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Haiti sun


Material Information

Haiti sun
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began Sept. 1950.
General Note:
"The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Duke University Libraries
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Duke University Libraries
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 32441147
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-Ev eriy AM i
.Sun4-day X l

7 PiORT-AIUJPRlNCE, HAITI Avenue Marie-Jeanne CITE bDiMAkE

.- i- e .r
VCon.omic aLbeato i

- 0.

'ithe, evening.^'

S. PEACE TEAM CALLS Maglire Villa President Assumes Di

Deliiquent Of Newly F ed

oV hiiter IPresident Dr Fradeeow Duae 'it' toaA special fund
adaser aasumed the role- o1 lenidiing ance the economic ando
N Mthe_ Nation in a cA qade pfr deSueloplme t of- 'the countlik
T Clea iStreets men li e bzera t ni"du In.' h is lsJette" President'lu-
with. the.retion of a sp"la "lier. call' for
S Of Vaigabonds o. ocil. to formulate, and ai- personal sacri-;e an
atei a national program of, eco .utilize .all -'urFnan ., Ja i
The onetime luxury Villa of nomlc salvation consoldating setas'desif tihe naoli.oWq
Former Presdent Paul. E. Ma vieNws the President expresei lTo-ead.aininer, the muncilnE
Sloire that for the past ,threes inhis IiJanualr ipec h. .. s e :pnvai.t a.llelue4i
uand a haf years hoe the Enlisting and coordinating, e Adri en.DIoc Pe rtai.
National. Musqui hasi beenen-o actihitis. of organisms.' pub- Su:CPerdaet.ie SopJL
sage as a s home for delin- l cand priv te undel the "Cor coa tisdlent r e
ent :chi.en. cil of Action vfor-Economic Liber' ive C$hibd M.the.an "jj
on er. In a. comemuni ue signed. b- action Of HaithE of which he has- President : o a the .,oi n
rr oImbaadrs tor of the Soci. l Weffre I.stfr ent Duvqier, in i a,. letter publsh-p bub onie 5ept aah

UNT DEL ESTE the rising number of street of his monthly salaiy, o r ubt- ..rm e eei
i Mchins who especially pester tou- Staofteof Finance ati
J a ;oi niser Me Bene st stated the .committee plan- 4frs, e CoS
: *Al O .lead. Haiti's dele-- bed to place. the delinquents-iri Haiti .llu C t State
i-:~,t Dei .e" e l' a.servaon period-at. fr i Meait
Be v'eCIe' .on. D i al"r r -Carrifor- Haiti and he Doaminicaie .: epr .I.-- J e.C Bntii.::.M w.p.
u:sMa-r Ambass.ad- mT Committe formed by Pma- ublic -a isestablish- pdipl e, e
gto bert' Carre, it D aeri coms ed relations 'Mo"a-.ac.ord-,gtie-aa -.,f .
e. e .om.lntin pg .-e c edon e)t commuqueasdsed b e
Estebbn )istry of Inf6rtion and Coor-
% B, i odinatioii. a0m
SgI Firt AICgTiate Meet *, The Haiti anConluryIGenera i
-) .t C9bs ^r < l. %.. in. santo Domingo .laoil -Siclait
A hrge d'Affaires and Co nsul-.:
ra.-nd uiis'aiua General of the bDriniicdan ; -b e
o"il ...im.. ublit in Port i Prini h.e, -Dr. Cos -.'
S w Villanuetva. was de.siga :
t o e oie d osCbar d'A.i.li ..
n .. ..' "' .Ia C';Feb'"" '

....d Aim -IJ.t s ." .."


-.. .v :. ,-((nfhue 'gl4-, The- first tpr-c.llegiate foOt- ".. "- ." ., .,....nu c---a.--r i,--a
Tear Of ::P iit5" 0o a,. -wJ I-
A iit- &M Haiti:a opned last night "i in i ofit 16s t--
U...... 'd a u m urnaea Cate -'a Fesivd t
i Caused ovtors is sIl'- .loAit ..o..C[-'I- .mGr
Ex d t a thoihl ~ teams f m St or G etive
S d U H e .ge' Jamalica'- and Saint in .ai .-Rmertn ta i
ous de. Gdnzague, ~Ihav~ et in communities
pilots gaca h p- s is- -t l. e.. ',,.-
,. T1hl6 r pilots who had gl the pst this eis- thC me On the Jazs Sextesi -
.tidn.t otof January 9th a tw v ,-all-college seledtions..frm e ts
leaae to -strike and so tireup both islahn hav -met. 6 4Poraun Pr.ln, Frar
he dittire .PAA system through. The Jamaican side was tfan, -
out the ivorld- caused a general spdrted to Hai ti by special Hj ea a e ru ry
exodus .-of winter tourist from tian Airforce plane put- at. their
Haiti this week, ..according to disposal by orders of' President -, --
Hote'iers. --'-(Cont'd'.on page 15) Duvalier. The team is lodged at

Quae S e thee Military Academy at Fre-
Quake hakes Cap" at l -
o ea t felt n Three night test matchess are -
;TiWo earth trdmols felt 'n Po' A-
auPince ..and scheduled for Port au Prince :- :--":" Q
u-naa M ond y evening caused nd one in Cap H aitien. ., i: :."-" 'A "-
litt.l damage. : Several -of the Jamaican side -re
are fifteen years old and the U Ad m r IC allse II ji3:.
Thqe: Observatory of 'the Petit average age of the players is U.S. m ra a s 8 convicts serving h
S.. s aaie St. Martial informed put at sixteen. Insp ect Na al M issl. i. q .senngs.
itlt "the strongest earthquake time shortened. i
d ;d ered at 8pun Monday even Arthur Ma c Kenzie 'g leading Colonel Robert Debs Heinl USMC, chief or'the m gv8. 4. Ml Fi" __: -'
i~pgJ vas. 5 on the Mercalli scale. Texaco dealer in Jamaica who to Haiti welcoming Rear Admiral Richar' l. I CAlg n atder ~- i
:-:lHe only damage reported in is coach of St. George's team of the Fifteenth Naval District and responsible for the Miss priso ent
Capital was several cracks arrived oere Thursda -after-e on dental clemency meas e of
Hait when be arried Monday morning. rr a tli -d!, D'ivFran
: t appeared in the fifty ydar noon to l.id-moral support to 7a- when he arrived Mo .day.. morning .or a .t .
(okned) nt 's teamo .lornmal-:fficial visit, (Se page 6) .,j... -('"-
t.-::. .oinqe :. ap !ge 2). his county's team. .4.," --... ........" ".. ..vit,'6..'"' .-
4S .. ..,_,.., W.,m,,.,, '- ,.; .,::: ..'' .- ... -,.' ; .',v :. '..: ... : `.:...`:.........` ::. :: *`i. .:.`. .:..`.:F ` : ... .. .


:.. .'-F'-" .. /.
S 2. -. .'.. : .... .


SUN ''

Sunday January 14, 1S62

* ri :t

IN j it* i .t1i. ,,-!

.*Dr Louis Mars, Ambassador of Haiti to
ipiW Nosn 4eW4-U hbfl Tbursday both.to
sidit his parents .fnd-have a: constitatin -with
g Sec i-f*6tte of Foreign Affairs, Mr.
Renb ..-The distinguished Haitian di-
ga -weej*(irwtoWn and-wi.a
with iian eegtion,
led by MinisterChamers.
S'of l t nited Na-
SrKr Th"^ .ursday 'after a two
apifgitEcI anfraijrt!. au Prince.
Mr Milton Bafall, Deputy to the Assistant Secretary of State.
e Latin Ameicain Affairs in the State Department arrived
e Tuesday on 3-day visit. Mr Balwho rk very. closely
:.tf.ra.Teodero Moso. -Ad.inistrat of the" U.S,. program
eao-a-r : tO gre 7. .spent a few years 'n -Haiti as a First Secret-
ie1,oic1 .Advsorlrom --i9eFi 1956 at tle U.S. Embassy.
v' happy to: sehisi tian friends again. He stayed
8 ...S s :ae l el. -- .
S aYCole BOw, Wanace i Shermin Oaks, Cal-
~.;sd Ei-ani g- i: SPOyll t Arri-ved -this week to jiln
te .sdite and Mden "a, Mike- car.. Bn .at .the
Berey diplaed et great et for dancing. They
frUngs .o n a thMrs Shirley Fee an,. Mur-

eic-.Matettend Il-.youger Jbrother Mchael flew
S t an. .e .,:.sd n t i i.eh ic ii -e a t
te!]M-Pde n -otthe!. Air pance's jet.
AheGeoeweod;rgebD n Univec-.
: '."' ..*,;'. V, "L y
:.buti gness inista-
.' *. ., -.
**rD t: Lanktner- t^'ae1 'tiql Viw'ew-*t, Orleazi'

t e. H..sp i ; i es pend d as vca-

Sl~ ettRuell~ Msitan* As etlt nAeiAttai~bW Xt theleh

nojrn GuI; uI -esl or at w';e
4P m'aThey weretjoinedaat. the
e NToia Mo t ylWM JAngues Urbain Ma-'
sesbi iat- the Freneh Institute in San
i ..

e tteol_.anf wTpe.W hg re t t Wnirlay
^ ^ l ";'" "is of C". "' ". i a "tion
tn *I' Pt'Chavenlet the -drotcol The
lj Delesseps ELMorrison, Ambassaldor
~oe-a-M Mpodsto Lucro, of4wPru; 'iMrSantiago
I Are an'mb ars 4fes -0C Reede, eat the -UiS.- The
i:0s4 n;mioaion onoutina'nisit to thne Latin
Cmte%'isC;efen"i t94he~iiitbiit their; rp.-tatto tMs
SI'f-.- ai .h.-.a ..talwifth o e Secret
oFRelr.t.i.-ol he.., .L.ene h--i.t iso

iA, &O P i,; -we 'e h .oied .a..the Hotel Sis.Soai .-
i i .. .. .. "
o5 .-.tA,. o.iwt .. t

t h-. .,i .*U ..*,-a : 9

_hft I Rene. t. : ." ..V, 9 -0" .

hir. L:- ge a y.. .I
-:: + : .=., -.. I.

SInterial. Loan
- "Grand Conseil Technique des
.Ressour es' Natielles el du De-
veloppement Economique" in a
letter to' the President of the
Republic recommended to the
,Government to launch an intern-
al Ioan. The Council suggested
the establishiment of .an execut-'
ive organization which could be
called "Natiohal Society for Eco-
nomic. Development"; all Hai-
tians and foreigners: living in
'this country.- will be.. solicited
for contiibutign. This- money
would, bear -interest. ald be add-

'Quake' Shakes Capital
S(Co.4tiued. frap page 1):
old Hotel de Ville.
The Petit Seminalre estimated
the-center of* the quake to be
in the Dominican Republic three
hundred miles from Port au
In Santo Domingo the Univer-
sity observatory registered .the
earthquake, as'6 on :the "Mercalli
scale and.'placed the center as
eighty-one miles North East of
the Dominican. Capital.
No damage was reported from
that area but in the hills west
of Santo Domingo 'at San. Jose
de Ocoa at least one woman was

Magloire Villa
(Continued'from pagp 1)
Toirist Minister Victor Nevers
Constant, Mayor Jean Deeb, Dr
Jean Fourcand director of IBE-
ric Arty.
The Magloire Villa. of Tur-
geau heights will be onvyrted
4,nto a real and.:aadletwat:'Chiter
\ith all" the necessary "modern
technic of improved mental tuekr-
apy for youngsters. .
Moral and financiaL assistance
is promised by.'the State "and
humanitarian _i stiit$ld ,-aiuch
as the Red Crss ".1 ._.4
' -,Dl- .' '"--.* w -t' ii, .",

ed to other sourcess of revenues killed whepnthe s.quale a ....
to realize the i~overlmerital pro- Iboulders ca-
jects "eclading t, a' plan of '" ".3..4,J
priority to be sng 'int montaide hes. toat fo s. w a1
The following an..m b e r s of ,e' t m: *,The exchange of.t cabl*g ,Is
"Grand Conseil Technique" sg liuedat p between President uaguvin a
ned thee document: Ia irtinere Contdined o 1) President Toequin:Bauier,
Hned toi doFrdent: LCaaroee Ambassador to-Argertina and. were mad public :;.dtphoJ With
Hone r-oc-, DAviabeu, Uruguay,,., Miees -Bln.,eh&...Fir.' -the ,Ha "tiar. FO ,:.i'e
Rene, A rise Dr LaHatiaontant Hati
Rene Anbroise r T Counsellor i te' ou .Sperieu- attitude ,expressed ai able.
Jean and kltz-St. Firmin The-C ,..: n. _,.,6. ,;,Kb ag'atde ,expressed'.:iq:,44a le
bau ,n p ,. re'-de,~;Conpte ..Rayino'd ,-W.MYto. Japinese Ambasador.Shige
haudr General Secrtary. ise o 'rm:. Mini.sr, and ruObayash fes prtebatia-t bti-
T e CIC -And The .Mr. 'fliu- E.:R-i AsE tantCGe- an- interests in-':.the-.' Daoini
- .._ neral. Se.re ,!at the Foeign Repnubllic omf Seitembeh.,195p
Economic Development ice.: ., St'. :'. -to ,ar ... t .--19
SThe Club,'Ilnternatioal de "" ..
Commetee joined the National.
moveinentC of :econorhic' libera- "S'cmi" U
tion i- a letter..addressed, on l .-
Juan y- Sth; td:the Presidept of .
uc Rept'alib Th resident aO ge s
-nembers of-CIC revealed their'-
"decision to help bIy Wll possible ,
;means -the economic recovery of- ." -
the coitry." Among-the meas-
'utes-envisaged, the CIC diselos- .
ed I. itensification ofr economic : .
etnures..*hich .ill:be broea .'
.to make- the necessary atmo- '
.sphete; organization of .parties
to4collect money to be invested '-
in. kovenzrantal projects, pati- "
cularly the construction. of the
..et Airpot- ind4pensable.,to the .
development oa Tourismn ":
-"The mobilization of 3,0 00,O O 'k--" : :t.
of Haitians ini a. well inspired'. :
struggle of production i the su .
est wai s- avM- this country. -:
and to preserve-it' from poverty
and diseaes... conceded the .-
- "- ; -
,.- -, .- ..-
Planters.Released I -
Le Npuvebau. Monde announced M,.'
that the citizens of the North, .... .-:.. -
wtr~ wes meetln in: the view
Pto tforn a ci6pbi ve to. run
the sugar ~ to arud and a, .d
put -in J l "by. lo l' authorities
weerle.yeasd'.'sec'ia~... instruc-
:ti6nsoAiiW reslMt. of te Re- ',
i Not a soap,tr -T

": h --C -- A- '*' ^S ieave lulling,.dirt.- "fu '.th,
Q.SA o>ing yso4apfilmi .,dino.upecial-riu!
.- cream eo: cannot n
Real Estate Agency. ., dAnm !oapfm.' -nao secMliwf
Bourdon. Removes embarrassing HaRl laves hair soft,.
Phone 2620 dandrufffrom bothhair manangeablf-shinin with
Cable Address: ALQICO and scalpl iflr4f z r hatir AhiArt 1
Renting o"f Houses, Apart- -
ments, Bungalows, Camping Yes, "'soapiig" your hair with-
Houses for short or long even finest liquid or oiy cream
Period. shampoos leaves dulling, e T I "
.peri. s dirt-catching film. Halo, made age
S with a new ingredient, contains
Buying and .selling-of cor- no soap, no stickV oils.
erclgl businesses such as: T thuh alo glorifies your hair shampoo
the verv first timevu vb sei ,
Bars, Bestaurants, diotels etc. 'Ask for Halo-America's I. j "
Beservauons.at'Hotels' aid favorite shampoo--today. America I!a


': ",.. ManaLger Hlo revcf lih hidden beauty of the hal
.' '" '* '- .":" .-I .: P'. .t "'" ..A" ...
1 :t ; .1,, -=., ,, ... I: ..' ,.. ,.... ,_ ,,..u tl.,i .+-:, : .....



a 1 a. .. .

