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Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."
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*I '. ~


.' -

I- --. ,'., ,


I$ 15:000 Blaze Destroys.

Mbntparnasse Projection Boott

If the censors need any which dealt on the carou
further evidence- that thef like brevity of Parisied
. tjench film a Ronde, was mance' At any rate,
oo hot tb handle, we'd like- Rondem is.nowr a small J
p9o provide the following in- ,of ashes and no longer a
informationon. The' c6ntrover- ge 'to. the morals of H
stsial picture .-was stored i. ntian youth. It went up
the prdjection booth ,ofthe flames along with the'
~MY ontparnasse' theatre which ture wLes Enfants Nous
.:i'ysteriously aught qp file gardents which was sc
l hte WVednesday afternoon, ,duled for a showing the e
Adestroying,$45,000 worth of ingiof the fire.
im.,movie eqtipnent. Contituved on Page 2
.- Authorii.es.Are ,more in- :.
nclinBedto .think a short cir- Fa s. s in Ano l
icaiused the 'blaze theirr fam s. es e
ti rm sb. sJet ta Wife. Visiis ld

Y.MeM ar'. ad
S biY rs agol tin Auist
Portaii Prince's popular
Sheolog stj Kurt Fisher,
a boy scout master herd
about earnest troops of
ennese .sml:' fry. One
i the bright youngsters he i
Sunder hispeternal care ca
to Haiti last week with
pretty English wife in a
Swr to an invitation from
old scout master. -But ti
has altered the activities
S, M. de Majo. Instead
D3igj.)j er De Majo accom- collecting scout honours,
I.'aned by his pretty Engrlbh is now collecting consid
owisfe visited old Scout MAaster able fame as one of the le
,urt Fisher. % ing industrial designers
Great Britain where he
came a citizen in 1247.
foreign Entertainment De Maio served as 'desi
Bightens Local er in chief for the Festi
SWinte Season of Britain Fair in North
S (Continued on Pare 2


) ,

Argentina Honours Haiti

'- T h e internationally '
known baritone. Don Arres
t.will open the new* Supper
Club'at .the Thorland Inter-
,national Club on Thursday,
' January 17th, along with
.'misic and entertainment by
, the Bob Lorraine trio. There
'.:ill be a preview on Wed-
:;' nesday the 16th for club
S. embers and their guests.
S'Don made his Haitian de-
S:but last night at the Cabane
',,Choucoune and was ex-
.. -tremely well received. It's
.difficult to say who is hap-
..'pier, Haitian music lovers,
k"',who eager to welcome out-
i t ide talent to our small Re-
., .XContinued on Page 12)

The Unhealthy Condition
Behind Exposition Bldgs.
The first thing Monday
morning following the pub-
lication of disturbing sani-
tary' conditions in the rear
of the Exposition grounds,
the Haiti Sun was honoured
by % visit by Dr. George P.
Metellus, accompanied by
five smartly-uniformed men
from the Sanitary office.
The Doctor discussed the
problem very sympathetical-
ly and asked to be shown the
area behind the Avenue
Marie-Jeanne where the.Sun
(Continued on Page 2)

At the January 1st, Haitian Independance Day reception
in Mexico City: From left to right: Mr. Ed Pawley, Am-
bassador of Haiti to Mexico anid Madame Rene Jeanty
and the Ambassador of Hon duras, Dean of the, Diplo-
matic Corps. (See story'abo re).

A beautifully illustrated
brochure on Haiti has just
been issued by the Argen-
tine Government commem-
orating our 148th anniver-
sary of Independence.- The
colourful book published in
French, gives the highlights
of Haitian history and pre-
sents a pictorial account of
Haiti's amicable, relations.,
with Argentina, now being
conducted through the able
hands of Mr. Arnaud Merce-
ron, Charge d'affaires of thb
Haitian Embassy in Buenos

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". : ....,-a. is .. t . . "' ".-:


~ ~ ~ _

Port-au-Princ .

i ,* f : ,,,:
-.'., .. .

Haiti SUNDAY, JANUARY 13chl52 N. 17 -'

-i To The American People TEV. .EE .
"i s m -lik

aLa tion, at leastconcerning re- be decisive for-men of good ofa ig fight. And
pile latiqns between Haiti and will in their endeavours'to- goes double for a, richb&o-
dan the United States. The fol- (Continued on-Pge 10). g;edgentlemanfrom.c
ai lowing is a message sen .by. TH D T OF TOISR y Cork theReverend
SPresident Maglore to sub- Omonde Mcoell.
pic- scTibers of America's leading Tai Drivers O- Ftp t1 yTI hei Wsl

heN Piee Monosiel A Sha w on the taxi- situation, it has 'Irish nai the t
ven ,. been brought to our atten- against Ha i i .. p .-
At To Centre d'Air tion that these tourist office It's been a difficult bu.A e-
) Twenty paintings by. the hia formed a tommissida to awarding fray, one that a.'
Haitian Artist Pierre Mono- discuss a long-range pro- or McConhell guided i
siet comprise the 87th ehi- gramme for safe-guarding unretting intensity n d.
bition to be held by the busy foreign visitors from, exces- luckily, he-found an excels.
Centre d'Art ... an exhibi- sive transpoitatibh charges. lentteam-maite for car ng ,
ton which will iretaip opera Representatives of the l- onth fight. H a
to the pubiict throat thi, bour, Iolice and interior dei-n .'
ea 24th a J ian.'s apartments have "met to talk A mssnar by the name
Ar- A large crowd pf art lv- over t.he problem and-its pos- of Frank Laubach had woee k
was ers were on band. Wednes- sible solutions. Meanwhile. ed out a new picture ni-k |
ing day e'ning for the cocktail our columns remain open-to' thod which gave uneducated-,
Vi- party that launched thie on- further comments andr sg- e masses a short-cut road to
of man show under the patron- gestions 'from our leaders literacy ...-in,India, in the '
had age of Mr. Homer Gayne,' on how to turn our army of Philippines and in Afi ca he
.me cultural attache of the Ame- taxi chauffers into true am- had established the validity
his rican Embassy. i. S. Am- bassadors'of goodwill.' f lisk visual-phonetic sys- '
ns- (Contirned on Page 11) (Conthied on Page 3) tem. Eager pupilbthronged
hise e exic ro City I essedn y Fashionacle Hateian to is classes which were
me da eifort cy or on a n conducted on an wEach oneduae
eof Embassy Reception teach one basis. As soon as
of One of the most brilliant vedadesn was devoted to a ihe pupil learqsd to read and
he social events of Mexico lengthy account of the New write his native tongue, iihe
ler City's holiday season was Yeau/s Day party, termed was h ledged to teach some i i

in cious Haitian Embassy to of photographs taken of the campaigns were mushroom-
be- celebrate the Independence illustrious guests. I ing and educators who had
Day of our Republic. The society editor wrote: c een making little headway
gn- sThe society page of a The Haitian Embassy is a .(Continued on Page 7)
val leading Mexican paper- aNo- (Continued on Page 2) i
hL-is. Mxc iy'mrse yFsinbeHiin t i lse hc ee ".



