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Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."
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w" *:, ' ..,1 .. . .. .1 :I,',

LUME I Port-au-Prince Haiti .. SUNDAY, .EBRUARY 07. .


idg. Georg. VI died.in father's death m.Kenya on We have met I. David C. of the Telephone and .T e. ..
seep Wednesday' morn- th first eg of five mth Clegg, egmee of the In- graph Service. o ocean- ;:
his 'y. estt 30,06-mile royl tur that teriational. Automatic Elec- It inudes threhabilita- acreau
"traa, New, Zealand, and maion. the plan to mod .(nPe t .. -

'dathter altety-five *returned toLondonbyplane phone network. 'Madame Maloire ; -ith....
.er ts tethro e, .new. .husday. The study o. .is. pro- ,Jr
received e.f heTHE HAITIAN ENGLI bee undertak- iaWSPAPER lone .passe .
S. orPort-au-Prince than one year iti SUNDAY. Mart Canteen his also t

Z-..:f ,,! ..b u ,e. *''*, e .. i c -- . , .I ; f h e A re . J"
Ogg Gerg& died'infather'sdeathineny a.; on We have met Me. David C. of the Telephone ahd Tele-
Wed sd morn h Sirst egoe 'Aine. 26o More gel of the children of thel sail fr 't'.
kat.i toutwy.s~t, .e, rol.turthat'ernaional. Automatic plec-. It icludeshrehabilira-llyoret P a
iope.ed.th t. M a ''in Co" ".. 'C r. ."

i. 'Wor will begin next seen. Morethan 300 young- lengthy stopo
Sad her on to CeyloAugieving managerth owner Sil- then marched into the, dal by every e'

vera a total of 48 (Coomsto vast dining hall-to eat their sea dog that had s64
tr u iotralia, New Zealand, and matiopntheplaato m (CPgea

incest Elzabeth hi Architect othax Ewald is idrenea other daythBritishe rgiCan-o They enize andextend our tele- aothE
Splane thefinishietwor ng touch- Iteen wil also serve nourish ueP M agloif Ventura.

.L. .I Port-au-Prmore ro.ns for tthe hotel's Yve FERx St. LouiAs. challenges o .he hazard .
rits t e1 'new 'hain building The bths In accordance wth the y n sroutea .'

-, r toele Tot ul.rly l u .w "shes. eof, _.a..eF.sL y. -"lon e w"as
een received .news k Waser (Coinguedon Page 3)1egramme)as'beet o Pundertak-g .j
., NS -ET so .... QUEEN tne moe. t Te th H St. Martin CantY Ehis',' c -rapthit, ahc.ro ,
byt Autel gin ders inaer mthembes of the e s. i

pr e e ein uFBorationb Achici o, heis2ft L hady ofs ;t S tMyo
up her role as Guardian An- ly the salPie aa
d 2ns Rd d to tho se o h Venlg Ranh. gel of the children of the osailo anfo Un.itd P ,
er (MCos E lo poor when . a.shoof ,ficiallyto. andi ,.,do. .
opened] theSt. Martin Can- l .ook' -eig mtbe4
. Work willing s teen. More 'tha 300 young- ilenfer, soo t

.,dditIbo thdE Kflto, gloire inzte antee y uar irritp thenat wasoc
vera a total of 48 rooms to vastediningbal-toeath ea tha hads
1, Tra.. '. 'ules rashinglon, e.g Egoe1and, and mario ne Spl andto mPaced ",, the thdae b-,. evryixon.ie. \ u1.
.,M. g .:h ro .. .,.
V ei yt tof Hat.i.ftunth
S' l .d i U" .. h Besides feeding 300 scool creasedna Stho LT,..
I Max Ewaddds children each day, the Can- mination offtihe rMd-bdaedQ
'saghern hiast ..fct to as"thhewonog meals to-r 100 adults ..n- follown i a f.
L PLwhiS'olWjll 'provide 26 der tid direction of Mine. count of bow hoe. metwtjd '
more ro .ms for the hotel's Yve F6ix St. Louis. challenges of the ha a a
es, main building. The bhths In accordance with the -v4o '
are"s-to be-particularly luxury wishes of the First Lady the' themn.
reee. (Coti"Ioaued on Page ga10)me a fo t- (C continued on Page 10) Lous ... EP

+: b. Ih ad done very little: ..,
: tMiami last May 3rd b o -.
,for Port an Prince aboai :

Her Majest.Queeen Elizabeth II1t companion, my dog ..to...

..dsen.taught Safety Clovis Chariot Off Tohiny eneral..v.. .

younger they are, the distant director general. of h
.er they. learn. And Cap- Technical and Professional .edical Sh.l-T

....a. "-.givtional. education in theA to the med ical school e is w
"r-ancLs of ttaff'c safety ric 'Wd rd
'trafficuofic ctfserstoutohtheeOEaAooffricilssayhha commaissionunder the '&r&-


Children Taught Safely .
idles At School
(Continued from Page 1)

injury in the public streets
They gave the teachers a
(thorough briefing in safety
regulations and these in turn
wilL brief the children. Nexi
week when the programme
" eps, into operation specially
chosen school boys will'be
given an opportunity to, ac
as .traffic police in making
Sibe streets adjoining the
S. sg 6 safe for their class
mates. At each crossroads a

Eagerness t
b Included In eve
1 4 i

,'s a gracious-
about the s-
t .': ,.. hae'biigs t lhe
'. traveler back
-2 .ei'an American

K., .Cft.e "

...on.. .


boy with a special
will be directing
of traffic to p
youngsters to cr<
tersection safely
. music give the sa
a to the boys as t
y to A traffic pol,
incidentally, the
t the same for disob
a Similar progr.
this kind have be
ed with great suc
t major. cities o
and other c o
We feel that it
- much to cut dov
Traffic toll.

i please

'Americaf 4i11 gldly
I a tiip to almost an
cf orP .counDies.an
all six continent s

I arm band
g the flow
permit the
oss the in-

(Continued from Page I).

me respea Port au Prince and the addi
'hey would Ition of new equipment to
cemana and take ca o- te present and
penalty is future demand. for service.
eying him. The planalls for the repair
ammes of of wires now in service and
en conduct the installation o'f a new net
cess in the work of telephone and tele-
f' Canada graph wires underground-
u n t r i es. This programme also in-
should do cludes the reconstruction of
wn on the the long distance system and
'the installation of new
switchboards Fri principal
cities. of the Republic to pro-
'vide automatic telephone
service. A -system of auto-
matic private telephones is
anticipated #for certain bran-
ched of public 'administra-
Around 1,100. new lines
would 'be added 'to, the tOle-
phone network ,allowing
5,100 new telephones to be
installed at Petionville, Pe-
tit Four and Port 'au Prince
The efficiency and the ca-
pacity of the switchboards at
Cap Haitien, Cayes and Jiac-
mel would be increased. A
modern automatic telephone
system would he installed at
Gonaives and Jeremie. .
Cayeq, Gonaives and Jac-
mel would be equipped with
.a new long distance service
yttt permitting rapid and clear
were communication with othei
canoloi cities. -
.a. ---.*' t

... .- '- St. Marc,, : Port ,de PPaix,j
.;''''' :"''' ' Hincbe, Miraaoa'ne and Peri
S" tGifavewoudI'i have new ma-
*"J:'.-B.;, .' nual swrtchboards for local I
'D7fai.' no sOp serdce :rom Sanjuan by de] a Co 'ual witcb n.. r. or a
..' ..: eao-tyPe. Clippersk. "Rd&ced '15-Day, found an long .distance, service.
S- .'.ii E'xsin faxes now f effL t...also ew, W More than800i kilometers
S..... o longdistance lities ,W6ld
*o,* La
be- strung -cohnecting. the
". following towps: Gonaives,
'reqet flights by-swift Convair-e Clip cr a '. de Paix. En6ie. ,Port
Kingsto, Montego Bay, Camaguey.' so regiar non-
connecting airlines sere all- U.S. cities. a Prince, Jaiml, Mira-