7" ., .

- I

' a


Moscoso Ends Santo Domingo Visit, lauds
Nation's Progress

SANTO DOMINGO, Jan. 10.- cussed all aspects of the na-
Teodoro Moscoso, Regional Dir- tion's economic and social needs.
ector for Latin America of the The discussions covered not only
Agency for International Deve- the Government's fiscal and ex-
lopment (AID) and Administrat- change standing but also em-
or of the "Alliance For Progr- ployment, Agricultural and Tax
ess," ended his three-day visit reform, housing, Education and
here Wednesday expressing Literacy, and various aspects of
'great enthusiasm and optim- Public Works which will bring
ism" over the nation's economic higher living standards to the
prospects. people. *
In his conversations with Do- "The social aspects of the
minican Authorities and Busi- development process are per-
ness, Labor, Political, Student haps the most important." Mr
and Civic Leaders, Mr Moscoso Moscoso said. "The Alliance
said he had been able to deter- For Progress" is designed to
mine many ways in which the improve the lot-of the average
United States can cooperate person in all fields which affect
with the nation as. it elterges him directly.
from 31 years of dictatorship "Every citizen mue be afford-
and sets its course for economic ed the definite hope that he
and social development, and his children will live under
Although Moscoso had 'o re- better circumstances and be able
turn -to Washington, he left be- to take an active role in the
hind six members of his Econo- life of the nation. The nation's
mic Mission to continue consult- human potential must be deve-
ations with Dominican Authori-loped if the nation itself is to
ties and citizens. He said before develop."
departing.that the Mission's find-
' .ings' would help determine not Mr Moscoso said he believes
only what immediate help .the the Dominican Republic's future
United'States could furnish, but can be a brighter one, consider-
also establish the basis for long- ing the great natural resources
'term cooperation between, the of the nation and the fact that
two nations. He .said Dominican the nation has traditionally had
Authorities indicated they would a sound economy. But he added
ask the United -.States to esjb- 'that \the economy's recovery
lish an aid: (CAPS) Mission -hee must be-based on a sound demo-
in,&eh&ni.tur&. -:.. & ~rartaic -system wherein the vast
In working-. Group 'Sessions majorit~ot the people can share
,; with. Ddmim iia Athorities, .Mr in the.i t'n'tiwealth and in the
S'/dos; h.i.ad. ,hi, Advisors dis- decision-uraking processes.
,', i;---"Y=I ---- I' '

Le G Gind Ho tel

S- Pi nits' its famous Winter She

-'.' *AA Ad&JA A 4

Mr Moscoso expressed parti-
cular concern over the Domini-
can Republic's balance of pay-
ments and unemployment probl-
ems and indicated that this
should'tak'e high priority .in
United States Aid Programs.
The remaining members of
.Mr Moscoso's Mission plan to
spend several more days here
to become acquainted with the
nation and its people. The plan
to visit several other parts of
the Dominican Republic and to
hold more detailed conversations
with Dominican people in all
fields of activity covered by the
"Alliance For Progress".
Mr Moscoso described his



(Continued fpnm pap 1) comedy is tentatively sche
Sf:.: or Kingston, June 164 rw
ucigapa, Malh' 4-5; Mana- Prince, June 20-22; Saqto
March 7-11; and the follow- mingo, June' 24-30;:Moite"
other cities where dates have July g-5; Aslncion, rjly''i
yet been set; Panama, Bo- de Janeiro, July 'U.'t--I..' i
, La Paz, Quito, Lima. San- Caracas, August 14I-li;'aJ
o, Buenos Aires, Asuncion, August-19-21i ; SaSala r f ri
tevideo, Rio de Janeiro, and gust 23-25; Guatemala, A
rgetown, British Guiana. In 27-29.
e countries the group will

perform in more man one city.
From March 24 June 17
The Chad Mitchell Trio, Folk



ported unofficially, was %old here
that Cuba was making no effort
at the present time to subvert
Haiti nor were the Cubans using
Haiti as a base of subversion
against the Dominican Repub-
Ambassador Morrison left
Monday morning for Miami and
Ambassador Salazar. departed
for the Dominican Republic the
following day.
The Peace Commission's find-
ings will be presented at the
Foreign Minister's Meeting at
Punta del Este January 22.




SW..Shoyh is presented by Layinia Williams Yarborough outstanding interpreter of classic and
-i;( danceS, aid fomlLaer of the Hfatikn Institute of folk and classic dances with a cast including
?such talents as Glamourous. songb-ess Madeleine Marcel, well-known Andre Germain id a daring
and dangerous fire dance and the unimitable Tr oubadoir TI-Paris and his Trio and numerous
- otbtr well-known dancers,
!The .Show is presented every Monday night at 10:30 It is a very spectacular variety program

comprises the best dances and song of the Magic Island.
D[NNER TIME 7:30-9:30

From June to August a 30
Voice Chorus from Cornell Uni-
versity will present an Album of
songs and sketches from a num-
ber of outstanding musical plays.
The Chorus has the following
"proposed schedule: Bogota, June
11-30; Quito, July 2-9; Lirma,
July.: 11-13; La Paz, July 16-18;
Santiagpo July -20-22; Buenos
Aires, July 24 August 25;
Port an Prince, August 28-30.

Another theatrical group. spon-
sored by the State Department's
Cultural Program comprises: 20
students fom the University of
UTAH who dril perform the long-
time Broadway success, "Annle
Get ..Your Gun," The musical

The winners of the "H
bicycles offered fod the\ 1
consecutive time by
Palmolive through its di~
ors, Muller & Co..' re'
their prizes Friday ever
were: '

Yvonne Pradier, Letern
brun, Daniel Benoit, So
Edouard (Port an PiuInce)n
queline Pascal (PetionlIe)ld
Saintelmy, Lu ci a n i.
,Wo o d s o n Guerrier (J
Frantz Dussena- (Aux
Daniel Eustache (DaTiensA '

Ten bicycles were
each of the four drawings-z
ticipants were qualified by
ing their name and adde
the boxtop of a box of F
3 empty sacliets' a Pl
soap wrapper or an empty 1
on of Colgate dental creaii
the Ajax wrapper. -

Colgate products have il
lot 9f Haitian youngster s
"wheels". Colgate a-'pp
'their keen interest.' '-
,-: -.:.. ~

0-a .aa0-.0..

0 N I ON

1 FROM ',

O lbs.-Bag 15Gou s
SQnions of first quality ,are available at .!

sales counter of ODVA at the comer of4.

des Cesare and Ruie du Centre, at the 'folioii

.prices: .

lOlbs.-Bags 15 Gourdes

50lbs.-Bags 15 Goues. -.:

SWholesale orders will be filled on the ba

of Gourdes: 2.75 per 10lbs. bags (Mini;nd

10 bags) aind Gourdes: '14 per 50bs. (Minim

urn 10 bags.) .

". .2. s.. : .' e i

Sunday January 14, 1962

SUN 'i N


, .: .


-- -;.,


meetings with Dominican Auth- Singers, travel the Southern He-
orities and citizens as frank and misphere. The Trio's tentative
cordial. He said he was gratifi- schedule is as follows: Rio de
ed at the reception given him Janeiro, March 24 April 24;
here and the free discussions he Port of Spain, April 26-27; Mar-
was able to hold during his stay. tinique, April 29-30; Caracas,
May 2-10; Mexico, May 12-20;
Bogota, May 22-23; Lima, May
OAS PEACE... 25-26; Santiago, May 28 June
(Continued from page 1) 2; Buenos Aires, June 4-11: Mon-
tevideo, June 14-17.
The Pnmmisdain it was ra..


-urr~iv~rr~~u LZIY WULJI ~CI~L~U'IIV

i I I

0J.1 I

#AGIC 4i

''HA f I SUN''

Sunday Janutry 14,

nican We

:o /msI F
n.to Dom- n, Dni- U IW .a

;A: pawnshop' receipt is to
f l Carreon *an unhappy turn in February for four days.
f te D ican econ' Then no job intil now. When
S~i tuatO -i.- we don't work we do all we can
k 46-yeaold dock worker. t e
ho ocke d hs est to eat; borrow, fool people, eat
on. hocked his best pants coconuts Thats
250 last June 14 and.hasn sugar cane and coconuts. That's
$r $2,50 last June 14 and hasn't
back yethowI lost my pants."
lbet tyre gone," he saidet One twauble at San Pedro is
.~ LtrBgone he s at there are 384 longshoremon
tho'ghtfilly as he. put the re- at there are 4 onshore n
tit bhc lit to his work pants. and few ships to work on. Plant-
i they'41l be' rotted by other s say another is that Domnl-
Sget enough money to get cans won't cut cane on the
t .out" ground the pay is too low. It
reon. and his friends sat used to be 45 cents a ton, now
lteIy ,at,,lunch on the shady it's going to be 80 cents. A. good
;of. steel ahd concrete pie.-cftter can fell from 1 i to 2
;$San Pedro de Macoris Th tons ds. About14,000 Haitane
&r .n freighter Wandsbek out are. Imprted for this work.
OfHamburg, rode: at anchor i. n an incident .at a nearby
la.steaming tropical heat, wait- cane plantation several Maitians
jg.r tlWe group to resumeload -and- a Dminican were killed
.:. ':. when the eanecutters demon-
: .;Plepdza 'de-Maoris is a strated demanding an extra
e, tfing sugar center apd ChAstmas bonus. DoMnoicn au-
jil tof rmpe 2s,000. T' mnajor,-. thaties aid. the -eusually -well

nderds I" O.S WHI &e
S"The farm laborers mostly
fri fleD niW nralrSF want the cane to go up in price ,

Dominican Republic by provoke.
ing clashes such as occurred
near here.
Henry Williams, 47, loading
supervisor, makes 90 cents an
hour for an eight-hour day.
But no one works continuous-
ly. Work has to be parceled out.
The laborers' pay was increased
from $5.60 to $7.20 for an eight-
hour day.

Williams said "if these fel-
lows. made $100 a week, they'd
still be hungry and would want
Rodriguez pays $8 monthly 'for

en is
a _PI

.ite- work or~e.- is e ,- ehaved H-aitans newer acted As
erweje h4 4thme -live sason, this violenly before. hey bla i- tcoun
.we.oks~e of the sugar cane, ed eammntmis"t agitates who, tOrgi
est. .hey celah, ae trying to 'erepte es) s
j ri :shared a tinful of rice roioo between Haiti and 'the nican
.ii.prn;stew. ith. Juan de la,
4p b,,.t.he.,group.-was eat- P
^ generally, lWgul Rodrigupz, ti- n, -e,
fEather. o f tre,o ,., ,.. on
..isw :r nlng I bad.-a -iscvit for' ay nd who F bio.
ifn oa. M family? I god.iea o a peaceful v
X .ey o i9 up"I. don't und g. 'nsre% own g
!:i.'-lt-. e y gte.' We _her' r ,
.iocs -eat'--matbe twice ,.'. 3-8 "'rd F Por
:,iaybe '.one..., Chpita, (a N ,L h tNG -. .. .
aie o ,.the late Genralis SWIMMING ...
Bo -..aaelTilmlo). .said.,he'd tUNGALOW "
ich -us Negroes to live with- "
.ney.." .,. ..... .. ... WSK I ......
. WAT. ..........
d' hd proved it; for 31
'r,.' Cat-reonp cqq~inpted., Fo ur p.resvtation, call up in -
r~-ywe practically everything POBr aIU PRIa
SC'rneru' -Pentre and
1.. ,. ,C..6-

-The others pay somewhat
All 'complained about food
ice is 12 cents a pound for
good kind. and 10 cents f6r
bad," -Carreon said. "Chick-
Sa luxury at 50 to 60 cents
-to what the new ruling
cil 'and the lifting of OAS
anization of American Stat-
ianctions against the Dopli-
. Republic will mean in the

gre' Lake :

t of the beautiful
tii6; aii at the Sur-
t au PHince
ODVA Radio-Station at


..i........ .. B.. iI;1


S*.' ,- VRY ..FRIDAY):






". ',.

-. 4


Nadal & C

IS&&&&tyE eS-&M^ ah ^^Wfl..!&,f. A. a. a. a a a a -?

. .. -" ... .,, ,= = .....
'~y-~'~-..~r 'r'' :. ...
_. ,,,

F CW i so they can get rdore pay. They
want more money jusf to spend. ',
The.Haitian cane cutters spend, 4
future, Carreon said: ery ittl. Iie seenm.to-eat
"We'll have to see what. the less."
council does and also what you
Americans are going to do to In slack season, the Garcias
help." give credit to "those who can .
Opposition parties made a lot be trusted." One of these .s a
of the sanctions, imposed against neighbor, Pedro Lra, 43, with
the Trujiflo dictatorship in 1960, three sons and a wife ;He has
in their anti-governement camp- worked 20 years in the cane-
aigns. Even those who cannot fields, still rents a home.- and
read talked about sanctions as owes the Garclas money... .
if they were some dread evil "If the council cooperates with .
that -has kept them from better the people then it will be fine,"
times. Lora said. "There are many'-
The area around San Pedro is here wearing sackcloth 6r lo-
good sugar cane country. There these. I had to take my..boy ou' t
are patcHes of cattle land. Peas- of the fifth grade because .he
ants who work in the' canefield, has no clothes. If the future pro-
for the big companies live in ects don't benefit just the rich,
shacks on tiny plots. On these then all will be fine." .
plots -they can grow papaya, -
bananas, watercress and veget- In Santo- Domingo. the .bew
ables. Some put enough money stale council.- members, .each
together .o start small stores. drawing $2,500 monthly,, sat
Sergio Garcia, 52, and his wife making their decisions. Seyeral-
Rosa Candelaria, 38, parents of hundred. Dominicans stood out-
seven children, run such a.store, side the National Palace kwait-
Carrying a nake..two-y6ar-old Ing rulings on their petitions for'
child, Rosa said: help. -
S Monday Night .



'Timetakes on a rosy u. "o ;
Sthrugh the ebpphrhi rye "ta "1
qf your Movado "lFirmapnentF watch

oans with a rar brilliance. Tvh lok",
Its hardieos is sirpased g0sdl al
S You will cherish your
.TMovado, s which offers you a
n ythr yar (at the icial n
Swiss Observatory ~t ment gold 18 ct.,
NhuOh ,te ." gold figure-dla.

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u.ie.-rw -


des Cesars 68.

