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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Duke University Libraries
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Duke University Libraries
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 32441147
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lcc - Newspaper 2117
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4'- ...:. .
( 4 .- '" ,I"


Sunday i, .hmau
..',.~~~~- .-. I,... _i,-. .R ,;..."". '. ,-.' .

. -., t--, !. \ .. __ .:
.. L ^ -o > ** '... ".....
I". 4, ,. "
, *. x .. a -
, 4 4.4

. .,
I -4.:
* *-."" -,i
"; **-[)

- ,. ... '.*- .3,:
- *',:* ': ..- ; :. .
Z :..",, ,ot :"

I)T.AUFPRINOE, AIT .Avnue arJe-eane ITE. DU MAtMIS ESTIME Phone 01 l ot 21- Sunday February 41h, JO9g ---. 1f-:'.
J -"' .._*' -.. ..'-. ,. -. .* -- ,^'r v ',' ^ ^ ____* -- .. ___ __ _' '/-i_,f ,-.- ,;, -.b '*,-'

-I .e a 'Fist4.Envoy
Altti" Mal
;i:irsents'"Credeintials ,

."a "mpa.ig,
Natid0n -.IW

# ort anu Prince.-Aite
monthshs. of intensive pro
'the... ulti-organizatib.al
"arn canipaign ih. Ha
launched its actfyioes- on
icl 'This dnve will- r6
amas .of-the tiepublic wh
jau _ig i-prevalent--or ap
U0t ls 7 percent of thde
I c~ -to' ,;NEM'ri
o ) ed
ti y
I-. 'w i brpyed wit
6ffording' protect
ulmllion .Haitians f
', xrge- p9 malaria. "
'lvex in ipl: phase of t
lai~mt batpasign. began
r .. 2 w h an'o dcial ec
ea r aeqrite.d ibuatD, Del "o .
.w, l .s~dn -U '_'e'foilO 61 .-Phbl~c-H"'Di.;A.a.
ac? Le4 -o1g, as-' the...eeretiloe
S.. l-a.: .pe h ,st-essing :.the"
-7 ".e -ffox to.erdtifcat
(-- .1~. r' i .
&= -. -.,.. .- 4 h- .. ., .- .. .. .

ida 1et Airport

in,,, /-SteB:ifeJ.,
-I "" ', -

HIde Ground breaking for construe- The Jet '.airport Is'the.fnf"
tion of the Republic's Jet air- gigantic project to ibe I ndesrtat."
r eight port. took place at Mins Gate, en by the "National Coijmill
paration Feiruary 1st with heavy nmach-. Thel Ecodoi ilS LibdratiL -.n'
anti-ma- finery requisitioned from ODVA &Hal'i the counter's n(ii 4"M,
3iti :has for the initial stage of the work. -t-ourselves" effor. .
a-grarid Funds for th gInt *, '
each all JaZz BOyS D e aiort, which, I I etea&
ee ma- cost three to- foiur million-
iproxir- M onday are being- limitedd byAl-'f
coui tionai Council and -a ep corn
o -ffilot.- aut & PM ece.-The -Paul-W in- from extra axes,- inlad
OD hpu- ter .Sextet, scheduled :to give a bo., additional" gsoliie :4'4
h DDT puPbUieconcert at ;he Rex The- had a. million dollar intErnahl"Ic
'tion h6. 'atre Thu sday "n! gi siill leave floated thiseek. -.
rom, the 'ew 'York -City Sunday n ; a .-a tonaction- of the (Jet
tour of 19 Latin Anericarn- roun- has long g-; eent.co.itidered. :: I
Ihe nti 'tries, t4der -'he :State .-Depart.- ,to e.- ftiture tiCeo..
Jahua-, ment's- cul ata l..'.exhge,'prog- 'toursidinstry A.im j
remony rai. (-jontiu age 16) dimi~ earner. ', .
" -niste'r ."-. -. Cflmed d ag

_m .t- 2. ,'- I Sm i

S.. respeis to Brig. ath r th

... .J.e.ie .d-- "s"tnoRn "o"s t er t .,e Pan Am.. r
:, N.^^. '. Atmj anderot theeUtitedrv Sta the Jitant Arintiff Forces |pribr alca. on'i ffr^ leg.ofhimj
Port alt Prce ..-US ib A ... -. .. .. to' retnrlm g to the U.S.' with a ge hm ui orse to. ,
.o tomorrow, f om Guantanamo Bay Ambassador Thurston Tuasdday. Menbersof X c olor
.an -dai .'f b-rso n re t. visit, with U.S Amibassador The-Adtrial will be gues t at .and: sme .,formr :4IP *tI
nte* .:day.esdaf fem. -J e e ay 1 L. Thurston, a long 'the Embissy residence in Bour- up the:' lurge* group o$ pei'ns
'" .w.Ai.bases kd eor- io'- e. t friend of t.e, five star. do.nd e ,, .. h ,who dnarewelled thee omhe-lo at
-rd wap .the on ee blic Priest who he-te-'
rd j. ,.-" ---_ .. i -' ,. ,...tu Lt ionelGar. r.saecacs .es._ Br.g." .t '4
....LnaJanA. mAnd Wavs c .
aOf im.9e i.- r.;, ..'

.... ...a. th-.-'..--i mste" aoft"iledirector'of'the R e u o'n
-twenty -Th S-: "h"e g"eat dream,- the onlydr i o e Magazine is to attain a -
--", flu 4s.

gd .'--o ".ite'f-. resph-ili ,Respectabllit of. ah institution. their. like the G a
.rim'~ftei'diate. S.fl6 l, :1- ,Ny'- lt'c times on the Amierican plan, and like its ootinterpart of ..."
ta&'Xo -.2f.'b Thurstpn' Loedon or 11ke Le Monde of Paris on the European plan. For that
lin e s it iu ,ds liberal use dl money and talent, and utilzes the 6iost
Mp built at a- eost-f igoven resources of tec i iq a.
OO 'irLt t&'itb 'a '-anf Ae'i an. tehical. assistinie- pio'r- ost .bkacwkard in the U.S, and it thinks that to guard arid illus-
nHe ya, likewise.impressed :trate obsolete-concepts' contributes towards attaining that 'varnish b'S
~the 89 studentt drolled'f espectability inserting it in the envelope of tradition. ." '1 "i
]re mho"t h o sai en
We ( fimed- 1 spite 6V its efforts, inspite of all the brilliant pens it uses, to
attack and lah. Time, in order to realize its great dream of res- i
pectability,. acts very much like those parveitues who measure, '''''
S case they think theyhave succeeded, all values according to
5 Northani FO their own yard-stick. -
Suls T o "no ..ow ..- Time parades, looks down upon beinigs and things.-not so much ,* '-
_'_._-_.__ __'___,: ". around it- but in precise countries, where a superficial glance '
', t ""- allows it to prove to itself that superiority of which-it has the
"eo United States heavy Cruis- 0ompkl*, and tes to donmonstrate..it to others. That, complex is
t'Jozft1mton ,eth a orple- io. strong that it throbs out of every ie o1 Time. One cannot say. .
i-dt.of .1 visit-meort toirs- that .it has the severity of the uncultured, and his promptness President Duvalier presents award to a: rihinlg guarlsmn'
lod .. .toi iit ".Port-eetoro-
^,,:,". .-- e .., to judg.. However it certainly has not the serenity and depth a special athletic meeto.- the Palace lawn W aidny.. two-.i.a-
,,,? %L 'r...n.. dby,... .,.-. -.' (Con ti.nuedon Fpages Mj rr-rr G jimith's Ias hi,..
J,' ,, = -s o .... ; L7.'..'., .. I/u ..:',W ) / : :. :.:: ..::,; a..n=,., ,'.:,: .... '" .; e .....: r,):..,'--- ,.>' ,, _,
"2 '.; .-' `' .` -.' .z- .) ` .`.:.':'Co th.e .:W s- ... li..,, ..... i._,, ...... .,,.,.,.bgl..



1 u I I l .. ,

1 g


S'PAGE 2 A I T I SU N Sunday, February 4, 1962'