Sg cilo6,vvai fligha'- oivenient departure .trncs. el sco
,W O |t!ar _vices to principal Caribbean cii- St.'Miebel,L Kvnscff, Bella.
W C .. ...'-' 1 " Cr'... .ref"ur"-F" 'ch6. J6-
.6 mie, Baraiideres&. d. Ouana.
hrift-Season" fes offer substantial sana as oam rnthe.
I b'ffptdi-r services fro&i.New York to&Lmdon .1 .
.. ..'.. .m..ae. s e .. In. stdidying tis project,
. .......
.-I ". '* the Axtoeico engineers work
r rao, ee A or d 'in ollaboratiori with
'I, : '.. '"." '"i +'."',- ... :n. A erican communication se.'
',i '" .,wO.atbs's "s And the. toolk into
I RLi .' consideration all that. was ne 1
y" e"..cessary to. assure" ati a'
B^ "..' *^.'jfi. ^C" '.c..communcaftions systems"cap,
../<^ ^ ,~ t' lll.lr ... -. able:.of meeting the needs'of
:'. I i, "ts. rapid economic develop-
Ru D 'anms Desouches -Poir-au-Prince. ., m- t. / '
.. .. T.. .16phos: 345] and 2822 It seems, 'hbi vei, thac
---...,----..' i--- Haiti will nit be& able to
.' '

S-. ... ,.

tjenlj paint to brush on. Th*e fln6oi yvethmne tn
'covering ability, n-d dgh-gradpigments ur'.e
;learcolor0evenunder uaveresweptheir ndusericeconti
'" I "" ,.1. *4 *' *. -
'ditidns. Formluas ate the product .f latest fieht 4
. ,- a '. .
..ri(%atns ; m*ad Ltpa/.i .won, y /7'. rpoomj-*lO. ,
,,I 'L !i 'i~ q..- : '. f'', ,-" "'i 'e -W" -! : : .' ,'
,rntlpsp1 -1-o. ?- in oi.,gv~tm

I... M VIE .w .

IN PmE PR.: AC I W -
ltorbt-'s: M-IALITI MOTORS" Grand wue .SAE MORE HOURS.

-., -, .H R '.. -,


a R, "htr +. ,.". 'HAITTl SUN .

w o'. O .:.th .id i. t, .
ged.itai ait.he. -in-
.. it onng ere in
1 1tidte dy sg, of b o. u- ,i
4-&as, officdlly prdiainr
S. From Thursay through
JSafarday k public luildifigs
jw-gr ..-thi nationalflag a' H
-:halfisst in honourr f thi '
late Mofiarch.

.'" he. whole E Ag. li .h-s .k
rjd, nr an "j,4hai n '
t'ren ld ci inbli pfr o i
B& dlistii f. s slbre ser o a',.ak
4 ripeenls'over
rr:ld-:sing 5 still a.p.odt l, ,
br4 y i: tdischirged with" :: E e t *o b.mut

Shig' ofciTe e a he us band, the future Prince Con-
diy,. a.. le l" rn" sowitheiretwohdn, Prince- ars, her, to
He me i ito e oterm ,Yariwc d Princess Anize, d a' family portrait tak-
Stwo chstd. Prin ce o nto in a' h rest, A hewt
i the grat days :of Victoriap Id r' M het h arl&s was three a st November.

'rqdy s e Bt oit seventh a ano Y.dhs old on J 1
'croma, tIetcal Aint ir ald o asd Bitish he made a great contributlia
Irpma,. so litqcdeinestt=e wrlrd' ,pedomnstracetin stra- to frledom-and human dig-1
Sts%. ,f niy add tey nd conithercd. It was riitjr. 4. king'-is dead; and
see&ie .aThTM i OS litie. ask .os oep sa a tthe I ndian l w ill be inorned over al
Empr e,"" ihh 9
hoed osf c asien liady, set do Victoria's kingdom, because e sym-
of ii j49 : sinafldbta. It 'was 'to' see bolized so ''much that men
'th er d te als o t- D di s' intoinneed these ties, A nw
nt-dcti tea ae d iepd epce d id takeo as reign simultaneously egkns,
Sf-anea' inc"easing mportanceo f. a reign touched with youth
atd sepse of historic their ow-o But it was in.oa and hope, the reign of an-
sion. e. o con side able rieasure be- other queen in Engla
causee of ithe quiet, dedicated whose queens have rough
Thq, insk so defined mac n hI ee
i i a r' udemonstrative man that lnd itse .greatest days.
s. rther easy one. The whose ro. standard floated A .world vrill say: Farewell
e iy of the Kiog's elde lno'ably ove- Bu cking- and Hail-!.
thr, EdWr'iard V1er, is' ha,m. Padt-hat n..te things e
:cienrt demotriandon that ,ie to hisp 'pe simply as So said the great Ameri-
W$snont. 'It iseneither sunAd, It :,ik ito s of 'change raw daily ('New York Heraldl
S or. easy to t ., odn. .,'a ,o . .I., .o r'o T ,:b '.
o r.be a modern k.e aing; M.msainelr'.irbt.reid mn g
,tioe-atser i. s Ir a trivial. cause e is o tel Ita he ad-
A ieg. nificant achieve- w.drr s o th toia .it e andth ew recor neral Of
a.o be -r.,a Gs eorge VI rwn, inran ie as that Agriculture Instal led
aeed symolsd n.e.t h enile. symbol may d e, has t tood as .i
edsymols,-their veo the" seanltks. linkage be-" Claude Preval was in-
times particularlye sw~een the ad reatnes. of the stalled as new Director Gen
tress and disaster and trans- past andd what none can eral of Agriculture and An-
rmatidh theyneed the as doubt will be the different dre Dumesle as assistant Di-
cap e which the." ex4mpile but equal g reaness of the rector General in. special
l uier courage, devoti n to fwtre -eremonies held last Sundayt
t, steadiness and that i, in the auditorium of the Na-
1dE forgotten quality that tional Agriculture. School atim4
e 'Roijans' referred to' -as Gieorge VI Was no herp Damien.
virtues can alone rin' king the is n place forM, .
S. ,liero kings in our electronic Minister Jules DomondLe
: o.. orge VI catiie -to the world but he hadl the praised the work of Max A
e almostt .ahi exgct, en. small,' up.rate '4rism 'of Vieux, the out-going chief I
Safe r the, a.ession of the-. modern 'nimo. the honest agronomist and said be was Di
ik.. He A.was to reign wo er.amidh the tank bat- highly confident that M. cat
.-ga, .second great wa. r t halions and theb tizz bombs, Preval and Duamesle will at
9went far in redoing the m and in gi. that coragd- carry on the vital task. _stit
jet f the iVictorian Age. ous devotion .t his people me
L.,.a..ol .M ybl a e '. ioda

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..... .. '.,

q 4
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nly 20 cents.a- Pack,

nister of Education To
cture at Haitian-
werican Institute
Friday next Mr. Felix
ambois, Minister of Edu-
tion is scheduled to lecture
the Haitian American In-
tute on his impressions of
exico and his participation

e held in Me.City
I' ' *,

-:0:-. :
lay night Gerard Bo -
iu was out on a spree,
ting his birthday.t the "
aring his birthday.

Sa.it Direet to Piati

.: _,

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_ _



!'~. '
P~~3 '

1~i: '



. ,



Page 4

tiJoseph report


So sounds the Atomic
In answer to Ti Josep]

SSince in these times sc
S" How suspect is simplic
N: s' --" C I 'must to my plain scri
'" -' Lest any, running, char

i Avi Y WED ake Henceforth, I. shall le
MAYFLUOWLR ck Suitably my thoughts
d.Ve areth nk Nor let it longer give o
mixes are the only Through its indecent in
nimix .that are really
mIx that are- ialy I shall' devise a carefr
For walking zig-zag, s(
fully "prepared... Imrove with artful C
en theicing is included in every can. The shortest path twi
: i now, with the new tin can packing, Mayflower Mixes Reay Ti Joseph.
'..'c you at f peakof freshness. I pity. your lack of abi
For your reply was con:
4 i Contains al he Milk and all the Eggs...and I admit using verbiac
Contains all the Milk andauAnd! words so reconi.
i ::, tdo. G61den Cake and Chocolate Icing; E d ti And words so kecown
S....."They're only known to
od anad Vaniua cingWhite Cake and Chocolate It C The truth, dear C
Me'';!-,rcalif a y aim was, mer al
..- Ph ne 2694 Si uGraqsonn le dit,
C'est vrai !! .
D you ar.iv efunder tht" shadow Bhng Bong, BOOM !