^- 1 .4-1- I

. I

S unday January 14, 1962 'H A T S UN I:'AE 5 i

SA T N of World War II American tech- American Sugar Company
HAITI S N nologists set up a corporation contrast is on a profitable basis y.
controlled by the Haitian Gyov- A bar-room guess would
TE HAIAN ENGLI LANGUAGE NEWSPAPER ernent, the SHADA, which op- however, tat before Hasco pi
Community Weebly Published Sunday Morning rated two or more sisal plant- any dividends they would .hav4
Editor-Publisher BERNARD DIEDEICBH nations and decorticating plants, paid in taxes, perhaps 5 or
Gerlt-Besponsable MAUCLAIB L&BISSIERE While private sisal enterprises per cent of the Government an-'
ESTABLISHED IN 1B operated at handsome profits nual income. Compare such. pri-"
ESTABLISHED IN 190 the two Shada plantations lost vate enterprise paying high in-
TIME FOR EVERYTHING Private Enterprise Wins money painfully and their defi- come to the Government, witf
Time is the raw material of life. Every day unwraps Over Socialist cits had to be replaced annual- a socialistic enterprise taking
ly by funds from the Govern- money every year from needed
itself like a gift, bringing us the opportunity to spin a Endeavors meant budget.rom the Goernment funds for health
fabric of health, pleasure, and content, and to evolve by NEITIIA and public-works activities.
into something better than we are at its beginning. Business men find it amazing The same Government-owned There is the difference: Socia-
S Success is contingent upon our effective use of the the number of technologists who Shada initiated a lumber-mill in listic enterprises both in Haiti:
time given us. Whether we succeed in making time for come from American an the Pine-Forest which as con-and in other countries with
ever ng we wise uiversitie with no co- tinuously lost money and whose long history of requiring Go-
everything we Wish to do depends upon the urgency lception of the differences bet- deficits again have been an an- eminent subsidies and payment
with which we tackle the job. It is fruitless and, joyless ween private and socialistic en- nual drain on the deficient fundsfor decits. ivate enters
to complain that our days are short if we act as though terprises. It is probably natural, of the Government. Shada also generating taxes, creating reverer
there would be no end of them. at least the line of least resist- bought'the previously privately- nues for the Government
The end of a year, like the end of a day, is not a time ane that finding an almost to owned railway and it has subse- stead of deficits: The different
tal absence of investment capi- n
for melancholy brooding. The year has been long n H n tenormo quently operated at a loss. unusually ascribed to the
tal in al and with enormous fit-motive, but there are proft
enough for all that was to be done in it. The flowers resources of foreign-aid money, The sugar-factory in Cayes ably money other smaller fac
grew and blossomed, the fruit filled out and ripened, such technologists attempt to we understand is Government- ors which combined provide theI
wild creatures fulfilled, in their allotted way, their i n itiate government-operated operated and local newspapers difference.
destiny. Only man feels forlorn at the dying of a year businesses. frequently carry notes of Gov- Examples of the countries o!`
There is a Ong drab history eminent funds being voted to high standards of ivig e,
and jubilant because a new year brings him another in Hiti o sc monbeylosing pay the deficits of the factory. h d of h ngd
chance to fulfill his hopes for himself. socialistic businesses. At the end -The privately owned Haitian- the nby eritates, Canais, E
The gift of time brings. no magic with it. It is only gland, I staly. Perhaps the ou
e available. We must study h to get the most ou and the complaint may be shaken off, but lifelong Italy. Perhaps the ou
made available. We must study hpw to get the most out standing comparison is Westemvi
;f thee passing days. weakness and misery may be the interest paid on it. ang comparison s ester
A e paing days. Germany compared to low-stand
This learning is an individual thing, but there are We are sometimes made fretful by the sensation of ards of nourishment and livin4i
some basic tools and ideas of management that can the slowness of time's passing when we are ill. A across the border in 'socialist.1
help us. Here are three undeniable facts: (1) Time can scientist made this test: when a patient had influenza, communistic East Gehnany m'a
Sm r a ( t i a he asked her several time during two days of fever to Poland. Or compare standard~:
be measured, therefore apportioned; (2) time is always estimated as one er second f in" in rivae enter
count sixty at the rate she estimated as one per second.f living in private enter
passing, and it never returns; (3) time can be wasted, nt y at sh tate as o Japan with national enterpr
jst as we waste materials, money and energy. On every occasion she took less than one minute to let us say national debacle, i:
just as we waste materials, money and energy. (otined let us say national debacle, na
.Evry passing..instant is a juncture of many roads (_ontined on page U)socialistic communistic China.
open'to our choice. Shall we do this or that; go this reasonable to requests it a see
way or that? We cannot stand still. Choosing between dies before possible initiation i
alternatives in the use of time is evidence of one of the socialistic enterprises.
highest attributes of humanity: freedom of will. I t may be a little more troub
SWgHAT r TIME? le to de;vlop industries and pay-.
vvnna zc -rolls with private enterprise bu.
To us as individuals time is the essence of our being; rolls with private enterise b
t the clock it is a measured interval; to the nurse it is the chces o se are .~i
-S pula record; to the engineer of conservation dams it l n tly much greater.
is a sedimentation rate. A philosopher may think of it on the label WANTED: Small, Marne StemI
as'-thA past increasing by diminution of the future. Engoe, one or two cylinder
Geologists and physicists .compute their accounts in l Professional
minions of years. Astronomical sums of time are so
great that they stagger. our imagination. The most Photographer Schooli
powerful telescopes reveal objects so distant that we 4 Petionville, Rue Bigaud No.'W
see hot 4bhat is'happening now but what was happening ERNSJ. FOsRSTAL :
hmudeids'qf millions of years ago.' '.a "."-r
These immense spaces of time, stretching from mist A bEVELO --j
to mist of our knowledge, may seem irrelevant to our CACIOUE -ISL
day-to-day problem, but they serve to point up the "IBO BEACH" 'P
need to make the most of the little speck of time that is ONLY 30, MN-UT ,:
ous. Time is the most precious of all things'to those 'FROM PORTA -PRI
-who seek to do things, to enjoy life, to prepare today EN UY (INCLUDlNW
for better achievement tomorrow. BOAT
We are now given longer individual time in which '" % TRANSPORTATION),'
to improve and advance than our forefathers had. In ONLY $1.00
the past half'century the expectation of life in western a" Cfdren -- U C o :
.countries has been lengthened by twenty years. The Private Dresaing eooms
work week has been reduced from sixty hours to forty. c in. e Restaurant and nac ,
Over a working lifetime of 45 years,'these add up to a WATER SKIING :
gain of almost 40 years of time in which to do what SKIN-DIVING .
we wish. I, I, tiIU ,,sI, ar
Is Pa'tI llllnbau l Surbr ;
How we spend our time has several applications to P. ar I.pue.r -O;O
our health. Restiveness and nervous haste make us
discontented and sick. We must pay interest at a high
ratio if we compel time to give fruit in advance of the
harvest season. We should not demand of life the per-
formance of hopes and aspirations which only the / ., -
passage of time will ripen. tVai
There are some kinds of disease in which time is the
great physician. Restoration of health is possible only .: U
by letting the complaint run its natural course. If the Served ExciLs/Vv at Haii' leading
sufferer is impatient, and, while he is still affected, in- HOTELS & RESTAURANTS & BY CONNOISSEURS .,. JOSWE NADAL & Mo.,
sists that he is completely well, time will grant the loan THROUGHOUT THM WORLD ', gens.
.. -... ..:4 4 : U &&,M.' -4h ,a ,c i


American Admiral 'Inspects

I Naval Mission Work

i Rear Admiral Richard S. Craig. ing his appointment as a Mid- by the Japanese in A
S hill U.S. Navy Commander of shipman in the United States that year. He served
the Fifteenth Naval District ar- Navy and to the N.S. Naval Aca- months as Assistant O
rived here Monday by a special demy. Annapolis, M a r y I a nd, Officer on the Staff of
.: Naval D.C.3 on an "informal from Virginia in 1928. ,While a der Seventh Fleet, and
official three-day visit. Midshipman he served in USS 1943 assumed command
Admiral Craighill is Na- UTAH in 1929 and in USS WYO- DRAYTON, which pal
val Component Commander 'of MING in 1931. Commissioned in operations in Easti
the Commander in Chief Cari-b Ensign on June 2, 1932, he ad- Guinea, Bismarck Arc
i' bpan and as such responsible yanced progressively in grade to Western Carolines and
:for the Naval Mission to Haiti the rank of Captain January 1, during his period of (
which comprises a fifty-member 1951. In July 1959 he was select- until December 1944. CD
SU.S. Marine Group assisting in ed for the rank of Rear Admiral hill was awarded the
I .the training of the Armed For- and promoted to that grade on Star Medal (Combat
Sees. April 1, 1960. exceptionally meritoriot
: Colonel Robert Debs HeinI U- ice as Commhnding O
A' SMO8 Commander of Naval MIs- In the summer of 1932 he was the DRAYTON in action
sion to Haiti along with high assigned to the b a t t I e s h i p enemy Japanese forces
i.:-anklng Haitian Army Officers PENNSYLVANIA.. In February Gloucester on ,Decem
Welcomed Admiral Craighill Mon- 1934 he was detached and order- 1943. The citation stated
e:. day. ed to the cruiser NEW ORLE- "...When an over-wheli
S Admiral Craighill paid a cour- ANS and served in' -both the ce of approximately thi
-: tesy call on President Doctor Gunnery and Engineering Dep- bombers and,sixty figi
,. Francois Duvalier Tuesday ac- artments before being ordered tacked a friendly d e st
companies by.American Ambas- to the destroyer BADGER whic4 group during patrol op
sador Raymond Thurston and proceeded his instruction at the CDR Craighill succeeded
i. .Colonel Robert Debs oeinl. Naval Postgraduate School in neuvering his ship uni
S Rear Admiral Richard Starr 1938-1939. Upon completion of through the hazardous a
Craighill, USN who was the ob- his postgraduate work he report- pite two near misses thi
Sject of. several dinner parties ed for duty aboard the destroy- died and shook his cr
1i L.ith Armed Forces Commander the engineering department from ON, effected the destru
G:;,: neral Jean Rene Boucicaut October 1939 to May 194Q. Trans- three Japanese dive bor
i aiid his Staff. The Admiral has ferred in May 19-10 he reported In December 1944 CD]
.. liad a colorful Naval career. aboard the destroyer PATTER- hill again demonstral
S:. SON and was on board at the skillful ship-handling in
:-Born in Oakmont, Pennsylva- outbreak of World War II. In against enemy Japanese
u:i, on August 27th, 1909, son May 1942 he became Executive in the Southwest Pacific
0 Of. the late James Rutherford Officer of the destroyer BLUE, directed the delivery of
.: Craighill and Ellen Wattles (Lee) which participated in the Gua- volume of effective g
Craighill. He attended Western dalpanal-Tulgi landings (includ- from all available weap
S...High School, Washington, D.C., ing the First' Savo). and the cap- by his skillful ship-hand
:,:and George Washington Univer- ture and defense of GuadalIa- courageous control of fi
Ssity for two years before receiv- nal before the BLUE was sunk age, saved the DRAYT(
almost certain destruct
: at the same time, co
materially to the defen:
STask Unit..." For these
gc eous acts CDR Craigl
i.awarded the Silver Sta
:RP-H.T N AND TE IIn January 1945 he ret
UM..: ,N__. AND TE CITA W the Naval Academy asS
kIC % I: J ft!Jinl AM 1kAJ& n--P I21hLJ0%1e-1Lr

oi te Acaaemic Boara
:o the Superintendent(
detachment in Jane 194
i year as Executive C
id a course at the Na
College in June 1950, tl
pd two years as Direct
isolation in the Bureau
Personnel, Navy Depart
Ordered to sea again

Sunday January 14, 1968


Lugust of
for nine
in July
i of the
ern New
d Leyte
DR Craig-
'V") for
is serv-
fficer of
off Cape
,ber 26,
I in part
ling for-
rty dive
hters at-
I in ma-
Irea des-
at strad-
aft and,
iction of
R Craig-
ted his
e forces
c.; "...He
a high

ons and,
ling and
re dam-
ON from
ion and,
se of the
hill was
r Medal.
turned to
and Aide
and after
18 served
officer of
ival War
ten serv-
or of -e-
of Naval
in June

Lunch Dine Have Cocktails





Swim, Spearfish, Snorkle, Water-Ski
And Sail In Safe Coastal

Waters From Kyona

1952. he served for the next two hill has the American Defense
years first on the Staff of Corn-IService Medal, Fleet Clasps,
mander Battleship Cruisers, At- the American Campaign Medal;
lantic Fleet as Operations and the Asiatic Pacific Campaign
Training Officer, then as Corn- Medal with eight stars, r their
manding Officer of the SALA- World War 11 Victory Medal,. the
MONIE. Navy Occupation Service Medal
(Asia Clasp), the National' De.
-In. June 1954 he returned to. fense Service Medal, and'the
the Nlavy Department as Head Philippine Liberation Ribbon
of the Joint Plans Section, Stra- with one star.
tegic Plans Division, Office of RADM Craighill is married to
the Chief of Naval Operations. the former Miss Virginia Drew-
He took command of the heavy y Jones of Norfolk, Virginia
cruiser BREMERTON in Octob- and they ve three children;
er 1957 and in August 1958 was Richard S. Jr., Virginia Drewry
ordered to duty in the Office of ind William S. Craighill.

the Chief of Naval Operations,
Navy Department. On 8 May
1960 he assumed command of
the FIFTEENTH Naval District
in Panama with additional duty
as Commander, Panarma Sector,
Caribbean Sea Frontier, Com-
mander Panama Sector, Western
Sea Frontier and Naval Com-
ponent Commander of the Carjb-
bean Command.
In addition to the Silver Star
Medal and Bronze Star Medal
with Combat "V" RADM Craig-


forthnightly sailings of the
Miami-Port au Prince-Miami
Telephone: Highland 51767
Franklin 0-7228


7Iagwece te Fwhake



S f fl ALL d

P.O.BOX 312 Phone: 7761
*- [ 1 .


' C A M E A S AT rEt: I'ifRT Prnic:S

ezf Waifts.
mPhone 2359

m lP@lFR -!jm!q I NINO NIMBI ilililp' litifligim


J Sunday January 14, 1962 A 'I H l TI SUN'' .e


P. 0 -a Box 676.,' PORT AU-PRINCE:
-t- %



.... .. "O"AL DOULTOM : ;, N ',y.'^ -'
4 j o. .AUBERG. I-~i::

ENGL E SEH viiu0gq rru WN



voo wire. CULFArT.

