises bloom in the. dust, ji on their. honeymoo... Daiid Shreveport, .La. .' Stainle works and s' t ey
point .ey Sund for. the Ra-Ra bands,' while the Amato, a .U\S. Government' of- The Bencelok-, Corporation 'est- canAo, to help-,.
~'wvng jint. eiiepy-Sundqy'-for. the __Ra-Ra bands,' 'whle- the L_____ ___IV'X-____
es u ,fd. blacks... and.at that, oi'itit's poaiteularly totg ficial in. Washirgton, '.D.C. iS-
topen tnh estheet;. OF oueredent .staying. at the Moritna... Mr f
vethat odpen. .. .. .t ...tree .. .. cou .e,' :en James W. Lice and wife OdessaL
ve dumpedsl .tntd ie .dirt-back in.thedic, but it still re visiting their chil"reni Mr.. K
-,_N.visitng their.e.i... .ng.h. .r child M"r ." =....J
e.; -r-Poor Doc' -.ayward needed' a.:tness'Satir day for- Lawrence .Sheiridanp, C ,a Chief ....
deliver a-packagej 'cle.Rdalen ich. had been Warrant .Officer ,.f, the XNa 'al
to he 1fr.otiend dtfroad, Why? It contained aicouple Iissiqn *d Mife formerly Luce
J1 -andt'a 'their grand childretj "'4
o b Lnes i1d e ..,a big guy, ,tlt s. Why. ---I last. n rchaiken e3
%fon the par:if('Russia to improve 'relafilon.wir 'the tPi#&l & -f tt.. Wyqmipg Bagle
e ad Pow s'.ad- lthen' a osk r e ixclusi iise' and: the A yoing State;. Tribune
ai s duig manoei s!. i t di sacypr from .Glieynne, Wyo., -ad wife
.-A4"I, ~ee the b60ab shelter iriiess;si u 'A arrived' ,Saturd oa.twoS.i
di ,.'j.ii t- at.theIb -o--,S 4: s
j Weneaay was qladde.iartin' birtlay t d ~'t ,visit- a he Ib-Ll .. ss-
Edar:di.ei anthe firstt dy ':met him. ~i ;i ,e schoe i aclhe ,argadt FPri.k. Pmar,
.ii.Eveone .id-a yea'bolder op the same day : production assistant Tor"
...-e.. ebuary... ern a .nd Stahley9.. I:Btt, .AdveFiitil g -

Ste Sch eierHopit" k oaEd oTcl fl~ lehtctncsp fl& e 1 a .
>..f .-There!n my tWashn on -
lS i'M e. wit -iZ.bu ttcered. ,''' ,, d., ,st a day"-thep e i ... .
a'bx o Y t ia ,: tt sor. tt '. M i .,-.
-,'din'..',, '" ,ap. n G Oernl nt '. bficibli.fro n a 51
on a 4 sto ee li,.e t g "eai o.,. ., h il
kkrl s a n ia a chooB ngt ,Anders W ter h0t

.. tef".qlopys r -be .i-t oun. ,wego DAio are.- i... ..I. t't 1 '"

g^^ li~c~& & it aixnUond the'aribt an|MillM ie k Toeflh
:..g i .....- it *..ol 'x I' n yean.. dl s -'ihgF 4is i ng s l.e ,.' .. .....-'.

,rask ;m e. w ho g a ve itt...1... .,o '' t ," t,,',. et" e ley .are a tis'orb n-th. "a rm s -
S.CM...I.c. O.e. th"-'s...... .'. t. o ....of f" Re-ublc. e: M ON AV 1NB.CTOR
o Vcwehi P t r n4cy P e a l sVqd,.WhI waen-skn .i n e;1w ;. The 'o : a a k.Ili s a..
l ,oo li w rg. God l.igt s C in g m Ty se..ee h db w.. h. n... G'.,, rd-e," d, 1o.h-.,

O,- ati .a P j I 'cl5c ate o

el:ti^e;. m .a m ; .ih e s a le s ..st ctz., .r .m mD o r vi,, C a a ,,;l'. '::.
Bi Pi (|l?. nada are guests attheCaribe rational ir idi i ". .
i ch:me.om a thifem Paris arrived this wn, ek- science Ri E .*
.'"e' Y a" I"end ls company with his "sedui- l this plu"extra new of Ltin Ar erica in the ed tin