0.I: LAj In enare Time C
V A oprhy Cause

Seven new names have
been added to. the growing A
( list of matrons wt have of.-
fered thdir services to the
-,rior;re. il, '.J,;enfaisance de. L

They are: "Madame Paul
110 ItCdrvington, Madame''Fran-
cois Rousseau, Mi's. H. S. Bi-
shop,' Mrs. Peter Jbnes, Mrs.
SHomer Gayne, Mrs. D. Van-
.j *2-der Kaay arid,Mrs. Vincent.
The ComitY, sponsored by
Madame Paul Magloire, con wi
"% R'i ducts weekly sewing circles H
to provide treeded materials, '
ii for the children's ward of
-' 'T he General Hospital. So'far
"'~'t hey'have donated 24 gowns,.
IS YOUR PROTECTION "16 crib sheets, .,25 large
". "sheets and 24 shirts.
-. Obtainable from -all chemists'

'. Ma ufactured -by Imperial Chemical (Phdrmaceuticals) Ltd.
D isttibutors iri Hati'--tTRANS. WORiLD TRADINq CO., S.A.

I', .,At the Aux Cosaqu Wed- a gathering which included -
inesday evening at five, Max Minister of Education. Felix
SBlisainthe, National Libra- Diambois, Minister Fbuche,
rhiij. Port-au-Prince, head members of the Conseil de 1
tfe A& library service of the. Gouvernement, Judges and
d:" igi iind author of uDic educators, Director General
4. uiosiaire." de bibliogrkphie of National Ediucation, Mr.
6 ..ae was decorated George Marc, following the .
Thitional Order. ,d investure made an eloquent
g s; d. d .Merit -Amnidst speech. '' ,
f l... ..

F February 4, 1952..
Dear Editor: .

FICK TOCK L'" ast Sunady we were verV
-Clock .happy to see .the ,Bandes
h's gentle knock : dancing in -the streets, thai
.tell us ,,Mardi-Grasn is very',
well seesoon. But our joy wasn't
it.y; w complete. Why does : the.
pt give heed' music have to be from 4l1
nce to read. te surrounding countries,'
we mean Mambo, Guaracha,j,
irn to dress Beguine etc., etc. and not our,-
andedness, . ) own music? It seems tdo us
offense that uMardi-Gras, 'in Haiti
innocence. /' .- has to be purely an -Haitian
c /. Fte and in so saying Haitian
il plan music is to be played by the.-.
o I can Jazzes. .
urve a7nd point 'We a .
t poidt and point. t ha notg a
po-t. .. .he oher countries music, as
." Ia matter of fact, we like to;.
t dante and hear them some-
ility I -times; but, we think that our
qpletely void" of dignity mu s to. c avethe fir6t
e new fa!Lng .ed, if not" the fly placein .th.
ite and odd,,,'. ; "not e .. .1 .
me a .nd God ndes during the, .Mardi
:ritic, you have 'missed fGras, 'season. .
ly le mot fjuste. Youns st 'i ',,
'--'-Yo rs s merelyy,.
went Real Hai sa
.' The Edito -


NEN A ___ ** 1 s sth Febr a y 2 9
HEATE DE VEDUE It was announced 4&
"In t~e Britist House 46f
Sunday 'Feiary' 10th inns' that, as from
6.15- .uthe limit. -.oplte
chance to win -50 ddllars aniount. 0f sterlng'-.otes
-Professor DILMER which tairellers- mity. unt .e
S and out of iAe.nitedKi
EON ERROL DANCING for the p s of t.ti-
'EACHE expenses. oh et-f i
Monday February -11th British ships or aircraft, 'was
.at 6.15 i. edticed 'fr 10 Poun4ts to
STHE KID UfRQM ". 5-Pdnd'i', "
BROOKLYN ', .The amount it of se tIing
Tuesday.Febltia y 12 and' nbtes *.,ch may be t.kea
' Friday 'February 15. ino thc United JCingdom re
ait 6.15 aaI '830 -, mains un,, anged at.' j&'
irh .Dana Andrews, Si~ *
award' and. tigi Perreau "', am Sir, .
Wednesda,- -February 13 Yours aithf do
at.6 5 1 Sydny 4 StEY"
OOT1iPF,.THE, PAST ..H.. '2 '. :"-' '
y, "" S" .9' e"
.Satarday Febpruary16 H.. harg '
at ,5.and' 830 ,., Britsh ,.wo

S. -IS -' '
. ... . ..... I." :, ,

21[Thia .. A i" "tj' $

-'M I IhBI '"i G-K *''

-"p Ter 2

; : ;-,. : X.
:, ,, ,, -, ,, . '. ,.< ..w i.m: ; ",. .."


PtRUARY 10th


- i I

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:1: : I:







p ~ '1










,iea egg which
r _|

me for 2 week
(Continued from Page 1) Lucidly the li1
A :der's wife whJ
\ // so much as a river or stream when the keel struck square warm bed and
' near my hometown of on k sand bar in the Baha- also knew some
S' Henderson, North Caro- inas. On the high seas be aid. She nurse
Jina.. As a result,, my, iner- tween the Bahamas and foot.
the 1 Y est in the ocean was magni Cuba, I was rocked violently
ANDFAST' the slogan fied. from my bunk at.inidnighc When I got
9 by a gigantic wave that slap- cinue my voyag
of the Grants is I got-the idea of building ped the uVenturan from ed the many w
my own boat while attend- abeam. As I staggered on ceived against
e p lifted inig the University of North deck to ascertain the danger, perilous Wind
th l A r Carolina. But being ignor- I heard the roar of surf and in my small ke
[ ant of carpentry and boat the shrill cries of thousands Bahama sailors
t e un varying bitilling, I hardly knew of sea birds. Huge black world over for
u where to start. First, I took cliffs, even darker, than'.the' der canvas, Qisi
Sex ellence a correspondent course .in midnight sky, loomed before They told me m
; yacht design, then I drafted m0y prow. I quickly-swuqg surely turn ove
nt Ahkh ,v W hisk-.i9 my own blueprint and du- the belm away and with re- were almost rig
ing odd hours between Uni lief realized I had barely arrived Qff Ca
S' versity classes; I constructed missed Santo Domingo, Cay Ias, le Mole, ic,
S- he boat of my dreams. which is'no'smore than a soli to capsizing a
' called it Elysian after the ary ock 35 miles'from the seen it. 'te c
S W M ANT ,SONS LTD DISTILLERS SCOTLAND elysian fields of'Greek my- nearest land. ning in several
HAITI TRADING CO. S.A. thology. In this cpaft I sail M ors- experience of produced
-ed .alorie to Florida -There I ., e voyage .as i which threatened
sd -- -t he Elysian ind" pro- ec o tecoast o uba '(Continued
cured the ketch-,,Vebt6t a .c.' -.
... ..... where a sqall caught me -. .
"orhe ak .. -' o H i .near Point Lucrecia, one of .
1 ople frequentlyask how the most dangerous sections
... '~" I managed to eat an4 sleep often" .n. o.-ast: WhenI .'