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HavT i.s send ERf o your ff a friend in the U. Si. A

without affecTIn' your quota.- 9See us. for more inforna o

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I I I leti.ns lhi" ui s erd' result brin I _t I -you in eroic efty of acm. rement r we
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,. I wrath and hatred of. the'masses ".- ? y enjov, the -,-afi af ,onmlv. 3, ,- b ch th
11 '' I I I I I I ana Hai idi, Natior? ins from hre' -the cooperation: lia- L ccurnulation of, rusyntmen1s. all,
,_ in distress,,.eslcaping I _.,, ,, OW OTHERS as offer- : any from anyone, no internation
: I I I I I oo I -shall be- given to tional elites.," ,, Ii are a threat T'o, I c, of ,, dministration BF. ... and I 'w
,req- ng.,, of i I I ,
I I I 11%7,fg wlch, ,b e i et,,-t -of -the confiden ., ;'- '.',,- ., -- L i e I I
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i_ I I 1 11 I .: I _, al inteildepeprdInence could try 11i
laboric .11 I I I "- ,,, AAieved or only-st "' in -- msto-be i Ciple or to dim'
observe the dilffoult, ,us s1sta6qe'-zLsweJl, : s t o 'WORce andl`scuritY_ -, 1,',)r;ciagerloies-o-6f--stich U.S. _]- ', ,,_ i : mal s of the'peoI -were, corn, 4t -s& -1 I __hillllded`I us, harn' such
,_,, bitTdd ,colnbinabon' throukh,,Ahe-: I oI then, that' upon: You, Haitian People. and ish its conte ts. The typ 61
disorderly proqlass, of mankixi: ,mtiot "'Stim un-itpprcciated'y th I __ liglricie* ir' 'rlvatc, or pubLie,,` 11 I I ? I ered'! wa telllng-' I I I I I I I I _n ,
I us ,jje$ ety-fivc Fnw,+ g.-as r pr ai r d s, to' tlie %fi,e 1, cal.
t solve such problerok ariilu ,"d, even ,Zh For more than,, 4 gregraphical ,,deparnnents;, Wly ,cons(ience as .,Et responsible M the rd ,.9oVernmerit is established by'tiu
1' as ,it has i self created- wi#r_a IR i -Jaouriou5l,) graiA17d-loansrifor investunei it in I uch ivestrilent pnojeaf Would : 1, I Hez Md __, :f %
q;I borii' Years, IJ 1 parallelogram of the forces it
I t 1,rc:r, nidA, 11 iavQ Ilen il d -of State- had, ord6ird 'M a i
% I .. 1. examining thu 'AN, ,Te.pli .vjf" pr,,3itts, wthl-He lm p a'c t in ,- 1,4,-,, I have hel -the beA 'lsd u in t _s pe .t_
I'll 11 'i Notion, -I ILsure, uL)-
I ,
11 e, i I me Ped
clear 'c ence, and to:.,'wl5& these znzsses and" ,. isacrifice to the society it stands 'for. It
", I tinsel I 1-1 ,. I I .'. 'a6dtheir-historv T P dia si e" lo, i&'- uw'st-- on My pride" of erstood. s'. e to
.. 11' A feittimplfhlic fuiiarcps in putung an ,Dd -li rua characteriz
demands- inconsistent, solu 6r-ptrrner who help gno sl wou, I I I I =, I __ -1 I I ed ly national
it ,- -1- h; ff;', It I _b ,the
11, `;_` I ''11_1_ I imniense ptssibl I In o1a lij'bcen'an,- s ill is that ll-6t ,a*' e gln6ral rLcononlv 1, of-the set' e crisis gro, thejcciipted hearbreak- -, continue this dramaN
tions. ,- :_ :11 -vive oil c o a d:L- Coil 1, MT,Adfillnistraiiln has', perlor](Ied i; _41c Nis 'fory .; "of "W I i .1 ng- pains,m : order Ao I b I e gin 0 -_ I 1, 11 I .1 I .1 I
It I I a' I I ,- Rcession and
an must sat : which often be
i I" There is a reality of the fiffe t(Irialization ,f slich a L; n I -, .- -
.1 1. I _' _'jAj_ '- S I -People all4 'M -the:taiks in thi ` BR : '
I tate loving thin i anl ni- e:-coursZ, ,of which HAIIW S, 'Aff OTHERS
V: l e :, in which we live. Rds -6 (I tnind ou, ITAII ., oy- Bilo-, Ap that a Ifead of W6 16h iehs f its, P' Lr country-- -%, comes a daily drama of the mas.
I I I I I I 1 s. ,,,_. '' _1 has ben 6_-bod the drama- I I I .1
portent part of.the s ','," is people,-houl ,be al)je i;tp, ll, es 1`0 LIC iva- -, ,
1'1 I struggle, asw THERS -such a, his bc-on -. d I ,ib ad and thro _, I 1_-_ 1. ,_ I I 1-1 I es toward this welfare wWcl
1 11 I pirations and delusions, of the. -tagg6ilTQ':,be_-,j'(J to the too-. ifie':' necssaryllcourilge -,!a. rioi i t nissiohT, jciadc replicate T ;; appused the' i' :class.of' Would it not be: fit also, to ri- civill7ation and human econom3
I'll I I 11
11 I I to riglir -n I -6 more
rlr t h e nd Ilalt. MtL min .and::r I -now diaw ever of our times tendI", past qDd of theperpetual hope let of"the.democ
I- I .. I ns Hili, brothers, to tliecurs son I of"inVestril(int 'oil b("half have never divorcej,,* I" -6T4 the _:interro `-
!of reciDnewation harbored bythe %vl-nlgh -all- I I I ealth ehjoyffwnttottugh'ascjrt of I mj Con' tc,bi _gation -w ch, came human so as to have more worth
I I- I -1 ; ,
:, I ., d deration- of wbat Js essendal to -al, I-~ rtl6 'in(jd ilSI-alrl' t tl]E djini Tldir rqifit out Of -My hine .
man freed from terrors and, m- j,*Rired ,,cconoin` coercion, an peop1c, and iij- PrD-POI Q ,.vedu!cation`,,.tq the': rsiblf, "Have they There shall never be any for
truth oy thejri.viv,& I : ive, ar, eo, t of labor, .to the right to noI abdsd it.'.` -_ ,
qualities, 41kve to ill lheir ow n _urvival in the cignity witi _-Tly dnlirlls- A plultiplyunq eeff :of I saking or denial of the sover
-whih-' : -11$4'..,4' roatempol'aly I I I I I -
his calling, 'partaking of the- an of their beinl,, and the ,pride -of trill it 1ad for obidefivo a mas-' flation-111 Ginployril'ut',as.well' -1 _!Vd.'fr(CiM -iffiterney to the -- "I I 'eignty of the State of Haiti borr
ivriter Jo make th( folloI -, ; _':
mem, 12_e'ce _'the rlre'yaj of-.a%4
iversal hope of all I St;1tMllVnL: T I "r I h -leaders of', Do- tII origins.'Haid -(.all "d must si% ( rebaelD ',61I ,wnnonly. ." it I 1h I _. I 1 ti -ghf_,f hI dignify, and W (If Alle, essence- of sovereignZ to existence in'the conditions. at
_. ) survi V I a survk (,, oil -condition that a Head %vaz ed to *b, undetstxd- siiice, I tin,( 1W ')
-icy I ,'& ed' ofall: is. It had ,I is in the,p&wer of issuing
itioer, of fliepresent intern- Igh litilization oJ,.4ur-,na n I wan I I 1,
, .qPd-Dread-i'la na- ptl, 'a.ilt'ho"'d .,,ia T 1, -- I .- 1. .- I 11 I
I In the .alternati that ( I 11 _-:p
ves of, the des- tinal Mot (_,%t wlll have 117 `f SLkte should acce I' ,without, onc: wit4, a rittioriAl'-palicy of- es.- al iind Juliann resources;- 6, fi* ,:66'ert, urtymtbree months then, _ers-,tii.:,vaeh .and every nne I (Continued on png,3,10)
k, I fil faltring the crueil!&aon .,of 1he' sen d puhllcworks outlined in openni I g of roaIds f pen-etmdoi* :, -_ ._ 11: __ I 1. I _. ",
I tinies of survival or j)f Bilicide they are, lhe rota-,ooisl$:and 1. I ,C) ",,., 1, '"' I- I I -'
1. .1 .- I I hich came be _m it _nlbirftentand of-,IeHisl a I ogr6in! audprpaied as pi&-- for tvansport and cQo-nnuntd4_-: 1;1 I L .1 I .1 ; I
-, I _.q I I .for Haiti w I ,pdvocates of I'reedom, while,,'in Preset I I I '' I .
', ; : -1 11 I I I I as Head of my coinitry, so as to c they dp tory 6f tomorrow to', Opouse,, yel I southejlffoail;- Jacinei in -agricad[-, -,--,_Z,-_, I-,
tjob,, for Lbo nlQuas(_ fa rive a4.,Irce con, InIolig all I Q_9'vA -Vont elhtor .1 -: I I I .
., rninctioil; tl(, pissibilit .: _- ',,,'-'_-
.1 I -1 h Irlgatioti for -prn !, ,
_. give to the true people peace tries of- thei r, overeignty z F-c _, works -tor"ll 1) I I
a_ I and bread prDgregs and ,I I -a' I ,; ": ,, -! z _, I I I I
I vell through human--call ,-gllritors' 1, Pt 1, I 1 -.I _
% neous -1, J* ','Telecom inunt6ation, Pe" tJ,, of-,' i to d us fti u I developine I
January. I I their wtv of acting desismed at I liyciri+eletric, Wlanf, In teV- ` -thTo I Itssing ,c eap, e I I I 1.
,W,,' 'January .2', -1804! 2, drama of the, black continent in do, 11 -1 .. I I
I of eventss wd A l&,, -04" as ugb i ayI 11 "' 1.: _,_
I I I -
-decided jor, Survival. vin pf-edoinnianco to 'thei r I ,
d fifty-eight full awakening! I being, I I gi __ 4-__1 :, : ": .1 -,
,1%21 One hundred an I -ss:"an 1 I I ,. _,. I I
I I aptivating and lroublirf I nal 1 jef,iirpit, vort ,,,,, ) ,ller-y all of whi i I __
-yecxsl Cuie hundre fifty- HAITIANS, .,MY BROTHERS; __ -The social scientist in Me took. own ecodomy; so that flie 16rl(V c _1 would I ,, I 1.1. I ;,'_ I
d- rememb- so I othtr, -to espousi-_ ,Tunl;iQr ,ezv;i1a41and I i I I -. I 11 I I I I- I d,. and "I'i'l )4impro"'e-' ,ltl -- % e to I I I I I "' I
to consideration -an _f. ,lnipyb, I qo*merft" to I I :, I "T
eig t years since it seems has To a small in _,,,; 'to, be fettered .1,1 their I ,,-,,,
pr greaf Nation en sc Il "n -, ,
I V ;, 111'_- ..'' ,- Uls,' Ji6nal and internatiolial i s -_ I ,,
ore the irsajou problo ,'Ah ,,.ii fgdlftios,'Sugar'
.and W_ in s I;, ,_ ,, 1 1 1 L .- : ,:'. __ ,, I ,
;r ,-',
us, upon you joying -the notorious favor I I oppoer -: ',,
,n inflicted upon not to ered the crystallization ,, Ill, -14,itian -MZ must-* -:IY, ,,o r supply"syst ` I ,,, 11 I il
'' -the classcs, by, I- .- ,, _6111v created --', ,r- at ein olcl_ as well. "Social pro",T" kv I I It I -
illt" my, brothers and upon be shaken, jerked by the violent sition of .. __ himskin -60 i I oKmnems, -b-C-ucVwor44i- nabirullv do 11 I ,,, Ai 0I A ... ".", *
di- I 11 11 us"deration 'pj-,,bis, :.I I -Fivf" Jrem it I., 11 ''I 11. 1- -__ I : .- I I ,_,l,,`,,
Me tc&y entrusted with the pommotions bred by the inequ- the inequality of living con ,,-,Theiiztacit,i.i,."i4'ait.tI __ 11 I I .1 1, I 1---,
I ut'derstan g-,,on er tile wylvn,= T ce ifl'fraom,,,-Riti '-I b,Maintalftled a1v'*telli-of ]1ut!,:, is &L'Alys ,the i ,-
, ee 1 -21, .- I ',.`. I I I I "I-,, 1,
lity of lead- alit levels 1TC needs, I I I I I r 1, 'uii, I I -, I I 'Vz,
I ,roll sllm I tary an,9, and ow Bat-_ I I., .
y of of ociety. And LU le e I 1, 11,
ur, d$tmi ing the ,stress of.the perception s tw&!a the, n ,crynl 11 I
or 6rable-'msponsibi bear- tions betw n the Various lfiyer' '- din P', anoth list iv. a tfiIo -,jie4d mo Tllve -- 1: -, : -,, _- ... Aw

