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Title: Haiti sun
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 46-47 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R. Cheney, Jr.
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Haiti -- Port-au-Prince
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began Sept. 1950.
General Note: "The Haitian English language newspaper."
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I ANl Mi lAr

VOLME II : Port-au-Prince Haiti sN
.OIA 11 Port.' s.um

4 Killed 14 Injured lu

Road Accident

SCamionsand' Camionettes the main routes throughout
;.constant looming' men'-. he,Capital and Republic fi-
-eto all who. make use of gure in the news again to- ..
Authoress Of uForever. '. -
buher-. Giels To Thursday afternoon 'at 4,
tow- -Hii ,. a camion. and .camionette
w..:' J. r. travelfhng'in-.thd same direc-
There are sbme.isitrs .'tion from Carefour towards
who spend their ane in Gressier'metn a side on 'ol-
iti with a glass of ruin vision and overturned. An
A in their hand. Bt 'unidentified man and wor
Katleen. -Windsor prefers man and a one year old baby .
tgry 'Wound dhrnotebook girl,- daughter of Mrs. Bre--
S pencil. The Amefican nor, Auuste-were killed in-
tly..hO ,turned hlier.col. sttanteomsly and 14 f the
ge'.thes-f into one of the 26 .passengers were injured- .
world'ss best selling histori- The- list report from the
5 Jat$ rislil thorQgh-.Ge l -ot
Researcher. as she was when writing is that one of the .
she set .t4e stage for sFor- injured 14, a womati, died
eer ',Amber' by plowing, Friday,
S'C.(ononued on Page 3) (Coqmtied on Page 4) -

.. The.Slart OfThe EBaid

On the day 'following 'There was no cohesir
January 1, 1804, the Hai- real hierarchy. Nothi
t.ian nation was' nothing but hatred of the colonial
'a herd of slaves who had iad united for an he,
,:suddenly acquired their free- fort these 'Negroes 4
dom. At the top were a from various and oft
-fev chiefs whose authority micaL African tribes.
"rested so.ely on physical From a material p
,force. At the bottom was vitw, there was nothi
fthe mass of liberated slaves. (Continued on Pag

on, no
ng but
roie ef-
ten ini,

oiut of
ing left
re 7)

Our New-Year


More and Better new
they should know;.
More and Better pic
Plus a hew delivery
vice, which, will brin
prompt teach of r6ea

We believe- a con
should be a cooperate
readers aie invited, t
'hunt for news. We
stories, letters to the ed
news articles, providing
est to the public. We
our readers themselves

ments or service to thi
by the way, all articles
are printed without c
the feature Personality'
believe in building up
presenting to the b
interesting news, accI
formative .news, .c
ethics of top journalism
We also believe in
paper a service to the
that English 'is becon'
language of educated,
v Sun is playing one vi
an easy way for stude
to keep their knowle
working order. And
English we offer a sp
ment by which they ca
to.the Haiti Sun at co

jUL 4

__________Two Cruise Ships
tin Whittling; Hits Budget, Tourist May Sharpen His Vit Po$t
View Of The Caribbean Christmas day'
-' holiday for the peoj

By Bernard Kal-

^ti Pre-vacation shopping
Yfdr this budget tourist gen-
nierally consists of a quick
.vvisit to an Army and Navy
.surplus "store to buy a cou-
:;ple of blue work shirts and
i'maybe a pair of Army pants.
tFriends warned me away
-from this technique when I
,6irepared for a low-cost tour
t.of the West Indies, and .the

first day or two in the is-
lands the money went so
fast I spent postage to write
them that they were.right.
But then things began to
settle down and now I can
report that the Caribbeidn
Islands are safe for the bud-
get tourist if he watches
himself as well as his pen-
(Continued on Page 10)

was no
ple cater-

ing to the tourist trade. The
big three-funnel uQueen of
Bermudan dropped anchor
in port at 6 a.m. Christmas*
morning with 640 passen-
gers aboard.

And this time there was
no problem in- transferring
the tourists from ship to
shore. Captain Ace was on
hand with his- big motor
yacht, a big help in the
shuttle service. It wias a far
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An .Expanded Budget Plus Presidential Roofs ove
The Tourist's Head

By Florence Teets

This is not for the ,bud-
get conscious vacationist;
it may only aggravate him.
This is for the man with
1,000 dollars and a one-
week vacation he can
upend both quite comfortab-
lv in the West ladies. If he
takes his wife along, the bill
could run to 1,500 dollars
or more; if he wanted to ex-
tend himself and have a real

plush two-week vacation foi
both, he could come homn '
nearly 5,000 poo-er ihai e
when he started. I
The major drawback id
the fare to complete the
absurdity of spending A.
much money in so sh it *
time, the trip wouldidl'tj d
'be by plane; .ship4.- ,
take too long and requ
(Continued on Page 10).);







. **. *.,


MAY, DECEMBER'30 th 1951' No. 15"'-'

* Resolutions PERSONAMY" -t

Ys featares-on things

.tres of Community

'and circulation ser-
g the -S inWithin ht
ders- both here and

unity newspaper ...
*ve enterprise. Our "
o.take part in the'

tg they are.of inter-
.like to write b! .. .e. .
s .... give- 4 -.kt- :.

a reading ptlblic by b no suchhing as the Ia?;
est of our ability Nstire claso ... that young~ .
rate news and in- adiepn

oin, 'eco h ubsris P o but also ,usef '
makin ounr news The petite anc vivaci .
community. Now daughter of one of H
ig the sunday leading lawyers could ghtu.
of tHaiians we feel. W the spent ha merry tatne as. on
tat role by offering al butterfly in the
ts andof adults alik seur. set. Instead s etr .. "

makdgein of r English iT lowed her father's advice said

Sfor those learning is now launching,.fr e aiw.er
ecial yearly arrO.ge- as 'one of Haiti's
n become subscribers. but. capable business w-
st. men,
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I '

' ate 2

Tourists Galore,
Two Cruise Ships
Visit Port
(Continued from Page 1)

cry from the last time the
Furness Line's luxury liner
paid a visit to Port-au-
Prince back in 1936. Then
the passengers ,had to be
taken ashore in the ship's
Llife boats which were towed
by motor boats.
The Queen of Bermuda
lived up to her regal title as
she weighed anchor to con-
tinue her cruise after night-
fall. Each deck was a neck-
Sace of light and two beau-
'tifilly gleaming Christmas
trees were perched atgp her
forward and after mast. Lo-
cal agents for the vessel are
T. and G. iMartijn.

The day after Christmas
business boomed again in
tourist circles. Thfe new
S.S. Ryndam of the Holland-
American lines dropped an-
chor at'8 a.m. with 500 vi-
sitots eager to see the sights
of Haiti. in their one-day.
stop. The air-conditioned
cruise vessel made her mai-
den voyage from Rotterdam
to New York this summer to
Suffer ; tourist travel unddr
the slogan Conifort wvih
economyi. The Ryndtm and
its sister ship the Maasdam
4, are built especittHy for the
majority of the p is giv-
M Mn over .,to accommodations
the Tourist Class with a
,capacity for 854 travellers.

I-' ..


S.V a

Ihe promenade deck and
its public rooms are entirely
tourist ... whereas in most
other liners they are restrict-
ed to first class passengers.
The 15,000 ton vessel is notr
lacking in luxury however.
One of Holland's leading in-
terior decorators designed
and appointed the public
rooms which include a large
palm court, a library and'
writing room, a card room,
and a handsome lounge
which can be readily con-
verted into a cinema. In
addition there is a smoking
room, bar and attractively
decorated dining rooms for
both first and tourist class-

Although the Ryndam ca-
ters to the economy traveler,-
the first class passenger also
has advantages. Because the
ship carries only a limited
number of people in the
luxury accommodations, they
are able to enjoy the type of
comfort and informality Uiu
ally available only on a pri,
vate yacht.
Local agents are E. and G.
Martijn anid the American
Express Company represent
tive Franck Magloire'arrang
cd the tours .-for the visitors.