: '. .,' sa femme" Jacqueline.. ...rs rec'e; candid, o parageou tepoi
,. Jean. S.o haffer is again covered ele re.
a Isit a m. ter sitoratis friend of SelCa Freed- ubscriptin dealer
an from New. York. She is address sho This offer applies to nw ubcriber o

ea"- ca a- t j stay at rebt oithe O' loffson-- t, M
S- 4t o e BeMcelok Copration reime inoernietia, c/o 'r.iois'atre;e. d la .t. ,

e'S ,- ""+ *-, *' .. -, eg O : -nul" KSaIpuJl;que d' l.li, Prt-au-P:nCtBO .
., t. lOh'. .t t R es'ta Tand son John greeted here e Thurs-m 'W

HNIN If.E WE''. P4ort, Louisiana, +I-.a. ..,.. .Dr George R.. .
M -.. .. _.Priddy from. Ok City, omNamee. .e a MOEY SAYING..INT CT: 1

ara d s tron .Mr James aE. Southerland, Pre-
4 -d.4& d 'boat th.at looks ke' 'Ag ted bugon he is p f l I1Sedeiwf it e- lt hd'mrubse.i bing'to w ThE ath specia 1rpte fho ibPJ oW.,

_s" 'idnt of -linical Spcilte ."d s r ''. Box'; ---------: ---- ------.- ,
thtv lok. like -Greek- Gods.' Cpm.e onusa ty housem.. ti.."o ak ,

JOR '". :',' and "o"ro i ANei 't M.c".'," tRaay : and njo y TIIL's'csp clear, .acurate- epr. 9. .-..':
,Z -..' .OR" f' atnd Thenas-.' lb i .E..,n ae ..e.. .. ... .. .-.. rn. a. .. a e.la ,...".p ,.l
.d.afsare uest ath &t.Cai e 4 ":' '- ,"
'' WC meltl' French Engineer .-.ne" -
r gI e y Po weln lri a r ed ahnds. wsdi- ...n ln ,T" ... T t Pr: ; ....h.yM.
-p lo t X t weu ge o n' S c ien c e s p e ci a .,r o
tb il this w'ek &. Gordonz. .9.
cm pan 'wsrithhi"e du- A1 this p lextra newsr of- Im-nnintfhc edlti.o .'
... "from Ne-de'Yor.k.ddv.'hai p t i o]' ,/,'
fem-,Jacqueline.~.'Mr ,sstreaie candi ob TMscpra git t o.." ".e'o. etgfo
SAY"f.fer.is bad, aga i.ord'l ei-:.'i

JOHNNI, ~'a "r'' from acjdteseeaptli, r "'
stai -guattheO eoso .C"-.-4Ar
H ai t L H otel ... M r r a re S t,, ae y P, rsid n
WALKR"". -, *. esidtt ph enacel ,peatien
and ~so n John greeted her, Rauy~ "suJI quddd r~r.u .nv. o"' ....u n
day' eMr J oe-- F ribey;,P Mresident-t.

'W ALK ER,. -n .L. .. .-.......--. .,_...' :... '-u .'.,,' 1.---,.P, "
qnt ime nteniiiaria, co Can.1'ccI ,-rnF:- l

;~i~~.,: ~ ?' e:-. -4unanned. APwer

..1n F,- s.-- A e. 0
atopi -powered'eather station,
tihe first. the Antarctic, 19 &t
wbrk sporting on,. weather,. cqn-
dit~ioi hbar. the South Pole..
Sunmanned, fully automat-
t.it iwt beg4n beaming regular
Sports ,onh temperature, .birome-
tripIc~ ssure and wind conditions .
ithi week ."The weather stationiij .- .
4t rtal cylinder : burid1 th
SWith onl it:. aitenna .above'
it 4a 4 ddidd on: 6'rRo ss.

..pture- of the,'
.yeiwO V&hw 4hi, eh see V..
Pole almost .
iv %i Is-
La :O by, anj ert .
cd ain ae
tt :0 ,t aeoid 'in. :

Ln pUavedt d the

utRo' : n TM? dtih h wit the n ewT
.dr ts hai un4elth.....
.. .' .-U.....MMf .,tej .e.
Sa ei e4!: Wa r Da tiaA
TT 6 arth -iir s... ..

TR aNDA ~. .t a. 'by the i. d '; M "

iie.rb prNgirad, wth k V ther .

.Canaera". Yloridn clid houlrs
art o'-ed.-the., U'We
.. 1,01a..00s t, ug
REseN -" 'AT .--. 4

:.' .; th n B i e xrati 'at the' h,.

:re ce.thpvn --.sta t would a ly
LE. ;) T."
Z dj C r t. .fnr 7ythe U S: a- ., .

thureisay. p mirnink. ffvin' at e.

.. .. .receiving stations .wbuld analyze

S Featuring

,.rrrn.n flwntr~ A nt

the photos apd prepare .maps
showing the 'location, type and,
amount of- cloud systems over
various portions of the earth. The
analyses will move in picture
form by radio facsimile to the
National Meteorological Center
outside Washington within twq
and one-half hours from he time
they are received.