)g, yn d es .- the ordeal Alt t widnillgbf-the:gilp he __ I
I pvople oL the llliti. (ofsiate.- -itlinlto10'-`, -'sist, t-,jth., te.,,Vritp6rlfitrj, Qt I I -1 11 I ,,. I
_,;"I1h I ,
n- conduct in- office 'was p7ro Ls LhE," ,, I *' ,
e, --- aimed ,, t ,nili n 'I" I I I] I I -, _", I I ': ,
.,,of patience and faith, of courage of all ,internal and. external 'i Naffou' ,'B&T, -one-hi' d fz-e :'o 1 4'Mhureasm-_ 1po_ ` ,In June lX0, aftQr thirty-tilree .: _:1,,:.,:,___- I ,", 1- ,,,'-
,_ I I
inld hop-e'. in an incessant strug-, qualitiess, to tlib Head of a Na- suppression of such inequRl i illi country; ,llziderdeelopped, 1, I z I I 11 I I I- ` .1 I I
fifty eigbt vf-,at'R,-,l:n-,il"-pw-of, pol I ori, _,Wonl 6 L c o a t, IL r',Qbil I's u I" QTIee ,I wastOring :---.' ,: : : I I 1 ", -,
equally -notbir- ity by -deepeum ,;- the great deoelipetl enun- I -__ I I I I t ,
gle for constructing a Haiti at tion enjoying ,an g file way, ;Wd and I -1 I -1 -
1-1 "I 0 I ` k : -, ,' ":
the level of the. dreams and ide- ious favor n6i -to be intimate- Ine- to bring'back to the dl-! trtes, of'whioll'if deinjin,moto_, ,Tnpulso-"- ,truotive I : ;- -- t- 7 _`", _'. I 1,- 4_ I 1 .,,4 7 I
'k I "' 1 I "' '. I'll 11
i- __ -1 of sacriflc,s, to N"a ed so -, : I
l.v--"xed with tufbuiences and hity ofmankind thcInVi 1.4 al assstanCP vMhout Any spirit I I I .1 -, I I 'I, '_ I -111, __ :' z ,,,,- ,, ''Ill' I I I
tin I 11 .- __ 4- ",- .1, I'll, -1
,I, Is o f her Founding Fathers! ....... _,,, ', I
I %_ I ;` ,r,:,z 1'4'.-_, -
" 11 I disorders of near or distant ri. I a vhole, ,and- those of-the back- ()f,, slibirissiun rdi-utlo a. s. to break, definitdy'open fl- I ,& .
I ,:, ''I, I
or Ilbo --- the ',r 1-g ,, I il
? What strange call for cell "thus escapibg l(empI I country whose condition: c', in',: l-op('mhQn, -, tw .1 ,_z ,:,-, :,,', _,-. -111-1 I",
a Ra tions ,. has P6 t1he cal "I .i I .1 11 !. '' 1, ,
livlng,__cbn-I.resu1t, lie -,viduhirg --c'; tli gap 6 -_I 1, --, 1, _, ''
en. considering som6how the rily from tl* atmasphere. oftmains inhuman an 64 to 4,6eity ,
I I I I I I 1 ; .F1 --
__ I I i1oll- 1"LVET- _,,',,7_ I -,, ;_ 1- I 11
Ill, K 1_71.T ,z
- 1, I 1, I I I ,; _-,- -
I I "I -1 I 11 I _, I I 11
Ii__ -- ''. I I I I I _; I 1' j .. ., -- 1. 1. '' I
1. I -, 11 I I I I __ -, 11 -4, --V -7 I 1: _. I .%, .
I ,-- 1 1 I I I -, ,
I I I -uch a: -faid -what : : I
,; VrAll 6 ),, -
I -1 ,_ "I ...... 11
1i I I I -NEd I
4 1 1 I 1: 11 -1 s1'lv)4-,\,k,4 ctd of,,th` -I 7 I i -
'I, -. ,, _- I I ,
v w C,:" I i --I,-
Lioii w, ii 1, zjhI 1
,, I I 1, I- 1 hp 1611 11 -11.11 _Z I I .
I I I I I I : .,,,t,.i. I 1 I -.1 I 11 ---- 1 I-- I I I _
-, I -1 ,.;,, ,, of t4',, r 'r-, -I- ` '' -, '.,
I I .
I. V" Ifflift
I I I I 1. 1 RrT .: -_ !_ ,;;.,- 4 to 1) i e, c, t, ry et- ON I ,
_:- I I __ I I .1 ,% -, I -, Yu:,,T_ I
I q 'y
1 I know W rfu s", I A K ;11 I 11 111. '' I I I
V_ I I I -, I ,. I .. .1 1, 1, .1'. -I F s.: I 11 ,, -
00 '_ -: ,-, T:R : -1
often' I ltow', e-, -11 I I ---
2. .1 I '"'I, ,_, .47 ,H*,',' I, I : I I 7, 1 1
I i- I -_ -Ec( 11 I -%_ 11
1! I -:, _-, ., ferentiv-4irCe -__nDt -given: ,.Yilu :, -1 ,..: I I I ?
"I --- I I 11 I I-
I '' .- I I I I I I c .", : ,, -
,- '' I I I ) _
11 I -tb6 tlicvpliollai,coli' ,,_, I -, ,
_" 1-- I ... I-e- Picture' Vf I I _1 I I I I
1. 11_ I 1, I -1
I' I I I 11 ,,, -,'_ r, I I : I ,-, ; -_ ,_ ., I ., ,- -
,. a a n .- : ,_ ,, ., : ditiQIn 'IbeQ the c6luiti'y under I :111, ,,,
t1 i 11 1, 1. I I~ 1, I I 1 :4
i:. ., A I z ,_ -- ,. -
-, I MY, #ulaatico, an, 1,
I -1 -_ I I _', I I .ifle, ,in eang ,,, I I'll, I I I I I : .1 I
: I -;, '. ,, I I 1, ", ,L
". I I I I : I ; -11 11
,_ I I I I ,;Z,_ "'. ,,, _7,11 1 "a(fnp1`W_.To -1n=9- 'all-out, som(' I 11 I I I .
" I .1 I I I I _v 1, .- -, I I -.1, I 11 ,, I ange and erveti"somp in I royp I I t -, -1 I .
:1 I __ I I I -1. I : ,, -: c El-at I I,- I .jrroyp I -, -. 5- _- I-,-- 1,
:,,, s-
I 1 1
1, -1 '.1 t7, I I I f
7' ,_ ',, racti I I _-, in, .ev e CV P 0
I I .1 I I _,qntho oecasion, :, -'--,.'-I':"-'-' -_ I -_ -1 I T y I -
I I r I I _, 1, -__-,, :11 I -._'7: 1 ': 11: :, .,
I I .- I '-11 i. I I I z
, I I I I '_ I pa,,Prbitt;,,;to',tha',cntiznge. and 11 I 1 ", I .. I .1 1 I 11- I I I : !,. ". ,,
--- I I -_ _,. 1 I __1 I I -1 -1 I _. -,-_ :: .1 I I I-, .11 A
1 ,-Z: ,, ,- i 1, 1- 11 :1. 11 _1 ": I
1, 6 in thea" If I -
___,I I- :_1 I patiu' cp,_-of,,7Ay, ;p,,)pl I salm i ." 41 -.ON`lpr ..
., I _: I I I 1 I -1 -
I I I T O 'e' -, -,
9' I I -,, '' 'W o _dI :_ 1,
V. I I I f -f t I 1, ", -1, I -, 1, _: I.- ,_ exgq4ttifinb of vi,4-1)1iug wblcl ; 14,ii, _%; _', L_ -11'' ,-, I I o I I .1 _, I I
I I I ': I 11 'I- .-:- _. ", __ ,I. I I
I I I I I ,:1 I '.. I I I oveloiutlened, ivi h permanent I I, .--- _' _r .1 ildit. I l 1. fir, __ I I I 1, I I I .- I
k- I .. 1, I _1 I -_ I ,:_ r, 1 1. h I d ev&4*"_,A,ttiy q ,a F a t to7 I q 11 AV-: I I I I /, aria, lyVM si,ces. Suc I I I
. 1 11 I I I I :
11 1. .. I 1, + I '. _-, I 1-1 It', I, r j ilt,','i.",l4a,,ffi,-,.,,, ery I .., I I
". I ,,Il ;, -, 1., ,hi,,L,c;- ., z TE LlgEL" Scotch I _-__ 'P_ I 11 P I" coII -'.sac .1pa ence a -- ,2i ao "', _', ,
:, 1. I I I n __ ,j '_ .r'li,,,1,_ ,'I-hs i 11 -
I lhel-jibchtiv`, to -11, str`ilitli f i 'h
: I I I -
691 QUE DU- Q)JA1.,:z-.. i,:,ikJit= % he w- -, -, If qoaL ;; I ,
-,- I .- I I I 1C 'Ift"ad aU eoffee inistatit coffeewit A e -,
-_ I I .1, I I -, V. fervor _Potroitlwr""len 91 I I ,,,
.11 11 \ ".1 I I I : I I I .11 I c I stli4 le, A d, I *. -1 I -., -, _-, I I I I
11 ::- -. ,_ I __ -v I arnoust-arbey`nd th6 _" ei's heaven ther 11
I I __ _''_;'- i -1 I L 0 .1-, ,,, ,
__ ti6n, ,4,, iiade'tl3iait'ic'cld"%y-hlsk _f, I I cup!!44 .- 1. : I I 1 I -_
11 I .. I W RAT TO B UY '-. I 11 -- I .L- "", -:, ,,, if,- t -,Tbday, 'WkJfXt, -, I ,-, ,:, .z 1. z ... ... 1,
1 1. I I I I I 1 7 1 I- 11 I I ,, r,:Ids A ,)?I; ,i& SCtfloiad, _, 11 I
I 11 I I., .. ,,, r 11 1 1, -. 1 ," I 1, ,- I : ,,,, I'll
.. I -1 I I ., -? ,,, I S I L no I eLM 4- ritooffg*$I, I _] i '-- -- i ry'vvIlelic c --It Off ebeans'iilal.& ` .,., I I 1. I .. ...... :",
I I- ., secret thatrextra
I -- ''. -.VC Cln)' LN, 1,,A4,, Down el, iql5red nied eve i :SJfto, C _,
L, I 1, I I 1. I I -, ,9 e r' I I I ,a -',. '_ e -
I I": I '- I -11, I., 1 s6toj IZ I _r ,
.1 11 I 1 22;_1957j, br, t_- I 'I -.-_ --coffe tra good-. 43-- choice, d eep-roaste I ,"..
11 ml -JA 1, kr6,,,k far ` ,'!I,_, e,ex 1:-,__
SISAL -BASS '-anJ BELTS I I W ,: y6ii, ,,,', 1',,V -- ,' 'r I I ,-.j ,
I ., -1 I '' I I : ,4 .,- ; 1,
1. I 11 I I'- I I yp -,_ ) 1- `11%
.J L r ,,;. -, ', q 1,,i ,, _,,- ,,"", '-- 4 1 -.
,,'j 7 _-- ,,rit,,
:, I k 11 I f, ;, I -- __ ; -, ic)lI 1:1 -`;`- _": 11, I I beahs everyft vorfulc tip of todat.S-_ --- -- I I __.
I .- I _. I I 1, I yo 11 IQn, I, -in, f _,'', _T -L'' -_ '_ o-
,. 1 1, -_ __ '' _-: _:
it _. :Z., te W n w -, L ,, `_ ,26 -
1:,, l- __. 'I, I 11
11 I '. VREA H PU M UMLS' I I L I 710MID1711 hic L'il` i"o 7 1,,N&kafe.No-_6th0r, offee. no -matter huw,
and LIQUOPS I I nna T,` '! f -11 I .1
I I 1 L IV` I 1. I 1C ,: ,,, ,.r I : ,- -
11, '.
, I I : "I .. I I -, I 11 I 1. I I I ,,_ I I I "I, I :
I I 1_; I I I -_ "I So fresh, so frien y-, so ., ,z
i,, tu l r t- -It'S made. ,'-_tast dl
I :, :, _- cot I i ] t" :. I~ : -
'' 1 I L -111, I AN I 1 __
t I 4t ,ja, "__',
': ,
I -,. -1 I a rati6n-', '04 W- A r' ,,,-o --,'Lw-T,_,- ,',_ .
-ati6n', 1

AGE -10
-'* *"i ____ -

SU N '

Sunday January 14, i4962'

resident Duvaliers- Seh .

(Continued from page i)
.i well known. This country
aurs. and no p-ower- in. the
Il 4 could think of want. to
uitb our right-to direct -if in
(serise of its history, its eth-
gi"dgin, and the line .of .its
.tiny *iless 1804 is. erased
innthe .'eiebs of .world-his.
7.$ .. -
.ever ibitions of- civiliza-
bo-the lv.el of-man in the
h. at total dignty of his'
s1thep. Haitian people.want
,beit shall: beer-be with the
j ;.beir.l berty arid the
^iivy:.f thfNe Nation. We'
lied lA ei'ty.~ ::
will .w not. -surreider this
ytoY- slavery r to bonid-
^iot pder 't o eliminate hunger
;liories 'of pur- numeriless
5je .i iWe will notr render
i entry -tqo savy inh. order
'tadicgte diseases ad. plag-
9T:ut slums.' -

e;LiW-ll wti(oirunrde e.his
jtmJ., otoslaver y inrd.,orrI.

Sand .si)lt ith'soaterr,
ieo otdevelbp-

M E, b e4 t

gpejpndacfl t aoJ2ii sbtto
me .':-Ie iwA' 4 wi'"derth

and:, ih give e .id". .ne fi.
dnms?1i 6 1^- """i00 n'' '
:to-..slave ac:d. in
v udertigs. AMdjnder
.IFOL OMk .W..t."has nE.

bn' i h- i w th.&-iznpetatbres
hual.ngp 'peaceful 'Ob-existenc+
lp.'statelof this hem isph-.
- and 'give evidence f:-itk
.n..e..ess to'friqndshia. t-.
.. .. .. .

the great principles of national
sovereignty and independence -of
nations? Has not My adminis-
tration recognized and consider-
ed the burdens and quality of
the. difficulties assumed by the
Str-spangled- Republic with the
responsibility, of the Free world
.Leadership? Have not. the ad-
ministration and me Haitian
people defined in supra national
acts that their behavior, is likely
to be useful instead of dbnoxious.
and. weakening. for the great
Neighbor,, despite the fact .that
in the hearts of this intuitive
people and in,. the' sound judg-
ment -of the anguished nation,.
anxiety, and doubt of being mis-
urderstood have to u.n d their
*way... -. ,. .
-In: .tih nur Caribbean area
fraught with political unrest how
unquestioned a contribution the
government .and the people of
Haiti have brought to Peace...
t :;i .WI countryy and My' people
i:'the. L cpn~m i c and Car-
-ibbhe4i '.qoiaE''-re a black dn-
tymesig-ie 'ethnidall" with
Use siOunig t a black'
entity different by its genesis- as
a.Nation,- a gnesis responsible
sonR ewhatrfo_ a- laborious .gowth
and4e#eveloppnent,-because on the
buMt sil of forter- Sant'Do-
;nigoCit ..felto the 'share .of
e Aebrs of te-Man.of CoEmieirs
to create,'it' .. lizatin i.' ,the
benefit of .c6ittol s.. '
i o the ditghi.ty af' hdfiiai beni;
.it y.bouitfry and My people
kept in backwardness for twb
decades. '.hi:r aspirations .to
normal Aag'f eepri ith, today
cry out fethir eings of frupt-
ration -'toiegf.in th opening-
n.ew .horiris, who. shall- a
throw upon'-them .the stone of
'urse? Who? .
To heap up rdship;. uppr
miseries, misunderstanding upon




humiliations, lard heartedness intimate sense contained -in
.upon refusals, what then is left January .2, as a date& are re-
to' them? Repeated strains. Vio- called after 158 years in a Haiti
lent internal turmoils. Revolu- afflicted with economic ahd so-
tions to be remade. That is what 9ial misery, and accusing all the
should be left to My country and heirs of those who on Januqry
My people already too despond- 2, 1804 were handing down the'
ent in the midst of unexploited success and perennity of their
and. nn-exploited riches, for the Magnificent Deed, as well as
benefit of national communities its, continuity, to their faithful-
with the threat of condemnation ness in the.permanent conquest
to economic misery, fateful and of Independence, to their wis-
dangerous to -the security o .the dorn, their devotion, their toil
hemisphere as a whole.. and their consciousness of sov-
I have dot ceased to :re-af- erelgnty conquered in a great
firm that, for' the maintenance loie.
of a maximum of unity between -
the nations .of tlis hemisphere Arid then, on this Day of our
so anxious of working together Fo nding Fathers, I have come
for the defense of freedom and again ito propose to the Nation
the safeguard of peabe, they to write. vith Me the moving
rust have, political -and. ,social page of the History of our timed,.
security, all of which can only of the bitter times w-i'will hare
be brought about by economic to face; taking 'consiousness- of
and i financial security. nd' itself and -'f. its sovereignty,-
thought then that' My'country ta.4g cinscousness -of the cog-
and My people wuld ve al- tradictions betweerr the reound-
ready enjoyed the 'benefit- -f b--v t1e :u-.
re yd the benefit g .principle 'of mitul assistan-
prompt solution. Alae! We have ce and solidarity betireen peop-
believed;. The i elites have believ- les and the.profqund deceptions
ed. The masses Have believd- nd .bitter delusions of facts pav-
Only deceptions -masked under iqg e'. ay of one hundredd and
cover' of .smiles,;:'And .WIords: .-., 4f-eight years of fraternal .life
encouragement could put ap offered to all;.-taking conscious-
end to the'tactic-of cheatingwith ness of the. refusal op osed to
trdth -so as .to fertimze aiethiical origin, to. its .sense' of
hbpes. '`dignity..and: of the'. respect
,Hard time! to be faced .and due to he human specie, to its
conquered -:by the government slf-deteriiipatioil in choosing
and on behalf of the people so Freed6m's, ilfs to"adapt itself
:admirable with patience and td. intentional .ihterdeppeden-
faith,.are ahead. ce through the~difficilt.iways bt
Had. times for the whole Na democraey,.the only-one cdpable
tion, which- can 'not be made up of seeuring-the -asting.and etemrn
of two-thirds- of have-nots and a, to the freedom of the Haitian:
.one third satisfied with a 'vital ard ,of -t',maSiithout,-. br.'.all
inripnup, .are ahead. that the -4ation. should become.
.- ': "."' ..' an example and a danger'
Whatever ways .are propo.ped, :Bynd' experimental-aproa.-
the Haitiannation -w th sons ces for. the. domination 'o? or-'
and all of .its sons- mut coos G it sens'that a- new daw
in full Ponsciousress pof the..b isibreaking in. the niind'-fthe
fer times: we .are to live, the rious Addrs es.deflverd by
new destiny imposed to it by the resent led 9 .the Ufted Sta
new scale of relatiaonships,.-and tes of lyoih A nerila in such-
human and christian values. addresses h ': hi peole
To this end,. the country antd he le.to oi: 'peco-
the people will: have to- do away tny r in'Aot O.12 iity and
with deceitful -and -delusive .no- nt in t i-of-ni e' .si .rts
tons olf mutual -assistance, -o fo privileged groups. He urges
do away with notions of an iA- the t6 see that human rela-
possible brotherhood and equali- t.onshis or relations .between
ty;- not 'to cheat ey .longer t.' peoples should be based
with the truth of fatts and Ie- ion enlightened mutual ass-
haviors. ..- iince and true solidarity to
As a' plkiclan; .let mte tell :
you that however skil ful'a phyS-'
sician Is, the patient must be
willing -to, iet cured so that he '' k
can be cured. Dxa-.b
SThe country, ill-as it is, shall ",
be cured if the.best of its sons 9
accept to .dedicate themselves to INDIS
that task. The country shall sur-
vive, if all of its sons so desire r ; En
and give no heed to the betrayal .
of the high values of civilization .
gargled the world over by inter- -
national clerks in order to into- 4 AGENTES
xicate 'so as to better strangle 5 .CO.
the under-developped nations to
which they propose such values The only sweet LIQUE
of civilization without the least the basis or the finest pm
hint of honest and positive ac- Indispeniable for festival
-tion to integrate them in the sion.
daily unrolling of the political, XCL IV
economic and social life of the O EXCLUSIV.
have-not nations. LIONEL S. D'A
.:ThF- profound. valued and thi4