Madamue Nagloire
Visits arhial
The6toliday season was
made much brighter for rthe
poor peasants qf Marbial, by
a gracious viisit of the First
Lady of the Republic on Fri-
,4ay, December 21st, Ma-

' I


In town this week on his
annual brief visit is Roger
Bermingham, son of well
known commercant Lionel
Bermingham. Roger who re-
sides in Detroit, left his wife
in Miami aboard their yacht
and tomorrow he's flying
'back to the U.S. with hid
father who has been having
trouble with his eyes of'late.

La Directrkie of El Alba,
Mise Emmeline Carries-Le-
maine returned from Cuba
on the 24th to be- with her
husband who was gravely
ill in Jacmel. Ex-Senator
Rivarol Lemaire was trans-
porter from Jacmel to Port-
au-Prince by car and Friday-
,morning he passed- away.
Our sincere condolences to
Mme Lamaire ani relatives
of-the deceased.

rb Example pi (PILOT ICraftsmanship

' Here is'a radio receiver that will bring you the very
best in listening Beautifully styled ... brilliantly clear
hid full-toned ... designed especially for use overseas
where long distance reception, :particularly & on short-
waves, is of prime .importance.
Distributors: VALLIS and .BAJEAU, Grand Rue
Grand Rue opposite Haiti Motors

Whatever your business, it ll pay you to
investigate the many great advantages which
"Clipper Cargo" offers. Not only do your
shipments arrive faster, but you also save
substantially on packing and insurance, storage, *
and inventory on nameiefs .other expetis..
Having spent more t n 20 years in developing
this i portant phasesipfjir transport, Pan 4ipri-
can today delivers millions of pounds of cargo on
swift, dependable schedules between 'all six con-
tinents. It's the better way to ship almost anything.


[FAA' din wa:. v twon1m
'Witly.S MOST eXsriii.jpCDi ntitY
* *- --- ,',k.M h14.

Mj *

b ?**uodors: .HAITI MOTORSn
* .- ,'.:....: ,
^. "^ .i -----.--.-----


Grand Rie

",,.. .



dams Magfli# made the a
duous trip to UNESCO hea<
quarters of the iMarbial pr<
ject to inspect the school an
workshops and present gif
of clothing, food and mom
to the qeedy of .tat area.
Th'e director of the pri
ject, Emmanuel Gabriel Jea
Francois, held a luncheon i
honour of the distinguished
visitors who included ti
Secretary of State of Educ
tion, Felix Diambpis, an
Madame Diambois, and M
Taume, UNESCO expert (
basic education and Chief (
the Technical Assistance M
sion in Haiti.




r-" - ''' ' *
r. -------------- .

o- "Saves time... money...annoyancee
ts .ampually means added profits"

o- - ihpt'f what countless
lnn businessmen are saying abo t

on As near as your Telephone
SOne phone call to your nqarpme
[is C. PAA Office will quickly bring you
S an expert in the .ir transport of
Salltypes of carfp.


SAuthoress Of ,Forever A
(Continued fr
c -"


mber Gelss to Know Haiti
om Page 1)


Lt. Roger Celestin and

tough every known vol- chariot. (We'll have to Simone Fils-Aiine were mar.
ume on -England's Restora- warn Miss Windsor that it ried Wednesday evening at
idon Period. ,has shaken loose the fillings' St. Pierre's church in Petion.
As an author, Miss Wind- of more than one molar). ville. The wedding recep
sor is well aware 9f the rich Early' this week .the Kra. tion was an extremely chic
material Haiti has to offer- kauers hope to. make the trip affair ... the bride, the daughl
Acd her writing 'pad is to Jacmel where they pro- ter of Col. Henri Fils-Aime
$being rapidly filled 'with bably will take time out for wore a gorgeous gown of
notes for future references a day of swimming on its. nylon tulle covered wita em-
in her literary career. The wonderful beach. Bolh ex- broidered chantilli lace at-
4, tall, friendly novelist told pressed the belief that a tached to the gown by small
-your reporter she is build- beach hotel in Haiti would pearls. His Excellency Pre.
t 'ing up a backlog of general be a tremendous boon to sident Magloire attended,
material,but that her next tourist trade since northern. he was the first witness to
specificik project is a book ers Who trek South during the marriage. Mrs. Henri
-with an American histort- the winter usually have in Fils-Aime has the towp talk
| ..cal.. setting.' mind long hours of lolling ing about her terrific hat,
on sun-baked sands. And really very very attractive
' She came to Haiti with Haitian beaches are fnatu- and .unusual ... *out of this
S"her' husband, Arnold ZKra- rals, from that point of .worlds as someone put it ...
Sauer, on the 21st of Decem- view. '. huge with pink ostrich fea.
Sober to sped Christmas away Miss Windsor and her others. -
i"from New York's bone- husband got an interesting
I" .chilling temperatures. And glimpse of Haitian social -:0:-
i. the.couple are .finding the 'life Thursday night when .
El Rancho a far cry indeed they attended the traditional Ti Pouce Elie and, family
I from Old Man Winter's presidential ball at, the Pal- moved into their new home
Sblasts uip North. ace at the invitation of His Canape Vert last week.
4L Miss Windsor .has had a Excellency President Ma-', pne calren we g disap.
z-yen tp return to Haiti ever glorie. They also were pe- didnted the fare ne
S-sitice 6he spent a.biief two sent at the garden party at
days here six years ago on a .-the Palace on Saturday af-ers.
v -holiday junket through the ternoon. .O_ *
; 'Caribbean are. She aid, Wednesday is the day of
'.It's a- country that has We, couldn't resist isatis- the Heroes ... a iday and
something special. Youdon't fying-,our curiosity on one d the Republic sets
''find its sort of tranquility point before we cosed. the aside to remember her hero
in many other partof the interview ,with the, Kra-
-world today ... nor do you kauers." We asked if Miss sons.
nd 'many people so gentle,' Windsor's husband had read _:_ i
*kind and hospitable.. Both "Forever Amber. before Jean Claude Nadal and
shitand her, husband were meeting his- lovely bride-. ves Gardere...from school
'4irle.d at -another vital at- Yes, he said, he read the in blizardly cold Canada ar-
rtribute of .Haiti ... 'its art book in the Pacific where hd rived here in time for the
movementen. They visited the was an army officer attach- Christmas bamboching ..
{iEpiscop'alian church and the ed to the Marines. But he regretfully they pack up and
:-;entre D'Art; being particu- had to wait his turn to get return to the North at the
larly. impressed by.the work it from the ship's library as beginning of the New Year.
of 'Maurice Borno and Mary did everybody else.
Coles. J u -t is
They were also impressed FOR RENT January st is the 148th
by their trip to the iron mar- anniversary of tht Indepen-
-ket and wondered whether Furnished o-r unfurnished: dance ... church services will
its scene of teeming activity Rooms or apartments with be held in the morning and
would be found anywhere private bathrooms-- hot anpropriate celebrations will
. -'else in the world. and cold. water spacious take place during the day.
F:' Mr. Krakauer is fascinat- lawn beautiful site -
ed by the purely Haitian art delicious meals reason- -:0:-
S.- voodoo drumming and able prices -Address Ruelle The Michel Dejean Cho-
' each morning ke takes a les Roy No. 35. Call Mrs. Ville. rus recently returned from a
Sson from ourNo. 1 expert, franche No. 3155. concert trip to Cuidad Tru.
'sTi Ro Ro. jillo, will be heard on the
Both husband and wife air today, o ver Station
-tm4VRW at one o'clock. Next
are eager to see the most of BROOKLAX week the Chorus is scheduled
Sthe aMagic Islands during B KLAX week the Chorus is scheduled
to give a 'concert in one of
^their stay. After this paper o gv "c o
oeirstay Aessyr teper a small piece of delicious the theatres of the Capital.
,:oes to press your reporter Chocolate laxative brings -:0:-
;.Js offering his services as
Si unoffrial guided on a trip relief overnight. Pleasant, Mr. and Mrs. Jean Verna
to Furcy with his rugged effective ... that's celebrated their first wed-
jeep doubling as mouggeaind ROOKLAX ding anniversary last week.