$15,000 Blaze
Destroys Montparnasse
(Continued from Page I)
The Montparnasse projec-
tion operator, Leonce Limou
sin, was another casualty of
the blaze. He went to the
hospital to be treated for
shocks and burns on his
hands. Leonce- recalls bear-
' ing two small explosions
when he turned on the lobby
lights of the theatre on his
arrival at 5.30 pm. Wednes-
day. He was rather perturb-
ed but not disturbed by the
sounds and went on up to
his projection booth. When
he opened the door he wa~
greeted by a wave of smoke
and flames and rushed down
to the streets shouting
.cFire 3
In record time it seemed,
K all the fire engines of. Port-
ay-Pripro... including the 2
Sew shiny Mack trucks ...
.coaven ed on the scene and
the fire was prevented from
i~edvelon in the entire build
ing. But nothing could be
.c) a .however, about the
'three movie nroiectors and
two amplifiers wh;ch were
in" the gutted projection
SThe theatre owner, Mr.
Henri 'ousteau, sadly /an-
nounced he had no insurance
to cover the loss of his vital
equipment.- And when our
S... -__-A t_^i_ ; Ic;h

followed, the representative
of the Sanitation Depart-
ment was displeased to find
the empty grounds in the
rear of the neat row of office
buildings filled with people
washing their cloches, cook-
ing, chatting and attending
Ireland last suinmer. Among
to their personal needs. Up-
on investigation he learned
that the people had homes
but just found it more con-
venient to use the Exposi-
tion water supply.
Dr. Metellus immediate
-ly ordered the canal to be
cleaned of stagnant water
and rubbish. He also made
plans to post a guard in the
area in the future to see
that its facilities were not
misused. We're very happy
that the Sanitary Depart-
ment is on 'its toes in keep-
ing the Exposition the ex-
ample of order and progress
that it was meant to be-
Incidentally, Dr. Metellus
has just recently returned
from the University of Mara
cay in Venezuela, where he
studied .the latest techniques
for Lalaria control.

Famous Designer And
Wife Visits Old
SUout Master.
'(Continjed from Page 1)
a 'host of other things, the
Fair exhibited a 3,000-year
1 1 : i I: - IC- -

newer than the relic dredged
up from the old king's grave.
And he said that the Haitian
goods has its place in the
world market.
Mr. De Majo and his wife
were particularly thrilled at
the.beauty of the Haitian
scenery and expressed sur-
pr;se to find a luxurious ho-
tel, such as the El Rancho in
our' small Republic. They
left t h\e Silvera's white
Shangri-la last Tuesday to
continue their tour of the
Caribbean before winding
LU their trip in New York.
Mexico City Impressed
(Continued from Page I)
superb building surrounded
by wonderful gardens. Its
interior is. magnificent ... a
picture of good taste. The
shimmering light of the can-
delabra, reflected by crystal
prisms, cast a genial glow on
the cream of Mexico City
Society and the diplomatic
corps. They filed past col-
umns of white marble that
recalled Palaces of the Ori-
'The Haitian Ambassador,
Mr. Rene Jeanty and his
aimable wife offered a-gra-
cious welcome to each guest.
They were assisted by their
children Mr. Guy Jeanty and
his blonde, gracious sister..-.
Madame Ruth Lister Roy.
IVWa-Qrlv 8R t ( rk

the guests preferred dining
in the garden where little
tables were installed. The
floral decorations were dis-
tinctive and in exquisite
taste. The star-filled sky
added a further note of beau
ty to the- gathering which
was full of conviviality and

gaiety. Good wishes flowed
back and forth and as the
guests said good-night they-
thaqked their genial host for
a delightful evening and ex-
pressed their sincere wishes
that the Republic of Haiti
would enjoy a prosperous-
and happy New Year.

O ,
I I'


o .

I t

I '. i

I ~--.------

reporter talked to hum inu s3 old piece of linen taken from was exacLy o --- --
SLAbeille B6okshop he was the tomb of Titankhamen, when the'guests went into .
yet undocidgd about his The Vienna-born designer the dining hall where, a very
'plans for the future. Ironi- spent considerable moments excellent supper was offered,
call enough he had just re- of his-four-day. stay in Haiti accompanied by the best M
-turned -from a trip to France looking over our local fab- 'table.' wines. Despite the
-diaring.which he had lined rics which are considerably chilly temperature some of
up a long series of the best' -
-European- films to be shown' '
s. Port-au.Princians h bo
have grown to look upon -
'.the small but select Mont- "
pqrnasse as one of their fa- ""
vourite nighttime entertain- .1
ment spots. Let's hope thac~
I.ir. .austeau wil see his ..
way clear to. reopening his Quik and Eas
theatre in the near futureEasy to Brush
'ncidpntally'; another cost- Jot:,:e
Inci4.ntally, another cost- Poging is a ot ieaier when you have smoothflowlaig.
y fire was.narowly avrted centrall paints to brush on. Their fa. aoils ve htep great
that saine evening when the covering ability,.and .~Igh-grade pigments assure freh,
ied Star gas station on the clear color.even uindc severe weather and service con.
Grand Re. also reported a editions. Formula are the product of latest scientil '
short circuit. Police are mak- : research..
.ng a thqrougb investigation ~ aan ra.n enme....i
: of. the cause of the Mont- andvarniah-a for allp urpoen j,,
parnasse blaie. / r

"he Ithealthy Condition '
..(Cow .iri ed from Page 1)
had reported: conditions dan-
gerous 'to, public health. On. DON ARR S inter atio nally known baritone here
the inspection tour which to siug, look and listen.. and take it easy.,

HMI W ORLAr OVER .. .Solve I'our "
Tyre problems
once and or aM,
check with
LEE of Conshohocken Rae
about the virtue of the
.... MEANS MORE MLA G !!!! LEE of Conshohocken

W k6.i. : _,,,,,.: ,m ... ....,-,,.., " .





.__ __a .


i, laxi rivers -
S. I
(Continued from Page 1) off the beaten path, and I
S' began to feel as if we were
SBelow are two of a num- in bad hands. I can tell you
Sber of letters received this it was a most unpleasant ex-
Sweek in answer to the Sun's perience and certainly nor
i opening salvo on the taxi the kind of feeling a new vi-
. menace to our tourist trade. sitor should have.
i' All in all, it was not good
SMr. Bernard Diederich for Haiti that I was thus re.
SPublisher of Haiti Sun ceived. I can conclude by
SDear Sir: saying that in my, opinion,
S'-I have read with great in-, yout police should take the
, terest, approval and appre- taxi situation in hard as ypu
: citation your article .on the suggest in yourpews article.
. practice of your Haitiag And even more sb, rates
Staxi drivers and the prob- should be established and
Slems resulting therefrbm. published at points of entry
S-As one who hs travelled such as the airport. All tra-
i extensively, especially in for-,_vel organizations and agen.
. eign lands,' I can add a feW.cies should be advise of
I words to your article and such rates and, finally, hot-
| thus perhaps aid in the cor- els should also advise all
reactionn of the situation, people seeking reservations
S*hich, I must say, is very by mail or able.
Sbad. You have an opportunity
When I arrived at.the air- to induce. many people to
i port from my devious stop, come to this most interest-
I, was astonished when I ing country and you get.your
Asked the price of the staxi visitors here after spending
.fare to go to Hotel El Ran- a lot of- money for publicity
Schd and found that ino one ahd advertising. Why let all
wantedd to answer nie, as if this be so badly spoiled for
That was a problem between .ack of planning and atten-
rme and the taxi man. tion to this one point of an-
SWhen I finally got noyance and friction.
through customs, I had. to lease feel free to use my
take the taxi cab that was name and status as a visitor
'6dext in line and when and businessman in anyway
askeW the driver his charge, you can to encourage some
he. acted as if he didn't un c action on the part of gov-
derstand me either. Then ernment officials that are re-'
when I asked the fare to El sponsible for this depart-
RiRanch4o, he again a cted ment in your country.
dumb and made no answer. Sincerely yours,
` This began to annoy me. Mr. S. M. Heimlich,
1,. We had only .driven .a President Heimlich Motor,
T'block fiom the airport when Company
Slhe stopped to pick uq' an- Long Branch, N. Y.
o -ther man who-immediately Plymouth' Shoe and Sewing.
started to ask me many Machines,
'L.questions such as, How Boston, Wiass
belongg are you staying.m He ITeimlich Bros. Inc. Sewing
.said he was at our service, Machines
p-would see that we were 136 W. 25th St., New York
:,taken to see the Saturday, City.
night Voodoo, and would
.'sbow us all around town. He
':acted as if he was the offi- Port-au-Prince,
cial receptionist for the city January 8, 1952.
iBut looked and dressed like Dear Mr. Editor:
,racketeer to me.
,IThen. he began another I have read in your
series of questions as to most readable weekly -
what we wanted to see, and your article -dealing with
:by that time I was getting the abusive rates of the fare
ntor only annoyed, but sus- too often forced upon the
vicious and a bit apprehen- visiting tourist by the taxi-
gslve. drivers and I think that such
By this time we were tra- bits of constructive journal-
Ielling over back country ism deserve the full support
J.roads, or what seemed to be of ever), Haitian who dearly

TrcaVel Direct to Pliami by

For Information see Aqent IOBERT E.