(Engusa TIanslation py:
Ettleworth John PiCkering
Head of the Translation Dept.
MItistry of.. Information and






IUR made in Scotland on
ties and for every ocf.-


S'HA i. T I

arrive at: the cratflon,'. wih the
whole .hemisphere a harmony '
dif cori'unities ijteg~rted 'in an
Aliance for Progdess in hich
technical- aiid material riches of
his great, country, should be en-
gaged in the suppression of in-
hutian living conditions. Magni-
ficent victory of the mind''bioer
matter. -
Is the Administragon ready.to
materialize it? Will the Adminis-
tered submit to it? And, how
soon? ""-

'n the meantime; I have:coine
again to propose to the Natiop,
to My people still afflicted with
all, sots of miseries and accp-
mulated ahguishes, to resolve
-in writing this. moving page f .
History with Me, by getting rea-
ly- to fall back upon themselves,.
upon their own resources, by, or-
ganizing. themselves according
to an unflinching. national disci-
pline; ith a -doubtless will wor-
thy of the. Founding. Fathers,
ready- to face .with courage the
sacrifices and all the-sacrifice;
to say NO to the ihea nmen or t e
Hangmen,- cited in the male
'pride of- their .traditions of stru.-
gle, heroistl and victory.

The' Haitian Nation .can .ach-
evQ if. T6e people can.' They-
kre capable.. They must begin .
now and they begin today .J: '
2; 1962 the moving'-pagie lofi-
tory to be. written with,- e 'as.a
tribitfe f 'gratefulness 'adi fait4
fitness to the oafth taken on Ja.a-
uary 2, 1 8 04 -a$ .ich.: .
"Understarinf an4ccept, the pet,
mapence. of. create effort, the -
f ty. of hope0;fhe poweri f-
will, in -renemging the sacrifice;.:
to -save our'own selves'"and .liv.,.
freely, in dignity and

Thi k it ovr, latian Neg-. "
roes, My. Broters o' a i
to' a *d cision, :

Ma 'the' ILord Cejtor of .'
Universai- r4c h bifess or.:
wor ~sand"ri' avt over the su i-
vivl qf. the'tfortunate peopip
eltaift and the perennity' 6f
the. : .Negro- Civuizlidii
cieated ;-by Toussaint '.Louvertu-
re in the New World. -
.. .. -

r _




W' .;..'i-'-;.,.;;r. `; ..~-. I

Sunday January 14, 1962



What Frenchman .

Of American. Won

PARIS.- ed in the United States for 22
What a Frenchman thinks of years, ten of them as a bachelor,
American women is the stuff has just written a novel titled
that best-selling French novels, "Pierre et les Americaines,"
not to mention columns by this which is sort of a private French
writer, are made of. Robert Fel- Kinsey report on the American
sette, a Frenchman who has liv- female.

His hero, Pierre, is a jazz vio-
linist, who gets mixed up with
four American women in his
search to find out what makes
the American female click.
His first adventure is with
Doris, who is a beautiful woman

ti...' ". f ij- '...., AI.^" A '-. ''- -'_' -1

~i<5jp o, "; .. -: .. ,"

j," tt .: -:'. ,."

In Geneva since 1755

Exclusive Agent:
Avenue Jean-Jacques Dessalines

Rue Bonne Foi


L*ArAE ifl
-3__ *J

set 1.-fl .



^I _^^ what exactly he was driving at
hI ns "I am trying to say that whedi
a Frenchman first arrives ,n
e n America he doesn't differentiateY
between American women. H6;|
thinks they're all alike. He may
have a false opinion of Ameri-A
or, as Felsette described her to can women based on his first
us, "the type of American every brief encounters. In a foreign^
Frenchman dreams about." She country you don't always meet:
is unhappily married and decid- the best women when you firstA
es to take up with Pierre in the arrive. Then, in the case of a-q
hope he can teach her something Frenchman, if you behave like
about love. He does, only to dis- you do in France, decent Ame-.,'
cover that Doris is using the rican girls run away from you.'".:
lessons to win back her husband, "Is that what happened to.;
which Pierre decides isn't quite you?" we asked him.
cricket. "In a way. What a Frenchman.'!
His next stop is a girl named epnsiders perfectly proper con-,
Olympe (you have to look hard duct is not what an American'i
in the United States to find a woman considers perfectly pro-A
girl with that name, but Pierre per conduct, and that's where"
does). They get along quite well you run into difficulty. Also, il
for almost a year, but then a Frenchman stays in Americami,
Olympe decides they should get he has more chance of being
married, a frightening thought converted to American ways .(a':.
for Pierre, who replies with ty- in the case of Joan) than of cont
pical French logic:: "All love averting a woman to his. ways
affairs ..do not necessarily have (see Olympe)."
to end1 with marriage.". -
Pierre next goes with a girl The big difference as far .as:'
named Paula, a nice New Engl- the American woman and the..k
andgirl, well brdd, well educat- European woman is, conceiredi,
ed, and full of all the fine qua- according to Felsette, is-in com-3;i
litibs a New England girl is fa- munication. "A European wo-
mous for but he makes the man can speak to you with her'
mistake of failing in love with eyes, and by looking at them;'.
her. She is also in love .with you usually can tell what -ii4.
Pierre but decides there is no going on in her mind. But an:.
future in marrying a. French- American woman usually has a. i
man, and she-gives hii the gate dull; blank 16okin' her,'eyes, andiI
before h ,,can propose. you never kniw what she's thlki-'
Finally'PierreI meets Joan and kigh g.
discovery' some. Aimerican girls
are just like some rh girls, This causes, great confusing
y. kJind -mism g e ee---A.
or like rls :. .bi ';'!and' so; nd"' misunderstanding between;
Pierre aridJQ "tg 4riie# e tho, sexbs ii' the United States.',;
Pierre h:-s 0lotl.tiseprejudices ,If. Ameican wo men couldme
about necan wa men, and earn to speak. with their eyes:
while he is still Iot.ran American they wouldn't have to do so:
at heartr-he- 'is loger the much explaining all the time. .
Frenchman-h use 6 to be. While the author is most sym-:
'.:' :--pathetic toward the AmerleaA
The reader:." wil .,have to .de- Wvoman and is'now an Americani
cide whether tihfl gives Felsett's citizen, when it came time to
novel a happy ending orKot get married he-chose a Frenchl
Since most of the storyfi, s wife. '
based ori personal '.epeierices, "Why did you do this?" wes
with helful- contribution from' asked hiA.
French friends' who have -lived "Because," he said, "I meti
in Americq, -we asked .Felsette Joan's family."
... .,_.._ r,._"__ .

Caribbean Construction Co. SA. -

Builders Of The Military City

Gen. Manager: Gerard.' HEARD

Phone: 3955. P. O. BO 284:


Home of the
Exciting, -
4 in a new repertoire
4 Complimentary Meringue Lesson at 9:30 p.m.
a a a. a a a ai. .. ..n I.

. ..-" *"'

i Wi- .. ...

PAGE 12 H A t

Cars Of Future To Operate Without
The world's scientists -are searching for the energy two electrodes ai
source of the future. opposite charges,
pole, the other as
consequently they
MUNICH (DaD) The Tech- energy source is very simple: battery working
m'; nical University of Munilh it is simply the direct utiliza- of energy. As lo
t is one of the largest technical tion of the electric energy that ous electrode on
teaching institutions on the Eu- is developed by chemical reac- supplied with hy
ropean Continent. Right now only tions, without an intermediate other with oxygen
tivo small laboratories in this change into heat energy. A Ger- tery will work a
huge scientific and teaching ins- man physicist, Professor Dr. tric energy, i.e.
Situation are engaged'in work for Justi, of the Technical Univer- time that this ch
;thp further development of an sity of Brunswick has discovered continues.
invention, which, perhaps, in a the "stone of the magi" by divi-
a' .few years' time will constitute sing this gas element, when h t
'.'a' scientific and industrial revo- had been able to obtain thg elec-
S' a greater number
|I qtion, perhaps even more reyo- trick energy released at the cor- a gre r
I:tlutionizing than the utilizatioR of bination process of oxygen and ries, called fuel
Nuclear power; these laborator- hydrogen by. an arrangement of ect current o a
.Iies work on what is called Justi specially designed porous elec- age and amperagi
Sgas element ,the source of ener- trodes. A diluted potassium lye ated, which will
gy of the future. was used as an electrolyte; the electric motors.
e pant about this
The principle of this novel hydrogen and oxygen ions corn- an a
Energy is its grei
Sficiency: its enerj
.:: ... about 80 per cen
With 30 per cent
K A Tl eternall combustion
,h the majority of
ANNOUNCES ended is lost i
SALON &t.LnN heat. In addition
BAR eisha &SALO Guinee and oxygen gas
$, limited quantitie
OPE EjVER)(jijN FOR thus the "actual
.. cheaper than petr

i- The principle
S source of tomorrow
all scientists. Nc

and of research
all the world wor
nical improvement
energy source. In
SUniversity of Mm
gressr has already
.: when highly acti
used as an -elec
l highly active fuel
Saa example methane
readily give off s
numerous h yd r
Which will accele
S. ntion substantially
~f'- ore, will also bo
quantity that ca
from the reaction
space-saving ani
S energy source the
Sent is already
importance to,
S Your charming Hostess KATHERIN DUNHAM space .rockets, an
PRESENTS ing of various de'
on board ships a
d Ahid es. They will b
ideal solution for
-.* Particularly inter
the development
!TUESDAY FRIDAY energy source in
of tomorrow, wh
At the Peristyle DANSE VAUDUN fuel tanks will c
filled with the
quifre coupling
WEDNESDAY clutches and gea
no exhausts, for
F" EREmorrow will runm
v'.:AT THE OPEN AIR PERISTYLE during any detri
FOR YOUR PLEASURE IN THE Moreover, it will
COLONIAL SELLING OF above all more
operation than all
PAULINE BONAPARTE this great aimie
5 MNUTR S FROM PORT AU PRIN;Z ON achieved by scic

,.: :S '

' I-. SUN''

Sunday January 14, 1962

Petrol TIME FOR EVERTHING (Continued from page 5)
complete the sixty count, and the higher .her tempera-
er, in which the lure the sooner she completed the totaL When her
re charged with temperature returned, to normal, her rate of counting
one as a plus
n as a plus was about right. The same che~ ial process in our
s a minus pole;
operate like a bodies may account for a manager's exasperation at
without any loss the seemingly long time it takes his clerk to find a file,
ng as the por- or the mother's irritation when her call to dinner Seems
the one side is to be slowly responded to.
drogen, and the
n gas, this bat-
nd supply elec- ABOU WASTNG T
during all the
em reaction Time is an asset which we.cannot lightly afford to
waste. The habit of wasting it is like a sullen weed,
,spreading greedily over our lives. Ten wasted minutes
arrangement of a day add up to a work week and a half in the course
Sof such batte- of a year.
elements a dir- What is "waste time"? One may think of it as wak-
very high voit' ing hours that are spent neither in work nor in play.
dri can be geen It may show itself in prattling idly, in staring, at no-
drive efficient
What is signific- thing, in stalling before beginning a task.
new source of Many of us waste time in deciding trifles, in explain-
at economic ef- ing why we have not yet got around to doing things,.
gy utilization is and in doing useless things. It is said that Pietro Me-
it as compared dici once employed Michael Angelo to make a statue
in today's in-
I engine, where out of snow, a frivolous waste of great talent.
the energy ex- Foresight is a major factor in time control. It gites
n the form of you freedom in planning your actions so as to take full-
hydrogen, gas est advantage of time. To choose time is to save time,
ire available in because a thing done when it should be done is better
s everywhere; done, and it is put out of the way with dispatch.
fuel" is much
rol or diesel oil Organization is a potent aid toward making the best
of your time. Benjamin Franklin had a precept: "Let
all your things have their places: let each part of your
business have its time."
of this energy Disorder is the eternal enemy of efficient use of time.
ow is known to.
w the kabora- Don't allow yourself to get into the habit, so very cam-
ndustrial firms mon, of picking up papers or tools and laying them
institutions in down without disposing of them. Not only does it waste
rk on the tech- timb, but it breeds the impression of difficulty.
it of this new Most of us indulge in this form of dissipation 'to
the Technical some extent. We yield to indolence but maintain a
nich great pro-
Ly been made, semblance of 'work for the sake of quieting our con-
ve fuels were science. ..
trolyte. These
s, such as for GET1FING STARTED
o and ether, Once the need is known --get busy! Or, in the niore ,4

o gen atoms, measured language of the King in Shakespeare's Ham-
.rate the reac- let: "...that we would do, we should do when we would."
,and, there- Another king, Frederick I. rose before dawn sothat he
ost the energy had a longer day in which to enjoy being king.
in be derived
i. As relatively PA3 1GJ~ 3 NI(E ""
d light-weight
Justi gas ele- Th'fas Maaam, the German novelist, smrote: "What
today attached I value most is transitoriness" He went on to say that
particularly for.
d for the driv- the passageolf timne is not 'sad, but the very soul of
vices and units existence. It imparts value, dignity and interest. It
nd on land ve- rrompts s to feed and answer the newness of every :
3e an absolutely daly that da.wna
such projects. When we cease peering baoldward into thte mists df
resting will be
of this new our pst', anJ Il ig n torwaad into the fog that shrouds
the motor-car the future, 'amki concentrate upon doing- what lie's clear-
ich instead of ly at hand, then we are making lthe 'bet aind happiest
zarry two light u'c of our time.
I gas cylinders, We may suffer setbacks that seem to steal our time
fuel elements.
no longer re m irretrievably. So Thucydides might have thought when,
s, differential, for losing a battle, he was exiled-from Athens in 424
r systems, and B.C. Instead, he spent the twenty years in banishment
the car of to- travelling from place to place gathering facts which
without any 1oi- he used in writing his immortal histories.
end without To have time for everything we wish to do we need
be lighter, and, to measure what we spend our time on in terms of its
economical in value in happiness and achievement.
designs known Time moves on with the deliberation of universal
a few years of processes that can afford to be slow because they have
required until eternity for completion. As for us, we wake up in the
wi have een morning and our purse is magically filled with twenty-
four hours. We need to seek by all means the best ways
Fritz WAHL. in which we may make the most of our allowance.