T..rrsal Flhnn/'n lina.i Au \ a t \ i

The SUPER Refrigerato
Another Servant For Tour I
S . _,

I . _





For Information see Aqent ROBERT E. ROY, Expo siion Stand No. 7 P.O. Box 228. Tel. 2167

, *.. t :. ': .,

J -".
*Pagp 3
P. "* *- *
"r"Si, : n'
m ..,, V:

*i '

*- ** ]

'* . : :)


SloJseph report 4 Killed; 14 Injured -
eW J In Road Accident ,B OCTLY
(Continued from Page 1) tOV AU
The accident is .reported ...
.. to have happened in theUSE NJaYH M=
following manner: The "
Dodge camionette licensed ti .
number 4001 driven by Al-
Worker Kills Mi$ress who were left to fend for bert Joachin in passing the
And Aftempts Suicide themselves two months ago International camion licen-
when their mother Yvonne sed number 5272 driven by ,
Haiti's record for less died, was a total wreck when former detective Antonio
crime than almost any other the Port-au-Prince Fire De- Etienne on the newly paved .. : r
,count-y with a correspond- apartment arrived on the highway to Gressier, had its .
ing population in the world scene. The more than a left, rear tire burst. Driver ,
was sadly disturbed Christy dozen guests at the Thor- Joa.chin is said to have lost .
m Is morning at 4.30 by a land International Club took control and the camionette .
murder and an attempted te place of Santa and each mashed ipo the-side of the m a
suicide,t ,. contributed dollars a piece camion and both vehicles I L
That morning i the tr to te six homeless children. oerrned. It is. not known ...nl
.Northwestern suburb 'of the as yet whether both vehicles llixeS ar I oly '
S.Capital, near the new Cire,. Xmas t .,f were travelling at high
Paul E. Magloire of La Sa; Proiem i Solved 4peed or hot.. Joachin who miXeS are1 w ly
pera Romulus in a fit of pas- dit where credit's due. And .Fer, and Etienne who was y prepared .
sion murdered his mistress, our bouquet for the *eek bound for Leogane are both *
Ninie Boz homme, .'with a goes to Captain Fritz Brierre in cd stddy. pending a thor- evep thie. g Is inch e in every can.
harp kitchen kqife 4When who managed to'unsnarl the ough investigation of the tud w.wi, Te lnew tiecanl Mayflower Mixpi
the police- arrived a few growing Port-au-Prince traf- disaster. -cana ayfl
Minutes hlter Romulus had fic problem in time-to give ..,. -, ,- : Jll atte peak of freshness. *'
dealt himself. a severe blow last-pinute Christmas shop- M . "y.-AC i i l.- e M a 1 S -
'ros the stcdmach with the pers smooth gding ie the My owert onAms all the Mg.a.4ll dIe Eiggs..;
Stclien Iknife'and had joined down-town streets. The new Minister Pleni- Icing too. .Golden Cake and Chocolate Icing; Devil
nie Bonbomme on the. Captain Brierre placed a potentiary of Panama pre. Food and Manila Icin ;Whit CakeM ad heceQate I
floor of their dwelling in a white gloved traffic cop on nt credentials to the'
ool of blood. Romulus was every cross section of the presidcn e Wednesday mor- h e .t u d
]inediately rushed' to. the Grand Rue .as well as other 'd r ing an. impressive D veunde th shadow
General Hospital ,where an, main thoroughfares to keep ceremo at the National .
agency operation was per the holiday stream of shop- Iaace. Companies of the of ALARIA?
m l- ed :to save his 1 ieThis pers -.flowing. And whe as Palace Guard were draw up
"* el i"'isirecoWihg oon ha- htmse ; stm oi lthm/lce 'Peristyle
t "tq wound and Eve to supervise', proceed- to salQte His excellencee M, .
police invest an '.O the ings. Thanks to such' fore- Pderico Abert Br6de who
.... ...... .'- embarrassments of circul, Je _--i-iiet'$ Cabi"et, th- .
Tae Tr aged TTand orl onan nd no a.ccideits pres ept Chamber of
reported.. ,tes and .op milita ..
S.Christmnas day had an x- Thursday evening the Sa- i ls the government.
'ct. mg and tragic ending out cre Coeur. Church, Turgeau,, .:0 :
SThorad. Around p. wa the scene of the mar- ...
the merrymaking, at the In- ,.ig : .r TJ .ole Dr. ElIe Villard and son s
international dub was'brought R- anPa Ve Robert. eft Wednesday for
.an abrupt lirt '.we ,edde m and reception thewi co and Havana. Robert
flames were seen I*eprng Reiher-'s a e well ate w center medical school in '
Sto the sky In, the direction M. Meco te a Dr. Vdlard
,.o.thee Vroomans resulenc. friends, S-nth American di- .i. t'ate The sixthconress -
S-There was a ma dash to .1 omats 'and relatives. Paidl f Ophalmologie.
the,scene of the fire which 'erna had arrived from .
was discovered to, be a Venezuela on Moiday, where \-: 0:-
Calle a hort distance away. he is studying Diplomacy at h oeoi
The caille., the home of the country's first Univer- _. e 'tk we. hope to
ithe six Jn Baptiste children sity. rr i; 9 ldgrs a complete
+. -...._._sity. '. 6P.o the g-."e play ed .
a -and Jamaica YOUR PROTECTIO
S; week. The first gae '
Seek Out This Chicken Farm And You Will Hie ,of fo all ended in, a draw, s t
S. re two-two. The second Obtainable frm all ,
g '- ame played ended with
:: Hti the victs, score 1- Minufactured by Imaerial Chemic.l (Pharr~aceuticals) Ltd.
Sitriutors in H-ait--.TRAt4g-W6RLD TRADING CO.. S.A
V oa r.. CI "1 " I .... -. I '. ""." In m mfl ' ,-:'

SPo e. NOTE:- Only at the largest fac ryin toIn -

'i",i.l .I3, Grand' ue. ie2684. .
-- u will findthM exq design a s I-AOGAN t
"/ '-" "'. .. as well asje fapmips Rush and Sm .sain-ods are ex-
'. ... , ,, .orted to tisiheist i Si..iuive stores thr Shi 4.5.. .' ,
Re er J ded wit the.Fiest a. Most Trender Ljrds -, commission did to taxi drivers).
Yoe Have Ever Tafed. -,

towb, DECEBER 30th


I :

i ,

The sopiM .t is. section
6ave been checked by this
be qhpdir, an t> she
s* of o ksudlejge
Ibet ,herd. dise is of
Qbd quAlitry St good


rflh~ru *VV~ t~a9rtbIh ~ -..~$ 'yyt1t-'um aLit Afl

,. ^ .i-.


Eng lis CiIi
,. i

.. and you truly sat ...

Happy NOaW .. ',
I I r '?


S-. : ;
!i '" ,'




ILi ,,

$ ..

re hie'received astnU sbipnme;t p of beautiful
;e sets. Sco co in today and; 'mae your

, ,,,_ w ii t' ^ t, ?

i. "

*_ :I1:

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forgetting the friendly service of our Department Head, Roger W. Kettle
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' w ^

" -1


p ..,
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E ,


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I -


9 i

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ccAn(in Ien
And she 1
famous beau
ing first in

The' spar
nette was gl
deserved pr
ed us rhrou
ditioned she
the antisept
combs and
ment, the
towels 'and
customer ge
the line of
equipped b
room for'
cials. Miss
sized that
would be
morning anm
of her assi
equipped w
ficates. He
training ha
vain. She's
with potent
has been pa
to her purj
-useful role
jeune fille
the Institu
Coeur (fille
and contini

with a priv
her home.
attended t
School run
roche and
the Ecole

I ^ge6_

take courses in domestic. hopes that her work will
science. Still searching for give her the opportunity "to
useful knowledge she spent *acquire money to ease the