Pase 3


article No. 2: -' |- e .. .. -'
Sha c-i > ,"
A few weeks ago, I chanc- .
ed to meet an American'
fromWashing-II. Tastes .Better...
Pharmacist from Washing- | e'.
ton, D-C., coming all. the
way from there to Haiti, for
a short vacation.,He was, asi
he told me, exhausted after
just a couple of days of what
was scheduled to be a 4-day
leisure trip. When I saw
him, my first. thought was
that.he had ventured to visit1
the Fort National on foot,9 y
under our scorching mnid-
day sun. Nay, he was, atS
*the story goes,,looking for a
shelter,-pursued, as. he was,
by a horde of half clad, par-
tially-shod individuals, call-
ing themselves GUIDES,
and who worked much more! v,,,."
under the, beggar pattern
than under the guide line.( t !.
He felt harrassed disgusted$ "
and what should have been
a pleasure trip t'um up to
be a perpetual watch for his) .
own safeguard everytime he6
set foot down town in thd)
business section.
His stay in Port-au-Princel
he went on saying, would
have been very enjoyable if
it was not for the swarm of. It L
amateur-guides Who literal-*.. It Costst LeS
ly besieged him wherever Only 20 cents a Pack, Everywhere

Cordially yours,
Pierre Hilaire.
P.O. Box 296,
Alfred Peterson that
telephone man frop Chicago
Automatic Electric Co. left
his work-here yesterday and
flew to Montivedo to do a
quick jobN

rk \I

. J Nurfe DOTLeuxurtolp _

elJurely Luxurwoufly

Co-- oooeooo .


Warfarin is the most
useful raclicide yet dis-
covered, for there is prac
fically no danger in its

Why harbour rats and

mice? Buy today a pack-
age of Warfarin FIN-RAT
the Phramacie Telemdu-
que Bldg. on Grand'Rue.

FIN-HAT is now,'for
sale in many stores
throughout Haiti.

Sof[lins Very t o Oeefs
ri1 ,_ tjj i

ROY, Exposition Stand No. 7 P.O. Box 228. Tel. 2167

S .S
. .. .: ....


I. .'.
**" + ... '
h . ..

wishes to see Tourism as '~, e; -' e-' rts-t>r.>.aE4.M-'Ia,
a trade thrive in our land The SUPER Refrigerator .
without being hampered by Another Servant For Your Home
the not-too-righteous beha-'
vibur of certain of us. '
May I suggest that the ar-
ticle menrioped above be ra-j
their the first in a series, for
too many and sad. little$
things happened to the tour-a
ist over here and they may
add up to become the fore-
runners of more decisive faci
tors that would eventually '
sever the tourist trend to-. --
ward Haiti. And, if those ,
happenings referred to are '
brought to light, chances are .
.that steps in the right direc- ST l -
tion would be taken to pre-. WESTINGHOUSE
vent the recurrence of same. .
Here is a story that mi-ght See it at BOUCARD & CO., Rue du Fort Per
as well be the subject' of you r':c;eWf:, M< ):,,: ;:f;:aS< :./4.;f Ar '.:m4:-SXS .Sa

, . '..,


- -p- r





Page 4 --

It was the first time
dre Rouzier had been hc
in four years and his w
born out West in the U
had never been here ... t
received a royal welcd
and every minute of t
stay old and new friends
relatives offered them I
tian hospitality at its I
Friday their holiday cam
an end and after bidd
good-bye to all, stepped
board the PAA Clipper
Shouted -California here
come,, only to get as fa
Gonave Island and return
Port for another night v
friends and relative's
the plane had engine t
:-- -.._

S.- That

must be a




* '

SCO.. A.

. S.
e to
d a-

t Joseph report


-Le Matin" obviously re

and The movie goers in Port- serve their, columns for a '. -
we au-Prince have welcomed' quick joke ... even our of-
r as the good news that they fice boy knows that amaga- .: ,
n to would soon have the oppor- n'isiern doesn't -15. direc- .
with unity of "attending t he tor' or even assistant direc- .r
... great wonderful production tor.
rou- JOAN OF ARC which has -:0:- MAYFLOWER cake
been received with univer- OLD DAYS IN TAHITI '. YLU R ,
sal acclaim. This chef d'oeu- mixes the o
Svre, in' technicoler, played Yout reporter spent an ilOarey -
by the famous stakr Ingrid'evenihg this week remines- maix S t at ll re:il/
Bergman and a cas4of thou- cing About the old days in AI ia j.u ,
sands, will, be released at 'Tahiti with Ed Smith who .trn|, -
the Magic Cine on .Januhry was here this week on a PAA, I '.
13 and 16 and at the. Cine. news photographing assign- eve th icin g is incisnel in evei I
Theatre de Verdure on Janu ment. Ed left Tahiti several e te UeC .Iu ug i i eveJ U iJ
ary 15 and 18. No doubt nmoeths back after making And nW, with the new tin, caipacking, Mayfltili iixes,
that everyone will run up his home in Papeetee for rea hyou at the peak ffleslimn s. -
I to see this great production close to five years. He told -
which relates so vividly the of the changes taking place Myjiow roneinsia. the Milk and i'AhEggsZ.TAf
epopee of this humble pea- on the Island, mainly the Icing, too. Golden C ke asid Clocolatp rdnig Devil
sant girl who, responding to rise .in the costs of every- o VanlH khi;teC and Chocqlaz kig
Cod's appeal, was to play thiig ... but we both agreed .
such an imporatnt role in with nostalgic memories that Agents fronlil SA.. -
the history of her country. it wild be. .a difficult job Phne 094
Joan of Lorraine, the Maid to change the beaches (some r... .-..
of Orleans, this lure and va- with black sand' and others
' liant Fench heroine, today .Wlth gtisteniog white sand) DO yoU Iv' r th
the great Saint Joan of-Arc, py eay g fun loving. i.
univer4lyl:v'w nannd han- Iatadezr...thae phinese per- f
oured. A touching' part of petuially counting over all ,
history! A long act of faith! the islind's.ditney, the dar. '- -
per like Fren'ch Chief of.
Police, Quinn's- bat...oiiontm -I
by Chollp Cookerb.oker gains that can be found no
Swhete Oibe in the wbe1d :..
S.S. Watkins of the French '' '
cMlbr r... Paid Gauga&in -
Embassy is working on the athe aied of andhis li-.
nerves of police officer Lu-
ing4'fisherman son ,.'. goss p .,- 0 6-./ 0..
cien Scott. ,S.S. Watkins. -ing fisherman son goss
99 pek cO4t inote than you 7
still insisting on taking a find b a tt lslamd .....tai y utn c
.findon Atiyr Other Island '....
short cut on Lt. Scott's pri- .
STth.s' co ,a qinte easily, fill' '
vate property. belaytian Chan column t -but neitheless
celleir has been informed'co

and ,asked to fix the border
line. 'The S.S. stahds- for'
aSu Senoria- not steam ship.

aE said prices nave rocketed
sb! Leits'ileave the old days
as they were.