S H a iti T h is W e e k Mr George W. Johnson, a dance. Margaret- who is also a lace Niemiec.and wife,-Margar t",
.' ;wyer and financier from Or- very good dancer was delighJe:] Hospital Managers from Detroit
By AUBELIN JOLICOEUR lando, Fla and wife Elizabeth with the meringues played by and Mr Joseph F. Temrowski, a
**'Mr Alfred J. W. (Archie i SpUlett, Manag- arrived Wednesday as guests of Mozart Duroseau's orchestra. realtor from Detroit and 'wife
er of the ESSO Standard Oil here bought Fred their friends, the U.S. Ambassa- The party will visit Cap Haitien Stephanie are on 7 day vacation
Wilson's House-trailer to use it as a summer dor and Mrs Raymnond L. Thurs- and the Citadel 'on a one day at El Rancho... Salesman 'Jack
cottage in Kenscoff. Mr Wilson, President of ton, and were met at the airport trip Monday. Berk and wife Nancy frorrmnNew
cottage in Kenscoff. Mr Wilson, President of by Mrs Donnelly of the U.S.-Em- **Dr McDonald Phillip Benja- York stopped here this week...-
Fred Wilson Construction Company, is an En- bassy. The Johnsons are travel- min, an agricultural economist
gineering Contractor from Miami. Ing along with Mr Peter Julian for the OAS arrived this week Businessman Max' Baumgartner
He came down here a few months ago with Clive, a retired American Finan- on a six month Mission for the and wife Margaret are -current
this -5-G house-frailer while he was buliding cier living in Biarritz, France Alliance for Progress. He is from guests at Villa Creole. They are
and wife Winifred, Miss Alice Jamaica... Mr Leonard 'Mancu- from Berkley, Michigan.. Mr.
three tanks for theE STANDARD OIL at Tiedtke Ravndal, a young pian- so, a well known Pharmacist Dollard Gingras, a garage oper-
iaie des Flamands, near. Cayes. He could live jn it with a party ist from Florida and Mr Michael from Miaryland is back again, ator from Canada and wife Ge-
tf ye. This house-trailer is 50ft long and 8ft wide- with two bed- j. Sweedler, a youthful lawyer iHe is on ten day vacations with nevieve are on a 4 day sojourn
ofIs, a kitchen, a dinnette, a shower bath and toilet and all from Arlington, Va. Mr and Mrs 12 year old 'son Charles. Lene, at the Oloffson... Willlam, 'Tho-
a.ort like aWmodern house. Archie purchased it and brought it to Johnson greeted at the airport a Public Relations Extended for mas Cranston, Vice Presieant ,of
au Prince last Sunday. The House-trailer came across the Friday morning their,. lovely Haiti in Maryland was met at Radio CROC frm .Haiilt9n
tains and an awful road on its four wheels. After Archie daughter Magaret who arrived the airport by .Cylotte Jan-Jo- Ont and wife Franes are ets
tains and. an awful road on its four wheels. After from Washington in company seph-BlaIe. and- Mi & Mrs An- at Caribe Haiti foteL,.. t.pain
pwhased it, Fred Wilson predicted that he would never get it with her fiance,"Mr Bernard M. dre. e is- gest at Do Se- Thomas Lloyd Sullivan of
au Prince across this non-existant road and the British Gwertzman, a youthful Foreign jour. s lovely-daughter Helen USMC arrived here this eek to
e took the challenge and he did it. Now the house-trailer Affairs Reporter for Washington got frustrated -again, he -said, replace Captain Charles 'illa
ih-.Thor where-it is being fixed. It is proven said Fred Wilson Evening Star. The party who is her' mother thinks. that women son. He's accompanied ;bv his
f't the road is iot as bad as.they said since the house-trailer staying at the-Grand Hotel Oloff- sho.lstay jvitl .women. .She wifeBarbara and. four .ildretji,
r1, be son is discovering the many will .be: bhre in July with th0 Thomas.Lloyd 1 6,. Stephen' 4/)
d e driven across. charms of the Country in visiting whole amily.'.. Granit supply Susan. 2 and Kathryn 9 months.
,**Andy and Ramona A'ndersen of the Southerland Tours received the different sites and attending Mariufaturer- Stanley .Goidman Captain Williamson. le Safturda
cablee last weekend just before going to the airport to greet shows in various night Clubs. front w.York and beaiiful to visit his, parents in Missisg '.
Soutlierland and her lovely daughter Bliss who were supposed Alice is a fine dancer. They 'ifea.sin 4er with the before going, to 'his vacafiQns i#'
stop here on,their way back to St. Thomas after attending Miss were taken to dinner by Mrs Per yao ~h.-low and jhe Ray Paris to perfect.the F-ei :h be
IdtithAmerica Beauty Contest held in Colombia. The cable brought Thurston at the Habitation Le- Chare ers wee .deighted, learned here after three .ers
L..n..e e w s:.- Islas. 12 clerc, owned and operated by with. fo d.ay. visit here this. After his two month vacdion be
e pleantnews: Bliss Southeran, ss Virgin Islands 1962 the World known artist Katheri. week i 'i-el' is a marvelous will take up hi- new-'assig ent
.-oit second in the Cdntest and had to stay .a.few -more days ne Dunhamn.'Ambassador Thurs- dancer':. The re. .guests at, the at the School of Mai
uscona.iS-TheWere at -the School of.- -
ia to participate to, the parties given to -the winners. ton. joined the' party, to attend El Ranch', Iynn.and Eddy 4n "Quanico,- 'gi.
-iexperieiced two. most pleasant surprises this year.. The first the fantastic Voodoo ceremony Willlih 7"d.anrs,Afarie T9tade- bert Leventhal a'-bok publisherr
a s her election as Miss.yirgin Islands for-she has thel modesty and the continental floor show leine, Marcel .who won the Haiti from NeW York State is guest-'.
true eaty, she participated to the contest just or fun and featuring Guy and Kethly, in a here TV ..bdntest as the best at the Marabo'd... Dr and Mrs'-,
C congo dance, drummer Ti-Mar- singer Josep.Merilus, one. of J"uan Strauss greeted here. this '
I C mba she was elected second beauty, among nearly 0- cel, Troubadour. Ti-Paris, Banda the Jeading-. sgers--of the Mi- week Mr. Gardne Cowles ,II a.
aufielul girls of .the Hemisphere. : daricer Elifete, Biazilian Singer chel Dejeami Choir, Edner -Che- businessman-'from New York and '
Pretty ,Canldy Williams who spent about. two years, at the Israel Soarez anwdAthe reat:f]"'- risme. a drummerr left yesterday ife Jan arriMed his weeel in'
liveiftzer Hospital with her parents, step father )r Veno and therine herself in an .-exotic as the. winners .of the Haiti Che- company with son Gardner Cow.
iL:mbther MrsVe.rnamflew to New York easily this ,week to resume '"________ rie 'and Tele-Haiti contest pro- les m a Newspaperman..:'V 1
EltUsiS. The.-Verris and .Candy are from South Africa ;." v ided' by Oswa ld Douyon Foit- Pierce Fla and' wife Sha- -
SFombrun .Ow .er of Store. Club tourist shop.and charming to represe t the Haitian folklore ron, and daughter Lois Cowi .
.r '. a.d." -sonig-iq Ciracao and Vene- Harrison and her husband io.
miie Ge6ffrion, a lady-lawyr -from Montreal will o to Real Estate Agency zuela on a two week .tour... Miss R. Harrio, i*also a Newspap .
ta-Moibday evening...The religious ceremony will be held LOISEAU & O. Elizabet. McDougald, of the rm an. They Ire. guests at E. lR.-.
ch in-Delmas. The lovely: couple'will'have' New York State Deraitment of cho... George Lindpmab 'a.'-
Be3nrman, former'Janine Fombrunt, Max' sister as 1 Bordon Education is currently visiting nufacturer, of pharmacetictials
e i.Dr Jules Thebaud, repreefig'-e bride's par- Phoe 2620 the Couintry. Elizabeth who stu- and lovely. wife Frayda arrived
'n.Tm.,D. u h dr ng- bd'"..par- Cable Address: AILOIOO died in Paris with Mrs Sylvain this week in company with pretty
'.jarrain -.The religious ceremony will be followed by -. Mrs SYlvain this weki company with pretty
p The eious ceremony' will be followed from Haiti' and alsd worked in sister Carol Lindemann for a
party at. Behrmann's, home at Gros Morne. _- -Renting of Houses, Apart- her companyfor the Internation- four day visit at the El Rancho.
sElizabeti Rifchin is back again. She arrived last $unday ments, Bungalows, Camping al Refugiees Organization (IRO) They were met at, the airport by
;was ,greeted very wemrmy by husband Harry..aproniunent Houses for short or long in Germany is very thrilled with Dr. Gerard Kenol. The Linde-
antfrm Newto, Mass and a grup.of handicapped children period. this visit. She is a charming Ne- manns employed a Haitian nurse,
t Vient School who presented her.with.flower, iizbet. igro visitor... Attorney Irving Miss Marie Joseph'Papillon as
Vi t School who presented er.ithower' Buying and selling of com- Garson from Spring Valley, New. nurse for' their child... MrsMar-
s-h been coming h'err-.for fourteen years with Villa Creole as mercial businesses such as:. -York id .charming wie Adrien- garet Wilbert,. a retired Attor-
bme acted. very successfully .last year as Chairman for the ne arrived this week in company ney from.Ohio is visiting in corn-
or.Handicapped Children. This, year again she accepts to Bars, Restaurants, Hotels etc.. with 'Mr Jules' G. Stern, a vac- pany with charming daughter
e theba which .ill be held Cabae Choucoune on e at Hotels and cuum cleanex Manufacturer" and Miss Patricia Wilbprt,a lawyer
S"th. .' o Gues-Houses lovely wife -Lila. The two couples form Boston, Mass and her beau-
Matenal.sinsct; got. .the better of- "and beautiful .ed Joseph LOISEAU are _guests at the El Rancho. tiful- friend, Miss Marjorie Ni.
Future Futon A' A .* .t Wedn e Adrienne and Lila, fine dancers King a model also from Boston.
SFr1 nd'd who flewto.Sew York st. ednes- are interesting their husbands to They Are guests at the Castel-
i year od "oitA d'Adeslij fJ.,.- 'Luck pierraIe '- -o -. the Haitian meringue... Mr Wal Haiti. Marjorie is a fine dancer.
-Zvu~G". .Arid lather Pierie d'Atdlyk, operator -.f Kyona _
.-.is'. most unhappy 'about Future's unplanned flight ith his S&
t. -ie old. North. Lucdk ieyP e who,, is. n used to weiar OCUSING, COMPOSING AND
k- iofaia. i little Tarzan at the ,Beach EXPOSURE SETTING IN ONE
1 1 AN ^^ -^^^^^< :, COMMON VIEWER-- N .ko
...,.-. -. ,~ ~IEFLEX CAIMERA W." OHR
S. nday, Mar 5th, 196.a 0:00 p.m. MEDIUM PRICE
1EntraWe Limited To1OO reisons A T M
;,, $5.00 Per Person |.LV IK cO rex -. .CAMERA !
Make Your Rreservation Now For The .
'I. I ...!,, ..
.% :-' ": ':- ":. i- .: .:.," 61 o'



ray, Febtuary 4, 1962

S U N '


(Continued from page 1)
Lrious Haitians, Americans
representatives of interna-
organizations attended .the
mony, including ir Philip
iams, of the American Em-
y, Mr Earl Finnie, Difector
SAID, Mr David Keogh, De-
y-Director of USAID, Dr. Ha-
Wood,. Dr Williarm Goodwin,
1)D Washington was repre-
ed by; 1.- Russell Fontaine
M1 Don Johnson" while the
American Safilary Bureau
represented by.Dr Tito Lo-
Da Silva, Dr Donald Pletsch
Dr Philippe Cavalie.

he anti-malaria program will
tinue. 16r.a period of seven
rs, financedd 'with funds from
nt 4 (USAID); the Pan Arne-.
m Sahitary .Bureau, and UNI-
F, ina collaboration with the
tian Governiieht. The progr-
will ..cost an estirffate 1--'
lion dollars annually and will

Employ approximately 900 per-

The present anti-malaria cam-
paign is but one part of a world-
wide effort to eradicate malaria,
to which .the United States de-
votes more than 30 million dol-
lars annually. Ideally, the camp-
aigns are planned for an eight-
year period, comprising one
year of planning, four years du-
ring" which, houses are sprayed
semi-annually, and three years
of surveillance. The intended
result is tle total eradication of
malaria in each country.

The anti-malaria program -is
already well advanced in Jam-
aica, which, it. is predicted, "will
be one of the first Caribbean
nations to rid itself of malaria.
Similar campaigns are being
carried out in Guatemala: Hon-
duras, -Bolivia and Brazil with
thle co-opetation of tile Pan Ame-
rican Sanitary Bureau, the World

Health Organization and the in-
dividual government concerned.

Here, January 24th marked the
beginning of the.,ective eradica-
tion phase-the four year spray-
ing period. This country-wide un-
dertal~ng was inaugurated by
the Minister of Health, who, 4.s
part of the opening ceremonies,
cnsraved the wall< of a hoiu i

the Plaine du Cul
inaugural ceremonies
an imposing parade
streets of Port au


Pan American Ai
ounces a change I
times effective Sat
rMary 3, 1962.,
* Passengers holding
tions on flights 431 a
have not, already b
.of Ple time changes
requested to contain
American office, air]
travel agent.








Caremillar and Cal wae Fregsleed Trakemark, cf Coalrp.IIor, fracro Co
Maurice Bonnefil Maagr Chancery es

At Schweitzer Hospital Of Deschapelles

A Delegation of the Depart- The engineers profited
ment. of Public Health and Po- their visit to note and a
pulation. composed of following into all particularities .an
personalities: Dr Augustin Fau- gestions which will be ad
che, General Inspector of Hospi- geous in the construction
tals, Dr Paul Moise, Division 400 beds Hospital planned
Chief of Public Hygiene and a Bel-Air.
rn .f three en aineers of the

ad by.
cqflre ;
d sug-
Ivanta-, :'.
of the
'd fo r'

,a *iLsei n g oup pi i o re eng gneers oL tJ L:.'-P
de Sac. The Department: Louis Jadotte, G. SEEKING POSITION ,.1
s ended with Romain, Maxime Raoul, paid a
through the visit to Dr Larimer Mellon. at Man well acquainted with tn--.
Prince. Albert Schweitzer Hospital of rist problem seeks position hi
Deschapelles. Hotel or Travel Service. Can be .
Welcomed by Dr and Mrs Mel- employed as assistant-Manager.t 4
Ion, the E)elegation visited the or Social. Attache to entertalo
4E various wards of the Hospital tourists and take them to ,Aio .c'-
and noted with satisfaction the sion. '
order and discipline of the mo- Good eprerjence and e'ati
airways ann- dern hospital. reference.-Apply to Haiti Sn.
n scheduled *
urday, Feb-

Chatelet des FleursK
,een advised .
are kindly Are Available Eclusively -At
:t the Pan
Port or their


High Class Iceburg-Lettuce "-'.

Strawberries, Broccoli, Water-Cress i

S With Unsurpassed Standards of Food-Paftty<

1-... .. -." .,wo '2 :

,t,.1"1..it .'ut.I. ,par
ucr. i a u 1 rbhr4 ..-1.

!Por'au p oII

Served excwsivms ai iti's Leadings


AiND'' /&t. '
.. ~~~ 4(4 ._2,



." .
. -. A'.!r .. "i, ^

PAGk 4 -
,PAG:A 4 -


S U N' nday, 'cbruary 4, 190

".. Inte"

..'.- A Presidential decree publish-
Kedin the official paper "Le Mo-
nfeuur", this past week announ-
-;4ced the launching of a million
Saollar internal -loan to help con-
I ftruqction of the new jet airport.
-'Here are the articles: "
S:.Art 1.-The Haitian Govern-
mnent is. authorized to launch an
itetnal loan of Five Iillions
pd'utdes`:or One 'Million. Dollars
l i&bo00.00) US carrying an in-
o-'f 5%'per annum.
"rt.' -2.-The bonds vill be to
..tb bearer according' to the fol-
pw g pecifcatiois:
^^i00 'bands bf,
. ($: 20.00 nofhinal valqe
9,000 bonds of
$ 50.00 nominal value"
;-2,00 bonds, of. -
$ 100.00. nominal value.
y'!f'900'. bonds of. '
-,-i- $ 500.00 nominal value
"2.0' 2 bonds of
-:," $1,000.00 nominal value

rnal Loan Auth(

For One," Million Dollars

Those bonds will be registered
by order and for their respect-
ive amount in a special record
under the control of the National
Bank of the Republic of Haiti.
Their. reimbursement will be
made at .Oar, as 'follow:
$300,000.00 on Oct. 1st 1964
$150,000.00 on April 1st 1965
$150,000.00 on-QOt-. st 1965
$200,000.00 on April 1st 1966'
$200,000.00 on Oct. 1st 1966

Art. 3.-The.interests of those
bonds are payable to bearer on
April and October 1st.
The iitere.ts will begin.,to run
only at bthe sale of the bonds,
except those- of the year of the
issue which will be pqid on Oct-
ober 1st 1962.
- Art. 4.-The National Bank of
the Republic of Haiti,. assisted
by a representative of the Dep-

another one of Haiti Chamber of
Commerce and two public not-
aries of the Capital, will draw
lots in public, on the September
1st and March 1st of every year,
of the' bonds for the amount fix-
ed in Art. 2.
The first drawing will take
place on September 1st 1964.

Art. 5.-After the payment
date of the reimbursement, the
coming out numbers of the bonds
will cease to bear interest even
though the -bonds would not be
presented to be cashed. -

The mature bonds will be
cancelled by- perforation, erased
from the record of bonds in, cir-
culation and then incinerated at
the main office of the BNRH,
in the presence of a representa-
tive of the Department of Fin-
ances and Economic Affairs and

-Otie Clas


-.. "* .