* This we
beauty shop
ness on tt
Dalles oppo
Cosaque. C
Miss Duncai

ek her modern one year at the Ecole Rouge
is open for busi- studying nursing.
he Chemin des Even when she made her
site Buteau's Aux trip abroad, in 1946, it was
)n the wall is with the idea of combining
n's diploma from work with pleasure. She
of Paris no less. set about learning the pro-
left the world- fession of beauty culture un-
ity Institute rank der the greatest master of
her class, them all. When she return-
ed to Haiti three years later
rkling-eyed bru- she was much on call as a e
owing with well hair stylist, anc developpcd
ide as she show- a growing clientele among -
gh her air-con- the ladies of, the ,haute 1
Sp. pointing out monde, and visitors. in the a
ic sterilized for top resort hotels.-
manicure equip- It gave the young career p
neat ` piles of girl the opportunity to meet
smocks (each new people', a thing she 1R
ts a clean set), dearly loves. 'She also
attractive, well- adores, the sea ... swim-
,ooths and the mine or sailing ,whenever
massage and fa- she finds a break in her busy
Duncan empha- schedule. Horseback riding .
the entire shop is another favourite sport
sterilized" each and, of course. Miss Duncan
d that every one wouldn't be Haitian if she
stants would be didn't love to dance.-
ith health certi-
r year of nurses Paule listed her "other
is not been in ,lovpsn as 'books, painting
having no truck and good music. When we
ial germ carriers. asked her about romance, .
scholastic career- she dimpled. and announced
particularly suited that she intends to prove her
pose of taking a ,usefulness, as an indepen-
in society. As a dent wofnen before mar-
-,, she studied ac riage.
nation du Sacre- Until she has children of
es de la Sagasse) her own,. Paule gets her
ued her studies greatest pleasure out of play-
rate instructor at ing foster mother to the. lit-
After that she' tIe youngsters at the Orfe-
h e Commercial lina de la Madeleine. The
by Maurice La- oldest orphanage in Haiti
then went on to has always been close either
Elie Dubois to father's heart and Paule



..Ul A SIA _
JB "

Camel leads all

other cigarettes

by billions!

Distributor: uCURACAQ TRADING CO. S.A.s

... the most 'seful
located: ,Opposite the
National'Bank r
57 Rue des Miracles

1 "

4# ^-z&.

^ j A


*1' I'


: 1 1 ^

'-,/ ^
;* ," E
'* -*

-*' *k'
.i'1 *
; 'il-
ir ';-
^*. i

'. "'l .'

1: ^

plight of the upetitesn in the
Madeleine, We wish her suc-
:ess beyond her dreams.


... is the talk of the town ...
It's a chic little shop stocked.
with interesting items ...
especially for the Xmas gift
hunter. All first quality
,,Name, merchandise from-
the States.
Cocktail and evening bags
evening stoles, lovely scar-
ves, jewelry, charming gifts
- shower curtains, garment
bags, "Hot dishes, for baby
and many useful items for
the home. All reasonably
Rue Pavee (qext to Kneer's
Hours 9 1 p.m. 3 6.30&
Sat: 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.,








SPage. i. ..--
-t-----&a::- *'


(Gontinued from Page 1)

"i -r of -the marvelous prosperity
of Saint-Domningue. The in-
cendiary torch had been.the
red flag that Dessalines and
ALT JUNGL .' his lieutenants had waved
*ovei the rich plantations
where the Negroes had so'

S by W. R. Burnett class life, but cracks safes as
In the Asphalt Jungle, a sideline so his year old son
R. Burnett has soundly will haveqenough,money to-
cohstructed, a fast paced de- go to college when he grows '
rIctive story which packs tre .up;-Dix, a stoical heavy who
mendous excitement as that dreams of making the -big
lone, and 4hich emerges as tinie; and Gus,.a quier guy
comprehensive sociological who 'is loyal to the fellows
,study of the motivations of., who make hirif forget his
the underworld.,- deformed' back by treating
SChoosing as his'theme.the hinM. as a fellow conspirator
Words 'of William James, against the law. The robbery
cManq biologically consider- is. successful bli then the,
d .... is the most formidable-- philosophical the6Ae develops
of all beasts of prey, and as the beasts of the Asphalt
itideed,- the only one that, Jungle p ey upon and ultim-.
Fpreys systematically on its ately destroy each other.
sown species,; Mr.. Burnett, ThIe characters are vivid-
jhas depicted -with great un- ly anid sympathetically de-
?derstanding the brief time velbped, and'hed scenes are
When seven, men meet ands:o graphically presented that
seek to destroy. ach other, one r:hderstads why Mr.
They are a' reporter, a police Burnett is.,considered one of
/chief with political ambi- the United State's most sig-
ions, and five men who at- nificant "writers. The, intirm-
'tempt to pull'a half million ate description .of a midnite
o llar robbery. The story telephone call to the home
itself is ai simple one.. Mr. of-Louis has a three *dimen-
Emmerich, a successful law- siesnal quality seldom equal-
yer who has lost his career, led. in modern writing.
home, and money because oi '
'woman, tries to get The best of Mr. Burnett's
enough 'money to. escape by books, The Asphalt Jungle
|engineering the -robbery -of a will have ap appeal for both
liewelry store and then dou- the mystery story devotee and
.ble crossing his confederates the reader interested' in fur-
- Doc, just out of prison' therth-unersainding a pheno-
and' desperately determined neme.; of 'th American
not to be sent back; Louis, sceie. .
- t-young safeeiacker' wvo *i- .Mary. T. Echols.
yiives a respectable midde Haitian .A'erican Institute.
*. -


SRue Bonne Foi

long groaned in the most
horrible servitude. The col-
onists had never thought of
creating an economic organi-
zation which might serve as
a model for the new freed-
men. Their system had rest-
ed' entirely on slave labor,
and tb enjoy the fruit of the
labor of others had been
their sole aim. They had
lost the incentive for per-
sonal effort'which compe-
tition develops and had ef-
fected a complete divorce be
tween .capital and .labor.
,The master does not work;
to be free is not to work,,,
was the detestable gospel
bequeathed by the colonial
system to the freed Negroes.
From a moral and intel-
lectual point of view, the
situation was even worse.
The' colonists of Saint-Dom-
inigue had set the example
for all sotrs of vices, and a
Frdnch author, Moreau de
St. MWry recalls that the'
white men had created no
schools in the colony, either
for themselves or for their
slaves. Toussaint Louver-
ture learned to read and
write when he was fifty
years old. The founder of
Haitian independence, Jean
Jacques Dessalines, was com
pletely illiterate.
For more than twenty
years, until Haitian indepen-
dence was officially recog-
nized by the French govern-
ment in 1825, Haiti remain-
ed in complete isolation, con
stantly apprehensive lest the
Frepch might return. This
fearful expectation kept all
the nation in arms and pre-
vented it from attempting
any serious effort toward

SThere is certainly not one
among the modern states
which started under such ad
verse conditions. But the
Haitian nation no longer
"presents, as it is evident at
first sight, the aspect of the
amorphous mob of 1804. It
rapidly created .its own in-
stitutions and today it pos-



At The Beaux Art
Pavilion Today

This morning at the
Beaux Arts Pavilion of the
\Expostion there will be' a
rendezvous of Port-au-Prince
book lovers ... all anxious
to get their first peek at'the
latest product of Haitiati Li-
terature, .a novel .,Terre
D'enchantements, written by
Madame Lagary (Malval).
Beginning at 10 in the
morning the petite Paris-
ienne-born authoress will be
on hand to autograph copies
of her new book.


,- )
I IIC ,'A A]VI6 rAt A E 4

sesses all the elements which
in the political as well as in
the economic sphere, will
give it a definite opportun-
ity to develop. It has plan-
ters, skilled workmen, in-
dustrial workers, traders,
and an intellectual class of
its own.
.(Bellegarde, Dantes., Haiti
and her Problems. Rio Pie-
dras, P. R.: Published by the
University, 1936. pp. 10-11).

An international art' com-
petition for 1952 withh
12,500 dollars in prizes has
been announced in New
York for the best.water-
color paintings on the sub-
ject ,of Christmas su.b-
mitted by artists of.North,
Central and South America
and Western Europe.
The competition, sponsor-
ed by the Hallmark Greet-
ing Card Company* is for
paintings on the Yuletide
theme its meaning, cus-
toms and traditions. It will
end next November (1952)

E m---


Warfarin' is the mosd
useful racticide yet dis.
covered, for there is prae
fically no danger in ills
use. -

Why harbour, rats and
mice? Buy today a pack-
age of Warfarin FIN-RAT
the Phramacie Telema-
que Bldg. on Grand'Rue.