The Center will speed the ana-
lyses over circuits linking the
United States, Europe, and .the
Pacific Islands.

SP N. .JGH4, N
JO G-A::::- .R( -aL

i;. &IG Ii p.W :.:,

RDA S .AY fl...HOLY......... T

. "' "" :' :'. .,; *. ., .
.... .. .^ : *':*J* -.; ', .'::
.:. r... : I .L .',,, ,

.- '" C.' ; ,.,

. : .. '.'" .-. ..;;. .
*- "

** -

cream Halocarin6t Giiesfrag
e dulling, dirt- soft.waer!
watching soap film! needs no speci

'Remooes embarrassing
dandruff from; both hair
and scalp!

1 -


r"#, ".= i

Yes, 'soaping" your hair with
. en finest liquid or oily cream .
shampoos leaves dulling,
dirt-catching film. Halo, made
with a new ingredient, contains
no soap, no sticky oils.
-Thus Halo glorifies your hair
the very first time you use it.
Ask for Halo--.,Imerica's
favorite shampoo-today.

: < .- EN'LDTR lE f l4Ta;Jl The circuits overseas may be
Choreographed and staged by monitored by any of the 193 na-
ILAVINIA WILLIAMS YARBOROUGH tior that are members of the Halo reveals the hidden beauty of th.heair4;
I General Admission: $2.00 World Meteorological Organiza- "EL1
General Admission: $2.00tonEL
Dinner and Show: $5.00 per person The data going abroad will be...
~.,'::'. "Dinne~ Ti .7:o.'.--9:3 .P.M. u:s- .-,'y '..' .
-. -,.,.-a'.R ,:..'s,:,: =, ,...,>: : .&':,-:....,::'.;,, ; -. .: ag ,, ::,::. ._'"'"! = '-"'"

-* Ii':. .
Halo leaves. hair sof.
" manageable-shinuing witk'!
Solorfufr ni.aril highlighlis

...A.. ...... H AITI.S U N'' .Sunday Ilbll 18,-:

Voyagez par...


SForrestal Caaing,..
C-ontinued from page 1)
slit second visit to Haiti since it
as commissioned in 1955.
-Measuring 1,036 feet in length
252 .feet in' width at the
w^s't point of Its flight deck,
orrestal is capable of laun-
,and landing some oi the
s highest petforrnince air-
Nine jet squadrons com,
hiier main offensive and de-
ae. a ament.
ispbol of America's "Pow-
p6r i Iace"' program the For-
:-is considered one of Ame-
a's inest ambassadors of good.
During her. four Mediterr-
n- .cruises she has played
I- thousands of foreign vi-
including such personages
i btiBd.dand Princess Rainier
onaco, the Shah of Iran and
hJJussein 'of Jordan.
di i her two-day visit to
mnce .the Fdrrestal will1


* I'

., pfarnce winner


S.ini.de ien.da road tests agaiqs so sep of
I : te to gghet. motor oil co0,petit o n :On
Se market, Havolite proved fitr:sup -
-: rior. .Voline-lubricated enginis .4
." livered more power and pickup: with ;
g. better gasolig mileage-stayed much I
cleaner, too, Havolike out-performs
-: .tthem all, regardless- of price! Prove.
Sf.it yourself. See us today for the est
.'i motor 6oilyour money' can bu',
-; Advicedi Custom-Ma&le HavQline.
--. EE

d oqde tp .prove thie quality of their
,iSrvice, the neA management of the TE-



i.O' 14.o Geffrard Service StatlUonwill offer you during
Sof'February a free MARFAK chassis lubrication for
n-limnin purchase of t1 gallons or more of gasoline.

i'e will he able to honor that offer only on Saturday from
i S:0 P.M. and Sunday from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
'".Che service will be performed at the well-known Garage:

'o, '" Phnr.


(opposite to the Station)
SDrive in soon at your Service Statibn PLACE GEFFRARD.



Imprime sur les Presses de HAITI SL

a m m m--

Jet Airport Progress
Engineers Pierre St. Cormr
and Maxime Leon who have hoer
designated to head the construc-
tion of Mais Gate International
Jet Airport have been appointed
Assistants of the Engineer-in-
,Chief and members of the Tech-
nical' .Commission of the "Pet-
manent Council of Action for
Haiti's Economic Liberation."
The Service of Information pnd
Documentation (SID) announced
the news in a communique r9-
printing the letter addressed to
the Engineers and signed by Dr.
Vilfort Beauvoir, President -of
the Executive Division of: ..P.
A.L.E. -A commission will be
signed very soon by the Presi-
dent of the Republic.

return to Carlbbein waters and
several more weeks of intetsied
training. .

