Haiti sun ( February 24, 1952 )

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Material Information

Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Creation Date: February 24, 1952


Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."

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Permanent Link: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/AA00015023/00001

Material Information

Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Creation Date: February 24, 1952


Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince


Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."

Record Information

Source Institution: Duke University Libraries
Holding Location: Duke University Libraries
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 32441147
lccn - sn 95058138
Classification: lcc - Newspaper 2117
System ID: AA00015023:00075

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T r





VOLUME II Port-au-Prince Haiti SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24-h 1952 No. 23
dI T XT7h A" nk IT ru9 1 TflT I 'T l rIxyff" 1f% llUr - II M -A I


When the film uLydia
Bailey, flashes on the screen
at the Theater de Verdpre&
Sunday May 4th, it will be
the first time in Hollywood
history that a world premiere
of a new picture has taken
place outside the borders of
the .United States.
And Haiti is mighty proud
to be the scene of the Grand

New Amsterdam
.Visits Port ,With
760 Tourists

The Port-au-Prince water-
front suddenly blossomed-
out in huge tropical floRwers
Thursday morning. They
were gracing the sport shirts
'of male passengers streaming
off the cruise ship New Am-
sterdam for a day in Haiti.
Eye witnesses say more
colorful haberdashery has
been rarely seen in the
streets of our Republic'even
during the days of the Mardi
Gras. Some 760 visitors
with an estimated 695 came-
ras dispersed through 'the
Capital with hundreds of
raxi cabs and camionettes
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Unveiling of a two-r: llion-
dollar technicolour movie
depicting the stirring events
of its heroic and bloody
fight for freedom. Fittingly
enough, the event will take
place on the 150th anniver-
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International Work
Camp In Haiti ,

Another example of inter-
national cooperation and
brotherhood will take place
this summer in the little
village of Lafofid, about
8-'kilometers from Jacmel.
There about.20 young Hai.
'tians and an equal number
of young foreigners will ma-
ke up the. personnel. of an
International work camp...
its task, the building of
hundreds of pipes to carry
water some there kilometers
to the village which is rhe
site of the new UNESCO
'training school- for adult
The American Friends
Committee, whose work'
camps have been established
in Jamaica and many other
(Coktinued ok Page 11)

Mardi Gras 1952 S1

The 1952 Mardi Gras is donning their royal robes W
.here, transforming our Re- and calling for their royal
public of Haiti into a never- chariots full of the spirit of

never land of gaiety, colour
-and music where dreahis are
realities and only the impro-
bable, probable. For three
days the cares of the world
will be forgotten. His Ma-
jesty ,Cresus Gargantua',
King of the Carnavals and
Emperor of all the Jazz
reigns supreme.
His four queens ... Geor-
getre Lamarre. Edelyn Car-
ri;s, 'Adrienne Dejoie and
Raymonde. Desrouleaux are

President Maqloire Opens
Agricole Bank,

The Magloire Administra-
tion forged another link. in
its chain of progress and aid
to the people of Haiti last
Tuesday when the Institut
.de Credit .Agrcole and In-
dustriel opened its doors.
President Magloire, accom
panied by members of his of-
ficial cabinet, were present
at the inauguration cere-
ceremony which took place
at 4 p.m. It was a colour-
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Democrat-But This Senator Wants Eisenhower To Win

,,General Eisenhower,
who is a potential Republi- ..... .
cancandidate for the Presi .
dency of thV United States, :
is, in the opinion of both
Democrats and Republicans,
the most pleasing prospect
for the election later this

This is the opinion of 0
Senator Edward F. Riley,
Democrat for the State of
W-ashington, who hone)y-
mooned in the island last

i ,Although I am a Demo-
crat, for the good of the
country, I would like to see
General Eisenhower win',
said Senator Riley, in an in At El Rancho honeymoon ning Senator and Afrs. Ed-
(Continued on Page 7) ward F. Riley (on the right) and tourist friends, .

.the chase.
Promptly at' two -o'clock .
this afternoon at the sound
of a wailing siren, the King .
will begin his promenade in
the streets of the Capital.
Promptly at 2.15 the Queens .
will mount their chariots
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Police are busily trying to L .
get to the bottom. of a ploCt Max Bissaipthe ... a pfe.
to defraud the National Lot- a. f.i',, P ,0 -
tery of 1,500 -dollars. C turned 4 is Haiti
wasn't a very good plot and ing authority ion books'
was detected so fast that the books 'in general and b6oko1
jail doors closed behind the on Haiti in particular. ;' ,
two ,men who hoped to cash His 1052-page Diction-
in their Grand Prize-win- na re de Bibliographie HIi-
oing coupon almost before tienne won him the National -
they had time to protest Order of Honour aind Meirit
they didn't know it was earlier this month. It -was
counterfeit. the first time in history (hat
a Hantian was given the cov+
Alfred Doura and Joseph eted decoration for a, book;
Aschkar thought No. 15792 But it's quite a book (4
would bring them sudden 20 dollar volume 'in fact)
wealth when they presented that has such august sponir
it to Dalloz Beaulieu at Lot- userss as the Library'of Con-
rery headquarters early Tues gress, the Pan American
day morning. But it brought Union and the Haitian Gov-
the police instead ... < double.* the Library of Congress bns
The Chief Cashier who is written .the introduction -
in charge of taking care of a salute of one noted libra-
the important prizes remem- rian to another. Because thb
(Contiimed on Page 3) head of the Library Service
of our Reoublic has woh ac-
claim i bhis field from one
LIGHT COMES end of the hemisphere to the
Max had a reverent loe
The City of Leogane is of the- printed word even
basking in light Electric when he was a lad in kiiee-
Light. And its 10,000 resi- pants studying at St. Louis
dents are mighty proud- of d.c Gonzapue. He plowed
'this vital step in the march through plenty of tomes be-
ioward progress. They turn- fore getting his law degree
ed out en masse to greet the .'n I933. He found time to
President and .his entourage ,id"v and work as well for
Friday, February 15, when the Bureau of Municipal AT-
our Chief of State himself faire in Ath. Department of
pulled the master switch to '- l-qtt'.r After a nine
send the electric current coui- vear stin- in the Depait-
-sing through the network of m--nt. he became assistant di
copper wires. rector of the National Lib-
(Continued on Page ") (Contined on Page 2) .







. P e 2

leavy Inventories

Unnecessary -
:* ...


"And you also save storage costs"
Clipper Charlie
^1 ,' ~ -- .--..
he poor ant hasn't much choice in the'
matter...he has to store away provisions
..r the bleak days when po food is
A.ilable. But there is no need for the
ern businessman to burden himself
;. exess stock, to tie up his capital,
n high inventories.
.'.. p your goods on the move, avoid
S expensive warehousing charges, ord-v
SIwst hat yoa need, just when.you
p d it. ,By specifying "Clipper Cargo"
,0n.your order you know you can have
delivery in a matter of,days.


(Continued from Page I)

rary. In 1941 J.e was award-
.d n I T S. (ellowshin to


spend a year at Colhmbia
University ip New York tak-
ing 16 courses in Library'
When he returned to Hai-
ti he became director of the
National Archives. Since
1947 he has also served as
general inspector of the pub-
,lic libraries throughout the
Republic-' And has found
time to represent his'coun-
try on international missions "
not only in his particular
field but on cultural affairs
, as well.

Max Bissainthe's travels as
.a'delegate of the lHaitian
government took him to
Cuba in 1944 to witness the
inauguration of the national ,
archives of our sister Repub-
lic. Two years later he vis-
ited Guatemala to attend the
25th Congress of Librarians.
Two years after that he'
made a'trip to Manchester,
England; where a Library
Seminar was underway.