FIN-RAT is now fo*
sale in m n ny stores
throughout Haiti.'

Don't let waste matter
,affect your health. You can
be pleasantly and easily-
relieved with

- the world-famous
Chocolate Laxative.

" Time "& Life"

The Lading Ameriran

MAGAZINES -Are Now On Sale at AV


; ." A.* .' _


with a mnp.thf-long exhibit
of 100 prize-wining paint--.
ings at :the Wildenstein Art'
Gallery in New York, atnd
subsequetit displays in other
leading cities.
The Wilderstein Galleries. .
will administer the- contest
through their. branches'in
London, Paris and B.uenos
A ires. '..... :
First prize is 2,000 d61o
lars, second, .1,500, dollars,
third 1,000 dollars, and
fourth, 500 dollars. iO e i
hundred addition al :ii
will be offered, in 250 dol-
lars, 100 dollars and 50 ol-
lar groups. Painters whose
work is later reproduced on
Christmas cards by the Hall-
mark Company will also re-
ceive royalties from the sale
of the cards. .
According to contest an-
nouncements, interpretation
of the Christmas theme in,
entries may include scene of
the Nativity and the reli.
giorbs sign ificance of-Christ-
mas, or depictions of "goo&
will toward men,, winteJd
'landscapes, and traditional.
seasonal customs.'


I ,


.1lA!T1 SUf -.__ _-i<

We beg to advise our friends that wye will offer, as we did last year, a special
New Year's Eve diner and dance. at $6.00 a plate whci will include a codail,
white and' red wines from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m.
We suggest that you make your reservations immediately, because our capacity
will be limited so as to permit good service and ample room for dancing.

. ,. '. P dhond: 78i86 '
r-.Qi* -.

*. Cuisine Pdirf ite -* Refresiisg Pool
Unique tropical gardbt
T',4Oq t Special Catering ... Cocktail Parties ... Bu.'et.
'' Diners ... Baniuets
... Swimming Brunch Parties
- '





here the Pavilion de 1'Agriculture used to be)
acsllent French Chef Delighful Atmosphere -
r- rchesira and new Dance Floor


'OIelrohing the Petionviie Square


December 31st

January Ist

Evienings at 9 P.M.

In cool Petionville, offers
a delightful homelike atmos-
phere, comfortable rooms,
French,. Haitin, and Ameri-
can Cuisine at very moder-
ate prices. Special favor-
able terms may be arranged
for persons wishing to stay
as permanent guests.'
Tel : 7175.

Caslera's Malernity
Dr. Georges Castera's! cdo
Sfortableand completely mo-
dern 12 room.Maternity cli-
nic is at your service. This
up-tordate clinic is located
in, the same building' as the
Pharmacy Castera, opposite
the Telegraphi and Tele-
phond Building. Call 2131.

Th aLittle Old Souvelir
Shop*, of Port-au-Prince
... doesn't look too inviting
... but it has a stock of first
quality merchandise at rea-
sonable prices ...

,Hayfian Gil Shopn

(No 10 Rue Bonei- ...
one block dowunfripsiMaak&




thIS.EgB 3,th HAAITJ S, 3 PageN.

rlan. soc6il events.- -othe is having a wonderful tiee
ol"d.y season was the:"tr eeing the" bea.ie s of te.
. Ibai I'given' a' -the. homeland o .te Haitia.
yiatioral, Plansce Thursday -students ohe, ha s M ad-ri- ~
evr.ening by Hi Excellency -her years ofs esuty. W .
i'. P es.t 'a 9" pd dame, ,..0:

SA, r. and mil Ville-
*ka, igt da lighcsng the many Exchange programme. OhX:'

air social events of the is having a ughonderfu Monique
.erS td dipl seas was tictrps- seeing the. beaugs of the .o i
S deiioa' ball given at s th e home land of tle Haitin of

blo6y topae Thumembers ofy students heq has met durir home'
een cgby Hs sExcellencyi her years pe Friday eve' .
, >kfia oit awas nner gr memA drin and daughter Monque-
Puers'mgf diplmaic crps, pfer therog wo a r Mi- set of .
4rycede, hafre 'baB whi. fchrcwas"n the, capital e f hea sta loles to wee Sto rye bed)
t .de ,.' "tao fq members of 4t .. y r pauyapta their home .

om q c and sePre sidenr- de, nacqelle F adaleve, ..o-. --
ouh.f a -ro ml .e g. Among those who din- ,. j oi-. ,ianhe
gardccess t .. .a- tr. -,oe n h t!ho w.e Carrie, an- , ,' .,
.ill .i Satur'1as. afrernoo, ie Baussar s F ad- e xecuse, is Npel Gaiyne n .whobe who

.nt r's g .heM aldofre the ld. M iJo aee r Nadal, .Jozlianne '., .,el: ...e. .. 'an d mee 'd o ,
Sgarde partyon the beau-s, hisla e arrmie aAn thnrwa a double ,, -* .. a re in : ,

indl- can lands egroun.ds.s- C4e dejourne;Miss Mad-an ecuse,,s N.4. 22Gayne-ho re 5' .0 m-.i embers of w ih.e cmplr .
rt f e Pas f. a .. rLislaine ,Scott Louis. ee brak Decem, r 25 in I J ra dt Ft o al fesi y,-" 'e, c .-,s rL A.-. a.e AC-
N rex eek your dAnde sareprts er. ib iae, Aat uose RamIrez, Wndshington, D. C.. eat ed d _i.e l or o a adr a
ll a e dher eis.. ,.' :ij rs. an;n-Ye r s adee . .- hig t ad t4f Jseaid, Y "heo b9ed
'P W --06 n qs-G rd r
S. ; eld Sate hee An- p' Ms. ei. Dl m iel Hief- On a' sqeond honeymFoola, nea f the meiriest tpr- o e. mde t th4 oed .-
-t ow hie d is Ao th e any Cist tbp, W dhelm Bach. .h' time in'. BoitSillier are ties- ofthe ear 'took .place'- al se e.. d.it. ,Wo, .
!iC-D.estritws sutifMl nordu sM- r C.. Ha.. Ml. f, tt.. theue F badis H ot sat- se -Agta mom t of f l-Q
Ie' ~t A nrt r ouzer .-R m-u 'a .e. ni g r'D b e e; ce ..was Qbs r- e- i.on f -
n erhan bride, he Chef d de Protocol, Daniel Me : d0" reat .-, r 5m b .r .. omo h fry. '. .
f -.a warm WOlr e arislJgqig,s wek., Back from Miami ans a 0 iJ. Brandt staff were win- adrJes 'nc:rt e a p-a
S', Andres family for Liberia and Europe. In wonderful trsip iaro the heaMrs. n address sin the d Maneed y, c o me h ot empyes e
many friends. The yoing Liberia, M Th5eard will pa- .e. .;o df Co iseRolapd W r p... o ch resr w s 1 e ,

bpe.ve -I ,r'as; S Cai hi manager gthed Villa Creole The hosts.we0 paior the. asroman aque J
-orrEa, thea tate Were An- n -to a dinnrn of B rand t i, ome. t

s 'osrary -hch aohn a n ofe i Petionve Biandt, Mt4ea. dynamic reasi- ato a s bdn roithe liepR

1|| ^'^^ *B^l..a Ihetywlcn e.rar tdc ,le. y L h -- i rls woild T ord -o cove3 a h fami loy. tren arefut
-- ow s Al.ocaraiI I',.ve of$ ai-rese e. dent eof S. A.'Usine -a r, M an a pp; a y where
o n.siu el Gene.. ta sfcor- e.mf "< co .Mu andu Fig ati r, to ssage e w ,er that it. .ther aer

Is ,, .t .... o ,,,.a ,oI bl q t is J e daugt ers of pay ernt a oarn
*'.scn Ir chfisttrip h e .n u as Mrs. Ch or er .Gayne arriv- e Cofoadf o laor a common caul .