Ci: o

SHIPS '(12



$135 -ALL YEAR








Nadal & C

-' -:. .'.i '.-, .:.; i-- .-.-:.". -* -- -

Alei f tcred oo"ner' on the back. sid
SWAMc' -f the bond.
Ai zj e d The transfer) of- theta bond, (
be valid, must be registered a
the BNRH at.the writtenreues. t
of the vendor and mentioned on,
the back side. At' the -written ire-
Art. 6.-Each bond will be quest of the owner any reost-
signed in. the name of the Haiti- ered bond will bq reinmovel om
an Government by the Secrqtary theinscription recordd id will
of State of Finances and Econo- recover its character ,of bearer
mic Affairs and the President bond. Mention of thechange will
of Administrative Council of the be made on the-back side.'
National Bank ol the .Republic, .
Special Fiscal Agent of the Hai- Art. 8:.-The National B ftk of
tian Government for'the issuing the Republic of Haiti has author-
of those bonds. ity to sell the 'b6nd& ` der'the
control of the Secretary -of State
Art. 7.-The inscription of the of Finances .and Economl.'Af-
bonds will take place at the Na- fairs. In any case, .those-bonds
tional Bank of the Republic who
will write the name of the reg- (Continied on pige.111


BAR Geisha &SAIONWGGinee-4



Your charnming Hostess KATHERIDNE DIDNH ,l

Grand' Spetale

= : : ; L ,... .. : L .. I


At the Peristyle








'OR SALE- TO artment of.Finances and Econo- official report will be drawn and
i(R T r rAT36O mic Affairs, by a representative printed in the Official Paper
ST. ..BIDDER of Cour Superieure deg-Comptes, "Le Moniteur".
V, : 0 '.-E i .r r .:
if" Pf esk, Chairs, Tables, 4 65!1p ,;Z^ 3
fs,'.Ofii.g' Ciabinets, Metal
Ses,. Ulephone, --Switch- BACOULOU DANCE TROUP
.- eentron-8:3 *.. ."WEDN.SDAY NIGHT-
W 00-radd from 3:30 to I N
00 ,pi. Monday -through Fr- .
th aB-Ameian Embassy ..
h se... ,itfiaied hm .trard. "BAL ,'N E G R E :. ,
dB 'Uard.1FarehouSse, Ave- .
qaslngesm, across A Braid-New Show eaturinig Haiti's
ae.esmag.. :', .., Most. Exciting Famed Entertainers
bidp iv.ill be:, received
Embassy .Adriniistrative BACOULOU CABARET THEATRE
iti 5r00.m. -ebruary PETIONVTLLE
(Free Meringue Lessons At 9:3.0 p.m.)
'ihe- Embassy reserves the X
Kt ti. efuse. acceptance -of any .
i aI bids., .

I G R A. C Z, L' 1 N E

.... P


Sunday, Febr
- -

uary 4, 1962



S UN' N .

i'- "' -r*I "

Economists, sociologists, thinking-people in general,
.rate fundamental factors for prosperous, economy and
improved standards of living in 4Haiti, as education; in-
-ovestment-capital for employment, pay-rolls, and self
respect; and soil anti water-conservation.' Lengthy ar-
gument can Le given for any one of these. as the pre-
enminent factor, but there -is little to be gained from
""such discussion; all are. fundamental for the well-being
of the community. .

-Folowing'previous discussion of' soil and. water-con-
seriatioh in ,the Haiti-Sun, a background discussion of
the sociological problem involved in re-establishing ve-
ta Av'e-c;ypering, for our mountains seems -necessary.
.I.-it .ewe'e merely a question of planting trees, M1At -
Sfir : the' hot lowisuids and Pines in tbh pllaids;
lre wotld be no problrem.'But with oyr crowded po-
puLatkm7 and private ownership limitedt t smuill areas,
the vital que*t&n is: How is a 'small lndobwner going
Ip make living for himself, wife and kids in the 8 to
15 years while Mahgariy and Pines are growing to
commercial size? .,It is even worse than, that: 'Most
small .famers have a cow .9 'goats 'r horse. They
s ometic imals,.t 'bestaedout to graze
witbha aroe a&il picket. The ground 'is hard 'and the
Bsal l p-; ij, the' jb 0 or. one, aqt otherr does
not taeth tp aian eU. The am ," the,. moves on
to pe the pi.cket-pin on a rdop'add up-root-
.ing the lpantte. When this happens
S..i]ot 24-" iser nlm:. thre are. notiany' tree'

S nd-aeas, then,: some semi-arid,
y ais. e slopes sheathed with rocks
"" rubble, reforestati..n or vegetation must be a Gov-
ernmult enterprise, or that of a cooperative, or it could
be a-awel spot for a philanthropist, either or all with
the best i hitcal, background. :
We have 'sen n Cubit where the much-maligned
American, sugar-propaties have invested real money,
,ir u-1. Sidling tqo pi-event destruction by-aniinals and
then in labor for,-keedbrds and planting with Mahogany.
.Selective harvesting commenced in 15 ears with big
Marketable trees. Probably that sort of philanthropy
has now been killed off in Latin America.

W -,, any way, revegetation, reforestation, is possible,
bitt not easy, and involves real money. In our, next
issue we wilL get to the questions of types of reforest-
ation, 'ineguing indeed. In Haiti Teak Wood, ak.mrad
of Valuable BaMnboos, Mangos, Avocados, Fig trees as
well as Mahogany, Pine's and Eucalyptus have profit
possibilities, hut long range; rewarding undoubtedly
in a inuchi greater degree, its a good deed well done.


Community Weekyp Published Sunday Morning
Editor-Publlsher ,' BERNARD DIEDEICH',

Port au Prijpe-rjalti
January 29, 1902.
Mr Bernard Diederich
Haiti Sun

Pron au Pri-nee-n aiti. r w w a e w w a w a a a '-
Dear. Mr Diederich:
Yesterday I spoke to MCr Kneer
and Mr Donnelley oh the Desert .
Queen, and they asked that I A a w a --- -- -- w"
inform you they had brought in '
another Blue Marlin, bigger than OPE N NIGH TLY
their catch a week ago. They GAM BLI'NG
thought you would be interested.
.. .. ) t..g'

r On this trip they are in the DANCING TO
Miragoane area, fishing the Ro- ,
chelois Banks. IOE TROUILLOT'S
In the meantime Mr Kneer JOE TROUILLOT'S
also asked if you would please 4 ORCHESTRA -
let us have ten copies of the O '-'
Haiti Sun of the 28th. I have MIDNIGHT SHOW'
given he money for these issues .
iDfINTITY PHOTOS PASSPORT PHOTOS to the bearer of .this note.
'tVELOPING ENLARGEMENTS REPRODUCTIONS Thank you. Entrance Charge $1.00 "
..FSE -. ..C: E. Dasthey G. BELISARIO, .
S Aenite MarieJeanne, No. 5 Cite de I'Exposition for !
Anton KNEER,. -
.-. A A Z


(From "Le Nouvelliste Jan. 27,
The active Prefect of Port au
Prince, our friend Windsor Day,
communicated to us the follow-
ing letter just received fronri
Mrs Katherine Dunham about
the matter called "Pythons Af--

Precisions furnished. both by
the concerned lady and the ship-
ping agent will be -able to put
an end to that widely publicized
Here is the letter of. Mrs Ka-
therine Dunham:

Leclere January 24th 1962.
Mr Windsor Day, '
Prefect of Port an Prince
Mr .Prelect .
As promised, I wish to send
you herewith photocopy of the
letter reinforcing my declara-
tions I just' receive from "Ani-
mpl Distributovs ilnc.", I; have
translated in French the para-
graphs,whic 'can 'be. o interest
or.you, .:- -,' .
., 1-The Ball Python .yu bought
is-'not over seven feet long. It
is not aggressive. it is of timid
nature. .
2-ft .is almost impoissible- that
kind. 'may cross with the local
Boa; because they are- not of
same length. .
. 3-Tie, specimen that you pur-
chased was a male one.
4-Even if by chance melted
breeding were possible, the re-
sult would probably be an im-
provement of the character of
your boa. .
Once more, I wish to thank
you for the solution you brought
to that matter.
Sinceiely yours,-
Kathbrine Dunham.


The Placco C6mpany of Puer- survey trip that extended frozaN|
to Ric?, Inc., has acquired a spe- Haiti to St. Martin, meeting-Y.'d.
cially built 1,000 ton barge to public works officials of the13d
distribute penetration asphalts islands.
throughout the Caribbean area. The barge has a hot oil h
inrg system which keeps tflie c
The new barge, Placco .1, with go at a constant temperaturep
a capacity of 327,000 gallons, or 300 degrees Fahrenheit. .Ita *'i
7,800 barrels, of 0 asphalt, enables has separate' compartments. 2tjo
the company to' supply the (de- simultaneous handling df various
mands for road and airport con- grades and types of-asphalt:- 4-.
struction in the area.
The asphalt moves fronm.ti
The Placco 1 delivered'irs first Placco plant in Catano througI
shipment of 200,000 gallons of a 12 inch; one-mile, pipeline.itb
hot asphalt' to St., Thomas and seven insulated tanks on t.,
St. Croix, where.. it will, be Used barge, always at a temperatrit
in the extensions of both airports of 300 degrees. Storage tanks
now in progress on these islands. maintained by 'the company
E. J..Cowing, managing direc- St. Thomas, St.' Croix and
tor of the Shell Company'(Puer- Martin, with additional tan,' k
to Rico) Limited, together with planned for'neighboring islands.
W. P. Iverson, president of the Pldcco also uses eight i.sult'e.
Placco Company, a'subsidiary of transport trailers in its Caii
Shell, have recently completed a bean operation.

Les Studios de /Dansie


"- T?3

*,f .<

IHaiti's Most Prominent Dance Group.
Special classes in drumming, and. creative dance
youngsters and young adults. Body conditioning Jpr
Inquire at Studios BACOULOU, Petionville, Mondf
and Thursdays 2-5 p.m. Saturday mornings 9-11 p.'
>acflcbkokcok^kkok^eckc-kac&4ok^t^ac^ rk^ 4 '

1:1 EOSIO :,: 11 1lig'

G:,9 .-

,. .'IP ,"

S U N.' Sunday, Febrinuar 4, 19,

Carnival Capers, Is A

SThree-Day Spree

For three days in March and dancing in the streets chosen "Band of the Year" or observed thrc
4rdi Gras rhythms 'and the by people of al1 ages. nominated ''People's Choice." : 'Port-anu Prim
ypnotic tunes of bands will bi' This yeai the festival falls on The season really starts with activity. Hotel
ard throughout Haiti as the March 4, 5 and 6. The intricate the opening of the Sunday after- in and around
,Idnders celebrate their .most steps of the six-year-old are mat- noon "Sorti" of Mardi Gras to capacity..I
,tous festival carnival. ;:. ched by the jaunty footwork of bands w'varming up from January made well in
Celebrated each year on the the sixty-year-old. Paradeq and 7th.
inday, Monday and Tuesday competitions are continuous. Cos- As the three days of carnival A great dea
*eceding Ash Wed n esda y turned bands of 8 to 800 memb- draw' near, costumed parties months of s
a'rn v a I means singing ers vie for the honor of being and dances at clubs, hotels and into the cost
priRate homes begin. Costumes usual for bar
are improvised. planning their
THE EDLTY AND CARNIVAL 1962 Thnd as soon as
iTHE EDILITY AND CARNIVAL 1962 The tempo increases and dur Costumes cov

ni the week before carn l

Under the presidency .of the sen, Emile Hakime, Gerard.The- "fetes" are held nightly, coming
aypr. Jean Deeb, Monday night ard. Fernand Crepsac, Elias to a climax on Sunday night. The
iinitial meeting, of the organ- N o u 9 t a s, Rodolphe Francois,
t:Comrlittee. of this Year's Mme Jacques- Laroche, Mme ~dancing and' merry-makng M on-
ivar was- held at the Hotel mone Sassine, Mme Lys Avin. tinues until .6' a.m. Mond the:
Then, everybody takes' to ,the:
Vilvee. Mayor. Jean Deeb made a .oad" to play Jour oveit, from the,
'*ie. Committee composed the: brief speech- and a number of French "jour est ouveit," (the
owing 'personalities. R 6 n y ideas, for the success of Carnival F eins)'
.;',-Franck Sterlin, .Minme Jean 1962 were discssed.-- A special day be .
.ire, Mine Roger Tribie; Carnial- Commitee s. drawn The mayor of Port a Prince
hnney .Dennerville -M ie-Rene up with: 'iM6ie Rene, Bolcicaut proceedings before
,caut, Mmn:e .Monod Philip- as President; Dupuy Theano. the crowded Hotel de V e. Then
Ss'R..,ymo.n.d-ami.bert, tt Vine.-President;' Mine Monod Phi- onrh Tn
I.adlE t M V ipe, Treasurer Joseph de Vas- the Merry Monarch, King-Car-
Ee tey, Gene Treasurer: Mine nival, begins his hectic reign.
Edmnndi Mangones, Kurt tey;,. General Treasurer; Mme T ms of 4he 1ardi Gras
Edner Andre Pageotte Roger Tribie, assstant-Secret bands dominate the. city. The
.eo.Nazaire, -Paul 'Blanchet, ry; .Vianney-Derierville, Franck .
I spirit of 'carnival impels even
idSin Georges,. Mine Mi.-, SterUn, EdnerA:.-Pageotte, Capt- the .. ,lf a.e.
I eAugfste,. Dupuy Th'eanro, tain Theopore, Mime Jean Ma m *stad: .along
a Frirdeic .Arty;, Ra.ymond gloire, Otto Madsen, Mme Mi- to thebea .of- themus'c.
a eu, Jea. Sassine, Mrs Jean chel Auguste, Elias Noustas, The*
The highlights of. tbef: i
i,,leo Reimbold, Otto Mad- Counsel... l .,a r The highlats of.des
are the a f t e r fn can'paades
.. .. .. "' .. .' through the Capital. other is
%) ,the choosing of the b canmva"%a
"V..........--__.__ m__ Queen. Key lady membeis of,
F f carnival bands: parade in frl
i=h regalia -before a panel of 'judges
:.. for the title of Queen of the Car-
nival. / '

5" a na" hi .