The same year be crossed ,
the Channel,'to Paris to re-
present' Haiti on a cultural
mission. Similar missions
took him to the. United
States in '.49; '50 and '51.
During,one of his trips to
Washington he helped ,the
Library of Congress set up
its own Haytian Bibliogr4

You might wonder what
Max Bissainthe- does in his
leisure time. He. spends it
working on another book...
Dictionnaire de Textogra-
phie Haitienne. He firmly
believes in sharing the -light
of learnirig with ALL the
Haitian people. And now
serves as Vice President of
the National Commission of
Cooperation with .UNESCO
... the vanguard of Haiti's
campaign against illiteracy.
He is also a member 6f
The Societ Haitienne D'His-
roire, .de Geographie and de
GCologie,; the Societ6 .Boli-
varienne. d'Haiti; and the
Sociedad Columbista Pan-
americanna de Cuba.
If you think the erudite
Mr. Bissainthe 'is the .type of
person who-can only) feel at

y airi i.. inventories held to 0 in* n

'duce gross weigh payments
d .:. throughh damage pepper work r rces
n pilfering cOD and colleC seri
.. insurance simplify accounting .
ants can be omed more a The greater the shipmenM
accrately ,I lower the rate

Call your local PAA office now. Request a free cost analysis from o. .

IEPHONES 3451 28f2 M s:iO:. s
.W ... ... ,. ,


LEE f Conrshobocken


f: '


home in his world of books
you are wrong. He has a
jolly disposition, a charming
wife (the former Lucienne
L.spinoase) and an excellent
comma.nl of English.

BRUARY 24th '

In fact he couldn't be f
father removed from the pic0
iure of the timid librarimau
who can't speak above ai


fve Your..
Tyre problems '
once and for all,
check with
Grand R Ie e
about the virtues of the '
LGE !!!! 'LEE o4 Conshohocken,
ix--mamacree >m'm:Weoxaxereex:m.ec^cK^uro. anxt,:Meme


L New Amslerdam ,
Visits Port With
760 Tourists
(Continued from Page 1)

serving as the highly mobile
!',transportation corps.
SMany scoo ed up the
.:mountain for a breath-tak-
. ing look at our Alpine scen-
u ery. Others headed out to
i.,,Thorland for a lazy after
noon of sipping rum punch
i. aroufad the sun warmed
l.pool. Each ies6rt hotel got
.i;ts qiota of visitors, many
. open-eyed -in amazetfient, at
Finding such luxury in whatC
&they had thought a, 'back-
Ij'ward area." ',
: Others were satisfied with.
,.a grand tour of' the Exposi-
IfioPi Grounds, and then a, trip
rl ,ough the souvenir shops.
fiTropical -headgear and maho
. gany salad bowls .vied for
I first place on the sales list.
;We. came across. one touch-
ng'.scehe at: the disembarka-
tion point where a some-
jwhat desperate looking man,.
1''surrounded by a party of 'six.
!-other tourists, was trying to
ascertain' the price' of a trip
to Le' Perc.ioir. Two cabbies
.were shoutftan' at each other

S('ontinued 'from Page 1)
' 4
,bered- onlytoo' vividly that
r.he, had paid'. out the' entire
'15,Q00 dollars for thq Gtand
'Prize inte,- drawing. of Feb-
tK- ariy 7th'to two winners,
Anitoine' Cincinnatus and!
'Emnianual Sharoutm, both'
-well-khonwn persons;.

; It seemed unlikely that tohe
lltotiponi the two -newcomers
r'pesented for fifieen"hundred
ollar of. the prize money
.could. be on the level: When
Police arrived they soon.
^ascertained it was, not. A
'ucride forgery had' been
'made by superimposing the
.nuniber '7 onr the 'ticket.
.Aschkar, who presented it
.for' payment, hastily an-
Snounced that, he had purchase
'led the coupon in Cap Hai-
etien and 'bad been ,duped.,n
-f:Firsthe announced' that he
-Thad bought the 'ticket before
tthe Feb. 7th drawing. When
'he was questioned by Cap-
,tain Jacques Etienne he said
lie6 purchased it after the
.drawing ... last Monday
-morning ... for the sum of





across his head in angry
creole. Another was shout-
inig in somewhat puzzling
English. And his timid wife
was holding her hands over
her ears saying, (Oh, the
tumult, the tumult. Let's 'go
back to the ship !,,
Despite minor crises such
as the above, the great ma-
jority of visitors found their
short stay in our Capital a
highly pleasant one. When
the great flag ship of the
Holland-American line sail


Haitian Press Seven-Man
Team Work On
Illiteracy Campaign

Seven members of the
Haitian press have been
named as members of a Corn
mission to work .out a con-
crete programme to aid
UNESCO in the fight a-
gainst illiteracy in Haiti.
They are: Emmanuel Paul
of L'Aurore; Daniel Fignole
of Construction; Antoine Pe-
tit of L'Action: Ernest Trouil,


The SUPER Refrigerator
Another Servant For, Your Home

. .. . .. .



ed out of the harbour, short- lot of the Hii-Journal; Jo-., "
ly 4fter dusk many a passen- su Jn-Baptiste of .La D 'mo- -
get gave, a regietful back- cratie; Morisseau-Leroy of "
-ward look and said, "We'l Le Matin and LugienMontas -un;'uernnwP
have to take a whole vaca- of Le Nouvelliste. u "STPGOU ... '
tio'n here soie time. We'd -
never find another set of Monday ,' fteioon they Seeitat BOUCARD CO. RueduFort.
.hotels with such lovely' held .their first discussion e, It at O U CARD & CO..Rue 0 .
.views !n meeting on ways and means ._
.Incidentally, wie might add to answer the UNESCO's ap-'-.
ithat' those visitorss who, did, peal for cooperation in bring Ta a '
their, own -bargaining- for ing the light of' learning to | | .... Rt
dabs did so from a 'sense of he great percentage of the l IU"p MUL E u rs
adventure ... not from the Haitian population 'still un- .... -
lack of 6ther facilities. The able to read: or write. Tiey ;
local agent'for the American will report their findings to
Express, the Haitian' Travel tbe National Commission' of
Service, had tours all arran- the UNESCO and the Detart .
ged. for the passengers at ment of National Education i.' / / '
'fixed prices'... those, that on, the 1st of March. ''i'
wanted' 'em could, have 'em '' ".'
without, delay, ot arguments. .:
S Max Dorsinville Secre- ,
'tary-Genbral of Foreign Re- '
800 .dollars. He said he lations, is back at his desk 9 //
could hot identify# ,the per- in Port-au-Prince after a so-
son-_ie bought it from. journ ip Paris attending the .
'1 .N'. Assembly. The Haitian
Both Asehkar,.' who hails delegate made several im- / '
from Jeremie, ard his bro- portant contributions to the" ", '/
ther-ini-law.Ooura, 'who gave discussions concerning our i
.his residence ,as the 'Cap, global troubles. Let's hope '. / :
*.pre taken to the. office of he's finding the atmosphere
.Criminal IAvestigation for a bit more traqui in Port-.
fiarther question. Aqd they; au-Prince. ' :.
were not able to clear up'' .
two important points in President Magloire Opens '1
their story,, The police want Aricole Bank ,"
,to "know 1) since 'the lottery. . .,
"has- a branch office at. the (COntinued from Page 1)
Cap wby did they take the ful occasion aind one that is
trouble to come to Port-au- of great importance to the
Prince to present their cou- farmers who can now look -' '
forward to-direct govern-
pon for payment, and 2) if entforacooperation, i their
'Aschkar bought the ticket, meant cooperation. i their I C, s
as bJe claims, '11' days after struggles to raise the output OS ,. L
it .was declared a- Big Win- of mheitr' Guard of Hon- 0 e a P ck
net in the drawing why Amilitary GuardofH6on- gO ly 20 cents a Pack, Everjwhere
didn't he try to find out why our lined up before the old 1
. out why bank builIdin, where the e_ e O0

its, ,original owners was. Credit Bank is now housed.
trying to get rid Wf it at a Cred Bankis now housed
bargain ptce instead" oa 'The Palace Band played the
bargain price instead of, National Anthem at the ar-
cashing it in himself. rival of the Chief of'State.
Both men identified them- The Archbishop of Haiti
Shelves as merchants of Li- blessed -the building. Speech-
banese ancestry. They are in es were given by Minister .
jail under charges of attemp- George ard Marcel Dupuy,
ted swindling while await- the di;ettor of the irtitute
ing appearance before. t he director of the Institute
ing oppeaiance 'before the and a reception climaxed the.
proper court. event.

sA L m OIn

I .-\L-

(Car Pickern

Wednesday at 11 a.m. in
front of the National Bank
a aCar Pickern silently forc-
ed open the glove compart-
ment (Taxi cash box) of a
blue Ford taxi cab, while
driver Barthe took his morn
ing-seista. The thief's final

- f.cf NurQ-O DoMlNieANo lo

LeitaureLy Luxur'iouity


* *r.