'sict r Ayibr and Mary d bck fn ri Iann ind o r. Rogest BInchard, te
ucaionrvenrs. sidn c 1918,e Indstrl cnnw

Sis Reghlanare -to marin pismas of he' board oft directors of a w oer fber Mr B ras
O holiwr y t isord to Wo .. a big wedding is with ttrbad, U '.UitMe 191 felt ht is en.
e "r' He l h i s e "le oI a s

ut c f o t wi Pusa M ar s s tme bS a rou ghs exte.i
0Yame nthe tdent of the Trasdtnswril eud r elatons with' espl. --
s Noe an. ch. .a m t w :0:l .b e a tc ree I 0in t he aotal ais ao- eiegs t"
ualre. n or n g Coiempadn C Mfor rrandt dmni o geget ma.

'saysDther e mb riager o25ly.'deplor, edtth tone ofwtoo cn de. K
_re::.... ote na.ored withotfnx bachelorhood o.: 0:the charac ..stur sd gien o
deGnetse frmchiPrlih'o n:0g:M'r. andanbe acMrs F M-Bs tol ,e.l
t-es ....... e athe ic ht' M .e'.slPe .agat anond Ulite A M atn tequ-Pe 30aen 'nMeism butdg a r athe ful ,.
.. he arty he ws an T re.lcanostudy

yu~re Yw.hich isof-of",ishe Guy Tu aLarayque ..jn. the- girls Itttr cotr adoyn r mint then p as rt '

anl f d .eiv fe u, o arnd -mthaat it is the traat

-:0:-. ment ithe us, T-ury mning wl ehue champ teraton inae
N eia -:0:-.a day o m e r na the to estla bs-the a "a vt 'Wk i l

,a-ettsf fm Centa Fr y M.'l and Mgsisltia niss El- Gtastsi h ke s o .the Par dt eurpcqi
erbcan. er 25,it the ws s C ea e cgel ane rt doeeae e t r eoous of Toa phje was sg ebls td.

f0.-es acco-dny- the t ments "will be annoofintd sB.pr.. .. o bada tse d t hem p
triage date i set for thf e en'h oartt 8 s
m 60i..naniVEss Pa. b saa nr A'bt mgreeotedn
e .o thous'.ad tG e M0 "gtmand.onsR-'makthe character study giv a$.
entse from dferent coun Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mar g ar e .,.hneg Boss and'tol o .
-e -,enrolled at 'the Inst- Mrs. Paul Romtin left by tin went to Miami Friday. Prpg

Page 10


4 b
(Continued from Page 1)

For every super-super-
Iuxuty hotel, there are doz-
ens of satisfactory medium-
price hotels and the well-
trained low-cost traveler
soon will find his way to
even less costly hostelries,
pensions, guest houses and
homes of families willing to
take in a paying stranger.
As in Europe, and anywhere
else where tourists congre-
gate; the penny-pincher must
iurn his back on the haunts
of the Americans and do his
sleeping, eating and roister-
oing on the level of the resi-
dents. The standard of liv-
ing in most West Indies
countries is so much "lower
S than that back hoine that
one can live very comfortab-
ly here while indulging in
", tropical fruits and other
S foods that are exotic, to a
SYankee, but inexpensive.
SDuring the past two
-weeks that I have' spent in
.' ,tie Caribbean I have found
that on all of the islands
S-there is an overwhelming
list of prize attractions, most.
of which cost only energy to
S enjoy. San Juan, Puerto.
Rico, is full of relics of the
ast, particularly its rock
fortress, with its command-
ing sweep of 'the Atlantic.
Similarly the Leeward Is-
lands, the Virgin Islands, the
-Dominican Republic, Haiti,
S.Jamaica and Cuba, each
i las a quality of its own that
."appeals to topIsts. in great-
-ier or lesser :degee. Yet so
S .far as'I an/ conicetned, the.
S. arresting fact is that a man
'. an leap-frog from one is-,
: and to another at a cost
that "is nof prohibitive -
S, say about J2.50 dollars' a
:;day.. (The airplane fare of
,bout 227 dollars is another
::. ,.attern). '
Of all the cities sprawled
t inder thd hot Caribbean sun,\
: Port-au-Prince, Haiti, is per-
*: fiaps. he best refutation of
J~ he canard that a man may
s 1o bankrupt trying to fi-
nance three wdeki in the'
West Indies. In this vividly
F Iiicturesque metropolis of
'125,000, situated between
: *the' glinting waters of Port-
.. au-Prince Bay aid the peb-
: :ly, roads, up the: mountain-
side to the cool hotelss bf
Petionville and Kenscoff, it,
is possible to get almost as
much out of this staggering-
Sly beautiful country on that
12-50 dollars a dav as on 25
'dollars. As a matter of fact,
tourist travelirg on a shoe-
m:%String is apt to 'earn: a good
S-:deal nore about Haiti .than
a man living off an oil well.

Sheer necessity drives him
into a hurried intimacy with
Haiti. With the lush resorts
.out of bounds, he makes a
beeline for the less expensive
hotels (about 8 dollars or 11
dollars' a day) ot perhaps
one of the few pensions,
which often present a less-
diluted Haitian personality
than the higher-priced inns.
By the same token, the shoe-
string traveler gets around
town by riding in the
camionettes, used by the na-
tives (10 cents from door to
door), in preference to pri-
vate taxis. (almost invariab"
ly 1 dollar even for a quick
ride around the block).

Walking Around

Best of all, a lack of funds
sends him on one foot-loose
.expedition a f t e r another
through town. Without an
English-speaking guide im-
partipg such priceless infoi-m
action as, say, that only fifty-
three poinsettias bloomed
on a shrub on Rue Vernet
last year' \ in, contrast to
eighty-six the year before, a
tourist hasi aW opportunity
to see. Port-au-Prince through
his own_ eyes.
He can wander through
thd National Museum, the
showcase of the anchbr of
Columbus flagship Santa Ma
ria; ihe Iron Market, to view
the fantastic array of com-
modities as well as to hear
the bubbling' Creole patois
of the Haitians; the Episco-
pal Church, to see the "fifty-
foot-high religious murals
painted by such popular na-
'tie artists as Obin, Rigaud,
Auguste, Bazile 'and Dufaut;
the Museum -of Ethnology,
to examine the Voodoo and
folklore exhibits; and the
endless rows of art, curio
and mahogany shops. After
an independent tour of Port-
au-Prince, the conclusions
reached, by a tourist are hi;
own, nor just a playback of
.the orchestrated chatter of
the guides. What's more,
it's- on the house. "
Not The Ritz. ,
SWhere does the 12.50 dol-
lars go? My hotel is not a
hotel, it's a pension'.. It is
located- about fifteen mi-
nutes, by camionette, from
the stifling center of Port-
au-Prince, near a bridge
called Pont Morin. The first
time I beard .someone refer
to Pont Morin.. a picture of
one, of those points spanning
*he Seine came to mind.
Well, .Pnt Morin is another
Story. -It.is about nine feet
long, wooden and'somewhat
rickety, thrown over a
scrp'm that. could flow
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juggling of schedules. But
island-hopping to five dif-
ferent islands and the Isth-
mus of Panama in search of
luxury, and the round-trip
from New York costs only
468.28 dollars per person.
The two-week tourist can
not hope to put up at all the
swank hostelries throughout
the islands. So this'hypothe-
tical tour must limit itself to
a mere sampling. .
The first island stop is
Puerto Rico. San Juan, the
capital, has two pretentious
hotels, the Caribe Hilton and
the older but remodeled
Condado Beach Hotel. Typi-
cal top accommodations are
those of the Caribe Hilton's
Presidential Suite. This will
provide adequately for the
needs of two for about 65
Dollars a day in a bedroom,
Dressing room, living rooth
and balcony, kitchen and
' bar. The tourist in a 9 dol-
Slar a day single room in this

t cl



46 dollars a day, with meals,
but the Presidential Suite 1
(latter day Presidents appar-
ently travel more- than* ear-
lier-day Princes of Wales)
rates a tab'of 115 dollars a
day for living room, two bed
rooms, bar and two meals a
day per guest.