Scotch when it's


S 0ra JI2a-aMil going strong.
S' '. .

In' all this splendor and gaje-
.ty, the child]ren"are not forgott-
en. Special shows are presented
by clubs anb organizations and
prizes -given for costumed bands
and individuals.-
Revellers dress in the 'remains
of last year's glamorous costu-
mes- or ingeniously comic 1dis-
guises.'Well known personalities
are very often .ridiculously im-
personated, the extent of the ri-
'dicule depending on the popu-
larity or lack of popularity of
the person.
Although the celebration is

Lunch Dine Have Cocktails




Swim, Spearfish, Snorkle, Water-Ski
And Sail In Safe Coastal
Waters From Kyona
Ag.,]-.; ;: .. ., .. .. .- ..,... ... ,

and modern
dians, clowns
doctors, militia
'A great del
by hand and


oughout the island,
ce is the center of
Is and guest houses
d are always filled
Booldngs ,should be

al of research and
ecret planning go
:urhes. It is, quite
id leaders to start
r next masterpiece
one carnival 'ends.
er a wide range of
gures from ancient
history, Caribe In-
and bats, robbers,
ary and naval offi-
al of work is done
reflects the inge-

nuity and skill of a creative
people. "
As darkness' falls -rvellers
gamer for the 'last flin. until
midnight. -Then .the only. sound
to be heard is'. 'ecio of' early
feet as the revellers slowly51ake
their way hdine.


I 'Agents.

I.". !
S.dulls -

I *.,, .
,-] D" '7 "

Not a soap, not a
cream-Halo M cannot
s leave dulling; dirt- r'
catching soap fdm.(

Removes embarrassing
dandruff from both hair
and scalp!

Yes, "soaping" your hair with
even finest liquid or oily cream
shampoos leaves 'diulng,
dirt-catching filin. Halo, iade
with a new ingredient, contains
no soap, no sticky oils.
Thug Halo glorifies your hair
the very first time you use it.
Ask for Halo-America's
favorite shampoo- today.


Gives fragrant ',
"soft-water" lather
-needs-no special rinse! '.,

Halo leaves hair soft,
manageable-shining with:
.olorfut natural highlightsIz .;.

5The largest


Halo reveals the hidden beauty of the hair
,f ',-' h a1-8i.". .

i f H AiT I


"I -


k ::r




S. ,.
4 rO -.

eSunday, FebraLW 4, 1962 B H A UVI T I S T U REN CA ON "',, CA .EL


ZsL VN j ir FABERGZ 1 l "


e..'1 a : u RAO Nc, BERN HARD ALTDKW ,. ; o.


'.,."... '..... ; "-.aT. _BE-T. DANISH SLVER \
A..,. I-EE N.. ..AHT M S. a ..i. .I .RAZ AN. ,

. .. .... ,4- *.1... co 11 *, 'i
. .v.".... ,.-' ..,- i.. IBa, tfl n. fl' S LrTOS. RAFFIA BAGS, .
I .-. "' SC ULP U E .

Native la'h-ater oweta
-'Th MnuL

TYplet Castume-Dresse OLLS
..,..,. .-, =.World Famous BUGS & DBA.- -. ..-

Have us send gifts to your friends in the U. S A. .
S without affecting your quota.- See us for 'more information.,

Sunday, February 4, 196

2 H. *
52 '*" H A tT-t?! SiUJr

Jp'Urney To.

k". I


, .W+,"ae rm the ...* p*r 'n .. '. : --- ............... ...--------

*ft.. m 1.'.:(.;. .'.' Ao e* i -:.- J.. Janl a ^ hote~i lexandra. ..
I. 4-.-.att rr' -{. "4 ', ; ', "

&IC7A11' -BAGS And -a ELTS .
,1.:'4 ... .e .1 ... o, ,U. .,:i*..v -... *

,- : ..' -'. ,T O R TOS E S H E L L ..
4 ; o,- .7 4.1

A- -
.V+.l..'. : ; ; ,- .= ..- .j: .. : .. i .
K V ? ..', .''.. A-.. ,.;.:? ':
i.., .,p ;. :. : .- ; ".
""""-7 A .',:. ;' .% -."' i .. ". ."-' .7 i ,_
.., ? ,-p... : Q.

-6 W"-,0"00 C .. "... "+, '' "
O ".R IN, .,. -,O".. N-
AWL T Rr, T... .E.,.,,SHE,LL ,-
171W" L ." :+ ll
,:.:.. .: ,,, [ ., / '-. :.. P I T I. .. : .

:. ,; -. 4..' .... ":-... ,. .7
*: +: V : ;., : .i ,4 (-4. t.' : ". -
: 4d '-l T. h't" '," -. "'". ...- *.. .; .


pride in it arid call it .the
ove, .dtib. ThereSis
nb pac .'at the -beeach \tojsyi
rt' io as. to get to and it
a nbt:rl superb, as p beath1

tRO lPOre'-AU-PRetMn
"is pidNCas.DINGbe
'ONLY $1.0od
ChUldren so cent '
Private Dressing goo *m '
White .ad Beachb
Flue Restadrnt andr Snack Bar
.. r i... .' ,,


i- '

(In. the.New York Times Travel
-,.heotion of Sunday Jan. 28th.)1

C-':AOMEL. Haiti Visiting this
little port city, on the southern,
'.nof Haiti, twenty-flvge- nies.
Sthe cr -flJes from r- an
Irince, is like taking an.
i6ni to M the,Carlhbean pa.t'of
SHalf a century ago. "
b.One can'stand on the hill above
Ntl' l~ovier. part 'of- the't6own
survey. the view. 'Across
l eachamel "Bay,, several miles
i-the, loig high. promontory
pCae Jidmel' rises steeply
ii ,the water' to an%: altitude
'1,500' ieet and more. In,the
&-ground,; g-oves of' graceful
tirl o dfonceal, frorim' f ew
gra sby'Waterfriont:o t''"
pl.aces,..thew .. r-m
a-gams ,-sade- spacious to
thr'e t...-r mansions, pai'nt-l

t tieqsopi. pI' "A6n.
d e,,hn ..o th

that used to anchor- in, Jacme!
rlarbor to load the rich, flavor-
;l- .Haitian. coffee---100 ,000ba
of. so a yqar." The,1 coffee ..was
-. '.e .. L
grown' on peasant" 'lp6t j up,
thd hills, carried to6Jacmel. *e-
hod6sbs and 'thence,,to the.1coffec
houses of France, arid .,thb rt o'
the. Continent. -
'Jacme's prosperity .has long
,si.ne gone. From the turn-of the
century" the. Volume tof the, cof-
fee trade fell -off.' For' a ime
in those :days, the.diot wasc6lo.
ped to foreigh corAinerce .as b',
political reprisal by a vengeful'
Haitian President.' That, pro bi-
tion has long been, Jifted, apd ..-,
new- concrete .wha hiab.lit th
,rese6 ittian -apvernment, .,
the 'adtni',obffee boDm is..b-,
although 'a .rctfaivdly sinmalU cof.
ee'trade ,continues. '
. '. ,"4 .. : "
,; :.* I" B an. s :.Rio e i ala ,!; ..*.-. "
A,, v, v". v '" ''"
is oor, hut the man
S psaresti.l here, .d still liv-
ln-. One of the large r.onesii
it l .Jby the s6ie.,6con oi'a

i n-t itV.c cjedr;6 to
'if&-r^ 'm:'!,n-id ca c .' au lf .

Jaea el es Deep

I--I-, *:\ wo ii telor,,s a,- of
bright tints. The building's 'liite,
If P A t l with the white 'nd gre-e t'rim
S 9,-.. its shutters 'nqd doors t- vfn-
living in well-preserved sus shul..a remote p d ich trasts with the ed and n
ended animatio.- s alost.worth the t o sed striping oni the, metal vdnsy-of
S ..a sit. It 14s its o6wni"peculiar the uppermost balcony anbi the
,Jaciiel 'as E whole is startling-., greern-and-whitel splendor,' f.rim', roofs. The balcony, son4 at
; net S .iid unlittered. Its, gra- .*eat,'till a .bauti .t.'"bk whose doors must. be at. least
!nI concrete streets .ari clean t ti level: o'theb per por- twelve feet high, is alsp the o en-
Scontrast'to much of.Port, au ton of the city, but its front ele- air dining room.
rionce A I'thMs constitutes Jac, yaton tower& f, seventy feet '
l's char'mtoday- this and 6on;rei Si perteetly kept, .Purple,;'-'crimsoRa .d yeow
e bright colors that go along bedutifl garden of. roses and flowers ad -bushes th libay
ith it. ropic foerTs'and bushes, pro: and.sky, be g 'ren hills out neq-
fuse with bright, colors. ,Before and and the. pastel houses oa," be-
Take, fir eaflazple, the princxi the .hotel i. stand five gratefull low ake a scene as brlf as
a1 h&tel, a artling. inn which pa of .great beigh, everal a spectrum.." '
b. does .nof.expectto find, in of them higher than the building.' -
inside .the hofe, "at 'tie f otf
S. i the stairsA leading ,tq ifs public'
roonis,-,a a4rving inr a.h. y'
opf:a mall Negrd sexyant y is
Srealistic that one says '.Hello"
o it -n el g. The 's
hoptessess .-aJpliasait and:do'nt-
o; anor f c -. aE ge .4 wi -s
Staiight. o:.ot an .ntebelh _
out -ia 'nnsionr7., .he b0d
aiges from- accetabI to-{e-cel
Went The rbolp Md' 4 tie:L..
r clean:" comfortablee ad a'
'.c "7' ", ." LT ". b

I. PAOtfl.

beach sites on Haiti's south coast If one travels along here in'
which I.s 'Wait development. the early hohrs of the morning
The' miOn interesting part. pi on a arrket .day,-on. finds that,
'the visit fo Jacmel.for those ii, 'seequngly, terwhole c4q.tifhy-
yenturous. enough to. .makethe; #ide iit hing.- steadily t6 t
'tiip is getting here. The easiest, Port au 'Prince with donkeys and
heaviestt, fastest and less' itterst- burros laden vilth1 bundles and
frig way is by plane of the Hai- sacks of merchandise, 'firewood,
tin', airline 1om Po t au Prince.- charcoal and food. Peasaht &nlenr
at 'takes about twenty minutes and' *oen crry vast loads of
"and, cost 14..-and' there ard three produce 'irf baskets. Atop their
trips .a week. Reservations, are heads. '
Sadvisable. ,'
A little beyond "'eogane,' the
"The m 're adventurous, more road turns, abruptly.. islandd to
i certain, 'nore expensive and cut. across' the' narrow I southern
much. .more. exciting. 'way. of peninsula o' Haiti in a sbuth
/.going- ..Is, by motor, preerdbly easterly. di.ecti6n. .
SJeep. The'distance is iiot over 'G :.4 en'at its best, it is a' rough
ales; .it. it is an arduous .jor- road which joltd oine througlH
iey and takds' a minimum : of ail through. Its particular char-
fo..-ur out's. ,. .'*.".'- ; *.- ." acteristid that it ,lies along
". .' .- ., :. the, valleys oftwo successive riv-
T r road i.eas :out 6f PEbrt.-u eri'hbse' beds -aremade' up bt
Ce' albng'th isth shpeof found white. tones. The, road
tot n. W',uBceae ato teogane. crosse. t.l riverbed, repeatedly
9.?s itheaer. setor 6f the 'wtout enft 6
..route mos o a ptedI.seven.tyfiv' for ings in
o W,' most o'n.a" e.el,.di.. d" "
iug cane fields and snall .. .one. tionfl.r-.nd i sofme o
e wit i Hathad p t' tti the riv& cae'er ; e
."huts -~mo as.:'.' in. *1 -; l
.ylbr ,.words, 3itle houses o-nAg- ed "&dO *. z q of a r d
'. 1 L4erword.s, o z..r* ya r:dt-"-,1. .
.r uns, nm: d e'.'g e .d-.the.r irA