* "'13'





"It1 4
~ Ii"',



effort to open the compart-
. ment arid snatrc two gourdes
awakened the driver who.
immediately gave chase. The
taxi driver .caught, the thief
;n front of the deposit tell-
.er's box of the National
Bank. The thief is known
to have a long criminal re-

to tJeeofs


For Information see Aqe nf ROBERT E. BOY. Expo sition Stand No. 7 P.O. B ox 228. Tel. 2167


TrAvel Direct t Hiani by

- /-U i


MAYFLOWER cake *m .

mixes are the only

i mixes that are really

;fully prepared ..

even the icing is included in every can.
Asid now, with the new tin can packing, Mayflower Mixes
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a-yflower Contains all the Milk and all the Eggs... and]
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Agents Fronlif S.A.
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o Do you live/under the shadow




Obtainable from all chemists
Manufactured by Imperial Chemical -Pharmaceuticals) Ltd.
Distributors in Haiti-TRANS-WORLD TRADING CO., S.A

Honour for the best head-
line of the month must go to
the cP-au-P Times.n They
.gave their readers the1follow
4ag headlines: 3 MILLION
ED IN 1952, and the article
told of the labour needed
(his year in the U.S.

Two swell people who re-
turned last week for their
second Haitian vacation and
hope eventually to retired
here for six months out of
the year are Papermaker
Harry Calvin- and his wife.
They are stopping in Petion-
ville at the El Rancho.


Haiti's Air Exports
Gaining In Volume,

The balance of airborne
trade between Haiti and the
United States is almost in
,equilibrium as a result of a
Recent upswing in air ex-
ports of Haitian handicrafts.
Shipments of sisal san-
dals, belts and hats, along
with handmade mahogany
bowls and decorative objects,
are npw being flown from
Port-au-Prince to Miami in
'substantial volume.
tPan American World Air-
ways cargo Clippers are now
stopping at Port-au-Prince
every Tuesday and Thursday
on return flights from South
America to pick up from
12.000 to 20,000 pounds ol
these products weekly.
In general, southbound
Clipper car go shipminent!
through Miami exceed the
inbound volume about ten tc

Esso Conducts Safety
First Campaign

The ESSO Company has
joined wholeheartedly in the
- current traffic, campaign to
cut down on the accident toll
oh Haitian streets,and high-
ways. The E.SSO advertise-
ments in the local press now
contain safe driving advice
to chauffeurs. It is a Good-
will Gesture that is appro-
The curving stretch of
mountain road from Port-au-
Prince to the resort hotels in
Petionville has received a
notorious sort of acclaim in
the United States ... the re-
sult of the hair-raising antics
of some drivers who seem to
feel the way to impress a
iiourist is to scare him to
death. Many a visitor has
gone back to tell the folks at
home, ',My, I never expect-
ed to get off that road


This year Haiti
sent a Carnival z
be a true revelati
charm, its mystery
dreams. And w'e i
to also add the
will reveal the bu
industry of the c6
-its commerce, its
of the enthusiastic
Semantic spirit of ti
People: of their
contagious laugh
their manner of n
ing and utilizing
and inoffensive I
' he season that j
bon ton. originality

I President Maoldi
s Caribbean Footb
President Paul
has offered to
Grand Cup to b
bach year to the
Champions of the I
This was might
news at Kingston
first meeting of
"L'Associatio'n de
des Caribes,,. took
.day and Monday
week. Delegates f
countries were p
the planning session
ti, Jamaica, Domit
public, Porto Rico,
1 o u p e, Trinidad
Guiana and Dutch

The delegates d
organize an Inte
Football Champio
the Caribbean with
tries participating
also voted to name
of the government
participating county
rector" members o
sociation. And th
ously accepted the
'our Chief of State t
4he Cup for the


Mayor Returns From
Miami, Havana .
Early Thursday morning.
your reporter found Mayor |
Jean Riguad back at his busy
desk at Hotel de Ville catch-
ing his breath after a fast...
trip to Miami and Havania ,
where he collected the mak-
K ings of a gala Carnival. Higs
purchases includes every-.i
thing from confetti to noise-
i will per- makers. They were in high
which will demand as Havana's version
on of its of the Mardi Gras opened
v and its Wednesday with true Latin
'vould like spirit.' I
Carnival Mr. Riguad found Mia-
'siness and mi a "marvelous town) and .
country ,of declared he hafd I warm re-
industry... ception and a wonderful vi-')
ic and ro- sic., He was extremely im-
he Haitian pressed by the smooth opera-
frank and :rion of traffic, the absence -
wter ... of of horn noises and transpor-
nderstand- tatioi snarls. \
the brief He wound up our talk'
FOLIES of .with the subject uppermost
permits a on everyone's mind ... the
ty and gai- Carnival. ,The 1951 Mardi
Gras was successful,,' said
the Mayor, abut I hope this'
one will be even bizer and
S better. Our standards are set
ire's mighty high.,,
all Cup Aux Orchidees To Have
Magloire 10 More Rooms ,"
present a Haiti's growth as a tourist :
e awarded center can be marked by the
Football expansion of its hotels. The
Caribbean. attractive owner of Aux Or-
y welcome chidees, Pat Wiedeman, says
where the six new rooms are on the
the new road to completion, in her
Football- palm-fringed hotel in Pe-
plAce Sun- tionville. And four. more
of last rooms wyilllbe ready in two
rom eight months time.
)resent at Pat is also planning on
n ... Hai- adding tennis courts and a
nican Re- 'second swimming pool ...
Guade- how's .tha for luxury! The
I, British Orchidees',is the third major
Guiana. Haitian hotel to expand its
quarters this season. The
decided to Ibo Lele recently opened its
ernational new wing and the El Rancho
nship of is busily 'building an addi-
10 coun- rion to take care of its many
T h e v advance reservations.

the heads
s of the
ries f the As-
ey gener-
e offer of,
o provide

PARENTS: Located in
Petionville at Tate de l'Eau
is the first class Kindergar-
ten run, by Madame Lucien
Scott. The school is highly
recommended for children
who wish to learn elemen-
tary music.


I a

-. I. ,~ -

a ~ -wfl~a-- a. ~ae~-taa.-t~-t".-a-" -'' a'

S' I.



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wagon. -See Haiti Sun.
S -:0:--
A nice four bedroom
house with a* big lot is for
sale in Kenscoff. Price 15,000

A two bedroom house for
rent in Petionville. Has nice
dining room and electric re-
frigerator, a radio and phone
etc. For information tele-
ohone 2119 or 7728 after 6


Delicious home-made

|, Cakes
9 Pastries
" *,Pies
.I '; : i* - :
I- trS^sSSil im '

I1-L .

... .' . ; ';
. ". .' .- ' . .'-r., "
*** 'i 't . ..* ., **" ", ..
. +. J .- '" ,'* *

... the most useful
Located: Opposite the
National Bank
57 Rue des Miracles

Sl= 4NEWY 17. NEIV' ; ".

\'SUeAHA 'AV154rONiw uo6eufi
.: .::-- ,. .. .-:
i , I Ut-i ,,S .'BT .Uo7 __j


SP rfum es o The (Little Old Souvenir
r us,Shopo of IPort- an-rince
SI u doesn't look too inviting
i.. but it las a stock of first
Sqsupasse in Qualualit merchandise at rea-
Unsurpassed in Quality sonableprices.,
SDislinc live r

High Esthe tic. Appeal .< I OBTAINABLE ONLY AT CHATELET DES EURS(No 10 Rue Boe.-Fo,
IN COOL KENSCOFF one block down from Mailso

Our new department which has just, opened on, the
first floor, has a wide variety of gifts come' i and
See for your self-- '

114 Rue Dantes Destouches ,
Phone 3394





^ .1 '








- ---- -~ ~


Ior irnexr Quwry. -
Finest. Flavor...
ask for


I "V'.
AK^ 0 D l~w

The most delicious flavors in the '
world carry the Canada Dry
label. Name your favorite- '
Canada Dry makes it, and puts
into it al the quality, pyuity
and sparkle that have made
Canada Dry the first name in C
beverages Enjoy a bottle ay. wA.
All naver--
Popular Priem

Near Parc Leco te Tel: 2079 .
National, S. A.