" ,A VpT ACGEN ..B
CkRAVEE.e.. LISU 2 M uit Ka M.E ix L9 ,eU GRAND iU SAU U MOW N

Mrs. hubert Carre, Grand Cross Of Merit In New Brazilian
Military .and Hospitable Saint Lazare's Order Aminassador .
Of Jerus."lemi His-.Excellency Mr Nel6on To
Recenftlyi among an Imposing ,Signed: Duke of Brissac bajara de Oliviera, new. Extr-
gathering of diplomats the cere marquesss' of Cardenas ordinary and Pleriipoteint i &
mnny of the delivery of this de- Great Referendary Ambassador .of'Brazil;' :
creation took place at'-the Town Register at Great Prioress of arrived.in ,ot au: : e,
Council's Palace of Buenos Air- TFrance on the No. 2067. Thursday 'ebraryi 15th: ':i
es., The President of this orga- .Weldomed by the Introduber'o
nieation, himself, Chevalier ,We congratulate the djstingu!.- Ambassadors and Ministr*' 'of
Grand Cross of Saint Lazare, in shed. wife of our colleague :H::- the Haitian Chancellery the ne
accord with an express delega- bert Carre on this .distinction. Ambassador will sood pre 't
S. his credentials to *the Ptdi nt
of the Repubic, Hd Dr oi3: r.
Francois Duva er,,

iNew' Haija. :eol' np
"sac. o ,-'; ."..
S'. eWedqesdayS e 1 .' W '-',,e. .
i ide nt of the d .at.
clubs. '(V o y -B,
,Baseball, e ,

s mbly, proceeded a; thb le&
l 'etion. ofi the new -Hal'tiain olympic
ia:: Committee' as IfOOW: -'.

O" r p t M4jorr ,Antoine Coicou, Presid-

p hi .e '* .. ..:; :
rard ..Rou ze ViceI V resident

.e .a Gaarre sd nd aurer;
Dno Ca.r6 .orcoun-
...i.own, Agenr. i, rad e t.Cr6 ner '
Exof tchen a meitary ln ta- Nse; O. YO K ON
denas, .ptesented 'the uuinilr.a to
Mrs Oi ubert. Carre. TO JAM .A
T ,his is.the t ransation of `the
text doriferring thet atk: A Jet ervie wd ig, be inagMurated Fi y 15th
We, Pierre de Gokse, duke of First Class und Economy dual service t he following
Brissac, General Administrator a
nof military. and Hospitable. Saint schedule ..' ,. 'i' 2. .
lazare's Order of 'Jerusalem on .. ,- ,
all the seas: 1p e."
Operating by virtue' of -the. de- Flight 21 Flight ,
legation .given to'us by the Ma-
gistral decree Mi58 pfiHis Royal 9:4 m S .ep. NFew .Yrk
Jighness the Lieutnant-General. ..
Prince of the Order\on, date of 1:15p. Moego Bay
June .30th 1956; Ray" A AW ,.
On the report .presented to us
by His Excellency the Great. Ca- 1.4e pm. ep. Ml)-Io t a ty' in-
pitularyroft.he 'Order, C''
In view of the laws, customs 2:15pm. Ar'. Kingston t...'
and ordinance of the Order. .
Have admitted and. admit: Note flight 48 ill mit
Her Excellency Mrs Durcena esday and Staday.
Delinois Carre, 'Ambassador of
,Haiti in Argentina in. the capa-
city of Lady Grand Cross of me- flight 432 fiwio ort Au ]Prince wl4 connect daily at
rit of the Military and Hospitab- Kingston.
le- Saint Lazare's Order- of Je-
rusalem, to enjoy all the titles, Effective February 28, fligiit227-228'*1 be
honors and privilege which ap- E beeende
pertahin to the agreed state to terminate and originate in Curacao. Flight 227
Accordingly. we request to all leaves Santo DJmingo at 12:15pm and terminates in
the Grand Cross, Commandors, .'Curacao at 1:55pn. Flights 228 originates in Cura-
both laics and ecelesiastics, Che- cao at 3:00pm and arrives at Santo Domingo at 3:40
admit her in the agreed state. pm. The portions between Santo Dominko aird New
In witness whereof we have York are unchanged.
signed below, in Paris on Octob- Effective February 23, flights 427-428 are cancelled.


The. Word
IN Ave. .,a ie-Jeanne -- Cite, de. 'Exposition Port au Princ"



Sunday February 18,-:


,- ~ ~ ~ ~ -.:

im I 1

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