'. ", "XX X ... -. ,
XXX -...II
The 'Atomic Bomb eStan- M.M., Daniel Theard and
ley Graysons is going to sue Antoine aernadin hhav b/
daily neWspaper aLe Nou- chosen by President Ma-
vielisten for a million and a gloire.io represent Ha:iti-a,t
'half dollars for the bright 'he inauguration of the new
,persdnalityn oh him. President of iberia, IHis Er-
xx cellence William.-.mai.
.Mr.. Echols, Director of. The Afriean' RetiBiikc sent &
Course at the Haitian 'Ame- delegation to Por ;f'i-0i ce
rican Institute is left handed.t when .our 'Chief of State
S. ,took his oath of' office.
Xxx -:0:--

Venezuelian Ambassador';
Falcon has a passion for:
boats. Next Diplomatic re-
ception ask Ii" Excellency
when you are shaking hadds
with him to show you the
blisters. He will be pleased
X*? .1

Frank C. Magloire
,lover of "poules*. His
interviewed said they
"chickens, in English
not ipohlet;wr':.
*'l '".:

is a



Pantal B]
Ybu will find the exquisite
.. as' well as the'famous
ported to the most exclusive
S(No comn



Is YOult PltOftCT QN.
1 ..

Si .
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er. -o

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, ",a: f -..

thrwis story ito its original ele-
UOterWISe ments, your skeleton will re.
main; the only visible evi-
commercially on a small dence that you once existed,
scale. a living entity, upon this
I know of only one de- earth.
posit in Haiti. It lies on the You should, therefore, 4
north eastern side of Lac take good care of it, and
Sumatre, near the Domini- build yourself an osseous
can border, about a mile in- framework that future gene- J
land from the Lac. rations will look upon with
In 1920 I .used to .travel awe, if ever they dig it up.
frequently on horse back You can do this by drink-,
from Thomyseau to Bara- ing plenty of Red Rose milk.
hona. In the market at Man-
ville, Ind of the line for the PICKLING SALT.
P.C.S. Railroad, I-often saw To have the children of
'lumps of rock salt on. sale,: the Union School," or any'
Once I inquired as, to its ori- other school for that matter,
gin, and learned that it came weighed at the Custom
from, the deposit mentioned House :once'a wveek would
above. I verified this one serve no useful purpose. It
day by levingutheManyille

would, however, cause both '
the childern and their teach-
e;s a great deal of inconvi- -
engce, and.' take up ttne
which might be more profi--
tably spent in the class
rooms. .,.

S"I dl { I

day by leaving the Manville,
, The iridescent tunnels and Las Lajas"til .iadda ping in-
grottos.of these mines made land. 'Ther? N saw outct"op
i lasting 'impression on my pings of-puree rock salt.,Most
young mind. They looked of the deposit is covered by
ike the entrance to fairy- rock and earth, but the pea-'
and: but were really out- sants df the 'region believe
post of 'hell to those who that it extends under the
laved, struggled, starved Lac- They explained to m
nd died in them., that this is why the water o
That,. of course, is beside Lac Sumatre is salty.
he point. What I am trying Table Salt .
o bring up is the subject of Years later I discussed
alt in Haiti. Not the salt.we this deposit with .an official
et from the sea which sur-.of the Sterling Salt Co., who
oundsus; everyone 'knows :came'to see me on cstoms
bout "that. And 'not the business. From him I learn
alt in the conversation of ed that this deposit, evei
Parcel Gentil, either, as it is it was 'large, would .not be
Iso well.known. It is also. worth exploiting for export,
ften too salty for this col- He sid that crude salt,
mnn, at least since 4it, ha wherever it was -mied, was
een refined by the Censor.. only worth a fraction of a
want to tell you about the. cent per _pound. Handling
alt that.slumbers in the'soil and transportation costs,
f Haiti, near the- shore of plus import duties, in thb
e Lac Sumatre. ' United States,. fore example,
R o6k Salt would prepvet Haitian sal
There are several large.de-, from. -onipeting with the
sits of rock salt of excel- domes trtifpduct. .Sad, isn'
ent quality, with a high. it ?. .
dine content'on his islandd:
'hey were formed when, it Things You' Ought To
lowly emerged from: the Know .
ea. age's ago.' >Smed of them Long after you are ead,
n The Dominican Republic;, n* the:rest of yoii hb 'en
ie known' ad exploited& rhdsniuted by nature's cl e

. A Superhl xmampie ofaPIL-OkS Cra
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brilliantly clear f. ',"
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wivere .lowpgdistance iecepto n, particularly i-'ori short-
waveS is :of prime importance.'

By T. J. Grant

My interest in salt as a
commodity, rather than as a
condiment, started at the age
of ten, when my father, a
mining engineer, working
for the Herbert Hoover who,
later became president of the
United States, took me with
him one summer to Siberia.
There I visited the salt
mine s, equally infamous'
then for jheir slave about,
as they Jre. now under the
regime of the poor man's
friend, TfoeStalin



Paae 6



iftsmans~hinp ... ".,..-
-- --* *rT ;- -' - ... *,'- ', ..'
A 55

1 I

-- i

.SUNDAY, JANUARY 13th 1952
-- ,-No U In..


In iuunInu

(Continued from Front Page)

The Irish pastor Has been
made officer of the National'
Order of, "Honor and Me-
rit, ...' the 'Haitian Govern-
ment's way of saying "Thank