* -


SSunday January 14, 1960

8 Doctors

S To Provid

S(From the New York Times) pital Immaculee Conception. She
is a practicing psychiatrist but
S'CHICAGO, Jan. &-Eight Chi- will serve as her husband's clin-.
Scago eye doctors started a new ical aide in Haiti.
charitable, organization this week
called Focus, Inc. Other doctors who will spend
'It will serve the indigent in a month each at the Haitian
Pbrt au Prinde, Haiti. hospital are: Robert F. A7ar,
Each doctord will give a month, D. V. L. Brown, J. Robert Fitz-
oir the time that they normally gerald, Alex E. Krill, Arthur
take for their vacation to the Light, Thomas J. Stamm and
organizationo. Charles F. Wilson.
,The filrt was Dr. James E.
McDt~hald, -the founder of Focus, Medical equipment and, miedi-
:'. Who departed by air last Mon- cine worth $15,000 were donated
dhy, accompanied by his wife, to.. the project. Among contri-
also a doctor. ., butions were fifty pairs.of glass
He"wasi in 'Haiti' five years eyes and 1,000 pairs of glasses.
ago on vacation and became in- Concerns supporting the pro-'
Sterested in that island, country's gram Include the House of Vi-
problems. To enable established sion; Alcon Laboratories; Ethi-
doctors to serve people in need con, Inc.- the Upjohn Company;
abroad without cutting,. them- Merek; Sharpe & Dohme, inc;
selves off entirely froi 'their Smith, Kline & French:- Abbott
ShIme practice he hit upon the Laboratories; Hoffman, La Ro-
Sdvice"'of having the doctors go dhe, Inc.; iRobert B. Scott Com-
-in sucession, pany; Multi Electric Manufact-
S' .1 during Company; and E. R.
YThey. wviU.,pay .their own tran- Squibb.& Sons.
spQo tiow i costs .-nd will receive
.'no salary. The plan has been Dr McDonald, an alumnus' of
waorkd out wtith"the cooperation Loyola University. of "Chicago,
' the'Haifian Ministry of.Health. said thd doctors from Focus,
Dr..-MCDonald and -his' wife, Inc., would be working in 'an
Dr Eyelyn Mc Donald, will work area that was without available
Sat .a..Governent hospital, Hos- eye-eare- They will he the only
/ .? .".,- ,.- .-.104.,- ..
.., -a. e '. A a. a A .. s o .. a .e. .__ j-,,,o, A-, '. .M .a. j

-i. ...



S Entrance Charge $1.00

& V &

*0 S a t- ~ kbAwh~O4.


...-:BSil ,l C&MIMA rMW B .
NIKKOp.Bt0m. F:24 IZrfS.
sa.m sIaNGLE -. .Ns-.

New At:







Of Chicago

le Eye Care




HUGE OVEN with visualite window." i
easier, more thorough cleaning. .
ECONOTROL BURNER makes every ustensils a-
tomatic. .
Lifetime guarantee of all burners. .
Too many features to list here. You must see it to
appreciate it. Easy terms too. .

RU '4;M 4'&. .. "
..;.R.U ,.A.,.f"l" i


.,ai7 4 Army Officers And 13 Enlisted M
rganize .To Train n The U.S.
tn Haiti -- .
In H aiti Port an Prince USIS Four alIo receive training at Cain
Haitian Armed forces officers Le eune, while Privates Rosie
and thirteen enlisted men de-. Beauvil, St. Pierre Etienne an
white doctors in the area, ex- parted recently for training in Calixte Guerrier will go to-t":.
2ept for a French psychiatric the United States. Sponsored by Marine Corps School at Que
mission on the lie de la Tnrtue, the U.S. Naval Mission the. 17 tico, Virginia. 'i
he Island of the Turtle. Haitian Military men will at- .
tend training programs located Four enlisted men will receive
The fees as set by the Haitian In several Eastern seaboard medical training at U.. NaQt
governmentt will be 40 cents for states and for varying durations. Hospitals, Sergeant Myrtil Dai.
n initial consultation, including paint and Private Wesle
medicine; 20 cents for subse- Their visits range from a 10- sa"t and Private wesley N.
[uent visits; $1 for outpatient week motor transport orienta- ane t St. Albsl N.: i
and Sergeant Willer Dorsail
surgery; .$4 for inpatient surg-. tion course for Adjutant Andre and Corporal Maize Desrav"
'rry, and 80 cents for glasses. Picard at Camp LeJeune, North atd Chblra,1 Malzssachu
bhe fees are to be collected by Carolina to a .15-month's train.. -ahlsa Massachuset
he Government to cover admin- ing in English and laboratory
station costs. work at a U.S. Naval Haopital
for Sergeant Max Crispin. Student Cerulli ''
Heading the list of Haitian: Vacations Her ..:
officers is Captain Max D'Haiti,
SF, ""'h a dentist, who will study oral Edoardo Cerilli son of Mr.'aD
F. i A 1ri surgery for 55.weeks at the U.S; Mrs Heni',Cpulli spent aW
Naval Hospital, St., At ans, N' at bhomei during the t.Cn4 i
LOONG.LIFIE Y. Coast Guaxr.'Lieutenant recess of classes at thed'i
FAN BELTS Franck Seraphin will study.na- sylvania State.Colege of upto
S vigation aids at the U.S. Coast metry in Philadelphia. .MrEIgd
Guard Training Center, Grotp ;I rulli is enolled:in thtie
IADLATOfR OSE Conn, 'while Army .Lieutenants of the professional curricil
PO E Charlemagne Guirand and Max He was graduated form.. 4
Valles will complete training tion St. Louis-de Gonzigue fg
'courses at Cap'LeJeune.. School- in 1957-and cormie
Sergeant Charles Pierre -and his opre-professidnal college iti4
Corporal Israel Metellus wil dies at lle .College. '-
*| ww L ..^i~ ili~ iifS ~ i;i
4:i-4'-' .-1

SEE UD IS E NBUUT R; -* A.'i 2 -" ,, ... .. .. "*.!,
S- '. 4

_ierr '.' -.H "I GH ..

.r Atim. .otv Accrosrles, 4
T i O .. '"
Makes everyday .a .od'Hoj y".. n your kitchn... U ,:
W LCommerci, A. the "Gold Star Award" wiwes, the TAI PIGOI rangei./
W LLIAM NAR,. A. No finer range' anywhere today. .
Tires and Tube-Batteries countless accuratestages of adjustment for every cook-
Port an Prince ing need from fast boiling or frying down to gentle
Pierre SANSAIWCI -- 4 eremie
Gerald DELAQUIS Jeremie EQUAFLO OVEN BURNER Makes possible newi1
Nabih -8. HAGE Saint-Mare
BOUCARD & Co. Jacmel perfection. Heat is spread in a rectangular gpattertu
shape of the oven and broiler. No hot center, no col1d-

a PIN POINT PILOTS ool,economatic Pin Poi'P
Nn Pilots asre only one third the size of ordinary pilots -
a flame so tiny it keeps range cool in any weather, an&
QUALITY saves you money,, too. -'


S -. .





:' -:.. ,

;P>AG(3 .14 H A I T. SU N '
', A iMASSA\

f iseh report President Receives BASSAD
i Polish Charge ON HAT
,. d'Affaires, a.i.
I have read wit]
thew T. Kenny's
This year, like the precedent 4. t is really a
years, to follow a tradition of little black republ
his own feelings and of Poland, on the Western
ht th the Charge d'Affaires a.i. of which has provoke
~ When the earthquake shook Port an Prince Monday night te Popular Republic of Poland, our migration and which
Audience ofThe Ten Commandments at the Rex Cinema got their friend Aleksander Bekier, came nal of liberation ti
SMoney's worth. The quake hit as Moses was calling up his own to Port au Prince to present the ed peoples, contain
F.quake... Rotund and heavily mustached Sam Halper the corres- greetings of his Government and target of unjust cr
_peondent of Time Mgzine in this area is now a frequent visitor his own to His Excellency the Despite its attack
Honorable Dr Francois Duiralier cause of peace
.:'. to Haiti. He has recently visited Cuba and the Dominican Repub- aons te ion o e aof pee a
on the occasion of the annive. prevent chaos in
i::,l... Jules Dubois a veteran Latin American correspondent for sary of Haiti Independence. The Caribbean zone, t
-the Chicago Tribune and head of the Inter American Press Asso- Charge d'Affaires presented a tion is still fight
%::ilatlon-Freedom Of The Press Committee was in town. He makes personal Message and a person- understanding and
lout in French as well as Spanish... Another newsman to call this al gift of His Excellency Mr Indeed, Dr Franc
*-Week yas Bob .Berrellez of the Associated Press who has been Aleksander Zawardzki, President has given tangibk
Ceot Crbn uaa of the State Council of Popular cooperation with t
appointed Chief of the Caribbean Bureau and covering the Domini- Republic of Poland to His Ex- inforce the inter-
i'cat for the past five months.... Llent. Colonel Ed. Simmons USMC cellency 'the President of the ten, against e
.who has been'Navy liaison officer in Santo Domingo for the past Republic of Haiti. forces in the coni
: six months spent the 'weekend here as guest of Colonel Reichener... F xing Haiti's p
Full photo of Port au Prince's modern Post-Office appeared on The Chief o Haitian State re-' international count
,: the- front page of the New York Times Travel Section Sunday 7th- ceived the Plish Carge d a- u the U.si
res in a special audience; the, States at the U.r
iigood free advertisi"... The Cahrbe-Haiti former Simbie has been conversation was under the sign:
f'.siold to a group of foreigners by owner Madame Henri Ganot of of the historic participation of
'E Essential Oil fame. A group oLCanadians headed by John B. Lome the Polish Legion in our Inde- ***Bill Rooney, I
Have been renting the .Hotel for the past year... Colonel Robert pendence War. mical Society (HA
Dobs and Mrs' I I~i returned this past weekend from visiting The President of the Republiwhere he went ten
dp.'laughter Pam and her husband in Call, Colombia... Mr Charles recalled the 'Martyrdom of the Miss Mary Ann Fe
:,Nathanmfreight traf;fc manager of- the Grace.Steamship Line was Polish Nation in the past and est' Martijn is bad
j .4 -' .. -. -
Eia visi or to town during the week and guest at El Rancho... When stressed the victory won by the with his parents.
-:,the new U.S. Ambassador and Mrs Thurston received members courageous people of Poland by of Haiti in Montre,
their i5aiotism and faith in the Brooke, a.banker'h
of the U.S. Embassy; Point Four and other American ..agency cause of am an fait in the Brooke, a banker
':filtals-liet e Thursday night with their wives the guest list reach: t the'right to justice a e an architect and
Sto right to justice a -peace
ed: 88...The Po p-,aI pose to visit Haiti the only permanent forces of El Rancho.
twnow expected to come this' month. The SB culture and. civilization.
disembarked twenty Haitians yesterday and is taking
~ Y"P- dw... .....The President of ta e Republic
i kY ard a goodly number far the return trip across the pond' to The President of the Republic
..... a-. *of Haiti was also interested in
,. .. L: ed :rom va- the aspect of possible commer-
|: g ri?-i|P with; bs LShe iste former Anne cial development between the
e3.CIa. Th' were d "December 31... two countries.-
'1." lralian Socialite Leonor naraballo y. La Senora Hirsch and her
S'.H enute, e : stmas with he is conversation during the
'r.A, ,.. ip. exchange of seasonal greetings
C, son .n Nassau. Te W e y Borne, world-wide agn- will contribute to better relations,
i culture concern had the royal. suite at El Rancho and was enter- that began with the historic fk 1.1|Q
aln-ted by friends, 'American Cnltiral Attache and Mrs Murphy. birth of Haitian Republic and from t
S: or to the departure of the prominent patron of the arts, espe- reinforced and transformed in ,
,' allyy :mn ic Braziil, the Mnurphys invited a group of musically durable friendship been The mos
Sincimied Uversito students to a farewell party at their home. The ow betion the two people and T mo
s enow between the two chiefs o S ti 6a
Students brought their instruments and the party went on into the States the President Zawardzki
wee. hours in the morning... Importer Edouard J. Khawly, agent and the President Duvalier in .
f.:.iJr the Lykes LIne returned from six month trip abroad with his order to improve the economic eldious
S. er Mrs Abrabah KIhawly of Jacmel. They visited the United and cultural relationship between gervid
WSi. jj.5es, Switzeiland and Lebanon... British Journalist John Rettle the two people.
Release of the
of the BBC tried for three weeks to gain a visitor's visa for Haiti Srvice d'Inlormstion et de Pe
in the Dominican Republic without success... Documentation)
S" .. ,, Oimm
r1. i~a! aa. e t. aflt" aand B
FI SHER'S Air-don
F, 1 S H E R 'S I


., v3WEONE pA
R, 7107
".N ,M. "" -,:". : ,::% ".%'.R .,,,.=4 :'. ,t .-.= .,o % .-", -" : ". 4 "' 0"". < 2 :.... ., ,.:, a :....,;;..: .. ,. ., .: ... : .

Sunday January 14, 196

misunderstoodd Haiti" .
h interest Ma- the OAS in the. struggle ag
article of Dec. the penetration of communis
ity to see this in the hemisphere Therefore, i
ic, the oldest is inconceivable to accuse hi
Hemisphere, of being influenced dangerousI
:ed world ad- by pro-leftist elements. The
Save the sig- has come to be more realist!
o the oppress- and more human to those friend
ue to be the ly governments who. dedicate
iticism. themselves to the cause of peace.
:hment to the and who are trying to improvev
nd its will to the social and economic con d
this. turbulent tions of their peoples despite
his proud na- enormous difficulties.:
ing for better I would like to rectify an ap.
Appreciation, parent misunderstanding regard'
cols Duvalier ing our relations between.the
Proof of his Vatican and the Haitian, gover-
he view to re ment. We are working together
American sys- in an atmosphere of imtqal req
xtracontinental pect to solve our problems to the
tinent. best interest of the church .end
position in the the Haitian people....
ext, he lined Dr. LOUIS MARS.
of the United Ambassador of Haiti
N. as well as Washington.
In Haiti This W ek. .
Comptroller for the Haitian Agricultural & Ch4
CS) in St Marc arrived Sunday from New York
days ago to spend the holidays with his family..,'
egan is current guest at the Caribe Haiti... Erm'
ck from Montreal where he spent the holidays
His father, Ehnesto Martijo, Honorary Conisul'
al arrived Tuesday in company with Mr Nonrman
Erom Stanfield, Quebec and Mr Raymond Affleck,,
wife Betty from Dorval. They are'guests at the


r -
te altitude. y only 7mrnu es
he heartW o PoRT-AU-PRNda .

exquisite Oiev5s,o erlooking tlie ty
y,H pla5isI.h e mountains .

dont;neital eduiti and superb p
e a

sized. attention to e ery gue. t.

ing Pool with Lundieon Lqungqe.
ar Panorama Terrade -
ditoned de-luxe rooms. .