When the twilight years
of a man's life approach, he
escapes from the harsh reali-
ties of the present; by living
more and more in the past.
As his faculties weaken he
seeks refuge in retrospection,
attempting to regain the il-
lusions of iis lost youth,
and to hide from himself the
inevitable decay which he
faces, and the oblivion into
which he must pass.
That, exactly, is what is
the matter with me.
A chance word, a face seen
on.the street, a strain of mu-
sic; each open a door into
my past. Sometimes into a
gay r6om; bright with happy
memories, -sometimes in to a
charnel' house, filled with
the. skeletons of my dead
dreams and hopes.
Seeing the picture of Ro-
bert Baussan in this paper

Page 6



By T. J. Grant

only to keep my men work-
ing, and didn't expect
to make a cent of profit.
Now, I'm going to take a
loss. The house we finished
;this morning collapsed. It
will have to be rebuilt from
the ground up. where I'm
going to get the money I
don't know., His face was
a tragic mask. Despair was
in his voice. '
,What went wrong, Ro-
bert?, I asked, gently.
,,It was the fault of the
foreman he replied. 4I had
warned the man not to take
the scaffolding down until.
the paint was dry.
I sometimes like to think
that I helped Robert oh his
way to fame and fortune by
giving him, that day, the
address of a firm in the
United 'States which. had

two weeks ago is a case in developed a quick dryihg dard Oil ou Rue 5 Lafleur
point. Robert is'now one of paint. Ducheine.
Haiti's top flight architects,
a wealthy business man, and .
the owner of one of Haiti's
finest hotels, the Ibo Lele-
He earned his reputation, A N IIII i
and he i worked -for his" .
money. No one begirudges ,. .- V n
him the high place in the$, UN CHANCE MERVEILLEUSE
Social and ecqdnomic life of '
this country, for success has. : h La Ldterie de I'Etat Haif'en .
not spoiled Robert, nor h vous offre une occasion exceptionnelle : Ele ouvre de-:
wealth made hi arrgant. va s a-voie sire et facilede vousenchiren
But, when 'I first newlk voseipare. !x.
cun d acl par son \
him, he was.as poor then as I. -J s n
am now. However, he had. Tirage Ext raordinaire /
his youth,, ability and a- .2 A ,.vi "'
burning ambition. Three du22Avril 1952 .
things of which the inexor- Voulevous posseder : G. 200.000.00 .
able yearshave deprived me Vouez-ous posseder : G. 230-000.00? ? ?
In those days I used to give Voulez-vous poster 000.00 ??
Robert tennis lessens. He Voulez-vous possder G. 5'00O.O0 ???
was a good pupil, but some-.e sp r G. '0.00000 ???
times a little slow and awk- 'Et bien, cest tries facile achetez votre. billet
-ward. He now plays a good, pour G. 30.00 seulement !! !
game, I am told. r
You "must; have guessed,&. ..,s .S;O. *4. W.%` I-... -We N:V ., *M W&- 4
b nrow. thar all this ore--

amble is just background for
a story. You're right. Read

One afternoon. Robert and
- I were playing tennis. His
game was worse than usual.
Something was wrong. Fi-
nally he threw his racquet
down in disgust, -and we
went to sit on a bench be-
side the court, where he told
me what ,was on his mind. I
remember it as if it had hap- I
opened yesterday.
(,You know Tommy,n he ,
said, (that row of little wood
den houses. I am building 2E
near the cemetery?, I nodded R
He went on: 'The whole
job is a mess. To save money
the owner specified- two by C
fours where we should have .
four by, fours, ten penny'
nails- instead of seven inch
spikes, and so dn. I took it



a -

.. ~. *5 .

The bees do it.
The birds do it.
.The little bats do it-
Men and women do it,
-'You 'ought to ob it,
It's fun.

Jimmy Plinton ,
Will give you lessons
If you want to learn '
To fly.


Une Renault a 1'e'tat neuf.
N'ayant jamais laisse la capi-
tale. S'adresser a Madame
Gladvs F .Snillett feqC'n- ,

' S

PANTS -- in 3 hours cost................................ $6.00
SPORTS JACKETS-in 4,hours cost ................ $7.00
SUITS in 24 hours cost.............. $15.00 up
,SHIRTS in 2 hours cost .............;.......... '$.00

I Or select from tdie large stock, of the finest variety of
ready-made:- '
Rue Magasin 'de l'Etat
Two. shops from La Belle Creole


"4 '*

De ocrat--But Ti S0 in my opinion just aboi
Democrat -But This Se r hardest place for any si
Wants Eisenhower To Win to f ght.)
Senator Riley's ter
(Continued from Page 1) the Senate expires in
and he plans to run aga
terview on. Sunday, because where he was born and rear- "that is if I don't decide
he would be able "to unify ed. He is. also a 'director he should spend some
.the country, and solve all and past vice-president of time at home,, smiled
-the world-wide problems the Kiwanis Club (an inter- Riley. Laughingly, Mrs.
challenging the U n ite d 'nation Service Organisa-' added 'that' when her
States at present. ,. tion). band was' asked to ru
2 Discussing the Presiden- Mayor of Seattle, the
r tial race now in full swing 'n. Honeymoon ,, paign of which is still'
'in the United States, .Sena- Senator- and 'Mrs. Riley, on,o al put my foot d
.Y 'tor Riley said that. at. pre- who were married three 'because, 4I feared he n
sent there- were -preliminary weeks ago are on their not have had'enough ti
conventions'.- and. nomina- hon6ympon trip which has get .married.n1
tiods taking place, .and the so far "taken them to San Senator 'and Mrs.'
potential candidates were Francisco,, Los Angeles, Mex- stayed at the El Rancho
President Truman and Sena- ico, Havana and Jamaica., tel, and they both a
tor Kefauver for the Demo- Mrs. Riley who is a mem- that Haiti is a most
cratic Party, and Senator ber of the Municipal-League, sting and fascinating
Taft and' General Eisenhov'- the Seattle CliaEber of Corn- try. 'They plan to retu
er for 'the Republican Party. 'merce and ,other orgatisa-- the future for a longer
'. In the Democratic Party, tions, revealed that in Janu- Mrs. Riley is associated
there are .strotig pro. and ary, 1950, six months before Seattle's largest travel
anti-Truman 'factions ,for the outbreak of the Koreanr cvy 'and mentioned-
|. 'y. man .n a-' high office War, she visited the. Orient. Westerners are tirin
.must alienate some people. The tour, sponsored by Honolulu and few'
: The policy of Pi-esidknt Tru- 'the Seattle Chamber of C)m'- about the Caribbean ,.
mani is somewhat more lib-' merce, was made by a group it's ,high 'time they .did
.'eral' than that of 'Se natpr.''of Seattle citizens headed by
1 Jdefauver,n said Mr. Riley. the Mayor, 'and it' wrs the' '-lOT' ME T
'Senator. 'Riley, who has 'first tr; made'by ,a gipup of .i "]
SI a in active .political" life ,United States citizens in the L. I.EOGANE
for the past fourteen years Oriebt since' the. end of the (Continiued from Pag
said this: of Senator Kefau- war. '
ver, aI have a.great respect '. They visited Ja'pan, Korea, Twenty-three large
Sfori hm. He'is'a fine man 'he Phi.lipines and Honoe lamps glimmered' in
Sidividually, 'with 'excellent luilnif "'>here she first met gan'ea9 d two others b
principles and' a sense 'of -uil- Senator Ritey. tened the -.market pla
ance, ,:- fKorea; Mrs. Riley had Gressier. The Electric
S his to say:'- ,1 is a very Pany reports it already:
A inember of the State bleak, cold a'd rugged coun 100 private subscribe
'egislatuie' for Washington, 'try, a'd' there 'was,.plenty of its list and many mor
for the past twelve years, trouble biewing.2, We were expected to take adva
Senator Riley is a \vice-prie- not allowed to go ourt into of the new Public Servi
sident of the Palmer Supply,. he streets after dark, and It took some 25 kil
Company, a plumbing, heat- very night there, was some ters $ wire.. .24,000
ing and industrial whole- 'incidents ith North' Ko- of coppers.. to exten
'sales supply firm, apd a di- reaps, electricity network to
"rector of .the Puget Sound .The, country, was'. in a people of Leogane.
. Mutual Savings Bank, both dreadful state, .the sariitation /.2ou volt current cc
in Sea t,t 1 e. Washington, as extremely bad, and itf is trogtight 'branch
distribution from the
. de Mariani ... 'coveritin
S*, 'B -' "".'- inhabited area 'of the
But the high, rate of el
city will keep lamps bu
k% L.q lal *in many caillesI for. q
while to come.