in teaching great masses of ing an all-out literacy cam- You" for his valuable con-
I'adults began bidding for his paign. Three Creole books tribution to our Republic.
'.services. were produced for the new
SIt was the 'Reverend Mc- readers on hygiene, history It was 18 years.ago that
,Connell who succeeded in and agriculture, the Rev. McConnell first ar-
i:bringin' Dr. Laubarh to Hai Being a man of the cloth, rived in Haiti as part of the
Sti... but not before his me- the Methodist' Deputy Chair Methodist Mission which
thod had been used to teach 'man of Haiti, was, of course, has been on our shores since
-hundreds and hundreds of'greatly interested in spread- 1816.
4 Haitians to read and write ing the gospel through the .
l'their native Creole. medium of Creole. He has Ayear later the young
i c C put out books on Christian Pastor 'sent for -his fiance,
i 'Since Creole .was essen- doctrine, on sections'of the Primrose Becketc of Dublin
i'tially a spoken and nt a bible, and is now putting who has just won her high
?'written tongue, there was the finishing touches on a diploma in Education from
" the problem of standatdiz- Creole version of the Life of Trinity College. The cou-
.ing its spelling. In 1939'the Christ which is beautifully ple journeyed to Kingston
SRev- McConnell got together. illustrated with colour pho-..for. their. marriage among
With Etienne Bourand and tps. The tent was written family friends ....a mar-
i'parepeda system of writing b'y Dr. Laubach and'.trans ..riage'-xhat 'has since been
-Creole based q the interna- fated: into Creole with the blessed by 16-year-old Pa-
:Vonal phonetics system (and -.elp-;of Pastor Deestrf e trick, 12-year-old- Marion
not on Engish .many ac- p" -; le and 9-year-old Alec ... all
-.cusing persons had insisted o came to Haitflg now attending school in
A year later the Metithodist.. ot a valuable keyv Ireland. The busy McCon-
S-perimenr in teaching illiter.. cao nitin f McContnepllui- easy- two visits to their beloved
usites to read and write Creole reading. manual entitled land of Shatrocks- where
,.; .sing. e, m e I ... rea-ng man ua' :.
Tsig the Laubach met od You ca learn Creole,. The the Pastor's father is still an
The experiment was carried lessdhs in mastering. the active Methodist Minister at
South under the watchful eye tongue of the Haitian work- the age of 86.
Siniof Mr Luc Fouch who wa ers were drawn up with the During their spels in the
'Minister of Education at there help of Eugene Swan at th.e
f ime. Ge........ Old Country, (in '45 and 51)
tnme. ."suggestion of the Geerial
suggestion fheGer the McConnells gave lec-
., The government decided Manager of Shada who was ues and showed col
that the earnest round-faced desperately trying to estab- es ad showedcolur
If IsomQit t. "es lislhP mdans-of-fast co slides taken in Haiti to tell
iiogcom Of their wokad'ieway
pecjilly when sonme'Haitian nicatio' between his Amerj- r re wa
; Iof life of the humble people
People learned to read in can overseers. and the em- of lfe of the humble po
less than three weeks after' ployees' of.' the big experi- among whom they ae con-
Iaiutding school just,a few mental Rubber project. The ducting their miso. Pho-
i Ioqs each- evening. It nor- latter turned out to be y, by the way, i one
:-ialy takes two to three a failure but McConnell's .of the Pastor's hobbes...
..months to- begin to& break book on Creole did not. In but lik his love of sports ...
the chain of illiteracy.: fact, printers are now busily he rarely has time to in-
In 1943, the Goveronient at work on anew edition .... dulge,in it.
appointedd the Rev. McCon- every.copy of the manual in When your report visit
iell to an importantpost 'oh Port-au-Prince has bee d the pastor's quarters in
their committee spea.head- sold. ,_ .- ,_ ..:ia

rn p
Rue Bonne Foi

tme large DrlcL Dbului ing on
the Rue'de la Revolution,
he found two silver loving
cups,, golf trophies that the
Revered gentleman insists
hd e'tavon by a fluke. One
d was the Port-au-Prince- golf
championship- of 1940.

The brick building in
S.,.w.hich, the Methodist pastor
,. tends to. his flock is in real-
ity a boys' school. His real
chuCch is still in the plan-
ning stage. Some 4,690 dol-
ldrs has been collected local-
:ly but 10 times that amount
is still needed. If the Rev.
McConnell's dedicated ener-
- gy is any indication, we feel
sure that church will be

S ; a. c;

WALTER 3BRAUN distributor "

Y o u .? rt
'yL *

'/ '" *,.
_, . a

Rewarded with the Finest and Alost T: der r
Hs. .2 ..

You Have Ever Tasted. .
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"Time" &Life"

The Leading


-.' r

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*( nna CTWM I v '

* *. ..*.*.-- ,-^ :^. fc .
.1 '.. . ," ., ,
S - . -< tr-(..^(, l ..... ,., .":%'"

MAGAZINES -AreNowOnSale at A


V- .~

i , ~e. I:

g e,.

--------- ****^*
Argentina Honours Haiti \
(Continued from Pag 1) ": .
'.... 3 . .,.* ,'* "-
The book also gives a tance between our two 'COu- '
swift backward glimpse at tries,. the unity of our ideals
the history of, Argentina gives -Haiti a -pe .rm.nea-t
which proclaimed its inde- place in our heart, Thi~ af- ':-
pendence a dozen years after' finity is.ftounded onacoimot.,
our Republic gained its ,so- hopes: th. welfare -of t' .
ereignty. The role agricul- people love ofl'teaa .
rare plays. in the economics and of fruitful' wori 'It's '
of both nations is emphasiz- also based on the .rie. iour ,
ed along with the fraternal, romantic and. vtliantnation;'
interests of the people who hiasin the bowq .skin or.i-
devote. their lives to the pro- people received as a heritage'
ductive soil. along, with the lofty *prid'
T f ...: ..of the Indian and the heo.i- .
'The foreword reads,js f6l- ique leaven of the conqiie~r;, ...'
lows:' To our Friends of On this, anniversary ofHai .
Haiti... Fr us,. the people tian Independence, theAi2
of the Argentine, the epic: ge.ine ga.uch :."ii
liberation of the sister'Re- very name.ex,-ressed t-he f "- '.
public of Haiti has a deep ness of-. hs heart ..'. e
spiritual meanpg .. he cru- a brotherly embrace "tir.i y
cible.n which is hardened dt aiane 'to-. the Hi e.
the ibnds of fervent Pan-. peasant, ;the hard-wo r.:B .
Americanism. Your nation builde'-"pf -'country $ '6
of the Anti.es has our-tulI whichh bl~o the fl; ."ers& A ;
affection. In t ote ordeand progress
.e. f"ia;' ."-
S.. 3 -.,- .. .. :.4A"-.Z "

W f EN .
'" --. .. - " .. . .' .

A A N , ,

Jh *

-' ., .^


rPage 8 ---
-- -- --- ^1




S,, _5 l -B W
.. '# ,o ,:o 17~8776
1. ,



.' r ' .* -
4s; odt4 i4P*-efrshing Pb4
"7:,, ,, T.. .. ...... .. ,,! ........
r5 c i,.. -Cokail, Parties .... B'et

St and DANCE ,
1 4l '.I .
-'.f : TL

-I'S N "
i4 .4a: .. t ***-

U'T unexceiedy
'J4 -tj.?. *. 1


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to' S:pec."unc:heon,' Parties, Banquets, etc.)
S.d. T 2... D5

\-7- O Daly Except Mondays C
;. v ,I , lCH O F O $ 2 9
,''. j :ir.L- R Js. a.. i -
SI ..-.,- "
Y- .I.&.A:L,-..

mm +:+ +,m+- ::.. .


a ibsjjr's ,wuiuw uk c

Dr. G4rnaes CaOsean's coa
derfa lpn Mjtecaitv cli -
2c nO yAut rqeroe. 7kb 'Thb .I'
upmt lMw, clgMc is lcaed
in the ame buiin, as the
^-"e V^e~t^k d ele-^ L
ttcnte BiaftdiiCR 2151.