:InFormal C6roie 3ujfeI ,Davndin3 from
7:3o P t "o midni't
JVlWingue inmtru hon and ntest .
a 9: 3o.dCasual dress.No admission{ee
I: eemplimentar, get-togeter RnS o
Parts from 7pm to '8pm.
: a ODinner-ande J oi- tm
1:30 a.m. Superb Sho A6t 10o 3o
o adm;sson ee' .
lHT : cocktail hour from 7to9 voiH
native dombo .

'*"*;" : ..*.. *: : .' J... ^:" '":"' :'",.

unday Jdanuary 14, 196 H A I T S U N .PAGE
o ,- ----------*"*-"- 1"-- ----......--_ ------- ; .-. '-.. .- _--,- .' ,.

.. a ~
Izations were sufflclenay t dhA
2 le Teiedzoi After more than a year of e- building- of schog spitals e s.to war
t'sgffo th e~ lubofHaiti stemd hospitals, thtefreyas
gotiations, a groip of charter camps, etc. for needy people. The charter eber
members in Haiti has succeeded The for;ration of the Rotary Haiti include e m bottnding
in establishing a branch of Rot- Club of Haiti stemmed from Haiti includes 'teilknding
una saw the rst of the Mad ras ban r International in Port au Inte re i ry-ealk of
-Last Sunday saw the first of the Mardi-Gras bands emerge Prince. The world-wide organz- in Port a Pnce at one e o-ad ges t
from hibernation in new costumes and with new music. Along the action has accepted Haiti as a time had considered talng a lmute oadvantgbes to.
Martissant Road I ran into two of tiem the Katap-Katap group member and the new Club's Rotary chaker. However,' was foreign he untriess whe
Sand Les R'esignes de Bizoton bqth traffic-stoppers. -Gerard charter will be formally present- decided that the long-range a foim clubs are estabi hed, br
Pierre-Louis has built a :swimming pool in the sea' at the Shoal ed during the last weet of Jan- clubsa.re s til .as .
y. /- P'AIAM STRIK ... ng
.~ds .Club. He's enclosed a clear water area ith 'a cleai sandy u. gop of Rotarians( from t services, clu rooms, et..
'bottom. which yod can enter directt. from the little jetty. He's Norfolk (Va.) Rotary Club will page 1 .
also added an; outside bar which is conducive to easy tanning fly into Port au Prince by chart- Officials of Pan American an- .
while drinkig. -Anybody interested in a. bargain in photographic ered plane to make the present- nounced on the 9th-that repreA- "CUMBERLANt.i
equipment .should see Gerard. Pierre-Louis. He has a 16 mm. action. The Norfolk Club -alone entatives of the airline, the Pi1-
.camera, projector and 8 .x10 screen for sale at the low price of of Association ande.the Unied KILLS 2: PE-
$te original charter members Stales government were meeting '' I
200. --Ham Ste'hens returned from vabatlon last Monday, cutting of. e Haitia^ Club .i2 number in a gton ednesday Jan- The "Cumbead"
"his ~~l Ahbrt because of the threatened PAA pilots strike. -Looks about 25. Following the accet- uar 10, in an effort to resolve derive i n.g. rauduently
-..the t [ythd. abobt women drivers has been exploded.. -.last. ance of the .cha er the Club i e Industry problem which has power caused the aea~i :'c
Watch fpor increasing-femining influence on Detroit auto manu- wil be.. ready to solicit more threatened :to close don the persons list week.ac
facturerL During th -past 9 years the number of women drivers members. airline's worldwide. tahspotta- Le Matii; Non' technical
had iricreased 3 times as rapidly ps men -drivers.. Chevvie took '- on system. clandestine co nectl l
The Rotaar Club..s an aecgani !, ,
the lead in' developing .the women's car market ty retaining a ation for fut eritg in ri al : No strike is anticipated atfor years c
w? man a.-a counselor for. its owner-relations, department. ,-Bottl- good wid and fellowship. Wt le until the results of ,the rpake dr y tolerae s themole
ed cocktail mixes are gaining in' popularity: vodka cocktails in. the oriaization is a founatio' Waihin gton Y'confrence are o those .accidefits hind
S5-ounce -cani were ihtroiueed in 'Florida': ast summer.' M. e which provides funds for the know, the ,Alrlines prepsent- warnings o- the le td
SBarbancourt should start bottling their i rum punch-mix for- atives herstated p Le Matin -edito
i6te"'toisthotels and .bat. -I'mhsiI waningg to ear.if Mr Walter DGE AKI G :'- "-
y BRIDGE "_,_,,._,AKI __.
Alq').q got back the satchel he.left in a taaid .]ast-Monday morning. "." ," "" -_.__
S-The t-shot bar-boy at Carlos with -the best Punch- in the word E HERE -. .. .. '
is nned Gerard, not Maurice; I niade the. mistake after -drin"iang .. ,. "
'tw of M punches, natch..-I had a swift reply to my plea for .All fopign residents are wel- Ir
I- .,e 9t the Ligue HTaifienne
a .caendia.i t was a Pan Am calender from Nabaco addressed come at the Ligue H -'tienne
,- dB,-. d ~ridge. new. Ioca, at the Hotel
'to'iS_ BARF, A"Tinkeip to Evers t. Chance,,but em sure the Beau Rivage -- (Exposition '
spelling:iasn't by chance! Thanks anyhow. -The one-time Simbid Grund). There they; can.meet vn PHOTOS PAPOlT PHOT -
.Pa ace,' now, the Caribe-Haiti, has changed hands again, under Haitian Bridge players Men -DEVLOPGf Q- PEGE .' -- PROpU.
Slea nd the ne'r" manager is G'..Gonales, Eureka, Geo. -Bill an Ladies either.for a lively- .. '- TOlf, ,'
ea-n' game cr a fMindly competition' -; -- -t
s was hospitalized last Thursday h a fie ase of the me d a f dy competition ...
^^^%.?,^ h ^ h in d:pli.cates;' bridge days are o Aevenue -rie.Jeanne, .Nb.B.-.te .de.,
he: ght .back ro..hs -pl6ay. iit.t he. Mi Wednesday and Friday : -
S s, P t. -FranoqBy ,Ris. recovering a t t -- a i 7 p.in. till fierd. -
-ladar .t' 6e 6dd i p ite 'tibe'im e. e Don't laugh Al. tioe .gwishinf to learn the '
4 a 3ck-. i .. -Do I-tepr. rumbles 'hat there are -neaw .game, br perfect: it, are invited-
-'r d e' afl oub7 -rt k 'y dis to the SerxinaZiis (free (f .char-
,:. .- ie --: ii He g. e) offered by the League:
Snew 'bu e pple iting kid He'l pro Mndays and Fridays: ,:' '
i t'. itttoo, a on'be tp tt 'first'. -That little to 9:00 P.M. .
-'puppie I goft- ~rm Ger"~ d' Aen isJ a- real pistol.-.I'qi going .o
aid' iake a wet mop oiut of him The. Gpten System, (Lois
,W- .4'..U .'q .- .4- ." a _-, -.,.. .- -
e'else ohaid i e :Ridalen: I didntsee you, A iguste, In6tructor )- rd P
brepq uyN L a.ty edo .Or:. The Roman 'Club System -
Sangest on s. slips they used to be. i ion
1i.nest ..of Distributional -idding B -6
ae eT(Frantz Gerdes, Instruct- HATfS HiT SHOW O TIE
asahi r '4'TiY:.'ee.i.l,, .rannm 6 t-8., but a lot or). FvaTl. .

nae ot the U.S. dt li toa.Oneustomer, taking tricate p s a the disposal hoeogrphed and staged by. .,--
n e ofthe US. disti: Calfornia.. n customer taking of either declarer-dr .defender.-'
Skcuick,look, -exclaimed: M'Goin! They're seriding us Mlangoes Don't miss any o! it all. It's l Vmia.iiamIS Varbou
im Cifarni I onli hope-we'resen them some of ours." i ralAdmission : .
,Tou're right, Mister. Just goest to. show you... it doesn't pay to Di.. r an d Show: $5.00 per pdsbn: $'.
ftie to qick a look..--Soothe second wnek in 1962 is..finished d Mrs Milton Weisnicht D. i er e : o 9:50 P p
.a. it already feels as i it had been 1962 for years. Tiempus surp of Mason, Michigan visited .their e '0 9
K ta .. ._ .._._._-_... .. ._ ._-.1a -._L .

efits C i .. -' -'i. .e" d e daughter Mrs Karen Elly and .-
her husband' Mr Edward A. Elly
S. *'.- .... ", .'- .... '. KAY .MfNOR during- the past week. I LaE^ :':19' I"

:AdWT"" o i'i Qv ..3:.t

EXQSsVculptures ,bn Y PAMSIN @ks
-- A NcT. DlERRIER -e en ;i

' HAtT t

9 U N i

sunday. Janiiaty i4C

Voyages par..

= .

6Founded in Octobei .of. 1956, mitted partial payment for the
~ L league for: the Coitrol of radio therapeutic equipment
'Caner aided b. ia hnumbqr of which cost. $19,394.47, of which
generous contributors who iish suni the League still owes $1,500
to' remain anonymouss, began to The radium necessary for the
tffion 'in' 1959 "-ith headquart- treatment of certain. kinds of
In at St. -:Francdis de- Sales cancer ,cases-.was contributed
tpRital where, a clinic was in- during that period by'the gener-
t d.'With deepf'Radio Therapy osity of the Honorary Consul of
Ipiint. for the treatment :of Haiti, at Hamburg, Germany,
er by. X-Ray. Mr Werner Limberg.
.Cancer.'linic, iitis to be During th .fiscal year 1959-60
ote is.the only medical cent, funds in.'thq amount -of $8,000
prperly .eqyipp'ed to ,carry were. raised by functions given
tibe-.fighb 'against cancer in bi the.League and supported by
i ts beginnings were mod-, the public. During 'the fiscal
headedd by' its members arid year 1960-1961 the expenses of
Sieij s ..-amontg Haitians and the Clinic reached the sum of
gners. The-. Public Welfare $9,605.86. The League continues
i action contributed the sum to .dunt,.ipon the generosity of
1 '1600. betfven. October 1 956 its members; its friends and the.
iNovemjf er- 199, which per-. general public to aid it in secur-

I -
-. ECO. N MIC tI T N... .

1- -hi ces outside ofservice, hours
reia& l or 5# s li. caid in cases
br, tie Chief
ania Bank.of Haiti, o the res e vice.
i -. .- ed Keehtl... otthe Mi-
t: neatli the. niqse anid 'iUde-Mihisters and
LoChjt tof' Adrifiniatration ll gas-
,-..vet e -paw...;:o'eentsi' .'e.e fixed
S tiia ffo,--.a."d' .ccomg t i -tailr- neds.
"..',7 -... -Al':E.M E TING
aaed1). e, enses. t 'othe .Ah important reunion of Mili-
e ?th ii& finouneO 'bis al tiary Commanderg-of the Depart-
f ai nteffot ts and! several Prefects and
btectof leads of t'Civil Militia took
g cotat" woith all l -o : place' the Nationaial ace
naetionali' g-'according to
or duct ds.Meibers 'epvening daily- confirmed
oepr '--White.. B ot-'o Tuesday i'-th at -a11:45 the pre-
uiliT irs ad '.i da PesidenT '-Duvalier
-t d d%!Ahnth e a.,- --d- -' *ong t eeig.. ith the
^ dtt!ifefe o igei Coifimanders. of the -various Mi-
hrt. a financial statement iy Departments,. P r e Ie t s
b refdent of the Repub- d'A"radissement and: several
II 11 w & res :e ove?.the leaders df the Civil Militia.
The'- C*hief of Staff Major Gen-
.. eral Jean Rene -Boucicaut and
skt"Aticle'oi tlhe decree: IM ue'Desir close collaborator
: .t council's functbns of the iief otState attended

:r petitions.. and contribu *. -
Sthose who participate i -G aso NE UPPD 3; "ENTS
*aAftion for economic libera- -The same .day. a. decree pub-
.i shq in Le'Nouvelliste announ-
-Tr CONTOL ce an ad'tifilir'ffiree cents U.
OVefRNMENI UTJ S : S,~ ix on' gasoline bringing an
toorders werklver this A a Egallont to fifty. cent

iaLDen ets forbid- account i:t- the National, Bank
.he use of government ve- the decree dtatesd -
G..... .* --.'h-M '-a ,ong ne ing. ir
i.'ie "' '. :. '. ; .. 1


of the Diplomatic and Consular
Corps, the Haitian-American In-
stitute, the American Naval Mis-
sion, and thpir women 'who have
lent their time and help; to the
newspapers and radio .-stations
who have helped to publicize
the public affairs given by the
League; and finally to all busi-

'^ ^oy U

ember 22nd, 1961, is reported
as follows:
Received: from:
the sale of

bar receipts
the Raffle
various on-

1,2, .. .

145.00 3.,091.

ingg the necessary funds to Op-
erate during the fiscal year 1961-
1962, which are estimated to be
in the neighborhood of $12,000
Since the' Opening of the clln-1
ic on September 30, 1961, the
treatment of 221 cases has met
with a high percentage of suc-
cess; Encourage the work ,of
the League for the Control of
Cancer. to enable it"to respond
even more fully to the demands
of the large number of victims!
SContribute as generously as you
can to the Fight Against Can-

, The League for the Control. of
.Cancer takes pleasure in sinc-
'erely thanking you for the behe-
Svolent help you have extended
to it. It expressly thanks each
and everyone .who, by one,
means or.another, has aided the
fight to be.continued against the
dread disease which threatens
such a -large part'of the popula-
tion; it thafils all whq-have .ielp-
ed to organize public functions
at the year end and made them
successful. : .

The League extends Us par-
ticular'. thanks to' the members

96 '
-.m Monday January 22nd 1962; at.'10' 00 a.m, at: 'Ja
at Chancerelles -it will be-proceeded to the sale bpbl9 t
of the mentioned -foUowing vehiCles: -
-l Car. CHEVROLET' 1956 6 cyl."- black ... 0
S1 Car CHEVROLET- 953 -6 -@. .-- k.' "' .
;1 Pand~-Tuck CHEVROLET 1954:- 0 cy s
S1. Caopy CHEVROIT 1954 -- 6 cy gree 00
S1ECanoIy ( yEO" '-9 r.: 9 grif. .e 00
.ICeaiion- CflEVROLET 153' .cy -greenT.Tbnp-M o0
-- rh ihport dtlhes: ib atthe c farge' H hii
SThe vehicles ican be eivrispecfed a ItXX SfSPa i es
The- vehicles :"ill be deiVieedi-..o tis-ii.
-: .' Eugene- .\:j bSEkH' .' JOS .' ;- ,.
Comritissionied ''' .
: ;.,

. V RY.. -CC

,. % .. .

me sur lesPresses de.HAITI SN -- Ave. Ma ie-Jeanne Cite de.I'Exposition Port au Prin" ...'
."i t ... ... -.. :' .": ; ... .. ,. / ... : '' : .. ; :> .-. i

-0 "-.

p.r: i I


1; T~qL C-l_-~-l-- -. C ~ ~II-~Ii~2-C--- I


*-''` ~ r

~_~~_ ~ ~ ____

. -%% -.*--

nessipen, merchants and indust- Expenses 1,041.
rialists who have so generously
contributed to make such fmc- Balance netted
tions successful: .. for the League. -.. $2,050f
The annual White Ball held at The League for' thF .ontrql
the Sans Souci Hotel, this Dec- Cancer thanks your'on e.and ai
-.- .:' '

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REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd

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