assistance of a sbjpnti.'
,.'-.".. ." while ,sailing without the storm htit was latest 4 '.
1stce,. of was s a shipmailt It nn, andthre..was abso
was.so'e oV_ i -- .' a dif.icult lately no harbour or .an- ,. :
S.rt 1 p problem. Usually I tried to ,lutrge wit hin h2- es. IS- C
tor. ejng .d pre-' chordge within 15nlis. 'I.
:.:, .,-. ,- . -anchor every night bpre- ,a ; sle in..",, :. vinE-.go
par ''-aopeal a' . hours and was is a sta of .: -
S . ., ; few hours sleep.before start. ustio.". Te in cab..l ,-,
i.... .. .ng out again the next day. exhauston. The .abl .
-,, A in 3 hours cost ........................... $600 Whenthwas no posibe happen I lost control of
PORSJACKETS-in 4 urs cost ....7.00 I ate cold ,cannd:d. I the Venturan which., the
i"ITS i 4 ourss cost................... $15.00 up ju graed a caof sar' cruel .b okers swp p nto o
TS- ip 2 hours cost .........................2... dines with one ihad alnd hweld ... kc .spratig
. '. --, on to theb tiller with te t e .cyethe h'
-r'eliect from the large .st6ck of the finest variety other. When I needed sleep, 'sf but a b.lgre. '.ie
,, dy- ,de .,,,- : ,m .a -'I lashed: the tiller so the boat ..f.. .ary ., ,
SHI T--S' wSP.T. JA O -. Sut .:. keep o. cotse adate.r e
ANDB.E SAIEH STORE',, ; wen below fo hort a ea a,
This System was not always .s o' .
Rue Magasin de 1Etat 'as pia ical s it iigih seem a
Two shop* from La Belle Creole.- Several times it altnost le'r 'hd. t
.'-;. .-.x.-. ., . .to .disaster., At. one tim e. I sli. ht datn es fi, lt ",- '
"".- "- -. -" barely missed a huge. rbck; w-ing resns.
.wh ,. ., e ownin ,"' -th1 abnke fi wa. '1 jumped irit the *
S Finest F7avr;,. looking.for a .can of pdrk suif -ith' !m dog' tobswim ,.' "
and beans. At another I was,.' ashore., 'J3 -iny. haste .-'arid,
J. o arred -from sweet drpanms paric J4;st -ed'' on black '

1 CN', ANADA --

D* -. W' -e'
1i Tyr-________ '"._. -.
,,i, ,.- :"-- ,.V ..., ,_ '. Vp[ o a pt.,~ :q ..,'~.; ..:X ~ p~ s .

. .,. -, V

.-1. .. mumrstdelicious'.flavors.ia the '
wldr cardrybe CuriadaD Pry -

ad sprkle that have made .' ,
Canada Dry the first namein.
b-e EagEajo.a bottle mday.

P-',,p";lar Pua' I g

Near Par? Leconte Tel: 2079
: .". "'.. -.. '. . &Jfon 4S. A.:
.:.. _. .,l ... f 4 '-

5. t:'.... . ." t" ; ". ".
4 :.... ;' . .:ain,.:.. :;- :, ,." .,. .. .
'U .ra .: ,'. : '_: .:;, ,...';, .. .,.

Y Here is a radio

receiver that'

will bring you.

the very' best
in' .listening "

S ,ly styled .. .
brilliantly clear
9 and fulktoned .. desigadd esp4ially for use overseas
where long distance rcep r tio4n, particularly .,,on short.
'- 'aves; is'f prime prtae.. .. :

C *^ 'k :

!. 0
.-'.^ w'- .".

-', .. ,, ; +.' 'f" "', ,, .'.',t'. '- .'' ...- 9 .$1 '
-. ..I ,.,'_ .-,.% M . .:,t. }*' :,

Paof e i6


LUgla LP

s afterwards.
ghthouse ten-
o gave me a :
a hot meal
thing of first
ed my ailing

ready to coti-
e I' remember
earnings I re-
crossing the
ward Passagq ;
tch. Eve ,thej .;
,'. famous the
their risks un .
courage ine- .
y boat wuild..,;.
r. Well, they :
;ht. When I' 1
pe SanNico- & *,
came. as near".:
s I.bad ever
currents ,run-.
directions .at
a .paelstirom."
d'td stick-yj
,n ,Page 7) -

W ce
S .. ,-4,';Y.

& ,." ,'3.4:
!<*K * ,w
,^ A~f ,', !1 '

p~ ^St '*V .:


' ' . .
-'" .'' A' .N ., .
I / e '

qnmued.om Page 6) Of War .:

ib" q e *af "Ia- ern h, oldaimed to be search Our Editor on military .
I .'the on .. ly is fo .dated" Ind Aff airs submits the follow-
e.pi ongs. .o.aOn:the tiasu re. Although hewa s t .e
.an. cus-'-.pi. the .pconsta ty digging, I was Hesays that the causes of
f usclohetold e hadntfound a ht. S,.arse rarely' economic
prwas Ible6brirgrhea yet. He subsisted on land but probably psychologii t cal. .
earou di..Big, ,the t ..,ea of crabs Wfhich he-:cauht At :s t ig e n ts hat a bans
tte sul atd fa-night by torchlight and bmed to be hunsearch red or so ar
i lt .th' 'bO t ly'ig for iiiae fand Indiason GAfairs submits the foow-d dancer
p i2oighs o the treasure. Although he was fom. subje ermather invaded Ken
i "ecrossigo 'I. n scoff last Sun th Fe oruar.
and u.igi. t contan toly' daihaind t wos H. e ds tmathe3.s aerm calu t -, -
r he mcles obth.e told ne hadn't found a thn wars are a on omc Cohort! Beat

SI, al Iblie-o brtaing kh e as yete. Hebsisted on lands es but road frsychologcain- .. '
hid.,ht'itq the d4ea of crabs ihich he caught at Hle. reas that a band of

S- . voke .. KenscoffpeopleookPend on for consistently -ecellent ons
tI tce.. '.I'ha1.,bee.i.Yw lonatieons tof .haigas from Grae sin gers ,and dancers'',,.h6'centre

a l tW filghts-wJ6ut the sroasundgiv a home tgo foreign Fers from Fermathe d Ken1 r st dis
if.T to aitefri edttilive, nindretfc e e. I stayed As ight fell the ps ycho oakyiv o ou
Ga i Befidtgubel' taity isre fot 6tdwodo n the -abo4la none and Pheha nd sensitive -resp'nse at aliFn I f

S ho tom the frmathe sea and very hoiting my es.icanorh west.of K cTE SUL -TIME, MAGAN freeo ess ; rnien

ahl..tetilrnro wked. b ead for meagod atond Cahaattehe were o, ,od beassur r 4s m-o ..g'..cu,
*r*her r 6ing n es l I wa. nvtto tyheaithed. Father a pitted
Snce-aao do when s .1a-oke honeies into shaie another againT pofieope sr d' osULcA c FLtety rou I odt, h E 1,
4-.,O c, I tlrrid so g t son, a a at a. d .

Tfel .e ico on g. t .that 'knowt ed wabrotherFo performaurpersonse ts Reiboutiona l sinI BI
v-f -.ijh4 mem.It -sio Cuba, I 'was, gven a whom e op. regners from Fermathele aeSi e- n -'s uGstre?. .tca. .
.fire i.i'Ie er'btheier'i- liver mi k rent 'fe. I stated -As P get fell the psychoog- ad wbh e eteiL "

|;tt^each.^hhp~nst4: --- A ENDE .-' "ie cuse sees t be fa------- -- '_ -
les ay..; n,o. Yao ,s . a 'ticle dealing with thd ,Our Editor says. that .ha- .
tse a6ihieit, t.ther e for tw months s carl antagoee sm chatngedto and ve i like thenve o
aitvalteeaaatgivae au PrilbceteBay. peaceful felow in othe sa-wneA Y
,,i hos'to sly v& the faronm tnhe a d wr my little al- loon; enevsau ocks T .er as .Jf fort eriree o u a dr
Lv .-.,J.t '. ., ,-;. -e-was 'in ": ,. too .:lits unique. ovw .indepdb hnt e "e,- ri- -," ' ,1

h'io lpo ear coasYad p pro-'es. 4 -4hnead, were thrown' ,tidSsp a t s abr :o .::.'