ft... ( ft
ft~~i; ft ft, f f

rv7 -o
KIN 0 0 *

4 j*. .4;,,' ;-- **. 4

:SUNDAY, JANUARY 13th 1952


Writer Jacque Large is
V back in town after spending
,a white Christmas in the
., -. .d --:0:-
Mr. -Robert Peloux' RCa-
imonerte deputy, and cme-
Sr 'ringue title holder, wishes
Sto inform his many anxious
Friends, that he has no in-
Stention of following in the
immediate footsteps of his
.charming sisters, but he also
M. Joseph E. Dejean left At the St. Francis Hotel points out, that it's difficult'
H Port-am-Prince aboard"' the overlooking Petioniille, last to foretell what the year
g PAA Cipper on Friday to Saturday-eveniing, Pan Ame- holds ... after all it has just
return to his post as Haitian rican Vorld Airways offer- begun.
Representative in the Organi- ed a buffet sipper to' meem-
za tfAi of Ameriican States- bers of the Immigratiop Ser- .MiJe el
Ctrib aon of . _ ...__ Miss Josie &entil, her
S .0: vice Contiibitions, Customs, -
; Mis J ueline Jeaty, Police, and PAA personnel school chumNorma avarese
', -daughter of- Mr. and.Mrs. and their wives. It was r and Carol Madsen ie fu-
T rocher.Jeanr 1, will march ported as a highly successful bid goodbye tofriends
dbPI _. le of' .jM-:,. arc eveni .ng. o i -.- and relatives Thursday af-
down the aisle of Saint-Marc evening full of splendid en- n f- b o
-Chuirch at 6 a.m. Saturday terpti.ment and nmerrinat. rool and fexams at t-
fi.g -to marry'natnQd Commencing at 8 p.m. it m'un collegee in ar
Moinn. Our best wisits to lasted till way past midnight mtown, 'lNe YTork
S l, faiheju a good d o ad ibam- -:0 -
-:-.' hoche fet' al kol. --
TIhe same dayMiss Edith a6 N ext week Mrs. Greta de
ile'rDlva, the daughter of H feadnl br New'i-,a .Cl Yoa onge oi the Hotel Hen-
-ladame' Alfred de Delva, City toa on o a Gt anewt ii Chritphe in ihe "Ca.
.will exchange thoe vow of sponsored mission is Miss s returning to the Capital
I "S 0-- t O assume the dutes of hos-
itini6iny w ith' Claudk Le- EAt-anue arcl of Port- est as thte Ibe e. of hos
St'brui. at 6.30 p.m. id the aqwt ice who 4 to attend e at te.
SSacled HeliAt urTh of:Tur- sci.pl p.tre and ln M Mr Aele local
&Tf. Maf Anrele, local'
|"-geah. The grdpohies. re- hadlthe latest methods of. bn r w te
imoye two tnmrmhames from present day .&Child care. o
'ioe twu -ieamest. pr.et. O :- York last week on a health
I .he Briseur list ... but you -- ':- tri. Mr. Arele expes to
;Can t stay ybul forever. Back to wflk tomorrow at b wa one nth o
:g: the Hiti n Legatio n i e away one month.
S f: a M -. 'Valerip Ca* vast-I u -es Denise . -
, nez quietly observed their Li after spending Last night the.boys, a-
aSilver. wedding aniver- te istm adNe Year r nd twenty five in num-
:par' on ',da. holiday- here with r fim- be, gdp [eOU Sendral
sur ron ao. she tradtho uLntif sa
|-:0- y' and fries. vie de garqon" ... it t4ok a-
4ra Rony Chener, district ro.qnct wey 0 c krkr him
up risor for the Sun Life Another cAsting bachet6d home. Dadbu will wed Miss
-.Assprance Company of Can- hood to .te e wind is Lawyer YAnne veigt on the 29th of
;ada, returned to town Eriday Gerald"' Perdy, wbeae en- this month.
t., spending several weeks gagement to Miss ane Iarg ,
c tiiop_ up in bone chilling que was announced Thurs- -:0:--
ady at the arty at Robert From 9.30 last Sunday
SJ -0:- G, Gaetjes home in RI,.vle morning till way past noon
The Homer Gayne family Alix Roy. Miss Paule Duncan played
.,are the owner of a conver- -:0:- hostess to the throng of in-
cti'Bie Dodge Sedan that looks The Minister of Italy and terested persons who .drop-
^to have 'lots of personality Madame Guerrini Maraldi ped in to tpast a glass of
tad khow the meaning of offered a 6 to 8 'cocktail' champjagre to the success 'of
.omfrort. nartv at their residence on' .her new Beauty- Salon ...
S 0:- La Bouile e ,eds ven- and, to take a peep at her
SEilUen Herrick offered, a ing to rsh e.y apprc jaw nodernoiastallatio/ with an
niner pLiartv te Picardid 'ion t ill ~,hbse I~* assisc- ,eyeps their beauty needs.
in Petionville Wednesday ed in therection ofr thsta- Miss Duncan's Institut of
evening to celebrate. a little ChChristpoj tolum. Beaute located -opposite the
iitae. the hirthadv of her hos. bus DecMrt the 6th. Aux Cosaque in Chemin des
Stess .6rraine'Dora. '-:0: Dalles will be open for busi-
Sunday at 3 in the morn- ness Tuesday.
ing Felix .Jean Louis family -:0:-
were blessed with' the birth' Monday Mr. Camil F.
S/ of a baby boy.. Mrs. Jean Mitchell returned to the
SLiiis, the former Lilian Fan Rubber Plantation and the
fant, and son Felix Jean beautiful beach at Bayeux in
Louis Junior are both in the Norrh, after spending
Good health. his annual vacation with

REG.TRADE MARK Tcim ous since 1862
44.'. '

friends here in the Capit
Mr. Mitchell, supervisor
the Bayeux Rubber Plan
tion has no complaints abc
life in the North of his usi
annual vacation in the Ca

--:0: -
The ciWbllc6bme tat,
laid out this week for J.
Thompson, Virginia's giht
the Haitian tobacco indust
Accompanying him on his
turn trip Thursday, w
Manuel Roberts and Do
las Crawford. uTomm
spent the. holiday with
f..iends and tobacco cron
jn Richmond. ,

S --:0:-
... in B.is Verri
the other night
there was a fight
to defend man"s right,
Monour and Shame,
tvhw-a're to blame
we knw not. we,
'tis dinne of our misery':

Early this weel the H;
Stechet family of Port-
Paix-came rolling into
Capital on a .business-cu
pleasure visit and to put
children back in school. A
on the 8th Mrs. Stecher
served her birthday 'amiL
merry gathering ... the ni
before there was a little g
together with the 'Pelt
family at' -'-Nobbe-Bonit
on the Exposition.

Thle wire buzzed earl
this week with the ne
| t Vir Lampson, Firestc
Manager here in Port, n
ia vacation in the Uni'
States, was married Janu;
'lst to Miss Julia Sagasta
New York City.
Last Saturday we disc
ered it was Guy Bethc
who was responsible .'
keeping the Babiole ne'j
bourhood from their beat
sleep ... it was -his aFet
a big stag affair, with ple.
of music and toast making

Off to the wintry norti
Najeeb Indonie, who is le
ing aboard PAA today
Providence, Rhode Isla
and a vacation they say.
The 26th of this month
a vital day in the life of
Sacre Coeur Church, T
geau, in the evening it v
be the scene of two big w
d;ngs. The wedding of 1
rie Therese Mallebranc
and Jean Claude de Van
pies. and the marriage
Gisele Lafontant and Je
Ginette Sendral is goi
back ro school in Cuid
Trujillo today.

S Page 9 .

al. Among the sun-wotsbhi- 'I
of pers in Haiti at this time is i
ta- Mrs. Madeline Sklar Lo e
out of New York City, a wel- .
uaI .come perennial guest #t Aux i
pi- Orchidees. She brought her'
husband this year. i
Mr. Frank Leone of the
was United States Embassy in' ,.':'
F. .Havana, Puba, spent a few i
Ito delightful days at Htel
:ryt Aux Orchidees this week.
* re ?_--~__
ere Among distinguished i Wl- "
ug- sitors to Aux Orchidees ki' .'J
le" this time is Dr. Carlos Rod-
his tiguez of Mexico City who ''
res is doing special research 'i
.-bere for-UNESCO for the
next few moth '
-. ,,, ii ' .. .-. ..si
. : : I:
-rs. Jaoul Elias anid jd 'iV
-9a0 Jk riaeois, both of Mkf '
-gane,are off on.a Cubaki y
catidn tomorrow. ~
4 .. -:9$- ,4 .-
., if-lith6ua dubt there. -
A equalith grippen '',in tlie i
Capitil this 'week. dGest ja:: '
yrage only a-neat tarbai. :
ans courrican kill'~t (aatvertwp,- I
de- meit). .
the : -:0:- .- :
S- Bacd Trom "Pais are Seni-
the ors Charles rombran
nd EmJie St. Lot. Senator Frdi n .
ob- brun headed the Haitian de-, '
d a legation to the sixth GeneFpi
ghd .Assmbly of the U.N. in PJa-
t_ ris. Senat6r St. Lot, former
u, Ambassador to France, vs- ,i
el -ted ih. .s&.fami4y and
.many friends during the
Senate recess.

ow I
ted The Fritz Boucard house- :
ary hold -is now getting acquaint ,
in ed with its newest member,
a petite lassie named. Marie-
Lyvie. Her mother is the M.;j
ov- former Nicole Dorc6.
ny :0:- .
f61 D Duke Bermingham, son of
gh- Henry L. Bermingham, wlho.
uty onntprpd the world Taniarv


i is

h is


the second .. arrived in this
column at a record breaking
weight of ten' pounds;. .