However the' presence-of
electric power is a great
boost to Leogane- economy.
industries can now be es-
tablished, stores can be mod-
.ernized, new equipment in-
stalled., The electrification
programme is a- vital part of
President Maglbire's Five
Year Plan to place Haiti on
the list of cUp and Coming))
small nations. But like
inost far-seeing pro rammed
these days, it is subject to


New house' for rent, Pe-
tionville.. Completely furn-
ished, two bedrooms, hall,
office and; bathroom. Phone
2901. '
* "


I -

rOLLO' ,es C//C/K-D
quIVe ArPOuLt.

A Chicken Farm Equal To ;The IIVold's Fitnet
Produces Chickens the Modern Way! Tender. and-
"> . . ^ . . .. ^ 3

I i


. .:5
' .'.

;, ,^

,' i4

"Time "&" Life"

The Leading American

MAGAZINES Are Now OnSale All


ut the the trials and tribulations of A VENDRE
soldier finding necessary supplies. Une belle table de sa&lC&
The work, begun'.. on May, manger avec six chaises Ut
m in 15, 1951, had to.be suspend- desserte- une vitrine. Td i-
1954, ed five weeks later because phoner 7421. .
in of the rationing of electrical 7
e that material. The 3rd of January ..
more electricians aga in began
Mrs. stringing their wires along ,, "a
Riley the highway to Leogane and ,
hus- the job was completed six ..u .S:
n for weeks 'later. a ''
'cam- Engineer George Levelt,
going Service.Director in the Pub-
own lic Woiks Departemnt, gave To get your money's w of) -.
might the details of the Electrifica- of the things in the phbarme '
me to tion Programme in a speech ceutical lzne you wish to buy
-. at the inauguration ceremony .Call 4 at -' -
Riley at Leogane. Other. dignitaries '
o Ho- who *gae addresses, were: PHARMA.GE .H.I[AB1R..
greed Emile Roy,- under-diretor of
inter- the Elect-ic Compahy; L6ans If wd do not have the ex ,
coun- St. Fort, city magistrate; things you are ooking 'q
arn in' Ambroise. Boliere, speaking ... we'll get it for you m f "
stay. for the youth o4 Leogane; Store. .You'll fell at, hotff
I with Fleurjuste.Medor,, Dr. De- iffy. Patronize our
agen- *vallon, Antoine Guiraud andi wth ., '
that- the Reverend Bouillaguet. ,

...... 4'.....

SWAER BRAUN distribu t o
/^==^ ==^ ^


--- _.rt w. --------- - - -. -- --. -5 -.----'-A -l

. ge -8' HAITI SUN,



Monday, Feb. 25th
, Fancy Dress Ball

SP.M. TO4 A.M. Casino
,, ," i .l,.Internationl I
oDINN ER 5 Dollars iteraton
PLACES TO EAT Reservation: Call 7886
9 5 Ted; Roosevelt LE RuENDEZ-VOUS
OD FOOD... OOD PRICES Wishes to advise this many 'friends and the Generai. i DU MONDE CC.
Sh Public that:the T61.: 2676


0 r 4e ". '
The REFUGE completely rejuvenated is 'now equipped
with Electricityv; Hot 'ahd Cold runnipg water etc.-qan9 H OTEL S-FRANV
Sbe reached oyer'an excellent, road, ipan type of car.

.' .' .nexclled ',

Sand .
"i:":"- :" 9At 5,70.. feEl theo 'RBFUE,,0 is TOPS", '..I

ML, P E'-LCHE.N. "FROM.$250 '. .
:; LETE,' ' ,' o You .very D

" "-heo's, Parties, Banquets, etc.) r ' i ' '' ''' S "
,-.' ;, b E~.~sda T d g .: C nic , .l ancead elect yo

:.: ,* '^ ~. '' . 1 E e, V : : , ..,. ** .. s fro f bulbous
S. .... e a n .e C .

.~9.. up "o'date 'A aC"* 7'' #." : i "i*. "A X "A '
p4 VIEWto

S. ... pharmacy Castera sit : sallpiecedelio
-, ... .. -~ 'the a Telegraph v, 'and Te. u u', hocol.telata.e.brmgs"

. ". '.1 d 5 *- ., ", . t
... .OR SALE A S . ax
' * I fl 1 t]' I u C; ...... " ',... . '. Ia. v -t -'
~$g JE sNCFROM C50. Te
- P . ET .pqT' .. .. ..v ..P '. y' ' ', ." .' '.' .
to 1 Lb 9 Cn. closed porch, largee gaery, ._ .NDAYS-
S.' livig and diing rooms, .a. k I .
STI garage, and wine collar, de n4t let waste matter" ,elecy
Q p .- tacked servants' quarters, 9o affect y Jhealth. Y o can ao a:l
S' .. s ling at 14,000 dollars. .A Ci G r o li a y
.7 fair price' for a fip e home B LA '

." r Roo- TO .v... s C B lol- r- it is. "Se .eaiti the world-famous RUE'raAMERICAIe E 1348c "
. Sun.* Chocolate Laaive atEPHONE ety c2278
. . . ," o 'c i ni-i ( ',"". ," .- ; .
N.:o . .w / b u t .i ', t .,Q ..r -Q
A Pharmacy Cas terasPo"PrOBsite . wsrn piece,&6 delciora .
't '75e lo mm-phone Bdilding 6 11Cal 2131.' ICL el' " 6ver'iik' "-' 'j"le"en

f f"tr+ 7-/" T D"ifO "" ')o r , rooms, four bedroom s%.one (-.--.o . ',
,t,-closed porch, alarg,gae- .- 1,
; n. 'M" .f f S l ivi g th a n d bd n g ro o ms D on't ,t w aste m att r, 1 .... .. .
tackedd servants'.quarters, up aff,,ct your health. 'You ',can" N-,IE N 'G" A .,,
f lY." 'i* .o date kitchen and pantry, be pleasantly and ,asi,0' .. 1 arc ENGRAVI.t