. .hnr. t'enre Has .h een. ra&4(.d:.ou ."- L&' "-'
'.. ns epar cits.'t-.he iE iare.'coy' 3 ::-'"'- "'
c "ti.nef has,'t.'6~ yie 'l o 5 .i" ... ".1 "..-" ,
a- 3T Mn 0, 4i

% hst buo -k*i-..'-*" '" "A.:' ".",.: '. ''. r L,* "'.-- .' -,' -"f "frfi
S. '....". ....i =-.' =.- ..-.. ,- tI, n tS I" : t,, m the c qnt.
I- .-

4,i, 4d u'

V O -----I

of the peninsula until Vistas 'of es through an areh where the thlng which.'is likely to interpgtil,
lush hreen hills open up on,all river flows far below in deep only the more hdventuroug of
.idi ,' Moo~it Dunay towers up boulder-laden cantona. tourists, and even they ,would
.t 4~O- fet0Amw4 :, mfles btf to .ficU Klt .ed be well advised to take wilt;'
,.Te'hest. ,a,.iEtppu tredS, man- 'VThe delight of arrival in -Jac- them an experienced Haitiqn
'6es, -.e.b iuit tree and even 'mel after traveling this .hard driver and to inqhuiWe about road
' occasional.' valuable mahoga* road is quite unbelievable- One conditions before attempting the
ny gr i ron the slope. feel like an expiaoer '9lb ha .. j 'urney.' .
at last reached civilization again, Some day,, perhaps; a 'better:
:i'n steep hillsides sparse crops And yet-in Jacmel the road'e road will be built and wil opd
o aorn grw, and in some places 'phasizes the sensation of-remete- up to the gerieral.. public t
even .ca4' planted, by persever- tes9A It seems like quite :another, great tourist resources of Hati
ing peasants. There are..thatch- world, depaiate,, not just from south coast. Then, perhaps.'prop t
ed-roo huts an tethred 'atsthe United States fqt even from perity wi.lfreturn- oiir-mor0..to
a free-runni chickens all the rest of .Haiti. 'Yet it is neith- Jacmel, ,and its hotels will ha
along' the way. There are sev- er distant nor, utuattainable. more -:r1 equent guests ti
erabu inaets, whee sdres For the im however, the abroadd .than- they, have.
and scores of Haitians, mostly road trp .Ja l eissome ow.. ,
women, cogregate ati excha- Caribbean onsructi Co.
ge the, gobsip.- .. '0'.t fl" "P" "A- "

One is a y coa. of, the Builders Of The 'Military.C. ,
tany -fires Used to cook food in
littlee ir .pts :out open-air Gen. Manager: Gerard' THEARD '

d chens,:d s -wO.r.-9.ute" s.tb ,. O. ;'" :8 : :'" }.::=..'.,

... .." ...
. 7c ., : J..; ....... -, .. ,:,'

, et's have, another u".._' ta"e.
iz, .

"' e ... coffeeinskitant-offeq with'. the
"L.et' have.another 'a

'It's no secret that extra coffee beans make
coffee extra,good. 43 choice, deep-roastpd "
beans go into every, flavorful cup of today .
ma A XT-- 'I h

", -... uca e.No outer cofree... no matter t
WW r m knloa censlito. o. the- 6.2. m road from the gates ifts ade tastes so-fresh, o friendly
'-m -soum a o wit o il'ometer of -flng Ohristo completely satisfying. In today's Nesce
-se e Tferriere.: ., ..'..,, the accent is on coffee!
blil ding of' the toud- oer the famous: fruit-salad trail to
t lightyjitadeUe is daigned '.o-encf-urage tourbit rvel In. the ,ed !
Si.par6.nent bf the North, and make the "Sqventh Wonder of th l A ay
orl'd";,more acessible to visitor who' have up till nw' to face
C arduous trek of severs' hours by mule, horse or donkey up the
qteep b..dle.trial. '
'Coustniction of the ro&d If bj hapT labor backed by 550,000 U.S. -
uinds anl teChuicalt danew auder the Pote Cole 'c leme for the
eodomic .,development of the DeReartment of the North. i .
J- ....4%,*,"- .. ...
., _= ;. : q .. ....- .,. ., .- '-" .-,# ..' .'"". -. : -i Y % ; :; '':

, SO

,.I._ ,.' .jj .1 ,

* $ ,

144.'k *'*~





. o.... ;,"

AGi 16 H A I T I S

Spontaneous Creative National Culture

Haiti-Candy Stoi
:.' : I Says one
flourishing a:
Wi.:. Si to tion has 'de'
____________ cent years,
by brilliant
;:r i ce, and str
By AL DINHOFER expression flourishes despite the Pantings o
widespread poverty and acute reasonably p
(In "The San Juan Star" economic and political set-backs. than $100. L
Everywhere in Port au Prin- charged on
IThe visitor who loves creative ce one finds a 'few paintings on d'art," which
i:.and,,handerafts responds to the' wall, or wood carvings for purchased

Dr au..ajd atfl hwh u -ilrto partake of the beautiful
oodones p" 'oa -p ul vacation amidst the sur-
roundings:o,. iiR. U own greenery.
38 Miles From Port au Prince.
HUNTIN ..... :..... FISHING
SATER ,SKI ...... .... ... .RELAXE
-' .. "- -
,:v. your reservation, call up In ODVA Radio-Station at

,Co.rner R ue Centre and:8as Cesarie .


re F4
Haitian writer: The,
rt of this small na-
'eloped only in re-
and is characteriz43
color, primitive for--
iking individuality."
n sale in Haiti are
priced; usually less
littlee or no duty is
or i.gi na l "objets
.h can therefore be
above and beyond

tourist quotas.


In the beginning -to tell the group
story of modem art in' Haiti in f
since, 1944- American painter aid
DeWitt, Peters founded ,the Cen- Gov
tre idArt on Rue de la Revolu- app:
tion, in Port au Prince. the'
;Many a tfe, Haitian artist W
would '.-.have' died on. the vine, also
Peters says, without direction,
an opportunity to exhibit his
,paintings and realize a return
through sales, as well)as a place
to work and discuss mutual pro-
blejns. -Most of Haiti's foremost3
painters and sculptors realized a
career in art through the efforts
,of, Peters .and th: faciitiep ;of .,
,the iCehtr*.' Maty .top artists
continue to exhibit their work'
at the Centre which operates ps
acpinercial enterise, draw iv
dt & percent tTii ssion on
all painting sold. .
.. -. ,.... -
',Despite 'conditions herb,", Pe-
oeis said, "there is little or rio
social protest ,in the- work', f
Haitian artists. Most' of them
paint Jor the joy.of .painting."
s the .artists matured and
solved, some, differences' sprang
up in attitudes, toward .what they,
wanted to express on canvas.
I 5 1950, a group of discontent,
painters. was '"expelled"' from
thei Centre. Their iWeais were:anot
i 1kdeping *ith fhe'. oicidell of .
the Centie,, Peters explains.
The splinter gi up, now known "'
as the Brochette group, .set .up a
Hall of Plastic Arts and began
.operating .as .an independent as-
sociation.. '.
" 'YThere were many reasons we
broke away from the ..Centre',"
,says painter Lucknder.Lazard, a
director of the Brochettd group.
' "To begin .with, the Centre, be-
i.gan $tp;.rejept what we were Ore-
,at~g. Wq were changing, :but'the
directors of the Centre believed
we should continue painting in' -
the primitive way we had start-
ed to paint.

"By the time we left, In 1950,"
he continues, "the Ceritre was
taking up to 60 per cent in com-
missions. For another thing, we
were being separated. Painters'
who produced salable primitives
were not peftmitted to use the
art books in the Centre's library.
They .were given no instruction.1
There was no growth for thepe
"We felt we wanted to prog- _
ress. The primtive'stage of, pain-
ting is a spontaneous response
to the medium. But it is not a
permanent stage. As the painter
learns more technique, his work

rures. We
se we did
," he con

Sunday, ,PFbrtiary 4,,,196P


Art-Hun gr
left the Centre be- Beaux AVts to' help stimulate, a.ll
don't want to stand creative arts, tle caramicists
includes. prefer to work apart as an,.enti-

1957 the independent group
ned its Brochette Gallery,
outside of Port au Prince.
aim of the group is to cre-,
"a colony for artists... a
,e to work and live."'
eramicist Jean Claude .Ga-
:e of the Brochette group, di-
s some 20 students at the
amic Arts Center. The free-
m' ceramics created by the
up are kold in a. small shop
front of the studio. Financial
has been .acquired from the
ernmerit, but not in' amounts
reciable enough ',to satisfy
basic needs of the.center.
while the Haitian government'
o maintains an cole des

ty. ', .
"The, problem," according to -
several of the ceramiclsts, "is
that ,government-employed- Ltu-
'pervisors to the Ceramics Cen-,
ter do no always understand
what we are trying, to accom-Y'
polish here." .,
A, government. supervisor ,re-.
cently. inspected the worp at .the
center. He studied. "an.:abstract
head, intensely and' conmenited,
dryly: "Thist doesn't. lbok .like
any person I've 6ver seen."..., '
"But by and, large,", director ,
Garoute explains, '"we're too
busy here -and too.thnkful .dor..

our place to work- to hasie any
real coriiplaints."' .

^^c -e~fi^ -tef~lw
.. .r ". ^ t i ,
alwce w'c r

I .. ', $ ." '. r" ..:' <

i n i

i. .,':,,.. .5-" ,
i';." "4
L = mr' S

Wbte Label 'YOUR
A _.
A famous name to re epnlber, where u a4e.-
In every golden drop you ~bnae tae.gloriovu eqft-
nes of patientlymalted barley, the faiit lingering-,
fragrahoe of the peat fire, aqd that delicate flavour
-rare qualities,.thesel

"Wbite Label"



Agent .Distributor:
48, Rue du Magasin de 1'Etat -- Phone: 3721'
P. 0. Boi 1207




Sunday, February 4, 1962


(Continued..from page 4)
-,. a'be sold at a rate under 95%
t 6-, 'heir nominal value. The neat
';.rat of the, selling of those
-bonds will constitute a special
deposit, under the 'title "Hqtiti
Government-Constructionr of the
:"Art.- 9.-The National Bank of
Jthe :,Republic, trustee of the
'amount of. different taxes fore-
seen for 'ti construction of the
Internaona '. Aeroport, is au-
S-toriztd -to set apart every
-.month ,'the necessary provisions
','6r the- operation of reimburse-
. ment frni the registered reve-
'nues. .
S' Art. 10.--The Haitian Govern-
:-ment undertakes the engagement
to enlist in the Budget of the Re-
public for the periods of reim-
buiisement or payment of iriter-
ts, the_ adequate amounts for
the" cases the- different' sources


of income should not be enough
to guarantee; the obligations of
the Governrrment. The previsions
will be fixed by .priority, just
after the previous dedudtion for
the Service of the Public Dpbt.
The National Bank is irrevocab-
ly authorized to deduct from the
mass of internal abd customs
reveriues the necessary amounts
for the operation of'interests and
liquidation, equivalent to the to-
tal anticipated 'to this.- view in
the Budget. The Goveniment un-
dertakes the engagement to pay
the interests and the extinction
values foreseen in the present
decree- in' peace time as in war-
time. .

Art. 11.-The bonds of this
present loan, as well as the in-
.terests are free of all taxes.
duties till their complete pay-
met. '
- Art. 12.-The Haitiah Govern-.


C. ". b O i PERTUS : perts are embarking on a new
.. .. e of policy: an agricultural
i",&,tes, of 'l trop.apit, ai I traimnihgcetre is to- be .set up
S'alo ,imeue 'practical execites. in a- -ti pical country.. Students
, ::'t-'"i gpractical work 6n)cW of.. fa'rmnqg' w',m' have-'-a ,tao y
iq)-', ; ;iis- hot- enorigh. tht for an& year. -They "will
West German -students of tropi- have to be. made familiar with
cal farming-'must go out to the. climatic influences .on plant
'countries south of the equator. life and on people living there
Model ars,' training and, re- during h bill one-year period.
search' 'ceiirei .in C4titil& Eur-' Tropical' fardipng is becoming
ope are losing their values. The one of the primary targets of
region: thedrdtidal 'knowledge development aid. Reform pro-
must be combined with exper- jects proposed .by West Germain
fences gained thlrodgh practical farming experts, are well ac-
"on-the-jpiot, work. cepted in developing countries.
West 4erman 'universities and ,But expert opinions worked out
acaleies "have made a promi- at the desk at. home are valua-
a. igSad in this respect. But ble only if they are combined
nIoW%. Getaliu development ex- with 'action "on-the-spot."

I E. .-. .