s. J was'. not ketch I am haVetur at work and 'fi achettte wrs w bs r uiit -in shac is ba To bu .s
S rdships .' ring. hi afenti Spanisi .. I noth a st sontle and sisterm ath'
ogs./c~ir i I-rhity..o Also "It arm "sat ought political asylum at
ltei's ; siYo onk ig-cles dealing wthe hardiest. Our Editor says that 'ha-
,so i ,ak..obiit ys'eltin prospect I of Pwrd teletdIdes Flthecur.rent -beliefA
.' 'wanotketh f eaVee't.ra, means 'god," .fhtstartS he w
y w o fight" gets"'bit

dsis .er..bother-. r..makep that wars result from ecOno'
rdi- Th eri. g A.my teri anis.. 1I no bottle heFrah
sjor" ri the oabamias sutperstitous. I am not' sure K casceff battle centered

the oly cavent many hap whmneri 'te six c baiset s good around rCiater different, ands
oQ no.sa sme tnhoqot. Buthr.7421.. tion and educator camps -o -'the "T'"U.s..t

-,solution. H e is still plugging,,A.L.*E R.. .,, ..
iki.when theh hard ies Our Edtlf for says t hat Pulitzer


New house, for rent, Pe-
'o"e mtionville.; Completely furn- a-dLW- e_
ite-" La eofrh4tintti .A, laq'; b hished o bed says that wars result,
sen~a deserte- une itrine. office and bathroom. Phonea-

.E AMERICAINE 1348 solution. He is still plugging A Chicken Farm Equal To TheWos s
himself for that Pulitzercious.
heePrize. A- ,'erca
A o-l l











t . .' DA . .

S _. ,
* "'It " 'N an DAN'E,

-4M S.. -u .
On the Exposition

Orchestra and new Dance For
. .' ,.," ,. '. "*
;:!n ..rech,.. ..., --Chef.-- ,De---lighfulAtospere-.--i

QTA T CLERS .... ...eBUT /tH

T. r Ow DR O w .A/ooA m

^S & ^ r '. :4'.' ,-,' : ,' .., ." .: .-. ... ^ ,, ; *, ** ',"^ : *




every Y r

Announcement: '
Under the same Management :- .World-famed singer

Ted. Roosevelt o B T A N
to dancpat o . CASINO

Wishes to advise his inany friends and the General dancepatio,
Public that the Sunday '
,* "" "
A. Entrance 1 dollar (the o6n
d .Rollar entrance also entitle
THE REFUGE, IS NOW OPEN 9 you to a chance of wianijt
Sa prize 'from the' e.'% I
raffle. Prizes .for mn .in
women). '
The REFUGE completely rejuvenated is now equipped 'iuse and enteteid
with Electricity, Hot and Cold running water etc. Can ments galoren.t..
be reached over an excellent rcad in any type of car. M .g r. O ce t
-. 9,
At 5,700 feel the (,REFUGE), is TOPS conjunto p-A.
... the great Alberto BABer!i
Su ,ay ..at:'to 8. p.m
-------- Childien'i-B all Qifts
S..- be 'distribh.ted duri g.e
Every .. -. al .:

Monday Wednesday Thursday Eeniig;


I -



Casgera's Maternity
'j Clinic
t ,
Dr.. Georges Castera's cpm
fortable and completely me
dern 12 room. Maternity cli-
nic is at 'your service. Thip
up-to-date clinic is located
in the same building as the
Pharmacy Castera, opposite
the Telegraph.' and Tele,
phone Building. Call 2131.


A modern .home
at Desprez with tv
rooms, four bedroom
closecj porch, a large
living and dining
garage, and wine c
tached servants' qua
"to date kitchen and
selling at 14,00-do
fair price foi a fi
. Sun."



wo bath-
s, one
e mnallerwv

1Lg(; ~ ~ i jc'^a-^
'~~~~ f .' .-' A*' *.*:

,''; '"" = ' .q-ikl

Le ,,
S "* Op"n To 1.'.' "Tvery
EGGS : '.1.: ii
And on, SU'TDAYS bin
ou. Bathing Suits' --

S. "music',, r -i; a fabulns"
*, recordlibbtary .- !
, o, ",,<. .''' , . J I

rooms, '.: .' :,
ellar, de- Don't let waste matter ,.
lrters, up affect youth health. You can
1 pantry, be pleasantly and'easily r- a small pijec& of delicioi
liars. 'A relieved; with Chocolate: astiv,e brings
ne home BROOKiAX relief d veraight.. Pleasan
e wHaiti I the world-famous efetive'... 'that's
Chpolate Laxative. ", ; ,- BR00KLA ..
,' .' ,
".'.**: .t;' :. .' -. :-':. ,*** .,,l ,: ;: ;,-;:.;.s :

I c S ".

I ,... t ,f l e
- R"- -:.
1~ ~ ~ ep encour^^^^^^ ^B^
^SraW^ rs

SSOFT pjefliGs
u BEucR
.BAC ,CI om MAM Ar1D
,ccrr "r t


- -- --


= i

, 0&

-' -." -, "* -' ,' .. 1 .' ..'-. -"

-. !SUEB .Di i. .HAITI SUN .. -"
>,. M. E ma nuel Leconte of "
*Cap Haitie*, left. Port an
Prince by plane Thursday to
take uq his new post'as In-
spector of the Haitian iLega- .... ..,. I.

rope. He was accompanied .,
1% by:,hig daughter MlloAnna .
.econ d Ce who ,haTs ubeen n med .
Secretary Stenogkapiier 4f
.. .. a' '[econoew ho, h'as"be."en'",. m u -n e .. . P ... s w b .
:-i Haitiane lEmbast y in
tae u hi.new'ptasy in-
io.L616 s e s cl os to tinguishe merican guests' .:0:
roadtray this 'for 'U', ..-- .Friday s Clipier had a
S' etast Tuesday. w veik ht ths y Goer nhc
: 77 .. -"".Tiro busird ard t5 i L t Coantta A-b a tfae r li f Pr
c"' . 'nn "e1 L 1 A I1 I Bei Lydi a A gnesina, s y "g *

ieadi6 Rod~evelrna k eek- Q g hg ;r N ( at ,Mrsl RAntonio gamnr fal theW ep at hen bo"46ad.Ae thi monethr. as tdy the pa--,
i'te .eptltnsg author of e. I s l t Hytg "noth to nia, Pete's ls International. h
r = .' ,, e n.and bes na M r. G earrd'

S. h sojourn. , lait a two loely iends.- worthy ofa visit is the ei- Mine. Jacqueline W
.rse heaitthatlhelgan s. .hop... nc :-.0; manent show by b-tin e w as sor Pri the 0
6oaw a. sthet.iwe-'Tf, i .,isase ..so .s Fifrdys Cpi-Antoofam le* Joseph at the Ibo ,le"c. An- -thismnt torsud Se. "' ,