.... Mr
... "* . '
q., 't

Ov 500 persons filled 'Last night's masquerade
Ste moonlit' Patiodof the El party at the, Willy Frisc
'Rancho Thursday night;. .'at maison in Turgeau -will g
one of the' gayest and most down in the.annals of Marc
.- fashionable balls of the sea- Gras history as one of th
Ss9,...- the. Bill of the Al- most terrific, ridiculous, fu
i, i iae.Francalse. '., niest and weird, ever wit
President and Madamie dressed by man.
Magloire were' the guests of -::- \ '
;'honourat the affair which, Senator and Mrs. Milto
was attended riot only by the Hei'man of Bridgeport,. Con
.p' members of' Port-au- inecticut spent last .week-en
!.Prince society but by many -in Haiti at the El Ranch
; vitors,' to Haiti' as well. with Dr. and' Mrs. Samu(
: ,atiy will go home "com- Sachs. Senator Herman,
-. endingg. on the beautiful State Senator, one time Prq
Sgowns worn by' our ,Belles securing Attorney, was, flab
:' ;f. 'the'Ball, 'who displayed agasted ,at' the' low rate o
:. h.legance rarely seen out- crime in (laiti. Mrs. Herma
Ai&'se6 f Paris. ,' a writer 6ho-edited a foui
e' we "' l' ." i page newspaper for service
,. Between theively Merin- men during 'the war,. pr(
g; es played by Fhe Orches- 'isbd'on departure Tu esda
,:tr& Lamy,, the guests listen- sed o 6 ,, r in
aC' te starring soiogs of pessions iof te republic'.
S.eean Ch.ir. During all four seemed to. have et
: .course of the evening joed themselves immense
'th ee highly 'prized objects a poised 'to come bac
'were'sold to the highest bid- ,.d a s o' .oe.
ders ... a deluxe edition of for a longer J,our.
"Ruy Bias,,- donated by the -:0:-'' "
Swell-known Parisien editor A friend of Dr. Harri
SC.mhnan Levy, .was won by Processor Ivan Hellerstroi
SHis, -.Excellency President of the .-fiversity of Stocl
.' Magloire; a~cse of. Dubon- hoim, pne o the world
"ner, donated by La Maison most" noted Dermatologisi
N. '.adal the First Lady of the .spent lasi week here .at th
i"Republic won; and a beau- Hotel Splendid.
S atiful tablecloth, a gift of _:0:-
,Reni Armand, went-rq the There is no known disease
Venez.ielan Ambassador. obtained from riding in
-, jeep year in year out... bi
.,The Domninican Ambassa- it'll naturally exerciseyo
gdor and Madame Aybar are bones and I might ,add,
holding a reception -at their said Dr. 'Jacob Kroll of Ne
.. ride'nce in etiotnville' on York's' Goldwater Memorif
Wednesday to.commem6rate Hospital, a jeep has no- se
Sthe anniversary of their appeal. Dr. and Mris.'Kno
.: country's Independence. The spent what they termed
S@e'rvenit also marks the new pe-; delightful four. days hei
Vi no'r of, friendship and ac- this week at the El Ranch
I cord between Ha.ri and its The faihous Radiologist ar
neighboring Republic. his wife are planning to r
l, ':0- turn next year.
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald
,. Peters and daughter Rege- :0:-
t lnei arrived. from G6naives Direct6r of. the Haitia
for Carnival in the Capital. American Institute and Mi
James Cassedy gaye a dinn
at their residence in Pac
'1 Wednesday evening for art'
f / Pierre Monosier who is hea
ling g Stateside for threee
I months of study at the I
terantional Airts "Project
: ~K'- New York City, early ne




r e1J L.

Odilon Bernaur PAA em-
in ployee welcomed the arri-
rs. val of his eleventh child
er Friday. Sorry they are not
)t all boys as an old time foot-
st ball fan he would dearly
,d love 'a family soccer ream.
ae -:0:- -
n- Loulou Dejoie arrived in
n town-from his Southern out-
xt post sporting a full beard

ince 4862

-- -- -- !

the Sacre Coeur, Church,
Turgeau, and holyf wedlock
for Bobby Guillard and Miss
Ghislaine Carrie.,
Marie Alice Lafontant and
her mother Mrs. Rene La-
fontant flew to the States
last week. Friends say Marie
Alice is to marry shortly.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence
Moody flew to- the 'Cap,
Saturday to join the Cap
Haitiens in their' Mardi Gras
festivities. Mrs. Moody will
return to wild old Havana in
time ro see the tail end of
the Cuban Capital's famous
rip roaring carnival.-

Dr. Carlo Mevs and .D'e
puty Henri Woolley pCqtor"
ed to Cuidad.Trujillo Thurs-
day evening, on a special'in-
vitation, to enjoy the Marc&
Gras in the Dominican capi"

Last week Perry ,Young
the third, weighing a heal-
thy eight and a quarter
pounds entered the world.-
Papa is well known Sada
Pilot and Mama is the for-"
mer Hansi Berthold.
-:0:- -



Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Ste-
cher (fgtty Grant) and fam-
ily, ',C'arola,. Ann-Marlene,
big Jimmy and Shirley are,
down from Port-de-Paix for
the Carnival. Thursday. fol-
-lowing \Carnival Mr. and
Mrs. Stecher are flying to
Simone Peloux observed
her birthday anniversary
, Tuesday.
h, -:0:-
o, Raoul Berne took brother
di Roger. to Paris Friday morn'-,
e ings Roger suffered mental
n collapse last week after tak-
t- ing an over' dose of sleeping
pills. Rauol expects to return
in, three, weeks and Rdger
n will iemia.in in the. French
-a capital gnd, receive special.
d ized medical attention.
.0 '-:0:- '
el Monday Mr. and, Mrs.
a Valerib Canez flew to New,
?" York on a month business:
b' cum-pleasure trip.' Son. Les-
f. lie, test engineer wi'h .Intei-
P \national General Eldctri c at
L-' Eortr Wayne,' Indiana 'will
e- fly up and visit his parents
'" during their U.S. seiour.
S'-:0- ,,
- At ,jPelerinN .Wednesday
eve6fing the Tji George Des-
1- landes mason. broke the nor-'
ly mal weekday '.tranquility ....
k a sniall family group cele-
birated Mrs. Tilly- Deslandes
. .birthday.
s, -:0:- '
m iFamouts eye surgeon Dr.
k Phillip Laiders aiii' his wire
, arrived frcp Ltew YporJ this
s week. t spend a ten-day va-
cation here at the Ibo Lele.
;e Dr. Landers 'is the cousin of
SMis.' Loti S6utherland of'
Southerland Tours.
"' "-:0:-
a This week's unofficial ru-
it mour .is ... 'Mona Roy and
r Jacques Faubert are fiancee
also Nicole Sej6unne and.
Claude Etheart. The (Beach-
comber,, is not responsible'.
.x for rumours'.
a -:0:--'
a t's wedding bells at the
Cathedral Notre Dame
d March 27th- for Miss Ymen-
cie Pierre and Marc Pierre-
iP- -

Mr. and Mrs. Max Bolte 'Thuidayafternqos dtfive. "';
are up from Jacmel for the -the christening .of Dr. .'i.i
Mardi Gras. Mrs., Pierre Clermont's first
--:0i--- son Frantz, took plabe at' the '
Off to Europe to take up Sacre Coeur. 'Follwing .the'
UNO scholarships in' Gene- ceremony the trad-tionalI.:
va. flew Lydia Jeanry, Jac-" ception wettingg itli' bab's,
quline Wiener and Gilberte head) -took p'laI-ati&~ .
Vieux Saturday afternoon. Clermont resides .'-'in ios
-:0,' Verna.' Godfatliei Dr.',eitz
Raymond Mevs flew off Sam' proposed-- "a tpas ina
,his week to bring, a new in- made a hort ..lqael
dusrry to Haiti. Spending a speech. '1 Among 'the -gesn
week in San Juan and a were, Minister Dumel, ,:Di ~
week ;n New York, Ray- Bellerive, Mrs. Castera, :'
mond Mevs, .will purchase and Mrs. Rony Chener, anda
material, and learn all about 'Dr. Bazil. Next day, Friday
the running of a Hat ,fac-, the Clermonts celebratedi ,
tory which the Mevs 'br- their first wedding aInA
others intend to set up here. sary. .
They expect to make felt .'-:0:-- ..."
hatsras well as straw ones. -Spotlightb Edto .
-' Blake, friend of.. Haiti. t
S -:0:-- fine ,Bamboching,.-St.'i--,
Back to the States and- arrived in town Frida a
school .fly Gert y and 'Robert noon ... for 'te-ardi s.i.
Hereaux Friday .. : ,' .-:0t -' .'
'--.0: .--= ..:.. ../, Y.".. ,,4fter:three years 'tof i "
Rudy .Babouin Jamif and i ng away i ,.th. 'Labo ".. e
Elie Rickhrd flew-Monday 'tb Utivetsityof-, n di

the- Richard brokers comr- week for rde e .'-i .,'
merce., tion. with 'his Mastoi; --'.
His; .^ '. gpree -A iChemistry.6u6
His Excellency President iuner bis ;'armn; -ik'. Ji
MagloIre presFated the Mi- tilhem will eun
chel, Dejean Chorus with a States, to further his std-'d"
studiQ on the&Avehie Maie-' 0 -p ''*Y''
Jeanne ,at, the' Exposition. ,Henry Berm.inghaBm'..i
Thursday. ,d back Saturday from '
--:0:--,| vay b.isiiess.., .tip,, thA "
Marquerite Coicou winds' York. Today is a big a .-:
up her, summer vacation 'n '.the Beriningham hu6is"- '2P
Thursday and returns to, hold. It's 'son Duels,,chist- ,
work in New York. ,ening, day, and His Eei-":
cy, President. Magloire ,is to ...-.1b
'., .--:-0:--, be Godfather. The ceiee0lnibr .k
From It aly.,Corradino Ca- will, take place this' morning '
prio at, present .visiting re- at the National-Palace.: -
'latives in 'Port,' flies on to -:0:- .
M.ami Tuesday. Ti Maurice Laroiche,',. a .
-:0:-. ,stranger in these par-ts' for
Guest of t he Arland the past three months arr.iv-
Smiths last week were Dr. ed in town Friday penniless '
and Mrs. Fishman of, Mary- ... carrying plans and skeit-
land who arrived. on the ches of a future home in- th p
Nuevo Dominican6 Monday ,,Cap, to Maud for her O.K.
and left by PAA Saturday. ... and Mardi Gras.
Thursday Arland Smith Jr. -:0:-
and. tworyear-old daughter Roger Coster. is expected
Shelly arrived in Town. in town this week. Photw'-
grapher for (,Holiday", he is
--0:- currently shooting 'ip Ha-
On the 25th of March it's vana.