X .. .. _


f A T TI S N .PAGE'i-

ment at any time after the issue guarantee offered by -the con- approval of the Secretary ofW
of the bonds may propose the cerned lesser. State of Finances and Econornic
redemption at par of. boards in Art. 14.-The numbers of the Affairs.,
circulation. featuring bonds and those re- Art. 16.-Any argument be
The redeemed bonds will be deemed bonds by anticipation tween bearers or registered own-
cancelled and their value deduct- will be printed in "Le Mona- ers of the bonds and the Haitian
ed from the amount anticipated teur" and a daily paper of the Government. will be submitted
for t h ei r reimbursement by Capital. to the arbitration. Each one
drawing of lots. Art. 15.-The BNRH, Banlof the parties.will choose a referee;""
the Haitian State, has authority if an agreement couldn't coinre
Art. 13.-In case of destruction to sell the bonds of the present out, the President of the IntqrlJA
or loss of registered bonds, the loan and to make all arrange- national Court of Justice -willIbe
Government will issue another ments with other banks or or-, asked to select a third refereee'4
one bearing the similar specifica- ganizations in order to sell the The decision of the majority of0
tion of those which are destroy- bonds.. the referees will be the finaslQ
ed or lost. judgement and must be accept
Besides, the National Bank The conditions of those arran- ed by the parties in desagreui-
will 'be the only judge of the gements will be submitted to the ment.
S ",-

----------------- *---------------- ---- -

[ b.' pia0 r

_.de Goo r -- :" ":m
-. .

S, -.
Le"fiouteau- traci'.on-:Sure-Grp' i -
4de GQo0der a rete ap liemeni.
conqu~Por voirdoR rt"ne

Ad6 1n-e A G
rocOu'orer foe dz e itracton
S requise par le&,acteurs otIt
-nmode0nesm:Is mins ei as ta -
grtk&"ason profil.a'i.k

.'senettole automatiqu ernet. :
Ainsivousrobtpnez une tract.
con.3tante. I1 vous coutei--
moins'de temps, moins de trava'tP
et nioins deicarburint.,
Allez le voir encore auiourd'hui .,%
chezVotre dealer Goodyear, ,"

raise ..e. pour une meilleure faculty d'adap-
tation, pour moins d.usure..alle voir le

SUPER-Rib de Goodyear.Et, tous les superbes

pnelits tracteurs Goodyear sont construits ,
entoilage 3T "Triple Tempered", une exclU- "
sivitd de Goodyear! '


..9-.F- .
*.. *- .... ',. .:., .. ,. ..

------ -
PAGP, 12 -H A I T I

New President Of Club Internation
Du Commerce's Speech
':.).r E. J. MeGUBK, the ..newly. elected President of year," and we have I
Clue b Internatioual du Commerce for the year 1963, nation for two ver
e the following acceptance speech during the Club's projects most int
extremely beneficial
gla eveniu g at the Sims Soucl Hotel. forward to a good
-' overall Club activity
Secretary of State -, Minister of groups have been proposed or phasis on increasing
S mmerce nd Industry, started, most have fell by" the bership.. Our club w
secretary of State Minister 9t way-side. I am most proud to and all in the buslh
Finances,. say that we are now entering nity, who believe Ii
norable Members of the our 8th Year or existence, with as brought forth, al
Diplomatic Corps, a recognized reputation and a willing to participate
.dles and Gentlemen: cear and concise record of a'h- our common cause. 1
ievement. Be most assured, La- believe in doing .ins:
..th niewly elected President dies and Gentlemen, that we are talking about doing
-of ,the Club International du Com- determined, to continue through such opportunity.
ree for the Year 1962, may I many years cycles with the same
end. a most oi'di4 welcome if not better record of progress. At this time may
i-" alIon behalf of the Msgnbers. sincere congratulatiu
The Members of the Club In- very. fine administra
Tonight's function, as in past t-eatiQal du Commerce are the Club in 1961. by
is one of p.ftie impo rt, p oaW antiy bquinessmen,, al- dent Mr Harry T.i 4
a to the Iqeuhers of t6e ways ivorking j. the, acceptance officers and Memru
b, for tonight the 'new. 9-' t speal res f sibilites o" w nitteesa
er s and committees of4jcialy towqigd goals and ,alues most
cep their obligations and res- necessary in helping the progress To all Members n
lsilities. -Tooigit fp, wth e *of individuals, the community tthks for yopr c<
v .us the. oppoitnilt to Fpay m tp country of Haiti in gen. .aRffwing me to guid
-tq o, t6e wives and sweet- eral The goals they seek and over the Year '162.
I'dl tLe IkWembers, tdbi e v'iAe hey JeoK .1t are npt -
c and-inderits a as U, a tar fetched, are not I shall honor such
kUeen vn t ea tyne ageinr alfq u Wtre, una.nQW Bto most and without hesitation
th apn q 3fjt or ip any ople* qI Ibp wslid, bthy ate gather 'We shall w or
bi'iAirg zationiz atio group. .clearly the basik prinelpiai and ross, we shall only 's
gr t o gz us. tthie ..opportun- can only' ",- aiev'ed tligeghi shall i4 ,ane w
lE r bin toge the ty =e and atience.a "i o"* Willing
o a niL ers n guest who i prstandi ceurautive, atti-
1 e iitiBu inrg Ike eBs6? and l k yo U. '-- ,-
mgi .. a. 0* .. y... .
tipr.whp q g aiWO tk manwlWur'en s e i & S? rD .or
Eonigwht Tlharka,.Rnpt r. ,i! inclusive1 ui state for za-,o -
e..i,.othi yeary of success standard o.f e- vt g. .o

,onrg' o itiZ otl. '/ reqs, econewxc stIUaty, pwnfI l PERSONALLY SUP]
i'''"'security"'f"o' of euter- LOADING Am 'u
-. T lb",te hatisa.al d" Prise, development -o the indivi-

.U..:iSe tIs oj't.th. finest commau vement, national securit, .aad forthnightly saling
'~ij' san'dl service GCIfibt 'ti- he- personal integrity. -
Ae. established in ai' st Miam-Port au Pri
e' 'haI. my.opinion, inaoYcqun *s Menmbet 1it.e Club Iutfr- MAMI ADDRESS:
SFhe. Ideals of ir. organiza- national dr oeqmwerce .pe work Telephone:' HighlaM
n>ur projects, our: nfalling constantly o- Ste proggpeeQ and Franklin 0-73
_'"-rest throughbnt the years in developnr .t of sack ideals, ao
. y.id 'll programs oJ merit a service ShibVwe have .always
: hb;ef ,. tit a, .itso peop.- a .epte wao. 1partituls obliga- Profession

i~,.olIitense interest in the 'lonus (- sooilqg o, afl- contl-
siesan, co m er an d-ne tmro t acept, ,e. shall continue Photographer
~ stie economic and' sociall grow wok. ng together in t he -7.
( re- qome of r-the prin- spirit .ao~oaQ, flNaoship and
al. factiprs behind the success good vei. Petionville, Rue Rigao

5 "generaL well,. being of our ERNST FOREE
r .' W" I e ha'e already a" i d par< Manager

tie yeas -many similar of our acivitia for .the coming DEVELOPING I

1glan Fi SHE R'S S


:-.. -.,iE RUE DU QUAl


Av Y,... .-, ..

'" a "'" i .

SUN N Sunday, February 4.

S .7
h 1 I .. +,. *'.

Walter 1.. Meyer, self-tsilcd "America's singing Ambassador"
leading cortmmnlty,. signing at The haitian American Institute, dur-
ing his iJ-it here last "week. V'ally spent a week in Haiti, hik'it
country' spreading his goespeJ of "Soingabatics" anl biaking
people happy b! the medJim or singing. -

SGrand Hote

.i..so.- n..-

ambocjee ..reole


Featuring .. '

,.....EINE .I.ARCTL PAw ..
""' -':' .' i|
*" l'n ""c a,

-.,J J. .I .'

- Choreographed -and st

lavima Willialms a

General Admission:
SDinner and Show: $U.g.
Dhnner Time 7:30 9



aged By.. b-

$ .0 ". I
per. pers on :
s.30P.M. -

t .- ;.


e du QuAi

J. E. -Gourgue
J. CGabriel
N. Jea n.


SSculptures by
, aR.rRANcOis.


Sunday, February 4, 1962





'. ,1
(Continued trinM.page 1) at St. Martial College. I-e led
d'trr only Yorkshire -born a full and busy life snice he
et presided over the De-, came td Haiti and prior to
fi"leh'-of S8ducation's Training j6ming the Training School four
. 28. years- in 'Haiti did years ago gave mass to the US
''affected Father Smith's Navy. ships which called at 'Port
d.'Yorkshire accent and he au Prince.,He was also Father of
.d "a -impressive sight as the ;ngljsh Speaking ..Parish of
;ad with ruddy countenance" Port au' Prince 'v here 'he said
hurried~ on his different 'err- mass on Sundays asoa Catechism
runmd the" School. Full of on Mondrays and Tuesdays. All
ibegance and smiles it was marriage ceremonies in the En-
ius -.that he enjoyed his glish speaking community, were
Ifd *country. conducted by-him...also, In re-
a. i, Hudderstield, West cognition of, his gdod, work Her
Yng,.Yrkshire, Father 'Smith Majisty Que6n Elizabeth best-
e-q *Haiti 28 years ago and owed the O.B.E. in the Birthday
it24 :years 'teaching Englishi iHonors list two years, ago."




SThe- departure of Regnord C. week to Congo. Among. them
Bernard who will serve in the there were Raoul Angrand and
Education ,Division of the Cokf Rene Em. Georges from Cap
- -olqse Rppublic was an occasion Naitien, the' lawyer Raymond Ti-P
"for. his many friends to udite tus, Camille Chevalier, Louis
together at the Bowen Field. NToisin, Andre Pratt, Cauvin
-Tuesday morning, long. before Jean-Paul, Joseph Hogu, Lionel
the landing of 432 Flight of PAA, and Milo Bourjolly, Andre St.
a great crowd of ,parents and Val, Leon Manfred Mahonee, etc.
,f r i eh A- surrounded: Professor MISS FIRNANDE LAMOTHE,.,
"Bernai ,who is considered as t The-same day, Miss Fernande
one of tha" country's leading edu- Lamothe, well-known specialist
caters. He is also a sensitive in Education of Adults, and a
poet and writer; lie-was'born-at graduate of Training Center in
Jere ne, -famed, as the city of Patzcuaro, Mexico, flew to Con-
poets. go. -
Many other Haitians flew this .
S- .. ,

,The playwright Pierre. (Roro)
Mayard has been appointed as
General Inspector of Diplomatic
and Consular Missions in Euro-
pe. -Mr Jean Targete became
2nd Secretary of Haiti Embassy
in Washington and Miss Andree
Souffrant Stenograph and Typist
at Haiti Embassy at Mexico.
Our friend the writer and pub-
licist Rene Piquion is now re-
presentative of Haiti at UNES-
CO. Misses Eugenie Denis- and
Ketsia Norgaisse were respect-
ively installed ..as Acting tran-.

sJator -and. Typist -at
Affairs .'Department: .


Le Grand Hotel Oloffson

Presenis its- famous Winter Show





Sl show is, presented by Lavinia Wiqliams Ya rborough oulslanding interprefor of classic and
folk dances and founder of the Haitian Institute of folk and classic dances with a cast including
such, talents as Glamourous songtress Madeleine Marcel, well-known Andre Germain in a daring
and dangerous fire dance and the inimitable Tr oubadour li-Paris and his Trio and numerous
' btr.v w ell-known dancers. .

Tkehe aliow is presented every Monday night at 10:30 It is a very spectacular variety program
,. hch comniprises the best dances and song of the Magid Island.
...: ':, .,- : .. ; -.: M E 7 :30- 9:30 ,.


L' "?: ,,

. No Ventilation At,
Marche Vallieres
Our colleague "Le Matifi", in
a note this week, called the at-
tention of the Edility of Port au
Prince about the lack of ventil-
ation at Marche Vallieres pro-
'vokpd by the obstruction of the
clerestories contouring the edi-
fice, The resulted sweltering
heat is suffocating the "mar-
We think something should be
dore to reestablish, the adequate
ventilation in this market fre-
qtuented by all tourists visiting
the Capital. If the"work of ob-
struction of the skylights conti-
nue, the "Commission Commu-
nale" should see to install big
fans to cool -the place. And this
last solution will cost money too!


M'poual la ville Jacmel
Mtpoual;aclite ou ti chaudie
Poumn' cuite palate. an beu
Poum' baille jeunes gens bro-
Ide (bis)
SI-on oue li pas mange Ii
Connin li change de vue,
Connin li change parole.
Connin Ii change memol.
Racine Co, Racine core. (bh ).


You should not have done it
Edouais, dear. You should .
Edouais, dear. You.should -'
So you got up at midnight o
You went to robb.the corpde?
You went to robb the 'corpser
So... you robbed the corpse,.-,,
You have gone, and said.-'
j nothing toiM-
.Edouais dear, you shoiild not
[ have done it t6'-i

' aelsh

. Ridi


Cousin, Adie hd. Farewell cousin -

Neg-en bas pas travail t h (bis: work-tha.land
,* *.: h *.' .. ...egr..o..tty to s
-Le lap l1tonlie work tie land
'-Wh n rain.. will :faB Il .
taa v van', d'leau oho... .' Then ?be will pell watet.0 ,

,Tlme'takes on a rosy hu '
through the sqpphire-crystal .
of your Movado" Firmament- watch

The Movado sapphire crystal Ref 2654,
gleams' with a rare brilliance. "he vli look".
Its hardness is surpassed gold IIgure dial -
only by that of the diamond.
You will cherish your
Movado which offers you a
precision thrice triumphant Reo. 148,
In three years (at the official miniatureaiove-
Swiss Observatory at ment, gold 18 ct.,
Neuchatel). r01 e agodfgure dial .''<




PAGt 1


Men are sensible to good .."b
A peasant girl makes a t6e0tt
her lover. If he does n'ot ',
know tit he'* has broken' Ii%
engagement. .
I'm -going to Jacmel .
To buy-a little pan '.
To cook buttered sweet otal0 w
For ; smart lad. .
For a smart lad. '
If you see that he does hot eakb.
Know be has changed' his,
Know he bas: broken,his .wil
Know he has lost' memoryi-.N"l
Racine '.Co, Racine .Core: (bi,).

t -.,;, .. .