Back to San Juan and a
connecting plane for the
hour's flight to Ciudad Tru-'
jillo, capital of the Domini-
can Republic, which built
the Jaragui Hotel as a na-
tional showplace. With its
sea view come tropical gar-
dens, humming birds,,beau-
tiful flowers and exotic tro-
pical fruits, and a gambling
casino not quite as cathedral-
like-as the Caribe Hilton's,
though it serves its purpose.
Among the best suites are a
four-room set-up: a room-
size foyer; a dining room,
immense living room, a
working kitchen, large bed-
room, and a fifty-foot bal-
cony that permits the, occu-

itel can figure meals at pant to make a dramatic en- It is a long. hop to the
se to 10 dollars a day; the trance from the. bedroom or Canal Zone and Panama and
residential Suite guests can to do a widow's walk while its brilliant, new El Panami
uble this figure, without scanning the Caribbean's ho- with a view of the p`cfic-
ring too hard. rizon. All this for 70 dol-' or of the. peaks' f t.e:r
lars a day, without m6als. dillera or the lights the
ext Luxury Hotel I city or the depths of tropical
Sorry, Low Cost jungle forests,, depending-in
It is only an 18.63 dollars which direction one looks.
und-trip plane flight of Haiti, just asogter hour Single rooms start at 8 dol-
out thirty minutes from down the sane. island by lars a day,, European plan,
n Juan to St. Thomas. in plane, really cuts down the but'eachb has its balcony,
e American Virgin Islands, average on this trip.because bath and dressing rooq:. Ihe
ich now offers its charm- prices in this French-speak- Presidential Apartment goe
g hospitality, with equal ing nation have never caught for 40 dollars a day single
arity to honeymooners and up with its neighbors. occupancy, 56 dollars daily
'honeymooners seeking si While ordinary tourists can for two.
ek divorces. Newest o 'live, a couple that is, at an. In Cuba the tradition is
SluxuIy-hotels here is the excellent mountain-top ho- American plant, and the Ini
rgin. Isles where, except tel'for 15 -'20 dollars a day, ternational fiotel at Vara-
r the trade winds whisk- with meals, the top. price is -deio Beach, about.120 miles
Through the glass jalou- about 50 dollars for the best .northeast from' Havana7oi
s'and the .view of Char- suite at a hillside house one of the most beautiful
te Amalie and its harbour called Ibo Lele after a voo- beaches of the world, has :
wn below, one'might be doo goddess.' For the 145 suite .ready--at 50 dollars
Hollywood, Calif. Ordili- dollars'a day charged by the dlay living room, bedroom
double rooms run up to International Country Club, and bath. ',
S- .- ,*
U. 'A

-- -A C'est ourquoi das leI mound entier,

a v, \ -do' plls forts tonnages sent transportis

a.e \ sur pneuS poids; lourds: Goodyear que sur

Spnpous 1d toute autre marque
S, .3
Lea entrepreneurs de camionnage et de services kilomdtriquib tog en assurant le meilleu 'r
d'autobys savent que' les pneus poide lourds service qu'on puisse attendrede pneuspoid_ _
S Goodear font preuve d'un- maximum- de lourds. Pour un maximum d'aataufages-
longe-it et d'un maximum de rendement aclietez des paeus poids lourdis Goodyear!

. t .

.- . A .4 -- x t t sm
HIM|LF "- HI-MILER Goody@&ir ld'wa.re p"=#
Lug -Scudde Sum

'.I.- ,

-", .~ -


two people get a small cot-
rage with individually land.-.
scaped terrace and a private,
servant all their. own, plus
breakfast on the terrace,
lunch at the big swimming
pool and dinner in the dub

Jamaica, a country rich in-
almost everything the tour-:
ist seeks, is well-stocked with
hotels for the well-fixed
traveler. Ouri gold-plated
tourist would probably wind
up in a 48-dollars a day room
for two at Tower Isle, with
meals included, and despitee
its site on the water'
edge in seemingly the mid
die of the lovely backwo
of Jamaica's north shpre
all the amenities of home'
High in the Jamaican high,
lands stand the Good H
Ranch, where double room
run to 50 dollars and
dollars a day, but herethe
drinks are on the house; s
are the riding horses and th
active and well-planned s&
cial life.

On To Panama



Last evening at five, Mrs.
.]. .' Masback offered a' cocktail sc
i party at her home in Bou- da

-you pare in the vicinity of the

... that keeps correct time.

Tibie of Preeg whole fisilltmove py ls n ihg, being th

olm The newly eds a giganexic clock this'

t Jiontm ooining in K-off.:-
S. -: Mer C tas... that keeps honour wime.
Word has drifted .down
Married Saturday evening be joined '_y-Ws daughter fronn 'Laboule that Senator

at the Miss MaGhsl e Telem ue birtehd e and the Roy's residence ofas the p
dGladys Mitchell and Gerard latter pdtyn :. Chanuaryto- available this Christmas, gr's
ribi. aque of-the National Bank wphe hofisehld inmothe tCap rtis; iVen theg,el edition
.holm. The newly Wes ar DMexic o. this' of thie moins pho rap
$osqptnoowing in Kknscoff... --:0:-
*0:--.. Mero ChN as '. happy I Haiti 'was honour with.
.k.. Miss Ghislaiine Telemaque birthd4s V jiwet the songs some of the finest publicity,

maque of-:hb National Bank phe' hoiisehotd in the uCap' s 'Wen the Neel edition
flew to Jamaica yesterday to on 0Decemq :26th. Mr. of 4 famous photography
resume studies at the Imma- Raymond Laroche 'elebratrd .magazineL ceican appeared
l ,culate. Conception. school in his birthday on Christmas. this week its first and most
. iston -:0:-. important article .was p
S-:0B:-ack from Mexico ~ stpy with some.qf the'mos.
S Mrs. Jamil Handal is leiv- Andre -Toto,, Dominque, superb color \shots ever
ng on a New York business ,ti Mamanf- and the chil- taken.. of Haiti, entitled
- trip next week. dren. Leita on a -Haiti holiday),
i E.-.-:0:- / ... pictures and-story by wel
S Mrs. Eugene Decatrel is Friday aftenoon crime know isident here Byron
Some afterfour and a half ha its chance .. all the o Coripos.. The-cololq r pic-
., months inlNew' York visit- ic offi ere iures f e carniv4 apd lo
S wne with her sowrHaiti's Gn Field bidding bon voyages cal scenes are tUrific. The
eral in New Y .to fev officer anor Au- ry is t the point :.. ;tlie
's. Decatfrel arrived tSt tr a writer knows his business.
SP4A. g hstn who t&bk off for
a oonin .g -by fiur moitfh In train-
.'.-ooking 100 per cent after, ig Fort ennin0, a e
e'-h.d. nge of sc rcoqrs,,, forti lu1,,,
,....nge o..f i.el7 Georgia.' ieit. At the .mgrat
-:0-'" was acna wed by u ta. W$~ 'e ... r.l. ,.
After six months vacation c s who ,tPW Pt f .ePQe .li
|-1ere Mrs. Adele Antonio re- be p coalong ff-i pf1w 4I ve $
turned Friday to her hus- Yves Conram al F York th. .I#wO "
1,a-d and' tome in,' Ne~ n" gY'ol. io i s F yesterdayay after-
k- This was Mrs. An U.S. Miltry Aitae a ry- .. At.Pi,
i tpnio's first vacation in her told your reporter tddiV aj' a .,;his'.br~-.
.., homeland for 26 years. She id d t m us p who gently gaduat-
-f," Lt. Chain,_ as un- Aa "r~ - VMT
Swas.born at Mirogane.some' a db T -. travel o6wi ng to ra fr pfP"w ears..f Nvl
.4 w .. ..s ao "- "" r, "' ,i i Training in 4New.York on.a
Sporty odd years ago. bqut of fever and that he rai9an Gdvernment grant
-- :- fee Hhitian Government grant.
T b --.O w f '..~Pild join the other two of-'
Thursday was'the fete of -i sat ,ort Benning "shqr- -::-
S"Mireille Roiomain, daughter Zt. I-" Benn ng shp- Rene Talamas breezed off
SCol. Remain in charge of the .: -0: to Jamaica yesterday.
lottery. Sana arrived at the , .