Wednesday Gerald Wool-
ley received that:long.await-
ed cable from EnglAnd, with
the news of the birth of his
Ison ...,hitting.the scales at
over nine pounds. Both nio-
ther and son are doing well
in London.
William Bonnefil flew to
Camaguey Friday on 'busi-
S -:0:-
,,A 1 trakas .comp6 ...
pas gain nouvelles pasque
.. Port-au-Prince is bursting
at the seams with the
grippee, and Beacmcomxbir
was one of the first to bust
early in the week..
-::-I 1

Page 10 (S


(Continued from Page 1)
wards peace, I am very much
pleased to extend a peace
message to the numerous
'readers of the great U. S.
daily, the New YWrk Times.
, This message, coming
from a small country situat-
ed at the crossroads of thd
Americas, has a twofold im-
portance. It testifies to our in
terest in world affairs, and
shows our desire to rouse
the interest of the world in
our affairs. -
Clearly, international Sol
darity, always growing and
becoming, more ..comprehen-
sive, is a prerequisite condi-
tion for our chances of pros-
perity and progress on the
road towards the fulfilment
of the destiny of our nation.
On the other hand it is also
evident that the future of
S civilization rests on a more
S effective- participation of the
smaller countries in the pro-
S gress stemming from the
latest technical findings.
S Therefore, we have used
our best endeavours, and
still persevere in our efforts,
'towards the development of.
the economic and cultural
values of our nation; simul-
taneouslv our Pates .have

evaluation of the potential
assets of the world or at
least of the bloc of nations
which have accepted the prin
ciple of an honest peace
founded on justice and demo

The executive committee
of the new organization in-
cludes: Andre Momplaisir,
Preisdent; Hermann Chan-
cy, vice-Preisdeht; Dr. Au-


been thrown wide open to .- ..
commercial and financial'in- i
.tercourse as well as to tech-
nical assistance from coun- . -.
tries having had the privj- .: -
S lge of experiencing modern Mex
scientific conquests.
We believe in the inter-
p,' penetration of cultured, and
we belieVe in the irterdepen
dency of the economics of -
all the countries in thd
We believe in a peace re- Johannesburg
suiting in more frequent gnd
S more direct contact of peo-
pies for a better knowledge
Sof each other;" for a better
appreciation of the efforts of
Search .people in different
-. spheres; for. the making out.
of'an exact balance sheet.of
i), our civilization with a map
Slistig- is resources; for the
:. appraisement of ..the equip- '
i..ment available for'the tak- ,
ting advantage of these re- ,
: sources: for an aooroximate |

-SOMETHING NEW ,- or destination, u
j I in swift comfort when
A new patriotic organiza- ;A.Specially-trained
tion aThe Societe du Souve- .t 2ndants anticipate
Sir National" has recently -
. e <* -!hir irs a light lunchep n ,
..been formed to. encourage t shorter flight or a full-
the preservation and observ- .rse dinner, Clipper meals
S,.always an "event."
an'e of the highlights of
Haiti's glorious history. The
group, which grew out of
Occide Jeanty's committee, P
S js expected to play a vital'
S part in preparing the 1954 .
programme of activities
.- when our Republic cele- -
bartes her 150th birthday..
: ,' :- '
I-. -' ,. .a& -k ;.' ** -y*b .,. ' - '" ***,.4

gusvin Mathurin, Secretary;
and Mmd. Leonie Coicou
Madiou, treasurer. The
counsellors include Dieu-
donne Pomero, Bernard Des-
grottes, Luc Francois, and
Berthony Malette.
After numerous false
starts Little Mireille Silvera
and Alice Wiener finally
left yesterday for New York.
Major Edouard Roy, Chief
of the Haitian Airforce flew
to the States Thursday ...
the Airforce turned out to
say goodbye.

The S.S. Nuevo Domini-
cano is due to arrive in Port
tomorrow morning at 7 p.m.
and sail for Miami midnight
the,same day (full cargo of
Vice Consul and Mrs. Ro-
bert Sansaricq leave tomor-
row to resume work at the
Miami Consulate after holi-
day at home here.
Mrs. Ilva Harris, wife of
Doctor Harris of Bizoton,
went to the.States Friday.-

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Bour-
rely, natives of Port-au-
Prince, now residents in Chi-
cago, ended their three weeks
vacation here Friday (their
first vacation here in seven
years) and returned to thd
U.S. Dr. Bourrely's inter-
esting practice in Chicago-
includes examining athletes
before contests.
L I ..O:-
Roger Coster, crack pho-
tographer for Holiday magas
zine flew off Friday on a
ne assignment.


Whether your first Clipper flight takes only c -.
hour or carries you completely around the world
-you. will notice immediately the many little,
touches of thoughtfulness and hospitality which.
have won so loyal a following among ipterna .
tional travelers. At the ticket. counter and air' .
port, too-you will be impressed:with the-same-
eagerness 1t please. ...
For nearly a quarter bf a century, Pan Amnricarn
has been studying and learning each last'detail
which can add0o a passenger's comfort hnd en-
joyment. From this, vast backlog of experience -
have come todiy's standards of training which,
assure you- a pleasanter, more memorable trig
ih every way. r

You can fly PAA" almost anywhere- to any of
83 countries and colonies. You will be amazed at
the wide choice of routes, destinations and cost,
I Forreservations see your Travel Agent or

r rrn-rdrAr a r


a Rue Dantoe Pnuns- porarpnmme sapeluhous. W3451 med 280
______ _____ _-- -


-. ... ,.
.. .. :,, i ,. ..- .. .:.,L:. -,, ;.. a r

Jst Choice-of Routes

greatest experience,

.'ost enjoyable travel

Prv offers you alD three ,"




.1 ~



~NDAY, JJ NUARY L3th 1952 ~HAITI SLJN3- Pageil.

much promise for future de-
velopment. ,

His scholarship for study
in te Unted tate wi

bassador Howard Travers
a ldr HIowdard Tjavers in the Unted States will
and his wife were among give himi the chance to ex-
ithose viewing the works of changee ideas with artists of
the slim, mustached artist a done countries .who. will
fjom Petit Goave who will be attending the Internatio-
pooh head Stateside for three al. Arts Project in New
Months of study at the In- York, T e short course,
international Art Proect i& "which opens i March,. wil
New York City. Include ... among' other
.- M.o y .M' things ... technical instruc-
tMost of sesrre gonoset ti on on the framing, lighting
current canvases uare lght and presentation of pictures.
scenes, since he is busy dur- onosi is in charge of
n ..Monosiet' .is in charge of
ing the day working as tech.- te
,.r asin . wt hanging -'ih bits at the Cen-
ial assistant to De -tre d' t a will assist in
!ers and must do his own h Haitian a
painting after dusk. If is a shbw to be held in New
opewhat happy arrange- York's Hio' Galleries start-
Mrent since it gives the young itig Apfil 15th.
artist an excellent opportun- .
ity to include in his favout- Monosie ws orn in Port
jte preoccupation ... the con- a rince, outspent most of
an Prince, but'spept most of
dienus study -ofcol hi? life in Petit Goave where
and, light. Monosiet is not a his doctt .father was well-
painter who uses tricks to .loved or his philanthropy.
tbtair an -effect. 'Nor does Aone other ,hefos
lie despoticaly interposb hs fered the.production of a lo.
personality y between nature .. ..
..rsonality betweia at- re cal textile material which
nd his audience as an ar- ,
nd his audience sn a'would be turped over toithe
ist.' He paihts only what n o r
he-sees with a complete im- needy forbemakng ofgar-
ese tpmen ts He choose a profes-
partiality. despite the flight-ts oents. He choose a profes-
ofai poetic imagination. His sion for-ach member of the
work is a refreshing change family And picked young
If4f pace from, the procession Pierze for a career 'in artis-
of primitves and shows tic fields. Pierre began a
t .