* I

On pas ta fai'me ca oh.
Edouais mon che, Ou pas ta
fai'me ca ob (bis)

Alos ou leave a minuit oh.

Ou alle volo eadave' (bis)
Alos ou volo cadave-la
On alle, ou pas dime angnien oh!

Edouais mon che, *ou pas ta
fal'me ca oh."


On tient les homes par le
ventre... tUne paysanne met son
galant a I'epreuve. S'il refuse
de manger, c'est qu'll a rompu...

E 14


(Continued from page 1)

-Tbe essential for it is to find the crusty detail, the catchy and
Wounding word even if it is unjust. Its observation, wholly super-
i, must be sparkling, even if truth comes out of it deformed
Jand sacrificed.
I'It is a manner, a way one'will say, rather like a trade-mark,
iay of showing one's personality; the household mark in fact
gain that dream of respectability.

N, it isnt only that; Time must project that mutilated image
|at',has of the world, that-conception it has of other countries and.
poples, even if readily must be fitted to its whimsical views.
bservation is for Tine the way of demonstrating how well found-
-:'is ITS truth; it is an a priori opinion that must' be justified
Imposed upon. the world.
n.Ori ,understands then that it falls short of respectability just
.ke.:the last Satellite shot at the moon that went into a faraway
pit.'around the sun. Time has finally attained the great circula-
fon:!f the scandal sheet. It falls deeper and deeper especially
en,.Lmad with rage, it compares itself with the Times of London,
ftie New York Times, and Le Monde.

.;fited. with deforming eye-glasses, zooming pff with that assur-
of the man who' has only a slight varnish of culture, or with
Bseeming authority of triumphant ignorance, Time each week

ireferably in those- countries of, Africa, -Asia,: Latin America
re because the. material civilization o,, the twentieth century
not yet bloomed, Time thinks it is dealing with tru primitive,
wie wiich the the grace .dl civilization and.the beneficent Anglo-
1 -epreseitative Democracy' have ntnbtouched 1ard invigorated.
6Us s aniy arms the.lunting is good. The extraordinary past
tJlose .countries --with its richness .and complexity- their. cult'
,hitage, their social structure, everything'>s ,rejected; the
0pes, and dreams of solidarity. and fraternity of those people
iriade iuW' of, their daily battles for. more wellbeing, more
ht &hd-even' their unceasing contribution to culture and civiliza-
--oJare .swept.away by Time With great satisfaction; the satis-
acion of a bully who just threw insults td a wise man.

..So.each week Time Brings back its hunting bag full of bizarre
dds, and ends; a stone on a pot-holed road,-a dilapidated. hovel,
'wise-crack of a ragged pauper, the' image of a country clinic.
or Tiine that is Melanesia, that is the Bolivia of. the Indians,
at is .'aiti of .the transplanted African Negroes. It isolates a
act which one finds also often in the United States ,to inflate it
'U present of reality the image it wants to project in order to
iqw 'on the one hand superiority and on the other anarchy, dis-
nt. and misery.
;'It ,s -an easy enterprise; with a wise-crack with a, joke make fun
". l'tathing of value to mock and to condemn; that is the manner
Time' Magazine. It makes use of it so as to satisfy that com-
plex which dominates it. The manner is used everywhere by
ihse who dream with nostalgia of a past when,' on a National
sale, a little group of individuals made the law, was the law;
,past where on an international scale a country was for "civilized
world" the hunting ground of two or three countries.
The physiognomy of the world has changed. More and more
peoples claim their right to a genuine independence to liberty in
a'A.world of solidarity .and fraternity.
..As. they say-in France-and as could be said anywhere "Papa's
l-Algeria is truly deac" as are dead many of Papa's conceptions.-
;k.ut the lingerers hang on to them; of that dying world, of those
.'obsolete conceptions '.they -want, to make, life-jackets. Time is
.among those lingerers. Time is the organ in the U.S. of these
gups who would rather deform reality than face truth.
.:' That is'the explanation of Times "manner", its way of wrapping
u|yp the events, gleaning the picturesque in the world daubed under-
|'lAnd how it so harms the American people and how it hurts ill
te U.S. this American tradition of liberalism of aid and solidarity.
Especially at a time where the United States, so as not to be
downed by the flood of legitimate critics or revendications of
meru. peoples, try to show themselves in .a .new light more


in harmony with that spirit of generosity that idealism so ev.de.it
,n the many facets of American life.
How embarrassing to the State Department when 'not so long
ago the Bolivian people took to the streets furious of the insults
hurled by Time Magazine at the People and the Government ol
Time is not. thus helping the press of the U.S. which prides itself
on its objectivity and openness to the truth. Often however the press
is satisfied with appearances, and is not true to' the complexity
of events. But in its great majority the Press does'not measure up
the perverse ways of'Time which strikes "especially those who as
far as Time is concerned dare to raise their heads,
One understands well the reasons of its untimely ,and furious
attacks against such and such countries. Its slanderous attacks
indicate rather that what hurts Time the most is. that a little
country dares, not to attack the great Star-Spangled power,'but
to question its methods and its way of understanding inter-Ameri-
can relations.

Time's last foray in Haiti is a. new proof of that spite. On -the
moral of a Presidential speech the tone of truth and dignity of
which translates the deep aspirations of the Haitian People it was
to be forseen that Time, so concerted, would hot have "tolerated"
that manifestation of Haitian pride, of negro' pride especially.
That attack against the country and against its Chief who leans
tenanciously over the social and economic ills of the Nation to
solve them, a Chief who wants to work towards general welfare,
-that gratuitous attack was natural to Time. It is its traditional
manner. There probably are more forth coming. We hand it over
to Time, since moreover we have shown in which context it fits.
What more our country has already been the victim of such ways!
It is used to it! The important thing is that 'the country goes on
with its ascending march, in line with its heroic past, as outlined
by President Duvalier, in his message of January 2, to, not on1y
insure its. survival, but to prepare itself' to a brighter. and more
-fraternal future.
'. '. ,V


j* OlrTA tA

Sflt ,.IOOfet. alitude .yet only minutes
from the heart of PoRT-Au-PRINdE I




'The most exquisite ievOs,oter'Iookin3 Ibedity
the bay,tie plains,the mountains -

SDelidious dontinental duisine and superb
Series .

Personal ized attention to e'ery guest'.

r SWimmin Pol i Lund eonLounge
and Bar PanoramaTerrode "1
Ai-doncltioned de-luxe rooms .


ritASDnAu KInformacl Creoe ufe' ,)andin from )

7:3oPM to mdn .
.Merinque mInbruchon and contest
1a 9:30 .dosual dress. ]o admission fee
VEDNENpAL: C'mplimentary get-togetlerPundMbow )
Party from 7p m to 8 p m.
SRI DArj : alaDinner-Dande from 7:3o hito
l3o a.m. superb Shoo at 10: So
.No admission fee .
LL OTHER 4HTi doCMoil o r from 7'to 9 vili
Snatie dombo
^^^e^-^^^n-^p Ac^-*^-

Nii lilli I

Sunday", February 4,. 1962


(Continued trom page 1)
Laborers seeking employment
on the project formed long lines
before the Liberation office on
Avenue Marie Jeanne and at the
work-sile at Mais Gate two miles ,
north of the Capital throughout
the week.


This week, the localities of
"Tete Boeuf" and "La Saline"
feted the St. Jean Bosco, patron-
saint .of "Ecole Nationale des
Arts et Metiers" directed-by,the,.=
Salesian Priests... The Interame-
rican Institute of Statistics (IA-
S) which is a professional orga-
nization' of coordination with Or-
ganization of American States
having, as principal objectives
to assure the development of
Statistics jn the Occidental He-
mnsphere published its thirteenth
bulletins "Activites Statistiques
des Nations Aniericaines" dedi-
cated to Haiti. The publication' is
in Spanish language with- a'
chapter in English... Last week
Mgr Collignon celebrated the
19th anniversary of his installa-
tion as.Bishop of Cayes'by Mgr
Lhernmte-, R. P. Le Goffev ar-
chitect of Diocese of Cayes, su-
pervise the works of construct-
ion of quinquennal plan's Schools
of. Vatican. Soon 7.schools will b6
inaugurated... This..project of St.
Siege for our country is'carried'
out under the direction of ,Mgr
Ferrofino, Apostofic Nuncio6- 'in
Haiti... On the' initiative .of
School of J. M. R.. de la Men-
nais, directed, by. Mr Andre Mon-
plaistr,. concrete crosses will-re-
place the wooden crosses 'of .14
Stations of "Ganthier's-Calvary.
The first, fifth,ninth and twelvth
crosses will be surmounted by
a Crucifix, work of the uenlptor
Paul Desmangles... Wednesday
January 31st, the "Banque Com-
merciale d'Haiti" celebrated the
first anniversary of his founda-
tion. At the occasion the draw-
'ing of premium-gifts aid anni-
versary-premium took-.place...
Weekly Schedule
MONDAY February 5, 1962-
6:00 p.m-Musical program -
'(Mire Tele-Haiti)
6:30 p.m-Programn Schedule
6:35 p.m--Children's program:
6:40 p.m-Weather Report
7:00 p.m-The Whistler
7:30 p.m-Children's program,
second edition
7:45 p.m-Telenews (1st edition
Review of the days
8:00 p.m-The Ford Show, tiew
series: Furie
8:30 p.m-ALPHA presents: Dr
9:00 p.m-Telenews (2nd edi-
tion) Summary of the
late news, presefited by
the Esso Reporter
9:05 p.m-P ow e ll Industrial
works' weekly program:
"I Love Lucy"
9:35 p.m-Air France presents:
W1 10:00 p.:m---ose of program
", National Anthem .
_.9 r' t ': ....' .'' "





sunday, February 4, 1962

Off the Tel- ioI THE CARNIVAL WI
/ L^ orE....
l I Discussions about the nature nival
of our Carnival arrived to a p r o
S'-I tried all over town to buy a slide rule last week, with no conclusion when Mayor Deeb throuj
hluck. Bill Sermans did offer -to. lend me one. By the way, the gave his opinion on the matter,, was
third daughter in a row arrived at the Sermans abode on December in a meeting of the Committee and
S30th.. She's named Debbra.'.. so you won't call her DeBORya. of the Carnival of Port au Prin- "In
-e, this week. possib
.-Rendez-Vous 'has come up with a new sign, flanked by Coca- The question was to find out tion
Cola' ads. Wait till the lights on it are connected. That and the the way to harmonize the tarni- populi
new front and the paint job have really smartened the place up. val with the austerity conditions the at
-Agronomist Jim Reese (Point IV) was heard complaining last of the country. Sorhe people were Thope
.Kweelj that he and his jeep have no "togetherness". That inclined to organize "the Car- tourism
-was after a round trip to Cayes. -Jean and John Mason
returned to Haiti last Friday in their new boat "SixpeRce".
They won't stay long if they have to remain tied up at the wharf. HHANDICAPPEr
Too-many Peeping Toms. They'-re on their, way to Antigua to go
Sito te ha'rter bizz. -How. these tourists lose jewelry. Here's an- .tCABANE CHOU
'-ither lady who was a guest at El Rancho who lost a gold bracelet _
!tin which w:s set a platinum band with many diamonds. She thinks THURSDAY FEBRI
.bhe lost it' either at the Casino br in La- Ronde, (not the Astor),
'and is offering a very liberal .eward. .Jf you have it, take it up
to- Tom Dell:at.El Rancho.to'.claim the reward. -A new definition
of the Twist was. given to me by a cruise ship. tourist, Harry Monday Nij
:Zweibel of New York: .A vertical manifestation of. a horizontal *
esire.~ Harry!! -College professors sure are different -these days. HOTEL IBO
i heard:.S-' Calvin Cohen of the Philadelphia Museum College of Sh n Ni
;Art remarki, "Look, he slipped his gears" when Eliphet danced i
,the -Banda at Habitation Leclerc last Monday nite. To tell the HERBIE WIDMAIER &
truth' Sol '9alvin looked as flf he'd like to slip one or two himself.
t-La. Sunday's New York Times carried a fine 5-column spread 4 ...a..... ..eh
on 6-oirJacmei- written by Tom hithey. -The Boulevard smacked /

,..shQrts, riding bicycles! :U,iless your a boat buff you might
not.know it.' .ut the- off-shore lighthouse light goes ou tin the /
bilackout Aik.the .Masonfis. On the other hnd, -better-not ask. them OM
anyttng T-*hn&y'-re really teed off with the hostile handling they've .OM
been i "ceivig.A id Why? -There are presents and. there are
resents.. ;bf.we-a fri nd presents you with two boxes'of good,
'old-fashm i n kitchen inatchgs, you- know, he's a friend indeed! .
thanks. Rted.-Friday, nite' was -the Mariies- Mess;. they look a "'
le. t-l inh those.mess jackets, and twice as handsome. -Dan .
.Aei-l.as beefif onspicuuib .'by his-absence for'a fewnights; 'he's
been flaton ',his-back; with.somie- kind of bone-aching bug. -The Onions of first quality al
.Claude Martins, ae back 'from their whirl in the US. Looks like
business won' out over pleasure on this trip, and they're about to sales counter of ODVA at
dropped out with a new line. -Well,.it finally happened.-- a car
-dropped two tieels in that' ditch they dug- in fron tot my house des Cesare and Rue du Centr
in -Martissant. Wonder h9w long' they're going to leave that menace
t:o life and limb open? Maybe until a full camionette fall i6to it prices:
and-,afew people get killed?i,t-could happen all too easily. That -
S.can't get into my driveway, and haven't been able to for weeks, lOlbs.-Bags
beside the point. I'm an old ditch-jumper fro mway back. -You
gals ever get ,tired of plain old rice? Try cooking it in orange juice 50lbs.-Bags
lo seied with'sea.food. Great. -Speaking of seafood, whbre does .
la Dunham.get those giant crabs? Never tasted anything so delish. Wholesale orders will be
';ee you ollks next. week. I'm almost too late for press time as
is. 'Scuse, please. of Gourdes: 2.75 per 10lbs

SKAY MAJOR i10 bags) and Gourdest 14 j

*#Oooooeoooo *oe ...um 10 bap.)
Dramba LIQUEUR, ."'