i -:0:- .Geti'ral- Hospital Friday
At 2 p.m. Wednesday .M9r. morning ... a group of ladies
Sand Mrs. Henry Danois we'l- with, the right- spirit visited
comed-their first child into all the wards and patierl
Sthe world. A boy, he willt leaving, pach with a smile, a
b, be named cHenryj-J., ..c.ke, icecream and a use-
h u --:0:-- .'.Ii present from Santa.
s Thursday, morning Mr. Among the group who brigh
I Trick Duvivier flew to tened up the hospital wards'
SMexico City to take up his Friday.were the first lady of
I post as Haitian delegate to the Republic Madame Paul
;. 'he Permanent Cultural Com E, Magloire, and wife of
Swittee of the Organization the American Ambassador
i' of American State-. On the Mrs. Howard K. Travers.
:4th of next month he will --:0-
;?;' ."


r 2~"Salee

2'. ~~



Caleb Elliott is
to school in New

Today the Sada twiqs,
George and Gerard (ti Shib-
lI' II) celebrate their birth-
day ... it's to be a quiet fam-
ly affair.
Fpantz Hereaux is back
home from school in thd

Freddy Kroll returns to
hool in Connecticut Tues-
y after Christmas here
ith the folks.

Nor T_ m1.
flOT T~fliS.

Jozianne- azd
Matteis home for
front school in Wi

... aur .

.- jIj i .

P f li .' M.* .i

EI'esin 4 r .
n OR A, -A CO .-b ,..H.

i' n A \'' ii

"'r,'o'ooR wu ** .'.: :x L
'.,.i* '-" ,.^


-v in"." .,ia


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Phone 3294
Rue Roux, opposite La Caravelle

F^^-^-^^-^-^-J^^^^^^^^^!^^^- -


Ask for free. demonstration
in the Showroom of Curacao
Trading Co. S.A.
I [+

SA Xmas Gift that will bene
S fit the whole family.


r ~_ _;_~




A .'


(CodDinued from-Page 10)
through a straw. The. road point for a trip to Sads-Sou- Dr. Gerard aglio, Chi- THE FNEST
on which it is a vital, link ci, the fabulous palace built rurgien-Dentiste recently re- e i .
is composed of some of the at the turn of the eighteenth turned from two years with in Me i's Appm ,
sharpest rocks to be found century b y King Henri the Guggenheim Dental Cli-
anywhere in the Western Chrisophe, one of the eman- New York, and six
Hemisphere, yet hundreds of cipators of the Haitian peo- months at Howard Univer-
automobiles zip along at 30 pie. sty in Washington,, D. C., Shirs and Ties
or 40 miles an hour. -Fantastic Citadel has opened a new modern .,
The pension is a huge Through the ruins of the clinic here. remain Shoes
wooden building broad, palace, seen against the
two stories high, with a huge thatched-roof houses of .the Dr. Maglio's clinic is .Adam Hats
p tch dotted wish forty wic- tiny hamlet of Milot, are equipped with the most up-
her chairs and five park extremely-' impressive, .they to-date equipment usqd .it -i
benches, built about seventy- serve as merely a prelude for Dentistry today even a
five years ago Jin French colo one of the most .fantastic complete X-ray machine, -
nial style. The. .proprietor sights "in the world,.: the Cita-. The clinic is located at .
-she,is also cook,' enter. del. Travel writers have No. 143 Rue Dr. Aubry, .
tanemer' and all-arbud mana- gone out of their minds try- tto minutes from P.A.A. of-
ger --is Frendh;:.about two ing to. find le mot uste to "fice.
.out o( every three meals shbi describe 'this massive fortress
prepares are superb (for. set on top of a mountain .
lluhh today, we had guinea 3.000 feet high. It is worth HOUSE FOR RENT
'hen); her rooms are large, all the effort. It the early A well furnished house in 'THE SMARTEST i .
eool and clean, and the price Eighteen Hdndreds 200,000' Tirgeau with all the desired .
is 4 dollars a day. If you mer were conscripted to comforts for rent. Contact:' And Prettiest Fabrics
stay a week, it's 3 dollar. transport the Citadel rock by Mme. Andre Liautaud, Rue, '
I'have been led to believe rock, cannon bv cannon, up .4.' Former home of Threse' ngerie
that anyone who can speak a four and a half' mile ra- Brandt..t.Tel. 5477. '- ; .'
A irech can get the same.ac- vine in' order to set asidean *Accespories. .
cdmmadation for ,2.50 dol-. inrincile oatch of Haitian l ..
ars. I -can't yet but land shoiild the French at- Frenh PAe nes .
S'm getting plenty of prac- tempt another'invasion. They FOR SALE we : ; .. -
tice. There isn't anyone in never did. but Christophe at. A beautiful mahogany '. .' .'. ,
'the house who can speak the timune had -no idea that he bedroom siiite for sale. Co, .
english. The other people was build one of the tact Haiti Sun, or see r-i
there are a Syrian 'professor Preatest tourist attractions o e o. 6 asse Lavaud.-'
ia'SrapHis' 1'. ow, ner1,.. 6 Passe Lavaud.
on a UNESIO scholarship, the world. His body is ,en- 7... 1, "'."A,,
na couple of Belgians who ar- tombed in the, Citadel's. -- ': "
riveded in Haiti at few weeks court. "
ago,.a; Haitian painter who On the 12-50 dollars a day FOR SALE OR. LEASE ---- ., '
Q b,.1fy working on a full-, allotment" I have been; able- Well established cafe ..
.length self-portrait on an to move'around a good deal, cocktail bar, fully eqauiptped el.- Be3l Qxly Cemenat
Sup-ended Airmy canvas cot, -see plenty of sights, saMaple deep freezer, electric grill, '. '
dame T and her hus- sone of the rum drinks and gas stoves etc. Excelleit lo- ;o ssible coi
baid, ,and their three 'chil-. -buy a handful of souvenrs, ati'n and hrivingb.. A i .
dre of 4,8 and 9. Madame On the 500 dollars which is Owner has other in te.ests in LL O
T- 'Wouldn't. take me in .my total capital for the Haiti and cannot devote A ". ,-..' .,
S *less. I'prdmised to spend three-week trip, it has been necessary time to the Cafe ." :
tne hour a night teaching pJretty, tight in spots, all business. Interest parties ''* : .
e children English and right, bt I'm certain. r'll ciMl aHaiti Sun.' ,
".'wieing them stories about make, it back to New "Yrk '
h'Dpnfamin Franklin. hest Siniday without leaving '
.Ip Afield .any IO.U's behind.', .HOUSE FOR'SALE .
"'My accommodationsn, I'll --' .. A modern home located '
,sat are eclie .in every YOUR DRUG STORE at Despre, with two bath
dartet byanyof the rooms, four bedrooms, one
S o- te bat,t"e..hai-.u but the 1e get, your moneys -worth ro -., a',o -- bedro I. '. .
m j,. tcls el hils, but they the tgs i l.. sed pch, a dlage gallery, '
:. quite comfortable for o in ihe p aa living and. dining ''' oo
Sany-on. e h wifl to see the ca e "yo wi garage, and wine cellar, de& i

Sa to Cap-Haitien, on the If we do not have the ex ach as it Is. See a, a i. . .
Slrern end of the island. -thig u are looking for... un. .. ,

those'.sma piniature-look- HAIMACIE. ILAIRE manger ayec six chaises une STANDARD YDRAULISC NET 6 PLY
,:ing Jrenth houses. The Cap, 2 Rue des Miracles. desserte-.uie yitre. Te2 -: M,.'T BLD E OT -
'as it is called, is the starting Opposite K.L.M. Office phoger 7421 : P MTTC BI DG. EXPOSITION 2 .
together enougli m d

S' i s. See .