. I



GSLE TH7/T 5591 0 W CjJOK
S" ..
Ir Tim nRI

mm flinon fantisserie mm
N rAT DOOR 7 T0 P.A.A ACrso STSRE- T ROf-,

S- --


3 *

- HIM' a
S.. A'.L -' i.
/, A
L .. '
^ ~

Pierre Monosiefs Show
AI The Centre d'Art
4.(Continued from Page 1)

I -^ ^ ^ ^ L* '^ -- ~- -- -- -- *- --- -- ^


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sk^ v


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servicee qi'on ,uisse attwndre de pueui I)oids
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L t "
Ir ': -~ I -
S'. ,.- ,
-:';'J ".*. ...:. .. ": ," v . . ,. :;.... :.. .:. s :** A-, t . ^ .... .'& i. .i: L 'C k.: . ,.. ,.

study of ceramics, but two
years ago, after a brief side(
flurry into the hotel busi-I
ness, he arrived at the Cen-
tre d'Art to tackle histrue
medium, oils. The young
artist is anxiously waiting
for the opening of the Car-1
nival where he Hopes to
draw much new inspiration
Sor ,his. work.


NDAtY, JANUARY j L3thl952





G-E "Speed Cooking" RANGE

Said Nuvart 9

Oneof the most interest-
ed onlookers at the'openingt
of the Monosier exhibit was
M is s Nuvart Parseghian
who has been playing truant
from her work at the Insti- W I
tute of International. Edu'ca-
tion to get really acquainted
with Haiti. h
She has-postponed her de-
parture three times but is
heading back to New York
this week-end ... we iaiighti
idd, regretfully. During her,
stay in Port-au-Prince andj
Cap Haitien, Miss Parse-,
.ghian renewed acquaintance
with 25 Haitian students
tht .she had welcomed to,
the Infstitute during the time
she headed its Latin-Ameri .omuen for a thrilling demonstration or ms ager-pnca,
can Section from '42' t "47. oull-sazed General Electric Range!
The visiting educationalt
S visiting You caneu have all the joys of "Speed Cooking"-easy,
official told your reporter Lst, better meal, and s~Miig clea fj
she was always impressed9 HI-SPUD CALRDOe UNITS-with fi eras soaking speeds!
with the courtesy and well. Twith fv a cooking speed
bleeding of the Haitiagl ~10 MASTERlOVEN--bakes, %roils, roast--With electrical accuracy
shol well as with~ e10 THRPr COOKER---qt deep-well hooker for easy, economical
their ability to outline stu- Co n tday t's a real bu
dents from many other na-i od

Although she is a well-tira AuthoIlzed Deawp'l
veiled person, Miss Parseg- OENIRAI ELeCl'RI
hian says whenever has ee ENERAL ELECTR
in a spuntry whereipeopl VALERIO CANEZ
smile so much. The-high-I GaRu TeI..34 .'
light of her month's visir rana e e.
was a trip to the Citadell
which she made in the fog
and rain. Despite the bad
weather, Miss Parseghian re
'ports, she wouldn't have
rrlissed it for worlds.I nu, ,,uan ,,'n



Page 12
Foreign Entertainment music.
(Continued from Page 1) here l
public, or Don who is eager first o
to enjoy our tropical climate The
and heart-warming scenery, also ca
He wound up his Canadian cold
tour in a flurry of snow and Contin
headed southward to fill his treal.
two-week engagement at the accomp
Condado Beach Hotel in tender
Puerto Rico. five-ye
Don had met the owners string
of the Thorland Club dur- man of
ing their recent trp to Can- year-ol
ada and disclosed that he strums
'had re-arranged his schedule guitar.
to spend at least two months gay ti
'in Haiti in order to get to the bo1

know the
pie and ...

country, its peo-
most of all ... its

He paid a brief visit
ast August And deter- Dental Notice
to come back at the
opportunity. Dr. Gerard Maglio, Chi-
Bob Lorraine Tria rurgien-Dentiste recently re-
ine to us from the turned from two years with
north country ... the the Guggenheim Dental Cli-
eqtal Cafe in Mon- nic in New York, and six
Bob, the pianist, is an months at Howard Univer-
dlished musician at the sity in Washington, D.. C.,
age of 21. Tweqty- has opened a new modern
ar-old Tom Cox plays clinic here '
the violin and the
bass, while the old Dr. Maglio's clinic is
the trio twenty-seven equipped with the most up-
d Ronald Hollyman to-date equipment used in
along on the electric Dentistry today even a
There should be a complete X-ray machine.
ime at Thor ."when The clinic is located at
ys get rolling. No tell- No. 143 Rue Dr. Aubry,
iow many thatched .two minutes from P.A.A. of-
vill fall in. Fice.

a a a a a a a a a a a e e ee-m u

h I l "1I A well furnished house in
'Turgeau with all the desired
Comforts for rent. Contact:
'Mmne: Andre LVautaud, Rue
SThe International Country Club 4. Formerhome of Th4rse.
B randt Tel. 5695.
Takes Great Pleasure in-Announcing i e c
T G OPENING -**Alfredo Russo celebrated
STHE GRAND OPENING (his birthday at home with
a. the family Wedensady.,
S0 hof the -'
S Ms. Sydney L. Myers, Vice
S. President and Export Mana-,
5on l S _ner nlubh ger of the aLa Plantchoate,
International Supper lIU manufactring company Inc.
Sa of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is
SJanuary 17, 1952 here at the El Rancho as al
S' *guest of the Government for
S. three weeks. Mr. Myer:s com
S. pany make-heavy road builj
A rr Eling equipment. His busy
Do' "'es week came to a dose.wit ai
:f' 'a delightful cocktail party at

SInternationally Known Baritone Idenc in. Bois Verna las
4- and "even .ing-
STo get your moiey's worth
-' of the..things in the pharma-
!ceutical line ~oi wish tut
. BOB LORRAINE TRIO 1b' aY: Call at
i 'For any information regard-
DANCING- SUPPER ling medicines ... Sihpl5 dial,
SI, / Nin=e tO Two If we do not have. the exac
thing you are looking for...
1. we'll get it for you ina jiffy
4. Patronize at u Drug. ''Siorelt
I monday Through Frida-y Patronize out Drug store,
You'll feel at home with us.
i, : Cover Charge-- I Dollar 23 Re des Mirles. S
;-. *,, - . 23 Rue des Miracles. .
i: ,L .--.-- ---- ---J Opposite K.L.M. Office I



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ite D a.I"y 4ueeat s
Ie Lowestposile cist '
ALLEN & BASSAN oer thr



IN AGS OP 42 1/2] PI2.Z.'D """"CMNT
.t .. V...

;.. ,. :1.- :*

W .-
DARD 1 ..(
O F i:V . '" .... "