SL ,


of the Renovation", others
posed the theme:' "Joy
gh Austerity". Mayor Deeb
opposed to the first motto
explained his position.
spite of the slim financial
pilities of our Adininistra-
he. said in substance,* the
nation can't be deprived of
go old habit of the Carnival.
festivities help the Haiti
promotion and also 50,000



JARY 15th

ght <

rht Club

D N.I i

r. ma

re available at the5

the corner of Rue'

re, at the following,

15 Gourdes
15 Gourdes

filled on the basis,

a. bags' (Minimumn

)er 50lbs. (Minim.


people who draw a profit fromni
the Mardi-Gras manifestations.:
It "is not possible, of course, for:
the Administration Communale-
to launch a carnival as amazing.'
as the last year. From $33,000
we had at our disposal for that'-
purpose, we have this year4.
$17,000. Since the country mis
now confronted with grave pro-..
blems, President Duvalier sun..:
moned all the Haitians to tte.
national "coumbite" in order to
realize an effort which can't b j
above the possibilities of a na-..
tion who made 1804. He asked i
us to carry out the construction
of the International Jet Airport. '
As everyone knows,, the Municii
pality of Poit au Prince couldn'tZ
forfeit the call of the Presidedht-.1"
and his Government. .Our AdmiL Uj
nistration offered its '-:coopera-
tion. It- is the main reason
the organization of 1962's Carm-t
va] will be in keeping with th
situation. .:
But we are decided .to db o
utmost and we. expect to .reactil
the plain success with the c,
operation of all sectors of tfiee:.
population." -
The address of Mayor DeeV.
was applauded and the ne
"meeting will take place tmor.
row at 6:00 p.m. 7:jF.":
Weekly Schedule '
TUESDAY February 6, 1902.
6100 p.m-nMusical'. program '-,-
(Mire' Teleaiti) .
Trt,'p-.m-'Telenews -(1st -editoni
Review .of thp :.-dAOs
events "
6:35 p.m-~AWeather, report-
S6:40'p.m--Children's prograini'
Cartoons- t
'7:00 p.m-Nobbe & Bbndel ,pre
sents: "My-Three Sons$o
7:30 p.m-Children's program, :?
(2nd part) '"':|
7;45 p.m-Telenews (1st edition"
Review of the day'
events A
6:35 p.m-Weather report .- -1
8:00 p.m-Dramatic Art (Coupi
ses, by Lucien Lemoine) 3l
8:30 p.m-Telecinema (1st part) '-"
9:00 p.m-Telenews (2nd edi-:1
9:00 p.m-Esso Reporter '
9:05 p.m-Telecinema (Corit'd)"
10:00 p.m-Close of program -
-National Anthem ,

Ind Haiti This Week i"
**Are currently visiting tsi~
week Joan Custin in Advertising'er
in New York, Peter R. du Poin&-'
and wife Dulcinea from New.i
Jersey, guests at the Oloffson. '

-he only sweet LIQUEUR made in Scotand OF EXqUSITEn jg
,the basis orthe finest pure old SCOTHI WHIKSKI.: De, slcnf
Indispensable for festivities and for every oe AN SU P
:, EXCLUSIVE AGENTS: '. Q alitds o
~ COW.".<.,r. ..
M,. .,. :. "- ". i

At f .5 A A U t
Ht-AITf &tlMN' '-

,- -" ," "

Voyage. par... CONSULT Z
Pit inba ss adoT U2 'Su -ua. ,
.. P 1 MCABAVELLE. ..- .. .E.. ..e VOt .AG

Eirst mbassado f SenegalPreets tiar Ambasadr in Haiti. Delegation returns IA FOMIRUN WEDPIN
,,.,.- ,'" A' ~ Published Works -
;'-" Ltrres-de ,Crea c' To Presi4ent Duvalier 1-KARIM (Senegalian novel) Friday at 3:15 pom., Mr Rene Bachelorhood is, being-cast-off
..... "1939 Chalmers, President of the Hai- by Maxo Fombrun who will mar-
.o Captain. of reserves'-in Frengh 2-MARIAGE D`E PARIS .(no- CFobr
,'(Continued trom page 1) Captain of reserves'-in French 2-MARIAGE DE PARIS ( tian Delegatiofl to -the 8th Meet- ry lovely Francine Jeoffrioi of
:'career dipronat, writer, and Army, assigned .to Senegalian vel) 1937 ing of Consultation of Foreign Montreal Canada next- Monday,,
o"t, "Amassador Diop" laid a Army. 3-CNTES ET LEGEN'oES Affairs, Miinsters at Punta Del at' the Delmas 'Church of St Ma-'
reath" on 'he "Mausolee" of "Elected Seniator of Seiegal at D'AFRIQUE .NOIRE (1947) Este, and Dr Louis Mars, Haiti- tin. Following thbe pm~"eiemony.v
saliness and .Petion after the Paris in 1946.. -- 4-LRYTHMES. 'DU KHALAM an Ambassador to Washington there will be- an. It 'recep-
-e cere4-lony.- .' Secretary of French Senate .(Selection of poetries) 1957. member of the Delegation, arriv- tion at Mr and Mrs Carl. Berh-
e T-is'. the Currici.um "-Vitae (1947-194E. Founder of the illustrated Re- ed by 431 flight of PAA. ans, :
thf .first. Senegalian Ambassa- Re-elected Senator of the' Corn- view BINGO. They were. welcomed at Air- Maxo .the youngest s of the
'acprdited in Haiti: munity ,on 1959.: Decorations by cer oflae Charles. For run r-ian. rs
i t'.at. fat ue (Senegal) on Twice elected by the Senate as -Knight of th Legion of Hon- Members o ombru is propriet .the
br 31-t, 1. Member of Council-of Eurppe :at our, 1953 e Cabinet, the official and per- StoreClub, a poplar tourist
catiofi.at.ycee of I:akar. Strasburg. ,, Cornmander_of' national Order sonne of he Chancellery the shop onp.Avenue Marieea ne.
elorship4-second Part. 1931. Elected Deputy .of Dakar .at of Mauritanie, 1961.- Delegate of Diplomatic corps .- r .. ,
Dteorinay ,Doctor's.. Thesis at National Senegalian Assembly Great Officer of, National Ord-nd thr personflities- of the
tyof3 medicine .of Paris 'on and Mayor of Rufisque (60,000 er of Senegal Goverm ent, the Members of lo-
~alinent of .Cancerby the 'residbrnts) '. Married: there ildre. cal 'Pss, parents and friends. '' '
n of Cobra". Minlstgr of Plari (1958-1959). of. .L.
.es of Literature at Sor- Senegalian Government.' JA Z BQYS.. -
--'. '' Extraordinary and Plenipoten- Their fist, stop is, Port au BATE'
date of -high classes of tiary Ambassador of .Republic of Prince, .arriving here by -air In Haiti This Week Y
iia-Ereffch philology. Senegal to United -States., Monday afternoon. -
tted as *pupl-o-ficer at Permanent Delegate -to .ONU. Tb .wmday aIt'arist Thursday Dr James ,E. McDonald, .ah .
tal-s School of Saumur. Extraordinary and Plehipbten- night's "-Rex Thehtre concert, Opbtalmologist of note from Ili-
.. will be their -first o6polttunlty' to 'nais arind we 'Evely, a'Psyeh-
S.view, live, .a outstanding Ame- iatrist and 14 year old daughter
rican.- -jazz group.- Tickets .are i y o left Saturday after"five
fiowi on sale at .the Rept'I Theatre; months in -Haiti. Dr ..-MCDonatd
.i'' 9I- *-i Caravelle, arid the 'H ataitian- foundr of Focus, Inc.- a non -pro-.
..""' .. ". Ainerican'Institute". 'A.era- ad it, a non-sectarian and non-poli-
If.': Tmission*is '50 cents, ,w"le'rese tical- brgarizaotin coreprising a -
T,- XA., ved'.seats- sell .for,$1.00, g".- oipo rs rinet, Anieiea
47?fi. AIuig their Latin- mrerhan O i olbgs B h
'- tour :the.. pa. win r Sexet will their time o- ehelilng gob-,l
s feor. fi- st time befo-re a something worthwe for the in
live audience their -recently.re-... agents. "
Scrd -abnm ,of our. numbers: Dr o arrived he, re
i"Ci 'Blue D6vl", Count ist Augu o set at rt d
.Me and', Hustling ". PS.aix 'a ro geye .i.v5I '.
4 ~ also Ieform.at Radio-Haitis oopedaive e :, "
fOr lor We seormce AThe sedorm Fehuery- a tl o 'in- in n '^ i with Ventf ine but
P op e e, a Tuesday~. night, Feprua ..6, aii a l v g1 .ud
.... .' ..the Departuent of Public He .G;alt
8;.00 and at Tele&Ha ti, Wednes-
e fil bflip t aink with lively FIE CHIEF, 0' ad this Ame cana ohganiztion
e cUoy-' -Wal a EGULAR da t 9:00.p.m. which works .in Hospital w A TT EI E
S. EDo, It'ii-00 -per cent (LIMA'IE CONTROLL- VISITS CAYES... e r rAu a
S .D. We'H .f caejge yor .ol, .put ',in ADVANCED ,a(Contueo from .pag l ), ca depart n o. f vel North
SGCUSTOM-MAD' HeAVOLINE, the best motor' oil surie y contribdlte their share to West whose cooperation is 'f- -il .
your m6ine can buy. We'll give you famous the leadership of Haiti n ical good,. said Dr 'Mco
S MAFA ch asis lubrication to give you the coing years. nald. Focus which, does not
wiloSriing for 1,000'miles- or more! A asador Tht o mean to compete with thi6 'fing I-PRES V1N
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-.. r Th'urton was received by a beautiful party Tuesday -night
In order .to.prove thb quality of their Dr E. Archer Dillard,. Jr. anZ in Port de PaixS Dr Evelyn Me- SEE YOUR DIST'RIBUTOR:7
'rvice, the-neiw- management of the TE. his wife, who,. together with te Donald. ,a beautiful dancer and.
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.6 'of February a-.,tfree MAIMFAK chassislubrication, for any the hospital under the' auspices audience enraptured in dancing WINILLIA M-NAR, S. 'A.
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Swi be able tolionor-that offer'only on Saturday from noon dedication of -the Americans and Wednesday evening they were BF GOODRICH -
P.M. nd Snda from :00 A.M. to 4:00 .M. Haitians who work together here dinner guests of the Drs Georg ireT and TubeBa- i'ies
e service will be performed at the well-known Garage: to provide needed medical ser- Hudicourts. Port au PreI
-' -' 'h vices, and the contribution they The McDonalds were- seen' off ;oaP
.. SAVANY'S are making to the preservation Friday by' Dr Arthur Maimone, a Pierre NSARICQ .. iemlr "
.-''.A O I SE I_. TEHNOLOY of life and health is,.something pediatrician at the Schweit er Gerald DELAQUIS Jrremid-
Y, (6pposlte ito the Station) really remprka le to see, said Hospital in Deschapelles and Nablh S. HAGE Saltl-arc -
ain m' t .your.Servlce station PLACE GEFFEARD. Ambassador Thutston. wife Vera who left Saturday. BOUCARD & Co. -. Jaemel

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