Page 10 uHAITI SUN,,

( World

sary of the first truce nego-
tiations between Toussaint
Louverture and Napoleon's,
brother-in-law, the French

of Hollywood stars and not-

ed journalists
been invited to

who have
"cover" the

General Leclerc. The publicity manager for
uLy.dia Bailey, is the first 20th Century Fox Films,
full-length American motion Sterling Silliphant, is busily
picture to be made on the collaborating with Haitian
history of our colourful Re- Government officials to pro-
public and its publicity vide the celebrities with a
value cannot be underestim- gala programme of activity
ated. during their four-day stay.
At a press conference Such noted writers as Ro-
Thursday morning, Tourism bert Ruark whose syndicat-
director Guy Douyon an- ed column reaches a million
nounced that an estimated readers ,are among the in-
30 to 40 million movie-goers vitees. Marc Berron of As-
,will view the movie on sociated Press will also be on
Haiti which will be shown hand and cThi,s Week,,
in 15,000 American theatres magazine intends to produce
the week after its United -two pages of colour pictures

A scene from .the Twentiet h Century-Fox production
aLydia Bailey. ToussainQ Lqo,uverture is seen seated at a
council table, on his right is King Dick. .

Stages premiere in July. And on the gala opening for its
that's only the beginning. -A 10,000,000 readers.
major historical film is Some 40 journalists in all
shown for a decade and ,are expected to be on hand
sometimes longer in theatres 'as well as the stars of the
all over the world, movie, itself ... Anne Fran-
- Its world premiere here cis, Dale Robertson and
will be the occasion for a William Marshall.
four-day national Festival, The tentative progratnme
when Haiti will play' the ge- for their entertainment is as
nial host to the plane loads follows:

Bailey, First Hollywood Film
Premiere Outside U.S.
(Continued from Page 1)


ties: Contact the Haiti Sun. I

Saturday, May 3rd ...
Mayor of Port-au-Prince will
welcome guests with tradi-
tional ,Vin d'Honneur.-
They will be escorted to
their respective hotels and
later visit the Cabane Chou-
coune as well as other night
spots in the Capital.
Sunday, May 4th morning
... Reception at the Presi-
dential Palace. Afternoon
and evening, tour of Port-
au-Prince. Parade through
Exposiiton Grounds to Thea
rre de Verdure where the
World Premiere of "Lydia
Bailey, will be shown. Press
Monady, May 5th ... Din-
ner by the Press.
Tuesday, May 6th ... In-
,terview of stars and news-
nien. A visit to the National
Museum; shopping tours.
Wednesday, May 6th ...
Haitifs fi amous dancer,
Leon Destine will return
from the United States to
star in Folklorique numbers
in a special performance giv-
en at the Premiere of the

The Tourism office is also
trying. to oblain a newsreel
of Haiti Today to round out
the American Premiere to be
held at New York's Roxy
Theatre next July. It would
be a marvelous .way to con-
trast the days of. our RepubW
lic's humble beginning with
'its present achievements as
an independent nation.

Gerard De Catalogne, our
director of the Haitian Tour-
ist Bureau in ..New York,
was also present at Thurs-
day's press conference. He
told Port-au-Prince journal-
ists that he found the direc-
tor of Lydia Bailey, former
French actor Jean Negulesco
very sympathetic to Haiti in
his approach to the film.
Toussaint Louverture is por-
trayed as a philosopher with
a heart of love for his black
people. General Leclerc and
his wife Pauline Bonaparte
,are shown in a most un-
attractive light.
The film story, follows
closely the lines of the Ken-
neth Roberts novel of the
same name whici is primar-
ily an acventyre story in a
historical setting. The best
seller has been bought by
one and a half million read-
ers so far. It has a French
version now being issued in
Paris. Mr. Homer. Gayne,
cultural attache of the Ame-
rican Embassy hopes to have
copies of the book available,
for Haitian consumption be-
fore the showing of the film.

SPerson wishes to rent a
room with bathroom fadii-

Home from New York are
sweer Misses Alice \Xeiner
and Mireille Silvera.
Friday Mr. 'Fernand Ma-
gloire, director of cLa Re-
gie du Tabac" and Mr.
Claude Etienne, proprietor
of Boulangerie, St. Marc,
arrived home from a trip to
the States.

Thursday at 4 p.m. em-
ployees at the Electric Plant
received the fright of their
lives. There was a crank
case explosion in one of the
new high speed diesel mo-
tors ... oil and flames burst
through the inspection win-
dow of the new motor and
it was enough to make any-
one. run.

The first time in years
Cap Haitien is.to have 'a car-
nival with all the frills of
olden times. Next week
readers may look forward to
a report of "Carnival 1952
in Cap Haitien.,
Dan and Mrs. Allen are
leaving early next month on
a vacation that will take
them through: South and
Central America.

Un insecticide a


avec le 70'Wfff'

l fy?' Z /esera
Ia o 7 ree o rnts-frfo s
7e/- : 43

~~N~Y3T~t7 ~ j. ~ N.~. 7~T.. 7 .- I



This month must be the
Post sensational for local
hotels. The Riviera with,
50 rooms deluxe overflowed
and kintd hearted Manager
Jerry Kovler rather than
turn anyone away himself
moved to the basement.
All Bizoton and Thor de-
dare the Thursday night
victory party of the aPirates,
basket ball team, at Edouard
Esper's (team captain) home
highly successful. The neigh
bourhood reports that the
music, laughter fnd. merri-`
ment, literally .poured from
the Esper mason till the
wee hours of 'Friday mornm-
ng. cPirates" invited their
most ardent fans.and mem-
.bers of the other teams tq. a
buffet supper to celebrate
their winning of the Levelt
* ..,.Cup for the second time.
/Last Sunday morning there
was a surprise ,Cochonade,)
,at 'Gerard Woolley's new
Texaco home at Bizoton.
On the 4th of March the
new white on green license
auto plates will appear.
Mr. Joseph Handal of the
e ew York. Handals is in
town on business. He is as-
sociated with the Valley
Knitting Co. of New york.
Nessim Mourra returned
from three months id New
York last week. ,

All small craft and ba)
sharks have been notified to
stand by over Mardi Gras
and escort the ,Queens, on
their royal yacht from Bizo-
ton to the Exnosirion pier.
On the 3rd when the
French Pavillion on the. Ex
S.position Grounds becomes
the French Institute one of
the feature of the evening
will be the tragedy cPhedre,,
by Jean Racine .played by