n the .. .' 6 ..Ar.ins oedh re'ad o . --HaititMe a 616, a who loved to watchspecial scholarshipta,
.O odf.eay sbn- .s",:.-u f. ;.ew,,Wawho-loong.ust, .v-' o A-W rt erroa touattic,-s pr -_ Childrn.g :;- '',
I.;sch l ars .i -h... .i.v- .l'g' g.. . :,i .. 'b e'- e a .. ^ m a rs t a Q I e IDO i e -; F . .
Ants nerly U..' o...re 0- BauHemry. B 'e 0t at' g-wandtr g w sg, himC't work, completed this ,by Ger',. nt.ai :s
el &BoclHeru Nfx ,.'fSarurday revenibg, e B'P
a., .e ... st te' ,iIt t ak'. '.i- e Saiurdayo, the A ine .Francaise- aweek-end fhislong 'eoli rfudtsl .dentof the Le gue fo. Pr... -
at. 'Je ~~~e. i cor t Mar cost hn. n t igni '. &illw l d thoir otinua Ball mural that ,now ensh rine tection of t' Childrei, u.
t es eny : ng'aweek ,S 63 P t. Ane. at Randbo ., Le grand hal the new L recently added toWien forr has devoted
tropical hs',.nshine.i ''h oe,. of. e y .. oeis nefe great etnt~ s' of the hotel. t years 'to' sotluinge t;.
ob ,'lh.es Mr Waellg. 's i,.. -'.'. n:0:. .the winter season. ., 0 . s of youth. And she c ,n
ea n o. .Dr .Sacha 0Levitan a nd -' :0: Th Laudin family is n- tiniued her ardent campi -
N-4ureravs iofse MreGays. r ack Jacobsa UNICEF' M Clarence Moody went derstandably bursting with as inspector ip the ep .
an .is witiik ,her. wd to tropial ,disease. specialists t Miami Thursday. -. pride week after r 'ceiv- e pnt. of Lbor's Seii ,
ada tode tb study 1ep fewa. "Washington Th.irs- .. A-n 0:- inga o letters from a music pro Women. an d Childres.
", . -n.on.- .at... . .
*hfilarship otn we nayiant Duty afrnoon.dle 'i Thea< alamburn cigarette fessor on the staff ,Df the -:0:-i cfl! -"
&overiit R he ill4talkeW '4 0:. factory at Chbncerellps was, Paris Cons-rvatoryHe e Jead.' Michel e
fl Rovieran t ae f arthv Hillvhorn, wife. e. of.the.,, no pcavate hersday ed prh or tsmo tha t Mile Michelinea the adeowith a, prosp. I
greatest, h.os. als ,,o i ed novelist EiAqst fM jj- off panty a riday evedring,d g. Laudun stands. first in the ch cken future .. Was so "
nad, t ing y is making .plas.to"en enarngtabacpne ranks of. foreign students sorbed in h'isrole of
S"n Joe usr --p'~to. aiti r 'finil her I. F. Thonmoson. Mr. Tho p s dying the piano. We pr e ing his. mother's di
Kat. W' Charles- Ros- oft&e f-en -ho ws* oene. WOu rou Jag t
r. .n reau c.ee son' returned to Richmond,, dict a brilliant future o icken' farm .. -a[ .t
"j:" Vi rd:"a. "esterda 4 'th fon talented young Haitian mu- pe tely forge his 2bd bi
setazieelan' official n of the The, 'Duvivier family . memories of his ie i wean sei nan. d Ayo on Thursday.e
a'ef,. Dr. 'Ad 6mr oeo- Mrs., Ul. ic Nicqle, Fran-s ior. J s eye-brows singed : . r. .,
e o, .left' 1ait .i t t. e Wbd..cseLiliannead 'Guyand toa . t iint w berec.thev are. With the departure .of fThe guests of honour at
Cea# for Kingston, 'Jama,. 4lana whte given a Big send ,ifn-'tlstent are the fond re- M i s s Lilianne Duvivier, family dinner at MViA-
after a visit o e days. off Thurday.when they miner. Thursday for Mexico,' this Henri Descamp this we
e.. Paolielle was here on an. Dbo dedr the 1KLM,.yFlyi.ng -:0: column suffers from acute end were Ma and. Pa k; I
al ss tayed at Dut ann and flew via Mr. and'rs. Pete Jones news short. Mis uvi- Deschamp birthday fell
l hvier Hi2'ri onHavana to. 1aexico Crity, o celebrated their seventh wed vier for months past has as- Wednesday and Mrs. Des.
eisve jureiv e w q Mr.i Dustivier.. M.e Ual ding,s anihversary Friday Mr. sister creditably the Ber ch-, chamo birth anniversary wi

SHry" Char esRose- i Duvivier is an member onesof Scisp is the well comberin his combing of ,o ye terda. '
aond sr' tarsol'e,. Ros of the f'Pean Anr ,teamb osen known tennis ace who was the local scene. Our heartfeltr e
S r to ,h e a i Unions recently injured in the P6- thanks ad ma y Ye that are
Sobey the harming J0:ic t -woris.put methods of in- tionvill e club tennis t urnar deft help us.
aer in ceremony at esing cultural relations. -:0:-
ew York's French Ca t bhedween the '21 Republics. mnt. Roy Ritota of the exaco
e' January~ 9th. S. E.'e Mheir hwiepdqu torters are wn from Jacmel ear-Comany enjoyed the scenic Ten minutes before m4
ephsdojeat Haet(Yn Am-l 'x:0:- aierhis week were Mr. and mountain beauty of Kenscoff night Thursday the stork Ar-
sadbpo the fo hee O Mrs. t of Jean poe and son aq an honoured guest at Jhan rived at Mr. and Mrs..e Go i
Scoule r memberson the Jancy. Jean recently became Clesca's fate last Sunday.' '-Fouchard's residence. Sewn
The President9..iithe 'Flyiqg Dutch'ain aThurs- Jey per ranc se ein -:0:- spound Jean- and mother,f P
'-Amercan Associaton of daywere Mrs. Marie Repp- -thiye p o or oathc Victor 'NGrer r arrived former Ginette Menos,0 0
S.... l. 'rant mann and he r daughter Re- is the delightofseafrom Kingston Tues. reported -in the best -t
-1e the other attend- n-e Aubry. they are flying of'da.
f.,t e weddIn d ws ats to Paris.. J" -:0:- a
'..ed by iunierous '-mem '- ---he -:0:- fe- The source of those "hbas- ,Early Thursday ornioag
..f the Haitiiin..qtolony to sail shortly on a cruise At the Ibo L616 this.week boching, echoes in the moun Capt. and Mrs. Lucien Man-
ew York as well as dis- that Will eventually take is a charming lady whose 'ains. of Labpule Tuesday ones were blessed with a.
D :.dhextms.to Europe are Mr. and father had the delightful job evening have been traced to boy. Mrs. Mangones, fon-
Mrs; Joseph .Nadal and of signing the famous Ame- Caille Fritz Roy. The occa- er AliceMalval, and.
.daughters Marie Joase and rican dollar bills (all de- sion was Fritz's birthday." Coast Goard husband hte
\ , Jacueline. nominations). Here for two Among those attending the decided' W a name, Gilbeit.
s 0ed .. FI, weeks vacation,- she is the f&cre mere Mr. and Mrs. Ro- -:0:-.
Mr. Nicolas Talamas re- daughter of -'Henry Morgan- ger, Denis, Mr. and Mrs. The long awaited.telegrim
turned from the States with thau Jor. who was Secretary George Hereaux,, the Lu- finally' arrived from Mexio.
b "is daughter Jacqueline of the -U. S. Treasury under deckes, Bellande brothers, e Ths week Pierre Roy reccir
Tuesday. Roosevelt. Col. and'Mrs. Bayard, Maior ed the cstle that converted
Francs Etienne and Mrs. on him 'tho title of Pre a.
Buch. The echoes came to ydrt e v "aeirn- wkb her
a violent end a Dlittle after mother and sten father As-
A ut&k c i o nani h wih -ve Rous- ha-ador Jenv. in Mexco
.o eoseau accomf anvin2 the sin- C F ard've redth to a 7 b.
RG.TR e Trnous sc .s on an ernoty tin can. rI. Wene The' bae
.r TADE rsM~n A. ,Fl Dutcman,,~urs- --:0:- 1ord, decanad ot cr her.
One of Haiti's most ardent Tnpr d.


IMadame Magloire Chevvy Leaps Into Ravine U.S. LIUIIRY YACHT
l!cially Opens de Bois de Chene VISITS PORT '
i. Martin Canteen .'
(Coflttnued rom Page I1) Sundays football match
tuber of e s served had no greater or more e February 8, 195, five years older thn anyof
h day' will -be increased rhusiastic attendance than Port-au-Prince, Haiti. the yest they are honoured
n roortion to the funds --he Friday afternoon leap of America yacht Ly- pr st state .
P Dououo.c Th Americaii yacht ,Ly- have the best satetoow. .Mr.
provided to .the project. A Mr. Doudou Boucereas saner ou of Memphis, Hamlin, who is in his sen- To get your 'nes
station. system will be put Chevrolet to the bottom of Tennessee arrived in Po t s an old tme ach of the things the ph
to effect every two months the Ravne de Bos de Chene au-Prince yesterday after- man and has severb..a.. f ceautca{ ~ wish to .bu
permit many to benefit c-n the Eposition grounds. non at five o'clock. A score his own at his estate- o0n the Ca at
frbo the'additional nourish- Hudrs of citzens of people were waiting on Maine coast RMA ..HILA l.'H
* --'.n the banks of the ravine, ,, .. ifaC LZa
ient. i the, Casino dock to welcome This afternoon -at' fiv. *
r ha l~ s e n d h is is in a c tu a l ra a r -.-......
SBoulos will lend his which s actual fa a craft. It is106 o' cloc aLnr saie If we t 'q
hrces to the cnten t see ver that can turn from a .he spacious, a luxuway to confl itsled a- w not dve t
te men enain toe sligBte. trcle into a danger .... lo' ,0i -t ., -- yu ooag Jo.
bye menus contain the sight ousy fur Each sate further s ith t Irwa 'ilu l d' E h. I't
aecesarv foods to -maintain "ous gushing, muddy jet of r is eqp .i.t'h.i".ed.out .Ih.ue ..-.t. Gei'Lt ou'l gQfyou..r,
y roo i e pithedthe ow truck end au tte bath for two yatestd.a h ave b aie-

1 aecLw oater;i the slightesE provo- criset oie e eh s
.he health of thhechildren vate bath gd 'th latest de-pan d.ala tNVee ;(f iarly our
'." ". p-oiect is adiothbr -a-" caticn of fain in the 'mount" fo'r c t io .the knon Aars P r e.our r
sijor n of Haiti's progress tans or city offering jolly e' .et, s as hasn 'r .._,&p apk
tersent spoe'c'e iimake travel'ng-m -eWestsafisi "t.a .at . -.
..inISocial welfare ... a sa' iice and wete bialy de- e s deli.tfu las J.
f te Government's sincere lieghtedhwit the engineering . isn th Waldorf Asa .,. .
S. eest in the eoplp' *feat taking place before n t '" "u c 'i "Nw aor
: them. Sone eJen offered .. Nds O i :
:' . heir services On -a com-mis-. Mr. Stillmain. a n d his d'Fur docFtrrs:an&d. -'three Kil-d,
'- aira ion. bas others b's on whe' guests -o 12 havr chartered' nurses of .the' Public Health '
Tp.. -, ,o thEo the tow,truck endea- the yacht for a ,two. month SertMce have bee e-a crded

rih a tworeMon. e-t tie -g aye..
Sm ly glass and rt would no itself boe *folw. the"ai e. ra g- "

ee the ...~, ta o_~Thie rBf
.. % '.. .30', "

Cevtor siishen in f' Leonane tha un
4dmipum. Mr.' Silvera hopes drawn llown into the canal Antills south as-f-asthe seases. ." f '.,'' "....,

S 'ae part .ofthe new '- some sighted the cae of Fre.ch .islands G d- 'The doe rs 'are;'A-r" .

.. ,.rh.ad s oe G c- ,tThe doed2:r ar. .., ; .
p T en.for occupncy grai. lupe 'and Martiniq'ude, return .'Beaud, pcots Moesimda tfcaa
Jq.e,'and..7 entirely corn- Lt. Florville. of the Traf- mg tO. Miami by Marc '7fh-, Jeari, Mar4 umiluunt hiiatmdaw."'"
.. T e tofA-ic DPpartment spent par t of A Imon g, the. charming .rc sk ad i" -se metani&

t . in. t the che.dd e n .. .
t- s venig at the scene con 'guests on'bbard are Mt. and' Ma :Ti;oldi

S-he ; cancels. The car was skid tp. have I T ' .. e,'. a '. .;:, .. .... ;**:
ttand fore al Iits ,early been travel ing along Boule- .,__ .
Z" of a' "white lephant"n .vard Harry S. Trumsn" at "
A could not understand 5t30, p.m. ,* drivn- brs. *
'he.4 f. a. textilee Bonkierigu on one -of her.
s "stick his driving f lessons when shead .h*
Sck out'j b builig s1uch turned rigt-up the road'0 ". .. .." "' '"^'l'
it ..' "t- .. p'.the ti. .e
c eiedelablishmnent in -Porta t Leo-Rane that' runs '
I Opes of 4iveloping p waralelwith the ravine
'1t1s' biddingg tourist in- i-s ke ept righAtor going,..
.f Wel, Mri. .Slvera .the. car dqpsed 20 odd feet',
p t. long re
., t n Areseri'ationS cMiaowes of the icar werr thb .
n-is j. .Atki chauffeur. and be of dthe ue c.l,
Pill.iatt.d. I. te V ', n. t br-stiofescdre 'mioa nd.. njr -
rdeist i5o "the vs . in r I C

,ie travelkersairday Sor- nierous atte.ppts to praw the ".
S e areiio4 i ur-a car ip the peBpendculai ra- dAh Ayr
Vg top vine'wall... .soblehoi' it was W ,-..
an ate, vred tIat not more
+r,. 'his.todr may, tbhn -.a hundred, yards away h

,dftte leadiiig7 .sloped. 'The car *Was ..en. :"'
aif e: businessmen ptis.ed tp stream at8 wfth- ..A
'd it ~m- it 'taken to secure 'the ow line,
4 d ir,* % J e he car w as back' on ,.the 4su $.4... .. r HI"
466a job road. .With. the exception of ,,., .. ..meit-

S., ntone tie wores condhtion -U.(R.ItIDAinl ..

.. N In: ",uu.e New 0oolball Team', ". ',. "f d

wod l g ahe Port-an"Price.' The -Vampiyesu, newly ",,.:. ..v:., ,,.,.

-.;: g ,:'." ,' : ." ..-' H:; ...., + '' :.., .-.'. ., ':: :. -, ,. .4...: ..Hr< ... : : ,. .,,. " '. ,,.. ..,( H



Page 11

.:1.a ( linued).

Senor. Napoleon Dupouy
.who spent several days in
?ort t1is week on an official
Smissio;L offered a luncheon
Wednesday at the El Raricho
...to a group of Army Officers.
SAmonm g those present at the
.luncheon were Mr.,George
Naude, who squired Mr. Du
1pouy around during his stay
'here, Col. Stephan Woolley,
Major Paul Corvington, Cap
tainn Edgard Buteau, Lt. An-
,<."dr& Farreau, Capt. Gaston
Georges, Lt. Harry Neptune,
A!and Lt. Joe Ramirez. Senor,
S;Dupohy returtied to Caracas
Son Thursday.

i -iursday was. the birth-
I"ayr of. M. Luc E. Foi che,
Secretary of State of the Pre-
': 0-- .
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Croc-
.kett 'of Fresno, California,
who were here for si days
S"stopover at the Thorland
,. International Club travelled
5.in their big converted PBY
,../which veteran airmen term
i. a' floating penthouse,deluxe.
It has all the comforts of
S.'oe plus air-conditioning
"i'along with mixed oxygen
i ... and quarters for eight
14: persons The Crocketts, al-
L. hougi fabulously wealthy,
a l reai .nkmoidwmi to e irih
people ... they loved Hai-
t an bread and when they
M^,sook off Tuesday to continue
i.tb.eir air cruise around the
Caribbean they had a supply
t last them a week. -They
I'" latend to return, and n-1xr
V' time bring their children -
Sll seven.

/' --:0.--

". Friday night, the Michel
Sl.Dejean chorus won another
large audience at the Rex
theatre. Nobody should miss
a hearing this Chorus.
.- --:0:-

Ir i



Two top officials of the
Terminal Radio Corporation
enjoyed a brief vacation si
Port-au-Prince this week.
Mr. William 'Filler, pres-
dent of the' U.S. firm, and
Mr.. Robert Carenthal, vice
president, paid a call at the

Palace accompanied by their
wives. They were received
by President Magfie in a
special aidlience In the com-
pany of: Mr. Ricardo' Weid-
mnier. apd Yvan Michel, pro-
prietors of the Studio D'cmis
sion Radiophonique.