Word has been received
that Behrmann has taken
over the Ford Agency. That
is, the distribution of Ford,'
Mercury, trucks and cars
formerly handled by Haiti
Enjoying a month vaca-
tion at the Villa Creole in
Petionville for the third con-
secutive year are Mr. apd,
Mrs. Harry Rifchin of Bostori
Mass. Mrs. Rifchin had the
honour of a personal intro-
duction to Madame Paul Ma
gloire and was thanked by
the First Lady of the Repub-
lic for sending clothes to as-
sist her campaign for the
poor of Haiit.
Mrs. Ernst Rodriques of
Puerto Rico' with his beauti-
ful blonde wife spent this
week here at the Ibo Lele.
Mr. Gerard Allen, an old
friend did his utmost to see
that their stay was all enjoy-
Voodoo Club, 20 Homes
Damaged By Fire
The screams of wailing si-
rens as the Haiti Sun was
going to piess last Saturday.
w e r e Port-au-Prince fire
trucks rushing to save the
neighboring village of Car-
refour. A short circuit start-
ed a fire that quickly gutted
twenty thatched-roofed cail-
les and caused extensive
damage to the Voodoo Club.
It was only after a five-
hour fight that the Pompiers
succeeded in winning their
,battle against the hungry
flames fanned by a strong
breeze. Anxious residents of
the neighbourhood finally
heaved' a great sigh of relief
as the last red flicker of fire
was extinguished long after
sunset. Thaniks to the skill
of the flame-fighters many)
homes endangered by- the
The toral damage was in the
conflaUation were left intact.
neighbourhood of 100.000

International Work
Camp In Haiti
(Continued from Page 1)

nations, will be in charge of
recruiting the American
youth who will take part.
Incidentally the boys and
girls who do attend the
camps not only do the ma-
aual labour without charge
butr often pay for their
room and board out of their
own pockets as well. It is .
possible that there may be
some Mexican and Jamaican,
volunteers at the Haitian
project when it gets under-
way this summer... making
the work camp a truely
international proof of the
real meaning of brotherhood
The establishment of the
camp is being carried out
under an organization
committee composed of .Em-
manuel Gabriel Jn-Frangois
Director of the UNESCO pro
ject at Marbial; James Echols
of the Haitian-American In-
stitute;' Yves Bellancourt,
Gawey Laurent and Paul
More than 40 persons- at-
tended the opening meeting'
of the Work Camp cam-
paign held at the Haitian-
American Institute last Sat-
urday. They were shown
films depicting the camp
operations in other 'nations
and the work accomplished

,A complete set of. Golf.
clubs. Brand new Halli-.
crafter radio battery and
electric, shortwave. 4 16
millimeter movie camera
with projector and battery-
Contact the uHaiti Sun.,

Today's bargain ... a jeep
station wagon in excellent
condition with new licence
plates selling for, 900 dol-
''ars. Contact the ,Haiti

C'est pourquoi- dans le monde enter,

,\ \ de plus forts tonnages sont transports

sur pneus poids lourds Goodyear que sur

pneus de toute aitre marque

L- itrepreneur- de camionnage et de c i i-es
d' jr l.i sav'it que lesI net p,,;dl louirdu
Go,,- d i- .iLrm't |ruve d'un maxinum de
:'iLl.'', -- it d'iln maximum de irendeunt

kilotmtrinue -- tout en asiurant le meilleur
-r I'ie q. on puisie attendre de pueus poids
r'jurdi. Four uu maximum d'avautaaes-
achetriA dee pneus poid. louids Goodyear!




^..*.- .... .

;" ,:7 .*; i'. ... :i

.' LEAKS -
Quickest, Easiest Way Is With

Agents : '

Haiti Trading Co., S.A.


1. -

-----~..---,-- ----

' [." ,. .i. :


I *11 ': / '

: v':; .' !,.!
. '\ .



|Virstone Trestoe01
Outstanding spark l g,
plug for gas economy Last longer,
and motor perform- have more
ance.Install asei today. -ower- bu
Enru Power.

age 13

I .* -


--- .
at ---




p **' -

"*7 -- -


us ddcouvrirent 67 chan.
sons pour ,deux! Mais
4quand ils veulent recueil-
lir de belles' chansons
Sedans Iair, eux aussi choi-
S issent parmi la nouvelle
e erie Varicrd de Philips.
BX 505 V



sk- -^or a Den Iwstration
Tqdaydt 4
TAh- Curacao Trading Co.
Show Rooms


I ''

reuably priced.
8.6', ; Cubic Feet

"I"^ ^ ........" .'

.. .. ,

*D'stir.buted by
CUrac 9 Trading 4o.
of Hiiti, S.A.

Mardi Gras 1952
(Continued from Page 1)
and set out in search of him. riumphant landing before
The sirens will blow again the statue of Christopher
as the victory signal when Columbus at 9.30 p.m. The
,His Majesty is found, schedule then calls for the,
At the second wail of the traditional ceremony of AU- L
siren, the three luckless TODAFE ... when the King
Queens will turn back with is to be thrown on a raging
'their escorts and head for bonfire ... but we hope for
the Champ-de-Mars where the sake of his flesh and CORD
all the participants in the blood Majesty that a straw
Carnival Parade are gather- replica will be submitted at
ing. When the victorious ,the last moment. Ashes
Queen arrives with her Roy- from the fire will go for a .
al prize, the Grand March premium ... they bring good
will bezin past the Palace to luck !
the l'H6tel de Ville ... a Although the outsized
gala file of floats, decorated King of fun and frolic. makes "
camionettes, groups of mas- his first appearance today, :o00
qued revelers, all swirling social festivities of the HautL
along .to the tunes qf some Monde are already well un-
60 Jazz bands., derway. The Carnival atmos
The same colourful chase here was in full swing at -
and capture w ill be repeat- .the International Casino and
ed" tomorrow and Tuesday the Cabane Choucoune last OTHER SUITS IN TROPIC AL,
The winning Queen will re night as well as at private GABARDINE, FLANNEL 33 to 45 doH1ars -
Sceive a special prize each day parties and nire spots through
', as well as the honour of bot the Capital ... in fact,
sharing the Chariot contain- hrougout the Republic:
ing the Throne of his Ma- The Elite turned out in
jesty. great numbers for last. "- ...-
Prizes will also Be award- night's Grand Opening, of l E
,ed for the three most.colour- the Casino's Sorrento Restau
ful auto floats, the 3 most rant and tonight another big
colorful animal draowtn Ball will mark the opening *' -
floats; the iost colorful of.its Bar "A L'Enseigne Du '
groups oq foot; on horse- Vieunx General,. Monday
back, on bicycles. Additional and Tuesda there will be a,
awards will be handed out Grand Ball and Cotillion on
.to the jazz bands with the the open-air dance pavilion' Del Quality. Cement at
most original costumes; to with the Atomique and Pano the Lowest possible cosli .
individuals with the fin- American orchestras alter-
niest and most unusual mas- nating in the Bandshell. TheALLEN & BAUSSAN: offer thet
querades. Casino management suggests
e e that -tickets be purchased in ,
Business and industrial advance as the sale is limit-
leaders have contributed gen ed to avoid overcrowding, .
erously in both floats and The musicians of the ever-1 .
prizes to make this year the popular Cabane Choucoune, . .
banner year in the true Car 'are also playing to a capacity- '
nival spirit. house. Madame Marini is .
The Councilmen (Edilite) opening her thatched-roofed '
'of Port-au-Prince are offer- Meringue Palace to Mardi.
,ing a' 'Loving Cup to the Gras revelers tonight, tomor
wining float entered 'by a. row ano Tuesday. And the
.local business house or in- circular roof must be very, -
dustry. firm indeed to withstand the
The six;Carnival Queens merriment. N '
from the Provinces have The Cercle Port-h'u-Prin-
been invited to take part in cien"-is holding a Marineel, ,
the final day of Festivities. ,Bal Masque,, for the junior) .
The Reigning -Belle from .set at 4 p.m. tomorrow. And
Gonaives, Cap-Haitien, Cay- Mama and Papa will take up ,
es, Port de Paix, Jacmel and where the youngsters let off$
Jeremie 'will be on hand at 9 in the evening. The$ .
Tuesday evening when the Ball is limited to merhbers' '
King, his Court and his and their guests. I IN. BAGS OF i2 -1/2 PORTLAND CEMENT '
masqued subjects will go At the Cercle Bellevue STANDARD HYDRAULICKgs NET 6 PLY
aboard the Royal Launch at members and their guests OFFICE: MTTC BLDG. EXPOSITION
Captain Ace's and make a will eniov traditional iBall Port-au-Prince Tel .: 2387
Masque,, Monday night.

moll -Im -o mw -aewI p p

"0.... 'SHOES i

M mw -1. a
_ __.. ____ ,,_,.
, m m .amn . o n- "'p
I'', I ~ ~ *l


. ,'


Jage 12