Mr. William Filler and Mr. Robert Carenthal and their
wives photographed on arr'isval at Bowen )Field this
week. (See story 'above).

Saturday afternoon's PAA Famous author brothers
Clipper from Port-au-Prince Philip and Thoby Marcelin
to Cuidad Trujillo had the (-The Pencil of God and
ATOM bomb aboard ... off ,Canape Vert) are back
to shake ..the Dominican' from work -at the Pan Ame-
C tal .its -ahcien .o-inU n oin Washington.
datins wo .W.o oneek r- in
dio advegri.ing campaign -:0:--
Stanley Grayson wa accom- Fernando and Jaimie De
panied by Mrs. Grayson who La Vega sons of Chilian Am
joined him here a week ago bassador, arrived in Port
at the Riviera Hotel. Mr. this week to join their par-
Grayson expects:-to return in ents. -.ad enjoy Haiti.
the near future with an even -:0:-
bigger a nrd better pro- Minister AXrsene Magloire
gramme, Television !! is back at his desk carrying
cut his double duties as Sec
-:0:- retary of the Interiot and of
Public Works' ith his ener-
Jane Eddy of the Ameri- gies unimpaired by his re-
can Embassy welcomed her cent -:rlp to New York. Doc-
father to Haiti yesterday and tors who examined the hard-
remorrow evening is offer- workingg cabinet offi'ai
ing "a cocktail party in his save him a bill of cPerfect
honour. Health,,

C'est pourquoil-dans le 1 0nde enter,

\ de plus forts tonnages sonl transports

sur pneus poids lourds Goodyear que sur

pneus doe route autre marque

kilomitrique tout en assJirant le meilleur
seni ice qi on puisse attendre de pneug poids
loLird.. Iour un maximum d'avantages-
darijle tAdes pneus poids lourds @oodyear!

___ _____~i~~.-~

firestone TWOOston
T A Outstanding spark
plug for ga- economy Last longer.
and motor perform- have more
S an ce.Install a set today. Power.

lr~ *n-l repreneur i de ca mionn-,e' et de irs vices
d'.au'o>btu jaerjt qtiu leP, iU.-1h paid lourds.
Grod)ear int ri jruv,: d'un ,ia ismum. ,le
l,,.''i. t d'un iaIhainumn d- r.-adcrimnit


-~~LU ~~



1 *


the name for quality steel desks
The handsome Globe-Wernicke Streamliner flat lop desk illustrated give .you .
the last word in efficient performance plus a bonus of eye appeal.. In 66"
60". 55". and 50" o meet every executive or general office need. Forme a
linoleum top with smolded edges assures ample working area forvspl a,
efficency, and comfort. Also, comes with square edged top. Screw glii' i.
the smart iand bases are adjuable from 29" to 302" to meet yor hdl-
vidual requirements. Or, i you prefer, desks may be filHed with gref
tapered legs.. Finishes-green, gray, grained mahogany, or grained Ames .
can walnut... Come in and see for your elf WHY the' Stroeamlisea. is.h
desk for toda.". Wrije or phone us for free illustrated circular..

Chamber of Commerce Bldg.

S' . .... ;. .

.'' 1 -
Jg. filll .1.


Page '12 /


Ils dicouvrirent 67 chan
sons pour deux! Mais
quand ils veulent recueil
lir de belles chanson
ans iair, eux aussi choi
i 'sissent parmi 'la nouvell
irie 'Varidtd de Philips
BX so0


,Ask for a Demonstrati
Today at
The Curaaoe Trading I
7 Show Rooms


SMosr, ieasona ly ptice
*'{ .6 Cubic Feet

S. 1

: [ 2, :" ., .' .: . .

Curacao Trading r -.
of Haiti, S.A.



Page ,12

. . .. :W. .

For The Winter Season ...
400 Drivers Attend ,,Out Of This World ,
J Refresher Course ... They Say TE FINEST

Four hundred taxi drivers Heavenly food in a hea- I Men's Apparel
and chauffeurs of Govern- venly atmosphere. That's In Men's Apparel
ment vehicles met Monday something discriminating Si
evening at Maison Central people seek the w6rld- over. Suits
on the exposition grounds to .New Yorkers get closer to Shirts and Ties
hear Lt. Fritz Leon give a the stars when they dine in i
lecture on traffic rules and 'the glittering Rainbow -*
regulations.. The Refresher Room, 70 stories above the Freeman Shoes
Course in safety measures earth in Rockefeller Plaza. Adam Hats
s. will continue every Wednes- In San Francisco, the fa-am
day and Friday evenings at 8 vourite rendezvous is ,The ,
p.m. Top of the Mark), the dine f
s and dance spot with its head
c We congratulate our traf- in the clouds far above the
5s fic department for taking busy Frisco harbour.'
- such a step in its anti-acci- These two ,Rooms with a
dent campaign. And we View, are famous through-
--hope that the public chauf- out 'the globe but people
feurs are also being briefed who have seen them both are
on courtesy measures -while4 now raving about Haiti's
.they are brushing up on contributions to celestial pa- T M
safety rules. laces. After an awed look THE SMARTEST
at the vista -offered by Le. .
Perchoir, they say, aThere's And Prettiest Fabrics
Haitian In Paris nothing like it anywhere i -e
Young Painters Exhibition klse, It's out'of this world!3 Lingerie
iMr. Elias Noustas has every Accessories ..
,, Two canvases painted by right to, swell with pride at .
Haitian artist Luckner La- such compliments from his French Perfuames
zarre are now leing exhibit-. well-travelled guests. But Jewelry
on ed at the Paris Salon of the he smilingly disclaims credit y
young 'amnter in 'a special for making the view ... he -
Co. show which opened the first' just made the most of it by .
of this month. Lazarre hasi perching, his intimate little
been in Paris for almost a night club at the most strate-
year studvine vnder a schol- gic sbot .where his patrons '
arshio awarded by the French could dine while watching -
SInstitute. : ' the" 'ghts of Port-au-Prince '
t R i string a necklace of bril-, .. --.......
St. Raphael Itrigation l'iance around the Bay three .
System Opened thoBand feet below. e Best Quality Cmentat
The view in the daytime Lo wst possi '"
The newly completed irri- gets just as many aOhs and ibl : .
nation system at St. Raphael Ahso from visitors .. and Ad LLE & BAU SAN -: offer
was officially ihaugprated compliments are not saredNALLEN' & GL B 1AUSSANI : :offer mclBer
Thursday, with the Secretary when they take their first a -' ,.
of Agriculture Jules Do., preciative b;tes of the French .. -
mond on hand to ,see the chef's Uastertpieces .
first water flow through: the The'food is truly just asi
much-needed canals. heavenly v.as'the atmosphere
The system was built un- at qLe Perchoir' ... a name '
der the. joint direction of that is even now.'becom;n .,
technicians' from Damien, famous alone, the wvell-trodl
and from SCIPA. routes of' world travellers. 9 .
(A report on the irrigation '
system will appear in our New Modern Dental
next edition). -Clinic Opens
B Last.'week Guggenheim .LS m
BEACHCOMBER graduate Carlo Mevs. opened -. '..;
.Mr. Eric Tippenhauer-flew his modern dental clinic onY -
via. PAA to Miami Thurs- Chemin des Dalles, across "' '.',
-, day. the street froni Dr. Thebaud., .. .
S' '.n. It contains two'air-conidition '.'.'.
Wednesday a son was ed operating rooms, a labo- ... ; *
born 'to Lieut. and Mrs Paul .ratory, complete with as-
Larae. s:s:ant, a reception room and" '
--'.- a goodlooking nurse. Evey IN BAGS OF 4 1/2 PORTLAND GEME
:Kiki Villard flew to Mi- thing available to',the dental STANDARD -mDRAULICKgs-NET 6 PLY .
ami Friday on a pre-carnival field today is available at, OFFICE: MTTC BLDG. EXEPOSITION'
shopping spree. the Me ts clinic. I Port-iu-Prince Tel':' 2387 ,
.. .- , ,'. -



) .'. ,.'.. ,, .. S.~ .: -, : :".;: .